The test on Monday was a breeze. We usually aced our tests and our lecturers were very pleased with our work. The recommendations for bursaries were submitted and we were sure of some welcome money to subsidise our studies.


On Tuesday Juan came home with a big smile on his face. "What's his name? What did you do? When are you bringing him home?" André teased Juan, and got a playful swipe on the head.

"You will not believe what happened today! Oh my godd! I'm so excited! Come, sit next to me!" Juan said and patted the couch. We sat down and he pulled us in for a group hug.

"You are looking at the latest Ph. D. applicant in the Natural Sciences faculty for next year!" Juan said.

"Oh my godd! Oh Juan! That is wonderful! Really? Gunther? What are you going to do? Tell us!" I urged Juan.

"You big oaf! Not just a pretty face and huge cock, eh? It seems there are brains somewhere in there as well. When are you seeing the brain surgeon to find those brains?" André put in and again he got a swipe on the head.

"Behave! I still have my knife at the ready to neuter you! Watch it!" Juan said and kissed André on the head.

"Tell us! Come on! Oh, Dad and Mom are going to love this!" I put in.

"Yes, it's through Gunther. His supervisor called me today and told me Gunther has told him I'm interested in furthering my studies. After finishing my masters in Microbiology last year, I just haven't found the time to do anything about it. All sorts of excuses: hockey, 'no time', then you came along ... but! Professor Du Preez said they needed someone to assist Gunther."

"We did warn you taking on two horny twins would take its toll on your fragile ageing body ...!" André was relentless!

"André, shut up!" I said.

"Just because I'm a little older than you, doesn't mean I'm a geriatric! Behave you delinquent or you're sleeping on the bed mat tonight! Watch it! Gunther's project is too big for one guy alone, and there are many branches in hormone production. Novo Nordisk offered me tenure to assist Gunther by doing side-by-side research, which would complement his work, furthering Novo Nordisk's investment. The field is as wide as the Atlantic, and Gunther suggested I work on the same yeast, but to genetically enhance it to produce hormones such as progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone."

"Yes, and when do you start?" I asked.

"Does it include studies into a hormone that could push up your testosterone level, 'old man'?" André was relentless!

"André, since when do I need testosterone? Hmmm?" Juan put his arm around André's neck in a head clamp and squeezed. "Do you give up? Will you behave if I let you go? Hmmm? Anyway, we still have to finalise the paperwork and get final approval from Novo Nordisk. Then the university and the company have to agree on fitting out a lab next to Gunther's, and appoint assistants and sort out the salaries and payments and and and ... A lot needs to be finalised first."

"So you and the Hung Jerry will be working side-by-side? Interesting ...!" André, just shut up!

"Yes, we will be fucking non-stop and we're going to have hot man-on-man sex amongst the test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks and all the male hormones ... you'll hardly see me at all! I'll be having his huge cock in me all the time! No more hockey, no more sex with me, just Gunther and me! Happy, André?"

"Try it, and I WILL neuter you! Just you try! We're your first love - Gunther might have a huge cock, but it's us you love more! Say it! Just say you love us! Oh fuck! You are such an oaf!" André ranted on.

"No, silly! We'd be working side-by-side, not together per se. And of course I like Gunther, and I love his huge cock, and for him to have sex with us, but this will, of course, be purely professional. There is too much at stake here. And the good news, my love, because of the scale of the project, Novo Nordisk has asked Gunther if he'd be interested in staying on for at least another 3 years. How about that? Great, isn't it? My project should last at least 2 years or more, and Gunther's would be extended to include more research and publish more papers, attend international conferences, so he is bound to be with 'us' for at least 3 years! Isn't it great?" Juan was so exited.

"Baby bro, you'll have to get Claude to get us a big supply of lube. Gunther is going to fuck you wholesale for the next three years!"

"André, let it go! Are you not happy for Juan and that our 5th partner would now be staying for longer? I'm very happy for you my love! That means in 2 year's time, we'd have a 'Doctor Du Toit' in the family! Dr Du Toit ... I like the ring of that! Congratulations my love! I'm so proud of you!"

"Yeah yeah! Congratulations and all of that and soppiness and blah blah blah, you big oaf! As long as your big cock is the only big head you'll have ... but yeah, congratulations Big Bear! You are a clever boikie after all! But ... but! What about the hockey? Are you going to throw us for the wolves? Hmmm! Just you dare!" André put in.

"No, the hockey is not going to suffer! Remember, Gunther is going to be my assistant coach! No, you beautiful retard, I'd never give up on my hockey. And lose out on spending time with you two? And getting some well-deserved fresh air? No, the hockey isn't affected at all," Juan said.

I leaned in and hugged this big beautiful man and felt the love for him in my heart. I was so proud of him! I kissed him on the cheek, but he turned and kissed me on my mouth. "I'm so proud of you my love! You're going to be an asset to Novo Nordisk!"

"Yeah, congratulations. I'm sure you'd be successful, despite the huge obstacle hanging between your legs! Just ask if you need help with that! We'd be too happy to assist. Our mouths and hands, and Anton's hole will always be available! Oh fuck, you're such a big oaf!" André leaned in and gave Juan a big fat kiss. He tousled Juan's hair and Juan retaliated. Soon they were on the carpet with Juan sitting on top of André, tickling him and tweaking his nipples.

"Now, behave or else ...!" Juan said and his expression slowly changed. He moved on André's crotch and I could see he felt André was getting a boner. Oh my godd! He actually pushed his buttocks down on André's cock and the expression on André's face changed to one of unbelief ... 

"Oh my godd ...!" André put in and gasped. He pushed his crotch higher and Juan groaned ... Juan a bottom? Impossible!

André wiggled his arms free and put his one hand on Juan's crotch and squeezed. "Oh my godd! You sex dogg! You're rock-hard!"

"Yes, and don't get any ideas. I can't help your big cock is such a distraction ... ahem ... And no, I'm not going to bottom for you ... OK?" Juan said feebly. He let go of André and got up, and he adjusted his hard-on in his pants. "Now look at what you've done!"

He put his hand out and pulled André up and into an embrace. "André, I love you far more than you deserve sometimes. I sincerely and truly love you. You are as important to me as your brother, but one thing will not happen. I'm not a bottom - never have, never will. I am just a sexual animal and was turned on by you ... yes, you turn me on, you retard! But not to bottom for you, or Anton, or Gunther or Johann. I love to fuck too much to give it up. Come here ..." Juan planted a big fat kiss on André's lips. He pushed his hard-on into André' groin and said: "There, that is because of you, but not because I want your cock in me. So, OK?"

I was boned up myself and adjusted my cock in my pants. I got up and joined the two in their embrace. "Ahhh! Here is our bottom, my beautiful 'baby bro'! Oh fuck! I love you guys so much! Since July, you've changed my life for the better, in every way. Now, even tenure and a bursary to do my 'Ph. D.'! All because of you in my life! I love you so, so much!" and he kissed us in turn. Our hard-ons pushed against each other ... it was going to be a long night with lots of sex again.

"Let's call your parents and tell them the good news," I said.

"Good idea, and then we'll call Dad and Mom, and Claude, and Pieter!"

"And don't forget to let Junk Mail and the local Classifieds know!" André put in.

"André, don't be such a jerk! Just be happy and stop this shit!" I said and gave him a swipe.

"Sob! Sob! Now my own baby bro is turning against me!" André feigned disappointment.

"André ... just shut up. Juan, call your parents. I'll staple his lips shut if he doesn't behave," I warned André.

Juan pulled up his parents' number and called them. He gave them the news and I heard his mom shriek in the background. His dad was more reserved and congratulated Juan. Juan gave some details and how it would affect his position at the university.

Juan's dad asked about the photo-shoot. Yes, it went very well Claude told them.

"Will you find time for this kind of thing, the modelling? Isn't it going to compromise your work and the hockey?" his dad asked.

"No Dad, it will be done strictly free-lance. Boss will ploy their shoots around our schedules and when we're available," Juan said.

"'Our schedules'? Who are 'we'? I thought Claude is taking a sabbatical?" his dad asked.

"No, the twins and I. Claude arranged the appointment with Boss for all three of us."

"Oh I see. Hmmm! The boys too ..."

Then Juan gave him the news of the move into the house and that it was a gift from Dad and Mom.

There was a short silence and then his dad asked: "Juan is it serious then? This thing with the boys ...?"

"Yes, Dad. You mean between the twins and I? Yes, it's serious. I've waited 27 years to find my better half, and now I've found two of them. They give so much meaning to my life. I really love them very much. And their parents gave us their blessing. I was hoping you and Mom would do the same ..."

"We've only met them once. We don't know the boys. Are they not a bit young to make such a commitment? Will it last?" Juan's dad asked.

"Dad, it is the real deal. I've never loved anybody this much in my life. And I'm the lucky winner to get two of them. Give it some time and get to know them. You'll also grow to love them. They are very mature for their age. By the way, they turned 19 the day before my 27th birthday, so there is only an 8 years' difference," Juan said.

There was a bit of a silence again, and Juan's dad sighed: "OK, but we don't want you to burn your fingers. It's a cruel world out there. We spoke to Claude over the weekend. He said he also found somebody, the boys' uncle? It's a bit much for us to digest all at once. Give us time. We need to get to know these people. But, we trust your good judgement."

Juan said softly, tears forming in his eyes: "Thanks Dad. Claude and Pieter are very happy, and yes, I love them very much. We really are very happy. You have to come visit us soon and get to know them so you could understand why I chose them, why they chose me. It just happened, but all for a reason. I love you Dad ..." and the first tear rolled down his cheek.

"We love you too, Juan. Never forget that. We'll accept your choice. Up to now, you've never made any bad decision. Just as long as you're happy. We'd like to meet the twins' parents and Pieter ... their uncle? ... as well. It's all very new to us. Give us time. OK? Mom sends her love. Congratulations again and best of luck. We're proud of you son!"

"Thanks Dad ..." was all Juan could get out. They said their good-byes and Juan hung up.

André took Juan's face in his hands and kissed the tears off his cheeks. "Now, now! You big man, my very own oaf! We're still here! And we love you! We're not going anywhere!" He hugged Juan and kissed him on the head.

"Thanks ... I love you too. I hope my parents would accept this eventually ... oh godd!" Juan sighed.

"It will be OK, you'll see. Perhaps we should neuter André after all, before your parents come to visit," I said jokingly to lighten the atmosphere.

"You back-stabber!" André retorted and gave my head a swipe. "Owww! The pain! Et tu Brutus?"

Juan wiped the tears from his face and pulled us each into a shoulder. He hugged and kissed us. He might have been our alpha male and taller and frightfully attractive, and a prospective doctorate student and our hockey coach, and our lover and hung like a horse and Dad's favourite son-in-law ... but he was a soft man at heart. That made the difference and set him apart from the rest. We hugged and kissed him.

Little did we know what the future held for all of us ...

"If we can control my twin brother, we'd be able to win them over. You'll see. As soon as we've settled in, we could invite them. Perhaps invite Dad and Mom too. They need to get to know each other sooner or later," I said.

"Yes, we could do that." André, where did that come from? "Now, let's call Dad and Mom. I'm sure they'd be happy to get the news. And from this moment on, alpha male or not, all sharp knives are off-limit to you both. Only big cocks and lube. OK? OK! Call Dad, baby bro!" André put in.

I called up Dad's number and put the iPhone on speaker.

"My beautiful boy! This is a surprise! How are you? How is André? Juan? What's up?"

"Hi Dad. We're all fine. How are you? And Mom? Our vines still growing well?" I asked.

"All in order and we're fine. Mom is busy with the last curtains for the house. Juan, are you listening in? The pictures you sent of your furniture helped Mom to decide on the fabric. She is very excited. Are you excited?" Dad asked.

"Oh good! Mom has such good taste. Thanks to Mom. Dad, we're calling about something else. Juan, tell Dad!"

"Dad, how are you?" Juan asked. He has now fully converted in calling them 'Dad' and 'Mom'. Go figure.

"I'm fine my boy! What is going on? Did you win the Lottery?" Dad joked.

"No, but almost as exciting! Dad, I am in the process of finalising my application to do a doctorate starting next year and ..."

"Alma! Come here! Alma! Come here my dear! Come! You have to hear this! Oh my lord! Juan, that is fantastic news! Alma! Come here! Where are you? Juan, I'm so proud of you! Wow! How did all of this happen? What about your position at the university? The hockey? Alma! Where are you!" Dad was so excited.

"Slow down Dad! All is in hand and we're in the final stages of the contracts and paperwork. I should know what the Danish mother company says by the end of October," Juan said. He filled Dad in on the details with regard to the contract, the research, working with Gunther, a new lab and his position at the university.

"What? Gunther Müller? The German who is going to rent the flat?"

"One and the only! Lucky break, I guess," Juan said.

"See, that's why this man has crossed paths with us! The flat, the furniture and now this. My boy, we're so proud of you! My heart is full of pride and we love you very much! You're making us so proud and happy!" Dad was so happy. "Here is Mom! Alma, the boys are on the line," Dad said and gave Mom a quick run-down.

"This is very exiting news, Juan! Congratulations! We're so proud of you, my boy!" Mom gushed. "You must be very exited. Best of luck!"

"Thanks Mom!" Juan gushed.

"Dad, I've promised Gunther could have my old iPhone 6, if it's OK with you?"

"Yes, of course it's OK. What's wrong with his phone?" Dad asked.

"It's an old Samsung phone. He hung on to it because it was familiar and he was afraid of losing his contacts and info. He never got around to ask how to get this info onto an iPhone via iTunes. The iPhone 6 is still OK and nobody is using it. So, would you bring it with you on Friday please? It's in the black box in my cupboard," André said.

"Sure thing. Where is the charger and USB cable? Also in the box?"

"Yes, it's all in the original iPhone box. You just need to bring the iPhone in its box. All is in there, including the ear pods. Thanks Dad. I'm going to blast the socks off our new Jerry friend! He is a nice guy Dad. He came to visit us on Saturday. Anton really likes him too, so there! And Juan likes him too. He is going to be our friend," André ranted on.

"Oh I'm glad. And with him and Juan working together, you'd see him regularly," Dad said. If only Dad knew ...

"Dad, some more good news: Gunther is going to be my assistant hockey coach next year!" Juan gushed. And the plot thickened ...! If only Dad knew HOW the plot has thickened already ...

"Juan, that's great news. I'm looking forward in meeting this German. Seems like you're smitten with the man, but he does sound like a nice guy."

"Yes, he is ... he is a very nice and very civilised guy. And he'll look after the flat very well. Juan has been to his guesthouse. His room is immaculately clean and in order. He'd be the perfect guy to live in our flat," I said. "Poor thing is still scared out of wits of André's antics of course! We're hoping to have André neutered soon so he could calm down ..." I put in, and jumped when André jabbed me in the ribs.

"Dad, I might not be in the market of producing any offspring soon, but I know you'd protect me ... wouldn't you?" André put in trying to sound scared.

"Oh ... my boy, I'd have to come back to you on that one ... ssshhhh ... I don't know. The idea of neutering you does sound like the solution ..." Dad didn't get any further.

"DAD! You just can't be serious! I'm your SON, your first-born! I'm at your mercy and ... oh no! My own dad is throwing me to the wolves! MOM! Talk to your husband! I'm his SON! We're talking about a Le Roux, a thorough-bred LE ROUX! MOM!" André pretended to be very upset. We all cracked up laughing, including Mom! Of course she and Dad would never forsake either of us, but sometimes it was necessary to put André in his place.

"Relax André, boy - of course we'd never let you get hurt, or get neutered!" Dad said. We all sniggered. "But you do tempt us all and you spare nobody. So, you're getting as good as you give. Now, behave! Come to think of it ... I still do have a very sharp Swiss Army knife ..." We cracked up laughing. André was silent for all of 10 seconds, and then he gave it to us good again. André, my bro! What a clown!

"OK, jokes aside, the painting will be done tomorrow afternoon. It's Double Velvet as you asked, Anton. Mom will come on Thursday and have the electricity switched on and hang the curtains. Mom will stay over with her old roommate in town. I'll be there on Friday to ensure the furniture is received when it's delivered. Juan, I'll use my judgement to place the furniture. You and the boys will change things around to your own liking when all is done. Oh, and I've packed a variety of wine from the cellar." Dad, you're such a nice man!

"I'm bringing you a hamper of groceries to get you going. If there is anything in particular you fancy or want, please let me know. Friday night we could all go have dinner in that new restaurant in town. For Saturday lunch I have prepared lasagne. Pieter called: all is set for the food for Saturday night. Anything else, just call. Juan? You OK? I don't want to take over the show. If it's too much, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm just here to help, not control your lives, OK?" Mom was a darling. "Do you have enough linen?"

"We're leaving the linen in the flat for Gunther. I have mine in my flat, but perhaps we should get some more, perhaps start afresh? Could we leave that to you please? Thanks Mom!" Juan said.

"It's a good thing I'm coming on Thursday. SMS me a list of what you do have and I'll make sure to get you what you and the boys will need. Oh, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait!" Mom gushed.

We chatted more about Juan's news, the move and Gunther and Johann and the photo-shoot and the party ... Eventually we said good-bye.

"I've defrosted a chicken. Any requests on how I should prepare it?" I asked.

"You just sit there with this big oaf and let me do the cooking tonight. You deserve a night off. I suggest honey and mustard? Rice? Roasted vegetables? OK?" André offered. He might appear to be a loose cannon, but actually he was quite adept in the kitchen. A night off would be nice, I thought.

"Thanks, bro! It sounds nice," I said.

"Thanks bro! Shout if you need help. Wine? Red? White? Cider?" Juan asked.

"A cider would be nice, thanks," I asked.

"Yeah, me too. Thanks beautiful oaf ... hmmm! We do have a use for you after all, apart from you fucking my baby bro!" André quipped and got a cushion thrown in his face. Never a dull moment!


On Wednesday we were home by 1 o'clock and started sorting out our stuff for the move. As it was mostly just our clothes and personal effects, it didn't take too long. We did find some hockey stuff and clothes we hardly wore, so some of that stuff went into black bags to be taken to the farm.

We went into the kitchen and planned dinner with Johann. We decided on a lamb potjie [a casserole of lamb and vegetables, such as baby onions, potatoes, carrots, georgettes and mushrooms, herbs like rosemary, slowly simmered on low heat for about 2 to 3 hours].

[In South Africa, such a stew is called a 'potjie', for which there is no translation. It's a 'pot' or the diminutive 'potjie'. In South Africa everybody knows what a potjie is.]

"I'll cook some Basmati rice and make a three-bean salad," André said.

Soon the potjie was simmering away, enveloping the flat in a fantastic aroma. Our dinner sorted, we sat down and did some studies. We had a big test on Friday and with all the excitement that would go down on Thursday, we needed to study.


At 5:30 Juan walked in and we ran to greet him. We hugged him and kissed him and André even groped his huge bulge - the perve!

"You're happy to see me! Hmmm! What's up? What have you done ...?" Juan made big eyes at André. He looked jokingly at him and gave his back a light rap. "What's up? What is that wonderful smell? I'm hungry!"

"We're just happy to see our husband! That's all! And we're so glad things are working out for us. Hmmm!" We kissed him on the lips, on his cheeks, his ears, we hugged him, we even groped ... guess by whom ... and kissed him again.

"Oh, I love you two so very much! You really brighten my day, you make it worth to come home to and ..." he sniffed the air again, "a pot! You've made a potjie? Really? You're making a pot! You're the best!" Juan hugged us and kissed us all over. Soon it became a big rough and tumble and lots of laughter. Eventually Juan hugged us close and said in our ears: "You're everything I could ever wish for. My dad and mom will love you too - just give them time."

"Wine, my sexy big oaf? Red, white? Heineken? G&T? What takes your fancy today my lord?" André, who else.

"A G&T sounds good, thanks. Do we have lemon? Is the tonic still fine? Yes, thanks André. I think we could have some wine when Johann arrives. He said he'd be here by 6:30. The pot will be ready then?" Juan asked.

"Yes, we just need to cook the rice. The three-bean salad is ready. Come sit, let me massage your feet. You must be tired. Come, sit down."

"Ahhh! I'm going in the kitchen! Argh! Any excuse to worship those big ogre feet! Sickening!" André quipped and duck out to get the G&T.

Juan sat down on the couch, and I on the floor. I took off his shoes, and smelled the clean masculine odour of his feet. His socks were slightly damp. I pulled his socks off and as always, gasped when I saw his exquisitely beautiful feet. They were size 15, big and had black hair on the toes and bridge. The toes were perfectly shaped, they were clean and the nails cut short. I massaged the balls of Juan's feet and he sighed. "My love, you really do know how to make me feel at home and to relax! Thanks ..."

André returned with the gin & tonic and Juan took his drink and sipped it. He sighed.

"So you've really decided to prove this abode is worthy of the WHORE HOUSE sign Claude has on order? Baby bro, this oaf already thinks he's the cat's whiskers, now you spoil him like that! What's next? Will he also get a pedicure? Hmmm?" André would never let an opportunity slip by to rib us, especially poor Juan! And just because he loved Juan, but didn't want it to show ... my bro! But through it all, we still loved him very much.

"André, you could just shut up and massage his other foot. Move it!" I said crisply.

Instead, André sat down next to Juan and unbuttoned his shirt. Juan pulled him in and kissed him deeply. "Fuck, you're such a loose cannon, but I love you to bits! Damn!" and kissed him again.

I returned to massaging my man's feet. I attended to each toe and made sure Juan's feet were perfectly relaxed. He leaned down and pulled my hand into his lap ... his cock was rock-hard! "Feel what you've done to me .. ahhhhh! Oh my godd! I could fuck you right here, right now! You just know how to turn me on!"

"I'm glad you're turned-on, but the foot massage wasn't aimed at getting you hard ... but, it's a bonus! Hmmm! My, my! What a huge one you have! Hmmm! Is that lethal weapon licensed? Hmmm?" I joked.

"Need any help there, baby bro? Just look at that anaconda straining to get out! That thing is big enough to scare children!" André teased.

Juan's cock was rock-hard and the 28cm was tenting his pants. It was too long to fit in his pants under the belt and he had to adjust it. It was now caught between his belt and tummy. I leaned in to loosen his belt and he groaned. When I pulled his pants open, the huge cock was on his tummy, way beyond his bellybutton. I put my hand on it and marvelled at its size once again. Before we met Johann, Gunther and Mario, at 28cm this was the biggest cock I've ever seen. It was a masterpiece, and one of the reasons I loved this man to bits. Oh my godd!

André started to play with Juan's big balls.

Since the afternoon in our room on the farm a few months ago, we have had sex with this huge cock many times, but it still amazed me. It was really a big beautiful cock, thick, uncut and with a big head. His balls were also big. Not as big as Mario's, but they were big nonetheless. Too big to both fit in one hand.

I pulled the skin back and the huge head appeared. I bent down and licked the underside of that magnificent cock. It twitched and lifted off Juan's tummy. I put my hand over it and was once again amazed at the thickness. I couldn't get my hand around it. And to think this thing fucked me ... amazing!

André took a sip of his G&T and pushed Juan's cockhead into the cold liquid.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! You'll kill me! Ahhhh!" Juan gasped.

André pushed the cock into his mouth but as always, we could never get more than about a third of it into our mouths.

When André let go, I put my hand on it and felt the coldness of the G&T, and the precum ... Juan didn't just have a huge cock, it also produced huge amounts of precum and shot a monumental amount of cum. This man was the real deal, in every respect. And my godd! I loved him so much ...


"Oh my godd! It must be Johann! Look at us! All horned up and my cock halfway to my chest! Go open André, I'll run to the bedroom. Go!" Juan instructed and got up, holding his open pants. I grabbed his socks and shoes and followed him to the bedroom. André readjusted his cock and went to open the door.

In the bedroom Juan quickly stripped and put on a pair of sweatpants I dug out of the cupboard. I got him a pair of briefs and a sweater that would hide his huge erection. He put on his sandals - oh fuck, those feet were just so ... so fucking sexy! Big and sexy!

Juan grabbed me and hugged me to him. "Whatever happens again tonight, remember I fucking love you! I love you so very much! And nothing is ever going to change that! You are the oxygen in my veins ... oh fuck! How I love you my darling!" 'My darling'? Oh my godd! This was a first, but yes, I loved that man with every fibre in my body. He put his one hand behind my head and the other on my buttocks, and pulled me tight to him. His huge cock pushed against my tummy. Oh my godd! I was rock-hard and sopping wet myself! I could jump into bed with him on the spot!

"I could fuck you right now, but we have a guest! Later, OK ... my darling?" He looked deep into my eyes and kissed my nose. "Come ...!"

Johann and André were seated on the couch when we entered. André had his MacBook Air open and they were looking at the pictures of the previous weekend at Pieter's. Johann got up and came to greet us.

Johann was dressed like a model. He wore a very sexy shirt with the three top buttons open. His muscular hairy chest was visible. His wore designer denims and very stylish shoes. I noticed his very nice windbreaker over the back of the couch.

"Hi buddy! How are you? I've missed you!" Johann said and tousled my hair as he pulled me into an embrace. He kissed my cheek and pushed his insanely huge rubbery cock against me. I gasped. Fuck! How I loved that cock! Getting fucked with it was something else! Johann pushed me away a bit and looked into my eyes. His beautiful brown eyes glistened and sparkled. He smiled and kissed me. His moustache felt great. Oh fuck, this man knew how to kiss. He put his one hand on my buttocks and pulled me in close. His huge cock was semi-hard and pushed against me. He put his mouth next to my ear and said: "Oh fuck, I love you! I love you so damn much! I love you ...!"

"OK, OK - let go of our boy. You'll get your chance later. Come here first and let me greet our sexy photographer," Juan said and pulled Johann off of me. Johann reluctantly let go of me and stepped into Juan's embrace. Juan hugged him and kissed the beautiful man. Their big cocks pushed against each other and Juan pushed his hand between them and touched Johann's huge rubbery cock. "Fuck, I have a big cock but I'm amazed at your cock every time I see or touch it. It is one amazingly huge cock! And just look at you! You look like a million dollars! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had a secret lover ... how could I ever compete with all of this?" Juan said waving at Johann. "You are a fucking hot and sexy man!"

"Hey, you perves! Have you forgotten that there is another hung hunk in the room? What about me? I might not have the cocks you two tall hunks have, but at 23cm it's not tiny either! And my baby bro's cock too!" André quipped.

"Oh please! Keep it up, and there is no dessert for you!" Juan put in. "Johann, the boys have prepared a potjie. Do you like a pot?"

"Oh fuck, yes! I love a pot! You boys rock! André, I didn't know you're an expert in the kitchen! I'm impressed!" Johann enthused.

"Wine, Johann?" I asked. "Red or white? Something else?"

"Red please! Cabernet? Your dad's wine?"

"Yes, of course. Red it is. André, please help ...?" I said.

André put his MacBook Air on the coffee table and came with me to get the wine and glasses. I retrieved the glasses and André opened a bottle of Dad's finest Cabernet Sauvignon. It was four years old. When I took a sip, I knew it was a good one.

"Johann brought us a memory stick with last weekend's pics ... unbe-fucking-lievable! I got a boner just seeing all the shenanigans that went down ... you're such a dogg, baby bro!" André gushed.

"Is that what you've been looking at?" I asked.

"Yes. And just now, I could really see Johann is in love with you. You're such a lucky dogg to have so many men lusting after you! Your hole must be twitching already! I have to say, it's fucking amazing to see them fucking you! How the fuck you handle it, is beyond me. That one time Juan fucked me last Sunday was enough for me! Thank you!" André declared.

Little did he know ...

"Yes, it is wonderful and even though the cocks are so big, somehow that adds to the pleasure. How, I don't know. It's amazing that they all love me, but they love you too, remember! Just as with Juan, they just love me differently because of ... well, me allowing them to fuck me. But they love you for who you are. You could be a bit much at times, and poor Gunther is still out there, what with all your antics! But he'll come around. And I love you very much. Even though the others fuck me, I'll never leave you or Juan for any of the others. We are a trio with 2 other guys who will be part of our group from time to time. Promise me you'll never doubt my love, or Juan's love. We love you very much. Without you, there just would not be anything for me to live for ..." I pulled André into an embrace and hugged him.

"Awww! Baby bro, you know how to butter me up! Just remember as the elder twin brother, I have rights, and I get to fuck your first, every time!" André quipped and kissed me gently. "And don't you ever forget that, and that I fucking love you! You're an amazing guy, baby bro!"

"Thanks. Let's go," I said.

In the lounge Johann had the MacBook in his lap and showed Juan the pictures on the memory stick. "Oh my godd! Johann, you're a real whiz with a camera! The pictures are amazing. And the ones you took of our sexcapades ... fuck! My darling, you were the star of the show! And we were a bunch of animals! Just every other one in that house fucked you! You took it like a trouper! Just look at the double-fuck pictures! Wow!"

André leaned in over Johann's shoulder and remarked: "The pictures of us on the beach are beautiful. Baby bro, look at the ones on the rocks. That one with the seagulls is fantastic! Wow! Even though we're identical, I have to give it to you, you're a damn sexy man!" We all laughed at his antics, but the pictures were amazing. The lighting, the composition, the natural settings and lack of posing for the camera made for fantastic photos, enhanced by Johann's superlative skills with a camera. One thing was for sure: the man could very well be the next Karl Lagerfeld!

"Congratulations, Johann - I really am impressed. Your pics are amazing. The pics of baby bro getting ploughed are amazing, but the ones you took of Table Mountain and of us on the beach ... wow! You're a wizard!" André gushed. He could be civilized when he wanted to!

"You have to see the pictures of the Clifton shoot! Claire sent them to the London office and the main honcho there is impressed out of his pants! According to Claire he has a son who is a real hunk, but he is gushing like a teenager over you guys! He said he hasn't seen anything like the three of you ever before! You're going to be a big hit!" Johann enthused. He was so excited!

"Wow! That sounds good! What does it all mean for us?" Juan asked.

"Not to jump the gun, but if London pulls out all the stops, you might have a white Christmas in London ... but don't buy jackets and scarves yet! Suffice to say, the man is impressed. He was asking for more of the swimwear photos ... he got the raw pics ... all showing your big cocks! I'm not surprised!" Johann said.

"Oh my godd! Dad can never know about the Speedo pictures! Christmas in London? Wow!" I gushed.

"Slow there tiger. This is not a certainty. The man's testosterone might have gotten the better of him. Let's see what happens," Johann said.

Johann turned to Juan and said: "You three have made a huge impression, not just on me and on Claire. It seems like the whole of Boss Models are enthralled. You guys are phenomenal."

"Well, the pictures don't get taken by themselves. Your skills behind the lens are obvious. If this goes big, we owe it to you. You're a true artist! And, we love you even more ..." Juan leaned in and kissed Johann. "Not just a pretty face, you're also a good kisser, and my darling loves your huge cock, and so do we. You're an amazing man, Johann! We're fortunate to have you in our circle of love."

"I'm the fortunate one - and I have fallen hopelessly in love with you three, especially with Anton. The sex I have had with you three guys, has been the best I've ever had. I'm so happy to be with you guys, and I enjoy your company and you're sexy and loving and welcomed me into your hearts and lives. I'm so grateful! I never want this to end ..." Juan said and put his head on Juan's shoulder. André and I put our hands on Johann's shoulders and hugged him. Fuck, he was a nice guy!

"Ahem ... erm ... more wine?" André asked.

"André, bring the bottle please?" Juan said.


The potjie was a huge success. Johann had seconds and kept on singing our praises until André quipped: "Thank you, but you can stop now. Anton's ass is still on the menu. How about we move this party to the bedroom, or do you guys still want to chit-chat? Baby bro, don't you want to feel this huge cock again?" Where did Mom get you, bro? Wow!

"OK, I think my brusque wayward lover has put it in words what we all want. My darling, what do you say? Can we move to the bedroom? You up for it?" Juan asked, and put his hand on Johann's bulge and exclaimed: "My godd! Does that thing ever go down? You do have the hots for him, don't you? Dogg!"

"Yes, I'm fine. And yes, I'd love Johann to fuck me. But I want you two to fuck me too, please? Just give me five minutes please?"

"'My darling'? You are getting soft in the head, you oaf! He'd still bend over for you even if you called him Fiefie! Come, let's jump to the good part of the evening. Baby bro, you go ahead. We'll clear the table and get order here. Go!"


I douched thoroughly and put some lube in my hole. Johann's 29cm cock does go in deep. I put some of my 5th Ave Hugo Boss on which Pieter brought from New York. I was ready.

When I got out of the bathroom, I joined the others in the kitchen. Johann pulled me into his arms and kissed me in the neck. His huge cock pushed against my plumped up cock and he groaned. "Oh my godd, you drive me nuts ...!"

Juan moved in from behind me and pushed his huge cock in my crack. "Ready for some fucking my love?" He had his arm around my neck and kissed me on the head.

André brazenly pushed his hand between us and groped Johanns huge cock. "Phew, baby bro! The python is awake and it's looking for a hole to crawl into ... hmmmm! Come! Let's not leave that big snake wanting! Let's go!" I put my hand out and touched his crotch. He was rock hard and pushed his cock into my hand. "Come baby bro, your bro wants to fuck you!"

We walked like an entangled octopus to the bedroom, hugging, kissing, touching each other. Juan turned me around and pulled me into his body. His huge cock was now very hard in his sweat pants and pushed into my tummy. I put my arms around his waist and put my head on his shoulder. Oh my godd! I really loved that man!

André wasted no time and immediately started to undress. I looked at him and Johann ... my godd, what sexy men they were! If I had to choose one on pure looks, I'd be lost. They were all three sexy but each in a different way.

"You're all so spectacular," I gushed. "And I love you all ..." I said as I pulled away from Juan.

I pulled off my jocks and crawled onto the bed. I watched them undress. André was leading the pack of course. His shirt came off and his pants were on the floor in no time. When he pushed his jock off, his big 23cm cock was way beyond semi-hard. That's my bro, I thought!

Juan and Johann were slower, and when their shirts were off, I marvelled at their hairy chests. Johann's huge areolae were still spectacular. Juan's dark silky chest hair was superb. When they opened their pants, I couldn't help to notice their big beautiful hands, Juan's the most beautiful of course.

The bulges in their pants were big but different. Juan's cock jumped out and stuck out straight in front of him. It was big. Johann peeled his underpants off his huge rubbery cock. The big head was already covered in precum. His big balls hung low.

And when the shoes came off, my man's feet were the nice ones again. His number 15 feet were just exquisite. But Johann's long toes were also very nice.

I looked at their cocks again: my godd! Looking at them, I couldn't believe I'd had them in me soon again and I would enjoy it ... My cock was rock-hard.


Juan crawled in between my legs and lied on top of me. "How are you doing, 'baby bro'? Ready for our cocks? And perhaps a double?"

"I'm fine thanks. Yes, a double would be nice, but how about André getting a chance tonight? He and Johann? And you could add your precum on their cockshafts ... what do you say?"

"Baby bro, come again? I can double fuck you with Johann tonight? Really? Like ... fucking, really? Oh my godd! Get out of the way you big oaf! My baby bro wants me to fuck him!" André ranted on and jokingly tried to pull Juan off me.

"Hold your horses, tiger! Tonight it's my turn to fuck him first. Then you and Johann can step in. OK? OK my love?" Juan asked.

"Oh, OK," I said and kissed my lover. Juan was one of the best kissers ever. His mouth was soft, his lips full and his tongue very skilful. His kisses were gentle and he put his one hand behind my head and snaked his other down on my chest and played with my nipple.

Johann was on his side next to me and was kissing my cheek. I put my hand out and touched his huge rubbery cock. The big cock was hard and a lot of precum had leaked out already. It covered the palm of my hand. I squeezed the cock and Johann groaned. "Oh fuck, you drive me nuts!" he groaned.

André was on the other side and was playing with my cock between Juan's legs. Juan had opened his legs to allow my cock to push up underneath his big balls. I was rock-hard and very wet. André leaned in and took my cockhead into his mouth and sucked me gently. I groaned into Juan's mouth. "Is he making you feel good, my love?" he asked into my mouth. 

"Oh fuck! You guys are the best ... ahhhh!" I groaned.

Juan's huge cock pushed onto my sternum and was leaking precum, which was smeared all over my chest hair. He faux fucked my tummy and chest.

Johann had his one hand on my leg and with the other hand he was gently stroking my hand and arm holding his huge cock. Soon my hand was soaked with precum.

André was playing with my cock and with Juan's balls. We both groaned.

Juan kissed me again and looked deep into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. He kissed my nose and asked: "You ready my love? I want to make proper love to you! Do you want my big cock in you ...? My love?"

"Yes, please fuck me! Put your big cock into me and make love to me! Oh godd! Yes!" I moaned.

Juan pushed his body up and moved down on my legs. He lifted my legs up in the air and rubbed his huge cockhead on my asshole and covered it with his copious precum. André pushed in under Juan's balls and licked the cock on my hole. He pushed Juan back from me and took the big cockhead into his mouth. "Ahhhh! Oh my godd! That feels great! André! Oh fuck!" Juan moaned.

Johann was now bending over me and was kissing me. His super sexy moustached mouth was on my mouth and I marvelled at this man's kissing skills. He gently pushed his tongue into my mouth and stroked my hair. He lifted from my mouth and looked into my eyes. "I fucking love you so much! You make me so happy! I love you ..."

Juan reached for the fancy Italian lube and put some on my hole. He gently pulled his cock from André's mouth. André put his hand out for lube and put it on Juan's cock. He stroked the great cock spreading the lube all over the shaft. He pointed the cockhead at my hole and pushed Juan's buttocks. The head pushed on my hole and pierced the sphincter.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! Yes! Put it in me! Yesss! Oh yess!" I groaned into Johann's mouth.

André still held Juan's cock and Juan pushed forward. The big head pushed in and plopped through on the slick lube. I groaned. Juan held it still and made it twitch. I groaned and clamped my hole around the invasion. "Ready my love? More?"

I pulled my mouth away from Juan's and hissed: "Yesss! Oh god, just fuck me! Push it in!"

Juan pushed it deeper into me and I felt the great cock filling me. Johann's hand was on my cock and was squeezing it. I was sopping wet.

André put his own hard, leaking cock on Juan's cock shaft, and was rubbing his own precum around Juan's cockshaft to spread it evenly. His hand on my bum felt good. The jackal even slipped in a finger! André, you dogg!

Johann had my cock in his hand and was slowly jacking me.

Juan's cock slipped in deeper pushing André's hand out of the way. He reverted to playing with Juan's big balls.

When Juan's big cockhead reached the inner sphincter, he stopped and put just enough pressure on it to make the muscle relax. The cockhead slipped through and Juan pushed his 28cm cock home. We both groaned. Oh my godd! It felt good. I pulled Juan's head closer and kissed him hungrily. Oh fuck! It felt fantastic!

When I looked at Johann, André had crawled between his legs and was sucking the huge 29cm cock. As it was always rubbery, André managed to get a substantial length of it in his mouth. Johann was groaning and faux fucked André's mouth.

"Ready my love? There are two other cocks waiting to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you now, and cum, OK?"

"Yes, do it! Fuck me!"

Juan took my legs by the ankles and pushed them up. He started to slowly fuck me. He looked in my eyes and winked. He mouthed the words: "I LOVE YOU" and pushed deep into me.

Johann and André were in a 69 and were sucking each other. I saw André's cock was balls-deep in Johann's mouth. André was groaning and tried his best with Johann's 29cm cock ... it was just too big to go into his throat.

I was fingering my cock, but didn't dare jacking it ... I was already teetering on the brink of cumming ... and there were two more cocks to fuck me ...

Juan was now picking up speed and his cock swelled to gigantic proportions. It was clear he was close to cumming ... and then he stopped. He pushed his huge cock balls-deep into me and made it twitch.

"You OK my love?"

"Yes, but why did you stop?" I asked, stumped.

"I'm going to give the others a chance. I'll be back with a surprise, OK?" he said.

"I thought you were going to pump me full of your wonderful love juice ...? I sulked.

"Not to worry ... just wait and see!" Juan said and leaned in to kiss me. "My love ..."

Juan pulled out slowly and when the head plopped out, I felt so empty.

"André, come lie on your back and let Anton sit on your cock. Come!" Juan directed the sexual traffic on the bed.

"OK ..." André said and lied down next to me.

I got up from the bed and moved over André. Juan had the lube in his hand and was putting some on André's cock. He also put a dab of the stuff on my hole. He then held André's cock ready and I lowered my butt over it. At 23cm, our cocks were not small in the least, so I braced myself to take my brother's cock.

When the head touched my hole, I pushed down and the head slipped in. "Ahhhh! Oh my godd, you feel so good, baby bro! Ahhh!" André loved to fuck me.

I lowered myself lower and soon the cockhead popped through my inner sphincter.

Juan had Johann's cock in his hand and was slowly jacking it. Johann was playing with my cock, but I had to stop him as I was too close. He then took Juan's cock and put it into his mouth. The lube was non-toxic and was designed to taste good. That one had a mango flavour.

I lifted my bum slightly off André and he started to fuck me in earnest.

"At this rate I am going to cum soon! Ahhhh! My godd, you feel so good!" André moaned.

"Don't cum yet. Let's see if Johann's cock fits in as well ..." Juan said.

Oh my godd! André's cock was still rock-hard! Johann will not be able to fit in my hole too!

"I don't think I'd be able to take them both, not before André had come and is a bit softer ...!" I complained.

"Let's try, OK? If it doesn't work, we stop. Lean forward on André."

Juan opened the lube and put some on Johann's cock. Johann moved in behind me and I shuddered ... Johann's cock was always rubbery, even when fully hard, but it was a huge cock all the same! I had my doubts if it could fit in me with André already in me.

Juan opened the poppers and gave me the bottle.

Johann pointed his cockhead at my hole on top of André's hard cock and pushed in gently. I took a big whiff of the poppers. My head started to swim and my whole body was tingling.

Oh! My! Godd! I've had Mario's huge cock in me and Johann's cock with Pieter's huge softening cock ... perhaps I'd manage ... And Johann's huge cockhead slipped in!

"Ahhhh! Nggghhhhhh! Oh ... fuck!" I swore.

"Relax! Poppers!" Juan directed. "Where is your iPhone André?"

"On the nightstand!"

I took another whiff and Johann pushed in deeper ... his huge cock slowly slipped into me. I held my breath and hoped for the best. Juan had the iPhone at the ready and took pictures.

"Breathe! Relax! My love! Relax!"

I took another whiff of the poppers and was breathing deeply. I willed my hole to relax. I pushed out and Johann's cock slipped in deeper ... it was in! Johann held still and I clamped on the two big cocks in me. André's cock responded and swelled. It stretched me tremendously! Johann's big cock twitched and I groaned. The iPhone's camera App clicked.

Johann pulled out a bit and Juan leaned in with his cock. The iPhone clicked. 

Juan pushed Johann's body back and down. He put his one leg over Johann, held onto my body and aimed his big cock at my hole. Oh no! Oh my fuck! This can't be happening! A triple fuck? No! With smaller cocks perhaps, but not these three big cocks! Juan put some more lube on his cockhead and on my hole.

"Poppers!" Juan commanded. I struggled to get the bottle open and took a deep whiff.

Juan pushed his cockhead at my hole and I felt the third cockhead stretching me! Oh no! Not all three! Juan's huge cock would tear me apart! Juan pushed in a bit and I felt my hole stretched mightily. 

"Poppers!" Juan said again and pushed his cock forward. The tip was now piercing my hole. I took a whiff of the poppers and my head was spinning.

Oh my godd!

Juan pushed a little and let go, pushed a little and let go. He pushed forward a bit and let go. With the next push the big cockhead slipped in ...

"Ahhhhhhh! Oh my god! No, please! You're tearing me apart! Please, no!" I screamed.

"Relax, push out and sniff some poppers!" Juan instructed.

I took another whiff and relaxed. I pushed out and the head slipped in deeper. But oh my godd, it was too much!

"You OK, my love! Just relax and push out. OK?" Juan said. He pulled his cock out a bit and pushed in again. I felt I was going to be torn apart! Oh my godd!

I took another whiff of the poppers and felt Juan's huge cock sliding deeper into me. Oh my godd! No! They're killing me! The iPhone clicked.

"Juan, I think it's a bit much. Let's try this again at another time, OK?" Johann said.

Juan pulled out a bit and pushed deeper. He was in deep by then. I relaxed but it hurt like hell.

"Juan, we can try it again another time, but for now, pull out please?" I groaned.

Juan pushed in a little deeper and held still. He made his cock swell and I howled! "No, please! Please take it out!"

André pushed Juan off my back and said: "OK, bro - take it out now. You're killing my baby bro! Off!"

"Are you sure my love? Too much?" Juan asked me.

I put my hand on his tummy and gently pushed. "Ahhhh! Yes, too much! Please ... Let's try this another time ..."

"Oh, OK. Another time then?"

"Yes, another time perhaps ..." I said and groaned.

Juan slowly pulled out and when the huge cockhead slipped out, it felt like I was empty! Oh godd! Did I want it back in me?

"Juan, just put the head back in again ...?" I whispered.

"You sure?" Juan asked.

"Yes, but just the head ... " I said.

Juan put some more lube on his cock and on my hole and pushed the head on my hole. I sniffed some poppers and relaxed, and the head slipped back in. Ahhhh! Oh my godd! This was an experience I might never have again. "Just hold it there ... Ahhhh!" I groaned.

Juan held still and fucked me with short strokes with only his cockhead.

"Oh my godd! It feels great! Oh my godd!" I moaned.

Juan pushed his cock in deeper and I moaned ... Oh my godd! Will I ever be able to close my hole again?

Juan pulled back and the head slipped out. Ahhhh! No! He applied more pressure again and the head slipped in again. Oh my godd! This was starting to feel fantastic!

"More ...!" I gasped. Juan pushed again and then about 10cm of his big cock was in me. He started to fuck me slowly.

"Juan, no more, not now. You're killing him. Stop, OK?" Johann said.

"Oh, OK. But some other time? Anton?" Juan asked.

"Ahhhh! Yes, perhaps another time again, but not tonight. You guys are too big ... sorry ..." I said.

"OK. Sorry my love. I didn't want to hurt you." Juan pulled out slowly and held his cocked in me and just made it twitch. I groaned and wished I could take it all ..

"Another time again ... please Juan?" I said and actually wished I could take it at that moment. But perhaps when I had a bit more experience ...?

Juan pulled out, lifted off Johann and sat next to him.

Johann sat up again and started to fuck me. Then it hit me! Now that I had Juan in me as well, Johann's and André's cocks in me felt perfect! Yesss!

Johann leaned in and pushed his whole 29cm cock into me and held still. "OK, man? You OK?"

"Yes, you can fuck me now, it's OK," I said.

"OK then. André, you ready? I'm going to fuck him and cum. I want you to cum with me. Some special treatment again, OK Anton?" Johann asked.

"Yesss! Oh godd! Yess! Fuck me and pump me full of cum! Let fly! Fuck me!" I growled.

Johann picked up speed and under me André also started to fuck me. As Johann's cock was pulled back, André would push in. In. Out. In. Out.

"I'm going to cum! André, are you close? I'm cumming!"

"Yes, I'm going to cum too. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Cummmmminnnnnggg!"

I felt André's cock swelling and twitching as the first of his load was shot into me.

"I'm cumming too! Ahhhh!" Johann groaned.

He pulled out and shot his first load on André's cockshaft and my hole and pushed in deep. His cock spasmed on top of André's spasming cock. Johann pulled out and shot another load on my hole and pushed back in on André's cock. He shot another load in me while André was cumming. Johann pulled out a last time and shot another volley on my hole and pushed back in me. He collapsed on top of me and I felt the two cocks in me spasming while the last cum was pumped into me.

"Oh my godd! This was phenomenal! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Johann gushed.

Under me André was groaning. "I don't know if I've ever had a better orgasm ... fuck! It felt great! Johann, your huge cock on mine felt fantastic! You OK, baby bro?"

"Yes, it was great. I'm fine thanks," I said and pushed my head on André's shoulder. I was in heaven ... sex heaven.

Johann flexed his cock in me and sat up. "I'm pulling out now. Clamp down, OK?" I felt Johann's big rubbery cock pulling out. When just the head was in me, he stopped and gave my butt a squeeze. I clamped down and I contained the cum.

Johann got up and plopped down next to me.

"May I finish now my love?" Juan asked.

"Yes, let me get off André first," I said.

"No, André stay in him. I want to fuck you on top of André's cock. Please?" Juan asked.

By then my hole was loose so it should be OK, I thought.

"OK, push in, but slowly please!" I said.

"You big oaf! You're killing my baby bro! You sure, baby bro?" André asked.

"Yes, it's OK."

Juan positioned behind me and lubed up again. He put his cock on André's rubbery cock and it slipped in straight away. Juan continued to push and his whole cock slipped in in one long thrust.

"Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! That feels so good!" I groaned.

"I'm going to cum soon, OK?" Juan said.

"Yes, cum please. My cock is now in sensitivity overdrive! Cum man!" André said.

"OK, here it comes!" Juan said and picked up a steady pace and fucked me with long and deep thrusts.

"I'm going to cum ... Oh my godd! I'm cumming! I'm going to cum!"

"The 'Johann special'? Give him the special treatment!" Johann directed.

"OK, I'll try ... hnnnggggghhhh! Oh my godd! Oh godd! I'm cumming! Here it comes!" Juan declared.

His cock was spasming and the first load was shot deep into me. Juan quickly recovered and pulled out. The next wad was shot on my hole and he pushed his big cockhead back into me riding on the cum and then he lost it. He pushed his cock into me and collapsed on my back.

"Oh my godd! The sex is getting better and better every time. Ahhhh!" Juan gushed. He sat back on his knees and pulled me back with him. He took my rock-hard and wet cock in his hand and starting to jack it.

"Oh my godd! I'm going to cum! This was too much ... I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I moaned and felt the cum pushing up from my balls and the first shot flew from my cock and hit André on the chin and cheek. He put a hand up and the next shot hit the palm of his hand. The third shot hit André on his chest. It just kept on cumming and the rest ended on André's tummy and his hand, and over Juan's hand jacking me. Oh my godd!

I slumped forward and gently pulled Juan's hand off my cock ... it was too sensitive. "Please stop, my love! Ahhh! Sensitive ... hmmmmm!"

Juan let go of my cock and I felt it spasming on André's tummy. I was spent.

André put his cum-drenched fingers in his mouth and licked. "Hmmm! As good as always! Baby bro, your cum tastes so good! Here, taste!" André scooped more cum from his chest and held out his hand for me to taste. I opened my mouth and André pushed his index and middle fingers into my mouth. I took André's hand and sucked my brother's fingers into my mouth, and tasted my cum on them. My cock spasmed and I groaned.

Johann leaned in and licked the rest of my cum off André's tummy and chest. He leaned towards André's face and licked the cum on his chin and cheek. He stood up and pulled my head towards him and kissed me. I tasted my cum and groaned. I put my hand out and touched his cock and gasped when I felt the big dong in my hand. It was still rubbery and wet ... ahhhh!

Juan's cock was now rubbery and was still on top of André's cock in my hole. I was fucked really good.

I lifted off the two big cocks in me and I felt them sliding out of me ... ahhhh! Oh godd! They were still big! Juan started to pull out, and his cock slipped out just before André's cockhead plopped out. Some of their cum poured from my hole ... I was stretched big time that night. My godd! Juan! What were you thinking? THREE cocks in me ...? Oh fuck!

I flopped down on the bed next to André and sighed. He pulled me into his arm and kissed me on the cheek. "You OK baby bro? How do you feel? Did that big oaf hurt you? Did he? Hmmm?"

"Stretched yes, but I'm fine. Wow! That was epic! Oh my godd! It was sensational!" I groaned.

Juan bent over me and kissed me. "You OK my love? I don't know what came over me ... sorry my darling! That was too much ... I'm sorry if I've hurt you." He kissed me and stroked my hair. "So, so sorry my boy! I never wanted to hurt you ... sorry ..."

"It was a bit much, but I'm OK. It's OK. Don't worry ..." I said and stroked Juan's head ... I could never be cross with that man. He was my husband, my love, my life, he completed me, he made me feel like a whole person ...

Johann moved in between my legs and put his huge cock on my hole. He lifted my legs and pushed his big cockhead into me ... ahhh! Oh my godd! I was just fucked and came like a fire hose, but that huge cock was feeling good.

"What? Are you fucking my baby bro again? Johann! Get off him!"

"No, it's OK, André. OK, Johann - you can push in ... it's OK." Where did that come from? I was a slut! I have just been fucked and now I want Johann in me again? Oh my godd!

"No fucking, I just want to be inside you ... please?" Johann said softly. "OK?"

"Yes, of course ... ahhh!" I gasped as his big rubbery cock slid deeper into me. My hole was so loose it slid in without much resistance. Juan was stroking my legs and kissed my knees and thighs ... this man was one of a kind. Oh, It was easy to see why I loved him ... yes, I loved him too! He was the kindest, most gentle person and his big rubbery cock had never hurt me in the least. "Yess ... push in me ... ahhh!" This man was insatiable!

"You're a piece of work! You're going to kill my love! Johann ... really?" Juan asked concerned.

"I'm OK, my love. He doesn't hurt me. It actually feels good."

Johann leaned in and put my legs around his waist and kissed me ...

"I love you, man! I fucking love you!" Johann said on my mouth. He stroked my cheek and looked deep into my blue eyes. His beautiful brown eyes were filled with love for me ... my heart melted.

"Oh fuck yes! I love you too! You are a fantastic man and you make me feel great!" I gushed and clamped my hole over the huge rubbery cock in me. Johann twitched his cock and pushed it deep into me. I groaned.

"May I please stay in you for a while ... please?" Johann asked on my mouth. "Please?"


"Yes, OK," I said and groaned. Johann knew how to make me feel special and wanted and loved and good ... he was a phenomenal lover! "I love you big boy!" I said, and hugged him close.

"What is going on here? What about us? Baby bro? What about us?"

"Nothing's going on, André ..." I started.

"We are number one and two, me being numero uno! Now Johann pushes us aside and you tell him you love him?" André ranted on.

"Yes, I'd also like to know. Since when is Johann now the love of your life? What about me? And your brother? Hmmm?" Juan was leaning on his elbow and ribbed Johann.

"Juan, André - how many times do I have to tell you that I love you. I love you very much. But now I also love Johann. It's like a mother with more than one child. She loves them all but she loves them all differently. I love you all three. We talked about this. Johann is not just a friend anymore. He was allowed into our inner circle and yes, I do love him too. I can't help it, but I love him. I don't love you any less, but I love him. OK?"

"My man! You make me feel so good!" Johann said and twitched his huge cock in me. I groaned and kissed him again. The look in his eyes was priceless. It was clear this man wasn't there for the sex only. He loved me.

"Oh fuck, this nest is getting crowded. Are you planning to push us out, baby bro?"

"NO! OF COURSE NOT! My godd! André, I love you with all my heart and nobody could ever replace you. And Juan, you're my love, my life ... fuck man! By now you should know I love you with every fibre in my body. But, please accept it: I also love Johann. He is a wonderful man, as you both know by now. And he makes me feel special, in another way as you make me feel, but I love him ... Please accept it?" I put in and pushed Johann upright and lifted my body to sit in his lap. "I'm going to turn around and then we're going to spoon, OK? André, please move up and make room for us. Please?"

André's jaw dropped and moved towards the edge of the bed. He just gawked at me rotating on Johann's cock, and then we lied down between him and Juan.

"My love, but are you OK? Not too much? I mean, I pushed in as well ... are you not hurt?" Juan asked.

"No, I'm fine. Johann's cock is big but rubbery and makes me relax," I said and put my hand back over Johann and touched Juan's face. He took my hand and kissed it.

"Oh, OK. As long as you're fine. I love you, my darling!" Juan said with his lips on my fingers.

Then I put my hand out to André and touched his face. "Bro, I love you ... never forget that. You're my other half. You'd never be replaced by anybody. Not Johann, not Gunther ... nobody."

"Gunther? The guy who is going to rent the flat? What happened? Is he now part of this party too?" Johann asked with apprehension. "What is going on ...?"

"Yes, Johann. It just happened. Nothing to worry about. When you meet him, you'll see and understand. He is a very nice and very good-looking guy," I said.

"I don't believe this! Really? Another guy? How many guys do you want to love you?" Johann gasped.

"Johann, it just happened. It was almost like with you. I didn't ask for you to fall in love with me, but you did. I didn't ask for Gunther to have sex with us, but it just happened. He came to have dinner with us and it just happened. He really is a very nice guy. And yes, I like him very much," I said.

"Is he going to become the fifth member of this circle? Do you love him too?" Johann asked a little off colour.

"No, I don't know. He is going to be a part of our lives. He is going to rent the flat. Juan is going to work with him. He's going to be Juan's assistant coach. He likes us. We like him. We had sex. Yes, we like him. Perhaps he will become number 5, I don't know. Just please let it be. If Gunther does become number 5 in this relationship, it will not mean I love anyone else less than the other. Please Johann. I really love you ... please understand? OK?"

"OK, but I need to meet this man to see what he's like! I suppose he has a huge cock too! Does he?" Johann asked, a bit irritated.

"As it happened, yes, he has a huge cock. 29,5cm to be exact. It's huge and thick and he precums like a leaking tap. And yes, the sex with him was also very nice. But sex with you is nice too! Sex with Pieter and Claude was nice. It's different. But it doesn't mean I love Juan or André less. Or love you less! Fuck! I love you Johann! Don't you get it? I love to get fucked, yes. And I love big cocks, yes. And all of you do have big cocks, yes. And yes, I love you all. I can't help it! I love you all. Gunther will never replace you or Juan or André. YOU will never replace any of them. I love you all ... please understand ... please?" I pleaded.

"Yes, Johann - it just happened and yes, we like Gunther as we like you. When you meet him, you'd understand why. He is a very sexy and attractive man, and has a very nice personality. He is a nice guy. When you meet him, you will like him. He is coming to the housewarming. OK?" Juan said soothingly.

"Oh, OK. I'm just surprised. I didn't know there would be more when I was allowed in. As it is, I don't know how we fit in. It is already complicated. What will Claude say about this? Even with only me in the circle, would he understand? Pieter? Your parents? Fuck! I have waited almost 30 years for this! I don't want to see it get fucked up now! Fuck! I love you all, and I love this one even more! Can we have another one in this ... relationship? Can we have another one sharing a bed? Oh fuck ... I really, really love you guys. You are special and after much thinking, I've accepted that there would be 4 of us, but 5? Oh godd! I don't want to lose you guys! Please!" Johann said with lots of obvious frustration. His voice was quivering a bit and it was clear this news was a bit too much to digest.

"Shhhh! My lovely man, you're not going to be replaced! Not to worry! Just like different spices make up a dish, there would b 5 'spices' in this dish. You're not going to be replaced or pushed out. Just relax, wait till you meet and see Gunther, and you'll understand. Shhhhh! We love you too much to push you away, not now! Look where you are, AFTER we've met Gunther. You're in the circle, your cock buried 29cm deep in my hole! Does that look like you've been replaced? No! Now relax and enjoy being with us, being in me. OK?" I said soothingly.

Johann's voice was shaky and he sighed. "OK, but promise me this is not the beginning of the end for me ... please? I'd never survive if I get kicked out ..." he sighed and his voice trembled.

"Johann, it was new to us too. But, it happened. I was the only one fucking Anton for more than a year, and then this big oaf walked in and started to fuck him too. How do you think it made me feel? And look at us? I've learned to accept the big ogre and I even love him. He is who he is, but we love each other. And baby bro loves us. There is a different love between Juan and Anton, and a different love between Anton and me, and a different love between Juan and me ... yes, I fucking love you, you rubbish, you oaf, so just shut up and let me say what I want to say. Yes, you've become our 4th member and yes, we love you. It also just happened. With Gunther, it also just happened. He is a swell guy with a huge cock who loves fucking my baby bro. And he'll not replace my love for Juan or Anton, or you. He'd be just another nice guy I love. Yes, you stupid man! You're a damn nice and very sexy man, and we all love you. So, just relax and accept it, OK? And make my baby bro feel good with your huge cock in his ass," André said. Bro! All that wisdom and no quirks or puns? André leaned over and kissed Johann on the mouth. "Fuck! You have the most lovable and kissable mouth there is! Hmmmm!"

"Ah, and what about my delectable mouth? Hmmm? You perve! Or are you trying to convince him to fuck you with his huge cock, hmmm?" Juan quipped.

"Oh please! Just accept it, Johann's mouth might just be nicer to kiss," André put in and leaned in to kiss Johann again, to rib Juan. Juan put his hand out and while André was kissing Johann, he tickled André.

"Yoww! You ogre!" André squealed and fell laughingly back on the bed in front of me.

The spell was broken and Johann hugged me close to him. "Thanks, my love. I never want to lose you, or the others. I have really fallen in love with you guys. Ahhhhh!" he sighed and pushed his huge rubbery cock, now virtually 'soft', deep into me. I clenched my hole over the big cock in me and Johann groaned in my ear.

"I love you, Anton ... Fuck! I love you very much! Never forget that!"

By then Juan was on top of André tickling him mercilessly. They squealed and laughed and tweaked a nipple or two, kissed and groped. Just like teenagers, I thought and smiled. The two of them were just a lot of hot air when it came to the ribbing and jibes they aimed at each other. Deep down, they loved each other dearly.

Johann was completely relaxed and hugged me closer and sighed with his mouth on my cheek.

"Should I ...? Juan, what do you say?" André said holding a finger aimed at my sides.

"André, don't you dare! Andréééé!" I yowled and tried to avert André's attack, but there was no avoiding it. I giggled and rolled on top of Johann, and off the other side. Miraculously his huge rubbery cock remained in my ass. He held me tight and shielded my body from André.

"Would you look at that? Look at how he is protecting Anton! My godd! It's too sweet!" André quipped and he stopped tickling me. He moved and lied down in front of me. He lifted my face and gave me a deep gentle kiss. "I love you baby bro! Very much!" He put his hand on my chest and rubbed my still damp chest. "You OK, Johann? All fine? Accepting us as your family now? We love you, OK?" and touched Johann's face. He leaned it and kissed him.

Johann sighed and put a hand behind André's head and kissed him again. "Yes, godd! I don't know how and why, but fuck yes! I love you guys! You're such a loose cannon, but I still love you too.' He reached behind him and touched Juan's hairy tummy. "And you, Juan. You're a spectacular guy. Thanks for having me. I love you ..."

"You're welcome, man! Coke, anybody?" Juan asked. He got up and his huge cock swung heavily between his legs.

"Yes, please?" I said. "You, Johann?"

"Yes, please. Thanks."

"Please come help me, André?"

"No rest for the wicked, eh?"

"Just get your ugly butt over here and come!"

They put their arms around each other and walked buck-naked to the kitchen.

"Anton, my sweet boy, I really love you. I have no control over it. From the second I saw you at the studio, my heart melted ... OK, I didn't know who was who, but your demeanour and good looks were a killer-combination. And after the weekend at Pieter's ... I was a goner! Because of you, and the fact I have to share you with Juan and André - not that I mind, as I love them too - I will keep an open mind with regard to Gunther. As long as he doesn't become your first choice ..."

"Johann, you can never replace Juan. Juan can never replace André. André can never replace you. You can never replace Gunther. Gunther can never replace Juan. Nobody will ever replace anybody. I love you all. Each one of you is different and still, I love you all. Each cock is different and I love each one of you fucking me. Yes, Gunther's cock is the biggest, but you have a special cock, which I love. The fucking of each one of you is different, but nice. Now, just relax and enjoy the ride ... so to speak! And, don't ask me how and why, but I've also fallen in love with you, and nothing will ever change that. OK, my love? OK?"

"Oh please! We're not out 5 minutes and just look at you! All soppy! Here is your Coke and stop this nonsense. Johann, he loves you and when you're hotwired to him like that, he is in heaven. So, just relax and enjoy his ass. And remember, it's not just yours. You have to share! Here, Coke!" André may be blunt, but yes, it was true. Johann had to share.

We lounged around on the bed, Johann still deep inside my ass - fuck, there was no explanation for the magnificent cock in me! - joking and chatting. It included the next photo-shoot, which might be for Nederburg, the possible trip to London, our move into the house, the housewarming ... we were a happy bunch. At last.

I wondered if Gunther were there with us on the bed, how it would have panned out ... Only time would tell.

"Bedtime boys! Johann, what time do you have to be at the studio?"

"My first shoot is only at 9 o'clock, but I have to stop at my house to pick up stuff. Claire called when I was on my way from home here earlier," Johann said.

"Oh, OK. My first class is at 8 and the boys have their first class at 9, right?" Juan asked.

"Yes, it's at 9."

"OK then, we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. But it's way past midnight. Time for some shut-eye. And, try to contain yourselves, Johann and Anton! Your cock may be in my love's ass, but get some sleep, OK? OK!" Juan put in.

Juan and André settled in, and everybody was kissing everybody goodnight. André even pushed Johann's leg up and managed to grab his big balls! What a delinquent! Juan and André lied down with Juan in front of me and André behind Juan.

Juan took my face in his hands and looked into my eyes. "You OK, my love? Happy?"

"I'm fine thanks. Very happy! I love you my man!" I gushed.

"I love you too. You're one special man. Goodnight my beautiful boy ...!"

"If he's the 'beautiful boy', what about me? I look exactly like him! You ARE an oaf!" André put in.

Juan turned around and put his fingers on André's side and threatened: "On more word out of your ugly mouth, and there would be hell to pay, 'my beautiful boy'! Close your squint eyes and sleep!" He leaned in and kissed André deeply. It was clear some spit was exchanged.

Behind me Johann was sighing and pulled me close to him. His huge cock was still rubbery, but definitely not soft ... it was going to be a long night again. And I was certain he was going to pump another big load into me! Slut!


I woke up and it was still dark. Johann was slowly fucking me again. His big cock was being pulled out and pushed back in. Ahhhh! Oh fuck, it felt good.

I clenched my hole over the cock in me and Johann groaned. He pushed in deep and made the rubbery cock swell in me. I clenched my hole again. It was clear Johann was about to breed my hole again. Oh fuck!

"Cumming, OK?" he whispered.


Johann's breathing became deeper and shallower. "Cumming ... cumming ..."

I clenched my hole and he pushed his huge cock balls-deep into me and I felt it spasming, pumping its huge load into me. Oh my godd! This man was a sex hound! He shuddered and pulled me into his chest and pushed his cock as deep as he could.

"Thanks. Sleep now."

I was rock-hard but there was no way I could jack off or cum. I just had to let it slide. Oh well, my man was happy.


I woke up not knowing why. It was no longer dark.

'Ding-dong!' - it was the front doorbell.


Johann's big cock was still in me - no surprise there! Juan was stretching out and rubbed his eyes. "Who the fuck could it be so early? André, what's the time?"

André took Juan's Rado from the nightstand and squinted. "It's just after 7."

"Would you please go see who it is? If it's Mrs Mouton, call the mental hospitality. She should have been removed ages ago. Would you go please?" Juan asked.


"Fuck! I'm coming! Who the fuck could it be?" André swore. He fumbled to find his hockey shorts and jumped around to get his feet in through the legs. "Oh fuck!" he swore and came crashing on top of Juan. "Oh fuck! Sorry!"

"Watch it bro! You almost broke my morning wood! Now go!"


"Yes, fuck! I'm going!"

André ran out the room to the front door.

My blood ran cold when I heard him saying: "Mom!" and shouted: "It's Mom!"

Oh! My! Godd! And I'm in bed with Juan with a raging morning wood and another huge cock in my hole!

"Oh my fuck! Get your cock out of Anton - now! It's Mom! Move!"

Juan jumped out of bed and flung the cupboard doors open for briefs. He could never dare to put on hockey shorts without something to contain his huge cock.

Johann was pulling his huge cock from my hole and I clenched. If there was one morning I couldn't slip up, it was that morning. Ahhh! Johann's cock slipped out and only a tiny bit leaked out.

We jumped out of bed and heard Mom in the lounge. "Where is Anton? Is Juan here too? Are they still in bed?"

Oh my godd! There was no way we could hide Johann in the bedroom. He had to leave soon to be at the studio on time. Oh my godd! Mom! What the fuck are you doing here?

We retrieved clothes from the floor and chair and cupboard.

"No, they're awake. Anton! Juan! Mom is here!"

Somehow André managed to keep Mom out of the bedroom, and we managed to get dressed. We looked at each other and realised, we just had to face the music and ... rather say nothing.

All three were walking to the lounge barefoot, while we were still buttoning our shirts. Our morning wood was hidden behind the shirts hanging over our shorts.

Oh fuck! Mom! Mom! Mom!

"Ahhh! There are my bo..." Mom stopped short when she saw Johann ... Oh my godd! Earth, split open and swallow me whole!

"And who do we have here?" Mom asked, holding her pose. She stretched out her hand and took Johann's hand in hers. "Alma le Roux, and you are ...?"

"Mom, this Johann Blignaut, our photographer friend. Johann, this is our Mom." I said, blushing cherry red.

"Pleased to meet you, Johann."

Without missing a beat she turned to me and pulled me in for a hug. She let go and kissed me, all big-eyed but she didn't say a word.

"Good morning Juan! How is my big boy?" She hugged and kissed Juan. "How are you? All your stuff packed and ready to go tomorrow?"

"Yes, Mom. We'll finish tonight," Juan said.

"It is still strange to hear you calling me 'Mom', but there you have it. I have acquired another son!"

"Mom, Johann is the photographer who took the studio photos for Boss Models, and who took the photos at the shoot at Clifton. We'll show you some of the photos he let us have so long," André filled Mom in. "He also have a house in the La Rochelle complex."

"Oh, you're the photographer who spent the weekend with the boys at Pieter's? He sent Adriaan, my husband, some of the photos you took on the beach, and of Table Mountain. It's obvious you're a professional. Well done," Mom said but the smile on her face was icy cold.

"Yes, that's me. Thanks."

"Mom, we have time for coffee and rusks. Juan has a class at 8 and we at 9, and Johann has to be in Cape Town by 9. Juan? A quick coffee?" I asked.

"Yes, but it has to be quick. While you're switching on the machine, I'm taking a shower. OK, Mom! Please make yourself at home. Excuse me please," Juan said, our alpha male! My man!

"Oh OK, thanks. I have to pick up the lace curtains from the bazaar shop after 8. Juan, before you go, the list of the linen you need please? You didn't SMS'd it yet," Mom said.

"Oh damn! Yes, I forgot! Sorry Mom! André, it's on my MacBook in the folder called "La Rochelle". Please make a printout for Mom? Please my boy? Excuse me please?" and Juan disappeared into the bathroom.

"Come sit Mom, Johann. I'll get the coffee going. André, would you please help me?" I asked my brother to help me. Mom and Johann were left alone and sat down. Mom starting to pepper him with questions about the modelling business.

André first opened Juan's MacBook Pro and looked for the file in question, and printed it wirelessly on the printer on the desk in the bedroom. He went to retrieve it and gave it to Mom.

We heard the shower going in the bathroom. André joined me in the kitchen.

"Oh my godd! What are we going to tell Mom? André?" I said as I measured the ground coffee into the machine's filter. I added a pinch of salt to enhance the flavour.

"Nothing! We say nothing. If she asks, let's hope Juan is present and then we could spin some story. The less she knows, the better. She accepted Juan, no problem, but whether she is going to accept Johann into the folds of our love, I don't know. And I don't even want to know what she'd say if she knew about Gunther. Poor woman! Just shut up and look pretty!" André said and grabbed my crotch! Dogg!

"André! My boner was just down, now you're starting it again! Stop it!" I measured the required water with the coffee beaker and poured it into the coffee machine and switched it on.

"Come here my beautiful baby bro! How was your all-nighter with Johann? You're a real sex dogg! Slut is more like it, but you're my brother, so I have to be nice. The man is insatiable, but I can't blame him. You are one sexy boy!" André gushed and kissed me, pushing his big semi into my identical semi. Who's the sex dogg now, I thought!

"André, stop it! As it is, we're in deep shit already, let go of me! Yes, yes, I love you too, but please ... please?" I pleaded.

We went back into the lounge while the machine was running.

"Johann tells me there is a possible invitation to the London office! That's very exciting! You're going to be so successful! I told you so!" André and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing.

"What? What did I say?" Mom asked.

"'I told you so', just as Dad predicted!" André got in, laughing.

"So, I told you so, so what! I knew you are sexy and beautiful, and Johann agrees that you're already a hit. The retail chain client is over the moon and the catalogue is coming out in two weeks. I'm so excited! But, and this is a BIG 'but', Dad and I talked about it: your studies may never be compromised, ever. Your future is with engineering, not with modelling. OK? Juan promised he'd keep an eye out for you. I hope all is still fine. Is it?" Mom asked.

"Yes Mom. Our predicates are all above 80, so not to worry. We gave you and Dad our word, and Juan is damn quick to remind us that we'd keep up with our studies. All is fine .."

"Ahhhh! Am I hearing my name taken in vain? Why are you gossiping when I'm not here to defend myself? Are you looking after my interests, my love?" Oh fuck! Juan, don't complicate things! We're in deep enough shit! Not 'my love' too ... Fuck!

"We're only putting Mom's mind at ease regarding our studies. Please tell her all is fine?" I put in.

"Mom, if it's the last thing I do, their studies will not suffer! And that is a promise. I'm still bigger ... and stronger - watch it André, you'll end up last! - and I will tie them down if necessary. No nonsense taken," Juan said standing behind Mom with just a towel around his waist. His huge cock made an enormous bulge behind the towel ... oh my godd! Mom, don't look ...!

"Good to know you're here to make sure they behave and toe the line," Mom said and I didn't miss the insinuation to Johann's sleepover. Oh my godd! "Dad and I are not here to do it. Plus, they're big boys and should know better. Or so we hoped." Mom, stop it! Fuck!

"All under control, Mom. Please excuse me to get dressed quickly. Coffee please, my love?" Juan, stop it! Juan disappeared to get dressed.

I got up and checked on the coffee machine. André brought out 5 coffee mugs, a jug with milk, a sugar bowl and a bowl with Mom's rusks. He carried the tray to the lounge and I brought the coffee machine beaker with coffee.

André put the tray on the coffee table and I poured the coffee. "Mom, as always just milk, no sugar?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you my boy."

We all got coffee and rusks. Juan came back fully dressed. Ahhhh! Oh my godd! He took my breath away! What a sexy tall dark and fucking handsome man he was! He had on chinos, his Kommetjie shoes, a smart striped shirt and his suede jacket. There was a nip in the air.

"Did you print the list for Mom, André? Yes? Thanks Mom! You're a star! We would've found out we were short of linen after we've moved in. The woman's touch! Sorely missing in this household. But, I have to tell you, the culinary skills of our boys are top-notch! We've had Cape Malay curry the other day and even a potjie last night! Scrumptious!" Good going my love! Keep Mom's mind occupied with other stuff! "But, I have to go. I still have a few things to do in the office. Mom, we'll see you for a late lunch, OK? We'll get take-outs and bring it to La Rochelle. We'll see you around 1:30 then?" He bent down and kissed Mom.

"Yes, that would be fine. Thanks."

Johann got up and stammered: "A pleasure to meet you ... Alma ... sorry, I don't know what to call you ...?"

"Alma is fine. We tried to convince Juan to call us 'Adriaan' and 'Alma', but this one is too stubborn! 'Alma is fine."

"'Alma' it is then. In any case, I'm quickly taking a shower and then I have to be off too. Thanks Juan. It was nice again," Johann said. 'Again'? Johann! Count your words! Mom is no idiot! He leaned in and kissed Juan ... Oh! My! Godd! Johann realised his mistake and blushed crimson red! "Bye! See you Saturday? Excuse me ..."

Johann slipped into the bathroom and we also got up. Juan kissed us goodbye. "Play nice and get to class on time, OK?" He tousled our hair and gave each of us a playful slap on the bum. "Bye now," and Juan was off.

We were left alone with Mom ... oh fuck!

"More coffee Mom?" I tried to buy time.

"No, I'm fine thanks," Mom said. "Would you care to fill me in on what is going on here? Juan AND Johann? Or am I wrong? Boys? What's going on?"

"Nothing Mom, Johann is a very good friend, that's all," André put in lamely.

"Just how old do you think I am, young man? There is but one bed in this flat and at 7 in the morning your 'good friend' emerges from the bedroom with you? What is going on?" Mom asked crisply. "Dad and I have just come to accept Juan and have grown to love him as your partner, but another one? Are you each having his own partner now?"

"No Mom. It's complicated but there is nothing to worry about. All is under control. I promise."

"Boys, you've just turned 19, Juan is 27. You've made a choice and we accepted it, as strange as it was at first. We've suspected you were gay since you were 15. Yes, Dad saw the two of you ... you know ...? And the fact that you never dated any girls? For all intents and purposes, Juan is one hell of a son-in-law, but now? Another guy? What is to happen to Juan? How does Johann fit in here? With whom? Or with both of you? In our family? Or are you adding another man to the equation?" Mom asked.

"Mom, as soon as Juan is with us, we'd like to explain to you and Dad, but not now, please? It's complicated and all new to us too. We can't give you all the answers. Please be fair and wait until Dad and Juan are present ... please?" André put in. Bro, you could've become a lawyer!

"Anton, is that how you feel too? Anything you'd like to add? Speak up boy!" Mom was not interested in any nonsense.

"I feel the same Mom. Suffice to say, you don't have to worry at all, not in the least. We're happy and Juan is happy. Nothing to worry about. And yes, please wait until Juan is present so we could discuss this with you and Dad, if it's really even necessary. Mom, stop worrying. We're happy and nobody is going to get hurt! I promise!" I defended our latest addition to the clan. What would she say if she knew that, for all intents and purposes, she actually had two, and possibly THREE sons-in-law ... Oh my godd! Woman, be strong!

The bathroom door opened and Johann walked out with just a towel around his body. His huge cock showed clearly as a huge thick tube running down the front ... oh my godd! And I had it in me most of the night! What an experience it was to have it in me once again! And fuck it all! I loved Johann ... I loved him too, Mom!

"A brush, please Anton? I just need to get my hair into some kind of a style this morning. I haven't had a chance to have a haircut ... Brush please?"

Mom turned and looked at Johann. And she gasped ... she saw the bulge!

"Please excuse me Mom?" I said and went into the bedroom with Johann.

As soon as we walked through the door, Johann grabbed me and kissed me. "Oh my godd! I'm dying here! Does your Mom know? What now? Oh fuck! I love you guys so much! I love YOU so much! Oh fuck!"

"We'll work something out. As soon as Dad is here tomorrow, he'll understand and he'll calm her down. Don't worry. Now, get dressed. Here is the brush," I said giving him my hairbrush.

"A pair of clean underwear from Juan's cupboard please? And a clean pair of socks? I'll bring it back on Saturday," Johann asked.

I retrieved the articles from Juan's cupboard and Johann pulled me into an embrace again. He kissed me gently but with urgency. He pushed the towel off and I felt his huge cock plump up.

"Fuck Johann! How the hell are you going to hide that thing now!?"

"I'll let my shirt out ..."

"OK, I have to get back ... I love you!" I said and walked out the bedroom.

"It's almost 8. I have to go now. I still need to find parking. This talk is not over. Tomorrow when Dad is here, I want to get to the bottom of this. Where is your friend Johann?"

"He's just putting on his clothes. Just wait a minute, he'll be here now," I said. "Mom, he is a nice guy ... please? He has done nothing wrong!' I said.

"Oh, the discussion would not be WITH him - it will be ABOUT him!" Mom said sternly.

Johann walked in and Mom shut up. The atmosphere was thick.

"Nice to meet you, Alma. I can see where the boys got their good looks from. I'll see you on Saturday then? Enjoy your day in our 'city'! Goodbye."

André and I looked at each other and decided to do something brazen, fuck it! We got up and we hugged and kissed Johann. He hugged us back and whispered: "Good luck!" and he was out the front door.

"If I didn't see it with my own two eyes ..." Mom started.

"Mom, please. We're 'only' 19, but you yourself have said many times we're very mature for our age. Please give us the benefit of the doubt? Please?" André said, pleadingly. "Please ...?'

"André, don't you think this is a bit unfair to spring something like this on me without any warning?" Mom asked.

"Mom, we don't understand everything ourselves, but please ... we love them. There, I've said it: Mom, we love Juan and Johann very much. They are not riff-raff and this is not going to go away because you're upset about it. Please, just know we're very happy and nobody is going to get hurt. We know what we're doing. And, our studies are on track. Our modelling careers are about to take off, in which Juan and Johann would both play significant roles. Nobody is exploiting anybody. We love them, please understand. Please get to know Johann first, and then you'll understand ... He is a very caring and loving person. Open your heart and you'll see. Again, nothing you or Dad say would change our minds. We love Johann too, and that's that ..." I said, pleading with Mom.

"Anton, I can't promise anything, but listening to both of you, it's clear you've made up your minds and that you are happy, and love this man. But, I have to talk to Dad. I will try, but don't push it. If it happens, it will be in my own good time. OK, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I have to admit, he is very attractive, and he is definitely not riff-raff," Mom said and sighed. "You have bowled me for a six ... Oh my lord. Please, may I have some more coffee?"

"Of course, coming up!" André said and went to fetch the coffee beaker from the coffee machine.

"Anton, promise me this is not going to blow up in your faces. Juan is a fine man and Dad and I have accepted him. We don't want Juan to get hurt."

"Nobody is going to get hurt, Mom!"

"And your studies ... your studies still come first, OK?"

"Yes Mom, we promised," André put in as he poured Mom another cup.

After Mom had her coffee, she stood up and pulled us both in for a hug. "Please look after yourselves. Now off to shower and class, OK?" She kissed us and left.

"Oh my godd! I hope we've convinced her, Anton!"

"I think we did. But you have to admit, the whole thing was strange, even to us. So, give her - and Dad - some time. I just don't know how we're going to explain Gunther ... oh fuck!"

= To be continued =



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