After the weekend on the farm it took a day or so to adjust to life after what happened there. Having been fucked by Herman was a highlight but the highlight of highlights, was when Dad fucked me twice on Friday afternoon, and again on Saturday morning. At 27,5cm, Dad's cock wasn't the biggest of the guys, but it was a magnificent tool and knew how to use it ... unbelievable!

And it was my Dad, whom I love to bits!

Gunther was the typical Aryan hung hunk: tall, blonde, hung and an incredibly intelligent man. And he was a lover of note. He was just as insatiable as Johann, our dark blonde photographer friend with the nice dark moustache. And of course my identical twin brother André. 1,82m tall, dark hair, pale skin, blue eyes, 23cm uncut cock and ... yes, also as insatiable as the rest!

I was fucked wholesale on a daily basis. Sometimes I was fucked by two and occasionally even three guys at the same time. Insatiable? Me too!

Back to Monday. Juan returned home shouting and calling and yelling and screaming. We ran from the study to find out was the matter to find him waving a sheet of paper in his hand and Gunther standing smiling next to him.

"Guess what! Just guess what! Boys, I've been accepted! Novo Nordisk has approved my tenure and as from next year our beautiful Gunther and I will be working together on our doctorates. Isn't that great?"

We ran into his arms and hugged and kissed him.

"I knew this Jerry would inspire you to great things! Come here my man! Congratulations! We know you'd be very successful. Hmmm! A 'doctor' living in the house of ill repute! Aha! Better cancel the order for the 'WHORE HOUSE" sign!" André ranted on.

"Congratulations my darling. You're going to be an asset to the company and the university will be reaping the benefits. All the best," I said and kissed him.

We hugged and kissed Gunther. Then everybody was talking at the same time. Eventually Juan said: "Enough! Hi guys! I can't hear myself thinking! We can't all talk together. Let me begin at the beginning and tell you what happened and what's to happen next year. Gunther, pitch in if I leave out anything," Juan said.

The dean has called him in with a letter that arrived from Denmark: he was offered tenure with Gunther to work on hormone production! My beautiful man with the gorgeous face, exquisite hands and big feet and big cock, was going to do his doctorate, working side-by-side with our other lover, Gunther!

He explained what Novo Nordisk has proposed what the research would entail, what he and Gunther would be doing, what it would mean for the university, what benefits Novo Nordisk and the university were offering him and that he and Gunther would be required to visit head office in Denmark for the annual conference in August of the next year. Exactly when we had our birthdays on 25 and 26 August!

"Would we be allowed to come with you? We could have our birthday there!" André put in.

"Hold your horses, young man! We'll need to talk to Dad and Mom, and Johann. I'm sure Johann would love to go too. Perhaps Dad and Mom too? It's still early days. Don't get too excited. There might be some changes to our daily routine. When Gunther and I were to be working on an important experiment, I might have to stay with him at the flat for a night or so. It would be nice if you could sleep with us on those nights. Perhaps Johann too. But, again: it's early days. We'll work out the details," Juan explained.

"Where is the JC le Roux, baby bro? This calls for a celebration! I'm sure there was a bottle in the fridge! I'll get the glasses!" André enthused.

I took the bottle of sparkling wine from the fridge and opened it. When was trying to ease the cork out gently, André took the bottle from me and let the cork escape with a thud and the cork hit the ceiling, barely missing the fluorescent tubes!

He gave me the bottle while he muttered something like: "Champagne corks are meant to fly and make a noise ... tsk, tsk, tsk!"

I poured the bubbly and we raised our glasses. I looked into the eyes of the beautiful love of my life and my heart just swelled with pride. Juan looked into my eyes and smiled his great smile and pulled me into his arms.

Gunther stepped up behind me and kissed me on the head.

"We need to call Dad and Mom right now! Come, I'll put the iPhone on speaker. Or perhaps your parents first, you big oaf?" André asked.

"No, I'll call them from my phone later. Call Dad, please?" Juan said.

The phone rang and on the second ring Dad answered. "So, what did you forget here yesterday, my beautiful boy?"

"And a good afternoon to you too, Dad! Sheez! I'm not always a loose cannon! I have feelings too!" André retorted.

"Yes, good afternoon my boy! What's the matt ...?" Dad didn't get any further.

"Dad, I got my documents from Denmark today ... they have accepted me for tenure to work with the beautiful Jerry!" Juan was jubilant.

"Congratulations! I'm so proud of you my boy! Wow! This is great news! Alma! Come here! Good news! Are you having some bubbly?" Dad enthused.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, we are! Your boys are cele-b r a t i n g here! Too bad you're not here to 'celebrate' with us ... Ouch! What did I say wrong? You are such an oaf!" André said and punched Juan in his arm.

"Alma, Juan was accepted and Denmark has sent him his papers! He's doing his doctorate next year!" Dad filled Mom in.

"Congratulations! We're so proud of you! All the best of luck to you. You're going to work with Gunther? I hope you work well together and that you'll be very successful. Too bad we didn't know this before the weekend. We'll have to celebrate next week when we're in Stellenbosch. Dad and I will take you out to dinner next Friday," Mom said enthusiastically. She liked Juan best of her 3 unofficial sons-in-law. But she had known him for almost 5 years and just everybody loved him. He was a man's man but also kind, sexy and very intelligent.

"Gunther is here with us right now. We're going to get steaks out and we are going to celebrate it properly! Thanks Dad, Mom! It means a lot that you're supporting me and Gunther in this way!"

There was a little chit-chat about the weekend and the nice time we had ... if only Mom knew how nice it really was ... and we said goodbye.

André and I retrieved the steaks and Gunther helped with the potatoes for a salad. Juan called his parents to tell them the news. He moved to the study to chat to them.

Gunther stood behind André and pushed his rubbery cock in his crack.

"Jerry, how long is it going to take for you to know which hole is available? There is the hole you want to plug!" André retorted.

"Sorry ... you're dressed identical and I do get confused at times! Sorry!" Gunther said and moved over to me.

"Just look for the most handsome of the two. The cum treatment I get from you guys does wonders for the skin!" I joked. André and I were identical to the very last detail.

Gunther hugged me close and pushed his big rubbery cock in my crack and put his face in the crook of my neck. He kissed me and rubbed his stubble over my cheek. We all had stubbles by then. Except Johann. He would grow a stubble for the weekend and then shaves it off on the Monday morning. He prefers to have a moustache alone.

Gunther's big cock between my buttocks twitched and he groaned. "Hmmmm! Mein Liebe!"

"Hey, behave! We're working with food here! Didn't you get enough over the weekend?" André said and gave Gunther a playful swipe on the head.

"Owww! I thought you loved me ...!" Gunther feigned indignation.

"Yes, but behave! Otherwise you'll get a glass of cold water and no sex! Please call Mr Rubbery Cock and find out if he'd be joining us for dinner," André put in.

Gunther groaned and pushed his bulge in my butt crack once more. He fished his iPhone 6 from his pocket and dialled Johann's number. He filled Johann in about the news and we heard Johann scream over the phone! "Yes, I'd be there by 7 o'clock. I'll pick up some more sparkling wine! This has to be celebrated properly!"

Juan returned from the study and his eyes were beaming. His parents were very happy for him and gave their regards. It seemed like they were thawing a bit towards us. Good news.


The celebrations were great and we sat around the table enjoying our steaks, salads and JC le Roux. Juan was the centre of attention and of course, André was relentless! Poor Juan had to endure all sorts of puns and pokes. In the end Juan got up and walked behind André's chair and took his head in a clamp, and tickled him. All the yowling and yelling and giggling and attempts to thwart Juan, were fruitless. Juan was bigger and taller and stronger.

"Unless you want to sleep outside with bugs and stray cats, you will acknowledge my superiority and me being the alpha male. I will be treated with respect and with love. You will be civil towards me and love me unconditionally. Are we clear you beautiful wayward delinquent? Do you love me? One nod would suffice! Good! Am I your master? Good! Am I the alpha male here? Good! Will you treat me with respect? Good! Will you behave? Good! Now sit still and keep quiet. Anton, only one small scoop of ice cream for him. Sugar doesn't agree with him!" Juan said and pulled André from his chair. He pulled him in and hugged him. He kissed André in the neck. André's arms went around Juan's neck and Juan tickled him again. André howled and collapsed against Juan.

"You'll kill me! You big oaf!" André said giggling. Juan lifted his face and kissed him.

"Now, sit down and behave!" Juan said. He gave André a deep sensual kiss, and tousled his hair.

André behaved and for the rest of dinner he was calm and quiet. Everybody was happy and we finished 3 bottles of JC le Roux.

"There is a possibility of a trip to Denmark in August. Would you be interested to join us if we could convince Dad to let us go?" I asked Johann.

"Oh, I'm sure. I could combine it with a trip to London. There is a friend from whom I get my equipment at wholesale price, plus I'm dying to meet Alessandro, Sven and their Canadian boyfriend Jean-Pierre. And I'd like to explore the clubs over there. The Danish boys are insanely sexy and hung! And if we take a detour to Berlin to see Gunther's parents, I know of a few gay bars I'd love to visit. Oh, the possibilities are endless! Start saving guys! Oh, if Dad agrees to let you boys go, it's only poor me who would have to save. You other two would be going on a ticket from Novo Nordisk ... lucky you!" Johann ranted on.

After dinner with the dishes in the dishwasher, we settled in the lounge with nightcaps. Johann connected his camera to André's MacBook Air and downloaded the pictures of the weekend. We wanted to send some to Alessandro, especially pictures of Herman's insanely big cock.

When André opened his Mail App, there was an email from Alessandro. And the usual pictures of them getting it on. It would appear Jean-Pierre was now a permanent fixture. He and Alessandro were fucking Sven all over London. The close-ups of the double fucking were fantastic and so sexy. Jean-Pierre's big caramel cock with Alessandro's white cock in Sven's hole looked spectacular. In one of them, Jean-Pierre was giving Sven a 'Johann special': pulling out when he was about to cum, then he'd shoot his cum on Alessandro's cock still inside Sven's hole, and then push in on top of the cum on Alessandro's cock. It got a lot of comments from the guys. We were old hands at these shenanigans! But, we'd love to give it a try with the three boys in London. Jean-Pierre's big brown cock was a prized piece and he shot huge loads.

"Hmmmm! I see the rest of the world is catching up with the 'Johann Special'! Tell them I require royalties on the patents. It's clear they also discovered how awesome it is, my darling! Even in London now!" Johann gushed and bragged. Of course he was joking!

André attached some of our pictures of the weekend and sent them off to Alessandro.

"Alessandro's and our pics were just enough to whet my appetite. Tonight I want to fuck our lovely darling and then I want to cuddle with Gunther and Juan. You guys rock!" Johann said. He pulled me in for a hug and kissed me on the cheek with his beautiful moustached mouth.


The sex was wonderful, as always. It was sex to celebrate two of my lovers' achievements. Their achievements were far from over, but only the beginning. Nonetheless, we just had to celebrate it in a proper way ... sex, of course! What better excuse (not that we needed an excuse to fuck like rabbits!) to have glorious sex!

André started like he usually did. He picked up some tricks along the way and first he sucked my hole and made me sopping wet. He used his precum and mine to slick up his cock and pushed in. He and I had the smallest cocks in the group but at 23cm they were far from small per se! And of course, even though I've been fucked by the likes of Herman's 33cm thick cock, André's cock still was big and thick and felt wonderful.

I groaned and moaned and pushed out as the big cock entered me. Juan moved in below me - he lifted my body and slid in below me - and pushed his big cock between my legs.

Recently the two started to fuck me together. André lifted off me and allowed Juan in under me. He took the lube and lubed up my hole and Juan's cock. He took Juan's cock and guided the head below his cock in my hole. Juan pushed and the big uncut head slipped in. I groaned and gasped. Every time I was double fucked, the initial penetration was a bit of a challenge. I pushed out and the head slipped in under André's big cock. Juan pushed and the big 28cm cock slipped in deeper. I gasped and Juan's hands over my chest hugged me and he kissed my cheek and neck.

Juan held still and André sat still kneeling between my legs. Juan pushed in deeper and I gasped at the size of the big cock sliding into me. When Juan was in balls-deep he pulsed his cock and I groaned. André pulsed his cock and I clenched. These two were very capable fuckers.

Next to us the two hunky tall hung men were in a slobbering hugging and writhing heap. They're both tops and even though Johann got close to fuck Gunther once or twice, every time Gunther has managed to convince him to hold off. Their speciality was to fuck me together. Johann's big rubbery cock was the key to the success. It never got rock-hard and with Gunther's huge thick cock, they formed the perfect match to fuck me together.

André leaned in over me and kissed me. My brother's identical mouth was still one of the nicest mouths to kiss. He has been French-kissing me since we were about 13 or 14, and we've learnt what it was that we liked about kissing. Not too much tongue, not too much thrust, just enough saliva, just enough soft lips. Perfect. He was slowly fucking me and he and Juan were fucking me in tandem. One in, other one out, in, out.

"A 'Johann special' baby bro?" André enquired.

"Yes! Hmmmm! That would be nice!" I said.

Soon André pushed up and started to growl and groan and his breath was shallow and fast.

"Cumming ... baby bro, I'm going to cum! Ahhhhh! Oh godd! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!" And he shot his first wad into me. He quickly recovered and pulled out and shot his next wad onto Juan's cock in my hole and pushed in on top of his cum. He shot another wad inside me and pulled out again. The cum splattered on my hole and he pushed in one last time on his cum. He shuddered and held still. "Oh my godd! It doesn't matter how many times I do this, but every time it's special and nice! Ahhhh!" André sat on his knees with his cock still inside me.

Juan was picking up speed now and was fucking me deep and with urgency. He was holding on to me and his big cock in me was feeling so good.

Soon Juan was approaching orgasm. He was hugging me closer and pushed in deeper into me. His cock grew bigger and I groaned. Oh fuck! When Juan's cock was about to shoot its load, it grew very big. He slammed into me one last time and I felt the cock pulsate in me, shooting its huge load into me. Juan let out his breath and groaned: "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! It is so incredible to feel my cock in my darling! Oh fuck! I love you so very much!" He still hugged me and kissed my cheek. His cock was still twitching in me.

"So, how long do you intend on hogging down our darling boy? Are we going to get any innings any time soon? Hmmm! Come, let's go! Get out of our man there and let us in. Move!" Johann directed and gave André a playful slap on the butt. Juan got a light swipe on the head.

"Oww! Watch it! Can't you see we're still offloading? We're big boys with big loads! Oww! Stop it!" André protested.

But it was all in good nature. André started to pull out. The indication that he was about to pull the head out, the leg touch, was given and I clenched. The head slipped out and the double load stayed in me. Juan held me tight, pushed in deep once again and then rolled us so he ended on top of me. He knew I loved it when he was lying on top of me and he held on for a while longer. But Johann's big rubbery cock was standing at attention and wanted in, so Juan got a light slap on the butt. "Oww! You wayward hairy-lipped oaf! You're hurting me!"

Juan got up and took a swipe at Johann's head. He started to pull out and touched my leg. But when the big head plopped out, a little cum did slip out.

Gunther slipped in under me and pulled me down for a deep sensual kiss. This beautiful tall blonde Aryan hunk was an absolute darling. Since the first day we've met, I've liked him. His big blue eyes were soulful and sexy. His mouth ... oh my godd! His mouth was as kissable as they come. The light brown stubble combined with his blonde hair and brown eyebrows ... sexy beyond words. His cock was big ... very big with a big head. And he knew how to use it!

While I was lying on top of Gunther and felt his hairy chest under me and his huge cock pressing against me, Johann was taking some of the cum on my hole and to lube up his big rubbery cock. He pulled my buttocks up and pulled Gunther's big cock in the upright position. This man was a master! He knew how to fuck and get things done! He held Gunther's cock at the ready and put some of the fancy Italian lube on the big cockhead. Gunther took his cock and held it upright. I lowered my hole over it and groaned. That big cockhead remained a challenge. It stretched me good and I hovered on top of it. Gunther made his cock twitch and the big head swelled in my sphincter. "Ahhhh!"

I lowered myself lower on Gunther and felt Johann pushing in too. He was so anxious to get in, he wanted in immediately! The two were going to penetrate me together. Johann's big rubbery 29cm cock and Gunther's thick 29,5cm with the big head. I groaned and growled as the two cocks slid into me. Johann pulled out a bit and pushed in again, sliding on top of Gunther's thick cock. Oh fuck! Every time these two double fucked me, it was like it was for the first time.

When they were in balls-deep, they held still and twitched their cocks - first Gunther, then Johann. And I was clenching my hole over the two big cocks in me.

My cock was rock-hard and leaking lots of precum into Gunther's tummy hair. I touched Gunther's chest, his nipples, his beautiful lips, his nose ... oh fuck! Despite the fact that that man wanted to fuck me 24/7, I loved him dearly. He was the kindest man with the most wonderful persona. He was a darling! I sucked his fingers into my mouth and then he put his hands on my chest. "I love you very much my beautiful darling!" he said.

Johann was fucking me slowly and with long thrusts. His hands were on my back, on my shoulders, on the small of my back ... he leaned forward and kissed my neck. "I love you very much my darling boy!" Johann said kissing my neck.

Gunther was also fucking me slowly and he and Johann were fucking me in tandem. One would pull out and the other would push in. Their hands were all over me. My hands were all over Gunther's chest and face. The two of them were starting to groan and pant, and I knew soon my insides were going to be flooded again with their huge loads.

I started to jack off my cock but Juan stepped in and took my hand and put it on his semi-hard cock. "No my darling - save that for Gunther and me ... OK?"

Johann's big rubbery cock was fucking me deep and when he groaned deeply, I knew he was about to blow his load. He put his arms tightly around my chest and pushed in deep and held still. His cock twitched and swelled and he pumped his load into me. He put his head on my back and groaned. "Oh my fuck! You're the best thing that has ever happened to me ... I love you so fucking much!"

Gunther started fucking me deeper and a bit faster and soon he was groaning. He shot his load deep into me where it joined the juices of my other 3 lovers. Gunther's cock was twitching and the big head swelled and pumped his load into me.

Johann pushed me down onto Gunther and ended on top of me. Gunther put his arms around the two of us and hugged us. Oh fuck! How could I ever have survived without these two beautiful hung hunks, was beyond me. This felt perfect like it was meant to be. On their own, the two men would plug me every chance they could get. And I wouldn't mind.

Johann started to pull out slowly and touched my back when the head was about to slip out. I tried to prevent spillages but a little cum did slip out onto Gunther's legs. Johann moved out of the way and held me steady while I pulled off Gunther's big cock. I clenched my hole and managed to keep the rest of the cum inside me.

Juan moved in between my legs and André slipped in under me and took my cock in his mouth. Juan put his mouth on my hole and sucked the first half of the cum out of me. He moved around and put his mouth on mine and fed me the load ... it tasted so good.

André was really sucking me now and I felt my orgasm creeping up on me.

Johann put his mouth on my hole and sucked the last of the cum out of me and leaned towards me to give it to me. He lingered with his mouth on mine and kissed me deeply.

I started to groan and then I shot my load into André's mouth ... ahhhh! Oh godd! André knew me so well - he just held my cock in his mouth without doing else ... My cock twitched and the last of my cum leaked into his mouth. When the cum stopped flowing, André crawled from under me and kissed Gunther. Gunther hugged André close and kissed him hungrily. I heard Gunther groan and moan. He loved my cum.

We all collapsed on the bed with arms and legs and heads and cocks everywhere.

"Let it not be said we haven't properly congratulated the two prospective 'doctors' in this relationship! The cum that flew around here tonight is mostly in our darling's tummy, but that's fine. The 'immigrant' got special treatment with the load of the 'boertjie' [white South African]. He is one special Jerry, don't you agree?" Johann enthused about his friend, quickly becoming his special friend.

"Yes, what a nice Jerry! We love you very much and we're glad you're part of this extended family! Three cheers for everyone on this bed! And I love you all! Very much!" André put in. "Coke for everybody? Yes?" André asked and went to the kitchen.

We lazed around while we waited for the Coke. I reflected on the men in my life.

Out of the bedroom they were all kind, loving, attentive and fucking sexy! Both blonde, but totally different: Gunther with blonde hair and blue eyes versus Johann's darker blonde hair, his brown eyes, brown moustache ... oh fuck! I'd never be able to choose between them! Both were excellent kissers. Both had big beautiful hands and feet. Both were hairy. And in the pants, there was a mere 0,5cm difference. Johann's cock was big and rubbery. Gunther's big cock was hard and thick and had a big head. Both precummed profusely and both shot huge loads.

I had the perfect 4 guys to love me. They knew about my hankering for Herman's big cock but we've decided he'd only be the friend with benefits temporarily, but that he'd not be a member of the inner circle. I'd be allowed to bed him occasionally, and he'd be allowed into our bed from time to time. He was a darling but the 5-some was the limit for our strange liaison. For now ... and little did we know ...

We fell asleep with Gunther behind my back ... who else!


On Tuesday after Claire's call in connection with the photo shoot, we made our plans for the weekend of the shoot. We called Gunther to come out to La Rochelle so we could discuss the shoot. He arrived 25 minutes later.

Johann discussed the shoot plan with us and we stood in front of our cupboards to decide which clothes we would wear. We had to select leisurewear and formal wear. Johann had to take stock of the suitable clothes we did have and then give the list to the client. The client would supply whatever was missing for the shoot. Claire would send the data sheet of our measurements to the client to purchase the clothes and accessories needed for the shoot.

One accessory Johann wanted us to wear, were our rings. Herman's hands were too big to get him a ring off the shelf ... and we actually still didn't know for sure where the Gentle Giant fitted in. And a ring for him ... we didn't know what to do. But, he was going to be a member of the shoot. When Johann showed Claire some of the general photos of the weekend, she was astounded by the rugged good looks of the man. She adored his dimpled chin and when she heard how tall he was, she insisted he had to be on the shoot. Johann gave her Herman's email address to Claire so she could email Herman the data sheet. I wondered who would take his measurements ... I was sure it was going to be me!

We went to Johann's house to decide on which clothes he would take with him for the shoot. We gasped when we saw his huge collection of shirts and shoes. And nothing that could be thrown out or given to the homeless! The shirts would fit Gunther perfectly so he got to choose a few to take with him for the shoot. Gunther had to make do with his own shoes - his size 15 feet were two sizes bigger than Johann's 13s! Gunther also found a nice jacket he could borrow. Once the stuff was put out on Johann's bed - not that he used it that often these days! - Johann walked up behind the beautiful German man and told him he could actually keep the clothes. Gunther turned around and took Johann in his arms.

"Why are you guys so nice to me? I've done nothing to deserve all this!" Gunther put in.

"Oh, just shut up and enjoy it! We do it because you're just the ugliest Jerry outside of Germany and because you're such a horrible man! Why do you think we do it? We fucking love you, what else?" Johann quipped and kissed the astounded man. We were really a happy family who loved each other very much.

"I am so happy in Stellenbosch and to have you four people as my family. And Dad and Mom. You're such terrific people! And my English is improving every day!" Gunther said with his head on Johann's shoulder, holding him tight.

"It's still early. It's only 7 o'clock. Let's go visit the Gentle Giant and see what he has. Then we could get some pizza at Mario's. Come on! Do you twins want us to drive in the two hybrids? I know you're dying to drive those cars! Let's go!" Johann said.

We grabbed our wallets and cell phones, and we got the hybrids' keys and we were off. Johann called Herman as we drove out the gate at La Rochelle. Yes, he was at home.

Gunther travelled in his own car back to town. Johann went with him. We drove to the flat and picked them up and drove to Herman's flat.

When we arrived at Herman's he opened the door and grabbed André and me into an embrace. We were dressed identical and the poor man was still at a loss to distinguish who was who. So, I whispered in his ear: "I'm Anton, OK?" He put his hand on my buttocks and gave me a squeeze.

"Hey, watch it! We see you're taking chances in broad daylight! Behave!" Johann put in and gave Herman's hand a playful slap.

Herman hugged and kissed everybody and we sat down on his 3 chairs and his bed. Johann explained the purpose and Herman opened his cupboard. The contents were meagre. It had just the bare necessities.

"Herman, did you have a burglary? Where is the rest of your clothes?" Johann asked.

Herman stuttered and blushed cherry red: "That's it! I don't have that much money and being so big, it's not easy to find clothes. I can't walk into Woolworths when they have a sale and think I'd easily find something big enough for me. Sorry!"

"Not to worry. We'll make a plan. Tomorrow I'm picking you up at 3 o'clock and I'm bringing the twins with me. We're going shopping. And, no ifs or maybes - not a word, you hear? No respectable gay can go with so little clothes. No, we'll make sure you're clothed properly!" Juan said and when Herman tried to object, he put his finger on his beautiful lips and just said: "Shhh! Not a word!"

"Now let's see your shoes. And jackets. I have a wonderful jacket I could've lent you but it won't fit you, our Gentle Giant! Let's see," Johann said.

There was a warm windbreaker and there was a more formal jacket. Then there were two tracksuit jackets and a few jerseys and pullovers. The man lived with the bare essentials! I decided to call Dad and ask him for a donation. The shoot was the golden opportunity to clothe our Gentle Giant properly. The money he would get for the shoot would help him on his way.

I slipped out on the balcony and called Dad.

"Hallo my beautiful boy! How are you? You OK after the weekend? Hmmm! *It was spectacular!*" Dad enthused. I was imagining his big bulge on his left hip ... ahhh!

"Hi Dad! I'm fine and you? Yes, it was out of this world nice. I want it again and soon!"

"For sure! We'll have it next week Wednesday, OK? I can't wait!" Dad gushed. His cock must have been hard by then! Mine was throbbing in my pants.

"Dad, something else. Claire confirmed our photo shoot in 2 weeks' time. We're at Herman's and we found his cupboard is virtually empty. Dad, I think the poor guy is really a poor student. The client will supply some clothes but we need to bring some of our own. May I please ask you for a donation? Juan and us want to go buy him some clothes tomorrow. How about R5 000? Too much? Please?"

"Anytime my boy! If you need more, just buy it and I'll do an EFT to your credit card. No problem. Find out about his background, as gentle as you can. He is a nice guy and he deserves a break in life. I'd be glad to help him along the way. I know you like him very much and I trust your judgement. So, yes - go ahead," Dad said.

"Thanks Dad. I'll make it extra special for you next week ... joking! It will be special in any case! But thanks. You're right, Herman deserves a nice break in life. We like him very much."

We told each other how we were and what happened since the day before and said goodbye.

I realised we didn't know much about Herman and his background. We knew he was from Malmesbury but not much more.

"Good news! Dad is making a contribution! No excuses and no objections! We'll put together whatever we need more," I announced when I walked back in the room.

Herman grabbed me and hugged me. He put his face in the crook of my neck and was sobbing. "How can I ever repay you or your dad? You've already changed my life in so many ways!" Herman sobbed. "And I love you so much!" he whispered.

I hugged Herman and kissed him on the cheek. He lifted his face and kissed me gently. He looked into my eyes with his big brown eyes. What an adorable Gentle Giant! We really loved this man more than we cared to admit!

After we've established the situation with the clothes, we told him we were on our way to Mario's to get pizza and would love him to come with us. Juan called Mario, and as it happened, he was in Stellenbosch! He was waiting for us!

At the pizzeria Mario greeted us with gusto and enthusiasm. He opened his arms and hugged and kissed us.

"Come, come! I have our favourite table ready for you! Come!" Mario gushed and led the way. We sat down and Mario sat down next to André ... poor man! He put his hand on André's leg and jerked it away when Andre put his head on Mario's shoulder and whispered: "André here ... wrong one, il mio amico [my friend]!" André was a jackal! We all cracked up and poor Mario realised we knew what a sex hound he was! "Another time perhaps!" André rubbed it in!

Mario got up and fetched us some menus. André and I quickly changed places and when Mario came back, he sat next to me. While the others pretended to read the menus, I put my head on Mario's shoulder and my hand on his leg. I gave his leg a squeeze and he jumped. "André, I'm sorry man!"

"No, it's Anton!" I quipped. Mario was made fun of and he cracked up laughing! We all had a laugh because of his embarrassment. I took his face in my hands and kissed him.

"Ahhhh! Mio caro [my darling]!" Mario gushed and tousled my hair. "I saw you at the party, but can't remember your name? You are ...?" Mario asked as he took Herman's hand.

"Oh sorry! This here is Herman, our Gentle Giant - in every respect! He studies at the university and is one of Juan's hockey players. He was at the farm with us. He beats you in the size department ... sorry Mario, but you've been dethroned! This man is a GIANT!" André put in. Poor Herman was cherry red!

"Welcome here! Please to meet you. You are bigger than me? I want to see that!" Mario joked.

"You'll be surprised, but it is 33cm, thick, uncut, cums like a horse!" André whispered rather loudly in Mario's ear.

"Mio dio! That must be very big then! Hmmmm! I want to see that!" Mario said. "Red wine for all? Yes? On the house of course! You're family, i miei fratelli [my brothers]!" Mario insisted.

We decided on which pizzas we wanted and when Mario left to put in our order, I jumped in and asked Herman to tell us about his family.

He blushed cherry red and stuttered: "My dad passed away when I was in my matric year. He didn't leave much for my mom and me. My older sister is married and lives in Canada. She sometimes sends money and shoes for me. My mom works in the pharmacy. So, not much money to go around."

"Who pays for the flat?" Johann asked.

"My sister's Canadian husband bought the flat and I'm at liberty to use it until I finish studying in 2 or 3 years' time," Herman said.

"And pocket money? Money for food? Sorry, but you're no longer a stranger and we want to know so we could understand the situation better," Juan said. "You do know there are bursaries available? And we don't want to embarrass you, but we could pitch in when necessary. But ..."

"Coach, I could never accept your money! Never!" Herman said and blushed again.

"Don't be foolish! We're your friends and we want to help you. No strings attached. You still have at least 2 or 3 years ahead of you and I'm sure your mom doesn't earn lots of money. So, just accept it, OK?" Juan said. "Shhhh!" he said when Herman tried to say something. "Shhhh! Not a word! You hear? Not a word!"

"Guys, you've already done so much for me ... and I'm part of a great circle of friends ..."

"Not a word about the money. Tomorrow I'm contacting the bursary department and accounts to find out your banking details so we could transfer some money when we can. You won't be able to afford caviar and crayfish, but a hamburger or a steak when you're not with us. Ah! Ah! Shhh! I'm the older one here! Not a word!" Juan said and put up his hand. "Not a word further and that is the end of this discussion. When are you coming to visit us again? Anton is dying to ... you know ... hmmmm?" Juan trailed off when Mario appeared with the wine.

"Ahhh! My boys! All OK? How have you been?" Mario asked.

We filled him in on the weekend on the farm - not every detail: he was clever enough to work it out himself! And about the upcoming shoot. He was very happy for us.

Mario told us about his nephew Luigi from Italy who has starting a practice in Stellenbosch ... Oh my godd! Another Italian! "How about you come visit me on Saturday? He loves our braais [barbecues]. Think about it and let me know by Thursday. He is the perfect man! But, he is top also. I'd love to fuck him but he will not have it. So, we only suck and jack off. I told him about you guys and he is dying to meet you. Luigi is a very sexy hairy boy! You will like him! He has just moved into a town house here in Stellenbosch. And yes, the Italian boy has a big one too! He'll fuck you very good, André ... erm ... Anton? Look, here is a photo of him on my phone!"

The photo was of a sexy dark slightly curly-haired man with the most adorable eyes, mouth and black stubble in a Speedo showing an enormous bulge and a very hairy body. He had exquisite hands and feet. My godd! His feet were a match for Juan's feet! Hmmm!

"How old is Luigi?" I asked.

"He is 27," Mario said. "He is about 1,95m tall. And you will love his cock! It is almost as big as mine. Perhaps as big as Juan? Very thick like mine. Uncut. Very big head. Lots of precum. And my godd! The most cum I've ever seen! It is spectacular! He is like a horse! He shoots almost 3m far and it is a lot! Five times a day! He is also very good kisser. He is good lover. He is Italian! You will love him! All of you come Saturday, yes? OK? Yes! It is my day off and if the weather is good, we can relax next to the pool. I will call Pieter and Claude to come too. What about Werner and Lukas?"

"The more the merrier! Yes, let's get them all there and have a real orgy! Hmmm! Cheers!" André put in. Jackal! Sex dogg!

Luigi ... Wow! Another addition to our circle of friends with benefits? Oh my godd! And this one was really an Italian god! A tall beautiful hung hunk! Dark curly hair! Hairy body! Huge cock! Only a top! Will I be the only bottom? Oh yes, Werner and Lukas also bottom now, I thought. Ahhh! I couldn't wait to meet Luigi!

I put my hand on Herman's crotch, and wasn't surprised that he was hard ... again! Still? Jackal! I wondered what Werner and Lukas would say if they saw Herman's huge cock! I hoped they didn't run away! He looked at me and winked. He squeezed my hand and pushed it into his crotch.

"What does Luigi do?" I asked pulling my hand from Herman's crotch.

"He is medical doctor! Yes! He comes to work here in hospital in Stellenbosch! He started last week! He is specialist urologist ... ahhh! He looks at all the peepees! He will want to see yours ... you know? Just to make sure! Cin cin! To Luigi!" Mario said and held up his glass in a toast.

An Italian god and a doctor and hung! Ahhhh! My cock twitched in my pants.

"Hmmm! Another one to fuck my baby bro! Did you show him photos of us?" André asked.

"! ! He likes very much. He asks about twins! I tell him about ... Anton ... he wants to meet you soon!" Mario said and winked. He tousled my hair. "Luigi is very good lover! You will love him!"

We chatted about the photos Johann had taken of us on the weekend at Pieter's. Mario wanted to enlarge some of the photos taken in his seaside pizzeria and have them box-framed to hang in the restaurant.

We toasted our upcoming shoot and the visit to Mario's on Saturday, and meeting Luigi. "*To good times and lots of fucking!*" Mario said in a hushed voice.

We had wonderful pizza and complimented Mario on his culinary skills. Mario's pizzas were to die for. Mario gave us a bottle of Italian nut liquor to take home. I whispered to him to give us a few of the disposable shot glasses so we could have a nightcap at Herman's place. He slipped me a piece of paper and whispered: "*Luigi's number ... shhhh*!" I put it in my pocket. Ahhhh! Italian lover ... my godd!

After we have eaten, we piled back into the cars and drove to Herman's place. We took the liquor and shot glasses to the flat. Some of us sat on the floor, some on the bed and some on the chairs. Herman steered me to the bed ... everybody knew what he had in mind and nobody cared.

We poured the liquor and toasted our upcoming shoot, our friendship ... love? Whatever. We enjoyed the company of the Gentle Giant and I had a gut feeling he was going to be more than just a friend soon. He was just too nice and everybody liked him.

Juan took a piece of paper and asked Herman to hold his left ring finger so he could measure it.

"You already know the size of my dick, what do you need that for?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out!" Juan quipped. I had an idea but didn't say anything. A ring! Ahh! I'd be happy if the Gentle Giant were to become part of the love circle! Poor Mom! Johann winked at Juan. Yess!

Herman had his hands on my back and I put my hand on his leg. He pushed my hand higher so I could feel his erection. Fuck! I wish I could bend down for him on the spot ... fuck! Gunther came and sat on his haunches in front of us and put a hand on each of our crotches. He groaned when he felt Herman's big cock. His own cock was 29,5cm and thick, but even he was smitten with Herman's huge cock. My semi-hard cock sprang up immediately and was rock-hard in seconds. Oh fuck! This big gentle man was a very special man and a lover of note. He leaned forward and kissed Herman. I turned my face towards them and the kiss became a three-way kiss. All slobber and tongues and lips and groans. And Gunther's big hands on our cocks.

Johann came to the bed and sat on the other side of Herman. He put his hands on Herman's chest and unbuttoned his shirt. Herman put his hand on Johann's crotch and squeezed.

André sat on the floor between Juan's legs and had his head on his big bulge.

Herman opened my pants and put his hand in to haul out my sopping hard wet cock. I gasped when his huge hands squeezed my cock. I fumbled with his pants and eventually I managed to get the zipper down to reveal the huge cock in his pants. Herman groaned and when my fingers squeezed his cock. It was sopping wet.

We were all groaning and we started to undress to give access to our bodies and cocks. The four of us ended up in an entanglement of legs and arms and bodies and cocks.

We started sucking each other and I was the lucky one to get Herman's big cock in my mouth. It tasted fantastic. Gunther had my cock in his mouth and it felt so good.

At some stage Juan and André joined in and the entanglement got more complicated. I know I had Herman's cock in my mouth when he shot his big load in my mouth, but I think I shot my load in Gunther's mouth or Johann's or Juan's mouth? I don't know.

Afterwards we were kissing each other and all the mouths tasted of cum and liquor. Hmmm! If liquor were to taste like cum, I'd become an alcoholic overnight!

"Herman, I'm picking you up at 3 o'clock tomorrow. The twins and I will go get you some new threads, OK? Ah! Ah! No objections! I don't want to hear another word! Shhh!" and Juan put his finger on Herman's lips. "We love you and we want to help you. See it as little push to put you on the road to new beginnings. Just ..."

"Coach, how will I ever repay you? I'm poor! Full stop!" Herman interrupted behind Juan's finger.

"Again, no repayment. You have 5 brothers who love you and we want to take care of you. You deserve to be happy, not just to fuck Anton, and to drink with us and sleep with us, but also to have some luxury in your life. You deserve it! You're an ace at centre back and I've found out from your dean, you're a straight-A student too. So, just enjoy that we're here to help you - OK?" Juan said.

Herman put his head on Juan's shoulder and said with a sob: "Ahhh! Thanks Coach! You're already doing so much for me ... thanks!"

"You're welcome Herman! We'll pick you up at 3 o'clock then. Sleep well and give that anaconda a good night's rest! You'll get your chance with Anton soon. So, behave!"

We hugged and kissed Herman goodnight and were off to La Rochelle. At the cars Juan gave the slip of paper with Herman's finger measurments to Johann who simply said: "Good move! Yes, I'll have it made. I'm sure the jeweller will be able to have it done by Friday. It's going to be one huge ring! So then? Are we going to become a six-way love affair? OK?"

"Oh fuck yes! After last weekend, I'm convinced he is a worthy member of our inner circle. Apart from his mammoth cock, he is a nice guy and a sweet human being. I like him, and I know my darling likes him too. Right, Anton?" Juan put in.

We got in the cars. André had Juan and Gunther in his car and dropped Gunther off at the flat.

In my car I said: "Yes, I'm glad we're allowing Herman in. I really like him. And not just for his huge cock. He is a kind soul," I said.

Oh fuck! What about Luigi now, I thought? I had a premonition about the Italian god ... oh my godd! Slut!

The sleeping arrangements were simple: all four of us showered and were in bed by 11 o'clock. With Johann behind me, his rubbery cock was between my legs but for once, he didn't want an all-nighter. We slept like babies.


The next morning Johann woke us with coffee. The man was so at home in our house! And my heart swelled to realise this man has become an inseparable part of our lives.

"I have to get going soon. I have a shoot at a hotel in Clifton and have to pick up some props before I pick up Werner. We'll get breakfast at the venue. Best of luck with the shopping today. I hope you find suitable clothes for the Gentle Giant! I really like him a lot. He is a kind guy!" Johann said while the four of us had coffee in bed.

"Yes, there is a shop I've heard of where we might get Herman some clothes. I need to contact the bursary section this morning. I'm so glad Dad gave us some money. R5 000, not so my darling?"

"Yes, and he said we could go beyond that if necessary. Dad is just the best," I said.

Johann was off and we organised us some breakfast. André and I had some scale models to finalise and we were off in ECO 25.1 - Juan needed his own car so he drove on his own.

Dad asked us to go to the garage to finalise the sale of our old car we took in the previous day. There was an offer the previous afternoon and if the sale went through, the buyer would collect the car around 12 o'clock. Dad wanted the money to be transferred to Claude to invest in our portfolios.


At 10 o'clock I managed to enter the telephone number Mario gave me in my iPhone and sent an SMS to Luigi. I was actually trembling! I was acting like a teenybopper! My godd! My iPhone was on silent and when the message came through, I discreetly opened it and gasped. It was an answer from Luigi! He was very pleased to hear from me!

Then Luigi sent an SMS that included a picture of him. He was sensationally sexy! All my men were sexy and attractive, but this one looked like a marble statue that came to life! He had high cheekbones, his pitch-black curly hair and olive skin looked sensational! The photo was a head and shoulders pic. My phone binged again and another photo came through. It was of him on a beach towel. His insanely big bulge was visible! His hairy body was sensational!

He sent another message and asked if I wanted to see more ...? Yes, of course! My phone binged ... my godd! What a beautiful cock! The men in my life all had beautiful cocks and special cocks but my godd! This one was like nothing I've ever seen before! Fuck! It was as straight as an arrow. It was thick. It was veiny. It was uncut. It had a huge helmet head. His balls were as big as Dad's.

The next one was of the cock on his tummy. It reached way past his belly button and was nestling in the curly body hair. He wanted to see pictures of me. I sent him a facial picture. My phone binged immediately. "I want to meet you! Soon! Please!" I sent a picture of my cock and one of Gunther's cock in my hole. "Oh yes! That's what I want to do too! Soon please!" Luigi said he has heard so much about me from Mario and wanted to meet me soon. How about the next day? Hmmm! I could feign a dentist appointment - I was hard!

A few minutes later he sent a message and said his appointment book was still not fully booked. He could get away from the surgery at 3 o'clock. He gave me the address of his town house. It was one of the new ones in Welgelegen. I answered I'd let him know if I could get away.

I felt a bit guilty, but this Italian god was interested in me and I didn't know how I'd spring it on the guys to just invite him over for some sex! I wanted to experience the man, and if it works out I could let him know about the arrangement between the 5 of us ... OK, it's unofficially 6 now.

And if he'd be allowed in, he'd be number 7! My godd! Where would we get a bed that was big enough! I smiled. But I was very interested to meet this man.


By 1 o'clock André and I got something to eat in the 'kaf' and met Juan there. He was all smiles and told us Herman qualified for a trust fund set up by the alumni. If they accepted his application, his days as a hunger pauper would be over soon! Good news.

Juan told us he found out about the shop for big people and gave us the address. He'd go and pick up Herman and would meet us at the shop after we've been to the garage.


The car was sold so we gave the salesman the details of Claude's bank account. I phoned Claude and after the usual pleasantries, I gave him the news of the money to be transferred. He said he'd contact Dad to find out what he wanted to do with the money. Claude asked about the weekend and I told him it was epic!

"I can only imagine! Wish we were there! But, next time!" We said goodbye and André and I were off to the clothes shop. Juan and Herman were there already and the male attendant was gushing and faffing around Herman like he was a celebrity! He did stand out at 1,98m! And there was new stock that arrived the previous Friday. They were looking at shirts. We selected 3 short-sleeved shirts, 3 golf shirts and 3 long-sleeved shirts.

After the shirts, we helped him select a nice stylish jacket. He liked a nice jacket that toned in with the long-sleeved shirts.

Then we selected some chinos for him. He chose a stone-colour and a darker one. We looked at denims and found him a nice pair large enough to hold the huge bulge and big buttocks. I was getting a hard-on!

Herman was so happy, but at times he was overcome with guilt and would hug each one of us. "What have I done to deserve such wonderful people in my life? I love you guys so much! Thanks again!"

We looked at the shoes and there were some very stylish shoes in number 17 that Herman liked very much. When he saw the price tag, he blushed cherry red and put them back. "This is too expensive! I can't take that on top of all the clothes! No guys! This is too much!"

"Nonsense! When will you get such shoes in your size again? No, Dad said we have an uncapped amount. No, go for it! We insist! Come on! You're now part of the family! John, please add these shoes to the sales! Ah! Ah! Not a word! Just keep quiet! No! Herman, if you don't keep quiet now, I'm putting Coach on you!" I joked and gave the box with shoes to the salesman named John.

When we had to pay, it came to R7 850. I sent Dad an SMS and asked if it was OK. He answered immediately and said we could go ahead. He was making an EFT to my credit card on the spot. I waited till my phone binged to indicate the money was transferred into my account and gave my credit card to John. All was set.

"Now for a nice cold cider or coffee. Come boys!" Juan said. André and I went in his car and Juan and Herman went in his car. We met at the Mall and went into the coffee shop. We ordered coffee and cheesecake. While we waited for the coffee, Juan told Herman he had some more good news.

"Herman, there is a trust fund set up by the alumni which you qualify for. I have the application forms in the car. You need to complete them tonight and take them with your student card and ID to the admin tomorrow. You'll know in a week's time if your application was approved. They take all sorts of aspects into consideration, but it looks like you could be assured of around R15 000 per month. Not a lot, but it should pay for all the daily expenses," Juan said.

Herman just sat looking at Juan. The tears just started to run down his face. His lip quivered but he said nothing. He took Juan's hand and squeezed it. I put my hand around his shoulders and hugged him from one side and André from the other.

"Mate, you're a nice guy and we like you - actually, we like you a lot! A damn lot! We like you so much that we've actually decided to make you a real member of our family. Would you like that?" Juan asked.

Herman's eyes grew wide and he gasped. "*Really? Really? You're not joking? Really?*" Herman whispered.

"Yes, really. We enjoy your company, we like you and my darling loves your big ... *dick* ... very much. So, yes, if you want in, you'd be more than a friend with benefits - you'd be one of the lovers. So then ...?" Juan put in.

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh godd! Yes! Coach, you're really the best man that ever came into my life after my dad and brother-in-law! You're a great guy! I love you ... oh fuck! Am I allowed to love my coach? Sorry!" Herman stuttered.

"First of all, you're allowed to drop the 'coach' nonsense now. Secondly, yes: you may love me as we love you. We know you already love Anton, so we were hoping you'd love us all? Could you?" Juan asked.

"Yes, I love you all! It's not just for ... *sex* ... with Anton, although I have to admit it is phenomenal as nobody before him would allow me, but I enjoy your company and being with you. Yes, oh fuck yes! I accept! Thanks!" He jumped up and grabbed Juan right there and hugged him. He stopped short of kissing the big tall hunk. Then he hugged me from behind and kissed me on the head and did the same with André. The man was happy, that was for sure!

"You're coming to us for the weekend and to Mario on Saturday, OK?" André said and squeezed Herman's hand.

After coffee, we drove Herman home. We helped him carry his clothes into the flat. When the stuff was on his bed, he pulled us into a four-way hug and kissed us each in turn. When he got to me, he actually let go of the other two and pulled me into a deep hug. I felt his humongous cock and gasped. My godd! To think that dong has been in me a couple of times already! Oh fuck! And I'd bend over for him on the spot! He kissed me deeply and lovingly. 

"You're the cement that holds us all together. Thanks for the part you played to get Dad to pay for today ... I'm so in debt ... You Le Rouxs are exceptional."

He took André in his arms and kissed him and hugged him. "I enjoy playing hockey with you and you're a very nice guy. I love you my man! Thanks!"

Then he looked at Juan and fell into his arms. He lost it and was sobbing on Juan's shoulder. "Coach ... Juan ... how can I ever thank you for what you're doing for me? Since hockey, you're already the most important male figure in my life. Now the trust fund. And today ... Man, I love you so very much. And nothing sexual about that love," he laughed nervously through the tears and continued, "although I love sucking your big cock! You're the man! Thanks!" He pulled Juan in and the big man kissed Juan softly, gently and it lingered a bit ... I think he might have slipped in a bit of tongue too! Jackal!

We said goodbye and returned to La Rochelle. We kicked off our shoes and relaxed just lounging around. We were pleased with how the day panned out. Our old car was sold and we've helped Herman get some snazzy clothes and we've informed him he'd be part of the inner-inner circle.

Juan's iPhone rang. It was Johann. He was on his way to pick up a parcel for Claire in Stellenbosch and asked if he could get us old-fashioned fish and chips and bring Gunther with him? Jackal! He might not fuck the man, but he loved the German very much! Of course, how could he even ask!


The fish and chips with the 5 of us together was very nice. We filled them in about Herman and the clothes, and that we informed him he'd be a part of the group. Johann and Gunther were delighted as they too liked the Gentle Giant.

Afterwards I had a douche and we all showered. We ended up in bed. The sex was ... well, it was great. We did like each other a lot, we loved each other and I loved them to fuck me. By 11 o'clock I was filled with cum like so many times before. It was André's turn to try an all-nighter. Before half past 11, his cock slipped out and my bro was snoring! Poor thing.

During the night I had to go to the toilet and when I got back to bed, the guys have moved. I ended up on the edge of the bed next to Gunther ... ahhh! I loved that tall hung hunk! For good measure, I lubed my hole and got in next to him. Long before 1 o'clock his big cock was inside me ...


The next morning after an early morning session with the Jerry, and being cheered on by the others - doggs! - we had coffee and a light breakfast. We all bundled into the bathroom and we showered in sessions of 2s and 3s. There was more hugging, kissing and groping.

When we towelled dry, Johann announced that the client had one request: they wanted all of us clean-shaven except for Juan. That meant all of had just over 2 weeks left with our stubble. Oh well, after the shoot we could let it grow again if we wanted to.

By 7 o'clock Johann was on his way and we started to get our stuff together. I told the guys about my 'dentist appointment' and that I had to drive with ECO 25.2, and that Gunther could go with me. I'd drop him off at the flat and then meet up with André in our first class of the day. André would come home with Juan again. I was set for my date with Luigi ... oh fuck! I was becoming a true liar and cheater! Slut!


At 2:50 I stopped in a parking spot in the complex where Luigi lived. My hands were trembling and I was feeling hot. I looked in the mirror and checked my breath and readjusted my cock in my pants and checked my shirt and ... I faffed until it was 2:55.

I retrieved my bag with my douche bulb and lube and walked to the door with my heart beating in my throat. Oh my godd! I didn't know why I was so nervous but here goes, I thought.

I rang the doorbell and waited. I heard him inside and the key turned in the lock. The door opened and I gasped. I front of me stood the most beautiful creature I've ever seen before! He was tall, had olive skin, pitch black hair, a 5-day stubble, a god-like face like it was carved from marble. My heart skipped a beat. Oh my godd! What a beautiful man!

He was still dressed in his work clothes but he had loosened his tie, he had taken off his shoes and socks. His big feet were immaculate! I've met Juan's rival! These feet were not just big, they were perfect in every way! The nails were pedicured to perfection and the black hair on the bridge and toes was exquisite.

He was a tall man, almost as tall as Herman. He had broad shoulders and his arms showing below his rolled-up sleeves were covered in pitch-black hair. Oh fuck!

Luigi smiled and his deep sonorous voice melted my heart. It sounded like hot chocolate. His Italian accent was sexy. His mouth was delectable. His big nose was perfect and straight. His dark brown eyes smiled at me and when he put his hand out to greet me, I stuttered: " ... erm ... My ... eh ... my name is Anton ..."

His mouth had full lips. The stubble on the upper lips and around his mouth looked sexy. When he smiled, perfect white teeth were exposed.

His big hands were soft and when I looked down, it was clear: his hands too were Juan's equal but different. Juan's hands were big and perfectly shaped with perfectly manicured nails. Luigi's hands were also perfectly shaped but the nails were bigger and he had more black hair on his digits and the back of his palms. Oh my godd!

"I am Luigi. Very pleased to meet you. Please come in," Luigi said and stood back. I looked down at his feet again and marvelled at the exquisite olive white feet with the perfect toes and nails and hair and ... oh fuck! They were perfect!

"Please come. We go to the kitchen. We get drinks, OK?" Luigi said.

"... erm ... yes ... thanks," I stammered. What the fuck was wrong with me?

Luigi pulled me in and closed the door. He locked it ... Then he walked in front of me. He smelled divine. Some Italian perfume I didn't know but it smelled expensive and intoxicating. I looked at his buttocks and even though I was a true bottom, I marvelled at this bubble butt. And I looked at his feet again. Oh my fuck!

In the kitchen he opened the fridge and took out a bottle of Riesling. "You want dry white? Or red? Or beer? What would you like ... Anton?" His voice just melted over me. Oh my godd! How could I ever hope to establish anything with this godlike creature?

"Riesling is fine, thanks," I got out.

"Good choice. I also want a glass," Luigi said and got the corkscrew from the drawer and two white wine glasses from the cupboard.

"You study yes? Uncle Mario says engineering?" Luigi started while he was opening the wine.

"Yes, Electrical and Electronic Engineering. First year," I answered.

"You are twins, no?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, identical. His name is André," I said.

"Identical? 100%? Yes?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, 100% identical. No difference," I answered.

"Everywhere you are identical? Hmmm!?" Luigi asked and winked.

" ... erm ... yes, everywhere! 23cm, uncut ..." I blurted out.

"I see! OK I see later, no? You show me?" Luigi winked and handed me a glass of wine. "I am urologist!"

"Yes, OK. Thanks," I said.

"Cin cin! I am glad you can come! You are very nice man! Beautiful man! I like what I see!" Luigi gushed.

"Oh my godd! Luigi, you are so perfect! You are ... oh fuck! You are so beautiful!" I stuttered.

"Thanks but I'm just a man. Come, let's go sit. I'm waiting for some of the ... erm ... furniture. But come sit. I have couch and chairs," Luigi said and led the way.

Luigi sat on the couch and waved to the seat next to him. "Please sit here." I sat down and stared at the godlike man next to me! I was mesmerized!

"You play hockey Uncle Mario says?" Luigi asked. He put his hand on my thigh and squeezed. "Hmmmm! Nice and muscular! I like that!"

My cock twitched. Oh my godd! Oh fuck!

"Yes, I play hockey," I said.

"And you do modelling now?"

"Yes, a bit. We don't have too much time with the studies. It's almost exams now. And we help on the farm some weekends. You must come to the farm with us. Dad and Mom would like to meet you." I rambled on.

What the fuck was wrong with me? ANOTHER man? Mom would have a fit!

"Anton, please relax! I want you to enjoy this time with me. I will not hurt you. It's big but I am gentle lover. Now please relax! Drink your wine and" he leaned towards me and put his hand behind my head and pulled me closer, "Please kiss me!" His beautiful full lips touched my mouth and I melted again. They did not just look great, they were soft like velvet and this man knew how to kiss! He put his wine on the coffee table and took my glass and put it on the table. He pulled me into him and kissed me deeper. He was a master and gently sucked my lips into his mouth. I groaned and gave myself over to this hunk of a man.

I opened my mouth and his velvety tongue slipped between my lips. He licked my tongue, my teeth and gently pushed his tongue into my mouth. He pulled me closer and pushed me onto my back. He pushed forward and his body was pressed against mine. I felt his hard chiselled chest and hard tummy pushing against me. His one hand was still behind my head and the other one was opening a button on my shirt. His hand slipped in and stroked my chest.

I put my hand behind his neck and on his back. Luigi pushed his legs between mine and moved me on the couch so I was squarely on my back under him. He pushed his crotch into mine and I groaned. His hard cock was moving against my hard-on. He groaned into my mouth.

"I want to make crazy deep love to you! You are like a gift from heaven! I really like what I see. If uncle Mario is right, this will be very good. I hope you like me too?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, of course I like what I see and what you are doing. You are the gift here! You are like a god!" I gushed.

"Well, thank you very much! But this god wants to make love to you? Interested?" Luigi asked and kissed me again.

"Yes, please! Yes! I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me! Yes!" I moaned.

"OK, let's go to bedroom and let's get out of clothes," Luigi said and stood up. "Bring your wine. Come." He held his hand out and when I took it, he pulled me up and into his embrace. His huge cock pushed against me and I put my head on his shoulder. He smelled so nice. I wondered what perfume he used. His hand was around my waist and he led me down the passage to his bedroom.

It was clear he had just moved in. The walls were still bare and in the bedroom, there were only the bed and nightstands with bed lamps. He took my glass from me and put both glasses on the first nightstand.

"You bring lube?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, I did. But before we get into bed, I want to ... douche ... OK?" I said.

"Ahhh! A man I like ... to my liking! Yes! Perfect! In there!" He indicated the bathroom door. He pulled me in for another kiss and let me go, still holding my hand as I walked towards the bathroom door with my little bag.

I closed the door and took a quick dump. I prepared a basin with luke-warm water and rinsed my rectum thoroughly. If it were the last thing I did, I had to be squeaky clean for Luigi! Not that I didn't also want it for the others, but this was a special occasion. After 7 rinses, I felt I was clean enough to face the music. I put some lube on my fingers and pushed it deep up my rectum.

I put my pants back on ... why, I didn't know. I washed my hands and walked back in the bedroom. Luigi was still fully clothed and was reclined on the pillows with his glass of wine. When he saw me, his face lit up and he put his hand out.

"Come here! Come!"

I walked to the bed and climbed over him. He passed me my glass of wine.

"Cin cin! I hope you like this as much as I know I will, that you will come back again. OK?" Luigi toasted and when he swallowed his wine, he leaned over to me and put his hand on my face. "You are so beautiful! Do you know that? Very sexy and beautiful!" His chocolate voice made me weak! Oh fuck!

"Thank you Luigi, but when last did you look in a mirror? You are not exactly the Hunchback of Notre Dame! You are more beautiful than 99% of Hollywood!"

"And why not 100%? Who is it that is more beautiful than me? Hmmm!" Luigi joked and raised his face high in mock indignation.

"Erm ... there is this Canadian actor named Antonio Cupo ..." I started to say.

"Ah! Antonio! Actually he is of Italian descent! And yes, I have to agree: he is beautiful! He is sexy man," Luigi concurred.

"Yes, he is ... " I said and Luigi's mouth was on mine again. He put the glasses on the nightstand and started to unbutton my shirt further. His big beautiful hands were on my bare chest and when he felt my nipples, he lifted up and looked into my eyes.

"Hairy chest! Big nipples and big areolae ... my favourite! Hmmmm!" Luigi said and kissed me again. He finished unbuttoning my shirt while I started to open his shirt.

I put my hand in his shirt and groaned. His chest hair was in a thick slightly curly mat on his body. I put my fingers in and marvelled at the feeling of the luxurious hair under my fingers. I finished unbuttoning his shirt. We took off our shirts and Luigi put his mouth on my neck. He kissed me and his tongue left a saliva trail and he moved over my chest hair to my nipple. When he reached my left nipple, he sucked in my areola and groaned. His other hand was playing with my right nipple.

I put my hands in his hair and felt the hair product that kept them in such an immaculate shape. His hair was a bit longer than our hair and the curliness made it bounce under my touch.

Luigi traced his tongue over my solar plexus and when he reached my bellybutton, he hovered over my body and blew warm air on me. He put his hands on my belt and started to unbuckle. He lifted his body and sat on his knees between my legs. He unzipped my pants and moved down to my feet. He unfastened my shoelaces and pulled my shoes off. He pulled off my socks and groaned.

"Anton, you have very nice feet! I love the hair on them! They are like mine! And so nicely pedicured! Hmmm!" He lifted my right foot and sucked on my toes. My godd! This man really was an excellent lover!

Luigi took my pants by the hems and pulled. I lifted my buttocks off the bed and my pants were off. He lightly folded them and put them on the floor. He crawled back between my legs and put his hand on my bulging crotch. 

"Hmmmm! Nice and big and hard! And wet!"

He slipped his hand in my underpants and palmed my hard twitching cock. I groaned and felt the precum running out of my cock. He pushed the elastic of my underpants down and my cock sprang free. He took it in his hand and licked the tip. "Hmmm! Nice and salty and sweet and ... nice!"

I groaned and pushed my cock in the air. "Eager to have it in my mouth?" He lowered his mouth onto my cock and kissed the head. He licked the underside of my cock and pushed my underpants down. He hooked my underpants under my balls and fondled them.

"Nice big balls!" Luigi groaned and took one in his mouth. I groaned. Luigi's one hand was fondling the other ball and the other one was stroking my hairy tummy. By then my cock was very wet and I was on such a sexual high ... this man was a master and more!

I looked down and saw his hairy head in my crotch. I put my hands in his hair and stroked his beautiful head. Luigi took my other ball and gently sucked it: just gently without hurting me. He was the urologist there - he would know what would be nice and sensual, and what would hurt.

Luigi let go of my balls and put his other hand on my tummy and down my sides. I tensed and giggled.

"Ticklish, beautiful man? Ahhh!" Luigi said and just put his hands on my sides. I still tensed but it was clear he wasn't going to tickle me. Oh good ...

Luigi's mouth and tongue trailed the underside of my hard and leaking cock until he reached my wet big cockhead. He licked the head and sucked the tip into his mouth. I groaned ... oh godd! I was in sexual overstimulation! I could cum on the spot!

His hands moved up my body and started to massage my chest and nipples. He lightly tugged at my chest hair. Again, this was a master!

Luigi lowered his mouth on my cock and sucked it into his mouth a centimetre at a time. He was producing lots of saliva that lubed my cock to enter his mouth. And before I knew it, my cockhead pushed against the back of his throat. He opened his mouth and throat and my cockhead slipped into his throat. I yelled and groaned: "Oh godd! Oh fuck! Ahhh!"

He pushed until my big cockhead was lodged deep in his throat and my pubic hair was touching his nose. His chin pushed on my balls. I groaned and Luigi groaned. His throat was doing fantastic things to my cock. His hands were on my chest and tummy and stroking me.

Luigi was sitting on his knees pushing my legs out. He pulled off my cock and moved up to my mouth.

"You are one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen and you make me very ... erm ... randy! Very hot!" Luigi kissed my nose. He licked my chin. He kissed my cheeks. He stroked my eyebrows and put his hands on either side of my face and kissed me. His soft lips were full and sensual. His tongue was playing on my lips and I felt the saliva running from his mouth onto my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked in the saliva. Oh fuck! I wanted every drop of it! He gently pushed his wet tongue between my lips and it entered my mouth. I gently sucked it in and then I sucked it deep into my mouth. He pushed his tongue in as deep as it would go.

Luigi pushed his lower body on my groin. He was still wearing his pants but the huge bulge in there was obvious. It was hard and big!

He leaned back and pulled me up. My legs were over his thighs and his hands on my face and my chest.

I put my hands on his crotch and felt the huge hard-on inside ... it really was a big one! I fumbled with his belt but it was a complicated design and I got stuck. He took his belt from me and opened his pants. I put my hands in and felt his huge cock was pushing up under the elastic of his underpants. It was pushed to his left and the underwear fabric was sopping wet over the head.

I moved and pushed Luigi back onto the pillows. I moved in between his legs. I put my hands on the enormous bulge in there and squeezed. I leaned forward and looked at the exquisite face in front of me. His big dark eyes watched me intently. He put his hands behind my head and pulled me down on him. I kissed him and marvelled at the soft lips and beautiful mouth. His stubble was just gorgeous.

My hard wet cock was pushing on his hard cock still in his underpants. My precum was also making a royal fuckup on his pants ...

The thick mat of black curly hair on his chest was like a luxurious carpet - a carpet of love! I leaned down and put my face on the hair and groaned. The curly hair felt like silk under my face and fingers. I breathed in his aroma ... fuck! This man smelled like a man, like a god, like a model, like a beautiful creature. His perfume was so subtle and divine.

I looked at his nipples. I gasped. They were huge and his areolae were dark brown and big! My own areolae looked puny in comparison! I sucked his right nipple into my mouth and lightly nibbled it. He groaned and pushed his chest up. I was playing with the other nipple and still marvelled at the size of these puppies! Wow! I moved down and kissed Luigi's solar plexus. He groaned. When I reached his belly button, Luigi put his hands on my head and groaned.

I moved between Luigi's legs and pushed his pants down. He lifted his buttocks and he pushed his groin forward. I pushed his pants down and moved to his exquisite bare feet.

I took his pants by the hems and pulled them off. I followed suit and folded them to some extent and put them on the floor. When I looked at the beautiful Italian hunk on the bed, I gasped when I saw his huge bulge! My godd! It was just huge! And sopping wet. I crawled between Luigi's legs and put my hand on the huge bulge. It was big! And twitching. I lifted the elastic of his underpants and put my other hand in and gasped. It was big and hard and wet. I pulled the big cock out and gasped again. It was a beautiful big cock! It was darker in colour and uncut and thick and veiny and had a huge long head covered with a long skin. I let go of the huge cock and it reached beyond his belly button ... fuck! This was a big beautiful thick cock!

I pulled the underpants down and Luigi lifted his buttocks so I could pull them off completely. I looked back and gasped again. It looked like a third leg stretching up to his chest.

As I put my one hand on his cock and the other hand on his balls I crawled to Luigi's crotch ... they were huge. They felt like small chicken eggs. They were big!

I gently fondled them and sucked one in my mouth. Luigi groaned and I put my hand on his huge cock. It felt so good in my hand. It twitched under my hand and he put his hand on top of mine holding his cock. He faux fucked my hand and groaned.

I moved up and licked the underside of his cock. He shivered and groaned and put his hands on my head and groaned some more. I licked the huge cockhead and tasted the precum. I put my hand under the cock and lifted it up. There was a lot of precum in his tummy hair on his solar plexus. I sucked the big head into my mouth. It smelled so sexy and tasted divine.

I pulled the long foreskin back and licked the head. It was just one spectacular cock. It was thick and the head was big and long. In retrospect, I guess the head could have been between 7 and 8 cm long and thicker than the shaft. I pulled the skin back to cover the head and saw a huge drop of precum dripping onto his tummy. The skin was long enough that it formed a collar at the tip of the big head.

The head got stuck in the back of my mouth as I pushed the head back into my mouth. It was just too big. I'd never be able to take it into my throat. Damn! It tasted divine and it twitched in my mouth. I pulled the long skin back and felt the huge head on my tongue. I jacked it a little and sucked the precum out of it. I looked at the tip and saw the piss slit was huge! Like Herman's I thought. As I pulled the skin back to the front, a huge amount of precum bubbled up in the piss slit. I put my tongue out and licked it hungrily.

Luigi groaned and whispered that I had to be careful - he didn't want to cum as yet.

I let go of the huge cock and moved down the thighs of this god. They were muscular and covered in long curly silky black hair. I licked my way down past his right knee and to the foot ... Oh! My! Godd! His feet were about the size of Gunther's feet and Juan's feet, but they really were even more beautiful than Juan's feet ... sorry my darling, but facts are facts! The bridge was hairy with fairly long black hair. I looked at his toes up close. The form of the foot was just perfect. The big toe was ... well, big. The nail was almost square and cut straight. The digit was covered in the same black hair like on the bridge. The second toe was considerably longer than the big toe. It too was exquisitely shaped and pedicured. The other toes were progressively shorter and all were hairy and looked spectacular! I have just never seen feet like these! I wonder what Johann would say if he saw these feet!

The hair on the second digit of the big toe felt so sexy on my tongue. I sucked the big toe into my mouth and played with my tongue over it. I sucked the big toe deep into my mouth and groaned. Oh fuck! I had the most beautiful foot in my mouth and was holding it in my hands.

I massaged the ball of the foot and each of the toes in turn. I kissed the hairy bridge and groaned. Luigi groaned too. I massaged his calf and felt the hairy skin under my finger. I switched to the other leg and repeated the 'treatment' on the other foot. This god of a man was just perfect and a ... god!

Luigi sat upright and pulled me up to him. He put his hands on my face and I took his right hand and looked at the fingers. Once again, they were spectacular and beautiful beyond words. They were about the same size as Juan's fingers, but even though Juan's hands were sexy beyond words, the black hair on Luigi's hands set them apart. They were big, neatly manicured and fuck, they were beautiful! I sucked in his index finger and Luigi groaned. He hugged me close.

"Oh fuck! You're perfect in every respect! Your feet are so beautiful and nice and hairy! Your hands are big and beautiful. And your cock is ... big and beautiful!" I gushed.

Luigi kissed me and whispered: "I hope it's not too big ... Uncle Mario, he fucked you, no? It was OK?"

"Yes, he fucked me and yes, it was very big but it was OK. It's OK you can fuck me too," I said softly.

"I'm blessed in another way ... I hope it will not be too much for you ..." Luigi started.

"What is it? Do you grow fangs when the sun sets?" I joked.

Luigi laughed and said: "No, of course not, but I have multiple orgasms ... you know what that is?"

"I think so. It means you can cum more than once?" I put in.

"Yes, but I cum three to four times immediately after each other. I can cum four times within 2 minutes."

"Really? Wow! How does that feel?"

"It is mind-blowing! What you feel for 15 seconds when you have orgasm, goes on for between 2 and 3 minutes for me."

"Wow! All of that while you fuck me?" I asked.

"Yes, if you want. Or I can pull out after the first orgasm and cum in your mouth if you want."

"The last option please!"

"I have to warn you again: I cum a lot! I cum more than Uncle Mario. About twice as much as he does. It is a lot!" Luigi said.

He pulled me closer and pulled my legs over his thighs on his sides. Our crotches were pushing against each other. He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

The huge cock against my crotch was sopping wet and the tip of his cock pushed under my sternum. It was sopping wet and Luigi was groaning when I touched it and rubbed the precum over the head.

Luigi pulled me to him and rolled on his side with me in his arms. He rolled on top of me and stood up sitting between my legs. He moved between my legs and lifted my legs so my buttocks were in the air. He leaned in and licked my hole. He pushed my buttocks apart and pushed his face in my crack and kissed my hole. He pushed his long tongue into my hole and sucked. I groaned. He pulled me even more backwards and really sucked me. My hole was sopping wet and my cock was leaking lots of precum.

Luigi let go of my buttocks. Luigi took some of my precum and some of his large amount of his own precum on his huge cockhead and smeared it over my hole. One of his fingers pushed into my hole and I groaned. He pushed in knuckle-deep and kissed my buttocks.

Luigi took some more of our precum and put it on my hole. I felt two fingers entering me and he pushed in deep. He repeated it with a third finger. I groaned.

Luigi pulled out and leaned in to my face and kissed me. Again, it was soft and gentle and a lot of saliva flowed into my mouth. I put my hands on his cheeks and we just looked at each other. Luigi's huge cock was now pushing between my legs under my balls.

"You're a wonderful guy and a beautiful young man. I like you so much! Hmmm!" Luigi gushed and kissed me again. His big brown eyes were just looking at me and then he put a hand on my cheek and asked: "Ready? May I please fuck you now?"

I put my hand on Luigi's rock-hard and sopping wet cock and realised I couldn't get my fingers around the shaft! It was as thick as Pieter's cock if not thicker! It was sopping wet.

"Yes, please! Oh yes! Fuck me please!" I groaned.

"Where is your lube? Or do you want us to try with just our precum first?" Luigi asked.

"Precum only please. You make a lot and I do too. I think it would be enough. Just fuck me please. Oh fuck!"

"OK, but if I hurt you, please tell me. I want to make love to you. I don't want to hurt you. OK?" Luigi said.

"OK, but slowly please! You have a very big and thick cock! It's as thick as Mario's cock and that was a challenge with lube. Just slowly, OK?" I put in.

Luigi lifted off me and took my cock in his hands. My 23cm cock almost disappeared in his big beautiful hand. He jacked my cock and milked the precum out of it. He pushed my legs up and took the precum and smeared it on my hole. He repeated it and pushed his precum finger into me. Then he leaned back and jacked his own huge cock and rubbed the precum running from the huge piss slit over the big head. He pulled the skin back and distributed the precum all over the thick shaft. He milked more precum out of his cock and put it on my hole. I milked some precum from my cock and passed it to Luigi on my finger. He took it from me and put it on his cock.

Luigi put my legs in the crook of his elbows and leaned forward. I stretched and took the huge slippery head and aimed it at my hole. Luigi pushed forward and his cockhead touched my hole ... I gasped. This was it ... the huge Italian doctor cock was going to fuck me! Oh godd! It was a big one!

"Just relax, OK! I'm not going to force my cock into you. We're going to take it slowly, OK? I told you I wanted to make love to you!" Luigi pacified me.

He pushed forward gently and the head pushed into my hole ... the sphincter stretched and I felt the big head advancing into me. I pushed out and the head slipped in deeper. Luigi pulled out a little and pushed again. The head stretched my hole and it slipped in on the precum.

I gasped and pushed my head backwards.

Luigi held still and the big cockhead in me twitched. "Ahhhh!" It swelled to huge proportions and stretched my hole.

"You still OK beautiful man?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. It was fantastic so far! Push in please. Slowly please!" I answered.

Luigi pushed in deeper and I gasped. The cock was big! It was like Mario fucking me in the toilet! Just precum and a big Italian cock fucking me!

When the big cock head approached my inner sphincter, Luigi knew what it was and continued to gently push forward ... and when he slipped through, he groaned! I groaned! he was almost in!

I took some more of my precum from my cock and gave it to Luigi. He let go of my one leg and rubbed it on his cockshaft. He put his arm under my leg again and pushed in deeper. He pulled out a bit and pushed in deeper. After a few more precum transplants, Luigi was in balls-deep! Oh godd! I did it! I took the huge Italian cock in me!

Luigi held still and swelled his cock. I groaned. It was a big thick cock and it was very deep into me. I clenched my hole and he made it swell again. I clenched my hole and he twitched his cock. Luigi pushed his knees outwards and let go of my legs. He leaned over me and put his face close to mine.

"This is not the right time to say this, but I have had a number of lovers in my 27 years. Some were good but so far you are the best of them all! Anton, this has to happen again. And soon. And often. You are a dream come true! I like you a lot! I think I could actually love you ... Mio Dio! How is that even possible? But it's true! Oh fuck!" Luigi gushed. He was overjoyed and his huge cock in me swelled again.

"Luigi, this is very special to me too. I've never met a special beautiful man like you before and yes! I want this to happen again soon! Yes, please! And yes, I also think I'm going to love you!" I gushed.

Luigi kissed me and his mouth lingered on my lips. He pushed his nose onto mine and stared into my eyes. His cock twitched.

"Ready for the first load? I want to put my cum in you ... hmmm!" Luigi said looking into my eyes.

"Yes, please! I'm dying to feel your multiple orgasms!" I gushed.

"OK. If I hurt you, please tell me, OK?"

Luigi started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. He sat up on his knees again and pushed my legs up onto my chest. He looked at his huge cock in my hole and fucked me slowly ... in ... out ... in ... out.

He once pulled out completely and without touching his cock, he aimed the huge head on my hole and pushed in ... the huge head pushed through and he continued till he was in balls-deep again.

He started to fuck me with deep long thrusts and started to groan. His breath became deep and fast and he groaned deeper. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! Anton, I'm cumming! Here it comes! Ahhh! Hnghnnghhhn! I'm cumming!" Luigi said and groaned again.

I felt the huge cock in me twitch and swell and it started to pump a humongous load of cum into me. He groaned and kept on fucking me! He didn't stop at all ... I felt the cockhead still twitching a bit but he continued to fuck me and within 20 seconds he was groaning again! He was cumming again! Oh my godd! This was phenomenal! Luigi's cock swelled again and I felt it pumping yet another load of cum into me! He groaned and held my legs tight on my chest. He continued to fuck me through the spasms and kept on groaning ... this man was a super fucker! I felt the cum being pumped into me and clenched his cock in my hole.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry! I wanted to pull out but it was just too nice! I'm pulling out now. Do you still want me to cum in your mouth? OK?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, please do!" I answered.

Luigi pulled out slowly, his cock still rock-hard and twitching. As it left my hole, I felt the cum still dripping from it. He pushed my legs down and sat on my chest with his huge cock in his hand.

He jacked it and put the head in my mouth. He was groaning again and within another 30 seconds he was groaning deeply again and he shot his third load, this time in my mouth! It was a big load and it tasted fantastic! He pushed his huge cock deep into my mouth and collapsed on me. He pulled his cock from my mouth and moved down my body. He positioned his cock on my hole and pushed in again! What? Another load? Wow! Already three loads! He put his mouth on mine and sucked some of his cum from my mouth, and kissed me deeply and gently. He groaned as his big cock slid back into me.

"Oh fuck! I hope this isn't too much! Is it? Are you still OK? Is it OK I pushed in again? In 1 minute I'm cumming again, OK? Sorry ..." Luigi said apologetically.

"Of course it's OK! I've never experienced anything like this before! It's fantastic! Yes, fuck me and cum again! Please!" I gushed.

Luigi leaned down and kissed me again. His big cock was still hard and was still twitching in me. He looked at me and smiled. "You are so beautiful! Thanks Anton!" Luigi said.

He sat back on his knees and took my cock in his hand and started jacking me. He was slowly fucking me and I felt his big cock twitching again. My godd! This man was about to cum a fourth time! I felt my own orgasm building up in my loins and my cock started to spasm.

"You ready to cum? Hold back. I'm also going to cum again ... just hang in there!" Luigi groaned and fucked me in earnest. I felt his cock growing to huge proportions again and when I felt my orgasm boiling over, Luigi's cock pushed in deep again and he let fly. Another load was shot into me and my own shot out of me and hit me on my chin, another on my cheek, on my ear, three shots on my chest and then on my tummy ... and then it just dribbled out.

When Luigi's orgasm subsided, he leaned into me and licked my cum from my face and chest. He kissed me and fed me some of my cum.

"Oh fuck! You drive me absolutely mad! This was the first time I did it 4 times in a row! The most so far was 3 times ... you made me do it 4 times! A record for me! Ahhh! Mio Dio! You're phenomenal! It was fantastic! How are you? You OK? Must I take my cock out now?"

"Yes it was fantastic! It was like nothing I've had before! You have pumped a lot of cum in me! I'm fine thanks! No, please keep it in me. What is the time now?" I asked.

"I think it could be after 4 o'clock. What time do you have to go? Please stay a little longer? Please? Please?" Luigi pleaded.

"I was supposed to be at the dentist and usually I should have been done by now. My lovers will be suspicious."

"Ah yes, uncle Mario said you have a couple of lovers ... how does that work?" Luigi asked.

"It's complicated but it works well. I love them very much ..." I started.

"Will you love me too ...? I like you so very much already!" Luigi said and looked into my eyes with his big brown eyes. I looked into his big brown puppy eyes and my heart melted ... again! I was a goner! Oh fuck!

"Oh fuck yes! I like you very much too! And I want to see you again and again and again, and want to have sex with you again and for you to fuck me again and pump me full of cum again ... but I don't know when. There are 6 of us ..." I started.

"Six! There are six of you? Wow! Where will I fit in? When will I ever see you again? Oh no! After 27 years I meet the man of my dreams and he is involved with 5 other guys ... Oh no! Mio Dio! Oh no! No! Just my luck!" Luigi lamented. His eyes were sad ...

"Luigi, you're the most beautiful and sexiest man I've ever seen and have had sex with! You have everything I love about a man! You look like a Greek statue that came to life! I fucking like you very much and I could even fall in love with you! But yes, there are 5 other guys in my life ... I can't help it. I love them al very much, but each one differently. You ... oh my godd! Luigi! You're a dream come true! I think I already love you a little ... sorry!" I rambled on.

"Oh godd! No! Why do I have to meet the most perfect man in the world and now this? No! What is going to happen to us? How will we be able to make it work with so many other guys in your life? I don't know how it could work ... oh fuck no!" Luigi was devastated.

"Luigi, if we want to, we can make it work. I have my twin brother who I love very much. He is half of me and I could never be without him. Then there is Juan ... a long story, but a wonderful man. Then there are Johann and Gunther ... also great guys and I love them too ... and then Herman ... oh fuck! Please don't make me choose! I can never choose! I want to love you too and ..." I started.

"You want to have me AND the other guys? How?" Luigi sounded despondent.

"I don't know yet, but we can work it out. How long are you going to be in South Africa?"

"I'm here on a work visa for at least 5 years. Being a doctor, I could easily extend that to be longer," Luigi said.

"Then, let's not make decisions now. Let's see how it works out. Perhaps when you see me in daylight at Mario's on Saturday, you might not like me at all ..." I started.

"I have seen you in daylight! I fucking like you a lot - I love you already!" Luigi said softly and kissed me gently.

"Then, let's work something out. My lovers are used to sharing ..." I started.

"Yes, but I am not! How would I be able to sleep when I know you're in bed with them? Oh fuck! You are the best thing that has happened to me ... now this!" Luigi complained.

"Don't worry my man! We'll work it out! You'll be busy in the surgery and I'll be in class most of the day. Some nights the boys are busy with other stuff and then it's just Juan and my brother. They don't mind to share and some nights I could sleep here with you. Other nights you could sleep over at our place. Sharing is not so bad ... you'll see. Just don't stop this right here! Please don't!" I pleaded.

"Anton, I don't know! I've never been good at sharing, especially not something as beautiful and sexy as you! I don't know!" Luigi said.

"Just give it a chance. I really really really like you and I really want to see you again. And yes, I think I could fall in love with you ... if I haven't fallen in love with you already! You're a great and beautiful man!" I put in.

"I don't know ... but I like you enough to give it a try! Just know it, I like you a lot! Very much! And I just cannot not have this again ... or lose you ... I can't start looking again ... No! No! No! Anton, you are everything I want in a man! You're perfect!" Luigi gushed.

"Yes, I feel the same about you and yes, I could have fallen in love with you on the spot and become your lover, but it's a bit more complicated than that. You see this ring? We all have similar rings. We're not married, but even our - my brother and my - parents have accepted us as a group of lovers. I can't just turn my back on them, as I really love them and want to be with them too. But you ... oh fuck! Luigi! You're also just the ultimate I wanted in a man! You're just perfect. But please give it a try ... perhaps once you've met them and have spend some time with them and with us in bed, you'll change your mind. Don't decide now ... please? Please ...?" I pleaded.

"Oh godd ... OK! I hope this will work out ... but I want you! I want you so very much, beautiful man!"

Luigi's big cock was still very hard in my hole and he made it twitch ... another round? My godd! He was really putting all the other men in my life to shame! A fith time? Really?

"Are you ready for one last fuck? Would you be able to cum again?" Luigi asked and started to fuck me slowly. "I can cum again but if it's too much, I could stop? You OK?"

"I'm still very horny, so I should be able to cum again. No, don't pull out please! No, fuck me again please!" I answered.

Luigi leaned in and kissed me gently while his huge cock was twitching in my hole and he was slowly fucking me again. My inside was very wet from 3 loads he has pumped into me already. His soft lips were exquisite and sexy and nice and ... oh fuck! This was a phenomenal man and lover!

He leaned back and took my hard cock and started to jack me off again. I felt my orgasm building up. Luigi's cock was picking up speed. He was fucking me with long and deep fast thrusts and his breath was becoming shallow and fast. He started to growl and he clung to my legs and thrust faster.

"I'm cumming Luigi! I'm cumming!" I groaned and Luigi answered with a deep growl and shoved his big cock deep into me and held his breath. I felt how my cum flew from my cock and hit me on my chin. Luigi's cock swelled big and his fifth load of the day was shot deep into me.

Oh my godd! I've just had an orgy with just one man! This man was one hell of a sexual animal. I have heard of multiple orgasms but this man was the epitome of it!

Luigi was shuddering and breathing heavily. His cum was still pumping into me and his big cockhead still was swelled to huge proportions.

Luigi leaned forward and licked my cum off my body and face. He leaned back and looked into my eyes and sucked my cum while looking me in the eyes. "This load is mine ... I've given you one of my loads in your mouth and have pumped 4 loads into you. This one is mine!" He leaned towards me and kissed me.

His big cock in me was now a bit softer. His kiss was soft and gentle. His tongue played over my lips and when I opened my mouth, his saliva ran into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed. My cum on his tongue tasted so good.

"Please tell me you love me ... even if it is just a little? Please? Do you love me?" Luigi asked looking in my eyes with his big brown eyes.

"Yes, fuck - yes! I know it sounds cheesy and impossible, but fuck yes! I love you. And it is not just a little! It's a lot after only one afternoon with you! But I have a rectum full of your cum! And I love that. And I love your fucking! And I love your big cock! And I love your kisses! And I love your beautiful face! And I love your beautiful hands! And I love your beautiful feet! And I love your hairy body. Did I say I love your fucking! And I love your big brown eyes! And I love your mouth ..." I gushed.

"OK, I get the message! And the same here! You are the most amazing man I've ever had sex with! I'll see how Saturday is and how the other guys are. But I want you to visit me as soon as possible, as regularly as possible and for you to love me ... I love you a lot already! Oh fuck! What are we going to do?" Luigi lamented.

"We'll work something out, don't worry," I said. "But tell me please, exactly how big is your cock?"

"Ahh, you've been fucked with it, and now you want to know the size? Hmmm! Well, it's 29cm! And thick as you can feel!" Luigi said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"When you don't cum in me, how much cum would you shoot into my mouth or on my tummy?"

"It's a big lot! I guess it's around 40ml all in all. Sometimes when I haven't had sex for a while, it could even be more. I don't know, but it's a big mess and too much for most people. I hope it doesn't bother you?" Luigi asked.

"No, I love cum! And if you cum so much, I love it even more! Oh fuck no! The more, the happier I am!" I gushed.

"I'm glad. That is another reason to love you! Most guys don't like that at all," Luigi stated.

His big cock was now rubbery and he pushed it deep into me again. I gasped and clenched my hole over his cock. "You drive me nuts!" I've heard this phrase so often before! "Keep that up and I'm going to fuck you again!"

"You can't be serious! Really? You could fuck me and cum again? Now?" I gasped.

"Oh yes, keep on clenching your hole over my cock and I'll be fucking you again in no time! The load won't be big, but yes, I could fuck you another round! If you sleep with me for a whole night ... I hope this will not put you off ... oh fuck! But yes, I could fuck you all night long. We could sleep in between but I could fuck you all night long and never pull out! Oh fuck! Now you won't love me anymore!" Luigi said with trepidation.

"Oh fuck! No! I'd love that! Oh fuck yes! I want you to fuck me a whole night long! Just feel my cock! I'm hard for you again! Yes! Oh fuck! Fuck me again! Yes!" I gushed.

Luigi pushed deep into me and started to fuck me again ... again! I couldn't believe it! The same man has fucked me four times over the past hour and a half! Huge cock! Lots of cum! Oh fuck!

Within 90 seconds Luigi was pumping another load into me! Johann and Gunther insatiable? They were novices in comparison to this Italian god! He kissed me while his cock was spasming in my hole. I don't know how much cum he shot the last time, but I had a huge load in my rectum by then! His wonderful lips on my mouth were divine!

"Oh fuck! This is a record for me! The longest anybody else could endure my cock in them was about 45 minutes and 3 loads. Here you've made me cum 6 times in one afternoon. You drive me nuts!" Luigi gushed.

"Luigi, you're a phenomenal lover and the most beautiful man I've ever made love to. You have a huge cock and the cum you've pumped into me is a gift I want to keep inside me for as long as possible. I like you ... a lot ... and I love you a little already. I want to see you again please, but I have to go now. I'm sure it is almost 5 o'clock already. André, my brother, and Juan will not know where I am. I have to go ... please?" I asked.

"Yes, I suppose you're right. How I wish you could have stayed for the night! I still have a lot of cum I could pump into you! Oh fuck! I'll just have to jack off!" Luigi complained. "OK, I'm going to pull out now. Your hole is very stretched now and I've pumped a lot of cum into you. Clench your hole to keep my cum inside. Here it goes ..." Luigi warned.

His cock slipped out and just a drop slipped out onto the sheets. The volume of cum in me was immense ... it was like 5 guys have fucked me and shot their loads into me! This Italian Stallion was a stallion for sure! And one load in my mouth ... incredible!

Luigi leaned over me and lied on top of me. Without me saying anything, this man just knew what I liked and just did everything to a T! He lied on top of me with his full body weight and put his face above mine. His big cock was pushed between my legs and I squeezed it with my legs.

"Keep that up and I'm putting it back into you and fuck you once more! Careful! Anton, thank you for visiting me today. You will never know how special it was for me. You're a dream come true. You're exactly what I've been looking for. But to share you with 5 other guys ... oh fuck! I hope I could do it. I love you already!" Luigi looked deep into my eyes and kissed my nose, my chin and put his sexy mouth on mine. He opened his mouth and his saliva ran into my mouth. Oh fuck! This man was the epitome of sexy and nice and beautiful! He was perfect!

"I love you my beautiful friend! You've made me realise just how perfect a man could be. Let's not rush this. I want it to work, but I really can't just dump the other guys, OK? But, I have to go now. By the way, how do you know that all the nice things you do are what I love? You lying on top of me is one of the things I love so much! You're an ace!" I gushed.

"It just proves we're meant for each other! Why I had to come to South Africa! Why I had to come to Stellenbosh! Why my uncle met you! Why you came to visit me! And why you have made me fall in love with you! You're everything I want in a man! I could have had many men, but it's you who has tipped the scale in every respect! You're spectacular!" Luigi gushed.

I noticed our wine was still on the nightstand! 

He lifted off me and I felt like pulling him back onto me ... oh fuck! What I'd do to spend a whole night with him! A whole life long! Fuck! What a predicament I was in! I put on a brave face and lifted off the bed and sat up to get dressed.

Luigi got up and retrieved my clothes from the floor. He held out my underwear and pants and after I stepped into them, I took my shirt and sat down again. Luigi sat down on the floor and took my socks to put them on my feet! My godd!

"You have very nice feet! Wow! Very neat and well cared for! Big too. Size 11?" Luigi asked.

"Size 11½. How big are yours? Size 15?"

"Yes, size Euro 52, or UK size 15. You're very good!"

"Luigi, I have never seen feet as beautiful as yours. They're big, neat and incredibly sexy! You have beautiful feet!" I gushed.

"Thank you. And this whole package is yours if you wanted it! I want you to have it. I want you. I love you," Luigi said while he slipped my second sock on. He reached for my shoes and put them on. He tied my shoelaces and stood up. His huge rubbery cock, now about 21cm long and thick, was dangling in front of my face. I took it and put it in my mouth. I sucked it deep into my mouth and felt the big rubbery head slipping into my throat. Oh my godd! It felt good! I pushed the whole big cock into my mouth and down my throat. Luigi groaned and I felt the cock getting hard again! My godd! This man WAS insatiable! The huge cock in my throat got harder and harder by the second and filled my throat. I held out to see how much of it I could manage to keep in my throat. I had to breathe and pulled off the huge cock in my throat. It was humongous! I took a breath and I tried to push it back into my throat, but could only get the head in.

"You'd better stop, otherwise I'm going to rip your clothes off and fuck you again! Oh godd! You drive me out of my mind! You're sensational!" Luigi said and pulled his hard wet cock from my mouth. He rubbed the big head over my lips and groaned. Fuck! I could just continue on and on! This guy was just perfect!

I opened my mouth and sucked the big head into my mouth again. The thick 29cm cock tasted so good ... fuck! I willed to let it go and stood up. I closed my pants and belt and put my arms around the Italian god's waist and put my head on his chest. He put his arms around my neck and pushed his hard cock into my tummy. He tousled my hair and said into it: "I love you Anton. We're not having sex now, but by godd! I love you! You're perfect. In every way. Thanks a lot. I will see you on Saturday, OK?"

"I love you too Luigi! You're also everything I've ever wanted in a man. You're sexy, beautiful and have a wonderful cock. Your cum in me feels so great. I want you to pump me full of cum again, soon! I hope on Saturday ... we'll see how it works out. But, I really have to go ..." My iPhone rang. "I'm sure that's my brother!" I looked on the screen, and my brother's face was displayed ... it was as if I was looking at myself!

I looked at my watch and saw it was 04:40. We've been at it for about an hour and a half! Slut!

"Tell him you had a delay at the dentist!" Luigi put in.

"Hi André!"

"Anton, where are you? We're worried about you. How long did the dentist appointment last then?"

"There was an emergency and I had to wait. Sorry. I'll be home in 20 minutes' time. Can I bring us something?"

"Oh OK. Gunther called and said he wanted to make us dinner. So we're going to him now. We'll meet you there, OK? Are you OK?" André asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," I said as I held Luigi's big cock in my hand and he held me by the shoulders. "See you at Gunther in a bit. Bye."

"Gunther is one of the guys?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, he is from Germany and is renting our flat. He is a doctorate student in Microbiology and Juan is working with him. Oh, you'll meet them all on Saturday. I have to go now."

Luigi took me into his arms and his big cock, rubbery now, was in my hand without even realising I took it in my hand ... slut! My fuck! I was just as insatiable!

"Thanks Luigi, I have to go. OK? You've been a wonderful lover and I love you ... I do ... oh fuck!" I said and pulled from his arms.

Luigi retrieved his underpants and pants and got dressed. I looked at his fantastic feet and marvelled at the size and sexiness of them! They were just spectacular!

He put his shirt back on and took my hand as we walked to the front door. He took me into his arms again and took my face between his beautiful hands. He looked deep into my eyes and said: "I will try my best with your arrangement but please, no more! I have met other people but I'm not interested in any of them. And definitely not after today! Let's not make this more complicated. So, it's you six guys and then perhaps me? I hope I can get used to this ... oh fuck!"

"Wait till you meet them. Come with an open mind and give them a chance. Remember they were there first and I can't just throw them aside. I like you a lot and want you to be a part of our group! Just give it a chance and be reasonable, OK? I love you Luigi," and kissed him.

Luigi unlocked the door and walked barefoot with me to my car.

"Ahh! A hybrid! Good for you! Good choice! I like you even more!"

I opened the door and got another hug from Luigi. I got into the car but before I could close the door, Luigi stepped up to me and pushed his huge bulge into my shoulder. I put my hand out and felt he was way beyond semi again ... still? Fuck, what a jackpot! And I'm involved with 5 other guys! Oh fuck!

"Thanks and ... I love you, you hear?" Luigi said.

"Yes, I love you too. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. I'll see you Saturday. Goodbye you sexy man," I said and looked at the exquisite feet standing next to my car on the paving. Fuck!

"Goodbye sexy man! I'll see you Saturday. May I call you tomorrow? I'll send you an SMS first, OK?" Luigi said as I put the Auris in reverse and backed up silently.

"Yes, that's OK," I said.

As I drove off, a piece of my heart was left behind. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the Greek statue waving at me ... Oh fuck! Oh fuck!


The evening at Gunther's was nice. After 10 minutes Herman arrived and a little while later Johann arrived from Cape Town. 

Gunther had prepared us some German dishes. We had a great time together. I looked at them all and realised I really did love them all. My life was so entangled with them ... I could never be without them.

I pondered over Luigi ... oh fuck! How would he fit into all of this?

We had a wonderful dinner and the wine was nice. Dad gave Gunther a case of his favourite - Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was Thursday and seeing that we had an evening planned at Johann's the next night, we decided to curb the sex for one evening. Very unlikely and a big disappointment for Herman. He was looking forward to a nice fucking. Poor guy.

"OK, tell you what. Anton is here in his own car. If he says 'yes', let him go home with you for a session with your biggie. What do you say Anton? Up for it?" Juan asked.

Oh fuck! I've had the most awesome sex earlier ... but how would it look if I said 'no'?

"Yes, of course. It's OK. I'll go with Herman. I'll be home by 10:30. OK Herman?" I agreed.

Needless to say the Gentle Giant agreed!


At Herman's I decided to keep Luigi's cum in me and see what happens ... it was a big chance I took but was keen to see what would happen.

I immediately went to the bathroom to pee and 'douche' but I actually wanted to test the cum in me, to see if it was yucky ... it wasn't! It was clear and I decided to try it.

When I got out of the bathroom, Herman was naked and hard on the bed ... what a difference to Luigi! I undressed and got on the bed with him. I lied on top of him. He put his huge hands over my back and hugged me. His enormous 33cm cock was already throbbing under me. This man was a fuck machine and that was that. He kissed me and I was amazed at how his kissing had improved. His huge tongue was gentle and his big lips were soft and the kiss was very pleasurable. The Gentle Giant did become a lover of note.

His hands moved down to my buttocks and his fingers were probing my hole. His huge cock was sopping wet and he was already groaning. My own hard cock pushed into his tummy.

"Here is the lube. Do you want to get in my man?" I asked and passed the lube to Herman.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm sick and tired of jacking off! Yes, please let me fuck you!" Herman enthused.

I lifted off him and waited for him to put lube on his giant cock. He slicked the lube over his cock and stood up. "Doggie style? OK?" Herman asked.

"Yes, please," I said and got onto my hands and knees. He put some more lube on my hole and positioned behind me standing on the floor. He aimed his huge cock at my hole and pushed forward. I clenched a bit as my hole was still full of lots of Italian cum.

"You're tighter tonight. Are you afraid of my cock again?" Herman asked.

"No, I'll relax just now. Just push in slowly," I said.

Herman pushed and the huge head slipped in and I gasped. So far so good. I clenched my hole and he stopped.

"Still OK?" Herman asked.

"Yes, you can push in. Fuck me!" I said.

Herman pushed and his huge thick cock slid into me ... Ahhh! Ok my godd! Would I ever get used to this huge cock in my hole! At 33cm it was huge!

As the head pushed deeper into me he was approaching my inner sphincter. He stopped and waited for my sphincter to relax and pushed in again.

"You feel wet inside! It almost feels like you've been fucked already!"

Oh fuck! Just pretend ... just pretend! I thought.

When he was in me balls-deep he stopped and twitched his cock in me. It swelled to gigantic dimensions and I groaned.

"You OK? Am I hurting you? You seem on edge tonight? Are you missing the other guys?" Herman asked.

"No, of course not! No man! Just fuck me, I'm OK!" I convinced Herman.

He took hold of my buttocks and started to fuck me with deep thrusts. I gasped and just realised what an enormous cock this lover had. Oh my godd! What a cock! And the amount of cum he delivers ... phenomenal!

"When last did you cum?" I asked.

"Tuesday night - why?"

"Just asking. I suppose you're going to pump a lot of cum into me again?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes! You're so fucking sexy! I've been so horny since then! Remember I didn't fuck you."

Herman started to fuck me in earnest. Soon he was groaning and I knew he was about to add his huge load to Luigi's in my gut. Oh fuck!

Herman's breath became laboured and he groaned and he slammed his huge cock deep into me and held still. His cock was twitching and was pumping his load into me. He collapsed on top of me and groaned. He pushed me on my side while holding on to me. His huge cock was still spasming in me and he sighed.

"Thank you! You are the best! I love you so much! Wow! I think I've filled you big time!" If only he knew!

Herman reached for my hard cock but I put my hand on his and said I'd rather save it for the boys at home. He was a bit disappointed but he was sated, so he agreed.

He was still holding on to me and pushed his big cock deeper into me. "I wish you could stay for the night ... oh fuck! Tomorrow night I want an all-nighter, OK? Please?"

"Yes, OK. We could organise it."

Herman was slowly pulling out of me. When I felt the huge head approaching my sphincter, I clenched but quite a bit of cum slipped out. Oh my godd! I was so full of cum!

I excused myself and went into the toilet. I barely sat down when the huge lot of cum in me just ran out of me! Wow! It was a lot! Luigi was a horse and the horse that just fucked me, shot a huge load himself! Oh fuck! What is going to happen to all of us now that Luigi is part of my life, I thought ... Oh fuck! Nobody else is having any affair that I was aware of ... Oh fuck! I hope this would work out!

Herman was still buck-naked and took me in his arms. He hugged me and didn't realise his big cock was leaking cum on my shirt ... oh well.

"Again thanks for the clothes. You guys are wonderful. Can I come home with you guys tomorrow after classes, please?"

"Yes, sure. We'll wait for you. Our classes are over by 2 o'clock. We'll wait for you at the 'kaf'. Juan still has a meeting with the dean and Gunther at 3 o'clock. He'll come to town with his own car so he could bring Gunther with him. OK? Sleep well and no more jacking off, OK?" I joked and gave his huge rubbery cock a light tug.

"Watch it! If you wake up this python again, you'd be out of your clothes in a jiffy! OK, I'll see you just after 2 o'clock," Herman said and kissed me. "Goodbye sexy man!"



As I was driving away, my iPhone binged: it was Luigi! He just wanted to say 'hi'!

I decided to dial his number, although it was 10:15.

"Hallo my darling! How are you? Everything in order?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, just on my way home now. We live in La Rochelle on the way to Strand. You'll come visit there soon! Let's just meet the gang on Saturday, OK?"

"Yes, that would be great. I can't wait to see you again, even if it is with all the others there. I still can't believe my rotten luck to have met such a sexy perfect man and then he is involved with 5 other guys! Oh fuck!"

"It'll work out, you'll see. Just, keep an open mind, OK?" I said.

"OK. It will be difficult but I'll do my best. Thanks for today ... it was a dream come true. I really have never met anybody like you! Ahhhh!" Luigi gushed.

"Same here ... I'm torn in two ... I love you Luigi ... but I have these other men in my life ... but I want you too ... I wish it were different, but it isn't ... oh fuck!" I rambled on.

"OK, if it will mean I have to share you in order to see you, then I suppose I just will have to live with it ... but fuck! It is going to be difficult! But I love you and want to see you!" Luigi said.

"I'm almost home. I have to say goodbye now. Sleep well and thanks for loving me ... and for being the super guy that you are. You are a great guy. Thanks!" I said.

Luigi was groaning ... was he jacking off ... again? "Yes, you've guessed it! I'm jacking off again! You're driving me nuts! Oh fuck! I wish you passed by here again ...! Oh fuck! Oh godd! I'm cumming ... Oh godd! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! What a mess! Ahhhhhhhhh! Fuck it was a big load again! It's going to be difficult to keep my hands off my cock till Saturday ... oh godd ... oh fuck ... another one ... just hang on ... I want to cum another one ... hang in there ... your hole was so good ... oh yeah ... ahhhh ... oh godd comes another one! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming again ... here it comes ... oh fuck! Oh fuck! .... Hnnnnggghhhnnn ... I'm cumming! Ahhhh! Hmmmm! What a mess ... oh fuck!" The man was insatiable!

"I'm home. I have to say goodbye now. I love you my beautiful man! Sleep well. Mwah!" I said and 'kissed' him.

"Thanks for calling me. I love you too. Sleep well. Dream of me ... OK?" Luigi said. "Bye."

= To be continued =



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