After a scrumptious dinner, we retired to the lounge with nightcaps. Dad was telling us that Uncle Pieter called earlier from New York saying he would be arriving back from America the next morning. He would drive up to the farm in the afternoon. He just had to sort out some stuff in the office in Cape Town. Some documents for a client who wanted it by the Monday morning.

"That's good news, Adriaan," Mom said. "Is he staying over?"

"Yes, he said he'd love to. The drive back to Cape Town is just too far to tackle after partying. He could stay in the other spare bedroom, OK Alma?"

"Yes, of course. The room was prepared for Juan, but he prefers to share with Claude." Did I detect something in Mom's voice? No, it was my imagination. With André and me sleeping together since birth, even now 19 years later, she should be used to brothers sharing.

Dad was in his element. It was clear he was looking forward to his brother's arrival. Hmmmm! Dad's going to get laid! Lucky Uncle Pieter! Lucky Dad!

We made some more small talk. Mom and Juan were going over the last details with regard to the party. We got our list of chores and responsibilities for the next day. She didn't spare Dad, and even Claude! But we were in high spirits and were looking forward to the party of the year.

By 10 o'clock Dad got up and said he was going to bed.

"André, Anton - make sure our guests have towels and whatever else they need. Come here you two!"

Dad took us into his arms and hugged us. With his face between ours, he said: "Only a few hours to your birthday. You're becoming such beautiful men! I'm so proud of you two. I love you very, very much!" Dad kissed each one of us and hugged us again. I felt Dad's cock bulging between us. Fuck! He looked me in the eye, winked and kissed me. "I love you so much my beautiful boy!" His cock pushed against my leg and I felt my cock responding. "I love you too Dad!" He kissed me again. "You too, you big man!" he said and tousled André's hair. He kissed André and let us go.

Mom hugged us - I made sure she didn't feel my semi! - and kissed us. "Get a good night's sleep - we have a big day ahead of us."

She hugged and kissed Juan too. "Thanks for taking care of my boys, Juan. Sleep tight."

She hesitated in front of Claude, but he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, and hugged her. "Thanks for having me. You're the perfect hostess."

"I hope the boys are not too noisy. Sort them out if they are. They're 19 tomorrow, but sometimes I think they're still teenyboppers!"

"Will do, ma'am! We'll sort them out!" If Mom only knew how they were going to sort us out...!

"Goodnight boys!" Dad said and he and Mom left.

"So then, let's get cracking! There is fine piece of ass with my name on it!" Claude announced, and groped my bum. Lucky guess again.

"Claude! The parents are barely out of earshot! Behave yourself!" Juan scolded his brother.

"Bro, this one is hot for my cock." He took my semi in his hand and whistled. "Feel this if you don't believe me!"

"He's not yours alone. Take a number!" Juan said.

"Yes, just so you two know, I'm still his number one, even though your cocks are bigger, so there!" André said adamantly. "Tell them, baby bro!"

"No need to fight! You'll all get your chance. But yes, André is first and then you" I said looking at Claude an then Juan. "But, Juan is our number two, right André?"


I asked to go to the bathroom first to douche properly. I had a busy night with huge cocks ahead of me, and I had to be squeaky clean. When I'd flushed out my hole, I called André and we got into the shower. He took me in his arms and asked: "You OK, baby bro? Will you be able to handle all three of us? Just say the word and the whole deal is off. OK?" He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks André. Yes, after last night and this morning, I think I'll be able to handle it. Our weekend with Juan two weeks ago is proof that your baby bro is a tough cookie. Don't worry about me - I'll be fine." I hugged him and gave him a deep kiss.

"Keep that up, and I'll finish you off right here, right now!"


We were in bed next to each other. I had my head on André's cheek and he held me by the shoulder. I had his cock in my hand and marvelled once again at the stupendous cock. It may be a carbon copy of mine, but all the same.

"Ahhhh! Just look at them! So adorable!" Claude said as he walked in the door, towel and his expensive lube in hand. His cock was half-hard already. Close behind him, Juan punched him in the back and said: "Claude, behave!"

It was clear Claude was sucking Juan in the spare bedroom: Juan's cock was almost completely hard. It was stretching out in front of him, almost touching Claude's bottom. I marvelled at the huge dong and shivered slightly. That huge thing was about to invade my body ... again! Almost unbelievable to imagine such a huge cock could go balls-deep into my hole. My cock jumped to attention and tented the duvet.

"Look! He's happy to see me! Juan, your boyfriend is hard and ready for me!" Claude announced and pulled the duvet off us. "Wow! Just look at that number! Hmmm!"

Juan pushed Claude out of the way and got in next to me. Juan lifted my head and put his right arm under my neck. His magnificent cock pushed against my tummy and cock as he settled in on the bed. I was in for the ride of a lifetime!

Claude mumbled but got into bed on André's side. He immediately took André's cock into his hand and announced: "Juan, you have competition: this guy knows how to fuck, let me tell you!"

Juan didn't answer his brother - his mouth was on mine and his left hand was caressing my cheek. He was looking deep into my eyes and his tongue was dancing all over mine. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily. Wow! What lover!

"Did you hear what I said, Juan?" Claude piped up.

"Yes, I heard you, you perv!"

I felt Juan's humongous cock rock-hard against my tummy and felt the wetness of his copious precum leaking onto my tummy.

Juan broke free from our embrace and bent down to suck my cock. He pushed it deep into his mouth and by the third push, my cock was covered in saliva and precum. It slipped straight into his throat.

"Ahhhhhh! Juan, that feels wonderful!"

Next to me André was moaning too. His cock was deep in Claude's mouth and he got the same treatment from the other brother. He bucked and held Claude's head and fucked him in the mouth.

Juan let go of my cock and lied down next to me. My turn.

I started sucking Juan's huge areola and nipple into my mouth. Juan groaned like an animal. He was enjoying it and pushed his big cock into my tummy. I lied down on top of him and felt our cocks twitching between our bodies, leaking lots of precum, Juan's much more than mine.

I snaked down and took the magnificent manhood in my hand and licked the head. He smelled divine. The precum tasted fantastic. This man with his body, his cock, his personality, his love ... wow! I was one lucky bastard! I took the big head in my mouth, peeled the skin back and tasted him. He pushed his cock deeper and I gagged. This cock was just too big to get into my throat! I tried again, but I just couldn't get the big head down my throat. The tip would slip in, but then it got stuck. I sucked it as best I could, flicking my tongue on its underside. Juan was moaning and was stroking my hair. He pulled me on top of him and pulled me in for a deep kiss. Ahhhh! Our cocks pushed into our tummies and the precum made a big mess in our tummy and body hair.

"It's OK. I know I'm big. If it doesn't go into your throat, it's OK. OK? I truly and deeply love you, 'baby bro' - you know that, don't you?"

"Yes, I know. And I love you too."

Juan pushed his hand between us and pushed his huge cock between my legs. My eyes grew big - I hoped he didn't have the notion to put it into me without proper lube!

Juan hugged me and said: "Not to worry! We'll lube! I hear Claude's stuff is magic."

I kissed him and said: "André first, please? OK?"

"Of course, my love!" 'My love'? This man is really falling in love with me! This afternoon it was 'my boyfriend'! I couldn't be happier.

André pulled off Claude's impressive cock when he heard his name and said: "Yes, me first. I'm the twin brother. I do have privileges and rights!"

I laughed at his quirkiness and punched him in the shoulder. I kissed Juan and turned my attention to André.

"Have you forgotten how good this big piece of meat made you feel last night and this morning?" Claude asked and waved his big cock up and down.

I moved on top of André and kissed him. I took Claude's cock from his hand and slowly jerked it. Fuck, the Du Toit brothers were blessed! Claude's cock was slick with precum and pulsed in my hand. The thought of that dong in me last night and this morning crossed my mind. I had to admit it was memorable and that I'd love to feel it again.

I took Juan's cock in my right hand felt how much bigger it was. It was longer and thicker. A real masterpiece. And to think it too was about to fuck me! Our weekend away with this hunk and the fucking with this huge cock, was still vividly engraved in my memory. Hmmmm! The thought of Juan fucking me again was overwhelming. I squeezed both brothers' cocks and rubbed the huge amounts of precum over the cock heads. I pushed the foreskins down and back up, slowly jacking them.

Underneath me, André was playing with my nipples and stroked my back.

André's big cock was pushing into my tummy and added even more precum where my precum and Juan's was in my body hair. My tummy hair was a sticky matted mess.

Claude leaned over and announced that 'the boy' was ready. He opened the tube of lube and put some on my asshole. He pushed a finger in me and I groaned. Fuck, his fingers were big! Fuck!

On my right Juan was moving to my buttocks and held his hand out for some lube. Claude squirted some on his fingers. Juan's loving hand caressed my bum and a huge slick finger entered my hole. Claude pushed one of his fingers in with Juan's finger and I gasped. Fuck! Every fucking thing on these hunks was huge - their fingers too! They alternated to push a finger in my hole. It was stretching me big time. And after a while it started to feel good ... when Claude inserted his middle finger too! I almost screamed. Fuck! Juan leaned towards me and asked softly: "You OK, 'baby bro'?"

"Yes, but fuck! You have huge fingers! Just take it easy please!"

"OK my love!" There it was again! 'My love'! Wow!

Claude had 2 lubed fingers in my hole and Juan pushed his index finger in too. The next thing I felt, was a fourth finger going into me! It was Juan's middle finger. Fuck fuck fuck!

André pulled me into an embrace and said in my ear: "They're getting you ready, baby bro! Just hang in there. Don't forget the cocks that are going to fuck you are bigger than the fingers in you." He hugged me and kissed me deeply. I realised he was right. But the 4 fingers in my hole were huge! The brothers flexed them and I felt how my hole was stretched, getting prepared for bigger things: THREE big cocks!

"He's ready!" Claude declared. The fingers were pulled out of my hole. I felt how Juan lifted André's cock between my legs and how Claude put some lube on André's cock to prepare it to enter my hole.

Juan held André's cock in position and said: "Lean back, 'baby bro'" and lightly pushed on my shoulders. Andre's cock touched my hole and I felt the head punching into me.

Juan asked: "You OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Push up André."

As André was pushing up, Juan was applying gentle pressure on my shoulders and pushed me onto the cock at my hole. It was sliding in and I realised that the lube really was fantastic, and that the brothers' preparation was spot-on.

Soon André's big 23cm cock was in me - balls-deep. Once again I marvelled at how it feels to have my brother's big cock in my hole. He pulled me down and kissed my, while pulsating his cock in me. I clenched it and he pulsed it again.

He pushed me into an upright position and started to fuck me. I took Juan's and Claude's cocks in each hand. They were literally covered in precum and were very hard. Juan leaned towards me and kissed me deeply. "You OK, my love?"

"Yes, I'm OK!" Juan put his left arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. He took my cock in his right hand and slowly jacked it.

"Careful there. You'll make me cum!"

Claude leaned in to kiss André. André's cock was really in deep and the fucking was fantastic. I marvelled at the feeling I was experiencing. And at the two huge cocks I had in each hand. I was in heaven.

"Don't you dare cum!" Claude told André. "That load is mine!"

"OK. You want me to fuck you again?"

"For fucking sure!" He turned to me and asked: "Ready for some serious fucking, bro? I want in."

Juan kissed me and asked softly: "Are you ready? OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. It's OK."

I lifted off André's big fat cock and when it plopped out, Claude pulled me to his side of the bed and pushed me into position on all fours. He took some lube and put it on his cock. Good!

"You're getting special treatment tonight. Juan promised to kill me if I fuck you again using only precum. So there!" He positioned his huge 25cm cock on my hole and pushed in. My hole was properly stretched and still loose from the fingering and André's fucking. Claude's cockhead stretched me big time, and slipped in. I gasped. Fuck! That was really a big cock.

Juan clambered over André and stood on his knees in front of me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. I hungrily sucked his tongue into my mouth. "There, there my hungry love! Are you OK?"

I took Juan's enormous cock in my hand and felt it twitching and leaking huge amounts of precum onto my fingers. I rubbed it over the head.

He slid in head first under me and held his huge cock for me to suck. Fuck! It tasted good and boy, it was big! It was obvious Juan was as horny as everybody else! He took my cock in his mouth and sucked the head into his throat! FUCK! How the hell did I prevent my cock from cumming?

"What are you waiting for, man? Get your big cock here and fuck me!" Claude instructed André. "Just put some lube on my hole before you fuck me!"

"OK, you sex perv! Keep your shirt on ... erm ... or off is it were!" André retorted and moved towards Clive.

André  put some of the magic lube on his cock and on Claude's hole, and positioned himself on his knees behind Claude. He aimed his big cockhead and pushed forward.

I was still groaning. I didn't want to cum already! I put a hand on Claude's chest and pushed on him to slow down. My orgasm subsided a bit, but with such a huge cock in me, I was teetering on orgasm all the time. Wow!

"Slowly there! Have you forgotten how big your cock is, man?" Claude complained. I grinned with Juan's huge cock in my mouth. I had an even bigger cock inside me and Claude was complaining? Bah! It would appear I was actually 'the man' there!

André pushed his cock deep into Claude and Claude's cock swelled to enormous proportions inside me. I gasped with Juan's magnificent cock in my mouth. Wow! That sure was a large cock!

The two fuckers got into a rhythm. Claude kept almost still and André and I were rocking forwards and backwards, fucking Claude.

Soon the two of them started to grunt and announced their imminent orgasms.

Juan pulled me off his cock and said: "Please don't cum yet? Please?"

"I'll do my best," I said.

The two behind me were moaning and Claude's cock swelled to enormous proportions. It was clear he was going to cum. And then he did. He pushed his cock into me, and I felt his cock twitching in me violently. His cock was pulsating and was spurting huge amounts of cum into me. He collapsed onto my back.

I heard André moan and felt how he pushed Claude forward when he buried his cock deep into Claude's insides. I felt the bed shudder with his massive orgasm.

"Don't cum please?" Juan repeated.

"I'm doing my best!"

"Fuck! This was hot to fuck your big ass! I've shot half a litre into you!" André commented.

"My 'big ass'? I beg your pardon! Just last week I got a compliment for my beautiful booty! Hmph!"

"You know what I mean you perv!"

André was first to pull his cock out of Claude's hole.

"Oh fuck! That was a huge load, man!" Claude said. "I can feel it! I had to clench my hole to keep it from running out. Stud!"

He started to withdraw from my hole and I felt that he too has deposited a huge load. I too had to clench my hole when the head popped free. Wow! TWO studs!

But the real stud was about to fuck me next! Hmmm! I was shivering with anticipation.

Juan touched my arm and asked: "You OK, my love?"

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks."

I remembered the fucking two weeks before. It was an experience and I knew that night wasn't going to be different. The only difference was that by then I had fallen deeply and truly in love with him.

Juan took Claude's position behind me. André slid in head first under me and offered me his still rubbery wet cock to suck while Juan prepared me for his humongous cock. He took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me.

"Slowly there André! I don't want to cum now!" I said and squeezed André's leg.

Claude plopped onto the pillows next to us and sighed. "Fuck! That was intense!"

Juan took the lube and lubed my hole again. "I don't want to hurt you my 'baby boy'. No harm in putting some more of Claude's magic stuff to good use." He squirted out some more and spread it over the entire shaft of his humongous cock.

Juan positioned his cockhead on my hole and leaned towards me and asked: "Ready? You OK?"

"Yes, I'm OK. Go ahead. Fuck me, my love!" What? Where did that come from? 'My love'? Interesting!

Juan pushed forward. The huge cockhead stretched my loose hole and entered me.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck! You're huge!"

"Just relax."

He pushed deeper and the head plopped through my sphincter.

"AHHHHHHHHH! My godd, Juan!"

"Relax my love!"

He held still and twitched his cock.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Juan, you're killing me!"

I clenched my hole over the huge cock in my hole and was rewarded with another twitch.

"Ahhhhhh! Fuck! Hmmmmm!"

Juan pushed forward and half the 28cm cock slid into me.



He pulled out ...

"What are you doing?"

"Making love to you, 'baby bro'!"

He pushed back into me, and this time, deeper.

"Juan, fuck!"

"That's what I intend to do!" he said and kissed me on the back of my head. He twitched his thick big cock in my hole and I clenched around the shaft. Fuck! This was even better than 2 weeks ago, I thought. Stud!

"Claude, I can feel your cum in there! It's a huge load, bro! Wow!"

"Just remember that next time when you deposit one of your huge loads in me! You're like a damn fire hose!" Claude said and playfully kicked his brother's butt.

Juan continued to push deeper into me, twitching his cock, and me clamping down on it. He continued until he had all 28cm in me. He held his cock still and twitched it. I groaned. Fuck fuck fuck! What an experience!

I remembered André's cock in front of me when he touched my cheek and asked: "You OK, baby bro?"

"Fuck André! This is epic! It really is a huge cock!"

"Yes, I know, but are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm OK," and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked hungrily on my brother's rubbery cock. He held my head with both hands.

"What a performance! Juan, you're a stud bro! The 'baby bro' is enjoying it! And we've prepared him well for you. Enjoy!" Claude put in, fingering his still semi-hard cock lying on his back next to us.

Juan pulled his cock out slowly and I started to panic. No, Juan! Please keep it in me, I thought to myself with André's cock in my mouth.


And then the head slipped out. I pulled off André's cock and complained: "No! Why did you pull it out?!'

Claude's cumload almost slipped out. Damn! That was close!

"You know I'm about to put it back in. Have you forgotten? Hmmm, my love?"

"Yes, put it back in please!"

And he complied. He put the huge cockhead on my hole and pushed it into me in one long continuous stroke.

My hole was filled with Claude's big load and when Juan pushed forward, his cockhead was pushing the load deeper into me again.

"FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! Juan, you're killing me! Fuck!"

"I have no intention of killing you, my love! Just to make you enjoy my cock!"

He took the base of my cock in his hand and pulled it from André's mouth. He started to jack it. I felt how my precum made my cock slippery in Juan's hand. It felt fantastic, but it made me getting too close to an orgasm. Not now, I thought!

Juan started to fuck me with long and slow strokes. It felt fucking amazing. I was slowly and surely falling hard for this wonderful man! Yes, I thought to myself, I love him very much. André is no longer my only love. There are really three of us in this relationship now.

I sucked André's cock, which was hard again and he was starting to groan.

"Baby bro, you're a pro! I'm about to cum again!"

Next to us, Claude was hard again too and was jacking his big cock.

With all the fucking and sucking and kissing that went down between us, Juan and I were fast approaching climax. I marvelled at the fantastic feeling of the humongous cock filling me up, fucking me and André's ample cock in my mouth.

I put a hand out to Claude and felt his hard cock and started to stroke it.

"You want some more of my award-winning cock, boikie? Here, take it."

I took his cock in my hand and once again realised just how big his cock really was. And to think that it was inside me minutes before. Fuck! What a big-dicked family!

By then Juan was really giving it to me. "Are you OK, Anton?"

"Hmmmmm!" I mumbled with André's cock in my mouth.

"I take it as a 'yes'. I'm about to cum, OK? Ready?"

I pulled off André's cock just long enough to say: "Yes, do it!"

Juan's hand on my cock was magic. I was about to cum.

"Fuck, Anton! I'm going to cummmmmmm! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" and he slammed his cock balls-deep into me. It twitched and pulsed and I knew he was adding his monumental load to Claude's load deep inside me.

André's cock started to twitch violently in my mouth and he said loudly, groaning: "I'm cumming bro! I'm cumming again! Fuck, I'm cumming!" and he shot his second load into my mouth. Fuck, this was magic!

"I'm about to cum too! Want my load too?" Claude said. André moved to his right and let Claude slip in under me. I quickly swallowed André's load. Claude held his cock up and inserted it into my mouth just in time. He groaned and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and shot his second load into my mouth. I was amazed at the volume. Wow! So many men, so much cum! This was a real stud! Wow!

As soon as his last drop of cum was delivered into my mouth, Claude crawled out from under me and stretched out on the bed next to us again.

"Fuck! I've been dehydrated by you pervs!" Claude quipped.

"Pot calling the kettle black, eh?" André put in and punched Claude's arm.

Juan pushed his cock deep into me and pulled me up. He held me in his arms and hugged me from behind with his left arm. "I love you 'baby bro'! I really love you!" He was jacking my cock with his right hand I felt my imminent orgasm rising in my groin.

I started to groan and took Juan's left hand into my right hand and squeezed it. "I'm cumming Juan! I'm going to cum!"

André quickly moved in and took my cockhead into his mouth. Wow! What an orgy that was!

I gave a groan and shot my load into André's mouth. It was a load of note. One would've sworn I didn't cum the previous night and that morning! But, I was in stimulation overdrive and it made sense to cum so much again.

Juan still held me tight and kissed my ear. "I love you 'baby bro'!'' His cock was still deep inside me and my hole was spasming over the thick shaft buried deep inside me.

"Gentlemen and Gentlemen! I think we've come to the end of tonight's performance. I think 'baby bro' has had his fill of cum for one day!" Claude said melodramatially.

Juan hugged me and asked: "You OK my love? Everything all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine my love." Fuck, where did that come from - again? 'My love'? Wow!

André got out from under me and leaned in to kiss me. I received half my load with gratitude. Hmmmm>

André broke free and moved to my right. He too stretched out on his back. "You're not the only one, Claude! These sex maniacs are going to kills us!"

Juan pushed me forward onto my tummy and lied down with this full weight on top of me. It felt great. My heart swelled and I knew, I really knew, I really loved this man on top of me, his huge cock still inside me. He leaned forward and kissed me on the side of my mouth.

"I love you, Anton. I love you truly and deeply."

"And I love you too, Juan. Very much ...!" I clenched my hole over his big rubbery cock in me. He groaned and said: "Don't start again! I'm pooped!"

"Perverts!" Claude put in.

"Yeah, and what about me? Remember me?" André complained.

I put my hand out and touched André's chest. "I love you too, you know that! And it will never change. I did explain ..."

André lifted his head and kissed me on the mouth. "I'm just ribbing you, baby bro. I know you love me. Just don't you forget that! And you," he pumped Juan in his side, "don't get too comfortable! You might have the cock of a giant, and it might still be in my baby bro, and he might love to have it there, and you might have pumped a huge cumload into him, but I'm still numero uno!"

"Not to worry, I love you too. But accept it: this man is very special, even to you! Right?"

"I'm just saying," André joked and poked Juan in his side again.

"Want me to stay in you again, my love?"

"What? Is there no end to this orgy? Sheez! Juan, are you really my brother?" Claude piped up. "Monday I'm ordering a neon sign that says 'WHORE HOUSE'! Good godd!"

"Don't pay them any attention, my love. May I please stay in you?" Juan asked again.

"Yes, please!"

"And just where do you think we are going to sleep, you big oaf?" Claude asked and jabbed Juan in his side.

"Right where you are. Now move to your right and make room for us," Juan ordered Claude. "Please move a bit to your left André?" he asked André.

"It's quite clear how I've plummeted in the hierarchy. I mean nothing to you as brother any more!" Claude joked.

Juan held me tight and rolled backward towards Claude. We were on our sides, Juan still deep inside me. I clenched my hole and he groaned. "Give me a fighting chance my love! All in good time!" he said in my ear.

"Haven't you had enough baby bro?" André put in.

"Shhhh! Let's sleep," Juan ordered.

André and Claude switched off the bed lamps and we settled in for the night. Juan leaned over me and pulled André closer. He kissed André and said: "You're not forgotten, never. Remember that," and he tenderly touched André's cheek.

"I know, and I understand. Anton is a rather special bro and he can give you what I can't, so I'm OK. Don't stress. I'm just ribbing you. But, don't forget, he's my brother and I'm still number one!" he said again. "You have to share!"

"Will you shut up now? I need my beauty sleep, you perverts!" Claude piped up and jabbed Juan's side.

"Says Miss Goldilocks!" Juan put in and kicked his brother playfully.

Juan hugged me tight, pushed his rubbery cock in as deep as he could, and whispered: "You're one special man, 'baby bro'! I never want this to stop! I love you very much."

"I love you too and it will never stop - I promise!" Just as well I didn't know what the future had in store for me ... for us!

Juan sighed and put his head on my shoulder and we drifted off into a deep and happy sleep.

= To be continued =



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