The next morning we totally overslept. Fuck!

I woke up just after 7 o'clock (I didn't know it at first) and felt the now familiar big cock in my hole. I clenched my hole and was rewarded with a twitch of the big tube of meat in me.

When I opened my eyes, it dawned on me that there was a lot of light in the room ... Oh fuck!

"André, what time is it, bro?"

"Hnngggghhhh? What ...?" he groaned.

"What's the time? I think we overslept."

André reached for his iPhone on the nightstand and pushed the home button. "FUCK! Anton, we haven't just overslept, we're fucked! Oh no! Professor de Villiers is going to kill us!"

"What is going on ...? What is wrong?" Juan was waking up and rubbed his eyes. He stretched out and remembered me in front of him and his cock in me. "Hmmmm! What a way to wake up ...!"

"Juan! We've overslept! Fuck! Get your big horsecock out of my brother and get up! Ons het in ons moer in verslaap! ['We've totally overslept in the extreme' - the best translation I can come up with - a typical Afrikaans catch phrase!]

"Oh my godd! No! Not today! I have an appointment with the dean at 8 o'clock! Oh no! The idea was to get up early and go home before I go see the dean! Oh no! Oh my godd!"

"We'll have to rush it! No breakfast for any of us! We'll have to get something at the kaf [abbreviation for the Afrikaans word for cafeteria: 'kafeteria']," I put in. "Please pull out, Juan?"

His big cock was fast softening in me. He slowly pulled out and when the head was about to leave my hole, I clenched to contain the huge loads of cum still in me. "Ahhhhh! Fuck, you guys are cumming like horses! I'm filled to the brim! Move it André! Please, I need to get to the toilet, now! All in the shower, come on! Chop chop!" I was giving orders! That was a new one! Hmmmm!

We jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, me leading the pack. I plopped down on the toilet and felt how the proof of my lovers' love for me was draining from me ... ahhhh!

Juan and André opened the shower taps and got in, peeing in the shower. That morning there was no time for modesty. However, it didn't stop André from hosing down Juan with his large volume of warm urine. He lifted his soft thick 15cm cock, pulled the skin back and sprayed the urine all over Juan's back. As could be expected, there was retaliation, but it was short-lived. We were pressed for time.

I soon joined them and shampoo and soapsuds were flying everywhere. I felt my stubble and noticed André and Juan had pitch-black growth on their faces too. No time for shaving either. We'd be known as the Scruffy Bunch from that day on. So be it. After towelling each other dry, I looked at my image in the mirror while brushing my teeth and realised: the stubble suited me. I looked at Juan and André again and said through the toothpaste and brush: "You look awesome ...!" They couldn't understand what I was saying, so I spat some toothpaste foam into the basin and said again: "Guys, we actually look fucking handsome with the stubble, don't you think?"

"Hmmmm! No time to even think about shaving. It will just have to do. I have to get to the dean, ASAP! Fuck! My first morning with you and look at this fuckup! I have to run! Oh my god!"

"André, we'll have to sort out the flat when we get home this afternoon. Come!" I could be a sergeant major after all! Hmmmm!

We got dressed in record time, helping each other here and there, and poor Juan had to dig deep into our cupboard to find a sweater that was large enough for his big frame. Fortunately we had oversized sweaters we wore when it was really cold. It had to do for now, I thought. He put on the pants he wore the previous night and ... ugh ... the same underpants and socks! I looked at him putting on his socks and again I noticed his exceptionally big and beautiful feet ... Fuck! There was just nothing about this man that wasn't sexy. His feet were exemplary! My heart skipped a beat as I watched him, while finishing dressing myself.

"It's 7:40! Come on, boys!" André shouted.

"Where is my new watch?!" Juan shouted.

"Here, on the nightstand. Come on!"

We rushed out of the flat, locking the door and ran to our cars. André had the key to our car and opened it remotely as we rushed towards the car.

"Hey, come here!" Juan called. We deviated on our trajectory to our car and ran to Juan to find out what was wrong. "Is that how you treat your new husband? No kiss goodbye? Here!" he pointed to his cheek and when I leaned in, he turned his face and my kiss ended up on his mouth. He giggled and just grabbed André and kissed him.

"You are fucking demented! We're late!" André put in and ran back to our car. "Come, Anton! We're late!"

"Bye my love," Juan said and squeezed my hand.

"Bye big guy! I love you ..." I said.

"Must I come and drag you by the balls to the car? Come on Anton!" André shouted.

"I love you too ... have a nice day," Juan said as he unlocked his car and opened the door.

I ran to our car that André had started already, revving the engine. As I got in, he pulled away and I closed the door as we sped off.

"Fuck, we are late as it is, and you're smooching with the Big Man! I'll neuter the two of you!" André raved on. He was scared shitless of Professor de Villiers.


The rest of the day turned out OK and the rest of the week was the usual. The only difference was, Juan slept over every night and we had lots of sex. André got his all-nighter on Monday and loved it.

"Why haven't I ever thought of this? It's fantastic, baby bro! I want in again!" and he ruffled my hair. That was on Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday night, Claude called. He was so excited. When Juan held his iPhone up, we could hear every word.

"You're almost in! Claire will see you at 11:15 - a mere formality - and Johann, my photographer friend, will be at his studio at 2 o'clock. My godd! I'm so excited! Remember all the clothes and jackets and stuff. Don't be late! That will look bad, and Claire hates latecomers. Exited, bro?"

We yelped and whooped and shouted. We jumped up and down and hugged and kissed each other.

"Has someone had a heart attack? I'm talking to you Juan!" Claude shouted over the phone. We made such a ruckus and were so overjoyed, we totally forgot he was still on the line.

Well I never, I thought. A week earlier I would never have dreamt about any of this. But, I was 'married' to a model's brother now, I thought, and it just goes to show what connections could do for you! Ahhh, but we were also good-looking guys, I thought and touched the stubble on my face. I looked at the other two: with the days-old stubbles, we looked dashing and very Mediterranean. That might just clinch the deal, I thought and rubbed over my chin.


As soon as the call from Claude was done, we called Dad and Mom to tell them the good news. Mom was gushing and very pleased. She was of the opinion that it would have been a sin if our beauty and sexy bodies were kept hidden away.

Dad asked more details about the event and the travelling arrangements. He congratulated us and wished us well.

"How are you three guys doing? Everything OK? I'm switching to speaker so Mom could hear too - OK?"

I also put my iPhone on speaker so we all could hear the conversation with Dad and Mom.

"Yes, of course! All is fine here, thanks Dad. How are the new vines? Still doing fine I hope?"

"Every single one is growing like crazy. You do have the proverbial green fingers my beautiful boy!"

"Thanks Dad."

"How are things with you three in the flat? All fine, I hope?"

"Like I said, all fine. Do you want to talk to Juan? He's right here."

"Hi Dad. How are you?"

"Fine thanks Juan. How are you guys doing? OK?"

"We have a hard time getting used to have a bear in our tiny flat, but what can we do? The baby bro loves the big oaf and I have no say in the matter!" Andre jokingly put in.

"I hope you're just ribbing me! I don't want you guys to fight! OK?"

"No worries Dad! André is having you on. You should know him by now. Everything is fine. It is cramped, but we make do. It's only temporary in any case. Good news! Juan found somebody to take over his flat at the end of the month!"

"Fantastic! I've also put your flat up for rental and today the agency said there is an exchange student from Germany who is interested to see the flat. He is staying in a B&B and will contact you to come and have a look. A Gunther Müller."

"As long as it's not this week. We're hardly going to be home at all, except to come and sleep here." I said and got a playful jab from André and a crotch grab from Juan. The perves! "Owww!"

"What's that? Are you OK, Anton? Oh, Uncle ... erm ... Pieter called. He is back from Johannesburg on Friday and has invited you all to stay with him in Bloubergstrand for the night. Juan, please give him a call to get all the details."

"OK Dad, we will. Thanks."

"Best of luck for Friday. Please let us know what happened."

"We will, Dad. Thanks Dad. Love you! Love to Mom and all the best on the farm."


Thursday night we got all our stuff ready for the big day on Friday. Our new bomber jackets, our Kashmir sweaters, our chinos, all with our Kommetjie shoes ... it was a whole wardrobe we put in suit zippered bags Juan picked up from a friend at the Drama Department.

"Boys, Pieter called from Johannesburg today to make sure we are set for tomorrow. He gave me his address in Bloubergstrand so we could put it into the satnav. I believe you haven't been to his new condo?"

"No, he bought it recently."

"OK, he insisted we braai [barbecue] at his place. He wouldn't hear of a restaurant. He said his domestic would prepare the salads before she leaves at 4 o'clock. Pieter said he'd be home by 5 o'clock and is expecting us as from 6 o'clock onwards. He says he has steaks and wors [sausage] on offer ... Bro, down! Just hearing the word wors, and you start to misbehave! Perve!" He took a playful swipe at André who was making faces when he heard the word wors.

"Where was I? Oh yes, he said there is a fully stocked bar and his built-in braai in the lounge would be perfect for the braai. He claims to be a master braaier [barbecuer]. He said there is more than enough sleeping space for us all to stay over ... but, knowing Pieter now, I think he has only one place in mind, and that's his king size bed ...! Are you guys OK with the arrangements? My love? What do you say?"

"I don't know ... it's like I'm the local slut in this family ... Everybody wants to fuck me ... But I guess, we've done it before and it might not be so bad to do it again. What do you say, André? Too much? I was actually looking forward to a quiet evening at Claude's ..."

"What?!" André cut me short. "A 'quiet evening at Claude's'? When did you bump your head, baby bro? There would be no quiet evening at Claude's! So, instead of with Claude, Pieter was just added to the mix again. I'm game for it if you are ... baby bro? Juan?"

"If Anton is up to it, I'm fine."

"But doesn't it bother you when all the others fuck me too?"

"No, not really. It makes me proud to be 'married' to such a sexy beast that everybody is lusting after, including this delinquent! My love, as long as you love only us two, I'm happy to share your lovely ass with the other two. Fortunately, they're family. Just don't fall in love with Pieter's elephant cock. That reminds me, you dumb ass," (he looked straight at André) "that's what an elephant cock looks like, bro!" André got ribbed again. "But, it's your call. If you're not OK with it, it's off. What do you say? We'll have to call Pieter if this is off ..."

"I don't know, Juan! I thoroughly enjoy sex, and to be fucked by you two, is a dream come true. Claude has an enormous sex appetite and Pieter even more! They do scare me a little bit. What do you say? If you two say 'yes', I'll do it. Maybe Pieter and Claude have dialled their sex prowess down a notch."

"I'm afraid, if anything was dialled, it was dialled UP! But, what do you say? André? Up for it?"

"I'm game, but it's not me who would get fucked all round again. If baby bro says 'yes', I'm in too. Baby bro?"

"OK, as long as we have some of that super lube again and poppers. How much do we have left?"

"Pieter got a new supply of poppers from Johannesburg and Claude still has 3 more tubes of the lube he brought from Rome. I take it's a 'yes'? OK, my love?"

"OK. I'm just glad you two would be there too ..."

"If anything goes wrong, I'll call it off immediately. OK? I'll call them straight away and confirm. I know of two very horny guys who will be very happy to get the news."


When we went to bed, we were so excited! At first, we were chatting and laughing and dreaming and ... would you believe it? André wasn't ribbing us! For once he was subdued and all agog. This was bigger than we anticipated when Mom started to ask Claude about the modelling a week ago.

"Imagine our pictures on the front page of Men's Health! That poepol ['asshole'] of a Malherbe will eat humble pie, the fucker! I'd like to see the look on his face when he sees us on the front page! Fucker!"

"Don't get ahead of yourself, bro! Let's see what magic this Johann can work with his camera. But, I have to say, Claude says he is a wizard. But, this just might put poepol Malherbe in his place once and for all! What an obnoxious guy. I'm amazed he plays such good hockey."

"Ahhhh! Sweet revenge!"

"Let's get some sleep guys. Tomorrow is going to be a long, long day." I put in.

"Excuse me? Are you tired of me so soon? Not married a week and I have to revert to jacking off again ...? As a married man, I have rights!" Juan joked. "André, can you believe your 'baby bro'? Sheez! How must I feel? I also have feelings!"

"I almost want to agree with Anton, but fuck that! I could get this gun loaded in no time! Just a mouth and a hand and his phenomenal ass ... and we're A for a way! Come on, baby bro - what do you say? We have needs! You can't deny us our rights! We need to service you to be a well-oiled machine for tomorrow! Juan, tickle him!" André whined.

"Don't you dare, my love! Don't ... ahhhhh! This is so unfair! Two against one! I'm calling Dad!"

"And what exactly do think Dad would do, baby bro? He'd be the first one to plug your hole, given half a chance! And, that day is coming! So, better you say yes now and stay stretched and exercised. Juan, tickle him again! Pain for the stubborn! Suffer, baby bro - suffer!" and started tickling me from the other side.

They were relentless. I yelped and tried to avert their hands, but to no avail. After 3 minutes I was exhausted and cried: "OK! OK! Let's do it! Sheez! I've been fucked every night since last Thursday. You're like animals!"

"But, you want it ... look! He's got a hard-on! You hypocrite!" André shouted and grabbed my cock.

"You're the worst bro there is. Teaming up with an 'oaf' against your loving baby bro. Not fair."

"Some more tickling ... hmmm?" Juan threatened.

"OK! I give up! And yes, who in his right mind could resist you two! Just ... look at you! You're the epitome of sexy and ... hung! Yes, fuck me, damn it!" I laughed and grabbed their cocks. Rock-hard - both of them. Perves! "I'll have to talk to Claude about that WHORE HOUSE sign - very appropriate for this flat!"

"What? André, give him some more ...!"

"No, please no more! You're too much!"

"We're ribbing you my love ... Come here!" and Juan pulled me closer, kissing me deeply.

"Where is the lube, Juan? You had it last night. It's not in the nightstand drawer. In the other drawer?"

"Let's fuck him with only precum as punishment. What do you say?"

"Ah yes! It'll be a lesson he'd remember! But wait, we want to punish him. No, he might just enjoy it!" André put in.

"I'm here, right next to you! Do you want to kill me with only precum? It was difficult enough with Claude. It worked, but the fancy lube is better. Please boys?"

"Awwww! He's asking so nicely! What do you say, Juan?"


And so, another night of passion started. First André as always, then Juan, and then both of them. By then I knew the drill and thoroughly enjoyed it, as always. But that time, there was some kind of urgency about the love-making. It was as if it had intensified. It really felt like lovemaking and not like mere fucking. André and Juan went to great lengths to make me feel loved and to enjoy it.

The two of them were kissing more than ever before and their hands were stroking each other, looking into each other's eyes ... It was clear, they have really 'come home' and really loved each other. I couldn't be happier.

According to him, it was André's turn for an all-nighter, but after Juan shot his load, both were pooped and my hole got a night's rest. It felt strange to fall asleep between these two hung hunks with no cock in my hole. Juan was behind me, and in front of me André had his face turned towards me. He held me tight to his body, our cocks pressed tightly together. Ahhhh! I love you so much bro, I sighed and touched his stubbly face!

Juan's big rubbery cock was pushed between my thighs, the head almost sticking out below my balls. Oh my love, my beautiful tall giant of a hung hunk! How I love you with all my heart! And my beautiful attentive and loving brother. I had a big smile on my face when I fell asleep.


We woke up at half past 6. After Monday morning's debacle, every night André religiously set the alarm on his iPhone for half past 6. We couldn't afford another morning like that.

I woke up. It felt wonderful. I stretched a bit and gave myself over to the luxury of being sandwiched between two hung hunks - both mine ... hmmm! Without opening my eyes I put my hand out to touch André and my hand was pulled to his face. He kissed my fingers. I opened my eyes and saw that André was looking at me with the most angelic expression on his face.

"What ...?"

"Morning, sleepy head! How are you baby bro? Today is our big day."

"Yes ... but why are you looking at me like that?"

"Looking at one of the most beautiful men I know. And realising this hunk is my twin brother, my friend, my lover, half my life. I do love you so much, baby bro. You're everything I've ever wanted. With the big oaf in this relationship, there is nothing more I could ask for. I. LOVE. YOU."

"Awwww! You're so sweet, my beautiful bro! I have to say, come to think of it, you're not so bad looking yourself! But, I feel the same. I am so happy with you by my side ..."

Behind me Juan was stirring and put in: "So touching, but the love between us is a three-way affair. So, I have to call this unlawful meeting to order. You don't have a quorum. Nothing is legal unless I appended my signature and approval."

"Oh sheez, you big oaf! Afford my baby bro and me a minute ...? You're overruled!" and aimed a swipe at Juan's head which was resting on my neck, looking at the two of us.

"Watch it! I do have a lethal weapon at the ready, and I do know how to use it. Care to take it on?" I felt his morning wood press between my thighs and thought of André bottoming for his big 28cm cock. No ways. André would never allow that. He was too of a macho and with me bottoming for them, he sees no need for another bottom.

"No fucking way! I'll suck you and take your load in my mouth, but you don't come near my asshole with that telephone pole!"

"Then that's settled. As chairperson of this meeting, I declare you both honorary members of the Du Toit/Le Roux Gentlemen's Club. But, one wrong move, and you'll pay dearly. 28cm deep. You'll suck me to completion when 'my love' is taking a break. And wash my back. And massage my big feet. And bring me coffee in bed. And read me my emails in bed. And wash my car ..." Juan put in.

André and I were giggling like Grade 8 girls. There was no end to the antics in this relationship.

"Yeah, and you can kiss my beautiful sexy ass while I fuck my baby bro!"

"Careful now! I might lick your asshole and just by accident slip my big cock in there ...! Careful what you wish for!"

"Hey boys, I'm happy to bottom for both of you. No need for all of this!" I said and put my arm around Juan's head, and pulled it into a clamp.

"Owww! This attractive face has to look its best in a few hours, so I could make some extra money to provide for my two lovers! Owww!"

"Give it to him, baby bro! He doesn't know his place around here! We're two, so behave!"

The bantering and ribbing went on for a few more minutes.

"Ahhhh! This is the life. I want to wake up with you two every day for the rest of my life. Thanks boys! You're making such a difference in my life. I love you ..." Juan said and hugged me from behind and put out an arm to André and pulled him tight against me. I was being squashed with a huge cock between my legs, and another one pushed hard against my tummy.

"I love you, but you're killing me, my lo-o-o-o-o-ve!"

"Blame it on that wayward delinquent over there!" Juan put in and got another swipe from André.

"Listen, it's 06:50. We have to get going. Monday's debacle was enough. Come come come! Get your huge cock out from between my baby bro's legs and get up! Baby bro ...?" André ranted on and touched my cheek lovingly. Fuck! I loved them so much.

We bundled into the kitchen buck-naked and got ourselves yoghurt and bowls of Swiss muesli with milk. I switched on the coffee machine and when we had eaten our breakfast, the coffee was ready. By 07:05 we took our coffee and sat down on the couch for a minute to enjoy the hot liquid.

Being all buck-naked, our big cocks flopped between our legs. I was flanked by the two gorgeous men in my life. The heads of their big soft cocks were lying on the seats of the couch and I marvelled at the size. I quipped: "Such big men! Look at your big cocks lying on the couch!"

"Yes, and yours isn't?" André said and gave my cock a flick with his finger.

"All three are big and above average my love. But there is no time for fun and games. Let's get into the shower. My third years are writing a test at 8 o'clock - I can't be late. Get your sorry ass off the couch and come wash my back, bro! That's a direct order! Come!"

"If you've hired me, you could have ordered me around, you big oaf!" André got a swipe on the head for his remark.

We all bundled into the shower and lovingly washed each other's backs, legs and crotches. We all ended up with semi-hard cocks and kissed and hugged each other a lot.

After 5 minutes or so Juan put an end to it all and declared the shower to be officially over. We towelled each other dry and there were more kisses and hugs and groping.

Not having to shave, we were saving precious time. We brushed our teeth and then our damp hair.

We got dressed in real smart casual clothes. We took the clothes for the shoot and put it in the boot of Juan's car. We were going in his car. We each had a small overnight bag for the night. By 07:45 we were off to the university.

The day was off to a great start.


Juan's and our classes were finished by 10 o'clock. Juan had his car fuelled on Thursday and was ready for us on campus just after 10. We got in the car and we were off to Cape Town.


We walked into Claire's large office. Werner greeted us and took us to Claire's desk just around the corner in the large L-shaped office. Before we could sit down, she walked to us and took our hands in hers. She looked from me to André and back in disbelief.

"Oh my godd! Claude! Oh my godd! Phenomenal! Spectacular! They're gorgeous! Come sit, please! Hallo Juan! At last! I can't believe my eyes! Claude! You didn't exaggerate: these boys will be instant hits. My godd! Let me look at you! Before you sit, turn around please. Slowly please."

Claire held her hand in front of her mouth and was really gawking at us.

"Now, who is who. André and Anton, right? You're like photocopies of the same picture. I can see no difference whatsoever. Are there any differences?"

"Only a slight difference in our voices and sometimes in the hair. Otherwise, 100% identical."

"Really? How do your parents know the difference?"

"They know the difference in the voices and I suppose, parental instinct?" I put in.

"Let me see your hands again," Claire said. "Oh my! Did you have them manicured? No? They are exceptional! Boys, if you say 'yes', you're off to a big start with Boss Models - guaranteed. If you agree and sign, I'd love to be your agent. Claude here would testify you'd be looked after very well. Claude?"

"We've already discussed it with our parents, with each other and with Juan. If you're interested in signing us up, we're interested to work for you." André said.

"Great stuff! Yes, I'm interested! Very much! Werner, please come here," Claire called her PA. "Please get the paperwork ready. We have two new stars we're signing up. Boys, I'm not even going to try to know who is who, but as soon as Werner has everything ready, we'll have a long talk. Why don't you go with him so he could get your details for the contracts? Thanks Werner."

Claude and Juan were laughing at Claire's disbelief. We moved to Werner's desk and heard the discussion between Claire and the Du Toit brothers.

"Please sit down, Claude, Juan." They sat down and when Juan pushed his hair back with his hand, Claire remarked: "No! Juan! Let me see your hands please?" Laughing Juan leaned forward and put his hands out.

"NO! This is just too good to be true! Juan, I've never seen more beautiful hands on a man in all my life - sorry Claude, but your brother's hands are immaculate! I've never seen anything like this before! I DO NOT know a man who has more beautiful hands. I could use you to model Boss watches, cuff links and more. Please, please, please say 'yes' this time! Please!"

"Don't you worry! With the twins signing, he'll sign. He agreed mostly because he wants to be together with them as much as he can ... Juan, must I tell her, or do you want to?"

"Claire might as well know - it will come out sooner or later. Claire, the twins and I are in a relationship."

"WHAT!? Really? Wow! All three in the same relationship?"

"Yes ... I love them very much and we're very happy." Juan said softly.

"Then we'd try our best to organise your shoots so you won't be apart for too long. OK? Just please please please sign! Juan, you just have to sign, please? The cash would go a long way to spoil yourself and the boys. Please?"

"We've already discussed it, and if you were going to sign them, I'd say yes to your years-long pestering! Yes, I'll sign."

"WERNER! Another contract please! Today is my lucky day!"


After all the hullabaloo in Claire's office and the gawking and all the questions, she explained the contracts to us, and to Juan. It was fairly straight-forward. Claire said the legacy and professionalism of Boss Models were key. They had a reputation to uphold and would never put anything in small print to bullshit their models.

We discussed the stipulations and conferred, and signed.

"One more thing, before you head off to Johann, a quick request. Would you guys please strip to your underwear? No funny business, I know the score. I just want to see for myself. Please, if you don't mind. Werner, please close the blinds!"

"Not to worry. Claire needs to see you in the buff, so to speak. Nothing funny - guaranteed. I'm here to protect you!" Claude put in to put us at ease.

"Ahhh ... OK. Boys, let's do it." Juan said and stood up.

"Would you mind taking off your shoes and socks too?" Claire asked. "I would like to see all, except of course ... you know!"

We stood up and undressed. We put our jackets and shirts over the chairs and sat down to take off our shoes. When Juan's socks came off, Claire gasped ...

"Oh my godd! Oh my godd! I don't believe it! Your feet are absolutely perfect and beautiful beyond words. Juan, you're a real god!" Claire gushed when she saw Juan's huge beautiful feet.

She looked at ours and whistled. "Yours too. Also very nice and clean and pedicured and hairy. My godd! Three on one day! I'm impressed."

I thought of how André and I cut each other's toenails and made sure they were cut square and to perfection. We do have nice feet. The black hair on the toes and bridges made them look beyond sexy. And Juan's huge feet were even more beautiful. I loved his feet!

"Please stand up," Claire requested. She gasped. It was obvious the two 15cm soft cocks in our underpants and Juan's huge 18cm in his underpants couldn't be hidden away - even if we tried. ANYBODY, it doesn't matter who, would have been impressed when they saw such huge cocks hidden in such thin tight underwear.

I looked at Juan's huge bulge and was proud and happy that it was 'mine, to have and to hold'! I looked down at my bulge and then at André's bulge. We were really filling up those underpants! Scandalous!

"I can see there would be a huge ... no pun intended ... problem with Speedos. No Speedos. Such pictures would just not be allowed by Head Office. Oh my!" Claire gushed.

"Please turn around, slowly?"

We turned around and when I turned, I saw Werner adjusting the bulge in his pants. When he saw me, he blushed crimson red and looked away. I'm sure he had never seen three super studs like us together. Poor man! I looked at him again, and saw he had quite a considerable bulge in his pants. I looked at his face and realised he was a tall and thin, but fairly attractive guy in a geeky way, but a nice geeky way. When we stood next to him when he prepared the documents, I noticed he had long thin fingers with lots of hair on them. His hair was a bit longer than ours, and was cut very nicely. Perhaps one day we could make his day! I filed it for future reference. 'Slut!' I thought. Ah well ...

"Boys, please put your clothes back on. I'm impressed beyond words. You're perfect. Head Office is going to pay me a big bonus."

"Don't forget about me!" Claude said from the couch.

"Yes, Ms Moneypenny! I won't!"

We dressed again and sat down to put our socks and shoes back on.

"Did you bring some of your own clothes for the photo shoot with Johann?"

"In the car," Juan said.

"Oh good. He said he would see you around 2. OK? Claude will take you there. Claude, the normal portfolio pictures, but Johann knows."

"Yes, we spoke about it," Claude said.

"I saw you guys have unblemished skin and perfect bodies. Please keep it that way. A hint: no tattoos. Boss hasn't got anything against tattoos, but I've seen guys with tattoos lose shoots because the client didn't want tattoos. On the other hand, I've never seen a guy without tattoos losing a shoot because he is 'clean'. Take it from an older person with lots of experience. Tattoos may look cool now, but it soon loses its appeal and when that happens, the ones with them are stuck with it for the rest of their lives. Good advice? Keep your bodies tattoo free - you won't be sorry," Claire said and took Juan's hand in her hands again.

"Oh, Dad would kill us first if we even thought about it!" André said. "He and his brother don't have and they never will."

"Never, Claire. I have nothing against tattoos. I have a few friends with tattoos, and they are great guys, but not for me. As you say, what if it falls out of fashion? No, not for me, and I'm sure, my boys also won't do that. Right boys?" Juan said.

"Definitely none for us," I said.

"Good choice, boys. Well, all that remains to say, is 'welcome'! Boss Models is honoured to sign such true hunks like you three. And to think you're also involved ... amazing!"

"Yes, we're unofficially 'married' and we're very happy. It couldn't be better."

"Good for you! Now, some more good advice. Claude would be a good one to contact if you have any questions, but never hesitate to call me. I'm here to look after your interests. With me, you're not just numbers. I maintain a very close relationship with my models. You're my bread and butter, yes, but your well-being is my greatest concern. You'll never be abused or treated like meat. To some extent, you'll have a say in the shoots, in the products, whether you want your hair cut, your bodies shaved and the basics of the shoot. If you're in doubt, call me. Here is my business card. Put my details in your phones and contact me when you need assistance, guidance, help, or want to complain. 24/7."

"I've already explained the basics to them, Claire. They're happy with it and while I'm in Cape Town over the next 12 months, I'm available to assist whenever my help is required. So, big brother and you beautiful boys, just call me if you need any help. If I can't help, I'll refer you to Claire who would be able to sort out the matter in minutes."

"Thanks," we all said.


We were at the V&A Waterfront where there are hundreds of shops and many restaurants to choose from. Johann's studio was also there and we only needed to walk to his office.

First Claude took us to one his favourite spots where he was welcomed like a celebrity. He had 'his' table reserved for 1 o'clock and we sat down.

The wine list had some wonderful wine, but we felt like a spirit cooler. Even though it was not summer yet, we were thirsty after all the excitement at Boss Models. We gushed and chatted, sometimes all 4 together. Claude had only good things to say about Boss Models and Claire. He promised us we'd be happy and well looked after. Once again he offered his support and assistance.

The food was exquisite and the banter was on top form again, what with Claude and André at their best! They had us in stitches. At one stage the manager Prieur joined us and was impressed when he heard our story.

Phew, he whistled. "It's what legends are made of. You are so damn lucky! Claude, and you're still single? I have a cousin in Koekenaap. She's only 39 and her dad is a wealthy farmer. Should I give her your number?"

"Do that, and I'll never speak to you again! This body," and he waved at himself, "is reserved for a hung hunk of a man. I might have met him already, for all you know!"

Uncle Pieter! That's it! It has to be Pieter! Wow. André nudged me and winked. We knew. I leaned over to Juan and before I could whisper anything, he looked at me knowingly and winked. 'Yes, I know!' he mouthed.

By 1:50 Claude announced it was time to go see Johann. When we got to the counter, Prieur refused to take our money. "It's a small gift to the happy couple. Not every day ... no, it has never happened! ... that a tall hunk walks in with TWO gorgeous lovers, and twins at that! Congratulations boys! I hope you're very happy. Come round any time. This is your kitchen away from home." He gave Juan a business card and we thanked him. We said goodbye and we were off.


We fetched our clothes from the car and headed for the studio.

At the studio Juanita, a pretty girl, welcomed us and gave us some forms to fill in. She said Johann was finishing off a shoot but would be done soon.

"Please fill in the forms so I could capture the info on the system."

Soon the door opened and a very good-looking guy walked past us. He must have been the model that was with Johann just now. I noticed he had a big bulge ... hard-on? Hmmmm! Interesting!

"Welcome, boys! Hi Claude! Welcome home! How are you?" a tall blonde man said. He walked up to us and he was ... he was fucking gorgeous! He was very hairy and had a short but very nice haircut. He sported a moustache that was darker than his hair. His eyebrows were thick and very dark too. My heart skipped a beat. I prefer dark-haired men, but this man was statuesque! When he walked to Claude, I noticed his big feet in mod sandals and his beautiful hands with long fingers. He could be a model himself. As he passed us, his crotch was a little above eye-level ... I gasped. There was one hell of a cock in those pants. Or was he also a bit plumped up ...? Interesting, indeed.

He hugged Claude and kissed him on the cheek. "And who is this? Ah, Juan! I know about you and Claire is right: you have a look that could launch a thousand ships and more! WOW! You're extremely attractive! Hmmm! I can see how you'd be winning contracts and shoots. You just have it, and in abundance too!"

He shook Juan's hand and when he looked down, I knew he noticed Juan's big hands. "Wow! Juan! I need to take pics of your hands! I have had a request from one of the jewellers here in the V&A about a model with beautiful hands to model rings and watches. I'm sure I've found him! Good godd! Is it even possible?" and he held Juan's hands up and admired his beautiful hands. I noticed Johann's hands were nice too, but next to Juan's hands ... no comparison.

I also noticed the bulge in his pants again ... wow! There was definitely some life in there!

Juan was blushing beetroot red and said: "Thanks ... oh my ...!" My poor man didn't know how to respond to the attention and compliments he was getting that day.

"And who do we have here? Wait, Juanita said there would be twins coming from Claire ... oh my godd! Let me have a look at you two! André and Anton, if I remember correctly from the booking. Right? My godd! I never knew such good looks could come in twos. You're spectacular too. And being twins ... the mind boggles. You'd be snatched up by every company! I'm duly impressed. How old are you?"

"19" I said.

"Not to piss on your parade, but you look much more mature. I would have guessed 22. But, there you have it." He shook our hands and the same: he looked at our hands and said: "I have an idea. The jeweller is going to be a happy man when I told him I've found him THREE models for his merchandise! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Come come! Juanita, are their details on the system? Yes? OK, come through."

We followed Johann into a big well-lit room on different levels, with cameras on tripods, flash lights with white umbrellas, silver umbrellas, fans and iMac computers and keyboards, backdrops, printers, equipment I didn't recognise and in the corner, an office behind a glass wall. In the one corner there were curtains on metallic frames - it looked like change rooms. The studio was well equipped.

"Claire wants the normal portfolio pictures, which will be taken, but please? I have never had THREE studs walking in here at once! I want to take more pictures. Not to worry, none would be used without your knowledge and approval, but my godd! Just look at you! Claude, I want to kick your ass! Why did you bring me these hunks only now?"

"In my defence, I was in Milan for a few months, as you know, and I've only met the boys last week. Their mother enquired and et voila! Here they are!"

"And Juan? Why didn't you bring him a long time ago? I could kick your butt twice for that!"

"I've been nagging him for eons, but he was too engrossed in his teaching and hockey and earning peanuts. Yes, and coaching hockey, which is why he's here to some extent. The honour to have him here, is all due to the influence of those two," Claude said and motioned to us.

"Yes, how?"

Johann got a quick filling in on Juan's years as our teacher and coach, and his move to Stellenbosch in our first year.

"Yes, but how ..?"

"They fell in love, would you believe that?" Claude put in.

"Which one?"

"BOTH of them! My brother has both in tow! Yes, my brother doesn't do things half-measure! And the parents gave their approval, would you believe?"

"Well I never ...! This is a first for me, that's for sure! Congratulations, guys!" Johann said and pulled us each into hugs. When he hugged me, I felt his huge cock push against me. I could've sworn it twitched. Well, he definitely pushed his crotch against me. "Hmmmmm!" he groaned in my ear.

"Juan, you're one lucky man! TWO! Wow! I'm impressed. How do you know who is who? I can see no difference ...? Nothing?"

"I'm the quiet one," André put in.

"Yes, and who will believe that? This one is the quiet one," Juan said and pointed at me.

"I'm ... my brother is a nice guy when you get to know him," I said and blushed.

"Yes, he only says that to highlight my sexual prowess! I'm a stud!" André quipped and we all laughed.

"All three together ...? That means you two too ...?"

"Yes, we too." André said proudly.

"Fuck me! I mean, I'd like to fuck them ... Sorry Juan! But my godd! I've never seen such perfect asses on two men! Phew!"

"There is the ass you'd want to fuck - mine is off the menu," André piped up.

"André!" I reprimanded him. "Who says he's interested?"

"Oh fuck! I AM interested! But, fuck me! You're taken ... damn!"

"If you take a nice new portfolio, I could perhaps arrange it for you ..." Claude, who else!

"Claude! How could you?" Juan said crisply! "Who says Anton is interested? Who says I'm willing ...?"

"Well Johann, we have a braai in Bloubergstrand tonight with the twin's uncle. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I could ask him," Claude announced and pulled out his iPhone.

"Claude! Put that phone away! You're demented. Selling my lovers off like that! No offense Johann. If, and it's a very big 'if', anything is to happen, the twins and I - not my brother - will decide that. Claude, you're a pervert!"

"Ah, and what about last weekend? Hmmm? What about the shenanigans then?"

"Claude, behave yourself! Come here you two," Juan said and led the way to the office. "May I please ...?" he looked at Johann.

"Yes, of course."

Juan closed the door behind us and pulled us both into a hug. He kissed us and then looked at us in turn.

"I don't want you to feel like cheap fuck sluts. My brother has sex on the brain. I know, Pieter does have his mind set on fucking you again tonight Anton, but it's not OK that Claude ropes in everybody who wants to fuck you. We could go to a hotel or go home - just say the word. I don't mind sharing you with my brother and Pieter - they're family. Johann seems like a nice guy, but ... I don't know. What do you say, boys?"

"I say, the more the merrier. Did you see the bulge in this man's pants? He'd fuck my baby bro good, that's for fucking sure! And you have to agree: he's not riff-raff. He is sexy and well-groomed. I say, yay! Baby bro?"

"I agree with you Juan. Johann is not family and we've just met him. However, he does look classy. And one more ... would it be so bad? We could play it by ear. If it goes awry, we stop it, right? Right Juan?"

"Are you sure, my love? Johann looks like he could be bigger than me ... would you be able to handle it? Pieter has an enormous cock, not as long as mine, but my godd, he stretched your poor hole big time. But, OK, if you say 'yes', it is yes. Phew ... and my brother has the audacity wanting to order a WHORE HOUSE sign for the farm? He's the sex pervert! I'll get him for this!"

"It's not such a big deal. If things develop the way we think it would, we might see more of Johann, and he does look like a nice guy. Let's give him a chance. OK, André?" I said.

"Fuck yeah! Why not?" André put in.

"OK, but if anything goes wrong, it stops on the spot. Right? OK, let's go." Juan was still a bit upset, but was calmer. He pulled us into a group hug and said: "Boys, you're my life now. I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone of you two. Not just Anton, but you too André. I love you too much. I've waited too long for this ... I love you two just so much. Never ever hesitate to speak up when things are wrong. I'm the older one here and I take responsibility for you. I promised your parents. I'm not trying to be a 'dad' here, but sheez! I don't want to let them down, and I don't want to let you two down." He kissed us deeply and hugged us again. His ample cock pushed against my hip and I was in awe once again. What a stud!

"Come, let's go." André said.

When we went back into the studio, Claude and Johann were looking at some photos on one of the iMacs. When they saw us approaching them, they straightened up and turned to us. Claude looked a bit perturbed, but not enough to stop him from his antics. He grabbed Juan and gave him a big hug. His one hand snaked between them and he groped Juan's huge bulge. "Don't be so stingy just because you have a bigger cock than me!"

"Claude, sometimes I wonder if you weren't swapped at birth at the hospital! Only your good looks and big cock convince me you're my brother. I could kill you for this." Juan was still pissed off.

"Calm down, brother! So, should I call Pieter?"

"Yes, you can call him. But, be forewarned, this is never to happen again - ever! Got that? These two boys are mine. You don't get to pawn them off like that, ever again!"

Claude was a bit rattled but he managed to give Juan a hug, albeit Juan's back remained stiff. Claude pulled out his iPhone and asked Siri to call Pieter's number. While he was waiting for Pieter to answer, I remembered he might still be en route from Johannesburg, but after a few more seconds, he answered. Apparently he got an earlier flight and had just landed. "Hi Pieter! How are you ..." He walked off to the far end of the studio.

"OK? Did I hear correctly? Am I invited? Boys ...?" Johann asked.

"Yes, just because you appear to be a nice guy, you're invited. I'm still mad at Claude - not because you're a bad guy. By the looks of it, you look like a gentleman. So yeah, you're invited. BUT: what's going down there tonight is completely up to the boys and me. Not even Pieter has a say in the matter. I've just found love with these boys and I don't want to fuck it up. Still interested?" Juan asked sternly.

"Fuck yeah! I could never say no to an experience like this!" Johann enthused and without knowing it, he readjusted his bulge. It was enormous. "I promise you I'm a true gentleman. André will love this ..." he said palming his bulge.

"No, it's Anton you're after," André piped up, pointing at me.

"Oh fuck! I hope I get it right tonight!" Johann said and smiled at me. He was gorgeous. He had dimples in his cheeks when he smiled, and had a deep cleft in his chin. His moustache looked kissable, and his green eyes showed a big interest in what he saw. He was a real hunk, totally opposite to us three and Claude, and even Pieter, but a hunk nonetheless. I eyed his huge bulge and gulped. Another huge cock!

Johann noticed me staring at his cock and he leaned in and whispered in my ear: "Not to worry. I'm very gentle."

I thought about it and wondered how anybody with such a huge cock could be so gentle that it didn't hurt the bottom. Yes, Juan was also big, but his cock was not so thick. Pieter has a horse cock and it was a challenge to take it. Dad! Oh my godd! This guy looks like he could be a match for Dad and more! Dad is big, that's for fucking sure.

"I'll let you see for yourself later," Johann whispered and gave my buttocks a light pinch. "Hmmmm! Nice!"

I looked up to see where Juan was, but he and André were busy unzipping the clothes bags and to hang our clothes on a rail.

"Come get your clothes out, Anton!" André called. I sighed, relieved they didn't see ...


The shoot went well. Johann was a true professional. He knew exactly what he wanted and would push here, pull there and the flashes went wild. He took individual pictures of each of us in different clothes - he loved our bomber jackets - and of André and me. He took hundreds of photos.

We were each assigned a changing booth to hang our clothes and to undress and dress, and again and again. I had the booth at the far end.

After many clothes changes and settings and backgrounds and different lighting, he pulled up the photos on one of the iMacs and we were stumped. I knew we were good looking, but that was unbelievable. We looked like models, real models. Johann was a whiz!

He took pictures of Juan's hands and called us in too. Our hands were photographed too. "Old Steinberg is going to flip when he sees these! Out of curiosity, my I please see your feet when you change?"

I thought of Juan's exquisite feet and was waiting for Johann's response when Juan came back barefoot.

"I'll be fucking damned ... I have just never seen more perfect feet. It's like all the Greek artists were working on your feet! I could kiss them!" Johann gushed. He wasn't the only one ...

Johann took the most amazing photos of Juan. When they appeared on the iMac screen, I gasped. My man looked like a Hollywood star that got lost in Africa. He was so handsome! Juan calmed down completely after André made him scream with laughter. André was in tip-top form. The jokes came hard and fast.

Not even Johann was spared. A few times he laughed so hard, he sat down on the floor. When he got up, he put the camera down and asked André to hand him the loose flash on the table next to him. When André handed Johann the flash, he grabbed André's wrist and pulled him closer. "You naughty boy! Lucky for you that you're not the bottom tonight! I'd fuck the shit out of you, you naughty man!"

He called us to see the whole shoot thus far and we just stood there in awe. The photos were spectacular.

"I'll email you a couple to give to the parents and to keep of each other, OK? The rest has to go to Claire. She will give you more at her own discretion."

"Wow! Thanks Johann."

"Now, just for good measure, some more to end off a fantastic shoot. Are you game? Nothing too out of the ordinary, I promise."

"What is it, Johann?" Juan asked concerned.

"I've noticed you guys are very well built. For yourselves and for my portfolio, may I please have some pictures in your underwear? I promise, only tasteful and classy. Nothing like porn, not here, not now. OK?"

Juan had calmed down to be his old self again. "Boys, what do you say? I'd love to have such pics of you two. What do you say?"

"Yes, I'd like that," I heard myself saying. Wha-a-a-at? Mr Le Roux, what has happened to you?

"Me too! Let's do it!" André piped up, and walked straight to the changing booths to undress.

Johann winked at me and indicated to me with a slight move of his head this is it ... he wanted to show me his huge cock. My godd ...

"Claude, please check with Juanita about the coffee and cheesecake. I think you'd have to fetch the cake from the bakery around the corner. Would you please?"

"But I want to see the shoot with the briefs!"

"You will, I promise."

We went to our booths and I started to undress. The curtain opened. It was Johann. He had his finger on his lips to indicate I needed to be quiet. He got in quickly and stood close to me. He took my hand and put it on his huge bulge. It was still rubbery and it was really big. I squeezed it and gasped silently. It was one hell of a cock! Definitely bigger than every cock I've had experienced up to that point. He shushed me again and cupped my cock in my briefs. He mouthed: 'wow' and unzipped his pants. He put his hand in and unfurled a cock like nothing I've seen before. And it was absolutely perfect. Another uncut masterpiece. Huge cockhead. Thick. It felt rubbery in my hand. It was at least as long as Juan's cock but as thick as Pieter's cock, I guessed. It throbbed in my hand and I realised it was fully hard! It was a strange experience: the cock was hard, but it retained some rubbery feel to it. That was new!

He pulled his cock from my hand and pushed it back into his pants. He pulled his shirt from his pants to hide his big cock. He gave me a quick kiss and said out loud. "Do you need any help boys?" and slipped out.

He said again: "Juan, any help with that anaconda?" How the hell did he guess that we called it Juan's anaconda?

"No, I'm fine thanks."

"And you, André ... Anton?"

André and I said almost simultaneously: "I'm fine, thanks." But I wasn't fine! My fuck! I had a raging boner and had to exit this booth in seconds! How the fuck?

I remembered I had my hockey briefs in my bag and quickly pulled them on. I'd have to feign modesty until my boner had gone down a bit. Fuck!

I heard Juan and André leaving and Juan called: "Anton, are you coming? Anton?"

"Coming!" I said and exited the booth.

"And this now?" Juan said when he saw the hockey briefs. He and André were in their tighty whiteys only, showing their huge bulges no less. I fell in love with them all over again. They looked so handsome! And hung! My godd!

"Johann can start with you first. I'll wait for last." I made excuses.

"I want pics of all three of us!" Juan announced.

"Come gentlemen!" Johann said as Claude entered the studio.

"What have I missed?"

"Nothing, you perve! As if you haven't seen us with less!" Juan piped up.

"Yes, but not here! Not like this. I want copies too, Johann! I do love my big brother!"

Johann took many pictures of us. Individually, André and me, André and I on either side of Juan and in different poses. After a few minutes I felt confident to take off the hockey shorts and hoped the others would be too occupied to notice my semi. Again, it was clear Johann was a professional. He knew what he was doing and soon we were relaxed and did what he wanted us to do.

Claude and André had us laughing again big time. It relaxed us and Johann remarked how good the photos were.

I wasn't worried about our big bulges. These would be pictures for our eyes only. Dad did say no pictures in Speedos, and there we were having ones taken in underwear: same thing.

Johann called us to the iMac again and I gasped. Our bulges were very obvious in many photos. Wow! But all the pictures were in good taste, nothing vulgar or suggestive. I was relieved.

"Kaffee und Käsekuchen!" Johann said in German.

We got dressed and got our stuff together. The cheesecake was lovely and the tasty coffee nice and strong.

"Thank you gentlemen! This was a pleasure, I assure you. I hope this will be the start of something big for you three. Don't quit your day jobs yet, but I have a good feeling about this. When you're rich and famous, will you remember me ...?" Johann said making a poor puppy face. He was adorable.

"OK, gentlemen. It's half past 4. Traffic is going to be a bitch. I think we need to get going. If we leave now, we might be in Bloubergstrand by 6."

"Really?" André asked.

"Yes, Cape Town's roads were not designed for the traffic it has to carry. Let's go. Johann, I left Pieter's address with Juanita. We'll expect you around half past 6 or so? If you have nice poppers, bring!" Claude said.

We said our goodbyes and left. I felt a slight feeling of guilt, but what was I to do? The hunk came onto me! And wow, fucking wow! What a cock. I was in for the ride of a lifetime. Five guys, all big, were going to fuck me and fill my hole up that night. I got a semi as I sat in the passenger seat with my hand on Juan's thigh. Que séra, séra. What will be, will be.

= To be continued =



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