While the lasagne was defrosting in the microwave, we checked on emails on our MacBooks. And yes, there were mails from Alessandro, Sven and Claire. And from Johann, with the warning that it may only be opened when the coast was clear.

We feverishly opened Johann's email and "WOW"! There were our big cocks splattered all over the retina screens! And cum, and my hole and many cocks fucking it. Slut!

Johann filled us in on the shoot on Saturday at Clifton. He offered us a lift in his car as he had to go in any case. He was leaving at 7 o'clock! My godd! No rest for the wicked! No sleeping in! Damn! There was going to be more than one photographer. Johann would be in charge of the male models and once the shoot was over, we could return home. And the three of us would be the only males on the shoot. So, we should be back home by 6 o'clock. Long hours! He warned us to bring hats and sunblock. And he repeated what Claire said the day before about shoes, clothes and sunblock.

I put the lasagne in the preheated oven and started to make a salad. André was reading Johann's email out loud. He wanted to know if he could come for coffee on late Friday afternoon. He finishes earlier on a Friday and would like to see us.

While we were busy discussing the photos and the shoot, Juan arrived back home.

"Ah, just like I want them! Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! Hallo darlings! I'm home!" Juan was starting to sound like André and Claude! He bent down to André with the MacBook on his lap, and kissed him. It was a long and sensual kiss. Much saliva was exchanged, that much was clear. André put his hand out and groped Juan's crotch. "Perve!" Juan exclaimed and playfully hit André on the hand.

"Ah ... my love! My true love! Not a wayward delinquent!" The comment was aimed at me, and André flung a cushion at Juan that hit him in the back of his head. "And I rest my case!"

Juan pulled me in close and kissed me. He pushed me back a little and said: "Godd! I love you so much! Just look at you! Who could ask for anything more?" He said out loud and with lots of emphasis on every word. It had the expected reaction, and in a flash André was on Juan's back.

"You take that back right now, you big oaf! You can't love him and not me! I will neuter you!" André ranted on while Juan was trying to get him off his back. They ended up on the couch and Juan managed to get out of André's grip, and was on top of him.

He started to tickle André, and although I was the more ticklish of the two, he also had it bad when it came to tickling. Soon he was squealing and laughing like a small boy. Ahhh! How I loved those two men! Gunther ... oh my godd! I hoped Juan would take it well.

Juan leaned in and kissed André. Once again, it ended with a lot of spit being exchanged and soon André put his hand behind Juan's head and hugged him close.

"Oh my godd! Get a room, you perves! I'm busy with food!" I put in. I walked up to them and gave Juan's butt a playful smack.

"Oww! Love does hurt it seems! How could you! I'm hurt ... André, your brother is assaulting me! Please protect me, please!"

I joined them on the couch and we hugged and kissed and held each other and soon our cocks were all plumped up ... Sex doggs!

"So, tell me about your day. Did the German guy come to see the flat? What is his name again?"

"Gunther Müller, he is doing a Ph. D. in Microbiology. Maybe you've heard of him ...?"

"Yes, he is the new pretty blue-eyed boy! The dean is besotted with the man! If I didn't know any better, I'd think the dean was interested in dating the man. And the women in the faculty ... my godd! They are all swooning! I think there are quite a few wet panties every day! Sheez! And here they have all of this to look at ..." Juan waved melodramatically at his own body. "So, he is the guy who wants to rent the flat? What is he like? Is he as handsome as the women claim?"

André and I exchanged a quick look at each other. I noticed that Juan saw that ... André took the lead and told Juan what happened that afternoon. Juan grew quieter and quieter.

"Juan, we're sorry. It just happened. And he is a nice guy. You'll see when you meet him. Are you upset now?"

Juan got up and said quietly: "No, I'm not upset. I'm hurt. Over the weekend we had sex with 4 different guys, but I was there. I thought we had an agreement. I thought you loved me. Both of you. I don't mind that you had sex with Müller, but am I not enough for you? Is my cock not big enough for you? Don't I fuck you enough Anton? And you, André! You didn't stand by and let it happen, you joined in. I'm deeply hurt. You guys have disappointed me. I have to get some air."

I put my hand out to touch him but he brushed my hand off. "Don't, not now! I have to get out of here or I'm going to break something."

I've never seen Juan that mad and sad and ... I've never seen Juan like that. My heart gave a jump. My godd! What have we done! Oh no! 'My love! I love you so much! I'm sorry!' I screamed soundlessly and the tears started to flow. Juan looked at me and slowly turned around, and left the flat.

André pulled me in close to him and he started to cry too. We were sobbing and clung to each other like drowning rats. I was heartbroken and my being ached for my man.

What have we done? It was just sex! But the man is a god! And he has a huge cock! It just happened! Oh my godd! We never meant to hurt Juan! What have we done!


We curled up next to each other on the coach. The flat was silent and dark. Not even the TV was on. I have taken the lasagne from the oven and covered it with foil.

We have been crying and hugging each other and cried some more. I looked on my iPhone and saw it was almost 9 o'clock. Where was Juan? We didn't dare call him ... our instincts told us to leave him alone.

We heard the keys in the front door and drew our breaths in. It was Juan ...

He walked in the room, switched the light on and came to sit on the coffee table in front of us. His beautiful hair was a mess.

His head hung on his chest. He pushed his hands in his hair and let his arms fall onto his knees. When he looked up, his eyes were red. He sighed and looked at us in turn.

"Juan ..." I put in.

Juan put his hand out and put his finger on my lips. "Shhhhh! Listen first."

Oh my godd! He was going to leave us! I started crying again ... what was life going to be like without Juan with us? How are we going to explain it to Dad and Mom? To Pieter and Claude? Oh no ...! Next to me, Andre was sobbing and put his face in his hands.

Juan pulled out his handkerchief and wiped my eyes and said "Shhhhhh! Please don't cry. I think we've cried enough for one day. Shhhhh!" Juan pulled André's arms away from his face and wiped his face too.

"André, Anton. I have walked around for hours. I have cried and I have tried to make sense of all of this. What I do know, is that I love you two like I have never loved anybody in my life before.

"Yes, I was shocked and hurt and it was unexpected when you told me about Gunther. It was a blow to my ego. But, while I was walking, I took stock and I realised I had as much to do with this as you. I allowed Claude in, and then Pieter and then Johann. So, I've created a precedent and here I was accusing you of a lot of things when you did the same.

"While I was walking around crying, I eventually called Dad to get Gunther's number. I didn't give Dad any details but I'm not sure he didn't hear the tears in my voice. But, eventually I called Gunther and went to see him."

I gasped ... oh my godd! Did he kill the man? I opened my mouth, but Juan put his finger on my lips.

"Not a word. Listen. Trust me - just listen.

"Don't look so shocked and surprised. Have I ever given you the impression I was the violent kind? No, I didn't hurt him, so don't worry. But, when he saw me, he immediately knew who I was. He saw me at the hockey and he knew more about me than I thought he would. And he immediately spilled the beans. Fortunately I can speak some German, otherwise I would've still have been there. Soon he was in tears and apologised. And I cried. And we comforted each other. He told me what happened and he takes full responsibility.

"However, you guys are not off the hook because he confessed. In your defence, I have to say I appreciate your honesty. You could've swept it under the carpet and I would've been none the wiser. Thanks for that. Gunther took the blame, but you are also to blame, as am I. We need to lay down the rules and get to some kind of understanding, otherwise somebody is going to get hurt. And I don't want that. I really and truly love you guys very much. You're my dream come true, squared! I would never have dreamt in my wildest dreams that I'd find love, let alone TWO of you! But look at you! Young, hung, gorgeous, intelligent, talented and sexy. And horny ... who in his right mind wouldn't fall for you? Poor Johann is living proof of it. And now, so is Gunther. And so is Pieter and Claude. And even Dad wants to plug you Anton! How can I blame you? For being sexy? For being nice? Gunther told me about the furniture and iPhone. Wow! That proves you guys are something else. And that's why I love you so much. You are two spectacular guys.

"And no, I'm not breaking up with you. If anything, I love you even more. And no more tears, no more hard words and no hard feelings. It's over and we'll work through this together. I love you very much - never forget that.

"I've also have invited Gunther to our party and also to have dinner with us on Saturday. Let's play it by ear and see how it goes. I have to say I'm curious to see the guy who has a cock that would get YOU at the drop of a hat out of your pants, André! You dogg! He is a very nice and a very attractive man, and I have noticed his big hands and feet. You must've been in your element my love! Yes, he's a looker, and intelligent. We even ended up talking about academics. He might have a position for me on his team. I just might start my doctorate after all!"

"May I say something now?" I piped up.

"Yes, you may. What is it my love?"

"First of all, nothing that happened today was ever meant to cheat on you per se, or to side line you, or hurt you. We love you so, so very much. It was an experience, I have to admit, but it will never replace you, no matter how big the cock or how sexy the man. Gunther is a very, very nice guy with a phenomenal cock, and he cums like a horse! When I went to the toilet, I swear about a cup of cum ran out of me! OK, perhaps not that much, but it was a lot. But he could be a friend, and a friend with benefits like Johann, but nothing more. Same with Claude, same with Pieter, same when it ever happened with Dad. Or whoever we meet in the future. I love you too much Juan du Toit. I doubt if I'd ever fall in love with anyone again. You and my bro are the only ones I want in my heart."

"Yeah, but your butt is another story!" André put in. Where did that come from? Perve!

"Behave, bro! The ice below you is still fairly thin!" Juan said and gave André a friendly pat on the head.

"So, in future, no lies, nothing hidden from each other, ever again. Understood? And if you or we, have the hots for another guy, we have to tell each other. And share. OK? OK! Come here my boys!" He opened his arms and we dived in. He fell over backwards and we all ended up in one big pile on the other side of the coffee table on the floor. We were hugging and kissing each other and we laughed and cried and laughed some more.

"I'm starving! How about Mom's lasagne? Any left for me?" Juan asked.

"We're starving too! We haven't eaten ourselves. Come! I'll heat it in the microwave. André, please get us the bottle of Riesling in the fridge. I'm thirsty. And this calls for a toast! Oh ... thanks, thanks, thanks my love ...!" I gushed.


The sex we had was like nothing we've had up to then. It was gentle, it was intense, it was with urgency and it was phenomenal. OK, Juan's cock was 'only' 28cm long and not as thick as Pieter's cock or Gunther's, but it was our cock to enjoy!

Afterwards there was no all-nighter for anybody, much to the chagrin of André - the perve! - and we settled in the crooks of Juan's arms. He held us tight and kept on planting kisses on our heads. We sighed with content. We played with his nipples, his hairy chest, even a bit more with his huge cock. It was something else, and again, it was ours! He was ours!

"Now tell me, how much precum does Gunther produce? Is it really enough to fuck you my love? Really?"

"Yes, it is like nothing I've ever seen or heard of before. It is spectacular. And his piss slit is huge! And his cockhead! Enormous! It is a seriously big cock. You have to see it!" André was such a perve!

"We'll see on Saturday, but don't put any money on it. Let's play it by ear, OK!" Juan said.

"And Johann on Friday? Is he going to be allowed some benefits? I know baby bro would love to!" Really André? Are you really my twin brother?

"Ahhh! My love's secret lover and admirer! As long as I'm there, yes we could have some fun. Let's see how it develops," Juan said.

I slept like a baby in the arms of my love. I was one happy chappy.


On Thursday morning my iPhone beeped. It was from Gunther!

"Sorry. Did not mean problem. Was nice. Juan is nice man. I like you and Andre. Hope we can do it again. G"

Well, it was clear what he had in mind and Saturday night could be the turning point. Either he was going to be allowed into the inner circle, or he'd be banished from our group altogether. I was hoping for the former.

"Es war wunderbar, danke [It was wonderful, thanks]. Glad you and J could talk. Looking forward to Saturday. We'll give you true SA food! A"

The rest of the day was just a normal day on the campus. At 11 we had coffee in the 'kaf' with classmates. One of the girls who could - like most of the others, including our lecturers - not tell the difference between us, was flirting with us. She was a really nice girl but we didn't know how to get the message across to her that we were actually taken, and most definitely not interested in girls! They made wonderful friends, but nothing more - we were just not wired that way. That morning it was different. The girl really put the moves on us. I was so tempted to pull the rug out from under her, but how! I wasn't afraid that people would find out we were gay, but I was involved with my brother, and another guy. It was unheard of and even many gays would frown upon such a liaison. So, we just bit the bullet and pushed ahead. André's jokes helped and soon it was time to go back to class. Saved by the bell.

During lunch, my iPhone beeped again and it was from an unknown number. My godd! All the messages on one day!

"Thank you. Again please. Talk to Juan. I want to see you again. Mario"

Where did he get my number? Juan was the only one to give him a number. Perhaps he wrung it out of Pieter? Oh no! I hoped Pieter would keep his mouth shut.

"OK. Where did you get my number? Be careful. Juan and André don't know. Will contact you. Silencio? Anton"

He answered: "No problemo. Number from Pieter. Silencio promise. Must see you soon. Per favore."

Oh blast! Mario had a spectacular cock and I'd just love to experience that again under relaxed conditions and no rush. We'd have to see.


We were in the mall after class when my iPhone beeped again. It was Johann! My godd!

"Thinking of you. Thanks. You're a swell guy. Looking forward to tomorrow night. Hope we could again? J"

Wow! Johann did have one hell of a big cock, which remained rubbery, which made for a fucking that involved no pain at all. It was an experience.

"OK thanks. You? You're swell too. Also looking forward. It might happen, but play by ear. A"

Oh well, at least we know now Juan would not be against it, as long as he was part of it and present. We'd have to see how it panned out.


Friday night we had everything ready for Johann's visit. He'd come for a late afternoon coffee and then stay for dinner and whatever happened afterwards.

I prepared nice curry with small cubes of beef, and savoury rice and a tomato sambal. I also got us some wonderful sticky pudding from Woolworths. All was set. The curry was bubbling away and the wine was ready. André and Juan were on their MacBooks and checked emails.

"Anton, come check this out!" André called. "It's from Alessandro and Sven."

I checked on the curry again and put the lid back on. The kitchen smelled divine. I went to see what Alessandro sent. There were some pics of them in and around London and even on a canal boat. They were hugging and kissing and Jean Pierre was in almost every picture. He was a true hunk. His wavy black hair was cut fairly short and his kissable mouth delectable. Then the shocker: in one picture the three of them were sitting in an underground train with their pants open, hard cocks out. They were the only passengers in that part of the coach. There was one pic showing a gentleman reading a newspaper with white iPod earphones in his ears. The next pictures showed how Alessandro was sucking Jean-Pierre's big cock, how Jean-Pierre was sucking Sven, and one of Sven facing forward, lowering his butt over Alessandro's cock. Then of the cock in Sven's butt and one where Jean-Pierre was sucking Sven's cock.

They had some nerve! We were not going to play along with such dangerous games when we visit them in London, that was for sure!

I had the coffee machine at the ready. I just needed to switch it on. I had the mugs set out and some nice home-made biscuits Mom bought at a fête.

'Ding-dong', the doorbell rang at 4 o'clock. As professional as he was behind a camera and as good a lover he was in bed, so on time was Johann. We have heard from Claude that it was one of Johann's pet peeves when people were late for appointments. To him, time was money and good photography couldn't be rushed.

Juan was in the bathroom and André was saving the last pictures from Alessandro in our special folder, marked FOEO - For Our Eyes Only. I went to the front door and opened.

Johann stood there, as dashing as always, dressed like a movie star and with a bunch of flowers, wine (carrying coals to Newcastle!) and Belgian chocolate. What a guy.

"Hi there! You come bearing gifts! We had our birthdays 2 weeks ago and it's not Christmas yet. Or are you buttering us up for ... hmmm ... you know what!" I joked with him.

"Hallo sexy man! So nice to see you ... it IS Anton, I hope? Anton?" Johann said and stammered.

"Yes, it's Anton. André would have ribbed you by now. Come on in. Thanks for these gifts. It really is not expected, but thanks nonetheless. Come."

Johann leaned in and handed me the wine, and holding the chocolate and flowers in either hand, he pulled me in for a hug. His insanely big cock was pushing against mine.

"Careful there tiger," I whispered. "Let's not ruin this before it even started. I want it, but let's play it by ear, OK?"

"So there is a chance ... really?" Johann asked.

"Yes, but let's not push it. Juan has to take the lead, OK?"

André put his MacBook aside and pulled Johann in for a hug. "You didn't have to bring gifts and flowers to pay to get a piece of my baby bro's ass. It's on the menu! *Just play it cool!* Did you bring your toothbrush and clean underwear?" André ribbed Johann and because Johann's hands were full, André blatantly put his hand over Johann's bulge and swooned: "Oh. My. Godd! What a python! And it's not asleep either! You dogg! Baby bro, you're in for a good fucking again tonight! Hmmmm!"

"André, cool it! The man has just arrived! Come, let me take the wine and chocolates from you. Sit, and sit far away from my brother. He will corrupt you if you sit too close. A glass of Coke to wash down the dust?"

"Yes, please. I'll come with you. Where could I put these? Do you have a vase?"

"In the kitchen."

I led the way and in the kitchen.

"What smells so good? Curry? Malay curry is my favourite! Hmmm!"

"Yes, Cape Malay curry. Mom gets the stuff from a supplier in Cape Town. Magic stuff."

I reached for the vase on top of the cupboard, but it was just out of reach where Juan put it. "Here, let me help you," Johann said, standing right behind me pushing his bulge into my crack. The dogg! I pushed my hand between us and felt the substantially big rubbery cock in his pants. He gasped and almost dropped the vase.

"*I almost dropped your vase! You make me so fucking horny!*"

Johann took the vase and put the flowers in water. I put the white wine in the fridge with the other wine I had in there already. The chocolates were left on the counter.

I poured four glasses of Coke and we sat down.

Juan arrived from the bathroom and got a hug and a kiss. "You look fantastic, man! I'd like to see you in FRONT of a camera some time. You're too sexy and look so suave!"

"Erm ... I have done some modelling, but prefer to be behind the camera. After a while, you'd understand. After tomorrow's shoot, you'll know what I mean."

"About tomorrow, do we have to come to your place and then get into your car?"

"Yes, it's on our way, so it'll save time. I have to be there early - 7 o'clock! - to set up and test the lights and other equipment. The shoot supplies water and drinks, and eats. You have to bring hats and sunblock. And don't forget to put sunblock on the top edges of your ears and on top of your feet. Your noses, lips and forearms are also at risk. The make-up artists will work over the sunblock." Johann enlightened us.

"So the client will supply all the clothes and shoes? And we get to bring it home ...?" André put in.

"Yes, this is a big client and they always give the models the gear. That's why you had to fill out the measurements sheets for Claire. And you're in luck. I've seen the list of clothes they want in their catalogue - you're getting the latest range of summer clothes, ready for the summer!" Johann told us.

"I can't wait! I hope they have nice colours and enough for us all!" André put in.

"The client is very excited about the two of you, and the fact that you're so identical. They want me to make the best of that. The stylist and editor are very exited. And so am I! You're going to be stars! Excited?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" André gushed. No ribbing ... André?

"What about me? Where will I fit in?" Juan asked.

"Oh my man! You're going to be in the centre of all the action! Everything will centre around you. The boys would be next to you, in front of you, behind you. You're going to be like the older brother. And I have some great ideas to make your first shoot ground breaking. This will set you on a great path of modelling. You'll see. It's going to be fun."

"Will we be required to go into the cold water?" I asked.

"Yes, unfortunately you'll have to, but I'll time it around midday. But, around 12 to 2 the light is harsh. If it's not cloudy, we'll have to use large umbrellas and large screens. But, that's our problem. You just ensure you are your gorgeous selves. We'll look after the rest and ensure you look spectacular," Johann enthused. He was in his element.

"Coffee and koeksisters?" I enquired.

"Oh yes, please! After fucking a gorgeous guy like you, and perhaps handling a Nikon, koeksisters are my favourite! Thanks!" Johann said.

Juan and André were talking about the shoot and the clothes. They were as excited as boys before Christmas!

I got up to switch on the coffee machine.

"I'll help you," Johann offered and followed me into the kitchen. "You look so dashing today ... my godd! And you smell so nice ...!"

"Are you sure you've got the right twin? Hmmm!" I ribbed Johann.

"Ah ... oh my godd! I don't know. Do I have the wrong guy? Don't mess with me! You guys are so identical, I'm still learning to distinguish between you. It is you, Anton ...?" Johann asked and sounded worried.

"Yes, it's me. I'm just ribbing you! And thanks. You look very dashing yourself. You really know how to dress," I complimented him. "*And that huge thing is obscenely visible ... wow!*" I whispered. I checked and saw Juan and André were busy on their iPhones. I put my hand out and ... fuck! He was almost hard! "*Phew! How do you do it?*"

"*It's you, man! You drive me mad! I could fuck you right here, right now! And never stop! I really need to fuck you as often as possible. Argh! My libido is through the roof!*" Johann groaned and pulled my buttocks against his insanely big bulge. I groaned. I loved Juan and André, but sex with this man put sex on a different level altogether. I loved his cock in me! Fuck!

"*Just cool it. If all goes according to plan, you could claim a piece of my ass again tonight. I'm looking forward to it. Hmmm! Juan might want to double with you ...!*"

"*Fuck! Really? Oh my godd! That would be great! Just feel this!*" Juan enthused and I felt his huge cock - it was as hard as it gets when it was erect. I groaned and wished it were 10 o'clock so this man could fuck me again!

We went back into the lounge with the coffee and koeksisters. The new coffee blend I got from the shop was wonderful. It was a mix of 3 different coffees of different roasting levels. With a pinch of salt added in the ground coffee in the filter, it was fantastic. I love coffee! As I love big cocks! As I love getting fucked. As I love cum! As I love beautiful hairy hung men! As I love big hairy feet! And the list continues ... I thought.

"These koeksisters are out of this world! Where did you get them my love?" Juan asked. "Hmmmm! Crispy outside and filled with syrup. Perfect!"

"I got them from the home industry shop at the mall, Tant Ralie se Kombuis [Aunt Ralie's Kitchen]. The number of the baker is number 13. She - or he - is a wiz. They're perfect!" I said.

We lounged around and watched some FINA swimming and screamed like banshees when Chad le Clos won his fourth gold medal in the short-bath event. The beautiful boy was like a fish in the water. What a golden boy! One of South Africa's best ever.

"We've rented our flat out to a German doctorate student. He moves in next Friday after we've moved into La Rochelle," I said.

"Oh yes. Nice guy?" Johann asked.

"Yes, he is a very nice guy. He came to look at the flat on Wednesday. He is taking the flat with the furniture. This way there is space in the townhouse for my stuff in storage," Juan said. "He and I might be working on a project next year, perhaps leading to a Ph. D. for me! I'm so excited!"

"Good! Love to meet him," Johann said.

"You will - he is also coming to our housewarming next Saturday. Actually, when you see him, you'll agree he could just as well be signed up by Boss as well! He is very sexy!" André put in.

"Down boy! Let Johann see for himself. But, he is a looker, that is for sure," Juan said.

"OK. What have you guys heard of Mario since last weekend?" Johann asked. My blood ran cold ...

"He actually called this afternoon, to be honest. I've forgotten to tell the boys. He wants to come have coffee on Sunday afternoon. He has to come see the manager in his restaurant here in Stellenbosch and would like to come see us. So boys? OK? Johann, you could come too if you wanted," Juan said.

"I think he has the hots for baby bro. You up for a big Italian salami?" André put in. How the hell did he know that? "The way he looked at you ... Hmmm-hmm!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. He could have looked at you ...!" I put in.

"Pieter said he is a sex dogg and that he loves to fuck, and that he'd love to visit us. So, the one that is - usually! - fucked around here, is Anton. So, my love? Would you be up for it?"

"I don't know, but after Pieter and Johann, I should be able to. Would you not mind?"

"No, I'd be there, remember. And actually Mario is a nice guy. I like him and I think he would be a gentleman," Juan said. "And if Pieter is correct, this man might be the ultimate fuck machine with a huge Italian horsecock. If he were interested, would you bottom for him?"

"I suppose. But if it is too big ..."

" You'll be OK! I have to be honest: after seeing you take on Johann's big cock and then Pieter and Johann together ... I'm impressed. I would love to see you take that big one ... hmmm! Just look at what talking about sex has done to me: all horned up!" Juan said.

André leapt and grabbed Juan's cock and exclaimed: "Oh my godd! Feel this! The sex dogg is hard! Bro! You're a sex maniac! Feel it baby bro!"

I was boned up myself, thinking of Mario fucking me again, but this time with no pressure and in a bed ... oh my godd! I was a slut! I leaned over and felt Juan's cock. It was almost rock hard! I gave it a grope and he groaned.

"Watch it, I'll rape you right here!"

"What about you, Johann? Hard too?" André said and grabbed Johann's crotch. "Fuck! Everybody is boned! Let's go fuck!"

"Not so fast! Dinner first!" I poured some water on the fires raging in my men.

"Anton is right. After dinner we could take this party to the bedroom. Stupid question, but here goes: are you interested in a piece of my love's ass again? Or perhaps some of André's ass?"

André took a swipe at Juan's head and growled: "No fucking ways! You've maimed me for life and I'm still recovering after you tricked me on Sunday morning. Johann, stay away! Anton's ass should be enough ass in one bed!"


We had dinner and the curry was a big success. With the curry powder Mom buys in Cape Town, one just couldn't go wrong.

By 09:30 we've had our fill and we opted to have coffee later.

"Come baby bro! Go get ready. Here are three hard big cocks ready to plug you. I'll keep these two sex perves occupied while we wait for you. Come on! Chop! Chop!" André could be so blunt ...

I did take a dump earlier just before dinner, and now completed it and thoroughly douched. My hole was squeaky clean.

When I entered the bedroom, André was applauding. "Ahhhh! Just look at him! My baby bro ... hmmm! Come here! Let's have some fun!" André clapped his hands and whooped. Animal! His cock was rock-hard and he was fingering it's big head.

The three men on the bed were spectacular in every way. Juan was tall, had almost black hair, his body was covered in black hair and his cock was a huge tube steak 28cm long, uncut and a prime source of sexual pleasure.

André was my carbon clone, and although he was identical to me in every respect, I still loved seeing him. He was just over 1,82m tall, also had black hair and had a hairy body. His 23cm uncut cock has been my source of pleasure since we were 13, and he started fucking me when we were around 17. I loved him dearly.

And then there was Johann, the super hunky hung photographer we've met a week ago. He was tall, had blond hair cut into a nice short cut, had a moustache and had the most amazing cock. It was at least 29cm long, thick and the rubbery feel of it was exquisite - it never got rock hard. And he could fuck for hours and cum again and again. He was an expert lover and knew how to make a bottom feel really good.

Juan took a swipe at André's head and said: "My love, just ignore this perve. Come here ..." He patted the bed next to him and opened his arms. His magnificent cock was hanging over his thigh, almost touching the bed.

Johann was lying on his side on the far side of the bed and his insanely big cock was ready for action. Ahhhh! What a magnificent cock, and I'd have that in me soon ... hmmmm!

My cock was semi-hard and was climbing steadily ... It brushed against Juan's huge cock when I moved to lie down next to him. He embraced me and pulled me in for a kiss. His now familiar mouth felt so good on my lips and our soft love-filled kiss soon became hot as Juan's tongue pushed into my mouth. He took my cock and held it together with his huge cock. He was already leaking precum. André was stroking my back and kissing my neck. He might sound like he didn't care, but he did. And he loved me. His other hand was already playing with my buttocks. Sex hound!

Johann leaned closer and put his hand on my chest and played with my dark silky chest hair. Hmmm!

After a while, Juan took a break and fell back on his back. "You're too much my love! Just feel my hard wet cock! Oh my godd!"

Johann put his hand on Juan's cock and jacked it. "Any day as big and nice as mine. A magnificent cock in every way." He leaned in and took Juan's cock in his mouth. This man was here for more than just sex. He licked Juan's cockhead and pushed the skin back.

Juan's 28cm cock slipped in deeper into Johann's mouth and Juan started to gasp. "Oh my godd! Johann, you're a master cocksucker! Oh fuck!"

André had my cock in his mouth now and the head was slipping into his throat. Ahhhh! My bro might act like he was a non-caring man, but he was a nice guy.

Johann pushed Juan's big cock deeper and it happened! Juan's cock was disappearing into Johann's throat. Unbelievable! André and I just couldn't manage to do that, and Johann did it! Fuck!

Then Johann pulled off Juan's cock. Juan looked at him in admiration for this mammoth achievement and pulled him in for a deep kiss. Hmmm! Juan was mellowing nicely.

"May I have the first go at Anton please? I want to make it special for you all, please?" Johann said.

"I thought André would be first. André? You OK that Johann fucks Anton first?"

"The sex dogg just wants to brag with his big cock! And I'm sure he wants to have seconds too! Am I right, or am I right?" André put in.

"Bragging? No, but I do want to go first and then have seconds a little later. I could never get enough of this, doing it only once. It's just too fucking special! OK?"

"My love, you up for it? OK if Johann goes first?" Juan asked, tousling my hair.

"Oh, OK. Yes, it's OK." I put in. Here it comes! Oh my godd! I'm going to have his magnificent rubbery cock in me again!

"Enjoy my love!"

I climbed over Juan to Johann. André took Juan's cock and started sucking. Juan turned around so they were in a 69-position and André's cock disappeared into his mouth.

I took Johann's huge rubbery cock in my hand. It was sopping wet and once again I was amazed at the size and feel of the huge cock in my hands. It was nothing short of a miraculous cock. I lowered my head and sucked the huge uncut head into my mouth. It was huge and the head filled my mouth. It was leaking lots and lots of precum, which tasted so good. Johann groaned and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. "Ahhhh! That feels good!"

Next to us Juan was fingering André's hole, but André wasn't having any of that again. He pulled away and declared that there would be sucking but no fucking. "No fucking, thank you very much! Your fucking cock is just too insanely big! You horse!"

Johann pulled me off his cock and pushed me on my back. He lifted his body onto me and lied down with his full weight on me. Ahhhh! It felt great! His huge cock pushed on my body and reached up to my chest, smearing lots of precum on my body. He kissed me ... oh my godd! This man was a phenomenon. I really, REALLY liked him and everything he did to me. His kissing, his hairy body, his cock, his kissing, his fucking ... his hands ... his feet ... his cum ... oh my godd! This man was something else. And I knew he had fallen in love with me. And I liked him, but ... love? I didn't know.

His big tongue was in my mouth and his big hands were on my cheeks. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes and kissed me lightly ... His enormous cock throbbed rubbery between us. My own cock at 23cm looked puny against this giant.

"Some special fucking again, my man?" he said into my mouth.

"Yessss! Please! Do it! Ahhhh! Fuck, you're driving me mad!"

"OK, be prepared. All the stops out. I want to make it super special. OK ...ready?"

"Yess! Just do it, please!"

Johann sat up between my legs and pushed them up to my chest to expose my hole. He leaned down and kissed my asshole. "You're always so super clean! I appreciate that!" He leaned in and pushed his long tongue into my hole. It felt amazing and fantastic. He leaned towards the nightstand and took some of the Italian lube and put it on his long fingers.

He put in one finger and pushed it right to the knuckles in one continuous push. He pulled out and added a finger. The two fingers were pushed in knuckle-deep in my hole in one continuous push. He pulled out and did the same with three fingers! Oh my godd! It felt good and I relaxed. I was in good hands. This man only wanted to make love to me! There, I've thought about it: he wanted to make love to me! And, I didn't mind. I actually started to love him a bit too ...!

Johann took my cock in his hand and jacked it. I had to stop him as I was getting close ... my fuck! We've just begun and already I wanted to cum! This man was driving me wild!

He sat back and lubed up his cock. He put the huge head on my hole and pushed forward. I groaned ... The big head stretched me and started to enter me. Johann pulled back and pushed in again, this time deeper. The head slipped through my sphincter and I groaned! Fuck, it felt good!

Johann took my legs and put them over his arms. He leaned in deeper and his huge rubbery cock slowly entered my hole. I was filled good! He pulled out a bit and pushed in deeper. His huge cockhead scraped over my prostate and I felt how a lot of precum and a bit of cum was pushed out of me. Oh my godd!

When he reached my inner sphincter he stopped and just maintained a steady slight push. My sphincter gave way and the big head popped through. Ahhhh! Oh oh oh! I was in heaven.

He pushed in deeper and eventually I felt his huge balls on my buttocks. He held still and he twitched his cock deep inside me. I clenched my hole over Johann's cock and he groaned. He leaned in and kissed me. This man was a keeper, I thought! Oh my godd! You have fallen for him! No! I can't, but I have fallen for him! My godd! I shouldn't but who could blame me! He was gorgeous and was a good fuck! My godd!

Johann pulled back and put my legs over his shoulders and really went in deep. He groaned and fucked me really good.

"Ready for your special treatment, my man?" Johann stopped fucking me and held still.

"Ahhh! OK, do it! Please! Give it to me! Fuck me!" I gasped.

"OK ... here it comes."

Joahnn pushed my knees up to my chest and really fucked me. His breath started to become laboured and deep. He was about to cum.

And then it happened. He slammed into me and groaned deeply. As his cock was starting to pulsate, he pulled out until the big head was in me, and when the cum started to spurt, he pulled out and sprayed it on my hole and pushed in immediately through the cum, pulled out, cum, in through the cum ... at least ten times. It was fucking spectacular.

I hovered on the verge of cumming. Oh my godd! This man was a master at love-making!

Next to us Juan and André were watching this master fucker delivering a huge load on and in me. It was fantastic. When the last spurt was pushed back into me, he pushed his huge cock home and collapsed on top of me. Fuck, I loved to feel his body pushing down on me with its full weight. His big cock was still deep in me and the last of his cum was oozing into me. I was breathing deep to prevent my cock from erupting ... but, it was difficult! Fuck, this was even better than the first time ... Johann was a master fucker!

He leaned in and kissed me gently. His tongue wasn't invading my mouth. It was lightly brushing my lips and just slipped into my mouth, leaving his spit flowing into my mouth. It was insanely nice!

"OK? Did you enjoy that? Do I get a gold star?" Johann kissed me again.

"Oh fuck yes! It was wonderful! Thanks!"

"I'm pulling out, OK? And later I'd be back for seconds. Do your best not to cum until then, OK?" Johann said.

"Oh my fuck! I don't know if I'd manage, but I'll try!" I was so fucking horny! Would it even be possible?

As Johann started to pull the huge cock out of me, I clamped my hole over it and felt the head just inside me.

"OK, here it comes!" and the magnificent cock was out of me!

"André, you next?" Johann asked.

"Yess, but fuck! I don't know if I cold emulate you my man! You're really the man!" André enthused as he moved in to fuck me.

"Nothing wrong with your fucking, bro! I still love your cock! Come, fuck me!" I told André and tousled his hair.

André approached me with his big hard cock in hand. "Oh, my godd! Just look at my baby bro's hole! It's sopping wet! Johann, you're a horse!"

André bent over me and sucked my cock into his mouth. Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! I was in heaven! My bro knew how to suck cock! He sucked my cock right into his throat and I had to pull him off. I was getting too close! Oh fuck! I was enjoying this so much.

He took some of Johann's cum and put it on his cock. There was a lot of cum! He pushed my legs up and leaned in to kissed me. He was tender, loving and caring. While my legs we on my chest, I felt his big cockhead pushing on my hole. It slipped in! I groaned into André's mouth. Oh my godd! I've just been fucked with a huge cock, but André's cock felt so good! Oh my godd!

André held still and taking his mouth off my mouth, he asked: "You OK baby bro?" I groaned: "Yessss!" and he pushed in slowly. His cock went straight past my prostate - I shuddered - and through my internal sphincter - I groaned - until he was in balls-deep. Wow! Bro!

He held still and made his cock twitch. It felt huge in me. I groaned.

"Still OK, baby bro?"

"Oh yessss! It feels great! You're such a stud! I love you bro!" I gushed.

André pulled back and pushed my legs onto my chest and started to fuck me. He fucked me with long deep thrusts. Every time his big cockhead scraped over my prostate, I battled to keep from cumming. Bro was giving it to me big time!

He pulled out completely and made the head swell up and pushed it back into me with one long deep thrust. Oh my godd!

André repeated it and I groaned. He was really making it feel good.

"I'm going to cum baby bro! More of the Johann special?"

"Oh yess! Please!"

André fucked me and I felt the hard cock getting harder. His breathing was shallow and fast. At the last minute he pulled out and sprayed my hole. He pushed in but missed and two spurts ended up on my balls and cock! He took his cock with his hand and pushed it into me again. And out again, cum, back in. By the fifth shot, bro was starting to collapse! He was in sensory overdrive! He gasped and groaned.

"Oh my godd! This will kill me! Oh my fuck! This was fantastic! Fuck!"

André was breathing deeply and was shuddering. He was finished. He collapsed on top of me and pushed his head in the crook of my neck. His cock was still spasming in me. He whispered: "I thought I was going to die! Oh my godd! Baby bro, I love you more, if that is even possible. Wow ...!'

I stroked his hair and said: "I love you very much my beautiful sexy bro. I never want to be without you - ever!"

He caught his breath and lifted his head. André looked into my eyes: "Baby bro, despite of that big oaf over there and this hung hunk here, you are the most important person in my life. I love you more than words could ever say," and he kissed me. It was a kiss of love and it was sincere.

He put his head against my neck again and kissed my ear. He sighed and squeezed my shoulder and stroked my cheek. Oh fuck! What a man! What a brother! I love you bro!

"Before you book in for the night, here is a big cock that wants some of the spoils please!" Juan put in and gave André's buttocks a loving rap.

"Owww! You uncivilised oaf! Can't you see my baby bro and I are having a moment here together? Where is your compassion?" André complained.

Juan held his hand about 50cm above André's buttocks and threatened: "Want some more? This time, no love! Get a move on, bro!"

"This would be a really, really good reason to neuter him! My godd! What an animal! Sheez!" André pretended to be hurt and lifted off me. His cock was now rubbery and my balls were soaked. My bro sprayed me good. He pulled his cock out and when the head plopped free, he groaned. "Sensitive! Sensitive!" It must have been quite an orgasm for my bro!

My cock was still rock-hard and leaking lots of precum on my tummy. Juan, I hope your big cock will not make me cum, I thought! Johann was still lined up for seconds ...

Juan got a playful jab against his chin as he pushed past André to get to me. They are so adorable! Juan leaned down and kissed me gently. "You OK, my love? Not too much? That looked spectacular! I hope I can deliver the same performance!" His kiss was soft and gentle and I felt the love this big beautiful man had for me.

His huge cock was pressed against my body and the head almost reached my chest. It was sopping wet and twitched between us.

"I'm very horny and won't last long. Do you want the same from me?" Juan asked.

"Not necessarily. I'm fine with whatever you do."

"Why don't you lie on your back and let Anton sit on your cock, Juan," Johann suggested.

"OK. You OK with it my love?" Juan asked.

"Yes, it's fine."

We switched places and Juan held his huge cock perpendicular to his hairy body. It was one hell of a cock. Wow! I sat on my knees over him and aimed my hole over his cock. It was covered in precum and my hole was sopping wet. There was a lot of cum from two different cocks.

"Here, have some lube, just in case. Juan is seriously big," Johann said and handed me the fancy Italian lube. I squirted some on my fingers and lubed Juan's big cock. I smeared the rest over my wet hole and lowered my hole onto Juan's cock. The huge head pierced my now loose hole and the head slipped in. I gasped and pulled off again.

I tried again and slowly sat down on this magnificent cock. It slipped in and I held still and clenched my hole and pushed out. The huge shaft started to advance into my hole. Oh my godd! Once again, it felt fantastic to feel this loving man's big cock in me.

I leaned forward while this huge cock was sliding into me and kissed Juan. He pulled me closer and bucked his hips up. He slid into me with one fell swoop. He was in and he was kissing me hungrily.

"Oh my godd, my love! Oh ... my ... godd! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" And he started to fuck me hard and deep. He was clinging to me and kissed me deeply.

He pushed me into an upright position and really fucked me. After a couple of deep thrusts, he shouted: "I'm going to cum! Oh no! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!" He pulled me down onto him again and shoved his big cock into me and it started to spasm. He was cumming.

"Oh fuck! This is fantastic! My love! I'm sorry! Did I hurt you? Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" His huge cock was huge inside me and was pumping one hell of a load into me. Juan pulled my head onto his shoulder and pushed his face onto my shoulder. He held me so tight it felt he would never let go of me again.

"I love you so very much! I love you! I love you ... oh my godd! I love you my love!" He had his one big hand behind my head and the other was around my back, and of course his huge cock was in me.

"I love you too, my love! You know that! You and André are my life! I love you!" I said into his ear.

Juan sighed and his body gave one last shudder. I felt his cock going slightly soft and I clenched my hole over it. He shuddered once more and said: "Slowly there tiger! I'm spent my love! You're killing me!"

He hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Oh my love! How I love you!"

"Oh please! You're just an ogre lusting after our bodies! Baby bro, he is big on sweet talk! Mom has always warned us: Be careful of men like this, but did we listen? No! And just look what that oaf has, pushed balls-deep into you! My poor baby bro! After Sunday, I know what you have to endure! What an oaf!" André ranted on.

Juan took a swipe at him and hit him on the back.

"Owww! And a hitter too! I'm calling Dad! OAF!"

"Put a sock in it, or I'll tie you naked to a lamppost! Behave!" Juan warned jokingly. They were a pair together!

I looked to the other side and saw Johann was fingering his huge cock. It was very hard and sopping wet. Oh my godd! He still wanted seconds! Oh my godd! I'm fucked wholesale again tonight!

He winked at me and asked: "Still OK if I have seconds, please? You still OK?"

"Yes of course. I'm fine, thanks."

Johann got onto his knees and moved in between Juan's legs.

"Just let me get off Juan ..." I heard Johan opening the lube ... Oh my godd! He actually wants to double fuck me with Juan's huge cock still in me!

"Juan's cock is too big! No Johann!" I protested.

"Trust me, you'll be able to handle it. Last weekend you handled Pieter's cock and mine. Just relax, OK? I won't hurt you, I promise!"

"OK, but give Juan's cock some more time to get softer!" I pleaded.

Johann's hand with lube was lifting me up from Juan's cock. I felt how he put his hand around Juan's now rubbery cock and felt him squeeze it. "Rubbery already. It's OK. I'm coming in. Sit down on him again and lean forward. And relax. André, where is the poppers, please?"

André opened the nightstand and handed me the poppers. Oh my godd! I'm going to be double-fucked again! Oh fuck!

Johann put some more lube on my hole showing around Juan's cock and he put one of his long fingers in on top of Juan's cock. I gasped ... Oh fuck!

He pulled his finger out and pushed two fingers in! He moved his fingers around inside me. Oh fuck! I opened the poppers and took a deep whiff. My head started to spin. Euphoria washed over me.

Johann pulled his fingers out and I felt him position himself behind me. He put his one hand on my back and I felt his cockhead on top of Juan's cock pushing into me. Oh fuck!

Johann didn't force his cock in. He applied a constant pressure and all of a sudden, my hole opened and the huge rubbery cock head slipped into my hole! Oh my godd! Oh fuck! It felt awesome! Juan's cock was still big but rubbery, and Johann's big rubbery cock was filling my hole too.

He held still and twitched his cock. I groaned and Juan gasped.

I took another whiff of the poppers.

"I can feel that! Oh my godd! I feel that! You horn dogg!" Juan gasped. "Give me that poppers!" Juan sniffed the poppers and groaned. I could have sworn his cock came alive again! Oh fuck! Juan was slowly getting hard again!

Johann pulled out and positioned his cock on my hole again. He pushed and again, he waited till my hole opened to allow him in. He slowly pushed in and soon he was in balls-deep. He leaned over me and kissed my neck. I took another whiff of the poppers. Yes, fuck me! Oh godd! Just fuck me!

"OK my man? How does it feel? Great?" Johann asked and twitched his cock 29cm deep in me.

I groaned and Juan pulled me closer to him and hugged me. "You OK my love?"

"Yes, I'm OK."

"Oh my godd! Baby bro! That looks fantastic! I want to feel that too with Johann in your hole! Next time I want in please Johann! Baby bro? Please? Fuck! That is so hot! I'm hard again!" André ranted on.

"OK, next time. But now I want to fuck your brother into an earth-shattering orgasm. Anton, let go and if you want to cum, let fly. I'm going to fuck you now and make you feel good. OK?" Johann asked.

"Yess! OK! Fuck me! I want to cum with you! Oh fuck!" I whimpered. "I'm close!"

Johann pulled out about two-thirds of his huge rubbery cock and shoved it deep into me again and repeated it. It felt great to feel this huge cock rubbing against my inside, against Juan's big cock already in me. I was already teetering on the brink of no return ... oh fuck!

"I'm going to cum Anton! OK? Some of the same special treatment? Yes?"

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming too! Yess! Fuck me! Just fuck me! I'm cumming!" I screamed! "Fuck me!"

Johann's cock was really making me going to cum. I felt it coming on.

And then it happened ... My cock shot a load of note onto Juan's tummy, on his chest, against his chin, on his mouth ... and I felt Johann's cock pull out and his first cum sprayed my hole. My cock kept on spurting while Johann was cumming and pushing back into me through the cum. He shot many loads - I didn't count, my head was spinning - and I collapsed on my big man's chest. I had two huge cocks in me and was covered in cum, back to front.

Johann pushed his big cock deep into me and lied down on top of me, stroking Juan's hands around my chest. He kissed the big beautiful hands and sighed. "Thanks guys! You have no idea what this means to me ... you make me feel very special. I'm privileged to have met guys like you." He put a hand out and pulled André closer.

I felt Juan letting go of me to pull André into the circle. "I love you buddy! I really truly and deeply love you. You are an important person in our lives. Come here ... " Juan said. André crawled in next to us and put his head on Juan's shoulder. André put his one hand over my back and pulled himself close to Juan. "Ahhhh! I love you guys too! Are you OK, baby bro?"

"I'm more than fine. I have the three most important men in my life in me and next to me and on top of me ...! I love you guys. You make me feel so special ... I love you guys!" I whispered. Did I just declare my love for Johann ...? Really? What will Juan and André say to that? Oh fuck!

"Yes, we've fought against it, but it's no use. We love you Johann. You're already more than a friend with benefits. You're such a fantastic guy, one just cannot help liking you ... loving you! Fuck yes, we love you, you camera clicker!" Juan groaned.

"As long as I'm not the one who is going to have to sleep on the bed mat! Yes man, we love you. You are one hell of a guy and with that huge schlong, you've really bewitched my baby bro! He can't get enough of it! But, be careful of this ogre! He has no upbringing and the only culture he has, is agriculture! He's a real oaf!" André joked. He got a slap on the head for it!

"Thanks boys ... you're three special men. I have fallen in love with you all a week ago already. And, the sex with you and fucking Anton isn't the main ingredient. I think you're stunningly beautiful and sexy, and I love your company. Thanks for allowing me into the circle of love. I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks ..." and he squeezed our hands and arms and backs and his cock twitched in me.

Oh my godd ...! This relationship was getting complicated ... I hoped we could work it out and make it work.

"OK, I'm drenched in cum. Time for a shower. Get off us and out of Anton. Move André! Let's get into the shower." Juan directed.

"Oh godd, you are such a party pooper! Just when we're having a special moment, you have to ruin it! Such and oaf!" André put in and got a jab in his side for it.

"Listen, Poepies! I'm the alpha male, so just do it, and you might live to see the sun rising tomorrow! Now, move! I'm dying for coffee and a koeksister!"

= To be continued =



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