I woke up with Juan and André going at it. They were kissing and moaning in each other's mouths. Their hands were all over each other. It was clear they didn't want to wake me up. It was also clear they woke up boned and got hold of each other.

Johann was still behind me ... and his huge cock was still in me. The duvet was pulled up to our necks.

"Hi," he whispered in my ear. "Looks like they're having fun ..."

"Uh-huh. I'm glad. Proves they like each other and have the hots for each other without me in the picture. Hmmm!" I really was glad. I was under the impression that I was the factor that held us together, and although they declared their love for each other, this proves to me they were not just saying it.

"And you and I ...? May I ... please?"

This man was insatiable! But he did have an amazing cock, and he was super sexy and a very nice guy. Talk about persistence! I felt his huge cock twitch in me and I groaned ...

"Is that a 'yes'? Please ...? You drive me nuts!" Johann pleaded.

"In a bit ... let's watch those two a bit longer. OK?" and clenched my hole over the huge rubbery cock in my hole.

"Oh ... OK." Johann said and pushed his cock in as deep as it would go, and held it there.

Juan and André were really kissing and hugging and groping. Their cocks were rock-hard and sopping wet. The precum on their tummies was glistening in the early morning light coming in through the windows. They groaned and hugged ...

"I fucking love you so much, you big oaf!" André groaned! Bro! You dogg!

"And I love you too. I never want to be without you or Anton. You're my life. I love you, you rubbish!" Juan put in and jabbed André in the side.

"Hehehe! Don't' kill the moment, you big oaf! Rather make love to me!" André said and kissed Juan again through the giggles.

"What about Anton ...?" Juan asked and when I saw he was about to look at me, I closed my eyes.

"Nah, he'd be OK. Let's go for it. He wouldn't mind. If anything, he'd love it if it happened," André answered.

"Where are the lube and poppers?"

"On the nightstand ... why?" André pulled away a bit and looked at Juan in disbelief.

"Do you trust me and love me? Give it to me ..." Juan asked.

"I trust you with everything in me, but your big cock is another story ...!" André put in. He wasn't' sure ...

I was very interested to see where this was going and my cock gave a twitch. The precum was leaking onto the sheets.

"My promise to you: if you don't like it and if I hurt you, it stops immediately - I love you too much to hurt you ... both of you. Just relax and let me make you feel good. André ...? I love you bro. I'm not interested in hurting you," Juan said.

"I don't know man. Anton is the bottom here ..." André said with trepidation.

"Just give me the lube and you hold the poppers ready. When I tell you to, you take a deep whiff. And relax. I promise Iwon't hurt you ... Trust me bro?" Juan said.

"If I feel one bit of pain, it's off!" André said with determination and handed Juan the lube. He held the poppers ready. He was shivering a bit. Hang in there bro! You're in for the ride of a lifetime, I thought!

Juan moved down on André's body and took his hard leaking cock in his mouth and really made love to the big 23cm cock. He slurped and sucked and before long the whole big thing disappeared in Juan's mouth. The head was down Juan's throat and André went mad. He was groaning and moaning. At the same time Juan's hands went to his buttocks and pulled the cheeks apart. He was rubbing his index finger over André's hole and André gasped ... and stiffened.

"Juan ..."

Juan pulled off André's cock a bit and then pushed it deeper into his throat again. André groaned. Juan was a pro cocksucker.

I heard the lube cap being opened and when Juan put the cold stuff on André's hole, he gasped. Juan rubbed it on his hole and slipped the first digit of his index finger in. André stiffened and gasped again.

Juan sucked André's cock with might and meaning. It distracted André's attention away from his hole. Juan was pushing his finger in deeper and André groaned. Juan was now 'fucking' André's hole with his finger with long strokes.

Juan pulled off André's cock and said: "Poppers! Take a deep whiff!"

I heard André opening the small bottle and I heard him taking a whiff. "Ahhhhhh! Oh my godd! Oh my! Oh my dear! Juan! Ahhhh!"

Juan put in a second finger and pushed them in knuckles-deep. He took André's cock in his mouth and sucked him again. André was pushed to a high he had never experienced before. Juan took some more lube and inserted a third finger. "Poppers!" he instructed.

André took another whiff and Juan pushed his three fingers in deep. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! O my godd!" André exclaimed.

Juan slowly pulled his fingers out of André's hole and crawled on top of André's  body. He leaned in and kissed André deeply. André grabbed Juan behind his head and pulled him in. It looked as if he wanted to devour Juan's mouth. "Oh my godd! You're a sex fiend! You dogg!"

Juan was busy preparing his huge 28cm thick uncut cock. He put a copious amount of the lube on the head and rubbed all over the shaft. "Poppers!" He put some more lube on André's hole and pushed some more deep into his hole.

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh my fuck! Oh! Oh! What are you doing to me!" André exclaimed.

By then Johann was very hard - as hard as his big rubbery cock would get when it was erect. He was moving in and out of me at a slow, steady pace. I could feel the head rubbing over my prostate and felt the precum leaking from my cock.

"Fuck! I could do this every day, all day long! You're one hell of a bottom and a great guy!" Johann gushed quietly in my ear.

"You're a nice guy too and I love you fucking me ..." I said.

Juan put André's legs over his arms and leaned in to him. "I'm going to put my cock in now. Just relax. And push out as if you're taking a dump. And when I tell you to, poppers! OK? If it hurts, tell me and I'll stop. OK?" the caring Juan said soothingly.

"OK ... But ... just be gentle. I've never had a cock in me and you have one giant schlong! Oh my godd!" André whimpered.

Juan lined up his cock on André's hole and pushed in a bit. "Poppers!" he said.

André opened the bottle and took a deep whiff. "Ahhhhhh! Oh my godd! OK! Do it! Just do it! Push that pole into me! Do it!"

Juan pushed harder and the huge head pierced André's hole. "Ahhhh! Slowly! Oh my godd! Juan!"

They were so enthralled at what they were doing, they didn't care if we were still asleep or not. André was moaning loudly.

Juan pulled out again and pushed his cockhead in again, this time deeper. "Poppers!"

André was really swimming in a pool of euphoria. He was a whimpering mess.

Juan pushed in deeper and it was clear André was so far out, he didn't realise Juan was pushing his enormous cock into him. When Juan's big cockhead slid over André's prostate, André howled. "Oh fuck! Oh my fuck! What was that? Oh godd!"

"That's your prostate. Some more?" Juan asked.

"OK ..." André said with trepidation. "OK, but slowly!"

Juan pulled back and grazed his cockhead over André's prostate again.

"Oh my godd! I'm cumming! You're making me cum!"

"No, it's not cum yet. It's only a lot of precum. Hold on. Poppers!" Juan said.

When Juan's cock reached the internal sphincter, he slowed down and waited until the sphincter relaxed. He pushed in deeper and didn't stop until he was in balls-deep.

"Poppers!" André took another whiff of the magic stuff and he moaned and whimpered. "Oh my godd! Juan, what are you doing to me? Oh fuck! Oh ...!"

"Just relax!" Juan said and flexed his cock.

André groaned: "Oh my fuck! Owwww! That thing is huge! You fucking oaf!"

"Just relax and clench down on my cock. And push out. Relax. Poppers!" Juan instructed.

André took another whiff and threw his head backwards. "Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh my godd! How does Anton take this ...? Ahhhh!"


Behind me Johann was now picking up speed. His big rubbery cock was deep in me and he was fucking me with long fast strokes. He was groaning softly, and so was I. There was now a big puddle of precum on the sheets below my cock. I dared not touch my cock ... I'd have cum in seconds.

"Relax!" Juan instructed André ...

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Juan, this is ... godd, it's fucking fantastic! Oh fuck! Oh my godd! Oh ... oh ... oh! Ahhhhh!"

"You OK bro?" Juan asked and pulled his cock out a bit.

"Oh my godd! I can't believe this! You've tricked me into this! I could hate you for this forever, but my godd! It feels good! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! But ... be careful please?" André was whimpering.

Juan leaned in and kissed him. André was like a hungry puppy. He took Juan's head between his hands and pulled Juan closer, and devoured the mouth on his. "Oh my godd! Juan, you're killing me! It is unbelievable! Oh fuck!"

Juan was now slowly fucking André: long deep strokes while he was kissing my brother.

"Want me to cum, bro?" Juan asked.

"No! Fuck no! Not yet! Oh my godd! This is unbelievable!" André enthused. Juan leaned back and took Andre's cock and started to jack it.

"Careful there! I'll shoot in a heartbeat! You've abused my prostate big time! I'm on the verge of cumming! Oh my godd! You're such an animal! I fucking hate you, you pervert! I hate you! Fuck me you big oaf! Fuck me!" André groaned.

Juan pulled out till only his cockhead was in André and held it there for a second or two, and made the head swell.

"Ahhhhh! You animal!" André complained and groaned when Juan pushed his huge cock back 28cm into André. "You fucking animal! Oh my godd! Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me!" André said loudly.

"I'm about to cum, my man!" Johann said in my ear. "Do you want to cum with me ...? Please? I need to cum now?" and he kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Yes, let's do it. I'm very close. Tell me when you are cumming - I'd cum in seconds."

"OK," Johann said. He pushed the duvet down to our knees. He pulled about a third of his cock out and shoved it back into me. More precum leaked from my cock. I dared not touch myself. Johann was kissing my face and his right hand was playing with my nipples and chest hair. "Oh my godd! You're such a sexy man! Oh fuck!"

"Fuck me!" I said and clenched my hole over the huge cock in me.

"Yesss! I'm going to cum!" Johann announced.

"I'm cumming! Juan, I'm cumming! Oh my godd! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck!" André exclaimed and started to groan uncontrollably.

Juan was now fucking André with long deep strokes and also started to groan: "Ahhhhhh! Oh my godd! I'm also cumming! André I'm cumming!"

Johann's huge cock was rubbing lots of precum and even a bit of cum from my cock and I started to groan in sync with André. We were both being fucked with huge cocks and we were on the verge of cumming.

And then it happened: all four of us started to moan like wounded animals and groaned and then we shot our loads. Johann slammed his cock 29cm deep into my hole and shuddered when his bucket load of cum gushed into my rectum. My own cum squirted across the bed and hit Juan on his leg. Some of it even hit André.

Juan threw his head back and growled. He shoved his big cock 28cm deep into André and held it there ... for a second there was no movement, then his head slumped forward and his whole body trembled. He was unloading an unholy amount of cum into my brother.

André was moaning when the cum shot from his cock and hit him in the face. Some flew over his head and hit the headboard. The cum clung to the board for a second and then started to run down in slow thick rivulets.

And then the room fell silent. Only heavy breathing could be heard and the occasional groan.

Johann's cock in me still spasmed and pumped the last of the huge cumload into me. This sexy beautiful man wasn't just hung, he shot a load of note!

Juan was first to stir. His head hung on his chest. He let go of André's legs and collapsed on top of André. André's cum-drenched right hand snaked up behind Juan's neck and he pulled his lover down and into a tight embrace. His left hand slowly rubbed Juan's back ...

Johann's right arm held me tight to him and groaned as the last of his monumental load oozed into me. I clenched my hole over the big rubbery cock in me and sighed. I'm had a hard time not to fall in love with this man, but fuck! He wasn't playing fair! He was a lover of note and such a nice guy! It was going to be difficult to keep him at a distance ... fuck! I didn't want complications! My life was perfect the way it was!

Juan was kissing André's neck and whispered: "This is proof to you I love you too, bro. Now we are real lovers and with my load in you, and your cum mess fucking up our chest hair, don't you ever doubt my feelings for you again. I love you very much, you hear?"

André pulled Juan's mouth over his and kissed him. When Juan broke free, André put in: "You are one hell of a man, Juan. And yes, now I'm truly convinced you love me too. But, don't get used to this. This will be reserved for high days and holidays. Your cock is just too fucking big. You'd be the death of me. Yes, perhaps again, but not soon! My body needs to heal first! You fucking big beautiful sex maniac! You're one big beautiful fucking oaf! I love you so much!"

"How was it, bro?" I said and put a hand out.

"You're a pervert, baby bro! You're watching what we were doing PLUS, you've sprayed us wholesale with your cum! It felt like a fire hose was opened on us!"

"Sorry ... but how did you enjoy the fuck?"

"It was very strange and a bit too much, what with this huge oaf and his huge cock in me. But it was OK. But it will not happen again - if ever," André put in. "It was OK, but I prefer to do the fucking, thank you very much!"

Juan was sill lying on André and had his head turned to us and said: "It was an experience to 'taste' the other twin brother. He liked it, don't let him mislead you. But, perhaps my big cock was a bit much for a start. Perhaps you could try fucking him with your 23cm sometime Anton? Did Johann treat you well, my love?"

"Yes, it was nice. Johann is a great lover ..." I said.

"What? You're pawning me off to my brother now! I'm the top with him!" André got in.

"Thanks Juan, it means a lot that you allow me to fuck Anton. He is the best I've ever had ... he drives me fucking mad!" Johann said without skipping a beat. He just ignored André's ranting.

"Oh, did Johann fuck you good, did he?" Juan asked. "But, just so you know Johann, I know you've had your way with my love this weekend, more than was agreed upon. But I know you have the hots for him, and he enjoys your big cock. I like you and I know Anton likes you too, and yes, you're now part of the inner circle - we've agreed. But, for now, it's friendship only and when we feel like it, sex too. Anton is a wonderful man and I love him very much. He is not to be abused in any way. This weekend has been almost too much. This kind of thing will not happen every day - weekends, yes. You'll always be welcome to visit, and we're not going to deny you some sex with us, but then I'd prefer it to be all four of us. OK? Anton? André?"

"Yes, of course you big oaf. But before we could have seconds with Johann, you need to get off me and out of me. You're crushing me. And your huge cock is ripping me apart. How you put up with this man's cock is beyond me baby bro! He is like an animal! Move, you oaf!" André playfully pushed Juan off him and made a huge scene of being crushed. "Move!"

Juan responded by kissing André which of course pacified my brother to some extent, and he kissed back. However, very soon he was putting on a show again to get out from under Juan.

"Thanks Juan," Johann said. "I do like you guys a lot and I'll fall in with your rules for me to have my cock in this one again ..." Johann  tousled my bed-hair. "Yes, I agree, he likes my cock and you know what it's like to fuck him. It is phenomenal. But I'll not abuse your trust. I like you guys too much." Johann said.

Juan was lifting off André and was slowly pulling his cock out. "Bro, clench. Your brother's cum on the bed is enough. Mine would flood the scene. Here it comes ..." and he pulled his cock from André's hole.

"Owwww! My godd! It's like a baseball bat! You fucking huge oaf!" André quipped.

"Out of my baby bro, Johann. Come, I'm dying for some coffee. After an all-nighter again ... yes, I know what you've been up to, you sex hound! ... I think you've had enough for now. Come, let's get out of this mess. My love, you do know how to spray your load!" André said and gave my chin a playful jab.

"Sorry ..." I put in.

Johann slowly pulled out and I felt the huge load in me. When the head pulled free, I had to clench to prevent the load from escaping.

I rolled onto my back and put my left arm out and touched André's arm. "You OK bro?"

"Yes, I'm OK, but it might take my hole a whole week to heal. This fucking big oaf has a battering ram for a cock! Sheez! I was tricked and fucked into submission. The damn poppers! He is yours ... no more fucking for me for a while - if ever! How you handle this cock is beyond me! Are you OK baby bro? Has that hung hunk of a camera clicker abused you? Did he? Just speak to your big bro! I'll sort him out for you!" André's wit was unfazed.

"Fortunately it's Sunday morning. I'll ask Pieter what happens to the filthy sheets. We did make one hell of a mess. The Le Roux twins have really left their mark!" Juan quipped.

"Yes, and I wonder what went down in the master bedroom! I wonder what the sheets look like in there!" André put in and we all snickered.

"Let's go check on them! Come!"

André was leading the pack and we all bundled after him to check on Pieter and Claude. And as it happened, as we entered, Claude was spraying his load all over his hairy chest just as Pieter delivered the final thrust to pump his huge load into Claude.

"Oh my godd! Would you look at that! Sex hounds!" And we all clapped hands. "What a load Claude! Wow!"

"Fuck! I'm busy making love to my man! Is there no privacy in my own home? Sheez! I don't need an audience and your comments!" Pieter commented and threw a pillow at us. "Just look at you! All with semi-hard cocks, covered in cum and then you intrude here! Doggs!" He was actually laughing and Claude lifted himself onto his elbows and looked at us. He was wiping the cum from his face and wiped his fingers on his tummy and chest.

"My godd! Would you look at them! Perverts! The WHORE HOUSE sign is going up in Stellenbosch this week! Sheez! Come, lick me clean you perverts!" Claude exclaimed.

André walked closer and put a hand out to touch Claude's cum-drenched body. There was a lot of cum! André scooped some of it up and put his finger in his mouth. Bro! What? I couldn't believe my eyes!

"Fuck, your cum tastes good! My godd!" and he scooped up some more cum to taste.

I leaned forward and scooped some cum with my finger and tasted it ... fuck! Claude's cum did taste good! André bent forward and licked Claude's nipple drenched in cum.

"Fuck! I don't believe what I'm seeing!" Juan piped up. "Boys ...?"

"Ahhhhh! Godd! That feels great! Other nipple!" Claude demanded.

I bent forward and licked Claude's right cum-drenched nipple. I sucked his nipple into my mouth and sucked it in. The cum tasted good! We were sex hounds!

Claude arched backwards and his hands were on our heads. André snaked up Claude's body to lick up the cum that was sprayed on his neck. I moved down and licked the cum from his tummy hair. It tasted wonderful! I took his now rubbery cock in my mouth and sucked the last of his cum out of the big cock. Wow!

"Boys, you amaze me!" Juan gasped.

My head pushed against Pieter's tummy and he leaned back and I saw his huge cock still in Claude's hole ... I aimed to lick it ... but wouldn't it be yucky? Weird? I overcame my trepidation and flung caution to the wind ... I bent below Claude's balls and licked Pieter's huge cock shaft! Some of his cum had leaked out and tasted weirdly nice. Wow!

Pieter gasped and groaned. He pulled some more cock out and let me have a proper lick. Wow! I bent further between Claude's balls and Pieter's pubic area and put my mouth over the thick shaft sticking out.

Pieter gasped and pushed his big cock through my lips back into Claude. He pulled out further until only the head was in Claude, and allowed me to lick and suck his huge cock. It was fantastic! I felt this huge tube of meat growing thicker and harder. He started to groan and had a hand in my hair.

He pulled his hard cock from Claude's hole and pushed it into my mouth. Fuck! It tasted weird but not yucky at all. The cum covering the head tasted wonderful.He pushed the huge cock as deep as it would go into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over the head and tasted the cum.

Pieter pulled his huge cock from my mouth and I directed it to Claude's hole. Pieter pushed in again and Claude squealed with delight. I took Claude's cock into my mouth again.

Pieter was now fucking Claude again. André and Claude were in a hot embrace and were kissing each other deeply. I took Claude's cock in my mouth and sucked it. It was alive again.

"This isn't my house, but this is getting a bit confusing and a tad weird. I'm going to make coffee. Who is coming with me?" Juan announced his departure.

I let go of Claude's cock and got up. I gently pulled André's hair to get him to come with us. He looked up and I motioned towards the door. This was a bit too weird. André let go of Claude and got up. André's cock was almost completely hard again. My godd! What a sex dogg my brother was!

As André and I got up from the bed to leave, Johann joined us and the four of us left the room again. Pieter was at it again. He was between Claude's legs and they only had eyes for each other. These sex hounds have found each other! And we were almost drawn into their shenanigans.


Juan and I started the coffee machine and André and Johann looked in the fridge and cupboards to find something to eat.

I saw there was quite a bit of precum dangling from all of the guys' cocks and I went to each one to lick them clean before we sat down on the couch.

"Ah, the maid is here to do the cleaning!" André quipped and held his cock so I could lick it clean.

I sucked André's cock in my mouth and sucked the precum off the big head. "Ahhhhh! My godd! You're a sex slave! Johann, what have you done to my brother during the night?"

Johann was next. There was so much precum and some had actually dripped onto the floor where he was standing in the kitchen. I lovingly sucked the huge head into my mouth (Oh my godd! Did I think of it as 'lovingly'? Oh fuck!) and sucked the precum out of him. Johann groaned and grabbed my head. He pushed his huge rubbery cock right down my throat. His precum tasted fantastic and the huge rubbery head in my throat was intoxicating.

"Have you forgotten about me my love? Let go of that prized cock and clean mine please!" Juan piped up and moved in for me to suck his cock too. I let go of Johann's huge rubbery cock and felt how the huge cockhead slipped from my throat and out of my mouth. I sucked Johann's cock back into my mouth and felt the huge cockhead sliding over my tongue. This was an amazing cock!

I took Juan's big and more than rubbery cock into my mouth and licked the head clean. There was a lot of precum - not as much as Johann's though - and it tasted good. Juan pushed his rubbery cockhead into my mouth and the head slipped into my throat. It was still soft enough to go into my throat. I played with my tongue on the underside of the shaft and felt this big cock swelling and become hard! The big head was now plugging my throat and was fast becoming too big for my throat.

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! My love, you're too much! Stop! If you don't stop now, I'm going to fuck you right here on this counter! Oh my fuck!" Juan was groaning.

I reluctantly pulled Juan's cock from my throat and licked the head as it exited my mouth.

"Hey guys, look! My baby bro has made a mess on the floor! My godd, look at that precum!" André exclaimed.

"I want to clean him up please. May I please?" Johann asked with his big puppy eyes.

"Yeah, do it!" Juan concurred.

I was on my feet and held my wet cock in my hand. The precum was dangling in a long string and there was some on the floor. Johann went down on his one knee and took my cock into his mouth. He closed his eyes and lovingly sucked my cockhead and moved his tongue over the head. He pushed the tip of his tongue in between my cockhead and the skin and sucked. He pushed my cock right into his throat and sucked. I was fast getting a raging erection.

"Enough! His cock is clean now. Come, before this gets out of hand again, let's get some coffee." Juan put an end to the sucking.

"You're one hell of a sexy hung hunk of a sex dogg! Sheez!" André put in, playfully punching Johann on the arm.

"I've found some rusks to revive us a bit. Please get the milk from the fridge André?" Juan took charge.

I took some paper towels and wiped the precum off the floor ... what a mess!

Just as we sat down with our coffee and rusks, Pieter and Claude entered the lounge. Their cocks were still big and plumped up. They entered arms around each other and I realised: they have fallen hopelessly in love!

"You sex perverts and retards! Your interference has caused us to fuck like rabbits again!" Pieter playfully complained.

"Are you bragging or are you complaining? Didn't look like anything happened that you didn't like ...?" Juan said.

"The WHORE HOUSE signs have just trebled to an address in Bloubergstrand as well - pigs!" André quipped.

Claude threw a cushion at André's head. "Perve!"

"You liked us licking the cum off your nipples, PERVE!" André put in.

"You're still sex hounds! Hmmmm! But it prepared us for another hot fuck session. Pieter knows how to use his big cock!" Claude said doe-eyed and hugged Pieter. He kissed the big hairy man deeply.

"Oh, I had a close-up view of that! It was hottt!" I said.

Pieter pulled Claude into his arms and kissed him again. Claude had his arms around his waist and their cocks plumped up once again.

"Get a room! Would you look at that ... They look like sex-starved teenagers!" Juan quipped.

"My eyes! Oh, my eyes! Take that away! Sheez!" André put in dramatically and shielded his eyes with his arms.

Johann's camera was clicking away. His huge cock was also plumped up and my mouth watered ... what a cock, and what a fucking he could deliver with that ... I really liked this big beautiful man. I was glad he was allowed into our inner circle. I realised I wanted him there ... yess!

"Coffee and rusks?" I asked.

"I have Woolies croissants and hot cross buns in the fridge. Just need to warm them in the microwave. Any takers?" Pieter asked holding Claude around his shoulders. He walked to the fridge with his huge semi bobbing up and down and swinging left to right. It was one hell of a big cock. Now it was about 20cm long, very thick and the big head was covered with skin. Magnificent.

Claude's cock was also semi-hard again and swung from side to side when he walked to the island to pour them some coffee. When hard, at 25cm it too was an exquisite cock.

Pieter warmed the croissants and hot cross buns and we had them with butter, marula jelly and cheese. A light, but nice breakfast. The Arabica coffee was strong and flavourful.

"Listen all you sexual delinquents, this does not count as a proper breakfast. If push comes to shove, I could whip up a proper breakfast, but this love of mine was insatiable last night." He pulled in Claude and hugged him close. "I propose a brunch at a farm stall not far from here."

"We have to get cracking and after brunch we have to be on our way back to Stellenbosch. I have some papers to mark and preparations for tomorrow. Plus, the boys have a Physics test tomorrow. Their studies have to get some attention in between all these sexcapades. I'm the responsible one here. OK boys?"

"I have to edit a lot of photos that have to be with Claire first thing tomorrow morning, and I have another client from Switzerland. His pictures need to be with the courier at 9 tomorrow. So, I also need to get going."

"I'm not chasing you away, and you may come back here any time, but I also have some work to do before tomorrow. Claude is the only one who has some extra time on his hands, so he'll stay behind and massage my feet."

"No, I have to get going too. I'll catch a lift with Johann, if I may please? I have to sort out a bundle of portfolios for clients. I've just acquired the Du Toit twins' portfolios and I need to sort out their investments too. No rest for the wicked!"

"Ahhhhh! Then I'd be left alone ...? Back to jacking off ...! Sob! Sob!" Pieter complained. But, everybody had a valid reason to be going after brunch.

"Sometime soon again, I hope? Boys? What about a weekend soon after you guys have moved into La Rochelle, Juan? What about a housewarming? I'll sponsor the food. Adriaan could sponsor the wine. What do you say?" Pieter enthused.

"And the excess visitors may stay at my place. I'm also at La Rochelle," Johann put in.

"That's settled then. Adriaan and Alma could join us and we could have a real family affair. And you're included of course Johann. After I've seen you performing this weekend, I'm in awe my man! You're cut from the same cloth as my delinquent brother!" Juan announced. He pulled Johann in and gave him a friendly kiss. "Just remember Anton is still mine and André's butt too. So, behave!" and gave him a playful slap on the butt.


After the breakfast snacks, we showered and got our stuff. We thanked Pieter for his hospitality. Lots of hugging and kissing and groping and groaning and more kissing ... sex hounds, for sure! And we were only driving to the farm stall!

We drove to the farm stall and had a really good breakfast. There was anything and everything. Eggs to order, sausage, bacon, muffins, scones, toast, honey, jams, cheeses, fruit ... it was delightful.

After the breakfast we stood at our 3 cars and started to say goodbye again.

André was first to hug and kiss Pieter. He got a slap on the butt and a cheek pinch. "André, I guess? Look after yourself my boy!"

I was next and Pieter looked me in the eye and kissed me. "You're one hell of a guy. Thanks for the weekend. I really enjoyed it. It was magnificent. Mario sent an SMS this morning and he is still keen to meet you guys ... OK?"

I thought of the Italian stallion with his huge thick cock who fucked me in the toilet the day before. And yesss! I wanted him to fuck me again! Any day! It was wonderful! "Yes, you can give him my number," I whispered.

Pieter looked at me big-eyed and mouthed: "Wow!" He pulled me in again and whispered: "It's very big! Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure" I whispered back. I felt Pieter's cock stir against my crotch.

Juan stepped closer and took my place. "Pieter, I'm not sure how you and I fit into this weird family now. I'm married to your nephews and you're engaged to my brother ... I give up! But, thanks for everything. It was an experience, to say the least!"

Johann hugged and kissed Pieter and got a little grope from Johann. Pieter groaned. "This is just one hell of a cock! Hmmmm! Thanks for the pictures. They're fabulous!"

Claude stepped up and took Pieter by the arms and looked at him. It was clear they had it bad for each other. "Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it very much. And thanks for making me complete at last," Pieter gushed. He pulled Claude in and pushed his crotch hard against Claude's cock. "I want to see you soon ..."

"Thanks for your hospitality and the sex and the drinks and the food and the sex and the ..." Claude didn't get any further. Pieter gave him a playful slap on the butt. "Owww! I'm declaring my love for you and now you hit me! Oww!"

Johann walked up to Juan and hugged him. "Thanks for allowing me in ... I do appreciate it. Thanks for allowing me to f ... you know! It was a great gift!" He took Juan's face in his hands and gave him a gentle kiss.

He then pulled André in for a hug and kiss. "Thanks for accepting me. I won't disappoint you."

"Ja well, just don't abuse my brother and behave. We love him very much. You have had your way with him a lot. It should last you ... erm ... I'd say until Christmas ...? No, I'm joking! You're welcome to visit us. But, we have studies to attend to. The final exams are around the corner. We can't afford to fail anything. Call us!"

Claude said goodbye and lots of banter flew between him and André and the words "WHORE HOUSE" were heard a few times. They knew how to rib each other, and us too. We weren't spared.

Claude and Johann drove off and Pieter hugged us once more. "Look after my beautiful nephews. I love them and not just because I fucked this one's butt ..." pointing at André.

"Wrong one! Only Juan managed that, just this morning! Ouch! My hole still hurts! There is Anton, poor guy!" André quipped.

"What? Juan fucked you? I don't believe it! Juan?!" Pieter exclaimed.

"Yes, and don't you get any ideas. The oaf tricked me with kisses and poppers ... my hole is wrecked. I'd have to put tons of Vaseline on it to heal. Not anytime soon, if ever again! Oaf!" André mimicked horror and pain.

"Well, get your strengths together and make sure your studies don't suffer. Take care and thanks for the visit. Let me know what Claire has organised for you. Next weekend, isn't it?" Pieter said and held the left-hand car doors open for André and me. "I hope we see each other soon. Bye!"

When I sat in the car seat, I looked up and saw Pieter's huge bulge and sighed. What a huge cock for a great fuck! Ahhh. We drove off and Juan put his hand on my thigh.

"Wow! What a weekend! I don't think I've ever had so much sex in such a short period of time." Juan said and squeezed my leg.

"Ahhhh yes, and don't get any ideas of putting that anaconda in me anytime soon again! You sex pervert! My hole was not made to be fucked. Fish don't ride bicycles, and my hole doesn't get fucked. Finished! Finito! Klaar! Vorbei! Schluß! Passé! You should be ashamed of yourself, you sex pervert! Oaf!" André rambled on and gave Juan's head a playful swipe.

"Ouch! I was making love to you and now you assault me! Please protect me from this sex animal my love!" Juan retorted. "Owww! Pain!"

"It was all worth it and I enjoyed breaking away for a change. It was a lot of sex, but I think we all enjoyed it, including you André! I didn't hear complaining too much when Juan fucked you either!" I said.

"It's that poppers! Devil's breath, if you ask me! Poison! I'm wrecked for life! Perve!" André was on top form!

"What about Johann, boys? Where does he fit in now?" Juan asked.

"I like him and he likes us. Johann is a swell guy with a huge cock and he has a huge lusting after my baby bro. He is seriously attractive and a real hung hunk. Like I said last night, I'm OK if he joins us. What do you say baby bro? Your hole up for some more serious fucking? That sex hound has only one thing on his mind. OK?" André was happy to have Johann fuck me again and again!

"Yes, he's welcome, but just so you know, as far as I'm concerned, he is a nice and sexy friend with benefits. I knows he loves you my love ... yes, he is smitten and he'd do anything to be near you. But, I'm still the alpha male here and I say he may have a taste of your butt from time to time, but your ass has my and André's names on it. Johann will just have to wait his turn to fuck you, my love. OK?" Juan said and squeezed my leg.

"I love you two very much, you know that. Nothing is ever going to change that. Yes, I know Johann has more than friendship on his mind, and I'd be happy if he'd fuck me occasionally. You have to agree, he has a spectacular cock and his fucking is out of this world. But, I'm in love with you two and you're my husbands. OK?" I said.

"That's my boy! Now let's get home and your asses on your chairs for some serious studying. Ah - ah! No excuses, André! Professor du Plessis is going to have your asses for breakfast if you don't study. And these marks are important for your predicates. I too have some work to do. I'll drop you off at the flat and go get my stuff at my place. I'll work at the breakfast nook. OK boys? OK."


We spent the afternoon and evening working on our studies. We helped each other with difficult sums and equations. Juan was grading some papers and prepared some lectures for the next day.

By 8 o'clock we called Dad and put the iPhone on speakerphone.

"Hallo boys! How was the weekend? We're so happy about the modelling. Now, tell me about the weekend at Pieter's. Mom is in the bathroom, so spill the beans!"

"It was fucking amazing Dad! Pieter and Claude were going at it like bunnies! And they fell in love!"

"I'm not surprised! I saw how they looked at each other last weekend. I'm so happy for them. I'll give Pieter a call. And you?"

"My brother was the centre of almost all the attention! Everybody wanted a piece of him. He was the star! And our new friend Johann has the hots for our boy too! His cock is even bigger than yours Dad!" André was a pervert and got slaps on the head from both Juan and me. Sheez!

"Really? Wow! That must be a big one then! Are you OK my boy?" Dad asked.

"I'm fine Dad. André is exaggerating as always. It wasn't like that ..." I made excuses.

"Johann is a hung hunk and he really likes Anton a lot!" André blurted out.

"What? What about you three then ..." Dad asked, clearly confused.

"Adriaan ... Dad ... Not to worry. I'm still here and I will keep the wolves from my boys. Yes, Johann has the hots for Anton, but he is a nice and very pleasant guy, and he understands that we're in a relationship. He'll respect that. Don't worry. OK?" Juan put Dad at ease.

"Be careful that something doesn't destroy what you have. I love you all and don't want anything bad to happen to you, not even to you Juan. You're mine too now," Dad put in.

"Thanks Dad! We'll be careful," I said.

"Let me know what happens with the photo shoot next week, OK? The people in the townhouse called and said they'd be out of the house next weekend, a week before the end of the month. Any idea about paint colours? Mom and I want to have the house painted before you move in. Go and get some colour samples and let us know. I'll let the agent know, who has the painters lined up to paint the flat. We thought 'Double Velvet' would be durable." Dad said.

"Wow! Thanks Dad! I'll get some sample cards from the paint shop tomorrow. Any colour?" I put in.

"Yes, but keep it dialled down a notch. Nothing too weird, OK buddie?" Dad said.

"No, I'll stick to one basic colour and we could have the flat painted in different shades of the same colour. OK?" I said. "Oh and Dad, how about a house-warming party? Pieter offered to sponsor the food and if we could get some wine from you please?"

"Yes, that sounds fine. We'll have it all organised. Oh, the agent gave Gunther Müller my number. He called this afternoon. When will you be at home so he could come and have a look at the flat? Give him a call and set up an appointment. He is very interested to rent the flat. He sounds like a professional man with lots of integrity. He said he is 29 and will be here for at least another 11 months. Here is his number ..." Dad gave the number and I wrote it down. "As soon as you have a break to see him, call him. Remember to stress the basic rules we have, not that he sounds like the wrecking kind. OK?

"Price Dad?"

"The agent has everything under control. You just need to show him the flat. Oh, here's Mom. Say 'hi' to the boys."

We had a chat with Mom and told her about the visit to Boss and the shoot, and the weekend, but no sordid details of course.

"You boys have to be pooped. Get some rest and enjoy the week. I have a big conference on Friday and Saturday and will be in Cape Town. Perhaps I'll see you if Claire has something organised for you?"

We said goodnight and we hung up.

"I'm glad things are working out. Only 12 days before we could move into our house! Yay!" André said and aimed a finger at my sides to tickle me.

"No, André! Please!"

"About this Gunther Müller and coming to see the flat. How about Wednesday? Our classes are over by 1 o'clock. There is no hockey practise with this oaf, so we could fit the Jerry in then. How about it baby boy?" André said.

"Yes, Wednesday sounds fine. Let's call him and find out," I said and started dialling the number. Juan excused himself to attend to some last preparations for the next day.

"'Allo," a deep voice said. "Gunther Müller hier!" My heart skipped a beat. It sounded like velvet! He was a real Jerry! Wow!

"Erm ... I can't speak German, but it is Anton le Roux here. About the flat?" I stammered. My heart was thumping!

"Ah! Ze gentleman of de flat! Ach, ja! I vud love to come see de flat please, ja?" His voice was deep and sonorous. Beautiful.

"Ah ... erm ... yes. We would like to know when you wanted to come to see the flat. We were wondering how about Wednesday afternoon. Around 2:30 perhaps?"

"Mittwoch ... erm ... Mittwoch ... ach! Ja, I belief I could come in de afternoon. I have de address. I was dere yesterday morning to see vere it was. Beautiful, ja! Very quiet. But I vant to see de inside, OK?" Gunther said. "14:30 then? OK?"

"Yes, 2:30 it is. We'll be here."

"'We'? How many vud be dere? Not just one?" Gunther sounded perplexed.

"We're twins, Mister Müller. André and Anton le Roux. Adriaan is our Dad." I said.

"Ah! I see. Twins ... interesting. OK, den. I veel see you on Vednesday."

"Until Wednesday. Goodnight Mr Müller!" I said and hung up.

"Wait till he sees us and can't make out who is who! Let the fun and games begin!" André quipped.


By 10 o'clock we were ready for bed and after some hugging and kissing, Juan was groaning and clearly in need of a hole to put his 28cm cock in.

"My love, you've taken such a beating this whole weekend, but fuck! I'm so horny, thinking of you getting fucked by those sex hounds! One more please?" he said with his lips on mine. André was fingering my nipples and tummy and when my cock responded, he leaned in and sucked my still rubbery cock deep into his mouth. Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Here we go again, I thought.

"You know I could never say 'no' to you my love! Of course you may!" I said into his mouth.

Juan rolled on top of me and lied with his full weight on top of me. It felt spectacular. His huge cock pushed against my body and reached up to my chest and the precum was already flowing. He rubbed his cock up and down between us and André was now kissing Juan's mouth. They were groaning with desire.

Soon we were so hot for each other that Juan moved between my legs and started to lick my hole. His tongue was big and wet and felt fantastic as he pushed it into my hole. This man was making me seriously horny.

"Lube please André. I want to get inside this hole!" André took the lube from the nightstand and handed it to Juan. He put a generous amount on his fingers and slowly inserted a finger in my tender hole. "OK my love? Not too much?"

"I'm fine. Just use enough lube ..." I said.

André was on my cock, sucking me in balls-deep. Ahhh!

Juan inserted two fingers and slowly pushed them in knuckle-deep. I groaned. Those beautiful fingers are also very big! Ahhhh! A third finger! My godd!

"OK my love? I'm going in ... OK?" Juan said and his huge cockhead started to push in. Ahhh! I've been fucked so many times that weekend, I've lost count, I thought.

The cockhead slipped in and Juan kept on pushing and only stopped when he encountered the inner sphincter. He applied a gentle push and the sphincter opened. The huge cock slipped in and soon Juan's balls were hanging on my butt.

André was all over my body, playing with my nipples and sucking my cock, kissing me, stroking my hair ... my brother knew how to make love ...

Juan was starting to fuck me with slow, deep thrusts and soon we were both approaching orgasms. André looked up and asked if it would be OK if he also could get in ...

We agreed. Juan pulled me up and when I was sitting in his lap, he leaned backwards with me on top of him. André took the lube from the nightstand and lubed up his big cock. He positioned himself behind me and announced: "I'm going in, OK? Baby bro? I hope you're OK."

I felt André's cockhead pushing on my hole and I pushed out. The head pushed through and it slipped in. "OK, baby bro?"

"Fine - just be gentle! My hole was stretched mightily over the weekend," I said.

André's cock was in me soon enough and he fucked me good. He and Juan got into a mutual fucking. When Juan's cock was pushing in, André's cock would be pulling out. In, out. And soon we were all grunting.

"I'm going to cum! Oh boy! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" André groaned.

"Ahhhh! Me too! My love we're going to cum now!" Juan said.

My prostate was rubbed a lot by the two big cocks moving over it. There was a lot of precum and even a bit of cum on my tummy. "I'm cumming too! Fuck me!"

And it happened. A three-way orgasm. The Le Roux boys and the Du Toit hunk were shooting their loads. My load was bigger than expected and it still made a big mess on Juan's chest and tummy. I felt the two big cocks in me twitching and shooting their loads in me. It couldn't be a lot after the weekend but it still felt like a lot.

"No all-nighter tonight. Baby bro needs to heal after the weekend. And so do I after I was raped this morning ... Oaf!" André put in.

We settled in for the night and within minutes all three of us were asleep.


The test with Professor Du Plessis was not as bad as we expected. Our predicates would not be adversely affected. Our last-minute crunch paid off. Phew.

We still had practicals on Tuesday afternoon, a Stats test on Wednesday morning and again some practicals on Thursday. Normal week at the university.

On Tuesday Claire called and confirmed we had a shoot at Clifton on Saturday. It was for a catalogue for a local men's clothes store chain. She said she'd confirm with Johann and would email us the details. It would also involve shoots in swimwear. The clothes chain would supply the clothes. She advised us to bring our own jackets, some nice sneakers and sunblock for the beach. She was going to email us a form on which she wanted our measurements and stats as required by the chain.


On Wednesday we returned from classes and got out of our clothes. It was a hot early spring day and no rain.

We got our shoes off and aired our big beautiful feet. I went into the toilet and took a dump. I thought about us being alone, and knowing André, he'd fuck me at the drop of a hat, so I douched just in case ...

I came out of the bathroom and we got us some Coke from the fridge. We were still buck-naked.

"Time for our toe nails to be clipped. Come sit. I'll get the nail clippers and nail files," I said. André flopped down and inspected his toes. "We do have nice feet, baby bro. I like the hair on our feet. It's sexy." He fingered his big cock lying on the couch cushion. Given the slightest chance, and that thing was going to leak precum like a faucet!

I returned with the clippers and files and sat down. I took André's feet in my lap and massaged his toes and the balls of his feet. The heels of his feet dug into my crotch and I felt my cock was coming alive ...

André pushed his heels into my crotch and quipped: "Hmmmm! Baby bro! You're hot for my feet and me! What about this biggie?" he said waving his rubbery cock with his hand.

"Hold your horses! Let's get the nails clipped first! You dogg!" I said and felt my cock was now beyond rubbery ... oh my godd!

"Baby bro wants big bro to fuck him! Ahem! But, with these dashing good looks and this big cock, who could resist?" he said waving at his own body and cock.

"Yes, you know I could never say 'no' to you, but let's get our nails clipped first. Johann mentioned something about photos of our feet and hands again. Saturday is around the corner." I put my hand over my growing cock and lifted André's feet off my crotch onto my thighs.

"Hmmmm! I'm glad my dashing good looks and big cock still have the desired effect on my baby bro! Hmmmm!" André was relentless!

I started massaging his feet again and just marvelled at the beautiful toes and hair and shape and nails ... The second toes were slightly longer than the big toes. But, the nails needed some clipping, so I got straight to it. I clipped the nails and then filed them smooth. I took the other foot and repeated the procedure. My cock was almost hard and there was precum leaking out onto the seat. Oh my godd! I looked at André and saw his cock was rock-hard and he was rubbing the precum over the head. He was slowly pulling the skin back and pushed it forward again. A large drop of precum dripped onto his fingers.

"Ahhh! Put your feet on my hard leaking cock and let me get your nails done. Baby bro, you're insatiable!" André said and put his feet on the floor.

I swung my feet up and put them in André's lap. His cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. When my feet came to rest on his cock, he groaned and pushed his cock up. With lots of joking and lots of precum on my feet and teasing, André lovingly pulled the hair on my feet and even sucked my big toes ... wow! ... he got my nails clipped at last.

"Just look at them! Four big sexy feet with neatly clipped and filed nails. We're ready to go! Come here, baby bro!" André said and pulled me in for a kiss. But it was no ordinary brotherly kiss - it was a gentle kiss and his tongue was already pushing on my lips. I opened my lips and it slipped in. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and soon our kiss was filled with desire and lust.

Oh my godd! As if I was sex-deprived! I've been fucked by numerous men every day for I don't remember how long. And here on a Wednesday afternoon, I was about to get fucked by my twin brother, again! I took André's cock and felt it was sopping wet and rock-hard. Oh my godd ... My hole twitched at the prospect of taking this 23cm cock in my hole, using precum only. My brother was a good lover.

I bent down and sucked André's cock into my mouth. His precum was so damn nice and it was leaking heavily. André bent down and was standing on all fours over me in a 69-position. We were sucking each other's cocks ...


It was the doorbell! Oh my godd! We've lost track of time! It had to be the German! Oh godd!

"It's Gunther! Just look at us! Buck-naked and wet with hard 23cm cocks pointing at the ceiling! Oh my godd!" André exclaimed.

"Hockey shorts! Now!" I put in.

"Coming!" André shouted and we ran like foxes on the hunt to the bedroom to retrieve hockey shorts from our cupboard. We each jumped around to get our feet through the openings of the shorts. As we pulled them over our hard cocks, we each grabbed a T-shirt and ran to the front door.


I unlocked the door with my T-shirt still in my hand and gasped.

In front of the door stood a very attractive tall blond man with ice-blue eyes. He looked us up and down and his eyes bulged when he saw our cocks tenting our shorts. Then he looked from André to me and back to me, and back to André.

"Verzeihung! Ungelegener Zeit? Oh sorry, sorry. Ze time is ... inconvenient? Pardon!" the man stammered and looked at our shorts again. Without realising it, he was pushing his hand into his crotch and tried to adjust the bulge in his pants.

"Oh no! No problem. You must be Mr Müller! Yes?" André said and put out his hand.

"Ja, Gunther Müller, pleased to meet you," he said and took André's hand in his. "And you are ...?"

"Oh, sorry - my name is André le Roux, and this is my brother Anton. Pleased to meet you!" André said and shook the man's hand. "Please come in!"

Mr Müller took my hand in his and I gasped. He had hands as big as Juan's but his fingers were very long. I looked down and saw his immaculately manicured big fingernails. His hands were hairy with dark blonde hair all over the fingers and on the back of his hand. He put his left hand over my hand and greeted me with both hands. My still hard cock twitched. I saw his eyes looking at my crotch and I blushed cherry red.

"I ... I am happy to meet you. André und Anton? How do people know ze difference?" Gunther was stumped. He looked at our hairy chests and I apologised for being half-naked. We fumbled to put our T-shirts on. "No problem, I also valk around ze house naked. Don't worry!"

I saw he was looking at our crotches again and he pushed at his crotch, and I wondered ...

Gunter looked down at our naked feet and gasped. "My cousin, he is a model and he has very big feet. Zey are also very beautiful like yours ... You are models, yes?"

"Ah ... yes, sort of. We're starting on Saturday. Please come in," André said and we fumbled with the T-shirts again.

"If I ask, vould you please not put your shirts on? You two are beautiful young men, und I have never seen two so perfect and so ze same," Gunther stumbled along with the English.

"Oh, OK," André said and tossed his T-shirt on the couch. I noticed the precum on the leather ... oh my godd!

Gunther walked to the back of the couch and I saw him looking at the wet spot on the couch. He leaned forward and touched the wet spot ...! Oh my godd!

"Hmmmm! Gut! Very gut! Ahhhmmmm," Gunther mumbled. The bulge in his pants was now obscenely big. He deliberately pushed his obviously huge cock into position and I saw the big cock was pointing up to his right hip. It was huge. He looked at us and asked us to please show him the rest of the flat. We started in the kitchen and he asked started looking around. The kitchen was fairly small and he had to squeeze past me at one stage to get to the other end. His huge cock brushed over my butt and I gasped ... my godd!

"Oh sorry ... pardon! Erm ... Yes, please forgive, my English is not very good. I am scientist but now here I vant to learn to speak good English."

"No problem. As long as we understand, it's OK." I said. "We both took German at school, but it's a bit rusty. We'll understand you."

"Bathroom?" Mr Müller asked.

"Here, Mr Müller," I said.

"Gunther, please!" he said.

"Oh, OK. Here is the bathroom."

He looked around and when he saw 3 toothbrushes in the glass next to the shaving cabinet, he looked at us as if to count us. But he said nothing. The bulge in his pants was now insanely big. He coughed and adjusted his cock and looked at the shower, the toilet and the window. He also looked at the tiles and bent down to feel if they'd be slippery when wet. When he was on his knee, my bulge was right in front of his face. When he looked up, he looked right at my crotch and stared a second or two and slowly got to his feet.

"Please, ze bedroom," Gunther croaked.

André led the way and as we left the bathroom, and stopped in the door to see where Gunther was, and the man bumped right into me. His huge cock hit me right in my crack! My godd! It was hard and big! I pushed my hand to the back and gave his bulge a squeeze. It was fucking huge! And hard! Gunther groaned and put his hand on my crotch. He gasped. "I vant you! Yes? I vant you!"

"Yes, but my brother too." I whispered in his ear.

"Both of you? No! Really?" His cock in my hand twitched and he groaned.

"Yes, come!" I said and led the way to the bedroom. André was just walking into the bedroom and turned around. His big cock was far from soft. It still tented his shorts big time. He looked at me and smiled knowingly. My bro wasn't stupid! He knew!

"You sleep together? Very big bed." Gunther said and looked around. He asked if he could see the cupboards. Fortunately Dad was a tiger when it came to neat cupboards. He'd kill us if there was too much disorder in our cupboards. Gunther opened the cupboards and soon he stood touching the only garment that wasn't in duplicate: Juan's large suede jacket. "A-ha! Interesting."

We watched Gunther, and André was motioning his head to the tall German's bulge and made big eyes at me.

I nodded and mouthed: "Huge".

Gunther came around the bed and saw the lube on the nightstand. He picked it up. "Ahh! Ze good stuff! Very good, ja!" He turned to us and deliberately pushed at his enormous cock to his right hip. The head was pushed up to above his pants' pocket. It was big and very thick. Gunther looked at us and put his hand on his big cock and rubbed over the bulge in his pants.

"You like?"

"Oh yes, fuck! We like! We like very much!" André said and stepped towards Gunther and put his hand on the huge bulge. "Ahhhh! Fuck! It's huge! Anton, come feel this!"

I stepped closer and also touched the obscenely huge bulge in the man's pants.

Gunther put his hands out and touched our hard cocks in our shorts. He was tugging at the elastic tops to get his hands inside our pants and when he had our cocks in his hands, the man gasped. "Mein Gott! Riesige Schwänze!" [My godd! Huge cocks!]

I took Gunther's belt and started to unbuckle his pants. Gunther pulled his rock-hard tummy in and held still. The belt came off and the pants opened. André and I pushed the pants down and felt the enormous cock in his briefs. It was very big and very thick! The tip was sopping wet. A huge amount of precum has leaked out and was wetting the insides of the briefs.

André put his hand in Gunther's underpants and pulled out the huge cock. I gasped. It was monumental. My ass twitched and I imagined that cock fucking me ... ahhhh!

"You like? Not too big, yes?" Gunther whispered.

"It IS enormous! I've never seen something like this. How big is it?" André asked.

"29,5cm," Gunther said.

The cock was at least as thick as Pieter's cock if not thicker. I thought of Mario and realised this was about the size of the Italian restaurateur's cock. Oh my fuck! It was huge! It was slightly bent to the right. The head was spectacularly big and it was uncut.

The precum was literally leaking out of this schlong.

Gunther pulled us closer and his huge cock pushed against us. The precum smeared all over our tummies and on our cocks. He leaned forward and tentatively kissed me. His lips were soft and full. It was a gentle kiss and his tongue lightly brushed over my lips. I opened my mouth and tasted the huge tongue in my mouth. He slowly pushed his tongue in deeper and I groaned.

I put my hand in his shirt and felt his hairy chest on his well-developed pecs. His nipples were hard and I felt his big areolae. Heaven!

He let go of me and took André in his arms. He kissed André and my brother groaned and squeezed the huge cock in his hand. Soon Gunther's tongue was in André's mouth and they both groaned. I bent down and took Gunther's cock from André's hand and looked at the enormous head. It was as big, if not bigger, than Mario's cockhead. The skin covered the head and the precum was hanging in a long sticky thread. I stuck my tongue out and licked the precum. It tasted sweet and very nice. I opened my mouth and put the huge cock in my mouth. I sucked the precum out of it. Gunther groaned in André's mouth and pushed his cock forward. The huge head pushed into my mouth and got stuck in the back of my mouth.

André dropped to his knees and added his mouth to the lovemaking of this monumental cock. It was simply phenomenal. The big purple head slipped out from the long foreskin and the precum leaked into our mouths.

Above us, Gunther took off his shirt and pushed down his pants. We helped him to get his pants off. He had very swanky slip-on shoes on and when they were off, I could see his feet were as beautiful as Juan's. Not as big as Juan's but close. And they were very clean and perfectly pedicured. The nails were cut squarely and there was dark blond hair all over his feet. Fair, smaller versions of Juan's feet. I bent down and kissed his feet.

"Ah ... a foot worshipper! Not many of those! Ahhhhh! Come here, André? Anton?"

"Anton," I said when I stood up and embraced this huge man. He pulled me in for another kiss and soon I was groaning and felt André sucking our cocks in turn.

Gunther looked at the bed and I understood. "Yes, let's get onto the bed. Come André!" I said and got onto the bed. Gunther followed and lied down on his back. He pulled me into his arm and lifted his head and kissed me again. His tongue knew no boundaries. It was making me extremely horny!

André was sucking the huge cock and was moaning. He loved this big cock as much as I did. He pushed the cock up and took one of the enormous balls into his mouth and sucked gently. I looked down and saw Gunther's cock curved to the right and almost reached to his chest. This was one seriously big cock. Oh my godd.

I lied down and took the huge cock in my hand and put my cock next to it. My cock looked like a boy's cock next to this monster. Our cocks were 23cm, but at 29,5cm, Gunther's cock was almost 7cm longer, and much thicker!

The precum was now running from this man's cock. It was literally leaking out of him without any coaxing. It was phenomenal. Gunther and Mario could easily pool their resources and sell the stuff! Wow!

I sucked the big cock into my mouth again and pulled the skin back. The big bulbous head had a huge piss slit, like nothing I've seen before. It was so big I could actually put the tip of my tongue into the opening. Gunther groaned when he felt my tongue in his piss slit. I took the cock from my mouth and pulled the piss slit open between my thumb and index finger. The opening was huge and the precum bubbled up in it. I licked the precum and sucked the head again.

André was now next to Gunther and was sucking his nipples. The big areola disappeared in André's mouth and Gunther groaned. "O, mein Gott! Ihr seid zu viel! Ahhhh! [Oh my godd! You are too much!]"

I let go of the magnificent cock and André took it in his hand and stroked the huge cock. I put both my hands on the cock and the whole head still stuck out from the three hands on it. This was a huge cock!

I moved down and gently massaged Gunther's balls and sucked them in turn. They were too big to both fit it into my mouth at once.

I rubbed my hands over the muscular hairy legs and aimed for the big feet.

His toes were literally curling up and down! Really? Wow! They were very nice and I licked the big toes. I took one into my mouth and sucked, while I was massaging the ball of his foot. Gunther was groaning so loud I was afraid Mrs Mouton next door would hear it. She was such a nosy old woman!

My cock was sopping wet and the precum was trailing all over the bed.

I moved back up to the big cock. André still had his hand around it while he was sucking Gunther's nipples. I found the precum on Gunther's belly was now really on the verge of running onto the bed. I thought about it ... and decided to be brave. I've been fucked by Mario and there was nothing else but precum and a little spit. So, here goes.

I positioned myself on Gunther's thighs and took the ample supply of precum from my cock and rubbed it on my hole. I scooped up some from the huge puddle of precum on Gunther's belly and rubbed it over his cock head. He groaned and pushed his cock up. I took some more of the precum and rubbed it on my hole and worked it into me with my index finger. I leaned in and saw even more precum was running from this magnificent cock. It was amazing. I took it and rubbed it over Gunther's cockshaft.

"You vill let me fuck you, yes?" Gunther asked.

"Yes, please!" I said and massaged the precum over the shaft.

"Are you sure, baby bro? It is a huge one. Won't it hurt you?" André asked concerned.

"Let's try it. There is so much of the stuff ..." I answered.

"You vant to try with precum only?" Gunther asked big-eyed.

"The lube is on the nightstand. Use it if you need it."

"Let's try this first," I said and wondered if I were mad ...

I lifted the enormous cock into an upright position and lowered my buttocks over it.

"Wait! Let me get the poppers! Wait!" André put in and opened the nightstand drawer. He gave me the small black bottle. I opened it and took a big whiff. My head was swimming and the arteries in my head were thumping.

"Bitte, ich auch! [Please, me too!]" Gunther said and held out his hand. He opened the bottle and took a deep whiff. "Ahhhhh! Mein Gott! Ja, do it!" The enormous cock under me twitched, and Gunther bucked.

André stood on his knees next to me and pulled my buttocks apart. I took the poppers and took another whiff. I positioned the huge cockhead on my asshole and lowered my body. The enormous head pierced my hole and twitched. I stopped. Oh my godd! Today this cock was going to split me in two, I thought!

André pulled my buttocks apart and I lowered myself on the cock again. I pushed out and felt the huge head entering me. I pulled out again and put more of the fresh precum over the head and sat down. The head plopped through my hole and I screamed! "Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! You're enormous! Oh fuck!"

"Relax and hold still baby bro!"

Gunther took the poppers from my hand and took another whiff. His huge cock twitched and swelled to gigantic proportions and really stretched my hole. "Ahhhhhh! My godd my godd my godd! Oh my ...!" I yelled and trailed off ... This enormous cock was stretching me something awful!

André was now adding some of the precum from his own cock to Gunther's cockshaft and milked my cock to get more precum. He added it to the shaft.

I pushed out, and lowered my body on the big shaft. It slowly entered my hole and I was groaning ... This was fucking amazing but also very uncomfortable. My hole was stretched to capacity. I literally sat down on Gunther's cock and soon I felt the huge cockhead pushing against my inner sphincter. It was held up a bit. I held still and felt the big head slowly slipping through. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Gunther, you're killing me! Ahhhh!" I exclaimed.

"No, I do not vant to keel you! Verzeihung Junge! Ja, er ist riesig! Verzeihung! [Sorry boy! Yes it is huge. Sorry!] Vorsicht mein Junge! [Careful my boy!]"

And then the whole thick huge 29,5cm cock was buried in me. I gasped. This was impossible! How did I manage this, I wondered?

"Are you OK baby bro? Is he not hurting you? You OK?" André enquired. He was holding my cock in his hand and his mouth was right in front of my cockhead. He was going to give me one of his incredible blowjob. My bro!

"It's fucking big, yess! But I'm OK. I think. Just give me a second to adjust to this huge invasion. Ahhhhh!"

After about a minute I started to clench my hole over the huge cock and it responded by twitching. "Ahhhhhh! Oh my godd!"

"Are you OK?" Gunther asked. "Poppers please?"

I knew what reaction it was going to have on him and braced myself when Gunther took a whiff ... His cock swelled to gigantic proportions! The huge head felt like it was pushed into me right up to my sternum!

I took the poppers from Gunther and took a whiff. My head spun and my body relaxed ... Ahhhh! The huge cock in me felt better, and I started to enjoy it. It was a phenomenal experience.

"Bereits, Junge? [Ready boy?]"

"Yes ... OK," I said and braced myself.

Gunther started to fuck me slowly and with long deep strokes. André's mouth on my cock was an exquisite feeling.

I leaned over and took André's big hard cock in my hand and started to jack him.

Gunther was groaning and grunting. It was clear this wasn't going to last long. André was groaning and grunting too, and so was I. We were in sexual overdrive and we were bound to cum soon. Gunther had his hands on my hips and was pulling me down when he pushed up. I put my other hand on Gunther's chest and marvelled at his muscular chest and the big areolae. His chest was hairy and it felt like silk under my fingers. The hair continued in a broad strip down to his bellybutton and to his crotch. I looked at his arms and realised how gorgeously hairy they were and how muscular.

Soon we were approaching the point of no return. This monumental cock was almost 30cm deep in me and I had André's cock in my hand. He had my cock in his mouth and I was approaching orgasm fast!

"André, don't cum on the bed! Let me cum first and then you stand up and cum in my mouth!"

"Uh-huh," he answered me.

"Ich spritze ab! Mein Gott! Ich spritze ab! [I'm cumming! My godd! I'm cumming]" Gunther groaned. I felt my cum boiling in my loins. Gunther slammed into me and held still, and I felt how the enormous cock swelled. He started to pump his cumload into me. It was obvious it was a huge load as Gunther's cock was twitching and spasming in me. He was groaning like an animal in pain. "O mein Gott! Das ist zu viel! [Oh my godd! This is too much!]. He shuddered and pushed his cock even deeper into me.

I rewarded André with a huge load of cum in his mouth. I was cumming as if I haven't cum in weeks. André was groaning and swallowed as fast as he could. Some of my cum leaked from André's mouth onto Gunther's hairy tummy. I was groaning and spasmed. My hole clamped down around the huge cock in me and Gunther responded by twitching it in me.

I felt the last of my cum dribbling into André's mouth. He swallowed and lifted off my cock. "My godd baby bro! Where did all that come from? Wow!"

"Stand up and put your cock in my mouth," I instructed André. He got to his feet and stood on wobbly feet on the bed. He held his 23cm cock and I hungrily sucked it into my mouth. It was sopping wet. I wonder what the bedding looked like ...

André started to fuck his big cock into my mouth. His big cock felt so good in my mouth. I fondled his big balls and felt they were being pulled up ... my bro was about to shoot his load.

And then he growled like a tiger and pushed his cock balls-deep into my mouth, and shot the first of his cum straight down my oesophagus. His big cockhead swelled and spasmed. I pulled off a bit and took the rest of the cum in my mouth. Ahhhh! I'd never tire of my bro's cum! It was sweet and creamy and it was delivered in huge wad after huge wad into my mouth. It was fantastic.

Gunther was groaning his approval and pushed his now rubbery big cock deep into me and made it leak the very last bit of cum into me.

When I pulled off André's cock, Gunther pulled me down and kissed me. I understood: he wanted some of the cum! Sex dogg! I kissed him and opened my mouth. André's cum flowed into his mouth and he swallowed hungrily. I wondered when was the last time he had had sex, let alone sex with two such beautiful sexy hung hunks like us. It was clear he knew how to make love and he appreciated every aspect of what we did to him and allowed him.

When I pulled away, he pulled me back into a tight embrace. He felt for André and pulled him in too.

"Boys, dis vas very unexpected and it was wunderbar! I have never had such good sex before, and with twins! Zwillinge! Phew! Thank you very much! I hope during ze year when I live here, you come do inspection ja? I also like to do inspection!"

"Thanks Gunther! It was very unexpected for us too. And it was something we enjoyed very much too. We're moving into a townhouse in 2 weeks, not far out of town en route to Strand. You're invited to our housewarming party. Say yes!" André enthused. Poor man! He didn't know what he was letting him if for with André and Claude on the loose!

"Yes, that would be nice, thank you!"

Gunther kissed me deeply, looked into my eyes and said: "Not many boys can do vot you did today. Usually dey run away ven dey see it ... Danke schön! [Thank you very much!]! I hope ve can do this again please?"

I hugged and kissed this beautiful man and started to lift off his huge cock.

"It vas very much! Sorry!"

"It was fine! Thanks!" I said.

I knew the drill so I clamped down and just as the head cleared my hole, I quickly clamped and contained much of the cum in me. A bit dribbled onto Gunther's legs.

"Sorry ... It was a lot! Wow ...!" I apologised.

"Come let's get out of here, baby bro. Gunther, you know where the bathroom is. There are clean towels in the cupboard in the bathroom. Would you like some Coke?" André asked.

"Danke schön. Ja, Coke vud be nice!"

I got up from Gunther's legs and off the bed. Our clothes were in heaps on the floor. Sex doggs! Gunther got up and when he stood up, his mostly hard cock was still insanely big. It was spectacular. And it was in me a minute ago! My godd!

Gunther left and André and I gawked at each other. We straightened the bed and fluffed up the pillows.

"You OK baby bro? You took that huge thing like a trooper! Only precum! I'll be damned! Wow! Juan is going to flip when he hears about this." André put in.

"Should we tell him? Would he not be upset ...?" I trailed off.

"No! No lies and no secrets! It happened and that's it. Juan deserves the truth. No, we're telling him. I'm sure he'd be OK with it. I'll tell him, OK?"

"Oh, OK then." I said.

Gunther came back and I noticed his cock was still big and rubbery. It swung from side to side. He stood in front of us and stared at us, up and down. "You are two beautiful boys! Danke schön! This vas wunderbar!"

"Yes, thank you very much. You are a very nice man too. And this wás wunderbar!" I enthused.

"Come, let's get dressed. I'm thirsty." André announced. He picked up one pair of the hockey shorts and took the other pair from the floor, and threw it at me. Then he got underpants from the cupboard and flung me a pair. "Get dressed baby bro!" I caught the underpants and put it on, and pulled the hockey shorts on. I picked up my T-shirt and pulled it over my head. André's T-shirt was still in the lounge. He put on his pants and went to the lounge to retrieve his T-shirt.

Gunther pulled on his briefs and put the huge cock to his right hip.

"Are you left-handed? I asked.

"Jawohl! Vy do you ask?" Gunther answered.

"Because you put your cock to your right. Go figure."

"Ja, genau! It's true. It is very big, I cannot put it in de middle. I always have my shirt or jacket over my penis ... cock? It is cock, ja?"

"Yes, cock."

Gunther pulled on his slacks and stepped into his big slip-on shoes. He put his shirt on but left it hanging over his pants. It concealed the big bulge. He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me again.

"Dis vas very special, ja? Very nice!"

"Yes it was. Come, let's get some Coke." I said and took him by the hand. I stopped and took both hands into my hands, and looked at them. "Fuck, you have incredible hands! And feet! And you are a very nice guy!"

"Thank you but you are very nice guys too!" Gunther said as we walked into the lounge.

André had his T-shirt on and had the Coke open. He was pouring three glasses. "Ah, there is the man of the moment! Gunther, you are a fantastic man! I hope you will enjoy living here!"

"Here, have a glass. Come let's sit down and work out the details of the renting." I said.

We took our Coke and sat down in the lounge. André and I sat on the couch. I saw André had wiped the precum off ...! Gunther sat in one of the chairs and put his right leg on his left knee. He held the right ankle with his left hand. His obscenely long fingers were spectacular. This man could easily become a model! We need to tell Claire about him, I thought!

"Gunther, did the agent tell you the price? R4 500 per month, plus electricity. There is one parking bay. You saw the flat - and more (André winked). Ahem! Would you be taking the flat? Anything you'd like to know?"

"Ja, I vant to take it. Ze university is paying. So, is OK. I vant to ask. I have no ...erm ... Möbel ... furniture? I live in guest house. I cannot buy ... furniture. Can I rent ze ... furniture with ze flat?"

"Actually, that would be the perfect solution! This furniture is from the house on the farm. Dad and Mom bought new furniture a year ago and put their used stuff here in the flat. We're moving in with our boyfriend who has his own furniture ..."

"Sorry, your 'boyfriend'? You have a boyfriend? Ah, the third toothbrush ...!" Gunther was stumped. "But one boyfriend?"

"Yes, we have a boyfriend. He is a Biology lecturer at the university and hockey coach. Our hockey coach." André said.

"Hockey coach? I watched ze last match and I saw a tall man, dark hair, black beard. I hear girls zey say it is coach Juan Doo Tooyt ...? Is he your boyfriend?" Gunther gushed. "I hear in office of Herr Doo Tooyt, he is lecturer, ja?"

"Yes, he is our boyfriend. His name is Juan du Toit - 'du Toit', and he is a lecturer yes." André repeated the surname to get the correct pronunciation.

"Ah, sorry. I just see big beautiful man ... I am sorry I say it not correct." Gunther said.

"Not to worry. Yes, he's the man and our parents are letting us move into their townhouse in 2 weeks' time. He has a small flat but he has other furniture in storage. We could easily leave this furniture for you to use while you are here," I filled in Gunther.

"Really? That vud help me so much! Danke schön! Ihr seid so freundlich ... mein Gott! [Thank you very much! You are so kind! My godd!]."

Gunther got up and pulled us to our feet and hugged us. "Danke schön."

"OK, let's call Dad and find out about the furniture. Sit please," André said. He picked up his iPhone from the coffee table and dialled Dad's number.

"He is going to speak Afrikaans to our Dad, so don't worry if you don't understand. I'll translate to you," I said.

"Kein Problem! [No problem!]"

André had the iPhone on speaker and spoke to Dad. He explained to him the offer we've made Gunther. Dad agreed immediately. It would solve the problem with the furniture, and we'd help somebody in need of furniture. He said that Juan called him the other day and asked if he could go and have a look at the size of the house so he could determine whether his furniture would fit in. And they did speak about the furniture in the flat. Dad apologised for not telling us yet. He thought Juan would've told us. But, it was a minor detail and it was resolved now. What does the German look like? He was here with us, André said. Oh, I hope he can't understand us. No, he can't but yes, he is a very nice guy. He looks like someone who we could become friends with. André mentioned that we've invited Gunther to our housewarming. Dad was OK with that. He said that if Gunther was a nice guy, he could have the use of the furniture for free. Dad and André spoke about a few other things and then said goodbye.

"Dad said it's all OK. And the best part is: you don't have to pay extra for the use of the furniture!" André said.

"Ja? Free? Gratis?" Gunther couldn't believe his ears. "You are very good and kind people! Danke schön! Danke schön!"

Gunther got up again and hugged and kissed us again. His huge cock on his right hip was very obvious. My godd! I had that thing in me half an hour ago!

"Then it's settled. We're moving out on Thursday and Friday next week. You could bring your clothes and stuff by Friday afternoon. OK?" André said.

"Ja, very gut! Danke schön! So freundlich! Mein Gott! [Thank you very much! So kind! My godd!]"

"How old are you? What are you doing at the university, Gunther?" I asked.

"Ach, ja. I am 29 und I am busy with Ph. D. in Microbiology. I work on special yeast cell to produce new medicines und hormone replacement therapy. I have bursary from Danish company Novo Nordisk. Zey produce insulin und other hormones. Stellenbosch has good faculty und I wanted to come for long time. Enough of me. What do you study?" Gunther filled us in.

Gunther was not only a tall German god, he was clever too, and busy with his doctorate! It's someting Juan had been dreaming of! Perhaps this would give him the edge to follow his dream!

"We study engineering. We are first year students and we think of specialising in Electrical and Electronic Engineering," I put in.

"Ah, first year, ja? Gut! Mein Gott! You are beautiful und look older, ja? Und intelligent! I like very much! Und hockey players! I play hockey when I was at university. Gut!"

"Good! Juan would like you on the spot! You're also an academic and a hockey fan! We're going to become good friends!" André enthused.

"About this afternoon, Juan will not hate me? It is OK?" Gunther asked.

"Don't worry, We'll tell him. He will not hate you, don't worry. More Coke?"

"No, thank you. I have to go. I have meeting with supervisor. We have to start lab trials next week. Much work. Danke schön, you are nice men. Und for earlier in bedroom ... wunderbar. I hope again, bitte [please]?"

"I'm sure we could do it again. We'll talk to Juan. You need our numbers," André asked as we got his number from Dad but Gunther didn't have ours.

Gunther pulled out his old phone and fussed about the it. "I have to get new phone. I want iPhone. You will help me?" Gunther asked André.

"First things first. Let's exchange numbers first. My number is ... and Anton's number is .... Got it?

"The iPhone?" Gunther asked.

In the Du Toit family everybody was using Apple products, and André was the right man to assist Gunther!

"I have an iPhone 6 at home you could have. It's still in perfect working order and without scratches. You could have it if you wanted it." André offered.

"No ... really? First furniture, now phone? Why? O mein Gott! Danke schön! You are gut people. Danke schön!" He got up and hugged and kissed André.

"It's all right! Glad to help. And this afternoon proved you are one hell of a man and we like you. We want to become your friends, 'Ja'?" André put in.

Gunther put his hand out and pulled me into an embrace too. "I like you boys. You are nice. I vant to meet Juan. Danke schön for Möbel und for party. Und iPhone! Too much ... I am happy! But now I must go." He kissed us and he was gone.

"What are we going to tell Juan, André?" I asked.

"Leave it to me. It just happened, OK? And we don't love the man, just his huge cock! And you're drooling over his hands and feet! No sweat. Let's defrost one of Mom's lasagnes and Juan would be putty in our hands!" André was sure of this!

= To be continued =



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