The next two weeks were filled with classes, gym sessions, sleeping over with Juan and André when Luigi was too busy. Luigi have made such a name for him that he acquired patients as far afield as George, Simon's Town and Saldanha. We were in contact as much as his busy schedule allowed it. Our schedules were also chock a block with tests and final preparations for the examinations, as well as going to gym.

André and I concurred the exercises in the gym started to show results! Even Morné was immensely impressed. He came up to us in gym a week later and gushed: "It might be my imagination, but you're starting to become very buffed! Very good! Hmmm! Let's get some measurements ... hmmm!"

"You dogg you! You just want to stick your big cock into my baby bro! Bro, what do you say to that? Up for it? Our secret, OK?" André put in.

"Erm ... I'd love to know how we've improved ... and a quickie might be fun!" I said and swore at myself inwardly! Slut!

In Morné's office it was clear the measuring really was only a smoke screen! Dogg! But, he did take some measurements and yes, we have developed some muscles in 4 weeks' time. Our weight was down by 3kg and our waists down to a 30 (76cm). Our biceps were up with 1cm each and our chest measurements up with 1cm. It felt great ... and when Morné put his hand on my cock, he groaned when it was clear I've grown there too! I was almost hard. I put my hand on his crotch and his huge 30cm cock was also almost hard.

"Please suck me, André?" Morné asked me.

"No, it's Anton. But I'm sure André would love to suck you too!"

André was on his knees already taking both our cocks in his hands. We helped him to get our cocks out. André managed to get both heads into his mouth. Morné took me in his arms and kissed me. The stubble on his face felt divine. We took our T-shirts off and our hands roamed over our naked bodies. Morné's chest hair was growing back and it felt fantastic under my fingertips. I hoped he was going to let it grow now.

"Are you going to let your chest hair grow back?" I asked him.

"Yes, you guys are all hairy and it looks sexy. I've decided to let mine grow back. I'm glad you like it!" he said and kissed me. Fuck, this was a beautiful man with a body like a god's. And with hair on his body, he'd be a real god!

André stood up and joined us in a three-way kiss. He fumbled with his pants to get it off. His hard cock was added to the mix. All three were leaking precum.

"Let me suck the two of you first and then I want to fuck you Anton. We don't have too much time," Morné said and sank to his knees. He took both our identical cocks in his hands and licked the precum off. He too managed both heads in his mouth. I was kissing my brother and marvelled at how much I loved him, at what a good kisser he was, and how good his mouth tasted. If there were no Luigi, Juan, Johann and Gunther, I'd have been very happy to share my life with my twin brother. I really loved him.

"I have some KY in my desk drawer I brought in the hope of just this ... I want to fuck you now!" Morné said and fetched the lube. He returned with it and was already opening it to put some on his huge cock. Oh fuck! That 30cm thick dong was going to fuck me again!

He took me in his arms and kissed me again. He spun me around into André's arms and put some lube on my asshole. He put the tube of KY on a chair and bent me forward. His huge cock was on my hole. Oh fuck! It was one hell of a big and thick cock ... ahhh!

The big head pushed on my hole and started to stretch me, slowly sliding into me. Oh godd! I groaned in André's arms and hugged him close. The huge cockhead slipped into me and the very thick shaft stretched me big time. He held still and twitched his cock ... oh fuck! It was big!

"You OK baby bro?"

"Yes, I'm fine!" I said and kissed André again. Our cocks and bodies pushed against each other. "I love you bro! You're one of a kind!"

"I love you too baby bro! You're the air that I breathe, despite a Juan and a Luigi! You're mine for ever and ever!" André said looking into my eyes lovingly.

Behind me the huge cock was slowly advancing into me. The big head scraped over my prostate and I shuddered. Oh fuck! Morné held me tight and pushed in deeper. When the head reached my inner sphincter, he held still and twitched his cock. He pushed slightly and when my sphincter relaxed, the big head slipped through ... the last 10cm was about to be pushed into me.

André's hands were all over me, on my nipples, on my face, around my neck ... he might be the sextuplets' delinquent, but he was my twin brother and I loved him.

Behind me Morné's huge cock was now fully inside me and I felt his big balls on my buttocks. He put his arms around me and hugged me closely. He kissed me in the neck and when André put his mouth on my neck, they kissed each other. The immense cock in me was twitching and I groaned.

Morné was starting to fuck me with long deep thrusts. I groaned once more ... it felt fantastic to be in my sexy brother's arms, being kissed by him and having Morné's huge cock in me, fucking me, hugging me to his body. The stubble on his chest was tickling my back.

"Oh fuck Anton! You're just amazing! After the weekend on your farm, I'm convinced you guys are just the best thing to have happened to me in ages! I've jacked off every day since I've met you and fucked you that first day here! You're driving me crazy!" He started to fuck me faster and deeper.

André's hands on me and on my cock were making me feel so good and getting me closer to an orgasm. He kissed me deep and hungrily. "Cum on me baby bro! I want you to shoot your load on my cock! Jack me off and I'll do the same. Let's cum on each other! Oh fuck! You drive me mad too!!

"I'm going to cum, Anton! OK? I'm so close now ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnngggnnn! Ahhhh! Oh god! I'm cumming! I'm cummmiiiinnnngggg!" He was fucking me hard and fast and then his huge cock exploded in me. It was twitching and spasming in me. He was pumping a huge load into me.

He pushed in as deep as he could and held me tight. His big cock was still pumping cum into me and he kissed my neck.

André and I were jacking each other off and when Morné's cock started to spasm in me, I started to cum. My cum hit André on his tummy, on his cock, on his balls, on his hand and arm ... and then he returned the favour! He started to spray me with his cum! We shot a lot of cum on each other. We fell into each other's arms, mouths locked in a kiss and we clung to each other. We really and truly loved each other.

Morné's cock in me was getting rubbery now and he slowly fucked me with short thrusts. He had his hands between André and me and rubbed our cum in our tummy hair. Fuck! What a mess! André pulled Morné's head closer and hugged him.

"You're fast becoming a fuck machine of note - one my baby bro enjoys very much, and I enjoy being with you. You're actually a nice guy!" André gushed.

"You're also two nice guys. I enjoy your company and sex with you - albeit usually rushed - is epic. Feeling my cock in you is just the epitome of feeling good!"

"Well, I think we'd better hit the showers and get rid of this stallion smell lingering on us, combined with the sweat and grime of the day! Do you have a separate shower here?" André put in.

"No, I don't but I have towels you could use to hide the family jewels. Here, I have some paper towels for you to first wipe off the worst. Just flush it down the toilet please! We don't want evidence strewn all over the place! I'm pulling out now, OK?" Morné said. He started to pull out and when the head slipped out, I realised the man had pumped a big load into me! I had to clench to contain the nice gooey stuff.


I managed to sleep over at Luigi's at least once, sometimes twice, a week. The sex with that big Italian Stallion was epic as always. It usually ended in an all-nighter and he pumped lots and lots of cum into me.

Along the way, I also learnt some stock phrases in Italian on top of what I was learning in my official lessons with the Italian tutor. Italian was not as complicated as I thought it would be, but it took some effort to remember the words and the way sentences were constructed. Sometimes one word would represent a few English words. But with Luigi to practice on, my Italian was improving every week. I tried to rub some of it off on André and he actually learnt some of the basics.


Alessandro emailed and gave us their intended programme for Christmas. They were deliberately postponing their visits to their home countries to accommodate our visit. He included some suggestions for us to see and do while we were in London. Some suggestions included visits to some landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tower, the Gherkin, the British Museum, Les Miserables in Soho and of course a visit to Harrods.

The pics of him, Sven and Jean-Pierre were hot and sexy. The double-fucking made my hole twitch!

I emailed Sven and gave him our tentative plans for London.


Then came our final examinations. We stopped most of the shenanigans - well, as best we could, but at times the urges were too great and we would just shag each other, or our lovers - whichever was available! I missed sex with my brother. But, the others were not forgotten. Over weekends we would have get-togethers and had braais, Italian food, the odd visits to a Greek restaurant or Mario's.

We were in regular telephonic contact with Dad and Mom but we didn't see them. We couldn't go to the farm during the exams.

But Dad did come to Stellenbosch for business and he stayed over at Luigi's. Luigi had an easier day and we managed to have some epic sex. Dad and Luigi liked each other a lot and the kissing that went down between the two was sexy and arousing. They liked kissing each other. Luigi fucked me while I was sucking Dad, and then the two switched places - Luigi's cock was in my mouth while Dad was fucking me.

"Care for a double my boy? I'd love to feel Luigi's big cock against mine inside you again, please?" Dad put in.

"Yes, please mio caro! OK? You can rotate on Dad's cock and I'll enter from behind. OK?"

"Yes of course! I'd love you to double fuck me again!"

The sex was amazing and I was filled to the brim with cocks and then lots and lots of cum. Luigi would cum first and when he shot his third load into me, Dad came and shot his load into me too. Luigi went on to fuck me on top of Dad's cock and shot his fourth load into me. He collapsed on my back and rolled us onto our sides. We drifted off with the two cocks in me until Luigi pulled out.

"Dad, would you like an all-nighter? Put your cock in Anton and keep it in him for the whole night?"

"Yes! That would be a first for me! Would you be OK with that Anton? Really?" Dad gushed.

Dad got his all-nighter and I slept in Luigi's arms. During the night Dad woke up and fucked me again. A true sex-crazed Le Roux!


The exams went well. We had a short break of 2 days and I received a call from Jacques. He and Gerhard were going to be in town for business and wanted to see me. Luigi was busy at the hospital with preparations for an international urology conference and André was helping Juan and Gunther in the lab. I accepted Jacques's invitation to visit them at the hotel. I met them at around 4 o'clock and we fucked like rabbits. First Gerhard with his 28cm cock, and then Jacques with his 34cm - the biggest cock after Jonathan. And Jacques was a short guy! Unbelievable! He had an insatiable sex drive and after he shot his load, Gerhard fucked me and shot his load. Jacques took over and fucked me again. He shot this second load into me.

The afternoon with the dad and his sexy son was memorable, but by half past five I excused myself. I took a quick shower and was driving back to Luigi's house. My iPhone rang and it was Luigi. He wanted me to pick up some lasagne from Mario's for dinner. He was going to be back by 7 o'clock and he was pooped.


The Wednesday we wrote our final question paper, André and I, and Johan and Herman went for drinks at Johan's house. Herman called Morné and he joined us. We were jubilant. The drinks were nice and we were elated.

My iPhone rang - it was Claire. She had information of a quick shoot in Kirstenbosch on the Friday. It was for a South African Christmas catalogue for Hugo Boss clothes and accessories, and that it would only include Luigi, André and myself. They wanted some material to be sent to London ahead of our intended visit in 3 weeks' time.

Claire told me Johann would fill us in on the detail but she wanted us to have stubbles and bring some nice formal shoes. Hugo Boss would supply full wardrobes for the shoot. The shoot would start at 7 o'clock to escape the sweltering heat.

Claire also informed me the visas were ready and all the necessary bookings - airline tickets and hotel bookings - have been made. She promised to email us the details and tickets.

Luigi pulled some strings at the hospital and rescheduled his appointments for the Friday shoot. Fortunately there was no crisis at the surgery or hospital and all the patients affected were from Stellenbosch. His PA rescheduled their visits. He was good to go. I was glad. It was such a pleasure to see him in front of the camera and wearing the nice clothes. We haven't seen the line of clothes we were to model, but being Hugo Boss, we were sure it was going to be beautiful.


The shoot went exceptionally well, and with Johann in charge, it was a fait accompli - he knew his job. Even I had to admit: Luigi was a god! He looked delicious enough to eat! The clothes looked dashing on my man.

Claire popped in and was gushing when she saw the photos on Johann's MacBook Air.

"Boys, HO called and they have arranged for a shoot all over London. Remember it is winter there and freezing cold. When you pack, take only the bare essentials, as you'd be getting a load of clothes you'll need to pack and bring back. You're flying first class so I don't have to make arrangements for extra weight. 34kg should be sufficient. But, take only one warm garment with you like a light but warm jacket, a beanie, a scarf and proper shoes for cold weather.

"The visas and passports are in the office. I'll give them to Johann on Monday. The staff needed them to make the final hotel arrangements. I hope we have the couples correct? Luigi and Anton, Juan and André, Johann and Gunther? Then there are the others joining you but flying at their own expense in coach. Boss will use the other six too, so they're bumping them up to first class - they need to pay the coach ticket and Hugo Boss will pay the difference: Johan and Herman, Pieter and Claude, Lukas and Werner. Twelve of you.

"You'll depart Saturday 20 December at 12 o'clock from the Cape Town airport to Johannesburg. The flight to London departs at 7:30 that night. Your arrival in London is around half past 6 the next morning. Flying in first class, you could have a proper night's sleep, but you'll have the next day - Sunday - free. Boss will send two kombis to fetch you from the hotel on Monday morning early.

"HO will send me a detailed schedule for your shoot which will last from Monday to Friday midday. I know you're flying to Germany on the next Tuesday. Werner has made the necessary arrangements for the flight as well as your flight to Florence. But, we will give you the finer details in a week's time. Please arrange to have the funds for the additional flights transferred to Boss - they'll pay for the flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg, to London and again from Florence or Rome back to Johannesburg and Cape Town - you'll have to pay for the flights to Berlin and Florence. Werner will give you the final breakdown of the cost. The last night's accommodation before your flight back to Johannesburg is paid for in Rome. You can't go to Italy and not see Rome! Any questions?"

We were flabbergasted and exited, but there were no questions - Claire said it all. Luigi made a suggestion for a hotel in Rome. Claire made a note and said goodbye.


A few days later we received our results and yes, we've aced it! We got distinctions in all our subjects. We've passed our first year at university with flying colours. And so did Johan and Herman - the Gentle Giant even received a special prize for achieving the highest marks in Applied Mathematics! For that, Johan bought him a spectacular jacket to wear on our trip to London and Europe in a few weeks.

After chatting to Dad and Mom, we were on our way to celebrate, big time!

The sextuplets booked 'our table' at Luigi's and had a night of note out in the great restaurant. Luigi and Chris joined us for the toasts and for most of the celebrations. Johan and Herman joined a little later as Johan had something to do for his dad.

At the same time we also celebrated Juan and Gunther's spectacular results. Novo Nordisk was so impressed with their work that their stipends were increased with 30%. Now they could really afford their Ravs!

Luigi also had something to celebrate: he has won an international award for perfecting a procedure to replace a narrowed urethra after a patient has suffered a trauma. And lastly Johann was told that he had won the Hugo Boss Award for the best shoot of a model - Luigi, no less! - and the pictures he took of Luigi were the rage in London and New York. The bosses wanted Johann and Luigi for a special shoot when we were going to be in London. The pictures taken there would be used for an international catalogue.

The Moët & Chandon flowed freely. The evening was a success.

We all went back to La Rochelle and Mario and Chris joined us. The sex was unbelievable: The whole lot fucked me in turn, and I had a double fuck with Johann and Gunther, Luigi and Juan, and of course Luigi and Herman! I was fucked solidly until all of them shot their loads into me.

The fucking was epic and when Mario was fucking me, I was sucking Chris's huge cock. Chris and Mario tried to double fuck me and managed eventually - their cocks were incredibly big.

The best was of course Luigi fucking me. His multiple orgasms were just my nemesis - I could have him fucking me for hours! He was in me for most of the time while we were having sex. The others joined him to fuck me. When Mario, Chris and Herman added their cocks - especially Herman ... oh godd! ... it was just epic again. They all fucked me and shot their loads into me.

I particularly enjoyed it when Johann added his big rubbery cock to the mix - it was just phenomenal. Then Luigi took a break and Gunther took his place. The two of them fucked me good.

Johan and André also had a chance and it was memorable too. Then Juan had a chance and Luigi joined him and they pumped some more cum into me. The guys were insatiable, as was I!

In the end André insisted on sucking me off. By the time I came, I was so horned up, that I flooded his mouth. He shared the load with everybody present. Perfect. Luigi's cock in me was rubbery and I was in heaven.

Johann and André brought us some Coke and we chatted about the trip to London. It felt wonderful to be in the company of all the men I loved after being fucked by them all - 7 of them, pumping lots of cum into me.

The only one missing was Dad ...


The three weeks on the farm before we left for London went by in a flash. We helped Dad with all the chores involved with a wine farm: cleaning, pruning, tying up, spraying, fertilising, tending to sprayers, cleaning vats - there were lots to do.

In between everything, we still had to find time to do some hockey training. We dug up Dad's old dumbbells and a piece of apparatus consisting of two thick cylinders that slid into one another, with a tough spring which is compressed in the process when the two thick nylon cords outside the cylinders were pulled away, or the handles at each end of the apparatus pushed in. It was actually a good mini-gym, and combined with the dumbbells and pull-ups on the horizontal post outside the living room, we had our exercises. We followed a regimen Morné gave us consisting of a minimum of 50 each pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, leg pull-ups, bicycle rides (lying on your shoulders and pumping your legs in the air as if you were riding a bicycle), and of course some jogging. We were determined to become some hot guys for the Boss Model Agency, and for our husbands! And being buff didn't hurt in any case!

Mom had to attend a big meeting in Cape Town about the conference the next year and we were left to our own devices for three days. After Mom left around 8 o'clock, we continued with our chores but there was some electricity in the air - we knew what was about to happen. When I stole a glance at Dad's dick on his left hip, I knew: he was randy as fuck and he was semi-hard already. He wanted to fuck us!

Lunch consisted of left-overs of the previous day's braai and a fresh salad I've whipped up. We had some refreshing iced tea and enjoyed the food. The banter was light but we knew what was about to go down between us ...

"OK, enough of this dancing around. Are we going to do it? Boys?" Dad put in, palming his bulge.

"Oh fuck yeah! Please! Yes! Let's do it! Please Dad!" André gushed and got up. "Let's get the dirty plates in the dishwasher and get out of here! Come baby bro! I have a number on Dad's big cock and your ass!"

"Yes, please Dad! Just give us 5 minutes to prepare, OK?" I said and kissed Dad. We cleared the counters, put the rest of the left-overs in the fridge and were off to prepare. Oh fuck! Lots of fucking and cum and I wanted a double-fuck!

We went into two different toilets and each took a dump, and douched. Once we were ready, we met in our bedroom. André and I pushed some lube into our assholes. André swung me around and pushed his big cock into me! He was so randy! I groaned as the big 24,5cm cock slid into me. "Sorry baby bro, but I just have to have you now!"

"In a hurry I see! What about me?" Dad asked from the door undoing his top button and unzipping his pants. His insanely big cock was pushing out and popped forward, bent to his left when he pulled his underpants down. "OK if I push into you André?"

"No, but just be careful please! You do have a big cock Dad! Yes, please push into me!" André said and pushed his cock deep inside me.

Dad took some lube and soon his cock was inside André. My brother groaned and moaned and held still, waiting for Dad's cock to fully enter him. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Dad, you're so big! Ugh! Oh fuck!"

"Just for all that swearing, I'm going to fuck you hard and deep!" Dad joked.

"You haven't felt your huge cock in your own hole! It's big! Ahhh!" André moaned. His cock in me was twitching big time. He waited for Dad to enter him fully. Then he pulled out a bit, and I felt Dad pulling out of him a bit. It was up to André to make this train happen: he was fucking me, and with each forward thrust, Dad's cock was pulled out of him a bit. Thus, André was dictating the pace and the fucking.

"I'm the man! Baby bro, you hear? I'm 'Lucky Pierre' and I love it! It feels great to have Dad in me and my cock in you. Ahhh!"

"My cock is still bigger than yours, my boy! Yours is what? 24cm?" Dad said.

"No Dad! I'll have you know it's 24,5cm and counting! Only 3cm shorter than yours, but yeah, yours is the biggest and it feels fantastic!" André put in.

The fucking continued until Dad pulled out of André. "I'm about to cum! I don't want this to end so soon. Can we please have a double with you Anton? André, would you mind if I join you?"

"No of course not! And I know Anton wouldn't mind either - right baby bro?"

"No, never! Yes, do it please!" I said and pulled off André's cock.

Dad lied down on his back and I moved over him. André held Dad's cock in the upright and I lowered my hole over Dad's impressively big and thick uncut cock. Oh fuck! After Luigi, this was one of the most wonderful cocks I've ever encountered. I presume it was just because it was my wonderful Dad's, whom I loved to bits!

Dad's big cockhead pierced my sphincter and as it entered me, I gasped. It wasn't the first time, not by a long shot, but it still was one hell of an experience to feel Dad's big cock in me.

The big cockhead grazed over my prostate and I almost came. Fuck! It was fantastic. Dad pulled my head down and kissed me. His wonderful long tongue entered my mouth and I sucked hungrily on it. His cock was sliding deeper into me and was stretching my hole. Being a curved cock to his left, it was pointing in the opposite direction of the natural curve in my rectum, which was to my left. It made Dad's cock feel even bigger as it pushed into me.

When Dad's cock reached my inner sphincter, I groaned and gasped - it was as if the big cock was entering me for the first time. The big head slipped through the sphincter and Dad pushed home. I sat on Dad's pubic area with his big cock inside me, and I could feel his big balls against my butt. I leaned down and lied on Dad's chest, exposing my hole to André to enter me too. Dad put his arms around me and hugged me.

"I love you so very much," Dad said in my ear.

"I love you too Dad!" I gushed.

"OK if I pushed in too, baby bro? I'm putting more lube on your hole, OK?"

"Yes, it's OK. Push in, but slowly please bro!"

I felt André's gloriously big cock, which was in me a minute ago, pushing on my hole. The big head pushed harder on my hole. My hole slackened and it started to slip in. I drew in my breath as the big head slipped in on top of Dads' big cock. I groaned. André held still and made his cock twitch. It was fucking amazing to have my brother and Dad's cocks in me, twitching and filling me up. Ahhh!

"You OK my boy? We're not hurting you, are we?" Dad asked with concern as his own cock twitched in me. André pushed in deeper and he pushed home. He was in balls-deep. He held still and I gasped. Every time I'm double-fucked, it feels like I've never experienced it before! It would never lose its novelty for me - it felt so great to have two cocks in me.

André started to fuck me, and it was just incredible. He held me by the hips and slowly fucked me deeply, while Dad fucked me and soon the two cocks were pistoning in and out of me: one in, other out - in, out.

"Let's change places. André, pull out and lie down so I could enter Anton from behind. OK, Anton? I think the curve of my cock is making you feel uncomfortable. It would be better for you if I penetrated you from behind."

"Yes, it's true Dad. André, pull out please."

André and Dad pulled out and I moved so I could sit on André's cock. Even before André's cock was in me fully, Dad moved in behind me and started to push in as well. The two big cocks pushed into me together. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Dad's big curved cock followed the curvature of my rectum and it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. It was a perfect fit on top of André's straight big cock.

Dad and André fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I was absolutely in heaven. I was fucked wholesale and I loved every second and millimetre of it.

After some fucking, André started to growl and groan and his cock was spasming in me. "I'm about to shoot my load baby bro! Ahhh! Dad, I'm going to cum now! Ugh! Ugh! I'm cumming! Baby bro, I'm going to shoot my load! Oh fuck! I'm cummmiiinnnnnggggg! Here it comes!" His cock spasmed and I felt him fucking me faster and deeper as he started to cum in me.

"I'm almost there! You OK my boy? How far are you?" Dad asked.

"I'm about to cum too Dad! Just two jerks of my cock and I'm good to go! Fuck me! Shoot me full of your cumloads! Cum!" I groaned.

"Here it is! I'm cumming too! Ahhh! Oh my word! Oh dear! I'm cumming Anton! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh damn! It feels good! Oh my boy!" Dad gushed and his cock started to pulse and spasm in me. He shot his load into me. His cum joined André's cum in me.

André took my cock in his hand and after the third stroke, my cum boiled out of me and I shot a load of note on my brother's chest. Some ended on his chin, on his face and even on the pillow. I shot a big load as my hole was spasming around the two big cocks in me.

Dad collapsed on top of me and rolled over, holding on to me. We all ended up on our sides, both of them still inside me. André put his arms around me and hugged me. His mouth found mine, and the kiss he gave me was tender, warm and sensual. My brother was a good kisser.

"You still are the most important man in my life. One day when we're married to our husbands, we just have to live together. I could never live without you - ever!" André said looking in my eyes.

"I wish you could've still lived in our house. Having you near me is always such a pleasure, and now this ... super! I love you guys," Dad said behind me.

"We love you too Dad. André, yes, one day when we're married, I also don't want to live away from you. When I stay over at Luigi's, it's wonderful and I love it to be with him, but I always miss you bro!" I said.

"André, please check the time? I guess it's around 4 o'clock?" Dad enquired.

André checked his iPhone on the nightstand. "Yes, it's just before 4 o'clock. I think we'd better finish checking on the sprayers next to the dam so we could come have a drink!" André put in.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're an alcoholic! Yes, let's get going and finish our chores for the day. I'd love to have a nice beer before we braai our steaks," Dad said and his big cock stirred in me. "This was memorable once again. I'm the luckiest dad in the world to have two such beautiful boys, and that I have the privilege to have this with you ... I really feel blessed."

"Baby bro, you've really glued us together with your cum. Ouch! My chest hair is glued to yours! Dad, let's have a quick shower before we go check on the last sprayers. Want to join us?" André asked Dad.

"Yes, let's have a shower first. Anton, I think we've pumped a big load into you! I'm pulling out now. Seeing that I don't get this opportunity every day, I want to suck the cum from you. OK?"

"Yes, please do!" I said.

Dad slowly pulled out and I clenched. When the head approached my sphincter, I clenched harder and managed to keep the load in me. André pulled out and when his big rubbery cock slipped out, only a small amount of cum slipped out.

Once André was out, Dad rolled me on all fours and pushed his face between my buttocks. He put his mouth on my hole and licked it. I groaned and felt my cock stirring again! Slut! Dad's tongue was on my hole and I relaxed. He started to suck and I felt the cum running into his mouth. He gulped it greedily and sucked again. Another mouthful ran into his mouth that he swallowed too. He licked my hole again and sucked the last of the two cumloads into his mouth.

While this was going on, André was sucking Dad's big cock. I heard him groaning and it was clear Dad was hard again!

"What are you doing André! I'm hard again! Ahhhh!" Dad said and kissed my buttocks.

"I'm preparing you for a proper shower! You don't get to shower with us without some action! Remember the hotel?" André said and sucked Dad's cock back into his mouth.

"Ahhhh! Oh damn! You've got a super talented mouth, my boy! Ahhhh! Come, let's get into the shower before it's too late. Ugh! André, you'll make me cum right here if you don't stop!" Dad exclaimed.

"That would be my gain as I've longed to taste your cum again. Ahhh!" André said as he jacked Dad's big cock.

"No, let's get into the shower first. I'll fuck you again if you let go of me now ... ahhhh! Andre! Stop now, please?" Dad said and tried to wrestle his cock from André's mouth.

"OK, but just so you know, I wanted to finish you off! Come, let's go baby bro!" André said and gave my buttocks a playful slap.

"Ow! You don't have to be mean!" I complained.

"Now, now! No need to hurt your 'baby bro'! Come!" Dad said and got up from the bed, pulling André with him. "Where did we get you from? You're such a loose cannon! But I still love you very much!" His big cock pointing to his left stuck out far in front of him and of course, André grabbed the big cock and squeezed. "Ow! If you wanted me to fuck you, you need to be gentle with it!"

"I know! I'm just fooling around! Sorry Dad!" André said and put his arm around Dad's waist, hugging him.

"Come Anton!" Dad said and held out his other arm to pull me into his embrace. I slipped into Dad's embrace and my right arm around his waist, touching André.

"Ahhh! My boys! How I love you two!" Dad gushed and hugged us as we walked down the passage to the bathroom, Dad's big cock wagging in front of him. "Just look at what you've done, André! I look like a sex pervert with my hard-on walking down the passage!"

André leaned to his left and hugged Dad with his arm low on his tummy, grazing over Dad's big cock pointing to the left. "I love you too Dad! You're by far the best dad in the world!"


Needless to say that the showering didn't go without some more shenanigans! We were hot for each other and soon, we were hugging and kissing each other, cocks in each other's hands, sucking cocks and of course, Dad fucking us in turn, and both of them fucking me in turn, and pumping me full of the nice gooey stuff.

After cumming and me spraying my load against the shower glass wall, we actually showered and washed and shampooed. We wiped each other dry and lo and behold: we all got hard again! André was on his knees in front of Dad sucking him.

"André, let go please! I'd be able to cum, but it won't be much. I'd rather leave it for later on please? Ahhhh! You're a devious young man! André ... please my boy! Oh fuck! You see, you even make me swear! Let ... go ... please!"

"May I suck you off then please baby bro?"

"No, await your turn! Later! You've had enough sex for one afternoon!" I said and turned my back on André.

"I am the elder brother and ..."

"Yes, we know: and you have rights! We know! But, I'm the dad and what I say goes! And I say, that's enough for now. Behave or else there won't be any 'dessert' and nice cream later on!" Dad cracked the whip.

I knew André was just putting us on! His own cock was only semi-hard, so this was all for show! But I didn't blame him for trying to suck off Dad again: Dad's cock was just amazing and big and beautiful and uncut and a big head and already wet again ... So, it was a small wonder he didn't persevere, as Dad's cock was just that good to suck! I remembered the first time a year ago when I saw Dad's cock hard during our holiday. It was a revelation to see Dad's cock hard and sopping wet that very night. Every single time I saw it lately and had sex with him, it was a wonderful experience and a pleasure just to see it, let alone touch it, suck it and of course, feel it!


The few days on our own were filled with hard work, long hours and lots of sweating in the vineyards, in the barn, in the lab and on the neighbouring farm. And the training with the dumbbells - we followed Morné's programme to a T.

We earned our keep. During the day one of us would go back home to fetch some Coke or fruit juice or ice-cold water and we would sit under a tree and enjoy our refreshments.

One topic that was always coming up, was our trip to London and our trip to Europe with the hockey team the following year, and Dad and Mom joining us, but on their own with regard to airplane tickets, hotel bookings, transport and the like. Dad gave us many ideas and some pointers with regard to London. After he finished school, he worked on a dairy farm in the UK for six months and then in a pub in London for another six months. He got to know London fairly well and pointed out the landmarks we have to go and see and visit, including a Vintners' Exploratorium on the South Bank where one could taste wines and spirits from around the world.

Another topic we brought up was our weddings, coming up some time towards the end of our studies. André raised the possibility of using the facilities at the university. He told Dad about what Juan intended to do in this regard. Dad supported it wholeheartedly and was glad that Mom would have a break from doing it all by herself. Seeing that there were no brides in the affair, there wasn't going to be a bride's mom who could take the responsibility, so it made sense to pass on the responsibility to a third party and just pay them.

"Are you boys happy with the choices you've made? Do you love Luigi and Juan?" Dad asked.

"Anton, you tell Dad!"

"Dad, I've never loved another human being the way I love my Italian man. He is the most wonderful man alive - no offence. I love you and André very much Dad, but this is different. It's not just the sex, which is mind-blowing, but he is a great guy and he loves me too. Incidentally, he has the weekend off and wants to come visit with Juan if it's OK with you? I think Johann and Gunther want to come too," I said and gave Dad's arm a squeeze.

Dad put his big manly hand on mine and squeezed. "I am so glad you've found Luigi. I've always wondered whom you two would marry, and even though you're marrying men, I can't fault them in any way. Juan is also an incredible man with the most wonderful persona, as is Luigi. Two perfect gentlemen for my two beautiful boys. What's to happen with Johann and Gunther after the weddings?"

"We plan on getting a house big enough for the six of us and then we all will move in there. The house owners like Johann and Luigi would rent out their houses. The six of us would all co-own the property. Dad, we love each other too much to live apart. Every minute we're apart from each other, we miss each other. Like in right now, I'd love to have Luigi and Juan, together with Johann and Gunther of course, here with us. No Dad, we're going nowhere without each other! Finish en klaar!" I said and realised just how much I've been missing Luigi and the others despite the sex we've had with Dad.

[Finish en klaar = Afrikaans expression which translates into "finish and finished", meaning it is really the ultimate and things are really completed, done]

"Well, tomorrow is Friday and Mom would only be back by late afternoon. When do the guys want to come?" Dad asked. "Go on, call them and ask them they want to come join you here for the weekend," Dad said.

"I don't know about Johann and Gunther. Luigi will be able to make it, even though he has a lot to do before we leave for London. Let's call them and confirm it," I said and fished out my iPhone to call Luigi. André did the same to get hold of Juan.

Only Juan and Luigi would be able to join us on Saturday afternoon. Thus, it would only be Dad, Mom and us on Friday night and Saturday morning. Johann and Gunther had other plans - something about some work Johann had to finish for Claire and Gunther had a new regimen he had to do in the lab. He undertook to do it by himself to allow Juan to come to the farm. What a man that Jerry was! I loved him to bits! And I felt sorry for Johann: he was such a dedicated guy at what he was doing. Small wonder he was as successful as he was.


That Thursday night we were sitting in the lounge while Dad was watching the boring news - news in South Africa had become so depressing - André and I were checking our emails. There were a number of emails.

The first one of note was from Claire about our trip to London the next week. She was giving our passports to Johann. All was in order. There was also a schedule for the week in London, the hotel bookings, the flight numbers, ticket numbers and the part of the trip we had to pay. Boss wasn't going to pay for the trip to Berlin and to Florence. The return flight would depart from Rome on the Sunday two weeks into the new year; Boss Models would pay for that trip as it was considered as the return trip equivalent to a return trip from London.

The next one was from Alessandro with an ancillary note from Sven and of course the ubiquitous pictures of them having sex. They wanted to know the details of our flights and our hotel booking in London. They were in Kensington, which wasn't too far from us in a hotel in Mayfair overlooking Hyde Park. We were only 5 tube stations away on the same line. Alessandro was very exited to see us a year later. He said point blank he was looking forward to fucking me, as was Sven and even Jean-Pierre wanted to fuck me!

We were going to have super sex with the boys in London, and that didn't even include the sextuplets and Johan and Herman! Or the two French-Puerto Ricans, the Williams brothers!

Incidentally, the next email was from Jonathan. He was thrilled beyond words and said Toronto was getting too small for him! He wanted to be in London with me! He included a few pictures of his enormous 35cm cock. My heart gave a miss as I remembered feeling him in me, fucking me like there was no tomorrow. It remained the biggest cock I've ever had! I just hoped things would work out with Luigi and the others, and that we would be able to work it in.

The next email was from Piero d'Antonio, Luigi's nephew. He was such an Italian hung hunk! I was looking forward meeting him, big time! He too included some pictures of himself jacking off. His big cock was so good to see, and I realised that in Florence, that big cock was going to fuck me with Luigi looking on, and eventually joining us in a double fuck! That was less than 3 weeks away! He would be on a Christmas break from the university in Rome.

I responded to all emails in an appropriate manner and closed my MacBook Air.


André and I went to bed alone and had the most wonderful sex, as if we haven't had sex in weeks - just the two of us. We sucked each other, kissed and then he insisted that I fucked him ... it was a revelation to realise I actually liked it, but I also realised I still preferred to be fucked.

André pushed me onto my back and crawled between my legs, my knees on my chest. He licked my hole until it was sopping wet. Then he sucked my balls and then my cock. He was fast becoming a master at deep throating - dogg!

He aimed his hard sopping wet cock at my hole and while he was looking into my eyes, he smiled and pushed his cock in. I groaned. It was a wonderful experience to once again feel my brother fucking me. He continued to push in until he was balls-deep in me.

"OK, baby bro? You OK? Not too much after all the fucking Dad and I've been giving you? You still OK?"

"Yes, of course bro! You know by now that I'm mad about getting fucked, and you of all people should know I'd never be able to say 'no' to you! Never!"

"Good, because I'm about to give you the pounding of a lifetime! I'm so hot for you baby bro! I could fuck you all night!" He started fucking me and soon it was clear he was so hot for me, he wasn't going to last. After just 5 minutes of fucking and grunting and groaning and moaning, he gave one last grunt and started to fuck me with vigour. He growled and shot his load into me. He clung to my legs and let his head hang on his chest.

"Fuck, baby bro! Every time I fuck you, it's like it's for the first time! I just can't get enough! It is just so fucking awesome to fuck you! I love you baby bro! I fucking love you!"

Eventually André pulled out and crawled in behind me, pushing in again. He wanted an all-nighter!

During the night I woke up and felt a big warm body in front of me. When I put my hand out in the dark, the body felt hairy and the huge cock was hard. Dad! He intended to sleep alone but his desires got the better of him - he wanted to have a last round of sex with his boys.

"Sorry my boy, but I couldn't stay away ... OK if I slept with you guys?" Dad whispered.

"Yes, of course Dad!" I said and hugged Dad close to me. His big hard cock pushed into my crotch and his hands were on my back and hugging me to him. André's cock had slipped out during the night and he was lying behind me, almost spooning me. Dad's face was on mine and his lips were seeking mine in the dark. When his soft full lips found mine, his tongue was on my mouth, and his mouth covered mine. The kiss was epic and Dad's big cock - which was hard and leaking lots of precum - was now between my legs.

Dad pulled me tight to him and manoeuvred his body on top of me. I moved away from André so as to not disturb him. Dad lied down on top of me and pinned my arms on the pillow above my head. He kissed me and while he was doing that, like with Luigi, his saliva ran into my mouth. Oh fuck! I loved that! His big tongue explored my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily. Dad pushed his tongue into my mouth as deep as he could.

His big cock was now faux fucking me between my legs. He pushed my legs up so my knees were on my chest, like André did earlier. Like father like son, I thought! Dad's cock was sopping wet and as André and I didn't shower again after the sex earlier, my rectum was still filled with his cumload. Dad put his big cockhead on my asshole and gently pushed.

"Yes! Yes! Please push it in Dad!" I whispered eagerly with lust in my voice. I lifted my butt from the bed and Dad's big cockhead started to pierce my hole. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Please Dad! Push it in! Ugh!" I whispered.

Dad's big cock slipped in and as the big head moved over my prostate, I groaned and kissed him deeply. He stopped and made his cock twitch and swell. I groaned some more. My Dad knew how to do it! The 27,5cm cock slid into me and when he got to my inner sphincter, he just kept on pushing and then he was in. He pushed in so his big balls were on my crack. Oh fuck! It felt good!

"I haven't cum since yesterday and was just about to jack off when I decided I'd rather give it to you! You want my cumload?"

"Oh yes Dad! Thanks Dad! Oh yes!" I gushed. "Fuck me Dad!"

Dad was fucking me with deep, long thrusts and soon he was starting to groan. He gave me a pounding of note but it couldn't last. He was too horny and before we knew it, he shot his load into me. He pushed his cock deep into me and let go of my legs. He collapsed on top of me and put his head on my shoulder. "Thanks my boy! You have no idea what this means to me! Thanks ..."

"You're welcome Dad! It is the best sex ever. I love it when you fuck me!" I whispered and stroked Dad's black hair and hugged him.

"What about you? Would you like me to suck you?" Dad asked.

"No, I'm OK Dad. André and I had some sex earlier, so I'm OK, thanks."

After Dad got his breath back, he sat up and pulled me up with him. I ended up sitting in his lap, his big softening cock still deep inside me.

"Turn around so you face away from me. Then lie down on top of me and we'll roll onto our sides. I want to stay inside you if I may, please?" Dad said.

"OK," I said and lied back.

When we were on our sides, Dad pulled me close to him and pushed his semi-hard cock into me.

"Goodnight my darling boy! Thanks! Sleep well!" Dad whispered as he pulled me close to him.


"Sheez! I drift off to sleep like every other normal human being and then I wake up to me being replaced! Dad! You dogg!" André ranted on.

Dad gave his head a playful swipe and pulled him into a big group hug. "Ahhh my boy! Yes, we know you're the elder brother and have rights, but I'm the DAD and I supersede you! But if your baby bro is OK with it, we could slip in a double ... OK Anton?"

"Yes, I'm OK. Good morning to you too André!" I quipped.

Dad's cock was almost hard in me. He made it twitch and I groaned. What a way to wake up!

"Come, roll on top of me - lie on me so André could get in. OK?" Dad said.

He held onto me and rolled on his back, with me on top of him. André was already between our legs. He pushed my legs up and put his big cock on my hole. "Some lube please Dad?"

Soon André's big cock was pushing into me. The sun was up and it looked like it could be a great but hot December day, and I was having sex with my Dad and my twin brother! My godd! What a way to start a day!


The showering afterwards was memorable. I marvelled at the size of the two cocks that have just fucked me in bed. Once one's hole is relaxed, it's amazing what size cocks could fit in there! Dad's 27,5cm and André's 24,5cm - like mine - were plenty big and thick. But, it was memorable as always.

We hugged, kissed, soaped up each other and groped each other's cocks, even sucked each other a bit.

Just as we were about to turn off the taps, we heard it. Someone was in the house! Mom! Oh my godd!

"One of you needs to go make sure the coast is clear. I'll sneak back to your bedroom and put on my sleeping clothes. I'll pretend to be checking something on one of your computers. Go, Anton! Just a towel would do. Go! Come André! Let's sneak back to the bedroom. Come boys!"

I wrapped a big towel around my waist and poked my head out the door. I heard Mom carrying shopping bags in the house from the car. I nodded to Dad and André, and went to meet and greet Mom.

Dad and André slipped past me and ran barefoot to the bedroom. I padded to the living room to greet Mom.

"Ahhh! My boy! Wet hair, only a towel. Who is it? Anton I guess? Anton?"

"Yes, it's Anton. Hi Mom! You're back early? How come?"

"I missed being back home and left early to beat the Friday traffic. So here I am. Where's Dad?"

"He came to check some stuff on our computers while André and I were showering. I'm sure he is in your bedroom by now. Is that all your shopping bags? Mom! When did you find time for shopping?"

"Oh, yesterday. We finished by 4 o'clock and I zipped off to the mall to get some stuff for the weekend. The hotel was so kind to keep the perishables in their fridges and freezers overnight. Come, there are a few more!" Mom put in and kissed me. She didn't hug me ...

Just as I was about to leave to help Mom retrieve the last bags from the car, I saw André on the corner of the passage. I gave him the thumbs up and then I saw Dad appearing behind him. I looked at Mom and saw that she was too far away to see anything, so I gave the thumbs up. Dad ran through the living room to their bedroom. Saved!

As we entered with the last of Mom's shopping bags, Dad entered. Sheez! He was fast! He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. His hair was brushed and being black, it wasn't really visible that it was still damp. He was barefoot. I noticed his beautifully pedicured toenails and beautiful feet. My dad was as good a model as anyone else in the group!

"Ahhh! There you are! Hallo Adriaan! Anton just came to help me, straight from his shower. You look fresh yourself! I'm sorry for just barging in like this, but I had enough of the city. I wanted to be home so I left early to avoid the traffic. Hallo my dear!" Mom embroidered and stepped up to Dad to greet him. Only a small peck on the lips. Wow Mom! You were away almost 3 days and this is how you greet your man!

Just then André entered, also fully dressed in shorts and a hockey shirt. "Hallo Mom! You should go dress now Anton." He gave me the eye and looked at my bulge behind the towel. I looked down and realised that at almost 18cm soft, it was causing quite a bulge behind the towel. I excused myself to get respectable. There was the reason for no hug from Mom ... Ah well!


Mom whipped up a scrumptious breakfast and after the nice food, the three of us were out of the house on our way to the lab and vintner's barn. In the bakkie [pickup truck] Dad sighed and whistled. "Boys, that was a close call! We should've known better than to expect her back later. Phew! But, the sex with you was phenomenal again! The feeling of my cock in you Anton, and your cock, André, rubbing on mine was fantastic. I'm just glad Mom didn't arrive earlier!"

"Yes, it was a close shave! But yes, it was a great experience. I hope when the boys are here tomorrow you'd be able to join us again, Dad," André said bluntly.

"We'll see," Dad said as we stopped at the lab. André and I had to clean out some of the equipment and sterilize it before putting it away. There were still some cultures I wanted to tend to, and also to check on some of the rootstocks. Dad and André had to check on some sprayers and on the cleaning of the vats in the vintner's barn. Lots of things to do.


Friday night it really was just André and me - we had sex and settled in for the night. For once André didn't want an all-nighter!


We woke up to the smell of coffee. Dad! What a guy!

"Come on boys! We're going into town. Mom wants some fresh produce for the weekend and for us to see what's on offer in the gents' shop for your trip. Come! First coffee and then Mom wants us to have breakfast at the farm stall on the N7 before we head into town," Dad enlightened us.

He put the tray with coffee and rusks on the nightstand and sat down on the bed next to me, putting his hand on my crotch. My morning wood was obvious and very hard. I groaned as Dad squeezed my cock. He let go of mine and squeezed André's morning wood.

"I wish we had time to release the juices from your monsters before we left but there is no possibility. Have your coffee and let me get out of here! Here, just look at my bulge now! Sheez!"

Dad stood up and his big cock was making an insanely big bulge on his left hip. Dad adjusted it and pulled out his shirt so it was covering his cock.

"As soon as you're done, get showered and dressed. Half an hour? I'm fairly hungry and seeing that my one need isn't going to be sated, let's not prolong the breakfast, OK?" Dad said and he was gone.


The breakfast was great with eggs to order and everything from fried wors [sausage], minute steaks, bacon, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, muffins, toast, Danish pasties, yoghurt, fruit juice, coffee - the whole shebang.

Dad ensured I was sitting next to him on his left. The tablecloth was long and as we waited for our order, Dad's hand was on my leg. When I put my hand on his, he pushed it up and I felt his hard cock. How I wished I could have that dong in me right there on the spot!


The trip into town was nice and there were lots of joking. André was on top form. He joked mercilessly with all three of us. When Dad stopped in front of the gents' shop, we were wiping tears from our eyes. André!

Dad and Mom knew the owner very well. His only son Pierre was one year ahead of us in the local high school. He was a tall very sexy man who went to Stellenbosch to study law. We never saw him on the campus as he was living off campus and mingled with the squash-playing mob and his classmates. I've always wondered about the man. He had a huge bulge and sometimes at school I imagined he was looking at me ... staring at me. He was very hairy and his facial hair had the timeless 5 o'clock shadow. He was sexy. But at school he dated the captain of the girls' first hockey team, so my fantasies were restricted to the odd jacking off thinking of what he should have done to me with his big cock.

When we entered the shop, Pierre was behind the counter and greeted us. His eyes lit up when he recognized us. "Ah! The Le Roux twins! Finished with your first year, not so? Welcome! Oom Adriaan and tannie Alma! Nice to see you! Come in! How are you all doing?"

[Oom = uncle, Tannie = aunt; in the Afrikaans culture, older people are addressed like this even though they might not be family]

"We're doing fine thanks Pierre, how are you and your dad?" Dad answered.

"He's just fine. He should be here shortly. He quickly went to the bank. Ahh! And here he is now!" Pierre said, pointing at the door. His father, oom Eugene Malan, just entered.

There was a lot of greeting, back-slapping and asking how the others were doing.

"What can I cheat you into today, my friend! Your sons have grown into quite a set of good-looking young men!"

Dad and Mom filled them in on the Boss Models agency and our upcoming trip to London.

"Models? My word! No kidding? Well, they're good looking enough to be models, that's for sure! So I presume you're looking for clothes for the cold weather? We have them but they're out in the back. We only keep the summer stuff here in the front in summer. Pierre will help them. How about a glass of wine while we wait for them. Alma? Chardonnay? Cabernet for you Adriaan? Pierre, take the Le Roux boys and see what you can find for them in the back," oom Eugene said and took Dad and Mom to a little corner with comfortable chairs. He went to the kitchenette in the corner and got them the promised wine.

Pierre led the way to the back of the shop to show us the stuff they have stashed away for winter. We did need some warm clothes for London, Berlin and Florence/Firenze, even though Boss was going to give us a supply in London. We didn't know exactly what it was we were going to get.

I noticed the immense bulge in Pierre's pants and my cock stirred in my pants.

"So then! Tell me about this stroke of luck! You guys are very sexy and attractive, and becoming very buff too! I'm impressed," he gushed and tried to readjust his bulge without us noticing it, but I saw it and I think André too.

"First, we need to get you some jackets. Here is our selection."

"They have to be identical ... please? Yes, after all these years, we still wear identical clothes - it adds to the fun of people not capable to determine who's who! I'm sure you also don't know who's who! Come on! Tell us who's André and who's Anton!" André said.

"Oh fuck! You'll just have to have your way with me! I'm at a total loss! I'd never be able to tell the difference! You're just too identical. I'm sure even your dicks are identical ...? Are they?"

"Like fuck! Even the cocks are identical! We could show you if you didn't believe us!" Andre offered.

"Fuck yes! I'd love to see that!" Pierre gushed and his eyes were big. He swallowed. "You're going to show me?" he stuttered as he saw André starting to unzip his shorts.

"Hell yeah! We're not bashful! But we want to see yours too! OK?" André said as he put his hand in his pants to haul his rubbery semi out for Pierre to see.

"Oh fuck yes! I'll show you but ... oh hell! I'm no longer soft! Sorry! You're so fucking hot! Sorry boys! I've heard about you getting engaged ... and all ... and thought of how I've admired you at school! By the way, congratulations on the engagements! A very brave thing to do! I wish I could do that ..." Pierre trailed off but had his zipper in his hand to open up. His huge bulge was really filling out those pants!

"We've always heard that you're one of the giants in school and that that slut first team captain was only interested in your big cock! So, we always guessed it was an anaconda of note!" André put in.

"Yes, she wanted me to fuck her, but I knew it would've been a disaster as it is so big, and I wasn't into her in any case. So I allowed her to touch it once, but that was it. No more. The two years at university I had my studies and squash to 'blame' for my disinterest in girls. There is a squash buddy I fancy, but he's as straight as they come. Just my luck!"

He started to pull down his zip ... I followed suit and while I was looking into Pierre's eyes, we both put our hands in our pants to haul our cocks out. I saw out the corner of my eye André's cock springing from his pants. He was eager!

When Pierre had his cock out, it jumped out and fuck! It wás big! It was insanely big! His cock was long and thick and it curved upwards. The huge head was covered with a long foreskin. He put his hands in his pants again and hauled his huge balls out as well. Fuck! This man was in Herman's league! The only difference was that the head was the biggest I've ever seen and the balls were just huge. Perhaps Jonathon's was bigger - I didn't know. I was too engrossed with what I was seeing in front of me.

He pulled the skin back and I saw the head glistened with precum. When his fingers moved forward, a huge drop of precum was squeezed from the piss-slit which dripped to the floor! My godd!

"Good godd! Pierre! That is insanely big! Wow! Have you actually fucked anyone with that thing before?" André asked bluntly.

"Erm ... no! Actually I haven't. I know it's huge and after the hockey captain told me bluntly she'd never allow me to come near her with this 'thing', I knew it was too big. Some guys in the locker room have made comments about the big French polony I have but I've managed to keep to myself. For me it's just some porn on my laptop and a jack-off. Yes, I'm still a virgin when it comes to real sex ..." Pierre trailed off.

I put my hand out and touched his immense cock. It was big and it actually felt as if it could be thicker than Herman's cock. The head was definitely bigger. Pierre gasped when my hand took hold of the huge cock. It felt incredible.

"Suck him baby bro! Go on! Show him a good time! Go into one of the change rooms, I'll watch out for you guys. I'll have a look at the merchandise while you sample the 'other merchandise' baby bro!" André, blunt and straight to the point, as always.

"Yes, let's go to the change room in the back. Would you really suck me? André?" Pierre asked.

"No, it's Anton. I'm the quiet one and the dedicated bottom of the two," I put in.

"'Bottom'? Do you mean you get fucked? Oh my dear lord! How I wish my cock was smaller so I could fuck you!"

"We could try if you really wanted to fuck me. You make a lot of precum, so we should be able to get it in ..." I started.

"No! You're serious, aren't you? Really? Oh fuck! Yes! I'd love to try that! Here, in there," Pierre said and opened the door. I noticed it was an actual door with real walls - not just curtains. Good!

Once in the booth, the tall man with his full mouth took me in his arms. "Am I allowed to kiss you?" he asked as he unbuttoned his shirt. I lifted my hockey shirt up and pushed into Pierre.

"Oh fuck yes! I want you to kiss me!" I said and kissed him on his mouth. Pierre was backed up against the full-length mirror. I had my hand on his insanely big cock and squeezed. I felt the thick shaft twitch in my hand and Pierre gasped. I put my lips on his and kissed him. Pierre grabbed me and squeezed me hard towards him, pushing his huge cock into me. The precum was being smeared all over my tummy. His mouth was soft and full. I gingerly kissed him and didn't know if he even knew about tongue ... I was so wrong! His tongue darted into my mouth! It reminded me of Herman the first time we had sex in his flat.

Pierre was still a novice, so I took his head in my mouth and took charge. I broke free and said: "Easy does it! Gentle and not too aggressive. Here, let me show you. Just relax and respond." I kissed him and covered his mouth with my lips. I gently pushed my tongue into his mouth and sucked gently. I had my head turned up and Pierre was leaning forward. His saliva ran into my mouth when he opened his mouth. Oh fuck! I was a goner!

When Pierre relaxed, he quickly caught on and kissed me like a pro in no time. His huge cock was rubbing up and down my tummy. Pierre was as hot as a volcano and I was afraid he might actually erupt before there was any real action!

I broke free from the kiss and slid down his hairy body. His body hair was obviously trimmed, but fortunately not shaved. The hair was still about 1cm long and covered his whole body. His pectorals were big and so were his areolae. Fuck! What was it with big areolae and me? His nipples were fairly big but just big enough to still be manly. His tummy was rock hard and ripped. My godd! Who knew!

I pushed his pants down and took the immense cock in my hands. He smelled so good! He smelled manly and with just a hint of some nice perfume. Perhaps English Leather or some fragrance I didn't recognise. I saw our reflections in the mirror and it looked insanely sexy!

The huge cockhead was still covered with the foreskin. I put my hand over the huge shaft and pushed the skin back. Pierre groaned. I put the big head in my mouth and tasted his precum. The sheer size of the cock was immense. It was thick and the huge head filled my mouth. Pierre pushed forward but even though I was an ace at cocksucking and could deep throat, this monster was too big! I managed to get the tip of the huge head into my throat but that was it - I had to retreat. But I did give him a good suck nonetheless.

"Easy tiger! You'll make me cum! I still wanted to try fucking you! Ahhh! Stop please!" Pierre said and pulled me up, off his huge cock.

"You guys doing all right in there? Pierre, I've found some fancy stuff. The parents are still drinking wine but don't take too long! May I at least have a quick peak, please?" André asked at the door.

"Of course," Pierre said and opened the door. André gasped.

"Fuck! It's as big as Herman's cock, but bigger! And thicker! And the head is bigger too! Baby bro! Will you be able to handle it? Is he going to fuck you? Let me add my precum to the mix," André offered and zipped down and hauled his semi-hard cock out. He jacked it into a full hard-on and stepped up to me. "Baby bro turn around and let me put my man lube straight on your hole!"

I turned around and bent forward in the small booth, holding on to Pierre, his huge cock curving up towards my chin. André put his big cock on my hole and pushed in. Unceremoniously. But it got the job done: I was lubed up and as the big head entered me, I heard Pierre gasp.

"You fuck him too? That's so fucking hot! Wow!"

"Yes I do and often. He is a good fuck! You'll enjoy it," André said and pulled out. "Here, he's yours. But remember you're huge, so be gentle and take it slowly! Lube up your cock good ... ahh! I see you're one of those precum freaks! Baby bro, you're good to go! Enough lube for the whole squash team!" André said and stepped out and turned around in the doorway. "I first want to see that big cock entering you. Go ahead Pierre."

I milked my cock and took my precum to add it to the precum André put on my hole with his hard cock. Pierre milked his cock and smeared it all over his huge cockhead and cockshaft. I bent forward and stuck my buttocks out for Pierre to enter me. André stepped up closer and took my head in his hands. He might be a delinquent, but he was my delinquent twin brother!

Pierre put his huge cockhead on my hole and pushed forward.

"Slowly now! You can't just push in. Easy does it!" André gave advice.

Pierre's huge cock was on my hole and stretching me big time. The huge cockhead starting to slip in as my hole still was fairly loose. I looked in the mirror and gasped looking at the huge cock sliding into me.

"Oh fuck! This feels wonderful. Ahhh!" Pierre's cockhead slipped in and I gasped. It was immensely big. Pierre gasped too as it was the first time he had experienced this kind of action.

"Hold still and let Anton get used to your big size. Make your cock twitch a bit," André gave directions, palming his boner in his pants.

"Pull out again. Let me give you some more lube. Pull out Pierre," André said as he unzipped his shorts. He took out his hard cock and milked it to get more precum. A lot of it appeared on his piss-slit. He turned my butt towards him and he pushed into me again.

"Ahhh fuck! This is a day to remember! Fuck! It is so sexy to see!" Pierre gushed and jacked his huge cock.

André pulled out and said to Pierre: "Here you go. Smear all that precum over your cockhead and push in again. Slowly!"

Pierre aimed his cockhead at my hole again and pushed in, slowly. He was a fast learner! He pushed in deeper. He twitched his huge cock and pushed deeper. He was a natural! His huge cockhead brushed over my prostate and I almost came. Oh fuck! This cock was huge!

"Soon you'll encounter an obstacle of sorts. It's called the inner sphincter. Stop when you get there and then swell and twitch your cock while you push in gently. Remember to be gentle! You have an immensely large cock. You could hurt him. Gentle!" André gave some more advice and palmed his huge bulge in his pants. "Fuck! I've done it many times but I wish it were I fucking the baby bro! Enjoy!"

Pierre's huge cock was slowly advancing until it reached the inner sphincter. He did as he was told and then he was in all the way.

"Oh fuck! I never thought this would be so intense! I'm in heaven! It feels so great! Ahhhh! You're so hot and wet and soft!" His huge cock was twitching in me and I knew this virgin wasn't going to last long! "Can I start fucking you now?"

"Hell yes! Please, but slowly!" I said and braced myself. But, there was nothing to fear. Pierre was a natural lover and he was gentle. It was wonderful. His huge cock in me was making me feel great and his fucking was great. He reminded me of Luigi ... oh fuck! Luigi! Luigi! Luigi ...! Oh fuck! I'm sorry my darling, but this just happened! Another lie I had to keep from him ... fuck! But, it was great and I was sure that Luigi would've approved if he were there with us. Slut!

"Enjoy boys! Let me get out of here before I join you! Let me check on the parents! Gently Pierre!" André said and closed the door.

"Am I supposed to be so charged and feeling like cumming already?" Pierre asked. "Oh fuck! I feel like cumming! Is that right? Isn't it supposed to last say ten, fifteen minutes? When I jack off, I usually can make it last up to half an hour, edge and continue another 15 minutes. And then I shoot a huge load!"

'Huge load'? My ears piqued. "You shoot big loads?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I usually shoot my loads in a sock! It makes such a big mess as it is a huge load and it flies everywhere! It usually is about 13 to 15 squirts. I'm going to fill you up big time! OK?" Pierre asked.

"Fuck yes! Oh yes! Give it to me! Fuck me and pump me full of your cum!" I gushed and felt my own orgasm building. Fuck! A dark good-looking guy with a huge beautiful cock and he shoots big loads! And intelligent! And a good squash player. What a man!

Pierre was starting to groan and grunt. He picked up speed as he fucked me. He was now holding on to me, pulling me tight to his body. I felt this muscular hairy body pushing against my back while his huge cock was pounding away.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry, but I'm going to cum, André!" Pierre gushed. I ignored the slip with the names and just groaned with him. I was lightly jacking myself and was sure I was about to repaint the inside of the booth the minute Pierre shot his load into me.

Pierre gave one last volley of thrusts and then I felt the huge cock swell and twitch and Pierre groaned and grunted ... the man was about to cum and then he did. He pushed the huge cock into me one last time and then I felt it swelling to gigantic proportions as he started to cum. I felt the huge load of cum being squirted into me as I lost it myself. I shot my load against the mirror in the booth. The gooey stuff hit the mirror with a splat and slowly ran down the glass.

Inside me Pierre's huge cock was still twitching and pumping huge amounts of cum into me ... I lost count but it was more than 10 squirts being fired into me. Pierre was still slowly fucking me while he was cumming. He grunted like an injured bear.

"Oh fuck! This is even better than I ever imagined! I never thought I'd find someone who would be able to handle this monster cock! And now I have! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! You're phenomenal, André!"

"It's Anton, Pierre! André doesn't get fucked easily. It's Anton you're fucking," I corrected Pierre.

"And how on earth do I tell the difference? You're like two peas in a pod! But fuck! This was fantastic! Do I have to pull out now? Or do I get to stay in you a bit longer, please?" Pierre said as he put his head on my shoulder and hugged me. His huge cock in me was still hard and he pushed it deep into me again.

André opened the door and when he saw the huge mess on the mirror, he whistled. "Baby bro! It's as if you haven't had sex last night! What a load! I'd love to see you cumming Pierre! Did you fill up the baby bro?"

"Yes, it was a lot! I pumped a whole week's load into him! It must be about 30ml or more. Will you be able to hold it in? There is a toilet here if you need to go ...?" Pierre said.

"No, I'll be fine. Thanks!" I put in.

"OK you two, you have to break it up now so we could actually do some fitting. The parents might just want to peek in and then you two are connected with a huge fuck-stick! Fuck! It's big! Baby bro, how was it? Did you enjoy it?" André asked.

"Fuck yes! It was amazing! Pierre fucks like a pro and the huge cock felt immense but nice! Pierre, you're a wonderful fuck!" I gushed.

"He should come visit us on the farm! How about it Pierre? Our fiancées are coming this afternoon. Want to join us for a braai? Bring your toilet bag and a fresh change of clothes so you could stay over. If the other two are OK with it, we could have a nice orgy! I'd love to suck you off! What do you say?" André was quick, I had to give him that!

"Fuck! That would be insane! I'd love that!" Pierre said. His cock in me gave a twitch. "Do I get to fuck you again?"

"Perhaps. We'll see how the other two feel about it, but as far as we're concerned, it's a go. But, this ... what happened right now, needs to be kept between us, OK? Guard your mouth - don't let anything slip out otherwise we'd be dead meat. We're not against orgies, but we're not really allowed to do this without our men," André filled Pierre in.

"Oh OK! I don't want to cause any problems. Thanks, I guess!" Pierre said and started to pull out.

"Clench, baby bro! You can't afford to loose his big load on your pants. I'll get some toilet paper to help you clean the mirror. Sheez baby bro! You've really creamed that mirror! You're the man!" André said and left to retrieve some paper to clean up.

I managed to keep the load in me as Pierre pulled out. It wás a huge load - fuck! But it felt good! Pierre spun me around and pulled me into an embrace.

"Fuck, if you weren't spoken for, I'd be all over you and would date you till you fell for me! You're a great guy! I could do this every day! You're so nice and you made me feel extremely good today!" Pierre gushed.

"Pierre, you're a phenomenal guy, but I love Luigi. He is taller and hairier but his cock is not as big as yours. But, I really love him. You're also very loveable and I'd love to get to know you better, but it would be only for sex. OK?" I said kissing the gentle giant - yes, he too was a gentle giant, albeit not as tall as Herman.

André returned with a roll of toilet paper and when he saw us still half-naked in each other's arms, he cracked the whip.

"Come on you guys! There is no time for this jibber-jabber! Get your hands off each other and get your big cocks in your pants - fuck Pierre, your cock is just insanely big, even though it's mostly soft now! Baby bro, I hope you'd be able to walk! Fuck! But come on! Get dressed outside and I'll clean the mess on the mirror. I wish it were in my mouth baby bro!" André complained and got to work to clean the mirror as soon as we stumbled out.

We pulled up our underpants and pants and tucked our big cocks into our pants. I finished first and then helped Pierre to wrangle his huge cock into his pants.

"This isn't helping anything! You'll just make it hard again! Let me rather ..." Pierre said and wrestled his huge thick cock into his pants. He managed to zip up and he ended up with an insanely huge bulge in his pants. Fuck! It was big!

André came out of the booth and went into the toilet to flush away my baby batter.

I hugged Pierre and kissed him. "Thanks, man! That was epic! I loved it and loved your big beautiful cock big time! I hope you've enjoyed it too!"

"Oh fuck yes! My cock's yours whenever you want it!" Pierre gushed and hugged me.

Pierre and I looked through the stuff André had selected. There were two of everything. Fortunately oom Eugene, Pierre's dad, was a successful shop owner and had a big variety and we were in luck - there were two of the same size and design of most of the stuff André selected. The only things that were slightly different were the socks and slightly different shoes. The jackets, the jerseys, the gloves, the scarves - all of it was identical.

"How about getting the same shoes please?" I asked. I hated to be dressed differently.

"Which pair do you fancy?" Pierre asked. André and I both liked the one design and Pierre was off to find the same one in our size, number 13.

"How was it baby bro? That is a huge one! Fuck!"

"It was great! And Pierre is a great guy too. I actually like him a lot. He is a kind soul. Here he comes."

"Good news guys, but some bad news too. Dad happens to have two of the same model, but they're number 14. Come, try it on. Perhaps the fit with thick socks would be perfect. Let me get the socks. Come sit here and take off your sandals. Wow! You have nice feet! Both of you of course! Wow!" Pierre said staring at your feet.

He brought the socks and we tried on the shoes. He was correct: the number 14 shoes were a perfect fit with the socks. The shoes were comfortable and would protect our feet against the cold wet weather.

"Guys, these shoes are also very useful for the Western Cape winter rains. They are warm and water-resistant. A good buy, I'd say. Now for the pants, shirts, jerseys and jackets," Pierre said and helped us try on the garments. The items were of good design and origin, and fitted well. We were very happy with the clothes.

"Before we go back front, come here! You guys rock! I enjoyed it with you! I wonder what would have happened when we got around doing this when we were still at school! Ah yes, you were so smitten with Juan du Toit, I wouldn't have stood a chance!" Pierre said.

"There was nothing between us then. We were just love-sick puppies," André enlightened Pierre.

"Doesn't matter. What matters is the here and now. I'm so glad you came in today. And thanks for the invite. You need to give me directions to the farm please. I really hope Juan and ... Giovanni ... would be OK with me visiting on the farm," Pierre put in.

"Haha! No, it's Luigi! And no, I'm sure they would be OK. As long as you don't arrive before them! Come around half-past 4, 5 o'clock, OK?" I said and hugged Pierre. He took me in his arms and gave me one hell of a kiss. His huge bulge pushed into my groin. Fuck! His lips on mine were soft and soon his tongue was in my mouth. He really was a fast learner!

André joined us in a three-way hug and kiss. Kisses and tongues and spit were passed back and forth between us.

"Fuck man! You're a natural kisser! You're good! Just don't mesmerise our men with your talented mouth, as they would already be mesmerised by your huge cock!" André joked.

"Come, let's get back front. The parents might start to wonder where we were. Come!" Pierre said and pulled his shirt so it hid his huge bulge. He grabbed the boxes with shoes and some of the clothes. André and I picked up the rest and followed Pierre to the front. The three parents drinking wine were still chatting away about good old times and were laughing at stories oom Eugene was telling them. The bottle of Cabernet was almost empty and the bottle of Chardonnay was half full. They were having a good time.

"Ahh, boys! Did you find ... ah I can see you did! Good, I'm glad. Sorry Adriaan! They've found quite a bit it seems! But, as an old friend, I'll give it to you at cost plus 5%. Happy? Good to see you again! And the boys! Pierre, you should invite the twins to play some squash with you! Does everything fit properly? Sure? All what you wanted? My, my! Identical! You're wicked! How do people even know the difference? You're so identical!" oom Eugene gushed.

"Oh, give it time! As soon as they've opened their mouths, you'll know in a heartbeat who's who! Believe me!" Dad said and winked at André. "No offense my boy!"

"I'm so deeply hurt and offended! Where is the nearest bridge ... I want to jump!" André feigned being hurt.

"There, you see?" Dad said, putting a hand out pointing at André and smiling at oom Eugene. "That there is André!"

"I'm sure he's still a good kid, not so André?"

"Oom Eugene, do you have a bed for me? My family doesn't love me anymore!" André said with big puppy eyes and a mouth pulled into a crying grimace.

"André! Behave!" Mom cracked the whip.

"Adriaan, you're getting the best of this year's winter stock and I'm going to give it to you at a big discounted price. See it as a gift for the boys' engagements and for the mark you're going to make in the modelling business. And on your good results. You guys have aced it, I believe! You need to give me your agent's name and number. I was thinking of putting together a nice catalogue early next year for the last of the summer and to have the winter stuff in there. Would you be interested? I can use my beautiful boy, but he's just this one-man wonder. I could do with some help. OK?" Oom Eugene was serious!

Pierre and oom Eugene were ringing up the merchandise and putting it in bags. We were outfitted big time. Dad! Mom! They were just the best. With the big discount oom Eugene gave Dad, it was a smidgeon we paid in comparison to what we'd have to pay in the city in one of those fancy schmancy shops!

"Dad, we've invited Pierre to come join us for the braai tonight. Why don't you invite oom Eugene and tannie Esther? We've invited Pierre to stay the night. We could have a nice braai and a good breakfast. I'm sure oom Eugene would love to come see what we do on the farm. And we could give them some wine to thank them for the big discount," I said and squeezed Dad's shoulder.

"Good idea! Eugene, would you and Ester like to come visit us tonight and stay the night? We could have a look around the farm and I'll give you some wine you could bring back home. Come on! What do you say? Alma? OK?" Dad asked Mom.

"Yes, of course! Last time I saw Esther was at our last meeting last month. Yes, come! The spare bedroom in our wing is ready. It would be great if you could come visit us!" Mom put in. "I'll get the ingredients for a salad, fresh bread and bread rolls. If Esther wants, she could help me bake a nice light summer pudding. Something like a Jan Ellis with ice cream."

"It sounds wonderful! Let me call Esther straight away and hear what she says. Pierre, please help the boys get their shopping in the car. Hallo Esther! Guess who I have in the shop! No my darling! No! It's Adriaan and Alma, and the twins. Yes, Alma. Yes that's them. They've invited us to go out to the farm later this afternoon and have a braai with them, and stay the night! Yes, could you please pack a fresh change of clothes and our toilet bags? Yes, we only need to be there. Alma is taking care of it all. She wants you to help her bake a Jan Ellis pudding. We could take some fresh ice cream. Yes, OK. I'll get some on our way home. It's settled then. Bye! See you just after 2 o'clock," oom Eugene said. We were just at the front door with our shopping bags.

Outside, next to Mom's car - she was a staunch Mercedes Benz fanatic: she drove a C-220 BlueTEC - Pierre gushed about the imminent visit on the farm and the possible orgy with our men and us.

"Guys, I'd rather not try to distinguish between you two, but I had a great time this morning. You have no idea what it meant to me! At last Pierre Malan isn't a virgin anymore! And to think I've lost my virginity to such a nice and sexy man! Thanks ... Anton, is it? Yes, Anton. Thanks man!" Pierre said but was looking at André. I let it slide.

"I'm glad I could help. And it was great to experience your huge cock!" I said. Pierre realised his mistake and just as he was about to elaborate, a girl approached us. I recognised her as the pharmacist daughter Phyllis who was in the same class as Pierre at school.

"Hi there! How are you doing Pierre? I've been here since the end of November and you've never come for coffee once! Oh, why, if it isn't the Le Roux twins! I heard you're engaged now ..." she sniggered. "I bet you're the trailblazers on the West Coast! Congratulations!" She sniggered again. I wanted to punch her lights out.

"Yes, I know you were here the last 3 weeks, but the reason that I haven't visited you was demonstrated just now by your horrible attitude to my friends, and our clients. They have nothing to hide from anybody, and least from you! How could you still be stuck in the Middle Ages? Do you actually KNOW these people you have so much to say about? Do you know that these two have aced their first year at university? That they play hockey for the first team? That Anton is an ace at vines and grafting? That his fiancée is an Italian urologist? That André's fiancé is Mr Juan du Toit, studying for his Ph. D. and who is also the coach of the university's first and second hockey teams? You bigot! Please, just go home and crawl into your hole again! What a disgrace of a human being you are!"

Wow! That was intense! It was clear he hated the woman's guts and her attitude towards us was the last straw. The dam just burst.

"Oh, so it would appear you play on their team now? Have you forgotten about the chocolates and cool drinks I brought to support you when you were playing the marathon squash round robin? You selfish and egotistical bastard!" Phyllis shrieked. She aimed a hit at Pierre's head with her handbag, but he was too quick. He ducked and she lost her balance. She fell into the gutter and started to swear at Pierre.

"Your own doing and good riddance. You're the selfish, egotistical bastard - and to add insult to injury, you're just so naïve and backward. Poor you! Now just go! Boys, let's get your stuff in the car. Goodbye Phyllis! Go tell the whole town you've flung yourself into the gutter because one of the tall dark hunks of the town isn't interested in you! Go, girl! Go! Your gossiping session has just begun!" Pierre said.

I put a hand out to help Phyllis up, but she slapped my hand out of the way and got up by herself. She picked up her handbag and brushed her denim pants off and harrumphed.

"You're a vile man, Pierre Malan! I hate you! I hate you! You'll burn in hell for this! You despicable excuse of a man!" Phyllis was riled up, big time! She stomped off and almost fell off her high heels, poor thing! Pierre was snickering and said: "Good riddance! Ever since school she was harassing me and because I was dating - so to speak - Linda, Phyllis has never forgiven me. And now she's gone! Thank godd! Yay!"

We went back into the shop. André and I decided to at least buy our men each a scarf. I know Luigi prohibited me from buying him anything, but I mean ... a scarf? Surely he wouldn't be mad, I thought. We bought them the same scarves but in different colours. Luigi likes browns and Juan loves blues, so the choice was easy. The scarves were woven from lambs' wool and were baby soft to the neck. We got ourselves dark charcoal scarves that would be great with our black jackets and dark denims.

"Who are these for? For ... what was his name again? Juan du Toit? The teacher from here? And the other one is for the other guy? Gossip says he is an Italian obstetrician. Oh, no? But he is a doctor?" oom Eugene asked.

"Yes, he is an Italian but wrong sex, oom Eugene! He is an urologist! Yes, the scarves are for them. They're coming with us to London, and then on to Berlin and then Florence in Italy. We thought they'd enjoy the scarves. Thanks for the nice discount oom Eugene!" I gushed as I took my cheque card from him. Dad wanted to pay, but I insisted to pay with my vine money.

"OK, Adriaan, boys! Come! We still have some stuff to buy! We'll see you and Ester at around 5 o'clock then? And you'll bring the ice cream? May I please ask you to please bring real ice cream and not sorbet? The boys and Adriaan are very active and they prefer the creamy taste. Thanks for the wine! Remember we're giving you some wine when you leave tomorrow! Goodbye Eugene! Come boys!" Mom cracked the whip. She hugged and kissed oom Eugene and then Pierre, and walked to the door, waiting.

"Goodbye old friend! It was nice to see you again! We'll see you later this afternoon then? Thanks for the discount! Much appreciated! Now the boys don't have to go overseas naked! Imagine that at customs! Hee-hee! Come boys!" Dad said snickering at the picture in his mind of us standing naked at the customs counter, passport in hand. I smiled. That would cause a definite big stir, especially if Luigi was standing next to us! Passports are definitely not big enough to hide a real man's manhood.

"Thanks for the visit and the business Adriaan! It was nice to see you again too! We're looking forward to a nice evening with you on the farm. Take care old friend!" oom Eugene said and shook Dad's hand.

Next we said goodbye and thanks to oom Eugene and Pierre. Before I realised it, I was hugging Pierre and saw Mom's big eyes, standing at the door. Oh my godd! Anton le Roux, you need to be more careful! I pushed away from Pierre and put my hand out, as if that was going to perturb Mom. Oh fuck! But, oh well. Such is life! Especially being a gay in a small West Coast community.

In the car Mom was quick to comment on me hugging Pierre. "Is he ... gay ... too? Seems like every good-looking man is gay these days!"

"Mom, we've known Pierre since school days, but not too well, as he was a year ahead of us. Yes, he is gay and his parents know their only son is gay. Oom Eugene told him he still loves him and would approve his choice, as long as it wasn't a hooligan. Yes, Mom - Pierre is gay too!" André quipped. He was getting tired of Mom making a big deal out of it whenever she wasn't happy about someone being gay. And imagine! Pierre was not even part of the picture at all!

"Alma, André is right. Leave it! Let it go now. Pierre is a straight A student at law in Stellenbosch and a squash champion. Just ... leave it!" Dad said with finality.

I clenched my hole and realised Pierre had pumped one hell of a lot of cum into me! It might be as much as 40ml! I wished there was a way to keep it in me ...


We got the rest of the stuff Mom wanted and after a quick cup of tea and coffee at the local coffee shop - the car was parked under shade netting - we were ready to drive back to the farm. The mood was light. Dad just had that influence on Mom. I wondered what Mom would say if she found out she married a gay herself and that he was having sex with his own twin sons. It surely would have meant the death of her. But, we weren't going to tell her anytime soon.

Before we got in the car, I quickly visited the toilet. I had to let the cum out - it was just too much! When I sat down, the stuff literally ran from my hole! It was a lot! The man was a horse, in more way than one!


We were in the lounge having G&Ts when Juan and Luigi walked in the front door. Being almost family, Dad told them it wasn't necessary for them to knock when they arrived on the farm.

They must have come in Luigi's Prius, as we didn't hear anything.

"Luigi! My darling! How I've missed you!" I shouted and ran to him. He held his arms open and I ran into them. Oh fuck! Yes, I've had ample sex since we arrived on the farm the previous week, but I have missed my big beautiful man. He embraced me and kissed me. Not too much tongue in front of Mom, but there was a fluttering of his tongue on my lips. His semi-hard cock pushed into my groin. Oh fuck! I was putty in his hands!

"My very own ogre! Hallo you big oaf! Missed me much? Hmmm!" André greeted Juan as he walked to greet his man.

"Yes, you delinquent. One day they'll remove my brain to determine what went wrong that I fell in love with such utter rubbish! Come here, you nonsense! Yes, I've missed you too! And I love you too!" Juan said and hugged and kissed André.

I stepped from Luigi's embrace and got another hug and kiss from Juan. He was the man who sleeps with me most of the time and who I loved first before I met Luigi. I still loved him dearly.

"Oh fuck! How I've missed you! You have no idea!" Juan whispered in my ear. His semi-hard cock pressed against me and I groaned. It was a foregone conclusion that I was going to get fucked royally that night.

At the same time, Luigi was hugging and kissing André. "Did you behave? Did you look after my boy? If you didn't, I'm asking Dad for the knife so this urologist could neuter you - right here and now! Delinquent!" He gave André's backside a little slap.

"Ouch! My Dad wouldn't allow it, so 'whe'! Dad, your son-in-law is harassing me! He wants to neuter me! Dad! Help me!" André wailed with overly gusto.

We all cracked up laughing! André could be such a drama queen and such a comic. As if there would ever be anything remotely about neutering anybody. Sheez!

"Come let's help you with your bags. Come Luigi. Forget about André. The vet still doesn't have his tablets. We might have to put him down, let alone neuter!" I said and ducked as André attacked me with a cushion.

In the bedroom we put the men's bags down and were swept into their arms.

"If there were time, I'd take you right here, right now! Oh my boy! How I've missed you! Life isn't the same without you mio caro! Oh ... I love you so much! Did you miss me a little?"

"Of course my darling! I'm so glad you're here, even if it's for one night only. I love you so much!" I put in and hugged my man. Oh fuck! Even though I was fucked many times by André, Dad and even Pierre that morning, I still loved Luigi with every fibre in my body. He was just that wonderful.

André was hugging Juan and more or the less was said ... albeit in a totally different language! There was but one André!

"Before things get out of hand ... or IN hand so to speak, pun INTENDED! - let's get out of here and get you something to drink! Come!" I said and took Luigi's hand and led him out into the passage.

Luigi grabbed me from behind and pushed his hardening cock in my crack. "Oh fuck mio caro! I can't tell you how much I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too. And you know I love you very much. It's great you're here! Listen, we went into town this morning to buy the last clothes we need for our trip. We've invited the owner, his wife and their son to come visit tonight. We're having a braai and then they're staying over. You need to know, Pierre, the son, is gay. He is also at Stellenbosch studying law. We're expecting them soon. OK?"

"O mio Dio! Another one, mio caro! Is he nice?" Luigi said and held me back.

"Yes, he is a nice guy. He is the university squash champion. He is a nice guy for sure!"

"Oh OK then. Let's see where it takes us. Would you like him to fuck you?"

Oh my godd! The lies I had to tell! "Yes, I would Luigi. He is a very nice guy and I think he's got a really big cock. You should see the insanely big bulge in his pants. I think he is interested," I lied flawlessly.

"OK, let's see. But I'm in charge, OK?"

We joined the parents and sat down. André brought us each a G&T and we toasted the upcoming trip to London, Berlin and Florence.

There was a lot of chit-chat and we laughed a lot at André's jokes.

Juan and Luigi filled in all of us on their week alone. It would appear that Johann and Gunther stayed with Juan almost every night. I caught Mom's eyes - they looked like they were going to pop. Oh Mom! They were all tops ... except for perhaps Gunther, but he would be a tough cookie to crack! At best they would be sucking each other and jacking each other off. But fucking? Not likely. Not that was any of her business, in any case!

Mom grew quieter and when we heard the Malans outside, she was first up to greet them. Dad was a short pace behind her. "Alma, don't be so condescending. Don't condemn them. Now pucker up and let them be." Dad was a champion! They were out the front door with me close behind them. André remained behind with Luigi and Juan.

The Malans got out of oom Eugene's Mercedes Benz and were heartily welcomed by Dad, Mom and me. Pierre looked dashing! The tall dark-haired man wore classic white shorts with some nice detail, and a sky blue shirt that only complimented his eyes. He wore stylish sandals and when I saw his feet, I knew Luigi had found his match: they were gorgeous! They were as big as Luigi's and almost as beautiful as my lover's feet. The only difference was that Pierre's feet were fairer than Luigi's, and there was more dark hair on the toes and bridge. The toes were shaped perfectly and for an athlete wearing sport shoes so often and for such long periods, his feet were in a remarkable condition! The second toes were slightly longer than the big toes - which were BIG! - and all the toes were in perfect proportion to the each other. I noticed the overall length of the toes were a bit shorter than Luigi's toes.

Oom Eugene and tannie Esther were jovial and greeted Dad and Mom and me with hugs and kisses - I just didn't kiss oom Eugene! I wanted to kiss Pierre, but ... oh well! We had to wait until later to rectify that!

"Please come in! Anton, please get their bags. We're just having sun downers. André could take your orders and get you something to drink. Anton, please take Pierre's bag to the spare bedroom in your wing," Dad said.

"Whose Prius is that? I've been thinking of getting one for Esther for the town trips and even for my trips to suppliers in Cape Town. Pierre, didn't you say you were interested in one too?" oom Eugene put in when he saw Luigi's Prius.

"Yes, very much so. My old 3-series Beemer has had its glory days. But, it's a bit pricey, are they not?" Pierre answered.

"It belongs to Luigi, Anton's fiancée. You could ask him about the car," Dad enlightened them.

Pierre's bulge in his white shorts was insanely big! My godd! I wondered if he had a semi or not! But even soft, that monster couldn't be much less than 22cm, unless he was a grower. Being a successful squash player, I hoped for his sake that it shrunk to at least a modest 18cm or so, otherwise I didn't know how he could move around with much agility, required by a successful squash player.

Pierre and I walked behind the parents and as if he could read my mind, Pierre palmed his crotch, watching the parents. He saw that I noticed him manhandling his crotch and he winked. 'Want this?' he mouthed. 'Yes!' I mouthed back and squeezed his arm.

Inside, the Malans were introduced to Juan and Luigi. I watched Luigi's face as he was introduced to Pierre. His face lit up! I saw that he noticed the huge bulge and when he looked up at me, he winked. I knew he approved for a roll in the hay with this beautiful hung hunk! Yay!

"André, please take the parents' bags to the spare bedroom in our wing. Anton, please go show Pierre his room?" Dad said.

Oh my godd! If Pierre and I did anything, the whole crowd would know it! His huge bulge was too telling. I planned to take him to the start of the passage and wait for him while he took his bag to the room opposite our bedroom, but he wouldn't hear of it. He insisted I joined him. And of course, he grabbed me and I was hugged and kissed. His huge bulge pushed into my groin and I groaned. Oh fuck!

"How I wish I could fuck you here right now! You drive me fucking nuts, man! This morning was just ... it was a dream come true! I owe you - big time!"

"Yes, it would've been wonderful, but we just can't do anything right now. Luigi already gave the nod for later on, so relax. There would be lots of shenanigans later on," I said and gave him one last hug and kiss. His mouth tasted of spearmint chewing gum, and the super soft full lips were divine on my mouth.

"I need to go to the toilet first to take a piss, otherwise this big thing will not behave! Just look at this bulge!" Pierre said, palming his crotch.

"Yes, the toilet is the second last door on the right on our way back to the lounge. But tell me, how much do you cum? I had to go to the toilet before we came back home. It was a lot that went down the toilet! How much?"

"Well, I've never measured it, but thinking of dessert spoons, I'd say about ... 70ml? Or even more? I don't know. It usually ends up in a sock or straight into the toilet. But yes, it's a lot! I hope it didn't bother you? Did it?" Pierre asked with trepidation.

"No, it's not a problem. On the contrary - I love it! I love big cocks and I love getting fucked and I love cum! Finish en klaar! Come, we have to get back!" I said and gave him one last kiss. "Oh by the way, I like your perfume. What is it?" I asked.

"It's CK One by Calvin Klein. I'm glad you like it, but so is yours? It smells like Luigi, but different. Something he bought for you?"

"Yes, it's Tom Ford Noir. Now come on big sexy man with the huge cock shooting lots of cum! We have to get back! Now, please!"

"Yes, of course. Let me get to the toilet first."

When I walked in the lounge alone, I could see Luigi was delighted to see me. Poor man! I felt like such a whore - which I actually was - to have cheated on him the way I did that morning at the store. But that was water under the bridge.

I took the Malans' orders and while I was busy with it, Pierre joined me at the bar to prepare his mom's G&T and pour his dad a glass of Merlot. Pierre wanted a cider.

"Fuck! You know how to pick them! Luigi is a total babe! My godd! He is beautiful! You're so lucky!" Pierre gushed.

"Yes, he is not just beautiful, but he is just as kind and a nice guy too. You'll get to know him. He is really a nice guy."

"Are you sure Luigi would allow us to have some fun tonight?"

"Yes, he will, I told you! He loves to see me getting fucked with a big one. He might even join in and the two of you ..." I whispered back and picked up the tray to deliver the drinks to our guests.

"Sex talks already? A bit early, not so?" André hissed next to me. Where the hell did he come from?

"Shut up André! Luigi will do it, so cool it!" I hissed smiling at tannie Esther. I delivered her G&T and she made a comment at how gallant I was and what lucky parents Dad and Mom were to have such beautiful and well-mannered boys. Wait till you knew the real André, tannie!

When I handed oom Eugene his glass of red wine, he said: "You've chosen well, Anton! It is Anton, right? Luigi's your fiancée? Yes? Well chosen!"

"Thanks oom! He will enlighten you about the Prius. Luigi, would you like to tell oom Eugene about the Prius? He is thinking of getting him one. And so is Pierre, if his dad lends a helping hand ... or wallet!"

"Anton! Where does that come from? I'm not used to you making such remarks!" Mom put in.

"Just joking Mom!" I said.

Luigi moved over to oom Eugene and sat on a footstool in front of him. He started to explain the pros and cons of the hybrid and how much money he saves on fuel bills. He agreed that the price was one of the contributing factors why there are not that many of the vehicle on our roads, yet.

"The Toyota dealership in Stellenbosch is an approved dealer for Prius. I have their number on my iPhone if you wanted it. Pierre, put it in your phone. The contact person's name is Renier and his number is 082..." Luigi gave the number for Renier and I imagined his expression when he sold two Prius cars in one day, after selling 3 Ravs in as many days the previous month.


For the rest of the afternoon there was a lot of discussion about the budding models, our trip to Europe and of course current affairs. Not once did tannie Esther or oom Eugene ask anything about Luigi or Juan. Juan was a long-standing client and has met Pierre a couple of times, but didn't really know him. Because Juan was involved in sport at the university, he knew Pierre was the squash champion. Some discussions were on the two sports and the regimen required by each to keep the athletes fit and strong.

Luigi and Pierre struck up a healthy discussion on sports injuries related to men (without actually mentioning the genitalia per se), tight clothing and the treatment thereof. At one stage I saw their hands and feet in close proximity to each other and was delighted to realise I was right about their feet. I looked at their hands, and saw that although I liked Luigi's doctor's hands more, Pierre's hands were bigger but also very well manicured. He was as good a model as anybody else. He was groomed to perfection and his smile was dashing. He had the cutest dimples in his cheeks and in his chin. The dark 5 o'clock shadow added just that one thing to his appearance that would have made him a favourite with Claire! But all in all, Luigi was top dog! He was just that bit smarter, more attractive, sexier and even though his cock wasn't 33cm, I loved him to death. Plus, he had multi-orgasms!


By six o'clock Dad lit the fire in the braai place [barbecue]. Juan, Luigi and I helped Mom in the kitchen while André and Pierre helped Dad. Oom Eugene and Pierre joined them at the fire while tannie Esther started to whip up the Jan Ellis pudding. I offered to help her, as I wanted to lick out the bowl!

Soon all the food preparations were done and the coals were ready. Luigi and I got orders for more drinks and we joined the men at the braai. I missed Johann (and Gunther, of course), but André let rip and had us in stitches before long.

"Now, do you know who is who of the twins Eugene?" Dad asked.

"Yes, but not on looks. Is there any physical difference?" oom Eugene asked.

"No, not really. If you knew them, you'd see a slight difference in the mouths and sometimes the way their hair is brushed. Also, Anton is a little, slightly a bit more hairier than André. But other than that, perfect carbon copies. And of course the biggest difference is in the mouths! But you only EXPERIENCE that! , André?

[ = an Afrikaans word (pronounced 'neh') asking for confirmation or to emphasise a statement; the closest translation would be 'really']


The food was exquisite and the Jan Ellis pudding was out of this world! There were lots of steak, wors [sausage] and nice braaibroodjies [barbecued sandwiches, buttered on the outsides with a filling of tomato and onion, cheese and smearing of fruit chutney between the slices of bread; very popular in SA] and of course a mixed salad, potato salad and separate breadrolls. When the 'boere' [= white people, but also literally 'farmers'] organise a braai, we go flat-out as if feeding an army! And Mom was one of them. Always too much food.

The discussions around the table were lively between the nine of us. Lots were said and discussed about the London trip, Boss Models and of course Mom - who else? - suggested Pierre should audition for a shoot with Johann. Of course I agreed. He had high cheekbones and his 5 o'clock shadow, combined with his blue eyes, his hairy body and almost black hair, his height, his exquisite hands (Mom made a remark and took his hand in hers - she was impressed!) and feet - he was a winner all the way. Just with Speedos he'd be a goner, but being a model isn't only about modelling Speedos! Mom insisted we talked to Claire to tell her about Pierre.

It fell on my shoulders to inform Claire. I said I'd do it but that I needed to take a few pictures of Pierre with my iPhone to send it off to Claire.

The rest of the discussions were around the three young ones and our studies. Of course the current affairs cropped up again ... things were going sour in this beautiful country with an inept and extremely corrupt government and officials. The state of affairs of the country was a sore point and a concern for most. Developments in the agricultural world and politicians who suggested 50% of farms was to be merely GIVEN away to the workers on the farm was a sore point. No compensation for the owner - the land just was to be GIVEN away. We had dark days ahead of us ...

After we cleared the table and settled in for some coffee and Mom's melktert [milk tart], I switched on all the lights and made Pierre to sit in one of the comfortable chairs. Having seen how Johann does it, I made him pose in different positions, gave him a magazine to page through, pretending he was gazing in the distance, chin in hand. I also made him stand at the table, looking at a book, and of course others in which he was merely looking at the camera, smiling and with no smile. Of course I asked him to take off his shirt to showcase his muscular hairy body ... oh fuck! I was hard and wet seeing his hot body and huge bulge ... oh fuck!

I took around 25 photographs and using my iPhone, I sent them straight through to Claire's email in her office. I included Pierre's cell phone number and email address, and some details re his height, his shoe size and other stats. Of course I've created an entry in my AddressBook first with all the details of this hunky man in the Notes! Oh fuck! Slut!

"That's what I like about you Anton! Always doing things on the spot! That's why you're such a successful businessman with your vines!" oom Eugene complimented me. "If you make this happen my boy, we'd have to invite you over to come select some new threads when our new consignment arrives. OK twins?"

"Gee thanks oom Eugene! But, it's up to Claire if she is interested in Pierre, but I'm sure she would," I answered oom Eugene. I sat between Pierre and Luigi. Both their legs pushed on either sides of my legs ... oh fuck! I was going to be fucked big time later on! Hmmm! Bring it on!

After the coffee and delicious melktert - Mom wasn't the area's champion baker for nothing, and melktert was one of her specialities - Dad offered some liqueurs. André and I checked on the stock and then we took orders. Most of us chose Frangelica. Only Mom and tannie Esther opted for Baileys. I didn't like the creamy liqueurs, and I knew Luigi and André also didn't like them much.

By 10 o'clock the 'older' people - the parents - started to get ready to retire to their respective bedrooms. We said goodnight to them and then it was just the five of us: Juan, Luigi, Pierre and André and I.

"André and Anton, we'll give you a head start to go and prepare, OK?" Juan put in.

"Prepare? For what?" Pierre asked.

"They douche in order for us to fuck them without it being yucky. Come, let's have another round of Frangelico. We'll be up in 5 minutes boys!" Juan said.

André and I went into separate toilets to take a dump. We met in the big bathroom and while I was busy to douche, André was brushing his teeth. We swopped and just as I was putting lube into my hole, André turned from the toilet bowl and stood behind me.

"May I please push in for a minute baby bro? I don't know with Juan, Luigi and Pierre here if I'd get a chance later. Please?"

"Of course bro! Push in and spread the lube deep into me. Put some more on and lube me up good!"

André's cock was hard and pointed up. He put some more lube on his cock and aimed the big head on my hole. When the head started to pierce my hole, I groaned. Oh fuck! If this feels so huge, what about Pierre and Luigi and Juan later on? Ahhh! But, just as well I had this opportunity to get loosened a bit before the big fuck.

André held my torso close to his chest and pushed in, and then pulled out again. He let go of my body and took some more lube and liberally lubed both my hole and his cock before he pushed in again. Again he held me tight to him. It felt much better and he pushed this cock home. Oh fuck! What a feeling! He started to fuck me and soon his breathing was deep and fast.

"You'd better stop bro! Otherwise you'd be missing the whole action later on. Pull out and finish your douche. Come on André! Don't come now! Pull out!" I said and started to pull forward.

"Oh fuck you're right but how I wish I could fuck you and cum! Ahhh!" André gushed and pulled out. His cock was big and hard and glistening with the lube and his precum. He sat down on the toilet and finished his douche, while sucking my cock. Dogg!

We heard the other three coming down the passage. André was just releasing the last squirt of water from his hole as the guys appeared at the door. I pulled my hard cock from André's mouth and blushed when I saw how much attention we got from the three of them.

"Phew! I never thought I'd say this, but it's hot to see two sexy brothers sucking! Sheez!" Pierre whistled and palmed his huge bulge.

"Ready mio caro? Come!" Luigi said, holding his arm out to embrace me. I walked with my swinging cock towards him and pushed my naked body against Luigi. Pierre was literally salivating to see me totally naked and to see me in Luigi's arms.

Juan asked André how far he was and urged him to join them. He was carrying a bottle of Coke and glasses to take with us to the bedroom.

I pushed my hands in between the buttons on his shirt and I felt Luigi's warm hairy body under my hands. I put my head on his shoulder and hugged him.

"Mio Dio! How I've missed you mio caro! I love you so, so very much!" Luigi said and kissed me on the head. I put my one hand on his crotch ... rock-hard! I looked at Pierre over Luigi's shoulder; he was palming his immensely big cock in his pants. I mouthed the word 'open' to him and looked at his pants. He immediately caught on and unzipped ... oh my godd! He put his hand in his pants and hauled his huge 33cm cock out. It was rock-hard and the head was glistening with precum - lots of it! He took the huge cock in his hand and lightly jacked it.

Juan saw the movement and gasped. "My godd! Pierre! That is insanely big! Phew! Let me see please? Fuck! What a cock! It's huge and beautiful!"

Luigi turned around and when he saw Pierre's huge cock, he too gasped and whistled. "Mio Dio! It really is a big one! Wow!" He put his free hand out and touched Pierre's huge cock. Luigi's long fingers couldn't go around the thick shaft. It was that big. "Mio caro, will you be able to handle this monster? Fuck! It is beautiful too! One of the best ones I've ever seen. I'd love to take some pictures for my files please, if I may. It will be anonymous of course! But I have to have this as the perfect example of a cock! Wow!" Luigi's own cock was twitching against me ... fuck! I was going to be fucked big time!

"Come boys, we're not even in the bedroom yet! And some of us are still fully clothed! Come, let's move this party to the bedroom!" Juan said and led the way with the Coke and glasses.

In the bedroom the clothes flew from the three guys and André and I helped them. I wanted to help Pierre, but by the time we entered the bedroom, his shirt buttons were undone and he just had to step out of his sandals and kick off his shorts, and take his shirt off.

Luigi was a tad behind him, and André helped to undress Juan. Soon we were all buck-naked and of course all rock-hard. Pierre's cock was the star of the moment. It was a beauty! It was also 33cm like Herman's cock, but it was beautiful and perfectly shaped. It curved upwards and was as pale as Pierre's feet. It was very veiny and the foreskin was long and a lot of precum was already literally dripping from the tip.

"Pull the skin back and let me have a look please?" Luigi said and bent down on his one knee. He put his hand out and looked at the piss slit and the huge amount of precum coming out of there. When Luigi pulled the sides of the piss slit apart, he gasped. It was a huge piss slit! The immensely big head was now exposed. It was in the class of Jonathan's huge cock, but even thought it wasn't 35cm like Jonathan's, it was perfect in every way. I had to concur: it was bigger and just that one bit more beautiful than Luigi's cock.

Luigi caught the precum and licked it off his finger. "Ahhh! Perfect! It tastes wonderful! Come taste it Antonio! Perfetto!" He scooped another load of precum from Pierre's cock and held out his finger. I opened my mouth and took Luigi's whole finger to the knuckle into my mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! To suck precum from my lover's finger ... heaven! And it did taste good ... again! But, I was a good actor and kept my cool!

André was kneeling in front of Juan and pointed at Pierre's huge cock. "You ogre, that's what a big cock looks like! The man has enough cock for three other guys!" He gave Juan's cock a lick and a squeeze. "I'm very happy with your cock, my own ogre, but godd! That's one huge cock!"

"Would you be prepared for Pierre to fuck you with it? Hmmm? Or is mine enough for you?" Juan called André's bluff.

"Oh fuck no! Let baby bro take on that python! Not in my hole! No ways! Yours and only yours, thank you very much!" Juan put André in his place! My man!

"Come have a suck boys!" Luigi said and stood up. "OK with you Pierre?"

"Oh fuck yes! Sucking is fantastic. Unfortunately I'm still a virgin: nobody was prepared to let me fuck them with this monster cock." Pierre was the perfect liar! "Is one of the boys willing to let me fuck them, or both of them?"

"Oh fuck, not me! Baby bro, would you let this man fuck you with this huge cock?"

"I think I could handle it! It's very thick! So, just be patient and take it slow, OK?" I was a perfect liar, as was André!

I took the huge cock in my hands and marvelled at the big head, and that my big hands couldn't reach around the shaft. I opened the piss slit and milked the big shaft. A lot of precum bubbled out of the opening. I licked it off and took the huge head in my mouth. It tasted divine, again, and the huge head filled my mouth to capacity. There was no way I'd be able to get this huge cock in my throat. However, Pierre took hold of my head and pushed gently. The head pushed on my throat and the tip slipped into my throat, but it was huge! Pierre pulled back and pushed again ... the head pierced my throat again after I really opened up. The head slipped in! Oh my godd! How was it even possible!

"Wow! Baby bro! How did you manage that? Wow!" André gushed.

I also didn't know how it happened but the whole big head was in my throat and the huge shaft was stretching my mouth to capacity! I had to come up for air and pulled off the huge cock, and after a few breaths I pushed the head back into my mouth and into my throat. It was a personal best!

"Wow! I'm impressed and very proud of you mio caro! But perhaps you need to stop now, or otherwise the poor man would cum on the spot!" Luigi said and touched my head. "And actually, I want you to myself please?"

Of course! My man needed some attention. I - reluctantly! - let go of the huge cock in my mouth and stood up. André took my place and tried as he may, he couldn't get the huge cock in his throat ... but then it happened! My bro was one for a challenge! The huge head slipped into his throat and Pierre gasped.

"I think you'd better give him a breather! Or it's going to be all over right now! Up André!" Juan said. André let go of the huge cock and stood up. He gave Pierre's cock one last squeeze and took Juan's also impressive cock in his hand and jacked him. Juan was rock-hard and sopping wet, like all of us watching these shenanigans!

Luigi had me in his one arm and pulled Pierre into the embrace. We started kissing each other, and soon it was a three-way kiss. Our hard wet cocks were changing hands and it made a monumental mess on our fingers and in our crotches, but it was a mess I loved! I could never get enough of precum and cum and cock and sex and fucking and sucking ... slut! Yes, and I'm not even going to apologise at all! I love sex and the messiness is nothing in comparison with the pleasure it brings!

Luigi groaned with the huge cock - at least 4cm longer and thicker than his own - in his hands. If I didn't know any better, it almost appeared as if Luigi wanted to be fucked with this monumentally huge cock!

The kisses were hot and slobbery and lots of tongue between the three of us. Our hairy chests pushed against each other, hands were everywhere and our cocks were freaking out. It was like they had minds of their own. I've only seen Luigi this hot the first time we had sex. The man was gasping and groaning and kissing and groping.

"On the bed, now!" Luigi commanded and we clambered on the bed. Luigi and Pierre stood on their knees and fell into each other's arms, hugging and kissing and stroking each other's backs and thighs and cocks. My godd! Luigi! He was like a man possessed!

I immediately took their cocks in my hands and started sucking them. I made it a point to deep throat Luigi as best I could at that weird angle. I managed to get most of his 29cm into my throat with Pierre's big wet cock making a huge mess on my face and in my hair.

I switched and took the huge cock in my mouth again and managed to get the huge head into my mouth again. Pierre turned his body a bit to make it easier for me.

"I want to fuck you now, please mio caro! Bend over! Some lube please André? Or do you want me to try with only our precum? Pierre, can I have some of your precum here please? Put it on my cock please?"

I didn't get a chance to answer whether I wanted lube or only precum, but we were all so hot and wet that there was plenty precum to fuck an army! Plus, I was very slick inside after André fucked me a bit in the bathroom.

Pierre delivered his precum on Luigi's big cock and returned to the front and held his cock for me to suck. Behind me Luigi pushed my torso down a bit and aimed his cock at my hole. He pushed and the head slipped in! Oh fuck! My darling love! How I loved it when you pushed your huge cock into me! Ahhh! He didn't wait but immediately pushed part of the shaft into me too. He then pulled out completely and asked for more precum. André and Juan added their precum by pushing their cockheads into my hole in turn. Ahhh! When Juan's big cockhead pierced my hole, I groaned and remembered the very first time this hung hunk fucked me. I was terrified ...

I milked my cock and took the precum on my finger and added it to Luigi's precum on his cock. Pierre walked on his knees to the back and gave Luigi some more precum to put on his big cock.

Luigi put his cock on my hole and pushed in again ... it merely slipped right in! There had never been more precum on my hole or the cock fucking me! The big head scraped over my prostate and I almost came on the spot. I gasped and clenched my hole over Luigi's cock.

"Hang in there tiger! Not yet!" Luigi pushed in deeper and when he reached the internal sphincter, Luigi pulled my torso up as he pushed his cock home. Pierre moved closer to me and took me in his arms. His huge cock pushed between my legs onto Luigi's balls, adding lots of precum. He put his arms around me and kissed me. It wasn't just any old kiss - it was a kiss like he really cared ... like he loved me! Oh godd! Not another Herman! I liked the guy big time but love? No, it's only Luigi and then André and Juan and then Johann and Gunther ... another one? No! Oh fuck no!

But I gave myself over to the hung hunk in front of me while he was kissing me deeply and tenderly, while his huge thick long cock faux fucked me between my legs. My balls were pushed up and rode over the shaft as he fucked between my legs. Oh godd! This was fast becoming one of the best and memorable sex sessions ever!

Pierre's tongue was exploring my mouth and at one stage he had both his hands on my cheeks, caressing my face. When I opened my eyes, Pierre was looking into mine and winked. Oh fuck!

Behind me Luigi was kissing my neck while he drilled my hole with his 29cm thick cock. I was in heaven! I broke my kiss with Pierre and turned my head towards Luigi's mouth on the side of my face. I got a lopsided kiss from my lover and then Pierre joined the kiss. Once again it was a slobbering affair with three mouths, three tongues and lots of saliva being exchanged.

"Mio caro, I'm about to cum, OK?"

"No! Why are you cumming so soon? No!" Pierre protested.

"Because I can cum 4 or 5 times in a row. This would only be my first. I haven't cum in many days, and I'm going to cum at least 5 times. One of which I hope would be with your cock in mio caro with mine. Still interested?" Luigi said as he continued to fuck me.

"FIVE times? Really? Oh fuck! I'd love to be a part of that! Do you cum lots too?"

"A big lot! How about you?" Luigi asked.

"Oh fuck yes! Just as I produce a lot of precum, I shoot huge loads, but not multiple like you. I cum once but then it's around 60 or 70ml, sometimes even more. I'd love to add my cum to yours in Anton!" Pierre answered.

"Really? I'm an urologist, but that has to be a record!" Luigi said. He continued to fuck me and soon he was grunting and groaning. "The first round! Here it comes! Mio caro, ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready! Give it to me!" I gushed and prepared to feel Luigi's big cock twitch in my hole and pump me full of hot creamy cum. His cock was insanely hard and big, and it was pistoning in and out of me. It felt fantastic! Soon afterwards Luigi's fucking became faster and deeper. His cock started to twitch and swell. He pushed in one last time and held still when he started to shoot his first load of many - five, he promised - loads into me. His cock spasmed around 9 times, delivering a huge amount of cum into me. It was clear my darling didn't even jack off since I came to the farm almost a week ago. I hungrily sucked Pierre's tongue into my mouth while Luigi's huge cumload was pumped into me. Pierre's cock was very hard between my legs.

"Oh fuck! I'm so close to cumming! This is way hotter than I've ever imagined it would be! Fuck! Fantastic!" Pierre was gushing.

"André, where is your iPhone so you could take some pictures of the hunky hung virgin losing his virginity in such a fantastic way! Quick, while Luigi is still in me!" I commanded André. He got his iPhone from the nightstand and started clicking.

"I'm going to pull out first, mio caro. OK? Come Pierre, take my place. I want you to fuck him but don't cum. I want to push in with you before you cum, OK?" Oh my godd! Would I be able to handle it?

Luigi pulled out slowly. "Clench mio caro! It was a huge load! Clench!" The big head slipped out and very little of the cum was lost. Luigi took me by the shoulders and gently spun me around.

"I think some lube would be in order now, Luigi. Here Pierre, put some on. Your cock is huge and I don't want you to hurt our baby bro!" Juan interrupted and handed the open tube of lube to Pierre. Pierre took it and put a generous amount on his huge cock and handed the lube back to Juan.

Pierre pushed me gently behind my head so my hole was perfectly exposed. He aimed his immense cock on my hole and slowly pushed in ... ahhh! Oh fuck! It was huge, and even though he fucked me that morning, it still was an enormous challenge! It was BIG!

The head stretched my hole as it entered me, and the head popped through! I groaned and gasped. Luigi took my head between his hands and aimed his big cock at my mouth to distract me from the huge invasion into my rectum. I hungrily took Luigi's hard wet cock in my mouth and sucked it in. Oh fuck!

André was clicking away ... this was a memorable moment in our sex lives!

Pierre's huge cockhead was in now and he twitched the huge dong in me. I groaned with Luigi's big cock in my mouth. Pierre pushed in deeper and when the head passed my prostate, a lot of precum and a bit of cum was pushed out of my cock ... I was teetering on the brink of no return! The huge cock advanced deeper into me while André was taking pictures.

"Fuck! It feels great! You're so hot and wet inside! Luigi, you've pumped a huge load into your man!" Pierre gushed.

I noticed Juan behind André and realised he was fucking my bro! Good for you my man!

When the huge cock reached my inner sphincter, it felt like it wasn't going to get in, but Pierre gently pushed and when I relaxed completely, the huge head broke through. He pushed his huge cock home. He was in. All 33cm were in me ... oh my godd! Once again, it was an adventure and an experience to remember. It was far better than what happened in the shop that morning.

Pierre pulled me into an upright position and kissed my neck.

"You OK Anton? Can I fuck you now?"

"Yes, I'm OK. You can fuck me," I answered. I was in heaven. Luigi moved in closer and kissed me. His huge cock was pushing against mine and I felt like I could cum on the spot.

Pierre started to fuck me. He would pull out so that only the last 5cm of the huge cockhead was in me, and then push back in all the way. André was standing very close and he leaned in to add his precum onto Pierre's cockshaft as he pulled out. What an orgy! André kissed Pierre. I was kissing Luigi and held onto his huge cock pushing against my tummy.

After about a minute and a half of these shenanigans, Pierre and I were very close to cumming. His cock was fucking me mercilessly and deep - I felt like a virgin myself ... little did I know!

"Pull out Pierre. Let Antonio sit on you and I'll come from the back. OK Antonio?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, let's try. Pierre, you can pull out now. Then lie down and I'll come sit on you, OK?" I said to Pierre.

Pierre pulled out and soon the huge cock was only a few centimetres in me. When only his cockhead was in me, I clenched, as I didn't want to lose any of Luigi's cum in me. The huge cock popped free and Pierre moved to lie on the bed. He held his huge cock in the upright and I straddled him. I lowered my butt over the cock and felt how the huge head penetrated me again. I sat down and felt how the huge cock was invading me. Fuck! What a cock!

"Lube please?" Luigi asked.

I felt his fingers on my hole over Pierre's huge cock in me. Ahhh! What's that, I thought. Luigi was inserting a finger! Clever man! He wanted to loosen me up with his fingers before he pushed his cock in!

Luigi pushed his finger deep into me and pulled out. Again. Then he added another finger and pushed both into me. He stretched me big time and I groaned. Oh fuck! It was big but also very nice. But fingers are hard and bony, unlike cocks that are hard but never bony.

Then Luigi pushed a THIRD finger into me! I groaned! It felt enormous! I gasped and pushed out as if I were taking a dump. Immediately it felt better.

"That's it mio caro! Relax and let me in!"

I did my very best and felt the big cock and the fingers in me stretching me to new limits.

"Juan and André, move over here and André, push your cock into Antonio. Come. OK Antonio? Let André fuck you first. I'll fuck you once he has fucked you, OK?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to feel my cock in my baby bro with that huge cock! Yess! Juan, let's move over there. Don't take your cock out of me, you hear?" André gushed and moved closer to us. "Where is the lube?"

I felt André's cock on my hole and felt how he pushed in ... my cock was filled to capacity with the huge cock in me already, but I've been double-fucked before, and knew it would be possible. I relaxed and pushed back. I felt André's cockhead slip in ... ahhh! Oh godd! It was immense! I gasped but willed the pain away. I wanted André's cock in me too!

"Push in bro! Just slowly please! Ahhh!" I groaned and felt André's 24,5cm cock pushing in on top of Pierre's monster 33cm cock - almost 9cm shorter than Pierre's cock!

"You OK Antonio? All fine?"

"Yes, it's better now! Push in all the way André! Ahhh!"

André pushed in and soon his balls were on my butt. Oh fuck! This was insane but also fantastic! I had two cocks in me ... and it was great! André started to fuck me on top of Pierre's huge cock.

Pierre pulled me down on his chest and kissed me. He held me tight to him and looked into my eyes. "Just relax! You'll be fine! Oh fuck! You've made my day, my week, my month, my year! This is incredible!"

"Oh fuck! I've never felt anything like this before! I've double-fucked my baby bro before with other cocks, but never with such a monster cock before! I'm about to cum! Must I cum now?" André enquired.

"No! Don't cum yet! Pull out and let Juan in. OK Antonio?" Luigi asked. He wanted them all to fuck me with Pierre's big cock in me before he put his huge cock in me ... clever man and willing to share me ... my man!

André pulled out and Juan pulled out of André. He took André's place and after putting some more lube on his cock, he pushed his 28cm cock into me. Once again, it was immense! Juan's cock wasn't the smallest of them and it was thick. I groaned and gasped but pushed out and tried to relax as much as I could.

Juan's cockhead slipped in and I groaned. Oh fuck! It was big! He held still and made it twitch. Oh my godd! Oh fuck! "Yess! Yes! Yes! Push in Juan! Just push it in and fuck me!"

Juan did just that. He made his cock swell again and pushed in deeper. I felt like I was being split into two ... but I relaxed and let the second huge cock slide into me. He continued to push in and soon the whole cock was in on top of Pierre's huge cock ... oh fuck! It was massive!

Juan pulled me upright and held me tight in his arms as he started to fuck me. "Oh fuck! You're just the best there is! This feels so intense and Pierre has an enormous cock! I'm amazed you can handle us! Oh fuck!"

He made his cock twitch and then Juan started fucking me. He was hot as hell and soon he was groaning. "Oh fuck! Sorry Luigi, but I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cummmiinnggg! Here it is ...!"

"You should have held out! I wanted you to fuck Antonio with me ... but it's OK. Pump him full of your cum! Fuck him!" Luigi was the sergeant major!

And Juan fucked me! He fucked me hard and deep and soon he was groaning, and I felt his cock spasming in me. He was pumping his big load 28cm deep into me. He too must've been going without sex since we left for the farm. Johann and Gunther sleeping over didn't make them having sex with Juan. He was too hot. Or was he becoming a sex fiend like us? I thought I'd ask him about him, Johann and Gunther ... dogg!

Juan's cock was spasming and twitching as he pumped his load into me. It felt like it was another big load that was added to Luigi's load in me. Ahhh! I just loved Juan's cum. It was thick, creamy and tasted fantastic. It was wonderful to have it being pumped into me.

With one last thrust Juan hugged me and held still while his cock was throbbing in me.

"OK, pull out Juan - my turn!"

Juan pulled out slowly and as the cock slipped out, I just managed to contain the cum in me. Two big loads in me already. Many more to come!

Luigi moved in behind me. I heard the lube being opened and then I felt the big head pushing on my hole.

"Ready mio caro? Ready for the fuck of a lifetime and some more Italian sex gravy?" Luigi asked. He pushed his cockhead gently on my hole and being fucked by Luigi, by Pierre, Juan and André, my hole was very loose. The head slipped in straight away. Ahhh!

The girth of the two cocks in me was insane! I felt like I was being torn apart but when I pushed out and slightly back on the invasion, it was better within seconds. Luigi held onto my hips and pushed in. The huge cock invading me was huge by itself, and now it was added to an enormous cock already in me. Luigi held still and waited a few seconds. I clenched down on the two cocks and pushed back.

"OK, Luigi. You can push in now! Oh fuck! This is insane and at the same time it is wonderful! Push in mio caro!" I gushed and grunted.

Luigi's cock passed through the inner sphincter and soon its head reached the frenulum of Pierre's cockhead. It was balls-deep in me. Oh fuck!

"You still OK mio caro? Can I fuck you now? Pierre, I've not cummed in days, so this is going to be quick. I want you to fuck Antonio with me, but don't cum ... not yet. I'm going to cum and immediately I'm going to continue fucking him, and you have to cum when I shoot my second round. OK? Think you can do that?" Luigi gave instructions.

"Yes, I'll be able to cum with you when you give the sign. Fuck away, I'll keep my orgasm in check, but I have to say it is damn difficult! Your cock on mine feels fantastic! I never thought fucking a man would be so good! Just a pity my cock is too big for most of them," Pierre said, fucking me in tandem with Luigi.

"If it's OK with the six men in our group, we could have repeats of this, and if Antonio is OK with it. OK mio caro? Would you like us to do this again?"

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Anytime! It's fantastic! Thanks! Yes, I want to do it again!" I gushed as Luigi was pumping his big cock into me.

"OK then, we'll do it again some time soon! Are you ready for my next load mio caro? Ahhh! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum again ... I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhh! O mio Dio! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Hhhnnngggghhhnnnn! Oh fuck!" Luigi was swearing as he was pumping his second round of spurts into me. His cock twitched and spasmed and I felt how he was pumping his big load into me. It was a lot. I forgot to count but it could have been 8 or 9 spurts. He clung to my torso and held me tight to him. His cock was still spasming in me ... oh my godd!

"Next round! Ready Pierre?" He pronounced the name in the French fashion: Pee-hêigh. He started to fuck me again and this time Pierre was fucking me with determination. He was going to cum with Luigi ... I was going to be pumped full of a hell of lot of cum! Fuck! How I wished I could also have the cum in my mouth, but there was only one choice. And being filled like this was great.

"Oh godd! This really is a dream come true and more! I really didn't know sex could be this good! Ahhhh! I'm going to cum now! Oh fuck! Luigi, how soon can you cum again? Will you be aaabblleee ... oh fuuucckkk! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Cum with me Luigi! Pump your load in Antonio with me! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Pierre was shooting his load deep into me ... 33cm deep! His huge cock was spasming and twitching and I groaned. Oh fuck! This man was a fuck machine and I loved every second of it!

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!" I got in and groaned. This was incredible! Of all the sex I've had, this ranked up there with the best. The sessions with the Williams brothers, and every single session with my darling Luigi, were also up there. Oh and the sessions with Jacques and his son Gerhard ... oh fuck! Insane!

Luigi's cock also started to spasm as Pierre's huge cock started to squirt its 12 or 13 squirts into me, Luigi shot his third load of the night into me. He was pumping his load into me on top of Pierre's cock spasming in me. I could literally feel the huge loads in me. Luigi was pumping around 7 or 8 spurts into me. My man!

"Oh fuck! This is insane! It's over the top! How is it even possible to be so much fun having sex? This was exquisite! Ahhhh! I can't wait for a next round!" Pierre was over the moon. If I thought he loved the fucking in the shop, this was ten times better for him! He loved it, and I loved it too, and of course, my darling Luigi, - dogg! - he loved it as much!

Luigi started to pull out and I felt I was filled with lots and lots of cum! It was now 3 loads of Luigi, the huge load of Pierre and Juan's load ... fuck!

"I'm slipping out now, OK? OK, here goes. André, would you like to come fuck Antonio with me and pump your load in him?"

Luigi? Where is my darling man? What have the director of this movie done with my Italian Stallion? Who is this man?

I lifted off Pierre's huge cock and as it slipped out, a little cum slipped out ... oh fuck! Fortunately we made our own bed. My hole felt so vacant after the huge invasion.

André was ecstatic. "Yes, of course I want to! Yes, let's do it!" André said and moved closer.

"Not so fast. Let me lie down on the bed and then you enter Antonio from behind, OK?"

Luigi lied down and held his cock in the upright. I lowered my butt over his big cock and the head pushed into me again. Oh fuck! The big cock was entering me and I groaned. I loved getting fucked by my man! Soon the whole cock was deep in me. I sat on his pubic bone. André was behind me in a flash! My bro! He was eager to get in again! He put his big cockhead on my hole and started to push in. After the immense girth of the two cocks in me minutes ago, I was taking the second cock with relative ease.

André's cock was balls-deep in me when Pierre amazed me: he moved over Luigi's face and stood on his knees pointing his big cock at my mouth.

"I'm horny enough to cum again and I want to cum in your mouth, OK? Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" Pierre asked.

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! I want to taste your cum! Yes please!" I opened my mouth and took the still very rubbery - close to rock-hard - cock in my mouth and managed to get the head into my throat. It was just that bit softer to get it into my throat with more ease. Ahh!

"Oh fuck! What a sight from where I am! I'm seeing your huge balls and your big cock in Antonio's mouth! Perfetto!" Luigi gushed as he played with my nipples and Pierre's thighs.

The rubbery state lasted only a minute before the huge cock was rock-hard again and was leaking lots of precum into my mouth.

Behind me, André was going to town fucking me.

"Slow down André! Don't cum without me!" Luigi said to André. Luigi was fucking me as best he could, given the position he was in. Pierre was fucking my mouth while he was jacking off the part of the shaft not in my mouth. He was definitely going to cum again and it was going to be a nice load ... in my mouth! Yess!

Soon André was groaning: "Luigi, how far are you? I can't hold out any longer, man! I'm going to cum! Cum with me! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhh! Oh godd! I'm cumming!"

"Me too! Here it is Antonio! My fourth load! Here it is! Oh fuck! Mio Dio! Ahhhhh!" Luigi moaned and his cock was twitching under André's cock and the two of them were pumping one hell of a load into me. Their cocks were spasming and twitching, pumping cum into me. And Pierre came to the party too ... he groaned and my mouth was flooded with a huge load of cum. Oh fuck! It was a lot and fuck, it tasted good! This man's cum could be marketed, it was that good! It tasted divine! I was sure he drank lots of water and orange juice!

And then my cum was squirting from my cock onto Luigi's tummy ... oh my godd! I couldn't keep it in anymore! Oh my godd! I was only human! My cum squirted right up to Pierre's balls dangling over Luigi's face, on Luigi's chin, on his chest, on his tummy ... in short: my cum was almost everywhere and it just kept on cumming. Oh fuck! This was just epic!

I sucked every last drop of cum from Pierre's cock and let go of it. The huge cock fell onto his balls and Luigi's face under its own weight. My godd! It was a huge cock!

André collapsed on my back and Pierre on top of him. I was squashed into Luigi, into my own cum gluing us together. My face was millimetres away from Pierre's huge cock now draping over Luigi's nose and chin. I put my arms around Luigi and felt Pierre's hands on my sides ... I wanted to shout because I was so ticklish, but held out. He felt I tensed up and he put his hands on my shoulders ... much better!

Juan was left out of the big sex pile up and joined us from the side. He put his hand on André's back and his face on Pierre's cock on Luigi's face. Oh godd! What a sexual lot we were!

After about 5 minutes or so, Luigi groaned and said it was all very nice but he was being squashed and needed some fresh air. "Up, please! Oh godd! This was unbelievable, but I need to get out from under all of you! Up André, please? Pierre? I love your huge cock on my face but now we need to take a break. Antonio, are you OK? Not too much?"

André pulled out of me and some of the copious amount of cum in me ran onto Luigi's balls. There must have been almost 200ml of cum in me! Pierre got onto his feet and stood up. His magnificent cock was now about 25cm, still bigger than my cock hard, and it was spectacular. It really was one magnificent cock, it didn't matter from which angle or perspective one looked - it was a great cock! It was huge!

I lifted off Luigi's cock and managed to contain most of the huge load of cum in me. Oh fuck! I was going to do my level best to keep it in me.

"Want us to suck the cum from you, mio caro?" Luigi! I wasn't sure that was what Pierre was about to witness so soon.

"No, I'm good for now. It's a lot but I'd like to keep it in me a while longer, OK?" I said.

"OK mio caro! Are we going to have some of the Coke Juan brought? Thanks André," he said taking a glass with the black liquid from André.

We all plopped onto the bed with our Coke and just savoured the moment. I still couldn't believe what we just did, but yes, the slut was fucked royally like never before. And Pierre's magnificent cock was just fantastic. I looked at it now lying over his balls, the head resting on the bed. It was huge. I looked at Luigi's darker cock that was almost as big as Pierre's cock, lying on his body pointing at his hip, almost reaching his hip. It must have been around 21cm or so. Juan's big cock at around 20cm was also hanging over his balls, and just touched the bed. I looked at my cock and André's cock - what puny cocks we had in comparison: a mere 17cm in its flaccid state. Still big, but nothing in comparison to the others there on the bed. But, fortunately I got to play with them and suck them all, and feel them in me! It was wonderful.


After some time, the chatting started. First of all the sexual experience we've just experienced. We were all in agreement: this was an experience to remember.

Juan mentioned the possibility of Claire accepting Pierre and the possibility of him joining us to London.

"Fuck yes! I've been to London as a snotsnuiter [Afrikaans for a young boy, a 'snotty kid'] and remember nothing. I'd love to go again! I hope Claire would accept me. But what about the visas?"

"Claire has some connections to pull it off. Let her just see the pictures Anton took of you tonight. She's a live wire - she could have you organised before the end of the week if she is interested. If she wanted to have a personal interview with you, would you be able to go see her at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town? And then on to Johann around the corner to have some professional pictures taken?"

"Yes, Dad won't mind. I could go as early as Tuesday if she is interested," Pierre said.

"I have to say, your hands and feet would be well received once Claire and Johann saw them! You have beautiful hands and feet man!" André! That's my line! "Not so baby bro? You do agree?"

"Yes, the jeweller and the sandals people would definitely be interested, and with your connection with squash, you could be used for sports gear too," I put in.

"Thanks guys! I'm so excited! Imagine! Me going to London in 10 days' time! How much will it cost me?" Pierre asked.

"Once Claire has accepted you, her staff would work out the cost. Would you be interested to join us to Berlin and Florence too?" Juan asked.

"Really? No guys! Really? Would you want me there with you? Oh fuck! Of course I'd love to go if I may! Yes! Thanks guys!"

I thought of him joining us, about the Williams brothers, the Alessandro trio and in Florence Piero who I've not even met yet. But, it was clear Pierre wasn't riff-raff, and his persona toned in very well with the personalities of the guys here - André's somewhat uneven persona put aside. I was sure Johann and Gunther would like him lots. Whether Johan and Herman would like him, remained to be seen, but then they were not party to the sextuplets.

"You're a nice guy and it doesn't really have anything to do with that huge cock you're wielding, but we like you. Right guys?" Juan put in.

"Oh yes, for sure! I like the law student very much! Bello [nice]! If it depended on Florence, he is welcome. If Claire accepts him, I'm happy. And mio caro would love to get fucked by this grand man from time to time. Just as long as you don't think I've stopped loving mio caro - nothing would be further from the truth! I love him more and more each day. But this is an experience for him to have such a big cock fucking him. I couldn't deny him that. I'd rather him having it together with me than going looking for it on his own. So no, Pierre doesn't stand a chance to win over mio caro's heart! He is still mine, forever! Right, mio caro?" Liugi claimed his man. And I was happy. It explained a few questions I had in my heart. My darling man!

"Thank you very much guys! I'll never do anything to shame you or embarrass you or try to steal away Antonio ... Anton! You see what a bad influence you are on me, Luigi! Anton! I like you guys very much and can't wait to meet the rest of the group and the other men in the clan. I'm still very closeted, except to my parents, so I don't know many gay men. And the obvious ones are usually too flappy to my liking. Thus, this day will go down as a life-changer for me. I won't intrude on your love and life with Anton, Luigi. If and when you are ready, we will have another go at it. You OK with that, Anton?"

"Yes, if Luigi is fine with it, and Juan and André, I have no problem. It would be an honour to welcome you into our group," I added.

"Yes, you're not too bad ... what with those hairy white feet ... ow! I'm just saying! Why do you have to hurt me you ogre?" André complained when Juan gave him a playful slap on the head.

"Behave! We have a guest! And even though his feet are pale, it doesn't mean you can belittle him ... he's got the biggest cock here, I'll let you know! Pierre! Welcome to our group. I'm sure Johann and Gunther would approve wholeheartedly. You're a fine man! And, despite what this delinquent says, you have beautiful hands and feet and oh my godd ... your cock is just spectacular!" Juan gushed.

"I've noticed all of you are wearing fairly new rings ... and pendants. Any significance?" Pierre asked.

"Yes, as you know, we're all engaged to be married. André to me, Anton to Luigi and then there are Johann and Gunther. That's what the pendants are for. We're going to get married as soon as the twins have completed their first degrees. We hope that would be in three years' time. The rings are friendship rings. And if you wondered, we all sleep together and once in a while we welcome other guys too, like you tonight. You're a very nice addition to the group, if you wanted in ... do you?" Juan asked.

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! I'd love to be a part of your group, even though I'd be the fifth wheel. If I could have sex with you guys like tonight, I'm game! It saves me the endless back and forth with boys who don't know what they are or what they want. Yes! Yes! And thanks!" Pierre enthused.

"We do have a friend who is also an occasional addition to the group. He is also in the same predicament as you. His name is ... should I tell him about the trainer, guys? Just so you know, he is also very much a top and has a 30cm cock. He is very well built and is slightly shorter than you. And his dick is also almost as big as yours. Dark brown hair and grey eyes. He works at the university. Perhaps you know him already ...?" Juan put in.

"Oh fuck! That's Morné du Preez at the gym! No! I've been lusting after him forever! But I didn't know he was gay! Really? Yes, I'd love to meet him! If he is also a top, we could always borrow Anton for a night ...!" He laughed heartily. "Just joking! But yes, I'd love to meet him! Oh fuck! Look at this biggie! He wants attention again! My godd! I'm embarrassed! Sorry!"

Wow! Morné and Pierre together? And knowing them, they'd definitely want a double ... fuck! If only I knew ... I was about to get fucked big time before I even met the Williams brothers in London! As it panned out, it was fantastic. And afterwards, when I told Luigi about it, he got so horny, he fucked me right there in the kitchen!

"That's OK, Pierre. But right now, perhaps you would like to have an all-nighter with my baby bro, if Luigi is OK with it? Luigi?" André, who else?

"Yes, if Antonio feels up to it, I'm OK with it. Do you want it mio caro? Yes? OK then," Luigi said.

"What's an 'all-nighter'? Is it what I think it is? Do I get to put my cock into Antonio ... Anton! ... for the whole night?" Pierre asked.

"Yes, that's it!"

"My godd! My cock is so big! Would you be able to handle it for a whole night long, Anton? Really? Fuck! Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better ... fuck!" Pierre's cock twitched! He was definitely interested!

"But let's get showered first. I'm covered in cum. If a tongue had the same effect as a jet of water, I'd let my boy lick me clean ..." Luigi laughed. "No, I'm joking mio caro! But I want to take a shower. Come, let's all go and wash off the grime of the day and all this sex. And then we could add some more sexual grime to our clean bodies!" My man had a wicked sense of humour!

"Yes, let's go. Anton, let's quickly pull the bed into some order before we do," André said. We all got out of bed and everyone grabbed a corner of the duvet, and pulled it straight. Juan fluffed up the pillows and the bed was ready for the next onslaught.


After the shower - which wasn't without shenanigans - we went back into the bedroom. In the shower there were lots of hugging, kissing, groping, sucking and even Pierre pushing into me again ... the man was insatiable, but Juan cracked the whip and he pulled out, much to the chagrin of the others! They all groped his huge cock and André even sucked it a bit.

I asked Luigi and Pierre to put their feet next to each other to compare. No, there was very little to choose. Both were beautiful. Only the colour difference, the hairiness and the length of the toes. I asked Juan to put his foot next to the feet of the other two. His feet were slightly bigger, less hairy than Luigi and the colour was somewhere between the other two. Juan's feet were also very nicely shaped, but the other two were just that little bit more beautiful. Sorry my man ...! But facts are facts.

The huge amount of cum in me was a bit much, but I still managed to keep it in my rectum.

After some more Coke, we settled in for the night. Juan was at the far end with André in front of him. Of course Juan had his cock between André's legs. André looked like the Cheshire cat! Then it was Luigi facing me, with his arms around me, and lastly Pierre on the other end behind me. We were hardly in bed when he wanted to push in right away.

"OK, big man - get the lube so you could get in properly without hurting mio caro. Put enough lube on, OK?" Luigi gave instructions.

Pierre put a generous amount of lube on my hole and on his huge cock. He lifted my leg and pushed his enormous cock into me. Ahhh! Oh my godd! He was really plugging me! None of the cum would leak out! Not with such a huge cock in me!

"Oh my godd! You are so warm and moist inside! My cockhead is actually pushing into the cum in you! It feels fantastic! Oh fuck! I've died and gone to heaven! Ahhh!" Pierre gushed. He put an arm over my chest and hugged me to him. From the front it was Luigi who hugged me to him, and had his arm around me. I felt he was stroking my back but also Pierre's hairy chest. Pierre was a really nice guy.

The cock in me was alive with a mind of its own. It was hard and remained hard for the whole time I was still awake. Pierre slowly fucked me every minute or so ... oh fuck! I was in for a night of a lifetime! A really big cock attached to a very nice guy, and who is as randy as they come!

When I drifted off to the land of dreams and love, I was aware of the huge cock in me, but also of Luigi in my arms. He was my darling, finish en klaar!

Jan Ellis pudding

Oven: 180°C

Preheat oven to 180°C. Spray an oven dish of ± 2 l with Spray 'n Cook.


5 ml bicarbonate of soda

125 ml milk

200 g (375 ml) self-raising flour

100 g (125 ml) white sugar

2 eggs

30 ml fine apricot jam

20 g (25 ml) very soft butter/margarine

1 ml salt

Dissolve bicarbonate of soda in milk.

Mix all the other ingredients; add soda milk and mix well. Transfer batter into oven dish and bake pudding for 25 to 30 minutes


250 ml water

250 ml cream

230 g (250 ml) butter/margarine

200 g (250 ml) white sugar

5 ml vanilla

Mix all the ingredients and bring to a boil. Pour the hot sauce little by little over the hot pudding. Leave to stand for a while for the sauce could infuse the pudding.

Serve with soft vanilla ice cream or custard.



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