"André, you won't believe what just happened!" I said in a loud whisper when I got to our bedroom.

André was stretched out on the bed and reading a comic book.

"What was that all about? It sounded like they were asleep?"

"Yes, they were, but you won't believe what happened!"

"What? Tell me, baby bro!"

"Dad had a huge boner and when I got hard too, he noticed it and gave me a big hug!" I blurted out. "And while he was hugging me, he felt my hard-on and said he knew our cocks would get big. He pushed against me and ... he showed me his cock!"

"What?! You can't be serious! Really?"

"Yes - it's HUGE, André! And I held it in my hand!"

"Get out of here! Really? How was it?"

"André, it was like nothing I ever felt before! It's HUGE, I can tell you! I couldn't get my hand around it. It took one of his hands and both my hands to cover it!"

"What? You touched it? Is it thick? I know he's uncut ... talk, baby bro!"

"It's 27cm long and big and thick and ... it's just awesome, André!"

I told André what happened and saw his eyes growing big, and his cock growing big, snaking up his tummy!

"Really? Man! I wish I could see that! Did Mom see anything?"

"No, of course not. She was too sleepy and just wanted to get into bed. André, Dad has an anaconda in his pants, I'm telling you! It felt huge against my tummy and even bigger in my hands! And the best is left for last ... I had it in my mouth!"

André's jaw dropped. "What? You're joking! Really? You're lying!"

"André, it was massive in my mouth and tasted really good. It's big and Dad loved it!"

"Fuck, you lucky fish! Did he say anything about me?"

"Yes, when we get the chance, he wanted the three of us to have a threesome! Wouldn't it be awesome?

"Wow, look at what it has done to me! It's already leaking precum again! Would you like to suck me again, baby bro?"

"Yes, I'm also so damn horny now, and would you believe? It's because of Dad! DAD - I ask you! You have to see it! It's huge!"

"It showed in the shorts he wore today. And now you've seen it and felt it against your tummy. And had it in your hands. And had it in your mouth! Lucky you!"

I stripped the hockey shorts off and crawled in on top of André, grabbing his hard cock. I sat on his thighs and started jacking him.

He pulled me down and kissed me urgently and feverishly. I couldn't believe how hot we were because of DAD's big cock!

"Suck me now, please! Please baby bro!"

I complied and was rewarded with a big mouth full of creamy cum in no time. André pulled me down on top of him and then rolled over so he was above me. He took hold of my cock and said, "Your turn. I think you're going to drown me, are you?"

"After what I saw and felt and tasted, I'm super hot bro!"

André went to work on my cock and in no time the sensations of an orgasm took hold of my crotch and my body and I was elevated to the equivalent of Cloud Nine for horny teenagers!

"I'm cumming André!" I grunted.

"No, you don't! I want to fuck you!"

André reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled out the tube of KY jelly. He put a dollop on his cock head and lifted my legs to put some on my hole. I opened my legs and he pushed a finger in to spread the lube. Then 2 fingers ... I gasped.

"Ready for big bro's big old cock, baby bro?"

"Yes, please! Fuck me André!"

André lifted my legs onto his shoulders and aimed his cock head at my hole. He pushed in and I felt how the big head stretched my hole. Slowly but surely it entered me and started to fill me up. It felt fantastic! It was as if André hasn't fucked my many times before!

"Yes, André! Give it to me!"

André leaned forward and his cock slid deeper into my hole. I gasped and put my hands on his buttocks to pull him in deeper.

When he was in balls-deep, I held him there. He knew, I always wanted him to wait a bit until I'm used to that 23cm of thick cock inside me. After a few seconds, he pulled out a bit, or so I thought. This time he pulled out completely.

"No! What are you doing? Put it back please!"

"That's exactly what I intend to do baby bro! Hold on!"

André pushed his cock back into me and this time he pushed it in in one long continuous push. I gasped and groaned. It was a great experience. And the excitement with Dad earlier, just heightened the pleasure!

Too soon André started to grunt like a bull in heat.

"I'm going to cum Anton! I'm going to shoot!"

I felt his cock spasm inside me, and knew he was pumping me full of his cum. He was releasing his thick cum deep inside me. Man, how I loved this man!

Without touching myself, I shot a load of note, as if I haven't shot a load earlier when we took the pictures for Alessandro and Sven. It felt good. André was very attentive and just held his cock in my hole until the last drop oozed into me and mine onto my tummy.

"Baby bro! If that is what it does to see Dad's bulge and feel it against your body, and touching it, and taking it in your mouth, I can only imagine what a huge load you're going to shoot when we eventually have real fun with Dad's big cock! That was a huge load man!"

We quickly brushed our teeth in the adjacent bathroom and got into bed. André spooned me from behind and hugged me tightly.

"Baby bro, you're the best brother there is. You're so kind, so smart and damn, are you hot and horny!"

He kissed me in my neck and on my cheek.

"Thanks big bro - you're not too shabby yourself! I love you man. Sleep well."

We slept like babies. I dreamt of André and Dad and Alessandro and Sven and sex and sucking and kissing and big hard-ons ... If I didn't have two orgasms the previous night, I'd have had a wet dream, that's for sure!


The next morning we woke up early when Dad knocked on our door and walked in.

My eyes flew open and saw Dad standing in the doorway, looking at us with big eyes and a lopsided smile.

Dad stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "And what do we have here, boys?"

I looked down and saw that I was sporting a big boner and André was spooning me from behind, holding my hard cock in his hand. Being summer, we ended up on top of the bedding and were buck-naked.

I tried to conceal my erection but Dad just smiled.

"No need for that Anton! I've already seen it, remember? And it's OK. Nothing to be ashamed of."

Dad had another tight pair of shorts on - did he have a wardrobe overhaul? His prominent bulge snaking to his left didn't go unnoticed. As I looked at it, it grew considerably.

André woke up and stretched out on his back, exposing another big boner for Dad to see.

"Wow! Another biggie! It's clear you are my boys!"

"What? Dad ...? Erm ...! Anton, why didn't you wake me?"

"Not to worry André! I'm fine with it. No need to be ashamed of it. Did Anton tell you what happened last night?"

"Yes he did ..."

André's eyes were not focused yet, but I'm sure he noticed Dad's growing bulge. André rolled onto his tummy, almost pushing me off the bed.

"Come, let's go boys. It's a beautiful day outside. Perfect weather after the South Easter wind of yesterday. Get ready and come have some breakfast. Mom's busy with sausage, eggs and toast. Sounds good?"

André rolled onto his back, trying to conceal his erection. He stretched again and his erection reached to about 1cm beyond his belly button. I tried to conceal mine with my hand.

"With a weapon like that, you'll soon be required to get a license!" Dad joked. "Come on, let's get going. Come, come!"

André jumped out of bed and almost bumped into Dad. Dad was quick to catch him before he fell.

"Hey there big boy! Careful now!"

André's shoulder pushed into Dad's chest and his left arm against Dad's bulge.

"Careful there!" Dad said conspiratorially to André.

He turned André to face him, took him in his arms and gave him a big hug. André's cock jutted out towards Dad and was pushed between his legs.

"You two have grown a lot lately, and in all the right places!"

He pushed André back at arm's length and looked down on the hard cock pointing at his crotch.

"That's my boy!" Dad pulled André closer and gave him a nice big kiss, and hugged him again. It was obvious André felt Dad's big bulge snaking towards his left hip.

"You too, Anton - come here!"

I got up and walked into Dad's outstretched arm. He took me by the shoulder and kissed me too as I was pulled into a three-way embrace.

"My big boys! At the rate you're growing and developing, and growing in the right places, you'll put me to shame in no time. Just look at the two of you! You really are filling out your pants big time!"

I felt how my hard cock joined André's hard cock between Dad's legs, rubbing against each other.

"I hope you're not leaking! These are clean shorts!"

Dad pushed us away and held us at arm's length, and looked at our cocks. Fortunately we were not wet.

"Anton told me he actually saw your cock last night? I want to see it too!"

"Really? Now?"

"Yes, now please. I'm standing here, buck-naked in front of you and with a hard-on. Last night Anton got to see your cock, touch it and even suck it, and I got to see and touch squat," André complained.

"I'd love to show you, but breakfast will be ready soon. What do you think Mom would say if I walked in there with a raging hard-on?"

"Just a peek, please Dad?"

"OK. You drive a hard bargain - no pun intended! Here, have a look."

Dad quickly opened his pants and hauled that anaconda out for André to see.

"Phew, Dad! Anton wasn't lying! This thing is a monster!"

André put his hand out and touched it.

"It's not fully erect, and don't do anything funny, otherwise I won't be able to get it back in my pants. It's already almost hard."

André held Dad's huge cock in his hand and softly whistled again. "Dad, this is humongous!"

"Now, put on some clothes, and don't forget some underwear - we don't want to scare your Mom to death! Breakfast should be ready soon."

Dad wrestled his cock from André's grip and pushed it back into his pants. He zipped up and pulled us in for another hug, kissed each other on the mouth and left the room. "Make haste, boys!"

André and I looked at each other with big eyes.

"Am I still sleeping, or did this just happen, baby bro? Dad has a monster in his pants!"

"I told you last night, André! It's huge."

"Well, let's get dressed and our faces washed. I'm famished."


The day at the beach was fantastic. We had two big umbrellas, a cooler box with cold drinks (even Heineken beer!) and snacks, and folding chairs. We aimed for the tidal pool where we met Alessandro and Sven two days ago. André elbowed me playfully when I suggested that particular pool. He whispered: "You're a pervert!"

Dad put some sunblock on our backs, gave me the tube to do his back and then we put some block on our chests, arms, our faces and feet.

The water in the tidal pool was better than the water in the ocean, but still cold. So, we spent most of the day chatting, reading and later on Dad, André and I went for a walk. Mom was still busy with her Dan Brown on her iPad and didn't want to join us. We put some more block on our shoulders, ears, donned our hats and off we went.

The walk on the wet sand was nice and we chatted about everything, from work on the farm, school, hockey, politics, our holiday and then Dad raised the dreaded question of ... GIRLS!

"Are you two involved with any girls? At your age and with your appearances and statistics, I'm sure there is a string of girls running after you."

"Nobody Dad - they're such giggling annoyances! No, nobody Dad. Our hockey and studies will always come first." André put in.

"Well, keep it that way for now. I don't want you to fail your first year and for your hockey to suffer. By the way, Uncle Pieter called this morning and told me he can get some information about that flat we were interested in for next year. I might actually buy it. We'll see. I just wonder what would go down there with you two in charge of such a pad ...!" Dad tickled me and ruffled André's hair.


The rest of our week at the beach went by in a daze of summer, sun, sea, eating, drinking, reading, sleeping, and jacking off, sucking each other and André fucking me - a lot! Before we knew it, the week was over and we were ready to go back home the next day.

For our last dinner mom made us her special spaghetti and meatballs, and salad. Dessert was some special ice cream treat from the shop Mom went to earlier in the day. Dad and Mom settled in to watch some nature programme on TV and we checked our emails. There were emails from Alessandro and Sven! They have had a wonderful time in the Drakensberg, and included some beautiful pictures of the Berg, waterfalls, short hikes, pools amongst the rocks, sunsets of them on the balcony of their chalet drinking some of the wine they bought in the Cape. In Alessandro's last email, there was a warning to open that email with care and when it was safe to do so. There were a few pictures of them kissing (in the selfie style), of Sven sucking Alessandro's huge cock, of Alessandro deep-throating Sven's cock and of Alessandro fucking Sven standing at the balustrade of the balcony. It only showed the tip of Alessandro's cock entering Sven's hole, and Sven's face turned back with an expression of utter bliss.

We commented on and marvelled at Alessandro's huge 24cm cock that Sven could manage to take it inside him, and with apparent ease, it seemed. And last but not least, there was a picture of Sven still bending over at the balustrade with Alessandro's huge dick on his buttocks, with a huge puddle and streaks of cum covering Sven's back from his hole right up to his head. It was a huge load!

André looked at Dad and Mom to see if they were still glued to the TV - they were. His hand slipped under my laptop and when he felt my raging hard-on, he whispered in my ear to feel his cock too. I snuck my hand under his laptop and could feel the precum stain through the thin cloth of his shorts.

"Let's get out of here. I want to fuck you baby bro!" André whispered.

"Let's just see what Alessandro wrote, pervert!" I hissed. The two tourists were driving to Durban to catch their connection flight to Johannesburg, and then back to London. Alessandro reiterated how much they enjoyed our company - not just the fun and games - and that they'd definitely be back to visit us soon. He wished us a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year for our first year at university. Oh, and a good hockey season. He told us to be careful with our making out and not to let anybody find out what was going on between us. He asked about what our parents knew. I answered the email and wrote a short note wishing them bon voyage, and invited them to the farm as soon as they get back to South Africa again. Then I thanked him for their friendship, and mentioned what happened when Dad came into our room the other day. It's obvious he knew what was going on and wanted in on the action. All in all, things were hunky dory.

We excused ourselves and went off to have a shower. Dad called after us and said their programme was about to finish, and that he would come say goodnight to us after our shower.

In the shower the same thing as always happened: lots of kissing, touching, sucking, hugging and horseplay. André was relentless. By the time we finished showering, we were leaking so much precum, I thought of his idea of collecting the stuff in little bottles and selling it as lube!

We managed to get out of the bathroom and to our room. We heard Dad and Mom switching the TV off, and getting glasses for water for the night.

We were just in our bedroom, horse playing around, and still buck-naked, and rock-hard, when there was light rap on the door and the door opened. It was Dad.

"Ah, my big boys! Wow! Do those things ever go soft? Boys? You're going to get dehydrated at the rate you're carrying on. Look at that precum André! You guys are real men now."

I tried in vain to hide my erection from Dad, but André just let it go. Dad has already seen them the other morning, so there.

"I can't remember how big mine was when I was 18, but you guys are heading for a record! Have you actually measured those dongs? Anton?"

"Yes, Dad. They're almost 23cm now. I think they have grown since the last time we measured them" I answered shyly.

"Well, if you continue to develop at the rate it's going now, you'll overtake me!"

André was brave to put in, "How big is yours Dad? Anton says you said it's 27cm. Really?"

I hit him with my elbow.


Dad opened the door slightly and looked if Mom was within earshot. He closed the door again, and told us in a hushed voice: "It's OK, Anton. You guys may ask me anything. Yes, when fully hard, mine is about 26 to 27cm. So, you still have some growing to do."

"Dad, do you also jack off?"

"André!" I scolded him.

"Not to worry Anton! It's OK to ask these questions. Yes, I still jack off from time to time in the shower. I find it very relaxing and satisfying. I love Mom very much, but I have greater needs and well ... women are different."

"Really Dad?" We stared at him with big eyes.

"Yes, really. Sometimes, it's every third day or so. And when Mom visits grandpa and grandma, it's more."

"Do you cum a lot too, Dad?"

"André! You can't ask Dad such questions!"

"What? He said we may ask him anything, and there - I'm curious. I want to know."

"Yes, I cum very much. Sometimes it's rather embarrassing. I would guess easily 30ml or more. I don't know, but it's a lot."

"Have you tasted your cum, Dad?"

"André! Come on!"

Dad cracked the door open again and checked if Mom was close by.

"Don't worry Anton! It's perfectly normal to be curious about these things. Yes, I have tasted it. It tastes slightly bitter, but when I drink lots of water or orange juice, it is more, and it is sweeter."

"Wow, Dad! We thought we were perverts!" I said.

"I want to taste your cum, Dad!" André put in.

"No, you're not perverts, just normal curious 18 year old young men who are fast becoming big men! André, when the opportunity presents itself, we could have some fun and you may taste my cum. How about you, Anton?"

"Yes, very much Dad!"

"Now, let me ask you two a question or two. Dumb questions, I'm sure, but, do you do stuff together ...? You know? Jack each other off?"

"Yes, since we were 13 Dad" André said.

"Five years now? You've started early! And ...? What else?"

I was blushing and was a bit embarrassed, but thought we needed to talk about these things, and who better than our own dad to give us the best answers. I noticed Dad's bulge had grown considerably since he came into our bedroom.

"Dad, we kiss and suck each other too" André said.

"And do you like it? Do you cum in each other's mouths?"

"Yes" André said flatly.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, boys! You're twin brothers! You're curious about stuff! And, I'd rather you two do it with each other, than with some strange boy. Just, be careful: Mom doesn't need to know any of this stuff. Not about me, not about what happens between you two - nothing. And when the three of us manage to do something together, NOTHING! As far as she is concerned, you just shower and sleep together - nothing more. Keep it that way. Then there are less complications and less drama. Women are wired differently. And wear your clothes in such a way your big cocks don't show, especially not when they get hard!"

I couldn't believe we were "having THE talk" with Dad! It was quite embarrassing, but also liberating. Almost all was in the open now and we have gained a comrade who had our backs, and understood.

"What else?"

"I fuck Anton" André said bluntly.


"It's OK, that's also fine. How do you manage Anton? OK?"

"It was difficult at first Dad. Our cocks are not small, as you know. Look at us! But, now it's fine. I actually love it."

"Did Alessandro or Sven fuck you?"

"No, Dad. We only sucked each other."

"I'm sure they're after more than that!"

"Yes, Alessandro wants to fuck my baby bro!" André could be so blunt!

"Would you go for it Anton?"

"Yes, perhaps."

"What if I told you I'd like to fuck you too, Anton?"

My eyes were wide with disbelief. What? Dad wants to fuck me? His cock is HUGE! He'd rip me apart!

"Uhm ... I don't know Dad. Your cock is very big. I don't know if I would be able to handle it."

"With the right technique, lots of lube and lots of patience, it's possible. I'm a very good lover. Ask Uncle Pieter!"

"What?! Really Dad?" We were stumped. Dad fucks his younger brother with his huge cock!

"Yes, I do. But not as often as I want to. As you know, he is a busy man and I'm a married man. The opportunities are few nowadays. But when I go to Cape Town for business and stays with Uncle Pieter, he gets a good fucking!"

So then, our suspicions about Uncle Pieter were true after all. The possibilities were endless ...! Imagine a foursome with Dad, Uncle Pieter and the two of us!

"We have to get going. Come here! Be careful with those drooling monsters - I don't want any of that stuff on my shorts!"

Dad opened his arms and we both embraced him. He hugged us and kissed us on the head. Our cocks pushed between his thighs. I was on Dad's left side and I could feel his big semi-hard cock pushing against my tummy.

Dad pushed us back and looked at us at arm's length.

"What beautiful boys you've become! I'm so proud of you, and what you've achieved. A dad could never ask for better children. Thank you!" And he kissed us each on the mouth, and hugged us again. My heart felt like it could burst out of my chest with love for this (hung!) hunk of a man who was our dad!

"Now get your stuff ready. We have to be out by 10 o'clock tomorrow. Good night, and ... enjoy 'it' ...!" He winked at us and kissed us again. He opened the door and before he entered the passage, he readjusted his huge bulge. "Mom doesn't need to know!" he whispered at us, smiled and winked again.

When the door closed, we gawked at each other.

"Do you believe we ended up with such a cool dad?" André gushed. "I love him to death. You lucky fish, you were the one to feel his cock again! Was it hard?"

"Yes, Dad is a special guy. He loves us very much. No, he wasn't completely hard, but it is big. You saw his cock. Imagine it hard: 26 or 27cm!"

André whistled softly and put his hands apart and guessed a distance of that size between them. "That is awesome, baby bro! The man is blessed, for sure! I wonder how big ours will be eventually."

"Let's get our stuff packed so I can get to suck you off, big bro! Or are you more interested in enjoying 'it'?"

Once again, the sucking and kissing and fucking and cumming were monumental. When André was spooned behind me with his still rubbery cock between my thighs, I pondered on what happened the last couple of days. First Alessandro and Sven, the sucking and cumming in each other's mouths, the encounters and talks with Dad ... I was content with my life! It couldn't get any better. Little did I know!


The next day after breakfast and cleaning up, we left by 10 o'clock and by 12:30 we stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. We were only about another 90 minutes away from home, but Mom said she wanted to enjoy the holiday as long as possible.

After lunch on the way back home in the back of the SUV, André said he wanted to sleep a bit and toppled over with his head in my lap.

I sat in the right hand seat behind Dad. I was fairly invisible to him. André lowered his head into my lap but turned so he was facing my tummy. With his left hand he started playing with my hairy calves, and with his right hand he was slowly opening my shorts.

I watched Dad's face in the rear-view mirror but his attention was on the heavy holiday traffic. Mom was still reading her Dan Brown novel on her iPad.

I pulled my light jacket from the back of the seat and draped it over André's head as if to give him some privacy to get some sleep.

No sooner was the jacket over his head and over my crotch, he managed to snake my almost hard cock out of my shorts. I tried to stop him, but after 18 years, I knew it would be futile, so I just let him be. He started to stroke my cock and I knew the smell of sex would be imminent. I unwrapped a piece of the Stimorol gum and popped it into my mouth.

Dad smelled it immediately and asked, "May I have one too, please Anton?" Dad asked. He held his hand over his shoulder and I unwrapped a piece and gave it to him.

By now my cock was rock hard in André's hand, and he was pulling the foreskin down and pushed it back up again. It was wonderful. I felt him rubbing my cock head, and knew it was precum leaking out the piss slit.

When hard and pushed back onto my tummy, my cock head was about 1cm beyond my belly button. I made a mental note to measure our cocks that night after we've showered. I was sure they were bigger after the holidays.

I gasped silently when André pulled my balls out of my shorts. My twin brother was unstoppable!

I watched Dad's face intently in the rear-view mirror through my shades. Nothing. He was concentrating on the traffic and the road ahead.

Mom was still reading her book on her iPad and paid us no attention.

André started licking my balls. Once again, I felt like creaming right there and then. It was the danger of it all that excited me.

By now I was rock hard and sopping wet.

I was so tempted to cop a feel of André's cock, which I knew was rock hard too, but stopped short of doing so. The commotion would just attract some attention. I didn't want Mom to look back and see what was happening.

André lightly moved his hand on the underside of my hard cock and rubbed the precum over the head and along the underside of my cock shaft.

I made another mental note that we had to be more careful not to make a big mess on the bed. Even though we made our own bed and put the dirty sheets directly into the washer, one could never be too careful.

André stole a roll of kitchen paper towel, which we sometimes used to clean up, especially when we didn't suck each other off.

At home we managed to mask the odour of our cum with some air fresher Mom bought: André claimed my farts were so bad they were fogging up the windows! Here in the confinement of the SUV, we had to rely on the vapours coming from the gum Dad and I were chewing! I hope Mom's perfume would prevent her from smelling my cock! Fortunately Dad had the AC on in the SUV, which also helped.

I was hoping André wasn't going to make me cum ... Big mistake! He continued to rub my cock and cock head very delicately while sucking on my big balls. I could feel the changes taking place in my groin and the hormones rushing through my body. An orgasm was imminent!

Dad started to talk to Mom about some domestic stuff, and about the grandparents. The discussion kept them busy and I was happy to see they paid no attention to what was happening under my jacket.

Soon I realised André really wasn't letting up until I've cummed! I panicked: what would happen to my cum? There would be lots and what would I do to hide it?!

I tried to stop André but he persisted. I couldn't talk or beg him to stop. I tried to push him off as quietly as I could, but I knew that once he's made up his mind about something, nothing would stop him.

I was fast approaching orgasm when Dad was lightly swearing at an idiot overtaking on a solid line and on an incline - his attention was on the road now.

Mom's attention was also on the car that swerved into our lane, right in front of Dad. She wrote down the number plate number, just in case. Soon she was reading her novel again.

I touched André's shoulder trying to let him know the inevitable was about to happen when it did happen. I shot a load of mammoth proportions onto my tummy. I just kept on cumming and it felt like I was going to fly through the SUV's roof. The load on my chest was immense. I guess it must've been around 5 teaspoons full.

André continued to rub the underside of my cock and some of the cum over the head. I grabbed André's hand to stop rubbing my cock as it became very sensitive.

I pushed his hand away but was careful not to get any cum onto the jacket, as I knew that was my last resort to hide the mess!

André let go of my still pulsating cock and I pushed my shirt flat against my tummy to contain my huge load.

Suddenly Dad braked which caused André to fall off the seat and out from under the jacket in my lap.

Dad used some strong words to announce what an idiot it was - once again - who overtook on a blind rise, who then had to push in in front of Dad after he was forced to move back into our lane.

Both Dad and Mom were more concerned about the idiot driver than with what had just happened in the back seat. Dad did look into the rear-view mirror and enquired whether André was OK after his fall.

André quickly sat up pretending to be awake after "having a nap" in my lap. "What happened, Dad?"

"Just some idiot driver. Are you OK?"

"Yes, just lots of bruises and cuts, Dad", he joked, "but I'll survive...!" He was such a tease! "Could I please have some of the Stimorol gum, Anton?"

I gladly gave André the packet of gum and clung to the jacket covering my lap. I tested the air but could only smell the mint of the gum. The AC was doing a good job too. Fortunately we were only about 20 minutes away from home. My shirt was literally soaked.

I saw Dad looking at me in the rear-view mirror but I couldn't see his eyes behind his shades. "You OK Anton?"

"I'm fine thanks Dad" I croaked.

Next to me André stretched out and yawned. He leaned towards me and winked, mouthing: "How was that?"

I smiled shyly and flipped him the finger.

"You loved it, baby bro!" he mouthed and had a real Cheshire cat smile.

He put his hand under the jacket and squeezed my left leg. Then he leaned towards me, pushed against my shoulder and whispered into my ear: "Do you love me baby bro?" I could rather kill him right then, but he was so damn sexy and such a nice guy, I could forgive him just about anything.

"Yeah, all right! It was fine. Thanks" I whispered into his ear.


Back home I quickly put on my jacket and tried not to look anybody in the eye. It must have looked strange to have a jacket on in the sweltering heat.

I grabbed some of the luggage from the back of the SUV and made a beeline into the house. Mom has already unlocked the kitchen door and has put stuff on the table. I put down the luggage I brought in and ran to our bedroom. I peeled the jacket off and yanked the shirt off. I used it to wipe the dampness off my body. I got a clean shirt from our cupboard and went into the bathroom to rinse the remains of the cum from my chest hair. I towelled dry and put on the fresh shirt.

Outside Dad looked at me curiously and asked: "A clean shirt? What happened to your other shirt?

"Nothing. It was sweaty."

I shot André a look and he just smiled while taking the last of the luggage out of the back.

"Anton, please take the SUV to the shed. Remember you two: you have to wash it tomorrow please."

"Yes Dad" we said.


After a light dinner, Dad and Mom were relaxing with drinks in front of the TV and the two of us were on our MacBooks checking emails. There was none from Alessandro and Sven. They must have been still en route.

There was an email from our old hockey coach from school with some instructions on diet and some exercises already for us to adhere to for the upcoming hockey season starting at the end of March.

We kissed our parents goodnight and excused ourselves, and went off to shower and unpack our bags. We were keen to be back in our king size bed. I was sure André had a lot of tricks up his sleeve again!

While we were unpacking, Dad popped in asked if we were OK. We confirmed we were OK and he came in the room, hugged us and kissed us.

"Thanks for a wonderful holiday Dad! That was really spectacular! And for the shoes! We'll step out like the Three Musketeers with our new shoes!" André put in.

"And for the chats Dad. It meant a lot to us. We're so lucky to have you as our Dad. You're so cool! We love you very much" I said.

"Ohhh! Come here you two beautiful monsters! Of course - that's what I do and I love you two very much too."

He hugged us close and as I was on his left hand side again, I could feel the prominent bulge in his pants pushing against my tummy. I could have sworn it grew harder.

"And for sharing this with us," I said, brushing my hand over his bulge.

"Careful there! We don't want to start something we can't finish!"

"Yes, you pervert!" André joked, and landed a faux shot on my chin.

"Patience boys. The time will come. In the meantime, enjoy each other, and remember to be careful. Now finish your unpacking and get into bed. Tomorrow you have to wash the SUV first and then we have to see what the vineyards look like. The section down by the stream might need some spraying. We'll check tomorrow. Goodnight boys!"

Dad kissed and hugged us again. He left and closed our bedroom door.

"Where is your ruler, baby bro? I want to see if our cocks have grown!"

I retrieved a ruler from my desk by the window and returned to bed, my cock swaying from side to side.

"You're such a show-off, baby bro! Just look at that thing!"

I handed him the ruler and he put it on top of his hard throbbing cock.

"YES! It is bigger! It's over 23cm, bro! When last did we measure? In the winter I think? Let me see yours!"

He put the ruler on top of my hard cock and it too was just over 23cm.

"At the rate we're growing in our pants, we might have cocks as big as Alessandro soon! Or Dad!"

André threw the ruler onto be nightstand and was on his back, holding his hard cock upright, ready for the taking.

"Come on baby bro - it's not going to suck itself!

I went to work on his cock and sucked André till he was on the verge of cumming, and then I stopped. I did it again and by the third time he was like a lion in a cage.

"Please baby bro! I need to cum ... please?"

"This is your punishment for what you've done to me in the car today! That was a terrible thing to do!"

"And still, you loved it! Come on, admit it! You loved it!"

"Yes, but Mom could have seen something."

"Well, she didn't. And Dad won't keep it against us if he saw us. Now come on bro - I need to cum! Now!"

I took his big throbbing wet cock into my mouth again and pushed the head right down my throat like I've practised this week. Within 30 seconds, he announced that he was about you cum. And did he cum! He filled my mouth and I had to swallow for all I was worth to prevent spilling any of it.

"Fuck baby bro! That was awesome! I'm so glad we've met Alessandro and Sven! We've learnt something special from them. How about you?"

"Nah. I'm good. After my eruption in the car, I think I'll take a rain check."

André was sleepy already and he pulled me into his arms, spooning me from behind. His cock was still fairly hard and he pushed it between my legs. I lifted my right leg and carefully put his cock head right on my hole.

"What are you doing, baby bro? Is it the picture of Alessandro fucking Sven that makes you think of it? Hmmm? Or Dad's big cock?"

"Yes, but not now. I'm sleepy."

"Goodnight you pervert!"

"Goodnight you sex maniac!"

= To be continued =



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