When we left Alessandro and Sven on the rocks, we were still very hard and randy. André threatened "I'd pay dearly" for not telling him I loved him recently. I couldn't wait!

Back at the flat Dad told us to get ready for dinner. The coals were already going for a nice South African braai (barbecue) of "boerewors" (sausage) and lamb chops. Mom was busy preparing "braaibroodjies" (savoury sandwiches) to be grilled after the meat was done. She ordered us to lay the table and then go clean up.

In the bathroom, we ripped our clothes off and fell into each other's arms, clinging to each other for dear life.

"André, what did we experience today?! That was awesome! I'd love to taste Alessandro's huge cock again. At least we tasted their cum. It was very nice."

André grabbed his hard cock in his one hand and pointed to it with his eyes ...

"And what, my dear fellow, is this? Would you care for a cock that's not 24cm but it's here and it's available ... Care to try it with mine now? Hmmm?"

I hugged André and kissed him, and with my mouth still on his mouth, I said between our lips, "Yes, of course I'd love to try that! Why do you think I sleep with you and put up with your crap every day? I love you, André!"

"Great choice, it's the correct answer, baby bro!"

He pulled me in close and gave me a deep kiss, his tongue invading my mouth and I sucked hard on his tongue.

We were holding each other's cocks, which were oozing precum again. We rubbed the precum over the heads and got very randy, as if we weren't randy almost most of the day!

I dropped to my knees to face André's big cock. It looked so much bigger up close and there was a lot of precum leaking out of them.

I put my tongue out and licked the precum off his cock head ...

"Ahhhh! Yess! Do it already!" André groaned.

I opened my mouth and put the tip of his big cock head between my lips, licking the piss slit. The taste of his precum was awesome.

André put his hands behind my head and gently pushed his cock into my mouth. The size of his cock head in my mouth felt huge. The whole head disappeared into my mouth and was reaching for my throat. I pulled back a bit to readjust my tongue and positioned myself on the floor in front of André.

"Everything OK, baby bro?"

"Yes, it's OK. Just let me get used to this big thing and we can continue."

André pushed his cock back into my mouth and this time the big cock head pushed against the back of my mouth. I almost felt like I wanted to throw up (not because André's cock was revolting - far from it!).

My eyes were tearing up and I pushed André's cock out again.

"Just relax Anton. You managed with Alessandro today, which is bigger than ours. Just relax your throat and I'll be gentle."

I wiped my eyes and he put his cock back into my mouth. I was determined to succeed doing this. I also wanted André to feel good.

When the cock head reached the back of my mouth, I opened my mouth wide and exhaled. The huge cock head actually entered my throat! The thing felt huge in my throat!

But I pulled off the cock again.

"Phew, baby bro! That was awesome! Try again!"

I nodded and wiped my eyes again. This was not easy.

André's cock moved back into my mouth and I opened up my mouth big and exhaled. The cock head slipped into my throat again and this time André pushed his cock in deeper. I felt the big head disappearing into my throat and felt his pubic hair touching my nose.

"Wow, baby bro! You've done it! It was in all the way!"

It was fantastic, but I had to come up for air. I pulled off André's cock and stood up.

"What's wrong Anton?"

"Nothing, but let me catch my breath first."

He pulled me in and kissed me deeply.

"I can taste my precum on your tongue, Anton! Want to try again? Please?"

I dropped to my knees again and opened my mouth. André's cock was really hard and leaking lots of precum now. I opened my mouth and he pushed his big cock straight in. I opened my mouth wide and with one go the whole thing went in again. André held it still for a while and held my head between his hands, and growled like an animal in pain.

"Fuck, Anton! This is fantastic! We have to do this all the time! I'll try it tonight with you."

I pulled off his cock again just as we heard Mom coming down the passage.

"Boys, how far are you? Dad is about to start the braaiing (grilling) and wants to know if you'd like a glass of wine?"

"Coming Mom!" André called to Mom. If only she knew how close he actually was to blowing his load into my throat.

I was standing very close to him, holding his throbbing wet cock.

"This is not over, baby bro! I want the whole full treatment later on!"

"You got it, André! I want to taste your cum as your cock squirts it into my mouth!"

He pulled me in close and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek.

"Come here you oaf!" He pulled back and looked me in the eyes. He leaned in and gave me a big, tender kiss. Not too much tongue, just a nice loving kiss.

"You know that I love you very much Anton ..."

"Yes, I know - and I love you too André."

We kissed again and then made haste to wash our hands, brushed our hair and ran to our bedroom to get clean T-shirts.

At the braai Dad had just put the wors on the fire and has opened a bottle of our farm's red wine for him and Mom, and a late harvest for us.

"So, what have you been up to today?" Dad asked. "How is the beach and how is the water? Is it cold?"

"The water is like always, a bit cold, but there are some tidal pools where the water is a bit warmer. You and Mom have to come with us" André said.

"Are there many people on the beach?" Mom asked. "Did you perhaps see any familiar people? I know the Myburghs are in the resort just about 2km from here. Did you see them perhaps?"

"No, but we met two guys from London on the rocks where we were drying off" André said. "One is Italian and the other Norwegian. They're studying in London and came here for the holiday."

"They want us to come visit them in London" I put in.

"In good time, young man - in good time" Dad said. "Not yet. When you're more independent, we can talk about it again. Perhaps when you turn 21?"

"What are they studying?" Mom asked.

"They're studying engineering. They're both 20 and aim to finish their Masters before they leave university. They've only just finished their first semester of their studies. Both took a gap-year and will still be there in 3 years' time. We told them they might come visit us on the farm when they come to South Africa again. Will that be OK, Dad?" I put in.

"Yes, I suppose so. When do they intend to come visit again?"

"They're off to the Drakensberg tomorrow and in a couple of days they're returning back to London. Maybe next year again?" André said.

"If they're students, they might not have the money to come again in a year's time. Did you get their contact details?" Dad said. "When you do go to London, they might be able to give you a place to sleep, saving on the expenses, leaving you guys with more money to spend. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. You first have to finish studying at least 3 years of university before I'll allow you to go to London."

"They have our email address. We promised to stay in touch."

"We'll fire up our MacBooks Air tonight and check for emails" I said.

"It sounds like you had a lot to talk about" Mom said.

"Yes, they are two very nice guys and very intelligent too" André put in.

I wondered how he could deduce that they were intelligent by seeing their big cocks and us sucking each other? Oh yes, they were studying engineering. Clever, bro!

After a very good dinner and some nice wine from our cellars, we helped Mom to clear the table and get the dishes in the dishwasher, while Dad put the braai utensils away, and cleaned up outside.

After the cleaning, Mom announced that there was a good classic movie "Coma" on TV she wanted to see. We opted out, as we're not big on old classics with almost no effects. It fades in comparison to today's miracles they achieve with special effects in movies.

Dad poured them each a nightcap and they settled in to watch the movie. We kissed them good-night and headed off to take a shower.

In the bathroom, we were both semi-hard by the time we were undressed.

"Are you ready to try it again, baby bro?"

"Yes, but I think let's have a shower and get to the bedroom before we try again. I'm afraid Dad might hear us or one of them might want to use the toilet when we take too long."

André pulled me closer to him, looked me squarely in the eye and smiled.

"What, André?"

"I just want you to know how happy I am to have you as my twin brother. This is so special to me and every day I love you more and more. You're the best brother anybody could ever wish for. Thanks Anton. Thanks for showing me how much you care by sleeping with me, giving me your love and this ... Sucking is massive! You have no idea how much I like it! But I have other plans for you tonight, baby bro" André said with a grin.

"I also love you, André. And I think you know how much I love you. Sleeping with you and having fun with you is part of who I am. I would never have it any other way. This is the way I also show you how much I love you. It's great sucking your big old cock, big bro! And when you put your big cock into me, I'm like a whole person."

André leaned closer and kissed me. His tongue was flicking on my lips until I opened them. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and I started sucking it. It tasted like the ice cream we just had. We were in a tight embrace, holding on to each other, holding each other's heads, hugging the other one and below, our cocks were rock-hard and leaking lots of precum. I was in heaven.

"So then, baby bro, deep-throat me again. Show big bro how much you've learnt today?"

I let go of André and dropped to my knees.

"Wait! Let me get the shower running in the meantime, before Dad comes to investigate!"

André leaned into the shower booth and turned the tap on a bit so one could hear water running.

He took his rock-hard cock in his hand and held it for me to suck. I opened my mouth and he pushed the head inside. I smelled his precum of earlier and tasted the big amount of precum being released onto my tongue. André said softly "Open wide. Let me in deep please?"

I opened my throat and the head reached the folds in the back of my mouth but the big head got stuck there again.

"What's wrong Anton?"

"I don't know. Just give me a little more time. I'll manage just now."

André pushed his cock in again and waited for me to adjust to its size and held the head right by the entrance to my throat, slightly pushing in. I took a big breath, opened my throat and felt how the big head slipped into my throat. It was in! André continued to push his cock into my throat until his pubic hair was on my nose and his balls were on my chin.

He made his dick swell inside my throat, which made it feel huge! I thought of Alessandro's thick cock in my throat that afternoon. My eyes started to water and I pulled off his cock.

"Wow! That was awesome baby bro! I'm almost ready to shoot a load, man!"

I got up from the floor and gave him a kiss and a hug.

"Come, let's shower and get to bed. We can finish it off there. It's further from the lounge. I'm anticipating a lot of noise from you!"

"OK, baby bro. And since when may you boss me around?" He playfully jabbed his finger in my ribs and ruffled my matted hair. "Yuk! Your hair is oily, bro! Please wash it?!"

After some more horsing around in the shower, we managed to finish our shower, shampooing our hair, towelling dry and we quickly ran to our bedroom at the end of the passage. It's right next to the master bedroom, so we intended to make good use of the hour or so our parents will be glued to the TV.

We locked the door and got the towels off and hung them over the cupboard doors to dry out.

"Anton, let me suck you while you're still only semi-hard."

"Well, then you'll have to hurry, as it is getting hard rapidly!"

We got on the one single bed with me on my back and André between my legs. He took my semi-hard cock in his one hand and cupped my balls in the other one.

"André, get it in your mouth before it's too late!"

André bent down quickly and inserted half my cock into his mouth. It was still very rubbery, but growing rapidly.

I pushed my hips up to get as much of my cock into his mouth before it was completely hard. The head was pushing against the back of André's mouth and the tip of the head started to enter his throat. It felt fantastic! And because of that, my cock was rapidly reaching full hardness. The tip of my cock was pushed down André's throat and the last centimetre slipped in when it was completely hard. André eagerly sucked my cock and played on the underside of my cock with his tongue. I was in balls-deep. It felt fantastic, and it was obvious, André's antics with Sven was paying off! Big bro, you're the master!

André ran out of air and pulled off my cock. His eyes were also watery and after taking a deep breath, he smiled at me and said, "Baby bro, it's a good thing our cocks are not as big as Alessandro's cock. I could just manage to take your cock just now. How was it for you?"

"Great, big bro! Just fucking fantastic!"

André positioned him next to me on his side, resting his head in his left hand, his right hand stroking my chest, my nipples, my tummy and my hard wet cock. He cupped my balls and asked, "Are these full of cum? What do you propose we do with it? Want to squirt it on your tummy or in my mouth? You have an option, baby bro!"

"How about we both sucked each other like we did with Alessandro and Sven today?"

"Good choice, baby bro! Let's do it! But, keep down the noise - you know how noisy you can get when you cum!"

"And you!" I quipped.

We positioned ourselves in a 69 position and went for it. We first licked each other's cocks until they were sopping wet. Our saliva, combined with the precum, made our cocks very slippery in no time. We both opened our mouths wide and after a few attempts, we both managed to get the other cock deep into our throats. Afterwards, we were astonished that we managed to deep-throat each other. It just went to show what a little new experience could do.

I felt a deep love between us while we were sucking each other. André's scent, his hairy legs, his big balls, his big cock in my mouth, his mouth over my cock, his hands massaging my thighs, my back and the slurping sounds we both made - and of course feeling André's body against mine. I could feel his warmth, his hairy body - it was magic.

"I feel like cumming, Anton. How about you? This is fantastic, but I need to cum now. After our experience with the other guys this afternoon and the sucking earlier on, I'm ready to cum again. Please say you too?" André almost pleaded.

I could never say "no" to André for anything, so I pulled off his cock just long enough to say "OK" and popped his big cock back into my mouth, sucking like crazy, moving my head up and down the shaft.

"Yes? Are we going to cum in each other's mouths? Are you ready for it?"

"Why so many questions, André? Just do it, OK? Yes, I'm ready to have you cum in my mouth. Are you ready for it?"

"Yes, baby bro! I just hope you're not going to drown me with your big load!"

"Same to you!"

We continued to suck each other's cock and soon I could feel the cum churning in my loins, getting ready to shoot out. I felt André's cock going harder and heard his breathing become shallower. He was making some noise as well, and I chimed in. It sounded like two puppies growling at each other!

I felt André's balls pull up a bit and his breathing really became very laboured. And he squealed around my cock, and made it very obvious he was about to cum. I could feel I too was fast approaching climax.

All of a sudden my mouth was flooded with André's cum. It was an awesome experience: the vast amount of cum filled every space in my mouth and it felt like some of it might escape between my lips. I desperately pulled his cock out a bit and started to swallow.

At the same time I felt how I was flooding André's mouth. He too pulled off a bit and I could feel how he was swallowing my cum.

We both continued to cum like never before. It was two huge loads shot by the twins!

We started milking the cocks in our mouths to get the last drops out. André was first to pull off my cock.

He pulled me towards him without saying a word. I could see his mouth was still full of my cum. My mouth was also still full of the last of André's cum. I immediately understood what he wanted!

I leaned towards him and our mouths met. When we opened our mouths, we felt the cum in the other mouth and, with our tongues, we mixed the cum and swirled it around our mouths until it was mixed very well. There was no telling whose cum was where.

André pulled away slowly and smiled at me. He opened his mouth and showed me the big load of cum on his tongue. I showed him my mouth too. At the same time we closed our mouths and swallowed.

"Baby bro that was epic! Wow! I definitely want to do that again! It was really cool! Thank you Anton ..." He hugged me closer and held me tight to his chest, stroking my head. My arms were around his body and I rubbed his back.

"Thank you André! Now I love you even more!"

André fell on his back with his arms crossed above his head and gave a soft whistle. His still rubbery cock flopped on his tummy and the very last of his cum was oozing out. I could feel my own cock oozing cum onto my thigh.

"Anton, you are one hell of a brother, bro! That was awesome! Come lie in my arm please? I want to feel you close to me, next to me." He patted the bed next to him and I was too glad to move in next to him on my side.

I nestled into the crook of my big bro's right arm and we settled in, caressing each other. Soon we dozed off. The last thing I remember was André mumbling 'I love you ...' in his sleep, squeezing my shoulder. He stirred and I turned my side with him spooning me from behind as we fell into a deep sleep.

= To be continued =



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