All in all 21 guests pitched up for the party. The wine and beer flowed freely. The food Pieter organised - all finger food and snacks - was great.

André's music was playing in the background and Juan and Mom had numerous candles all over the lounge and on the tables and on the patio. The atmosphere was magic.

Soon groups formed and there was much laughter on the patio and in the lounge.

Lukas made sure he stayed close to Johann. Johann, being the gentleman he was, pulled Lukas into the discussions and shared some interesting and funny anecdotes. At times Lukas was the centre of attention due to his involvement with the shoots, the models and things that sometimes did go wrong.

Werner was a delight. He was helpful and even assisted in getting drinks for people. At times he even did the rounds with some of the platters on his arms.

We prohibited Mom to lift a finger. She was forced to sit down and enjoy the evening. She and her friend seemed to enjoy themselves. Her friend was smitten with Gunther and at times he was sitting on his haunches in front of them and they were laughing heartily. Good, I thought, let Mom see what a nice guy he really was.

Of course the iPhone 6 was more in Gunther's hands than in his pocket. He just couldn't get enough of the phone! At times he and André had their heads together looking at some features and Apps. André had him connected to our WiFi and at times Gunther was downloading some nice Apps or checking for emails. The man was in love with his new toy!

Pieter, Claude and Dad were talking about our portfolios, the farm, Pieter's business and Claude told them about him helping at the modelling agency. At times they were laughing so loud, it was clear Claude was on top form. Pieter couldn't keep his hands off Claude. He always had a hand around Claude's shoulder or his hand on Claude's back. They made such a nice couple!

At some stage Mario also joined the group and he made them laugh with all the stories he had to tell about the restaurant and funny things that happened in the culinary world. Dad asked about his Italian roots and about his family still in Italy.

I wasn't eavesdropping but I did hear Mario mentioning a nephew who is a 'doctor' and I wasn't too sure I heard correctly but he said a name that sounded like Giuliano or Luigi or Luciano. There was so much laughter ... and Juan was talking to me, so I didn't pay any further attention to the discussion between Mario and Dad.

Juan, André and I were constantly kept busy tending to guests, chatting to school and hockey friends.

Our friends have never asked any personal questions about girls or our sexuality or the obvious turn of events with Juan ... but it was clear they understood the setup, especially after touring the house. Our picture above our king-size bed said it all. And nobody seemed perturbed. If anything, our friends were very relaxed about the setup and one of our teammates brazenly asked what it was like dating and sleeping with the coach. I ribbed them by saying my hockey has improved with leaps and bounds since Juan became part of our lives.

"It's like you've found a source of extra 'woema'!"

['Woema' = oomph]


Another one hinted at the huge hockey stick I played with now, and I winked, and nudged the guy.

"You have no idea!"

"You'll develop very strong wrists ... for sure!"

Juan, André and I have decided we were not going to hide it away that we were dating or that we were in a relationship, so we didn't ignore the remarks. Fortunately, none of the remarks were crude or aimed to hurt or belittle us. If anything, the guys were understanding. One guy said that our masculinity and adeptness on the hockey field threw them for a loop. They never suspected we were 'batting for the other team'. Yet another guy said he accepted us and had the highest respect for Juan, and for us being the nice guys we were. He said we gave gays a good name.

One guy, a giant named Herman Buys stuttered and amazed us when he said he was gay too ... My godd! We've helped a gay to come out! I looked at him and my mouth watered. He was a very hairy guy with huge hands and feet. He was at least 1,98m tall with dark brown hair. Hmmm! I was sure he would have a cock that would make my hole twitch. I thought of inviting Herman to come to the farm the next weekend.

When the topic of modelling came up, the hockey right hand wing said he wished we'd be on the front page of a major male magazine soon so we could piss on Johan Malherbe's batteries! Juan, André and I looked at each other and burst out laughing! Exactly what we said! Although Malherbe was an ace on the hockey field, he was a conceited rich brat asshole.

"If there is one thing I'd want for my birthday, it's to see Malherbe choke on his G&T!"

"I heard someone mention you might be going to London for Boss? Really?" another guy said.

"Yes, you might be looking at the faces on the front page of the February edition of GQ! We'll know by the end of October or earlier. There is also the possibility of a quick detour to Berlin. But, it's early days. We are excited though!" I gushed.

"And you both got Toyota Auris hybrids for your birthday last month? Wow! That's so cool! Are the cars here?"

"No, we're fetching them next weekend. They're at the farm. We didn't have parking for them at the flat."

"Coach, I heard you're starting a Ph. D. next year, working with that tall attractive guy from Germany? Really?"

"Yes, it's with Gunther Müller over there. He's also going to be my assistant coach next year, so you'll see a lot of him. We're awaiting final confirmation from Novo Nordisk in Denmark for the research project I'd be involved in. They're the producers of hormones such as insulin for diabetics. I'd be working on synthetic testosterone ..."

"Whoop! Whoop! Let's get Malherbe to be your guinea pig! Perhaps he'd grow some chest hair!"

"Viva! Perhaps his tiny winkie would also develop a bit too. Did you guys see how small it is? I got a glimpse the other day and I swear mine soft would be bigger than his hard! No, really! If I had a small dick like that, I'd never undress where other people could see me! Small wonder he's such a motor mouth! Coach, we'd hold him down so you could inject him with testosterone! And add some other hormones so his tongue would swell up as soon as he started to talk shit!" We cracked up laughing. The guys were really enjoying themselves.

"Herman, please come help me with some more drinks. Another round for everybody? Yes?" I asked. Herman came with me and in the kitchen I mentioned the weekend on the farm. Herman took my hand into his enormous hands and looked down into my eyes. "You are one of the kindest guys I know! Thank you! Yes, I'd love to come with you! Would your parents be OK with it?"

"No problem! You'd travel with us. André and I have to bring back the cars. But, I have your number - I'll let you know the travelling details by Thursday? OK?" I said. I looked down and saw Herman's huge bulge in his pants! Then I DID see correctly in the change rooms! The huge bulge in his underpants WAS big! Wow!

Herman leaned in and said next to my ear: "Yes, it's huge. I'm actually scared to have sex with it! I'm afraid the guy might run away!"

"Not me! If anything, I'd run TO you! I love them big! Hmmm! How big?" I asked and felt my cock twitch in my pants.

"It's big ... too big! Erm ... want to see it?" Herman said, putting his hand over his bulge.

"Fuck yes! Come!"

When Herman walked into the master bedroom, I closed and locked the door. "Show me!" I whispered. "Quick! We don't have much time!"

Herman unzipped his pants and hauled an anaconda of note from his pants! Fuck! It was huge! It was bigger than Mario's huge cock! It had a huge uncut head and when Herman held it in his hand, his huge fingers just managed to fit around the thick shaft.

I put my hand out and touched it. Herman let go of his cock and I took it in my hand.

"My godd! Herman! This IS huge! I've never seen a cock as big as this! Fuck! Even if it kills me, I want you to fuck me!" I gasped. It was as straight as an arrow and huge ... long and thick with a huge head!

"What about Juan and André? Won't they mind?"

"No, not at all! It's complicated, but I'll tell you later. But, I want to you to fuck me! Oh fuck!" I pushed the skin back and saw a monstrous cockhead, sopping wet! It was clear Herman's cock had been semi-hard for a some time! I pushed my hand back to the front and a long drop of precum dripped to the floor! My godd! I dropped to my knees and took the monster cock into my mouth. It tasted divine! His precum was literally running into my mouth. His cock was now rock-hard and all I could fit into my mouth, was the huge head. I held the head in my mouth and pulled the skin back. Herman gasped and groaned.

"Oh my godd! Oh fuck! I can't wait to fuck you! Are you sure it would be OK? Would you be able to handle my cock? O godd! I wish you would! Ahhhh!" Herman groaned.

"How big is your cock?" I asked.

I'm not sure, but it's a bit more than a 30cm ruler. I guess it's about 32cm or 33cm? Oh fuck! I hope this doesn't scare you! Please tell me you're not going to change your mind? Please? Oh fuck! Please?"

"Not to worry! You'll get your chance to fuck me! Guaranteed!" I stood up and stood on my toes to kiss him. He grabbed me and hungrily pushed his huge tongue into my mouth. He pushed his humongous cock against my tummy and a considerable amount of precum rubbed off on my shirt. Oh fuck!

Herman clung to me like a drowning man and still kissed me. I pulled away and gasped for air. I squeezed his huge cock and marvelled at the immense size of it! Fuck! This was going to be a challenge!

"There is a bathroom around the corner there. Go try and tame that anaconda. I have to get back to the party."

"Don't you want to at least suck me off, please? I haven't cum in a couple of days, so it will be quick. Please?" Herman pleaded.

"Oh OK, but it will have to be very quick!" I said and sank to my knees. Herman put his huge cockhead into my mouth and jacked the enormous shaft sticking out. Within less than a minute he started to groan.

"I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh .... I'm cumming! Ahhhhh!" and shot his first wad into my mouth. It was ENORMOUS! I swallowed for all I was worth and before long, I was losing the battle. Too much was squirted into my mouth to swallow without some leaking out my mouth. Oh my godd! It was a cum fountain!

After about 9 huge wads of cum, the cum fountain started to taper down. It still flooded my mouth and I still had to swallow fast, but less dribbled over my chin onto my legs and onto the floor.

"Oh my fuck! That was fantastic! It was better than I expected! I can't wait to fuck you ... oh godd! I really want to fuck you!" Herman was gushing.

I reached for the tissues on the dresser and wiped my chin and legs, and the precum on the floor.

"Now get that huge thing back in your pants! We have to go! Come!" I urged Herman to zip up. He pushed his deflating cock down between his legs and zipped up. He bent down again and kissed me.

"Oh fuck! Thanks for inviting me and for the party and ... this! I'm looking forward to next weekend!" Herman was on cloud 9!

My own cock was rock hard but I hid it behind by shirt.

"Come, we have to go!" I said and opened the door. There was lots of laughter from the lounge but nobody was in the passage. I opened the door and let Herman out. We started chatting about the hockey and I pretended to laugh at one of his stories. We went back into the kitchen and grabbed the drinks for our group.

"Where did you disappear to? We thought you've eloped! Hmmm?" Juan said and gave my leg a squeeze.

"We just got side-lined by some guests in the kitchen and Herman had to go to the toilet. But, here we are. What are we drinking to? How about we drink to all of you who came tonight? Thanks guys! You're welcome here any time you want! Come visit!"

"Hear, hear!" André put in and lifted his glass to drink to our buddies.

The discussions changed to the wine we were drinking. "Your dad knows how to make wine! You guys should advertise your own wine! You two are the perfect guys to advertise your own wine! And if Coach is added, you'll have the country trampling down the liquor stores' doors to buy your wine! Do it! This Cabernet Sauvignon has the most wonderful taste!"

"Wait 3 years for the new wine, called André & Anton. It will be made from a new variety called Sauvignon Rouge. You guys will love it!" André put in.

"See! You're having your own wine! You have to model it to sell your own wine! We'll all buy it!" one of the guys said.

"Hear, hear!" And we toasted again.

After another round with the platters and us replenishing drinks, Juan, André and I ducked into the bedroom and hugged and kissed each other.

"All is well that ends well! I'm glad the air has been cleared between Mom and us. On Thursday I really thought it was going to be the end between them and I. Now we have Johann and Gunther with us. Pity we can't all live together ... hmmm! My love, your ass would be stretched permanently!"

"Oh, he'd just be too happy! Who will be here tonight? Us five, Mario, Werner and Lukas, Pieter and Claude? All in all, 10 of us. Wow! NINE to fuck baby bro! You're going to be filled to the brim, Anton! Looking forward to it?" Andre put in and groped my semi-hard cock. "Feel it! The sex dogg is already getting hard!" I said nothing about Herman ... not yet.

"I can't wait to see it all going down! You still OK, my love?" Juan asked.

"Yes, I am. It's just that Mario is the one I will have to handle by himself. His cock is just too big and hard to double with someone else. I'd even take Werner, Lukas and Johann at the same t ..."

"Hallo boys!" Dad said as he pushed the door open. "Sorry, I hope I'm not intruding. Am I?"

"No, we're just doing some autopsy of the evening and about the rest of the evening ..." Juan answered.

"Hmmm! You're so lucky! I've just spoken to Pieter and Claude. Claude loves my brother very much. They say they're staying in Johann's place around the corner?" Dad said and hugged me tight. His cock was mostly hard! The bulge on his left hip pushed into my side and I felt it twitching! Dad hugged me closer. "It's nights like tonight I wished I were single to join in with the fun you're about to have!"

"You'd be very welcome Dad!" André enthused. "Dad, show Juan your big cock! He hasn't seen it! Show him!"

"I don't know ... I can't just whip out my cock and show it to Juan ..." Dad trailed off. "But I think yours might be bigger than mine?"

I locked the door.

"Maybe by only half a centimetre ... I don't know ...?" Juan said and palmed his harder than semi cock. "But it would be nice to see ... if I may?"

"Oh, OK ..." Dad let go of my shoulder and started to unzip his pants. "OK, you may see. The boys have seen it, and so could you. How about yours?"

"OK, I'll show you mine too." Juan put in and started to unzip his pants.

I watched in awe as Dad put his hand into his pants and hauled his 27,5cm thick uncut cock from his pants. It was sopping wet and the long foreskin covered the whole big head.

"Fuck, that is a nice cock!" Juan gasped. Dad pushed the skin back and when he did so, a large drop of precum formed on his huge piss slit. It dangled from the tip of his cock.

Juan pulled his own almost hard 28cm cock from his pants and Dad's eyes grew big.

"My lord! Juan! That is a big one and very thick! I'm put to shame here!" Dad said and put his hand out to touch Juan's cock. He took Juan's cock in his hand and pulled the skin back. Dad gasped when the huge purple head was exposed. He stepped closer to Juan. Juan put his hand out and touched Dad's hard wet cock. He put his huge hands around Dad's cock and squeezed.

André and I pulled our cocks out and fingered our cockheads getting wetter by the second.

"This is as big as Pieter's cock, perhaps not as thick, but big! And it's sopping wet! Mind if I tasted it?" Juan asked.

"No, go ahead!"

Juan dropped to his knees and licked Dad's wet piss slit. "Ahhhh! Oh my! Wow!" Dad groaned. "Open your mouth please!"

Juan leaned in closer and Dad's cockhead disappeared into Juan's mouth. Dad pushed in and half his cock disappeared into Juan's mouth.

"Ahhhh! This doesn't happen often enough! Wow!" Dad groaned.

Dad pulled out and pushed in deeper. Juan opened his mouth wide and Dad's cock slipped right down his throat.

"Oh! Oh! Ahhhh! Fantastic!" Dad took Juan's head and pulled out a bit and then pushed deeper into Juan's mouth. He let go and pulled out. "I don't have much time. Do you boys want a quick taste?"

"Oh damn! Yes! Please!" André and I were on our knees in a heartbeat and Dad's cock disappeared in Andre's mouth. He managed to get half Dad's cock in his mouth. I put my hands on Dad's big balls ... fuck! They were big!

Juan stood next to us fingering his huge 28cm cock. It was leaking lots of precum. He stood closer and I opened my mouth. I tasted my lover's precum and Juan groaned.

André pulled off Dad's cock and I opened my mouth. Dad pushed his big cock into my mouth and groaned. Dad was now sopping wet and very hard. His balls pulled up and he groaned.

"Oh hell! I'm so close! Do you want me to cum? Anton? Ahhhh! Oh hell!" Dad groaned.

"Yes, give it to Anton! Cum!" André gushed and took one of Dad's balls in his mouth, rubbing Dad's hairy tummy.

Juan came closer and kissed Dad. Dad groaned and took Juan's big cock in his hand. "Hmmmmm!" Dad moaned in Juan's mouth. I felt Dad's cock starting to spasm and felt the first wad of cum being shot into my mouth. Dad pushed his big cockhead deeper and the big head stopped short of the entrance to my throat. I felt it spasming: it was pumping one hell of a lot of cum into my mouth. Dad pulled out a bit and the thick creamy cum pumped into my mouth, filling it to capacity. Oh my godd! It tasted even nicer than André's cum! Dad's cock was twitching and the cum just kept on coming. I swallowed what was in my mouth but even more was pumped into my mouth. The big head on my tongue was big and the amount of cum pumped into my mouth was growing less.

Dad was still groaning into Juan's mouth and André was still fondling Dad's big balls.

Dad's cock was still fairly hard and the thick dong was becoming rubbery, almost like Johann's cock. I pulled off the big head and leaned towards André and kissed him, passing him the last of Dad's cumload. He swallowed hungrily. Then he pushed Dad's big cock back into his mouth and the big head slipped straight into his mouth. It was too much for Dad. His cock was very sensitive and he groaned. He let go of Juan's mouth and said: "Ahhhh, that was fantastic, but please stop now! Ahhh! Oh my lord! Please stop!"

André let go of Dad's big rubbery cock. I took it in my hand and marvelled at the spectacular cock: huge uncut head, huge piss slit, thick, slightly curved to the left and huge balls. I wondered what it would be to have Dad's huge cock in me ... and perhaps with Johann's cock or Juan's cock ...?

"I have to go ... oh my! This was better than I thought it would be! Boys, you are spectacular! Thanks! But I can't stay any longer! Ahhhhh!" Dad groaned and pulled his cock from my hand and started to put it back in his underpants, pointing to his left. He bent forward to zip up. His huge cock on his left hip was still big. He pulled his shirt out and let it hang over his huge bulge. "I really have to go!" Dad quickly kissed us and unlocked the door. He peered out. The coast was clear and he slipped out.

"My godd! What an experience! Your Dad sure has a spectacular cock! Almost as big as mine and Pieter's and Johann's ... I can't wait for him to fuck you, my love! Would you like that?" Juan asked.

"Oh fuck! Yes, a hundred times, yes! I can't wait to feel Dad in me and pumping his huge load into me!" I gushed.

"Did he cum a lot right now?" André asked.

"You ask! It was a lot and the first wad was shot straight down my throat.  I had to swallow a lot to avoid spilling any of it, but yes, it was a lot! And it tasted so nice!" I said enthusiastically.

"Yes, it was nice! I'd love to do it again! Oh boy! We have just had some form of sex with our sexy hung Dad! Fuck! That was hot! I also can't wait to double fuck you with Dad, baby bro!" André said to me.

"Oh fuck yes! And with you and Dad too, Juan! It would be fantastic!" I said.

"OK, boys! Let's zip up and save the juices for later ... I'm looking forward to a proper orgy! You?" Juan asked.

"Oh fuck yes! Baby bro, you're going to be fucked royally tonight! I don't want to miss any of it!" André put in.

We managed to get our cocks back in our pants and also let our shirts out. Three big bulges hidden ... until later. The orgy was going to be epic!


The evening was concluded with mini milk tarts and some freshly brewed coffee, and some Belgian after-dinner mint chocolates. The dishwasher was washing the first load of glasses and small plates.

[Milk tart - 'melktert' in Afrikaans - is another South African favourite. The recipe is on the Internet. It's cheap and delightful!]

Herman walked in the kitchen and winked. He indicated with a nod he wanted me to follow him.

We walked into the master bedroom and Herman pushed the door shut and locked the door. He grabbed me and hungrily kissed me. He pushed his huge tongue deep into my mouth. This man was hungry for proper love and real sex. Next weekend was going to turn his life on its head!

His insanely humongous cock pushed into my tummy and I touched it. Herman groaned.

"Please tell me you're serious about next weekend? Please? Will you really let me fuck you? Oh please?" Herman pleaded.

"Yes, you'll definitely get to fuck me! Guaranteed. I WANT you to fuck me! I WANT to feel your huge cock in me!"

"May I please ... May I love you a little? Sorry, but fuck! I like you so much!" Herman stammered.

"Yes, you may love me a bit! I like you too!"

"Oh fuck, I like you even more! How I wish I could fuck you right now!"

"Yes, me too, but not now! Come, we have to go!" I said and stood on my toes to kiss Herman again. He hugged me tight and kissed me deeply and sighed.

"Try to be a good boy and don't jack off too much this week! I want a huge load next weekend!" I said.

"I'll try, but it's not going to be easy!"

"I'll contact you on Thursday. OK? Come, let's go!"

By 10:30 the last guests said goodbye and were off. When Herman said goodbye, he looked at our chests and when he saw the slight stain of his precum on my shirt, he took my hand to say goodbye. He curved his index finger and pulled it over the palm of my hand. Hmmmm! My cock twitched ... I was looking forward to his humongous cock in my hole! Oh fuck!

When the guests have left, only the ten members of the orgy remained behind.

Everybody lent a hand and within minutes the candles were blown out and put on the counter in the kitchen.

The tablecloths were retrieved and folded. All the leftovers on small plates were put in a few black bags and the rest that was still edible was distributed between the new fridge and Juan's old fridge in the garage. We loaded the second load of dirty glasses and plates in the dishwasher.

When I was bent over the dishwasher, Mario approached me from behind and pushed his big rubbery cock in my crack and groaned. "Tonight I want to make hot and deep love to you, mio ragazzo! You ready? Ahhhh! Oh Dio Mio! I want to fuck you so bad!"

"Yes, I want you too! I want that huge cock in me!" I said.

We all had one last nightcap and while the rest of the last glasses were put in the dishwasher I went into the en suite bathroom and douched properly. The three loads of earlier was copious and I hated to flush it away. Tonight is the night you need to be extra clean, Mr le Roux, I thought. I took special care to rinse again and again. After about 5 flushes, the water came out clean. I rinsed one last time for good measure.

We all showered two-by-two in quick succession and all emerged with semi-hard-ons to full-blown hard-ons and we all piled into the master bedroom.

Juan and André took the lead. They took me into a two-way embrace and our cocks were hard in no time. Pieter and Claude followed suit: they were hugging and kissing each other. Johann and Gunther joined the three of us and all five of us were hugging and kissing. It was clear Johann and Gunther liked each other a lot! They kept on holding each other's cocks and the huge dongs were rock-hard and leaking copious amounts of precum, which covered every hand and thigh they touched.

Johann took his Nikon and was taking photos.

At first Mario was watching us all and then he joined the two boys Lukas and Werner who were watching all of us, fingering their ample hard cocks. When Mario joined them with his huge cock, the boys gasped when they saw it. Lukas was the first to suck the huge cock while Werner kissed the big Italian lover.

I slid down on Juan's body and sucked his big cock. I had André's cock in my one hand and Gunther's huge cock in my other hand. Juan pulled me up and pushed me backwards onto the bed. I ended up on my back with Juan's cock in my mouth. To my left André's cock was in my hand and to my right, I had Claude's cock in my hand.

The Nikon clicked.

Gunther and Mario ended up between my legs and each pushed a leg up and rubbed their big sopping wet cocks on my hole. They took turns to slightly push their big cockheads in my hole. They'd push in the tip and pull out again. Then the other one would milk some precum out and push his big cockhead on my hole. Soon my hole was sopping wet.

Werner had the privilege to fuck me first. He took some of Mario's and Gunther's precum and put it on his big cock, and pushed into me. He pulled back after the head popped in, and pulled out again. Mario leaned in and put some more precum on Werner's cockshaft. Mario kissed Werner and urged him to push into me.

Juan's cock was rock-hard and was leaking lots of precum into my mouth. André and Claude's cocks were hard as fuck, and sopping wet too.

Pieter was leaning past everybody and had my cock in his mouth. He had a very talented mouth and I was writhing under his mouth and hands.

Werner's cock was sopping wet now and he pushed his thick almost 23cm cock into me and didn't stop until he was in balls-deep. Ahhh!

"Oh fuck! This is too much! I'm going to cum soon! Oh fuck!" Werner fucked me hard and deep and soon he was groaning. "I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Ahhhhh!" and slammed deep into me and I felt his cock spasm and pump his professed 25ml of cum into me.

After the first three loads earlier the evening, that was the first of the loads after I douched. And there was a lot more to come!

"Lukas you're next," André announced. Lukas eagerly crawled between my legs and put his 22cm cock with the big head on my asshole. Mario leaned in and added a lot of precum on Lukas's cock. Gunther leaned in too and added more precum to the mix. Soon Lukas's cock was sopping wet and the big head pierced my asshole. I groaned. His cockhead was big. Werner's ample load in me was lubing me good, so Lukas's cock slipped in and he immediately started to fuck me, with Mario adding more precum on Lukas's cockshaft.

It wasn't long before the young sex hound was groaning and announced: "I'm going to shoot my load! Fuck yeah! I'm cumming! Ahhhh!" And I felt the big cock twitching in me. Lukas was shuddering and breathing heavily. He was shooting his big load into me. He slammed home one more time and held still. I felt the big cockhead spasming as he shot the last of his load into me. He leaned down and the sweet boy kissed me: a long, deep kiss with lots of saliva. He was a sex hound!

Mario knelt between my legs and put his huge cockhead on my hole and let an ample supply of precum leak onto it. He lightly pushed his cockhead into me and I groaned. It was one hell of a cock! He pulled out and pushed in again. The big head stretched me and plopped in! He made the head swell and I groaned! Oh fuck! That felt good. Mario pulled out and added some more precum on my hole.

André took up his position between my legs and Mario and Gunther milked more precum onto André's cockshaft. When the two precum-milkers moved out of the way, Johann moved in and lubed me up with some more precum on André's cockshaft. André pushed slightly and his cockhead stretched my hole and slipped in. Ahhhh! André maintained his pressure and pushed deeper. His big cockhead scraped over my prostate and made me groan.

A lot of precum had formed on my tummy. Pieter leaned in again and licked my tummy clean. He put my cock in his mouth and sucked the precum out. He then leaned towards my mouth and kissed me. My precum tasted spectacular! Pieter was a very attractive man. I put my hand out and took hold of his insanely thick cock. At 27,5cm, it was as long as Dad's cock but thicker.

André pushed in all the way and rested his cockhead in the pool of cum left behind by Werner and Lukas. "You're sopping wet inside baby bro! And soon I'm going to add my spectacular Le Roux load too!" He started to fuck me with long strokes.

Juan was kissing me and said quietly: "You still OK, my darling?"

"Yes, I'm fine! This is fantastic!" I answered.

Claude came up to me from my other side and kissed me on the cheek. "I want in. You up for it? I want to fuck you with André? OK?"

"Yes, just use enough precum and if it's not enough, use some of the lube."

Mario, Johann and Gunther were still leaking lots of precum and added it on Claude's cock. Claude's own precum bubbled out and he rubbed it over this cockhead.

André pulled out and I had to clench to keep the cum in me. Claude lied down and I sat down on his cock facing him. His cockhead was sopping wet and it slid into me. Mario and Gunther added more precum on André's cock and Johann added precum on Claude's cock in my hole. André aimed his sopping wet cock on my hole and the cockhead slid in on top of Claude's cock. Ahhh! It felt good!

André held still and made his cock twitch. I was filled to capacity. André pulled out again and Gunther took his place. He put his huge cock on top of Claude's cock in me and pushed the wet cockhead into me. I groaned and pushed out. The big cockhead slipped in and it twitched. Owwww! Ahhhh! Gunther pushed in deeper and soon his huge cockhead overtook Claude's cockhead that was 25cm inside me.

"Oh my godd! Ahhhh!" I groaned.

"Too much, mein Schatz [my darling]?" Gunther asked.

"No, it's OK but hold still please," I answered.

Gunther pulled out and André stepped in again. He pushed his cock in and didn't stop until he was in balls-deep. He held still and I groaned. He started to fuck me but pulled out again.

Claude fucked me a bit and I felt his big cock twitch deep in me.

Pieter took André's place and put some lube on his huge cock. He aimed it at my hole and when the big head stretched my hole, I groaned. It was a spectacularly big and thick cock! He pulled out and pushed in again. The head pushed in a little deeper and Pieter pulled out again. On the third attempt, the huge head slipped in.

Gunther pulled me to him and kissed me. "You OK?"

"Aha. I'm fine. But Pieter's cock is thick!" I said.

Pieter put some more lube on my hole and pushed in again. My hole was relaxed. I pushed out and the huge cock slid in. He held it there and made it twitch. It was one hell of a big cock. Pieter pulled out until just the head was in me and then pushed back in. His cock reached Claude's cockhead and it slid in deeper.

When Pieter was in balls-deep, he held still and made his cock swell. It felt fantastic. I was filled to capacity. Pieter started to fuck me slowly. Claude also started to fuck me: as Pieter pushed in, Claude would pull out. Pieter in, Claude out.

Soon Pieter and Claude were groaning. "I'm cumming ... oh godd! I'm cumming boikie! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Fuck!"

"I'm cumming too! Oh godd! Oh my godd! It's coming! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhh! Hnnnnngghhhh! Ahhh ...!" Claude gasped.

I felt the two huge cocks in me spasm. Both pushed in as deep as their cocks would go. I felt how they pumped their big loads into me. Pieter gently fucked me while his cum spurted into me. He collapsed onto my back and pushed me down on Claude. He leaned past me and kissed Claude. "Hmmmm! That was great! Did you enjoy to have my cock rubbing over your big cock my beautiful man?" Pieter asked.

"Oh fuck! It was fantastic! I could feel how your cock shot its load. Your cock is so big! Anton, are you OK my man?" Claude asked.

"Yes, I'm fine! It was great! I loved that!!"

Pieter started to pull out and I felt the huge cumload in me. I managed to contain most of it in me. Only a few drops slipped out when Pieter's cock slipped out.

I lifted off Claude's cock and when the head plopped out, I clamped.

Juan moved in and lied down on his back. His cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. I knelt over his cock and he pushed his cock upright between my balls, aiming it at my hole.

Pieter and Claude joined Werner and Lukas, touching and playing with their cocks. The boys' cocks were rock-hard again!

Johann moved in behind me and leaked a lot of precum on Juan's cock and on my hole. The amount of precum leaking from this huge rubbery cock was amazing. Johann pushed his big cockhead on my hole and pushed in. My hole was stretched tremendously. The head slipped in and I groaned. Johann pushed his cock in a bit and then pulled out again. He moved to the side and Gunther took his place.

Gunther milked a lot of precum onto my hole and pushed in. Juan's precum was leaking under his cock head and he too was sopping wet. Gunther pulled out again. Juan moved so his cock was aimed at my asshole and he pushed in. As soon as his cockhead was in, Gunther put his cock on my hole again and pushed in as well.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! You guys are huge! Ngghhhhhhnnn! Oh fuck!" I groaned.

Gunther pulled out and Juan pushed in deeper. Gunther made way for Johann and Johann's big rubbery cock entered my hole. The rubbery cock wasn't as thick as Gunther's cock and it slipped in deeper. It felt good. He started to fuck me on top of Juan's cock still sliding in. Soon Juan's cock was in balls-deep. Johann continued to fuck me slowly and deeply.

Johann pulled out and Gunther took his place again. He put some lube on my hole and pushed in on top of Juan's cock.

"Ahhhh! Fuck! You're so big Gunther! Wow!" I groaned.

"Zu viel, mein Schatz [Too much, my love?]?" Gunther asked.

"No, just take it slow!"

Johann was kneeling over Juan's face and his big balls were over Juan's face. Johann leaned in and kissed me. He put his one hand behind my head and kissed me deeply.

Gunther slowly pushed in all the way and made his cock swell. "Ahhhh!"

Gunther pulled out and Mario stepped in.

"Let me fuck him first. Pull out Juan," Mario said.

I lifted off Juan's cock and stood on all fours in front of Mario. His huge cock was still sopping wet and he put his the cockhead on my hole. I was fairly loose and the cockhead slid in slowly. Mario applied more pressure and the head plopped in.

"Ahhhh! Owww! Oh fuck! Yes! Give it to me! Fuck me!" I groaned.

Mario took me by the hips and slowly pushed his huge cockhead into me. I was stretched big time. Mario pulled out again and entered me again. I groaned as the big cockhead stretched me and filled me ... this was one huge hard cock! At 30cm, it was the biggest cock and it was a little thicker than Pieter's thick cock.

I wondered how I was going to handle Herman's humongous cock ... it was even bigger than Mario's cock! Oh my godd!

Mario pushed in deeper and the head scraped over my prostate. It pushed a huge lot of precum from my piss slit. Soon his huge cock was in balls-deep. He held still and put his hairy arms around me. He pulled me upright. His left hand was hugging me around my chest and the other hand was playing with my sopping wet hard cock.

The huge cock in me was stretching me big time. Mario pulled his cock out a little and slowly started to fuck me.

"I'm going to cum, OK? Mio bel ragazzo [My beautiful boy]? OK?" Mario announced.

Johann let go of my mouth and I groaned: "Yes, it's OK! Cum and pump me full of your cum Mario!"

Mario picked up speed and fucked me.

"Ahhhhh! Mio Dio [my godd]! Cumming! Cumming! Hnnnnngghhnnnnn! Mio Dio!"

He pushed his huge cock into me one last time and I felt it spasm and twitch, pumping his massive load into me. "Ahhhhh! That feels good!"

Mario held still and collapsed on my back. Johann stroked his hair and kissed his head.

Mario's big cock was still pumping his load into me. He sat upright and slowly fucked me with his softening cock. He pulled out and lifted Juan's hard cock up and pushed me down so Juan's cock entered me. As soon as Juan's cockhead was in, Mario pushed his now rubbery hard cock in as well!

"Ahh! Oh my godd! Oh fuck!" I moaned.

Johann was taking photos of most of the action.

"Just relax and push out my darling!" Juan said and pushed in deeper. Mario's huge rubbery cock by then about 27cm long, pushed in as deep as it could on top of Juan's cock. Mario fucked me a few strokes and the feeling of the huge rubbery cock on top of Juan's hard 28cm cock was fantastic.

"I take out now, OK? Grazie mille [Thank you very much]!" and Mario pulled out. A little bit of the big cumload in me leaked out. Oh shit!

Johann moved from above Juan to behind me. Gunther moved in over Juan and started to kiss me. "Ich liebe dich so viel [I love you so very much]! You OK, mein Schatz [my darling]?"

"I'm OK thanks my love!" 'My love'? My godd! There were so many 'my loves' and 'my darlings' in this relationship, I thought!

Johann milked some more precum out of his big cock and spread it over his big rubbery cockhead and aimed at my hole with Juan's cock in there already. The cum that leaked out earlier helped and the fact that Johann's cock is always rubbery, also helped. Johann's big cock slipped in and soon the 29cm cock was balls-deep in me, on top of Juan's cock.

"I'm very horny and will cum soon. OK? You still OK, my man?" Johann asked.

"Yes, I'm OK. Ja, fuck me and cum," I answered.

Johann picked up speed and fucked me. His big rubbery cock felt too good. I groaned with pleasure. This man's cock was special and I loved to get fucked with it.

"Cummmmmiiinnnnggg! Oh godd! I'm cumming! Here it is! Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Oh fuck!" Johann exclaimed and slammed his cock balls-deep into me and I felt the rubbery cock spasming in me. He was adding about another 25ml of cum in my hole. Ahmmmm!

Johann collapsed on top of me and hugged me close to him. "Oh my godd! I love you so much! You're wonderful!"

"I love you too my big man! Thanks ..." I added.

Johann started to pull out and by then the amount of cum in me was reaching my limit ... but I managed to contain it.

When Johann moved away, Lukas moved in again. The sex dogg! He was ready for another round! His big cockhead was sopping wet - Mario's precum? He pushed in through my very loose hole and soon his 22cm cock was in me balls-deep. He immediately started to fuck me and was groaning in no time. He slammed his cock into me and shot his third load of the night into me! What a sex dogg!

Johann moved to Claude's head and sat over his face and kissed me.

When Lukas pulled out, Werner took his place for his second round. Oh my godd! These two boys were real sex fiends! Werner aimed at my hole and pushed in. Ahhhh! His almost 23cm felt good again. And he too was so horned up, he also started to groan a lot within a few thrusts. And he groaned ... he was shooting his second load into me. It too was his third load for the evening. He groaned and hugged me from behind.

As soon as Werner pulled out, Gunther moved in and milked a lot of precum onto my hole. He milked some more and rubbed it over his cockhead. He pushed it on my hole on top of Juan's cock and ... ahhhh! ... the head slipped in! Oh my godd! They were big!

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! You're big! Hmmmmm!" I groaned.

"Relax my darling! Push out! Want some poppers?" Juan asked and handed me the little black bottle. I opened the bottle and took a big whiff. My head started to spin and my asshole relaxed. Gunther's big cock slipped in and I groaned. I took another whiff and Gunther pushed in all the way. He held still and waited for me to get used to the 29,5cm cock on top of Juan's hard 28cm in me.

"Ready? I fuck you now! OK?" Gunther said and started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. It felt incredible. I took another whiff of the poppers and it felt so good! Johann was over Juan's head and pushed his cock into my mouth. It tasted fantastic. It was drenched in lots of cum from my hole and I hungrily sucked it. On the other side of me André's rubbery cock was in my hand. He was groaning with pleasure. On the one corner of the bed Pieter and Claude were in each other's arms and were kissing. Next the bed the two boys were watching us. Mario was playing with both their cocks and ... their assholes! Oh my godd! Mario's huge cock was a bit much to start with to bottom! I hoped they knew what they were letting themselves in for! Mario's big fingers played over their assholes.

Soon Gunther was groaning. Juan was also fucking me and soon he too was groaning. Juan and Gunther were going to cum simultaneously! Great! The final big loads from two of my lovers were going to fill me to the brim!

"I'm cumming! I'm going to shoot my load, my darling! Oh my godd! Gunther's cock feels so good on my cock ... ahhh! Cumming! My darling I'm cumming! Oh fuck!"

"Ich spritze ab [I'm cumming]! Ach mein Gott [oh my godd]! Ich spritze ab [I'm cumming]!" Gunther groaned and his cock started to spasm.

Juan's cock was swelling and he pushed his cock deep into me. Gunther's cock was just 1cm deeper in and it too was spasming.

"Ahhhh! Cumming! Cumming!" And the two big cocks in me pumped their huge cumloads into me. Ahhhh!

Gunter pulled me to him and Johann's cock slipped from my mouth. Gunther turned my head and kissed me. "Ich liebe dich, mein Schatz [I love you, my darling]!" His cock was still twitching in me.

Johann pushed back over Juan's face and leaned down and kissed me. Oh fuck! I loved my men so much! Johann moved higher over Juan's head and I leaned down and kissed Juan. He put his arms around my chest and hugged me tightly. "Happy my love? Enough fucking? Enough cum?"

"Oh fuck! This was spectacular! I loved it!" I gushed.

Juan's cock was still twitching a bit and Gunther was starting to pull out his cock.

"Much cum in you! Beware! My cock is coming out!" Gunther warned me. I clenched my hole and Gunther's 29,5cm cock slipped out. Ahhhh!

I lifted off Juan's cock and as the head was about to slip out, I clenched and all of a sudden the head was free. Some of the copious cum in me slipped out on top of Juan's legs. André leaned down and licked it off Juan's legs.

Mario moved in behind me and pushed me forward, down on my knees and put his mouth over my hole. He pushed his tongue into me and I panicked. Oh my godd! If he keeps this up, I'm going to lose the load in me, I thought! Then I felt Mario was actually sucking my hole and some of the cum did slip out into his mouth! Because I was squeaky clean, it was only clean cum. There were about 11 cumloads of around 20ml each or more in me. It was a lot of cum! I clenched my hole and stopped the flow of cum. Mario lifted off me and leaned to the two boys who hungrily kissed him. They got some of the cum and swallowed.

Gunther moved in behind me and sucked my hole and got a mouth full of cum. He leaned towards Johann and gave him some of the cum. Johann kissed me and I tasted the mix of cum that was shot into me. It tasted divine!

Pieter pushed me down again and he sucked the last of the cum from me. He leaned towards Juan and they tasted the cum. Juan kissed me and I also tasted the mix of cum again. What an experience!

I plopped down on the bed next to Juan and put my head on his shoulder. Johann moved in behind me and pushed his big rubbery cock into my sloppy wet hole. Ahhh! I'd never get enough of his big cock.

André lied down next to Juan on his other side and was pulled into an embrace.

Gunther was left alone and for a second he didn't know where he'd fit in. He then moved in behind Johann at an angle and lifted Johann's left leg up. He pushed his big rubbery cock between Johann's legs onto my hole. Johann lifted my left leg and Gunther entered me as well! Oh my godd! I was so loose, I managed to take both of them into my hole! Gunther's cock was so long he managed to get half his cock in below Johann's cock. I groaned and clamped down on the two big cocks in me.

By then Mario had the two boys squirming on his big fingers. He had an index finger and middle finger in each of their holes and they were groaning. Pieter brought the lube and squirted some on the fingers in the boys' holes. He took Mario's magnificent cock and lubed it too. It was not completely hard but hard enough to penetrate a hole. He mumbled thanks to Pieter and moved in behind Werner. He took his finger out and aimed his huge cock on the hole. He pushed forward and the big rubbery head slipped in.

"Owwwww! No! Please no! It's too big! No ... please! It's too big ..." Werner moaned. Pieter held the poppers under his nose and instructed him to breathe in deeply. He did so and .... "Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! What is happening to me ... ahhhhh! Oh godd!"

Mario pushed in balls-deep and held still. Pieter held the poppers again and Werner took another whiff.

"Oh fuck! Oh my godd! Ahhhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh my godd!"

Mario twitched his huge cock in Werner and he yelled: "Oh my godd! How deep is that huge thing ... ughmmmm ... in me? You're killing me! Oh my godd!"

"Relax and push out. Just relax!" Pieter directed. His own big cock was almost rock-hard again. He lubed up his cock and put some more lube on Lukas's hole. Mario worked the lube deep into the boy's hole. Mario pulled his fingers from Lukas's hole and Pieter put his cock on the boy's hole. He leaned over his shoulder and held the poppers for Lukas to sniff.

"Ahhhhh! Oh godd! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhhh!"

Pieter pushed forward and he pierced the boy's hole.

"Relax Lukas! Push out! Take another whiff of the poppers! Here!" He held the poppers below Lukas's nose.

"Ngggghhhhhhnggg! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! No! It's too biiiiiggggg.... Oh godd!" Lukas moaned. Pieter swelled his cock in the boy's hole and Lukas moaned: "Oh fuck! You're too big! You're going to kill meeee .... Oh fuck!"

Pieter gave him the poppers and Lukas took another whiff. When Pieter felt his hole relax, he pushed in with one long thrust. He was in balls-deep.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh godd! You're too fucking biiigggggg! Oh godd! Oh fuck ... hmmmm! Fuck!"

Both Mario and Pieter pulled out a bit and pushed back in. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! You're killing me!" Lukas moaned. "Your cock is too biggg ... nghhhhgggnnnnnn! Oh godd!"

"Mario please pull out ... oh fuck! This is too biggggg! Oh godd! Oh fuck!" Werner groaned.

Mario and Pieter looked at each other and nodded. They pulled out and swopped places.

"Oh godd ... oh fuck! What happened? Why did you pull out?" Werner asked and looked over his shoulder.

"Oh fuck! No! Put it back please! It was starting to feel fantastic!" Lukas moaned and pushed back.

Pieter put his cock on Werner's hole and pushed back in. "Ahhhh! Oh godd! No! Oh fuck it's big! Oh godd! Ahhhh! Yes ...! Yes ...! Oh godd! Yes! Oh fuck me! Yes! Push it in ... oh godd! Yess!"

Mario pushed his huge cock into Lukas and the boy yelled: "Oh fuck! It's even bigger! Oh godd! No! Nooooo! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh yes ... yes ... yes ... Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me!"

Pieter and Mario started to fuck the boys and soon all four were groaning.

"Do you like it, boy?" Mario asked and pushed his huge cock deep into Lukas. "Do you like it?"

"Yes! Oh godd! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Yess!" Lukas moaned and put his hands on Mario's hands on his hips.

"How does it feel Werner? Still want me to pull it out?" Pieter asked and started to pull his big thick cock out of Werner.

"No! What are you doing? Nooo! Put it back! Oh godd! You're killing me but fuck no! Push it back in me please! Oh fuck! Yes! Please fuck me! Yess! Fuck me!" Werner shouted. "FUCK ME!"

The two tops fucked the boys until they were groaning and without touching themselves, they shot their loads, one after the other. Their cum flew from their cocks and thudded onto the laminated floor. Mario slammed his cock into Lukas and groaned. Pieter followed suit and pushed his big cock balls-deep into Werner and they shot their loads into the boys.

"Ahhhh! Oh godd! You're so tight! Oh fuck! That was phenomenal!" Oh my godd!" Pieter groaned.

Mario was out of breath: "Mio Dio [my godd]! You are killing me! I can't believe how much I've just shot! Ahhhh!"

The two men were starting to pull out, but Werner clung to Pieter and begged him to stay in him a little longer. "I don't know what happened, but it was the most amazing experience! Oh fuck ... oh fuck!"

Lukas bent down again and held his ass for Mario to push his big rubbery cock in again. The randy boys were converted to bottoms! Really? And they were fucked by two huge cocks!

Johann's and Gunther's cocks have grown hard again and Gunther was fucking me again. He pulled out completely and Johann rolled onto his back bringing me with him. Gunther pushed my legs up and put his big cock on my hole and pushed back in. Oh my godd! Fortunately Johann's rubbery cock gave way for Gunther's big cock and soon the two were fucking me again. André had Juan's cock in his mouth and Claude sucked André's cock.

Mario and Pieter pulled out of the two boys and came to sit on the bed to watch the last of the fucking. Gunther was fucking me in earnest and Juan was moaning with his cock in André's mouth. Pieter took hold of Claude's cock and sucked him. The boys left the room to visit the bathroom. Mario followed them and the party on the bed was about to conclude.

Gunther was the first to groan and shot his now smaller load into me. The rubbing on Johann's cock has brought him to the verge of cumming. As soon as Gunther's cock was twitching, I felt Johann's cock twitching as well. He too was cumming.

Juan groaned and pushed his cock deep into André's mouth, and André shot his load into Claude's mouth. Pieter sucked hungrily on Claude's cock and soon Claude too was cumming.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! This is too much! Please stop bro! Too much! Please ...!" Juan said giggling. Claude and Pieter also stopped sucking the cocks in their mouths.

Oh my godd! I've been fucked by 9 guys, some more than once and I was sure I was filled with more than 100ml of cum. We've tasted it and some of the fucking ... wow! I checked Juan's Rado on the nightstand. It was just after 2 o'clock!

Pieter and Claude kissed us goodnight and moved into the spare bedroom. Mario and the boys came back from the bathroom and kissed us goodnight too. They too moved into the bedroom next door. Johann followed them and put his house keys on the nightstand, for anybody who needed to go sleep in peace in his house, or if the bed in the spare bedroom got too crowded. All were pooped and just plopped down to get some shut-eye. With the boys and Mario there, there was more sex on the cards, for sure!

In our bedroom, the five of us used the bathroom to pee and when Johann, Gunther and I stood next to each other around the bowl, I admired their huge cocks. Apart from being such fantastic guys, I really loved to feel their cocks in my hands and in me. We plumped up a bit but we wanted to get in some sleep.

After Juan and André had peed, André got into bed on the far right end, then Juan, then me, and for a change, Gunther behind me. Johann was on the far left. We kissed each other - I noticed Johann and Gunther kissed each other too - and settled in for some sleep. More sex wasn't off the cards!

= To be continued =



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