We had a light lunch and retreated to the bedroom for an afternoon snooze. The rain was coming down in torrents. It was very cosy under the duvet. We spooned each other: first André with me behind him ('Don't get any ideas, baby bro!' he said when my semi-hard cock pushed between his thighs) and Juan behind me, his huge cock between my thighs.

We hugged each other and Juan's head was on my neck, his mouth centimetres from my ear. "This is heaven on earth," and hugged me tight, pushing his big cock between my legs. "I'm very content with the current setup. What about you, André? Happy?"

André put his right hand backwards and felt Juan's big cockhead pushing between my legs. "Aha! Just as I thought! Perverts!"

"Are you happy, bro?"

"Of course I am. I'm in bed with you two, am I not?"

I squeezed his thigh and reached for his cock ... hard, of course!

He reached back and got hold of my hard cock and said, "Sheez! Does this thing every going to go down any time soon?"

I squeezed his cock and felt it was harder. "You're one to talk!"

"Let's get some shut-eye. You two perverts are corrupting a very decent man! Contain yourselves till tonight!"

I had no intention to do anything other than enjoy being sandwiched between my brother, who is my best friend and my lover.

"And besides Juan, don't get too used to your position behind baby bro's back - it's not exclusively yours!"

Juan reached over and squeezed André's shoulder, "Never worry about me replacing you in any way, André. I'm here to complement what you have, not push you out or become the alpha male. We could swop around if you wish?"

"Nah, I'm fine. Just don't get any ideas. I'm the twin brother and I have rights!" he pretended to be pissed off!

We all chuckled and hugged each other. But, Juan's cock was considerably bigger and the tip was protruding far between my legs ... But, André was right. We should've gotten some rest, if the previous night was anything to go by. We still had the night ...

Juan hugged us both and I felt the precum dripping on my thigh ...! I was in sexual heaven!


"Coffee, everybody?" Juan stood next to the bed, his semi-hard cock bobbing up and down as he yawned and stretched his arms above his head. I marvelled at the sight. What a statuesque hung hunk! And, he was in love with us! How lucky could we get?

"I brought us some koeksisters from the bakery on the corner. Anybody?

[Koeksisters are a true South African treat, consisting of thick braided dough, fried in oil and then dunked in an ice-cold thin syrup bath. Delicious!]

"Yes, please!" André enthused! He jumped out of bed and yanked the duvet off me. "Get up, you lazy sex-craved bum!"

We put on our sweats again, as the mercury has plummeted and it was still raining.

The coffee and sweet treat were welcome.

"It's 5 o'clock now. I think I'm going to start the fire in the fireplace again, and start the fire for the braai now. What do you think, boys?"

"André can help you and I'll start the salads. The meat is already defrosted. Yes, let's get a start. It's cold and I'd like us to go to bed early."

"Yes, just so you could get this huge cock up your bum again, you pervert!" André put in and grabbed Juan's crotch. "Phew! It's semi-hard .. again?"

"I can't help it! I still have you two hunks around me, and yes, I'm horny for you guys all the time! So, sue me!"

We got down to business and soon the fireplace was aglow with a nice log fire, and the braai fire was forming nice coals for barbecuing. The side dishes and salads were ready.

We opened some Cabernet Sauvignon we brought from the farm and stood at the braai, chatting, joking, touching, hugging, kissing, some groping, more joking - it was wonderful.

At some stage when the meat was sizzling away, I was staring into the coals when André came up behind me, hugged me and nuzzled my neck. "Happy baby bro? This is great, isn't it? I love you so damn much!" and he kissed me in my neck. I felt his big semi-hard cock on my buttocks.

I put my one hand over his hands on my chest and with the other one I grabbed his cock. "And who is the pervert now, bro?"

"You can't blame me. You're so damn sexy, I can't keep my hands off you."

"And neither can I!" Juan said, and hugged both of us. "I still can't believe my luck to have found love with two wonderful men like you! I'm truly blessed!" and kissed us.

"I'm joking a lot, but to be serious for a change, I really like you a lot Juan, borderline love, I think. If Anton is happy with our arrangement, I'm in. He has to be happy, and if he's OK that you fuck him with that anaconda, it's fine by me. As long as I get to fuck him too!"

"André, I'm here to ADD to the relationship, not to replace anyone, or to take away anything. The minute anyone of you two feels I'm overstepping the boundaries, please tell me. For now, I'm happy with the way things have developed the past 24 hours. OK?"

"Our exact sentiments, Juan. We're happy with the arrangements as they are now. We're all big boys, and we know this is what we want. André might not acknowledge it, but he loves you very much. In fact, you're his hero!"

I got a jab from André and he started to tickle me. "Its true, tell him André!"

Instead of saying anything, André pulled me with him into Juan's arms, lifted his lips and kissed Juan. "Yes, but don't get a big head! One big head in your pants is enough in this relationship. Fuck, hell yes! This actually is a relationship! I'll have to get used to the idea that I'll have to share his ass with an anaconda from now on! But yeah, I love you, you big oaf!" and kissed Juan again, hugging me into a threesome embrace.

My mind was flying over the past few months and realised how much I actually do love André, how much I love Dad and Mom (and with Dad, there is now an additional, HUGE reason to love him even more!), how intense, sincere and deep my feelings were for Juan, how much I'd love to get to know Alessandro and Sven better, and now that Claude might be added to the picture. And, what about Uncle Pieter ...? Phew!

"Now stop all this soppiness! This wine is not going to drink itself! Another glass Juan? Baby bro?" André snapped his finger. "Space Station to Earth! Baby bro! Ahh, there he is! Welcome back! I think the meat is almost ready. I'm hungry. Lunch didn't have much sustenance for a growing lad like me! Let's eat, and drink, and be merry so we can get to bed to fuck this fine piece of ass!" and he grabbed my bum. André is one of a kind but I love him.


By 9 o'clock the kitchen was tidy, the fires have gone out and we were ready to shower and get into bed.

"You go first Juan. We quickly want to check on Dad and Mom. We haven't spoken to them since Thursday. You know Mom! Always the clucking hen!"

We called Dad's phone and on the 2nd ring he answered. "Yes, and what are you up to? How is it working out with Juan?"

"Fine Dad. He's a great guy. We've really connected (I got a jab from André!) and we're becoming good friends. How is Mom?"

The discussion centred on the farm and then Dad mentioned Mom's arrangements for our birthday in two weeks' time were almost done. It was a pity Claude wouldn't be here to join us.

When we heard Juan turn off the shower, we said good-bye and headed into the bathroom. "A minute please André?" He knew what I wanted, needed to do first. He opened his MacBook and checked for emails from Alessandro and Sven. Just as I entered the bathroom, he shouted: "You have to see this! Come here!"

On the screen there were pictures of Alessandro, Sven and lightly black guy, having sex! It was like our escapades last night were mimicked 12 000km away! Alessandro said the guy is a Canadian French exchange student in a project for 6 months, and Jean-Pierre was staying with them. Wow! The guy was built - hairless body but big pecs, enormous hands and beautiful feet. His skin was the colour of caramel. And then his cock! Amazing! About the same as ours, but he was not as thick. In one pic, he and Alessandro were trying to double-fuck Sven, but the two cocks together were too big. In the end Jean-Pierre fucked Sven first and shot his load deep inside Sven, and then Alessandro fucked him, also shooting his load inside him. In the last picture the three were in bed with Sven sandwiched between Alessandro and Jean-Pierre. Hmmm! They mentioned that Jean-Pierre was doing so well with the project, the dean was enquiring about making him a permanent member. Another threesome couple! Wow.

After I've douched (I looked up the word on Google), André and I showered, washed each other's bodies and when I turned around so he could wash my back, he tenderly touched my bum and said: "You may give this piece of ass to Juan, but I'm the principle owner, OK?"

"You'll never be replaced André! You know that!"


We crawled into bed with Juan who was lazing under the duvet, fondling his big cock. The tube of KY jelly was on the nightstand already.

Much the same happened than the previous night, except when André fucked me from behind, I sucked Juan in a 69-position. Soon Andre lost it and shot a load in me. "Sorry baby bro, but you've been tempting me all day with this nice bum in your sweats!"

Juan was keen to fuck me again. When André shot his load, Juan was groaning and said: "Fuck! That's hot! I'll get to fuck you in André's cum! Fuck!!"

Juan wanted me to sit on his cock this time. He lied down on his back and lubed up his huge cock. I still couldn't believe that that monster cock could even enter my hole! But André's fucking had loosened me up nicely. It still took some patience and lots of attempts to take the monster in my hole, but eventually I sat in Juan's lap with André stroking my back and hair all the time.

"Your insides are very wet. I think I can feel André's load. When I entered you, you were much more slippery than last night."

Juan pulled me down and kissed me deeply.

"Turn around," Juan told me. I lifted my one leg and started to rotate on this magnificent manhood. I understood what he had in mind. I'd be facing André so he didn't feel left out, and to give André easy access to my cock.

While I slowly bounced up and down Juan's huge cock, André was kissing me, playing with my nipples, jacking my cock and then sucking me.

But, we've had so much stimulation all day long, it didn't take long before Juan and I were approaching climax. Juan pulled me back on top of him and hugged me tightly, fucking me with a constant rhythm. André was sucking me and it was obvious he wanted another load in his mouth.

All of a sudden I heard Juan's growling and his shallow breathing become more pronounced. "I'm going to cum 'baby boy'! I'm going to fill you up again!"

I warned André that I was about to cum too. "Yes, baby bro! Feed your big brother so he could get bigger and stronger!"

I felt Juan's huge cock swelling to mammoth proportions and with one last thrust, he released his huge load 28cm deep in my hole. He was breathing heavily and I was pushed up and down with each breath, while I was also breathing hard. I've shot a huge load into André's mouth and he was still holding my cock in his mouth.

André let go of my cock and moved in to kiss me. He opened his mouth and my cum ran into my mouth. It was wonderful. Then he closed his mouth with some cum left inside and kissed Juan, who got the same present.

"Hmmmmm!" Juan moaned when André kissed him.

Juan was still hugging my body with his hands on my chest and André was lying next to us, his hand on my tummy, his head next to mine on Juan's shoulder. We couldn't be happier.

When we were completely relaxed, even though Juan's cock was far from soft, he held on tight to me and slowly rolled over so he were on our sides. His cock was still deep inside me. André spooned Juan from behind.

"May I please stay in you again? I'll be a gentleman again?" Juan whispered in my ear.

"Yes, of course you may. Thanks - I'd love it too."

"And, Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have them again: the hung perverts of the Western Cape. And I have to share a bed with them! Sheez!" André quipped.

And once again we drifted off to sleep, drained but with a huge cock still plugged into my body, ready for a next round sometime during the night.


I woke up with Juan slowly fucking me, playing with my chest hair and nipples. "Everything still OK?" he whispered.

"Yes, Juan. I'm fine."


"Very! Can't you tell?"

He came again, André joined in and we all shot our loads. But, Juan wanted to stay in me for the rest of the night. The man was insatiable, but so was I for this magnificent cock in my hole.

"Yes, please," I said.


Early the next morning I woke up and felt the huge cock still lodged in me. Juan was still asleep, snoring lightly. André was on my side of the bed, on his side, facing me.

"You two pushed me off the bed, so I claimed another space on this side of the bed. You OK, baby bro? Is your hole OK?" André whispered and lifted the duvet to investigate. "My godd, he's still inside you! Are you sure you're OK?" He sounded concerned. "How does it feel?"

"It feels strange, but fantastic. When he's soft, it's very rubbery and it doesn't hurt at all."

I kissed him and rubbed his cheek. "And you, André? You happy with ... this?"

"Yes, as long as I'm a part of it ... he's such a nice guy, I can't help loving him. Are you happy baby bro?"

"Very much. But YOU have to be happy too. Are you?"

"Yes, I am," André said and kissed me.

I started to clench my hole, massaging Juan's cock. Soon it responded and was growing bigger and harder. I could feel how it was pushed deeper into me. This was a totally new experience.

"Ahhhhh!" I moaned.

"You OK, baby bro?"

"Fuck, André! This is fantastic! I wish you could feel it!"

Juan was starting to fuck me in his sleep. First slow thrusts and then he was awake.

"Oh, and who is the pervert now, André? Here I was sleeping like a baby with my cock in your 'baby bro's hole, and look at it now! I'm getting fucked!"

"Oh, come on! You know this is exactly what you wished for! You big oaf!" André put in.

The bantering continued and soon André turned into a 69-position and we sucked each other off to completion. Juan fucked and groaned and eventually the third load of the night was shot into my bowels.

After we came down from the apex of orgasm, we relaxed and enjoyed being joined and touching each other.

"I need to pee. Can I get you anything from the kitchen, perverts?" André said.

"I'm fine, thanks. How about you 'baby bro'?" Juan said.

"Also OK for now, thanks." I said.

André left the room shaking his head and threw some more profanities at us and what perverts we were and that he was ashamed to be associated with such sex addicts. We just laughed and enjoyed our closeness.

Juan hugged me and pushed his whole body close to my back, holding my cock with one hand, and the other caressing my body. "I'm happier than I thought I'd ever be. And you play a big role in all of this. The mere fact that you allow me to fuck you, and that I may do it again without taking it out, filling you to capacity with my cum, the closeness. It all makes me very happy. Talk about filling you up. You have a very big load in your bowels now. Are you sure you're OK?"

"Yes, it's OK, thanks. Yes Juan, André and I are very much in love but you're adding to it to make it even better. It's like the salt in a dish that gives it the necessary flavour to be tasty. You are our salt. And I love you very much, not just your huge cock. Spending time with you, the sex, you in me, just being with you - that's precious. I don't think I want anything more, or that it could get any better. Coach, I love you," and clenched my hole on his cock for extra emphasis.

Juan's cock was hard again and he was flexing it in my hole. It was obvious he wanted to fuck me yet again. We heard André in the kitchen preparing coffee, cleaning out the fireplace.

"One more time, pretty please?" he whispered in my ear. "I'm afraid it will have to be a quickie and to be honest, I'm very close to an orgasm again. May I please? How about you?"

"Yes, but I hate doing this behind André's back, but I don't think he'd mind too much. But yes, let's rather make it a quickie. Come on stud, give it to me!"

With that Juan pulled his cock back and pushed it back in and started to fuck me. I could feel the big loads of cum in my gut and knew soon another deposit would be made. Wow!

The good lover that he was, Juan really gave it to me good. He was fucking me with a volley of fast bursts while kissing my neck, my cheek and a lopsided kiss on the mouth. It was clear he was approaching another climax. His right hand was jacking me in sync with his fucking and I too felt the imminent climax. I didn't care that there was no mouth to receive my load. I hoped it wasn't going to be a big load. We were leaving later that day, so the evidence on the sheets could be cleaned to some extent, and we could hide it if necessary.

Soon Juan was panting and grunting and was fucking me hard. "I'm cumming! Oh my godd, I'm cumming! My fuck Anton, I'm cumming!"

"Me too!" I said loudly.

I felt the magnificent cock pushed deep into me and swelled to huge proportions. He was shooting a big load into me.

My eyes were closed and the next thing I knew, I felt André's warm mouth envelop my cock and sucked me to completion. What a brother!

"I'm part of this tryst - remember me?" he quipped and sucked me.

I shot another into André's mouth and groaned with pleasure.

Juan held his cock deep in me. It was still twitching and releasing thick creamy cum in my gut.

When the last drop of my cum drizzled into André's mouth, he pulled off my cock, kissed the head and then kissed me on the mouth. I opened my mouth and got a deposit of my cum. What a brother! He leaned over to Juan and gave him the rest of my cum.

"Perverts! I maintain, I have two perverts as lovers! Thought you could sidestep me? Hmmm!"

"No, it just happened. I was in Anton already and one thing led to another ... sorry bro!" Juan said. It was the first time he called André 'bro'!

"Come here. Are you hard?" I asked.

"Yes, how could I not be hard watching you fuck like rabbits?"

I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him.

"Give me a chance, please?" Juan said. "Come here André."

André climbed over me and put his cock in Juan's mouth. Juan was an expert cocksucker, and I knew he would suck André to completion soon. And lo and behold, within a minute André was gasping and shot a huge load into Juan's mouth. When he calmed down, he pulled his cock out and kissed Juan, and got his cum in return! He took it in his mouth and climbed back over us, and kissed me. I got the rest of his cumload.

When Juan eventually pulled his big cock from my hole, some of the big loads did run out, but he was quick and caught it with his hand. I rolled onto my tummy and he rubbed the cum into my buttocks.

This time, I really was filled to capacity!


After a marathon shower with all three of us lathering up, hugging, kissing, some horseplay, in the end we finished up in the bathroom. We dressed casually and got our jackets out. There was a cold wind and it was raining.

We had some coffee and rusks and after straightening up the place a bit, and checking for tell-tale signs in the bedroom, we were off. We'd have breakfast en route and would be back in Stellenbosh just after lunch. We were as happy as could be. In the car we sang along with the Backstreet Boys, Billy Joel and even an ABBA song or two. André was sitting in the back with his hands on our shoulders. My right hand was on Juan's thigh and his hand over mine. It was the perfect picture of happiness and bliss. We couldn't be happier.

= To be continued =



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