I woke up with a soft sensual mouth on mine … Piero. He gave me a gentle kiss and hummed with his lips on my mouth. His big nose was pushed next to mine and I felt his hand on my chest, caressing my pectoral muscles. His big cock was pushing against my side.

“What happened? Your cock is not in me?”

“Yes, you and I have moved during the night and when I woke up, it was out. But I can push it back into you again … How is your hole? OK? Can you feel my load in you?”

“No, perhaps it’s best we give it a rest for now. Yes, I can feel your huge load in me, Mr Elephant! You do shoot enormous loads, young Sir!”

“But you enjoyed it, no?”

“Yes, it was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. The load in me is filling me up but I’m fine, thanks. You’re a great lover! Thanks Piero!”

Piero rubbed his nose over mine and kissed my eyes. He had his hand on my cheek and stroked his thumb towards my ear, taking my ear between his thumb and fingers, and gently squeezed and massaged my ear and temple. What an attentive man, at only 18 years! Wow.

His right leg was over mine and his big feet moved up and down my shin, down to my foot. It felt so nice.

“Piero, how is it possible that you could be such a talented and good lover? You must’ve had hundreds of lovers. I’m impressed.”

“No, only a handful so far. I’m very finicky. Most guys are not to my liking, or they are just lying there to be serviced, some hate my big cock or don’t know how to kiss. Since I’ve become so hyperspermic, most of the guys find it gross and some even shiver with disgust when they see it. Only one guy loved the sperm but he couldn’t handle my cock, and he was a bad kisser. You on the other hand … wow! Perfection, to a T! Thanks a lot! You see? We’re made for each other! Come on! Admit it! You already love this Italian Stallion!”

“Piero, you’re an amazing guy and everything about you is super: your tallness, your appearance, your face, your hands, your feet, your body, your eyes … your eyes, my godd! … your voice, your lips, your nose … yes, you have a big beautiful sexy nose! … your cock and hyperspermia … wow! And you're a kind man, with a wonderful persona and your sex drive is incredible. I’ll have a hard time fighting you off …”

“Why do you want to fight me off? Why don’t you just love me?”

“That’s what I mean, Piero. How will I be able to resist you when you’re so damn sexy, so nice and manly? But I do have other men in my life …”

“I understand that but Antonio, destiny has brought us together. Admit it! You have already fallen in love with me! Come on! Say it!”

“Piero, I'd be inhuman if I didn't fall in love with you. What’s not to love,” I said and waved my left hand at him.

“Ahh! Mio caro! I knew it! I knew it! Ahhh! And I love you even more! Come here!” Piero said and pulled me on top of him. I leaned down and kissed him with my hands on either side of his mouth. Our hard cocks pushed against each other. He lifted his feet past my legs and draped them over mine. Fuck! This man had beautiful feet and he knew just what to do with them to make me love it even more ... to love HIM even more!

I was in deep shit … this man was going to become a very important man in my life. No arguments there. Luigi wouldn’t have too much of a problem with it but what about Pierre? And Clive. And Giovanni. Something will have to be done to appease my tall hunky hung men …

“Can we go to the others and lie with them for a while? What time is it?”

“I think it’s about 7 o’clock. Yes, let’s go join the others before I push into you again. After last night, you’re a changed man now! You’re mine, mio caro! I’ll share you with the others, but you're mine!”

“Piero, you’re incorrigible! Let’s go to Luigi and the others,” I said and lifted off Piero. I gently ruffled his hair. He grabbed me and pulled me down on top of him again. He brushed my hair from my forehead, put his hands on either side of my head, looked into my eyes and smiled his angelic smile.

His big cock twitched against mine while he lifted his face to mine and kissed me … A gentle kiss with just this lips. His nose pushed against my cheek and then his eyes closed!

Mio caro, you’re too much! I can understand why my uncle fell in love with you!” Piero said and pushed his groin up against me. “Come, let’s get out of here before I fuck you again!”


When we entered Luigi and the others’ room, we were greeted with an entanglement of 4 men: Luigi, Pierre, Clive and Giovanni, all in one bed. Clive and Pierre were in each other’s arms – no surprise there – and Giovanni behind Luigi. All too cosy for words, but it was cold, so we got on the bed and crawled in between Pierre and Luigi. I was behind Pierre and Piero, in front of Luigi.

“Hmmm … uh! What? Erm … huh?” Pierre stuttered and rolled towards me, pushing me against Piero. “What? Ant? Hmmm?”

“Yes, you big donkey dong man! It’s your Ant. Let us in here! It’s cold!” I said and sat on the pillows, lifted the duvet and pushed my feet in next to Pierre. Piero did the same and slipped under the duvet in front of Luigi.

Still not completely awake, Luigi pulled Piero into an embrace of note. “Mio caro? No, Nipote (Nephew)?”

Sono io Luigi! Fa freddo! Vi prego di entrare! (It’s me Luigi! It's cold! Please let me in!)” Piero said and slipped into bed.

Pierre put his left arm out and pulled me to him. He still had his right arm under Clive’s neck. The love between these two was evident and might just be my salvation in the sticky situation developing …

“Oh, how I’ve missed you my Ant! My beautiful Ant! Come here!” Pierre said with a croaky voice. I put my left hand on his tummy and felt his massive morning glory on his tummy, stretching way past his belly button. It twitched in my hand. Oh godd, it was big! “He missed you too! Can you feel it? Last night Clive gave me a killer blowjob but I still missed you! How was it?  Did the Stallion wear you out? Did he hurt you? Just say the word!”

“It was very nice my darling man! I’m glad Clive is here. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, you know how skilful he is with his mouth, but I wanted to be in you … hmmm! Keep that up and I’m gonna plug your right here!” Pierre said und pushed his cock into my hand.

“That could be arranged … hmmm! I’d never say ‘no’ to you, my darling man!”

“I want that in writing! What’s the deal now that we have Piero in the mix?”

“My darling, Piero is going to become a major part in our lives but I never want you to feel you’re pushed aside. I love you too much. I never want to hurt you! But yes, Piero is a wonderful man and a lover of note. I like him very much but I’ll never push you aside, my love! Last night with him was everything I expected it to be … and more!”

“Ant, he is a wonderful boy and yes, he is sexy as fuck, but I thought you loved me best after Luigi? What happened to that?”

“But you have Clive now! And I’m not going away! You’re still going to live with us, and you’ll still sleep with me and you’ll still fuck me with this insanely big cock … you and Clive. But this thing with Piero has been in the making for months, and now it has happened. My darling man, I never want to hurt you … not you. Never Pee-AIR! You’re one of the most special guys I’ve ever met and I honestly love you – very much! Please accept Piero in our lives too? Please?” I said and kissed Pierre on the mouth.

He pulled me into the crook of his arm and pulled me on top of him. By then Clive was awake and he put his right arm over me and hugged me.

Mio caro, ho sentito il mio nome, ma si sta parlando troppo veloce. Ricordo che amo molto! (Mio caro, I'm hearing my name, but you're talking too fast. Remember I love you very much!)” Piero said and touched my cheek.

Non si preoccupi. Stiamo solo parlando la scorsa notte. Rilassarsi tesoro mio uomo! (Don't worry. We're just talking about last night. Relax my darling man!)” I said and kissed his hand.

“Are you gossiping about us?” Pierre said.

“No, don't worry. I'm just putting his mind at ease,” I said and kissed Pierre.

“Ant, I’m with Pierre. We love you very much and yes, Piero is a smashing guy, but what about us?” Clive said.

“Piero will be ADDED to the group. He is not replacing anybody. He might become a very important man in my life, but so are you two. And Giovanni. Not to mention Luigi. Please guys, I love you so much, but I want Piero to part of our home and lives too and our immediate liaison. He is a super guy and last night was spectacular. You’ll see what he is capable of …”

“What can he do that we can’t do? Our cocks are bigger than his!” Pierre said and pushed his cock up to drive the point home … no pun intended!

“It’s not that, guys! He is just a nice guy, a super lover and well, you have to see it to believe it! He is hyperspermic like you’ve never seen before! You think you cum lots … wait till you see Piero! It’s incredible,” I said and leaned towards Clive to kiss him.

“What? Did he show you? Really?” Pierre said in amazement.

“Yes, he did and I’m telling you guys: it’s incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I didn’t even know it could be possible. You have to see it! But, that too is not it. I really had a good time with him and his feet …”

“What about his feet? Are his feet bigger and more beautiful than ours? I saw them last night. They look as big as mine but what about his feet?” Clive said.

“You both have incredible feet and I love them. They’re beautiful. But, it’s what he DOES with his feet. He touches me with them, put them on mine, strokes me with them. They are beautiful … but that is also not it! It’s Piero himself! He is exquisite in everything he does. He is a good lover, he is a good kisser and I love his saliva …”

“And we don't know how to love you? And we don’t have saliva? I thought my saliva would gross you out,“ Pierre got in.

“No Pierre! That’s not it! He just does it all right and he is sexy and he is a skilled lover and he is attentive and …” I got in.

“This is leading us nowhere. Do you love him? Yes or no?” Clive said with some finality.

“No Clive, that’s not it! You two are incredible lovers too! I love sleeping with you both! I love you to fuck me and I love your feet and your kissing and …”

“But you love Piero’s kissing and saliva more? Is that it?” Pierre said, clearly hurt.

“No my darling man! Please don't see this as a competition. I love you too much to hurt you or to forsake you. And you too, Clive! You’ve become an incredibly important man in my life in a very short time. The two things Piero does superbly are what he does with his feet and letting me taste his saliva … his kisses are on a totally different level. But again, please! This isn’t a competition! Please just let him in and let’s all enjoy each other!” I said and touched both my men’s faces, and kissed one after the other.

“I’m still hurt but yes, let’s give the new Ita a chance … He lets you drink his saliva? How is that possible?” Pierre asked.

“He lets it run out of his mouth into mine … and fuck! I love it! From now on I want to drink your saliva too! I know I’ll love it!” I said and kissed Pierre.

“If that’s all there is to it, it’s a done deal! And feet … my feet are bigger and I know you love them. I could call on my feet to join our lovemaking any time and make you as randy as a goat! You’ve got it!” Pierre added and rubbed his big feet over my calves for good measure.

“Yes, that's a start!” I said and kissed this insanely beautiful man under me.

“Perhaps we could grow to love him too. I have to concur: he is extremely sexy! He could easily have been on the Boss team with us in London,” Pierre said and touched my face, kissing me. “What do you say Pommie? Shall we give our boy the benefit of the doubt and allow the Ita in?”

“Yes, I do. Piero really is a very sexy man and if Ant loves him, let’s allow our boy to have fun with him too. OK, Ant? But, you can never allow your heart to run away with you! And you may never forget about us!” Clive said and stroked my back.

“Clive, I'd never do that. Have I ever given you any reason to believe otherwise? Have I not being lovingly enough? I’ve known you for only 2 weeks, but you’re a spectacular man in every sense of the word. You’re a stud and an incredible lover. I really and truly love you my man,” I said and touched his face.

“Good to know. So then, when do we get a chance with you again? I could pump my version of hyperspermia in you now, if you wanted …” Clive said bluntly.

“I’d love that very much. Piero fucked me during the night and his huge load is still in me … it would be awesome if you could add to the immense load he left in me …” I said and felt my cock twitch against Pierre’s huge cock under me.

Clive leaned forward and pushed his cock between Pierre and me … it was big and hard, and slimy and sopping wet! Wow!

While my two hung stallions were caressing me and kissing me, next to us, Piero and Luigi brought each other up to date about the previous night. Giovanni piped up and gave Piero’s head a playful smack.

Sei un giovane molto eccitante! Oppure ragazzo ti piace molto. (You’re a very horny young man! Our boy likes you very much)” he said.

Luigi hugged his nephew tight to him and said: “Piero, tu sai che ti amo molto. Ma amo Antonio ancora di più. Se avete intenzione di fargli del male, avrete a che fare con me. Capire? (Piero, you know I love you very much. But I love Antonio even more. If you're going to hurt him, you'll have to deal with me. Understand?)” Luigi said and kissed his nephew. I saw out of the corner of my eye it was a kiss of note, not a kiss usually exchanged between an uncle and his nephew. But I wasn’t jealous in the least. It actually made me hornier than I already was.

Lo zio, mi conosci. Io non sono un ragazzo vendicativo e non sarà mai del male Antonio. Io già lo amo. Ma io ti amo troppo ... hmmm! Voglio succhiare il tuo grosso cazzo! (Uncle, you know me. I'm not a vindictive boy and will never hurt Antonio. I already love him. But I love you too ... hmmmm! I want to suck your big cock!)” Piero said and I could see his hand was moving under the duvet.

It was clear he and Luigi weren’t novices with each other. Luigi groaned as his cock disappeared into Piero’s mouth.

On the far side Giovanni moved down as well and started to play with Piero’s cock.

Clive got on his knees and stroked my back with his left hand while his right hand was stroking my butt. There was no surprise what he had in mind! I touched his insanely big cock. It was rock hard and sopping wet. I still couldn't believe how big it was and that he wanted to push it into me … and that I actually wanted him to do that!

Pierre took my face in his hands and kissed me. It was one of the things I loved about Pierre: his incredibly nice mouth and his kisses. My heart gave a pang as I realised just how much I loved him. Yes, Piero was on the horizon now, but Pierre – and Clive – would never be forgotten. And Giovanni. And of course my husband Luigi. Never.

Clive had his fingers in my crack and was caressing my hole …

I kissed Pierre and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I paid attention to his saliva but because he was underneath me, I couldn't drink his saliva per se. However, his big wet tongue in my mouth drove me mad …


Both Pierre and Clive fucked me like the pros they were. First it was Clive. He took up position behind me, pushed my legs forward next to Pierre’s body and he straddled Pierre’s thighs.

Clive rubbed his slimy cock over my hole. He smeared his enormous amount of precum over my hole and pushed forward … ahh! The big head pushed into me and I groaned my approval to let him in me again after a week since I last had it.

Clive’s big amount of precum he produced (it really was a lot) was better than the best lube. It covered my hole and his cockshaft. When he pushed in, the huge cock just slid into me. He held still and his cock twitched. I groaned. Fuck it was big, but after a night with Piero, my hole was loose and I could take Clive’s big one with more ease.

He had his hands on my hips and pushed deeper into me. The big head advancing into me felt wonderful. When he pushed it past my prostate I gasped. After so many times I’ve been fucked – starting with my twin brother André a few years earlier, Juan, Dad … yes, my own Dad … and so many others, it still was a wondrous experience to feel a cock scraping over my prostate.

Pierre was kissing me wholesale and I sucked the saliva from his tongue and mouth. I was hooked! I wanted more!

Clive’s huge cock was one of the nicest there was. When it slipped into me, he remembered to pull out and pierce me again … out … in … and then he pushed deep into me while he held me by the hips.

When he reached the inner sphincter, he paused, pushing gently and waited for the muscle to relax. Clive’s huge 33cm cock was pushing through my inner sphincter and I groaned into Pierre’s mouth.

That too, has never lost its splendour and wonder for me. When a cockhead pushed past this barrier, it was like the entrance to a bottomless pit deep inside me. I could feel how the big head pushed through the opening and every time it broke through, it was a super pleasurable experience.

Soon Clive was balls-deep in me. He was giving me a fucking of note.

 “You OK, Ant?”

I broke free from Pierre’s mouth and said to the man mounting me: “Yes, I’m OK! Just give me a few seconds and then you can fuck me!”

“Sure thing! Ahhh! The week without you was too long. I almost plugged Olav one evening when my Dad was out! But I didn’t and I’ve only jacked off twice all week long. So, the barrels are fully loaded!” Clive said and kissed my neck.

“You sex-hound you! He's lying! I sucked him off last night! He almost drowned me with his hug load! Ant, if this Pommie hurts you, tell me! He’ll sleep on the bedside-mat tonight! You hear that Clive?” Pierre said with a lot of jest in his voice. Bah! Clive not sleeping in Pierre’s arms! I’d love to see that!

“You're a heartless boertjie! And I hate you!” Clive quipped back. Again lots of jest. If there were two men who loved each other to bits, it was these two.

“Pommie, you can’t have all the fun! I want in. Ant, will you be able to take mine too? Did the Ita boy abuse you last night? Huh, Piero? Did you hurt our boy?” Pierre said as he playfully flicked Piero’s head while he was sucking Luigi’s cock.

“Ow! No, of course not! I’m an Italian! We make love, not war!” Piero said and put his uncle’s cock back in his mouth.

“OK then Pommie. Pull out, my man and add some more of your insane amount of precum on my cock and let me in,” Pierre said and kissed Clive over my shoulder. The kiss was protracted and involved a lot of tongue and moaning. They loved each other – that much was clear.

Clive pulled out his cock and as it vacated me, I felt so empty. Fuck! Once I got used to big cocks fucking me, I wanted them in me all the time!

Clive jacked his cock and Pierre’s cock to get more precum. Pierre’s cock produced almost as much as Clive’s, so there was a lot of precum. Clive added his precum to Pierre’s cock, which he held in the upright, and to my hole. I moved a tad forward to give Clive space to lube up Pierre’s equally big cock. Pierre’s cockhead was pushed under my balls and I could feel Clive fiddling with it to get it slick for it to enter me.

“OK, I think that would do it. Ant, sit down but be careful! This boertjie has one hell of a donkey dick! Be careful my man! If you hurt our boy, I’ll cut your balls off!” Clive said and I felt him manhandling Pierre’s genitalia. Yeah right! I’d love to see him do that! He loves our man too much to hurt him.

I felt Pierre’s cock under my hole and sat down gingerly. Yes, Piero has fucked me, and royally I might add, and Clive too just a minute before, but Pierre’s cock was just as big. So, I took it slowly and felt the big head stretching me.

The first day Pierre fucked me in the bathroom at the shop, I was scared out of my mind of his enormous cock. 33cm is nobody’s business. It’s HUGE, but his precum made it possible to fuck me, plus, Pierre was a lovable man with not a gram of hostility in him. The only time I saw him a bit off tangent, was when he told his parents that he loved me. They suspected he was gay and when his mom threw a fit about me getting involved with their son, he stood his ground and told his parents straight. He was lovable and gentle but he wouldn’t let people run over him.

Pierre’s big head slipped in and I groaned. Fuck! What an experience to feel him in me. Yes, Piero was a master and I enjoyed every centimetre and every second with him, but Pierre was no slouch in this department and his bigger cock was a challenge.

Soon the cock was halfway in and I held still. Clive saw that as his cue to enter me as well. He moved forward and aimed his equally big cock at my hole and pushed forward. Ahh! Oh fuck! Yes! Wow! He was quite adept at doing it and he just held his cock in position with his hand as he pushed forward. The head slipped through the sphincter and I growled.

Mia cara uomo, ti stanno male? (My darling man, are they hurting you?) Clive, be careful! His mine too now! Don't hurt him!” Piero said and touched my leg.

“Piero, he can handle it. It’s a sound of joy, not hurt. You OK, Ant?” Clive said and leaned forward to kiss me, but in the process he pushed deeper into me.

“I’m OK, thanks. Piero, I’m OK,” I said and braced myself for the rest of the two cocks entering me.

The two insanely big cocks slid into me and soon they were balls-deep in me. Clive held still and made his big cock twitch in me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I absolutely loved it to be double-fucked, but these two cocks were insanely big and I was stretched big time!

“OK Ant? Can I start fucking you now? These full barrels were not completely emptied in Pierre’s mouth last night! He gives good head, but I wasn’t drained. There is still a big load waiting for you. You too, Pierre? Do you also have a big load to give our man?” Clive said and twitched his cock in me.

“Yes, fuck me! I’m OK. Pierre, do you still have a big load to pump into me? Ahhh! Clive, you two are close to donkeys! Wow!” I said and bent down to kiss Pierre. Because my head was hanging, MY saliva dripped into Pierre’s mouth and he hungrily sucked it into his mouth!

“Hmmmm! Hmmm!” Pierre hummed in my mouth as he sucked my tongue into his mouth and hugged me tight to him. “I see what you mean! Your saliva is driving me mad!”

Clive was slowly fucking me and I marvelled at the two insanely big cocks in me giving me so much pleasure.


Soon Clive was groaning and swearing (I wondered what Alexander would’ve said if he heard his son swearing like that!) and it was clear he was about to cum. His big cock twitched in me and he leaned forward. Pierre took him by the arms and pulled him tight on top of me and then both cocks in me twitched as they started to pump their cumloads into me. Big time. It felt like they really were pumping big loads into me.

Clive was kissing Pierre over my shoulder and I could tell they were enjoying the fucking a lot.

When they were done pumping their big loads into me, Clive lied down on top of me, causing his cock to pull out a bit, but it was so big, there was more than enough inside me to stay in me.

After a minute he lifted up and pulled his cock out. Pierre held me close to his chest and pushed his slightly softening cock deeper into me. He draped his legs over mine and rubbed his feet over my calves, touching my feet. Hmmm! My man was learning quickly.

With his left hand Pierre wiped my hair from my forehead and looked deep into my eyes. He had his right hand in my hair, holding my head.

“You have no idea how much we love you, Ant. Do you? Clive and I talked about it last night and we agreed that we love each other but it could never be without you. I love you my darling man!” Pierre said.

Clive moved in next to us, right on the edge of the bed and said: “I concur. We love you very much. Yes, we love each other very much, but fucking you … But that’s not all. I know we really love you and want you to be part of our lives. You’re an amazing guy! You may love this young Italian Stallion, but not more than you love us! You hear? There are two of us and we can and will look after you! We love you!”

Next to us I saw Piero letting go of Luigi’s cock and sitting back on his haunches.

Giovanni sat next to them and had his hand on Piero’s tummy and was obviously stroking Piero’s big cock.

Mio caro, may we be next please? This young man has made me so hard and I want to pump my cum into you. E anche voi Piero? (And you too Piero?)” Luigi said and looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes. “E anche Giovanni?

“Yes of course, but Luigi and Giovanni? Piero, tutti vogliono vedere il vostro carico enorme. Possiamo poi andare in bagno così si potevano vedere? (Piero, they all want to see your huge load. Can we then go into the bathroom so you could show them?)” I said.

OK, ma stasera spingiamo i due letti insieme e dormo qui con voi! (OK, but tonight we push the two beds together and I’m sleeping here with you!)” Piero said, his beautiful face a bit sad but he wasn’t in a position to complain as he had me for the whole of the previous night.

“Then please come sit on me, mio caro. Then Giovanni could push in too,” Luigi said.

I kissed Pierre and touched his exquisitely manly face. His beautiful blue eyes were so sexy and full of love. I kissed him and lifted off his huge cock, now very rubbery. When the big cock slipped out, I looked at it and gasped inwardly. It still amazed me that it was in me – with Clive’s equally big one – and that it was wonderful and very pleasurable. Pierre’s huge cock was very wet and reached way beyond his belly button. It really was one hell of a cock, and beautiful. The big head was covered halfway with the skin … and a small puddle of cum still leaked out of the piss-slit onto his hairy tummy.

Before I could stop myself, I leaned down and took the big rubbery cock in my mouth and licked it clean. I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum from his hairy tummy. Oh fuck! I was a cock- and cum-hound!

While I was on my knees licking Pierre’s cock, Piero moved in behind me and put his big wet cock on my hole and pushed in slowly.

Piero! E 'il nostro turno ora! Hai avuto il suo bambino per tutta la notte! (Piero! It’s our turn now! You’ve had our boy all night long!)” Giovanni said a bit astonished at the sexual prowess of the young stallion.

Si prega, solo un minuto! Ho appena visto due stalloni lo cazzo! Mi vuoi colpa? (Please, just a minute! I’ve just seen two stallions fucking him! Do you blame me)?” Piero said as he pushed his cock balls-deep into my loose and wet hole.

Piero, sei un animale! Spero che non si dispone di tutte le speranze che questo bel ragazzo ti amerà! (Piero, you’re an animal! I hope you don’t have any hopes that this beautiful boy will love you!)” Giovanni said and clicked his tongue in a mock disgust.

Ama già me! E vuole il cazzo in lui! Quindi c'è! (He already loves me! And he wants my cock in him! So there!)” Piero said defiantly, but also to prove a point. He was staking his claim, and it was for everybody else to see.

Piero’s big cock was pulsing in me and I groaned. I was thinking of the previous night and the show he gave me shooting his immense load in the shower. If not for Luigi and Giovanni, I’d have been happy to let Piero fuck me again!

È abbastanza! Estrarre Piero! (That’s enough! Pull out Piero!)” Luigi said and squeezed Piero’s arm.

Ma, questa sera è il mio turno di cazzo lui! (But, tonight it’s my turn to fuck him!)” Piero said as he very unwillingly pulled his big cock from my hole. It was throbbing and it was clear he was hot as hell and when he was going to show us his cumming, it was going to be a spectacle again. Hmmm!

Luigi pulled me on top of him while Giovanni moved in behind me. My cock was aching with lust and I had to use all the willpower in the world not to cum when I lied down on top of Luigi. His big cock pushed against me and I felt it was very wet.

Giovanni moved closer and pushed his big wet cock between my butt cheeks. Ahhh! I’ve missed this sexy half-bred a lot.

Luigi took my face in his hands and looked at me with his insanely beautiful and sexy brown eyes. Fuck! He was so beautiful and his eyes with the eternal sparkle in them were looking deep into mine. Ahhh!

Ti amo così tanto il mio uomo più caro! Si può amare Piero, ma io sono tuo marito! Tu senti? (I love you so very much my dearest man! You can love Piero, but I’m your husband! You hear?)” Luigi said and kissed me. Again, a kiss of note, filled with love and passion.

“I love you too much to hurt you, my darling. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, I love Piero and the others, but you’re my husband. You know that!” I said in English and kissed him again. It was the truth: I loved him to no end and yes, I was going to marry him. He was my darling man!

“Now, please sit on my cock! I want to be inside you. Giovanni, state attenti e non fanno male il mio uomo! (Giovanni, be careful and don’t hurt my man!)” Luigi said and let go of my face.

I leaned down again and kissed my man. Fuck! I love him so much!


I sat down on Luigi’s big wet cock and when it was halfway in me, Giovanni added his big cock and pushed in as well.

After the pounding I’ve just had with Pierre and Clive, my hole was very loose and I was filled with lots of cum. I enjoyed it nonetheless. The two big cocks in me felt amazing.

Just as Giovanni’s cock was balls-deep in me, the door opened and André entered, loud-mouthed as always, followed by Juan, and Gunther and Johann. They were all dressed in sweats.

“I thought I smelled sex from down the hall and just look at you! Getting fucked! Wow! And we got nothing!” André said.

“You’re lying! What did you get from me last night?” Juan said.

“Shhh! Don't talk from our bedroom! It’s private!” André said and a big giggling ensued. Yes, André. Private. My eye!

“I agree! All these shenanigans, and nothing for us? Wow! Piero! That really is a big cock you have there! And it was in our boy all night long! Wow! And look at the half-bred pushing his huge cock into poor Anton!” Johann said.

‘Poor’? Hardly! I loved it!

“Listen you guys, as soon as these two have shot their loads, Piero is going to show us his huge cumload in the bathroom. Interested to see?” Pierre said, fingering his rubbery cock.

“Yes, we hear it is a huge load. I want to see that and perhaps shoot my load again!” Clive said playing with his equally big cock.

“What? He is going to give us a show? Well fuck, I’m in! Come on half-bred! Hurry up and cum. We don’t have all day to look at your white ass fucking my brother! Get a move on! Piero, I for one want to see that!” André said and gave Giovanni’s ass a playful whack.

“Oww! Do you want me to fuck you too?” Giovanni said and pushed his big cock deep into me.

“No, of course not you moron, but you’re going to pump your Italian batter into my brother, so we’ll see squat. I want to see Piero’s big load. Come on half-bred, fuck my brother and finish now!”

My brother appeared to be a half-wit but of course he was merely joking. Nonetheless, after watching Pierre and Clive fucking me, Giovanni and Luigi were hot for me and it was clear they were not going to last long in the first place. It was a matter of time before they were going to shoot their loads.

“You OK, mio caro? OK if we finish and give this delinquent his way to see Piero in action with his big cock?” Giovanni said. I felt his cock was rock-hard and throbbing in me.

Luigi’s cock was equally hard and was also twitching. They were both were ready to shoot their loads into me.

“Yes, let’s cum and get into the bathroom. I’d love to see my nephew shoot his big load. Sei pronto nipote? (Are you ready nephew?)” Luigi said.

Sì, zio Luigi! Sono sempre pronto! Voi sapete che! (I’m always ready! You know that!)” Piero said and lazily played with his big veiny cock, sopping wet with precum.

Giovanni fucked me gently but with determination to cum soon. He too was ready to cum at the drop of a hat. He fucked me and then his big cock twitched in me, and then he shot his load deep into me.

This half-bred man with his extraordinary features, his beautiful hairy body, big and beautiful hands and feet, and his big cock was a lover of note. I always enjoyed sex with him. His big cock twitched and he groaned, he pushed his cock deep into me and exhaled, holding onto my hips.

That pushed Luigi over the top and he started shooting his load into me. I leaned down and kissed my man. He kissed me hungrily while in the throes of his orgasm. It was just one of those moments to remember. My man’s ccok with Giovanni’s big cock deep in me, and then the huge loads they pumped into me. Luigi had his arms wrapped around my chest and pulled me tight to him. He pushed his cock deep into me while it was still spasming and pumping.

Luigi let go of me and I saw the 4 bystanders had their hard cocks out of their sweats and were all stroking their big cocks: André’s 24,5cm was the smallest, albeit not a small cock in the least. Then there were Juan’s 28cm and Johann’s 29cm. Gunther had 29,5cm and was adamant about the 0,5cm!

They were all hard and sopping wet. Gunther’s precum was covering the whole cockhead as was Johann’s precum on his cock.

“You’d better get this show to the bathroom or I’m going to cream in your ear and in your hair! Come on baby bro! Let’s go!” André said and started walking to the bathroom. “Are you coming Piero?”

Sì, I will come with you,” Piero said and followed André into the bathroom, both cocks hard and wet.

Giovanni groaned as he pulled his cock from my hole. I really was filled with lots of cum. Piero’s earlier load was still in me, as were Pierre and Clive’s loads. And so were Giovanni and Luigi’s fresh loads. Oh fuck, I loved cum so much!

When Giovanni’s cock slipped out, a bit of the cum in me slipped out but Johann was at the ready to lick it up.

“Jerry, you have to taste this! It tastes incredible! Ita, you guys’ cum tastes good!” Johann said.

Gunther bent down and licked my hole with Luigi’s cock still in me. I relaxed my hole a bit and when Gunther sucked my hole, he was awarded with a nice mouthful of cum.

“Hmmmm! Hmm!” Gunther said and as he savoured the cum and swallowed it. “You’re right! It tastes wonderful!”

“Are you sex perverts coming? Do you need engraved invitations? Come! I want to see the Ita perform! Come!” André at his best.

I leaned down and kissed Luigi. He intertwined his legs with mine and stroked my legs with his feet. He overheard the discussion with Pierre and Clive earlier. My man did have the most beautiful feet and feeling them on my legs made me gasp with pleasure.

“You know just how to do the right thing, mio caro! You do know I love you very much, and your feet too! Being with you, whether we have sex or not, has always been wonderful. Thanks for allowing Piero into our midst. Yes, I already love him, but you’re my husband. Piero is an exceptional human being and his cock is a masterpiece, not to mention his hyperspermia. You have to see it! You’re going to use him to do research hyperspermia! Come, let’s go see it. You thought he shot a big load from last time you saw him – be prepared to be wowed!” I said and kissed my man again. His big cock in me was getting rubbery. I gingerly lifted off him and felt I was really filled big time.

Luigi’s cock slipped out and I managed to keep the cum in me. I stepped off the bed and took his feet in my hands.

“Luigi, I literally love you head to toes! You’re an exquisite man and I love you!” I said and kissed his feet. I realised his feet were up there with all the others: all big and beautiful. His were a bit different as they were hairy and the toes were big, but beautifully formed.

“Baby bro, are you coming?” André shouted from the bathroom.

“Come let’s go see the show!” Luigi said and touched my hard cock. “That needs attention!”

“Yes, you could suck me off if you wanted!”

“Yes, of course I want to!” Luigi said as we walked in the bathroom.


The 4 clothed guys in sweats were no longer fully clothed. Piero was in the shower behind the glass wall and was fingering his big cock, sopping wet by then.

We joined the others but it was clear Piero’s naked presence and what was about to happen, had them all rock-hard.

Clive and Pierre had their hands on each other’s cocks, and so it was with Juan and André, and Gunther and Johann. Giovanni came to stand with Luigi and me. His cock was rock-hard again, and slimy with precum.

“Come on Piero, give us a show!” André said and Johann hooted to add more oomph to the encouragement. Piero did just that. He caressed his body, pinched his nipples and stroked his big wet cock.

I marvelled at the sight behind the glass wall but I also looked at the guys next to me. They were all hard. I couldn't believe Pierre and Clive who had just fucked me, were hard as well, but so were Luigi and Giovanni! The young man behind the glass wall was just so sexy.

Piero stood with his feet apart and he closed his eyes. He was massaging his own body and was gently stroking his big cock.

He pulled the skin back, rubbed the huge amount of precum over his cockhead, pulled the sides of the piss-slit sideways to reveal the big opening and groaned when he pulled the skin forwards again. A huge drop of precum dangled from his cock and dripped to the shower floor. What a waste, I thought.

Next to me the guys were groaning with pleasure as there was someone else stimulating their cocks. Giovanni, Luigi and I stood with our sides to Piero. Giovanni stood behind me with his big cock in my crack and Luigi was in front of me, his big rubbery cock – the only cock in the bathroom not completely hard due to the fact he shot his load less than 5 minutes ago – pushed against my rock-hard leaking cock. He had his arms around my neck and was caressing my neck and Giovanni’s arm hugging me.

Piero was swaying back and forth, pushing his groin forwards, pressing his big cockhead against the glass shower wall causing the precum to make a big blotch on the glass. Oh fuck!

We were kissing each other at times but most of the time we were staring at the sexy hairy boy with the big cock, playing with his it. It was a big and beautiful cock.

“When is he cumming? I want to cum right now!” André said, wording the thoughts of most of the guys. It was so erotic and even though some of the guys have already shot a load earlier, they were horny again!

Piero groaned louder, pushed his groin further forward and was jacking his cock faster.

“He’s going to shoot! He’s going to cum!” Johann said and started to jack Gunther’s cock faster.

Piero retreated backwards and leaned against the wall, aiming his cock at the glass wall … and then it happened! The first wad of cum shot from his cock and splattered lower down against the glass wall with a thud. It started to run down the glass wall slowly.

The second wad was more voluminous and shot out at great speed to splatter loudly against the glass wall, considerably higher than the first one. It too started to run down the glass wall.

The third wad was huge and it was like a faucet that was opened: it streamed from Piero’s piss-slit and splattered loudly on the shower floor. The fourth wad was like the third and splattered to the floor with the fifth wad following immediately after the fourth wad.

The sixth shot was shot loudly against the glass wall again with the seventh following to splatter against the glass wall too.

The eighth wad reached the lower level of the first shot and the ninth wad ended up on the floor in front of Piero. The tenth wad was like a normal guy’s biggest shot: it shot out at an angle and splattered on the floor.

Piero, che era uno spettacolo! Non ho mai saputo che ha avuto un grande pene tale e che sono state riprese così grandi carichi! Wow! Sono impressionato! (Piero, that was a spectacular show! I never knew you had such a big penis and that you shot such big loads! Wow! I'm impressed!)” a voice said from the door.

“What the fu … Giancarlo! What are you doing here?” André said, letting go of Juan’s hard cock, but it was too late. Juan shot a load right against André’s groin. It was a lot! “And you have a hard-on!”

I looked at his groin and saw Giancarlo had his cock out and was stroking it. It was a big one as well, but smaller than Piero’s. It was about 28cm or more. It was thick and curved upwards.

“I’ve come to see if you guys were awake and just look at what I’ve found here!” Giancarlo said in English as he stroked his big cock. “Very big ones here! Pierre! Clive! Luigi … they are big!”

Giancarlo! Non si può dire Mirabel o uno qualsiasi degli altri! Wow! Hai una grande troppo! (Giancarlo! You can’t tell Mirabel or anyone of the others! Wow! You’ve got a big one too!)” Luigi said and gasped at Giancarlo lazily jacking his cock while he leaned against the doorpost. Talk about nonchalant!

No, non voglio dire una parola se non si dice una parola! (No, I won’t say a word if you don’t say a word)!” Giancarlo said, licking his lips. “Hai girato un carico enorme, Piero! Si potrebbe fare un'intera scuola ragazze in stato di gravidanza con un carico! (You have shot an enormous load, Piero! You could make a whole girls school pregnant with one load!)”

Giancarlo, sei così difficile! Non sapevo che hai giocato ... con gli uomini? (Giancarlo, you’re so hard! I didn’t know you played … with men?)” Piero said, holding his cock while the last drops of cum dripped from the tip.

Normalmente non, ma in queste circostanze, non mi dispiacerebbe un po 'di attenzione da un uomo come … uno dei gemelli ... André? Antonio? (Normally I don’t but under these circumstances, I wouldn’t mind some attention from a man like … one of the twins … André? Antonio?)” Giancarlo said and pulled his balls out to showcase his full package.

It was a big uncut cock, thick with a big mushroom head. He had big balls and there was a considerable amount of hair showing above his cockshaft. His glans was shiny and wet with lots of precum.

Si vuole ... cazzo uno di loro? Giancarlo? Sei sposato con mia sorella! (You want to … fuck one of them? Giancarlo? You're married to my sister!)” Luigi said.

Sì, voglio accontentare. Un uomo sposato non ha sempre accesso 24/7 al sesso con la moglie! E sono eccitati ora! (Yes, I want to please. A married man doesn't always have 24/7 access to sex with his wife! And I’m horny now!)” Giancarlo said.

I looked at the sexy Italian. He was shorter than Luigi and Piero, but he had broad shoulders, his hands were fairly big and very neat and his dark stubble beard made him look like a very attractive member of the mafia!

Giancarlo’s cock was very inviting and after the beating my hole took the past 12 hours, his ‘smaller’ cock would be very welcome, I thought. Slut! He’s married!

“Antonio, would you like Giancarlo to fuck you?” Luigi asked. I didn’t catch all the Italian, as it was rather staccato for my inexperienced ears.

“I don’t know. It’s a thick one! Look at that big head,” I said.

“You’d be fine and I’ve known Giancarlo for almost 20 years. He won’t cause any trouble and he should be a safe bet,” Luigi said.

“Is he going to … take me?” Giancarlo asked Luigi in English.

Mio caro? Are you willing to do it?” Luigi asked.

“I’ll suck Antonio off while Giancarlo fucks him,” Giovanni said and pushed his hard cock against my butt. “Yes?”

“Giancarlo, if we agree to this, it can never get out. Mirabel will divorce you and Nonna would never forgive you. Promise!” Luigi said as Giancarlo approached us. He was still stroking his cock and it was clear this man was super hot after seeing us in action and Piero shooting his huge load against the glass wall of the shower.

Piero was approaching us too, his cock still hard and very wet with cum.

Giancarlo, si prega di essere gentile con lui. Alcuni di noi hanno già scopata nostro ragazzo ed è necessario trattarlo bene, OK? (Giancarlo, please be gentle with him. A few of us have already fucked our boy and you need to treat him nicely, OK?)” Piero said and touched my back.

Piero, conosco un sacco di fare l'amore! Non ho intenzione di spingere solo in lui e fargli del male! Ho avuto un paio di esperienze con gli uomini un po 'di tempo fa. Sarò gentile! (Piero, I know a lot about making love! I’m not going to just push into him and hurt him! I have had a few experiences with men some time ago. I’ll be gentle!)” Giancarlo said and stood right in front of me, his big cock touching my rock-hard cock sticking out towards him.

I looked up into his eyes and saw the lust, but also kindness – he wasn’t riff-raff and no yobba either. He was a man in need of some man-on-man action and I was available. His very dark eyes had a friendly sparkle in them and his very neat eyebrows made him look a distinguished mafioso. His hair was ever so slightly curly and was cut shorter than Piero’s hair.

Giancarlo leaned forward and kissed me …! He kissed me! Wow! His mouth was soft, his lips were full and he smelled good. His hard wet cock pushed against mine and then I felt some more hands on us.

The others were still hard and randy and they joined in. Johann and Gunther were on one side offering their big cocks to be touched, with Juan and André on the other side. Giovanni was right behind me, his big cock in my crack …

Antonio, giusto? Ti dispiacerebbe succhiare il mio cazzo per favore? (Antonio, right? Would you mind sucking my cock please?)” Giancarlo said and kissed me again.

I put my hand out and touched the hard wet cock. It really was thick and the big mushroom head put it in another league altogether. The head was big! I put my hand over the shaft and then my other hand as well – the head still stuck out. It was bigger than I thought it was. I was going to feel it, that was for sure!

Giancarlo looked at me and smiled. “Per favore? (Please?)” He gently pushed on my shoulder. I sank to my knees and approached the big cock in front of me. It was in the league of Kamran it seemed, but it was thick and the big head … wow!

I licked the tip of the big mushroom and it was like Giancarlo received an electric shock. He gave a jolt forward, pushing his big mushroom head right into my mouth. It really was big! It slipped in and filled my mouth. The precum tasted wonderful. Giancarlo put his hands in my hair and murmured sweet nothings in Italian.

I saw someone leaning over me and kissed Giancarlo. It was Giovanni! Wow! Giancarlo was being treated to the whole nine yards!

Il mio uomo! Si può baciare! Wow! (My man! You can kiss! Wow!)” Giancarlo said and kissed Giovanni again.

Sì, ricordo che io sono mezzo italiano! Sappiamo come baciare e fare l'amore! (Yes, remember I’m half Italian! We know how to kiss and make love!),” Giovanni said and kissed Giancarlo again.

The big cock in my mouth was too thick to go into my throat – the head was just too big. So, I had to make do with sucking the big mushroom head, licking the precum, smelling his crotch … clean and manly, but with a faint hint of some expensive Italian perfume.

The balls were big, really big! Nobody in our group had quite such big hangers! I wondered about his load … would he be hyperspermic too?

Antonio, devo avvertirvi, il mio carico non è grande come il carico di Piero, ma è molto e sto andando a cum rapidamente. Dopo aver visto voi ragazzi, io sono molto eccitati. Inoltre, Mirabel non è troppo interessato al sesso. Quindi, il mio carico sta per essere grande! (Antonio, I have to warn you, my load isn’t as big as Piero’s load, but it’s a lot and I’m going to cum quickly. After watching you guys, I'm very horny. Plus, Mirabel isn’t too interested in sex. So, my load is going to be big!)” Giancarlo said, taking hold of my hair and pushing his cock gently deeper into my mouth.

Ho pensato che si voleva scopare lui? (I thought you wanted to fuck him?)” Luigi said.

Che cosa? Egli in realtà è pronto a prendere il mio cazzo in lui ...? Veramente? (What? He really is prepared to take my big cock in him …? Really?)” Giancarlo said, his hands in my hair, not moving.

Sì, lo farebbe, ma devi essere gentile, come ho già detto. Noi lo amiamo e che non può fargli del male. Ma tu hai un pene maledetto spessore Giancarlo! Mio caro, OK se ti scopa? (Yes, he would, but you have to be gentle, as I’ve said. We love him and you can’t hurt him. But you have a damn thick penis Giancarlo! Mio caro, OK if he fucks you?)” Piero said.

I let go of the big cockhead and stood up. I wanted to kiss this man again. Giovanni was still behind me and pushed his cock in my crack as I was standing in front of Giancarlo. He really was an attractive man with a very nice mouth, nice nose and friendly brown eyes. I leaned forward and kissed him. He closed his eyes and kissed me back. Wow! He really was a good kisser!

I had his cock in my hand and realised again I couldn’t get my hand around the shaft … wow!

Si prega di succhiare me un po 'di più, Antonio! Per favore? Le donne non piace farlo ... per favore? (Please suck me some more, Antonio! Please? Women don’t like to do it … please?)” Giancarlo said with pleading eyes.

That would be an easy request, as I’d love to feel that thick cock with the huge head in my mouth again!

I sank to my knees and took the big head in my mouth again. It was a spectacular cockhead. The piss-slit was big and the poor man must’ve been starving in this regard. I’ve heard that not many women liked to give head. Well, I was more than willing to suck him again.

The big piss-slit was starting to leak lots of precum and it tasted good. The huge head filled my mouth again and the ample length of around 28cm or more was more than enough to jack him too.

Behind me Giovanni also sank to his knees and was riding my crack with his cock: up and down over my hole, teasing me, leaking precum on me. He was stroking my back and my half-bred darling was making me groan with pleasure. Then it happened … his big cock started to enter me … the big head was pushing in on its huge amount of precum. My man was a heavy precummer and it was enough to let him in without any problem.

“Hmmmm!” I groaned with Giancarlo’s big cockhead in my mouth.

I didn’t mind Giovanni pushing into me as he was such an incredible and beautiful man, he could fuck me anytime.

Giovanni’s big cock with the downward curve pushed in deeper. I lifted my butt to get more of it in me.

“Half-bred! You jackal! Taking advantages, eh? Again?” Pierre said and stood closer and ruffled Giovanni’s hair. “Be careful not to hurt our boy!”

“Never! You should know that Italians, and even half-breds, make love, not war!” Giovanni quipped as his huge cockhead slipped in deeper, rubbing over my prostate. I was so hot and randy. I had my work cut out not to cum. It felt wonderful to have him in me again. The fucking he and Luigi gave me earlier was obviously not enough to quench his lust for me. His week in Dublin was long, away from ‘his Antonio’!

Giovanni pushed deeper into me and I marvelled at the size of the man’s cock. He was definitely a very sexy hung stud! And he knew how to fuck!

Il mio uomo, non rendere il vostro ragazzo eiaculare! Voglio scopare lui per primo! (My man, don’t make our boy ejaculate! I want to fuck him first!)” Giancarlo said and his cock twitched in my mouth.

“Antonio, I’m dying to fuck you and cum, but let me give Giancarlo a chance!” Giovanni, ever the gentleman, said and started to pull out.

“Precum men! Donations please!” André said and stepped closer, jacking his cock to get precum. Pierre and Clive were close behind him with their dripping cocks in their hands, ready to put their precum on Giancarlo’s cock or on my hole.

Giovanni’s big cockhead slipped out and I could feel the big load of cum in me.

“My man, my cock is sopping wet! You're filled with cum!” Giovanni said.

My hole was wet now, open and stretched. It was ready for Giancarlo’s big cockhead.

“You're so nice and loose and wet inside Antonio! Giancarlo, you’re going to enjoy this very much! Enjoy!” Giovanni said. I let go of Giancarlo’s big cockhead and stood up. I looked at Giovanni’s cock: it was indeed very wet. My godd! And Giancarlo was going to add his pent up load in me!

Giancarlo, non fanno male il nostro ragazzo! Lentamente! Non si spara un grande carico? (Giancarlo, don’t hurt our boy! Slowly! Do you shoot a big load?)” Piero said and touched his uncle’s big cock with the big head.

Non è così grande come i carichi Piero, ma sì, io sparo un grande carico. Si può prendere un po 'di più, Antonio? (Not as big as your loads Piero, but yes, I shoot a big load. Can you take some more, Antonio?)” Giancarlo said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if you want to fuck our boy, get it over with. Donations please boys!” Pierre said and took the precum from his cock and rubbed it over my hole. Of course his middle finger slipped in … snake!

The others stood closer and added their precum to the big cock or my hole. We were ready.

“Please speak English so we can understand what is going on!” Pierre said. He was jealous of the Italians, but he kept his composure.

“OK, I can do that, but I don’t know how to say all in English! Antonio, I push in now, OK?” Giancarlo said.

“Yes please, but … lentamente (slowly)!” I said and turned around. Pierre and Clive were on either side of Giovanni and they took me in their arms. They really loved me very much.

Behind me Giancarlo lined up his cock on my hole. I bent slightly forward and pushed my butt out. The huge cockhead prodded my hole and slipped over the hole up in my crack. It was clear Giancarlo wasn’t used to do that.

Giancarlo pushed his cock down my crack and the big head aligned with my hole. He pushed forward and the cockhead stretched my hole. Ahhh! It really was big, but after the two doubles I’ve had earlier and Piero fucking me all night long, it slipped in … it was like a rubber stopper popping through a narrow opening: the big glans slipped past the sphincter and it was in!

“Ahhh! Oh fuck! Giancarlo, you don’t have the biggest cock here but the head is huge and the shaft is thick! Yes! Slowly please!” I said and sought Giovanni’s mouth to kiss and distract me from the discomfort of the big cock entering me.

Giovanni was just too happy to oblige. The half-bred we met on the Underground in London was a real darling and I knew he loved me very much. His mouth was soft and sensual on my lips. He had his right hand behind my neck and his left hand was stroking my face.

“Antonio, you have no idea how much I love you … you’re such a wonderful guy!” Giovanni said and kissed me again.

The big cock in me was sliding into me and it was stretching me something awful! But, at the same time, it felt wonderful. Giancarlo might have been a married man with little experience of man sex, but he was gentle and he intuitively knew to be careful not to hurt me. I was sure Mirabel must have had problems with his cock in the beginning. It was big – full stop!

The big cock grazed over my prostate and I almost shot my load. I groaned in Giovanni’s mouth.

“Antonio let me suck you as promised,” Giovanni said and sank down on his knees to take my cock in his mouth. Pierre stepped up with Clive next to him and they started to kiss me. My wonderful men! I took their cocks in my hands … the 33cm cocks were very hard and sopping wet again!

“Oh fuck, I’ve missed you so much the past week! I love my big boertjie very much, but I love you best of all! You’re such a wonderful man and sex with you is amazing!” Clive said.

[‘Boertjie’ = diminutive of ‘boer’, which literally means ‘young farmer’ but in South Africa the terms ‘boer’ and ‘boertjies’ are sometimes used (derogatively by some politicians and haters of white people) for all white people]

“I love you too Clive. You’re such a wonderful and sexy gentleman! You and Pierre are like two peas in a pod … ahhh!” I said as my cock disappeared into Giovanni’s skilful mouth. At that rate I was guaranteed to shoot my load in no time. I hoped Giancarlo wasn’t going to take too long to cum …

Giancarlo’s big cockhead got stuck at the inner sphincter and it was clear he didn’t have a clue … he stopped and held me by the hips.

“Push in deeper,” I said breaking the kiss with Clive.

“My cock is in deep in you,” Giancarlo said.

“No, push in. You have to push to go past the obstacle there. Push!” I said.

Veramente (Really)? I am not hurting you?” Giancarlo said but pushed gently.

! Push in … ahhh!” I said and just then the big head slipped through the ring muscle … ahh!

Giancarlo pushed in deeper and groaned like a bear in heat!

“This is wonderful! Ahhh! Yes! I want it again! Per favore?” Giancarlo said as his cock twitched inside me. He started to fuck me with slow deep thrusts.

“Giancarlo, you are married to my aunt! No! No more!” Piero piped up. My young lover was jealous and didn’t like the idea of his uncle fucking me.

“It’s OK, Piero … ahhh! Oh fuck! Your cock is big, Giancarlo!” I said and touched Piero’s face as he approached us. “I don’t mind at all.”

“Yes, but I mind. I have to share you with all the others already, not my uncle too!” Piero said indignant.

“Piero, I have always spoiled you. Allow me this please? Per favore mio ragazzo? (Please my boy?)” Giancarlo said as he fucked me.

“Yes, but he is mine!” Piero said, making a mistake saying that in front of the others!

“Excuse me Piero! He is NOT yours! He is ours! You may share but he is not yours!” Pierre said and looked at Piero with disdain. “You’ve only arrived on the scene yesterday and now you claim our boy for yourself! No ways!”

“No, I mean my uncle can’t have him just like that! It’s not right!” Piero tried to save face.

“I agree but that’s how it is. Ant loves to get fucked and Giancarlo has a spectacular cock. Luigi, you’re OK with this?” Pierre said.

“Yes, but this is an exception. Giancarlo, che non può accadere tutti i giorni della settimana. Ti daremo questa opportunità. Non riesco ancora a credere che tu sia bisessuale! Bisogna tacere su questo! (Giancarlo, it can’t happen every day this week. We’ll give you this opportunity. I still can’t believe you’re bisexual! You have to keep quiet about this!)” Luigi said. “Are you OK mio caro?”

“I’m fine. Piero, please let it be now. You had me for the whole night last night. Giancarlo, you better cum now! I’m about to whitewash Giovanni’s mouth! Ahhh!” I was teetering on the verge of no return … I was about to shoot my load!

“Yes, I cum now. This is very good. I cum now! Ahhh!” Giancarlo said and I could feel the big cock in me has grown very hard. He was about to shoot his load.

The big cock in me started to spasm … Giancarlo groaned and gasped. It was clear this kind soul hasn’t had sex in days or even weeks! He was about to shoot his load deep into me!

I myself have been fucked royally and I was ready to blow my load too! My cock in Giovanni’s mouth felt wonderful but … I started to cum!

The cum squirted from my cock into Giovanni’s mouth … and Giancarlo’s big cock spurted its load into me … He hugged me from behind and I felt his belt buckle pushing against me. He still had his clothes on and his pants were merely pushed down to his knees.

Giancarlo kissed me in the neck. I turned my head but he was slightly shorter so I got a kiss on the cheek.

The thick cock with its huge head was spasming in me, and yes, it was most definitely a big load. It wasn't Piero’s hyperspermic load, but it was a big load nonetheless.

In front of me Pierre and Clive were cumming into each other’s crotches, whitewashing their bushes and cockshafts and tummies.

I heard the others groan too and it was clear most of them were cumming again. Piero was still fingering his big rubbery cock but he and Luigi were about the only ones that didn’t cum again. I was sure there was going to be a monumental mess on the floor, but I’ve forgotten about the sexual prowess of my men: they might have been mostly tops, they liked a cumload in their mouths from time to time.

Giovanni let go of my sensitive cock and stood up. He kissed me and of course … my man gave me some of my cum to taste! Wow! It was nice to be on the receiving end tasting my own cum for a change.

Pierre and Clive stood closer to us again and pushed their cummy crotches against us. I touched their cocks and was pleasantly surprised to feel the big loads in their pubic hair. My men were all cock and cum hounds like me!

Luigi stepped up as did the others, including Piero. We were all hugging and kissing. Giancarlo still had his big cock deep inside me and was blown away by the obvious love between all of us. The hugging, the kissing and arms all over each other.

“I see you all love him very much! I like this! Piero, you know I love you very much!” Giancarlo said and put his right hand behind Piero’s head and pulled him closer. I saw Giancarlo wanted to kiss Piero, not that it was strange to see Italian men kiss each other on the cheek. However, Giancarlo kissed Piero on the mouth and hugged him close. His body was pushed against mine and I felt his rubbery cock was still fairly big.

Giancarlo, sei un serpente a due teste! Sei sposato con mia zia e sei fottuto il mio nuovo ragazzo e ora mi baci! Cosa c'è dopo? Vuoi dormire con noi? (Giancarlo, you’re a two-headed snake! You are married to my aunt and you’re fucking my new boyfriend and now you kiss me! What is next? You want to sleep with us?)” Piero said but he kissed his uncle and put his forehead on his uncle’s forehead. “Cazzo, io ti amo più di tutti i miei zii ... adesso questo! Troppo! (Fuck, I do love you more than all my uncles … now this! Too much!)”

Basta che mi amano, Piero. Non sto prendendo il tuo nuovo ragazzo di distanza! Ti amo molto, ma si sa che! (Just love me, Piero. I’m not taking your new boyfriend away! I love you very much, but you know that!)” Giancarlo said and gently kissed his nephew again.

“Enough of this Italian jibber-jabber and soppy chummy kissy stuff! I’m hungry and there is enough cum here to glue us all together for life! I want to shower! And then breakfast! Giancarlo, did you actually come here to call us for breakfast?” André put in and feigned disgust with all the hugging, the cum between us and of course Giancarlo still inside me. “Ita, pull your thick cock out of my brother, now! Sheez! Jy weet (You know)!”

“Yes, Nonna Marena and the others said breakfast would be ready in 15 minutes … that was 10 minutes ago! Get showered and come down as soon as you can!” Giancarlo said as he slowly pulled out of me.

Fuck! It was big cock and it felt wonderful to have it in me!

“See! I’ve told you! Come on you sex perverts! Let go of my baby bro, you sex maniac! Come on guys! Why do I have to beg you to behave like real human beings? Ek bel nou my Pa (I'm calling my Dad now)! Oww! What? Juan, have you become one of the hordes of sexual perverts now? Boo-hoo! Baby bro, this ogre is hitting me!” André was relentless!

Giancarlo’s thick cock with the big head slipped out and yes, there was an unholy amount of cum in me. The men really pumped lots into me!

Giancarlo, hai davvero un grosso cazzo con una grande testa! Wow! (Giancarlo, you really have a thick cock with a big head! Wow!)” Piero said and touched his uncle’s thick rubbery cock.

Non è così grande come la tua, ma grazie! (Not as big as yours, but thanks!)” Giancarlo said.

“Ahhh! This was special, Antonio! I will always remember! Lasciami lavare il mio pene e quindi voi ragazzi hanno la doccia e venire giù per favore! Piero, sei il mio nipote preferito! (Let me wash my penis and then you guys have to shower and come down please! Piero, you’re my favourite nephew!)” Giancarlo said and ruffled Piero’s hair as he walked to the basin to rinse off his cock.

Sì, solo perché si scopato il mio ragazzo! Ma ho anche ti amo Giancarlo! (Yes, just because you fucked my boyfriend! But I also love you Giancarlo!) Come guys! Let’s get showered!” Piero said and flicked his uncle’s head on his way back into the showering enclosure behind the glass wall. Almost all his cum had run down the glass … Fuck! What a waste!

Giancarlo washed his cock and we got into the shower.

What away to start our day and week in Firenze!


Giancarlo turned towards the basin before the rest of us bundled into the shower.

Even though this 35-year old husband of Mirabel wasn’t as sexy or tall as Luigi and Piero, he was sexy enough, and his big thick cock with its huge head was a something to behold. Plus, he was an excellent kisser. Once again, not in the same league as his brother-in-law and nephew, but he was a nice guy and the sex with him was very good.

He finished washing his cock and dried the big rubbery dong before he wrestled it back into his pants, and zipped up. He came back to where I was. The others started the shower.

Giancarlo looked me in the eye, groped his package to readjust his still rubbery cock. He winked and smiled. I smiled at him and turned towards Piero who was pulling me towards him.

“Don’t start perving after my uncle! You have Luigi and me! Come Antonio, I’ll wash your back,” Piero said. Hmmm! My new love interest was not easily going to allow anybody close to me if he could help it. He was a bit jealous, but he wasn’t mean.

I put my one hand behind Piero’s head and kissed him. “I love you Piero, so don’t worry about Giancarlo. You have nothing to fear, OK?”

Giancarlo left the bathroom under a plethora of hoots and cheers. “What a hung stallion! Phew! Antonio, he fucked you good! Giancarlo, you’re the man!” He just smiled and waved as he left the bathroom.

We showered, we washed each other’s backs, groped each other, kissed every other guy, stroked each other’s backs and chests … if we didn’t cum a few minutes earlier, this could’ve been another orgy in the making! Sex addicts, the whole lot of us! With a splattering of jackals and snakes in between!


After showering, we towelled each other dry, kissed each other once again, groped some more while drying our ‘family jewels’, and hugged someone here and there.

I looked at each of them. They were all sexy as fuck, tall and handsome men! Even though André and I weren’t small in the cock department, we were smaller than everybody else. Pierre and Clive topped the charts in that department, each of them standing proud at 33cm. Some were hairier than others, but we were all well-built, had big feet and I realised just how much I loved them all.

The only one who would win hands-down if ever I had to make a final decision, was Luigi … for some reason, this man had stolen my heart and being with him was special and I knew he loved me very much himself.

Pierre, Clive, Giovanni … what’s not to like or love? Juan, André, Gunther and Johann. Same there: I loved them all very much.

And then there was Piero, the new-comer. Oh fuck! This man was a dreamy, beautiful man with sexy eyes. A hairy hung hunk and his hyperspermia was exquisite and special. He was competing with Pierre and Clive and Giovanni for second place in my heart. I was in deep shit. This man was bamboozling me and I liked him very much … too much.


We brushed our hair, put creams and moisturisers on our faces, under our eyes, hands and then deodorant and perfume.

“What is that? It smells very nice!” Piero said and took the Tom Ford Noir from my hand. “Zio Luigi (Uncle Luigi), where is my Christmas present?” he joked. “Wow! This really is very nice! Whose choice is this?”

“It’s your uncle’s choice. It is really nice,” I said. “How about one of our extra bottles … Luigi?”

Sì, naturalmente! Ti darò una nuova bottiglia che ho comprato all'aeroporto di Heathrow. Ho potuto ottenere di più al Leonardo da Vinci quando ce ne andiamo  (Yes, of course! I’ll give you a new bottle I bought at Heathrow Airport. I could get more at the Leonardo da Vinci when we leave),” Luigi said.

Veramente? Luigi, sei il migliore zio del mondo! Grazie! Grazie! Ti amo tanto! (Really? Luigi, you're the best uncle in the world! Thanks! Thanks! I love you so much!)” Piero said and hugged his uncle, kissing him in the neck. His arms were around Luigi’s neck and chest. It was very clear this wasn’t just because of the Tom Ford – he really loved Luigi. But then again: what’s not to love about my sexy lovable husband?

We finished the bathroom ritual and when we went into our bedroom, Luigi took the new bottle of Tom Ford from his bag and gave it to Piero. The boy actually got teary when he took it from Luigi. This guy from a rich family still appreciated a gift from his uncle. He hugged and kissed Luigi again. “Luigi, sei solo il più meraviglioso zio! Grazie! (Luigi, you’re just the most wonderful uncle! Thanks!)”

Piero and Giovanni ran naked out the door to their bedroom (‘their bedroom’, only for appearance sakes, but that‘s debatable!), Gunther and Johann to theirs and Juan and André to theirs to get dressed.

Within a minute André was back with two outfits so we could choose what to wear. We chose some of the nice Boss clothes we got in London. I suggested our blue scarves with the black jackets.


Within 5 minutes all the guys reassembled in our room before we went down for breakfast. We all looked snazzy and I had to laugh when Pierre commented that André and I looked like the sexy evil twins … He winked at me and pointed at André with his chin. We knew who was the ‘evil’ one!

“Hey! Hey! Hey! I also have feelings! I’m not evil! I’m just boisterous at times. Sometimes my batteries give a surge of power and … and … Stop treating me like a leper! I’m just … boisterous! Yes, that’s it! Now leave me alone! I’m calling my Dad!” André said and we cracked up laughing. ‘Boisterous’? Boisterous my eye!


Breakfast in Italy isn’t a big affair as is the case in South Africa and other parts of the world. The Italians didn't eat a big breakfast but when it came to lunch and dinner, it was a different story.

However, nonna Marena and Gabriella, assisted by Lorenza, Perlita and Mirabel have whipped up quite a nice breakfast. It was clear they knew about South African breakfasts. Perhaps nonna Marena’s father spoke about it, but with Internet, it would be quite easy to see what is on the menu for breakfast in our fatherland.

“Good morning nonna Marena and all the rest! Did you all sleep well?” Luigi said and kissed his mother. He was leading the pack, Piero close behind him. There was a nice smell of bacon and coffee in the air.

The other men were all already seated around the big table drinking coffee. One thing Gregorio was adept with was making cappuccino! He was taking orders and while the ladies were finalising the breakfast, we enjoyed the aromatic black beverage. We sat at the table and soon there was a lively discussion on the day ahead. It would appear the d’Antonios and Morettis have planned quite a day and week for us.

“Giancarlo has to show you his beautiful photographs of Firenze and Tuscany! He is the master of his camera!” Armando said. He was obviously very proud of his brother-in-law’s photographic abilities.

“Yes, we would love you to show us! And of the Piazzale Michelangelo!” Luigi said. “The others are keen to see your photos of our beautiful city!”

Giancarlo was very much at ease with us, even though he had fucked me half an hour earlier. Hmm.

“Yes, I can show them tonight. Nonna, Mirabel said it’s pizza tonight? Meraviglioso! (Wonderful!).

! Pizza. You men do like pizza?” Nonna Marena said. “We could have an evening with pizza, wine and songs! Neapolitan songs, yes?”

Ahhh! My favourites all in one place: pizza, wine, Neapolitan songs … ahhh! … and all the beautiful men with me! Plus this wonderful Italian family. Could it get any better?

Armando told us about our day in the city. The trip for the day would centre on the Duomo, Giotto’s graceful campanile, the Uffizi, the Accademia and the Ponte Vecchio. We’ve seen the Duomo from the Piazzale Michelangelo and now we were going to visit it!

Breakfast was ready and we dug in. I noticed my brother was really digging in … I wonder what happened between him and Juan the previous night … hmmm!

There was muesli, but then they also had orange juice, bacon and eggs – fried, boiled or scrambled, fried tomatoes and a variety of bread, plain or toasted with cheese, honey, jams and yoghurt. Breakfast was good enough and we ate like wolves. One wouldn’t say we had a dinner to end all dinners the night before!

While we sat around the table, I listened to what was being said, watching the people. Nonna Marena was her friendly, stylish self. Her daughters were all dressed casual but very classy. The men ranged from the older Armando, about Dad’s age to Giancarlo, just older than Luigi. They were all dressed very nicely with their stylish sweaters and beautiful shirts.

I stole a look at Giancarlo and caught him looking at me. He dared not wink at me but he did smile very nonchalantly, knowing what he left in me half an hour earlier … I looked him in the eye and nodded ever so slightly, and mouthed ‘grazie’ (thanks). He just smiled. He had the most gorgeous mouth with full lips and his stubble was pitch-black. He was also very clearly in the 5 o’clock shadow bunch. I remembered feeling it on my face earlier. I looked at his hands and saw they were big, very clean, nails as clean as a whistle. It was clear he didn’t do any manual labour. I started talking to him about his photography. He told me he specialised in photography for car manufacturers, but also did photo shoots for magazines, cookbooks and travelling brochures.

“I want to come visit your country. One of the magazines wants me to do a shoot of Cape Town for an article on travel. They want Table Mountain, the Kirst … some garden?”

“Kirstenbosch. It’s beautiful and a world-renowned botanical garden,” I helped him.

“Ahh yes … that’s it. Then the tip of Cape Point, Simon’s Town, Paarl and the winelands and the West Coast. I don’t have all the details but I’d like to ask you for help when I come there, right?”

“Yes, of course! Just let me know when. I do have lots to do, what with studies, hockey, my husband … erm … Luigi … and the others … erm … you know … and of course the modelling. But when you come, just let me know and we’ll accommodate you … erm … I … erm … You’re welcome to visit!” I stuttered and knew I was blushing! “Luigi and I will host you and we’ll show you the spots the usual tourists don’t see. The best time is March, April. But we have a number of people who are going to visit us this year, so you need to let us know beforehand. It would be nice to see you there. Your mother-in-law also wants to come … but you don’t have to come together … erm … I … erm … it would be nice to see you … hmmm!” I stammered, feeling my cock growing hard, looking at this attractive man with his thick cock with the big glans … oh fuck! I really was a cum slut!

“Yes, nonna Marena and I won’t be coming together. We get along fine, but I’d be going for no more than a week and I know she’d want to stay for at least 3 weeks, visiting places she remembers where her dad was. So yes … it would be nice to see you. You need to give me your details … erm … so I could … send you my details … erm … hmmm … you know?” Giancarlo said and blushed. I knew what he wanted to send me!

“*Is my brother-in-law chatting you up again? Jackal!*” Luigi whispered close to my ear. He touched my leg and brushed against my hard-on. “*You're insatiable mio caro!*”

“*Yes, I wouldn’t mind him again. It was an experience!*” I whispered back.

“*We’ll see. It was a new experience to see my sister’s husband and you … wow!*”

“More coffee? Anybody?” Gregorio said and headed towards the barista machine.

Everybody wanted more coffee, except for nonna Marena, Gabriella and of course Fiorella. Gregorio really was the master at the machine. Very flavourful, strong and delicious.

We finished our breakfast and thanked the ladies and Gregorio for a scrumptious breakfast and very nice cappuccinos. It was time to brush our teeth, get our jackets and scarves, and head out to see the sights of Firenze.

“Remember to bring your small backpacks. Nonna Marena will have something prepared to take with us,” Luigi said just before we were about to leave.


While we were upstairs to prepare for a day in Firenze, Giancarlo and Armando brought the Kombi’s to the front. The others had to attend to the shop and leather factory so they wouldn’t join us, we were told.

The oldest and youngest of the husbands – the same two who picked us up fro the Leonardo da Vinci – were going to take us into the city to see the most popular tourist attractions.

I was as excited as a boy before Christmas! Firenze! Oh, I was looking forward to that! To see the Uffizi, the Duomo, the David in the Accademia and the Ponte Vecchio … wow! How I wished Dad and Mom were there to enjoy it with us!

Nonna and Gabriella have prepared some light snacks for us and these were neatly packed in small plastic containers. We each got two 250ml bottled water and a fruit juice, which we put in our backpacks and we were out the house.

We got into the kombis like the previous day. In our Kombi with Giancarlo behind the steering wheel it was Luigi, Piero, Pierre, Giovanni and I. The rest was in the Kombi with Armando. His wife Gabriella had to attend to business in the factory office.

Piero sat next to me with Pierre on my other side. Luigi was in the passenger seat next to Giancarlo again. The two of them were discussing our day in the city.

After a night of sex with Piero, he was much more relaxed sitting next to me. He had his arm around my shoulder, and so was Pierre. I was ensconced between the two hunky men.

The trip through the suburbs was slow due to the Monday traffic. Eventually we reached a parking area just on the outskirts of the main area we wanted to visit.

We got out and donned our scarves. It wasn’t cold enough for beanies.

Giancarlo was in charge and boy! Did he know what was going on!

First up was a walk to the Ponte Vecchio. Wow! It was centuries old but it was a spectacular sight. It was lined with shops, jewellery shops, scarves and even a gelato shop. It was a bit early for ice cream although the vibrant colours of the ice creams were very inviting!

This bridge does get packed with tourists, but it really was a special place that should be experienced more than once. It was once believed that it was originally built in Roman times, but the Ponte Vecchio we saw was built in 1345. It has always housed tiny shops, and now jewellery, especially gold, was sold behind beautiful old shop doors.

The jewellery items were exquisite but so were the prices! We just looked and appreciated the skills of the goldsmiths.

We took many pictures in front of the bridge and on it. There was a bronze bust of Benvenuto Cellini in one of the openings in the bridge.

Benvenuto Cellini who lived from 3 November 1500 to 13 February 1571, was an Italian goldsmith, sculptor, draftsman, soldier, musician, and artist who also wrote a famous autobiography and poetry.

And like in so many other European cultures, history is cherished and in general statues were never vandalised … more than what could be said about what was happening back home … sad, but true.

Piero was next to me and at times he brushed his shoulder against mine. When I looked at him, I saw the kind face of a young man falling in love. He was dying to do more but he didn’t.

Luigi squeezed Piero’s arm and whispered something in his ear. He kissed Piero on the cheek and gave him a hug.

, Luigi!” he said and kissed his uncle.

It was obviously something to do with Piero and me.

Piero leaned towards me and said softly: “Mio caro, muoio dalla voglia di toccarti, ma può attendere per stasera! Sono di nuovo eccitati! (I’m dying to touch you, but it can wait for tonight! I’m horny again)!” He squeezed my hand.

Pierre was right behind me and he must have seen what Piero was doing. He put his hands on our necks and pushed his head between us.

“You’re a dog, Piero! I can see what is going on! Remember, you only met our boy yesterday! Watch it!” Pierre said and squeezed our necks.

“Yes, OK! You’re mean to me!”

Piero didn’t touch me so obviously again, but he stayed right next to me.

“Boys, the rest of the sightseeing will take around 3 hours. I hope you are ready for some walking. We’re walking to the Duomo now. Notice the streets’ surface and the beauty of the buildings. We’re very proud of our city, even though it’s old and needs some attention in places,” Giancarlo said and led the way.

“From the Ponte Vecchio to the Duomo, Florence has some of the most famous sights which are famous for good reason – you can’t miss a single one!” Giancarlo continued. “On this walking tour you’ll discover all of the city’s top sights and we will make the most of every minute we have together. Armando and I will bring the city to life with stories and details from the city’s long and dramatic past. We’ll skip the line access at Michelangelo’s David and the Duomo. Come, Mirabel has booked tickets for the David and the Duomo on line,” Giancarlo said as we walked towards the Duomo.

Armando and Giancarlo were very knowledgeable and when we reached the Piazza del Duomo, they told us more about the ancient structures. It was beautiful!

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower or Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, is a major tourist attraction in the city of Firenze. Being the major Cathedral church in Firenze, large crowds of tourists come to it for religious as well as sightseeing purposes.

Located in the Piazza del Duomo, Il Duomo di Firenze, as it is commonly called, is set amid the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile. This cathedral is one of Italy’s largest churches, and at the time of its creation, the dome was the largest in the world. Due to modern methods of construction, it has now lost this prestigious rank. However, at a height of 114.5 meters, it still remains the largest brick dome that was ever constructed.

The cathedral was built on the site of an old cathedral. The construction was initiated from 1294, but after the death of the first architect, many others took over this project in turn. Ultimately, Filippo Brunelleschi completed it in 1436 after nearly 140 years.

The dome of the cathedral is octagonal in shape and it was the first dome of its kind to be built without a wooden supporting frame. The cathedral has two bronze doors, both of them depicting sculptures of famous artists, such as Donatello. Out of the six ornamentally decorated windows installed within the structure, only four admit light into the interior, the other two windows are for decoration purposes only. There are also 44 other stain-glass windows created by some of the famous Florentine artists of those times that depict saints from the Old and New Testament. That is one of the most notable features of this church.

The exterior of the basilica is decorated with multi-colored marble panels in shades of green, pink and white to replicate the decorated walls of the other two buildings in the Piazza del Duomo, i.e. the Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile (Bell Tower).

The interior of the cathedral is vast and gives an empty appearance to visitors when they first walk in. Closer inspection tells you that the entire place is decorated with various paintings and works of arts, increasing the historical worth of this structure. It is built in the form of a basilica, having a wide central nave of four square bays, with an aisle on each side. The entire plan of the church forms a Latin cross when seen from overhead.

A unique piece of decoration is a clock set above the main door. It is decorated by frescoes of four Prophets made by Paolo Uccello. This amazing clock is one of the rarest timepieces available that depicts a 24-hour clock that strikes the 24th hour at sunset. This time setting had been used in the 18th century and this clock is one of the few working time-pieces of that era.

The crypt under the cathedral has been the place of burial for many Florentines. Near to the entrance of the crypt, in the area open to public, Brunelleschi’s tomb is located. Giving him such a prestigious burial place shows that the Florentines gave high esteem to the architect.

A huge statue of Brunelleschi is also present in the Piazza del Duomo, positioned in such a manner that it seems like he is looking up at his greatest accomplishment, a masterpiece; a massive dome that will forever dominate the skyline of Florence!

The Florence Baptistery also known as the Baptistery of Saint John, is a religious building in Florence, Italy, and has the status of a minor basilica. The octagonal baptistery stands in both the Piazza del Duomo and the Piazza San Giovanni, across from Florence Cathedral and the Campanile di Giotto.

The Baptistery is one of the oldest buildings in the city, constructed between 1059 and 1128. The Baptistery is renowned for its three sets of artistically important bronze doors with relief sculptures. Andrea Pisano created the south doors and the north and east doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti. Michelangelo dubbed the east doors the Gates of Paradise. These doors which were exquisite and very popular with tourists. They were beautiful and we photographed them from all angles.

The Italian poet Dante and many other notable Renaissance figures, including members of the Medici family, were baptized in this baptistery. In fact, until the end of the nineteenth century, all Catholic Florentines were baptized here.

Giancarlo and Armando gave us running commentary as we gawked at these ancient structures.

“Who wants to climb Giotto’s Campanile (Bell Tower)? You should climb either the Bell Tower or Duomo for views of the city. The bell tower is less crowded, cheaper, and gives you a close-up view of the outside of the dome,” Armando advised. “It’s also wonderful to climb up the Duomo, but from the Campanile, you can see the outside structure and architecture of the Duomo. We’ll come back later in the week if you wanted to go up into the Duomo.”

We got in the short line to get tickets (€6 each) to climb to the top of the tower. We looked around and realised we were standing amidst history … where the Renaissance started, and where Michelangelo and other people like Dante lived. I was filled with awe and gratitude to be able to enjoy such beauty and such important history.

We started climbing the 414 steps … wow! It was a long way, but there are nice stops every couple of stories where one could take a break and survey the landscape. What I liked about the Bell Tower is that one could see the Duomo up close from the outside. The Duomo was spectacular.

While we were in the Bell Tower looking out over the city, the bells rang signalling it was 12 o’clock. That was loud and quite an experience.

I took out a bottle of water from my backpack and ate some of the snacks Nonna Marena and her team packed. Hmmm, it was tasty Italian biscotti and some dried fruit.

Then it was down the steps again to the Piazza below where we gathered. We took more photos of the spectacular buildings. We went to take another look at the bronze doors and marvelled at the beautiful exterior of the cathedral. Just marble wherever one looked.

Then we were off to the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze, or “Gallery of the Academy of Florence”. It is an art museum famed for being home to Michelangelo’s sculpture David. It hosts many other works of arts as well. Many of Michelangelo’s works of art are displayed here as well as various paintings, statues and sculptures from the 15th and 16th century. Pietro Leopoldo founded the Galleria dell’Accademia in 1784. He was the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

The original ‘David’ has been displayed here since 1873, when it was brought to the Academy for conservation purposes. A replica now stands in the Piazza della Signoria in place of the original. We walked up to the statue on its high pedestal … wow! The detail Michelangelo sculpted from marble was awesome. Once again, I couldn’t help to pity the poor statue to have such a small teeny weeny dick! It was tiny! But the feet and hands were big and in proportion (except the right hand), the muscles and even veins were visible. A masterpiece!

We took many pictures of one of the most famous statues in the world.

“Baby bro, did the men in 1500 really have such small cocks? Ag shame man!” André said and looked up at the small cock of David.

“No, I don’t think so but it was for modesty sakes that the cock was sculpted so small. Yes, shame man!” I added fuel to the fire.

“Guys, the poor man who modeled for this statue must have been on steroids! Just look at his weenie!” André, of course.

Armando and Giancarlo revealed the fascinating history of Michelangelo’s David, whose beauty and size had to be seen.

Giancarlo was on top of his game and gave us a quick background of the statue, which Armando hasn’t said yet.

“Political overtones led to the statue being attacked twice in its early days. Protesters pelted it with stones the year it debuted and in 1527, an anti-Medici riot resulted in its left arm being broken into three pieces by a bench flung from a window. It has been restored but the damage is evident.

“Then in 1991, an Italian artist Piero Cannata snuck a small hammer into the statue's home at the Galleria dell'Accademia. He approached the towering statue and promptly smashed off the second toe on his left foot. The museum's visitors leapt into action, converging on David's attacker, preventing him from doing any further damage and subduing him until the police arrived. When asked why he'd do such a thing, Cannata claimed that a model for the Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese, who was a rough contemporary of Michelangelo, had asked him to do it.”

We were also to see Michelangelo’s unfinished Slaves. Emerging from crude blocks of marble, they give an incredible insight into how Michelangelo worked and how difficult it must have been to achieve that butter-like softness in his sculptures.

I wandered off and whipped out my iPhone and found a plethora of information on Wikipedia:

Since David is one of the world's most popular pieces of art, there are reproductions of it on t-shirts, mouse pads, and just about any medium you can imagine. But even full-fledged replicas exist – and Florence has two of them: The real David sits here in the museum, a full-sized copy stands in its original place in front of the Palazzo Vecchio, and a bronzed replica towers over the city from its perch on Piazzale Michelangelo we saw the previous night. 

Over 8 million visitors a year trample through the Galleria dell'Accademia to take in the sight of David. Unfortunately, studies show that all this foot traffic creates vibrations that amount to little, near-constant earthquakes that are tearing at the marble and through recent restoration work of the centuries-old piece. 

Other works of art that this museum displays include the famous unfinished ‘Slaves‘, created by Michelangelo and brought to the Academy from the Grand Grotto of the Boboli Garden. An unfinished statue of Saint Mathews is also one of the pieces included among Michelangelo’s works of art.

Many other Florentine paintings of various artists are also on display throughout the Gallery. Some of the artists whose works have been displayed here, include, Paolo Uccello, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Sandro Botticelli and Andrea del Sarto. Giambologna’s ‘Rape of the Sabine Women‘ and Botticelli’s ‘Madonna of the Sea‘ are also in display at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

The museum does not just cater to art pieces. In the less crowded halls, you can see displays relating to the fields of music, botany, painting techniques or art symbols, etc. These displays allow you to gain a vast amount of knowledge in a variety of fields and there is something to keep everyone interested.

After we’ve seen the main attraction – David, of course – and some of the others – the unfinished statues and the paintings – we were off to the Piazza della Signoria.

We walked the short distance where we admired Firenze’s other world-famous sight, the towering Palazzo Vecchio, on the Piazzale del Signoria, the original site for Michelangelo’s ‘David’.  An exact replica stands in the Piazzale (but why is the replica so much less impressive?). It was of course because we knew it wasn’t the original and we’ve just seen the impressive original masterpiece.

There were many other masterpieces lined up … there were many! But after seeing the original David, one tends to compare the others with the huge masterpiece.

We took a short detour to the take a look at the Galleria degli Uffizi. We savoured the world’s greatest gallery of Renaissance art. Armando reminded us to look up at the marvellous frescoed hallway ceilings. Countless Italian masterpieces, but also works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck, and other leading European artists.

We heard the stories behind the statues at the Orsanmichele Church. We rubbed the Porcellino pig’s nose for good luck. We felt swept up by history at the Piazza della Repubblica, the ancient Roman forum that later became the city’s Jewish ghetto.

“Are you guys hungry for a Panini with meat and cheese? Nonna and the other ladies are baking pizza tonight, so see this as a snack! Yes?” Armando said and when he saw the eagerness on our faces, he led the way to a Panini shop.

“Not more than 2 slices of Panini each. They're big and you still need to taste the gelato!” Giancarlo said and ruffled André’s hair. He has caught on just how busy … no, the word André used to describe himself, was ‘boisterous’ … how boisterous my brother could be. “André, just 2 slices, yes?”

“Ita, I’ve spent 10 minutes to fix my hair for all the Italian stallions in Firenze – see, I know the Italian name! – and now you mess it up! What will the hot guys think of me? Pierre, where is your knife?” André piped up.

“Why do you need a knife?” Armando asked.

“Forget him! He is just joking. André, let it go!” Juan said and ruffled André’s hair again. “Only 2 half Paninis and that’s that!”

“You're all mean to me just because I’m so devastatingly sexy and attractive!” Yes, André! And Piero and Luigi and the rest – including me! – were ogres!

We each got our 2 different half Paninis. They were big and were given to us in oblong boxes into which the slices fitted. There were some tables outside the establishment and because the sun was out, we sat down and enjoyed our first real Italian Paninis. Mine had a chicken and tomato filling and the other one had prosciutto and cheese. They were delicious and the filter coffee we had with it – albeit not the exquisite cappuccinos of Gregorio – was nice and warm.

Then we walked back to the Arno River and walked along the banks towards the Ponte Vecchio. It was a wonderful way to spend time in Florence. We appreciated the architecture and the picture ‘painted’ by the bridge. Looking at the Ponte Vecchio from a distance, it was just breathtakingly beautiful.

We got a good view of the bridge in all its glory. It was what we saw from the Piazzale Michelangelo the previous day. It was breathtakingly beautiful and our iPhones whirred and clicked.

Giancarlo and Armando took some pictures of us with our iPhones, but Giancarlo whipped out his Canon and took professional photos of us sitting on the wall next to the river, and the bridge behind us. He even took some individual photos of us.

We walked back and Giancarlo told us the views from the bridge at sunrise and sunsets were beautiful. The previous night at sunset we saw the bridge from the Piazzale Michelangelo and it was awesome.

It was time for gelato! We went to the shop on the bridge and bought each three scoops in a tub (coppa), as it was better value than a cone (cono).

The taste was like nothing I’ve ever eaten in the line of ice cream before. I chose lemon, mango and strawberry. It tasted like the fruit itself!

“Come on guys, were going to take a drive through the city and past the Boboli Gardens where we’ll be going later the week,” Armando said and led the way back to the Kombis.

Thus far Firenze was wonderful.

Piero was next to me again and squeezed my hand a few times. I let him be as there were not many people on the streets and Luigi was talking to Pierre.

Wow, what a day so far, I thought. I’ve seen some ancient architecture and some of the most beautiful sights in the world. I have an Italian husband and his nephew as a lover, as well as a half-bred lover. I had enough reason to be in love with Italy, Firenze and the whole bunch of Italians in my life. I envied them to have such exquisite history and beautiful works of art.

= To be continued =



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