I woke up - it was only starting to light up in the room. My eyes were still shut and I tried to grasp why I felt differently. I felt André close against my back - it was warm and cosy. His arm was over my chest, holding me lightly. From his breathing next to my ear, I could hear he was still asleep.

Then I felt my hole was stretched and a ... cock, a HARD cock, was twitching in me. Oh my godd! Was it André? Juan? I stroked the arm over my chest and realised with a start, it was Juan's arm! It was hairier and more muscular than ours.

Juan! Oh my godd! What a way to wake up ... again! The experience two weeks ago was still fresh in my mind.

Yes, it was Juan who was still in me! I remembered the previous night and the sex and the kissing and the cumming and that I fell asleep with my big beautiful man still inside me! It was a repeat of two weeks ago ... hmmm!

There was another body in front of me. André? Claude?

I clenched my hole over the huge pole in me, and it twitched in response, and stretched me.

Juan pulled me closer to him and buried his huge cock deep in me. He was coming awake and was groaning softly.

"Happy birthday my love," he whispered with a croaking voice in my ear and twitched his cock. He pulled me close to him.

Our birthday! For a moment I've forgotten about our birthday! The party! Claude! Uncle Pieter!

"Thank you very much sexy man,"I said and turned my head to him, and got a lop-sided kiss. He lifted on his left elbow and bent down over me. His long tongue reached in my mouth and gave me a deep kiss.

"I love you," he whispered and looked me in the eyes.

"I love you too ..." I whispered back.

"You still OK? Not too much?"

"I'm fine, thanks. What about the other two?"

"They're still asleep. Claude is behind me and," pointing towards the body in front of me, "that's André."

"Oh, OK."

"Did you sleep well? Did you dream of me, my love?"

"I slept well. What else? I had you to protect me and I was plugged in all night, so my batteries are charged! And of course I dreamt of you, silly!"

"Hmmmmm! Correct answer! I detect a slight dip in the power supply ... before you tackle the day, I think we need to give you a quick power boost to top up the old batteries ... 19 years old ..." he whispered and pulsed his cock; I groaned and clenched my hole over the magnificent man meat deep inside me.

"What about the others," I whispered.

"I'm horny enough to cum quickly - what about you?"

"I'm horny, but I don't know about 'quickly'"

"OK, let's see if we can manage."

He pulled his big cock out till only the head was in my hole, and pushed it back in slowly. I groaned and clenched my hole. Juan repeated it and we groaned.

"What are you doing?" André croaked and rolled onto his back. His big cock was almost hard and flopped onto his tummy. "Oh my godd!" he said louder. "Are you at it again? Rabbits!"

I touched his chest and stroked his chest hair. "Happy birthday big bro!"

"Oh yes! Happy birthday, baby bro!" He lifted up to kiss me. His mouth lingered on my mouth and waited for me to open up. My lips parted and he kissed me deeply and tenderly. "I hope it will be a good year for the two of us, and this big oaf!" He punched Juan in the ribs, and gave his nipple a light tweak.

"Ouch! You sadist! Come here! Happy birthday boy André. I also wish you two would be very happy and that I'd be a part of that happiness. Thanks for having me ..." He lifted up towards André - his huge cock in me shifted a bit and changed angles ... hmmm! - and he kissed André, holding his head with his right hand, and gave him some tongue. "You do know that I love you too, very much?"

"Yes, I do. Just remember this is a package deal - you either get both, or no one at all. Right? Right! Of course 'right'! And yes, I love you too you big oaf! Just don't hurt my baby bro with that lethal weapon you're fucking him with!"

"I promise I won't," and he pushed his cock deep into me again. I groaned.

"I told you: no hurting!" André put in jokingly and punched Juan in the arm.

We all giggled at André's antics. I love you bro, I thought.

Behind Juan, Claude woke up from all the commotion and lifted on his left elbow.

"You're not my brother, you perve! It's as if you could never get enough of André's ... or is it Anton's? ... ass! Just look at you!" he said and laughed softly! "I never knew you could be so horny, bro! Just can't get enough of that ass now, could you?"

"Shut up and let me be!"

Well, everybody was awake now and knew what was going on, so Juan pulled me in close and started to fuck me with deep urgent thrusts. I could feel the massive load still deep inside me, and soon Juan was going to add to it.

"Oh, it's their birthday! Happy birthday, boys!" Claude leaned over Juan to kiss me. His soft lips touched mine and he gave me some tongue. I opened my mouth and this big beautiful man gave me a warm, sensual kiss ... hmmmm!

"Hey, watch where you put that big cock of yours, Claude! It's right at my hole!" Juan joked and poked Claude in the ribs.

"Perhaps I should put it into you so you could feel how you're mutilating poor Anton's tender hole!"

He looked me in the eye and whispered: "He loves you very much! He's never been happier!"

"I know. Me too!"

Claude reached for André who was watching this, lying on his right side, his head propped up on his elbow and fingering his now rock-hard cock.

"Happy birthday man!" Claude said and kissed André, almost lying on top of Juan and me. His big cock was rock hard and pushing between Juan and me. It was a real beauty!

"Ahhhh! What do have we here?" Claude said to André. "The other birthday boy is nursing a big fat old birthday candle! Ahhhhh! You shouldn't have ...! But get the fuck over here so we could have some fun too! Seeing that this farm will soon have a big sign that says WHORE HOUSE, we might as well join in! Come here!"

Claude fell backwards and took his cock in his hand and started jacking it. "Get here soon - Mount Edna is about to erupt soon!"

We all burst out laughing. André clambered over us, putting a knee in my side and fell into Claude's arms.

"Watch it, man! You almost broke my cock!" Juan joked and poked André in the side as he climbed over Juan.

"Come here my man and give me some of your juice for the day," Claude said to André.

Before long we could hear them slurping in a noisy 69. Juan lifted on his elbow again, slightly pulling out a few centimetres of the 28cm cock in me, and leaned over to me.

"Are you happy my love?"

"Yes, Juan - very happy. I'm happier than ever. With you and André in my life, I'm complete. I never want anything more in life."

It's a good thing one doesn't know the future ...

Juan bent down and kissed me softly on the lips. His tongue gently opened my mouth and he pushed it in. The long big tongue played inside my mouth and I sucked it hungrily. The huge cock in my hole was twitching wildly and I clenched on it.

"I want to make love to you like never before. And every day, for the rest of our lives. I love you very much, my beautiful boy ..."

"I love you too ..."

"Hey you lovebirds, remember us? We're still here!" Claude piped up. André was on his knees behind Claude and was pushing in. "Ahhh ... Slowly man!"

"Yes, and don't you forget it, I'm still numero uno, Mr Elephant Cock!" André put in.

"Concentrate on what you're doing and leave us alone." Juan quipped. He pushed his big cock into me and twitched it. I groaned with pleasure.

The door opened and the light went on - I thought we locked the door the previous night, I thought in horror - and Dad walked in.

"Happy birthday, bo ..." Dad never completed his sentence. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you're busy."

Dad stood there big-eyed in the doorway with two small gifts wrapped in stylish grey gift-wrap. He wore stylish tight jeans. His big bulge was very obvious, I noticed.

"Sorry Dad ..." was all I could say.

"Morning Dad!" André put in and collapsed onto Claude, pushing them both down on the bed.

Dad adjusted his bulge and cleared his throat.

"Ahem! Hmmm! How much longer?" he asked with clear desire in his voice. It seemed he would jump at the change to join in. His bulge was noticeably bigger and he pushed and fiddled with it again.

"A few minutes, Adriaan," Juan said. "I'm sorry ..."

"No need to be sorry. The twins are big boys and so are you, and by the look of things, you're enjoying what you're doing. Erm ... it's 7:20 now - breakfast at 8 o'clock?"

Dad's cock was very hard now and it was pulsing on his hip. He fiddled with it again.

"Yes, 8 sounds fine. Thanks Adriaan," Juan said.

"See you at breakfast," Dad said. He turned around, switched off the light and closed the door.

"Oh my godd! You see, you perverts! Look at what the poor man had to see, two mornings in a row!" Claude put in jokingly, but also with a bit of concern in his voice.

"Did he see you yesterday morning as well? Claude! YOU'RE the pervert here! You sex maniac!"

"Not to worry my love - Dad is cool with it. He knows what is going on and he'll not make a scene," I said softly and squeezed Juan's hand on my chest.

"What about your Mom?"

"He won't tell her."

"She's not stupid. She'll find out sooner or later. Oh my godd ... I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't worry! Let's finish this so we could get to breakfast. I'm starving ..."

Juan's cock has softened a bit, but soon he was fucking me into a hot sexual frenzy. This man knows how to fuck, for sure, I thought.

Claude was again on all fours and André was fucking him wholesale. They were grunting and moaning. I thought with relief that Dad didn't have to witness that.

Soon Juan and I reached the point of no return. He fucked me deep with long strokes. I could feel him filling me up, the head pushing the load of the previous night deep into me with each thrust. Soon I was caught up in the lovemaking and for the moment,I  forgot about Dad walking in on us.

"I'll cum first and then as a special treat, I want you to cum in my mouth, OK?" Juan whispered.

"OK, my love." There it was again! Is that what he is now, I thought. 'My love'? I rather liked it.

With one last thrust and grunt, Juan shot another load of note into me. He clung to me and shuddered while he was shooting his load, squirt after squirt.

"Oh fuck! You'll be the death of me still! Fuck!" Juan said against my back. I squeezed his hand.

"Not if I could help it, my love!" I give up! I'll have to be careful with what I say around other people, I thought and squeezed his hand.

Behind Juan, André growled and pumped his big load into Claude. He fell onto Claude's back to allow the last of his load to ooze into Claude.

"May I have your cum load in my mouth?" I heard André say to Claude. Good, then there wouldn't be any cum to soil the sheets.

I heard them move around so André could suck Claude's cock.

"I'm going to pull out now. Remember: clench!" Juan said.

I felt how his enormous cock, still very rubbery, was vacating my insides. I also felt that he had deposited another monumental load into my gut. Lots of cum to keep from flowing out.

As the head approached my sphincter, Juan nudged my arm and I clenched. He slowly pulled the huge head free and I managed to contain the cum in my hole. It was a lot!

Juan rolled me onto my back and positioned himself between my legs. He started making love to my cock.

"Hmmmm! The birthday boy tastes good! Hmmmm!" he murmured around my cock. He deep throated me and I was approaching orgasm fast.

Next to us, Claude was starting to grunt like a boar and when I looked at them, André had most of Claude's cock buried in his mouth.

My orgasm started in my balls, I felt it building up and I too started to grunt with my cock balls-deep in Juan's mouth.

My breathing was hard and fast and all of a sudden, a huge volley of cum shot out into Juan's throat. He didn't even taste it - it went straight down his oesophagus. He pulled the head from his throat, and received the rest of it in his mouth. He was making noises showing his pleasure at receiving my cum in his mouth. He kept his tongue still and made no movement. My cock was very sensitive and I still shuddered a bit.


Claude was now virtually shouting and groaning: "Yes! Yes! Suck my big cock! Yes! I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming! Take it! Take it ....!" He was cumming - there was no doubt about that, I thought to myself, smiling.

Juan pulled off my cock and lied on top of me. His whole body came down on me and I marvelled at the weight on me, pinning me down, and at his hairy chest pushing into me ... This was a keeper, and he was mine ... erm ... he was ours!

He kissed me and when I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, my cum flowed into my mouth. What a man! What a session!


He pulled my hands up my sides and pinned them down next to my head. "Do you love me Anton?"

He looked me in the eye and it was clear this man wasn't there for the sex only. He truly and dearly loved me.

"Yes, I love you! What do you think? This is forever!"

"And me!" André piped up next to us. I put my arm out and pulled him closer.

"I love you too, big bro! You know that. And Juan loves you too ..."

"Yes, I do," Juan said looking at André. "But allow us a little bit of special love between us? OK?" he asked with big beautiful puppy eyes.

"Yes, of course! As long as my baby bro is happy. And don't you forget that!"

"Awwwww! You are such a cute and perverse threesome!" Claude piped up and grabbed André from behind and pulled us all to him. We all landed on top of him. "Ummpph! Yes, kill the man who brings you only love and good wishes!" he put in jokingly.

We were all laughing, but Juan sat up and said: "Come on, boys! I'm sure Alma is waiting for us."

"You're the guests - you go to the bathroom first," I said.

"No my love, it think you are the one who needs to get to a toilet soon ... Now go!" Juan patted me on the back.

I realised he was right. My hole was filled to capacity and our bout of laughter almost caused a leakage. André and I grabbed our toilet bags, our robes and ran to the bathroom. While I peed and emptied the wonderful liquid from my rectum, André washed his face, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. When I was done, André took his turn at the toilet and I mine at the basin. We rushed back and when we passed the spare bedroom, we called to the Du Toit brothers that the bathroom was vacant.

We put on some casual, but warm clothes: sweatpants and sweaters, and sandals, and went down to the kitchen to face the music. Damn ...

When we entered the kitchen, Dad sat at the table nursing a mug of Mom's strong hot coffee. He looked up when he saw us and I looked for 'the look', but there was none. He got up and opened his arms. "Come here my beautiful big boys!" and pulled us in close to him. He whispered: "Not a word to Mom. Be careful what you say and do ..." "OK, Dad," we whispered in his ears.

"Happy birthday! I hope you'll be very happy and that your studies will be very successful."

"Thanks Dad!" He kissed us in turn and hugged us again.

"I love you very much, you know that!"

"We know and we love you too, Dad" I said.

"Come here my beautiful sexy boys!" Mom said and pulled us in for hugs and kisses. "Many happy returns of the day, my boys! May you have a wonderful day and a very good year ahead of you. Thanks for all the love. We're very proud of you!"

She turned to Dad, and said: "Now is as good a time as any, Adriaan ... go on! Give it to them!"

My blood ran cold. What must Dad give us? The party was our birthday present. Oh fuck! Does she know ...? Oh no! Oh no!

Dad took the two identically wrapped boxes from the table he had with him earlier and pulled us in for another hug. I felt his big bulge pushing against my tummy ... fuck! Dad ...!

"Here are your presents. Open up!"

"But, the party is our gift!" André said in amazement. "Dad?"

"Yes, what is this?" I asked.

"Open up!" Mom said.

We ripped the beautiful grey wrappers off the boxes and found car keys inside! Two identical car keys! Toyota car keys! André's key had a '1' engraved on it and mine a '2'.

"No Dad ...! Really? Dad! Mom!" I hugged Dad and felt the tears building up. When he pulled me tight against his chest, the tears started flowing. Soon I was sobbing on his shoulder. André joined in on the other side of Dad's chest and when I put my arm around him, I felt his body was shaking - he too was crying a little.

"Now, now! This is a time for joy and happiness! Awwww! My beautiful boys!" Dad said and hugged us. We cried even harder. This big man was just the best dad ever. How I loved him! "Don't cry! It is a gift! You need to be happy!"

"We are happy," I sobbed. "Thanks Dad!" and I kissed him. He wiped the tears from my face and kissed me again.

"Thanks Dad, this is a big surprise!" André said through his sobs. Dad cleaned his face too and kissed him.

"Alma, now can you believe this? We give them cars, and look at them!" He hugged us and kissed us on the head.

"Do you have any idea what Dad chose for you?" Mom asked.

"Not a clue," André said.

"Guess!" Dad urged us.






"Yes, but the hybrid version!"

"What? Really Dad?" I was stumped!

"Oh Dad! You're just the best Dad in the world! We love you very much! Thanks Dad!" André gushed. "Where are they?" he asked.

"They were hidden in the old shed by the old Cabernet vineyard. I went to fetch them early this morning. They're parked outside in the driveway."


We broke free of his embrace and ran to the front door. And parked in the driveway were two identical metallic silver cars, each with a big red bow tied around it. Mom! She just had that kind of touch! Awww! Dad and Mom followed us, laughing at our enthusiasm.

The cars were identical. Only the number plates were different: 'ECO 25.1 - WC' and ECO 25.2 - WC'.

"Number 1 is yours, André, and number 2 is for Anton. Get it? Happy?"

"Yes, it's perfect," I said.

"Could we try them, please? Please Dad?"

"OK, but just to the barn and back. We have guest and breakfast is almost ready. Come, let me explain the basics quickly."

Mom and I removed the red bows from the cars.

Dad took André's keys and got into the driver's seat. "It's keyless drive. Put your right foot on the break and push the ON/OFF button. Put the car in gear and release the foot brake. And off you go. Simple!"

I got in on the passenger's side and André slid in behind the steering wheel and did what Dad explained. There was no sound. Amazing! André put it in gear and depressed the accelerator. The car moved forward but still, no sound!

"Anton, can you believe this? Man oh man! This is fucking A!"

"It's running on batteries now." The car gave a very slight shudder as the engine kicked in. "There, the engine came on."

André drove to the shed and stopped. "Come, your turn!" and opened the door. I got out and walked to the driver's side.

I put my foot on the brake, engaged the gear and let go of the foot brake. The car glided forward, soundless. "André, this is fucking amazing, bro!"

"Yes, isn't it!"

I drove back to the house and parked the car behind number 2, mine. We sat in the car and looked at each other, still red-eyed. I leaned in and said: "Happy birthday André ... I love you so very much! Thanks for allowing Juan into our midst ... I do love him very much. Thanks for understanding ... Even though a special bond developed between him and me, you'll never be pushed out - never. I love you too much. You're half of me. Never forget that! I love you," and kissed him gently.

He broke the kiss and looked me in the eye, and said: "Baby bro, you're one amazing man. I admire you, I love you and yes, even though Juan is part of our lives now, I'll never stop loving you. Just remember, Juan can never have exclusive rights and privileges. We all have to share. I'll not give up on you. You're also half of me. Without you, I'm a big round zero. Juan may fuck you with his big old cock, but I still want to fuck you too. I will never give that up - never. I understand that you have different feelings for him, and that's OK, but you may, you MUST never stop loving me ..."

He started to tear up and I put my hand behind his head and pulled him closer. "I love you too much, André. I'll never give up on you, I will never stop loving you. If I had to choose, I don't know who I'd choose, but I love you both equally, albeit differently. I hope you'll understand," and kissed him.

André hugged me and wiped his tears from his cheeks. "Thanks for being such a fantastic brother, baby bro! I love you very much." I was tearing up as well. Soon the tears were flowing again.

Dad stepped up to the car and opened the passenger door. "What is this? More tears? It's your birthday! Come on! Smiles!" Dad chirped, and pulled me out of the car into his arms. He whispered: "You OK, my beautiful boy? Did they hurt you ...?"

"I'm fine, thanks Dad. No, they didn't hurt me." I felt his huge cock pushing against me and thought how much it was going to hurt me the day he fucked me with that big thing ...

André came around the car and joined us in the hug. "Thanks Dad ... You're a super dad!" He sniffled and kissed Dad.

Mom came out the front door again with Juan and Claude in tow. "There they are!"

"Boys, how damn lucky can you get! Wow, Adriaan! You're spoiling them! I might as well send my gifts to the foster home now!" Juan joked.

Claude was whistling softly and put his hand on the roof of the car. "This is epic, Adriaan! Boys, do you know just how lucky you are?"

Claude got into the car and looked at the instrumentation. André switched the car on and Claude started to test everything.

"There is another one to look at, come!" I said and walked to number 2 and opened the driver's door for Juan. He got in and whistled. I got in on the passenger's side and closed the door. Juan switched the car on and put his hand on my knee. "This is a wonderful gift," and without thinking, he leaned over and kissed me! Oh my fuck! Mom might have seen us ...! I looked up and yes, she was looking at us from where she was standing. But there was no horror in her face. She smiled and turned around to go back into the house. Oh my godd! Now she knows! I was horrified.

"Mom saw us, Juan!"

"Oh fuck! Really? Was she upset?"

"No, it didn't look like it. Come, we have to go."

Juan switched the car off and we joined André, Dad and Claude. They were talking about the specs of the car, the fuel consumption, the bells and whistles ... We entered the house single file with Juan making up the rear, right behind me. He squeezed my buttocks. He's taking a chance, I thought.

Mom was her chirpy self. She was busy putting the food on the table and we helped her. When I looked at her, she smiled and winked at me ... Mom was OK! Thank godd!

On the far end of the counter there was a stack of gifts. They must be ours. They were all wrapped in the most beautiful gift-wrap.

We had a wonderful breakfast, one like only Mom could prepare. She sure was a good cook.

André sat on my left, next to Mom at the one end of the table. Dad sat at the other end, right next to me. Juan sat across the table form me with Claude on his right, next to Mom. During the breakfast André put his hand on my thigh and squeezed gently. He leaned in and whispered: "You OK, baby bro?"

He must suspect something with Dad and I. "Yes, I'm fine thanks. We should get the gifts from the bedroom. Now is as good as any time to get them."

Dad saw this and leaned towards me, putting his hand on my thigh, but he misjudged himself and his hand landed squarely in my lap. I gasped a little. He squeezed, but it was my cock he squeezed. "Sorry!" he whispered. "Is everything OK, boys? Happy with your cars?"

"Oh yes Dad! Thanks Dad!" André and I enthused and looked at this man we loved so much. We owe everything in our lives to him ... oh OK, he had nothing to do with getting Juan in our lives, I thought with a smile ... but for the rest, he was fucking A!

"Coffee all around? Please help me Adriaan." Mom said.

"Excuse us for a minute please?" I said.

"Where are you off to now?" Mom asked. "We're having coffee!"

"Back in a sec!" André said and we ran out, up the stairs. We have bought Juan a gift for his birthday the next day, and in the nick of time on Thursday, we managed to get something for Claude. And, through a school friend, we got Mom and Dad each a small present as a token of our love and appreciation.

"Mom knows ..." I said when we rounded the corner.

"Knows what?"

"About Juan and I ... But I think she's fine."

"What are you talking about?"

"She saw him kissing me in my car, and she just smiled. In the kitchen she smiled and winked at me. She knows. How much she knows, I don't know, but she knows ..." I trailed off.

"Oh godd! Now Mom too! What do you think about Dad walking in on us ... again? Fuck! He must think we're a bunch of whores, fucking both the brothers! He saw me fucking Claude this morning, and yesterday he saw Claude fucking you! Oh my godd!" André sounded worried.

"Don't worry, I think Dad didn't tell Mom, at least not the details. He'd never do that. But, let's forget that for now. Let's get the presents and get back before we piss off Mom, again!"

We collected the presents from our cupboard and rushed back to the kitchen. Everybody had their coffee and our coffee was waiting for us in our personalised coffee with next to it, the presents that were on the counter earlier were, two boxes each.

"Come on boys, it's time for presents," Dad said and started to sing: "Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you ..." The others joined in and sang for us. André and I held each other close and I felt the tears in my eyes again. I squeezed him and he put his head on my shoulder. I felt him rubbing his face on my sweater. He was sobbing again, I realised. My poor bro who just always wanted to be 'the man'!

After the final 'hip hip hooray', Dad pointed at our chairs and told us to come sit down.

"You have the parents' huge gifts now, standing parked outside. I decided against giving my gifts to the foster home. The grey boxes are from me," Juan said. "Open up!"

The boxes were large and a slightly heavy. We opened them up and out came two dark brown Hugo Boss bomber leather jackets! My godd! This must have cost a fortune!

"What?!" André shouted. "Juan, is this for real? For us? Why? It's HUGE!"

He jumped up and ran around the table and before Juan knew it, André was hugging him and ... he kissed him! I looked at Mom in horror, but she only smiled and winked at me. She mouthed: "It's OK!" and gave me a thumbs up. I was flabbergasted.

I got up and walked around the table. André let go of Juan and he got up from his chair. He opened his arms and pulled me in for a big hug. "She knows," I whispered in his ear. He hugged me and said: "Then I'm going to kiss you right now!" He took my face in his hands and kissed me tenderly - no tongue, just a sweet loving kiss. He hugged me again and pulled André back into his embrace.

"Adriaan and Alma, you've raised two spectacularly fine young men. I love them to bits," and he hugged us again.

"Oh, we know! They are our lives. We're very happy with them. I hope they're very happy too ..." Mom trailed off. I wonder if she knew how everything fitted together in our three-way relationship? I wondered ...

"Put them on!" Juan insisted.

We stepped out of his embrace and put the jackets on. Claude gave a wolf's whistle and cheered us on. "Now would you look at that? I'm not sure I want to introduce you to Claire anymore! I'm out of a job!"

We strutted our stuff and marvelled at the soft leather. There were a number of zippered pockets. This would be the perfect protection against the cold wet winters of the Western Cape!

"Thanks Juan," I said and gave him another hug.

"You're welcome, my love," he whispered in my ear.

"Yes, thanks man. You're spoiling us. Does this mean extra hockey practise next year?" André ribbed Juan.

"It's nothing. Claude got them for me at a reduced price, so it wasn't that expensive. And you guys give me so much love, it's worth every cent." I wondered what Dad and Mom thought of the 'love' bit ...

"Now mine!" Claude enthused. "Open up!"

The other boxes in front of us were flat and much lighter. The wrapping was in Scottish tartan. We opened the boxes and found two Kashmir sweaters made of the finest, lightest lamb's wool! They were made from a light brown, camel colour wool.

"Claude! I knew models are paid megabucks, but this is very smart and expensive! Wow!" André exclaimed.

The sweaters would be a perfect match with the bomber jackets and our chinos pants, I thought. Man oh man, would we step out with these new threads!

André was closer to Claude and in a jiffy he was hugging him. I joined in and hugged the brother of the man I loved so much. He kissed us on the cheeks and hugged us some more. I saw out the corner of my eye that Juan was watching intently. He smiled and winked at me. "It's OK," he mouthed. I winked back.

We sat down again and stroked the soft sweaters we held in our hands.

"Where did you get these? They are Pringle ...! They too must have cost a bundle!" I said.

"Connections, 'baby bro' - connections! When Juan told me about you two and the party, and when my stint in Israel was cancelled, I asked Claire to pull out all the stops. She has a connection at the firm that imports the stuff from Scotland. Juan was so kind to pick it up from Claire when he fetched me from the airport on Thursday. So, there! You're clothed for the winter!"

Juan leaned over to Claude and right in front of Dad and Mom, he pulled Claude into a hug and kissed him. "Thank you very much," he said. "You've made the boys' birthday very special."

"Nah - it's the least I could do."

"Lucky you. New cars, new jackets, new Pringles, new friends ... what am I leaving out?" Mom said and I caught her looking at Juan ... She knew!

"Seeing that this is a time of presents, we've decided to give our presents from each other, to each other," Andre snickered, "and also our presents to Juan for his birthday tomorrow, and to Claude for his birthday on Monday!"

"This is for you, Juan, and this is for you Claude." I said and handed them their presents. "They're from the both of us. And here is yours, André," I said and gave André his gift.

That year we've decided that each one would choose what he wanted to buy as a present for the other, but that he had to buy two of the same item so we could give the second one to the other brother.

"And, here is yours, baby bro," André said and handed me his gift.

"You're the birthday boys, you open yours first," Juan said.

André and I opened our presents and I found two identical very mod striped, long-sleeved shirts in a variety of browns and beige. Wow! André did have good taste!

He opened my present and found two Hugo Boss reversible leather belts. What's with the Hugo Boss?

I gave my one shirt to André and he gave one of the belts to me. We hugged each other. I kissed him on the mouth and said: "I love you so much, André!"

"I love you too, baby bro! You're such a special man! You're one of a kind ... we're two of a kind ... erm ... Oh well, you know what I mean!"

"Now you two - open your presents. I'm sorry they won't be in the same class as the presents we received from you guys today, but remember we're still students!" André said.

Juan and Claude opened their presents. André and I've secretly bought Juan a new watch, but I wanted to give it to him in private the next morning. For now, we gave Juan a stylish windbreaker-kind of greyish jacket. It was very stylish and could be worn casually as well as to a formal do. For Claude, we bought an iPod Nano, which was small enough to take with him on all his trips, to the gym, or on the plane.

Juan was first and grabbed me from my chair and hugged me so hard, I thought he'd crush my ribs!

He whispered in my ear: "I damn well love you to bits, my love!" In the commotion, what with Claude hugging André, only Dad might have heard Juan. Juan kissed me gently and looked deep into my eyes. "I'm the happiest man alive ..." he said.

Then Juan took André into his arms and Claude grabbed me.

"He is a fucking happy man! I envy him!" he said into my ear.

"I love him very much," I whispered back.

"He loves you too."

"Yes, I know ..."

We all sat down and once again admired our respective gifts.

"That obnoxiously rich Malherbe will have to eat humble pie when he sees us!" André said.

Johan Malherbe was the hockey team captain and a very bossy person. André and I didn't like him one bit. He drove around in a red Audi TT, dated the rich and beautiful rag queen and ... he was just a pain in the butt.

"Dad, Mom - we know it's not your birthday today, but you give us more than what is required. We can feel your love and we got you small tokens of our love for you. We thought hard and long, and our school friend Marie who is a jeweller apprentice in Cape Town, suggested our gifts to you. And don't worry, we didn't break the bank or exhausted our trust fund! We paid for it with the extra money we made by selling the extra vine cuttings and grafts we've prepared. Dad, you remember how well they took? We sold the extra ones."

"Now, that's my boy," Dad beamed and tousled my hair.

André gave Mom her present and I gave Dad his. Dad leaned over to me and with a hand on my thigh, brushing against my cock in my crotch, he said: "No dad could ever wish for better boys than you two." He pulled me in and kissed me.

Mom kissed André and was opening her present. It was a fine gold chain with a small diamond pendant. She gushed and exclaimed: "This is so grand! I'm wearing it tonight! Thank you boys! It was unnecessary, but thanks!" She leaned to André and kissed him again. "On second thoughts, please help me put it on right now André!"

He stepped up behind her and put the pendant around her neck and closed the clasp.

"My, my! I'll be the envy of every lady tonight! Open yours, Adriaan! I want to see what the boys got you!"

Dad opened his gift. It was a manly gold chain. It wasn't a heavy chain that would make him look like an Elvis Presley clone, or a rapper - Marie knew her stuff, and the chain she selected was not too feminine, and not too thick. It was just right.

"Wow! Boys, this is an expensive gift! You should have put the money in your portfolios! But, I appreciate the gesture. Thanks." He leaned to me and kissed me again. "Must I put it on now?"

"Yes, of course!" Claude put in. "You'll look extra sexy!"

Down tiger! Don't say so much in front of Mom, I thought.

Mom gushed: "Adriaan, you see! You didn't want to believe me when I told you how sexy you'd look with a nice gold chain!"

"Please help me put it on Anton?"

Actually it was long enough to fit over Dad's head without being opened. I took it and put it over Dad's head and around his neck. It looked spectacular against his pitch-black chest hair. What a hunk! I was so proud of our Dad! I hugged him from behind.

Dad got up and pulled me into a tight embrace, tight against his body. I felt his huge bulge pushing against my crotch and right hip ... My godd! My cock was quickly becoming very rubbery. "Thank you so much, my boy! This will be a constant reminder of what special boys you are! I love you so, so very much!" He kissed me and then said in my ear: "Don't worry about this morning. It's OK ..." What a dad!

"Come here Anton! Thank you so much my love!" 'My love'? Wow Mom! If you knew I'm someone else's 'my love' too ...! Mom pulled me close and I had my work cut out to keep my semi from pushing against her tummy. She took my face in her hands and looked deep into my eyes. "You're such a beautiful, special boy! I love you very much." She hugged me again and whispered in my ear: "I know, and it's OK. He is a fine man. As long as you're happy."

Oh my godd! Mom knew for sure! And was she actually giving her blessing? What would she do if she knew it's not just Juan and I, but that it includes André too? Oh my godd ...!

= To be continued =



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