The rest of the holidays were spent on working the vineyards, practice running and other stuff for the hockey, and exchanging emails with Alessandro and Sven.

They were back in London and were preparing to go back to university. They commented on the holidays in South Africa, on meeting us, and how much they were looking forward seeing us again. They mentioned that with his granddad's trust fund, they just might be able to get to South Africa sooner than they thought. However, Alessandro said that they also wanted to visit their families in Norway and Italy. That means that during the coming European summer, they would be in Norway and next year it would be Italy. He said that it means they might be back in South Africa after our 21st birthday, for the December holidays again. He repeated the invitation for us to come visit them in London, but added he knew what Dad said about us gallivanting oversees before our 21st birthday.

Included with every email, they sent us pictures of their holiday in the Western Cape, the wine lands, Cape Town, the Garden Route, the Drakensburg and of course, of them having hot hot hot sex! It always came with the familiar warning only to open when we were alone.

In one of the emails, they showed us pictures of their flat in London. It was beautiful! It was clear they have style and good taste. They also had a king size bed in their bedroom, and in one of the pictures, they've put 4 discarded mannequins from a friend's shop in the bed with the subscript: "If this doesn't convince you to cum visit, nothing will!" We looked at each other and André said: "Yes, I wonder how that would pan out! Would you be interested in a foursome baby bro?"

"Well, we've had some kind of foursome on the rocks ..."

"I think you know what I mean, baby bro! Alessandro wants to fuck you! And me, but I'm definitely not available, which leaves only you. Would you consider it?"

"I don't know André. I'm scared, but also very curious. His cock is really big ..." I trailed off.

"Really, bro? Would you? Your hole is a hot cave of pleasure to me and I can only imagine what your hole must be like with that huge thing in it! In the meantime, there is the possibility of Dad fucking you with his even bigger cock! How about that?"

"Fuck André', you have no idea how tempted I am, but I'm damn sure it is going to be a damn tight fit! Dad is huge!"

"Don't worry, when we do have our threesome with Dad, I'll fuck you first to open you up and loosen your hole for Dad's huge cock. I'm sure he'll be gentle and that you'll be able to handle it. I'm looking forward to see Dad's cock again, and to play with it. I'm so jealous of you having had the little spell at the sea!"


University started and we started a whole new chapter in our lives. We enrolled for electrical and electronic engineering. Dad eventually decided to buy the flat and we were two hot twins living by themselves. Mom was worried out of her skull that we'd end up starving. She preached against cafeteria and junk food every chance she had.

Dad bought us a second hand Toyota Corolla to get around town, and to drive back home over weekends and for holidays.

We attended class and fared very well in our first tests. Dad said on the phone they were very pleased and proud.

For the rest, we would make dinner, shower and were off to bed. Most nights we'd be having fun in our new king size bed Mom bought us for the flat. Only when we were really pooped, we'd just spoon and held each other's cocks while we drifted off to sleep.


The hockey season was in full swing. André became a force to be reckoned with on centre half and I wasn't too bad on left wing either. I was chosen for my skills to dribble the ball with my stick inverted, and to pass it on to the centre without having to turn my body.

Our old coach from school Mr Juan du Toit, has started at the university as a lecturer in Biological Sciences. We couldn't be happier to have him as our coach again. He was a tall man - at least as tall as Dad, and was 26 years old. He had dark curly hair and the most beautiful mouth. He reminded me of a Greek statue. He had the physique of a god. He had huge beautiful hands and he must have worn size 15 shoes. They were massive. And when he wore hockey shorts - and even slacks on campus - it was obvious he was hung! There was a huge bulge in his pants!

But, he was as good a coach as he was a lecturer. We loved him from the first day he was our Science teacher at school. In hockey, he taught us the most wonderful tricks with the hockey stick and took a big liking in us. We practised for hours at home, especially over weekends to perfect our skills, which helped us shoot numerous goals.

At the end of the last season at school, we beat every team in our league and for the first time in a very long time, our school's first team were the champions.

Dad was so proud, he gave us each a portfolio with a tidy sum of money to manage. He advised us to buy shares and put our school knowledge to good use. He assisted us and gave advice of course. He hinted at a possible trip overseas and said the money we make with these portfolios, could go a long way to pay for the odd expenses when we were over there. By then, we haven't met Alessandro and Sven.

During our first year at university, one Saturday after a match, close to the end of the season, Dad and Mom came to watch the game and were chatting to Mr du Toit and invited him to lunch the next day. The farm was only about 60km away.

"Thank you very much Alma! I'll bring the boys with me. I'll bring some chocolates for coffee."

"That would be lovely - thanks Juan" Mom said.

"We'd better be going. Look at the clouds - there is rain in the afternoon" Dad said. "We'll see you tomorrow then?"

Dad and Mom kissed and hugged us and drove back home.

Juan came to us and enthused: "Well done, boys! I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks Mr du Toit!"

"This stops right now. From now on, I'm Juan and that's it. None of this "Mr" business anymore. Come, let's go and have a Heineken. My treat."

In the pub, we made small talk and dissected the match. Then André - who else! - put his foot in his mouth.

"How come a good-looking man like Mr Juan du Toit, lecturer and hockey coach is still single? A bad experience? A broken heart?"

"I'm a happy 26 year old confirmed bachelor with many friends, but women are not high on my list of priorities. I'm married to my job. And besides, I have you two as 'children!'' he joked. He leaned over the table and ruffled our hair. I looked at him and decided, I liked him even more, if that could be possible. We've had a secret crush on him since he started teaching us years ago.

His hair, his face, his lips, his beautiful hands - he really looked like a Greek god.

He caught me staring at his hands and asked: "Anton, what's it? You look like you're far away!"

"Erm ... I'm ... eh ... it's nothing! Really, I'm fine ... Juan!" I stammered.

"He's staring at you big hands!" André blurted out.


"Oh, you're also a hands man? Don't worry - me too! I've noticed you two have very nice and very well cared-for hands. And fairly big! You know what they say about a man with big hands? Big feet and big shoes!" Juan put in.

I was blushing crimson red and made a mental note not to stare at the man's hands again.

"Don't worry Anton! It's OK! And besides, I've stared at your hands as well! You have very nice and well-manicured hands and that impresses me. You could well have studied medicine!" Juan said. He leaned forward and put his hand over mine and squeezed. I got an instant boner! Fuck! His hands were big and soft and warm. I looked at them and realised just how big they were and hairy and really beautiful. He squeezed my hand again and when I looked up, he gave me a gorgeous smile and squeezed my hand again.


After hamburgers - sorry Mom! - and a second round, Juan looked at his watch.

"Boys, it's half past 9. Let's get out of here. I still need to do a few things before I go to bed. I'll pick you up at ... let's say at around 9:30? Your Mom said we should be there by 11 o'clock."

"Yes, thanks. Thanks for the burgers and beer. You're a nice coach, Juan!" André said.

"You're welcome André. You're gorgeo ... erm ... very nice guys! I've noticed you in Grade 9 already," Juan said and I could see he realised he was about to say we're 'gorgeous' guys! Well, tit for tat! We thought he was a gorgeous man!


The next day, it was raining when Juan came to pick us up. I looked down and saw Juan was wearing the exact same model shoes we bought during our December holidays but didn't say anything. We were wearing ours too.

It was a pleasant drive and we marvelled at how clean his car was, and the nice music on his iPod. This man was a keeper!

We arrived at exactly 11 o'clock. I knew Dad would approve. He hates late-comers.

Dad greeted us when he got out of the car and when Dad shook his hand, I once again marvelled at the size of Juan's hands. We quickly moved inside out of the rain and into the foyer.

"Look Dad! Juan has the same shoes as us!" I gushed.

"Well, I never! Did you also buy it from that small shop in Kommetjie? All three of us have the exact same shoes as yours!"

"Yes, I've noticed the twins' shoes. I wear a size 15 and find it very difficult to find shoes that fit and that I like. I've heard about this shop from my younger brother. Claude wears a size 14 and his agent told him about the shop. Oh, he's a model in Cape Town, but he's in Italy right now."

When Juan said his shoe size, my eyes widened and I tried to see the bulge in his pants but he had a loose jersey on which covered up his crotch. Damn! But, I did the math ... size 15 shoe? It could mean the man could have a 30cm cock! Is that even possible! Or is he the exception to the rule? Whatever his size, it was obvious that, by looking at his hands and feet, and his bulge when it was visible, he must have had a huge schlong!

We went to the living room where Mom served us tea and some hot scones she baked earlier. The discussions were light. Juan told us he was originally from George and that he has only the one younger brother, who is a model. Their parents were in a retirement village and they visit them as often as they could. When he still was a student at university in Stellenbosch, Juan was playing hockey for the first team. His brother joined him two years later and the two of them also played centre half (Juan) and left wing (his brother). We couldn't believe the coincidence!

Juan repeated that Claude was in Italy for some modelling work, and that he was expected back in Cape Town by September.

"That's too bad. The boys have their birthday in August. It would've been lovely if Claude could come too. You're invited of course, Juan!" Mom said.

"Oh, in August? My birthday is also in August, and Claude has his the day after me. When is your birthday André?" Juan asked me (he couldn't always tell the difference between André and myself!).

"Oh, it's the 25th of August."

"And I'm on the 26th, and Claude on the 27th. How peculiar!"

"Well, it's settled then. You'll come visit for the whole weekend and we'll make one big do of it. Invite your parents. They could stay in the cottage," Mom said. "Are they still able to travel?"

"Oh yes! Dad still drives his own car. No problem! Thank you very much! We need to talk about the details at a later stage" Juan said.

"Nothing of the sort! You make a huge difference in the twin's lives. Consider it a gift from Adriaan and myself. You and Claude could stay in the guest room next to the boys. Oh yes, he will still be in Italy. Well, whenever he is here, he is invited - please tell him that!" Mom gushed.

After tea, Dad was called by one of the workers to the shed, and Mom went into the kitchen to check on the food.

I asked Juan for his car keys to get my MacBook from his car. I wanted to check for emails from Alessandro and Sven. Juan was in the kitchen talking to Mom.

I took the laptop to our old bedroom and opened it up. I sat down at the desk by the window and watched as the emails came in.

In the meantime, Mom has asked André to show Juan the house. She was busy in the kitchen to finalise the food.

I was unaware of this but because of the rain, it was only the house and the adjacent cottage André could show him. The rest of the farm would have to wait for another time.

I heard them in the passage and heard André announcing to him that the bedroom adjacent to ours, would be the bedroom where he (and eventually Claude) would stay. He was impressed. There was only a double bed in the bedroom.

I heard him say "Does this mean Claude and I will have to share this tiny bed"? Juan joked. He laughed heartily. "Don't worry, we always share a bed when he visits and when I visit him. His flat in Cape Town does not have space for another bed, and we've become so used to sleeping together, it doesn't bother us anymore."

"And this is our bedroom when we're here" André announced and allowed Juan to enter first.

"Aha! A king size bed for king size boys for king size acrobatics!" I looked up and he winked at me. "So you two also sleep together? Like in always?"

"Yes, we got rid of the single beds years ago. We got tired of sleeping on top of each other. And we hate sleeping alone. Too lonesome" André put in.

"And we have a king size bed in Stellenbosch too" I added.

"Aha ...! I see! Hmmm! Interesting! Claude will be glad to know there are more brothers who sleep together like us. Interesting!"

He looked at our pictures and commented on a few good photos of our December holidays we had framed.

"And who are these two guys? They're very handsome!"

"That is Alessandro, the dark guy, and Sven, the blonde guy. We met them on the beach last December. Alessandro is Italian and Sven is Norwegian. They live and study together in London."

In the picture, it was clear that Alessandro had a huge bulge but Sven's crotch was hidden behind Alessandro.

"Interesting! Very interesting! How old are they? And are they coming to South Africa again?"

"They're both 20 years old. Yes they plan on visiting again, but only in two years' time. They have to visit the respective families in Norway and Italy."

"Are they in a relationship?"

I blushed but André said bluntly: "Yes they are. They are great guys and we email each other every week. Dad said when we're 21, we could visit them in London."

"That's good. We have a cousin who lives in London. He is a doctor there. He has a big house and Claude and I have visited him and his friend a few times. Yes, he's also gay and his friend is an architect."

This was getting more interesting by the minute!

"It's hot in here. Do you mind if I took off my jersey?"

"Not at all. Please, go ahead. Would you like a glass of water?"

"No thanks, I'm fine. But I'm taking off the jersey now."

Juan took off his jersey and André and I immediately noticed the huge bulge in his pants! The man definitely had a huge cock! He tried to push it into place by pretending to look at the other pictures, but we noticed it. He came back to the picture of Alessandro and Sven. It was obvious that Alessandro's big bulge caught his attention! He picked up his jersey from the bed and - damn! - held it in front of his crotch! Damn!

"Erm ... where is the toilet please?"

"Just down the passage on your right. We'll wait for you here" I said.

The minute Juan was out the room, André and I looked at each other with big eyes and gave small jumps.

"Did you SEE that baby bro? Did you SEE that?"

"Yes, I did. And the mystery of the single hung hunk is solved!"

"He is definitely hung, that's for sure, and he and his brother are doing the same as us!" André said.

"Yes, I'm sure of it. But did you notice his interest in Alessandro's picture?"

"Yes, I did. I wonder what he'd say if he knew just how big Alessandro's cock is!"

With that, I turned back to my laptop and opened the latest email from Alessandro.

"Here is another one of Alessandro's huge cock on Sven's back and lots of cum on his back!"

There, on the screen in vivid colour and larger than life, was a new picture Alessandro sent us today. This one showed the tip of his 24cm cock in his lover Sven's hole while he was fucking Sven. Sven has already shot his load onto his tummy. The expression on Sven's face was one of utter bliss.

"What are you looking at?" It was Juan who came back in the bedroom and we didn't hear him! He was already halfway to the desk and before I could close the MacBook, Juan whistled between his teeth.

"WOW! Boys, that is hot! Are those your friends in London? Let me see?"

I blushed crimson red and for the first time André was stuttering. He slammed the MacBook shut.

"Erm ... Juan, we can't show you these pictures ..."

"Nonsense, I'm a big boy, in more ways than one! I can handle it. Show me!"

We looked at each other, weighing the odds.

"Just remember, not a word to anybody outside these 4 walls. Your parents may take offense. You're barely out of school. Is that understood? André? Anton?" He looked at me when he said André's name and my name when he looked at André, but it didn't matter.

I looked at his crotch. It was still very big and pronounced between his legs and it seemed like it was starting to get bigger again. Obviously he doesn't put his cock towards his hip like Dad. It must be between his legs. The mind boggles at exactly how far it went between his legs ... wow!

"Of course Juan! Not a word! Dad knows what's going on but Mom doesn't know the details of our friendship with Alessandro and Sven. She would not let us visit them in London if she knew. I know Mom won't. Not a word - promise!" André said.

"And you?" He looked at me.

"Yes Juan! I mean, no, not a word!" I said.

"Then, show me the pictures of those hunks!"

"Let's just close the door a bit. We'll keep it slightly ajar so we could hear if Dad or Mom comes looking for us." André said, and went to the door to close it a bit. He left it slightly open.

"Show me the pictures, André" he said.

"It's Anton, Juan!"

"Whatever! How must I know the difference? You look the same to me!"

"I'm bigger in the pants than him!" André joked.

"That's a lie! Even there we're the same" I put in.

Juan pointed at the chair: "May I?" and he sat down in front of the computer.

I went to listen at the door for any footsteps. I gave André the OK sign and he opened the MacBook again.

The picture we were looking at, was still showing on the screen. Juan whistled softly.

"Wow! That's hot! He ... penetrated ... Sven, is it?"

"Yes, he always ... erm ... fucks Sven."

"Are there more pics like this one?"

"Yes, just click on the reverse icon. They're all there."

Juan clicked on the icon and the previous picture appeared on-screen. It was of Alessandro's huge cock on Sven's back which was covered in cum. Juan whistled again.

"This is amazing!"

He went through the whole selection and paused at the extra hot pictures, and asked questions about Alessandro and Sven.

I noticed that the bulge in his pants was very pronounced now. It was impossible for him to hide it, even with his left hand in his lap. It was obvious it was hard and throbbing. My cock was also hard by looking at Juan's throbbing crotch. I looked at André and he motioned to Juan's crotch. I nodded and mouthed the word "HUGE". André took hold of his crotch and stuck his tongue out and made a face as if he was cumming.

"This is very hot!" Juan whispered and stood up. "This is too much. Wow! I can't believe it."

He tried to hide his huge erection but failed miserably. He was blushing! He looked down and saw André's big bulge. Juan looked at me and when he saw I was hard too, he looked me in the eye and blushed a bit more. He looked at André again, who was manhandling his erection now.

"Boys, I can't believe this. Fuck!" he swore softly under his breath.

"We're not saying a word to anybody, Juan. We'll show you ours if you show us yours" André said bravely.

"I can't whip out my cock and show you guys! You're only 18, barely out of school! I was your teacher! And now I'm your coach!"

"Don't worry, we're not planning on losing the best hockey coach ever. We're not in the habit of stabbing people in the back" I said.

"Show us please" André said. "It's obvious it is big and it's hard now. I know you want to show us, so please go ahead."

"I don't know boys. This is a dangerous path we're on now. I want to, but ... oh dear!"

Outside the rain was coming down in buckets and the sound of the rain on the veranda roof was soothing.

André brazenly unzipped his pants and hauled his almost 23cm cock out, already glistening with precum, and held it out for Juan to see.

"Wow! Anton, that is a big cock for a 18 year old boy!"

"Over here - I'm Anton" I said and unzipped my pants. I pushed the elastic of my underwear down and hauled my hard leaking cock out for Juan to see.

"Good grief! Boys! This is phenomenal! I don't know what to say! How big are you? About 21cm?"

"Almost 23cm and counting!" André quipped with a wink.

"If they are so big already, you're going to grow monster cocks when you're 21 years old. Sometimes a guy's cock continues to grow until he is about 20 and even later. Yours might even get as big as Claude's cock."

"Really? How big is Claude's cock then?" André asked.

"His cock is exactly 25cm long, very thick and also uncut. It's a masterpiece."

"Does that mean we might end up with 25cm each?" I asked, astonished at the prospect of having such a monster cock one day.

"Yes, easily."

"Now show us yours please" I managed softly.

"OK, but remember, this never happened. Not a word to anybody. Please. OK?"

"Not a word" we said together.

Juan looked from me to André and back at me, touching his crotch with one hand, and the other one holding the zipper between his fingers. "Not a word, OK?"

"Of course" we both said.

Juan exhaled and said softly: "I hope I don't live to regret this", and slowly unzipped his pants.

"Don't worry - we won't say a word" André said, and touched Juan's arm.

He pulled the zipper right down and pushed his left hand in. He gave us a last look. "Our secret, OK?"

"Of course" we said.

He pushed the elastic of his underpants down with his left hand and with his right hand he unfurled a cock of gigantic proportions! It was HUGE! We both gasped at the sight of this monumental cock. I whistled softly.

The cock in front of us was close to the length of the ruler on the desk next to the laptop. 30cm? Is that possible? It was thick and it was straight as an arrow, pointing straight ahead. The head was at least three fingers long and it was covered with enough skin, even hard. It was slightly darker than Juan's hand holding it. It was just amazing.

"Wow! This is bigger than Alessandro!" I managed to say. "I've never seen anything like this!"

"I never thought it would even be possible that a cock could be this big!" André exclaimed. "May I touch it please? Please?"

"I don't know ... André? It's highly inappropriate - even just showing you. I don't know."

"I promise you we won' say a word - Scout's honour!"

"OK then" Juan said reluctantly. "Go ahead, touch it."

André and I both reached for it and touched the huge cock. When we touched it, Juan drew his breath in deeply. There was a huge drop of precum that had formed at the tip of this humongous cock. I was the lucky one touching the front part, and I rubbed the precum over the huge bulbous head.

"Ahh ..! That feels so good, but it's dead wrong! Oh fuck! I'll burn in hell for this!"

I put my hand around the shaft - it was so thick, I couldn't get my thumb and middle finger to touch! This was a cock of note, that much was obvious!

André was jacking the huge cock now and cupped Juan's enormous balls with his other hand.

"You have to feel this baby bro! His balls are huge too!"

Juan seemed to regain some control and said: "OK, now you've felt my cock. Let me feel yours too."

He reached for our hard cocks with both hands and closed his hands around both of them.

"Exactly the same, for sure! And very big for boys your age! I'm impressed.'

André and I took turns in playing with the big cock and balls. The precum was now flowing freely. Some of it even dripped on the floor. I swiped some of it from the cock head and pushed it into my mouth. It tasted fantastic!

"How is it? Juan asked. "Sweet?"

"Oh yes, it's fantastic!"

André reached over to the desk and retrieved the ruler.

"I want to see exactly how big this monster is" and put the ruler on top the big thick cock. It was 28cm long! Humongous in every sense of the word!

"Boys, I think we better stop now. It has already gone too far than it should have. If we continue, I'm going to beg you to suck me off."

"I'd do it!" I said enthusiastically.

"He can deep-throat me with ease" André said.

"No boys, this will have to wait for another time. Not today. This could really mean the end of my friendship with you and your parents. I believe you're trustworthy, but this is wrong. No, let's rather stop."

I dropped to my knees and looked Juan in the eyes. "May I just taste it please?"

"No, rather not. I don't think I'll be able to stop myself once my cock is in your mouth. Boys, I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but I think we'd better stop this. I'm tempted, believe me - I am, but I don't know if I'd be able to live with myself if I allow this to go any further today. No, please - let's stop this."

I stuck my hand out again and touched the huge cock. The mere size of the thing was unbelievable. It was huge. I rubbed the precum over the head and Juan sighed.

"Keep that up, and I'm going to force it in your mouth!" Juan warned me.

"It's much bigger than Alessandro's cock, at least 4 cm longer and much thicker." I said. "André, feel it now. It is rock hard and feel the precum!"

André reached for the huge cock and exclaimed, "I want to taste this cock. Come on, Juan! We're this far already. Let's suck you, please?

I pulled the skin forward and leaned forward to smell it. I put my tongue out and licked the piss slit. The precum was intoxicating and tasted wonderful. It was really flowing from him. He precummed more that Alessandro!

Licking the head, pushed Juan over the edge.

"Alright then, suck it!"

I didn't wait for another invitation, and pushed the big head into my mouth. It was unbelievable. It was by far the biggest cock I've ever seen. Even bigger than Dad's cock, by at least 2cm.

The thick cock filled my mouth and I pushed more of it into my mouth. I tried to get it into my throat, but wasn't successful. It was just too big!

"Come on! Let me have a go at it!" André complained.

André took the huge cock from my hand and also licked the head. But he continued to lick towards the balls. I played with his tummy hair and reached up under his shirt and found his big nipples. I stood up and pushed Juan's shirt up his chest. His areolas were big and dark, and his nipples erect and big. Not like the ones of a woman we saw on the Internet, but big for a man. I leaned in and took his whole nipple in my mouth, and sucked in as much flesh into my mouth as possible.

Juan was trembling with lust and horniness. He took my cock in his hand and jacked it.

"Nothing to sniff at, André" he said to me. I let it slide, as my mouth was filled with a big nice suckable nipple.

"You guys are killing me! If you continue like this, I'm going to cum soon! But before that, I want to suck you guys too."

Juan pulled André off his cock and sat down in front of the desk.

"Come here and let me have a go at your cocks" he said.

We stepped closer and he took my cock into his mouth and pushed it right to the back of his throat. I felt his throat opening and gasped. This man has had some serious experience! I'm sure it must have been with Claude!

When my cock did slip into Juan's throat, I gasped again and started to moan.

Juan was jacking André's cock and sucking me like a pro. He pulled off my cock and leaned towards André to taste his cock.

He pulled off André's cock and said, "No difference, boys! You're really identical in every sense of the word!"

He pushed André's cock back into his mouth and with him too, André's cock disappeared balls-deep in Juan's mouth.

"You'd better stop unless you want to be creamed," André warned. His breathing was shallow already.

Juan switched cocks without saying a word and sucked me in deep. I was ecstatic. One of the most beautiful hung hunks was sucking my cock and he was playing with André's cock! Life couldn't get any better than this, I thought.

"I want to suck you again Juan," André announced.

"I'm very close, Anton ... André? Do you have something for the cum?"

"Yes, two hungry mouths! In our mouths, Juan!"

"Really? Wow! OK, but I have to warn you, I cum a lot. And if I say 'a lot', I really mean it. You'll have to spit or swallow, but I'm going to overflow your mouths. Be warned! And if you both want some, I cum enough to share. Who's first?"

"I want it first," André said.

"All right then, but don't say afterwards I didn't warn you!"

André sank to his knees again and started sucking this humongous cock. He tried desperately to get all of it into his mouth and down his throat. He could get in about 75%.

"That's OK - don't worry. I'm happy with how deep it is now. Just relax and enjoy it while it lasts. I'm very close now. Get ready to be filled with lots of cum!"

Juan was jacking my cock and pulled me closer. The next thing he put his hand behind my head and kissed me! I was dumbstruck! Juan actually kissed me! And not just lip-brushing! His tongue licked my lips and when my lips were too slow to open, he forced his tongue through and entered my mouth. He tasted good. I put my hand behind his head and held on for dear life.

He broke free from the kiss and announced, "On your knees with your brother. I'm about to cum!"

I immediately sank to my knees next to André and watched this huge big cock fucking my twin's mouth. Andre was slurping around this grand object of sheer sexual bliss.

"Here it comes, boys!"

Juan started to fuck André's mouth in earnest and held on to his head. His breathing was very shallow and he started to moan: "Nghhnnnnn! I'm cumming, oh my dear fuck! I'm cumminnnnngggg!" I watched in awe as this huge cock swelled bigger and was pushed deep into André's mouth.

"The other one, get ready for your share. Stand by!"

With that, the big man started to really moan and I realised the first volley was shot into André's mouth. André pulled against the hand behind his head to get some of the cock out of his mouth, to make space for the cum. The next shot was fired and André gulped down the cum.

"Where is your mouth? Here!" With that he withdrew from André's mouth and shoved it into my mouth, just in time for the next shot of cum. It was fantastic. It was thick and creamy and tasted wonderful. The cum just kept on cumming and cumming.

"Next one?" He pulled out my mouth and put it back in André's mouth. I kept some of the cum in my mouth and marvelled at the taste and creaminess. André received another few shots and then Juan collapsed on the chair.

I turned to André and kissed him, opening my mouth. The cum in our mouths mixed and after a few seconds, we both swallowed. It was exquisite!

Juan has caught his breath and said, "Come let me suck you off too. Who is first?"

I offered my cock and it disappeared into Juan's mouth, right into his throat. I was going to cum soon I thought, and I did. It wasn't 40 seconds before I felt the orgasm building up and caused my cum to shoot out my cock, into Juan's mouth. He kept it deep in his mouth until I stopped shuddering.

André's cock disappeared into Juan's mouth and he also shot his load in less than a minute. Juan stood up and pulled us close. He kissed André and I saw him feeding André some of his cum. He broke free from André's mouth and kissed me, delivering the remainder of André's cum into my mouth. I was in heaven.

"That boys, was spectacular! Wow!"

"Yes, it was! Thanks Juan!"

We hugged each other and Juan kissed both of us. Nothing serious but it did involve some tongue and saliva! What a guy!

We broke the embrace and bundled our cocks back into our pants and zipped up.

"But we would like to request formally that there has to be a repeat performance of this act, please kind sir?" André put in.

"Oh, I have already hatched a plan, don't you worry!"

Juan kissed us and gave us a group hug.

"You guys are amazing. Thanks!"

"You're not too bad yourself!" André announced. Juan cracked up laughing!

"I do have a few things to ask. Who fucks whom in this bedroom? And may I have the honour to fuck that same hole, while I suck the other one's cock?"

My eyes were wide. I could never take such a cock in my hole! Even Dad's cock would be huge and I don't even know if I'd be able to handle that! And this one is at least 2cm longer, plus it's definitely thicker than Dad's cock.

"I'm the one that gets fucked," I said softly. "But I'm not so sure about having your cock in me. It's just too big."

"You'll see, I'll be very gentle and before you know it, I'll be inside you and you'll have the fuck of a lifetime. Think about it. No pressure. I have a reservation that I made for my brother and me, but he won't be back in time. I want you two to come with me. It's on the West Coast at a resort. It's two weekends before our birthdays. What do you say? Please say yes? I obliged your requests to go further today, now it's your turn to oblige. Come on, it's going to be fun. And you'll enjoy it. Anton, is it? I'll be super gentle. If you can't handle it, which I doubt because I'm not THAT much bigger than André, there is still a lot of other fun stuff to do. And before I fuck you, André could fuck you first. That would open you up nicely and loosen you a lot. Come on, what do you say?"

"Come on, Anton, let's go! It will be fun man!"

"OK then, but I don't want to come back in a wheel chair!" I joked.

"No you won't! We'll be gentle, we promise," André said.


Lunch was a resounding success, like only Mom could pull off. Dad and Mom enjoyed Juan's company and there was a lot of banter and jokes.

When we left, Dad gave him a case of wine - 6 Riesling and 6 Cabernet Sauvignon which he brought back from the shed - and extended an open invitation to Juan to visit whenever he wanted. And reminded him about the birthday party, and to bounce it off Claude.

Mom was taken in with this tall hunk of a man and told him he didn't have to wait for an invitation, that this would now be his second home.

He thanked them profusely and ruffled our hair. His huge hand looked great in Dad's when he said good-bye. I couldn't help to think of my cock I had in those hands only 2 hours ago ... Sigh! It's going to be a long 3 weeks before the weekend away!

= To be continued =



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