The remaining 7 of us left at Heathrow weighed in our baggage at the Lufthansa counter, went through customs and then we sat down in one of the coffee shops. We were quiet and were thinking of the amazing week we’ve had in London. The people we’ve met – Giovanni, Gareth, Alexander, Clive, Rafael, Diego, Kamran, Santiago and all the others, including the bellhop John – were nice guys. The one mishap I’ve had with Luke – albeit an enormous cock … ahhh! – was forgotten and we only reflected on the good times. Sadek Sharif, the Egyptian restaurateur. The guy at Harrods, Blake Shah. We’ve met some guys who were going to be friends with for life.

A short time later there was an announcement that our flight was up. We got our belongings and went to the waiting area at the gate. Outside it was snow-white and there were trucks de-icing the planes. Our A330 stood right outside the window.

Apart from being an engineering student, airplanes were one of my passions. The whole Airbus family were my favourites, but the Boeing 747, the 777 and 787 were favourites too. I took out my iPhone and Googled the A330 to get some more info on this aircraft. A330-200

The versatile mid-size widebody has excellent range and cargo capacity. Since the first A330 entered service – an A330-300 in 1994 – low operating costs per seat have been the A330 family’s hallmark. With numerous product improvements applied since its service entry, the A330 remains the most cost-efficient aircraft in its class. 

The shorter-fuselage A330-200 seating 247 passengers in a three-class configuration with the versatility to cover all ranges from short-haul to true long-haul, with ideal sizing for point-to-point operations. Meanwhile the longer-fuselage A330-300 comfortably seats 277 passengers in a typical three-class configuration – providing unmatched per-seat costs for its category, maintaining its position as the most economical twin-aisle regional airliner. 

We browsed the so-called ‘duty free’ shops at the airport and decided to only buy Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum. The shop assistant couldn’t believe he sold 7 bottles in one go! Each one of us bought a 100ml and put in in our new Boss shoulder bags.


On board the A330 I ended up with Luigi on one side and across the aisle Pierre. The business class wasn’t as opulent as on the A380 but the flight to Berlin was only 1 hour 50 minutes long. No sooner were we seated than a flight attendant came in with warm towelettes he handed out with tongs.

Then he brought out a small trolley and handed out flutes and some salty snacks. Next he poured us some Moët. We were still pampered!

The man was tall and blonde. He was very friendly, yellow blonde hair, dark eyebrows and with blue eyes – a true member of the ‘Herrenvolk’. He was super efficient.

Guten Mittag! Good afternoon! Bonne journée! You’re from South Africa, yes? Welcome aboard and we hope you’ll enjoy the flight with us. Gentlemen, my name is Ludwig and I will be your flight attendant on this short flight to Berlin. As soon as we’re airborne, I’ll serve your hot meal. The menu is in the pockets in front of you. Please make your selection now so I could prepare your meals.

“Thank you and please fasten your seatbelts. A short video is shown on your monitors. I’ll demonstrate it to you too,” Ludwig said and went through the drill showing us how to lengthen and shorten the belt, fasten the seatbelt buckle and of course the lifejacket.

The info card in the pocket had all the information and I was intrigued to see the layout of the plane, the three different sections, the location of the doors, the toilets and of course the other info on the plane itself described in the inflight magazine. Airbus really was a leader.


While the airplane was pushed back, Ludwig quickly went through the menu with us and took our orders.

The menu was short.

There was a mixed salad, a smoked salmon entrée or liver pâté, and then there was a choice between a beef dish and a chicken lasagne. It would be served with freshly prepared vegetables and baked potato. I was sure Ludwig didn’t have to prepare everything from scratch but it sounded good.


Once we were airborne and the seatbelt lights were switched off, another flight attendant appeared from the back, a very blonde lady with hazel brown eyes and her hair in a bun. She served our fruit juice, some more Moët and then she went into the galley to help Ludwig.

They served the meal, which tasted like real restaurant food. We did have a very nice breakfast but this light lunch was good.

Luigi’s hand came over the partition between us and took my hand in his. He lifted it to his mouth and kissed it. I saw Ludwig out of the corner of my eye busy collecting the trays. When I looked up, he smiled a knowing smile. Ahh! Family!


The inflight entertainment had a wonderful selection of music and one playlist intrigued me. It consisted of a wide selection of the Italian masterpieces in choral works, solos and even a few very classical Neapolitan songs. I closed my eyes, holding on to Luigi’s hand and enjoyed the music.

I must have dozed off. “Mio caro! Mio caro! Svegliare il mio tesoro (Wake up my darling)!” Luigi said gently squeezing my hand. My man, ever so kind and gentle.

“Hi mio caro! Yes, I did take a nap … sorry!” I said and squeezed Luigi’s hand.

“Hi there sleepyhead! How are you Ant?” Pierre said from across the aisle. He was nursing a G & T and was paging through the inflight magazine. “There are very interesting things to do in Berlin! Come on my sexy man! We’re about to land!”

I stretched out and leaned over the aisle, and took Pierre’s drink to have a sip. He gladly let me take a sip … not what André would’ve allowed!

“Thanks Pee-AIR! You're such a nice man! What is so interesting in the magazine? What’s happening in Berlin?

“Oh, many things! I wonder if a week would be enough!” he said.

Just then Ludwig came up to me with a tray and on it … a glass with ice and a slice of lemon, a small bottle of Gin and a tin of tonic water. Wow! How did he know?

Danke schön Ludwig! Du bist ein kluger Mann (Thank you Ludwig! You are a clever man)!” I said in my best school German, but it was enough to impress him.

Ach so! Denn können Sie auch Deutsch sprechen, ja (Oh so! Then you can speak German too, right)? I saw you taking a sip from your friend’s glass and here you are! But, where did you learn to speak German?” Ludwig said. He poured the Gin and then the tonic.

Ich habe mein Deutsch in der Schule gelernt. Mein Lehrer war sehr gut (I learnt my German at school. My teacher was very good),” I said and took a sip. “We’re from South Africa.”

Ahh! Südafrika! Ja, ich wollte gern noch dahin gehen (Oh, South Africa! Yes, I also want to go there). Are you visiting Bhêr-leen” (he pronounced ‘Berlin’ like the Germans) “as a tourist?” Ludwig asked.

“Yes, tourists. Gunther here in front of me is from here. We’re visiting his parents. Do you have some suggestions other than the obvious? I’m sure the Müllers have some ideas for us. Bist du ein Berliner (Are you a Berliner)?” I said and took another sip.

Jawohl! Ich bin ein Berliner! Ich habe doch etwas im Forne. Wart mal bitte (Yes! I’m a Berliner! I do have something in the front. Please wait)!” Ludwig said and went back in the galley.

“I’m impressed Ant! If it’s not with Italian you’re bombarding our ears, its German … my godd! You are one clever cookie!” Pierre said.

Gunther was right in front of me and when he heard we were discussing Berlin, he took his earphones out and turned around to chat to us.

“My Mom has all the time in the world now that she closed her practise. She let me know she has everything under control, pamphlets, flyers – the whole Spiel. She even organised a concert for us for tonight! But, let’s see what Ludwig shows us,” Gunther said.

Just then Ludwig gave some of the literature to Pierre, some to Gunther and some to me.

Danke schön mein Herr! Jawohl, diese sehen sie könnten hilfreich sein. Aber meine Mutter hat alles unter Kontrolle. Aber, ich glaube diese, dass diese Broschüren praktisch sind (Thank you Sir! Yes, these look like they could be helpful. But my mother has everything under control. But, I believe these brochures could be useful).”

Ja wirklich? Gut zu hören. Vergessen Sie nicht, zu Himmelreich, ein schwuler Bar zu gehen (Oh really? Good to hear. Don’t forget to go to Himmelreich, a gay bar)! Ludwig said and asked Gunther if he’d like a beer.

Ja, bitte. Danke schön (Yes please. Thanks).” Gunther said. “Sorry Pee-AIR! No more German. He just said the brochures could be useful and said we have to go to Himmelreich, a gay bar. We’ll see what the parents have organised for us, but one night could be fun,” Pierre said.


We landed at Tegel International Airport and walked through a gangway straight into the warm building. We went down an escalator to retrieve our baggage and then stood in a queue to go through customs.

“Oh, I just got an iMessage from my Dad. They are waiting in the arrivals hall. They’re here. Oh dear! I hope it goes well with my Dad!” Gunther said. “He’s very keen to meet the twins, for obvious reasons: he himself is also an Electrical and Electronic engineer. I’m only imagining what the house will be like with you three chatting away!”

“It will be OK. Just don’t let it get to you! Once your Dad has met the twins and us, he’ll change his mind about gays. André, please behave … for a change?” Juan said and put his arm around André’s neck.

“I’m calling my Dad! I’ve not even mét Pierre’s Dad and listen to the threats I get! I do have  an inner soft side! A very soft inner self! Sob! Sob!” André put in and we burst out laughing. I just hoped Gunther’s Dad would appreciate André’s odd banter.

“Do your parents speak English?” Pierre asked.

“Yes, very well. My mother was a general practitioner but she has retired now and my Dad used to be a professor at the university. They both have attended many conferences and workshops, which were held in English. Yes, they’re trilingual: German, French and English,” Gunther said.

“That’s a relief!” Pierre said. “All these strange languages are too much for my sensitive little ears!”


We cleared customs and when the glass doors slid open, there was a throng of people waiting for passengers. I didn’t have an inkling what Gunther’s parents looked like, but I was looking for blonde people … oh dear! Half the people were blonde or had light brown hair!

I looked at Gunther and saw him smiling slightly. He spotted his parents.

Mutti! Vati! Hier sind wir!” Gunther said as he put his arm up and approached two very distinguished-looking people. Wow! His mother looked like a film star and his dad like he was some kind of businessman. Oh, he actually was a businessman after he gave up teaching at the university.

Gunther’s parents smiled shyly, eyeing the group of men approaching them. Gunther kissed his mom on the cheek and shook his dad’s hand – no hugging, no real kissing. Very reserved. My Dad would NEVER allow us to leave without kissing us and hugging us.

Mutti, Vati, darf ich denn Englisch sprechen bitte? Die alle hier könnten nicht Deutsch sprechen (Mother, Father, may I please speak English. Not everyone here can speak German).”

“Yes of course! Please tell us who are the gentlemen? Ahh, the twins! My dear! You're perfect examples of identical twins! How do you know the difference?” Mrs Müller said and took both mine and André’s hands in hers. She had a warm personality.

“Gentlemen, these are my parents, Herr Tobias und Frau Sabine Müller. Erm, Mutti, you’ll learn very quickly but this one here is André and this is Anton. Some like to call him Antonio,” Gunther said. “This is Johann Blignaut, my friend,” Gunther said without actually saying it was his lover. “And this is Juan, my colleague and André’s friend. Mutti, here is Luigi Moretti, a urologist. He is Antonio’s friend. The tall man over there is Pierre. He is the university squash champion.”

No mention of lovers or that Pierre was part of the big group. It was enough for the moment.

“Young men! I’m so pleased to meet you! As Gunther has told you, I’m also an engineer and I’d like to show you my business some time during the week. My wife and I have worked out a detailed programme for you. Gunther, please have a look at it and if you want us to change something, please let us know in time so we could change bookings we’ve made,” Herr Müller said.

Jawohl Vati. Danke schön. I’ll have a look but I’m sure you’ve selected the best places for our guests to visit. How are you?” Gunther said as he put his arm around his mom’s shoulder.

“We’re good. We’ve just missed our only child a lot. Are you OK? How is the research coming along?”


We chatted as we moved to the exit where a small 15 seater Mercedes Benz midi-bus was waiting for us. We loaded our baggage on the last two benches and sat down in the other seats. A mature gentleman drove the bus.

Herr Müller was chatting to us about his business but he also asked questions about Gunther and Juan’s research. He really was impressed with the advances the two men were making in their work.

Vati, Johann is a photographer of note. It was his photographs that have played a big role in getting the twins and us into the modelling business and made the trip to London possible. Johann is a virtuoso with a camera!” Gunther bragged about his boyfriend’s work. It was obvious he was very proud of Johann’s work and achievements.

“That would be interesting to see! So, he was the photographer who set the boys on the road to stardom? Really? I’d like to see some of the pictures please?” Herr Müller said.

The trip to the neighbourhood where the Müller family lived took only 15 minutes because of the snow and slippery roads. It wasn’t too far from the Berlin zoo.

The Charlottenburg district is the wealthiest and most commercialized in western Berlin. It’s along the famous Ku’Damm, which runs through it. There one finds the best concentration of hotels, restaurants, theatres, cafes, nightclubs, shops, and department stores.

There is the 22-story Europa Centre, a shopping centre and entertainment complex (Berlin’s first, dating from the 1960s), rises just across the plaza from the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis Kirche (Memorial Church). Charlottenburg’s regal centerpiece is Schloss Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Palace), with its lovely gardens and nearby museums: the Bröham Museum and the Berggruen Sammlung (Collection).

Charlottenburg also is the home of the Deutsche Oper Berlin (German Opera House), one of Berlin’s three opera houses.

Upscale shops, restaurants, and cafes fill the neighbourhood around Savignyplatz, a tree-lined square a short walk north of Kurfürstendamm. Charlottenburg, which has plenty of hotels and pensions (B & Bs), makes a convenient base for visitors.

The Müller home was on the banks of the Spree River. It was a big house with park-like gardens. It was clear money wasn’t an object.


At the mansion, Herr Müller spoke to the bus driver and opened the door for us to get out, We took our baggage from the small bus and followed Frau Müller to the front door. The bus driver took off.

Frau Müller opened the door that led into a foyer that could’ve been from a movie. It was spectacular with an opulent crystal chandelier hanging from a two-storey dome with a lot of glass to let in light. The floor was polished marble. Mom would’ve loved to see that.

Gunther, bitte die Männer zum Westflügel nehmen. Es gibt 3 Zimmer mit jeweils ausreichend Platz für 3 Personen. Es gibt Handtücher auf den Betten (Gunther, please take the men to the west wing. There are 3 rooms with enough space for 3 persons. There are towels on the beds).” Frau Müller. “Dann Kaffee für die alle, ja? (Then coffee for everybody, yes)?

“OK guys, grab your baggage and follow me up the staircase. We’re in the west wing and then we’re having coffee. Come!” Gunther said and took his bags and led the way.

Everything looked brand-new although I was sure the house must have been 40 or 50 years old. The Müllers looked after the house with utmost care. The paintings and busts and ornaments were proof of fine taste. Just the best and very tasteful.

Our rooms were beautiful. In one room there were a double and single bed with an en suite bathroom, and only a double bed each in the other two with a shared bathroom between the rooms … my, my! So, the Müllers have accepted the fact that they were putting up 7 gays for a week!

Juan and André took one of the rooms with a double bed, Johann and Gunther took the other one. The last one with the single bed – which was not going to be used … come on! – was occupied by Luigi, Pierre and yours truly! All three on the double bed of course!

We took the chance to freshen up, take a pee and organise our baggage. Gunther came in and asked if we needed something.

“Welcome to my parents’ home. As you can see, I don’t really fit in here! This was my room and my nanny’s room was just down the passage. I was well-cared for but it wasn’t a happy life. After I told them I’m gay, things went … how do you say? Things went south. I’m surprised my Dad was so friendly today. Perhaps because of you. I’ll corner my Mom and ask her what happened. Come on guys, get going. If there is one thing this German lady hates, it’s waiting for people! Come! The coffee is served in the solarium. Follow me.” Gunther must have had a lonely life as a boy growing up alone in such a mansion. Jeepers!


The coffee machine was on and a wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee greeted us in the solarium. Being winter, the infrared heaters attached to the walls were on and the room was a comfortable 20ºC.

Frau Müller had real German cake such as Stollen, Honigkuchen (honey cake) and of course my favourite: Apfelstrudel (apple tart)! She had the most beautiful plain white cups and side plates. Stylish and plain – no frills and nonsense.

“Come, help yourselves. Gunther, bitte?” Frau Müller said.


While we were having the cakes and coffee, Frau Müller handed each of us a printout of things to do and things we had to see. All in full colour.

“I have taken the liberty of booking us 9 seats at the Sonntagskonzert. Jungen, from roughly September to June, we gather at 7pm on Sundays in the elegant early 20th-century Spiegelsaal (Mirror Hall) for piano concerts, opera recitals, string quartets and other musical performances,” Frau Müller said. “Tonight’s concert is Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Any fans of Mozart? Ahhh! Mein Sohn, du hast gut gewählen! Sie haben Kultur (My son, you have chosen well! They have culture)!”

“Ja, the concerts are very popular, even in winter. We try to go as often as we could and seeing that you are here tonight, and the concert that is on, we thought we’d take you out tonight. We’ll eat at the concert, in the same hall. We’ll go in two cars. Both my wife and I have E Class Mercedes Benzes, so 4 in one car and 5 in the other. Gunther, wirst du bitte das Auto deiner Mutter fahren (Gunther, will you please drive your mother’s car)?” his dad said.

“It’s now 4 o’clock. Let’s give you time to unpack and we’ll be leaving here around half past 5. The Mirror Hall isn’t too far from here, but … we do not do things last minute. So then, everybody ready in 90 minutes’ time, OK?” Herr Müller said and it was clear why this man was such a successful man.

We thanked Frau Müller for the coffee and cake and excused ourselves. We took the flyers and brochures with us to have a quick look.


Back in our room, all the guys agreed that Gunther should give his parents carte blanche to take us wherever they wanted.

“That solves a lot of problems, I can tell you. She has organised some nice things for us to do and see. And it will make her very happy that we’ve accepted the plans she made. Just one last thing: guys, they’re not totally accepting the gay thing. So please, do not show any affection in front of them. They’re old-school and I can’t expect them to be like your parents, André and Anton. And something else, my Mom won’t intrude as she is too much of a lady and their wing is on the other side of the house, but we can’t continue the sleeping arrangements we had in the hotel. We could have some fun but then everybody back to his room, please. It’s bad as it is. I don’t want to offend them or to be confronted by them for ‘indecent behaviour’!” Gunther air-quoted the last two words.

“Fully understood. Perhaps we should tone it down for the few days we're in Berlin and we could continue the shenanigans when we’re in Firenze? Did I get it right Ita?” Pierre said.

Sì signore! The Italians are the people who invented love! Here we will obey the rules of the house! Right mio caro? But we sleep together and perhaps it’s time I have my man to myself for a change, hmm?” Luigi said and hugged me.

“And me! I’m sleeping with you in the same bed! And that’s final!” Pierre said, waving a finger.

“Yes, but use your bed at least a little. Two to a double bed are a stretch in this house. Three? I don’t know! OK?” Gunther said. “Mom’s not the problem – she’s always loved me – but Dad …. He is the true gentlemen with you, mainly because of the twins and their studies. But, please guys, no affection in front of him!”


We unpacked our clothes and sorted the remainder in our suitcases. Then the three of us lied down on our bed to see how we fit in … the perfect fit in the cold Berliner weather!

I was in Luigi’s arms and Pierre snuggled up behind me, putting his arms around me and hugged me. “Ahhhhh! I will never get tired of this … even if the Pommie were with us! I love you so much my darling!”

“Yes, what’s not to like! I’ve loved this young man from the moment I saw him. In our case I think it was love at first sight, although we did exchange some pictures beforehand … ‘nê’ mio caro? And he didn’t run away when he knew the size of my big Italian salami!”

[ (pronounced as “n’heh” = a totally unique word in Afrikaans. It could be translated as ‘yes’, or ‘really’ or ‘do you agree’?]

“I love you both, but my love for Luigi is just one small bit more, Pierre! He’s going to be my husband but I also love you, and now Clive and Giovanni, and Luigi is convinced I’m going to fall in love with Piero. But we’ll see. That d’Antonio youngster is a very sexy young man with a big cock and apparantly a love-machine! After Firenze, I might have to go get stitched up!”

“No, I’m sure you’ll survive! Piero is a real loving boy but with a huge sexual appetite and multiple loads to prove it! But I’m sure you will enjoy my nephew,” Luigi said and kissed me. A long, soft and lingering kiss before his tongue tip parted my lips and touched my tongue. Oh dear lord! I was hot on the spot!

“Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Luigi, you’re driving me nuts!” I groaned and felt Pierre’s huge cock pulsating against my hole. “You too Pierre! You’re not playing fair! Sheez!”

“All’s fair in love and war!” Pierre said, pushing his hand down my front and squeezing my hard cock. “Ahhh! Pot calling the kettle black, eh?!”

To tone down the mood, I remembered something and said: “Luigi, I’m only now remembering you and Pierre had to have a photo shoot for your hands and feet …” I said, remembering the plans made in Cape Town to use their hands and feet for sandals and jewellery.

Mio caro! We forgot to tell you. When you went to Wimbledon, Johann and Santiago took the pictures. We went into a shoe store and spoke to the owner who was very reluctant at first but you know Johann! He told Pierre and me to take off our shoes so the guy could see our feet … that did it!” Luigi said.

“Yes, sorry man! We were so engrossed with everything and jealous of you going to Sven and Alessandro, we forgot to tell you,” Pierre said.

“The second that guy saw our feet, he said ‘yes’! We struck a deal with him to use his merchandise and he could get the pictures to use in advertisements. The bulk went to Alexander. Taken care of! Done and dusted … that’s what you guys say? Well, it was taken care of. I have a few on my iPhone. I’ll show you. You’d be very proud of your man and this big man behind you!” Luigi said and kissed me.

“I’ll have you know, we had that guy at the shoe store salivating over our feet!” Pierre put in and pushed his big bulge against my butt.

“Then I’m glad. I wonder what Alexander will do with the photos? I’m sure you guys will get more orders, so to speak,” I said and turned my head to kiss Pierre.

One thing for sure: my men had the most beautiful feet ever. I haven’t seen Piero’s feet … yet! Little did I know just how beautiful a man’s feet could be!

There was a knock on the door and it opened. It was Johann.

“And what do we have here? You heard what my love said and just look at you, in broad daylight! Pierre, is it you who started this? Donkey cock man! Keep it in man! We’re in my in-law’s house!”

“Jealous much?”

“Yes, of course! Listen, it’s half past 4 – what are we wearing to such a ‘do’? We don’t have much else other than denims and some fancy jackets. A denim and our Boss jackets?” Johann asked.

“Why don’t you aske Gunther … ahhh! And there he is! Jerry, what do we wear? Your man doesn’t know and in fact, we don’t either!” Pierre said when Gunther walked in.

“Denim and jackets are fine. There will be people dressed like they're attending the Oscars, but the theatre has relaxed its rules to include the tourists who don’t come with fancy clothes. Are you guys getting ready? Guys, my Dad is serious: he doesn’t wait! You can set your watch on his word. If he says we leave at half past 5, we’ll leave at half past 5! I’ve come to ask who wants to come in my Mom’s car with me?”

“Us and Johann, right? Juan and André can go with the parents. Hopefully they’ll shock André so he could keep quiet for a change!” Pierre said and we snickered.

“I heard my name! Really, baby bro? I’m shocked! I’m in pain! My own twin brother … sob! Stabbed in the back! Et tu brutus?”

“You don’t even know what we’ve said! We said you and Juan could go in the car with my Dad and these lot and Johann will come with me. OK?” Gunther said.

“Oh … OK. But Mr Müller … erm … he … oh hell man! You know I never paid attention in the German class! I can’t speak to them!” André said.

We cracked up laughing and prepared to take a shower.


We were on time! At 25 past 5 we were in the foyer, dressed to the nines, and all of us smelled of Tom Ford Noir. Snazzy! We wore denims, our Hugo Boss jackets we got from Gareth a week ago and our new scarves.

Then Herr Müller entered the foyer, and I gasped. He was dressed in a black suit, a white shirt with a bowtie and a white scarf. Wow! One could see where Gunther got his good looks from. The man could easily get a contract with a modelling agency for older models. His perfume smelled like old leather and spices. Valentino? Versace? Gucci?

When Frau Müller entered from the East wing, I gasped again. This was one classy lady! WOW! She had her blonde hair in a loose bun with a black bow. She wore a black dress with a slight shimmer and a single string of pearls. Over it all she wore a black pashmina with flecks of gold and silver and of course black shoes. On her right wrist she wore an obviously expensive golden bracelet and on her left wrist a very exquisite watch – Rolex? And her perfume … wow! Perhaps some variant of Chanel? It was wonderful. Her lips were dark red to tone in with the black clothes and her nails in the exact same colour. Gunther, you have a classy mom!

Vati, Mutti. Erm … Darf ich mal aufs Englisch bitte (Dad, Mom. Erm … May I please use English)? OK? We do not have suits to wear. We apologise for the way we’re dressed. OK with you?” Gunther said.

“No problem! You look fine! There are many tourists there, dressed ten times worse than you! No! Don’t worry! Ahhh! What is the perfume you have on? All of you the same?” Frau Müller said.

“It’s Luigi’s fault! He introduced us to Tom Ford Noir. I’m glad you like it!” Pierre said.

“It’s lovely! So, are you all ready? Tobias, bist du bereits? Und du Gunther? Wirst du noch in der Lage sein, auf der rechten Seite zu fahren (Tobias, are you ready? And you Gunther? Will you still be able to drive on the right hand side)?” Frau Müller said.

Jawohl, Mutti! Wo sind die Schlüßel zum Auto (Yes Mom! Where are the car keys)?”

“Just remember, this week is on us! We haven’t seen Gunther for a long time and you’re his close friends. Tonight at the Spiegelsaal, we’re having our dinner in the same venue as the concert. You’re allowed to talk but it has to be muted. They try to fit the music in between courses. Come, let’s go!” Herr Müller said and led the way.


The drive was fairly brief and I was surprised that Gunther was so adept at driving on the right hand side of the road. At the Spiegelsaal, we found parking space close to a covered walkway and proceeded into the building.

Herr Müller gave the 9 tickets and then led the way to a counter and bought us some Glühwein, a warm mix of red wine infused with orange, herbs and spices. It was a new taste but it was nice.

Then we went into the old hall … wow! It was all in dark wood with stylish old chandeliers. The stage was smallish and it could house a small orchestra, a piano and of course space for the conductor.

We were seated right next to the stage … wow! We sat down and three waiters came to take our orders. There was quite a selection of wines and Herr Müller ordered a nice bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. Frau Müller started with a sparkling water – Gunther’s Mom! That’s why he likes water too! And, he ordered a water too! And Luigi too! I decided to stick to the wine.

The first course was a salad with cheese, croutons, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and onion rings. It was followed with a dainty fish dish with a creamy sauce.

By then the orchestra was warming up and we heard the feint sounds of a clarinet from beyond the wooden doors.

The conductor and the soloist entered and we all clapped hands. But, it was a muted affair: very reserved. I hoped André held it up. He sat next to Juan and I haven’t heard him say squat the whole night! So far, so good!

The first movement of the WA Mozart Clarinet Concerto, K622 (Allegro in A major) started and I got tears in my eyes. It was excruciatingly beautiful. And to hear it alive, performed by professional artists … wow!

I felt Luigi’s hand under the tablecloth squeezing my thigh. I put my hand on his and squeezed. What a privilege it was to be in such wonderful company, enjoying such classy music. Wow!

Of all the classical instruments, the two that stood out for me were the clarinet and the piano. And Mozart’s music was in a class of its own. He gave wings to music and this concerto was no exception.

At the end of the first movement a respectful silence hung over us and then it erupted. The Germans and guests clapped hands. But no whistling!

Next was our main course. It was Rouladen (Beef Rolls) with Sauerkraut (sour cabbage) and gebratene Kartoffeln (fried potatoes). I ate like a king and saw André gingerly trying the sour cabbage. It’s not a favourite with everybody but lo and behold, my brother ate it! I loved it.

The second slower and more angelic movement (Adagio in D major) started and I wanted to put my head on Luigi’s shoulder. It was so hauntingly beautiful. The soloist was a master with the clarinet.

They went straight into the third and final movement, the Rondo (Allegro in A major). It was lively and full of joy. The perfect concerto! I loved it.

How I wished Dad and Mom could’ve been there with us. I know they both love Mozart and this concerto ranks amongst their top favourites. Dad jokingly refers to the sound of a clarinet as the ‘nasal goose sound’! But, he loved clarinet music.

When the last notes faded away, the Germans surprised me! They all got onto their feet as if a lieutenant gave the order! And they clapped hands. After a minute of the standing ovation, the soloist and the conductor left the stage. They returned and the whole orchestra stood up and bowed. The audience was still applauding.

I was so taken aback by the venue, the music, the food and the company. This tour can’t get any better than this, I thought. I was in for a few pleasant surprises!

When calm returned to the audience and the orchestra vacated the stage, most people sat down for dessert and coffee. Some older people left and we could see they have enjoyed it very much.

The discussions around the tables were lively and lots of laughter was heard. Herr Müller got up and came to talk to us. What a distinguished gentleman!

“Did you enjoy that? Did you know the music?” he asked.

Ja, Vati! My friends have good taste. I’ve heard much classical music in their houses. Dad and Mom … erm … the twins’ parents … we all call them that … play lots of classical music. I know Dad loves this clarinet concerto! Right boys?” Gunther said and I saw he blushed cherry red.

“Yes, our parents have exposed us to classical music since we were toddlers. Mom wanted us to learn the piano but that just didn’t fit in with the sport and the farm work. So … did you enjoy it, Herr Müller?” André piped up.

“Ja, of course! Sabine and I have a big CD collection, but we’ve digitalised most of it on our MacBooks now. I think the days of musical CDs are over, don’t you think? Twins?” Herr Müller said.

It led to a lively discussion about the demise of vinyl and the advent of CDs, and now the same might happen to CDs as most people buy downloads now.

“Herr Müller, I'm only studying law but I have all the gadgets and iThings a man my age has. I have read that CDs will largely be replaced with DVDs for programmes, and music CDs will become a rarity. I’ve started to give my CDs away after I’ve recorded them on iTunes on my MacBook. Less storage and one more thing out of the way. Once we get married, there won’t be a fight about CDs … erm … I mean, digital is the keyword … that’s all …” Pierre was flustered when he realised his boo-boo!

“And who is your husband-to-be?” Herr Müller asked. We were stunned. Oh fuck! What now?

“Erm … I’m not sure … but I think it will be Clive … he’s studying medicine … he’s still in London but he’s moving to Cape Town to continue his studies at Tygerberg … erm … we’re not sure yet … oh … yes …”

How adorable! Pierre, at a loss for words … falling over his own words! But, I was impressed with Herr Müller for breaking the ice this way.

“Look, we know about Gunther. We’ve known since he was a teenager but we’ve hoped it was only a phase. Now we’ve accepted it, mostly because of what he told his Mom and me on the phone about you and your families and the love you’ve bestowed on him. Why do you think we’ve invited you here? Relax! We’re not from the Middle Ages!”

“Are you all going to get married in a big group?” Frau Müller asked.

“Yes, we think so but the twins have to finish their studies and also this tall man here. Right Pierre?” Juan said.

“Oh of course! My Dad will disown me if I didn’t finish my studies before I marry Clive … erm … Yes,” Pierre said.

“Sabine and I spoke this afternoon that we’re actually pleasantly surprised. You look like fine young men. What we appreciate is that you’re reserved and very masculine. Enough of that. Twins, by Wednesday I want to show you my office. And talk business with you. I have a proposition for you. Think about it and when Sabine and I come visit Gunther in March or April, we’ll talk. Ahh! Here is our dessert. Something from Bayern! Ja Sabine?” Herr Müller said and went back to his seat.

The waiters put large slices of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cherry cake) in front of us … Ahhh! The decadency dripped off the plates! It looked delicious! Next was the very nice filter coffee. Wow!

I cut the tip off the cherry cake and it melted in my mouth. It was like an explosion of flavours. It was rich but not too sweet, right up our alley. And the coffee … divine!

“Erm, Herr Müller, this is delicious but … erm … may I have some more please?” André at his best behaviour, begging, like Oliver Twist in the scene begging for more food in Oliver!

“But of course! Herr Kellner, bitte bringen Sie diesen jungen Mann noch ein Stück von der Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Waiter, please bring this young man another slice of the Black Forest cherry cake). Danke schön. Who else?” Herr Müller said.

“Erm … we’ll share a slice please,” Luigi said.

“That’s not necessary! Herr Kellner, bringen Sie bitte ein weiteres Stück für jedermann! Sabine? Nichts mehr, ja (Waiter, please bring another slice for everybody here. Sabine? Nothing more)? Dass meint noch 8 Stücken bitte (That means another 8 slices). Danke schön. Are you enjoying it?”

Wow! The cake really was delicious and we were making pigs out of ourselves, but to have real genuine German Black Forest cherry cake? Then I’m a pig!

Herr Kellner, noch Kaffee bitte?”


The evening was a roaring success. After Herr Müller has settled the bill, we made our way out of the Spiegelsaal. Herr Müller wouldn’t hear of anybody making a contribution or anybody paying for anything. I didn’t have the slightest idea what he paid, but it must’ve been a lot.

Back home Frau Müller invited us into the formal sitting room and Gunther’s dad picked up a Bang & Olufsen console from the coffee table and the sound system in the room came to life. Wow! It was one of the wireless systems which could store up to a 1 000 CDs and is accessible from anywhere in the house where there is a wall-mounted console.

“After Mozart, I thought we’d listen to some Beethoven. What about the Choral Fantasie, it’s Opus 80 if anyone wanted to know! Yes? It’s not a long piece and the choral section is astounding! Gunther, einige Liköre bitte (some liqueurs please)?”

I took a Drambuie that Gunther served in the finest of crystal glasses. Wow!

The music was dreamy and of course totally different from the Mozart, but pleasant nonetheless. When the choral part started, it brought tears to my eyes. It really was a masterpiece.

“Some more liqueurs? Anybody? Just ask and Gunther could perhaps give you the liqueur you choose. None more for me, thanks,” Herr Müller said.

“About tomorrow,” Frau Müller said, “I thought we could do the sights here in the area. That includes the Zooligische Garten, the Fernsehturm, the Technische Universität and then the Reichtagsgebäude. That will keep us busy most of the day. We could have lunch at one of the quant restaurants at Potsdamer Platz. Ja? Gunther?”

Ja, genau Mutti (Yes, exactly Mom)! I think everybody is in agreement. It’s a good selection and I’m sure my friends will enjoy it very much. Right guys?”

Jawohl! Then it’s settled. We’ll have breakfast at 8 o’clock and will leave at 8:45,” Herr Müller said.

We got up and thanked the Müllers for their hospitality and the wonderful evening. We headed up the stairs and to our rooms.

“I suppose it will be only my old man and I tonight? Right?” André said and looked at me with puppy eyes.

“Behave you delinquent! You heard what Gunther said and besides, I’m not ‘old’ and to sleep with me for one night is not going to kill you. Come let’s get our teeth brushed and into bed. I’m cold and I’m tired. It was a long day. Good night my darling boy! Sleep well and if that tall hairy monster molests you, just call me …” Juan said and ducked when Pierre aimed a swipe at his head.

“I’ll let you know that I’m not a hairy monster! The monster is still hidden away … want to say goodnight to it?” Pierre quipped and put his hand on his zipper.

We cracked up laughing and Johann and Gunther tickled André.

“Goodnight everybody and remember, breakfast is at 8 o’clock. Don’t be late! A shit, a shower and not a shave before we go down. OK? André?” Johann put in and we went into our rooms laughing.


After brushing our teeth, I was ensconced between Pierre and Luigi. We were tired but not too tired for Pierre to park that monster cock between my legs. He kissed me with his soft lips and nestled behind me.

Luigi’s big cock was semi-hard and he too kissed me. Then he kissed Pierre and settled in my arms for a well-deserved night of sleep. Just sleep. I wasn’t too sure about Pierre …


During the early morning hours Pierre couldn’t hold it anymore … the huge cock was sopping wet and slipped in. When I woke up, the head was in me already. I groaned and Luigi mumbled in his sleep. He was fast coming awake …

Needless to say I was fucked good and it was like a prelude to our lives back in Stellenbosch, except that Clive, Giovanni and … Piero … Piero … hmmm … weren’t there. The two hunks who were there, gave me a good fuck and they alternated to pump their multiple cumloads into me. They rounded it off with a deep, sensual double.

I was on Pierre and Luigi entered from behind, pushing in deep with one long thrust. Ahhh! Within a minute I was cumming … and then the two hung hunks too. Ahhh!

After our hearts calmed down, we disentangled ourselves and I went into the en suite to get the cum off me. I took the hand shower attachment and rinsed it off. Quickest way and surest way not leave any tracks.

The cum of the other two was inside me … and as always, big loads!

Back in the room Luigi was lying in Pierre’s arm, each one stroking the other’s chest, tummy, touching the other one's cock, his thighs.

“This is a picture I’ll always remember. You guys are such wonderful men! Thanks for the impromptu session,” I said and took my iPhone and pressed the home button. It was just before 5 o’clock. Still some time to be with my two hunks.

I aimed the iPhone at them and took a picture. Then Pierre pushed the duvet down to show their big cocks and said: “Take another pic!” I did. The big cocks looked so inviting!

“Come lie between us. You OK? I’ve pumped an unholy amount of cum into you. OK?” Pierre asked.

“I'm fine but let’s see if we can get some sleep before we have to get up. I’ve set my alarm for 7:15. Ahhh!” I said as I pushed in between the two hunks. Another 2 hours of sleep … or whatever!


After breakfast, consisting of all sorts of cold meats, a variety of cheese, cherry tomatoes, bacon, eggs, yoghurt, honey, wild berry jam and Brötchens! Wow!

I fell in love with the small German breads on the spot. They were like buns, but with a harder crust. It was almost like a small roundish loaf of bread, which is what the name means. It was delicious and I had three of them!

“Is this the first time you’ve had Brötchens? It looks like you like it!” Frau Müller said and smiled when I put my Brötchen down, smiling guiltily at her. “Not to worry! You’re a growing boy and this is the case with most people who have it for the first time! They’re delicious, aren’t they?”

I blushed cherry red but damn! The Brötchens were really that good. The third one was with real farm butter and wild cherry jam infused with whisky. Yum! I put some grated cheese on top and … delicious!


After very good coffee, we brushed our teeth, got our jackets and scarves to meet the Müllers to do some sightseeing.

When I walked past Johann and Gunther’s room, I saw them in an embrace of note. Johann was almost devouring Gunther’s mouth. My godd! I knew they loved each other, but … was there something they didn’t tell us?

We got in the cars and in the other car Juan and André had the double sources of info in the person of the Müllers, while in our car, we had Gunther. Our first stop would be the Berlin TV Tower to get an overall picture of Berlin.


We drove the short distance to the TV Tower and one thing that was very obvious was the absolute cleanliness of the streets. There was literally nothing, but nothing lying around! Not a single paper or wrapper or bottle or anything. Nothing! The Germans rose quite a few notches in my estimation. Wow! I wondered what they’d say if they saw most cities and towns in South Africa …

Considering the large number of visitors it is well worth booking one’s tickets in advance online, which Frau Müller has done. We stopped and got into the tower almost immediately as we had tickets. We got into the elevator and read the flyer Frau Müller gave each one of us.

Der Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower) is the place to start a trip in Berlin as it gives you a 360° panorama of the city. There are virtual views on a computer but it can never compare with the live-experience at the TV tower!” Frau Müller said.

Do you want to discover Berlin 360°? Then you’d be in just the right place at the TV tower. The Berlin Television Tower, which is known to locals as the Fernsehturm, and is instantly recognisable from a distance, stands out on the skyline at 368m, making it the tallest building in Berlin. Built in the 1960s, visitors to the tower can enjoy a unique 360° panorama of the city.

From 203 and 207 metres high one can look out over the entire city with its large number of tourist attractions: you can see Die Reichstaggebäude (Parliament Buildings), Der Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and Der Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station) from here, as well as Das Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium), Die Museumsinsel (Museum Island) and Der Potsdamer Platz (Potsdam Square).

With almost 1.2 million visitors every year, the Berlin TV tower is one of the most popular attractions for tourists in Berlin.”

We went up to the viewing section almost at the top of the tower and looked out over the city. There were clear pictures with annotations below the windows indicating the different places of interest. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

At 984 square km, Berlin was one of the 75 biggest cities in the world. Wow.

One thing that was very obvious, is the fact that in comparison to other cities, there were few skyscrapers in Berlin. Most of these higher buildings were offices or hotels. The charm of buildings like the Reichstaggebäude was endearing. Some of these high buildings were on Potsdamer Platz, close to the TV Tower.


Once down on the ground, we got in the cars to drive the short distance to Potsdamer Platz.

Once the bustling heart of the city before the Second World War, then a no man's land from 1945 until the fall of the wall in 1989, the history of Potsdamer Platz has been eventful to say the least. It changed completely after the fall of the wall and is now dominated by the presence of the Sony Centre, skyscrapers and endless shops. What's more, Potsdamer Platz is the main place to be for stars and celebrities, and not only during film festivals.

The place was well developed and there was a wealth of new shiny buildings, and shopping centres galore. I wondered what merchandise would cost in such shops. Good thing we were merely driving through.

“On our way back this afternoon, we could stop here for some coffee and Käsekuche (cheese cake). And I’ll show you some of the posh shops. One hardly ever comes here as it is too expensive. My darling, this is where Luigi should buy you a present to remind you of Berlin!” Gunther was joking.

I’d never expect Luigi to do something like that and I was quick to tell him so: “Mio caro, non ti azzardare a comprare qualcosa di costoso qui! Ti aspetto per Firenze (My darling, don’t you dare buy something expensive here! I’ll wait until Firenze)!”

“Don’t worry mio caro! I already know what I want to buy in Firenze!” Luigi answered.


To the north of Potsdamer Platz was the Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg Gate).

Without a doubt, the Brandenburg Gate is Berlin's signature attraction. Built in 1791, it was just one of many old city gates around the city of Berlin which, at that time, was still a manageable size. The decorative Pariser Platz was laid at the foot of the gate and is now home to many of the city's important buildings, for example, the Hotel Adlon with its wealth of history and the Akademie der Künste (Academy of the Arts).

The Gate was spectacular and there were quite a few tourists taking pictures. We parked the car some way off and walked to the gate. It was spectacular and in the class of the Arc d’Triomphe in Paris. We took photos and called on another tourist to take a group photo … of course all the iPhones came out and the guy had to take photos for us all.

I looked up at the gate and realised how privileged the Europeans were: they preserve their heritage, even the bad ones. Back home, there were elements hell bent on destroying our heritage, the history and the culture of the other people … Statues defaced, faeces flung at dead artefacts, burning of paintings, paint thrown on statues, statues overthrown and destroyed … too sad.

We got in the cars to drive up the road to our next stop: the German parliament buildings.


Just up the street were the Reichstaggebäude, the Reichstag Buildings – the parliament.

When the decision was made to move the Federal Government to Berlin, it was time to reawaken the Reichstag building from its long years of slumber on the Mauerstreifen (Wall Strip), the military zone between the two sides of the Wall. The building has since been completely modernised, and today's visitors to the Reichstag can look out from the building's glass dome to get a bird's eye view of the hustle and bustle of the city. There are also a number of government buildings in the vicinity of the Reichstag, for example the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) and the Brandenburg Gate.

We parked the cars and went inside. We didn’t have time for a full-blown tour but we did see the entrance and we did go up into the dome. From there we saw the TV Tower, the gardens to the back of the zoo, Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Tor.

Everything in the Reichstaggebäude was spic and span, clean, classy and a true testament of German precision, even in the upkeep of buildings. We had such a long way to go …


Right behind the Reichstaggebäude on the other side of a big park, is the Zoologischer Garten (Berlin Zoo). The entrance is on the western side, thus directly on the opposite of the Reichstaggebäude.

The zoo is world famous as it is the most species-rich zoo worldwide. On a visit one could discover the wide variety of wildlife in Berlin Zoo, the first zoo in Germany. There weren’t only polar bears, elephants, seals, lions and giraffes living there, but one could also visit many endangered domestic animal breeds there.

We parked the cars and went inside, just in time for one of their varied feedings and animal shows. We observed the feeding of the penguins, sea lions and saw the hippos underwater. They also offered a night safari in the Nocturnal Animal House for night visitors.

Zoo Berlin supports species conservation worldwide. One could also help in their support.

One could take part in guided tours with trained zoo guides but we didn’t have time for that.

Liebling (Darling), how about some coffee and Obstkuchen (fruitcake). Boys, how about you?” Herr Müller asked.

“Just coffee for us thanks. Right guys?” Pierre said and we agreed. It was too soon after breakfast. Plus, we were looking forward to get something to eat at Potsdamer Platz.

We got coffee to go, and got in the cars. “Please be careful not to spill any coffee. My Mom would have my head for it!” Gunther said. We had no intention of messing up the cream leather and carpets.


Next up was Die Technische Universität Berlin, known as TU Berlin for short and unofficially as the Technical University of Berlin or Berlin Institute of Technology.

“This is where Dad used to teach. It is one of the best in the world and I know if my Dad could have it his way, he’d urge you two to relocate here, Antonio. The lectures are mainly in German but most are also available in English.

It is a research university and one of the largest and most prestigious research and education institutions in Germany. The university was founded in 1879. It has the highest proportion of foreign students of all universities in Germany. The university alumni and professor list include National Academies elections, two National Medal of Science laureates and ten Nobel Prize winners.

As of 2013, TU Berlin is ranked 41st (2012: 45th) in the world in the field of Engineering & Technology and 1st in Germany (46th worldwide) in Mathematics according to QS World University Rankings. The university is known for its high ranked engineering programmes, especially in mechanical engineering and engineering management.

We drove through the campus and were astounded by the buildings, the gardens and here too, everything was spotless. Nothing lying around.

“You will find it interesting to hear that there are always students or lecturers or professors or researchers at the university at all times of the day or night. These guys really mean business!” Gunther said.

Once again, we only had time for a drive-through. The whole place really was spic-and-span, no building defaced with graffiti, no statue covered in paint … and the ultimate example of the way Germans do things: correctly.


By then it was just after 1 o’clock.

Herr Müller stopped in one of the parking spots on the campus and got out. He came to our car. Gunther got out like the gentleman he was and I heard them talking in German. It was clear Frau Müller suggested we went to Potsdamer Platz again as she wanted to show us the centre and get something to eat.

Bitte folgt mir (Please follow me),” Herr Müller said and got back in his car.


We drove back to the Potsdamer Platz, to the south east of the Fernsehturm. We went into one of the parking garages and I was pleased to see it was only €2 per hour!

Gunther was the perfect tour guide and said: “The underground car park here at Potsdamer Platz is conveniently located near Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Tor, the Judisches Museum (Holocaust Memorial), the New National Gallery, the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library), the Kulturforum and the Martin-Gropius Bau which hosts international exhibitions on art and cultural history each. It forms part of Berlin's lively centre, and its more than half a million exhibits.

“In addition, the parking is situated directly under the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, theatres, cinemas, hotels and restaurants. We’re going in the Arkaden first, get something to eat and drink and then we’ll do some shopping …” Gunther lifted his eyebrows at Luigi but we just laughed – no shopping! “Then we’ll go see Checkpoint Charlie, the main entrance between East and West Berlin, a quick trip to the Judisches Museum and a quick visit to the Martin-Gropius Bau. There is just so much to see! I wish I could have you here for 2 weeks to properly show you my city! Johann, are you OK my love?” Gunther said as he deftly parked the car next to his dad’s car.

The arcade and shopping malls were breathtakingly beautiful! It was like an encyclopaedia of posh shops was realised to come to life! Wow! There was just every shop imaginable and many we’ve never heard of before! And true to style, all the exhibits carried no prices … sneaky!

Herr Tobias Müller led us to a modern but very classy restaurant with tables that poured out into the open area in front of it.

Gunther pulled out one of the chairs for his mom and pushed it back gently when se sat down. My man!

We sat down and made it a point not to touch each other and it was hard. I so wanted to touch my man … but, we had to honour Gunther’s request.

The menu was fairly extensive and included light lunches like Brötchens … yes! … Panini, toasted sandwiches but also some pasta dishes, meat sandwiches and something new … Rohhackbrötchen! We asked the Müllers what it was and they looked at each other with a sparkle in their eyes. My German was fairly good and the name of the food sounded like … no! I was sure it meant something else!

Denken Sie, sollten wir ihnen sagen (Do you think we should tell them)?” Frau Müller said and winked at her husband. He had a good laugh and made a suggestion.

“Tell you what, we’ll order half a Brötchen for each of you and then you taste it. If you like it, we’ll order more. Tuh-tuh-tuh!” Herr Müller looked at me as I was about to say something and put his finger on his lips … and I kept quiet. “Kein Wort, bitte! Wart mal! Versuchen Sie es zuerst (No word, please! Wait a bit! Try it first)!

The order was placed and it comprised of 7 half Rohhackbrötchens for the strangers, and three full Brötchens for each of the Müllers and filter coffee for each.

“Guys, the Brötchens are only appetizers. We’ll order some more or something else too. Just … when the Brötchens arrive, take a bite with an open mind. It really is a German delicacy and one you’d fall in love with once you’ve tasted it. It’s a promise!” Herr Müller said.

I looked at André who was staring at me with urgency in his eyes, his mouth in a question mark. He wanted me to spill the beans, but I wasn’t sure myself … so I shrugged. His eyebrows pulled up and I could see he didn’t believe me.

The two waiters arrived with the trays and put the half Brötchens in front of us and the double half ones in front of the Müllers. We looked at it, looked at each other … this looked like raw … meat paste with onion pieces in it. What?

“Is this what I think it is …?” André said with trepidation.

“Don’t make a decision before you’ve tasted it. Go on! Take a bite and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as we do,” Gunther said and pushed André’s plate closer to him.

We took our first bites and chewed … wow! It was like an explosion of tastes, flavours and textures in my mouth. I took another bite and … damn! I loved it!

“So then …?” Frau Müller said. “Do you like it?”

“Yes! If this is raw mincemeat, I’m blown away! I never thought it …” I started.

“No! Really? But it tastes so nice! Raw meat?” André said with some disgust but he took another bite.

“Yes, but I believe you eat raw meat all the time in South Africa … don’t you? You just dry it first. Bheelthong … or something like that?” Herr Müller said.

“Yes, it’s called ‘biltong’” [pronounced ‘bhul-tong’] “but it tastes totally different. Come on André! You’ve never died of biltong, why such a wuss now?! Frau Müller, it’s finely minced beef and chopped onions, plus salt and pepper I presume, and some herbs … what else?”

“André … no, Anton? Yes, that’s correct but there is one more ingredient that most people find unappetizing. We put one egg yolk in for every 250g of Hackfleish. But it has to be topside, all sinews and fat removed, and it must be minced with a very fine sieve. And the mixing must be done with a fork to keep it all fluffy. Do you like it? Bitte noch mehr, mein Liebling (Please more, my darling)?” Frau Müller said and her husband ordered some more Rohhackbrötchens. Wow!

“I don’t know about you guys, but damn! I could get used to this! This raw meat tastes wonderful! I wonder what Dad and Mom would say about this! I wonder if Mom would ever try it!” André said and we laughed. Yes, Mom eating raw mince, even dollied up with chopped onion, plus raw egg yolk added in? I doubted it!

After the Brötchens, we had some nice meaty sandwiches and some more coffee. When the cheque arrived, Gunther intercepted it and produced his credit card. “Nein Vati, ich zahle fur diese. Klar (No Dad, I’m paying for this. Clear)?”

Warum dann hat ich nicht Kaviar bestelle (Why then didn’t I order caviar)?” Herr Müller joked.

“Tobias!” Frau Müller said and stood up. Gunther stood behind her to pull her chair back. What a gentleman!

We browsed the shops on our way out to go and see Checkpoint Charlie. We passed a gift shop that had a Christmas sale. Rare for a shop in that centre! We stopped and looked at the exhibits in the window. Frau Müller told us to have a quick look inside. We saw some wonderful embroidered handkerchiefs for Mom and exquisite male handkerchiefs with a monogram embroidered in one corner. Yes, we’d buy them each two handkerchiefs. Frau Müller selected a few examples for Mom and André and I took two pure white linen and cotton mix handkerchiefs with an elegant blue ‘A’ embroidered in one corner. The 4 handkerchiefs set us back €10. Money well spent.

“Come, before you spend more money. Let’s go see Checkpoint Charlie!” Gunther said and we took the escalator out of the building.

Outside it was damn cold so we put our scarves up and zipped up. It was a few blocks away and Herr Müller and his wife led the way. At one crossing over the street, Frau Müller almost lost her balance and I grabbed her by the arm, preventing her from falling.

“Ahh! Thank you so much! Anton … André …? Your mom has raised two very courteous young men! Gunther has chosen his friends well!” She gave my arm a squeeze. I squeezed her arm too and the bond was made. She might be classy beyond any definition, but she was a lady and appreciative. The fact that a gay man was gallant towards her, did mean something to her.

She looked me in the eye and smiled. I smiled my most endearing smile. “You're welcome! You’re the perfect hosts and are showing us the beautiful city that is Berlin! Danke schön!”

Dein Deutsch ist bemerkenswert gut. Ein guter Lehrer? Ein guter Schüler (Your German is remarkably good. A good teacher? A good learner)?”

Die beiden (Both)! Danke schön!” I said and stepped into the street and held her by the elbow.

The walk to Checkpoint Charlie was pleasant despite the cold. When we approached, it was as I imagined it to be from pictures I’ve seen. The guards’ house behind sand bags, soldiers on duty. Of course it’s done for appearances sakes as this is a very popular spot to visit. On the one side there was a McDonalds and opposite it Das Mauermuseum (The Wall Museum).

Just a short distance from the gate, there was still a portion of the horrific wall standing. It carried lots of graffiti

 We looked at the remains of this once important place in the lives of East and West Berliners. It was a terrible time in the lives of people since Die Mauer (The Wall) went up until it was brought down just more than 29 years later in 1989. Many people tried to escape East Berlin and lost their lives. Very little of their hardships was still visible except of course the portion of The Wall still standing and no man’s land still visible in places.

It was just unbelievable that outsiders cut a country into pieces, cut its capital in two, divided it between different countries to oversee and then build a wall to separate them. Horrific to say the least.

Herr Müller told us that there are a few places in Berlin where there were still sections of The Wall, including a re-erected portion at the Potsdamer Bahnhof (train station). He told us he has a few pieces of The Wall at home, which he took from a piece of fallen Wall on Friday 10 November 1989. If we wanted a piece, he’d gladly give it to us. I thought of Dad and immediately accepted with gratitude.

“Yes I have a few pieces. Pierre, would you like a piece too? Johann?” Herr Müller said. They all accepted gladly. “If you wanted to buy a piece today, it will cost you around €10 to €20 a piece, depending on where you buy it and how big the piece is. If you bought it at Potsdamer Platz or here at Checkpoint Charlie, it might even be as much as €30. You could rather use that money in Italy to buy some nice gifts for the parents,” he said.

Vati, ich glaube wir sollten zurück gehen. Ich denke Mutti ist kalt. Ja (Dad, I think we should go back now. I think Mom is cold. Yes)?” Gunther said.

Genau (I agree). Come on boys, let’s take a quick trip to the Judisches Museum and a quick visit to the Martin-Gropius Bau. We’re just passing by both places as it’s already past 3 o’clock. One needs much more time to go through these buildings. We’ll see later in the week if we could fit in a visit to these places. But … we have a surprise for you later the week. We’ll inform you about it later. Come. Sabine, ist alles in Ordnung (are you OK)?”

“I’m fine thanks but yes, I am a bit cold now. Let’s take a brisk walk back to Potsdamer Platz,” Frau Müller said and took the lead towards the parking arcade..

“The Judisches Museum is a very modern zig-zagging building paying tribute to the millions of Jewish people killed in WWII. It is a sad part of our history, but these people are remembered in a proper way now. Come!” Herr Müller said. “We’ll go get the cars and drive to the Museum and The Martin-Gropius Bau. It’s a bit far and I know you’d like a sundowner, not so?”


We got the cars and drove southwards to the Martin-Gropius Bau. It was an impressive building but I wasn’t in a mood to look at a lot of art at that stage. If time allowed later the week, I’d like to take a look, but not now, I thought.

We stopped and took some pictures but then we got in the cars to be off to see the Jewish Museum. Then Herr Müller came up to Gunther and they discussed the plan of action for the trip to the museum and then back home. They both agreed we might as well have some hot chocolate or coffee in the restaurant in the foyer of the Museum. If time permits it, we could have a quick look at perhaps the exhibition on Auschwitz.


The Museum was astounding. Wow. The modern architectural elements of the Libeskind building comprise the zinc façade, the Garden of Exile, the three Axes of the German-Jewish experience, and the Voids. Together these pieces form a visual and spatial language rich with history and symbolism. They not only house the museum with its exhibits, but they also provide visitors with their own unique experience as they walk through the spaces.

In 1995 Daniel Libeskind said the building he designed is "an irrational and invisible matrix".

The façade of the building barely enables conclusions to be drawn as to the building's interior, the division of neither levels nor rooms being apparent to the observer. Nevertheless, the positioning of the windows – primarily narrow slits – follows a precise matrix. During the design process, the architect Daniel Libeskind plotted the addresses of prominent Jewish and German citizens on a map of pre-war Berlin and joined the points to form an "irrational and invisible matrix" on which he based the language of form, the geometry and shape of the building.

The positioning of windows in the New Building was also based on this network of connections.

The whole of the New Building is coated in zinc, a material that has a long tradition in Berlin's architectural history. Over the years, the untreated alloy of titanium and zinc will oxidize and change colour through exposure to light and weather.

We only got to the foyer and coffee shop as the lady at the ticket counter also said it was too late to see the whole museum and she couldn’t let us see only the section on Auschwitz.

We settled for coffee and hot chocolate. André was so frustrated to behave like a human being that he came up to me and gave me a warm, unexpected hug. He whispered in my ear: “*I wanted to touch and hug Juan and you and the rest so many times today! Damn! It’s hard work being straight! I hate it!*”

“*And to be a normal human being for a change?*” I joked and got a jab in the ribs for it.

“I thought you were my super special brother and friend! Ek bel nou vir Pa (I’m calling Dad now)!” He retorted and ruffled my hair. André, my darling brother.

After the refreshments, we looked around a bit and saw there was a gift shop (a fancy name for a ‘tourist trap’). We just looked and walked out without buying a thing. Jews and people with a connection to the Holocaust might be more interested.


Back home, Herr Müller told us to be down in the solarium at half past 5 for a snort. We went up to our rooms and had a pee and a hug and a kiss and of course, with Pierre there, a grope! Ahh! It was true what André said: it was tough not to show our affection towards each other. Damn! And there were still 5 days left.

We joined Herr Müller in the solarium. Frau Müller was in the kitchen getting a stew in the oven.

When we sat down, we saw there were 5 pieces of Die Mauer (The Wall) on the coffee table. They were about the size of a 1cm thick slice of half a brick and consisted of mainly the plaster with shards of brick attached to it. There were no bricks attached to them In any case: how would one pack a brick in one’s baggage? The plaster was covered in graffiti paint. Obviously it originated from the Western side of The Wall.

“Here you go. Pierre, you get a piece, the twins each get a piece, Johann you get a piece and I’m sending a piece to the twin’s dad. Luigi, do you mind to share with Antonio and Juan, do you mind to share with André?” It was clear the Müllers have made peace with the fact that Gunther was gay. And that he brought a house full of gay friends with him. Here we were treated so well throughout the day and were offered pieces of The Wall!

“Thank you very much Herr Müller! No, we don’t mind to share, not so Luigi? You’re too kind Sir! This might not be worth much in monetary value but this is very special as we’ve seen parts of this horrific wall, and here we’re getting authentic pieces from a dear friend’s father. Thank you!” Juan said and shook Herr Müller’s hand. We all did the same.

Frau Müller joined us and Gunther and his dad stood up. We were not used to such chivalry and followed suit. Frau Müller was treated in a proper way! We were being taught a valuable lesson in good manners.

“Thank you gentlemen!” Frau Müller said and sat down next to Gunther. I was amazed to see this reserved lady putting her hand on her son’s knee. They must’ve missed him!

“Don’t mention it. I’m glad to give you something of our history to take back with you. Now, Gunther, drinks please. We do have Possmann Frankfurter Apfelwein. No other apple wine has won more awards. It is of high quality for about the past 130 years. Yes, Gunther told us some of you like cider. But there is also Irish whiskey and for the brave, we have Scottish whisky too, some German wine, German beer or a Gin and Tonic perhaps? Sabine, möchtest du vielleicht ein Glas weißer Wein (do you perhaps want a glass of white wine)?” Herr Müller said. “Gunther, bitte mein Sohn (please my son)!”

The atmosphere was warm, relaxed and jovial. The Müllers have thawed towards us and it was clear they liked us. Well, we liked them too.

Discussions were on the day’s events and what we’ve seen thus far. Pierre was very interested in the Jewish Museum and Herr Müller said we’d go back during the week.

“However, we have a full programme for you guys and of course we’ve planned a surprise for Thursday. We wanted to take you to München and the Black Forest, but it’s just too far and would take up a lot of time just traveling. Tomorrow Sabine and I have some business to take care of. Gunther, we want to suggest to you to take them on the Hop-on-Hop-off tomorrow. We know you’d like to have some time by yourselves without the stuffy parents present all the time … we know, don’t worry. And we’re OK with it. You guys have opened our eyes and we accept it, so relax. Gunther, bitte könnte deine Mutti und ich für ein bisschen zu dir sprechen (please, could your mother and I speak to you for a bit)? Boys, we just have to talk to Gunther for a bit. We’ll be back soon. Gunther, bitte?”

Aber natürlich Vati. Please excuse me guys!” Gunther said. We all got up when Frau Müller got up. Gunther followed his mother and father into the study at the far end of the solarium, leading to the rest of the house on the northern end. Herr Müller waited for Gunther to enter and put his arm around his son’s shoulder before he followed him into the study.

Herr Müller closed the door …

“Baby bro, what’s going on? What’s happened? What did they say? Did you kiss my baby bro in front of the Müllers, Ita?” André ranted on.

“Herr Müller said they wanted to talk to Gunther … I have no idea and no, you delinquent, my Ita didn’t kiss me in front of his parents!” I retorted.

“Well, perhaps we could get some more drinks? I’d like to try one of those ciders please?” Johann said.


After about 5 minutes, the door opened and Gunther called Johann to join him and his parents in the study. Oh-oh!

“Oh fuck guys! I didn’t steal or break anything! What is happening?” Johann said as he got up to go to the study.

We looked at him with beady eyes and wondered what happened. He disappeared behind the door and the atmosphere was very muted … what the hell was going on?

After another 5 minutes the door opened again and Frau Müller appeared, followed by her husband and Gunther and Johann … hand-in-hand! My fuck! What happened?

“Boys, please relax. There is nothing to worry about,” Gunther said.

“It’s clear you know we’ve had our differences, as Sabine and I have always wanted grandchildren. We were disappointed when Gunther confirmed to us he is gay. We had words and he left home and eventually he went to South Africa. Today we are happy to announce that we’ve made peace with the fact that he is a happy and very successful 29-year old gay man.

“And, we’ve accepted Johann as our son-in-law … Then, let’s drink a toast! Prost! On my one and only boy and our new son. Johann, you’re not what we’ve hoped for, but you make our son happy – happier than I’ve ever seen him. That makes us happy. Gunther, on you and your happiness. Thanks for making us proud and thanks for choosing such a fine young man as your partner. Mutti and I are not dinosaurs! You’re the finest bunch of guys we’ve had in this house at one time! Prost!” Herr Müller said and raised his glass. “Komm mal hier mein Sohn (Please come here my son)!”

Gunther got up and when he approached his dad, the latter opened his arms and pulled his son into an embrace, his face in Gunther’s neck. The man kissed his son in the neck and hugged him tight.

Entschuldigt, mein Sohn. Ich liebe dich über alles! Bitte verzeihst du ons (Apologies my son. I love you so much! Please forgive us)?”

Aber natürlich Vati! Ich liebe Sie auch sehr viel! (But of course Dad! I love you also very much)!” Gunther said and pulled his face back to kiss his dad on the cheek. Herr Müller looked into his son’s eyes and kissed him on the mouth! My godd! Was that even possible?

It was clear Herr Müller had a warm heart after all. He pretended something came in his eye and took his glasses off to ‘remove the irritant’!

When Gunther turned to his mom, the tears literally streamed from his eyes. His mom’s eyes were very wet but she presented a strong façade. She hugged her son and when he pulled back, she too kissed him on the mouth.

Es freut uns viel dass du Johann in deinem Leben hast. Er ist ein guter Mann (It pleases us that you have Johann in your life. He is a good man)!” she said and kissed him once more.

Well, I never. And here we were afraid to even touch each other!

Herr Müller stepped closer and put his arm around Gunther’s shoulder.

Denn Gunther, deine Mutti hat bereits Fahrkarten auf dem Hop-on-Hop-off für morgen gebucht. Ihr wird sie am Hauptbahnhof abholen. Klar? Mit Untenbahn fahren, ja? Ich und Mutti nehmen sie am 9 Uhr (Then Gunther, Mom has already booked your tickets on the Hop-on-Hop-off for tomorrow. You will pick them up at the main station. Clear? You’re going with the underground, yes? Mom and I will take you at 9 o’clock),” Herr Müller said.

“Yes thanks Dad, but the Green U-7 is not too far. We’ll walk” Gunther said in English and explained what his dad has said. We were all in agreement. “That means we’ll be out most of the day. Do you want us to get something to eat before we come home or do you want us to eat here?”

“Oh, I think you could get something in the city and then you could come home when it suits you. Just let us know so we could fetch you from the U-bahn if necessary. Tobias, bitte stellst du sicher, dass unsere Gäste ein paar mehr Getranke haben. Ich bin auf dem Abendessen Überprüfung (please ensure our guests have more drinks. I’m checking on dinner),” Frau Müller said and left. We all got up when she stood up. We were becoming real gentlemen! Mom would be so proud!


Dinner was a delight. Frau Müller prepared mustard and honey chicken with potatoes, carrots and served it on Basmati rice. There was a side salad too. Dessert was a baked pudding that reminded me of Jan Ellis pudding, but it was served with whipped cream.

[Please see Part 48 for the Jan Ellis pudding recipe. It really is good!]

After some liqueurs and some coffee, we were off to bed.

Before we departed, both Herr and Frau Müller hugged and kissed their son. Frau Müller took Johann by the arm and pulled him into an embrace. My fuck! The Jerries did have hearts made of muscle and nerves after all!

All of us gathered in our room and took stock of the day and what happened earlier, and to discuss our plans for the next day.

“Does this mean I can kiss Juan now?” André, of course.

“Yes, but no! Don’t push it! My mother-in-law has just given us the green light. No need to yank the carpet from under her. Touch, but no lovey dovey. OK? Pierre, keep your hands off Anton’s butt, you hear?” Johann said and we had a giggle.

“Well, at least we know now not to be scared to death of them anymore!” Pierre said and took me in his arms. “Right Ant? A few times today when I saw you from behind, I wanted to touch your butt! Fuck! You drive me nuts!”

“OK guys, Mom said she booked us tickets on the Yellow Line. That means we’ll see some of the stuff we saw today already, but we don’t have to get off at these places. We’re going to have a long day with lots to do and see,” Gunther said.

Pierre’s iPhone started to ring. It was Clive!

“Guys, hold that thought! I have to talk to this Pommie!” Pierre said and answered his phone. “Hi there you white boy! Missing your boertjie, are you?”

He moved into the passage to have some privacy.

We heard him talking to Clive and then it was too soft to hear what he was saying to Clive. But then he screamed: “ Whaaat? Really? You’re joking! Clive my love, are you putting me on?”

He rushed back into the room and shouted: “He's coming! He’s coming! Yes! My man is coming to South Africa! All has been sorted …! Yes, of course I’m here! I’ve just told the others!”

We all cheered and shouted ‘Hi’ to the beautiful Englishman on the other side of the line.

“Oh fuck! You have no idea how happy it makes me! Pommie, Ant I can never live without you again! Not after last week! Oh fuck! I love you!” Pierre said and his lower lip started to quiver … One big tear ran down his cheek and he turned around in an attempt to hide it from us. I walked to him, put my arm around his shoulders and hugged him. He whispered in the phone: “Oh fuck! I’m sorry, but I’m bawling here! This is the best news ever! Now get your fucking butt over there asap! I love you so much my beautiful man! Here, Ant wants a word …” Pierre said, sniffling.

“Hi there you big man! That is fantastic news!”

“Hi Ant! I’m so excited! I heard this afternoon all the papers have been sorted out. Tomorrow I start packing! Oh, I’m so exited! I’ve jacked off three times today! I miss you guys so much!” Pierre said.

“We miss you too, my beautiful man! Wasting the baby batter now it seems? Here is Pierre again. Bye now and my love to your Dad,” I said and gave the phone back to Pierre.

He walked back into the passage to talk to Pierre.

“Wow! Two down, one to go. I hope Diego gets his move sorted out,” I said and lied down on the bed with my head in Luigi’s lap. His big cock was rubbery … hmmm! I turned my head and kissed his crotch … How many times more was this big cock going to fuck me …? Until one of us is too old, I hoped.

Pierre came back in the room, all smiles but his eyes swimming in tears.

“Do you guys realise what this means? My husband is going to come live with us! Ant, we’re going to fuck you mercilessly! I can’t wait! Oh fuck! I love him so much … It’s been two days and I miss him like crazy! I wish he were here!” Pierre said and wiped the tears from his face.

Juan went to him and hugged him. “Things are looking up for you my mate! Imagine the parents’ response … hehehe!”


Gunther cleared his throat. “OK, the big white hung hunk from London is coming to live with you guys. I’m happy for you Pierre! But, let’s look at tomorrow’s programme.”

We chatted about the next day and looked at the brochures and other pamphlets Gunther’s mom gave us the previous day. Sabine gave each one of us a flyer in full colour with 10 different top places to see, as well as one on a Segway tour and the ever-popular Hop-on-Hop-off bus trips.

Berlin Hop-on Hop-off Tour Stops (Yellow line) with a Berlin Pass:

01 Karstadt am Kurfürstendamm 231

02 KaDeWe, Tauentzienstraße

03 Lützowplatz, gegenüber Hotel Berlin Berlin

04 Philharmonie, Herbert von Karajan-Straße

05 Potsdamer Platz, Potsdamer Straße, vor dem Kollhoff-Tower

06 Topografie des Terrors, Martin-Gropius Bau

07 Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstraße, vor dem Mauermuseum

08 Gendarmenmarkt, gegenüber Taubenstraße

09 Neptunbrunnen, Alexanderplatz, Spandauer Straße

10 Aquadom, Museumsinsel, Karl-Liebknechtstr.5, Berliner Dom, Übergang zum Schiff

11 Humboldt-Universität, gegenüber Bebelplatz, Unter den Linden

12 Unter den Linden 36, vor dem ZDF-Hauptstadtstudio

13 Unter den Linden 74, vor Madame Tussauds Berlin

14 Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag, Ebertstraße

15 Hauptbahnhof, Ausgang Rahel-Hirsch-Straße

16 Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee

17 Schloß Bellevue, Spreeweg

18 Bikini Berlin, Budapester Straße

19 Zoologischer Garten, Hardenbergplatz hinter Taxistand

We decided to go on this bus tour of the city and do as much as we could, see as much as we could. Gunther told us in winter the buses ran from 09:45 to 15:00. “That means we’d have to fit in as much as we could between 10 o’clock and half past 2. After that we could take the U-Bahn to Potsdamer Platz. The place has many bars and much more to see than what we saw today,” Gunther said. “I know the owner of one of the restaurants. He’ll give us a good deal.”

Wow! That sure was a lot to see and do! The pass cost €19 each, which includes a ticket on the bus and free entry to 60 points of interest.

“Guys, I have an idea. We’ll obviously start at the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station), a tourist attraction in itself, and will end there again. Then back with the U-bahn. We’ll be on the bus most of the time but there will be lots of walking as well. We’ll decide where we’ll get off and where we’d go in. Do you trust me? Shall I take the lead?” Gunther said and put his arm around Johann’s shoulders.

“Yes, of course my love! Do you think we can tell them … hmmm?” Johann said and kissed Gunther.

“We could tell them, if you wanted to. Go ahead, we’re one big family and they might as well know. Go ahead and tell them,” Gunther said and kissed Johann. It was a soft kiss, filled with love and adoration.

“Well, you know what happened between Anton and me in London … well, last night the Jerry man has confirmed that I’m actually an active versatile guy. He fucked me last night!” Johann said and blushed. He looked at Gunther who pulled him into a big hug, protecting him.

“Whaaaat? You jackal you! Really? I hope we get to see that sometime soon! Wow my man! How does your ass feel? Tender, eh?” André, of course.

“It’s fine now, after putting some Vaseline in there! Yes, the Jerry pushed that big old German sausage into me and … it hurt like hell … but I loved it! Anton, you may fuck me again with my cock in my hole. I’ve missed out on so much fun!”

“Well, we’re glad! That means you’ll actually have something to do on your honeymoon, other than blowjobs!” Pierre put in and squeezed my butt.

“I’d love to do … that … with you again some time,” I said and hugged Johann from behind. He wiggled his butt and rubbed it against my cock … the double fucking I gave him with his own cock in his hole was memorable and awesome. Very few guys are capable of getting their own cocks up their own butts.

“Well, let’s give the ‘newly-weds’ some private time. They do have the parents’ consent now! Off, baby bro! Let them go and go do the ugly! You ogre, don’t get any ideas!” André said and stepped away from Juan.

“Guys, it will always be up to my love if he wants me to put my big cock into him, but my darling boy, don’t think for one second both of us will stop loving you! We still want to fuck you too, right Luigi?” Gunther said and kissed Johann on the cheek.

“This group has become one weird lot! Fuck! A therapist’s nightmare! And I’m glad I’m part of it!” André, who else!

 “So then, OK? Of course OK. For once, I’m da man! And I have my parents’ blessings and I’ve fucked my love last night! I’m invincible! Want to take me on André?” Gunther joked and took up a boxing stance with his fists at the ready.

“Nah … usually I prefer my opponents to be more muscular and somewhat of a challenge … nah, just let it go Jerry … “ André said and looked at Johann, gawking at his man. Gunther put his fists down and André pounced! Snake! A rough and tumble ensued with them ending up on the bed. Of course Gunther pinned down André and made him remember who was the boss.

“Want me to fuck you white boy?”

“Please, don’t hurt me! You're the boss! No, please no fucking! Please man! I’m just an innocent boy … Baby bro, call dad! This ugly Jerry is abusing me! Please man!” André gave up the fight and then Gunther surprised us all. He leaned forward and kissed him. Not just a peck, but it was a real kiss, lingering and with gusto. My brother was putty in his hands!

Gunther was sitting on André and let him go, stroking his chest, squeezing his nipples and then touched his cheek. My, my!

“Juan, this man is seducing me! He’s tasted ass and now he wants mine too! Oh fuck! You rubbish! I’m getting hard here and it’s your fault! Oh no! No! Yes! If Johann is OK with it, you may fuck me with that insanely big cock of yours! Yes! Baby bro, don’t call Dad!” André put in and looked deep into Gunther’s beautiful blue eyes. It was a special moment … until both broke out laughing.

“Don’t get ideas you delinquent! I love my man very much but … if there is the odd chance, I’d plug you!  But don’t go crying to Juan that I’ve hurt you!” Gunther said and grabbed André’s ass with his long middle finger running down André’s crack …

“That remains to be seen Jerry! Ogre, did you hear that? Your so-called ‘colleague’ wants to rape me! He wants to take advantage of the purest and most innocent of boys! I’m calling my Dad now!” André said and we cracked up laughing.

We were such a jolly bunch together and with the likes of André and Johann with us, we had a laugh a minute.

“Guys, back to our plans. Our Hop-on-Hop-off bus trip in itself will take most of the day. Then on Wednesday, we’ll do a boat trip on the Fluß Spree … erm… River Spree. We’ll go to a few of the museums. There is so much to do and see!”

“It sounds so good, mein Mann! Ja-aa, I do know how to address the man in my life!” Johann said nodding, and put his hand on Gunther’s neck. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. They have really fallen in love!

“On Wednesday we’ll go back to the Judisches Museum and at night we’re going to the Schaubühne. They stage some very well-known plays with subscripts in English in some instances.

“On Thursday it is the Olympiastadion, and then to the Charlottenburg Schloß. After that, all the other museums on the Museuminsel we can fit in. Thursday night we’re going to a gay bar, Himmelreich.

“Friday we’re doing the Segway tour and wrap up our visit to Berlin going to all the places we haven’t seen. Friday night it’s either the Berliner Philharmonie or the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Dad will take care of this and wants it to be a surprise. Which would you prefer?”

“I’d like a Beethoven Symphony!” I put in and hoped the others felt the same.

“After all the punishment you’ve taken for our pleasure, I think this is one kindness we could bestow on you! In any case, we’re all gay and we all like classical music. What’s not to like if it’s Beethoven!” Luigi said and hugged me.

“I concur. In any case, it depends on what is on. Hopefully there is that, or a Mozart concerto, or Shubert, or one of the other masters. My Dad will sort that out. I’ll tell him tomorrow we’ve narrowed it down to the Philharmonie.

“Then on Saturday Mom wants us to have a day at leisure in the Grunewald Park. It’s beautiful in summer but it’s still worth a visit in winter. We’ll take a stroll and see the forest, the walkways and the mansions there. It’s beautiful. I’m sure you’ll love it. There are places where we could have lunch. It’s too cold for a picnic, but with my Mom anything is possible! We’ll see,” Gunther said and hugged Johann.

“Jerry, you’re such a nice man! I’m so glad I stuck it out with you … last night was fucking amazing! I’m a bit tender but fuck … Anytime again!” Johann said and palmed Gunther's crotch.

“Ahem … OK then. Then it’s all settled for tomorrow? My love, come let’s brush our teeth and get into bed. Erm … I think we need to give the others a chance to get some rest … erm … OK guys? We’ll have breakfast at 8 o’clock again! Don’t be late! You too you … you beautiful delinquent!” Gunther said and kissed André again.

If I didn’t see it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it!

= To be continued =



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