Pierre was one of those guys you just had to like. He was a real hung hunk with a beautifully sculpted hairy body. His cock was one to behold: at 33cm it was really big, uncut, very thick, veiny, a very big head, it curved upwards, enormous amounts of precum and he shot multiple HUGE cumloads in quick succession. Everything wet dreams are made of, plus he was sexy, he had a quirky sense of humour and he was a lover and kisser of note. After Luigi, he was an easy second choice! I loved my ‘boertjie’ very much.

[‘Boertjie’ = endearing Afrikaans name for a young white Afrikaner, but is sometimes used in a derogatory way by certain negative elements in South Africa]

Of course, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my man’s libido, and him sleeping behind me had only one certainty: he was going to fuck me – finish en klaar! And so it was. During the night his huge amount of precum trickled onto my thigh and the enormous cockhead rubbed it over my hole. I was so used to be fucked by someone during the night that I inadvertently lifted my top leg and pushed back. Pierre was also adept at getting his huge cock into me sliding in on his precum. So, before the night had progressed beyond 3 am, Pierre’s deliciously big cock was in me. I groaned and pushed back to get the whole cock into me.

In front of me Luigi stirred and pushed his big cock between my legs, right up to Pierre’s cock in my hole. Luigi’s precum leaked out and added to Pierre’s precum on which it was sliding in and out of me.

I leaned forward and kissed Luigi and Pierre pulled him tight to me.

“*Mio caro ragazzo! Ti amo tanto (My darling boy! I love you so much)!*” Luigi whispered with his lips on mine.

“*Ti amo troppo il mio sexy amante italiano (I love you too my sexy Italian lover)!*” I answered and kissed my man while Pierre’s huge cock slid home. Pierre pushed deep into me and pulled Luigi close to me again. This had all the beginnings of a ménage a trois!

“*Lift your left leg up too. I want to push in as well mio caro!*” Luigi whispered and lifted his body slightly so my left leg could be pushed up, exposing my hole for him to enter as well. His cock was sopping wet and after the third attempt and with me guiding his cockhead into me, it slipped in. Oh fuck! At 29cm, his veiny, uncut, thick cock that was as straight as an arrow was sliding in against Pierre’s cock, now balls-deep in me.

I gasped because everytime these two darling men double-fucked me, it was a memorable affair. Their cocks were big and I loved them both very much. Despite all the other men who fucked me, the two men in me at that moment were my favourites and the men I loved most dearly.

Yes, yes, yes! I know! I loved Giovanni too – who couldn’t? – and I loved Clive – what’s not to like? – but the two men fucking me were top-notch in every respect. And yes, I loved my brother, I loved my Dad, I loved Juan, I loved Gunther, I loved Johann and some of the others to some extent, but Luigi was a perfect human being. His exquisitely beautiful face, his kissable lips, his black eyebrows, his clefted chin, his enormous beautiful hands, his hairy body, his incredibly nice feet and of course his cock … oh fuck! With its multiple HUGE cumloads, there was little choice.

Pierre and Luigi fucked me slowly and with determination to satisfy me. To satisfy me? My godd! I was as satisfied as could be!

“*Ant, you do know I love you very much. And fucking you is just the best thing ever! I love you my darling*!” ‘My darling’! My man does love me! He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head and kissed him the best way I could at such an awkward angle. Luigi joined in and the three of us were kissing each other much better while their cocks were slowly pistoning in and out of me.

My own cock was trapped between Luigi’s hairy tummy and mine, and it was leaking one hell of a lot of precum onto our tummies. I was already feeling my orgasm boiling in my loins … fuck! What an experience to have these two hung hunks fucking me!

Pierre leaned over some more and grabbed Luigi’s head and pulled him closer. “*You fucking Ita! Do you know how much I love you too? You're the devil reincarnated but fuck, I love you!*” He kissed Luigi and it was clear there was a lot of spit being exchanged between their mouths. Both of them were groaning.

“*Pee-AIR, you should know I love you too. You’re the brother I’ve always dreamed about. And sharing Antonio with you is like sharing my best shirt with you. Ahhh! Oh cazzo (Oh fuck)! I’m about to cum!*” Luigi whispered and fucked me with long, deep thrusts. His cock rubbing against Pierre’s enormous cock felt great and I too was teetering on the verge of cumming. 

“*I’m going to cum guys! Oh godd! I’m cumming!*” I whispered and felt the first of my cum churning in my loins.

I felt both cocks were getting harder and my men were breathing faster and deeper. They too were on the verge of shooting their loads.

I felt the first dribble of cum shooting out my piss slit when Luigi started to kiss me like a man possessed: he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and growled like a tiger.

Behind me Pierre was starting to tremble and he made deep guttural noises as he bit me lightly in my neck. He too was starting to cum.

The three of us shot our loads almost simultaneously, without making much of a noise. I was worried that Giovanni and Clive would wake up, what with all the shenanigans that were going on in our bed.

However, the three of us were charged to a point that very little was required to do for us to shoot our loads. I made a monumental mess between Luigi and me, and the two of them shot their huge loads deep inside me. But, both were multiple cummers so they just continued fucking me and within seconds, both of them shot their second rounds of cum into me. Ahhh! Oh godd! What a wonderful experience once again.

My two men held me tight against their bodies and their cocks twitched in my hole. They were still big and hard and I could feel they’ve dumped a substantial amount of cum into me. My own load was big and it really made a huge mess between Luigi and me.

“*Let’s just let it dry by itself. We can’t do anything about your cum now. OK mio caro?*” I just nodded, knowing the dried cum would glue us together, making the parting later rather painful as our chest and tummy hair would be glued together. We didn’t have a towel at hand and we didn’t want to wake up Clive and Giovanni. ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’!

Pierre was kissing my neck and hugging me tight to him while his cock was still twitching in me. I knew given half a chance, he’d cum another round.

As I was catching my breath, I had my left hand under Luigi’s face, caressing his cheek and with my right hand I was stroking Pierre’s hairy thigh and hip, pulling him closer to me. He responded by twitching his cock in me, and pushing deeper into me.

“*Thanks Ant! You’re the air that I breathe! I fucking love you my darling!*”

“*Thank you too my man! And yes, I fucking love you too! My darling … hmmmm! I like that!*”

“*Just don’t forget the fact that I’m the alpha male here and that this beautiful creature is mine first, OK?*” Luigi said and touched my face and then Pierre’s cheek. Luigi’s cock too was hard and still twitching. He too would cum again, given half a chance. But his demeanour when it came to Pierre – and Clive and Giovanni to a large extent – was one of brotherly love. Pierre was just that kind of person: you wanted to love him.

“*Shhh Alpha Male! Let’s get some shut eye before the hordes awaken!*”

It was clear they had no intention of pulling out, so I stayed in the position with my thighs on either side of Luigi’s body, their cocks still lodged deep inside me, my legs pulled up and around Luigi’s warm hairy body.

I was still thinking about my luck … I was a goner. Hmmmm! My two favourite men with me, in me, hugging me …


“Wake up, you sex perverts! My godd! Juan, come and have a look at your darling boy! Tied to both the men, like dogs in heat! Sheez baby bro! And smell the stench of sex that emanates from this bed! It could fog up someone’s reading glasses!”

“André, keep quiet! Just look at that hard cock between your legs! And you’re pointing fingers!” Pierre said and stretched out behind me, pushing his big rubbery cock deep into me. “Hhnnnnnngggghhh! My godd, this was a night to remember! Hmmmmm!” Pierre said and pulled me tight against him, his trimmed beard stubble on my cheek. “I could have you for breakfast my darling Ant! What do you say Ita? Ita! Wake up! What time is it?”

“’My darling’ … argh! Please, out of the way! I want to go vomit! Such crude words so early in the morning! Sheez man! And it’s not even 7 o’clock!” André said and pretended to be nauseated.

“I am awake Pee-AIR! Hmmmm! Your cock feels great against mine! Yes, I could also have our darling boy for breakfast! Buongiorno tesoro (Good morning my darling)! Avete dormito bene (Did you sleep well)? Ahhhh! Ti amo molto (I love you very much)!” Luigi said and pulled me tight to him, pushing his big rubbery cock deeper into me.

“Enough with the Italian so early in the morning! Sheez Ita! My ears!” Pierre complained and gave Luigi’s head a playful swipe.

I smelled my cum that I pumped out between myself and Luigi. It had hardened to some extent and glued some of our chest hair together. And there was a damn pong! The semen had time to ‘incubate’ and it had a strong odour.

“Ouch! Our hair is stuck! You came a lot mio caro! Ouch!”

Eina, donner (Ouch, fuck!)! I didn’t know my cum would be such good glue … ahhhh!” I moaned as Luigi pulled back to disentangle us. It worked, and only the odd hair here and there was still glued to the other body.

Giovanni stretched out behind Pierre and put his hand around Pierre’s waist. “Oh dear fuck! You're busy fucking our boy! Clive! They’re fucking Ant! And nobody said a word! How did this even happen?”

Clive rolled closer and put his hand on Luigi’s chest and felt my leg right around Luigi’s waist. “No! I thought I was the sexual deviant here, but the two of you! Hell no! André, where is your iPhone! Call your Dad!”

“Dear godd! What a lot of sex perverts! Yes, I’m calling my Dad! Now!” André said but was pushed on top of us: Johann, who else! He ended on top of us and all three of us pulled him closer and kissed him.

“Sexual harassment! Call 911! Oh dear fuck! The smell … it smells like a fish died in here! Argh!” André pretended to be miserable, but his hands were all over our faces, our necks, and down between our bodies until he got hold of my rock-hard cock – I was sopping wet. “Baby bro, this dong is now officially my favourite toy! Hmmm! I loved it when you fucked me! Juan’s cock is just that much too big … you hear that you ogre? My baby bro’s cock is now my official favourite!” André called out to Juan in the other bed.

André was lying on top of us with his full weight and he pushed his face into the clump of male faces in front of him. He got a kiss to remember from the three of us.

“Yow!” André said as someone smacked him on his bare bottom. Johann again. “Why are you doing that to me? Do you hate me now? Sob! Sob! I’m calling my Dad! You’re so mean to me!”

Johann got onto the bed on his knees and pulled André off us. “Behave, you delinquent!”

“And who pushed me on the bed?”

“Semantics! Come here and feel what I have in store for you! A bigger one than your ‘baby bro’s’ cock. So how about it? Can Gunther and I have a double? Hmmmm?” Johann said holding André around his chest and holding my brother’s hard cock in the other hand. “Hmmmm! A nice hard one, but mine is bigger! Gunther, want to have a piece of this nice fine ass?”

“You wouldn’t dare! I’m calling my Dad! Juan, help me! They want to rape me!”

Luigi and Pierre – both multiple cummers – slowly fucked me. I still had their loads in me they pumped into me during the night, but I could never say ‘no’ to my hung hunks!

“*I’m not far from cumming. How are you doing Pee-AIR?*” Luigi whispered as he gently pushed his cock into me.

“*Same here! Is it OK if we cum now Ant, my darling?*”

“*Yes please! I don’t know how much time Johann is buying us! Yes cum please!*” I said and felt my own orgasm boiling up, what with the two big cocks in me! Hmmmm!

“Would you believe these two sex doggs are fucking our boy again! Just … just look at that, and all this whispering! Clive, you and I are the yard doggs here! We’re pushed aside like last week’s newspaper! Ant, don’t you love us anymore? Or have these two deviants taken advantage of your innocence?” Giovanni said and gave Pierre’s butt a playful smack.

“Watch it! I’m a multiple cummer and could easily continue inside you! Feel like having a 33cm cock in you, pumping you full of cum?” Pierre said, groping Giovanni’s cock. “Sheez! That thing needs to be licensed, especially if you’re going out in public! Man oh man! What a damn dong! And so fucking wet!”

“And so is this one behind me! Clive, that thing of yours is just as illegal as Giovanni’s huge cock!” Luigi said as he palmed Clive’s enormous cock. “Be careful where you put it! It’s NOT going anywhere close to my hole! Forget it!”

“Yes, and I wonder whose big 33cm cock is in our boy right now? Hmmm?” Clive said and gave Pierre’s head a playful swipe.

“Hey, hey, hey! We’re busy with serious love-making here! Let us be! Ant, please tell them to leave us in peace! I have 30ml of Malan baby batter I want to pump into you, and it’s far from useless. Clive, you’ll get your turn!”

“Fuck yeah right! As soon as you two are done, Giovanni and I want in, right Gio?” Clive said and crawled in tightly behind Luigi.

Mio caro, OK with you? I’m about to cum. Would you allow Clive and Gio a round? Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhh!” Luigi put in.

“Yes, of course! How can I exclude them? I love them too!” I said and Giovanni cheered.

“Yes! I knew he couldn’t resist my spectacular Italian charm and good looks and big cock! Clive, are you ready?”

“As ready as can be!”

“Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh godd! Yes! Ahhhhhhh! Oh dear boy! Yes! I’m cumming! Luigi, cum with me!” Pierre said as he slammed his cock into me with quick thrusts.

“Right on your heels Pee-AIR! I'm cumming too! Mio caro! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh cazzo! Yes! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Luigi was swearing as he too slammed his big cock deep into me.

The two cocks in me twitched, the men groaned and I felt how they pumped their big loads into me. Their cum they pumped into me earlier was still there but my men were about to pump even more into me.

Luigi kissed me and Pierre had his head in the crook of my neck, clinging to me. They both pushed in deep and I felt how the two cocks pumped their next loads into me. Given half a chance, both would continue for a next round but Clive and Giovanni were ready to take their places and ‘do the nasty’ to me.

“Finished? Done? Now get out and let us in! Horse-dick man, pull out now!” Clive put in and moved closer. Both the cocks in me were still twitching and pumped the last of their cum into me.

“Ahhh! Ok fuck! This is so wonderful again! But Clive, you might be a devastatingly attractive man with an equally impressive cock, but give us a chance to finalise this act of pure love! Sheez man!” Pierre said and pushed in as deep as his 33cm cock would go, and held still. He shuddered as his orgasm bubbled up one last time and the last of his cum dribbled into me.

“I’m bursting with a cumload of note here! And you’re not playing fair! It’s clear you’ve had our boy for most of the night and just now you’ve had another round. Sheez man! Move it please so Clive and I could get a chance! Please Ant?” Giovanni said and also moved closer.

“Let’s get out and let them in, Pee-AIR. Ahh! This was a wonderful way to wake up mio caro!” Luigi said and started to pull out.

“Yes, let’s get out before the squealing of these two bush pigs gets too much! Ant, clench! There is one hell of a lot of cum in you now! I’m pulling out too!” Pierre said. His huge cock was about to vacate my hole when Luigi’s cock slipped out. Oh godd! I felt some of the cum leaking out … fuck!

Pierre held me tight to him and said: “It’s almost out … ahhh! Yes!” Pierre said, and his cock was out too. Some more cum leaked out. We’re making another mess of the bed linen … John would have to take care of it again.

Pierre rolled onto his back with his enormous wet cock on his tummy, reaching way beyond his belly button. Luigi still held me in his arms and had his face close to mine. “Ti amo mio caro! You’re phenomenal!”

Clive moved over and lied down next to us, stroking his enormous 33cm cock. “I’ve put some KY on, just in case. Ant, please come sit on my cock?”

Luigi let go of me and I rolled over and on top of Clive, feeling his huge cock. “I fucking love you Ant!” He put his left arm around my shoulders and hugged me close to him.

“I love you too my sexy Pommie man!”

“Sit on me please?”

I moved up and felt the huge cock between my legs. I took the immense wet shaft in my one hand and aimed it at my hole. After having had Luigi and Pierre in me, it should be easy, I thought. Clive’s huge cock was super hard and very thick. I groaned as the huge head pierced my hole and started to slide into me.

Giovanni was already straddling Clive’s legs with his big Italian cock pushing against my butt. He was in a hurry to get in too. I put a hand out and felt it was sopping wet too. I pulled it closer and he obliged, aiming his big cockhead at my hole.

Clive’s huge cockhead was now scraping over my prostate as Giovanni’s cockhead pushed in … ahhh! Oh fuck! The boys were very hot and very hard! It felt bigger than the two I’ve just had in me.


The fucking was out of this world and the two men fucked me with abandon – both were randy and hard, of course, but it was clear they both loved me very much. And they voiced it too: “Ant, I know we’re the newcomers here but fuck, I love you!” Giovanni said and fucked me hard and deep.

Soon both of them shot their loads in me. Giovanni collapsed on top of me and clung to me.

Clive pulled me close to him and holding my head between his hands, he said: “Bhoorkie, I fucking love you, you hear? Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to live with you and make love to you on a daily basis. Want me to suck you dry?” He lifted his mouth and kissed me.

['Bhoorkie' = 'boertjie', endearing word for a young white farmer - see earlier]

“No, fuck you, Pommie! If anyone gets to suck off my baby bro, it’s me! I’m the first born and …”

“… and you have rights! You delinquent! We know that! OK, come and please our boy!” Clive said and pushed me in an upright position. My cock was rock hard and sopping wet. I was teetering on the verge of orgasm and the two cocks in me were pulsating as I clenched my hole over them. I was looking forward to feel André’s mouth on my cock. He was an ace cocksucker and the fact that I loved him just added to the mix.

“Excuse me Luigi. Excuse me, sexy hunk coming through! Watch it!” André said as he clambered onto the bed to position himself over Clive’s head. Clive was in his element and grabbed André’s cock and balls. “Careful there! You’re handling the Le Roux Crown Jewels now! The family’s pride and joy, the prime production facility for semen of note! Ahh! Fuck, you’ve fucked up a stink in this bed! Sheez!”

Clive opened his mouth and took André’s balls in his mouth and gently sucked them. His big cock was hard and wet and the precum was leaking onto Clive’s chest.

I still had both Clive and Giovanni’s cocks in me, and Giovanni hugged me close to his chest. He kissed my cheek and whispered sweet Italian nothings in my ear. This Italian hung hunk didn’t fall off the turnip truck the previous day: he knew what he wanted and it was also clear he loved me big time. Well, the feeling was mutual. What’s not to like?

André leaned forward to take my cock in his mouth. He licked my cockhead and groaned when he tasted my copious amount of precum leaking onto Clive’s hairy chest. He sucked the head in and I gasped when I felt the warmth of André’s mouth. He knew how to suck cocks, having practised on me for years.

Juan, Johann and Gunther were all standing next to the bed, jacking their big hard cocks. They even ‘gave each other a hand’ from time to time. Given half a chance, they all would’ve fucked me on the spot.

André lifted his lower body to get better access to my cock. Clive caught on and pushed André’s cock into his mouth.

“Hmmmmm! Argh! Ugh! Hmmm!” was all André could get out with my cock in his mouth. It was clear Clive was hitting the right buttons and André loved getting sucked – more than he enjoyed getting fucked.

My own cock was sliding deeper into André’s mouth and I gasped and squeezed Giovanni’s hand around my chest and stroked André’s head with my other hand.

I wasn’t going to last … fuck!

And then it happened! As my cockhead slipped into André’s throat, my orgasm boiled over and I shot a load of note into my brother’s throat. He pulled my cock back into his mouth and I felt like I was soaring through the heavens as the rest of my big load shot into his mouth. Spurt after spurt burst into André’s mouth.

Then André growled and I knew he was pumping his cum into Clive’s mouth. The Pommie got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste my brother while he was pumping his huge load into Clive’s mouth.

André let go of my cock and lifted his butt up to pull his cock from Clive’s mouth. The two of us have shot our loads at the same time and were on a high.

André lifted up and kissed me, giving me a bit of my load. I hungrily sucked it from his mouth and kissed him.

“Want my load my boy? Here it is …!” Juan said as he stepped closer with his big cock in his hand. It was big and hard and wet and Juan was trembling in anticipation of having his cock in my mouth.

“Yes! Give it to me!” I reached for Juan’s cock and took it into my mouth. As it entered my mouth, the first small jet of cum hit me on the back of my tongue. The head slipped in deeper and the second, much bigger load of cum shot into my mouth. My man shot a big load. I remembered the first time he did that on the farm, and how impressed I was. I was still impressed: this man was a lover of note.

Juan was standing on his knees with his knees between Luigi’s legs, holding my head in his hands. Ahhh! It tasted wonderful.

“I’m next! Want my load my darling boy?” Johann said and pushed in next to Juan. Juan pulled his softening cock from my mouth and made way for Johann.

Johann’s big cock that always remained rubbery was pushed in front of me.

Giovanni started fucking me again … the shenanigans happening in front of him was too much! He was ready to cum again.

“*Sorry Ant! OK if I pump another round into you*?” he asked in my ear.

“*Yes, give it to me*!” I said to Giovanni and opened my mouth to take Johann’s cock in my mouth. Johann too was very close to cumming when his cock entered my mouth, and no sooner was his cock in my mouth, when he started to pump his big load into me. Fuck! What a nice taste and experience!

Giovanni was already approaching his next orgasm and while I still had Johann’s cock in my mouth, Giovanni shot his load into me and held still. Fuck! What an entanglement!

“Gio, please pull out! I want to shoot inside our boy!” Gunther said flatly and moved in next to Giovanni. “I want in, please?”

“OK Jerry! Ahhh! This was a wonderful experience. Ant, you’re the best thing that has happened to us! You’re a master of getting us worked up. Thanks! Let me pull out so the Jerry could get in,” Giovanni said and kissed my cheek.

Johann pulled his cock from my mouth and sat down on the edge of the bed on his haunches. His big cock was still leaking some cum and added to the mess we’ve made of the bed linen.

No sooner was Giovanni’s cock out and had he moved out of the way, when Gunther aimed his big 29,5cm thick uncut cock at my hole and pushed forward. I felt the big head slipping in and sliding in on top of Clive’s enormous cock still in me, but rubbery now.

Ich werde bald aufladen mein Schatz (I will cum soon my darling). Ahhh! This feels so good! You’re so hot and wet inside! Boys, you’ve flooded our boy’s insides!” Gunther said and started fucking me with slow and small thrusts which became faster and bigger. It was clear our German man wasn’t going to last long. “Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh mein Gott (Oh my godd)! Ich spritze ab (I’m cumming)!” Gunther pushed his cock deep into me one last time and held onto my hips. He started to growl and I felt his big cock twitch as it added his load to the big volume of cum in me.

Gunther had his hands on my butt and back and was caressing me. This darling man was so special and I loved him.

“All right then boys and boys! Let’s get going. I’m bursting at the seams! I need to pee and quickly. Get out of our boy and let’s get to the bathroom. I’m sure Anton is flooded with all your cum! Get out Gunther, my love!” Johann said ruffled Gunther’s hair.

The love between Johann and Gunther was special. They loved each other dearly, and on a level beyond sex. They did give each other the occasional blowjobs, but none was prepared to bottom for the other one. For that, they waited until I was available and then mostly they enjoyed it in a team effort. But, they did love each other and it was confirmed when Johann kissed Gunther as he was pulling out of me.

When Gunther’s cock vacated my hole, some more cum leaked out – more reason for John to have the sheets replaced. I started to lift off Clive’s enormous cock in me that was rock-hard again, but he held onto my hips and pleaded with his eyes when I looked at him with a question mark on my face.

“Once more please Antonio? Please? I’ll be quick! I’m so charged up again I have to cum another round! Please my man?”

“You sex pervert, Pommie man! My brother needs his rest. Men, you’re a bunch of sex perverts! I’m calling my Dad! This is too much!” André ranted and gave Clive’s head a playful swipe.

“Oww! OK Antonio? Please my man?”

I leaned forward and kissed the sexy hung hunk of note and felt his huge 33cm cock in me pulsating in anticipation to fuck me again. His lips were so soft and the kiss wasn’t only sexually charged – this man had fallen hook, line and sinker for me. But I had to concur: I liked him a lot, bordering on love for this extremely nice man. I did love him, but it was in an embryonic stage, but I was sure he too would’ve become a real love.

I looked into Clive’s eyes and I knew: this was way beyond a sexual infatuation – he loved me, and when his huge cock twitched in me, I knew he was a keeper. Well, we were a big crowd of men and this man was just adding looks, brains and of course sexual prowess to the mix.

“I love you Clive … you’re such a wonderful man …” I said and leaned down to kiss him again.

“The best words I’ve ever heard. Yes! Oh godd yes! I love you too Antonio! You’ve become the most important thing in my life – enough for me to relocate! I’m going to get the ball rolling as soon as I can, while you’re in Germany and Italy,” Clive said and kissed me again.

Most of the others had already gotten up to go into the bathroom.

“Argh! Please! What a lot of nonsense! Your horse-cock is up my brother’s hole and then you tell him you love him! Bah! What a crock full of shit! Baby bro, get off that man! He doesn’t love you – he’s only interested in pushing his huge cock into you … hmmmmff …” André ranted on before Juan put his arm around his head, clamping his hand over my brother’s mouth.

“Let them be my boy! Come, let’s get to the bathroom. I want to have a piss sword fight with you. Come!” Juan said and pulled André away from the bed.

Gunther and Johann have also left, and Giovanni, Luigi and Pierre got up from the bed leaving me on top of Clive.

“As I was saying, I sincerely love you Antonio! This is not just because of where my cock is right now, but I feel a connection with you. You have a big place in my heart. Thanks for allowing me to fuck you with my big cock! In the past, I was reverted to a damn hand-job when other boys ran away when they saw my cock. Thanks,” Clive said and kissed me again. When he raised up to meet my lips with his, his cock twitched and it was clear he wasn’t soft in the least. "One last round please?"

“OK, a quick next round? Could you cum in the next minute?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yes! Yes! You’re an angel sent from heaven!” Clive said and already started fucking me again. His cock was hard and big and the vast volume of cum in me made for an easy fuck.

“I’m about to cum again Ant! Oh fuck, yes! You’re a dream come true! Ahhhh! Ugh! Yes! Yes! Yessss!” Clive said and I felt it starting to spasm in me again. This hung man was a fucker of note and a nice guy. My heart felt so proud to have him in my life.

Clive pushed his big cock in me and pulled me down on top of him, kissing me. His cock twitched as he pumped his cum into me.

“I fucking love you Ant! I love you!”

“And I love you too! Come, I need to get to a toilet now! You’ve pumped one hell of a lot of cum into me and I need to pee. Thanks for a wonderful love-making … yes, it was making love to me, not just fucking. The way you guys do it, it’s never just sex. Thanks for that. Come my beautiful hung hunk!” I said and started to sit upright to get the huge cock out of me and for us to get to the bathroom.

“Yes, it’s meant to be lovemaking. Careful now! There is a lot of cum on the bed already. Try not to let more leak out. I’m sure you’re filled to the brim. Clench when you pull off … ahhh! Oh fuck! What a wonderful experience to be inside you!” Clive said and held his breath as his cock slid out of me.

When the huge cockhead slipped out, only a small amount of cum dribbled out on Clive’s balls. I thought it wasn’t a lot, but when I moved to the side, I saw it was a considerable amount.

“Don’t worry about that. The sheets are fucked in any case, so don’t worry,” Clive said and pulled my face down to him to kiss me again. “I fucking love you!”

I touched his huge cock on his tummy and still couldn’t believe that huge cock was in me and gave me so much pleasure.

“You like it, don’t you?” Clive said and pinched my cheek.

“What’s not to like? I love it and I love having it in me. I just can’t believe that such a huge cock could give me so much pleasure!” I said.

We got up from the bed and Clive pulled me into a hug, putting his chin on my head, hugging me tight to him. His big cock was pushing into my tummy and I gasped. I loved this man, finish en klaar.

“Ant, I love you my darling!”

Another ‘my darling’ – my godd!


Our ablutions were fairly without too many shenanigans, but of course with Johann and my brother in the mix, things did get out of hand at times … or rather, IN hand!

When I entered, most of the guys have been to the toilet to pee and Clive and I stood next to each other to relieve us.

“Please hurry up my man! I need to sit down! You guys have pumped an enormous amount of cum into me! Ahhhh!” I said and let my urine stream cross Clive’s stream. The two streams of urine were slightly straw-coloured and they were big, thick streams. Nothing wrong with our prostates!

As soon as Clive squeezed the last of his pee out, I moved to sit down on the commode. The huge cock was still dangling in front of me and without thinking, I opened my mouth and took the wet cock in my mouth. My fuck! It might sound yucky to other people, but the drop of urine actually tasted … different, but not yucky. Clive’s cock entered my mouth and because it was between soft and being very rubbery, the head proceeded straight down my throat. My godd! I could suck him off right there and then …

The cock in my mouth started to get hard and pushed deep into my throat … and then André saw us.

“My godd! Get a room! We’re civilised people here! Just look at you, after fucking for hours on end! Sheez baby bro! I’m calling MY Dad! He’ll sort you out! What a disgrace!” André put in and gave Clive’s back a playful slap.

As Clive pulled his huge cock from my throat and my mouth, the cum in my rectum started to flow out into the water in the toilet. It was a lot! Unbelievable! I’ve had at least 7 loads in me and knowing my men, they were big loads!

“Just listen to that! It sounds like a waterfall!” André ranted on until Johann grabbed him in a head-clamp and pulled him into the shower.

“Behave you delinquent! Let your brother be! Next time you want to fuck him, you’d be denied because of your bad behaviour!”

“You’ll never do that to me! I’m calling my Dad!”

“Yes, and tell him what? Behave or I’ll fuck you right here in the shower! Guys, hold him down and let me fuck him!” Johann put in and some of the others played along. It was one big rough and tumble with a lot of protestation from André of course.

They were groping each other in the shower, ruffling hair, making a huge scene of washing each other’s backs. The action between some of them was rather rough. But when I entered the shower, Luigi was the first to pull me into an embrace, kissing me, stroking my face and hugging me close to him. Ahhh! My man!

Once out of the shower, there was a lot of horsing around with towels, tickling the ticklish amongst us (like me!), passing remarks on someone’s hair, the size of some cocks, making a huge issue of some of the boys getting hard again … it never stopped.

This carried on until all of us were washed, shampooed, our teeth brushed and eau de cologne used. Tom Ford was a firm favourite and we decided all of us would use Luigi’s and mine, on the premise that we’d buy some more at the airport on the upcoming Sunday.

Once groomed and ready for the day, we entered the room and the pong of sex was unmistakable. It was clear that a lot of sex was going down in that room. Johann grabbed his under-arm spray and spritzed a few times, some directly on our bed.

I saw the huge cum stains on the sheets. Sheez! The guys were horses when it came to cumming. Well, John will just have to get rid of it and get us clean sheets … again!


We dressed and after checking the weather on my iPhone, I announced we had to dress appropriately for the cold, as it was going to be a very cold day: -5ºC with more promises of snow.

As always, André dressed identically, down to the last detail. When Luigi came back from the bathroom where he tried to wrestle his beautiful curly black hair into submission, he stopped dead in his tracks. André and I were standing right next to each other, with rather angelic expressions on our faces. We didn’t say a word.

Luigi looked us up and down and looked into our eyes. Then he looked into mine and leaned forward and kissed me. “You’ll never be able to hide your love for me! Never in a million years!” He ruffled André’s hair who of course retaliated and messed up Luigi’s hair … again! My man would have to go do it all over again!

There was a knock on the door and I looked at my watch. It was just before 8 o’clock. Ahh! Coffee and croissants?

Clive opened the door and exclaimed: “Here is our favourite bellhop! Come in John! Hmmmm! Just smell that coffee! Come in!”

John pushed the cart with mugs, coffee and trays with croissants in the room and twitched his nose. “Lots of action, I presume?”

“Yes, we didn’t have a choice!” Clive said and ruffled John’s hair.

John looked us up and down.

“So, are you ready to go? All dressed up?”

“Yes, there were some … erm … shenanigans earlier on as you can tell. Things got out of hand and yes, we’ve had a shit, a shower but obviously not a shave. Sorry man! We’ve been fucking like rabbits …” Clive got in.

“No, speak for yourself! YOU’RE the one who was fucking like a rabbit! I got a mere blowjob! Sies man! I’m calling my Dad!” André put in, trying to hide his laughter.

“Jealousy makes you nasty!” Clive said and threw a cushion at André’s head.

“Watch it! There is some fine China in here! Your dad will disinherit you if he had to pay for any breakages!” André said as he caught the cushion.

“So, no action for me this morning?” John said, clearly disappointed. The bellhop had a very big cock which was a marvellous fuck-stick: 32cm, thick and uncut, slightly curving to his left. When I looked at his left hip, I could clearly see the outlines of his big cock.

“Perhaps not what you had in mind, but we could always arrange for you to fuck André …?” Johann put in.

“What? With friends like you, who needs enemies? There would be no fucking this hole! You’re demented Mr Blignaut! You’re certifiable! Sorry John! But my hole is not on the menu!” André said with finality.

“How about Antonio sucks you? Would that be OK?” Pierre said.

“I wanted to fuck him, but you’re all dressed up so snazzy and ready to go … but yes, it would be nice to get a blowjob at least. Antonio?” John said and approached me.

“Any time my man!” I said and put my hand on his crotch. His cock was snaking to the left and made a huge bulge on his hip. This really was a damn nice big cock! When I touched the tip of the bulge, I felt it was wet. The man was a big pre-cummer!

“I’ve been lusting after you since last night! I’m very hot and will cum in seconds. I hope you’re ready for it? You do remember I shoot a huge load?” John said as I was unbuckling his belt.

“Whipped cream served straight into my mouth is a firm favourite!” I said and unzipped John’s pants. When I put my hand inside his pants, the huge cock in his underpants twitched and John groaned.

I squeezed his huge cock and balls, and pulled his pants open. I pushed my hand in behind the elastic of his underpants and once again I marvelled at the sheer size of the huge cock of this skinny white guy.

When I put my fingers around his thick cock, he groaned and put his one hand on my shoulder and his forehead on mine.

“Oh fuck! How I hate it that you’re leaving on Sunday and I have to stay here! I wish I could’ve come with you!” John said.

“Why don’t you move to Cape Town? There are many very good hotels and with your experience, you’ll easily get a job!”

“Are you serious? Really? You need to give me the names of those hotels! I’ve always admired pictures of Cape Town … and with you there … oh fuck! Oh yes! Ahhh!”

I hauled his huge cock out and it jumped free of the underpants. I pushed the skin back and I felt that indeed he was sopping wet. Oh dear godd! How I loved that! Precum is just one of the most wonderful things about another man! I loved it for sure! I milked his cock and some of the precum dripped on the carpet.

“Watch it! I'm making a mess on the carpet!” John said and reached for his cock with his other hand. I beat him to it as I bent down and took his cockhead in my mouth. The immense amount of precum tasted divine and when he pushed forward, the big cockhead slid deep into my mouth.

I sank to my knees and took hold of the big cock in front of me. I pulled the skin forward and opened my throat. I wanted that huge cock in my throat, and that was that! John took my head in his hands and gently pushed forward. I relaxed my throat muscles and opened my throat. On the third attempt, the big cockhead slid into my throat. Oh fuck! I did it! John pushed deeper into my mouth and the big head slipped into my pharynx. I felt his pubic hair on my upper lip and his big balls on my chin. Yes! He was in balls-deep!

But, I had to come up for some air, so I pulled the big cock out of my throat again. I swirled my tongue around the head and up and down the thick shaft. My saliva and John’s huge amount of precum lubed his cock so well that the second entry was easier and he slipped into my throat with no trouble at all. Ahhh! Cock slut!

How I loved a big cock and precum and sucking and getting fucked! I was a whore! I knew it and fuck, I loved it. How could something be wrong when it was what I wanted, what the men around me wanted, when it was something I loved? I loved cock and cum and sucking and fucking and kissing and cuddling and sleeping with a cock up my butt!

I had to pull off John’s cock again for some air and this time I sucked him really good, plus I jacked his cock while the head was in my mouth. It was very easy to do that, as there was at least 25cm of cock outside my mouth – more than enough for my hand to jack him.

“Oh fuck! Antonio, I’m going to cum! You’re making it too good! How I wish I could’ve pumped this load into your hole! Oh fuck!”

“Baby bro, give him what he wants! He’s been such a good bellhop. Pull down your pants and let him fuck you! Yes man, do it!” André said and handed me a tube of KY. Oh fuck! Yes!

The others, including Luigi, urged me on to bend over for John. They all wanted him to fuck me and shoot his load into me.

“Really? Would you do that for me? Oh fuck yes!” John said as I let go of his cock and started to unbuckle my pants. “Yes! I want to cum in you please! Hurry up!”

I dropped my pants and as my pants slipped to my knees, I opened the tube of lube and squirted some out onto John’s waiting fingers and some more on my fingers. I bent over and put the lube on my hole. John was putting the lube on his huge cock and held it ready to impale me.

John moved closer and put his hands on my hips as I turned my butt towards him. Oh fuck yes! I’ve been fucked royally earlier that morning, but here we go, I thought! Some more!

I felt the big cockhead on my hole and John pushed in gently. He was rock-hard and as randy as a goat. He had almost creamed my mouth, so he was on the verge of cumming. But both of us wanted him to be inside me to shoot his load into my gut.

The big cockhead slipped in and John held still.

“You OK Antonio? Can I push in deeper?”

“Yes, I’m fine! Push in and fuck me please! Yes, do it!” I said and pushed back to get more of the 32cm cock into me. It slipped in deeper and as it pushed past my prostate, I groaned and realised once again what a wonderful experience it was to feel a big cock in my hole! I loved it!

Soon John’s cockhead approached the inner sphincter and since he was almost a seasoned fucker by then, he knew the drill: hold still, make the cockhead swell, push in gently and wait for the cock to slip through the obstacle. When his cockhead did slip through the sphincter, both he and I groaned and when he hit rock-bottom, he was yowling. He was very close to cumming!

“Oh fuck! Oh dear godd! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! I'm going to cum right now! I can’t hold it any longer! Fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!” John groaned and fucked me with short deep thrusts. I felt his big cock getting harder and thicker and with one last thrust, he pushed his big cock balls-deep into me and let fly.

John was groaning like a bear as he started to pump his big load into me. And of course, I loved every centimetre of cock in me and every millilitre of cum he pumped into me. He clung to my hips and leaned forward, moving his hands over my chest, pulling me upright. He hugged me and kissed my neck and cheek.

“Oh dear godd! You’ll kill me! This was just insanely nice and powerful and out of this world! Thanks Antonio!”

“You’re welcome! I also liked it a lot!”

“Were you serious about me moving to Cape Town?” John said. André overheard him.

“What? Another stray cat? Baby bro! How many do you actually want to fuck you? Sheez! Enough is enough. No offence John, but every man my brother meets wants to fuck him and my brother wants them to fuck him. Fuck! But, I have to say, a man with such a big and beautiful cock would always be welcome in our circle … but, not for me! The big ones are for Antonio!” Little did we know what was about to happen later that day …

“I’m serious: I’d love to move to Cape Town to work there, but it would be a wonderful experience to know you guys informally and experience this on a regular basis …”

“Fuck! This is the third or fourth time you’ve fucked my brother! You don’t call that ‘regular’?”

“You know what I mean … Antonio is spectacular and I loved every second of having sex with him and you guys. If you wanted me there, I’d easily relocate to Cape Town. Do you …?”

“Yes of course Pommie! Get your butt over there and let the fun begin! Baby bro, his cock is still inside you, so you don’t get to say anything, as your mind is occupied with things of the sensual and sexual world! Guys! What do you say? Do we want John to relocate to Cape Town? Do you want him to become a regular to fuck our ‘baby bro’?” André said looking at the others.

John’s cock was still twitching in me and his fingers were under my shirt, caressing my chest and chest hair. Oh fuck! What a damn nice guy! And his cock was definitely a winner!

“Yes, if he can swing it, why not? Johann? Perhaps you could give him some pointers about good hotels in Cape Town? What about the ones at the Waterfront? Or “The One and Only”? Or “The Nelson”? Pierre said and looked at the others for their approval.

Then I saw it: almost all of them had hard-ons! Given half a chance, they all would’ve fucked me again on the spot!

“I say yes. He’s been such a good bellhop and he isn’t pushy, nor is he obnoxious or dicey. No, if he could get a job, let him come. I’m sure Antonio would love him to fuck him from time to time!” Johann said. “I’ll get his number and email address and send him the details of the hotels. I'm sure he’d easily get a job and yes, he puts many of us to shame with that big cock of his in our boy’s hole …! Fuck! I'm jealous, but not enough to kill him! I’d rather have him on our team! What do you say Luigi?”

“I like John and if mio caro likes what he’s doing right now, I’m supporting the idea of him moving to Cape Town. It would be nice to see and experience him from time to time,” Luigi said.

“Then it’s settled. John, I’ll give you the details as soon as I can, and then it’s up to you. Welcome to South Africa!” Johann said and ruffled John’s hair.

The big cock in me was starting to get rubbery and I felt he pumped a huge lot of cum into me. What a way to start the day: fuelled up and ready to go!

“I’m pulling out now, OK? Clench please! I can’t afford to get any cum on my black pants. Here goes!” John said as he started to pull out. Oh fuck! It was nice and I was sorry to feel him pulling out, but we had a full day ahead of us and John had to get back to reception.

When the big cockhead slipped out of me, I clenched and lo and behold! Not a drop spilled, albeit a big load!

John took his cock in his one hand and grabbed the top of his pants with the other and went into the bathroom to wash up. I did the same and followed him.

“Thanks Antonio! That was more than I thought I’d be getting! Are you sure you’re OK? It did feel as if you’ve been fucked this morning … right?”

“Oh fuck, yes! Almost all of them, and even doubles …”

“Stop it! I have to wrestle this thing back into my pants and talks like that will make me hard again! Oh fuck! This is the ultimate!”

We washed up and I watched in amazement how he wrestled that cock – 7,5cm longer and thicker than mine when hard – back into his underpants and then zip up his pants again. The big cock formed a conspicuous bulge on his left hip.

“Stop looking at it! Just now it will be hard again! Fuck! You’re too much! Thanks Antonio! I’m looking forward to get to know you better and to fuck you on a regular basis! These past few days have been tremendous! Thanks! Come, the coffee is getting cold!”

We went back into the suite where everybody else was having coffee and buttered croissants with strawberry jam. A nice appetizer.

“John, I’m sorry but we need clean bed-linen again …” Pierre said. “Our shenanigans this morning left the sheets in a bad way … Could you … please?”

“Yes, of course! Let me remove them immediately and I’ll arrange to have fresh ones put on,” John said and removed the sheets on our bed. “My godd! You guys must have had a feast! So much cum … wow! Antonio? Yours too?”

“Erm … yes! But most of it is the other guys’ cum leaking from me …” I said, blushing.

“Thanks John! Yes, it’s mostly the other guys’ cum. But, thanks. You’ve been an excellent bellhop and friend and of course … *fucker*!” Pierre said and gave him a hug. “Too bad I'm not a bottom, because I’m sure it must have felt wonderful to have that dong inside me! Hmmm! Just feel that bulge on your hip!”

“Watch it! You’ll make it get hard again! I have to go! I’ll get housekeeping to replace the sheets. The soiled ones go in the chute. Ahhh!” John said as he smelled the sheets. Pig, like all of us! “Thanks Antonio!” John said and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek as I was munching away on a croissant.


After having coffee and croissants, we all bundled out towards the lifts and down to the breakfast room. Once in the room and seated, I noticed Gareth wasn’t there. Clive stood up and clanked a spoon against a glass.

“Gentlemen and … gentlemen! I trust you’ve all had a good night’s rest and are ready for a full day out and about in London. It’s that time of year and some places are closed. But, we have a full programme for you. Gareth got the day off and my Dad put me in charge for today. So, for the ones afraid of big things … to come … now is the time to bail out! So André? Where are you fleeing to?”

Lots of laughter. If you wanted to be the clown, sometimes the others will make fun of you!

“I’m going where my baby bro is going. He needs my protection from all the hazards out there and some that come in the shape of familiar men, but with no good intentions at all! Don’t you worry baby bro, I’m right beside you!”

More laughter. As if I needed protection! And from the men? No, hell no! I wanted them to take advantage of me whenever possible!

Johan, Herman and Morné stood up and went up to Clive and spoke to him. He nodded and called Juan. The five of them chatted and then Juan called Luigi and Gunther. They all chatted and then the Three Musketeers shook hands with the others and went back to their table.

“Boys and boys – do you feel more at home when I use that term, eh André?” Lots of laughter. André put a fist up and put it to his chin, indicating what he’d do to Clive. “Johan, Herman and Morné decided to take up an offer they found at the reception to go to Gstaad in Switzerland for a week. Then they’re doing some traveling in Switzerland, Austria and Germany before flying home. So then, it’s goodbye to the three friends. We hope they will enjoy the trip.”

Johan got up and cleared his throat. “Guys, this is something we’ve been talking about for a long time and when the offer was available from RyanAir here at the reception desk, we jumped at it. We wanted to go skiing in Switzerland. We’ve found new love between us and wanted to pursue it on our own. Please, we want to let you know there is nothing you’ve done wrong. No hard feelings or grudges. The three of us have formed … sort of a pack … and we’re very happy together. We know you guys would understand and we wish you all the luck in the world. The shoots with Boss are mostly over for now, except for Anton and André – congratulations on that. We’re not joining you on the trip for the day as our flight departs at noon. So then, we wanted to say thank you to all of you, especially Clive, and Gareth and Alexander in their absence, and a special word of thanks to Anton and André. Without them, very little of this would’ve been possible. Thanks guys and have a wonderful Christmas. We’ll see each other in Stellenbosch!”

We all cheered and clapped hands. Obviously Johan’s father’s money played a major role, but so be it. They were off to a wonderful country and were going to enjoy it. Plus, if they’re happy together in their ménage a trois, then let them be. I was truly happy for them, but in a sense I was sad to see them go. The odd fuck with Morné’s huge 30cm cock and Herman’s 33cm cock was good, but there were enough big ones left to keep me sated. Bon voyage, boys!

Then Jonathan stood up and said his family wanted him to come home as they haven’t had a family reunion for a very long time. So he had booked a flight that was departing at 1 pm. He thanked Clive and Boss Models, he thanked Gareth and Alexander and he thanked the group. My hole twitched thinking of the enormous 35cm cock he carried around in his pants and what an experience it was to have it in me. But, once again, there were more than enough to keep me happy.


We had a breakfast of note. It was as if the chefs and students had some kind of competition to see who could come up with an even better meal than the previous one. The food was spectacular and I was sure I wouldn’t want to see food before dinner!

By 09:45 Clive stood up and gave us the arrangements for the day. We would have a very leisurely day with a short shoot. We were going on a trip to the O2 Arena, then a trip on the new Emirates Line gondola ride and then off to Greenwich. There was going to be a short shoot in the park at Greenwich, and then we were off to visit the Greenwich Line. The photographers were going to be with us all the way to make the most of the time together in London. It was going to be the last shoot, except for André and I later on at the hotel.

Then we would have a stop over in Soho. I wanted to buy Mom’s fridge magnet and some memorabilia for ourselves: T-shirts and the like, as well as a few Christmas presents for the guys and our hosts-to-be in Germany and Italy.

After our scrumptious breakfast, we went to our rooms to brush our teeth, to get our jackets and scarves and our backpacks.

In our suite Luigi came up to me and took me in his arms. “Mio caro, I really love you. This morning when John was fucking you and I saw how much you enjoyed it, I loved you even more. I know I should be jealous, but I’m not! I know you’re mine and you enjoying the fucking so much, shows me you’re just a human being. I’m a little bit jealous, but it’s nothing. I want you to be happy and enjoy it. I know you’re mine and that you love me more than all of them. Right?”

“My darling beautiful man! Now you know why I love you so very much! Of course the fucking is nice and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it, but it never takes away how I feel about you! Sei il mio numero uno, sempre (You’re my number one, always)! Even though there are a few cocks bigger than yours, your cock was made for me, to fit into me, to make love to me. I never want that to end, ever!” I said and kissed him gently. I felt his cock stir in his pants and he groaned.

“This is the kind of influence you have on all of us! Whenever you’re near, we’re like a bunch of wolves that just wants to fuck! Oh fuck!” Luigi said and readjusted his big cock in his pants.

“Any word from Piero?”

“As a matter of fact, I got a text from him this morning. The boy is hornier than ever and he doesn’t know how he is going to make it for another week before you arrive. The boy is hot for you!” Luigi said and showed me his iPhone.

“I like what I hear about him and what I’ve seen. He is a beautiful boy with an incredibly chiselled body, and of course a huge cock. What’s not to like?” I said and pushed my groin against Luigi’s thigh.

“Ahhh Antonio! I’m afraid you’ll fall madly in love with him when you meet him … he IS incredibly beautiful, he’s intelligent, he has a very big cock and he lives and loves to fuck! I’m amazed he has kept to himself since you arrived on the horizon! He’s been alone since the first contact with you. He is going to fuck you mercilessly, but … but … he is a gentle lover. He’ll never hurt you, but be prepared for up to five rounds of fucking with him at a time. I hope you’ll be able to keep up with him!”

“After all the fucking that happens between the lot here, I’m sure I’d be able to keep up with Piero. And if he falls in love with me, I’m sure I’d fall in love with him too. But, even he can’t take your place – ever!” I didn’t know what was awaiting me in Firenze!

“Come guys and lovey doveys! We have to go. We’re going by bus as most of the public transport is suspended, and we’re not sure which ones are running and which ones not. So, my Dad has arranged our bus driver Luke again. Come guys! Warm clothes! It’s cold out there! Come!” Clive said and opened the door to the passage.

Just as we entered the passage, Jonathan approached us.

“May I say goodbye to Antonio? Please Luigi?” he said.

“Antonio? OK,” Luigi said. I knew what Jonathan wanted and didn’t know if it were even possible, given the time constraints. However, I walked with him to his suite and the second I was in the room, he ripped his pants open and revealed his enormous cock, almost rock-hard.

“Please Antonio! I don’t know when I’ll see you again! I’ve been dying to fuck you the last few days, but it just never panned out. Please let me fuck you! Please?”

His enormous cock was sopping wet already and the long foreskin barely covered the immense head. A large amount of precum formed at the tip of his cock.

“It will have to be extremely quick! The bus is about to arrive!”

I immediately took off my jacket and put it on the chair with my scarf. I unbuttoned my pants and sank to my knees. Oh fuck! What an enormous and beautiful cock this man had. At 35cm it was huge and the fucking I had with it was just incredible. He was very persistent, but he has never done anything against my will.

I took the huge cock in my mouth as I squirted KY on my fingers and lubed up my hole. The precum tasted wonderful and the size of the cock in my mouth was just unbelievable.

“Come, we don’t have much time! Bend over and let me push in please!”

I turned around and bent down, my hands on the unmade bed. Jonathan positioned behind me and put his enormous cockhead onto my hole. He pushed forward and the huge head stretched my hole. But I’ve had some stretching in that department earlier, so the head slipped in fairly easily.

“OK Antonio? May I please take some pictures? I want some jacking off material for later! Perhaps even on the plane tonight!”

“I'm fine. Push in,” I said and pushed back.

Jonathan had his iPhone out and started clicking. He pulled his huge cock out again and took pictures of the immense cock on my hole, ready to enter. I heard the camera App clicking as he entered me.

The huge cock scraped over my prostate and I felt like cumming on the spot. John fucked me before breakfast but I didn’t cum. Now with Jonathan’s huge cock in me, I wanted to cum right there on the spot.

Jonathan pushed in deeper and at the inner sphincter, like the true gentleman and good fucker that he was, he just twitched his cock and gently pushed forward. The immense head slipped through the inner sphincter. There was another 15cm he was about to push into me so I braced myself. I knew the feeling by then: such an immense cock – long and thick – made my hole feel filled to the brim. I held my breath and felt the enormous cock sliding into me all the way. When I felt his huge balls on my butt, I knew he was in, all the way: 35cm of it. 

“Ahhh! It feels like you’re already filled with a big load! Hmmm! My cock in another guy’s cumload! Here we go!”

My godd! When you look on a ruler and see 30cm, it’s almost impossible to realise such a cock could go into your hole, let alone 35cm of big thick cock. But, here was the living proof that it was possible and by godd! It felt good!

“Antonio, I’ve had a hard-on since breakfast and I had to let my shirt out when I was at reception to hide my erection. The last time I have had an orgasm was when Gunther and I fucked you. So, I’m loaded to the rafters, to the gills – my reservoir is filled to the brim and I’m ready to pump it all into you! Ready?” Jonathan said as he pushed his cock in as deep as he could.

“Yes, I’m ready. Usually you shoot big loads, so this one would top them all? More than one for me?”

“Yes, it’s bound to be an enormous load and yes, at least three loads. But you know by now I cum in quick succession, so once I’ve started cumming, I could cum two more times in a matter of 60 seconds. Ready for a nice and memorable quickie?”

“Yes, give it to me!”

Jonathan pulled his cock out all the way and draped it over my crack. The tip reached up to the end of my crack. He took some more pictures of his dark cock on my white butt and then re-entered me. This time he pushed in slowly but didn’t stop at all. He continued until he was in all the way. My godd! What have I done to deserve all this pleasure? This was heaven and I loved it!

Jonathan pulled me up so I was standing in front of him. He put his one hand under my shirt and squeezed my pectorals, and his other hand squeezed my hard cock.

“If I could’ve change anything, the one thing I’d wish for was for you to become my lover, mine, to live with me, to be there for me and for you to let me do this to you 3 times a day and during the night. I still dream of having you to myself for a whole nightlong. Antonio, you’re driving me nuts!”

“I love having sex with you too. You’re a phenomenon and your cock is to die for. I know it’s huge, but you do it in such a way that I want more – you never hurt me. Yes, if it were possible, I’d love to pursue the idea of being your lover …”

“Alexander said I might have to go back to Cape Town in the New Year. I hope I’ll get to see you again. It’s not final but I’ll keep in touch! Now for some serious fucking!”

Jonathan fucked me with long deep thrusts and every time the huge cockhead scraped over my prostate, a little cum leaked from my cock. I grabbed the small towel that was lying on the bed and held it in front of me. I didn’t want all of my precum and cum on my pants.

“I’m going to cum, OK? Did you want to cum too? Yes? Please? I want you to hang on until my second round and then you cum with me on my third round, OK? Ready?”

He fucked me and I heard his breathing change and the low guttural growls made it clear this man was fast approaching orgasm. I braced myself and then I felt it: his cock swelled to gigantic proportions and then I felt him pumping a huge load of cum into John’s pool of cum already in me.

Jonathan continued fucking me and within 20 seconds he growled again as he pumped his second round into me. By then I was about to explode!

“OK, now cum with me! Let’s do it! Just a few thrusts and then I’m shooting my third round into you. Cum please!”

Jonathan put his iPhone on the bed and took my cock in his huge hand and jacked me. After jacking me for 10 seconds I already felt I was approaching orgasm. When the imminent load was accumulating in my loins, I felt Jonathan’s cock starting to twitch and I knew he was about to shoot his third round into me.

“Oh fuck! Ok fuck! Oh godd! Yess! Yess! Yess! Fuck me! Oh godd yes! Fuck me!” shouted and then my cock exploded into the towel. I spasmed and felt my body twitch as the cum spewed from my cock. Jonathan’s cock pumped his third load into me and then he pushed his cock deep into me, holding me tight to his tall body.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! This is what I’m talking about! This is what I want every day! And you’re it! Nobody before you could take it like you do or enjoyed having sex with me. Antonio, you’re the best ever! How I wish I could take you home with me!”

“But I'm spoken for – you know that!”

“Yes, I know but I will never forget you or stop wishing for you to be mine!”

“Come live in Cape Town!”

“Don’t even say that! I’ve thought about it but my family would kill me! And my life is in Toronto, my business is booming. But, let’s see what happens with Boss in the New Year. Ahhh! Oh godd!” Jonathan said and pushed his face in the crook of my neck, hugging me close to him. “How I fucking love you, and where my cock is right now! You’re a dream come true!”

“Thanks Jonathan, but you’ll have to pull out now. I need to clean up and then I have to go. Thanks – this was very unexpected but very pleasurable! Think about Cape Town!” I said and kissed the side of his face. He leaned forward and gave me a lopsided kiss, making his big rubbery cock twitch in me. Oh fuck! What an impressive cock and what a fucking it was!

Jonathan started to withdraw his cock and hugged me to him while he was doing so. I was filled to the gills with John’s and this man’s cum. He shot an immense amount of cum into me and I clenched as he slowly pulled out. When the head approached my hole, I clenched harder and the big rubbery cock popped out. I managed to keep it all inside me.

I sat down on the bed and took his huge cock in my mouth to lick it clean. It was covered in cum and I knew it was his and John’s cum I tasted.

“This is another reason why you’re just perfect! Oh dear godd! I love you Antonio!” Jonathan said and pulled me up to kiss me. He held me tight to his body and I squeezed his still very big but now rubbery cock. It was an enormous schlong, and I loved getting fucked with it. When he and Gunther fucked me a few days earlier, it was a fuck to remember!

“I’d love to keep you here with me, but you have to go and I have to pack. Thanks my beautiful man! I love you and I hope to see you in Cape Town again soon. Happy Christmas and enjoy the trip to Germany and Italy. Hmmmm!” Jonathan said with his sexy lips on mine.

“Thanks! Let me clean up in the bathroom. I have to get going!” I said and pulled my pants up with my one hand and hobbled to the bathroom. The immense load of cum in me was very evident, but I wanted to keep it in me. This was the last of Jonathan’s cum for a long time to come.

Jonathan followed me into the bathroom and we both cleaned up. He wrestled his huge rubber cock into his underwear but I intervened.

“Let me kiss it one last time!” I said and sank to my knees. I pulled the big cock out and sucked the big head into my mouth. It tasted of soap but his groin still had a very masculine odour. He groaned and pushed his rubbery cock deep into my mouth. I opened my throat and the huge head slipped in! Wow!

“This has to end right here, right now! I’d love to, but then you’d be late for your bus! Let go Antonio!”

I let go and stood up. He battled to get his enormous cock back into his underwear and had a real problem zipping up. “Just look what you’ve done, you beautiful sex pervert!”

I put my cock into my underpants and zipped up. I was ready to go.

We walked arms around each other to the door and there he hugged me close to him. I felt his heart beating against me and felt his warm hairy body. I felt his enormous cock pushing against me, not so hard anymore but still very evident.

“I’ll miss you and will think of you. Please stay in touch? I’d love to call you a dear friend and I want to see you again. Take care and congratulations on the new contract with Boss Models. You and André deserve it. They’ll take good care of you and soon you’ll make tons of money. Enjoy Germany and Italy. You’ll love it,” Jonathan said and kissed me.

“You must enjoy your flight and have a nice Christmas with the family. I have to go! Take care and … thanks! You're a master like nobody else!” I said and opened the door.


I rushed down the passage and took the steps instead of the elevator. I ran down two steps at a time and the immense load of cum in me was sloshing around – can it? It felt like it. Fuck! I was such a slut!

When I rounded the corner at reception, the guys were waiting in the lounge area towards the entrance. When I approached them, Johann started clapping hands.

“And here he is gentleman! The man of the moment! So, tell us: was it as memorable as we think it was? Come on! Don’t be shy! We know what kind of ‘goodbye’ that was. How was it?” Johann whispered loudly.

“Yes, baby bro! You're a tramp! After all that went down during the night, you perverts,” André said looking at the four men that shared the bed with me, “and with our bellhop, you still had an appetite for the French/Puerto Rican man with the big gun? I wonder how you manage? Sheez, bro!” He came up to me and asked in a hushed voice, loud enough for almost everybody to hear: “*HOW WAS IT? WAS IT NICE?*”

“I’m fine thanks! Thanks for asking! Yes, it was memorable and he sends his regards, especially for you André! He wanted to say goodbye to you in his own special way, but there was no time for that and we know you're too chicken for that! When is the bus arriving?” I said, changing the subject and sat down next to Luigi.

“You’re so horrible to me! I’m calling Dad!”

Lots of remarks and laughter and Johann even snuck in a quick groping at André’s ‘family jewels’!

“Yow! Watch it! That is the family heirloom you’re messing with! Watch it you horse!” Andre quipped and gave Johann’s head a playful swipe. “Sies man!”

Luigi put his arm around my shoulder and of course, Pierre moved in next to me on the other side, putting his arm around my shoulder as well.

“How are you doing? All OK? Wasn’t it too much? I know it’s huge …” Luigi said and kissed me on the cheek.

“Yes, mine is big but Jonathan is close to a damn horse! How was it? You filled to the gills again I presume?” Pierre put in.

“I’m fine and yes, it’s very big and yes, I’m filled to the gills. He does *cum* a lot but of course it was a rushed job. He is a stallion, no less! But, when is the bus coming?” I said and squeezed both my men’s thighs. My rectum was filled to capacity and I just hoped I would make it to a toilet before it got too much for me. Fuck! Jonathan was a heavy cummer, but I loved every centimetre and every millilitre!

“Oh, OK then. I’m glad you’re OK. Clive said the bus driver is stuck in traffic. Apparently the removal of snow is slowing down the traffic. He should be here any minute now,” Pierre said and hugged me close to him.

And then our trusted bus driver Luke arrived and we bundled out into the cold, into the nice warm bus. The driver was glad to see us, and even greeted some of us by our first names! When André got into the bus, of course he was greeted personally! Who wouldn’t know who he was? And of course Johann! And Luigi because this tall, spectacularly attractive man makes all heads turn, straight or gay. Obviously he knew who Clive was and he even greeted Gunther by name. My Jerry man!

Of course I ended up next to Luigi, and Giovanni beat Pierre to sit on my other side. It was a tight fit but it was nice between the two Italian hunks. Pierre gave Giovanni a playful swipe and growled.

“Listen up guys! We’ll travel to the O2 Arena first. It’s a spectacular venue and right now there is an exhibition of Tutankhamen’s artefacts. Anybody who wants to see that? All of you? Right? Luke, please call my Dad’s office to organise 9 tickets for us. Thanks. Next will be a ride on the Emirates Line gondola. That too please Luke?” Clive said.

“You can use your Oyster cards for the gondola,” Luke said.

“Oh, I didn’t know. Thanks. I’ve been told it is spectacular. After that we’re off to Greenwich. There we’re having a short shoot in the park at Greenwich, and then we are off to visit the Greenwich Line itself. There are maritime museums at Greenwich but I'm not too sure we’ll have time for that or even if they’re open. Oh, Dad sent the photographers to the Emirates Line to take some photos before they’ll go to the park at Greenwich. They’ll start photographing you guys at the gondolas, and of course later on in the garden. Just act naturally and let them do their job. My Dad has his heart set on you South Africans, why I don’t know,” Clive said and a lot of obscenities ensued! “And then again some other nationalities like the Italians and Irish and Germans. You don’t know it yet, but Boss is going to blow this up like you won’t believe. Not to mention the new stint for the twins! OK guys! Sit back and relax. The drive to the Arena would be about 30 minutes, weather and traffic permitting. It’s 10 past 10 now. We should be able to fit all in. Take it away Luke!” Clive sat down and turned around facing us.

“All OK here? Gio, you’re a snake! I wanted to sit next to Ant and look at you now! Ant, are you OK? Is the Ita giving you any trouble? Hmmm? Just tell me and I’ll remove him from this bus!” Clive ranted on and got a playful hair ruffle from Giovanni for his trouble.

“What about me? Poor old me have to sit all alone … sob, sob! How horrible is that?” Pierre put in from behind us. “May I come sit with you Pommie?”

“Yes, of course! At least the two with the biggest cocks on this bus would be sitting together! Come Pierre!” Clive put in.

“And how do you know your cocks are bigger than mine?” Luke piped up.

We gawked at the man who had hardly said a word in 5 days except for greeting us. But after the spectacle in the bus of Herman showing his huge cock, which left Luke all beady-eyed, he did mellow towards us a little. Nobody even gave it a second thought. Luke was at least 45 and of average built. I looked at his hands on the steering wheel of the bus and realised he had big hands.

“What are you saying Luke?” Clive got in. “Are you telling me you have a cock bigger than mine and Pierre’s? We’re both 33cm and thick! How big is yours?”

“I’ll show you because you won’t believe me if I told you. My wife wouldn’t allow me to fuck her for at least a year after we got married. I had to revert to a buddy who is gay who allowed me to fuck him. My wife loves it now, but back in the day I had to be satisfied with hand- and blowjobs. It is at least 35cm and very thick. Wanna see?” Luke said.

“Yes, of course we want to see it!” we all said in a choir. “Wow!”

“As soon as we’re parked at the Arena. I also wanted to see Tut’s stuff. I’ll show you there, OK? But it’s halfway there already!” Luke said and looked at us in the rear-view mirror. He was palming his cock in his pants.

My godd! I couldn’t believe my ears! Luke was so non-descript and to think he was harbouring a cock of note! My godd!

“Go examine it Ant! Go!” Pierre said as he turned in his seat in front of me.

I looked at Luigi and he smiled and just nodded his head.

My godd! I was the biggest slut out but now I have become the cock examiner by default? Not that I minded one bit.

“May Ant come and have a look, Luke?” Clive asked.

“Yes, but wait until I’m on speed on the A4. Do you want to wait until it’s completely hard or do you want to see it semi?” Luke asked looking at me in the rear-view mirror.

“Now please!” I said and felt my own cock coming alive … again!

“OK, come! Sit on the step next to me and try not to make it conspicuous. Here, feel a real cock,” Luke said.

I sat on the step next to him and put my right hand on his crotch and gasped. It was enormous! It was most definitely one of the thickest cock I’ve ever touched! It might have been the same length as Jonathon and Larry’s cocks, but by Jove! It was thick. Perhaps as thick as Larry’s huge cock?

I squeezed the enormous tube of flesh in Luke’s pants running down between his legs and he put his one hand on top of mine.

“I haven’t fucked a man in a long time, but hell! I’d love to fuck you! But perhaps my cock is too big!” Luke said.

“It won’t be too big! I’d be able to manage it!”

“So then? Tell us what you feel!” Pierre said craning his neck.

“It’s huge!” I called back and started to fumble with the zip. I wanted to feel that enormous cock in my hand!

“Keen hmmm? I like that! Imagine me fucking your tight little hole after not having tasted a man’s pussy for more than 15 years! Would you like that?” Luke asked and lifted his buttocks to assist me to get his enormous cock out of his pants.

“I’d be honoured! Yes please!” I said.

I battled to get the cock out as I was pulling at the middle section with the head pointing straight down into his underpants. It was clear he was actually sitting on his cockhead all day long! It was huge!

The girth of the huge cock was just unbelievable! Even though I’ve experienced Larry’s huge cock, Jonathan’s big one, as well as his brother’s cock, and even doubles and a few triples, this cock was the ultimate!

I wanted him to fuck me, full stop! I just had to have this cock! Oh fuck please!

“Godd, your hand feels good on my dick … or cock? What do you say? But I want to push you into a dark corner and have my way with you! Would you like that?” Luke said and yowled when his huge cock broke free from the confines of his underwear.

I put my hand around it and lo and behold! I couldn’t get my fingers around the immense shaft! I noticed he wasn’t cut but his foreskin wasn’t very long. It only covered half the huge cockhead. I looked at the tip and was astonished to see the huge piss-slit, and when I squeezed the cock-shaft, a huge drop of precum bubbled out. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I was a goner!


The huge cockhead stuck out way above the steering wheel and when I put my fingers around it again, it was almost completely hard. The head was enormous and was a dark purple colour. And it was starting to leak a lot of precum already.

“Just so you know, I take about 5 minutes to cum, but when I cum, you’ll know it! My cock swells even bigger and I shoot at least a quarter cup of cum, or more. Still interested? Sucking or fucking? What would you like? Fucking I hope?” Luke asked.

“Both! If you could manage it, I want half your cum in my hole and the other half in my mouth. Can you?”

“No can do! Once I start to cum, there is no turning back! Plus, I prefer to push in even deeper and hold it there when I’m cumming. I’d love to fuck you and pump it into you, OK? I know the Arena very well and one of my friends there has his own bathroom in his office. I could take you there, OK? You’re not scared of it now?” Luke asked.

I looked and saw he had a big nose (‘big nose, big hose”!) but thin lips. So, this was going to be a hit and run affair, finish en klaar! But, bring it on! I was more than willing to let him fuck me and that was that.

I wanted to lick the precum off this enormous cock! The traffic in the section we travelled in was light so I quickly bent over to my right and licked the cockhead.

My dear godd! The precum tasted fantastic! I wanted more!

“Please take the head in your mouth! Quickly! There is a traffic light coming! Now!”

I opened my mouth and yes, as expected, the huge head filled my mouth to capacity. How was this monster ever going to fit into me?

“Enough for now! Help me get it back into my pants. It’s hard now, so you’ll have to push it to one side – to the right. Let me call my buddy and hear if we could use his bathroom,” Luke said and helped me to get his enormous cock back into his pants.

Zipping up was a monumental battle. His cock made a huge bulge in his pants. But in the end the anaconda was in its cage.

My own cock was throbbing in my pants as I got up to sit between Luigi and Giovanni.

“Tell us! Is it big?”

“You have no idea! It’s thicker than Pierre’s cock but about the same length, and the head is immense! He wants to fuck me at the Arena! Is that OK with you guys? A buddy of him works there and has an office with a bathroom. Please? This will be the biggest cock by far! Who knew our bus driver was hung like that? I want to experience that, please?” I said and squeezed Luigi’s hand.

“One more! What’s to loose? Yes, go get him tiger! But don’t let him hurt you, you hear?”

“Yes, we don’t want him to hurt you, OK?” Pierre said and touched my cheek. I have the most wonderful and understanding men in my life.

Oh fuck! I was going to be fucked with a real monster cock, and soon! My hole twitched.

“Here you go. Here is some KY,” Giovanni said and took two sachets from his wallet. I saw the corner of a condom packet too. My godd! He does come prepared! I hope he didn’t have any plans of finding another bottom soon! “What? I was a single boy before Sunday! Jeepers!”

“Thanks! I think I’m going to need it! It’s fucking huge!” I said and put the sachets in my pocket.

“Antonio! Come here?” Luke said when he pulled away at the traffic light.

I went up to him again and sat down on the step.

“My buddy says OK. He is busy with the Tut’s stuff, but he told me where to find his key. We’ll have 15 minutes tops. Still interested?” Luke said.

“Yes, of course! When last did you cum?”

“Oh fuck! I can’t even remember! However, I did wake up with an enormous morning glory this morning! I’m sure to fill your little whore hole with a huge load, boy!” Luke said. “Set then?”

‘Boy’ – I hated it when people talked down to me because of my youth.

“Yes, OK. You’re on.” I said and felt my cock twitching in my pants.

“Don’t say afterwards I didn’t warn you, plus, you’ve seen it. Godd knows I need to fuck a tight hole for a change!”

“Just take it slow and don’t rush it, and I’d be fine,” I said. Perhaps I’d be in luck: he might be a Johann of sorts? Rubbery cock? But, I felt the rock-hard cock a minute ago, so the chances of him having a rubbery cock? Very remote!

“Done! Come with me after I’ve parked the bus. Your friends could go and look at the car exhibition while we’re gone. OK boy?”

“Yes, OK,” I said and went back to my seat.


After 20 minutes we arrived at the O2 Arena. Luke parked the bus and everybody got out. Luke told Clive about his plans and asked Clive to take care of the guys while ‘he was occupied’.

“Come on guys! We’re going to have a look at the car exhibition first while Ant takes a detour with Luke! Come delinquent! You too!”

“I'm hurt that my very own baby bro has forsaken me on Christmas Eve! I’m calling my Dad!”

“You’ll do no such thing! Come here you rubbish! Let your brother be! He’s a big boy and can take care of himself. And he’s not forsaking you!” Juan said and pulled my brother to him.

I felt like the village whore as I waited for Luke to lock the bus and then walked with him to a side entrance.

“Come boy, it’s up there,” Luke said and led the way. We climbed two flights of steps and stopped at a door with ‘George Martakis’ embossed on the door. Luke opened the door and we ended in some kind of little foyer. There was a chair, a jacket stand and a waste paper bin. Luke turned the bin over and retrieved a key from a depression in the base of the bin.

“Come, this way, boy” Luke said and I cringed. ‘Boy’. I hated that. He unlocked the one door leading from the foyer. When I entered, he locked the door behind us and left the key in the keyhole. We were in a modern reception office of fair size. There were two doors leading out of the office: one was George’s office and the other was obviously the bathroom.

“Do you have some lube? I produce enough precum to fuck a woman, but I’m not sure it’s enough to fuck a man with it,” Luke said and opened the bathroom door. When I walked past him, he closed the door and locked it too.

“Come, we don’t have much time! Are you sure? You do know it’s huge and you know it’s going to hurt? OK?”

“Yes, I’m sure and yes, I know it’s huge and yes, I know it’s going to hurt, but I'm ready. But I want to suck you first, OK? And, may I please take pictures? The other guys would like to see,” I said.

“Yes, that’s OK!” Luke said and unzipped his pants. He pushed his pants down to his knees. The enormous bulge on his right hip was immense and made the underwear tent big time. He took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt.

I did the same and was on my knees in front of him in seconds. I took a few pictures with my iPhone and just marvelled at the sheer size of this monster cock. The huge head made it look even bigger.

I pushed the underwear down and when I looked at the enormous cock in front of me, I almost had second thoughts. But, I was never one to back away from a challenge, and I knew I’d regret it forever if I didn’t take this opportunity.

The huge head was sopping wet and had a very manly odour to it. I opened my mouth and he pushed forward. Of course there was no way it would ever fit into my throat, but I did the best I could. The precum tasted nice but pungent. Hmmm …

“I want to fuck you now boy. I’d rather fuck you a minute longer than to stop it because we’re out of time! Where is the lube, boy?” Luke asked.

“Yes, OK. You could’ve been a porn star with this dong! Here is my iPhone. Please take some pictures?”

“Actually, I was a porn star, but my cock was too big for most – boys and girls! That’s where I met my fuck buddy! OK, I’ve put my sachet of lube on my cock. Turn around.” Luke said. I was still putting the KY on my hole but turned my back towards him.

I’ve been double fucked by two pairs earlier on that day, then once more by one of them, and then John and then Jonathon less than an hour ago. I thought I’d be fine … but was I wrong! Luke put his huge cockhead on my hole and pushed.

“Relax boy!”

Luke clicked some more pictures and pushed his enormous cockhead in. I relaxed, pushing out. The huge cock was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was huge and it stretched me big time.

“Push in please! Please fuck me!” I said and pushed back.

Luke pushed the immense cockhead deeper into me and when it went past my prostate, I almost creamed my underpants right there! This was an experience to behold! Luke was taking pictures of the huge invasion and as it slipped in deeper, I groaned. This was hurting like a bitch! Oh fuck!

“Please pull out again Luke! Let me catch my breath! You can push back in again, but just let me have a breather!” I said. Luke slowly pulled out, taking more pictures.

“What’s wrong boy? Can’t you take a real man’s cock?”

“No, I can but just pull out first!”

The huge cockhead slipped out and I groaned. Oh fuck no! I wanted it back!

“Don’t waste my time boy!”

“Sorry! OK push it back in.” Oh godd, I wanted that cock in me!

He pushed his enormous cock back into me and this time he continued until he reached the inner sphincter … and stopped.

He started to fuck me but made no attempt to push in deeper.

“Why are you not pushing in deeper?” I asked.

“Because I’ve reached the end? What do you mean boy?”

“No, just push in gently and maintain slight pressure. Make your cockhead swell and it will go in deeper. Push!”

“What? I always fuck with about 15cm outside the person. I didn’t know it could go deeper?”

“Yes, but just be gentle. Push!”

Luke pushed deeper and made his cockhead swell. He pushed gently and I relaxed … ahhh! My inner sphincter gave way and the huge cockhead slipped into my deepest insides.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fu-u-u-uck! Oh Jesus! This is too much! Oh fuck! What I’ve missed all these years! Not even my wife allows me deeper than about 20cm.” Luke said as his immense cock slipped in deeper. Soon his huge balls were hanging against mine and he held still. His cock was twitching and I groaned. This was the biggest single cock I’ve had in me! And it felt great! I loved it!

“I’m going to fuck you a new asshole, boy!” Luke said. His cock swelled deep inside me and I groaned. Oh fuck! And I thought I was an experienced bottom! This man ticked all the boxes, except he wasn’t as attractive as my ‘usual’ men, and his personality ... there was no personality I’m afraid.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes! Oh godd! Fuck me! Dear godd!” I groaned and clenched my hole over the immense cock deep inside me.

His cock was rock-, rock-hard and he was as hot as a man on his honeymoon (I presumed). Luke started fucking me again. Godd! What a sensation! I groaned and swore some more.

“I have to tell you boy, this is the best fuck I’ve ever had! It’s the deepest I’ve ever been in another person. Fuck!” Luke said and fucked me with long deep thrusts. “I’m getting close boy! My godd! I want to cum and cum and cum – again and again!”

“Oh fuck yes! Just fuck me! Fuck me and pump me full of your big load! Fuck me!”

“You’ve got it boy! I’m going to cum! Oh fuck! Fuck! Oh dear godd!”

Luke continued to fuck me: long deep thrusts and when deep inside me, he would twitch his cock which made it swell to gigantic proportions. Oh fuck! 

“That does it! I’m fucking cumming! That pushed me over the edge … oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Hhnnngggnnnhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Here … it … comes … oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!” Luke swore and I felt how his enormous cock swelled to bigger proportions. Luke pushed his huge cock in as deep as he could and clung to me like a man drowning … His cock pulsated as he pumped one hell of a lot of cum into me! I already had John and Jonathan’s huge loads in me … and now Luke was pumping half a cup of cum into me!

“Oh fuck yes! Give it to me! Pump your cum into me!”

“Oh fuck! This is too much!” Luke said and collapsed on my back. He recovered and pulled me upright. “Oh fuck! I’m going to cum another round! We still have time!” Luke said and didn’t wait for an answer: he started to fuck me again. His huge cockhead was bathed in one hell of a lot of cum deep inside me.

Luke picked up speed again and within 40 seconds he was growling like a bear and pushed his huge cock deep into me again, held still and held his breath … His cock started to twitch and he pumped another load of cum into me.

That was too much for me and without me even touching myself, I shot my load all over the floor. I did my best not to get some cum on my pants, but quite a bit dribbled into my underpants – fortunately only a small amount on the top of my pants which I could hide behind my jacket.

Luke’s cock was still spasming and pumping its second load into me. My godd! This man deserved to be in porn movies! He was a fucker of note! I wondered what kind of lover he’d be? Kissing? Gentle moves? Caressing? Nah – I doubted that very much.

And then he proved me right.

“I’m pulling out now, boy. Come, we have to go. First you clean up your mess on the floor boy,” he said and actually pushed me on my back to get his cock out of me. No caressing, no gentle moves - nothing! This man wanted a fuck – full stop! Nothing more! Small wonder he was so sexually deprived. I wondered if that wasn’t the same with him fucking his wife? “Get some toilet paper and clean up the floor boy,” Luke said as his huge cockhead slipped out. I wished I could suck it clean, but I was sure that would gross him out, so I let it be.

“Yes, thanks Luke. It was a good fuck. Not even my Dad fucking me …”

“What? Your dad fucks you too? What? No! Oh fuck no! That’s just gross, boy! How do you do it? Oh fuck no!” Luke said and took a step away from me.

That did it. I was convinced I’d never have sex with this man again. He wasn’t anything like my men, like my Dad, like anybody I’ve ever had sex with. He was merely an average guy with no personality who just happened to have an enormous cock. I wasn’t regretting bending for him, but fuck! Usually a fuck was much more than a mere wham-bam-thanks-ma’am affair to me. I’d rather have sex with a guy with a 33cm cock like Pierre or Clive and have much more, than having sex with the likes of Luke. He really had no personality. But, his lack of personality would perhaps solve a lot, I thought …

“Dress up boy! We have to go! Clean up the floor boy. I just want wipe off your shit from my cock and then we have to go,” Luke said without even looking at me. He lightly rinsed his cock in the basin and used a few paper towels to dry off his cock.

I stood behind him and realised how little we had in common and how out of place this sex was … The sexual part was phenomenal, but it has never been just sex with me. I had to have some kind of connection with the guy, and I at least wanted to kiss him. With Luke there was nothing.

When Luke finished at the basin, I took a paper towel, dampened it and used it to wipe my ass. It felt tender after all the fucking the past few hours. I felt I was really filled to gills by then. There was one hell of a lot of cum in me. I turned around and sat down on the commode, and no moment too soon: the second my legs bent and I changed into a squatting position, the huge amount of cum in me squirted out into the bowl.

“Oh fuck! No! Fuck, that’s gross! Oh fuck no! I’ll wait for you in the reception. Hurry up boy!” Luke said and zipped his pants up and left the bathroom. I felt like shit. What did I do to deserve this? I finished pushing the cum out of me – it really was a lot, including one hell of a lot Luke pumped into me – and wiped my arse. I pulled up my pants and washed my hands. I looked at myself in the mirror. The man – not a boy! – who looked at me was a very attractive man with a sexy stubble. I looked into my eyes and detected a sparkle, despite the poor treatment I’ve just had to endure.

‘Fuck you Luke! I’m worth more than this!’ I thought and took some toilet paper to clean the floor. I flushed the paper and walked into the reception area.

“What kept you so long? Come on boy! We have to go! Come!” Luke said and unlocked the door. We left through the foyer and Luke replaced the key in the bottom of the rubbish bin.

He skipped down the stairs and didn’t look back – not even once. My godd! How did I get involved with a guy with no personality at all? Fuck you, I thought and followed the hung ogre down the steps.

Outside the O2 Arena, he turned left and headed towards the main entrance. Again, he never looked back or acknowledged my presence. Wow …

Not too far into the Arena, there was a big open area with an auto exhibition. There were not more than 3 of each make: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar, Toyota, VW, Peugeot, Citroën, Alpha Romeo … and some more.

When I saw my men to the right looking at the latest Audi R8, I ran to them. Luigi and Pierre were the first to see me and stepped towards me. I ran into their arms and clung to them.

“Everything OK mio caro? What happened?” Luigi asked.

“Did the man hurt you?” Pierre said. “I’ll kill him if he did! Did he?”

“No, at first it was OK, but once he came, he turned into a yobba. He became like an ogre with no personality. He might have an enormous cock and it was an experience, but never again. I’ve never been so mistreated in my life! He … no, never again! Sorry guys!”

“What? Did he treat you badly? The fucking bastard! I’ll kill him! We gave him an opportunity with my baby bro and then he mistreats you? How dare he! I’ll give him a piece of my mind!” André said and started walking to Luke looking at the BMWs.

“No wait André. I’ll take care of it. Leave it to me,” Clive said and pulled André back. “I’ll sort it out.”

We watched as Clive approached Luke. The arrogance with which he treated Clive was obvious from 20 metres away. But it was clear Clive gave him hell.

“You will apologise to Antonio, and he is not your ‘boy’! You were given a rare opportunity and you fucked it up. You will not treat Antonio like he was your common whore from shantytown. You will apologise to him, and I mean it, or I’ll have you fired! What a disgrace! Ant, please come here?” Clive called to me and held out his one arm.

My heart was beating in my throat as I approached them. I was a lover, not a fighter and I have always disliked confrontation and trouble. This was horrible. Plus, I did feel like a whore.

“Ant, this man will never lay a finger on you ever again. Nobody treats my friends and lovers the way he did. Luke, please?” Clive said. He pulled me close to him and looked at Luke.

“I thought he was interested in getting fucked and that’s what I gave him! What more does he want?”

“Some respect and to be treated like the wonderful man that he is. You didn’t deserve any of what came your way today. Apologise or the next call I make will be to Mr Alexander Cooper! Your choice!” Clive was livid.

“Oh OK then. My apologies. What more?” Luke said lamely.

“Say it and mean it! Show some respect! We’ve only treated you nicely the past couple of days and now this? We’ve allowed you to fuck Antonio and you treat him like crap! How dare you! He is a very special man whom we love very much and we’ve bent over backwards to allow you this privilege! At least show him appreciation and the respect he deserves. Luke, I thought more highly of you. I’m bitterly disappointed. If we knew this would happen, we’d never allowed you near him. So then …?” Clive said and looked Luke in the eye.

“Oh fuck! I’m just a common man not knowing the finer things in life. I’ve never known what love is, how to accept it or how to give it, least of all with another man. When I was in the porn business, I refused to kiss another man and sex with my wife … well, it’s just sex. I actually don’t know what love is … If I’ve offended you boy … erm … Antonio … I apologise. The sex with you was just wonderful …” Luke said but Clive interrupted.

“Let’s leave the details out of the equation Luke. That would suffice for now. However, I want to make it very clear to you: you’ll never come near him again. Understood? If you do, I will report you for gross negligence and for harassment. My Dad will have your ass – guaranteed. So, watch it. We’re going to need a driver for tomorrow, paid time times three, but I’m asking my Dad to relieve you of your duties for tomorrow. As for the rest of today: we’re going to see Tutankhamen’s exhibition and will be at the bus at 12 o’clock. Please be there and don’t be late. That will be all. Come Ant let’s go. This is the pits!” Clive was livid and I never knew a person could be so cross. But after the poor treatment I had from Luke, I decided to just put it out of my mind and enjoy the day with my guys.

Clive turned around and pulled me with him. He didn’t even look at Luke and we walked to the rest of the guys watching us from a distance.

When we were back with them, Clive gave them a quick rundown on what happened. Andre and Johann wanted to go fuck up Luke immediately, on the spot. Juan and Gunther had some calming to do and convinced the men to let it go. It just wasn’t worth it.

“Come, let’s go get our tickets and go and enjoy the exhibition. Afterwards we’ll take a look at the rest of the Arena. It’s an amazing structure. Come!” Clive said and led the way.

I was sorry I was the source of the mayhem, but Luigi put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me to him. “Forget it. Put it down to experience. He’s not worth it. Come mio caro.”

Graze mille mio caro (Thanks a lot my darling)!” I said and hugged my man. Pierre fell in step with us and hugged me too.

“Too bad you‘ve missed the cars! There are some amazing cars out there!” Pierre said, knowing how much I loved cars.


The Tutankhamen Exhibition was exhilarating. The artefacts were out of this world and it was unbelievable to imagine such skills from such an ancient culture. The death mask was everybody’s favourite.

There were chairs, a sarcophagus, tables, urns, jewellery and much more. He was a boy king but the stuff that was placed in his tomb, made Tutankhamen’s burial chamber one of the most valuable find ever in the Valley of the Kings near Thebes.

We broke into smaller groups and I found myself looking at all the exhibits more than once. I wanted a little time to myself so I wandered off. I’ve already put Luke behind me. Even his cum was flushed down the toilet. However my hole was tender and it was because of Luke’s huge cock, but I knew, given a couple of hours, my hole would be good as new. When I got to the exit, typically of all these exhibits, there was a ton of memorabilia to buy! Books, small death masks, miniature sarcophagi – even small models of a mummy. The only thing I wanted was a miniature copy of the death mask. As I took out my wallet to pay for it, Luigi appeared next to me.

“How are you doing mio caro? Could I pay for that please?”

“No Luigi, I want to pay for it myself. How about one for you?”

“No, I wanted a miniature sarcophagus if it’s OK with you. Thanks.”

I took a sarcophagus and added it to my choice of articles. I wondered about something for Dad, but decided against it. The stuff was expensive and we still had Germany and Italy ahead of us.


We all gathered at the exit and Clive started to show us around the Arena. At one of the shops, we bought some hot chocolate, with 10 minutes to spare.

“Come guys! Let’s get to the bus and go and enjoy a ride on the gondolas over the Thames. Since its opening, I’ve been meaning to go on it but being a medical student, there is never time for stuff like that. Come!” Clive said and led the way out of the Arena.

At the bus Luke was sitting looking at his phone and at first he didn’t even look up when we got on the bus. When Clive got in, he had some words with Luke and it was obvious that my man’s patience was running thin with Luke.

Clive came to sit with us and he was almost foaming at the mouth. “The audacity of the man! He’s out of a job if I had my way. Who the hell does he think he is? Having a huge cock doesn’t give you carte blanche to treat people like shit. My Dad is going to hear about this. In any case, I’ve already asked corporate services to get us another driver for tomorrow and Saturday. Sheez man! Ant, how are you? You still OK my darling?”

“Yes, I’m fine thanks. Don’t be too hard on him …”

“What? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait until Alexander Cooper finds out about this imbecile’s stint today. He could consider himself lucky if he still has a job next week. Come sit with me for a change? It’s just around the corner to the Emirates Gondolas,” Clive said and opened his arm for me to sit with him. When I got up and moved to the seat in front of us, I saw Luke was watching our every move … it made me feel a bit edgy.

“Never mind him. He is a nobody. Just think: he could’ve been in the pound seats! He could’ve been attending our party and could’ve had some more fun, but no! He had to be an arsehole. I hope he never has sex with anyone ever again. Now for some gory details, apart from being and arsehole, how was it?”

“It’s not as beautiful and sexy as yours, even if it’s bigger and thicker. The skin is not very long but it has an enormous piss-slit. He precums as much as any one of you, and more. His cock is very thick and at first it hurt like a motherfucker. He had to pull out and start all over again. The sensation to have it in me was wonderful. However, he didn’t care about a blowjob too much, and of course there was no hugging or kissing or any sign of affection. He is an arsehole with a huge cock – full stop! Oh yes, he came a ton. It really was a lot and I sat down on the commode just in time …”

“So his cum has been flushed away? Good! We don’t anything of his – no sir! I’d rather add my own to you again, OK my darling?”

“Yes, anytime my darling …” Oh my fuck! What’s with the ‘my darling’ business? Even I was doing that now! Did it mean something?

“Here, I have pictures,” I said and opened my iPhone. I opened Photos and called up the photos. Fuck! It was a big cock!

“Goo godd! You’re right! It’s enormous!” Clive said and held the iPhone up so the guys behind us could see too.

“Wow! An arsehole doesn’t deserve to have a cock like that! Ant, are you OK?” Pierre said. “I’ve seen big cocks, but this is ridiculous! Wow!”

Clive pulled me tight to him and kissed me on the head. “Put that away. Never doubt how I feel about you Ant. I’m willing to relocate just to be with you. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure such crap this morning. But, here we are, and we’re going to have a splendid day in London!”


The gondola station was just around the corner from the O2 Arena. We could’ve walked to the North Greenwich Underground but it was cold and the bus was available. Plus, Clive was adamant that Luke had to be taught a lesson in humility.

Luke pulled up at the Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. It was an impressive structure and very modern.

After the talk Clive had with him earlier, Luke made some effort to treat us better, but the damage was done. We did say ‘thank you’ for the drive, but that was it.

Clive led the way into the building. It was modern and very tasteful inside the ‘terminal’. We were going to go for a round trip as we had to meet up with ‘Mr Luke’ again who had to take us to Greenwich where we’d be having the shoot in the park and then on to the Greenwich Line.

We didn’t have to buy tickets as our Oyster Cards we used for the Underground could be used for the Emirates Line ‘flight’ too.

First we took in the engineering marvel in front of us and appreciated it for what it was. It was built in about a year’s time and started to operate in 2012. It gives easy access to passengers (who could even load a bicycle) and rises up to 90m in some places. It affords passengers a breath-taking view of the O2 Arena, the Thames Barrier and the buildings at the Canary Wharf.

Then a group of people with cameras approached us. One had one of Alexander’s business cards and asked if we were the models they had to meet.

“My name is Clive Cooper, Mr Cooper’s son. Yes, we’re the models. Guys, let’s get this show on the road,” Clive said.

There was one tall man that had Latino looks ... hmmm!

A girl approached us with some make-up but because of the cold, there wasn’t much to do. A dab here, a stroke there, some hair pushed into position and we were good to go.

The photographers took photos of us in and around the ‘terminal’ and with the gondolas arriving and departing. After about 15 minutes it was a wrap.

“We’ll see you in the gardens at the maritime museum soon. You’ll see the caravans there. Enjoy your flight. Ciao for now!” Nils, the man in charge, said. He was the lead photographer, a man in his forties, apparently from Norway. He was tall and blonde.

We boarded a gondola, which could take a maximum of 10 passengers. The 9 of us got in and the doors closed. The gondola took off with a slight jerk and we were away. The Latino photographer hung back and took pictures as the gondola departed. 

Our trip to London was spectacular in so many ways, and the ‘flight’ on the Emirates Line was just adding that little bit of oomph to our trip. It would make for many stories in front of the braai fire on the farm telling Dad and Mom about our experiences.

I missed my Dad and decided we’d make an exception and give him a FaceTime call right from the gondola.

When I told André I wanted to call Dad, he jumped up and grabbed me. “Yes! Yes! Let’s call him and let him see what we’re experiencing! Come on guys, my Dad will be on the iPhone just now! Call him baby bro!”

I pulled up Dad’s number and touched FaceTime. “Quiet now! Please!” André instructed everybody else, although he was the noisiest of us all!

Dad answered his iPhone and when he saw us he shouted to Mom to come and join him in the lounge.

“Hi Dad! How are you doing! Just look where we are!” I said.

“Hallo my darling boy! Alma, look who is calling us from London! Say ‘hi’ to Mom!”

We all said ‘hi’ to my wonderful parents. I introduced Giovanni and Clive to them and I could see my parents were impressed with the two newcomers. But of course, André was clowning around and grabbed the iPhone from my hand.

“Just look at the view Dad! There is the O2 Arena, there is the Thames Barrier, there is Canary Wharf, there is Royal Victoria Dock, but we’re taking a 360º tour: there and back. Just look at it Dad! How are you? I miss you so much! I wish you were here with us! What are you doing tonight?” André rambled on and then he became teary. He handed my iPhone back to me and turned towards the Perspex enclosure of the gondola facing towards London in the background. My big brother was a softie after all!

“So many questions! So little time! Boys, this is great! We’re so glad you’re having such a good time. The cable car ride sounds like something we’d love to do when we’re there next year. What’s new there?” Dad said.

“All is fine Dad. Dad, Boss has chosen us – André and I – to do a separate shoot for a special catalogue. The shoot starts today and tonight. We’d be required to go to New York sometime next year. This could mean a lot of money Dad!”

“That’s great, but what about your studies my boy?”

“Boss understands and will ploy their plans around our availability. When push comes to shove, they’ll select a venue and backdrop in the Western Cape for a start. No, we won’t neglect our studies, Dad! So, what are you and Mom doing tonight?” André managed to dry his eyes and came to sit next to me again.

“Good. And congratulations! Don’t forget your studies! Modelling is only temporary. Alma, tell them about tonight.”

“Well, Dad and I have been invited by Pierre’s parents. There will be a group of 12 of us ‘older’ people, having a real South African Christmas Eve dinner: a braai with chops, steaks, sosaties (kebab), grilled sandwiches, salads, trifle pudding … did you hear that one André? Trifle! Don’t worry, I’ll make you some when you’re back in two weeks’ time. What are you guys doing the rest of the day?”

“We’re going to Greenwich after this for a shoot and then to go see the Greenwich Line, then off to Soho for some retail therapy … no, just kidding! But we want to go and get some fridge magnets for some of the moms, for some of us, perhaps a T-shirt or two, a mug or two – you know, the usual touristy stuff. And tonight we have our shoot – André and I – and then a dinner of note at the hotel. It won’t be a braai, that’s for sure, but I’m sure the chef and the trainees there will prepare some wonderful dishes.”

“Good! Now before this call costs as much as the farm is worth, we’re going to say goodbye now. Enjoy boys! And the rest of you, take care of our boys! Bye!” Dad said and waved at us. Mom joined in threw kisses at us.

I killed the call and we looked at each other. What a miracle to have spoken to our parents and to see them! And they could see where we were!

“I’m so glad we’ve discovered the wonder of an iPhone! Without it, this FaceTime wouldn’t have been possible!” André put in and we all agreed.

We then turned to the vistas offered by the gondola’s height and we took numerous pictures with our iPhones.

The round trip was about 20 minutes and we really enjoyed the experience.

Giovanni came to me and pulled me into his arms.

“Ant, I’m so sorry for what happened earlier. Come here and let my remind you how much we love you and care for you. I want mine to be the first kiss you’ll have on the Emirates Line gondola!” He pulled me tight to him and kissed me. He had his arms around my neck and my arms were around his chest. At first it was a normal lips-on-lips kiss, but then I opened my mouth and his tongue invaded my mouth. I loved kissing this hunk! I hummed in his mouth and he pushed his big cock against me. “I wish I could’ve joined the Mile High Club on the gondola with you! You have a devastating influence on me mio caro!”

“Yes, it would’ve been wonderful, but there is still tonight! I love you Gio!”

“My darling boy, there is nobody here who loves you more than I do! Yes, Clive and Pierre have the cocks of death, but … bah! Who is more handsome as me? Hmm? Who loves you more than I do?”

“Listen Ita! Know your place here! You’re a newbie and my cock will speak for himself. After Luigi, I’m the beta male here! Ant, come here!” Pierre said and held his arm out to me.

The bantering went on the whole time we were ‘airborne’ and we had lots of jokes and laughter. It was a jolly affair and we enjoyed it a lot.

As we approached the Emirates Greenwich Peninsula again, my tummy hurt of all the laughter and my mouth had been kissed by everybody on the gondola, even André. Most of them were excellent kissers, with Luigi leading the pack of course. Giovanni believed it had to be him and it led to numerous jokes and a lot of horsing around.


Back in the bus, Luke was a bit less surly. As soon as we were all in the bus, he left to take us to the gardens in front of the maritime museum at Greenwich. It was a couple of blocks away and we were there in under 10 minutes.

We got out and Luke gave instructions about the time Luke had to be back and we went into the gardens. We saw the caravans parked to one side with a few gazebos in the garden itself.

We enjoyed the snow-covered vast park-like gardens with the majestic maritime museum buildings to the one side. Of course with Johann and André in the group, again there was a lot of horsing around and lots of jokes. I laughed so much my eyes were brimming with tears. They were relentless and there was just no end to their antics and jokes.

At the caravans the photographers – some of them were at the gondolas, including the Latino – invited us into the biggest caravan where it was nice and warm. Nils explained to us what he wanted. His accent wasn’t too bad and it was clear this man knew exactly what he wanted. He divided us into groups of 3 each and sent each group to a different corner on the premises with a photographer and an assistant. The photographers each had a list of pictures they were supposed to take. And there was a time limit of 20 minutes for them to return so Nils could see the pictures.

André, Pierre and I were in one group and we were sent to the one corner of the maritime museum. Our photographer was the Latino, a young man from Spain. Santiago was a fucking attractive guy: tall, straight black hair cut in a modern but nice style, stubble, an absolutely irresistible mouth, dark brooding eyes and huge hands and feet. My godd! What a hunk!

Santiago was very friendly and couldn’t take his eyes off André and me. We offered to help carry his equipment, as he didn’t have an assistant. Nils would join us later to assist if necessary.

While we were walking to the spot Nils identified, Santiago asked us lots of questions: where we were from, how identical we were, what we were doing in South Africa, how we ended up with Boss and then the bomb: “Are you gay?” Just like that, without batting an eyelid!

“Erm … I …” I started but André cut in and said bluntly: “Yes, and you?”

“Yes, I am. My lover is from Morocco and is working as a translator at the London Times and in his spare time he does interior decorating for offices, shops and businesses. His name is Omar and he adores my big one …”

“What? You too? Baby bro, did you hear that? No, I don’t believe that!” André said and took Santiago by the arm and held him back. “I don’t believe this! Wow!”

“I could always show you, but Omar wouldn’t be too happy! You look like you’re also a big boy Pierre?” Santiago said and looked at Pierre.

“You have no idea! I don’t know how big yours is, but Pierre is a king amongst kings! It is big!” André of course!

“I’m sure my Latino sausage is bigger! We’ll have to compare! Ah, here we are. Shit! My cock is hard now! Shit!” Santiago said and fumbled with his crotch after he put his aluminium camera case down. “Shit!”

“We could do something about it Santiago …!” André was relentless!

“André! Behave!” I said and Pierre gave him a little slap on the back.

“What? You both are curious to see the man’s polony, admit it! Sheez! When you’re going to have fun with him, are you going to thank me? No! Of course not!” André retorted and feigned a hurt face.

I had to concur: despite the debacle earlier on, my interest was piqued. Santiago was everything Luke wasn’t. I didn’t know how big his cock was, but in the looks and personality departments, Santiago won hands down.

“Later my young stallion! But first we have to work!” Santiago said and ruffled André’s hair. “Damn! You two are so identical! How does one know the difference?”

“Just let him talk!” Pierre and I said at the same time.

“Baby bro! I’m hurt here! I’m an angel!”

“Not even when you’re asleep! You’re the devil reincarnated!” Pierre said and ducked to avoid a swipe André aimed at his head.

“Now now! Behave boys! Come, let’s get this show on the road. The two brothers first …”


The shoot went very well and Santiago knew his trade. Before long all the required photos were taken. He checked the photos on his laptop and gave a sigh of contentment when he saw his work paid off.

We were looking at the pictures over his shoulder and Pierre stood right behind me, his enormous bulge pushing in my crack. I got hard instantly and when Pierre pushed forward a bit, I pushed against Santiago’s back.

“’Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?’” Santiago quoted the well-known saying. He felt my bulge against his shoulder. “If it’s pushed against me, I want to see it!” Just like that!

“Erm … sorry Santiago! I lost my balance there …” I said and moved to my right.

“Who said I was complaining? Why are you moving away?”

“Sorry … erm … I … Santiago … I’m …” I stuttered. I was embarrassed that he felt my hard-on.

“No need to be sorry. Stand next to him and let me see it! Let me check … No, all is clear. Show me … André … Anton? Anton! The foul mouth is André! I have to remember that,” Santiago said and turned round on his folding stool. “Show me!”

“Hey! I don’t have a foul mouth! I’m an honorary Boys Scout! Honestly!”

“Yeah, and I’m a saint! Shut up you delinquent! Ant, are you going to show him?” Pierre said.

“I don’t know … here? Now? Why don’t you show him your big one …?” I put in.

“OK, I’ll do it. Just stand close and keep an eye open for any traffic,” Pierre said and stood closer to Santiago. He looked around one last time and then lifted his jacket and unzipped his pants. He put his hand inside and hauled his enormous cock from his pants. Fuck! Every time I saw that huge cock, I loved it even more!

“Fuck! It sure is big! How many centimetres? About 32? May I touch it, please?” Santiago said and put his hand out to touch Pierre’s huge cock.

“No, it’s actually 33cm … but go ahead,” Pierre said.

“And he cums a hell of a lot and loves to fuck my brother,” André said.

“It is a very nice one. Omar would love your cock!” Santiago said and squeezed Pierre’s big cock. It was already starting to get wet.

“Now let us see yours!” André said and looked around if the coast was still clear. It was. Pierre wrestled his big cock back into his pants, pointing to his left.

“Oh OK. Just keep a lookout for Nils who will be coming here shortly. And stand closer please,” Santiago said. He looked over my shoulder at the caravans in the distance and at the same time he unzipped his pants. I put my hand out to pull his jacket out of the way. Santiago put his big hand in his pants and pulled an enormous cock from his pants. It WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL COCKS EVER! My godd! It was in the league of Jonathan, his brother Christopher and Larry, and it was thick, uncut and the skin had an olive colour. It curved downwards slightly: it was clear Santiago walked around with it between his legs. He too sat on the head when he did sit down. Fuck!

The cockhead was very long – the longest I’ve seen. The foreskin was long and barely covered the cockhead: the tip of his cock and the piss-slit were visible and Santiago held his cock for us to see. Oh fuck! I’ve had the hots for Luke’s big cock but this man was a real Spanish Stallion in every respect. He was sexy, he was tall, he was dark, he had the most adorable face and he had a very big and beautiful cock! And he had a wonderful personality.

I pushed his shirt and jacket up and saw he was very hairy as well: a thick black mat of hair covered his belly. I put my other hand on the cock and my fingers could not reach around the shaft. He pushed forward and the skin pushed back, revealing one stupendously nice and beautiful cockhead. It was the nicest and longest cockhead I’ve ever seen. The piss-slit was big and a large drop of precum formed on the piss-slit when I pulled the skin back to the front. My godd! What a cock!

“Do you like it?” Santiago said, looking nervously over my shoulder. Nils wasn’t coming yet.

“Fuck! I’m sure my baby bro would bend for you in a heartbeat! How big is it? Would you like to fuck my brother?” Blunt as always, my brother André!

“Oh fuck yes! It’s 34cm and thick as you can see. Unfortunately Omar hasn’t been the loving boyfriend lately and as you can see, I am sopping wet just showing you. Yes! I’d love to fuck you!” Santiago said and his cock twitched in my hand.

“Are you coming to the hotel tonight for the shoot?” Pierre asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes! Depending on what Nils says about my work today, I’d be the one to do the shoot of you guys for Mr Cooper tonight. But, isn’t it too big for you?” Santiago said.

“It’s never too big for my brother! He can manage a double and even a triple! No, he’d love to feel you!” André said.

“André!” I said but I had to agree: this cock was one hell of a cock and to have it in me would be a dream come true. I’ve always had a thing for Latinos and wanted to experience a fuck with one of them. After Diego, I wanted to experience more of them to establish they’re the good lovers they’re made out to be. Well, with a cock like this, he could actually just be a normal lover! His cock would make me wish for more!

“And would you mind if I did it without a condom so I could leave part of me in you?”

“Of course! Yes! Do you cum a lot?” I asked.

“Yes and many times! I can cum up to four times in a row. Omar has measured my full cumload and it’s about 75 to 80ml. Do you want me to pump it into you?”

“Yes, of course yes! I can’t wait for tonight!” I said and bent down to take the huge cock in my mouth. The precum tasted wonderful. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and because the huge head wasn’t too thick, the tip of it slipped into my throat on the first attempt! This cock was made for sucking.

“Watch it! Nils! Slowly, sit down on the stool and help me cover up. Nils is coming our way. Quickly! Please!” Santiago said and pulled his cock from my mouth. I sat down on the stool and helped him wrestle the huge cock back into his pants. He pushed upwards and when I pulled his shirt down, I saw the head went way past his bellybutton. My godd! He zipped up but it was clear he was uncomfortable as his huge cock was now trapped behind the belt of his pants. Poor man! He put his hand under his jacket and moved his cock to his right hip. I wasn’t sure if that helped much, but there was no time to waste.

I stood up and Santiago sat down and took the laptop in his lap again.

“So, were you successful, my young protégé? Let me see what you’ve done,” Nils said as he joined us. He looked over Santiago’s shoulder and whistled between his teeth. “Excellent my man! You’ve nailed it! Tonight is yours! Please give us the same quality,” Nils said and shook Santiago’s hand.

“Thanks Nils! I’ve had a good master to learn from and good subjects here! Thanks, I won’t let you down,” Santiago said and started to close the laptop and put cameras in their cases.

“With such beautiful boys, you’re bound to make a big splash, but remember Mr Cooper has promised high quality photos to Boss. Boys, and Santiago, I have to congratulate you! You’re amazing. And you add just that nice touch to some of the pictures … Pierre, isn’t it? Yes, Pierre. You’re an incredibly attractive man with the most beautiful hands. It’s a pity you’re not one of twins too! But, job well done Santiago! Please make us proud tonight! I’ve sent an iMessage with the full list of what you’ve got to photograph. Betty has a hard copy for you if you want it. Happy boys?” Nils said and ruffled my hair.

“Yes, Santiago is a wizard behind a camera!” I said and wondered what a wizard he’d be in bed … hmmm! I was about to find out later on! I was in for a treat, although I didn’t know it … yet!

“Come on Santiago, the others have finished too. I think you’re off to see the Greenwich Line? There is a nice quant little eatery there and some others in the village. I’m sure you’d like to have a bite? Being Christmas Eve, we couldn’t get caterers for today, so sorry. Santiago, let me help you get your stuff back to the caravan. Clive and the others are waiting in the big caravan. Come,” Nils said and picked up one of the cases.

Nils started walking back and André and Pierre followed him each carrying a piece of equipment. I helped Santiago remove the last of the equipment. As we started walking, he said softly: “What happened today and what I hope will happen tonight, can never become public knowledge. Omar would divorce me on the spot, and after 13 years together, we just can’t afford it.”

“Not to worry. I’m not going to blab. But my godd! You have an impressive cock! It is exactly what I’ve imagined a hung Latino stallion should look like and more! I can’t wait to feel it in me. It’s big … wow! And the fact that it’s uncut and you cum a lot, makes me very interested. Your cockhead is spectacular: I’ve never seen anything like that! I’d love to feel you in me!” I said and felt my cock stir in my pants, the whole unsavoury thing with Luke forgotten.

“Not to brag, but I’m a good lover. You’ll love my technique. I’m a slow lover and love to stay in my bottom for at least half an hour or longer. I love feeling my cock in my lover and to pump load after load into him. I also love kissing and caressing and hugging … Fuck! I’m hard here again! Will there be any possibility you and I could have some time alone tonight?”

“I like what I’m hearing. You sound like the perfect lover! I can’t wait to experience that. I’ll ask my brother to help us organise something after our shoot tonight. I hope at least 15 minutes?” I said and looked at the tall Latino hunk next to me.

“Not how I normally do it, but I’ll take it. I wish I could spend the night with you, but that would definitely end up in a divorce! Nils mentioned that Mr Cooper wants you to go to New York next year. I’m doing very well and Boss UK might just decide to meet you there for your shoot. We’ll just have to make sure tonight is a success. In NY we could have our fun! In fact, one of my cousins is in Picket Berg … erm … is that right?” Santiago said.

“No, it’s Piketberg, one word and pronounced Pee-khett-bergh. Yes, what is he doing there?”

“He is assisting a farmer with mechanisation. He has established quite a clientele and should be there for some time. He has invited me to come visit, and now I have an excuse to go! Is that close to where you are?”

“Yes, it’s not too far and I’d love you to come visit. My parents will welcome you open arms. You do look like an extremely nice guy! And attractive and sexy enough to be a model yourself!”

“Thanks, but Omar would never allow me to do that! He is a good husband, but very jealous. If he finds out about you … I’m dead meat!”

We turned the corner at the caravans and just then Clive and the others got out to meet us.

“OK, let’s go. Thanks Nils. We’re a bit peckish and we still want to see the Line and then off to Soho,” Clive said and shook Nils’s hand.

“See you tonight!” Santiago said as he shook my hand. I gasped and looked down: he had enormous hands with LONG fingers! The nails were big and perfectly manicured. There were lots of black hair on the knuckles and the back of his hand. Fuck! I couldn’t wait to see his feet! I looked at his huge shoes and salivated.

“Yes, we’ll see you. Around 7 o’clock?” I said and held his hand – I wanted to prolong the feeling of his big hand in mine.

“Yes, I first have to go finalise these pictures on my computer to take it to the hotel. I should be there around 7 pm. *Can’t wait!*” he added. I looked into his eyes and melted on the spot. His dark brown eyes were big and he had incredibly long and lush eyelashes and thick eyebrows. He had a big but beautiful nose. And the mouth … oh fuck! The lips begged to be kissed!

I let go of his hand and turned to follow the others. My godd! I really was a slut! I’ve had so much sex that day already and here I was lusting after this Spanish god! I wished I could jump into bed with him on the spot!

“Mr Cooper is going to love your pictures! You guys have made such an impression! Tonight you need to ensure Santiago gets good pictures. It will mean a lot to promote his career, as well as Mr Cooper’s. No pressure, but a lot hinges on the pictures Santiago is taking tonight. Go, enjoy and he’ll see you tonight,” Nils said and shook my hand. Hmmm! He too had long fingers, but he was blond … not really my cup of tea. Gunther was the exception …


The light lunch in the quant restaurant consisted of a variety of toasted savoury sandwiches and nice coffee. We had so much fun with the two clowns. Eventually an elderly couple from the Netherlands moved their chairs closer to ours and they joined in the fun. The lady was laughing so hard at André’s jokes. She thought he was the bee’s knees! Of course, that only strengthened him to persist with his jokes. We didn’t complain.


After the lunch, rounded off with a strawberry Danish pasty, we went to see the museum at the Line and went to see the Line itself. It was a strange experience to actually stand astride the stainless steel where the 0º line was. It was quite a disappointment when we saw in one of the rooms that the real zero line was 102 metres to the east. Never mind, we’ve been to Greenwich and it was a nice experience.

We took lots of pictures and we even sent one of the two of us on the Line to Dad and Mom. It was a magical moment. André had his arm around my shoulder and hugged me tight. Pierre took the picture and when it was done, my brother turned to me and pulled me into a tight hug.

“Anton, do you actually know how much I love you? Do you know that this trip would’ve been meaningless without you? Yes, we have our husbands and the others with us, but it’s you and it will always be you who makes me whole. That will never change. If I could marry you, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The fact that you’re such a cum slut turns me on like you cannot believe! I just loved to see Larry fuck you! Sheez bro! I’d fuck you right here and right now if I could! I want to see how Santiago plugs you, OK?”

That was a mouthful from my brother!

“André, I can never imagine a life without you, you should know that! Yes, it would be nice if you were present when Santiago fucks me. He is actually a very nice guy and I think it would be a very nice experience. I’m so impressed with his cock: he is a winner. I think I’ll really feel him! We could try a double with him …?”

“What? Baby bro, you’re incorrigible! But I wouldn’t mind if Santiago wanted to …?”

André pulled me to him and kissed me. It was a wonderful brotherly kiss but before long the snake slipped me some tongue! I didn’t mind as he and I share everything, so a little saliva wouldn’t hurt!

“Hey you two, you’re in public! I should do that you delinquent!” Pierre said and handed us our iPhones. He gently pushed André out of way and took me in his arms. “Is Santiago going to plug you tonight? My godd! He has a huge cock! I hope you enjoy it! Later on I’ll add my load to the mix! I’m a bit jealous, but I grant you that opportunity. He seems like a nice guy, caught up in a loveless marriage. Poor guy …” Pierre said and kissed me. Of course I got some more tongue and it soon was more than a tip … snake!

“Pee-AIR, what is happening right under my nose? You are sneaky!” Luigi said and gave Pierre’s head a playful swipe. He took me in his arms and kissed me as we were standing on the Line. André took some pictures.

“Yes, and what about us? I also want a kiss on the Line! How about you Clive?” Giovanni said and stepped closer for his kiss and picture. Clive also came to get a kiss and have our picture taken.

We called on a visitor – he looked Korean – to take a group photo of the 9 of us on the Line.

It was getting damn cold and soon after that, we took our leave and went down to where Luke was waiting in the bus. I wondered if he was still there after the brush-down he got from Clive earlier. But he was waiting a whole 2 hours for us and I felt a little bad that he had to wait so long for us, but then again, he was horrible to me. So, perhaps karma was taking some revenge on him?


The drive from Greenwich to Soho was uneventful. Johann and Gunther just pushed the others out of the way and pulled me down to sit with them. “Fuck you all! We still exist and we also love our boy! He sits with us now, finish en klaar!” Johann said and Gunther hugged me to him and kissed me on the head. This German man was so adorable! He too could easily have been my husband, even though he was blonde! Johann was wonderful and lovable, but damn, his sharp tongue would wear me out if I had to live listening to it day in and day out! Gunther was another story.

Sitting between them was wonderful and their bodies really warmed me nicely. Gunther was telling me about our upcoming visit to Berlin and surroundings. He said he had even spoken to his dad! He said his dad was very exited to see him and couldn’t wait to meet André and me. He told Gunther he had great plans but didn’t divulge the nature of the plans.

Before we knew it, Luke stopped in Oxford Street. Clive arranged with Luke to pick us up in 90 minutes’ time. We followed Clive and saw the most wonderful quant shops, alleys, bric-a-brac, gifts, mementos and of course, fridge magnets galore! There were the most wonderful T-shirts at a fraction of the prices we saw in Knightsbridge, no more than 2 or 3 kilometres away.

We browsed and eventually André and I made our decisions to get the last of our gifts. We bought a long list of gifts. We bought it all on my Visa card, loaded with the money of the grafts:

For Mom, a fridge magnet: a Big Ben with a mini watch as clock as well as a red umbrella. The mini telescopic umbrella is ideal for sudden showers. It’s small enough to carry in her handbag at all times, and a delight to use – the dreary weather didn’t look so bad after all! The umbrella was on a special offer: £25 with a 10 year warranty.

For Dad, a big coffee mug with different London scenes, as well as a genuine leather reversible black/brown belt for £19.

Luigi and Juan: we got each a genuine leather reversible black/brown belt at £19.

Diego got a London T-shirt, and John a London coffee mug. Although they lived in London, we knew many people living there who never bothered buying these items for themselves.

I snuck in a London coffee mug for Rafael. I wanted him to have something when we handed out the gifts.

I managed with Clive’s help to buy a bottle Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon for Alexander and a bottle of SA sherry for Kamran. For Santiago, I bought a small bottle of Van der Hum liqueur. I was sure he’d love it.

While Clive was browsing around, I found him a nice picture book of the Western Cape. If he was going to live in our province, he needed to see what it looked like.

Even though they have left, we got Union Jack mugs and T-shirts for Pieter & Claude. We knew they’d have some presents waiting for us on our return in two weeks’ time.

We decided to get the Three Musketeers (Morné, Johan and Herman) something in Italy.

For André I bought a new iPod cover. He was constantly afraid his iThing would scratch.


We all got what we wanted to buy and we finished shopping in less than 90 minutes. Clive called Luke and asked him to pick us up. Five minutes later he stopped the bus next to us and drove the short distance to the hotel. I sat next to André and we whispered to each other and discussed our shopping and anticipated how the guys would feel. We didn’t pay any attention to what the others bought. We only saw that Clive bought his dad a nice plain black shirt with textures woven into the fabric. We both wondered what the others bought for us. We just had to wait …


At the hotel, we went to our rooms and found some light snacks waiting for us, together with some sparkling wine. John must have brought it, we thought, but the note next to the wine cooler was from Alexander and Boss: “Congratulations! The photos are spectacular. See you later.”

Hmmm. What a nice gesture.

We enjoyed the wine and snacks, and by 6 o’clock we were ready to shower.

I slipped into the bathroom first and douched properly. I had to be squeaky clean for the men … hmmm! Diego, Rafael, Santiago, Alexander … and the rest. I couldn’t help thinking about Dad … oh fuck! What a man! The fact that he fucked me didn’t determine whether I loved him or not. 

By the time I had finished, I was sure I was clean way beyond the final turn in my colon!

Then of course, all 9 of us bundled into the same shower. However, the mood was a bit muted and though there were hard-ons, of course, we only hugged and kissed each other. We deliberately didn’t let it go further as we wanted to save it for later.

After the hot shower, we towelled each other down and dressed for the night. Before I put on my clothes, I went back into the bathroom and took some KY, and pushed it as deep into me as my fingers would go. I was ready!

André and I had strict instructions from Nils as to what we were to wear, and what we had to take with us to the smaller lounge on the ground floor. Just then my iPhone binged: it was an iMessage from Alexander confirming that Santiago would indeed arrive at around 7 o’clock already to get a head start. He confirmed the venue and told me he’d see us at around half past 8.

We finished dressing and André and I took the rest of the clothes prescribed, with us and left the others in the suite. Just as we were to leave, Pierre came to us at the door and said: “*Enjoy the Spaniard! Later on it’s my turn!*”

“*Yes, I will. Thanks my darling!*” I said and once again, I was surprised how the words ‘my darling’ rolled off my tongue with such ease … Was I really falling in love with my men, other than Luigi?

Luigi, Giovanni and Clive also came to us at the door. “Now remember, my Dad wants just the best. This is your turn to shine! Go, break a leg!” Clive said and kissed us. Giovanni was next and he said: “I’m so proud of you, even though I’ve only known you for 5 days! I’m sure you’re going to be a hit! Andare fare una buona impresion (Go make an impression)!”

Luigi took me into his arms and looked into my eyes. He bent down and rubbed his nose on mine. “Never doubt my love for you mio caro. Go, make us proud and all the best. I’ll see you at the reception.”

“I’ll always love you, my big tall hung Italian hunk! You're my first love and that will never change. Thanks mio caro! See you later. Come André, we have to go,” I said and felt my cock bulging in my pants. Fuck! Cum slut!


When we arrived at the small lounge at a quarter to 7, Santiago was there already. There was a sign on the door that said: ‘NO ENTRY! PHOTO SHOOT’.

His laptop was set up, a white umbrella with a flashlight, his cameras on tripods. How the hell did he get all of this to the hotel? I was sure Boss must’ve sent it with a car or van.

“Come in boys! And lock the door … not just for … you know, but also to keep unwanted and nosey elements out. Boss is paying for the use of the lounge and I don’t want any interruptions … ahem … sorry! But you understand …?” Santiago said and came to us.

“Ahh! The men of the moment! Let me look at you! You’re so damn identical and you're dressed identical. Now, who’s who? Without you saying anything, how will I be able to tell the difference?” Santiago said. He pulled us both into an embrace and kissed André on the cheek. Then he looked into my eyes and kissed me on the mouth. He knew immediately. “You’re Antonio! Right? Hmmm!”

“You're such a snake baby bro! I wanted to kiss the Spaniard!” André said and kissed Santiago on the mouth. Santiago let go of me and kissed André . This time it was a passionate kiss with tongue and spit.

“I’m sorry André, but I prefer Antonio … nothing against you but … I just prefer your brother. No hard feelings, OK?” Santiago said and pulled me closer. This time his bulge pushed against my lower belly and I gasped. His cock was semi-hard and the big thing felt wonderful against me.

“No hard feelings! But remember I’m not leaving when you’re … you know … I’m watching and I want to suck my brother when that happens. OK?”

“No problem. But, we have work to do. The hotel organised these flowers and selected some nice paintings for us to use. I do have some backdrops for the more formal shoots but I want some of you against the real backdrop of the lounge. Come,” Santiago and he transformed into the professional photographer that he was.


The shoot went wonderful and it was clear Santiago was a master in the making. He knew exactly what to do and it made me think of Johann. Once the shoot was done, he transferred the pictures to his laptop and assessed them. He only had to redo a few shots: either our eyes were not looking in the right direction, or he wasn’t too happy with our hands or whatever. But for the rest, the pictures were spectacular. He finished within an hour.

When he switched off his equipment and put his very expensive cameras in their cases, I started to tremble a little. I knew what was coming and I couldn’t wait.

“Antonio … erm … who the hell is who now? Antonio, are you still OK? I’m a bit worried … my cock is big and Omar allowed me to … erm … fuck him, only after we’ve been dating for more than 6 months. You sure?” Santiago was a darling.

“Here I am and no, I’m not worried. Yes, your cock is big, but I’ll manage just fine,” I said and put my arms around his neck. I lifted my face and he kissed me. Fuck! His soft full lips were like heaven. My Luigi and Pierre have found their match! Santiago played with the tip of his tongue over my lips and without thinking I opened my mouth. The big wet tongue entered my mouth gently and I literally sucked it deep into my mouth. Oh fuck!

His huge bulge pushed against me and I felt how it transformed from semi-hard to rock-hard within seconds. He was as hot as I was. My cock was hard and wet already.

I pulled André closer and included him in the kiss. He accepted with gratitude and the kiss became a three-way kiss. I put my hand on André’s crotch and yes, it was rock-hard. Perhaps he could be first …

Santiago put his hand on my crotch and hummed his approval in my mouth. “It feels like you’ve got a bigger cock than Omar! Not all Arabian men are hung! But it seems like you two have biggies!”

“You say the nicest things! For that, you’ll be amply rewarded, kind Sir!” André quipped and squeezed Santiago’s enormous bulge.

“Time to get out of these clothes. We don’t have all evening,” Santiago said and started to undress me. First my scarf, then my jacket, my shirt … and I did the same to him. André realised he was left to his own devices and typically ‘André’, his pants were the first to go!

When I reached for Santiago’s pants, he gasped and groaned. “I hope you’d be OK with it dear boy! I want to make love to you so much! You're such a wonderful man! Oh fuck! I don’t want to hurt you …”

I unbuckled his pants and battled to unbutton his pants. He pulled in his tummy and then I unzipped the pants. I pushed his pants down and he wriggled them down his legs to his knees. I put my hand in his underpants and when my fingers touched the velvet skin covering his huge cock, he gasped and I marvelled at the sensation of touching his cock, and at the sheer size of his cock. I’ve encountered my fair share of big cocks, but this one was special. He was a nice guy too, he was sexy as fuck and he was a good kisser. I was convinced that he actually was a good lover – that much was clear already.

Santiago’s hand was on my cock and he pushed my underpants down and took my cock and balls in his hand. “My godd, what a nice cock! How big is it? Let me guess? 22cm? No, more?”

“We’re exactly 24,5cm and it was verified by an engineer, I’ll let you know!” André put in. He was stroking his hard cock and I put my one hand out to touch him. He stood closer and I took his cock in my hand. It was like touching my own cock, but without feeling the hand on my cock of course.

“That’s plenty big! Then mine is 9,5cm longer … fuck! Saying it like that, sounds like I'm some kind of freak, but I guarantee you, I’m not a weirdo and I'm only interested in pleasing my lover … you are my lover for tonight, right?” Santiago said and kissed me again.

I sank to my knees and sucked André’s hard cock. Once again, it was like sucking my own cock without the sensation of lips on my cock. And to be quite honest, I loved sucking my brother’s cock. It wasn’t the biggest, but it was ample and a huge mouthful.

I stood up and put my hand on Santiago’s hairy chest. I felt his big pectoral muscles. This man’s body was built as well as Morné’s, except that he was much hairier and much taller. And the most delectable mouth ever. And his cock was incredible!

The cock in my hand was thick, it was hard and sopping wet. I had an idea but I wasn’t sure it would work.

“Santiago, André is going to be a part of tonight, so I want him to feel he plays a part. What about him fucking me first while I suck you? OK?” I said.

“By all means. I want to add another idea if you’re OK with it. I want him to fuck you till he cums but I want him to cum on your hole so I could use that as lube … too much?” Santiago said. “We don’t have to if …”

“Perfect! Yes, let’s do it! André, is it OK with you?” I said.

“Only if I could get to suck Santiago’s huge cock first. OK?”

“Of course!” I said and André sank to his knees. He took Santiago’s enormous cock in his hand and whistled between his teeth.

“Fuck! This is one hell of a cock and he’s going to fuck you with it! Fuck baby bro!” André said and licked the wet head. He opened his mouth and most of Santiago’s cock disappeared in there. He added some saliva and pulled off the huge cock. He opened his mouth again and I knew my brother was going to deep throat the monster cock … and then it happened. Santiago’s big cockhead slipped into André’s throat. My godd! How did he do it, I thought. He pulled off again and pushed the big head back into his throat. More of the big cock disappeared in André’s mouth and Santiago gasped.

“Omar has never managed to do that. Oh fuck it feels good! André, you’re a star my man!” Santiago said and put his hands on my brother’s head and pushed his cock deeper into his mouth. I gawked at what I was seeing and was impressed. My brother was a cocksucker of note!

“OK, that’s enough! You're too good my man! Please let go or I’ll cum in a heartbeat. Please, André …?” Santiago said and pulled his cock from my brother’s mouth. “Please fuck Antonio so I could have a chance?”

“Sure thing! Anton, put your precum on my cock and perhaps some spit on your hole. Did you add some lube before we left the suite, clever boy?”

“Sure! You know me too well! Yes, I’m ready! Just be careful. Remember we’re not exactly a midget in the cock department!”

I aimed my cock at André’s hard cock and milked as much precum out as I could muster. He smeared it over his cockhead and milked some precum from his own piss-slit. I couldn’t believe what I saw: the amount of precum bubbling out of my brother was the most I’ve ever seen coming out of his piss-slit! Wow! It was going to be an easy entry, for sure!

“Here, let me add some of my precum on your hole,” Santiago said and turned me around. He took his enormous cock in his hand and milked the precum from it. I bent forward and held my breath. Knowing men, I was sure he was going to push in … Santiago rubbed the precum all over my hole and yes, he pushed in … oh fuck! It was big! The long big head stretched my hole and I relaxed and pushed out. The big head slipped in and I groaned. Oh fuck! It felt incredible! And to think it was only our precum making this immense entry possible!

“I'm in already … please let me push in all the way and cum one round. Please? Oh fuck!” Santiago said and pushed in deeper.

“OK, let me add some more precum on your cockshaft. Yes, push in all the way and fuck my baby bro. Anton, are you OK?” André said.

“Oh godd! You have no idea what this feels like! It is easily one of the best penetrations I’ve ever had! Santiago’s cock is made for fucking and my hole was made to take it! Yes, please push in … ahhh! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Please fuck me Santiago!” I said gasping. The huge cockhead was in me and was approaching my prostate. It was a sensation to behold: the circumference of Santiago’s cock was immense … about the same as Larry.

“You still OK, Antonio? Am I hurting you? Must I stop?”

“No, I’m fine for now thanks Santiago. Just take it slow please. You do have a monster there! It would help if you pulled out a bit and pushed back in please?”

“For sure! I’m pulling out and then back in again, OK?” Santiago agreed on the spot. He pulled out all the way, and asked: “OK? Can I push in again now?”

“Yes, please push in again!” I said and held my breath. The immense cock was pushing into me again mainly on precum alone. André stepped closer and added some more precum to Santiago’s cockshaft.

“Yes, please give me more precum so I don’t hurt our boy. You still OK?”

“Yes, I’m OK. Just take it slow please,” I said and braced myself for the penetration.

But, I was totally amazed at the way Santiago approached the whole fucking. He was a gentleman par excellence! He wasn’t fucking me – he was really making love to me!

And his hands on my back and butt were gently stroking me, confirming that he was making love to me … what a wonderful experience! A total stranger but he was exactly what the others in our group were like! What a pity he didn’t live in Cape Town! But, there was Piketberg … one could only hope!

The huge cock was approaching my prostate again and I started to groan. The immense size was pushing against my prostate as if there were two cocks in me! Only Jonathan by himself had this reaction from my prostate … fuck, it felt wonderful.

I felt how Santiago’s cock was pushing some cum from my piss-slit … fuck! It landed on the carpet …

Santiago was still caressing my body and slowly pushed in deeper. When he reached my inner sphincter, he stopped and took a deep breath. “Now for the big one, Antonio. Ready? Please stop me if I hurt you, OK?”

“I’m fine thanks! Santiago, this is phenomenal! I love your love-making very much! Damn!”

“I’m glad. Hold on, I’m going to twitch my cock to make your sphincter relax, OK? Just relax and hold still. Don’t push back. I don’t want my cock to shoot into you. I want it to be slow and relaxed. OK?” Santiago said and twitched his cock. Oh fuck!

He gently pushed and after the third twitch, my sphincter gave way and the big long cockhead slipped through. He controlled the entry and slid into me gently and slowly. This was different on so many levels! This man was a keeper!

As he approached bottoming out deep inside me, Santiago breathed out. He was actually holding his breath since he encountered my inner sphincter! Santiago, you are a star, I thought.

The huge cock was 34cm deep in me and we only used precum on top of the KY I pushed into me earlier! And the most amazing part was, it didn’t hurt at all! It was an enormous cock but I experienced no pain whatsoever!

“How do you do it? I feel absolutely no pain! It’s just wonderful. You really are a good lover! So far so good!” I said and clenched my hole over the huge invasion in me.

“Baby bro, you’re a trouper to take this huge cock like that. I’m impressed. If I weren’t so close to cumming, I’d offer my cock for you to suck, but I’m more interested in cumming in you. And I can’t suck you, as I know you’d cum in a heartbeat with that huge cock in you. So, I'm just going to watch this spectacle, OK? I’m so horny, I think my IQ has dropped 25 points!”

I smiled at my brother’s remark and concentrated on Santiago in me, his hands all over me.

Santiago pulled me up and put his arms around my chest. He hugged me to him and put his face on my cheek, kissing me. I turned my head and got a lopsided kiss from this kind man. He pushed his tongue into my mouth at the awkward angle. And still, it was a wonderful kiss.

Santiago held still and only made his cock twitch in me. His hands were rubbing over my pectoral muscles, lightly pinching my nipples, caressing my hairy body. My godd, this man was something else.

He started to fuck me with slow, deep thrusts and almost immediately, I felt like cumming. Oh no! I can’t cum, I screamed in my head. And to add insult to injury, Santiago took hold of my cock. Oh fuck no!

I pushed his hand away from my cock and groaned in his mouth. He broke the kiss and merely said: “Sorry! I’ll take it slowly.”

Santiago started to fuck me faster but still hugged me close to his hairy muscular body. It felt extremely wonderful and it was love-making, plain and simple. Wow! What a man!

“I could do this for a very long time, but we don’t have that kind of luxury. André, are you still OK my man? I’m going to cum now and let you in, OK? OK Antonio?” Santiago said.

“Yes, I’m still horny as fuck but I’m OK. But, I think it’s a plan to let me in soon. OK?”

“Antonio, I’m going to pick up speed. Just relax and fight against having an orgasm. Please? I want another round after André, OK?” Santiago said and kissed me again. His big hands were on my chest and tummy. He did pick up speed and fucked me faster and with deeper thrusts.

I took one of his hands and looked at it. Perfect in every way. His hands were in the league of Luigi and Pierre. They were beautiful and the nails were big, clean and fucking sexy. The black hair was just adding that … that nice touch to these beautiful hands!

I was also as randy as a dogg in heat but I took a deep breath. I couldn’t afford to shoot my load on the floor and bring this love-making to an abrupt end. No, at least another couple of minutes.

“I'm going to cum, OK? You ready? Remember my cock is big and when I cum, it swells a lot and remember I'm going to pump a very big load into you – at least 30 ml or more. Ready?”

“Yes, fuck me you damn nice man! Let fly!” I said and enjoyed the ride to the fullest. It was an experience to remember.

And then it happened: Santiago’s cock became harder and bigger. He continued to fuck me and when the first cum spewed from the piss-slit, he fucked me with short, deep thrusts. I could feel the cum being pumped into me. It did feel like it went on forever. I counted 13 spurts, 13 spasms, 13 twitches. 13 – my lucky number.

“Oh fuck! That was … phenomenal! I can tell you with certainty, I’ve never felt anything like that before,” Santiago said and held still. His cock was still very hard and still twitched lightly. “Are you OK? Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes! I have the most amazing lovers but this was something different. I can only imagine what lovemaking would be with you under other circumstances, and in a proper bed. Thanks Santiago! You're an exceptional guy!” I said and squeezed his hand.

“I'm pulling out now. Are you ready André? OK Antonio? Ready? Remember to clench as my cockhead is about to exit. There really is a huge amount of cum in you now,” Santiago said and started to pull out. He did it slowly while he was still caressing my body. He kissed me in the neck and hugged me tight to him while he pushed his lower body away from me.

When the long cockhead approached my hole, I clenched and that forced the cock out even faster, but I managed to contain the cum in me. Santiago spun me around and took me in his arms. “That was wonderful! Thanks Antonio. I could easily fall in love with you … Another time, another place, different circumstances, and I was a goner … This was an experience I want to remember forever. Oh dear lord! I’m so fucked! How am I supposed to forget this? Hmmm!” He took my face in his hands and kissed me.

I had my one hand on his back and put my other hand on his cock. My godd! It was still rock-hard and of course, it was sopping wet! He was ready for another round, that was for sure!

André approached me from behind and said next to my ear: “Please push some of Santiago’s cum out for me to use as lube? No better lube than cum!” He put his cock on my hole and rubbed my back.

I nodded with Santiago’s wonderful mouth on mine. I relaxed my sphincter and felt how some of Santiago’s cum leaked out, lubing up my hole.

André rubbed his cockhead over my hole, spreading the cum and then he pushed in. After the immense cock I’ve had in me, my hole was relaxed and André’s cock slipped in easily. He did fuck me with slow strokes, pulling out, pushing in deeper, out a bit, deeper and soon his cock scraped over my prostate and I held my breath. No, not now, I told myself. André continued to push in deeper and when he reached my inner sphincter, he hesitated only for a few seconds and pushed home. The last 4,5cm of his cock went in beyond my sphincter and I groaned.

“You OK, Antonio? André, please don’t hurt him!”

“I’m fine thanks! After all the fucking I’ve had from my brother, I’m used to his cock and he knows how to give me a good fucking. It’s OK, you can fuck me André,” I said and clenched my hole over my brother’s cock. It was way smaller than Santiago’s cock, but it still was big enough to make me enjoy it.

“Baby bro, after what I’ve seen here and what I feel right now, there is no fucking way I could last long! Sorry, but this is going to be a wham-bam-thanks-ma’am affair. OK?”

I broke the kiss with Santiago and merely said: “Yes, it’s OK!”

André started to fuck me in earnest and I realised he really was about to cum, and soon. His cock was twitching and his breath became laboured. His thrusts became faster and deeper and soon he started to groan and swear: “Oh fuck! Ahhh! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Here it comes bro! Yes! Hnnnghhhnn! Oh godd! I’m cumming … I’m cumming! Yes! Here it co-o-o-o-mes!” His cock started to twitch and pulsate. He fucked me with shorter, deep thrusts and then he slammed his cock into me and held still … he exhaled and swore again as his orgasm exploded into me: “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! This is it! This is it! Yes bro! Oh dear godd!”

I squeezed Santiago’s cock and felt it was still rock-hard and sopping wet. Some more precum had leaked from the piss-slit and covered the whole head.

André collapsed against me and breathed deeply. “Baby bro, you’re just too much and you’re driving all of us fucking hopping mad with desire. This was … just so wonderful, and feeling Santiago’s huge load in you was phenomenal. It sure is a big load! And I’ve added my small deposit to it! Are you ready for your next round Santiago?”

“Oh dear lord yes! You OK Antonio? May I please penetrate you again? Yes?”

“Yes of course,” I said. André pulled out of me and once again I had to clench to prevent the cum from leaking out. There was so much in me that a small amount did leak out and dribbled down my inner thigh. Nothing to worry about. Just enough to lube me up again!

Santiago turned me around and gently pushed on my back to make me bend a little. He aimed his immense cock at my hole and pushed in … ahhh! The cum that leaked out made the difference: Santiago’s huge cock slipped in and he continued to push in deeper. He passed my prostate and I gasped. I was so damn close to an orgasm … shit! I hoped Santiago was going to cum soon. I was in for a pleasant surprise!

He pushed in all the way, just hovering a few seconds at the inner sphincter for it to open up. His cock slipped in all the way and he pulled me up, holding me tight to him.

“This is going to be quick, but I am going to cum at least three times more … don’t worry, I know you’re bursting with desire to cum, but I promise you it will be quick. OK? You still OK?” Santiago said, holding his huge cock deep inside me. It twitched and I felt his big balls resting against my butt.

“Yes, I’m OK. Let fly my man! I’ll survive and I’ll hold on until you’re done. Go!”

“You're phenomenal! Omar hates it when I continue to fuck him … you’re a godd-sent! Thanks!” Santiago said and started to fuck me. But this round was different: it wasn’t the slow and deep thrusts of earlier. He immediately fucked me with gusto, and lo and behold: within half a minute, his cock swelled to huge proportions again and his deep breathing indicated the next round was going to be pumped into me. It started to twitch and I felt how he pumped a generous amount of cum into me.

And then he amazed me even further: he didn’t stop but continued to fuck me! And within 15 seconds, he shot another load into me! Another big load! And again, he merely continued to fuck me and 15 seconds later, he shot the third round of the session into me.

“Enough? I can manage another one if you want …? Yes?”

“Oh godd yes! Yes! One last one please? Pump another load into me!”

Santiago continued to fuck me and within about 30 seconds, he shot his fourth load into me … I was astonished. Many of my men can achieve multiple orgasms, but none as elegant and as fast as this Spaniard hunk! He clung to me and put his head on my shoulder, breathing deeply. His cock was still spasming in me, the head bathed in one hell of a lot of cum. This was phenomenal!

“I could do more, but I’ll save it for a next time … oh fuck!” Santiago said and exhaled next to my ear, hugging me to him. His cock was still twitching in me. It was hard and very big.

“Baby bro, this man is amazing! I’m sure you're filled to the gills by now! Wow! I’m impressed. And not to piss on your parade, but we have 10 minutes left. You OK baby bro?” André asked.

“How are you doing my dear man? How was it for you? Worth it to remember? Enough to want me to do it again? May I stay in you for just a little while longer? I want my cock to deflate a bit before I pull out. André, didn’t you say you wanted to suck Antonio?”

“Yes, I do, but do you want me to Anton?” André asked.

“Yes please! I’m about to explode here and that will spray one hell of a load over the walls, the carpet and furniture! Please suck me!” I said and held my cock for André to suck. Santiago’s cock in me was still hard and twitched occasionally. His hands were still caressing my body and his head was still on my shoulder. He lifted his face and kissed me on the cheek. My godd! What a nice gentleman. Santiago was one of the nicest men I’ve ever come to know. And after the unpleasant Luke … what a difference!

He started to fuck me with slow deep thrusts … he was going to cum with me!

André took my cock in his mouth and sucked the head deep into his throat. The second the helmet of my glans slipped through his gullet into his pharynx, I lost it. And it wasn’t even 10 seconds! My first spurt squirted out right into his pharynx. At the same time Santiago shot his next volley into me! My godd! There was no end to this man’s libido!

André pulled off my cock and received the rest of my big load in his mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! My hole spasmed around Santiago’s cock in me and miracles of miracles, he started to fuck me again.

No, that wasn’t possible! But within another 20 seconds, he shot his sixth round of cum into me. Six in all! This man was a national treasure! I hoped Boss would send him to South Africa! I know I was selfish, but godd! Who could blame me?

“I'm sorry my man, but your hole made me hard once more! You OK?” Santiago said and exhaled deeply, kissing me in the neck …

“I'm fine but André, please let go of my cock. Sensitive! Thanks bro! That was great. Santiago, I never even imagined this … this phenomenon I’ve experienced tonight. SEVEN times! His first round and then after you, SIX more times. André, when I came in your mouth, Santiago came twice again! Can you believe it?”

“What? Spaniard, you’re unbelievable! As long as my baby bro is happy, I'm happy. And if it takes your huge cock to make him happy, I’m happy. You're fucking great, you know!”

“Thanks, but it’s this man in my arms who deserves all the credit. I could never perform without such a wonderful, capable bottom. Thanks my man!”

“Well, it seems like this was a successful evening in more ways than one. But, we have to zip up and get going. Anton, are you OK? Was the huge cock not too much?” André enquired.

“It was absolutely wonderful. Thanks Santiago, thanks André. I’ve had an incredible session with you two.”

“I’m pulling out, OK? You really have to clench now: there is one hell of a lot of cum in you by now. Clench!” Santiago said and started to pull out. I could feel there was an enormous load in me, which made me feel content and sated.

The huge cockhead approached my hole and I had to concentrate to contain the cum in me. The head popped free and only a very small amount of cum dribbled down my leg.

“That was amazing and I’m indebted big time. You’ve shown me what sex could be, even under these conditions. Thanks. And thanks for your part in it, André. I want to see you again. I want your contact details please!” Santiago said and opened his one case. He took out a flat package of WetWipes and pulled out a few sheets. He gave me a few to wipe up the cum on my hole and legs. He gave André the package and aimed to wipe his own cock with a few WetWipes. I swung around and was on my knees in a flash. I took the big cock, now very rubbery but still very big, in my mouth. It was covered in cum, but absolutely fine.

“This is a first for me! Antonio, where have you been all my life?”

“I love it and the session with you was just phenomenal. Thanks you big hung hunk of a Spaniard! I also want to see you again!” I said and licked the last of the cum from Santiago’s cock. He took the WetWipes and cleaned his cock before he collected the used towelettes.

We dressed, touching each other, groping each other, kissing each other, hugging each other. Eventually we managed to finish dressing and then we exchanged contact details. I was sad we’ve forgotten to take pictures! Damn!

“Mr Cooper will be here shortly. He’ll want to see the photos. I’m calling the porters to take the equipment to the van in the parking garage. I’ll keep the laptop with me. The hotel needs this venue for a small function for some Emirati from Dubai. Please wait here. What is the time now? Ahh! Almost half past 8. Perfect. I’ll be back in a minute,” Santiago said and kissed me before he left us, me in a daze. This was out of this world!


Alexander arrived and Santiago came to call us. The hotel staff members were there already to prepare the room for the next function.

We met Alexander in Gareth’s suite. Santiago showed him the photos of the shoot at Greenwich and of the recent session an hour before. His face was one of amazement and he was pleased beyond words.

“Boys, I’ve never made an error in judgement and here you prove me right again. You’re phenomenal, and Santiago, job well done! If all works out, you’ll join the boys in New York or Cape Town. I’ll organise it. Fantastic!”

“Thanks Mr Cooper. I have to say, these two boys are naturals and it was easy to produce the quality you see in front of you. Thanks for the sessions boys! It was a pleasure to work with you!” Santiago said and shook our hands. His huge hand was warm and soft in mine. Oh fuck!

“Thanks … Alexander … may we still call you that?” I said.

“Of course … Antonio?”

“Yes, it’s me. Thanks for giving us this chance. We’ll do our best not to disappoint you. It was a privilege to meet you and it was a pleasure working with Santiago. He is pro and a wizard. Thanks Santiago!” I said. Santiago pulled me closer and gave me a hug!

“OK, the party is about to start: they’re just waiting for me. Bring your laptop Santiago. I’d like the others to see some of your work today. There is a glass of bubbly with my name on it! Come!” Alexander said.


The lounge where the hotel has prepared the party for us was decorated with Christmas stuff. There were some banners, a medium-sized Christmas tree with ‘presents’ under it, tables with food of every conceivable kind, a bar and with the most beautiful classical Christmas music in the background.

All the guys were there and when we entered, they clapped hands and all swarmed to us to hug and kiss us.

“We heard it went well! Tell us! Are you the new cover boys for GQ? Speak up boys!” Pierre said and hugged me close to him.

I noticed Diego Rodriguez was there, as was Kamran Baghieri. There was no trace of Rafael Ribeiro or Peter Johnson.

“Hallo there!” Diego said. He hugged me and kissed me right there and then. He pushed his big bulge into me and I groaned into his mouth. “*I want to fuck you*!” he whispered.

“*Later!*” I whispered back.

“Ah, my friend from the far south! How are you doing?” Kamran said and pulled me to him. The Hugo Boss The Scent smelled divine on this man. He hugged me close to him, kissed me and whispered in my ear: “*I’ve been saving it all for you! Ready for the big one and a big load?*”

“*Yes, later Kamran! I’d love to have your big one and a big load!*”


I pulled out my iPhone to check and there was an iMessage from Rafael: he was required to attend a work-related function which he wanted to avoid, but it involved seeing people for his work who were off to the Bahamas the following day. He promised he’d join us if it were early enough. Ah well, there were more than enough others.

I wondered about Peter, but he was Luigi’s friend so he’d sort it out. The man must’ve had another commitment. No problem.

We helped ourselves to some eats – exquisite stuff, ranging from small savoury things to small samosas to petit sausages and sausage rolls, crackers, a wide selection of cheeses … too much. I got some Moët and joined Luigi and Pierre chatting to Clive, Alexander and of course Giovanni. Gunther and Johann joined us and then we were all standing close to each other.

Santiago stood close to me but did nothing obvious. He was a true gentleman and what a lover! My godd! At one stage I went to get a refill of Moët and he followed me.

“Antonio, there is no way that tonight was the one and only time I’d be seeing you. I’m going to ask Mr Cooper if I could go do your shoot in Cape Town early next year. I can’t imagine not seeing you again! Please tell me you feel the same?”

“Santiago, that would be wonderful. And then you could meet my Dad and … well, he is part of the deal, if you know what I mean …”

“Your Dad fucks you too …? Really? That’s so hot! I’d love to meet him and if I may, I’d love to see that … it sounds wonderful!”

“Yes, he wouldn’t mind. But remember, Luigi is my husband-to-be, there is Pierre, now there are Clive and Giovanni, and soon Piero, Luigi’s nephew. And all the others you see here. When we do it, we do it well! Does it bother you?”

“No! Not in the least! Why do you think I’ve shown you my dick at Greenwich? I’m proud of it and I’m not bashful in the least. I’d love to be part of such a … session?”

“Done! How long can you stay tonight? We’re planning on having some fun in our suite later on …”

“Oh hell no! Omar would kill me! I have to leave here no later than 10 o’clock! Remember we’re having our own little Christmas function at home, exchanging presents … No, I’d love to stay, but the consequences … not worth it. YOU’RE worth it, but you know what I mean. Oh fuck! I want to kiss you and hug you and feel you against me! Sometimes life throws the most wonderful people at us and then it becomes such a mess. This is one of them. My emotions are on a rollercoaster ride … I fucking like you a lot!”

“Same here. And I understand. We’ll be in touch. Let’s join the others again,” I said. “I want some photos of you … you know … I want to see it all!”

“Yes, I’ll send you some tomorrow. I think I’m falling in love with you! Shit!” Santiago said.


Alexander made a speech and thanked everybody, including the photographers, the hotel, the staff at Boss, Claire, the models and André and I in particular. He announced our imminent stardom and the visit to NY. There were loud cheers.

“Never in my career have I met two such wholesome-looking boys, and twins at that, like you boys over here. NY is over the moon with what they’ve seen so far. If all works out for you, you're going to become stars in your own right.

“Then afford me this opportunity to welcome one of Dolce & Gabbana’s ex-models who is now in our stable. Giovanni, welcome! You're a worthy candidate and we’re glad to have you aboard.

“To all the photographers, but Santiago in particular, thanks for a job well-done. Santi, I’ll see you next week some time to finalise the boys’ portfolio, OK?

“The rest of you guys – I can’t mention all of you by name – well done boys! It was worth it to bring you to London. The pictures we have will be well used. We’ll do the EFTs early in January. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you check your bank accounts in two weeks’ time.

“Last but not least, please allow me to say something about this tall hunk of man who just happens to be my one and only son. Clive, please come here. We know what has happened since Monday when he met you. Don’t worry my boy, I know the feeling and you’ve chosen well. Clive of course, is on his way to Cape Town in the New Year. Yes, I’ve already spoken to the dean and managed to get hold of someone in Cape Town who will chase up the paperwork on the 4th of January. It would seem you’re set to move and leave me all alone … Not to worry! It will give me an excuse to go see Claire in Cape Town and see my boy and the twins. Well done! I hope Antonio and Luigi will convince Clive to get more involved with Boss when he can. However, the muscular body you see is the result of dedication, which takes up all his spare time. Clive, I’ll miss having you around but … I’m sure you’ve made the right decision. I’d have done the same! God speed my boy!”

Clive had his arm around his Dad’s shoulder and pulled him into an embrace. He kissed his Dad right there and then. He whispered something in his Dad’s ear and hugged him again. Loud cheers and whistles.

“I believe Juan wanted to say something?” Alexander said.

“Alexander, Gareth, Clive, my boys, my friends and everybody else. This was an experience like none I’ve ever had before. Since we left my in-law’s farm, it was an exhilarating experience. The professionalism bestowed on us, the organisation of the shoots, the transport, the hotel, the food, the clothes, the gifts … Am I leaving anything out? Thanks Mr Cooper, and Boss Models UK. We’re honoured and want you to know we’re grateful. Three cheers for Mr Cooper, his staff and Boss! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! On your health!” Juan said and raised his glass.

“Now for some presents. Did you get some presents for each other you want to add to those under the tree? You did? Well, please go and fetch them so we could have a real Christmas. I’ll give you 10 minutes to go fetch them!” Alexander said.


We went to fetch our presents and added them to those under the tree. There was a small mountain of boxes wrapped in bright paper, ribbons and sashes. Give a gay man half a chance and he’ll make the dreariest of gifts look snazzy!

When we returned, Santiago was just about to leave.

“Here, I got you something! Something from home. I hope you like it!” I said and gave him the nice bag with the Van der Hum liqueur.

“No, you shouldn’t have! I didn’t get you anything! No man!”

“*You gave me plenty earlier on! I can still feel the volume in me …*!” I whispered.

“Thank you very much. I'm sure Omar would be OK with it. What is it?”

“Have a look.”

“’Van der Hum’ – that sounds nice! Is it a liqueur? South African? Well, I’d just tell Omar it’s from a client. You are my client, not so?”

“Much more than that, I hope! Thanks for earlier. Santiago, that was one of the best experiences of my life and even André agrees. We’re both hoping for a next time. Take care and lots of love. We like you lots and will be waiting to see you soon. Bye you sexy Spaniard!” I said and kissed him.

“Yes, the same from me. I didn’t have that enormous thing in me, but I could see my baby bro enjoyed it. And it was memorable. You’re always welcome. Our group would welcome you with open arms. Just come!” André said and kissed Santiago.

“Goodbye boys! It was a privilege and a pleasure … ahem … I’m looking forward to work with you again and … of course …! I can’t wait! Bye Antonio, bye André!” Santiago said and kissed and hugged us again. And then he was gone.

We went back into the lounge and put our presents under the tree. All the other guys have brought their presents already.

“OK if I ask Clive to play Santa Claus? Right?” Alexander said and Clive stepped up. He looked so damn handsome. He was dressed in black, head to toe. His dark chest hair billowing over the top of his shirt made him look like a sexy rich Greek.

He handed out the presents, including some gifts we got from Boss. The gifts from Boss included a pen with our names engraved on it and a portfolio of the best photographs taken since Sunday. And each got a 100ml bottle of Boss The Scent! Yay!

Luigi bought me a very stylish white shirt and the identical one in black for André. The fabric was woven into striped patterns of different widths.

Pierre gave me a beautiful weekend toiletries bag. Inside it was stocked with my favourite deodorant, Nivea face wash and Nivea facial cream, and a bottle of Tom Ford Noir. Wow!

Giovanni just gave me a chocolate as he already bought me the seahorse pendant at Kamran’s shop.

Juan gave me a fridge magnet with Big Ben on as well as a gift voucher for Woolworths in South Africa. “I’m looking for something in Italy for you boys!”

Gunther only gave us each a London T-shirt, made of very good quality fabric and said: “I’ll get you something in Berlin next week.”

Johann gave us each an electronic picture frame! Wow! I’ve always wanted one!

André came up to me and looked me in the eye: “Baby bro, I’m giving myself to you. You know you belong to me and I belong to you. I'm only giving you a smaller Swiss Army knife to use in the vineyards. I love you man!” He hugged me and kissed me.

I gave André his iPod cover and was showered with hugs and kisses. “You're my life and my soul and my brother and my lover and my friend – I love you baby bro!”

When Diego got his T-shirt, he beamed and said it was very welcome. He prefers to wear black in any case.

Kamran was very pleased with his bottle of sherry and hugged me. “*I can’t wait to fuck you! When is this party breaking up?*”

“*I also can’t wait. Perhaps another half hour? Are you going to kill me with that big thing of yours?*”

“*You’ll know it when I fuck you, but I have no intention of killing you with it! On the contrary …!*”

The others exchanged presents and the atmosphere was light and jubilant.

When we handed out the crystal blocks, the guys were beaming. “Just what we could expect from you! Thanks Antonio, André! This is very special!” Pierre said. “It will get a very special place on my desk.” He kissed me and pushed my shoulders away a bit to look me in the eye. “*How I wish I could’ve married you. You make me so fucking happy! I love you Ant!*”

“*If there were no Luigi, the answer would’ve been ‘yes’, a thousand times over, but even so, I still love you and even if you’re not going to marry me, you’d still live with us and sleep with me … We might even call the weddings off, for all we know. You know our and your parents and how they feel. So, don’t sweat it my ridiculously tall, sexy and hugely hung man! I still love you!*”

“*Ant, I can say without a shred of uncertainty: I fucking love you! Come here*!” Pierre said and pulled me into a hug. His huge cock was semi-hard already and he groaned next to my ear. “*I want to fuck you with this … soon! My darling!*”

‘My darling’ again. Perhaps these guys loved me more than I realised.

We turned to the tables with food and drink. We had some more to eat and the bubbly flowed freely.


We had some more drinks and by 11 o’clock Alexander cleared his throat and announced that he was going to love and leave us. He was tired but he wanted us to continue.

I noticed John and Larry were not there with the rest of the staff. But, there were at least 10 others lined up to fuck me! John and Larry had their turns, so …

We remained in the lounge another 30 minutes and then Pierre … yes, Pierre! … announced we were going to our suite and the ones who wanted to join us, were welcome. “The others must have a nice Christmas! Goodbye!” Nobody left and all of us went to the elevators to go to the 3rd floor.

When we got off the elevator, my iPhone binged: it was Santiago. ‘Thanks for everything. I’m a rich man. It was a privilege. Looking forward working with you again. Can’t wait!’

I texted back: ‘Similar sentiments here. Thanks and take care. Please stay in touch. Remember we’d love some ‘pictures’ please?’ I hoped he understood we wanted pictures of his huge cock. We were so engrossed with what he was doing to me, that we forgot to take pictures! Stupid us!

Bing! ‘Sure thing. Here are a few. Enjoy. I also want pics’. He sent 5 pics of his enormous cock! My godd! I got hard on the spot and my hole twitched. The feeling of this big dong in me was memorable.

“Come on Antonio! We’re waiting!” Pierre said, holding the door open. Eleven of us bundled in and André and Luigi offered them some drinks Alexander organised for us. Clive assisted them.

There was a small hi-fi system with a note on it that it was Bluetooth-enabled for use with a cell phone. André stepped up and ‘hooked up’ his iPhone to the system and the most soothing music filled the air.

We started dancing with each other. Nobody was dancing with just one other guy. We were just all dancing.

Diego moved in behind me and moved with the rhythm of the music. His huge bulge rubbed against my crack and I was hard in seconds. This Latino boy was a damn nice guy, and the one time I sucked him and he fucked me (also with Johann) were spectacular. His 31cm cock was thick and had a huge head. It was uncut, thick, veiny, it curved upwards, it had a big piss-slit, he produced enormous amounts of precum and he shot huge loads. This Latino boy had a beautiful coffee-coloured skin. His short pitch-black hair was sexy and his hard muscular body was covered in lots of pitch-black hair. And he had beautiful dark brown eyes. All in all, he was a sexy man, and to top it all, he was a nice guy. He knew how to fuck too.

We danced with Diego behind me, his hands on my hips and his big bulge in my crack. Then he spun me around and looked me in the eyes.

“You’re such a damn nice man! I enjoy being with you. I can’t wait to move to Cape Town. I hope the Starbucks at the … the Waterfront? … is up and running soon. My boss is very cross with me but he has a sister who is married to a wine farmer so he understands to some extent. He did the amazing thing by confirming that Starbucks is opening there and he helped to get my application forms submitted yesterday. Now, hold thumbs!”

“I can’t wait for you to be there. I’ve always wondered about Latinos and you’re everything I’ve ever imagined. You’d be most welcome. Just never forget that I’m spoken for and that you could never lay claim to me exclusively. OK?”

“Yes, I know. Perhaps there would be someone for me to marry and then we both could become members of the group. I just hope it would be soon. Is there going to be some fun tonight?”

“Yes, we hope so. Someone just needs to take the lead …”

“Oh? Can it be me?” Diego pulled me into his arms and kissed me. At first it was a gentle, ordinary kiss, albeit with a wonderful mouth and lips, but soon his tongue started to enter my mouth and it developed into a full-blown kiss. His huge bulge pushed against mine and he made no secret what he wanted.

“Ahh! And so the fun and games have begun! Diego, you jackal! I’m the first born and the elder brother here and …” André said, and the rest shouted: “… ‘you have rights’! We all damn well know!”

“Well then, baby bro, if you please? Diego, you could join us later if you want to? Please step aside so the elder brother could be granted his senior position in this situation. I do have rights. I was the first to fuck him and …” André said.

“André, give it a rest. Just come here and kiss me!” I said and pulled him into my arms.

“*Fuck, I love you baby bro! Some days I want to abduct you and take you back to the farm, just you and I, and perhaps Dad. But, Luigi and Juan and Johann and Gunther and Pierre would kill me first. So … *sigh* … I’ll just have to share you!*” André whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek.

“*I know and yes, I love you too, but you know I’m no longer alone. So, it would never happen. But, you’d never be excluded bro!*” I whispered back.

“What’s with the whispering? Hmmm! Don’t let your ‘rights’ go to your head, delinquent! As the taller lover with the bigger cock, I also have rights!” Pierre said and got a slap on the biceps.

Luigi and Pierre moved closer, as did Clive (he clearly didn’t like me anymore – he loved me!) and Giovanni (the half-bred was drunk on me: he made no secret of how he felt about me – pure and unadulterated love). I was surrounded by the men and there were hands all over me but also over each other.

Kamran was shy, but Giovanni pulled him closer and he too joined in the orgy-in-the-making. Juan, Johann and Gunther joined in and the whole group of men was kissing, hugging and … groping. Ahhh! There were 10 cocks to touch. They varied in size between 24,5cm and 33cm and almost every other size in-between.

I put my hand on Luigi’s bulge and groaned. The first time I touched and saw and experienced his 29cm cock, I was scared but randy enough to overcome my fear and the sex has been fantastic ever since. He pushed in closer and took André’s place in my arms.


The kissing and groping continued and Pierre started to unbuckle my pants. He was behind me, pushing his huge bulge into my crack. His big hands pushed in behind the elastic of my underpants and took hold of my cock and balls. He put his face on my shoulder and kissed me. “I fucking love you Mr le Roux!”

“I fucking love you too Mr Malan! What do you have to offer today sir?”

“A big salami if the kind sir would be interested. Hungry enough for a big sausage?”

“Oh fuck yes! I’m famished! ‘A big salami’ you say – do you think I’d be able to appreciate such a big piece of meat? Sir?”

“We’ll force-feed you if necessary! Once the salami is skinned, there is no turning back. As a matter of fact, my dear friend Mr Cooper has the same size salami on offer. Mr Cooper, please let Mr le Roux here have a look at that big salami of yours?”

Clive stepped closer and unbuckled his pants, unzipped and pushed his big bulge towards me. “For your pleasure Mr le Roux! Interested?”

“Oh fuck yes!”

“I propose a double-whammy. What do you say to that Mr Cooper? Do you think our customer here would be able to appreciate such lavishness?”

“I’m not sure, but we could try. Oh fuck! You're driving me nuts Ant! I want to fuck you!” Clive said and pushed the elastic of his underpants down. His huge cock sprung out and the precum at the tip rubbed off on my fingers.

Then André opened his pants and shouted: “Fuck all this dilly-dally! Let’s get out of these clothes and get this orgy on the road! Come baby bro, let’s get onto the bed. My cock is going to explode if I don’t get to fuck you soon!”

There was lots of laughter and the mood changed on the spot. The men around me unbuckled their belts and unzipped their pants. I had a feel of every one of the cocks, except Kamran. All the cocks were rock-hard, except for Johann of course: the perpetual rubbery cock.

I turned to Kamran and put my hand on his bulge. It was hard all right, and when my hand caressed his cock, he put his hand over mine and pushed forward. He groaned and said: “This isn’t something I’ve done many times before, except for a few times when Giovanni was present. I’m a bit nervous …”

“Don’t be. Just relax and let your desires lead you. Come, let’s get you out of all these clothes. I want to see that big Persian cock and experience it. I’ve never had a real Persian prince before!” I said and unbuckled his pants. When I unzipped his pants, the big, very thick cock tented his underpants something awful. I put my hand into his underpants and … fuck, it was big, it was hard, and very wet! “This feels fantastic! Would you like to fuck me after my brother?”

“No, I want to be first please? I have a huge pent-up load I want to pump into you. I’ll smooth the way for the others. How many times may I fuck you?”

“As many times as you want … how many times do you want to fuck me?”

“How about 6 or 7 times? At least 20 to 25 millilitres every time. OK?”

“Oh fuck yes! Come!” I squeezed the thick cock and it twitched in my hand. I was in for a special fuck with this Persian man!

We reached the bed and Kamran pulled me close to him, kissing me, undressing me. When I opened his shirt, I was pleasantly surprised to see the thick mat of black hair covering his chest. My other hand pushed his pants down and squeezed his big cock.

“Let’s get our shoes off and the rest of our clothes too. Do you want me to remove your shoes, please?” I said and went down on my knees.

“You want to see my feet? Ahh! A foot worshipper! Please go ahead!” Kamran said and waited for me to take off his shoes. The odour from his shoes was clean and very manly. I noticed some Boss’s The Scent on his socks. I put his one foot on my thigh and pulled off the sock … oh my godd! He had super nice big feet! They were very pale – he lived in London – and the pitch-black hair on the toes and bridge was very nice. I looked at the big toes: BIG! The second toe was considerably longer than the big toe. Very nice! I could worship these feet. His skin was soft, supple and smooth. The hair on his bridge and toes felt like silk.

After I’ve removed the other sock, I actually kissed his feet. He complained and said it made him feel uneasy, and he pulled me up. But his big cock was right there, and it was hard and it was uncut and there was a big drop of precum dangling from the tip. I put my tongue out and licked it off. Kamran groaned and pushed forward. I opened my mouth and the big cockhead slid in on my tongue. It tasted and felt wonderful.

Once again, I smelled the incredibly nice odour of this man! Clean, manly and unmistakably Hugo Boss. The Scent, no less.

The big cockhead pushed in deeper into my mouth and I opened my throat but it wouldn’t go in … I tried again … still no go … again: the big head slipped in and Kamran moaned like a man in pain.

“Yes, oh yes! Yes! Yes, do it! Ahhhh! Oh damn!”

I let go of the wonderful cock to come up for air and then I swirled my tongue under and over the head, pushed the skin back, tasted the wonderful cockhead, pushed my tongue tip into the piss-slit and tasted the precum. Fuck! This Persian was a KING, let alone a prince!

I let go of the big cock and stood up. I took the rest of his clothes off while he removed mine. I looked at the very pale fairly muscular very hairy body standing in front of me. He was 5cm shorter than us, but fuck! He had a nice big cock. I looked down and realised just how nice his feet really were. I looked at his hands and although he was a jeweller, his hands were spotless. Nails perfectly manicured, not too long or too short, the hair on his hands and fingers were sexy as fuck, and I realised he hand big hands and feet. Short guy, big hands, big feet, big cock … go figure!

He pulled me into his arms and pushed his big cock between my legs. It was slimy with precum but I didn’t mind. It felt great to feel the big cock between my thighs, under my balls.

Behind me André was caressing my back, stroking my butt and was already putting his precum on my hole. Jackal! Snake! Kamran said he wanted to be first, but knowing André, his cock was going to be in me first, even if it only meant preparing me for Kamran.

And so it was. Someone else was standing next to André and I felt another hard, wet cock brush against my butt and then over my hole. They were lubing me up! I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Diego, but Giovanni and Clive passed their precum to André’s cock with their fingers. Pierre was openly transferring the precum to André’s cock by rubbing his cock on my brother’s cock. Jackals, the whole lot!

Kamran was kissing my neck, licking my earlobes, kissing my cheeks, my nose and then my mouth. It was a soft, gentle and sensual kiss. He was a gentle lover. It was clear he knew how to make love and make his lover notice it.

André pushed his cock in my crack and I felt he was holding his cock in the upright to get it into my hole. Kamran’s big cock was almost at the back of my thighs, centimetres from where André was starting to penetrate me.

Santiago’s enormous load was still in me … I relaxed a bit and felt it did smooth the way for André.

I groaned in Kamran’s mouth when André’s cockhead slipped in on all the donated precum. Ahhh! He pushed in until he scraped over my prostate, held still and twitched his cock. It felt wonderful. Then he pulled out slowly and it slipped out.

I felt movement behind me and then his cock … no, another cock … entered me. Perhaps Diego? I looked at the hands on my shoulders and recognised Diego’s hands. His big cock was pushing in and he too only pushed in about a third and held still. He kept his cock in me for longer and then he pulled out.

Again movement. A much larger cock was entering me now: Clive or Pierre. When I looked at the hands on my shoulder, I knew it was Clive. He pushed his huge cock in until he reached my inner sphincter. He twitched his cock a couple of times and then he pulled out too.

Another huge cock – I was certain it was Pierre’s – entered me but when he reached the inner sphincter, he twitched and pushed in. He was determined to push in all the way.

“You’re sopping wet inside Ant! It almost feels like cum. Did you fuck our boy earlier you delinquent?” Pierre asked André.

“Yes, and what about it!” my brother said smoothly. He did fuck me but now wasn’t the time to out Santiago …

“It feels great! Fuck!” Pierre said and made his cock twitch in me. Ahhh!

Kamran was faux fucking me between my legs. He put his hands on my buttocks and realised someone was in me already.

“No! I wanted to be first please?” he said.

“You will. We’re just preparing him for you,” Pierre said and pulled out slowly. It felt remarkable to feel the huge cock sliding out. As soon as he was out, he spun me around, which whipped Kamran’s cock from between my legs. It bobbed up, right between my thighs, in my crack. My hole was wet and ready.

“It seems you’re ready and open. May I push in now please?” Kamran asked.

“Yes, of course!”

Pierre was in front of me now and took me in his arms as Kamran pushed into me. Ahhh! The short man had a thick cock and at 29cm, it wasn’t small in the least! He entered me slowly, pushing in a bit, pulling out a bit, in deeper, out a bit. Soon the big head was scraping over my prostate. I groaned into Pierre’s mouth. Kamran’s cock was smaller than Pierre’s, but only shorter. It was a thick cock with a big head.

Gunther and Johann joined the group and I felt hands on me, mouths on my cheeks, on my shoulders. I put my hands out and felt at least three other big hard cocks pushing towards me. I was in for the ride of a lifetime.

Kamran’s big cock slipped in and when it reached the inner sphincter, he stopped. He made no attempt to push in deeper. I broke the kiss with Pierre and said: “Push in Kamran! Just make your cock swell and push in gently. It’ll go in deeper.”

“No! Is that possible? Won’t I hurt you?”

“No, just don’t rush it. Push in … now … make your cock swell … ahhhh! Yes! Yes! Push! Ahhh! Yes! Oh fuck!” I said as the huge cockhead slipped through the sphincter and advanced deeper into me.

“This is a first for me! None of the few boys I’ve fucked before could take all of it. This is sensational! Thanks … oh damn!” Kamran said as his cock slipped in deeper. “Ahhhh!”

First Luke who didn’t know he could push in deeper than the inner sphincter, and now this incredibly nice Persian prince. Well, not everybody was a cum slut like me!

The rest of Kamran’s cock went in deep and then I felt his big balls against my butt. The big cockhead was deep in me and was bathed in lots of cum … oh fuck!

Kamran pushed me to the bed and we crawled on it on our hands and knees, Kamran’s cock deep in me. Pierre fell over backwards on the bed and I ended up on top of him. He pulled me higher and supported my torso.

“You OK, Ant? Kamran, you still OK?”

“Yes, my cock pulled out a bit by I’m fine thanks. Antonio, are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine thanks. You can fuck me now.”

Kamran started to fuck me with long deep thrusts and it was clear he was going to cum quickly.

Below me, Pierre pushed his huge cock up with his hand. It pushed into my tummy and made a big mess in my tummy hair. He pulled me down on him and put his arms around my chest. He hugged me to him and kissed me.

“Oh fuck, I love you so much Ant! You have no idea! May I push in with Kamran? Please?”

“Let him cum his first round and then you can push in, OK?”

“I’m about to cum my first round. OK?” Kamran said and I felt his big cock getting harder and the thrusts were more pronounced. “Here it is … ahhh! Oh damn! Yes! Hmmmm! Yes! Yes!” he gasped and then he pushed in all the way and held still. His big cock twitched in me and I could feel he was pumping one hell of a load into me.

“Wow! That was wonderful! Sheez!” I said and put my hand back and felt the huge cock in me. He was balls-deep in me but he lifted slightly so I could get my hand in to feel his big cock. “That is one hell of a cock! Kamran, you’re a king!”

“So, may this ‘prince’ push in now?” Pierre said and twitched his cock against my tummy.

“Yes, I’m sure you can. Kamran, I’m going to lift my torso and move over Pierre’s cock so he could get in, OK?”

“We’re going to double-fuck you? Really? Wow! Let me pull out first and then I could enter you again. Perhaps that would be easier,” Kamran said. The man was a natural: he knew the dynamics of a double fuck even though I was sure he hadn’t experienced it before. He started pulling his cock out and when the head approached my hole, I clenched and his cock popped out. Just a small amount of cum ended on Pierre’s balls and legs.

Pierre pushed his cock between my legs and I lifted up to get the tip aimed at my hole. I sat down and felt the immense cock stretching me sliding in. Oh fuck! I’d never tire of this, I thought. Pierre’s cock was one of a kind. Clive’s cock was the same size but Pierre’s technique and perhaps the fact that I loved him so much, made a difference.

The huge cock slid into me, right past the inner sphincter and as it approached the pool of cum in me, he said: “OK Kamran, get some KY from André. Then push in now. But slowly. Push in, pull out, in, out – until your cockhead is in. Then hold still and wait until Ant gets used to it. Easy does it. Ant, are you OK my darling?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Please get some KY and push in Kamran.”

The others were on the bed next to us. Giovanni was on his knees to my left, slowly jacking off his big Italian salami. Clive took up position over Pierre’s face, holding his cock so I could suck it. Between kissing Pierre, I’d suck Clive’s huge cock. I was in cock-heaven!

Luigi was on my right, playing with his cock. I put my hand out and touched it. It was rock-hard and sopping wet. My darling man!

Juan had André in an embrace and Johann and Gunther were sucking each other.

Diego was sitting on his knees between Clive and Giovanni.

Kamran started his entrance and hesitated. “Will you be able to take mine too? It’s big and I don’t want to hurt you. It is very hard and thick. You’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Just take it easy. Push in and don’t rush it.”

Kamran put his cock on my hole and pushed. It slipped right past my hole and slid up against my spine.

“It’s too big! It won’t go in!”

“Just push down with your hand and aim straight at his hole. Just push, but take it easy. Try again,” Pierre said and pulled my butt cheeks apart to make it easier for Kamran to get in.

He tried again and the tip of his cock pierced the small opening. He held still and I relaxed my hole.

“Now push in deeper. Easy!” Pierre said.

Kamran pushed in deeper and the big head pointing to his left advanced deeper into me.

“This … is … in- … credible …! Fuck! May I swear like this? Sorry, but this is unbelievable! Antonio, are you sure you’re OK? Ahhh! I’ve died and went straight to … h e a v e n! Yess!” His big cock slipped deeper into me and stretched my hole. I relaxed and felt how it pushed in. Fuck! It was big!

Kamran’s hands on my back were caressing me, he played with his fingers in my hair, he played with his fingers over my spine, he squeezed my butt and soon all of his cock was deep in me. Oh fuck! I was stretched something awful! Pierre’s huge cock took up so much space and now Kamran too!

“I want to cum again! This is too much! OK, Antonio? I really want to shoot another round of my cum into you!” Kamran said and started to fuck me with meaning. I felt how he picked up speed and soon his hard cock started to pump another load into me. Oh fuck!

Kamran held still and gently caressed my back, my neck, my butt … this man was a lover of note!

“And another one please? Then I’ll give André a chance. One more please?” Kamran said and didn’t wait for an answer. He fucked me again and within about 10 seconds he shot his third round of cum into me. “That was wonderful! Oh dear lord! I never thought sex could be so intense and so wonderful! Thanks! Thanks my new friend!”

“Let me cum two rounds before you pull out please Kamran?” Pierre said and started to fuck me. Knowing my darling man, I knew he was going to cum soon.

Kamran kissed me on my back – he was too short to reach my neck or cheek. Pierre was fucking me with long deep thrusts, his cock scraping against Kamran’s big one in me. I heard Kamran’s breath starting to quicken.

“I’m going to cum again! Oh dear! Ahhh!” Kamran groaned.

“Hang in there! I’m going to cum too. Ant, here it comes my darling! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ugh! Ugh! FUUUUCK!” Pierre swore and I felt his big cock twitch as it pumped its big load into me.

“Me too! My next round! Antonio, here it comes!” Kamran said and I felt him pumping yet another load into me. The two cocks in me were twitching against each other and … Pierre started to cum again!

“Kamran, your cock twitching against mine feels wonderful! Ahhhh! Yes! Yes!” Pierre shot his next load into me and … Kamran shot his load yet again! This man was a sex machine! And Pierre shot his next load as Kamran’s load was delivered into me.

“Phew! This was incredible! Time to give the others a chance! How many times did you cum Kamran? I shot 3 loads into our boy. You shot 5 altogether?”

“Yes, I think so. Antonio, are you still OK?” Kamran said and kissed me on my back, his hands caressing me. What a nice guy!

“Yes, I'm fine, thanks!” My hole was stretched, that was sure! And there was a huge load of cum in me. Wow!

Kamran started to pull out and I felt I indeed had one hell of a load in me. As the big head approached my hole, I clenched and the big head slipped out. With Pierre’s cock still in me, most of the cum remained in me.

“Fuck! That looks fantastic! Kamran, you're the proverbial ‘short guy, big cock’. Ant, did you enjoy that?” Giovanni asked.

“It was wonderful. Thanks guys! You’re masters at this! Luigi? You next?” I said and put my hand on my man’s cock.

“Don’t mind if I do! Yes! Pierre, stay in Antonio please! I want to feel your cock against mine. OK mio caro?

“Oh yes! Yes! Push in Luigi!”

Luigi was sopping wet by himself but Giovanni ‘donated’ some of his precum. When Luigi took up position behind me, Giovanni lifted up and milked precum from his cock – it was a lot – and dripped and smeared all over Luigi’s cock he held in his hand. He milked some more and dripped it on Pierre’s cock in my hole. We were ready to go!

Luigi got into position and pushed his cockhead against Pierre’s magnificent cock. He pushed his cock down with his hand and the head slipped in. I gasped. My man also had a big cock and I felt it! Luigi held still and waited for my hole to adjust to the second cock in it. I clenched my hole over the two cocks and when I relaxed, Luigi pushed in deeper.

“Keep that up and I’m cumming another round … ahhh! Oh fuck yes! I AM cumming again! Luigi, what are you doing to me?” Pierre said and I felt his cock starting to twitch as Luigi’s cock slipped deeper into me. “Ahhhh! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Uff! My godd! Fuck! Ant, we’re going to pump you full of cum tonight!” Pierre shot his third load into me.

“That’s OK! Are you still OK Pierre?” I couldn’t call him ‘my darling’ as I had Luigi behind me …

“OK? I’m more that OK! This is fantastic! What did they put in the food or drink? I’m horny out of my skull!” Pierre gushed.

With Pierre’s cock twitching against Luigi’s cock, I was sure he too wasn’t going to last long. He fucked me with long deep thrusts and after a mere 10 seconds he started to growl and groan. “Cazzo (Fuck)! I’m going to cum … I’m cumming! Ahhh! I’m cummmmiiiinnng! Yes! Oh yes! Mio caro, my first load for the night! Ahhh! Another one coming!” Luigi said and continued to fuck me as soon as his cock stopped twitching.

Pierre fucked me too: as Luigi’s cock would go in, he would pull back, then Luigi back, Pierre in. They fucked me good and solid and within 20 seconds both of them started to growl and groan. They were going to cum again! Both cocks started to twitch and they shot their loads into me. The cocks twitched and at times both twitched at the same time, stretching me big time! Oh fuck!

“Giovanni, do you want to take me place? But I want to come back later, OK Ant?” Pierre said.

“Sure. Mio caro, I'm lifting up from Pierre’s cock. Please stay in me?” I said and lifted off Pierre’s huge cock. When the head slipped out, I growled … Oh fuck! How I loved that cock! It was one of my all-time favourites!

Pierre crawled out from under me. Luigi pushed in deep and held still. He wanted to shoot another load first before letting go of me. Clive moved out of the way so Giovanni could slip in under me. The half-bred’s 29cm cock was hard and very slimy with precum. He lied down and Clive moved in over his head so Giovanni could suck his balls, which he did.

I put my hand on Giovanni’s cock and felt it was indeed very wet and hard. I jacked it a few times which made Giovanni groan. I aimed his cockhead at my hole and pushed it backwards while I sat down on it. It was slippery enough and entered me on the first attempt. Ahhh! Once again it amazed me that my hole could stretch so much and actually take another cock! I hesitated a few seconds and then the cock slipped in deep … in one fell swoop! Fuck! I gasped as the big cock slipped in, sliding over Luigi’s big cock.

“That was amazing! Oh fuck! Ant, you’re amazing! Fratello, io sono cornea come l'inferno. Io vado a sparare presto, e tu (Brother, I’m horny as hell. I'm going to shoot soon, and you)?” Giovanni said and touched Luigi’s face over my shoulder.

“Same here! Our boy is very hot! Cum with me?” Luigi said.

“Yes! OK Ant? We’re going to fuck and cum, OK?”

“Right by me! Lascia partire fratello (Let fly brother!)” I said and knew this was going to be a fucking of note!

The two Italian men fucked me with gusto and I was sucking Clive’s huge cock jutting up towards me. He was hard and sopping wet.

“Antonio, I’m so fucking close … ahhh! If you continue like this, I’m going to cream your mouth … Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming … I’m cumming … I’m cummmmiiiiinnngg! An-to-nio!” Clive shouted and started to shoot his load into my mouth. It was an enormous load and it filled my mouth. I had to swallow for all I was worth.

Behind me Luigi was groaning and shot his next round into me.

Below me Giovanni was starting to gasp and groan … he too was about to shoot his load into me. “Ant, I’m cumming! Oh dear godd I’m cumming! This is just too good to be true! OK if I continue and shoot another one please?”

“Hmm-mmm!” I mumbled while I was swallowing Clive’s huge cumload.

Giovanni continued fucking me while Luigi held on to me, his head on my neck, his face turned to his right. He kissed my back and hugged me tight from behind.

Giovanni approached his second orgasm within seconds. He growled and gasped as he started to pump yet another load into me. The sexy half-bred knew how to fuck.

Johann and Gunther moved closer and started to touch us all over. Then they put their hands between Luigi and me and held the two 29cm cocks, their fingers not able to encircle the two big cocks.

Clive pulled his cock from my mouth with just one word, ‘Sensitive’. But I knew he’d be back for another round.

Luigi pulled out and as his cock slipped out of me, Gunther bent down and took it in his mouth. Both of them groaned. Gunther was a cocksucker of note and Luigi loved getting sucked, even after having fucked me.

I lifted off Giovanni but he had other ideas.

“One more please Ant? Please?” He put his money where his mouth was and continued to fuck me without waiting for an answer.

Juan took Clive’s place and held his cock for me to suck. Ahhh! My first love after my brother and Dad! He was such a darling! I took his big 28cm cock into my mouth and realised he was sopping wet: André’s saliva but also a lot of precum.

Johann took Luigi’s place and pushed his cock in, on top of Giovanni’s cock in me. Ahhh! It was always one hell of an experience to feel the perpetually rubbery cock entering me! My favourite was when he and Gunther fucked me. My boys!

Giovanni was starting to make noises that he was about to cum again. His fucking continued unabated as Johann pushed into me. When Johann’s fantastic cock slipped in the last few centimetres, Giovanni shot his third load. “Oh cazzo! My godd! Yes! Yes! Johann, your cock did it! It feels good! Ahhh! Oh yeah!”

Juan lifted up and pulled his cock from my mouth: Giovanni wanted to get out from under me. I thought Juan would slide in, but Gunther put his hand on Juan’s shoulder and with just that and one look, they understood each other. When Giovanni slipped out, Gunther moved in and took up position under me. His big 29,5cm cock was rock hard and the skin pulled back to show the piss-slit. It was one of the most beautiful cocks ever.

I took the big hard and wet cock and aimed it at my hole with Johann’s cock already in me. I sat down but the big head slipped past my hole and ended up between my butt and Johann’s groin. I tried again and applied more pressure to get the head in me. On the third attempt the big head slipped in against Johann’s big, rubbery cock in me. I sat down and the big German cock slipped into me. He was horny as hell and pushed up to get into me.

I took Juan’s cock into my mouth again and marvelled at this darling man’s cock. It was a fantastic cock, the perfect proportions and also as beautiful as ever. I sucked it some more but when Gunther’s cock pushed past my inner sphincter, I let go of it and groaned as I kissed the Jerry man. Oh fuck! What a good kisser this man was! He groaned in my mouth and put his arms around my torso. He hugged me; his hairy chest under me felt so masculine and nice.

Juan’s big cock was right next to our faces and I pushed it between our lips and Gunther I sucked the beautiful cock.

Johann was fucking me with nice long deep thrusts. Gunther held still and waited for the imminent orgasm while Johann’s cock rubbed against his cock.

We licked and sucked Juan’s cock and then it happened: Juan started to cum! He shot his first load on Gunther’s chest and I immediately took the head in my mouth. It was a lot and I had to swallow. Gunther’s mouth was kissing Juan’s cock and I let go so the rest of the load was shot into Gunther’s mouth. He groaned when he tasted Juan’s cum. I kissed the top of Juan’s cock sticking out Gunther’s mouth.

And then Johann and Gunther started to cum, one after the other: first Gunther and then Johann. Their cocks twitched and they groaned. They pumped their cumloads into me. Johann was holding onto my shoulders while Gunther hugged me to him. At the same time, Juan’s cock was still twitching in Gunther’s mouth.

My godd, what an entanglement! But, what a wonderful experience! Gunther sucking Juan? That’s a new one! Perhaps late at night in the lab, they could have a repeat performance? I wondered about that afterwards.

“As the first-born and the elder brother, I do have rights which have been ignored here in its totality today. Come on you utter rubbish, OUT! Pull out of my brother! Jerry, OUT! You’ve had your turn. Now it’s mine. Diego, seeing you’ve been such a patient guy, if you want, you may join me. Move it guys!” André was as assertive and he wanted in.

Johann pulled out and then Gunther. My hole felt so empty, but the vast volume of cum in me made itself known! I had to clench to keep it in me.

Kamran and Giovanni were hugging and kissing each other, their hands on each other’s cocks. It was clear they did have some kind of past in this department. Good for them.

Clive was right next to us, and it was clear that big cock still had a load or two in it he wanted to pump into me!

André pulled me into his arms and kissed me, like a lover, like my brother, like he usually does when he was really horny and wanted to show me how much he loved me. Lots of lip action, tongue, spit … the whole two yards. Hands over my shoulders, hands on my face and of course his identical cock was hard as a rock.

“I’m going to give you a proper fuck. These beginners have no idea … On your knees brother!” I turned around and Diego was right there! I sucked his big beautiful Latino cock when André pushed into me. Ahhh! After the others I’ve had in me, my hole was loose, so André just pushed into me in one long thrust.

“Baby bro, you’re so loose and wet inside! There is one hell of a lot of cum in you! These apes have pumped all their primordial juices into you, big time! But I’m about to do the same, so here goes!” André said and started fucking me.

Diego’s big cock in my mouth tasted wonderful. It was so hard and big and wet. I loved sucking this man and was looking forward for him to move to Cape Town. His cock tasted so good and he smelled so good and the big cock in my mouth did wonderful things to me.

André fucked me with abandon and pushed in deep. The big head pushed all the buttons and I wanted to cum too, but fought against it.

“I’m going to cum baby bro! OK? By the looks of things, it would appear Clive has one last load for you, so here goes … ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Dear godd! Yes!” André cursed and fucked me with short deep thrusts. His cock swelled to huge proportions and then it exploded in me. He added his big Le Roux load into me. He held still and his cock was twitching deep inside me.

Diego’s cock was hard and very wet. He pulled it from my mouth and said: “In you, please Antonio? I’ll be quick! Please? Pushing into you earlier was awesome!”

“That’s perfect, you beautiful sexy Latino man!” Ahhh! 31cm of thick Latino cock! Who could refuse that?

André groaned and started to pull out. His cock had stopped twitching and the now legendary ‘useless baby batter’ was pumped into me! I clenched my hole and when André’s cock slipped out, he swore: “Fuck! That was wonderful baby bro! I had to wait so long while all this rubbish was fucking you! Sheez!”

“Behave, delinquent! You’re far in the minority here!” Johann said and ruffled André’s hair. It led to some rough and tumble, but nothing serious. Andre was swearing and made all sorts of remarks. Then Johann kissed him, and although he fought against it, soon he succumbed to it and I looked on in astonishment! His hands were behind Johann’s head and he really kissed our nice man!

Diego moved in behind me and put one hand on my shoulder, squeezing it and aimed his cock at my very wet hole. “May I please?”

“Of course! Push in my man! Fuck me and pump your big load into me! Yes! Let’s go!” I said and pushed back. The tip of the cockhead pushed in. Diego pushed forward and I pushed back. By then my hole was very loose and with all the cum in me, I was like Teflon: super slick. The big cockhead slipped over my prostate and once again I almost lost it. I took a deep breath and concentrated not to cum.

The big cock pushed through the inner sphincter and he bottomed out. He gasped and groaned. “Oh fuck man! I’m so close already! You’re so smooth and loose and I can feel all the cum in you! You guys have left a very big load in you man!”

“Well, fuck him and add your load to it! Kamran and I have some more to give to our boy!” Clive said and moved in front of me: his cock was rock-hard and very wet. Yes, he was good to go. I looked up and saw Kamran was equally ready. It was clear the Persian was in his element he was determined to make the best of the situation. Oh fuck yes! His big cock would always be welcome! I wondered exactly how much he came … it did feel like a lot.

I took Clive’s cock in my mouth and sucked it in deep. The big head got stuck in my throat but I was determined to have it in there. I opened my mouth and sucked it until it was really wet. The head slipped into my throat just as Diego’s cock started to twitch in me. He was cumming. And it was a big load! The Latino’s cock was twitching wildly as he fucked me with short deep thrusts. “Ahhh! Oh yes! Yes! Incredible! This was worth the wait! Thanks Antonio! I could get used to this!”

“OK Latino man, out please! I think Ant is on the verge of cumming himself and I want to fuck him one more round before he does. Who is going to suck off Ant?”

“I will!” Gunther said. My man!

“Kamran, I’ll lie down and then Ant can sit on me. Let’s see if we could get your cock in as well, OK? You OK with that Ant? Out Diego! Please?”

Diego pulled his big cock out and try as I may, I did lose some of the huge cumload in me. It ran down my leg just as Clive lied down so I could straddle him. When I sat down on his crotch, the cum dribbled onto his cock and balls. Good! It would be put to good use!

As I swung my leg over Clive’s body, Kamran moved closer and his thick big cock bobbed up and down in front of him. The man was very randy! He sat on his haunches next to us. I put my hand on his big cock and squeezed. It felt amazing in my hand and I marvelled at the size of the big white cock. I pulled the skin forward and a huge drop of precum dribbled out. I leaned towards him and licked it up. No wastage on my watch!

“Are you OK with this? Can I fuck you again? Please? How are you?” Clive asked and put his hand between my legs and pushed two fingers into me. Oh fuck! He had big hands and it felt good! With his other hand he squeezed my hard and very wet cock. I put my hand on his to prevent him from jacking me.

“Hold your cock so I could sit on it,” I said and pulled his hand from between my legs.

“Sure thing, but are you sure? You still OK Ant?”

“Yes, but I’m not going to last much longer. Kamran, if you wanted to fuck me again, I think you should double fuck me with Clive. I’m on the verge of cumming!” I said and sat down on Clive’s big cock. The big head stretched my loose hole and slipped in. Ahhh! Oh fuck! How many times was it already? And still it felt wonderful.

“Are you sure? My cock is big and Clive’s cock too! We’ll hurt you!” Kamran said.

I squeezed his cock and kissed him.

“I’m fine and as long as you’re very wet and take it easy, I’d be fine – really.”

“I'm not so sure about this, but let’s try,” he said and moved in behind me. Enough of the cum leaked out to make my hole very wet and Kamran’s cock had leaked a huge amount of precum which made him ready to enter me. He put his big cockhead on my hole on top of Clive’s cock and gingerly pushed forward. I relaxed my hole and … the big cock slipped in on top of Clive’s big cock. My godd! But it was a tight fit. The two cocks were very thick. I took a deep breath and relaxed my hole to its fullest.

Kamran’s cock slipped in deeper and I groaned. Oh fuck! The two cocks filled me good.

“Kamran, I don’t know about you but I’m going to cum quickly. Gunther, do you still want to suck our boy? I think he’s going to blow soon. Kamran, let’s fuck and cum. Our boy needs a rest. Gunther?” Clive said and continued to fuck me with long deep thrusts.

“I’m almost ready to cum! Just a matter of 15 seconds or so. You? Antonio, how about you?” Kamran said as he too was fucking me slowly.

Gunther moved in and took my cock in his mouth. Ahh! Oh fuck! It felt good and I gasped.

“I'm about to cum. Kamran, let’s do it! Ant, are you ready to cum? I’m about to blow another load. Kamran, let’s fly brother!”

It all happened in a daze: the two men fucking me came within seconds of each other and I blew a load of note into Gunther’s mouth. Oh fuck! Oh yes! Wow! Yay!

“Ahhhh!” all three of us exclaimed as our cum shot from our cocks. Gunther held his tongue still as the last of my cum pumped into his mouth. I was drained. I collapsed on top of my Jerry man and caressed his head. Oh fuck! Oh yes! Yes!

“In all my life, I never thought this to be possible or that I could have so much pleasure in fucking a man! This was incredible and memorable. I’ve never experienced anything like this before! How I wished I could experience this every day! Thanks Antonio! This was wonderful!” Kamran said as his cock gave a last few twitches and pumped the last drops of cum into me.

“I agree wholeheartedly Kamran. Our boy is just amazing and feeling your thick cock against mine inside him was A M A Z I N G! Thanks Ant! You're a trouper for taking on all of us in this way. I'm so glad I’m moving to Cape Town soon. You’ve spoilt me for life! I’d never be the same without you!” Clive said and caressed my cheek.

Gunther pulled off my cock and offered his mouth to me. Oh fuck yes! I want some of my cum! I kissed him and sucked the cum from his mouth. We exchanged it a few times and then I swallowed about half of it. He swallowed the rest and he kissed me passionately. My Jerry man! I loved this man so much.

“As much as I hate it, I have to get going. I loved every second of tonight and I love where my cock is right now, but … I’m a married man with responsibilities. Thanks Antonio. I'm pulling out, OK? Are you sure you're OK? We’ve really abused you tonight. Sorry if we hurt you!” Kamran was a sweet man!

“I’m fine Kamran! It was a pleasure and privilege to have you here and you fucking me. I loved feeling, touching and having your cock in me. And you’re most welcome to do it to me again if you're available,” I said and turned my head to kiss him. His mouth was so soft and sensual …

Kamran pulled out and when the head slipped out, I gasped. I really was filled to the gills this time. Quite a bit of cum slipped out and ran down Clive’s cock onto his balls. I thought I’d lick it clean before I made a dash for the toilet.

“You sure you're OK Ant? I concur with Kamran: we did abuse you but fuck it was nice! Thanks man!” Clive said.

I started to lift off the 33cm cock in me and gasped as the tip of the huge thing approached my hole. It was the last one and … oh fuck! Some more cum slipped out and ran down the huge cockshaft. I bent down and licked up as much as I could but I was in trouble. I had to abandon my efforts to clean up Clive’s cock and balls and I made a dash for the toilet.

“Wait! We wanted to suck it out of you!” Johann shouted after me. I ignored it as I knew there would be a big mess if we started doing that.

The second I sat down on the commode, the cum squirted from my hole. It sounded like a waterfall as it hit the water in the bowl. Fuck! It was a lot! I wished I could’ve kept it in me, but it had built up since Santiago fucked me and shot multiple loads into me.

Luigi appeared in the doorway and asked: “Are you OK mio caro? How are you?”

“I’m just fine now! No problems! I’m OK, really!” I said. Luigi approached me. His big rubbery cock looked so beautiful.

“I love you so very much Luigi! Thanks for tonight. Without you, none of this would’ve been possible. Thanks for allowing me to do this. Tonight was spectacular. Kamran is a darling and Diego too. Oh fuck! You're all spectacular! I love you all, but you, Dr Moretti, are my man! I love you so much!” I got up from the toilet and stepped into his arms.

“You amaze me. The sexiest of them all and you’re mine. Your sex drive is just unbelievable. Are you satisfied now?” Luigi said as he took me into his arms.

“Yes, and you know that if you decide this has to come to an end, I’d still be happy with you. You're my heart’s delight, my man, my darling. Thanks. I love you!” I said and kissed Luigi.

“The same here. Come, Kamran wants to say goodbye.”


Kamran took me in his arms and hugged me tight. He pushed me back and looked into my eyes with his big brown eyes and smiled. “If I were single, if you were single, if we lived closer to each other, I’d kidnap you and take you to Persia! You’re a delight and what happened here tonight, was the best of my life. I don’t know how I’d ever live without it again. Damn! I hope you’ll remember me when you see your pendant …” He kissed me and pushed his hairy body towards me. “I have to go, much against my will, but it’s past 11 o’clock and my wife and her sisters will be back soon. We did get a neighbour to look after the children, but I’d rather go now so the neighbour could go back home. Goodbye Antonio!”

Kamran kissed everybody and he was gone. Everybody agreed he was a nice guy and sexy as fuck.

“I told you he would spoil you sexually!” Giovanni said. “He is a master!”

“That he is! He has a fantastic cock and he knows how to fuck. How many times did he cum? Five times?” I said, thinking of the nice Persian man.

We had some more drinks and took stock of the day. It was a wonderful day, despite the Luke debacle. The O2 Arena was unbelievable. I showed them my Tutankhamen memorabilia I bought. Then we discussed the flight on the gondola, the visit to the 0º Line at Greenwich and the party. André and I said nothing about Santiago and thankfully Pierre didn’t say anything about what happed at Greenwich.

“Plus, you two are stars now! I heard how impressed Alexander is with the photos. It would appear Santiago did a really good job today. Soon, we’ll have to stand at attention when we address you!” Johann put in.

“Yes, and don’t you forget that! My baby bro and I are no riff raff, I’ll let you know. We’ve arrived!” André said with pretended airs.

“Don’t fly so close to the sun, Icarus! But yes, we’re all happy for you. We need to you’re your Dad tomorrow and tell them you’re stars now!” Pierre said.

“On Christmas Eve, Dad and Mom always wait for midnight and they’re 2 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. I’m going to call them right away!” I said and reached for my iPhone.

“Just no FaceTime! They can’t see us like this!” Johann said and we all laughed.

“You could all dress up for the event …” André put in. He got a few cushions flung at him.

“No, a normal call,” I said and dialled Dad’s number.

“Hallo my darling boy! How are you?”

“We’re fine thanks. It was a grand day and we’re just about to go to bed. How are you and Mom? How was your dinner at the Malans?”

“We had a splendid time. They said they’ll call Pierre tomorrow. How is he? Pierre, how are you my boy? You know we love you very much!” Dad said.

“I’m fine thanks Dad … erm … oom Adriaan! How are you and Mom … erm … tannie Alma?” Pierre said.

“You’re welcome to call us ‘dad’ and ‘mom’ if you want! We know you and the boys are … involved, and we love you as a son. We’re fine thanks!” Dad said and Mom added her approval. We were one step closer to why Pierre calls me ‘my darling’ … the connection was cemented securely now.

We wished them a Merry Christmas, again, and being on speaker phone, André blurted out why we were calling.

“We’re stars Dad! You have the two most gorgeous and talented boys in the world! What? It’s true guys! Look at us! Who in his right mind wouldn’t or couldn’t love us? We’re set to become famous soon! Really!”

I took over and told Dad what Alexander said and what was in store for us. Mom was over the moon, but she reminded us of our studies again.

We told them about the rest of our day after the gondola call and they were happy we were having a good time.

“What are you guys doing tomorrow?” Dad asked.

Clive told him about Boss that organised a driver who would take us around and let us see some of the uncommon sites in London.

“Well, enjoy boys! That is my phone ringing. Goodbye boys!” Mom said and we could hear her answering her phone and walking into the kitchen.

“So then, what are you guys up to … you know?” Dad asked with a twinkle in his voice.

“Dad, you have no idea what your youngest son is capable of …?” André said before Juan put his hand over André’s mouth.

“What? Anything different to what usually happens at the cottage?” Dad asked but I was sure he knew the answer to that.

“We’re doing fine thanks Dad. André is exaggerating …”

“Exaggerating? What? Dad … “ Juan’s hand over André’s mouth again.

“*Stop it! Mom is just around the corner!*” Juan whispered loudly.

“As long as you don’t forget about me! Enjoy boys, and look after yourselves. Enjoy tomorrow. Here’s Mom again. Good night and sleep tight. We love you!” Dad said and made kissing sounds. My Dad! Never shy to show us he loved us, and our men!

I killed the call and gave André a slap on the thigh. “You're incorrigible! What if Mom heard you? You know how she feels even about Juan and Luigi, and when Pierre was added, she and tannie Esther almost flipped their lids! Be careful what you blurt out!” I gave him another smack on the thigh.

“Ouch baby bro! But it’s true!”

“Doesn’t matter! We’ll tell Dad when we’re back home! Not on the telephone with Mom there!” I said. “Sheez, jy weet!”

“OK then. That looks like that’s the end of our Christmas Eve. Sleeping arrangements?” Johann said.

“Diego, I think you’ll sleep with the boys in this suite. André and I, and Johann and Gunther will sleep in the neighbouring suite to make room for you. The rest of you will sleep here,” Juan said. “Come you rubbish! I think we all need some rest after tonight. Gunther, Johann – let’s go. You guys can make your own arrangements in here. We’re leaving you. And leave Anton in peace! He’s done his bit for today!” If only he knew about Santiago … oh fuck! What an experience!

The guys who were leaving put on their pants, grabbed the rest of their clothes and ran out the door down the passage to André and Juan’s actual suite.

We decided Clive, Giovanni and Diego would sleep in the one bed and that Luigi, Pierre and I would sleep in our own bed.

“In my arms mio caro. Pierre, behave and don’t you dare penetrate my man! He’s had enough for one day!” I’d say, but with Pierre behind me, who knew what could happen?

“Let’s go pee and brush our teeth. I’m pooped. Thanks for the day and the pressies. You’re the best!” Pierre said and got up. His huge cock, now about the size of my cock hard, swung heavily and majestically between his legs as he made his way to the bathroom. Oh fuck! I’ve just been fucked royally and here I was lusting after Pierre’s big cock again! Slut!


We all got into bed and lo and behold, Pierre behaved. He held me tight from behind while I had my head on Luigi’s shoulder. Pierre’s cock was almost semi-hard and was pushed between my thighs. Luigi had his arm around my shoulder and had his head on top of mine, his stubble on my hair.

Soon I felt sleepy and … I didn’t remember. But I remembered my vivid dreams! Fuck! It was so vivid, it could’ve been real …!

I don’t know how long I was asleep but the dream I had was raunchy!

I woke up with a bang. Wow! I’ve become a slut even in my dreams! Sheez! I listened to Luigi’s regular breathing and realised he was asleep, his arm still around me. Then I felt it … Pierre, you jackal! He had pushed his huge cock into me, but it wasn’t completely hard. But, being so big, the mere size of it made it stay inside me. I let it slide. I was addicted to his cock in any case and I had no grounds to get upset about it. So, I sighed and put my arm over Luigi’s middle. I was content.  Soon I was overtaken by sleep again …

= To be continued = 




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