I slept like a baby. My hole was still a little tender after the huge pummelling I took the last 2 days. Herman had a huge cock and was insatiable, not to mention my two sexy beautiful tall hung hunks. No, not Juan and André, but Johann and Gunther! They wanted their huge cocks in me as often as they could. And the previous night's shenanigans were not enough to sate them, not by a long shot.

When I woke up, Johann and Gunther were kissing each other over me. My hole was plugged, of course! Gunther, who else? His 29,5cm cock was twitching in my hole. I put my hand on Johann's crotch ... et voila! The big rubber cock was ready for action too!

I opened my eyes and guessed it to be after 6.

When Johann felt my hand on his cock, he leaned to me and kissed me. "Morning gorgeous! Did you sleep well? Are you OK? How is your hole after Herman plugged you?" Johann whispered.

"Morning my love! I slept well, and you? My hole is fine but it's plugged again, by my other love! Guten Morgen, mein Schatz! [Good morning, my darling]" I whispered.

"Sorry ... but my cock was hard and your hole was there and it slipped in ... just like that!" The German had a sense of humour!

"That big thing is making itself at home in me it seems! Hmmm?" I retorted softly.

"Yes, the Jerry can't get enough of your nice South African booty!" Johann put in and kissed Gunther whose face was now on top of my cheek.

Gunther's cock was in balls-deep and it twitched. Ahhhh! What a wonderful way to wake up! He started to fuck me with long deep and deliberate thrusts. The man did have needs, what could I do? I chuckled and pushed back onto the huge invasion in me. My own cock was rock-hard by then and Johann's hand was squeezing my cock.

Johann pushed his cock on top of mine and jacked both of them. Our precum was smeared all over our cocks and pubic hair. I put my hand on his hairy chest and played with his nipples. He leaned in to me and kissed me. His nice moustache felt great on my mouth and I loved his stubble against my cheeks. His tongue pushed into my mouth gently. This tall hung hunk knew how to kiss!

Gunther was fucking me gently but with quicker thrusts. His breath on my ear became faster and deeper. "Cumming ... cumming soon. I'm cumming! Ahhhh! Cumming!" I felt him pushing his big cock deep into me and it started to spasm. He groaned and held me tight. I was rewarded with a big load of cum being pumped into me. My first load for the day, added to the loads still in me. Slut!

The big cock in me was still throbbing and Gunther fucked me slowly and deeply. He kissed my cheek and rubbed his big hands over my chest and tummy.

"Now me, please my darling? Gunther, please pull out?" Johann said and I felt the big cock being pulled out of me. I clenched my hole and the cock plopped out. Some of the cum in me leaked out.

Johann kissed me and I turned around. My hole was still wet of the lube Gunther used and his cum that leaked out. Johann put his cock between my legs. I took the big rubbery cock and aimed it at my hole and pushed back. Johann pushed forward and the head entered me.

Gunther took my face in his hands and kissed me. "Thanks. You are a spectacular man. I love you very much. Thanks ... hmmmm!" and he kissed me again.

Johann's cock slid deeper into me and soon the whole 29cm was deep inside me. Johann started fucking me immediately. He pushed in deep and pulled out far. His thrusts were urgent and deep. This beautiful moustached man was as insatiable as my German darling. He'd fuck me every 4 hours if he could!

While Johann was fucking me, Gunther was kissing me and his huge hand held my cock. I was very close to cumming myself but willed it away.

Behind me Johann started to groan and pushed his big cock deep into me and shuddered. I felt the big rubbery cock twitch and swell. He was cumming. It felt like a big load again. He put his arms around me and hugged me. He pushed his cock in as deep as it would go and sighed. "Ahhhh! My darling, you're too much. Thanks ... it was as spectacular as always. Ahhhhh!" His cock was still spasming as the last of his load was delivered into me.

Someone started to clap hands ... it was Juan! Dogg! "Bravo! A double performance and I had a ring-side seat! Really? You two are insatiable! How are you doing my darling? Are they wearing you out? Hmmm?"

"Good morning my darling. No, I'm fine. They are very attentive and they are good lovers. No harm done. What about you? Do you want in?" I asked.

"My godd! 'Do I want in'? What a question! Of course I want in! Last night I had nothing and these doggs had you to themselves! Can I push in on top of Johann? OK?" Juan answered.

"Yes, of course. Just get the lube from Gunther," I said. Johann pushed in deep and held me tight to him. He rolled onto his back with me on top. Juan took the lube from Gunther and sat between my legs. He put some of the lube on my hole and on his thick 28cm cock. He put my legs around his waist and pushed in. He was very hard and he was very horny. It was clear, him watching our fucking, had made him very hard and randy.

Juan's huge cock entered me and stretched me a lot. I groaned.

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Your cock is so big!" I groaned.

"I'm very horny and I'm going to cum soon. OK my love?" Juan said.

"It's OK. Let fly," I said.

"Are they abusing you again, so early in the morning baby bro? Must your older brother rescue you from their dirty clutches? Hmmm? Just speak the word and they're gone!" André put in rubbing his eyes. "My godd! You are a bunch of sex fiends! I'm calling Dad!"

"Yeah, and what exactly will you tell him?" Johann said as his cock twitched against Juan's cock in me.

"I'd tell him you're a bunch of rabid randy hott doggs! Scandalous is the word! Sheez, man!"

Johann took a swipe at André's head and muttered under his breath. We all knew André was all hot air and a lot of barking, with virtually no biting!

Juan fucked me and within a few thrusts he was groaning. He fucked me with deep thrusts. His cock swelled to huge proportions and he pushed it deep into me and held it there. He was cumming. His cock twitched and he was pumping his pent-up load into me. Oh fuck! My man!

"Wow! A double-fuck! Wow!" Herman said from the door. His huge cock was rock-hard and it was clear he had only one thing on his mind! He wanted to fuck me too!

"Come in Herman! I didn't see how you fucked Anton last night. Do you want to put that big thing in him? Come on in!" Juan said and started to pull out of me. Some of the cum in me leaked out. My hole was sloppy and wet.

"Yes, we missed out on the action last night. Come in. I want to see that myself!" André said gasping at Herman's huge cock.

Herman approached the bed and Juan took the huge cock in his hand. It was pointing up and the head was sopping wet. Juan jacked it a few times and pulled Herman onto the bed by pulling him by the cock! He obeyed and climbed onto the bed between my legs.

Juan took the lube and put some on Herman's big cockhead. He put some more on my hole ... I was still very wet but a little bit more couldn't do any harm.

"Juan, let me get off Johann first! I can't handle Herman together with Johann's cock in me! He is too big!" I put in.

"Just give it a try. Your hole is loose and Johann's cock is very rubbery. Just give it a try. If it doesn't work, we stop it," Juan said.

"Baby bro, if they hurt you, I'll put a stop to it - guaranteed! Sex doggs!" André said.

Herman knelt between my legs and I gasped when I saw the huge cock pointing at the ceiling ... it was one hell of a big cock!

Juan put some more lube on Herman's big cockhead and on my hole. Herman moved forward and aimed his huge cockhead at my hole and pushed in ... oh my godd! No! This wasn't possible! I gasped.

"Too much my love? Push out and relax! André, give him the poppers!" Juan said.

André got the poppers and handed it to me. I opened the small black bottle and took a big whiff. My head was spinning. I was relaxed and felt the huge cock entering me on top of Johann's cock.


Herman held still and waited for me to get used to the huge invasion. I took another whiff of the poppers and groaned. He pushed in deeper and I groaned again. No, this was too much! Perhaps on another day, but not today!

"No, let me rather have Herman's cock alone please! Johann's cock is rubbery but it's too much with Herman's huge cock as well," I said.

"You heard my baby bro! Pull out Herman and let him get him get off Johann first. Come here baby bro! Let your big brother look after you. Move!" André took charge.

"I'm so sorry my friend! Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm sorry!" Herman said and pulled out.

I lifted off Johann's great cock. I loved to get fucked with it, and with Juan or Gunther to double, it was fine, but not with Herman's huge cock!

I stood on all fours and pushed my butt out. Herman moved in again and pushed his huge cockhead forward. He touched my hole and the big head entered me. I was very loose by then and I pushed back to let him know I was ready for him. He pushed the big cockhead deeper and I felt how it stretched me. The big head plopped in. It felt great. On its own, the cock was huge but it felt fantastic.

Johann was clicking away with the Nikon. Juan was lying next to André and was watching the mammoth cock in action. He was fingering his rubbery cock.

Herman pushed in deeper and I groaned. The big head scraped over my prostate and I almost shot my load. He continued to push in and I held my breath.

The huge head pushed on my inner sphincter and he stopped. He remembered it was just a minor obstruction and he applied more gentle pressure ... and the head plopped through! My godd! It felt wonderful!

Soon the huge cock was in my. Herman was a gentle lover and asked: "Are you OK?"

"Yes, just let it sit there for a while. Twitch it ... ow! Yes! Ow! That thing is so big! Just give me a chance ..." I gasped.

Herman's huge cock twitched involuntarily and I groaned. Fuck, the cockhead was big and the shaft was insanely thick. I put my head on André's chest and sighed.

"You OK my darling? Is it OK now?" Juan asked.

"Yes, it's fine. Herman can fuck me. OK Herman, do it," I said and Herman started to fuck me slowly - first with slow gentle thrusts. He even pulled out completely and reinserted his great cock. He had his enormous hands on my butt and squeezed. He leaned over my back and kissed the nape of my neck. Fuck, this gentle giant made it damn difficult not to fall in love with him! He was so attentive and loving! He pulled out again and reinserted and pushed deep into me with one long continuous thrust and held his cock deep in me. He twitched his cock and I clenched my hole. His enormous balls hung on mine and it felt fantastic. I put my hand between my legs and took his big balls in my hand. They were so damn big and Herman groaned when I fondled them.

The feeling of these big globes hanging against my balls was just incredible. When he was fucking me, they slapped against my balls and that was amazing.

Gunther was lying next to André and was rubbing my back and head.

Under me André's cock was rock-hard and was twitching while he was watching the huge cock in me.

I lifted and licked André's nipples. He groaned and pulled my face up. He kissed me gently and deeply. He looked into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. His wonderfully soft lips felt so good.

I pulled free from his mouth and went down on his hairy body and felt his big wet cockhead pushing under my chin. I licked the head and tasted his nice precum. It was a lot! My bro was hot and horny! When the head slipped into my mouth André groaned and bucked. The whole head and some of the shaft went deep into my mouth.

Herman was now fucking me deeper and faster.

"I'm getting close Boikie! I want to cum ... OK? You still OK?" Herman asked.

I let go of André's cock and just said: "Yes, It's OK. Cum."

Herman picked up speed and held my hips stable with his huge hands. He was fucking me wholesale.

I took André's cock in my mouth again and he started to groan and growl: "Baby bro, I'm about to cum if you continue that! Oh fuck! Oh my godd! You're the master bro! Ahhhhh!"

Herman started to growl like a bear and fucked me deep and with long fast thrusts. "I'm cumming ... oh fuck! I'm going to cum! Ahhhh! Oh godd! I'm cummmmiiinnnnnggg! Ahhhhh!" And he did. His huge cock spasmed and twitched deep in me and I felt it pumping yet another huge cumload into me.

André's 23cm cock in my mouth swelled to huge proportions and he groaned: "Ahhhhhh! Ngghhhhhhhhnnngg! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh!" and he shot his load into my mouth, flooding me. It was his first load after the sucking in the barn the day before and it was a big load! I swallowed the first volley but then I kept the rest in my mouth to share with him.

Herman held still while his cock was twitching in me. He was pumping a humongous load into me. His big hands were stroking my buttocks and the small of my back. He leaned down and kissed my back.

I let go of André's cock and crawled up to his mouth. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. He opened his mouth and his cum ran into his mouth from mine. He growled and sucked my tongue. We both loved cum, and our own was usually shared whenever possible.

Behind me Herman put his big hand around my body and took hold of my throbbing cock. It was sopping wet and I was so damn close.

"I'm pulling out now. Then I want to suck you off, OK?" Herman announced. What? The giant wants to suck me off? Really?!

He pulled out gently and slowly. When the head was on the verge to plop out, he held still and I clenched. That was his cue to pull out completely. Some of the huge loads in me leaked out and then my hole really was sopping wet.

André pulled me down between him and Gunther. Herman moved in between my legs but I moved under him first and sucked his big rubbery cock. Hmmm! It tasted nice. The last of his cum was dribbling into my mouth. In the rubbery state I could manage to get about half of it in my mouth. Hmmmm! The huge rubbery head pushed into my pharynx and all of a sudden it slipped down my oesophagus! Fuck! That felt great!

The whole huge cock was in my mouth and the first third of it down my throat. I was amazed that the huge cock - albeit softer and rubbery, but still big - was completely in my mouth! I've achieved it!

Herman pulled his huge cock from my throat and when the head plopped into my mouth, I almost shot my load! I sucked the head and he groaned. The head started to get hard again!

Herman pulled his cock from my mouth and pushed me back in André's and Gunther's arms. Then he lowered his big body over me and took my cock in his mouth. My 23cm disappeared into the huge mouth in one go! Wow! Herman started to play with his tongue under my cockhead and frenulum, and I was growling ... ahhhh! Oh godd! It felt good!

"Hmmmmmm! Hmmmm!" Herman moaned around my cock and sucked me really good.

"I'm going to cum! Ahhhhh! Herman I'm cumming!" I shouted to warn Herman but he held my cock in his mouth. "Hnnnnggggghhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" and I shot my load into Herman's mouth. It felt like a lot! Oh godd!

Herman was savvy enough not to suck any more. He just played lightly with his tongue under my cockhead. He gave my cock one last gentle suck and let go of it.

He leaned in and kissed me. I opened my mouth and got my cumload from him! This Boikie was learning fast! Wow! I sucked his huge tongue into my mouth and we both groaned. He lied on top of me with his full weight. He was big and weighed a lot but it felt good. He put his hands on the sided of my face and looked into my eyes. "You've changed my life! In so many ways! You're a special man, man!" and he kissed me again. It was a soft, gentle kiss with just enough tongue to differentiate between a friend's kiss and a lover's kiss.

"Thank you Herman! You're a special man with a huge body and an even bigger cock! This was special and I loved it!" I said and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"OK, OK, OK! I think this particular sexual performance has now come to an end. Chop chop boys! Let's get to the bathroom! Knowing Dad, he might just waltz in here and find all of you with semi-hard cocks. I'm sure this place smells like a whorehouse on the 4th July!" André took charge. "Before the Whore House sign arrives, I think Anton and I should go first. My baby bro's ass must be filled to capacity! Herman, you're a horse my man! Johann, Gunther, Herman and Juan could straighten out the two rooms. They'll join us shortly. Get going guys!"

Gunther pulled me in for a long and deep, loving kiss. This German was fast becoming one hell of a lover. I loved him dearly.

Johann leaned in and kissed me too. His moustache and stubble were so sexy. This man too was a wonderful lover and I've loved him for weeks now.

"Come on guys, my turn! Come here my darling!" Juan said and playfully slapped the butts of the other two. "I love you so very much my love! Are you OK? You took it like a trouper again! Wow! Come here!" Juan kissed me and looked in my eyes. His blue eyes and dark hair were just so adorable and his kiss was so soft and gentle. Another man I loved with all my heart. Oh fuck! Without him and André I was just nothing!


After our ablutions and of course horseplay under the shower - what else with André? - we got dressed and took our windbreakers just for in case. It wasn't full summer yet.

When we walked into the kitchen, Mom and Dad were there busy with breakfast. My godd! Dad looked dashing! He had a beautiful powder blue shirt on and one of his tight shorts, and he wore his slops showing his big beautiful feet. His feet looked like the feet of a model!

"Good morning boys!" Dad walked up to us and hugged and kissed us all. He stopped short of kissing Herman, but the giant boy was hugged and got a kiss on the cheek. When it was my turn, Dad pushed his bulge into my tummy and groaned into my mouth. Oh fuck! I wish we could slip away so he could fuck me again! Slut!

"Good morning boys! What would it be?" Mom asked and kissed all of us on the cheek except for Juan, Andre and me - we were kissed on the mouth. "We have yoghurt, fruit juice, bacon, eggs, ham tomatoes, sausages, toast and cheese. And of course Dad has started the coffee. It would be ready in a minute. Anton and André, please check the table that everything is there. Juan, please pour some fruit juice for everybody. Adriaan, please check the coffee. Eggs are to order: fried, scrambled, omelette - what would you like? The bacon, sausage and fried tomatoes are in the dishes on the hot tray. As soon as the eggs are ready, please help yourselves."


Breakfast was a pleasant affair. The food was great and the banter lively. André and Johann were on top form and no one was spared, not even Dad.

Dad sat at the head of the table with Mon to his right and I sat to his left. His bare knee pushed against my bare knee. Of course I was hard as a rock ... oh fuck! When Dad said grace, he squeezed my hand in his huge hand. Oh my godd!

After breakfast the plan of action was discussed. Mom had to go into town. It was decided the Auris hybrids would be the mode of transport to fill them up and to charge the batteries, but mostly just because they were new. Juan would drive my ECO 25.2 with Mom and Johann with him, and André in his own ECO 25.1 with Gunther and Herman with him. Dad had to go fix sprayers on the neighbouring farm and the task was put on my shoulders to help him, seeing I was so adept in 'helping to fix the sprayers' the previous afternoon! Oh godd! Oh yes! Oh fuck! Dad was going to fuck me again! Yess!

I asked Mom to get us some nice fresh carved biltong and droëwors from the butchery and some Monster cool drinks. Only Juan has been to town as he lived there for 4 years. The others all wanted to see what Clanwilliam looked like. Mom, André and Juan would be the guides after Mom finished her shopping.

['Biltong': the South African very special version of the American 'beef jerkey'; droëwors: fairly fatty dried sausage, another South African speciality and a popular delicatessen together with biltong]

We all pitched in to clear the table and get the dirty dishes and mugs into the dishwasher. The others all scrambled to brush their teeth, get their wallets and cell phones and were off to see the 'city' of Clanwilliam. The two cars pulled away fairly silently and Dad and I went back into the house.

Dad and I looked at each other and within seconds I was in his arms, kissing him passionately. Fuck! This hung hunk just happened to be my dad, but he was sexy as fuck and had the most wonderful cock and body and hands and legs and feet and sexy face ... he was sexy all over!

"My boy, this worked out better than I expected! I actually have to go check on the sprinklers on the other farm, but we have the house to ourselves now ... I want to properly fuck you with no immediate rush. Are you up for it?"

"Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Dad, let's do it!" and I put my hand on Dad's huge rock-hard bulge. He groaned and kissed me again.

"Oh my lord! I know this shouldn't happen, but I can't help myself! I just have to have this! I'm sorry my boy, but you're making me nuts! Sorry ..." Dad apologised.

"No Dad! Don't apologise! I want this just as much as you do! Oh damn it! I want you to fuck me! Please!" I said and hugged Dad and kissed his cheek.

Dad was slightly taller than my 1,82m: he was 1,88m. He was hairier than us and had bigger feet. His cock was 27,5cm, almost as thick as his brother Pieter's cock. Like all of us he was uncut and his balls were very big.

Dad had his arms around me and hugged me close to him. His huge erection pushed into my tummy and he groaned. "Shall we wait a bit longer just to ensure they don't come back for something ...? Come sit in my lap like you did when you were still in the primary school!"

Dad sat down and I sat down in his lap ... I felt his huge hard cock and we both groaned ... ahhh! Oh fuck! I turned my head and kissed Dad. He put his arm around me and hugged me close. I put my hand in his shirt and marvelled at the silky black chest hair.

"Anton, I think they're back! Run! Quick! To your bedroom and open your Mac! Run!" Dad said and then I heard the voices. Mom must have forgotten something. I jumped to my feet and ran. Dad grabbed a magazine. As I rounded the corner in the passage I heard Mom saying to Dad she forgot her list and a Tupper container she had to take back to a friend. "Where is Anton?" she asked.

"He wanted to check something on his Mac. He should be down soon. Why?" Dad asked.

"I told Juan about the sale in the sports shop. He wants to know if Anton wanted him to get some of the hockey shorts that are on sale. I suppose the answer would be 'yes'. I'll tell Juan. Size 34." Mom answered.

My heart was beating in my throat and I waited ... if someone were to come up I'd quickly run to our room and open my Mac, but I was sure the others were waiting in the cars. I heard mom coming back from the kitchen and said goodbye to Dad. I heard the car door and the silent cars were off again. I came back to the lounge: Dad was still sitting in the lounge chair with the magazine in his lap.

"Just check they've actually gone now and come here," Dad said.

I went out the front door and saw the cars in the distance about to leave the farm onto the main road. "They're about to turn onto the N7."

"OK, then let's get to where we were. Come sit here," Dad said and was opening his pants. I closed and locked the door.

I opened my pants and sat in Dad's lap again. His huge cock was now rubbery and very wet. I put my hand in under the material of his pants and felt the big wet bulge. Dad groaned and kissed my cheek.

"Oh fuck! Anton, this is something I've been dreaming of for so long!" He pushed his big cock up and into my hand. It was rock-hard again and sopping wet.

"Let's go to your bedroom and enjoy some proper time together ... ahhh! Oh your hand on my cock feels so good! Hmmmm!" Dad moaned. "Come, let's go."

I stood up and Dad took my hard cock in my underpants and pulled them down. My cock jumped out and Dad put his hand over the shaft. He pulled the skin back. A drop of precum formed on my piss slit and Dad leaned in and licked it off. Oh fuck! Dad was going to suck me! Oh godd! Dad opened his mouth and I pushed forward. My cockhead disappeared in the soft sensual mouth in front of me. Dad put his one hand under my balls and gently fondled them. His other hand was gently jacking my cockshaft. Dad opened his mouth more and pushed my cock into his throat ... it disappeared deep into his mouth! Dad had Pieter's huge cock to practice on! He was an ace cocksucker! Pieter never said anything about that! My godd! I groaned and put my hands on Dad's head.

Dad sucked a bit more and played with his tongue on the underside of my cockhead. He pulled the skin back and while my cock was in his mouth, he pulled the skin forward again. A lot of precum ran out of my cock into his mouth. Dad sucked the head deep into his throat again and fondled my balls ... I was in sex heaven with my own dad! Fuck!

Dad pulled off and stood up. He pulled me close and kissed me. It was a soft and gentle kiss with his tongue in my mouth. I was rock-hard and sopping wet! I put my hand on Dad's cock and it too was rock-hard and sopping wet. His underpants were soaked.

"Come, let's go ..." Dad said and we walked arms around each other and the other hands holding up our pants. When we got to our boys' bedroom, Dad kissed me and while his mouth was on mine, he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it. I did the same and then we pushed each other's pants down. Our cocks pushed against each other. Both were hard and leaking lots of precum. Dad's hands were behind my head and on the small of my back. My hands were around his waist and his buttocks pulling him closer. My head was on the shoulder of this beautiful man. The silky chest hair under my cheek was so soft and sexy.

Dad moved to the bed and I sat down. I took Dad's slightly curved cock in my hand and licked the wet piss slit. The precum tasted great. It tasted very much the same as André's and Juan's. Dad put his one hand behind my head and gently pushed forward. The huge 27,5cm cock pushed to the back of my mouth but got stuck. I pretended to yawn and opened my mouth as wide as I could and the head slipped into my throat! It was in! Hmmmm! I felt Dad's pubic hair tickle my nose and his huge balls on my chin. Oh my godd!

Dad slipped his slops off his big beautiful feet and stepped out of his pants. He pushed me back and pulled my pants off and put them on the floor. He crawled on top of me and lied down on me. His big cock pushed into my tummy and his huge balls rested on my cock. Dad looked into my eyes and kissed my nose. "Anton, do you know just how beautiful you are? Not because you're my son, but jeepers! You are so sexy!" He kissed me on each eye and then on my cheeks and on the nose again, and then on my mouth. His soft lips felt so full and sensual. He opened his mouth and I tasted his saliva running into my mouth. I swallowed greedily and sucked his big tongue into my mouth.

Dad was a master and his tongue played on my lips and then gently pushed it back into my mouth. He played on my teeth, on my tongue and then pushed in deep and I sucked it. I pushed my groin up and Dad pushed my legs out so he was on the bed between my legs with his bent legs beneath my legs. His huge cock was pushing into the right of my groin and was smearing lots of precum over me as he moved around. He had his hands on the pillows on either side of my head and was moving his cock up and down on my body. This was a love-making that was going to be as epic as he predicted. Oh my godd ... it was fantastic.

Dad put his mouth on my stubbly chin and bit me lightly ... he moved to my left ear and sucked the earlobe and then the other ear. He trailed his tongue on my jawbone and down my throat to my throat. He kissed my clear skin just under the stubble. Then he moved to my right areola and sucked in my nipple into his mouth. He slightly bit my nipple, which made me groan. He moved to the left nipple and sucked and slightly bit it too. Then he moved to my sternum and kissed and sucked the hair on my solar plexus. He pushed his face deep into my tummy and aimed his huge cock below my balls. I felt the moisture of the precum and he kept on faux fucking my balls.

Dad reached my bellybutton and pushed his tongue in and sucked the hair. I groaned. My cockhead was pushing underneath Dad's chin and leaked lots of precum on his throat and chin.

He moved down next to my cock ... he ignored my cock! He left a moist saliva trail next to my twitching cock and sucked in my right ball ... ahhh! I groaned. He opened his mouth and pushed the left ball in as well ... oh godd! Dad gently sucked my balls and groaned around them. He trailed his index finger up and down the underside of my twitching cock. Oh my godd! Oh godd!

Dad let go of my balls and trailed his tongue down my left thigh, past my knee, right down to my hairy feet. He licked the hair on the bridge of my foot and kissed my foot. Then he went down to my toes and sucked in the big toe. He was now massaging the ball of my foot and I was squirming with pleasure. Dad moved to the right foot and I got the same treatment. I never knew one could have so much pleasure with a mouth and hands on one's feet! Dad really was a master! He moved to the bridge and sucked the hair. And kissed my bridge. He moved past my knee and up my thigh. I was squirming and groaning like an injured animal. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Suck me! Oh fuck, suck me! I groaned and sighed.

Dad reached my balls and sucked them into his mouth again and I groaned. He moved up the underside of my cock and licked his way to the tip of my cock. It was sopping wet and Dad sucked the tip into his mouth and moved down in one slow movement to get the whole cock in his throat. I gasped and groaned! If he carried on like that, I was going to cream on the spot!

He let go of my cock and moved down to my balls but pushed my legs up to expose my hole. His talented tongue licked past my balls and sucked the perineum [part between the anus and balls] in. I could die with pleasure! Dad licked my hole and soon his tongue was pushed deep into my hole. He had a long strong tongue. He spit some more saliva on my hole and pushed his index finger in. Oh godd! He had big fingers. After a few thrusts he pulled out and I heard him licking his fingers. He put his hand back on my hole and now he pushed in his index and middle fingers ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Big fingers! Oh godd!

Dad pulled out his fingers and pushed my butt up into the air and really started to suck my hole. I was sopping wet in no time. He pushed his knees in under my buttocks to keep my legs in the air. He milked my cock and took the precum that leaked onto my tummy with his fingers to rub it on my hole. "Milk your cock and get some more precum," Dad said. I did so and soon there was a lot of precum that ran out of my cock.

Dad was busy spreading his own precum over his huge cockhead. I have made a mental note when I saw his huge cockhead the previous year when we were on holiday. It could easily be 7cm or longer. That was a big cockhead! He was now lubing up his cock to plug me ... oh my godd! Dad took the extra precum from my cock and smeared it over my hole and then I felt his big cockhead pushing on my hole. Dad took my legs with his hands and pushed up. He aimed his curved cock at my hole. He had to turn his body slightly to his left to get the angle right. He pushed forward and the head pushed in.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Dad! Your cock head is so big! Hmmm!" I groaned. Dad pushed a bit more and my sphincter muscle gave way. The huge cockhead slipped in and stretched my hole mightily! Oh godd!

Dad let go of my right leg and collected some more of my precum and rubbed it on his huge cockshaft still outside my hole. He pulled back a bit and pushed in again ... I groaned. Dad pushed again and I felt the huge head pushing over my prostate ... oh oh oh! Ahhhhh! Oh godd! That felt so good! The thick shaft filled me and I moaned like a wounded fox.

The huge cock was sliding deeper into me ... and deeper ... and soon his cock head was pushing against my inner sphincter. He held his cock right there and applied gentle pressure. I felt how my sphincter gave way and his huge cock head slipped through! Ahhhh!

Dad pushed in until his pubic hair was on my balls and his huge balls were on my ass. Oh my godd! Dad held still and made his cock throb ... I clenched my hole and groaned.

"You OK my boy? Are you OK" Dad asked and held still.

"Oh fuck! It is fantastic! Yes, I'm OK Dad! Oh fuck! Ahhh! This is better than I ever imagined! Oh Dad ... Oh Dad! Please fuck me!"

I had my Dad's 27,5cm throbbing cock balls-deep in me and it was feeling fantastic! Dad pulled out a bit, the head plopped through the inner sphincter and pushed back in. "Still OK?"

"Yes, you can fuck me now! I'm fine," I said and clenched my hole over the throbbing cock in my hole.

"Ahhhh! That feels great! I can see you've had a lot of practice with André and the boys! That is so good! Do it again please?" Dad asked.

I clamped on Dad's cock and he made it throb and twitch. "Ahhhh! Oh my lord! You're an ace my boy!"

Dad pulled out completely and pushed back in immediately.

Dad started to fuck me with long and deep and gentle thrusts. His huge cock in me felt spectacular. I loved every second of it and every millimetre in me.

Dad put my legs over his shoulders and bent over me, and kissed me. I groaned and took his head behind his neck and hungrily sucked his tongue into my mouth. Dad was fucking me with urgency now and deeper and soon he was starting to groan. Oh fuck! I was teetering on the brink of cumming ... Dad was going to make me cum without me touching myself!

Dad let go and announced he was about to cum, but he didn't want me to cum yet. He wanted me to cum in his mouth! I willed my orgasm away, but it was going to be difficult! I was so close ...

Dad picked up speed and was groaning big time ... oh my godd! He was going to flood my insides again! Oh here it comes. I felt his big cock swell to huge proportions as he pushed it in deep with one final thrust. He shuddered and I felt his cum being pumped into me ... oh fuck! I clung to him and he collapsed on top of me. His breathing was deep and fast. He was spent ...

I put my arms around him and hugged him. I played with my hands in his black hair and down his neck. His cock was still spasming in me. Dad's chest heaved up and down and he had his face buried in my chest hair. I was so close to orgasm myself ...

"Oh my boy! That was spectacular! Epic! Ahhhh! Oh damn!"

Dad sat back and pulled me up with him so my buttocks were on his groin with my cock close to his mouth. He leaned down and took my hard wet cockhead in his mouth and jacked me. I was groaning and knew I was going to shoot my load within a few jacks. Dad sucked in as much of my cock as he could muster. His tongue was playing under my cockhead. Ahhhhh! I groaned and pushed my cock deeper in Dad's mouth. His cock slipped out a few centimetres but was still lodged in me deep enough to stay put.

My body started to tingle and I felt my orgasm boiling up ... I was going to shoot a huge load! Dad's mouth sucked me and when the first shot hit Dad's tongue, he groaned and sucked even harder. My cock twitched and pulsed and the cum just kept on coming! Dad had his hands under the small of my back to support me. He was playing with his tongue under my cockhead. I was breathing deeply. Dad's cock twitched a bit and I groaned once more.

Dad lifted off my cock and leaned in to kiss me. He opened his mouth and my cum ran into my mouth! Dad! You jackal! He knew all the tricks! I sucked my cum in and swallowed. I sucked Dad's tongue into my mouth and groaned. Fuck! This was a sexy, able and great lover! The man who made me was also the best lover of them all! Oh fuck! Oh godd! I'd never be the same again, ever!

Dad collapsed on my body and I put my legs around his body. His big cock was rubbery and there was still about 20cm in me.

"Happy? Did you like it?" Dad asked with his hand around my neck and the other in my chest hair.

"Oh yes! It was the best ever! I loved it! You are the best lover I've ever had! I can't believe how much better you were than anybody else!" I hugged him and kissed his head.

"One last surprise - OK? Ready for it? Something I learnt from Pieter ..." Dad said. He sat up and let my legs down. He moved backwards and when just his cockhead was in me, he touched my leg and I knew I had to clench. No cum slipped out.

Dad pushed my legs up and lowered his mouth to my hole ... Dad! You too? Oh my godd! He put his mouth on my hole and sucked ... I felt his cum being sucked from my hole. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! He lifted up and leaned towards me and kissed me. I opened my mouth and he let his cum flow into my mouth ... wow! It was a huge load! And it tasted good! Dad sucked a bit back and pushed it back into my mouth. I swallowed a bit and pushed the rest into his mouth. He swallowed and played with his tongue on mine ... Oh my fuck! How I wish I could have this man in my bed every day! He was a champion! He just knew how to make love to make me feel good! And happy! And sated! And sexy ... oh my godd! Dad!

He pulled away and kissed me on the nose. "This has been the most wonderful sex I've had in my life! Everything was just perfect! It was as if you and I were made for each other! I loved every second of it. Anton, you might be my beautiful sexy hung hunk of a son, but here and now, you're my lover and the man I love with every grain of my being. Yes, millions will accuse us of all sorts of things, but I don't care. I love you and this was spectacular in every respect. It was perfect!" He kissed me on the mouth and his lips lingered on mine. I put my hands on his cheeks and looked into his eyes. How was it even possible that my DAD would be the best lover I've had? Juan was fantastic! André was phenomenal! Johann was something else! Gunther was absolutely great! Herman with his enormous cock was phenomenal! How come Dad was just better than them all? Oh godd! Oh my godd!

"Do you agree that this has to be kept a secret? I don't know if anybody can know about this. The sucking last weekend was different. We could have it again with Juan and André, but what about today and yesterday? But, as soon as it is possible again, this just has to happen again, please! Please! I want this to happen as often as we can manage to get together. I love you more than you will ever know. But I'm not in a position to take André's and Juan's places. Or Johann's or Gunther's or whoever, but I definitely have to have this again!" Dad said.

"Yes, I agree. I have to have it again as well. You have shown me the best sex I've ever had and this could never be the end of it. I want it to happen as often and as many times as we can. Perhaps we could keep what happened yesterday and today a secret. However, the other 4 know you want to fuck me, so if you're OK with it, and when you're ready, I think you might find it quite agreeable to join us for a group session. Think about it. I love you more than life itself and this was ... just WOW! But it would be easier to work in another fuck session if the others were a part of it. OK?"

"Yes, you're right. If I wanted to fuck you regularly, I'd have to do it with the others. After last weekend André and Juan know about it, so the other two ...?" Dad asked.

"No problem. We've spoken about it and they wouldn't mind, not at all," I put in.

"But when you and I can manage a one-on-one, would you agree we should take it? Hmmm?" Dad asked.

"Oh, for sure! I'd love to have a one-on-one with you, anytime again! Today was just the best! Yesterday was rushed, but even that was wonderful! Herman has an insanely big cock and it was an experience to have him fuck me last night and this morning ... yes, they are all insatiable! ... but you fucking me ... oh Dad! I've never experienced more love and more pleasure with any other man before! I really love the other four, but you've just added that something special to the whole thing! Dad, I'm saying the obvious here but: I love you very much! You're a spectacular dad and an equally spectacular lover!"

Dad kissed my chest and licked a nipple. He stroked my hairy chest and lifted up to kiss me.

"Anton, if anybody told me even a year ago this would ever happen, I wouldn't have believed it. And now it did. And it was phenomenal! Epic! Ahhh!"

"Yes, it was. Thanks Dad ... you're a great man!" I gushed.

"Well, we actually do have to check on the sprayers on the other farm. Come, I think we have to go, OK?" Dad said and stood up. He put his hand out and pulled me to him. He hugged me and his big wet rubbery cock pushed against my body. His hands roamed over my back and buttocks and neck and head. He kissed my head and turned his head to kiss me. It was a kiss filled with lots of love and a little tongue. He rubbed his nose over mine and gave my butt a little slap. "Let's straighten out the bed and then we have to go. Come!"

We dressed and quickly straightened out the bed. We fluffed the pillows and just for good measure, I sprayed some of the air freshener.

"OK, come let's go check the sprayers," Dad said and put his arm around my shoulders.


We drove to the other farm and yes, the sprayers did need some attention! We got to work and it took longer than we anticipated. When we got back home, the two Auris hybrids were back. Mom and the boys have whipped up a great lunch of home-made pies they bought in town, sliced biltong, salads and ice cold Riesling.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, chatting, listening to music, sneaking in the odd kiss with Johann and Juan and of course André - my bro was actually a romantic at heart! - and of course my beautiful Gunther - the doggs! But I didn't mind. What happened that morning could and should never interfere with my love for the other four guys. Looking back, they were sensational guys and great lovers. OK, Dad was king, but they were my real lovers.

At around 4:30 all of us took a stroll to the vineyards by the dam. Mom walked with us for half the way when her cell phone rang and she turned back to get some info the chairperson of the agricultural society required. Apparently the email Mom sent didn't go through. It was just Dad and the six of us that walked further. The guys asked all sorts of question about some of the vines, tying the slender stems to the arbour fencing, the sprayers, the amount of water, why there were rose bushes at the entrances to the vineyards, spraying the plants, picking the grapes and the rest. Dad explained it better than any teacher would ever be able to. Even Juan cheered when Dad was so eloquent in explaining the aspects to the guys. And of course, my adeptness with the grafts and slips and the new variety we've created came under discussion. We were close to the lab so Dad offered to show them the process in short. My heart raced ... yesterday ... twice ... if walls could talk!

Dad unlocked the lab and I quickly checked if perhaps I've missed some of my cum on the wall and floor. All seemed fine. Dad showed the equipment, the growth mediums, the nursery and of course, he showed them the one vine growing right outside the lab: a Sauvignon Rouge! I was congratulated and hugged and kissed! The boys didn't mind showing their love in front of Dad and he didn't mind it either.

"I have a conference at the Agricultural Faculty in Stellenbosch in two weeks' time. The Sauvignon Rouge is going to be discussed there and Anton would be mentioned by name for the successful grafts and long hours he put in here in the lab! Congratulations my boy! But, André played his part and of course he would be honoured as well. I'm going to be staying at the Dorpshuis Hotel. On the Wednesday you'll all be my guests for a gourmet dinner. On Thursday we have the conference dinner for which Mom will have to travel there. On Friday we'll come visit you at La Rochelle and stay over with you for the night. If you guys had any plans for ... erm ... you know ... you might have to move it to Johann's house, OK Johann? Boys?"

"What about you joining us for ... erm ... you know ... we'd be honoured if you would join us for some fun and games!" Juan put in.

"Oh damn! I don't know!" Dad said.

"Oh come on! We all know you want in! After the sucking last Saturday, we all want you to join in! Come on! What do you guys say? Is Dad invited to join us? Hmmm! Come on! What do you say?" Juan asked.

"Any time! Yes! I say YES!" André, who else.

"Yes! All the way!" Johann, of course.

"Of course! I'd love to see him joining us!" Gunther.

"Yes! And I want to suck him too!" Herman! I was flabbergasted!

"And you Anton? How do you feel?" André asked.

"If you guys are OK with it, so be it! What would it involve?" I asked.

"Everything! I want to see Dad fuck you! And I want in on the action! Same as Johann! Same as Gunther! Right guys?" André asked.

"Oh fuck yes! You are one of the sexiest men I know and after seeing your big cock last Saturday, I can't wait to see you fuck my darling! Oh yes!" Juan put in.

"We could pretend to go to my house for a nightcap on Friday night. We'd invite Mom just for the show - I know she won't accept and then we could go to my house. The only thing is, we won't have all the time in the world. It would have to be a bit of a hit and run affair. One hour tops. OK?" Johann said.

"I'm in! I could do it right here, right now! What do you say Dad?" André was very brazen.

"Of course not here! And not now! Wait your turn, boy!" Dad quipped.

"Dad, show Johann and Gunther your big cock! I'm sure you'd like to see Herman's spectacular cock! Come on Herman, show him! Dad, it's huge! The biggest I've ever seen! Come on, out with the big ones!" André urged the two men on.

"Oh no, if I take out my cock, so does everybody else here! I'd show you, but then all do so!" Dad protested.

André immediately opened his pants and started to pull out his rubbery, growing cock. Johann also did so almost immediately. Gunther was a little more reserved but he palmed his considerately big bulge and watched the others intently, his right hand on the zipper.

"Come on baby bro, you know you want to! Get out your cock!" André said and moved to me. I put my hand on my crotch and my right hand on my zipper, ready to pull it down. I looked at Juan and he was already zipping down. I looked at Dad and saw his big bulge on his hip was bigger. He too had his hand on his zipper.

"OK, it looks like all of us are in agreement. What about you Herman ... oh, yours is out already!" André said. Herman was standing behind Gunther. We all cracked up laughing! The gentle giant was keen!

"OK, out with the big cocks! Let's see them!" André demanded. We all opened our pants and hauled our semi-hard cocks and some harder than semi-hard from our pants. Herman's cock was already wet.

Dad gasped when he saw Herman's huge 33cm cock! "Is that thing for real? I've never seen something as big as that before! Let me see that!" Dad said and Herman walked to Dad with his cock in his hand. It was rock-hard and a drop of precum fell on the floor.

"Did he fuck you with that horse cock, Anton?" Dad asked.

"Yes, he did! And baby bro loved it!" André put in, waving his big 23cm cock in front of him.

Dad whistled and touched Herman's huge cock. Dad's huge hands just-just fitted around the thick shaft! Dad gave it a few jacks and Herman groaned.

Johann stepped closer to Dad and took Dad's 27,5cm cock in his hand and moaned. "Dad, this is one hell of a cock! You're a champion, for sure!"

"Yours is bigger! How big is yours? 29cm? Right?" Dad asked.

"Yes, 29cm," Johann concurred.

"And yours, Gunther? Even bigger and thicker and a huge head! Wow! Come here!" Dad said. Gunther walked to Dad and blushed cherry red. His cock however, was rock-hard and a drop of precum dripped to the floor.

"Yours is a winner and very beautiful ... Dad ..." Gunther said. He took Dad's cock in his hand and squeezed it.

"Ahhhh! Oh damn! That feels so good! How big is yours Gunther?" Dad asked.

"Exactly 29,5cm! And as you can see, very thick. Almost as thick as Pieter," Gunther said.

"Come here Juan, boys! Let me feel yours too," Dad said. He took our cocks in his hands and squeezed them in turn. "Juan, yours is bigger than mine. 28cm or what did you say? Yes? And the twins, yours are not small by any stretch of the imagination - about 23cm I'd say? Beautiful cocks, all of you! Mine is the only curved one! Damn!" Dad swore.

"No, mine too! It curves to the right. Look!" Gunther said and let go of his hard cock. It pointed to his right.

"Yes, you're right. Mine to the left, yours to the right!" Dad said and touched Gunther's thick cock.

"It doesn't matter Dad. What matters is that you have a big cock and we're going to have some fun with it in 14 days' time! Wow! Cheers to that!" André put in and gave Dad's cock a squeeze.

"Anybody for a quick suck? Come on! We could make it quick. Anton? Are you up for some quick hors-d'oeuvres? What do you say? We have a group jerk and Anton could suck us to completion? OK? OK!" André was beside himself with excitement! He definitely wanted to suck Dad again!

"I'm in! Anyone who doesn't want a quick relief? Nobody? Thought so! Let's do it!" André said and bent down and took Dad's hard cock in his mouth.

Gunther gasped. He couldn't believe his eyes. I dropped to my knees and sucked Gunther. His big cockhead tasted so good and it filled my mouth.

Herman stood closer and held his cock at the ready.

Juan stepped closer to Dad and kissed Dad. Johann stood closer too and was holding Juan's cock in his hand.

I took Herman's huge cock in my mouth and licked the precum off the head. The huge head filled my mouth. Damn! It was a big cock!

I took Gunther's cock in my mouth again. He was harder and he pushed his big cock deeper into my mouth. I was jacking Herman's cock next to him.

André pulled off Dad's cock and Dad stepped closer to where I was sucking Gunther. I took Dad's great cock in my mouth and marvelled at the wonderful cock that made love to me that morning. Oh my godd! It was phenomenal! Dad was rock-hard and lots of precum was streaming from his cock. I put my hand in his pants and took his huge balls in my hands and felt how they pulled up.

Juan and Johann stepped closer and I took Johann's cock in my mouth. He too was rock-hard and wet. The 29cm cock felt great on my tongue and the precum tasted great.

Juan pushed Johann aside and put his cock on my mouth. My love! Oh godd! How I loved this man! His big cock was deep in my mouth and I jacked the shaft.

André was last and also the one who was already panting. He was jacking his cock since he stopped sucking Dad. He pushed his big cock into my mouth and shot his load almost immediately. It was a nice big creamy load and I swallowed it greedily. I held the last of it back and pulled André down and kissed him. I gave him the last of his cum and he swallowed it. He sucked on my tongue and groaned. He kissed me and gave me a quick hug.

Herman was next. His cock was sopping wet and the precum literally dripped from the enormous head. I sucked the head into my mouth and the same happened: he came almost immediately. It was a huge load, once again! Nothing small about this man! I swallowed as quickly as I could. When he delivered the last few shots in my mouth, I pulled him down as well and kissed him. He has learnt quickly! He kissed me and sucked his cum from my mouth.

Gunther - really? Gunther? You sex dogg! - was next. He was breathing heavily and was very wet. He pushed his big cockhead into my mouth and groaned and panted and ... he came! He shot an almighty load into my mouth and collapsed over my head. He had his hands over my neck and back. His body shuddered as he shot his load. Shot after shot was delivered into my mouth. I saved the last for him too and when he sank to the floor, he took my face in his hands and kissed me gently. I opened my mouth and he sucked his cum from my mouth. Then he kissed me lovingly and deeply. "Ich liebe dich so viel, mein Schatz [I love you very much my darling]!"

Johann was next with his big rubbery cock. His big cock felt so good in my hand when I took it from his hand. His knees were buckling and no sooner was his cock in my mouth, when he took my face in this hands and let fly. A huge load shot into my mouth and I almost lost it. It was shot with such force into my mouth! I swallowed to avoid coughing. He pulled his cock free and stood on his knees in front of me. He looked into my eyes and said: "Without you, there is no more Johann Blignaut! You are my life! I love you so much!" He put his beautiful moustached mouth on mine and kissed me. I opened my mouth and pushed the cum into his mouth. He groaned and swallowed. "This is what I'm talking about!

Juan stepped up and put his hand behind my head. I took his big cock in my mouth and sucked it in as deep as it would go in. He fucked my mouth and jacked his big cock. He started to groan and then it happened. He shot a load of note in my mouth. Oh my godd! What a man! I swallowed the first bit and managed to keep some of it for Juan. He sank to his knees, took my face in his hands and said: "I love you so, so very much! Thanks for being there for me and the others!" He kissed me and received half of his load from my mouth. Then he kissed me with such endearment I could feel his love.

Dad was last. His big curved cock was rock-hard and very wet with precum. I got up and stood in front of him. He leaned in to me and kissed me. He took my face in his hands and gave me a gentle and loving kiss. Oh fuck! This man was an enigma! I took his big hard wet cock and squeezed it. He bucked and groaned. I broke free from his embrace and snaked down his body. I took his magnificent cock in my hand and pushed the head into my mouth. The others "oeed" and "ahhd" and some were still playing with their big rubbery cocks from which I've just sucked their cum.

Dad put his hands on my shoulders and pushed his big cock into my mouth as deep as it would go. The big head didn't go down my throat at first but I opened my mouth big and pretended to yawn. The huge head slipped into my throat with the next push. The boys were amazed and Johann and Juan even stood closer to see how Dad's big cock disappeared into my mouth. Dad fucked my mouth gently: out till only the head was in my mouth, back in and then wait at my throat to slide in ... in, out.

Soon Dad was close to an orgasm and then it happened. He pulled out till the head was in my mouth and then he flooded my mouth. Thick, creamy, warm, sweet cum! Oh my godd! It was a huge load and I lost a bit which dribbled onto my chin. André bent down and licked my chin and started to lick Dad's cockshaft. Dad pulled out and pushed his cockhead into André's mouth. He received the last of the big load and groaned with Dad's cock in his mouth. I stood up carefully not to upset André sucking Dad's cock. I held my mouth for Dad, and in front of the others he bent down and kissed me. I gave him the load of cum. He pushed it back into my mouth and I swallowed. I hoped that was what he had in mind!

"Thanks, but I think you deserved the load. You are like a trouper! Come here my boy!" Dad enthused and tousled my hair. "What a champion we have here! Not just at grafting and creating a new vine, but an ace at cock sucking too! I love you my boy! Come here André!" Dad pulled André up and kissed him too. "Of course I love you too, my boy! You both are super special. And so are all of you boys too!" Dad said looking at the others. They all stood closer and each one, including Herman, got a nice kiss from Dad.

"This calls for a drink! Come, let's zip up and go get some Cabernet Sauvignon! The Sauvignon Rouge will only be available in 3 years' time. Of course you're all invited to the launch of the André & Anton wine a year later. André, Anton and Juan know it all after their birthday party in the barn. You other two and Herman too - we'll keep you up to date! Come! Time for a drink!" Dad said after he zipped up. He waited for the rest of us to zip up and leave the lab so he could lock.


Back at the house Mom had two cheese platters with preserved figs, brie, camembert, cheddar, gouda, and some other flavoured cheeses. There was a selection of salty crackers. She had crisps and other savoury treats. She even had 3 bottles of pink JC le Roux sparkling wine at the ready! My Mom!

"André, Anton, Juan - please man the bar and get each one a drink. Adriaan, come sit next to me and let them work for their keep for a change!" Mom joked.

After drinks, Dad lit the fire in the barbecue and cooked the perfect steaks. Mom had a selection of salads and fresh bread rolls. It was a wonderful dinner.

We cleared the table and loaded the stuff in the dishwasher.

The rest of the weekend went by relaxed. Of course there was a lot of fucking and sucking - what with Johann and Gunther there! And Herman! And my bro and Juan! I didn't have another session with Dad but the plans were in place for two weeks on. Yay!


Our trip back home the next day was uneventful. The Auris hybrids were a pleasure to drive and we would be the envy of all our mates.

The next two weeks flew past. We had tests which took up lots of our time.

Claire called and confirmed the shoot for the vineyard in 3 weeks' time. Johann would be the photographer and all 6 of would be used for the shoot.

I did manage to slip in one more session with Herman. What a sex dogg! He was slowly crawling into my heart as he was crawling into me with his huge cock! I was really starting to enjoy having sex with his huge cock!

Johann slept over most evenings and Gunther joined us at least twice a week and the weekend of course. I started to wonder why he rented the flat from us!

Dad called a few times when he had a chance. Once I couldn't talk to him as I was with the other guys, so he called later. He was still on cloud 9 after what happened and was keen to see us the next week. He was planning on slipping away early on Wednesday afternoon and wanted me to come see him in the hotel. It was something to look forward to!

My life has really changed a lot ... oh fuck! And I loved it!

= To be continued =



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