After a long day and all the excitement, we were tired but for a while I couldn’t fall asleep. Clive behind he had his arm draped over my waist, holding on to my hairy tummy. In front of me, Luigi had his arm over my chest. I was lying in his arm and my bottom arm was around his neck. I had my top arm also over his chest. We were in an embrace like we’ve fallen asleep so many times over the past few months. Our cocks touched each other. Luigi was fast asleep and he made the cutest noises, like a little puppy dreaming. I loved this man to bits!

Giovanni was behind Luigi and he took my hand and held it with fingers entwined.

Pierre was behind Clive and godd knows what was going down between them … after the show earlier, nothing would surprise me!

Eventually McDreamy came to pick me up … and I had the raunchiest dream! I was dreaming about Rafael and Larry fucking me.

“Want me to push in too?” Rafael asked as he touched my cheeks, his big cockhead in André’s mouth.

“Erm … I don’t think it will fit. They're too big!” I said but knew I’d at least try it.

“Really? Do we get to double fuck you?” Larry asked as his huge cock slid into me.

“Don’t get your hopes up. Your cocks are fucking huge!” I said and groaned as the huge black cock slid deeper into me. André was moaning big time with my cock in his hole.

“If you want to try them, it’s OK. Pull out and try it baby bro!” André said and pulled forward. My cock started to slide out of my brother and just as the head slipped out, André moved out of the way and Rafael moved in behind me.

“More KY please?” I asked André who ripped open two more sachets and put it on Rafael’s huge cock and on Larry’s cock in me.

“I’m taking pictures of this! Fuck! Baby bro, this is going to be awesome!” André said and retrieved his iPhone from his jacket.

“Let me pull out first. I hope we could both get in you … oh fuck! First a big drought for me and now this!” Larry said as he pulled his enormous cock from me.

André was taking pictures of the two big cocks and even lent a hand to hold Rafael’s cock in the upright.

“Now, easy does it! I’ve never been able to double with anybody before, and Larry’s cock is very big. Are you sure we should go ahead with it?” Rafael said as he gingerly pushed forward against Larry’s big cock in me. The big cockhead stretched me and started to slide into me. Rafael pushed in deeper and I groaned. Oh fuck! This cock was one of a few cocks I’d love to have in me on a regular basis! It was big but it was perfect! It was made for fucking!

Larry’s huge cockhead scraped over my prostate as I felt how Rafael put his huge cockhead on my hole, on top of Larry’s cock in me.

“I’m pushing in too! OK? Can we try?” Rafael said and pushed forward. Oh fuck! What was I thinking? Two such huge cocks? Rafael’s huge cockhead stretched me mercilessly and slid into me. Oh fuck! Oh godd! I gnashed my teeth and wanted to shout that Rafael must pull out, but I persevered. He had his hands on my buttocks and pulled my butt cheeks apart. The huge Latino cock slipped in deeper and I groaned. Oh fuck! It was mental! But still I held on and didn’t tell Rafael to pull out. I wanted to feel them both in me and that was that!

“Are you OK Antonio? Larry, take it easy! Slowly!” Rafael said and pulled me back to him as his own cock slid deeper into me. He gave me a lopsided kiss with his exquisite mouth and I felt how the two big cocks advanced deeper into me.

Larry’s huge cockhead was now scraping over my prostate as Rafael’s 34cm big cock very veiny with its huge uncut head slid into me. Rafael’s cock was big in every respect and it was one of the few curving down, sliding perfectly on top of Larry’s cock in me!

I thought of Larry’s big cumload and Rafael’s apparent multiple HUGE cumloads. We didn’t have too much time, so perhaps Rafael could cum first and then Larry and then Rafael again?

And it happened just like that. Once both the huge cocks were in me, I begged Rafael to pull out first and give me a breather. He pulled out and I clenched down on the enormous black cock still in me. I held tight until I couldn’t hold anymore, and Rafael pushed back in. This time it was fairly easier and when the huge cockhead joined Larry’s deep inside me, I was starting to enjoy it. I put my hand between my legs and touched the two cocks in me … fucking enormous! But, I handled them and really enjoyed having them in me.

“I’m going to cum and stay inside you. Larry, I have multiple orgasms. Once I’ve shot mine, you can cum. I want to shoot a second load into our man. OK?”

André was clicking away with his iPhone and I wondered what Dad would’ve said of this encounter.

Rafael was fucking me and Larry remarked that he could feel Rafael’s big cockhead rubbing over his cock. “You’re making me very randy! I’m about to cum!”

“Then cum with me! Let’s pump a huge amount into our man! You want that Antonio? You want a big wad of white creamy cum in you?” Rafael said as he was picking up speed.

“Yes, give it to me! And perhaps you could pump your second load into my mouth?” I have become such a cum slut!

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Antonio I’m going to cum! Larry, are you ready? I’m cumming! Oh godd yes! Oh yes!” Rafael said and I felt him pumping his first load into me.

Within seconds Larry started to swear and his big cock twitched and swelled inside me. “Oh man! I’m shooting a big load now! I’m cumming man! Yes! Oh hell yes!” Larry hissed and shot his load. “Oh hell! Sensitive! Oh hell! Slowly Rafael! Ahh! Oh hell!” His big cock was twitching violently in me as it pumped its load into me. He pulled me down on him and breathed heavily. But it was too much for this horny hung hunk. Larry took me by the hips and pushed me up. “I have to pull out now, please! This is too much!”

Larry’s huge cock slid out of me and as the head plopped out, he exclaimed: “Oh dear lord! Oh yes! Ahhh! Oh, too much!” I felt the huge hard wet cock between my legs pushed against my hairy tummy.

Rafael was now starting to fuck me and once again I marvelled at the huge cock in me. It was not as big as Jonathan’s cock, but it was special and it was attached to a really sexy and attractive man. The huge balls on my butt felt fantastic. He had his hands on my hips and was fucking me gently and deeply. Rafael was an excellent lover.

He pulled out of me and just as I started to complain, he swung me around and pulled me into his arms. He kissed me and pushed his huge cock hard against my body. His soft lips on mine felt wonderful and the big tongue he gently pushed into my mouth was driving me nuts. This man was a Latino lover of note. He was taking off the rest of our clothes and his big hands on my back felt extraordinarily.

“Come, let’s move to the bed, OK? I want to make proper love to you *this time*!”

“We’re joining you on the bed, OK? Come my man! Let’s get to the bed,” Larry said and pulled his cock from André’s mouth. They too moved over to the bed.

Rafael had me in his arms, hugging and kissing my neck and nibbling my ears, his arms and hands over my back and over my butt. His middle finger was trailing down my spine and between my buttocks. His immense cock was pushing against my tummy. I wanted it inside me, please!

I pushed my body tight against Rafael’s hairy body and hugged him closer. I said in his ear: “Please fuck me! Fuck me! Oh godd just fuck me!”

“Yes, I will,” Rafael said and pushed me onto the bed. I clung to him and he let me down gently.

I woke up with Clive inside me, twitching his cock. Jackal! Small wonder I had such an erotic dream! Imagine! Larry and Rafael in me at the same time …? I doubt it could ever happen.

I felt Pierre’s hand over Clive, stroking my butt, touching Clive’s huge cock fucking me. It was clear the beautiful tall man was awake and also as randy as a dog in heat.

“*I want in, please?*” I just-just heard Pierre whispering.

“*OK with you Ant?*” Clive asked next to my ear.

“*Yes, of course!*” I whispered back.

I felt Luigi’s leg over mine and his hand on my chest. I wasn’t afraid he’d wake up – he’d never be mad at us – I just didn’t want to wake him up.

Clive held on to me tight, and rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him on my back. He kissed my cheek and pushed his cock deeper into me. “*Oh fuck! You’re phenomenal and you’re driving me bonkers! Come bhoorkie!*” he said to Pierre who got on his knees.

Pierre moved inbetween our legs and put my legs over his shoulders. He took my cock in his mouth and it disappeared into his throat. Oh fuck! Oh yes! He continued to suck me while he was massaging my tummy and … oh fuck yes … he had a finger on my hole, touching Clive in me already. Pierre had the most beautiful big hands. His fingers were long and thick and hairy.

Clive had leaked so much precum, plus Pierre took some from his own leaking cock and pushed his finger deep into me. I groaned and knew the big cock was going to stretch me even more. Dear lord! I wondered what time it was.

Pierre let go of my cock and sat up to aim his big cock at my hole. He was very gentle and dribbled some spit on Clive’s huge cock in my hole. Pierre rubbed his precum all over his cockhead and enters me too. He pushed in slowly and gently.

Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Since they’ve fucked me double a few days ago, this was now the new measuring stick. It felt phenomenal. The two super hung hunks, loving each other, but who loved me too.

Pierre’s big cockhead pierced my hole and he held still … Ahhhh! He twitched his cock … Oh fuck! This was going to be another super double-fuck!

Pierre pulled his cock out again, milked more of his copious precum and rubbed it over my hole and held his cock in position. He pushed forward and the head slipped in. I was pushing out and my sphincter relaxed enough to let my man in …

The huge 33cm cock slid into me. Pierre held still and made it twitch in me. Oh damn! Yes! It stretched me big time and I held my breath.

“*Breathe, Ant! Relax! You know you can do this! Breathe!* Clive whispered in my ear. I let my breath out and relaxed. Pierre’s cock advanced deeper into me. He took his time pushing into me, holding on to my thighs on his shoulders, kissing them.

The two big cocks in me filled me good and I groaned softly.

“*Relax Ant! We don’t want to hurt you! We love you! Push out and breathe!*” Clive whispered and stroked my chest. “*I love your hairy chest man! So manly and sexy!*”

Pierre bottomed out and groaned when his big cockhead rubbed over Clive’s big cock deep inside me. He held still and his cock twitched … Ahhh! Oh fuck! Once again, it hurt like hell but at the same time it felt magnificent. I just knew I was made to be fucked and I loved big cocks – full stop!

Pierre leaned forward and let my legs slip around his waist. He kissed me with his sexy mouth and whispered with his lips on mine: “*I love you so much Ant! You have no idea! You’re just amazing!*”

“*I love you too you big bull of a man! You too Clive! You’re fantastic lovers!*” I whispered back and hugged Pierre’s muscular hairy body to me and clenched my hole over the two huge cocks in me. The cocks twitched and I groaned – they were big!

“*Ahhh! This is so special Ant! My love and I are privileged to have you and have this with you!*” Clive said. ‘My love’? My, my! The two really were in love! I was happy for them and knew we’d be a big happy family of sexy hairy men.

“*Yes, I love you too you white hairy Pommie! Will you still love us if Clive and I love each other, Ant?*” Pierre asked.

“*Of course! I would never stop loving you! You’re two wonderful men!*” I said and kissed Pierre. His tongue slipped between my lips and a rivulet of saliva flowed into my mouth. It tasted divine and I lifted my head to kiss my tall sexy man.

“*OK if we cum soon? We don’t want to wake up the rest of the guys,*” Clive said and fucked me slowly.

Pierre fell into pace with Clive and soon they were groaning with pleasure. Pierre moved onto his knees and put my legs over his shoulders again. He pushed my right leg forward and took my big toe in his mouth. Oh my godd! Not even Luigi has ever sucked my toes – not that I could remember! Such love-making at that time of the night! He licked my toes, suched them in his mouth and pulled at the hair with his lips.

“*Pierre my man, you’re such a good lover! Ahhh! I love you so very much!*” I said and arched my back. Clive kissed me on my cheek and hugged me close to him. “*And you, you sexy Pommie! I love you guys!*”

My men were fucking me and their breathing was already laboured. They were about to blow their loads. My own orgasm was very shallow and I was bound to spray my chest with a big load of my sticky goo.

“*I’m cumming, my love! Ant, I’m cumming!*” Pierre said and fucked me with quick deep thrusts.

“*Me too my love! How about you Ant?* Clive said.

“*About to spray my chest and tummy!*” I said and touched Pierre’s face. His hairiness felt so nice under my fingers. My hands went down his neck to his hairy chest and the second I started massaging his nipples, he growled and pushed his cock deep into me with one last thrust, and shuddered.

“*Oh fuck! Yess! Hnnnnggggnnnn! Oh yes! Yes!*” Pierre said and I felt his cock spasming in me.

That put Clive over the edge and his cock started to spasm too and he too pumped his signatory big load into me.

My own cock started to spasm and I shot a big load onto my tummy and chest. The bulk of the load ended up on my tummy but the second, third and fourth bulky shots splattered on my chin, the left of my chest and solar plexus. I was drenched.

Clive’s hands got a good spray and he was groaning with delight. Not a single member of ‘the family” didn’t like cum. We all loved th stuff and would take a load in our mouths in a heartbeat, but also on our bodies, our hands, our faces – anywhere.

“*You’ve shot a big load Ant! Wow! We really fucked it out of you!*” Clive said and hugged me to him, rubbing the load on my chest into my hair. Oh fuck! What a nice mess!

“*Only one round now, OK? I think we need to get some shut-eye,*” Pierre said. “*I’m pulling out now, OK? I think we’ve shot an equally big load in you, so clench my darling!*”

I felt Pierre’s huge cock vacating the end of my colon and my rectum and then it was out. Only a small dribble leaked out. Ahhh!

Pierre gave me a T-shirt to wipe off the bulk of the cum on my chest and tummy. The shirt was drenched when I dropped it onto the floor. Poor carpet.

“*I need to get to a toilet to pee, so I’m pulling out too, OK Ant?*” Clive said and rolled us onto our left sides, facing Luigi. In the dark he took me into his arms and he said: “*Antonio! Mio caro!! Ummmm-mmm!*”

Clive pulled out slowly and I clenched. He and Pierre got off the bed very quietly to go to the bathroom. There was going to be more hugging and kissing, no doubt. I was so happy for them. They formed the perfect couple, with one thing amiss: no bottom between the two of them. But, I was available, 24/7 and Luigi didn’t mind.

Luigi pulled my head onto his hairy chest and mumbled in his sleep. Oh fuck! How I loved my Italian man!

I was vaguely aware of the two tall hung men returning to bed … I was drifting off to sleep

The rest of the night was peaceful and blissful, with Luigi in my arms and I in his arms. I loved my Italian Stallion to bits. He was so sexy and loving and attentive. Him allowing the others into our lives made me love him even more.

Clive was behind me again and he pushed his big rubbery cock between my legs and draped his right arm over my waist … Ahhh! What a wonderful life with the men I loved!


“Antonio,” Luigi said and kissed my nose and forehead. “Svegliare il mio ragazzo (wake up my boy). “Buongiorno mio caro (Good morning my love). Avete dormito bene (Did you sleep well)? Hmmm?”

“Hhnngghhh!” I said stretching out but hugged my beautiful man to me immediately. “Si mio caro. Ho dormito bene. E tu (Yes, my darling? I slept well. And you)?”

I felt Luigi’s morning glory pushing against me and I groaned. It was 4cm shorter than the Deadly Duo’s cocks but it was big and I loved it. What’s not to like? It was long, thick, veiny, uncut … perfect.

“I believe the new lovers have had some fun with you last night? Hmm! I can feel the caking of your cum in your chest hair. My boy! Did they hurt you?”

“Yes, they did have some fun but no, they didn’t hurt me. Yes, I came a lot and couldn’t get it all off with a T-shirt. Sorry …” I put in and kissed my man.

“No need to be sorry! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! But I can feel your chest hair is bit lumpy … hehe!”


We dozed off, enjoying each other’s closeness, love, bodies … I was blessed to have so much love, so many hairy hung guys in my life!

I had my head on Luigi’s hairy chest and marvelled at the silkiness of his body hair. And the nice aroma that emanated from his body. I put my hand on his nipple and rubbed it a bit.

“Keep that up, and I’m pumping another Moretti load into you! Hmmm! That feels wonderful. Come here … you sexy beautiful beast! Mio caro!” Luigi groaned and lifted my face up to kiss me. His soft sensual lips on mine felt so wonderful and sexy. Every time he kissed me, I fell in love with him all over again.

I felt the beast between his legs stir … hmmmm!

“You feel that? All your doing! My darling Antonio, you’re such a wonderful guy, such a nice person, and such a beautiful sexy man! Ti amo così tanto (I love you so very much)!”

My own cock was hard … again! No surprises there!

“The same goes for you. I love you with all my heart, my body, my soul, my whole being. I'm yours for ever. The others are wonderful and I love them too, but you, Dr Moretti, you’re the true love of my life. Ti amo anche di più (I love you even more)!”

“Hey big boy! What about us? All this … and we’re excluded? Me? Pee-AIR? Your soulmate? Your big lover? Sob! Sob! My love, did you hear that? Ita, Gio! Did you hear that? I’m so … hurt!” Pierre went on, jokingly of course.

“Is that true Mr le Roux? Have you forsaken us on your second last day here? How must I feel? After all I’ve done for you?” Clive got in.

“Oh, you know! All you’ve done for him was fuck him! You damn snow-white Pommie! And what’s this … this declarations of love? Get a room!” André has come in without us hearing him and he was standing behind Pierre next to the bed, hands on his hips, like a big mama.

“Yeah right! Listen who’s talking here! What have YOU done, except fucking your brother? Hmm? Come here you rubbish! Clive, I’ll hold him down and you fuck the bejesus out of him!” Pierre said and pulled André on top of him.

André squealed like a pig and with arms flailing, he put up a big fight. When Clive put his hand underneath André’s robe and touched his hard cock, it was a story to behold. André was really putting up a fight as he was caught out!

“Feel that my love! Hard as a rock and he marches in here like he’s the mama in a brothel  pointing fingers at us! Hold him down so I could fuck him good. Yes, this big dong will teach him a lesson and perhaps he’d keep quiet for 2 minutes!” Clive said and pretended to mount André.

Giovanni was laughing so hard, the bed was shaking. “Shout if you need help! I’d gladly stuff my cock down his throat to quiet him down. The way he can carry on and on and on … Unbelievable!”

The rest of the entourage entered the suite and when they saw what was going on, all of them, including Juan, urged the new lovers to do ‘the nasty’ to André.

“Juan, don’t you love me anymore? How can you allow them to abuse me like this? Let go of my cock Clive! You pervert! Pierre, I’ll get you for this! Let go of me!” André was complaining in top gear.

There was a knock on the door and all of them calmed down a bit.

“I’m sure it’s John with our coffee and croissants. I’ll get it,” Juan said and went to open the door. “Ahh! And so it IS John! Good morning our sexy bellhop! How are you this morning? Hmmm! Hard … as always? Come in! Come in! I’m sure Antonio will be happy to see what you brought him!”

John pushed the trolley in and the smell of freshly-brewed coffee was intoxicating. Ahhh! I looked at his crotch and … yes! He had a boner!

“Good morning gents! I hope you’ve slept well. Any need for clean sheets? Or may I be the cause for clean sheets this morning?” John said and looked at André and, realising I was in Luigi’s arms, he looked at me, literally salivating.

“It could be arranged. What would the cleaning staff think of the lot in this suite and their demands for clean sheets every second day?” Johann said and looked at me. “Feel like an early piece of English sausage, freshly prepared?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Does John even want to …” I got in.

“Yes, of course I want to! I’m not here tomorrow, so this will be my last time …"

“Come here you nice man! Come! You’re not going to fuck me but I’d love to give you a super blowjob, OK?” I said and sat on the edge of the bed, holding my arm out to pull him between my legs.

“No fucking …? No …! I was so looking forward to it for old times' sakes … but a blowjob is nothing to snuff at. Do I get to cum in your mouth …?” John said as he stepped closer. The huge bulge on his hip was so big and inviting.

“What? Ant? You’re saying ‘no’ to a fuck? I hope we don’t get the same treatment … Are you OK?” Pierre asked and came to sit next to me.

“No, I’m just curious about tasting John’s cum and I’ve had a good fucking an hour ago. So, I’m good. Want to join in with the sucking?” I said and kissed Pierre.

He pulled me into his arms and looked deep into my eyes. “Yes, and what a fucking that was. You’re phenomenal Ant! I love you so very much! Yes, I’d love to suck John too.”

“Come John. If we’re lucky, I’d be giving you a blowjob to end all blowjobs. And Pierre would help to give you the time of your life. You’ve fucked me a few times but I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting your cumload in my mouth before,” I said and put my hand on his bulge. Fuck! It was nice and big.

John opened his pants and I unzipped him. He put his hand in his underpants – he could never dare to go commando: it was too big a cock! – and hauled the big curved cock out. Up close it was impressive, it smelled manly, and the head was already covered in precum.

The thin foreskin almost covered the whole big head, leaving only the piss-slit visible. The precum started to drip off the tip as soon as it was out in my hand and when I pulled the skin back. I jerked my head forward to catch the precum on my tongue. Damn! It tasted good!

Pierre put his hand out and cupped the big balls and lightly massaged them and with his other hand on my back, he was massaging me. What a man!

“John, let’s do this porn movie style. I’m going to lie on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. That way my mouth and throat are aligned in a straight line. That way I could get your big cock down my throat with some ease. Pierre, I’d suck you too if you wanted. Clive? You?” I said and put my legs on the bed and manoeuvred my body so my head was hanging over the edge of the bed at the corner of the bed.

“Fuck yes! My love, are you joining us?” Pierre said and stood up, standing next to John. Clive, ever randy, was there in a heartbeat and both the huge cocks were rock hard and my guys were playing with each other’s cocks. I looked at John’s big cock he lowered to my mouth and saw out of the corner of my eye Clive was on his knees in front of Pierre. Hmmmm!

John’s huge cock tasted wonderful and the thick shaft filled my mouth. I opened my mouth big and relaxed my throat. The big head got stuck nonetheless. He pulled out and pushed back in again. Nope, still no go. He pulled out again and I licked the whole shaft so it was wet and slick. On the third attempt the huge thing disappeared down my throat and I loved the sensation of the big balls on my forehead. I put my one hand on them and felt the big globules that produced some of his baby batter.

The huge head slipped into my throat and down my oesophagus. It was a big cock and it was a tight fit. I had to get air so I pushed on his tummy. He got the message and pulled his cock out again.

Then in, right down my throat. Ahhh! It felt so good and John smelled so good. This man wasn’t riff-raff in the least. He was as classy as they come.

I saw Clive and Pierre moving in on either side of John and put their mouths on the big shaft in my mouth and added some more spit to it. They were actually making love to the cock and kissing each other over the shaft, their hands on my chest and the other hands on John’s butt cheeks.

“Let me take it in my mouth please?” Clive said and pushed John backwards so his cock slipped out of my mouth. Clive put it in his mouth and sucked it hungrily into his mouth. The big head got stuck in his throat … my man had the same problem! But, him being a much bigger man, he tried again and on his second attempt the big head slipped into his throat. My man! Yes! He was an ace cocksucker!

Then Pierre wanted to have a chance and the cock – now very slick and wet – slipped into his throat on the first attempt.

John was as randy as an old goat! He moaned and groaned and had his fingers in my men’s hair.

"Oh fuck! You guys are too much! This is so hot!" John groaned.

“I want the load in my mouth please?” I said, not so much to rush things, but to remind them that I was keen on tasting John’s load.

Pierre let go of John’s cock and kissed Clive.

“Yes, of course. But, do we get to kiss you and taste the cum afterwards?” Clive asked.

“Yes, please?” Pierre added.

“OK, but let me take his cock in my mouth again. I think he’s on the verge of cumming. Are you John?”

“Oh damn yes! You guys are masters! I'm about to blow my load. Let me push into Antonio’s mouth again and cum. I’m going to flood your mouth Antonio! You’ve had me randy since you arrived! Here you go!” John said and pushed his cock deep into my mouth again. He started to fuck my mouth with slow deep thrusts, his cockhead slipping into my throat and out again. The precum tasted wonderful and the sheer girth of the cock was mind-blowing.

“I’m going to cum … oh damn! I’m cumming! Ahhh! Ahhh! Here … it … comes …! Hnggnnngghnn! Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” John exclaimed and pushed his cock deep into my throat one last time and let fly.

When I felt the cock twitch, I pushed him back a bit so the head was in my mouth. I wanted the load in my mouth to taste it and if the boys wanted a taste, it had to be in my mouth.

John exceeded my wildest expectations: it was like the man had opened the sluice gates. The load he shot in my mouth was immense. Small wonder I was so filled up when he came in my hole! It was a huge load. It literally flooded my mouth and I had no choice but swallow what was in my mouth.

John’s cock continued to spasm and he shot squirt after squirt into my mouth and … it tasted wonderful! It was slightly bitter but it was thick and creamy and was on the same level as Diego’s cum. Their diet? Similar?

Pierre and Clive had their mouths right on my cheeks right next to the big cock in my mouth. John pulled out a bit and Clive pushed him back a bit so the cock slipped out of my mouth. He took the cock in his mouth and sucked the last bit of cum from it. Pierre kissed me and got a mouth full of cum.

“Hmmmm!! Pierre said and turned his head to Clive and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Clive knew what Pierre had to offer and he let go of John’s big cock. He kissed Pierre and the cum ended in his mouth. It was clear they passed the cum back and forth, making groaning noises.

John bent forward and kissed me with his nose towards my chin and my nose towards his chin. An upside-down kiss so to speak. He tasted his cum and sucked the spit from my mouth. He was an exceptional young man!

In the meantime the other guys gathered around us, playing with each other and here and there someone was sucking another one.

Diego was right there and leaned down to kiss me, and in the process he kissed John too.

“Ahh! My boys! Did you get to contacting the hotels in Cape Town John?

 “What? Is he also moving to Cape Town? Really?” Diego asked with astonishment.

“Just one big happy family!”

“Wow! But I have to admit, this is one of the nicest guys. John, I’d love to suck you off some time! It was a lot, I think?” Diego said and kissed John.

“Yes, it is a lot. You’ll enjoy it!” I said. Perhaps the two of them could become a couple …?

John got dressed and served some more coffee and eats to some of the guys. Soon he collected the plates and coffee mugs and he pushed the trolley out into the passage. He came back into the room.

“I knock off at 2 o’clock and I’d be off to see the family. Thanks guys. It was a pleasure to be your bellhop and to be of … erm … service! Thanks Antonio … you rock! Diego, let me have your number and we could get together before we move to Cape Town, OK?” John said and pulled out his iPhone to get Diego’s details. They exchanged numbers and even took pictures of each other for their Address Books.

“How about Wednesday? You could come to Kew and I’d make you a good Colombian dinner. How about it?” Diego said.

“Sounds like a plan. Thanks. Let me have the details by Wednesday and we could have a boys’ night. Gentlemen and gentleman, I’ll see you at reception when you leave but I can’t hug and kiss you there. So, may I at least give each of you a hug?” John said and stepped closer.

“I want at least one kiss, please? You’ve been much more than a bellhop! Come here!” Johann said and kissed John.

All of us got a chance and when it was my turn, John looked deep into my eyes and there was a small sign of some sadness.

“If you play your cards right, you’d be with us in no time! Pucker up big boy! Thanks for everything and for sharing your huge Pommie sausage with us!” I kissed John and he hugged me tight to him. He waved at the rest one last time and he was gone.

I crawled back into bed and just relaxed. Luigi and Giovanni joined me on the bed where I was lazing after the early sex with the guys. Giovanni was on his tummy, his head on my left shoulder. Luigi was on his back with me in his arms.

“Did you enjoy that mio caro?”

“Our boy is really popular with every guy that comes along! I’m glad he likes me better than some other claiming to be thoroughbreds! Right Ant?” Giovanni put in.

“Watch it, you half-bred! I’m still numero uno!” Luigi said and planted playful slap on Giovanni’s butt.

“Ouch! I thought you loved me …”

“Yes, love hurts, doesn’t it?” Luigi said and gave Giovanni’s butt another smack.

“You’re hurting me …”

“No sex with nobody else will ever replace Luigi, you, Clive and Pierre. Diego is a very sexy man with a special cock and John’s big cock is wonderful too, but just look at you guys! All super sexy and hung! I love you guys!” I said and the two guys hugged me to them.

My iPhone binged. Rafael sent a text: he wanted to come visit on Saturday night.

“Rafael. He wants to come visit tonight. OK with you guys?”

“Yes, I’d love to see that Latino in action! He is really sexy and seems to be hung too! It’s a ‘yes’ from me! Luigi?” Giovanni said.

“Yes, of course. He was invited for last night so he is still welcome. What do you guys say? Do you think we should invite Rafael to visit us tonight?” Luigi asked the other guys on the couches.

Pierre and Clive were kissing like newly-weds. The two had their hands all over each other, big cocks rock-hard.

“As long as Rafael doesn’t replace anybody here! We’re the first lovers and … We. Have. Rights!” Pierre mimicked André’s mantra. We cracked up laughing.

“Of course not! Let him know he can come see us. After he has fucked you, I want to fuck you in his cum, OK?” Luigi said.

“And I’m next! I want to know I'm pushing my cockhead in your load, fratello!” Giovanni said and stroked a hand over Luigi’s muscular hairy chest.

“Yes, of course! Sex perverts, the lot of us! It would be so hot to see you fuck our boy after we’ve dumped our big loads in him! Right mio caro?” Luigi said.


We all got up and went into the bathroom to shower.

“Our faces call for a beard trim. Come boys! I’ll do the trimming,” Juan said and took out the beard trimmer.

I looked in the mirror and I had to agree: we were starting to look like yobbas. Our beards looked unkempt and a trim would make us look nice again, ready for Germany.

Juan trimmed all the beards to be trimmed and then André trimmed Juan’s beard. Of course, not without some shenanigans. With my brother involved, one’s guaranteed of some horsing around. This was no exception. André threatened to cut a big chunk out of Juan’s hair. Juan grabbed him and marched him to the basin. He opened the tap and pushed my brother’s head under the ice cold water of the tap.

“Yowl! I’m going to tell my Dad! He’s going to neuter you! You tell me you love me … Baby bro! Help me!”

“Juan, I’ll trim your beard. Let him go, poor thing! He is sounding like a cat in heat! Come bro!” Johann said and took the trimmer from André’s hand.

“’Cat in heat’? You’re mean to me!”

“Let it go and we’ll save your balls next time we’re on the farm! Come Juan!”

André was shivering and opened the shower door to get some heat from the hot water. “Coming baby bro? Sheez! I’m freezing!”

“Your own doing André! Juan was just paying you back. Come here!” I said and stepped up to my brother. I took him in my arms and kissed him on the head.

“You still love me, don’t you? Baby bro?”

“We all love you but sometimes you do get out of hand. Imagine what our beautiful man would’ve looked like if you did cut a chink out of his hair?”

I hugged him close to me and he put his arms around my body. Doesn’t matter what my brother does, I could never desert him. He was half of me.

And even under these circumstances, he was sneaky. He put his one hand on my butt, the other was pushed between us and he took my cock in his hand. André would never change.

Diego joined us in the shower and it was clear he had a number on me. His cock was almost rock hard and he had that look on his face.

“Mind if I joined you? Antonio, I’m leaving after our shower. I have some stuff to sort out and tomorrow I’m back in Starbucks in Kew. Oh damn … one last time, please? Here and now, please? Pretty please?”  He looked at me with his gorgeous puppy eyes and my heart melted. I put a hand out and pulled him closer.

“Diego, how could I ever deny you such a sweet request? Come here!”

Diego stepped into our embrace and at first he started making out with André. The poor man still had no idea who was who. We were naked and even my Dad – or our Mom for that matter – couldn't tell the difference all the time.

“Erm, Diego you’re one hell of a kisser and your big cock feels magnificent, but … I’m stepping away for you to take over. By the look of things – THING! – you’re ready to plug my baby bro with that insanely big dong! Ahh, here is my darling! Juan, do you still love me?” Stupid question: Juan loves him, scabs and all!

Diego was kissing me all over my face, his big cock was between my legs under my balls, his hands were all over my body, and once again I was amazed at this Latino’s acumen at making love. He was so young, but he made love like he had a lifetime of experience under his belt.


All the others joined us in the shower and when Diego turned me around to penetrate me, there were many hands all over our bodies, guiding his huge cock into me, hands holding my cock, hands on my legs, my arms, on my face … They all made love to me in some way or another.

Diego’s huge cock in me felt amazing. It was as if I’ve not been double-fucked earlier. The big beautiful cock made me feel great and I knew he’d become a firm favourite once he moved to South Africa. I groaned and Diego took that as an encouragement to fuck me.

Soon, too soon, Diego started to groan and started to cum. Gunther had my cock in his hand and Giovanni was kissing me. My own orgasm was starting to bubble over and when Diego was mid-orgasm, my own cum spewed into Johann’s mouth.

Diego pushed his cock into me as deep as it would go and he hugged me to him as if he wanted us to melt together into one.

“Oh my man! This was incredible and unbelievable. Thanks Antonio. I owe you one … or two … Just let me get to Cape Town and I’ll pay you back … in centimetres and millilitres … OK?” Diego was a darling.


After the shenanigans we showered. Diego and I were only ones who came. Juan refused André to make him (Juan) cum. André wasn’t allowed to even touch Juan’s cock. It was in retaliation to earlier. He sucked André until he spewed his load into Juan’s mouth. And to drive his point home, he swallowed it all and kissed André with only the taste of his cum lingering in Juan’s mouth. That ought to teach André a lesson, we all thought. Alas. André was … André. He won’t change! Ever. But, we loved him and his antics were part of who he was.

We finished the titivating and all of us indulged in the Tom Ford Noir. The perfume shop at the airport was going to make a killing the next day!

We decided on clothes, and of course, as always, André and I decided to dress identical again. Poor citizens of London! The Le Roux twins were in town!


We had breakfast which was a grand affair again. John was at reception, all smiles but also a sadness in his eyes. He knew he won’t see us in a long time unless he moved to SA.

Breakfast was a feast. Larry was there too. Every time I looked up, he was looking at either André or me. Poor man also didn’t know who was who.

“Luigi, I think Larry at the barista machine is hot for me. Do you think …?” I said to Luigi.

Mio caro, you’re too much! How do you know that? Remember the two of you are identical. Is he hot for you or for André? I have to say, it looks like he has huge one. He is tall and has very big hands. Do you know anything about him?” Luigi asked.

“He said he is from Miami and very lonely. He says he has a big one. What do you think? Can we invite him for tonight too?” I asked.

“Yes, we could have an orgy to end all orgies to round off our trip to London. Yes, invite him. I’ve always wondered about a big black cock in you. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I’m also curious. It would put a long-time fantasy to put to rest. Thanks mio caro!” I said and got up to give Larry the good news.

I walked to Larry and when he saw me, he looked at André a few metres away. He wasn’t sure who it was approaching him.

“Larry it’s Antonio. My man is curious to see you fucking me. You’re invited to our suite tonight at around 9 o’clock. Interested?”

“Oh fuck yes! I get off at 6 o’clock. It will be a long 3 hours before 9 o’clock! Yes thanks!”

“Just remember nobody except my brother and I know about the previous time. Keep it a secret please. I hope your barrels are filled … are they?”

“Of course! Not a word from me. And yes, I have only jacked off the night after I’ve fucked you. I’m full to the brim! I have a huge load for you! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes!” Larry was beyond himself with joy!

“If it works out, we could try a double-fuck with one of the others. But, your cock is so thick, I’m not sure it would be possible, but we can try …”

“Really? I didn’t even think it would be possible, but I don’t want to hurt you … Are you sure?”

“Yes, but let’s see how it pans out. Tonight at 9 o’clock. I have to go. See you tonight. Oh, and two cappuccinos for us please?” I said and watched in awe how Larry was ‘driving’ the barista machine.


After we finished breakfast, we went to reception to say good-bye to John who had just returned from running an errand.

“We’re just going to our rooms to brush our teeth and get our jackets. Will you be here in 5 minutes’ time?”

“I’m sure I will be here. I have a few things to take care of here and help with some bookings. Why?”

“We wanted to say good-bye properly,” I said.

“I’ll make sure I am here. If not, please text me and I’d be here in a jiffy. I’m so sad …”

“Then get your sorry butt to CT so you could see us all again! Come, let’s get going,” Pierre said.


We brushed our teeth and I had to go sit on the commode to squirt the loads out. It was too much to keep in me for the rest of the day. Clive came in the bathroom and pulled my head into his crotch. The big rubbery cock against my face made me groan with lust – yes, of course! I would never stop lusting after this hung hunk!

I looked up into his face. He was looking at me with so much tenderness, one would’ve sworn we were official lovers.

“Ant, you’re too much. Oh hell! I’ve fallen in love with Pierre, big time, but you … my godd my man! You’re something else! I’m over the moon to have met you and that I’m moving to Cape Town soon. Or, Stellenbosch … am I saying it right?”

“We’d be honoured to have you Clive. You’re a darling in your own right. Pierre is lucky to have you. But remember I love him too. He is part of my life. I’m glad you two have partnered but I don’t want to lose him.”

“I’d never keep him from you! And you’re never going to get rid of me either! I just hope your Mom accepts me … yes, I’ve heard she is a stickler! But, I’ll turn on the Cooper charm and woo her over. She doesn’t stand a chance!” It was clear this beautiful man didn’t know Mom … but, I was in for a surprise. He was such a charming boy … Mom was a goner in no time. I didn’t know that at the time of course.

“It’s sad to know you’re flushing all my love juice away … but more reason to give you another load later on! Ahhh!”

I wiped my butt and got up. Clive took me into his arms. He looked into my eyes and pushed his nose against mine.

“Our friendship started out as pure unadultared sex but in 6 days, I’ve fallen hard for you – hook, line and sinker. Antonio, I love you. I mean it. You’re an exceptional man and I enjoy being with you. Spending time with you, having you in my arms, kissing you, feeling your hard body against mine … utter bliss. And to feel you taking on my huge cock is just a dream come true. I love you so very much! King’s College is a world leader in the field of medical schools, but I’m willing to transplant to Cape Town to be close to you and now with Pierre in the picture … oh fuck! I love him too. He is just so nice, so sexy and the both of us love you very much.” Clive tilted my head back and kissed me. It was a soft kiss filled with so much love. I felt his immense bulge pushing against me. He had his one hand behind my head in my hair and pushed the small of my back into him with the other hand.

“Yes, I’ve seen you and Pierre are very chummy … I’m glad for you. Where does that leave me?”

“No, no, no! I just told you yes, I love him, but he’s not replacing you! Never! I can’t fuck him and he can’t fuck me. Plus, there is only one Ant! My darling man! I love you! I really, really love you! Pierre is just the cherry on top. A life with him will be one filled with lots of fun, camaraderie, and of course love. But, to both of us you’re the love of our lives. Please, don’t let the love Pierre and I have for each other distract you. You’re still our … how do the Italians say? Our ‘neummeroo huno’ …?”

“It’s ‘numero uno’ you dummy! Leave the Italian to the Italians and their boy! Yes, I’d never want to lose either one of you. I love both of you too much,” I said and put my hand on his growing bulge. “And this … I could never be without yours and Pierre’s insanely big cocks. I love you Clive!”

Clive hugged me tight to him, kissed me in the neck and had both his arms around my neck and behind my head, pulling me tight to him.

“Ant, I love you so very much! And every day I’m loving you more and more. And now with Pierre there, both of us loving you, we’re madly in love with you! You’re our lifeblood!”

“Ahhhh! And what do we have here? Ant’s pants around his ankles and my lover in his arms? You horrible horse-cock man, what’s going on? Tired of me already?” Pierre said as he entered the bathroom. He walked up to us and we each put an arm out to pull him into the hug.

Pierre’s soft lips were added to the mix and the kiss became a threeway kiss filled with lots of love and passion. Pierre was groaning and alternated between my lips and Clive’s.

“You Pommie you! How the fuck did you manage to win my heart over? You’re such an ugly man! And such a horrible creature. And such … and with such an insignificant weenie … ouch! Love hurts, it seems!” Pierre said when Clive gave him a slap on the butt. He got Clive in a headclamp.

“All back at you, you big hairy baboon! I only love you because … well because … oh fuck! Boertjie [he pronounced it correctly!], sue me but I fucking love you! And my Dad is going to wash my mouth with soap because of my swearing! But fuck! I love you, you utter rubbish!” Clive retorted and kissed Pierre.

I looked at the two tall hung hunks kissing each other and noticed their eyes were closed. Ahhh! That’s love, alright!

“But we still love you with all our hearts, Ant! Never forget that! You’re our first love and we never want to be without you,” Pierre said and kissed me deeply and with so much tenderness, I didn’t doubt him for a second.

“Oh no! I don’t believe this! Is this how Dad taught you? In the bathroom nogal? I’m calling Dad! You’re a deviant sex addict! Both the hung men at one go! Argh! Oh fuck no! Get your pants on and come! The others want to go and just look at you! Stupid question but I’m sure you’re all sopping wet and rock-hard …?” André said and walked up to us. He put his hand out and pushed in between us. “Just as I thought! Sheez, baby bro! What happened to the sweet innocent boy I taught the ways around a man’s cock? What happened?”

Pierre gave André’s head a playful swipe and Clive tickled him.

“Yes, we know. Just behave and we’ll take you along today! We just had a private moment with our Ant. A bit jealous, are you?” Pierre said and ruffled André’s hair. “Come here you delinquent!”

“Leave me alo … hmmmm! Hmmmm!” André started to say but Pierre’s mouth was on André’s lips and gave him a kiss of note. “Ag nee man! Sies … (Oh no man! Sis …)! hmmmm!” Pierre kissed him again.

“Admit it! You love me! Come on! Admit it!” Pierre said with André’s head in a clamp.

“Neve … hmmmmpf!” André got in before the next kiss.

“Who is the boss! Who has the biggest cock! Do you love me?” Pierre was relentless.

“Oh fuck! I’m calling my Da … hmmmmmpfff!” Next kiss.

“Easy or hard way? Answer me!”

“Oh fuck! Yes, I love you … hmmmmpff!” Next kiss.

“That’s better! Now, who is the boss? Whose cock is the biggest?”

“You, you rubbish, you … hmmmpff!” Next kiss.

“Nicely, now again.”

“Fuck! I hate you for this! Yes, I love you! And you’re bigger than me! And your cock is the biggest … hmmmpfff” Next kiss.

“Now, was that so difficult? And remember it! And for the record, I love you too you … rubbish! If not for Ant, I’d transformed you into a bottom …” Pierre said.

“Never! Oh fuck! Never! Your cock is too big! In your dreams, horse-cock man!”

“But, you love me, don’t you? Think careful before you answer,” Pierre said palming André’s bulge.

“No! You wouldn’t! That’s the Le Roux’s prime source of baby batter for posterity! The family jewels! No Pierre!”

“’Useless’ baby batter if memory serves me right. So then? Do you love me?”

“Oh fuck! Yes, donner! Yes! Just let me go! Come baby brother! You need to get out of here! These horse cock men will corrupt you beyond salvation. Come! Hmmmmpfff! What’s your problem you rubbish?” André complained as Pierre kissed him again, this time giving his bulge a light squeeze.

“Just making sure! And, to put your mind at ease, I love you too. I have no idea why, because … well, you’re impossible! Nothing like your brother … perhaps when we start with the baby batter transfusions, some of our good traits would find their way into your genes? How about it? Clive, shall we give him the fuck of his lifetime tonight and squirt some USEFUL baby batter into him?”

“Baby bro, I’m going now! Are you coming? I’m not staying another second. This bliksem already forced me to say ‘I love you’ and that’s enough humiliation for one day! Are you coming?”

Pierre and Clive cracked up laughing and hugged me one last time.

“Come, let’s get our jackets and scarves. There are a few shops we need to see. Come. Ant, do I need to ask you the same question? Do you love us? Hmmm?” Clive put in.

“Clive, I told you: you and Pierre are my darling men! Luigi will always remain numero uno, but you two and Giovanni are darling men! Come, let me get dressed and let’s go!” I said.

“Yes, perhaps we should go. Come Ant, let me help you and get your big package in your pants … André! Let go of your brother! I’m calling your Dad now!” Clive said and pushed André’s hand out of the way.

There was a lot of tickling, groping, horsing around … we got along like a house on fire. We loved each other and enjoyed everything about each other, even André’s antics and comments.

“Let me excuse myself from this house of ill repute. I’m an upstanding member of the community, I am! Are you coming baby bro? Sheez! When one throws one’s pearls in front of the swines … yowl! Stop that Pierre! Horse-cock man! Ugly man! Baby bro, call your doggs off! Let’s go!” André ranted on as he gave Pierre’s head a flick and ran out the bathroom.


At reception we looked for John and at first we didn’t see him. Just as I was taking my iPhone out to text him, he came out from the back office and when he saw us, he beamed. He came straight towards us, but when he saw André and me, he stopped dead in his tracks.

“No guys! You’re not playing fair! Who is who now?”

“Let’s see what you’ve learned. If you choose correctly, you get to kiss ‘our boy’. Come John! There has to be something about them that stands out! Take a guess!” Pierre was relentless! Poor John. But I played along and kept quiet. André stood there as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He even put his arm around my shoulders and looked at John.

“Wait! It’s André who put his arm around Antonio’s shoulder! Right? Right?”

“You’re right! Now come here you white Pommie with the big … erm …!” Pierre said and put out his arm to pull John into an embrace.

“Not here sir! Come with me!” John said and sidestepped Pierre’s outstretched arm. He took us to the small reception room where we had the photoshoot with Santiago.

We filed into the room and then poor John was at a loss again: he didn’t know who was who. Poor man! I helped him out by closing the door and taking him in my arms. I kissed the Pommie and felt his huge cock on his hip growing.

“Ant, you’ll drive me mad! How will I be able to work with this big bulge on my hip? Ahh! Thanks guys! You’ve been the best guests ever! And not because I was able to  … plug … Ant here! I thoroughly enjoyed being your bellhop and assistant. You’re fantastic guests and very attractive men! Thanks and godd speed!”

“John, you were the perfect host and yes, you got spoilt with our boy bottoming for you, but he enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching you being such a stud! You have one incredible cock and I’m sure Ant would love to experience it again. Now, any word from the hotels in Cape Town?” Clive said.

“No, just that they’ve received my résumé and will be in touch. But I have a good feeling about this. I’m sure I’d be in Cape Town soon. I’m not even close as attractive as you guys, but I hope my cock will make up for that?” John said and palmed his enormous bulge.

“John, don’t worry about that! You’re attractive enough. We’ll just allow you 5 minutes out in the sun in the beginning so you could acquire some colour! In the meantime, Ant will enjoy the huge gift of your cock! Not so boys?” Pierre said and gave John’s head a playful swipe.

Juan cleared his throat and said: “John, thanks for everything. You went well beyond the call of duty and the fun you had with Anton was one way of letting you know we like you and that when you’re in Cape Town, you’d always have a home away from home. Keep in touch and let us know what happens. Come on guys, say your good-byes and let’s get going. Good-bye John!” Juan said and kissed the Pommie and gave him a hug. I was sure the Pommie wasn’t used to this kind of treatment from guests.

Everybody hugged and kissed John until only André and I were left.

“Take a guess …?” André put in, but I stepped towards and took the white Pommie in my arms.

“Thanks for everything John. You’re not just a big cock and a good fuck, but you’re a kind man with a special quality to deal with people. The hotel in the Cape that takes you will gain a very nice guy. Welcome in the meantime and as Juan has said, you’ll always have a home. Take care,” I said and gave the man a warm kiss. I felt his enormous cock pushing against my right side. “That unlicensed gun you’re carrying around could kill people! But I’m glad I’ve experienced it! You’re an ace my man! Thanks!” I said and hugged him one more time.

“Ant, you have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed it. Not just the … fucking … but meeting you, spoiling you, enjoying your kindness. You have no idea how horrible some guests can be … you’re angels in comparison! Thanks for the reassurance and invitation. As soon as I hear something, I’ll text you. You’re off to Germany and then Italy? Right? Well, if all goes according to plan, soon I’d call you from the airport to come pick me up! Good-bye you sexy man!” John said and kissed me again.

“Hey, hey! Remember there are two IDENTICAL men here! He’s NOT more attractive than me, I’ll have you know! Come here Pommie! Thanks man and all the best. We’ll see you in Cape Town. Hmmmm! I can’t wait to see you plug my baby bro again … sheez man! You have one hell of a cock for such a skinny guy! Bye now!”


The Underground was back in service to a certain extent. We took a brisk walk down to Knightsbridge and saw the hordes that have descended on Harrods.

“We’re not going in there, not even on a day like today. The stuff here is just too expensive. Come, things are far cheaper in Soho. I hope your Oyster cards are still good to go? Let’s just have a quick check at one of the counters,” Clive said as we descended down the steps to the station.

Giovanni was on his iPhone typing a text. When he saw I was watching him, he said “Kamran” and I understood. We were so close to his shop. “If we’re not too late I want us to pop in there quickly if it’s OK with you guys?”

“Of course! I’m sure he’d be happy to see us. Talking about texts. Let me send one to Alessandro and finalise our visit later on,” I said and took my iPhone out to send Alessandro a text.

“All set for this afternoon at 3 o’clock? We’re hungry for those biggies!”

Giovanni’s iPhone binged when Kamran let him know he’d keep the shop open for us. He’d be alone and he’ll get some refreshments for us.

Ahh … Kamran. My godd! What a prince of a man, albeit a shorter guy. But, there was nothing wrong with his big thick uncut cock. I thought fondly of the man. At 29cm he was in the class of the two Italians, Johann and Gunther. Kamran’s cock had a slightly darker colour; it was very thick, was very veiny and had a huge head. Of course it was uncut, had a long skin and … ahh …! He was capable of many, multiple HUGE cumloads.

Kamran was a super sexy older gentleman with straight pitch-black hair, he had a very hairy body covered in satin-like black hair, and he had the most beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes. His hands and feet were incredibly big, soft and beautiful.

But he was Persian, he lived in London and was married. Damn! There was no way he could relocate to South Africa!

Allesandro answered quickly too and said: “Of course! We can’t wait! Just let us know when you’re boarding the Underground and we’ll meet you at the Wimbledon station. We can’t wait. Sven is horned up and Jean-Pierre is mad with curiosity. We’re going to fuck you good! See you around 3 o’clock!”

“Yes, 3 o’clock sounds right. We’ll let you know when we’re at Putney Bridge,” I texted back.

We reached the ticket counter and lined up to have the credit available on our Oyster cards verified. We were all in the clear with at least £23 each. If push came to shove, we could top them up.

We waited for the northern-bound train and got on the full train. Sheez! Where were all these people going? We got only standing space. I got stuck between the two Italians. Giovanni was as smug as a bug standing right behind me, his bulge pushing against my tender hole. To think it was on this same train I saw him on Sunday and just look at us 7 days later. My word! But Giovanni has proven again and again he was no riff-raff. He was extremely handsome and a loving man. I did love him too. What’s not to like?

The train continued on the Piccadilly line to Hyde Park, then on to Green Park where we got off to take the Victoria line to Oxford Circus. Clive said we’d tackle the shops from the north-western corner.

When we reached Oxford Circus, we got off the train, donned our scarves and headed up the stairs.


The shops were busy and there was an assortment of items on sale. Some stuff really was cheap, but we deliberately refrained from buying just because the stuff was on sale. However, I did get Mom a few kitchen items like a knife with a ceramic blade that was sold at half the price. I consulted with Clive and Giovanni and both agreed the price was good.

Both André and I found jerseys to die for! We decided to buy identical ones. We loved each other so much that we wánted to wear identical clothes. The sales lady couldn’t keep her eyes off us and gave us excellent service, even though the shop was busy. The jerseys had about 12 different colours in stripes. They’d look stupendously nice with denims.

We walked down Regent Street and saw there was a huge crowd at the Apple Store. We just popped in as Apple usually isn’t in the business of sales. Yes, here and there, there was a special offer on older devices and accessories but we didn’t need anything.

Clive and Pierre bought each other matching shirts! My godd! The love was really taking off! The shirts were black with silver stripes. I felt a bit jealous, as I’d have loved a shirt like that too, but settled for a shirt in midnight blue and very thin white stripes. André liked it on the spot and wanted one too, but they didn’t have a second shirt in our size. We looked around and found pure black shirts made from material with different textures woven into the fabric. It looked beautiful and at only £9 each, it was a steal.

“How about one for Dad too?” André asked and I agreed on the spot. We took another one, one size bigger and added it to our shopping. The Three le Roux Musketeers would step out in style!

We looked around and found some beautiful ladies’ scarves or ‘pashminas’ as the lady called them. We bought Mom two for £9 in tones of dark purple and another one in tones of yellow, beige and white.

The others bought shirts as well. Giovanni bought some Christmas gifts for his parents and a shirt for himself. Gunther got his Dad a beautiful pen and for his Mom a pashmina as well.

Soon most of the guys bought their moms pashminas and shirts for their dads. Easy peasy.

We walked around a bit more and saw the most amazing toys and electronic stuff at a fraction of the original prices, but we deliberately didn’t buy any more stuff.

By half past 12, André had a bad bout of ‘ants in the pants’.

“Listen here boys and other foreign matter … Ouch Gio! Hey! Know your place! I was kind to you! Sheez! Baby bro, your ass is off-limits to this man for tonight! Ouch! Why are you so heartless to me? But, before I am assaulted in the extreme, I wanted to say I’m dying for coffee and a sandwich. Clive?”

“Am I also classified as ‘foreign matter’, you delinquent? Hmm? If so, you’re sent back to the hotel and the classy ones amongst us will sit down for some coffee … Ouch! Did you guys see that? I was assaulted in broad daylight! I’m calling my Dad!” Clive said and grabbed André. Within seconds he was kissing my brother in broad daylight in Soho. André tried his best to fight the bigger tall man off but in the end he just succumbed to the tall strong man and kissed him back.

“Hmmmm! Ahhh! Oh dear godd! Juan, you’ll have to take lessons from this ugly man! He knows how to kiss! Phew!” André said and kissed Clive again. “Just don’t get any ideas! You hear? You’re a fucking good kisser but I have my man! Juan?”

[“” = impossible to translate, but the closest would be something like ‘OK’ but it’s not the same in the least]

We cracked up laughing. We wiped the tears from our eyes until Giovanni pointed out a Starbucks.

“Some Starbucks everybody? And some of their sandwiches or Paninis? Come!”

Everybody was in agreement. Starbucks was a winner every time.

It was still cold but our scarves and Hugo Boss jackets kept us warm. We bundled into Starbucks but it was packed! Fuck!

We milled around a bit and took a look at the sandwiches and Paninis, and the huge variety of coffees. Just then two tables next to each other became vacant and Clive and Giovanni were quick to claim them for us.

Clive and Giovanni knew what they wanted and André and I got their orders from them to get it on their behalf.

We queued at the counter and a sexy man named Andrea helped us. Wow! He was tall, dark and handsome. Italian? No, he was too tall to be Italian. Really?

We ordered a variety of coffees, some sandwiches and Paninis. Andrea wrote our names on our coffee cups and passed them on to the barrister. He gave our sandwich order to a girl who passed it to the kitchen.

I noticed the large number of customers standing at the counter to collect their coffee and eats. There were four waitrons other than Andrea, so we had a minute to chat to the man.

“Andrea, my name is Anton, or as my lovers like to call me, Antonio. Are you Italian?” I asked the tall man.

“Ahh! Pleased to meet you! Antonio!” He shook my hand and I was very pleased to notice his hands were very hairy and were big. Wow!

“Wow! Huge hands Andrea!” I said and squeezed the big hand in mine.

“Your hands are big too! Yes, I’m from Palermo, Sicily. My grandfather was Spanish and my Mom’s family was from Albania ... Thanks Paula … Your food will be ready in 5 minutes. Where are you from? Are you Italian too?”

Io sono dal Sud Africa e tu sei un uomo molto attraente (I am from South Africa and you're a very attractive man)! Really!” I said and looked at the thick eyebrows, the very dark eyes behind the incredibly long eyelashes. He had a pitch-black stubble and the most beautiful teeth, and a very kissable mouth! Another time, another place, and this man would be fucking me!

“Ahh, si parla italiano! Sono impressionato (Ahh, you speak Italian! I’m impressed)! Wow! You said your ‘lovers’ call you Antonio – lovers as in plural?” Andrea said.

“Yes, quite a few lovers!” I said and saw Andrea’s facial expression changing to utter disbelief, looking at the guys standing next to me and behind me.

Then we reverted to Italian. We were the only ones in the establishment who spoke the language.

 “Sì, l'uomo italiano! Io sono il suo futuro marito e di tutti gli altri qui con noi sono le sue amanti troppo (Yes, Italian man! I'm his future husband and all the others here with us are his lovers too)!” Luigi put in. Andrea’s eyes were big and his mouth opened.

Sono prossimo in linea e se non si dispone di un grosso cazzo, non sei invitata (I'm next in line and unless you have a big cock, you're not invited)!” Giovanni said and put an arm around my shoulders.

By now Andrea’s eyes were very big and his mouth opened and closed in astonishment.

Siete tutti italiani? Ho un grosso cazzo. Che cosa sarò invitato a (You're all Italian? I do have a big cock. What will I be invited to)?” He licked his lips and looked from me to Luigi to Giovanni. He couldn’t believe his eyes and ears.

Se si dispone di un grosso cazzo e sono interessati a una notte di sesso selvaggio, sei invitato a Berkeley stasera alle ore 9. Interessato? (If you have a big cock and are interested in a night of wild sex, you're invited to the Berkley tonight at 9 o'clock. Interested?)” Giovanni added.

Andrea was floored. First, the bunch of attractive men appearing in front of him, then Italian spoken and then an invitation. My godd! My Italian men were the ones roping the men in now!

Non so cosa dire! Ho un grosso cazzo e non avevo mai dire 'no' a qualche buon sesso! Wow (I don't know what to say! I do have a big cock and I'd never say 'no' to some good sex! Wow)!” Andrea said.

Quanto è grande? Il tuo cazzo (How big is it? Your cock)?” I put in.

Non ho mai conosciuto mio grande cazzo sarebbe mai mi ha invitato a una festa di sesso! Wow! E '... ehm ... è 29 centimetri ... abbastanza grande (I never knew my big cock would ever get me invited to a sex party! Wow! It's ... erm ... it's 29cm ... big enough)?

Più che sufficiente! Interessato a unirsi a noi (More than enough! Interested to join us)?” I said and looked at my namesake with new eyes. My hole twitched. Anotheer Italian in the mix! Plus Rafael! I was going to get fucked good!

Sei un top o un fondo (Are you a top or a bottom)?” Giovanni asked.

Versatile (Versatile)” Andrea said.

Potrai adatta perfettamente! Ci vediamo alle ore 9. Permettetemi di darvi i tuoi dati e il mio numero di cellular (You'll fit in perfectly! We'll see you at 9 o'clock. Let me give you our detials and my mobile number),” Giovanni said and took the slip of paper Andrea gave him. He wrote our detail on the slip of paper and gave it to Andrea.

Avete anche grossi cazzi (Do you also have big cocks)?” Andrea asked.

Sì. Il più piccolo è 24,5 centimetri e il più grande è di 33 centimetri. Stiamo ottenendo un visitatore con 34 centimetri (Yes. The smallest is 24,5 centimetres and the biggest is 33 centimetres. We are getting a visitor with 34 centimetres)”.

Mamma mia! Davvero? Spero di poter scopare con qualcuno e ottenere scopata con uno dei grossi cazzi (Mamma mia! Really? I hope I can fuck someone and get fucked with one of the big cocks)!” Andrea said.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about but the coffee is ready and the food has arrived. Come!” Pierre said as he approached us. “Damn Italians! I’m considering calling Dad!”

“Thanks, we’re coming. Andrea, vedremo stasera (Andrea, will we see you tonight)?” Luigi said.

Sì, ci vediamo alle 9. Grazie per l'invito! Arrivederci! (Yes, I'll see you at 9 o'clock. Thanks for the invitation! Good-bye)!” Andrea said and turned to attend to another client.

“Well, your Italian came to good use today, mio caro! He looks like a nice man! Sicilian, no less! Hopefully he’s not a Mafioso! And he is in our category … erm … in the pants department. You’ll have another 29cm to keep you happy! Come, let’s get our coffee and sandwiches. I’m dying for our eats and coffee,” Luigi said and led the way to our tables.

“Let me guess! The Italian behind the counter is invited to our shenanigans tonight? Baby bro, you’re too much! Really?” André said and clicked his tongue.

“Yes, he is invited and no, it wasn’t mio caro, it was Giovanni and I who invited him. Behave you delinquent! He is versatile and he has a number on your ass! Watch it!”

“What? Baby bro? No! Did you sell me out? No! Ek bel nou vir Pa (I’m calling Dad now)! You bunch of Italians are a bunch of crooks! Mafioso! I’m hurt and disappointed and disgusted! Sheez man! And how big is this man who wants to plug me?” André asked indignant, looking in Andrea’s direction.

“Only 29cm. Nothing to worry …” Giovanni got in.

“What? ‘Only’ 29cm? My ass is off limits to this man! Juan’s 28cm hurts like hell as it is. Die Italianer se moer (The Italian’s ass [it’s considered vulgar, ‘moer’ meaning ‘mother’])!” André said. He looked back at Andrea behind the counter and he noticed Andrea saw that André was looking at him. “Fuck! He winked at me! No, fuck no! What have you done? How will I manage his cock? I’m going to fuck him a new hole if he tries to fuck me! It looks like the spaghetti has changed your brains into mush … Tsk tsk! *Baby bro, do you think …?*”

We cracked up laughing. Andrea doesn’t look like the pushy kind and if André didn’t want to bottom for him, it would’ve been OK.

“What bro? Yes, I think it’s time you started taking on the big ones. And yes, if you just relax you’ll enjoy it. I’ll be next to you and if he hurts you, I’ll get Pierre to fuck him on the spot. OK?” I put in, touching my brother’s arm. He was looking at Andrea and when I looked at his face, he was smiling at the Italian! Jackal! He was interested!

“It’ll be a good one André. Just relax and enjoy! Perhaps Andrea and I could give you your first double-fu …” I managed to get in.

“What? Have you gone bonkers? Is jy nou fokken mal, Anton (Are you fucking mad now, Anton)? Dubbel? Vergeet dit! (Double? Forget that!). Ahhh! He’s smiling at me … oh fuck! I’m going to be fucked by that Italian! Baby bro, you're to blame! You’re a snake … He’s still smiling at me … He is damn sexy!”

“You’re forgetting it was Giovanni and Luigi who chatted him up and invited him. Perhaps you should go talk to him?” I put in and watched André’s face. He was looking at his namesake with new eyes and … he got up and went to the counter, his coffee and sandwich forgotten! When Andrea saw my brother approaching the counter, his face lit up and he smiled at André.

I saw André was saying something to Andrea and Andrea’s eyes darted to me. I saw his mouth form the single word ‘what’ – he didn’t realise he was making eyes at André and not me! Poor thing!

André leaned closer to Andrea and said something. Andrea’s head pulled away and I saw he said ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ to what?

The two spoke to each other for another half minute and then André turned back to us. I noticed his bulge was noticeably bigger … ahhh!

“Come on! Tell us! What did the Italian say?” Pierre said and pulled André down to sit next to him. “Praat (Speak)!”

“Fuck! He thought I was Anton! But he is still interested in fucking me! Guys, how am I going to survive that man? He says it is a thick one … I’m dead meat!” André ranted on, looking back at Andrea.

When Andrea saw both of us looking at him, he waved at us and put two fingers up, waving them back and forth from himself and to us. Wow … wow!

I looked at him again and realised he was a damn sexy man. Not in Giovanni’s league, but very sexy nonetheless – he was salt of the earth attractive and his parents’ genes gave him very good looks. Spanish and Albanian … hmmmm!

My iPhone binged. It was Alessandro. I saw the time at the top of the phone indicated it was 13:55. “We’re revved up out of our skulls for you! Text me when you approach Wimbledon. Can’t wait! Sven sends his regards and Jean-Pierre is already sopping wet! Come!”

“Can we wrap this up? André and I will go back to the hotel and you could go to Hyde Park perhaps? Johann, you said you wanted some more pictures of the Serpentine and the swans. André, finish your coffee so we can get going,” I said and touched Luigi’s arm.

“Yes, we have a commitment and like Dad always says, our word is our honour. Yes, let’s get going. Have you guys finished your sandwiches and coffee?” André asked. “I want to plug Sven! Come on Anton!”

“You’re in a hurry! Wow! Now don’t exert yourselves, and think of your bad back, André! We’re not in the mood for hospitals …” Pierre said and got a smack on his back. “You’re fucking with the wrong guy, mate, or have you forgotten what I’m packing in my pants?”

“Oh puh-lease! Just … shut up! You horse cock man! Come baby bro! Let’s leave this poisonous company of … riff raff …”

“’Riff raff’? We’re going to make you pay for that tonight! Right Clive?” Pierre said and aimed a smack at André’s back. André neatly side-stepped Pierre.

We discussed the plan of action and we decided André and I would go back to the hotel to shower and … well, I wanted to douche properly. The rest decided to go and explore some of the features of Hyde Park and The Serpentine. They'd visit Kamran on their way back to the hotel.

We agreed André and I would be back at around 6 o’clock. Three hours of fucking with the boys sounded ample.

We hugged and kissed the others – one would have thought we were going to Antarctica! I saw Pierre kissing André rather lovingly. All the bantering was just bravado. There was a tight bond between us, especially between the Stellenbosch clan, and Giovanni and Clive were fast getting there.

When we approached the counter, we saw there were only a few customers. Andrea called to us and came out from behind the counter. He led the way out of the establishment and held the door open for us to exit. Hmmm. Chivalry wasn’t dead – at least not amongst the Italians in my life, I thought!

“I’m sorry but I haven’t got a clue who is who, so I’m going to hug and kiss both of you, OK?” Andrea said. He pulled me closer and hugged me. I felt the big bulge even through the apron, and I sighed. “May I kiss you, sì?”

“Yes of course. Who do you think you’re holding in your arms?” I said.

Andrea looked at me, then at André and back at me.

“Not a clue, but I tend to think it’s Antonio?”

“Ten out of ten! For that, you get to fuck me too!” I said and kissed Andrea. He kissed me back … my godd! Soft lips, scratchy stubble, a big beautiful nose, big black eyes, thick eyebrows … the cold December day got brighter!

“Ahhh! You know how to kiss! I hope you’ll be able to handle my … my penis! It’s thick too … oh fuck, I’m sorry for being so blunt!” Andrea said and averted his eyes.

“Not to worry! I’m able to handle big ones. We’ll prepare André well so that his Italian namesake could fuck him!” I said before André landed a punch on my arm. “Ow! Don’t be like that in front of our guest!”

“Come here Ita! We have to go. We’ll see you at 9 o’clock, and if you hurt me, I’ll cut your balls off!” André said and hugged Andrea. “My godd! What’s that in your pants? Baby bro, did you feel that? Fuck, no!”

“Sorry, it got a bit harder since I’ve kissed Antonio … is it too big?”

“Fuck yea-ah! It feels like a beercan! Sheez baby bro! This is a freak! I’m bailing out!”

“Don’t be such a wuss! He’ll be gentle, won’t you Andrea?”

“I’m not an Italian for nothing! Of course I’d be gentle! I make love, not war! You’ll enjoy it and my man milk!” Andrea said and winked at André.

“Hmmm! In that I’m interested! Yes!” André said and looked at the Italian with new interest.

“Come, let’s go. Andrea, è stato un piacere di conoscerti! Ci vediamo alle 9 poi (Andrea, it was a pleasure to meet you! We’ll see you at 9 o’clock then)! Arrivederci (Good-bye)!”

Sì certo! Sarà una buona notte di Sabato (Yes, for sure! It will be a good Saturday night)! Arrivederci!”Andrea said and went back into Starbucks.

“What the hell did you say to each other? Did you sell me out to the Ita?”

“Relax bro. I only said we’ll tie you down so he could fuck you!”

“Baby bro, are you out of your mind? Now that we’re 19 years old, are you turning against your one and only loving brother?”

“I’m just joking! We just confirmed tonight’s date and time. Don’t worry man! You know I’d never sell you out! Fuck, I love you too much! But come on, let’s get to the Underground and get back to the hotel,” I said and kissed my brother. He responded by taking me into his arms and gave me a big fat kiss! My bro had a small heart. It was just the façade he put forward that was a bit mean.


By half past 3 I’ve taken a dump and douched, and we’ve showered. Of course we got a bit frisky and we got hard and we did suck each other, and of course, André pushed his cock into me. After all, he was a jackal! But he didn’t fuck me and just held still. It felt wonderful to feel my brother standing behind me with his cock pushed balls-deep into me, and his arms around my chest. How I loved this sexy man … yes, yes – I know …


We sat close to each other and of course the passengers stared at these two attractive guys who were virtually 100% identical and wore the same clothes. We looked at the onlookers with friendly smiling faces. Most looked away the second they realised we were looking at them.

As we pulled into Putney Bridge, I sent an iMessage to Alessandro to alert him we’d be at Wimbledon soon.

“We’ll be there. See you just now!” Alessandro texted back. My hole twitched. Oh hell’s bells! We were going to have an orgy of note with the 3 guys!

When the train pulled into Wimbledon station, we looked out the window and saw Alessandro, Sven and Jean-Pierre. Hmmm! They looked good with their longer hair and Jean-Pierre looked yummy with his darker skin!

The doors of the train whooshed open and when we stepped onto the platform, Alessandro yelled: “Anton! André! Here!” I smiled as we actually already spotted them when we pulled into the station.

We put our arms up so they could see we’ve seen them and then we stood in front of them. It’s been a year that we’ve met on the beach in South Africa, and here we stood in front of them and Jean-Pierre in London.

Wow! They looked good! Both Alessandro and Sven’s hair was a bit longer but still on the shorter side. Jean-Pierre’s black curly hair visible under his baseball cap was fairly short. He had the most adorable full mouth, a straight nose and big black eyes. His eyelashes were incredibly long and he had thick black eyebrows.

“Oh fuck! I’ve forgotten how identical you are! Who is who! And to top it all, you’re dressed identical too! Who is André and who is Antonio? Parla Antonio! Chi è chi (Speak up Antonio! Who is who)?” Alessandro said, holding us each by an arm, looking at us in turn. He was at a loss for words as we did look totally identical.

“He’s the one ‘speaking-a da Italiano’, not me!” André said and leaned in to kiss Alessandro on the cheek. Alessandro let go of my arm and took André in his arms.

“Only a proper kiss will do! Come here André!” Alessandro hugged André to him and kissed him properly.

Sven stepped closer and took me in his arms and hugged me. “I’m going to fuck you big time!” he said with his mouth next to my ear. Hmmm!

“Bring it on Mr Norway! Is the pistol loaded?” I said and kissed the blonde hunk. I looked into his astonishingly beautiful blue eyes and saw the naughtiness in them. I was sure he didn’t joke about the fucking.

Sven let go of me and Alessandro let go of André, and the other one hugged each one of us.

“You two are even more beautiful than in the pictures and from a year ago. You’ve become real men! Let me look at you!”

“Thanks! You look fine too! I like your hair the way it is now! Very sexy!”

“It’s for the cold. Freezing as you know! E il tuo italiano sta venendo fuori molto bene! Sono impressionato (And your Italian is coming along very fine! I'm impressed)!”

“And I’m sure this is Jean-Pierre? Pleased to meet you. I’m Antonio and this is my brother André. Don’t worry about who is who, as long as you don’t try to *fuck* him!"

“Sorry man! Yes, this is our housemate and bedmate and lover, Jean-Pierre! Isn’t he gorgeous? Our parents can’t wait to meet him! Jean-Pierre, these are our friends from South Africa. You’ve seen their many pictures, also the nude ones, and here they are!” Alessandro said and squeezed Jean-Pierre’s hand. It was obvious he loved the man very much.

“Yes, he is our man about the house! Our pride and joy! We love him very much!” Sven put in. He had his arm around Jean-Pierre’s shoulder and hugged him.

“Pleased to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you and I’ve really enjoyed your pictures! I have to confess, some of your pictures … wow! I’ll show you what they do to me!” Jean-Pierre said and kissed André and me on the cheek. I was sure it was a matter of 10 minutes and he would be kissing us on the mouth! After all, he was going to stick his big dark cock up my butt, for Pete’s sakes!

“Now come! There is some champagne and some light snacks. Did you have something to eat for lunch?” Alessandro asked and led the way out the station.

“Yes, Starbucks sandwiches. Scrumptious!” I said. “But champagne sounds wonderful! Thanks!”


We walked the short distance to the flat and when Jean-Pierre unlocked the door and opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. Their parents looked after them well, or they’re making a bundle on the side. The flat didn’t look like a bachelor’s pad or a student’s dwelling. It was typically European minimalistic – Nordic in particular – but it was very stylish. Everything was in light Nordic wood, and in colours of beige, brown, white and green. It was a nice combination of colours.

The furniture was also very Nordic. Bent wooden chairs in light wood, beige upholstery. The curtains were in beige, white and green and tied back. The windows were covered with light coloured wooden Venetian blinds. There was a dark beige carpet on the floor and the parts not covered by the carpet, were laminated wood.

“Come here! I want to properly hug and kiss you again! My beautiful sexy friends from afar! Jean-Pierre, aren’t they beautiful?” Alessandro said and grabbed André, and kissed him again. Next he grabbed me and kissed me too.

Tall Sven came up to me and pushed against me from behind. “You have no idea what you’ve caused every time we received your pictures! Feel that! I want to fuck you so badly! But, champagne for our guests! Jean-Pierre, please help me?”

Soon the cork popped and the skilled Jean-Pierre poured the champagne in flutes.

“Cheers! On our guests! May this afternoon be memorable!” Sven said and hugged me to him.

“Please, sit! And please tell us about your year at university, the hockey, the modelling, your men, your time here in London … come on! Tell us!” Alessandro said as he pulled Jean-Pierre closer. It was clear they really loved this man of mixed origin. I wondered about his ‘assets’, which was supposedly smaller than ours. However, together with Alessandro and Sven, they were going to make themselves felt!


We told them about our year, what happened with our studies, how we got involved with Juan, our hockey and the upcoming tour to Europe in the April holidays. We told them about the birthday bash and our Toyota Yaris hybrid cars, our modelling careers, the new contract for the two of us, and the men in our lives, and what happened in London. Well, not everything but they got the picture.

They told us about meeting Jean-Pierre and Alessandro hugged the tall man to him when he spoke of him. Jean-Pierre kissed him on the cheek. They declared their love for each other and told us how happy they were, and what joy Jean-Pierre brought to their lives – not just sexually, but in every respect. He was a very good cook, he was meticulous in keeping everything clean and the flat was so neat because of him forcing the other two to drop their teenage attitude of just plonking things down and leaving stuff lying around.

“Yes, he is a sergeant-major and keeps us on our toes, but we still love him very much. Not so Sven darling?”

“Oh yes! He is our darling and the fucking he gives me is on a different level, even though Alessandro’s cock is bigger. And the two of them together … mama mia! The first time I almost died! And the man shoots a much bigger load than Alessandro or me! When we started looking for a bigger place, he was the one who found this through a classmate and most of the interior decoration is his baby. He is a very stylish man, as you can see! Have a good look at his stylish clothes – they’re going to come off very soon!” Sven gushed and bragged with Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre just smiled shyly and put his head on top of Alessandro’s. “Thanks Sven! I love you guys very much and living with you has changed my life forever!”

“We bought the flat with money from the parents. Each one contributed roughly a third, so each one owns about a third of the place. We intend staying for much longer as our intended studies, so it made sense to buy a place. More champagne? Sven, please give the boys more?” Alessandro said.

We accepted but both of us wanted only half a glass. The stuff was potent!

“I’m so impressed with your Italian, Antonio! It’s really good, and your pronunciation is perfect! I’m not sure who is going to fuck you first, but I want to be last to end the fucking with a real Italian cock! OK?” Alessandro said. He put his hand on Jean-Pierre’s crotch and squeezed gently. Jean-Pierre groaned and kissed Alessandro.

Sven got up and knelt down on the floor between André and me and put his hands on our crotches. He squeezed gently and leaned in to kiss me. His tongue was big and very talented. I opened my mouth and sucked on the nice tongue that tasted like champagne. My cock stirred in my pants.


Soon we moved to the bedroom and started to undress each other. I was very interested to see what Jean-Pierre’s cock looked like. When his pants came off – he went commando – I was pleasantly surprised to see it was bigger than I imagined and the thin foreskin over the lighter cockhead was sexy.

I put my hand on the shaft bent to his left and when I pushed the skin back, he groaned in my mouth. Behind me, Sven had his cock in my crack and was leaking lots of precum on my hole.

Alessandro had André’s cock in his mouth and André was growling like a puppy: Alessandro was an ace cocksucker, not that I could remember much of what happened a year ago. I remembered it was memorable, but obviously Alessandro has learnt a thing or two since then!

I squeezed Jean-Pierre’s cock and saw the huge amount of precum running from it. I leaned down and took the big head in my mouth. I pushed the skin back and marvelled at the taste of his precum, and the volume leaking from his piss-slit. I pushed the tip of my tongue into the opening … ahhh! I loved the experience.

He pushed forwards and the big cockhead pushed deeper into my mouth. I relaxed my throat muscles and the tip of his head slipped in. Hmmm! It stretched my throat and he pushed in deeper. Ahhh! The dark cock slid into me … until I felt his big balls on my chin. Ahhhh!

Jean-Pierre pulled his cock from my throat and out of my mouth. My mouth closed but he pushed the head on my lips and it slipped back in, advancing into my mouth until the head pushed into my throat again.

He pulled out a bit and pierced my throat again. Oh fuck! This man gives new meaning to fucking a mouth!

The precum leaking into my mouth tasted like the nectar of the gods! I savoured the taste and folded my tongue and lips around the shaft. It was fast becoming an experience to remember.

Jean-Pierre pulled his cock from my mouth and milked it to produce a big load of precum that just bubbled out of the piss-slit.

“Are we going to fuck with condoms or bareback? Because, if we were not going to use condoms, I want my precum on Antonio’s hole, OK Sven darling?” Jean-Pierre said.

“I hope bareback … boys? OK with that? We’re not sleeping around and we’re clean. You also clean and OK with that?” Alessandro asked.

“Clean as a whistle and yes, we prefer bareback. Baby bro is mad about the cum in him. I’m not the expert here, but he wants the gooey stuff in him! He is my ‘slow’ brother, so forgive him!” André put in and I managed to give him a slap on his bare buttocks. “Ow! That hurt, baby bro! That hurt!”

“Then behave!” I said and kissed Jean-Pierre again. It was clear this was one of the reasons the other two loved this man: he was a good kisser and his big cock in my hand felt really good. Yes, it was shorter than our cocks, but it was thick and the veiny shaft felt sexy. And the chocolate colour of the cock with its pink head sticking out the foreskin was divine! I loved it!

The kissing of this tall dark man was on the level of my other men. It was nice, sexy and sensual. Just enough tongue and spit and his soft full lips felt fantastic on mine. I opened my eyes and looked into his eyes! They were open too.

“You’re not supposed to open your eyes when you’re kissing a hung hunk! That’s bad luck!” Jean-Pierre said and rubbed his nose on mine.

“Oh, that’s not true! But I wanted to see your eyes and yours were open too!”

Behind me Sven’s 22cm cock was starting to pierce my hole. “Some of your precum please Jean-Pierre darling?” he said and pulled his cock away from my crack. Jean-Pierre milked his cock and leaned over me to get it on my hole. He rubbed the copious amount of precum on my hole and pushed his middle finger into me. Ahhh! He added his index finger and pushed in deeper.

Sven leaned forward and put his cock on my hole with Jean-Pierre’s fingers in me … and started to push in! Oh godd! I groaned and relaxed my hole to accommodate Sven’s cock in me. Wow! With the two big fingers in me, it was a tight fit. Sven’s cockhead slipped in and he held still. I twitched my hole and clenched around the invasion. When my hole relaxed, Sven pushed in deeper and Jean-Pierre pushed his ring finger into me as well! Really? Oh fuck! I was prepared properly for a double fuck!

Sven’s cock slid over my prostate and I groaned. He held still and made his cock twitch … the jackal might have been versatile, but he was most definitely clued up about the sensation of stimulating one’s prostate! I felt how the precum flowed from my cock …!

Jean-Pierre moved his fingers in me and then pulled out … it felt like there was a void in me!

“Please push your cock into me too Jean-Pierre! Ahhh! Just push it in too!”

Jean-Pierre lied down on his back and pushed his legs between my legs and Sven’s legs behind me. I took his 23cm cock in my hand. It was sopping wet and curved to his left. I loved the feel of the cock in my hand.

I manoeuvred my body over Jean-Pierre’s body and he slid down lower so his cock was getting closer to my hole, already occupied by Sven’s cock. I aimed the cock at my hole and lowered my body over it … I felt the big wet head pushing against my hole and against Sven’s cock. It was at an impossible angle.

Jean-Pierre took his cock from my hand and held it in position on my hole. I felt it was in the right place and pushed down … the head of the big cock slipped in and I groaned. It wasn’t the biggest invasion I’ve had, but it was substantial and Jean-Pierre’s cockhead was big! He bucked and the cockhead slipped in a few more centimetres. I groaned and lowered my head to his face. My godd! I knew I was going to be fucked royally and these two were most definitely not beginners!

The two cocks in me stretched my hole and filled me. It felt good! The cocks were not the biggest ones I’ve experienced: I’ve had Pierre and Clive in me with much bigger cocks, and I survived. The smaller – but not ‘small’ by a long shot! – made me feel very good.

André and Alessandro joined us and they sat on either side of Jean-Pierre. I put my hand out and felt the two big hard and wet cocks. André’s cock was slightly longer than Alessandro’s but the latter’s cock was thicker and the head was bigger.

I turned my head to Alessandro and got one of the most sensual and loving kisses ever. It reminded me of Luigi, Pierre, Clive and Giovanni – it was super. His soft lips caressed my mouth, his tongue rubbed over my lips and when I opened my mouth, the tip of his tongue pushed into my mouth.

I felt the two cocks in me and gasped. The invasion in my hole was vast and Jean-Pierre was pushing through my inner sphincter. I was filled good!

Alessandro put his hand behind my head and kissed me with such tenderness, one would’ve sworn I was his live-in lover. I was sure the fact that Jean-Pierre lived with them had something to do with it. I wasn’t complaining: the kiss was phenomenal.

When I took Alessandro’s cock in my hand, it was sopping wet and rock-hard of course. He groaned into my mouth and kissed me with new vigour. I’ve touched the right ‘button’, so to speak!

“I want in … please … Antonio? Please? I want in …” Alessandro said and touched my face.

“Now? You want in … now?”

“Yes, please! We’ve been fantasizing about it for months! Please? Say yes please? If I hurt you, I’ll stop. Promise. Please?”

“Fuck! Your cock is big and hard and thick and … oh fuck! I don’t know …” I said but then I thought about Luigi, Pierre and Giovanni triple-fucking me. If they did it properly, I’d be able to manage … I thought.

“OK Alessandro, but please take it slow. Just the head in and then out – a couple of times … oh fuck! Yes, do it!”

I lowered my body down over Jean-Pierre’s smooth body. He took me in his arms and kissed me. “It’s going to be OK. Just relax and let him in! You’d be making a dream come true! Thanks! Hmmm! Your body hair feels so good against me. You’re a damn sexy man!”

Sven reclined backwards leaving my hole open for yet another cock … slut! But fuck, it was going to be nice! I just knew it!

Alessandro milked his cock to get some more precum. André realised his help was required and he leaned forward to add his precum to my hole.

André retrieved his iPhone from his pants and started to take pictures. This was going to be a memorable event. We needed pictures!

Alessandro moved over Sven’s body and sat down on his lower body, aiming his cockhead at my hole. It was going to be a tight fit! I felt Alessandro’s cock on my hole and felt the tip rubbing up and down on my hole, lubing me up. André leaned forward and added some more precum on Alessandro’s cockhead.

“Here it comes. Just relax, OK?” Alessandro said and put his cock on my hole between Sven and Jean-Pierre’s cocks in me. Oh my godd!

André’s iPhone clicked away … oh fuck! This was going to be some wonderful jacking off material!

The tip of the head pierced my hole … I gasped. It was bigger than I thought it would be. Alessandro pulled out and rubbed my back. He pushed in again, this time a bit deeper. He pulled out again and pushed in again. He held still and inadvertently his cock twitched.

“Ow! Oh fuck! That’s big! Slowly Alessandro!” I said and pushed out to welcome the third invasion into me. Alessandro was a seasoned fucker and knew he had to stretch me to accommodate his cock. He pulled out again and pushed in again. He held still, I clenched around the three cock shafts in me and Alessandro pushed deeper again.

I held my breath and waited for the imminent pleasure to wash over me … but it still hurt like hell! The three cocks in me were bigger than expected and all three were rock-hard.

Alessandro held still and waited for me to get used to the third invasion. I clenched again and relaxed … and the bliss started to wash over me. It felt fantastic and I groaned. I kissed Jean-Pierre and pinched his nipples.

Behind me Alessandro was pushing in deeper and soon he was balls-deep in me. His cock twitched and I clenched my hole over the three cocks. Fuck! It was wonderful! This was fast becoming a fucking of note, a fucking to remember.

André took some more pictures of the three cocks in me. Then he positioned himself over Jean-Pierre’s head and held his cock for me to suck. My brother’s cock was sopping wet and it was hard as a rock. The big head felt good in my mouth and the precum tasted divine. I loved sucking my brother.

Behind me Alessandro was the one doing the fucking. The other two moved lightly but it was Alessandro’s movement that was rubbing the other two cocks in me, and making them groan with pleasure.

My own orgasm started to develop in my groin, in my tummy, in my whole body. The three cocks in me made me feel so damn good! I loved the feeling of them in me. There was a little discomfort – there were three cocks in me – but my hole was relaxed and the fucking was very pleasurable.

“I’m about to shoot my load baby bro! Want to have my baby batter in your mouth?” André said. I could feel he was also approaching orgasm. I was a good sucker and with all the shenanigans going on, both of us were charged.

“Boys, how are you doing? I’m about to shoot my load. Ahhh! This is wonderful and Antonio has made our dream come true! Ahhh! Oh fuck!” Alessandro said as he was fucking me skilfully.

“Me too … this is intense and wonderful! How about you Jean-Pierre darling?” Sven said.

“I’m on the verge of cumming … oh hell! Oh damn! Yes! Are we going to cum now? I wanted it to last longer!” Jean-Pierre said and groaned.

“OK, let me slow down a bit. OK with you Antonio? Could you and André hold back a bit? Can we postpone the imminent end? Please?” Alessandro asked. He pushed his cock deep into me and held still. He had his hands on my back and caressed me. His big hands – they were big for a short guy – felt wonderful and sensual.

“OK but then we have to relax and do nothing for a minute, OK?” I said and willed my orgasm away. It wasn’t going to be easy. I was filled to capacity and the three cocks twitched occasionally.

“I don’t know if I can … oh fuck! I’m going to cum baby bro! Oh fuck! Yess! Here it comes!” André said and I quickly took his cock back into my mouth. The big head slipped deep into my mouth and then the cumload exploded into my mouth. Fuck! It was a big load and it tasted fantastic. My brother! Apart from loving him to bits, sex with him was always wonderful. And his cum tasted great. He groaned and his cock twitched in my mouth.

That spurred the other three on and without warning Alessandro started fucking me again and within seconds he announced his orgasm. The other two groaned too and I felt their cocks getting harder and swell. They were going to cum!

My own orgasm was imminent. I pulled off André’s cock and said bluntly: “In your mouth bro! Now!” André dropped to his knees over Jean-Pierre’s face and took my hard leaking cock in his mouth.

We came within seconds of each other: first Alessandro, then Jean-Pierre and me and then Sven. Their cocks twitched in me and pumped their big loads into me. I could feel their loads were big as the cocks were twitching a lot and they were groaning while their breaths were laboured.

I felt my own orgasm boiling over and then the cum shot into André’s mouth. My godd! It was as if I haven’t cum in days! As my cum spewed from my cock, André swallowed hungrily and had his one hand on my back, touching the three cocks in my hole.

“Oh dear lord! This was out of this world! Wow!” I said and pushed André’s mouth off my cock.

“You can say that again! Wow! You’ve really made our long-standing dream come true! Since Jean-Pierre became a part of our lives, we’ve been wanting to do this, but nobody we’ve met – not that many – was prepared to let us do it. Now you’ve come all the way from South Africa and realised our dream! Thanks Antonio!” Alessandro said.

Sven lifted his body up and he hugged Alessandro from behind.

“What do you say my Italian wonder man? Let’s abduct this kid and make him stay with us! His brother could wash the dishes and sweep the floors! Antonio, we want you to stay! We’ll look after you …” Sven put in but was cut short by André’s response.

“Are you hopping mad? My brother has a lover and me and I'm not washing dishes and I don’t sweep floors!”

“Haha! Just joking my man! But fuck! I’d want this to happen again but where? With whom?” Sven said.

“Yes, this was a dream come true and I also wish he could’ve stayed with us … Oh damn!” Alessandro said.

“It is a first for me and my cock feels great with your cocks in Antonio. Man, you're a boy wonder!” Jean-Pierre said and his cock twitched again.

“Can me stay like this for a little longer please?” Alessandro asked.

“Yes, but we have to get going sometime soon. I’m glad you’ve had a good experience. It was a wonderful experience for me too. Thanks!” I said.

Jean-Pierre pulled me down on him and Alessandro rested his body on my back. I felt his weight increase as Sven leaned forward too.

Their cocks were in the glorious rubbery state. I could feel they have pumped big loads of cum into me and I was bathed in a wonderful after-glow. It was unexpected but it was a wonderful experience. I loved it.

“Alessandro, are you going to fuck my brother again? No, no, no! Enough is enough! Come on guys! Give him a break! Could we have some Coke or something? Pull out, you guys!” André said and stood up.

I felt movement and felt Alessandro pulling his cock out. The big load in me felt … BIG! As soon as Alessandro moved away, Sven pulled out as well. A small amount of the cum slopped out.

“A favour please? May I please fuck you another round and cum? It won’t be long. Please?” Jean-Pierre pleaded. I felt his cock was almost completely hard again.

“What? You’re going to rip my baby bro apart! Fuck! Baby bro, I wish you could see this! His big brown cock in you does look spectacular!” André said and retrieved his iPhone to take more pictures. “The caramel cock in you looks so good! Yes, fuck him but don’t hurt him! I’ll fuck you up if you do! Fuck him and cum! OK?”

“Thank you guys! You're just as nice as Alessandro and Sven said. Ahhh! OK, I'm going to cum soon. Last night I wanted to fuck Sven for a second round and he didn’t want me to …”

“I’ve heard that! You’re a sex pervert and once per night is enough! Just look at you again! Poor Antonio!” Sven said from the kitchen where he and Alessandro were busy pouring some Coke for us.

“Never mind him! Sven is still scared of my brown cock! And he is the only one here to get fucked when you’re not here. I love feeling my cock inside you, in the cum we’ve pumped into you! Ahhh!” Jean-Pierre said and started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. He was charged big time! Poor man! He’d fit in perfectly with our group! “I still love them very much but sometimes their low sex-drive …”

“We do not have a low sex-drive! It’s your sex-drive that is over the top! Do you believe him Alessandro? We’re going to leave you here when we visit Norway and Italy! You sex pervert!” Sven said as he came back into the bedroom with the Coke.

“You’ll miss me too much! I know you love me …”

“Yes, and you know too much! Fuck our guest and get it over with! Antonio, are you OK with this?” Sven said and leaned down to kiss me.

“Yes, it’s OK. He was in me already, so it’s OK. Fuck me Jean-Pierre!” I said.


When Jean-Pierre shot his load again, he was growling like a cat. He thoroughly enjoyed this little extra. What did it cost me to be nice to him? Nothing, plus I got some more cum in me! His cock spasmed as he came and Alessandro cheered on his man.

“Now, you’ve had your little extra! Let go of our boy and let’s enjoy some Coke. Come on, Jean-Pierre! Come on my man!” Alessandro said and leaned down to kiss his man and then me.

I was amazed at the tenderness and warmth of this short Italian stallion. He was as nice as my Italian men, but he was much shorter than my guys. In the pants, he wasn’t small, but at 24cm, it was at least 5cm shorter than Luigi and Giovanni. He made up for that in being a nice, decent and sweet guy, and someone who knew how to kiss and make a man feel appreciated.

“It was nothing, really. I’m glad Jean-Pierre could have a little extra. But let’s get that big caramel fuck-stick out of me. I’m filled with lots of cum now. OK Jean-Pierre? Next time they’re coming to South Africa, you can have some more of this ass! OK?” I said and kissed Jean-Pierre.

He pulled me down on top of him and kissed me again. His cock in me twitched … no, not again! His hands were all over my face, my neck, my back, my arms. His soft mouth tasted so good and felt so good on mine. My godd! This man was a darling!

“Ahem! Now, get out of my baby bro! You’ve had much more than any of us! I didn’t even get to fuck him! Now you’ve fucked him twice! Come on! Out! Now! Come! Chop chop!” Mom reincarnated!


After the fucking, we lounged around on the bed, touching each other, kissing each other, groping the soft rubbery cocks on our tummies. The afterglow was wonderful and the three Londoners demonstrated just how special they were.

“So then, when are you going to Norway and Italy? And when is it our turn?” André asked. My, my! My brother wanted them to visit us! I wonder what he’d do if Jean-Pierre wanted to fuck him … I was sure André would say ‘yes’!

“We’re planning going in June, July when it’s summer. Norway is always cold but in summer it’s bearable. Italy is fucking hot, but my parents live in Sorrento that is cooler next to the sea. I don’t know about Jean-Pierre. He has a huge project he has to finalise before June and he doesn’t know if he’d be able to pull it off. My curly boy, we would not like to go without you! You’ve become such an important part of our lives … you do know we love you very much …?” Alessandro said and touched Jean-Pierre’s chest.

“My parents will throw a fit if he doesn’t come with us! You just have to finish your project and come with us! Think of all the fun in Oslo and all the hung Norwegians … hmmm! Plus, Mom’s cooking is to die for! No, we’re going nowhere without you!” Sven put in and touched Jean-Pierre’s face. It was clear, he was loved.

“We hope to come visit you in December again. Any excuse to escape this weather! We’re saving for the trips, plus Sven’s Dad gave us a tidy sum after one of his insurance policies paid out. So, we’d be there in a year’s time if all works out. I just hope the other guys would accept us fucking you too … Would they?” Alessandro said.

“No problem! We would love to have you with us! As we told you,me’d be in Europe again in April for a hockey tour. Whether we’d be able to see you, I don’t know. We’ll have to see. We’re visiting France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. We might fly straight to Frankfurt. The university is organising it and we don’t have the details yet. London? I don’t think so.” André said and touched Alessandro’s big cock, which was beyond rubbery now … I wondered.

“Keep that up and I’m fucking you! You want to feel my Italian cock? Hmmm!” Alessandro said and touched André’s cock, way beyond rubbery! It was fast becoming hard again.

“I’ve been fucked with a 28cm cock before so yes, it would be nice to try your smaller cock for a change! You want to fuck me? Now? Baby bro? Am I a slut if I allow him to fuck me?” André said and leaned forward to suck Alessandro’s cock.

“No, go for it! You’ll love it! Fuck him Alessandro!” I said and moved out of the way. We were in for a treat! Ringside seats for a show of note!

Alessandro pulled André into an embrace and kissed my brother with his wonderfully soft and nice mouth. André moaned and pushed his body against Alessandro’s hairy body. He was 9 centimetres shorter than André but his cock was that of a big man. Alessandro ended up on top of André and their cocks pushed against each other.

“OK if I fucked you? I’d love to send you on your way with some of my Italian sauce in you. What do you say? Do you remember the big load Sven pumped into your mouth? I want to pump my big load into you … please?” Alessandro said and kissed André with so much tenderness.

“Yes, fuck! Let’s do it! But do you have lube? I’m not sure I can take it without lube! Baby bro, what do you think?” André said.

“Yes, do it. You’d love him in you. Let him fuck you bro!”

Alessandro took André’s cock in his mouth and with no effort my brother’s cock disappeared into Alessandro’s throat.

“Oh! My! Godd! Oh fuck! Ahhh!” André gushed and threw his head backwards.

Sven was hard as a rock, watching his lover sucking my brother. He moved forward and stroked André’s hairy chest and played with his nipples. He took a nipple in his mouth and it was clear André was on cloud nine. He was moaning like I’ve never heard him before. He had his hand in Sven’s hair and was pushing his cock deeper into Alessandro’s mouth. My brother was as randy as a goat in heat!

Sven switched to the other nipple and it was clear my brother was enjoying it. Then Sven kissed André and my brother pulled the man tight to him. He had his hands behind Sven’s head and hugged him to his body.

“Let me lie on my back and then you come sit on my cock. Jean-Pierre, please give me the lube and give André the poppers. OK? You OK André?” Alessandro said and lied down on his back next to André.

André let go of Sven and moved over Alessandro. He took the poppers from Jean-Pierre and waited for Alessandro to lube up his cock and André’s hole.

André took a whiff of the poppers and he growled.

“OK, sit down. Slowly … take it easy … I don’t want to hurt you! I want you to enjoy it, OK?” Alessandro said. He held his cock in the upright and André sat down gingerly … it was a big cock even though Juan and Dad had fucked him. He lifted off the cock and sat down slowly again. The big cock pierced André’s hole and André groaned.

“Ahhhh! That hurts like a bitch! Fuck! More poppers!” He took another whiff and sat down again. The cock slipped into him and when it passed over his prostate, André gasped. He wasn’t used to the sensation.

I saw Sven and Alessandro making eye-contact and I wondered …

Sven moved in behind André and caressed his back with one hand and the other one was around Alessandro’s cock in André’s hole. There was a lot of lube and Sven pushed his index finger into André’s hole.

“No! What are you doing? Oh fuck! That is a big finger! No! Oh fuck! You’ll kill me! Ahhh! Oh fuck!” André said and put his hand behind his back to feel what Sven was doing. “Oh fuck!” I saw Sven pushed his middle finger in as well and André moaned. “What are you doing to me …? Ahhh! Oh fuck!”

Sven slowly pulled his fingers out to make the effect of his fingers in André more evident. He kept his middle finger in André’s hole and … André complained when the finger slipped out!

“No! Please put it back in! Fuck! That felt so good!” André said and flung his head back.

Sven sat up and moved in right behind André. He had his cock lubed up … No! He was planning to double fuck my brother! André would never go for that!

Sven put his cock on André’s hole and gently pushed forward. He had his hands on André’s shoulders and back, rubbing down his spine right up to his hole. He pushed his middle finger back into André and my brother groaned. Sven pulled his finger out and pushed his thick cock forward.

“I’ll be gentle, OK? Just relax and push back. OK?” Sven said next to André’s ear.

“Oh fuck! Are you going to push your big cock into me? Oh fuck baby bro! They’re going to kill me! Oh fuck!” André said, but he wasn’t wholly against the idea. If Sven did it right, he might just pull it off.

Alessandro’s cock was as thick as our cocks and Sven’s cock was slightly thicker. If André relaxed and if Sven took it easy, this might just happen. My brother’s first double-fuck!

Sven played with his cockhead over André’s hole and pushed ever so gently to get the head in. At the same time Alessandro was kissing my brother and stroked his hair.

While he slowly tried to get his cockhead into my brother, Sven was caressing André’s butt.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! No! It’s too big!” André yelped as he pulled his lips from Alessandro’s mouth. It was clear Sven’s cockhead did slip in.

“Just relax and push out. Sven, push in again and pull out again. Do it a few times and be careful not to hurt my brother. This is his first. OK bro?” I said and touched my brother’s cheek.

“I don’t know! I’m so curious to know what it’s like but it hurts like hell! Sven, let’s try again, but slowly!” André said and took a deep breath.

“OK! Relax,” Sven said and pushed his cockhead into my brother. He held still and André exhaled.

“Oh fuck! This is enormous! You fucking horse cock men!”

“Listen who is talking! Your cock is bigger than ours now!” Alessandro said and pulled André’s face down to kiss him again.

Sven’s cock slid in deeper and soon André was purring like a kitten. The pain made way for utter bliss. He broke the kiss with Alessandro and flung his head back. Sven leaned forward, turned André’s head and kissed him.

“See, you can do it! Just relax! It’s not all in. Enjoy the ride!” Sven said with his mouth millimetres from André’s mouth. It was obvious Sven was enjoying himself, but he was sincerely concerned about André’s welfare.

I looked at the 10cm of Sven’s cock that was still sticking out and held my breath. I hoped he could manage, as I knew from experience how good it felt once the pain subsided.

“What do you say I put my cock in you again? What do you say?” Jean-Pierre said, touching my hard cock. My godd! I was hard watching my brother getting plugged! I put my hand on Jean-Pierre’s cock: hard, of course!

“How about I give you a blowjob to end all blowjobs? Deepthroat and all?” I said. My hole could do with a rest before the hordes at the hotel had a go at it again.

“Oh, OK. That would be nice too. 69?” Jean-Pierre said.

“Yes,” I said and moved into position. I took his 23cm cock in my hand and realised it was ‘small’ in comparison to the others I’ve had sex with the past few months, but it was still ample and big. After deepthroating many of the other big ones, including Dad’s 27,5cm, Juan’s 28cm and even Luigi and Giovanni’s 29cm, this was going to be easy.

I took the cock in my mouth and was surprised at the size of the head. It was leaking lots of precum and the skin was delicious and loose. I enjoyed the precum and sheer size of the cock in my mouth.

I pushed it deeper into my mouth. The head was big and didn’t enter my throat with the first attempt. I pulled back and tried again. Nope. Again and … success! It slipped into my throat and Jean-Pierre gasped.

He was trying to deep throat me, but failed miserably. I didn’t mind and just enjoyed what he was doing with his one hand on my cock, the other one massaging my balls.

“Oh fuck! This is awesome! I’ve never thought this could feel so good! Just as well you’re not as big as the troupe at the hotel! Ahhh!” André gushed as Sven was starting to fuck him.


After about 3 minutes of sucking, I was getting close and could tell Jean-Pierre was too. We sucked each other, played with each other’s balls, and played over the shafts and heads with our tongues. It turned out to be a memorable blowjob – both giving and receiving. I was enjoying it.

Next to us the three were also approaching orgasm: André was groaning and his breathing was deep. Sven and Alessandro started to groan too … and André shot his load all over Alessandro’s chest. That tipped the scales and the two men started cumming too.

Jean-Pierre was shooting his big load into my mouth. It was bigger than expected, taking into account he shot a load into me not 45 minutes ago. Ahhh! And it tasted so good! He flooded my mouth with his cum and I had to swallow. Sheez! This dark man came a hell of a lot!

My load I shot into Jean-Pierre’s mouth was ample and he groaned when he got the load on his tongue and in his mouth.

I held still and just savoured the moment. The big cock in my mouth was still twitching and I marvelled at its size and to think I’ve had it in me not so long ago.

“Fuck! That was awesome! This was an experience but not soon again. The size of your cocks is huge and the others are even bigger. No, this is for my brother. But, it was a good experience! Thanks!” André rambled on. “Please pull out Sven. I want to go to the bathroom. Alessandro, you guys are just like jackals! Sheez! Baby bro, you need to do a better job of protecting me!”

I let go of Jean-Pierre’s cock and swallowed the last of his load. Hmmm! It was nice and creamy. I touched his face and he grabbed my hand.

“Thank you. That was a very nice experience with a true hung hunk of a man! Thanks!” Jean-Pierre said. Me, a “hung hunk’? Well, I’ve never thought of myself as that!

“Why, thank you kind man! You’re not so bad yourself! I’ve really enjoyed it! André, how are you bro?”

“I'm fine but I have no idea how you can do this every day. It was terrible at first … sheez! Excuse me, but I have to go to the bathroom,” André said and pulled off Alessandro’s big rubbery cock.

“Your brother took it like a trouper! I didn’t think he’d manage. But it was nice! Thanks for assisting in the experience. You’re such a damn nice guy!” Alessandro said and pulled me to lie down in his arm. Sven moved in on my other side and put his hand on my hairy chest.

“This drives me mad about you two: your hairy chests! And big cocks! And sexy faces! You’re the real deal! I’m not surprised you're doing so well with the modelling!” Sven said and stroked my face.


When we were ready to go, the three men pulled us into a group hug and Alessandro said: “This was better than expected. We weren’t sure you’d like Jean-Pierre and if our fantasy with you … erm … which one is Antonio? Wow! You look so similar!” I put my hand up a bit and Antonio continued: “As I was saying, we weren’t sure if our fantasy with you would be realised, and you came through like a trouper! Thanks!”

“And we gave André his first double! That was awesome!” Sven cooed.

“And I got to fuck Antonio twice and suck him off!” Jean-Pierre gave his 5 cents of wisdom.

“I say this was a success, and we just need to see each other again. So, when you’re in Europe, we could meet you in Brussels or Amsterdam or Paris. But, definitely at the end of the year in South Africa again. We’d like to come visit you on the farm,” Alessandro said.

“For sure! Just come! We’ll see about meeting you when we’re here in April. Come André, we need to get going. Thanks for everything. We enjoyed being here with you and we enjoyed the … shenanigans too!” I said and squeezed Jean-Pierre’s arm.

“You’re welcome! Enjoy tonight and your trip. Germany is beautiful but also very cold. Acquista Italia ... mamma mia! Si sta andando a cadere in amore con la terra e la sua gente (But Italy ... mama mia! You're going to fall in love with the land and its people)! Enjoy!” Alessandro said.

We hugged and kissed the men and we were on our way. The temperature has dropped and we donned our beanies and scarves. The walk to the Underground was refreshing and short. It wasn’t far.

“How are you feeling bro? That was awesome!” I said and put my arm around my brother’s shoulders.

“That was like dying and then being resuscitated to enjoy some of the best sex ever. I really didn’t think I’d make it. It hurt like hell but soon it was wonderful. Just keep your mouth shut! Johann and Juan will get ideas and I’m sorry: their cocks are just too big! No ways!” André said and stopped dead in his tracks. “I’m serious. Not a word to the others. I’m not prepared to let them rip me apart!”

“Come bro! I’ll keep quiet. I’m so proud of you!”

We continued walking to the Underground and the few people we saw on the sidewalk gawked at us.

We were happy and that was all there was to it. Finish en klaar!

= To be continued =



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