Eventually I drifted off to sleep and had wild dreams of wild sex with hunky hung men ... like André and Juan and Claude and Dad and Uncle Pieter and Alessandro and Sven ... the list seemed to grow by the day!

It was dark when I woke up with a start and didn't know where I was. I was hot and sweating. I felt one body in front of me and another at the back. And I felt a pulsating sensation in my hole! What?

A soft voice next my right ear said: "You awake 'baby bro'? Ready for another round?"

I remembered! It was Juan behind me with his enormous cock still in my hole! He fucked the shit out of me last night! André fucked me first and then Juan put his humongous cock in my ass, fucked me and we fell asleep with him still in me ... godd! What a way to wake up!

"Am I hurting you ...?" Juan whispered.

"No Juan! Your big cock feels great now! No pain whatsoever," I whispered back.

Juan twitched his cock and I clenched my hole in response.

"Keep this up and I'm going to fuck you mercilessly, 'baby boy'! Hmmmmm!"

"I'd love that!" I whispered.

"You sure? Hmmm? Haven't you had enough of my big old cock, eh? Well, actually I knew you'd get addicted!"

"I didn't know I'd love it so much, but yes, your cock is phenomenal!"

André was starting to move in front of me. He was on his left side, his back facing me. My hard, and now leaking cock, was between his thighs.

"Ready?" Juan whispered.

"Yes, please!"

"OK, here it comes!"

He pulled back and I was amazed that there was only the slightest of discomfort. My natural juices covered the shaft and I experienced no pain at all. When his cock was half-way out of my hole, he pushed it back into me. I groaned.

"Still OK?"

"Yes ..."

He started to fuck me slowly - slowly out, back in, out, in ... I thought I have died and gone to heaven! Could this be happening to me?

Juan lightly bit my right ear and whispered: "Wow, Anton! I could get used to this! You're the first guy who could manage my cock and allowed me to stay inside you for so long! Nobody else could manage it before. I think I'm starting to fall in love with you ... Is that OK?"

"Yes, it is fantastic - I really love it. You know that we already love you dearly, don't you?"

He pushed his cock balls-deep into me and whispered: "Right answer! Here is 28cm for your enjoyment!"

"What is going on?" André turned around and propped himself on his right elbow and eyed us in the little light coming from the street lamps. "Are you at it again? What about me?" He leaned over to the nightstand and switched the light on. He looked at us in disbelief and rubbed his eyes.

"Yes, I couldn't help myself," Juan said. "Sorry man!"

"Are you OK baby bro? Is this big oaf molesting you? You're such perverts! I want in!"

"Shut up and put your cock in my mouth. I want to suck you." I said.

"A 69? Hmmm! It seems like Juan's huge cock has really turned you into a pervert, you sex maniac!" He leaned down and kissed me, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Man oh man, how I loved this man! And I'm also fast falling in love with the one behind me, having his huge cock inside me. I clenched my hole and Juan groaned, twitching his huge cock.

André positioned himself in a 69 position and put his cock in my mouth. It wasn't fully hard, so I could easily manage to deep-throat him. But it wasn't soft for long: as soon as the big cock entered my throat, André started to twitch and swell it to its huge 23cm.

My own cock was leaking lots of precum. André lifted it off my thigh and licked the head. "Hmmm! Nice! Lots of precum, baby bro! He's really fucking the stuff out of you with that gigantic cock of his!"

I felt André's warm lips around my cockhead and the warmth of his mouth. He pushed his head forward and engulfed my cockhead. The warmth of his mouth felt great, like always!

André pushed his cock balls-deep into my throat, the huge head stretching my throat.

Suddenly I realised we were so keen to get Juan's humongous cock into me, I never got a chance to suck it last night! I'll have to do something about that, I thought! Fuck! That was a big slip up. I missed out on the precum and having it in my mouth. But, I consoled myself, look at what you did get instead? And where that big cock was right now! I was just a little disappointed as the big cock in me was an experience to behold.

Behind me, Juan started fucking me in earnest. He was holding both of us with his right hand and with his left arm beneath my head, he was stroking my hair. André's big cock was deep in my mouth, and so was mine in his mouth. And I had a humongous cock in my hole, fucking me like there was no tomorrow! Fantastic!

"This is epic! I love it! Is it as nice for you as it is for me?" Juan whispered in my ear. "I could get used to this!"

"Of course it's nice! It is more than 'nice'! It's epic!" I whispered.

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine my former Science teacher had such a schlong and that one day I'd end up in bed with him and André, and having earth-stopping good sex. Who thought?

André pulled off my cock and asked: "What are you two whispering about? Care to share?"

"Nothing serious. It's just that this is such an incredible experience for me! Of all the sex I've ever had with the few men I've slept with, this is tops! Claude will be very sad to hear he's no longer my number 1 fuck!" Juan said.

"Yes, this is more than I expected. I'm glad you also like it. I'm sure my baby bro is as happy as can be ..." He gave my cock as squeeze. "Are you baby bro?"

I 'hmph'd' and groaned but pulled off André's cock and answered him: "Why do you think my cock is so hard and leaking so much precum, and with my favourite brother and coach in bed with me, and Juan's huge cock in my ass - who could ask for more?"

Juan bit my ear and whispered: "Tell him, 'baby bro'!" and pushed his humongous cock balls-deep into me and made it twitch. I groaned with pleasure and clenched my hole on the big rod.

Juan continued to fuck me with slow and long thrusts. He started to pick up the pace and with longer strokes. It felt amazing. André's cock in my mouth was very slippery and very hard. I could hear in his breathing he was getting close to cumming. Juan's breathing also became shallow and I felt my orgasm building up in my balls. This was going to be one monumental orgasm with lots and lots of cum - again!

"I'm about to cum, boys. How about you? Can we take this to the next level? I'm dying to shoot my next big load into the puddle of cum already inside him!"

André pulled off my cock just long enough to say: "Give it to him! I'm also about to cum in Anton's mouth. You bro?"

I could just groan and make sounds. It was clear I was also on the verge of cumming.

"Oh fuck! Oh my fuck! I'm going to cum!" Juan was groaning. "I'm going to shoot another big load in your hole Anton!"

André started to growl and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. He was ready. And so was I, but André beat me to it. Suddenly my mouth was flooded with a big creamy load. It tasted great. And I started to swallow for all I was worth.

Juan was also starting to growl and at the moment I felt the cum spurting from my cock into André's mouth, Juan slammed his big cock into me and said loudly, "Fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I felt his cock swell and twitch. He was obviously pumping another mammoth load in my hole.

My cock spurted and spurted and spurted into André's mouth, and filled it to capacity. He swallowed greedily and milked my cock for more.

At last Juan stopped shuddering and his cock nestled deep in me, twitching and pumping the last spurts of another huge load into me.

We fell silent ... This was a moment to savour and remember. Three sexy hung hunks joined in all the possible ways there are, and have just experienced something wonderful: a three-way orgasm.

Juan's huge cock still twitched every now and again and he gave a big sigh, and gave me a hug. André pulled off my cock and pulled his cock from my mouth. He turned around and came to lie with his head on the pillow next to me. He leaned in and kissed me. His tongue just pushed into my mouth - it was so gentle. I tasted my cum. He took my face in his hands and looked me in the eye and said. "Happy baby bro? Everything OK? Did this big oaf hurt you? Must I kill him for you?"

"I'm OK thanks. And no, Juan didn't do a thing I didn't want or liked. Thank you both for yet another wonderful sexual experience. I could get used to this!" I turned my head as far as I could and kissed Juan on the corner of his mouth.

We fell silent in each other's arms and with Juan still inside me ... I almost drifted off to sleep.

After about 5 minutes, Juan cleared his throat next my ear and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you both very much. You've given me something to remember for the rest of my life. This has to be repeated boys, please, and soon! And often!"

Juan's cock was getting softer now and had stopped twitching. I wondered how much cum was in my rectum and if it would run out when he pulled his cock out.

André sat up and fetched his iPhone, and asked if we knew what time it was. We didn't. "Would you believe it if I told you it's half past 2? What time did we go to bed? Around 10 o'clock? Wow! Two massive sessions in short succession. This has to be some kind of a record. Coach?"

Juan just laughed and hugged me. "All I know is, after tonight you're my hockey players, my friends, my buddies, my lovers ... Fuck, I love you so much!"

"We love you too, Juan," I said softly.

"Love? Who could love such an ugly ogre that fucks my baby bro in the ass?" It was clear André was wide awake and up to his old tricks again. He picked up one of the pillows and threw it over our heads. "I can't stand to see this debauchery anymore! Cover up and get your big cock out of my baby bro's ass! Haven't you had enough now? What remains for me? Will he ever love me again? How will he ever appreciate my cock again?" he ranted on jokingly.

Under the pillow Juan whispered in my ear: "He's not serious, is he? But, I do love you very much, and by "you", I mean both of you."

"I can hear you, you perve!" André joked and yanked the pillow away.

"Perhaps I need to pull out now. How long have I been inside you? About 3 hours? 4? I don't know, but it was spectacular. I was hoping you would be able to handle my cock, but this has outstripped my expectations by far! Thanks Anton!" he said and kissed my ear.

Juan started to pull his huge rubbery cock out my ass. It was a weird sensation. I wish he could stay in me for longer, but perhaps it was enough of a good thing. Plus, there would be other opportunities in the future. This could never be the end of it! Never! This was just too good not to happen again!

The huge cock continued its journey out my ass. It was obvious just how big it was: centimetre after centimetre slipped out of me until only the big head was still in me.

"The head is coming out now. Clench your hole so you can contain the cum. There is a hell of a lot of cum, as you know from experience, and there are three big loads inside you. We can't mess up the linen. Plus, I think you'd love to keep my love deposit inside you as long as possible ..."

"Yes, I want it to stay inside me," I whispered and clenched my hole around Juan's big rubbery cock as he pulled the head out. I felt empty all of a sudden and my hole closed just in time. There was a huge load of cum inside me. And I desperately wanted to keep it inside me. It was pumped into me by this big beautiful man I've grown to love, almost as much as I loved André ...

Juan rolled onto his back with his arms above his head.

"This was the best experience of my life, by far!"

"You OK, baby bro?"

Juan rolled towards me and asked, "Yes, how are you, Anton?" and touched my cheek with his big hands.

"I'm fine thanks. It just feels odd to be empty after I've been filled to capacity. Thank you guys. You made me feel very special today!" I turned around and gave Juan a soft kiss. He grabbed my head and pushed his tongue into my mouth.

"Fuck, I can't believe how quickly I've fallen in love with you guys! How is it even possible? A three-way love? Is that possible?"

"Hey, he's mine too," André joked and leaned in, turned my face to him and gave me one big soppy old kiss. I loved him so much!

"I don't know about you, but I need to pee. And I'm thirsty. And I am sleepy. Anybody for Coke?" Juan asked. He got out of bed and walked towards the door. His humongous cock was still very rubbery and swung from side to side. Wow! To think that thing was in me most of the night!

"Anybody?" he asked from the door?

"I just want to pee and get some shut-eye," André said. "You baby bro? I'm still worried you might be damaged for life now! Such an ogre that raped you!" he joked and shot Juan a fake look.

"Watch your mouth young man! Next time I'll tie you down and rape you!" Juan joked back.

"I also just want to pee and get some sleep, thanks Juan" I said.

Juan turned around and I heard him in the bathroom. The door was opened and I heard the monstrous stream of pee hitting the water in the bowl. What a stud!

"Do you hear that, baby bro? Wow! But, are your OK? Really? Come on, how was it? Epic? How will I ever live up to this? Sob, sob!"

"Yes, I hear that huge stream. Remember, it's delivered through a huge pipe, bro! And yes, I'm OK - don't worry. It was epic, for sure. I was so scared and it turned out to be a super experience with a great guy. Don't worry bro. you'll always be my number one. And I'll always love your small cock ..."

I didn't get further. André grabbed me and started to tickle me. He rolled on top of me and demanded, "You take that back this instance! Say you're sorry and that you love me and that you love my cock! Say it, baby bro, or I'll throw your sorry ass out on the street for the stray cats to piss on!"

I was laughing so loud Juan appeared in the door and stood there, laughing. "You guys are too much!" I looked at him and admired the living statue standing there: perfect body, big beautiful hands, huge hairy feet (like ours), a body to die for, an exquisitely attractive face and a cock to put all others to shame. My heart skipped a beat, and I realised, I've fallen for this man, big time. I could just as well love him as much I loved André.

"So no Coke for anyone?"

"No thanks Juan." I got out of bed to go to the toilet. Juan was standing there and blocked the doorway.

"This is a tollgate, Sir! Payment is at least a hug and a kiss! Pay up or piss out the window!"

I laughed and fell into his arms, hugging this big man. He lifted my chin, kissed me and pulled his head back. He looked me in the eye and said: "I love you very much, Anton. Thanks for everything. You've made me a very happy man. Come here, André. You're included. I don't love Anton more because I've fucked him. You're as special to me. Come here!"

"Sniff sniff! I'm the rejected one! Sniff sniff" but André got up and ran into us, hugging me from behind, pushing me into Juan. His big soft cock pushed against mine, and André's cock pushed in my crack.

"Here we go again, you perverts!" André quipped.

Juan pulled me past him into the passage and pulled André into his arms. "Come here you oaf! I love you too. The fact that I fucked Anton doesn't mean I love you less. But you fuck him too, and you should know that it is a special bond that forms when one is tied together like that. You do understand? I don't intend to replace you."

I was standing in the bathroom with the door open, urinating against the side of the bowl, and listening to the discussions in the passage.

"Yes, I understand. I'm just ribbing you. I love you too man. Anton loved your cock and the fucking, but I also know he loves me sincerely. If you were OK with it, we would love to have you in our midst as a third lover. We want you to be more than a friend with benefits. We want you to be loved, and not feel you're an addition just because you have a huge cock. And looked like a damn Greek statue that came to life!"

My heart swelled in my chest with love for these guys!

"Stop already! You had me when you said you loved me! And yes, I'd love to be more than a friend with benefits. 'Lover' sounds good to me! Thanks for including me. I'm a happy man!"

"Now you have to let me go, or I'm peeing here on the floor!'

André rushed into the bathroom with his cock in his hand and aimed at the toilet bowl. The urine started to flow immediately and we played 'sword fight' with our streams of urine.

"You're a great guy, André. I love you so very much," I said softly and leaned in to kiss him. He pulled me in with his free hand and planted a kiss on my mouth.

"I love you too, baby bro!"

When I looked up, Juan was standing in the door looking at us. "What a sexy sight! I'm getting my Coke and then we need to sleep, boys!" He turned around and went into the kitchen.

André and I finished peeing, washed our hands, put our arms around each other's shoulders and sauntered into the bedroom. We straightened the bedding and hopped into bed. I put my head on André's shoulder with his arm around my shoulder. He kissed me on the head and hugged me.

Juan came back and got in on my side, spooning against my back. I felt his big cock push against me and the memory of that thing in me was the last thing I remembered before I drifted into a deep, happy sleep.

= To be continued =



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