[A very long Part - sorry! I wanted to fit in the whole week and it got out of hand, so to speak! Enjoy!]

The rest of Sunday was spent with my brother, our buddies, with our lovers - eating, drinking, lazing around. At 4 o'clock Herman and Johan arrived in Herman's new Rav. As it happened, the local Toyota dealership had a silver Rav on the floor with all the bells and whistles Herman wanted! What a stroke of luck.

We all bundled out to the car and admired the buy. It was a great car and one in which the Gentle Giant would fit perfectly. The driver's seat could be lowered and pushed back considerably. The gearbox was manual, the engine was a diesel and it had a JBL sound system, a built-in sat-nav and plush leather seats. The man was good to go.

"It's time for me to think of acquiring new wheels. My old jalopy is still fine but at almost 200 000km, I think I can spoil myself with wheels like these. With my new salary and grant from Novo Nordisk, I could afford to get a car like this. My darling, have you weighed all the options? No other SUV that could give the same for the same money? No? Then Herman, would you mind if I got myself a Rav too? But a Pearl White Metallic. OK?" Juan said.

"No, of course not Coach ... erm ... Juan! It would be an honour if you'd get a Rav too! Wow!" Herman gushed.

"Jerry, how about you? Now that you're getting married to Johann, you're going nowhere! No more 'Gjer-ma-nee' for you anytime soon! You might as well get rid of your second hand death-trap and get a Rav too. With your height and huge bulge that have to fit into that car, the Rav would be a perfect replacement! What do you say? Do you think your bulge could fit in under the steering wheel? What? It's the truth! Sheez! You also get a car allowance, so you and I could go and negotiate a nice discount if we ordered two Ravs. Let's go see them tomorrow after we've checked on the experiments and readings. Glacier White for you, and a Pearl White Metallic for me. What do you say?" Juan gushed.

"Erm ... I'm still happy with the old Honda Jazz, but I have to say, I'm tempted. The Jazz is a bit small and I've bumped my head several times. And yes, the steering wheel pushes into my crotch ... not the pressure I find agreeable! Yes, let's go see them tomorrow! You're on!" Gunther answered. They were like boys on Christmas eve! Three Ravs in the circle of friends! "What about Johann?" Gunther asked as Johann approached us from his house around the corner.

Luigi was driving a brand new Toyota Prius. Although an Italian, he was very aware of the environment and wanted to do his bit - no Italian car for him. Thus, between the two of us and André, there were three hybrids. And of course, Johan had an Audi TT. We couldn't compete with that! Johann was driving a Toyota Corolla that had seen better days.

"Nice wheels! Whose is it? Wow! Exactly what I need for all the paraphernalia that I have to cart up and down! Mind if I take a look?" Johann asked.

"It's mine. No, go ahead," Herman said.

"Phew! Just what I need!" Johann was blown away. He looked at the instruments, touched the steering wheel, moved in the seat, put his feet on the pedals ... a real man in a real man's car!

"Then come with us tomorrow - we're car-shopping tomorrow. Where are you tomorrow?" Juan asked Johann.

"I'm in Paarl overseeing a shoot. I'm only there as consultant. What time?" Johann asked.

"We were thinking around 11 o'clock? Good for you?" Juan asked.

"Perfect! Is it you and ..."

"Gunther and me. Imagine the salesperson's face if we ordered three Ravs! What colour for you?"

"I've seen a very nice reddish one. One of the models said it's called Crimson Metallic. I hope it's not too bold. But, I'm a big and bold man! Right?" Johann said with gusto.

"Bold yes! Ha ha! It's settled then. 11 o'clock at the Toyota dealership tomorrow. Hmmmm! We're going to blow that salesman out of the water!"

Herman insisted to give us each a spin. Of course Juan, Johann and Gunther wanted to drive it themselves. We were all impressed. The diesel engine was so quiet and the power of the engine was amazing.

"Time for celebrations! Herman, you've arrived my boy! New threads, new living arrangements, a man at your side and now a new Rav! Wow! Come!" Juan said when the new Rav was parked after the spins.

Soon after when the drinks were poured, Luigi arrived. Because of the near-silent car he drove, we only heard him when he walked in the front door and gave a light knock. "Ciao! Ciao! Whose new Rav is parked outside?"

"Oh, it's Herman's! It's his present from his future father-in-law. Come in! Drink?"

"Congratulations Herman! That is a great car. I've considered it but opted for the Prius for obvious reasons of course. I hope it is the start of many safe kilometres and a long and good love affair ... meaning you and Johan of course - not the Rav!"

"Juan, Gunther and Johann are shopping for Ravs tomorrow!" André blurted out.

"Really? Wow! Good choice. Good service from Toyota, and good quality," Luigi said.

"Let's drink to the cars! And we'll include the hybrids and Audi too. Cheers!" Juan said.


After a light dinner consisting of left-overs, cold meats, different cheeses, olives and some fancy breads, we discussed the week ahead.

Johann was expecting some news from Claire on Monday, which would also be relayed to us. It was going to be about the details for Friday's shoot. Johann said what he knew is, the client would host us in three guesthouses on the property: 6 in one (3 bedrooms) and 4 in the other (2 bedrooms) and the Williams brothers in a third smaller one. We were to be at the winery at 3 o'clock to shoot the afternoon-shots in the setting sun and other photos on the lawn in front of the big Cape Dutch house. He was expecting to hear about Christopher and his brother later on.

Ahhh! Christopher and Johathan ... fuck! I wondered if we were going to pull it off for them to fuck me! My cock stirred in my pants thinking back about Wednesday and the sessions with Christopher ... oh my godd! I was hoping the two of them didn't have an idea to double-fuck me! Those motherfuckers were just too big!

"Hmmmm! Missed me much mio caro?" Luigi asked in my ear when he felt my cock stirring under his hand.

"Hmmmm!" was all I could say!


Monday's classes were the same as any other Monday. When we sat in the 'kaf' for coffee and some Apfelstrudel (the manager was a German who also made the most divine Bienenstich - to die for!), my iPhone beeped: Claire. André's iPhone beeped a few seconds later: Claire.

She confirmed the details with regard to Friday and Saturday, the venue, the times, what clothes and accessories we had to take with us, the photographer (Johann, who else?) and some other arrangements. Johann would confirm the final clothes list.

Johan and Herman walked up to us. "Why so late?" André asked.

"Half the boys wanted to see Herman's Rav. So, he had his time to brag a little! The guys are impressed and green with envy," Johan said and gave Herman's arm a squeeze. Herman put his arm around Johan's shoulder and gave him a hug.

"They love my wheels! And so do I! I'm in so much debt with the Malherbes ... sheez!"

"You owe us nothing. My dad has more than enough and he could afford a few hundred Ravs! Just enjoy it and love me - OK?" Johan said and hugged Herman around his waist. They sat down. It was clear a really deep love was developing between them.

"No coffee today?" I asked.

"Of course! What would you like my big man? Bienenstich and coffee? Cappucino? Latte?" Johan asked Herman.

"Yes! Bienenstich and cappuccino please? Thanks my sexy man!" The two looked at each other and yes, it was clear: save for fucking, the two were deeply in love and they were happy. Good!

"Oh fuck, guys! I'm on cloud 9!" Herman said when Johan went to the counter to order their refreshments. "The Rav was an excellent suggestion, 'baby bro'! We took a detour this morning and put it through its paces a bit ... wow! So powerful! The 2,2 litre diesel engine is awesome. The other guys are so green with envy! They know I'm a poor sod, so I had to say it was a gift - I didn't say from where. They can think what they want."

"Didn't they put 2 and 2 together about you and Johan? Don't they know you're living there now?" André put in.

"I think some have worked it out, but nobody has said anything. I think they're scared of me! And besides, what about you and Coach? They'v accepted you guys!" Herman said and glanced at Johan at the counter. He was in love with his man!

"Good move! No need to spill the beans to everybody. Enjoy it my Gentle Giant! I hope you have many happy kilometres without trouble. Being a Toyota, that's what you'll have," I said.

"Anton, for your know-how about cars, you deserve a good fucking with the biggie ... OK? I want to say thank you with a special gift: fucking you senseless and pump you full of cum! It's the only thing missing with Johan. He is an absolute darling. It's so easy to live with him. His house is so nice, he is attentive, so loving and he gives me a good blowjob, but there is no chance for fucking. And I miss that after fucking you Anton! Ahhh! Oh fuck! I'm already semi just thinking of it! I really hope I'd get to fuck you at least once a week or I'll go mad!" Herman said, adjusting his enormous cock in his pants. "Jacking off and blowjobs are not the same as fucking!"

"I'm sure we can work out something. Remember, there is Luigi in my life now ... and there are the others too. I love Luigi very much and he doesn't know about my shenanigans with you and he isn't going to find out. I'm not so sure he'd be happy ... We'll see how it pans out, OK?" I said and gave his arm a squeeze.

"Oh Anton! You have no idea what it's like to feel my cock inside you! No blowjob or handjob or anything has ever made me feel more sexual than when I fuck you. Oh fuck! I could pull you over this table right now and fuck you!" Herman was hard: his cock made and insanely big bulge in his pants.

Johan arrived with the tray with goodies and overheard the last of the conversation.

"You dying to fuck the 'baby bro' again, my big man? I have just received an SMS saying we have an extra practical this afternoon until half past 4. If you wanted, you could take Anton home if he is up for it? I know you have to fuck someone and the only one I'm happy with, is Anton. OK? Anton? What do you say?" Johan said as he put the tray with cappuccino and Bienenstich on the table.

"What have I done to deserve someone like you, my love? Oh fuck! You're too good to me! Thanks! Anton?" Herman asked.

"Erm ... André? Our classes are finished by half past three. That gives us an hour. I'm OK, but remember, this stays between the four of us, OK? Bro, would you mind to go fetch the post and get the stuff on the list Juan gave me this morning? Herman, I don't know why I spoil you like this, but with a cock like yours - how can I say no?! Johan, I really need to give you some pointers on how to handle Herman's huge cock! Once you do, you'll never look back ..."

"Oh fuck no! After Coach fucked me, that was the ultimate! No bigger! Herman's cock is just too big! Please 'baby bro', please do this for me too? Let Herman fuck you to get it out of his system, please?"

"It's not that I don't want to or that I don't like it - fuck, I love it! - but I'm an engaged man now and I truly and dearly love Luigi. I feel crap that I do this behind his back ..."

"We'll keep it quiet, 'baby bro'! Just go and enjoy the huge cock of the Gentle Giant. We'll keep quiet. OK guys? Not a word! Not even to Coach. The less said, the better," Johan said.

"Then I'll see you here at the 'kaf' at half past 3 and you could go with me to the townhouse? I can't wait! Oh fuck! I'm sopping wet! Look at the wet spot on my crotch! I'll have to put my shirt over it. You have an incredible influence on me!" Herman said and palmed his crotch.

"Yes, OK. Let's go. It's time for our next classes," I said and got up. I had to pull my shirt over my crotch too. Herman wasn't my love, but he was a nice guy and had a huge thick cock that made me feel good!


The sex with Herman was epic as usual. I douched and soon we were sucking each other in a 69. Soon Herman lubed his cock and plugged me doggy-style. Once again it was amazing and it was special. The 33cm cock invaded me and I groaned with pleasure. Its huge head and thick girth was making me groan with pleasure.

Herman had his legs on the inside of my legs and pushed my legs outwards so he could have better access to my hole. When his cock slid into me, it really stretched me. He had a wonderful cock and now he knew how to use it and make me feel good. He pushed in slowly and waited for me to get used to it before he started to fuck me.

The girth of his cock pushed against my prostate making me precum like mad. I even shed a small amount of cum with every thrust. Soon the duvet cover was a mess.

I forced myself to think of Herman and his cock and not about Luigi. I felt like a dog but the cock in me felt spectacular. It filled me up and when it spasmed while he fucked me, I was transferred to a world of love and passion and enjoyment in the extreme.

He pushed his face past mine and when I turned my face towards him, he kissed me. It wasn't a peck or a friendly kiss. It was a full-blown lover kiss, tongue and all. He had become a good kisser.

His huge cock in me throbbed when he kissed me and he broke the kiss to fuck me with long and deep thrusts.

When Herman pushed his huge cock into me one last time, he shuddered and his cock in me swelled to its gigantic proportions: he was pumping a huge load into me. It was a lot. I could feel how the pulsations pushed his cum into the lower part of my colon.

I was wondering whether it would be as much as Luigi's multiple orgasms, but I deliberately forced Luigi from my mind.

Herman collapsed on top of me and we rolled onto our sides, Herman still inside me. He started to jack my cock and while his cock was still big in me and still pulsated, he brought me to orgasm very soon. I shot a load that sprayed the bed, my arm and Herman's hand. It was a monumental mess. Oh fuck!

"Oh fuck, Anton! You make me feel like a special human being again! To fuck you is just the ultimate! No sex with anybody has ever been the same! You are a dream come true! How I wish you and I could've been a couple, oh fuck ... I love Johan but I can never say 'no' to this! I have to have this! Perhaps you should discuss this with Luigi and asked him if I could have the honour of fucking you perhaps once in a while? Please?"

"I'll play it by ear. Perhaps Luigi would be OK with it. I don't know. As long as it doesn't happen every day, he might be agreeable. Just don't push it, OK? Luigi is very important to me and I don't want to lose him. I love sex with you, but Luigi is my man," I said.

"Don't worry. I'll never do anything to compromise you or to put this wonderful sex in jeopardy. But please do - I'll appreciate it if he could give us his approval. You have no idea how much it would mean to me. And ... I have to admit it: I fucking love you Anton! I can't help it. And yes, I do love Johan and he's very good to me, but it's you I really love! I'm not saying this to make you uncomfortable, but it's the truth. I love you, and that's that. And what I'm experiencing right now - having my huge cock inside you - is a dream come true. When I realised my cock was way beyond the norm, and that I'm a top, I knew it would be difficult to find somebody who would be able to accommodate it ... and now that I've found you, you're taken! I'd be happy if I could have you once a week for this. I'd still love Johan, and of course I will love you, but I won't bother you and Luigi or become a pest. But, we've known each other a long time now and I'm asking this from you as a friend. Please Anton?"

"I know, I know. You're a great guy and yes, I love you too, but not the way I love Luigi. Yes, this is fantastic, but I don't want it to possibly destroy my relationship with Luigi. I'm willing to have this with you when we can, but you mustn't expect that it has to happen every time when you feel like it. Let me see what I can do, but I can't guarantee Luigi would be OK with it. OK?"

"Good enough for me. I hope he is. He is a nice guy and he and I have had some good chats. He knows I have a huge cock and knows I can't fuck Johan. So perhaps he'd be agreeable ... I could only hope. Thanks for this! Just so you know: I've pumped a very big load into you, even though Johan sucked me off last night. With you ... oh fuck! I always cum a lot with you!"

"OK, we'll see. Now, pull out my big man. I have to go back to the 'kaf' so I could go home with André, and you have to go back to get Johan. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! You're right! It is a huge load!" I said as Herman pulled out of me and I had to clench to keep his cum in me.

The fucking with the Gentle Giant was an incredible experience once more ...


Herman dropped me at the 'kaf'. André was there, waiting for me.

"My godd baby bro! What a sexy man you've become! I could fuck you right here right now too! And knowing Herman's huge load is sloshing inside you, you have a natural load of lube! Oh fuck! Lucky bastard to get so much attention! How was it? Did you like it?"

"Thanks darling bro. Yes, it was wonderful again. There's just that something about Herman's cock and his fucking that makes it different and special. When that huge head pierces my hole ... my word! What an experience! And yes, he shot a huge load in me, and yes, it's still in me. So if you wanted to fuck me using his cum as lube, I'm good to go!" I said and hugged my brother. "Did you get the stuff for Juan?"

"Yes, it's all in the Yaris. Come, let's go. If I could plug you with Herman's load in you, I'd say yes - OK? May I please baby bro?" André put in and stood up. His crotch was big and he adjusted his cock.

"Yes, of course you may! Let's go and get it done before Juan comes home."


En route home to La Rochelle, André was driving and I played with his cock. He unzipped his pants and had the front open. I even gave him a blowjob!

Back home, André parked inside the garage and we made a dash for the bedroom. My rectum was still very full with Herman's cum and yes, we were going to use it as lube!

I gave André's cock a few more sucks to get it rock-hard again and I pushed out a little of the cum inside me. André massaged Herman's cum over my hole with his cockhead and took up position behind me. He took his precum and mine to lube up his cock and he pushed in. Herman's cum was the perfect lube! He slipped right in and André pushed into me with one long continuous thrust.

"Ahhhhh!" Even though Herman's cock is huge and my hole was still a bit stretched after he fucked me, my brother's thick 24,5cm cock was nothing to sniff at. It still was a big one! I marvelled at it entering me.

"I can feel the huge volume of cum in you! That giant has pumped a litre into you!"

André fucked me and soon he shot his load into Herman's cum in me. He collapsed on top of me and while he was catching his breath, he played with my nipples and chest hair.

"Fuck, baby bro! I love you so much! If there was no Luigi or Juan, and if we could, I'd marry you on the spot! I fucking love you so very much!"

"I love you to bro! You know that! And even though your cock is the smallest in our group, there is no way I can't love you. You're my other half - remember? We're meant to be together forever!" I said and turned my head to kiss him.

"Want me to jack you off or are you OK? Or do you want me to suck you off?" André said with his lips on mine, looking into my eyes.

"Actually, I'd love you to suck me off please? Yes, please?" I said.

"I want to suck you off while I'm still in you. Roll on top of me and rotate on my cock. Then I'm sitting up and will push you onto your back. I want to feel your hole spasming over my cock when you cum! Hmmmm!" André said and rolled onto his back pulling me with him.

We made the adjustment and soon André had my cock in his mouth. I was surprised I was so horned up after I've had an orgasm with Herman earlier. But, this was my sex life and with André fucking me ... I had no control over my cock!

"I'm going to cum!" I groaned soon after André started to suck me. I bucked and pushed my cock deep into André's mouth. His cock was still deep inside me. My cock spasmed and twitched and I shot my second load of the day into my brother's mouth. My hole clenched over André's cock and he groaned.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, André collapsed on top of me and kissed me. He pushed my cum into my mouth and I swallowed it happily. Ahhh!

"Want some of mine and Herman's cum too, baby bro?"

"Yes, fuck! Yes! Please suck it out of me! Yes!"

André pulled out slowly. When the head plopped out, he lingered with the head on my hole and pushed the head back in again ... made it twitch. He pulled out again and rubbed the cum over my hole, and pushed back into me. He was driving me wild and my cock twitched on my tummy.

Then André pushed my legs up. He put his mouth with full lips on my hole and sucked. I relaxed my sphincter muscles and felt the cum being sucked from my hole. It was a lot!

"Hmmm! Hmm! Hmmmmmm!" André moaned and leaned down to kiss me. His mouth was full of cum! His full lips clamped down on mine and I opened my mouth. The cum ran into my mouth and it tasted divine! Oh fuck!

"Fuck! That giant has really pumped you full of his cum! Fuck! There is still a lot! Want it? I'm going to suck more out - I want to taste some of it myself," André said and put his mouth on my hole again. He sucked and again he groaned.

As I watched him, he swallowed. Some of Herman's cum disappeared into his stomach. He pointed to his mouth. There was more for me. "Yes, please!" I said and got the rest of the load in his mouth. Herman's cum mixed with André's cum tasted great.

André collapsed on his back next to me and put his hand on my hairy chest. "Fuck baby bro! You're driving me mad! If you weren't my brother, I'd really marry you on the spot! I fucking love you and sex with you is just insane! We love the same things - except for you taking the huge things in you! - but I'd marry you if I could. I love you so much! You're just so sexy and sexual and the sex with you is on a different level. I know you love me, and I understand you love Luigi but ... it's his luck, the bastard! I love you baby bro!"

"I love you too, but yes, Luigi is a dream come true for me. He is like my brother from another mother. He is really a nice guy. But, before I fall asleep, let's get out of here before the big oaf is home. Come! I'm dying for a mug of coffee!"


We dressed in hockey shorts and T-shirts and fetched the stuff from the Yaris we left there when we dashed into the house to have sex.

We started the Bolognese ragout and let it on the stove to simmer.

Then, with mugs of coffee in hand, we sat down in the lounge. We took out our MacBook Airs and checked for emails. There were emails from Alessandro, from the customer (a guy named Jacques du Plessis), from Johann, from Christopher (oh fuck!), from Jonathan (oh fuck again!) and from Piero (and once again, oh fuck!).

Alessandro gave the rundown on life in London and on their lives. He embroidered on life with Sven and Jean-Pierre. They were happy as ever and have been to Paris for a few days since Thursday. The pictures were fantastic and I was looking forward to our trip there in a couple of weeks' time. And of course there were pictures of their cocks and of them fucking Sven.

I answered and attached some pictures of Luigi and told them the great news of us getting engaged in two weeks' time. I also gave them some information about our trip to London in 6 weeks' time.

The client Jacques du Plessis confirmed Claire's info she sent earlier and enquired about the details with regard to our sleeping arrangements - single or double beds (his PA - a man by the name of Jan - was on the ball and with the programme!), what special dietary requirements there were, what we'd like to drink during the shoot, at night and the usual rest. He offered Wi-Fi in the guesthouses we were going to stay in, flat-screen TVs with DStv, bar fridges, lounge section with enough seating for 10 people. Perfect.

I answered and gave our requirements.

The email from Johann was merely a confirmation of what Claire had to say. He said he'd give us a list of clothes on Thursday. Then he said we could've gone with him in his car - we didn't know he already had his Rav! - but he had to transport 2 others. He'd pick Gunther up from his flat, and the two brothers would be driving on their own from the Dorpshuis Hotel in Stellenbosch, and would drive straight to the client, Jacques du Plessis. The drive to the client was just under an hour. He wanted to get there as soon as possible so he could take the photos in the late afternoon sun. He said he'd confirm with Juan about the travelling arrangements. He said that us - the twins - and Luigi should travel with Juan and that Johan and Herman would travel by themselves.

I checked the top of the email and saw the same message was CCd to the other guys too. I answered and thanked him for his good arrangements and his professionalism.

When I looked at Christopher's email, I knew there would be pictures in there and yes: there were a number of photos of his enormous 33cm cut cock curving up. There were also pictures of him cumming and more pictures of him drenched in cum and still spurting more cum. He mentioned that his stay at the resort in the Drakensberg was great and that he was looking forward to return to Stellenbosch on Thursday, in time for the arrival of his brother Jonathan. He asked if I were ready for some serious fun with him and his brother?

I answered and said yes I was ready for him and Jonathan, but that we had to play it by ear. I told him I'd be in touch on Thursday. Perhaps I could slip away for a quick fuck with them, or we could see how things were at the wine farm.

Jonathan's email was filled with praise and compliments. And promises and ideas on how to fulfil his dream of fucking me with me sucking his brother. He too attached some pictures of his enormous 35cm uncut cock. I gasped again when I saw it - it was humongous! He reminded me that he too, like his brother, had multi-orgasms and that between the two of them, they'd easily pump 50ml or more into me. Oh fuck!

When I opened Piero's email, my heart melted. Fuck! He attached some studio pictures of him which were taken at the end of his schooling. He was extremely handsome. Much like Luigi, but still young. When I looked at him, it was difficult to put the deep sonorous voice on the phone to the face looking at me. There were also pictures of him in front of the David statue standing in the Accademia Gallery next to the Uffizi, of him on the Ponte Vecchio and of course, some pictures of his big beautiful uncut cock - at least 28cm - and of him cumming. It was a lot on his hairy body. His body was going to be as hairy as Luigi in a couple of years, I thought.

I answered and attached some more pictures of our shoot, of André and I, of Luigi with me, and of course, a picture of Luigi fucking me. I reiterated that we'd be in Italy after Christmas but the details were not clear yet. I said we were awaiting details from Boss Models in a week's time. I asked him what his movements were after Christmas. I hit send.

Within a minute my Mail binged and there was an answer from Piero. He mentioned that the family is expecting Luigi to be in Florence around New Year's Eve. Everything still needed to be finalised. He gushed about the pictures, of what a fantastic couple Luigi and I made, how sexy I was and that he wanted his cock in me like Luigi's cock in me! He was direct! He mentioned that due to his size and their position in Florence, he only once has had the privilege of fucking a guy, and that it was a complete failure as his cock was too big for the guy. He has had a few blowjobs, but none to write home about. When he started to cum, the guys pulled off his cock in disgust as it was much more than they expected. He said he heard from Luigi that I was fantastic - blowjobs, kissing and fucking. He wanted in, please. He included another picture of his soft cock - at around 19cm, still very big - and of him holding his hard cock with both hands - big hands - and at least another hand's worth sticking out. The head was enormous - bigger than Luigi, I thought. The piss slit was really big ... hmmm! I thought of pushing the tip of my tongue in there ...!

I answered and said he was making me hard and that I'd love him to be in bed with Luigi and me - or alone, if we could manage it.

My iPhone rang and it was Piero. I closed my MacBook Air and got up to answer my phone.

"Hard, I see baby bro! Who is it now?" André.

"*Shhh! I'll tell you about it. Shhh!* Hallo Piero!" I said.

"*Piero? Who the fuck is Piero?*" André whispered loudly.

I walked out onto the stoep and sat down in the afternoon shade.

"I have to hear your voice! Ciao bello! How are you?" Piero's warm voice said.

"It's good to hear your voice too. I'm fine and you?" I said.

"I'm fine, but very hard now! I want you here with me now! I can't wait for New Year ...!" He added something in Italian that sounded like a swear word. *Cazzo* or something like that.

"As soon as we get the details from Boss Models, we can plan our visits to Germany and Italy. We're visiting some people in Germany after Christmas and then on to Italy."

"Oh, Germany too? Hmmm! Bello ragazzo, I want you here soon. I want more photos please. I want to fuck you so much! Ahhh!"

"Yes, we're in London from around 18 December up to about Christmas, then Berlin and then Firenze. Luigi will be with us all the way. We have friends in London, one friend's parents are in Berlin and then we're visiting the Moretti famiglia in Florence! We'll let you know."

"Ahhh! I wait for you! You are a very good-looking man, si?"

"Thanks, but you're also spettaculare [spectacular] and I love the hair on your body. Are you tall?"

"Grazie! Yes, 1,92m tall. I hope I will be as tall and as hairy as Luigi! And that my cock will grow more. I want to be as tall as him and my cock must be bigger than his!"

"It will grow more. Mine is now 24,5cm."

"That is nice! A nice mouthful! I want to fuck you very much! Per favore!"

"Luigi said it's OK. You may fuck me and he will fuck me too. So, the three of us will sleep together, OK?"

"Ahhh, yes! Very good! But now I must go. My telephone account is going to be big this month! Ciao ragazzo [Bye boy]! Ti amo [I love you]!"

"Thanks for the call. I like you too! You are a very nice man and you have a beautiful voice! Ciao!"

"Out with it! Is this another Ita? Fuck baby bro! You're wanted all over the world now! Canada, New York, London - where is 'Piero'? Who is Piero?" André said from the doorway.

I filled him in about Piero and told him that Luigi was OK with it, as it was his nephew who he knows very well. I told him that Luigi knows about Piero's frustrations as a hung man, just as he when he was growing up, and that he is willing to let Piero experience fucking a nice bottom like myself.

"Still, baby bro! You're wanted all over the world now! Fuck! We're going to have a sexcapade holiday in December!"


We decided to say nothing to Juan as yet.

When Juan arrived, we gushed over his Rav. It was a beauty! The Pearl White Rav looked spiffy. We gushed and looked and prodded and were happy for our man. At last he got himself some decent wheels. He worked hard and deserved it.

"Did Gunther get his?" André asked.

"Not yet - tomorrow. There is a Glacier White in Strand. And would you believe, Johann's would be here on Wednesday, coming from Vredendal. All Ravs! The sales guy was ecstatic to sell three Ravs on one day! He gave us a hefty discount and threw in some extras such as smash-and-grab film on the windows, extra paint protection when they do the PDS and some extra carpets. Look," Juan was so chuffed with his Rav. "We've decided to have a Rav dinner on Wednesday when Johann's Rav is here."

"Congratulations you big oaf! You have very nice wheels now! Let's drink!" André said and kissed Juan right there in the garage.

We had sun-downers and toasted the new Rav. Dinner consisted of spaghetti Bolognese which André and I cooked earlier.

When we went to bed, Juan settled in with André in his one arm and me in the other. We were one big happy family. "I could see you've had some fun earlier on - oh come on! The bed? Give me some credit! But, it's OK. Gunther and I had a busy day and a night off would do me good. However, I can't guarantee what might happen during the night or tomorrow morning! So, beware! Good night my darling boy! Good night you delinquent! I love you!" Juan said and kissed us.

"Good night my wonderful man! I love you too!" I said.

"Yes, good night you ogre! And I don't love you ... ow! That hurts! You oaf! Yeah, yeah! OK! I love you and all that jazz! Sheez! How many times do I have to say that?"

"Until we've been married for 50 years. So, get with the programme, OK? OK! Now, sleep!" Juan put André in his place.


On Tuesday Gunther arrived at La Rochelle to show us his new Rav. The Glacier White SUV looked great with the big blonde hung hunk in it. We looked at the inside and admired the trimming and carpets. The Smash & Grab film in his Rav was a darker colour than Juan's.

"Let's see how much room between your huge bulge and the steering wheel ..." André said and pushed his fist between Gunther's bulge and the steering wheel. Of course he used it as an excuse to grope Gunther's cock!

"Juan, do you see what this delinquent is doing? Sexually harassing me in broad daylight! I'll fuck you for that!" Gunther said and tousled André's hair.

"You and what army are going to fuck me? First you have to catch me! And, I'm the first team hockey wing! So, whe!" André was kind of fast - not that Gunther would ever run after him.

In the house we toasted the new Rav and then we had take-away fish and chips.

Johann couldn't make it. He had to stay over in Cape Town with Lukas as they had an early shoot the next day in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. I was sure Lukas was very happy as I knew Johann would fuck the short guy! Not that Lukas would complain!

Gunther had a number on me and soon we were in bed sucking and fucking like rabbits. When he fucked me, I was in heaven. His big cock was spectacular and when he came, I could feel it was a lot.

Juan and André took over and gave me a double fuck and I was pumped full of cum again. Ahhh!

At 11 o'clock Gunther said good-bye as he wanted to sleep in his own bed: he had to be at the lab at 4 o'clock to take readings. When he left La Rochelle, he was on his way to the lab to take readings at that time of night. Small wonder Novo Nordisk held him in such high esteem. He was a dedicated researcher and deserved the money they paid him.

Juan, André and I settled in for the night, once again with Juan's arms around my brother and my neck. We were a happy lot. I played with Juan's big cock and marvelled at the big beautiful cock. If it weren't for Luigi, it would've been a toss-up between Juan, Gunther or Johann - fuck!


On Wednesday Johann was at home when we arrived at a quarter to five. The new red Rav was parked outside our house and he was checking the features of his new car with the manual in his one hand.

"Fuck! Why do they have to make things so complicated! I know how a sat-nav works, but godd! André, Anton - you'll have to help me! I can't make out shit of what they're talking about. It's just too much! I'm not technically challenged, but this is too much! Come, help me! Oh, I've called Juan to bring us pizza. I have put 2 bottles of JC le Roux in the fridge at my place. Come, oh 'donner' - this thing is too much! Too complicated!"

['Donner' = 'thunder' but it's used in Afrikaans to emphasise something, or is used as an interjection, and is widely considered as mild swearing, similar to 'fuck']

I got in on the passenger's side and he gave me the book. I read the stuff and had to concur: the new tendency to have one button doing more than one thing could be complicated and confusing. But, eventually we won and Johann made some sense of the settings and how to use the infotainment centre.

"Fuck this! Enough! Put your stuff in the house and come to my place. I need a drink now! I think I deserve a drink, don't you think? It's half past five now. I hope Juan comes soon - I'm starving! Come boys!" We took our stuff into the house and locked again. Johann was slowly driving to his house around the corner.

While we waited for Juan, we had some drinks. We saved the JC le Roux for later when Juan and Gunther were going to be there. Johann had his hand in my crotch and leaned over to me. "Fuck, I wish it were just you and me, but look at us now! I'm just glad I still get to have some of you at times! Fuck! You're a sexy 'bliksem'! And fuck, I love you! Yes, before you get your knickers in a knot, I love you too, delinquent, but you know what I'm talking about. We all love your brother! You too!"

['Bliksem' = 'lightning strike' but in Afrikaans it's used to emphasise something such as with 'donner', but it might be a bit harsher. It could also be used to emphasise something good or it's used as in interjection. Also widely considered as swearing, similar to 'fuck']

"Yeah I know and I know you're hard and want to fuck my baby bro now! Right? Right! Just look at your crotch! You're way beyond semi!" André put in.

"Fuck yes! I'd fuck you both right now if I could, but I'll hold out until the other two are here. Last night poor Lukas wanted me to fuck him, but I was pooped. He gave me a nice blowjob though! I think I almost drowned him! Poor thing! Where is Luigi?"

"Luigi is at home, preparing for a lecture he has to give at the medical school tomorrow. He also said he wanted to 'give' me to you guys for all the time he has 'had' me over the weekend. So, here I am! And I'm sure I'm going to be fucked wholesale tonight! Right?"

"You could bet your bottom copper dime on that! And being the brother, I ..."

"... 'have rights and have to be first' - we know! Yes, cry baby, you're first to fuck the 'baby bro'!" Johann ribbed André.

Just then we heard Juan and Gunther coming in the front door - just in time. "Yes, and what are you up to? I'm surprised you're still fully clothed ... ahhh! Johann! You jackal! You dogg! Just look at your bulge! Lusting after our 'baby bro', are you? Gunther, you've got competition!"

"Let's see the Rav first, Johann! In the garage?" Gunther asked.

"Yes, come!" Johann got up and readjusted his hard-on in his pants and led the way through the side-door into the garage. "'Donner'! Anton is enough to make my cock split my zip!" Johann cursed as he was walking with legs wide while he was pushing his cock into position.

Both Juan and Gunther were impressed with the rich wine red paint of the RAV. The three agreed the controls were a bit more advanced than what they were used to. But between Juan and Gunther, they were sure to find their way.

We had some JC le Roux and the pizza Juan brought and had a good time. We toasted the RAVs and the oncoming shoot. We were a happy lot. The liquor flowed, the jokes between Johann and André came thick and fast.

After a while, we were relaxed and soon we were all over each other. I missed Luigi! It was the first time we had sex that I actually missed my man! Fuck! I realised that I actually DID love him!

The sex was great and Juan and Andre had a double-fuck with me and then Gunther and Johann had their turn to push into me together. I was fucked royally and was pumped full of cum.

After the shenanigans, we had some liqueurs and Gunther was off back into town. Same story: readings of the experiments. This time Juan joined him and was going to stay with Gunther for the night. Johan went to his house around the corner, as he still had to do some editing before he could go to bed. It left André and myself alone at home.

"You know what that means ... baby bro ... do you?" André said with a naughty look on his face. Trust André to take advantage of me!

And, during the night my brother did get fresh and fucked me again! Dogg!


On Thursday morning I asked André if he'd mind if I went in my own car as I wanted to go to the shops and wanted some time to myself.

"Tired of me, is that it? Hmmm? Baby bro?"

"No of course not silly! I just want some time alone to do my own thing. I love you all very much but I'm never alone. I just want one afternoon to myself, OK? I still want to go have a look at some farm stuff at the co-op and also see what present I could get Dad. Then there is a present for Luigi. He's giving me so much, I want to spoil him a bit. He has just set up house and I think he needs a nice painting for his lounge. So there. OK?" I said.

"OK, but I'd be missing you, baby bro! What time would you be back?"

"I should be back by 5 o'clock. I'm thinking of taking some paintings on appro so you could help me decide on one for Luigi. Dad's present? I was thinking of a Pringle shirt. If I need help, I'll call you, OK? Come, let's go. You go so long. Let me get my car from Johann's second garage. See you in class," I said and kissed my brother.

When I walked around the corner towards Johann's house, my iPhone rang. It was Christopher! What a lucky break!

"Hi there! Are you back in Stellenbosch? How was your trip?"

"Hi! It was great but I'm glad to be back here. There is a totally different atmosphere in the Western Cape. The Drakensberg was fine and beautiful but the people there are not as friendly as here," Christopher said.

"I'm glad you like it better here! It is a great place to live in. So then? Where are you?"

"I'm still in Cape Town, waiting for Jonathan. He lands at 10 o'clock and then we're heading to Stellenbosch. What time could you come see us? We're in Dorpshuis Hotel again." He pronounced the hotel's name in a typical American way but I didn't laugh.

"We have our last class at 2 o'clock. It's a theory class and usually we're through by 3. I could be at the hotel by quarter past 3. OK? But, I have only until a quarter to 5, OK?"

"Perfect! Jonathan is going to flip when he meets you! I'm actually hard here and you can imagine the bulge in my pants! I can't wait!"

"OK then. SMS me the room number, OK?"

"OK, I'll do that. Take care sexy man!"

I opened the garage to get my car and drove into town. I parked away from our usual spot. I didn't want André or Johan or Herman to see me when I left the campus.


The classes dragged on but I managed to keep focused on what was being said and joined in the discussions.

At 11 o'clock we met Herman and Johan in the 'kaf' and we spoke about the other three, each buying a Rav. When we mentioned Johann battling with the manual, Herman offered to help on Saturday after the photo-shoot, and even on Sunday. He had the sat-nav and settings down to a fine art. He was in seventh heaven with his Rav. He looked at Johan and yes, there was love in his eyes. He adored our hockey captain.


When it was lunch I told André that I was going to make a quick trip to the co-op and that I was going to be back by 2 o'clock. He wasn't happy but said he'd sit with Johan and Herman while I was away.

I hugged my brother and literally ran to my car and drove as fast as I could to the art shop where I saw the paintings the other day we were in the Mall. I knew which painting to get for Luigi. I also knew exactly what shirt to get for Dad and one each for Luigi, Juan and André too. The Pringle shop was in the Mall just around the corner from the art shop. I bought the stuff in 20 minutes flat and was off to the co-op. I wanted new pairs of secateurs for André and myself, a new pair of pliers and some new spray heads for Dad. That too was bought with enough time to get back to the campus in time to grab a toasted sandwich and a flavoured bottle of water before I rushed into the class. The door was closing behind me - just in time. Professor du Toit took no nonsense. No late-coming was allowed and if he caught a student with a cell phone during his lecture, the student was kindly asked to leave the lecture room. He was strict.

"All OK baby bro?" André whispered.

"Yes, I think I know what to get for Dad and Luigi. Then off to the co-op. I was thinking of getting each one of us a new pair of secateurs. Are you OK bro?"

"Yes, I'm fine ... shhh! Prof du Toit ..." André said under his breath and looked at the lecturer with an intelligent and interested face.


At a quarter to three o'clock Prof du Toit closed his notes. He gave us some work to read up and left. Oh good, I thought. Fifteen minutes extra with the two brothers at the hotel!

"I'll see you at home at around 5 o'clock. Luigi will be there by 6 o'clock. I thought we could make lasagne. I'll get the ingredients for a salad and some fresh bread rolls. OK? Bye bro!" I turned around and got into my car. My heart was racing. Oh fuck! Just saying Luigi's name made me feel like crap. Oh fuck! But the Williams brothers were a once-off opportunity ... or so I thought.

As I drove off, my phone beeped - it was Christopher: "Room 25. See you soon"

When I parked my car at the hotel, I was hard and my heart was racing. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

When I knocked on the door of number 25, my hand was trembling. Oh fuck!

"Ahh! There is my boy! Come in! Come in! Let me introduce you to my beautiful brother!" He grabbed me in his arms and kissed me. His huge cock was semi hard and pushed into my tummy.

"Anton, this is Jonathan. Jonathan, this is Anton! The man of the moment!"

When I saw Jonathan, I knew I've found the second best thing that could have happened to me ever! After Luigi, this man was an Adonis! He was what wet dreams were made of. He was very tall - over 2 metres. He was sexy and his dark olive skin with the stubble was awesome. He stepped up to me and I saw the bulge in his pants was enormous. Oh fuck! I put my hand out. He took my hand in his huge hand and closed his other hand over mine. He pulled me closer.

"Pleased to meet you, Anton! I'm so glad I listened to Claire and Christopher and came here! This is going to be epic! My godd! You're perfect! Much better in person!"

He pulled me into his arms and I felt his huge cock pushing into my tummy. Oh fuck! It was big! He smelled divine and when he leaned down to kiss me, I couldn't help but lift my face up to him and kiss him back. It was a great kiss. His lips were soft, full and sensual. My mouth opened under his lips and his tongue slipped in. Oh godd! The kiss was like a kiss of an angel! He hugged me tight to him and his huge cock was now very hard against me.

Christopher stepped up to us and hugged us from the side. He put his lips on ours from the side and it became a three-way kiss. Christopher's big bulge pushed into my side and when I put my hand on it, he groaned and pushed harder. He was rock-hard and the 33cm cock strained against the fabric of his pants.

I put my hand on Jonathan's bulge - it too was hard and I could already feel the precum oozing out through the fabric of his pants.

When Christopher put his hand on my buttocks, I remembered his huge cock fucking me twice the week before. I wanted it again!

"Anton, I've decided to give Jonathan and you some time alone. I'll be back in 30 minute's time. Would you be up for another round with me? Please? I'm afraid if I stayed, we might try to double-fuck you and that's not possible - we're way too big! I'm going to the bar to have a drink. Enjoy boys!" Christopher said and before I could say anything, he left the room.

"Ahhh! You're mine for half an hour! You're such an incredibly beautiful man, Anton! I want to make spectacular love to you. I hope I'm not too much for you ... I hope! It's very big ..."

"Just let me get into the bathroom for a minute please? I like to be prepared ..."

"Yes of course! A man to my liking ...!"

When I finished with my douche, I returned half-naked and he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I had to stand on my toes to reach his mouth and he had to bend down his head to meet my lips. His beautiful mouth was full and soft. The stubble on his face was perfect and was neatly trimmed on his throat. He put his one hand behind my head and the other around my body. I had my arms around his chest and felt the huge bulge in his pants pushing against me.

My cock was rock hard and pushed between Jonathan's legs, leaving a trail of premium.

He touched my cock and when he held it, he groaned his approval.

His tongue started to play over my lips ... his big bulge pressed against me ... his aroma was spectacular ... and this hunk of a man was about to fuck me into oblivion!

"We don't have too much time, so if you don't mind, could we get out of our clothes?"

"Jonathan, you're breathtakingly sexy and an extremely attractive man! Your photos are no indication of what you look like in real life! And your cock feels very big! My godd!"

"Yes, I'm big - big all over! I hope it meets with your approval ... OK?"

"Oh, you meet with my approval! But, just how big is it? Is it about 34cm?" I put in.

"No, it's 35cm ... sorry!"

"Oh fuck! That is huge! I hope I can handle it!"

"So do I ... But I'll be very careful and won't rush it. OK?"


He started to unbutton my shirt and I followed suit. When I had his shirt open, his dark chest hair under my fingers was soft and curly. His pectoral muscles were big and his areolae were huge, the biggest I've ever seen! I opened his belt and pushed his pants down. The cock trapped in his underpants pushed his underpants out towards me. It was huge!

When I pushed his underpants down, the biggest cock I've ever seen jumped out. It hit me in the stomach. He bent his knees and pushed the huge cock under my balls and and between my legs. He hugged me close to him and dry humped me. I felt the precum leaking from his cock onto my balls and perineum. Oh fuck! His lips were on mine and the kiss was incredible. He was crouching a bit so his face was almost at my level.

He kicked off his sandals and I noticed the huge feet. They were the biggest I've ever seen. Everything about this man was huge! He let the pants drop to the floor and stepped out of them. We were both stark naked.

I slid down his body and felt his huge cock slip out from between my legs. I took it in my hand and gasped. It was humongous! The girth alone was stupendous and the precum that flowed from the piss slit was like a mini waterfall. I pushed the skin back over the head and Jonathan growled.

I sucked on his big nipples. His hairiness was intoxicating and the fragrance of his perfume was unbelievable. He had his hands in my hair and I moved down to his cock. Because it was so huge, it was heavy too and pointed down at a 45º angle to the floor.

I pushed it up and it almost reached to his solar plexus, and when my chin hit the head, I felt it was sopping, sopping wet. I put my hand on the thick shaft and gasped. It was monumentally big! My hand - fairly large by any measurement - couldn't fit around the thick shaft! The head alone was at least 8cm long and big. The very long foreskin covered the head and formed a little spout at the tip of this huge cock. The precum streamed from the opening - he wasn't exaggerating: he did precum a lot!

I opened my mouth and the biggest cock ever entered between my lips. The precum running out of it was intoxicatingly sweet, and a lot! The head entered my mouth - he groaned and pushed his big cock deeper into my mouth. But, it wasn't big ... it was huge! I managed to take only the big head and a very small part of the shaft into my mouth. This was going to be a challenge, I thought!

Jonathan moved towards the bed and pulled me with him - we got onto the bed with him on his back and me between his legs sucking his incredibly big anaconda! My godd it was so big!

However, there was a wonderful thing about his cock: it also didn't become rock-hard! It was like Johann's cock - it retained some rubbery feel to it. It was going to make the fucking easier, I thought.

I lifted from Jonathan's cock and looked at the spectacular male body in front of me. He was really an Adonis of note. He pulled his legs up to cradle my body. I put my hands on his shins and felt the hair ... heaven! I lowered my hands to his feet and looked at them. They were enormous! I guessed a number 17 or even bigger! His feet were almost as beautiful as Luigi, but not quite. Just nobody's feet could ever beat my Luigi ... Luigi! I cringed ... oh fuck! I felt like crap, but pushed Luigi's image from my mind. I had other things on my mind and in my hands at that stage  ... I hoped it would be worth it ... fuck!

"Anton, come lie down and let me suck your big and beautiful cock! You have a very nice cock too!"

We changed places and once I was on my back, Jonathan swallowed my cock in one long swooping movement. Within seconds by balls were on his chin and my cockhead in his throat. Oh godd! This man was a genius!

"Stop Jonathan! You're going to make me cum! Oh fuck! Stop, please!"

He let go of my cock but rolled my legs up to expose my hole. He put his mouth on my hole and kissed it. His tongue pushed into me and I groaned. He was moistening my hole with his tongue. Then he pulled off and licked his index finger. It was sopping wet with saliva and he put his huge finger on my hole and pushed in. Oh my godd! I was in for the fuck of a lifetime!

The finger was long and thick and I groaned.

Soon he had a second finger in. The two fingers were bigger in girth than André's cock!

Jonathan reached for the lube on the nightstand and put some on my hole. The fingers slipped back in and I felt the difference. It was easier to push his fingers knuckle-deep into me. I groaned and clutched the duvet.

Then he pushed a third big finger into me! My godd! He moved his fingers and stretched my hole big time. Wow!

"Please stand on all fours. I want to fuck you please. I hope you're OK?"

"Yes, I'm OK. Just ... slowly please? Your cock is insanely big!"

"Don't worry! I'm aware of that and I won't abuse you. Just relax and push out. Relax!"

I turned around and stood on all fours. I heard Jonathan opening the lube and put some on his huge cock. Oh godd! This was it! I was going to be fucked royally with the biggest cock ever!

"Please just relax. Yes, it's big but I have no intention of hurting you. I want you to enjoy it. Just relax and don't clench at all. Clench now and hold for as long as you can. Then push out and enjoy. You're going to experience the best fuck ever. Just relax please?"

Easy for you to say, I thought! I clenched my hole for as long as I could - perhaps 30 seconds? - and then relaxed and pushed out.

I felt the immense cockhead on my hole and braced myself. It wasn't easy to relax but I had to in order to allow the big cock into me.

Jonathan slowly pushed his cock into me. The huge girth was incredible and I groaned. He pulled back and pushed in again. The big head started to slide in, but he pulled out again. Jonathan kept on pushing in a little deeper and pulling out ... in ... out. I pushed back a bit in anticipation of the huge onslaught and then it happened! The enormous head slipped in through the sphincter! I yowled ... fuck! It was big.

He pulled out immediately and started all over again ... in a bit ... out ... in deeper ... out. When he pierced my sphincter the second time, I groaned and Jonathan pulled out again.

Fuck, this man knew what he was doing! The third time his cockhead slipped through the sphincter, he held still and I breathed in deeply.

"Relax ... just relax ... It's in ... just relax!"

He pushed in a bit deeper and out again ... deeper ... out ... in deeper ... and when he was in about 20cm, he pulled out again ... completely!

"What are you doing?"

"Just relax! I know what I'm doing. Relax and let me in again, please?"

He started afresh ... in ... out ... in deeper ...

When his cockhead was in again through the sphincter, he pushed in deeper and I marvelled at the French (Canadian?) silicone based lube and its superior characteristics. It made the difference.

Jonathan pushed in deeper and hit the inner sphincter. He stopped. "Relax. I'm going to wait for the sphincter to give way before I push in deeper. Take a deep breath and relax please?"

I did that and felt his huge cock pushing in deeper ever so slightly. Ahhh! The big head popped through the inner sphincter and I knew it was a matter of time before the whole 35cm of this huge cock was going to be balls-deep in me. Oh fuck! He was going to push the head against my diaphragm!

He pushed in slowly and allowed me to get used to the invasion ... and in no time I felt his huge balls against mine. He was in ...! He was literally balls-deep in me!

"Ahhh! I can't believe I have all of you in me! It feels amazing!"

"Your'e a trouper! Now for the fuck of a lifetime! If I'm hurting you, please tell me. I don't want to hurt you at all. I want you to enjoy it. Just let me in and clench - now. It will make the huge cock in you feel good. Ahhh! That's it! Clench and hold! Oh fuck! You're really a trouper to take me so well!" Jonathan said and started to fuck me slowly and deeply. It was a big cock and yes, it started to feel very good.

His huge balls would slap against mine when he reached the end of the stroke into me. Fuck! It felt good! I clenched again and Jonathan groaned.

"I'm going to cum, OK? Remember I cum many times and I'm going to fill you with lots of cum. OK? Here it comes ... Ahhh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! My godd! I'm cumming!"

His cock twitched in me and I felt the huge head swell even bigger as it pumped the first spurt into my colon. He kept on spurting and groaning. He must have shot 9 spurts into me and he immediately started fucking me again.

He pulled his cockhead back through the inner sphincter and pushed back into my colon, just to repeat the spurting within 20 seconds ... again about 9 spurts ...

He continued to fuck me and cumming for a total of 4 more times ...

The door opened and Christopher walked in.

"My godd! What a spectacular sight! Jonathan, your cock in him looks fantastic! Are you enjoying the elephant trunk in you Anton?" Christopher said.

"Oh fuck! I didn't know I could take it ... but yeah! It feels great!" I gushed.

"How many times did you cum bro?" Christopher asked.

"Five times! Do you want to take over? I see you're hard!"

"Yes, fuck yes! If Anton is up for some more ... Anton? Another few shots of cum into you? Please?"

"Yes, of course! Give it to me!" I said and put my hand out to touch Christopher's big cock, which he had taken out of his pants. It was almost a mirror image of Jonathan's cock, except it was cut and 2cm shorter. It was as thick and his balls were almost as big as Jonathan's ... it was another masterpiece! It was curving upwards and it was wet ... ahhh!

"I'm pulling out. Want me to suck it out of you or do you want Christopher to add his first?" Jonathan asked as he was slowly pulling out.

"Add Christopher's load first please!" I said and braced myself for the big head to leave my hole. Then the head slipped out and some cum spilled onto my legs. Fuck!

"Good! Some nice natural lube! Thanks bro! Anton, push some more cum out and make your hole nice and wet for me!" Christopher said as he took Jonathan's place behind me.

I pushed some more of the cum out as the second big cock was put onto my hole. He rubbed his cockhead in the cum and pushed in. After being fucked with Jonathan's huge cock, I managed to take the big cock with some ease ... but it still was a big cock!

Jonathan positioned him below me with his cock - still very rubbery - pointing at my mouth. I took it into my mouth and found it much easier to suck it. It was a huge cock but in that state it was fantastic to have it in my mouth!

Soon Christopher's big cock was balls-deep in me and he was fucking me with deep urgent thrusts. It was clear he was very randy and was about to cum real soon.

After about 2 minutes, Christopher announced he was about to shoot his first volley of cum into me. His cock spasmed and I felt the cum being pumped into me ... the amount of cum in me was increased by the second! Christopher's first volley of cum amounted to 11 spurts of cum ... and eventually he came 4 times. I was filled to capacity!

Christopher collapsed onto my back and groaned. He was spent.

After a short while Christopher started to pull out. I stood up on my knees on the bed and Jonathan moved down to take my cock into his mouth. Just as Christopher's cock slipped out of my hole, Jonathan took my cock in his mouth. Ahhh!

Then Christopher bent down and put his mouth on my hole and started to suck his and his brother's cum from my hole ... fuck!

In front of me Jonathan took my cock in his mouth and it disappeared into his throat ... he was a phenomenal cocksucker! I wasn't going to last.

Christopher had sucked a mouth full of cum from my hole and leaned towards me. I turned my head and upper body towards him to receive the cum from his mouth. It tasted good! Fuck! Again, I was astounded at how it tasted so differently. Surely it had to do with diet or even race?

Christopher put his mouth on my hole again and sucked another load from my hole.

My cock started to spasm in Jonathan's mouth. He pulled it out until the head was in his mouth, and I shot my load! It was a lot!

Christopher leaned forward again and Jonathan joined to add his mouth to the mix. It was a three-way kissed filled with all three participants' cum. What an experience! My own cum mixed with the two tall brothers' cum. Ahh! I felt there was still some cum left in my hole ...

I started to feel like a cheap whore ... The two brothers were no riff-raff or shady characters, neither did they do it for money, but I felt guilty as hell. I had a wonderful, beautiful, sexy man in my life, and look where I was, look at what I was doing! And lying to my brother ... fuck!

Jonathan pulled me to him and gave me a great hug. He kissed me and his wonderfully nice mouth felt great and his tongue was doing a marvellous job of making me feel good. Behind me, Christopher put his now rubbery cock on my hole and pushed in ... again! My godd!

"May I fuck you another round please? I still have some more cum to give you. Oh fuck! You're so fucking sexy - I can't help it. OK?" he asked.

"Yes, OK," I said and bent forward. Jonathan moved up on the pillows and his enormous rubbery cock was semi-hard again. He held it up so I could suck it. And I did. It was just amazing what this big beautiful cock looked like, what it felt like in my hand - like nothing I've ever experienced in my life before - and the sensation of his huge cock in my mouth was just out of this world.

Christopher was pushing deep into me and soon his cock was in balls-deep.

"You OK my man? Am I not hurting you? OK?" Christopher asked.

"No, I'm fine. You can fuck me!" I said, pulling off Jonathan's gigantic cock.

"I want seconds as well please? Please? You're just one fantastic sexy man! I've never met any guy like you before! Please?"

"Yes, of course!" I said and went back to sucking him.

Christopher was fucking me and his big balls were slapping against mine. Soon he was grunting and groaning. "I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! Here it comes! First one!" His cock spasmed inside me, and then it started to swell - I felt how he shot his first round of about 7 spurts into me. He continued to fuck me and within 30 seconds, his cock started to spasm again and delivered another round of spurts into me. He continued to fuck me and the third round of cumming was delivered into me.

"Enough Christopher! Pull out and let me in please? We're running out of time and I want another round please. OK, Anton?" Jonathan asked.

Christopher pulled out and when the head started to exit my hole, I felt once again there was a big load in me. Jonathan turned me around on all fours and put his humongous cock on my hole, now wet with Christopher's cum. By now my hole was loose and when the huge cockhead pushed in, it slipped right in. He still took extra care and pushed in slowly to avoid hurting me. It did feel great and he didn't hurt me. However I knew I was being impaled with a huge cock! It filled me up good!

Christopher was on the pillows and I sucked his big semi-hard cock. It tasted great.

As soon as Jonathan was balls-deep in me, he held still and touched my neck. "You OK my man? Not too much? Am I hurting you? You OK?"

"Yes, it's fine. Your cock is big but it doesn't hurt me. You can fuck me now."

Jonathan started to fuck me with tender attention not to hurt me. He knew he was hung like a horse - literally! - and he wanted to make sure I was comfortable. The huge cock in me was big, but it was also very nice. Being a bottom and a total cum slut, the fucking was fantastic and I liked it. I willed thoughts about Luigi and André and Juan ... the whole lot! ... from my mind.

Soon Jonathan started to groan and his cock swelled and filled me up. "I'm cumming, OK! Oh godd! I'm going to cummmm! Here it is!" He pushed in as deep as it would go and he held still. The first volley of cum was squirted into me - around 8 spurts. He started fucking me again and the second volley of cum was released - again around 8 spurts. He gasped and then fucked me again to deliver a third round of spurts into me. Maybe around 7 spurts. He held still. His big rubbery cock was twitching in me and he held on to me, his head on my back.

"It's 20 to 5 guys! If you have to be back home by 5 o'clock, we will have to let you go now. Much against our will, I'll let you know! But, there is always tomorrow night on the wine farm. Out, Jonathan! Pull out of our boy! Now" Christopher announced.

"Yes, I wish we could have had you for the whole night. We'd have fucked you non-stop, and you'd have loved it," Jonathan said and pulled out slowly, holding onto my back. When the enormous head was about to slip out, I clenched and Jonathan gasped. The huge cock was out and I managed to keep most of the cum in me.

"Oh fuck! I wish I could've stayed in you just for that! You're a great fuck my boy! This afternoon was not how we like to do it, although it doesn't often happen that we encounter a guy like you who could handle our cocks the way you do, but usually it is a much more relaxed and loving affair - we prefer to do it slowly and with lots of kissing and slowly," Jonathan added.

"We want it to last, so the fucking is usually not so rushed. We hope we'll get an opportunity to have that with you. But, enough of this jibber-jabber! You have to go!" Christopher said. "A quick trip to the bathroom or ...?"

"You could suck it out again but we'll have to be quick, and no more hanky panky!" I said.

"I'll do it!" Jonathan said and moved in behind me. He put his big mouth over my hole and sucked a huge lot of cum from my hole. When he leaned towards me to feed me the cum, Christopher put his mouth on my hole and sucked the rest of the cum from me. Jonathan was feeding me the copious load of cum from my hole. Once again, a different taste but still very nice. The feeding became a sensual kissing. Christopher was on my other side offering the rest of the cumload to me and I hungrily switched mouths. Another lot of cum fed into my mouth. And it too became a sensual kissing ...

Fuck! What an experience!

"It's fantastic but I have to go. I just need to have a quick rinse-off in the shower, otherwise my brother would smell it. OK?"

I had a quick shower and deliberately didn't use any soap or some of the brothers' fancy stuff. I literally just rinsed my body and took care not to get my hair wet. I crouched on the floor and felt some more cum running from my hole. It was flushed away by the cascading water.

My hole felt tender from the beating it took. I thought I'd have to put some Vaseline on when I got home.

I took a little toothpaste from the tube at the basin and rinsed my mouth.

Back in the room I found the brothers lying on their backs, playing with their huge rubbery cocks. Fuck! They were big! And they were in me, twice each! I've been fucked royally today, I thought!

"Do you guys perhaps have some Vaseline or something like that please?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do have Vaseline! Want some?" Christopher said. "I use it as it is a wonderful lubricant for my cut cock when I jack off. Here, have some," he said and handed me the small jar.

"Thanks!" I said and took the petroleum jelly from him.

"Here, please let me," Christopher said and took the jar back. "Bend over!"

I bent over the bed and Christopher applied some of the stuff on my hole and pushed it deep into me with his huge index finger. Ahhh! Oh godd! How I wished I could let them fuck me again! Fuck!

"That should do it. Your hole took a battering today. You'll feel better in no time. And now I have to stop before I replace my finger with my cock! Just look at it! Hard again! You'd better go now!" Christopher said and pulled his finger from my hole.

"Yes, you'd better go now! Just look at my cock too!" Jonathan said and I saw his huge cock was almost completely hard again. My godd! I was sure they were going to jack off as soon as I was gone!

I dressed as fast as I could and when I approached the bed, Jonathan pulled me on top of him. His huge rubbery cock was under me and I just hoped it wasn't leaking precum on my pants!

"Thank you very much! You're a fantastic guy, and this was worth the long hours of travelling here last night. Good godd! Toronto is too far away! I wish you were there! I'd fall in love with you in a heartbeat! But, now you have to go otherwise I'm fucking you again, right here!" He kissed me and hugged me tight.

Christopher was at the door standing behind it to open for me, but then he'd still be sheltered from people in the passage. He pulled me in for a kiss and a hug, and opened the door.

"Thanks a lot! We owe you big time! Take care! See you tomorrow. Bye!"


When I got into my ECO 25.2 - WC, I decided that that afternoon was a mistake. It was great, but it was a mistake. I felt like the world's problems descended onto my shoulders. I felt my hole was tender and it was a reminder of how low I've fallen. I had the most wonderful man in my life who loved me, a twin brother who loved me, Juan who was like a brother-cum-father to me, and the other two guys - Johann, Gunther - and look what I've done just now.

I switched the car on and drove off. I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10 to 5. I could be home by 5, I thought.

My mind was racing. Luigi ... Jonathan ... Christopher ... André ... Juan ... Johann ... Gunther ... all wonderful men, each in his own right, but I just had to start getting my urges under control. I didn't have a shortage of sex - far from it - but these shenanigans were out of line. And I knew it. Perhaps today was a lesson to be learnt from, I thought.

Yes, but what is going to happen in London with Alessandro and his guys? In Florence with Piero? I reckoned it would be OK because Luigi would be there, at least when Piero and I were to have sex. But again with Christopher and his fucking devastatingly beautiful giant of a brother Jonathan? No, I decided - not without Luigi or André with me. That was it. It just wasn't worth the risk.

Just as I parked my car in Johann's second garage, he drove in and parked his new red Rav next to me. When he got out, he gave me one look and his eyebrows furrowed into a frown.

"Hi there my beautiful man! What's wrong? Hmm?" he said as he pulled me into his arms. "Tell me!"

"I'm ... erm ..." and I lost it. I clung to Johann and I started to shake with the sobs wracking through my body.

"There, there! Calm down and tell me what is wrong?"

"I'm a damn ... slut ...! I hate myself!"

"Don't be so hard on yourself! Come in. I'll make us some coffee. Come!"

"Just let me tell André know that I'm here ..." I started.

"He's coming. When I drove past your house, he was coming out the front door and said he'd be here in a minute. Now, come tell me what is wrong?" Johann said as he put water in the coffee machine. He set the machine for 3 cups and switched it on. The grinder ground the correct amount of coffee and the machine started whirring.

"I've cheated on Luigi and on you guys today ... I feel so ashamed. I can't tell anybody else - not even André or Juan. Please keep it between you and I. If this gets out, Luigi would drop me like a hot potato," I said softly with Johann hugging me to him. His big cock - only slightly hard - was pushing into me and I thought: 'Just how all the fucking problems in my life start: big cocks pushing against me!'

"My lips are sealed. Tell me what happened."

We sat down on the barstools and I gave Johann a quick run-down of Christopher and his brother, how I met them and what happened. When he heard of their huge cocks, Johann whistled and adjusted his cock.

"Fuck! I know you love big cocks and it looks like you've met your match! 35cm? It's huge! And you took it all? I'm impressed!"

"Yes, but that's not the problem! I've cheated on you guys, and most of all, I've cheated on Luigi! I feel like shit! Oh fuck!"

"Don't do anything. You've told me, it's off your chest and it will remain a secret. Don't worry about it anymore. But, I have to agree: it was not a nice thing to do. I don't want to sound like Dad, but ... don't do it again. No sex without one of us present, otherwise it is cheating. We know you like to get fucked, but I'm sure between the 5 of us, we give you more than enough cock to keep you satisfied. With Gunther's cock and mine in you, I think that's plenty, don't you think? The Williams brothers seem fine men and I know they are nice - I've spoken to Christopher on the phone. From what I hear from Claire, Jonathan is a true gentleman and a very sexy man. But, you can't have your cake and eat it, 'baby bro'! You'll have to draw the line somewhere! You can't get into bed with just every man you meet! Yes, you're 19 and yes, your hormones are still out there, but no. You'll have to stop. You have the most beautiful, sexy man with a huge cock who loves you to death! I agree: you are cheating on him if you keep on doing this. So, no more - OK? Rather come to me for a good fucking if your hormones are running wild, but no more strangers, OK!"

"Hey there! And what's this? A private tête á tête? Have you been crying baby bro? What's wrong?" André asked as he walked in. He just missed nothing.

"Nothing serious. It's all been taken care of, André. Let it be. He had a little problem and it's been taken care of - let's just leave it at that, OK?" Johann said.

"Oh, and since when am I excluded ... baby bro?"

"Darling bro, you know about it to some extent - I'll fill you in later. Let's drop it for now, please? I didn't exclude you. I was going to tell you, but it just happened that Johann was parking next to me when I parked my car. OK?" I said and hugged my brother. He pulled away and held me at arm's length.

"You know I love you even more than I love Juan, and you know you can tell me anything. Whatever it is - and I'm sure it involves two tall dark hung Latinos, am I right? Right? - I'll always be there for you. And I will not judge you - that's just the way you're wired: you love big cocks and to be fucked - we get that. So, whatever happened this afternoon, stays between the three of us and these four walls. Not even Juan should know about it. But baby bro, there has to be an end to all of this, OK? Luigi has just accepted the other 4 of us. He can't keep on accommodating more and more! You'll lose him!"

I started bawling again and André pulled me into his arms. Johann hugged me from behind and - yes! I did feel his big cock pushing against my crack! - he too comforted me.

"We love you very much but yes, you'll have to stop this. Even the most dashing and hung man will eventually cost you the most wonderful love you'll ever have: Luigi. Now, go wash your face before Juan and Gunther arrive. The coffee is almost ready. Go!" Johann said.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face with cold water. His Hugo Boss was on the shelf and I spritzed a bit on my neck and arms.

"There we go! Here, let me put some eye drops in your eyes to take the redness away," Johann said and took the small bottle from his carry bag on the counter. He put some of the liquid in my eye - it stung - and I clenched my eyes shut.

"Let me see? There! You're good as new! Come, the coffee is ready. Help yourselves," Johann said and put the eye drops back in his bag.

"Come sit with me baby bro. Before Juan arrives, I want to know about what happened today! I'm curious and fuck! I want to know if that man's cock is really as big as he claims!"

We sat down on the couch with our coffee mugs filled with hot coffee and I told them what happened. Within seconds Johann's cock was hard and he had to adjust it in his pants.

"Oh fuck! I wish Luigi wasn't coming tonight! I'd love an all-nighter with you tonight!" Johann gushed.

"Forget it! If there is anybody who's getting an all-nighter, it's me if Luigi doesn't want one. I'm the brother ..."

" ... 'and you have rights'! We know, you delinquent!" Johann said and aimed a swipe at André's head behind my head.

"Yes, big rubber-dicked man! Just because your dick is bigger than most men alive, it doesn't mean you supersede me! I AM the brother ... Ow! Why are you hitting me!? You rubbish!" André at his best, after he got a swipe from Johann.

"Oh, by the way, I've gotten Luigi's ring today. Here, keep it with you Anton. You could give it to him at dinner, OK?" Johann said and gave me the small decorated box.


Juan arrived back home and came to Johann's house when he found André's note on the counter. He left the same note on the counter for Gunther to see when he arrived.

I sent an iMessage to Luigi to let him know where we were. He still had to do his rounds and would be arriving by half past 6.

We had drinks while Johann was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We all pitched in: one was peeling potatoes and carrots, the other one was chopping onions, another one was cooking the rice, Johann was preparing the chicken and yet another one was laying the table. Many hands make the job easier. Soon the AEG pressure cooker was cooking the stew.

"A toast to the new Ravs, to our love and camaraderie, our engagements, our photo shoot and just all the love in the world that we experience as a group! Cheers boys! Thank godd we're queer! How else would we be having the time of our lives! What time is it? Ahh! Almost time for the good doctor to be with his love!" We heard footsteps outside and Luigi walked in. Driving a Prius, we couldn't hear him parking his car.

"A drink mio caro? Come in! Red wine and a glass of spring water?" I knew my man!

"Si, mio caro [Yes, my darling]! Grazie [Thanks]! Hallo everybody! Ciao il mio bel ragazzo [Hallo my beautiful boy]!" Luigi said and took me in his arms. He smelled so good. His wonderfully soft and sensual mouth kissed me with so much tenderness, I almost lost it and bawled ... but I kept a straight [such an ugly word!] face and kissed him back. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I tasted his gum.

"Argh! Sheez! We're busy with food here! Puh-leeze! Behave yourselves! I'm calling Dad!"

"I've got his number under my favourites. Here is my iPhone (Luigi unlocked it) - please call him. I'd like to hear what you'd be telling him!" Luigi said, calling André's bluff.

And would you believe it, André took the phone and ... he did call Dad!

"Dad, I'm calling from Luigi's iPhone. I'm putting the phone on speaker so they all could hear it, OK?"

"Why are you calling me from Luigi's iPhone, my boy?"

"Dad, they're treating me badly and I want you to tell them who is your first-born! Tell them you love me and that you will protect me from any form of harm or harassment. And they are misbehaving! Please tell them ..."

We all started to sing: "Old MacDonald had a farm ..." and drowned out André's voice. We heard Dad squealing with laughter on the other side. We quieted down but were still giggling. Oh André! What would life be without you! A laugh a minute!

"André, you're just too much! I've had such a good laugh! What are we to do with you? Any ideas boys?" Dad said laughing.

"Neuter him!" Juan said. We cracked up laughing.

"There! You see Dad! That's what the love of my life wants to do to me! You have to protect your first-born against these barbarians! Even my baby bro is siding against me! It's not fair ... Sob! Sob!"

"Don't worry my boy! I'm sure Juan would make it better, not so Juan?" Dad put in.

"Yes, I just need your sharp knife please Dad!" Juan said and ducked out of reach: André took a swipe at his head.

The bantering went on for a while. Dad enquired about the photo-shoot. Johann filled him in and Dad wished us well for the shoot. Mom entered the study and when she heard Dad was talking to us, he put his iPhone on speaker too and she elaborated on the party for the following weekend. She reminded us to send her the names of the people we wanted to invite. Then she told Dad he had to come, as dinner was ready. And that she wanted a glass of Riesling.

"You've heard the master of the house! Dinner is served and I have to go pour the wine. Go well and enjoy ... *whatever!* Have a good one tomorrow! Love you all! Bye now!"

André gave Luigi's iPhone back to him and we had another good laugh.

I looked at Luigi and realised he was at home and at ease. He fitted right in. He enjoyed the banter and the laugh. He caught me looking at him and he winked and smiled. Luigi pulled me in for a hug and a kiss. "I've missed you so much mio caro! Do you still love me Signore le Roux? Do you?"

"Of course I do! What kind of a question is that, Dr Moretti? Here I am in your arms and hugging and kissing and I can feel a big one pushing against my tummy and ..." He smothered me with a kiss.

"Sheez! Get a room! We are still working with foo ..." André couldn't finish his tirade as Juan planted a big kiss on his mouth.

"Now behave and be quiet. The 'baby bro' and his man are having a moment and you have to spoil it for them!" He pulled André into a big hug and kissed him properly. "There, now you and I have also spoiled the food. Happy?"

André was flabbergasted and opened his mouth to retort, but Juan kissed him again. We could hear the muffled sounds, and this time Juan kept on kissing him until André was quiet and melted in his arms. André's arms went around Juan's neck and it was clear there was a lot of tongue and spit-swopping going on. André groaned and pushed his groin into Juan. My brother!


Dinner was a joyous affair with lots of wine and nice food and jokes. Juan's kisses only lasted that long to keep André at bay! André was on top form again, and with Johann to spur him on, there was no stopping him! At times we were squealing with laughter.

After dinner we cleared the table, the kitchen and when the dishwasher was whirring away, we settled in the lounge with some nice liqueurs. Johann had quite the selection.

"An announcement guys! Anton has something to say! Anton?" Johann announced.

"As you all know, the 'sextuplets' each has a ring except for Luigi. The jeweller put in some extra time and your ring is ready my love! Your ring to officially make you a member of the six Sexketeers! Luigi!" I said and handed him the ring. "I've taken it upon myself to pay for it as you're MY husband!"

"Mio Dio [My godd]! I've forgotten about the ring! Grazie, mio caro [Thanks, my darling]!" Luigi opened the small box and took out the ring. It was a big ring! It was almost square in shape with a thin groove on either edge. He gave me the ring and held out his left ring finger. "You put it on, per favore [please]!"

I took the ring and looked at his spectacularly big and beautiful hands. His ring finger was much bigger than my middle finger. The nails were immaculately manicured, clean, big and the finger was very hairy - pitch black hair. I slipped the ring over his knuckles and looked at the ring on my man's finger. It was way more beautiful than any of the other 5 rings (and Herman's ring). "Bello [beautiful]!"

Everybody agreed the ring was spectacularly beautiful and that on the tall hung hunk's finger, it looked even better.

"Cheers! On our special doctor and hoping we won't be needing his particular speciality in the foreseeable future! Cheers!" Johann said and we all drank to Luigi.

"OK, with that out of the way, about tomorrow, guys," Johann started. "You have to be at the farm by 3 o'clock. It's just more than 45 minutes' drive out of Stellenbosch. Here is a pamphlet supplied by the winery to give you directions. You have to bring informal and formal threads. For the informal wear, you need denims, short sleeves and long sleeves that match the blue of the denims. Also short pants like cargo if you still have those - two pairs in different colours. Leather jacket or any other informal jacket. Chinos or other formal-like pants. Long sleeve shirts to go with the chinos. A formal jacket if the leather jacket isn't formal enough. Informal shoes like sneakers, swanky shoes, stylish sandals.

"Remember your wristwatches and rings. You're supposed to be successful businessmen. The Williams brothers would be two businessmen from South America ordering wine to be exported there. I've prepared a note on my iPhone and would iMessage it to you," Johann rambled on. I was looking at the men in my life and realised Johann and André were right: they were enough for me. When I got double-fucked by any two of them, it was thicker than Jonathan's big cock, albeit not that long. But, 'my men' loved me, gave me more than enough sex and I'd rather not do anything to put that in jeopardy. Enough is enough. No more extra-marital shenanigans. I'll ask Johann to break it gently to the Williams brothers that my ass was no longer on the menu.

Yes, and it's a good thing we can't tell what's going to happen in the future ...!

"Houston to Apollo 11! Hallo-o-o-o! Anton! Whoo-oo! Back to earth, boy! Where were you just now? You OK?" Johann said waving his hand.

"Oh, sorry ... I was just taking stock of us as a group. Do you guys realise that what we have, could well be a world record. And that we've made friends and lovers for life. I never want to be without any of you guys ever again. Luigi, I love you to bits - that much is clear and you know it - but I also love the rest of you very much and never want to lose that either, ever. With André it's a given - he is the other half of me - but each one of you has become an integral part of my life. Thanks for all the love you give me ... you humble me ... I fucking love you guys!" I said and looked at Luigi.

Luigi was the man I wanted to wake up next to every morning. He was the most adorable, most attractive and loving human being I've ever met. There wasn't a single thing about Luigi I didn't like - literally nothing. Juan ... ahh! Well, he was close. Johann and Gunther - both special men and of course André ... he and I would never be separate and I loved him warts and all.

"Ahhh! Isn't he sweet! Thanks 'baby bro'! We all love you too! And, I think we all love each other too! We're just one big happy family. And if we survived Mom's wrath last week, nothing will ever drive us apart. I think what we have will stand the test of time. I think the perfect cherry on top would be if we could find a house big enough for all of us. But, for now what we have will have to do. Once the two scientists each have achieved a Ph. D. and are earning mega bucks, and the twins have become world-renowned engineers, and I have become the next Karl Lagerfeld, we're stuck! But I'm happy. And with the big Jerry next to me, I couldn't ask for anything more," Johann said and raised his glass. He leaned towards Gunther and gave him a kiss.

"Seeing that we're on the topic of the sextuplets, so to speak, I want to say to each one of you that if anyone of you pull a 'Herman' on us, I'd be devastated. I'd neuter you! Since the twins became a part of my life - and I have to say they take a special place in my heart: I love you both to bits! - you all became an important part of my life, one by one. Gunther," Juan said, "You're the perfect gentleman and a pleasure to work with. You're so clever and precise at what you do! Johann, you're like another brother, other than Claude, I've never had. Luigi, you were the last to be added and you've proven the Italians are a great people with some of the finest and sexiest men alive! 'Baby bro' wouldn't have fallen for you if you weren't the special guy that you are. To all of you: welcome to my life and my heart. I too would never want to be without any of you again. And before I get it from the delinquent: André, you could be a bit much at times, but you're also an exceptional man with a heart of gold, although you'd never admit it. And lastly, in their absence, I have to toast Dad and Mom. Without them, none of this would've been possible: the boys, the house the three of us are living in, the wine we're drinking, the weekends with them. Three cheers to Dad and Mom!"

My heart swelled in my chest and I looked at my man with so much love. He was an absolute darling and a fine man.

"Jetz ich [now me]! Friends and lovers and family and everything in between. I've never imagined I'd ever be this happy - ever. My childhood was rather miserable in Germany. My dad was distant, I was a geek at school until I found hockey as an outlet of energy and pent-up sexual urges. And then I started to excel in Science at school. I was a late bloomer and had my first sexual encounter with a classmate in my second year at university. It was a disaster: when he saw the size of my cock, he lost his erection and just lost interest in sex. I ended up jacking off and cumming in my handkerchief. He just watched me. Boring. I was put off and only had a few more encounters which all ended in disaster. No kissing - ever. Germans are not kissy people. Most guys were put off by the size of my cock. I've only had one sex partner for a few weeks before he left for Alaska. He could, to some extent, handle my cock. But, it was complicated as he was also involved with a woman. Disaster! After I've finished my studies, I stayed on and finished my Honneurs and Masters and started working for Novo Nordisk in Denmark. I had sex with about 3 Danes who are used to big cocks, but once again: disaster upon disaster. And the rest is history. The day I met the twins and was almost punched out by Juan - you have no idea how much respect I have for you since that evening - I knew it was the right decision to have come here.

With Johann in my life ... who ever knew? Thank you my man! And, like the rest of us, I love the 'baby bro' very much and Johann knows it, but I understand Anton's love for Luigi. I think you're a nice guy and deserve to have won Anton's heart, Luigi. Both of you deserve the wonderful love you have for each other. Just remember I also love you, Anton! Thanks to all of you who made my stay here a wonderful experience, that just keeps on getting better. And tomorrow - mein Gott [my godd]! Me, a model? Never in my wildest dreams! But, with you all at my side and Johann in charge, I say: Go for it! Prost!"

The Jerry was such a nice guy and such a hunk and such a darling. Yes, I loved him very much. At some stage it was almost a toss between him and Juan, but when Luigi arrived on the scene, my mind was made up.

"Now my turn please? Per favore [please]? When Uncle Mario entertained us with stories about South Africa, the Fairest Cape, Stellenbosch, the wonderful wines and yes, the beautiful men, I had a vague idea to visit South Africa. When I moved to London, I almost decided to stay there after I finished my studies. But Uncle Mario was persistent. A year ago over Christmas, he told me of the new private hospital that was to be built here in Stellenbosch and that he knew of an urologist who was about to retire. So he insisted that I come see it and to consider it. So, six months ago I came to investigate and fell in love with the Cape, the mountains and the urologist was a kind man who actually sold the practice to me for a song. Uncle Mario helped me to find a house and he and the urologist assisted me with the paper work to move here. When I arrived, he told me of the beautiful twins he met through Pieter and told me that I'd love the one, mio caro [my darling]," Luigi squeezed my hand, "and the rest is history. I've also grown to love and respect all of you. At first this six-way thing was just impossible to grasp but now I see how easy it is with all of you. I enjoy your company and what we have. Yes, it might be a world record and I'm proud to be one of the sextuplets! And with mio caro at my side, I could face all the problems in the world of medicine and more. Cin cin! To a wonderful extended family!"

"Yeah yeah! You're a bunch of soppy nitwits! Sheez! I'm the brother and ..."

"... 'you have rights'! We know! Give it a rest! Puh-leeze!" we said in a chorus.

"Oh, do grow up! I AM the brother and I DO have rights! But, without my baby bro, nothing of this would've been possible. If Dad and Mom had only me, Juan wouldn't have been a part of our lives, no Gunther, no Johann and no Luigi. Each one of you, even if you don't love me ... sob, sob! ... is a special guy and each one of you makes my baby bro happy, and when he's happy, I'm happy. Yeah, and the big oaf ... oh fuck! What an ogre, but I love you, warts and all, even though you're just the ugliest of them all ... Ow! You see! Did you see that? You're witness to him abusing me! Hitting me! I'm calling my Dad! Sheez! 'Eina' man! Well, I still love you! What you've put in my drinking water, I have no idea, but it's working. I love you, my own personal big oaf!" André was just one of a kind!

['Eina' = ouch]

"OK, I'm the master of the house tonight and I say we call this off now. I want to go to bed with my Jerry. I have a lot to do tomorrow, and be at the farm early to set up everything, so I'll have to get up at the crack of dawn. In fact, we're going to sleep over in the flat so I have a head start," Johann said and smiled at Gunther. Jackal!

"What about the Williams brothers?" Juan asked.

"I've sent them clear directions and had a pamphlet delivered to their hotel. They're coming on their own. So then, off you are! And go get your stuff ready for tomorrow. It's late and we need some beauty sleep. Thanks for the wonderful evening. We could have a blast tomorrow night at the farm. I know the client. Jacques and his family are going to spoil us rotten with a big dinner and lots of wine. And then we could have some awesome sex ... but for now, this party is over. Good night boys!" Johann said and smiled his beautiful moustached smile.

Johann put an end to the evening and we all got up to leave. We hugged and kissed each other and thanked Johann for dinner and the rest. Johann and Gunther stayed behind while the rest of us went around the corner to our house. Before we left, I got my packages from my car in the garage. Luigi offered to carry the painting, wrapped in brown paper.

"What's this? Are you redecorating, mio caro?" Luigi joked with the painting under the arm and a bag in his other hand.

"You'll see right now!" I said and kissed him on the cheek.

Inside the house, we each received an iMessage from Johann and we checked it. We each had a list of clothing we had to bring to the shoot.

"You have to bring that snazzy jacket I saw the other day. You look so handsome in it!" I said to Luigi. The jacket was an Italian masterpiece and my man would look so fancy! I thought of him in short pants and sandals, his shirt unbuttoned to show off his chest hair and spectacular torso.

"OK, I was thinking of bringing that one. I hope my choice is good enough for the shoot. I didn't bring all my clothes from Italy and what I have here is not what I usually have in my cupboard. But, what I have will have to do. I'm too tall to borrow from Gunther or Johann. Ah well, I hope I have enough of the right clothes," Luigi said.

"I could go do some shopping for you tomorrow during our coffee break. But, as it happened, I've brought you something today. Juan, André - I got you something too," I said and gave each one his shirt in fancy carry bags from the Pringle shop.

"What? You bought me a Pringle shirt? No! It's too expensive!" Luigi objected.

"They have a sale on: 50% discount! Take it out! Do you like it?" I gushed.

For Luigi I got an aquamarine long sleeve shirt with simple detail such as buttons and loops. It was spectacular, and worn by my lover, the colour of the shirt would be fantastic combined with his black hair and hairy chest. There were white contrasting facings in the collar and in the cuffs.

Juan got a chequered long sleeve shirt in colours of brown, beige and some colours in between. He too would look fantastic.

For my brother and myself, I got us each a yellow long sleeve shirt with contrasting white in the collars and on the inside of the cuffs. The shirts would look great. Yellow is our favourite colour but often it's too garish and doesn't look good on everybody. This was a soft lemon colour.

We held the shirts against our bodies and looked in the tall mirror in the passage. We were going to be four very snazzy men at the shoot tomorrow, I thought!

"Leave yours here so I could iron it for you ... yes! I won't take 'no' for an answer! Leave it here and I'll bring it with me tomorrow. Let me know tonight what else you need and I'll go buy it for you tomorrow ... yes, yes! You can repay me, no problem!" I said. "But I got you something else. I'm not redecorating - the article in the brown paper is yours. It's my welcoming gift to you, but also to say 'thank you' for being such a wonderful lover, man and friend. Open! I'm keen to know what you think of it! Open it!"

"No mio caro! You're a student! You mustn't spend your money on me!"

"Man! It's money I've worked for! Now, open!" I said and squeezed his hairy arm.

He gave me the new shirt and took the painting. He looked at me with unbelieving eyes and ripped the paper off the frame.

It was a painting of the sun rising over the Jonkershoek Mountains with the Eerste Rivier [First River] in the front. It looked like a photograph of the scenic area.

"Mio caro! How could I accept this tremendous gift? No mio caro! You have to save your money and not spend it on me! A ring and a shirt and a painting! It's too much! But, thank you very much. It is now a fait accompli: you are my husband forever and ever! Come here!" He hugged me to him and put his head on my shoulder. "I love you so very much! But really, please don't buy me such expensive gifts. I'm not used to it and you should save the money. But, this will look fabulous in our house!"

"You've bought me the Tom Ford Noir!" I retorted.

"Yes, but I'm a practicing doctor. You're a student. I'm serious. Thanks for the gifts, but no more. Small gifts would be sufficient. I know you love me. I know you meant well, but you have to save the money, OK? OK mio caro?" He kissed me and looked at me with so much love in his eyes.

"OK. But you've deserved these gifts, OK?" I said.

"Yes, but small gifts for a big man, OK? Ti amo molto il mio tesoro [I love you very much my darling]!" Luigi hugged me. "But now I have to go. You and I will have to sleep separately tonight as we got 'homework' to do given by Johann. Mio caro, I miss you already! I have three operations tomorrow and I have to be at the hospital at half past 6 to do a pre-med on the first patient. The first operation is at 8 o'clock. But now I'll have to go home to get the clothes together Johann wants us to take with us. I'll let you know if there is anything you should get me tomorrow - grazie mio caro! You'll sleep in my arms tomorrow night, OK? How you've changed my life! Thanks for everything Juan, André but now I have to go. Walk me to my car please Antonio?"


After Luigi has gone, we searched through our cupboard in the third bedroom and selected the clothes we would take with us the next day. Of course, like always, André's and my clothes were identical. After all these years, we still insisted on dressing identical. We opted for the jackets we got for our birthday and the shoes Dad bought us at Kommetjie. The rest were academical - we followed Johann's list and put the clothes in suit bags for the shoot the next day.

In the master bedroom Juan had also finished packing and we got into the shower. At first we just stood under the cascading water hugging each other. When our erections pushed against each other, Juan cracked the whip and ordered us to shower so we could get some shuteye.

In bed André couldn't keep his hands off me and soon he was fucking me while I was sucking Juan. When André shot his load, Juan rolled me onto my other side and slipped his big 28cm cock into me and as it slid into me, he groaned and held me tight. "Oh fuck! This would never get boring! It still is absolutely wonderful to fuck you!"

Of course, Juan was the one who got the all-nighter!


When I woke up, I saw Luigi sent me an iMessage. He wanted me to get him some nice short sleeve shirts from Woolworths. He suggested Super Sport shirts, XL. He left it for me to choose but suggested white, blue or grey so it could go with denims and with his navy blue shorts he wanted to take to the shoot.

At 11 o'clock Johan, Herman, André and I nipped off to the Mall and bought three beautiful shirts for Luigi. We were sure he was going to love them. I added another one in colours of black, blue, white and grey. It was a spectacular shirt with much detail.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. Before we knew it the last class was over and we were on our way to the farm. Johan and Herman were in the new Rav - Herman insisted the Rav would be used as "we need the space to put our luggage" and he won. The man had a car to show off and the Audi TT was just too small! André and I were in his ECO 25.1 - WC, and Juan and Gunther would go in Juan's Rav as he had to travel to the university and could pick up Gunther from his flat. Luigi had to come in his own Prius once he finished at the hospital. The Williams brothers were on their own in their rented car.


The trip to the farm was short and uneventful. We were second to arrive with Herman and Johan who arrived just 5 minutes before us. Johann was busy ordering crewmembers around; equipment was moved from vehicles to different places on the lawns and under the trees. There were make-up people in a tent and one tent caught our attention: the refreshments tent!

For change rooms there was one big tent under the trees for the men and another for the ladies. Inside there was a wooden floor on the lawn (as was the case in the other tents), some electrical outlets, there were a few clothes rails, chairs, some mirrors on stands, a mobile wash basin with paper towels next to it, and a cold upside-down bottle water fountain. For each model there was a lockable locker with enough space to hang at least 10 shirts, a jacket and about 3 pants. On the double floor of the locker there was enough space for shoes and a toilet bag. We put our stuff away and stashed our suitcases or bags on top of the lockers.

We headed off to find Johann to hear what was expected of us. We found him and Lukas setting up some white umbrellas and flashlights. Lukas was ecstatic to see us. We haven't seen each other since the Saturday at Mario's. He hugged and kissed us and told us he and Werner had hooked up! No surprise there!

Johann hugged and kissed us - one would think he didn't see us last night before he chased us back home to pack! - and told us everything was on track for the late afternoon shoot. He was just waiting for the Williams brothers and the other men in our lives to arrive.

My iPhone beeped: it was Luigi. "Last patient just left. On my way. Hope you're safely there mio caro. See you soon. [smiley face]"

"Luigi? The man is smitten with you baby bro! Why he doesn't think this face and body," André waved at himself and his face, "wasn't as attractive as yours, is beyond me!"

"It's your mouth and meanness that sets us apart. You could be a bit much at times, darling bro. I'm not saying you have to change, but yes: you could be a bit rough. Yes, it was Luigi. He's on his way," I said.

My iPhone beeped again: Christopher! Oh fuck! My heartbeat quickened at the imminent reunion. I still felt like crap, but I had to admit: the encounter the earlier was an experience on many levels. Plus, he and Jonathan were two smashingly dashing men who just happened to have enormous cocks, beautiful hairy bodies and faces that could launch an armada! And both were capable of multi-orgasms. But, I was betrothed to a wonderful Italian Stallion who I loved to bits.

"We're on our way. Hope we don't get lost. Maurice at hotel reception lent us his GPS and set the destination. See you soon. [red heart]. Christopher"

My heart beat in my throat. Maurice ... what a spectacular cock and the sex with him was memorable ... André saw my uneasiness and touched my arm. "I'm here baby bro. Just breathe in deeply and relax. I'll talk to them. It was the Williams brothers, not so? I'll take care of it."

"Thanks André, but I have to take charge of my own mess. You can come with me, but I have to own up to this mess I got myself into. Thanks again," I said.

Just then Juan and Gunther arrived. We met them and greeted them as if we haven't seen them in ages. Man oh man! There was a strong camaraderie amongst the men in the clan. We helped them with their stuff and showed them the change room. We watched them unpacking when a helper came in with a steamer to steam our clothes for the shoot. We unlocked our lockers to give him access to our clothes.

"My name is Petrus, Sir. You could leave them open - I'll lock the padlocks when I've done. It's all safe while I'm here. I've been working for Boss Models for over 20 years. You can trust me. Just leave it with Petrus!" the steamer said. "Go get yourself some refreshments in the tent over there. There is also nice grape juice they make here. 'Lekker' man!"

['Lekker' - no proper translation possible; the closest is 'nice', but 'lekker' embodies so much more. It's even taken up in the German language as 'lecker'!]

We left Petrus to do his thing and walked over to the refreshments tent. Two helpers were carrying a few bags to the change room tent. There were airline tickets on the bags. The Williams brothers? Then I saw them at the entrance to the refreshments tent. My heart was beating like a young stallion's.

When they saw me, their eyes lit up and I made big eyes at them - they caught on.

I introduced Juan and Gunther to them as well as Johan and Herman. Herman didn't like them at all. His demeanour changed to one of aloofness but he greeted them and excused himself. Johan followed him into the tent. After greeting the Williams brothers, Juan and Gunther also disappeared into the tent.

After they were introduced, André pulled the Williams brothers to one side in order to talk to them, but I intervened.

"Guys, my brother knows about yesterday. It's all fine, but we've decided that it's too risky to get involved. There are 6 of us in a sort of a tryst, a six-way relationship if you like, but it's complicated. You guys are spectacular, you are hot, hung and extremely nice in bed, but I have a wonderful guy - he'll be here soon. So, could we keep this between us and let's ... I'd love to do it again, but you're leaving soon and then I might have lost my lover, whom I love with all my heart. I really hope you'll understand ..."

"As a matter of fact, Christopher and I talked about it last night and came to the same conclusion. We actually wanted to apologise to you because we feel we've not treated you with the respect you deserved. The sex was spectacular, but you're much more than a sex object. We like you to bits and would love to fuck you again, but if you're in a relationship, we have to respect that. Unless your lover is in on it, no more sex games, which could jeopardise your relationship with him. Christopher?"

"Yes, I also wanted to say that the day I've met you, I've overstepped my boundaries big time. You are just so fucking sexy and the way you managed to take me, was a dream come true. But, Jonathan is right: you're spoken for and I have to accept and respect that. Not unless your man is a part of it, we'll keep ourselves in check - but it's not going to be easy! You're so fucking sexy, and oh fuck! Fucking you was just the ultimate! Thanks for it, but yes, we have to respect you and your lover. OK? I hope we could still be friends?" Christopher put in.

"I'm relieved! Thanks guys! You make it so much easier than I've anticipated! Thanks! Yes, only if Luigi - his name is Luigi - is a part of it, there won't be any more sex games. Not now, in any case," I said.

Jonathan pulled me into his arms and hugged me. His humongous cock was semi and pushed into my tummy ... oh fuck! I wished ... but no: no more! It wasn't fair towards Luigi. Jonathan kissed me and then whispered in my ear: "You're phenomenal and I'd be over the moon if it could happen again some time!" He pushed his crotch against me and groaned.

Christopher took me in his arms and more or less the same thing happened. They were both sorry but still lusted after me! Oh fuck! His huge cock was almost hard and pushed hard into my tummy. Oh my godd!

"Come you sex perverts! I'm parched. Let's get something to drink before Johann starts ordering us around!" André said. "Come, I'm buying!"

We cracked up laughing and Christopher gave me a last hug. "How Jonathan and I would've loved to have met you under different circumstances. We would have made you the happiest man alive! You really are spectacular!"

"You two are both wonderful and fantastic lovers, but my circumstances are complicated. I do have a wonderful man in my life that I love dearly. You'll meet him just now. Another time, another place ... Thanks for the compliments," I said and squeezed his strong arm. Fuck! How I wished ... but they both could never replace Luigi ...

Inside the tent we approached Juan and Gunther, and Herman turned his back on the two brothers. It was obvious he didn't like them. Did he sense something? Were they too sexy? Did he feel they were encroaching on his territory? Bottom line: Herman didn't like them one bit.


Luigi arrived a few minutes later and literally grabbed me in his arms and hugged me and said in my ear: "Ciao mio caro! How I've missed you! Hmmmm! You smell good! Tom Ford Noir agrees with you! How are you doing? All OK?" He kissed me tenderly and looked into my blue eyes with his adorable chocolate brown puppy eyes.

"I'm fine. I'm glad you're here. Can I get you a spring water? Oh, and here are the Williams brothers. Luigi, please meet Christopher whom we met at the hotel last week, and this is his brother Jonathan from Toronto. Christopher, Jonathan - this is my fiancé Luigi Moretti."

Fiancé? That sounded great! My heart swelled with pride as I presented my man to my lovers of the day before. Fuck! Three men, one as dashing as the other, but there is but one Luigi!

"Pleased to meet you. You're from Toronto? I almost ended up there! My uncle convinced me to come to Stellenbosch. And you Christopher? Also from Canada?" Luigi started small talk.

"No, I'm from New York. Pleased to meet you Luigi. Where are you from?" Christopher said.

"I'm originally from Firenze ... erm ... Florence, Italy. I studied in Rome and London. I work as an urologist at the private hospital in Stellenbosch. Are you both professional models? You're both very attractive and Jonathan, you're much taller than I am! Wow!" Luigi liked the guys.

The banter and jibber-jabber was halted on the spot when Johann entered the tent and said: "Make-up and wardrobe. Now! I want you next to the entrance to the vintner's barn in 15 minutes. Move!"


The afternoon shoot entailed Jonathan and Christopher to pretend to arrive and Juan to meet them. Luigi was the vintner and had to accompany them into the vintner's barn. One of the female workers in the barn doubled as model but she just had to do what she normally did.

The shoot went well and with Lukas helping Johann, and working with his 'family', the shoot was over in no time. The sun was setting over the vineyards and Johann herded us all there for some more photos of us between the vines and the young grapes.

The Williams brothers were the centre of attention. Their beautiful features, their tallness and the colour of their skins made them stand out. Plus, they were very good-looking! In one of the shoots I had to stand next to Jonathan and pretend to show him the young grapes. When my hand touched his, he groaned and smiled at me. "I wish you could feel what's going on in my pants right now!"

"I bet you would, but try ..."

Johann noticed the huge bulge in his pants and walked up to us. "Just turn this way please, *your huge bulge is showing*," he whispered. I looked at the offending bulge and my godd! It was humongous and left nothing to the imagination.

"*You see what you're doing to me ...!*" Jonathan hissed, and turned his lower body away from the camera. His bulge grazed against my leg ... oh fuck! My cock jumped to attention, the bastard! My cock - not Jonathan!

When Johann was satisfied, we all went back to the changing room and got out of our clothes. There were some WetWipes to clean off the make-up and we got out of our clothes. As it happened, when we were taking off our clothes, Luigi was on my one side and Jonathan on the other side. When I looked at Luigi, I saw his eyes bulging. He was looking at Jonathan. I turned my head and saw the enormous cock in his underpants, clear as daylight! It left nothing to the imagination! Luigi was used to many penises but I was sure this one would have been the ultimate, even for him!

"Would you mind to help me get these sleeve buttons open?" Jonathan asked me. I turned to help him - there were no less than 4 buttons on each cuff - and looked right at the huge cock that fucked me twice the previous afternoon. My own cock was bulging in my underpants.

"Let me help you with the other one," Luigi offered and stood next to me. When I looked down, I saw his cock was also way beyond semi! The jackal! "I have to say, I've never seen anything like this in all my years as a doctor. You're hung big!"

"Yes, it's big! I know ... and cause many problems, as you can imagine!" Jonathan answered.

"If I may ask: how big is it? Purely medical curiosity!" Luigi said but his bulging cock belied his remark!

"It's 35cm, uncut - thankfully for the last part. But you look like you have a big one too! 30cm?" Jonathan said.

"No, only 29cm ... I would love to see that one for myself. Mind to show me later in our room?" Luigi!

"Not a problem. You would like to see Christopher's too: he's 33cm," Jonathan said.

"Erm ... yes, I can see he's big too ... but ... OK, bring him along."

My godd! Where was this going I thought.

"Which room are we in, mio caro?" Luigi asked.

"We're in the guesthouse on the other side of the vintner's barn." I explained to Jonathan where our guesthouse was. "Let's grab some refreshments from the tent and go to our house now, OK?" I said.

"Sounds right to me! See you there in 5 minutes," Jonathan said and winked at me.

My godd! Would Luigi like to see this giant fucking me? My cock was rock-hard.


In our guesthouse, I immediately excused myself to douche. Luigi knew what was coming and put his stuff in the cupboard. He took a bottle of spring water and sat down in one of the lounge chairs, paging through a magazine.

When I came out of the bathroom, I sat on the armrest next to Luigi. He pulled me onto his lap and we were in each other's arms, hugging and kissing, my buttocks on his rock-hard cock. We were hot and ready for each other.

"You know what Jonathan has in mind, don't you?" I asked.

"Yes, I know - I could see how he was lusting after you - not that I could blame him! I was lusting after you myself! But, I sincerely want to see that big cock! We've heard of such cocks in our studies, but I have never seen anything bigger than 30cm - Uncle Mario. If he wants more, would you be interested? I wouldn't mind, as I'm sure it would be an experience for you too. Just thinking of such a huge cock fucking you, makes me hot!"

"I have to admit, the temptation is there, but only if you're OK with it."

"You being involved with our other 4 guys, I got used to the idea that you're fucked by other guys. When we visit Italy and you meet Piero, and he is interested and you're interested, it's OK. I'd even join you if he wanted to fuck you. I know we'd fill you with lots and lots of cum! He also has multi-orgasms. Now just feel what this talking has done to me! I'm rock-hard and sopping wet!" Luigi said and pushed his cock up.

"Well, me too! It would be an experience to be fucked by Piero and you! But it's not necessary," I said. "However, I'm not so sure about 35cm ... is it even possible to take such a big cock ...?" I asked.

"Once the cock is in you and past the internal sphincter, the male's rectum and colon are almost like a bottomless pit - the girth is more of a problem. Once Jonathan's cock is in, he can push the whole length in if you relax properly. The keyword is: 'relax'," Luigi advised me, not knowing I've had Jonathan in me twice already.

There was a knock on the door. I didn't say what I wanted to say and went to open the door. It was the Williams brothers.

"Please come in!" I said and opened the door.

Luigi came to the door and he could hardly hide his huge cock in his pants. At 29cm it was a big one and not easy to hide.

"Welcome! Come in. Did you bring some refreshments from the tent? Come, sit!" Luigi said and before he sat down, he had to readjust his bulge as inconspicuously as possible, but the brothers have already seen it, plus their cocks were also bulging!

"We don't have too much time, so let's get it out ... so to speak ... and please let me see that big penis? Jonathan? I believe yours is also very big, Christopher?" Luigi said.

"Yes, it's 33cm but mine is cut. But let's show you. Jonathan?"

They both walked over to Luigi and unzipped their pants. They hauled their mammoth cocks out and held them in their hands for Luigi to see. Jonathan's cock dripped precum already. Christopher had wiped his precum over the cut head that was now glistening.

"Mio Dio [my godd]! I've never seen anything like this before! And I'm a doctor! May I touch them please?" He put his hands out and the brothers stepped closer. Luigi took the huge cocks in his hands and whistled through his teeth. The precum was literally dripping form Jonathan's cock. It was spectacular.

"Erm ... do you want to measure it? Do you have a ruler?" Christopher asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do have some stationery in my medical bag. Anton, would you mind to bring me the ruler please?" He looked at the spectacular cocks in front of him and pushed the skin back over Jonathan's cockhead. "It is just magnificent! Thanks Anton." He let go of Jonathan's cock and put the ruler on top of Christopher's cock. He had to stand up to see the exact measurements. His own cock was tenting his pants something awfully. "A whole ruler and ... yes, another 3cm! A full 33cm! Amazing! Jonathan, yours if you don't mind?"

"No, I don't mind at all!" Jonathan said and held his cock to be measured.

"A whole ruler and ... mio Dio [my godd]! Plus 5cm! 35cm! And thick! And the biggest glans I've ever seen! And just look at the precum running from your cock! I'm amazed! I thought I precummed a lot! Just don't tell me you have multi-orgasms too!" Luigi gushed.

"As a matter of fact, we both have multi-orgasms! We cum a lot!" Jonathan said and milked more precum out of his cock. Luigi caught it on his fingers and rubbed it on the huge shaft.

"So do I! I cum a lot and can easily cum 5 times in a row!" Luigi put in. "You?"

"Same! 5 times in a row! So, what are you saying? Are we going to have some fun? Hmmm doc?" Christopher said.

"I'm in if you are! Anton said he'd be interested, not so mio caro? This is an experience I can't deny you!" Luigi said.

"Yes, it would be nice," I said and unzipped my pants, and hauled my hard cock out.

Just then the door opened and André walked in. "Hi there baby br ... yikes! What have we here? Wow! Luigi? Are you giving free examinations now? Baby bro? You're hard as a rock! Jonathan! You'd shame a donkey! Christopher! My godd! I want in if there is anything going down here! Yes!"

"Erm ... I've just measured them ... I haven't seen anything like this in my life before. Jonathan is 35cm and Christopher 33cm. They're huge! Come, have a look!" Luigi said and stood aside for André to see the two donkey cocks.

"My godd! Herman has a match! But Jonathan! Do you intend to fuck my baby bro with that pole? Bro? This thing would kill you!" He didn't let on that I've actually had both in me the day before ... Thanks André!

"I can only try but yes, I'd love to experience that," I put in and stood closer to Luigi.

Luigi took me in his arms and looked into my eyes. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to. I've seen what I wanted to see. The rest is up to you, mio caro. Want to try it? Hmm?"

"Yes, but first André and then you. Jonathan last. It's huge ... fuck! Just remember I love you very much! I'm doing this because it's a rare opportunity - not because you're not enough for me, OK?" I said.

"I understand. Just remember I'm not allowing this for any other reason than to give you the opportunity to experience it - not because I love you anything less. On the contrary, I love you even more. OK? Come here mio caro!" Luigi gushed and took me into his arms. Our hard cocks pushed against each other and I felt with my hand on his bulge - it was rock-hard and wet! Dogg! "I'm also very curious to see those big cocks in action. But if they hurt you, I'll stop this immediately, OK?"

"Enough chit-chat!" André said and took the two huge cocks in his hands. "My godd! If I didn't see this for myself, I'd never have believed it! Two huge caramel cocks! Jonathan, you're the man, my man!" André sank to his knees and took Jonathan's huge dripping cock into his mouth. Ahh! He too could only manage to get the huge head and a bit into his mouth! With his other hand he was jacking Christopher's equally impressive cock.

Luigi and I undressed each other while we kissed - his marvellous mouth tasted so good. Then I kissed his nipples and touched his silky chest hair. I tried to open the belt buckle - and yes! I got it right! I pushed his pants open and down, and put my hand in his underpants. I took his huge cock in my hand. My godd! What a cock! And to think that all of that was mine!

Luigi was unbuttoning my shirt and opened my pants. He took my hard cock in his hand and squeezed.

"You've got the most perfect cock! I love it!" Luigi said against my mouth.

André already had his shirt and pants off and the Williams brothers too were busy taking off their clothes. They were spectacular specimens of the male body. Their faces, their hairy chests, their muscular arms, legs and of course, their cocks ... unbelievable to think I've had them in me the day before and now I was going to have them again with my Luigi urging them on! Fuck! What an entangled sex life I had!

André was on his knees sucking the two huge cocks in turn. His own cock was rock-hard and was throbbing between his legs while he was slobbering on Christopher's cock, and then on Jonathan's. He was moaning and groaning and it was clear the two brothers' cocks were producing lots of precum - one of André's favourite fluids.

Luigi's cock was hard in my hands and also very wet. I sank to my knees and took the 29cm cock in my mouth. His precum tasted so good. My man! He had his hands in my hair and was groaning.

Jonathan came up behind me and lowered onto his haunches behind me, pointing his huge cock between my legs. He was sopping wet and while he held onto my shoulders he put his head over my shoulder. Luigi pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed it into Jonathan's mouth. Luigi's cock disappeared into Jonathan's mouth - my godd! This was a talented man! His huge cock was rubbing below my perineum and ballsac. I was groaning.

"*Where is the lube*," Jonathan whispered in my ear. I reached for the tube on the nightstand and handed it to him, knowing he was going to be first to fuck me ... oh my godd!

Jonathan sat down on his knees and was lubing up his huge cock and my hole. André was still slobbering on Christopher's cock and didn't see what was going down with Jonathan and me ...

"*Ready? I want to put it in you now please?*" Jonathan whispered in my ear and I nodded. Oh my godd! Again ... ahhh!

I leaned forward a little bit and felt the humongous cockhead being put on my asshole ... Jonathan started to push ... the huge head started to stretch my hole and started to slip in. Fuck! He held onto my shoulders and pushed again, this time with more force and ... the head slipped in! After the previous day's sex, my hole was still loose.

André saw what was going on and groaned: "No! I wanted to be first! Jonathan, you were to be last! Not first! You dogg! Baby bro, hang in there! Fuck! That looks impressive ..."

The huge cock was now sliding into my hole and stretched me big time. Jonathan pulled out and reinserted his cock into my hole and pushed in deeper. He pulled out a bit and pushed in deeper.

When the enormous cock scraped over my prostate, I groaned over Luigi's cock and felt the precum and a little cum being pushed out my piss-slit. Then the huge cockhead reached the internal sphincter and he lightly pushed until it gave way ... it slipped through and right deep into me. My godd! I gasped. Once again this felt magnificent!

Luigi pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up towards the bed. Jonathan followed with the huge cock lodged deep in me.

I got on the bed with Jonathan following with his cock in me. I knelt down on my knees and spread my legs. Jonathan stood on his knees between my legs and pushed into me. He slipped in balls-deep and I felt his huge balls on my own! Ahhh!

"Mio Dio [my godd]! I've never seen anything like this! Mio caro, are you OK? How does it feel? You're not hurting?" Luigi was kneeling on the bed next to us looking at the humongous cock in me. "This is the first time I've seen anything like this!"

"I'm OK. Jonathan is very gentle. Some discomfort, but no pain ... ahhhh!" I groaned.

André got onto the bed on the other side of me and was whistling through his teeth. "Baby bro, this cock is enormous! Are you OK, man?"

Luigi and André stood next to us on either side and pushed their hard wet cocks onto Jonathan's huge cockshaft, adding their precum to the cock fucking me.

Christopher moved onto the bed and positioned his legs spread out over my buttocks facing his brother. He pushed his huge cock dripping with precum down and added his precum on top of Jonathan's huge cock in my hole. Jonathan's cock was well lubed!

Christopher moved back in front of me and aimed his cock at my mouth. It was rock hard and sopping, sopping wet. I opened my mouth and the big wet cock slipped between my lips ... ahhh! His precum tasted so nice!

"You're driving all of us nuts! You're phenomenal!" Christopher gushed and pushed his big cock deeper into my mouth.

I put my hands out and touched Luigi's cock and André's cock ... I was surrounded by big and large and humongous cocks and have two of the biggest ones in my hole and in my mouth.

Jonathan picked up speed and was groaning. As he was pushing in, his enormous balls banged against my balls. It was a sensational experience.

"Are you about to cum?" Luigi asked and Jonathan groaned: "Oh fuck yes! Yes! About 4 or 5 orgasms! Ready Anton? Here it comes!"

He started to fuck me and I started to groan too. The huge cock in me felt so good. It filled me to the brim and I could feel the huge cockhead deep, deep in my gut. The girth of the cock was once again phenomenal - it really stretched me to capacity.

"Ahhh! Here it comes! My first round! Anton, here it is! Oh fuck! Hnngghhhnn! I'm cumming!" Jonathan groaned and pushed his huge cock in to the hilt and held still. His big balls were on mine ... and then his cock started to twitch to enormous proportions. He was groaning and I felt his cock pump its first round of cum into me. He must have pumped at least 7 or 8 spurts into me and immediately started fucking me again ... he spurted another 6 or 7 spurts of cum into me ... he fucked me again and the same: he spurted a lot of cum into me. He fucked me again and squirted some more cum into me.

"I'm pulling out now. Who's next? I've lubed him up good!"

"Me next please? I'm about to cum here!" Christopher got up and started to move around Luigi to get to my hole.

"What about me? I wanted to be first! I'm the brother ..."

"... 'and you have rights', we know. You can go before me," Luigi said.

André groaned and put his hand on my cock. Jonathan took Christopher's place in front of me and I sucked his huge rubbery cock hungrily in my mouth. I marvelled at the spectacular cock that it was. Big, thick, huge head, uncut and a wonderful caramel colour. It felt great in my mouth.

"Just so you know: I'm going to cum again! This time in your mouth - OK?" Jonathan said as his cockhead slipped into my mouth.

Behind me, Christopher took some of the huge amount of cum oozing from my hole and lubed up his cock. He pushed in slowly and was inside me with one long continuous thrust. His cock was 2cm shorter than his brother's, but it still was a huge cock. I groaned.

"After sucking me and watching Jonathan pound you, I'm also close. I'm going to cum soon. OK?" Christopher said.

"Yes, it's fine! Fuck me!" I groaned and took Jonathan's huge cock in my mouth again.

Christopher was fucking me and soon he was groaning. He was about to cum and shoot his huge multiple orgasms into me. He fucked me holding onto my hips and then he shoved his big cock into me with one last thrust and growled deeply.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Ah! Ah! Oh godd!" His cock started to twitch and I felt him shooting his big load into me. He squirted 9 spurts into me and again he started fucking me. Again he squirted his cum into me and it was around 8 squirts. Then he fucked me again and squirted his cum into me. It was about 7 squirts.

"I want to continue but there are 2 more guys who want to fuck you. We could be disturbed. I'm pulling out. Come André - your turn," Christopher said.

André moved in behind me and pushed his cock into me on the cum leaking out of me. In no time he was in me balls-deep. "You OK, baby bro? I'm very horny. I'll cum quickly. OK?"

He immediately started to fuck me and within a minute he started to groan and growl. "I'm fucking cumming, bro! Here it cu-u-u-u-u-m-ms! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!" His cock twitched and then he was spasming inside me. His cock deposited another load of cum into me.

"Ita, your turn. Come fuck the baby bro! His hole is loose and wet. Come!" André said.

André pulled out and Luigi moved in behind me. He aimed his beautiful big cock on my hole and pushed in ... ahhh! Even though I've had 3 cocks in my and the first one was humongous, Luigi's 29cm was a challenge in itself. But, it was the cock of the man I loved dearly ... I pushed back to meet him ... he pushed in deeper and in no time he was in me all the way.

"You're sopping wet inside mio caro! Wow! I'm also going to cum quickly, OK?" He started to fuck me and indeed, he did cum quickly. Soon he was groaning and his cock was spasming inside me. He shot his first volley of cum into me ... at least 9 spurts ...

I was jacking Jonathan's huge cock sticking out my mouth and tasted his precum still leaking from the huge piss slit. His enormous balls bounced up and down against my hand. The head in my mouth was huge and very hard.

"I'm going to cum again, Anton!" Jonathan said and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I pulled my mouth off it a bit: I wanted him to pump his seed into my mouth while only the tip was on the tip of my tongue.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Anton I'm going to flood your mouth! Here it cummmsss! Ahhhh!" Jonathan said and the first spurt burst out of his piss slit and squirted into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with force. The next spurt was bigger and also hit the back of my throat. I closed my lips around the circumference of the huge cockhead and savoured the delicious Canadian cumload filling my mouth. He shot at least 8 spurts of cum into my mouth and I marvelled at the creamy texture, the taste and the sheer volume bursting from the huge cock. I was in heaven.

Behind me, Luigi's big cock was deep inside me and his big balls hung against mine. He was caressing my back and must have been watching Jonathan's huge cock pulsating in my hand and shooting its load into my mouth.

"Jonathan, you're a phenomenon! I want to see you shooting a load!" Luigi said and I felt his hand against my cheek as he leaned forward to touch Jonathan's huge cock, still in my hand and the head still in my mouth. The taste of that man's cum was divine!

Luigi started fucking me again and soon he was spurting again ... about 8 spurts of cum. He started fucking me again and spurted in me. Around 7 or 8 spurts were pumped into me. He started fucking me again and spurted ... around 6 spurts.

Jonathan pulled his cock from my hand and mouth and I looked at the monstrous manhood in amazement. It still was phenomenal and I've had it in me!

Luigi collapsed on my back and pushed me onto the bed. He held me tight and rolled us onto our left sides. His big cock was still deep inside me.

"I want to suck you, Anton!" Jonathan said and moved in to take my cock in his mouth. It literally disappeared in his mouth. Ahhh! Fuck, it felt good. Luigi held me from behind and kissed my cheek. I turned my face and gave him a lop-sided kiss and started to groan. I was on the verge of cumming and I was going to flood Jonathan's mouth!

Next to us, André was sucking Christopher's cock and soon Christopher was groaning - he was going to cum again! Fuck! I hope André was prepared for the huge load that was about to be deposited into his mouth!

My orgasm was hovering on the apex of shooting it into Jonathan's mouth ... and ahhh! It happened! My body was starting to twitch and I felt the cum boiling up through my balls and out my cock! I was cumming. I groaned and growled and had my hands in Jonathan's curly black hair. Oh my godd! I was about to shoot a load of note into this hunky man's mouth!

Next to us Christopher was groaning too and in tandem, we shot our loads into the mouths around our cocks. I arched my back backwards and pushed my cock deep into Jonathan's mouth. It was a lot of cum!

"What a load! Wow! That was fantastic and from the taste of your cum, it's obvious you eat different food than us. Christopher's cum doesn't taste like yours! But it was a lot and it was nice. Hmmmm!" Jonathan gushed. "But now I want to cum another round!"

"Please cum on Antonio's chest and tummy! I want to see you cum!" Luigi, where did that come from?

"OK, Anton? Do you want me to cum on you?"

"Yes, and in my face too! I want Luigi to lick me clean!"

"You got it!" Jonathan said and got onto the bed in front of me and started jacking his humongous cock, still dripping precum and cum - it was as if there was a faucet that was open deep inside this hung hunk! It never stopped!

Jonathan was jacking his huge cock and soon his breathing changed: it was obvious I was about to be sprayed with his cum. Everybody was standing closer to see the spectacle. Luigi's cock was still deep inside me and I could feel he was rock hard again. It was obvious he too was about to cum another round!

"I'm ... going ... to cum!" Jonathan said between the gasps and then he did. The first spurt shot out but only barely reached my solar plexus. The next one was much bigger and shot out with much more force: it hit my straight on my mouth and chin. It was a lot. Then he aimed his cock at my tummy and the third spurt splattered into my tummy hair. The fourth one was aimed at my cock and my 'little Anton' was christened with a load from Jonathan's cock.

Before the sixth shot, André bent forward and opened his mouth in front of Jonathan's huge cock - just in time: the shot shot straight into his mouth. He took the cock and pushed it into his mouth as the seventh shot was fired. André was moaning around Jonathan's huge cock. He let go and lo and behold! There was a last spurt that splattered right into my face! A huge drop hit me on my right eye and I closed it shut. I've heard that cum in one's eye stings a lot.

"That was the best cream I've ever tasted! All the cum I've had thus far tasted good, but yours is in another class my man! Hmmmm! That tasted good! May I please clean up my brother? I want to lick all that cum off him!" André, what happened to you? I was the cum slut of the two brothers!

André bent towards me and licked the cum from my eye - it was a large blob of the gooey stuff.

"Hmmmm! This man's cum tastes like nothing I've tasted before!" André said and continued to lick my face clean.

Then my brother surprised me: he scooped the cum from my chin and pushed it into my mouth, and kissed me. We had a kiss filled with another man's cum and it tasted great! It was so outrageously sexy!

Behind me Luigi was starting to fuck me again. He was going to deposit yet another volley of shots into me! My man!

André continued licking my body clean and after he deposited some more of the cum in my mouth, he aimed for my cock and balls, still smothered under a thick layer of Jonathan's cum.

Once again, my brother surprised me: he took my rubbery cock balls-deep into his mouth and sucked it clean. I groaned and bucked. With his left hand, André was massaging Jonathan's cum into the skin of my ballsac. The double stimulation with Luigi still fucking me, made me as randy as a goat. André continued sucking my cock until I was rock hard again and groaning like a bitch in heat.

I wanted to cum again! André had the exact same idea and was sucking me to the point of no-return in minutes. Luigi's cock stimulating my over-sensitive prostate pushed me over the edge and I creamed my brother's mouth. I shot a load almost as big as the one I shot into Jonathan's mouth.

André was slurping my cum from my cock and he groaned. He still had some of Jonathan's load that was on my cock and balls in his mouth and my load was added.

Behind me, Luigi was groaning and I felt him pushing his cock deep into me as he shot yet another load into me. All in all 5 orgasms ... my man!

A silence fell over the horny men in the room ... except for Luigi who was breathing deeply, I was gasping and André was moaning with my cock still in his mouth. Jonathan was touching my face and wiped the rest of his cum from my face.

Christopher was jacking his cock and ... in no time he stepped closer to my face and I opened my mouth like a little bird in his nest ... the huge piss slit was pushed open by a thick stream of cum and he started flooding my mouth.

My godd! What a lot of cum was produced in the short span of 15 minutes between 5 men! Between Luigi, Jonathan and Christopher they must have produced at least 60ml or more. Added to that, André's and mine, it would easily be around 80ml of cum. I could have it for a morning drink!

"I don't want to be the party pooper, but we have to get back into our clothes before someone comes here looking for us. If Juan, Johann and Gunther see us now, we're in for trouble! I'm pulling out, mio caro, OK? Come on guys! We have to get going!" Luigi took charge.

Luigi pulled his cock from my hole and unfortunately I lost a bit of the huge load in me. Too bad!

"Here, let me clean you properly!" André said and licked the rest of Jonathan's cum from my tummy. He kissed me on my belly button and hugged me with his mouth pushed against my body.

Jonathan, Christopher and Luigi were first to clean themselves in the bathroom. When André and I entered, Luigi had one of the huge cocks in each of his hands and was commenting on the sheer size of the cocks.

Everybody's cock was rather plumped up and if we had time on our side, who knows what would have happened!

We wiped and tucked and pulled pushed and soon we were all dressed.

Just as the last one sat down, in the small living room, there was a knock on the door and it opened. It was Juan. When he entered, it was clear he smelled something - he looked around and saw the bed linen was disturbed - and looked at us quizzically.

"Erm ... I've come to invite you for drinks in our guest house ... Anton? You OK? You look like ... Is there anything wrong?" Juan enquired looking from me to André and Luigi. He gave the Williams brothers a look and I could see he knew. Juan knew ... and the hurt on his face was quite evident. Oh fuck! The last man I wanted to hurt! Juan! My beautiful wonderful man! Oh fuck!

"All is fine," I said. "Thanks, Juan. Let's go guys!"

As I walked past Juan, he took me by the elbow and held me back, without making a scene. As the others walked out the front door, he pushed it shut and turned to me.

"Anything you want to say to me, my darling boy? Hmmm?"

"Erm ... Juan, it just happened. You should see the brothers' huge cocks ..." I started.

"Anton, I'm not interested in the size of their cocks! We have an unwritten rule that if something like this is to happen, it is within the group. Now you, André and Luigi ... Luigi of all people! ... have gone behind our backs and had sex with two complete strangers! Shame on you! I've expected better from you. I'm disappointed," Juan said softly and lowered his gaze.

"Juan, it just happened! Luigi wanted to see their big cocks from a medical perspective and then it just happened. It wasn't premeditated or planned! It just happened. You were not excluded on purpose. Please, understand and forgive us ... me! I still love you with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt you, my wonderful man! I won't! I promise!" I said and put my arms around him.

Juan put his head on my shoulder and sniffed. "I never want you to do this again ... you hear? We talked about this and after Luigi, no more! Do you understand? I love you so very much, but I don't want you to become the village whore. You're better than that. With 5 others and sometimes Herman, surely that would be enough for you! Isn't it?"

"Yes, of course it is! But, today just happened. Let André and Luigi tell you how it happened ... I'm sorry my darling man! I love you so much ..." I said against his shoulder and the tears started to flow. I knew this would come back and bite me! Oh fuck! My body started shuddering and the tears flowed freely.

Juan started crying too ... he clung to me and his big frame shuddered with sobs. "I could never live without you my darling boy! But, there are limits to what I can endure. What happened today, is beyond those limits ..." he managed between the sobs.

"Yes! Yes! I promise! It won't happen again. I love you Juan! I fucking love you! I never wanted to hurt you or anybody else! You're too important to me. After André, you're the first man I ever loved, and I still love you, despite Luigi being my husband-to-be. Juan, please understand: this was pure sex because of their enormous cocks. Things got out of hand ... sorry my darling! Sorry ...!" I sobbed against Juan's shoulder and clung to him.

Juan pulled me into his body and hugged me while his body wracked with sobs ... he was hurt and I felt like a criminal. Oh Juan, Juan, Juan! I'd never do anything to hurt you!

We stood like that until the door opened and André walked in.

"What is going on? Juan? Anton? My godd! You're crying! What's it?"

"Come here my boy! Come here!" Juan said and put his arm out to pull André into the embrace. "I love you so very much, both of you. What happened today is never to happen again, you hear? Understood?" Juan said as he pulled André into his embrace as his body shuddered again.

"No, of course not, my big oaf! It just happened! We're all to blame, from Luigi to me to the brothers. We let it get out of hand. Sorry my man! Sorry ..." André whispered and started crying too.

We stood like that, holding each other and kissing each other's necks ...

I was truly sorry and wished it never happened. It was wrong and Juan didn't deserve it.

The door opened again and Luigi walked in.

"I thought this is what would've happened. If you want to blame anybody, blame me. It was I as a doctor who was curious about the brothers' huge cocks. The twins were drawn in because of my curiosity. Blame me ..." Luigi said and stood behind me.

"Let's make something clear here today, please boys. We're a group of 6 and we have fun together or with our husbands, but we've decided not to involve others without the rest of the group. It can't do our relationship any good. Luigi, you're forgiven and the twins too, but it really hurt me when I walked in here and realised what has happened ... OK? No more - the 6 of us are enough for each other! And, no word to Johann and Gunther. They're busy with the drinks in our guesthouse. Let's wash our faces and go there. There are ciders and beers and wine with our names on it. Come, let's go," Juan said and hugged us one last time.


The rest of the evening went by without any problems and we had a good time with the Williams brothers. It was as if they knew that, for now, there would be no more shenanigans. We chatted and had jokes. Johann and André were on top form. Herman still ignored the Williams brothers and paid a lot of attention to Johan, and to André and me.

We enjoyed our drinks and by 8 o'clock when we were called to the small restaurant for dinner, we were a bit inebriated to say the least! But we had a great time and the owner Jacques (around 45) and his son Gerhard (around 22), were delightful.

When they learnt of Dad's involvement with wine, and we told him Dad's name, Jacques' eyes lit up! "Adriaan le Roux! I didn't make the connection! And I didn't know he had two such good-looking boys, and so big already! You're first years at Stellenbosch, yes?"

"Yes. That's right. We never mentioned your farm by name - only 'the client' - Dad would be pleased to know he knows you," André said.

"I need to give the man some pointers! He has such beautiful sons and now I'm using them for an advertisement for my wine! He should do the same!" Jacques said and poured some more wine for us.

"They're actually going to London in 6 weeks' time to model for Boss Models! And with the big Italian over there joining now, Boss is making a killing in South Africa! The guys here today will soon adorn the front pages of magazines all over the world. You just watch and see. The first catalogue for Edgars with Juan and the twins is out. Go to your branch and look at the great pictures," Johann gushed and toasted us and our trip.

"Really? Gerhard, didn't your mom bring a pamphlet back home on Wednesday? I'm sure it's in the TV room. Please go fetch it? Thanks my boy!" Jacques said and patted his son on the back. I noticed he was staring after the boy as he left ... perhaps something going on there?

We drank and laughed at Johann's and André's jokes. We were having a great time. The biltong and droëwors were great. There were also nuts and potato crisps, and some platters with savoury snacks. The Williams brothers loved the biltong and droëwors. "Our beef jerky is nothing in comparison to this! Your 'beelthong' is super!" Christopher said, mispronouncing the word 'biltong'.

[The pronunciation of 'biltong' is like with 'dill' with the 'tong' added. 'Tong' is pronounced like 'dong' ... got it?]

Gerhard returned with the catalogue in question and he had a big smile on his face. "You have to see this Dad! We have a lot of winners here for our advertisement! We're home free! Look at these pictures!" He handed Jacques the catalogue. We stood behind him as we haven't seen it ourselves.

"Why didn't you tell us, Johann!" André asked.

"I didn't know myself. I'm only the photographer, you know! Edgars must have sent copies to Claire, I don't know. But let's have a look!" Johann said and leaned over Jacques' shoulder. "Hmmm! I'm proud! You guys look so good! Just look at it!" Johann was very proud of us and gave our shoulders a squeeze.

We looked at the photos taken a few weeks ago and we had to agree: the photos were very good and we modelled the clothes very well. The catalogue looked good.

"So when is Claire going to pay us for services rendered?" André asked. So blunt and direct!

"Soon, but I think you should save that for London and Europe. The Rand is worth peanuts over there. Gerhard, do you have some sparkling wine please? I'll pay for it ..." Juan said.

"Yes we have and no, you may not pay for it, right Dad?" Gerhard said and went into the kitchen to fetch some bubbly.

"Thanks! Good, boys! The catalogue is even better than I've expected. The graphic artists who did the layout are capable and did a good job. Ahhh! Here's the sparkling wine! Thanks Gerhard! Thanks Jacques! We do have something to toast and be happy about. Let's open up those bad boys!"

The toasts were coming hard and fast and soon we've consumed four bottles of the stuff. My head was spinning a bit. I had to get to a toilet.

"*Toilet please? I need to pee!*" I whispered to Gerhard.

"*Come, let me show you!*" he said and led the way out the restaurant. "I need to go too," he said as we entered the passage. The toilet was at the far end of the small boardroom.

He pushed the door open for me to go in first. In the process and the fact that I was a bit unsteady on my feet, I brushed my hand against his crotch ... my godd! It was big and semi hard!

"Watch it there tiger! I'll jump you right here!" Gerhard said and groped my buttocks.

"Oh really? Promises, promises!" I said.

"You have no idea!"

We stood next to each other at the two porcelain urinals and hauled our cocks out to pee. I looked at Gerhard's cock ... I gasped. It was one of the thickest cock I've ever seen and very long. It could be as long as Juan's cock but as thick as Jonathan's cock. It was uncut with a long foreskin.

"You have a very nice cock! About 24cm I guess? Hmmm! Lovely! Love to suck you ... André! Anton?" Gerhard said.

"The latter. Yes, it's 24,5cm and yours? 28cm?" I asked.

"Yes, it's almost 28,5cm and very thick as you can see!" Gerhard said and pulled the skin back to reveal an enormous cockhead that was already glistening with precum. I put my hand out and looked him in the eye. "Yes, go ahead!"

I touched the cock that was rock hard now. My godd! What a cock!

"I'd love to fuck you with this thick cock! Think you could handle it? Hmmm?" Gerhard asked and put his hand on my cock.

I actually had to pee and now I couldn't, as my cock was hard! Fuck!

"I really have to pee! I'm going to sit on the toilet. My bladder has to be relieved!" I said and moved into one of the two toilet stalls. As I sat down, Gerhard moved in and held his big cock in front of my mouth. I opened my mouth and the big cock slipped in. It was huge! The size of the head was unbelievable. And the taste was different than the others I've come to know, and the Williams brothers. It tasted different but very nice.

"I'm going to cum very quickly. I've been semi-hard since my dad and I ... erm ... Want to taste my cum?" Gerhard asked as he was jacking his huge cock.

"Uhm ...!

Gerhard was jacking his cock while the big head was in my mouth. And lo and behold, within 30 seconds, the man was going to cum! His huge cockhead was hard in my mouth and he was groaning.

"Here it comes! I'm cumming! Take it! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ah! Ah! I'm cumming ...!"

His cock exploded and really flooded my mouth. He shot a load of note. I had to swallow for all I was worth. He held onto my head as he slowly fucked my mouth. The big cock just seemed to shoot and pour cum into my mouth.

"Oh fuck! You're a very sexy man and I'd love to plug you! Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Stop now ... please! Stop! It's too sensitive ... ahhh! Oh godd!" Gerhard gasped and pulled his cock from my mouth. "I have to get back. I'll tell them you had to make 'a sitting', OK?"

"Yes, it will take some time before my cock would go down enough for me to pee! You have a huge cock and you cum like a waterfall! Wow! I'd love you to fuck me!"

"I'd love to fuck you!"

Gerhard bundled his cock back into his pants and zipped up. He pulled his shirt out of his pants so it covered his big bulge. And he was out.

After another 30sec my cock was soft enough to allow urine to flow out of my full bladder.

It happened again! Oh fuck! I really had to learn how to say 'no'! Fuck!

When my bladder was empty, I put my semi-hard cock into my pants and zipped up. I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. I realised I was a looker and with my slightly longer dark hair, I could understand the attraction other men had for me.

Back in the restaurant Mariana, Jacques' wife, came in from the kitchen followed by 4 workers carrying our steaks, chips and salads. The other guys were already seated and a chair was open next to Luigi ... oh fuck! My darling! Sorry, but I've done it again! I really had to stop!

The food was spectacular and the banter flying around was spot on. Johann and André gave Jacques, Mariana and Gerhard enough reason to squeal with laughter. Of course we all laughed - who wouldn't? We had the two local clowns in our midst!

Under the table Luigi was holding my hand and at times I noticed he was looking at me. When I looked at him, he'd smile and wink. My man! My heart swelled with pride realising this sexy Italian was my husband-to-be.

The Williams brothers were sitting across the table from us and Gerhard sat between Jonathan and his dad. I couldn't help but wonder what he and his dad had going ... If Gerhard had such a huge cock, I wondered about his dad.


After dinner we sat in the lounge chairs in the one corner. Gerhard brought a selection of liqueurs for us to choose from. Luigi and I chose Frangelico and the Williams brothers chose Drambuie. Juan and André chose Cointreau and some more chose Benedictine, and Grand Marnier. The selection was stunning.

We enjoyed the strong liquid and soon I had to go to the toilet again. As I was standing at the urinal peeing, Jacques came in and stood next to me.

"You guys are a great bunch of boys together! I know this advertisement is going to be worth every cent! Gerhard, my right-hand on the farm is over the moon with you guys."

I looked down as he unzipped his pants and hauled an enormous cock from his pants. Soft, it must have been 22cm! It was huge and thick! I gasped.

"Jacques, that thing is huge! Wow! You are a champion! Wow!"

"Yes, it's big! But yours isn't small either! Also a nice one!"

"But not as big as yours! My word! I guess it's more than 30cm?"

"You have to see it hard to believe ... a jawbreaker! Would you like to see it?"

"May I? Really?"

"Yes, let me just finish peeing. Get in the toilet when you've done. Ahhh! I'm already getting hard ..."

I moved into the stall and sat down. Jacques entered and held his wet cock for me to suck. It was semi-hard and there was still some urine at the tip, but I didn't mind. I took the huge cock in my hand and realised Jacques' cock was as thick as dad's. But this cock was long! I guessed it to be about 34cm when hard. Jacques put his one hand on the bottom part of his cock and I used both my hands to cover the cock - the head was sticking out, it was so big!

"We don't have much time! But I've been lusting after you since this afternoon, so I'll cum quickly. Want me to cum in your mouth? But I have to warn you, Gerhard battles to take my load ... yes, he and I have some fun from time to time. I'd love to fuck him, but he wouldn't hear of it, so it's down to sucking. Shall we do it?" Jacques asked.

"Yes, let's make it quick! Yes, I'd love to get your load in my mouth, and wished we had a the time and place for you to fuck me. It's huge and it would really stretch me big time," I put in and took the huge cockhead into my mouth. The head was huge and the piss-slit was big - as big as Maurice's piss-slit: it was huge and lots of precum was leaking out.

"I wish for it too! I'd fuck you really good, and I know Gerhard would too!"

"I'd love that!"

Jacques was jacking his cock and I held the huge head in my mouth, the tip of my tongue playing in the piss-slit. It was an experience!

"Ahhh! What I'd give to plug you right now! One day you have to come with me when I'm in Stellenbosch for business! I'd fuck you really good!"

Yes, and what about my lover and the other ones? I was in trouble - my sexual attraction to other guys was getting me into trouble!

"I'm getting close already. I'm going to cum! I have to shoot a load now! Oh lord! Oh dear! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Ugh! Ah! Ah! Oh yes! Here it is!" Jacques groaned and the first spurt hit the back of my mouth. It wasn't that much ... too soon! My godd! The next spurt was huge! It flooded my mouth! I swallowed. The next spurt was even bigger. Jacques was groaning big time and I wondered what he'd say if someone would've walked in at that moment.

I swallowed for all I was worth and the number of spurts was close to 13! The last 4 spurts were not that big but all in all it was a lot of cum shot into my mouth. I've only lost a little bit during the time he was squirting his third and fourth spurts ... this man came like a human fire hose!

"I'd love to reciprocate but we don't have time. I have to get back. Thanks. We'll do something about it when I'm in Stellenbosch again, OK? I'd love to fuck you and suck you dry! I might bring Gerhard with me - would you like that?"

"Yes, I'd love to have a threesome with you guys," I lied. I can't do it! Luigi would kill me and Juan would kill me again!

Jacques zipped up, washed his hands and he was gone.

"My godd! Again! You slut! Twice now! The man AND his son!" I said to myself. This had to stop! I couldn't carry on like that!


Back in the lounge part of the restaurant, I sat down next to Luigi and before I knew it, I had his hand in mine. He slowly lifted his leg to hide our hands and pulled his hand from mine. I looked up and realised what I've done. I looked around and the only one who saw it was Gerhard. He winked at me. I blushed cherry red. Oh fuck! What was I thinking!

"OK, now you're fed and are well-oiled, so to speak, I hope you all get a good night's sleep. We're up at 5 o'clock ... yes, André, that early! ... and we start shooting at 6 o'clock. We want you up, bright and bushy-tailed by 6, right here on the lawn. Some of the best shots are taken that early, but I don't want puffy and bleary-eyed guys! All of you have to be in bed by 10 ... yes, you too Lukas! You of all people should know it! Put away your iPhones and iPads and get some shuteye," Johann said and I wondered if he'd be able to keep his hands off Gunther!

"I will come wake you up at 5 o'clock, if you want. We are up by that time every morning. I'll wake the boys, OK?" Gerhard offered.

"Thanks. Bring a bucket of water for this delinquent. He'll give you lots of grief, but take no nonsense and take no hostages! Douse him if need be!" Johann said. "Ow! You utter rubbish, you! That hurt! I'm just doing my job! You didn't have to hit me! Ouch!" André ... who else.

We thanked Mariana for the good food, and Jacques and Gerhard for the drinks. It was a great evening.

When we said goodnight to them, both Jacques and Gerhard gave us all a friendly hug. We've made new friends, who could become friends with benefits if all worked out ...

When Jacques hugged me, he whispered: "*I want to fuck you ...!*"

"*Yess! We'll see," I whispered back.

Gerhard hugged me and whispered in my ear: "*I want to fuck you ...!*"

Like father like son!

"*I'd like that! Let's see ...*"

"Come boys! We need to get into bed. Thanks again. We'll see you all at 6 o'clock," Johann said and before I knew it, he was hugging and kissing us all ... I saw the amazement on Mariana's face but she didn't say anything. Another 'Alma' I thought.

Johann, Gunther, Juan and André were in the biggest guesthouse, the Williams brothers in a smaller rondavel [small circular room with a thatched roof] with an added shower, basin and toilet added to one side. Johan and Herman were also in a rondavel next to the Williams brothers. Lukas was in a room inside the main house. The other crewmembers were also in rondavels, two to a facility. We were around 20 people in total.

In our own guesthouse, Luigi pulled me close to him and held me tight. "I'm so sorry about what happened earlier ... it's all my fault. Scuse, mio caro! I'll talk to Juan. But, I'm not sorry it happened as for the first time I've seen such a big cock and the man fucking someone! To me as a doctor, it was worth it! And I love you even more! You're a trouper taking on those huge cocks, and André's cock and mine. Are you OK, mio caro?"

"It's not just your fault. Let it go. I think Juan is OK. Yes, it was a quite an experience. Thanks for letting me have it. I also love you even more! So, when we're in Firenze and Piero wants in, I'm game. But, we'll have to play it safe that the others don't know about it. It's not that I want us to be cheating, but I think we should be allowed some leeway on our own. From what I've seen, Piero is a real Moretti, although his surname is d'Antonio! And I want both of you to fuck me: separately and both of you in a double-fuck. Oh dear! And right now I want you to fuck me mio caro! I want to feel you in me!"

"I was hoping you'd say that! After this afternoon, I'm sexually charged and want to fuck you again, mio caro! Go, prepare! I'll get the bed ready," Luigi said and kissed me.


The sex with Luigi was intense, loving, slow and very pleasing. We really made hot tender love and the fucking was wonderful. He pumped one hell of a lot of cum into me. He cummed 3 times in a row and the volume of cum he pumped into me was a lot and I was determined to keep it in me.

"I'm pooped mio caro. I've had a long day and I need some sleep, OK? Want to cuddle me from behind? Hold me tight to you. Remember, io amo molto il mio tesoro [I love you very much my darling]. I'm the luckiest man alive. Grazi, mio caro [Thanks, my darling]!"

"I love you too my big beautiful Italiano. Yes, of course. Come lie in my arm. I'll hold you till you sleep. Goodnight my darling! I love you!" I said.

We settled in for the night but my head was spinning. I've had experiences like nothing I've had before, and all in one day!

Soon Luigi's breathing became deep and regular. He was asleep.

I couldn't help thinking of Jacques and Gerhard ... huge cocks and both wanted to fuck me! My godd!

About an hour later I was still awake and I was thirsty, and thought I'd go and see if the door to the restaurant might be unlocked. I put on a pair of hockey shorts and walked barefoot to the restaurant. The lights coming from the fridges and the night-lights, gave the place an eerie appearance.

As I pushed on the door, it opened and I walked in barefoot. I heard movement and when I looked at the lounge section, I saw it was Jacques and Gerhard in a 69! My godd!

"It would appear your prayers have been answered, Dad! Look who is here!" Gerhard said.

"Yes, so it seems, but is it the right one? André? Anton?" Jacques asked.

"Anton. Hmmm! Looks like you're having some fun there!" I said and felt my cock stirring.

"Yes, mind to join us? But I want to fuck you!" Jacques said point-blank.

"Me too! I want to fuck you too!" Gerhard put in.

"You guys have big cocks! Jacques, your cock is monstrous! Do you have lube? If we're going to do it, you first, Gerhard. I don't have a lot of time. I've come to find some Coke ..."

"You could have a 2 litre of Coke if you allow us to fuck you!" Gerhard gushed.

"Where is the hand cream? We're not geared for this. Would you mind if we used hand cream?" Jacques apologised.

"Don't you make lots of precum? We could use that," I said.

"Really? You could take a cock with just precum as lube? We're dying to fuck someone, but we're both tops and haven't had the opportunity since we started playing together just over 18 months ago. Won't we hurt you?" Jacques asked.

"Not if you're taking it easy and use lots of precum and spit. We could add my own precum. But I want to suck both of you first. Get you hard and wet," I said.

"Oh, that we are already! Come, suck me and Gerhard could fuck you first. First bend over here so I could add my precum to your hole. Gerhard, milk your cock and put it over your cock. How much spit?" Jacques asked.

"A lot! Your cocks are big!" I said as I bent down with my buttocks towards Jacques. He put his huge cock on my hole and milked lots of precum out. He even sneaked in a light poke at my hole. Ahhh! This was going to be a challenge! He pulled the tip out again and milked some more precum out, and rubbed it over my hole. I felt the liquid being smeared over my hole - it was a lot!

I pushed out and some of Luigi's cum leaked out. Some natural lube ...

"Anton, you're very wet! Did Luigi fuck you?" Jacques said and pushed his cockhead into me.

"Yes, he did! Lots of cum to help you get in!"

"He's yours, Gerhard! Put lots of spit on your cock before you plug him! Don't hurt him! Your cock is not small and could hurt him if you're not careful." Jacques said and pulled his huge cockhead from my hole.

I turned to take Jacques huge cock in my mouth. Fuck! It was seriously big! Easily as big as Herman or Christopher but thicker. The head was big and long and lots of precum was still dripping from it. Incredible!

Behind me Gerhard was readying his 28cm cock with lots of spit and precum. He put the big thick head on my wet hole and pushed forward. The head slipped right in! After the Williams brothers' and Luigi's fucking earlier, my hole was still wet and loose.

"Yes, he's been fucked earlier, Dad! He's nice and loose! Ahhh!" Gerhard groaned and pushed deeper into me. The girth of his cock was mammoth! It felt like when the guys double-fucked me! I put a hand backwards on my hole and felt the thick shaft stretching my hole as it slipped deeper into me.

I put the huge cock in front of me in my mouth and tasted the wondrous precum. The head was filling my mouth. How I wished I could get it into my throat, but that just wasn't going to happen! It was too big.

Gerhard's big cock was now halfway into me. I let go of Jacques cock and said to Gerhard: "Please pull out first and put it back in. Your cock is huge!"

"Oh, sorry! OK, I'll do that," Gerhard said and pulled out. "Can I put it back in immediately? Yes?"

"Uhmm!" I groaned around his dad's big cock and pushed back. He got the message and pushed his cock back into me, this time deeper and deeper and deeper. Oh godd!

"We don't have too much time. Fuck and cum, boy!" Jacques instructed. His son didn't need any urging on as he started to fuck me. It was clear he was hot as hell and the shenanigans that went down between him and his dad earlier have made him super horny.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! If I knew this was so good, I'd have done it a long time ago! Dad, it's super nice! Oh damn! I'm not going to last long! Do I cum in you? Where must I shoot my load?"

"In me, please! That will lube me good for your dad's huge cock. Shoot your load in me!" I said holding the huge cock of the dad in my hand.

Gerhard picked up speed and soon his huge cock was twitching as it was starting to pump an almighty big load into me. Oh godd! It felt good!

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh damn! Ahhh! Oh yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Take it! Take it!" Gerhard was groaning as his cock spasmed in me. He clung to my hips and slowly fucked me with short thrusts.

"OK, Gerhard. Pull out and let me in. We don't have much time! Come!" Jacques said and moved to my buttocks. Gerhard was slowly pulling out of me and some cum ran out. Jacques saw that and rubbed it over my hole. He took some cum from my legs and rubbed it on his cock.

"Ready? Here it comes! Oh damn! How I've wished for this to happen! Oh damn! Ahhhh!" Jacques gasped and his huge cockhead pushed into me again ... it stretched my hole tremendously! It was like Jonathan but just thicker! I was amazed I could actually take it ... it was that big.

He was obviously aware of his huge cock and the pain he could inflict, so he advanced slowly and would pull out a bit and push in a bit further. Soon he was scraping over my prostate and I felt I wanted to shoot my load there and then - it was like the sensation when the guys gave me a double-fuck ... oh my godd! I didn't want to cum so soon! I wanted to feel the whole cock in me! I willed my orgasm away and took a deep breath.

As the big cock advanced into me, Gerhard was in front of me holding his big cock at the ready, still very big and rubbery. It was sopping wet with cum and precum. I opened my mouth and sucked the big uncut cock in. It tasted funky and it was clear that I tasted Luigi's cum as well ... Luigi ... oh fuck! I shouldn't think about him when I was on my knees being fucked by a hugely hung man ... Ahhh!

Jacques was now well beyond halfway in me and I gasped. It was only 1cm shorter than Jonathan's cock but thicker. I was fucked like I've never been fucked before ... and we didn't have much time to enjoy it to the fullest. Jacques had to get his cock in me and fuck me and get it over with. He was such a nice guy and his son too. I wished we could've had this under other circumstances ... the possibilities were unbelievable! But, we had to get this done as soon as possible before Luigi came looking for me, or horror of horrors, Mariana walking in on us.

I was sucking Gerhard and his cock was hard again and it was clear he was ready to cum, again! I fondled his huge balls and he groaned, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth.

Behind me, Jacques' cock was in balls-deep and his huge balls rested on mine. He twitched his cock and I groaned. It was very big and I felt every centimetre in me and the huge girth of it was just unbelievable.

"I'm very, very randy! May I please fuck you now? But I will cum soon and it will be almost as big a load as earlier. Oh damn! You drive me bonkers! I've never had any guy who could take me the way you do, and you're such a sweet, attractive guy too! Oh damn! Oh damn!" Jacques gushed and he started to fuck me.

It was immense and I was feeling the huge cock in me stretching me, filling me up ... oh fuck!

After about a minute of fucking, Jacques announced he was getting close. "After Gerhard's sucking, I was very horny, so I'm about to cum, OK?"

"Cum Dad, I'm about to cum again too. Oh damn! This guy knows how to suck! I'm going to cum! Cum Dad!" Gerhard gushed and had his hands in my hair and was fucking my mouth. He shot his load and it was a wonderfully nice and big load again, tasting as nice as the load earlier.

Jacques was now fucking me with more abandon and was groaning as his imminent orgasm approached. Gerhard pulled his cock from my mouth and moved in below me. He took my cock in his mouth and sucked me like a vacuum cleaner! I wasn't going to last long ...

"I'm close ... cum with me Anton! Pump a big load into Gerhard's mouth while I'm pumping my big load into you. Ahhh! Oh damn! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Hmm! Ah! Ah! Oh dear! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Here it is ... oh damn!" Jacques groaned and his huge cock swelled to even bigger dimensions. He pushed it in as deep as it would go and released his big load in me, mixing it with Luigi's and Gerhard's cum ...! Slut!

I shot my load into Gerhard's mouth and he sucked me even more. It was clear he was starved for sucking and cum. I gave him a big load and had to push him off my cock as he was sucking me too much - my cock was very sensitive.

Jacques' cock in my hole was still very big ... it still pulsed and twitched. It must've pumped a big load into me.

"I wish it could've been different, but it is beyond my control. I'd give anything to be in bed with you for a whole night, but not tonight. One day when we're in Stellenbosch, we'd like to make that happen. I'll give you my business card and Gerhard's number. Gerhard, where is your iPhone? Would you mind giving us your number, Anton?"


When I've had some of the Coke I've earned with my body - slut! - I crawled into bed next to Luigi. He had turned around in the meantime. I hoped he didn't wake up and found me gone ... I've had enough drama for one day.


The next day's early start was hard and I was sleepy. I didn't sleep enough. Partly because I was sexually overcharged, and for the rest, I was feeling guilty as hell. I've had sex with Jonathan, Christian, André, Luigi, Jacques and Gerhard - all within 8 hours' time. Slut! But fuck! It was nice! Damn!

After make-up have done their bit with me, I looked at myself in the mirror and realised the fatigue wasn't showing too much. I just had to make do with the few hours' sleep I've had. It was going to be a long day and we had a sergeant major ordering us around! Johann is a sweet man, but when it came to photography, he was a bitch.


All in all, the day went by well. At one stage between shoots - Luigi and the Williams brothers were photographed in the vintner's barn; Luigi was a hit! - Gunther came to sit with me.

"Mein Schatz! Was ist los? [My darling! What's wrong?] I can see you're not yourself. Is there a problem between you and Luigi? Come, tell me, bitte [please]! You know that I still love you very much, even though you're with Luigi now," Gunther said and put his arm around my shoulder. He pulled me close to him and hugged me.

Dear Gunther. Since we met him at the flat when he came to look at it and André and I had sex with him, he had become a great friend and lover. I had to admit that I loved this Jerry to bits. Also, he was a tall blonde hung hunk - the biggest cock of us all, if one counted only the six 'legal' members of the sextuplets - who knew how to fuck and kiss and make love and ... I loved him.

"Gunther, my beautiful sexy Jerry. I love you so much! You're just the most wonderful man. Oh, if only it were so easy! My life is a mess. I'm starting to wonder if I belonged in the pack of 6 guys! I'm a sexual pervert and addict. I just can't get enough! It's starting to affect me!"

"But what are you talking about? There are 5 of us who want to fuck you ... what are you saying? What happened?"

"Nothing you can do my darling man. It's just ... oh fuck! I wish I wasn't attractive to other men! Just everybody I meet wants to fuck me! What's it with me and other men? You, Johann, Luigi, Mario, Pieter, Claude, Lukas, Werner, Herman, Johan ... it's just too much!"

"Yes, you're a very sexy boy and I can understand why guys wanted to fuck you. But, there is something like saying 'no'. And, self-constraint. If the group of six is dear enough to you, you'll stick with us. I can guarantee you, there is no other men in our lives, not that I know of. Definitely not when it comes to Johann and me. We'd love you to remain faithful to the rest of us," Gunther said and kissed me. "Are you having additional sex with other guys, other than the five of us? Mein Schatz?"

"Gunther, you're the most amazing man I've met, ever. Thanks for the chat. You've made me feel better! And remember I love you all very much. Each one differently, but I do love you all." I couldn't get it over my heart to tell this big beautiful hung hunk of a man what a slut I've become. But, it wasn't too late. I could change ... or be extra careful! Oh fuck! I loved sex so much and lots of it with lots of different men ... slut!

"Let's go. There is Johann at the reception where he wanted you and I to do the shoot for the ordering and paperwork for the order. Come. Just remember we all love you very much and if there is anything you want to tell me, you know where I am. You do know I love you very much, don't you?"

"Yes, Gunther. I've never been surer of anything else in my life. I know," I said and hugged him. His huge cock pushed against my tummy. Oh fuck! What a man, what a human being, what a cock ... Slut!


The rest of the day went by in a blur. We had coffee and waffles at 11 o'clock. Mariana and her helpers also had a spread of note for us in the tent for between shoots.

At one stage I went to our guesthouse and had a poop. When I came out of the bathroom, there was a knock on the door and the door opened. It was Jonathan.

"May I come in please? Everything OK? You seem distant today. Didn't you enjoy yesterday?"

"Of course I did. But, we've decided amongst ourselves to cut down on the extra-mural activities. We're 6 in a very tight group and we don't want to jeopardise that. You and your brother - especially you! - are two wonderfully nice guys. You have a cock that is like something from a fable and you fuck like a master. I really enjoyed it, but it would only lead to trouble in the sextuplets, as we call ourselves. I wish I could have you right here, right now, but ..." I said.

"... but nothing! If your body tells you otherwise, why deny yourself the pleasure? Come here," Jonathan said and pulled me into an embrace. He put his hand on my crotch. "Aha! Just as I thought! You're way beyond semi! Come on! Tell me you don't want me to fuck you? Feel my cock! Go ahead! Yes! Put your hand on my cock and tell me again you don't want me to fuck you! Ahaaa! Oh fuck!" Jonathan wasn't playing fair!

I had my hand on his crotch and felt the magnificent cock way beyond semi behind the fabric of his pants. The insanely big cock was pushing down the leg of his pants. It was huge.

I was weighing my options. We had 15 minutes. Juan and the others of the group, including Christopher and Johan himself, were busy with a 'meeting'. Jonathan and I were not part of the shoot because of our 'roles' in the story. Yes, fuck! I wanted this man but what about what Gunther and I spoke about earlier, what Juan, Luigi, André and I spoke about the day before. Oh fuck! Jonathan and Christopher were going on a tour of the Western Cape and then off to the Kruger National Park the following Friday, and I'd only see him again in London in 6 weeks' time.

"So, what do you say? I didn't jack off last night, so the chambers are full and I'd cum in 5 minutes flat if you wanted me to do it so quickly. You know you want it. Why fight it? You know I'm a good fuck and a good lover," Jonathan said and pulled me in for a kiss. His big soft lips on mine felt great and my cock was rock-hard in seconds. I put my hands around his neck and pulled him close to me. His huge cock was also rock-hard and was pushing on my crotch and leg. His huge tongue was pushing into my mouth. The kiss was gentle but he kissed me with urgency.

"You don't play fair, Jonathan! You know how much I love a big cock and to get fucked, but after yesterday's session, we had a talk and it was decided we'd cut down on this kind of behaviour. Oh fuck! But when I think of Thursday and yesterday, I want to bend over and take your cock in me ... now! Oh fuck! Jonathan ... oh fuck! I want to ... I really want to ... but what about my lovers? What about them?" I wailed ...

"I'm not competing for your love, but I know I'd win your heart if I were here and wanted to. This is about sex and nothing more - something you want and that I want. So, how about me putting my huge cock into you again ... hmmm? Let's do it at the window so we could see if someone else is coming this way. We're both ready and both want it ... so please? Please let me fuck you? Pretty please ...?" Jonathan asked and looked at me with his beautiful brown puppy eyes.

"Again, you don't play fair. You know I want it and you know I loved it ... but my lovers are very important to me and I really love them. They are my life ... Luigi is my lifeblood ... please don't let me do this? Please?" I pleaded with Jonathan, knowing I was going to cave in ... oh fuck!

"Come, let's stand behind the lace curtain and ensure the coast is clear. I want to make incredibly hot love to you. I want you to feel my huge cock in you and make you feel wanted, loved and I want you to feel good about yourself, proud that you could handle this huge cock. Afterwards you'll enjoy Luigi's cock in you even more ..."

"Yes, all right then! But it still has to be quick! And again: you don't play fair. But yes, I want it! I want it more than anything. Yes, fuck me you donkey man! Fuck me! Oh fuck! You're the devil reincarnated! A big beautiful devil with a cock to die for! Yes, fuck me!"

I sank to my knees and opened his pants. The huge cock came out and I sucked it ... yes, I sucked it and tasted the precum! Yes, I was a slut and yes, he did fuck me standing bent over at the window. He used his precum and a bit of our lube and yes, he fucked me! He pushed his 35cm cock into me and he fucked me! Yes, I loved it! Yes, I felt like crap afterwards, but he fucked me and I loved it! So fucking sue me!

When Jonathan's last cum was pumped into me, he held me tight to him and kissed my neck. He took my cock in his hand and started jacking me ... I was so pumped up and sexually charged, it didn't take long before my orgasm took over my body and I floated to Cloud Nine ... I just managed to put my cupped hand in front of my spurting cock in time to catch my load. Oh fuck! I thought I was a true slut and from now on, I'd have to fit Herman and guys like Jonathan in without anyone knowing it.

= To be continued =



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