The next morning I woke up with André's big boner between my thighs, and his one arm draped over me. His head was in the crook of my neck and his hand was holding my own boner.

Ahh! What a way to wake up! I urgently needed to pee and tried to wrestle free of André's embrace.

"And just where do you think you're going, baby bro?"

"André, I need to pee! Please?"

"Not before you suck my cock!"

Reluctantly André let me go and I got up from the bed, my big boner jutting out towards André.

"André, I really need to go first! I'll suck you when I come back from the toilet. Don't you need to go?"

"And waste this big beautiful hard-on? Come on, just a little lick!"

"Oh OK, but I really have to go!"

"That's my baby bro! Here, please suck this big monster!"

I knelt in front of the bed and took his big cock head in my mouth. It tasted different from the night before. The taste wasn't bad, but not as nice earlier. Nevertheless, I licked and sucked the big head some more, and of course André wanted to get his cock head deep in my throat again!

I opened my throat and felt the big head slide into my throat. It still felt fantastic! André was really enjoying it and started to slowly fuck my mouth. He held my head between his hands.

After a minute or two, I pulled off André's cock and stood up. "André, I really have to pee - NOW!"

"That's right, desert your big bro in his hour of need! What must I do with this big thing by myself? Hmmm?"

"I'll see you in the shower just now. Come on, get up and join me."

André stretched out with his big cock stretching towards his belly button on his tummy. I noticed when he bent forward, the big head reached just beyon his belly button - with about 1cm or so. I marvelled at the sight and realised André was a real hung hunk! His dark beard started to show since it was now a couple of days we haven't shaved. He was very handsome.

"What are you looking at, baby bro? Admiring the view? Get out of here before I pin you down on the bed and have my way with you! I'll be there right now. Get the water running so long."

I put on hockey shorts and used the towel from the cupboard door to shield my hard-on from Dad and Mom who might be in the passage.

Just before I entered the bathroom, Mom put her head around the corner to say good-morning. "Would you guys like scrambled egg on toast with fried tomatoes and bacon?"

"Morning Mom! Yes please! We just want to shower quickly. Give us 10 minutes please?"

"OK. Don't waste too much time in the bathroom. You seem to take longer and longer to shower every day!"

"Yes Mom!" was all I managed to say. So, they've noticed! We'll have to be more careful.

I rushed into the bathroom, thankful for the towel that was in front of my hard-on. I sat down on the toilet, as it was fairly difficult to pee standing up. I had to sit on the toilet and bend forward to get my cock in the bowl at a downward angle and had to wait till my cock shrunk back a bit and was in a hard rubbery state before the urine started to flow. Then it was like the sluices of Kariba Dam that opened!

Just as the urine started to flow, André opened the door with a "Hi Mom!" and entered noisily. He cracked up laughing when he saw me.

"So, now you're praying to some sex god after a night with me?"

"My cock is still hard and I can't stand up and pee!"

"Want a cock in your mouth while you're peeing?"

"Give me a fair chance please!"

André gave me some more crap until I finally finished peeing and then it was his turn. And lo and behold, he had to revert to the exact same position to be able to pee. My cock has gone down considerably but I was waving it in front of his face and urged him in an animated voice to please suck his baby bro's cock.

After a nice hot shower, and horsing around again - playing with each other, hugging, kissing, and the odd short burst of sucking - we towelled dry and ran back to our room to get dressed. We took each side of the bed we slept in and straightened the sheets to tidy up a bit. Dad was very particular when it comes to tidiness, even while on holiday.

When we reached the breakfast table, Dad came in from the master bedroom, dressed in very tight lemon yellow shorts and a loose white shirt that was in stark contrast to his pitch-black chest hair. I gasped when I noticed his huge bulge snaking to his left side. I kicked André under the table and he took the hint. He whistled softly through his teeth. Dad was definitely hung like a horse. We've seen him naked in the pool house at home many times, but today it looked extra big in those tight shorts. Of course, I got hard immediately. I felt André's hand on my crotch, giving me a squeeze under the table. I returned the "favour" and gave his hard cock a squeeze too.

"Good morning boys! Did you sleep well? What are your plans for today?"

"Hi Dad! Well and you? No, we haven't made any plans yet."

"Boys, Mom and I talked about today. The weather forecast says there will be a strong South Easter wind from noon. Best we stayed inside and catch up on our emails? Later we can go for a drive to Cape Point if the wind isn't too strong. How does that sound? We could visit Groot Constantia (Greater Constantia) as well and perhaps have lunch there. So, what do you say to that?"

"Sounds great Dad!"

We had a wonderful breakfast and after cleaning up, we fetched our respective MacBook Air and opened them up. And lo and behold, there were emails from both Alessandro and Sven! And not just one email from each - no, there were a couple of them! In the first one they warned us not to open the rest of their emails as "they contained sensitive material". Alessandro wrote to my email address and Sven wrote to André's email address. His surname was Defenu. Sven's last name was Hansen.

I read Alessandro's first email first. He said how much they have enjoyed to meet us and that they hoped to meet us again soon. He said they wish they'd known about us earlier and that they will keep on thinking about us for the rest of the time they were in South Africa. He doubted they'd meet other guys as good-looking and as nice as us in South Africa. He also said that they would love to come visit again, as soon as their finances allowed it. He asked if they could come visit us on the farm.

André was reading Sven's first email that was more or less identical to Alessandro's, but he did say that once we're in London, we could stay with them in their 2-bedroom flat for as long as we want. Alessandro said that they still have a few years left before their studies would be completed, but both of them are considering staying on in London, even after their studies.

"So, did your new friends write to you?" Dad asked.

"Yes, they have. They're inviting us to London again, accommodation guaranteed and for free! Look, this a picture of them Alessandro sent me" I said and turned my laptop so Dad could see the picture.

"Hmmm, good-looking guys. But, remember what I said: only when you're 21 - not a day sooner. Are they planning on staying on in London once they have completed their studies? It's still 3 years to go before you're 21. Will they still be there?"

"Yes, they're planning on staying on in London. Alessandro - the short Italian guy, the dark one - said they're already planning to return to South Africa as soon as their finances allow it. They want to visit us on the farm. Would that be OK, Dad, Mom?"

"Yes, of course, dear. They don't sound like riff-raff if they're studying engineering. What do you think Adriaan?"

"As long as they don't come when we're too busy. Tell them to work on a time during Autumn - in April or May, during the university holiday." Dad said.

"OK Dad, thanks Dad!" I put in.

"Thanks Dad!" André said.

We made sure our parents were occupied before we looked at the other emails. I almost gasped loudly when I opened the next email from Alessandro. I pumped André in his ribs and turned my MacBook's screen towards him. There, in retina display were pictures of him naked, showing a soft cock (still huge: he held it with both hands and the tip still stuck out!) and his cock hard, and then of Sven sucking him and the last few almost took my breath away: of him fucking Sven! That huge 24cm cock we saw yesterday, was buried to the balls in Sven's ass. I looked at Sven's face, and instead of pain, he looked like he loved to have such a huge thing stuck up his bum! I immediately got hard and was thankful for the laptop to hide my hard cock. Also included in one of the emails, were the pictures Alessandro took with his iPhone yesterday. Also the nude pictures and of the docking ... awesome!

André opened the rest of Sven's emails, and the same kind of pictures were include there too: of Alessandro holding his soft cock, with Alessandro about to put Sven's hard dick in his mouth and a couple of him on his hands and knees on the bed, with Alessandro standing behind him fucking him.

The very last pictures in Alessandro's last email were of him and Sven after they've shot their huge loads onto their tummies. Alessandro's load covered his hairy chest and tummy, and some of it was running off his body. Sven's load was also impressive but was more or less in one big puddle on his less hairy tummy. But, it still was a big load in anybody's book!

We saved the pictures in separate folders, naming them Alex and Sven. These would brighten up even the lousiest of winter days in the Cape during winter!

"OK boys, ready to go?" Dad asked. We were sporting raging hard-ons! We couldn't get up right that moment!

"Give us a minute please Dad. I just want to finish this email to Alessandro please?" I said.

"OK, we'll wait for you in the SUV. Don't take too long though," Dad said and winked. What was that? Did he notice anything? "Bring along your new summer jackets. It might be cold at Cape Point."

"OK Dad."

We waited until our parents have left the room before we shut our MacBooks and took them to our room. We got our jackets and put them on there and then: they had to cover up our raging boners!


The trip to Cape Point was memorable, albeit windy and yes, it was cold, even for December in the Cape. The wind was blowing, but he persevered. There were hundreds of tourists. Dad stayed with Mom taking walking at a leisurely pace while we took a brisk walk to the top. The view was even more breath-taking than I remembered from the last time we were here when we were 15. We took some nice pictures with our iPhones and decided those would be emailed to Alessandro and Sven tonight.

"How about some naked pics to send to them too?" André asked.

"OK, but we'll have to be careful with those! Dad and Mom must never find them."

"Of course they will be safe, silly! Since when are they the snooping kind? Relax baby bro! We'll take some nice pics with our iPhones tonight and email them to our new buddies - our HUNG buddies! Man! I can't wait to see them again."

"Me too! I hope it's soon. Three years is a long time to wait to see them again. I hope they manage to visit us before then."


The visit to Groot Constantia was very informative and nice again. The old mansion is spectacular and the setting amongst the vineyards, precious. The cellar guide gave us a tour and us, being vintners ourselves, enjoyed it a lot. The wines are of export quality.

While we walked among the buildings and vineyards, I noticed Dad's big bulge again. It made me think of Alessandro's big cock. However, Dad is a tall guy in comparison to Alessandro's short frame. I whispered to André he should take a look at Dad's big bulge. "I've noticed it long ago! Why do you think I'm carrying my jacket in front of my cock? I'm rock hard, and for our Dad!"

Afterwards, we sat down for a nice light lunch in the restaurant. After the nice breakfast earlier, we only needed a light lunch. We all settled for a large bread, cheese and cold meats platter. Dad ordered us a bottle of their finest Riesling, which was very dry, but complemented the cheese.

Too soon our visit was at an end. We got into the SUV and started the drive home. When we approached a farm stall, Mom asked Dad to stop there. She wanted some fruit and milk.

We all went into the stall and were amazed at the variety of fruit and vegetables grown in the Western Cape. There was literally something of everything. The biggest peaches and apricots. Huge cucumbers. A variety of nuts. Flowers. Home-brewed ginger beer. Wines, Sweets - lots of them home-made. Needlework. Other kinds of handiwork. Leather shoes. Candles. Name it, they stocked it. Of course there were very few grapes - only the early varieties were on sale. Fresh fish. Meat. Egss.

André and I wanted some Coke and Stimorol Infinity mint chewing gum. It has a long-lasting flavour and when one chews it, the smell would fill a small room like the inside of a car. It could mask many odours ...! I know my brother and what he's capable of!

Mom got her stuff, which included some nice fresh kabeljou fish, fresh potatoes, ingredients for a fresh salad and we departed for our holiday flat.

In the back seat, André was full of mischief. He was sitting right behind Dad and watched Dad's face in the rear-view mirror so he could see whether Dad was looking at us in the mirror.

Mom was paging through a magazine she picked up at the stall and didn't pay attention to what was going on in the back.

André took a stick of the gum and offered me a piece too. The flavour was strong and before long, Dad smelled it.

"May I have a stick of your gum, please?"

I removed the wrapper from a stick and leaned over to give it to Dad.

"Nice!" Dad commented.

When I looked at André, he had his summer jacket over his crotch, and was fumbling with his dick! He lifted the side closest to his body so I could see his crotch. And, before I knew it, he had his cock out and was playing with it! Fortunately, the flavour of the gum permeated throughout the inside of the SUV, masking any odour.

André's cock was rock hard and he was peeling the skin back over the big head, and back to the tip. He licked his lips suggestively and motioned me to do the same.

I put my jacket in my lap and soon the both of us were playing with our cocks right under the noses of Dad and Mom.

Dad looked in the rear-view mirror and asked André to pass him the map book in the back pocket of his seat. We decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to put our big cocks back and wait till we were at the flat, and perhaps later on do something else about it.

Dad gave the map book to Mom who looked up the road to Kommetjie, a town where there was a shop that sells a particular imported shoe Dad was interested in. He wears size 14 shoes and has heard from his younger brother of this shop that stocks shoes in big sizes.

Dad has big feet, but they were also very sexy. They looked like the big brothers of our own feet: perfectly formed toes, pitch-black hair on the toes and bridge and really well pedicured nails. All in all, feet I'd like to caress and kiss. I was thinking about Dad's big feet, the huge bulge in his pants we've been noticing lately, plus seeing him naked at the pool house with a soft cock - exactly HOW big was his cock? I was getting hard again thinking of it. Damn!

Ourselves wore size 9 shoes when we were 14 - big for Grade 9s! Now it was up to size 11.

We reached the shop after asking directions at the filling station - it was just down the road with a prominent sign in the front. Mom decided to wait in the car and read her magazine. Dad and the two of us got out and had a look at the shoes in stock.

There were some models on sale and we all fancied a particular tan shoe model. Dad enquired about the sizes and the assistant brought a few sizes of the shoe from the back. We tried them on and we had a perfect fit all around.

I couldn't help noticing Dad's big beautiful feet in his sandals. He had the perfect male feet and they were beautifully shaped. The second toe was considerably longer than the big toe, the toes had pitch-black hair and there was an ample long stretch of black hair on the bridge of Dad's feet. His nails were pedicured like that of a model. Our Dad was the perfect role model for us on so many levels. From an early age he would clip our toe nails for us and once we were around 9 or 10, he urged us to take good care of our feet and have our nails clipped weekly. André and I resorted to clipping each other's toe nails. We actually enjoyed doing that for each other.

I eyed Dad's big beautiful feet and when I noticed he was looking at me, I blushed crimson-red. Dad winked at me. I looked down and noticed his big bulge - I blushed even more!

"Would you like to have these shoes?" Dad asked. "Anton, your mind is somewhere else my boy! Do you like the shoes?"

"Yes, but then we will all have the exact same shoes. Isn't that a bit creepy?" André asked.

"Not to me if it won't bother you to wear the same shoes as me" Dad said.

"No, it's fine by me" I said.

"Then, let's pay for them and get home. Tonight we're braaiing the kabeljou. Yum!"

We arrived back at the flat, unloaded the groceries for Mom and took our new shoes to our bedroom.

"I really like these shoes, don't you Anton?"

"Yes, I think they're cool. Forget about the shoes - did you notice Dad's huge bulge all day long? I feel weird, but I got hard in the car thinking about Dad's big feet and his bulge, and seeing him naked at the pool house last week. Isn't that a bit weird?"

"I noticed his big bulge. If that's where we're heading, we're going to have to get bigger underpants!" André quipped.

"More than bigger underwear! Our shoes are a clear indication where we're heading!"

"Come here baby bro! I missed kissing you all day! I was hard for you a couple of times. Did you notice, baby bro?"

"Could I miss it in the car?"

André kissed me hard, hugging me and he pushed his big bulge against mine. We were fast starting to get hard ... again!

"Boys! Please come here!" Dad called.

"OK, till later then, baby bro. Don't miss me too much!" He winked at me and gave me a playful punch on the arm. "Let's go help Dad."


The fish braai went very well. Dad is an expert at braaiing meat and fish. If there were no Mom, he'd be able to prepare good meals for us. He is a very good chef. He often helps Mom and when she's down with the flu, Dad whips up the most amazing dishes.

After cleaning up, Dad and Mom settled in for another classic movie ... argh! This time it was Gone With The Wind. It was a very long movie and we were definitely not interested in seeing it. We fetched our MacBooks and sat at the dining room table to check if Alessandro and Sven answered our emails.

And ... yes! We both had emails from both of them. They arrived safely in George and they have booked into a nice hotel for the night. They would be driving to Cathedral Peak in the Drakensberg in the morning.

Both repeated how much they enjoyed meeting us. Alessandro enquired about the pictures they've sent us. Was it too much? Could we open it safely? If the pictures were OK, would we mind to send some of our own?

That was our cue! We closed our MacBooks, kissed Mom and Dad good-night, thanked them for the nice outing and the nice shoes. We dropped our laptops in our bedroom and had a quick shower. OK, the shower wasn't that quick after all, but compared to the time it takes to shower lately, it was quick! André was up to his old tricks again, but I was catching on fast! We fondled each other, hugged, kissed and we sucked each other a bit. We were so glad to do all sorts of stuff with, and to each other! We both loved it!

In the bedroom, we started planning our photo-shoot for the boys. We looked at their pictures again and decided on a few similar pictures. André suggested we take some of one of us deep-throating the other one. We look exactly the same, so it didn't matter which one was blowing the other one.

The one picture we also decided to duplicate was the picture where Alessandro was fucking Sven. I loved taking André's big cock up my asshole. We were happy to take our own versions of all the other pictures. We started with sucking and cumming. The fucking would have to wait for the next day, or whenever.

André agreed and we got "to work" taking the pictures. We had lots of fun playing with each other. We even took pictures of us kissing each other. André was sitting on my thighs and we jacked each other off. We almost blew our loads within minutes, but we held off to build up bigger loads for the pictures. Eventually we both shot monumental loads onto my chest and tummy. Two of André's shots hit me on my cheek, just missing my eye!

We used the Mail App on our iPhones to mail the pictures to Alessandro and Sven. It was only about 9 o'clock when we finished sending the pictures.

It was obvious that Alessandro and Sven were online, as we received a response within 5 minutes. They were very impressed with our pictures. They included a picture Alessandro had just taken of Sven sucking his monstrous cock. He mentioned that the previous night he fucked Sven like there was no tomorrow. It was all because of us, he said. And that night they planned on a reprise of the previous night's activities. They blamed our activities on the rocks for their shenanigans the previous night! This time our pictures were blamed.

"I think we've made friends for life, Anton."

"For sure! Yesterday with them was very hot. I loved sucking Alessandro and him shooting his huge load in my mouth" I said. "I wonder what that monster cock would feel like in my asshole ..." I trailed off.

"OK, but, you have to promise I'd still be your number one!"

"André, you'll always be my number one. How could you ever doubt that? You're my own, a carbon copy of me, my love, my life. Without you, I'm nothing. I cannot imagine a life without you. And since you started fucking me, I love you even more. But I'm sure you're also curious about Alessandro's cock, are you not?"

"Yes, I am. But yes, I agree with you Anton: without you my life would be a big round zero. When we meet up with the boys one day, we'll have all the fun we could, but you're mine - remember that!"

We answered Alessandro's email and told them the good news that Dad agreed they could come visit us on the farm. I also told him that Dad is OK with us visiting them in London, but only once we turned 21.

Alessandro answered that he received word from his dad that his trust fund set up by his grandfather, would soon be accessible, and he was going to look into the possibility of coming to visit South Africa again soon. He said they'd still be in London when we turned 21, and that we're special enough to wait for.

André grabbed me and threw me on the bed. "As long as you don't fall in love with Mr Monster Cock, baby bro!"

"Not a chance, big bro! I might be interested in his huge cock, but you'll always be my first love."

I answered Alessandro's latest email and told him about our discussions regarding the two of them and us having fun together. We also mentioned how jaw-dropping the picture was in which he was fucking Sven. We told him that we can't believe that a person could actually handle such a huge cock in his asshole.

Within minutes the answer came back: "All in the technique: lots of lube, complete relaxation on the part of the bottom and lots of courage. The top has to be very patient and gentle. But you know that already."

By 22:30 we decided to call it a day. André popped his head out the bedroom door to check on Dad and Mom - Gone With The Wind still hasn't gone! The movie was far from The End. Whether Dad and Mom were still awake remained to be seen. I offered to put on hockey shorts and check on them.

And, lo and behold, Mom was fast asleep with her head on Dad's shoulder. Dad was also fast asleep, reclined on his back and there was a huge bulge in his pants snaking to his left. Wow! Dad does have a huge cock, that's for sure!

I picked up the remote control and switched off the TV. Dad woke up because of the sudden silence and rubbed his eyes.

"What's going on André ... Anton? Who is it?" Dad rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms above his head. His huge bulge pushed out like an anaconda trapped in a hessian sack. I couldn't keep my eyes off it.

Dad noticed me looking at his crotch and he just smiled and winked at me. He looked at my crotch and with horror I realised I was almost completely hard too! I sat down immediately and put a cushion in my lap.

Dad put his finger to his lips to shush me. He carefully tried to crawl away from Mom not to disturb her, but she woke up.

"I'm going to bed. Are you coming Adriaan?"

"In a minute Alma. I just want to get something to drink. I'll bring you a glass of water."

I was so embarrassed and didn't know how I was going to get back to the bedroom with a boner poking from my hockey shorts!

"Anton, come here. I know. It's not something to be embarrassed about. Look, I'm in the same position! It happens! Come here" Dad said and stretched out his arms.

I got up and walked into his arms with the cushion still shielding my hard-on.

Dad embraced me with his one hand and with the other, he took the cushion from between us and threw it on the couch. Dad hugged me tightly and said into my ear, "Not to worry. We're all big boys here. Just be careful that Mom doesn't see it. Tell André too. She's the only lady in the house, and she doesn't want to see her boys walking around like this."

I could feel Dad's hard-on pressing into my tummy and it helped nothing to make my hard-on go away! In fact, by then I was leaking precum!

Dad held me at arm's length and winked at me. "It's OK, Anton. Don't worry about it. Your secret is safe with me."

He put his hand on my cock and gave it a squeeze.

"My big boy!" he whispered in my ear.

Dad pulled me closer again and kissed me and gave me another big hug. "I love you boys very much. You make me so proud in everything you do. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you."

Immediately, I thought about that: How about allowing me to suck you! I put it out of my head immediately. "You're daft, Anton!" I scolded myself.

"Do you want to touch my cock Anton? You may if you wanted to. I've notice how you two gawked at my bulge today!"

I blushed crimson red and stammered, "Yes, if I may ... please?"

"Go ahead, feel what your old man's cock feels like. You've made me very hard now."

I gingerly put my hand on Dad's bulge snaking to his left hip. Wow, it felt huge!

"So ...?"

"Dad, you have a really big cock!"

"Yes, and you two too! I've noticed your hard-ons a couple of times. Go ahead, you may touch it again."

I put my hand on Dad's hard-on again and squeezed it a little.

"Hmmmm! That feels good!"

Dad's hand pushed in between us and felt my hard cock in my shorts.

"Like I said, I've known you also have big cocks. And this one is hard too!"

"May I please see your hard cock? Please?"

"Really? And then? What would you do?"

"I don't know. What would you want me to do?"

"I had a friend at university who gave killer blowjobs. One day I'd love you guys to blow me. Would André be interested?"

"Oh yes, Dad! He noticed your big bulge too. He even got hard for you today!"

"Hmmmm! A threesome with my boys! Interesting!"

Dad pushed me away and opened his tight shorts. He hauled out his huge cock and held it in his big hand. His humongous cock was rock-hard! And it was sopping wet.

"Go ahead, touch it. I know you want to" Dad urged me on.

"Really, may I Dad?"

"You can do whatever you want to, Anton!"

I put my hand on the huge cock in front of me and felt its warmth. Dad let go of his cock and its immense size made it to point forward rather than up. Dad was hung seriously huge! The girth of his cock was larger than my hand's grip: I couldn't get my hand around it! The head was huge and covered with lots of foreskin. Because of its huge size, and the fact that Dad puts it to the left pointing at his hip, it was slightly curved to the left.

I slowly moved my hand up and down the shaft. It was massive and I marvelled at what was happening. Dad really was a super dad!

Dad fumbled to get my cock out my pants and when he took it in his hand, he whistled softly.

"Anton, this is also a very big cock! Nothing to be ashamed of! I guess around 22cm?"

"23cm" I said.

"André the same size?

"Yes, exactly the same Dad."

I put my left hand on Dad's cock too. I realised my two big hands couldn't cover Dad's big cock!

"It takes three hands to cover it. Here, let me show you."

Dad took his hard cock in his hand and said, "Put your hands around it too."

I did and when I did, the tip of Dad's cock still showed beyond my hand! This was a seriously big cock! Alessandro has a big cock, but this is huge!

"How big is it Dad?"

"It's 27cm. Big huh?"

"For sure, Dad!"

"What would you do if I said you could do whatever you wanted?"

"I'd suck you Dad!"

"You may suck it a little now, but we don't have time to finish, OK? I mean, you may only suck it a little."

"Gee, thanks Dad!"

I bent down and looked at the huge cock in front of me and saw the huge drop of precum at the tip. I put my tongue out and licked the precum. It tasted fantastic! It wasn't the same as André's or Alessandro's precum. But it was great, all the same! I moved forward and took the immense head in my mouth. Above me, Dad drew in his breath sharply!

"Hmmmmm! Anton, this is a dream come true! I've wished for this for a long time, since I've noticed you two were going to be hung hunks!"

I pulled off Dad's cock and looked up at him. "Dad, we have always thought of you as a hunk, and a very cool dad. This puts you in a totally different category of cool!"

I put his cock in my mouth again and pushed it deeper into my mouth. But I soon realised there was no possibility of deep-throating this anaconda - in fact, not just then! I just swirled my tongue under Dad's huge cock and felt how it swelled to gigantic proportions in my mouth. I was in heaven!

"Slow there tiger! I think that will have to do for tonight."

Dad pulled me up and put his one arm around my shoulder and held my leaking cock in his other hand. He softly squeezed my cock.

"This is a special moment for me, Anton. When it's safe, I'd like us to take it to the next level. Do you think André will join us? I hope he will!"

"Oh yes, he definitely will!"

"Now, let's get to bed. I love you very much young man! You guys make us so proud!"

"Thanks Dad. We also love you and Mom very much. Thanks for everything you do for us, and taking such good care of us." I squeezed his cock and said, "And this!"

"You're most welcome my sweet boy! We do all of it because we love you two so much. Now, let go of me. I have to get Mom's water and then we better head off to bed. Goodnight Anton. Give André a kiss from me. Is he still awake?"

"I will, thanks. He might be, but perhaps he has dozed off already."

With that Dad gave me one last hug and once again, I felt his huge cock pushing against my tummy. Dad winked at me again. "Don't be too surprised if you two grow as big and strong as me!" He winked again, lightly rubbing over his immense cock. He sighed and put back his cock as best he could. "I hope Mom is asleep!"

I briskly walked back to our bedroom. I just had to tell André what happened.

= To be continued =



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