When I woke up there was a lot of hushed talking.

I opened my eyes and looked into André's beautiful blue eyes. What a true hunk he was ... I never felt guilty when I looked at him thinking he was hot and sexy. Yes, we're identical twins, in every way, but he was one hell of a sexy man. I loved him with all my heart.

I smiled at him.

"Good morning sunshine," he said and smiled. Ahhhh! Those perfect white teeth surrounded by black stubble ... gorgeous! It might sound like I'm a narcissist, as he was a perfect carbon copy of me, but I was always amazed at his good looks.

I heard the voices go quiet and looked at André.

He stretched his hand out and brushed it against my cheek. "How are you baby bro? Everything OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks. Why ..." and then it hit me!

I was fucked wholesale the previous night! André ... Juan ... Claude ... and oh my godd! And Uncle Pieter, Dad's brother! Oh my godd! I WAS a slut!

And then I felt it ... a huge cock in my hole. It was still quite rubbery, but it was in me, nonetheless. Juan?

I panicked. I had FIVE-way sex last night! Slut! How could you?

My hole felt a little tender when I clamped on Juan's cock, but unbelievably, I wasn't sore. I saw the tube of Claude's fancy lube and the small black bottle next to it. Poppers! Oh my godd! I was fucked by 4 men last night and it was wonderful! Slut! Juan must think I'm the biggest slut ever, I thought! This love affair was over before it had even begun! Juan ...?

André leaned in and kissed me. "Baby bro, I'm glad. That's a relief! You took quite a hammering last night."

I felt Juan stir behind me, and his cock moved in me. I was amazed my hole wasn't torn to shreds ... two double-fucks! And Uncle ... erm ... Pieter's huge cock! Slut!

"Morning my love. How do you feel? Everything OK?"

"Hmmmm. Yes, I think so ..."

"I'm glad! Thanks for last night, my boy! That was spectacular!" Pieter said. I strained my neck to look at him and saw him buck-naked on his knees next to Juan and ... with a hard-on! My godd! It WAS huge! How on earth could that thing have been inside me ...? Almost unimaginable, but he did fuck me, and pumped a monumental load into me! "Up for more?"

What! I love to get fucked, but I just woke up, for godd's sakes!

"Birthday ..." André whispered.

Juan's birthday!

"Erm ... " I turned my head towards Juan and said: "Happy birthday, Juan! I hope you have a great day!" I looked away. "I love you ..." I added softly ... Surely he can't love me after such an orgy I've agreed to the previous night! Have I lost him ...?

Claude leaned over Juan and gave my hair a tousle. "Yes, and just look what he got himself for his birthday: a nice fuck to start the day!"

"I'm sorry Juan ..." I started.

Juan lifted himself on his elbow and asked: "What for? What are you sorry for? I thought you said you were OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine but ... you must've lost all your respect for me ... sorry ..."

"My love! There is no such thing! I still love you very much! Don't pay attention to this hooligan. My brother might be a super model, but sometimes he has the sensitivity of a rhino. Claude, keep it to yourself!"

Pieter leaned over again and said: "Anton, you were spectacular last night. You're surrounded by people who love you very much. If there is anybody who has to be ashamed, it's us, for the way we carried on last night! I'm so grateful for what happened last night! It was fantastic! If anything, you've risen in my estimation, big boy! Come on, cheer up! We love you and think you're the man!"

Pieter leaned closer and kissed me on the cheek.

"You guys don't hate me for acting like a slut ...?"

"Of course not! We love you even more!" Juan put in and hugged me. I felt his big cock stir in me.

FOUR big cumloads in me ... oh my godd! It must be more than half a cup they've deposited in me! And Juan and André double-fucked me ... and then Juan and Claude .. wow! That was epic! And Pieter with his amazingly huge cock ... I might be a slut, but fuck, that was fantastic. I found some inner peace and realised I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I looked at the nightstand and the bottle of poppers. So, that was the key to success to handling two cocks and Pieter's monster cock? Amazing stuff!

"So then, before the rest of this WHORE HOUSE is awake, could we please have seconds, my man?" Claude put in.

Again? What the fuck ...? Could I handle it again so soon? I clenched my hole over Juan's cock and felt it responding ... wow!

"Juan ...?"

"What, my love?"

"Could we ...? Last night was out of this world, but I don't want you to think badly of me ... I don't want to lose you. I love you, my big man ..." and I clenched my hole over his now rubbery cock.

"Only if you wanted it. Say the word, and the fun and games stop right here. How could I think badly of you? I'm balls-deep in this myself, and so is everybody else, including André. André? What do you say?"

"I agree: if Anton wants out, it stops now. No more, if he doesn't want anymore. My godd! We all fucked him. I don't want to have his hole right now, but it's up to him. And baby bro, you'd have to do much more than this for me to think badly of you! You know I love you unconditionally, don't you?" He leaned in and kissed me softly.

"So then boy - what do you say?" Pieter asked, some hope in his voice, but it was clear he would've accepted it if I backed out ... I smiled: 'back out' - literally! "I have to be in Cape Town tonight and I don't know when I see you guys again. I for one, would be very happy if we could have another round ... I promise I'd be very careful and very gentle - I promise. But one more round ... please?" He leaned over Juan again and his face was now only a few centimetres from mine. He gave me a lopsided hopeful smile. His beautiful blue eyes had a sparkle, and the naughtiness danced around in them. He was a damn beautiful man, and so adorable.

Claude moved to the side of the bed and with his almost hard cock in hand, he went on his knees on the carpet and looked at me with those angelic eyes, his longish curly hair a mess, but he still was one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. He smiled his million-dollar smile ... and winked.

I looked at his cock and realised, I'd just love to have it in me again, I thought. And why not now? Right now!

"I'll make sure they behave. If anyone hurts you, big bro will cut off their cocks and feed it to the stray cats at Cape Town's harbour!"

I smiled at André's banter! My dapper and beautiful bro, always looking out for his 'baby bro', who is a mere 2 minutes younger, but, there you have it!

"And I'll be André's 2IC - any troop that misbehaves, will be shot and if he's not dead, he'll be shot again!" Juan put in and leaned over for a kiss. "Birthday present ... OK?"

"Yes and for my birthday tomorrow!" Claude piped up. "Please 'baby bro'?"

"Oh OK then, but we can't be too long. I don't want Dad to walk in on these shenanigans again!"

"What are you talking about?" Pieter enquired.

"Long story - we'll tell you later," Claude said. " Suffice to say your brother walked in on morning sex 2 days in a row!"

"What time is it? Do we have time? Dad might come looking in on us by 07:30. André?"

André retrieved his iPhone from the nightstand, touched the home button and looked at the screen. "It's just after 6 o'clock. I think we have time."

"OK, my love. Is that a 'yes'?" Juan said hopefully.

His cock was way past rubbery and I clenched my hole over it. "Hmmmm!" Juan groaned.

"Yes! Of course yes! Just do it! I'm ready! Fuck me!" I said and realised I was looking forward to it once again.

Claude was jubilant! "Fuck yes, best news ever! We're in, boys! Juan, you're plugged in already. Let's get this orgy on the road. Fuck, a WHORE HOUSE sign would be so appropriate at the front door right now! Whoop whoop!"

André took a swipe at his head, but he ducked and was laughing heartily at his own joke.

Pieter enthused: "The best of the best news! You're my new hero, my boy! Juan, let's do it. André, please hand me the lube and poppers. Claude, get your sorry ass over here and fuck mine!"

"I first want to see Juan's cock in his hole. Juan, pull out a little, bro!" Claude ordered his brother.

"Such a bunch of animals, but one just has to love them, eh?" Juan chuckled. His cock was rock-hard in me. I put my hand out and felt I was hard and big. I looked down at André's cock in front of mine, and saw my cock's clone was close to a full erection. Lusting after his baby bro, no less!

Juan pulled his cock out until just the head was in me and Pieter gave a whistle: "Fuck, if nothing else, that has made me rock-hard and super horny! Juan, you know how to fuck my nephew into submission!"

And your huge cock you fucked me with last night, I thought. It's of gigantic proportions and I took it ...

Claude moved in behind Pieter and prepared his cock with lube from the other tube. Pieter was soon going to have that 25cm cock stuck up his ass!

André lifted onto his right elbow and kissed me. His tongue was playing on my lips and soon it entered my mouth. I sucked it hungrily into my mouth. How I loved this man who is half my being! What a guy!

Juan started moving in me and I felt his magnificent cock grow to its full 28cm. It was slowly moving in and out my hole. Some of the cum in me must have leaded out a bit - my hole felt very moist.

"May I have the lube please, André?" Juan asked. He took the lube from André and squirted some on his cock shaft sticking out my hole. He rubbed it over the whole exposed cock and the excess over my hole.

"Thanks my love ..." I murmured. It's fucking official! This man was my love. Just accept it and move on already, I thought.

Juan pushed his now very hard cock back into me and I groaned. Even though a bit tender, the lube worked its magic again.

André moved down to my nipples and was sucking on one while playing with the other one. He kissed my tummy and I felt my cockhead rubbing on his stubble ... that felt weird! "Ouch! Your beard bro!"

"Oh, sorry! My bad!"

He took my cock into his mouth and sucked the precum right out of it. "Ahhhh!" He was such a good cocksucker!

When Juan fucked me, it felt as if it was for the first time. I marvelled at the human body's ability to recover so soon after it was abused so much. The tenderness of my hole was so far removed from my thoughts with this big cock moving in me again.

"Careful! I'm close!" I said. I almost came but Juan stopped fucking me and held his cock still in me. Behind Juan, Pieter was groaning and urged Claude on to fuck him deep and hard.

Juan held me tight and rolled backwards with me on top of him.

After my almost-orgasm Juan waited about a minute and then summoned André to lube up and enter me too. Oh boy! Here we go again!

"Sit up and rotate on my cock so you face me," Juan said and supported me with his hands.

I did so and I bent forward on Juan's chest.

"Here is the poppers, baby bro," André said and handed me the small black bottle. "If I hurt you, say the word and I'll pull out. OK? Remember the golden word is: 'relax'."


André was on his knees behind me and was lubing up. Claude's Italian lube was super slick and just fantastic.

I took a deep whiff of the magic stuff. Soon my head was spinning and the now-familiar euphoric sensation washed over me ... ahhhhh! I felt André's cockhead pushing in me on top of Juan's big cock. André's big cockhead was stretching my hole and the head slipped in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh my godd, André! Wow!"

"Are you OK my love? André, hold on! Anton relax!" Juan said.

"It's OK, Juan. André, just take it slowly please!" I said. "OK, André - push in!"

I felt how the big cock stretched me and slipped in. André was pushing into me at a steady pace. I felt how his balls ended on top of mine sticking out from under my body. He was in!

"Fuck him and cum, André." Juan instructed. "Claude, get ready - you're next."

Another full round? My godd! But, in for a penny, in for a pound! I was really starting to enjoy that!

André started to fuck me and soon his breath was laboured and shallow. He started to groan and shot his load deep in me. His cock twitched and I clamped my hole over his cock and Juan's. Fuck, that felt good!"

"Ahhhhh! That felt like another big load, André! I could feel your orgasm on my cock! Claude - come bro!"

André pulled out slowly and held the head just inside my hole and touched my back. I clenched my sphincter to keep the cum inside me, and then André's cock was free.

Claude was already lubing up his huge cock and took André's place behind me.

"Poppers!" Pieter instructed. I took another whiff and my head spun. Fuck! This stuff was magic! I was feeling like an army could fuck me!

Claude aimed and pushed in. "Relax, OK?" The big head slipped in and I gasped. Even through the euphoria of the poppers, I could feel the immense size of his cock.

I groaned and André bent over me: "You OK baby bro?"

"I'm fine thanks. This is fantastic!"

Claude was slowly pushing in and soon he was in to his balls in me. I was filled to capacity. What an experience.

"Fuck and cum bro!" Juan said.

Claude was already so hot after fucking Pieter, it didn't take him long to cum. He fucked me with long deep strokes and soon he was grunting and moaning. He gave me a few short quick jabs with his cock and shot his load. The boys were really charged and the hormones were flying that morning.

On my left André and Pieter were playing with their rubbery cocks and watched us.

Pieter moved in over Juan and held his cock in front of me. "Care to suck me a little, Anton?"

I opened my mouth and he pushed the huge cock inside.

Fuck, this was a seriously big and thick cock! Pieter could easily have become a porn star. But then, everybody in this room could have been in the industry! 23cm, 25cm, 26cm and 28cm, of which one was super thick, and all uncut! What a hot seller we would have produced!

Claude was panting now and collapsed onto my back. Another big load was pumped into me. "Thanks 'baby bro'! You're fucking amazing!" he said and pulled himself upright. "I'm pulling out, OK?" His cock slowly moved out of my hole and he too held still when only the head was in me. "Here we go, man!" I clenched and the head plopped out. Fuck, there was a huge load in me by then!

"You OK my love? OK if I cum now?"

I took Pieter's cock out of my mouth and said: "Yes, I'm fine. It's OK - go for it."

Juan started fucking me while I was standing on my knees over him. His long cock was really giving my hole a workout. I looked at his face and saw his imminent orgasm was building up rapidly. And then it happened. He grunted and hissed: "Oh fuck! I'm cumming Anton! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhhh!" He shot his load into me. I let go of Pieter's cock and Juan pulled me down onto his body. Juan's cock was twitching in my hole while the last of his cumload was pumped into me.

Eventually I lifted my ass and felt Juan's cock sliding out.

The huge amount of cum inside me almost slipped out. Fuck! What a mess it would've made!

Juan's huge cock flopped onto his tummy. The now shrinking cock reached way beyond his bellybutton. What a man!

I knew what was next when Pieter moved in behind me. Oh fuck! Where is the poppers?

"Remember, lots of lube Pieter! And relax, baby bro!" André said.

Pieter pulled me backwards and onto my knees. He took some of the magic stuff and rubbed it on his huge cock, pulling the skin back and rubbing it all over the shaft. He took some more and rubbed it over my hole.

"You still OK with this, Anton?" Hopefully he'll remember our names now, I thought.

"Yes, just be gentle ..."

"Always. I never want to hurt you - never!" Yes, tell that to my hole!

I opened the poppers and took a deep whiff. My head was spinning and then I felt that huge cockhead rubbing on my hole. He pushed forward with his hands on my hips. Fuck, that thing was huge! The head stretched me and it started to enter me ... owwww! I felt how the head stretched me and then it slipped in! Ahhhhhh! My godd! What an experience once again!

"OK, my man?" Pieter asked.

"Yes, give me a minute to get used to it ... please?" I forced my hole to relax. I clenched my hole over the big thing inside me and it started to feel good. Fuck! Who would've thought it could be possible? Amazing! "OK, push in ..."

Pieter started to push into me and when the huge head passed over my prostate, I had to breathe deep and concentrate not to cum. Fuck, this felt good!

Soon Pieter's huge cock was balls-deep inside me. He held it still and made it swell. Fuck, that felt good! He pulled back and pushed back in. Soon he was fucking with long deep strokes. I started to moan. The movement over my prostate was too much.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"

"In my mouth, my love!" Juan moved into position and took my throbbing cock into his mouth. The second I felt the hot moist mouth closing over my cockhead, I lost it ... my cum was fucked out of me by my uncle. I was fucked into oblivion and felt how Pieter pulled me up and held me tight when he pushed his huge cock deep into me, holding it there for a second and ... it started to spasm and he unloaded a huge load into me.

"Fuck, I could get used to this!" Pieter said, shaking. "This is incredible!"

He started to pull his humongous cock from my hole and when the huge head slipped out, a little cum leaked out onto my legs. There was one hell of a lot of cum in me!

"I agree! These boys are unique! What a night, what fantastic sex!" Claude applauded.

"Don't forget they're mine! Don't get any ideas! This is not going to happen every day!" Juan warned.

Juan pulled me back on top of him and held my head. He kissed my head and stroked my hair. André moved in next to Juan and held me from my right-hand side.

"Are you OK, baby bro?" and kissed my forehead. He felt for my right hand and squeezed it. He took it into his hand and put it on his hairy chest. I stroked it and felt his heart beating. Fuck! What a fantastic brother!

"I love you André ..." I whispered.

"I love you too my beautiful baby bro!" He stroked my hand on his chest.

Juan hugged me and said into my hair: "You're one hell of a man, Anton! I love you and remember this doesn't make you a bad person. You're unique and everybody here loves you."

"Yeah, we do! Boikie, you're the man of the hour! Thanks!" Claude said and stroked my back.

Pieter who was still on his knees behind me, still catching his breath, whispered hoarsely: "My brother has spawned two great boys. I love you very much, guys. Thanks for this. Much appreciated. I sincerely want it again, sometime soon again, please? Juan? OK with you?"

"Only if the boys agree ... André? Anton?"

"Yes, fine - we'd do it again but it's Anton who is the one who is taking a battering. Baby bro? What do you say?"

"Yes, this could happen again, but fuck guys - please give me until after breakfast before you try anything again!"

The guys cracked up laughing.

"Look, it's my day today. Let's get going and get out of here before Adriaan walks in here again. This place must stink like the whore house Claude keeps on reminding us of! Any air freshener?"

"Yes, I keep some here. You have no idea what kind of stink your 'love' can produce when he lets rip a fart!" André joked.

"Yes, let's move. I think this beautiful boy has earned the chance to use the bathroom first ... Anton?" Pieter said. "Let's move it: It's late. André? What's the time?"

André looked on his iPhone and said: "Almost 07:25. Good idea. I don't know if I could face Dad again if he'd walk in here - not again ...!"


We showered in sessions - Juan showered with André and me ... go figure! He was now unofficially the son-in-law, accepted by Dad and Mom, so 'he had rights', he put in when he walked into the bathroom with us. Oh well, I wasn't complaining. We had a normal shower - if such a thing was possible with all the testosterone flooding the veins of the men in that house! Of course we hugged, and kissed, and groped and had a few licks and 'sucks' here and there, but we managed to finish in 10 minutes. We decided not to shave. The black stubble on our faces started to look super sexy. And I loved the touch of the hard beard of my two men on my face when they kissed me. Not that my beard wasn't as black and as hard!


Mom had one super scrumptious breakfast ready when we came down into the dining room. The table was laid for 7 people with one distinct setting at the one head with a big bow over the back of the chair. The setting for this chair was decorated with flowers, ribbons and there was a big card on the plate. There was a number of presents on a small table next to this special setting.

"Ahhhh! There is my newest, biggest son! Good morning Juan! Happy birthday!" Mom was gushing, arms stretched out with a big smile on her face. "Come here!" She took him in her arms and was whispering something in his ear. "Happy birthday! I hope this is the first of many with my boys, and with Adriaan and me. We're so fortunate to have you here. Come, sit down."

"Before you sit down, young man, come here!" It was Dad who took Juan into his arms and hugged him. He too was whispering something in Juan's ear. "Happy birthday Juan! I hope you will have a splendid day and that the year ahead will be one of love, prosperity and happiness. The twins have chosen well." Dad kissed Juan on the cheek and hugged him again. I was wondering if Juan could feel Dad's big cock on his hip ... hmmmm!

"Come, sit down birthday boy! What can I get you? There is yoghurt, sparkling wine, fruit juice, cereals, bacon, sausage, toast, cheese, jam, honey, croissants, eggs to order - what would you like, my boy?" Mom rambled on. She had most definitely taken a fancy in this big beautiful man, and had accepted him into our family as our lover and partner. 21st century mom, for sure!

"Alma ... erm ... MOM, this is huge! When did you do all of this? I'm impressed and grateful, but this is too much! Thanks ..."

"Sit! Sit! Sit!" Dad instructed. "Come André, here on Juan's left, Anton on Juan's right. Claude next to André, Pieter next to Anton. I'm at the other head, Mom on my right and Claude between her and André. Come, sit down."

We all sat down and were amazed at what Mom had on the table. It was beautiful and had an air of festivity about it. I felt Juan's right hand on my thigh under the tablecloth. I put my hand over his and squeezed it. He leaned towards me and in the humdrum of everybody settling in, he whispered: "I love you!" He squeezed my leg. Juan leaned towards André and I was sure, that's what he told André when he whispered in his ear.

"No whispering anymore! We all know now, so say it!" Mom said. "What was that Juan?" she ribbed him.

Juan blushed crimson red and stuttered: "I said 'I love you' ..."

"Whoop whoop!" Claude and Pieter cheered.

Wow! That was new, but it was good to know our relationship was accepted and that everybody was OK with it.

"Sparkling wine, everybody?" Dad asked. "Yes, please!" was the common answer. Dad fetched a chilled bottle of JC le Roux, and removed the wrapper and wire over the stopper. He gently pushed the stopper out with his thumbs and a slight whiff of vapour escaped when the stopper came off with a 'pop'. He handed the first one to André to pour and when the second bottle was opened, he handed it to me. We poured the champagne.

"A toast! To Juan! Happy birthday boy! Welcome in our midst and may you and the twins be very happy. Before we drink, André, Anton? Do you want to add anything?"

André cleared his throat and said dramatically: "Lady of the house and gentlemen! It is my privilege to wish the big oaf here a wonderful day on the commemoration of his birthday so, so many years ago. My sincere wish for him is to love and to obey. We're two and in the majority! You may be bigger and stronger - or is he ...?" Lots of laughter from the others. "... but we're one more than you! Happy birthday you big oaf!"

"Anton?" Dad said.

"I just want to say that this weekend, our birthday, the party, being with you guys and having Juan in our lives now - it's massive. You have no idea what it means to me, to us. We love you all very much. Thanks. And to you, a happy birthday. May you have a long and happy life with us. We love you very much." I leaned to him and kissed him on the cheek. André kissed him on the other cheek.

"Hear, hear! Ahhhh! Look at the lovebirds!" Claude piped up. I blushed crimson red and André said: "Watch it! There are two nipples with my name on them I could tweak - you'll be sorry!"


After the super breakfast and lots of laughter and leg-squeezing and looks of love, Dad announced it was time for the presents.

We cleared the table and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Mom started the coffee machine.

"Open the presents!"

"Sorry boys, I didn't know you two were having your birthdays today and tomorrow," Pieter said. "I'll take you to dinner next time you're in the Cape. OK?"

"You're on, my man!" Claude said and jokingly kicked Pieter under the table.

"Watch it, young man! I'm still older than you!" Pieter put in.

Juan took the first gift, an envelope, and opened it. It was voucher to collect unlimited wine from our cellars, for as long as Juan needed wine. Wow, Dad! You could've consider yourself lucky that this man wasn't a bar fly, I thought!

"Thanks Adriaan ... Dad! I hope you know what an appetite I have for your wines!"

Lots of laughter. We knew Juan was a moderate drinker.

The next gift was from Mom. It was a big box wrapped in exquisite gift-wrap. Juan opened it, and it was a suede jacket. Wow!

Juan was speechless! "How did you know? Ahhh! The twins, of course! Guys, there are some secrets we need to keep to ourselves! How did you know the size? Ahhh ... the twins, who else! Did you tell her the size of my shoes too?"

"She knows that, remember? We talked about the shoes we bought at Kommetjie? Have you forgotten?" André put in.

"Just joking! But, thanks Alma ... Mom!"

"We appreciate the attempt, and you're welcome to call us 'Dad' and 'Mom', but it's really unnecessary. Rather stick to 'Adriaan' and 'Alma'." Dad said.

"I was just ribbing you!" Juan smiled.

The next gift was from Claude.

"Don't drop it, bro! It was paid for with blood money! I had to sell my blood and sperm in Rome to be able to afford your gift. Careful there!" Claude piped up.

It was an iPod Touch. We knew Juan's iPod Classic in his car was a few years old and he said something about replacing it when we were away for the weekend 2 weeks ago. Perhaps Claude asked Claire to snoop around and ask Juan some questions.

"Thanks, Claude! My Classic was starting to get filled up and I was thinking of getting one of these. It will come in very handy."

"André, Anton?"

Juan took the flat box and André piped up: "Don't drop it, you big oaf! They didn't want our blood and sperm, so we each had to sell a kidney! Careful there!"

Juan opened it and gasped. It was an iPad Air - just what we knew he wanted so badly! It would be used for lessons and training programmes. His Samsung tablet he got for a song was giving him endless problems. He hated the thing.

"My beautiful boys ..." Juan looked at us in turn and I could see he was tearing up a bit. "You're so considerate. And attentive. Exactly what I needed. Now I can use the Samsung as a chopping block! Good riddance!"

"Apple is king!" Pieter piped up. "You know that it would sync automatically with your MacBook, your iPhone and iPod Touch through the iCloud?"

"Yes, I know. That's one of the reasons I wanted one. Thanks boys!" and he leaned in and kissed us in turn. Soft tender kisses, filled with love. I blushed. This was new. In front of Dad and Mom? But, it was clear they were OK with it, so I put my left hand behind his head and pulled him in for a good kiss.

"Behave! His mine too!" André piped up and leaned in for a kiss.

"Thanks André!"

"Now Claude's gifts!" Mom said.

He too got a voucher from Dad, but his was for only 48 bottles of wine. "It's clear how the son-in-law gets preferential treatment ... sniff sniff!" he joked. "I'm joking! Thanks Adriaan! This will come in handy for an evening with the boys!"

The next gift was a heavy box from Mom. When Claude opened it, he took out the most exquisite hand engraved crystal fruit bowl. "Want to domesticate me now, are you? Me?" Claude was on top form and nobody was spared his jokes. "No, I'm joking. Thanks Alma. It's exquisite and is indicative of your fine taste. Thanks!"

"Coffee all around?" Mom asked and when all indicated they wanted coffee, she called us: "Anton, André - please help me?"

In the kitchen Mom pulled us into an embrace and hugged us.

"Happy, boys? How are you feeling? I have to say this: Juan is a wonderful man. Don't lose him. He is a keeper. Dad and I talked about it last night. Yes, it's new to us, but it's obvious you're very much in love with him, and in particular you Anton! You're completely smitten! I can see why, but dial it down a notch. He has committed himself and he's going nowhere. We and André," she gave his cheek a loving pinch, "will make sure of that. Enjoy him. Sincere love doesn't come along often. It's obvious he loves both of you, and yes, there is something special for you Anton. Cherish him, love him and make him feel wanted and at home, even in your own flat. OK?"

"Yes Mom ... I ... we love him very much. He changed our lives overnight. But remember we've known him since we were 14. He is a solid man with lots of integrity. I have no doubt that he loves us too, dearly. I've never thought I'd fall in love with someone, not so soon. And now I get to love this big beautiful man and share him with the other love of my life. Mom, I love André - he's more than my twin brother. He completes me and now Juan is the cement that holds it all together. He gave meaning to our life. We're all in it for the long haul ... I love him ... them both ... very much ... Mom."

"Yes Mom." André put in. "He is a great guy and we have lots of fun together. He has a fine sense of humour, and gives as good as he gets. He has a very soft spot for this one," he put his finger in my ribs and I pulled away giggling. "But, I'll be there to make sure he doesn't disappear with the family silver or your pearls. Scouts honour! And can you believe it? I love him too! He is a great guy! I can't imagine a life without my baby bro," and he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, "so, Juan has to share, finish en klaar!"

["finish en klaar" - a true Afrikaans expression which means it's a fait accompli]

"I'm glad and we're happy you've found such a fine man. Dad and I already love him very much. He is a true gentleman. We accept him and your relationship. But, take it easy, OK boys?" She hugged and kissed us. "Your happiness is all that counts my beautiful boys."

Mom, what a great mom you are! My heart swelled in my chest for this magnificent person who happened to be the most important woman in our lives. It was easy to understand why Dad loved her so much.

"Coffee, boys! Anton, please get the tray with the mugs. André, please get the milk and sugar. I'll get the coffee from the machine. Come boys! Chop chop!"


After coffee we settled in on the patio under the umbrellas. The rain was over at that stage and there was a weak August sun peering through the clouds. It was still chilly, but we got jackets. The threesome sat on the 3-seater patio bench: Juan in the middle of us. I was tempted to hold Juan's hand, but I resisted. Instead I put my arm over the back of the bench and thus touched his neck and shoulders. André did the same from the other side. André and I actually had our arms over one another. He was toying with my jacket sleeve and squeezed my arm from time to time. What a man! What a lover! What a brother!

Juan had his hands at his sides on the cushions, sandwiched between his legs and ours. He would move his fingers and touch our legs. That was almost a perfect picture. I so much wanted to hold his hand ... but, this would have to suffice for now, I thought.

Being a Sunday, there was not much to be done, so Dad also relaxed a bit. He mentioned that he needed to check on the problematic sprayer again, but because we had rain the previous night, it was not crucial. He'd check on it in the afternoon. "For now, I want to spend some time with my family, of which the number has swelled with at least one man ... welcome again, Juan! ... and with friends. Welcome to our humble abode Claude. Thanks for the gifts for the boys, and for visiting us. I'm sure we're going to see more of you now that you're on a one-year sabbatical. You're more than welcome to visit us any time you want. Just check ahead if we're not in Stellenbosch or in Cape Town."

"Thanks Adriaan. You made me feel very much at home and thanks for the invitation. I'd love to say something in defence of my brother. You might not know him all that well, but I can assure you, he's a man of solid upbringing. He is an honest and a very caring person. I guarantee you, he's not going to mess with the twins. It's clear to me he loves them very much. I've never seen him so doe-eyed in my life before. He's smitten with them. If it depends on Juan, the three of them will be ecstatically happy forever. He is a great man. And, I love him too. If I had to choose a brother, it would be him, every time. And to use Anton's ... erm ... André's words - who is who now? I still get so confused with these beautiful boys of yours - 'I love you, you big oaf'!"

"Well, by the look of things, and after spending less than a day in his company, I'd be surprised if Juan is not who he pretends to be," Pieter said. "It's obvious he loves our boys. Good luck men!"

"Claude," Mom said. "About the modelling ..."

"I'll take care of it tomorrow - I promise."

"It's your birthday tomorrow. Take it easy!" Dad said.

"I just have a few more questions to ask, if I may?" Mom looked at Claude.


I thought about the modelling Mom was lining up for us. The thought just never crossed my mind and I was dumbstruck. At 19 we've already shown a lot of muscular development - the six-packs were starting to show nicely - and we were just over 1,8m tall. We both had a fair amount of pitch-black chest hair, something we were very proud of.

"Mom, I still don't know ..." I put in.

"Just look at you two! You're pure modelling material. Don't you think so Claude?" Mom responded.

I had to admit, with our pitch-black hair, combined with blue eyes, our tallness, good-looking faces and developing bodies, we did stand out. We had perfect straight white teeth and our smiles could melt a chocolate castle!

I'm still worried but here we were, I thought. We might as well discuss it and get it over with.

So we discussed what the modelling would mean to our studies, hockey and work and life on the farm. Dad made it very clear that the farm takes preference, and that modelling would have to be slotted in if and when we were available, and that all the money we made, would have to go into our portfolios, or even a trust fund. Dad was far from poor, but he didn't want us to waste the money.

Juan explained the process in general. He'd contact Claire at Boss Models the following morning, and set up an interview later in the week.

"When will suit you guys? How about Friday, then I could organise my friend Johann, the photographer, to take pictures for your modelling portfolio? What do you have on your busy calendar for Friday?"

André and I looked at each other past Juan. "A Maths test at 8 o'clock. We should be done by 10 o'clock. We could be in Cape Town by 11. Juan, you?"

"Do you want me to join you? This is for you, boys!" Juan said.

"Nonsense!" André said. "You're coming with us. Doesn't your 10 o'clock class deserve a period off on a Friday? Come on! Please?"

"Claude, would that be appropriate ...?" Juan asked.

"Of course!" Claude said. "As the adorable partner of the two boys, it's just appropriate that you're there for them. You're more than welcome to join. Perhaps I could convince you to join me for a shoot while I'm there ... You know that you've got it in abundance! Claire has been drooling over you for ages. Come on! What do you say? Come with the boys!"

So, it was settled. We'd be going to Cape Town on Friday to see Claire and get photographs taken.

"Bring the new threads and other snazzy hip clothes with you. And swimwear. You have to have photos of you in swimwear taken for your portfolio."

"No Speedos boys!" Dad said with a stern expression on his face. Without going into details, Dad just said it would be indecent. Rather baggy swimwear. We knew he had seen us naked and even with hard-ons, even having sex, so he knew we were 'big boys' down there.

"We'll work out the details later," Claude said and winked at us. Thus, we'd have to take the Speedos too ... hmmmm! "And you Juan, bring some fancy clothes, including your new jackets with you."

"What? Now already? I haven't decided yet!"

"If the twins can do it, so could you. Imagine the good times you three would have together. It could get lonely on a shoot - ask me. Boys, once you're accepted by Boss Models - which I have no doubt will be the case! - you'd be wearing swanky clothes, pose for pictures that would be on the front pages of magazines, in clothes catalogues and on fashion pages. And in most cases the models get to take home the clothes they've modelled, on top of the payment. Swell, hey?"

This was great news. We both loved beautiful clothes. Because we wore exactly the same size, most of the time we didn't know who wore whose clothes. If we could add to our wardrobe, so be it. Great stuff. It sounded better by the minute!

Little did we know what an impact this new endeavour would have on our lives!

"Finding sexy attractive tall men is a mission in itself, and to find it twofold, and as perfect as these boys - precious! You have no idea what an impact you're going to make on the modelling scene! Beautiful guys like you are rare."

"I agree, the twins would be a scoop for any modelling house. I've only heard good reviews of Boss Models. I have a friend who has connections with Boss Models and he's happy with how his client is treated. And, it's not because you're my nephews, but you're extremely attractive. Your bodies are perfect and the market for this look is hungry for talent like yours. Am I right Claude?"

"True, Pieter. And it's very clear: the twins just have it and must do this. Boys, you could do this in your spare time. Boss Models will arrange the shoots around your schedule. They'd do anything to have you as their clients, I know!"

Oh my godd! It looked like Claude had already organised us into becoming models ...! I was getting excited but felt a pang in my stomach ... new things!

André leaned towards me over Juan and said: "Baby bro, I have a good feeling about this! What do you say?"

Juan added: "Don't worry my love. I've actually decided I'd love to be there with you and for you. I'd prefer to experience this with you. Not to keep you in check - I trust you - but it would also be nice to spend this special time together. Anton ...?"

"Yes, I'm fine. It's just that it's new and strange to me. And to prance around half-naked ..."

"If you've got it, flaunt it baby bro!" André whispered and winked.

"I'm calling Claire tomorrow and if all works out, you'd be expected at Boss Models at the V&A Waterfront on Friday. I'll confirm the time and call you. OK? This is exciting! I hope Claire organises a finder's fee for me!" Claude was at it again!

"Boys, if that's settled, something else," Dad said. "All done for now Claude?"

"Yes, Claire is going to pay me a big bonus for bringing her 3 new models, of which 2 are drop-dead gorgeous, and the third one is my tall hunky brother who Claire wanted on her books for years. Now it looks like his new partners were the catalyst to convince him. Well done, boys!" and Claude winked at us.

Juan put his hands on our knees and squeezed. "Are you OK with this? It's not only your decision any longer. I concur, but how do you feel? And what about me joining in?"

"We're fine and happy that you join us. It would be great if you were there," I said and squeezed his hand on my leg.

"So, that's settled then." Dad said. "Now, I know it's early days, but from what we've seen developing over the past few months, and seeing you so happy and content with Juan, we know this is the real deal. I'd be surprised if this came to nothing in a few weeks' time. Juan?" Dad said and looked at Juan. "You better take care of my boys, you hear! But, last night Mom and I talked about the situation. What will be the living arrangements now that there are 3 of you? We thought you three would like to move in together. From what I understand Juan, your flat is too small for all three, and I know the twin's flat is definitely too small. So, we want to make you an offer. Not just for the twins, but we are including you as well Juan. We accept you as part of the family now, and for all intents and purposes, you're now our son-in-law, even though you're not legally married. That's a lot of hot air if you ask me. But, back to the offer. A few years ago I've bought a townhouse in a new development on the road to Strand, and it's being rented out. As it happens, the occupants have given notice to move out by the end of September. If you're interested, you may move in by then. So, what do you say?"

I was flabbergasted! Could this be for real? Was Dad serious? Of course we'd love to move into a place where we could have this tall (hung!) hunk to ourselves as much as we like. This was massive!

"Adriaan! You're joking, right? What! Really? Oh my! Dad!" Juan exclaimed. He jumped up and we stormed to Dad and grabbed him. He didn't know what hit him. He had 3 big men hugging and kissing him. I saw even Juan getting in a kiss.

"Calm down boys! I haven't offered you Fort Knox or the Pentagon! We want you to accept it. It makes no sense if Juan sleeps over with you every night but still paid rent at his own flat. You'd be saving money if you moved in together. So, what do you say? Are these hugs and kisses a 'yes'?"

"Yes!" we shouted in unison. What a dad! "Thanks!" we said in unison.

Dad continued: "Juan, there are 2 bedrooms of which one could become a study, and a master bedroom - large enough for a king size bed - with an en suite bathroom, another separate bathroom, large open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen and a double garage. The lady next door has only one car and is keen to rent out her second garage. So, parking is sorted. Seeing that there would be no grandchildren any time soon, the small garden would suffice. And, don't get soppy on me now: Mom and I already had our teary moments since yesterday, but we're OK now. Consider the townhouse as sort of a 'wedding gift', if nothing else."

Then of course it happened: both André and I started to cry. This man was just incredible, and don't forget about Mom who was as supportive in all of this as Dad. The tears were flowing freely. Juan stood between us, holding us by the shoulders with our heads on his shoulders and us pulling Dad into a fourway embrace. Dad kissed us and took our faces in his hands.

"Boys, I'm about to cry too. It's OK boys! This is to prove to you we care about you and love you very much, and we've accepted Juan as your partner and lover. We're OK with it and want you to be happy. OK?" Dad leaned in and kissed Juan. "Please look after my boys. I hope you'll be very happy together." Dad KISSED Juan!

We sniffled and hugged Dad again, and kissed this remarkable man. We sat down on the bench.

"You're a great Dad, Adriaan! I'm so proud to be part of this family! I wish our dad could've given me a townhouse when I decided to settle down ..." Pieter remarked. "Boys, Juan - I hope you'll be very happy. I'm coming to visit you as soon as you've settled in. I'll bring wine!"

"Yes, carrying coals to Newcastle, isn't it?" André put in. We all had a good laugh.

"Me too! Not bringing wine, but coming to visit. My brother needs supervision when it comes to handling hardware ..." Claude put in.

"Claude!" Juan scolded him. 'Hardware' ... poor Mom!

"Now about the new cars. I think it's best they stayed here on the farm this month. You still have the old car to get around in. As soon as you've moved in, we could organise to get the cars to you. OK?"

"Yes, of course. The cars would be safe here. We'd prefer that," André said.


The rest of the discussions centred on property, modelling, cars, wine, our new vines, the birthdays, the party, some politics and the weather. And to drive a point home, it was fast becoming overcast - it was going to rain soon.

We moved indoors and had a wonderful lunch consisting of lasagne, bread rolls, salads and a sticky brown pudding. Hmmm!

After lunch we moved to the lounge and had some coffee. By 3 o'clock, Pieter and Claude got up and announced it was time to go. Claude would catch a lift with Pieter in his Mustang. His own car was still in storage. Claire had organised to have the car serviced, fuelled and it's battery checked before it would be delivered to his flat at 10 o'clock the next morning.

Claude and Pieter fetched their luggage from upstairs and we accompanied them outside. Pieter went to fetch the Mustang from the barn and they put the luggage in the boot. We hugged and kissed and hugged again. When Pieter hugged me, he whispered: "You're phenomenal! A star! I'd love to do it again please! You're one of a kind. I hope the other two would be OK if you did ...?" And he kissed me. I felt his enormous cock push against me.

"Yes, we'll see. We'll be in touch," I whispered back.

"How about Friday evening? Please? Talk to Juan and André," he whispered.

"We'll see." I whispered. "All the best and good luck. Thanks for the Hugo Boss, Pieter!" I said loud enough for everybody to hear.

Claude took me into his arms and hugged me. His cock also seemed semi-hard in his pants. What has he and Pieter done when they fetched their luggage?

"Thanks 'baby bro', you're a phenomenal man. Juan is so fortunate to have found you guys. I envy him. It's obvious he is very much in love. He really loves you. Cherish it and enjoy ..." He took my face between his hands and looked into my eyes, and kissed me. "My brother is a lucky man!"

After some more hugging and kissing and thanks and waving, the 2 were off with a roar.

The threesome wanted to leave at 4 o'clock, as Juan had some preparations to do. The three of us wanted to celebrate Juan's birthday by having dinner in one of the upmarket restaurants in Stellenbosch.

We went inside and helped Mom to clear the kitchen and put the next load of cups and plates into the dishwasher.

"Come here you three," Mom said. "Juan, I had a talk with the boys this morning, and now that Adriaan spilled the beans about the townhouse, I want to include you. If you're our son-in-law now, we want you to know your happiness is ours, your heartaches would be ours. We're not side-line parents. You're now like a son to us - not to order you around or to expect you to report to us, but we want you to know that from now on, whatever happens in your lives, and your own too, is our business. Again, not to interfere, but we want the best for you."

"Alma ... Mom ... you're the kindest people I know, after my own dad and mom. Thanks for accepting me, for accepting this," and he pulled André and me closer. "It means more than words could say. Thanks for entrusting your precious boys into my care and in my heart. I do love them very much and I will take care of them. I'll make sure they are happy and content. No funny business. Just honesty and lots of love."

Dad joined in and gave us a group hug with his long arms. "You'd better! These beautiful boys are all we have. But, we see you as an addition to the family. Honesty will go a long way. Please don't hesitate to talk to us, whatever the problem. We're here to help and support." He kissed Juan - again! - and pulled us in to kiss us too. "I love you so, so very much! I'm heart-burstingly proud of you. You've chosen well: Juan is an outstanding man. Love him every day and do your best in everything you do to make him happy. And, last but not least, don't forget about yourselves. You're like two peas in a pod. You two would never survive without the other one, that much I know. So, it's a miracle both of you are gay and fell in love with the same guy. Make each other happy, you hear?"

"Now, go get your stuff. Don't forget your presents - you can't come back here to fetch it for Friday," Mom said.

We went upstairs to get our luggage and presents. We marvelled at the exquisite presents again and realised once again how fortunate we were. We packed our stuff and went next door to see how far Juan was with his stuff. We found him sitting on the bed, sobbing.

"Juan! What's wrong?" We sat down next to him and took him into our arms. "You gave me a fright - what's wrong, man?" André enquired.

Juan looked at him tears streaming down his face. "I'm the luckiest man in the world to have you in my life, and your parents' acceptance is epic. I don't know if I deserve this ..." He put his head on André's shoulder and the tears just flowed.

Both André and I started to cry. I think the realisation that our lives had changed forever, dawned on us. New love, new family, new home ... it was daunting.

"Shhhh! It's OK, my love!" I said, stroking his hair, his back. "We're the lucky ones to have found you. You complete the picture!"

Juan turned to me and through the tears we smiled at each other and mouthed the words: 'I love you'. Juan hugged me tightly and put his head on my shoulder. I had mine on his shoulder and André joined from behind Juan. André kissed me and whispered: "Come, let's go. We're supposed to be happy!"

We broke the embrace and stood up. It was time to go.

Downstairs, Dad was waiting with a case of a selection of our finest wines. "Something to take home with you, Juan! Once again, welcome my man!" He hugged and kissed Juan. "No need to cry anymore. The time for crying is over - now it's just love and laughter. OK?"

Dad hugged and kissed us and wished us well for Friday. We were instructed to keep them posted.

Mom hugged Juan and said loud enough for all to hear: "Look after my boys. And yes, no more tears. Only good things and love and happiness. OK?"

"Thanks ... Dad ... Mom!" Juan put in. "I love you so much. Of course I'll look after them. I love them very much and will not allow anything to happen to them. They're now also mine."

"Now come you big oaf, we have to go. There is Sunday afternoon traffic. Come!" André put in.

André and I decided to travel in our own car. We wanted to dissect the weekend and what happened. We'd see Juan at our flat at 6 o'clock before we went to dinner.

= To be continued =



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