During the night I woke up with Juan slowly fucking me. His huge cock was hard and throbbing in me. He was groaning softly.

"*OK my darling? Is it OK?*" he whispered in my ear, pushing his big cock deep into me and groaning.

"*No, it's OK. I love it!*" Yes, I did love it when I woke up with my all-nighter fucking me!

"*One more reason to fucking love you,*" he whispered.

Juan's cock was rock-hard and his one hand was stroking my chest, and the other was above my head, stroking my hair.

"*I fucking love you so much my darling!*" he gushed.

"*I love you too! Ahhhhh!*" I answered.

"*Oh godd! This is just too wonderful!*" Juan was now fucking me deeper and faster. I looked at André and realised he was coming awake ... oh fuck! He'd want in too if he saw what was going on!

"Started without me, hmmm?" André rolled towards me and kissed me. First a small peck. His hands were on my chest and his and Juan's fingers got entwined. André leaned over me and kissed Juan. It was a long and slobbery kiss followed by small pecks and kisses and lip-sucking and groans - these two were really madly in love with each other!

I put my hand on André's cock. It was hard and was already starting to ooze precum. He put his hand on my identical cock and squeezed. He rubbed my precum over the head and enclosed my cock in his hand. I jacked André's cock and took some of his precum and put it into my mouth. It tasted exactly like mine but I still loved it.

André let go of Juan and trailed his mouth over my ear, over my cheek onto my nose. Perhaps it was because it was dark, but he planted a kiss on my nose but then he kissed me on the mouth. His tongue flicked over my lips and I opened my mouth. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily. I loved him so much. I'd never deny him sex, ever. Plus, he was just so sexy ... yes, I look the same, but I only saw myself in the mirror, but I see André every day, most of the day. He was sexy - full stop! I put my hand behind his head and hugged him closer. Our cocks pushed against each other and our precum was making a huge mess on our tummy hair. André pushed his body close to mine and kissed me again. Fuck! I loved my brother more than life itself! He WAS my life!

"I fucking love you baby bro! I love you to bits - so much, it scares me. I'll never allow you to leave me. Never - you hear me? Never. I love you too much," André said looking at me in the dimly lit room and kissed me again.

"I love you too bro! You're the most important person in my life. Not even Dad or Mom or Juan could take your place. I'd never leave you - don't worry! I love you too much!" I answered.

"Did you hear that, you big oaf? Now, I want in too! Come on, let me in baby bro!"

"You sex dogg! You don't want me to have some fun alone with our darling, eh?" Juan ribbed André.

"Stuff you! I'm his brother and I'm going in too. I have needs and I have rights as the only brother he has. Roll over. Move!" For somebody who had just woken up, he was very bossy!

André pushed me on top of Juan and reached for the lube. He was pumping his hard cock to slick it up and jacked my cock too. Of course I was super hot and sopping wet ...

André put my legs on his shoulders and moved in. He aimed his cock on my hole and started to push in on top of Juan's big cock ... oh godd! I've had it quite a couple of times but every time they double-fucked me, it was a new experience altogether. Our cocks were not small, most definitely not at 23cm and they were thick. I groaned and held my breath as my brother's big cock slid in on top of Juan's cock. As André's cockhead slid over my prostate I felt the precum and a little cum being squeezed from my piss slit. Ahhhh! Oh godd! It was so nice! Yes! Oh fuck yes!

André continued to push in and soon he was in all the way. His pubic hair was on my balls and his big balls on my hole, and on Juan's cock and balls. Fuck! What an entanglement, but I loved it!

André was fucking me with long deep thrusts and he was starting to growl. He was hot as hell and he was about to pump a big load into me again soon.

Juan held me on top of him with his arms around my chest, playing with my nipples and chest hair. His one hand was jacking my cock and I felt the cum boiling up in my loins.

Juan's cock in me was twitching and he fucked me slowly and he groaned while André's cock was sliding over his cock.

"Oh fuck! This is fantastic! Every time we double-fuck you, it's like it is for the first time. I just fucking love it my darling! Ahhhh! I'm close! André, how far are you bro?" Juan asked.

"I'm almost there! You guys are driving me mad! Oh fuck baby bro! You're so hot and moist and soft inside ... oh fuck!" André was picking up speed and I felt his cock growing even bigger and harder. He was groaning and was fucking me fast and deep.

Juan was starting to groan too. He pushed his big cock deep into me and picked up speed fucking me with short thrusts.

"André, I'm about to cum! I'm fucking cumming ... oh godd! Oh my darling! Oh fuck! I'm going to cumm! Oh fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah! Hnnnngghhhhnnngghh! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck!" Juan was growling and panting. I felt his big cock twitching in me and felt him pumping his huge load into me.

Almost immediately, André was pushing his cock deep into me and was spasming. He held his cock deep inside me and shuddered. He was cumming. "Oh fuck me! Oh fuck! Anton you're killing me, baby bro! Ahhhhh! Hnnnnggahhhhhhgnnnnn!"

André took my cock from Juan's hand and continued to jack me off. I was so horny, within a few seconds I started to shoot my load. My cum flew everywhere. It was on my chest, under my chin, in my face, on Juan's face, against the headboard, on my tummy - my loads were fast becoming as copious as my lovers' loads! I wondered what André's cumloads were like now, if they were also as big as mine. I hardly ever see his loads as mostly they were pumped into me and I didn't really notice when Juan was fucking him, just how much he produced.

I groaned and my breathing was shallow. I groaned. Eventually I had to push André's hand off my cock. My hole was spasming and clenching over the two cocks in me. Oh fuck! What a great feeling!

André leaned forward and started licking the cum from my face. He kissed me and I tasted my cum on his tongue. He licked the cum from my neck and kissed Juan. They were groaning in my ear. André leaned down and licked the cum from my chest hair and kissed me again. Ahhh! What a nice experience! My bro feeding me the cum he licked from Juan's face, my face, my neck and my chest.

"I'm pulling out now, OK? We need to get some sleep. These nightly shenanigans will take its toll on my exquisite beauty. This big oaf just couldn't keep his horny cock to himself. No, he had to fuck you in the dead of night ..."

"Ahh! And you didn't join in, eh? Is that it? You didn't have some fun too? You ungrateful delinquent! Here I share my bed and my darling with you, and this is how you repay me? Sheez! I also have feelings!" Juan ribbed André.

"This bed was paid for by my Dad and I was compelled to intervene. You were abusing my baby bro against his will ..."

"Stop it you two! Let's get your cocks out of me so we can get some sleep. Would you mind bringing us some Coke please André?" I asked.

"Yeah yeah! OK! I'll be the least and do it! The oaf won't do it ..."

"Watch it!" Juan said and gave André's head a playful swipe.

"Yow! You're heartless!"

André pulled out and got out of bed to get us some Coke from the kitchen.

Juan pulled me closer to him and kissed me on the ear. "Thank you my darling! You're really something else! You drive all of us mad! I love you very much! But we need to get some sleep. You have a big test today. What time is it?" He retrieved his iPhone from the nightstand and touched the home button: it was just after 2 o'clock. Shit!

André returned with the Coke and ranted on when he saw Juan was still inside me. He put the 3 glasses on the nightstand and let Juan have it: "Sheez, you big oaf! Get out of my baby bro so we could get some sleep! Now!" He aimed a swipe at Juan but Juan grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer. He pulled André's face to his and kissed him. André melted and kissed back. But he broke free: "My big beautiful oaf, it's nice to have someone like you, but really! I have to get some sleep. Our test ..."

"Yes, OK! I'm getting out of our darling man, don't worry. I just wanted to stay in him a little longer, OK?"

We had our Coke and settled in again to sleep the rest of the night, with the emphasis on 'sleep'.


Our test went well, despite the little sleep we had and all the sex that was going down. We managed to ace the question paper - we were two clever boikies!

After the test we had an hour free to while away in the 'kaf', having coffee and muffins. Just as we sat down, my iPhone beeped. It was Luigi.

"So busy but thinking of u. I love you my darling. Have a nice day. ;-)"

"Love u too. Can't wait to see & touch & kiss & feel u again. Nice day my sexy Italian hunky hung Stallion! XoX"

I pondered on the fact that Luigi was the one person that I loved with all my heart, but today I was going to have sex with the Gentle Giant and our hockey captain. I couldn't give up on that ... sorry Luigi! But, my conscience was another story ... I did feel crappy. Fuck!

Johan Malherbe joined us and before he sat down, the bulge in his pants was very evident. He was boned up just seeing us.

Herman entered the 'kaf' and went to the counter to get coffee. He joined us and put a hand on Johan's arm. He liked the man!

"Good news! Coach managed to get me the alumni money! I'm no longer a poor soul fighting for survival! I'm so much in debt to him and you guys ... you've really changed my life - big time! Thanks guys!"

"You can say thank you to Juan tonight!" André put in. He gave Herman's leg a squeeze.

"I'll suck him for the rest of his life! He is a great guy!" Herman gushed. I was so glad. He was a straight-A student and deserved this break. And now Johan in his life too ... perhaps?

"Are we still set for this afternoon?" Johan asked as he sipped his coffee.

"Oh fuck yes! Juan, erm ... Coach knows about it and he's OK with it. But he still wants in tonight if you're OK with it. You could be sucking your coach by 9 o'clock if you wanted. Do you?" I asked Johan who was blushing beetroot red.

"Oh fuck yes! I could've sucked him in the toilet yesterday, if he'd let me! He is so hot!" Johan gushed.

"You'll get your chance tonight, and more if you want!" André put in.

"More? What more?" Johan asked with big eyes.

"Not to worry. You'll see. Let it be a surprise for you - a NICE surprise!" André said and winked at Johan.

"I did my very best not to jack off last night, but I had a wet dream ... it was one hell of a mess! My sheets were all messed up! Fuck!" Herman cursed. "But, I'd be good to go at half past 3!"

"And you Johan? Did you manage to abstain?" André asked.

"Oh fuck no ... after yesterday in the toilet I was hard and horny again by the time I got home. I jacked off right by the front door! I just hauled my cock out and jacked off. I watched myself in the mirror in the foyer and squirted against it. It was fucking hot! My cum splattered all over the mirror and ran down in rivulets of thick white creamy cum. So, no - I'm afraid I didn't abstain! Sorry! But I'm also good to go right now, let alone at half past 3!" Johan leaned back in his chair and yes, his cock bulged big in his pants. Another sex dogg! "And what about you two? Did you abstain?"

"I'm afraid we're also guilty! We had sex with Coach last night and during the night ... it was so good!" André said and winked at Herman, who knew how things went down in the Du Toit and Le Roux household ... sex, sex and more sex!

"Really? Twice last night? Wow!" Johan said and whistled. He palmed his hard-on in his pants and the lust in his eyes was evident.

Without going into too many details, we gave Johann an idea of what happened. The poor man was so hot and hard by the end of our tale, he wanted to go to the toilet and jack off!

"You'll do no such thing! Oh no! We want your load to be deposited in Anton's ass this afternoon - every drop of it! Herman and I would personally tie you down with your shoelaces if you tried that! Down boy!" Andre said and gave Johan's crotch a gentle slap. Fortunately nobody saw us.


Our classes for the rest of the day were nice and interesting and before we knew it, it was half past 3 and we were on our way to Johan's place. Herman left his old car on the campus and came with us, and gave us directions to the affluent man's townhouse.

When we rang the doorbell, my cock was already twitching. I put my hand on André's crotch and he was already rock-hard! Herman saw it and he palmed his huge bulge and said: "Same here! Fuck! You guys are so hot!"

When Johan opened the door, he was dressed in a T-shirt (designer, no less!) and fancy shorts. He was barefoot ... oh my godd! His feet were obviously pedicured! They were beautiful! Still not as beautiful as Luigi's feet, but my godd! They were beautiful and BIG! At least size 13. And they were hairy! Sexy! I looked at his legs and noticed for the first time - we played hockey together, but I've never really noticed it before - his legs were covered in straight dark hair. Lots of it. I looked at his crotch, and it was clear he too was hard already! Sex dogg, just like us!

"Welcome to my place! Welcome! Come in!" Johan said and opened the door wide. As we walked in, Johan kissed us all and when it was my turn, I touched his hairy leg and brushed over his hard bulge. He groaned and put his hand on my cock. Oh fuck! A week ago I'd never have thought this would even have been remotely possible! Kissing the spoilt brat! Sucking him?

Johan kissed Herman and hugged him tightly. The two were kissing more than placing pecks on each other's mouths - they were kissing each other deeply with lots of tongue and saliva.

"Stop! We're not going to FUCK here where you've jacked off yesterday! Sheez!" André ribbed them.

"Come in guys! What would you like to drink? There is brandy, Scottish whisky and Irish whiskey, gin & tonic, different beers, ciders, fruit juice, Coke, water ... what would you like? Best would be if you came with me and helped yourselves. Come." Johan led the way through the foyer into the living room and to the kitchen.

The place was beautiful! There were expensive Italian tiles on the floor, some Persian rugs in the lounge, very tasteful paintings on the walls, beautiful furniture ... it was clear there were lots of money behind the man!

The kitchen was all white and grey with every conceivable appliance - Miéle, no less. There was a big double-door fridge with the freezer on the left and the fridge on the right. Then there was a separate fridge with the drinks. There was nothing else in the second fridge but beer, cider, fruit juice, water and Coke. Johan opened that fridge and we each took our choice of 'poison'.

"Come, let's get to the bedroom. If you have to be back home by 5 o'clock, we don't have much time. I've been waiting to have this for a long time! You have no idea how sexy you are! Come!"

The bedroom was all in shades of black, greys and white. It looked spectacular. There was an air conditioner running and there were the most beautiful framed pictures of great buildings from all over the world: the Taj Mahal, the Burgh Dubai, The Burgh Khalifah, The Shard in London, the Gherkin, the old World Trade Centre, the new World Trade Centre, the Empire State Building, and a few others I wasn't sure of.

"If we're going to fuck, you and I need to go and prepare ourselves. I've brought my rubber bulb. Come Johan," I said and went into the en suite. We undressed and I marvelled at his big cock, which we thought would be a small puny little cock. What a nice surprise! He was checking on towels and liquid soaps while I took a dump and then flushed my rectum. By then he was watching me intently. "I've never done that before. Please help we when you're done," Johan said, blushing.

When I have finished with my douching, I flushed the toilet and told Johan to first take a dump. "Don't be embarrassed - it's nothing! With André as my twin brother, I'm used to everything!" I washed the rubber bulb thoroughly and ran a basin with tepid water. I filled the bulb and then put it aside for Johan to use.

Soon he was squeaky clean and when he was done, we both washed our hands and I noticed he big hands, and that they were actually very nice. Very big and well manicured nails, hairy digits and big palms. His thumbs and thumb nails were really big and beautiful. Hmmmm!

When we were sharing a towel to dry our hands, he leaned in and just before he kissed me, he asked if he may. "What a question! Of course you may kiss me!" I kissed him and took his big rubbery cock in my hands and squeezed it.

"Oh fuck! You guys are too much! I'm so hot for you!"

We picked up our pants and went back into the bedroom. When we entered, Herman and André were lying naked on the bed and were kissing each other. Herman's huge cock was the centre of André's attention. My brother loved playing with the huge anaconda, that much was clear!

We got onto the bed and started kissing André and Herman. And Herman's cock was the centre of our attention too! It was one spectacular cock, for sure. André broke away from Herman's cock and took Johan's cock in his mouth. He sucked the big cock for a while and returned to Herman's cock.

Johan was groaning next to me and put his mouth on Herman's cock. We were sucking Herman's cock. We were on either side of the big cock and were kissing the big cock. Herman was faux fucking between our lips pressed against the sides of his cock.

Feeling Johan's lips against mine with Herman's big cock between our lips was really nice. I looked at him just as he was looking at me. He winked at me and squeezed my arm.

It was obvious André was doing a damn good job of sucking Johan as he was groaning against the big cock in front of us.

Herman had his hands in our hair and was groaning with pleasure. I moved to the tip and took the huge cockhead in my mouth. It was sopping wet with precum. I pulled the foreskin back and the huge head slipped into my mouth. It was just the most amazing cock! And to think this enormous cock was the source of so much pleasure, including fucking me. It was huge!

Johan was now sucking Herman's very big balls. They were almost the size of small chicken eggs. The scrotum sac was big and made for very low-hangers. Fuck!

"Guys, you'd better stop now! I'm getting too close and I still want to fuck our man! Come here!" Herman said and pulled us up. André let go of Johan's hard cock. Johan and I kissed Herman and our hard wet cocks were smearing precum and spit (André's) on Herman's body.

"I think we're ready for some fucking. Or what? Come let's start with Johan fucking Anton, OK? Anton, you ready for our captain's biggie? He is fucking hard and he is very thick. He's going to plug you big time baby bro! Here is the lube. Want me to put some on for you two? Hmmm? Get on your hands and knees Anton."

I bent over and put my ass out. I heard him opening the lube and felt André applying some on my asshole. Johan gasped when he looked at my asshole being prepared for his really big cock. He gasped again when André put some lube on his big throbbing cock.

"On your knees behind Anton and push in. Remember you have to be gentle. You have a big cock. Push in slowly. Put your hands on his buttocks," André gave directions.

Johan stood behind me and put his hands on my bum. André took Johan's big thick cock and aimed it at my hole. "Now push in Johan. Slowly."

I felt the hockey captain's big cock on my hole and felt the big head pushing through ... it was a damn big cock! Easily as thick as Dad's cock. The big head was slipping in and stretched me ... ahhh! Oh fuck! What a sensation to be penetrated by a nice big cock! Johan's cock was nice and big!

Johan was trembling and his breath was shallow. He wasn't going to last long, I thought. The big cockhead was in me now and he was groaning.

The cockshaft was thick and I groaned as it slid into me. It was stretching me good and it filled me up. Oh my godd! I couldn't believe our hockey captain had such a big cock and he was fucking me! Now that we got to know him, he was actually a nice guy. And he was sexy and attractive. And he was hairy ... yay!

"Pull out Johan, you're too exited. You're going to cum in seconds! Pull out first!" André directed the actions.

"No, I want to stay inside Anton! Ahhhh! Oh godd! What did you do just now! It felt like a big hand squeezed my cock! Ahhh! That will definitely make me cum!" Johan put in when I inadvertently clenched me hole while the big cock was in me.

"Pull out first. You can penetrate him again. Pull out!" André said and lightly pushed Johan's body away from me. Johan started to pull out and when the huge cockhead was still in me, my hole automatically clenched again. I could feel how the head was slowly slipping out ... and then it was out! Oh fuck!

"Ahhhh! I hope I can push in again ... soon? Please! I'm so damn hot and horny now!" Johan was breathing heavily.

"Yes, you can fuck him again, but relax first. Come suck Herman's big cock. Stand on your knees in front of him," sergeant-major André instructed.

Johan pulled Herman's big cock upwards and put the huge head in his mouth. He was a natural cocksucker, that much was clear! He slurped and Herman groaned. He took Johan's head in his hands and pushed as much of his cock that would go in, into Johan's mouth. Johan also couldn't manage much more than about a third or a little more of the big cock in his mouth. He pulled Herman's foreskin back and really sucked the big head. It was clear that Herman's famously huge amount of precum was streaming into Johan's mouth. I envied him.

André took the lube and put some on his cock. I bent over again in anticipation to get his cock in my hole, but he touched my buttocks and pointed towards Johan. He mouthed: "No, Johan." Aha! My brother had a plan.

He took some more lube and gently put in on Johan's hole and rubbed it over the hole. Johan let go of Herman's cock and asked with amazement: "What are you doing?"

"Just relax and enjoy it. You will love it!" André was a true politician! He lied through his teeth, but then again, I knew Johan was going to enjoy it, eventually.

André pushed a finger in when Johan was sucking Herman's big cock again. "Hmmmmpppphhhhh! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! You have big fingers! No! Fuck! Pull out ..."

"Just relax and push out as if you're taking a dump and then clench you hole over my finger. Come, you can do it, Captain!" He deliberately put 'captain' in to convince the ace hockey player that this was a walk in the park for him and that indeed, he could do it.

André pushed his finger deeper and pulled out completely.

"Ahhh! That wasn't so bad! I actually liked it ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! What was that? Oh godd! Oh godd! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Johan was putting up one hell of a performance when André pushed his finger back into Johan's hole and deliberately pushed on Johan's prostate gland ... poor soul! He didn't know what hit him!

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! You're making me cum!" Johan said as he pulled his mouth off Herman's big cock.

"No, it's just precum and the sensation that you're cumming. Just relax and DON'T cum!" André directed.

He pushed his finger deep into Johan and pulled out. He added another finger and Johan was putty in his hands! He was making gurgling sounds around Herman's cock and was pushing his buttocks backwards. The man was hooked!

André moved in behind Johan and as he pulled his fingers out, he put his cockhead on Johan's hole and pushed in slowly.

"Hnnnnnnggghhhhhhnnnnn! Oh fuck! You're going to kill me! That cock is too bi .... Ahhhhh! Oh godd! Oh godd! Oh godd!" Johan threw his head backwards and grabbed Herman's thighs. He was breathing heavily. André stopped his penetration and just held still.

"Why are you stopping? Oh fuck! Push in your cock! Ahhhh! Just push it in already!" Johan was the captain of Johan's desires!

André pushed in deeper and soon he was in balls-deep in the rectum of our hockey captain. He held still and made his cock twitch. Johan was moaning like an animal in pain. "Oh fuck! Oh godd! Oh André! You're making me feel so good! This is better than the best jack-off I've ever had from any girl! Oh fuck!"

That's it then! He has had only hand-jobs from a few girls! Not even a blowjob! And most definitely not penetrative sex. He was in for the treat of a lifetime!

André pulled Johan back and indicated to me to move into position in front of Johan. I bent in front of Johan and with my face in Herman's crotch.

"Push into Anton again! Here is more lube for your big cock. Be gentle and don't rush it. Here," André said as he handed the lube to Johan.

I heard the lube being opened and felt some of the cold gel on my hole. He was going to fuck me again while André was fucking him ... I wish Johann were there with his Nikon to take pictures. My iPhone was in my pants' pocket. Fuck!

Johan leaned forward and I felt the big cock entering me again ... and again it felt great. But Johan's sensory overload was far from over! He was panting and groaning and he growled as his cock slid into me.

"Oh fuck! This is so much better than I ever thought it could be! Oh fuck yes! Fuck!"

André pushed deeper into Johan and I pushed back into Johan's cock. He was in all the way. I pulled back a little and held still.

"Johan, I'm going to hold still. Fuck Anton now," sergeant-major le Roux commanded. "Easy does it! Slowly!"

Johan was following the instructions and started to move back and forth, fucking himself on André's cock while he was pushing into me on the forward stroke.

I willed my hole not to clench in order to prevent Johan from cumming too soon. I was sucking Herman's huge cock and was massaging his hard and hairy 6-pack.

But, it was all in vain! Within 90 seconds, Johan's breath was very shallow and his fucking movements became much faster.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! I'm cumming! Sorry! I'm cumming!" Johan was on the verge of cumming.

"OK, let fly! Pump your big cumload into my baby bro! Give it to him! Fuck him!" André directed and urged Johan on.

I felt Johan's big cock swell and twitch as he was pushing in deep. He bent forward and slammed his cock deep into me. His cock was rock-hard and he was seconds away from cumming. And it happened ... he started to cum ... it was as if I've been fucked the first time, almost like nothing I've felt before!

Johan's cock swelled and he pushed it deep into me. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh godd! Oh godd! Ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Here iiitt iiiiiissssss! Ahhhh!"

He held still. His body shuddered. I felt his cock pulsate in me as it was pumping his big load into me. He pushed in as deep as it would go and collapsed on top of me. He was clinging to me like a drowning victim. His cock was pumping one hell of a load into me.

With all the action and Johan's hole clenching over André's cock, he too was cumming. He gave a few quick thrusts into Johan's ass and groaned. "I'm also cumming! I'm fucking cumming too! Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ah! Ah! O fuck!"

André was holding still while his cock was pumping his big load into our hockey captain's ass. I felt the shuddering his body made which made Johan's body shudder too.

I was very close to cumming but held out as there was still Herman's big cock to fuck me ... an opportunity I would never pass up on. It was just too spectacular.

Johan had collapsed on my back and André on top of him. I clenched my hole over Johan's big cock in me and he yowled. "Oh fuck! You're killing me Anton! Oh godd! I'm spent! I've never cum so much before! Yeow! Ahh!"

Johan started to pull out of me. André was obviously still in Johan's ass and knowing my brother, he was going to stay in him for a while longer - perhaps until he was hard again and go for seconds?

André got hold of Johan's body and pulled him close to him. It was clear he was pushing his rubbery cock deep into Johan's ass. He leaned to his left and pulled Johan with him so they ended on their sides next to Herman.

Herman knew it was his turn so he opened the lube and put a generous amount on his humongous cock. I was still in awe when I looked at that huge cock. To think I could actually take it in my hole and enjoy it!

I turned so I could see Johan and André. The two settled in each other's arms and with Johan's still fairly big cock in André's hand. Johan was in seventh heaven. The sexual experience was a grand experience for our hockey captain!

I held my ass up for Herman to enter me. He leaned down and kissed my back and buttocks. He then aimed his big cockhead at my hole and pushed forward gently. His huge cockhead pierced my sphincter and I groaned. I was just fucked by Johan's big thick cock, but that was nothing in comparison to the huge cock that was entering me. It was big and thick.

Herman held still and made his cock swell. It really stretched my hole and made me groan. I loved his huge cock in me! Herman pushed in deeper and the whole big head slipped in. He held still again and made it swell. I groaned with pleasure.

Herman pulled back a little and then pushed in again, this time deeper. He made his cock swell and pushed in deeper. He held it still and made his cock swell ... he pushed in deeper. He continued the pushing, holding still and making his cock swell a couple of times until he was in all the way. I felt his huge balls hanging on mine and his groin pushing against my buttocks. He had his hands on my hips and he was gently stroking my body. It was clear this huge man with his equally huge cock loved me ... too bad there were a few others in my life. He'd jump at the opportunity to have me to himself. But even though I loved him too, I also loved my brother, Juan, Luigi, Johann and Gunther - very much. I did love Herman very much, but I could never give up 'my family', not even for him.

Herman made his cock swell some more and I groaned. Fuck! That felt so good! He pulled back, and oh fuck! He pulled out all the way ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! He aimed his huge cockhead at my hole again and pushed in ... oh man! I got the same treatment as earlier ... swell, push, hold still ... and he was in all the way. He held still, made his cock swell and pulled out again! My godd! This man had become a sex maniac - a fucking nice sex maniac! I loved it! He aimed his cock at my hole again and penetrated me for the third time ... oh fuck! I was in sex heaven! To have been fucked by my hockey captain and now with Herman's huge cock ... what a pleasure!

"Fuck him my beautiful Gentle Giant! Push that big cock in him and fuck him!" Johan had become a sex fiend in one afternoon!

Herman started to fuck me with slow and long thrusts. He had really become a super sexual being in less than a couple of weeks. He instinctively knew how to make me feel good and enjoy the sex. He was aware of the enormous size of his cock and the damage and pain it could inflict, so he was super attentive and careful when he fucked me. His huge cock was making me feel good and by now I was used to its enormous size and feeling it in me was just one big joyous experience. I loved getting fucked by this big hunk.

He leaned forward and kissed me in the nape of my neck. His hands were on my shoulders as he fucked me. I was enjoying it so much! The huge cock in me made me feel alive and with every thrust I was pushed closer to the edge of no return. My own cock was so hard and wet. I was leaking copious amounts of precum onto the sheets beneath me.

"Go suck Anton's cock! Go!" André urged Johan to suck me off. Oh fuck!

Johan pulled off André's cock and crawled in under me. He took my leaking cock in his mouth. I was groaning with lust and desire. My cock disappeared in his warm and amazingly big mouth. My cock almost disappeared in his mouth. Herman's fucking was driving me over the edge and Johan's mouth on my cock was the final push. I was going to cum! Soon!

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Suck me! I'm going to cum! Oh yes! I'm cumming! Cum with me Herman! Fuck me and cum with me! Oh fuuucckkkk! I'm cumming! Take my cum Johan! Hnnnnggghhhhngggnnnn! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh godd! Ahhhhhhh!" I fell down the abyss and shot a load of note into Johan's mouth while Herman's huge cock was pounding my hole.

Herman's breathing was shallow and he was starting to groan. He was cumming as the last of my cum shot into Johan's mouth. Oh fuck! This was unbelievable! My sexual experiences were getting better and better by the day!

Herman's cum was pumped into me on top of Johan's big load. His cock spasmed and twitched and I was groaning.

"Please stop Johan! Oh fuck! Stop! Oversensitive! Oh fuck! You're a master but ... ahhhh ... oh fuck stop sucking me!" My cock was so sensitive I had to pull my cock from Johan's mouth but I had a huge man behind me with an equally big cock in me. Fortunately Johan was a quick learner. He stopped sucking my cock and just held it in his mouth. The warmth of his mouth, his soft sensual tongue under my cock and my cum in his mouth were divine. Johan started to swallow my cum. His tongue was lightly massaging my cock. I was impressed by our captain!

Herman pulled me into his body and started to roll over on his side pulling me with him. His huge cock was still deep in me. We ended on our sides and Johan was clever enough to roll with us and kept my cock in his mouth.

André joined us on the pillows and leaned over to kiss me. "Happy baby bro? Did you enjoy it? It sounded like it!"

I fleetingly thought of Luigi ... oh fuck! How low I've tumbled for the sake of sex! Luigi was such a great guy! He deserved better! I was such a sex slave! But fuck, I loved sex! More and more every day!


We put the curry we made the previous day in the microwave on defrost for an hour. It would be just enough gentle microwaves to heat up the brew and not toughen the meat. I cooked some Basmati rice and André made a nice tomato sambal to go with the curry. I cut some bananas and sprinkled some lemon juice over it. I had a bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge and opened a bottle of red wine.

When Johan and Herman arrived in Johan's brand-new Audi, everything was ready. André had some nice relaxing music playing on Juan's stereo system.

When the two got out of the car, it was clear what happened en route to us: both had huge bulges in their pants! They were ready to go ... again! André and I greeted them as if we haven't seen them a few hours earlier and haven't fucked like rabbits! We also boned up ... fuck!

We invited them in and offered them some Coke while we waited for Juan.

Johan was very impressed with the house and wanted to see it. We took him around and when he saw the master bedroom, he clearly wanted to be in there and have some sex! He looked at our picture on the wall and just swallowed. It was clear he really liked Juan very much.

We made some small talk about university, hockey (of course!), our Dad's wine farm, our photo shoot in 12 days' time and of course - André was there - sex!

Johan was already hard and was palming his big cock in his pants. Herman seemed to have a perpetual hard-on, and was palming his cock too. We made some more small talk as we couldn't engage in any sexual shenanigans with Juan about to arrive home.

When we heard Juan's car, we changed the subject to hockey and adjusted our hard-ons to hide them.

Juan came in the house and without batting an eyelid, he pulled André and me into his arms and kissed us. "How was your day? Anything exciting happening today? Hmmm! Had some nice sex with those two this afternoon? Hmmm! And do you still love me?"

"Of course you big oaf! How could we not love you? You know we love you! Sheez!" André said and kissed Juan. "Some days I wonder if you even have an IQ!"

Juan walked towards Herman and hugged and kissed him too. He turned to Johan and hesitated a little and said, "Oh fuck that! I'm going to fuck you later on, so I might as well kiss you too!"

"Erm ... Coach? You're going to fuck me? Oh my godd! Your cock is too big! You'll kill me!" Johan stammered.

"No chance! I'm a gentle lover - ask both André and Anton! You'll enjoy it! So, are we drinking Coke now? No wine? One wouldn't say you're a vintner's sons! No! Let's get some wine please! White? Red? Johan? Herman?"

"I'll get the wine. Sit my darling," I said and kissed Juan. Oh fuck! I loved this man so very much! He pulled me into an embrace and whispered in my ear: "*I love you so fucking much my darling!*"

"Hey! There are other people here! And there is food in the microwave! What's with the lovey dovey business? Come baby bro, I'll help you. Let him go, you big oaf! You're such a sex pervert!"

Juan aimed a playful swipe at André's head but André was prepared for it and grabbed Juan's hand. He got pulled into the embrace too. "And I fucking love you too, you rubbish! Come here!" Juan kissed André and tousled his hair. "You're such an unruly character but I still love you!"

I saw Johan's big eyes and lust written all over his face. I wondered if he knew what was in store for him when Juan was going fuck him ...

We had some wine and Juan told us about his meeting with Gunther and the dean. New protocols arrived and he and Gunther had to set up new experiments, which were going to take up a lot of their time. He also mentioned that he and Gunther have had talks with the fitness staff at the sports centre on campus and that we'd be required to start training in the gym real soon. Gunther suggested a study tour combined with some hockey matches in Germany next year. The PR people took down the details and were already busy planning the trip for the first 22 hockey players plus 6 reserves. The sports council would sponsor at least 60% of the tour. Deserving teammates (we were thinking of Herman) would receive a 100% sponsorship for the tour.

"That's great! Gunther really is an asset to the university and to the hockey team! Wow! And with you there to oversee it all, we're all set to go! This would be fantastic! I'm so exited! I wonder what Dad would say to this!" André was already daydreaming of touring Germany next year.


The curry and other food were spectacular. Herman had two hearty helpings and Johan also had a smaller second helping.

"You guys know how to cook, that's for sure! I could come eat here every night if this is the kind of food you usually prepare! Wow! I can cook, but you guys put me to shame!" Johan gushed.

"Thanks for the compliments. And yes, there is dessert, but it's served freshly prepared in the bedroom! Let's clear the table and get some order in here and then retire to the bedroom. I'm dying to have the captain of the first hockey team in our bed!" Juan, what happened to you?

After the kitchen was straightened out, we headed for our bedroom. Then André, Johan and I headed for the en suite bathroom and douched thoroughly. With Juan and Herman's big cocks ready to fuck us, we had to.

Johan was still a bit green with the douching so we guided him, me more than André. The excitement was causing Johan to have rock-hard erection even before we undressed. He was a sex dogg, that much was clear! However, his excitement was contagious: both André and I were also getting hard during our preparation.

We groped each other and pulled Johan's pants and shirt off him, revealing his substantial cock. It was literally throbbing and sopping wet. It was clear he must have been hard for some time - definitely in the Audi and perhaps at the dining room table too? Fact was, he was horny as hell!

I kissed him and André was jacking his cock. "I still cannot believe you have such a big cock, you dogg you! When it is soft, it's such a small wiener! But hard, it is a very nice and big cock! It's nice to suck you!"

I pulled away from Johan's mouth and added: "And it's nice to feel your cock in my ass. You're a sex hound, mate! I loved it when you fucked me with that big cock of yours! Your cumload is something else! Imagine my hockey captain filling me with a big cumload twice in one day! Whoop! Whoop!"

While Johan was busy flushing his rectum, André pulled me into an embrace and kissed me, pushing his big cock against mine. My brother was an ace kisser and soon we were groaning in each other's mouths. Apart from being my sexy twin brother, André was a hunk and a good fuck. We removed each other's shirt and I groaned when I took his nice big cock in my hand. He too was wet! Dogg! André took my cock in his hand and pushed his own cock next to mine. He took both our cocks in his hands and squeezed them. He was in sexual overdrive already, and there hasn't been any sucking or fucking ... yet!

As soon as Johan had finished his douching, I took his place and flushed out my rectum. When the water came out clear, André took my place. I embraced Johan and kissed him again. Fuck! It was nice to kiss him! And feel his big cock against me! His precum smeared all over my tummy making a huge mess.

"Enough, you sex perverts! Not here in front of me while I'm washing my insides for some big cocks to fuck me! I'm embarrassed to acknowledge that I actually know you! Sheez!" André was ribbing us. I gave him a playful swipe on the head. "Ow! I'm going to tell Dad you're hurting me! His not going to fuck you tomorrow night!" It slipped out. André! What were you thinking!

"What? Your dad fucks you too? Wow! I'd love to see that! Fuck!" Johan wasn't shocked - he was amazed and his cock was twitching something awful.

"Don't listen to him - he's demented!" I tried to save face.

"If your appearance is anything to go by, I'm sure your dad is a hung hunk of note! Fuck! How I wish I had a sexy dad! My dad is almost 70 and definitely a man I'd ever want to have sex with. He is a nice guy, but he is my rich dad, and nothing more," Johan said.

"Yes, Dad is a special guy and is fucking sexy. He's only 43 and hairy, and we've seen his cock - it's seriously big. Almost as big as Juan's cock. When you come visit us on the farm, you'll see. He is an awesome man and we love him to bits," I said smoothly.

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to go to your farm! I hope soon!" Johan gushed and gave me a big hug.

André finished his toilette and pretended to brusquely push us aside. "Out of the way, you perverts! If you've forgotten, I'm still here!"

"Don't mind him, his dog tablets need to be replenished and the vet was fresh out of supplies! So, he's on aspirin and we have to live with it! Poor us!"

André took a swipe at my head but I pulled him into my arms and kissed him. He put his arms around my neck and looked into my eyes while we were kissing. "Hmmmmmm. Fuck, you're such a good kisser!" he said.

"What are you doing in there?" Juan called from the master bedroom. "If you don't get here now, Herman and I will start without you!" Hmph! Yes, who would fuck whom, I wondered!

When we entered the bedroom the two of them were lazing against the pillows, palming their big cocks. Herman's cock was rock solid hard and the precum made his cock glisten. He was slowly jacking it - fuck, it was big!

Juan's cock was hard too and although it also leaked a lot of precum, it wasn't as big as Herman's cock or made so much precum. But, at 28cm, it was a seriously big cock and a cock that frightened me not too long ago! Now it was an instrument of carnal pleasure de luxe!

"Coach, you really have a big cock! Wow! And it is a beautiful cock!"

"Then, don't just stand there, come here and experience it first hand!" Juan put in.

We crawled onto the bed. I went for Herman's enormous 33cm cock, but I started with his huge feet. His feet were not as beautiful as Juan's or Luigi's feet, but they were extremely big and very nice. They were also very hairy. His second toes were considerably longer than the big toes and it was clear he spent enough time on clipping and caring for his toenails. I massaged his feet, sucked on the big toes and kissed the bridge of his feet. I massaged his calves, his thighs and then his huge balls. He was groaning with pleasure and was rubbing the precum over his cock.

Next to us, Juan pulled both André and Johan into his arms and they entered into a three-way kiss. Johan was ecstatic to kiss his coach! Their hands were all over each other. When Johan took Juan's big cock in his hands, he whistled. "Coach, this is a big cock! Herman's cock is enormous, but this is also a seriously big cock! Wow! May I suck it?"

"No, you may not suck it ... of course you may suck it, silly! Why ask? Just do it!" Juan said and gave him a playful slap on the arm.

Just as I was sucking Herman's big balls, Johan opened his mouth and Juan pushed his big cockhead into his mouth. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! This feels so good! Yess! Oh fuck yes! Ahhh!"

I had Herman's big cock in my hand and the other hand cupping his balls ... fuck! They were big! His cock was literally covered in precum and was slippery in my hand. I moved up the long thick shaft and reached the frenulum on the underside of the big head. I licked the head and tasted the precum. After cum, precum was my favourite liquid ... OK, red wine was also somewhere there, but I loved precum and cum!

I lifted up and let the big cockhead slip into my mouth. Once again, I couldn't get more than the head and a few centimetres of the thick shaft into my mouth. Herman was groaning and put his hands on my head. He moved his cock in and out my mouth and the precum literally flowed into my mouth.

I heard some talking next to us, and the next thing, someone was behind me. My ass was pushed into the air and I felt someone putting lube on my hole ... OK, I was going to be fucked while I was sucking Herman. OK ... sounded good to me!

Juan and André were urging Johan on to put his cock in my ass. And he did. He put his big cockhead on my hole and slowly pushed in. Ahhh! Fuck, the man had a nice cock! I groaned on Herman's cock and pushed my ass backward to meet the onslaught of Johan's big cock. He was sliding into me and didn't stop until he was in all the way. He also didn't wait but started to fuck me slowly and with meaning.

André was now next to us and put his cock on Johan's cock while the shaft was sliding in and out of me. Juan took up position on the other side and did the same. Their precum was lubing Johan's shaft while he was fucking me. Juan and André were kissing Johan.

I felt André moving in behind Johan and I knew he was going to fuck Johan again. Johan held still while Andre was entering him. Poor guy! Getting fucked twice by my brother in one day, only hours apart. But, he was 'Lucky Pierre' to be in the middle of us twins!

Herman was turned on big time and was groaning while he watched the show in front of him.

My ass was pointing in the air with Johan fucking it wholesale. Behind him André held still while Johan's fucking movement made his ass move up and down André's cockshaft.

"Nobody cums, OK? This cannot end now, you hear?" It was clear Juan wanted to fuck Johan! He was already putting lube on his big cock.

After a few minutes of fucking, Juan put a stop to it all and André pulled out of Johan. Juan took his place and slowly pushed into Johan.

"Oh fuck! Coach! You're going to rip me apart! Ow! That is sore! Ow! Oh fuck! No! You're hurting me! No! It's too big!" Johan growled.

"Just relax and push out as if you're taking a dump. Relax and concentrate on your cock in Anton's hole. Relax."

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! You're too fucking big! Oh godd ... you're going to kill me! Ow! Ow!"

"Don't be such a baby! Juan's cock is big but you're a big boy! Just relax and take it like a man! I can take it and Anton can take it - so can you. Just relax and push out. It will be nice in just a few seconds!" André was coaching from the side, playing with his big cock.

"Oh, OK. But slowly please Coach! Your cock if fucking big! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh ....!"

"There, I'm in. Now relax and push out ... yes, that's it! Just relax. I'm going to flex my cock ... here it comes!" Juan informed Johan.

"Oh fuck! No! Your cock is big as it is! Don't make it even bigger! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Ahhhh."

"Now clamp down on my cock with your hole. Push out. Clamp down," coach Juan was instructing.

Juan was obviously pushing in deeper as Johan was groaning and swearing all the time.

"There, I'm in balls-deep. I'm going to flex again. You have to push out and clamp, push out and clamp. Yes! That's it!"

"Oh yess! Yess! That is wonderful! Yess! Coach, this is fantastic! Yess!" Johan was experiencing the bliss of being fucked by my beautiful man.

Johan started to fuck me again and it was clear he wasn't going to last very long. His big cock was twitching something awful and his breath was deep and fast.

"Oh godd! I'm going to cum, Coach! Is it OK? I can't hold it back any longer! I've been looking forward to this since yesterday! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!"

"Yes, it's OK. Cum and pump your big load into Anton. We'll use it as lube! Fuck him and cum!" Juan was directing the sex scene in our bedroom!

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Yess! I'm cumming! Yess! Yess! Here it comes ... Ahhhhhh!" I felt his cock swell and twitch inside me and he slammed into me with one last thrust. He held still while his cock was pumping his load into me. It was a big load again. This guy was worthy of a good fuck!

Johan collapsed on my back while his cock was still twitching in me. Juan slowly pulled out of Johan and just as his cockhead was about to exit Johan's hole, he said: "I'm pulling out now, OK?"

"Yes, it's OK Coach ... oh fuck! This was phenomenal! Thank you guys!" Johan was sighing.

"OK, now you need to pull out of Anton too, OK?" Juan said and went to lie down on the bed next to Herman. Johan pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed next to Juan and Herman.

"Come sit on me, my darling, OK? Anton ... come."

Johan pulled out of me and I had to clench to contain his huge cumload in me. I let go of Herman's huge cock and moved to Juan. I sat astride his magnificent hairy body and lowered my ass onto his big cock. Oh fuck! Johan was right! It just was one hell of a cock! The first time he fucked me the weekend we were away 2 months ago, it was an experience I would remember forever. Added to it the fact that I loved this man with all my heart, the experience was even more pleasurable and memorable.

"Wow! Anton, you really know how to take a big cock! It looks fantastic!" Johan enthused while he was watching us.

My body sank lower on Juan's cock and I felt it gliding in on Johan's big cum load in me. Soon the whole cock was in me. I lifted up a bit and Juan was fucking me gently with short thrusts. I leaned down and kissed him. Oh fuck! I really loved this man!

"André, come!" Juan directed and I heard him opening the lube. He put some more lube on my hole and pushed a finger in me ... oh fuck! "Ahhh! Oh yes! Yes!"

"What? Don't tell me ... no! Really? Are you ...? No! That can't be!" Johan said astonished at what he was seeing. "Anton, I don't know how you are going to take them both! Oh fuck!"

André was already aiming his cock on my hole and as he pulled out his finger, he pushed his cock in on top of Juan's big cock. Oh my godd! It has happened a couple of times but it still was an amazing experience to feel them both in my hole! André's big cockhead stretched my hole and it slipped in. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! He held still and made his cock twitch and swell. It stretched me even further. He pulled out again and reinserted his cock on top of Juan's big cock in me.

Juan was holding me with both arms around me, and one hand behind my head. He kissed me and I sucked his big tongue into my mouth. When these two men fucked me, it was epic! André's cock moved in deeper. He had his hands on my hips and pushed in deeper.

Soon his cock was in all the way. He held still and made his cock swell. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! His cockhead didn't reach Juan's cockhead but the two big cocks in me were really filling me up.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing! Fuck! That's incredible! I'd love to be one of the tops some time! Wow!" Johan couldn't believe it and I saw his cock was rock-hard again!

Herman was still slowly wanking his huge cock. He pulled Johan closer and started kissing him. Johan was lying on top of Herman with their cocks pressing against each other. Herman was a sex dogg himself and knew how to make a man feel good.

André started to fuck me with long deep thrusts and Juan fucked me with short thrusts. My hole was stretched a lot but it felt fantastic. Juan's kisses were deep and sensual. This man knew how to make love!

I was teetering on the verge of orgasm but I willed it not to erupt. Oh fuck! With the two big cocks in me, I was close to shooting a load of note.

André was gasping and I felt his cock swelling and stretching me one hell of a lot. He was going to cum!

"Oh fuck! Sorry baby bro, but I'm going to cummmm ... oh fuck! Ahhhhhh! Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" He jabbed his big cock in and out of me a few times and then pushed in all the way and started to shoot his load in me. Oh fuck! It felt like a big load.

"Oh godd! I just can't help it. Sorry! But this is too much! Oh fuck! This was great! I'm pulling out. Johan, you want to fuck my baby bro with Coach?"

André was pulling out and as his head slipped out, I clenched to keep the cum in me.

Johan? Again? Fuck! His cock was bigger than André's! Oh fuck! But, bring it on! If he wants in, then let him do it!

"Yes, oh fuck! Yes! Anton, are you OK? May I please fuck you with Coach? Really?" Johan was already behind me. André handed him the lube and I felt more lube on my hole. "This is going to be epic! Oh fuck!"

"Just remember, super slow! Nothing about just pushing in, OK?" André reminded Johan.

"Yes, OK! Anton, are you sure? My cock is bigger and thicker than André's. Will you be able to handle us both? Oh fuck! Oh my godd!" Johan was on another planet!

He put his cock on my hole and slowly pushed in. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! This is so tight! Oh! ... Oh! ... Oh!" He also stopped when his cockhead was in and made it swell. It was big! And it was stretching me a lot! Oh fuck!

He pulled out and reinserted his cock and pushed in deeper. I groaned and sucked Juan's tongue. His hands on my neck and back were soothing and he murmured into my mouth.

Johan's big cock was sliding in, slowly but surely. When he passed the halfway mark, I gasped. His big cock was phenomenal! Oh fuck! It felt so good. His hands were on my buttocks and he pushed the last few centimetres into me. I could feel his huge cockhead deep in me. Together with Juan's big cock, it really felt so fantastic!

The hunk was groaning and his cock was swelling and twitching in me. It was obvious he was as hot as can be, and he wasn't going to last long! Juan's cock under his was too much for the hockey captain. He was groaning in less than 90 seconds of fucking. He was going to cum again soon!

Juan himself was now very randy and close to cumming. After the fucking with André and now with Johan, he was getting close to cumming. I myself was horny as hell, but I had to hold out to have Herman's cock in me. So, I just couldn't cum with them.

"I'm going to cum too my darling! These shenanigans have been too much! OK if I also cum? How about you and I cum together, Johan? Want to spray your big load all over my cock in Anton?" Juan was now fucking me harder and deeper, rubbing his cock against Johan's big cock.

Johan was fucking me too and picked up speed. He was groaning and his big cock was hard as a rock, making me feel good. Oh fuck! I wished I could cum with them! I was ready to cum!

Juan was first to cum. He was groaning and his big 28cm cock was really hard. He was fucking me with gusto. Soon he was gasping: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! Ahhhh! Hnnngggnnnnnnhhhhhnnnggg! I'm cumming! Oh fuck I'm cumming!" His cock twitched and he slammed his cock deep into me.

At the same time Johan was also groaning. He too was gasping again and with one last thrust he pushed his big cock deep into me and I felt it spasming. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck I'm cumming! Ahh!"

The two hunks' big cocks in me were spasming and they were pumping an unholy load of cum into me. Johan collapsed on my back and Juan was stroking my head. His other hand was stroking Johan's head on my back.

"Did you like that Johan?" André asked.

"Oh fuck yes! This was an experience to remember! To think I've fucked Anton and you've fucked me and now I've fucked Anton with Coach! Unbelievable! To think a week ago I thought you were a bunch of dweebs! And just look at us now! You're great and this was a fantastic experience!" Johan was on Cloud Nine!

"What did you think of the double fuck? Did you enjoy it? Something else, huh? Your cock on mine felt very nice! I'll be looking at you differently from now on! My first team hockey captain with the big cock who I fucked and who was fucking with me! You're a nice guy after all! And I have to concur: you have a very nice cock!" Juan complimented Johan.

I lifted off Juan's cock and lied down on top of Herman. He was the last one to fuck me and pump his load into me. But I needed a breather and come down from my near orgasm with Juan and Johan. I felt his huge cock underneath me. It was sopping wet and was twitching under me when I lay down on him. He folded his arms around me and caressed my head and neck and back.

He whispered in my ear: "*Oh fuck, how I love you! You're one of a kind! I wish you could have been mine ... fuck!*"

Herman was head over heels in love with me but the presence of Luigi pushed him away. I liked him a lot too, but not enough to give up all the other guys. I loved them all and enjoyed sex with them. Herman's huge cock and his kindness were the things I was going to miss. He was a nice guy who happened to have a humongous cock and who loved sex, as much as I do.

"Are you still OK that I fuck you too? I'd understand if you didn't want to ... I could jack off or you could suck me? Feel like tasting my cum?"

"Yes, I'd love to taste your cum! Fuck! You cum so much, and it tastes so nice! Yes, let me suck you off! But you could fuck me first if you wanted ...?" I said.

"You sure? I'm not going to last long so I'll pull out and cum in your mouth, OK?"

"Yes, let's do it!" I said with enthusiasm.

"Swop places with me. On your back and legs over my shoulders. When I cum, I'll sit on your chest and pump my load into your mouth. OK?"

"Yes, OK! Just put your big cock into me! Fuck me!"

"You're not just a good hockey player and an ace at your studies, but you're a sex fiend, Anton! You're more insatiable than me!" Johan said and squeezed my arm. He was now in Juan's arm and André on the other side of Juan. They stroked Juan's chest and kissed his pecs.

Herman put some lube on his huge cock and some more on my hole. He put his cock on my hole and pushed in. My hole was so loose with the fucking I've had that Herman's cock slipped in straight away. But it still was one hell of a big cock and it still felt amazing to feel it in me. He was careful and gentle. He slowly pushed in and didn't stop until he was in all the way. He twitched his cock and I groaned. I clenched my hole over Herman's cock and he made his cock swell again.

"I'm very close and will cum very soon. A few thrusts, OK? You still OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. A few thrusts would be fine. It feels great and your big cock is amazing. It feels fantastic. Ahhhh! Fuck me!" I urged him on.

Herman was fucking me as gentle as he could with his huge cock. He held my legs on his shoulders and when his big cock went in all the way, his huge balls slammed against my buttocks. He had two huge balls! Fuck!

"Oh, this feels so good! It is fantastic to feel you inside me! Your huge cock feels so good! Ahhhhh! But you need to cum soon. I am really close to cumming myself ... oh fuck!"

"OK, I'm getting very close now ... oh fuck! I'm pulling out and then I'm putting it in your mouth. Oh fuck! You're too much! Oh fuck!"

Herman gave my hole a few more jabs with his big cock and then pulled out abruptly. He quickly moved on top of my chest and pushed his big cockhead into my open mouth. He was jacking his cock and was groaning. He was about to shoot a big load into my mouth.

Somebody was taking my cock and putting it into his mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I was about to cum and I was about to flood the mouth around my cock.

Herman was groaning and then it happened: he was shooting his huge load into my mouth. The first spurt was a little dribble and he groaned. The second one was enormous and flooded my mouth! I had to swallow. The big head in my mouth took up a lot of space. The third spurt was even bigger. It flooded my mouth and some of it ran out of my mouth on my chin. I swallowed as fast as I could.

By now my cock was twitching in the unknown mouth and I was shooting my load ... it was a copious amount after being fucked left right and centre!

I continued to shoot at least nine spurts and Herman too was shooting at least six or seven more spurts into my mouth. It was so nice and tasted wonderful. Oh fuck! I love cum! Since the first time I've tasted André's cum, I was hooked.

Herman collapsed against the headboard and pushed his big rubbery cock halfway into my mouth. His huge balls were on my chin. My cock was deflating and the anonymous mouth around me was having a field day with my cum. I did shoot a big load.

"You're an ace Johan! You've had it all in one night! Did you like Anton's cum?" Juan asked. So, it was Johan who took my cum in his mouth. He was an ace! I really enjoyed it.

"How are you baby bro? All fine with you?"

I let go of Herman's cock and he sat back lightly on my chest. Johan let go of my cock and moved into Juan's arms again. He kissed Juan and ... my godd! ... he gave Juan some of my cum! What a quick learner this hung hunk was! I couldn't remember ever telling him to do that, but Juan wasn't going to complain!

"I'm fine thanks. And even after all Herman's cum - it was a huge load! - I'd love some Coke please? What time is it?"

Juan reached for his Rado on the nightstand and said it was just after eleven. A good time to call it a night.

"Would you mind to get us some Coke please André?" Juan asked.

"Yes I will. Coke for everybody? Yes?" André asked. We all accepted.

After the Coke we lounged around a bit longer. Then Juan said that either they stayed the night or hit it back home. Both Herman and Johan had an early class and said they'd be going soon.

"Thanks for today. I've never had a better day in my life before. This was fantastic on every level! I'd love to have this again some time please, if I may?" Johan put in.

"You're most welcome but remember there are already 6 of in this group. The others may not approve. So, we'll have to play it by ear. OK? But yes, it was a nice experience and one I'd also remember. Both of you are nice guys and as much as I enjoy you on the hockey field, I enjoyed you here in the bedroom too. What do you say guys?" Juan asked.

"We're also OK with it. But, if it happens again, it needs to be when the other three are not here. Johan might enjoy it, but I'm not sure about Gunther and Luigi - especially Luigi. So, yes - let's play it by ear," André put in.

"Well then, on this high note of sex and friendship, I think we should be going, OK Herman? Do you want to drive?" Johan already knew the right buttons to press when it came to Herman!


We prepared for bed and I had a battle to keep all the cum in my hole. I had multiple loads in me but it was a wonderful experience. Juan wanted to spoon me from behind, but for once, I thought he was also sated and didn't want an all-nighter. My hole was a bit tender too. Juan did put his big rubbery cock between my legs and hugged me from behind. In front of me, André pushed his body close to mine and put a hand over my neck. I put my hand out and took his big cock, which was now semi-hard and squeezed it.

"Careful there! I'd be hard in seconds ... watch it baby bro!" He groaned and leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft and full. If ever there were a choice for brothers, this sexy hunk would be my choice every time! He was perfect in every way. A handful at times, yes, but he was a great brother!

"Goodnight my darling. Did you enjoy the fucking?" Juan asked next to my ear.

"Yes, it was nice and the cum in me feels so good. I just don't know if I'd be able to keep it in me all night long. When Herman shot his load into my mouth, I couldn't believe it - it was like a faucet that was turned on! And it tasted so good!"

"As long as you remember Herman is no longer a member of the inner circle. Johan is a nice guy, but he too is not a member. We need to keep this between us. I'm not so sure Gunther or Johann or Luigi would approve. And your occasional sessions with Herman stay between us. I love the other guys and we don't want to piss them off. Nobody could replace Johann, Gunther and Luigi. Luigi is a very sexy man and I know you love him very much baby bro. So, rather keep this to ourselves? OK Juan?"

"I fully agree, but it doesn't make me feel better. We can't do this regularly. Herman and Johan seem like they have the hots for each other in any case, and if our 'baby bro' bottoms for Herman every now and again, I think they're good to go. Now, let's get some shuteye. Gunther and I have a lot to do tomorrow. And Dad is coming to see you guys tomorrow night. I'd love to see those shenanigans! He is going to be very pleased that both of you would like to bottom for him. Hmmmm!"

"Yes, it is going to be an experience! Dad fucking me for the first time! Now let's get some sleep," André said and gave a big sigh. "Good night you big beautiful oaf! Thanks for everything. Good night my beautiful baby bro. I love you."

"Oh, you only love our 'baby bro' now? Sob, sob! What about me?" Juan put in and aimed a playful swipe at André's head.

"Oh, OK you big oaf! Of course I love you too! How could I not love you too? Otherwise I'd never hear the end of it! Sheez!" André put in and leaned over me and gave Juan a big smooch. Juan pulled him closer and the kiss erupted into a full blown kiss, tongue, spit and all! 'Not loving him', my eye!

"There, happy now? I fucking love you! I only love baby bro more than I love you. Are you saying these things just to wrangle a kiss out of me? Hmmm? I love kissing you, so you don't have to trick me into kissing you, you big oaf!"

"Then tell me you love me ... you delinquent! Sheez! I also have feelings, you know! Sob, sob!"

"Enough, you two! We know now you love each other and love kissing each other. Now, shut your eyes and sleep!" I commanded. "I love you two very much but no more of this bantering at this late hour! I'm calling Dad if you don't behave right now!"

"Yeah right! We all know what that would be bringing to the table! You're going to have him tomorrow night! And he's going to fuck you big time! Both of you! So, yes - we need to get some sleep so you could build your strength to face Dad tomorrow night," Juan conceded.

We kissed each other one last time and settled in for a good night's sleep. Of course, during the night Juan might slip his big cock into me and fucked me ... the dogg!

Hmmm ... Dad ... oh fuck! I loved our dad and the prospect of him fucking me again ... heaven!

= To be continued =



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