The fairly short flight from Berlin to the Leonardo da Vinci Airport outside Rome was pleasurable. It was on a Boeing 737-400 – not my favourite plane, but there are thousands of them on short routes all over the world. The first class wasn’t much different from the economy class, but the food and champagne was very good. We were on a Lufthansa flight with the characteristic charm and efficiency of the Germans.

As soon as we were seated, the two friendly stewardesses offered us champagne. It was from the Rhône Valley and there was a choice between Demi-Sec and Brut. I chose the Demi-Sec – a bit sweeter. We got small sachets with a mixture of small pretzels and little salty biscuits with poppy seeds.

The stewardesses collected the glasses from us as we taxied to the far end of the runway. We stowed our tables, put our seats in the upright position, fastened our seatbelts and the plane took off.

When we were climbing, Pierre took my hand in his huge hand and squeezed. Luigi had his hand on my thigh and I felt safe and very happy. My guys …

As soon as the plane reached cruising altitude, we were given the choice of a pasta dish with chicken, or a goulash kind of dish on rice, with vegetables and a side salad. There was a fine selection of wines, including white, red and rosé. I chose the chicken pasta and the white wine, as did Luigi. Pierre opted for the goulash dish and red wine.

The food tasted good after our bodies have worked through Frau Müller’s hearty breakfast earlier. Well, the food on the plane was nice but it wasn’t a lot – just enough to survive, André quipped!

An hour and a half into the flight, all the trays and glasses were collected and I quickly visited the toilet. When I took my cock out and looked in the mirror, it struck me what a good sight it must be for guys standing next to me at a urinal. My cock wasn’t small in the least and I got an erection on the spot!

I thought of the plethora of X-Tube videos I’ve seen of guys jacking off in airplane loos. I was tempted but decided against it. I’d rather have sex with my boys and Piero … Piero! My godd! I was about to meet Piero and if he was the sex dogg Luigi made him out to be, I was in for a treat! No, no jacking! I’m saving this for the Italians, I thought.

I battled my hard cock back into my pants and sighed. It was nice to have a big cock, but it was at times like that, that it was a pain to have such a big dong. But, Pierre and Clive had it much worse than I, so I couldn’t complain too much. With the monster tamed to some extent, I returned to my seat.

“You OK, Ant? You were away long … everything all right?” Pierre said and took my hand and kissed it.

I saw the one stewardess collecting the last of the glasses noticed it, and she smiled. She was used to this, it would appear. Well, we were living in the 21st century, for Pete’s sakes! I put my head on Pierre’s shoulder and sighed.

“I’m fine but I did get a hard-on watching myself in the mirror … sorry! I did nothing, I promise!” I said softly.

“You jackal! So, the juices are safe?” Pierre joked.

“Yes, all saved for my boys!” I said and squeezed his hand.

“What was that mio caro?” Luigi asked, leaning over to me.

I told him and he sniggered. “So, you have the hots for yourself and you haven’t even seen Piero? Wait! You’ll see him in an hour’s time! He’s going to knock your socks off … is that how you say it?”

“I’m very anxious to see him … I hope he likes me!” I said.

“Oh, he will! He knows I don’t have bad taste in men … only the persona of the guys I’ve met before you wasn’t so hot. But, you are going to like each other on the spot! I know it! Just don’t forget about Pierre and me! And Clive and Giovanni! Giovanni’s landing 20 minutes after us. I can’t wait to see our other Italian again! I grew to love him so much!” Luigi said.

“Yes, Giovanni is a darling, and I’d be very pleased to see him again. Too bad Clive can’t be here too. But, back to Piero. From the pictures I’ve seen, Piero seems to be a very sexy and *hung* man! The one thing that I liked very much, were his eyes … they’re spectacular and his mouth looks very kissable …” I said and put my hand under Luigi’s chin to his ear and pulled him to me. “And don’t forget: you’re mio caro and I love you! Whatever happens between Piero and me, I’ll still love you! And you, Pierre! I love you guys very much!”

“That’s good to know,” Luigi said as the announcement came to sit, put our tables up, and our seats in the upright position, and fasten our seatbelts.

We did that and then we felt the plane slowing down and starting to descend … Roma, here we come! Piero … oh damn!


As soon as we were inside the airport building, we loosened our scarves and unzipped our jackets. It was very cold outside but a balmy 20ºC inside the terminal buildings.

I switched my iPhone on and there was an iMessage from Krystos: ‘Had lunch with the Müllers. It was wonderful! I’ve found a new home! Hope you are safe in Rome! Love and regards to all!’

“Message from Krystos. He said he enjoyed lunch with the Müllers and sends his greetings,” I said.

“Then I’m glad. My parents will spoil him big time!” Gunther said and he led the way to customs.

We cleared customs, merely a rubber stamp formality for non-European citizens and then we waited for our baggage.

As soon as we had our baggage on trolleys, we approached the automatic glass sliding doors that led into the arrival hall. The doors slid sideways and the first person I laid my eyes on was a tall sexy guy with short brown hair. He looked like Clive … what? The guy smiled at me! No, that can’t be, I thought! Could it be Clive? But how? When he shouted “Ant!” I knew it was Clive!

“Clive!” I shouted and walked faster towards him. This was a nice surprise! I let go of my trolley and literally grabbed him. Ahhh! I was so happy to see him!

“Clive! How come you’re here?” I got in before Pierre saw Clive.

“Pommie! What are you doing here? Oh fuck! I’m so glad to see your ugly face! Come here!” Pierre said and pulled the tall sexy man into his arms and kissed him. “Oh fuck! This is the best surprise ever! How did you do this?”

“I have my ways with airport staff and travel agencies … you know! Just a wink here and a smile there, and Bob’s your uncle! Come here Ant! I haven’t even kissed you yet! Come here you beautiful sexy man!” He kissed me and with his kiss he reaffirmed how much I loved this fairly new member of our family.

I let go of Clive to retrieve my trolley and then I saw the most beautiful man looking at me, smiling and I melted. Piero? No, it can’t be, but it looked like the man in the pictures! But, this man was close to perfect!

Then I saw Luigi hugging and kissing this god-like creature. It had to be Piero … wow!

Mio caro, please meet Piero …! Piero, si prega di incontrare mio caro, Antonio. Antonio, questo è mio nipote Piero! (Piero, please meet mio caro, Antonio. Antonio, this is my nephew Piero)” Luigi said and held his nephew around the waist.

My mouth must have hung open. I must have lost my speech for a few seconds.

Mio caro, are you OK?”

Sì, mio caro! Sono solo parole vedendo questo bellissimo uomo! Wow! (Yes, mio caro! I'm just speechless seeing this beautiful man! Wow!)” I said and put out my hand to greet Piero.

Non sto agitando la mano! Vieni qui! Voglio baciarti! (I'm not shaking your hand! Come here! I want to kiss you!)” Piero said with a deep baritone voice, reminiscent of Andrea Bocelli. He knocked the wind out my sails!

He pulled me into an embrace and when I smelled his perfume, I knew this young man had class, he had style and he was going to be one of us! He smelled divine. I thought I had to ask him what perfume it was he was using.

He looked down at me. He was about 1,93m tall and I was 1,84m. He smiled the most angelic smile and I saw a perfect set of white teeth. Unbelievably long eyelashes framed his beautiful eyes and they were below thick black eyebrows.

And he was clean-shaven but his pitch-black beard already showed he was fast approaching a five o’clock shadow … wow! And a cleft in his chin … too adorable for words! And two dimples in his cheeks … angelic to say the least! I can’t remember seeing that in the pictures, but then again, the pictures were not close-ups.

His black hair was long – about 5cm – and slightly curly.

He took me into his arms and kissed me on the cheek, and then he looked into my eyes and kissed me on the mouth. He closed his eyes when he kissed me, and my eyes closed automatically … I felt like I was on Cloud Nine!

And he was only 18? Really?

Piero, rallenta il mio ragazzo! Antonio, si prega di incontrare gli altri membri della famiglia! (Piero, slow down my boy! Antonio, please meet the other family members!)” Luigi said and took me by the arm. I looked at Piero and my heart melted.

This. Boy. Was. A. Super. Human. Being! Full stop!

Piacere di conoscerti, finalmente! Benvenuto in Italia! (Pleased to meet you at last! Welcome to Italy!)” Piero said and winked.

I forced myself to focus as Luigi introduced me to his other 3 family members who came to greet us and take us back to Firenze.

“For the sake of the others who can’t speak Italian, I’m going to do the introductions in English. This is my sister Gabriella and her husband Armando, Piero’s parents. And this is Giancarlo, my youngest sister Mirabel’s husband. This is Antonio, his twin brother André, our very good friend Pierre and his friend Clive who has arrived from London, who is joining us. There is Gunther and Johann, and Juan. Welcome to Italy boys! I hope you enjoy your stay with the Morettis and d'Antonios!”

The greetings between the rest of the troupe and the Italians were a bit less kissy and huggy. But, the Italians were very friendly and the three older people were very attractive. I particularly liked Giancarlo! He looked like he could be a very good sportsman or successful businessman.

“We had something to eat and drink on the plane, so we can depart on the spot as soon as Giovanni is here,” Luigi said. “You have seen him on TV: his surname is O’Connell. He was in one of your soapies.”

Gabriella and Armando nodded: they knew who Giovanni O’Connell was.

Before I knew what happened, two strong arms grabbed me from behind and hugged me. I thought it was André, up to his old tricks again, but then I heard the familiar voice of Giovanni next to my ear.

“Ant or André?”

“Gio! I’m so glad you could make it! Wow! It’s so nice to see you!” I said. He let go of me a bit and I turned around in his arms. He was as beautiful as ever and I got a kiss of note. Ahhh! What a sexy, beautiful man he was! He was clean-shaven for a change.

“How was your visit to Berlin? Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, it was wonderful and we’ve met the most amazing people … I’ll tell you all about it!” I said and squeezed his hand.

“Sounds promising … hmmm!” Giovanni said.

“I want to hear too! *Many lusting after you, I presume?*” Clive put in.

“We’ll talk!” I said and noticed Piero couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I looked to see where my brother was. He was busy greeting the rest of the clan.

“How was Dublin? How are your parents? What do they say about the move to Stellenbosch and us …?” I said and waited for some backlash …

“They’re very happy about it. Look, I’ve put away a lot of money after my stints as model and the soapies, so I’m A for away. Even if, and it’s a big ‘if’, it doesn’t work out, the modelling is still there and I know the soapie industry – I’ll get a job again if I have to. But, I’m happy and I’m with the people I love!”

We introduced Giovanni to the Italians and the second Piero took his hand, I knew they would become good friends. But, it would be like with Gunther and Johann: lots of love, and some superficial fun. Giovanni is only a top – I wasn’t sure about Piero, but from what I’ve heard, he’s only a top too.

The two of them struck up a conversation in Italian at a pace that left me flabbergasted. I only understood some of what was being said. Giovanni was a real Italian and his role in the soapie made him a firm favourite with the Italians. They all love to watch soapies, and apparently Giovanni’s soapie was a big favourite.

As we walked to the exit doors, Piero turned to André, not knowing who it was, and winked at him. André saw it and pointed with his head towards me. Piero turned around and looked at me, then at André again and back at me, smiling.

Questo è così ingiusto, ma anche così eccitante! Non ho idea di chi è chi. Sei identico al 100%! (This is so unfair, but also so exciting! I have no idea who is who. You are 100% identical!)” Piero said. “Fissare la giacca e mettere la sciarpa sulla. Fa freddo fuori! (Fasten your jacket and put your scarf on. It's cold outside!)”

We got to the exit door and yes it was freezing cold outside. We followed the Italians to the parking garage with our trolleys.

For once, André was quiet and Johann was gawking at Piero. I looked at Piero from behind and realised this big tall hung hunk was a hit with the guys already.

We got to the Kombis and put our baggage in the backs. Luigi, Giovanni, Pierre, Clive and I were assigned to the Kombi with Giancarlo and Piero in it. Juan, André, Gunther and Johann got in the Kombi with Armando and Gabriella, Piero’s parents.

Luigi sat in the passenger seat next to Giancarlo and Piero came to sit in the back with us. The configuration of the seats was such that the front row of seats faced backwards. Thus, the 3 people sitting on this seat faced the others sitting in the next seat.

There was a third seat at the back, which was folded down to accommodate the baggage.

Piero just came to sit down right next to me with Pierre on my other side. Giovanni and Clive sat on the other seat, facing us.

Immediately Clive and Piero started a laboured discussion in English about their studies. Clive was busy with his second year and Piero was still in his first year. Whenever the discussion came to a grinding halt due to the language barrier, I’d translate either into English or into Italian. I realised that being able to do that, it confirmed that I was starting to master the language.

At times when I didn’t know, I’d touch Luigi’s arm in the front and asked him. Luigi and Giancarlo were catching up on family matters, asking about Fiorella, Piero’s sister, the grandmother, and other members of the family. Then I heard they were busy talking about the leather business of the d'Antonio and Moretti families. I thought I'd catch up later.

Giancarlo followed Armando on the modern roads towards the A91 that took us to the A90 ring road around Rome up to the A1 highway, the Autostrada.

Both the men were excellent drivers and the Kombis reached the Autostrada within 45 minutes, after a slow start out of the perimeters of the airport and in the traffic on the lesser roads. Lesser than the Autostrada, but by no means back roads! Italy is known for its very good roads and highways.

By then Piero had his hand on my shoulder and was sitting very close to me. At one stage I looked down and saw the insanely big bulge in his pants … with a wet spot at the tip of the bulge! He was hard and wet and it showed through his denims! Wow!

Sì, io sono duro e bagnato per voi! Sei incredibilmente sexy! (Yes, I'm hard and wet for you! You're unbelievably sexy!)” Piero said and kissed me on the cheek. Wow!

Mi stai facendo arrossire e duro troppo! Tu sei molto più bella di quanto ho pensato che sarebbe! (You're making me blush and hard too! You're much more beautiful than I thought you would be!)” I said and blushed.

Then I realised Giovanni was listening and of course he understood every word! I blushed even more and smiled apologetically.

Non preoccuparti! So che su questo collegamento per avere luogo! Quindi, non mi importa! (Don’t worry! I know about this liaison about to take place! So, don’t mind me!)” Giovanni said and leaned forward to squeeze my thigh.

I looked at him and mouthed the word ‘Grazie (Thanks)’. He smiled and winked at me.

Piero started to ask me about my studies, the university, about the hockey, my brother, about staying with us. He wanted to know who else would be staying with us in Stellenbosch and when I said it would be Giovanni, Pierre and Clive, he beamed.

Veramente? Faccio ad arrivare a condividere con Giovanni? (Really? Do I get to share with Giovanni?)” Piero said and looked at the hunk opposite us.

Sì, se è disposto a condividere con voi! (Yes, if he’s prepared to share with you!)” I said and saw both of them were happy about the idea.

Ma riesco a dormire con te, sì? (But I get to sleep with you, yes?)”

Sì, cornea bastardo! (Yes, you horny bastard!)” I said and was rewarded with a proper kiss.

Fuck, this guy was in the league of Kamran, of Vlado, of Krystos, of Luigi, of Pierre, of Clive, Giovanni and Juan! He was a master at kissing. It was a soft, gentle kiss, but at the same time he groaned into my mouth and he made me understand how hot he was for me, right at that very moment! I opened my mouth and the big tongue fluttered over my lips, over my teeth, touched my tongue and when I gently sucked it into my mouth, he groaned again and his hand moved over my torso.

I realised that we were right in front of the others and with his uncle Giancarlo behind the steering wheel …

Piero, non adesso! Tuo zio potrebbe offendersi ... (Piero, not now! Your uncle might take offense ...)” I said and kissed him lightly again, rubbing my nose over his, touching his face! This love has been developing over a long distance for a long time … it was just natural and the logical thing to happen, but we had to tone it down a bit.

Zio Giancarlo non mente! Lui sa tutto, e che io sono innamorato di te! Ma sì, forse dovremmo aspettare! Tu sai che ti amo molto ...? (Uncle Giancarlo won't mind! He knows everything, and that I'm in love with you! But yes, perhaps we should wait! You do know I love you very much ...?)” Piero said and I could see in his eyes he was sincere. He really loved me albeit him lusting after me too!

Piero took my hand in his and sat very close to me. Pierre wasn’t too happy with the developments right next to him, but my big tall hunky hung man would just have to get used to the idea that there would be another Italian in the mix.

I turned to Giovanni and realised again what an incredibly beautiful man he was. A real TV star and model, of course.

“Please tell me about your week with the parents in Dublin. Did you enjoy it? How are they?” I asked Giovanni. It was a bit hectic at the airport, and now we had about 2 more hours to catch up.

“I enjoyed it with them yes, and being in Dublin is always nice. It might not be in the same league as Roma, Berlin or London, but it is a nice place all the same. Some of my mates and I went to the Temple Bar area a couple of times, and also to Temple Bar itself. It is an excellent bar, a place to meet nice people and have some Guinness, listen to good music and just have a ball. The eateries in the area offer everything you could dream of, and the fact that the streets are very narrow and are mostly without traffic, gives the place such a nice atmosphere. But I’ve missed you a lot, and the others too … I was frustrated out of my skull as I could never be satisfied with just anybody again! You’re such a wonderful man!”

“Yes, we’ve missed you too. You’re one of the nicest guys we know and to think we’ve met you on the Underground! And yes, I love you too!”

La mia uomo sexy, è questa bella uomo è parte del convegno? (My beautiful man, is this sexy man part of the tryst?)” Piero asked. “E Pierre troppo? (And Pierre too?)”

Sì, Piero. Dovrai accettare gli altri ragazzi. Luigi è mio marito e lui accetta. (Yes, Piero. You'll have to accept the other guys. Luigi is my husband and he accepts it.)” I said.

Sapevo di Luigi e André, ma non si tratta di Pierre e Giovanni. Clive troppo? (I knew about Luigi and André, but not about Pierre and Giovanni. Clive too?)” Piero said, his eyes big with disbelief.

“I wish you would speak English so Clive and I could understand. I just hear my name but haven’t got a clue what you’re saying. Can Piero not understand English?” Pierre said, just a little bit irritated.

Piero, potremmo prega di parlare inglese per il bene di Pierre e Clive? (Piero, could we please speak English for the sake of Pierre and Clive?)” I said and squeezed his hand.

, but slowly please. I have to learn. OK, right?” Piero agreed.

I filled them in on what Piero and I were talking about and both of them told Piero he’d just have to adapt and accept it, as there was no other alternative. At times Piero was a bit lost but between Giovanni and me, we translated some parts for him.

The countryside we passed through was like a winter scene with leafless trees. Our attention was with the discussions in the Kombi.

Then discussions moved to Berlin, what we’ve done and seen there, the reconciliation of the Müllers … and I mentioned that there were some guys we’ve met … I told him about meeting Vlado, Krystos, Albert … I didn’t go into details and also didn’t say anything about Heinrich …

“You’re so sexy and beautiful and your ability to handle … us … hmmm! I’m not surprised the other guys liked you too! As long as they didn’t abuse you or hurt you,” Clive put in.

Then we asked him about his dad, Alexander and his new love Olav, and how Santiago was doing.

“You’d not recognise my Dad! He and Olav are madly in love! It would appear Olav loves Dad’s … erm … cock! I think they’re going to become an item, even get married. Santiago is getting there. He has accepted his fate and all his stuff is now in storage at Dad’s place. He’ll decide during the next week what to do with it, what he’ll take with him to South Africa and what he’d put in storage. Dad offered to take some of his big stuff into his house until such time as Santiago has made a final decision about the stuff. I have to say, he has excellent taste! I wonder what Omar’s apartment looks like after Santiago removed his stuff! It’s very classy and solid. No Ikea for this man! And he is very happy with the prospect of working with Johann! He is busy with the final arrangements for his ticket and documents to move to South Africa! I just hope you’ll be able to handle all the big ones …!” Clive gushed.

I had to explain to Piero the gist of what Clive just said. He was astonished when he heard Santiago fucked me with his 34cm cock … He wanted to know about Pierre and Clive but we decided to let him see for himself.

“I hope you have some left for me!” Piero said and looked a bit flabbergasted and astounded.

“Not to worry, big boy! We’re all good lovers and we’d never hurt him, and we all know we have to share. Smile Piero! You're about to become a member of the biggest love story ever!” Pierre said and ruffled Piero’s beautiful curly hair. “Wow! Ant, you’ve got to feel that! His hair feels like silk! Is it like that because of a conditioner you use?”

I touched Piero’s hair and had to agree: it felt exquisite and the mass of hair, cut very stylish, was neatly in place, even after Pierre ruffled it a bit.

“Yes, it feels wonderful!” I said and Piero blushed crimson red. I leaned to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“No, not on cheek! Mouth please!”

I obliged and kissed the beautiful sexy young man on the mouth.

“Have you kissed me today, Ant?” Clive enquired. I immediately leaned over to him and kissed him.

“And me? What about me?” Giovanni said and pulled a sad face. I kissed him too and knew what was coming.

“Excuse me! All these guys get kissed – what about me? Please?” Pierre said and took my face in his hands and gave me a proper kiss.

We all laughed and that lightened the mood. Even Piero found it funny and I noticed he was a bit more relaxed.


The discussions were on the guys’ move to South Africa, the arrangements to be made, the general arrangements with regard to accommodation and traveling until they acquired vehicles and … sleeping arrangements to some extent.

It would appear Piero was warming to the idea of so many guys sleeping together. He was still holding my hand and at one stage when Giovanni and Clive were discussing some issue relating to Giovanni’s move to Boss Models, Piero put my hand on his enormous bulge. It was big and it was hard. And I could feel it was wet, right through his denims.

“*Are you sure it’s only 28cm?*” I whispered.

“*No, è più di 28 centimetri ora, di spessore e non tagliato, ed è tuo!* (No, it's more than 28cm, thick and uncut, and it's yours!)” he said and kissed me.

It sure felt big and thick … ahhh! Well, Luigi is 29cm and Pierre and Clive were both 33cm, but Piero’s felt thick, plus he was still a growing boy … hmmm! Some of that development was going to happen while he was about to come live with us! Hmmm, indeed!

Si dorme con me e io sono quello che cazzo di stasera. (You sleep with me and I am the one fucking you tonight),” Piero said and nuzzled my neck. My godd, he was horny!

“We’ll see. Remember, nobody has sole rights … erm … Ricorda, nessuno ha diritti esclusivi,” I said.

Sì, vedremo, (Yes, we’ll see!)” Piero said.

Oh … fuck!


Before we knew it, we approached Firenze’s outskirts. The sun was about to set and the lights of the city looked very romantic.

Pierre moved and sat next to Clive, and held his hand. Giovanni took Pierre’s place next to me and had his arm around my neck.

“Ahhh! It’s so good to be with you again! I’ve missed you. It was nice in Dublin, but I’m spoilt now!” Giovanni said and kissed me on the head. What a charming sexy man! I was looking forward having him in my life on a permanent basis. After Luigi and Pierre and Piero now … Giovanni was a winner and a beautiful charming man.

Piero pushed his leg against mine and he was squeezing my hand. He wasn’t very pleased that this half-bred hunk was so openly relaxed and at ease with me.

Giancarlo was following Armando through a suburb on the outskirts of Firenze. At one stage we crossed the Arno, once one of the most polluted rivers in the world, but with stringent legislation and willpower, the citizens and authorities of this beautiful city saved their river.

We went up a hill and when we approached an open square, Luigi turned around and said: “We’re at the Piazzale Michelangelo! Come! You have to see the city from here, but hurry! The sun is setting! Come see the Ponte Vecchio from here and the Duomo! Come!”

He jumped out of the Kombi and ran to the perimeter wall of the Piazzale, overlooking the grand city. We followed him and ran past a replica of the David statue on a high pedestal. I slowed down to take a picture, but Giovanni grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

“You can take a picture of that tomorrow! Come! The sunset is spectacular! Come!” Giovanni said and the others followed us.

We got to the perimeter wall and looked out over the city … breathtakingly beautiful! I could see the Duomo and Giotto’s graceful campanile (belltower). To the left spanning the Arno, was the Ponte Vecchio … the sun was setting behind the famous bridge with the rays reflecting on the river … wow! I got goose bumps! It was spectacular!

Our iPhones clicked and buzzed and the vistas were immortalized on our phones. The Duomo and the campanile were spectacular but the light was fading fast.

“Never mind! We’ll come back during the week and Giancarlo has extremely good pictures he took with his Nikon. Come, my mother and the others are ready with a feast! Mio caro, isn’t this just incredibly beautiful?” Luigi said as he put his arm around my shoulders. I looked up and saw Pierre taking a photo of us in the fading sun, looking out over the city. I smiled at him and he took another photo. This was a magical moment and one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen!

Piero joined us and asked Luigi to take a photo of the two of us. The tall sexy boy put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. Luigi’s phone clicked away.

“Come guys! You don’t want an Italian mama to wait for you when they have cooked all day long! Come!” Armando said and led the way back to the Kombis.

The replica of the David statue was impressive under the floodlights at the foot of the pedestal. We took some pictures of it and then we were on our way.


Half an hour later after traversing congested streets, we ended up in a suburb to the north of the city sprawling over a hill. Armando’s Kombi approached an enormous security gate and the gates swung open – remotely controlled, no less. As we drove into the grounds, I gasped inwardly: it was a mansion! The building was bathed in floodlights and there was a park-like garden in front of the mansion, fountains and all. Wow! This family was more than affluent!

The drivers parked the Kombis close to the main entrance and the front door opened, with a throng of people coming out to greet us.

Armando and Gabriella d’Antonio, Piero’s parents led the way, followed by Giancarlo.

Meeting us were nonna Marena Moretti – mother of Gabriella, sister of Mario Giordano, grandmother of Piero. She was a grand lady with grey hair and was wearing a black dress. She was elegant and as neat as a model.

Next were Lorenza Greco – oldest sister of Luigi, and her husband Fabrizio. Fabrizio looked like he could be as old as Dad.

Luigi’s second sister Perlita Marino was next to be introduced, together with her husband Gregorio. Last was Mirabel Conti, Luigi’s third sister who is married to Giancarlo who drove our Kombi. They have 1 son, Ernesto, who was visiting his paternal grandparents.

Then a beautiful dark-haired girl came running towards Luigi. It was Fiorella d'Antonio, Piero’s sister, 12 years old. She was hugging and kissing Luigi like there was no tomorrow. He picked her up and made a few twirls with her in his arms. She squealed with delight and hugged him around the neck.

Zio Luigi! Sono così felice di vederti! Ben tornato! Oh, ti amo così tanto! (Uncle Luigi! I'm so glad to see you! Welcome back! Oh, I love you so very much!)” Fiorella gushed, clinging to Luigi. What a delightful and beautiful girl!

“Ahh! So this is the boy who stole my Luigi’s heart! Antonio … oh, there is your brother. Who is who?” Marena Moretti said as she took my hand in hers.

“It’s me, Antonio,” I said, awaiting a litany of words, but she smiled endearingly.

“Relax! Luigi is a big boy and we’re living in the 21st century! We’re glad he is happy and I can see why he loves you! You look like a fine young man!” nonna Marena said and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. Ah! Progress!

“It’s cold! Bring your baggage and let’s get inside,” Gabriella said and led the way back into the house. Nonna Marena placed her arm in Luigi’s bent arm and put her head on his shoulder. She was a very proud mama!


The foyer was big, the floor covered in marble, the staircase had a beautiful wood and glass balustrade and the chandelier was big and stylish.

Against the walls were paintings of the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo, and a big flower arrangement to the other side on a side table. The whole entrance shouted ‘style, beauty and … money’! But nothing was garish or over the top. Just beautiful and everything in place.

“Please take the guests to the west-wing. We have prepared enough bedrooms, each with a double bed. We thought you’d prefer to share … ? Piero, si prega di aiutare gli ospiti con i loro bagagli e li mostrano alle loro camere? Poi scendere per la cena. Breve ora! (Piero, please help the guests with their baggage and show them to their rooms? Then come down for dinner. Quick now!)”, nonna Marena said.

 We went up the grand staircase with our baggage and followed Piero down the passage to the bedrooms. The bedrooms each had an en suite bathroom and a double bed. There were 5 bedrooms, one of which was Piero’s bedroom. He asked if Giovanni would be prepared to share with him.

Naturalmente ho intenzione di condividere con voi, è sexy bestia! Ma, non si russa? (Of course I'll share with you, you sexy beast! But, do you snore?)” Giovanni piped up and ruffled Piero’s hair.

We put our baggage in our rooms, took a leak and washed our faces and hands. It was good to be at the Moretti’s at last.

Our bedroom had two double beds, much like the suite we had in London. Wow!

“Ahh, mio caro! Benvenuti a casa di mia madre! Mi auguro che si gode Firenze con me! Perdonate Piero! Ti ho detto che è piaci troppo! (Mio caro, welcome to my mother's home! I hope you will enjoy Firenze with me! Forgive Piero! I told you he likes you too much!)”, Luigi said and put his arms around me, hugging me to him, and kissing me on the head.

Se questa è la vostra idea di un bacio, poi abbiamo un problema! (If this is your idea of a kiss, then we have a problem!)” I said and gently punched him in the stomach.

“That could be corrected on the spot, mio caro! Come here and let me kiss you properly!” Luigi said giggling and kissed me. It was a kiss of note and confirmed why I loved this man so much.

“Oh please! Not again! Get a room! Sies man! There are children in the house!” André, who else?

The rest of the clan, as well as Piero joined us in our room and Pierre was the first to test one of our beds.

“Do you think it can take at least 6 big men? I know of 6 men who will be sleeping here tonight …! This isn’t Berlin with all its rules and regulations! Ant, you better talk to your husband! I’m not sleeping without you, or my Pommie, of course! Piero, may we push the two beds together?”

Sì, di secure! (Yes, for sure!). I sleep here too!” Piero said with some enthusiasm.

We all laughed and I pulled the beautiful man into our embrace. He was adorable.

“Come, let’s go down. Nonna Marena is not a happy woman when she has to wait for us to come to eat. André, you’ll enjoy the food! They’ve been cooking since early this morning! Bolognaise takes hours to get the right consistency and taste. Come!” Luigi said and kissed his nephew.

Luigi, mi sei mancato così tanto! Ti amo 'zio'! (Luigi, I’ve missed you so much! I love you ‘uncle’!)” Piero said and kissed Luigi.


We went into the big reception area to the left of the foyer where our olfactory lobes were bombarded with the wonderful aromas of Italian food. Wow! Oregano, basil and other herbs were evident. The women must have been cooking for hours. The tables were beautifully laid and the food was kept warm in a big bain-marie. There were flat bread, and a salad with tomatoes, chickpeas, lettuce, cheese cubes and fennel.

Of course Piero ensured he sat next to me and Luigi was lucky enough to sit on my other side.

The family sat down with nonna Marena at the head, the matriarch of the clan.

She started by welcoming us, wishing us a pleasant stay in Firenze. Some of it was said in Italian with Luigi translating for the benefit of Pierre, Clive, Juan and my brother who didn’t understand the language.

Nonna Marena had a beautiful alto voice and although she spoke fairly softly, we all heard her voice clearly.

She took the hands of those sitting next to her and we all followed suit while Armando said grace. They all struck a cross with their right hands.

Armando, Piero, Giancarlo, Gregorio and Fabrizio got up and brought us a variety of Italian wines: a variety of whites and reds. I opted for a dark red, Nebbiolo. It smelled divine and looked beautiful in my glass.

After the wines were poured – Fiorella got a fruit juice – Armando stood next to nonna Marena and proposed a toast. First of all on nonna, then on the guests and of course the rest of the family. We raised our glasses and they all called out ‘alla salute’! We followed suit, as this was an easy one. I took a sip and albeit a totally new wine to me, it was very nice and full-bodied.

I asked Luigi about the wine but he called on Giancarlo to enlighten me.

Giancarlo explained that the Nebbiolo grape is exceptionally finicky about where it will happily grow and ripen. The Nebbiolo heartland is the tiny Barolo region, a cluster of fog-prone hills around the village of the same name just south-west of the truffle town of Alba, south of Turin. But the scores of exceptionally gifted and dedicated grower-producers there know that it is worth planting Nebbiolo only on south- or south-west-facing slopes at an altitude somewhere between 250 and 450m as there is no chance of making decent wine from this late-ripening variety if it is not exposed to maximum sunshine.

He continued and said it's one of the few grapes you can sometimes identify simply by its colour alone, for it tends to take on a brick-orange tinge at the rim of its blackish ruby colour, relatively early in its ripening life.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about Nebbiolo was its perfume. The wine is typically intensely aromatic, developing the most extraordinarily haunting bouquet in which, variously, roses, autumn undergrowth, wood smoke, violets and tar can often be found - together with a greater variety of other ingredients than most other grapes. On the palate, the wine is typically high in acidity and, until after many years in bottle, tannins.

“Luigi said you two are the sons of a vintner, yes? How does Nebbiolo measure up to your best? I believe you have Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the like?” Giancarlo asked.

“Yes, we do, but we have just planted our very own vineyards with our own grape variety. It’s called Sauvignon Rouge and the wine that will be produced in 3 years’ time will be called the André & Anton. It will come from the new vines we have just planted and we’ve sold hundreds of small grafts to other vintners,” I said and blushed a little.

“So the wine will be named after you twins? Really?” Giancarlo said in astonishment.

André heard his name and he piped up: “Yes, and my brother is the master grafter who was the driving force behind the success of the new grape. My brother is a vintner of note and I’m his elder brother!” André had to drive home he was the elder brother! “Salute!” Andre said and leaned to Giancarlo and me to clink glasses.

The evening got off to a jovial start.

“Please help yourselves,” nonna Marena said and the daughters, Lorenza, Perlita, Mirabel and Gabriella took up positions at the bain-marie and helped to serve the different pasta dishes. There was a lasagne, bolognaise with tagliatelle, some meatballs in a thick tomato broth and a chicken dish with penne. It was a feast and made by real Italians!

We sat down and got some salad and bread, and dug in. Wow! It was like an explosion of flavours in one’s mouth! The ground meat (they use veal and pork), the tomato base and the flavouring … exquisite! Mom and these ladies would cook up a storm!


The feast was wonderful. The food tasted like nothing I’ve ever tasted before – sorry Mom! The wine was like nothing I’ve ever drunk before – sorry Dad!

The company was out of this world and even though most of the remarks were in Italian, someone was always quick to translate to the non-Italians. They were a happy and jovial bunch and soon André thawed … oh dear! He and Johann picked up speed and before long, the whole room roared with laughter at their jokes and banter.

Next to me, Piero was fast asserting his position and his place in the hierarchy when it came to privileges with me. He might have been still a boy, but he was tall, dark, handsome and extremely clever, not to mention horny as a cat in heat.

Piero sat very close to me with his right hand on my thigh most of the time, pushing high up to my crotch under the tablecloth. When he felt my hardness, he groaned and even quickly touched my cock.

On my other side Luigi noticed what was going on and leaned behind me towards Piero and hissed: “*Comportarsi! Smettila!* (Behave! Stop it!)”

Piero let go of my thigh and whispered: “*Ti prego di perdonarmi, il mio uomo! (Please forgive me, my man!)*”

“It’s OK!” I said and kissed him on the cheek.

I noticed nonna Marena saw the little exchange of words and me kissing Piero. She smiled slightly and I knew we had a comrade on our side!

Piero looked at his grandmother and smiled his most angelic smile and she raised her glass and nodded to us.

Vedete, Nonna Marena è dalla nostra parte! (You see, Grandmother Marena is on our side!)” Piero said and kissed me.

Sì, ma tua madre e Luigi non sono contenti ... stiamo attenti! (Yes, but your mother and Luigi are not happy ... Let's be careful!)” I said and squeezed his hand. I looked and saw Gabriella was making big eyes at Piero. I moved a bit away from Piero and felt Luigi’s hand on my shoulder, pulling me close to him. Gabriella was clearly happier. Armando was just smiling at the antics of his son.

It was clear the family knew about Luigi being gay, and that Piero was gay too, but they were not so much in favour of Piero meddling in our affair … They didn’t know about the ménage a whatever we had going … So, we’d have to be careful and tone it down in front of them.

At one stage Armando got up to fetch some more wine and asked Piero to help him. Oh-oh … I hoped his dad wasn't going to be too harsh on his son.

They returned with 4 more bottles of wine and poured for whoever wanted more wine.

Piero came to sit next to me, a bit more reserved. Luigi leaned towards him asked him if his dad was on his case.

Sì, è la mia madre! Pensa che io sia scherzi nel vostro affare! Papà ha detto che devo comportarsi di fronte a mamma e nonna. Questo sta per uccidermi (Yes, it’s my mother! She thinks I’m messing in your affair! Papa said I have to behave in front of Mama and Nonna. This is going to kill me!)” Piero said and it was clear he wasn’t a happy boy. But, perhaps it was a sobering moment for him and for us: not everybody knows the score or would understand any of it.

E OK Piero! Ci prenderemo ulteriormente quando siamo soli stasera. OK? (It's OK Piero! We'll take it further when we're alone tonight. OK?)” I said and smiled at the extremely beautiful boy next to me.

Pierre and Clive were on Luigi’s side and they noticed something was amiss. Pierre asked Luigi and he just said his sister was a bit concerned.

I looked at the two tall hung hunks and noticed they were very happy to be together again. They hung on each other’s lips and were chatting away big time. Across the table, Juan and Gregorio were in deep discussion and André was chatting to Giancarlo.

Giovanni was chatting to Lorenza and Perlita, and it was clear the soapie was under discussion. Women!

To appease Piero, I squeezed his hand and whispered: “Non c'è da preoccuparsi il mio uomo! Stiamo per avere un po 'stasera divertimento! (Not to worry my man! We’re going to have some fun tonight!)”. That seemed to calm him down and he and his uncle Fabrizio were talking about the week ahead with us there. It sounded like they have planned quite the itinerary.

Johann and Gunther were chatting to Mirabel and Fiorella, Piero’s sister. They were impressed with the moustached wonder man and our blonde German bomb. Johann and Gunther were telling them about the modelling stint we had with Boss in London. They wanted to see the photos and Johann whipped his iPhone out to show them the ones he had on his phone. Mirabel and Fiorella gasped and ooh-ed and ahh-ed. They were very impressed with the pictures and then Perlita and Lorenza got up to come and look at the pictures too. They chattered amongst each other about their good-looking brother and uncle, and the rest of the models.

Fiorella took Johann’s phone and went down the table and showed the brothers-in-law and nonna Marena the pictures. Everybody was impressed and everyone was ogling Luigi and smiled when they saw the pictures.

All of us were in a good mood and any bad feelings between Piero and his mother was wiped under the rug. Unlike other true Italians, this family was too reserved and sophisticated to get into a brawl. They would never launch into a full-blown altercation in front of everybody else. I didn’t worry about the family knowing about Luigi and me, but I didn’t want to drag Piero into it, nor did I want them to know about the big family of friends sleeping together … nobody except Dad understood that.


The food was exquisite and we complimented the ladies on the food they’ve prepared. It really was good. I thanked Armando for the nice wine and for everybody who made the night so special for us.

It was the 3rd of January and it was cold. But, true to Italians who can eat gelato in winter, we had tiramisu for dessert. But, there were also hot almond coconut custard tarts. Like the pigs we’ve become the past 2 weeks, we had both!

Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian desserts and the mascarpone, the brandy, the coffee and chocolate … what a combination. It was delightful, but so were the almond coconut custard tarts.

We had cappuccino … duh! We were in Italy! The barista for the evening was Gregorio who made us the most wonderful cappuccinos. What a delightful way to end a perfect evening.

At one stage Nonna Marena came to chat to Luigi and me. She pulled up a chair that stood next to the wall behind us and moved in between us, forcing me to move closer to Piero … He didn’t wait for an invitation: he put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me, right under his grandmother’s nose! Snake!

Nonna was very interested in South Africa as her father was sent to our land after WW II. He was a prisoner of war after Mussolini’s army was defeated. When he was released a few years later, he returned, got married and Nonna was his youngest child, When she was a girl, she used to sit in his lap and he’d sing to her the Afrikaans songs he learnt: ‘Sarie Marais’, ‘Aai-aai, die witborskraai’ and others. He'd also tell her of the kindness of the Afrikaner people, the food they gave him to eat, and the beautiful country. Once he was released, he stayed on for a while longer. He travelled down the south-western coast to Cape Town and fell in love with the land. He vowed to return one day but by the time he could afford it, his business in the leather business kept him too busy, plus he had a wife and a family of 3 sons and a daughter, Marena. He died when Marena was only 18 years old.

Purtroppo ho dimenticato il nome del popolo afrikaner ha lavorato per. Ma erano vicino a Città del Capo. Un giorno mi vuole visitare il Sud Africa. (Unfortunately I've forgotten the name of the Afrikaner people he worked for. But they were close to Cape Town. One day I want to visit South Africa.)” she said with a little nostalgia.

Ebbene, si prega di venire a trovarci! Tu e Gabriella piacerebbe mia madre! Lei è anche un ottimo cuoco! (Well, please come visit us! You and Gabriella would love my mother! She is also a very good cook!)” I said and squeezed her hand. She was so kind! I was sure she and Mom would become instant friends.

Le due cose che amava di mangiare in Sud Africa sono stati koeksisters e melktert. È riuscito a ottenere le ricette, ma abbiamo solo raramente fanno. (The two things he loved to eat in South Africa were koeksisters and melktert. He managed to get the recipes but we only get to make it seldomly.)” Nonna said.

Il tiramisù e mandorli budini di cocco erano deliziosi! Grazie! (The tiramisu and coconut custard pies were delicious! Thank you!)” I said and touched her hand.

“Your Italian is very good, Antonio! My English is not very good, but in the business I have to use English too. Il mio ragazzo (My boy), I am sure you and Luigi would be very happy. He is my darling boy and I want him to be happy. You learn … erm … learnt Italian for Luigi?” Nonna Marena asked.

, just for him! But now for you and the other Morettis and d'Antonios too! Nonna Marena, I want you to know I love your son very much. We are very happy together and we appreciate you accepting … us. We …” I said.

Nonna Marena took my hand in hers and said: “Luigi has always been my darling baby boy. He has never done anything to disappoint me. I love him very much and I accept you to be his partner, and as part of the Morettis. Welcome here and I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Luigi, assicurarsi che gli ospiti hanno tutto il necessario. Ci sono asciugamani nelle camere da letto e l'angolo cottura ha snack e bevande. Fare il caffè quando vogliono. (Luigi, make sure the guests have everything they need. There are towels in the bedrooms and the kitchenette upstairs has snacks and drinks. Make coffee when they want.) Please make yourselves at home!” Nonna said and kissed me on the cheek.

Ahhh! I’ve won the heart of my darling man’s mom! I hoped the others would warm towards us too, but by the look of things, Luigi was well loved and his sisters and their husbands were very fond of him. Luigi might have been the youngest of the brood, but he wasn’t a pushover and he was well loved.


The evening was a huge success and we were made to feel very welcome in the Moretti household. Nonna Marena has made it clear that they accepted me and by implication, the rest of the group. It was a nice feeling …

We all pitched in – much against the wishes of the women in the house – and cleared the table and stacked the dirty crockery and cutlery on the counter next to the dishwasher. Gabriella helped her mother to put away the leftovers.

There were no less than two fridges and a third upright deep-freeze. All the food was stowed away and then we said good night and we headed for the sleeping courters. We were not so sleepy, but it was cold and there was a troupe lusting after some fun, with an exquisitely looking 18-year old leading the pack!


As we walked down the passage to our rooms, Piero put his arm around my shoulder and the tall man kissed me on the head.

For the sake of the others who couldn’t understand Italian, Luigi asked Piero, Giovanni and me to speak English.

“Thanks Ita! My ears are bloodshot from all the Italian I’ve had to listen to all day long! I’m so proud of Ant, but … it’s a bit much for us!” Pierre said and gave Luigi a hug.

“Now look who is the one taking advantage of the doctor! Mio caro, did you see that?” Luigi said and flicked Pierre’s head.

“Ow! You flicked me, Ita! Ant, just to be clear: if you were looking closely, you would’ve seen it was your darling doctor who tried to take advantage of this fine and upstanding member of society …” Pierre said.

“Oh puh-lease! Pierre, you’re giving me the heebie-jeebies with your claim to be an upstanding character … erm … member? You have a damn member in your pants! Nothing more!” André said and there were ructions, of course.

Piero was hugging me and kissing me while we were walking, until Luigi stepped in.

Being used to the shenanigans, Luigi put his arm around his nephew’s shoulders and said: “Piero, please behave! The nice parts on Antonio aren’t going to disappear! We know you can’t wait, but be a little more patient …”

“Luigi, I’ve been waiting for this for months …! Non essere così! Sei come una coperta bagnata! (Don’t be like that! You’re like a wet blanket!)” Piero said but he wasn’t mad. He and Luigi were too close. I remember Luigi telling me they’ve jacked off together. Luigi was only 9 years older than Piero.

“Just behave and you might be rewarded Piero! Mio caro, do you have any liking for this big ugly Italian boy?” Luigi said, and when Piero embraced him from behind, he just laughed at the boisterous young man with his arms around his chest.

“First of all, shower. Airports and airplanes are dirty and some of you’ve been wet and horny most of the day … not necessarily only those who were actually on a plane … hehehe!” Luigi said and we knew he was referring to Piero.

Non ho capito tutto questo, ma sono sicuro che si sta prendendo gioco di me! (I didn’t understand all of it but I’m sure you are making fun of me!) Piero said and he and Luigi had a little rough and tumble, entering our bedroom.

I got my ‘little toilet bag’ and excused myself to go ‘clean up’ before the action. I went into Juan and André’s bedroom and went to their bathroom to douche.

Once I’ve done with the necessary cleaning up, I returned to our bedroom and found the lot chatting and some were hugging and kissing.

“You’d better brush up on your English, nipote (nephew)! Yes, I was making fun of you! Come, I would very much like to take a shower. Are you and Giovanni showering with us?” Luigi said.

“Yes of course! Let me get my toilet bag!” Piero said and he was out of the room. Giovanni followed him. And so did the others. They didn’t want to miss a thing!

“We too!” André shouted, leading the others to go fetch their toilet bags. Piero was way ahead of them!


I walked up to Luigi. He and I took off our scarves and jackets and I looked into the big chocolate brown eyes of this exquisitely beautiful man in my arms.

“My family is very impressed with my boertjie husband! And your Italian knocked them for a six! I’m so proud of you my beautiful man! Ahhh!” Luigi said and kissed me softly.

His big bulge pushed against mine and I groaned in his mouth.

“Even if there were none of the others, I’d still love you my man! Do you actually know just how special you are, how sexy and beautiful you are? Never forget how much I love you, Luigi!” I said and hugged him tight to me. The big bulge in his pants pushed against my growing erection … hmmm! We were guaranteed lots of fun …!

The hordes returned, led by Piero … of course!

Luigi and I were undressing each other when Piero and Giovanni entered the bathroom. It was a fairly big Italian ‘wet bathroom’ with no shower walls. There were two showerheads and even a small built-in seat. It was clear the water would splash all over the floor when one showered.

Piero stepped right up to me and started to unbutton my shirt. The others knew about Piero’s long-standing hankering after me so they just let him be.

Piero stood in front of me with his hands on my chest, his fingers holding onto the edges of my shirt. I looked up into the gorgeous face of this exquisite man standing in front of me. He really was beautiful. It wasn’t just because he was Luigi’s nephew, or that I was randy – and by godd, I was! – but Piero could easily have been on the Boss modelling team with us to London.

I looked at this tall black-haired man, his rosy cheeks, the dark and thick eyebrows, the insanely long eyelashes, the deliciously kissable lips, the big chocolate brown eyes … I looked down at his hands and realised they looked very much like Luigi’s hands: like a doctor’s hands. They were very white and the tips of the big nails were about 0,5mm long, clean as a whistle and the fingers were fairly thick and very long. His thumbs were big and the nails were enormous. His hands were not as hairy as Luigi’s but they were hairy nonetheless.

I looked up at Piero and he leaned down to kiss me … oh fuck! It was worth all the months of waiting! It was heaven and I was hard in seconds!

Piero unbuttoned my shirt while I was undressing him. The body behind the shirt was rock-hard and muscular. Did this man find time to go the gym too? When the fourth button was undone, I put my hand in his shirt over his chest … ahh! Oh yes! He was hairy and it felt wonderful under my hand! My hand caressed his pectoral muscles and when I touched his nipple, he groaned into my mouth and I responded with a louder groan! The nipples were big and hard and I could feel the areolae were big, and the muscles were well developed.

Piero’s tongue entered my mouth and I tasted the man’s saliva … I sucked on his tongue and we both groaned.

When Piero’s hands reached my pants he put his hands over the edge of the belt and pulled me tighter to him. My hands were on his belt too and I realised I was getting short of breath lusting after this hunk of a man!

Luigi was behind me and Giovanni was standing behind Piero. They were hugging us from behind and I could feel Luigi’s cock against my butt. His hands were on my shoulders, pulling my shirt backwards, off my body. His hands were over my pectoral muscles and he was kissing me in the neck.

Piero and I were unbuckling each other’s pants and when his zip was down, I realised there was one hell of a cock behind the material of his pants. I slipped my hand into his underpants and took hold of the impressive cock … I was sure it was easily as big as Luigi’s cock or bigger, and it was thicker! It was a wonderful surprise and I felt the immense patch of precum in his underpants. He was a heavy precummer!

Another surprise was the thick black bush of hair above and around his cock … he didn’t cut it. He might have trimmed it somewhat but it was a thick bush. I pushed my left hand over his treasure trail, over his belly button up to his big pectoral muscles. My mouth broke free from his wonderful lips and I kissed him in the neck.

Piero groaned and threw his head back as I went down his neck, down his sternum and then to his big nipple surrounded by its big areola … this young man was a Roman god personified! The pictures he sent me didn’t do justice to this beautiful creature in the least! He was far more beautiful and sexy.

His cleft chin and dimples were adorable and made him look manly and sexy.

I looked down at the cock in my hand and I was sure it couldn't be smaller than Luigi’s – Piero must have had a spurt of growth since he measured his cock! He told me it is more than 28cm but after months I knew what Luigi’s cock is like and this one was bigger! Hmmm!

I pulled the underpants down below his balls and felt he was sopping wet and of course he was rock-hard! And he had big balls! Wow! I couldn’t fit both of them in my cupped hand … His cockhead reached up to my elbow … fuck! It was a big cock and it was thick!

Piero took hold of my cock and I gasped. His big hand around my cock felt wonderful. His fingers were warm and soft and he pulled me up to his face to kiss me again. He pushed his tongue deeper into my mouth …

Luigi pushed my pants down and Giovanni did the same with Piero’s pants. We were standing almost naked in front of each other, hands all over each other’s bodies, touching our cocks. Behind us the two men had their hands on our backs, our butts and on our tummies. I felt more hands than Piero’s on my cock … Luigi and or Giovanni?

I realised some of the others have joined us and there were more bodies. I felt hands all over me. I put my hand out and touched a really big cock – Pierre or Clive. An orgy in the making!

Someone was untying my shoelaces and pulled my pants, shoes and socks off. I was completely naked and when I felt Piero’s bare feet against mine, I knew he too was naked. He put his toes on top of mine and I started to fall in love with this young man on the spot! He wanted to touch me from head to toe. Nobody has ever done that to me before: toes on top of mine … Exquisite!

I wasn’t going to be able to resist this man … not then, not ever! Piero was a beautiful man but he was also kind, he was sexy and he knew how to show his appreciation for me.

I looked down and saw the other feet next to us … all big and beautiful … I looked at Piero’s feet with his toes over mine and gasped. Apart from being big, they were sexy, they were beautiful, they were hairy and they were shaped like the feet of the David statue I’ve seen in pictures of the statue … just more beautiful! They were perfect. Oh fuck!

I pushed my body against Piero’s; I put my arms around his chest and pushed my groin against his … my cock pushing under his big balls. His big cock pushed right up to my sternum. I was impressed to no end …

Behind me I felt Luigi’s big cock between my legs and his lips on my neck, his hands around my body …

Oh ti amo tanto il mio bel ragazzo! (Oh I love you so much my beautiful boy!)” Luigi said next to my ear and kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you too my beautiful man! Ahhh!” I gushed and felt the big cock twitching between my legs. Piero’s equally big cock against my body was smearing lots of precum all over my tummy hair.

“Guys, it’s getting late and it’s cold. Let’s get this showering show on the road. Who’s first?” Juan said. He grabbed some of the clothes on the floor and took it into the bedroom. Pierre and Clive helped him while Piero turned on the water.


As I’ve said, the bathroom was a ‘wet bathroom’: there were no shower walls so when the showerheads were turned on, the water splashed over a wide area. This suited us as more than 2 could fit in under the two showerheads.

Needless to say, Piero was in front of me all the way with Luigi and Pierre washing me from head to toe. Pierre was so brave to go down on his knee to wash my feet. His mouth was in line with my rock-hard cock and the inevitable happened: he took my cock in his mouth and Piero’s big cock in his hand. My cock disappeared into his mouth.

It felt incredible to have my cock in Pierre’s mouth and having Piero kissing me, his hands all over my face, my body and with Luigi massaging my back with a soapy sponge … Ahhh!

Next to us Juan and André were in each other’s arms, Johann and Gunther were hugging and kissing and Clive and Giovanni were playing with each other’s cocks.


The showering done, we dried off each other, cocks pointing at the cornices of the ceiling … and of course some cocks were wet, some were wetter and some were sopping wet. Piero clearly fell in the last category – the sweet sticky stuff literally flowed from the big piss-slit … literally!

We were brushing teeth, hands still on each other, Piero standing right behind me, his big cock in my crack, making a terrible wet mess between my butt cheeks …

Then it was creams, lotions … come on! We’re gay and good looks don’t come cheap or last forever!

We managed to get back into the bedroom with Piero having only one thing on his mind: he wanted to be inside me, and nobody was going to tell him otherwise.

Piero took me in his arms, looked deep into my eyes and when I looked into his big chocolate brown eyes, I knew that Pierre was being pushed back a notch … this young Italian stallion was going to be right next to me with his uncle.

He put his hands on my face, his incredibly long fingers on my temples, this big thumbs on my eyebrows, stroking over my brows to the temples, his face right there in front of me.

His big cock pushed against my lower abdomen, still leaking lots of precum into my belly hair and belly button. He was a tall man and he had a big cock.

My heart gave a pang: I never wanted to lose Pierre, or Clive or Giovanni, especially not Pierre … but Piero was incredible. He hasn't made love to me yet, but I knew it was going to be epic. I didn’t know how many boys he had before to perfect his lovemaking skills, but he was an Italiano! That comes with the territory, no? I made a resolution to give extra attention to the other beautiful threesome that was part of my life.

Piero put his chin on my forehead, I lifted my face and he moved his nose over my forehead until the tip of his nose was in the indentation at the top of my nose between my eyes. He kissed the tip of my nose with his hands in my hair.

Mio fratello (My brother) I have waited so long for this and now you are here! This is magic! Ahhh!” Piero said and lowered his face to kiss me. His soft lips on mine melded over mine, his arms slipped down my back …

His saliva ran into my mouth … and I was hooked! It was über sexy and I loved it!

He lowered his body and his cock touched mine. He put his hands on my butt and pulled me closer to him, he put his big cock underneath my scrotum pushed past my balls towards Luigi behind me.

Pierre has moved in on my one side and Clive on my other side. Both of the huge cocks were rock-hard and sopping wet, pushing in between Piero and me … oh damn! This was going to be epic!

I was wondering where Giovanni was, when I felt him behind me next to Luigi.

Luigi put his big cock on top of Piero’s cock between my legs and pushed forward. The feeling was sensational. Giovanni’s cock was pushed against my butt – it was hard and wet.

Piero was still kissing me, still very sensual but with a bit more tongue and with more urgency. His tongue was flitting over my lips and I hungrily opened my mouth. His tongue entered my mouth and met my tongue … I sucked on his spearmint tongue and he pushed it deeper into my mouth. It was a big tongue!

And the saliva … wow!

My arms were around Piero’s chest and the hairiness against my body felt exquisite. I put my face in the crook of his neck and smelled his cleanliness; his shower soap was evident.

He still had his toes on top of mine and the feeling of his big toe twitching on top of mine was something new.

My hands were on his strong muscular back and I groaned. Pierre was muscular too and so was Luigi, and so were Clive and Giovanni … but Piero was in another league. He was very muscular and his body was hard and hairy. Wow …

Piero lowered his face and traced my cheek with his tongue, down my chin, my throat and down to my nipples. He opened his mouth and closed his lips over my nipple and areola. He sucked on my nipple and I groaned. His tongue flicked over the puckered protrusion and his teeth bit lightly on it.

His huge cock slipped from between my legs and Luigi’s cock was left to tickle my balls from behind.

My hands were around Piero’s head and neck and his curly damp hair felt wonderfully soft between my fingers. I bent down and kissed him on the head. Oh my godd! This man was a miracle on every level.

Piero switched to my other nipple and gave it the same treatment. I was on a new kind of Cloud Nine altogether, and he hasn't even fucked me …

He had his one hand on my cock and I bucked … it was just like I was approaching orgasm but then he let go of my cock and cupped my balls. Then he massaged my pelvis and I groaned with delight and pleasure.

Behind me Luigi was hot himself and he also being in the Italian league of precummers, his big wet cock faux fucked me up and down my butt crack. It wasn’t long before he pulled back and aimed his cockhead at my hole and pushed forward … oh dear lord!

The big cock pushed into me and I almost shouted with joy! My man!

Piero still had his long toes on top of mine. I was experiencing something new! He put his other hand on my butt and he felt Luigi entering me. I could feel he was touching Luigi’s cock entering me and that he was touching his uncle’s genitalia.

Piero bent down completely and the top of my cock was caught below his chin. His very coarse black five o’clock shadow was like fine sandpaper on my cock and I pulled back a bit, pushing Luigi’s cock deeper into me! I was in a real catch-22 but one I didn’t mind at all!

Piero let my cock slide up his cheek to his ear. He was licking the shaft and lifted his head to lick my cockhead. It was erotic in capital letters! He opened his mouth and my cockhead disappeared into the warm cavity … oh dear lord – again! It wasn’t like I was a novice at getting head, but with Piero it was a totally different ball game altogether!

He opened his mouth wide and breathed over my cock while the tip of his tongue flicked over the frenulum and back to the tip … a gentle introduction to what was to come!

He pushed his gaping mouth over my cock and I felt the soft tissue of his soft palate pushing against my cockhead. His tongue was now massaging the underside of my cock and then his lips closed over my cockshaft … wowee!

At the same time my cockhead pierced his throat and it went straight into his throat … I could cream on the spot!

Piero had his hand over my butt, touching Luigi’s cock pushing deeper into me and his other hand was massaging my pelvis, my tummy and nipples … This Italian was a lover of note! And he hasn’t even fucked me … not yet! And I wanted to cum already!

Luigi’s cock scraped over my prostate and I had to will my orgasm away … He kissed me in the neck and massaged my nipples and chest.

Pierre leaned over Piero and kissed me with gusto. My beautiful tall hunky hung man whom I loved so very much, took these shenanigans in his stride but he was adamant to stake his claim. He put his hands on my neck and gave me a kiss like never before … he was gentle, he was hot, he was playing with his tongue over my lips, then sucked MY tongue into his mouth! His saliva tasted like nectar … nectar of the gods! His big beautiful nose pushed next to mine and I involuntarily put my one hand on his cheek.

Pierre was that kind of a guy who was loved by everybody. He was a gentle giant, he was kind, he was sensual, he was fucking sexy and he had a cock to die for! With him, lovemaking was never just fucking. He was only a year older than me, but he was a lover as good as Luigi.

I leaned forward and took Pierre’s huge 33cm cock in my hands and groaned into his mouth. His cock – as well as Clive’s – was incredibly big and beautiful. When I saw them before or after they’ve fucked me, sometimes I couldn’t believe I could actually handle them, and both at times.

Clive was standing next to us and I took his cock in my hand as well. In general it was the same as Pierre's but different. It curved to his left and Pierre’s cock curved upwards. Pierre’s cock was a fraction thicker than Clive’s. Both were super wet and then Clive joined Pierre kissing me.

At times I was kissing Pierre, then Clive, then all three or the two of them kissing each other. I knew Pierre and Clive loved each other very much, but they also loved me. As long as I was there, they’d love me and fuck me, even though they’re getting married. Both were top, so they gave each other blowjobs, but when they wanted to fuck, it was me who would bottom for them.

Piero was doing a marvellous job sucking me and I had to stop him. I was teetering on the verge of the wonderful abyss that is an orgasm … I didn’t want to cum … not yet.

Luigi’s cock was now past my inner sphincter and he was kissing my neck, hugging me to him and then he pushed home … his 29cm cock was balls-deep inside me and my cock was balls-deep in Piero’s throat. Pierre and Clive were kissing me like there was no tomorrow and I had their big cocks in my hand.

Then another face appeared to my left: Giovanni. He started to kiss me too and when I put my hand out to touch his cock, of course it was hard too. The cock was slightly smaller and curved down, but it was a marvellous cock and I loved seeing it, and loved it even more when he and Pierre double-fucked me. Their cocks fit in me like a jig-saw puzzle: Pierre’s cock bending up and Giovanni’s cock bending down. Wonderful stuff and enough to make me love them even more.

Luigi was fucking me with shorter thrusts and with Piero’s hand giving extra stimulation, my man was about to shoot the first of his loads into me. He clung to me and I let go of the three men kissing me and turned my head as far as I could to kiss Luigi. He was taller so he craned his neck and I got a lopsided kiss from my man.

Then Luigi pushed his cock deep into me and gasped loudly. “I’m cumming! Oh damn! This is too much! Piero, la tua mano mi sta facendo girare il mio carico! (Piero, your hand is making me shoot my load!). Ahhh! Uhm! Yes! Oh yes!”

I felt the big cock in me starting to spasm as he deposited his load into me.

When Piero heard this, he let go of my cock and stood up, forcing Pierre to let go of me.

Luigi, io sono prossimo! Di Antonio? (Luigi, I’m next! OK Antonio?)”

Luigi was still very close to me, his cock lodged deep inside me, his arms around my body and his head in the crook of my neck. The last of his load was still being pumped into me.

I was stimulated on so many levels, I had my work cut out not to shoot my load right onto Piero’s tummy. He sought up my mouth with his sensual lips and kissed me again. Was it even possible that a guy 18 years old could be such a good kisser?

Voglio Antonio supino sul letto si prega? (I want Antonio on his back on the bed please?)” Piero said and put his hand around my butt to the back to feel Luigi’s cock still in me. “Si prega di Luigi? (Please Luigi?)”

Luigi kissed my neck and cheek and said: “OK, I’m pulling out now. It was a big load …”

He pulled his cock out of me slowly and like always, I hated the moment my men pulled their cocks out after fucking me … The big cockhead approached my sphincter and I clenched. It slipped out and I managed to keep the load in me.

Si prega Antonio? Sul letto sulla schiena per favore? (Please Antiono? On the bed on your back please?)” Piero said and kissed me.

Pierre, Clive and Giovanni let go of me and watched as Piero took charge. He gently pushed me back. I sat down on the bed and the huge cock was right there, right in my face! I looked at it in amazement.

He told me on iMessage and on the phone that it’s 28cm but this was not 28cm! Not by a long shot! Luigi’s was 29 and this was a bigger and thicker cock! 30cm?

It really was thick and it was sopping wet. The precum literally dripped from the tip and when I opened my mouth, I knew I was in for a treat. It was a thick cock with a big head, uncut and big balls … wow! It was as straight as an arrow and slightly darker in colour than his body. It was a masterpiece!

I opened my mouth and the big head entered my mouth. The sweet precum on my tongue tasted wonderful and there was a lot of it. The tip of my tongue flicked over the big head and when I pulled the skin back, the big head pushed deeper into my mouth.

The black bush above the cock smelled divine. It was slightly damp.

I put my one hand on the huge shaft in my mouth and cupped his balls in my other hand. They were big … I was sure the claim that he shoots big loads wasn’t exaggerated. The two big globes in my hand were big and they felt wonderful. Of course they were too big to fit into my one big hand.

The cockhead in my mouth pushed back and then it hit the back of my soft palate … and got stuck right there. It was too big to enter my throat. The head was just too big and try as I may, it couldn’t get it into my throat.

I settled for licking the head, flicking my tongue on the underside and massaging the shaft with my lips.

Yes, Pierre and Clive’s as well as Krystos and Vlado’s cocks were bigger, but there was something sensual about this boy’s cock.

Piero had his hands in my hair, massaging my scalp and groaning. He was enjoying it a lot. The big cock tasted wonderful and feeling its sheer size in my mouth was an experience. The black bush smelled good and his big balls felt good in my hand. My other hand was around the shaft – no chance to get my long fingers around it: too thick! Thicker than Luigi’s cock! Bigger head, more precum, bigger balls … this boy was a stud! An Italian Stallion!

Piero took my head between his hands and gently pulled me up. His cock slipped out of my mouth and a long thread of precum mixed with my saliva dangled from the tip. The foreskin was behind the head and I marvelled at the sight in front of me: it was a masterpiece of a cock, if ever there was such a thing!

I rose up and as I did so, I trailed my nose up through his tummy hair, over his chest hair, over his cleft chin to his insanely sexy mouth. He took me in his arms again and kissed me like a lover does. Our bodies touched and my cock was below his big balls making a monumental mess between his legs. His huge cock was pushing against my pelvis … it was big and I was already looking forward to feel it in me!

And then Piero pushed me back onto the bed, and put his knees on the bed on either side of me, pushing me backwards. I crawled backwards up to the pillows and Piero followed me on his knees, his big cock bobbing up and down, the precum dripping from the piss-slit.

Piero moved his body over mine with his hands on the bed next to my shoulders. His big cock was lying heavily on my tummy. He lowered his body and lied down on top of me, his face over mine. He was pushing his big cock against me. His hairy body felt divine against me. His mouth opened over mine and I tasted the saliva running into my mouth again … oh fuck! It was like nectar coming from the mouth of one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever met.

I sucked the saliva from his lips and sucked his lower lip into my mouth. I gently nibbled on his lip and heard him groan. He was now propping his torso up on his elbows and pulled his lip from between my lips and teeth, and kissed my nose. He traced his tongue from the tip of my nose down over my mouth to my chin. I kissed him on the forehead and hugged him tight to me.

The others were on the bed watching this epic lovemaking that was taking place in front of them. They had hands on each other, played with each other’s cocks and kissed but nobody interfered with us … Thanks guys!

Piero kissed me again. It was a soft and lingering kiss, soft lips, lots of tongue and saliva and noses against each other. Oh fuck! I was a lost case! How would I ever be able to resist this god-like beautiful creature?

Then he moved down my body, touching me, gently tweaking my nipples. He pushed his knees between my legs and pushed my legs up and outwards so he ended up on his knees between my legs. My legs were draped over his thighs and his huge cock was on top of mine, leaking lots of precum on my cock.

Piero took my cock in his hands and pulled the skin back to reveal my cockhead. He milked the precum out and took it on his finger to taste it. He moved back a bit and bent down to take my cock in his mouth. He groaned when he tasted my nice precum. My cock disappeared into his cavernous mouth again and I groaned. At 18 this man was a master!

He let go of my cock and moved his body close to me again, my legs draping over his thighs. He looked into my eyes and asked wordlessly if it was OK to fuck me … I nodded and mouthed: “Per favore”. He winked at me and pushed my legs up to reveal my hole. His hands were behind my knees, pushing them higher as he lowered his body and kissed my hole. He pushed his insanely big tongue on my sphincter. I relaxed and some of Luigi’s cum slipped out. He licked it up and then he pushed the tip of his tongue into me … oh fuck!

He moved his nose over my scrotum and sucked my balls into his mouth. He hummed with my genitalia in his mouth and I almost creamed my tummy right there and then! He licked the underside of my cock right up to my cockhead. My cock was quivering like a blade of grass in the wind.

Piero sat up again and pushed his cock down with his hand to line up with my hole. The huge amount of precum still leaking from his piss-slit dripped onto my hole and when he pushed forward, the tip pierced me. He stopped, pulled out and milked more precum out to cover my hole and his cockhead. He pushed into me again, but deeper. He pulled out again and then he took some of the precum from my cock and put it on his cockshaft, together with the precum running from his own cock.

Piero pushed my legs higher to expose my hole again and without touching his own cock, he aimed it at my hole and pushed forward … the big cockhead pierced me and he maintained the pressure … the head slipped in and I gasped. I’ve had my fair share of big cocks fucking me, doubles and even triples, but at that moment, the big cock entering me felt magnificent … oh fuck, again!

His face was right in front of mine and he looked deep into my eyes. I took his face in my hands and lifted my face to kiss this man and suck more saliva from his mouth. He was a master on so many levels!

He held still and made his cock twitch. I groaned and knew I was in for the fuck of a lifetime! He leaned forward, pushed my legs up higher and slowly pushed deeper into me … The big head pushing into me, followed by the thick shaft turned me into jelly … It was unimaginably nice and sensational! He pulled out a bit and pushed in deeper. The big cock twitched again and he pushed in deeper.

The big cockhead brushed past my prostate and it pushed a bit of cum from my cock. It dripped into the hair on my belly.

I felt some movement on the bed and then Luigi added some precum on Piero’s cockshaft, as was Pierre and Clive. Last was Giovanni to donate his precum for the sexy man fucking me. They were all keen to see Piero fucking me but they wanted to ensure it would be an easy penetration.

Piero pushed in deeper. The donated precum ensured the big cock slipped deep into me without any problems. He reached my inner sphincter and paused with just enough pressure to ensure his big cockhead slipped through the second muscle. It relaxed and allowed the big cock to go through.

He groaned and leaned down and kissed me on the nose. I put my hands behind his head. He had picked up that I loved his saliva and he opened his mouth above mine … and a thin trickle of saliva dripped from his mouth into mine onto my tongue. I groaned my appreciation.

Piero pushed his cock deeper and he was balls-deep in me … Oh fuck! Oh fuck! At last I’ve had Piero deep in me, filling me with his big cock.

Piero lifted his torso and started to fuck me with slow deliberate thrusts. He held my legs over his elbows. His big cock in me felt great and I sighed inwardly to have this hung hunk fucking me at last. He fucked me with faster thrusts while he put my legs over his arms. He got his cock really deep into me.

He fucked me with so much love and passion, my heart melted for this beautiful man with the beautiful cleft chin and dimples in his cheeks. I looked at him while he was fucking me and realised again what an absolute hunk he was. He was fucking me and never took his eyes off my face. He would smile at me, he would wink at me and mouthed ‘Ti amo’ again and again.

Soon … too soon … his cock grew harder and the thrusts came faster. He was about to cum. He did mention to me in one of his messages that he was a multiple big cummer, so this was the first of I didn’t know how many.

His breathing became laboured and he was groaning and he closed his eyes … he was so engrossed with the lovemaking, he floated on a different planet. It was clear this man was about to shoot one hell of a lot of cum into me …

And without further warning, his cock started to pump cum into me at a rate I’ve never felt before. Squirt after squirt after squirt. I could feel the immense volume squirting into me while he held his cock balls-deep in me. This boy was as hyperspermic as they come! It was an immense amount of cum he pumped into me.

When his cock tapered off pumping cum into me, Piero pushed his knees under my legs so they ended up next to my butt. My legs slid down to come to rest over his thighs, my feet behind him.

He leaned forward, intertwined his fingers with mine and pulled me up. He took me in his arms with his big cock still deep inside me. I ‘sat’ in his lap with him hugging me close to him.

Ti amo tanto! (I love you very much!)” Piero said and kissed me. “This was amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever shot more cum in my life! Grazie mio caro!” Oh-oh! Another ‘mio caro’! I hoped Luigi would be OK with that …

The beautiful soft mouth on mine was phenomenal and even though he was slightly out of breath, he was obviously enjoying it and put lots of effort into the kiss, the hugging … I was treated to lovemaking at its best.

I felt more hands on my back and saw it were Pierre and Clive joining in. They were too horny to stay away. I welcomed it that the two men would join us at last.

Luigi, voglio chiedere un grande favore prega. Posso si prega di prendere Antonio nella mia stanza. Solo per questa sera per favore? (Luigi, I want to ask a big favour please. May I please take Antonio to my room. Just for tonight please?)” Piero asked his uncle. “Solo per questa sera per favore?

“Guys, Piero is asking if he could take Antonio to his room for tonight. Pierre? Clive? Giovanni? Gunther and Johann? Juan and André? It’s fine with me as I know he has been waiting for this for months. OK guys? Shall we give them that?” Luigi said and touched my cheek. “Felice mio caro? (Happy mio caro?)”

mio caro! Grazie …! (Yes, mio caro! Thanks!)” I said and touched his face. To think my man would be prepared to see me go to Piero’s room for the night … it showed how much he trusted my love for him and how much he loved me. “I love you so much! Thanks!”

The others were not too pleased, but it was clear they didn’t have much of an option as I really wanted that and for once, I wanted a night alone with someone else.

Sto tirando fuori adesso Antonio. Lentamente. Stringere i fori. Ho pompato un sacco di sperma in voi! (I am pulling out now Antonio. Slowly. Clench your hole. I pumped a lot of cum into you!)” Piero said and touched my face with his big fingers.

He let me down on the bed and lifted his lower body up and away from me. I could feel the amount of cum and of course Luigi’s first load in me, were immense. He pumped at least 100ml or more into me. I wondered what it would look like and what it would taste like …

Piero’s cockhead slipped out and I just managed to contain the immense load in me.

Grazi mille, Luigi! Ti devo un favore! (Thanks a lot, Luigi! I owe you one!)” Piero said as he got up from the bed. He leaned over Luigi and kissed him. “Ti amo zio! (I love you uncle!”

“You only call me ‘uncle’ when you need a favour!” Luigi said and pinched Piero’s cheek. “Go, enjoy!”

I kissed Pierre, who clung to me like a drowning man. “I love you so much Ant!”

“I know and I love you too. Never forget that and it will never change. This won’t make me stop loving you … You’re my man!”

When I kissed Clive, he hugged me and said in my ear: “Don’t forget about us, Ant! We all love you very much!”

“How could I ever forget you? You’re my beautiful hung men and I love you all very much. Nothing will ever change that!”

Giovanni had a big smile on his face and said: “Non hai mai c'era una possibilità con questo bel ragazzo italiano! (You never stood a chance with this beautiful Italian boy!). Enjoy and don’t forget about us!”

“Yes, he is beautiful, but so are you. He is a very nice guy, but so are you. I have really fallen in love with you, even on the Underground the very first day. You’re a great guy!”

Juan and André were a bit surly but they realised there wasn’t much they could do to stop it. And Gunther, my beautiful hunky hung Jerry man, and Johann just smiled and kissed me. “Enjoy!”

“Juan, I will never forsake you guys. You’re part of my life and I love you all very much. Piero is a newcomer but he is a very nice guy and I can tell you, he shot a very big load into me – more than any one person ever shot in me. But, you’re never forgotten! I love you guys!”

Piero and I left the bedroom and quickly went down the passage to the far bedroom. It was fairly cold and I was looking forward getting into bed with this god-like creature. I wondered how much sleep we’d be getting … Piero didn’t look like the kind of man that would succumb to something as menial as sleeping when there was fucking on the charts!

[The communication between Piero and me was in Italian, but for the sake of brevity, only the English version is given here. Sorry to the Italians amongst you!]

“Antonio, you felt the big load I shot into you. I do cum much more than before. I think I’ve really become hyperspermic in the extreme. A few months ago it was a lot, but it’s been about 3 months now that the volume is really big. Sorry but you might want to go to the toilet first …” Piero said as he closed the door and turned around to face me. “Come here!”

I walked into his arms and marvelled at this sexy hunky hung boy of a man. He was gorgeous and hung like a stallion. His big cock was still fairly hard and it was a masterpiece. A BIG cock and it was really beautiful.

“I can see your cock is also bigger than what you said it is! The fucking was wonderful!” I said and squeezed the big rubbery cock. It was still hard enough to penetrate me. A lust got hold of me to have him in me again! “Please let’s get into bed and put your cock in me again!”

“Don’t you need to go to the toilet first? I want to stay in you and pump more in you all night long, but you already have a lot in you! Tomorrow I’ll show you what it looks like. It is a lot!” Piero said.

“Oh, OK. Let me squirt it out quickly. But, I’d have loved to keep it in me …!” I said and went into his en suite and sat down on the toilet, and not a moment too soon! The cum squirted from my hole and yes, it was an immense lot. Piero really was hyperspermic and his load combined with Luigi’s big load was a lot. I wondered if it wasn’t about 150ml! Oh well, there was more where that came from.

When I went back in the room, Piero was in bed, playing with his very big cock. It was rock-hard again. He patted the bed next to him and lifted the duvet for me to get into bed.

I got in next to this beautiful man and when he pulled the duvet over us, I put my hand over his hairy chest and kissed this sexy man. He put his hand on my cheek and I put my hand over his hand.

“Antonio, you’re the man I’ve been waiting for since I’ve been having sex! You’re everything I’ve been dreaming of! Not a single one of my friends or men I know is what you are. You’re sexy, you’re wonderful and sex with you is just amazing. Most guys are scared of my cock, and only one has seen me cumming and the word ‘gross’ was all he could utter. He hated it and didn’t want to see me again. And kissing you … mio Dio! I hope you liked it as much as I did. And I hope you’re OK with it that I already love you … really, I do!”

Piero’s body was warm, his big hands were soft on my cheek and his soft lips were brushing over mine … this was as close to perfect as could be. I sucked his lower lip into my mouth again. It was exquisite. He leaned forward a bit and when his saliva ran into my mouth I groaned my appreciation. It really tasted like nectar.

“Piero, I like you more than I should …” I started.

“No! You can never like me too much! I want you to love me!”

“Yes, OK! I love you but remember there are Luigi and the others. Remember it can never be like what we have right now all the time. You and I could never be exclusive. I love Luigi too much, and then there is Pierre … and Clive … and Giovanni … and the others to some extent.”

“Yes, I know but I’m here now!”

“Yes, I know that! And it is all so confusing! I really love Luigi very much but you … Piero, I’ve never met a man like you! You’re only 18 but you’re an amazing man, a perfect lover and being with you is just wonderful!”

“Then marry me!”

“Piero, please don't say that! I am marrying Luigi! You are going to live with us and you can sleep with me as much as you like but please …”

“I’ll talk to Luigi! You have to marry me! Please! I’ll make you happy!”

“Piero, let’s not talk about that right now. For now I’m marrying Luigi and you’ll live with us. But …”

“No, Luigi will understand. He is my uncle and loves me very much. I’ll talk to him. You have to marry me! Please mio caro?”

“Piero, please don’t complicate things more than it already is. Yes, I like you enough to fall in love with you and yes, you’re everything a Mom wants in a son-in-law, but I can never push Luigi aside. He would be heartbroken and I really love him!”

“OK. Come here and let me convince you how much I will love you and how happy I will make you!”

Piero rolled on top of me and I pulled the duvet over his back. His big cock pushed into my tummy and his furry chest on mine was hard and warm, and feeling him on top of me really made me like this man a bit more … I was in deep shit!

Luigi was my darling man, but Piero was en exquisite example of a man, of a lover, of a kisser, of an attentive person, of a big cock and his hyperspermia was the final touch to the package that really enticed me to open my mouth, to drink his saliva, to kiss him. He was right. He was someone, something very special.

His big cock was rock-hard and leaking lots of precum onto my hair. His big balls hung over mine and he was caressing my face with his big hands.

He had his nose on mine, looking deep into my eyes. Then he smiled and his eyes would crinkle and sparkle. This man was a keeper!

Piero took me in his arms and rolled back to the other side with me on top of him. I lifted off him and sat on his groin with his big cock under mine, sticking out beyond my scrotum. I looked down and saw the tip of his cock reached way beyond his belly button.. I touched it and took the thick shaft in my hand. I really couldn’t get my fingers around it. He put his hands out and touched my chest, my cheek …

I took his one hand in mine and looked at it. He had incredibly big but very beautiful hands. The fingers were long, the nails were big and of course they were squeaky clean. The black hair on the knuckles and back of his palm was so sexy!

I looked at his forearms, covered in black hair and then at the big biceps. I touched his chest and felt the hard muscles under my fingers and his silky black chest hair. I turned to his nipples and saw they were really big … OK, not weirdly big like pencil rubbers, but they were big and were surrounded by big dark brown areolae.

I looked at his face. The cleft chin and dimples in his cheeks were adorable beyond words. His black beard now clearly visible was hard, scratchy and I loved it. His big Roman nose reminded me of Michelangelo’s David statue. His thick black eyebrows gave his face a really sexy male appearance. His incredibly long eyelashes looked like they belonged on a female model. His big brown eyes had a really kind look: they were constantly on the verge of smiling, as was his mouth.

His lips were full, they had the natural curve of a smile to them and they were soft. I groaned when I thought of his saliva … wow! I know many people would find this gross in the extreme, but come to think of it: when one kisses another person open-mouth, some saliva is mixed between the two mouths. In Piero’s case he just produced more saliva and he soon realised I loved it. I did! It was giving the liaison something of an edge, something special with a very special man, a very beautiful and sexy man.

And then there was his cock. I looked at the big tube on his tummy reaching for his sternum and groaned. To think that was in me half an hour ago and made me groaning with pleasure, and to think he pumped one hell of a lot of cum into me …

His feet … standing in front of me with his toes on top of mine … I had to see them!

“Piero, you put your toes on mine when you kissed me. Nobody has ever done that before! Where did you learn to do that?”

“I don’t know! I just did it with you! It felt like the right thing to do. Did you like it?”

“Yes, I loved it! It was wonderful, but now I want to see your feet! May I please?”

“Yes of course!”

I threw the duvet off us and sat between Piero’s legs, lifting his legs up, my knees pushing next to his body. I took his one foot and gasped. All the men in my life had big and beautiful feet, and Pierre and Luigi were almost unbeaten, though Vlado and Krystos, and Clive and Giovanni were no slouches in this department. But Piero’s feet … they were big – as big as Luigi’s – and beautiful. They were hairy and the toes were spectacular in every respect. They were big, they were shaped perfectly … I thought of the David statue again. Yes, perfect Roman feet with the second toe longer but it didn’t bend down. The overall shape of the feet was unbelievably beautiful.

I took his foot and kissed it. I took the big toe in my mouth and sucked it. Like everything else about this man, even his toes tasted good, if that was even possible!

Mio caro! Do you like my feet that much? Wow! That feels awesome!”

“Piero, I’m a foot lover and your feet are up there with the best of them! They’re big and beautiful and I love them!”

My hands were caressing his hairy and muscular calves. Was there anything about this man that wasn’t exquisite?

“Antonio, can you see why I want to marry you? You love me! Come on! Acknowledge it! You love me too!”

“Yes, I love you but I could never forsake Luigi! Please Piero! You’re like a god in every respect! If you lived in 1501, Michelangelo would’ve immortalised you as ‘David’! Everything about you is superb! But I still love Luigi …”

“Yes, I know but it’s early days! I’ll make you love me more than anybody else! You wait and see!”

“You really like me that much Piero?”

“Yes, I do and in time you will love me too! Why do you compare me with Michelangelo’s David?”

“As you know, the David is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful statues ever, excluding the very small penis … shame! Your body is even better because you are hairy! Your hands are more beautiful, your feet are more beautiful, your hair is more beautiful, your face is more beautiful, your cock is HUGE in comparison … David’s sculpted body is the only thing that is as nice as yours, apart from being hairless. Yes, I think you’re spectacular, and sexy and sex with you is on a spectacular level. I could feel you were pumping an incredible amount of cum into me … I want to see that sometime!”

“Thanks for the compliments, but so are you! You’re an amazing man, with the most beautiful persona, a beautiful body, a beautiful sexy face … you’re spectacular. My cumming … it is a huge mess! I usually do it in the shower so I could wash it away. It is a lot! Are you thinking of me cumming in your mouth? I’ll drown you!”

“Yes, I want to see that but I also want to taste it too! We have a week,” I said and let go of his feet. I crawled on top of Piero and he pulled the duvet over me again. Our cocks fought a duel of love and when I lowered my face to his, he groaned and kissed me, his hands in my hair.

“We don’t have a week mio caro! We have a lifetime! I’m leaving with you next Sunday! You’ll have me for the rest of our lives! But, I’m afraid to cum in your mouth … it really is a lot … I’m afraid I’ll drown you!”

“Let me worry about that! Oh, is everything arranged for you to come with us now?”

“Yes, my passport, my visa and documents are in order and I’m leaving with you next Sunday. I’m coming with you mio caro!”

“I’m so glad! I’ve been waiting for this for so long now! About 3 months? 4 months? And now I’m here and look where I am! I’m enjoying it very much! Thanks for your hospitality, for this … for you being such a good and attentive lover … and if you’re not careful, I’ll have fallen in love with you by morning!”

“Really! So, you like me enough to fall in love with me?”

“Of course … but what about Luigi?”

“We’ll never push him aside. Of everybody in my family, he is my favourite and I love him very much. But he can’t marry you! You have to marry me!”

“Let’s not talk about that anymore … it makes me sad because I don’t want to hurt Luigi …”

“OK, let’s rather talk less and do more! Do you want me to fuck you again?”

“Yes, please! And pump another big load in me! How many times can you … do it?”

“Up to four times but I want to stay in you all night long … would you allow me please?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful please! Yes, let’s do it!”

“Please get the lube from the nightstand. If I want to stay in you, I think it would be better is we used some lube. It’s new stuff I found in Rome recently. It is made in Thailand and it is very slick. I haven’t used it on anybody … since Luigi told me about you, I only had one guy who was very grossed out about my hyperspermia. I didn’t even fuck him. Tonight was the first time I’ve fucked somebody since … I can’t even remember.”

I got the black pump bottle with its red inscription saying ‘Slick!’ from the nightstand and gave it to Piero.

“See, even the name of the lube is ‘Slick’! I’m sure it will be great. Want to suck me again a bit before I penetrate you?”

I moved between his legs and kissed his tummy next to his huge cock and went down to his balls. I fondled them and took one in my mouth … they were too big to get both in my mouth at the same time. Once again I marvelled at the manly clean smell between his legs. Even though we have had sex just over 30 minutes earlier, he still smelled clean. I felt his hairiness under my hands on his thighs. I moved up his cock and licked the underside, and when I got to the frenulum, I gently nibbled the skin connecting the cockhead to the skin over the shaft.

Piero had his hands in my hair and groaned when I took the tip of his cock in my mouth. It was sopping wet again. It was enough for fucking, but if we had a night of fucking ahead of us, perhaps the lube wasn’t such a bad idea.

The big cock in my mouth tasted like sex but because I douched properly beforehand, his cock tasted nice and it was clean.

I pushed the big cockhead into my mouth and marvelled at the sensation of it being in my mouth. It was just so wonderful.

“Please put some lube on us and sit on me. I want to see your face and I want to feel your cock in my hand, mio caro!”

I turned the top of the bottle to the ‘open’ position and squirted some lube on my fingers. Yes, it really was very slick and slippery. I put it on my hole and pushed a finger in, and then I put the rest on Piero’s cock and when I rubbed it over the head, it twitched and he groaned. I took a little bit more from the bottle and put it on the vast shaft … The huge cock felt amazing in my hand.

“Please sit on it, mio caro! Slowly! I don’t want to hurt you! Slowly! It is bigger now …”

I moved over Piero’s body, stood on my knees and aimed the big cock at my lubed up hole. I lowered my butt and felt the big head touching my hole … oh hell! Here goes! I lowered my butt and felt the head piercing my hole … I gasped, not because of pain but because of the sheer pleasure to feel it entering me again. I lifted off it and sat down again …

Piero had his hands on my tummy, on my cock, on my chest, on my thighs, on my face … He was a delight and I knew it won’t help me much to fight against it … I just knew I was going to fall into love with this incredible man, and that was that.

I touched his hand on my cheek and sat down again … the big cock pierced through my sphincter and stretched my hole big time. The thick shaft in me felt so wonderful and I gasped and groaned. It was incredible. It was as if I’ve been introduced to fucking for the first time, that was how special it was.

I looked down at the beautiful man below me and couldn’t believe how wonderful it was that he was actually fucking me, and that he chose to do it with me, that he liked me so much. I liked him too … what’s not to like?

The big cock slid deeper into me and the lube did a marvellous job. Apart from feeling the thick cock sliding into me, and after he fucked me earlier, it didn’t hurt in the least. It was pure pleasure and I loved it.

I sat down more and felt it passing through the inner sphincter and then he was in all the way … I groaned and actually sat down on his groin to get all of it in me … If we were going to do this, I wanted it all.

“Are you OK, mio caro? Am I not hurting you?”

“No, I’m fine … more than OK. I love it!” I said and leaned down. Piero’s head was too high up to kiss him but he lifted his head up towards me and kissed me. He put his arms around me and hugged me tight to him. I put my head on his hairy chest and sighed … this is what it’s all about! This, I thought. The man under me, his big hands on my back, his hairy chest below my chest, his square chin on my head … his huge cock in me, my legs draped over his hairy legs, my feet touching his feet … I wanted to touch every bit of him!

Piero was saying sweet nothings to me, but in Italian, so it sounded like declarations of love, which to some extent it was. But it sounded nicer. He was stroking my back, my neck, my head and when he touched my cheeks, I turned my head towards his fingers and sucked them into my mouth. His fingers were really big and beautiful.

The big cock in my hole was twitching and stretching me. I clenched my hole over it and it twitched in response. He started to fuck me with slow thrusts and kissed me on my forehead. His hands were all over my body and brought me close to an orgasm, as I haven’t cummed since he fucked me earlier.

I wanted to cum so badly but fought against it as I wanted to experience Piero’s fucking for as long as I could.

Piero rolled us over so he ended up on top of me. He lifted his body up and started fucking me again like earlier. Then he pulled me up and took me in his arms while he slowly fucked me. He kissed me and stroked my back and neck. It was wonderful.

“Antonio, I’ve never experienced sex like this before … I love it! I love you!”

“Yes, it is very nice. Your hairy body and face and hands and feet and mouth and eyes … the whole package! You’re incredible, my Italian Stallion!”

“Ahhh! We’re making progress! I’m your Italian Stallion? That’s good news! I feel the same about you. I owe Luigi a lot for bringing you to me!”

“Yes, but remember …”

“Yes, I know. I was wondering: would you like to see me cum?”

“Yes, please! I’d love to see that!”

“OK, but I have to warn you, it really is a lot! I think it’s best we go into the shower. You could suck me and then when I cum, I could shoot it against the tiles. You could have a taste as well as there is enough of the stuff. Sure?”

“Yes, I want to see that please!”

“And then I could suck you off too! But a request please …”

“Yes, what is that?”

“I want to sleep with my cock inside you … if I may please?”

“Yes, of course! I want you to do it!”

“OK, let’s do it. Let me pull out and then let’s get into the shower. I’m hot enough to cum within a minute, so we won’t get too cold. But we could turn on the shower afterwards to wash off the cum and warm up before we come back to bed,” Piero said as he pulled his cock from me.

When the big cock slipped out, I retreated and looked at the spectacular cock that was in me seconds ago. It was an immense and beautiful cock.

“Come!” Piero said and took my hand. We went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. It too was wall-less. I went down on one knee and sucked the cock as best I could while I was jacking the large part that didn’t fit into my mouth.

“Ahhh! Oh yess! Yes! Yes! Mio caro, you’re the best! Yes, suck me!” Piero said with his hands in my hair.

The lube we used earlier had a mango flavour and since that day, whenever I smelled or tasted mangoes, it reminded me of that first night in Firenze!

“Here it comes mio caro! Ahhh! Watch out … it’s coming … let go first … Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh yes!” Piero said as he pulled his big cock from my mouth. He took his cock in his hand and gave it a few jerks and then let it go … his cock was pointing upwards, it was twitching and then the most spectacular thing happened right in front of my eyes. The first spurt of cum shot out of his cock and hit the tiles with a loud splash. It was a lot!

The second spurt was even bigger and splattered against the tiles … the volume was so vast it started to run down the tiles and then the third spurt was shot from his cock. I have never heard of something like that and was amazed to no end. There was a lot of cum against the tiles!

Spurt after spurt shot out of his cock, the one bigger than the next. It was immense.

When the seventh spurt shot out, he turned to me and said: “Open!”

I opened my mouth and received the eighth spurt. It was a lot and it tasted like no cum I’ve ever tasted before. It was something between sweet and salty, and slightly bitter. But, it tasted nice and it was a lot.

He squirted another 3 big spurts into my mouth and I swallowed it greedily. This man would get dehydrated if he had to have sex every day … Little did I know what a sex drive Piero really had!

“So then …? ”

“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen or tasted before! Piero, you’re King! Just look at the immense load you shot against the wall … wow!”

“Yes, I told you it’s a lot. But come on! ‘King’? It’s a lot, but I can hardly be a king! Now let me suck you off!”

He went onto his knees and took my engorged cock in his mouth. It disappeared into his throat. The warmth of his mouth and throat was all it took for me to start shooting my load … The first shot went right into his throat and he pulled off my cock a bit so he could get it in his mouth. I literally flooded his mouth, as I was charged big time. I groaned and when my cock became sensitive, I gently pulled my cock from Piero’s mouth.

“You might not be hyperspermic, but you cum a big load too mio caro!”

“Piero, you're the champion! I wonder what the others would say if they saw what I’ve seen now! It is spectacular! So this is the amount of cum you pumped into me earlier?”

“Yes, this is my normal load but earlier it was more as you’ve made me so horny! I have been saving it for you for over a week! I’m glad you liked it!”

Piero took me in his arms and kissed me. With his one hand he pushed the one-lever tap to the open position while we stepped out of the way of the cold water. It was a fancy shower and the position of the tap lever was set to the correct temperature. Soon the water was warm enough and we stepped back under the water. With his one hand Piero washed his cum from the wall. I put my hand out to assist him. The slimy stuff against the wall felt wonderful under my fingers and I loved it. What a pity it was washed down the drain.

We finished showering under the water and managed to avoid getting our hair wet.

“Satisfied? May I cum in you from now on?”

“Yes, but at times I’d still want you to do this again please as I love cum and yours tastes wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like this before!” I said again. “Feel my cock! It’s hard again just thinking of what I’ve witnessed here tonight!”

“OK, just for you. Now, let’s dry off and get into bed. This bad boy wants to be in you!” Piero said as he took his big rubbery cock in his hand. I touched it and realised that it would easily penetrate me again with some lube applied to it.


We went back to bed and the phenomenal young man was kissing me, hugging me, caressing me, playing with my nipples, my chest hair, touching my face, nibbling my ears, jacking my cock … he was just unbelievable.

“I’m not sleepy but I think we should get some sleep. But … may I still push into you please?”

“Yes, we’ve had a long day and I’d love to get some sleep. Yes, of course! Let’s put some of your fancy lube on your cock and let’s settle in for the night.”

Piero put some of the lube on his cock. I was on my left side in front of him when he pushed his big cock back into me … ahhh! It felt incredible and I wondered how much innings the others were going to have with this sex machine in the picture now …

Piero pushed deep into me, pulled me tight to him and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my face and got a proper lop-sided kiss. I was in for the sex of a lifetime with this sexy god!

I put my right hand on his thigh and felt the hair under my fingers. He was such a beautiful sexy man! Piero pushed his hand down towards my hardening cock and groaned when he felt what his cock was doing to me.

We exchanged some more sweet nothings about what we thought of each other, what we liked when we saw each other for the first time, how it felt to have sex with each other, how impressed I was to see his huge load spattered against the tiles, how we loved each other’s hairy bodies, how much I liked his hands and feet … and the last thing I remembered was Piero kissing me in the neck and his big cock twitching in me … I was as happy as could be. However, I was tired and sleepy …


During the night I woke up and felt Piero was fucking me … I groaned and when he realised I was awake, he apologised profusely.

“Nothing to apologise for mio caro!” I said. ‘Mio caro’? I was a lost case!

“I’m going to cum but may I stay in you please? I would like to feel what my cock feels like in my cumload … OK, mio caro?”

“Yes, please! And yes, please stay in me!” I said and knew this was going to become the new standard for fucking and having an all-nighter.

After a couple of more thrusts, Piero groaned and I felt how he started to pump his next immense load deep into me. It was impossible to know how much he pumped into me, but it must’ve been a lot as I could feel how my insides were being bathed in the wonderful stuff.

After about 12 spurts, he pushed in all the way and clung to me.

“Thank you mio caro! This … this is so special for me! You have no idea! I just knew when I got in touch with you through Luigi, this was going to be super special, and now I know. It IS super special. Ahhh! What about you?”

“No, I’m fine thanks. I’d love to cum with you again, but I’m OK for now. Let’s see if we can get some more sleep. Please stay in me? And yes, the man behind me has exceeded my wildest dreams, and the sex is unbelievably super special!”

“Thanks mio caro! You are such a special man!” Piero said and within less than a minute I heard his breathing getting deeper and more relaxed. He was asleep, his big cock still deep inside me. I was a happy chappy … Pierre … oh fuck! Pierre! What about Pierre? He would be heartbroken if he were to be pushed aside … No! I can’t do that to him! But how can he and Piero be equals in this twisted tryst we’ve woven for ourselves?

I just had to make an effort to show Pierre how much I still loved him and that Piero might have clambered deep into my heart, but Pierre’s place was safe. No, Pierre can never be pushed out of my life!

Fortunately Clive was there now to love him, albeit no fucking. But, I still needed to make sure Pierre, and Clive, and Giovanni would still feel they were part of the inner, inner circle – the circle of men right in the centre of my universe, my life, my heart … And Dad … sweet beautiful and sexy Dad. He and the rest will have to accept I still loved them all, but that Piero was going to take up his place next to Luigi … oh Pierre! My darling man … Pierre … I love you my man! I truly and honestly love you! I wished I could’ve taken him in my arms and tell him right then. It would have to wait for morning, I thought … I fell asleep and dreamt of my men and how happy we were all together … ahhh! I told the men in my dream I loved them all very much and that they shouldn’t see Piero as a threat. He was going to add value to the tryst, and he was not pushing them out, not at all.

I slept like a baby in the arms of this tall hunky hung Italian Stallion with his big cock deep inside me …

= To be continued =



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