During the night I woke up and Luigi was slowly fucking me. His arms were over my chest and his fingers were lightly brushing over my nipples. His immense cock in me was rock hard and his breathing was laboured already.

"Hmmmm!" I muttered and clenched my hole over the big cock in me.

"Scusate la mio caro (sorry my darling), but I woke up with this hard-on ... OK if I fuck you?"

"It's fine mio caro - no problem. It feels nice!" I murmured and put my hand over Luigi's hand on my chest.

"Ahhhh! You're a dream come true! Ti amo tanto (I love you so much)! Oh fuck!"

"I love you too my darling! Hmmmm! Your cock feels wonderful!"

"Yes! It! Feels! Fantastic! Ahhhhnnnnnggghh!"

"Fuck me Luigi!"

"I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! Yes! I'm cumming! Here it is! Oh fuck yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Luigi groaned and fucked me with short deep thrusts. His cock was rock-hard and his big balls slammed against my buttocks. The big cock in me rubbed over my prostate and I felt how my own orgasm was building up though I haven't even touched myself.

Luigi's cock spasmed and he pushed in deep. I felt the head swell and spasm. He was pumping his cumload into me. He clung to me and kissed me on the neck. His hands hugging me pulled me close to his chest.

"O mio Dio! Oh fuck! Mio caro! This is just too wonderful! Ahhhh!" Luigi said and within 10 seconds he was fucking me again. "Here is the next round. Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Of fuck! Yes! Here it is! Ngggghhhhhnnnn! I'm cumming!" Luigi's cock spasmed in me again and he shot his second volley of cum into me.

When he slammed his big cock deep into me, I lost it and felt how my own cum started to shoot from my piss-slit. While Luigi's cock was spasming in me, my own load shot out onto the sheets in front of me. It was a lot and made a monumental mess on the sheets. And I didn't even touch myself.

"The third round, per favore mio caro (please my darling)!" Luigi continued to fuck me and within 20 seconds his third load was pumped into me. He sounded like a man in great pain when in fact he was hovering on Cloud Nine, and was pumping an inhumanly large amount of cum deep into me. He clung to me and his whole body was spasming while his cockhead was pushed 29cm deep into me.

Luigi's breathing was fast and deep and he was swallowing and sighing and groaning while the orgasm subsided. He idly rubbed my chest and kissed me in the neck. I turned my head and got a lopsided kiss from my hung hunk.

"Mio caro, you make me forget my manners! Sorry my darling! You need to sleep and look at what I'm doing to you in the middle of the night! But, fuck it was nice! Gracie (Thanks)!"

"You don't have to apologise for doing something so nice, and yes, it was nice! Thank you too!"

"May I please stay in you? If I may, please?"

"Yes, of course mio caro! I love having you in me!" I said and clenched my hole over the big cock in me. His cock twitched as the last of his third volley of cum was leaking into me. Luigi kissed and hugged me.

"Mio caro, there just is nobody in the world who is as wonderful as you! Nobody before you could handle my big cock the way you do and my love-making, and so many ran away when they saw my big cock. You are my dream-boy! Ti amo tanto! Molto!"

"Same here! The sex with all the other guys is wonderful and Pierre is a very good second, Gunther not far behind and of course Juan, André, Johann and Dad, and now Morné too, but none is as good as you. You're the master in every respect, just not the size department. Gunther and Pierre are bigger, but you're the special man in my life! Forever! And yes I love you very much! You're my man! Mine alone!"

"I think I'd rather pull out now so we could get some proper sleep. Did you shoot a big load?"

"Yes ... sorry!"

"Don't be sorry! That's what washing machines are for!" Luigi was slowly pulling out and I clenched. When the head slipped out, I realised that once again my hole was filled to the brim - wonderful cum!

"Let me get a towel so we could wipe up most of your wonderful cum. I wish it were in my mouth ..." Luigi said and went to the linen cupboard to fetch two towels. The tip of one was moist with hot water. He switched on the light and whistled when he saw the sheets - there was an unholy amount of cum on them! I shot a load of note! "Sorry my man!" I said shyly.

"No! Don't be sorry! It's all fine! Please move over so I could wipe up your cum. I wish I could lick it up, but it has already started to seep into the cloth," Luigi said and started to wipe up the cum. Then he used the moist towel and rubbed down the cum as best he could. "Your tummy? Oh mio Dio! Just look at your tummy! What a man! Mio caro! You shot a load like a horse!" He used the warm moist towel and wiped the cum from my tummy and chest. After he finished, he leaned over and kissed me.

Luigi took the towels to the bathroom and came back. "Scoot up! Move! I'll sleep on this side. Ah! Ah! Not a word! Move!"

I moved to the warm dry warm side of the bed and Luigi got in on the moist side where I've shot my load a few minutes ago.

"No Luigi! It's not fair that you should be sleeping in my mess! No ..."

"Mio caro, I want to sleep in your cum and besides, it's hot plus my body heat will make the moisture evaporate quickly. Shhh! I'm fine!" He put his arms around me and hugged me close. He kissed me on the head and pushed his rubbery cock into my body. Oh fuck! I was so in love with this perfect human being who loved me as much I did him! Luigi settled in on top of the moist sheets and kissed me. Buonanotte di nuovo il mio tesore (Goodnight again my darling)! No more fucking tonight - just cuddling and sleeping. OK? OK!"

"Goodnight my darling! Thanks ... you're just the best one could ever wish for! I love you so very much ...!"

"Ora si prega di dirlo in italiano (Now please say it in Italian)?"

"Grazie! Sei il migliore al mondo (Thanks! You're the best in the world)!"

"Not quite what you've said, but it will have to do!" Luigi hugged me and kissed me. He gave a sigh of content and soon he was asleep.

I was still on a high and was taking stock of my life and how much it has changed over the past week. Pierre ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Gunther ... my darling man! Dad ... who could wish for a better dad! André ... my brother who loves me so much and whom I loved very much too. Juan ... Johann ... Morné ... I loved them all and enjoyed having sex with them all, but none was the same as Luigi. Luigi was just in a totally different class altogether. I was thinking about London, Alessandro, Sven and Jean-Pierre, Jonathan and of course Piero ... oh fuck! Piero! I had a gut feeling the number in our group was going to grow with another member: Piero. I wondered if he would be able to transfer his studies to Cape Town? Was his English was good enough to do that? From what I have experienced and seen and heard, this man was a young god in his own right, one who would fit in right away with the rest of us! Number nine! Could it be? I'd just love to add Piero D'Antonio to the mix! Then he'd be the second Italian Stallion capable of multiple orgasms in the group. My last thoughts were of Luigi and Piero fucking me ... I was a damn slut!


The next morning I woke up with the smell of coffee and a kiss on my eyes. Luigi.

"Svegliare mio caro ragazzo (Wake up my darling boy)! Ti ho portato un po 'di caffè (I brought you some coffee)! Svegliare mio caro (Wake up my darling)!"

"Hnnnnngggghhhh! Uhmmmmmm!" I said, stretching and yawning. "Buongiorno mio grande hunk italiano! (Good morning my big Italian hunk)! Come hai dormito (How did you sleep)?"

"Ahh! Money well-spent on the tutor! Well done! I slept well mio caro! And you? Here, have some coffee and some Italian crisp bread I got from uncle Mario."

"Ho dormito molto bene, grazi mio italiano caro (I slept very well, thank you my Italian darling)!"

"I'm impressed! I wonder what Piero would say when he hears you! You do know he is besotted with you?"

"Oh, that's news! I knew he liked me, but I didn't know he liked me that much! But, I really like him too! Last night I was thinking ..." I started.

"I know what you want to say and the answer is yes. You want Piero to come live with us? Si? I've already found out about the possibility of him transferring to the medical school in Cape Town. The only problem is his English, but the lecturers have many students from around the world and once he's actually here, his English would improve quickly. Plus, so many medical words are directly from Latin, from which Italian developed, so he should be OK. He'd be living with us of course ..."

"Luigi! Really? Really? You know me too well! This is good news! What about your sister? And Piero? Does he actually want to come? Will your sister not be mad? When?"

"Slow down! Yes, really! I wanted to keep this as a surprise for you but as always, you're just too clever! My sister is OK as long as Piero would be living with me ... with us. Piero has already indicated to his mother he would love to come live with me - main reason of course is you, but he didn't say that to his mother! Yes, he wants to come! It might be as soon as next year! I've already received the necessary paperwork, which I'm taking with me to Firenze. We just might have a D'Antonio living with us next year! You'd be fucked big time by the three of us! I suspect Pierre would be moving in too. The amount of cum we'd be pumping into you on a daily basis would easily be at least half a cup each time! Does that excite you?"

"Oh fuck! That sounds wonderful! I'd love Piero to come and live with us! And Pierre! And for the three of you to fuck me every day! Yess! Oh fuck! Yes! Just look at my cock! I'm ready for another round! Please fuck me Luigi! Please! Now please!"

"Slow down tiger! Let's at least have our coffee! I hope you're not going to forget about me once you've met Piero. He really is even more beautiful in person. His pictures don't show his persona, his warmth, his aura of love and compassion, his manliness - he is a young god. His hands and feet are even more beautiful than mine. You're going to love him! Piero is a god-like tall young hairy man with long black curly hair. He has the most beautiful brown eyes, long eyelashes, a mouth that begs to be kissed, a pitch-black five o'clock shadow that you like so much, and of course, his cock. You've seen the pictures. It's 28cm but thicker than mine. If you thought I precum a lot, you're going to be amazed at Piero: it literally runs out of him. He is of course also capable of multiple orgasms and he shoots bigger loads than me ... ahhhh! Oh godd ...! Your warm coffee mouth feels great on my cock! Ahhhhh! Mio caro! You're too much!"

I couldn't contain myself any longer and took Luigi's semi-hard cock in my mouth. To hell with the coffee! I was randy and I wanted Luigi to fuck me on the spot!

Luigi just laughed and put his coffee mug on the nightstand. He settled in and I started to really suck the big 29cm cock and soon I was rewarded with lots of precum.

The sex was amazing and didn't last long! I was super-charged and thinking of Piero living with us just tipped the scales. I shot an even bigger load than the one during the night. Luigi had 3 orgasms and pumped one hell of a lot of cum into me again. He collapsed on top of me in my cum, and gasped.

"I hope I live to see Piero moving here ... wow! You're something else mio caro! Wow! Fuck! I'm drained! Phew! How are you?" Luigi said and sighed, hugging me.

"I'm ecstatic and good. This was the best news in a long time! I'm so glad! I hope Pierre and Piero - the exact same name in different languages - will get along. But I think they will. Pierre is just a beautiful hung puppy. And from what you tell me, so is Piero. And your fucking was memorable as always! Ti amo tanto (I love you so much)!"

"Just as well last night and this morning were the last on these sheets. We've really made a big mess of them. I'd have to put them in the washing machine before I go to the hospital. Will you at least hang it out on the clothesline in the garage for me before you go please?"

"Yes, of course. As long as I could get Mom's stuff before 12 o'clock, it's fine. I could do some more Italian lesson exercises on my MacBook Air. It's fine."

"You're my darling boy!" Luigi said and kissed me. His coffee-flavoured saliva ran into my mouth and I hungrily sucked on his tongue. This godly man was just too good to be true. I had really struck gold with him. Even Mom loved him! She resisted held up a façade of not caring, but she was putty in his hands.

Eventually Luigi pulled his big rubbery cock out and pulled me up, out of bed.

"Come, Meneer le Roux (it was the first time he actually said anything in Afrikaans! I was impressed), I'm hungry and we need to get these sheets in the washing machine. Come!"

We changed the bed linen and started the washing machine with the sheets and towels used during the night in it and then we raided the fridge. We prepared some eggs, bacon and fried tomatoes with cheese on, and some seeded whole-wheat bread. We had some yoghurt, fruit juice and more coffee before we started the dishwasher.

Luigi put all the perishables from the fridge in a few shopping bags to give to the bergie (Cape word for a homeless person) begging at the traffic light.

In the shower we hugged each other and just stood there, clinging each other, heads on each other's shoulders, cocks pushing against each other. Our hands were stroking the other one's back and Luigi put his big beautiful toes on top of mine. He kissed the side of my head.

"Just being with you is an experience. I love you so very much. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks for being my love, my life, my future. I love you, Antonio!"

"I feel the same about you my darling. You're a phenomenal man and lover and companion. I love you too."

Of course, the inevitable: we got hard, but nothing more than groping and me having a quick suck. We were literally drained.

After the shower, we finished our toilette and used some of our Tom Ford Noir.

Because we were leaving for London on Saturday from the Cape Town International Airport, Luigi had to pack his bags before he left for work. He wanted to take his luggage with him to hospital and when he left for the farm at 1 o'clock, he wanted to have a head start. Hugo Boss was going to supply so many garments, that we were instructed to bring the bare essentials, so Luigi was done packing in just under half an hour. He would be bringing his baggage to the farm and leave his car in the barn.

Luigi went into the living room to finalise a few appointments with his PA. His first appointment was at 11 o'clock but at 10 o'clock he was seeing the farmer Gideon who he operated on earlier. Luigi wanted me to join them for coffee at the cafeteria at the hospital.

Luigi said that Gideon mentioned André and me to his son Simon, and that he wanted to meet me when Luigi spoke to Gideon on the phone. I realised when Simon fetched the vines from Le Plaisir, he must have heard of us from Dad. "I've mentioned to Gideon that I know Dad and that I know he bought the grafted vines from Dad. When I said that you'd be in Stellenbosch today, he said that it would be great to meet the guy who was responsible for grafting and growing the vines he bought. OK? Would you like to meet them?"

"Yes, that would be nice. I could get the last of Dad's stuff and go and give the order for Mom's order to the deli and pick that up just before I leave. OK, 10 o'clock at the cafeteria then. The vines businessman will be there!" I wondered what Gideon and Simon looked like. Down boy, I reprimanded myself.


Luigi left just before 8 o'clock and I worked through another Italian lesson while the washing machine was washing my cum from the sheets and towels. By 9 o'clock I finished the lesson and hung the linen on the line in the garage and put the towels in the drier. I drove off to tend to my chores in town.


I was seated in the crowded cafeteria and saw a gentleman in his forties come in, with a younger version of himself in tow, but the younger man was much more attractive. When they walked past me I noticed the fragrance of the younger man. Unmistakably Hugo Boss! I wondered. They sat down at the table opposite me and the younger man stared at me intently. He was fairly tall, had very hairy arms, a stubble and his hands were indicative of a farmer: big and brown from the sun. The elder man was sitting with his back to me but when he looked to the side, I could clearly see a resemblance.

The younger man smiled at me ...! Oh my godd!

"Oh I see you've seen Simon! Jackal! Already making eyes at him!" Luigi.

"No, I didn't know who they were and he smiled at me! Is that Gideon and Simon?"

"Yes, let's call them to our table so I could introduce you." As Luigi turned to their table, Gideon turned around and Simon's face lit up. Luigi said something and the two other men got up and came to our table. I immediately noticed the big bulge in Simon's pants as it was at eye-level. It was a big one! Slut!

Luigi introduced us to each other and when I held Gideon's big hand in mine, he smiled at me and congratulated me on the vines he bought.

"I hope they're all still growing!" I said and felt my cock coming alive.

"Oh, every single one of them! You're a wizard! Anton, this is my son Simon, my only and the light of my life. He is also my right hand on the farm."

"Simon, please meet my fiancé, Anton le Roux. Anton, this is Simon Mouton."

When I took Simon's even bigger hand in mine and looked into his grey eyes, I knew I was in trouble! Fuck! The man was like a farm-version of an Adonis! Taller than myself and very hairy, this man was a big guy. I guessed him to be in his early twenties, about 1,88m tall. He had short dark brown hair, a hairy body, and beautiful grey eyes. Oh my godd! I looked down and saw the huge bulge in his pants. I was hooked. His huge shoes looked like a number 15.

"Pleased to meet you at last! The man with the golden hands! Your vines are growing like weeds!" Simon said with his deep bass voice. His hand in mine felt fantastic, almost like Dad's hands but bigger. He winked at me. Oh my godd ...!

"Pleased to meet you too Simon! I've heard so much about you and your dad ... and you're not even close as ugly as Dr Moretti said you were!" I said. "I'm just joking! Dr Moretti thinks you guys are super."

"Would you mind keeping Simon company for half an hour or so and buy him coffee? I want to discuss the lab results and further treatment with his dad, OK? Will you be OK mio caro?" Luigi said. He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, very continental!

I saw Simon's eyes light up but he didn't say a word.

"Yes, of course. Go! I'll be fine!" I said and squeezed Luigi's hand. By now the whole hospital knew about Dr Moretti and his fiancé. Stellenbosch is not that big.

"I'll see you on the farm tonight mio caro. Drive carefully. If Mom still needs anything, let me know. I'll call Uncle Mario and find out what he could bring for the party," Luigi said and kissed me on the mouth! "Ti amo! Come Gideon. Simon, he'll be back in 45 minutes' time, OK? Nice to meet you. Why don't you invite them to the party tomorrow, Antonio? I'll give Gideon the info if it's OK with Dad and Mom. Gideon, would you and Simon like to join us for a party on the farm tomorrow night?"

"Yes, it sounds like a plan! I'll call Dad straight away and ask him if it would be OK if they could join us," I put in.

"Yes, Dr Moretti! If we're invited, I'd be honoured, thanks. Right Simon?" Gideon said.

"Yes, it sounds like it could be nice Dad! Thanks Doctor! Thanks Anton!"

Luigi ruffled my hair and winked. He knew something ... and he and Gideon left.

"What would you like to drink, Simon?"

"Cappuccino please!" Simon said in his deep voice.

"Done. Let me order it and I'll call Dad to arrange for you to join us tomorrow night, OK?"

Dad agreed on the spot. He liked Gideon and Simon and said it would be a chance to spend some time with Gideon, other than at conferences or on farmers' days.

I ordered our cappuccinos and went back to the table.

"Done. My Dad says you're more than welcome. Of course, it means you'll stay the night, OK?" I said and sat down. When I looked in Simon's grey eyes, I knew that this man was going to fuck me! Slut!

"That sounds better by the minute! But we'll have to go back home. Early commitments on Saturday morning. Hmmmm! So, you and the good doctor are engaged? He is a very sexy man! You're lucky! I wish I could find someone as nice as you ... but, living on a farm and working day in and day out ... not easy. We have a housekeeper, but many of the responsibilities rest on my shoulders, especially when Dad has to attend meetings or conferences ... It leaves me and my trusty right hand!" Simon said and winked at me. When he smiled, it was a perfect set of white teeth. The man had a wonderfully full mouth and a beautiful smile. My heart skipped a beat. Not again!

"Yes, Luigi ... Dr Moretti ... is a wonderful man and we love each other very much. But, we're not exclusive ... I mean ... we do have some fun with other guys too. Usually together, but sometimes I sneak in a session with another guy and just keep quiet about it!"

"Really? Wow! I could only wish ..." Simon said and looked deep into my eyes. "You have the most adorable blue eyes and a very kissable mouth! I hope you're a bottom ...! Oh fuck! Sorry! I didn't mean to say that! Sorry!"

"No problem! Thanks for the compliments and yes, I'm a bottom, preferably for big ones. Your hands and feet are very big ... does it mean ...?"

"Oh fuck, yes! Is a thick 27cm uncut, big enough? Lots of precum? Lots of cum? Big balls? And it bends to the top ... and it has a big head and a big piss-slit. Interested?"

"Oh fuck yes! Most definitely! SMS your dad that you'll meet him at the Mall in an hour's time. Come with me! I want to take you home! Come! Interested?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'm interested!" Simon said and opened his iPhone. He typed a few words and got up. His bulge was considerably bigger ... slut!

We left our half cups of cappuccino right there on the table and left.


When we were in the bakkie going around the corner, I put my hand on Simon's crotch. It was very big and very hard.

"Please open it. I want to see it!" I stammered.

"Here, in the bakkie? That's dangerous!"

"This is a quiet area. There is very little traffic here. Come on, please?"

Simon put his hand on my crotch and whistled. "That feels like a big one too! How big?"

"Only 24,5cm. Yours? Really 27cm?"

"A real 27cm, thick, uncut and thick - very thick!"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to feel you inside me! Come on! Show me!"

Simon looked around nervously and took the zipper in his right hand. Just then I had to stop at a red traffic light. He let go of the zipper.

"Oh fuck! I'm not sure about this! What if a cop stops us?"

"For what? I didn't speed." I put my hand on Simon's crotch again and groaned. "Oh fuck! It sure is a big one! I can't wait to get home! It's just around the corner now."

At the second street after the traffic light I turned off. Luigi's house was only 1km from there.

When I stopped at the house, we almost ran to the front door. I fumbled with the keys and as soon as we stepped in the house, we grabbed each other. There was no time for pleasantries!

Simon's full lips on mine felt fantastic. They were soft and moulded over mine. He stuck his big tongue deep into my mouth in one go. I sucked on it hungrily.

Simon was fumbling with my shorts' top button and unzipped them. He pushed my underwear down and put his big hand under my cock and balls. His hand was big enough to hold almost my whole package. I was sopping wet.

I took the zipper of Simon's denim and pushed it down. His huge bulge popped out and I felt the big wet stain on the fabric. When I pushed my hand into the front of his underwear, my hand felt the large amount of precum at the tip of the huge cock and in the fabric. When my fingers encircled the shaft, I gasped in Simon's mouth. It was a very thick cock! It felt like Mario's big cock, just not as long. My godd! I pulled the cock free of its confinements and Simon gasped in my mouth.

"Oh fuck! I haven't had sex in a very long time and haven't jacked off in a week. Dad is so busy ... oh fuck! I can't tell you that!" Simon said.

"Tell me what? You can tell me anything!"

"Oh fuck! Since my mom died 3 years ago, Dad and I have been ... well, we've been playing together. It gets lonely on the farm and Dad is not interested in other women after Mom. I'm as gay as they come and where would I find a mate amongst the guys my age in the district? So, Dad and I ... well, we satisfy each other. But, it's never like this!"

"Don't feel embarrassed. We also play with our Dad since earlier this year. But, let's get to the lounge. I can't take you into the bedroom. We've just covered the bed with fresh linen and ... Come, the leather couch is very comfortable!" I said and kissed Simon.

We undressed each other and gasped at each other's cocks in our hands. Both of us were sopping wet. Simon's cock was really thick, uncut and curved upwards. He had two huge balls. His pubic hair was growing wild! It was the thickest bush around genitals I've ever seen. It was continuous with the thick treasure trail running down from his belly button. His legs were also very hairy. When I put my hands on his buttocks, I felt even they were hairy! He could easily be the human version of an orang-utan! Except that he could walk upright with ease, could speak and had a tree-trunk as a cock!

We hugged and kissed and fondled each other's cocks. We were jacking each other and it felt great to feel Simon's thick cock in my hand.

I slid down his body and when I took his nipple in my mouth, he almost screamed. "Oh fuck! What are you doing to me! I almost shot my load! That's fucking sensitive! I never knew a man's nipples could be so sensitive! Wow!"

I rubbed his other nipple and the man groaned. I switched nipples and the man was putty in my hands. His nipples were surrounded by lots of thick dark brown chest hair. He was hairy - full stop!

I trailed my tongue down his tummy over his belly button and felt the tip of the big wet mushroom head of his cock poking me under my chin. Fuck! I fondled his balls and licked my way down the underside of his cock. The precum was running down the head onto his tummy and it tasted divine. Imagine the load, I thought.

I took his huge balls in my hands and thought of Pierre's big balls. These were immense too! I opened my mouth and took the huge head into my mouth - it tasted divine. His precum was flowing freely - it was a lot. I pushed the big head deeper into my mouth and marvelled at the big head. I pulled the cock out again and rubbed the precum over the ample cockhead. I gasped: the piss-slit was huge. I put my tongue out and could actually push the tip of my tongue in there.

"Please suck me! Please Anton!"

I pushed the big head deeper into my throat and the head stopped at the opening to my pharynx. It was just too big to go in. It was bigger than the other cocks I've sucked lately. I tried again, but it was a no-go. I slobbered over the big cock and jacked the shaft sticking out which made Simon groan with pleasure.

By now he was lying on his back on the leather couch and arched his back in response to my ministrations. He was in heaven!

"Oh fuck! If you keep that up, I'm going to cum in your mouth and I wanted to fuck you! Please, may I fuck you?"

I pulled off the big cock and said: "Oh fuck yes! Perhaps it would be best to get on with it as we don't have much time. Let me get the lube and poppers from the bedroom."

"You have poppers? Wow! I've just heard about it but have never seen it," Simon said as I walked out the lounge to retrieve the stuff from the bedroom. On my way back, I took a few sheets of paper towel from the kitchen to clean up afterwards.

"Here you go. I'll handle the lube and you could take a sniff of the poppers. Just be careful not to get the liquid on your skin - it burns like hell and will leave a mark. And inhale cautiously. I don't want you to collapse!"

I took some of the lube and put it on my hole, pushing a generous amount into my rectum. Then I lubed up Simon's huge cock. It wasn't the biggest cock, but it was thick and the head was monumental.

After taking a whiff of the poppers, Simon was delirious. He has never experienced poppers, so his head was spinning. He groaned and gasped. I put the lube aside and took the poppers from Simon, and took a whiff myself. As soon as the stuff kicked in, I sat on Simon's tummy and aimed his big cock at my hole. The cock felt incredibly big and thick, and the head was just something else.

"Oh godd! Oh fuck! Anton, please let me in! Please! Oh fuck please! The last time I tried to fuck someone, he ran away! Dumb nitwit!"

I took his big cock and aimed it at my hole and sat down. My godd! Even after all the sex and fucking of the past few days didn't prepare me for this onslaught! The huge head penetrated my hole and I groaned. It was big. I pulled off and tried again. This time the head went in deeper. I pushed out and felt my sphincter muscles accommodating the huge invasion. I pulled off again. This was going to be more difficult than I thought.

After the third attempt the big head was in and stretching me big time. I clenched my hole over the big cock and pushed out, clench, push out and felt how my hole was starting to adapt to the huge cock in me.

Simon took another whiff of the poppers and I felt his cock swell in me. He pushed up and groaned. "Oh fuck please Anton! Can I please push in! Oh fuck!"

"Yes, it's OK now. You can push in ..." and before I knew it, the big cock was pushing deep into me.

"When you reach the inner sphincter ... ahhh ... oh fuck! Your big cockhead is scraping over my ... ahhh ... prostate! Oh fuck!" A lot of precum was pushed from my piss-slit. The feeling of the big cock in me was immensely nice and I thought I've felt it all with Jonathan, with Herman, Jacques and Pierre, but the girth of the cock in me, after all the fucking I've had over the past few days, was a challenge.

"Ahhh! When you reach the inner sphincter, you need to push in gently to get through. OK?"

"What is that?"

"You'll feel like your cock has reached the deepest part of my rectum. Just make your cockhead swell and push gently, and the sphincter will open and you could push the rest into me. Ahhh! Oh fuck!" The big cock in me was immense!

When Simon's cock reached my inner sphincter, he was a bit dumbfounded but after a few swellings of his cock and a gentle pushing, the big head slipped into the deeper realms of my rectum, which borders with the bottom part of the colon. Fortunately I've taken a dump and douched earlier when I got rid of Luigi's huge loads in me. All was clean inside of me.

Simon pulled me down on him and put his arms around my body. He kissed me and pushed his big tongue deep into my mouth. I put my hands on either side of his face and felt his huge cock throbbing in me and leaking lots of precum into me.

"Just how big IS your cock Simon? It feels incredibly big ..."

"I told you: it's 27cm. Is it too big for you? I'm sorry - am I hurting you?"

"No, I'm fine, but your cock is very thick and it has a huge head. Wow!"

"Yes, it's usually a problem if I get the odd guy to have fun with. Dad ... oh fuck! Erm ... Dad is not interested at all. His cock is about 25cm but I'm also not interested that he rides me. So, it's down to mutual jacking and sucking. None of this fancy stuff, unfortunately. So, this is what a sweets shop must be like to a little boy! I'm in heaven! Thanks Anton!"

Simon groaned and made his cock swell in me. I gasped. It wasn't the biggest cock I've experienced, but it was thick and the big head made a difference. And the hairiness of this man was on a different level! All the men in our group are hairy to some extent - some more than others - but Simon was by far the hairiest of them all!

I was enjoying it very much and just as I was starting to worry about time, Simon declared that he was going to cum. "I'm so overwhelmed, I need some relief now! Is it OK if I came now? Please?"

"No, it's fine. I actually thought we should be going soon. Let fly my man!"

"I have to warn you, I haven't jacked off in a couple of days and usually I shoot a big load. I'm going to pump an unholy amount of thick creamy cum into you. My cum is very creamy and very tasty! Dad loves it! Next time - I hope for a next time! - you can have it in your mouth, OK?"

"Sounds right to me. And I love lots of cum, so fire away ... ahhh! Fuck, your cock is thick! I don't think you and another guy could ever double fuck me ..."

"What? Really? Do you get double fucked? I've only seen it on the Internet but I have never seen it or experienced it ... wow! Is it nice? Just feel what the thoughts of that have done to my cock! Ahhhh!"

"Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Yes, most of the guys in our group double fuck me ..."

"What? What group? I thought you were engaged to Dr Moretti?"

"Yes, I am, but we have a group of 8 people ..."

"EIGHT? Good godd! So, seven other people fuck you and some double?"

"Yes ... they do."

"Wow! That must be wonderful! I wish I could be a part of such an orgy!"

"If you stayed with us tomorrow night, you could've been a part of it on the farm tomorrow night! Fancy a full-blown orgy between a horde of men? Up to 19 tomorrow night!"

"You're kidding right? 19 men fucking you? Really? Yes, if ever it could happen, I'd want in please! But we can't stay! Shit!"

"Too bad! When the older people go to bed, we retreat to the cottage and have an orgy of note! Lots of hugging, kissing ... ahhh ... your big cock feels great! ... sucking, fucking ... for as long as we can manage. Ahhh! Oh, that feels good!"

"Oh fuck! I wish we could've stayed! Damn! I'm cumming! I'm shooting my load! Here it ... cums ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnnngggghhhnnnn! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"

I felt how the big cock in me was twitching and spasming and felt how it was pouring a huge load into me. I could actually feel how the big head twitched as it was pumping its load into me. Fuck! Slut!

The fucking and talking of the orgy made me very randy myself. I was on the verge of cumming and was contemplating if I should wait until Simon's orgasm was over ...

"Don't cum yet! Please! I want to suck you off! Please! I want to taste your cum!" Simon said out of breath. My godd! The man was as big a cum lover as I was!

"Oh OK! But I'm really close!"

"Move up my chest and let's keep just my big cockhead in you. I'll lean down and you could jack off in my open mouth. Please! I want to taste your cum while my cock is still in your hole!"

I moved up Simon's body and felt the huge cock sliding out. I moved up until only the big cockhead was in me. My cockhead was mere centimetres from Simon's mouth. I started to jack off and within 15 seconds my orgasm was boiling over. I aimed my cock at Simon's mouth and when the first squirt flew from my piss-slit, it hit him on the chin. I lifted my cock slightly and the next one was spot-on right into Simon's mouth. The third spurt was a bit more powerful and hit him on the upper lip and nose - it was a big squirt. The fourth one was smack bang in the mouth. The fifth one was on his upper lip again and the sixth one was on his chin and partly in his mouth. The seventh spurt was on his throat and the eighth was a mere dribble onto my hand.

With each spurt, Simon swallowed greedily and licked his lips. It was obvious: this man was addicted to cum! As much as I was ...! My godd! He loved my cum! He bucked up and pushed me back a bit so his big rubbery cock could slip back into me.

"Oh fuck! This is a day to remember! First an ace kisser, an ace cocksucker, an ace bottom and now this! Your cum tastes wonderful! Fuck it's nice! Thanks Anton! How much time do we have?"

"Actually I think we've run out of time I think." I reached for the paper towel on the floor to wipe off the cum that was spilt on Simon's chest.

"No, I'll take it with my finger and lick it off! You can't waste such good stuff! I'll dry the last bit off with the towel," Simon said and took the paper towel from my hand. He used his hands to get the last of my cum off my hand, his chest and chin and licked his hands clean. He really loved cum!

"I'm pulling off you now, OK? We have to go. Do you want to shower quickly?"

"Yes, perhaps it would be a good idea. A very quick shower. Are you joining me?"

"Erm ... OK, but we don't have long. So, it will have to be a quick one."

We took all the stuff in the lounge and I checked and checked again to see that there was no evidence left. I took the poppers and lube to the bedroom while Simon went into the bathroom and started the shower. I put the paper towels in the toilet and flushed it.

I got in the shower with Simon and he hugged me to him, kissing my cheek and said: "This was the best day in my life since my Mom died. Thank you very much! It was rushed but very nice!"

Simon's big rubbery cock pushed against me and he groaned. He was fast becoming hard again.

"Pleasure my man. But we really have to get out of here as soon as possible. I'd love another round, but there is always another time!" I squeezed his big cock and gave him a hug. He lifted my face to him and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss filled with lots of tenderness. No tongue.

"You're a phenomenon. Dr Moretti is a lucky man!"

"Thanks Simon! You're not so bad yourself! Come, let me wash your back for you. We have to rush, I'm afraid."

We washed and rubbed each other and soon we were out of the shower and drying each other off.

"What perfume do you use? I thought I smelled Hugo Boss. Perhaps you could use some of my Hugo Boss and blame the fragrance on Red Square in the Mall. OK?"

"Yes, I actually use Hugo Boss Bottled, but now it's more like sex and shower soap! Dad said I'd get some Boss for Christmas. You're too kind Anton!"

We brushed our hair - not that there was much to brush in Simon's case. His hair was cut fairly short. I looked at his clean-shaven face. It was in stark contrast to my black stubble. He saw I was looking at him and asked: "What? Is something wrong?"

"No, I'm just looking at you. You're a very handsome man and your hairy body is something else. I enjoyed this few minutes with you. But, here is the Hugo Boss. Let's get out of here."


We drove back into town and when I checked my watch, it was exactly 45 minutes since we left the hospital. Simon's iPhone beeped. It was an SMS from his dad, saying he was on his way to the Mall. He mentioned a coffee shop where he'd meet Simon.

"Just in time! Phew! What an experience! How should we dress for tomorrow night?"

"As casual as you want to. No fancy schmancy stuff. A denim, even shorts if you prefer, and a short-sleeved shirt. Slops if you want. We're having a braai and you know us boeremense - no frills. And, bring nothing. Dad and Boss Models are footing the bill. Just be there by around 5 o'clock. Dad will have the beer cold and a fire ready by then. You know the way. Here we are. OK if I dropped you off here?"

['Boeremense' = 'farm folk', but in South Africa it could also refer to white people, revered for their hospitality and generosity]

"Yes, it's fine. Thanks for everything. I'm so chuffed ... thanks!" He shook my hand and once again I was amazed at the size of them.

"You're welcome. Remember we've just been wondering around in the Mall and did some window-shopping. If you like, you could buy Mom a box of chocolates to show you've been doing something. Mom would appreciate Ferrero Rocher. Bye now. See you tomorrow!"

I drove off and finished my chores in town. Every bump in the road reminded me of the huge cumload I had inside me. Fuck! That boertjie shot a big load in me!

['Boertjie' = 'young male farmer' in the diminutive. It is used as an endearing term to refer to a young white male farmer]

After I picked up all the stuff for Dad and then Mom's order from the deli, I picked up the order from the greengrocer and I was off, back to the farm.

I sent an iMessage to Luigi that I'm on my way back home. I wished him a good last day at work and to travel safely. I also told him I loved him. Of course, not a word about Simon ... slut!

"Did you enjoy that? Naughty boy! Ti amo molto, mio caro! I'll see you soon."


"Ahhh! There's my boy! Welcome back back to Le Plaisir! Come here my big boy!" Dad gushed when I stopped in the driveway in front of the kitchen door so I could offload Mom's stuff. He was in the kitchen, helping Mom with some last-minute preparations: potato salad, three-bean salad, ensuring there is enough ice, beers and white wine in the fridge etc. Tomorrow he was on braai and meat duty but most of us usually pitched in. "How was your trip?" Dad hugged and kissed me. I felt his big cock on his hip pushing against my right hip. Fuck! I've just been fucked two hours ago and here I was lusting after my Dad again!

If only Dad knew what I've been up to ... my godd! No less than 5 guys have fucked me since I left the day before, some more than once and I was pumped full of the nice white gooey stuff.

"It was nice thanks Dad. Luigi sends his regards. What? What are you hiding from me?"

"Nothing! Why do you ask that?" Dad said innocently.

"I can see it in your faces you're hiding something from me! Out with it!" I demanded.

"Not a word out of my mouth! I'm like the sphinx!" Mom declared and winked at Dad. She had a big grin on her face. She walked up to me and kissed me.

"No! What's it? Come on Dad! You can't do this to me! What's going on?"

"Sphinxes here ... not a word!" Dad said and smiled his endearing heart-melting most innocent smile.

"I'm going to tickle it out of you Dad!" I threatened, but knew I'd lost. Dad was bigger and stronger than me.

"Just let it go now, boy! Get the stuff from the bakkie! Chop chop!" Mom said and I knew it was final - I'd have to wait for whatever it was that was coming my way.

"Where is André, Dad?"

"He's on the neighbouring farm overseeing the tomato picking there," Dad answered.

"Did you have anything to eat yet?" Mom asked.

"Actually, no. What do you have to offer Mom? A nice seeded Le Roux sandwich and coffee would be great, thanks."

"Coming up. Please get the rest of the stuff off the bakkie and then take it to the barn so the workers could offload Dad's stuff. Chop chop. Your sandwich will be ready in five."


I took my overnight bag up to our room, and after my sandwich and cup of coffee from the machine, I helped Mom to tidy up the kitchen.

I heard the kitchen door open and then, before I could turn to see who it was, a pair of hairy arms grabbed me around my upper body from behind.

"Ahh, the baby bro is back from the 'big city' of Stellenbosch! Welcome home, *sex perve*," André said and whispered the last two words in my ear. "Did you enjoy it? Hmmm? I believe Pierre was in Stellenbosch yesterday. Did you see him?"

"How do you know Pierre was in Stellenbosch?"

"Dad called oom Eugene about shoes and he said Pierre was bringing some stock from Stellenbosch. So then, did you see him?"

"Yes, I did ..."

"I knew it! *Sex perve*!" André ribbed me and looked to see if Mom was watching. She had her back to us and André groped me. Jackal! "*Did he fuck you? Was it nice?*"

"*Yes, now let it go!* He sends his regards," I said and playfully hit André in the tummy. "*You're the sex perve!*"

"*I hope it's my turn tonight!*"


"What are you boys whispering about? Don't you know it's rude? André, please put these in the fridge for me. Be careful. There is a lot of stuff in the fridge," Mom said.


By 4 o'clock Dad came in from outside. André and I were on our MacBooks Air, checking emails.

"Please close those and get us something cold to drink. How about a cider, please boys?" Dad said and sat down.

I went into the garage to get three ciders for us from the extra fridge, and some gin and tonic water to mix Mom a G&T. When I came back into the lounge, I almost dropped the drinks. There he was, sitting right next to Dad: Luigi!

"Luigi! How come! Really? Wow! I'm so glad to see you! Mio caro!" I yelped and put the stuff on the bar counter. I ran into Luigi's arms who had gotten up. I hugged and kissed him as if I haven't seen him in days or weeks. And I've seen him at 10 that morning before I dragged Simon off to our house to get fucked ... slut! But, I was ecstatic to see him.

"I have re-arranged my schedule so I could come earlier. I'm glad you're glad to see I'm here, mio caro!" Luigi said and hugged me again. His considerable bulge pushed into me and I groaned in his ear. "*I fucking want you Ita!*"

"*I'm yours mio caro! Lots of fucking tonight!*" he whispered in my ear.

"More whispering! What's up with you boys?" Something to drink Luigi? Anton, please get him a cider, or what do you want?" Mom said.

"A glass of water and a glass of red wine per favore, mio caro? So Dad, everything OK here on Le Plaisir? Anything in particular we have to help you with?" Luigi said.

"My darling boy, Mom has a list as long as my arm waiting for all of us to do tomorrow. Don't be too eager: she has her eyes on us like a hawk. We've got our work cut out for us tomorrow. So, get a good night's sleep if I could give you some free advice," Dad said and winked at Luigi. He knew there would be shenanigans, of course!


The rest of the evening was peaceful although André was on top form.

"It is as if your brother's return has thrown a switch. Anton, you won't believe how peaceful and quiet it was here last night! It must be your presence. Is it your way to show you've missed your brother, André?" Dad quipped.

"Nah! Miss him? Why would I do such sissy stuff? I'm just my old normal self, that's all!" André put in.

"Yes, we can see that!" Mom said and couldn't help but smile.


Mom had prepared Bolognese for Luigi. I should've smelled it in the kitchen, but with all we had to do in there, and with André there, it never struck me Mom was preparing Bolognese. She only had to cook the fettuccine and grate the cheese.

"Mom, your Bolognese tastes like real Italian stuff. How long have you had this on the stove?" Luigi loved Mom's cooking, and he was really impressed with her Italian pasta dishes.

"For about 3 hours, I think. I'm glad you like it. But when we're in Italy next year, I still want your Mama to show me some tricks of the trade," Mom said and touched Luigi's arm. After a very rocky start, she adored the Italian hunk.

"Perfetto! Molto bene (Perfect! Very nice)!"

The wine flowed, the banter was light and even Mom cracked a joke or two. The discussions were around our trip to London and Europe. Dad had his hand on my thigh a couple of times and at one stage he brushed against my crotch ... I was hard in seconds. Fuck!

By half past 9 the table was cleared, the dishwasher was running and we were in the lounge enjoying a nightcap. I had a Benedictine, Luigi a Van der Hum (local liqueur), Dad had a cognac, Mom Amarula (local cream liqueur) and André had a Drambuie.

By 10 o'clock Mom got up and said she was going to take a bath and head off to bed. She was tired and wanted a good night's rest.

"Well boys, it's just the four of us now. Any suggestions?" Dad was obviously in the mood for some action. My poor asshole, especially after Simon's battering ram!

"Oh, I know mio caro wouldn't mind, would you?" Luigi said and put his hand on my crotch. I was way beyond semi.

"Just as long as you know I'm the elder brother and ..." André started.

"Ja, OK! We know. Come, we're wasting time. Let's go!" Dad said and pulled me up from the couch into a hug. His cock was also way beyond semi, pushing against my right hip. Luigi joined the hug and pushed his cock into my crack. Not to be left out, André joined from behind Dad and hugged him. Obviously, his semi was pushing into Dad's crack.

"Just don't get any ideas my boy! That's not going to happen!" Dad said and let go of me with one hand and pulled André into a head clamp.

"I'd never mistake your bum for the baby bro's!"

"Want a head start? Anton? Do you want some action too André? Brave enough for some of your Dad's ... you know what?" Dad said and kissed André's head.

"Erm ... that's unexpected. I don't know. Maybe. I'll prepare with Anton and if the mood grabs me, I'll let you in. Come baby bro," André said.

Luigi and Dad had an arm on each other's shoulders as we left the group hug.

"Dad, you're phenomenal. The boys are so lucky to have you in their lives. I know millions of people would frown upon this, but I know you love them very much. I think if people knew you loved them so much, they would perhaps not be so quick to judge," Luigi said and hugged Dad. It was clear that Luigi could feel Dad's big cock on his hip. While we were collecting the glasses, I saw that Dad had his hand on Luigi's crotch. Dad was as big a cock hound as we were! Jackal!


André and I prepared for the action and just as we entered the bedroom, Dad and Luigi came down the passage, arms around each other.

"That's very lovey dovey, and with your son's fiancé, nogal!" André ribbed Dad.

['Nogal' = an Afrikaans word that is almost impossible to translate; the word means 'rather', but it's almost always used as an interjection to indicate some form of surprise at a situation]

"Behave André! He's my future son-in-law. We're just fond of each other. But I have to admit, I admire his big cock and tonight I'd like to suck him off if you don't mind Anton?"

"No of course not," I said.

We continued the group hug we've started in the lounge, but now we were undressing each other. Hands were everywhere and cocks were hauled out of pants. Soon we were all naked, rock-hard and sopping wet.

We took the action to the bed and soon we were sucking each other. Dad had Luigi's cock in his mouth and Luigi was sucking Dad. André and I were in a 69 and I thoroughly enjoyed his cock in my mouth, even though it was a carbon copy of mine.

The fucking was phenomenal. As by his own decree, André was first to fuck me, but he refrained from cumming. He was holding out in case Dad wanted to fuck him. He used only his precum to lube his cock but gave me the poppers just in case he hurt me. I took a whiff and before I knew it, André was deep inside me. My own cock was leaking lots of precum. He was groaning and clung to me from behind.

Dad and Luigi were still sucking each other. Dad was enjoying Luigi's 29cm cock, which leaked lots of precum. Luigi was an ace cocksucker and Dad's whole cock was deep in his throat. Dad was purring like a kitten!

Just before he would shoot his load, André pulled out and lied down on the bed avoiding any contact with his cock. He was very charged.

Luigi let go of Dad's cock and lubed up his cock. He lined up his cock on my ass and pushed in. André loosened me up good and Luigi's big cock slipped in with some ease. He pushed in with one long continuous push. He was in me balls-deep. He hugged me from behind and kissed me in the neck.

"You OK mio caro?"

"Yes, I'm OK thanks."

Luigi fucked me and shot 2 rounds of cum into me. It was great, as I knew this man loved me to bits and I just loved the idea of his cum in me. He clung to me after the second round and pulled out slowly.

Dad got his turn and pushed in. His big cock was feeling so good. My Dad was my hero and feeling him in me was wonderful - as always.

He fucked me for a while. André insisted on getting in as well. Dad pulled out and lied on his back. I sat on his cock and as soon as it was in, André approached us from behind and pushed in as well. For some time the two of them gave me a double fuck of note.

Then Luigi moved in behind André and pushed his cock on André's hole. Luigi had put a generous amount of lube on his cock and then aimed his cock on André's hole. He was determined to give the 'delinquent' some of the Italian sausage.

"No Ita! You're too fucking big ... ahhh! Oh fuck! What are you ... doing? No! You're going to rip me apart! Oh fuck! Ahhh! Ahhh! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Push that big thing into me! Fuck me!" André gushed and pushed back to receive Luigi's big cock, pulling out of me a bit.

"Oh dear godd! Baby bro, how do you manage this huge cock in you? Oh fuck! Luigi, you're big!"

"Oh come on! Juan is a almost as big as I am and I've never heard this kind of performance when he fucks you," I said.

"Yes, but I'm not fucked by the whole group! My asshole is very much like a virgin's ..."

"Virgin, my ass!" I said and squeezed my hole over his and Dad's cocks.

The foursome was awesome. Dad and André in me, and Luigi in André. It was a fucking of note. Luigi really fucked André good and André almost lost it. He withdrew just in time.

Luigi pulled out of André and pushed into me on top of Dad's cock. He and Dad double-fucked me again. It was really fantastic.

André stood over Dad and me and pushed his big cock in my mouth. I sucked my bro's cock and sensed he was close to orgasm.

Soon we all shot our loads and just enjoyed the afterglow. André shot in my mouth. My load ended up on Dad's face and chest. It was a huge mess. Fortunately I didn't cum as much as André, for obvious reasons!

André's cum tasted good and when he pulled his cock from my mouth - sensitive - I knew Dad wanted to taste it. Come to think of it, I didn't think Luigi tasted André's cum before. When Dad's lips touched mine, he started to suck and sucked André's cum right out of my mouth. I held some back and turned around so Luigi could get some of it. He hungrily sucked it from my mouth.

"Hmmmm! For a delinquent, your cum tastes very nice!" Luigi said. André gave Luigi's head a playful swipe. "I'm a man of many talents, I'll have you know!"

Luigi pulled out of me and I had to clench. He and Dad shot big loads.

"Please come here so I could lick your cock clean, mio caro," I said to Luigi as he got up from behind me. André stepped aside and Luigi offered me his cock. I licked it clean and took the whole big head in my mouth. It tasted so good!

Dad pushed me up so he could get his cock out of me. I let go of Luigi's cock and licked Dad's cock. His was just as nice and tasted good too.

"And this is where I exit the scene. Thanks boys! It was a nice preparation for tomorrow night. You lot are going to have some action, I'm sure! I hope I could manage to join you, if I may!" Dad said and pulled out of me.

"Thanks Dad, it was a nice one! Yes, I'm sure the baby bro would be up for some serious action again tomorrow night, not so baby bro? Around 12 big cocks ... That's more than half a metre of cock and over half a litre of cum. Still interested baby bro?"

Fuck, put into figures like that, it sounded scary, but come the time, I knew I'd be more than keen to let them all fuck me! Jacques's 34cm cock would be biggest and Johan's 24cm would be the smallest. I was guaranteed a good and royal fuck with lots of big uncut cock and cum!

Dad kissed us all goodnight, got dressed and was off to shower before going to bed. "Goodnight my beautiful boys, and of course, you're included Luigi! My beautiful boy that's not my flesh and blood! I love you very much, you know that? And it's not just because of this - I honestly love you! Sleep well. I won't come call you too early. Sleep in if you want. I'll keep Mom busy so she doesn't disturb you. Goodnight!" And Dad was out of the room.

"There are virtually no boundaries with regard to sex between us all. This was an experience to remember! Wow! Dad is so cool and such a nice man. I love him so much!" Luigi gushed.


After a shower, the three of us settled in for the night. Before long, André's big one was beyond semi and he wanted in for an all-nighter. I gave him the lube and he pushed in. He held me tight to him. In front of me, Luigi's big one was also beyond semi and felt good in my hand. He hugged and kissed me. "Is he in you again? Delinquent! Just because you're the elder brother, it doesn't mean you have to abuse your 'baby bro' like that!"

"Oh shut up Ita! I'm not hurting him. My cock doesn't resemble a salami! I've just plugged him so all YOUR cum doesn't flow out and soil the sheets. So, just let me be. OK? My baby bro is happy. Happy baby bro?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks. Now just shut up André and let's get some sleep."


I slept like a baby. After all the shenanigans of the past few days, I needed a good night's rest, even with my bro's cock in me. I slept for a place in the first team - I was out for a six!

During the night André's cock got soft and slipped out. In my nocturnal movements I have turned around and was now facing my brother. When I woke up in the early morning hours, I realised André and I had our arms around each other like when we were small boys. The only difference was, our cocks were rock-hard due to our piss hard-ons. I took his cock in my hand and squeezed softly. He had my cock in his hand and squeezed. The sun was just rising in the east.

"Good morning beautiful baby bro ... did you sleep well?" André said and hugged and kissed me. "Do you actually know how much I love you? Not just as a brother of course, but much more. If I couldn't have this anymore, I might as well die!"

"You're not going to die and I'm going nowhere, even if I marry Luigi and Pierre moves in with us. You're not going to get rid of me. You're just as important to me. I love you very much you loose cannon!" I said and squeezed André's cock.

Behind me Luigi's morning glory was pushing against my buttocks. It was rock-hard. He pulled closer to me and put his arm around my chest. His big cock pushed between my glutes and twitched.

"Buongiorno mio caro (Goodmoring my darling)! Hai dormito bene (Did you sleep well)?" Luigi asked.

"Si, mio caro. Ho dormito molto bene, e tu (Yes, my darling. I slept very well, and you)?"

"My godd baby bro! I'm sure its all the Ita man milk that is turning you into a real Ita yourself! Wow! What did you just say to him?" André asked and squeezed my cock.

"We're just greeting each other and asking how we slept. You have to learn some Italian bro!" I said.

"Baby bro, the Ita is your fiancé. You 'speaka da language to heem'! Him fucking me last night was the exception. His cock is too fucking big! And my tongue refuses to be twisted like that. I'll learn the basics but no more! But, I'm impressed baby bro! You're a fucking ace at everything you attempt! Well done!" André said and kissed me again.

Luigi's big cock was now moving up and down my crack, obviously he wanted in. I pushed back and Luigi groaned. "May I please ...?"

"Of course mio caro! I'm your husband-to-be. Just get lube please."

Luigi lubed up and slowly pushed his cock into me ... ahhh! Oh fuck! What a wonderful man.

"Sex perverts!" André, who else?


After Luigi pumped two loads into me, he hugged me close to him and kissed me with my head turned back. André added his mouth and it became a three-way kiss.

"Fuck, Ita! You're a good kisser! Wow! Apart from the donkey dick, the hands and feet which my baby bro loves so much and that horrid ogre face of yours, you really know how to kiss. Fuck! Hmmmm!"

"I want to cum in your mouth André, please? Let's do a 69?" I said.

Soon the two of us were slobbering over each other's cocks and shot our loads. Ahhh! My bro shot a load of note and it felt like I've shot a big load too. André let go of my cock and turned his body so he could kiss me. Luigi leaned forward and there was another three-way kiss, this time filled with our cum. Each of us got some of the cum and the kissing was just fantastic.

"Ita, fuck man! You're such a nice guy! I'm sorry baby bro, but this man is a damn magician! I could easily fall in love with this ogre too, except I don't like his big cock! Too big! Hmmm!"

"Well, he's mine! What's the time please?" I asked.

André retrieved his iPhone from the nightstand and pressed the home button. "It's 07:23. Should we get up? Dad promised us we could sleep in a bit ... Come on boys! We could have another round ...?"

"No, you delinquent! That was enough for now! Mio caro needs a break! Tonight is going to be a big night for him again. So, hands off for now! Antonio, I'm pulling out now. I need to take a pee ..."

"Luigi, I wanted to feel something I've only read about on the Internet ... I'm blushing but I have to ask you. I want you to piss in me ... sorry!" I said and clenched my hole.

[This part is specially for those who love 'water sports' - if you don't like this, skip it]

"Really mio caro? You want me to piss in your hole? I can't do it here though! I've always wondered about it but I've never done it. My cock is so big nobody has ever asked me for that."

"We don't have to do it ... I'm just curious about it," I said. "Forget it. It was a stupid idea."

"No, it's not stupid. We're both curious about it. I say yes, let's do it! But we need to get in the shower for that. OK?"

"Yes Luigi, I really want to feel it. Let's go please. Are you pulling out now?"

"Yes, I'm hard enough to push in you again in the shower. Come, let's go!"

"You sex perverts! Sheez! I'm ashamed of you! But I want to see that!" André put in and was already at the door.

Luigi pulled out slowly and I felt he was actually still very hard. We got up and walked down the passage to the bathroom, cocks bobbing in front of us.

In the bathroom we got into the shower and I bent over a little to give Luigi easy access to my hole. He pushed his cock in and it slid in deeply. Soon he was in balls-deep.

"No fucking, otherwise my cock will get too hard and then I won't be able to pee. I'm going to try now, OK?"

"Yes, let's see if it works," I said gasping in anticipation. This was going to be a first.

Luigi relaxed and I felt the big rubbery cock deep in me when a hot sensation spread inside me. He was pissing! Oh my godd! What a sensation!

"Ahhhh! It's flowing ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! I'm filling you big time mio caro!"

The amount of piss he released in me was immense and soon I was filled to the brim.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I think you have to pull out now! It's too much! Please pull out Luigi!" I asked. My rectum was filled big time with his urine. Luigi pulled out and the piss in me started to spill out of my hole as soon as Luigi's big cockhead pulled free of my hole. It was a lot. It ran down my legs and onto the tiled shower floor.

"Fuck! How does that feel baby bro?" André said as he opened the showerhead. "Ita, it's like you've opened a fire hose in my baby bro! Fuck! It's a lot! Phew!"

The hot sensation in me was immense. And the feeling of being filled to the brim was overpowering. Luigi held his cock tight against me as his piss was streaming out of me. My own cock was still semi and I tried to piss too. It was difficult but soon it started to flow. Luigi was pissing the last of his morning piss against my legs while I was pissing in the shower.

André got so engrossed with all of the shenanigans, he got in front of me and stood in my urine stream. He also started to piss and sprayed me with his huge stream of piss.

"Oh fuck! This is so wrong but so sensationally nice! I don't want to do this every day, but this is a nice change of scenery!" André said and pissed all over my cock. I took my cock and pissed on André's tummy.

All the while, the cascading water over us washed away everything. Luigi was still pissing when André and I finished.

"Like a dog or lion who pisses to mark his territory, I've now marked you. You're now really mine, mio caro! Ahhh!" Luigi said as he laughed, and the last of his piss cascaded down my legs. He shuddered and then hugged me.

All the piss and cum that was in me had streamed out of me over my legs onto the shower floor. Oh fuck! What a mess it would have been but fortunately the hot water from the shower head washed it all down the drain. "But if you don't mind, I don't want to do this too often, OK?"

"No, this was just curiosity. We don't have to do this again," I said and hugged him

The three of us hugged and kissed each other. This was a new to all of us. We just stood there holding each other tight and feeling each other's cocks.

"Baby bro, no more of this. I'm mad about your cum but piss is another ball-game altogether. I agree with Luigi: no more for me. OK?"

"Yes, like I said, I was just curious. Now I've felt it. It's OK. I know now what it's like. Fucking and cumming in me is enough for me."


By a quarter past 8 we were groomed and dressed casually, and walked into the kitchen where Mom was busy preparing the breakfast.

"I thought Dad said you were going to sleep late! Good morning boys! Did you sleep well? I heard you in the bathroom and was surprised that you got up so early," Mom said and hugged and kissed us. "Get some coffee and sit down. I have prepared a list of chores for each one of you. But tell me, is your luggage packed for tomorrow? You'll need to do that before you get too engrossed in the day's work and tonight. The bus is coming to fetch you at 8 o'clock tomorrow. Come, have some coffee. Everything OK Luigi?"

Mom said and gave Luigi a hug. She was a goner! Just like everybody else, she couldn't resist his continental charm and good manners, not to mention his exceptionally good looks.

"I'm fine Mom, and you? Is there anything we could help you with? With the breakfast I mean?" Luigi said and gave Mom's shoulder a squeeze. He was such a darling!

"No my boy, everything under control. Come, get coffee and sit down. Your lists with the chores for the day are on the counter top. How would you like your eggs? Still medium, easy over? Health bread toast? Fried tomato? Bacon? Sausage? There are jams and yoghurt on the table. But first, coffee."

We got coffee and took a look at Mom's lists. Sheez! She was thorough! Nothing was left out. We had to get chairs from the neighbours for the party. We had to ensure there was enough wood and charcoal for the braai. André had to check on the stock in the fridge to ensure there was enough of everything. I had to help with the final preparation of the salads but only in the afternoon. Luigi was roped in to ensure the music for the evening would be suitable and ready. All of us had to help Dad with a few chores on the farm, like checking on sprayers, on tomato picking on the neighbouring farm and work in the barn. Mom's lists just went on and on.

I got to call Pierre to remind him about the ice he had to get from the bottle store and bring with him. I went into the study to have some privacy. There were sure to be some raunchy things to be said and it wasn't necessary for Mom to hear that.

"Hi sweety!" I crooned when Pierre answered his iPhone.

"Hi Ant! What a nice surprise, *my beautiful man*! How are you?" Pierre gushed.

"All the better now that I've heard your beautiful deep voice! How are you?"

"*Getting hard on the spot! All your fault! And I'm in the shop!*"

"Perhaps you should sit down, Meneer Malan! You could knock over the counter with that battering ram! Hmmmm! I wish it were in my mouth right now!"

"*I have another opening in mind! Fuck! Hmmmm!*"

"Later boy! Down boy! What time are you coming to the farm? Don't come too late! I'd love to spend some time with you before everybody else arrives ... please?"

"Oh fuck, me too! But I'm coming with the parents in Mom's car, so I'll have to wait until Dad locks up. He has put up a sign saying the shop is closing at 5 o'clock, so we should be there by a quarter to six. Too late?"

"No, it's OK. I was wishing you could come earlier, but perhaps it's for the best. I'd just end up bending over for you! I can't control myself with you around!"

"*Oh fuck, Ant! You have no idea what you're doing to me ...* It's Anton Dad, he's phoning about the ice! *Sorry about that - is that why you're calling or did you just want me to tent up my pants?*" Pierre asked.

"Both and I'm glad I still have this influence on you. How hard are you now? Wet already?"

"*Fuck you Ant! You're driving me bloody well mad and I can't do anything about it - not even a quick jacking! There are a couple of people in the shop. Fuck you, you beautiful sexy donner! I fucking love you so much!*"

['Donner' = Afrikaans word meaning 'thunder' but in this instance, it means something like 'ace' or a 'bastard' but in a good way. It also means he could be a naughty delinquent]

"I love you too. Get your mind out of the gutter and take your shirt out to cover your immense bulge, and go serve the clients with a smile! I love you too Pee-AIR! Mwah! Go, work now and I'm looking forward seeing you my darling!"

"OK, Ant. We'll bring the ice and we'll see you around 17:45. My luggage is already in Mom's car boot. *I can't wait to see you my darling*!"

Luigi came and stood next to me, putting his hand in my back pocket. "*Who are you talking to?* Luigi asked quietly

"*To Pee-AIR - want to say hi to him?*".

"Who is that?" Pierre asked.

"It's Luigi ..."

"What? How come he is on the farm already? Lucky bastard! *Did you left a piece for me? Hmmm Ita? Sheez! I could hate you right now! Joking! I love you man!* How are you?" Pierre said on the phone. Luigi held the iPhone so I could hear too. "Yes, I'm coming Dad! Guys, I have to go! See you later! *Love you lots! Mwah! Mwah!*"

"Smooching on the phone right under my nose, are you? Hmmm! You love him, don't you?"

"Yes, mio caro! I love him. He is such a nice man and his good looks don't hurt either!"

"Yes, and the huge ... boehre ... is that right? Boehrepiel? That also doesn't hurt either, so to speak!"

"Yes, it's right, but one pronounces it 'boerepiel' ('boo-ruh-peel'). And yes, it's big but he is a good lover. He makes sure he doesn't hurt me."

['Boerepiel' = Afrikaans derogatory word for a big cock, associated with white Afrikaans men: 'boer/boere' = white Afrikaans male, and 'piel' = cock]

"When are they coming?"

"Later after the shop is locked up. Around a quarter to six."

"Oh OK. I'm looking forward to seeing our man again," Luigi said and hugged me. "Just feel your big semi! You're already lusting after him, you jackal!"

"I'm always lusting after him AND you ... and yes, I'm lusting after Pee-AIR too! He is such a nice guy!"

"Yes he is. I don't blame you for lusting after him. If I were a bottom, I'd also lust after his huge cock! Come mio caro. We have to go help Dad at the barn. André is there already. Come."


By 5 o'clock we were ready for the guests. Everything was in place and everything was spic and span. The cottage was ready and all the beds made, towels and soap put out, bottled water and milk, and some other drinks like ciders in the fridge, and rusks in a huge screw-top glass container on the counter. Between the 5 of us, we made sure Le Plaisir was ready for the 30-odd guests.

We sat down in the lounge while Mom was checking on some hors d'oeuvres in the kitchen. Luigi sat close to me and held my hand, right in front of Dad. Dad didn't mind of course.

"Please remember to park all the cars that arrive that have to stay on the farm, in the barn before you come back into the house. There is not enough parking for all the cars in front of the house, and tomorrow there is no time to move the cars into the barn," Dad gave the last instruction.

"Yes, we will Dad," I said.

"Too early for a quick snort? Has the Boeing landed? I'd like one of those flavoured beers please. André? You guys?" Dad asked.

['Has the Boeing landed?" = a saying in South Africa to determine if it's a proper time to start drinking. Usually the answer is: 'A Boeing has landed somewhere just now - let's start drinking!']

"Same for you guys? Lemon or orange? Or what do you want?"

"Lemon for me please. Luigi?" I asked Luigi.

"Same for me please. Thanks André."

He squeezed my hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Ti amo molto, mio caro (I love you very much, my darling)!

"Not more than I love you. You're the most wonderful man anybody could ever ask for ... Ti amo! Moltissimo (I love you! Very much)!"

"Anton, your Italian is coming along very nicely! I deduce what you've just said, but it sounds legitimately Italian!" Dad put in.

"Dad, you have no idea how clever your son is! His tutor is in love with him! She thinks he is the cleverest and most beautiful pupil she's ever had. He is doing very well, and all of that in between all his studies and sports and gym ... and loving me!" Luigi said and hugged me.

"I've never thought I'd ever see my sons with men and feel proud and happy when I saw that they're in love. But with you and Juan, it feels right. *Never mind Mom - she'll come around eventually!* It's obvious, you two love each other very much, don't you?"

"Yes Dad! I love your son very much. Mio caro?"

"Yes, same here ..." I said and kissed Luigi, just as Mom entered the lounge. "And you accepting it the way you do, means a lot to us. Thanks Dad!"

"Ahem ... OK. I'd like a glass of cold Chardonnay please. Anton, please?" Mom said and averted her eyes. She pretended she didn't see me kissing Luigi. Oh please Mom! We live together, we sleep together, we shower together, we're having sex with each other, we're going to get married ... please get with the programme! But I didn't say anything and just got up to get Mom her drink. Perhaps one day she'd be OK with it all - we could only hope.

"Here you go. Glasses or straight from the bottles?" André said as he returned with the flavoured beers - the latest popular drinks in South Africa.

"Bottle, thanks," we all said. Mom looked at the ceiling but she said nothing. She despised it when we drank straight from the bottle, but she was in the minority. I gave Mom her glass of Chardonnay and sat down between Luigi and André.

Luigi took my hand again, not just because he wanted to, but to prove a point. He could be very stubborn too. He was also lekker gatvol and lekker hardegat, what with Mom's attitude towards us showing our affection in front of her. It wasn't as if we were in the Mall or on the street, although I'd do it there too. But we were in the lounge, for Pete's sakes!

['Lekker gatvol' = Afrikaans expression to make it clear one is really fed-up, filled to the gills; 'lekker' = nice or very much; 'gatvol' = pissed off, but literally, your arse is full: 'gat' = hole or in this case, arse, 'vol' = full, meaning you've really had enough of something, like something had been pushed up your backside. 'Lekker hardegat' = 'lekker' = nice or very much; 'hardegat' = stubborn in the extreme, especially if someone has pushed your buttons; 'hard/harde' = hard and 'gat' = hole or in this instance, arse]

"Cheers boys! On your trip! I hope it will be very successful in London and that you enjoy your trip. Is your stuff packed? Passports still with Claire?" Dad said and raised his bottle.

"Cheers Dad! Thanks Dad, Mom! We've put all the necessities together. It's just a matter of putting it in our bags. Yes, the passports are with Claire. She'll give it to us at the airport tomorrow morning," André said and clinked his bottle against ours.

The beer was very refreshing and tasteful.

"André, Anton - just now, I want to transfer some money into your bank accounts just as a backup."

"Dad! You're already giving us so much and paying for so many things! You shouldn't do that!" I protested. We had enough of our own money for the trip and besides, Boss Models was paying for most of it. But, knowing Dad, no reasoning would change his mind.

"Yes, totally unnecessary. You're terrible Dad! Save the money for your trip next year when you come with us on the hockey trip," André put in.

"No, I want to let you have some back-up for you to have if perhaps you needed it for something nice, like a present for Mom ..."

"Adriaan, don't drag me into it! But yes, we've discussed it and we know you have enough of your own money, but you need some backup. I'd say you should do it right away, Adriaan. Boys, you never know when you might need it. If you don't use it, you could give it back to Dad when you return. But I think you should use it to buy some nice gifts for your hosts in Berlin and Florence - you cannot arrive empty handed. Adriaan, please do it now!" Mom was her authoritative self.

Dad pulled out his iPhone and logged onto his bank account. Within a minute, first André's iPhone binged, then mine to indicate that there was some action on our accounts. I checked my iPhone and gasped.

"No Dad! Why so much! No Dad!" He has transferred R25 000 (± US$2 500) into each of our accounts.

"Yes I agree with the baby bro: Dad, why are you doing this? Are you and Mom planning to run away while we are away? Why so much?"

"Just let it sit in your accounts. Now you will have some funds to sustain you if you misbehave and your hosts throw you out. Kidding! I know you won't misbehave, but use the money for presents, for shows, for food, to spoil Juan and Luigi and their families. If you took them out to dinner, this is the money that could help pay for it. You need it - finish en klaar!"

Dad had spoken and we knew we'd be going around in circles if we continued arguing. So, we just thanked Dad and Mom and started talking about the party.


The first to arrive were the Stellenbosch crowd that arrived in their Ravs: Juan, Johann, Gunther, Morné, Johan and Herman. After the hugging and kissing - in front of Mom, somewhat deliberately! - they took their luggage to their rooms in our wing. Juan was pleased to see us and had his arm around André's shoulder.

Morné was as giddy as a kipper. He was standing close to Luigi and me. Gunther didn't want to be outsmarted and he stood on my other side. Oh fuck! I was already lusting after those men and their big cocks!

Just as they were getting some drinks, the Malans arrived: oom Eugene, tannie Esther and Pierre. When we heard the car doors, I went outside to greet them. When I saw Pierre, my heart skipped a beat. Fuck! He looked dashing and so fucking handsome and sexy! And he was mine ... erm ... ours! I hugged and kissed him. When I hugged Pierre close to me, his enormous bulge pushed against my semi and I groaned in his ear. "*Fuck, I've missed you and ... that!*"

His mom didn't say a thing and greeted me friendly, albeit somewhat cool. I was kissed on the cheek! Oom Eugene was a tad warmer and patted me on the back while he shook my hand.

"Please come inside. Pierre, let's get your bags to your room. Come!"

As soon as we were around the corner, we dropped his bags on the floor and we were in each other's arms.

"Fuck Ant! I've missed you! I wanted to jack off Wednesday night and last night, but saved it all for you! My cannon is filled to the brim! A minimum of 100ml tonight! Ready for it getting shot 33cm deep into you with my big cannon? Hmmm?"

"Pierre, you have no idea how much I've missed you and how glad I am to see you! Fuck yes, I want your cum in me! All of it! But there will be quite a number of guys there who will want to fuck me too. Don't get jealous, OK?"

"No, I won't - I promise," Pierre said hugging me tight. "Oh fuck! I love you so much my darling! This is all so new to me! And fuck, I like it! It feels great to love someone as nice as you and to know he loves me too! And to have a nice beautiful fuck buddy like Luigi with us - heaven!"

I put my hand on Pierre's bulge. It was enormous and way beyond semi. Fuck! It was huge! He groaned when I palmed his cock in his pants.

"Please suck me a bit, please? Please Ant?"

"OK, but only a bit! We have to get back to the others. The other guests will arrive shortly. Bring your bags and let's do it!"

We took Pierre's bags into one of the spare bedrooms and closed the door. He had his pants open in a few seconds and held his huge cock in his hand. I sank to my knees and took the huge cockhead into my mouth. He was sopping wet. I was sure he must have had a hard-on most of the day since we spoke on the phone. My mouth was filled big time and the precum on the clean cock tasted fantastic. I fondled his huge balls and the ace squash player growled.

"Oh fuck Ant! You're the best! Ahhh!" Pierre pushed his huge cock deep into my mouth. I jacked it a bit and got the surprise of the day.

"I'm very close Ant! Please let me cum in your mouth! Please! I want to cum now! Please!"

"Are you sure? So quickly? What about pumping the big load into me later?"

"Later there will be a big load again. But now I want you to take it in your mouth, please? Please? Ahhhh! I'm on the verge of cumming already! Please Ant!"

"OK, but it has to be quick then!"

I took the huge cockhead in my mouth and jacked the shaft. Pierre was moaning and was faux fucking my hand and mouth. He really was close to cumming ... the first dribble of cum was shot into my mouth!

"Oh fuck Ant! Oh fuck! Oh godd! Ahhhh! Yess! Oh yess! Oh godd! I'm cumming!" he growled as the second squirt exploded from his huge piss-slit. It was immense. I swallowed and just as the cum disappeared down my oesophagus, the next volley was released, even bigger. I was afraid some of it would leak out my mouth and onto my clothes. But by then I was an ace cum sucker: I managed to swallow it all!

Pierre shot at least 12 cumshots into my mouth and it really was a lot. It tasted fantastic and I managed to swallow the first 8 shots or so.

"Save some for me please!"

I kept the last mouthful of cum and bathed the immense cockhead in it. As we didn't have time, I let go of the huge cock reluctantly and stood up. I kissed Pierre and offered him the mouthful of sweet creamy cum. He hungrily sucked it from my mouth and groaned into my mouth. He hugged me tight to him and pushed his still hard cock against my tummy.

"Watch it, I don't want to have to go change clothes." I pushed the lower part of my body away from Pierre. I took his huge cock in my one hand and felt that indeed there still was some cum leaking from it.

Pierre kissed me again but I broke the kiss.

"Come, get dressed. We have to get back. Let me help you wrestle that monster cock back in your pants. Fuck! I still cannot believe the size of that anaconda!"

We managed between Pierre's kisses and groping to get him dressed again. Of course the shirt had to cover the huge bulge.

"Here is a Tic Tac. Come, we have to go."

Pierre hugged me once more and kissed me.

"Never stop loving me Ant! This is wonderful! From now on my life is going to be one hell of a ride - no pun intended!"

"I won't. I think you're a fantastic guy and I want to be ridden - often! Pun intended!"

We had a good laugh and put our arms around each other.

We went back to join the others in the lounge. Only Luigi seemed to realise what had happened. He winked at me and smiled. He liked Pierre a lot.

Next to arrive were Gideon and Simon. I was on reception duty again and brought them into the house. Simon was very shy and was following me closely. I introduced them to everybody and got them drinks.

A few minutes later Werner, Lukas, Pieter and Claude arrived from Cape Town, and while I greeted them, Mario and Chris arrived too. Just when they were all in the lounge - some of the guests started to spill over onto the stoep - a few university hockey team mates arrived, as well as a few of Juan's and Gunther's colleagues from university.

Then Jacques, his wife Mariana and Gerhard arrived, Luigi greeted them warmly as he was now the official face of their wines. Jacques hugged me and I felt the short man's immense cock pushing into my groin.

"*I hope I could put this into you tonight, please!*! he whispered in my ear.

"*Yes, me too! I hope it's loaded properly!*"

"*More than you could imagine!*

I was hard instantly and wished there were a way to sneak off with this man so he could open me up for the rest of the other guys later on. I didn't know how quickly my wish was going to be realised ...

Last but not least, a few of our school friends - mostly young guys who were working on their dads' wine farms in the district - arrived. The house was overflowing.

Everybody was in a jovial mood and the drinks were coming thick and fast. Dad and Jacques were in deep discussion on the topic of wines and vineyards. When Jacques heard about my skills as a vintner and how successful my grafts were, he was astonished.

Luigi and Pierre were talking to Juan and Gunther and we were helping guests to get snacks and drinks. Gerhard and Simon were in deep discussion on the topic of the pathetic lives they were experiencing as bachelors on wine farms.

"Anton, come here please. Jacques is very interested to see the lab and your grafts you still have under the shade net. Why don't you go show him quickly. I'll light the fires in the mean time. Take the bakkie but don't be too long. Jacques, he'll show you the lab and his handiwork. My son is a wizard! See you later. André, come help me with the fires please?"

My godd! Just like that! Dad didn't know it, but he made Jacques's dream come true and made it possible for us to have a quickie.

As soon as we got in the bakkie, Jacques's hand was on my cock and was unzipping my fly. I put my hand out and touched his huge bulge. He helped and unzipped his pants. He hauled out his huge cock and when I took it in my hand, I was astonished once more at how big this short man's cock was: 34cm and thick. And he wanted to fuck me again.

When I stopped at the lab, we were both short of breath in anticipation of what was to come. I wanted to suck this man's huge cock and feel him in me! Now!

While I was unlocking the door, Jacques was on his haunches sucking me. He was a good cocksucker and I was groaning big time.

We went into the lab and I locked the door behind us. I switched on the lights in the back room. We remained in the darker front part of the lab and were in each other's arms, undressing each other.

I sank to my knees and took the immense cock in my hands. I licked the huge amount of precum off the head and pushed the tip of my tongue into the big piss-slit. Fuck! This was one hell of a cock! I pushed as much of the cock into my mouth, but managed only a third of it. It was too big!

Jacques pulled me up and kissed me. He had to stand on his toes as he was much shorter than me.

"Do you have some extra lube or can we try with precum alone? I see you're literally dripping precum. Put it on your hole and I'll lube my cock with my precum. I want to fuck you badly! Please Anton!"

"Let me rather get the Vaseline from the storeroom first. Perhaps it would be a good idea to lube up properly. Please wait!"

I fetched the tub of Vaseline from the storeroom and took some on my finger. Jacques did the same. We prepared ourselves for this impromptu fucking.

"Bend over and let me in please! Tell me if I hurt you. I know we don't have much time. Oh fuck!"

I bent over and bent my knees a bit to give Jacques access to my asshole. He aimed his huge cock at my hole and pushed in. The enormous head stretched my hole and he pulled back again. Then he pushed in again and this time it went in deeper. He pulled out again and pushed in deeper again. He continued this until the head plopped in. I groaned. Fuck! It was big! It felt as if I've never had this enormous cock in me a few weeks again. It was very big!

"You still OK? Can I push in or must I wait?"

"Pull out completely please and start again. Your immense cock is not easy to handle. Please?"

Jacques pulled out completely and pushed in again. This time I pushed out and the head slipped in easier. When it slipped in, he held still and made it swell.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Jacques that is big! Push in, but slowly! On fuck!"

Jacques pushed in deeper and when the immensely sized cock passed over my prostate, I felt like cumming. Oh fuck! It was an enormous cock!

"You still OK? I am not hurting you?"

"Still OK thanks. Just slowly."

Jacques pushed in deeper. When he reached the inner sphincter, he stopped and made his cock swell. I pushed out and back. The huge head slipped through the sphincter and he was pushing home. Oh fuck!

"As much as I want this to last, I know we have but a few minutes. OK if I fuck to cum?"

"I also wish we could have more time. One day when you are in Stellenbosch, I'd love to spend a night with you. Yes, fuck and cum please!"

"Is that an invitation? I would LOVE to be in a proper bed with you and spend some time with you, with my cock in you of course! If you want, Gerhard could join us. It sounds wonderful!" Jacques said as he started to fuck me. He put his hands on my buttocks and fucked me with deep, long strokes.

"Oh fuck! That feels fantastic. I just love your huge cock! Fuck me!"

Jacques continued fucking me and too soon he announced his imminent orgasm.

"Please forgive me, but I'm about to cum Anton! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Hnnnggghhhnn! Ugh! Ugh! Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumminnggg! Oh fuck!"

His huge cock in me swelled to gigantic proportions and I felt it starting to spasm in me. He was starting to pump his signature load into me. He came by the bucket loads and I was getting it all in me!

Jacques's huge cock spasmed as he continued to fuck me with short thrusts. He was pumping one hell of a load of cum into my hole. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I wished it could last longer.

"Oh my godd! This is phenomenal once again. I love fucking you! The best fuck ever! Gerhard is going to hate me for this! He'll get his chance again another day. Anton, I've pumped more than a week's worth of cum into you. Can you feel it?"

"Oh fuck yes! I can feel it! It is a big load indeed! It feels great to have your huge cock in me! I really wish we could have more time. It could be very nice if we could have more time and Gerhard joining in. But I think we have to break this connection now. Ahhh!"

"Yes, sadly you're right. I'm pulling out now. Thanks Anton. You're one hell of a guy!"

"And so are you!"

Jacques pulled his cock out and when the head plopped out, I realised the load was bigger than I thought it would be. It was immense! But I was determined to keep it in me for as long as possible.

"What about you? You didn't cum!"

"I'm saving it for later, thanks! I'm fine, really!"

"Can I quickly wash off the Vaseline? I have a very inquisitive wife and she'll see it in my underpants. Bathroom?"

"Over there. There is soap and there are paper towels."

I took some paper towels from the bench and wiped my asshole. The Vaseline served to sooth my asshole after the onslaught of Jacques's huge cock. I pulled up my pants and went into the bathroom to flush away the paper towel. Jacques was still at the basin washing his huge cock. Soft and rubbery, it was as big as mine when mine was hard. It was an enormous cock. And the man was a mere 1,75m tall!

"Could I suck it dry please?"

"Oh fuck yes! I wish we had time so I could cum in your mouth! I could actually cum again right now if you wanted me to! Do you?"

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! Please cum in my mouth! You're a phenomenon! Oh fuck yes!"

I was on my knees and had Jacques growing cock in my mouth. I was deliberately jacking him in order for him to cum as soon as possible. He groaned and pushed his cock into my mouth. I sucked and jacked for all I was worth. And would you believe it, within a minute he was starting to growl and groan? He was actually about to cum again!

"Get ready for your mouth to be overflowed with cum! Here it cums ... oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Ahhhh! Oh godd! I'm cumming again! I'm cumming!"

Jacques's huge cockhead swelled and he pushed it deeper into my mouth and started to squirt his immense load into my mouth. I swallowed for all I was worth. His cum tasted completely different from Pierre's cum I tasted earlier, but albeit not sweet, it wasn't bad at all. It tasted more or less like André's cum.

He squirted about 9 spurts into my mouth and I managed to get it all down my throat. I thought of saving some for Jacques, but decided against it. Perhaps he wasn't into it.

"Up! Please! Sensitive! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Anton you are fucking wonderful!"

Jacques backed away from me and pulled me to my feet. My own cock was painfully hard but I had to keep from cumming. Jacques took me into his arms and put his head on my shoulder.

"We have to go. Thanks my man!"

Jacques rinsed his cock again and dried it with paper towels. Then he wrestled the huge rubbery cock into his pants and zipped up.

"Just a quick run-down of what's in here. There is the sterile room where I do the grafting. Out there are the vines and there are the incubators where we cultivate smears and tests. There are no new cuttings now, as you know. So, there isn't much to show you. Come, let's go. I think we've been away about 15 minutes. Thanks, that was a nice pounding!"


When we arrived back at the house, it was only Dad and Jacques's wife who noticed we were gone and were back again. I looked for Luigi and Pierre. They were laughing with and chatting to Juan and Gunther. I grabbed a drink and joined them. I heard they were laughing at some funny things that happened to them while each of them was in London some or other time.

I stood between Luigi and Pierre and got an arm around my shoulders from either side. My men! If only they knew I had an immense load of cum in me deposited by another man! A short man but oh fuck! He was hung like a horse! I was a cum slut!

The fires have burnt down somewhat and Dad and André were busy spreading the coals to prepare them for braaiing. I went to fetch the wors (sausage), mutton chops, steaks and sosaties (meat kebabs). André already had some tongs there next to the barbecue.


The dinner and company were fantastic. Due to the numbers, we had to eat standing around or with our plates on our thighs. I preferred to stand - my legs didn't like being squashed together ... slut! No but really, it was difficult to eat from a plate in my lap.

The wine and other drinks flowed freely and there were lots of laughter. André, Juan, Luigi, Pierre and I (and perhaps the others too) made it a point to chat to all the guests and friends. We were having a good time.

By half past 9 Mom and tannie Esther served dessert: fruit salad and ice cream - a big favourite in South Africa during summer. Then Dad offered a night cap with coffee. The party was a huge success.

Dad tinkled against his liqueur glass with a teaspoon and cleared his throat.

"Friends, family and all the rest. Is there anybody here who doesn't fall into one of the first two categories [Lots of laughter]? We're here because of the tremendous success of some of the boys here. Boss Models Agency is sending them to London for photo shoots as they have become very successful budding models. Congratulations, best of luck and bon voyage! After London they're going to Berlin to visit Gunther's family and then to Florence, or Firenze as Luigi would say, to meet his family. We're expecting them back in 3 weeks' time. Three cheers for the boys!"

"Juan, may I please? I know you're the alpha male here [lots of laughter], but may I say something please?" Luigi said, and gave Juan's arm a squeeze.

"Just as long as you don't forget the part about the 'alpha male'! Right boys? Who's the boss [laughter again]?" Juan joked. "Uh uh, André! Keep quiet! We know the answer to your retoric - we know you're the elder brother, not the alpha male! Zip it!" [Lots of laughter, although some people didn't know the full extent of André's determination to be first or the fact that he was born only minutes before me - delinquent!]

"Well, I wouldn't think of forgetting that, Juan! We know you're the alpha male - full stop! Dad, Mom and all my new family - Antonio ... erm, Anton to you, Pee-AIR, André, Juan, Gunther, Johann, Morné - you've really become my new family and I love all of you very much - all of you. You've opened your hearts and lives and welcomed me in. Now it's my turn to show my love and appreciation when we're in Firenze. Dad and Mom, thanks for tonight. Antonio and André are fortunate to have parents like you, and the rest of us are happy to have you as our substitute parents. We'll enjoy the trip but we won't forget about you. We'll bring back good memories and love from the bunch of Morettis in Italy! My nephew Piero - he is a medical student in Roma - and his mother, my sister, have organised trips and visits and who knows what for our visit to Firenze. We're going to have a wonderful time in Tuscany! Cin cin! Bon voyage mio caro," Luigi said and ruffled my hair.

"Cheers!" the guests said and raised their glasses.

Gunther stood up and hit his glass with his ring. "As the most handsome German here [cheers and sniggers from the guests], it's my duty to say a few words. Dad, Mom - very strange to me to say that to once strangers - we're so fortunate and also very grateful for everything you're doing for us and the boys. You're unique and we love you very much. When we're in Berlin, the Müllers will return the favour. My dad and mom can't wait to welcome the group. The accommodation and trips in and around Berlin are arranged and my parents are ready for the clan, all 12 of us who are going. Anton, I maintain: Luigi is very lucky to have you. You're a phenomenal young man. And before the delinquent gives me flack: André, you too. If one gets to know you and look past the big mouth, one sees that you've got such a small heart and you are such an endearing boy! We love you too. Johann, it's an honour to be engaged to you. You make me laugh and make me happy. Juan, Luigi, Pee-AIR and Morné, all of you deserve to be members of this group. Thanks to everybody who has made my life so much better since I've arrived here. Prost!"


As the cheers died down, André got up and cleared his throat. "And as the elder brother, it's my duty to say something too. [More laughter]. Dad, Mom, baby bro - I love you with all my heart. Without you, life would be pretty miserable. Baby bro, I can't imagine a life without you. Thanks for your love and understanding. I'm just a small naughty boy in a big body. Juan, my darling, perhaps some days you might think I don't love you, but I really do love you. You're a phenomenal man! Jerry, Ita, Johann, Pierre, Morné - it's a privilege to know you. Each one brings something grand to this group and I love you all. Thanks! 'Gesondheid'!

['Gesondheid' = Afrikaans version for 'cheers'. It actually means 'health', but it's used to toast an occasion, as to wish everybody good health]

I got up and said: "All I can add to all of this is: thank you very much to everybody who makes my life worthwhile: Dad, Mom, Luigi, my darling, Pierre ..., André, Juan, Morné, Johann, Gunther - you're fantastic people and you're the fabric of my life and my love. Thanks for everybody who came tonight. To all of you! 'Gesondheid'!"


Dad got up and cleared his throat. He put his hand on Mom's shoulder and looked at me and André, at Luigi, Juan and the others. "Guys, Alma and I were blessed with only two sons, the twins, but they make us proud, every day of our lives. We love you guys very much and you're busy mapping out a bright future for yourselves. Your fiancées, Luigi and Juan - never in our wildest dreams did we think this was going to happen, but we've grown to know and love you. When our boys are happy, we're happy. All the others in the group - guys, you're all wonderful in your own right. You too make the twins happy, therefore we're happy. We wish you a wonderful time in the world city that is London and your subsequent visits to Berlin and Florence, and for those who don't know it, the Italians call it 'Firenze', and then off to Rome for two days. To Mom who plays a vital part in all of this, thank you Alma. Without you, we'd be lost. 'Gesondheid'!"

The group of guests was jovial and everybody wished us well. Of course there were the odd wolf whistles!

Soon after that, most of the guests decided to call it a night and got up to leave. Werner and Lukas were the first to leave, as they had to finalise a bunch of stuff before we departed the next morning at half past 10. Jacques, Mariana and Gerhard also had to leave as they had a wedding on the farm the next day and Mariana still had lots to do. I clenched my hole and was pleased that I've received Jacques's huge load pumped in me with his huge cock. Fuck!

It was Gideon's and Simon's cue to leave too. They thanked us and were off. And then the rest all thanked Dad and Mom and all of us, and wished us all well. Then everybody was gone. 

We were left with the 12 going to London, Dad, Mom, oom Eugene and tannie Esther, and Mario and Chris.

The parents excused themselves to go to bed. Mom asked us to clean up before we went to bed. The rest of us - all 14 - quickly sorted out the lounge and kitchen and then we retreated to the cottage for 'a nightcap' ... my eye! There was going to be lots of hugging and kissing and groping and sucking and fucking and cumming and hopefully a few double fucks as well. Bring it on! Slut!

"Juan, if I may, could I do the honours? OK? Before we go, there are two guys who need to be welcomed into the realms of this group. Johann, please give me the merchandise you've brought from Cape Town," Luigi said and took the smallish box form the jeweller's shop and opened it. "First of all, we've decided that Morné and Pierre should become members of the group too. We haven't had a chance to discuss it but I'm sure you will agree they're two worthy members who would just add finesse to our group. We've gotten them the necessary stuff. Antonio, would you like to give it to them? Morné? Pierre? Come!"

I took two small jeweller's boxes with the ring and pendant for Morné and gave it to him. He hugged and kissed me and pushed his big bulge into me. "*I'll thank you with my big cock later!*" He opened the boxes and was taken aback with the beauty of his ring and pendant. He put them on and the others cheered. He really was a worthy addition to the group.

Next up was Pierre ... oh fuck! How handsome the hung hunk was! He came up to me and hugged me. "*I love you and I'm going to fuck you lots tonight!*"

"*I'd love that! Thanks!*"

He too opened the little boxes and was in awe about the beauty of the jewellery. He put his ring on and held his big beautiful hand up with straight fingers. It looked spectacular. He put the long chain and pendant over his head and it glistened amongst his black chest hair.

I caught Herman looking a bit miserable. He was a member once and still had a ring - he was wearing it - to prove it. But, he was unhappy when Luigi was added and opted to leave the group. He was happy to get involved with Johan, the rich playboy who turned out to be gay. Johan even learnt how to bottom for Herman's huge 33cm cock! But, it was his decision to leave the group. Now he only gets to fuck me when we have an orgy.


After the previous orgy we had at the cottage, most of the group knew what to do when we went there. Only Pierre didn't know what to expect. Soon after we arrived inside the cottage and everybody had a drink, André closed the doors and switched on the ceiling fans and air conditioner. It was a hot December night. We closed the windows and curtains to prevent anybody from seeing in.

We all stripped and immediately some guys were way beyond semi. Some were rock-hard straight away: Chris, Pierre, Morné, Pieter and Claude, Johan and Herman, and of course André and I. The rest was semi-hard.

The couples started the shenanigans with each other. Pierre and Morné started playing with each other and soon everybody was rock-hard and super randy.

"Everybody who wants to get fucked, now is the time to go get ready. We'll keep the fort while you're in there. Just don't take forever!" Juan announced and gave André's butt a playful slap.

André and I, Claude, Chris and Johan went into the two bathrooms to prepare. It took only a minute to take a dump. When I sat down on the toilet, I was amazed at the volume of Jacques's cum that ran out. The short man was a hung stallion! He surely shot a big load from his huge cock. Then I douched, and I was done. I was squeaky clean. Fuck!

I entered the big living room where the guys were fondling each other, some hugging and kissing, and here and there some guys were even sucking someone. When they saw me, there was a cheer. They knew I was going to get fucked by most of them, if not all!

Luigi was first to pull me into a hug and kiss. "Mio caro, there is a lot of guys here tonight. Sure about this? Do you really want them all to fuck you? If it bothers you, if you get hurt, it stops immediately, OK?"

"I'm fine. As soon as it's too much, we call it off - I promise. But I think they all expect to fuck me, so let's get this show on the road!" I said and groped Luigi's hard cock. It still was the most beautiful cock I've ever seen or experienced. Not the biggest, but the most beautiful without a doubt. It was veiny with a long foreskin, and just beautiful.

We hugged and kissed and when I took Luigi's big cock in my hand, it was sopping wet.

"Pee-AIR, come join us!" Luigi said and put his arm out to draw him into the hug. Pierre's huge cock was rock-hard and was leaking lots of precum. He pushed his huge cock between us and it met our own cocks. The three cocks were all sopping wet and made a monumental mess between us.

"I want to be first and shoot two loads into Antonio. Then you, Pee-AIR. OK? How long before you would be ready again after you've cummed? I want us to have a double fuck if Antonio is up for it. But later, OK?"

"I could be ready again in 5 minutes' time! With all that's going down here, I'd be hot and ready again soon! OK Ant? You up for it?"

"Oh fuck yes! But I want to suck you first Luigi. Let me suck you a bit before you fuck me. Pierre could lube up my hole with his precum for your cock. Let's first try without lube, OK? I'd be fine!"

I bent over and turned my buttocks towards Pierre who put his hands on my glutes and started rubbing his huge wet cock up and down my crack.

Luigi held his cock for me to suck. It tasted divine! I loved sucking my man. He tasted good and his big cock fitted in my mouth nicely.

Behind me, the lust overtook Pierre and he was pushing the tip of his big cock into my hole a bit. Instinctively, I pushed back and the head slipped into me! Oh fuck! Pierre was going to fuck me first!

"OK, it's fine. You can fuck him first, Pee-AIR. Go ahead and fuck our boy."

Pierre didn't need an invitation as he was determined to have his huge cock in me right there and then. His huge cockhead slipped in and I gasped. Oh fuck!

Juan and André stepped closer and put their cocks on either side of Pierre's cockshaft to lube it up. They stepped back and Morné and Chris took their places adding lube to Pierre's cockshaft. Pierre pulled back a bit and more precum lubed the huge shaft in me.

Pierre pushed back in and soon the big head scraped over my prostate and I gasped around Luigi's cock. My godd!

Pierre was charged and with all the men around watching and cheering him on, he was eager to please me and perform in front of the others. He fucked me like a trouper and the others urged him on. Within just a minute or two, he was groaning and teetering on the verge of orgasm.

"Cum! Cum! Cum!" the others cheered him on and he did. He shot his load into me and held tight. Fuck, it was nice!

"Pull out now. It's my turn! Anybody who wants to take my place?" Luigi said.

Chris stepped up immediately and pushed his big 30,5cm cock into my mouth as soon as Luigi pulled his cock out. Luigi moved in behind me, and with precum donated by Juan and Gunther on his shaft, he pushed into me. I groaned around Chris's big cock. It tasted fantastic and Luigi's cock in me felt wonderful.

Juan pushed André over and pushed his cock into my brother. André was complaining but it was just some hot air. He wanted to feel Juan in him!

Pieter and Claude were in each other's arms, kissing and groping. The same with Herman and Johan. They were hugging and kissing each other. Johann and Gunther were standing next to us slowly jacking each other's big hard cocks. Mario and Morné were playing with each other's cocks standing on our other side. They both added their precum to Luigi's cockshaft.

Luigi's huge cock was now well on its way deep into me. I gasped and pushed back. Once again, my lover's cock was an organ of pleasure. The head slipped in and Luigi pushed deeper. Gunther had his one hand on my cock and was squeezing it. I pulled him closer so I could play with his cock too while I had Chris's huge cock in my mouth.

Luigi pushed his big cock home and immediately started to fuck me. I was in cock heaven. I was surrounded by cocks, big cocks. The smallest ones were mine and André's 24,5cm but Johan's cock was 'only' 24cm! Smaller, but by no means small! Pierre and Herman had the biggest at 33cm each. I already had Pierre's huge load in me and Luigi was quickly going to pump his signature multiple loads into me.

Luigi fucked me and I sucked Chris's leaking cock. Johann stood closer and offered his big 29cm rubbery cock for me to play with too. They were kissing while I had their cocks in my hands. Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth as he was getting too close for comfort. He wanted to fuck me. It seemed like he was next in line after Luigi.

I turned my attention to Gunther and Johann, and sucked their cocks in turn. Johann's big rubbery cock was still a marvel: huge but it never got rock-hard. It was a delight to be fucked with it. Plus, he had his "Johann Special": he would pull out as he came, and shot his cum on my hole and then push his cock back in on top of the cumload on my hole. Super! Johann's cock tasted divine and Gunther's cock, which was a mere 0,5cm longer and thicker and which was curved to his right, tasted equally nice. My men all had wonderfully big cocks and most of them precummed like crazy, and shot big loads. Luigi was the multi-orgasmic one, but it would appear that Pierre wasn't far behind him in that department!

"Mio caro, are you ready for the first round? Here it cummmmssss! Oh fuck! Oh yeah! O mio dio! I'm cumming!" He groaned and everybody urged him on. I was on the brink of cumming myself and pushed Gunther's hand away.

Luigi shot around 9 spurts into me, and continued fucking me. He started to groan again within 15 seconds and shot his second volley of cum into me - around 8 spurts. There were loud cheers. Nobody else - save for perhaps Pierre - could do it.

The men went wild and some of them were groaning. It was obvious many of them wanted to cum on the spot, so erotic was the scene in front of them.

My darling held still and twitched his cock. He didn't want to cum another round (which he was capable of) as he wanted to double fuck me with Pierre later on.

"Chris, your turn. Come! Mio caro, I'm pulling out, OK?"

Luigi pulled out and I felt the amount of cum in me was noticeably big. It seemed I actually might end up with half a litre of cum in me.

Chris rubbed the precum over his cock after I've sucked most of it off. Mario stepped up and rubbed his huge Italian sausage over Chris's cock to lube him up. Herman added his precum and Chris was ready to rock and roll. He put his cock on my hole and pushed in ... ahhh! I was loose by then and he pushed home in one long fell swoop. His huge balls hung against my buttocks ... oh fuck! What a cock and balls, and what a nice guy!

Luigi joined Gunther and Johann in front of me and I sucked Luigi clean. I also sucked the other two - all huge cocks.

"You OK Anton?" Chris asked. I could only mumble and nod. He started fucking me with his 30,5cm thick uncut cock and after all the stimulation earlier on, he was fast approaching orgasm.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh godd, I'm going to shoot my 5-day big load into you!" (5 days? No sex or jacking off for 5 days? What has Mario been doing not to satisfy this hunk of a man?)

The big cock in me was starting to twitch and pulse - it started pumping lots of cum into me. Oh fuck! "Ahhhh! Oh godd! This is like heaven! It's wonderful to feel my cock all the way in you Anton!"

"OK now! Let us in please? Anton, let's get to the bed and then you sit on Gunther. OK? First double for the night, OK?" Johann said.

Chris collapsed on my back and shuddered. "Please give me a minute more in our beautiful boy's ass ... oh fuck!" His cock continued to twitch in me. Then he slowly pulled out of me. The volume of cum in me has increased noticeably - it was a lot!

Gunther was on the bed already and held his huge cock in the upright. It was glistening with precum and just for good measure, he added some spit to his cock. Mario was on the bed next to him and milked his huge cock to give Gunther more precum.

I moved over Gunther and leaned down to kiss him first.

"Ich liebe dich so, so sehr viel mein Schatz (I love you so, so very much my darling)! You have no idea!" Gunther said and pulled me down to kiss him. His full mouth on mine was like velvet, moist soft velvet. His tongue entered my mouth and I sucked it. Behind me, Johann took Gunther's hard 29,5cm cock and aimed it at my hole. He gently pushed on my buttocks to get Gunther's cock in me. I groaned into Gunther's mouth as his big cockhead entered me. His cock curving to his right (my left, facing Gunther) was perfectly shaped for the curvature of my rectum. The huge cockhead slipped in and Gunther bucked up. His cock slid in deeper. Next to me Mario was palming his huge 30cm cock.

Johann fucked me and it was clear he hadn't had sex in a long time. He was charged big time.

"I'm going to cum Anton! OK? I haven't cummed in days and it is a big load. OK Anton? OK Gunther?"

Johann's big rubbery cock was fucking me on top of Gunther's cock and he was starting to groan when he pulled out. He moaned and then he shot his load on my hole. After the second spurt, he pushed back into me. His cock twitched and swelled and he held still, shuddering as his cock delivered a huge load into me.

"Oh godd! Oh fuck! That was intense and so great! Sorry Anton, but I just had to cum. If I'm allowed later on, I'd love to have another round please?"

"Hmmmm! Of course Johann!" I said with my mouth just above Gunther's mouth. The Jerry was such a good kisser!

Pieter was fucking Claude standing next to the bed. Claude was sucking Herman's huge 33cm cock. Johan was sucking Claude's cock. Juan and André were on the other side on the bed making out: hugging and kissing and groping.

Claude was groaning with Pieter's 27,5cm in him. "Cum my darling! Oh fuck! It hasn't happened in a long time and I need it! Sorry Anton, but this one's mine! Ahhhh!"

Pieter was going to town and soon he shot his load into Claude who was jacking his own cock. Morné was kneeling in front of Claude and took his cock in his mouth. He was going to get Claude's nice big load in his mouth. Hmmmm! Claude usually has a big load and it tasted good.

Johann was starting to pull out. "OK if I pulled out now? Clench, 'baby bro'!"

I heard André saying something to Johann but didn't hear what, as my attention was with Gunther's tongue in my mouth and his big cock in my hole. I felt movement on the bed and then a cock on Gunther's cock already in my hole. The cock pushed in ...

I broke free of Gunther's mouth and groaned: "Ahhhh! Oh fuck!" I turned my head and saw it was André!

"I am the elder brother and ... you know the rest. It's my turn now! Sheez! Sex perverts!" André said as his 24,5cm cock slid in on top of Gunther's cock in me. Oh godd! The two big cocks really filled me up. I flung my head back and groaned. Oh fuck!

"Don't take too long please. I want in with Gunther too, please?" Morné said and patted André's back.

"How about if I pushed into you, André?" Johann asked. "My cock is still hard but not as hard as earlier. I won't hurt you."

"Johann, your cock is too big! And you know it. Oh fuck! Is that your finger? You pervert! I'm busy fucking my baby bro and then you molest ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Godd yes!" André was such a pushover!

I felt movement on the bed as Johann stood up and put his big rubbery cock on André's hole. There was no more foreplay - the finger in André's hole was it! Obviously Johann was pushing into André as my bro was gasping and groaning and held still in me. He was 'Lucky Pierre': fucking me while getting fucked himself.

"Just relax and let me in you delinquent! You know you want to get fucked. I'll open him up good Juan! He'll be as soft as dough when I'm done with him!" They liked ribbing André, but who was the master of badgering others?

"Don't you dare cum now, Johann! Please, I want you to cum in me again! When you get close, pull out and let Juan in, OK?" I asked Johann.

"Your wish is my command!" Johann said and fucked André with long deep thrusts. André was groaning and was fucking me deep on top of Gunther's cock in me.

Soon Johann was getting too close and pulled out. "Come Juan, your turn. Come fuck the delinquent. I'm saving my cum for the 'baby bro'!"

Johann moved away and stood next to us on his knees. I took his big wet rubbery cock in my hand and squeezed. Soon this wonderful and big cock was going to fuck me again!

Juan was behind André and pushed in. "Oh fuck you ogre! Your cock is so damn big! Hnngghhnn! Oh fuck!"

Gunther pulled me down to kiss me again. Oh fuck, this Jerry was just a nice and beautiful man. I loved him to bits. He was fucking me while André's cock was pistoning in and out of me.

Juan must have been charged big time. He started to groan behind André and announced his orgasm. One I'd not be getting in me, but I was happy that my bro was getting it. Juan fucked André with deep thrusts and soon he was cumming.

"Oh fuck, you ogre! That feels good! Yes! Fuck me! Pump me full of your useless baby batter! Oh yes!"

"'Useless baby batter', you say? How dare you! I could impregnate a whole matric class of girls if I wanted to waste my baby batter on them! You ungrateful delinquent!" Juan said and gave André's head a playful swipe.

I felt the bed shudder as Juan was pumping his cum into my brother. He collapsed on André and he in turn collapsed on top of me. Juan's hands rubbed over my sides and I giggled in Gunther's mouth. Oh fuck! I was so ticklish and Juan did that on purpose! I'll get him for that, I thought!

"I'm staying in you my boy. Fuck the 'baby bro' and shoot your load. Come on!" Juan urged André on to fuck me.

"I'm very close ogre! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Baby bro! I'm going to shoot a big lot into your hole." He fucked me with gusto and soon he was groaning big time. His cock on top of Gunther's was twitching and he started pouring his cum into me. Oh fuck! It felt great.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck baby bro! Oh godd! This is just too much! Oh fuck! You ogre! To cum in my baby bro with you inside me feels fantastic! Fuck!"

André shuddered and clung onto my back. His cock was still twitching as the last of his cum leaked into me.

"OK you guys! That's it for now. Let me in again please?" Johann said and moved closer.

"Yes, yes you pervert! Just give me a chance to catch my breath and pump the last of my baby batter into my baby bro! Sheez! You know ...!" André retorted.

"'Useless baby batter', as we all know, I might add!" Johann ribbed André. We all giggled. Not what André would like to hear, but he was the one who told Juan his cum was 'useless baby batter'!

"Perfectly healthy, I can assure you! I could get a girl pregnant from across the room, I'll have you know!" Yes, André! You'd not even get a hard-on when you were with a girl!

"Now, move! Juan, out! André, out!" Johann cracked the whip and the two guys pulled out and fell onto the bed in each other's arms. Juan was kissing André with big sloppy kisses and their arms were around each other. It was very clear how they felt about each other.

Johann's marvellous rubbery cock was entering me again and soon he was 29cm deep into me. He held still and made his big cock twitch. It felt fantastic. Oh fuck! To have this man's cock in me, was not equalled by anybody else - not on this level. He was a master and his cock has never hurt me in the least, even with a double fuck.

His hands were on my back, stroking me and kissing me. I turned my head and he leaned forward and gave me a lopsided kiss. I turned my torso more and got a proper kiss. Johann was a darling and I cared for him dearly.

Next to the bed Johan was sucking Herman's huge 33cm cock. He was getting better every time I saw him. Herman was groaning with his hands in Johan's hair.

"I'm so fucking horny now! I'm not going to last long. Johann, how far are you mein Schatz?" So, Gunther was calling Johann now 'my darling'! My my!

"Very close. Your cock feels fantastic on mine and I'm very horny and very close. And you?" Johann put in. "I'm going to cum again Gunther! Ahhh! Oh fuck! How about a 'Johann Special', 'baby bro'?"

"Yes please! Give it to me again please Johann!" I gushed.

Johann groaned with pleasure and fucked me with gusto, preparing to give me the special treatment again. His cock was feeling fantastic and I quivered in anticipation: he was going to spray my hole with his cum and then push back in, on top of Gunther's cock in me!

After a few more thrusts, he pulled out and came on my hole. It was a lot! Then he pushed back into me, pushing most of the cum into my hole and continued to shoot the rest of his cum into me.

As Johann's cock was twitching in me, pumping me full of his cum, Gunther was fucking me in earnest and before Johann finished cumming for the second time, Gunther was beginning to pump his huge load into me. He was groaning like a wounded animal and his huge cock was twitching in me, pumping his huge load into me.

Johann collapsed on top of me and the three of us were basking in the glory of orgasm, even though I still haven't cummed yet. There were at least 6 more guys who wanted to fuck me ... oh fuck! Slut!

"I'm getting off and out now. Fuck! That was intense! Anton you're phenomenal! Come Jerry, let's give the others a chance! I'm pulling out now, OK?" Johann said and pulled out. When his big rubbery cock slipped out, I felt how wet my hole was. Johann Special!

I lifted my buttocks and pulled off Gunther's huge cock. It was still fairly big and hard. Oh fuck! What a nice hung guy!

Morné, Johan and Herman stepped up for their turn.

"Let me lie down and then Anton can sit on me," Herman announced. I looked at his huge battering ram pointing up from his groin. At 33cm, he and Pierre were the same but Pierre's cock was slightly thicker, and had a huge head. Nonetheless, Herman's huge cock was big - full stop!

Herman was on his back and held his big glistening cock in the upright. Oh fuck! I hoped Johan didn't want to double ...

I lowered my hole onto Herman's cock and groaned as the huge cock entered me. The head slipped in and Herman twitched it. I groaned again. Oh fuck! But after the double with André and Gunther and then Johann and Gunther, my hole was pretty much stretched. And Luigi and Pierre have had a turn already.

Herman's big cock slipped in and soon I was sitting on his pubic bone with the huge cock deep in me. Johan stood with spread legs over Herman's head and held his cock for me to suck. Ahhh! The beautiful cock - the 'smallest' of the cocks in the room - was big and hard, and it was leaking lots of precum. It tasted wonderful and the big uncut head filled my mouth.

The big cock in me was filling me good and I groaned with every thrust. Herman has come a long way since we met him, and also since he started fucking Johan recently. He had become a good lover - very attentive and loving. He pushed his big cock deep into me and made it twitch.

I sucked Johan's cock and felt it wasn't far from cumming. If he was charged enough to cum in my mouth, and I wasn't averted to that. I was keen to taste his cum ...

"After watching you getting fucked and Johan sucking my cock, I'm charged big time and I'm going to cum ... soon! Oh fuck! Anton, I'm going to shoot a big load into you ... I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh yes! Yes! Argh! Ahhhhhhh!" Herman was groaning and I felt his huge cock in me twitching and pouring his nice thick man juice into me.

"Oh fuck! Watching my man fucking you has overcharged me! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming in your mouth!" Johan announced and pushed his 24cm cock deep into my mouth and started pumping his thick creamy cum into my mouth. It was a lot and it tasted wonderful! Fuck!

Below me Herman was trembling and shuddering. His cock was thick and throbbing in me. He had his back arched backward and he was growling like a bear.

"Oh fuck! This is fucking great! Ahhhh!" Herman groaned.

Johan was shuddering and pushed my head away.

"Sensitive! Sensitive! Oh fuck! That was great but fuck ... ahhh!" His cum tasted so damn good and it was a lot.

Morné stood closer and as soon as Herman stopped shuddering and held still, he was standing right next to us. "Come big boy! I want in please! You done?"

"Oh fuck yes! You're going to push your cock into a deep pool of cum! Enjoy!" Herman said and started pulling his cock out. I clenched - it WAS a lot of cum in me already! And Morné and Mario were still to add their loads! Little did I know ...

Immediately when Herman's cock was out, Morné moved in behind me and pushed in on top of the cum that leaked out. He pushed his big 30cm cock deep into me with one long continuous thrust. I groaned. Even though I've been fucked big time already, the big cock in me was immense and he was charged watching all the other action, and sucking Claude has just added to his libido.

"Anton, I'm going to be a pig and just fuck and cum. Ahhh! I'm so hot and randy. OK?"

Morné immediately started fucking me and after just a minute I felt the big cock in me swelling to huge dimensions and the muscled man started groaning and panting. He was about to cum.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Here it is! Ahhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh yes! Oh yeah! Hnnngghhhnnn!" Morné was starting to shoot his load into me and clung to my buttocks. He was pumping an insanely amount of cum into me. His cock was twitching in me and stretched my already stretched hole even more.

"Antonio, would you mind if I added another load to the cum in you? Per favore?" Mario asked and put a hand out to touch my cheek. This Italian man was a gentle bear and a nice guy.

"Yes, of course! Let's do it!" I said and kissed his hand.

Morné was starting to pull out and as soon as he was out, Mario put his very thick Italian salami-cock on my hole and gently pushed in. I groaned as this was a big one. I remembered the first time in his seaside restaurant toilet when he fucked me. It was a challenge and it was intense, but I survived.

"I'm also very charged but not as much as the young ones. I'll cum soon though. Oh mio dio! You feel so good inside! So hot and wet and soft ... oh fuck!"

Mario was fucking me and filling me big time. His big 30cm cock was big and the man knew how to fuck. He was fucking me with long, deep thrusts.

Soon Mario also reached the point of no return. He was groaning and started to thrust in deep and faster.

"Antonio, I'm cumming! I'm going to shoot my load into you! Ahhh! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Fuck!"

I felt Mario's big cock twitch and swell. It was a big one but after Pierre's and Herman's 33cm cocks, I could handle Mario's big thick cock. I felt how he was pumping his load into me. His big balls against my buttocks felt great.

Luigi stood on his knees in front of me and held his big beautiful cock for me to suck. Mio caro! He was going to fuck me again! My man of many talents and many orgasms! I opened my mouth and sucked my darling's cock into my mouth. Oh fuck! He just had the most beautiful cock in the world!

Mario was pulling out and I had to clench to keep the cum in me. My godd! It was a lot!

"Please come sit on me, mio caro! Pierre, come!" Luigi said and lied down on his back. Oh fuck! He and Pierre wanted to double fuck me! Oh fuck! They still wanted to do that!

I moved to Luigi lying on his back and sat down on his big cock. It felt great to have my darling man in me again. He was the best and I leaned down to kiss him. While his big cock was sliding into me, my darling man was kissing me.

I felt movement behind me and then I felt a cock on my hole. Pierre! He really wanted to push his huge cock in on top of Luigi's cock in me. Oh fuck! My hole was stretched by all the shenanigans that went down already. Pierre's cock slipped over my hole and he tried again. The huge head somehow found an entrance and slipped in. Oh fuck! The size of this man's cock was immense by itself - now it was entering me on top of Luigi's cock. Oh fuck!

Pierre was a good lover and didn't just push in. He waited for my hole to adjust to the invasion and made his cock swell a few times. Fuck! It felt good!

"You good to go, Ant? OK if I pushed in now?" Pierre asked.

"Yes, I'm fine ..."

The others were gathered around us and cheered us on. My godd! Some of them were hard again and were fondling each other, sucking each other. Sex doggs!

I heard the lube being opened and felt the cold stuff on my hole as Pierre was lubing his cock some more. He pushed deeper and I groaned. Oh fuck! He was so big! He held still and made his cock swell. I groaned again. Pierre's huge cock slid into me slowly ... it felt like I was about to burst. It was a lot of cock in me. Oh fuck!

"Are you OK mio caro? Can you still handle this?"

"Yes, mio caro! Pee-AIR has a very big cock but I think I'm good to go!"

There was a knock on the window and then Dad spoke! "Guys, please let me in?"

Juan went to the door and unlocked. Dad entered the room and it was clear he was as randy as can be.

"Ahhh! I see my boys are at it! May I join at this late stage please? I only have a few minutes."

"Anton, how do you feel? One more?" Juan asked, touching my back.

"Yes, Dad! Of course. As soon as Pierre finished, you can ... do it!" I moaned.

André stepped up to Dad and palmed his big cock in his pants. "Let me suck you in the meantime, Dad!" André offered.

When Dad's big curved cock was out of his pants, Pierre put his hand out and touched it. It was like electricity recharged him. His cock was rock-hard and he fucked me with new vigour. Dad's cock was still in Pierre's hand and André was licking the precum off Dad's cockhead.

Luigi was fucking me with vigour and announced his third orgasm of the night.

"I'm going to cum, mio caro! Ahhh! Oh Pee-AIR, your cock feels great against mine! Here it comes mio caro! Oh mio dio!" His cock in me spasmed and he shot his load of around 10 spurts into me, covering Pierre's cockhead in me.

"Please cum and let me in, Pierre!" Dad asked Pierre and put his hand on Pierre's arm.

"OK, I'm very close! Ant, here it comes! OK?" Pierre announced. He fucked me with vigour and Luigi did the same. Both of them were groaning and panting and swearing and their cocks were hard as rocks. "I'm cumming Ant!"

Pierre's cock twitched and started pumping his cum into me just as Luigi was having his next orgasm. His cock was twitching under Pierre's cock and he too was pumping his load into me.

"Oom Adriaan, I'm pulling out now, OK?" Pierre said and started pulling his cock from my battered hole. Dad was on the bed behind me while André was lubing Dad's cock up for the onslaught. Dad pushed his cock in and being stretched the way I was, it slipped right in. I groaned, nonetheless.

"Ahh Dad! Your cock feels so good again! I'm about to cum again! Will you please hold on until I cum again? I love having your cock in mio caro with mine!" Luigi said as he started to groan again. His next orgasm.

"Yes, I've been hard for a long time since you guys said 'good night' as I knew what was going down here! I'd cum in a heartbeat! So let's do it already!"

Luigi's cock was spasming and pumped his third load for the night into me. Dad was fucking me in earnest, rubbing his big curved cock over Luigi's big cock. He too was starting to grunt and groan. Dad wasn't far from an orgasm.

Next to the bed the guys were still hugging and kissing and groping each other. But since Dad's arrival, all eyes were on him. He was the cherry on top!

"Ahhhh! Dad, your cock feels so good in Antonio! I'm going to cum again! Cum with me please! Let's make this a memorable orgasm! Mio caro, we're going to have a double orgasm now! OK Dad? Let's do it!"

Luigi and Dad fucked me in tandem: one in, other out, in, out.

"I'm cumming Luigi! Cum with me! Anton, you? Are you going to cum?" Dad asked.

"In my mouth please, baby bro!" André announced and bent down and took my cock from Luigi's hand and into his mouth. His hot warm mouth felt wonderful and I knew after all the fucking and cumming, it was a matter of seconds before I'd shoot my load.

And then it happened .. my Dad and my lover were approaching orgasm. They were grunting and were fucking me with vigour. I was filled to the gills with cum and now with the two big cocks of two of the most wonderful men in my life filling my hole. Oh fuck! And so was I ... I was going to pump a big load into my bro's mouth!

The three-way orgasm was just incredible. My cum was pouring into André's mouth while Luigi's and Dad's cum was being pumped into me at the same time. Oh fuck!

Dad collapsed on my back and hugged me tightly. He kissed the nape of my neck and said: "Thanks my boy! This is just incredible! Luigi, your big cock against mine feels wonderful! Thanks boys! You OK my boy?"

"Ahhhh! Yess! Oh yes! I'm fine thanks! But now I'm done ... phew! That was a lot! And you guys have really pumped a lot of cum into me! I could start a business!" I gushed.

"Yes, sell it as facial cream at the beach! You go baby bro - you go! 'Facial cream for sale! It guarantees everything to go hard and stiff!' Sheez bro! You could make a fortune out of our goo!" André said and tickled me.

"Bro! No! Please! Oh fuck! Dad, protect me against your delinquent brood! André! Please!" I giggled and tried to get out of his way but I still had Dad's and Luigi's cocks in me.

"Stop it André! It's unfair! Your brother is in no position to defend himself. Let me pull out here and then he and I will tackle you! OK Anton?" Dad said and touched my sides gingerly. I giggled.

"Yes, let's give it to him Dad!" I said as Dad pulled out of me. Some of the cock juice in me leaked out ... there was a lot! "Thanks Dad ... that was great! Thanks!"

André jumped out of the way ... just in case Dad and I were really going to tackle him.

"My pleasure - in more way than one!"

"You OK mio caro? Pull off me please? You're so wet inside now! Wow!" Luigi said and kissed me on the nose. I pulled up and off the big cock. My darling man was the last in me and I loved him so very much. When Luigi's big cockhead approached my sphincter, I clenched: it was a lot of cum in me. Some more cum slipped out onto Luigi's balls.

"Anybody wanted to suck some cum from the 'baby bro'? Oh come on! Most of you would love to! I know I want to!" Johann pushed me on all fours next to Luigi and put his mouth on my hole. I let go and felt how some of the cum was sucked from my hole. Johann let go of my hole and Gunther was next to suck the cum out of me.

Johann leaned forward and gave the load to me. I sucked hungrily but Johann had already swallowed half of it.

I felt how Gunther was sucking the cum from my hole and heard Herman ... yes, Herman! ... sucking it from Gunther's mouth.

Luigi sucked the last bit of the huge load out of me and lied on his back, pulling me on top of him. He kissed me and I sucked some of the cum out of his mouth. He really kissed me and it became a kiss, lubricated with cum and accompanied by tongues and saliva. Oh fuck!

I lied down on top of Luigi and felt how tender my hole was. Fuck! I've been fucked by 12 guys, some twice and some double - I was literally fucked! I felt Luigi's incredible cock pushing against me and his wondrous hairy body under my fingers. He was an Italian god. He hugged me and kissed me on the head.

Gunther and Pierre lied down on the bed on either side of us and cuddled with us. Poor Juan. He sat on the bed between my legs and massaged my back. I still loved him very much and wished there was a way to make him realise I haven't forgotten about him.

"Did you enjoy this my darling boy? Happy?" Juan asked as he stroked my back.

I put a hand back and stroked his arm. "Yes, thanks - it was memorable and very nice. Thanks my big man!"

"OK, I've slipped out the house and have to get back before your Mom wakes up. Those of you sleeping in the house should perhaps think of getting some shut-eye. I'm waking you all up at 6 o'clock tomorrow. The bus will be here by 8 o'clock and it's already past midnight now. So, hurry up and get to bed, OK? Thanks and good night boys!" Dad said and kissed some of us. He was fully dressed and left the cottage.

"You've heard Dad. Let's get this party rounded up and let's get to bed. Thanks boys, thanks Anton, or 'Ant' or 'Antonio' or 'baby bro' - we love you and you're really making a big difference in our lives. Let's go. Thanks boys! You are like sex fiends, and that's why I love you all so very much!" André ... would you believe?


The bunch that slept in the house - Luigi and I, Juan and André, Morné and Pierre and of course Pieter and Claude - left the rest in the cottage and prepared for bed. We were pooped and just had a quick shower and no shenanigans.

Soon we were in bed: Luigi, Pierre and I, and we had Morné with us in bed too. In the two spare bedrooms, it was Juan and André and Pieter and Claude. We said good night and we were off to lala-land.

I had Luigi in front of me, and Pierre behind me. His huge cock was rubbery but he only pushed it between my thighs - not into me. He hugged me from behind and of course, Pierre and Luigi caressed each other too. Morné was behind Pierre and he too pushed his big cock between Pierre's thighs. I doubt if Pierre would ever bottom, and for a biggie like Morné's ...? I didn't think so.


"Wake up boys! Come! The coffee and a light breakfast is ready! You can eat something at the airport! Come! Come!" Dad said and pulled the duvets off us.

Of course there was a plethora of morning glories! Pierre's big cock was pointing in the air and reached way beyond his belly button. Morné's cock was equally hard and Pierre palmed it.

"Horse cock!" Pierre said and squeezed Morné's cock.

"Listen who's talking! Donkey cock!" Morné retorted.

Luigi's cock was rock-hard in my hand and I squeezed it. He kissed me and rubbed his finger over my nose. "Mio caro, are you happy? I love you so very much! You're such an incredible darling! You make me so happy! *I wish I could fuck you right now!*"

"*There is no time and too many who would want in as well - no time mio caro!*" I kissed Luigi and squeezed his big beautiful cock. He squeezed my cock too - sopping wet of course!

"Come, come! No pillow-talk you two and no more bragging whose cock is the biggest! We know it's Pierre, so then, come boys! I'm so excited on your behalf! Up!" Dad cracked the whip. He grabbed Pierre's and Morné's morning glories and squeezed them. "Sheez! You guys could really make the rest of us get an inferiority complex! You have big cocks! Wow!"

I noticed Dad's cock was fairly hard on his left hip ... sex dogg, just like his sons!

Morné was brazen enough to grope Dad's crotch and he whistled.

"Sheez Dad! That is not a cock to snuff at! I'm sure Anton's hole felt it when you fucked him! I'd love to suck you sometime!"

"All in good time! I'm so damn hard now, I'd sommer let you do it right here and now! Hmmmm!" Dad said and squeezed the two big cocks again.

"Then please let me! Please Dad?" Morné begged. "I'd love to taste your cum! Please?"

"I don't know Morné! We're pressed for time but I'd love you to suck me, of course! Oh fuck! No! I'd love to but ... we're really pressed for time ... damn!" Dad said and squeezed Morné's hand on his cock.

"I have a number on your cock next time Dad! Fuck! You're so fucking sexy!" Morné swooned.

"OK, show's over. Come on boys! Sheez! How easily it is to be drawn into your shenanigans! Naughty boy, Morné!" Dad said and playfully swiped at Morné's head.

"You started it! You grabbed our cocks, not that I'm complaining though! Next time Dad's cock is mine!"

"Take a number bro! Antonio always has number 1! Numero uno!" Luigi put in.

Dad left the room, busy readjusting his bulge and went to the other rooms to wake up the others too.


Soon the whole cohort was in the bathroom, shampooing, washing, rubbing, scrubbing and of course there were shenanigans! How could there NOT be shenanigans! The boys were not sex perverts for nothing!

Pierre was beyond himself with lust and while I was hugging and kissing Luigi, he sneaked up behind me and pushed his huge cock into me! The shower soap had to do double duty as lube ... oh fuck! I gasped into Luigi's mouth.

"Pee-AIR! How could you! You naughty boy! No! Let's get showered so we could finalise our baggage. Please pull out my darling man?"

Pierre pushed in a little deeper and kissed Luigi over my shoulder. "I love you too!" Pierre said and laughed. He was a naughty boy with a HUGE cock! Then he did pull out. He was only joking but given half a chance, he'd fuck me on the spot!

We towelled each other dry and brushed hair into place and anointed what needed some moisture and trimmed stubble and and and. By 7 o'clock we were out of the bathroom and in the bedrooms dressing. We had to dress wearing denims and long-sleeve shirts. We rolled up the sleeves and took out fairly light jackets to wear when we deplaned at Heathrow in the heart of their winter.

We all checked our luggage and made sure it was all there, and way under the maximum of 32kg for first class.

We carried all the baggage down to the front door and went into the kitchen to greet Mom.

"Ahh! There are the globetrotters! Good morning boys! Coffee? Breakfast is ready. Come, get coffee and come sit down. Some of you at the breakfast nook and the rest at the dining room table. Boys, make sure everybody has what they want. Chop chop!" Mom said and carried the bowls with fried tomatoes and wors (sausages) to the counter top. "Everything is here on the counter. The plates are here. Come help yourselves. Come on boys, the bus would be here soon. Chop chop!"

We had a hearty breakfast and laughed at André's banter and jokes. He was going to change the spirit of the group for the better - not that we needed to change - and the flight attendants are going to get to know another kind of passenger!

At 7:45 the bus arrived. We all grabbed our toothbrushes from our hand luggage, and ran to the bathroom to brush our teeth. In the meantime, the bus driver and Dad loaded our luggage.

We stood in a line to say goodbye to Mom, to thank her for breakfast and wished her a wonderful Christmas with us being away the following week. We grabbed our hand luggage and went outside, Mom in tow.

Dad stood there with open arms and pulled André and me into a big hug. "I love you so very much and I'm so proud of you! You're the best boys any parent could ever wish for. Enjoy the trip, make us proud in front of the camera and Merry Christmas next week. Here, buy yourselves each something in London," Dad said and gave us each a £100 note!

"Dad! No! Where did you get this? No Dad! You're a naughty dad!" I put in and looked at the money in disbelief.

"I got it from Claude. Now now! Just enjoy it and buy yourselves something nice from the Apple Store in Regent street or a nice shirt or scarf. Enjoy, my beautiful boys!" Dad ruffled our hair and gave each one of us a long, deep kiss. Oh fuck Dad! I happened to be on Dad's left side and felt his big cock coming to life. "*Feel that? That's how much I love you! I'm going to miss you so very much!*"

"Goodbye Dad! I love you very much! Merry Christmas! Take care!" Juan said and hugged and kissed Dad.

Luigi was next and the same. "I love you so much Dad! You're one of a kind! We're fortunate to have you as our substitute dad! Happy Christmas!" He hugged and kissed Dad.

The rest went through the same and when it was Pierre's chance, he didn't know what to expect, but Dad pulled him in and kissed him.

"My dad hasn't kissed me in years! Wow! Thanks ... Dad!" Pierre said after Dad kissed and hugged him.

"*Naughty boy! You're up for it next time!*" Dad said when it was Morné's turn. He too got a hug and a kiss.

After the whole lot - all 14 of us - have hugged and kissed Dad, and wished him and Mom a wonderful Christmas, we boarded the bus and we were off. We expected to be at the airport in an hour's time, ready for our flight to Johannesburg later.

As we pulled away, I turned and saw Dad and Mom standing there with their arms around each other. Oh fuck! My eyes got teary and before I knew it, a teardrop ran down my cheek. Fuck! I'm a big boy! And I was surrounded by men I loved and who loved me! What was wrong with me?

Luigi saw the tear and kissed me on the cheek, on the trail of the teardrop.

"Niente lacrime, mio caro (No tears, my darling)! I'm here, remember!"

"I know! I'm just sad to see them there all alone by themselves. I hope oom Eugene and tannie Esther or some others will invite them for Christmas! Fuck! I'm such a baby!"

"You're not a baby for showing your feelings!" Luigi said and hugged me close.

Sitting on my other side, Pierre saw what was happening and squeezed my thigh. "And I'm here too. We'll look after you ..."

"Yeah, we know what that means, you pervert!" André, who else!

The atmosphere in the bus lifted and the jokes started to come hard and fast. It was a jolly lot when we hit the N7 main road.


At the airport, we got off the bus and loaded our baggage on trolleys, and met Claire, Werner and Lukas inside the building. Before we knew it, Werner and Lukas hugged and kissed us, right in front of everybody, including Claire. Ah well, she was a cool lady.

Everything was ready and organised. Werner gave each one of us a portfolio that looked like an A4 plastic envelope that closed with a press-stud. Inside were our travel documents, our passports, our detailed programme for London, our hotel bookings, our flight numbers ... the whole shebang. The man was a wizard! Small wonder Claire was so fond of him and why he earned such a nice salary. He was worth it.

Lukas had photo portfolio for each one of us containing the best pictures of each of us that he, Johann and Claire have selected. These were to be handed to Boss Models in London.

"Would it be possible to get copies for ourselves please?" I enquired.

"Already taken care of," Johann put in. "We didn't want to burden you with it now. It's in my studio and we'll give it to you when we come back. We've made extra copies so you could give some to the parents and boyfriends and lovers and husbands-to-be or whoever you want to give it to. Taken care of my beautiful boy!" He ruffled my hair and gave me a hug, and kissed me on the head. "*I fucking love you so very much my darling boy!*"

"*I love you too my hunky hung lover!*"

"Come, let's go book in your luggage so you're rid of it. Then a nice cup of coffee while I brief you on the week ahead," Claire said and led the way to the weigh-in counters. Once our baggage was out of the way, we sat down in one of the lounges for first class travellers - a first for most of us! - and Claire ordered us the beverages of our choice.

She was a thorough lady and with the occasional input from Werner, we were given the low-down on our trip to London. It wasn't going to be just fun and games - it would be cold in London and the photographers would demand their pound of flesh from us all. The hours would be long, and the settings as well as the garment changes would be demanding.

"But, you have Johann with you, so you should be fine. Just please play nicely and make us proud. Boss is very impressed with you guys, but you'll need to show them I didn't make a mistake in selecting you. Bon voyage boys and enjoy it! All has been sorted out and everything you need is in your portfolios. If for whatever reason you need to call me - day or night - you've got my number. However, I'm sure Gareth in London will look after you properly. He is professional and one of the best in the business. His number is in your packs and he'll meet you at Heathrow. He is a tall man with pitch-black hair and stubble. He used to be a model himself, so he knows the ways of the industry. I wish you luck. Now, get through passport control and enjoy! I'm very proud of you guys! Any questions before Werner, Lukas and I leave? We have an appointment in Rondebosch with a young couple for a shoot. So - any questions?"

"Nothing for now Claire. As thorough and professional as always! I'll do my best to answer questions if there were any. You go and I'll look after the boys! Thanks for everything! You too Werner and Lukas! You guys rock! Goodbye! You can go now - we're fine!" Johann said.

We all got hugs and kisses on the cheek from Claire but proper kisses from the boys, and they were gone. We got our hand luggage and went through passport control. In the 'tax free' area we only browsed - we all knew that was a farce and we only looked at the merchandise. About fifteen minutes before our flight was called, we sat down in the waiting area and soon even the other waiting passengers sniggered at André's antics. My brother was such a gregarious and funny guy!

Soon André was in deep discussion with another Stellenbosch wine farmer on his way to Dubai. He was a good-looking guy in his early thirties. Next to him was an equally good-looking blonde guy with dark stubble. It was obvious they were lovers. I noticed sparkling new wedding bands on their ring fingers ... ahh! Newly-weds on their honeymoon.

"Are you on your honeymoon?" André! How could you be so blunt and forward!

"As a matter of fact, yes! And you guys? Married yet? This must be your twin brother, not so?"

"No weddings yet. But yes, we're twins. We're still students but in three years' time we're going to have the weddings of the century when most of us will get married in Stellenbosch at once!" André spilled the beans.

"Really? My name is Henck du Buisson and this is my husband François Joncker-du Buisson."

We made the necessary introductions and told them where we came from, what we were doing and about Le Plaisir. Of course Henck was interested in my grafting and Dad's wines. He had a connection with the KWV in Paarl and was a qualified vintner.

"Here is my card. Give us a call when you're back. We'd love to have a glass of wine with you. They look like a nice bunch of guys, don't you agree my darling?"

We told them about our trip and the photo shoots in London and the visits to Berlin and Florence.

"Wow! I can see why you're models! You're all so damn attractive and sexy! We'd love to meet up with you when you're back in the New Year. We're flying to Dubai and then to Interlaken for a ski holiday. On our way back, we're stopping over in Dubai for a week and then back home. Ah, there is our call. Yours is next at the other gate. Goodbye guys! Enjoy your trip and break a leg!" Henck said and shook hands with all of us.

I looked at him and wondered what was behind his zipper: it was a substantial bulge! And I wondered what it would be like to kiss him, and how long it was going to be before we actually kissed them! Slut! What? I just had a gut-feeling! So, sue me!


The flight to Johannesburg was without any incident. For once, André was on his best behaviour. The flight attendants knew about us - Claire, who else? We were pampered and treated big time during the 2-hour flight: champagne and snacks galore!

In Johannesburg we deplaned and went through to the shopping area to browse while we waited for our flight to London at 7 o'clock. By 5 o'clock we have had something small to eat, had drinks and were ready to board our plane to London.


Once on board the A380, we were astonished by the luxury of the plane in First Class! My godd! We each had our own little cabin/berth or whatever! The seat could recline into a real bed! I wondered if Luigi and I would be able to join the Mile High Club! Slut!

Before take-off we all received hot moist towels, and then real champagne and some starters. Wow! I felt like royalty. Our flight attendant was a Greek god! My godd! He was tall, had a five o'clock shadow, pitch-black hair and almost black eyes. He had the most gorgeous mouth and enormous hands! My godd! He was beautiful! The bulge in his pants ... oh fuck! If not with Luigi, I was going to join the Mile High Club, that was for sure! His name badge said George Papadopoulos ... Daddy! Oh fuck! When he handed me my champagne, he winked and smiled at me. Oh fuck! I looked at Luigi and saw he didn't see the wink. My godd! The man was insanely beautiful! Perfect man to mate with ... slut!

Soon after take-off George came to take our orders for dinner later on, and was off to get/prepare our dinners. We browsed the entertainment on our individual screens and tried all the buttons and settings of our seats/beds.

"Thinking what I'm thinking mio caro?" Luigi asked and squeezed my hand. The partition between our beds could be pushed out of the way. I leaned over and kissed my man.

"Yes, I do and yes, yes, yes! I do!"

"Perverts!" André said from behind us. "I'm calling Dad!"

"Give it a rest, bro! Sheez! Don't you want to get laid on this flight, in first class?" I asked in exasperation.

"*Do you actually think Juan would even be interested?*" André asked in mock pretence. Juan not interested! I'd bet my left ball he'd be interested! BA's First Class was never going to be the same again!

"Just go for it, bro! And leave us alone! Sheez! Jy weet ...!"

['Jy weet' = you know, said in exasperation and disbelief]

Half an hour later George brought us our dinners and it felt like we were in a 5-star hotel! When George gave me my tray, he moved a slip of paper under my cup. I looked up and he winked. Oh my godd! When Luigi was inspecting his food, I unfolded the slip of paper: "Aft kitchen after midnight"! Oh my godd! My cock twitched. Oh fuck! Mile High Club, come hell or high-water! I slipped the small slip of paper into my mouth and ate it!

The food was perfect! We knew most of the food was pre-prepared, but they must have done something to make it taste that good. But at US$3 500 an air ticket, one would expect the food to be that good!

After dinner, the boys moved around and we chatted and chirped and laughed like schoolboys. Fortunately the majority of passengers in our immediate vicinity had their earphones in their ears watching a movie or listening to music, so we didn't get any flack.

Pierre came to sit on the side of my bed with his hand on my thigh. He was hot and ready to fuck me on the spot! My beautiful man! We chatted about our studies, his squash career, his take on being gay, how he felt that, in the not too distant future, I'd be married to Luigi.

"I don't care Ant! As long as I can live with you and sleep with you and Luigi! I've come this far in two weeks' time - I'm not going back! Now way José! And when I say 'I love you', I mean it. The sex is fantastic, but it's the man inside I love most. And I have to say, I can't help it, but I love Luigi too. Very much."

Hearing his name, Luigi turned from Morné on his other side and asked: "Yes, what about me?"

"He's only declaring his undying love for us, mio caro! I think in the New Year this hung hunk has to move in with us - the sooner the better. What do you think?" I put in.

"I thought it was a fait accompli - I'd not have it any other way. Pee-AIR? You ARE moving in with us in the new year, or what?"

"Yes, I'd very much like that. But I'd have to find someone to rent my flat. The parents would not allow it to be left vacant. There is a girl in my class who was looking for an apartment. I'll email her from London and let her know the flat would be available from late January. Thanks boys! You're the best!" Pierre said and kissed me. He had his hand in my crotch and when he felt I wasn't completely soft, he squeezed my cock and stuck his tongue into my mouth.

"Watch it you two! We can't have the whole plane looking on as an audience!" Luigi said jokingly and put his hand in my crotch with Pierre's hand. "Sheez, Antonio! Already? Hmmmm!"

"What about the Mile High Club? Are we applying?" Pierre asked. It sounded like something André would ask!

"Erm ... I'd love to, but how? I could still get in a wank with Antonio but what about you on the other side of the aisle?"

"I was actually thinking of going into one of the toilets later on. Come on guys! We can't let this one slip away! What do you say? First you Luigi, cum twice and I could go in and fuck Ant! What do you say?" Pierre was charged and moved on my bed trying to give his huge cock some space which was most definitely hard by then.

"Sounds like a plan. Let's see how it pans out. But after midnight to ensure everybody else is asleep. Do you have any means to prepare? Lube?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, I have a small douche bulb in my toilet bag and I do have KY jelly in little sachets. I'm prepared! Bring it on, you horse-hung hunks!" I said and the two hung hunks squeezed my cock.

"It's settled then! Wait, here is the flight attendant. I've ordered coffee, and for you?" Pierre asked.

"I'll have mine a bit later," I said. Luigi opted to have his straight away.

Pierre returned to his seat and George gave him his coffee.

When George leaned over me to hand Luigi his coffee, he pushed his huge crotch into my shoulder. Oh my godd! Oh fuck!


After watching the latest Tom Cruise movie, I was getting a bit sleepy. I decided to go and brush my teeth and take a leak. I looked at Luigi and he had dozed off. I looked at my watch and saw it was 11 o'clock. The lights were already dimmed. There was only a soft glimmer.

I looked over at Pierre. He was concentrating on his movie - some legal drama with George Clooney in the lead.

I retrieved my toilet bag and headed off to the aft bathroom. Just as I opened the door, George came out of the kitchen next to the bathrooms and called out: "Come here please!"

I looked back into the plane and saw nobody in the dusky light looking at me. I followed George into the kitchen and after he looked around the corners at the other end of the kitchen, he grabbed me and kissed me. My godd! His full mouth was soft and his huge tongue was a marvel. Oh fuck! George Papadopoulos was a tall beautiful man.

He pushed his huge bulge into my tummy and hugged me tight to him.

"Sorry! I could lose my job for this, but fuck! You're beautiful and sexy! I have to have you! Please! Sorry about the note! What did you do with it?"

"I ate it!"

"Good boy! No evidence! So, what do you say? Want some big Greek sausage as an after-dessert? How about it?"

"Oh fuck yes! It feels very big ..."

"Yes, it is and it's usually a problem. I'm still alone as my job keeps me busy, but also most people are afraid of my cock. It's big ..."

"What makes you think I'd not be afraid? How big is it?"

"I just have a premonition you'd be interested in a big one. Would you ...?"

"I might! How big?"

"Erm ... 31cm, very thick, uncut, very veiny and with a very big head. A big piss-slit, lots of precum - I'm sopping wet already - and I cum in bucket loads. I'm only a top and fuck yes! I want to fuck you! Please say yes!"

"Sounds promising! It sure is a big one and I just hope we can manage. How would it work?"

"Yess! Yess! Oh fuck! Yess! Thank you! I'll make it worth your while! I'll check on the passengers after midnight and if all is clear, I'll walk past you and just touch your shoulder. I'll close the curtain between the cabin and the aft area. You'll go into this toilet here and I'll give you a three long, three short knock. And then fireworks! What do you say?"

"Oh fuck yes! But there is just one small problem: my two lovers ..."

"What? You have TWO lovers?"

"Yes, they both want to fuck me too. Would you be able to facilitate that for us and then after they've done, you could fuck me. OK?"

"Good godd! So I'll be the third one to fuck you?"

"Yes ... please? You could fuck me twice if you helped us ...?"

"Sounds better and better! Yes, please! I usually cum three times in a row ... sorry! Multi-orgasmic! Usually a big problem with other guys ..."

"Oh no! I love it! My one lover is the same and I love it! You could fuck me and cum four times if you want. OK? Deal? Just as soon as the passengers have settled in, OK? After my second lover has left, I'll wait for you to come in. You could keep a look out for the two coming and going."

"I could pretend to be busy in the kitchen and keep an eye out. OK? When all is clear, I'll still give you a sign so you guys could go ahead."

"Yes, thanks! Now let me get my teeth brushed and get back to my seat. See ... erm ... FEEL you later!" I said and groped the beautiful Greek god-like man. It was a HUGE cock!


I must have dozed off when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was George. He just nodded. I nodded and touched Luigi's hand. He woke up with a startle.

"What mio caro? What's up?"

"Mile High! Come!" I said and got up. I pushed the curtain aside and quickly put my head around the corner leading to the kitchen. George was busy preparing a drink for a passenger. When he saw me, he looked at his watch and winked. He smiled his most endearing smile and gave me a thumbs up.

I got into the toilet and immediately took a dump. I took my small douche bulb and flushed out my rectum until the water coming out was clear. I was ready.

No sooner did I put the bulb away, than I heard a soft knock on the door. Luigi and I didn't decide on a code and I assumed it was him. I opened the door and there was my Italian stallion with his toilet bag!

He stepped in and locked the door. The space was very limited and we were in each other's arms and I fumbled with his pants to get them off and his huge cock out. Oh godd! My own cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. It leaked a little precum on Luigi's pants! Fuck!

I sat down and took the big cock in my mouth and sucked it deep into my throat. My darling tasted so good and he was groaning above me. He pushed his cock deep into my throat and groaned again. I palmed his big balls and tugged at them.

"No time for fancy foreplay mio caro! Lube please?"

I reached for the lube and put some on Luigi's cock. I stood up and put some on my hole and turned around, wide-legged over the commode. Luigi moved in behind me and pushed his cock into me. He did it slowly but we knew we had limited time so I forgave him - I also wanted him in me so he could have his two orgasms.

Once balls-deep in me, Luigi started to fuck me with long deep and deliberate thrusts. He hadn't cum in quite a few hours, so the barrels were fully loaded. Soon he was grunting and shot his first volley of cum into me: around 12 spurts. He continued fucking me and soon he pumped his second round of cum into me: about 10 spurts. He clung to me and his cock was still spasming in me. He was breathing heavily into my hair on the back of my head and hugged me close to him.

"Welcome to the Mile High Club! I'm glad I've done it with you! Ti amo mio caro! I'd love to have another round but I'll let Pierre have a go. I'm just going to brush my teeth first, OK?"

After brushing his teeth, Luigi left and I sat down to wait for Pierre. In less than a minute there was a three soft knocks on the door. I opened and it was George!

"Just checking! All OK?"

"Yes, the second one is on his way. He'll be here just now. I'll see you in 5 minutes' time, OK?"

"OK! Enjoy! I'm so randy! Oh fuck!" George closed the door and I waited. A minute later I heard a knock and when I opened, it was Pierre. Oh fuck! His stubble was so sexy! He came in and locked the door.

He grabbed me and kissed me with his beautiful mouth. I tried to open his pants and take his 33cm cock out. He let go of me and opened his pants. His huge cock jumped out - it was sopping wet and rock-hard. Oh fuck! I sat down and licked the tip of the cock and marvelled at the taste of his precum. I opened my mouth and took as much of the huge cock in my mouth as I could fit in. Pierre took my head between his hands and pushed in as deep as he could. He was moaning a lot.

"Oh godd! Oh fuck! Oh good fuck! I'm going to fuck you deep my darling boy! Mile High Club with you, Ant! Oh fuck!"

I let go of the huge cock and took the lube to put some on Pierre's cock. I stood up and turned around. Pierre aimed his humongous cock at my hole and pushed in. Oh fuck! The big cock pierced my hole and stretched me to capacity. Pierre pushed in deeper and after being fucked by Luigi and having a lot of cum in me, his cock slipped in easier than expected.

Pierre pushed in deeper and soon he was in balls-deep. He hugged me from behind and took my cock in his hand and started to jack me off. I put my hand on his and stopped him.

"Not yet, please! I think André would like to come for a round too," I lied. André was fast asleep by now, I thought.

"OK, but I want to cum! I've been charged up since we were in the bathroom this morning! OK? I'm going to cum now. Oh fuck!" Pierre was charged big time. "I'm going to shoot an immense amount of cum into you!"

"Bring it on!"

"Oh fuck! Oh godd! Ahhh! Mile High, here I come! I'm cumming Ant! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnngghh!" His cock started to twitch and pulse in me. He was pumping an enormous amount of cum into me. The huge cock felt even bigger and I put my head back and got a big kiss from the man with his huge cock in my hole.

Pierre shuddered and pushed his cock in as deep as it would go, and kissed me in the neck.

"I'm pulling out now and then I'm off to sleep. The champagne has taken it's toll. Must I tell André you're here?"

"Not necessary. I think he is on the lookout. Don't worry. I'm going to brush my teeth in the meantime and if he doesn't come, I'm also off to get some sleep. OK, you can pull out now. It feels like a huge lot in me on top of Luigi's cum. Sheez! You two cum a lot!" I laid it on thick. I wanted him to get out so George could come in ...! Slut!

Pierre pulled out - there was a huge load in me. I clenched. Pierre brushed his teeth and gave me a long lingering deep kiss.

"I fucking love you Ant! Never forget that! If I'm not asleep when you come back, say goodnight, OK? Bye for now!"

Pierre opened the door and he was gone.

No sooner had he gone, when there was a three-three knock on the door. George! Oh my godd!

I opened the door and the Greek god stepped in. Fuck! He smelled like a model, he looked like a film star and he had the personality of the beautiful Greek man that he was.

"Ahhh! My turn! Did they fuck you good? Did they pump lots of cum into you? Ready for the cherry on top?" George said and he locked the door.

"Yes, they've fucked me good and I have lots of natural lube in me. Oh fuck! You're exquisitely beautiful! Wow! How tall are you?"

"I'm just under 2m tall. My shoes are a 17 UK size and you'll see my cock just now. Ready?"

"Oh fuck yes! Three guys to welcome me to the Mile High Club! Wow! And one of the most attractive ones to do me last! Yess!"

"I haven't fucked a guy on a plane for a number of years! You're my first on an A380!" George said as I unfastened his belt. He zipped down and I put my hand in his pants. His huge cock was still a bit rubbery but very wet. The moisture had seeped through his underpants. Fortunately his uniform comprised of a white shirt and black pants. I pushed the top of his underpants down and felt the thick mat of hair on his tummy. Oh fuck! His big cock was pushed up and was pointing to his left. I took it out of his underpants and gasped. It was really thick! Thicker than Mario's cock! The head was immense and the whole cock was dark in colour. I couldn't get my hand around the shaft, and the head was even thicker! Oh my godd! And he wanted to fuck me with that! Fuck!

"My godd! George, this is an enormous cock! WOW! I hope I can handle it!"

"Oh fuck! I hope you're not afraid of it now ...? Are you?"

"No, I'm not afraid, but geez! It is HUGE! It's the thickest cock I've ever seen, with the biggest head and yes, one of the most beautiful cocks ever! I love the skin colour! Hmmm!"

"Please suck me! I know it's big but try! Please?"

George stepped closer and his huge cock was millimetres from my mouth. I opened my mouth and put my tongue out to lick the precum off the huge tip. I pulled the skin back and gasped. The head was really enormous! I loved it on the spot! Oh godd! And I was going to have it in me in a minute!

I opened my mouth and took the huge cock in my mouth. It tasted salty and smelled like expensive cologne. The man in his entirety smelled good and he really was like a Greek statue, a god! He pushed his big cock deeper in my mouth but there was no way in hell that it would fit into my throat. Even if I tried, it would never fit - it was just that big! Oh fuck!

I sucked on the big cock as best I could and George was murmuring like a baby. He was in sex heaven! I put the tip of my tongue in the piss-slit and was amazed at the size! It was huge ... wow!

His cock was leaking copious amounts of precum into my mouth - it tasted divine. I put my hand under his balls ... fuck! They were ENORMOUS! I couldn't fit both of them in one hand! Wow! If THAT was an indication of the volume of cum he produced, he was going to pump a dam's worth of cum into me!

"I want this to continue but I have to get to bed as per regulations. I want to fuck you now. Still interested?"

"Oh fuck yes! Here is some lube. Let me put some on you and then you can fuck me, OK?" I took the lube and put a big blob on the huge cock and spread it over the head and shaft. I got up and turned around.

"Let me put some lube on your hole, please? It's the least I could do before I plunge my huge cock into you!"

George put a generous amount of the cold lube on my hole and spread it with his cockhead by rubbing it up and down my crack. Then he held still and said: "Ready? I'll enter slowly, OK?"

"Yes, slowly please!"

The humongous cockhead pushed in and stretched my already stretched hole even further. I groaned. George pulled back and tried again. Again he had to retreat and try again. My hole gave a bit and George pulled back again. He pushed forward again and held still. I stood my ground and pushed back a bit. My hole was slowly giving way and all of a sudden the huge cockhead slipped in. Oh my godd! It felt like the first time Juan fucked me! It was an immense cock in my hole and I groaned.

George held still and put a hand on my back. "Are you OK? Give it a minute ... you'll get used to it just now!"

"Oh fuck! I've been fucked by many guys but this is the biggest cock ever! Not the longest, but it's the thickest with the biggest head! Oh my godd! Ahhh!"

I pushed out and George saw that as his cue and he pushed in a bit more. The enormous cock slipped in deeper and I groaned. It felt like a hand entering me!

George held still and made his cock swell ... "Oh fuck! Oh my godd! Oh fuck! You have the biggest cock ever and when you make it swell, it gets VERY big! Wow!"

"Too much? You still OK?"

"Yes, it is a bit much but I'll get used to it ... just don't rush it, OK?"

"No rush! You'll get used to it just now! Let me swell it again ..."

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Do it again! Fuck! Do it again please! Yess! It is starting to feel fantastic! Yess!"

George twitched his cock again and pushed in deeper at the same time. His huge cockhead pushed over my prostate and I almost lost it. A huge amount of precum leaked from my cock and it felt like I've cummed. I touched my cock and felt I did release a fair amount of cum! My godd! This was an enormous cock doing the most wonderful things to me!

"OK? I'm going to push in all the way now, OK?"

"Yes, but just slowly please?"

"Of course! Slowly!" George said and pushed his huge cock deeper into me.

As he entered me, I marvelled at the hands holding my upper arms. They were fucking beautiful! I wondered what his feet looked like. Shoe size 17? Wow!

Soon the immense cock was at the inner sphincter and I thought he was going to get stuck there. He pushed but the sphincter wouldn't budge.

"It happens to most guys. I can't get beyond this spot in most guys I've been lucky enough to fuck. Just relax for me please? Relax ... ahhhh! Oh fuck yes! Yes! I'm in!"

My sphincter gave way and the huge cockhead slipped in and he pushed the rest of his huge cock into me - balls-deep.

"Oh my godd! I've never been fucked like this before! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! I've taken the whole huge Greek fuckstick! Yess! Fuck me please?!"

"I've thought about that! Great idea! How about now?"

The man even had a sense of humour!

He started to fuck me slowly and with a delicacy I've only encountered with Luigi and Dad. He was a master at fucking and knew how to make his bottom feel good, even with a huge cock up his arse. I wondered what it would have been if I could be in bed with him. What a night of passion with him would be like. I didn't know what was to come ...

"I haven't jacked off since last week Friday, so I have a huge load of cum for you. I hope you can take it. It's usually about 75ml for every orgasm and I can manage 4 orgasms in a row. That would give you around 300ml on average. Still want to ride out this storm?"

"Oh fuck yes! Yess! Fuck me and cum! Pump all your baby batter into me!"

"Just for using the words 'baby batter', you're going to get even more!" George joked and fucked me with renewed gusto.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Here is the first round! Ready? Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Ahhhhh!" George's cock twitched and I groaned - it was huge - and he fucked me with fast deep thrusts and held still when the first volley of cum was pumped into me. I felt the warmth in me and I wondered exactly how much he was pumping into me. I counted 13 spurts.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! I've shot a huge load into you! Here is the next one!" George picked up speed again and within 20 seconds he groaned again. "Here it comes ... uhhhhg! Oh godd! Oh godd! Yeah! Yeah! I'm cumming!" George said and I hoped nobody was listening at the door. The A380 was such a quiet plane: the engines were quiet but were still audible, but not overly so.

The big cock in me spasmed and pumped the next load into me: 10 spurts. George picked up speed again and within seconds he shot his third load into me: about 9 spurts. "Ahhhh! You're killing me! I've never had orgasms like this! Oh fuck!"

George picked up speed and prepared to shoot his fourth volley of cum into me: 8 spurts.

My dear godd! Even Luigi would hardly keep up with this, I thought. This man was a master, that's for sure.

While he was cumming the fourth round George was jacking my cock and as the last of his spurts was pumped into me, I lost it and shot a big wad of cum against the toilet lid. It ran down in streams - thick white cum. I came a lot: it must have been around 9 spurts. It really was a lot.

George pulled me in the upright position and clung to me. "Oh fuck! I have to see you again! I have family in Cape Town whom I have to visit. Please tell me you live in Cape Town!"

"No, not in Cape Town but in Stellenbosch where ..."

"You're kidding! I only said Cape Town but actually my brother lives in Stellenbosch! He's a civil engineer! No! Really? I have to have your details! I have to see you again! Where are you staying in London? I have a flat in Soho. I'd love to see you. My next flight is only on Wednesday. I hope you could make it ...? Would you even LIKE to see me again after this?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd just love to see you again! We're staying in a hotel not too far from Harrods. If you give me your cell number I'll let you know if and when I'd be able to get away. Yes, I want to see and taste and feel you again, please! And when you come to see your brother, I want it to happen again, please!"

"Oh fuck! My brother wants me to join him. I'm a qualified civil engineer myself and just wanted to do this for a while to see the world and make some money. Now I have a reason to consider it! Small world!"

"Yes, it would be great, but you and I need to talk. My life is very complicated ..."

"Say no more. I don't want to add complications - I want to add pleasure and release and relaxation. That's what I do. I'm not going to break you up with your lovers - both of them ..."

"There are actually 7 of them ... sometimes more ..."

"What? You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not. I told you it's complicated but yes, I want to see you as often as I could, please! Your cock and you are too wonderful to pass up. Before we go, I need to see your naked body and your feet ... please?"

"My hairy body is a turn on for you? And feet too? I'm very hairy as you might have picked up and I have big feet. I think they're nice. Let me show you. I'm pulling out now, OK? If you don't want to make a big mess in here, clench! You have a lot of cum in you now!"

George pulled out slowly and when the huge cockhead passed over my sensitive prostate, my cock twitched ... my godd! A first for me! I clenched and yes, it was a lot of cum in me. I turned around and sat on the commode.

He unbuttoned his shirt and I gasped. He had the perfect body and it was covered in pitch-black hair. I put my hand on it and it felt like silk. My godd! He held onto my shoulder and put his one foot in my lap so I could take off his shoe. I untied the shoelace and pulled his shoe off. The most wonderful manly odour wafted from his foot. I was in foot heaven! I pulled the sock off and gasped. They were as beautiful as Luigi's feet, but much bigger. There was also a lot of hair on his feet, even more than on Pierre's feet. His toes were perfectly shaped with lots of black hair on them. The second toe was considerably longer than the big toe. His foot was exceptional in every way. I lifted up his foot and kissed it.

"Ahhh! A foot worshipper! Thanks! You've made my day - in more ways than one!"

I pulled him closer and took the big rubbery cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. It tasted divine and the sheer size in my mouth was intoxicating. It was growing hard again.

"One last time in your mouth, please? I don't know if and when I see you again ... please? One more time?"

I just kept on sucking and soon he was rock-hard again. I jacked the immense shaft outside my mouth and felt the huge cockhead growing bigger and harder. The precum flowed in a constant stream again.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! You're a good sucker! I love that! Not many guys can do what you do! Oh fuck! Yess ... yess! I'm getting there ... here it comes ... Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck yes! Hnngghhhnnn!" George moaned and the fifth load of the night was shot into my mouth. It was a lot! I clenched my hole involuntarily as I knew that much, much more cum was shot in my hole! I swallowed eagerly and marvelled at the taste of the man's cum. It tasted totally different from any cum I've tasted before, but it was nice and creamy and nice - it was fucking nice!

"Sensitive ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Stop please! Hnnnghhhg!"

I just held the cock in my mouth and waited for the last flow of cum from the big softening cock to flow into my mouth. It was a wonderful experience altogether, beginning to end.

George pulled me up and off his cock and took me into his arms. He kissed my cum-filled mouth just as I was starting to swallow. He sucked the last of his cum from my mouth and kissed me with so much tenderness and care, I liked him even more. He was a nice guy! He just happened to have an enormous cock and shoot huge loads.

"Come, let's get dressed and then exchange addresses and phone numbers. Come!"

I took some paper towels and cleaned up my mess on the toilet lid and chucked the towels in the toilet.

I sat down again and took George's foot and put the sock on, then the shoe and tied the shoelace. We dressed and he took me in his arms again.

"Fuck! I just knew it when I saw you that you'd be a good one to get to know. Now just look at it!" He kissed me again and opened the door gingerly. He looked outside but the area was deserted. "Come!"

In the kitchen we exchanged details and he gave me a peck again. "Go, get some sleep. It's almost a quarter to one. I was supposed to be in bed by now. Thanks Anton! Sleep well. Is there anything from the kitchen you'd like?"

"A Coke please?"

"Coming up!"

"Thanks George! Now I'm expecting an email from you soon, with some pictures ... erm ... you know! And when you're in South Africa, please call me. I'll see what I can do before Wednesday. Perhaps we could do it again? I'd love that. It was an experience to remember - my godd! You're big! And sexy. And hairy. And hung. And overall you're a nice human being who knows how to kiss! I'd love to be in bed with you! Hopefully before Wednesday?" I said and kissed the tall hairy Greek man who put his arms around me and hugged me.

"George ... oh, I see you have company! Sorry!" another flight attendant said who appeared from the aft section.

"No, it's just my relative leaving. We've just found out we're related: grandfathers were cousins and fought in the war. OK Anton, I'll be in contact! Sleep well! See you in the morning. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight! Thanks for the Coke!"


Back in my seat I looked at the face of my darling man Luigi. He was fast asleep. I looked over at Pierre and he too was fast asleep. I checked on André behind me: also fast asleep. It would appear they were all asleep. I checked the time on my iPhone: 00:50. I had to get some shut-eye otherwise I'd be a babbling idiot when we landed at Heathrow.

I settled in and pushed the partition between Luigi's and my seats/beds out of the way and lied down close to him. My hole was filled with lots of cum ... ahhh! My life was full of surprises! But sleeping in denims wasn't my favourite and we had to make do. I took Luigi's beautiful hairy hand in mine and held it close to my chest. I kissed it and drifted off to sleep ... London, here we come!

= To be continued =



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