Somewhere during the night I woke up with Pierre fucking me with slow deep thrusts. Wow! It was clear he wasn't far from an orgasm! Sex dogg! But, I agreed to that, so I let him be. He fucked me faster and yes, soon he was breathing deeply and I felt his huge cock spasming. Pierre was breathing through his mouth not to wake the others. Soon he was shooting his third load of the night into me, adding to the huge loads of cum in me already. Fuck! My own erection pushed into Luigi's tummy. I felt his night erection pushing against me.

I sighed and clenched my hole over the huge cock in me.

"Are you awake, Anton?" Pierre said very softly next to my ear. I just nodded.

"Oh fuck! Sorry! OK?"

I squeezed his hand.

The cock in me was still rather hard and twitching occasionally when I drifted off again.


Pierre was an extremely attractive guy with a body to die for. The squash champion was tall and had short black hair covering his body, arms and legs, and of course his huge 33cm thick uncut cock just added to his sex appeal.

And Pierre was as insatiable as all the rest - perhaps a little bit more than most, and almost as much as Luigi. He fucked me the previous night and stayed in me for the whole night, fucking me during the night and came - again.

I woke up feeling the immense cock deep in me, twitching. I opened my eyes and saw the sun was almost up: the sky outside was already fairly bright.

Pierre moved behind me and groaned gently. He had his right hand over my chest and was slowly and gently rubbing my nipple. I clenched my hole over his huge cock in me and Pierre groaned again. He pushed his huge cock deeper into me and made it twitch.

"You awake?" Pierre whispered almost inaudibly in my ear.

"Yes! You horny again?" I whispered back.

"Oh fuck! All the time! Oh godd! You drive me mad!"

"Then fuck me!" I whispered with urgency and pushed back.

Pierre's cock was spectacularly big. It was 33cm long, thick, it had a huge head, it was uncut and curved upwards. He had huge balls and shot one hell of a load. I was still filled with lots of his cum he shot into me during the night.

This man was a dream come true in every respect. He was extremely attractive, he was a nice guy and very intelligent. He was nice to be with. The sex with him was epic - almost on the same level as with Luigi. The difference was: I loved Luigi with every fibre in my body but I only liked Pierre very much - perhaps I loved him a little. If not for Luigi ... I didn't know. Pierre would've been a natural choice. His huge cock in me felt like it should be there, like it should have been there a long time ago already. It felt right. And I fucking loved it!

Pierre made his cock twitch as he pushed deep into me. He hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. I craned my head back and got a lopsided kiss from the hung hunk. "Oh fuck! You're something special! Ahhhh!" he whispered and pushed deep into me. "Can I fuck you please?"

"Yes, of course!" I said. Pierre's right hand went to my cock and when he felt my cock was rock-hard too, he took it in his hand and groaned again. He started to jack my cock and fucking me with slow deep thrusts.

In front of me, Luigi was lightly snoring and his loins were just far away enough from my tummy to allow Pierre to jack my cock. I looked at my darling and realised that even though I had Pierre's huge cock in me - a whole 4cm longer and much thicker than Luigi's - it was a fait accompli that Luigi was the love of my life. I truly loved him and after just 3 months, I'd never be able to live without him again - ever. It didn't matter that a few other guys fucked me too - it was the sincere, warm and deep love I experienced with Luigi that set him apart. His lovemaking was also just that good.

Pierre's fucking had never been on the same level, but then again, we never had an opportunity to be alone. Every time he fucked me since the previous day, it was with other people present. I wondered what it would have been if we had the opportunity to be alone ... I was soon to find out!

The fucking of the hung hunk in me picked up and I groaned softly. I didn't want to wake Luigi.

"Anton I never knew this could be this good! Oh fuck! My godd, I love this ... I fucking love you too!"

Uh-oh! I can't be in love with Pierre too! I'm already in love with Luigi, my brother, Juan, Johann, Gunther ... ahh Gunther! ... my Dad and now Pierre too! But, I had to admit, he was fucking nice and kind and sexy and a fucking good lover, and having a donkey cock didn't hurt in the least! No pun intended! And his huge cumshots ... oh godd! Yes, I could easily fall in love with him too! But I had to keep it in check! I didn't want any complications. But fuck yes! I did love this hung hunk fucking me ... a bit at least! So sue me!

"Easy now ... no complications!" I said and squeezed Pierre's right arm jacking me.

"Oh fuck I know, but I can't fucking help it!" he whispered almost inaudibly and pushed his face into the hair behind my ear. He pushed his cock deep into me and made it twitch. Oh fuck! He just knew how to push my buttons, and what he was doing to me, made me VERY interested in him - big time!

"You'd better cum soon before the others are wake up!" I whispered and squeezed his arm again.

"OK. Lots of cum for you!" Pierre whispered and picked up speed. His huge cock was really stretching my already tender asshole. I felt his huge balls against my butt and felt how the huge cock in me scraped over my prostate.

My own cock was super hard and sopping wet. I didn't know what was going to happen when I came ... my cum would spray all over Luigi's tummy. I put my hand on Luigi's cock and felt it was in that glorious rubbery state. I also knew that his morning glory would soon make it rock hard, reaching way beyond his belly button. Then I felt Luigi's cock coming alive due to my touching. Oh fuck!

Behind me Pierre was going to town. He was fucking me wholesale and it was obvious he was close to cumming. He was about to pump another huge load into me ... again.

My own orgasm was close and I was worried about my load spraying against Luigi. Pierre was still jacking me but I cut it short. I took hold of his arm and held it still. "Stop please! I'm about to cum!" I whispered urgently.

Behind Luigi, Juan and André were still fast asleep in each other's arms. Knowing them both, they had huge morning glories and if our ministrations were to wake them up, I was going to be fucked by all of them again!

"I'm going to cum!" Pierre announced. Even though I loved his huge cock in me and his fucking, I was somewhat relieved that he was about to cum.

My own cock was very hard and sopping wet. I was teetering on the verge of orgasm but willed it away for the time being.

Pierre's cock was very hard now and he was fucking me gently but hard and deep, and he was trying to be as quiet as possible. He started to groan and pushed his face in my hair. His right arm grabbed my chest and he pulled me tight against him.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Pierre announced and I felt his huge cock starting to spasm in me. He was pumping one almightily huge cumload into me, adding to the huge load still inside me. Oh fuck!

He pushed deep into me one last time and held still. His huge cock was spasming as it was pumping his huge cumload of about 60ml or more into me. I made a mental note that I wanted to have that in my mouth some time. My wish was going to be realized sooner than I anticipated ...

"Oh fuck! That was awesome! I loved it! Thanks!" Pierre gushed softly and hugged me to him as his cock was pumping the last of the big load into me. His huge cock was still twitching in me. He put his right leg over mine and was trying to put his big beautiful foot on top of mine. Luigi's feet were already intertwined with mine, so Pierre's foot ended on top of Luigi's lower shin and foot.

Luigi stirred in his sleep and pulled me closer. I put my hand on his cock - it was rock-hard now! He pushed his groin towards me and against my hard throbbing cock. I put my right arm over his middle and hugged him.

"Buongiorno mio caro (Good morning my darling)!" Luigi said with his face against mine. I tried to see his eyes but his face was too close to mine, but I was sure his eyes were still closed. I was amazed that he didn't have dragon breath when he woke up. It didn't smell like peppermint but it wasn't foul either.

Pierre was dead silent and held still - even his foot. He felt Luigi's foot move up against mine and when the foot brushed against Pierre's foot, Luigi stopped and asked: "Is this Pierre's foot?"

"Yes, it is," I said and kissed Luigi's nose.

"He should know you're mine even though his huge cock is still inside you. He is still in you, isn't he?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, he's still in me," I said.

"How are you? Your hole OK?" Luigi asked and rubbed his nose over mine. "Hmmmm! Maybe it's time Pierre pulled out already!"

"I'm still OK. Yes, my hole is a bit tender but I'm OK."

"Ahhh mio caro! You're just too much! You really like being fucked! And I have to say Pierre does have a spectacularly big and beautiful cock. Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh fuck yes! It was wonderful and special! He is a nice guy too," I said and kissed Luigi. I might have the 33cm cock in me, but I had the love of my life in my arms. Oh fuck! What a situation! Luigi was such a nice gentle guy, but so was Pierre! The only major difference was the cock sizes and perhaps Luigi's spectacularly beautiful appearance. Ahhh and his feet! And hands! And mouth! And hair! And personality! Perhaps that's why I'll always love him, I thought. Pierre was a close second choice though!

Luigi put his hand on Pierre's face on my neck. He gently rubbed his face and I heard Pierre pretending to wake up.

"Hnnnngghhh! Hmmmm! Good morning Luigi! Hmmmmmm!" Pierre said and stretched out. He was a good actor! Jackal!

"Good morning my man! Did you enjoy your all-nighter with mio caro? Did you pump him full of cum? I hope he still loves me enough after this fucking he had!"

"Yes, thank you Luigi! It was spectacular! It was more than I've ever dreamt of! It was a wonderful experience! You're a kind man! Thanks ...!" His cock stirred in me. It was now in that glorious rubbery state.

"Then perhaps it's time to pull out now, OK? OK?"

"Hmmmm! Oh fuck! You have no idea how wonderful this is!" Pierre started.

"Oh, I know! Remember, he's my fiancé! But it's time. Pull out now please?"

"OK. Clench Anton! It feels like there is a huge lot of cum in you. I'm pulling out now," Pierre said and touched my arm.

I clenched my hole over the huge cock in me. Actually there was an enormous amount of cum in me. It felt like the weekend when the large number of men fucked me in the guest house on the farm. The huge cock slipped further out of me and when the head was still in me, I clenched harder. I didn't want to loose any of the cum and make a huge mess on the linen. Pierre caught on so quickly. He held still and gave me a chance to adjust. When he felt me clenching again, he pulled his huge cock out completely. By now it was almost hard again! Jackal!

"Pee-AIR, did you enjoy fucking my darling"? He was pronouncing his name in the French way again.

"Oh fuck yes! It was a wonderful experience to lose my virginity in this way! I'll always in debt with you! May I please have the privilege of doing it again some time, please?" Pierre asked.

"We'll see. Mio caro, how do you feel about that?"

"I'm OK with it if you are. I have to say it was an experience, and I have to add, I like this guy. He is a nice man!" I said.

"Thanks Anton! That's nice of you! I like you guys very much too!" Pierre said and kissed my cheek.

"Yes, if I didn't like you, you wouldn't have had an all-nighter with Antonio! He is a nice guy, isn't he?"

"Ahhh guys! You're too kind! But yes I like you very much too! It would be a privilege to be your friend and to have some of this again please?" Pierre put in.

"Let's see how it pans out. OK, mio caro?"

"Yes, it would be nice my love!"

"How are you feeling? Up for some fun with my small cock?" Luigi asked and lightly touched my sides.

"Yow! Careful there! Ticklish! Ow! I'm fine mio caro! Do you like to claim your matrimonial rights? Hmmm?" I asked and put my finger in Luigi's side. He was also ticklish, but not nearly as much as I was.

"Yes, please. Can't you feel my small cock pushing against you?"

"'Small ...? Gmph! If that were small, I have the cock of a midget! But yes, I'm always up for some fucking from you mio caro!" I said and started to turn around.

As I turned, I felt two things: Luigi's very big and hard cock scraping over my side and leaving a wet trail of precum on my body, and my cock pushing against Pierre's huge cock in front of me.

I also became aware of the beautiful man in front of me. He was only 2cm taller than me but everything else about this man was beautiful: his face, high cheekbones, hair, hands, feet, fairly big nipples and huge areolae, and of course his huge cock and big balls. I put my left hand back and touched Luigi's cock and squeezed it. It was sopping wet, ready to enter me!

I put my hand on Pierre's face and felt his hand folding over mine. He kissed my hand and squeezed. Then he leaned forward and kissed me. His mouth was soft and his full lips enveloped mine. His tongue danced on my lips and wanted in. I opened my mouth and Pierre's tongue entered my mouth. Oh my godd! This man was a phenomenal lover! Oh fuck! I put my hand on his cock and was amazed: he was rock-hard again! How ...? My godd!

Pierre pushed his body to mine and hugged me close. This man was a keeper! Oh fuck! I was in trouble!

Behind me Luigi put his 29cm cockhead on my relaxed and wet asshole and pushed forward.

"Are you sure mio caro?"

I broke free from Pierre's kiss and said: "Yes mio caro! Push in please!" I turned my face and Luigi kissed me. He leaned forward and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth as his cock slipped into my stretched asshole.

"Ahhhh! O mio Dio! You're too much mio caro! Oh fuck!" Luigi gushed and pushed deeper into me. His precum was enough to enter me and Pierre's cum had lubed my hole big time. Luigi's cock scraped over my prostate and I almost lost it ... I was sexually charged and after the pounding Pierre gave me only minutes ago, I was on the verge of cumming.

Pierre's mouth sought my mouth and started kissing me again. His hands were on my face and his huge cock was pushed against mine. There was a huge wet mess between us.

When Luigi's cock reached my inner sphincter, he didn't wait as always, as he knew I was loosened big time after Pierre's 33cm cock fucked me. Luigi wasn't inattentive, but he was eager to push his cock home.

I put my hand on Pierre's huge cock and couldn't believe he was hard again! He was kissing me and really making love to me even though Luigi was fucking me.

Luigi was balls-deep in me and started to fuck me.

"You're sopping wet inside mio caro! Pierre really pumped a lot of cum in you last night!"

'Last night'? No my darling - it was just now, I thought. Oh fuck! I was really in trouble with this beautiful man, who is now part of the deal. Oh fuck!

I broke free from Pierre's mouth and said: "You feel good inside me! Just fuck me please mio caro!"

Luigi fucked me with deep long thrusts and was kissing my neck. He leaned forward and found the side of my mouth. Pierre and I turned towards Luigi's mouth and it became a three-way kiss.

"Mio Dio! Pee-AIR! You are a good kisser! Mio caro, you'd better not fall in love with this hunk of a lover!"

Oh fuck! I was already falling in love with Pierre! He was just so adorable and sexy and hung and a good lover! My godd!

"He is a nice guy, isn't he?" I said.

"Yes, he is. I think he and Morné should become part of our group. They would love fucking you and I would love to double with them. What do you say we ask Juan and the others?" Luigi whispered.

"Oh fuck yes! Wouldn't you mind to have them in our group?" I asked.

"No, it would be great to have them in our group and I know you would love to get fucked by them. Pee-AIR, would you like to become a member of our group?"

"Luigi, how could you even ask? But are you sure? We've only met but from what I hear and see, it would be fantastic to be part of your group. I hope the others feel the same," Pierre said and kissed me. "Would you mind if I actually do fall in love with Anton?"

"No, I wouldn't, as long as you know he's mine. I'd rather him getting fucked by you being part of the group than him sneaking off to have your huge cock in him. With you in the group, I will have some control and of course, then I could have a threesome with you! I actually really like you and think you're a damn nice guy!"

"Ahh! Thank you and I feel the same about you. Well, I hope Johann and Gunther feel the same. What about André and Juan?"

"They wouldn't mind. It's me you had to worry about, but I'm fine with it. So then, let's hope Claire accepts you and that you could go to London and Europe with us!"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to spend time with you guys!"

Luigi was fucking me while he was talking and I felt the first of his multiple orgasms building up.

"Mio caro, I'm about to cum! Are you still OK? Pee-AIR, don't make mio caro cum - not yet! Are you ready to cum again?"

"OK, I won't but I wanted to suck him off. And yes, I'm ready to cum again," Pierre said.

"First let me cum twice and then you two can cum when I cum the third time, OK? OK mio caro?"

"Yess! Oh fuck yes! And thanks mio caro!" I said and turned my head to kiss Luigi. I was ecstatic that Luigi wanted Pierre to be a part of our group. Just imagine the sex that would go down in our house, I thought!

Pierre joined in the kiss and again, it was a three-way kiss filled with lots of tongue and spit and ... love?

Pierre was no riff-raff and he was a damn nice and very sexy attractive man. His 5 o'clock shadow, his features and his hands and feet, and of course his cock ... oh fuck! It put him in another class altogether. And to top it all, Luigi liked him too.

Luigi broke the kiss and started to groan as he fucked me. His first volley of cum was about to be added to the huge load in me already.

Pierre kissed me with lust but also with tenderness, and with the first stirrings of love ... oh fuck! This man was a god-sent! I could never say 'no' to such a beautiful, intelligent, hung hunk, who knew how to kiss, to make love, to fuck and who was a man that my lover liked! No, Pierre would become a member of the group - there was no doubt in my mind about that, and it was going to be fantastic.

"Ahhhh! Mio Dio! I'm cumming mio caro! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!" Luigi was groaning and I felt his big cock starting to spasm in me. He pumped the first of his cumloads into me. I counted 10 spurts!

While this was happening I squeezed Pierre's huge wet cock and he was squeezing mine and we were kissing like only lovers do: it was with lots of sexual urgency, but it was also very sensual and tender. Pierre's soft lips were as nice as Luigi's mouth, and he sure knew how to kiss. His tongue was in my mouth a lot and I sucked on it for dear life. Just as he produced a lot of precum - which was making a huge mess on the sheets between us - Pierre's saliva was abundant and tasted divine. This was a man I wanted to have with Luigi and me! Yay!

"Oh fuck! That was great! Here is the next one mio caro!" Luigi said as he continued to fuck me and I felt his cock approaching his next spurts of cum. He was groaning like a wounded animal and was fucking me with abandon.

Pierre's huge cock was incredibly hard and wet in my hand and when I touched his face with my other hand, he took my hand and put it on his cheek.

"Anton, you're a dream come true! Thanks ... thanks for this! Thanks for inviting me in! I really appreciate it and I won't make you regret this for one minute! And ... yes, I'm starting to fall for you, but also for Luigi. You're two of the nicest men I've ever met!" Pierre said as he looked into my eyes. His beautiful blue eyes looked right into my soul. Oh fuck! Was it even possible?

I felt Luigi pumping his next volley of cum into me and felt his hand on my hip. He put his hand on Pierre's hand on my cock and groaned. He moved his hand to Pierre's cock and growled. "If I didn't like you so much, I'd hate you for having such a fantastically huge cock!"

"Thanks for not hating me, Luigi! I hope it would become the exact opposite ...?"

"I'm sure it would ... you're an exceptional man, Pee-AIR! Now, get ready for my third cumming. I want you and mio caro to cum with me, OK?"

Pierre kissed me and stroked my eyes with his exquisitely long fingers. "I'm going to move into a 69. I want to suck you. Then you could suck me too. Just be warned: I really cum a lot!"

"OK, I know and will keep that in mind! Now turn!" I said and kissed Pierre on his nose.

Pierre turned around so his huge hard wet cock was right in front of my mouth. I took the enormous cock in my hand and jacked it a few strokes. The precum literally streamed out of his huge piss-slit. It tasted absolutely divine. It was just one of the additional qualities that made this man perfect.

"I won't last long, OK? Just remember it is a LOT!" Pierre said as he took my cock in his mouth. I did the same with his cock and pushed the huge head deep into my throat. It felt wonderful to have the 33cm cock deep in my mouth with the head in my throat. I felt how my whole 24,5cm cock disappeared into Pierre's warm mouth.

Behind me Luigi was fucking me and started to groan, preparing for his third volley of cum.

"Are you guys ready? I'm about to cum again! OK?" Luigi said.

"Uhm! Hmmm!" I murmured around Pierre's huge cock in my mouth. I felt my orgasm was about to burst through, pumping my cum into Pierre's mouth. His cock in my mouth was also throbbing and I knew he too was about to cum in my mouth.

"I'm cumming! Oh mio Dio! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming mio caro!" Luigi moaned and pushed his big cock into me.

My own cumload started to spew out of my cock, filling Pierre's mouth. It was almost too much. I kept on sucking Pierre's cock and was rewarded with an enormous load of cum being pumped into my mouth. It really WAS a lot! I had to swallow as fast as I could. There was enough of a mess on the sheets what with our precum wetting the linen! I didn't want to lose any of the cum!

Luigi's cock was spasming in my hole and pumped his third load deep into me. I really was filled to capacity - big time!

Luigi pulled me close to him and pushed his huge cock deep into me.

Pierre let go of my cock and moved up to Luigi's face. He leaned down and kissed Luigi, feeding him my cum. What a nice gesture!

Luigi pulled Pierre's face down and kissed the man deeply and truly. I could hear how he sucked my cum from Pierre's mouth.

My own mouth was full of the last of Pierre's huge load and wanted to share it with Luigi. I turned towards him, still kissing Pierre. When my mouth touched their lips, they both started to kiss me. I opened my mouth and both sucked Pierre's cum from me. Oh fuck! To many this would sound fucked up and gross, but to me it was just perfect. I was in bed with the man I loved, and a new man I was fast falling in love with, and we've just shared a load of cum, shot from one of them.

Luigi was groaning and held Pierre's head down. His hand was behind Pierre's head. The kissing between us continued until all the cum in my mouth was slurped up. Pierre broke free and plopped on the pillows in front of me. He was exhausted!

Luigi let go of my mouth and pushed his face into the nape of my neck. "Ahhh! That. Was. Incredible! Pee-AIR! You're an ace, young man! Wow!"

"Yes, I've done many things in the past 12 hours I've only dreamed of before! You two have really opened doors for me! Thanks!" Pierre said and kissed me.

"Bravo! What a performance! And the star is ... baby bro!" André, who else!

"And a very good morning to you too, bro!" I quipped.

"My godd, baby bro! How much sex do you actually need? And what's this ... this ... lovey dovey stuff going down between you guys?"

"You know, André! Pierre is a nice guy and both Luigi and I like him very much ..." I tried to say.

"Yeah, you love his huge cock, that's it!"

"André, just behave - please! The sun is hardly up and you're already at it! Give it a rest, for Pete's sakes!" I put in.

"Is Pierre becoming number 8 in this group? I take it Morné is already number 7? Is it?"

"We'll talk about it, but yes, Luigi and I like Pierre and we'd like him to be part of our group. I think we know Morné would become a part too - wasn't that understood?"

"Oh fuck! You're just insatiable baby bro! And every single one of them has a huge cock! You surely know how to pick them!"

"Yes, it is a bonus, but you have to agree: Pierre is a nice guy and yes, we want him to be a part of our group - big dick and all!"

"Good morning my darling boy! What's this all about? Pierre a member of our group? I thought we said we'd call it a day at 6? No offence Pierre! You're a mighty fine man and I have to admit: I'm in awe of your looks and that massive cock of yours! Luigi, are you sure about this?" Juan said.

"Let's talk about this after breakfast. We could go for a walk and we could sit under the trees at the dam and discuss it. I'm sure Johann and Gunther wouldn't mind. Remember, I'm the fiancé and I'm happy with it. Pee-AIR is a nice guy and I wouldn't mind having him a more permanent fixture in our group ..."

"Oh, OK. The more the merrier! But I have to agree - sorry Pierre, we're not ignoring you - Pierre is a nice guy and I for one wouldn't object to him becoming a part of your group. If you're happy and if our darling boy is happy, then I say let's go for it! Pierre really would add value and status and looks and COCK to the mixture! What do you say my beautiful delinquent?"

"You do know that we'll have to put the brakes on this some time or another? We can't admit every guy into our group who comes along and who happens to have a big dick, and fucks the baby bro. What about Johann and Gunther?" André said.

"I'll take care of that, OK? For now, I'd like to take a pee and then throw on a T-shirt and shorts - I'm dying for some coffee!" Luigi said and hugged me. He kissed me in the neck. "What do you say mio caro?"

"I say Pierre should ... no, he HAS to be allowed into our group. You have to agree: the man is a hunk and he is a nice guy. The fact that he has one hell of a cock is a bonus, but that's not what this is all about. Pierre, we think you're a swell guy and Luigi and I, and I'm sure Juan and André too, would love to have you in our group! Right guys?" I put in.

"Yes, I approve. Pierre is a nice guy and his cock is magic! And I know the 'baby bro' loves it ..." Juan put in.

"Thanks guys! You really know how to brighten up a guy's day! Thanks! You won't be sorry. I'm privileged to become part of your group. I like you guys a lot and I admire what you have, and that you want me to be a part of," Pierre put in.

"Pee, clothes, coffee! Come guys!" Juan said and gave André's head a playful swipe. Of course it caused a ruckus and soon the two naked men were wrestling on the bed, rolling over us.

"Be careful! My cock is still in the 'baby bro'! You'll break if off! Mio caro, please protect me from these unruly men!" Luigi feigned hurt. Pierre's huge hands were actually covering my face, protecting me from hands and feet flailing around!

Juan got André in an embrace and after the third kiss, my brother calmed down and gave himself over to the wonderful man that was Juan.

Luigi pulled his big rubbery cock from my ass and I really had to clench to keep the cum in my rectum. It was a lot!

In front of me, Pierre was beaming with happiness. In less than 24 hours, he has lost his virginity to me and now he was allowed into the circle, with Luigi's blessing, and he was ensured of my love and affection, and to fuck me in future! The man couldn't be happier!

On our way to the bathroom, we stopped at the toilet and first Luigi and Pierre went in together to pee. The door was left open and I could see Luigi was enthralled with Pierre's enormous cock. Even as an urologist he was impressed. "I can easily see the attraction. Mio caro just knows how to pick them!" Luigi said and put his free hand around Pierre's neck and hugged him. "Don't you worry: I like you lots too!"

"Thanks Luigi. I really appreciate it ..."

"Oh puh-lease! Are you about to exchange knitting patterns in there or what? Piss and get out! There is a platoon of eager young men here that also wants to release the nocturnal build-up. Move it people, and all the others too! Chop chop!" André at his best.

"It would appear you've forgotten this urologist has gotten a very sharp knife from Dad ..." Luigi started.

"Oh yeah? I know my baby bro would be the first one to defend me! Imagine a Le Roux hunk without balls! And at the hand of a damn Ita, nogal! That wouldn't happen. And if you don't behave, I'm calling my Dad! He'll rather use the knife on YOU! He loves me too much and ..."

[Nogal - Afrikaans word for which there is no translation. It is used as an interjection to indicate indignation and disbelief]

"André, just shut up and get in here! Pierre has finished, so come do the deed so I could actually supervise you that you don't piss on the floor! Come!" Luigi could give as good as he got!

"What? I have to piss in front of you? While you're watching me? Pervert! You just want to ogle my peepee!" There was no end to André!

"Why would I want to do that? Your brother's cock is identical to yours. Just shut your trap and get in here so we could get this show on the road! Come!" Luigi said and pulled André into the toilet as Pierre was exiting it.

Luigi took André's head in a tight grip and held him tight. "Why oh why do we have to be punished like this? Hmmm? You're just too much!" Luigi said rubbing his knuckles over André's head.

"Ow! Watch it Ita or I'll sommer piss on your feet!" André was relentless.

[Sommer = Afrikaans word for which there is no translation. It's used as an interjection and adjective. In this sentence it could be roughly translated as "in passing" or "on second thought" - it's not easy to explain the meaning of this word]

"Just you dare! Just you dare! I'll ask the others to hold you down and I'll fuck you without precum or lube and ask Pierre to do the same! Watch it!" Luigi warned André and kissed him on the head.

"First you want to neuter me, now you want to dry-fuck me with the help of the others, and then you kiss me! What's wrong with you man? Baby bro, do you have any idea what you're sleeping with? This man is a sex maniac with deviant notions! Sheez!" André managed to get in. But, I heard his healthy stream of piss flowing into the toilet bowl. Luigi finished peeing and stayed next to André, holding him in an embrace. André mellowed and put his arm around Luigi's waist and his head on Luigi's shoulder. The picture from behind was so endearing. It was hard to believe it was actually André standing next to Luigi!

Next up were Juan and I. The other three moved to the bathroom.

Instinctively Juan put his arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist. I really loved him to bits. When I took my cock and aimed at the porcelain bowl, I looked at Juan's rubbery cock. It was almost 22cm in the flaccid state, and I remembered how scared I was of it when I saw it for the first time. The stream of urine flowing from Juan's big cock was thick and thundered into the water. My urine came a little later as I was getting hard standing next to Juan, holding on to him. I was fast getting hard again and had to will it away.

"I wish I could fuck you right here, right now my darling boy! I miss having you to myself ..." Juan whispered into my hair.

"Well, we could always organise it ..." I said and hugged him. "I'd love to have you to myself again and feel you deep inside me again ... You do know you're my first love and that would never change. Let's do it soon! As soon as you can get away from the university, I could be at our house waiting for you. If Dad sends me to Stellenbosh, you and I could sneak away and have a 1-on-1. I'd love that ..."

"That's a deal. I want to make real love to you to confirm to you how much I still love you."

"I've never doubted your love, my darling man! But there are Johann and Gunther who I also love and now Pierre ... but you're never forgotten!

We finished peeing and Juan pulled me into his arms, pushing his big rubbery cock into my tummy. He kissed me on the mouth and yes, his tongue played over my lips, and then entered my mouth. I sucked the tongue hungrily and groaned into his mouth.

"This just could never end! No matter how many more of Pierres there are! You're my darling boy and nothing is ever going to change that!" Juan said and kissed me again. "Come, let's get in the shower. We'll talk ..."

We entered the bathroom and of course there was a ruckus: André, who else? They were all wrestling and tickling each other, groping, hugging and kissing. In the bathroom I made it a point to take Luigi into my arms and kiss him. I hugged my man. It was not just any kiss - I kissed him like I loved him, which I did. I could never not love this man. Then I kissed Pierre and hugged him. And then Juan ... after André and Dad he was my first love, and he was a special man.

"Hey! What about me? I'm WHITE baby bro - not transparent! And if you've forgotten, I also have feelings! Sheez boy!"

I let go of Juan and hugged and kissed André. "Too little too late ... Sob! Sob!" I kissed him and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I felt his cock stir between us ...

Juan, Luigi and Pierre got into the shower while André hugged me.

"Happy my beautiful baby bro? You like him a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, André, I do. But you have to agree Pierre is a very nice guy and would only add value and style to our group. And yes, he has a huge cock, but that is a bonus. He really is a nice guy. You've known him from school, and you know he's no riff-raff. He likes me too and I know he'd be a good guy to have around," I said.

"Yeah, yeah! I know that - it's damn obvious! Sheez baby bro! I'm actually talking about the Ita ..."

"André, there would never not be a Luigi. He is one of a kind and I love him dearly. He makes me happy, he's a kind nice guy and loves me too ..."

"And how is this going to fit in with Pierre around?"

"I don't know but we'll make it work. It's still early days. He is a very likeable guy and Luigi feels the same way about him. And I have to tell you, the fucking is sensational! Herman's cock is the same size but there is just that something about Pierre that makes it super special ..."

"Are you two comparing notes or what? Come on! Get in here!" Juan cracked the whip. André and I got into the shower with the others. Juan gave me a quick hug and then he took André into his arms. Luigi pulled me into his arms, with Pierre already standing close to Luigi. Both their cocks were very rubbery and I looked at them. They were remarkably sexy and big next to each other. Pierre's cockhead was huge and thick. I couldn't fathom that I had that big beautiful thing in me all night long and still I could walk and lust after it again! Again? Oh fuck! I really was in trouble! I looked at Luigi's perfect cock. Yes, it was perfect and even at 4cm shorter than Pierre's magnificent cock, it was beautiful and perfect in every way. I loved the man to death and the fact that his cock was slightly smaller than Pierre's didn't matter how I felt about him.

On the other hand, Pierre was a true hung hunk in every sense of the word. He was dark and handsome, he was a nice guy, he was a good lover and to top it all, he had an enormous cock, and he knew how to use it! Plus, he came in bucket loads!

I didn't ever want to choose and considered myself very lucky to have a husband-to-be who understood the situation, and would allow another person into the relationship, which it was! Pierre was going to become a largely permanent fixture in our relationship, and he was OK with it! Plus, Pierre was on Cloud Nine to be able to be allowed in, to love me, to fuck me and to sleep with us - not that there would be much sleeping between the three of us in bed!

Luigi kissed us both and we responded eagerly. The man was a miracle and a man to cherish forever. But, so was Pierre. I've actually known him and his dad for ages, but not really "know" them, but I knew Pierre was from a good background, plus he was a straight A student, and a good sportsman. And now I knew he was a good lover too, with a cock to die for! I knew that if there were no Luigi and if I've met Pierre like I did the previous day, I knew I'd have fallen in love with him on the spot! It really was love at first sight. School days were just that - school days. I've eyed Pierre often, but he was a year ahead of me and the opportunity just never arose.

My shenanigans with the Williams brothers, Maurice and even Morné, faded into insignificance when I compared them to Pierre - he just was that good a lover and that nice a person. I knew Dad and Mom liked him a lot and Dad would've given anything to have sex with him and me. Only time would tell how it would pan out once the parents found out about us ... especially because there was a Luigi already ... fuck! I was fucked! Literally and figuratively!

"Fuck! Get a room you perverts! Just look at them you big oaf! Look at their hard cocks! One wouldn't say they've just had sex! Sheez, baby bro! Behave please! We're about to have coffee and breakfast and just look at the three of you! No, really ...!" André ranted on.

Luigi broke free of the three-way embrace and took a swipe at André's head. "Behave boy! Remember there is a sharp knife dangling over your head ... so to speak! One wrong step and ... 'kgetsch' ... your balls would be fed to the stray cats! Watch it!"

"Ogre! Did you see that? Did you hear how he threatened me? I'm telling my Dad! Boo hoo hoo!" André said dramatically.

"Oh please! Dad might even hold you down so Luigi could neuter you! So, just let it be! Come here, let me shampoo your hair!"

And so it went on until we were all showered, washed, shampooed and standing outside the shower drying each other off. My hands smoothed over Pierre's muscular shoulders and back and he groaned. He put his head back on my shoulder and his hand back on my more than rubbery cock. "You can't start something we cannot complete! Please! I'd fuck you on the spot again if I could, but I think Juan would hold me down so Luigi could neuter me too if I tried that!"

"He wouldn't dare ..." I put in.

"There! You see? You see? I told you he wanted to fuck my baby bro again. My godd! My man, how many times do you actually want to fuck my baby bro a day? Three times? Four times? And when do you think we'd have a chance to fuck him? Eh? Eh? Talk and tell us!"

"André, let it go now! Leave them alone! If Pierre and Luigi wanted to fuck your brother 24/7, it's none of our business ..." Juan said but was cut off by André's ranting.

"Yeah, but I'm the elder brother and ..."

"And you have rights! Yes, by now we all know that song! You're now merely the elder brother and have no say in the sexual life of the 'baby bro'! Come here, you utter rubbish! I still love you and I'm not too shabby, I'd think, or what?"

"You're not too bad yourself, but I'd just miss my baby bro ... I love being with him and making love to him! I love him ..." André's voice actually quivered. My big brother was heartbroken because I've found two lovers and he felt like he was pushed aside.

I stepped up to André and took him in my arms. When I looked into his big blue eyes, there were tears forming on the lower lids. "Have you forgotten what I told you not so long ago? Nobody could ever take your place in my heart and in my life! I love you forever and that will never change! Not a Luigi nor a Pierre could push you aside and diminish your role in my life! You could have sex with me anytime you want and you could sleep with me or with us, as the opportunity presented itself. Never doubt my love and affection. You're THE most wonderful and beautiful brother anybody could ever wish for. I love you André le Roux! And never forget that!" I took André's face in my hands and kissed him on the mouth. I tasted the saltiness of his tears. He clung to me and hugged me tight to him.

"I love you so very much baby bro! I'd die if you ever pushed me aside for anybody else. I don't care if they're as sexy as the Ita or built and hung like that big gorilla man Pierre. I'm the elder brother and ... I love you Anton!" André said and hugged me.

I rubbed his back and held him in my arms. Luigi and Pierre stepped closer and soon it was a four-way hug. Juan was pulled into the embrace and we all hugged André and each other.

"You delinquent! How could you ever doubt your brother's love? Just remember, he is a big boy now and he had to get his own man! Have you forgotten you have me ...? I'm still here and I love you very much!" Juan said. He kissed André's cheek and ruffled his wet hair.

"OK ... yes, I know but there are so many who want to steal my baby bro away from me! Imagine waking up this morning to the three of them declaring their love for each other! It makes me feel redundant!" André said.

"There is no such thing! Come on! Let's brush our teeth and go get some threads to appear in front of the parents, and have some coffee and some of Mom's hot scones. I'm sure once you've had that and had some breakfast, you'd feel much better! You're such a horrid creature when you pester us, but actually that little heart of yours isn't as big as you make it out to be! But, we love you nonetheless!" Juan said and we all agreed.

André turned to Luigi and Pierre. He took their faces in his hands - one hand on a cheek of both of them - and said: "Just never forget I was his first love. I taught him all the right moves and I was the first one to have had sex with him. Just remember that, and that at times I'd also want in! I need to inseminate him from time to time so he could remain a true Le Roux!"

"Oh puh-lease! You just want to fuck your brother! Admit it! Now, come on! Let's get some clothes! I'm dying for coffee. Come here you rubbish!" Juan said and pulled André into a head clamp, and walked to the bathroom door.

Just as they were to walk into the passage, Dad appeared in the doorway and he froze in his tracks. He looked at the five naked men in front of him and when he looked at Pierre, his gaze fixed on his crotch. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Pierre ... my goodness! That is enormous! Do you steal petrol with that thing? Wow! That is big!"

"Good morning oom Adriaan! Erm ... yes, it is big ... sorry!" Pierre managed to say.

"Nothing to be sorry about my boy! I'm just worried for my boy's sake ... it must be an experience Anton!" Dad said bluntly. And we wondered where André came from!

"Dad! That's personal!" I said and gave Pierre a towel to cover up but he was so bewildered that he just stood there. And to make things worse, his big rubbery cock actually started to get hard! Oh dear! Oh fuck!

"Uhm ... Pierre ... ahem! Well, this is a record in my books! It is by far the biggest I've ever seen! Uhm ... I've actually come to tell you to hurry up as Mom has only a few things to do to finalise breakfast. Come on! Wow ... I still can't believe what I'm seeing! Pierre, you're the champion here!" Dad gushed.

"Thanks ... I guess!" Pierre stuttered and blushed cherry red.

Dad tried to adjust his cock without us seeing it, but it was obvious he had sprung a boner. His big cock was very visible on his left hip.

"I guess about 30cm? Pierre?" Dad said looking at Pierre's semi-hard cock.

"Erm ... actually it's 33cm, oom Adriaan ..." Pierre said and tried to hide his cock behind his big hands. "Sorry, it's no longer soft, but ..."

"No need to be sorry. I know what's up with the boys and their fiancées. Is he ...? Boys, is he the latest addition to the group?" Dad said looking at me.

"Erm ... Dad ... erm ... we think so Dad. Is it OK Dad?" I stammered, looking at Juan for help.

"Yes Dad. We like him very much and we've decided to welcome him into the group. As of today he is part of the group," Luigi said, looking Dad squarely in the eyes.

"I have to say, he's a very nice addition to the group and definitely the champion in the pants department as far as I can see!" Dad said looking at Pierre's huge cock, now way beyond semi ...

"Yes, he has the biggest cock of us all and Anton was the driving force behind this. But, we all like him a lot and as you can see, he is a very attractive guy too. We're sure Claire is going to accept him to join us when we fly to London," Luigi said and put his arm around Pierre's shoulders, and pulled him close.

I looked around and saw everyone of the 5 guys sported semi-hard cocks, some harder than others, and Dad's cock was rock-hard, making a huge bulge in his shorts.

"Pierre, you might as well know, but at times, Dad joins us when we're having 'fun and games', and as you can see, he also has a big one. OK, not even close as big as yours, but it is a big one. If it doesn't bother you, you might end up having sex with us, with Dad joining us. How does that sound to you?" Juan said.

"Really? I've always liked you a lot and thought you were an incredibly sexy man, oom Adriaan! And looking at your bulge, it really looks like a big one ...?" Pierre said and when I looked at his cock, it was almost completely hard already.

"We don't have time for anything, but I'm curious. Would you mind if I touched your big cock please?" Dad said to Pierre.

"No, go ahead. I'd be honoured to have you touching it," Pierre said, removing his hands from his cock. It jutted out in front of him and Dad whistled.

"Wow! Pierre! It is a big one! Hmmmm! And it feels big and nice! Anton, can you handle this monster?" Dad asked as he put his hand around Pierre's now rock-hard cock. I looked at the others and everybody's cock was rock-hard now! Wow!

"Yes, Dad. I can handle it ..." I said and watched with amazement as Dad pulled Pierre's foreskin back, revealing the huge cockhead and immense piss-slit. When Dad pulled the foreskin forward again, a huge drop of precum oozed out and dangled from Pierre's cock.

"Just look at it! Mind if I tasted it?" Dad said, closing and locking the bathroom door.

"No, of course not!" Pierre said.

Then Dad amazed all of us. He went down on his one knee and took Pierre's huge cock in his mouth and licked the precum off. Then he opened his mouth and pushed half the cock in his mouth. We watched in amazement how he produced a lot of saliva to lubricate the huge cock, and then pushed the whole cock into his mouth and throat with one long deliberate push. My godd! Dad was a cocksucker of note!

"Oh fuck! Just look at that! I wish we could postpone the breakfast for some time! I'm so fucking horny now!" André said slowly jacking his hard cock. He moved in behind me and pushed his cock between my buttocks. "Can I push in baby bro? Please?"

"I don't know ..."

"Please baby bro! Please let me fuck you? Please?" André said in a little boy's voice and faux fucked me between my thighs.

"Do you have precum to lube your cock?" I asked.

"Yes, there is a lot and we could get some from Pierre. Don't you have some?"

"Yes, I have a little," I answered.

"Then please! Let me in baby bro ... please?"

I was standing next to Luigi and when I looked at him, he winked and nodded. I looked at his cock and he too was hard and sopping wet. My godd! I was going to get fucked by them all! Again!

André milked his cock to get more precum. Pierre was milking his cock to get more precum, as was Luigi and Juan. They all stood around André and added their precum to his cock.

I bent over and felt André's cock entering me. It was no lovemaking - it was plain sex and a fuck!

Luigi moved in front of me offering his cock to suck. I opened my mouth and sucked the head into my mouth. It tasted great as it was clean and covered in precum.

André was now balls-deep me and was holding onto my buttocks. "OK baby bro? Can I fuck you? You're still very wet inside ..."

Next to us Dad stopped sucking Pierre, who had taken Dad's head in his hands. "He is? Wow! I'd love to feel that!"

"OK Dad, I'd be quick and then you could take over. Baby bro, are you OK?" André said.

"Uhm" I mumbled with Luigi's cock in my mouth.

André started to fuck me and I could feel and hear he really wasn't going to last long. Luigi's big cock in my mouth was leaking lots of precum now. Juan moved in behind André and asked him if he could push his cock into André's asshole.

"No, I think let's save it for the baby bro, OK?" André said. My godd! Juan was going to fuck me too and add his huge cumload in me, after André had cum in me!

"Me too!" Luigi said!

"So would I please!" Pierre said.

Dad let go of Pierre's cock and said: "Then I want in as well! Please!"

This caused André to get extremely horny and he fucked me with abandon. No love-making - only unadulterated sex and fucking!

Within another 30 seconds André was starting to groan. He was about to cum. I felt Juan standing next to him, his cock already on my one bum, leaking precum. He was eager to fuck me too.

"I'm cumming baby bro! Here it is! Ahhhhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck! I'm cummiinngg!" André groaned and pushed his cock deep into me, its head bathed Luigi and in Pierre's huge cumloads still in me.

André's cock started to spasm as it pumped a big load into me. He held still and waited for the pulsations to stop. "I'm pulling out now. Juan wants to be next, OK baby bro?"

Juan didn't wait for me to give the go-ahead. As soon as André's cock was out, Juan pushed in and pushed his 28cm cock home in one long continuous thrust. "OK, Anton? I'm also loaded and will cum quickly! All the shenanigans we had to watch this morning is now to your advantage! Hmmmm! It's going to be quick!" Juan said and started to fuck me with long deliberate and urgent thrusts.

Luigi was stroking my back while I was sucking his cock. I put my hand out and touched Pierre's tummy and felt Dad's mouth around his cock. When I looked at Dad, I saw he managed to take his shorts off and was jacking his big 27,5cm cock. It too was covered in precum. My Dad!

"I'm about to cum! OK? Who's next? Dad? Hnnnggggnnnn! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Ahhhh! Here it ... comes ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yess!" Juan said and I felt his big cock swell to gigantic proportions as it started to pump its big load into me. He held my buttocks and collapsed on my back, his cock still spasming in me. He kissed my back and pushed his big cock in as deep as it could go.

"Yes, I want to be next! OK? Anton? Is it OK if I get a turn?" Dad said.

I let go of Luigi's cock and said: "Yes of course Dad! Go ahead!"

Juan waited for the last of his cum to be pumped into me. He shuddered and then started to pull out slowly. "Clench Anton! You're filled to the gills, my darling boy!"

I did clench and realised I really was filled to capacity. When Juan's cock slipped out, I felt Dad moving in behind me, putting his curved 27,5cm cock on my asshole and pushed in. The curve followed the natural contours of my rectum - the perfect fit! I was very wet and a little of the cum did leak out, so my hole was very relaxed and wet. Dad's big cockhead pushed in and stretched me, but it slipped in. He too pushed in in one long continuous thrust.

"Being with you guys and seeing all of this, has made me very horny! I too will cum quickly! And then I want to see Luigi fucking you as well as Pierre! OK Anton?"

Pierre has moved in next to Luigi and I was alternating between my lovers' cocks. The one was as delicious and hard and wet as the other. The only difference was the 4cm difference in size, and of course Pierre's huge cockhead. The precum was flowing freely from Pierre's cock. While I had Pierre's cock in my mouth, I had Luigi's cock in my hand. I was in cock heaven!

Dad was fucking me with long and deep and fast thrusts. He was horned up! I wondered when last he came ... when he did! He started to groan and gasp. His cock in me swelled and filled me big time. His last few thrusts were fast and deep, and then he growled like a wolf, and shot his load into me. He was pumping one hell of a load into me and I had my answer: Dad hadn't cum in a while! His cock was pulsating in my hole and I felt him pumping his huge load into me. He held my buttocks and pushed his cock in deep. He just growled and groaned. "Oh my boy! What an experience! Wow! I have added an immense load to the mix!"

"Whose next? Pierre? Luigi?" Juan asked.

"I think I should go first and then Pierre. OK, Antonio?" Luigi said.

"Yes, it's OK," I said.

Dad pulled out and some of his cum leaked out, making my hole sopping wet. Luigi positioned himself behind me and pushed his big 29cm cock into me - again with one long continuous thrust, as I was super stretched and very wet.

"OK mio caro? I think I have to cum quickly so Dad could see Pierre in action - Mom is waiting for us!" Luigi said and started to fuck me with abandon. He fucked me with long deep thrusts and every time his cock was pushed in deep, I felt his big balls on my bum. I was so charged up, I was about to cum myself!

I took Pierre's huge 33cm cock in my mouth and sucked it. It tasted so good! The precum was literally flowing from his cock.

"Mio caro, here it cums! My first load!" Luigi said and fucked me real good.

"Oh, I've forgotten about your multiple orgasms, Luigi! Wow! Can you take it Anton?" Dad asked with concern.

"Uhm!" I groaned with Pierre's cock in my mouth.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Mio Dio! I'm cumming! Take my load Antonio! Ahhhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuuuuuck!" Luigi groaned and shot the first of his cum into me. His cock spasmed and swelled and pumped his load into me. He immediately continued to fuck me and within about 20 seconds, he was pumping his second load into me. "Oh my dear boy! This is phenomenal! I'm cumming again! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck!" Luigi said and held still for a few seconds to pump his load into me. There were around 7 spurts. "Another one please? You still OK mio caro?"

"Uhm!" I groaned and took Pierre's cock out of my mouth. "Yes, let fly my darling!"

Luigi did just that and fucked me again. Within around 30 seconds he was groaning again and I felt his cock spasming in me, pumping his third volley of cum into me.

"Wow, Antonio! You're driving us mad here, this early in the morning! Come Pierre, it's your turn. Come give Dad a show to remember!" Antonio said as he started pulling out of me. I had a huge load of cum in me and Pierre was about to add even more to the loads in me!

Pierre moved in behind me and I looked around. Dad's cock was still big and rubbery, Andre's cock was properly hard, as was Juan's. They were all playing with their cocks, looking at the spectacle of me getting fucked by everybody present.

Pierre milked his huge cock and spread the precum over his cock covered in my saliva, and put it on my hole. He put his hands on my buttocks, and leaned forward. "You OK my darling man? Not too much? You sure about this?" His cockhead was already stretching my hole and I felt it sliding into me already.

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck yes! Push your huge cock into me and fuck me! Oh godd! Just fuck me!" I groaned and swore. Afterwards I hoped Dad didn't mind all the swearing ...

"Here it is then ... ahhh!" Pierre said as the huge cockhead pierced my asshole and slipped in. I groaned as I was stretched. The big cock was entering me, but after the other 4 have fucked me, I was very wet and very loose. It felt good to have Pierre's cock in me again. He was a champion and became a master at fucking within 24 hours!

Pierre's huge cock slid over my prostate and I almost lost it! Oh fuck! What a sensation! The big cock went in deeper and when he encountered my inner sphincter, I groaned and knew what was coming. When the big head pushed against the sphincter, Pierre made his cock swell, I pushed out and Pierre pushed in. The huge cockhead popped through the sphincter and in one long thrust, the whole cock was in me! Balls-deep!

Pierre held still and made his cock swell in me. He was a fast learner. I groaned and realised just how much I loved to get fucked!

I felt some hands on my back and when I looked up, I saw Dad stepping closer, his one hand on my back and his other hand stroking his cock. I pulled Dad closer and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted of sex and cum, and when he pulled the foreskin back, the big rubbery head slipped into my throat. I felt a mouth on my cock and felt how the person was really sucking me good. I looked at the feet of the person and realised it was André. He was about to suck me off!

Pierre started to fuck me and I felt Dad's hands on my buttocks, on my hole. He was touching Pierre's huge cock fucking my hole. Dad was as much of a sex addict as us! I felt Pierre pulling about 10cm of his cock out and Dad's hand over the shaft. Pierre pushed his cock back while Dad was holding the huge cock in me. Dad would peel his fingers away as the shaft entered me again. And again.

I was on the verge of cumming and was touching André's head to indicate to him I was close. He understood and just held my cock in his mouth, swirling his tongue under my frenulum.

Pierre was fucking me with long deep thrusts and I felt Dad's big cock in my mouth back in full force. He was leaking lots of precum and I felt Pierre's huge cock really fucking me into the next week. Oh fuck! I was in sex heaven again!

"I'm about to cum again, my boy! Do you want my load in your mouth? Pierre, how far are you?" Dad asked.

"I'm about to cum too! Anton, it won't be as much as this morning, but I think it would still be substantial," Pierre said and fucked me with long deep thrusts, his balls slapping against mine.

My own orgasm was teetering on the point of no return and I started to growl and groan. André understood and while Dad was starting to grunt and Pierre's cock was really getting hard and big, we all started to cum within seconds of one another.

My cock exploded in André's mouth and Dad's cock exploded in my mouth. Pierre's huge cock was starting to spasm in me and I could feel how it was depositing another monumental load in me. 'Not as much as this morning'! My eye! I could feel it was a big load, once again!

Dad's substantial load in my mouth tasted absolutely divine. My Dad's cum always tasted creamy and it was thick and not at all bitter. Dad does drink a lot of water and orange juice. I really loved my Dad's cum - super!

My own load in André's mouth was also substantial. My bro swallowed it eagerly. He knew me so well: he stopped sucking me and just held his tongue under the frenulum and gently squeezed the shaft and massaged my cockhead with the muscles in his throat.

Behind me Pierre had collapsed on my back and I could have sworn I heard kissing. Dad was leaning over my head and I wondered ...

I let go of Dad's cock and when I tried to stand upright, I pushed against Dad and Pierre's chests above me. They were actually kissing! My godd! Dad!

They let go of each other and when my face was level with Dad's mouth, he kissed me with his wet mouth - Pierre's saliva! "My boy, you know how to pick them! Pierre has my full approval to be a part of your group. Just keep it under wraps for now. We'll find a way to ease Mom into the idea. Pierre is a wonderful guy and I can see you enjoy ... sex ... erm ... I can see you're enjoying it with him. Thanks for letting me share! I really appreciate it," Dad said and kissed me again.

"Thanks Dad. You're one in a million. Small wonder all the guys in the group love you!" I said and looked into my Dad's sexy blue eyes.

Dad leaned past my face and kissed Pierre who had his head over my shoulder. "You too, Pierre! Thanks for allowing me in. This is a rare situation but one I utterly enjoyed, as you obviously saw! But, we're out of time! Come on boys! I have to get going. Get ready and come down as soon as you can. Thanks to all of you! This was a memorable occasion!" Dad kissed me again and bent down to pull up his underpants and shorts. His cock was still in a very rubbery state, so after he put it on his hips and zipped up, he let his shirt hang over the evidence ... oh fuck! What a Dad!

Dad kissed everybody else and was out the bathroom.

"What just happened? Did I dream all of this? Really? This was awesome!" Pierre said and pushed his still very rubbery cock deep into me. He hugged me from behind and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head and we managed a lop-sided kiss. Luigi leaned in and kissed both of us. Juan approached us from the other side and it became a four-way kiss. André got on his feet and leaned against us all, waiting his turn to get a kiss. Juan stepped back and let André in. It was a wonderful moment. I really enjoyed it and it was a great way to start the Sunday!

Pierre pulled out of me and I almost lost the huge load in me. I had to clench to keep it all in. Pierre turned me around and looked into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes and rubbed his nose on mine. "Mr le Roux, you've turned my miserable lonely 20 years into a celebration. In 24 hours I was transformed from a lonely geeky squash-playing student into a jubilant happy man! I've experienced the most incredible sex with one of the nicest - if not THE nicest! - man alive. And, I think I've found love ... I really like you and Luigi, and the others very much and I'm sure I'm going to be a very happy man after today. What just happened between your dad and us ... unbelievable! It might sound creepy to other people, but to me it was just wonderful. I'd love to have it again!" Then he kissed me with so much love and tenderness. His soft lips moulded over mine and his tongue caressed my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I was a goner! This man had me hook, line and sinker! I was in love!

Luigi stepped up to us and put his hands on our buttocks, softly caressing them. He put his mouth on ours and started kissing us again. Our big rubbery cocks pushed against each other ... oh no! Not again! I put my hand on Luigi and Pierre's cocks and felt they were throbbing! My godd! Sex fiends! But I loved them. We hugged each other and held our faces close. "I love you guys ... I really love you!" I said and hugged the two sex-crazy men.

"Yes, I love you too, but you know it. And I think I'd easily fall in love with Pee-AIR too. I like you stacks and think you're a worthy third party to this relationship. When Antonio and I get married, you'd still be our partner, just not on paper. I hope you'd fall in love with me too," Luigi said and kissed Pierre.

"Oh I already like you a lot and I'm sure I'd be able to fall in love with you! But, not in the same way I think I have already fallen in love with Anton. I think we'd be very happy together. If last night and this morning were anything to go by, I have no doubt that we would be happy together," Pierre said.

"Yes, and the monkey went to town! Sheez! You heard what Dad said and just listen to you! Where is your decency? I had an appetite like an ox, but now you've killed it! Argh! Too horrid ..." André ribbed us.

"Watch it, you delinquent! Let them be! Come here!" Juan said and pulled André into his arms. My bro had no resistance to our beautiful Juan ...

We used the basin and rinsed the sex from our cocks. But I just had to go to the toilet first! I felt how the cum in me wanted out! Too bad we were in a hurry! I wished the guys would suck it from me, but I thought about that later while I was sitting on the toilet and felt how an immense amount of cum just ran out of me. What a waste! It was a lot! Pierre and Luigi, but also the others, shot huge loads into me!


When we entered the living room, Dad and Mom, and oom Eugene and tannie Esther each sat with a hot steaming cup of coffee.

"At last! What took you so long? When Dad didn't come back with you guys after so long, I was on the verge of sending oom Eugene there to bring you back by force! Come on, get some coffee and some fresh scones. Anton and André, please help our guest. Juan, you're already at home, please help yourself. Tannie Esther and I have already prepared everything for our breakfast but first we wanted to have some coffee before we started frying the stuff. Come boys! Chop chop!" Mom said and nodded towards the buffet.


By half past 10, we finished our breakfast and were wandering towards the dam, the vintner's barn and lab. We showed the stuff to Pierre who was very keen to learn about the process of grafting vines and he asked very intelligent questions. I was so impressed with him that I actually looked past his huge and beautiful feet and hands, and his insanely big bulge, and explained the stuff to him. When I've shown Pierre the grafting tools and other paraphernalia of the trade, André and Juan were checking on the glassware that was washed on Friday. Luigi and Pierre had the same idea: they almost simultaneously cornered me and hugged me, and kissed me. Once again it became a three-way kiss and soon we were moaning and I felt my hard cock pressing against my lovers.

"No, mio Dio! Not again! I could do it right here and now, but I think we need to put on the brakes for now! Pee-AIR, don't you think we need to give mio caro a breather? He's been so accommodating, but we cannot fuck him wholesale every chance we get!" Luigi said and broke free. My godd, my Italian hung hunk! If only he knew I'd just love to get fucked again, right there! I kept quiet as I didn't want to be the village whore, which I actually was. I was a damn slut who lusted after sex like a drug addict wanted drugs! I was an addict! Hopefully with Pierre in the picture, I'd calm down ...

"Yes, I could fuck him right here, right now, but perhaps it would be a good idea to let this one slide. What do you say, beautiful sexy man?" Pierre said.

"Oh, it's not just up to me ..." I started.

"What? Do you want to tell me you'd allow us to fuck you right here, right now ... again? Mio caro! You're too much! You'd be the death of me still! Mio Dio! I want to do it, but no - I think we've had enough sex for one night and one morning. No!" Luigi said and broke free.

Pierre still had his one arm around my waist and pushed his hard cock against my hip. Oh. My. Godd! I have found my match! This man was going to fuck me royally and non-stop!

"I love you and I want to fuck you!" Pierre whispered in my ear, but loud enough for Luigi to hear.

"Pee-AIR, no! Not here, not now! You've had your fill for one day, and more! Come, let's go!" Luigi said and turned around to see what the other two were up to. Pierre put his other arm around my neck and hugged me. He pushed his huge hard cock into my crotch and groaned. My godd! He was serious! Yes, I'd love it, but I didn't want to do anything to piss off Luigi, or the other two.

We left the lab and André and I tended to some sprayers, and some fences while we were there. We also took the bakkie and drove to the other farm to take a look at the vineyard and sprayers there. Juan was driving and André was in the cab next to him. Luigi, Pierre and I were standing on the back, holding on to the rolling bar.

Next thing, André opened the rear sliding window of the cab and molested us! He fondled Luigi's crotch through the opening. Luigi yowled and slapped his hand away. André just took my crotch in his hand and did the same! I was more lenient because I was still charged and wished Pierre and I could've sneaked off so he could fuck me! Slut! But I also stepped back to escape my brother's hand. André pushed his hand further and fondled Pierre's crotch. The man actually pushed his crotch into the hand fondling him! I really found my match! Sex pervert, I thought and gave Pierre a hug.

We stopped at the storage barn and got two cases of red and white wine for oom Eugene. When we stopped at the house, we helped Pierre to transfer the boxes to his parents' car.


Mom and tannie Esther had a light lunch ready when we returned home by half past 1. We enjoyed some salads and cold meat cuts, and some light white wine from our cellars. Oom Eugene loved our wines.

After lunch I asked Pierre: "Would you like to see our collection of rare wines? Come, let me show you," I said to Pierre and led the way to the little vintner's room where Dad kept all his prized wines. It was in the flank where the study was - it was cold and dark with lots of racks where the wine bottles were kept lying on their sides. Oom Eugene and Luigi were discussing the Prius again, and Juan and André were busy on their phones and checking emails.

When we turned the corner, Pierre and I were in each other's arms, hugging and groping and kissing like teenagers. Oh fuck! I've really fallen for this man! He was, like Luigi, a dream come true. But, he had other qualities and he was equally desirable. But, it was new and exciting! I wanted more on the spot!

"Please at least suck me off! Please! I'll do the same for you! I've been hard for you since we were in the lab. Now, please?" Pierre begged. When we entered the small room, Pierre grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. He kissed me and was short of breath with desire. "You'll fucking kill me! Now I've have tasted it and now I want more and more and more! You're spectacular and I want more! Please!" He fumbled with my belt while I struggled with his belt and top button as well and soon our pants were around our ankles. I had my hand on his huge hard cock and wished he could actually fuck me again! I didn't know if Claire and Boss would accept him, and when I'd see him again! I wanted him to fuck me on the spot!

Pierre intertwined his fingers with mine and pushed my arms up against the wall. He pushed his body tight against me. I felt his huge cock pushing against my equally hard cock.

"Anton, you're driving me insane! You've opened the sluice gates at the shop yesterday. I never thought I'd love sex this much, and you are a master! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I hate to think of all the fun and games I've missed so far! I have to tell you, I'm on a mission to catch up. I know this is early days, but my gut feeling says I've found the one. I'm out of this world happy and I'm really starting to fall in love with you! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

He kissed me with so much tenderness, one would think we've been lovers for years! Even though it was only 24 hours, it did feel like a long time. This man was a great guy, a damn nice person and was fast becoming a lover of note.

I broke free from his kiss and said bluntly: "No Pierre, I want you to fuck me! Please fuck me! Please?"

"You don't have to beg me! I also want to fuck you! Are you ready for it? You don't need to go and prepare?" Pierre asked.

"I'm fine. I've had a proper morning toilet and I'm sure I'm clean. Please just fuck me! But, it has to be quick!" I said and kissed Pierre.

We heard someone at the door. I pushed Pierre away from me, pulled my pants up and opened the door slightly. It was Dad!

"I know what you're up to. Just be quick and don't make a noise. I'm going to sit here at the desk in the corner as a lookout for you. Enjoy!" Dad said and winked. Fuck! What a dad he was!

"You have a cool dad! I like him very much! Now, come here!" Pierre said and grabbed me. I took his huge cock in my hand and couldn't believe I've had that cock in me most of the time since last night. But I wanted more! Finish en klaar! I pushed the skin back and felt the huge amount of precum running out. Perfect lube!

I took the precum and put it on my hole, and turned around. Pierre aimed his huge cockhead on my hole and pushed in. The huge head stretched my hole and slowly edged in. I groaned. My godd! I was a super slut, but given the merchandise available, I was a goner! Oh fuck! This was too good to be true or to be wasted! I pushed back and felt the immense cock sliding into me. Ahhh! Fuck! Once again it felt good! No, it felt spectacular! The huge cockhead scraped over my prostate and I felt my cock leaking lots of precum, which dripped into my underpants. I didn't mind and thought it would be a problem to be taken care of later. For now, I want Pierre to push his 33cm cock into me and fuck me, I thought.

Pierre was grunting and groaning and pushed the last few centimetres of his huge cock into me. Once again, this man had my filled to the gills! He started fucking me and I could tell, he actually wasn't going to last long - he was lusting after me for too long today. I was also so excited, I knew I wasn't going to last long either. Perfect!

He started fucking me and soon both of us were groaning and grunting and breathing heavily. Oh my godd! I was on the verge of cumming when I heard Pierre making a deep guttural sound. He deliberately fucked me with long deep thrusts: he would push his huge cock deep into me and held still, and then made it swell. The huge head stretched me and I groaned. He would pull back about 5cm and ram it back into me, and then make it swell. I was in sex heaven! Again!

I felt his cock getting even harder and bigger. He was about to pump a monumental load in me again. Pierre fucked me until he felt my asshole clenching over his cock. I was cumming, without touching myself! Pierre was that good and his cock was that big!

As the first ropes of cum spewed out of my cock, I felt Pierre's cock starting to pulsate and spasm. He was cumming as well. Oh fuck! This was incredible and ... sorry Luigi ... it was spectacularly great and I was sexually charged. I felt like I was floating high above the earth! I was ecstatic! My cum hit the wall and ran down slowly - it was like thick white paint that was squirted on the wall. I felt Pierre firing one hell of a lot of cum into me. As I was cumming myself, I didn't count Pierre's shots, but it lasted quite a long time. It could've been as many as 13 squirts. It was huge - it could easily have been 70ml. I was filled big time again. I vowed to keep it in me until the night - it was too precious to push it out into the toilet!

Pierre hugged me close to his hairy body and he kissed me on the neck. "Oh fuck Anton! You drive me fucking nuts! I could do this for hours and hours and would only stop for us to eat and have a pee. I've never cum so much and so many times so quickly in all my life! And fuck yes, I loved it! And fuck yes, I'm falling in love with you! I can't help it! I fucking love you man!"

"I love you too and I also want this as many times and as long as we can do it. But remember there is a Luigi. We don't want to piss him off. He's a very nice and caring man, and you'll really love him too. So, let's keep this a secret, OK?"

Pierre's huge cock was dribbling the last of his big cumload into me. It felt absolutely great to have his cock in me.

"I'm pulling out - but not because I want to. Fuck! I wish I could have stayed in you all afternoon again! Last night and this morning were incredible!" Pierre said as he pulled out slowly. It was a huge load and I felt it. When it slipped out, a small amount leaked out and ran down my leg. Oh fuck! I immediately dropped onto one knee and sucked Pierre's huge cock clean. It was clean and just covered in cum. I licked every centimetre of it clean.

"We'll have to clean up your mess. But how?"

"Dad has some paper towels in here to remove the dust off the bottles. Let me get some," I said and pulled my underpants and shorts up a bit and held them in my one hand to walk over to the back to retrieve the paper towels. I wiped my cock clean and put my clothes back on. When I returned to where Pierre was standing, he was battling to wrestle his huge rubbery cock back into his pants. I gave him a small kiss and cleaned the wall. I shot a load of note!

"Come, let's go. Just remember you've seen this bottle," I said and showed Pierre a rare bottle of KWV Cabernet Sauvignon 1970. It was a good year and the bottle was worth thousands. "Come, I have to go flush the evidence down a toilet. You go back to the living room while I do that," I said and gave the hung hunk a hug and a kiss.

When we entered the passage, Dad sat at the desk with a big smile. "Enjoyed it? It sounded like it! Hmmm! Just look what it did to me!" Dad said and pointed at his big bulge!

"Yes, it was great Dad! Thanks for watching out for us! Pierre, I'll meet you in the lounge. Dad, I just want to flush this in your toilet."

Pierre disappeared around the corner and I turned towards the passage leading to my parents' bedroom.

"Mind if I quickly ...?" Dad put in.

"Really? Wow! Yes of course! Come let's do it! Will you cum quickly?"

"Oh hell yes! After this morning, I feel like a young stallion and I want to fuck you!"

Dad opened the vintner's room and pulled me in with him. He was already unzipping and pulled his big cock out. I unzipped and pushed my pants down. I sank on my knees and sucked Dad's big cockhead into my mouth. It tasted so good! The precum was sweet and there was a lot.

"We don't have time! Turn around and let me in please!" Dad said and pulled me up and spun me around. This too was raw unadulterated sex!

Dad bent down and licked my still wet hole and spat some saliva on it. He pushed his tongue in and lubricated my insides with his big fingers. He stood upright and put his big wet cockhead on my hole and moved it around to spread the precum.

"OK? I'm pushing in. We have a minute but I need to do this please!" Dad pushed and I felt my sphincter being stretched again as Dad's big cock entered me ... oh fuck! What an experience! Second time today, I thought. Bring it on! I loved my Dad and him fucking me just made it so much better.

"I'm pushing in now, OK? You OK? Any discomfort?" Dad asked but continued to push in. His big cockhead scraped over my prostate and I gasped. After I've been fucked 3 minutes ago by Pierre's huge cock, and came myself, I was hard but I didn't know if I'd be able to cum.

I groaned as Dad's big cock slid into me and at the inner sphincter, he just made his cock swell and pushed in deeper. His big cockhead just slipped through and Dad pushed his cock home. Ahhh! My Dad's cock was 27,5cm deep in me. And of course I loved it!

"No lovemaking, OK? I'm just going to fuck you and cum! OK? Sorry!"

"No problem! Just fuck me Dad! I want to feel you and I want your cum in me!" I gushed.

Dad started to fuck me with abandon. He pushed me up against the wall and put his arms under my arms and held on to my shoulders. He fucked me by shoving his big cock deep in me, and held still, kissing my neck, making his cock swell and then pull back and ram it back into me ... again and again.

Within a minute Dad started to grunt. "I'm going to cum! Oh my word! Oh dear! This is fantastic and I love it! I'm cumming Anton! I'm cumming! O donner! Here I cum! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Yess! Oh my ...!"

[Donner = 'thunder' but that's not what it means in this sentence. Here it is used as a swear word, here used as an interjection, depicting surprise. It could also mean 'to hit': 'Ek sal jou donner' = 'I will hit you', but not in this instance.]

Dad's cock swelled and twitched in me and I felt him pumping a big load into me, mixing in with Pierre's cumload in me. Dad always shot big loads, and this was no exception. Even though he fucked me before breakfast, he was fully reloaded and I got it all! Again!

Dad collapsed against my back and nuzzled my neck. "Oh my boy! I really and truly love you. You've become such a wonderful young man and fucking you is just unbelievable." His cock was still balls-deep in me and was still twitching and pumping the last of his huge load into me. Dad shuddered and put his arms under my arms around my chest, and hugged me.

"I love you too Dad. You're the best Dad anybody could ever wish for and you fucking me is still a dream come true. I love it every time you fuck me. It is very special to me. Thanks Dad ..."

"I wish we could prolong this, but we can't. We have to get back to the others." Dad stroked my chest and kissed my neck. He rested his chin on my shoulder and sighed ... "I'm pulling out now. Try to keep it in, OK? Pierre left a big load in you. I could feel it. Oh my!"

Dad started to pull out and I felt his cockhead approaching my asshole. I clenched and just as the head slipped out, I clenched harder. Despite my efforts, a little cum did slip out and ran down my leg. Oh fuck! It was actually more than a little.

Dad felt the cum leaking out and dropped to his knee and licked it up. "Too good to waste! But what about you? You didn't cum?"

"I've just cummed with Pierre, so I'm OK, thanks Dad."


We joined the others in the lounge. Juan and André were telling oom Eugene about our house and Juan's Rav. Luigi was chatting to Mom and tannie Esther about his family in Florence. Pierre sat next to Luigi and looked at us with big eyes. He guessed ... he winked and I winked back. I went and sat between him and Luigi. My lovers ... oh fuck! This was becoming very complicated, and then there were the others and Dad ... oh fuck!

Soon it was time for the Malans to go back home. I dreaded to say good-bye to Pierre, but he had to leave. When it was time for them to go, Pierre cleared his throat and said he wanted to say something. Uh oh! What was that, I thought.

"Dad, Mom - you've known that I'm gay for some time now and you've accepted it. Unfortunately I've never met someone before that I was happy with or who was worth bringing home to meet you. Now all that has changed. I've known the twins since school and you've known oom Adriaan and tannie Alma for a long time. The twins and I go to the same university and now ... well, the thing is, Anton and I have fallen in love with each other. Dad, Mom, I love Anton!"

"What? But Anton is engaged to Luigi! What do you mean 'you're in love with Anton'?" oom Eugene said with exasperation.

"It's complicated Dad. Luigi is not out of the picture. All three of us are going to be in a relationship. We don't know the details yet, but yes, it would be all three of us. Sorry to shock you like this, but ... I'm sorry, it just happened. We fell in love and Luigi is OK with it and he and I ... well, we both love Anton and we like each other very much. I love Anton ..." Pierre said and looked his parents squarely in the eye.

"But Pierre, why? Why both of them? Why not finding your own partner? Why Anton?" tannie Esther said and shook her head.

"Mom I don't know how it works, but it's going to be Anton and of course Luigi. Not just one partner, but two," Pierre said.

"Anton, is this true?" Mom asked.

"Yes Mom, it's true. We've discussed it and both Luigi and I want Pierre as a partner in our relationship. It's complicated. We still have to work out the details, but yes, as of now, Pierre is the third member in our relationship. Please don't ask me to explain, as this is very new to us too. I just know I have fallen in love with Pierre too!" I said and didn't look away when Mom gave me the evil eye. I didn't budge and decided I'd just take Mom's wrath. I was an adult man and had to start making my own decisions.

"Adriaan, say something! You can't tell me you condone this? It was bad enough to accept the full complement of six men, now they're adding another? No my boy! You're mistaken if you thought I was going to sit back and see you messing up your life. No offense Pierre. You're a fine man and I like you a lot, but this? Three of you in a relationship? How weird is that?" Mom ranted and one could hear she was the moer in!"

[Being 'the moer in': a slightly derogatory Afrikaans expression, widely used, meaning one is highly pissed off and mad at someone]

"Alma and all of you. I've been known to accept many things and it's not just because my boys are involved, but my opinion is to give them the benefit of the doubt. If it doesn't work out, is anyone going to get hurt so badly that he wouldn't survive? I like Pierre and he had a good upbringing. If Anton and Luigi have agreed, I say let it be. The boys can fend for themselves. Besides, they could've decided to keep it from us, and we'd be none the wiser. The fact that they've actually TOLD us, says a lot. I love my boys and trust their judgement. Eugene, Esther - Anton and Luigi are very happy and if they agreed to have Pierre with them, let it be," Dad said and my heart swelled. My Dad!

"Adriaan, we've known for some time now that Pierre wasn't going to get married and that there won't be any grandchildren, and we've accepted it. At least we thought he'd have chosen his own partner ... but TWO? How does it even work? Who loves whom? All three together? About Anton: a fine young man with a bright future ahead of him, and so with Luigi, but I'm not sure how this will work ..." oom Eugene put in.

"Dad, don't break your head about the details. The only thing that matters is that I want to be happy. And I am. I know I won't regret my decision and that Anton and Luigi would make me very happy. You have to agree, they're most definitely not riff-raff! Just think: you're getting a hockey star and a doctor as sons-in-law!" Pierre joked.

"It's not something to joke about!" tannie Esther retorted.

"I'm not joking but it goes to show they're nice men and that they won't break my heart," Pierre said and took my hand. "In fact, if this didn't happen, I'd be miserable and would have longed to be with them all the time. This isn't something completely out of the blue. Anton and I, and André, have known each other for a long time. It's Luigi who is new to me, but he is one hell of a guy and someone with integrity, style and just LOOK at him! He is a statue of a man! Do you know anybody else as attractive as Luigi? Juan, André, Anton - no offense, but I have to say it: Luigi is one spectacular example of the male body. Look at his hands and feet ..." Pierre was busy saying, ogling Luigi's exquisite hands and feet.

"But, just like that? Overnight?" oom Eugene interrupted.

"No, it's not really overnight Dad! Like I'm saying, Anton and I have known each other since school and we've had eyes for each other for a long time," Pierre said, lying a little to make the story stick.

"Well, just don't come crying if this doesn't work out. We wanted you to be happy ..."

"But I AM happy, Mom! Anton and Luigi are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and we'll be very happy together. You'll see. Dad, Mom - I'm telling you this because I think you deserve the truth. I didn't want this to be kept under wraps and me living a lie and to keep on ducking and diving. No, I want to have a relaxed, open relationship with my boys," Pierre said.

My godd! 'My boys', mind you! But I liked it!

Luigi cleared his throat and said: "If I may, I'd like to say that actually we have discussed it and yes, it was decided we'd let Pierre into our relationship. Yes, it's strange but not totally impossible. There are many people who share a lover. I haven't known Pierre before yesterday, but I trust Antonio. He has never made a decision that had any bad consequences for us. So, I fully support it and I really like Pierre. He is like one of us."

"I'm not convinced ... Pierre, are you sure about this? My boy, I don't want you to get hurt or for this to blow up in your face. You sure my boy?" oom Eugene asked.

"Yes Dad, I'm fine and sure about this. I'm as sure of it as I'm sure I've been the number one squash player this year ..." Pierre put in, but his mom interrupted.

"Pierre, now listen to me. We know you're gay and we've come to accept it. We thought you'd come home with a boy but now there are TWO? No offense Anton and Luigi, but really? This is perverse if I may so so ..."

"Esther, that is a bit harsh and very personal. Now, now, give the boys the benefit of the doubt. Pierre has convinced me that he is sure of this, and although the mind boggles and I can't even begin to understand it, Pierre remains our son, and if he's happy, we'll just have to be happy for him and with him. Pierre, you have my conditional support and approval. The condition is: you need to make sure this is what you want and to make sure if it will work before you make any major decisions. We love you very much and I for one like Anton a lot and think Luigi is in the same league as the other boys. Come on Ma, give the boy a break, OK?" oom Eugene said and Pierre squeezed my hand. Ahh, a breakthrough!

"Eugene, I first have to come to terms with it. I find it ... unsavoury even to imagine ... this. But Pierre is a big boy and I know by now that if he has put his mind on something, he'll push ahead. Pierre, just remember I don't want to hear any complaints if this blows up in your face, you hear?" tannie Esther said and gave a big sigh. "Children, you know!" she said looking at Mom.

"How about a glass of cognac or sherry? Boys, please take orders," Dad said and the tension started to ebb.

"Alma, I'm so sorry Pierre has sprung this on you too ... I don't know what to say!" tannie Esther said.

"I know, but by now I trust Adriaan's judgement. Let's give them a chance and let's see what happens. Anton, please bring us each a Drambuie ... right Esther?"

André and I took orders and soon everybody had a large cognac glass or a small liqueur glass in his or her hand. The mood mellowed further when I switched on my Jawbone Jambox and played melancholic Italian Neapolitan music from my iPhone. I knew Mom loved the music ... I could be sneaky too!

By five o'clock oom Eugene got up and started to thank Dad and Mom for a pleasant weekend. We all walked to the front porch and Pierre fetched his Mom's Mercedes Benz. When the car was parked in front of the house, we stepped up to greet the parents, and I then I took Pierre in my arms and hugged him. He kissed me on the cheek but I was determined to be open about this. I kissed him on the mouth and I even touched his cheek. Luigi joined us and all three of us kissed. No tongue though, but we kissed. I heard the two mothers gasp and we just hugged each other tighter.

The Malans got into their car and they were off. My heart gave a pang when I saw Pierre taking the turn ... and they were gone. Fuck! I already love this tall dark and handsome fucking hung hunk!

Luigi put his arm around my shoulders and pulled my head closer. "Mio caro, we'll see him again soon! Io amo il mio tesoro (I love you my darling)."

We went back into the house and the atmosphere was tense again. Juan and Luigi gave each other a look and nodded. It was time for them to go as well.

"Dad, Mom - we know this must have been a shock to you, but that's how it's going to be. We like Pierre very much, and we're sure it will become love eventually. Please give us your blessing to do ... this ... We want you to be a part of our lives and we want to be open about our relationship ... relationships ... Pierre is going to be a part of our lives and we want to make it happen. Mio caro likes Pierre a lot, and so do I. He is a fine young man, a squash champion, he has just finished his second year at law studies. He is no riff-raff - he'd be an asset to our group, to this family. Dad, Mom?" Luigi was holding my hand while he spoke to Dad and Mom. Not so much to Dad - it was Mom who was the stickler ... again!

"I'm fine with it, albeit strange and unconventional in every way, but I've always trusted Anton's judgement. Alma, please lighten up. Let it be and let's see how it develops. OK?" Dad said.

Mom sat there fuming and said nothing except for an exasperated sigh and a light harrumph. She was pissed and shocked. But, given time, she might come around. Pierre just needed to win her heart over - finish en klaar! We'll think of something, I thought and squeezed Luigi's hand.

"Dad, Mom - we have to go too ..." Juan started.

"No, please don't go on my behalf ... please stay. I'm sorry my boy, I'm just shocked ... sorry. Juan I have planned to prepare bobotie and yellow rice just for you, as I know it's one of your favourites. Please stay. Yes, I'm shocked but then again, I know nothing about your lifestyle, apart from what I've learnt over the past couple of months. It's all strange and new to me. Yes, Pierre is a mighty fine young man and exceptionally attractive - in Luigi's league. Yes, Luigi, you might be my son's gay lover, but I've noticed your impressive persona and your devastatingly good looks from the word go. If it would depend on good looks only, Pierre would be accepted on the spot, but now there are THREE of you ... oh my word! It will take time to get used to it ... give me some time. Dad and I will discuss it and ... we'll see," Mom said and gave Juan's arm a squeeze. She was very fond of our big hockey coach.

Juan took Mom's hand and kissed it. "OK, Stellenbosch isn't so far, so yes, thanks. We'll stay for bobotie. Yum!"

"Right! Boys, get us something stronger to drink! G&T Alma? Yes? OK. I'd love to have a tot of Bushmills whiskey on ice. Thanks boys," Dad said and ruffled André's hair. André retorted and grabbed Dad around his waist. Dad hugged him and kissed him on the head. "I love you boys so very much! You do me proud ..."

We got the drinks and settled down. Mom was busy in the kitchen preparing the bobotie to go into the oven. It's a quick recipe (see My Twin Brother and I - Part 28 for the recipe) and soon she was sitting next to Dad, sipping her G&T.

After the bobotie and yellow rice, a mixed salad and some of Dad's wine, Juan and Luigi announced their departure.

It was torture for me to see him go. Even though there was a Pierre as well now, I loved this man with all my heart. I was going to miss him until we leave for London next Saturday. I hugged and kissed my man, right there in front of Dad and Mom. He hugged me and I felt his semi pushing against me. Oh fuck! It's going to be difficult without him after the past 36 hours of almost non-stop sex ... I felt the tears welling up in my eyes but I put up a brave face and just hugged him.

I hugged and kissed Juan and he ruffled my hair when he had me in his arms. "Pucker up big boy! It's only a week! You'll survive!" and kissed me again.

Dad and Mom hugged and kissed the two beautiful men too, as did André. Our men were on their way back to Stellenbosch in Luigi's Prius.

"Give our love and regards to Gunther and Johann. Love you!" Mom, could you believe that?

When the car disappeared around the corner, André put his arm around my neck and hugged me close. My bro! Always there to take care of his 'baby bro'!

"No long face my beautiful boy! You'll see them again soon and if all works out, Pierre would be joining you on your trip next Saturday. Come here!" Dad said and pulled me into his arms. Mom turned around and went into the house. "I love you very much, you know that and I'll do my level best to ensure your happiness. Thanks for allowing me in, so to speak, from time to time," Dad said and pushed his growing hard-on against my body. "You have no idea my boy ...!"

André joined us in a three-way hug and he was the lucky one on Dad's left side. He groaned when he felt Dad's big cock.

"Fuck Dad, one day when I could manage the courage, I want to feel this biggie in me again! But for now, you'll fuck the baby bro who I know loves it. Dad, on behalf of baby bro, Luigi and Pierre, thank you. You're a great Dad and I know it means a lot to them that you're on their side. Pierre is a nice guy and I know he'll make the baby bro very happy, and it's not just because of his ... you know ... but, he really is one hell of a nice guy. And if I keep on feeling your big cock against me now, I'm going to jump your bones right here and right now! Come on baby bro, I need to do some stuff on my MacBook Air. Dad, you're on for another time!"

We went into the house but Dad had to unzip his pants and readjust his hard-on. He actually hauled his big cock out and put it back in his pants. The head was glistening with precum ... fuck! What a hunk!

At about half past 9, Mom announced she was going to take a bath and then go to bed. She said goodnight and she seemed a bit more relaxed. Dad would make sure she accepted Pierre and the whole situation, I thought.

Dad stayed behind and as soon as Mom was out of earshot, he turned to me and said: "I fully understand your thoughts and I fully support you. Did you and Pierre talk about springing it on the parents like that? It was quite a shock for his parents, especially for tannie Esther."

"No, it was Pierre's decision. He didn't say a thing to me beforehand. But, I'm glad he did. Now it's out in the open and we wouldn't have to sneak around and lie to you and his parents. I prefer it this way," I said.

"You really like him, not that I could fault him in any way, especially ... wow! He is big! I'm amazed you can handle it so easily! Just thinking about it, makes me hard!" Dad gushed.

"Yes, it is a big one and the baby bro even managed a double with all of us last night ..." André put in.

"What? Really? Anton! How did you manage that? Pierre is huge!" Dad interrupted.

"Yes, we did Dad. I hope you could join us some day ..."

"Oh for sure! I'd love that very much! Now look at what you've done ... again! By now I'm sopping wet! I'll have to go jack off before I go to bed. Oh damn!" Dad said, palming his big bulge on his left hip.

"I have a solution: how about the baby bro and I suck you off like in the hotel room? I'd love to taste your cum again," André offered.

"Oh yes! Please! Let's go to your bedroom. But it will have to be quick. You never know with your Mom and she could never find out about this! Come!" Dad said and got up. His bulge on his hip was huge and there was actually a wet spot on his hip.

In the bedroom we pulled our pants down, and hugged each other.

"You're really the dream boys if ever there were someone like that. I love you so much, and this ... isn't the only reason," Dad said kissed us. It became a three-way kiss and our hands were all over each other's cock. We were hard and sopping wet. Dad produced a large amount of precum for a man of 43. It made his cock very slippery.

André and I broke our kiss with Dad and sank to our knees to take Dad's big cock between our mouths on either side of it. Dad fucked between our lips and the precum left on our lips tasted divine. Dad had his hands on our heads and was groaning with pleasure. I moved and opened my mouth so his cock went straight into my mouth. André's lips were on mine licking Dad's cockshaft. Dad was so randy and the precum flowed freely.

I let go of Dad's cock and André took over. He was determined to take Dad's cockhead deep in his throat, and on the third attempt, he managed. Dad's big cockhead slipped into André's throat and I had to pull back to allow André to take all of Dad's cock in his mouth.

I put my hand up Dad's shirt and massaged his hairy tummy. Dad grabbed my hand and squeezed. Dad was extremely randy, even though he fucked me that morning in the bathroom and again earlier. But, I wasn't complaining.

André let go of Dad's cock and gave me a chance again. Dad's cock was super hard and it leaked lots of precum. I opened my throat and the big head slid in. I was ecstatic to feel Dad's cock in my throat. His big balls pushed against my chin.

André was jacking his cock and mine. We were already super randy and I knew all three of us were going to shoot our loads soon.

"Boys, I'm about to cum! Who wants the first few shots?"

"Let the baby bro have it. I'll take the last ones. Fuck his mouth Dad!" André took charge - jackal!

I felt Dad's cock growing bigger and harder. Dad was groaning and was swearing a little. "Fuck boys! You know how to make a man randy! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I'm about to cum Anton! You ready?"

"Hmmmm!" I groaned.

"Then, here it comes my boy! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Hnnnngggghhhnnnn! I'm cumming! Oh yes! Oh yes! Take it Anton! I'm cumming!" Dad growled and I felt his cockhead swell and then he shot the first shots into my mouth. It was thick and creamy and tasted so damn nice. Dad shot about 3 shots into my mouth, literally filling my mouth to capacity. I pulled André closer and when the 4th shot was fired into my mouth, I quickly pulled off Dad's cock and pushed the big shaft towards André. He managed to insert Dad's cock just in time for the next shot of cum.

The cum in my mouth tasted so good. I was tempted to swallow it all, but decided I'd rather share it with Dad. I stood up and kissed Dad, opening my mouth. Dad opened his mouth too and I pushed the cum into his mouth. Dad groaned and sucked the rest into his mouth and swallowed. He was still shooting the last of his cum into André's mouth.

Below me, André was receiving Dad's cum. I felt Dad's body tremble and convulse as he came. Then André let go of Dad's cock and offered the load to Dad. Dad let go of my mouth and moved his open mouth to André's mouth and sucked the cum from André's mouth. Dad groaned and André and I clung to Dad.

Dad broke the cum-swopping kiss with André and looked at us. "Now it's my turn! I want your cum too!" Dad sunk to his knees and took André's cock in his mouth and my cock in his other hand. Dad jacked my cock as he was sucking André's cock. We were charged big time and I almost immediately felt like cumming.

André was already groaning and clung to me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me with urgency. I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. André was growling and tensing up. He was about to shoot his load into Dad's mouth. And then it happened: he shot his load.

André was groaning into my mouth and was shuddering as he pumped his cum into Dad's mouth. It was a big load as André hasn't cum since early that morning. Dad let go of Andre's cock and leaned over to me and kissed me. I opened my mouth and sucked André's cum into my mouth. It tasted different than Dad's cum, but it was like I know what André's cum tasted like, but it did taste slightly different coming from Dad's mouth. Dad kissed me a few seconds longer and then he dropped down on his knee to suck me.

When Dad's lips engulfed my cock, I almost came - he had the most wonderful lips and he was an ace cocksucker. I pushed my cock deeper into Dad's mouth and felt my cockhead slipping into Dad's throat ... oh fuck! Dad's tongue and lips were doing the most wondrous things to my cock and I was about to cum.

Then my cock exploded and I flooded Dad's mouth with my cum. I clung to André and kissed my brother. He held me tight to him and pushed his tongue into my mouth again. I shuddered and groaned as I pumped my cum into Dad's mouth.

Dad let go of my cock and stood up, offering the load to André. André put his hand behind Dad's head and kissed him with gusto. He sucked my cum into his mouth and swallowed. He was still kissing Dad and I joined them. It became a three-way kiss with lots of tongue and lips and groans and hugs.

"OK boys, that's it for now. Thanks - this was fantastic! You have no idea how much I enjoy these encounters with you. Hmmmm! You two are real sex hounds! And I love that!" Dad said and pinched our cheeks.

Dad pulled up his pants and kissed us again. "Goodnight boys! We need to be up by 6 o'clock tomorrow. There is a lot to be done. So, get to bed soon. I'm off to take a shower now. Thanks boys!" And Dad was gone.

"Come baby bro! Let's go have a shower too," André said.


After our shower, we fired up the MacBooks Air. First of all I sent an email to Morné and hoped he was online. I needed him to send me some pictures so I could send it off to Claire. Even though there was a Pierre now, Morné wasn't forgotten. We liked the man a lot and we wanted him with us in London.

Within a minute, I got a reply! Morné sent me some photos he had taken for the gym's brochure and some others taken on vacation. His muscles were impressive, and his beautiful smile was striking. His dark brown hair and grey eyes were very sexy. I selected a few of the best photos and forwarded it to Claire, explaining why we wanted him with us in London. Of course I didn't spell out anything sexual ...!

And as it happened, Claire was online too! She replied within a few minutes and she loved Morné! Yes, she wanted to see him as soon as possible. She also mentioned that Pierre was very acceptable and she was sure Boss Models would love both of them. She was going to send the pictures off to Head Office immediately and hoped to hear back from them by Monday. Tentatively, she wanted to see the both of them on Tuesday, and they had to bring their passports with them.

"Good news bro! Claire likes the boys! She wants to see them on Tuesday and they have to bring their passports! Wow!" I said and showed André the email from Claire.

"Good godd! What a fucking tour this is going to be! You'd be fucked into a wheelchair baby bro! Imagine Pierre and Morné fucking you in a double! Wow!" André said squeezing my neck.

I sent emails to Pierre and Morné immediately. My MacBook binged five minutes later: both Pierre and Morné replied and were ecstatic. Yes, oh fuck! I was going to have more sex than the value of the budget of the derelict Zimbabwe!

"Oh fuck yes! I can't wait for Saturday! I want to sit next to you on the plane! You could sit between Luigi and me! Fortunately I have quite a neat bundle stashed away and my passport is in order. Mom will go help Dad in the shop. But I want to see you before Saturday ... pretty please? On Wednesday I have to go to Stellenbosch to pick up parcels for the shop. Please come with me? We could go to my flat ... please? I love you very much." Pierre wrote.

I answered: "My Dad also wanted stuff from the big co-op in Stellenbosch. I could arrange it for Wednesday. I'll keep you updated. But I'll have to go in the bakkie. I won't be able to go with you in your car. Now about Tuesday: take some nice clothes with you as you'll be required to go see Johann, our other friend, to have studio pictures taken for Boss. I love you, you know? Thanks for the weekend. Between you and Luigi, I'm a very happy man. I'm looking forward to Wednesday. No jacking off before then! I want a super big load please? That's an order!"

"Done! Love you!" Pierre answered.

My MacBook binged again. It was Morné. He wanted to know more about Wednesday. I explained what would be required of him. "I want to see you again please? I've been having wet dreams about you! Please! I need to see you! I need to fuck you! Please?"

I explained to him that I'd be in Stellenbosch to pick up stuff for Dad. I asked him about his programme at the gym, and if he wanted to see me, what time it would be.

Morné answered immediately. "Oh fuck yes! Just let me know your plans and I'll adjust my day to fit in with your availability. Oh fuck! I can't wait to see you and fuck you! I'm going to save it all for Wednesday! Be prepared to be filled to the gills!"

"Promises, promises! But yes, I'll let you know. Now go to bed!" I answered.

I checked my inbox and there were emails from Jonathan, Alessandro and Piero. My godd! It was just sex, sex, sex. All of them lusted after our ... no, after MY ass! Jonathan couldn't forget our encounters in the hotel and at Jacques's farm. He gave me his itinerary for his trip to London. It would appear Christopher was sent off to Moscow for a shoot in the snow. He tried to convince his agent otherwise, but apparently the client was paying big bucks and would not settle for the guy suggested by the agency. Something to do with hairiness and teeth, and feet! As if the model's feet would be visible in the snow in Moscow! But it appeared only Jonathan with his huge 35cm French-Puerto Rican cock would be in London when we were going to be there. He included a few raunchy pictures - I got hard seeing that immense cock again.

As we were actually going to be working together for the Boss Models' shoot, we would be seeing each other every day and perhaps we could fit in a session one of the nights.

Jonathan was an incredible man. He was the proverbial but literally tall, dark and fucking handsome hung hunk. But there was a problem: he was thousands of kilometres away in Toronto. Furthermore, he wasn't Luigi or Pierre for that matter. He was as sexually charged as I was, but if I had to choose if all things were equal, I'd choose Luigi and Pierre time and time again. The sex with Jonathan was mind-boggling. He had a beautiful uncut horse cock and he knew how to fuck. He was capable of multiple orgasms and cum by the bucket loads. He was a good fucker and an excellent kisser. But, his persona wasn't even close to that of Luigi or Pierre, or anybody else's in our group of 7 or 8 (if Morné was going to be added).

Only time would tell how next week with Jonathan would pan out, I thought.

Alessandro was ecstatic. It was as if I could hear him screaming! He kept on saying the time in London was going to be epic. The time we would spend with him, Sven and Jean-Pierre, would be Saturday afternoon and night. He included a whole itinerary they worked out and it sounded like a lot of fun.

Sunday and Monday belonged to the 8 of us, and included Pieter and Claude. With Pieter, Claude and Luigi there, we were sorted in London. Luigi and Claude have already worked out two days of fun and lots of fun. It was going to be a great time in a world city.

The next email was from Piero. The other Italian stallion was ecstatic and couldn't wait for us to arrive in 2 weeks' time. He said he was trying to abstain from jacking off, but usually lost the battle after 3 days, especially when he looked at my pictures! He said that Luigi sent him an email telling him how happy he was, but he said Luigi was still keen on 'sharing' me! Jackal! He included some pictures of him on the Ponte Vecchio and in front of the Duomo. Of course there were pictures of him naked too. His 28cm cock stood proud and I had to admit, it still was very inviting, even after seeing, touching, tasting and feeling Pierre's huge cock. I was still keen to experience the other tall Italian stallion. Piero had worked out a whole week of fun and games in and around Florence, in other parts of the Tuscan area and of course in Rome. He and Luigi were planning to make our visit as memorable as possible.

My MacBook binged twice while I was reading Piero's email. I checked and I had email from Luigi and Pierre - my godd! Would it even be possible that both my lovers sent me email at almost the same time? I checked the time: it was just after 10 pm. I beamed. Fuck, I was the luckiest and happiest man alive!

I opened Luigi's email first. He enthused about the weekend, how much he enjoyed it with me and of course Pierre. "I really like Pierre and I am glad you've found him. I know he would make you very happy and if you're happy, I'm happy. As long as you remember he is not going to replace me!" I smiled and realised my man was just staking his claim! "And remember I love you more than life itself. I loved having Pierre around and if things work out, we could invite him to stay over with us if he wanted to. I have had email from Piero. He is still very interested and as horny as only an Italian youngster could be. So, remember: in Florence you are going to have at least 3 hung guys wanting to fuck you and fill you up with their big loads. Piero shoots really big loads - as big as mine! Thanks again for being my lover. I love you very much and I'm looking forward to see you on Wednesday. Oh, your Italian tutor let me know your Italian is coming along very well. Soon we could correspond in Italian! Piero is going to be very impressed! Sleep well and dream of me, or at least let some of the dream be of me! I know Pierre and Piero will feature! Doggs! Ti amo molto la mio caro!"

I answered Luigi and declared my undying love for him. I acknowledged my love for Pierre and anticipated encounter with Piero, but that nobody would ever replace him. He was my first and most important love, ever. I told him how much I was looking forward to Wednesday. Slut! First Morné, then Pierre and then Luigi ... Slut!

I opened the email from Pierre and beamed. He put it bluntly that he fucking loved me to bits and thanked me again for letting him in - literally and figuratively. He said he'd get more details about his day in Stellenbosch on Wednesday and asked what I wanted to drink when we met at his flat for an afternoon fuck.

Pierre was such a charming guy but he was brief in the email. I ascribed it to the late hour and the continuous sex since Saturday morning. Poor man! I answered him and stated cider would be fine and that I also needed to finalise things with my Dad and his orders.

As I was feeling sleepy myself, I yawned and closed my MacBook.

"Bro, what are you up to? Updating your status on FaceBook again?" I ribbed my brother and hugged him from behind. I kissed him on the head. I truly and dearly loved my brother.

"Yes, I'm stating on FaceBook I have a sex pervert for a brother. No baby bro, I'm checking on some of the tourist sites in London, Berlin and Florence. I know we will be with all these clever worldly men, but it would be nice to know a bit more before we left," André said and grabbed my crotch.

"Yow! Look who IS the sex pervert here! So, what have you learnt?" I said.

"Lots of stuff. I'm going to make short summaries for us and print them out so we could read it on the plane. We could also keep them handy while we are in these cities. Now, let's brush our teeth and get into bed. I want an all-nighter baby bro. Get yourself ready! I am the elder brother and ..."

"Oh fuck yes, we know that old story! What would you say if I said 'no'? I've been fucked royally since Saturday morning and I think I deserve a breather, or what? I'm pooped and I think I'm going to pass out the minute my head hits the pillow. Come, I'll race you to the bathroom!" I said and started running.


During the night I woke up and André was busy pushing his big cock into me. I just let him be as I knew he needed some assurance that he wasn't replaced or pushed out. I groaned when his cock slipped in and when he heard I was awake, he kissed me on the cheek. "OK baby bro? I am still horny and I'm not going to waste an erection or my cum on a wank. So just relax."

André fucked me for about 5 minutes and shot his load into me. He groaned and pushed his cock deeper into me. He hugged me and put his head on mine and said: "I love you so very much. I love Juan and the others, but it's you I love best. Thanks baby bro!" He kissed me again and gave a deep sigh of satisfaction. Soon he was asleep. I sighed too and realised how lucky I was and how much I loved my brother, Luigi, Pierre and all the others. André's cock in me was rubbery and big and I drifted off to sleep ...

What a weekend that was!


Monday and Tuesday were two normal days on the farm. We worked hard and after we've showered, we would check our emails on our MacBooks Air and answer where necessary.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had a phone call from Pierre. Morné was with him in a restaurant in the Waterfront. "Guess what! We were accepted! Morné and I! Yay! We're going to London with you guys, and then Germany and Italy. Claire has connections and would have our visas processed before Friday. We need to be here again to finalise the Schengen visas on Thursday."

"That's great news! I'm so glad for you!"

"It's all thanks to you! Thank you, you gorgeous thing!" Pierre said out of breath.

"Are you having a drink? Be careful not to overdo it!" I warned them. The cops would lock them up if their blood alcohol content was beyond 0,005%.

"Yes 'dad'! We'll be careful. Claire said Boss Models will be using Morné for sports catalogues and I would be used for their corporate merchandise ... Ahem! Imagine me, Mr Executive!" Pierre gushed.

We said goodbye and I gave a sigh of relief that he didn't say anything about seeing him the next day. Fuck!

On Tuesday night I slept like a baby, dreaming of Luigi, Pierre, Morné and Piero. I woke up with a rock-hard hard-on and put a hand on André. He was awake too. "Feel like me fucking you baby bro? I'm hard and ready if you are up for it," my brother said bluntly.

For the next 10 minutes my brother fucked me gently but urgently. After he shot his load, he put his one arm under my head and the other one over my chest. He was still inside me and he pushed in as deep as it would go. "I love you baby bro," he whispered and drifted off to sleep.


On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling very excited. I was going to go to Stellenbosch, and I would be seeing Morné, Pierre and stay the night with Luigi. I was going to be fucked royally and was going to be pumped full of cum.

As soon as I've had breakfast I put my overnight stuff together and took a proper douche. Then Mom gave her list of stuff she wanted, but of course I had to get it only the next day on my way back. Dad called me to the study and showed me the flyers of the co-op on which he has marked certain items I had to get for him.

"Are you seeing someone before you go to Luigi's? Will you have time to do it today?" Dad asked and I swallowed. I didn't want to lie to Dad and I was going to be somewhat honest.

"Pierre is also going to be in Stellenbosch. We're meeting ... and then I'm going to Luigi's. Please don't judge ... it's still very new to us and we want to spend some time together to see if this is as good as it feels right now."

I put a hand on Dad's arm and squeezed. He put his other hand over mine and squeezed. "No judgement my beautiful boy. Just be careful and don't get hurt. And if Luigi doesn't want to know this, then keep quiet. He is a fine man, but so is Pierre. Why don't you see them together?"

"Pierre has to be back home tonight and we only have this afternoon. I'm sure Luigi wouldn't mind as he likes Pierre a lot. But, perhaps you're right: I need to keep this under wraps. Thanks Dad," I said and leaned over to kiss him. My hand slipped off the edge of the desk and landed in his crotch. He was almost rock-hard! I gave his cock a squeeze. How I wished ... no! NO! No more of this - not now!

"Ahhh! You feel what you're doing to me? I wish we had time ... hmmmm! This past weekend was out of this world! Sucking and fucking with you and André and the others in the bathroom - super!" Dad said and pushed my hand into his crotch. It was rock-hard now.

"Perhaps I should leave so I could get some of your stuff today. If I stayed here longer, I'd end up with your big cock in my mouth or asshole ...!" I said and kissed Dad. He put his hand behind my head and hugged me. His tongue was in my mouth. Oh fuck! I could have sex with Dad every day!

Dad put his other hand on my crotch and gave my hard-on a squeeze.

"How about a quick suck in the vintner's room? Mom and André are outside giving instructions to the workers. Come on! A quick one? Some padkos for you!"

['Padkos' = Afrikaans word meaning food for the road. There is no direct translation for it and is used by all language groups in South Africa]

Before I could change my mind, Dad and I went into the vintner's room and locked the door. Our pants were off in no time and we were in each other's arms, hugging and kissing. I put my hand on Dad's big hard cock and felt it was wet already, as was mine.

"Suck me - now!" Dad commanded.

I dropped to my knee and pushed Dad's cock deep into my mouth. The precum lubricated my throat and soon the head slipped in there. When the big head was in my throat, I massaged it with my throat muscles and tongue. Dad was groaning and had his hands on my head.

"Suck me! Oh damn! Oh hell! This is heaven! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Hnnnngggghhhhnnnn!" Dad pulled his cock out a bit and started fucking my mouth. It was clear he was going to cum soon. I had one hand on the shaft and the other was fondling his big balls. They were big and wonderful to feel.

"Here it comes Anton! I'm cumming! Oh dear! Oh damn! Ahhhhh! Oh FUCK! Ugh! Ugh! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhhhh!" I felt Dad's cockhead swell and then the whole cock started to spasm and twitch. The first of the cum was a small dribble, then the second huge cock was shot into me and hit the back of my mouth. The third was even bigger. And the fourth ... and the fifth and then it started to taper off. The sixth and seventh were smaller and the ninth was a dribble again. My mouth was overflowing with cum and once again, it tasted great.

"Sensitive! Ahhh! Pull off please!" Dad said and pulled his big, still spasming cock from my mouth. I stood up and kissed him with the cum still in my mouth. I opened my mouth and Dad sucked his cum from my mouth. I closed my mouth once half of it was out - I wanted some for myself. I swallowed and marvelled at the exquisite taste of Dad's cum.

Dad dropped to his knees and took my throbbing cock in his mouth and sucked. I was charged big time and within minute I felt my orgasm boiling to the top. Dad's tongue on my cock was doing such wondrous things. He pushed my cockhead into his throat and played with my balls.

"Ahhhhh! Oh Dad! I'm going to cum! Here it cums! Ugh! Oh fuck!" And I let fly. I shot my load into Dad's mouth and flooded it. It seemed like it would never end. I shot quite a load. I held his head in my hands and shuddered. I started to pull out of Dad's mouth as my cock was sensitive.

Dad stood up and kissed me and I got half of my cum in my mouth. It tasted nice. Dad swallowed his half of my cum and I did the same with the half he gave me.

Dad's tongue in my mouth made me feel complete and I sucked on it. We hugged each other while our rubbery cocks were pushed to each other. "I love you so very much my beautiful boy! This is exquisite and something that makes me love you even more. Thanks!"

We broke free and pulled our underpants and pants up. We zipped up and Dad kept his shirt over his bulge on his hip. I usually left my shirt out so I was covered.

Dad listened at the door for any tell-tale signs of Mom or André. When he heard nothing he quickly unlocked the door and we slipped out. We went back into the study so I could take Dad's list and the flyer of the stuff he wanted. We each chewed a mint to mask the smell of cum.

As we entered the living room, Mom and André came in from outside. "Are you ready to go? Now remember you have to pick up the vegetables from the deli tomorrow around 9 o'clock. Make sure it's in the shade. Please put it on the floor on the passenger side and keep the air conditioner on. Is there anything you guys still need for London?"

"Yes Mom I will. And no, we don't need anything more, thanks. I have to go. Bye Mom. Bye bro. Bye Dad," I said and hugged and kissed them all. When I kissed André, he whispered in my ear: "Enjoy, sex perve!" I slapped him on his back and kissed him again. "Behave, delinquent!"

"Drive safely and give our love and regards to Luigi. See you tomorrow," Dad said and ruffled my hair.

I was off in Dad's bakkie. I put a compilation CD I've made in the player and enjoyed the drive. I took my iPhone out and called Morné. He answered on the second ring. "I've been waiting for your call. It sounds like you're on your way. Hallo beautiful man!"

"Hi, Morné. Yes, I'm on my way. Your address please? I should be there by half past 10. All still OK?"

"The address is Unit 3 Nooitgedacht, 7 Nagtegaal street in Oudebosch. Yes, all is fine and I'm charged up to see you. I changed my schedule around with another guy who wanted to have the afternoon off. Oh and thanks again for organising with Claire ... you're a master!"

"Yes, you can repay me in centimetres and millilitres! Do you have a lot to pump into me?"

"I haven't jacked off since the weekend and can't wait to pump you full of the stuff! I'm hard already!"

"Good. I'll be there soon. Keep it hard and wet! Bye."

I called Juan's iPhone but it went straight to voicemail and I received a Message saying he was in a meeting. I sent him a message in return to say I was in town and wanted him to come see me at home, but that I'd be at Luigi's. He answered that he was in a meeting and later on he and Gunther had a meeting with the dean. It would appear our intended meeting was not going to take place. Juan and I would have to find another time for a chance to have some fun then. Well, I had at least three guys lined up for the day ...


When I arrived at Morné's place I parked the bakkie in the complex grounds and went to the front door. When Morné opened the door, he was wearing only rugby shorts. His beautiful muscles were spectacular, covered in his short black chest hair that is growing back. He looked fantastic. I looked at his feet. They were very sexy and well-shaped. Not in the same league as Luigi and Pierre's feet, but still very nice.

The bulge in his pants was enormous, pushing to one side.

"Welcome! Come in!" Morné said and pulled me into his arms, closing the door behind me. He kissed me and pushed his hard cock into my crotch. His strong muscular arms were around my neck and chest. His big soft lips tasted good. "Oh fuck! This is a dream come true! You've got no idea how I've been looking forward to this! Ahhh!"

"I'm glad, but you have to remember there are other guys in my life, OK? You can't fall in love with me ..."

"Too fucking late, mate! I'm already in love with you ... sorry!" He hugged and kissed me again.

"Uh oh! OK then, but remember I'm not available for a long-term relationship. But I have good news: the others would like you to be part of our group, if you're interested ..."

"Oh fuck yes! I'm interested! Then do I get to fuck you? Yes?"

"Yes but the others will be there too," I said.

"No problem. Yay! First London, now this! Thanks my man!" Morné grabbed me in his arms again and kissed me.

"So then, how did the shoot with Johann go yesterday?" I asked.

"Wow! Johann is so hot and so sexy! Hmmmm! Yes, it went very well. He is very satisfied and thinks Boss Models would be pleased to see the pictures. He thinks it will go well in London. So, I owe you my man! I have 30cm that wishes to be inside you! Interested?"

"That's good! I knew you'd be model material. And yes, I'm interested in your big 30cm cock in me! Yes, thanks!"

"Come, let's get something to drink. How much time do you have? An hour?"

"In fact, it can't be more than an hour. So, let's get the drinks and take it to your bedroom, OK?" I said.

Morné got us each a bottle of flavoured water and we went to his bedroom. He undressed me while we were kissing. I got hold of his pants and pushed them down. His big 30cm cock jumped out and up. It was sopping wet and big! I put my hand over it and squeezed. It was thick and was throbbing. He was really charged.

I sank to my knees and took the big cock in my mouth. It was big and tasted fantastic. His huge balls were hanging low. He pushed his cock into my mouth and the head started to slip into my throat. Oh fuck!

I sucked him for a while and then he pulled me up. "I'm about to cum! Let me suck you first."

Morné went down on his knees and took my 24,5cm cock in his mouth, which was leaking lots of precum. He was a talented cocksucker and within seconds my cockhead was balls-deep in his throat. I groaned. I was pushed to the limit and I too wasn't going to last long if he kept that up.

I pulled him up and kissed him. "I think we're both charged big time but I want you to fuck me, please! Any interest in that, my man? Any idea where I would like to have your huge cock?"

"Oh fuck yes!" Morné said and pushed me onto the bed and crawled on top of me. He lied down on top of me with our cocks pushing against each other. The precum was making a monumental mess on our tummies, especially on my hairy tummy. Morné put his hands on the pillows next to my head and lowered his mouth to mine. "Fuck, you actually don't have an idea how sexy and beautiful you really are, Anton. I'm sorry, but I fucking love you, finish en klaar! I can't help it. You drive me bonkers and I'm going to give you the fucking of a lifetime! Ready?"

"Give it your best shot, my man! I'm ready!"

Morné moved between my legs and lifted them to expose my hole. He leaned down and starting to lick me. He put his mouth on my perineum and sucked it. Then he sucked my balls into his mouth and made me groan with pleasure. Then he trailed his adept tongue over my perineum to my asshole. He licked me until I was sopping wet. Then his tongue pushed into my hole and made me squirm. He put his whole mouth over my hole and sucked. It made me want to cum on the spot!

"Erm ... Morné, I think you'd better penetrate me now ... NOW! I'm on the verge of cumming! You keep this up, and I'm losing it. I want your cock in me, NOW. Please!

Morné opened his nightstand and took out a tube of lube and some poppers. He gave me the poppers and opened the lube. He put some of it on my hole and some on his huge cockhead and shaft.

He leaned forward and put his cockhead on my hole. "Poppers! Now!" Morné commanded. I opened the small bottle and took a few deep whiffs. My head started to spin and then the head of Morné's cock slipped in without me even knowing it. I was so relaxed that when the big cock was entering me, I actually grabbed him and pulled him closer. I wanted him to be in me! He didn't stop and once his cockhead was in, he pushed into me with one long continuous thrust. Morné was in me balls-deep and leaned forward to kiss me, but first he said: "Poppers, and give me some too." I took another deep whiff and held the bottle for him to sniff. His cock got even harder and bigger in me. We both groaned and growled.

Morné lied down on top of me and kissed me with his big cock deep inside me. My legs were bent and pushed up on either side of his body. His hands were on either side of my face and he caressed my cheeks. His cock was throbbing in my hole. We were both groaning and breathing heavily.

"Oh fuck! You drive me mad! I want to fuck you so badly and now it seems I'm going to cum so soon! I was holding back on the jacking since Sunday ... oh fuck! But I'm going to pump one hell of a load into you!"

Morné lifted off my body and put his hands on my bent knees, and started fucking me. His cock was really hard and big in me. His big balls hung on my buttocks and I groaned. It was going to be one hell of a ride!

After only 3 minutes of fucking, Morné was starting to growl and I felt his huge cock in me starting to twitch and pulsate and it was really hard. He pushed his cock hard into me and made it swell, again and again.

"I'm going to cum, I'm sorry, but it's all your fault! You're just to fucking sexy! I can't help it but I'm going to cum! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Hmmmm! Ugh! Ugh!" Morné was breathing hard and deep and then he slammed his cock home once more and held still. He threw his head back and growled like a wolf. "Oh godd! Oh godd! This is insane! I fucking love you man! Oh fuck!" His cock spasmed and swelled rock hard and I felt him spewing his huge cumload into me. It was a lot. Oh fuck! Morné held still and let his cock twitch in me. He was pumping the last of his cum into me. He gave one last shudder and collapsed on top of me with his cock still in me. I was rock hard and my cock leaked a lot of precum on my tummy.

Morné's mouth was on my neck and he was breathing heavily. "Oh fuck! Anton, I never thought sex could be this intense. You'll fucking kill me! Oh godd! This was fantastic! Ahh! But what about you?"

"I'm fine! I came this morning so I'd like a breather if you don't mind? Unless you want me to cum, I could ..." I said.

"Oh fuck! I'd love to suck you dry but I'm pooped. Good godd! You drive me insane! OK, If you're OK, it's OK. Oh fuck ...!" Morné stroked my face then he kissed me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it.

His big rubbery cock in me was leaking the last of his big load into me.

"I could lie on top of you like this for the rest of the day. Oh fuck! Anton, I have said it, but once again: I fucking love you! I really love you! You're a great guy!"

"I like you lots but it would be unfair to you to say to you that I 'loved' you. I really like you and that's why I wanted you to join us in London. I'm glad Claire and Boss accepted you. We're going to have an awesome time in London and Europe," I said and kissed him again, "but love? Not yet. Remember there are 5 other guys in my life."

Morné lifted his torso and put his arms on my chest, looking into my face. His grey eyes were mischievous and it was clear he had lots of ideas on just how we could make the time memorable. He rubbed his nose on mine and kissed me. "Well, even though you don't 'love' me, I love you and want to have lots of sex with you, OK?"

"OK my man! But now you'll have to get off and out of me, please. I have some chores to attend to. OK? Thanks for filling my tank! Now I'll be able to go for the whole day! Come Morné!" I said and kissed him for extra effect.

When he lifted off me and started to pull out, I felt the huge load in me ... it was touch and go or I've lost it. I was thinking of keeping it in me but I wasn't sure if Pierre would notice it when he was going to fuck me. I decided to play it safe and rather get rid of it.

"I'd love to keep your big load in me, but it's a bit much. Would you like to suck it out of me or do I have to get rid of it in the toilet?"

"No, let me suck it out and feed you! Hmmmm!"

He pushed my buttocks up and put his mouth on my hole. I relaxed and felt how he sucked his immense load from my hole. He leaned forward and held his mouth above mine and let the cum run into my mouth in a thin stream. It tasted good! He went back to my hole and sucked the last of the huge load from my hole and fed it to me.

"Quick shower?" Morné asked.

"No thanks, but I'd love to clean up please?"

After I've cleaned up, Morné was behind me and hugged me. His big cock was pushing against me. Oh fuck! I didn't have time but I so would have loved it!

"Morné, seeing that you're going to be a part of the group, you'll need a ring. I need to take some measurements of your ringfinger. Paper and a ruler please?"

"This feels so unreal! Really? Wow! You're such a nice man!" Morné said and gushed. He hugged me again and then we went into his bedroom to his desk. I took a strip of paper and measured the circumference of his ringfinger: 128mm! Wow it was big! I put the ruler on his hand and measured the diameter: 22mm. The muscular man had big hands and fingers!

"I'll call the jeweller and order the ring for you. We all have pendants as well, which are in place of engagement rings. I'm sure you'll fit in with two of the others, so we might as well get you one. Which couple do you fancy? Which couple is your favourite?"

"Ah, that's easy! Juan and André, the delinquent! He is so funny and Juan is a gentleman. Johann and Gunther are nice, but I'd have to say Juan and André."

"What shape? And how long should the chain be? Same as ours?"

"I'd love a square pendant and I'd love the chain a bit longer please. Would you let me know how much it costs so I could pay you?"

"No, we're giving these as a gift to you. No payment. Juan and André would pay for it. I'll order it today, OK? We could have it by Friday. The letters J, A and M on it?"

"Hmmm! And we're in quite a 'jam', aren't we! Yes, please!"

We hugged and kissed some more and then I was out the door.


As I was driving away from Morné's house, my iPhone rang. It was Gunther! Beautiful sexy big Gunther! Our sexy Jerry!

"Ahh! This is a nice surprise! How are you?"

"Hi there mein Schatz (my darling). I'm fine thanks but I have a problem with a tap at the flat. I called Dad and he said you're here. Would you mind to come fix it for me, please? I'm at the flat right now. I took a chance and came home. Would you, bitte (please)?"

"How can I ever say 'no' to you my beautiful man! Of course! I'd be there in 10 minutes' time. Have it all ready ... the washers and pliers, I mean. I'll be there just now," I said and thought of the big blonde man with the huge cock. And how much I loved him. He was a loveable man and a spectacular lover.

"All will be ready for you ..." Gunther said with some innuendo ... oh fuck!

I saw I had a missed call from Dad, and a message that I had a voicemail. I dialled my voicemail box and heard Dad telling me about the tap in the flat.

I called Pierre.

"Hi beautiful! You just know how to make a bright day brighter! How are you?" he gushed.

"I'm fine thanks. Where are you?"

"I've just left home now. There was a computer crash at the shop and I had to sort it out first. I should be there in an hour's time. Where are you?" Pierre asked.

"I'm on my way to our flat we rent out to sort out a problem with a tap. Want me to meet you at your house, Mr Malan? Any ideas?" I ribbed him.

"Oh dear godd, Mr le Roux! Where else would you want me to fuck you? Will you find my place? I gave you the address and you said ..."

"Yes, of course! I was just putting you on sexy man! OK, I'll see you in an hour's time. Make sure that huge pistol is loaded and ready for me. I have an empty petrol tank that needs filling ... OK?"

"You're on! I'm almost fully hard right now, my darling!" Pierre said and hung up.


I parked in front of the flat and quickly phoned the jeweller and gave him the order. He would have it ready by Friday. I asked if he could have it sent to Johann's studio. Yes, he would. "But there is another order I'll phone through a bit later, OK? Would you be able to do two rings and pendants before Friday?

"For you guys - anything! Sure! Just before the end of today so John has ample time to get it ready tomorrow," the jeweller said.


When I rang the flat's doorbell, I heard Gunther coming to the door. He opened the door and pulled me in with one brusque movement. "O mein Gott! Komm hier (Oh my godd! Come here)!" He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. His soft lips on mine felt like velvet. He put his arms around me and he hugged me. He pushed me away and looked at me. "You look good enough to eat! And smell so good! I've missed you so much! Oh fuck! Just look at this!" he said and grabbed his big bulge. It was tenting his pants.

"Come, let's sort out your tap. I keep a little box with spare washers in the kitchen. Did you see it in the bottom drawer?"

"Nein, mein Schatz! I did not. I want to fuck you. The plumber can come tomorrow!"

"No, let me fix it. It would be quick and then you could pump your big load into me, OK?" I walked into the kitchen and retrieved the small box from the drawer and went into the back to turn off the stopcock for the water supply. I used the water pump pliers to open the tap and had the washer replaced in under 5 minutes, water turned back on.

"My godd! You make me so horny and now you're this butch man who can do this too! Come here! Let me get you some Coke and then into the bedroom, bitte!"

We got the Coke and went into the bedroom. I took a sip of the Coke and then turned to Gunther. His pants were bulging - his 29,5cm thick curved cock was throbbing on his right hip. It was a big one. I put my hand on it and he groaned. He grabbed me and kissed me. He started unbuttoning my shirt and I fumbled with his belt. He was still dressed smartly casual for work as he just came home to have the tap fixed after speaking to Dad.

Soon we stood in our underpants hugging and kissing and groping each other. I loved this man! He was such a gentleman and such a hung hunk! My cock was hard and leaking lots of precum in my now soaked underpants.

I broke the kiss and sank to my knees and peeled the underpants off Gunther's huge cock. It was a big one and thick. It too was sopping wet. The tip of the big head was glistening with precum. I pushed the skin back and took the big head in my mouth. It tasted divine. I loved it and the huge head filled my mouth. I touched his huge balls and fondled them. Gunther was groaning and took my head in his hands and pushed his cock into my mouth. The precum lubed my mouth and the head started slipping into my throat. He kept on pushing and then the big head was in my throat. Ahhh! The cock advanced deeper and soon the huge balls were on my chin. I put my hands on his tummy and up on his nipples. He groaned and said all sorts of words of love in German. My throat muscles massaged the huge cock in my mouth and Gunther's cock twitched and he made sounds of pleasure.

I slowly let the cock slip out of my mouth and moved up his hairy body and sucked on his nipples. He growled and pushed hard against me. He pulled my head up and kissed me. His tongue was in my mouth and I sucked on it. He had his hands on either side of my face and I had my arms around his chest. He was a wonderful man and an exceptional lover.

"Come sit on my cock. That way it follows the curvature of your rectum. Lube and poppers are in the nightstand. Komm mal bitte! (Please come!). Gunther lied down on his back and held his huge 29,5cm cock in the upright. I took the lube and put a generous blob on the head and spread it over the head and on the shaft. I took some more lube and put it on my hole, still loose after the 30cm Mr du Preez fucked me with an hour ago.

I opened the poppers and took a few deep whiffs. I handed the poppers to Gunther and he took a hit. I lowered my buttocks over the big cock under me curving to my left. It was a big thick cock. The head started to slip into me, stretching me and it felt so good to have Gunther to myself for a change. No - it actually was the first time he and I were together alone. He was such a gentleman and a true hairy blonde hung hunk.

I lowered my buttocks further and felt the huge cock filling me. It scraped over my prostate and I gasped. I've been fucked earlier and I didn't cum. I was charged big time! The cock went in deeper and reached my inner sphincter. I waited until the sphincter relaxed and sat down on the cock. It was pushed home and I groaned. I had a great cock in me and I loved this man. I could have sex with him every day. His blue eyes looked at me and he smiled. "Ich liebe dich, mein Schatz! (I love you, my darling!)."

I lifted up slightly and Gunther started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. I groaned with pleasure and clenched my hole over the huge cock in me. I pushed out and the sensation became even better.

"Wie lang haben wir? (How long do we have?)"

"Another 40 minutes or so. When do you need to be back at the university?"

"Yes, also about 40 minutes. May I please stay in you all the time? Come, lie on top of me please?"

I leaned forward and lied on top of Gunther. He put his arms around my body and hugged me tight. I lifted my face and kissed him. His cock in me twitched. I lied down on the hunk and just enjoyed being in his arms, and him being inside me. I sighed and touched his face. He had a few days' worth of stubble and he looked snazzy. His perfume smelled so great. I thought of taking a quick shower before I headed off to meet Pierre. Gunther's perfume was too obvious and would cling to me.

Gunther and I started playing the twitch and clench game. He would twitch his cock and I would clench my hole over his cock. Twitch, clench.

He got so engrossed in the twitching and clenching, he started fucking me and soon he pushed me upright so he could really fuck me. The thrusts became long and deep and faster. He was fast approaching orgasm and so was I but it was thinking of all excuses not to cum ... oh fuck!

"Mein Schatz, leider werde ich fast abspritzen (My darling, unfortunately I'm going to cum soon), OK?" Gunther said and started to fuck me in earnest. His big cock felt so great in me that I had trouble to withhold my orgasm. Oh fuck!

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh mein Gott! Ich spritze ab (I'm cumming)! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh yess! Oh yess! Take it mein Schatz (my darling)!" His big cock in me swelled to gigantic proportions and I felt the big head starting to grow really big. He growled and groaned and was breathing hard and fast. I felt it spasming and it was pumping a huge load into me. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! This feels ... so good ... it's fantastic! Danke (Thanks)!" He put his hands on my legs and squeezed. I lied down on him again and kissed him.

"When last did you cum? It feels like a huge load!" I said.

"Would you believe that I only saw Johann on Saturday and we had some fun then. So, it's almost 5 days. Yes, it felt like it was a big load. It was fantastic! You drive me nuts mein Schatz! Can I stay in you another 5 minutes please?"

"Yes, of course. It's nice to feel you in me. And it is still fairly hard. You're a sex fiend! And I also have to say: I love you very much. You're one of a kind. Even though there is a Luigi, you'll never be forgotten and I will always want to have sex with you."

"But let's get you off. Want me to suck you?"

"Actually I did cum this morning, so I'm good if it's OK with you! OK?"

"Oh, OK. I'd love to make you cum too, but I understand. I suppose you're staying with Luigi tonight?"

"Yes, I am and would love to save my load for him, OK?"

"I understand. Please pass me my Coke - I'm thirsty now! This is hard work!" Gunther said and laughed. I gave him his Coke and took my own. I sat on his cock and wished moments like that would last longer than what they normally do.

"I need to take a quick shower, OK? Please? What perfumes do you have? Hugo Boss Bottled perhaps?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. I got it from Johann. Man, your cock is still so very hard and wet ... let me suck you off please?"

"No Gunther, please don't. I'd prefer not to cum now, OK?"

"OK then. I know you want to save it for Luigi. At least I got my share! No hard feelings - no pun intended! I love you Anton and that will never change. It doesn't matter that you didn't cum," Gunther put in and twitched his cock.

"Would it be OK if I got off you now and have that shower please?" I asked.

"Yes, of course. I also have to get back to the university. Would you mind if I had a shower with you?" Gunther asked.

"No, of course not. Come, let's get in the shower," I said and slowly lifted off the huge cock in me. A BIG load filled me. My Jerry man shot a load of note! As the head approached my hole, I clenched and yes, I managed to maintain the load in me. It was a lot. I leaned forward and kissed Gunther. "I love you too Jerry man! You're a nice and kind man! One of a kind!" I got off the bed.

Gunther grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. My hard cock was dripping precum. He took my cock in his hand and squeezed. "May I at least lick it clean? Please?" And without waiting for an answer, he actually took my cock in his mouth and sucked it clean. It felt incredible and I wanted to shoot my load on the spot. But, I had two more sex sessions awaiting me, thus I had to resist. Gunther sucked my cock deep into his throat and when my balls were resting on his chin, he groaned and his tongue played on the underside of my cock. I wanted to scream of frustration! I wanted to shoot my load into his throat and give myself over to this hunk of a hung man! Oh fuck! I touched his face and the stubble felt so manly, so sexy, so fucking hot! I loved this man and the way he looked and the way he made love to me. But fuck, I can't cum now, I thought. I bent down and kissed him on the head but also slowly pulled my cock from his mouth. It was hard, incredibly hard to do, but I had to.

"My darling man, please let me go, please? There will be other occasions and there will be three weeks in London and Europe. Just ... not now, please? Please Gunther?" I pleaded.

"No need to beg me. I do understand. Come, let's get in the shower," Gunther said and got up from the bed. We walked arms around each other to the shower and soon we were hugging and kissing under the cascade of water. His big cock got rock-hard again and before I knew what was happening, he had me soaped up and was pushing his huge cock into me again! My godd! I've surrounded myself with sexually insatiable men! Not that I was an angel! But fuck! I groaned as the huge cock slid into me and fucked me mercilessly. He had one goal and it was to fuck me and cum again. He held onto my body and pulled me close to him while he fucked me. He was 3cm taller than me, just enough for his cock to fit perfectly when I was being fucked standing up.

"Oh fuck! See what influence you have on me! I just can't help it ... it's the very first time I've had an opportunity to have you all to myself and I just can't help it. Please forgive me ... mein Schatz (my darling)?"

"It's OK! Remember I'm still horned up so it's OK! Fuck me my Jerry man! Fuck me and pump another load of note deep into me. Oh fuck yes!" I groaned and gave myself over to this beautiful man again. He was fucking me with determination and jammed his big cock deep into me, held still for a few seconds, made it swell and then jam it deep into me again.

Soon his big cock was twitching and swelling in me and his breathing was getting faster and deeper. He was about to shoot another load into me. Oh fuck!

"Ich werde abspritzen! Ahhhh! Mein Gott! Here it comes! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh fuck!" His cock swelled and I felt him pumping another load into me. This stallion of a man was breeding me again within 15 minutes' time! My man! There was a huge load inside me!

He shot at least 7 spurts into me and clung to me like a drowning man and groaned. He shuddered and kissed me from behind. I turned my head and got hold of his mouth and felt his wonderfully soft lips on my mouth. His cock in my hole was still twitching.

"Give me the shower gel. I want to shower you while I'm still in you. I want to prolong pulling it out until the very last moment. Ahhh! You drive me to new levels of desperation! Sheez!"

We washed and showered, still connected by the huge schlong. A first for me! When we have washed all the nooks and crannies of our bodies, Gunther pulled out slowly and just as the head was about to slip out, he pushed in all the way again. "Ahhh! I want another round please! Please!" And with that Gunther started to fuck me again. The man has become a sex machine! Luigi wasn't the only one in the group capable of multiple orgasms! Given some time, Gunther was good to go in a few minutes' time!

I gave myself over to the man behind me and let him fuck me again. He was rock-hard again and it would appear being inside me while we showered, made him very randy. After a mere 2 minutes' fucking, Gunther was pumping his third load into me. My godd! I groaned and wanted to cum so badly! But I had to resist. I was about to meet Pierre in 15 minutes' time. No, Anton - no! I reasoned with myself.

When Gunther's cock started to go soft, he pulled out and this time he really pulled out. A little of the cum slipped out which was washed away by the water cascading over us. Gunther took the shower gel and washed his gorgeous big cock. I took it from him and washed the great cock for him. Then I took some of the gel and washed my hole. I was very loose and I knew that I wouldn't have a problem to accommodate Pierre's huge cock shortly.

Gunther pulled me into a hug and kissed me. Our cocks pushed against each other and I clung to him. Oh fuck! Life isn't fair. I loved him very much ... I realised I loved this man as much as I loved Luigi and Pierre and my brother and Juan and Johann. I loved them all! But the Jerry ... oh my godd! He was so special in so many ways.

"Gunther, my darling man. I love you to bits, you know that! I really really really love you. Life without you would be damn miserable. Yes, I love Luigi and am engaged to him, but you're so special! I love you Jerry! I love you!"

"And I love you too. You're nothing like any other 19-year-old boy I know. I love you. You're super special and sex with you has a new meaning to the pleasure of the flesh! Come here!" He hugged me close again and kissed me.

"Oh fuck Jerry! I have to go now and I hate it. But you have to go back to the university too. So, we have to get out of here before you start fucking me again! I'd love that, but there is no time for that! Come my man! We have to get out of here!" I gave him one last hug and a kiss and got out of the shower.

We dried each other off - there was a lot of hugging and kissing and ... my godd! The big cock was hard again. I had to get out of there! If I stayed there another 5 minutes, I was bound to be fucked again!

"Jerry, please stop! I really have to go, please my man! Please? You'll be the first to fuck me in London, OK? But you're all coming out to the farm on Friday for a going-away party! We're all going to be on the farm on Friday. But now I have to go, please my man! Please! I'm dying for you to fuck me a fourth time, but I have to say no ... please Gunther! Please! Oh fuck, you don't play fair! Come on now!"

At last we were dry and both were rock-hard - I was still hard as I haven't cummed yet and the Jerry was hard again after cumming THREE times! I got dressed, and used a little of Gunther's Hugo Boss Bottled. I hugged and kissed Gunther and we clung to each other.

"If ever it happens that the group breaks up or if you and Luigi are no longer together, I want you to be my husband. Remember that! That's how much I love you. It's fucking hard to be so close to you and not to have the liberty of making love to you like I've just done ... I fucking love you, 'baby bro'!"

"Thanks my beautiful Jerry man! I love you too. Let's hope our group stays together but I'll remember. Thanks! I appreciate that and yes, it would be an honour to be your husband. But now I have to go! Thanks my man! You're an ace in the sex department but I also love you for YOU."

Before we left the flat, at the door, where I saw him for the first time when he came to see the flat, he pulled me into an embrace again and kissed me. "Who would have thought that first day things would develop the way it has? I wanted to fuck you the second I saw you!"

"Yes, it was wonderful and you've added so much to my life. Thanks Jerry man! Gunther, you're a damn nice hung hunk! I love you!" I said and stepped out the door. Once outside, he wouldn't hug and kiss me! The man was insatiable!

"Goodbye beautiful sexy boy. I love you!" Gunther said. He waited until I was in the bakkie and drove off before he turned to get into his Rav.

What a day it has been so far. First it was Andre during the night, then Dad sucking me off and then Morné and then Gunther. Now it was going to be Pierre, and Luigi later that night, I thought.


When I turned the corner, my iPhone rang - it was Pierre! Oh my godd! My heart skipped a beat! I've made it in the nick of time!

"Hallo you sexy Prince of my Heart! Where are you?"

"Ahh! 'Prince of your Heart'? Really? I like that! For that, you'll get some extra cum pumped into you! Wow! You know how to make a guy feel good! I'm at my flat. Where are you?"

"I've just finished at our flat with the leaking tap. I'm about 7 blocks from you. I'd be there in 5 minutes' time. Did you travel well?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks, but there was a big lever that got in the way of the steering wheel all the time. I think you being such a handy man, you'll have to take a loot at that for me please? Would you please?"

"Joker! I'll see what I can do. I'll see you just now. Keep your hands off that lever - it could prove to be fatal!" I joked and pressed the red icon to kill the call.

I parked the bakkie in the parking lot of Pierre's flat and I almost ran to the flat. When I approached the door, it opened as if by magic and Pierre literally pulled me into his arms, and closed the door.

"Fuck! I've missed you since Sunday - you have no idea! Come here you damn hunk!" Pierre took me in his arms and kissed me with lots of love and urgency. His huge cock pushed against me and he groaned. My godd! It was big! I put my hand on his crotch and gave it a squeeze. He groaned and pushed his tongue into my mouth.

"My godd, what a wonderful experience to have you here with me for the first time, just you and I! It's going to be the first time for us to be alone ... Oh my godd! How much time do you have? I have secretly organised with the couriers to have the stuff delivered here to the flat this morning and the supervisor received it on my behalf. I just have to go and fetch it from him later on. It's just after half past one now, so do we have at least 2 hours, or what?"

"Yes, I think so. Luigi might be home by 5 o'clock. But I'd like to have a head-start and perhaps get some of the stuff I have to get for Dad already today. Mom gave me a list as long as my forearm of stuff I have to get for her tomorrow - perishables. We're leaving on Saturday and I can't see her and Dad consuming all of it by themselves. But, one learns quickly not to question my Mom ... any mom! But yes, I think we have until around 4 o'clock. I hope you will be able to manage more than once, Mr Hung Hunk Malan!"

"Oh fuck yes! Come, let's get something to drink and go to the bedroom. I have a number on your asshole! Come!" He put his arm over my shoulders and led me into the kitchen. He had Aquelle flavoured water and we each took a 500ml bottle - he took a naartjie flavour and I took a marula flavour.

When I opened my bottle and took a swig, Pierre took me in his arms again and hugged me tightly. "I still can't believe that a week ago I didn't know that such love and happiness are even possible. Mr Le Roux, I love you very much! And I'm going to fuck you into next week! Come!"

"Yes, I'm also in love with you! I also can't believe it happened so quickly, but I'm sure of my feelings for you. I can honestly say that after such a short time I definitely love you. Yes, let's go to the bedroom. I want to experience that huge cock again please!"

"'Please'? You don't have to beg me! You might beg me to stop after an hour!" Pierre joked.

In the bedroom we put our water down and were in each other's arms, hugging, kissing and stroking. My hand kept on going back to the insanely big bulge in his pants. It was just unbelievably big.

Pierre connected his iPhone to the mini stereo system and started playing a mix of very nice pop music. Songs of artists like Avicii, Maroon 5 and the like pumped from the louspeakers.

We started undressing each other and my hands were on Pierre's fairly hairy chest, touching his nipples. He was pulling my shirt off and had his hands on my hairy chest. He kissed me in the neck and growled. His hands went around my neck and he was caressing my back.

I let go of his chest and unbuttoned Pierre's pants. His huge hard-on pushed out into an unbelievable bulge. I wondered what the poor man did when he got a hard-on in public!

I unzipped his shorts and pushed them down. I put my hand in his underpants and got a nice surprise. Apart from being rock-hard and being the huge size that it was, it was incredibly wet! He must have been leaking precum for a long time already. I took the huge cock in my hand and couldn't get my middle finger and thumb around the shaft. The long foreskin covered the huge cockhead and when I rubbed my finger over the tip, it was sopping, sopping wet. Every time I squeezed it, it swelled and twitched. I took his huge balls in my hands and realised I couldn't fit both of them in one hand - they were too big.

Pierre kissed me again and groaned in my mouth. "Meneer Le Roux, you're driving me fucking insane! You're just so fucking sexy!"

I hugged him tight and said: "Meneer Malan, do you know how fucking sexy you are? You are the epitome of the sexy hunky hung - understatement! - hunk! With feet and hands to die for. With blue eyes like a model - which you're about to become! I fucking love you, Meneer!

['Meneer' = Afrikaans for Mister]

"Yes, flattery will get you 33cm in your hole soon! But first I want to suck you properly. Let's get onto the bed my love! Come," Pierre said and pushed my pants down. He pushed me back so I fell on the bed. He followed and lied down on top of me. His huge cock reached up to my chest and I actually felt his big balls resting on mine. He put his arms on the pillows next to my head and looked into my eyes ... it felt like I was with Morné again. They were so similar in many ways.

"Thanks for choosing me. I promise you on my left ball, I'd never hurt you ... erm ... well, not deliberately! If my cock hurts you, I want to apologise in advance! Please, it's not on purpose if it happens! But, I've fallen in love with you, boots and all! I'm not here just for the sex, otherwise my cock would have been in you already. But, fucking is definitely on the menu, that's for sure! You've spoilt me now!" He rubbed his nose on mine and looked into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. His eyes, combined with the black hair, fair skin and stubble, and the beautiful big straight nose and beautiful mouth ... fuck! He was a fucking sexy and attractive man! His cock twitched against my tummy.

"Please come sit on my chest and let me suck you! Come!" Pierre said and kissed me. He rolled off me onto his back.

Pierre pulled me on him so I could sit on his chest, my cock pointing at his mouth. He opened his mouth and I pushed the head of my cock into his gorgeous sexy mouth. His tongue started to do the most wondrous things to it. Oh my godd! I pushed my cock deeper into Pierre's mouth and felt the foreskin being pushed back. I was leaking a lot of precum.

Pierre moaned around my cock. He has quickly learnt to love precum and how to suck cock! I pushed deeper and felt the tip of my cock pushing in his throat. I felt his throat opening and my cockhead slipped in! My godd! What a master he has become already! My man! I groaned with pleasure.

I put my one hand behind me and touched the huge cock on Pierre's tummy. It was sopping wet and he pushed his buttocks up when I touched his cock. The huge cock was twitching in my hand and I stroked the thick shaft.

I was in cock heaven and I knew this sex session was going to be epic!

My cock felt fantastic in Pierre's mouth but the stimulation was getting too much. I was teetering on the verge of orgasm and I didn't want to cum yet. I started pulling my cock from Pierre's mouth ... oh fuck! My cockhead was still behind Pierre's lips and he was massaging it with his lips and tongue. My godd! What a man!

I groaned and said: "Pierre, my man, my guy, my love - this is fantastic but it's too much. I'm going to cum and I don't want to cum yet. Ahhh! Oh godd! I'm pulling out now." I pulled my cock out and moved my body down to lie on top of Pierre. Our cocks spasmed on each other and the precum leaking from the big things made a monumental mess between us.

I kissed Pierre and felt his full soft lips on mine. I opened my mouth and his tongue pushed in my mouth. I sucked it and tasted the spearmint chewing gum he chewed earlier. He put his hands on my cheeks and looked into my eyes. His eyes were sparkling with mischief and friendliness. His blue eyes were beautiful. My nose pushed next to his big beautiful nose and I closed my eyes. Oh my godd! Why do I have to meet all these gorgeous hung men! I was a fucking lost case! I just can't help it but I'm in love with Pierre, I thought.

His huge cock reaching up to my sternum twitched, and Pierre groaned as he pushed his cock higher.

I broke the kiss and put my nose on Pierre's nose, and said: "My godd man! I want your cock in me please! Please fuck me! I can't wait any longer! Oh godd! Fuck me! I want to feel your monster cock in me! Now please!"

"Ahhh! I was wondering how long it was going to take before you were begging for my cock! Please suck it a bit before I fuck you? OK?" Pierre asked.

"Oh for sure! I'd love to taste your cock before you sink it into me!" I gushed and slithered down the muscular body and over the huge cock. The precum on the tip was streaking over my chest, neck and chin. I took the huge cock in my hand and guided it into my mouth. It tasted divine. Just everything about this man was over the top sexy or beautiful or big or nice ... his precum tasted like nectar. I fucking loved him! The big head filled my mouth. I pulled the skin back and felt the huge head on my tongue and the frenulum crease underneath. I could feel and taste the precum leaking out of the tip. The huge cock spasmed and twitched. I jacked the shaft and pushed the head deeper into my mouth. I opened my throat and tried to push the head in, but it was too big. I relaxed my throat some more and tried again. Nope. I tried again, et voila! The big head slipped into my throat and really stretched me. Oh godd! My hole was going to be stretched big time again!

I had to come up for air and jacked the huge cock. I pushed it deeper and yes, it slipped in again. Oh fuck! It felt fantastic to feel the huge cockhead in my throat. His huge balls were resting on my chin. I jacked him a bit more and tasted the precum pouring in my mouth. I let go of his cock and while I had the huge shaft in my one hand, I fondled his big balls and sucked one into my mouth. His balls were huge and I wondered how they would be thrown around while Pierre played squash! His jockstrap had its work cut out!

"I now have lube and poppers! Come it's time. I want to feel your asshole around my cock. Doggie?" Pierre said. He pulled me up from his cock and kissed me. Oh fuck! He was such a good lover! He reached for the lube and poppers in his nightstand. "New stuff I got from the pharmacy on my way in this morning. The guy, Martin, says it's silicone based and has a mango flavour! I got the poppers from the sex shop across the road from the pharmacy. Martin pointed me to the shop. So, now I'm officially a member of the group and I have the stuff to prove it!"

Pierre handed me the lube and when I opened the cap, it actually did smell like mango! I put a bit on my fingers, and rubbed my fingers against each other. My godd! It was smooth! I put some on Pierre's huge cock and rubbed it over the shaft and head. Pierre growled and his cock twitched. I took some more and rubbed it over my hole and pushed two fingers in. Oh godd, it felt good.

I stood on all fours and took the poppers from Pierre. I opened the cap and took a big whiff. My godd! It was potent! My head started to spin. I handed Pierre the bottle and braced myself. Although I was on Cloud Nine I actually couldn't wait to feel his huge cock in me.

Pierre moved in between my legs and pushed his big cockhead on my asshole. Oh godd! 33cm ... I couldn't wait to feel it again! Pierre gave me the poppers and I took another whiff. My head was really swimming and as the mists swirled through my mind, the huge cockhead entered me. Oh godd! I was so relaxed and it felt wonderful! No pain - just a wonderfully blissful feeling! The huge cockhead stretched me big time and it slid in on the lube. Wonderful stuff. I pushed out and rested my head on my arms on the pillow. The huge cock was pushing in deeper and then the head was in. I groaned. It was a huge cockhead.

Pierre had his hands on my buttocks and pushed in deeper. The huge head moved over my prostate and I growled. I was still very charged and the big cock pushed quite a lot of precum out of my piss-slit. I groaned. The huge cock was pushed deeper into me. Pierre held still and pulled out again. I moaned but Pierre pulled out all the way. He put his big cock on my hole and pushed in again. He pushed it in with one fell swoop. He pulled out again and pushed in. He pulled out again and pushed in. The big head scraped over my prostate again and again, and pushed a lot of precum from my piss-slit, as well as a bit of cum. He continued to push in deeper.

I took another whiff of the poppers and pushed back to get all of the big cock in me! I wanted to be fucked! I was charged and very randy! Pierre picked up on it and pushed his huge cock home, right through the internal sphincter. I was so relaxed and so thoroughly fucked by Morné and Gunther, my insides were loose and receptive.

"You're so wet inside. Did someone fuck you today? It feels like quite a lot of cum! You jackal!"

"Yes, but I can't say. It was someone of the group though. He came three times ... and it did feel like a lot!" I said.

"My godd! My cockhead in a pool of another guy's cum! This is so damn hot! Oh godd! I'm going to add a lot of my own to the cum in you! I'm so charged, I'm going to cum right now and stay in you, and cum again later, OK? Oh fuck! You drive all of nuts! You drive me nuts!" Pierre said and started to fuck me with long deep thrusts.

Pierre kissed me on my back and fucked me in earnest. "I'm going to cum soon. Oh fuck! You drive me mad! And the poppers have really charged me. OK? I'm going to add a hell of a lot of cum to the big dam of cum in you!" He put his money where his mouth was and fucked me in earnest. The huge cock in me stretched me and it felt great. I loved it.

"Ahhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Fuck! I'm cumming! Anton I'm going to cum now! Oh godd! Oh godd! I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggg!" His cock swelled to gigantic proportions and he rammed it deep into me and held still. His cockhead swelled and he shot his huge signatory load into me. His cock kept on twitching as it pumped squirt after squirt into me. I groaned as the cum was pumped into me. I was in heaven!

Usually it's around 60ml but today it felt more like 100ml he pumped into me. It definitely was one hell of a load. My man must have saved all of this since Sunday. I was glad as I loved to get huge loads in me.

Pierre collapsed on my back and kissed me in the neck. "That. Was. A. Huge. Load! Fuck! You're draining me! Oh fuck!" He held me tight and rolled us onto our left sides. "Please pass me my water! I'm parched!"

We took a swig of our bottled water and sighed.

"Anton, you've really made a huge difference in my life. Sex and love and sex and enjoyment and sex ... did I mention 'sex'? Oh godd! I'm in heaven! Do you want me to jack you off or do you want to wait after I shoot another load?" He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head and we managed a proper kiss - the full soft lips tasted like naartjie.

"I think I'll wait until you've shot another load and then cum. I'm so charged I'd cum in seconds. So, don't touch my cock please!"

"I actually wanted to hold your big cock while we talked, but I understand. Fuck! I've shot such a huge load into you! You're just too much! And, fuck! I love you! I really love you! You're such a sexual and nice man! Fuck! I love being with you and fucking you ... godd!" His huge cock in me was still very big and twitched from time to time.

"Pierre, I sincerely love Luigi and I am going to marry him, but fuck! I've fallen in love with you too! I don't know how these things work, but I love you too! And it's not because of where your huge cock is right now! You're such a nice, gentle guy and such a gentleman. I like your company, you're intelligent and fucking sexy, and I love you. Finish en klaar!"

"And that's how I feel too. I also love Luigi. But, what's not to like? He is one hell of a sexy man and such a hung Italian stallion. And I know I'll love the others too. I've really struck gold when you guys came into the shop on Saturday."

"Oh, by the way, how did the photo shoot go in Cape Town yesterday? What did Johann and Claire say? Meneer Model!" I asked.

"Oh yes, it went very well. Johann is a fucking sexy man! I bet he fucks you regularly! Huge bulge in his pants ...! But, the shoot went better than I thought it would. Johann knows his stuff. He made us feel at ease and it was easy to work with him. The pictures came out very good, even though I have to say so myself."

"What did Claire say? What about your visas?"

"Claire loved the pictures. She thinks I'm in the same class as Luigi ... I ask you! He is such a damn hunk!" Pierre said and kissed me on the cheek.

"Fuck Pierre! Don't sell yourself short! If Johann and Claire think you're 'it', you ARE 'it'! I told you you're a sexy hunk! Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, look properly. You're extremely sexy and attractive. Did Claire make you strip down to your underwear? Hmm?" I ribbed Pierre.

"Fuck yes! I was so embarrassed! The guy Werner who works there couldn't keep his eyes off my big bulge! And to top it all, Morné couldn't either! My cock was semi hard by the time I pulled my pants up again! Claire was blushing cherry red! Poor women! But, she is impressed with us both and thinks we could make a lot of money on the side. There is going to be a separate shoot just for Morné in one of the London Eye pods with sports gear and clothes."

"Nice! And what about you? Sexy man?" I said and clenched my hole over his huge cock. He groaned and made his cock twitch in me.

"Hold that thought sexy man! I'll fuck you just now! Just let the barrels get reloaded again, OK? Claire wants me to go for a shoot in a restaurant overlooking the Thames, but with a local model. I convinced her that the models have to be you and Luigi. The Three Musketeers! That is now booked for next Thursday. We're going to get one hell of a wardrobe from Boss! I think we should send the bulk of the stuff we won't need on the rest of the trip back home. Claire said that if we couldn't fit all of it in our bags, she'd have Boss sent it to her."

"And the visas?"

"Oh, she had all the forms there and Werner or somebody else would take it to the consulate to sort out our visas by tomorrow. She's going to be at the airport to give us our passports on Saturday. Fuck, she is a livewire! She runs a clean ship at Boss Models! I think we'd be in good hands."

"Yes, she is a phenomenon and yes, you'd be in very good hands. She looks after her models very well. Listen, seeing that I'm the one you've fucked and who is the one in the middle, I've decided you have to get the paraphernalia the others have. I'm going to ask Johann to organise a ring and pendant for you."

"What? Really? Are you serious? Anton! Oh fuck ... wow!"

"Are you having second thoughts? Don't you want to be the third in Luigi and my relationship or being a member of the group?"

"No, no! Of course not! I'm just taken aback! I'd love to be part of the relationship and of the group. I'm just surprised! I've never even given it second thoughts. But fuck yes! Please! I'd love to be a fully-fledged member with you and Luigi and the others. Wow! But I want to pay for it!" Pierre said.

"No fucking way! It's for Luigi and me to buy you the ring and pendant. I just need the size of your finger. I'll measure it with a strip of paper. What shape do you want your pendant to be?" I asked.

"You're a stubborn man! And you don't take 'no' for an answer! OK! The ring has to fit on my ring finger, not so? OK. I'd love to have a hexagon pendant please? If it's available."

"We'll ask the jeweller. I'll call him after you've finished servicing me, OK? Hmmm! Now would you mind if we have it engraved with LAP? The L and A intertwined at the top, and the P below it, also intertwined with the other two letters. Same letter type as ours, of course. The ring? Round or square? Smooth or with grooves on the edges?"

"LAP sounds great! Wow! My mom is going to have another fit! Heehee! I'd love to have a wide ring with grooves on the edges, and it should be square on the outer circumference but round on the inside circumference. Is that possible?"

"The jeweller has a very capable technician. He would be able to have it ready by Friday and could deliver it to Johann's studio - they're just around the corner from Boss. If we could get the measurements now, I could call straight away now, but would you be able to get your cock in me again?"

"Oh fuck, easily! Let me go get a ruler and some paper! I'm pulling out, so clench!" Pierre said and pulled out slowly. His cock was sopping wet and still very big and rubbery. Godd! It was a spectacular cock! He walked past me with his cock almost horizontally in front of him. He went into his study to get the stationery. When he returned, I sat on the edge of the bed. I took his big cock in my hand and sucked it. It tasted funky but nice. The cock was very wet.

"Oh fuck! You're a sex maniac my man! Ahhh! Yess! Oh fuck yess! I love you even more! Ugh! Ugh!" Within seconds, he was rock-hard again and pulled out of my mouth. "This is my cue to penetrate you again! On the spot! Where is your iPhone?"

"In my pants. Please give it to me," I said. "But hold your cock so I could measure it myself!"

Pierre handed me my pants to retrieve my iPhone and stood in front of me holding his cock up. I put the 30cm ruler on it and yes! My godd! It was actually 3cm longer! What a cock! I took the paper and took a measurement of the circumference of the giant cock. I put it on the ruler: 22cm in circumference! Fuck, it was huge!

Pierre got on the bed behind me. He opened the lube and lubed up his cock, and pushed in slowly. Oh fuck! It felt fantastic! The huge cock stretched me big time and entered me, and slid in deeper and deeper.

I folded the paper in a strip and tore the strip off. "Your ring finger please?" Pierre held his ring finger and I measured the circumference. When I put it on the ruler I gasped. The strip was 130m long! My godd! He had big fingers! I measured the diameter: 23mm! "How wide do you want it? 10m? 15mm?"

Pierre was kissing my shoulder when I was busy with the ruler. "Wide please. I have big fingers and I'd love a big ring. Thanks beautiful man!"

"You're welcome my big beautiful hairy hung hunk! Let me phone the jeweller right now ... ahhh! Oh fuck, your cock feelst so gooooood ... oh godd! Imagine if the jeweller or his assistant could see me now!"

I dialled the jeweller and the man himself answered. I explained to him what I wanted.

"Another set? I hope John can manage."

"Yes, another set please. Sorry about this ..."

"No problem. John should be able to finalise the rings and pendants by Friday morning. I'll talk to Johann to perhaps pick it up from the shop when he leaves, OK?" the jeweller suggested.

He continued and said it would be possible if they could get going straight away. Pierre pushed his huge cock deep into me and I grunted.

"What was that?" the jeweller asked.

"No, nothing," I said and clenched my hole over the huge invasion in me. I gave the measurements of the ring and heard the jeweller whistle.

"Huge hands! Wow!" I agreed and gave the finer details about it being a sloping square on the outer circumference and round on the inside, and the grooves. "Very nice! It's going to be a very nice ring. John would love making it!"

I asked about the pendant. He asked me to hold on so he could check his stock. "Yes, would you believe it! I do have a hexagonal disk."

I gave him the letters he had to engrave on it ... and groaned again. Pierre was now fucking me with long deep thrusts. Jackal!

"Same chain or a bit longer than the previous ones?"

I asked him to hold on for a second. I took my pendant from my neck and held it up. "Is this the length of chain or longer?" I asked.

"A little longer please? I do have the longest cock," He whispered.

"Shh!" I shushed him. "Please make the chain a bit longer than the previous ones. Could you please work out a price and let me know? I could do an EFT, OK?" The jeweller and I finalised the order and confirmed that Johann could collect the orders from the jeweller shop. The deal was made and Pierre too was going to become a fully-fledged member of our clan.

Pierre kissed me and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth at the awkward angle. His huge cock in me was fucking me wholesale. I loved every centimetre in me. I was stretched big time, once again.

"The huge loads in your rectum are making me very hot. It feels great! And soon I'm adding another 80ml to it! Oh godd! You're too much!" He hugged me to him while he was fucking me hard and deep. His mouth was on my neck and cheek. His hands played over my nipples. I gasped. This man was a sex machine!

"Do you want me to cum first and then you? Hmmm Meneer Le Roux?"

"Yes, please! Fuck me and make me cum! Please just fuck me! Give it to me!" I took my hard wet cock in my hand and started jacking off. Oh fuck! I was teetering on the verge of orgasm as the huge cock in me was fucking me.

Soon our breathing was deep and fast. Oh fuck! I hoped he'd cum before me!

"I'm cumming Ant! I'm cumming! Another huge load in you! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Good godd! Cummmmmiiiinnnngggg!"

'Ant'? I liked that!

Pierre pushed his huge cock deep into me and fucked me with short deep and powerful thrusts. His cock swelled to huge proportions and started to spasm as it the next huge load was pumped into me. Oh godd! Between Gunther's 3 loads of around 25ml each and Pierre's first load of about 75ml or 100ml, I already must have had 150ml or 175ml in me and another 75ml was being pumped into me! 225ml or 250ml in total. My godd!

I pumped my cock and felt my orgasm boiling up in my loins. It was going to be a huge load. "Where do you want me to cum? It's going to be a biiiggggg one ...! Oh fuck! Quick! Where?!"

"Just cum! I can clean it ... oh fuck! Oh godd! This feels fantastic .. ahhh! Ugh! Ugh!"

I felt the cum shooting through my urethra and out my piss-slit. The first shot reached my belly-button and the second one landed on the pillow next to my face, and the third hit the wall behind us! My godd! What a load! I shot around 8 shots of which about 5 reached beyond my nipples. The bedding in front of me was soaked. Pierre took my cock in his hand and jacked it a little. It was sensitive but I endured it. It also felt good. He rubbed the cum on my cockhead all over the head.

"You might not have a 33cm cock, but at 24cm, your cock is way beyond the average! It's a very nice cock! It feels nice in my hand!" Pierre said and squeezed my cock.

"I'll have you know, it's actually 24,5cm, scientifically measured and verified by Johan! Heehee!"

"You engineers! OK, I believe you! Still, it feels great in my hand. And to feel my cock in you ... heaven! Ahhh! Water please?"

After another 10 minutes of chatting and the odd kissing and hugging, I decided to call it a day.

"Pierre, I'm enjoying this more than what would be legal in Switzerland, but I have to get going. I have a lot of stuff to get for Dad. What time is it now? About half past 3 I think? Let me see on my iPhone," I said. I pressed the home button and it was 15:25 - close enough. I could still get quite a few of Dad's items.

"'Switzerland'? Heehee! You're so damn funny! So, all of this would be illegal in Switzerland? Good thing we're not going to Switzerland! Heehee!"

"Yes, and in the UK it's illegal to fuck someone doggie style, in Germany it's illegal to have threesomes and in Italy it's illegal to swallow cum. So, even if we're not going to Switzerland, we're in trouble! Heehee!" I put in my 5c worth of wit.

"You're talking shit Meneer Le Roux! I'm going to do all of the above to you and if the police arrest me for it, I'll do the same to the officers too! So, they're fucked before they've even tried to arrest me!" I loved the wit of this big beautiful hung hunk! We had a good laugh, but I had to get going.

"Please pull out Pee-AIR Boy! I wish I could stay longer, but not today. OK? On Friday when we're all on the farm - I want all of your cum in me, in my mouth or up my ass. All of it! Now pull out please?"

He pulled out slowly and I clenched, as there was an unholy amount of cum in me. Fuck! I loved it! Next to me, the bedding was very wet.

"May I please ask you to quickly help me change the bedding? I'm taking the soiled ones back home to be washed. Would you help me please?" Pierre asked.

"Yes, of course my beautiful man!" I turned around to face him. I took his exquisitely beautiful face in my hands and kissed Pierre. It was a soft gentle kiss at first but Pierre was determined to slip me some tongue. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into my mouth. His big rubbery cock pushed against mine. Oh godd! I wished we had more time! I'd just loved him to fuck me for the rest of the afternoon!

"If you don't crawl away from me, I'm going to fuck you again! So, be warned!" Pierre said and lightly pushed me on the chest.

I laughed and pinched his nose between my fingers. He got up and went to get the clean bedding. I pulled the soiled sheets off the bed and was amazed at the amount of cum I've shot. Pierre returned and soon the bed was made with clean sheets. Pierre and I folded the soiled ones and put it in a heap.

"Quick shower? No hanky panky, I promise!" Pierre offered.

"Yes, a quick wash down, but keep the monster under control! You too have stuff to do for your dad! We can't fit in another session! Next time!"

We got in the shower and of course - what else? - there were shenanigans! We kissed and hugged and groped like we haven't had sex for over an hour just before the shower. We both got rock-hard and I was tempted to bend over for Pierre to fuck me on the spot. Oh fuck! I was hinging between denying my new lover another session, or saying yes. I was short of breath with anticipation and lust and ... oh fuck! I was only human and I bent over! He fucked me on the spot. His huge cock slipped into me and filled me to capacity. He pulled me upright and fucked me with urgency. He had one hand on my chest and the other one was jacking my rock-hard and sopping wet cock.

Within about a minute he shot his third load into me. We were both charged sexually and I too shot my load against the glass wall of the shower. Oh fuck! We were sex animals! I flung my head back and gasped. The huge cock in me twitched and pumped even more cum into me. He slammed his still rock-hard cock into me a last few times and growled like a wolf.

"Oh fuck! You're driving me fucking mad! I've never had so much sex in my life before. Even during my puberty I didn't jack off so many times over such a short period of time. I've just cummed 3 times in less than 2 hours! It's all your fault! Oh fuck! I love you so much Ant! You're my dream come true man! I fucking love you!"

"I also love you very much. Your huge cock and sex drive are the bonus. You're a wonderful man and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you and Luigi. If I could marry you both, I would! I love you, Pee-AIR Boy! But I have to go now! Ahhh! Your cock feels so good in me! I could never get enough of you and your monster cock! Oh fuck! You are a true hung hunk and a nice guy too," I said.

While he was looking into my eyes, making his cock twitch in me, toying with my hair, kissing me, Pierre said: "If there was no Luigi, I'd be all over you to win your heart! You're so loveable and sexy. I could easily fall in love with you! I actually do love you a lot already ... sorry!"

We managed to get out of the shower but our hands and mouths were still on each other. It was like we were trying to postpone the inevitable. I had to go and so did Pierre. We dressed each other and the kissing continued. Soon we were in each other's arms again.

"Oh fuck! I have to go my darling Pee-AIR Boy! I have to go! Please! I don't want to go, but ... oh fuck! You drive me nuts! I want to go to bed with you right now but I can't! I can't! I can't! Fuck! Please let me go! Please my darling! I have to go!" I hugged and kissed Pierre and clung to him. He had his arms around me and hugged me tight. Oh godd! It was more difficult to say goodbye to this beautiful hunk, my new lover, than I ever thought possible.

Eventually we reached the front door where there was a prolonged hugging and kissing session, and even groping again. Of course, both were rock-hard ... but I forged on. I had to get away, otherwise we'd ended up in bed again!

Pierre walked to the bakkie with me and when I opened the door, he grabbed me and hugged me. "Ant, I love you so fucking much! I hope you feel the same ... Oh fuck!" He took my face between his big beautiful hands and looked into my eyes. His own blue eyes were brimming with tears!

"Shhh! We'll see each other again on Friday! Come on my big man! It's only today that I just have to go. And yes, I do feel the same. I love you very much. Take care my darling! Please drive careful," I said and kissed him.

As I drove away, I saw in the rear-view mirror he was still standing in the same spot, one hand in his pocket and waving with the other. I put my right arm out and waved. Oh fuck! My heart was thumping. My own eyes were brimming with tears. I was sniffling. Fuck!


I managed to get most of the stuff Dad wanted and got a nice bottle of Italian Limoncello and a bottle of Durbanville Hills Cabernet Sauvignon for Luigi. I called him and asked if I could get us something from Mario's. He thought it was a great idea. He suggested Mario's Bolognese. We could make a salad to go with it. He asked me if I could get the ingredients for the salad. I stopped at the Greek greengrocer and got us fresh produce for a nice salad.

Back at Luigi's house, I had to rush to the toilet to get rid of the huge load of cum - perhaps 300ml! - in me. My godd! I was filled to the brim. It was a huge amount of cum that ran out of me. And later on Luigi was going to fill me up again! Cum slut! While I was in the bathroom, I douched properly so I was completely clean for my man when he arrived.

I went into the kitchen and prepared the salad, covered the bowl with cling wrap and put it in the fridge. I connected my iPhone via Bluetooth to Luigi's sound system and listened to a nice playlist of Italian music I got on iTunes. I fired up the MacBook Air and checked Mail for emails.

There were a few: Claire, Johann, Jonathan, Alessandro and Piero.

Claire congratulated me on my keen eye for talent and gushed about the two men who visited her the day before. She was very pleased with Morné's beautiful body and told him to stop shaving his body hair. She gushed about Pierre and said he was as beautiful as Luigi. She gave us (the same email was sent to the whole contingent going to London) a last-minute run-down of the events in London. There were small changes due to the fact that Morné and Pierre were joining us. Plus, a glove company and a sandal company in London wanted both Luigi and Pierre to model for them. She had a surprise for us: Boss booked us all for a performance of Les Misérables on Tuesday night, with a dinner in a restaurant close by. The theatre was in Soho, so she suggested we go to a bar or club afterwards. She told us the proceedings on Wednesday morning would only start at 10 am! What a woman!

Johann was extremely pleased with the two newcomers. His email was for me only and he said point-blank that he knew I was the driving force behind it all. "How many times have they fucked you already, 'baby bro'? They have huge cocks and I'm sure you're enjoying it! Pierre said they're about to become the latest addition to the party of 6. Wow! I have to admit, they're worthy members, but you have to stop acting like a Soweto taxi! There ISN'T another space for every passenger on the sidewalk! But, they are beautiful and I like them both. I'm sure Gunther would like them too. Imagine a group fuck: 7 big cocks to fuck you and fill you up! Wow, again! How big are their cocks? I guess huge from the bulges in their pants. Pierre is soft on the eye, my godd! And Morné's muscles ... wow! You do know how to pick them! The jeweller called and said he'll send me a parcel for you on Friday. Pierre? Morné? Both?"

I thought about Morné and Pierre's rings and pendants. I hoped my decision to get them the stuff would be accepted by the others. Sometimes the Jerry man could be rather difficult. Eight of us? The group would be too big for any bed. We'd have to split it into fours when it came to sleeping arrangements. Well, as much as I loved Gunther and Johann, I had to sleep with Luigi, Pierre, André and Gunther ... but ... oh fuck! This was going to be more difficult than I thought!

Jonathan's email was full of praise and he couldn't wait to see me in London. He said he has shown my pictures to his friends and they all wanted to fuck me! My godd! Toronto has an Anton Followers' Club! Lusting after me. He asked if he could sleep with me on Sunday night. He laid on the charm and I even got hard, especially when I saw the close-up pictures of his enormous cock he included. One picture was of him on his back and his huge cock on his tummy, reaching his sternum, and lots and lots of cum on his tummy and chest, as well as on his chin and some in his hair. My godd! Sunday ... Oh my godd! I answered as best I could and said we'd just have to play it by ear.

Alessandro just wanted to touch base again and wanted to hear how we were doing. He repeated the programme he worked out for us and hoped we'd be able to have lots of fun with them. He said point-blank, he'd love us all to get naked at his place and have a super orgy! He was very curious about the others in our group. I answered and gave him our itinerary Claire gave us, and mentioned that we'd be leaving London the following Tuesday. If we were to fit in such 'fun', it was going to be on Saturday afternoon and night. But with Pierre and Morné added, as well as Jonathan added to the mix, and Juan's aversion of adding so many guys, I didn't know if it would go ahead. I thought I'd have to talk to Juan on the farm on Friday night.

When I opened Piero's email, my heart felt warm and I got a semi ... fuck! This unknown man was really pushing my buttons! He gushed about our visit to Firenze (Florence) and said he couldn't wait for our visit. He had so many things he wanted to show us, things he wanted us to do, places he wanted to take us to, and of course the sex. He said every time he jacked off, he was looking at my pictures and imagined his big cock in my hands, in my mouth and deep inside me. He was a sex fiend like the rest of us! He included some fresh pictures of his big beautiful Italian cock. It was spectacular. It was 28cm and slightly thicker than Luigi's, it seemed. There were pictures of his cock soft, then hard, then a vid clip of him jacking off and cumming, and a few pictures of his still hard cock on his tummy (reaching just beyond his belly-button), surrounded by a huge cumload. He shot loads of note, like Luigi does. Then there was a vid clip of him jacking off after the pics were taken of him, for his second round. Multiple orgasms, of course, like Luigi! I was in for a treat with these two men!

I decided to call him on the spot! I looked at the time and saw it was just before half past 5. I opened my AddressBook on my iPhone and called up his name and number. I hit 'call'. Piero answered on the third ring. I greeted him in Italian, which threw him for a six. I pulled out all the stops with my limited Italian and impressed him to no end. Piero answered in his deep, warm and sonorous chocolate-like voice. "Antonio? Is that you? My phone shows it's your number, but you're talking Italian to me? How? Wow! I am impressed! Luigi is doing a good job over there, not just fucking you! How are you?" Piero rambled on.

"Slow down, il mio amico caro (my dear friend)! I'm fine thanks and you? Yes, my Italian is improving every day. Luigi refuses to speak in English to me on certain days. He is a monster!" I lied.

"I'm fine thank you. Luigi is a monster? No! My cousin is beautiful and nice man! You love him! No? Or you want nephew Piero now? I make good love to you and give you much man milk! Yes? How long now before you come to Firenze?"

"No, Luigi is a darling and I love him very much, but I like you too. Yes, I want your man milk please! I want you too. It's two weeks before we are in Firenze. We'll be there Saturday 3rd January. How is your big cock? Fucking all the boys?"

"Two weeks then I fuck you! I want you very much. My 28cm is waiting for you. I meet guy other day, he runs away when he sees my penis. No, I wait for you. You no run away? No?"

"No, I will not run away. Remember Luigi has 29cm! And I want you both. I want both of you to fuck me. Double-fuck, per favore! You will not run away, will you?"

"Double-fuck? We both fuck you? Yes? Same time? Wow! Yes, I want! Yes! Ahhh! Now 28cm is hard! I go masturbate now!"

I laughed. He was only a year younger than me, but boy oh boy! He was randy! I imagined him hauling his big hard cock out already, jacking while he was talking to me. "Yes, go masturbate! I'm looking forward to meeting you. Your pictures are beautiful. You are a beautiful young man. And you have a beautiful big penis. I love it. I think I will like to love you too."

"Too fast. What you say? You love me? Si? Yes! Please! Love me! I love you back! Yes! Please! Ahhh! Mio caro!"

"Yes, I think I will love you too. You are a nice beautiful man and you have a big penis. I love you a little bit already."

"What? You love Piero un poco (a little)? Si! Si! Ti amo anch'io (I love you too)! I make beautiful love to you, give you much man milk!"

"Yes, I love you un poco, Piero! You are a darling man and very beautiful. If you were here, I'd love you like I love Luigi!"

"Ahhh, mio bello caro (my beautiful darling)! Ti amo mio caro (I love you my darling)! Il mio pene è difficile ora (my cock is hard now). Ahhh! Oh fuck!"

"Piero, it's too expensive to have phone sex with you. Please take pictures and send them to me. Show me your big cock and show me your man milk please! OK? And please take pictures of i tuoi piedi (your feet). I want to see your feet please?"

"Si! Si! I take more photos and send you! Ahh! Dare il mio amore a Luigi, per favore (Please give Luigi my love)! Ciao bello (Goodbye beautiful)!"

"Goodbye beautiful man! Enjoy the masturbation! Remember the photos please! Ciao!"

I pressed the red button to kill the call. I checked the duration of the call: just under 2 minutes. Wow! That was hot! I opened my folder with Piero's photos ... and got an instant hard-on, like in rock-hard, and felt my cock leaking precum into my underpants! Fuck!


I was still lost in thoughts looking at Piero's photos and others on my Mac, when I heard the front door opening. I closed the MacBook Air and jumped up. I ran to the front door and grabbed Luigi.

"Slowly now! Wow! You ARE glad to see me! And just feel that semi! Hmmm! This is how I want to be greeted every day!" Luigi laughed and took me in his arms and kissed me. He put one hand behind my head and the other on the small of my back. He pushed his big bulge into my semi and groaned. "Now tell me what's going on in your pants? Hmm?" He kissed me and rubbed his nose on mine. The little devils danced in his eyes.

"One word: Piero! I got an email from him with the most wonderful nude pictures and vid clips attached, and I called him and had a quick chat with him ... He is so charged for our visit! I think between you and Piero, and then Pierre too, you're going to fuck me into the next week!" I groaned and pushed my cock against Luigi's hardening cock.

"So, any ideas as to what we could do about the problem in your pants right now?"

"Oh, I have quite a few ideas, Dr Moretti! But, how about a drink and foot massage first? Hmmm?" I flirted and gave my beautiful darling man another hug and kiss. I groped his big cock which was now way beyond semi ... hmmmm!

"Sounds like a plan, but ... no fucking straight away? As an hors d'ouvrés? Hmm?"

"What a question! Of course I'd drag you off to bed straight away if you wanted, but I thought we could have some Galliano as aperitif and I could massage your feet and then go to bed ... how about that? I'm dying to give you a proper foot massage, which I've only given you in bed, and just licking and a bit of a massage. While you're sipping your drink, I want to see your feet, touch them, massage them, lick them and if and when you get hard, I could move my ministrations to the biggie in your pants ... hmmm? How does that sound, Dr Moretti?"

"Oh, OK then. But, if I get too exited, I'm going to nail you right there on the couch! OK? Better bring the lube and poppers then ... I have a few days' worth of cum I want to pump 29cm deep into you!"

"I want you to fuck me with precum only - but we could use some poppers. I'll go get it. Would you be a darling and get us the Galliano? I've put it in the deepfreeze to chill properly."

"Ahh, bossy, eh?! Ordering the master of the house around now, are we!" He gave my backside a friendly slap while I kissed him, and groped his huge bulge. He went into the kitchen to get the drinks and I went into the bedroom to get the poppers. I was determined to get fucked with only Luigi's precum. I owed it to him.

In the living room, Luigi handed me my small glass with the yellow liquid (Italian liqueur Galliano) and sat down. He pulled me down next to him and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Now tell me how did your day go in the big city of Stellenbosch?"

I was thinking about it and thought I'd play open cards with him. I was about to tell him about Pierre and Gunther, but not Morné. Perhaps that would have been too much.

"I had to fix a tap in the flat and then Gunther took advantage of the situation ... it was the very first time he and I were actually alone since we've met. I had wonderful sex with him. He is a darling ..."

"That's my boy! Yes, Gunther is a darling, but I'm sure I'm a better darling ... am I?"

"My darling man, nobody could ever take your place in my heart, not even Pierre or Piero. YOU'RE the one I'm getting married to, remember?"

"Of course. So, did you enjoy the sex with Gunther? Was it what you expected it to be?"

"To be honest, it was fantastic. Like I said, it was the very first time for the two of us to be together alone. The man was insatiable! He fucked me three times! He couldn't stop ..."

"And did you enjoy the big Jerry cock?"

"Oh fuck yes! Gunther is such a great guy, and I have to tell you, although I love you and Pierre very much, Gunther is also on the list of men I really love. One just can't help loving the gentle big blonde hung hunk!"

"As long as I'm numero uno (number one), I'm fine! And Gunther is one of our brothers. And?"

"Gunther was almost in tears when I left ... poor thing! And of course I was also teary when I drove off. Shit! But, I'm glad we've had the time together. He has proven to me he is a great guy and being alone with him, proved he is a great lover too. It was nice."

"And then, you came home?"

"No ... Pierre had to come to Stellenbosch too ..."

"What? The jackal! So he fucked you too? What's left for me?"

"Erm ... yes, he fucked me too, also three times. Sorry ...!"

"Mio Dio! The guys are just insatiable when it comes to you! But, did you enjoy it with our lover?"

"Oh fuck yes! His 33cm cock is just too wonderful, and Pierre being Pierre ... oh fuck, Luigi! I love him! He's so nice and kind and has such a wonderful persona! I'm glad you love him too!"

"Oh fuck! My cock is a whole 4cm shorter than Pierre's cock. I could only hope after he has fucked you THREE times, AND Gunther has fucked you THREE times, you'd still feel mine ...! But yes, I love Pierre and yes, he is a nice guy. He is a worthy addition to the group, and in particular in our relationship. I never thought I'd be able to share, but with a wonderful and beautiful man like Pierre, it's easy. He's not possessive and he is a good lover. I'm glad you've enjoyed it with him. But, SIX times in one afternoon! Mio Dio, Antonio! What could I add to that?"

He didn't know of the fuck with André the previous night and with Morné that afternoon ... or that I got sucked off by Dad that morning! It was sufficient for him to know Gunther and Pierre fucked me.

"Oh, I have quite a few ideas, my beautiful Italian Stallion!" I put my hand in his lap and yes, it was hard! My man!

"What did you say about a foot-massage, or was that just to butter me up?"

"No, I'm dying to give you a foot-massage, my darling!" I said and kissed the gorgeous man.

I put my Galliano on the coffee table and sat on the floor. I took Luigi's feet in my lap and untied his shoelaces. When I took his shoes off, it was a clean sweaty, manly fragrance, mixed with that of the leather. Ahhh! I loved the way his feet smelled. I massaged his socked feet and felt the dampness of his sweat, and got rock-hard, having Luigi's feet in my lap and smelling them.

"Ahhh! O mio Dio (my godd)! That feels like heaven! Oh yes! Hmmmm! Yess!" Luigi murmured.

After a minute or so, I removed his socks and once again, I was in awe with Luigi's big number 15 feet. His feet were exquisite, and perfectly formed. The nails were cut square and the shape of his feet were just the way I thought all feet should've looked. The second toe was longer than the beautiful big toe. There was a nice sprinkling of black hair on his toes and on the bridge - not as much as on Pierre's feet though.

I massaged the ball of his foot, the bridge, the big toe, every toe separately and then I sucked his big toe in my mouth. It tasted divine: sweaty, but nice.

I took the other foot and gave it the same treatment. I was in heaven, and Luigi was groaning and purring on the couch.

"Mio caro, you're spoiling me! Grazie mille (Thanks a lot)! That feels fantastic and I love you even more. You're a dream come true. Just look at this!" I looked up and saw he unzipped his pants and had his big 29cm cock out and was playing with it. It was sopping wet and he was spreading it over the big head. From that angle, his big cock looked even bigger, and his big beautiful hand holding the big cock ... oh fuck! Exquisite! I fell in love with this Italian Stallion all over again. He. Was. Just. That. Fucking. Sexy. And. Beautiful! FULL STOP!

"It's hard and wet ... any takers?" Luigi tempted me!

I gave his foot a last squeeze and touched the big beautiful hairy toes, and almost tripped over my own feet to get to his crotch! "Me! Of fucking course - ME! Nobody else, thank you very much! All that juice is for ME!" I moved in between his legs and took his cock from his hand.

Luigi was laughing heartily. "You're in love with my cock, you bad boy! It's not me you love!" He ruffled my hair and kissed the top of my head.

"That's not true! I ..."

"I'm only joking with you my darling boy! Come, let me get out of these pants so you could get to my cock more easily. Ahhh!" He groaned when I got a lick in. It tasted divine!

Luigi lifted his buttocks off the couch and I took his pants by the bottom and pulled them off him my darling man. There was no time for folding - I just flung the pants to one side and yanked my own pants off in one fell swoop. Fuck! We didn't need pants for that! I moved in between his hairy legs, trailing my fingers over the hair and took his big balls in my one hand and the huge cockshaft in the other. My godd! What a set of genitalia! Luigi really had it all: tall, dark, fucking dashingly handsome and hung like a horse! His cock might not have been 33cm, but at 29cm it was nothing to sneeze at - it was HUGE! And thick! And uncut! And with a very big head. And he came in buckets. And he had multiple orgasms. And he was hairy. And he had a stubble. And he had a mouth that begged to be kissed. And he had beautiful blue eyes. And he had exquisite hands. And he had the most beautiful feet. And he was mine! All mine!

Oh fuck! I loved Luigi much more than I've loved anything or anybody before. He had the nicest persona and such a wonderful sense of humour, and he was a lover of note. My big Italian Stallion!

I took the big cock in my mouth and tasted the wonderfully nice sweet precum on my tongue. The big head slipped in my mouth and I groaned. The size of the cockhead was something else and the huge amount of precum leaking from it was enough to fuck an army! Not that I'd be a happy boy if he would ever try that! I pulled the skin back and ... oh fuck! I marvelled at the sensation of the foreskin slipping over the head and revealing the head. I pushed my tongue on the tip and the big piss-slit opened ... I tasted the fresh precum leaking out. Oh my godd! Apart from being fucked with this godlike instrument of love, tasting it in my mouth was up there with the best of sexual experiences.

My mind raced to my wonderful and sexy Dad, how I loved him and how I loved every second of sex I've had with him over the past few months. And the taste of his precum and cum. And the sex with Gunther earlier on, as well as with Pierre and Morné. I felt sorry I couldn't fit in a session with Juan. As with Gunther, I've never had sex with him alone.

But, I was kneeling in front of Luigi with his huge cock in my hand and mouth, and he was the man of the moment.

I pulled off the huge cock and licked the head. I bent down and took one of the big balls in my mouth - it filled my mouth. It was huge. Luigi groaned and took my head in his hands. He was on Cloud Nine of love and pleasure.

"Mio Dio, you're driving me mad! You're the best sex on every level I've ever had. Ti amo molto, mio caro!" He groaned and pushed his bottom up in the air. His cockhead smeared the precum over my forehead.

I switched balls and took the other one in my mouth. I sucked lightly and rolled it around in my mouth. Above me Luigi was going mad with pleasure and desire. I let go of his big ball and took the huge cockhead in my mouth again. The precum leaking from the piss-slit was immense and tasted great. I sucked the head and pushed it right to my throat. I pushed it deeper and by then my throat was stretched enough by the other big cocks - not to mention the three earlier that day - to accommodate my darling Luigi's big cock. It slipped into my throat on the third attempt. Luigi groaned and took my head in his hands and pushed the whole cock down my throat. Ahhh! Above me Luigi was on the verge of screaming.

"Oh fuck mio caro! You're going to drive me insane! Oh fuck! I need to cum NOW! Please! Please let me cum! I want to cum in your mouth! Please mio caro! Let me cum in your mouth!"

I managed to groan "Uhm" and he assumed it was a 'yes'. I started sucking the huge cock in my mouth with gusto and let it slip back into my mouth occasionally to take a breath. I kept the big head in my mouth and started to jack him off. Within no more than 15 strokes, Luigi was groaning like a wounded wolf. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh yes! Mio caro I'm going to cummmmmm! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Take it my darling boy! Take my load! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!" His cock spasmed and twitched in my hand and in my mouth and the first spurt hit the back of my throat. It was going to be a huge load! It must have been a load building up since Sunday!

I let the big head rest on my tongue and the next spurt flooded - literally FLOODED - my mouth. I swallowed hungrily. The third spurt exploded in my mouth just as the second load disappeared down my oesophagus. I had my work cut out for me! I swallowed and the next spurt was fired into my mouth. It continued until Luigi had shot at least 11 spurts into my mouth. Fuck! It was a lot! And I loved it! It tasted so good! I kept the last two smaller loads in my mouth and bathed the big cockhead in it. My tongue did a dance of delight on the underside of the huge cock.

"Mio caro, please stop that! I don't want to cum in your mouth again! I want to save it for later to pump into your hole! Please let go of my cock and come lie on top of me. Per favore?"

I reluctantly let go of the still hard cock and let the tip slip out of my mouth slowly. I still had the mouthful of cum to offer my lover. I crawled on top of him and lied down on his big muscular hairy chest. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I pushed my tongue on his lips and he opened his mouth. I let the cum run into his mouth and he swallowed greedily.

The kiss got hotter and we kissed each other with lots of passion. Luigi held me tight to him and his huge hard cock - yes, it doesn't go down after the first round of cumming, or the second round, or the third round and sometimes even not before the fourth round of cumming! - pushed against my hard cock, also leaking lots of precum on Luigi's tummy.

I put my legs on either side of Luigi's body and sat on top of his big cock. I put my hands on his hairy chest and played with his big nipples. Luigi squirmed under me and faux fucked me under my balls. Very soon he groaned as if he was about to cum, and then he did! He shot the cum from his twitching cock that hit him squarely on the chin. The second spurt was in his face. The third spurt landed on his cheek and the fourth spurt landed in his long black hair. The fifth spurt was on his throat and the sixth and seventh were on his chest. The eighth was on his sternum and the ninth was only a small spurt. My godd! Now I've seen what has been happening in my mouth and in my asshole all these months! It was spectacular and it was a lot! Fuck! I leaned forward and started licking it off his face. It tasted so nice! It was like licking spilled cream! I moved down his body and licked his chin and chest clean. When I reached his sternum, my chin pushed against the tip of the big cock under me. What a wonderful mess!

Luigi was gasping and shuddered. I realised that if I didn't get off him that very minute, he was going to have his third orgasm and then there would be little left for fucking me later on. I lifted off him and sat on my knees next to him. I avoided touching his huge hard cock and licked around it. Luigi was ready for another orgasm, but I didn't want him to cum again, not now! Later yes!

I kissed him and he rolled on top of me. "I want to fuck you now, please! Now! Please let me fuck you mio caro! Mio Dio! I am going to explode!" He lifted my legs and pushed his cock between my buttocks. He was still very wet and his cockhead was still covered in cum I didn't lick up. I reached for his cockhead and aimed it at my asshole. Luigi gave one growl, lifted my legs higher and pushed his cockhead into me. He stopped for a second to let the head slip in and then he was pushing into me with one long thrust. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I've been fucked seven times that afternoon but this was phenomenal! It was epic! It was a penetration I've never dreamed of. The big cock slid into me and filled me up like it was for the first time.

As soon as Luigi was balls-deep in me, he leaned over and kissed me. "Ahh! You're a fantastic man mio caro! Ti amo! Molto! I'm going to cum right away again! Oh fuck!" He fucked me with abandon and within 7 thrusts he started to groan again and I felt the third orgasm of the night happening in me. He shot at least 8 spurts into me. He collapsed on me and put his face on my neck. "Mio caro, this is just one of the most spectacular nights of my life! Ahhh! I want another round please! May I please? One more?"

I stroked his head and whispered in his ear: "Any time my darling man! You can fuck me as long and as many times as you want! Yes, fuck me please!"

Luigi remained on top of me and just moved his lower body fucking me slowly and deeply. Soon he was picking up speed and he lifted his head and torso. He pushed my knees into a bent position and started fucking me faster and deeper. His huge cock in me was hard and he was fucking me good. I realised why this fucking was so fantastic: I really loved this man. I loved him with all my heart and the fucking was a confirmation of the love we felt for each other. Yes, I loved the others, but not like this, I thought.

I was being fucked hard and deeply, and soon Luigi was groaning again. "Again mio caro! Here it comes! Ahhh! Mio Dio! Oh fuck! Fuck! You drive me fucking nuts Antonio! Ahhhhh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!" His huge cock in me was swelling and twitching and I felt it starting to pump his cum into me. He slammed his cock deep into me, held still and growled while he was pumping load upon load into me. After the seventh or eighth spurt, he let go of my legs and collapsed on me. His chest was still very moist with his cum and I rubbed it into his chest hair.

I put my hands behind his head and kissed him. Once again, the kiss was filled with love and passion. This man was the epitome of sex and love. He was a sex god, as he was an Adonis and a sexy damn Italian Stallion. I loved him and he was mine!

Luigi collapsed on me and whispered in my ear: "This is why my mother warned me against foot massages by sexy boys! Look what happed ... mio dio! You'll kill me my darling boy!" He kissed me in the neck. His huge and rubbery cock was twitching in me. I clenched my hole and he groaned. "Ahhh! If you keep this up, I'm going to fuck you again! And I'm hungry for you! Signore Le Roux, if you'd still be interested, I'll fuck you again later, but now I want some of that Bolognese. You'll cause me to fuck you and not get any nourishment while you get all the best liquid Italian protein nourishment in the world!"

"As long as I don't fall pregnant, you could fuck me and feed me all you want! I love your cum!"

"Well, if you were capable of falling pregnant, you'd have been expecting sextuplets by now! I'm going to pull out now - much against my will, but I really am hungry. I had to survive on one simple chicken sandwich my PA got me for lunch. I'm dying to have some of Uncle Mario's Bolognese!"

Luigi started to pull out of me and looked into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. He winked at me as the big head approached my sphincter. "Clench, 'baby bro'! It's coming out ... ahhhh!" The head popped out and Luigi and I both groaned. I managed to keep the cum in my rectum and let my legs fall back on the couch. I felt the hunger pangs and after Luigi mentioned the Bolognese, I realised I have had sex and sex and sex and no food since breakfast! I was famished!

"My cock needs to be cleaned. Do you want to ...?"

"Oh fuck yes! Let me suck it clean!" I slid down between Luigi's legs and took his huge cock in my mouth. It tasted funky but nice. I pushed the whole big rubbery cock into my mouth and down my throat.

"Bad idea! Bad idea! I'm getting hard again! Oh fuck! Antonio, stop please! I'll fuck you later, but please let go for now! I really am hungry, and you're a bad temptation for a fine upstanding gentleman of this community! Ahhh! O mio dio, you just know how to push the right buttons! Ahhh!" Luigi's big cock was fast becoming hard again! I realised that we needed to save some for later on and let go of the biggie in my mouth. And I was hungry too.

As soon as his cock was out of my mouth, Luigi stood up and bent down to pull me up. He took me into his arms and kissed me with so much love, I clung to him. Our cocks pushed against each other and his hairy body against mine felt divine.

"Come beautiful boy! Let's get something to eat. Come! Would you like a bottle of Jacques's Cabernet Sauvignon?"


The wine tasted wonderful and the Bolognese was as expected: superb! We each had two helpings with lots of fresh Parmigano-Reggiano cheese on top. We fed each other forks full of Bolognaise on Fettucini. We even kissed sitting at the breakfast nook. All the while, I was holding Luigi's beautiful surgeon's hand. Oh fuck! I was a lucky man and I was deeply in love with him.

Dessert was some homemade Italian gelato - Mario's was the best. It was watermelon and apricot.

"Shower and then bed. It's already half past nine and I need to get some beauty sleep. Just look at the face of this ogre. I can't scare my patients! And by the look of things, my big cock is going to crawl into you again soon! Come mio caro! Let's clear the kitchen and start the dishwasher. I want to sleep with you in my arms. Just you and I. But, shower first."


After we've showered - complemented by lots of hugging and kissing and groping and even some sucking (I am a pig, I know!) - we got into bed. Eventually we were in each other's arms. I was lying on my side with my head on Luigi's chest. He held me tight and kissed me on the head, and sighed a few sighs of appreciation and content. I heard his heart beating and felt his chest heaving up and down. His hairy chest under my cheek felt divine.

My hand was on his solar plexus and felt the big cockhead crawling upwards, pushing against my hand! Snake! I put my hand out and touched it - sopping wet.

"See what your presence is doing to me! I've become a sex pig! All your fault!" Luigi said bucking up, pushing his huge cock into my hand.

"Do you want an all-nighter?"

"I didn't know I needed to ask permission to claim my marital privileges ...! I'm joking! But of course: yes please mio caro! Per favore? I really have become addicted to sex since I've met you! All your fault!" Luigi said, tousling my hair and kissing me on the head. I lifted my face and kissed him on the mouth. "Ahhh! You are just such a darling! I wonder why I love you so much ... hmmm?"

"Because I'm such a good fuck! And I love you. And I could never get enough of you. And I love getting fucked by you. And I love your big cock. And you're MY Italian Stallion! So then, let's get your biggie in me so we could get some sleep," I said and reached for the lube in the nightstand. I leaned on my elbow putting some lube on Luigi's cock, which was rock-hard again, and some on my hole. I pushed two fingers in and was amazed that there was still some resistance, despite being fucked so many times in one day! "OK Dr Moretti, put that big cock in me ... per favore!"

I kissed Luigi and lingered with my lips on his. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and bit it slightly. I sucked his upper lip in and bit it lightly. He started laughing into my mouth and I followed suit. My godd! We were like two 13 year olds! But it proved we had a sense of humour and that we both found it damn funny! I rubbed my nose on his nose and let go of his lip. I kissed him softly and dearly - he was my fiancé and my husband-to-be, and I loved him to bits. I realised the sex with Morné and Pierre was nothing in comparison to what I've had with Luigi. Luigi was just ... well, he was LUIGI! Finish en klaar!

I thought of the song "Maria" from The Sound of Music, and the phrase "How do you explain a problem like Maria" and thought that Luigi wasn't a "problem", but a phenomenon. How do you explain that to anybody? Not to Dad whom I also loved to bits, to André or to Pierre, Juan, Gunther or anyone else in the group. How do I even explain it to myself? It's like with a good wine - either you love it or you don't. How do you explain that?

Luigi was everything I wanted in a man. He was dashingly attractive, he was sexy, he was tall, he was dark and hairy, he had the most beautiful hands and feet, and of course a cock to die for. His multiple orgasms and lovemaking just added to the mix, which made him irresistible. I loved him.

I turned around and took his big cock in my hand and put it on my hole. He gently pushed and the head slipped in. It stretched me and once again it felt so good. The big cock slid into me and I gasped. Even if he fucked me another thousand times, every time Luigi's cock entered me, it was a revelation just how much I loved to be fucked with a big cock, but also that Luigi was just all my heart desired.

Luigi held me tight to his body and had his face on my cheek. His stubble on my face felt so nice and manly.

The big head slid over my prostate and I groaned. Oh fuck! How could I ever live without this man, I thought. Just never.

The length of his huge cock slid into me and I felt his hairy body tight against my back. I was in heaven and in the arms of the man I loved with all my heart. "Luigi, ti amo moltissimo (Luigi, I love you very much)!" He kissed me on my cheek. I turned my neck and offered my mouth at an angle. He kissed me deeply and I sucked on the big tongue. Oh fuck! It was going to be a wonderful night again!

We settled in for the night. Luigi's and my right hand were on my cock and on my hairy tummy. Luigi hugged me and sighed. We were truly and deeply in love.

Soon we drifted off to sleep ...

= To be continued =



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