At 6 o'clock André and I were spic and span, dressed to kill and ready for a celebratory dinner with the love of lives, Juan. What a true hung (literally) hunk (also literally) he was, and he was ours. After the revelations the previous night, the discussions around our relationship, Dad and Mom accepting this three-way relationship and giving their blessing, we were in seventh heaven. We just couldn't be happier.


Juan was everything I've ever wanted in a man - that is, after I have first fallen in love with my own twin brother when we were growing up.

I know, a physical love between blood relatives is highly frowned upon, but there could never be any offspring with our liaison, and it wasn't a choice. It just happened. The one day we were merely twin brothers who were doing everything together, slept together and couldn't stand to be apart, and the next day he and I realised the other one was more than just a twin brother. We started jacking off together and one thing led to another, and before long, we kissed each other like lovers, the jacking led to sucking, and eventually it led to fucking, me being the bottom.

Our kissing became intimate and we grasped every opportunity we could to be alone and make love. We fell madly in love with each other. I am sure we are not the only twins - male or female - who have fallen in love. I am also sure the circumstances under which twins grow up, especially in a home where it's commonplace to hug and kiss each other, including your dad, play a big role in falling in love with each other. The word 'gay' never crossed our minds when we fell in love with each other. To us it was a logical step after spending every waking and sleeping moment with each other, sharing everything with each other. Add to that - conceited as it might sound - his devastatingly good looks, and it was a forgone conclusion: we were bound to fall in love. I know, it sounds narcissist, because we're carbon copies of each other, but he is a hunk. And hung too ...

When we walked into our Science class at the beginning of Grade 9, we were pleasantly surprised to see a tall handsome male teacher of just 22 waiting for us. He had the most beautiful smile and perfectly white teeth.

He was a perfect example of an Irish beauty (although he had more French blood in his veins): black hair, fair skin, lightly rosy cheeks and powder blue eyes. He was perfect in every way. He had big beautiful hands, he was hairy and he wore big shoes ... At the time we didn't know the consequences, but we did notice the man's shoes!

This man was Mr Juan du Toit, our Science teacher, and he would also become our hockey coach. We liked him on the spot.

He wasn't only exceptionally attractive, but - as I've said - he also had the most beautiful big hands. When he showed us stuff, I often caught myself looking at his hands, instead of the specimen or experiment.

His eau de cologne was intoxicating. We made excuses to have him close to us so we could smell him. Perverts? No, just curious! We were 14!

His black wavy hair was never cut bandit-short - it was always a tad longer than the norm, but cut to perfection. He had the proverbial 5 o'clock shadow: each day by the end of school, his face had a dark hue to it due to his black beard.

He always wore stylish shoes and - again, I've said it - he had very big feet. Once on a camp, I saw him barefoot and fell in love with his feet. Apart from big, they looked like the feet of a Greek statue: long perfectly shaped toes, beautifully pedicured nails, pitch black hair on the toes and on the bridge of his feet. They were perfect.

On the hockey field he was like a ruthless animal: no mercy. We had to be super fit and agile. He was very strict and we had to be on time and practise like it was the last thing on earth we had to do. He drilled us big time and by the start of the hockey season in the second term, we were super fit and could handle a hockey stick like pros.

By age 14 André and I were already tall and played such good hockey, we were selected for the 2nd team and Mr du Toit was our coach. We lost only one match and won our league that year. André became an ace on centre half and after a short stint on quarterback, I found my niche on left wing.

Something else we noticed in class and on the hockey field, was that Mr du Toit had a huge bulge in his pants. It wasn't just big - it was huge. There was no way he could conceal that enormous cock. It was clearly visible in his slacks and in his hockey shorts. On the camp where I saw Mr du Toit's feet, he wore Speedos ... the bulge was unbelievable ... Oh my!

Although we daydreamt about Mr du Toit and having fun with him, it never happened. He was our teacher and we admired him and adored him from a distance.

And then, miracles of miracles: during our final year at school, he applied for a position as Biological Sciences lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch, and for senior coach of the university hockey team. That clinched the deal for us when we still were undecided on which university we'd choose. We wanted to study engineering and play hockey. Mr du Toit's appointment helped us to decide. We were going to Stellenbosch.

We got accepted on grounds of our high marks in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Biology. Also, being first team hockey players (we were the league winners in our final school year, as was the case every year Mr du Toit was our coach) helped our cause.

And that's where it happened. We became friends on the hockey field during our first year at university.

After one match Mr du Toit was chatting to Dad and Mom, and was invited to lunch on the farm the next day. And as described in Part 8 of this series, we really connected that afternoon on the farm. And soon we had a weekend away ... we fell in love with each other, head over heels, lock stock and barrel, the whole caboodle. We were hopelessly in love from the get go after we had real sex with him.

We also got to know him on a very special personal level. He was a kind and gentle giant. He had a quick sense of humour and was an exceptional lover. He also fell in love with us, maybe a little more with me, as I was able to bottom for his huge cock.

Dad and Mom knew Juan since our Grade 9 days, and really liked him. They got to know him from parents evenings, met him at school functions, and at the hockey. At home Dad and Mom often spoke about this gentle, kind man.

They saw right through us during the weekend of our 19th birthday, and ... well, they gave us their blessing, welcomed Juan into the family and as our lover. Then Dad offered us three his townhouse which was going to become vacant at the end of September that year.


The previous day was our birthday and we had a huge party on the farm. The next day it was Juan's birthday and we were going to have dinner together and were waiting for Juan, our tall, dark and fucking handsome hung hunk of a boyfriend.


"Hallo dear lovers! And where art thou?" Juan called out dramatically when he walked in the door just before 6 o'clock. "Where are the loves of my life? Hey! Where are you?" he called even when he was standing right in the room where we sat, waiting for him.

"I haven't got the foggiest - I think they were abducted by aliens this afternoon! The aliens saw they were hung hunks and needed exceptional specimens for their experiments!" André put in.

"Ahhhh! Those fuckers will wish I never catch them - I'll dissect them and put their heads on stakes at the entrance to this town!"

Juan looked so suave and sexy. He wore his suede jacket Dad and Mom gave him for his birthday. His black stubble beard looked super sexy and his hair was wind-blown. His powder-blue eyes twinkled naughtily - he was one super sexy man! And he was ours!

"Come here you big, stupid man!" I said and pulled him down on the couch. He fell lengthways on the couch, on top of André and me.

"Owww! Watch it! You're going to break my only cock with your huge dong, you big oaf!" André complained and drummed his hands on Juan's buttocks.

"Owww! My love! My love! Where art thou my love! Where art thou?" Juan mimicked Romeo and Juliet. "Where art thou to protect me in my hour of need?"

I put my hands under his head and pulled him close to me and kissed him on the head. "Here I am, you big dummy! Did you have something to drink on your way here? Or have you just lost your mind when you fell? That is, when you fell in love with us?"

Juan turned onto his back on top of us and looked deep into my eyes. He smiled and touched my cheek. I bent down and gave him a soft kiss.

Juan's crotch was right in front of André face. He groped the huge bulge and said: "Ladies and Gentlemen. And for lot 28, what are your bids for a dead anaconda? 10 cents? I have 10 cents. Any more bids? No? Going, going, gone. The bid goes to bidder number 19, Mr André le Roux. 10 cents payable to the cashier at the exit. Thank you ladies and gentlemen!"

Juan and I were squealing with laughter. My brother could be such a drama queen!

André started to unzip Juan's pants. Juan lifted his head and looked at André in amusement. "And just what do you intend to do with that dead anaconda, Mr le Roux? After the marathon sex I was forced into against my will this weekend, all weekend long, that thing is spent, dead, kaput, finished, empty."

"The doctor said no dead body - even a dead anaconda - would be declared dead before a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was performed. Thus ..." and with that, he hauled Juan's considerable 18cm long soft cock out and put it straight into his mouth.

"Oh my godd! He is really doing it! Sex pervert!" Juan exclaimed in mock disgust and gave André a playful slap on the head.

But, André wasn't only an ace at centre half on a hockey field, he was an ace at sucking cock. Within seconds I saw the cock in his hands swell and extend. Juan started to moan.

"Oh my godd! Where does that hard-on come from? I thought I was going to have a quiet mature evening with my lovers, but I clearly misjudged the sexual prowess of this pervert! Oh my fuuuuucccckkkkk! André! How the fuck do you do that? Anton my love, your brother is abusing me, big time! Ahhhhhhh! Oh my fuck!"

I was laughing but I was also impressed. André had the huge cock rock-hard in under a minute and most of the 28cm was in his mouth. Juan was breathing deeply and groaning already.

"André, let's leave this for later for when we get back. Our table was booked for half past 6. As much as I'd love to take this to the next level, let's give the poor man a fair chance," I said and pushed against André's cheek.

"Party pooper! I was on the verge of convincing him to love me a bit more, and now you put a spanner in the works! Typical of my baby bro! Shame on you!" he said pretending to be offended. He jacked Juan's cock a bit and exclaimed: "My godd baby bro! Look at this! He's already precumming! This clearly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that HE is actually the sex pervert in this relationship!" He bent down and licked the drop of precum and hummed his approval around Juan's huge hard cock.

"Oh my godd André! You're killing me! And just how do you suggest I'll get this LIVE anaconda back into my pants? Hmmm?"

"I could finish sucking you off and get a head-start on our dinner with a large shot of liquid protein in my tummy. But no, I always have to suffer. The battle to get it into your pants is your own indaba!"

['Indaba' = local word meaning 'business']

"My love, just put it into your pants and cover it with your jacket. Here, let me help you." I put in.

"Oh no, I'm afraid you might be in cahoots with this sex pervert. I might get raped here on this very couch!" Juan joked as he got to his feet and started the daunting task of containing the anaconda - apt name for it - into his pants. I still couldn't believe I've had that inside me a couple of times, and I would still have the pleasure of it snaking into me and making me so fucking hot many times to come. I loved this man and his cock and what they did to me, and ... I loved him. He was a keeper, like Mom said. My love!


Dinner was a feast and a memorable event. André and Juan were on top form and had me rolling in the aisles with their jokes and banter.

We had some sparkling wine and once again we toasted Juan's birthday.

At one stage I sat just watching Juan and André. It was clear a very special bond was developing between them. Although they ribbed each other mercilessly, it was out of camaraderie and ... love. I caught them looking at each other with pure love in their eyes. This wasn't just sex and a short fling - this was the real deal. The fact that there were 3 of us, just added another side to the relationship.

We were enjoying our steaks and a silence fell on our party of 3. I looked up and saw Juan looking at me. He had his cutlery on his plate and was staring at me. When I looked up, he mouthed: "I love you"! I smiled and put my hand on my heart in the international sign for love and winked at him.

André looked up and quipped. "Oh please! Have you forgotten about poor old me? I might not be as sexy and beautiful as my brother, but I have feelings too! I have a soul ..." he said and pulled his face into a sad puppy face.

Juan jokingly slapped him over the head and then put his hand behind André's head. He looked him in the eye and said. smilingly: "You big oaf, to use your favourite word for sexy men ... ahem! ... you're never forgotten and I don't love you less than I love 'the other one'! He is just a little more special, even to you - admit it!" He pulled André's head closer and right there in the restaurant, he planted a big fat kiss on André's mouth! Wow!

André was flabbergasted and for once, he couldn't say a word for all of 20 seconds. He mimicked a mock grand wiping of his mouth and put in: "I am an upstanding member of this community of this town, I'll have you know. You are out of order, Sir! How dare you!" He had us in stiches again! He then pulled his chair closer to Juan's and put his hand on Juan's leg, and squeezed. "Jokes aside: not to worry 'my love' - to use your favourite term of endearment - whether you like it or not, I'm not bailing out of this one. I'm here, I'm queer - get used to it! Cheers! Don't forget I'm part of the package deal - you either have both of us, or none. You could never have Anton alone. This relationship could never be without Anton or myself. Without each other, we're nothing. I'd miss him too much if he left me for another man. The same with him. He could never leave me to be with you exclusively. He'd just whither away and die - I promise! He is a handful, as you've noticed," he winked, "but I have to keep an eye out for his wellbeing. I know what you like doing to him, but I have to be there to properly prepare him and to see to it you don't abuse him with that huge anaconda. I know you have a special place in your heart for him, but so do I ... And, I'm just ribbing you. You DO know that I love you too, don't you, you big oaf?"

He took Juan's face in his hands and planted a big smooch on his lips. "I love you too, you sexy man!"

Juan mimicked the overly melodramatic wiping of his mouth with both hands and quipped: "Just so you know, you pervert, I'm going nowhere. And I never want either one of you leaving this relationship - ever. Yes, I've said it before, I do have an extra soft spot for your brother, as do you. But I have another, different soft spot for you. Your sense of humour, sharp banter, your kindness, your love for your brother, and for me - it all adds up to the whole package, the full picture. Our picture could never be complete with one of you missing, that much I know." He leaned in and gave André a tender kiss, pulled away, looked him in the eye and said: "André le Roux, I truly and deeply love you. And don't you ever forget that." He pulled André's head onto his shoulder and hugged him.

André put his hand behind Juan's head and whispered loudly: "You'd better let go of me now! I saw the old man in the corner lusting after my sexy body! I'm into foursomes, but ..."

"You pervert!" Juan said and gave André's chin a playful jab.

I was laughing so loud, the old man in question looked up very annoyed. Oh, screw you!

After a delicious chocolate mousse, we decided to head home to our flat and have coffee and liqueur there.

When he walked in the front door, André and I hugged Juan from both sides. "Welcome home, birthday boy!" We pulled him into our arms and kissed his ears, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his chin and when he put his hands up to defend himself, we took his hands and kissed them too.

Juan really had the most exquisitely beautiful hands. To today, from time to time I still catch myself staring at his incredibly big and perfect hands, and those long fingers.

Juan started to tickle us. I was the more ticklish of the two, but soon André too was squealing like a piglet and we fell onto the couch, me on top of Juan. I tackled Juan from behind and tickled him, but he was immune to tickling. So I reverted to tousling his hair and pinching his cheeks.

We were all laughing and we just lied on top of each other, with poor André at the bottom and me on top of Juan.

"Yes, that's right! Kill the sexy half of the twins with your massive weight! Unghhhhhh! Fuck! It's like there are two elephants on top of me! Ah yes, wrong comparison: one actually IS like an elephant! Get off me you murderers!" André was moaning. He turned around with difficulty and tweaked Juan's nipple.

Juan growled and bent down to rub his stubble on André's face.

"Owwww! You're a sadist! Is this what's called 'love'? Sadist!"

I got up from Juan's back and pulled him from poor André.

"You OK bro? Come, let 'baby bro' kiss it better!"

André acted like his ribs were cracked and got up moaning and holding his chest. "You've maimed me for life, you merciless bums! I thought you loved me, baby bro!"

I pulled him into an embrace and kissed him. "I'll never stop loving you, never mind this big beautiful man here." I hugged him and rubbed his back. André held on to me and whispered loudly in my ear: "He is really an elephant, don't you think? Just look at the man! His manhood would put an elephant to shame! Sheez! I'm really hurt! Kiss it better, baby bro. And you oaf, you'd better behave, otherwise no hanky panky tonight!" He aimed another nipple tweak at Juan, but Juan was too fast. He sidestepped the offending fingers and stepped in for a three-way hug.

"I love you two too much to permanently hurt any one of you. My sincerest apologies, bro! Come here and give the 'oaf' a kiss!"

"That's better! I'm going to have to make sure you behave around this house! We do have principles! We're of a good background, we are!"

The bantering continued until I wormed myself from the group hug and started the coffee machine.

While my lovers ribbed each other, and then hugged and kissed each other, I noticed the playfulness and obvious love they had for each other, and sighed with content. My life couldn't be better.

Sitting down with Juan between us, we had coffee and some of the fantastically nice Frangelico liqueur, a wonderful hazelnut liqueur. There was a quiet moment between us. We were content and in love, and just so happy to be together.

"It's moments like these that memories are made of, my love," Juan said, hugging me and kissed me on the head, and leaning in to kiss André on the head. "We are some of a select few who are so fortunate to have found each other, and true love. I love you guys very much. I couldn't have asked for better, and for a better birthday present: you're all I really want. Thanks guys!"

"Awwww! You soppy 'old man'! 27 ... phew!" André ribbed Juan. Juan gave his head a playful swipe. "Oww! You're showing your love, eh? Sheez! But yes, you're right. This is what legends are made of. I doubt there are many in our unique situation. And to think Dad and Mom approve ... That's massive. By the way Juan, what do you think your parents would say if they knew the setup? They look like they're set in their ways. So, what about them?"

"I think they know. Dad and Mom are older than your parents, but they're not short-sighted. When the time comes, I'll talk to them. After meeting you, they told me they liked you. I'm sure they'll accept you. With Claude in the family, I'm sure they'll accept you with open arms. Imagine their surprise when they realise getting two sons-in-law, of which one is off at a tangent like Claude ... my poor Mom!"

André aimed at his nipple, but Juan was expecting that and grabbed André's big hand in time, and kissed it. "Gotcha!"

"Your parents will be too happy that they're getting such excellent stock to extend their family. We're of a very noble background, I'll have you know!" André said, nose in the air.

We were in stitches again. André and Claude together was a lethal combination. They had us rolling with laughter over the weekend. I could only imagine what would be the reaction when Juan's parents would experience the two of them together.

"Well, it's late and I still have 90 minutes left of my birthday. I still have a few requests to make this birthday even more memorable ... what do you say boys? Could we put your king size bed to some good use? Hmmm?" he said and winked at us.

"Yes, you sex pervert! Just interested in putting your elephant cock in my poor baby bro's ass! I'm calling Claude tomorrow to ask him to get two of those neon signs. This is fast becoming a WHORE HOUSE too! Perve!"

"André, behave! I'm fine and it's OK if you guys want us to have some more birthday fun. Don't pay any attention to him, my love! Come, let's go and consummate this newly, now approved relationship, and conclude a memorable weekend and a super birthday! Come!" I said and pulled them off the couch.


After cleaning out myself properly and brushing our teeth, we bundled into bed and soon we were kissing and groping.

Before long, we were all rock-hard and leaking precum. Juan produced a tube of Claude's super lube and the poppers Pieter gave him. "Look what I got from the boys!"

"Hmmm! I maintain, you're a perve!" André ribbed him.

I was on my back with Juan and André on either sided, playing with my nipples, stroking my chest, jacking my cock. I had a big cock in each hand and was rubbing precum over the big heads. Juan leaned in for a deep, sensual kiss and groaned into my mouth.

André followed suit and I marvelled at what a good kisser my brother was. His cock was pushed against my hip and he said into my mouth: "I need to fuck you baby bro ... OK?"

I answered: "Any time bro! Put that big thing into me!"

Juan was sucking my nipple and his huge 28cm cock was leaking huge amounts of precum onto my leg. He had my cock in his hand and was jacking it.

André leaned over to the nightstand to get the lube to prepare us. He moved in between my legs and lifted them to access my hole. The super lube felt cold. André pushed his middle finger into me and I groaned. He was preparing my hole for another onslaught with his big 23cm cock. He pulled his finger out and pushed in two fingers. "Ahhhhhh!"

He slicked up his cock and leaned in. His cockhead was on my hole and I opened up for him. "Ready baby bro? Here it comes," and he pushed in. I felt the big uncut head stretching me ... Even though I was fucked really good and have even been double-fucked the previous 48 hours, I still enjoyed feeling André's cock entering me. He was such an attentive, good lover.

Juan leaned in and kissed me, his big tongue deep in my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth and tasted his spearmint toothpaste. His beard stubble on my face was scratchy and oh so sexy. When he pulled back, I looked at him and felt such a pang when I realised this big beautiful man loved us deeply, and we loved him so much too.

André's cock pierced my sphincter and slipped in. He made it twitch and it stretched my well-used asshole. I clenched my hole and pushed out. André's cock slipped in another centimetre and started to fill me up. At 23cm, this was still one seriously big cock to be fucked with. I was sure there were many guys who'd refuse to get fucked with it. André's cock slid deeper into me, gliding on the new lube. It was super stuff.

He pulled out completely. I gasped but by now I knew the drill. It would be inserted into me again immediately and pushed in balls-deep. And that's what happened. I gasped and groaned, and André too. That was fantastic, once again.

Juan's cock was in my hand and I pulled him towards my mouth so I could suck him. He positioned himself on his knees with his huge cock dripping with precum, pointing at my mouth. I licked the head and tasted the fantastic liquid again. I was totally addicted to precum, especially André's and Juan's. The huge amounts of precum Juan's big cock leaked, put him in another class altogether. The big uncut head slipped into my mouth and the skin peeled back. The taste of this man's cock was something to behold.

André was fucking me with long deep strokes. He was breathing deeply and groaned. It was a wonderful fuck once again.

"André, pull out and lie on your back," Juan said.

"What? Why? What's going on?" I asked.

"Shhhh! Just do it André, please?"

André pulled out and we changed places on the bed.

"Sit on his cock, my love," Juan said, and leaned in to kiss me.

I positioned myself over André's cock and lowered my buttocks. He pushed through my sphincter and his cock slipped in as I lowered my hole over it.

"I'm going to enter you too, OK? Take some of the poppers," Juan said.

What? Another double-fuck? The man had no mercy, I thought. But, one thing was for sure, he did have some great ideas. Perhaps that would also be good.

Juan took the super lube and slicked up his big 28cm cock. He put some extra lube on my hole and on Andre's cock sticking out. He leaned in. "OK, my love?"

I took the poppers and held the bottle at the ready and when I felt the big cock head touch my hole, I opened the bottle and took a big whiff. My head began to swim and I was engulfed in a sense of floating euphoria. I groaned louder and louder, and Juan entered me on top of André's big cock.

I gasped through the feeling of my head spinning. "Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck! Juan, yes! YES! Oh my godd! Yes, fuck me!"

Juan's cockhead slipped through the sphincter and he held it there. He made it swell, and I gasped and moaned. It was huge!

Then André twitched his cock and I was in heaven. Juan made his cock swell, and as it subsided, André's cock swelled. Oh my godd! Oh my ...!

Juan pulled back and I groaned: "What are you doing, Juan?" His big cock slipped out.

"I'm coming back in, don't worry." Juan put his cockhead on my hole again and pushed in. His big uncut cockhead slipped in and he pushed his long thick cock in halfway. I groaned as he approached the internal sphincter. Once again, that would be one hell of an experience.

Juan pulled back a little and advanced deeper. When his cockhead pushed against the internal sphincter, he stopped and twitched his cock. André twitched his cock too and I clenched down on the two huge cocks in me.

The second my sphincter let up, Juan pushed deeper through it and continued until he was in balls-deep, and held still.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my godd, that feels great! Oh oh oh! André, do you feel his huge cock?"

"Yes, it felt fantastic when his cockhead moved over and beyond my cockhead. Great. Are you OK, baby bro?"

"No I'm not fine, I'm in heaven! Oh my godd! You guys are fantastic!"

Juan pulled back and fucked me gently. He was a super and gentle lover, as he knew his huge cock could cause severe pain to a bottom.

I took another whiff of the poppers and my head was swimming. I felt like I was floating away with these two hunks in my hole.

"André', I'm going to give you some room: I'm pulling out halfway so you could fuck Anton. Fuck him and cum, OK?"

"OK, I'm close to cumming in any case. OK, baby bro?"

"Yes," I said through the mists of the poppers and gave myself over to be fucked into oblivion.

André started to fuck me in earnest with Juan's cock halfway in me, pushing hard against André's cock. It made André hornier than ever. Soon he was grunting and fucking me with short deep strokes.

"I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Anton, I'm going to fill you up! Ahhhhhh! Oh fuuuuucccckkkk!" and I felt him bury his cock deep in me. His cock twitched and he was breathing hard and deep. "Oh my fuck! That was fantastic!"

I leaned down and kissed André. His tongue pushed into my mouth and it became a memorable kiss, with lots of passion and spit.

"OK, hold still. I'm going to fuck Anton now. Keep your cock deep inside his hole. OK, my love?"

"Yes, I'm fine ..."

Juan pushed in deep, past André's cockhead and pulled back. He started to fuck me in earnest. It felt incredible.

"Some more poppers?"

"No I'm fine, thanks. Oh fuck, it feels good!"

"I want some please!" Juan sniffed the potent stuff and groaned. His cock swelled to gigantic proportions in me. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I'm close. How about you Anton? Could you cum with me?"

"Yes, I'm about to cum!" I said.

"OK, I'm going to get closer and will tell you when I'm about to cum. You need to cum with me, OK?"


Juan fucked me and I jacked my cock in earnest. I was fast approaching the plateau of orgasm ... just a few more strokes.

"I'm going to cum, OK?"

"I'm cumming, Juan! I'm going to cum!" I said. I shot my load onto André's chest into his chest hair. "Ahhhh!"

And the unthinkable happed: Juan was still fucking me and I could feel he was almost cumming, when he pulled out and jacked his cock! "Oh no," I shouted. "What are you doing?" when I felt him cumming on André's cock and my hole. He rested his cockhead on my hole and pushed his cock through his big cumload back into me! Oh my fuck! I felt some of his huge cumload dripping off onto my butt.

Juan pulled back out and used his finger to scrape his cum to my hole and pushed it into my hole with his cockhead. What an imaginative way to fill me up! Juan pulled out again and scraped the last cum back onto André's cock and pushed it into my hole using his big cock as a plunger.

"Oh my godd ... my godd! Juan, you're phenomenal! WOW! That was fantastic! Ahhhh!" I groaned.

Juan pushed his cock in all the way and made it twitch deep inside me and I clenched my hole over it. This was one hell of a fuck once more! My lovers were aces! Wow!

Juan pulled my face back to him and kissed my mouth from the side. "Hmmmmm!"

Juan pushed me flat on top of André. His chest was covered in my cum and it was now matting my chest hair with the copious load I shot. Juan was now lying on top of me and our combined weight pushed my cock deep into André's tummy.

"Unnngghhhhh! This is fantastic and all hunky dory, but you two fuckers are squashing me once again! I can't breathe!"

"Just one more minute please bro?" I asked. It was a great feeling Juan on top of me and his cock still in me together with André's cock. I was full of cum and André's and my chests were glued together with my cum. What a nice mess!

André stirred and pushed us to one side so Juan and I fell off him. "Ahhhh! Fresh air in my lungs! You're two super perverts! My godd! Worse than bunnies at Easter! But I have to breathe! Ahhhh!"

My one leg was under André that pushed his body upwards at waist level. Juan's cock was so long, it slipped out a bit, but there was more than enough in me to stay inside.

"When am I getting an all-nighter, baby bro? As the other half of your lovers, I have rights, you know!" André quipped.

"If I tell you the next time is your turn, would you please allow me this one again on my birthday, please bro?" Juan asked.

"I maintain, you're the biggest perve here! OK, but remember next time it's my turn. I'm getting worried you're going to wear my brother's ass out so much he's not even going to feel me anymore! Perve!" and gave Juan's arm a playful punch.

"Scout's honour! Anton? OK? Next time André, but may I please have an all-nighter again ... please? Birthday ...? You know ...?" Juan pleaded.

"Yes, of course." I said. "How can I refuse you, on your birthday of all days?"

"Sob sob! So I'm pushed aside again! Just because my tiny cock is 5cm shorter than the elephant cock in this relationship! Sob! Sniff! I'm pulling out of you now, OK baby bro?" André said.

"OK, André." I said. "And our cock is far from tiny!"

Juan tousled his hair and said: "I owe you one, bro - thanks man!"

André pulled his cock out and I managed to keep the cum in my hole.

"I'm getting a towel to clean up this mess on our chests. Coke anyone?"

"OK, thanks bro. Yes, Coke would be nice, thanks. And you my love?" Juan asked.

"Yes please. Thanks André ... you're the best brother in the world ..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! We ALL know I'm the best! OK. I'll be back with a towel and some Coke. And behave while I'm not here, you hear!" André quipped and gave my chin a playful jab and tousled Juan's hair. He was on top form again. My bro!

After our chests were cleaned up, we had some welcome Coke and settled in for the night.

"What's the time, André?"

He retrieved his iPhone and pressed the home button. "It's 5 to 12. Time for some shut-eye."

"Please get me the ... you know? It's in the zippered top of my bag. Please bro?" I said and touched his shoulder.

"Oh yeah! I've forgotten about that! I'll be back! Behave, you oaf! This is MY little brother!" and gave Juan a friendly punch in the face.

"Ouch!" Juan feigned pain. "What is this now, my love?"

"Shhhh! You'll see!"

André unzipped my bag and retrieved the small gift-wrapped box.

"Just so you know, this is from the both of us. It might have been my baby bro's idea, but he is MY little brother! You're just the oaf here!" He aimed another playful punch at Juan's chin and handed me the little box.

I turned my face and turned my body a bit. I felt the huge cock in me slip out a bit. I touched Juan's right cheek and looked into his eyes as best I could.

"Juan, since Grade 9 you've been our hero. Don't pay any attention to André's antics - you know that's just hullabaloo and a lot of hot air. He loves you dearly. As a token of our love, this would remind you on a daily basis and every day and all the time, we love you. Here is a timeless gift for you. We bought it with the last of the money we made by selling the extra vine grafts and we hope you like it."

"Oh no, my love! André? Why? You've already given me that wonderful jacket! It was more than enough! What it this now! You give me so much love! That in itself would have been enough for any man. Awwww! You guys are too much."

"Yeah, just so you know, the final choice of the gift was mine! I'm known to have exquisite taste. It's only with you that things went a little awry ...!" André put in jokingly.

"Open it, Juan ..." I said.

Juan ripped the silver gift-wrap off the box and revealed a neat box. "What's this? Is it what I think ...?"

The word "RADO" was printed on the top of the box. "Oh my godd ... oh my godd! My love!" Juan looked at me. "My love!" Juan looked at André. "I'm speechless! No, boys! This is too much! Oh my godd!"

Juan slipped the top of the box off the bottom part and an exquisitely black high tech ceramic watch was visible. "I can't believe this! This was your choice, André? Really? My godd!"

He took the watch in his hand and trembled ... He was shaking ... Juan was totally taken aback. "I love you two so very much! What have I done to deserve this ... to deserve you two ...?"

He was tearing up, but Andre bent over me and kissed his eyes. "It's because we love you, you big oaf! What do you think? And remember, it was my choice - you get that?" André put in and lightly bit Juan's lip. "I have no idea why, but yeah, we love you! Very much! Try it on! It should fit around that telephone pole of an arm of yours, Mr du Toit!"

Juan was on his left elbow and slipped the watch over his huge hand. It just fitted over the hand and when he closed the clasp on the strap on his wrist, it was a perfect fit. The black hair on his arm complemented the black colour of the watch. He held it up for us to see. It was an exquisite watch, now on the arm of a hunk of a man. It looked better than I thought it would.

"My lovely boys! What have I done to deserve you two? Your love alone is precious and enough! But, thank you very much! I have no idea how I'd ever be able to repay you ... !" Then he really teared up ...

"Wearing the watch would remind you of us every day and every time you look at it. And the keyword here is: US, do you hear that, you big oaf!" André joked to avert Juan's tears. He leaned in and gave Juan a soft, gentle kiss. It soon became passionate as André kissed this man we loved so very much.

When André broke free, I sought the beautiful mouth and locked my lips over it as best I could. Juan's cock was still rubbery and still in me, so I had to turn my body to kiss him. Our kiss also became passionate and his cock twitched in me.

"André, please come lie behind me for a while. I want to feel your body against mine. Please?" Juan asked.

André lied down behind Juan and put his arm around his body and hugged him. I turned to face forward again. Juan wrapped his right arm around my chest and pulled me close to him. "I love you two very much. Thank you for the weekend, for my gifts and now this. I'm so blessed. Thanks for your love, which is the biggest gift of all. Thanks ..." he trailed off and hugged me. I felt André pulling Juan back close to his chest.

"Yeah, beats me too. No idea why I love you, you big oaf!" André joked.

"I love you Juan ... We are very happy to have you in our lives. We never want to be without you ever again. In a few weeks' time, we'll be living together in our own home!"

"Yes, that's awesome! Dad really surprised us, didn't he? Our own house, living together!" Juan said and kissed my cheek.

"Now, shut up you sex perves! I need some sleep, now! My beauty sleep is shot and tomorrow I might wake up looking like this big ogre!" André ribbed us. We snickered and Juan said something like: "Yes Sir! OK, Sir! Yes Captain, my Captain!" We laughed and realised we were very happy and fortunate to have this big man in our lives.

André got up and came to lie down in front of me. "I need to sleep next to you, baby bro - finish en klaar! You're too far when I'm behind this ogre!" André said and leaned in to kiss me. "Goodnight baby bro ... I love you!"

"I love you too André ..."

"Goodnight you big oaf! Don't wreck my baby bro's hole, you hear!"

"Moan, moan! That's all I hear, all day long! Shut up now and let's sleep. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow." Juan hugged me and reached for André's face and gently rubbed his cheek.

I drifted off to sleep and fell into a deep sleep, sandwiched between the two men I loved dearly.

How divine not to know the future ...

= To be continued =



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