I woke up but my eyes wouldn't open - I was still sleepy and it was so nice and cosy under the duvet. I opened my one eye and saw from the light entering the room through the openings on the sides of the curtains that dawn was breaking. However it was still fairly dark in the suite.

Luigi's right arm was wrapped around me with his nice hairy body pressed tight against my back. His morning glory was throbbing between my thighs.

The hairy hung hunk of a Pierre in front of me had his body pressed to me and his beautiful stubbly face was right in front of me. I moved my hand to his crotch and just as I reached for his cock, it throbbed: another morning glory!

My own cock was hard and throbbing as well, and I needed to get to the toilet to pee. But it was so nice to be ensconced between the two sexy hairy hung hunks and to feel their huge cocks pushed against me.

I felt another hand - it was a huge hand with long fingers: Giovanni. The hand was on Pierre's tummy and it was touching Pierre's big throbbing cock.

Another hand was over my midriff: Clive.

My godd! All these beautiful hairy hung hunks surrounded me. Life couldn't get any better! I didn't know just how good it would get once we were in Firenze (Florence). Piero would change all that but I didn't know that ... not yet.

The more I thought about going to the toilet, the more urgent it became. Oh my godd! I didn't want to go as I was in bed with the boys, but fuck! My bladder was full and I had to get out.

My legs were entwined with Pierre and Luigi's long hairy legs. I was actually pinned down by the men's legs and arms. Oh dear godd! How was I going to get out?

Then just like magic, Pierre stirred and started to stretch out. He pulled his leg from mine and rolled onto his back, right into Giovanni. The movement caused Luigi to stir too and he too removed his leg from on top of mine. His huge cock was pulled from between my thighs and I saw my window of opportunity to get out. I rose up gently and just as I sat up, Pierre and Luigi reached for me.

"Where are you going mio caro? Hmmm! Don't you love me anymore?" Luigi said stroking my back.

"Yes, why are you leaving us? What's going on?" Pierre said, yawning and putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Good morning my darlings! Did you all sleep well? I'm sorry but I need to go pee! Please!" I said and touched Pierre's tummy, feeling his immense hard-on.

"Feel what you're leaving behind, Ant! Do you really have to go?" Pierre said and squeezed my shoulder.

"Yes, mio caro, is it really necessary? Feel what your wedding present feels like!" Luigi put in, still stroking my back.

"Yes gentlemen, I really have to get to the toilet! My bladder is filled to capacity. I'll be back and then I'll ask John to bring us some coffee!" I said and got up out of bed.

"Ahhh! Would you believe that! Leaving us all wanting? Ant, you're mean to us! Come back here!" Pierre said in a small-boy's voice.

"Don't tell me you want to fuck the poor boy again!" Giovanni said from behind Pierre. He touched Pierre's cock and whistled. "Sheez man, that cock of yours really is a lethal weapon! Clive, I'm sure yours is hard too?"

"Yes, you half-bred! As if yours is soft!" Clive retorted.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen! Let's give Antonio a break. We've had the privilege of fucking him wholesale last night ... come on! Let him be for now!" Luigi, who else!

"Would you please keep it down? There are civilized people here who still wanted to sleep! Shut up!" André, of course.

"Oh, you shut up, you delinquent!" Pierre said and threw a pillow at André.

Take a guess what happened next! A pillow fight between André and Pierre of course! And soon the others joined in.

I made it to the bathroom unscathed to go relieve myself. I sat down on the commode as my morning glory was too hard and was pointing towards the ceiling - no way of pissing normally. While I sat and waited for my prostate to do its magic to make the urine flow, I heard the unruly bunch in the bedroom going at each other. It was clear they all liked each other and got along splendidly.

My men were a loveable bunch and with enough youth in all of them to revert to a pillow fight and a little wrestling too. I heard André shouting: "Keep that huge anaconda away from me! Ogre, look at Pierre threatening me with his unholy huge cock! No! Pierre, no!"

As soon as my bladder was empty, I flushed the toilet and washed my face with tepid water. I looked at myself in the mirror and realised I was looking damn good after a night of debauchery and not too much sleep. My black hair was a bit unruly, so I wet my hands with some water and stroked my hair to get it into some semblance of order. I was dying for some coffee.

When I entered the bedroom again, the pillow fight was slowly coming to an end. Pierre had André in a head clamp and then he kissed André ... my godd! André protested vehemently but soon he succumbed and his arms snaked around Pierre's neck. He kissed Pierre back and when Pierre lied down on top of André, my brother was moaning into the hung hunk's mouth. It was obvious their hard-ons were rubbing against each other. I didn't know whether Pierre ever wanted to fuck my brother, but one never knew with my brother. Plus, Pierre was a hot, randy fucker who might just take a chance with my brother. Little did I know ...

I went to the windows and opened the curtains. Outside it was white as ... snow! It was cold and I realised the double-glazing of the windows kept out most of the cold weather.

The guys were out of breath and were lying around, chests heaving, big cocks on their tummies. A few started to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves. The others were touching each other, and some even squeezed each other's cocks.

I picked up the phone and dialled reception, and asked whether John was on duty.

"Yes, sir - he's right here! Please hold!" the girl at reception said.

"John O'Reilly speaking. How may I assist you?"

"Hi John! It's Anton ... erm ... Antonio speaking. How are you this morning?"

"Good morning kind sir! I'm doing very well. Thank you for asking," John said for appearance sakes, obviously standing next to other employees. "What can I do for you sir?"

"We're dying for some coffee and croissants please? Would it be possible to bring some up to our suite? There are 9 of us in our suite."

"Yes, of course! I'm sure the croissants are ready. I'll check with the kitchen and I should be there in the next 15 minutes. Would that be OK sir?" John said politely. "Anything else sir?"

"Just the coffee, croissants and your huge cock please John! Thanks John! We'll see you in 15 minutes' time," André said over my shoulder. I quickly put the phone down before John could respond.

"André! You ... you ...! Hmph!" I said and gave André's head a swipe.

"You snake!" Clive said as he came back from the bathroom. "First you sneak off to the bathroom leaving us high and dry, and now you're inviting the bellhop back here! You need to be punished for that!" Clive said and pulled me onto the bed with him. He started to tickle me and I screamed like a girl! If there was one thing: I was ticklish as hell. Oh fuck! I wriggled and tried to fend off Clive's hands, but to no avail. I reverted to some dirty tactics. I took his huge scrotum and his huge balls in my hand and squeezed lightly.

"It wasn't me! It was André!" I said and applied a little pressure on the huge balls.

"Ow! You sneaky bastard! Please don't hurt me! I'll stop! Oh fuck no! Antonio, please don't hurt me!" Clive begged and stopped tickling me. "You won't hurt the equipment that pleases you, would you?"

His enormous balls filled my hand - they were huge. And his enormous cock snaking up next to my arm was rock-hard and already slimy wet. Oh my godd! I could have sex with him on the spot!

"Let's give Antonio a break guys! He's been our bottom for 3 nights in a row, and on the A380, not to mention our last night on the farm. What do you guys say? If you're still horny, let's have a wanking competition. How about that?" Luigi put in and the others responded immediately.

"Yes, let's give him a break!"

"Wanking is for the birds!"

"I want at least a blow-job!"

"Do I have to wank myself? No help from someone else?"

"Oh fuck! After meeting Antonio, I thought my wanking days were over! Not again!"

"Guys, one time will not kill you! Poor Antonio's hole needs a rest, not so mio caro?" Luigi said.

"We could wank each other and I'll give you some blow-jobs. My hole could actually do with a rest!" I said and saw the others were pawing their hard-ons already. André had Juan's big cock in his hand and was slowly jacking him.

"You ogre! Your cock is wet already! Sheez! When I see this big cock and feel it in my hand, I can't believe I actually allow you to fuck me with it!" André said to Juan.

"Believe it boy! And it will never go away! I love fucking you, my beautiful boy!" Juan said and kissed my brother.

"Yeah, yeah! Sweet talk will get you nowhere this morning! No fucking now! Just jacking! You heard the Ita! I'll throw in a blow-job - how's that?"

"You're on!"

Clive put his hands on my temples and looked into my eyes. "I fucking love you, man! You're just so fucking sexy and gorgeous!"

"I love you too my big sexy Pommie man!"

He leaned down and kissed me gently. I opened my mouth and tasted his saliva running into my mouth. Oh fuck! Sex with this men was just unbelievable.

"Come on Clive! There are three others who would love to at least kiss our boy!" Pierre said and playfully pushed Clive away.

"OK, OK! Just don't hurt me! I've got a divine calling to love this man and fuck him good!" Clive said.

"Yes, that's what we all believe! Now move it!" Pierre said and kissed me. He was an excellent kisser.

"The same goes for you, Pierre! Let Giovanni and me in too!" Luigi said and started to kiss me with Pierre's mouth still on mine. I felt the big cocks pushing against me and all of them were wet.

Giovanni was last to get in a kiss and then there was a knock on the door.

"Your brother invited the bellhop, now you go and let him in!" Pierre said and tickled my side. I yelped and wriggled my way out from under the pile of men vying for my love and attention.

I went to the door stark naked, cock pointing at the ceiling and looked through the peephole. It was John all right. I opened the door and when John saw me, he gasped.

"My dear lord! What a beautiful sight! Good morning Antonio ... it IS Antonio, right? You're not playing games on me again, are you?" John said and eyed the others and when he saw André, he looked back at me. "Antonio, right?" His big bulge looked so inviting.

"Yes, it's me! Get the trolley in here please! We're dying for coffee! Are the croissants still hot?"

"Straight from the oven! Come help yourselves gentlemen!" The bulge was already growing. He poured the coffee from three glass coffee pots with the name 'Lavazza' emblazoned on the side. Ahh! That's why the coffee tasted so good! Italian!

For once, the promise of delicious coffee and croissants trumped the need to have sex. The guys all gathered around the trolley to get a cup of coffee and a hot buttered croissant with strawberry jam.

Clive was brave and started to undress poor John, not that he protested in any way! His bulge was already tenting his pants big time and when Clive opened his pants, the enormous cock jumped out from his underpants.

"Oh fuck! I've died and gone to heaven! This is so unbelievable! But I have only 15 minutes before I have to go help at reception again," John said and kissed Clive. My godd! It was the morning of unexpected kisses!

I took a sip of my coffee and had to concur: some of the best coffee ever. I took a bite of my croissant and the delicate baked delight just melted in my mouth. Oh fuck! This was wonderful.

I saw John's pants were around his ankles and his shirt was completely off. He was slowly jacking his huge cock while we were having coffee and croissants. He reached for Clive's huge cock and started to jack the immense cock of the man who undressed him.

The coffee and early-morning delights tasted divine. As the cups were emptied and the last of the croissants disappeared down our throats, other needs surfaced again: we wanted to get off!

Clive bent down and sucked John's big cock. John groaned.

"I'd like to see you suck yourself, John! Most of us can do it. I'm sure you too," André said and stepped closer to the pale but attractive bellhop.

"Oh yes I can do it! I often suck myself off to completion! I'd like to see you guys doing it too!" John said.

Clive let go of John's cock and was jacking his own cock. "Yes, I can easily suck my own cock. I can almost get a third of it into my mouth and love to taste my cum. But once I've shot my first load, I stop sucking myself but wank off and shoot about two or three more loads. How about you guys?"

We all gave our stats and auto-fellatio abilities. André and I were the only ones who couldn't get more that the glans of our cocks into our own mouths. All the others could suck some of the shaft in as well.

We moved to the beds and John took off his pants too. He couldn't afford to get any cum on his black pants.

I watched Pierre and Clive sucking their own cocks! It was so erotic to see the guys' big cockheads disappear into their own mouths! I felt a pang of jealousy ... stupid, I know! I wanted to suck them all!

However, the multiple cummers - Luigi, Pierre and Giovanni - were already sucking themselves and soon they were groaning to announce them approaching their first orgasms. I licked my cockhead as best I could, but at a stretch I could only get the glans into my mouth - literally.

Giovanni was first to shoot a load, followed by Luigi and then Juan! My wonderful man! Pierre was next and then each one of us shot our loads.

"In your mouth please Ant! Next one in your mouth!" Pierre said and turned towards me. I took the enormous wet cock in my hand and when I put it in my mouth, it tasted divine: cum and saliva. Oh fuck! His cock was wet enough and slippery enough to slide deep into my mouth. I dribbled some more saliva on his cock to get it very slick so I could get the head into my throat ... then I felt a cock on my hole!

"I'm sorry but I don't know when I'd be this lucky again! Please, may I fuck you Antonio?" John asked and rubbed his big cockhead, dripping with precum, all over my hole.

"What do you say Antonio? OK with you?" Luigi asked touching my shoulder.

"Uhmmmm!" I groaned and pushed back. John got the message and pushed his cockhead into me. After the constant and repeated fucking since the previous Friday, my hole was stretched and John's cock slipped in with no problem at all. But, it was a big and thick cock, so he held still to let me get accustomed to the huge invasion once again.

"John, you lucky fish! We're all lusting after Antonio!" Giovanni said. "May I please fuck you too Antonio?"

I pulled off Pierre's cock and just said: "Yes, all of you!" and took Pierre's cock back in my mouth.

John's huge cockhead stretched me and started to enter me. I groaned with pleasure and was glad we didn't end up jacking each other off! I was made to get fucked by big cocks!

But fate would let me have only one cock in my hole that morning.

John's cock was stretching me and was sliding into me. The big head plopped in and he held still. It twitched and felt so fucking good! John pushed in deeper and the big head scraped over my prostate. It pushed a little cum out of my cock onto the bed sheets. I pushed back and felt John's cock pushing through my inner sphincter. I gasped and clenched my hole over the huge invasion. At a very thick 32cm this cock was one to reckon with. The last few centimetres pushed in and then I felt the bush of his pubic hair on my hole and groaned. The big cock was in all the way. Oh fuck! It felt good!

My clenching spurred John on to fuck me with deliberation. He was pressed for time and he was obviously hot as hell, and determined to fuck me and cum.

"OK if I cum? I don't have time but I want to deposit my load into you! OK?" John said while he was fucking me with quick deep jabs. He was horny as fuck. His huge cock in me just felt wonderful. He had his hands on my butt and was fucking me with abandon lust.

I groaned around Pierre's cock and enjoyed the huge cock in me. I pulled off Pierre's cock and said: "No, fuck me and cum - it's OK. Yess!"

John fucked me with deep thrusts and was starting to growl. His huge cock was pushing the right buttons and soon he was shouting that he was cumming. And he did cum! I could feel him pumping one hell of a lot of cum into me! His cock spasmed and twitched and he pushed it deep into me.

I was amazed at how good the bellhop's big cock felt in me and the sensation when he shot his load was unquestionably wonderful. The huge head twitched and throbbed in me.

The rest happened in a blur. Pierre's huge cock in my mouth exploded and shot one hell of a load into my mouth. It was a lot and that pushed me over the edge. I shot my load onto Pierre's legs. It sprayed right up to his huge balls - I really covered him with my cum.

Pierre continued to fuck my mouth and within seconds he shot his second round into my mouth.

One after the other the others shot their loads into a mouth. Johann and Gunther were in a 69 and were shooting their loads into each other's mouth. The same for Juan and André: André was squealing like a piglet when he came and when Juan shot his big load into André's mouth.

Luigi and Giovanni were fucking each other's mouths and both shot at least two loads each.

John collapsed onto my back and rubbed my back. He was shuddering and his cock was still twitching inside me.

"I have to go! I'm pulling out OK?"

I let go Pierre's cock and simply said: "Yes, OK. Thanks!"

My load on Pierre's legs ran down onto the sheets and made a monumental mess. When John pulled out, I sat back on my haunches and looked at the damage: John will have to get us clean sheets!

"John, would you please have these sheets changed? I've made an enormous mess ... sorry!" I said.

"No problem. I'll personally see to it that it gets changed. It's just before 8 o'clock. I have to go. Your breakfast will be ready by 9, OK? While you're at breakfast, I'll sort out the sheets. I cum one hell of a lot, but you shot a damn big load Antonio! Wow!"

John went into the bathroom to wash his cock. He returned with a towel and gave it to me to wipe up the cum on Pierre's legs and the sheets beneath him.

"Thanks Antonio! Thanks guys! I have to go! See you down at reception soon. Take care!" John said as he walked to the door.

"Thanks John! You're a damn nice guy! Thanks for the coffee and croissants! See you in a bit!" Clive said. John left and closed the door.

"Come here you beautiful man! Come lie on top of me!" Pierre said and pulled me down on top of him. I did and as I was lying on top of this beautiful hairy man, he put his arms around me and hugged me tight to him. I could feel our rubbery cocks pushing against our abdomens, all sticky and wet. "Let's get under the duvet for a minute. I want to feel your warmth a bit please?"

"So then, only John gets to fuck Anton. If ever I saw unfairness, this is it! Sheez baby bro!" André complained but sighed with content when Juan pulled him into an embrace.

I lied down on top of Pierre and sighed too. I pulled the duvet over my back and snuggled in on top of this beautiful man. His stubble against my face felt wonderful and sexy. I put my hands on his hairy chest and felt his nipples surrounded by the big areolae. I kissed him and sighed again.

This man was at school with me, but never in a million years did I ever expect that the tall good-looking boy with the huge bulge would become my lover! I've fallen deeply in love with him and cared for him big time. Luigi was still my numero uno, but Pierre was just so adorable, sexy, loveable and so attentive.

"I love you so much Ant! You do know that, don't you? Who would've thought this could happen when we were still at school? A life with you and Luigi and now with Giovanni and perhaps Clive, will be like heaven on earth."

"Yes, I love you too my sexy tall, hairy, hunky hung man with the cock of death! Life with you four guys is going to be what dreams, and especially wet dreams, are made of! I love you Boikie!" I said and kissed him.

"Mio caro ragazzo, non dimenticare di me e Giovanni e Clive! Abbiamo anche bene! (My darling boy, don't forget about me and Giovanni and Clive! We also love you!)" Luigi said and crawled in next to us.

"Mai il mio amore! Sarai sempre il mio numero uno! (Never my love! You'll always be my number one!)" I said and touched Luigi's face. He lifted his face and kissed me. It was a deep kiss filled with so much love. And he meant it. He was my husband-to-be and someone who was just super sexy and super special. If I ever had to choose, it would be Luigi, every time.

On our other side, Clive and Giovanni crawled in as well and there were many hands on my back and neck.

"We are newcomers here, but we truly love you Antonio! You're such a special man! I'm moving to Cape Town as soon as I can organise my transfer to UCT. I love you my man!" Clive put in.

Giovanni leaned over Clive and said to me with his face right in front of me: "Sì mio caro ragazzo, io sono anche nuovo qui, ma ho innamorato di te! (Yes my darling boy, I'm also new here but I have fallen in love with you!)."

"Yes, all of you. I love you very much, but remember there is still my brother, Juan, Johann and Gunther and ... my Dad. As long as you remember that. And soon, Piero is going to be added to the mix too. So, there are many of you but I love you all! I do!" I said and kissed them all.

"Oh puh-lease! Nje-nje-nje! You're nothing but a street cat! You rake in everything that wears pants! Sheez baby bro! Too terrible! Damn street cat! But I have to concur, I still love you very much my beautiful street cat brother, despite all the men fucking you. Right ogre?" André put in and threw a pillow at me.

"Don't start that again! We have to get going soon. Come and behave like a human being and lie in my arm you delinquent!" Juan said and pulled André down next to him.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd have said you only love us for our big cocks! But, I know Gunther and I truly love you, Anton! As long as we're part of the inner circle, we're happy! Right Jerry?" Johann asked Gunther.

"Ja, wirklich! Solange ich ein Teil der Gruppe bin, ist alles in Ordnung! (Yes, really! As long as I'm a part of the group, everything is OK!)" Gunther said. My school German came in handy when my beautiful blonde sexy Jerry man spoke to me in his mother tongue.

We enjoyed the warmth under the duvet until my iPhone rang. I reached for it on the nightstand and it was Dad! No! We've forgotten to call him the night before! Oh fuck!

"André, it's Dad! Shhh!" I said. I pressed the green icon and said: "Hallo Dad! This is a nice surprise! How are you?" I touched the speaker icon and held the phone for all to hear.

"Hallo my boy! I told Mom I'm going to call you before you're out and about. I'm fine thank you! How are you guys doing?" Dad said.

"We're all fine thanks Dad! Sorry for not phoning you yet, but we've been so damn busy and with the shoots and visits and Les Mis and ..."

"You saw Les Misérables? I'm jealous! How was it?"

"Dad, it was spectacular! Boss got us some of the best tickets in the Queen's Theatre! And afterwards the whole cast came into the auditorium to sign our programmes! The lead was Peter Lockyer who is Jean Valjean. Dad, he is one sexy man! And the show was wonderful!"

"And the shoots? And the sights and other stuff? How is everything? Are you enjoying London? Is it cold?"

"The shoots go well, albeit very cold at times, but they look after us very well. We get wonderful eats and drinks, and the clothes we've already received are fantastic! The sights are wonderful and beautiful! We're really enjoying it, but it's freezing cold!"

"And I'm sure lots of action, right? Hmmm?"

André ran towards our bed and shouted: "Dad, you've raised a street cat! He's picking up strays left ri ... hmmphh!" Juan was behind him and put his hand over André's mouth.

"*Shut up! You can't tell Dad this!*" Juan whispered.

"Really? Well, as long as you're careful and enjoy it! And don't forget about me!"

"Dad, we've met Giovanni and Clive. You'll like them very much. Both are coming to South Africa next year! And then there is also Diego who is also coming to Cape Town to work in the Starbucks there. Yes, we're careful and we're enjoying it. Where is Mom?"

"She's in the kitchen making us some coffee. Is there something you wanted to say to me?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm lying on top of Pierre. He is a nice guy, not so Dad?"

"Yes, he is. Hi Pierre!"

"Hi oom Adriaan! Yes, he's on top of me but I wasn't the one ... not this time, if you know what I mean! We'll fill you in on the details when ..."

"Hallo boys!" Mom's voice! Sheez! Just in time! "How are you doing? Everything in order! Are you behaving? How is London?"

"All fine and yes we're enjoying London very much!" I said, deliberately ignoring the part about us behaving! I'd have to lie if I had to answer that!

"Where are you off to today Anton? Luigi? Are you fine my boy?" Dad asked.

", papà Adriaan! We're having a good time! We just wished so often for you to be with us! We miss you!" Luigi put in. And it was true! How I've wished we could have shared some of the wonderful experiences with him and Mom.

"Please take care of my boys, especially André ..."

"Dad! I'm old enough to look after myself! It's Anto ...!" Juan's hand had to stop him from saying something; especially now that Mom was there too.

"Just saying. I saw on Skynews it's snow white in London. Cold, I suppose? Are you keeping warm? Remember lots of orange juice, OK?"

"Yes, don't go anywhere without your jackets and scarves. Did you get any nice jackets from Boss Models?" Mom asked.

"Yes, beautiful jackets and scarves, but at times even that is not enough. Today we're going to the London and British Museums and then shopping in Knightsbridge. We're going to see Harrods! I'm going to look for a thermal vest. This cold is nobody's business!" I said and felt Pierre's big hand on the small of my back. His big cock was getting hard again! He did cum only twice, so he was ready to go, given half a chance!

"Oh, you're going to Harrods? Don't buy anything there! It's overpriced! Rather go to Soho and buy memorabilia there. And perhaps your thermal vests too," Dad said.

"We're going to Harrods today after the Museum of London and the British Museum. There is a short shoot in Hyde Park, weather permitting. Tonight we're having cocktails and dinner here in the hotel and then off to a nightclub."

"Please bring me a nice fridge magnet for my collection?" Mom said. She has a fridge magnet of every place she's been to but when they were in London years ago, it wasn't such a huge craze as today. "Look for something that shows Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge or something similar please. But, stay away from Harrods for stuff like that! Soho, like Dad said!"

"Don't worry Mom! We're just going to look at the stuff in Harrods. We'll be in Soho again tomorrow and then we'll look for your magnet. Dad, what would you like?"

"Nothing thanks! Anton, save your money! You still have Berlin and Florence ahead of you. Don't buy stuff now! The £100 I gave you each is for something for yourselves like something from the Apple Store or a nice T-shirt or designer denims, but I'm sure you've received a lot of clothes from Boss. So, no thanks my darling boy! André, the same goes for you. No unnecessary stuff. Once you're in Italy, you may look for something for us. Our darling Luigi will give you advice, right my boy?"

", papà Adriaan! Italy has many good presents! We'll buy you something nice, ?"

"Oh, OK Dad! But we really miss you! And we really wished you could've been here with us! We love you!" I said and teared up a bit. Fuck! I missed my Dad so much, despite all the sex and shenanigans, and being in London. My Dad was one in a million!

"Yes, Dad! I love you and Mom very much! We'll look for something in Berlin or in Italy. Are you surviving on the farm? Not too much work now? Are you coping without your two supermen around?" André said and Juan put his big hands around his neck, just in case he was about to say something ...! André was a delinquent and a loose canon, but we all loved him nonetheless.

"Now I'm sure you need to get showered before you're off to breakfast. It's just after 10 o'clock here, so it's just after 8 there. Go get showered and enjoy boys! We love you!" Dad said and made a kissing sound.

"Yes, enjoy boys! And behave!" Mom added.

"We will, thanks! Bye Dad, bye Mom!" I said.

"Bye boys! Take care and kisses to everybody. We love you!" Dad said.

"Bye!" all of us said and the iPhone went silent.

"I miss Dad baby bro! Shit! It's wonderful to be here with all these hung hunks but I miss my Dad. Mom too, but Dad ... shit man!" André said.

"Well, let's get into the shower and get ready for breakfast. There is a long day ahead of us and growing boys ... ahem ... like us, need our nourishment! Come you delinquent! Come shower with me! Is the rest of you coming? And I mean 'coming' like in joining us, not what you might think! Come on boys!" Juan said and put his arm around André's neck and pulled him towards the bathroom.

"Let go of me you ogre! I'm calling my Dad!" André would never change!

"Yeah right! Like Dad didn't say we should get showered and get ready! Come on or I'll strangle you on the spot!" Juan joked and put some more pressure on André's neck.

"Baby bro! Did you hear that? Call Dad and tell him his son-in-law is harassing and threatening to kill his first-born son! Help!"

We killed ourselves laughing but we all got out of bed and followed Juan and André into the bathroom.

Despite all the mayhem and shenanigans, we all got showered and groomed and got ready for another day in London, including a shoot later on. Of course there was a lot of touching, squeezing dicks, kissing, hugging and even a little sucking here and there, but no fucking.

While I was drying Luigi's back, Pierre stood behind me and was lightly stroking my back and butt. He kissed me on the shoulder and said: "You have no fucking idea how much I actually love you Ant! My heart wants to jump out my throat when I'm so close to you! And of course 'little Pierre' ... not that he is small by any measure! ... gets excited just being near you. Feel it! Oh fuck! I could fuck your right here and now!"

"Don't start that again you horse-dicked man! There is no time for that! And remember he's not yours alone! You have to share!" Giovanni said and Clive chimed in too: "Yes, no fucking otherwise we're going to be late! And we love him too, you know that, don't you Antonio?"


We dressed for breakfast and didn't put on our warm jackets and scarves. Just as we were about to leave for breakfast, John arrived with fresh linen.

"Hi guys! Here is the fresh linen. I'll take the soiled linen and just chuck it in the hamper in the passage. The cleaning staff doesn't need to know what's going on. They'll sort out your room later on. How are you doing? Everything OK? Breakfast is really good! The chef pulled out all the stops. There is an Emirati from Dubai here so you're getting a special breakfast!" John said and eyed André and me: we were dressed identical again. Time for some more fun! "How on earth will I ever learn to distinguish between you two if you didn't speak? You're too much! Enjoy breakfast!" John said as we all filed out to go down to breakfast.


Breakfast was indeed an excellent affair. All the usual stuff but there were special pancakes with blueberries, petite chicken pies, venison steaklets and much more such as mini mandarin tarte tatin, all kinds of fresh fruit, even dragon fruit, kiwis, granadillas, grapes, apricots, peaches, water melon, sweet melon, paw-paw ... the list was almost endless.

We had a healthy breakfast and I cut back on the carbs a bit. I concentrated on fruit, yoghurt, some meats like bacon and ham, and some eggs. To round off the scrumptious meal, I had one of the mini mandarin tarte tatin - delicious!

Gareth clanked on a glass and cleared his throat. "Gentlemen! I trust you've slept well and that you've enjoyed the breakfast. You'll leave for the Knightsbridge Underground by 9:45. It's minus 9 outside. Please dress accordingly. I took the liberty of ordering two thermal vests for each one of you, as well as a beanie. Come get them before you go. I strongly suggest you put them on before we leave. It's really cold and we don't want you to get sick. Let's get going boys!"

Gareth must have read our minds: thermal vests! Just what we needed in this freezing cold! We each got our white vests with our names written neatly on stickers. And of course our beanies that had a Union Jack-design.

We went back to our rooms to put on the vests and then our shirts, jerseys and jackets, and our scarves and beanies. We were ready for the minus 9ºC!

We met Gareth in the foyer of the Berkley, beanies in hand and headed out. Fuck! It was cold and I was so glad for the thermal vest! The vest did push my chest hair in all directions but it was a small price to pay for the comfort and warmth. At least we would be warmer than the past 3 days.

"Today Clive will be your guide. His dad has all sorts of jobs for me, so I'll be heading off to the office. Clive, you have the itinerary. Please look after them well and make sure they're all fed properly - here is the credit card - and have them at the south eastern end of Hyde Park by 1 o'clock please. Enjoy boys!" Gareth said and left the foyer to get his belongings.


We followed Clive and took a brisk walk on the slippery sidewalk towards the Underground. We went to the Blue Line platform heading northwards towards Hyde Park Corner.

We didn't have to wait too long and when we got on the train, a few of us even got seating space. The rest had to stand. I took my beanie off as it was fairly warm in the train. I played with it between my fingers and felt the texture of the knitted article.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a seat right by the door. A tall guy was standing right in front of me, his jacket unbuttoned and his crotch at eye-level. My godd! What is it with all the hung men to end up standing in front of me, I thought.

I gave the guy a once-over and gasped: he was well over 2m tall. He had pitch-black curly hair, just slightly longer than the norm and his 5-day stubble looked snazzy! His darkly tanned olive skin was breathtakingly beautiful. I looked at his crotch again and gasped. It was insanely big! My godd! It must have been in Jonathan's class! The man nonchalantly scratched his crotch and when he moved, I realised the man was going commando and that his enormous cock was snaking down the left leg of his pants. It was fucking huge!

And his hands were huge, hairy and the fingers were exquisite and long. The nails were big, perfectly manicured and he wore a golden pinkie ring on his left hand.

I looked up and looked into his smiling face. He winked and smiled at me, moving his hand lightly over his cock. Oh my godd! Not another one! The guys would kill me! I looked into his face: he was still smiling and winked again. Oh fuck! I looked down and leaned forward. I knew I blushed cherry red. The train was rocking a bit and the huge bulge in front of me was thrown right into my face just as I looked up. I looked up and the guy had his one finger in his mouth, smiling at me again. I was a goner! But, no more! I had to behave! But my cock had a mind of its own and was rock-hard in seconds!

I looked away deliberately and looked at Giovanni sitting next to me who was chatting to Pierre on his other side. I realised that this half-bred was one hell of a sexy and attractive man. And what a nice guy he was! I ignored the tall man with his insanely huge cock in front of me.

The train slowed down and pulled into Hyde Park Corner. Quite a few passengers got off and fewer got on board, so Tall Hung Hunk got a seat opposite me. When I looked up at him as he was sitting down, he winked at me and gave me a dashing smile, showing a perfect set of white teeth. I realised this man had a gorgeous mouth, worthy of kissing again and again. I looked at his hands ... and gasped. I wondered what his feet looked like. I looked at his shoes and ... my godd! He had sleighs for shoes they were so big. Enormous! I looked at him again when I heard Giovanni saying: "What would you like me to get you to remember me by, while you're in Berlin and Firenze? Di che cosa hai bisogno? (What do you need?)"

I immediately looked away from the stranger and looked at the sexy half-bred. I wanted to kiss him on the spot and I did! I leaned forward and kissed him right there and then! "I don't know what else I need after experiencing you and your biggie and your big multiple loads. What do you think?"

"I was thinking of getting you a special something to remember me until I'm in Stillin ... oh fuck, Stellenbosch! How about a charm for the chain around your neck?"

"OK, but nothing big and expensive, please! OK?" I looked at Mr Stranger and saw he was watching us closely. I leaned towards Giovanni and kissed him again.

"Ah, mio caro! That's my boy! So, something special? I do love you very much and the London Underground will always have a special place in my heart, as this was where I saw you first. Later on, I'm dragging you off with me to get you something. I have a friend who works in a small jewellery shop not far from Harrods. OK?" Giovanni said and kissed me.

Clive got up and came to sit on his haunches in front of me.

"Ant, my dad texted me and he is immensely impressed with the photos of you and André. He is submitting a submission today to management to use you for a special line of products aimed at young men. Would you be interested? It would mean an hour tomorrow night. He has arranged to use one of the royal suites in the hotel tomorrow night. What do I tell him?"

"Yes, of course, but let's hear what André says," I said and looked at my brother who happened to look in my direction. I winked him closer with my finger.

When he came to sit on his haunches next to Clive, he said: "What's up baby bro? No pun intended of course!" I wondered if he could see my bulge after looking at Mr Stranger's huge bulge!

I filled him in on what Clive has said and he agreed on the spot. "Baby bro, this could pay for Dad and Mom's trip with us next year! Or we could use it as a down-payment on a beach house in Kommetjie! Or Claude could invest it for us. Yes! I'm in!"

"If Boss Models are satisfied, you guys will be world-renowned and will make tons of money. Plus, knowing you're students, Boss will always be considerate of your schedules. But you will have to be prepared to travel to New York before long. They will work out the details ..."

"New York! Yes, oh fuck yes! Yes!" André said and jumped up! I noticed Mr Stranger was smiling at my brother's antics.

"New York? But how? We're students! Our classes start in February!" I put in.

"You might be required to go before the end of January, but failing that, it would mean they could use a unique setting in South Africa to accommodate your availability. I'll let Dad know it's OK, right?" Clive said and fished his iPhone from his pants.

"If it's in South Africa, I'd prefer the photographer to be Johann. Please tell your dad. He does lots of work for Boss Models SA. We owe much of our success to him. OK?" I said and looked at Johann and Gunther next to Mr Stranger. I indicated with my head for Johann to come over to us. He jumped up and came to join us.

"Fill him in please Clive," I said.

Clive gave him a run-down of what was on the cards and of course Johann agreed on the spot.

"If they want our boys in New York, they could go during June or July. They have a hockey tour in April. Plus, I could organise the perfect setting for a shoot. I do have a few contacts. Yes, I'm in! And as for tomorrow's shoot, I'd like to be there too if I may please? Would the Boss photographers mind?"

"No, I'm sure it would be OK, but they'd be in charge. But I'm sure they wouldn't mind to hear your perspective of things. Congratulations boys! Dad is so excited and so chuffed. It would appear that NY is over the moon and the fact that there are TWO of you, makes them very happy!" Clive said and kissed me. It was a tender kiss and we looked into each other's eyes, knowing we were falling in love with each other.

When I looked up, Mr Stranger was almost salivating and was palming his cock snaking down his pants. He puckered his lips as if he was inviting a kiss. Fuck! I'd jump his bones on the spot, given half a chance! I knew his huge cock would've hurt me, but since the Williams brothers, I was sure I could take on any cock! I winked at Mr Stranger and licked my lips. I put my index finger in my mouth and he responded by doing the same. Oh my godd!

Luigi got up and leaned down to kiss me and congratulate me, as did Pierre. Giovanni hugged me close to him and planted a kiss on my cheek. Gunther had joined us and was elated when he heard the news. He leaned down and merely said: "You deserve it, both of you!"

The rest of the boys congratulated us and when the train pulled into Green Park, we were still hugging and backslapping each other. Johann and André were joking big time and we cracked up laughing at all their anecdotes. I pulled out my iPhone and texted Dad: "Boss wants André and me to become their faces for new line for young men. Special shoot tomorrow night. They want us to go to NY, or they'll come to us in CT. We'll let you know. Love you!"

I looked up and saw Mr Stranger was still watching me and was looking at André as well. But I think he read the signs that André was most definitely not available for what he had in mind. I looked at the tall dark devastatingly sexy stranger opposite me and realised this man must've been a model or a film star or something special. He was too beautiful to be just a 9-to-5 kind of guy. His hands ... oh dear lord ... his hands! His mouth! His dark eyes! His pitch-black hair! His stubble! His long nose! Even his ears were exquisite!

Clive was telling us what such a contract would mean to us. He said that we could earn big bucks and that it would easily pay for our university, for cars, for a house. He said we would be made men and with our good looks, our height, our physique and everything else, Boss stands to make a fortune out of the new line, plus they'd look after us very well. Alexander being his dad, he knew what he was talking about.

The train slowed down and some passengers stood up, including Mr Stranger. Clive and some of the other guys took the vacated seats and Mr Stranger was standing right in front of me again. I looked up into his face and got the most beautiful smile and a wink. I looked away immediately and when the train gave a jolt around the last corner before pulling into Piccadilly Circus, his huge bulge was right in front of my face again. Oh fuck! My heart gave a pang: how would I ever meet up with this man in the big London?

"I heard you guys speaking a strange language that sounds almost like Dutch. Where are you from?" Mr Stranger said. "My name is Rafael, I'm from Brazil."

He put his hand out and I felt a business card in his hand.

While I was holding his hand, I said: "We're from South Africa and the language you heard some of us speaking, is Afrikaans. My name is Anton ... or Antonio to most here. Pleased to meet you."

I let go of his hand and discreetly closed my hand over the business card. The train came to a standstill and the doors whooshed open.

"Enjoy London. Hope to see you again! Take care! Adeus (Goodbye)!" Rafael, Mr Stranger, said as he stepped off the train. Oh my godd! What a literally tall, dark and fucking handsome hung hunk this man was! I turned around and saw he was looking back too and smiled at me. Oh fuck!

"He is a damn sexy man, Antonio! He obviously likes you!" Giovanni said next to me. "Did you see his big hands? I thought I had big hands but this man is a big guy! Herman has competition!"

"He said his name is Rafael and he's from Brazil. Yes, he is handsome. I didn't notice his hands," I lied smoothly.

New passengers got on board and I nonchalantly pushed the business card in the inside pocket of my jacket. I'll look at it later when I'm alone, I thought.


The rest of the journey took us past Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Holborn. We got off and got on the Red Line via Chancery Lane to St Paul's Underground. We got off and donned our scarves and beanies before ascending up to street level.

Outside it was freezing cold. I wondered about the intended shoot later in Hyde Park. It was very cold. If it went ahead, I hoped it would be a short shoot.

"Guys, to the south, there is the unmistakable dome of the St Paul's Cathedral, where Princess Diana got married to Prince Charles. It's worth a visit, but entry is not free and there is no time today. You'll have to come back for it at another time, on another trip to London. Come! The London Museum is north from here."

We followed Clive up the street. After a short walk, we entered the London Museum.

"Guys, this is one of the big museums in London. You'll have one hour to see the bare essentials. Gareth gave me some flyers my dad got from Kevin. Here they are. We'll have a guide to show us the highlights ... ah, here he is! Mr Jones! Good morning sir! This is the group that is made up of men mainly from South Africa. We have only one hour, so please show the guys the highlights. Thank you sir!"

Mr Jones was an elderly gentleman, impeccably dressed with a white shirt, a black tie, a black jersey and black suit. He was grey but had a full head of hair.

"Good morning gentlemen. I'm Mr Donovan Jones and I'll be your guide for today. The museum is vast and in one hour you'll barely scratch the surface. But, it would give you some idea of what is in the museum and on your next trip to London, do make sure this is one of your dedicated points of interest. Museums could be very boring but the curators and staff here have made it their task to keep the museum modernised and in touch with the changing times and with technology. You'll enjoy the hour. So then without any further ado, let's get going. Oh yes, and here are some official pamphlets on the museum. You could read it all later. I've marked the exhibits we're going to see for your convenience. Please follow me!"

[Guys, this is for the aficionados amongst us. If you're ever in London, this is a must-see museum. If it's not your thing, just skip this part please. This excerpt is from Wikipedia.]

The Museum of London documents the history of London from prehistoric to modern times. The museum is located on London Wall, close to the Barbican Centre as part of the striking Barbican complex of buildings created in the 1960s and 1970s as an innovative approach to re-development within a bomb-damaged area of the City of London.

It is a few minutes' walk north of St Paul's Cathedral, overlooking the remains of the Roman city wall and on the edge of the oldest part of London, now its main financial district. It is primarily concerned with the social history of London and its inhabitants throughout time. The museum is jointly controlled and funded by the City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority.

In March 2015, the museum announced plans to move from its Barbican site to nearby Smithfield Market. The move, contingent upon raising an estimated £70 million, is planned to be completed by 2021.

The amalgamation of the collections previously held by the City Corporation at the Guildhall Museum and of the London Museum, which was located in Kensington Palace was agreed in 1964. The Museum of London Act, allowing for the merger, was passed in the following year.

The museum was opened in December 1976 as part of the Barbican Estate, The architects were Philip Powell and Hidalgo Moya, who adopted an innovative approach to museum design, whereby the galleries were laid out so that there was only one route through the museum - from the prehistoric period to the modern galleries.

The museum comprises a series of chronological galleries containing original artefacts, models, pictures and diagrams, with a strong emphasis on archaeological discoveries, the built city, urban development and London's social and cultural life, with interactive displays and activities for all ages. Fragments of the Roman London Wall can be seen just outside the museum. The prehistoric gallery, "London Before London" and the "Medieval London" gallery have already been updated, and in 2010 a refurbished gallery on "War, Plague and Fire" opened, covering the period of the English Civil War and the Great Fire of London.

The museum had a £20 million redevelopment, which was completed in May 2010. This is its biggest investment since opening in 1976. The re-design, by London-based architects Wilkinson Eyre, tells the story of London and Londoners from the Great Fire of 1666 to the present day. The transformation includes four new galleries. The new City Gallery features large street level windows along London Wall and provides an illuminated showcase for the Lord Mayor's State Coach, which takes to the streets each November for the Lord Mayor's Show.

The Galleries of Modern London increased the museum's exhibition space by 25 percent and enabled the display of 7,000 objects. Star exhibits include a reconstruction of Georgian pleasure gardens, the foreboding wooden interior of the Wellclose debtors prison cell, an art deco lift from Selfridges department store and the puppet stars of BBC children's TV Andy Pandy, and Bill and Ben.

The "Expanding City" gallery covers the period 1660s to 1850. "People's City" addresses 1850 to 1940s, including a "Victorian Walk" with recreated shops and public buildings, and sections on the West End, Suffragettes, World War I and World War II, and everyday life.

The new galleries place a renewed emphasis on contemporary London and contemporary collecting. "World City" is the gallery, which tells London's story from 1950 to the present day. Fashion looms large here - from formal suits of the 1950s, through to the Mary Quant dress of the swinging 1960s, hippy chic in the 1970s and the bondage trousers and ripped T-shirts of the punk era. Fashion comes right up to date with a pashmina from Alexander McQueen's 2008 collection.

The Sackler Hall contains an elliptical LED curtain where the work of up-and-coming young filmmakers is screened in a bi-annual Museum of London Film Commission, in association with Film London. A temporary exhibition space, "Inspiring London", features a changing programme of displays on the theme of creativity and inspiration.

Museum of London Docklands

In 2003, the Museum of London Docklands (formerly Museum in Docklands) was opened in a 19th-century grade I listed warehouse near Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs. The Museum of London Docklands charts the history of London as a port, beginning 2,000 years ago with the Roman trading post set up on the banks of the Thames and following London's expansion into the biggest port the world had ever known. In November 2007, it opened the capital's first permanent gallery examining London's involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, "London, Sugar & Slavery".

Museum of London Archaeology

Part of a 13th-century timber wall from the Thames riverbank at Billingsgate, excavated in 1982 and now displayed in the Museum.

Once part of the Museum of London, Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) became an independent charity in November 2011, regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. MOLA now has its own Board of Trustees but the Museum of London and MOLA continue to work together.

MOLA employs around 190 archaeologists working on most of the major archaeological sites in London. Independence gives MOLA a stronger remit; it streamlines operations, reduces duplication and cuts red tape. Originally, MOLA was a much smaller department within the Museum of London but it expanded hugely - and outgrew its parent organisation. Independence gives MOLA the freedom to operate and to explore new markets across the country and overseas.

The Museum of London and MOLA retain close links via a partnership arrangement set out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This is to the clear benefit of both organisations and includes key areas of collaboration - on initiatives such as educational outreach, fundraising and public relations.

MOLA will continue to have its headquarters at Mortimer Wheeler House (in Shoreditch) and share specialist expertise and equipment with Museum of London colleagues at London Wall.

The visit to the museum came to an end too soon. By half-past 11, we said goodbye to Mr Jones. I wanted to go to the toilet quickly. Some of the other guys wanted to go too, so Clive and the rest waited for us.

I pretended to 'make a sitting' and went into one of the stalls. I unzipped and sat down to take a pee, but took the business card out and had a look. There was also a photograph of the god-like creature on the front of the card!

Rafael Ribeiro

Modelling Agency

Sao Paulo/London/Milan

It had a few numbers and there was a UK number starting with +44 amongst them. I quickly entered the number in my Address Book and took a photo of the picture on the card. I saved it and then sent a short iMessage: 'Antonio le Roux here, from the Underground. I'm dying to see you. We're in 'Heaven' club tonight. Please come. Bye.'

I finished peeing, dried the tip of my cock and zipped up and flushed the toilet. I left the stall and washed my hands standing next to Pierre. His huge beautiful hands were just a sight to behold and I fell in love with him a bit more.

"You OK Ant? What are you looking at? My hands?"

"Yes! I could never get enough of your big beautiful hands and feet! They're sensational!"

"And my cock too, I hope?"

"That goes without saying! Sheez! You should know that by now! And that I fucking love you my man!"

"Yes, I know, but I also know you could never be mine alone. I'm used to sharing you but if anything ever happens ... whatever ... I'm available. I'd marry you and make love to you every day!"

"Oh puh-lease! You fuck him every day now! It will only be the marrying bit that is different! Sheez! Sex pervert!" André, of course!

"André, give me just one excuse to fuck you and I will. That should shut you up for a while. So, how about tonight, hmmm? What do you say André? My big old boerepiel in your hole? Hmmm?" Pierre said and pushed his bulge against André while he was drying his hands.

['Boerepiel' = 'boer cock', considered very crude]

"You keep that horse cock away from me! I'll scream if you try anything and I'll call my Dad!" André said and moved away from Pierre.

"Sissy!" Pierre retorted.

My iPhone binged. There was a message. I wiped the last of the water off on the paper towel and opened my iPhone. It was Rafael!

"Fuck! Am I glad I gave you my card! Yes, I want to see you. I'm also going to 'Heaven' tonight. Keep a lookout for me. I want to fuck you!"

"Your cock is huge but I want you to fuck me!"

"It's 34cm, thick, uncut, big head, big balls, lots of precum and lots of cum. I'll fuck you good!"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love you to fuck me! I'll look out for you!" I texted and included a picture of me with Big Ben in the background.

"Thanks for the pic. I'd love to give you a big Brazilian load to take home with you!"

"Yes! Please do!"

My iPhone binged and ... my godd! A picture of his cock! It was curving down and it was big! My own cock sprang to life! I sent him a picture of me reclining on the bed with a hard-on. My one leg was lifted up and my hole was visible.

"I'd love to put my cock in that hole!"

"Yes I want it in there!" I texted as I entered the foyer again. Luigi reached for me and pulled me into his arms.

We all followed Clive out of the museum and down the street back to the St Paul's Underground. The museum was vast and I was very disappointed we had only one hour for such an immense selection of artefacts. I was definitely coming back, I thought as we walked down the street.

My iPhone binged again but I let it be. It could be Rafael again and I had Luigi's arm around my shoulder with Pierre on my other side. We'll make a plan tonight I thought.

We got back on the Red Line from St Paul's to Chancery Lane, and got off at Holborn Underground. We walked northwest a few blocks and then we were in front of the impressive building with the columned façade beyond 12 steps that ran almost the whole front part of the building.

"This is another of the fee-free museums in London, and one that will blow your mind away. Come on guys - once again, we have only an hour to scratch the surface of the immense collection inside," Clive said and led us up the steps into the building.

We walked in the front foyer and then into the newly covered Great Court. It was covered with a glass roof made up of hundreds of triangles of glass encased in a metal grid. In the centre of the area was the vast white circular reading room.

"The Great Court transformed the Museum's inner courtyard into the largest covered public square in Europe. It is a two-acre space enclosed by a spectacular glass roof with the world-famous Reading Room at its centre," Clive said. "Here are some flyers courtesy of Kevin and ahh! There is our guide! Hi Gwynevere! How are you doing? How are Paul and the boys? Guys, this is a family friend who helps out at the museum during the holiday season. Gwyn, these are the boys from South Africa, but we also have a half-bred Italian here, a thoroughbred Italian. And as you can see, we have darling twins too. André and Anton - yes, in that order! Anton is the first born and ..."

"Hi Gwyn, I'm the elder brother and I have rights ..." André said before Juan put his hand over André's mouth. One never knew what could come out of that mouth!

"Hi guys! I hope you kept yourselves warm in this terrible cold. Both my boys have runny noses and Paul has his hands full with them! But he is a doting dad, and he doesn't care," Gwynevere said. She was around 1,75m tall, had long red-brown hair with a kink in, and had freckles. She didn't wear lots of makeup but she was actually a real Scottish beauty.

"Hi Gwyn!" we said.

"Come guys, let's get going. An hour is way too short but I'll show you the Egyptian, Greek and Roman sections. There is much, much more, and lots more are in storage, but let's get going. Here are some pamphlets on these three sections. I'll highlight the most important exhibits and tell you more as we go along," Gwynevere said and led us to the west wing into the Egyptian section.

It all took my breath away. There were tall statues, there were obelisks, huge hands that broke off statues ... all granite and smooth and polished! There were mummies, there was stuff taken from graves ... the collection was vast and Gwynevere told us there were millions of artefacts in storage.

At one stage I was behind one of the huge statues and quickly opened my iPhone. Rafael sent me 5 different pictures of his cock and body: his soft cock (it was huge: at least 23cm), immense head, big balls, huge hairy hands, hairy body and one with his leg bent and his foot resting on the edge of the chair he was sitting on. It took my breath away! Pierre, Clive and Luigi have found their match! Rafael's feet were godlike! My godd! My cock was hard and leaking precum already! The last picture was of him reclining on a bed with his huge cock in his hand and a big pool of cum shot onto his hairy chest and tummy. Oh dear godd! I had to have this man! I just had to have him!

"Where are you Ant? Oh, there you are. Come, we're going to the Roman section. Come here my darling boy!" Pierre said and put his arm around my shoulder as I slipped my iPhone back into my pocket. As it happened, I stumbled and crashed with my hard-on into Pierre. "Ahhh! My man is hard! I'd suck you off on the foot of this statue right now! But we'd end up in goal! Come my darling man!" Pierre said and hugged me close to him. "Why are you hard?"

"I'm surrounded by a plethora of hunky hunk men pumping testosterone and you expect me to stay soft?"

"Well, to be quite honest, I'm also not completely soft. Stop and let me push it against you so you could feel it. There, do you feel it? It is in need of a hole, YOUR hole! Damn John's cock was the only one to have a piece of you this morning! Damn that milky white Pommie! I hate him! Come, they're waiting for us!" Pierre said and we walked briskly to meet up with the others.

[Guys, if you're ever in London, this is a must-see. I'll go there again any time but I'd like to spend a whole day there. The British Museum is vast and the stuff in there is unbelievable. Of course, the stuff was plundered and pilfered from other countries in previous times, and the debate rages on whether it has to be returned. Nonetheless, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia. Read it, don't read it ... it's all up to you!]

The British Museum is a museum dedicated to human history, art, and culture, located in the Bloomsbury area of London. Its permanent collection, numbering some 8 million works, is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence and originates from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.

The British Museum was established in 1753, largely based on the collections of the physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. The museum first opened to the public on 15 January 1759 in Montagu House in Bloomsbury, on the site of the current museum building. Its expansion over the following two and a half centuries was largely a result of an expanding British colonial footprint and has resulted in the creation of several branch institutions, the first being the British Museum (Natural History) in South Kensington in 1881. Some objects in the collection, most notably the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, are the objects of controversy and of calls for restitution to their countries of origin.

Until 1997, when the British Library (previously centred on the Round Reading Room) moved to a new site, the British Museum housed both a national museum of antiquities and a national library in the same building. The museum is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and as with all other national museums in the United Kingdom it charges no admission fee, except for loan exhibitions. Since 2002 the director of the museum has been Neil MacGregor In April 2015, MacGregor announced that he will step down as Director of the British Museum on 15 December 2015.

The Grenville Library, 1875

The Museum became a construction site as Sir Robert Smirke's grand neo-classical building gradually arose. The King's Library, on the ground floor of the East Wing, was handed over in 1827, and was described as one of the finest rooms in London. Although it was not fully open to the general public until 1857, special openings were arranged during The Great Exhibition of 1851. In spite of dirt and disruption the collections grew, outpacing the new building.

In 1840 the Museum became involved in its first overseas excavations, Charles Fellows's expedition to Xanthos, in Asia Minor, whence came remains of the tombs of the rulers of ancient Lycia, among them the Nereid and Payava monuments. In 1857 Charles Newton was to discover the 4th-century BC Mausoleum of Halikarnassos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In the 1840s and 1850s the Museum supported excavations in Assyria by A.H. Layard and others at sites such as Nimrud and Nineveh. Of particular interest to curators was the eventual discovery of Ashurbanipal's great library of cuneiform tablets, which helped to make the Museum a focus for Assyrian studies.

Sir Thomas Grenville (1755 -1846), a Trustee of The British Museum from 1830, assembled a fine library of 20 240 volumes, which he left to the Museum in his will. The books arrived in January 1847 in twenty-one horse-drawn vans. The only vacant space for this large library was a room originally intended for manuscripts, between the Front Entrance Hall and the Manuscript Saloon. The books remained here until the British Library moved to St Pancras in 1998.

Collecting from the wider world (1850-75)

The opening of the forecourt in 1852 marked the completion of Robert Smirke's 1823 plan, but already adjustments had to be made to cope with the unforeseen growth of the collections. Infill galleries were constructed for Assyrian sculptures and Sydney Smirke's Round Reading Room, with space for a million books, opened in 1857. Because of continued pressure on space the decision was taken to move natural history to a new building in South Kensington, which would later become the British Museum (Natural History).

Roughly contemporary with the construction of the new building was the career of a man sometimes called the "second founder" of the British Museum, the Italian librarian Anthony Panizzi. Under his supervision, the British Museum Library (now the British Library) quintupled in size and became a well-organised institution worthy of being called a national library, the largest library in the world after the National Library of Paris. The quadrangle at the centre of Smirke's design proved to be a waste of valuable space and was filled at Panizzi's request by a circular Reading Room of cast iron, designed by Smirke's brother, Sydney Smirke.

Until the mid-19th century, the Museum's collections were relatively circumscribed but, in 1851, with the appointment to the staff of Augustus Wollaston Franks to curate the collections, the Museum began for the first time to collect British and European medieval antiquities, prehistory, branching out into Asia and diversifying its holdings of ethnography. A real coup for the museum was the purchase in 1867, over French objections, of the Duke of Blacas's wide-ranging and valuable collection of antiquities. Overseas excavations continued and John Turtle Wood discovered the remains of the 4th century BC Temple of Artemis at Ephesos, another Wonder of the Ancient World.

New century, new building (1900-25)

By the last years of the 19th century, The British Museum's collections had increased so much that the Museum building was no longer big enough for them. In 1895 the trustees purchased the 69 houses surrounding the Museum with the intention of demolishing them and building around the West, North and East sides of the Museum. The first stage was the construction of the northern wing beginning 1906.

All the while, the collections kept growing. Emil Torday collected in Central Africa, Aurel Stein in Central Asia, D.G. Hogarth, Leonard Woolley and T. E. Lawrence excavated at Carchemish. Around this time, the American collector and philanthropist J Pierpont Morgan donated a substantial number of objects to the museum, including William Greenwell's collection of prehistoric artefacts from across Europe which he had purchased for £10 000 in 1908. Morgan had also acquired a major part of Sir John Evans's coin collection, which was later sold to the museum by his son John Pierpont Morgan Junior in 1915. In 1918, because of the threat of wartime bombing, some objects were evacuated to a Postal Tube Railway at Holborn, the National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth) and a country house near Malvern. On the return of antiquities from wartime storage in 1919 some objects were found to have deteriorated. A temporary conservation laboratory was set up in May 1920 and became a permanent department in 1931. It is today the oldest in continuous existence. In 1923 the British Museum welcomed over one million visitors.

Disruption and reconstruction (1925-50)

New mezzanine floors were constructed and book stacks rebuilt in an attempt to cope with the flood of books. In 1931 the art dealer Sir Joseph Duveen offered funds to build a gallery for the Parthenon sculptures. Designed by the American architect John Russell Pope, it was completed in 1938. The appearance of the exhibition galleries began to change as dark Victorian reds gave way to modern pastel shades. However, in August 1939, due to the imminence of war and the likelihood of air-raids the Parthenon Sculptures along with Museum's most valued collections were dispersed to secure basements, country house, Aldwych tube station, the National Library of Wales and a quarry. The evacuation was timely, for in 1940 the Duveen Gallery was severely damaged by bombing.[32] The Museum continued to collect from all countries and all centuries: among the most spectacular additions were the 2600 BC Mesopotamian treasure from Ur, discovered during Leonard Woolley's 1922-34 excavations. Gold, silver and garnet grave goods from the Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo (1939) and late Roman silver tableware from Mildenhall, Suffolk (1946). The immediate post-war years were taken up with the return of the collections from protection and the restoration of the museum after the Blitz. Work also began on restoring the damaged Duveen Gallery.

A new public face (1950-75)

In 1953 the Museum celebrated its bicentenary. Many changes followed: the first full-time in house designer and publications officer were appointed in 1964, A Friends organisation was set up in 1968, an Education Service established in 1970 and publishing house in 1973. In 1963 a new Act of Parliament introduced administrative reforms. It became easier to lend objects, the constitution of the Board of Trustees changed and the Natural History Museum became fully independent. By 1959 the Coins and Medals office suite, completely destroyed during the war, was rebuilt and re-opened, attention turned towards the gallery work with new tastes in design leading to the remodelling of Robert Smirke's Classical and Near Eastern galleries. In 1962 the Duveen Gallery was finally restored and the Parthenon Sculptures were moved back into it, once again at the heart of the museum.

By the 1970s the Museum was again expanding. More services for the public were introduced; visitor numbers soared, with the temporary exhibition "Treasures of Tutankhamun" in 1972, attracting 1 694 117 visitors, the most successful in British history. In the same year the Act of Parliament establishing the British Library was passed, separating the collection of manuscripts and printed books from the British Museum. This left the Museum with antiquities; coins, medals and paper money; prints & drawings; and ethnography. A pressing problem was finding space for additions to the library which now required an extra 11⁄4 miles (1,75km) of shelving each year. The Government suggested a site at St Pancras for the new British Library but the books did not leave the museum until 1997.

The Great Court emerges (1975-2000)

The departure of the British Library to a new site at St Pancras, finally achieved in 1998, provided the space needed for the books. It also created the opportunity to redevelop the vacant space in Robert Smirke's 19th-century central quadrangle into the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court - the largest covered square in Europe - which opened in 2000. The ethnography collections, which had been housed in the short-lived Museum of Mankind at 6 Burlington Gardens from 1970, were returned to new purpose-built galleries in the museum in 2000.

The Museum again readjusted its collecting policies as interest in "modern" objects: prints, drawings, medals and the decorative arts reawakened. Ethnographical fieldwork was carried out in places as diverse as New Guinea, Madagascar, Romania, Guatemala and Indonesia and there were excavations in the Near East, Egypt, Sudan and the UK. The Weston Gallery of Roman Britain, opened in 1997, displayed a number of recently discovered hoards, which demonstrated the richness of what had been considered an unimportant part of the Roman Empire. The Museum turned increasingly towards private funds for buildings, acquisitions and other purposes.

The British Museum today

Today the museum no longer houses collections of natural history, and the books and manuscripts it once held now form part of the independent British Library. The Museum nevertheless preserves its universality in its collections of artefacts representing the cultures of the world, ancient and modern. The original 1753 collection has grown to over thirteen million objects at the British Museum, 70 million at the Natural History Museum and 150 million at the British Library.

The Round Reading Room, which was designed by the architect Sydney Smirke, opened in 1857. For almost 150 years researchers came here to consult the Museum's vast library. The Reading Room closed in 1997 when the national library (the British Library) moved to a new building at St Pancras. Today it has been transformed into the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Centre.

With the book stacks in the central courtyard of the museum empty, the process of demolition for Lord Foster's glass-roofed Great Court could begin. The Great Court, opened in 2000, while undoubtedly improving circulation around the museum, was criticised for having a lack of exhibition space at a time when the museum was in serious financial difficulties and many galleries were closed to the public. At the same time the African collections that had been temporarily housed in 6 Burlington Gardens were given a new gallery in the North Wing funded by the Sainsbury family - with the donation valued at £25 million.

As part of its very large website, the museum has the largest online database of objects in the collection of any museum in the world, with 2 000 000 individual object entries, 650 000 of them illustrated, online at the start of 2012. There is also a "Highlights" database with longer entries on over 4 000 objects, and several specialised online research catalogues and online journals (all free to access). In 2013 the museum's website received 19,5 millions visits, an increase of 47% from the previous year.

In 2013 the museum received a record 6,7 million visitors, an increase of 20% from the previous year. Popular exhibitions including "Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum" and "Ice Age Art" are credited with helping fuel the increase in visitors. Plans were announced in September 2014 to recreate the entire building along with all exhibits in the videogame Minecraft in conjunction with members of the public.

The hour in the British Museum was over too soon. Another museum I wanted to see again and spend many more hours to see the vast collections. I found Luigi and hugged him and gave him a soft kiss.

"Hmmm mio caro! Out in public? What's that for?"

"Just to show you how much I love you! This is another museum we have to come visit again! Magnificent, isn't it?" I said.

"Yes, I've been here a few times but every time there is something new. They really do have millions of artefacts in storage. But I agree. When we're here again, I also want to see it again. I'm thirsty and a bit peckish. Let's hear what Clive has to ..." Luigi said just as Clive clapped his hands.

"Guys, thank you to Gwynevere for her time. There is a nice coffee shop not far from here. I feel like coffee or a hot chocolate and something to eat. Gwyn, please give my regards to Paul and we have to see each other before I leave ..." Clive said.

"Leave? Where are you going?" Gwynevere said and took Clive's arm. "What about your studies?"

"I've met these great guys and ... I'm relocating to Cape Town to be close to them ..."

"Which one of them?" Gwynevere said with a sparkle in her eye.

"Erm ... one of the twins ... Antonio, please come here!"

I stepped forward and Clive pulled me closer. "Hi Gwynevere!"

"Clive! You do have good taste! But there is another one! And how come this one is still single?" Gwynevere asked.

"Erm ... it's complicated ... he won't be mine alone ... he is engaged to Luigi ... we're a group of guys ... I'll tell you later. It really is complicated!" Clive said and blushed cherry red. I was blushing too and reached for Luigi to join us. Of course André stepped up to the plate as well. Poor Gwynevere!

"My goodness! What does Alexander say about all of this?" Gwynevere asked.

"He's fine and he said he'd be only a plane ticket away and it will give him an excuse to 'inspect' (I air quoted) Boss in Cape Town in order to see me. In any case, the medical school is world class and Dad is working such long hours. Plus, I've really fallen hard for this guy here ... Actually, I love the whole lot, but this one is special! Right guys?" Clive said and looked like a small boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar! He was adorable!

"I'm not judging you Clive! I'm actually not surprised. Antonio is adorable! But how many of you in this ménage a whatever?"

"Around 12 guys, depending on who is available. But we're happy and all will be fine, right Ant? Luigi? Pierre? Juan? Giovanni is also relocating to Stellenbosch. We're one happy family! I've said enough! Enough for you to digest! Come guys, I'm thirsty! Thanks Gwyn! Goodbye Gwyn! We have to go! We have to be at Hyde Park by 1 o'clock and we need coffee first. Come guys!" Clive rambled on and we took our leave after shaking Gwynevere's hand.

When I shook Gwynevere's hand, she pulled me closer and said: "Look after him. He is a soft soul and is deserving of lots of love. I've known him since he was a small boy. Love him and take care of him! You look like you can!" She leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks Gwynevere! Yes, I do love him and yes I will take care of him. We're just hoping he can relocate to Cape Town! Thanks for everything and goodbye! Take care!" I said and ran after the others to join them as they crossed the quad in front of the museum.

"Real British coffee shop or Starbucks?" Clive asked.

"British!" most of the guys shouted. Nothing wrong with Starbucks, but we wanted to experience a British coffee shop.

The "Café Klea" was across the street, just around the corner. It was a nice cosy place but our group was rather big. The manager politely asked some of the patrons to move and then he and some of the waitrons quickly organised seating for all twelve of us.

From the moment we walked in, it was like we were walking into coffee heaven! The aroma was intoxicating and the variety of coffees was astonishing. OK, not as diverse as Starbucks, but it was clear the coffee would be great. I looked at the delicacies behind the glass of the counter and I was salivating like a puppy! The stuff looked divine.

After we sat down - Luigi on my one side and Clive on the other side (Giovanni and Pierre aimed to sit next to me but decided not to challenge the boys) and opposite me it was Johann and Gunther. I immediately felt a foot touching mine. When I looked up, Gunther winked at me and gave me the most gorgeous smile. I winked back and blew him a kiss.

"What is going on there? People and baby bro, we're in public now! I saw that Jerry! Behave or I'm calling Dad! Sheez!" André, who else? Juan sat next to him and next to André, it was Morné. It would appear all was forgiven and hunky-dory again. Opposite them it was Herman and Johan. Giovanni got a seat next to Luigi (so they could gossip in Italian, no less!) and opposite him it was Pierre.

Two waitrons brought us menus and told us the Christmas special for the day was English beef and mustard sandwiches with a cup of coffee for £11,50 each. If we wanted some of the baked goods, it would cost only £1,50 extra.

We all decided to get the beef and mustard sandwiches and then some of the Danish pasties. We left it to the waitrons to bring us what sells the best and tasted the best.

The aroma of coffee hung heavily in the air and smelled so good. I felt a hand on my leg: Luigi.

"The coffee here smells good, but I can't wait for you to taste our Italian coffee. Você concorda Giovanni? (Do you agree Giovanni?)" Luigi said.

"Luigi, eu concordo totalmente! Café italiano é o melhor! (Luigi I totally agree! Italian coffee is the best!)" Giovanni said. Fortunately André didn't hear the Italian, but Pierre did.

"Oh please guys! It's almost Christmas! Give us a break from the Italian already! What the hell did you say just now?" Pierre said and gave Giovanni's jaw a playful jab.

Giovanni told him and Clive what they were saying and Gunther piped up: "Excuse me! Have you tasted German coffee? Hmmm! My mom will brew you a cup of coffee that would knock you dead!"

"We don't want to be killed while drinking German coffee, Jerry!" Pierre said and we all cracked up.

I felt Clive's hand on my other leg and I put mine on top of his. "What did Gwyn say to you?"

"She's very fond of you and told me to love you and take care of you! That's a no-brainer! I already love you and I do want to take good care of you!" I said and squeezed his hand.

"You're just the fucking - sorry Dad - " (he looked up at the ceiling) "best thing ever! I fucking - sorry Dad! - love you man! I can't wait to get my papers in order to move to Stellin ... oh fuck! No more sorries Dad! Stellen-bosss ... erm ... bosch?"

"You'll get it right and yes, we all want you to join us as soon as possible. We all love you and ... ahem ... you know!" I put in and squeezed his hand again.

"Want to feel it?"

"No! Clive! No!"

He took my hand and put it on his leg, under his jacket and pushed it up to his crotch. My godd! It was rock-hard!

"*You're a sex deviant in all departments, but I still love you*!" I whispered and squeezed his leg.

"Clive, I'm still the alpha male and the fiancé, OK? Behave or we'll have your big balls as appetizers!" Luigi! Where did that come from?

Gunther, Johann, Giovanni and Pierre laughed heartily.

"I know of someone who would love the juices, but not me! For all we know, the curse of his super sex drive will come with it! I'm horny enough. This Pommie is nobody's mate! He is unique, but we still love him, don't we?" Johann put in and reached over the table to ruffle Clive's hair.

"Watch it! I still need to look good for our 'baby bro'! Just now he might lose interest in me! And then, what about my intended move to UCT?"

"Ant loves you just the way you are, warts and all! Your gherkin will make it all good, bad hair or not!" Pierre put in and we roared with laughter. Clive threw a sachet of sugar at Pierre who deftly caught it and pressed it against his heart. "And I love you too Pommie!"

What Pierre said wasn't totally true: I really liked the English lad, and his huge cock was a nice addition to the mix, but everything about him was nice. He was sexy, attractive, tall, and hairy, and he could fuck like few others. His multiple orgasms also put him in a different league than most men.

The chatter continued and we heard that Johan has bought his Booboo, Herman, a mini replica of the Rosetta Stone in the museum.

"We have to go back! I want one too, please? Please Clive? I didn't see that!" I said and squeezed Clive's leg.

"It's so close. I could go back quickly and get you one. Who else wants a Rosetta Stone?"

Everybody wanted one.

"Then it's 10 more! I have one already and Herman too. Johan, do you want one for yourself too?"

"Yes please! Seeing that you're going to buy more. They're at the shop and they're priced at £6,99 each. Please take this £100 and let me pay for them. My small Christmas gift, OK?" Johan said and passed a £100 note down the table to Clive.

"Here is money: please buy one for Dad too!" I said.

"No way! I'll pay for it! Clive, please get 11?" Johan said.

"Oh, OK. That's settled then. I'll be quick! Don't go anywhere!" Clive said and kissed me in broad daylight. The others cheered him on. He smiled from ear to ear and waved at us as he ran out the coffee shop back to the museum.

"You really like him, don't you mein Schatz (my darling)? But then again, what's not to like? He is one of the nicest men I've ever met. But I like you a lot too, Gio! Don't worry! I think you're very sexy and at 29cm, your gherkin is ample ... not quite as big as my 29 comma FIVE, but you're OK!" Gunther was a clown after all!

"Oh, thank you Jerry! I love you too! As long as you don't use me for one of your experiments, I'm OK with you!" Giovanni said and put his right hand over his heart and blew the German man a kiss with his left hand.

"You guys make me sick! All this love and 'gherkins' and what not - all in broad daylight! I hope you're not eating with those foul mouths! Sies man!" André of course. We really laughed at his antics.

"Please let me see your Rosetta Stone Herman?" Luigi asked. When the paper weight reached him, he looked at it carefully. It was a really good miniature replica of the stone that eventually led to the understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs, by the Frenchman, Jean-François Champollion.

Gunther was quite clued-up with the Rosetta Stone as his one uncle was a lecturer in archaeology at the Berlin University. He gave us a quick run-down on the stone and its history and how the Frenchman eventually deciphered the stone and with that, Egyptian hieroglyphs.

"Thanks Gunther, but guys, did you enjoy the British Museum? Did you feel like you've actually visited a 'museum?" Juan asked.

We all agreed it was worth it, albeit too short - far too short.

Just then the door opened and Clive rushed in, short of breath, carrying a brown paper bag in one hand.

"Here you go! Wasn't that quick? I'm not an ace swimmer for nothing! Here is your £23 change Johan. Shall I pass the bag around so you could each take a paper weight?"

I took the bag and took out two of the Rosetta Stones. This was going to have a special place on my desk! And I knew Dad would love to have one too. I pulled out the pamphlet we got from Gwynevere and the flyer we got from Clive (courtesy of Kevin) and looked up on my iPhone what the Internet said about the Rosetta Stone.

[For the curious, here is an excerpt from the full article found on Wikipedia.]

The Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt, in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts (with some minor differences among them), it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone and its eventual decipherment, there had been no understanding of the Ancient Egyptian language and script since shortly before the fall of the Roman Empire. The usage of the hieroglyphic script had become increasingly specialised even in the later Pharaonic period; by the 4th century AD, few Egyptians were capable of reading hieroglyphs. Monumental use of hieroglyphs ceased after the closing of all non-Christian temples in the year 391 by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I; the last known inscription, found at Philae and known as The Graffito of Esmet-Akhom, is dated to 24 August 396 AD.[53]

Hieroglyphs retained their pictorial appearance, and classical authors emphasised this aspect, in sharp contrast to the Greek and Roman alphabets. For example, in the 5th century the priest Horapollo wrote Hieroglyphica, an explanation of almost 200 glyphs. Believed to be authoritative yet in many ways misleading, this and other works were a lasting impediment to the understanding of Egyptian writing.[54] Later attempts at deciphering hieroglyphs were made by Arab historians in medieval Egypt during the 9th and 10th centuries. Dhul-Nun al-Misri and Ibn Wahshiyya were the first historians to study this ancient script, by relating them to the contemporary Coptic language used by Coptic priests in their time.[55][56] The study of hieroglyphs continued with fruitless attempts at decipherment by European scholars, notably Johannes Goropius Becanus in the 16th century, Athanasius Kircher in the 17th and Georg Zoëga in the 18th.[57] The discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 provided critical missing information, gradually revealed by a succession of scholars, that eventually allowed Jean-François Champollion to determine the nature of this mysterious script.

"Guys, we have miniature versions of a piece of history in our hands! This is going to be one of my prized possessions alongside my MacBook Air and other iThings. Luigi, we have to come back here please?" I put in.

"For sure mio caro! Only the Smithsonian in Washington equals the British Museum. And one day I'm taking you there too. Ahh! Here is our food! Hmmmm!" Luigi said and rubbed his hands when the two waitrons arrived with two huge trays with our sandwiches. A third and fourth waitron arrived with our coffee.

The sandwiches were enormous! They were at least 15cm square - far bigger than slices of bread back home! Plus, the filling was stacked to a level that made it impossible to just shove it into one's mouth and take a bite! The beef was put between the heavily buttered slices of bread in a wavy fashion with the sliced tomatoes, sliced gherkins, onions and Dijon mustard and lettuce completing the sandwiches. Wow! It was big and the seeded brown bread was soft and fresh.

"I need to take a picture of this!" I said and whipped out my iPhone. I took a few pictures of the sandwich and coffee and then asked one of the waitrons to take a few group pictures of us. He took a couple of pictures of the six guys on one side and then of the other six on the other side, and then he took pictures of us, two at a time. He was very skilled.

"Enjoy gentlemen! Café Klea is renowned for its food, and our sandwiches are famous!" the photographer waitron said and winked at Luigi. Wow! My man had a fan!

I looked at him and nudged him. "He's giving you the eye sexy Ita!"

"Silencio mio caro! There is no such thing!" Luigi said but blushed crimson red! "Eat your food and keep quiet!" Luigi was giggling!

Then a silence - if one ignored the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' and 'hmms' emanating from the 12 men - descended on the group and we literally dug in. It tasted divine and was very tasty.

"Hmmmm! Baby bro, have you ever had a bigger sandwich than this? And the taste! We have to find a bakery that can bake bread like this so Mom could make us such sandwiches!" André put in and added a few 'hmms'!

"Uncle Mario will know where to find such bread. We'll ask him. And if there isn't, I'm sure he can bake us some," Luigi said.

The sandwich was very tasty and very filling. My godd! I didn't realise just how hungry I was, despite the huge breakfast we had a few hours ago. And the coffee ... it tasted absolutely wonderful.

"Everything to your liking gentlemen?" photographer waitron asked.

"I need to know what coffee you're using. This is wonderful! Not to mention the sandwich. Absolutely divine!" Pierre said.

"For some of our coffees, we use a mix we buy from a supplier here in London. They prepare it according to the requirements of Signore Rossi, the owner. I'm not at liberty to divulge such information, but hearing you speaking, I'm sure you're not from London, so here goes; it's a three-way mix of two medium roast and one dark roast coffee. Plus, we buy the beans and grind the coffee here. And last but not least, we add a pinch of salt per cup to the coffee mix - it does make a difference. Oh, and we only use filtered water. And something else: we keep our 'illy' espresso machine immaculately clean. Yes, and we do use 'illy' coffee for our espresso and cappuccino. You have a choice. So, I take it you like our coffee? A top up for all? For you guys: it's bottomless!" the waitron explained and looked at us.

"Yes, please!" we all said and those whose cups were not empty yet, emptied it on the spot to get some more.

As soon as the coffee was replenished, the pasties arrived ... oh my godd! We've died and went to coffee and pasties heaven! We each chose two pasties from the large plates put in front of us. The dough was flaky, light and buttery and the fillings creamy and fruity and tasty. It was wonderful!


After Clive settled the bill, we buttoned our jackets, donned our scarves and beanies and we left Café Klea with full tummies and very warm of the coffee. It was wonderful. And outside it was fucking cold! I fished out my iPhone and the thermometer App said it was -13ºC! Sheez! It started to snow again. It was beautiful but fuck! It was cold!

We walked back to the Holborn Underground. The sidewalks had piles of snow on the edges and against the hedges. We bundled down the stairs, tapped our Oyster Cards on the turnstiles' pads and went down to the Blue Line that headed westwards towards Covent Garden.

We huddled together and of course some people gawked at us. When the Afrikaans ones amongst us spoke our mother lingo, and made fun of some of the oddly dressed punks, the eyes were wide. We had lots of fun and when the train came into the station from the right, we were in an even better mood than in the British Museum or Café Klea.

The tube was busy and we could muster only standing space. I ended up facing my darling Luigi and Pierre - who else, the snake! - behind me. He abused the situation and soon I felt a raging hard-on pushing into my crack.

"*Feel that? I wish I could put it in you right here, right now! Imagine the looks and comments*!"

"Pierre, you're terrible! Stop it!" I said as I felt my own cock growing and pushing against Luigi.

"Mio caro, what is happening behind you? Is that man harassing you? Shall I call Dad?" Luigi said and we all burst out laughing. The others knew what Pierre was up to. We all knew he was insatiable and only Clive matched his incredible sex drive.

"Dad wouldn't mind! He'd help me, so there!" Pierre said cockily and pushed his cock against me and put his one arm around my waist. It touched Luigi's crotch ...

"My godd Ita! You're one to talk! Sheez!" He switched to Afrikaans and said: "Julle moet voel wat gaan in daai Italianer se broek aan! Die slang! (You have to feel what's going on that Italian's pants! The snake!)"

The guys roared with laughter, except of course Luigi, Clive and Giovanni. They asked the others around them for a translation and then Luigi blushed crimson red.

"I can't help it ...! Sheez guys! *'He' has a will of his own!*" Luigi hissed the last part and pulled his crotch away from Pierre's hand, which was hidden behind our open jackets hanging down. "Stop it Pierre!"

"Spoilsport! *Come on, stand closer to Ant man! He's cold and all and* ..." Pierre said.

"You're such a deviant man! What my brother sees in you, I don't know! I'm calling my Dad!" André put in.

Luigi did stand closer to me and I felt his hard cock pushing against me. My godd! I'd let them both fuck me on the spot if we could! The rocking motion of the train caused our cocks to rub against each other and Pierre's huge cock in my crack.

Clive moved in on my right and Giovanni on my left and pushed against us: both hard of course! Four men hot and hard for me ... I couldn't be happier. I didn't know what Piero would bring to the mix ...


The train stopped at Covent Garden and some seats became vacant, but the five of us remained standing ... for obvious reasons!

At Leicester Square Luigi put a stop to the shenanigans and pulled me down next to him onto a vacant seat.

"No guys! This is highly inappropriate! I'm sure Dad won't approve. Let's wait until we're at the hotel later! But I still love you very much mio caro!"

We sat down with my hand in Luigi's lap, touching his crotch and my shoulder pushing against his. Despite the sex with the others, I still loved this wonderful and sexy man very much.

Pierre squeezed in on my other side and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. "Sorry man, but fuck! You're too much! You'll make me forget my manners! Sorry but I've demonstrated to you how I feel about you! Right?"


The train stopped at Piccadilly Circus and quite a number of people boarded and some more at Green Park. Many passengers had to stand but the ride to Hyde Park Corner was brief. I looked at my watch and saw it was 10 to 1 - just in time for our shoot!

We got off the train and up the stairs to street level. The southeast corner of Hyde Park was cross the road, covered in a thick layer of snow. We crossed the street and when we came around a thicket of bushes, we saw the photographers setting up their equipment. They were dressed to the nines against the cold.

As we were already dressed according to Gareth's schedule, there was no need to change clothes. The makeup people asked us to remove our beanies - fuck, it was cold! - and then they gave each a face touch up. Some base, some dabs, hair brushed into the style they wanted, some hairspray and we were ready.

"It's going to be a quick one. It's bitterly cold but Mr Cooper wanted some pictures of you in this part of London. A few here and then over there next to 'The Serpentine', the water you see there. OK, twins first, then we want the two Italians together, then Gunther and Johann. Here is the list for the rest of the groupings. Come guys, let's get this done and get out of here! Greg, cameras and umbrellas please!" Peter was in charge again.

Peter photographed us in different poses, in groups and even single. Then he moved us to the water. In summer there would've been numerous swans but it was freezing cold and most of them, especially the females with the cygnets, were in special shelters. But there were some of the most beautiful creatures in the park on the water. They swam to the edge when they saw us. Some of the photo crew gave us each a bag of food to feed the swans.

While we were feeding the swans, Peter and his crew clicked away. I was sure the pictures would be stunning.

"Aren't they just beautiful Luigi? They're just stunning!" I said and threw some more food on the water.

We had our iPhones out and also took pictures and even that was captured and would be used by Boss Models.

It was a wonderful experience but it was freezing. The crew called it a wrap and thanked us. The makeup ladies came to us with Thermos flasks with hot chocolate and paper cups. It was very welcome and we thanked them for being so kind.

"Please keep the beanies off for now!" Peter said.

We all huddled together and enjoyed the hot beverage.

"Guys, if all the models and celebrities we have to work with were so easy to work with as it is with you, our lives would have been one wonderful experience, but alas! It's not the case. Thank you very much guys! And the twins ... my godd! I've never seen twins so identical and so good-looking! I'm looking forward to our shoot tomorrow night! You guys rock! You're going to make an immense impression and splash in the fashion world! Not to mention the Italians and the rest! You guys are just unbelievable!" Peter said while one of his assistants was continuing to photograph us while we were having our informal groupings, enjoying our hot chocolate.

"Thanks Peter. It is a pleasure to work with you too and the twins would never disappoint you. I'll make sure of that. It's just the mouth of one that needs to be controlled from time to ti ..." Juan got in.

"You backstabber! I'm calling my Dad!" André retorted, on top form!

We all roared with laughter and it was our cue to say our goodbyes. We crossed the street and got on the Blue Line to Knightsbridge. Harrods, here we come!


It was a short ride and when we got off the train and went up the stairs, we ended up right in front of the southern side of the famous shop.

"Guys, do not fall in the tourist trap here. Only looking! No buying! Most is available 90% cheaper elsewhere than here. Just some advice: there is a number of very nice shops just around the corner in Walton Street. I heard you wanted to get my Dad some South African wine. There is a shop there that has quite a selection from all over the world, including wine from South Africa. There are also some shops that sell memorabilia such as fridge magnets, postcards, plates, T-shirts and the like. But, apart from the wine, I think you'd get everything cheaper in Soho tomorrow," Clive said and led the way to the wine cellar. "We'll be back here in half an hour and then you can ogle the exquisite stuff in Harrods."

On our way to the wine cellar, we passed a shop that made 3D laser engravings in crystal blocks.

"André and I want to take a look here. We'll wait for you here, OK?" I said and pulled André back.

"Oh, OK. We won't be long. We'll meet you here in about 15 minutes' time," Clive said. There were also some other shops selling T-shirts and other stuff, so some of the other guys wanted to have a look at those.

"Do you think what I think?" I asked André and looked at the crystal blocks on display. They had 3D pictures inside: dolphins, seagulls, London scenery, faces of people - it looked stunning.

"You're a genius baby bro! Yes! This is perfect! We've just come from a shoot and we didn't put our beanies back, so we're A-for-a-way! Let's do it! I have a £100 pound note in my wallet! Come on!"

We enquired inside and the Taiwanese gentleman and his wife were very friendly. We told them we wanted a few 3D engravings and asked for a quotation. They showed us the sizes and we decided on 3 crystal blocks each 10cm long, 8cm wide and 8cm high, and 4 crystal blocks measuring 8cm by 6cm by 6cm.

We decided on the basic engravings in frosted white in the clear crystal. There were other available in shades of black and grey, but it was more expensive. We actually liked the frosty white.

The shop owners spoke to each other in Mandarin and said it would be £85.

We looked at each other and asked if we couldn't get some discount because it was a big order and that we were students from South Africa.

The Taiwanese spoke some more to each other and made some calculations on a calculator.

"Yes, we can give to you for £75, because you from South Africa! We have family there. What you want?" the gentleman asked in a heavy accent. He gave us a sheet of paper and a pen and we put our heads together and decided on the wording for each crystal block. It would include a 3D picture of the two of us. We wrote on the sheet of paper:

    Luigi: Large

André & Anton

Saluti da Londra


    Juan: Large

André & Anton

Groete uit Londen


    Giovanni: Large

André & Anton

Saluti da Londra


    Pierre: Large

André & Anton

Groete uit Londen


    Johann: Medium

André & Anton

Groete uit London


    Gunther: Medium

André & Anton

Grüße aus London


    Dad & Mom: Large

André & Anton

Groete uit Londen


As I gave the gentleman the list, I saw they also made laser-engraved car key rings with the logo of the car separately and whatever you wanted engraved on the silver tag on the ring.

"André! Two personalised key rings for our Aurises! Sir, if we take two of the key rings, how much more?"

"Baby bro, you're a genius! Yes, that would be nice!"

"Depend what you want, cheap is £5,99. Expensive £9,99. Which car? What on tag?"

"Toyota," André said. The lady took the Toyota key ring from the display and handed it to him. The logo was of a 'skeleton' emblem of the Toyota logo on a key ring with the personalised tag added which they kept in a separate box.

We conferred and decided on the following;


ECO 25.1 - WC



ECO 25.2 - WC

"That £5,99 each but we round off £80, OK?"

"Yes, thanks! We'll take it!" I beamed.

"Please come sit here for photo. Please check in mirror if all OK," the lady said in an even heavier accent.

We checked each other and both of us pushed a hair or two in its place and brushed some imaginary threads from each other's jackets.

"You want snow on shoulders?" the lady asked.

"Yes! Let's keep it and let's take the picture before it all melts!" André said and I agreed.

"Please keep still," the gentleman said. He was busy polishing the crystal blocks and watched his wife working the camera. "Nice! Very nice!"

We sat down and the lady took pictures of us in different poses with the 3D camera that consisted of a moving camera lens that took a 360º picture of us. The lens moved fairly quickly.

"Come look. Which you like?"

We took a look at the pictures on the computer screen. Wow! They were astonishingly beautiful and in 3D! She moused over the pictures and it showed the two of us in full 3D!

We made our selection for each engraving and the lady took the first crystal block and placed it in a chamber and closed the lid.

"Please type words. Strange language," the lady requested. I stepped forward and I typed the wordings for each crystal block in a proforma. She stood next to me and saved each with the correct photo we selected. She clicked with the mouse and a green banner appeared showing the percentage of completion.

"Take 7 minutes each. You come back in hour?"

"Yes, but let's pay for the items!" I said.

The gentleman was busy on another computer.

"OK. You wait. Key rings finish now!" the gentleman said and punched away on the keyboard. Our order for the key rings was much easier. He inserted the first tag in a similar but smaller chamber to what his wife was using for the crystal blocks, and punched Enter. A percentage bar appeared but it was much faster than the bigger engraver.

I gave the Taiwanese gentleman my £100 note and he gave me back a £20 note.

"Thank you," the gentleman said.

The machine beeped. He removed the first tag and gave me it to me. It was mine. It was beautiful and shiny. He put the second tag in the chamber and punched Enter.

Soon the machine beeped again. He took the tag from the chamber and gave it to André.

"Baby bro! We're going to be the envy of the lot! Not to mention the lot back home! It's so beautiful!" André gushed. "Thank you sir! They are beautiful!"

"Crystal ready in hour, OK?" the lady said and smiled. Just then the guys walked in.

"What are you buying? Hmmm?" Pierre asked.

I turned to them and showed them our key rings.

"I want one too! Sheez! How much?" Johann asked.

"£5,99 each. They have all the major car logos available and the engraving is done quickly!" André filled in the rest of the guys.

Everybody bought a key ring, except for Giovanni and Clive. They had cars but they decided they'd have it done later after they've acquired cars in South Africa.

Within minutes all the car key rings were ready and we left. I nodded to the gentleman and hung back. "We'll be back in an hour! Thanks!" I said and followed the other guys.

Luigi put his arm around my shoulder. "So, what have you been up to? Not just key rings, I presume?"

"It's a surprise! I'm sure everybody would be happy!" I said.

"I know what it is but I'll act surprise!"

"Did you get something for Alexander?"

"Yes, we got wine for him, for Gareth and Peter. The lady at the store actually referred us to a shop in Soho owned by South Africans where we could get South African stuff and also nice Belgian chocolates for the ladies. What do you think we should get for John? A cock ring?" Luigi joked.

"I doubt if there would be a cock ring big enough for him! I think we should get him something from the shop in Soho. Perhaps there would be something manly from good old SA?" I said.

We crossed the street and it was time for photos with Harrods behind us. We had lots of fun and at one stage twin girls approached us - hopefuls, I presume! - and offered to take pictures of the whole group. We posed and laughed so hard at André' and Johann's jokes. Pierre was in his element and he too cracked a few jokes, mostly at the expense of the Italians and Clive.

The girls introduced themselves. They were Catherine and Chloe from Wimbledon. They were at university studying to become physiotherapists.

We chatted a bit and when they heard we were from South Africa, they were amazed and just wanted to chat. They followed us into Harrods and kept on chatting until Luigi came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"You're gay ...?" the one said and her face was one of astonishment. "No! Really?"

"Yes, he is my fiancé. He is beautiful, isn't he?" I said without batting an eyelid.

"Well, I'm stumped! Are you all ... gay?" the other girl asked.

"Yes, the whole caboodle! As gay as a pink pound!" André said as he stepped closer and kissed me on the mouth.

"Ew! No! Catherine, let's go! Sorry guys! We're interested in straight guys! Bye!" And they were off. Shame! We actually waved at them and chuckled to no end. It actually made us feel good that we were macho and that nobody had the slightest suspicion we actually suck dick!

"Come guys, the sideshow is over. Now, here you are in Harrods. NO BUYING! ONLY LOOKING! And the rule is 'no photos' but nobody pays attention to that. Take pictures but do it nonchalantly and not like tourists. Go and we'll meet here again in 45 minutes. Don't forget to go to the delicatessen section. The food looks good to eat. But, NO BUYING! OK, go!" Clive said and clapped his hands.

Luigi put his arm around my shoulder and Pierre fell in step with us on my other side. He too had his arm around my shoulder.

"Why are we always excluded? We love our boy too!" Giovanni said from behind and put a hand on the neck of each of the two men next to me.

"Because you're only part of the game since Sunday! Await your turn!" Pierre said and squeezed the hand on his neck.

"I'm holding you to your word!" Giovanni said.


Harrods was like nothing I've ever seen. The goods were exquisite, beautiful and of very high quality. And it was super expensive! We saw a snake leather handbag priced at £30 000! Incredible!

The men's wear was beautiful but the Boss clothes we got on Sunday rivalled the stuff in Harrods, and it didn't cost us a cent.

As we approached an atrium, there was a mezzo soprano singing opera and operetta arias. A guy accompanied her on a piano and another filled in the trio on a cello. Wow!

I needed to go the to toilet and the five of us entered one of the marbled shrines to pee. Wow! It was far more luxurious than any toilet I've ever seen! I was afraid to aim my pee against the porcelain! When I washed my hands with the obviously expensive liquid soap, it smelled of sandalwood and cinnamon.

"No kissing in here. I'm not sure if there aren't some hidden cameras in here! So, behave!" Clive said. He did gave me a quick hug though.

We walked through some of the sections - linen, toiletries and perfumes, garden furniture and many more - and then headed for the food section. It was like a fairyland of food! The goods were exquisite and beautiful. And yes, even if I were to buy one, I'd be too sorry to eat it! We sneaked in some pictures - Mom wouldn't believe it, or the prices!

The kitchen utensils, small appliances, cutlery and crockery were next. My godd! There was anything from Royal Dalton to Noritake and everything in between. There were AEG, Braun, Miele ... the list was endless. I saw the first fridge that cost almost as much as my Auris! Unbelievable!

We passed through the section where there were small bears and medium bears and large bears and enormous bears and tiny bears - even fridge magnets with bears. There was one that just shouted: 'Clive' and I bought it on the spot while the others were admiring the leather goods. The fridge magnet was £4,99. I quickly pocketed the merchandise and joined the other 4. They were looking at leather jackets priced at £3 000! No way! The leather was soft and smelled like leather should. The styles were just too beautiful but sheez! Not at R60 000 [US$5 500] for a jacket!

"Time to go. I'm sad I'm not a rich bitch, but I will not buy anything from this shop. It's a damn rip-off. Come, I'm dying for a drink. Come guys. The Berkley has prepared some sundowners - not that there is any sign of a sun! - and then a buffet to end all buffets if we still have an appetite. Come, it's getting late and it's freezing outside," Clive said and headed for the door through which we entered this world-famous store. The others were there already and were laughing like teenagers at André and Johann's antics. They were such clowns.

We buttoned up, donned our scarves and I fished my beanie from my pocket. The photo shoot and the photos for the 3D engravings were done. My head was cold and: enter beanie! We left Harrods and as we approached the corner of the shop, André said something to Juan and ran over the street towards the Taiwanese shop.

"Where is he going?" Pierre asked.

"I don't know. He just said he had to pick up something. You know my man! Unpredictable! Let's find shelter here next to the building. I'm sure he'd be back soon," Juan said and we huddled in a group in front of the window displays of Harrods.

Just when I thought my brother got lost, he came running over the street with a carry bag in one hand. It was clear it was fairly heavy.

"Here he is! Come, let's go!" Clive said and we tackled the walk up the street to the Berkley. "What is that you delinquent? Some Chinese erotic stuff for tonight ... hmmm?"

"For me to know and for you to find out! So!" André said and sought up Juan's arm to warm him. He put his arm around Juan's waist and Juan had his arm around André's neck. Even though Juan was my first real love, it gave me pleasure that they loved each other, and the fact that Juan couldn't fuck André every day, and still loved him, said a lot.

"Ant, come! Let's go to the jeweler shop quickly. It's just around the corner. Come on guys, you need to see exquisite jewellery! It belongs to a Persian friend who has connections with the deposed Shah of Persia. It's in Raphael Street. Come!" Giovanni said and led the way across the A4.

"What are we doing at a jewellery shop?" André said with some exasperation. "I'm cold, tired and thirsty! Triple irritation!" My brother ...

As we turned the corner, we saw the sign for a jeweller named "The Persian". It was a fairly small shop in comparison to other shops in the area. When we entered, we saw there was a wide selection of golden jewellery, pendants, chains, amulets, bracelets, necklaces, rings and Swiss watches. I was astonished at the selection. When I looked closely, it was clear this jeweller was one hell of a craftsman.

The man behind the counter was in his early forties and was clearly from abroad: pitch-black hair, a face that proved he wasn't of Caucasian western origin. "The Persian". Was this man from Tehran? Iran? Or Persia as it was called during the rule of the Shah?

"Hi Kamran! How are you buddy?" Giovanni said as he walked through the door.

"Giovanni! My man! How are you?" the man said as he came out from behind the counter. They hugged, and kissed each other on the cheek. "What are you doing here? I thought you'd be in Dublin by now!"

"Kamran, I've met the man of my life! Please meet Antonio ... erm ... who is who? Come on guys! Antonio, where are you?" Giovanni said and looked from me to André.

"Here I am," I said and stepped closer.

"Damn! You two look so similar! Come and have a look here. Kamran, I'd like to see some amulets like something nice such as seahorse, a dolphin, something showing scenes of London. Something nice. What do you have?"

"This is him? Really? And there is another one? Wow! Gio, you know how to choose them! I still remember Rob ..." Kamran got in but Giovanni cut him short.

"Yes, yes! That's water under the bridge and long gone. Yes, there are two of them, but this one is the one. It's Antonio. Antonio, please meet my friend from long ago, Kamran Bagheri. His parents are from Tehran when the Shah was still in power. Kamran was born here and learnt his trade from his father. Come have a look at his merchandise, all hand-made from 9ct gold but also 18ct and 22ct. Also platinum and silver. What would you like? Everything is one of a kind. Kamran doesn't make more than one of the same item."

I looked around and saw a huge collection of the most exquisite jewellery, nothing mass manufactured. It must have taken Kamran hours and hours of hard work to have a collection like he had in the shop.

"Pleased to meet you Antonio. Gio, you have good taste. But who are the other guys?" Kamran asked and put his hand out to greet the rest of the guys. He repeated each one's name and gave each one a handshake with his left hand over each hand he shook. He bowed slightly in front of everybody. My godd! What a gentlemen.

I looked at him and his pitch-black hair looked spectacular. He was very hairy and the blue beard shone through his skin and gave him a distinguished look. His eyes were chocolate brown with thick eyebrows and long eyelashes. He was very handsome. I looked at his hands and saw there was lots of hair on his knuckles and his hands were big - bigger than our hands. I looked at his feet - HUGE shoes! Wow!

But he was shorter than André and I. I caught a glimpse of his bulge: big! He was proof that sometimes short guys are hung like horses.

"Pleased to meet you all. Welcome to my shop. Please, may I offer you some coffee or bottled water, orange juice, cranberry juice? What would you like? Farah, please come here?"

"Cranberry juice sounds nice, but do you have enough for all of us? Guys, what would you like?" Giovanni asked.

A beautiful woman came into the shop from behind a dark ruby red curtain. She was breathtakingly attractive and had long black hair and her skin looked like porcelain.

"Gentlemen, this is my wife Farah. She'll bring you whatever you like. We have a small kitchenette in the back. What would it be? Gio, come have a look at the new amulets I've finished recently. I've used real preserved examples for some of the amulets, such as this one," Kamran said and showed us a little seahorse. My godd! It was spectacular and detailed to the last bit! It was only 1cm long. I fell in love with it immediately.

"This one please!" I gushed.

"No, how about first looking at the others? What about the others? Look, here is a bunch of grapes with a diamond in one of the berries. You're a wine farmer. Here is a wine vat and there is a wine glass. Are you sure about the seahorse? It's so small!" Giovanni said.

I looked at the others and although they were all very nice, I still liked the seahorse best of all. "How much is the seahorse?"

Just then Farah came back with the juice and water for all of us. We thanked her and just like Kamran, she bowed slightly. These people were highly sophisticated and well-mannered.

"The price is none of your concern, Ant! Kamran and I will talk about the money matters. So, it's the seahorse then?"

"May I please see the other pendants? André, which one do you like?" Juan said as he stepped closer. Ahh! My brother will also get a pendant!

"I actually like the wine glass. Very apt, I'd say. What do you think baby bro? Ogre, are you going to buy me an amulet? Really? Wow! Come here you ugly thing!" André said and flung his arms around Juan's neck.

"Yes, delinquent! If you want it ... you do?"

"Yes, please! Thanks you sexy thing!" André said and kissed Juan.

"Gentlemen, if the rest of you want anything, just ask. Farah will gladly help you. Look around and being Christmas, and you being Gio's friends, you'll get a big discount. Don't look at the prices attached to the merchandise. Farah and I know the cost of every item - we have a secret code - and you'll get it at cost plus 10%. Please look around," Kamran said. His voice was like deep dark velvet: an absolutely beautiful baritone voice.

Johann and Gunther were interested in some bracelets, Herman and Johan looked at watches and Morné joined them.

"Mio caro, is there something else you're interested in? I have something waiting for you in Firenze if you're prepared to wait?" Luigi said and hugged me.

"Gio, I'm confused. How does this all fit in? I thought you said Antonio was the love of YOUR life?" Kamran asked.

"Oh, it's complicated my friend. Just ... accept it. Someday I'll explain. I'll email you something sometime. For now, Antonio will be spoiled by most of the guys here today ... long story. The seahorse then Ant?" Giovanni changed the subject.

"Oh, OK then. Antonio, do you like the seahorse? A good choice. I modelled in on a real seahorse preserved by a friend who studies marine biology. But, please you need to know he didn't kill the seahorse. He found it dead in the sea in Malaysia. A casualty of pollution. Gio, credit card?" Kamran asked.

"Yes please. Thanks my man! Still the most attractive *bi friend I have! Fuck! I wish Ant could've experienced you ...!*" Giovanni said and whispered the last part of his sentence. My godd! Kamran was bisexual? Wow! I looked at him with new eyes.

"*So would I! I'd love to, but it seems like he is surrounded by ...!* Kamran said and looked straight into my eyes. Fuck! He was sexy! Kamran casually brushed his hand over his impressive bulge. Oh dear godd! Another one! And this one was a Persian! And of royal descent! His face was exquisite and his thick eyebrows were sexy as fuck. His full mouth and perfect white teeth begged to be kissed. I looked at his crotch again and saw it had filled out nicely. The man was hung, short stature or not! He lightly grasped his big bulge with his big beautiful hand.

"*He's everything you love about a man! It's as big as mine, just thicker, being a royal boy from Persia, he's uncut, it's thick and if you thought I come a lot ... think again!*" Giovanni whispered while Kamran's head was close to ours, while we were looking at the seahorse.

"*Shhh! Farah can't know anything about this! But yes, I'd love to meet Antonio and you for some fun! I hope he could handle both of us? Have you managed to do a double in the meantime?*" Kamran whispered.

"*Yes, I did with him and some of the others here. I'm sure he'd be able to handle us both. Come visit us at the Berkley tomorrow night. I'll SMS you the detail. What about Farah?*" Gio whispered.

"*Her two sisters and three cousins are in London and they want to have a women thing tomorrow night. I'm supposed to look after the children, but my mother could look after them for 2 hours. I'd love to come visit you ... shhh!* So then, happy with your choice, Antonio?" Kamran said taking the seahorse from me to put it in a little black box he took from a drawer.

"Yes, I'm happy thanks. And *I'd love to meet you tomorrow night! I've always wondered about shorter guys!* I whispered. "May I please have it put on my gold chain straight away?"

"*It's settled then. I'll see you tomorrow night at the Berkley.* Of course. Please may I have your chain? I hope you like it and have fond memories of London. It would be £25 but for you, only £20, OK Gio?"

I wasn't supposed to know the price, but I was glad Kamran gave it at a good price, still making something out of the deal too.

Juan bought André his golden wineglass amulet, the Threesome bought watches and Gunther and Johann bought bracelets. Kamran was making a killing with the sales, but true to his word, he gave each one a huge discount.

Kamran disappeared into the back and was back in 5 minutes. My new seahorse was snugly next to the pendant with the "L" engraved on it.

"Ant, how about I buy you something in Germany? I have a good premonition we're going to see some special stuff in the Black Forest. OK?" Pierre put in.

"Of course! That sounds very promising! Did your dad give you the shop's credit card?" I joked.

"No, but he did give me a tidy sum to spend. I want to spend some of it on you. It's settled then. You'll get a belated German Christmas present, OK?" Pierre said.

"And just so you know, I have already organised you something special. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow night!" Clive said. "And there are some surprises from Boss Models! They're smitten with you guys!"

Kamran came out from behind the counter while Farah was collecting the empty glasses. André and I helped her. Kamran stood right next to me and put his huge hand on my arm. Fuck! This man was sexy and he smelled so good!

"What perfume are you using?" I asked.

"Hmmm! A keen sense of smell! It's Estee Lauder Intuition I got from a client for my birthday. It's a new fragrance. I'm glad you like it!" Kamran said and smiled at me. Fuck! He was gorgeous!

"It is very nice! Erm ... do you have a bathroom in the shop?" I asked. I needed to pee to get my hard-on under control!

"Yes, let me show you. Excuse me gentlemen. Come Antonio," Kamran said and led the way behind the heavy curtain. In the back there was a workbench, some cases with jewellery in different stages of development, some filing cabinets and a computer. He walked behind yet another curtain and held it back for me to walk into the space in front of the bathroom.

"May I please?" Kamran said and took me in his arms. His full lips were on mine and his huge bulge pushed against me. The kiss was tender, sensual but also urgent. I put my one hand behind his neck and one on his huge bulge. It was insanely big.

He let go of me and quickly unzipped his pants. He hauled his big dark-skinned cock out and when I took it in my hand, it was sopping wet and almost completely hard. I squeezed it and it responded, but it was still rubbery. Ahhh! Another one like Johann's cock! I'd love to feel it with Giovanni's cock in me!

"A quick suck to remove the precum please?"

I sank to my knee and took the thick dark cock with its big head in my mouth. He smelled divine and his cock tasted wonderful. I opened my throat, but failed miserably to deepthroat him. It was too thick.

"I have to get back but tomorrow we'll hopefully take off where we stop this afternoon. I'd just love to make love to you!" Kamran said and pulled his big cock from my mouth. I looked at it and being so thick, it looked bigger than Giovanni's cock. He wrestled it back into his pants and zipped up.

"Same here! But I really have to pee, so I'll see you back in the front," I said and watched Kamran disappear behind the curtain. Fuck! I had to pee but I was rock-hard! It was going to be a battle!

I unzipped and pushed my pants down. I sat on the commode and waited for nature to take its course. My cock softened a bit and the urine started to flow.

"You OK in there baby bro?" André was at the door.

"Yes, come in," I said.

"Fuck baby bro, another one? But this time I have to concur: this man is insanely sexy! And it seems like one hell of a cock in his pants. Is he coming to the Berkley tomorrow night?" André was no fool.

"Yes, it's huge and yes, he's coming to the Berkley tomorrow night. Sheez! Why do you have to be so damn clever?" I said as the last of my urine flowed into the bowl.

"You forget: I'm not just a pretty face! I'm your brother, remember?" André said as he unzipped and hauled his semi-hard cock out. He held it in front of my face and of course I took it into my mouth. Fuck! I was only human!

"Ahhh! Oh fuck baby bro! It doesn't matter how many times that ogre fucks me or how often someone else sucks me, you'll always be the best! Oh fuck! But stop it please! I also need to pee!" André said and pulled his almost hard cock from my mouth.

I got up and put my semi-hard cock in my pants and zipped up. While I washed my hands, I heard André groaning with pleasure as the urine flowed from his cock. I waited for him to finish and after he washed his hands, we walked back into the shop. The rest of the guys were listening to Kamran telling them about what life was like during the reign of the Shah in Persia. His dad told them many stories and Kamran belonged to a movement that wanted one day to get the Shah's son back on the peacock throne.

"Boys, we have to go. We're having cocktails at the hotel and I need to clear a few things with my dad and with Gareth. Thanks for the juice Farah! Thanks for your exquisite hospitality, Kamran! I'm bringing my dad here soon! Take care! Come guys!" Clive said and shook hands with Kamran and Farah.

We all said goodbye and when I took Kamran's warm hand in mine, his left hand covered my hand and I realised just how big his hands were. Godd! And what a cock! Short guys? Never underestimate them!

We left the shop and when we were outside, I realised again what a bitch the English winter could be. It was cold as fuck and my nose felt it would fall off! I pulled my collar and my scarf up so only my eyes were exposed below my beanie. We looked like a bunch of people visiting the North Pole.

André looked back at me ensconced between Giovanni and Clive (they got their way!), he gave me a thumbs up. I just nodded. He couldn't even see my mouth behind my scarf!


When we entered the hotel foyer, it was like walking into an oven, it was that hot in comparison to the outside. We took off our scarves and opened our jackets.

We went into the lounge and huddled in front of the gas fireplace and rubbed our hands to warm up our poor fingers. Giovanni and Clive were on either side of me and I noticed again what exquisite hands these two men had. They were just beautiful and so well manicured and clean and hairy and ... they were perfect. A pair of hands appeared around my chest over my arms and hugged me: Luigi. I looked at his hands - also perfection! Like a doctor's hands should look like. Pierre moved in between Clive and me and rubbed his hands in front of the gas flames. Our squash champion had perfectly beautiful big hands.

Clive moved to the centre of the room and clapped his hands. "Gentlemen and boys! We'll not go into the details as to who's who ...?"

"Yeah yeah yeah! Just because you're a walking metre stick, don't think you may call us 'boys'! Sheez man! I also have feelings! And a soft inner side! Sob! I'm calling my Dad!" André put in and Juan, Pierre and Johann ruffled his hair. "Stop it! You're hurting me! My feelings are shattered!"

We roared with laughter. My brother was a clown - full stop!

"As I was saying ... Gentlemen and gentlemen ... Satisfied you delinquent?" Roar of laughter. "We're having cocktails here at the hotel. The chef that is on duty tonight is a cordon bleu chef from Paris. He is here to teach 24 apprentice chefs and we're their guinea pigs, so to say. Something like Master Chef. He gave me a tentative menu. Some items are non-negotiables but a few could be changed if you wanted to do that. My suggestion is: leave it as it is. See it as a culinary experience, something new, something of an adventure. If you're not fully satisfied with something, just send it back and order something else. There is a vast array of dishes, even venison! Want to call your Dad to confer? Hmmm André?" Roar of laughter.

"Listen you sexy Pommie horse-hung hunk! Just because you can ... get it on with my brother ... doesn't give you the right to talk to me like that! I told you: I also have feelings! Sob! My Dad will sort you out! Just you wait! Just wait and see! You'll be sorry matey!" Andre ranted on. We roared with laughter.

"OK guys, it's just before 5. There is coffee and some Glühwein for Gunther and the ones of you who would like to try it. And an array of cocktails to choose from. Dinner was cancelled when we heard about the culinary skills of the chef and his team. The cocktails will be fine baked delicacies made by the student chefs. They said it would be here by 5 o'clock. Ahh! And here they are!"

The young chefs, with white chef hats and all, white chef's jackets and black pants walked in with trays of the most beautiful hand-made and delicately baked goods. Almost as beautiful as the stuff we saw at Harrods! There were delicate biscuits iced too beautifully, macaroons in all the colours of the rainbow and then some, petit fours, éclairs, canapés, small pastries - what a selection!

The savoury thingies were delightful: petite meat pies, small pizza snacks, cocktail sausages, dates wrapped in ham and bacon, savoury tartlets, cheeses, salty biscuits, some fruit and of course a huge selection of wine.

Then they wheeled in the barista machine. I was dying for a nice cup of coffee after the wonderful coffee we had at Café Klea. John's coffee was also good. I was cold and I wanted some coffee to warm up my insides.

We helped ourselves and couldn't believe students made the stuff on the trays! It looked so good!

We chatted with the guys and we discussed the day. We all enjoyed the museums, the shoot in Hyde Park and the visit to Harrods.

"*Where is our parcel, bro?*" I asked André.

"*Right over there. I think I need to take it to our room before the others start looking,*" André said.

"Did you behave in Harrods today? Did you buy anything?" Luigi asked and gave me a hug.

"I did buy someone a small something, just £4,99. You'll see - it was money well-spent!"

"And what's in the parcel André went to fetch? If you bought presents ...!"

"Something special mio caro! Wait! You'll see!" I said and kissed the beautiful man.

"You're incorrigible mio caro! I told you not to buy anything! How will it look if I end up empty-handed?"

"Your love and what you give me in person is enough. Plus, you've given me so much already! I only want your love!"

"But that is there already, just for the taking! And the other 3 love you almost as much. I'm still the alpha male and you're still mine. But I'm happy to share you. If you had to choose, what would you have wanted me to buy you?"

"Literally nothing Luigi my love! The promise of leather gloves from Firenze will be more than enough. I have everything in abundance, including you and the other guys, and Dad, and Mom! If you did want to get me something for Friday, let it be small. It's the thought that counts. Thanks mio caro!"

There was a big black guy manning the barista machine. The sexy black giant of a man was brewing the coffee and taking orders. His nametag said Larry. I was sure he was American.

I opted for a plain filter coffee. I couldn't see Larry's bulge behind his apron but his hands were big. The nails were huge and extremely clean. There were black tufts of hair on his knuckles. I was sure he must have been hung like a horse. He had the blackest eyes ever and thick black eyebrows. His hair was very short - he didn't wear a chef's hat. This wasn't really my cup of tea, but when he saw me and André approaching the table, his eyes popped.

"Two of you? Really? I've always wanted to ... erm ... never mind! I'm amazed. You're totally identical! I have never seen twins so identical! Wow!" He looked from one to the other and then he settled his gaze on me. After the shoot earlier in Hyde Park, and looking at André, I knew we looked dashingly handsome.

"Oh, my baby bro is interested! And he wouldn't mind one bit! He loves them big!" André! I was the one calling Dad now!

"Really? You do? Yes, mine IS big! But I have to work so hard and I don't get out too much to use it ..." Larry said and looked at me with a puppy face.

"Yes, he likes them as big as they come! Even two at a time!" André! My godd! How could you? "Want to show us later?"

"I wish I can show you how big it is! It is too big for most. I had a girlfriend in Miami but when she saw it, she ran away. Now I want to try it with boys. I hear boys like it big and now you say the same! I've heard from a gay friend that boys can handle big ones easier than most girls and that guys are ... bottomless, whatever that means. I even bought a douche rubber bulb, but have nobody to use it."

"Is there a private place we could go to in, let's say 45 minutes' time?" André said and I kicked him. "Ow! This is for you, you know!"

'Larry, yes. I like them big but don't pay any attention to what my delinquent brother is saying. How can you get away and I don't even know if you're interested. And I'm engaged. And ..."

"Yes, I have a private room on the first floor and I am most definitely interested! The staff courters are full so they gave me the last room at the end of the back passage, number 113. I can get away at 6 o'clock. OK? You want to see a real big Negro ... one?"

"Erm ... yes, but I don't know ...!"

"Come on baby bro! I'll tell the others a cockamamie story that you and I wanted to take our parcel back to the room and have a talk to Dad in private, and that we wanted to discuss our plans for presents for them, and that we would like to have some privacy ... or something to that effect! Come on! Look at him! Look at his hands! Larry, how big is it?"

"Erm ... it is very big ... it's ... erm ... it is 35cm and thick ... sorry!"

"Sorry? My brother like them big! So, what do you say baby bro? I'd love to see him plug you with that big black dong! Come on! Don't be a wuss now!"

My cock started to twitch in my pants and I thought of having a huge black cock in me ... a secret fantasy I've never divulged to anybody before! Not even to André! I'd kill to experience Larry's huge cock.

"OK, I'm in, but I need to prepare first ..."

"You mean you need to douche? I told you I have a bulb! Is it a date for 6?" Larry was pawing his bulge behind the apron and I started to salivate. Fuck!

"Yes, OK. André?" I said.

"Oh fuck yes! Isn't there a possibility you could get away at half past 5? I'm so revved up now! I want to see that donkey dong in my brother!" André put in and I could see his bulge was noticeably bigger. My own cock was 90% hard and started to leak precum.

"Yes, my one buddy owes me a favour. There he is. Let me call him and then when you see me leave, you follow me, OK?" Larry said.

Larry's friend came over and we heard Larry mention he needed to use the bathroom and get something from his room, and if the friend could stand in for him. The friend agreed and we looked at what the others were doing. If we did this, it had to be a damn quickie: 5 minutes tops.

The other guys were busy enjoying cocktails, delicacies from the trays, coffee, tea. I walked to Luigi and just told him I wanted to go to the toilet and apologised for leaving.

"That's OK mio caro! Hurry back and come sit with me, OK?" he said and kissed me.

I left the lounge and as I was turning the corner, I saw Larry was only leaving the lounge then. "Wait up!"

He caught up with me and put his hand out. "And you are ...?"

"Anton, the bottom. My brother is André! Oh, here he is. This will have to be very quick, OK?"

"I'm rock-hard already! I also don't have too much time. Come, let's use the stairs at the back. It ends up just around the corner from my room," Larry said and led the way.

"Your first chocolate one, hmmm? Excited?" André said.

"Yes, oh fuck! I've been wanting to know what it's like for a very long time!"

"I just hope it's not too big for you!" Larry said and took the stairs three at a time. We followed and reached the door to his room. "Come quickly! Before someone sees you!"

He opened the door and as he closed the door, both André and I put our hands on his crotch. I got a fright! This was even bigger than Jonathan's cock! I was doubting if I would be able to handle it!

André put our parcel right by the door so we didn't forget it. "Baby bro, I think you've met your nemesis! It's fucking huge!"

"Let me get you the bulb. It's here in my drawer ..." Larry said and opened the drawer with his underwear. "Here it is! Make it quick please! I have KY - is that OK?"

"Yes, perfect! Baby bro, move it! I will suck the monster in the meantime! Come Larry!"

"I love blowjobs! Yes!" Larry said and was taking off his apron and unbuttoning his jacket as I moved into the bathroom.

"My godd! Anton! Hurry! You have to see this anaconda! Phew!"

I removed my pants altogether and took a dump and was surprised how quickly one could get rid of it when you were pressed for time. I douched and emptied some more waste. I douched until I was squeaky clean and the water squirting out of me was clean. I douched once more just to be sure.

I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I took off my jacket, my jersey, my shirt and even my thermal vest. When I walked in the room, I gasped.

André was sitting on the edge of the bed and Larry was standing in front of him. The piece of black man-meat sticking out from the man's loins was just incredible! And being black, it looked even bigger. It was humongous!

"He's uncut! And fucking thick! Come baby bro! It's big enough for two of us!"

The cock André had in his hands was immense!

Larry held his arm out and pulled me into an embrace. His pecs were enormous but he was smooth. Perhaps he shaved his body.

"Erm ... may I kiss you?"

"Of course!" I said and kissed the full mouth of the black giant. I put my hand on his lower belly and felt the huge cock in André's hands and mouth brush against my wrist. I put my hand out and gasped in Larry's mouth. It was huge!

I sat down next to André and took the base of the enormous cock in my hand. My thumb and middle finger didn't touch each other - not by a long shot! I put my other hand over it, behind André's one hand: three hands on it and partly in André's mouth. It was huge!

André pulled off the cock and I gasped again! It was a perfect cock. It was straight as an arrow with a perfect head, just like Pierre's cock, but bigger and black. The piss-slit was more to the underside and when André pulled his hand forward, a huge drop of precum dangled from the tip of Larry's cock. Oh! My! Godd!"

I took the immense cock in my mouth and sucked the precum out of it. The huge head filled my mouth and there just wasn't any chance I'd be able to deep-throat this monster, I thought. Just the head filled my mouth to capacity!

I sucked the big cock and jacked it. The huge cock was rock, rock-hard! The huge head was sheathed in a very nice skin that covered the cock almost to the tip when I pulled it forward.

André and I jacked the huge cock a few times and then André said: "This is a lot of fun, but we don't have time. Lube up and bend over baby bro, I'll put some KY on this monster. Larry, the KY please?"

"What about condoms? I have some XL condoms but they're still too tight. I was tested before I left Miami and haven't had sex since I left. I'm clean. You?"

"We got tested a month ago and we're also clean. I prefer it without a rubber. Skin on skin, and the cum in me!" I said.

Larry handed each of us two sachets with KY gel and I ripped both open and put all of it on my hole and pushed two fingers in to lube the insides of my hole too. I saw that André had the immense cock in his hand and jacked it while he was applying the KY.

"Let me wipe my hands and then I'm photographing this. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity baby bro! Larry, let me take a few pictures first please!"

André opened the camera App on his iPhone and clicked away. These were going to be jack-off material in the future!

"We're running out of time! Come on Larry! Push it in! But let me take pictures of your cock on his hole, then the entry, the head in, halfway in and fully in, OK? Seeing that it's your first time and that you're so huge, be careful. Don't hurt my brother. And about 20cm into him, there is another sphincter at the junction between the rectum and the colon. Don't force your cock through there. Easy does it! Come!" André was the man in charge.

Larry lined up his cock on my hole and André clicked the first picture. I was dying to see what the huge black cock on my hole looked like!

I braced myself for the onslaught when Larry started to push in. My godd! It was a big cock! The tip of the head slipped in and André took more pictures.

"First pull out Larry. Anton, clench and hold!"

"What? Why must he clench?

"Believe me, it will make the entry even better and easier. Clench baby bro!"

I clenched and held until I had to let go. Larry felt my hole relaxing and he pushed in again, this time deeper. André clicked away as the huge cockhead slid into me. I groaned. Oh fuck! It was big!

"Out, Larry!"

Larry pulled out again and I clenched again. When my hole relaxed, Larry pushed deeper and the whole huge head slid in.

"Oh my godd! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Push it in! Push it in!" I said and moaned as the pain turned into pleasure. This was going to be a fuck to remember!

"Out, Larry!"

Larry obliged and the enormous cock slipped out again. I clenched a last time and then the huge cock slipped in deeper and when the huge head was in me, Larry held still and made his cock twitch!

"Oh fuck! Yes! Do it again please! Yes! Yes! Oh godd! Yes!" I was on Cloud Nine! Larry twitched his cock again and with that he pushed in deeper. He was a natural! He held still again and twitched his cock. I was in fuck heaven!

"This is better than I thought! White boy, your beautiful ass feels good around my big fat black cock! Yes!" Larry said and pushed in deeper. The huge head rubbed over my prostate and I groaned. Oh fuck! I almost shot my load.

"You're passing his prostate now, so take it easy!"

Larry held still and twitched his cock.

"You'll make me cum! Oh fuck! This is so good! Yes!"

Larry pushed in deeper and then he was at the inner sphincter. He felt the obstruction and pushed in gently. The sphincter gave way and the huge cock popped through.

"Ahhhh! Oh godd! Yes! Fuck me Larry! Fuck me black boy! Oh yes!"

The enormous cock slid in deeper and then the whole thing was in me. I groaned. It felt fantastic! I've had big cocks and doubles and even a few triple penetrations, but this cock ... oh dear lord! I don't know what it was, but it was heaven!

André clicked more pictures and said: "Larry, now you fuck my bro and you cum, OK? You OK Anton?"

"More than OK! It is fantastic!" I gushed and threw my head back. The huge black cock in me pulsated and then he started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. Every time the huge cock rubbed over my prostate I felt a bit of cum leaking from my cock.

"I'm going to suck you baby bro. Don't cum too quickly. Larry, how far are you? I know my baby bro will shoot quickly when I suck him. How far are you?" André was in charge and when I thought of his warm moist mouth over my cockhead, I almost creamed the bed in front of me.

André moved in below me and took my cock in his mouth. Ahhh! My brother was an ace cocksucker!

"I'm ... going ... to ... cum ... soon! Soon! Yeah! Oh hell yeah! Ahhh! Fuck! This is fantastic boy! I've never felt anything like this before!"

"Neither have I! This is one hell of a fuck! Fuck me Larry!"

Larry did just that. He fucked me and all too soon I heard the unmistaken deep breathing of an oncoming orgasm. Larry was about to cum and shot his big white load into me. The huge black cock twitched and scraped over my prostate and filled me to capacity.

"I'm ... going ... to ... cum! OK? I'm going to cum! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Here ... it ... comes! Oh fuck! Oh dear God! Yes! Yes! Yeesss!"

The enormous cock in me started to swell even bigger and then he pushed in deep one last time and held still. He held his breath and when the huge cumload starting to spew into me, he breathed out and then the cock in me went wild. It twitched and pumped its big load into me. I counted 12 spurts. It felt like big spurts.

"Cumming André! I'm cumming too! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Ahhhh!" I shouted and shot my load into André's mouth. It was a big load!

"Hmmmm!" André murmured with my cock in his mouth. He loved my cum and I knew it tasted good.

Larry collapsed on my back and clung to me. "Oh fuck! White boy, you've made my day, my week, my month, my year! This was incredible! I could fuck you again in 10 minutes! I wish we had time!"

"Yes, it was fantastic! It was a fuck to remember! Thanks Larry!"

André let go of my cock and when my rubbery cockhead slipped out of his mouth, he said: "Baby bro! That was one hell of a load Larry fucked out of you! Wow! I have never experience such a big load from you! Wow!"

"I also shot one hell of a load into you Anton! I don't think I've ever shot such a big load. I always shoot big loads, but this was enormous! I've filled you to capacity! What happens now?"

"Now you pull out slowly. Our time is up! Come Larry, pull out slowly. Slowly!" André said as he crawled out from under me. He retrieved his iPhone and clicked again as the enormous cock slipped out of my hole. I wondered if and when I'd be fucked like that again! I wished Larry lived in South Africa!

Larry had his hands on my butt and the huge rubbery cock slipped out until just the head was in me. He pushed back into me and I groaned. He pushed in all the way and twitched his cockhead into the pool of cum he left there.

André was clicking away with his iPhone.

"Don't start something you can't finish! I'd love you to fuck me again, but we're out of time! Oh fuck! What a night with you would be like!"

"Then come sleep with me tonight! We're off duty at 11 pm, then you'll know what it would be like! Please say yes?"

"I wish it were that easy! I'm sleeping with at least 4 guys. How do you think I'd get out without one of them noticing? Even this was extremely risky! No, pull out Larry. Please! Before I beg you to fuck me again!"

I felt the huge cock getting hard again. André's iPhone was clicking away. Oh fuck! I could take another fuck with this man, any day, but our time was up. He fucked me for a few more seconds and then he pulled out. When the head slipped out, André said: "And it is out! Perfect!" He was shooting a video clip! I wondered if he shot vid clips while Larry was fucking me.

The immense load of cum in me was evident. I clenched as I wanted to keep it deep in me for a while longer.

"Come baby bro, we have to go. Just look at my tenting cock in my pants! Come! You're going to suck me off too!" He put out his hand and I took it. My godd! When I turned around and saw the enormous rubbery cock hanging between Larry's legs, I gasped. To think that dong was in me a minute ago, even bigger than that!

"André, take another picture please! Larry, you have one of the best cocks I've ever seen or had!"

I put my clothes on as fast as I could. I looked at my watch: we've been in Larry's room just over 6 minutes. If we rushed, we could get out of this unscathed. 'Unscathed', my ass! My hole took a beating of note!

"Thanks Larry, but we have to go!" André said as he picked up our package and opened the door. I was right behind him.

"Thanks Larry. This was phenomenal! I'd love to experience that cock again, and perhaps try a double with you and my brother!"

"What? You're kidding right? Both of us? Now you've made me curious! Really? Please come to my room tonight! Both of you! Please?"

"We'll see but we can't promise anything. Bye Larry!" I said as we walked into the hallway.

"Please come if you can?" Larry said. I looked back and saw his cock was almost completely hard again.

"Don't jack off now! Save it! Perhaps we could make it and make your decade!" I said and winked. Then we were off. We rounded the corner and took the back stairs to the third floor.

"Baby bro, are you going to suck me off? Please! Otherwise I'd have blue balls! I'm so horned up!" André said as he opened the Photo App on his iPhone. "Oh my godd! Anton! Look at the pictures! They're keepers! Wow!"

He gave me the iPhone and I stopped dead in my tracks between the second and third floors. "Anton! We'll have to keep this a secret. Nobody else can know about this or see these pictures! I'm getting hard again! This guy has one hell of a cock and the fucking was out of this world!"

"Come baby bro! My cock has a number on your big mouth! Come!"

We entered our room and André dropped the parcel right there and unzipped his pants. He hauled his big 24,5cm thick uncut cock out, sopping wet with precum. "Here you are! Please, baby bro!"

I sank to me knees and took his big cockhead in my mouth. Fuck! The precum tasted good. I nibbled the glans with my teeth and slurped at the foreskin. André had his hands on my head and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.

He started fucking my mouth and I opened my throat as wide as I could. On the third stroke, the big head slipped into my throat and André yowled. "Yow! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes baby bro! Suck me! Yes, oh fuck, suck me!"

The big head was deep in my throat and I couldn't breathe. I pulled the head out of my throat and took a deep breath. André pushed back on cue and fucked my mouth.

"I'm about to cum baby bro! In your mouth? Yes?"

"Hmmmm!" I moaned and pulled his body closer to me. I let the head slip back into my mouth cavity and sucked him good.

"Oh fuck yes! Small wonder the guys love you to suck them! You're such a cock slut! Oh fuck! I'm cumming bro! I'm cummiiinnnnggggg! Here it comes!" He said and fucked my mouth with short thrusts. The precum tasted divine and I prepared for the load to be deposited into my mouth.

When the first volley of cum was released, I misjudged the volume and power of the shot. It shot straight into my throat! Wasted! I pulled the cock back a bit and the rest flooded my mouth and bathed my tongue in rich creamy cum.

"Oh fuck baby bro! This was one of the best orgasms ever! That black man really charged us up big time! I wasn't this randy in a long time! Ahhh! Sensitive! Easy now! Ahhh!" André said and started to pull his cock from my mouth.

When the head slipped out, I held the cum on my tongue and estimated it had to be at least 30ml or more. It was a lot and it was creamy. It tasted so good. I started to swallow the load when André bent down on his knee to get his share. I gladly pushed some of the cum into his mouth and we both swallowed it and then kissed each other.

We clung to each other and just kissed like real lovers do. My heart gave a pang. I loved this man a lot, even though he could be a bit much at times. Sex with him was never boring and kissing him was almost as good as with the rest of the 5 Musketeers.

He broke the kiss and looked me in the eye. "You know, you're such a bliksem! You drive us all wild with desire and just look what happened tonight!"

['Bliksem' = slightly derogatory word meaning something like 'deviant', 'crook' or 'character'. Widely used in South Africa.]

"Listen who's talking! Who was the instigator? You, you rubbish! But, I'm glad you did and it was wonderful, and sucking you was the cherry on top! Let's have a quick look at the pictures again and then we have to get back. I'm still lusting after some of that baked delicacies!" I said and took André's iPhone from him while he was wrestling his softening cock back into his pants.

The pictures were phenomenal. The enormous beautiful black cock contrasted with my white butt and the sight of the big shaft penetrating me, was just wonderful. I was getting an erection again!

"You horny again? Small wonder! We've had an experience to remember! Not a word to anyone! Come baby bro! I also feel a little peckish after these extra-mural activities!"

He put our package in his suitcase and we left the room. We went down with the elevator, shoulder to shoulder. I looked at him and smiled. He looked up and asked: "And baby bro? Penny for your thoughts?"

"Nothing! Just that I fucking love you and that I'm thankful you're such a sex pervert to help me make this dream come true. In fact, I think Danny in our class is lusting after us. I wonder exactly how big his black anaconda is!"

"Well, there is only one way to find out ...!" André said and kissed me as the elevator doors whooshed open. An elderly lady waiting for the doors to open, gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Horror of horrors! Two brothers kissing! Big deal! We just smiled at her and walked to the lounge.


"Where have you been? We've missed you! Anything to do with the mystery package?" Pierre said and hugged me. "You smell of sex! You two didn't ...! Did you?"

"Yes, we did! Jealous much you horse-cock man?" André said and gave Pierre a slap on the back.

"And here I was walking around with a semi and you two got it on in the suite! Nee sies man!"

"Nothing 'sis' about my cock or cum! Not as big or as much as yours, but my baby bro always enjoys a roll in the hay with his elder brother! Not so bro?"

"André, behave! Come on! I want some of those petit fours and another coffee." When I looked up, Larry was back at his post! He smiled and winked. I walked to the barista machine and he said: "Another coffee kind sir?"


We continued enjoying the tasty snacks, which were more than enough in place of a light dinner at the hotel before we intended going to the nightclub 'Heaven' in Soho.

I went to get a cappuccino from Larry and as it happened, I was there alone.

"You have made me a very happy black boy tonight! That was amazing! Thank you! Are you OK? I didn't hurt you or anything? Was it as big a load as I think it was? Phew!"

"Larry, the pleasure was all mine! It was sensational and no, I'm fine. I can feel I had you inside me but I'm OK. Yes, it was a huge load. It's still in me. I want to keep it in me for as long as I can. I wish we could have a repeat ..."

"But let's do it! Come sleep with me tonight!"

"We're going out tonight and I have no idea when we'd be back. Perhaps tomorrow night? Let's see. I'd very much like to experience that ... big thing ... wow ... again!"

"I'm getting hard here again! May I please have those pictures your brother took? Could you email it to me? Here is my email address," Larry said and gave me a slip of paper with his email address on it. "Or use my DropBox. The details are there too."

"Yes, OK. I'll ask my brother. He still has to send them to me as well. The pictures are mind-blowing! You'll also jack off when you see them!"

"Anton, you have no idea how much this meant to me! I'm a new person! Thanks! Here is your cappuccino. Enjoy! And what would it be for your kind sir?" Larry gave me the cup of cappuccino with the frothy top and attended to Johan's order.

The cappuccino tasted very good and I held the mug in both hands. The warmth felt so good. I stood to one side and looked at all the men in life. They were a bunch of very good-looking men and most with cocks to die for. Pierre saw me standing alone and came up to me.

"Why are you standing by yourself? Are you OK Ant?"

"I'm fine thanks Pierre! I'm just enjoying looking at all of you. You're such attractive and nice men. I love you so much!"

"And we love you too. Now come! Come join us. Giovanni has received a text from Mario about the job. He can't wait for Giovanni to come work for him. What have you heard from Diego?"

"Oh that's good! I'm sure he'll enjoy working with Mario and Chris. No, I haven't heard from Diego. But remember it's early days. I'm sure just after New Year he'll hear. He did say he found the holding company for Starbucks in South Africa and has contacted them. Perhaps he'll hear soon."

"Oh, OK. Now come! I hate that you are here alone by yourself. And, what's in the mysterious package? Did you and André take it back to the suite?"

"Yes, it's back in the suite, and it's for us to know, and for you to find out!"

"You're so mean! And at the same time you're so sexy! Ant, what would you like for Christmas? My Dad gave me £1 000 spending money and with Boss paying for everything, I haven't used one blue penny. Something small, OK? What do you need?"

"Really, nothing. But when we're in Soho tomorrow, let's see if there is something that catches my eye. But, you loving me *and giving me 'the big one' from time to time*, I'm good. Thanks. Perhaps a nice shirt? Or nice warm socks? We'll see. Boss gave us so much clothes, I really don't need anything. And that day in your dad's shop ... when you and I ... you know ... Mom pulled out all the stops. So, nothing really. If not here in London, there is still Berlin and Firenze and Rome. What I will buy myself is the new Hugo Boss fragrance called The Scent. I believe it's mind-blowing, but expensive. I'm going to use some of my saved money from the graftings and buy it for André and me. We'll see!" I said as we joined the others.

"OK, but I want to buy you a nice present to remember this awesome holiday. Like I've said earlier, perhaps something in Berlin? The Black Forest? Italy? You give me so much love, I have to buy you something," Pierre said.

"No, you don't. I love you for you - not for you buying me presents. I love you very much, more than I ever thought possible. If it weren't for Luigi, I'd have fallen head over heels in love with you. You're an amazing man, Pierre! And *not just what you have in your pants* - that's a bonus - but you as a person. I fucking love you my man!" I said and kissed him.

Pierre took me in his arms and hugged me close to him. "You have no fucking idea how much I love you my beautiful man!"

"And I you, my even bigger and more beautiful man!" I said and put my head on his shoulder. It was a moment to remember. He was such a nice guy.

Giovanni was quick to move in behind me. He pushed his big crotch against my butt. "You look so sexy! I could have you here right here, right now! Did Pierre tell you I had a text from zio Mario. He's very excited to meet me and for me to start working in the restaurant. He said he and Chris - his lover? - are battling and are holding out until I'm there in over 2 weeks' time. I can't wait!"

"I'm glad. You'll enjoy working with Mario. He is one of a kind. And Chris is also a nice guy. Yes, they're lovers of sorts. Chris is not too keen to bottom for Mario's big dong, so he waits until they are with us so he could top me."

"Everybody wants to top you, including me! Mama mia! You're just too much!"

"Mio caro, is the half-bred harassing you? Uomo italiano, conoscere il vostro posto! Comportati! (Italian man, know your place! Behave!). Antonio, vieni a tuo marito! (Antonio, come to your husband!)" Luigi joked and pulled me into his arms. "Ti amo così tanto! (I love you so very much!). Anything else for my love? Galliano? Frangelico? Sì?"

I accepted the offer for the golden yellow nectar - Galliano - and Luigi went to fetch me a liqueur glass with the stuff. He got himself a Cointreau.

By 7 o'clock Clive clapped his hands and we all looked at him. "Gentlemen and gentlemen! I'm not going to make that mistake again, you delinquent! Save your airtime and rather call me and not your Dad!" Lots of laughter. "Gentlemen! We're leaving here at around 10 o'clock. My dad organised the bus for us, as the tube would be closed by the time we leave 'Heaven'. But, to be fair to the driver, the turnaround time is 2 o'clock. He gets paid by the hour and extra, but he's as straight as an arrow, so he won't be joining us in the club. And being the driver, he isn't allowed to drink anything. Therefore, he'll have to sit it out in the bus or go to a restaurant. So, 2 a.m. and the bus will be leaving. I'll send each one a text by 01:45 to gather at the entrance. André, try not to break anything please?" Lots of laughter.

"I'm calling my Dad! This is harassment! I haven't done a thing!"

"Yet!" came the collective response.

"Baby bro, help me here! They're horrible to the manliest of them all! Come on bro!"

"Oh puh-lease! Just shut up! Someone, kiss the delinquent so he could keep quiet! Juan?" Pierre put in.

Everybody was in good spirits.

My iPhone beeped and when I checked, it was a text message from Rafael. It merely said: "Heaven! Tonight! I can't wait!"

Oh fuck! The man hasn't forgotten! The pictures of his cock were unbelievable and I was semi-hard in heartbeat.

"Sure! Around 11 pm"

"I'll text you"

Clive clapped his hands and said: "It's just before 8 o'clock now. Please be in the foyer by a quarter to 10. I'll confirm the time with the driver. Go and see if you can make yourselves respectable for the hunks of Soho and London, André! Anton, give him a hand, will you?"

"I'm really calling my Dad now! Sob! I'm not that ugly - am I baby bro?"

"Just go and have a shower and put on some decent clothes. We're taking you out to a public place!" Pierre said and André grabbed him. It was a lost battle. Pierre was way bigger and stronger. He ended up hugging André tight to him and then he was the one who was kissing André. André fought against it and then he gave in. He put his arms around Pierre's neck and kissed him back.

We cheered them on and when Pierre let André go, he said: "And that's how you keep a delinquent at bay, gentlemen! Juan, take note!" Lots of cheering. André was too stunned to say a word. He just walked over to Juan and put his arm around Juan's waist and his head on his shoulder. André was floored!

"First of all: thanks to my Dad and Boss Models for organising this spread. Thanks to the Berkley and the chefs, including the student chefs. The food and eats were stupendously good! Thanks! Now, shower time and time to titivate. Let's go guys! Make us proud!" Clive said and we all clapped hands.

The student chefs, the cordon bleu chef and his helpers all stood against the wall and bowed when we clapped hands. We shook hands with the French chef and waved at the others. Larry smiled broad and waved at us. I hoped we could meet up with him again ...


By 8 o'clock we were in our own suites and were deciding on our outfits. André came running in half-naked with a few items in his hands.

"Which ones baby bro? We're going identical, right?"

"Yes, of course. Let's go with the black and white. Thermal vests, white shirts we got from Mom, our Boss jackets and black denims. Black jersey. Black boots. Black and grey scarf? No beanie. OK?" I suggested.

"Yes, but I'd love to wear the Boss pants we got on Sunday. They fit like a glove and I want to show off my packet on the dance floor!"

"Retard! What if I do the same? Who do you think will get the most attention? Hmmm?" Pierre said giving André's head a playful swipe. He had only his underpants on and groped himself. "This is way bigger than yours, boikie!" I realised that his huge crotch would definitely attract more attention.

"Damn donkey cock bragger!" André put in and looked at Pierre with pretend hurt in his eyes.

"Yes, OK. Boss pants then. Now go and get ready!"

Pierre turned to me and pulled me into his arms. "You're just so adorable. Your brother is so 'macho' but he still needs your advice! The black denims would be nice though. Never mind. Let's get ready for a night of nights! We're going to paint this old town pink!" He kissed me tenderly and just as it was heating up, Giovanni appeared next to us and put in: "Any of that sexy mouth for me?"

"OK then! Just when I'm having a moment with our boy, you disturb us. Donner!"

['Donner' = 'fuck', although literally it means 'thunder']

"Ahh! My beautiful boy! Come here and let a real Italian stallion show you what a real kiss is like!" Giovanni said and took me into his arms. This tall hairy hunk was different to Pierre, but as handsome. And he kissed me. My godd! What is going on, I thought. The man's soft mouth engulfed mine and the kiss was tender, soft and just a flutter of his tongue on my lips. I opened my mouth and let him in. The big tongue slipped into my mouth and I tasted the coffee he had earlier. He pushed his groin against me and I felt the big cock waking up.

"No, no, no! Not now! Gio! Let go of our boy! We have to get showered and now you're all lovey dovey! Come to the real man in the room!" a naked Clive said and pulled me from Giovanni. The very tall Pommie doctor-to-be was a hunk of note. Then he did the same and hugged me. His huge cock pushed against me and I put my hand on the shaft. "Ant, we can't start this now! I'd love to, but let's get in the shower! Oh fuck! You're too much!"

"And what about the real man in the room? The husband-to-be? The real love of his life? Vieni da me il mio tesoro! Questo è dove il vero amore! (Come to me my darling! This is where the true love is!)" Luigi said and pulled me into his arms. He was naked himself and his impressive cock was big and rubbery. "Feel that? That is yours! Forever and ever!"

"Ahh! Aren't they too sweet? Now, let go of the 'baby bro' and let's get in the shower! Come on! Chop chop!" Pierre said, clapped his hands and gave Luigi a playful slap on the butt.

"Ow! One day you'll need an urologist and then I'll refuse to look at that horse cock of yours! Sheez! Come, let's get in the shower mio caro!"

I opted to let go of Larry's huge load. What a waste! Then I took a dump and douched for good measure. A bottom could never be too prepared. Rafael perhaps?


The shower with the 4 guys was nice, warm and sensual. They all rubbed my body with soapy hands from all sides and my hands roamed over their sculpted hairy bodies, their 6-packs, their big hard cocks ... of course they were all hard! What else? Given half a chance, all 4 of them would've plugged me on the spot!

We dried each other off and hugged and kissed some more. Giovanni was behind me and put his 29cm cock in my crack. He faux fucked me and put his arms around my body. Oh fuck! I wish I could get his cum in me.

But Luigi wouldn't have any of it and broke up the faux fucking. "Come, let's be like gentlemen and get ready."

We took turns in front of the two large mirrors and brushed our hair. I looked at my dark stubble. It was getting a bit unruly. I made a mental note to trim it the next day. I looked at the others and it was the same with them. We all were in dire need of a trimming.

We put on creams and lotions and hair products and cologne ... hmmm. My Tom Ford Noir smelled so good. Giovanni wanted to have some so I gave him my bottle.

We got dressed and I put on the ensemble André and I decided on. I looked at myself in the mirror and was stunned. I looked like a million bucks! The clothes looked as if it were made for me!

"You look beautiful mio caro! You're going to break some hearts tonight! I'm glad you're mine already!" Luigi said and gave me an once-over.

"I agree! He looks fabulous! Just look at the package! It looks like a big one after all!" Pierre said.

"Gentlemen, the club is fairly dark, so our boy will disappear into the shadows, unless he is on the dance floor with us. But yes, he looks good enough to eat!"

"I've known a few good-looking guys but the 4 of you look so handsome! Small wonder Boss is so chuffed with you all ..." Giovanni said.

"Not me! Remember? They want me, but I only agreed because of you guys. The last 2 days were an exception," Clive said and looked at himself in the mirror. "Not too bad for a 21 year old, hey?"

"You're sexy and beautiful! We're glad to have you and we're all looking forward to welcome you into our lives and home next year! Just get your butt over there and ... pronto! That's the word, not so?" Pierre put in.

"It means 'ready'. If you wanted to say 'make it quick', it's 'fare in fretta'" Luigi said. "Yes, I'd love to enjoy a beer on our stoep - veranda for you - with you, you sexy man!"

The banter went on until we were all ready to go. By half past nine we took our jackets and scarves and left. As we entered the passage, some of the others were also there and were making their way to the elevators. André looked like my mirror image and I had to concur he looked dashing. The rest were dressed to the nines! We were bound to make an impression in 'Heaven'!


When we gathered in the foyer, we turned heads left, right and centre! The other guests were literally gawking at us. Luigi, Pieter, Clive and Giovanni looked like a picture from a fashion magazine. André and I also looked spiffy and the fact that there were two of us, made the people literally gawk.

One guy stepped up and asked if he could take a picture of us. We agreed and grouped ourselves. He clicked a few pictures and then took our iPhones to take pictures for us too. I noticed more guests were taking pictures of us. We were a hit, finish en klaar!

"OK, the show's over gentlemen! The bus is here. Jackets, scarves! Let's go!" Clive said and led the way out of the hotel.

It was cold but not as cold as I expected it to be. We bundled into the waiting bus. It was the same guy we had since Monday and he greeted us warmly, despite the hour and the fact that he'd have to wait for us for 4 hours in Soho. He got top-notch pounds for this effort, so he didn't complain.

We sat down and of course I ended up with Luigi on my one side and ... Clive on the other side! He was quickly making sure he got his share of the pie! I didn't mind although Pierre wasn't too happy. He sat right behind me leaning forward with his hands on my shoulders. He lightly massaged my shoulders and kissed my head. He was such a darling.

Giovanni sat next to him and put his right hand on my left shoulder, next to Pierre's hand. The two of them entwined their fingers with Giovanni's hand directly on my shoulder, Pierre's left hand on top of Giovanni's left hand.

I had a hand on Luigi's right thigh and a hand on Clive's left thigh. I was a happy chappy.


The drive was about half an hour, not because it was far, but there were lots of snow on the roads and they were slippery.

We arrived at 'Heaven' in Villiers Street. It was a narrow street so we had to get out of the bus quickly. We waited for the rest to get off. We stood in front of a very inconspicuous building with a staircase coming from Charing Cross station and next to it a sign that stated 'The Arches Shopping'.

"Come gentlemen! It's in the cellars of the building! Heaven is located in several railway arches under the concourse of Charing Cross station. The main access to the venue is through an entrance here in The Arches Shopping to our left, down a short stairway.

"Remember, the bus will come to pick us up at 01:45, OK?" Clive said and led the way down a passage and then down the stairs. We could hear the doom-doom of the music in the distance. Good thing it was in the cellar of the building.

We entered through the non-descript doors of the club and Clive gave the Boss Models card to the patron at the door. We all got a stamp on the wrist with an invisible ink, which glowed white under the black light tubes. We looked at each other and burst out laughing: our skins were dark grey and every white speck in our clothing or on our faces glowed bright white. Our teeth looked too terrible!

We entered the club itself and our breaths were taken away. It was huge!

Afterwards I checked on Safari on my iPhone and found this:

Heaven is a super club in London, England that appeals predominantly (but not exclusively) to the gay market. It is located underneath Charing Cross railway station in Central London, just off Trafalgar Square.

The club is split into several areas, each with a separate sound system

In 1998 the club closed for several months for a refurbishment, which included the purchase of an additional arch and subsequent expansion.

Jeremy Norman opened Heaven in December 1979 in a former, run-down roller-disco called Global Village, which was housed in the arches beneath Charing Cross railway station, once part of Adelphi Arches, a large wine-cellar for the hotel above.

Norman had started an earlier club, The Embassy, in Old Bond Street in 1978. Norman, an entrepreneur, took his knowledge and used it to create an entirely new form of gay club on a larger scale. The Embassy had taken London by storm and is generally seen as the London equivalent of New York's Studio 54. Heaven quickly established itself as the centre of the (then understated) gay London nightlife. Until Heaven, most gay clubs were small hidden cellar-bars or pub discos. Heaven brought gay clubbing into the mainstream and finally got a club to rival New Yorks gay super club at the time, The Saint.

As one of the first gay clubs in London, and one of the first openly-so in the world, Heaven courted controversy, frequently appearing in the tabloid press, especially in the famous News of the World headlines about alleged ecstasy use in the nightclub in 1989.

Heaven became home to the Megatripolis club in October 1993 until October 1996 hosting visits from Allen Ginsberg, Terence McKenna and Ram Dass and DJs including Derrick May and Mr C.

As of the mid 90s Wednesdays hosted a night called Fruit Machine, hosted by Miss Kimberly and her drag queens. Fridays were 'Garage' (music not to be confused with US Garage which came later) with DJs Blu Peter and Mrs Wood taking the decks. Saturday nights - known as 'Heaven is Saturday - Saturday is Heaven' - hosted a wide variety of parties, the theme changing weekly, e.g. a Beach Party, when the venue was flooded with sand and a beach volleyball net erected over the dance floor. Other nights in the summer involved the use of Heaven's "swimming pool" which was revealed from under the stage. Heaven always put on its biggest show at New Year's Eve with big name acts and the resulting queues around the block - some times into the Strand - waiting to see the next stage performance and enjoy the laser show.

The club was refurbished in 1998 and re-opened as a mainstream nightclub to challenge other larger nightclubs in Central London, which had since appeared with the growing popularity of house music. Clubs like Trade and The Fridge had constantly challenged Heaven's long-standing reputation as the only major gay nightclub in London.

Regular events

Heaven remains one of the best-known gay nightclubs in London and one of the largest in terms of floor space in central London. It hosts several large events, corporate events and has been used as a setting for music videos.


Monday is perhaps the busiest night in Heaven's week. The club plays host to a party called Popcorn! - a largely student night which plays pop and funky house music. It is a predominately gay event. The club always features drag queens on Mondays and Thursdays, but not as prominently as in previous years. This has led to Popcorn attracting criticism from the gay community and accusations of Heaven "selling out" and losing its core values as a gay venue.


Thursday plays host to "Porn Idol", a strip competition for men and women previously held at the Astoria, with £100 offered to the winner each week. The competition comprises several rounds, with £1,000 awarded to the season winner. It is preceded and followed by three rooms of pop, and also plays host to a night for gay women called "Gaygirlz."

Media coverage of Porn Idol resulted in Jeremy Joseph being banned from 10 Downing Street by David Cameron's staff, having previously been invited to an event for leading figures in the gay community.


Fridays used to be private hire nights where events like Gatecrasher and Euphoria would make guest appearances. Since being taken over by the G-A-Y brand, Heaven hosts "Camp Attack", which was the event held at the former home of G-A-Y, the Astoria theatre.


Saturday night events tend to feature a performance, which over the years have included new start-ups such as Neon Jungle but also well-known acts such as Kylie Minogue and One Direction.

Too bad we were there on a Wednesday and not a Thursday! But we had a huge party with Boss the next evening. The Porn Idol would just have to wait for the next time we were in London.

"Guys, I'm opening a tab of £100 under the name Clive - any surprise? Please order drinks using this bar only and keep it limited. It's my Christmas present to you but I can't afford too big a tab, OK? Enjoy!" Clive said and made the necessary arrangements with the bar. The bartender registered the tab and gave Clive a thumbs-up. "Let fly boys!"

We got drinks and checked out the talent, the lights, the dance floors, the talent, the djs, the bars, the talent, the men ... did I mention the talent? Wow! This was my first time in a gay club and I was mesmerised. This was incredible.

The music changed smoothly from one song to the next, and One Direction's One Way Or Another played. André pulled me to the dance floor and we started to dance. We moved, we touched, we danced closely to each other, we held hands - we did it all. The people around us were stunned at the sight of two beautiful sexy twins dancing. Some were hooting and some were cheering. André would hug me closer and kiss me just for show.

When the music changed to an Avicii song (Hey Brother), Luigi pushed in and told André bluntly to go find Juan or someone else.

Luigi took me in his arms and kissed me. "Ti amo molto (I love you very much)!" He hugged me close to him and we moved to the rhythm of the nice tune. I could feel his big bulge pushing against me and I started to get hard. My fuck! I was in public and I was lusting after my man! "Hmmm! I can feel you still love me! Me too!" he said and pushed his growing bulge against me. "Tonight I want to make love to you like never before!"

"Sì mio caro! Qualsiasi momento! (Yes my darling! Any time!)" I said and hugged my man to me.

The music changed to Enrique Iglesias's Spanish version of Bailando and Luigi smoothly changed over into a slightly faster rhythm. I remember reading the name of the song actually meant "dance" in Spanish. Very appropriate! We shimmied and danced and twirled and hugged and danced holding hands. It was wonderful and I loved him even more right on the spot.

When the next song smoothed in, Pierre was there to claim his stake. "Come on Ita! You're taking way too much time! Please ... I want him now!" The dj announced it was a Greek song by Kostas Martakis called Gi' Afto Hirokrotiste Tin. He battled to pronounce the title and added a Greek visitor requested it.

Pierre and I glided over the floor, hugged, kissed and just swayed on the beat of the music. I was so happy. All my lovers there to keep me happy.

The music changed to Maroon 5's One More Night. Giovanni stepped up and tapped Pierre on the shoulder. "My turn you horse-hung hunk! Move!" He didn't wait for Pierre to let go - he merely pushed the tall man aside and took me in his arms. The half-bred was looking so nice and smelled so nice. He was fast becoming a favourite - not just with me but with everybody else. The 'stray cat' I 'picked up' on the underground was really a nice man, apart from being devastatingly attractive. His stubble felt great on my skin. He pushed his growing bulge against mine and he moaned in my ear. "Mio caro, you're the biggest Christmas gift ever! I've sent a picture to my parents and they approve! They don't know the full details, but they like what they see. I love you so very much!"

"I love you too! You're one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen and being with you makes me happy. If that's love, then yes: I'm in love with you. You're the best lucky packet I've ever come across. What's that I feel in your pants, hmm? Something I may have? Please?" I said and pushed my own growing bulge against Giovanni.

"It's yours for the taking. Just speak the word! Hmmm!"

Next up was Olly Murs with Dance With Me Tonight. It had a nice beat and next thing I knew, Gunther claimed me. "Move it half-bred! He's mine now! Move!"

The tall blonde man took me in his arms and kissed me while we swayed to the beat of the music. "Ich liebe dich so viel, mein Schatz (I love you so much, my darling)! And yes, I want to dance with you tonight!" He pulled me close to him and his full 29,5cm German cock pushed against my tummy. "Feel that? It can't wait to be inside you again!"

"I love you too Gunther! You know that! You're one of most wonderful guys I've ever had the privilege of meeting. You're just a beautiful hairy hung hunk! Thank you for loving me. You always make me feel so special," I said and kissed him.

The music was over too soon. John Martin's Anywhere For You smoothed in and Johann claimed his place in front of me. "Come on Jerry! Let me have a chance with our boy! Come here Anton!" Johann took me in his arms and we danced like old lovers: dancing in step with the music, twirling and just swaying. This hairy moustached man wasn't just a photographer of note - he was a fantastic human being and a wonderful lover. I could never forsake him for anybody. Luigi is my husband-to-be, but this man was a firm favourite and I loved him very much. His big bulge that never gets rock-hard, pushed against me and he said in my ear: "Tonight I want to give you a 'Johann Special' - up for it?"

"Of course! I could never get enough of sex with you! Since the first time, it's been very special. Feel my hard-on against you!" I said and kissed him. He kissed me with abandon: mouth opened big, tongue deep in my mouth and his hands behind my head.

"Oh godd! I fucking love you so much! I never want this to end - ever!"

When the music died down, the next song smoothed in but I was thirsty. I took Johann by the hand and led him back to the bar counter. "I'd like a soda and lime please?" Johann got a Heineken Light and we joined the others not dancing. André and Juan were dancing like pros. Hip-hop, swaying, hugging, stepping in, stepping out, twirls. My godd! I didn't know the two of them were such adept dancers! It was a new side to my brother I didn't know!

Most of us were drinking and dancing on and off. At one stage when most got on the floor when a Madonna song from the nineties came up, I opted out and went to sit at the bar. I was the only one of the group sitting out for the song.

I sat and watched the guys and occasionally the tallest of them - Pierre, Luigi, Giovanni and Clive - waved at me. I nursed my beer and looked at all the guys in the club. Here and there I saw a few lesbian couples. Everybody save for a few were dressed very smartly and looked like they were having a good time.

After a while, I needed to go to the toilet. Just then my iPhone beeped: a text from Rafael. "Toilet urinals. Level 1. Now!"

I got up and walked into the busy passage that led to the toilets. There were many guys there and I had to squeeze my way past them.

Guys were queuing for stalls. Some kissing, hands all over each other. Down the passage some guys were sucking each other.

A urinal became vacant and as I stood in front of the porcelain bowl, the guy next to me was just finishing and zipped up. Then a dark-haired very tall man came to stand next to me. His skin was darkly tanned. All other 10 urinals were occupied. I didn't dare look at the guy.

Out the corner of my eye I could see some guys on my other side had their pants unzipped and were openly flaunting their cocks. Some cocks were hard and some were even as big as mine.

I had my cock in my hand, waiting for the urine to start flowing. I gave the guy next to me a quick once-over without staring too obviously.

"Antonio? Is it you?" the man next to me asked. I looked up and saw it was Rafael from the underground! I looked at him: he really was well over 2m tall. His pitch-black curly hair, just slightly longer than the norm was beautiful and his 5-day stubble looked snazzy!

His darkly tanned olive skin was breathtakingly beautiful.

"Yes, it's me! Rafael! I didn't think I'd see you again! What a nice surprise!"

He unzipped and took his cock out, but I didn't look ... not yet.

He was dressed all in whites, beiges and brown. He wore a spectacular black watch. I thought it could've been a Rado.

I looked down: his boots really were huge!

I looked at his hand and arm sticking out his white long-sleeve shirt. The sleeve was folded up two cuff widths. It was hairy: pitch-black hair on his hand and on his wrist.

I looked higher: black hair was billowing out from the top of his shirt.

I couldn't see his eyes but he had the most kissable full lips. His nose was long and aristocratic. My godd!

I looked down at the cock in his hands. I gasped. It really was that big and spectacular. The guy on his other side exclaimed: "Jesus! Is that thing for real?"

I looked at it. It was long, thick, veiny and dark in colour. He pulled the skin back and revealed a huge head. With his left hand he pushed his fly down, and hauled his enormous balls out.

He had his whole right hand - all four fingers - around the shaft like he was holding onto the rails of a staircase: more than half of the cock stuck out, still soft.

He started to piss. It was a thick stream that crashed against the white porcelain.

My own urine was flowing too but I felt an imminent hard-on coming on. My cock was responding to the presence of the man next to me!

I managed to finish urinating when Rafael finished too. He shook it, stroked it to get the last of the urine out and he started to get hard. His cock started to grow!

I looked up and saw he was watching me. He was looking right at me and smiled shyly.

"Hi" he said softly. He smiled at me when I looked up from looking at his enormous cock.

"Erm ... Hi again" I said.

"You're very pale. You really are South African?"

"Yes, really."

"Ahhh! Nice! And very nice cock too!"

"Thanks! Yours is ... enormous! Brazil you said?"

"Brazil, Buenos Aires."

"Ahh! Very nice! You're Portuguese?"

"No, I only speak Portuguese. I'm Brazilian."

"Oh sorry," I said.

I looked down and saw his cock was semi-hard, the dark purple head very big.

"Let's get out of here before I'm completely hard!" Rafael said and wrestled his huge cock back into his pants. He was going commando.

I zipped up too and turned away from the urinals. Rafael took me by the arm and steered me towards a part that wasn't so crowded.

"You're very sexy!" I said. I looked at the man in front of me. He was tall, dark and fucking handsome. I took his hand in mine and looked at it. Fuck! It was even more beautiful than I remembered from the Underground. And hairy! The 5-day stubble was stupendous.

"Thanks. You're very handsome too!" Rafael said and trailed his enormous index finger over my lips onto the cleft in my chin.

"Ribeiro. That's French, no?"

"Many generations ago, yes! Clever man! I'm a CA, but right now I'm on a sabbatical for a year, pursuing my modelling career as well as singing. I'm here for both."

"I'm just a student."

"A very sexy student, also with a hard-on! Very nice!"

"Thanks, but I'm not even close to being in your league - you're sensational!"

"Thanks for the compliments!" He pushed against me and I felt his huge semi-hard cock in his pants. "Just feel what you're doing to me! I want to ... erm ... I want you to suck me please! Please?"

"I'm engaged and we're here in a group."

"Oh OK. But I'm so randy. I haven't cum since Friday. My boyfriend died in an accident in October. I haven't had sex in more than 2 months. None of the boys who threw them at me was anything like you!"

"I can't believe a sexy man like you is alone ..."

"I don't mix with riff raff and I like what I see here."

"Same here, but I'm engaged ..."

"I'm not trying to steal you away, not here, not ... Please come with me and suck me?"

"Here? Right now?"

"No, just come with me, please?"

"What? Erm ... I'm ... I ..."

"Just please come with me? Please?"

"I don't know ..."

"I'm very randy and will cum quickly."

"I ... I don't know ..."

Rafael put his huge hand on my crotch and squeezed.

"Your cock says you like what you're seeing. Please Antonio?"

"Yes, my cock has no manners ..."

"That's how I like them! Please come with me? Please?"

"Oh fuck! You're sensational but ..."

"We're wasting time. Please come with me? Please?"

I looked into his face. It was exquisite and sexy: beautiful dark brown eyes with impossibly long eyelashes, wide eyebrows.

He took my hand and put it on his huge bulge in his pants. It was enormous.

"Please come with me? Please?"

"Rafael, you're playing dirty!"


He put his hand out and I took it. It was big and soft and warm. He led me out of the toilets towards a darker area of the club. We entered into a dark passage - I heard many people smooching, sucking and groaning.

I wanted to bolt!

Rafael sensed it and stopped, pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I felt his huge bulge against me. He smelled like a million bucks!

One of the most sensual mouths ever - better even than Diego's. His big tongue entered my mouth and I tasted beer masked by peppermint chewing gum. The piece of gum ended up in my mouth!

"Antonio, please? There is a place at the back that will be quiet and deserted. Please?"

"Rafael, I don't know ... I've never done this ..."

"I've done this only once before but I really need this, please beautiful boy?"

"It will have to be quick! Oh fuck!"

"Yes! Thanks! Please come with me?"

He kissed me again pushing his huge bulge into my tummy. He opened his mouth and sucked my tongue into his mouth. The piece of gum went back into his mouth!

I put my hand on the huge bulge and he groaned into my mouth.

"Ahhh! Yes! Do you like it?"

"It's enormous! How big is it?"

"Don't run away but it's 34cm when hard ..."

"And insanely thick!"

"Yes, my late boyfriend loved it and I miss it. Please come?"

He pulled me with him deeper into the dark passage with only a few feint LED floor lights above the floor skirting.

I followed Rafael and looked at his shoes - they really were huge!

He led me around a bend into a darker corner where I saw only two pairs of feet facing each other.

"Here we are," he said and kissed me again while he was unbuckling his pants. "Feel it ..."

I put my hand on his bulge and gasped. It was thicker than John's cock or Gerhard or Jonathan - it was huge and sopping wet. It reminded me of Larry's cock earlier that afternoon.

He pushed his pants down and the immense cock sprang out, trailing some precum over my hand.

"Ahhh! Fantastic! Lower your pants too please?"

I unbuckled and dropped my pants. Rafael put his right hand around my hip and pushed it into my underpants. His middle finger pushed down my crack. I instinctively pushed my butt out, effectively opening up for his finger, proving to him I was a bottom.

"Ahhh! Fuck! Please suck me! Please?"

I sank to my knees and took the huge cock in my right hand, my left hand holding the huge balls. He pushed forward. The immense cock curved downwards.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He smelled manly and there were traces of his expensive perfume.

I tasted his precum. I opened my mouth. The big head slipped into my mouth but it was too big: only the head fit in my mouth cavity. I pulled the skin back and tasted the most divine cock head and its aroma.

His hands were on my head and he growled.

"Yes! Oh fuck yes!"

I sucked the huge cock head as best I could and tasted the precum again. It was a lot. He tried to fuck my mouth but failed miserably. The cock was too big.

He pulled me up, off his cock.

"What's the biggest cock you've ever had? Doubles?"

"Almost as big as yours and doubles too."

"Ok fuck yes! Great! Then please let me fuck you!"

I thought of me taking a dump and douching before we left the hotel. I was ready, but for such a huge cock? I thought of Larry fucking me earlier. This cock was in the same league, but here?

"I don't know! I don't have a condom or lube ..."

"I was tested last week: I'm squeaky clean. My cock is far too big for rubbers and I hate them in any case. Please? I have sachets of KY gel. Please?"

"Ok fuck, your cock is very big! You'll tear me apart!"

"I'll be gentle and will not hurt you! I promise! It's not as big as two cocks together."

"Yes, let him fuck you!" a voice said from the dark.

"Yes, please?" Rafael pleaded.

"Just be careful and be quick! Oh fuck!"

Rafael kissed me again. His gum ended in my mouth again!

"Please turn around? Please?"

I put my hand around the enormous cock and wondered if I'd be able to handle it.

I heard him fumbling in his pocket and then I felt the tepid KY gel (warmed by his body) on my hole. He rubbed it into my hole and pushed his huge middle finger into me. I groaned. He had his left hand on my back. He pushed his index finger in as well. I groaned and lifted my head. He held me down with his left hand.

"You OK? May I push in please?"

"Yes but be careful and take it slowly. Push in a bit, pull out and push in. I have to get used to it. Ahhh!"

I felt Rafael moving closer and I braced myself: this was going to be unbelievably painful, I thought. I clenched my hole and held it until I automatically had to relax.

The huge head rested on my hole and he pushed forward lightly. I pushed out and back. I felt the enormous head sliding in.

He pulled out completely and pushed back into me, slightly deeper.

"Yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck him!" a voice said.

I pushed back. Rafael pulled out again. The enormous head entered me again, but it went in deeper. I groaned and pushed out. Oh my godd! It was enormous!

He pulled out again and pushed back into me. I waited for the flange of the glans to pop in and clenched.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck yes!" he groaned. The head plopped in and I gasped. Oh fuck!

"Have you ever seen anything like this?" another voice said in the dark.

"You can stay and watch but don't come closer!" Rafael said to the onlookers and pushed deeper into me.

The huge head scraped over my prostate and I felt some cum being pushed out of me. I felt like cumming on the spot. I clenched around the big shaft in me.

Rafael pulled back a bit and grazed over my prostrate again. I could cum right there and then!

His hands were stroking my back and butt.

"Are you OK?"

"Oh fuck! It's big but I'm managing! Just ... Slowly!"

"I have no intention of hurting you!"

The huge cock was at my inner sphincter and he stopped. He made his cock swell and waited for the sphincter to relax. He pushed in deeper.

"Ahhh! This is awesome! How much more?"

"Almost ⅔ in. I'm almost there."

I clenched my hole and the huge cock twitched. It stretched my hole big time!

"Ahhh! Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! Push deep into me!"

I saw at least 4 couples in the dark watching us. Both guys of one couple were facing us and it was clear the guy behind the other was pushing into his mate. The front guy moaned: "Oh fuck! You're killing me Paul! Oh fuck! Your cock is as hard as a rock!

Rafael pushed in deeper and continued until his huge balls rested on my butt. My godd!

"Ahhh! This ... is ... incredible! Oh fuck!"

"Yes, it feels spectacular but we don't have time. Fuck and cum please!"

"Yes, I'm going to. You still OK?"

"Yes but we have to hurry!"

"I'm going to come quickly ... and I'm going to fill you up good!"

Rafael started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. His cock twitched and I groaned. I was getting fucked good and it felt fantastic. I wondered what it would've been under different circumstances. An idea formed in my head ...

"I'm going to cum, OK?"

"Yes, please cum!"

Rafael picked up speed and the huge cock fucked me into another state of mind. It was a blissful euphoria and the cock in me felt wonderful. Slut!

"I'm cumming! Oh dear godd! I'm cumming! Yes! Yess! Oh fuck yess!"

Rafael pushed his huge cock deep into me end started to growl. I felt the cock in me swelling to huge proportions and it started to twitch. It was shooting its load into me. I counted unintentionally and when I reached 13, I exclaimed: "How much more?"

"Ahhh! Twen-ty thre-ee! Oh ... fuck ... yes!"

I could feel this man was pumping a monumental load into me! Oh fuck! Just as well I let go of Larry's huge load before we left the hotel.

Rafael pushed deep into me and held still. His breathing was fast and he was still groaning. His body trembled. His huge cock was still twitching. I felt his balls were pulled up high under the huge shaft. His hands were caressing my back and he reached for my shoulders.

He moved his feet further apart. He pulled me upright and put his hands around my chest. He put his right cheek against the back of my head and kissed me on my head.

His body was still shuddering and he groaned.

"This ... will ... go ... down ... as ... one ... for the record books ...! Oh fuck," he groaned in meted phrases and sighed. "This was fantastic! Thanks! I owe you one! Do you want me to jack you off?"

"Yes, it was great but ... rather not. I ... It would be awkward later. Rather not, OK?"

"OK. I want to see you again!"

"I don't know ..."

"Please Antonio? I have to see you again please? I'm flying to Rome next weekend ..."

"Please pull out. Don't worry, I've douched an hour and a half ago. I'm sure I'm clean. Just to make sure, I'll suck you clean."

"You're an angel sent from heaven!"

Rafael pulled out slowly and the feeling of emptiness started to settle in. Oh fuck! This was better than I thought it would be!

I turned around and sank to my knees. I sucked the huge cock and yes, apart from the KY and cum, it was clean. He pulled me up and kissed me, hugging me tight.

"Let's get dressed and let me buy you a drink!"

"Thanks. Let's get going. I'm late already."

We dressed and the little audience clapped hands and cheered. "This was the best I've seen! Better than any porn!"

We pushed through the throng of men. Many hands touched us all over. We walked back to the dance floor and bar.

"I have to see you again! Please!" Rafael said as we rounded the last corner.

"It's complicated. I'm engaged and we're a group of around 12 people ... in an open relationship. We're here till Sunday and then on to Germany and Italy."

Rafael pulled me closer and said: "I don't care! If you're in an open relationship, then we're home free!"

"Not so fast! Listen, I have a plan. I'm going to stand at the bar to buy a Coke. Give me 5 minutes and wait until you see me with my twin brother ..."

"What? There are TWO of you? Really?!"

"Yes, but my brother isn't really a bottom. Wait till you see him with me and then approach us. We'll take it from there. I'd love to see your cock in daytime and experience it again! Yes!"

"I knew it! Yes! Yes I want to see you please!"

"You could come visit us tomorrow night. We're in the Berkley in Knightsbridge."

"I'm in a hotel facing Hyde Park. I could easily come to you ..."

"Watch it! Don't walk any further with me. Look out for my brother ..."

I turned away and headed for the bar. Just as I approached the counter, I saw my men dancing in a group to One Direction's hit Story Of My Life. I waved at them. Pierre blew me a kiss.

My hole was tender and I felt the huge load in me. I looked back at the group and Clive waved at me. Lungi smiled and blew me a kiss. I felt like a slut!

I turned back to the counter and waited for one of the muscular shirtless hunks behind the counter to take my order.

I was still waiting when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked to my left and saw it was André.

"Rested enough baby bro? Thirsty? Me too! Coke Zero please?"

His hand squeezed my neck and pulled me to him. He kissed me on the cheek. I turned to look at him and again I realised I was looking at a carbon copy of myself. We were 99,99% identical, save for our hair at times and the naughtiness in his eyes.

Once again, we were dressed identical and even the guys at the entrance were floored. We got our Cokes and faced the dance floor. Rafael was on the floor dancing by himself. Other guys who passed us made all sorts of remarks such as 'at least one of you should go home with me'. We just laughed and kissed each other. "Then both of you! Please!?" We put our arms around each other's bodies and just turned back to the counter.

André put his arm around my shoulder and said: "You are so fucking sexy baby bro!"

"Yes, you too you conceited bastard!"

"I'm serious ..." he said as the tall dark and fucking dashing hunk came up behind us. Rafael!

"Hi there! Twins! Hmmm!" Rafael, the 'stranger' said.

"My godd! Is heaven sending its angels to look after us now! My man, you're the stuff wet dreams are made of! Baby bro, look at this man! Hi there! My name is André and this is my twin brother Anton! Wow!" André gushed and took Rafael's hand in his. "Baby bro, he has shovels for hands! Fuck!"

"Pleased to meet you André. My name is Rafael Ribeiro. I'm from Brazil and I'm here on business. Pleased to meet you too ... erm ... Anton? Antonio?" Rafael said and took my hand in his. And yes, they were still huge and soft and warm and ... big! Oh fuck! "Wow! You're so identical! It is André and Anton ... Right?"

"Pleased to meet you Rafael. Yes, identical to the last bit. Want to see?" André!

"Yes I'd love to see!"

"That could be arranged! We're having Cokes. Do you want one too?" André said as the one gorgeous barman leaned forward and shouted over the music: "What's it going to be ... Fuck! Twins! Henry, come see this! Look! Plus one dark giant!"

'Henry' approached the other barman and whistled. "Shit! Identical as fuck! You'd be fun in bed! And two of you! Drinks on the house for this round! I hope you're single!"

"Nope, spoken for ..." André said waiving at the dance floor. "Another Coke Zero for our tall friend here please!"

"Another Coke Zero coming up. Who is this gorgeous creature behind you? Can I help you please Sir?" Henry said looking at Rafael.

"The Coke is for me. Yes, I'm available but I'm hoping the twins would find me irresistible. Hmm!" Rafael said and was pushed into André by three guys passing behind him.

"Is that a gun in your pocket ...?" André gasped. "Baby bro, this man is hung insanely huge!" André said aloud.

"Yes, it's big and it's yours if you wanted it!"

"Fuck! You'll have to come visit us in Knightsbridge tomorrow night! What do you say baby bro? Shit! I have to see this! And don't get any ideas! I'm not a bottom - not for that ... that thing! But Anton would love to!" André spilled the beans. I kicked him.

"Ouch Anton! It's true, not so?"

"I'd love to come visit you. Which hotel?"

"The Berkley. The party starts at 9 o'clock. But it would be great if you could come earlier ... Around 7 o'clock? If you know what I mean?" André! As forward as always.

I looked at Rafael and he smiled like the Cheshire Cat! Our ploy worked perfectly!

"My British number is +44 714 ......." I took out my iPhone and pretended to punch in the number. "A picture for my address book please?" I asked and took a picture of the tall hung hunk that fucked me 10 minutes earlier. It replaced the picture I took of his business card.

Rafael took his iPhone out and opened his Address Book app. He also pretended to punch in my number.

"My number is +27 72 9...... Remember it's a South African number. Will you find the Berkley?"

"You have an iPhone too; you know Maps will take me anywhere. I'll get straight to your hotel."

Rafael's Coke arrived and when André handed the glass to Rafael another guy pushed him towards us. André and Rafael juggled their glasses and ended up in each other's arms, Andre's left hand against Rafael's bulge.

"My godd! Anton, you have to feel this! It's huge!"

I pretended to do it for the first time and whistled when I touched the semi-hard cock. "You really have to come visit us at the Berkley tomorrow night! How big is it?"

"34cm ... is it too big?"

"Phew! That's big! And thick?" I continued the charade.

"Yes, very. Big head, uncut, and multiple loads. I cum an insanely amount every time. No less than 20 to 23 squirts every time. Too much?"

"Oh fuck no! Yes, you have to come tomorrow night!" I said and saw the rest of the gang was approaching us. They were thirsty and they've noticed the tall dark handsome man talking to us.

"And who do we have here? Another stray cat, Ant? You do know how to pick them! Sheez! What a sexy man! My name is Pierre Malan and you are ...?" Pierre said with his hand stretched out.

"Rafael Ribeiro. Pleased to meet you! Wow! You guys are all very attractive! Are you all models or actors? Where are you from?"

"South Africa and we're part-time models. But we do have at least one actor: Giovanni over there. He played in Italian soapies. Are you a model? Actor?" Pierre continued.

"CA, but right now I'm busy as model, popular singer and actor. I'm on a sabbatical and I'm here on business. Next weekend I'm flying to Rome. And I'm thinking of expanding my business to Cape Town," Rafael said.

"Then Claude would be your man to talk to! Unfortunately he's not here right now. And yes, the only place you'd feel at home and where things are managed and run properly, is the Western Cape and Cape Town in particular. You'll have many good clients there in no time! Claude has many connections and Pieter, the twins' uncle, could assist you too. Yes, come visit South Africa," Pierre said.

"I'm Clive. I'm not from South Africa - yet! I'm moving there soon, I hope. I'm from London. Listen, we're having a Christmas party at our hotel tomorrow night. Do you want to come? If you don't have anything organised?"

"I had plans to go to G-A-Y, but your offer sounds much better! The Berkley hotel?" Rafael said.

"Yes. It's in Knightsbridge. You should be able to find it on Maps on your iPhone. Yes?" Clive said.

My heart skipped a beat ... with any luck this stud was going to fuck me again the next night! My cock was sopping wet!

Luigi introduced himself to Rafael and put his one arm around my shoulder.

"You're a couple?" Rafael asked.

"Yes, engaged," Luigi said.

"What a beautiful couple! And nice people too!" Rafael said.

The other guys introduced themselves to Raphael and struck up conversations with him. He told us about Sao Paulo and about being gay in a Latino country. His late lover was mentioned and soon it was like we've known him a long time.

"May I please?" Rafael asked when Enrique Iglesias's I like It started playing. Luigi put his hand on my back and pushed me forward.

"Yes, if mio caro wants to. Antonio?"

"Yes, of course!" I said and took Rafael's hand.

We stepped onto the dance floor and I was stunned. The moves this tall man made, the steps he took, the way he moved his body were out of this world. He twirled me, he dipped me, and he danced close to me facing me. His huge bulge pushed against me and he said in my ear: "I hope I can put it in you again tomorrow night! I want to pump multiple loads into you - yes?"

"Yes, please! I hope we can do it!"

He turned me around and hugged me from behind while he danced with me. His huge cock pushed into my crack and I felt like dying with desire for this man! He was just gorgeous and hung like a horse! The cum he pumped into me earlier reminded me of what this stallion was capable of!

When Enrique Iglesias faded into something else, we walked back to the others.

We ordered another round of drinks. I looked at my watch and saw it was already half past twelve. Not much time left.

"Three cheers for Boss and Alexander and Clive and our bus driver in his absence! We're having a whale of a time! Cheers!" Pierre said and raised his bottle of beer.

"Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!"

"And cheers to a new 'stray cat' in our midst, thanks to Ant! Ant, my beautiful man with an unquenchable desire for ... ahem ... big ones! Looking at your hands, I'm sure you'll fit the bill! We'll see tomorrow night!" Pierre said.

The cat was out the bag! This was an open invitation for Rafael to join us in an orgy the next night. Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes! My cock was rock-hard in seconds.

"Oh fuck! Am I hearing it right? Are you inviting me to an ... orgy perhaps? If so, the answer is a resounding 'yes'!" Rafael said and inadvertently palmed his big bulge.

"Fuck yes! We're going to fuck like rabbits and you're invited, That is, if you're hung - it looks like it - and if you're a top! Right Ant?" Pierre continued.

"Yes, I'm hung and yes, I'm a top! But will there be someone here who could handle a big Brazilian piece of meat?" Rafael pretended flawlessly.

"Oh fuck! You haven't seen my brother in action! He'll manage it all right! Right baby bro?" André put in. I was sold to the highest bidder and he was a tall dark and handsome, VERY hung hunk! Oh fuck yes! Yes!

"Antonio, interested?" Rafael asked.

"Erm ... if it's not too big?" I said.

"'If it's not too big'! You're not chicken, are you? Since when is a cock too big for you?" André said and walked up to Rafael and openly palmed the man's crotch. "Fuck! It's big! Baby bro, come feel what 34cm feels like! But I'm sure you could manage."

I stepped closer and put my hand out to touch Rafael's big bulge. I could see the thick tube snaking down the left leg of his pants. How anybody with such a cock could go commando was beyond me. The cock was almost halfway hard and when I touched it, Rafael groaned.

"Oh fuck yes! Do we have to wait until tomorrow night? I could fuck this sexy boy right here!" Rafael gushed.

"Sexy man, await your turn! You'll get your chance tomorrow night! Baby bro, your new stray cat is going to fuck you tomorrow night! We have super lube and poppers. Still interested?" André put in.

"Oh fuck yes! I hope Antonio can handle my cock," Rafael said.

"You'll be surprised at the sizes of some of the other cocks here! Ant manages fine and will manage fine with yours too! If you behave, we might turn it into a double ..." Pierre said.

"What? A double? That's impossible! Two big ones? No! That's not possible! Antonio?" Rafael was stumped.

"Yes, we can try ..." I said and wondered if it would be possible to take Rafael's cock and for instance Pierre's cock. Only time would tell, I thought. "I'm willing to try."

"Good godd! Now look at what happened! My cock is getting hard! Can I please stand close to you! I can't afford for the rest of the people to see I have a hard-on! One of the down-sides of going commando! Damn!" Rafael said and stood closer to us. I wished I could suck him off!

Clive took his iPhone out and looked at the screen. "Not to be a party pooper, but we have to go. The bus driver texted me, and asked if we could please go back. The place where he waited for us has closed and the bus is freezing cold. I think we have had a nice evening. What do you say?"

"I think we can go. Rafael, come to the Berkley at around 9 pm, OK? Boss Models is throwing us a Christmas party and you're officially invited. We'll give you the details of Clive and Pieter then. Clive, are you sure you want to pay for the full tab yourself?" Luigi said and took out his wallet.

"No, put away your money. Yes, the tab is on me. Is everybody OK that we go now?" Clive asked. "It's just after 1 am. I think it's a good time to be going."

Everybody was in agreement. I saw the dual expression in Rafael's eyes. He wanted us to stay but he understood, and he was looking forward to the next night.

"May I please?" Rafael asked, looking at Luigi.

"For what?"

"May I kiss Antonio?"

"Yes, if he wants to," Luigi said.

Rafael pulled me into his arms and gave me a kiss of note. His full mouth on mine felt wonderful and when I opened my mouth, the huge tongue entered my mouth and I sucked on it. My fuck! Right there in front of the others!

"OK, OK - OK! That's enough! Come baby bro! This stray cat can't have all the fringe benefits on one night! Rafael, we'll see you tomorrow night at 9 pm. OK?" André put in and took me by the shoulder.

"Thanks you guys! I'm looking forward to it very much! This boy is super special!" Rafael said.

"Yeah! Yeah! We know. We know. Now, let's get out of here!" André said and put his arm around my shoulder. I was sad to go, but reality kicked in. We had no choice.

The tab for the drinks amounted to just shy of £100. Clive paid with his credit card and we were off. I turned around and saw Rafael watching us. I waved at him. How I wished he could join us that night already. But, him joining us the next night would be better than nothing.

Clive called the bus driver and told him we were on our way and if he could pick us up in front of The Arches Shopping.

Pierre was on my other side and hugged me to him. "Ant, just how the hell do you do it? He is a damn looker and from what I could see, hung too. But to rope them in like you do ... I hope we're not going to be side-lined any time soon. We love you and don't mind sharing you Boikie, but I think we've reached the limit, don't you think? Hmmm sexy man?"

"Yes, perhaps roping in Rafael is getting too much. No sweat. We could cancel our invitation ...?" I put in.

"No, you'll do no such thing. That is not good manners. I'm not saying we must uninvited him, but tomorrow night and then it's good-bye to him. I mean, with Clive, Giovanni, Luigi and me there - what more do you need? Already in just over a week it would be Piero who would join us too. I love you to bits and I don't mind sharing you with our boys, but no more strangers. Right Luigi? Agreed? OK Ant?" Pierre said and hugged me close to him.

"I tend to agree with Pee-Air. We love you very much and the group knows we don't mind sharing you, but in André's words: we're not keen on all the stray cats joining us. Clive was an obvious choice, Diego was a good one, John was a nice guy, Giovanni is ... another Italian! But we have to stop now. There are more than enough guys in our group. You could never grow tired of us, would you?" Luigi said and when I looked into his eyes, it was only love I saw. "Sei d'accordo mio caro ragazzo (Do you agree my darling boy)?"

"Sì certamente. Teniamolo tra i ragazzi (Yes of course. Let's keep it between the boys)! The sex I have with you guys is amazing and more than enough. I totally agree. Rafael will visit tomorrow night and that would be it. Yes, Piero is still there and he would be the final touch to the group. Mi dispiace il mio tesoro (I'm sorry my darling)!"

We walked out of 'Heaven' and when we reached the door in the passage, the cold night air hit us in the face. It was freezing. I was looking forward to be in a warm bed with my guys. Our bus was just pulling up as we approached the entrance to the shopping passage.

"Here we are guys! Come! Let's get out of the cold. Come Ant!" Clive said and held the door open for us to get in. We all scrambled into the bus and found a seat. Of course I sat next to Luigi and this time Giovanni made sure he got in next to me. He was such a sexy damn man! He put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me. "Ti amo molto la mia cara uomo (I love you very much my darling man)!"

Herman was last to get on the bus and Clive closed the bus door. He spoke to the driver and put something in his hand. I was sure he gave him a big tip for waiting for us so long at this time of night. When Clive faced us and saw I was already ensconced between Luigi and Giovanni, his face showed some disappointment for a second but then he recovered and sat in the seat in front of us. I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed. He turned around and holding my hand, he looked into my eyes and said: "I hope you've enjoyed the evening at one of the world's most famous gay clubs. Are you OK there next to the half-bred? Anything I could do to make you comfortable?" His eyes were sparkling and the naughtiness showed. Albeit disappointed, he could never blame one of the guys for sitting next to me.

"Hey, watch it Pommie! He is in good hands, I say! You and Pee-Air can have your chance again some other time. For now, our boy is taken good care of by the Italians. Right Ant?" Giovanni put in.

"For that, he's sleeping in my arms tonight, half-bred! He's mine!" Clive said.

"Yes, and since when? Have you forgotten he's actually mine? Hmmm?" Luigi said and gave Clive's head a playful swipe.

"Yeah, yeah! All semantics! He's yours but when we put the goods on the table after all, it's Pierre and I who come out tops! Without us, this ménage a whatever, means nothing! We're the stallions here! You Italians have nothing on us!" Clive joked.

"Watch it! You'll sleep with the others!" Luigi said and ruffled Clive's hair.

The banter continued with me warm and snug as a bug between two of my darling men. The heater in the bus was nice and we drove back to the Berkley in comfort.

At the hotel we got off and all thanked the bus driver for his kindness and we made a run for the front door of the hotel. The foyer was fairly busy with a group that arrived from a city tour to see the Christmas lights.

John was at the reception counter and beamed when he saw us. I wondered if we were going to let him into the folds of the group again ... time would tell, I thought.

"Did you enjoy the night? 'Heaven', wasn't it? A super club! Anything warm for you gentlemen?" John asked.

"As a matter of fact, I'd love a hot chocolate right now. How about the rest of you guys?" Clive asked us. "John, in the same suite please?" We all ordered hot chocolate.

"Certainly sir! 12 hot chocolate drinks coming up!" John said and disappeared to organise the drinks.

In the elevators André and Johann had us in stitches. Sometimes I wondered where they get their endless supply of jokes and anecdotes. They were so funny. When the doors opened on the 3rd floor, Clive shushed the guys as it was almost half past 1 already.

All twelve of us went into our suite and sat down. Some of the guys and I went into the bathroom. We stood at the porcelain bowl, three at a time to pee. When it was my turn, it was Giovanni with his soft 20cm and Pierre with his soft 22cm cock. I marvelled at the big cocks of the two men and to think Pierre's cock gets to be 33cm and that it has been in me many times before. Giovanni's cock grew to 29cm when hard and was a delight too.

Fortunately I managed to get the stream of pee flowing before my semi-hard cock of 17,5cm started to fluff up. The three streams of pee flowed into the water with a thundering sound. We were healthy boys and were not prospective patients to visit Luigi soon.

At the washbasin the two men pushed against me and I got caught between them. Pierre finished washing his hands and moved in behind me with his hands on top of mine under the flowing water.

"Ant, sometimes when the stray cats get in on the action, I wonder if you really understand just how much we love you. Tonight you sleep in my arms ... to hell with the Italians and their kind! Tonight you're mine! OK? Of course OK!" Pierre said and hugged me.

"I love you too my big man! But remember Luigi is the alpha male and my husband-to-be ..."

"Semantics! I'm the real man in your life, finish en klaar! I love Luigi and Clive and Giovanni isn't bad either, but ..." Pierre said but Giovanni chipped in.

"Excuse me Mr Big Man! If the Italians weren't there, there would be no pizza, no proper pasta, art as we know it, music as established by the masters, and the fact that your cock is the size of a pony's, doesn't give you the right to belittle the others! It's been only 4 days now, but Ant and I have made a real connection ..."

"Yes, I saw it when you tried to make him yours with your much smaller cock ..."

"Guys, guys! No fighting over me! I love you all but never forget there will always be a Luigi, whom I'm marrying sometime in the future. Guys! Let's just take it calmly, please?" I said and put my one hand on Pierre's huge hands on my arms and the other on Giovanni's equally beautiful hands.

"He's right. Nobody can ever replace Luigi ..." Pierre said and hugged me again.

"And who is gossiping about me? Hmmm?" Luigi said as he walked into the bathroom to pee.

"Nothing important. We're just telling our boy here how much we love him and that we'll never be able to replace you as the alpha male," Pierre lied smoothly.

"Ahh! And don't you forget that! He's my husband-to-be but you guys are in the folds of the group now, so I'd always be willing to share him with you. But, no more. No more stray cats, you hear mio caro!" Luigi said as he unzipped his pants and hauled his cock out to pee. The stream was thick and thundered into the water. My man definitely had a healthy prostate!

We finished at the basin and went into the lounge area. Pierre made sure he sat next to me and Clive made a bee-line to sit on my other side. My godd! As long as they don't start fighting each other to be next to me!

Luigi entered the lounge and politely asked Clive to make room for him. My man could be assertive if he wanted to! Clive squeezed my leg and moved up so Luigi could sit down.

Just then there was a knock on the door. André opened and John pushed in a trolley with a big pot of hot chocolate and very smart mugs. There were very dainty biscuits with chocolate fillings.

"Here you are gentlemen! You said your evening was good? I'm glad. May I pour for you?" John said and took the pot with hot chocolate and poured the liquid into mugs to serve us. André took the plate with biscuits and presented it to us.

It was clear the big-dicked bellhop was as randy as a cat. His big bulge was very pronounced and I was sure he'd drop trousers on the spot if we gave him half a chance. But it was late and we wanted to catch some sleep. John's big cock would have to wait for another time to fuck me.

"Anything else for you gentlemen?" John asked.

"Nothing, thanks John. Thanks for the hot chocolate and biscuits. We're pooped and want to get some sleep. We'll see you bright and breezy at 9 o'clock at breakfast!" Clive put in and I could see the disappointment in John's eyes.

"Erm ... OK. I thought ..."

"Not tonight John. We're really tired and cold. We'll see tomorrow morning, OK? How about coffee and croissants at 8 o'clock please?" Pierre said and went up to John. "I still can't believe that such a skinny guy like you could be hung this big!" He palmed John's crotch. "My godd! You're almost rock-hard! Lusting after our boy, aren't you? Not tonight my man! We're really tired. It was a long day."

"Yes, after I've tasted the 'forbidden fruit', I'm a goner! But, yes the day was long and it's time to get some sleep. Until 8 o'clock then. Sleep well gentlemen. And remember, I'm only a phone call away if you need anything. Goodbye then," John said and palmed his bulging crotch as he left the suite.

"Sleeping arrangements! The same as last night? The five of us in one bed and the other four in the other bed? Johan, Morné and Herman in your own suite, OK?" Pierre took charge. "Bathroom and bed gentlemen. I'm more tired than expected. Sheez! What a day! And before you half-bred and Pommie get any ideas, Ant sleeps between Luigi and me. Finish en klaar! I'm going to brush my teeth and then we're going to bed. I'm cold and want nothing better than Ant in my arms!"

I realised I was tired myself. It was a long day and we've been all over the place: early morning sex with John, two museums, a great lunch, shopping in Knightsbridge and we've been to Harrods. We've met Kamran and I got an amulet and sucked his huge cock a bit. Then we had a sun-downer of note with more than enough to eat. Then Larry was fucking me with his huge black uncut cock, pumping an unholy amount of his creamy cum into me before we went to the Heaven gay club. And there, Rafael fucked me and pumped an equally unholy amount of cum into me. So, I was most definitely not sex-deprived.

"I agree. Let's have a nice quiet night and give Antonio a break. I think we could celebrate Christmas in style tomorrow night with some sex with our boy. OK Antonio, mio caro? André, Juan, Gio, Clive? What do you say?"

"I'm fine. As long as I get to at least sleep with you guys. But, whether the delinquent is the first born and has rights, I get to fuck him first ..." Clive said and ducked to avoid a pillow André flung at him.

"I'm always going to be the first born and my rights are unalienable - you can't change that Pommie! Right baby bro?" André said and shook a fist in the air.

"Behave my boy! Let's go and brush our teeth so we could get into bed. I want to sleep with you in my arms all night. Come!" Juan said and pulled André to the bathroom.

"That's our cue to go to our suite. Thanks guys! It was a memorable day. Thanks Clive! And to your dad and Boss. Come on guys, let's go!" Johan said and Herman and Morné got up and said their thanks and good-nights. They left the room and the nine of us were left like the previous night: Juan, André, Johann and Gunther in one bed and the rest of us - five in all - in the other bed.

Clive, Giovanni and Pierre joined us in the bathroom and it was clear that it would've been a miracle if I'd be able to sleep through the night without one of their big cocks fucking me - they were like jackals in heat. They touched me, squeezed my arm, put their heads on my shoulder, stood right behind me pushing their huge bulges against me ... they lusted after me!

I still had Rafael's huge cumload in me and it was getting difficult to contain it. I finished brushing my teeth and apologised that I had to use the toilet while they were still there in the bathroom.

"No problem my man. Would you like to suck my cock while you sit there?" Pierre said and palmed his huge cock.

"Behave Pee-Air! Let him have a sitting in peace! If he was going to suck you, what about Gio, Clive and me? What would happen if we all decided to start that now? Antonio, we'll give you some privacy. Come on guys! Let's go," Luigi said and herded the others out of the bathroom, and no second too soon.

When I sat down on the commode, the watery cumload in me just ran from my rectum. My godd! What a lot it was! It could easily have been anything between half a cup and ¾ of a cup of cum. The stud Rafael pumped it all into me!

While I waited for the cum to drain, I was thinking of Larry and his huge beautiful black uncut cock and how it felt when he pushed it deep into me ... fuck! I'd love him to fuck me again! And Rafael ... Wow! What a tall dark and handsome hung hunk with a huge dark cock. It too was big and beautiful and he too fucked me good. I wondered what would've happened if I could've had them with me at once. I got hard on the spot and wished it could happen. I was sure a double fuck with these two was highly unlikely: not just because they weren't part of the inner circle, but also because both were huge and thick ... If I ever had them at the same time, I wondered if I'd be able to have them both in me. But, it did make me rock-hard to think about it. I sincerely enjoyed the fucking. Both guys worthy to remember and hanker after for another encounter.

"You OK baby bro? Done? I need to pee please?" André.

"Done. Just give me a second ..." I started to say as André walked in. I stood there ready to flush the toilet, my hard cock pointing at the ceiling.

"My godd baby bro! What's going on? Phew! May I please suck you?"

"No man! I'm just thinking about all that's been happening, that's all. Come, I'm done," I said, blushing crimson red. Wow! How could I be embarrassed of my boner in front of my brother? He didn't know Rafael had fucked me already and that the memory of his fucking was still fresh in my mind.

"I'd still love to suck you ..."

"André, let it be! We're going to brush our teeth and then it's off to bed for sleeping only! My darling boy, don't pay any attention to him. Come André!" Juan said as he entered the bathroom. I slipped my hard-on back into my pants and hoped it would subside enough before I undressed in front of the other four guys.


The sleeping arrangements were simple: I slept in Luigi's arms and Pierre was behind me. His huge cock was hard when he moved in behind me. He pushed it between my legs and pushed his warm hairy body tight against my back. His left arm was draped over my middle and was holding on to Luigi's hip. His right arm was under the pillow on which my head rested.

Luigi's cock was beyond semi-hard and pushed against Pierre's cock below my scrotum.

Giovanni was behind Pierre and Clive behind Luigi. It was clear my boys were all lusting after me but were perfect gentlemen and because we've had a long day, it didn't take too long before I heard the deep breathing of the men around me. They were all fast asleep.

I took stock of the day and realised just what a lucky man I was. Here I was surrounded by men who loved me, and not just for the sex, but they sincerely loved me. We were in the world city that is London, we've seen so much in 4 days and Boss Models were spoiling us big time. I didn't mind the cold and the discomfort to pose in sub-zero conditions. The benefits we got outnumbered the discomfort ten-fold.

As I drifted off to the Land of Dreams, I wondered what the guys were going to say about the presents we got for them ... and Rafael ... and Piero ... hmmm.

I slept like a log.

= To be continued =



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