André moves in his sleep and curls up behind me. He drapes his right arm over my chest and pulls me closer to spoon me. I immediately feel his huge hard-on pushing in my crack. Because we both sleep in the nude, his big uncut cock pushes between my legs and he groans. He thrusts his rock hard cock deeper between my legs and his hairy tummy pushes against the small of my back.

Almost awake now, André pulls me closer and nuzzles my neck, groaning with lust. It was only a couple of hours earlier when we came to bed that he fucked me hard and deep, and deposited one of his momentous loads in my fuck chute, and he is ready to go again.

I glance at the bedside radio clock: it's 01:25 - about 3 hours since our earlier fucking. My hole was still a bit tender but we use good silicone-based lubricant, so I'm good to go for another session. My cock has also sprung back to life and is rock hard. It twitches in sync with André's cock between my legs.

André is fully awake now and his now raging cock is already leaking lots of precum. He lightly bites my earlobe and says, "I love you so much Anton ...! Are you OK?"

I turn my head and we kiss - a deep wet kiss with lots of tongue. André's cock twitches between my legs and I can feel the precum leaking onto my legs. He pushes his cock further between my legs and pulls me close to him.

"I love you too André. Yes I'm OK. Do you want to fuck me again? By now you should know I love getting fucked with your big cock!"

"Yes! Please! I'm so horny again! Fucking you is the best thing ever. I just can't get enough!"

"Yes, I know! Me too! Your huge cock feels fantastic inside me! Yes, I want it again, please!"

André grabs my cock that is also starting to leak precum. He rubs the precum over my uncut cock head and I groan with pleasure.

"I like playing with your cock. It feels great."

"It is carbon copy of your cock, André! It is exactly the same as yours!"

"Yes Anton, I know, but it still feels great to feel it in my hand."

André kisses me again and starts rubbing my nipples that respond in becoming very hard and prominent. I push back and he fucks me with his cock between my leg.

The huge amount of precum he produced makes a slippery mess between my legs, making us both very horny. Soon we are both panting with lust and eagerness to be joined again with André's huge cock.

He pulls back his cock from between my legs and lifts its head to aim it at my hole. He moves his cock head around on my hole, spreading the precum, covering my hole and his cock head. We both produce huge amounts of precum. By now, there is a little puddle of precum on the sheet below where my cock is throbbing on the bed.

André pushes his huge uncut head into my hole and I gasp when I feel the head pushing through my sphincter.

"Can we try it without lube, Anton? Are you OK?"

"I don't know André. We've never tried it with precum alone and your cock is big - very big!"

"I know, but I think there is enough precum to fuck you."

"Do you think so? Here, take some of my precum too to lube your cock shaft before you push it all in."

André leans over and collects some of my precum from my cock head and from the sheet.

"WOW! Anton! You're just as horny as I am! You're really leaking lots of precum! Both of us really produce a hell of a lot of precum! We could collect it and make some serious money selling it as lube!"

I giggle and think of how we'll sit and milk our cocks into little bottles to sell it as lube ... ridiculous, but funny.

After covering his thick cock shaft with my precum and milking his own cock to push out even more precum on my hole, André pushes his cock forward again.

The huge head stretches my hole and starts to slip into me. I groan and gasp. André stops pushing his cock into me and asks, "Are you OK, Anton? Must I stop?"

"Don't you dare! Yes, I'm fine! Just let me get used to your huge cock entering me."

There is not much difference between using silicone-based lubricant and our precum, but my hole is still a little tender from being fucked with this huge cock just 3 hours earlier.

I relax my hole and push out and back onto André's cock. The huge head starts to slide into me and when the full head slips into me, I yelp!

"Oh my God, Anton! Are you OK? Am I hurting you? Must I stop?"

"No, silly! It's OK. Just hold still for a minute to get used to your huge cock!"

"OK. But your cock is just as big as mine, so your cock is also huge!"

"Yes, but I don't fuck you with it!"

"I know, and I don't think I'd be able to handle it. But I'm so glad you are courageous enough to take mine. Thanks Anton ..."

André pulses his cock and makes it swell in my hole. A groan slips from my mouth. When André does that, his cock twitches and swells a lot and really stretches my hole. I clamp down with my hole on his cock and we start the twitch and clamp dance: André would make his cock swell, and I'll clamp down on his cock. Again and again.

Slowly but surely André pushes his 23cm long cock deeper into me. I push back to meet his thrusting and we keep on twitching and clamping while he enters me.

We both start groaning and our breaths become shallow. André's cock is now about halfway in me and already it feels like a huge pole has invaded my hole. It hurts but I know from experience that the pain will soon turn into pure bliss and pleasure.

"Are you OK, Anton? Am I not hurting you? Is it still OK with the precum alone? Let me get more precum from your cock. Hold on."

André leans over and scoops some more of my copious precum from my cock head and from the sheet and lubricates his cock shaft that's still outside my hole. He pulls out a little to get as much of his shaft lubricated and I panic.

"Don't pull out your cock, André!" I almost shout. "Please keep it inside me!"

"Don't worry, I'm not pulling out totally. I just want to lubricate the rest of my cock again. I don't want to hurt you. You know I love you too much to hurt you, Anton."

"Yes, I know. And I love you too. I love you so much. And when you fuck me and are inside me, I love you even more. Now please push your cock balls-deep into me and fuck me!"

"Yes, Master! Your wish is my command!"

And with that, André starts to push the last 12cm of his big fat cock into me. He slowly advances his cock into my hole and we engage in the twitching and clamping game again.

I feel how his whole big cock slides deep into me, filling me up, stretching me, taking possession of my hole.

When André reaches the 20cm mark, he groans and pushes the last 3cm into me with one long hard thrust.

We both groan and André holds me close to him, clinging to me, his head on mine, his mouth at my ear, whispering again and again: "I love you, Anton! I love you!"

With his cock lodged all the way in me, André holds still and only twitches his cock in my hole. I respond by clamping down on the long thick shaft in me.

My cock is twitching like mad and I've leaked a lot of precum. André takes hold of my cock and holds it, rubbing the precum all over it and over the head. He slowly strokes my cock.

"How are you? Everything OK?"

"Yes, I'm OK, thanks. But slowly with the jacking - you'll make me cum in no time!"

"OK. We don't want that! I've just started and I plan on fucking you longer than the 10 minutes of earlier tonight! OK?"

"Yes, please! I love it when you fuck me longer."

André stops jacking my cock and only holds it in his big hand. It twitches as I clamp my hole on his cock. André just holds my cock and squeezes it lightly when it twitches.

He then lets go of my cock and starts rubbing my hairy chest and tummy.

He starts fucking me. It consists of slowly pulling back and pushing back in. After a few strokes he pulls out all the way.

"No! Why are you pulling out?"

"So I could penetrate you again, silly!"

"I don't know André."

But I still push back when André aligns his cock with my hole. The head pops through the sphincter and I marvel at the sensation of being penetrated and filled by the cock of this man I love with all my heart. André pulls back a little and pushes back in a little further. He continues to pull back a bit and pushing back in a little more until again I'm filled with all 23cm of his big thick cock.

André starts fucking me with long slow strokes and nuzzles my neck, lightly biting my earlobe.

"Do you believe me when I tell you that I love you Anton?"

I clamp down on his cock with my hole and push back into him.

"Of course, silly! I believe you and you know I love you too, don't you?"

André hugs me from behind, pushes his cock all the way into me and says: "That's what I want to hear!"

The fucking starts to get a bit faster with some urgency to release our loads once again. I'm wondering if we'll actually last longer than 10 minutes this time! We are just too horny and I'm starting to doubt we'll even reach 8 minutes of fucking!

"Oh fuck, this is wonderful Anton! This is fantastic and it feels great. Thank you for loving me back ..."

André turns my head and kisses my mouth and pushes his large tongue deep into my mouth, or as deep as he can get it into my mouth at this awkward angle.

I turn the top of my body and slip my right arm under André's head and play with his beautiful black curly hair. I look him in the eye in the dim light coming from the moon shining through the window.

"You know that I love you with every gram in my body. I never want this to stop - ever! I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And I don't care who says what. We love each other and we're happy together. This works so well for both of us, I never want it to stop. Promise me you'll love me forever and keep on loving me, and making love to me as often as we can ...?"

"Anton, I've always loved you and the past year has just been the best ever. I've always wanted to have this with you. I never want another guy and most definitely not a girl - never!"

With that and to prove his point, André pushes his huge cock deep into me and holds it there. His hand slips down my tummy to where my own big 23cm cock is throbbing and leaking precum. He takes hold of my cock and while he squeezes it, he says: "This cock belongs to me only. I never want anybody ever to have it in his mouth or play with it. Promise me it will always just be the two of us ...? Please tell me this if forever?"

"André, that times with Claude and Alessandro, you were there. Even though their cocks are bigger and huge and beautiful and thick and uncut - it's YOUR cock I want. Never Claude or any other cock for me! I'd play with them but you're the one for me - you know that!"

We continue playing the twitching and clamping game while André really fucks me deep with long strokes until we both start panting and our breathing becomes shallow and fast.

"I'm sorry Anton, but I'm going to cum! I can't hold it back any longer!"

"It's OK André - I'm about to cum too. You're really fucking the cum out of me!"

"Are you ready for it? It feels like it's going to be a huge load again!"

"I'm ready and I'm going to shoot a huge load again too!"

Usually we both cum a huge load when we jack off together or fuck. It makes a huge mess but we're used to it now. Of course we hide the evidence by making our own bed and by putting the soiled sheets directly in the washer when it's time to change bedding. But, it still is a big mess. Of course it's less since André started cumming inside me: now it's just my cum on the sheets.

André rolls me on my back and lifts my legs over his shoulders, and starts pounding me hard and deep.

With every thrust, be both groan with pleasure.

My cock is leaking huge amounts of precum and even a little cum every time André's cock grazes past my prostate gland.

He bends down and my slippery hard cock is rubbed between our muscular and hairy tummies. André bends down and kisses me and pushes his tongue deep into my mouth.

Both of us are really growling now and I know we're very close to cumming.

André pulls his tongue from my mouth and groans: "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! Fuck Anton - I'm going to fucking cum!"

"Me too! Fuck me André!"

With one last deep thrust André pushes his cock balls deep and 23cm deep into me and unloads his load inside me. He groans like an animal in pain.

At the same time my cock starts to twitch and starts to shoot a huge load over my chest, onto my chin. The third spurt hits the headboard above my head with a splat. The rest of my cum shoots onto my chest and tummy. It looks like I haven't cum in a week, but it is only 3 hours since I shot my previous load!

I feel how André's cock twitches and swells as it delivers a huge load inside me. I feel how his huge cock becomes even thicker and he punches it into me with short hard jabs with every shot of cum it shoots.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I fucking love fucking you Anton! Fuck!"

"Oh yes! I love it! It is the most fantastic feeling to feel you inside me!"

André lowers my legs from his shoulders and bends down to kiss me. He feels the cum on my chin and licks it and continues kissing me. I taste my cum on his tongue.

He then take his fingers and collect some of the cum on my belly and chest and pushes it into my mouth. It tastes so great. André starts kissing me and saviour my cum on our tongues.

I feel how his huge cock inside me is still twitching as the last of his cum oozes into me.

André collapses on top of me and pushes his face into the crook of my neck and exhales deeply.

"Fuck! That was the best ever! The twitching and clamping we do is fantastic! I love it!"

"Yes, it was great - thank you so much."

"Anton, can I stay in you for a while longer please?"

"Yes, of course you can!"

With that, I gently push André up and lift my right leg up and past his body, and turn on the bed. His cock is still hard enough not to slip out of my hole. It is too big to slip out in any case!

André pulls me back into him and pushes his big cock all the way into me again.

"I want it to stay in you for as long as possible. Perhaps I'll get hard again soon and then I can continue fucking you again!"

"I think you're a bit optimistic, but give it your best shot, brother."

Yes, we're identical twin brothers who are best friends, and since a year ago, also lovers. Of course nobody else knows about this.

We've been sharing a bed since we were very young. Although there were always two single beds in our bedroom, we usually slept together. When we grew too big for one single bed, we pushed our beds together and always fell asleep touching each other: either holding hands or sometimes even spooning together when it was cold.

When we asked for a double bed when were 15, our parents did not think about it too much. We didn't explain the matter too much and only said that we prefer to share a bed and that the single beds have become too cramped. At age 15, we were already fairly big and developed. Then we were about 1,78m tall and were already very muscular from working on the farm and spending many hours in the gym.

= To be continued =



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