I woke up with a low hum in my ears. I felt like I've had enough sleep, but I was still tired. Usually I wake up bright and breezy. What was wrong with me this morning? And where is everybody? No hands over my body, no cock prodding my back or hole. No cock to hold on to. Wait! I was on the Airbus A380!

My eyes flew open and I saw the commotion around me of everybody waking up. Passengers were getting toilet bags and there were queues at the toilets to wash up and brush teeth. I looked to my right and saw the feet of a body on the bed next to me. I lifted up my head and saw Luigi coming awake. When he opened his eyes, he looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Buongiorno mio caro! Hai dormito bene? (Good morning my darling! Did you sleep well?)"

"Si, mio caro! E tu? Bene? (Yes, my darling! And you? Good?)"

"Not so good as with you in my arms mio caro! Ti amo, moltissimo! (I love you, very much!). Do you love me a little more? Did you like joining the Mile High Club last night?"

"Never doubt my undying love for you! Even though Pierre had a part in me joining the Mile High Club, I still love you with all my heart, mio caro! That will never change!"

"That's good to hear! And I will always love you too ... Ahh! Our coffee! Thank you George!"

"Good morning gentlemen! Did you sleep well?" George asked and handed me my coffee. I looked at him and he winked at me and smiled his most endearing smile.

"Ahh! Is the flight attendant making eyes at my boyfriend and fiancé? George?"

"Sorry Sir! But you have to admit - he is a dashing young man! And yes, I'm guilty! I'm making eyes at him! Sorry!"

I blushed and looked at Luigi. He winked at me and mouthed: "Go!"

George saw that and said: "I know this is extremely forward but I'm going to be bold and ask straight out: may I please ask Anton to visit me in London? My next flight is only on Wednesday. May I please see him on Tuesday night? Please?"

I looked at the tall man and saw his huge bulge ... oh fuck! What an experience it was to have that big cock in my hands, in my mouth and deep inside me the night before! I got an erection on the spot but fortunately I still had the blanket over me.

"What if I said yes? What would it entail? Do you want mio caro to yourself? Do you want to fuck him?" Luigi asked point blank.

"Oh fuck yes! Please! I've never seen a young man as sexy as him before! And, just so you know, I'm moving to Stellenbosch early in the new year to join my brother's engineering firm. I heard some of you guys speaking Afrikan to each other and heard 'Stellenbosch'. Is it true you're from Stellenbosch?"

"The language is called Afrikaans and yes, we're all from Stellenbosch. Are you really coming to live there?" I acted surprised.

"Oh yes! This job with BA is only temporary. I wanted to see the world. I'm an engineer by training! Oh wait, I have to see to the other passengers! Sorry! I'll be back in a while! Have a look at the menu and I'll come get your orders shortly. Good morning sir! How did you sleep?" George said turning to Pierre.

"Would you be up for a big Greek cock? It sure looks like a very big one! But I have to agree, he is a very attractive man and very hairy! His dark 5 o'clock shadow is right up your alley, not so mio caro? The bulge in his pants is insanely big! I'd love to see it myself!"

"Yes, I would, but only if you agree ... Yes, it looks like it is a very big one. But remember I'm able to handle Pierre and Herman, so I should be able to handle George. If he moves to Stellenbosch, would you consider him into our group too, mio caro?"

"Only because I love you so much and I know you will not stop loving me once this Greek god has fucked you! We'll have to come up with a plan for you to go and see him. I'll think of something. But I still would love to see his huge cock too!" Luigi said and palmed his erection trapped in his denim.

"Well, when things quiet down around here, ask him to show it to you! I'm sure he'd be able to organise something. We could both go and have a look. I'll ask him."

"So, what will it be? Fried eggs or scrambled eggs? Or omelette? Bacon? Sausage? Croissants? Orange juice? Water? Or how about if I surprised you?" George asked next to me.

"Surprise us please! If the eggs you have in mind for us are fried, I want mine medium with the white cooked. The yolk could be runny but not the white! Thanks. But, I'd love you to surprise me after breakfast ... I'm an urologist and I'd love to see the big Greek dong you want to fuck my boy with. Would you be able to arrange that?" Luigi put in without batting an eyelid!

"Erm ... OK! I'll get your breakfast and sure! I'd be able to arrange for you to see it. It is going to get hard quickly ... oh fuck! It is already starting ... fuck! May I ask that Anton sucks me off please?" George stammered. He was pushing his huge bulge against the side of my partitioned seat.

"Antonio? Would you like that?"

"Yes, I would! That would be nice! But where?" I asked innocently.

"I'll serve breakfast to the rest of the passengers first and while they're eating, we could slip into the toilet. First you Sir, then Anton. OK? I'll organise it. Oh fuck! Just look at my bulge!" George said and waited for an answer.

"OK. How about Antonio and I wait for the passengers to return after using the bathroom, and as soon as you have served about 90 percent of the passengers, Antonio and I could go to the bathroom. We could meet you there. OK?" Luigi put in. My darling man was scheming hard to get me to suck the Greek god and he wanted to see the magnificent manhood in the man's pants.

"Done! But remember our time will be very limited. All of it could last no longer than 5 minutes tops! Afterwards I'll bring you your breakfast. Oh fuck! My cock is so hard now!" George said and gulped. I looked at his crotch and wondered how many of the 12 other passengers in first class, would notice it!

I looked around and saw the whole lot was awake now and enjoying their morning coffee. I waved at those who looked at me. Claude shouted from the back in Afrikaans: "Good morning sexy boikie! How are you? I thought you were going to come sleep with me?" Pieter put his hand on Claude's mouth to shut him up! Claude was just another version of André!

"Yes, how did you manage without the Ita behind you, baby bro? Hmmm? Feeling empty this morning? I could solve that for you right here, right now! We could ask the sexy flight attendant to keep a lookout! So, what do you say baby bro?" All of that in Afrikaans.

"What is André babbling about?" Luigi asked.

"He's just behaving like the delinquent that we know he is! Don't pay any attention to him Luigi! He is way off on a tangent again! Behave, you delinquent!" Juan put in and rubbed André's head.

"I have to go take a dump. Excuse me mio caro," I said and went to the toilet vacated by Johann. I managed to keep the three guys' cum pumped into me last night but now it had to be released. I took out my toilet bag and got up from my bed.

Once in the bathroom I sat down and took a dump. I decided to douche, as it was also a nice way of getting all of it out. Ahhh! There! Clean as a whistle!

George was busy getting the last of the breakfast orders from the boys. He was standing next to Gunther's seat. I saw that Gunther noticed the enormous bulge in George's pants. I wondered what the big tall beautiful Jerry was saying to the equally big and sexy Greek man. I noticed Gunther was looking at me and George turned his gaze to me too. My my! What was going on?

As soon as George had all the orders, he came by to pick up our empty cups.

"What are you and Gunther talking about?"

"He is smitten with you and he noticed we were talking. He suspects something so be careful. OK?" George said and didn't look in Gunther's direction. Oh fuck! Luigi and I would have to be very careful. We would not be able to go to the toilet together. Even though Luigi was my man, I didn't want Gunther to know there were shenanigans going on between us on the flight, let alone with George!

Half an hour later George started serving the breakfast and nonchalantly skipped us as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He did give us each a glass of orange juice. I glanced around and saw everyone was busy with his breakfast and Luigi made a move.

I slowly nursed my orange juice and watched the time. When Luigi was gone for about a minute, I got up and went to the front of the plane. When I reached the toilets, the door to the one furthest away from the cabin was slightly ajar. When I pushed it open, Luigi was sitting on the commode with George's huge cock in his hands.

"It's very cramped in here but come in quickly!" George said and moved to his right. Fuck! The huge cock in Luigi's hand looked spectacular!

"Mio caro! Just look at this! I'm sure you'd love to get fucked by this hung man! Wouldn't you? It's fucking huge!" Luigi said and put the tip of the huge cock in his mouth.

"Really mio caro? Would you not mind that?"

"No fuck no! But I'd love to see that! How clean are you?" Luigi asked. "Would you like to fuck Antonio, George?"

"Oh fuck yes, but it would have to be a very quick one! But yes, I'm horny and would love to fuck him!"

"I've taken a dump earlier and I'm clean. You want George to fuck me now?"

"He is rock-hard and I know you'd like it. Come stand here and bend over me so George could fuck you. Would you like to George?"

"Luigi, of course I would but ...?"

"No buts - come let George fuck you. If he's going to move to Stellenbosch, he's going to fuck you, so why not now? Another tick on your Mile High Club Card! Lube?"

I was astonished! My Italian Stallion was actually keen on the Greek god fucking me! It reminded me when he spurred me on so Jonathan could fuck me on Jacques's farm. My godd! A cock hound like me!

I took a KY sachet and lubed up my hole and gave another sachet to George to lube up his huge cock. Fuck! I couldn't believe my luck and that I've had this big cock in me the previous evening too! My cock was rock-hard and leaking lots of precum. Godd! How I loved cock and getting fucked!

"Ready? Here it comes!" George said and put his cock on my hole and started to push in. Luigi took my face between his hands and kissed me. "Happy mio caro?"

"Oh fuck yes! This is an experience to remember! Ahhhh! It's a big one!" I moaned.

George was pushing his cock in slowly but deliberately. He didn't stop but pushed in and the huge cock was sliding into me in once long continuous thrust. When he got to my inner sphincter, he paused just long enough for the ring muscle to relax and then he pushed home. Fuck! It was a big one!

"You OK mio caro? How long before you could come, George?"

"I've been hard since I gave you coffee! It will be a quick one. OK Anton? I'm sorry it has to be a quick one. I usually like to fuck a bottom for an hour or so and make him appreciate the art of lovemaking the way the Greeks do it! Another minute or so? Did you want to fuck Anton too?"

"Antonio? Would you like me to fuck you too?" I put my hand on Luigi's crotch and felt his big hard-on. Oh fuck!

"Yes of course!"

"Would you mind if I watched?" George asked as he pumped his big cock into me. "Ahhh! I'm getting close! You feel so warm and soft inside! Oh damn! I can't wait to move to Stellenbosch next year!"

"I wouldn't mind you to watch but don't you need to get out to the passengers soonest?"

"Yes, but your friends are still busy with their breakfast. So we have another 2 minutes or so."

"OK good. I have multiple orgasms and will need around 2 minutes. So we're good to go!" Luigi put in.

"Really? Then you cum a lot?"

"One hell of a lot! Now fuck Antonio and cum!"

"Yes Sir! I'm about to cum! Anton, you still OK?"

"I'm as happy as can be! Fuck me my man!"

"Cumming now ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Here it is! It's going to be a big load!" George fucked me and was groaning when I felt his cock twitching. He held onto my hips and fucked me with long fast deep thrusts. He slammed home and held still and I felt him cumming in me.

"Ahhh! Pump mio caro full of your thick Greek cream! I'm so hot right now! Please pull out before you finish and cum on his hole so I could slide in on your cum!" Luigi! Where did that come from?

"Ahhh! OK ... yes! OK!" George groaned and after he had pumped around 7 spurts in me, he started pulling out and I felt the last of his copious load being pumped onto my hole. He stepped back in the small room and held his big cock in his hand to prevent the last of his cum to get onto his pants.

Luigi got up and George sat down on the commode. I bent over and took his still hard cock in my mouth and licked it clean. Oh fuck! His cum tasted divine! And there was still a lot. The last of it was dribbling out into my mouth. Hmmmm!

Behind me Luigi put his big cock head on my wet hole and pushed in. He pushed into me in one long continuous thrust. That wasn't the usual way my man did it, but we were pressed for time. I groaned with George's cock in my mouth and Luigi's cock in my hole.

"I'm very horny mio caro! I'm going to make it quick, OK?" Luigi said and started to fuck me with gusto.

"Fuck him! Give him your cum! Yess! Ahh! This is going to be a flight to remember!" George said and rubbed my back.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yess! Mio caro, I'm going to shoot now! OK? Here it comes! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess!" Luigi fucked me and I felt his cock growing to huge proportions and then his cum exploded into me. Oh fuck!

"Yess! Pump him full of cum! Give it to him!" George urged Luigi on.

"Oh mio Dio! I'm pumping a huge load into you mio caro! Oh fuck!" His cock spasmed in me and I counted at least 9 spurts. He held still for a few seconds and continued to fuck me. "OK mio caro? Next round, OK?"

I pulled George's big rubbery cock - it was hard again - from my mouth and said: "Yes mio caro! Give it to me!"

Within 15 seconds Luigi started pumping his second round of cum in me. There was a lot of cum in me and Luigi was pumping even more into me. He squirted around 8 spurts into me and was grunting like a bear. "Oh fuck mio caro! This is almost too much! You're really pumped full of cum now!"

"May I ... please ...? May I just push in again? Please?" George asked.

"Wow! Really? Antonio? You still OK? How are we with time?"

"It won't take long, I promise! Only pushing in quickly please?"

"OK, let me pull out," Luigi said and pulled out slowly. When his cockhead reached my sphincter, I clenched. I couldn't afford to make a mess on my pants around my ankles.

George and Luigi changed places again. I took Luigi's big rubbery cock in my mouth and sucked it. It tasted fantastic.

Behind me George put his big cock on my hole again and pushed in. My hole was still very wet and the big head slipped in. He was hard enough to penetrate me again ... oh fuck! George pushed in with one long continued thrust. I felt his big balls on my buttocks and groaned. Sex with this man in a bed was going to be on a completely different level!

"If we had enough time I could cum again, but I won't overstay my welcome. Thank you very much. I'm in deep debt with you two! I'm pulling out again. Want to suck me clean?" George said and pulled out slowly. I turned around, sat in Luigi's lap and sucked the big cock clean. Once again it tasted fantastic. Luigi's big rubbery cock under me made me horny as fuck.

"We have to go," George said and pulled his cock from my mouth. He pulled his underpants up and wrestled the huge cock into submission. He battled to get his pants over the big bulge and pulled in his stomach to zip up. "Oh fuck! It's wonderful to have a big cock, but not when I have to wrestle this thing into my pants! I'm leaving. Give it a few seconds before you exit. I'm getting your breakfast," George said and opened the door. The coast was clear and he slipped out.

In the meantime Luigi had the same battle with his big cock. Once he succeeded, he kissed me and said: "You're the most wonderful husband anybody could ever wish for! I love you dearly mio caro!"

"Thanks mio caro! I love you too!" I said.

Luigi opened the door and slipped out.

I didn't cum but I didn't mind. I cleaned up with some paper towels and some wet wipes courtesy of BA, and zipped up. My hole was full of and but I was determined to hold it in me for as long as I could. I checked the time and saw we were there in the toilet all of 7 minutes! Fuck! It was 10 to 6 and I've been fucked twice ... three times? I flushed the toilet and slipped out of the toilet.

When I entered the cabin, most of the boys were chatting to each other or were still eating. The only one really noticing me coming back was Pierre. When he looked at me he gave me his beautiful smile and winked.

"Enjoyed that?"

"Fuck, shh!" I hissed and sat down next to Luigi. He was chatting to Morné on the other side of the aisle and just touched my thigh when I sat down.

A few minutes later George arrived with our breakfast, piping hot and smelling wonderful. We were only 10 minutes behind our counterparts.

"Why are you getting your breakfast so late, baby bro?" André put in.

"Because George had to attend to an order from the cockpit. He apologised and for that, we're getting some ham too. So there!" I answered André.

"Fucking unfair! I'm calling Dad!" André! André!

Luigi and I ate our breakfast, which was really delicious and didn't taste like airline food at all. There were some extra cherry tomatoes, fresh Gouda cheese and some more orange juice. Hmmm! I had a big load of cum in me to prove I've earned it!

Soon the rest of the boys started filing into the toilets for their early toilette. Unfortunately BA's first class on the A380 doesn't include showers like on Emirates, but the supplies in the toilets were sufficient to emulate a proper toilette.

Gunther came to sit on my bed and put his hand on my thigh. He squeezed and kissed me on the cheek.

"Kiss me properly my beautiful man! Why on the cheek? What does that mean?" I said and turned my face to him to get a proper kiss. He kissed me and lingered with his full lips on mine with just a feint flutter of his tongue on my mouth.

"Nothing! Did you enjoy it ...? Come on, I know what happened this morning! I'm not dumb! George fucked you, didn't he?" Gunther whispered.


"And Luigi?"

"Not now, please! Yes, they both fucked me! Now please ..."

"Why not me?"

"What are you two whispering about? Is it about the early morning shenanigans? I know and I thought I'd be allowed in too. Why 'baby bro'?" Pierre put in, leaning towards us.

"Come on guys! You know how these things happen. It was kind of out of my control ..."

"Then how about it going further out of control and letting us in too? Come on Anton! I'm dying to fuck you! Please?" Pierre was horny as hell!

"Yes, me too mein Schatz (my darling)! Let us in too bitte (please)?" Gunther was as adamant as I've never seen him before. I thought about it and knew the two of them were not going to be appeased easily. I might as well let it happen, as I haven't cummed myself. And we had time before the plane landed at Heathrow.

"Oh fuck yes! Let's do it! You guys are such beautiful and nice guys, how can I say 'no' to you! Just don't let the others know, otherwise there would be hell to pay! Who is first?"

"Ich, bitte mein Schatz (Me please my darling)!" Gunther said and when I looked at his crotch, it was obvious: his big cock was hard!

"How long will you be? I'm horny as hell myself and my big cock needs to fuck our darling boy badly!" Pierre palmed his big bulge.

"Go into the last toilet in the front and leave the door open. I'll be there soon," I said. Gunther tried to readjust his cock and got up. He glanced around and nonchalantly walked down the aisle to the toilet. I waited half a minute and then I followed him.

When I closed the door, Gunther took me in his arms and kissed me with urgency. "Ich liebe dich so viel (I love you so much)! Ahhh! You have no idea what you mean to all of us, and to me. I know you love Luigi but I love you too!"

"Of course I love you too! How could I nót love you? Look at the package!" I said and took his big cock in my hand.

He already had his pants open and his big cock was out. I squeezed the wonderful big cock in my hand.

"Langsam mein Schatz (Slowly my darling)! I'll come on the spot! I've been lusting after you since yesterday morning! Ahh!" Gunther said and opened my pants. He pushed his hands into my underpants over my buttocks and palmed them. His thumbs pushed to the middle and he felt the moisture still on my hole. "I want in there please!"

"Let me suck you first!" I said and sat down on the commode. I took the big beautiful uncut cock pointing to Gunther's right and sucked it into my mouth. He was sopping wet and his cock was throbbing. He groaned and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider and the head slipped into my throat ... ahhh! Gunther groaned above me.

"Stop please! I'm going to cum if you continue with that! Ahhh!"

Gunther pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up from the commode. I was in his arms again and he hugged me. He kissed me again. "You have no idea just how much I actually love you my darling boy! Oh fuck!"

He kissed me and then he turned me around, and pushed my torso forward.

He put his big cockhead on my hole and rubbed it to moisten the head with the cum that was now leaking from my hole. The prefect natural lube!

"Ahhh! I'm sorry if I'm going to hurt you but I'm pushing in now, OK? Here it comes ..." He pushed in and I groaned when the big head pierced my sphincter. Oh fuck! What an incredible experience once again.

Yes, I loved Luigi with every fibre of my being but this man was a wonderfully nice and good man - someone I'd love forever, albeit on a different level than how I loved Luigi.

The big cock was sliding into me and I groaned.

"Am I hurting you, mein Schatz?" a concerned Gunther asked. He held still.

"No, you're not hurting me. It's just that I can feel your big cock of course! No, push in! We don't have too much time Jerry man! Push in and fuck me!"

"OK then - here is the rest of mein Schwanz (my cock)!" He pushed in deeper and slipped through the inner sphincter - he was balls-deep in me. He held still and made his cock swell in me. I groaned. Of all the cocks in the group, Gunther's cock swelled the most when he twitched it. It grew to very big proportions and I definitely felt it. It wasn't the biggest cock in the group but the difference between being hard and being twitched was big. And it felt great to feel the huge cock in me swell like that.

The fact that Gunther's cock was curved to the right also made a difference. One's rectum curves to the left and when such a big curved cock is pushed into a rectum from behind, it pushes the rectum the other way round.

But having said that, Gunther was a very attentive and wonderful lover. The first time he fucked me was painful to a certain extent, but I was used to his cock by now and enjoyed having him in me.

"You'll have to fuck and cum Jerry man! We don't have time, OK?"

"Jawohl mein Herr (Yes sir!)" Gunther quipped and started fucking me. He held onto my hips and fucked me good. The movement of the big cock over my prostate made me want to cum on the spot. Gunther was kissing my neck but I turned my head and got a lopsided kiss on the mouth.

Gunther was panting with desire he was so randy. He was gasping and fast approaching an orgasm. He was about to pump an almighty big load into me and was fucking me with urgency. I wanted relief and I wanted his load in me.

"Fuck me Gunther! Oh godd! It feels so good! Fuck me please! Pump your big load into me! Ahhh!" I groaned and urged Gunther on.

My enthusiasm seemed to have done it for him as Gunther was fucking me fast and deep. He was starting to groan and gasp and I felt his big cock getting even harder.

"Ich spritze ab mein Schatz (I'm cumming my darling)! Hier kommt es (Here it comes)!" Gunther gasped and then I felt the cock in me starting to spasm and pump a load of note into me. He was still fucking me with slow slight thrusts and I felt how spurt after spurt was pumped into me. He clung to me and gasped. "You are phenomenal mein Schatz! Thank you very much!" He kissed me in the nape of my neck and hugged me. "I'm pulling out now, OK? Oh fuck! Every time I fuck you it gets better and better!"

Gunther pulled out and when the head slipped out I gasped. Oh fuck! What a nice big cock and huge cockhead! And the amount of cum he pumped into me was just insane.

I turned around and sat down on the commode. Instinctively Gunther pushed his big rubbery cock into my mouth and I gladly received it to suck it clean - not that there was anything but cum on it. It tasted divine and I sucked the big cock right into my mouth. Being in a rubbery state, it was fairly easy to get the whole cock down my throat. It started to get harder again and I knew that if we had more time, I'd suck him to completion on the spot or he'd fucked me again. So I pulled off the fantastic cock in my mouth and just kissed the big head.

"Rather not. Pierre is waiting. Thanks Jerry! You're a master! Great stuff!" I said and got up to kiss the man.

He hugged me and said in my ear: "I've never loved anything or anybody as much as I love you. It's wonderful to have you in my life, even though you're not going to be my husband. I'll always love you, mein Schatz!"

"I also love you Gunther - more than you know. Thanks my beautiful blonde man!"

"I'm calling Pierre. We can't let the others know about this, OK? You still OK? Pierre does have an enormous cock!"

"Yes, not a word to anybody. And I'm fine, thanks. Let Pierre come ..."

Gunther kissed me again and he was gone.

Within 15 seconds there was a light rap on the door and Pierre stepped in. The bulge in his pants was insanely big. Fuck! To think he was about to fuck me with that huge thing again, I thought!

"Ahhh! My darling Ant!" Pierre said as he undid his belt. He unzipped and I pushed his underpants down. His huge cock sprang out and hit me under the chin. Fuck! It was huge and almost rock-hard! It was sopping wet and left a streak of precum on my face. Oh fuck! I opened my mouth and sucked the big head into my mouth. The huge amount of precum tasted delicious.

He took my head between his hands and pushed the huge cock as deep into my mouth as it would go. Oh fuck! The cock was just too big to slip into my throat but I massaged the underside of it as best I could with my tongue. He groaned and the cock in my mouth twitched ... big time.

"I'd love to cum in your mouth but I want to fuck you! And we don't have much time. OK if I pushed in now please Ant? I'm horny as fuck! Oh dear godd! Where is the lube?"

He looked around and saw the KY sachets sticking out my toilet bag and took one and ripped it open. He handed me one too. I got up and applied the KY to my hole and Pierre put the contents of his sachet on his huge cock. I turned around and waited for the big cock to enter me.

When the huge head pierced my sphincter I groaned. When Herman fucked me for the first time, when Jonathan fucked me, when Christopher or Maurice fucked me, it was sore at first but soon it became fantastic. But with Pierre, it was phenomenal right from the get-go.

Was it because I really loved this man? Was it because he was one of the most attractive and nicest men out there? And he loved me? And he was going to be the third one living in our house? I didn't know, but I knew that sex with this hung hunk was crazy wonderful and nice. I loved every second, every millimetre and eventually, every millilitre he pumped into me.

The big fat cock slipped into me with ease as my hole was still stretched after the early morning shenanigans. The big head pushed against my prostate and I felt I was on the verge of cumming.

"Slowly there my love. I'm very close to cumming. Your big cock is pushing the right buttons, so to speak! Oh fuck! You're something else! Push in and fuck me - we have to get out of here," I said and groaned.

"You have no idea what this means to me, Ant! I fucking love you and I fucking love fucking you ... My mom would kick my ass for swearing like this, but you're fucking amazing!" Pierre said and we chuckled. He was a sweet man with a wonderful sense of humour and sharp wit. "I'm going to cum very soon Ant! OK?"

"I'd love it to last but yes, let's do this. I want to cum so badly, and with your huge cock in me, I'm almost there! So, fuck me!" I groaned and pushed back so the huge cock could slip right through the inner sphincter and deep into me.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! If I end up being a babbling idiot, it's all going to be your fault! Oh fuck! This is so good!" Pierre gushed and started to fuck me in earnest.

The feeling of the man's big cock deep in me was almost indescribable. I was filled with cum and some more was going to be pumped into me shortly - another big load. The big head was making me so damn horny ... I was going to cum soon!

"Ant, I'm going to cum now. How about you?" Pierre groaned and fucked me with abandon. His hands were on my hips. I stood up straight and Pierre's arms went around my body. He put his head on my shoulder and groaned.

"Oh fuck Ant! How I hate it that this hasn't started a long time ago! I'm totally addicted to you already! You drive me bananas!"

"Yes, I've adored you for a long time. And I love you so very much my big beautiful man! Ahh! Let's cum please!"

Pierre's cock was making me mad with lust and desire. I felt my orgasm boiling up in my groin and the tingling sensation was creeping over me.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Fuck! I'm cummmiiiinnnnngggggg! Cumming! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhh!" Pierre grunted and I felt his big cock swelling to gigantic proportions as it approached orgasm. And he started pumping his huge signature load deep into me. He was fucking me with short deep thrusts and I lost it.

I started to cum without even touching myself. I sprayed a big load over the toilet seat, some in the toilet and some on the upright lid. Fuck! What a feeling! I groaned and pushed my head back. I was in cum heaven! And cock heaven too!

"Ant, if I don't get a heart attack in the next few weeks, I'll live to be a hundred! You drive me fucking crazy! Fuck! This was insane! Oh fuck! Thanks Ant! Thanks my darling!"

"Thank YOU my darling hunky hung man! I love you so much! And you fucking me is on a different level altogether! Ahhh! That felt so good! Thanks Pee-AIR!"

"I wish we were in bed ... oh fuck! Look at the time! We have to get out of here! I'm pulling out and then you must go back first. I'll see if I can strike up a conversation with your Greek hunk so the others can see I've been chatting to George. Ahhh! Sensitive! But happy! Oh godd! That was so nice!"

Pierre pulled out and I felt there really wás a huge load in me. I considered letting it go into the toilet but decided to keep it in me for as long as I can. I cleaned my hole and zipped up. I kissed Pierre and was out the toilet.

The guys in the cabin were busy with coffee and Italian biscotti, and some were watching some programs on the personal screens. Others were busy sorting out their hand luggage and some others were sitting around chatting to each other. I managed to get to my seat without anybody really noticing, except Luigi ...

"Mio caro! You're incorrigible! Again? Did you enjoy Gunther and Pee-AIR? Oh come on! I do have an IQ of over 150! As long as you still love me best ... do you?"

"Oh fuck! You KNOW I love you! But yes, it was a wonderful session with them. They're good fuckers!"

"Mio caro, I'm starting to wonder if you really love me ... you're so engrossed with the others and their big cocks. Do you love me for my cock ...?"

"No Luigi, NO! No! No! No ... Yes, I love them too, but never like with you. You're the love of my life ... you're the air that I breathe. With the others it's more like raw lust and sex. Lugi, I love you too much ... If you want me to stop having the others fucking me, it's up to you. I'd miss that, but I never want to lose you! The sex with the others isn't worth losing you!"

"Antonio, I just don't want you to stop loving me ..."

"Never Luigi! Never! You're the blood in my veins! Do you want me to stop with the others? What about Pierre? And Piero?"

"I don't know ... But I don't want to lose you mio caro!"

"You're not going to lose me, my Italian Stallion! Never! You're just too wonderful my man! Ti amo! Moltissimo!"

"Yes, I know and me too, but I can't help feeling a bit jealous ... sorry mio caro!"

"That's OK to be a bit jealous. But let's not make this a big thing, OK? I love you to bits and I do love the others too. The sex with them is great but my darling, it's YOU I'm going to marry! I love you very, very much!"

Luigi leaned over to me and kissed me. His soft full lips touched my lips and he put his hand on my thigh. His tongue fluttered on my lips and I opened my mouth. He pushed closer and kissed me like the lover that he was. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him closer.

"Oh fuck! Get a room! Sheez! Blindness, take my eyes! Oh fuck!" André, who else?

I turned my head to him and winked. "Want some, bro? Come, kiss me!"

"Oh gross! Oh fuck no! After you've sucked face with that Ita man? No! Yuk!"

I got up from my seat and went back to André's seat, took his face in my hands, looked him in the eye and ... I kissed him. He struggled but I held tight and gave him a big kiss.

André feigned being grossed out but melted in my hands and soon he kissed me back.

"Yay!" The others clapped hands and cheered me. I was in charge and could silence the bro! I was the man of the moment!

"I'm calling Dad! You're a mean man, baby bro! Ita, you've corrupted my beautiful baby bro! I'm putting the Italian mafia on you! You're a deviant creature that corrupts young innocent boys!" André stood up and looked at each one of us.

"Oh please! You're the deviant! Leave Luigi and Anton alone!" Johann put in from the other side of the cabin.

"Hear! Hear!" Pieter and Claude cheered me on.

"So, you're ganging up against me? How dare you? I'm an upstanding member of this community and I am the elder brother ..."

"Yeah! Yeah! We know you have rights ..." we all said in a choir.

"No, I wanted to say it's my responsibility to look after my baby bro! He is so impressionable and you're a cradle snatcher Ita! Shame on you!" André ranted on but the laugh he suppressed got the better of him and when Juan tickled him, he burst out laughing. We all roared with laughter. I went back to my seat and looked at Luigi - he winked at me. He mouthed the words 'Ti amo!' and I kissed him.

George came in from the kitchen and looked at us in wonder. The 14 passengers in first class were all gay and the sexy Greek man was amused at us laughing out loud.

The other two passengers in First Class were two businessmen from Sandton. It was clear they were a couple. They sat in the centre section, right at the back of First Class. They had their laptops out and had ear pods in their ears. They were obviously busy with work.

"What have I missed?" George asked.

"Oh believe me, you missed nothing ..." Johann started to say.

"Nothing? Now I'm 'nothing'? What? I'm calling my Dad!" André put in. We roared with laughter at my twin brother's antics.

"Don't bother George! He's a social delinquent and we're putting him in a shelter for the homeless once we've landed. He is unfit to be presented in public ...!" Pieter managed to get in when André hurled an in-flight magazine at him.

"And I rest my case, Your Honour! There you have it! I'm calling my Dad! He will disinherit the lot of you! Sheez! How must I feel? I also have a heart ...! Sob! Sob!" André put in.

"Yeah, a heart made of stone!" Pieter said and another magazine was flung at him.

"Easy now gentlemen! Can I get you some fruit juice or water? We're about 45 minutes from London. Would you please sit down?" George said but one could see he had to suppress the laughter.

George came to Luigi and me in the centre section. He touched my shoulder and squeezed it. "I'll give you full directions to my flat for your visit on Tuesday. Is it still in order Luigi?"

"Yes, but I'm saying 'yes' with reservations. Let's just say we'll keep you posted. Give us your mobile number and we'll confirm it with you on Monday. OK mio caro?" Luigi said and put his hand on my thigh.

"I hope I haven't done anything wrong ... did I?" George asked, concerned.

"No, it's just that ... I'm a bit concerned that my man gets too much attention and you're a complete stranger wanting him to come and visit you in Soho ..."

"I promise you, I'd come and fetch him from your hotel personally and bring him back safely. And yes, I'm interested in him, but I have no intention of breaking up your wonderful relationship. I'm more interested in sex and having a good time. Plus, you yourself have to acknowledge how devastatingly sexy he is! I promise: no funny stuff and I'll look after him. So, what do you say?" George asked hopefully.

"Like I'm saying, it's a conditional 'yes'. Let's see what happens," Luigi answered, wanting to end the conversation.

"Oh, OK. I don't want to push it but I am interested and I will look after him very well. Remember, I'm moving to Stellenbosch in the new year. And I promise you: I'll take care of Antonio," George said and smiled his million dollar smile. Fuck, he was handsome!

Luigi melted a bit and said while he took my hand: "I can see you're no riff-raff and I know you'll look after mio caro well, but I don't want you to fall in love with him, OK? He's mine ... and I don't want anything to come between us."

"I have no intention of taking him away from you. Only for one evening and some fun. I'll have him back by 11 pm, all in one piece. Here is my card. I'll call you on your mobile early evening on Tuesday. May I please have your number?" George said and took his iPhone out to punch in my number. I gave him my number and when I mentioned it started with +27, George said he knew and smiled. "Remember, I'm moving there next year!"

"OK, it's settled then. We'll hear from you on Tuesday. May I have a bottle of still spring water, please?" Luigi ended the conversation.

"Thanks. Yes, of course. One spring water coming up."

"Are you going to visit the Greek boy in London baby bro?" André put in, leaning in from behind. "I couldn't hear everything but he looks very interested in you!"

"In the new year he is moving to Stellenbosch, of all places, and wanted to know if he could come visit us," I lied smoothly.

"Did you see the huge bulge in his pants? He'll fuck you a new asshole baby bro!" André was not totally clueless.

"Yes, I saw that, but it doesn't mean he's going to fuck me. He'll come visit us in Stellenbosch. We might go visit him in Soho this week," I added.

"He's going to fuck you baby bro! The lust is dripping from him! Fuck! I'd love to see that! Luigi, are you and George going to double my brother? Hmmm? Sheez! Baby bro, your ass is in for a pounding!"

"André! Behave! Let's first see what happens! Sheez, jy weet ...!" I said but blushed knowing he was right and that he didn't know I've joined the Mile High Club with George already!

['Jy weet' = 'You know', but the Afrikaans version says it like there it is in exasperation]

"How about I feed you some of my 'useless baby batter' before we land so we could become Mile High Club members?" André said to me and poked Juan. 'Useless baby batter' was a family joke by then!

"We're about to prepare for descent soon. I don't think we have time bro. Why do you ask only now? Let's see on the flight back home, OK?" I said and just then the announcement was made that we had to return to our seats and buckle up. We also felt the plane dipped a bit as it was preparing for descent.

"Oh fuck! Just my luck! But, I'm holding you to it! I'm the elder brother ..." André put in.

"... and you have rights! Oh sheez! We know that by now!" the rest of us said in a choir. Juan ruffled André's hair.

There was a roar of laughter and ribbing from the others. We all settled down, put our tables in the upright position and buckled up. George came down the aisle and checked everything was stowed away and that we were ready for landing. When he looked at me, he smiled and my heart melted. Fuck! He really was a gorgeous and hairy hunk of a man! And he'd fucked me twice on this A380!

"Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to be of service. You were a great bunch of guys. First Class will never see such a fine group of men here together again. I hope I'll have the pleasure of being your flight attendant again. Luigi told me you're flying back from Rome in 3 weeks' time. I'll see if I can get on the Rome - Johannesburg flight. Please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the plane has come to a stop at the airport building. Enjoy your time in London!"

The First Class cabin on BA's Airbus A380 had exactly 14 seats/berths. George went around the cabin and shook hands with every one of us. His huge hand in mine felt wonderful and I realised this hand had caressed my back while he was fucking me a few hours ago. Oh fuck! Slut!


When the huge airplane came to a standstill next to one of the retractable gangways through we would disembark, we got our belongings from the overhead stowaway berths and left the plane first. We wore our jackets as the captain announced the temperature at Heathrow was a chilly 1°C. There wasn't any snow yet but the windows in the gangway were fogged up, and the change in temperature was very noticeable.

Even though we walked straight into the gangway, the cold was evident. The hot air being pumped into the gangways made it bearable. We rushed down the gangway and entered the main building through a maze of passages, over moving passenger walkways, down escalators and ended up in the large area with long cordoned off aisles to go through passport control.

We entered the queues ahead of the vast number of passengers on the A380. The guy who was on duty where we were 'processed' was a young guy with dark hair and huge hands. He was a bit surly until he looked at our passports and then at the two of us. He looked again and gave a small smile.

"Twins! Ahhh! Welcome to the UK. What is the purpose of your visit?"

"A modelling shoot and vacation," André and I said.

William O'Donoghue looked at us again and we smiled our most angelic smiles at the big man behind the counter. He had really enormous, very white hands with lots of black hair on the back of his hands.

He looked at our visas and pictures. Then he scanned our passports into the system. He looked at us again and smiled, this time a real warm smile. He was actually attractive.

Next were Luigi and Pierre. William looked at the two gorgeous men and stammered as we walked away to wait for them. Eventually they were through and joined André and me waiting for them.

We went to the luggage carousel to retrieve our almost empty bags. While we waited, the other 8 guys joined us in drips and drabs. At last our bags came down the carousel and we loaded them two-two on a trolley. We went through the green light and into the waiting hall. We looked around and saw a tall man with a sign he held above his head that read 'Boss Models' and underneath it 'SA group'. He was a very good-looking man with dark brown hair.

Juan walked towards the guy with outstretched hand. "I'm Juan du Toit from South Africa. You must be Gareth?"

"Yes, indeed! Gareth McArthur. Welcome to London! Welcome guys!" He greeted everyone of us shaking our hands and then led the way out of the building to a waiting small bus outside. As we approached the opening sliding doors, the cold weather became very evident.

"Close your jackets guys! It's cold outside! We're expecting snow in the next couple of days. Our bus is parked 20m from the door. I'll lead the way. Come guys!" Gareth said. I noticed the man had huge hands. I looked at his shoes: enormous! His jacket covered his crotch so I couldn't see anything.

We dashed towards the waiting bus with its engine idling, and the heater running. We grabbed our luggage from the trolleys and clambered on board. It was warm and cosy in the bus.

"Sheez! Small wonder so many Britons leave these shores! Sheez! It's cold!" André put in and voiced the common sentiment.

Gareth took off his long jacket and stood in the middle at the entrance with a microphone in his hand. My godd! The bulge in his pants was insanely big! He looked at the 12 guys in front of him and waited for all to settle down. He saw I was looking at him and he smiled. Fuck! He was sexy and it was clear he used to be a model himself. He was in his early thirties but still very sexy and dashingly attractive. The bulge in his pants and his huge hands just added to his sex appeal. Oh godd!

Gareth looked around and when he saw I was the only one looking at him, he smiled again and winked. He nonchalantly palmed his bulge and smiled again. Oh fuck! If we played our cards right, there would be another fucker who was going to add his juices to the mix! Slut!

"Gentlemen! Good morning again and welcome to the icy cold London! Hugo Boss is honoured to have you here and we hope your stay here with us would be memorable, and that we'd have some good times while we're working. I won't bore you with the details right now but will brief you once we're at the Berkley Hotel close to Hyde Park. As we drive there, I'll point out whatever there is to be seen. Just so you know, the weather bureau is forecasting snow by Tuesday. I know you've been told to bring as little clothes as possible and now it's this cold. The jackets you're wearing won't do. I've taken the liberty of getting some warm jackets from a Hugo Boss shop in Regent Street. Head Office agreed. The jackets are at the hotel. When we arrive there, please come with me to the one lounge where I'll dish out the jackets. Now, just relax - we should be there in 45 minutes' time. Is the temperature in the bus warm enough?" Gareth looked at us.

It was damn cold but the bus was warm enough, even with the thin windbreaker kind of jacket I was wearing. I nodded and got a smile from Gareth. Luigi had his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. His body warmth was wonderful. I put my arm around his waist and put my head on his shoulder. He kissed me on the head and hugged me.

"Ti amo, mio caro! Stai abbastanza caldo (Are you warm enough)?" Luigi said and hugged me again.

"Sì, mio caro!" I said and hugged him too. It was damn cold but Luigi's warmth was comforting.

We were on the M4 in no time and soon we passed West Drayton and then Brentford. Soon we were passing through Chiswick and were on the A4 passing close to the northern banks of the Thames. Then we passed close to the Natural History Museum and Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum a stone's throw from the A4. We were in Knightsbridge. We passed the iconic Harrods shop on our right and then we were at our hotel, the stately Berkley Hotel. My godd! This must cost Boss Models a fortune, I thought.

I looked at my watch and saw it was half past 9. Early enough for some nice things to see and nice places to visit.

We took our measly luggage and went into the hotel, shivering. Our lips were blue and our cheeks rosy. Gareth took care of the registering and we only had to sign in to get our room card keys.

"Before you go to your rooms, please follow me to the lounge through there," Gareth said and led the way. The lounge had a huge fireplace and it was nice and warm in there. In one corner there were jackets on a rail.

"Because we know your measurements, we've been able to get your clothes for the shoot this week already now. Here are your extra jackets to wear now. Claire gave us your precise measurements and the names of the couples sharing. The clothes were put in your room according to the couples. First these jackets," Gareth said and took out his iPad.

"Luigi, you're having an XL grey jacket. Juan, you're getting a dark brown, also XL. The twins each get a grey L jacket ..." he rambled on and handed us the jackets.

"Now for the other clothes. The clothes should fit but I'd like you to please quickly try them on and if there is any problem, I'll phone and someone will bring the correct sizes and take away the wrong items. I'm in room 425. Bring it to me within the next hour and I'll exchange them. I hope the crotches are big enough ... you're a real bunch of 'boorr-kees'! Big boys!" Gareth said with a smile and winked at me.

"Thanks Gareth, but we're not all 'boertjies'! There is Luigi here who is our Italian Stallion and Gunther is our Jerry German. But, they're about to marry 'boertjies'! It's pronounced 'buuhr-keys'" André put in and exchanged the jacket he had on, with the new warmer jacket.

"Oh, OK! Sorry - it's not easy to pronounce the Afrikan words!"

"And it's called 'Afrikaans'," André put in again.

"Sorry again! I'll do my best to remember. Now, let's go and see the clothes. Every piece of clothing is marked with a piece of paper when it's to be worn. Please, you're not to wear any of it before the day it's earmarked for. At the shoot there would be a steamer to ensure any creases are taken care of. The lighter jackets would be perfect for Florence and Rome. Claire said you were going there, right?" Gareth continued.

We went up to the 4th floor in the two lifts and took our baggage to our rooms. Once in our room, I gasped. It was like in the movies! There was a small lounge suite and then two enormous king size beds with drapes and all the frills. The curtains were heavy and drawn. In the centre of the lounge, there was a gas fire going. The room was nice and warm. In front of the window there was a rail with our clothes hanging on it. On closer inspection, every single piece had our names and the day of the week we were going to model it pinned to it. The clothes were exceptionally beautiful and stylish. In the one corner there were two stylish hard dark blue hard nylon Samsonite suitcases. Each one had our names on it. Those were of course to put our extra clothes in! We were impressed.

On the two king size beds there were two big chunky white gowns on each bed. There was a bottle of Moët in an ice bucket with 4 flutes next to it, but also some sherry and glasses. And there was a box of chocolates on the round table with a vase with flowers.

Gareth was an ace! Wow!

"Come here mio caro!" Luigi said and pulled me into an embrace. "Welcome to the world city of London. I hope you're going to enjoy the time we're going to spend here. Ahhh! Ti amo!"

"I love you too my darling man!" I said and hugged Luigi. The warmth of his hairy body against mine was wonderful.

Just then, the telephone on the nightstand rung. Luigi answered and looked at me as he listened. "OK, I'll tell him. Thanks Gareth." Luigi put the phone down and said: "Gareth wants you to come there first. He said you should bring tomorrow's clothes with you and come try them on while he checks how it fits. In the meantime I'm going to try on my clothes and go to his room when you return. Apparently we're the first ones. So then, get your garments and go see him. 425 if I remember?"

"Oh, OK. Let's see. A jacket marked for Monday, a shirt, pants, a scarf and look! Even shoes! Wow! I hope it's all going to fit into that suitcase!" I said and took my garments for Monday off the rail and headed for the door.

"I'll unpack and try mine on in the meantime. See you in a bit, mio caro!" Luigi said and waved at me.

When I reached 425, I had a premonition ... the smiles, the huge hands, the enormous bulge ... oh fuck! I knocked and heard some movement inside the room. The door opened and Gareth stood there without his jacket. I noticed the enormous bulge in his pants again. My godd! There was a thick tuft of hair showing above his shirt ... the man was hairy!

"Please come in. Excuse the room. There is a lot of stuff in here for our shoot tomorrow. The other garments are with the wardrobe section that will take care of it from tomorrow. Come in!"

I stepped into a room larger than ours with a few rails in the one corner carrying an array of garments. There was nothing wrong with the room and there was nothing lying round. I entered the room and turned around to ask Gareth where I should put the clothes.

"Just hang your clothes over there and please put on the pants and shirt. And do try the shoes although they're soft and should fit properly. Claire and Werner are very thorough. I'm sure we got you the right sizes. Please?" Gareth said and pointed at the one rail with the fewest clothes.

I thought of undressing in front of Gareth and when I looked at him to get some help, he just smiled his gorgeous smile and said: "I hope you don't mind that I'm here but I've seen it all, so would you mind changing please?"

"Erm ... OK!" I stammered and thought of my big semi in my underpants. Oh fuck!

I took off my shirt and when Gareth saw my hairy chest, he gasped.

"Oh fuck! You're hairy! I love that! Wow!"

"Yes, but you're hairy too!"

Gareth put his hand out and touched my chest. Oh fuck! My semi pushed against my pants ...

Gareth leaned in and kissed me. Oh fuck!

"Oh sorry! I didn't mean to ..." Gareth said but I kissed him back. Fuck! If we were to kiss, then let it be a proper kiss!

He put his hands on my belt and undid it. I helped him and my pants fell to the floor. My hard-on was now a full-blown erection! Gareth put his hand on my cock and I groaned. He groaned into my mouth and mumbled something. I started to laugh as it was funny and I couldn't hear what he was saying.

"I'm saying, you're driving me nuts and you have a nice big cock," Gareth said and laughed with me. "It did sound funny in your mouth!"

Gareth let go of my crotch and opened his pants. He let them drop: he was going commando! My godd! His big uncut cock lifted between his legs. He was getting hard fast. I put my hand out and felt the big head already covered in precum. Oh fuck!

"We have only 5 minutes and I want to make the most of it. I've checked your stats and the clothes we got for you. I'm certain your garments would fit perfectly. But first this! I hope you don't mind! I just have to have you! Since I've seen your pictures, I was jacking off every day and now I want you. What about Luigi?"

"Let's keep it between us. He wouldn't mind too much, but it would be best if we kept this a secret," I said and unbuttoned Gareth's shirt. The hairy body was just wonderful.

"When I was still modelling, I had to remove all my body hair - silly times. It's the one thing I don't miss. Ahh! Your hands on me feel great. And I love this," he said as he peeled my underpants away. My cock was rock-hard and was sopping wet. "Big one ... hmmm!"

"How big is your cock? It feels damn big! And thick! And wet!" I said, squeezing the big cock in my hand.

"It's only 28cm ... nothing like many others I've seen in the business and Pierre's seem like one of the huge ones, right?" Gareth said as he pushed his hand under my balls and fondled them. "Oh fuck! Your balls feel so nice and the precum from you cock ... divine!"

"28cm is big! And your cock is very thick! Big head and the precum you produce ... hmmmm! Heaven! It would be enough to fuck someone!" I put in and marvelled at the big thick dick in my hand and the hairy body under the other hand.

"Fucking? What are you saying? You want me to fuck you? Really?"

"Yes, I'd love you to fuck me but we don't have time and I'm not prepared ... erm ... I prefer to douche first, but perhaps at a later stage?"

"Oh fuck! How I hate it when there's not enough time! Fuck! I'd love to stick it into you and fuck you! You have no idea how I've lusted after you and how much these few minutes mean to me! Fuck!" Gareth took my face between his hands and kissed me again. His mouth was soft and full but he kissed me with an urgency unlike what I've experienced before. His big cock pushed against mine and between the two of our cocks, they made a monumental mess - lots of precum. The precum literally, LITERALLY, ran out of this man's cock. It really was enough to fuck someone!

"Oh godd! Luigi is a lucky man! How I envy him and hate him right now! I'd want you for myself! Oh fuck!" Gareth gushed and hugged me close to him. "Please suck me, Anton? Please?"

"Yes, I'd love to suck you," I said and started going down his body.

"Erm ... do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"Yes, please!"

"Oh fuck! I cum very much! It's a problem for most guys! Usually they hate it. OK?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to have your cum in my mouth, please!"

I slid down the hairy body and marvelled at the feeling of the hard body under the luxurious body hair. This man's body hair was exceptional: long silky soft hair covered his chest, his pecs and abdomen. The treasure trail down to his groin was thick and silky. I licked my way down and gave each big nipple a quick suck. It made Gareth groan with pleasure.

His big cock was twitching against my chest and made one huge mess in my chest hair.

When I reached his bellybutton, the huge cockhead was pushing under my chin and I felt the precum being released spreading on my skin under my chin. Oh fuck! I went down past the big cock to his big balls and sucked one into my mouth. It was big! I fondled the other one with one hand and rubbed the precum over the cockhead with my other fingers.

"Oh fuck Anton! You're phenomenal! I'm ready to shoot my load already! You're making me mad with desire!"

I sucked the other ball a bit and then licked my way up the underside of the big cock and tasted the precum that covered the whole big thing. When I reached the big head, I licked and lifted the head so it slipped into my mouth.

Oh godd! It tasted wonderful! And there was a lot of precum leaking from the big piss-slit. Gareth bucked and pushed his big cock deeper into my mouth, holding my head between his hands.

The big head reached my throat's opening and got stuck - it was a big cockhead. The precum smoothed things over and after a few attempts, the big cockhead slipped in. Oh fuck! I was filled to the gills with this man's big cock! Good godd! What an experience!

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Om my godd! You've done it! Yess! Oh fuck! Very few guys can do what you've just managed! Oh yes! Oh yes!"

I pushed the big cockhead and thick shaft down my throat and massaged it with my throat muscles. Above me Gareth was groaning like someone in pain.

I had to come up for air. The cockhead slipped back into my mouth and I inhaled through my pharynx. Gareth was ecstatic!

"Oh fuck! Now I want to fuck you even more! Please let me fuck you! Please Anton?"

I let go of his big cock and said: "I'd be honoured but I can't, not now. I'm not clean and ready for it. OK?"

"I can wash up afterwards, please! You drive me fucking nuts! Ahhh!" The big cockhead slipped down my throat again and once again it felt fantastic. Gareth was growling like a wolf! I had to come up for air again.

"Please Anton! I have to fuck you please! Please?"

"OK, but if I'm not clean ..."

"Doesn't matter. I'll take my chances. Turn around please?"

I turned around and bent over. Gareth put his big sopping wet cockhead on my asshole and lubed up my hole. I still had the earlier loads in me, so my insides were slick with cum.

"Pushing in now, OK?" Gareth pushed his big cockhead into me and I groaned.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, it feels wonderful! A real big British cock! Fuck! Ahhh!"

Gareth slowly but deliberately pushed into me and I felt the big cock filling me up, pushing into the dam of cum in me.

"You're very wet inside ... hmmm! Been fucked this morning? Nice!"

"Yes there is a lot of cum in me. Just fuck me and add some more please!"

"A man to my liking! I'd just love to fuck you with some of the other guys. Luigi looks like he has a big cock too and Pierre looks like the real big one. Her-min?"

"It's 'Herr-mann' and yes, they all have big cocks. Now fuck me and cum!"

"Oh fuck yes!" Gareth said and started to fuck me with abandon. His big cock in me felt great.

"Ahhhhh! Oh godd! I'm going to cum Anton! Get ready ... I'm going to cummmm! Oh fuck! Yes! Yessss! Ahhhhh! Here it comes! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Nnnnngggggghhhhhnnnnn!"

The big cock in my hole swelled to huge proportions and the first shot exploded in my gut. He continued fucking me and fired another 7 squirts into me.

It felt like a lot! The cock still twitched and the last of his cum dribbled into me.

My godd! This man wasn't exaggerating - he did cum bucket loads! Now I was really filled to the gills with man juice! This Briton just shot at least 30ml of hot gooey cum into me.

"Sensitive! Ahhh! Oh fuck! You've given me an orgasm to end all orgasms! It was just fucking unbelievable! You're a master at giving head my man! And fucking you - even if it's rushed like this - it's is just phenomenal!"

Gareth pulled me up and gave me a lop-sided kiss. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it hungrily into my mouth. He groaned into my mouth and hugged me close to him. His big cock, still in me, pushed deep into me. His hairy body against my back felt luxurious and fucking hot and sexy! Oh godd!

He kissed me with lots of moaning, his tongue roaming my mouth, over my lips, sucking my tongue into his mouth and of course he pushed his cock deep into me.

"Oh fuck! You're what wet dreams are made of! Now you ..." Gareth said and pulled out of me. I turned to look at his cock ... it was wet with only cum ... thank goodness.

He dropped to his knees and before I could say a thing, my 24,5cm cock was deep in Gareth's mouth. Oh fuck! I've had my cock sucked many times, but Gareth's mouth was big and my cock just disappeared into his throat. My balls rested on his chin and he fondled them with his one hand while he pulled my thighs closer to him.

I was turned on big time and with the taste of Gareth's precum still in my mouth, I could cum any second. Gareth's tongue was doing the most wonderful stuff to my cock and his throat was squeezing my cockshaft behind the head. I was in orgasm heaven and my orgasm was climbing up into my groin - I was about to cum!

My cock twitched and swelled. Gareth sensed that I was about to cum and sucked my cock even more. Oh fuck!

I started to groan and held tight onto the head of this hunk sucking my cock. My godd! I was going to shoot a load of note ... ahhhh!

With one hand Gareth was massaging my buttocks, and with the other one he was fondling my balls, while his throat and tongue were driving me mad.

And then I came ... I came so hard and so intense, I almost collapsed on top of this man kneeling in front of me. Oh godd! Oh fuck!

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck Gareth! Yess! Yessss! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhhh!" I flung my head backwards and clung to Gareth's shoulders, pushing him off my cock. I wanted to explode with sensation and sensitivity and cum spew from my cock into the warm moist depths of this attractive man kneeling in front of me. Oh fuck!

My cock spasmed and I must have shot 8 or 9 spurts into Gareth's mouth - I was in no condition to count the shots I fired into his mouth. But what I did feel was that it was one hell of a load I've pumped into Gareth's mouth. I felt how he swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Half my cum was shot straight down his oesophagus but as I was pulling away, my cockhead ended up in Gareth's mouth on his tongue and I drenched his mouth with my cumload. Gareth was groaning and was really slurping up my cum.

Gareth held still when he realised how sensitive my cock had become. His tongue did some small fluttering movements on the underside of my cock and he sucked me by just moving his cheek walls and biting lightly on my cock, and forming a vacuum to suck all the cum from my cock.

I pulled my cock from this sexy man's mouth - it was just too much. I jerked and spasmed and took my cock from his hands and mouth and took a step backwards. "Oh fuck! What are you doing to me? You're killing me! That was fucking amazing! I'm astonished! It feels like no other orgasm I've had - not even with my brother or with Luigi! Amazing!"

"What? Your brother? Do you have sex with him too?"

"Yes, I do from time to time. He was my first lover, and then Juan. André is an ace cocksucker but you are the master! Wow! That. Was. Insane!"

"I'm glad to have been of service, young esquire! What else could I do to make your stay more memorable and enjoyable?"

"Oh fuck! If this is anything to go by, I'm in for a treat!"

"Oh yes! You are going to have the time of your life! And I sincerely hope I could fuck you again before the end of the week! You're not scared of my cock, are you? Did I hurt you?"

"No, of course not! I'd love to feel your cock in me again, but we'll have to play it by ear. I don't want to upset Luigi or André or any other member of the clan. We're a tight bunch and Luigi is slowly starting to rope me in. He doesn't like it when I have sex with others outside the group. So, we'll have to be careful. If it doesn't happen, it wouldn't be because I didn't want to. You gave me an orgasm to remember! Thanks! But now I have to go! Let me at least try on the jacket!"

"OK, it would be a big disappointment but I'd understand. Yes, I don't want Luigi to hate me or to cause any discord amongst you guys. Yes, try on the jacket. It should fit perfectly but let's be sure." The jacket fit me like it was made for me. It fitted me like a glove with enough space to fit over a shirt and a thin jersey or sweater. The man knew his job!

We dressed and Gareth hugged me to him. "You're a spectacular boy ... man! I could easily fall in love with you, but my better judgement tells me it's just not possible. So there - I've said it. You are what dreams and wet dreams are made of!"

"Thanks Gareth. I really appreciate it. And you're a phenomenal kisser and you give a blowjob to end all blowjobs!"

"You're good to go! Please ask Luigi to come for his fitting. We're departing on the tube for Piccadilly Circus in exactly an hour. OK? See you later."


"Yes and ...? Tell me about it?" Luigi said with a twinkle in his eye. He pulled me into his arms and said: "I can smell him ... did you enjoy it?"

"Luigi, you're just too clever! Yes, we gave each other blowjobs ... it was awesome. This man is a master with his mouth and tongue!" I admitted to the 'accusations'.

"Oh good! How big is his cock?"

"Slightly smaller than yours. But it's thick and has a big head. I think he cums a big load. And his mouth is very talented. It's been one of the best orgasms ever for me. Sorry mio caro, but he's just that good!"

"It's all right, as long you still love me ... say what? You 'THINK he cums a big load? ..."

"Luigi, that's never going to change, please! Yes ... he fucked me ..."

"Oh fuck! I'm starting to get jealous. All these other guys giving you pleasure ... we'll have to talk mio caro. I know you love me and the others are just for fun, but it's getting a bit much ..."

"Gareth just happened Luigi. I wasn't prepared for it. He has been lusting after me since he saw my photos. And George ... well, you've seen him and his big cock. It also just happened. What are we going to do with Piero?"

"Piero is a different story - he's family and he's going to live with us next year. But we need to draw the line somewhere. OK mio caro? I love you like nobody else but we need to set some boundaries. What did Gareth say?"

"He has the whole programme set out for the week. He is very organised. All our clothes are in his room and mine fits perfectly. He wants you to go and see him. Room 425. Luigi ... I love you! I really and honestly love you - very much!"

Luigi hugged me again and kissed me. He said in my ear: "You're the best thing that has ever happened and I never want to lose you. But this Pommy has crossed a line."

"And you won't lose me. The sex with other guys never means anything as much as with you. With them it's just that: sex and in most cases nothing more. Pierre and the rest of the group is a different story. And I have a feeling that Piero would soon become a revered member of our group. But, Luigi, it's YOU I love to bits, the one who makes me feel at home, wanted and who I know who loves me very much. Sex with you is always super and special. Never forget that. Just feel my cock ... I've just shot a load, and I'm hard for you now. I love you my big Italian Stallion!" I said and kissed my man.

"OK, then. Good to know. Let me get to Gareth so we could get ready for our trip to Piccadilly Circus," Luigi said and hugged me again.


A mere 5 minutes later Luigi was back and I saw the clouds on his face. He was 'the moer in'! Oh fuck!

"Gareth is off limits! No more sex with that man. He is obnoxious. He kept on and on about how sexy you are and what a wonderful experience it was to fuck you. I'm furious. If he just kept quiet about it, but no, he had to rub it in my face. Mio Dio!" I've never seen Luigi this mad. Oh fuck!

"I'm sorry Luigi ..."

"No, it is Gareth! He KNEW you're my boyfriend but no, he had to conquer you. What for? And he might be super at his job, but he is not to touch you again! If he does, I'll strangle him. Please don't let him touch you again, mio caro!"

"Yes, of course. Sorry Luigi ..." I sad and was too afraid to say anything more or even touch Luigi. He was fuming.

He stripped out of his clothes. Luigi went into the bathroom and opened the shower. "Come Antonio. Let's have a quick shower. Come!"

I stripped out of my clothes in record time and joined Luigi in the shower. He stood with his hands on the wall, facing the showerhead. The water was cascading down his face and back. He just stood there. I stepped up behind him and put my arms around his chest and hugged him lightly. He stood up straight and put his hands on mine and pushed his head back.

"Ahhh! Mio caro! How I love you! You have no idea. You have the most wonderful influence on me. I'm feeling better already. Ahhh!"

I intertwined my fingers with his and hugged him hard to my body. He groaned and turned his head to give me a kiss. My cock was beginning to stir in his crack.

"Careful there ... no entry!" He chuckled. "Hmmm! I'm glad I still have this influence on you. Oh fuck! I mustn't let people like Gareth get to me. I love and trust you. Oh fuck!"

Luigi spun around and his substantial cock was way beyond semi and pushed against me. He hugged me to him and kissed me. It was a soft gentle kiss, which was filled with love. His hands were hugging me to him.

I put my arms around his neck and felt his luxurious curly black hair under my fingers. I opened my eyes and saw Luigi's eyes opening as well. When he saw that my eyes were open too, he winked at me and I felt his mouth changing into a smile. He broke the kiss and said: "You're supposed to keep your eyes closed! Naughty boy!" We both chuckled. "Antonio, you're an amazing man and I honestly and truly love you. You're my life, you're my love - everything. Ahhhh!"

We just stood like that and looked at each other. I realised again just how incredibly sexy the man was who was standing in front of me. I put one hand on his hairy chest and when I felt the silky black hair, I groaned. This was my darling, my man, my life, my love - he was mio caro!

After a minute of holding each other, looking at each other, Luigi kissed me and then he said: "Let's get showered and get ready. I think we have only 10 minutes before we're leaving."

We shampooed and washed each other. The inevitable happened and we did get hard. Luigi was hot and ready to fuck me, but there was no time for that. In any case, he did fuck me earlier that morning on the A380.

When the last of the soap and shampoo was washed off our bodies and hair, we stepped out and dried off each other. When I got to the big rubbery cock, I lost it and took the big cock into my mouth. It was still very rubbery and slipped straight into my throat. Oh fuck!

"Antonio! We don't have time ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes!"

I played with the two big balls and sucked my man as good as I could. The big cock swelled and filled my mouth. The big head plugged my pharynx and I had to pull it out to breathe. I took a big breath and pushed it back into my mouth. Luigi was already groaning and held my head in his hands. He was slowly fucking my mouth.

I had to pull out again and tasted the precum streaming from this magnificent cock. I savoured it and played over and under the head with my tongue. Luigi was going mad with desire and lust.

"I'm about to cum Antonio! Oh fuck! Oh mio Dio! Ahhhh! I'm going to cum! Hnnngggghhh! Here it comes!"

Luigi's cock in my mouth was swelling and then my mouth was flooded with the thick creamy cum that shot from the piss-slit. It has happened many times before but every time he shot his load into my mouth, I was amazed at the volume and the taste. It tasted divine. And it was a lot. One wouldn't have guessed he shot a few loads earlier that morning on the airplane! It was phenomenal. And I had to swallow for all I was worth. It was a lot.

After the last of about 9 spurts, I swallowed the good stuff and just held the big head on my tongue. Luigi was panting and held my head in his hands. I slowly pushed the big head back down my throat and Luigi groaned.

"Mio caro! Oh fuck! You're too much! Ahhh!"

I slowly let the big cockhead slip from my throat and just held the still hard organ on my tongue.

"A quick second round please? One more?" Luigi said and started fucking my mouth again. Within seconds his cock swelled and the second volley of cum was shot into my mouth, almost as big as the previous one. Ahh! It tasted divine. I swallowed it all and just held the now softening cock in my mouth. Given enough time, he'd be ready to shoot a third round.

"I'd love this to continue but it's a bit sensitive now and I did cum on the A380. And we're running out of time. Come here mio caro!"

I let go of the big cock and stood up. We hugged and kissed and just enjoyed each other's closeness. Our relationship was steadfast and as solid as ever. My Italian darling had forgiven the earlier shenanigans with Gareth. He was sure of my love and devotion. And I was sure of my feelings for him. Luigi was just the best thing that has ever happened to me.

"Mio caro, you'll be the reason for us to be late! Now, now! Let's get our toilette done so we could go meet the group. I'm looking forward to see Piccadilly Circus again. You're going to enjoy it! Good thing we have stubbles - some time saved."

We brushed our teeth and put some perfume on: Tom Ford Noir, of course. I hugged Luigi and appreciated how nice he smelled. We dressed for the cold outside and took our new windbreakers Gareth gave us.

It was just after 11 o'clock. We met the others in the foyer where Gareth was telling them stories about his life in London and his life as a model, and working with Boss Models. Gareth had the guys hanging onto every word. He had them in stitches when we joined them. I noticed that when Gareth saw us, he was a bit perturbed but recovered quickly. Luigi was the perfect gentleman and said and did nothing.

Gareth gave each one of us a copy of the latest 'The London Guide' and an 'Oyster Card'. The latter was the size of a credit card. He also gave us each a copy of the Underground map with the different lines that were colour-coded. There was a smaller version of the Underground map in the back of The London Guide.

"Gentlemen, open your Underground maps: we're taking the Blue Line to Piccadilly Circus and then on the Grey Jubilee Line to Westminster. For those of you who haven't been to London and who don't know the Underground, just follow our lead. It's easy and everything is colour-coded. I've already highlighted our route. You can't get lost. We're getting off at Westminster across from Big Ben. It's cold outside so please put on your jackets and scarves. Once in the buildings, it's not so cold and the trains are heated too. Have you locked away all your valuables? It's London and it's the Berkley, but it doesn't mean there are no criminals. Rather be safe than sorry.

"The Oyster Cards I've just given you guys are your pass onto the Underground system. We've pre-loaded £100 on each which should last for the time you're here. I'll show you how it works," Gareth said and held up a credit card-sized blue card. "Put it in your wallet. You don't have to take it out - I'll show you. Now come, let's go," Gareth concluded. "All the major sites for sightseeing are in the London Guide. It will also help you to get your bearings as we go along."

We followed Gareth out the grand hotel and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as cold as we thought it would be, but it was chilly enough. Luigi put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. Just then we passed Gareth who was waiting for us all in front of the hotel. I felt Luigi stiffen ... oh fuck! Fireworks.

"It's down the road to the Underground. It's Knightsbridge," Gareth said and took the lead. We followed and soon our noses were cold and our cheeks became rosy quickly.

"Baby bro, can you believe we're here? Wow! London, here we come! We're going to paint this town red! What do you say ogre?" André was his old self. Juan pulled him close to him and they walked down the sidewalk arms around shoulders and waists.

Johann and Gunther were walking close to each other but no hands or hugging. Although they loved each other, they were not there to demonstrate their love in public yet.

Pierre fell into step next to us and put his arm around me. He and Luigi were really cocooning me between them. Pierre was bold enough - the man had developed quickly! - to put his head on mine and kissed me. Oh fuck! What a damn nice man! And yes, I loved him too! Fortunately, Luigi fully approved of this hung hunk and the attention he bestowed on me.

The others were also pairing off and I noticed some were holding hands and some just walked close to each other. I was the only one ensconced between two tall hung hunks.

That part of London reeked of money. The buildings were well maintained and the sidewalks were clean. The cars in the streets were of expensive origins. There were many of the black London taxis lined up next to the pavements. When we approached Knightsbridge, Gareth said to the ones close to him: "We're coming to Harrods on Wednesday. There it is in the distance. It's worth a visit but not now. The Underground is just around the corner. Come!"

Then we went down the stairs into the bowels of the earth to board the train to Piccadilly Circus. I was amazed at the change in temperature and the way it looked down there. Everything was colour-coded.

"We're on the Blue Line, the Piccadilly Line. Come. We change trains at Green Park. Look on your maps. Come. Have a look at the signs. It clearly shows in which direction the train runs. Don't get confused with the station layout. It's easy. Just know we're going to the east and we have to get on the line running to the east. Here, get out your wallets and follow my lead," Gareth said as he approached the turnstile. He put his wallet on a big round metallic pad and like magic, the turnstile opened with a noise. Gareth walked through and the turnstile closed right behind him. Wow! First World personified!

We did the same and soon all of us were on the platform. "I hear a rumble. Our train is coming. Wait for the passengers on board to disembark first before you get on. The Londoners are not patient with newcomers. Here it is," Gareth said and stepped closer to a door that was moving into position in front of us.

The doors swooshed open and many passengers disembarked. A voice over the loudspeakers said: "Mind the gap" as the passengers walked out the train. We stood waiting for them and I saw that the height of the train floor was exactly that of the platform. Very user friendly. Inside the carriage car there were signs the whole length of the car showing the route and others joining our line at different stations. All colour-coded.

We sat down on either sides of the car and looked at each other smiling. This was exciting! The doors swooshed closed and the train pulled away. André was silent - he was astounded by the moment. My bro was a stickler for new experiences and this was one that stunned him. He was smiling from ear to ear. Juan had his arm around my bro's shoulder and hugged him, smiling himself. To have some quiet time with André's mouth closed - priceless!

The train pulled into Hyde Park and some passengers got off, and others got on. We looked at the absolute variety of people on the train: from pitch black to milky white, with all the brown and yellow colours in between: literally people from all around the world. We spoke Afrikaans to each other - of course not Luigi and Gunther, but they understood why - and passed comments on the sexy guy sitting opposite Luigi.

A tall guy with pitch-black hair, rosy cheeks, a very nice dimple in his chin and the most beautiful blue eyes was seated in the seat across us that was vacated by another passenger that got off at Hyde Park. I looked at him and was astonished at his good looks. He was clean-shaven, unlike most of us who sported stubbles. But he had the classic five o'clock shadow! Right up my alley! Sheez! He was sexy!

The guy couldn't keep his eyes off Luigi and when he saw I was looking at him, he blushed cherry red and looked down at his huge hands on his thighs. He was a very attractive man himself. His rosy cheeks and pitch-black hair were gorgeous. His eyes were a beautiful blue - perhaps of Irish descent? He was beautiful. I looked at his crotch and yes, it was huge! Fuck!

Mr Big Bulge looked up again and smiled when he saw I was looking at him. He looked at Luigi and when he saw that he too was looking at him, he averted his eyes again. I looked at his hands. They were really big and beautiful and well manicured. The scarf around his neck looked like it was made of Irish lambs' wool. It was in hues of black and blue that complemented his black hair and blue eyes. He wore a black shirt, a black jacket and black denims, with huge bulky black shoes. I looked at his crotch again and saw the distinct outline of his cock. Fuck! It was big!

I looked at Luigi and realised he was looking at me. He spoke Italian to me and said: "Sapete come scegliere loro il mio tesoro (You know how to pick them my darling)!"

Mr Big Bulge looked up and answered Luigi in perfect Italian: "Grazie! E tu sei un perfetto esempio di bellezza te maschile (Thank you! And you are a perfect example of male beauty yourself)!"

Luigi was thrown for a six! An Italian on the London Underground!

"Where are you from?"

"I'm only half Italian: my mom is Italian - she taught me the language and Italian cuisine - and my dad is Irish. I grew up in Dublin. I'm an actor and have lived part of my adult life in Rome, first working in restaurants and when I was discovered, I started playing in soapies there. I'm here for a few days on my way to the parents' home in Dublin for Christmas. What language were you speaking just now?" Mr Big Bulge asked me. "It sounded like a mix between German and Dutch. You're not Dutch, are you?"

"It's Afrikaans. And no, we're South African, mainly from French origin. Descendants of French Huguenots that moved there in the 18th century. We're students and part-time models for Boss Models. We're here for a shoot, on our way to the London Eye and St James Park for an informal shoot," André said brazenly. "And my brother is engaged to this Italian Stallion." Oh André, will you ever change?

"Oh ... OK. I'm on my way to Westminster to go see Big Ben and then on to Buckingham Palace. Would you mind if I watched the shoot?"

"Yes, why not?" I said and looked at Luigi. He nodded and said, "Si certo! Il mio nome è Luigi e questo è il mio fidanzato Antonio (Yes sure! My name is Luigi and this is my fiancé Antonio).

"Grazie mille (Thanks a lot)! Il mio nome è Giovanni (My name is Giovanni). I'd love to see your shoot."

I answered him in Italian and his eyes grew big: "Il mio nome è Antonio, come hai sentito. Piacere di conoscerti (My name is Antonio as you've heard. Pleased to meet you)".

"Tu parli italiano! Ma tu sei sudafricane (You speak Italian! But you're South African)! How come?"

"I'm attached to this adorable hunk and I have to learn Italian. The boss demands it from the man who sleeps with him!" I put in and hugged Luigi.

"He has to learn Italian and how to make proper Bolognese - pronto!" Luigi said and hugged me.

When Giovanni shook my hand, his hand felt huge and soft in mine. And warm. He held my hand and looked into my eyes and I knew ... there were sparks! Oh fuck! He enclosed my hand with his left hand and looked into my eyes. Very continental. He let go of my hand enclosed in his left hand and absentmindedly pushed on his big bulge.

Giovanni was introduced to the others and he couldn't believe that there were so many of us together on the train.

"Pleased to meet you Giovanni. Yes, here we are! In London!" André said and shook Giovanni's hand.

Giovanni had many questions and when he heard Dad was a vintner, he was astounded. "Wine? Really? In South Africa? Wow!"

He also had many questions about South Africa, the political situation and the country under the new government. He and his dad were very interested in the politics of our country as his mother's grandfather was a prisoner of war sent to South Africa during WW II. They actually planned on visiting Cape Town, the Drakensberg and the Kruger National Park.

"Then you might as well come visit us on the farm and come and see for yourself that we actually do make wine, and very good wines at that! And Anton ... or Antonio to Luigi, the Ita! ... is an ace at grafting. His latest grafts are named Sauvignon Rouge and are the rage amongst the wine farmers now. Dad is going to use it to produce our very own wine in 3 years' time called André & Anton. We're already famous!" André, who else!

"My dad is going to flip when he hears this! I have to get your details! We were planning to come to South Africa next year in April or May. Is it a good time?" Giovanni asked and took out his iPhone.

"Yes, it's a good time to come. It's not so hot anymore but there won't be so many grapes then. Our grapes are delicious. But, there will be wine and yes, you're welcome. My number is 082 ..." André said and gave Giovanni his email address as well. He took a picture of Andre for his Address Book and saved the detail.

"And yours Antonio?" I gave him my details and entered his details as well. We took pictures of each other for our Address Books. My cock twitched when Giovanni moved in his seat to take my picture: his huge bulge was even more visible.

The train moved into Green Park and we had to get off to go on the Grey Jubilee Line to Westminster.

"Now mio caro, look at your Underground map. In which direction do we have to travel on the Jubilee to get to Westminster?" Luigi asked.

I looked at my map and saw the general direction was southeast but when I looked at the signs I only saw "south" and "north". So, I chose south.

"Perfetto (Perfect)! You're a quick learner! Come! Guys, come!" Luigi said and we walked to the platform of the southbound train. All 14 of us - including Gareth and Giovanni - lined up to await the train. Giovanni stood close to us, close to me! I had Pierre on my left-hand and Giovanni on my right with Luigi behind me. Oh fuck! I imagined having sex with these three hung men! Wow!

I looked at Giovanni. He was a tall guy - he was as tall as Luigi and his pitch-black hair and fair skin were striking. He caught me looking at him and he smiled at me. He winked ... he winked! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! He smiled at me again and I knew ... I just knew, there was going to be trouble with this half-Italian in the mix. Oh fuck!

The train swooshed into the station, the doors swung open and some passengers got off. We got on and only a few of us found seats. The train was full. I had to stand and ended up sandwiched between Luigi and Giovanni. I was facing Luigi and he took me in his arms. Behind me Giovanni was pushed against me by the multitude of passengers. His huge cock pushed between my buttocks and I gasped inwardly ... oh fuck, oh fuck! I was hard in seconds and with the movement of the train and the pushing of the passengers, Luigi felt it and smiled at me. "Horny for the half-bred mio caro?" Luigi might be a few things, but stupid wasn't one of them!

"It's huge mio caro! Absolutely enormous!" I said next to his ear and had to grab Luigi's hips when the train shuddered around a bend and we were pushed against each other.

"Just behave, OK? No more!"

"Yes, I know! But remember I love YOU!" I answered and hugged him. He lifted my face with his finger under my chin and kissed me. I felt Giovanni's huge cock twitch! Oh fuck! I wanted this man's cock in me!

The train entered Westminster and I gasped at the modern station. It was totally different from the others and had glass doors exactly opposite the train doors, which opened in tandem. The inside of the cavernous station was grey and very modern with lots of chrome. The doors opened and we walked into the station. We all stood still for a minute to take in the beauty and size of the station.

"Come, up the escalator. Close your jackets, put on your scarves and brace yourselves. It's cold outside. Big Ben is just across the street. Come! Remember to stand on the right hand side of the escalator," Gareth said and took the lead. "It's almost 11 o'clock! You need to experience the 11 o'clock chime!"

Luigi stood right behind me and pulled me tight to him. He said in my ear: "Welcome to the world city that is London. You're going to enjoy it mio caro! Is your jacket closed? It's cold outside." He adjusted my scarf. My godd! What a wonderful lover and what a loving man.

", mio caro. La giacca è chiusa. Sono pronto per il freddo (Yes, my darling. My jacket is closed. I'm ready for the cold)," I said and pulled my jacket closer.

"Il tuo italiano sta migliorando di giorno in giorno! Sono impressionato (Your Italian is improving by the day! I'm impressed)!" Luigi said and hugged me.

"I love you my darling! It's proof that you're the real man in my life!" I said.

"Do you still need to impress the Ita?" André said in front of me.

"Oh yes, he might buy us a villa in Tuscany! And I love him, so there! Behave, you delinquent and enjoy what you're about to see and let me impress my darling," I said and gave André's head a playful swipe.

"Ow! I'm calling Dad! Sheez! I thought you loved me! Boo hoo!" André put in. What a brother to deal with!

"Behave you delinquent!" Juan said in front of André and also gave his head a playful swipe.

"You too? Boo hoo! Where is my iPhone? I'm calling my Dad!" André ranted on as we reached the top of the escalator.

As we stepped off the escalator and walked out the building, the world-famous Big Ben on the side of the House of Parliaments loomed high up in the cold cloudy midday sky. Wow! Just then the bells started to play the hourly tune and then it struck 11. Wow! Just in time! We ripped our iPhones from our pockets and switched on the video to record this spellbinding happening. This was one to remember. I stood between André and Pierre, with Luigi behind me. We all looked up at Big Ben and at the beautiful architecture of the buildings. It was clear: we were in a first world city and country! It made my tummy feeling fuzzy and my heart skipped a beat. Fuck! What an experience.

And I was thinking of Dad and Mom! How I wished they could have been there with us. Luigi pushed closer to me and I marvelled at the big hunk behind me being so attentive and so loving. What a wonderful man and husband-to-be! I leaned back towards him and put my hand on his hand around my body.

"Penny for your thoughts? Impressive, isn't it?"

"Oh yes! It's magnificent! What a wonderful sight! I was thinking of you and Dad. I'm so glad you're here with me and wished Dad was here too," I said.

The last of the 11 tolls of the huge bell echoed away and we were still staring at the wonderful clock in the beautiful clock tower, next to the ornate House of Parliaments. We were standing right next to one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in the world!

"Come, give me your phones and let me take a group photo of you with Big Ben in the background," Gareth said. He made us stand in a group on the pavement and crouched down to get the huge clock tower in the picture behind us. We were a jolly lot and I saw that even Giovanni stepped up and was photographed with us.

Gareth took us to the Westminster Bridge with the London Eye in the background on the other side of the River Thames. We turned around and took many more pictures of Big Ben and The House of Parliaments. We aimed our iPhones at the London Eye and took many pictures of that too.

"The London Eye, gentlemen! And to the right of it is the London Aquarium. Come, we don't have much time!" Gareth said and led the way across the bridge.

It was cold! Damn cold, and I adjusted my jacket and scarf, and wished I had gloves. But, with gloves it would've been difficult to take pictures with my iPhone.

We stopped every few metres to take pictures of the London Eye and we turned back to take more pictures of Big Ben and The House of Parliaments. It was a good thing we had iPhones with large memories! André and I each had an iPhone 6 with 128GB memories.

We turned the corner and went down the steps. Right there next to the entrance to the aquarium was a McDonalds. My tummy started to rumble. I'm not a huge fan of McDonalds but I was hungry. The breakfast on the A380 was long gone.

"I suppose you're hungry? We'll stop here just now. Let's get to the Eye first," Gareth said walking past the aquarium. "We have quite a few things to see, so let's get going. Ah! There are Robert and John. Hi there!" Gareth said and walked towards the two men standing waiting with aluminium cases and tripods.

The photographer stood waiting right next to the entrance to the Eye. He already had the tickets for our 'flight' on the Eye. "Peter couldn't make it - some personal crisis. I have an extra ticket," Robert said. We were all introduced to Robert, an older gentleman and John, his young sidekick: both with non-descript appearances. Not overly good-looking or ugly - just your everyday Joe.

"Well as it happens, we have an extra person, so Giovanni you can join us," Gareth said and led us to the bottom of the London Eye. We were treated like royalty and skipped the long line of would-be 'passengers'. We stepped into the very next pod that came along from our left-hand side.

The whole pod is made of a steel or aluminium frame with Plexiglas sides. The floor was covered with wooden slats with a wooden bench in the middle. The Eye doesn't stop - one has to jump in as it moves past you. Soon after we 'boarded' the pod, the door closed behind us. We were like giggling teenyboppers and were smiling as we all pushed to the far end facing Big Ben to see the vistas of London.

The pod rose slowly and of course due to ingenious engineering, the pod remained upright. As the pod rose, the buildings in the distance became clear: the buildings in the banking district, 'The Gherkin', the beautiful buildings on the other side of the River Thames and of course The House of Parliaments and Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. Behind that, Buckingham Palace (pointed out by Gareth and Luigi), St James Park and Nelson's Column. In the distance to the east, we could see The Tower and Tower Bridge.

We were so gobsmacked we almost forgot to take pictures. "Your iPhones, boys! Take pictures!" Gareth said. We whipped out our iPhones and started clicking away. The Plexiglas wall had some droplets on the outside but the wind whipped it off and every here and there, there was a clear spot through which we could take pictures.

"We're on the Eye for two rotations. We'll let you guys take your own pictures for the first round and then Robert will be taking pictures of you guys. What do you think of the view?" Gareth was enjoying our enthusiasm and our excitement.

"Fantastic!" was the general comment.

We were taking lots of pictures of the vistas and sights visible of London Central. And lots of each other. I took lots of pictures of Luigi and Pierre, André and me, and asked André to take pictures of the three of us, then added Morné to the mix. And of course Giovanni ended up with us as well.

Then I took pictures of Juan and André, Johann and Gunther, of Herman and Johan and some of Pieter and Claude. Gareth took pictures of all 13 of us, Giovanni included in some. I noticed the photographer Robert was already taking pictures of us not posing formally. We were a happy lot and we were enjoying it tremendously.

There was lots of laughter with Claude and André at their best: the jokes were coming hard and fast. And Robert was clicking away, capturing our mood, our laughter. At times he and John laughed so much at the jokes they couldn't take pictures! It was a true reflection of our personalities, our demeanour and us, and the way we really were.

"Guys, I want pictures of each one of you separately and then the couples. And of you pretending to look into the London Guide, discussing a site to visit or directions to the nearest Underground," Robert said and we obliged. Actually, Luigi and I were really looking at the map and where we were going, and he pointed out St James Park in the distance and Buckingham Palace.

As the pod started to rise again, Robert and John were clicking away: they were taking pictures of us from all angles. At one stage Giovanni was standing very close to me and I could actually feel his semi against my thigh. Oh fuck!

"Feel what you're doing to me," he whispered pretending to look over my shoulder towards Big Ben.

"Careful, Luigi knows," I said and 'accidentally' brushed my hand over his bulge as I pulled my hand up between us.

"I'm going to fuck you! And soon! I'm here until Friday. I'm staying in a small B&B in Soho. I was visiting the Fleming collection this morning, that's why I got on the train at Green Park. Text me if you can!" Giovanni said as he pointed to Buckingham Palace.

"We'll see," I whispered. "How big is it?"

"29cm and thick, uncut, lots of precum, huge amount of cum. Interested?"

"Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! How about Tuesday?"

"I'm seeing a producer at 6 pm and should be back home by 8 o'clock. I can't wait! Per favore (Please)!"

"I'll try. I'll text you," I said and turned towards Pierre who came to stand next to me.

"Thanks to you, I'm also part of this. Thanks Ant! You're the best thing that has ever happened to me!" Pierre said and put his arm around my shoulder, and hugged me. "I love you Ant!"

"Pee-AIR, you do know I love you too! I love it that you're here with us!"

"Tonight I want to make super duper love to you! Oh fuck!" Pierre said and hugged me tighter.

"Yes, of course!" I said and put my left arm around his waist.

"You guys are so in love! Wow! I hope Boss will not throw some pictures out because of the love that is so obvious between you guys!" Gareth said and put his hands on Pierre and my shoulders. Snake!

"Yes, we love each other very much," Pierre said.

"But I thought Luigi ..." Gareth started to say.

"Yes, him too," I said flatly.

"I ... erm ... really?" Gareth was flabbergasted.

"Yes, and the rest, except for Pieter and Claude, Johan and Herman and of course Giovanni. All 8 of us are in a very tight relationship," André put in and put his hand on Gareth's neck. It was clear André saw through Gareth's line of thinking.

"Erm ... what? Really? I've never heard of that before! Threesomes yes, but EIGHT-somes?"

I wonder what he would have said if he knew about our orgies in the cottage ...

"Yes, and Antonio is off limits," Luigi said, accentuating the last two words.

Gareth and I knew exactly what he meant. No need to tell the others - Gareth got the message loud and clear.

Just then the pod was at the bottom of its rotation and the doors slid open. Robert and John grabbed their stuff and were out the pod. We followed and walked down the ramp towards McDonalds.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry enough to stomach a Big Mac right now!" André voiced our thoughts.

"This is not the kind of food we normally give our guests and models, but McDonalds is here now and you'll have a wonderful view of Big Ben. Come boys!" Gareth said, not batting an eyelid. He didn't show any hurt that he was blown off just now, big time!

We found a corner in the restaurant next to the huge window overlooking the Thames and Big Ben. We moved 3 tables together and pulled some more empty chairs from other tables. We were 16 all together.

"Big Macs for everybody? And Coke? I have a Boss credit card. John, please come help me," Gareth said and when we all agreed, he and John went to the counter to order our lunches. I pulled out my iPhone and took pictures of the guys sitting around the tables. I got some nice ones of Giovanni too. He smiled the most gorgeous smile with his beautiful full lips, exposing impeccable straight white teeth. The lust in his eyes was obvious but he put on a poker face and settled in next to Pierre.

Robert went to the counter to help with the tray with Cokes and soon Gareth and John returned with our Big Macs. And the thin skinny 'chips'. One of the reasons I'm not fond of McDonalds: chips should be normal-sized, and not the matchsticks McDonalds calls 'fries'. But, we were hungry, so we wolfed down the burgers and fries.

Robert took us out 3 at a time to take pictures of us right by the wall bordering the Thames. It was cold so he rushed to get it done. Soon all of us had a turn to pose for Robert.

When the pictures were taken, Gareth huddled us together and led us across the bridge. We marvelled at the buildings and the beauty of Big Ben in front of us. We stopped again and took more pictures of the buildings in front of us. We walked past Big Ben and around the corner where we saw the façade of the buildings of The House of Parliaments. Across the street from the House of Parliaments was the Westminster Abbey's backside.

"Here is the place where it was eventually announced that gays may marry each other now," Gareth said. We were well versed and we all knew of the historical event when the law was passed in 2014.

"There is no entry on a Sunday, so that's it for now. Come, let's go and see the Westminster Abbey," Gareth said and led the way across the street. We entered through a gate at the back of the abbey. The condition of the walls clearly showed the age of the thousand year old building. Of course some parts were added since 1090 when it opened, but the grand building was impressive. The northern portal facing the house of Parliaments was impressive and very ornate.

Gareth led us past the outside of the abbey to the southern end where the main entrance was below the dual towers. He took tickets, which Boss bought for entrance into the abbey, out of his portfolio and led us into the grand building. At the entrance he picked up 16 colourful brochures - also for Boss's account and handed them to us.

There was an impressive and the long aisle leading to the back (northern end) of the building. There were pulpits all the length of the aisle right up to the altar. Wow! The whole interior of the very old building made us gasp. To think there was literally nothing older than the 350-year-old castle in Cape Town in South Africa. We were overwhelmed.

The inside of the abbey was beautiful. We were not allowed to take pictures of the interior, but the colourful brochures Gareth gave us made up for it. There were many pictures showing the impressive décor, woodwork and ceilings.

After 20 minutes in the abbey - way too short to really appreciate the beauty of the place - Gareth led us out the northern entrance and turned left. We walked over Parliament Square towards the northern end of St James Park. I've seen pictures of it in spring and summer, filled with the most beautiful flowers. Now there were only foliage plants left and they were not looking too good in the cold weather.

The bite in the air was not nice at all now. I pulled my jacket closer to my body and pushed my scarf up to just under my eyes in order to cover my ears too. Fuck! It was cold.

We crossed a bridge over the pond that led to The Mall, the famous street down which all parades progressed from Buckingham Palace.

On the bridge with Buckingham behind us, Robert and John went to work. They too were cold, so they took our pictures as soon as they could. There were single pictures of everybody, then of couples together, 3 together, and the whole group.

Through it all, Giovanni was standing behind the photographers and took some pictures himself. He had his scarf up his face too but I could still see his beautiful mouth.

Once the photos were taken, we walked towards the Mall and took some pictures of this famous street with the Queen Victoria Memorial in the background. The memorial was right in front of the huge black and golden fence of Buckingham Palace.

We walked on the sidewalk towards the palace and stopped often to take pictures of each other and the palace as we were approaching this landmark building.

Despite the cold weather, there were hundreds of tourists. As we approached the memorial, we saw the last of the Changing of the Guards. There were men on horses and soldiers in flashy uniforms: black pants with red stripes down the sides, red jackets and tall black woolly bearskins (hats) and rifles. What a spectacle! At least we've seen some of it.

In front of the memorial, Robert and us were taking some more pictures. Then we approached the very ornate black fence and took pictures of the palace and of us in front of the fence with its gold-coloured tops and detail at the impressive gates. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

But fuck, it was cold!

"Guys, it's cold and I can see you South Africans are not used to this. Come, let's get to the Underground. We're going on the Green Line from St James Park Underground right up to Tower Hill - no changing trains. Come, follow me," Gareth said and walked between the palace and St James Park onto Birdcage Walk. Almost opposite the place where we entered St James Park, we turned off into a small street. Soon we saw the familiar Underground sign and the name 'St James Park'.

We clambered down the stairs into the station. We were glad to feel some warmth!

Giovanni was still with us. He and Gunther had struck up a conversation and I could hear they were talking about the austerity measures in Ireland, Greece and Italy, the future of the euro and what Gunther was doing in South Africa.

Luigi stood very close to me and pulled me into his arms. He opened his jacket and ensconced me against his warm chest! My man!

"Better mio caro? Hmmm?"

"Sì dottore! Grazie mille (Yes doctor! Thank you very much)!"

"Guys, we're going on the northern line of the Green Line. Come, let's get to the platform," Gareth said. We took out our wallets and put them on the metal pad at the turnstiles as we approached them, and went into the part adjacent to the platforms.

Pierre was standing next to me and put his arm around my shoulders, holding on to Luigi's shoulder on my other side.

"I love you guys so fucking much! You have no idea what you mean to me, and what this trip means to me. Thanks a lot Ant! Thanks Ita!"

"Ahh, Pee-AIR, we love you too! And it's great to have you here with us. You give a new dimension to the whole trip," Luigi said and put his left hand behind my back on Pierre's shoulder.

I was squeezed between them. I looked up at Pierre and he bent down to kiss me. Of course Luigi didn't mind - he liked Pierre too much, and he knew Pierre was adding to our relationship, rather than being a threat to it. His mouth lingered on my mouth and I even got some tongue. Jackal!

When we broke our kiss, I saw Giovanni looking at us, salivating. He winked at me again. Fuck!

Gareth pretended he didn't see the kiss but I could see he noticed it damn well. He was still hurt after the roughing up he got from Luigi at the hotel, and was keeping his distance.

I thought of the extremely nice blowjob Gareth gave me in his room in the hotel and the impromptu fucking, and wondered what a session with him together with us would have been like. But, with the history between him and Luigi, it was highly unlikely it was ever going to happen.

The train swooshed into the station and as soon as the disembarking passengers were off the Green Line train, we got in and took our seats. I looked at the maps above the windows and worked out we were going to pass 5 stations before we would reach Tower Hill.

I sat down between Luigi and Pierre. Gunther and Giovanni were seated across the carriage facing us. Johann was sitting on Gunther's other side and was listening to the two of them, now talking about the general state of affairs in Europe and all the migrant workers streaming from Africa into Europe, causing huge problems in Italy, but also in other countries to which the migrants moved.

André was quiet for a change and was talking to Juan about what we've seen thus far and what we have done. My brother was as giddy as a foal! He was very happy!

Gareth, Robert and John were looking at the pictures of the informal shoots on their digital cameras. It was clear they were happy with the results.

Pieter and Claude were discussing their trip into London the next day.

Johan and Herman were as happy as a couple on their honeymoon! I was so glad the two of them found happiness. It was clear Johan adored Herman. I couldn't help but think of the huge cock he had at his disposal every night ... fuck! I was a bit jealous! They sat very close to each other with Johan's hand on Herman's thigh, close to his crotch. Herman's jacket concealed the closeness of Johan's hand next to Herman's cock. Jackal!

The train stopped at every station and passengers got off and others got on. Soon we were pulling into Tower Hill and we got up. As we got up, I realised Giovanni was standing right behind me. As the train braked to a halt, I was pushed into Giovanni. His huge cock was pushing into me and I salivated. Fuck! I had to have this man ... I hoped I'd be able to see him on Tuesday night. Perhaps I could organise him and George to see me at the same time ... oh fuck! Slut!

We entered the station and had to touch the metal pads at the turnstiles again with our Oyster Cards to get out. We left the station, which looked totally different from the others. Gareth led the way and soon we were standing in front of a statue of a Roman soldier, Trajan. Behind him were ancient walls, which were built by the Romans. We read on the plaques that "the wall appears to have been built in the late 2nd or early 3rd century, certainly between 190 and 225, and probably between 200 and 220. It continued to be developed until at least the end of the 4th century, making it among the last major building projects undertaken by the Romans before the Roman departure from Britain in 410".

Luigi told us that the exact reason for the wall's construction was unknown, but that it may have been connected to the invasion of northern Britain, apparently by barbarians who overran Hadrian's Wall in the 180s.

Nonetheless, we were impressed. Robert took some more informal pictures of us in front of the wall and statue.

Opposite the ancient wall were the buildings of the Tower of London, surrounded by a fairly high wall and fence. Luigi and Juan were fonts of knowledge to enlighten us, supported by Gareth and Giovanni.

Giovanni lived in London for two years before he moved to Rome and knew the city fairly well.

Gareth and Giovanni, and Juan and Luigi explained to us where we were and that the Tower Bridge was just on the other side of the Tower buildings. We were short on time so we started walking northwards towards the north-eastern corner of the Tower buildings. Then we turned east and saw the iconic Tower Bridge in front of us! Wow! We were really in London! And as it would happen the bridge was about to be lifted! What luck! There was a boat that had to pass and the traffic was halted to lift the bascule bridge.

It was fairly cold and there were not that many spectators. We walked up to the western tower of the bridge and took pictures in front of the plaque saying 'Tower Bridge'. We moved down the edge of the west bank of the river to see the spectacle of the lifting of the bascules. We were fortunate to get to the balustrade between the walkway and the Thames.

Luigi was standing behind me, with Giovanni on my one side and Pierre on my other side. This half-bred Italian hunk was fast becoming a part of the group. He fit in so easily, albeit driven by his lust for me; he was also intelligent and lovable, and fucking sexy!

The bascules were in the raised position and the ship passed through the opening. Soon after the ship had passed, the bascules were lowered. Our iPhones worked overtime. We clicked away as this was a rare occasion at the time, as very few ships still pass this high up the Thames. This part of the Thames wasn't so busy anymore as the harbour is now more to the east in the river.

"The engineers amongst you will have to go into the bridge to see the workings of the bascules, but that takes time we don't have right now. On your next trip to London make it a point to come see it. It's an engineering marvel. Come on guys, we have 45 minutes to get through the Tower of London and see the crown jewels. This way," Gareth said and led the way up the walkway. To our right we saw the ancient buildings, some built almost 10 centuries ago. The entrance was to the western end, and as with all our visits, Gareth had the entry tickets ready.

As we approached the gate, the Beefeater on duty let us in immediately.

"Guys, I'm taking you to the most important parts and of course the crown jewels as we don't have much time. This way," Gareth said and led the way. We went through narrow passages and up narrow stairs in some of the living quarters. It was clear the people of 1 000 years ago were smaller than the average person of today.

There were many walkways and lawns between numerous buildings - all were ancient. There was also a building where there were guards on duty. We followed Gareth while he explained as we walked along.

Soon we entered a separate building where the jewels were kept. There was a guard on duty at the entrance. He wore a bearskin hat and a red jacket, and had a rifle.

"No pictures inside please! And don't do anything out of the ordinary. There are many CCTV cameras and many guards, and they will throw you out if you try anything funny. Be prepared to be wowed! The biggest diamond here is from the Cullinan mine in South Africa! Don't try to take it home!"

We went in one door and the room was dimly lit. There were numerous exhibitions but the main attraction was a huge glass case containing the crown jewels. Inside were crowns, sceptres, swords and other jewels laid into a plethora of items.

The visitors had to keep on moving around the glass box. We were not allowed to stand still and really look at the items. But, we did see the crown with the enormous South African diamond in it.

"We have ten minutes," Gareth said as we moved out of the room. "You can roam around between the buildings and see some of the other artefacts on display, but I need you to be back at the entrance in 10 minutes' time."

We wandered amongst the ancient buildings and marvelled that a civilisation could have built this so many years ago whereas in Africa the pyramids and Zimbabwe Ruins were the only buildings built in ancient times. There is no other building south of the Sahara older than the Zimbabwe Ruins and the Castle in Cape Town.

We were engrossed with the buildings and the good condition - good upkeep and maintenance? - of the buildings and walls. Soon the 10 minutes were up and we had to rush to the entrance.

"Today is only to whet your appetite. We just don't have time to show it all to you in detail. We're going back to Tower Hill Underground and on the Green Line again to Bank. You need to see the iconic 'Gherkin' and some of the other buildings such as the Lloyds of London Building. Come guys."


The trip to Bank was short and the walk around there to the buildings was interesting. Time was a limiting factor so we couldn't go into The Gherkin.

The green 'Gherkin' was breathtakingly beautiful and we took many pictures. It really was iconic and beautiful. We walked around the older buildings and also saw the very modern Lloyds of London building which was closed as well.

"I see you are all using iPhones. A quick stop at the Apple Store in Regent Street? It's one of the biggest Apple Stores. You have to see it. Come. We're going on the Red Line, the Central Line to Oxford Circus and walk the short distance to the store. Giovanni, are you coming with us? Where are you in Soho?"

"I'm not too far from Oxford Circus and yes, I'd love to join you going to Apple Store. I wanted to buy my Dad an iPod for Christmas. Thanks for your hospitality today, Gareth! It meant a lot!"


The trip to Oxford Circus lasted a bit longer and we had to stop at 4 stations before we reached Oxford Circus.

We got off and out into the street. Gareth turned left and we followed him and there it was: an enormous Apple Store with huge windows. We walked in, all beady eyed and open mouths. It was enormous inside - nothing like the much smaller iStores we had in South Africa.

The products were exhibited in rows - not just one iPhone or one iPod Touch, but an array of them. Of course being so expensive and all working models, they were all tethered to electronic chords.

Being Apple fanatics, we knew the products but there were quite a number of stuff we tried out. The peripherals on sale were mind-blowing. There was anything from skins to cases to ear pods to Lightning chords and adapters, power blocks, carry bags, backpacks etc etc.

We went upstairs and there was a big open auditorium where three Apple technicians were busy with one of Apple's free training courses.

Along the sides of the store - upstairs and downstairs - there were counters where customers could bring their used or new devices to set them up or sort out problems with settings, all for free.

In one place there was a big counter with at least 8 cashiers and customers had to queue up like in a bank. Giovanni has found the iPod nano he wanted to buy for his Dad and was already third from the front to pay for his iThing.

I looked at my watch and saw it was already half past 5! The day - our first day in London! - has gone! I wasn't too tired as we flew in First Class which made proper sleeping possible, but we've been up and about for a long time. I felt like a Gin and tonic!

"Thinking what I'm thinking? G&T? Hmmm?" Luigi put in.

"Yes mio caro! You know me too well. I'm parched. I want to sit back and relax and sip a G&T with you and Pierre next to me. Ah, Giovanni has finished paying. Can we go now?" I directed my question at Gareth.

"Yes, I think so. Giovanni, are you on your own now?" Gareth asked him.

"Yes, but I'd love to have a drink with you guys before I go home. I've enjoyed your company for the whole day and would like to buy you guys a drink," Giovanni said.

"No such thing! Boss can afford to buy you a drink. We're staying at the Berkley Hotel near Knightsbridge. Would you like to join us for a drink at the hotel?"

"Well, I didn't want to overstay my welcome but come to think of it, I'm dying for a Guinness! Yes, thanks!" Giovanni said and I saw the delight in his eyes that he could stay with us a little longer.

We went back into the street. The temperature had dropped tremendously now that the sun was setting. Brrrr! I tightened my jacket and scarf and sought some heat between Luigi and Pierre.

We clambered down the steps into the Oxford Circus Underground and took the Light Blue Victoria Line to Green Park and changed to the Dark Blue Piccadilly Circus line to Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge.

We took a brisk walk up the street to our hotel and when we reached the door, the doorman opened for us and it felt like we've walked into heaven. It was warm and the fire - gas, no less - was burning in the fireplace. The air conditioners also helped to keep the temperature at a cosy 20ºC.

"Go put your stuff away and meet me in the bar in 30 minutes," Gareth said. "Giovanni, are you going with Luigi to freshen up?"

"Yes, he is coming with us," Luigi said and walked to the elevators.

"Grazi mille, Luigi! Sei un vero gentleman (Thank you very much, Luigi! You are a true gentleman!)," Giovanni said and got into the elevator with Luigi, Pierre and me. My brain was starting to click, click, click ... could it be possible? Would Luigi be OK to ...? No, don't get your hopes up, slut! I reprimanded myself.

Once in our suite - Pierre and Morné were in the adjacent suite but there was a connecting door between the suites - Luigi plopped down on the couch and said: "Giovanni, il bagno è di lì. Aiuta te stesso (Giovanni, the bathroom is through there. Help yourself). Mio caro, si prega di massaggiare i piedi doloranti (My darling, please massage my aching feet)?"

I sat down on the floor and removed Luigi's shoes. When I removed his socks, his feet were fairly cold. I looked at the exquisite feet in my lap and fell in love with them again. My godd! They were beautiful!

I heard a hefty stream of urine flowing from Giovanni's cock into the toilet bowl and smiled when Luigi said: "Not a prospective patient! Not soon! Very healthy stream!" I sniggered and thought of the size of the hose that made such a noise of releasing a huge volume of urine.

I started to massage Luigi's feet and just as I had him relaxed against the cushions, Giovanni came into the room and sat down next to Luigi.

"I'd PAY you if you'd do that for me please Antonio? Would you please? Luigi, può Antonio prego massaggiare i piedi troppo (May Antonio please massage my feet too)?" Giovanni asked in a little boy's begging voice. He was so endearing!

Luigi looked at me and said: "Con piacere, se vuole farlo (with pleasure, if he wants to do it). Antonio, is it OK with you?"

"Yes, but first I have to go to the toilet too," I said and massaged Luigi's right foot.

I got up and told Giovanni to remove his shoes and feet while I was in the bathroom. Just then Luigi got up as well. "I also need to empty my bladder. One never knows what that Pommy has in store for us. My bladder also needs some relief."

The tiled floor in the bathroom was heated so Luigi didn't have to walk on cold tiles. We both stood at the toilet bowl and started to pee.

Luigi's huge semi-hard cock he held in his hand was making me wish it were bedtime already. It was big and beautiful.

Luigi disrupted my daydreaming and said: "You like this half-bred Italian boy eh? It looks like he has a nice big one. He surely is a very attractive guy and obviously he's no riffraff. Would you like him to stay the night? Don't look so surprised! I know you like him and I have to say, I think he'll just add a little bit of spice to the mix. Pee-AIR would join us and we'll ask Juan and André if Morné could join them for tonight. OK? Shall I invite Giovanni?"

I averted my eyes and just whispered: "You know me too well. Yes, it would be nice if Giovanni could stay, if he wants to ..."

"Oh he wants to, I can tell!"

Luigi pulled me into an embrace and hugged me. He looked into my eyes and kissed me. A soft gentle kiss. I opened my mouth and got some tongue.

"You're the most adorable boy ever!"

We washed our hands and went back into the room. Giovanni looked a bit uneasy sitting there with his bare feet and having heard us talking in the bathroom.

I sat down on the floor and saw Giovanni's feet. They were huge, as big as Luigi and any day as good-looking as his. They were also hairy, but not as hairy as Pierre's feet. There was a considerable dusting of hair on the bridge. What amazes me was the shape of the big toes: big and perfect in every way. The feet were perfectly formed with the second toe longer. His feet were beautiful. And they smelled nice and manly, after a day in shoes. I took the left one in my lap and started massaging it.

"Relax Giovanni! Antonio will massage your feet and I want to ask you something. If we could get you a toothbrush from housekeeping, would you like to stay the night with us?"

"Oh mio Dio, il mio amico! Davvero (Oh my godd, my friend! Really)? You have no idea how much that would mean to me! Of course I'd love to stay! Is it OK with you Antonio?" Giovanni said. "And Pee-AIR?"

"Si il mio amico (Yes my friend), I'll enjoy having you here with us," I said.

"But ... you do know I wanted to have ... sex with Antonio, Luigi? Davvero? Oh mio Dio! This day just can't get any better!" Giovanni's eyes were big and he put an arm out to touch Luigi's hand.

"Yes, and Pierre is going to join us, OK?" Luigi said. Luigi moved over to Giovanni while I was massaging Giovanni's big feet. They were soft to the touch and warm, despite winter. I looked up and saw the bulge in his pants was really big. Giovanni's cock was most definitely hard!

"Yes, please get me a toothbrush and I'll stay, please!" Luigi put a hand out and pulled Giovanni's head into his tummy. I saw it happening but it was like it was unreal. Luigi was smitten with the half-bred Italian too! He liked him as much as I did! I noticed Luigi's cock was also bulging and saw him turning so that Giovanni's face was in his crotch.

"Oh Dio il mio amico! E 'questo anche reale (Oh godd my friend! Is this even real)?" Giovanni gushed as he felt Luigi's big cock still in his pants against his face.

"Si, il mio amico! Oh, è vero! Sta a te. Ti piacerebbe andare a letto con noi? (Yes my friend! Oh it is real! It's up to you. Would you love to sleep with us?)," Luigi surprised both of us.

"Oh fuck yes! But I want to fuck Antonio ... is that OK? Antonio? Luigi?" Giovanni asked again.

"Mio caro, tell him," Luigi said and squeezed Giovanni's hand. He ruffled his black hair.

"Yes, if you want to. And yes, it's OK with me if you wanted to fuck me. And if it works out, you could even experience a double fuck with Luigi or Pierre. Game for that?" I said.

"What? Really? My cock is so big ... sorry Antonio, I hope it's not going to scare you off ... I've never experienced a double fuck before! It would be a dream come true! Yes, of course I'm game for that! Just look at what you've done to me!" Giovanni said and readjusted his hard-on in his pants.

"Settled then! Let's round up this foot massage and go get something to drink before we go for dinner. I'm looking forward to a night of unadulterated sex with you three guys! Welcome Giovanni! You're a nice guy! And with Italian blood in your veins ... we both like you lots!" Luigi said and bent down to kiss Giovanni! My godd! My man amazes me every day more and more, I thought.

I looked at Giovanni's feet again. They were very well cared for. The toenails were slightly longer than Luigi's but they were perfectly formed. They were very similar to Luigi's feet and his other foot in my lap made me hard. I just loved big beautiful male feet. The foot in my lap was wiggling on my hard-on.

Luigi let go of Giovanni and ruffled his hair again, and readjusted his own erection.

"Look at what YOU'VE done to me!" Luigi said and grabbed his big bulge in his hand.

I lifted Giovanni's foot and sucked the big toe. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! Nobody has ever done that to me! My godd! Antonio, you're a phenomenon! You're driving me nuts! Per favore vieni qui. Voglio baciarti. Posso piacere Luigi? (Please come here. I want to kiss you. May I please Luigi?)"

"Oh, I also wanted to kiss you since you got on the Underground! OK, Luigi?" I said.

"He IS going to fuck you later on, so of course! You may kiss the man!" Luigi said and pulled me up from the floor. I was in his arms and I felt his big hard-on in his pants pushing against me. He hugged me close and whispered loudly enough for Giovanni to hear: "Basta non andare innamorarsi di questo pezzo italiano! Sei ancora il mio tesoro! (Just don't go fall in love with this Italian hunk! You're still my darling!)"

I sat down again and took Giovanni's socks, and pulled them on his feet and then his shoes. "Ahhh! Nobody has ever done that for me! You're an amazing guy Antonio!"

I stood up again and kissed Luigi. I looked into his eyes. "Tu sai che sei il mio primo amore, ma bisogna essere d'accordo: sarebbe facile innamorarsi di Giovanni! (You know that you're my first love, but you have to agree: it would be easy to fall in love with Giovanni!)"

"Just don't get any ideas Giovanni! If there was a real job for you in South Africa, we'd invite to you come there and ..."

"You forgot: I was a restaurateur first and then I became an actor! I've actually finished a diploma in Italian cuisine! Between acting in the soapie Cento Vetrine, I was also modelling for Dolce & Gabbana. Don't you have Italian restaurants in South Africa? Plus, I'm sure Boss Models would have a job for me!" Giovanni blurted out.

"Mario!" Luigi and I shouted and looked at each other! Fuck! This was perfect! Luigi's restaurants were such a success, he had to employ more people and here was this absolute hunk with papers, no less, who could assist him. And Claire would just be too glad to rob Dolce & Gabbana of a model!

"Giovanni, mio zio a Stellenbosch è un ristoratore e lui sarebbe felice di avere te! Interessato? (Giovanni, my uncle in Stellenbosch is a restaurateur and he would be happy to have you! Interested?)"

"Oh cazzo sì! ! Mi piacerebbe venire in Sud Africa! (Oh fuck yes! Yes! I'd love to come to South Africa!)"

"I'll give uncle Mario a call and ask him. What exactly were you trained to do?" Luigi asked.

"I'm trained to prepare all pastas and pizza dishes, sauces and antipasti. I've worked in some upper-class restaurants in Rome. Oh fuck! South Africa! Oh ..." Giovanni's face changed to being concerned, worried.

"What? What are you thinking now? South Africa has its problems ..." Luigi started.

"No, it's not that, but where will I go? What about you guys? You're engaged. Where would I fit in? I don't want to be any trouble or ..." Giovanni put in.

"Giovanni, Giovanni! Calm down! There are actually 8 of us in a relationship of sorts, and next year a Greek man and my nephew will join us in Stellenbosch. One more would make it 11. Just enough to give Antonio's Mom a heart attack! Don't worry ... we'll still tell you about that. No, if you like us and enjoy tonight, and are interested in coming to South Africa, I'm sure my uncle would have a job for you, and Claire, our agent at Boss Models, would be happy to steal you away from Dolce & Gabbana! No stress! Enjoy tonight and let's see how it works out. OK?" Luigi said and hugged Giovanni. He actually kissed him! My fuck! My man actually wanted this half-bred to join us! And he was the one who told me on the train 'no more'! And now, look at him!

"Oh godd! I'm ready for a change! Playing in a soapie has its perks and it's nice, but I enjoy the restaurant and interaction with people more, and the odd photo shoot is like a super charge for me. If Clarence ... erm ... Claire? ... would have me, I'd be happy to say goodbye to D&C! A change is as good as a holiday I say, and if it could be with you nice guys ... then YES! Today with you guys exceeded my wildest expectations! You're a nice bunch of guys. I'll just have to get used to André's jokes! He is a bit much! And Claude too!" Giovanni said and laughed. He had a good sense of humour.

Giovanni stepped up to me and took me into his arms. His huge bulge pushed against me and I was overcome with lust for this beautiful man and his big cock. I lifted my mouth to him and got a kiss of note! This man knew how to kiss! Soft lips, just enough tongue and one hand behind my head. Fuck!

When we broke the kiss, I said: "We have 5 minutes. Luigi why don't you call Mario now mio caro?" I said.

"Behave! Not too much now Giovanni! He's still mine, amico mio (my friend)! Yes, that's a good idea. It's about 7 pm in South Africa, just before the rush. Let me call him quickly," Luigi said and took out his iPhone. He looked up Giovanni's number and tapped the number to call his uncle.

I put my hand on Giovanni's bulge and ... yes, it was big! It was still semi-hard, but fuck! It was big!

"Buona sera zio Mario! , è Luigi! , , siamo a Londra ... (Good evening uncle Mario! Yes, it's Luigi! Yes, yes, we're in London ...)." He told Mario about the flight and the day in London and then told him about Giovanni. ", Antonio e io lo incontrarono sul metro ... , lui è molto bello! ... , Antonio lo ama molto! ... Zio Mario, lui è un cuoco italiano qualificato e vuole venire in Sud Africa ... Si? Davvero? ... Il suo nome è Giovanni - parlare con lui! (Yes, Antonio and I met him on the metro ... Yes, he is very handsome! ... Yes, Antonio likes him very much! ... Uncle Mario, he is a trained Italian chef and wants to come to South Africa ... Yes? Really? ... His name is Giovanni - talk to him!)"

Luigi handed the phone to Giovanni.

"Buona sera signor Mario! ... , io sono uno chef qualificato ... . ... Antipasti , pasta , sughi, pizza. ... , mi piacerebbe venire in Sud Africa! ... Fate? ... Davvero? ... ! ... Grazie! ... , te lo dico Luigi. ... Grazie Signore! (Good evening Mister Mario! ... Yes, I'm a trained chef. ... Yes. ... Antipasti, pasta, sauces, pizza. ... Yes, I'd love to come to South Africa! ... You do? ... Really? ... Yes! ... Thanks! ... Yes, I'll tell Luigi. ... Thank you sir!)"

Giovanni gave the iPhone to Luigi and looked at me all googly-eyed. "Antonio, I'm moving to 'Stillinboss' in January! ! Mio caro! I'm going to work for zio Mario!" He grabbed me and hugged me. His huge bulge pushed into me.

'Mio caro'? Another one in love with me? What would Luigi say to that? But, the man in my arms was a true hung (I still needed to see it) hunk! He pushed me back at arm's length and smiled from ear to ear. He pulled me in and kissed me. Fuck! He was a good kisser! I slipped my one hand down and copped a feel of his cock again. Yes! It was fucking huge! I was in for the fuck of my life!

Luigi and Mario exchanged some niceties and Luigi received some regards to be passed on to the clan in Firenze.

"Sì zio Mario! Si! Ciao! (Yes uncle Mario! Yes! Goodbye!)" Luigi concluded the call and hung up.

"Mio caro, it would look like we've just added another Italian to the mix! Zio Mario is very excited about Giovanni coming to work for him. He is desperate to get a properly trained chef. And the fact that he can speak Italian earned him a lot of points!" Luigi joined in the hug and I felt his big semi on my hip.

The door opened and Pierre walked in. "And, what did I miss? What's going on? Ant! Another one? You know how to pick them, eh?"

"Pierre, did you hear that? Giovanni's going to work for Mario in January! He's coming to Stellenbosch! Ah! And yes, he is going to become a member of the group! He is the last one! I promise! He is sleeping over tonight, and you're joining us for a foursome. Nobody else," I blurted out and felt Giovanni's big cock twitch in his pants.

"What? Really? I thought you were an actor?" Pierre said astonished at the news.

"I'm a qualified Italian chef first and then I became an actor. The acting was just a diversion. I love being a chef. And to be in Stillinboss ..."

"It's 'Stellenbosch' ... 'Stellenbosch'," Pierre said, repeating the word.

"Oh, OK. Well, I'm going to work ... there ... in zio Mario's restaurant! Best news ever! Sì mio caro?"

"Giovanni, Antonio non è ancora il vostro caro mio. Dategli tempo. Ma per il momento, Antonio è il mio (Giovanni, Antonio is not your mio caro yet. Give it time. But for now, Antonio is mine)."

"Oh fuck! I'll have to join Ant in the Ita lessons! You're going to talk Italian all the time?" Pierre said and kissed Luigi.

", lo fanno. Faremo un italiano di voi ancora (Yes, do it. We will make an Italian out of you yet)!

"English please! I'm not there yet! Oh fuck! I never thought I'd be forced to learn Italian! But for the love of you guys, I'm willing to go through the horrors of hell! Sheez! Giovanni, you're a fast mover!" Pierre said and kissed the man.

Giovanni actually let go of Luigi and me and pulled Pierre in for a proper man-kiss. Pierre's arms hung limp by his sides. He was too flabbergasted to say or do anything. Giovanni had him by the short and curlies! Giovanni gave him one big fat kiss and soon Pierre's arms rose and took the man in his arms and kissed him back! My man!

"Phew! You know how to kiss, you half-bred Ita! Wow! And it feels like there is quite a python in your pants! Did you tell him about mine, Ant?" Pierre asked.

"No, we'll let him have the surprise later, OK?" I said and winked at Giovanni. Giovanni was going to be pleasantly surprised when he saw Pierre's huge cock!

"Davvero (Really)? It does feel very big ..." Giovanni said.

"Enough of these shenanigans! Let's go. I am parched. G&T please!" Luigi said and pulled me next to him, and walked to the door. Pierre was readjusting his considerable bulge and was still stunned by the kiss he had gotten from Giovanni.

Giovanni followed us and he also had to readjust his big bulge. Oh my godd! I was really going to get it later on!


In the bar things had taken off already. André and Claude had the others in stitches. Gareth was laughing the loudest of them all. He wasn't used to anything like that. My bro was laying it on thick and the guys enjoyed the jokes. What amazed me most was that Gareth and even Gunther understood the jokes based on the Afrikaans culture. But, perhaps if a joke were told correctly, it would be funny to most other people who could understand at least English.

We got drinks and sat down. I saw that Morné was a bit perturbed when he saw that Giovanni was still with us. He had a huge question mark on his face. I stood up and sat down next to him. "What's up my man?"

"What's he still doing here? I thought he was just a stray cat you picked up on the Underground ..."

"He's staying the night ..." I managed to get in. "And he's not a stray cat - he is a nice guy!"

"What? No! Oh fuck no! That means I'm out for tonight?" Morné said and his face became cloudy. He was pissed off big time.

"Morné, are you aware that Johan and Herman actually fancy you? Did you notice how Johan looks at you?"

"Say ... what? I'm talking about that half-bred Ita staying over with you! What about Johan?"

I knew that Johan liked the 'Muscles from Brussels' man very much and if given a chance, he'd jump at the opportunity to take him to bed with him and Herman.

"Yes, why don't you join them over there? You'd be surprised at what a nice guy Johan really is. And if you wanted to join them tonight, I'm sure they would both welcome you with open arms. I'm sorry Morné! This just happened. And Giovanni being half-Italian ... it just happened man! You're not kicked out, not at all!" I tried to save face.

"Well, you know how I feel about you and you know if I'm pushed to Johan and Herman, I'm as good as out! Sheez! What a time to kick me out!" Morné was hurt, and rightfully so. I felt like such a rubbish.

"Morné, you've been only nice to me and I will never hurt you deliberately. But with Giovanni and Luigi hitting it off, it ... fuck man! It wasn't premeditated. It just happened. He and Luigi like each other and ended up talking so fast in Italian I battled to keep up ..."

"Anton, it helps me ziltsch. I'm out, and that's that. Just remember I actually love you, you know?" Morné said and his lower lip quivered. He was actually teary. I felt like a crook.

"I know and I love you too ..."

"Yes, but you don't really love me ... oh fuck!" Morné said and wiped his eyes. "I'm a big boy and I knew from the word go that you belonged to someone else. I never had any right to you or André. It's just sad that it happened now. Here. Shit!" Morné said and got up. He walked over to Juan and André. I felt like I have kicked a friend in the teeth.

I walked back to where Luigi, Pierre and Giovanni were sitting at the counter.

"What was that all about? Did you tell him?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, in so many words. He's pissed off big time. He is hurt and I feel like shit. I'll have to make it up to him ..."

"You'll do no such thing! He is a big boy and knew from the onset you belonged to me. And to Pierre, and soon to Piero, and if all works out, to George. Come here and let's toast the addition of this fine young man into our folds. Giovanni, in English: welcome and I hope we'll see you in South Africa soon. Cin cin!"

We raised our glasses and when I looked at Giovanni, I knew he was going to fit in just nicely. Mom was another hurdle ... but it was a worry for another day.


The dinner was spectacular. The Berkley chef knew his way around a kitchen. The buffet was in the form of a smorgasbord - a variety like I haven't seen in a long time. There was a lot of food and everything looked delicious! And it was. We had a healthy meal. Dessert was crème brûlée - one of my favourites. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day, which started with sex on the A380 and was going to be concluded with sex with 3 big hung guys!

"Your attention please guys!" Gareth clanked against his glass and stood up. "Breakfast is at 8 o'clock and the bus will be here at 10 o'clock. We're going to Windsor. It's a quant little town and the Windsor Castle is the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous shoot. From there it's on to Kew Gardens. It's winter but the hothouses are a must-see. We'll have lunch in Kew in an upmarket little restaurant. Then we're off to Soho, not too far from here. We'll have afternoon high tea with the CEO of Boss Models UK at HQ in Soho. Robert and I had a look at the photos taken today and I'm sure Mr Alexander Cooper is going to go ape when he sees the pictures. And tomorrow's settings guarantee even more super pictures. Mr Cooper will be on Cloud Nine! I know I am! You guys are phenomenal! Giovanni, I've arranged for you to join us if you wanted to? Do you? Please come talk to me, OK? Guys, you've had a full day after a long flight. It's almost 10 pm. Get some sleep and rest well. Get some beauty sleep, not that you guys really need it! Thanks for the wonderful cooperation today. Robert is taken aback by your willingness and being so natural in front of the camera. Keep up the good work and you'd be well rewarded. Boss Models is not stingy, especially not with the likes of you! I'm going to bed now too, as I'm dog-tired. Good night guys!"

"Is he going to kick me out if he hears I'm staying the night? I'll pay if necessary," Giovanni said.

"No, don't worry. I'll sort it out with Gareth. The hotel doesn't have to know but if necessary, you could stay as my guest. Let me worry about it. So, how about tomorrow? Are you going to join us?" Luigi asked.

"Fuck! I've already overstayed my welcome! And now I'm going to stay even longer! I'd love to join you tomorrow. London has never been nicer than with you guys! I'm having a lot of fun! I do have an appointment with the BBC for a possible role in a programme they want me to do, but with Stillin ... erm ... Stellenbosch ... right? ... on the horizon I'm no longer worried about that. But, I believe not to burn my bridges. I'd still like to go and see the producer. I could move the appointment to Friday morning and could catch up with you where you are then. With the Underground I'd be with you in a jiffy. Thanks guys ... you have no idea how much I've enjoyed today! Antonio, you're a phenomenon! Grazie uomo (Thanks man)!"

"Yes, it was nice to have you with us and what a wonderful chance meeting. Come, let's go talk to Gareth. Pee-AIR, please look after mio caro!" Luigi said and winked.

Luigi and Giovanni walked to Gareth and Pierre said: "You like the half-bred, eh, don't you? He is a very attractive man and it would appear he has the equipment you like! Hmmm!"

"Yes, he is a nice guy and yes I like him. I haven't seen his 'equipment', but I think you're right: it appears to be big. I hope he and Luigi could work things out with Gareth. I wonder what they're saying. Gareth looks very worked up ... oh fuck!" I said and saw Gareth talking to Giovanni in a very animated manner. I could even hear his voice. I hope it wasn't trouble ... I turned away and looked at Pierre. I marvelled at the beautiful man in front of me. Pierre was not just a hung hunk - he was a damn nice man and someone worthy of my love and affection.

"They're all smiles! Not to worry!" Pierre said and grabbed my hand.

I looked at the group 3 tables away and saw they were all smiles. Luigi, what have you told Gareth?

"All sorted and settled. Gareth knows he owes me one ... Pee-AIR, don't ask ... and when he heard about Giovanni's stint with Dolce & Gabbana, he was very interested and when he looked up Giovanni's portfolio on the web on his Samsung ... jigh, can you believe he took us to the Apple Store? ... Anyway, he is interested in signing him up on the spot. But, I put a stop to that. If he moves to Stellenbosch, I'd prefer Claire to sign him up. However, for now, and as far as Boss Models UK is concerned, Giovanni is a part of the group for the week. He will stay with us in our suite and tomorrow Gareth will make the necessary arrangements with the hotel regarding the meals and with Boss Models regarding the accounts. All sorted. So then, what are we waiting for? There is a half-bred that is begging to be undressed and to be evaluated from head to toe. Come boys! I have a huge load that's begging to be pumped into mio caro! But first I want to have a nice hot shower! Come!" Luigi the alpha male took charge.

The others were also just leaving.

"I take it you four want to be left alone tonight? Can we have a nice get-together tomorrow night then?" Juan said and I could see he was a bit hurt. I wonder if Morné said anything to him. Fuck! I felt like a first-class crook.

"Just for tonight, OK? Yes, it's a date for tomorrow night. Good night boys! Sleep well!" Luigi said. I looked at Morné who was just looking at the wall and not at me at all. The look I got from Johan and Herman was cold. I WAS a first-class two-timing rubbish! Oh fuck!

We swung by the reception to get a toothbrush for Giovanni and went to the elevators.

Pieter and Claude got into the elevator with us and talked about the 'half-bred' who was now part of the group.

"You are a dam sexy man, Giovanni! I'm not surprised Anton roped you in. What is it I heard Gareth saying about Dolce & Gabbana? Were you a model with them? I thought you were an actor?" Claude said.

"Thanks. Yes, Antonio has a way with people, that's for sure. Yes, I have been modelling part-time for Dolce & Gabbana. Acting was not my first love. I'm actually a qualified Italian chef. Did you tell them Antonio?" Giovanni asked.

"Tell us what?" Pieter asked.

"Mario has offered him a job! He's coming to Stellenbosch in January!"

"What? That was quick!"

"Yes, it was. I'm sending my certificates and testimonials to zio .. erm ... uncle Mario from my DropBox. May I please use a computer Antonio, Luigi?"

"Yes, of course. Show them your pictures of your modelling days with D&G! Show them!" I gushed.

"No man ... do they even want to see it?" Giovanni said a bit embarrassed.

"Yes, I want to see! I'm an ex-model myself! Show us please!" Claude said.

When Pieter and Claude saw Giovanni's pictures, they swooned. They were oohing and ahhing over the pictures on Giovanni's iPhone.

"You're going to be a hit with Claire my man! It would be nice to have you in the group. I can see Anton has worked his magic again! Enough to rile up Mom again! You'll meet the Mom! Brace yourself!" Claude said and gave Giovanni's arm a light punch.

"Trust me, my sister-in-law is no kitten! She is feisty and when her second-born is part of the equation, she is a panther! But, with enough charm and good looks, some chocolates and of course, some real Italian Bolognese, you'll win her over! And here we are. Sleep well boys! And enjoy the shenanigans! The old people will see you at breakfast. We're off to see cameras and lenses tomorrow," Pieter said and hugged and kissed us all, even Giovanni.

Luigi opened the door to our suite. The central heating made the place feel warm and cosy. As soon as we were inside, we started hugging and kissing each other. Giovanni made sure he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. This time the kiss was a bit more aggressive and urgent. I felt his big cock in his pants pushing against my growing erection.

Luigi and Pierre joined us from the sides and soon it was a four-way kiss. It was weird, but we managed to kiss each other in turn. Lots of saliva and tongues. My godd! We were like sex-starved delinquents!

"Shower first boys! Come! I want to see this half-bred's equipment!" Luigi said and groped the man.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your hand feels good on my cock! I haven't had sex in I don't even remember how long! And last time I've masturbated was in Rome over a week ago. Oh fuck, you have a big one too!" Giovanni said as he groped Luigi's ample bulge.

Luigi took Giovanni's belt and started to undo it right there. Giovanni just stood there like a lamb led to the slaughter. Pierre and I watched in anticipation to see the big cock. I moved in behind Luigi and started to undo his belt. When I unzipped his pants, I heard Giovanni's pants were also being unzipped. I stepped out from behind Luigi and saw his hand pushing Giovanni's underpants down, and he hauled one magnificent piece of manhood out. My godd! It was beautiful! It was very veiny. Of course, nothing came close to Luigi's cock, but this half Italian, half Irish cock was a beauty to behold!

Of course it was uncut, it was very thick and it was curved slightly downwards. The head was really big and there was a large amount of precum at the tip already. Luigi pushed Giovanni's pants down and took the big cock and balls out. It was amazing. It was easily as long as Luigi's cock, but it was thicker with a huge head.

I've taken Luigi's cock out and when Giovanni saw it, he put his hand out and whistled. "Davvero Luigi, che è facilmente il più bel pene che abbia mai visto! È perfetto! (Really Luigi, that is easily the most beautiful penis I've ever seen! It's perfect)! He squeezed Luigi's cock and when he felt the precum running from Luigi's piss-slit, he took some of it on his fingertip and licked it off. "Hmmmm! Delizioso (Delicious)! È molto (It is a lot)!"

"I don't want to rain on your parade, but English please! I get it that you guys can speak Italiano, but I only guess what you're talking about! Do I also have to fuck you in Italian, Ant?" Pierre enquired, a bit perturbed.

"I'm so sorry my man! Yes, it is rude. Please forgive us. English unless you can't help it. OK Pee-AIR! Come here my beautiful man!" Luigi said and kissed Pierre.

Pierre still hasn't opened his pants and I got an idea.

"Why don't you have a look and see what's in Pierre's pants?" I said to Giovanni.

"Oh, OK," Giovanni said and turned to Pierre. The belt was already loosened, so he only had to undo the button and then zip down. The moment the zip was down, Giovanni whistled. "Wow! This is 'feckin' huge, my friend! You're going to put me to shame! I always thought mine was one of the biggest! No more!" He put his hand into Pierre's underpants and hauled the majestic cock out. "Mary of Rome! Where the fuck do you keep that monster cock? Do you actually want to fuck Antonio with that python?"

"Yes, it's big and yes, I fuck Ant with it. You like it, don't you Ant?" Pierre asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I love it and sometimes he and Luigi double fuck me ..." I put in.

"No! Both of them in you? No! That's not possible! Are you going to do it tonight? Can I see? Can I try?" Giovanni wasn't shy and he was charged - big time!

"For sure! Tonight we have the best company money can buy and we're going to show you, and you could even join in. Antonio, we'll keep Giovanni busy, not so? Why don't you go prepare yourself and when you're done, we'll join you in the shower. Just call please?" Luigi said. He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me.

Pierre also hugged and kissed me. "I love you Ant!"

Not to be outsmarted, Giovanni pulled me into his arms as well and kissed me. I took his big fat cock in my hand and groaned. "Want that in you, don't you? Oh fuck! My day started like rubbish and now, just look at me! I hope I will be able to tell you 'I love you' soon! OK?"


Once I've finished taking a dump and flushing out all the remainders with my rubber enema bulb, I called to Luigi and turned on the shower. When they walked in, I was astonished: they were all buck-naked and of course their cocks were rock-hard. All three had precum dripping from their cocks. My godd! What a waste!

They stepped into the shower and all four of us groped and kissed and stroked each other's cocks, faces, backs, chests, tummies, buttocks ... I really liked the intimacy.

At 24,5cm my cock was not small at all, but in comparison to the other three, mine did look like a schoolboy's cock. Of course, Pierre's 33cm cock, a whole 8,5cm longer and of course thicker than mine, was the biggest. I looked at Luigi and Giovanni's cocks: the same length, but with Giovanni's bigger girth, it looked bigger. I fondled all three's balls ... my godd! Giovanni was the winner! They were huge! How he fitted all of that into underpants and into a denim, I didn't know.

"I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get into bed with you three. It's fucking cold outside and I want to get out of this shower like in the next minute or so. Let's get cracking and let's get into bed, please you Italianos!" Pierre said and took the shampoo bottle. The hotel had the most luxurious and wonderful toiletries available. The fragrance of the shampoo was of some exotic flower from the East. We took the bottle from him and shampooed our hair too. Luigi's longer hair took a little bit more to get lathered up.

Soon we were washing each other's backs. Our cocks were still rock-hard and at once stage I was facing Giovanni, and Pierre moved in behind me. Jackal! We were covered in soap and he took aim at my asshole. I pushed back a bit - slut! - and felt the big head starting to pierce my hole. When Luigi saw that, he pushed my head down towards Giovanni's big cock, curving down. I took the head into my mouth just as Pierre's huge cockhead slid into me. I gasped and sucked Giovanni's huge cockhead into my mouth.

"Oh fuck yes! Push into him Pee-AIR! Fuck him! Open him up for us! Yes! You OK mio caro?" Luigi was on a roll!

I just nodded.

Giovanni leaned forward in an attempt to see Pierre's huge cock going into me. His own cock in my hands and mouth was rock-solid hard and he was leaking lots of precum.

Pierre's huge cock was sliding deeper but the soap wasn't lube enough. Pierre felt the resistance and pulled out again. He pulled me off Giovanni's cock and swung me around. "You Giovanni. Soap up and push in. OK, Ant?" I could only groan.

I took Pierre's huge cock in my mouth and felt Giovanni's very thick cock pushing on my ass. He pushed harder and then the head started to slide into me. Oh fuck! It was a thick cock! He pushed in deeper while I was sucking as much of Pierre's cock into my mouth I could muster. I heard Luigi kissing Giovanni.

The huge cock was still only halfway in and then Giovanni started to pull out. "No let's get into bed and do it properly. I'm getting cold now. Could we rinse off and get into bed please?" he said.

"I agree, Giovanni. Let's finish here and get into bed. Antonio, come mio caro! There are 3 very horny men here who want to fuck you!" Giovanni pulled out and I got up. Luigi hugged me and looked into my eyes. "Not too much? You OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Let's get out of here. It is a bit chilly," I said and took his big beautiful cock in my hand, and felt the other two cocks pushing on either side of us. I let go of Luigi's cock and took the two other cocks in my hands. Fuck! They were big and Giovanni's cock was really thick. The veins were so pronounced I could feel it on the shaft. It was a beauty, that was for sure!

We towelled each other dry, brushed our teeth. While I was brushing my teeth I looked at the three devastatingly beautiful men next to me. All three tall, dark and handsome - each differently, but attractive. The hairiest of them was Pierre. Luigi and Giovanni were also hairy but it was different. And then the cocks ... oh my godd! Pierre's cock was by far - by at least 4cm - the biggest of the three. Giovanni's cock was the thickest. Although Luigi's cock was perfect in every way and a real beauty, the other two were equally beautiful. What set Giovanni's cock apart from the others were the veins on the thick shaft and the big head. And the fact that it curved down, unlike Luigi's that was straight as an arrow, and Pierre's that was curved upwards. And of course Giovanni's balls ... my godd! They were big!

We put on some facial cream. Luigi and I took out our Tom Ford Noir and the other two wanted some as well. We smelled like a million bucks!

All three, including me, were rock-hard and lots of precum was dripping from the tips. I stepped closer to them and pushed the foreskins back of every cock. Giovanni's huge cockhead made the long foreskin stay behind the rim of the glans and when I looked at the piss-slit, it was really big. Pierre's was much the same except that it was longer and not as thick. The cockhead was slightly smaller but the piss-slit was also fairly big. And then Luigi's cock ... oh fuck! It was the perfect cock for love-making! Perfect length, perfect thickness, perfect head, but I was biased: he was my darling man-to-be after all!

They each took turns in touching me too and soon our hands were covered in precum.

"Let's not waste this ... Ant, come let's lube you up," Pierre said. "Turn around."

I turned around and Pierre put his big cockhead on my asshole and rubbed the precum over my hole with his glans. He even pushed the head in to ensure all the precum he milked out of his cock lubed me up good. Next was Giovanni who did the exact same, while Pierre was stroking his own cock. Giovanni pushed the big head into me after he lubed up my ass with his precum. Last was Luigi who had milked an ample amount of precum from his piss-slit and lubed up my hole. He also pushed in the head and I could feel - as compared with the soap in the shower - I was ready to be fucked. I was lubed up well.

We got into a group hug again, hard cocks pushing against each other. We were all still very wet with precum and the kisses we exchanged were enough to make the juices flow even more.

"Brrr! It's nice and all, but I want to get into bed now! Please!" I said as I felt the cold of winter creeping up on me.

"Yes, let's go!"


We crawled into bed with me on top of Luigi and the other two on either side. I was kissing Luigi and felt his big cock pushing against my sternum, next to my own hard cock that pushed down into my man's tummy. Pierre pulled the thick duvet over us all. Brrr! It was cold, but knowing two of them, I knew the cold would be gone soon. Just give it time, I thought!

Pierre and Giovanni put their hands on my back and I felt them actually holding hands on my back! My, my! Both pushed their faces closer and the kiss became a four-way affair. I turned my head and got one of the best kisses ever from Giovanni. The man had the most sensual mouth and his tongue was like magic. I let go of his mouth rather reluctantly in order to kiss Pierre. He too, as always, was a dream come true. While I was kissing him, Luigi was kissing Giovanni. We were a horny lot!

Luigi pushed his cock between my legs, up behind me so the big shaft was positioned along my crack. He faux fucked me and groaned like a man in pain. He broke the kiss with Giovanni and started kissing Pierre - one of his firm favourites. We all loved Pierre, and it had little to do with the enormous cock in his pants. He was just so delightful and such a nice guy. And he knew how to kiss!

We 'played' with each other to get warmer and we exchanged a lot of kisses and spit and precum. When I touched the two other cocks - Pierre and Giovanni's - they were absolutely drenched with precum. The following morning the sheets were going to look like a hundred snails have had a party there! Oh well ...

Soon the heat radiating from our bodies was enough to drive the cold away. The room was nice and warm because of the central heating.

Giovanni was out of his mind with lust - he wanted to fuck me on the spot. He started to ask Luigi in Italian, but reverted to English for Pierre's sake: "Il mio amico, posso essere il primo per favore... oh sorry Pierre! What I said is, my friend, may I please be first? Per favore (Please)?"

"Mio amico, your cock is plenty thick. Don't you think I should be first? Mine is the smallest here - shorter than Pierre's and thinner that yours. OK? I have multiple orgasms ... I cum a lot! Let me cum first then you have a nice relaxed and wet hole. Would you like that?" Luigi said to Giovanni.

"Oh, OK. Then I want Antonio to suck me please? Antonio? But first let me see your nice big cock fucking Antonio! Fuck! I'll never forget this day for as long as I live! It has been phenomenal!" Giovanni conceded and sat back to see Luigi fucking me. "Let me add my precum to Antonio's hole, OK?"

He moved forward and aimed his big cockhead at my hole and added his precum. I felt my hole was slick with all the precum on it. Pierre moved to the back to add his copious amount of precum too. He was brazen enough to push his cockhead in. Jackal!

"Let me add some more," Giovanni said and I just knew ...! Just another jackal wracked with desire! He rubbed his big cockhead over my hole and then he pushed in - just like that! "Oh fuck! That feels good! Oh mio Dio (Oh my godd)! Fuck! I haven't been this horny in a very long time! Ahhh!"

"No Giovanni, pull out - first me! Per favore il mio amico (Please my friend)! You're cock is too thick for the first one. Pull out! You'll get your chance," Luigi said. Fuck! The huge cock in me felt just wonderful! But, perhaps it was best that Luigi fucked me first and pumped the first of his multiple orgasms into me and then the other two.

"OK, but oh cazzo (oh fuck), this feels good!" Giovanni said as he pulled out slowly.

Pierre moved up over Luigi's head and aimed his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked the big wet cockhead in. It tasted divine!

Behind me Giovanni was aiming Luigi's cock at my hole. I lifted my buttocks to get the 29cm cockhead right at my hole. I sat down slowly and felt the big cock sliding into me. Oh fuck! It didn't matter how many times Luigi did it, it was always going to feel wonderful. His cock is not the biggest of them all, not by a long shot, but it just felt right. Perhaps because I loved him so much? I didn't know. It just felt great.

Giovanni moved in behind me and put his sopping wet cockhead on Luigi's cockshaft and added more precum to it. Oh fuck! I hope he wasn't going to push ... and then he did push in as well. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! His huge cockhead together with Luigi's cock in me already, was a bit much and I let go of Pierre's cock in my mouth.

"Oh fuck! Oh godd! Giovanni, please pull out first! Please let Luigi fuck me a bit before you put your cock back in. Your thick cock is just too big - not now. Later yes ..."

"Mio amico (my friend), you'll get your turn. Let me fuck him first and shoot my first load and then you could have him to yourself. Pull out, per favore?" Luigi said.

Giovanni pulled out and when his cock was out, I wanted it back in me! Slut! I didn't say a thing - I just took Pierre's big 33cm cock back in my mouth. It was leaking lots of precum which would've dripped on Luigi's forehead had I not taken it back into my mouth!

Luigi pushed his cock deeper and I groaned when the cockhead grazed over my prostate. I was going to be fucked into the next week! The huge cock reached my inner sphincter and Luigi just kept on applying some gentle pressure until the sphincter relaxed and the head popped through. He pushed home. Oh fuck! It felt great!

Giovanni put his mouth on my hole and was licking Luigi's cock and my hole! Oh fuck! That felt wonderful! He actually pushed his tongue on the shaft in me, and let the saliva leak onto Luigi's cock. Then Giovanni put his mouth over my hole and Luigi's cock and sucked ... oh fuck!

"Amico! Oh cazza! Oh cazza! Where did you learn this? It feels wonderful! Antonio, do you like it?" Luigi was in seventh heaven of bliss! 'Do I like it'? Fuck, I loved it!

Giovanni removed his mouth and tongue and put a wet finger on my hole and gently pushed in. He had the most beautiful but big fingers ... oh fuck! It wasn't as big as his thick cock, but it was substantial.

"Still OK, Antonio?" I felt his movement, as he was busy jacking his cock with his free hand.

"Yes, I'm fine. I hope you're not going to cum now?" I said.

"I'm just making more precum so I could lube my fingers, OK?" 'Fingers'? How many was he going to push in with Luigi's cock? "Just relax, OK? I don't want to hurt you ... I want to make love to you like only the Italians can ...!"

"Hi, I'm not Italian but I do know how to make love to this beautiful boy! Ask him!" Pierre said indignant. After all, he was of French descent!

"Keep quiet you two! You'll get your turn to make love to our boy, but now it's my turn. You OK mio caro?"

I let go of Pierre's big cock in my mouth and said: "I'm fine. Let fly and cum mia bello uomo (my beautiful man)!"

Giovanni added a second finger and I groaned. His fingers were big! The 2 fingers were almost as big as his cock!

Luigi started fucking me in earnest. The cock in me made me feel wonderful. My own cock was leaking an unholy amount of precum onto Luigi's hairy chest.

Giovanni pulled his fingers out of me and reached for my cock. In order to do that, he sat on Luigi's legs with his knees right next to my thighs. His cock pushed up my crack ... oh fuck! It was huge! He took my cock in his right hand and my balls in his left - I was in seventh heaven myself! I had a wonderful cock in my hole, another huge one in my mouth and a third man playing with my hard cock.

"Your cock might not be the biggest here, but it's by no means a small cock! It is fucking longer than 23cm! 24cm? It feels fantastic in my hand and you're no slouch in the precum department! Cazzo! Bello!" Giovanni gushed. His hands on my own crown jewels felt great.

"I'm about to cum! Ready mio caro?" Luigi's big cock was pistoning in and out of my hole with some urgency and getting ready to shoot his first load into me.

Giovanni had his head on my back and was kissing my neck while he was holding my cock and balls in his hands. His huge cock was still faux fucking me in my crack.

Luigi's cock started twitching in me. "Ahhh! Mio caro! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Yess! Wow! Hnnnggghhhnnn! Oh mio Dio!" I felt his cock shooting into me, pumping yet another big load into me like only my man could ... little did I know!

"Please let me in ... oh cazzo! Please!" Giovanni was out of his mind with lust. He wanted in on the spot.

"OK, push in, but slowly Gio! Don't hurt mio caro! Then cum with me, OK?"

"Yess! Oh cazzo, Antonio! You're driving me mad! Here it is ... OK?" Giovanni put his huge cockhead on my hole on top of Luigi's cock in me and started to push in. His cockhead was absolutely smothered in precum and slipped in with fair ease, if that was even possible! I groaned when the huge head slipped past my sphincter ... it was big!

"Lentamente, uomo (Slowly, man!) Don't hurt mio caro!" Luigi put his hand on my face and caressed Pierre's huge cock in my mouth. "You OK mio caro?"

"Ahhhh! It's big!" I said letting go of Pierre's cock in my mouth. "Oh fuck! Gio, please pull out and push back in ... lentamente, grande uomo (slowly, big man)! Hnnggghhhnn!"

Giovanni pulled out and but pushed back into me immediately. I groaned. Luigi's cock was big on it's own, now another 29cm cock, but fairly thicker, was entering me on top of Luigi's cock.

I took Pierre's cock back into my mouth and braced myself. This time Giovanni wasn't going to pull out again. I could feel he was approaching orgasm himself and he and Luigi were definitely going to cum together, and soon! I sucked Pierre's cock for all I was worth to distract my attention from what was happening behind me, if that were even possible!

I heard Giovanni spitting on his cockhead and felt him rubbing his cockhead over my hole. He aimed and pushed in ... oh fuck! It slipped in again and this time he held still, waiting for me to accommodate. I clenched my hole and pushed out ... it made Giovanni's cock to swell to gigantic proportions! I almost yelled for him to take it out, but I sucked Pierre's cock and waited for my poor hole to adjust.

Giovanni was short of breath and really randy. He held me by the hips and pushed in slowly. I pushed out again and then the remarkable euphoric feeling of being fucked happened, and that it was fucking nice, washed over me. Oh godd! The two cocks in me were huge and were really filling me up, but both men were attentive to my well-being and didn't want to hurt me.

The thick cock advancing into me, slowly slid in and soon I felt his huge balls resting on my buttocks. He was in! He held still and I clamped my hole, and pushed out. The cock in me twitched again and then I was OK.

"Antonio, I haven't cum in quite a few days, and I'm horny out of my skull! Luigi, let's fuck Antonio and cum together ... please!"

I realised what he said and he started fucking me. It was slow and pleasurable, but I could feel his urgency to cum. He was most definitely going to cum soon.

Luigi was fucking me too, and did it in tandem with Giovanni: one cock would go in and the other one out. In, out. I myself was already teetering on the verge of orgasm!

"Luigi, I'm going to cum ... oh fuck! This is just too much! This is the first time for me and I can't help it! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Here it cums! Antonio, I'm going to cum! Luigi, per favore, orgasmo con me (please, cum with me)!

"I'm about to shoot my second load! Yess! Let's cum and pump our loads into our boy! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your cock feels wonderful against mine! Ahhh! Oh mio Dio! Here it cums! I'm cumming! Shoot your load Gio! Cum!"

Then the most amazing thing happened: they both started cumming as if they've practiced it! Both cocks started to spasm in me and shot their loads. But, there was a difference: Luigi shot around 9 squirts into me, but Giovanni continued to shoot spurt after spurt into me. I lost count at 15 ... my dear godd! I was really being filled to the gills! Nobody in the group was this half-bred's equal! He just kept on cumming!

Giovanni collapsed on my back and put his arms around my chest and hugged me. He kissed me on the back. I let go of Pierre's leaking cock and turned my head to get a lop-sided kiss from this new sex god ... oh fuck! He was phenomenal! His kissing with his full lips was incredible.

He broke the kiss and looked over my shoulder at Luigi and asked: "Another round, fratello (brother)?"

"That was one hell of a load Gio! And you have more? Also multi-orgasmic?"

"Oh fuck yes, absolutely, but to be with you guys has made me super randy! Usually I can shoot 3 loads in a row ..."

"How much do you cum, uomo (man)?" Luigi asked.

"I've never measured, but I'd say easily 75ml all in all in one session. There should be around 30ml in Antonio now. More, Antonio? You want more? Please say 'yes'!" Giovanni put in.

"Oh fuck yes! Give me all that you've got! Shoot it all into me!"

Giovanni's breathing was almost back to normal and he lifted off my back. He started fucking me again and this time he took his time. He really made love to me, caressing my back, my head, my neck, my arms, my buttocks, my legs ... and lots of kissing on my back and neck. Pierre's cock was back in my mouth.

Soon both Luigi and Giovanni approached orgasm again - third for Luigi and second for Giovanni. Oh fuck!

Again, they shot their loads almost simultaneously into me. The two Italians - albeit one a half-bred - were just phenomenal lovers! Their cocks were spasming in me and were pumping loads of cum into me. This time round Luigi's cock was squirting around 7 spurts into me, but Giovanni topped it with around 14 spurts. Wow!

Giovanni collapsed on my back again and really paid attention in making me feel good and loved. His hands were all over my back, my head, my neck, my chest ... he even had his hand on Pierre's cock in my mouth. The man was just that good a lover!

"Pierre, would you like to take my place? I'd love to feed my third load to Antonio. Mio caro, OK?" Giovanni said and sat upright behind me. His cock was still very hard, but more rubbery now. "I'm pulling out now, OK? Pierre, come!"

He slowly pulled the enormous cock from my hole. Luigi's cock - like always - was still very hard and it was going to be ready to fuck me again in a minute's time.

When the big cockhead approached my asshole, I clenched - there was an almighty load in me. Fuck! The big head plopped out and I almost felt empty, even with Luigi's cock still in me.

Pierre pulled his big 33cm cock from my mouth and swopped places with Giovanni. Pierre sat behind me with his wet cock in his hand and aimed it at my hole, now loose after the fucking I just had.

Giovanni sat with his knees on either side of Luigi's head. His big balls rested on Luigi's eyes - they were big! I opened my mouth and tasted the cum-drenched cock on my tongue. Fucking fantastic! Giovanni took my head between his hands and caressed my face, my hair, my nose, my cheeks ... he put his hand under my chin and caressed me with his big fingers. Oh fuck! Please don't go, not ever! I was falling head over heels in love with this man!

Behind me another darling man was starting to push his huge cock into me. The big head slipped through the sphincter and he too was not in a rush to push in. He too held still and waited for me to get used to the invasion, and only then did he slowly push into me. The huge amount of cum I had in me served as natural lube and made the entry of Pierre's huge cock easier.

Soon all of his cock was in me and his big balls - not as big as Giovanni's - rested against my hole. His hands were on my buttocks and caressed me. He leaned forward and kissed me on the back ... he was watching Giovanni, but he was always an attentive lover, and knowing the size of his cock, he never did anything to hurt me.

"After the good sucking I've had, I'm going to cum soon, and a lot! Ant, are you ready? Luigi? How long before you can cum again?" Pierre asked.

"Feeling your enormous cock entering our boy on top of my cock, has me on the verge of cumming again! Yes! Let's do it! I still have about 25ml of cum to donate to mio caro! You ready il mio ragazzo (my boy)? Yes, let's do it!"

The two men started fucking me and I had to fight to stop my own orgasm. A small amount of cum was already pushed out of my cock when Pierre's huge cock pushed home.

Giovanni's cock in my mouth was rock-hard again and it leaked lots of precum into my mouth. He was still caressing my face and was faux fucking my mouth. It was a thick cock, with absolutely no possibility of it entering my pharynx - not at all. But it was nice to taste and feel the big cock in my mouth.

Imagine, I didn't even know of his existence when we disembarked at Heathrow! And to think he was going to live in Stellenbosch in January! I most definitely wanted this man in my life, and to have sex with him often!

"Ant, I'm sorry but I'm going to cum! Luigi, you?" Both were fucking me and my hole was given a beating. Fuck!

"Yes, my fourth load is lined up my man! Let's do it! Antonio, we're about to cum, OK? My load is going to be half of what Pee-AIR is going to pump into you! Oh fuck! Pee-AIR, cum my man! I'm going to cum! Yess! Yess! Gio, are you going to cum too?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'm going to feed my last load to Antonio. Do you want it, il mio ragazzo (my boy)?"

I could only groan and nod my head. I was getting the full treatment and I loved it!

All three of them started to grunt and groan. Pierre and Luigi were fast approaching orgasm and I felt the big cocks swelling deep inside me. Giovanni's thick cock in my mouth was also about to squirt yet another load - this time into my mouth.

It all happened as if in a dream: Pierre was first to shoot his load into me. That was the trigger that made Luigi shoot his fourth load of the evening. The cocks were twitching and the men were groaning, and making loud guttural noises. Of course Pierre's load was enormous as always. He was a heavy cummer - full stop!

Then Giovanni surprised me: he shot his load into my mouth before Luigi could pump his last load into me. My godd! And what a load it was! The volume of the load was incredible and it tasted fantastic. It tasted like cum, but not bitter or funky at all. It was some of the best cum I've ever tasted. My mouth was filled to capacity and I had to swallow for all I was worth. The cum just kept on coming ... and coming. Giovanni's hands were on either side of my face and he was groaning like a bear.

Below me, Luigi was groaning too and shot his fourth load into me. His cock spasmed and he pushed it deep into me. Of course, Pierre's 33cm cock was way beyond Luigi's cockhead deep inside me.

"Ant, we've pumped an enormous amount of cum into you. I can feel you are filled to the gills! Man oh man! This feels fantastic! Gio, I don't mind one bit that you were before me: now there is such a nice pool of cum in Ant! I love it!" Pierre gushed.

The three men calmed down and their breathing was almost back to normal. Giovanni was first to stir and gently pulled his cock from my mouth. "Now it's your turn, il mio ragazzo (my boy)! Let me suck you off!"

The other two men kept their cocks inside me and watched in amazement as Giovanni moved in next to Luigi and took hold of my rock-hard, sopping-wet cock. Pierre took Giovanni's big rubbery cock in his hand and just squeezed it. Giovanni leaned around my left side and sucked my cock into his mouth.

My cock disappeared into Giovanni's mouth and I gasped. This man wasn't just a tall beautiful man with a big cock and a multi-orgasmic man, he was an ace cocksucker too. I wasn't going to last, not with this skilled mouth sucking me, and after the three men fucked me the way they did ... oh fuck!

I touched Giovanni's face and felt his mouth over my cock. It was just magic.

"Gio, I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh yess! I'm cumming! Il mio uomo (my man) here it comes!" The wave of orgasm boiled up from my loins and balls and up my spine and through my cock ... the cum shot out of my piss-slit and filled Giovanni's mouth. Oh fuck! I was having an orgasm of note after the shenanigans with these three men.

Giovanni was groaning around my cock and swallowed my cum. I shot around 8 spurts of which the second to sixth were fairly big. I caressed his face with my hand and collapsed forward. I was spent ...

Pierre was leaning forward and pushed his big cock deep into me. He and Luigi were still deep in me, and my cock was in Giovanni's mouth ... oh fuck! What an euphoria it was!

After a minute, Luigi said: "That was fucking amazing! Don't you agree? It was sex like I have never had before. You two guys know how to fuck and our darling boy knows how to handle you! Thanks mio caro! Phenomenal!"

"Yes, I'm absolutely stumped. I didn't know if Ant was going to handle the cocks when I saw Gio's huge cock, but he took it like a trouper. You're the man of the hour, Ant, my man! A big thank you is in order, I believe! And to you two guys too. I've never been more in love before than right now," Pierre said and hugged me from behind.

Giovanni let go of my sensitive cock and rested his head on Luigi's tummy under me. "12 hours ago I didn't even know you, and now my whole life has changed. I'm the happiest man alive. And I'm going to live in Stellenbosch! Yay!"

"Talking of which, let's see how things pan out, but you might even be able to move in with us. Pierre is coming to live with us as soon as we're back. My nephew from Firenze is coming to South Africa to conclude his medical studies at the University of Cape Town - problems and all ... argh! - and he'll also come to live with us as well. If you don't mind sharing a room with Pierre, you'd be welcome to come live with us. What do you say guys?"

"Oh fuck yes! I say yes! I'd love to have this half-bred with us! I know it's not my place to say this so soon, but fuck, I like you lots Gio! I actually envy Ant that he gets to get fucked with your big thick beautiful veiny cock! Next time I want to suck you and I want to taste your cum, OK Ant? Gio?" Pierre put in.

"That's wonderful news guys! I'd love to live with you, but I'm not coming to stay for free. I'd be getting a salary from zio Mario. And with me coming home from the restaurant, we'd be guaranteed an ample supply of Italian food! Yes, next round my cock is yours, Pee-AIR!" Giovanni said and sat upright.

"Settled then. Boys, I'm parched and dog-tired. I'm sure it's almost midnight and I want to sleep now. OK? Pee-AIR, please pull out of our boy so we could get something to drink? How are you mio caro? Content? Happy?" Luigi asked, touching my face and looking at me with love in his eyes. Oh fuck! This was a man for all times.

"I'm fine and as happy as can be! I love you guys very much!" I said and kissed Giovanni.

Pierre pulled out of me and I felt there was one hell of a lot of cum in me. It felt like after the orgies in the cottage. But I wanted to keep it in me at all cost, for as long as I could.

Once Pierre's huge rubbery cock was out, I lifted off Luigi's cock and as it slipped out, he pulled me down on top of him. Our wet cocks rubbed against each other and Luigi kissed me deeply. I heard Pierre and Giovanni kissing too. Then they lied down next to us on either side and kissed us from the side. We have had such a good time and now it was the final cherry on top: some tender love and lots of caressing. All the men's hands were on my back. I felt wanted.

For a fleet moment I wondered about my brother ... oh fuck! I missed him and hoped he was OK.

"I need to pee. Sorry guys," I said and got up from Luigi.

"Nooo! I want you here, mio caro!" Giovanni moaned.

"Just a quick pee, Gio! I'll be back just now!" I got up and put on one of the gowns. Although there was central heating, it was still cold to get up out from the bed and the three men. I walked to the bathroom and heard a knock on the door.

"Close up guys, there is somebody at the door. I hope it's not Gareth at this ungodly hour!" I said and walked to the door. I opened it and there was André dressed in an identical white gown. He stood there like a boy in front of the headmaster's office, looking at his bare feet.

"Hey ... what's up bro?"

"I ... erm ... I miss you ... I want my baby bro ... oh fuck! He raped me!"

"Come in! What did you say? Who raped you? Come here!" I pulled my brother into the room and closed the door. He fell into my arms and shook like a ragdoll. He buried his face in the material of the gown on my shoulder and started to cry ... the sobs wracked his body. Oh fuck! What happened?

"Shhhh! It's OK. You're here with me now. Tell me what happened. Who raped you?"

"What's going on André? What happened?" Luigi asked from the bed.

"I'll sort it out mio caro. Don't worry. I'll take care of it," I said and led my brother to the lounge section in the suite. We sat down on a couch and I put my arm around his shoulders. "What happened darling bro?"

"He virtually raped me ... bastard! I said 'no' because his cock is too big but he insisted. He was mean ... he raped me!" André was crying again and there was nothing of the bravado of the man André. He was a sobbing boy.

"Who, André? Juan? He's fucked you before?"

"No, it was Morné ... he insisted in fucking me because he said you kicked him out and he wanted to fuck a Le Roux, come hell or high water. I was so scared. It hurt like hell and even when I told him it hurts and he must stop, he just pushed in deeper. And Juan thought it was just me being funny. Oh fuck baby bro, it hurt like hell and I never want that to happen to me again. Morné se moer!" André was riled up big time and he was hurt.

['se moer' = 'his mother' but in a derogatory way, actually referring to the guy's mother's female parts, said when someone is really pissed off]

"How did it happen?"

"We were in bed having fun, but Morné had a mean expression and was aggressive. He fingered me with his big fingers and that in itself was painful. I was sucking Juan at the time and he didn't notice ... Well, things got out of hand and one thing led to another ... Then after Juan fucked me, which was also not nice after Morné hurt my asshole with his fingers, he insisted on fucking me too. You know his cock is huge and thick. Oh fuck! I don't want to be gay anymore! Oh fuck and I miss you! I miss you so much baby bro!" André said and started crying again. "I want to sleep with you please? Please baby bro? Don't make me go back there!"

"I won't send you back, but what about Juan? Does he know where you are?"

"I just told him I wanted to see you, so he knows I'm here."

"OK, go wash your face and get into bed over there, the unused one. I'll go talk to Juan and tell him you're here and will sleep with me tonight. I'm sure your suite also has two beds? Juan and Morné could each sleep in his own bed," I said and pulled my brother up from the couch. I hugged him to me and kissed his head.

"Oh fuck baby bro! I love you so much and I miss you so fucking much! This is bullshit not to have you with me! I fucking miss you!"

"Everything is all right now. Let me go and talk to Juan and I'll be back just now. Go to bed," I said and walked to the door. "Luigi, André is sleeping with me tonight. I'm just telling Juan where he is. I'll be back just now," I said and took one of the door key cards.

I knocked on the door of Juan's suit and waited. Soon enough, Morné opened the door. The last person I wanted to see right then. So, I tackled the bull by the horns. I pushed him out of the way and walked into the room.

"Please close the door and listen to me. Juan, I think you need to hear this. This man raped my brother right under your nose tonight."

"What? What are you talking about? I though André was just making jokes as always. Anton, what are you saying? Is he OK? Where is he?" Juan asked.

"He is in my bed. But first I want to hear what Mr Morné has to say for himself! Why are you so mean?" I was livid.

"I ... erm ... Anton, you're the one that is mean!"

"You're 22 and should know you can't always have it your way. If you have an axe to grind with me, don't take it out on my brother! He has nothing to do with it. I told you, tomorrow night we'll all have fun together, but not tonight. We are all tired after a long flight and a full day in London. The fact that Giovanni is here, makes no difference, but you've made it clear now how the wind blows. You're a mean man when you can't get what you want. The way I feel now, I never want you in bed with me again. You're so full of it!" I really was the hell in with this man.

"Wait a minute! You're the one that pushed me away when I have done nothing wrong! Why are you so mean now?"

"Calm down both of you," Juan said and came to stand next to me. I didn't even notice he and Morné were both naked and gorgeous and hairy and hung ... I just saw red!

"Morné, my brother is not me. I can take it because I want it and because I'm used to it. My brother is virtually a virgin, and you know it! Juan is about the only one who really fucks him. You have no idea how big your cock is! Man, it's 30cm and fucking thick. Every time you fuck me, it's like I'm a virgin myself again, but I like it. André is not really a bottom. So, get it in your head that there is an André and there is an Anton. We LOOK identical, but we're not the same. And I fucking love my brother like nobody else on this world - not even Luigi! My brother is my other half! And if you fuck with my brother, you fuck with me ... You're a mean man!" I said and started crying for my brother's sake and his hurt.

Juan put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him. I put my head on his shoulder and cried. I felt Morné putting his arm around my shoulder and I was about to push him away when I realised, he must have been hurt to do that to my brother. And I was the one who pushed him away. I was the kingpin in the whole mess.

"Anton, I'm sorry! Please forgive me! Oh fuck man! I didn't mean to hurt André! Oh fuck! Please tell my you forgive me? Please?" He put his head on my shoulder and started to cry. Oh fuck.

"Morné, you're a fantastic guy and you knew from the beginning I was involved with Luigi and that I had a special relationship with my brother and with Juan and the others," I sobbed. "We pulled you into the group because we liked you and because ... well, you have a big cock and I love you to fuck me. But what happened here tonight is unacceptable. If I'm not available to fuck, and André is available, it doesn't mean you can just push into him and fuck him. He is not me. Please understand that. Yes, you're forgiven, but I'm not the one you have to apologise to. You need to apologise to my brother and convince him you're sorry and that this will never happen again. OK?"

"Yes, of course! I'm sorry!"

Juan held us both in his arms and kissed me until I was calm and stopped crying. Morné also stopped crying and pulled me into his arms. His body (now hairy again - he stopped shaving his body hair when we asked him to) felt so good and hard and sexy. He was a nice guy after all. I looked into his teary grey eyes and my heart melted. How could I stay mad at this beautiful man?

"Grab a gown and come with me. You can't go out into the passage looking like that! You'll scare half the hotel to death with that club swinging between your legs!" I joked and gave his big cock - soft it was bigger than most cocks hard: 20cm - a squeeze. It was - for me - a wonderful experience to have his cock in me. Not André.

Morné put on a gown and walked with me to our suite. I opened the door, and when Morné saw Luigi and Pierre sitting on the bed with André, he stopped dead in his tracks. I took him by the arm and led him to the other bed. Giovanni was in the other bed, big eyes and apparently a bit taken aback.

"André, Morné wants to tell you something. Morné ...?" I said.

"André ... my man ... my friend ... I'm so sorry man! I didn't mean to hurt you ... fuck man! I sometimes forget how big my fucking cock is, and because your brother can handle it, I thought ... fuck man, I'm sorry! Please forgive me? Please? I really am sorry!"

Luigi and Pierre were buck naked. They got up from the bed and let us closer to André. I noticed the enormous cocks but it wasn't the time to lust after my lovers' cocks.

Morné sat down on the bed and put his hand out to touch André. André touched Morné's hand and squeezed. "OK, I forgive you. Thank you for apologising. I think it was just one big mistake and misunderstanding."

"Are you OK? Did this big fucking cock hurt you badly?"

"Yes, fuck! Your cock is bigger than you think! It hurt like a motherfucker! Next time, you either wait for the baby bro or you jack off! My ass is off limits for the likes of you! Come here you big nonsense!" André pulled Morné closer and they hugged each other.

André pulled away and looked into the sexy face of the muscled man and then he kissed Morné! My brother had a teeny weeny small heart! Ahhh!

"OK, time for you to go now. My brother will sleep with me tonight. Thanks for coming, and say goodnight to that big oaf for me. I'm sleeping with my brother tonight. OK?" André said and put his hand on Morné's shoulder.

"OK. I'll tell him. Thanks André. Sleep tight you all," Morné said and left the room.

"Is it OK baby bro? Can I sleep with you tonight?" Visions of an all-nighter with Giovanni and Pierre and Luigi flew out the window, but perhaps one night without any shenanigans with others wouldn't kill me, I thought.

"Yes, of course my darling bro! Luigi, stasera sono a letto con mio fratello (tonight I'm sleeping with my brother), OK? Ti amo molto (I love you very much)!

"OK, we're just here next to you if you need us. Come here mio caro!" Luigi said.

I walked over to the bed with the three gorgeous hung hunks in it, the men I love - oh fuck yes, I've already started to like Giovanni a lot - and the men I wouldn't be able to sleep with that night. But, my brother needed me and I had to be the bigger brother for one night.

Luigi pulled me closer and kissed me. It was a soft, gentle kiss filled with so much love. He put his hand on my chest and let it slip down my front until he grazed over my semi-hard cock. "If you need me during the night, there is a lot I could still pump into you, OK?" he whispered.

"Yes, me too," Pierre whispered and leaned over Luigi's shoulder and kissed me. Same thing: lots of loving and tender care.

"And me: I know I'm a newcomer here, but fuck, I like you lots. I'm just an arm's length away if you need me to fill you up again!" Giovanni whispered and leaned over Luigi's other shoulder and kissed me. Fuck! The man was a hung hunk and a good kisser.

"Yes, I'll keep that in mind," I whispered and got a group hug from the three beautiful men. By then my cock was rock-hard in Luigi's hand. "Just feel what you're doing to me! Sex maniacs!"

Luigi squeezed my cock and Pierre and Giovanni's hands were on my cock in seconds and joined the squeeze.

"Fuck, I hope you get lonely or get cold and come join us during the night!" Pierre put in. Oh godd! Pierre! What a man, what a cock, what a lover!

I put my hand on Luigi's cock - yep! Rock- hard. I put my hand on Pierre's cock - solidly hard! I put my hand on Giovanni's cock - no doubt what he wanted to do with that big cock! I sighed and took Luigi's face in my hands.

"Yes, OK. I'll keep that in mind. Sleep tight and no fucking without me!" I said and put up a warning finger in jest.

"Yes, Daddy! We won't Daddy!" Pierre said and pulled a small boy's face. I burst out laughing. What a clown! All the woes forgotten, I left them and got into bed with André.

"You guys are really thick with each other. You love them very much, don't you baby bro?"

"Yes bro, I love them and they really make me feel good. And the fucking is fantastic. I had doubles with all three tonight. Unbelievable! I'm still filled to the gills with their cum. Giovanni is also a multiple cummer and a BIG cummer! I loved it!"

"Well, I'm sorry I'm ruining it for you ..."

"No André, this isn't about me now. It's about you and I want to be there for you. Don't worry about it. But hey, if you feel like us joining them, it is rather cold and the bed could easily take all five of us, OK?"

"OK baby bro! Come here! I love you so fucking much! After Dad, you're the most important man in my life!" André pulled me close and kissed me. It was a kiss of love: soft, delicate and just enough tongue to revive my almost hard cock. I put my arms around his neck and hugged my brother. He pushed his groin into me and I felt his hard cock. The prospects of having an all-nighter after all got real on the spot!

= To be continued =



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