We had a shower and while I was brushing my teeth, I realised what a lucky guy I was. I was born into a loving family with parents who cared for my brother and me, accepting that we were gay

Pierre came to stand behind me and hugged me to him with his left arm. Without saying a word (he had his toothbrush in his mouth), I read his thoughts by looking into his eyes reflected in the mirror. He winked at me and hugged me tightly to him. His enormous cock was fairly rubbery, but for a change, it remained in that state.

Luigi came to stand on my other side and he put his left arm behind my neck in front of Pierre’s muscular torso. He too was looking at me in the mirror.

I looked from the one to the other and I just knew how much we loved each other. Pierre was the perfect human being with everything going for him, but so was Luigi. My Italian Stallion was male perfection on every level. Yes, his cock was 4cm shorter than Pierre’s but for the rest, he was perfection personified. His wonderful personality just made him more beautiful, so much so that Mom was smitten with my husband-to-be. To become Mom’s favourite took some doing. She was a tough cookie who loved her boys. Dad was the same, although his bisexuality gave him the edge over any other dad. I loved him, I loved having him as my dad, I loved him kissing me, fucking me and showing us the love he felt for us. Our lives were close to perfect.

We rinsed our toothbrushes and mouths and then it was kisses and hugs and declarations of love and groping and tongues and hands and … it was a love-making of sorts.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m pooped. This has been a long cold day and after all the shenanigans, I think I need one long night of sleep and sleep and sleep … Sheez Ant, you’ll dehydrate us and kill us before our time! Just sleepies tonight! Luigi, how are you Ita?”

“Same here. After seeing Vlado fucking our boy this afternoon, I thought I’d be charged to fuck him all night long, but mio Dio! I’m as tired as can be. Me too: only sleeping. I hope you’re OK with that mio caro?”

“You know I’d never say ‘no’ to either of you, but perhaps a night of just sleeping might do us all the world of good. It’s cold and I think after Vlado and the rest of you fucked me, I’ve had quite my fair share for one day. But, whether this squash champion would abstain for a whole night remains to be seen …!” I joked.

“Ouch! That was a sharp dagger, right in my heart, Ant! You know I love you so much but I’m really pooped. If this big thing with a mind of his own enters you, it would be because he has independently fallen in love with your hole and …”

“Yes, yes! We hear you! Well, try and control the beast! Our boy could do with a night of rest!” Luigi said, hugging me to him.

Et tu Brutus! I’m heartbroken! I do NOT have full control over … him! At times he just … crawls in … there! You know … He has a mind of his own … If, and it’s a big IF, he ends up in our boy, it’s not my fault! Could you blame me and my … big one …? This boy is sexy beyond words! Ant, sorry in advance if it happens!” Pierre said and pulled a sad puppy face. He was so adorable.

“Leave the excuses for tomorrow morning! Come mio caro! I’m cold and I want to get under the duvet with you! Are you coming Mr Hung Hunk? One day I would like to examine that spectacular specimen between your legs and take a sample of the stuff you so generously pump into our boy! Now, don’t get any ideas! Come mio caro!” Luigi said and gave Pierre’s big cock a squeeze.

“Erm … uhm … oh hell! Just look at what you've done now! Ita! You sneaky dogg! You’ve made me hard, you bastard! What will happen if I do come to your surgery? Will you take advantage of me, you snake? Ant, your man is hitting on me!” Pierre said gasping.

We cracked up laughing and got into bed. Luigi and I were in each other’s arms and our rubbery cocks were just hard enough to confirm we were alive and well. We sincerely planned on a night of sleep.

Pierre got in behind me and of course, his cock was way beyond rubbery … what a sexual animal!

“Luigi, what do you do when your patients get a boner like I just did? I’m scared to come to your surgery! What if I take advantage of the situation? Ant, you better watch this Ita! He has some moves on me!” Pierre said and his semi-hard cock pushed between my legs.

“Pierre, you’re a big boy … no pun intended … I will not take advantage of you! I have many patients who get hard, but I’m professional and I just ignore it. So, you’d be safe. Good night you beautiful creature! I’m glad mio caro met me before he met you! You’re so fucking sexy and attractive! Sweet dreams! And try to behave!” Luigi said, leaning over me and kissed Pierre.

I kissed Pierre too and of course I got some tongue … I took it in my stride and knew he wasn’t malicious or a cheat. He was just young and horny.

Then I kissed my husband and groaned with pleasure and being ensconced between my two beautiful men.

Soon I heard Pierre’s breathing changing into that of a sleeping man: deep, relaxed, even and the occasional little sounds escaping his lips. He was dreaming! His legs against mine were twitching. Yes, he was dreaming.

Luigi also fell asleep soon, and I looked at him in the almost darkness of the room. What a fantastic man this was. He had his head screwed on right, he was placid and a darling man. I’ve met exquisite people the past weeks but Luigi still was the man for me! Yes, Giovanni and Clive were wonderful guys, so was Diego and Kamran and the others, and Vlado … oh fuck! Vlado … I was a bit concerned. This man was millimetres behind Luigi to become the man in my life … and I haven’t even met Piero yet … I’ve already pushed Juan aside, so to speak, in favour of Luigi. I can’t push this exquisite man aside!

I realised I’d just have to play it by ear and take informed decisions. I needed my Dad for advice … but would he be able to help? He doesn't know what it feels like when a great guy like Vlado or Kamran or Santiago fucks you and has no flaws at all. I was in trouble and I didn't know what I’d do if I fell head over heels in love with Piero … It was obvious he already loved me from afar. Would Luigi be OK with it if … No! No! No! I couldn’t! I'd love to have them in my life and in my bed, but Luigi would remain the master of my heart and that’s that!

I thought about André … I have a beautiful brother … yes, he is and so am I! … and because of him, I’d never be without a friend. He could be a bit much at times, but it was mostly a façade to hide behind. He actually has a small heart and even the smallest thing could bring tears to his eyes: an animal in pain, a homeless and destitute guy begging at the traffic lights, Mom being sad. It doesn't take much to get André’s tears flowing. But, I was the same. The only difference between André and me was our demeanour: I was the quieter one but I was also the one who was addicted to sex with a hung man – the bigger the better.

Living without my brother with me 24/7 was a big adjustment and I decided to talk to Luigi about it. With Clive and Giovanni AND Piero coming to live with us … I've forgotten about Santiago coming too! No, Luigi and I had to have a talk. We needed a bigger house and then I want my brother back in the house with me! Finish en klaar

[“en klaar” = ‘and finished’. A typical South African way to state something or a decision is really final]

I drifted off to sleep. I had Pierre’s hand over my waist and Luigi held on to my one hand while our faces were very close to each other. I could feel his deep breathing on my forehead.


I woke up when it was still fairly dark. It took me a moment to remember where we were … and I clenched my hole … it was empty! Wow!

I realised I was on my right hand side facing Pierre. He had his arm over my shoulder and hugged me tight to him. My head was on his shoulder and when I pushed my hand down to his cock … hard, of course!

I felt Luigi stir behind me, snuggling up to me and hugging me from behind. I felt his big cock pushing against my butt.

I felt secure and happy. I wonder where we’d get a bed large enough to house all the lovers …


I must have dozed off again and woke up with a bang, not knowing who I was, where I was, what has happened or why I was woken up. Pierre sat up and swore.

“What the fuck! What’s wrong with you?” Pierre said and looked on in amazement as André opened the curtains, shouting: “Wake up! Wake up! Do you want me to piss in your ears? Wake up! The sun is going to scorch you to cinders right there in bed! Wake up!”

“How sure are you this troll is your brother?” Pierre said as his arms went up in the air and fell down on the bed.

“I’m sure he sustained brain damage when the doctor pulled him out first! Fallen on his head! Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” Luigi put in and rubbed his eyes.

“André, do you have no decency? What the hell is going on? Can’t you see the civilised members of this group are still sleeping?” I said and looked at my brother in amazement.

“Save your snide remarks and acidic comments, assholes! Do you have any idea what time it is? Hmm?” André said.

I looked at him in amazement. “What time is it?” I said exasperated. Surely it must be around 6 o’clock or even earlier.

“I’ll have you know, it’s half past 7. You are in deep trouble! We have to be down in the dining room at 8 o’clock. Say ‘thank you, André’! Hmph!” André said and marched out of the room.

“Check the time, please Pierre!” Luigi said and stretched his arms above his head.

Pierre got hold of his iPhone on the nightstand and hit the home button. “Fuck! He’s right! It’s 07:31! Come, we have to get our butts in the bathroom! Come Ant!” Pierre said as he got up. He had a huge piss boner but there was nothing to be done about it.

Mio dio! How did this happen? Antonio? Come let’s get out of here!” Luigi said and threw the duvet back, revealing his equally hard piss boner. It pointed at the ceiling and the foreskin was pushed back a bit revealing the tip of the glans. Fuck, my man has a beautiful cock, I thought.

My own cock was not soft either and I blushed cherry red when I crawled from under the duvet. I looked at it and at Luigi’s cock. What a beautiful pair of cocks they made!

Pierre came back into the bedroom to see where we were and he stopped dead in his tracks. “Fuck, boys! How I wish there was time to suck those big beautiful cocks! Sheez! Come! We don't have time to diddle-daddle! Come Ant! Luigi, mate, are you feeling light-headed? All that blood in your big cock …”

“Yes, the pot calling the kettle black! Look at yours! Do you want the doctor to have a look at it?” Luigi said and gave Pierre’s big cock a tap.

“Ant, did you see that? This man is putting the moves on me! Another time, another place and I’d give you a run for your money … DOCTOR! Behave and come!”

Ablutions were basic and it was really a spit and a polish: washing faces, brushing hair, brushing teeth, some toilet moves and the spritzing with Tom Ford.

This time it was me running to André to find out what we were going to wear.

“Just look at this! My beautiful boy! Come here! Just those underpants don’t leave much to the imagination! Ahhh! How I miss sleeping with you … this delinquent never lies still for a second …” Juan said before André put his hand on Juan’s crotch and gave it a squeeze. “Ouch! That’s your wedding present you’re trying to destroy, you rubbish! Ouch! I’m just saying …”


We made it to breakfast with a minute to spare. Phew!

“You two boys are just too adorable! But it’s going to take some time to distinguish who’s who. Come, sit down. We’ve got some Brötchens and some cold meats with cheese, tomato, pickles and soft-boiled eggs. Yoghurt, fruit juice and some fruit,” Frau Müller said and brought the coffee beaker from the machine.

We ate like kings … again! And I had three Brötchens again. Pig! But hell, if anybody doesn’t fall in love with these ‘buns’, they're inhuman!


The trip via the U-Bahn to the jetty on the River Spree took about 20 minutes.

On the train we had lots of fun again between Johann and André. They passed comments in Afrikaans about some of the young guys on the train dressed really weird. In that regard we were old-school.

We liked modern clothes, but no grunge or sloppy or untidy. Dad and Mom have been very strict. They both taught us to always dress as best we could. Mom said she thinks it was Coco Chanel who said you could never be overdressed. So, we were always dressed as neatly as possible. I know we never looked like a pair of yobbas.

I took some time looking at my other half, my brother, and Johann. Both were very attractive and were lovers of note. Of course it was obvious I loved my brother, but I loved him despite his antics and despite him making fun of everybody. Come to think of it, I was rarely in his aim … my darling bro!

Johann? I’ve fallen in love with him since the first day in the studio when he met us for our photo shoot. Even though he took the liberty of showing me his huge cock in the cubicle, I never held it against him. The lovemaking with his perpetually rubbery cock has always been memorable. Plus, he was sexy! Why else would he have been on the Boss team to London? And his work as photographer was up there with the best. He knew his cameras and trade. He and Santiago were going to set Cape Town on fire. Little did I know just how successful they would become.

These two – André and Johann – have fallen deeply in love with their husbands, but I’d never be out of the picture for various reasons. The love they experienced shone through. They beamed and I was very happy for them.

I looked at Gunther and Juan. They were merely shaking their heads and smiled. They loved their men despite their antics and big mouths.

We arrived at the venue and bought our tickets. They were €11.50 each. The River Spree wasn’t a huge one like the Danube and the trip was only 1 hour.

Even with Berlin’s wonderful transportation options, the city can still be a monster to traverse. Walking is inevitable no matter one’s mode of transport, but a jaunt between attractions can rack up quite the kilometres, and we’ve done some the two days before.

Luckily, the boat ride was an easier way than by foot, by car or by bus that is ideal. Berlin city cruises are a popular way to check out some of the city's top sites from a new perspective.

There are many different operators on the rivers and canals of the city with cruise times and options ranging from a speedy hour-long ride through the city's top sites to whole day excursions with elegant meals and cocktails.

The express cruise around Museuminsel and Mitte seemed to be the perfect cure for our tired feet. It was inexpensive, easy to hop on and at just an hour ride time - this was the best way to check out the must-sees in Berlin.

Information was provided in German and English via speakers with an additional audio guide available on board for €3 per person in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Danish and Swedish. Food and drink was available on-board and Gunther got us each a paper cup with Glühwein, the stuff we had on Sunday. It was nice and warming.

With this cruise we had the unique chance to see the countless modern and historical attractions the city had to offer from a completely new perspective - and hear about their history in both English and German. Gunther told us that even on the hottest days of the year the light breeze acts as a natural air conditioner, providing pleasant refreshment from the beginning till the end of one’s journey.

After our trip, we walked to the Judisches Museum so we could actually see something.

The museum was modern, but the contents were depressing. It was horrible to think that these talented and innocent people were hunted down because of one mad man’s ideas, put in concentration camps where 6 million of them died. Incredible. But, the modern Germans have paid their tributes to the Jews and have made good on what happened to them in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

Johann was engrossed in what he saw. At one stage I was looking for him and found him wiping his eyes when he was looking at pictures of Jews in Auschwitz. Just skin and bone and dirty. It is a small wonder that most of the Jews that survived the atrocities never became hateful in general. But, the hate many people, including many Germans, felt towards the Nazis and Hitler, was tangible. That was the most horrific and most extensive human annihilation ever.

By half past 10 I was dying for some coffee. The only one close to where I was, was Luigi and I pulled him to me and kissed him.

Mio caro, sto morendo per una tazza di caffè. Forse cappuccino? Vuoi un caffè troppo? (My darling, I'm dying for a cup of coffee. Perhaps cappuccino? Do you want some coffee too?)” I said holding his face between my hands. I looked deep into his beautiful brown eyes with the sparkle in them, and felt him pulling my torso tight against his body.

Sicuramente mio caro. Mi conosci troppo bene! Oh, quanto ti amo! (Definitely mio caro. You know me too well! Oh, how I love you!)”

“Luigi, I will never stop loving you. Last night when we were in bed and you were making little sounds like a sleeping puppy …”

“I don’t make sounds like a sleeping puppy! Do I …?” Luigi said as we walked towards the tables, holding hands.

“Yes, you do-o-o-o! It’s so adorable! But, I was thinking about Vlado, who has fallen madly in love with me, and about Clive, Giovanni, Kamran, Diego and our boys, including Pierre … the snake, but I love him very much! … Mio caro, all these men are special in their own special way, and I have to concur, I do love them all – some more than others, but when I think of pure love, it’s you my darling man! I honestly and truly love you with every fibre in my body. You might not have a cock of death like some of the others, but Luigi, nobody of them is you, has your demeanour, your gentle way with me … The mere fact that you allow me to experience these guys, makes me love you even more … if that’s even possible! Never doubt how I feel about you,” I said and sat down, still holding Luigi’s hand.

“Ahh! Mio caro! I know you love me and I know you prefer me even though some of them have bigger cocks. Never doubt how I feel about you too!” he said and kissed my hand.

“Yesterday with Vlado was the turning point. Meeting this godd-like creature and experiencing his insanely huge cock, was an experience to behold. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced sexually. Not even with you … sorry! But, even though he is super kind, he’s nice, he’s sexy, he has exquisitely nice big hands and feet, his body hair feels like silk, his hyperspermia is incredible and the whole package of this Romani is up there with the best. But, even though he proposed to me …” I said.

“What? He really proposed to you? What did you say?” Luigi said, a bit flustered. He knew the man was smitten with me … but proposing?

“Don’t worry! I told him how I feel about you and that I’m marrying you. However, I think he was serious about coming to Cape Town and to expand his business. Would you be OK if he became a member of our group? If he’s of the understanding that he can love me, and yes, I could love him too, but he can never marry me or take me away, would you be OK with that?” I said squeezing this amazingly sexy and handsome man holding my hand.

“Yes, I’ve made peace with the whole lot living with us and even if I would say anything, Pierre and Clive and Giovanni are going nowhere! And I know Piero will fall in love with you! As long as they all accept it that you’re marrying me, I’m OK with it if they fuck you,” Luigi said and leaned closer to kiss me.

“Yes, with the likes of the Three Musketeers, and with Piero coming, I’m sure I’d never run out of lovers! But yes, you have the upper hand! I love you just that bit more, you’re just that bit more sexy, you’re just that bit deeper in my heart … I’m marrying you, and that’s that!” I said and squeezed Luigi’s hand again.

“You’re just confirming what I already knew … Thanks mio caro! You do know that’s how I feel about you, don’t you? But, tell me, how does it feel when Vlado fucked you? It’s very big! I’d love to study that enormous cock and his hyperspermia! Wow! I’m getting hard here just thinking of it! It really is a special cock!” Luigi said and readjusted his cock in his pants.

“Vlado is a very special man. He grew up in Romania and knows hardships. But everything about him is soft … OK, not his cock! … and nice and sexy and beautiful. If not for you and the others, I’d easily fall in love with him and marry him. His hyperspermia is just that nice extra touch … But, come to think of it, most of you guys have hyperspermia to some extent!” I said and looked at my man with new eyes.

“Yes, technically we do have hyperspermia, but what you told me when you sucked him … that is at least 50 to 80ml – far more than our 25 or 30ml. If he’s agreeable, I’d love to use him for a study. Only 3% of men have the condition and I’ve personally never seen one as pronounced as Vlado. I hope I don’t get hard when I see him jacking off!” Luigi said and kissed my hand.

“I’m sure he would agree. Back to the present and immediate future. Luigi, even if Piero does fall in love with me … oh well, OK, you’re sure he WILL … I’d also love him, but I’m marrying you, OK?” I said and looked at the exquisite doctor in front of me. I looked at his hands and realised there wasn’t a speck of dirt, nails clipped short, not a single shred of cuticle peeling off, perfectly formed fingers, hairy and when I turned his hand around and looked at his thumb, I fell in love with these beautiful hands again.

Luigi’s hands were perfect. I remembered Mom saying something about his hands in the kitchen one day: “He has extremely beautiful hands. If his heart and soul look like his hands, he is truly the man for you. I really like your doctor!”

“Ahh! Here are the hordes! Welcome boys! Come, I’m ready for another cup! Let’s get some nice coffee before we hit the streets to see the museums!” Luigi said and moved closer to me to make space for the others. Pierre made a bee-line to sit next to me … snake! But fuck! What a beautiful snake!

He put his hand on my thigh and when I put my hand over his, he grabbed it, squeezed it and put them on his thigh. I realised this man too had exquisite hands. Fuck! When it comes to my men, I was in the pound seats with all of them having beautiful hands and feet, not to mention their cocks. But, hands and feet are to some extent a reflection of the person. Not everybody had big beautiful hands, but the basics are non-negotiables: short, clean nails, cuticles pushed back, loose bits removed and a bit of hand cream every now and again doesn’t hurt either.

“So, what have you two been gossiping about? I’m sure I was on the agenda! My ears were burning!” Pierre said and pushed our hands up to his crotch. Snake, I told you!

“No, the gossiping was about Vlado and his insanely big cock. Did you know that he has hyperspermia? He shoots an immense load, much more than you other guys. It might have been up to 80ml per orgasm. Luigi wants to use him to study the condition,” I said.

“Really? And he pumped that huge amount into you? Twice? Or how many times? Wow! I’m amazed!” Pierre said.

“And something you guys need to know: he has proposed to me …”

“What? He did what? The scoundrel! I could kill him for that! What did you tell him? Does he even know we’re much higher on the hierarchy than he could ever hope to be? What did he say?” Pierre was outraged and the others heard it.

Pierre filled them in and the hyperspermia was added to sort of ‘bad-mouth’ Vlado. Pierre was hurt, but I did come up for Vlado.

“Guys, guys, guys! Hang on there for just one bit! Yes, he proposed, but what do you think I said? Hmmm? Do you really think I’d forsake Luigi and you guys? Even though he is a multi-millionaire and has a cock of death, I can’t marry him. But, he might join our group …” I got in.

“He IS a snake! I thought he was kind and gentle and sexy and a gentleman! But to sneak in like this? Gunther, you better talk to your friend!” Johann said. He was not happy.

“No need for that. I’ve already told him he could join us and add to the mix, but that’s that. And yes, he really is a kind and gentle man. It’s big, but he was attentive and he never hurt me one bit. He was the perfect gentleman, like you guys!” I said to deflect the anger of some of the guys.

“Still, he can’t take you away from us! I’ll not stand for that!” Johann said and the others were in agreement.

“Hi all! Just remember the chances are very good he would actually turn up in Cape Town. Then please remember your upbringing and make him feel at home. He is not going to take mio caro away. He would be on a par with you guys. Antonio is mine, for you to enjoy but nobody else gets to marry him. OK?” Luigi said and kissed me for good measure.

Johann wasn’t too happy and Gunther had his work cut out for him to appease our moustached photographer.

“OK Pee-AIR? When he comes to visit us, will you accept him in our lives?” I said and kissed Pierre on the cheek. “For my sake please?”

“Not with that feeble excuse of a kiss you don’t! Kiss me properly or the deal is off!” Pierre said and the little devils danced in his eyes.

“There is no deal on the table! Just behave and treat Vlado the way we’ve been treating our other friends. He is going to be a friend, finish en klaar!” I said with finality and kissed Pierre on the mouth.


After the Jewish Museum, we went to see the two churches on the Gendarmenmarkt to have a look at the impressive German and French Cathedrals (the Deutscher Dom and the Französischer Dom).

It was serene, it was beautiful and we had a rest.


Then we did the museums … many of them. I’m all for preservation and keeping one’s history preserved.

The museums were very interesting, but too much of a good thing …

Museum Island (German: Museumsinsel) is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree River in the central Mitte district of Berlin. It is so called for the complex of five internationally significant museums, all part of the Berlin State Museums that occupy the island's northern part.

Berlin's Museum Island is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and home to the city's most important exhibition centres: the Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Neues Museum (New Museum) the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery). The collections in these buildings encompass over 6,000 years of art and cultural history.

The Altes Museum (Old Museum) was completed on the orders of Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1830.

The Neues Museum (New Museum) was finished in 1859 according to plans by Friedrich August Stüler, a student of Schinkel. Destroyed in World War II, it was rebuilt under the direction of David Chipperfield for the Egyptian Museum of Berlin and re-opened in 2009.

The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) completed in 1876, also according to designs by Friedrich August Stüler, to host a collection of 19th-century art donated by banker Joachim H. W. Wagener

The Bode Museum on the island's northern tip, opened in 1904 and then called Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum. It exhibits the sculpture collections and late Antique and Byzantine art.

The Pergamon Museum, the final museum of the complex, constructed in 1930. It contains multiple reconstructed immense and historically significant buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

The German Cathedral (Berliner Dom) with its magnificent dome is a remarkable example the of late 19th century architecture. Near the Cathedral are also the German Historical Museum and the Museums Island. On the side of Berlin’s boulevard Unter den Linden stands the Catholic St. Hedwigs-Cathedral.

The Museuminsel is close to the Unter the Linden … OK, not right there, but within walking distance.

After the third museum, walking down passages upon passages, I asked if we couldn’t go to the Berliner Dom Kirche. I wanted to sit down for a bit and then head to one of the numerous restaurants in the area

“Is my beautiful boy tired?” Luigi said.

“Yes, and no. I’ve seen so much over the past 2 days and today, I think my brain is at a saturation point. I just have to sit back and relax. And I’m thirsty for a drink. Can we go please?”

“Of course my darling boy. Let’s call the other guys. Perhaps they feel the way you do. I’m also starting to feel like a drink now. Just wait here,” Gunther said and found the others looking at old artefacts from some Byzantine era.

Soon the other 4 joined Gunther, Luigi and me and they all agreed to go to get something to drink at a place on Unter den Linden.

We took a brisk walk down Unter den Linden. The leafless tree trunks were draped with white fairy lights, which came on while we walked down the walkway. It was spectacular and once again, I marvelled at how the Germans embraced its history, its buildings, its statues and even the walkway that was so old.

We found the Windhorst, a beautiful place. Once again, it was all wood and exquisite light fittings. We found two tables large enough for the 7 of us.

I took out my iPhone and checked on the ratings for the place and found this one:

This is what I call an excellent bar!!! Great drinks, cosy place and ... music player from original LPs!!!!!

From the moment I entered I knew this is the one! Even before, when you walk the street you can see this old-fashioned neon "BAR". So everything simply fits there! The place was full, music not too loud but nicely delivered by original LP player.

I did a couple of drinks and every one of them was top of the class. Both powerful and tasty. My favourite so far is Cosmopolitan Sour with Egg White and bourbon. Simply excellent!

So will try to be back each time I am in Berlin ;)

Another said:

We were walking around the area when we decided to go for a drink and after seeing the reviews on Yelp we decided to check out this bar. Since smoking is allowed in Berlin bars we opted to sit at the little spot right outside the door. It was a prime spot to view the entire bar as well as listen to the soft jazz notes in the background. I definitely agree with other reviews. The music selection is excellent! It's a perfect accompaniment to the well crafted cocktails. As for the cocktails I ordered a Cover Club cocktail since it's one of my favorite gin cocktails and they specialize in gin. My BF ordered a more tropical drink with lychee. Both cocktails were delicious. I also loved the quiet and intimate atmosphere. It's perfect for a sophisticated date night. Berlin has some very promising cocktail bars so I'm making my way thru them but Windhorst is definitely my kind of spot.

Fortunately, the establishment has ruled out smoking altogether and the smokers had to go stand outside in the cold for their fix. None of the guys in our group smoked and we all didn’t like it in the least. One thing that we were very glad for in South Africa: no smoking in any public buildings or in the workplace.

Gunther’s phone started ringing and he went outside to answer it.

“Is he having an affair right under your nose, Snorreman?” André, of course!

[“Snor” = moustache, “snorre” = moustaches]

“No you moron! It’s his father! Sheez! Not everybody has sex on his mind 25 hours of the day!” Johann said and aimed a swipe at André’s head. Repercussions, of course! But, we were in public and they had to keep it in.

Gunther returned and stood at the side in the middle of the two tables.

“That was Vati. He said there is a German play on in the Schaubühne. It’s a comedy but there are no subscripts. So, I said we’d not join them there. OK?”

“Yes, only this clever baby bro and you would’ve understood. I say let’s do a little pub-crawling and see what Berlin looks like at night around Unter den Linden. What do you say? Baby bro?” André was the main clown.

“For once, I have to agree with this delinquent. I’d rather have some time with you guys. Berlin is overwhelmingly beautiful and here is just so much to do and see. Yes, let’s give our brains a rest and do the pub-crawling thing,” Pierre said and hugged me. “Yes Ant?”

We all agreed and ordered another round on the spot.

For the ones amongst you planning on visiting Berlin:


Located in a converted 1920s expressionist cinema by Erich Mendelsohn, this is western Berlin's main stage for experimental, contemporary theatre, often with a critical and analytical look at current social and political issues.


We did some pub-crawling and got a little hammered, but not too much. By 10 o’clock Gunther called it a day and we moved to the closest U-Bahn to go home. I was pooped. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay awake on the train!

I was really tipsy and before long I had my hands on Luigi and Pierre’s thighs, my head on Luigi’s shoulder and dozed off …

“Wake up my beautiful Prince! Ant! We’re about to get off! Wake up!” Pierre said and squeezed my thigh.

I woke up with a start and looked around, dazed.

“Ummm … Oh! Sorry!” I said and put my head on Pierre’s shoulder.

“That’s so endearing and yes, I love you too, but here we are! Come, we have to get out!” Pierre said and pulled me up when he stood up. He held on to me like I was a drunken man … I actually was a little drunk! Good thing Dad wasn't around …!


We got home and found the most beautifully hand-written note – Gunther’s mom had an exquisitely beautiful handwriting – welcoming us home. She said in the note there are snacks in the warm oven and that Gunther had to make us hot chocolate. They expected to be home by 11 o’clock as they were with friends.

She also said that breakfast would only be at 9 o’clock the next morning.

Gunther went into the kitchen with us following him. The most wonderful smells of savoury food hung in the air.

Gunther opened the warm drawer and found a pottery platter covered with aluminium foil in there. I noticed the warm drawer had a timer and it was clear Frau Müller had it set up to go on about half an hour earlier.

Our Jerry man was clever enough to take out the platter with oven mitts. He put it on the glass-top stove and removed the foil. Wow! There was about something of anything there: little meatballs, small cocktail sausages, small cocktail sausage rolls, chicken winglets, fish nuggets … it looked and smelled divine.

On the counter was another platter with cold snacks: filled boiled eggs, cold meats wrapped around asparagus spears, olives, various cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes …

We dug in and ate like wolves. We were cold and the food was just so delicious! Frau Müller and Mom would get on like a house on fire, I thought. Wow!

After we have had our fill and have had some hot chocolate, I felt much better and just wanted to sleep. It was more or less the common feeling amongst the guys.

We headed for the shower and my big hunk of a Pierre almost washed me like a rag doll. I was tired as fuck. But, I returned the favour and when I got to his crotch, his cock was only half hard … my man was tired too! That was a first!

Luigi has showered already and when Pierre and I stepped out of the enclosure, he took me and dried me off, with Pierre on the other side. They were really pampering me.

We brushed our teeth and applied the necessary creams and lotions. We were ready for bed.

“In my arms tonight! No objections Ita! He needs his rest and I’m the bigger one here. So, he sleeps in my arms tonight!” Pierre said and put his arm around my waist and led me to the bed. Fuck, I was tired.

We got into bed and the last thing I remembered was Pierre gently kissing my forehead … I was out for a duck!


Thursday morning broke without anyone rushing into our bedroom screaming.

I opened my eyes and saw it was still fairly dark. I was on my back with Pierre’s right arm over my chest and Luigi’s left arm over my tummy.

I listened to the two men sleeping on either side of me. Both were still fast asleep.

My cock was rock-hard! Morning glory de luxe! I gingerly put my hands on the two men’s cocks … same thing! Rock hard! I let go of the cocks but not before Pierre groaned and pushed closer to me, hugging me closer to him.

Fuck, these two men were absolute darlings. Yes, I know I’ve said it over and over, but I really loved them very much. Pierre might have fallen in love with Clive – who wouldn’t? – but the love he and I felt for each other was sincere, deep and untouchable. Not even the classy godd-like Vlado could ever come between us.

And then there was Luigi … what more to say than that this perfect male specimen was mine, that I loved him deeply and that I never wanted to lose him. I turned my head towards him and kissed him on the forehead. He groaned in his sleep and hugged me closer to him.

I enjoyed the moment and just lied there, ensconced by the two men, feeling the love between us.


By around half past 7 Pierre and Luigi woke up when I yawned and stretched out. It was time my darlings joined me in the life of the living, for Pete’s sakes!

“Ahh! Mio caro! Buongiorno. Avete dormito bene? Hmmm! Ti amo tanto! (Good morning! Did you sleep well? Hmmm! I love you so much!)” Luigi said and kissed me on the cheek.

“I have no idea what that Ita has said, and I’m tempted to say ‘ditto’, but godd knows what he did say, so I’d rather say how much I love you and ask you if you slept well. So, did you?”

“Good morning to you both. Yes, I love you both and yes, I slept very well. It was a long and peaceful night between two very nice and beautiful men,” I said and brushed my hands over their hairy chests.

“Hmmmm! Keep that up and I’m plugging you right here and now! Ahhh! Oh fuck! With you around, I tend to lose my manners … Ahhh!” Pierre said and pushed my hand down to his groin. Still rock-hard!

“Let’s give our darling boy a fair chance. Let’s save him for tonight. È che per mio caro? (Is that in order my darling?)”

I was dying to have them inside me but knew it would be nice for a change to face the day without a big load inside me. That way we’d be famished for sex by nightfall!

And then the hordes rushed in … my godd! What happened in Mom’s womb? Did the doctor really drop André on his head? Why was he so different? And Johann? How come he and André were like they were cut from the same cloth?

“Come! Come! Come! Enough of this sickening lovey-dovey stuff! Come! It’s 8 o’clock and I’m dying for coffee. My Jerry man has gone down to make us some. He’s bringing it here. So tell us! Who fucked you Anton? Who molested you? Just point him out to me and I’ll neuter him right here with my toothbrush!” Johann was such a clown!


Gunther brought the coffee and everybody was eager to get a mug with the magic black liquid. The only one who took one teaspoon of sugar was Pierre.

“I'm a growing boy and I have to eat for two,” he said and palmed his huge cock. We had such a laugh at our squash champion. “Ye-es! Little Pierre drains my resources and I have to feed him, otherwise I can’t feed Ant!”

“OK, that’s enough! Just now we’d be rolling around on the bed and then we’d be late for breakfast!” Juan cracked the whip but he did palm Pierre’s huge cock, which of course was no longer soft! Snakes! All of them, and I was the master of all the pythons!

The coffee was delicious and we had some biscuits that were something between rusks and biscuits. It wasn’t sweet at all, but it also didn’t have the consistency of real South African rusks.

“They’re called Zweiback (double-baked). The balls of dough are placed close together in a greased tin and baked. Then it’s cooled down a bit and cut into slices, put on a baking tray and baked at a lower temperature until it’s golden brown and dry. Mom has the same but she uses buttermilk, not so? To be honest, I prefer Mom’s rusks to my Mom’s Zweiback. Mom’s buttermilk rusks are to die for!” Gunther explained. We do have rusks that looked like these, but we preferred Mom’s buttermilk rusks.

“André, no more than 2 pieces, OK?” Juan said and ruffled my brother’s bed hair.

“Na-ahh! I’m the growing boy here! And I also have to feed my smaller python! And I have to feed my brother! Only two? You’re a heartless beast, ogre!” André said and tickled Juan.

Our alpha male man wasn’t really ticklish but he played along as he really came to love André. It ended up in little rough-and-tumble.

“I have to concur with Gunther, Mom’s buttermilk is superior to this. No offense to your mom, Gunther! But, beggars can’t be choosers! So, please let me have my two pieces!” Johann put in and dunked his ‘biscuit’ in the coffee.


After the coffee and Zweiback, we headed for the showers. Then we got dressed and by 5 to 9 we were downstairs for breakfast.

"Today is New Year's Eve. We hope the old will stay in the past and that we'll be one happy family from the new year on!" Herr Müller said and kissed Gunther. It was clear this man was very proud of his son and very happy they have reconciled.

Frau Müller came and she too was very pleased to close the old year with her son a part of the family again.

Breakfast consisted of a variety of Brötchens, other German breads including Dreikornbrot (three seed bread), cold meats, cheese and jams. There were some German sausages and scrambled eggs as well.

We thanked Frau Müller and then we headed off to brush out teeth, and put on our jackets and scarves.

Mutti, heute Abend gehen wir ins Club. Wir werden ein bischen später zum Hause sein (Mutti, this evening we’re going to the Club. We will be home a little later),” Gunther said to his mom before we left.

Spaß haben Jungen! Sicherzustellen, dass Sie warm angezogen sind! (Have fun boys! Make sure you're dressed warm)!” Gunther’s dad said. “Hast du genug Geld? (Do you have enough money?)”

Ja, sicher Vati. Danke. Ja, ich hab’ genug Geld, danke! (Yes, for sure Dad. Thanks. Yes, I have enough money, thanks!)” Gunther said and kissed his dad goodbye. Well, they’ve really warmed up towards each other! I was so glad.

Herr Müller took Johann’s outstretched hand and then pulled him in for a hug. Herr Müller said something to him.

We were on our way. We took a brisk walk to the U-Bahn and when we turned the corner, André couldn’t contain himself anymore.

“So then, tell us about you and Herr Müller? Come on! Tell us!” André said and gave Johann’s butt a light tap.

“What my father-in-law and I said to each other is none of your business. It’s our secret!” Johann said and took Gunther’s hand. “I’ll tell you later Jerry!”


The trip on the U-Bahn involved two transfers to other lines. At the Hauptbahnhof we changed to an S-Bahn and 19 minutes later we reached the Olympic Stadium. The efficiency of the Germans was evident: we got off almost on the doorstep of the stadium!

Das Olympiastadion (The Olympic Stadium)

As we approached the enormous complex, I was struck by the enormity of it, but also the simplicity of the buildings.

The complex consisted of numerous lawns and fields where different sports events could be held. We walked around and we were really impressed. The tiredness of the previous day was forgotten: we were in our element! Hockey players, a squash player … really! We loved it!

I pulled out the printout Frau Müller gave us to read up on the stadium.

The Olympic Stadium was built between 1934 and 1936 to serve as the centrepiece of the 1936 Olympics. It officially opened on the 1st of August 1936 with the Olympic opening ceremony. The most notable events during the Games were the four gold medals of African-American track and field athlete Jesse Owens.

During World War ii the stadium was damaged extensively but was rebuilt.

After the rebuilding, the stadium remained largely unchanged until it underwent a major renovation in 1972 and 1973, mainly aimed at preparing the stadium for the upcoming 1974 World Cup. The works included the construction of two roofs over the upper tiers of both long sides.

During the World Cup, Olympiastadion hosted three matches in the first group stage.

The stadium had significantly aged by the 1990s and the city of Berlin therefore started a debate over its future. Voices went up to rebuild it as a football-specific stadium, but in the end it was decided to renovate it instead and keep its status as a multi-purpose stadium.

A little after that decision had been made, the stadium was awarded the final of the 2006 World Cup as part of the German bid.

The renovation of the Olympiastadion involved the complete reconstruction of the lower tier and the installation of a new roof. Works were completed in 2004, and the stadium was reopened with a friendly international match between Germany and Brazil (1-1).

During the 2006 World Cup, the Olympiastadion hosted four group matches, a quarter-final, and the final between Italy and France (1-1).

The Olympiastadion was chosen to host the 2015 Champions League final, which was the first European Cup final hosted at the stadium.

In one of the flyers we got from an info office at the stadium, I found this information:

The Olympic complex is of enormous dimensions. Solidity and authority were at the basis of the stadium project. A colonnade of neoclassical origin that is placed along an elliptical structure now characterizes these. From a geometrical point of view, the colonnade is 'pure' and defines the external look in a powerful way. The interior ring of the tiers is dug into the ground. This enables the pillars of the colonnade to reach the top level of the stadium. The colonnade was designed to impress the spectators when accessing the stadium.

At one side of the stadium, two identical towers express the main axis. They indicate the main entrance. The Olympic rings are suspended between the towers to symbolically complete the design of the portal. At the other side of the stadium, the ‘Marathon Gate’ suddenly interrupts the continuity of the tiers along the elliptical perimeter. Two robust blocs that served to welcome the Olympic flame define it. The Marathon Gate contains the winners’ names of the Olympic Games. The axis subsequently culminates with the ‘Führerturm’ that is the highest tower in front of the Marathon Gate. It is 75 meters tall.

During the Second World War, the Allies bombed the stadium – a symbol of the Nazi power. Afterwards, the stadium was completely restored and renovated.

On occasion of the World Cup 1974, the Olympiastadion was partly covered for the first time. A roof existing of steel and Plexiglas was added on the main tribunes. At that time, these were modern and light materials and gave the stadium a completely new look.

On occasion of the World Cup 2006, the stadium was yet again completely renovated. Works started in September 2000. The project of the renovated stadium respected the original structure of the Thirties. However, this time the stadium was completed covered by a new roof. Just like the tiers, the roof also interrupts at the Marathon Gate. A membrane of semitransparent Teflon was used to create the roof structure, contrasting the robust volume of the stadium.

After walking around for about an hour and a half, I was hungry and when I saw the time, I realised we were so engrossed that we didn’t notice it was time for lunch.

There were three cosy eateries and coffee shops to choose from. André pulled his iPhone out and opened TripAdvisor. He found a restaurant just on the other side of the railway lines, by the name of Preussisches Landwirtshaus Restaurant. It had a 4-star rating.

We walked the short distance to the restaurant and found it looked like it was from another era. It was old but of course it was neat and well-maintained. We found a big table and sat down. The ambience of the place was exquisite, the music pleasing and the waiters were fast and friendly.

We ordered some Glühwein to start off and then some German Pilsner beers. While we waited for the drinks, we looked at the food on offer and I decided on a selection of 3 German sausages. With it, I ordered Brötchens, German mustard, gebratene Kartoffeln (roasted potatoes) and Sauerkraut (sour cabbage). The three ‘wursts’ I chose were usually ordered on its own:

Bratwurst and Rostbratwurst is a sausage made from finely minced pork and beef and usually grilled and served with sweet German mustard and a piece of bread or hard roll (Brötchen).

Nürnberger Rostbratwurst – smaller (pinkie-finger sized) bratwurst sausages, flavoured with marjoram. Served six at a time, grilled, with sauerkraut and potatoes with a side of horseradish cream.

Landjäger is a type of dried sausage made from beef, pork, lard, and sugar and spices. It is air-dried and resembles a small salami. It does not require refrigeration and can be eaten cold or boiled. I decided that mine had to be served cold.

Most of the others followed suit with here and there an exception. Gunther looked at me and smiled.

“You really know your way around German food, eh?” He smiled his most endearing smile and just then our drinks arrived.

We placed our orders for food and then we toasted our host and his parents in their absence.

“As the husband-to-be of the alpha male, and one of the most intelligent men out there, I have to say something,” André said, cleared his throat and tried to continue with a lot of heckling and comments flying. “Yes, usually the ones with less brains have the most to say … what? I’m just stating the obvious! Please! Please, behave like human beings and SHUT UP! Sheez! Ek bel nou my Pa (I'm phoning my Dad now!)!” He had a tough time saying what he wanted to say but eventually we did give him a chance. Not often that my brother was in the role of the sensible leader!

“As I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted … baby bro, you’ll have to do something about your brood of men! Incorrigible, ek sê vir jou (I’m telling you)!” my brother managed to get in before the loud cheers and name-calling quieted him for a split second. “Let just one of you say another word … *shut the fuck up* … NOW! I have the floor, I’ll have you know! Keep quiet!”

We couldn’t let him off that easily, and he was heckled the way he was usually terrorising all of us. But, after a few hoots and name-calling, we gave André a chance after Juan stepped in to defend his man.

“That’s better. Thanks my man! You’ll be rewarded appropriately … ahem …” Of course, there were some comments as we knew what that meant! “As I’ve been saying … Gunther, our beautiful Jerry man, we usually love our men with darker to black hair, but you’re the exception … yes, of course you too, Johann! Just as well you can’t breed … imagine the pink rats you’d have for offspring … what? It’s true! Just look at them!” Lots of comments and even Pierre slapping his butt!

“Ow! As I’ve said: don’t steal – ask!” André retorted.

“Bah! Who wants that? Poor Juan who has to be satisfied with this … this …” Pierre said and got a light swipe on the head.

“AS I WAS SAYING! Jerry, we love you very much, Ouboet (Big brother). You’ve been an excellent host and we’re enjoying our time here in Berlin. I’ve never thought this place had so much to see and do, and you’ve really outsmarted yourself … what? I’m just saying! He is only a biological sciences guy! Compared to the budding engineers here … WHAT? You know, you all behave like delinquents! Ek bel NOU my Pa! Sheez! In any case, cheers, tjorts en amen! We’re enjoying it with the Müllers in Berlin!”

[Cheers, tjorts en amen = a colloquial way of toasting. ‘Tjorts’ is another word for ‘cheers’, and ‘amen’ is amen]

We cheered and drank to the health and goodwill of the Müllers. The mood was jovial and after André’s impromptu speech, we were joking a lot and really enjoyed the company.

Then the food arrived. It looked divine and smelled wonderful. I got one Bratwurst, one Landjäger and the set of six Nürnberger Rostbratwurst. With it I got some German mustard, a Brötchen and butter, some Sauerkraut and a generous helping of gebratene Kartoffeln. This was a feast in the making!

Some guys ordered other kinds of Wurst and bread. A few of them wanted Sauerkraut and gebratene Kartoffeln.

The jokes toned down for a bit as we dug into the Deutsches Fest. We enjoyed the food tremendously. And with the Deutsches Musik and the fantastic company, the day was memorable.

Soon, while the thick sausages were still on our plates, the jokes came thick and fast. Yes, the sausages were all too small to represent any of our cocks, but it didn’t stop Johann or André of making fun of the phallus-like objects on our plates.

“It’s clear we’re all way on top of the wiener list! Pierre, of everybody here, you’re the champion! Sheez man! Two of my wieners are not as long as your ONE wiener! You're not blessed, you’re punished! Come to think of it, how the hell do you fit it all into your underpants?” Johann said, looking at Pierre with new eyes. “I’ve always wondered and now I’m asking. How do you fit it all in there, AND play squash? Don’t you trip over the Big One?”

“It goes fairly soft when Ant’s not around … hehehe … but yes, it is a challenge. Either I wear a jockstrap which I don’t like very much, or I wear HOM underwear that my Dad buys me. It has a lot of stretch and of course, I have my way of adjusting ‘the goods’ so it’s comfortable. I put it between my legs, but I give it a breather from time to time. When it’s still soft, I alternate in putting it towards the left or right. Ant can tell you more!” Pierre said and blushed when he realised we were hanging on his every word.

“It’s the first confession of the day. Next up, Johann. How the hell do you do it? You know …” André said and one could see he was enjoying it to rib poor Johann who could fuck himself. “You give new meaning to the words ‘go fuck yourself’ as you can actually do it!”

“Well, it’s because it remains rubbery and I have to tell you guys, if you were able to do it, you’d want to do it continuously! It’s amazing! After I started at school, I did it almost every day, every second day. I once showed it to a previous lover, who was so grossed out that he got up and left. He said it was freakish. Far from it. Just as most of you can suck your cocks, some more than others, to fuck yourself is just bloody amazing. And with Anton’s cock in there with mine … it’s divine – no offense Gunther! Yours is A-1, but the double I give myself with Anton … wow!” Johann said and moved in his chair. It was obvious he had to readjust his ‘goods’ as he was getting hard! Snake!

“Gunther, yours is second largest here. You’re left-handed and one can see it by its curve to your right. What do you do when you get a hard-on during the day? I jack off! Full stop!” André said and looked at us with gusto. He wasn’t going to deny a thing.

“This is a hot topic and it’s getting me hard as we speak! Wow! If you didn’t notice, I never wear tight-fitting pants. I carry mine to the right, yes, and when it gets hard, I also jack off if necessary. But now with this beautiful Antonio and Johann in my lives, I hardly ever have to do it …” Gunther got in.

“So then, with all the sex going on between us, you still get time to jack off? You’re a monster freak!” André said with pretend disgust. As if he never jacked off!”

“Yes, like all of you! Sometimes one does need your own hand, your own time, your own pace. It doesn't happen often, but yes, occasionally I do jack off. Usually it’s a quick affair and the mess it makes always makes me think how much Antonio would’ve enjoyed it! Sorry mein Schatz (my darling)!” Gunther said and winked at me.

“Pierre, do you still jack off?” André was on a mission.

“Yes, but like Gunther, it’s very seldom these days. I get more than my fair share with this beautiful boy, but like Gunther says, some days one just needs your own hand. And as with him, I also wonder when I’ve shot my third round, how much Ant would’ve enjoyed it. I try to limit my own shenanigans as I have Ant to enjoy it, and of course my Pommie! Ant! You’re the man!” Pierre said and put his arm around my shoulder. He kissed me on the cheek and whispered: “*I fucking love you and if I could, I’d fuck you on the spot!*”

“*I love you too. Would you really fuck me right now?*” I said and looked into his eys.

“*Yes, most definitely! It would’ve been one for Clive!*”


“*Yes, tonight!*”

“What’s this whispering? If it’s about tonight, I’m in and you’re all invited!” Johann said.

“For a freak show? I’m in! And when do I get a chance to plug you? Hmm? Hmm?” André said.

“If you behave like a human the rest of the day, you might have the privilege to do it!” Johann said, obviously hard by then. “We’d better stop this or I’d have to go to the toilet, and it won’t be a nice sight and not to pee!”

“Juan, you’ve robbed the cradle with these two boys, what is your fetish and where do you put it? What do you do when it gets hard?” Pierre said.

“I’ve never touched them while they were at school, so there is no cradle-snatching. My beautiful boy was so scared of me and look at him now, taking on the really big ones, like yours Pierre! Mine goes straight down and like Gunther, I sometimes put it to either side. With André by my side, either he jacks me off, sucks me off, or I get to plug him. I can’t remember the last time I had to jack off. But if this discussion continues, I might have to join Johann in the toilet! Perhaps I’d get to plug him before André does!” Juan said and ruffled André’s hair.

“You ogre! Our private lives, thrown to these wolves, just like that! Sob! I’m calling my Dad!” André, melodramatic, again. We killed ourselves laughing.

“And you Ita? What do you do? Where do you put it in your pants?” Johann said.

Luigi was blushing and put his hand on my thigh. “I … erm … well, mine is straight because I put it straight down my underpants, but many times it points upwards as it goes very soft when it’s … soft! My balls are just well above average but not too much. I also wear underwear – only white – that stretches. White? Because my precum could make a huge mess in my underwear and it’s fairly invisible on white cloth. It looks terrible on darker colours. Jacking? What’s that? With my Antonio, the last time I had to jack off was when I received an iMessage from him before we met, and the evening after our first encounter. After that, no need! And we need to stop this now! I’m getting hard here!”

“Last but not least! Baby bro, we know about yours and mine: identical and we put ours up when soft. They also go very soft and it all fits in because of the underwear Dad suggested after he saw how we’ve developed. Jacking? No need anymore! If I feel like shooting a load, and there is nobody else, I just go to my brother. These days the ogre keeps my barrels clean. So, my brother goes hungry and not serviced. It’s all his fault! You ugly man!” André said and punched Juan lightly in the arm.

“Watch what you’re saying in front of witnesses! Tonight I’ll ask them all to hold you down while I plug you and then we’ll take turns to pump you full of goo. Watch it!” Juan said and took an astonished André in his arm and kissed him on the head.

“You’d never be that cruel to me … would you? No! Really?” André said, much quieter.

“Yes, really! We’d all have our way with you and pump lots of goo into you! Perhaps the DNA in our goo would find its way into your cells to transform you into a normal human being …” Juan joked.

“No! Really? Would you do that? And change this angelic man into a boring young boy? Really? Ogre, wait until we’re on the farm! I’m telling my Dad to sharpen his knife! He’ll neuter you before breakfast!”

“Which breakfast?” Juan quipped and we roared with laughter. What a bunch of clowns.

By then the food was eaten and we ordered some coffee and Apfelstrudel – one of the nicest German delicacies.

“Before we go, guys. We’re going to Charlottenburg Palace now and then we’re having some drinks before we go to the gay club Himmelreich. This time of year the U-Bahn stops at half past 11. So, we need to get on it at around 11 o’clock. That means we’d be home by half past 11, just in time to have some fun with Johann and his party trick!” Gunther said.

We all laughed and Johann, pretending to be hurt, said: “For that, Jerry, you’re getting nothing of this forbidden fruits tonight! I thought you loved me?”

Schatzie, of course I love you! Come here! Mein Schatzie!” Gunther said and pulled Johann into an embrace. He lifted the moustached man’s face up and kissed him. Ahhh! Fuck! How nice to see real love between two men. “Ich liebe dich! Don’t you ever forget that!”


After the scrumptious meal, and all the laughter, we all went into the bathroom to take a pee. The beer combined with the colder weather made our kidneys work overtime.

As we all stood next to each other in a long row, I glanced left to right to look at the cocks of my men. Some were semi hard which caused a delay in peeing. But, they were all big and delicious. I loved watching them pee and I was looking forward to that evening.

Next to me, Pierre’s huge cock was almost touching the porcelain of the urinal basin. He was getting hard …!

André saw that and of course, Pierre was heckled to no end.

“You horse-cock man! Behave! You’re in public! I’m calling YOUR dad now!” André said and shook his cock dry before he put it back into his pants.

“Yes, and tell my Dad what?” Pierre said and the last of his urine came with short bursts, as the big cock got harder by the second.

“Come, let’s zip up and go before the establishment throws us out on the street! Come you delinquent! Come guys!” Juan said and zipped up.

Next to me poor Pierre had trouble to finish peeing as by then, his cock was almost completely hard. The last of the urine squirted out and when he milked the last of his pee out, some precum came out and formed a long sticky thread that hung from the tip of his cock.

“Oh fuck! I’m so horny right now! Right now I’d love to fuck your ass Ant! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Pierre swore and then he started to wrestle the big cock back into his pants. Fortunately there was a jacket to cover up his big bulge.

By then I was also hard and salivated seeing Pierre’s huge, beautiful cock. It was a masterpiece, and together with Clive’s, Giovanni’s and of course Luigi’s, my men’s cocks were spectacular and I’d never say ‘no’ to any action with them. But, we were in a wide open toilet of a restaurant and on our way out. Down boy!


We walked the short distance to the train station just down the road and apart from the cold, I knew why most had their jackets zipped up and their hands in their pockets! Jackals, all of them, including me! We were a horny bunch!

The train northwest went to Ruhleben and we got onto another train to the east. The whole trip was going to be 27 minutes and after Ruhleben we settled in en route to Luisenplatz/Schloß Charlottenburg.

Of course André and Johann were heckling everybody about their confessions in the restaurant and then getting hard at the urinal in the toilet … they were relentless.

“Baby bro, when I see these lot I still can’t believe you like it so much. OK, I have to admit: they’re frightfully – and I’m using the word loosely here – sexy and attractive and hung. That in itself would turn any gay man, and a couple of straight men as well,” André said, palming his bulge. “But when I saw just how big they are, I can’t believe we’re actually enjoying it! Eh? How come?! And this freak here … you’ve turned my head man! Now I want to be able to do the same or at least plug you too with the ogre in me … Fucked up! That’s what we are!”

“Yes, and I wonder who love it almost as much as Ant? Hmm? You two-faced bastard! Jackal! Delinquent! Rascal … no, that’s too nice a word for you! Scoundrel sounds better!” Pierre said and gave André’s jacket a jerk at the back.

“Yes, horse-cock man! We hear you! As white as the driven snow, I believe! I’m going to lock my brother away, away from the likes of you, you … you …!” André was at a loss for words to describe Pierre.

“Tall, hung hunk, I believe?” Pierre said and we cracked up laughing. André just mumbled something and we had peace and quiet until Johann stopped laughing. He got in a few jabs at each of us.

Before we knew it, we were at our destination and got off the train.

The Charlottenburg Palace. It was almost like a scaled-down version of Versailles. Or the Summer Palace in St Petersburg but not as elaborate or over-the-top. Still, it was a beautiful building.

The magnificent Charlottenburg Palace is located just out of the centre of the city. The beautiful palace hosts fine collections of china and paintings and is situated in the middle of a picturesque palace garden right next to the River Spree. If you don't fancy a walk in the park, you could feed your mind instead in the Charlottenburg museums located directly opposite it.

The palace was built at the end of the 17th century and was greatly expanded during the 18th century. It includes much exotic internal decoration in baroque and rococo styles.

A large formal garden surrounded by woodland was added behind the palace, including a belvedere, mausoleum, a theatre and a pavilion. During the Second World War, the palace was badly damaged but has since been reconstructed. The palace with its gardens is a major tourist attraction.

When we walked up to the main entrance, we understood why that part of Berlin was named after this palace. It was beautiful.


The visit to the Palace was breathtakingly beautiful but due to the foul weather – it started to snow – we decided to cut our visit short. We decided to go to Reingold, a bar at Unter den Linden and have a drink. We planned to have something to eat somewhere, preferably next to Unter den Linden. Gunther said his dad suggested Restaurant Dressler, right next to Unter den Linden.

“But first, a drink! Come, the trip by train is about 33 minutes and by the time we get there, my butt will be frozen! Johann, are you OK Schatzie?” Always the caring man! And the name for Johann was so endearing! Schatzie (little darling)!

We walked a few blocks westward towards the station and while we were waiting for the train (every 5 minutes, and you could set your watch on it!), we huddled together and hands were in other pockets, cold noses in other necks, chests against chests, hands on other backs … we were cold and would do anything to feel some warmth.

Of course Pierre was standing close behind me, his huge bulge pushing against me – jackal! – and Luigi was in front of me, his arms around my body, my arms trapped under his arms, his face in my neck, his crotch pushing against me.

“I wish we could’ve been in bed right now … sei OK, mio caro (are you OK, my darling)?” Luigi said against my ear. His cold nose pushed against me and mine against him – as long as we got some warmth!

Johann joined the three of us, and then Gunther on the other side. Before long André and Juan were joining us as well. We were like emperor penguins in Antarctica, huddling together against the cold!

The train whooshed into the station and we got on board.

Once inside the train, it felt much better. It was nice and warm but we sat down very close to each other.


We got off the train and walked the short distance to Reingold Bar. It wasn’t right on Unter den Linden, but not too far from it.

We walked to the bar in Novalisstraße. The outside was non-descript and I feared for the worst. But when we entered the bar, my breath was taken away! It was BEAUTIFUL! All wood, warm décor and nice lighting. Yes! A snort in this establishment is going to go down good, I thought and looked at the incredibly beautiful interior.

We couldn’t find a table to sit at so we all stood at the counter at first to get our drinks and then find a place to sit down.

We all opted for a nice light German beer and stood at the counter, looking at the decorations, the beautiful wood, listened to the nice music and looked at the people. There were many people of around 20 to 30, all dressed warmly.

I noticed the average German guy wasn’t blonde as we were made to believe. There were guys with black hair, brown hair and blonde hair. Of course, there were many nationalities living in Berlin.

I was standing next to Gunther and mentioned to him what I observed. He winked at me and confirmed the existence of many cultures and creeds living in Berlin. Since the Eurozone opened its borders, there were many people from the Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Croatia and some other. There were quite a few of them who looked delicious!

One tall guy with fairly short pitch-black hair, with a bluebeard of note, a black moustache and enormous hands, with thick fingers came to stand next to us to order a drink. He smelled divine. He had to be gay! And when he ordered a Manhattan Iced Tea, I knew! Family!

He noticed I was looking at him and when I looked down, I saw his big hands again. They were very hairy and they were very big! My men all had big hands, but these hands were enormous!

I looked up and he smiled at me, and winked! His smile revealed super white perfect teeth and I realised this man was kissable par excellence!

“Hi!” he said and smiled again.

“Erm … hi …” I said and I knew I was blushing.

“My name is Krystos Marcandonatos. I'm from Athena. And you are …?” He put his hand out.

“Erm … my name is Antonio le Roux … I’m … I am from South Africa …” I stammered and took the hand he offered to me.

“Antonio le Roux from South Africa. Pleased to meet you,” he said.

My hand disappeared in the enormous hand. I looked down and saw his little finger was bigger than my middle finger! It was BIG!

“Are you looking at my big hands? Yes, I know! They’re big in all the men in my family! Family trait. You’re a very attractive man, Antonio!” Krystos said and squeezed my hand. His hand was warm, soft and my hand felt so small in his … wow!

“Yes, you have really big hands … wow! And so soft! What job do you do?” I said and held on to his enormous hand a little longer.

“You really like my hands, don’t you? Well, I’m a physiotherapist. My big hands come in very handy … as does the rest!” Krystos said, winking at me.

Was he …? Could he be flirting with me? He pushed his elbow against mine and turned to me. I looked down and saw the immense bulge in his pants! My godd! What is it with me and strangers and big cocks, I thought?

“You mean … erm … really? Wow!”

“Yes, that’s what I mean! My boyfriend Xander is in Athena trying to resolve some family issues – we have an open relationship … are you here alone?”

“Oh … No, these 6 guys to my left are with me, including my fiancé. I’m flattered … wow! I’d love to … erm … it sounds very impressive. We’re also in an open relationship but … I don’t know … erm …”

“I’m impressed with what I see! The best I’ve seen here in a long time! What are you doing here?” Krystos asked.

I filled him in on where we’re from, how we ended up in Berlin and that we were only there for a drink, then dinner and a visit to Himmelreich.

Himmelreich? Really? It’s an awesome place! I’m going there too! Thursdays are strippers’ night. They have a strip show and everybody else in the audience may undress too. They have a foam room, but I'm not sure it’s open in winter. I’ve just returned from Athena after 6 weeks helping my lover’s family and my own family too. When I undress, the audience usually focuses on me and the performer is forgotten, so I’m no longer allowed to strip!” Krystos said and winked again.

“Really? Is it very … big …? Really?”

“Yes, it is. Look at my hands, my feet, my body, my nose, my ears, my height – it’s all in proportion. Want to see?”

“Fuck yes! I’d love to but …?”

“Well, not here but later at Himmelreich? *I’d love to fuck you!*” Krystos whispered flatly.

“Wow! You go straight for the jugular!” I said.

“What does that mean? Jugular meaning the carotid artery?”

“Yes, that's what I mean. You’re in the medical field so you should know this. Yes, you go straight for it! I like that!” I said and pushed my knee against Krystos’ knee. He pushed back and pushed forward. His crotch was right in front of me.

I nonchalantly put my hand down and brushed over the bulge … it was enormous.

“Are you meeting new people, Ant? Who might this be?” Pierre said and leaned over my shoulder and put his hand out to greet Krystos. “I’m Pierre, also from South Africa. And you are …?”

“Krystos Marcandonatos. I’m from Athena. Is this your boyfriend?” Krystos said as he took Pierre’s hand in his enormous hand.

“Wow! You have big hands! Hmmm! Yes and no. He is engaged to Luigi over here, but we are also boyfriends … it’s complicated but in short: yes we are boyfriends too,” Pierre tried to explain.

“Wow! A ménage a trois?”

“No, more like 10 to 12 of us in the group. Ant here is our boyfriend but we each have our own boyfriends too. I told you, it’s complicated. Cheers! Nice meeting you Krystos!” Pierre said and clinked his glass against Krystos’ iced tea glass.

Eviva! Nice to meet you! Who are the others in the group?” Krystos said.

“Guys, come meet this Greek giant. Krystos, please meet Luigi. He’s an urologist. He’s Antonio’s fiancé. That over there, is Gunther, a microbiologist. We’re visiting his parents here in Berlin. Next to him is Johann, a photographer. They're involved. Next to them is Juan, also a microbiologist, working with Gunther and his fiancé, André …”

“What? Twins! Wow! This is so hot!” Krystos said.

“Your joy would be short-lived. Ant here is much more … receptive … if you get my drift!” Pierre said and squeezed my shoulder. “And much more lovable …”

“I heard that! You HCM!” André said from the far end.

“HCM? What is that?” Pierre said.

“*Horse-cock man*” I whispered.

“What? So you’ve also got a big one?” Krystos said and whistled between his teeth. “I feel so privileged! Not that there isn’t many big men in Greece … especially in my family!”

“Really? Yours? 33cm?” Pierre said flatly.

“No, more … it’s more like 35cm and very thick. My lover Xander battles with it and prefers to play with it and watch me ‘doing’ other guys. And you thought you’ve got a strange liaison? Try mine!” Krystos said and inadvertently touched his huge bulge.

Fuck! Another huge one! I thought about Vlado Dalco the previous day … wow! Another one! I thought about what Dad would’ve said about me meeting so many guys … But, in my defence, they were all sexy and such nice guys!

“We’re going to Himmelreich later on. How about you?” Pierre said and I knew what he had in mind! My jackal man!

“Me too. I live close to the club. You guys could come with me. My SUV is parked close by. Where are you going from here?” Krystos said.

“We’re going to Restaurant Dressler at Unter den Linden for dinner and then Himmelreich. Any other ideas?”

“Good choice. The train to there runs every few minutes. But I could also take you there and join you for dinner, if you want? Then afterwards we could all go in the SUV to Himmelreich. What do you think?” Krystos said and pushed his knee against mine.

Damn it! This Greek was in the league of George … Yes, please!

“What do you guys think? Would you be able to take us home afterwards? There might not be trains by that time. Yes?” Pierre said. He was leader of the pack!

“Yes, let’s do it! I’d love Krystos to join us for dinner,” Gunther said and hugged Johann closer.

“Settled then! Let’s drink on that!” Krystos said and stood closer to clink the glasses of the others. My hand pushed against his crotch … hard! And huge!

“*That’s for you!*” Krystos said under his breath.

“*How?*” I said quietly.

“*Watch and learn!*”


After another drink, we decided it was time to go to Restaurant Dressler for dinner. Krystos led the way to a car park not too far from the bar. The SUV was big enough to take 7 passengers, with two of us – André and me – in the luggage compartment.

“*Is he going to fuck you?*” André.

“*Yes, he wants to. I don’t know …*”

“*Baby bro, you’re too much! But, this man has enormous hands! I’m dying to see his feet and his cock! 35cm? Phew!*”

“*His hands are enormous but also very soft! I’d love him to give me a massage …!*”

“*Liar! You want him to fuck you!*”

“*Yes, and no. He is a nice guy but if it doesn’t happen, it’s also OK …*”

“*I’d love to see him fucking you!*” André said, stating the obvious. Of course I’d love that too!


Restaurant Dressler was a sharp choice. The place was beautiful and the food, albeit expensive, was to die for. We looked at the beautiful and comprehensive menu and I decided on a Wiener Schnitzel with Bratkartoffeln (pan-fried potatoes) and Gurkensalat (cucumber salad) at €20,50. The others ordered anything from steak to fish, from lamb to chicken, gnocchi and more. The variety was astounding but the prices were as high as €35

We opted for ciders and beers.

Krystos sat next to me with Luigi on my other side. No sooner have we sat down, when Krystos launched into a discussion with Luigi on my other side on medical issues. I didn’t hear much of it as Krystos had his one hand on the table and the other on my shoulder. He slowly massaged my shoulder with his huge hand and I was rock-hard.

I caught myself staring at the huge hand on the table. It was big, the nails were big too and clean. The black hair on the back of his palm and on the digits was pitch-black and long. I imagined this man massaging me, taking my hard cock in his hand and making love to it, sucking it, massaging my balls … My cock was sopping wet.

Our food arrived and I dug in. I was hungrier than I thought. The Schnitzel tasted terrific.

Krystos had his left knee pushed against my right knee and moved it up and down against my thigh and knee.

When Luigi was talking to Pierre, Krystos leaned closer and said: “*Now is your chance to have a quick feel. It’s hard and very wet. Quick! Touch it!*”

I looked to my left and saw Luigi wasn’t looking, so I put my hand under the tablecloth and touched Krystos’ bulge. It was E N O R M O U S! The huge cock was pushed to his left hip and reached right up to his hip. I thought of Dad’s cock, but this was way bigger. It was big and thick. I gave it a squeeze and realised it was rubbery, like Johann’s cock!

“*Are you completely hard?*”

“*Yes, why?*”

“*It’s still nice and rubbery!*”

“*Yes, that’s the only reason why Xander can handle it up to a point! I want to fuck you!*”

“*I’d be delighted if we could!*”

“*Before the sun rises tomorrow!*”


“*I told you: watch and learn!*”

I was in a state. I wanted this Greek man badly, and now that I knew it was a very big cock, but was also rubbery, I desperately wanted him to fuck me! My cock was throbbing in my pants.

Krystos leaned closer to say something to Luigi and deliberately put his huge hand on my crotch. He mumbled ‘Hmmmm’ and squeezed my cock. Oh fuck!

He and Luigi were comparing notes on sports injuries to men’s groins and other related issued.

Krystos asked: “You’re an urologist. What’s the biggest one you’ve ever seen?”

“Well, not a patient, but in London I’ve seen a big one, and yesterday here in Berlin. Why?” Luigi said.

“Well, I’m prepared to show you mine. Perhaps you’d like to use me as a point of reference?”

“I’m all for it. Where will we do it?”

“I live not too far from Himmelreich. I’m suggesting we go to the club for an hour or so, or until the strip show is over, and then go to my place. I’m open to any suggestion and I’d be glad to show you. OK?” Krystos was a smooth operator!

“Let’s see how it goes, but yes, I’d love to see it. Antonio, would you like to … erm … see Krystos?” Luigi said and squeezed my thigh. His hand brushed against Krystos’ hand on my crotch and he looked at Krystos.

“Are you’re hot for my fiancé, Krystos?”

“I have to admit, yes I am! He is such a nice man!”

“And … what do you intend to do with him?”

“Well, I’d love to give him a proper massage with a happy ending … if possible?”

“I don’t know … Antonio, would you like that?”

“Luigi, sai che ti amo molto, ma sì, mi piacerebbe provare se posso? (You know i love you very much, but yes, i'd like to try it if i may?)” I said and put my head on Luigi’s shoulder.

Certo che puoi! 35 centimetri è molto grande! Sei sicuro? (Of course you may! 35cm is very big! Are you sure?)” Luigi said.

“You speak Italian? I’m impressed!” Krystos said and squeezed my crotch.

“Yes, I’m marrying this darling man and on Sunday, I’m meeting his family. He said it’s OK, you and I may … erm … do it! I hope you won’t hurt me!” I said and put my hand on his insanely big crotch.

“Never! You’ll have an experience to remember, guaranteed! Now, let’s get some dessert and get out of here!” Krystos said and gave my crotch one last squeeze.

The selection for desserts wasn't as vast as the rest of the menu, but the Crème brûlée seemed to be the general choice for most.


En route to the gay club I Googled Himmelreich and found this:

Himmelreich confirmed all those stereotypes about gays having good taste: this smart red-hued cocktail bar cum retro-style lounge makes most of the competition. It looks like a straight guy’s bedsit. Tuesdays are women-only and on Wednesdays drinks are two-for-one.

We drove eastward to Himmelreich and paid our cover charge. The place was big and fairly dark.

We got drinks from the bar and assembled around the centre stage where the stripper was to perform in 20 minutes’ time.

Pierre was quick to assert his position and made sure he stood behind me. His immense bulge pushed against my back. It was big enough so I could feel it through the back of my jacket. He had his left hand on my shoulder. At times, his hand was on my chest, massaging my pecs and nipples. Ahh!

The music was very modern and fairly loud in the area where we were. The dancing area was through a doorway in another section. We swayed to the beat of the music and Pierre hugged me close to him.

“Oh fuck! I love you so much my darling Ant! Clive and I are going to make you the happiest man alive!”

“Yes, but Luigi and Giovanni will also be there! And Piero!”

“Yes, I know man! You know what I mean! The two big men will make it extra special!” Pierre said and pushed his bulge against me. “I could fuck you right here and now!”

“I know! And I’d love that! What do you think of Krystos?”

“He looks like a nice guy. Go for it! 35cm is a big one! I hope you can handle it! He has huge hands and thick fingers … he might be very big!” Pierre said and kissed me on the head.


The stripper (his name was Heinrich) was a young short guy, all his body hair shaved off, very muscular and his blonde hair was cut very short and gelled. He wore a golden-coloured very tight costume, which was bulging something awful. It was clear this short muscular man was hung!

The spotlight came on and the stripper was looking down, his left leg slightly to the back, his arms above his head, the hands turned down. On the third beat of the introduction, he started to lift his face and looked at us. He had blue eyes and he was sexy as fuck.

His muscular body was beautiful and his flat tummy looked as hard as a plank. The bulge in his costume was huge.

Heinrich started moving and dancing, flirting with the audience, staring at individuals, smiling coyly and moving closer to us.

The huge genitals in the costume looked like they were just, just contained. I thought it would burst free any second.

Heinrich moved towards a guy standing right next to the stage and traced his finger down the guy’s nose, over his lips and when the guy gasped, the finger went into the mouth. The guy sucked on the finger, and I noticed the finger was big. Short guy, big bulge, big hands … go figure!

The stripper went back on stage, pulling this lucky guy with him. He danced with him, pushing his bulge against the guy’s crotch and it was clear the guy was short of breath, lusting after Heinrich.

Heinrich took the guy’s hand and put it on his big bulge and when the guy tried to grope him, he moved away quickly, pushing his butt backwards.

He swung the guy around and gave him a gentle shove to indicate to him he had to leave the stage.

Heinrich sat on the edge of the stage and looked at the audience, looking for his next participant. He looked right at us and when he saw André and me, he did a double take and looked again. Heinrich came straight for us and pulled both of us on stage with him.

There were loud cheers when the audience realised there were twins on stage with Heinrich.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

Heinrich was making love to us with his hands. His hands roamed over our chests and down to our tummies. When he felt how hard and muscular our bodies were, he leaned closer and asked with an accent: “Do you want to strip with me?”

“Fuck yes! Of course yes!” André said before I could say a thing.

“Then stand next to me, one on each side and dance like I do. Start by removing your scarves! Sensually! Slowly!”

André and I started to dance to the music, and coyly removed our scarves, playing with them around our necks before we threw them to our men. I didn't want to lose my scarf. They were the Boss scarves we got from Alexander.

There were loud cheers.

“Jackets!” Heinrich said.

André and I danced provocatively next to Heinrich and pulled our jackets down our shoulders, back over our shoulders, left, right, down and then one sleeve off, then the other one and then we swung the jackets over our heads before passing them on to our men.

“Good! Shirts!” Heinrich instructed.

We did so and when our bare chests came into view when the buttons came undone, the crowd went wild when they saw our hairy chests. Some guys put their hands out and wanted to touch us. We neatly sidestepped them and continued removing our shirts like we did with the jackets.

Wolf whistles sounded when the audience saw our strong muscular bodies. André and I made our tummies go in and out, rippling them, flexing our biceps muscles like bodybuilders do and gyrated our pelvis like Heinrich was doing.

The crowd went wild.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

“OK, unzip but nothing more!” Heinrich said.

We teased the audience by zipping down, back up, down, putting our hands on our groins, groping ourselves …

The whistles and cheers were deafening! We were a hit!

“Push your pants down to your knees and dance with me!”

We pushed our pants down and when our big crotches came into view, I thought the crowd was going into a frenzy of cheers and whistling. They really went wild.

André provocatively played with his bulge and I followed suit.

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

“Do what I do!” Heinrich said and I saw him pushing his briefs down so the base of his cock showed. We did the same and I felt my cock coming alive. This was hot!

“Show a bit more and close up again,” Heinrich said.

I looked at the base of his cock and saw he must’ve been in Juan's league.

We played with the audience again and again. Show a bit, close up. Groping ourselves, rubbing over our tummies, pinching our nipples … I was getting hard fast.

“Quick flash and pull back up!”

We watched Heinrich and when he quickly pulled his briefs down to reveal his cock, I gasped. He was big! And beautiful! Uncut and thick! Fuck!

We flashed the crowd and they went wild. When we pulled our underpants up again, I could see André was also battling to get his cock back under cover, so to speak. Heinrich too … wow!

We danced, we flashed, we were coy and provocative … we played the audience big time. We followed Heinrich’s lead and rather enjoyed it!

There was one guy right next to the stage who had his cock out and was openly wanking! It was a fairly big one and it was clear he was sopping wet! He looked at us like he was far away … poppers? Something else?

Heinrich came to a standstill and was thrusting his hips forward and started to push his briefs down … slowly but surely and when his cock was halfway visible, one guy got so brazen he jumped on stage. Security guys were there in milliseconds and removed him, marched him straight out of the venue! We were safe, I realised.

We followed Heinrich’s lead and when my cock was halfway exposed, Pierre gave a loud wolf whistle and shouted: “Ant, wys hulle jou piel! (show them your cock!)”

Well, it was clear that’s where we were heading and when I looked at Heinrich he was slowly revealing the rest of his cock. When the top of the garment slipped past the head, his cock jumped free and bobbed up and down. It was completely hard, and it was as big as Juan's cock! A short guy with 28cm! Wow! I felt so insignificant when my cock jumped free … 3,5cm shorter! Shit!

I looked at André and saw he was enjoying the attention! He was playing with his cock, pulling the skin back, and forward again … The crowd really went wild! I copied André and the guy wanking in the first row gave one loud scream and shot his load! It was a copious load that splattered against the side of the stage! Wow!

We danced, we played with our cocks and I admired Heinrich’s huge cock. I realised I wouldn’t mind playing with it …

The music changed rhythm and a slower disco tune was pumping through the loudspeakers. Heinrich was wrapping it up. It was clear nobody else would be allowed on stage and we weren’t going to cum. So, he started to put his cock back and out again … a couple of times and then when the music started to fade, he put his cock right back and pulled his briefs up.

André and I followed suit. Was that it? I wasn’t used to so much attention and not a soul touching me …

“Follow me!” Heinrich said and walked down the steps towards the back of the stage. He was heading for his changing room. We followed him, just wearing pants. It wasn't too cold as the heaters in the club made a huge difference.

Heinrich opened his changing room door, walked in and held the door open. We got in the room and he closed the door, and locked it! What?

“Guys, as you know, my name is Heinrich. Heinrich Schmidt. You are?” the short guy said. He must’ve been around 1,72m or shorter.

“My name is André le Roux and that is my brother Anton … or Antonio if you want. We’re twins!” André, I was sure Heinrich could work that out for himself! “We’re from South Africa!”

“Yes, I can see you’re twins! Did you enjoy the performance tonight?”

“Yes, it was wonderful! I loved it!” André said and palmed his crotch.

“Me too and I’m still hot after seeing you guys! Do you want to suck me off please?” Heinrich came straight to the point. “My boyfriend is in London and I’m as horny as a goat! Please?”

“We’re horny too, but what if someone comes in?” André said, forgetting the door was locked.

“I’ve locked the door but we still have to be quick. I cum very quickly and after performing with you two, I’m about to shoot a significant amount of cum! Please?”

“OK … what do you say baby bro? I’d love to suck him! Come on, let’s do it!” André said and unzipped his pants. He hauled his semi-hard cock out and stepped closer to Heinrich, putting his hand on the big bulge. “Don't be a wuss! Come on baby bro!”

I stepped closer and looked at Heinrich pulling his cock from his briefs. It was big on this small frame. The big head was magnificent and there was a huge drop of precum dangling from the tip when he pulled the skin forward.

André was on his one knee and took the huge cock in his mouth and I was amazed to see half the cock disappearing right in front of my eyes! He has trained well with Juan! André let go of the big cock and when I took it in my hand, I saw it was definitely in Juan’s league. It was a big cock!

I took the big head in my mouth and marvelled at the perfume of this short man. It could’ve been Giorgio Armani or some other Italian scent. The cock tasted wonderful and when I milked it, I was rewarded with a big dollop of precum. It tasted divine!

Heinrich took my head in his hands and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. How I wished this short muscular guy could fuck me!

“I wish I could fuck you!” Heinrich said,  wording my thoughts!

“He'd love you to fuck him!” André said and moved his hands over Heinrich’s big pectoral muscles, pinched his nipples and pushed his cock right up to my cheek.

“Really? I’d love that! So then …? May I please fuck you?”

I let go of the big cock and looked up at Heinrich. The lust in his face was indescribable. He really wanted to fuck me! He reached for the drawer of his dressing table and took out a tube of lube.

“Please? I’d be quick and I promise not to hurt you!”

André turned me around. I was standing on my knees. “Fuck him!” André said and took the lube from Heinrich to lube my hole. André! You dogg!

“Thanks my man! Who are you?” Heinrich asked as I felt the tip of his cock on my hole, slowly entering me. I moved my knees apart to lower my hole for the shorter guy.

“Antonio … ugh! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Ahhhh!” I said and pushed back to get the big cock in me as soon as possible.

“You have no idea what this means to me! But, please no word to anybody! I could lose my job for this and if my boyfriend finds out, I’m dead meat! Ahhhh! Oh mein Gott! Ja! Ja!” Heinrich said and pushed his cock past my prostate. I felt my cum leaking from my cock and groaned.

Heinrich was a seasoned fucker. He would push in a bit, twitch his cock, pull back a bit, push back in, twitch … again and again until he approached my inner sphincter.

“Ahhh! The best part! Relax! I’m going in there!”

I gasped and groaned and felt how the big head pushed through the sphincter. He pushed in deeper and bottomed out. He was in!

“I wish this could continue for a whole night long, but we don’t have time! The guy with my drinks will arrive soon. He is sure to bring you some too. I’m going to fuck you now, OK?”

“Yes, please! Your cock feels wonderful!” I said and clenched my hole over the big cock in me.

“Yes! Yes! Please do it more! I love it!” Heinrich said and twitched his cock in response when I clenched my hole over his big cock.

“You’re too much! I’m going to cum soon … this is fantastic! What about you … erm … André?” Heinrich asked my brother.

“I’m OK. We’re going to have some fun later on!” André said. He was on his knees next to me and I took his cock in my mouth.

“What? You and Antonio? Wow! That ‘s so hot!” Heinrich said and started to fuck me with gusto. His cock was hard and I could feel the big head deep in me. It was a fantastic sensation and realised just what a big cock hound I was!

“Yes, but also the other guys out there! You’d better finish so we could get back to them!” André said and stroked my head. I was hard and hot and wished I could cum, but if Krystos were to fuck me later, I'd rather not come.

“Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh hell! Wow! This is fantastic! You are a hot boy! Ugh! Ugh! Ahh! Ahh! Uff! Uff! Ahhhhh! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! Fuuuuuuuck!” Heinrich said and I felt his big cock starting to pulsate inside me as he was pumping his load into me. It felt like a big load.

Heinrich pushed his cock deep into me and held still. His cock was still twitching and he clung to my naked torso. His head was against my back, his short stubble scratching my skin. He turned his head and kissed me on my back.

“Another place, another time, and I’d make you both my boyfriends! You’re so hot! And sexy! Wow!” Heinrich said and stroked over my chest and tummy. His cock was still twitching in me. How much did this short guy cum?

“I cum very much and could cum again soon, but we don’t have time. I’ll masturbate at home. I’m pulling out now, OK? Are you OK?” Heinrich said and started to pull out. This short guy was a very skilled lover. I wished he could join us.

“That was wonderful! It did feel like you’ve shot a big load in me! I loved that!” I said and clenched my hole over the big cock in me.

“Yes, it felt like I’ve shot a big load. May I pull out now?”

“Yes, but slowly please …?”

The big cockhead approached my hole and I clenched. I wanted to keep his cum in me. A nice memento of Himmelreich! The cock slipped out and I groaned. I hated it when a guy pulled out! I always felt so empty!

Heinrich hugged me from behind, his big cock between my legs. It was still very hard and of course, very wet.

“Ahhh! Thank you very much! That was super! Come, let’s get our cocks back in our pants. The drinks …” There was a knock on the door. “Here it is! Zip up guys!” Heinrich said as he grabbed his robe and folded it over his muscular frame. “Can I open the door? Your cocks … ahhh! They’re back in your pants. Good!”

He opened the door and a tall skinny guy came in, carrying a tray with 3 tall glasses. It had different colours in different layers and a little umbrella over the edge and a few Maraschino cherries at the bottom. Manhattan Iced Tea? There were three bottles of water too.

“Here you are! Three Manhattan Iced Teas! And water too if you wanted that. Enjoy!” the guy said and put the tray on Heinrich’s dressing table. He nodded towards us and left.

“That was just in time! Come guys! I hope you like Manhattan Iced Tea? Ja? Just remember it consists of 6 different tots of liqueur or more. Be careful! Prost!” Heinrich said and lifted his glass. I took one of the glasses with the colourful liquid and tasted it. It tasted good, but I’ve heard from a guy in class that it was very potent. Thus, I gave the glass a stir with the swizzle stick and took a sip. It tasted very nice but I could tell that indeed it was potent.

“Thanks guys! This was a night to remember! May I please have your telephone numbers? South Africa? A cousin is working on an apple farm in Cape Town and we want to visit him. May I contact you?” Heinrich said and took out his iPhone.

We took out our iPhones and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. Of course, we took pictures of each other and saved the info in our Address Books.

“How long are you in Berlin? And after Berlin?”

“We’re here until Sunday and then we’re off to Firenze and Roma. My fiancé is Italian and we’re visiting his family,” I said.

“Your fiancé? Really? Please don’t tell him I’ve fucked you!” Heinrich said and smiled apologetically.

“Don’t worry! We won’t tell anybody. Tell me, how tall are you? And your lover?” André said.

“I'm 1,72m and Roland is 1,75. Why? Oh, if you wondered, he has a 26cm cock and sometimes when we play, he turns me around and fucks me! We’re more or less versatile, but I’m more top. I love him very much but he is a banker and he has to go to London and Frankfurt regularly, and I’m fed-up with masturbating every day!” Heinrich said.

I looked at him and realised that this short guy wasn’t the normal kind of guy I’d go for, but he was a nice and friendly guy. And his big cock didn’t hurt either. No pun intended!

“What do you do for a living?” I asked.

“I’m an architect. I'm a bit addicted to bodybuilding and I’m doing this just for fun. The pay is good to show off my body and my cock to the audience. What happened here tonight has never happened before! Thanks! You’ve made my day! I hope Roland and I could see you when we’re in South Africa, yes?”

“Yes, of course! Come baby bro …”

“’Baby bro’! Why do you call him that?”

“Because I’m the first born and he is the baby!” André said very proudly.

“But you’re identical! And your cocks are identical! But, I like it that you two are so close to each other. My twin brother doesn’t even talk to me! He is a big homophobe and when Roland moved in with me, Karl totally broke off with me. He is an attorney and lives here in Berlin with his wife and son. Oh, and we’re fraternal twins – he is dark, is a bit taller and he hates me. So, I’m so glad you’re such good friends … and lovers?” Heinrich said. It was clear it bothered him that his brother didn’t want anything to do with him.

“Look, before we start to exchange recipes, we have to go! Thanks for the drink! Sorry, I’m not going to drink the whole thing! It really is potent! Come baby bro!” André said.

“Thanks again,” Heinrich said and hugged us. “I’ll be in touch!”

“Yes, send us photos of your big cock!” André, of course!

“I can do that! But I want your photos too! Please?”

“Thanks Heinrich! You're a nice guy. Please feel free to contact us. It would be a pleasure to host you in South Africa,” I said.

“Come baby bro! Just now you’ll exchange knitting patterns! Come! Bye Heinrich! Come visit us!” André said as he opened the door.

Outside we walked down the passage and entered the club again. Some guys recognised us and whistled when we walked past them to where our men were.

“Ahhh! The men of the moment! Wow guys! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Johann said and gave a long wolf whistle.

I blushed cherry red and walked up to Luigi to get my shirt, jacket and scarf. I felt naked and self-conscious.

Mio caro! Wow, that was hot!” Luigi said and hugged me to him. My hole twitched and I felt the huge load in me … oh fuck!

André and I dressed and then Krystos walked up to us.

“Come guys. I’m feeling like some nice decent coffee. Shall we go?” Krystos said.

Oh fuck! I was going to be fucked with that huge tube steak soon!

“Yes, let’s go. I could do with some coffee now. We didn’t have any at the restaurant. OK guys?” Pierre said and followed Krystos.


The drive to Krystos’ apartment was short. He opened a security gate remotely and parked the SUV in a cellar-parking garage. We got to the lift and went up to the 7th floor. When he opened the door, I was impressed. It was a big apartment with a large lounge area, with an open-plan kitchen and dining area adjacent to the lounge.

“The bathroom is down the passage to the right. There is another one in the master bedroom, where I hope we could go soon … ahem! Coffee, everybody?” Krystos said and my hole twitched.

“Need help?” I said and followed him into the kitchen area behind the counter.

“No, but it is nice to have you here with me. Has anybody told you today what an incredibly nice and sexy man you are?” Krystos said while he measured the coffee into the receptacle of the filter coffee machine.

“Hmmm! Already wooing my Ant? Greek man, you’re very sure of yourself! Who says Ant even wants to experience that … that … big snake of yours?” Pierre said and took me in his arms. He hugged me and said in a loud whisper: “Don’t let this man take advantage of you just because he is a giant!

“Ahhh! I’m sure Ant … erm … Antonio is old enough to decide for himself, and I’m sure he wants to experience this Greek giant! I’m a lover, not a fighter and I’d never hurt anybody intentionally! Antonio, please relax! OK?” Krystos said as he switched on the machine. “Please come here!”

I turned around and looked at the huge man in front of me. His black moustache was sure to add a new dimension to kissing, like Johann’s moustache does. I looked at his hands again and I was putty in his hands! His hands really were big and beautiful. Totally different from Luigi’s hands, from Pierre’s hands, from Clive’s hands, from Vlado’s hands, from Dad’s hands – they were big and hairy and … soft and warm.

He took my hands in his and pulled me closer to him. His big warm hands were something else. He pulled me into his arms and I smelled his expensive cologne. His physiotherapy practise must be doing well, I thought. Plus he had to support his parents and younger sister in Athena.

He took me in his arms and lifted my face to his face and he kissed me. And I died … I thought Vlado was incredible the previous day! This Greek was his equal if not better! His big lips were soft, his black moustache was hard and felt wonderful against my face … and his big bulge against my tummy felt wonderful.

Luigi and Johann also came into the kitchen area and stood on either side of Pierre, arms around his shoulders.

“Ahhh! The giant doesn’t wait to be invited! A quick mover!” Johann said and put a hand on Krystos’ arm around my neck.

“Sorry guys, but he is one hell of a sexy man! Even Xander would get hard just seeing this spectacular man! The coffee will be ready in 5 minutes’ time. Some music? How about some nice Greek music? Do you know Kostas Martakis’ music? He is quite the popular guy in Greece, and extremely sexy! He has a big following amongst the gays! And he sings like an angel. Popular but also traditional music,” Krystos said and let go of me. He readjusted his huge cock on his left hip … wow!

“I’m not sure. Do you know him Ant?” Pierre said.

“Yes, I know him. I have some of his music on my iPhone. I’m glad I’m not completely off the mark with this man’s music!” I said and pulled out my iPhone.

“No need for that! My iPod is already connected to the stereo system. Let me play ‘Anatropi’. It has a big appeal amongst non-Greeks,” Krystos said and went into the lounge. Soon the most heavenly sounds of the mature young man filled the air, accompanied by an orchestra. “Another album that is very popular is ‘Pio Kontas’. It’s all on iTunes. Come, the coffee is ready.”

The music was soothing and nice after a long day and the boom-boom of the music in the gay bar. The smell of coffee filled the air and I yearned for a cup of the black liquid.

Krystos took out 8 cups and teaspoons from a cupboard and put a sugar bowl next to it. He took the milk bottle from the fridge and it was clear it was a new bottle of milk.

We all got our coffee and moved to the lounge area. There wasn’t seating for all so Krystos pulled two upright chairs from the dining area and called me to sit next to him.

The discussions were around our trip, our modelling, our relationships with each other. Krystos asked many questions. When he heard I’ve been double-fucked, he was very impressed and satisfied.

“If that’s the case, you’d be able to take my cock. It is big, but it retains some rubbery feel to it. Plus, I don’t just rush in and fuck a guy. I like to really make him relax with my big hands, some nice oil and patience. When was the last time you’ve been massaged?” Krystos said.

“No, I’ve never been massaged before … not by a physiotherapist or anybody else. Not even Luigi or André. They do touch my back, my butt and legs but massaged? No, never,” I said and looked at Krystos’ huge hands and wanted to feel them on my body!

I looked at his shoes and realised their size really was in proportion to the rest of him. They were big!

“What do you say we move to the master bedroom? I have a king-size bed and there are 3 lounge chairs too. Come, the central heating is set on 18ºC. It should be nice in the bedroom. Antonio, you OK?” Krystos asked and touched my neck with his enormous hand.

“Let me quickly let Vati know we’ll only be back home in the morning,” Gunther said and sent his dad an iMessage.

“I need to go to the toilet please?” I said and Pierre joined me next to the porcelain bowl.

“I know you still love me but I’m jealous as fuck! This giant is bound to have a huge cock and he’s going to fuck you! I hate it to share you with all these men!” Pierre said straight out.

“I know but he’s not a threat. I’ll always love you, no matter what. Nobody, not even Clive and Giovanni and Luigi could ever replace you. You’re my beautiful sexy hung buddy whom I happen to love dearly,” I said and touched his huge cock in his hand.

“Yes, I know but …”

“See it as an adventure, as something I like to do but that it would never affect how I feel about you, or the others. Krystos is a nice guy and I’m happy to let him fuck me. Please share my happiness …?”

“Yes, I know but it still pisses me off when other guys like Vlado and Kamran fuck you! You’re mine … erm … ours! You know what I mean!”

“Don’t overthink it. Tomorrow we’re back with the Müllers and you could fuck me again, all night long! OK?”


Krystos was undressing me with no haste. When I reached for his shirt to undress him, he took my hands in his and just said: “No need … let me spoil you first!”

When he got to my pants, I was trembling … not with fear or because I was cold … I was in a state with this giant of a man manhandling me … undressing me … being so close to me. I looked up and saw Pierre and Luigi were busy caressing each other. Juan and André too. And Gunther and Johann … I relaxed somewhat.

“Krystos, you’re driving me mad!” I said and looked down as he pushed my pants down. My cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. My underpants tented something awful.

I put my hands out to touch Krystos’ cock and after I squeezed it and felt the immense size, he took my hands in his big soft, warm hands, turned me around and pushed me on the bed. I landed on my tummy, still dressed in my underpants.

Krystos took off his shoes and pants and came to sit on my butt. He opened a bottle of aromatic oil and squirted some on his warm hands. He rubbed the oil between his hands and then applied it to my shoulders and rubbed it into my skin. Ahhh!

He took some more oil and put it on the small of my back. My cock pushed into the bed and I wanted to feel this man’s cock in me! Now! Slut!

Krystos started to massage my shoulders, my back, my shoulder blades, the small of my back and to the sides. When he approached my ticklish sides I just tensed up and he knew.


“Yes! Very!”

“No problem. Just relax and enjoy the moment. Relax … Relax … Relax …” his soothing deep voice said as he massaged my back and right up to my head. My neck muscles started to relax as he massaged me with the oil.

This was fast becoming an experience to remember.

Then he leaned forward and pushed his big crotch against my butt … oh fuck! It felt as if I could die! It was so near, yet so far!

“Krystos …”

“No, just relax … shhh! No talking!”

“Ahhh!” I groaned as the man continued to massage my back and neck. He lifted off my butt and turned around, and sat down on the small of my back.

He took more oil and started to massage my legs. He leaned down to reach my calves and pulled my feet up to reach them. He took each and every toe and massaged it … I could shoot my load there and then!

His feet were right next to my head and when I looked at them, I knew this man was in the same league as the other men in my life when it came down to feet: they were huge and beautiful! The toes and bridge had pitch-black hair on them and the toes were shaped beautifully! Like a real Greek statue! Wow!

After my legs he pushed his hands under my underpants and started to squeeze the globes of my gluteus muscles. He pushed my underpants down to get better access to my butt. He pushed my underpants to beyond my knees. I lifted my legs in turn and kicked my underpants off. It landed somewhere on the floor.

“Ahhh! Hairy butt! I like that!” Krystos said. I was enjoying it so much but I wanted him to fuck me!

I pulled my legs apart. Krystos took my balls between my thighs in his hand and gently massaged them. I’ve died and gone to heaven!

He took some more oil and drizzled it in my crack … oh my godd! I tried to lift my butt but he sat on my back so I was pinned to the bed and my cock was making a big mess on the bed linen below me.

The big warm hands were pulling my gluteus muscles apart and his fingers (his thumbs?) pushed on my hole. It was still a tad tender after Heinrich fucked me an hour earlier, but the oil Krystos was using was very soothing …

Ahhhh! A finger entered me! Oh fuck! It was big! He pulled out again and pushed back into me.

“Krystos …”

“Shhhh! No talking! Relax …”

I was randy like hell and this man was teasing me out of my skull!

Krystos lifted off me and I felt some movement … what was he doing?

“Fuck! Look at that dong!” Johann said and I realised Krystos had taken his underpants off and the others could see his enormous cock.

Krystos sat down again and I felt the warmth of his butt on the small of my back, and the unmistakable soft warm scrotum on my back. And the huge cock resting in my crack … ahh!

I tried to push my butt up again but of course I couldn’t.

The fingers were still massaging my butt and asshole.

Then I felt something else … something fairly hard and warm … ahh!

Krystos lifted off my butt and I felt the hard object pushing down between my butt cheeks. His cock! He wanted to fuck me facing my feet! I’ve never been fucked that way, not in that position!

“He’s going to fuck Ant! Wow! What a big cock!” Pierre said. “Are you OK Ant?”

Krystos’ hairy thighs and knees next my body felt warm and when he squeezed his knees against my body, I wanted to shout it out: ‘Fuck me!’ but of course I didn’t!

The tip of his cock was on my asshole as he pulled the cheeks apart. I held my breath and waited for the pain … But it never came! I could feel it was an enormous cock that was about to enter me, but when it did, I only experienced pleasure! This was unreal!

“Are you OK?” Krystos asked when his cockhead was sliding in …

“Wow!” someone else said.

Krystos pushed in deeper and at that angle it felt like I could cum any second!

“Relax Antonio. Am I hurting you?”

“No … it feels wonderful!” I said and marvelled at the experience. It was huge and it was sliding into me but it was just pleasure! No pain!

The big cock slid into me, and when it grazed over my prostate I wanted to shout it out, but just gasped into the pillow. This was fast becoming a fucking of note, and it had only just started!

Krystos lifted his body and moved his knees towards my shoulders … he was going in deep … wow!

He reached my inner sphincter and I waited for the usual hesitance, but this man knew exactly what it was and just gently pushed harder … the head slipped through and he pushed the rest of his cock into me. His enormous balls rested on my butt …

It was BIG but once again, although its size was monumental, it didn’t hurt me one bit! It was a bit uncomfortable at first but it was a nice fuck, so far!

He lied down on top of me, taking my feet in his hands and crossing his legs behind my head. He was lying on top of me with his full weight, his huge cock balls-deep in me. I clenched my hole but the response was only a gentle twitch … His cock was rubbery like Johann’s and didn’t twitch the way the other cocks swelled to huge proportions and made its presence known deep inside me.

Krystos kissed my feet and massaged my calves … I just groaned and marvelled at the fucking skills of this giant.

He started to fuck me gently and it … was … just … sensational! No other man – including Juan, Dad, Luigi, Pierre, Clive, Vlado … none has ever fucked me in that position or did it feel so wonderful and special.

The fucking continued for a minute or so and then he lifted up and rotated his body with the cock still deep inside me. He manoeuvred his body to be in line with me and lied down on top of me again. His mouth was right next to my ear.

“*You feel like you have some cum in you … hmmm? Nice*!

“*A-ha!*” I said and hoped he’d get the message. He did.

“Everything still OK? I’m not hurting you? OK that I'm lying on top of you?”

“Yes, I’m OK! I like it when somebody lies on top of me!” I said and clenched my hole over the cock in me.

“That feels magnificent! Please do it again?”

I clenched my hole a couple of times and then he started to fuck me again. It felt as if his cock was slightly harder but it still didn’t hurt me.

Pierre and Luigi were on either side of us and I put my hands out to touch them. Their cocks were very hard and wet … wow!

“You still OK, Ant?” Pierre asked and touched my face.

“Yes, I’m OK, thanks,” I said and kissed his hand. I really loved him so much!


I heard some muffling sounds and heard André swearing when Juan pushed into him. I was sure they were watching us. It was a sight to behold, I was sure and both of them were hot after seeing this real Greek god fucking me.

The same applied to Gunther and Johann. Johann was very vocal when Gunther’s big cock pierced his hole. He still wasn’t used to the invasion, but he enjoyed the big German cock in him.

Pierre has moved to the other side and he and Luigi were playing with each other’s cocks and a few times Luigi said something about Pierre’s big cock in his hand.


Krystos continued to fuck me for another 2 minutes or so and then pulled me onto my knees so I was on all fours in front of him. He put his hands on my hips and started to fuck me faster and deeper. Oh my godd! It was sensational! I could feel the big balls slapping against the lower part of my butt against my own scrotum.

My own cock was rock-hard and I could feel the precum dripping from it. If I shot a load, it was going to be a huge one!

Krystos’ enormous hands were caressing my hips, my back, my butt, my shoulders and then he put his thumbs on either side of his enormous cock and pulled my butt cheeks apart. His hands were still fairly oily and there was quite an amount of oil on my hole … He pushed gently and his two thumbs slipped in … wowow!

I gasped and groaned … this was unexpected! It did hurt a bit but he didn't force his thumbs in … he merely applied some pressure until my hole gave way to let his fingers in.

Pierre saw what was happening and he took the oil to drip some more on my hole.

“Thanks Pierre! He is still very well lubricated but a bit more can’t hurt. Are you OK Antonio?”

“Yes, I think so … but you have enormous fingers! Ahhh! Oh fuck!”

The thumbs in me slipped in deeper and I groaned … wow! He wasn’t letting up! I relaxed as best I could and remembered three cocks in me … the thumbs were big, but not as big as three big cocks.

He pulled his thumbs from my hole and the second they were out I regretted it, but kept quiet. The big cock in me was ample!

The feeling of the big rubbery cock in me, 35cm deep in me, not hurting me at all, was an unbelievable experience!


After another 2 minutes Krystos said: ”I am going to cum. OK? Yes? You still OK?”

“Yes, please pump your cum into me!”

“OK. It’s a very big load, OK? Ugh! Ugh! Ahh! Here it cooooommeess! Yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Hhhnnngghnnnn! Huh! Huh! Huh! Oh fuck! Fuuuucckkk! Fuck!” Krystos swore as his cock swelled up a bit more and I could feel it spasming in me as he pumped his big load into me.

Krystos shuddered and clung to my shoulders, his body low over mine … His breathing was laboured and he was gasping.

“This … was … the … most … wonderful … sex … ever! My lover would’ve loved to see this! By now he’d have shot his load too!” Krystos said and exhaled and sighed. “May I stay in you a little longer? Yes?”

“Yes, of course! Let’s lie down, OK?” I said and lowered my body on the bed. Krystos followed me and ended up on top of me again.

“You still OK with me on top of you?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I can fall asleep with you on top of me … and your big cock in me …”

“No! Are you not going to allow us some fun? Ant?” Pierre said, clearly disappointed.

“Pierre, may I please stay in your darling Ant for a while longer? If it bothers him, I’ll pull out immediately, OK Antonio?”

“Yes, I’m still fine. Pierre, just this one time please?”

“Luigi, it seems like you and I will have to suck each other off! The giant has now annexed Ant! No man! Do you have some cool drinks in your fridge? I’m thirsty and would like something please,” Pierre said and got up from the bed. I hoped he wasn’t pissed off …

“Yes, there is a second fridge under the counter. There is a variety of tins and water too. Please help yourself,” Krystos said and held me tight, his huge hands on my shoulders, his cheek on top of mine.

Pierre got up and growled a bit …

“May I please ask for some Coke Light or Zero … please?”

“Yes, sure. Do you have that in your fridge Mr Giant?”

“Yes, there is. Please bring some for everybody. Please?”

“Ant, you’ve forsaken us … Krystos, you’ve stolen him from right under our noses!” Johann put in. I looked up and saw his big rubbery cock was still standing at attention. It would appear he and Gunther were more interested in what was happening between Krystos and me!

Krystos craned his neck and kissed me … wow! What a man!

“Satisfied? Did I deliver on my promise? Antonio?”

“Yes, you did and yes, I'm very satisfied!”

“How about someone else sucking you off while I’m still in you?”

Luigi heard that and offered to do it.

Mio caro, I’ll do it! But then you need to lie on your sides. OK?”

Grazie, mio caro! But a little later, OK? Let’s get something to drink first, OK?” I said.

“Yes, OK. Did you enjoy this?”

“Yes, thanks mio caro! It was very nice!” I said.

“Then you’re going to enjoy Piero very much!” Luigi said and touched my face.

“Who is Piero?” Krystos asked.

“My nephew in Firenze …” Luigi answered.

“Is your nephew going to … fuck Antonio …? Him too?” Krystos said.

“Yes, I’m sure he will. He can’t wait for us to get to Firenze …”

“Then I’m glad I had this opportunity! Ahhh! This is heaven! How I wish Xander was so approachable and accommodating! Thanks Antonio! You’ve made my day! Ahhh!” Krystos said and pushed his big cock deeper into me again.

He pushed his right knee up to touch the bed next to my thigh. He shifted his body a bit and pushed his left arm under my head, his right hand over mine. The huge fingers massaged my right hand … wow!


Pierre returned with the cool drinks and we all accepted with gratitude. The black fizzy drink tasted great. We had to roll over onto our sides and propped our heads up to be able to take a sip.

I turned my torso to Krystos and looked at his hairy chest … my godd! It was spectacular! His pitch-black chest hair formed swirling patterns around his huge areolae and down towards his bellybutton. Wow! I looked at him watching me.

“What, Antonio? What is it?”

“Your chest hair is just beautiful!” I said and touched it with my left hand. It was silky smooth and nice on the warm muscular flesh beneath it. His chest was muscular and nicely tanned.

I looked up at his face and realised just what an attractive man this giant was. His nose was long and straight, his mouth full and his black moustache complimented the black stubble. His black hair was fairly short but not convict-short. His dark-brown eyes were framed with long eyelashes and his eyebrows were thick. All in all, a hung hunk of a man!

“Do I meet with your approval? Satisfied? Could this be the start of something to be repeated? Hmmm!” Krystos said and I felt his huge cock stir in me. “I like to feel my cock where it’s right now again!”

“We’ll see. I'm not a free man and I live in South Africa. How could this even happen?”

“I'm not going to worry about it right now. I have a colleague in Paris who also has a big cock, about the size of Luigi and he’s been pestering me forever to join him on a trip to the Kroogher … erm … Your big national park?”

“Kruger National Park, yes,” I said.

“Yes, and to see the ‘Garden Route’? And the wine lands in the Cape? Xander isn’t interested in going in the least. His family needs him too much. The situation in Greece is very dire for many people and his family too. So, if I do come, it would be with Matisse. I need to get your contact information, OK?” Krystos said and kissed me.

Wow! This man knew how to kiss!

“Still OK? As soon as my big cock bothers you, please tell me? But up to now, you’re the champion. The Greek and German and French boys are very excited to see it but none was ever as adept as you in handling it! So, you're the man!”

“Thanks but it is really special and I’ve really enjoyed it. However, my precum has made a big mess on your sheets – sorry!”

“That's no problem! Just relax and enjoy the moment …”

We took another sip of our Coke and Krystos settled in behind me, pushing his big rubbery cock deep into me.

I heard Pierre and Luigi talking to each other. Pierre wasn’t very happy, but Luigi calmed him down …

Krystos told the others to make themselves at home in the second bedroom and asked Pierre and Luigi to come share ‘our’ bed with us.

Pierre was still a bit grumpy but it was fairly cold and he wanted to get some sleep. It was a long day and it was clear Krystos wasn’t going to take us home before the morning.

Pierre lied down in front of me and when I opened my eyes, he was looking at me. He smiled a bit and rubbed his nose over mine. He touched my cheek and said: “Ant, I know you love this but it rips my heart out to see how you enjoy it with another man! I can’t help it but I’m jealous! Sorry, but I can’t help it! He is now where I want to be!”

“Yes, I know my beautiful man! Tomorrow night it’s your turn, OK? OK?” I said and touched Pierre’s face. “You know that I love you very much …? Do you?”

“Yes, I know but I’m still jealous!”

“And I still love you!” I said. "And Happy New Year in about ... 12 minutes' time!"

"Ah yes, it's almost New Year! All of you, sleep well!" Krystos said.

Krystos pulled me close to him and I felt his big cock starting to come back to life … what? Was he gong to fuck me again?

“*Just getting hard, but no fucking now, OK?*”


The hairy muscular body behind me was sexy, it was nice and the big cock in me was like a huge version of Johann’s cock. No hurt, just fun and pleasure.

We got in under the duvet and settled in for the night.


I started to drift off … ahhh! I was tired and after a long day and Heinrich fucking me and then Krystos, I wanted to get some shut-eye. The big cock in me still felt wonderful and I marvelled at how nice it was …

I put my right hand on Krystos’ hairy thigh and squeezed …

Krystos held my cock in his enormous right hand. It literally disappeared in the big hand.

Pierre had his hands on my face, my neck, my chest and when he put his hand on my crotch and felt Krystos’ hand, he stiffened. But, he let it slide and stroked my hairy tummy, my nipples and neck …  


I woke up in the early hours of the morning. I could see from the light in the window that day was breaking.

It was warm and cosy and I remembered the fucking with Krystos … I clenched my hole and felt he was still in me!

“*Make me hard please!*” Krystos said next to my ear, almost inaudible. He twitched his cock as best he could and I clenched my hole to massage his cock. I felt how the cock came to life and soon the game we played paid off: the big cock was hard again.

His cockhead must’ve been bathed in lots of cum and he pushed it deeper into me. It was hard and he was fucking me ever so gently. Having not cummed the previous evening, I was horny as fuck.

In front of me Pierre was making little noises and his feet and hands fluttered slightly. He was dreaming! He was so adorable! Small wonder I loved this tall sexy man so much!

Krystos’ hands were all over my back, my shoulders, my chest, my nipples, my tummy, my thighs, my neck, my head … to some extent he was massaging me again. It was just too wonderful. His big soft warm hands felt wonderful all over my body.

“*Yes, please! Oh yes! Do you want to cum with me?*” Krystos whispered in my ear.

Yes, but how?*”

“*Use my underpants,*” Krystos said. He reached for his underwear on the floor and handed it to me. I put it in front of my cock and relaxed. This way my load would not be sprayed against Pierre and the evidence could be removed without causing a stir.

He was fucking me with longer, deeper thrusts and his breathing became laboured. He was about to shoot yet another load into me. I was teetering on the abyss of no return!

“*I’m cumming! Oh yes! Another load in you! Yes! Yes!* Krystos whispered and the last few thrusts into me were deep and urgent. He held still and shuddered. He clung to me like a drowning man … and I lost it! Without touching myself I shot my load. I drenched the underpants in front of me.

When my cock stopped spasming, I milked the last of my cum into the underpants. I really soaked the garment!

My hole twitched around the big cock in me, twitching as it pumped its load into me. Oh fuck! This was too much. Krystos pushed deep into me, hugged me close to him and whispered: “*Wow! I think Matisse would go bananas if he could meet you! Remember your number and email!*”

“*Yes, come visit us in South Africa. You’ll love my Dad!*”

“*Erm … him too? Really?*”


“*Wow …! That’s hot!*”


“*Did you enjoy this?*”

“*Yes, thanks!*”

I was in a good place, I was relaxed, I’ve just shot my load, I had a beautiful giant behind me with his huge cock in me … it was bliss …

Pierre stirred in his sleep and pulled me closer. I gingerly fished the huge pair of sopping wet underpants from in front of my cock and Krystos took it from me. He sniffed it and ‘ahhed’ before he put it on the floor. I hoped my cum wasn’t going to mess up his carpet …

I put my hand on Pierre’s beautiful face and realised how much I really loved him, despite having Krystos’ huge cock in me … Pierre was everything any mother dreams of when she is looking for a son-in-law. He was just perfect, kind, beautiful, sexy, manly, hairy, hung, intelligent … I leaned forward and kissed him gently, my lips lingering on his sexy mouth.

My heart swelled with pride as I touched his face. This man was bound to me forever. Nothing would ever change that. I loved him so much it brought a tear to my eye.

Pierre woke up: he put his left hand on my face and hugged me to him. He kissed me in the face – he missed my mouth as his eyes were still closed.

"Happy New Year, mio caro! Happy New Year guys!" Luigi said. We all wished each other a good New Year.

“Ant, no matter what, I love you and will always love you. I love Clive too, but you’re the blood in my veins. How are you doing my darling man? Is that Greek still in you? Scoundrel!”

“I heard that but yes, I deserved that for claiming him for myself. He is spectacular and you’re very lucky to have him loving you. He is everything I’ve always wished for … You’re so lucky to have him! Thanks for allowing me to have him for a bit … I’m in debt with you guys. Thanks!” Krystos said as he pushed his big cock into me again.

“You’re welcome. I just know he’s coming home with me … with us … yes, he’s ours but because he loves to get fucked, we allow it. Just remember you’d always be a guest – no more,” Pierre said and kissed me again.

“Does this mean I’m invited to visit?”

“Of course! We’d never allow riff-raff to fuck our boy. If he isn’t worthy to be invited to our home, he won’t fuck our boy. Yes, you’d be welcome to visit us. And bring your French friend … Maties … no, Matisse? Yes, bring him with you. We’ll show you around,” Pierre said, his jovial self again. “Now, pull out of my man, please? I think a whole night was enough for now! OK?”

“Uhh … OK. OK with you Antonio?”

“Yes it’s OK. Thanks Krystos!” I said.

Krystos pulled out slowly … that was the worst part ever. I hated it when a guy had to pull out. The entry was always so spectacular ...

When the immense cockhead reached my hole, I clenched. I could feel there was a very large amount of cum in me. Heinrich also must have pumped a big load into me. And the two loads Krystos pumped into me were big – I could feel it when he came.

The head slipped out and I managed to contain the cum in me. Krystos was massaging my back, my butt, my thighs … wonderful! He pushed his huge wet rubbery cock between my legs just as Pierre cupped my balls with his hand.

“Wow!” Pierre said as he took the immense cock in his hand. I lifted my leg to give him access to the huge cock between my legs. “Phew! It really is a big one! Ant, are you OK my darling man?”

“Yes, I’m fine Pierre!”

“Feeling this dong in my hands makes me feel inferior …” Pierre started to say.

“You? Inferior? You’re only 2cm shorter and not much thinner! You’re one of a very few men in the world with a cock this big!” Luigi put in as he lifted onto his elbow. “But, let me see please?”

I pushed the duvet down so Luigi could see Krystos’ cock in Pierre’s hand.

“It really is a splendid specimen! I’d love to see it after we’ve finished our shower, OK?”

“Yes, of course!” Krystos said. “In fact, it’s past soft again! Pierre knows how to stimulate a cock!”

“Coffee, please? I’m dying for some of your good coffee please?” I said and turned towards Krystos. I touched his face, kissed him and rubbed my nose over his.

“How can I ever deny you anything? Yes, of course! Coming up! Let me go call the other 4 and get the machine going. Let go of my cock now Pierre! Hmmm! Your big hand feels so good …!” Krystos said and got out of bed after Pierre let go of his cock.

“Fuck! That is one hell of a cock! I really feel inferior when I see cocks like his, and Vlado’s! They’re huge! Ant, are you really OK? Didn’t he abuse you? Hurt you?” Pierre said and touched my face.

When Krystos got out of bed, it was the first time I actually saw his cock … it was immense, and in that glorious state between rubbery and hard … hmmm!

“I’m fine. He is a very good lover and the massage he gave me was wonderful. I wish we had time so you could experience it too!” I said and touched Pierre’s face.

“I’m in! When he comes back with the coffee, I want him to massage me!” Pierre said. I was sure all the animosity would be forgotten once the giant started to massage him!

First my brother and then the other three walked in, stark naked, cocks in various stages of arousal. What a beautiful sight! Juan, André, Johann and Gunther … Even though André’s cock (and mine) was ‘only’ 24,5cm long, it looked small in comparison to the other three.

“Make space! We’re getting in and we’re cold! Move!” André said and just got in on the foot end of the bed. He pushed his feet between my legs and when his toes pushed against my balls, I groaned. That was an old trick he pulled when his feet were cold! Snake!

Juan, Johann and Gunther also got in and snuggled up to each other, legs and feet between Luigi, Pierre and me. What a happy family we were.

“I have something to say and I’m going to say it! Guys, you make me fucking happy! I’ve never been happier in my life before I met you guys! You’re my family now! Brr! Whose big balls are those? Pierre? My man! You really are a horse! OK, I might have made a mistake with the word 'family' when I included you … ow! Jerry! That hurts!” Johann said and tickled the hunk of a man. “Did you actually feel his balls? They're huge!”

The banter continued until Krystos walked in with a tray with mugs, coffee pot, milk and sugar. He too was still completely naked. His enormous dick soft was almost as big as mine was when it was hard. It was one hell of a big and beautiful thick cock. It was uncut but the skin wasn’t crumpled at the tip. It neatly covered the glans. The big cock swung in front of Krystos and we all stared.

Krystos sat down on the bed with the tray on his legs.

“Shall I pour for everybody? I have Zweiback and some Greek breakfast egg biscuits in the kitchen. Let me get you coffee first and …”

“I’ll go get them. Is it ready in the kitchen?” Luigi said as he got up.

“Yes, it’s on the counter. Thanks Luigi!” Krystos said and passed on the coffee.

I marvelled at Luigi’s soft cock that was about 20cm. It was smaller than Krystos, but it still was my man’s cock, my darling. It was beautiful and in the same category as Krystos when it came down to beauty.

Luigi was back in a jiffy and we had some of the Zweiback and the Greek egg biscuits. The latter looked very much like our koeksisters (South African braided sweet baked delicatessen, infused with and covered in syrup) but it was dry.

I dunked a biscuit in my coffee and tasted it. It was delicious!

“Did you bring this from Athens? It's delicious!” I said and took another bite.

“Yes, my mom can only make these when I visit to buy the ingredients. And yes, they're nice!” Krystos said and got into bed next to me.

“Pierre wants a massage …” I said and wondered what the response was going to be.

“OK! That sounds good! But I suppose he doesn’t want a happy ending? Hehe!” Krystos said.

“No, for sure not! Not with that elephant trunk between your legs! But I wish I could plug Ant while you massaged me. I’m sure I'd get hard when you massaged me …” Pierre said and squeezed my leg.


After the coffee, we all moved to the edges of the bed to allow Krystos to give Pierre a massage. This is going to be interesting, I thought.

However, although Krystos got hard touching my hunky hard-muscled man, nothing happened.

Krystos was giving Pierre a massage of note, rubbing and squeezing all his muscles. When he moved between Pierre’s buttocks, I could see my man was clenching his hole.

“Relax! I'm not going to fuck you! Just relax!” Krystos said.

It was mesmerising to watch the Greek giant god massaging Pierre’s beautiful sexy and muscular body. And then we knew it: Pierre was as hard as a rod! He moved his hand in under his body to push his cock into another position. The head stuck out from under his body and it was hard!

I put my hand out and touched the big cockhead. Oh godd! How I wished … it was just a big and beautiful cock!

“Krystos, stop please … it’s wonderful but I’m so fucking randy now! I want to fuck Ant! Please! Ant, please?”

I looked at the others and saw that each and everyone of them was hard!

“Yes, plug him! I want to see that!” André said and palmed his hard-on.

“Do you want Pee-AIR to fuck you?” Luigi asked.

“If he wants to, yes! Why not?” I said and sat up, still fondling the big cock sticking out from under Pierre.

“Oil or lube?” Krystos asked. I noticed his big cock was hard too. Wow! I put my hand on it as he reached for the nightstand drawer to retrieve the lube.

The cock in my hand was enormous, big, thick and incredibly beautiful. It was in the league of Vlado, Pierre, Clive, Luigi, Dad and Larry! Yes, Larry’s big black cock was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever experienced, but Krystos’ cock was exceptional.

“Do you like my cock Antonio?” Krystos said as he passed the lube to Pierre who has rolled onto his back.

“What’s not to like? It’s enormous and beautiful! I love to see it! It’s spectacular! And it felt wonderful inside me!” I said and held the cock in my hand and admired it. It really was something else.

My hand couldn’t go around the shaft unless I squeezed my hand around it. I squeezed the thick shaft and marvelled at the rubbery feel of it. Like Johann’s cock, just bigger – way bigger.

“Would you like to suck him while I fuck you? I have to fuck you now! I feel like I could explode!” Pierre said as he applied lube to my hole.

“Yes, please!” Krystos said and turned towards me so I could suck the magnificent cock. It really was a big one!


I sucked Krystos and Pierre fucked me. Pierre shot three loads in quick succession into me before Johann took his place … I wondered …

“Erm … could we try something?” I said and wondered if I were mad! “Could we try a double with you and Krystos?”

“What? Are you mad baby bro! They’ll rip you apart! No man! The Greek giant is too big!” André said.

“Let’s try … please?” I said. I was determined to at least try.

“OK, if we’re going to do this, you need to relax completely. Come sit on me and then Johann can push in from behind,” Krystos said.


I sat on Krystos’ huge cock and enjoyed the sensation to be filled, but there was no pain. He kissed me with his wonderful mouth, and then he held me tight.

“Relax! This will be a first for me. I’ve never been able to double-fuck anybody … obvious reasons. Johann, be careful and don’t rush it please!” Krystos said. His huge cock was deep inside me.

“Yes I know,” Johann said as he put his 29cm cock on Krystos’ cock in my hole. He pushed in and on the first attempt it went in! Wow! It was a wonderful sensation and … it didn’t hurt! Of course, having had the giant’s big cock in my hole all night long also made a difference.

Johann pushed in slowly and growled as his rubbery cock rubbed against the much bigger cock in me already.

“Experiencing this is a first for me too! This is the biggest cock I’ve shared a hole with! Krystos, you are a real giant! Wow!” Johann said and pushed the last few centimetres into me.

“I can feel your cock pushing in on top of mine … wow! Antonio, are you OK? Are we hurting you?” Krystos said.

“I'm fine! It is a wonderful sensation! Sheez!” I said.


Johann fucked me for another minute or so and out of the corner of my eye I saw Juan fucking André and Gunther sucking off Luigi.

“I’m going to cum! This is just too much! Krystos, are you ready to cum?” Johann said.

“Yes, for sure! I’d love to cum with you Johann!” Krystos said and I felt the huge cock starting to twitch.

The two men in me started breathing deeper and soon they were pumping their combined loads into me … adding to the huge loads I already had in me. Wow!

Johann collapsed on top of me and kissed my back and neck. Krystos took my face in his hands and kissed me on the mouth.

“You guys have to appreciate this man! He is one of a kind! Xander is not very keen for me to fuck him, let alone a double! Thanks Antonio! Thanks Johann! This was wonderful! Ahhh! Something to remember and use as mental image to masturbate!” Krystos said and brushed my hair to one side. “You’re spectacular!”

The others next to us have also shot their loads, some in mouths, others in a hole and some on a tummy. Everybody was sated and relaxed. I looked at Luigi and saw he had Gunther’s head on his tummy and he was absent-mindedly caressing his face.

Juan had collapsed on top of André and I was sure André shot his load right there on the sheets!

Pierre was propped up against the pillows, watching everybody. His cock was still quite big and he had an angelic look on his face.

After a minute or so, Johann stirred and said: “I need to pee and then I want a shower. Krystos, towels please? May we use your shower soap and shampoo?”


I had to use the toilet as I was filled to the rafters with cum … It literally ran from me when I sat down. Fortunately the others gave me a head start in the toilet to empty my rectum.

After showering in turn, we were drying each other’s backs, drying off unreachable places, finger-brushing hair, using some toothpaste on a finger and then we used some Yves Saint Laurent eau de cologne … A new fragrance but still nice.

It was just after 8 o’clock when we have showered and have put on our clothes. We could always re-dress when we got home.

“Guys, I don’t have much in the house as far as food or breakfast goes. May I please offer a rain check?” Krystos said apologetically.

“No problem! Let me call Mutti and then you can come have breakfast with us! OK?” Gunther said and called his mom.

While Gunther was talking to his mom, we told Krystos we were doing the Segway tour of central Berlin and if he’d be interested to join us.

“I’m dying to say yes, but I have patients from 10 o’clock! I've been away a long time and only returned the day before yesterday. Thanks but not today! My appointments will keep me busy until 6 o’clock tonight and then I have an evening with some Greek friends who have been helping me with my parents … But, let’s exchange the telephone numbers and email addresses, OK?” Krystos said.

We all got our iPhones out – yes, Krystos might be Greek with many hardships in his fatherland, but he also had an iPhone – and we all took down his details. My iPhone was switched off since we arrived at Krystos. Then one after the other, we gave him our details. We decided on the spot to take a group photo for our albums.

While we were busy taking Krystos’ details, my iPhone binged a couple of times. iMessages coming in.

Mutti says you’re more than welcome! Shall we go?” Gunther said when he returned to the group.

I looked at the Greek god and realised just what a wonderful human being he was. I looked at his enormous hands and remembered the massage … wow! But best of all, I remembered his huge cock in me, fucking me, in me all night and then with Johann … wow!


En route to the Müllers, I checked the iMessages on my iPhone. First was a message from Vlado, just checking if I was OK and to know if it’s safe to send pictures. I answered I was fine and thanked him too. And yes, please send the pictures!

The other one was from Heinrich. He thanked me again and begged me to keep quiet. He included a few pictures of his magnificent cock and his sensational body.

The next was from darling Clive … fuck! I missed the Pommie and his big cock and his beautiful face and … he was a darling. He didn’t include any pictures but he did tell me how much he missed me … us … and that he had already started packing!

Next up was Giovanni. He said it was bitterly cold in Dublin and that there wasn’t a second of the day he didn’t think of me … of us … and that Kamran was smitten with me! But, he himself was madly in love with me and couldn't wait to start working at Mario’s. He said his ticket to Rome was booked and that he’d see us at the airport in the arrival hall under the big Microsoft sign.

The next message was from Santiago. He was living with Clive and his dad but he was doing OK: he had to remove his stuff from the house he and Omar shared and had to put it into storage at Alexander’s place, but that he missed me big time. He said he was busy finalising his stuff and documents and was ready to get on the next plane to Cape Town as soon as Johann told him what to do.

Diego was next. His final documentation has arrived and he was going to fly to Cape Town next Saturday! Starbucks accepted his transfer and he was very happy to move to South Africa.

Then it was George, confirming he managed to arrange his schedule to be on the flight from Rome to Johannesburg the following week and that he was looking forward to see us again aboard the A380. He also mentioned that his brother has made him a final offer to start working at his firm in Stellenbosch at the beginning of March.

Last it was Piero. He wrote mostly in Italian and was bursting at the seams with excitement to see us on Sunday. He told me that he couldn’t wait to meet me and hug me and kiss me and make love to me … His wonderful boisterous persona just showed in his message. I felt my heart giving a twang. This young man was going to crawl deep into my heart …!


Frau Müller was ready for us when we arrived home. Herr Müller welcomed us at the door – he heard us arrive – and was friendly to all of us, including Krystos.

"Frohes Neujahr!"

"Yes, thank you! To you too!" We all said and there were kisses and hugs and handshakes - but not so many of those anymore! Herr Müller has taken to this group like a duck to water.

Krystos was introduced and I could see the Müllers liked him.

I noticed Herr Müller noticed Krystos’ huge hands when he greeted him. When Frau Müller took the giant Greek god’s huge hand in hers, she looked at his hands. Her petite hands were dwarfed by Krystos’ huge hands.

The breakfast was a roaring success with all the German favourites, Brötchens, cold meats, sausages, eggs, toast, yoghurt, jams, cheese and of course more coffee!

Soon Herr Müller and Krystos were in deep discussion (in German – I was impressed!) about the migrant problems and Greece’s economic crisis. Herr Müller was impressed with the giant man and when we were done with breakfast and Krystos was ready to go, I heard he was invited to come visit.

“Our only son lives in South Africa and they’re leaving on Sunday. It would be nice to have you over, Krystos! Stimmst du zu, meine Frau (Do you agree, my wife?)”

Genau! (Sure!) He looks like a nice and respectable young man. Kommst du mit uns am Sonntag zu essen? (Are you coming to eat with us on Sunday?) Hast du seine Nummer, Tobias? (Do you have his number, Tobias?)” Frau Müller said when Krystos said goodbye.

Danke schön. Bestimmt! Am 12 Uhr? (Thanks. For sure! At 12 o’clock?)” Krystos said as he kissed Frau Müller’s hand.

Bis Sonntag! (Until Sunday!)” Herr Müller said and shook the giant’s hand. I noticed that even Herr Müller noticed Krystos’ huge hands again. Who wouldn’t?

The gentle giant Greek man hugged each one of us and snuck in a kiss here and there. When it was my turn – he asked if it was me – he looked into my eyes and smiled his most endearing smile.

“Matisse and I will be in South Africa soon. Just you wait and see! Thanks for everything. Don’t forget about me!”

He got in his SUV and waved as he pulled away. I was sad to see him go …

“Gunther, bitte bringt ihre schmutzige Wäsche, so dass ich es im Waschsalon gewaschen haben könnte (Please bring your dirty laundry, so I could have it washed at the laundromat).” Frau Müller said.


We went to our rooms to get fresh clothes. We dug into our bags and took out 12 days’ of dirty laundry to give to Frau Müller. Wow! I didn’t realise just how low we were on clean clothes. We put the dirty clothes in the plastic bags Frau Müller gave us. She made it clear we had to keep our clothes separate, as the laundromat would wash and process each bag separately, making it easier to bring it back.

Danke schön, Mutti! Sie sind so nett! (Thanks Mom! You are so nice!)” Gunther said and hugged and kissed his mom.

“No problem. Now, go and enjoy the Segway tour. Please be back by 4 o’clock. Vati wants us to have a light dinner before we go to the concert tonight. Now go and enjoy! I’m sure you’ll find a nice place to eat. Try Treffpunkt close to Unter den Linden. Vati and I had a wonderful lunch there the other day!”

Herr Müller took Gunther in his arms, hugged him close and then he too kissed him. “Macht Spaß mein Sohn! (Enjoy it, my son!)”

We went down to the station and got on the U-Bahn train to Alexanderplatz. The starting point for the Segway was just across the road from DomAquarées. When Gunther told us the price was €50 each, we were taken aback. It was expensive!

“Not to worry, Mutti got us a discount because there are 7 of us. We only pay €40 each and Vati has given me €20 for each, which means you’ll all pay only €20 each! Don’t worry, Vati can afford it! Come, let’s get going!” Gunther said as the U-Bahn train pulled into the station.


We got off at Alexanderplatz and made our way to the Seg2Go in St Wolfgangstraße. Gunther produced the tickets and paid the excess and we were ready to go.

The Segway is an engineering marvel! From Wikipedia, the following:

The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. Segway Inc. of New Hampshire produces it. The nameSegwayis derived from the wordsegue, meaning smooth transition.PTis an abbreviation forpersonal transporter.

Computers, sensors, and electric motors in the base of the Segway PT keep the device upright when powered on with balancing enabled. The rider commands the PT to go forward or backward by shifting their weight forward or backward on the platform. The PT uses gyroscopic sensors and accelerometer-based leveling sensors to detect the resulting changes in its pitch angle and, to maintain balance, it drives its wheels forward or backward as needed to return its pitch to upright. In the process, the rider establishes and then maintains a desired speed by modulating the extent and duration of their fore/aft weight shifts. To turn and steer, the rider shifts the handlebar to the left or right. The PT responds by adjusting the speeds of the wheels in opposite directions causing the PT to yaw and, if not traveling forward or backward, turn in place. At speed, the amount of shift of the handlebar corresponds to the amount of left or right lean required by the rider to balance him on the platform during a turn.

Segway PTs can reach a speed of 20.1 km/h.

We were taken to an area where the Segways are kept and each one of us was assigned to one. Our tour guide was a petite lady, Gretchen, with a sparkle in her eyes. She established which language to use and showed us the basics.

“Oh, there are two of you? How cute!” Gretchen said and smiled at André and me. She didn’t know we were gay, but she was to find out sooner than later, what with Johann and André amongst us!

She issued helmets and let each one of us drive a few metres, turn around and then again.

It was fairly simple as the device balanced itself. We had a lot of laughs when André was up to mischief again. Gretchen was laughing heartily and when André made his way back to her, she looked at me and said: “So, he is the broken one?”

We killed ourselves laughing and André didn’t understand why. We kept him in the dark.

After each one of us had a trial run and when Gretchen was satisfied we weren’t going to kill ourselves on the road, she led the way. It was an exhilarating way to get around and although it was cold, the excitement trumped the cold weather.

Some of the highlights included one of the last remaining sections of the Berlin Wall, now under historical protection; Brandenburg Gate, arguably Germany's most famous monument; Reichstag, Germany's famous parliament building; Topograpy of Terror, the former headquarters of the infamous Nazi Gestapo and SS; Unter den Linden; Gendarmenmarkt; Checkpoint Charlie.

We’ve seen most of it already but still we enjoyed it as it was now with the very knowledgeable Gretchen at our side. She could tell us interesting stories and being a Berliner, having to know the history and interesting facts, we had a pleasant time with her.

The tour was over too soon. It was such a pleasure to be on the Segway. And André and I were ecstatic because the vehicle was an engineering marvel and it was a wonderful experience to ‘drive’ it.

Gretchen stopped in a spot at Unter den Linden and checked with us if we’ve enjoyed it.

“By the looks of it, I think the twins and the other naughty one … erm … John … no, Johann? Yes, Johann! You three were like boys on their bikes! But I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! I also enjoyed it. Do you want us to take some pictures here? A group photo?” Gretchen said. We stood on our Segways and Gretchen got a young passer-by to take the pictures with our iPhones.

“This was an experience! Thanks Gretchen!” Pierre said.

“Yes, it was! However, I have another group at half-past 12. Come, let’s go!” Gretchen said and led the way eastwards back to base.

The whole excitement was over too soon. We loved it and it was worth every euro!

We thanked Gretchen and Gunther gave her a tip on behalf of all of us. I just saw a ‘20’ on the note he gave her. Money wasn’t a problem in the Müller household.

We left the building and walked back to Unter den Linden, chatting, joking, laughing. We were so pleased with our day thus far.

“Let’s find Treffpunkt Berlin and have a beer, Glühwein or hot chocolate and something to eat. Let me see on TripAdvisor where it is. Just wait please,” Gunther said and within seconds he had the address on TripAdvisor and we walked straight to the grey building with the name above the windows in Mittelstraße.

We entered the establishment and once again, it was a welcoming sight. The bar was prominent and a real Wurlitzer Jukebox to one side, but with CDs, not records.

The aroma hanging in the air was curry, Wurst, potatoes, soup, beer … too wonderful.

We found a spot to sit and Gunther and Johann got us drinks from the bar. In the end we decided to take German draught beer. We were in Germany and I’ve not had a draught as yet.

They brought menus with them and I spotted the Goulaschsuppe (goulash soup). Some of the others ordered some of the variety of sausages on offer, and Johann ordered the chicken fricassee. The picture looked very inviting, but I wanted some liquid warmth and stuck to my decision of the soup.

The jokes were muted as we were all still on a high after the Segway experience. We discussed the engineering marvel that was the Segway, and what went into designing and building it.

I noticed Johann and Gunther were sitting very close to each other, whispering some sweet nothings to each other. I heard the name ‘Krystos’ at one stage and it was clear the giant was under discussion, and perhaps Johann’s experience to fuck me with him in a double.

Juan and André were also chatting away and I could see my brother had it bad for our beautiful sexy hockey coach.

Next to me Luigi had his hand on my thigh and just when I wondered what about Pierre, he put his hand on my other thigh. They were both saying sweet nothings to me and it was obvious, Pierre has forgiven Krystos and me for the night of debauchery. He was his old self again, the man I loved dearly.

The draught beer tasted very nice. It was light, full of flavour and tasted like I thought real German beer should taste like.

Pierre cleared his throat and said: “A toast! A toast on our host and his parents. Gunther, you and your parents are up there with all the people I like …”

“Yes, all three of them!” André piped up. We had a good laugh.

“Yes, and you’re not one of them! Delinquent! I’m buying myself a Swiss Army knife soon. You need to be neutered. We can’t wait until Dad can do it!” Pierre put in.

Another round of laughter.

“Yes, and where will you find 10 strong men to hold me down, you HCM?” André was quick to say.

“You're so full of it! Just you wait … just you wait! As I was saying before the rude interruption from the peanut gallery, Gunther we’re indebted to you big time. Today was an experience and we’re so fortunate to have you in our group. Berlin was far more than I expected it to be. It was an experience, beginning to end. The company is good, the food is good, the city is beautiful, the sights are spectacular and we’re leaving here with very fond memories. Gunther, Prost! And thanks!”

“Hear! Hear!” we all said, even André.

“Now please tell us what would be an appropriate way to say ‘thank you’ to your parents? You’re easy: Johann will see to your … desires!” Pierre said. Lots of laughter! “No seriously, what can we get your parents for their hospitality, their kindness, the food, the accommodation, the driving around, today’s trip …? What would make them remember us?”

“Oh, you brought their son back to them! We have reconciled and that in itself is worth more than anything money can buy. Tell you what. There is a studio in the mall at Potsdamer Platz where we can have a photo taken. Mutti likes you a lot and Vati … well, he’s not a man with his heart on his sleeve, but I know he likes you too, even André …” Gunther said.

“Hey, hey! I have feelings, you know! I’m calling my Dad to come and fetch me! First you want to neuter me and now you’re saying your dad doesn’t like me? Baby bro, I’m taking the first train to the airport! I’m going home!” André said and feigned hurt. What a clown.

“I know my love is a photographer of note, but he doesn't have access to a studio now. So then, let’s settle for Plan B. The alternatives like mementos and dust collectors are not Mutti’s style. But a framed picture of the men who came home with their son – she’ll appreciate that much more. As soon as we have finished our lunch, let’s go and have our photo taken. Right, André? We’ll ask the make-up artists at the studio to try and make you resemble a human being …”

“Now I’m really going! The bad attitude, the horrible remarks, the threats, the mocking, the hurt … no honourable man can endure as much as …” André got in before Juan grabbed him and kissed him. And it wasn't just a kiss – he really kissed my brother. That silenced my brother.

“Now, be quiet and drink your beer!” Juan said and winked at us.

“You're nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothes! Ahhh! Here is our food! The only thing that won’t stab me in the back! Come sausage! Come to papa!” André said and I saw his laughter was just under the surface. Clown!

My Goulashsuppe tasted as good as it looked. They served it with soda bread. It was very filling and warm.

I looked at my brother and saw his Knackerwurst with Kartoffelnsalat, which is a potato salad with peas and beans added. Plus a small serving of red Sauerkraut (sour cabbage). He really enjoyed it and it was clear his kwasi-hurt was forgotten. He looked up and saw I was looking at him. He winked at me and smiled his most endearing smile. ‘I love you’ he mouthed and winked again. I smiled and winked too. He was my other half, after all.

Once the food was consumed, we had some Apfelstrudel … hmmm! Again some of the real German classic and once again: it tasted exquisite!

When the bill arrived, it was €130, including the drinks and the Apfelstrudel. It meant each of us had to fork out €20 each, which included a tip.

I really enjoyed the food and the little vaudeville sideshow courtesy of André was entertaining.

We walked back to Unter den Linden and made our way to Potsdamer Platz to have the photo taken.


On our way there André and Johann were on top form. At one stage we laughed so much, I had to sit down on one of the benches. My tummy hurt from all the laughter.

Gunther wasn’t entirely sure where the studio was and asked at the info counter. We went up a floor and walked into a very stylish shop with lots of photos on exhibition. If that was what they produced, I was 100% in agreement. The quality was superior and the frames classy.

Gunther discussed the matter with the guy behind the counter. They discussed the size, the price, the frame and when the guy heard we wanted to wait for it or at most, come and collect it within the hour, he called the boss, Herr Schlesinger.

Gunther explained what we wanted, why it had to be done so quickly and then he added that we were from South Africa and were to leave on Sunday. He understood and then German precision, organisation and superiority kicked in.

When Gunther said his dad was a retired professor from Die Technische Universität Berlin, Herr Schlesinger did a double take.

Wer ist dein Vater? (Who is your father)”

“Professor Tobias Müller,” Gunther said.

Richtig? (Really?) Meine Ehefrau war ein Student bei ihn! Sie denkt dass er von 24ct Gold gemacht ist! (My wife was one of his students and thinks he is made of 24ct gold!) Denn, ein großer Rabat! (Then, a big discount!) Für alles nur €75. Stimmst du? (For everything, only €75. Do you agree?)”

“Guys, it means its just over €10 each for an A1 print. Is it OK with you? I’ll pay €15. Danke Herr Schlesinger! Wir stimmen! (Thanks Mr Schlesinger! We agree!)”

The man led us into the back and showed us the backdrops, which we could choose from. Johann stepped up and within seconds, he selected a dark charcoal grey with white flecks, which toned in with our clothes of the day.

We arranged ourselves in front of the backdrop. Four of us sat down and three were standing behind us. André and I were in the middle with Juan on André’s side and Luigi next to me. Johann, Gunther and Pierre were at the back with tall sexy Pierre in the middle.

Herr Schlesinger pushed and nudged us here and there, told us to look down a little, to smile, to look serious … all along he was pressing a remote control, taking pictures. After about 10 minutes, chatting to us, learning about our backgrounds, our studies … he just chatted to us to put us at ease … he called us to his iMac to show us the pictures he has taken. Johann stepped up again and his keen eye selected three of the best. He asked Herr Schlesinger to flip through them and we eliminated two more.

Herr Müller, mochtest du vielleicht mehrere Fotoabzüge? Keine Rahmen, doch in Röhrchen gegeben? Für jeden Abzug, nor €7 mehr. Stimmen Sie? (Mr Müller, do you want more photo prints? No frames but placed in tubes? For every print, only €7 more. Do you agree?)” Herr Schlesinger said.

“Guys, he is offering unframed prints in tubes at only €7 each. Remember it’s A1 size, printed on a cloth-like material that makes the print look like a painting. How many extra?” Gunther asked.

“I’d say 3 more. You and Johann will take one, Juan and André will take the second one and Ant, Luigi and I will take the third one. OK Guys? And I’ll pay for ours! No arguments!” Pierre said.

We agreed and Gunther relayed the message.

Sie können kommen, um die Abzüge um 15:00 Uhr zu sammeln. (You can come to collect the prints at 3 o’clock.) Und einzige umrahmt. Ja? (And one framed. Yes?)”

Gunther wanted to pay on the spot, but Herr Schlesinger insisted we paid him at 3 o’clock.

We went into the mall and enjoyed the window-shopping. We saw some very nice clothes but at a steep price. Furthermore, there were the most beautiful shoes, some cuckoo clocks, some other curio shops and electronics. Of course we ended up looking at gadgets. There were all sorts of appliances made by Míele, Philips, AEG, Samsung, Braun and many more. The prices were far less than in South Africa with a wider variety, but … how to get it back home if we were to buy any … Next, we looked at all the different iThings, everything Apple … We just looked and admired the stuff.

The next shop was a leather shop with jackets, belts, shoes, gloves … the whole Spiel. Once again, we only looked. We still had Firenze where we could buy such stuff with the money we would still have in our wallets … We’ve already spent a bit more than expected as the South African Rand was worth nothing against the mighty Pound and euro.

“I want to get my Vati something to commemorate our reconciliation. What do you guys think? I was thinking along the lines of liquor, but he has it all. Clothes he has. Shoes he has. Gloves? No. I was thinking about something from South Africa. I think one of the shops here has curious from Africa. Would you mind helping me?” Gunther said and led the way to a shop that boasted to have African Art.

The minute we stepped in the shop and saw the rubbish offered as curios, and the exorbitant prices, we pulled Gunther out and convinced him to rather buy his dad a nice sweater and get it over with.

“You know what, I still have the gifts I bought for them in London!” Gunther said. “I’ve forgotten to give it to them! It’s way down in my suitcase! How could I have forgotten?! The pashmina for Mutti and the pen for Vati. Just as well we’re talking about it. The moment of seeing my Vati again was too big and then all that has happened. I’ll give it to them tonight.”

We walked around a bit and, even though the winter was far from over, there was a shop that had a sale on: they had too much stock and wanted to sell the stuff before they got stuck with it. Clever move.

We went through the sweaters and we each saw one we liked. It was of pure German wool, treated to withstand shrinkage and it was very soft to the touch.

We looked at the prices and at €22 each, it was cheap. I decided on a stone-coloured sweater knitted forming squares in different stiches, which appeared to be made of different textures. I found two of the same size and colour and called André to discuss it with him. He liked it on the spot and told me I was so clever and smart and that he was so proud of me … and and and. Clown. But at the same time he was serious, but that’s how I felt about him too.

Some of the others also found some sweaters to their liking and by the time we were done, it was almost 3 o’clock.

We walked into the photo studio just as Herr Schlesinger brought the parcels from the back. The framed print was still without brown paper or anything and when we saw it, it was clear Gunther has made the right decision. It was very smart and beautiful. I wondered what the parents were going to say about it.

The assistant took the print into the back and within 5 minutes he was back with the frame covered in a flat cardboard box, no less!

Gunther thanked Herr Schlesinger for his wonderful work and personal attention, for the good price and told him to give his dad’s greetings to his wife.

We left and went down to catch the U-Bahn back home. We had to transfer once to take the S-Bahn for the last stretch.

When we got home, Herr Müller opened the door on cue. The man amazed me.

“Welcome back! How was your day? And what do you have there?” he asked and ogled the big parcel.

“That is something for you and Mutti. May we please have some coffee?” Gunther said and kissed his dad. They’ve come a long way since Sunday. I was glad.

“Yes, of course. Sabine, they’re home and want some coffee please!” He said to his wife in the kitchen around the corner.

There was a heavenly aroma of a beef stew or something similar.

Frau Müller came to greet us and of course she kissed Gunther, but then she surprised us all when she kissed all of us! Wow!

“Go freshen up please. Your washing is on the one bed. You’ll know which parcel belongs to whom. The coffee will be ready in 5 minutes’ time. In the solarium, ja?”

We thanked Frau Müller for the washing and wanted to know how much we owed. She waved her hand and said she also had washing to do.

We went upstairs with our parcels and to have a quick pee, and perhaps a spritz of water on our faces. It was cold but it still took its toll on one’s face.

We sorted out the washing but it wasn't so easy for André and me. We decided just to take a parcel each and be done with it. Our clothes were identical and our bodies were identical, so then there was nothing to decide. I didn't mind wearing my brother’s clothes and I knew he didn’t mind wearing mine.

When we were done, we went down again, Gunther with the framed photo, the pen and pashmina. When we entered the solarium, Herr and Frau Müller were there already. Talk about punctuality!

“Come please! Help yourself. I noticed you loved the Stollen, so I’ve baked some more. And there is Obstkuchen … erm … fruit cake. Come please,” Frau Müller said and pointed at the coffee in the machine and cake on the coffee table.

“What is going on with the parcels, mein Sohn? (my son?). Gunther?” Herr Müller said.

“We’ll tell you just now. Guys, get some coffee and cake. Thanks for the Stollen Mutti!” Gunther said.

Once we had our coffee and had a bite of the cake, we told the Müllers about our day. They were pleased we enjoyed it.

“And Treffpunkt Berlin? Did you get good food to eat?” Frau Müller asked.

Prima, Mutti! The twins loved it so much André wanted to buy a Swiss Army Knife …” Gunther said.

“No, it was Pierre who wanted to buy a knife to … erm … forgive him, he is a bit cuckoo!” André put in. We all cracked up laughing but the parents didn’t know what it was all about.

“Never mind Vati, Mutti. Private joke!” Gunther said.

“I suppose the Segway was an experience? I still consider it to be one of the most prestigious inventions of the late 20th century. Did you enjoy it?”

André and I launched into the specifications and abilities as if Herr Müller wasn't an engineer himself!

“Listen boys, I mean the twins. Sabine and I have talked about it and we would like to make you an offer. I know you’re only in your second year of study next year, but I want to offer you an opportunity to come and work at my firm for a year once you’ve done. And after that, I want you to head a subsidiary I plan to open in Cape Town. But first, I want you to come work with me for a year. You’ll live here with us, and of course you’re welcome to bring Juan and Luigi with you. Both could work here for a year too. It would be easy to find them temporary employment at the BTU and the Staatlichen Krankenhaus (state hospital). They all understand English, so no worry to learn German, although it would help. But, those are details. What do you say?”

André and I looked at each other, then at Luigi and Juan … wow!

“Herr Müller, we’re honoured! Thank you very much. But could we come back to you on this one? We need to discuss it with our husbands outside this solarium, and with our parents. That would be an experience not to be missed, but there are consequences we have to consider. I can’t come without Luigi and André without Juan. Luigi has a very successful practice and Juan and Gunther are doing so well with their research for Novo Nordisk. Thank you but we need time before we can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Verständnis? (understand)?” I said looking at Herr Müller, at André, Luigi and Juan. The other three nodded their agreement.

“Yes, I understand. No pressure and there is time. A lot can happen in 3 years. The door is open and the offer stands. I'm sure we could work around the obstacles. To be honest, I’m looking for a successor … or two of them as it turned out to be! Take your time. Gunther, bist du einverstanden? (Gunther, do you agree?)” Herr Müller said.

Genau Vati! Ja, sie sind sehr klug und sie werden erfolgreiche Ingenieure sein! (Exactly Dad! Yes, they are very clever and they will be successful engineers!)” Gunther said.

“Then it’s settled. And now I want to know what it is that is in those parcels! Gunther, show us please!”

“This is for you Mutti, and this is for you Vati,” Gunther said and gave his parents their London presents.

They opened it and both were very impressed with their gifts, especially Frau Müller.

“It is perfect and will come in very handy in spring and autumn. Thanks Gunther!” she said.

Ja, my pen is almost 15 years old. This is a fine pen and I’ll definitely think of you when I use it. And the big parcel?” Herr Müller asked.

Vati, Mutti. The boys wanted to give you something to remember them by and this is what we’re leaving you with. It is also my way of telling you I love you and that I want you to remember my friends and Johann too. Here you go,” Gunther said and handed the wrapped picture to his dad.

Herr Müller ripped the box off by pulling along the perforated strips. He removed the cardboard and when he lifted it up, Frau Müller gasped.

“Wow! That is beautiful! Please hold it up so I can see! Gunther, please? Tobias, come stand next to me please!” Frau Müller said.

The picture changed hands and the parents looked at the picture with amazement. And then the unforeseen happened. Frau Müller shed a tear … the prim and proper lady had a heart and she was moved – big time!

“Gunther, this is the best memento ever! I really like your friends and this would remind us of your visit here. Thanks a lot! Tobias, stimmst du? (Do you agree Tobias?)”

“100% Sabine! It is beautiful! Come you guys, we need to find a place for it! I think right here in the solarium, or in the study? Sabine?”

“No, right here! I want to see it every day! I think we could move that painting to your study and hang the photo there. What do you think guys?”

We followed the parents to the wall. Herr Müller removed the painting and took the photo from Gunther to hang it in the painting’s place. He stood back and put his arm around Gunther’s shoulder.

“We’ve lost so much time, my beautiful son! I'm glad you’re back and that you leave us with this wonderful memento. Thanks!” Herr Müller said and turned Gunther to face him. He looked in his eyes and kissed his son. And lo and behold, the man became a little teary too.

“I’m so glad to be back in your lives and hearts. And thank you for accepting my friends and Johann. I love them very much,” Gunther said.

Fortunately, they would be spared the details of the liaisons between the rest that wasn't present and us. But, all in all, the Müllers were nice people who were very kind and friendly. We were glad they loved the photo.

The two parents stood next to each other and admired their gift. They were really impressed.

“The food will be ready by half past 5. Please be in the dining room by then? We need to get going by half past 6. The concert starts at 7 because it’s winter. Sabine, brauchst du Hilfe in der Küche? (Do you need any help in the kitchen?). Gunther, take your friends upstairs to get a bit of rest, to get ready,” Herr Müller said.

We went to our rooms and everybody assembled in our room. We reflected on the day and all we’ve done and seen. Of course the Segway, Treffpunkt Berlin and the photo were the highlights. We decided on what to wear, we got into the shower and then lounged around for a bit before we got dressed for dinner.

“This was a nice day. It didn’t start too hot for me, but … water under the bridge. Did you hear anything from Krystos, Ant?” Pierre asked.

“No, I’m sure he was busy all day. I’m glad you're OK with him now. He is a gentle giant and to put it bluntly, he is a good fuck. The massage was spectacular as you can attest. He’s no riff-raff and the way he spoke of his parents and how he is looking after them … I respect him for that,” I said and trailed my fingers over Pierre’s chest, around his nipples … I kissed his areolae and he groaned.

“Stop that Ant! We can’t afford to get into that right now. Just … oh fuck! I’m hard … oh no! Luigi, talk to your fiancé! He’s a bad influence!” Pierre joked to hide his sexual arousal. I gave his hardening cock a squeeze and my man groaned.

“You complaining about him giving you a hard-on? That’s a first! Come lie in my arm mio caro. The riff-raff has had his fill of you for the day! Come to me!” Luigi said and pulled me towards him.

The banter went on until the hordes entered our room … what a noisy lot, with André and Johann leading the jokes and name-calling and everything else in between.

When we got up to get dressed, of course Pierre had to endure lots of jokes because of his big cock that was not completely soft.

“A real HCM! I rest my case Your Honour! Just look at it! He should apply for a license for weapons of mass destruction!” André opened the jokes.

Pierre flipped him the bird and Johann took over.

“Whether he’ll GET a license is another thing. They might lock him up for scaring little boys like you. Shame on you man!”

“Fuck both of you! You’re just jealous you have tiny wieners! Ant loves it and that’s all that counts!” Pierre said as he put on his underpants.

“No thank you! The size of that thing is too close to a horse cock. It’s ridiculous to say the least. Freak, that’s what you are!” André put in.

“Stop it bro! Pierre is a man in every respect. And I love him, big cock and all. Don't you talk to him like that!” I said and flicked André’s head.

“Ow! You flicked me! Johann, he’s lost forever. My baby bro’s brains were finally fucked out of his skull. Luigi, you are a doctor. What can be done to save my baby bro?” André said. There was a short lull … and we all burst out laughing.

“Yes, yes! Jealousy makes you nasty! If you ask nicely, I’ll fuck you tonight, OK André? How about you Johann? Then next time Gunther fucks you, it would be a better fit …”

“In your dreams! Anton fucking me with my cock in my hole too is the only other fucking for this man, other than my man!”

My iPhone binged. It was a message from Piero! He was very exited that I’d be there in 48 hours’ time!

I answered and said I was also eager to meet him.

I walked to André’s room and said we should call Dad.

He agreed and I hit the button on my iPhone. Dad answered on the third ring.

He was pleased and happy we were having a good time. He and Mom were having dinner with the Malans.

We asked how things were on the farm and we told them about the wonderful place that was Berlin.

He was pleased when we told him Gunther and his dad have been reconciled.

“I love you boys so much, I can’t imagine you and I estranged. Well, give Gunther a hug and kiss from me. I’m happy for him.” Dad said.

We told him of the concert and he was green with jealousy. He wished us well and that the last day in Berlin was going to be wonderful too.

I walked to Gunther’s room and grabbed him and kissed him.

“Ahhh! What’s that for?”

“From Dad. He said I had to hug and kiss you!” I said.

“And where is the hug?”

I laughed and hugged the tall blonde man to me. How I loved this German hunk!


Dinner was a delight: beef stew with potatoes, carrots peas and onion. It was served on a bed of rice, with Sauerkraut, a mixed salad and Brötchens of course!

Herr Müller opened a grand bottle of red wine from the Rhine Valley. We were treated like royalty.

“Coffee and cheesecake at the Konzerthaus? Ja?” Frau Müller asked.

We agreed and went upstairs to brush our teeth and get our jackets and scarves.


We drove to the Berliner Konzerthaus and found parking about a block away.

This world-famous concert hall has supreme acoustics and, thanks to Hans Scharoun’s clever terraced vineyard design, not a bad seat in the house.

The concert on the 1st of January was everything we’ve expected it would be: the Mozart Concerto for Three Pianos and then the Beethoven Symphony No 5, ‘Fate’, were superb. It ticked all the boxes in my heart. I loved the music, the combination of instruments to produce such heavenly music, the ambience, the company, sitting between Pierre and Luigi.

The auditorium in its rebuilt form was phenomenal. Ahhh! I’ve heard two of my favourite concertos in real life, and in a spectacular venue.

The Mozart Concerto was incredible. To write a concerto for one piano and orchestra must be a challenge, and here Mozart wrote a concerto for THREE pianos and orchestra. I was familiar with the concerto for 2 pianos but this one was my favourite. The three pianists were virtuosos in their own right and they owned those pianos!

The applause was nothing like I’ve ever heard before. The audience was moved big time and appreciated the acumen of the artists.

During break after the Mozart, we had some coffee and lemon cheesecake. It was like a dream that exploded on one’s tongue. The coffee was strong but extremely good. The restaurant in the foyer had a bottomless policy and of course I had a second cup of coffee.

Then the world-famous 5th symphony of Beethoven … da-da-da-daaa, da-da-da-daaa … people might not know the name of the symphony, but these accords were known the world over. I got goose bumps. It was wonderful. I looked at Pierre and realised he was so enthralled, he didn't even notice I was looking at him. When I touched his hand, he just squeezed mine and listened to the music. Intently. I made a mental note to ensure he has this music on his iPod.

Luigi was squeezing my hand and sighed when the symphony took off after the initial chords. My man had culture as deep as the ocean. How I loved him. He was just so special, so perfect!

The Beethoven was out of this world and we loved every second of it.

When the first Allegro of the 3rd movement started (the fourth movement is also an Allegro), Pierre gasped. He loved it! My big man!

When the last chords of the second Allegro, the 4th movement, died away, there was a moment of silence and then the audience jumped to their feet. The ovation was loud and enthusiastic. I really enjoyed it. What a way to almost end our visit to Berlin!

After the third curtain call we decided it was time to go.

We were like chatter boxes in the car. Johann was like a teenager who came home from a pop concert!

“This was my first live symphony orchestra – Schatzie, this was incredible! Thanks my man! And thanks to Anton for initiating this. You do amaze me every day!” Johann said enthusiastically.

Luigi and Pierre on either side of me were just as happy.

“This was my first time too, Johann! I'm hooked! I always knew the old masters were … well, masters! But this blew me away!” Pierre said.

“Yes, if one could appreciate this kind of music, you’ll never be without music to listen to. I don’t have to ask you if you’ve enjoyed it mio caro?” Luigi said.

“It was fantastic and the artists were very good. I compared it with the sounds I have of the Deutsche Grammophon recordings engraved in my mind and it was as good, if not better, because it was live. Do you have it on your iPod Pierre?” I asked our big hunk.

“No I don’t! I was just about to ask who has the CD! Yes, please! I’d love to have it on my iPod. And the first one, the Mozart too? I loved the sounds these guys coaxed from those three pianos! Wow! From now on I want to be educated on classical music please? Luigi, Ant? You’ve got a very keen learner. This … this … this concert did it for me. It was uplifting, it was grand, it was beautiful and I can see myself listening to this. My Dad will be so happy that I’ve finally decided to leave the dark side! To decide to make the move to the other side! Hmmmm! Beautiful!” Pierre said and put his arm around my neck and pulled me closer to him.


Back home, we sat in the solarium – where else? I caught Frau Müller a few times looking at the photo … she loved it!

Herr Müller pulled the B&O remote console out and called up the Mozart Concerto for 2 Pianos and when the beautiful music filled the air, we were quiet for a minute, drinking in the angelic notes …

Then Herr Müller and Gunther were busy with the drinks. Johann got up and helped them. At one stage I saw Herr Müller with his arm around the shoulders of our moustached man. Once again Herr Müller said something to Johann … what was it?

Johann smiled his most endearing smile and was hugged close to Herr Müller. They’ve definitely hit it off big time. I was so glad for their sake.

We relaxed with the liqueurs and music. Pierre was brazen enough to put his hand on mine and he sat very close to me. Luigi was more reserved but he too sat very close to me.

Juan and André were sitting next to each other, occasionally looking at each other, but no touching yet.

“So then, Jungen (young men), did you enjoy Berlin? Did you find it as beautiful as we think it is? Will you come back?” Herr Müller asked.

“Herr Müller, I think I speak on behalf of the other six when I say that this was a highlight. It was beautiful and yes, we’d love to come back. It surely is worth a trip. And your hospitality was world-class. You've gone out of your way to make it pleasant and memorable. We’ll remember Berlin and you. We’re looking forward to your visit to South Africa in March or April?” Juan said.

“We have the conference during the first week of April. We fly to Cape Town on the last Saturday in March and will be in Cape Town from the Monday until the Friday. The conference is from the Wednesday to Friday. We were hoping to see something of Cape Town on the Monday and after the conference,” Herr Müller said.

“Yes, and we have organised to stay for the whole of the next week to experience Cape Town and surroundings. Perhaps go and meet the twins’ parents. We’ll be in touch,” Frau Müller said and took a sip of her coffee liqueur.

“Now, please tell the boys what we’ve planned for them for tomorrow, mein Liebling (my darling)?” Herr Müller said.

Frau Müller told us about the trip to Grunewald, having lunch in the forest and to come back early. They have planned a small party of sorts for Gunther with some of his university friends. She wanted to be back home by 3 o’clock as the first delivery of the food is expected at half past 3.

Mutti, you did not say anything to me!” Gunther said.

“That was a surprise mein kleiner Junge (my little boy)! Only 6 of your friends are coming, including Clarabelle. Yes, I know … I know, but she still is a kind and beautiful lady. And the other five are some of your tennis friends and class friends from university. You’ll enjoy seeing them and they’re dying to meet Johann and see you again!”

“You’ve told them about … Johann … already?” Gunther said.

“Yes, and they’ve known about you all along. So, no harm done. They’re keen to meet the sexy young man who stole your heart. Alles klar? (All in order?)” Frau Müller put in.

“Wow Mom! That’s a lot to absorb in one go! Who are the others who are coming?”

“We thought of inviting Klaus, Werner, Albert, Noel and Siegfried. OK?”

“Yes, they’re OK but I never said a word to any of them …”

“They know, they know and they’re still your friends. Relax. Everything has been taken care of. I wanted us to have a picnic in the forest but it’s too cold. We’ll go see the forest, walk around a bit and then have a light lunch in one of the restaurants in the forest. We’ll go by train – it will be quicker. Alles in Ordnung, Tobias?” Frau Müller said.

Ja, klar. Gunther, your friends are OK with you being gay. They're excited to meet Johann and even Clarabelle wants to meet him. Relax my son! If we’re OK with your choice, they are too. And just for the record, I’ve never seen you happier, and I really appreciate your choice. Johann, you’re a fine young man. All of you are so ‘normal’, if I’m allowed to use that word. You’re just like any other men your age, but just far better than the youth we normally encounter. Johann, you might not be able to give us grandchildren, but we like you a lot. You make Gunther happy, and that’s all that counts.” Herr Müller said.

Herr Müller sat down on Gunther’s other side and put his arm around his shoulder.

“And after all, you’re my son and I love you!”

We were in a good mood and very relaxed.

After another round of liqueurs, we decided to call it a day. We thanked the Müllers once more and went upstairs.

We brushed our teeth and all 7 of us got into bed in our room to have some reflection on what happened.

Gunther was still feeling a bit unsure, but when Johann made light of the situation and we had a few laughs. Gunther realised his mom wanted to do good and that nothing bad was about to happen.

We all were on a high after the concert and when I pulled up my Mozart Piano Concerto No 20 on my iPhone, Pierre sat up.

“I know that music! I’m sure I’ve heard in ‘Amadeus’, the movie! Yes, I’m sure I've heard it!”

“I think you meant the Romance, the second movement. Let me play it for you,” I said and selected the movement in question.

“Yes, that’s the one! That’s the music that played right at the end of the movie! Right?”

“Yes, you’re right. That’s it and what caused many people to walk out with wet eyes at the end of the movie. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful pieces ever written for a piano and orchestra. Mozart was a wizard. I’ll put this on your iPod too,” I said and kissed the big beautiful man.

“Yes, please! Wow! It is beautiful! And I don’t think one could ever tire of it. My Dad is going to be so proud of his only son!” Pierre said and his hand snaked up to my crotch. Ahhh! My man! He might have been to a concert but he still was a hot-blooded man!

“I think we need to get into bed now. I’m cold and tired. I want to sleep. Come you delinquent. We can have some fun with your brother tomorrow night. Come!” Juan said and waited for André to make a move.

My brother wasn’t keen to go but it was clear there were no arguments. I was also a bit tired and would appreciate a good night’s rest.

“That’s our cue too. Come, let’s go Schatzie! Goodnight everybody. Mom said breakfast would be at 9 o’clock. So, if we could get some duct tape for André and this sexy man here, we might be able to sleep in a bit …!” Gunther said and got hit by two pillows. What a bunch of men!


It didn’t take Pierre and Luigi long before they were both fast asleep. I welcomed some peace and quiet but it was strange not have someone wanting to fuck me.

I touched Pierre’s big rubbery cock and Luigi’s nice soft and warm cock. How lucky I was to have these two men in my life … I thought about Clive, Santiago and Giovanni, and Piero … Piero!

I drifted off to sleep and my dreams were about this young Italian stallion that awaited me in Firenze … it was a hot dream filled with lots of love and passion and sex and big cocks and cum and fucking and hair and sexy men …

I woke up and realised where I was.

“Shhhh! You’re safe Ant! Come here!” Pierre said and pulled me tight to him.

I kissed his neck. He pulled me to him, kissed me on the head. I took his big rubbery cock in my hand and drifted back to sleep.


When I woke up I was in bed alone. What … Where … How? Where were Luigi and Pierre? I opened my eyes and saw Luigi sitting at the foot of the bed looking at me. When he saw I was looking at him, he smiled and put his hand on my feet.

Buongiorno, mio caro! (Good morning, my darling!) Did you sleep well? At one stage you were having a nightmare. Pierre said you were saying Piero’s name and made lots of noise. Are you OK?”

“Yes, I did dream about Piero. But it wasn’t a nightmare. Quite the opposite. I dreamt he was having sex with me in the garden, in the lounge, in the bedroom, in the bathroom … everywhere and I was concerned your mother and sister would see us,” I said and stretched my arms above my head.

“He’s a kind and beautiful young man, but yes, he does have quite a libido. I hope it won’t be too much for you … But a monster? No. I got a message from him this morning. He is now counting the hours for us to arrive. He is very anxious to meet you.” Luigi said, massaging my feet.

He lifted the duvet and took my bare feet in his hand.

“You’ve often told me my feet are beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with yours. They’re also big, well formed and hairy. I wonder if there would ever be anything about you I didn’t like! Piero is going to fall head-over-heels in love with you!” Luigi said as he kneaded the balls of my feet, playing with my toes, lightly pulling the hair on my big toes.

“I just hope I’d be what Piero wanted … but, even with Pierre, Clive and Giovanni with us, I still love you, mio caro. I can’t explain it. It’s just  … it just is! I love you. Yes, the sex with the others is also wonderful and they have huge cocks, but in the end, it’s you who is really in my heart. Yes, I hope Piero and I could become good friends and lovers, and I know I’d love him too, but … mio caro, I don’t want anything to happen to jeopardise the love we feel for each other. Promise me?” I said.

“I don't need to promise you mio caro. You know how I feel, and you know what Piero has in mind. And I know how much you’re enjoying the others, including Krystos and Vlado. I know you like them, but I also know you love me more, right?” Luigi said.

Di sicuro, mio caro! (For sure, my darling!)” I said and sat up to touch his exquisite face, his hair, his arms and his chest. I truly and honestly loved this man. “Where is Pierre?”

“Here I am! I’m taking a dump! Don’t come in here! You’ll drop down dead! Give me five!” Pierre answered from the bathroom.

Luigi and I giggled. Yes, it was a well-known fact amongst the members of the group that Pierre could stink up a toilet big time! Fortunately there was air freshener! And just then he sprayed some!


Breakfast was a little different. There were Rohhackbrötchens – yay! And there were cold cuts, a variety of cheeses, jams, there were boiled eggs and chicken winglets. Of course yoghurt and fruit juice and the wonderful coffee the Germans made.

“Herr Müller, what coffee are you using?” I asked.

“I’m sure you’ll have it in South Africa: ‘Jacobs Krönung’. Do you have it there?” Herr Muller said.

“Yes, I’ve seen it on the shelves. I’ll get us some. It tastes wonderful. And thanks for the Rohhackbrötchens! You’re spoiling us!” I said and touched this distinguished gentleman’s arm.

“We enjoy having you here and you're easy guests. You brought our son back to us and for that, you’re now like family! Enjoy!” he said.


The trip with the train to Grunewald was just over 45 minutes on the S-Bahn. We passed through Hauptbahnhof, then southwest to Wannsee, and back northeast towards Grunewald.

We arrived at the station and saw that the station building was exquisite.

Then we walked on a wonderful walkway into the wood. It was spectacular. The trees were thick and although it was winter, it was beautiful.

But, it was cold. We walked to the lake, Wannsee, and realised what a beautiful place this must be in summer.

“This is a very popular place for families to come and have a picnic, to swim, to do some boating, windsurfing and just enjoying nature. But as you can see, it’s quite too cold for all of that,” Herr Müller said. I noticed he held Frau Müller’s gloved hand. Gunther was lucky to have such loving parents.

We saw the Umweltbundesampt buildings, some others such as hunting houses, a castle and some others.

By 12 o’clock Frau Müller called it a day. She wanted tea and we headed back. She knew of a quaint little restaurant where we could have sandwiches and coffee.

Inside the small establishment, it was warm and we smelled the coffee. The host pushed 3 tables together and held Frau Müller’s chair for her to sit down.

He was an elderly man but very charming and very welcoming. He greeted the Müllers friendly and it was clear he knew them.

He brought a big pot of coffee with 9 mugs. His wife brought milk – the sugar sachets were in a bowl on the table.

Frau Müller asked for a small pot of herbal tea. The owner’s wife brought it within 2 minutes: German precision and efficiency.

The menu was written on a blackboard on the wall. They had some run-of-the mill specials such as soup, Schnitzel, different varieties of Wurst and cheese platters with biscuits. Then there were sandwiches made with Dreikornbrot(three seeded bread): Schinken (ham), cheese, gherkins, onions and mustard. They also had Brötchens, jams, cheese slices and of course more Wurst.

“As you know: we’re having a big dinner tonight. I’d advise you to eat light, plus the helpings here are generous!” Frau Müller said.

We settled for the sandwiches and by the time they arrived, we were all having second mugs of coffee. The owner brought a fresh pot of coffee.

The sandwiches tasted fantastic. The bread was warm, the filling was fresh and it tasted divine.

By 2 o’clock we were ready to head home. The food was wonderful and the coffee was out of this world tasty, but I could see Frau Müller had ants in her pants: she wanted to get home to get stuff ready for the party.

By a quarter past 3 we were home and not a minute too soon. We were still in the solarium before going up to our rooms, when the first delivery was made.

An army of people dressed in white took the containers from the delivery truck into the house. Soon after another truck arrived with the beers, glasses and ice.

We jumped in and helped set up the stuff.

Johann really scored some brownie points when he arranged the sliced chicken, the cherry tomatoes, filled eggs and gherkins in a nice pattern. Frau Müller came to stand next to our moustached man and the arm around his waist was quite telling! She liked her son-in-law!

We busied ourselves with the ice (in polystyrene containers), beer in a bowl with ice and the glasses.

By half past 4 all was spic and span and ready for the arrival of the guests.

We went to our rooms to shower and get ready. It was wonderful to have a bag full of clean clothes again.


By 5 o’clock we went down and saw two guys in the solarium, talking to Herr Müller.

They were introduced to us as Klaus and Werner. I saw immediately they were involved: my gaydar went off.

Klaus was the proverbial blonde, blue-eyed German and Werner had brown hair and brown eyes. Both were bodybuilders: their biceps were bulging under their shirts and sweaters. I noticed Klaus had very big and beautiful hands.

We learnt that Klaus was a medical doctor and Werner a radiologist. They both worked at a private clinic near Grunewald. Both were very pleasant and they did nothing to say they were gay or involved, but I picked it up in the way they looked at each other, the smiles and soon I had an ‘aha’ moment: Werner touched Klaus’ thigh in a very intimate manner.

A few minutes later Noel and Siegfried arrived. They were both very blonde and skinny. They were tall and Noel had ice-blue eyes and Siegfried had darker blue eyes. Noel was a Biology teacher and Siegfried an accountant with BASF. They were only friends.

Before we could really chat to them Albert and Clarabelle arrived. Albert was incredibly sexy and attractive with dark hair and dark brown eyes and he was hunky and … he ticked all the boxes! Wow! He looked like he could be of Mediterranean origin. He had a very fair skin but pitch-black hair. His eyebrows were thick and he had a big nose, but in a nice way.

When I asked, he said his parents were from Albania. Fuck! He was beautiful! Wow! When he greeted me, he put his left hand over my right hand in his hand and squeezed gently. He was working as a software engineer. By the looks of his clothes, it was obvious he was earning mega-bucks.

Albert’s hands were big, soft and they felt very sensual.

I almost missed Clarabelle … oh damn! She was a petite blonde girl, very attractive and very much into Albert. She hung on his arm and I was sure she had an interest in him, but he couldn't give two hoots about her.

Oh, I learnt Clarabelle worked at a TV station as an announcer. She had a very nice melodious voice … she was nice but that was it. She didn’t tick a single box – obviously!

It was clear Albert was caught in a catch-22 situation. He wanted to chat to Gunther and the boys, and me, but Clarabelle held on to him, until Frau Müller saw right through the façade of this girl, and commandeered her to help with the snacks. Clarabelle let go of Albert and it was as if a wilted flower came back to life. Albert opened up like a clam and he and Gunther were very chummy. It was clear Albert must have been the university friend who had a crush on him.

The ladies came back with the snacks, we had some drinks – I had a G&T – and we had some good laughs. André and Johann were on top form.

I watched Albert and when he saw I was looking at him, he smiled self-consciously and winked at me.

Clarabelle saw the framed picture and walked up to it to have a closer look. She looked again at Gunther with Johann next to him. She put 2 and 2 together. She already knew but now it was there for everybody to see.


The evening developed a nice buzz and soon the discussions were around all that was happening in Europe, the migrants, the bomb attacks in Paris and Brussels, the euro, the guests’ and our jobs, our origins, our trip, London, Italy and soon we were relaxed enough to acknowledge who we were involved with.

I was standing between Luigi and Pierre. We talked to Albert about his job. He told us at present he was developing software for NASA, for the Deutsche Welle and DHL.

Gunther saw us chatting to Albert and he came over. Albert lit up like a firefly. He still adored the blonde man.

“So then, am I right that Johann is the special man now?” Albert came right out.

“Yes, he is. How about you? Anybody special?” Gunther asked.

“Nah! I don’t get out that often and the nerds I’m working with are not my type … if someone like the twins or you were available … that would’ve been another story! Just my luck!”

“Too bad my friend! How about sending Clarabelle home with Noel and Siegfried? You could stay over and get to know the guys! Pretend to get smashed and then you have a reason to stay. Do it!” Gunther said. I wondered how many drinks Gunther has had. And how innocent the liaison was when they were at university … Only one way to find out …


Dinner was served. We all got a plate and dished up. The selection was wonderful. The food included aromatic rice, chicken à la king, beef goulash and Kassler pork chops. Added to the spread was Sauerkraut, potato salad and sliced tomatoes. I was pleased to see there were Brötchens and some other bread.

Some of us joined the Müllers at the table and the rest was each given a tray. We sat down with the food on our laps and enjoyed the spread. It was delicious. It was obvious the caterer who prepared the food knew his or her job.

An eerie silence hovered over us while we were enjoying the food … until Johann and André found their second breaths. We were rolling in the aisles. Johann mimicked some fuzz ball politicians (names withheld – we don't want them to start reading this novella!) and it was very funny.

At one stage Albert was next to Noel when he got another helping of the goulash. I saw they were talking and Noel was confirming something. I wondered …

When Albert sat down again across from me, he winked and smiled. He has organised his ‘girlfriend’ a lift with Noel and Siegfried. Yay!

I looked at Albert again. He was very sexy and his pale skin contrasted with his black hair. I noticed his big hands again. I looked at his feet … the boots he had on were big! I tried to see his crotch but the tray was in the way.

Mr le Roux, this Albanian is going to fuck you tonight, I thought.


Dessert was the apparently traditional Donauwellenkuche (Danube waves cake).

I asked Frau Müller about the dessert and she filled me in: It is layered cake. It has alternating vanilla and chocolate cake dough, sour cherries and vanilla cream. After the cake is baked and cooled off, a chocolate glaze is applied to the top of the cake and waves are made using a fork. When the cake is cut in squares it looks a little like the waves of the Danube River from the side. The Donauwellenkuche looks very elegant and tastes great with the different flavour layers.

I dished up a slice and when I put it in my mouth, I knew I wanted to have it again. It was almost as good as Black Forest Cherry Cake.

How I wished I could’ve had more but I was filled to the gills. We had so much to eat and it all tasted so good.

Herr Müller, Gunther and Johann (he was on a hiatus with his heckling and jokes!) served liqueurs and André and I were in charge of the coffee machine.

The evening was wonderful and we had a great time.

I noticed Clarabelle was very quiet and a bit sour. She obviously heard she had to leave with Noel and Siegfried. She finally made the connection when she saw the picture on the wall … poor woman. Lucky me!

No sooner have we had coffee than Noel and Siegfried stood up and announced they were going. Clarabelle stood up before they could say anything. They were on their way and Albert’s nemesis was going to leave with them.

The rest of us got more coffee. When Klaus and Werner announced they wanted to go, Gunther accompanied them to their car.

When he returned we helped Frau Müller to clean up. Within 15 minutes all the glasses were in the dishwasher and the other dirty dishes were neatly stacked, ready to go into the dishwasher.

We thanked the Müllers for the evening, for the hospitality once again and said goodnight.

Frau Müller pulled us into an embrace, one after the other, and thanked us for the photo, for our visit and for loving Gunther. What’s not to like and love? He was a grand guy.

“Will you be OK Albert? Gunther, please get him a spare toothbrush from the guest bathroom down the passage. Goodnight boys!” Frau Müller said.

Then Herr Müller hugged us and kissed Gunther. Johann got a kiss on the cheek. My, my.

“Remember the minibus is leaving at 10 o’clock tomorrow. Sleep well!” Herr Müller said and followed his wife to their quarters.

We went upstairs to our rooms and all 8 of us – including Albert – went into our room.

“Albert, you’re here now. You need to know a few things. We all sleep together from time to time. The common denominator is Antonio, the kind one of the twins … ahem … who is very keen to receive, if you understand? That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the others, but André … the rough one of the twins … you’ll quickly tell the difference … only bottoms for his brother or Juan, and Johann is mine … hands-off please. But Antonio is the bottom for whomever wanted to top someone,” Gunther said. “We’re sleeping alone tonight.”

“Gunther, you know I’ve always wanted to plug you, but never knew you were a top! Imagine if I tried to sleep with you!” Albert said and looked at me with new eyes. I smiled shyly and when I looked up again, Albert winked at me.

“Sleeping arrangements: Johann and I will sleep in our own room, Juan and André in theirs and you will share with Antonio, Luigi and Pierre. Beware of the HCM – it’s huge!” Gunther said and smiled at the expression on Pierre’s face.

“Snake! I’ll get you for this! Luigi, is there a high cliff in Tuscany from where I can push this back-stabber?” Pierre said and pretended to be hurt, but when I looked at him, it was clear he was excited that Albert was going to sleep with us.

“You OK Antonio? I only once saw Albert hard but apart from seeing it was big, I have no idea how big it is. Albert?” Gunther said.

“I’ll let Antonio determine that if he wants to … Antonio?” Albert said.

“OK with me. The HCM here has plenty …” I said.

“’HCM’?” Albert repeated the abbreviation.

“Yes, he is our local Horse Cock Man. It’s a whole 33cm long! You’ll see it!” Gunther said.

“Can we get something straight – ugly word! – here? Albert is allowed to sleep with my brother and I have to sleep with the ogre?” André put in.

“Rules are rules! I said on Sunday we could have fun but we have to sleep in our own beds. Tomorrow in Firenze it would be different, not so Luigi?” Gunther said.

“I think so. I don’t know what the exact sleeping arrangements will be at my sister’s,” Luigi said. “But I’m sure it would be much like on the farm …”

“Yes, what if I wanted to have a double with Anton? What do I do?” Johann said and my cock twitched. It was an experience to fuck him with his own cock in his hole!

“Just until we’re in Tuscany, please?” Gunther said and kissed Johann.

We were going to be 4 in our bed then. Albert was the guest and would get the royal treatment … hmmm!


We got ready for bed. Gunther has brought Albert a toothbrush from the supply his mom keeps for guests. After brushing my teeth, I went into the neighbouring bathroom to clean and prepare myself. If this Albanian was as big as I thought he was, I needed to clean myself properly!

Once I’ve done with all the preparations, I went back into the bedroom. Luigi and Pierre were in bed together with an open space between them. I undressed and felt how I was being watched. When I removed my underpants, I heard Pierre moaning … he was impressed with what he saw again. I was getting hard just thinking about my man!

Albert was in the bathroom and when he entered the bedroom, I was pleasantly surprised: he was naked except for his underpants. He was hairy! Not as much as Pierre of Clive or Luigi, but he was hairy.

He put his snazzy clothes on one of the chairs and turned around.

“Does this mean you’re going to watch me taking off my underpants? What if I don’t make the grade?” Albert joked.

“Just take them off and come to bed!” Pierre said.

I watched the big bulge in the underpants and when Albert took off the garment, I gasped. It was a big one! It was very thick and yes, it was uncut. It was a very white cock with pitch-black hair above it. He had big balls. The thick cock was curving downwards. Interesting.

I looked at his pectoral muscles and I saw he was nicely muscled.

Albert approached the bed and Pierre lifted the duvet to allow him in to lie down next to me.

His hairy body felt warm and his hands touching me were warm and soft.

Albert put his hand on my chest and when he felt my chest hair, he purred. He leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. My godd! His mouth was softer than I thought it would be. I turned my head and kissed him on the mouth.

I moved my hand down his hairy tummy and bumped into his cock … wow! He was hard already and it was big! And it was wet! Wow!

Luigi put his hand on my leg. I put my hand over his and he squeezed my hand.

“*Enjoy!*” Luigi whispered.

“*Grazie!*” I whispered back and put my hand on his cock. Hard and wet! He put his hand on my cock and squeezed. Ahhh!

I turned to Albert and got a full-blown kiss. It was exquisite. His lips were soft and his tongue ticked all the boxes.

Albert’s big cock was pushing against mine. I put my hand around it and gasped. It really was big! It felt like Pierre’s big one but it was thicker. He pushed his cock towards me and I felt the skin slipping back.

He pulled back and I felt the precum on my fingers. Wow! Another heavy precummer! He could fuck me with that as lube!

Albert put his hand on my cock and when he felt Luigi’s hand, he stopped for a second but then his hand joined Luigi’s hand to squeeze my cock. The two big and soft hands on my cock felt good.

I felt Pierre’s hand joining my hand on Albert’s cock and Albert groaned.

“Wow! I haven’t had so many hands all over me and on another guy’s cock! In fact, this is my first time with more that one guy! This is so hot!” Albert said and kissed me again.

“You’re welcome! Enjoy! Ant will love to feel you in him, but go easy! You have a damn big cock! It feels as big as mine, but thicker. Yikes! Ant, it’s big!” Pierre said and put a reassuring hand on my chest.

“Yes, I felt it. It is a big one …”

“You’re giving me a complex! Quite a few guys wasn’t prepared to take it … I hope you’ll allow me to fuck you, Antonio?” Albert said and squeezed my cock.

“Oh, I’m sure I'd be able to handle it. Just go slow in the beginning,” I said and kissed this sexy man again.


The touching, the squeezing, the kissing, the touching of each other all over went on for about 2 minutes … if that!

“I want to suck you and then … I want to fuck you!” Albert said. It was clear this hunky hung man was as randy as hell! After only about 2 minutes flat? Really?

Albert turned on his side and I turned towards him. He brushed my hair from my face, touched my cheek, traced my eyebrows, my nose, my ear, my chin, my neck, down to my chest …

I gasped and enjoyed the moment. Behind me Luigi was caressing my shoulders, kissing my back …

Albert’s hands went down my treasure trail and when he felt the tip of my cock, he breathed in slightly and his hand enclosed the shaft and he squeezed.

“Very nice … indeed! Hmmm!” he said. He pulled the skin back and squeezed again. I felt the precum running out the piss-slit. Albert’s big soft fingers rubbed over the tip and when he felt the precum, he hummed and covered my cockhead with the slippery stuff.

“Very nice indeed!”

He jacked my cock a bit and squeezed its ample girth and length … my cock was not as big as the others, but bigger than most other guys’ cocks.

“Nice one – nice … hmmm!” Albert said and kissed me. Once again a wonderful mouth, nice soft lips and it was a gentle kiss. It was sensual, he didn’t force his tongue into my mouth but I was eager to have his tongue in my mouth. He was a sexy man and I was hot for him.

Behind me Luigi’s big wet cock was pushing on my hole and I felt it starting to enter me. Involuntarily I pushed back and felt the big cock entering me … ahhh! I sucked Albert’s tongue deep into my mouth and felt his huge cock pushing against mine.

We were both sopping wet and the big cock in my hand felt wonderful. The head underneath the skin was big and the large amount of precum made it slippery. He groaned in my mouth.

Luigi’s cock was now halfway into me and I groaned. It was only on his own precum he was entering me and I felt it … his cock wasn’t small! But, I owed it to him as the Albanian was going to be next. Luigi’s big cock stretched me and filled me up.

Behind Albert Pierre was as hot as a dog in heat. He leaned over Albert and played with both our cocks. It was a slippery mess and I realised just how much precum Albert produced. It was a lot! I put my hand on the bed … it was slippery wet! I’d have to tell Gunther about that before we leave – we couldn’t afford to leave it like that for Frau Müller to see!

I banished the thoughts about dirty linen from my mind and kissed the sexy Albanian in front of me … Pierre’s mouth joined us and it was one big slobbering kiss. Wow!

I put my hand over Albert and felt Pierre’s huge cock was hard as a rock and sopping wet too. He was pushing his big cock between Albert’s legs and when I put my hand below Albert’s balls, I felt the big cockhead throbbing in my hand.

“Are you trying to fuck me Pierre? I’ve bottomed for a few guys but your cock is bigger than mine … I don’t think so!” Albert said.

“Could we at least give it a try …? If it’s too big, I’ll pull out – promise!” Pierre said.

“I don't know … it’s damn big!” Albert said and put his hand back to feel Pierre’s cock. He must’ve felt the precum and he caved in! “OK, but if you hurt me, you pull out please?”

“That’s my boy! Yes! Give me some of your precum mate!” Pierre said. Albert milked his cock and applied the precum to his hole.

Soon Albert stopped kissing me and was groaning … Pierre’s big cock was sliding into him … He gasped when the big head slipped in and he growled …

“Oh fuck! It’s big! Now I know what I put other guys through when I fuck them … ahhh! Ow! No, please pull out … ahhh! It’s too big!”

Behind me Luigi was fast pushing the last few centimetres into me and I groaned … as always, it felt good and I loved him a little bit more.

Pierre wasn’t so fortunate but Albert was willing to give it another try.

“Slowly Pierre! Here, take some more precum …” Albert said and I felt his body stiffen … the big cock was entering him again.

Albert groaned and gasped and held his breath and his body was as tight as a guitar string …

“Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Just hold still Pierre! Pierre, please!”

Luigi was starting to fuck me and when I took Albert’s big cock in my hand, it was rock-hard and as wet as I’ve never felt a cock before! I took some of the precum on my fingers and put it in my mouth … divine! It was a lot and it was sweet. I wished I could suck him …

“Push in, but slowly Pierre!” Albert said and was breathing faster and was groaning … he was having a tough time taking Pierre’s big cock in him, but it would appear Pierre was making head-way …

“Stop, please! No … deeper! Please!” Albert said and put his hand on Pierre’s cock to feel how much was still outside. “There is a whole hand’s worth not in me yet! Ahhh! No, I can’t! If you want to fuck me, then please don’t push in deeper … ahhh! I’m not built for this! Ahhh! But … it’s starting to feel good … yes! Oh godd! I can’t believe I’ve said ‘yes’ to you! Ahhh! Push in a bit more … Ahhh! No, stop! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh, I don’t know … Hold it right there …” Albert was torn between having the huge cock in him or just the 2 thirds that were in him … “Push it deeper but slowly please! Oh fuck! I'm going to regret this in the morning … Stop! Ahhh! If you’re going to fuck me, push it all in and get it over with! Oh fuck! Antonio, I admire you for taking this dong in you! Ahhh! You’re in? Really? Are you in?”

“Yes, it’s in all the way. You OK? I’ll hold still so you can get used to it …” Pierre said and I felt his hand on Albert’s chest.

“Oh fuck! Your cock is huge! It is fucking huge!” Albert was swearing. He sought my mouth and kissed me hungrily. “I want to fuck you! Please!”

“I’m about to cum my first round, then you can push into Antonio, OK? OK with you mio caro?” Luigi said and was fucking me with faster thrusts. I could tell he was on the verge of cumming … his first load, big and creamy, and pumped 29cm deep into me … Yes!

“Yes please! I need my cock in Antonio to take my mind off the huge cock in me! Please!” Albert said. He was suffering a bit with Pierre’s huge cock in him.

“I’m cumming … ahhh! Oh yes! Yes! Here it comes!” Luigi said and pushed his big cock deep into me and held still. His cock twitched and I felt how he pumped his big load into me. My man! I clenched my hole around Luigi’s cock and it responded by twitching delightfully in me.

“OK, please let me in! Luigi, please! I want Pierre’s cock in me but I want mine in Antonio … please!” Albert said, pleadingly.

“I’m pulling out and then Albert can push in, mio caro. Clench!” Luigi said and started to pull out. The big head slipped out and I managed to keep all the cum in me.

“Turn around please! Please Antonio!” Albert said. I took his big cock in my hand and felt it was literally covered in precum … it was going to be an easy one … or so I thought!

I turned around and aimed Albert’s big cock at my hole. I pushed back to take it in me. When the big head pierced my hole I was the one that gasped. It was fucking thick! Wow! It stretched me big time … when it was halfway in, the big cock twitched and I groaned … it stretched my hole a lot …

I pushed back more and the thick cock slid in deeper and deeper … Wow! When the big head pushed against my prostate I felt a bit of cum pouring out my cock … more reason for us to take the dirty linen off in the morning!

The big thick cock was on its way deep into me and Albert was purring like a kitten. He kissed my neck and his hands were all over my chest, my tummy and when he took my cock in his hand, he groaned. My cock was sopping wet with precum and the bit of cum he his cock pushed from my prostate.

Albert and Luigi were making love to me in a big way. Luigi was kissing me and his hands were all over my chest. Albert was playing with my tummy and cock and I felt like I could cum on the spot.

“I’ve never been ‘Lucky Pierre’ before, and here I am, getting fucked by a ‘Pierre’ of note, and me fucking a sexy hot bottom! Wow! This is better than the best Christmas present ever!” Albert said and groaned in my neck …

The fucking and caressing and lovemaking continued and I was feeling like I was floating on Cloud Nine … utter bliss!

The big thick cock in me was fucking me real good and Luigi was really giving me top-notch attention, kissing and caressing me. Mio caro!

Pierre, the ever-horny and able-bodied statuesque man was fast approaching orgasm. He was going to flood Albert’s insides with his huge load … I was in for a surprise!

When Albert started to cum, I knew this man was amongst the champions of champions! Luigi and Pierre had multitude orgasms and shot big loads, but albeit only one load, Albert was in the league of Vlado: hyperspermic – big time! When he started to cum, his cock spasmed and twitched and I felt how he pumped his big load into me … lots of it! It felt amazing!

Albert clung to me, his face in my neck and his hand over my side, caressing my chest.

I heard Pierre was still exhaling as he came down from his cloud of bliss.

“69 mio caro? I want to cum again and I want to taste your load!” Luigi said as he started to spin around to take my cock in his mouth. I took his leaking cock in mine and sucked on the big beautiful cock.

I was on the verge of cumming and knew Luigi’s second load won’t take long to shoot up through his big cock into my mouth … ahhh! I loved his cum!

Albert was still clinging to me, his huge cock lodged deep in me. His cock was still very hard and I could feel he has pumped an immense load into me.

Luigi’s big cock in my mouth tasted good and I groaned with delight. To me it was still a hot and great cock. I loved his big and beautiful cock.

The big head on my tongue tasted divine and the size of it was just right! I sucked it, played with my tongue over the shaft and big head. I tasted the precum and just loved it.

The cock twitched and I felt it starting to shoot its big load into my mouth … ahhh! How I loved this man, his cock, his precum, his cum … everything about this man was spectacular!

My own cock felt warm and fuzzy and wet and very hard in Luigi’s mouth … his tongue was tickling my cock, his hand was on my balls and when my cockhead slipped into his throat, I felt my orgasm bubbling up and the feeling of euphoria started to wash over me … I was going to cream Luigi’s throat! And it was going to be a lot!

Luigi’s cock was now pulsating and he was groaning around my cock.

Then the two of us started to shoot our loads into each other’s mouths … ahhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

It felt as if my heart was going to jump out of my throat! It was beating at 140 beats per minute and my cum was forced out my piss-slit, coating Luigi’s pharynx … my cock twitched and pulsed and swelled … I was having an orgasm of note.

But so was Luigi! He was pumping an enormous load into my mouth … ahhh! It flooded my mouth. It was a lot, it was thick, creamy and tasted like the most wonderful aphrodisiac there was. I loved my man’s cum!

I swallowed the first spurts and let the second and third spurts over my tongue, into the rest of my mouth and savoured the nice liquid in my mouth. Oh fuck! This was one of the most wonderful things to experience as a gay man! Ahh, the sensation of a man flooding your mouth with his seed through his big cock, and then tasting the stuff … utter … bliss! Yes!

My own cock has spewed an unholy amount of cum into my man’s mouth. He gently pushed his tongue over my glans, over the top of my inverted cock on his tongue … I was on Cloud Nine and my love for this man was cemented firmly in place once again.

The huge cock in my hole was gently twitching every now and again but when I clenched my hole over it while I was cumming, it responded by swelling to huge proportions again. Then Albert pushed his big cock deep into me, kissing my neck, massaging my chest …

Once again, this lovemaking session was on a different level altogether. I only missed my tall dark and beautiful man Pierre to make love to me … ah well, he’ll get his change again …

“Albert, please let me in? I have another load I want to give to my darling Ant. Please?” Pierre said and I had my answer! He wasn’t going to wait! Not my man!

Albert started to pull his huge thick cock from my hole and I realised he wasn’t exaggerating: he has pumped an enormous load through his equally huge cock into me. I had to clench for all I was worth to keep it in me.

The head slipped out and Albert rolled backwards to where Pierre was just a minute ago. He must’ve pulled out of Albert before this started as he was behind me in seconds, aiming his big wet cock at my wet hole.

“Just relax Ant … please! I’ll not hurt you! Just relax and let me in please? You know I love you too much to hurt you … right?” Pierre said as I felt the big head starting to push into me.

I relaxed and felt Pierre entering me, pushing his cockhead into the pool of cum inside me … ahhh!

“I'm very randy and I’m going to cum, OK? You’re so full of cum … wow! Albert, how much do you cum?”

“Erm … it’s usually about 50 to 75ml at a time. Tonight I think it was more like 75ml!” Albert said. He was now lying behind Pierre and had his hands all over Pierre’s back, his butt, his neck, his chest and even on his cock sticking out my hole. He was as randy as the rest of us! A perfect match for us – cock and all!

Pierre’s huge 33cm cock was deep inside me and even though I have had an orgasm already, it still felt wonderful to have this darling man’s huge cock in me … I’d never ever say ‘no’ to this man. He was an exquisite lover with a huge cock to match.

“You OK, Ant? You’re still OK with me pushing into you?

“Uhm-uhm,” I said with Luigi’s cock in my mouth. I swallowed the last of his cum as I took Luigi’s cock from my mouth and said: “Yes, of course my darling man! Fuck me!”

“You got it! I’m going to add another 25 or 30ml to the load in you! Ahhh!” Pierre said and started to fuck me. His big cock was balls-deep in me and filled me good. It wasn’t as thick as Albert’s cock but it was a wonderful instrument of gay pleasure nonetheless! I loved this man very much, I thought as I took Luigi’s cock in my mouth again.

Luigi’s cock was rock-hard again and it was clear he was ready to shoot his third load for the evening. Yes! It wasn’t that often I got to get fucked and suck him off – twice! – in one session.

“I’m going to cum Ant! OK?” Pierre said as he was fucking me with faster thrusts.

All I could do was to squeeze his arm on my chest and make guttural sounds with Luigi’s cock in my mouth, also on the verge of cumming.

“I’m cumming mio caro! Ready?” Luigi said and I readied my mouth for the imminent load to be deposited in me.

Pierre’s cock was rock-hard and he was panting … my man was about to cum too.

The two men – one behind me and one in front of me – were going to shoot their signatory loads into me … ahhh!

Luigi who shot his third load into my mouth beat Pierre by milliseconds. He growled and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and the load of cum was as wonderful as the previous load he pumped into my mouth. Oh fuck! What a wonderful experience once again!

Pierre followed milliseconds after Luigi and he pushed his huge cock deep into me and I felt it throbbing in me … he was pumping his second load of the night into me. His load joined Luigi and Albert’s loads in me. Ahhh!

Both men were gasping and growling and their cocks were spasming as they pumped their loads into my two orifices … cock and gay heaven!

I let go of Luigi’s big cock and savoured the last of his load in my mouth.

“You guys are extremely nice and cock hounds, like me! I just know we’re going to get along like a house on fire! Yes! This was crazy nice and sensual! I loved it! And even your huge cock in me felt wonderful, although I can’t see me doing that every day!” Albert said as he was hugging Pierre from behind. “But I want Antonio to suck me off! It sounded like he has done a good job with Luigi! OK, Antonio? Yes? Tomorrow?”

Albert leaned forward and kissed my man. Then he kissed me when I turned my head back to him. I didn’t open my mouth as I wanted Luigi to have his cum still in my mouth.

Pierre turned his head and also kissed this beautiful Albanian man.

Luigi pulled his cock from my mouth and turned around to face me. I had the presence of mind to keep the last of his cum in my mouth … Luigi loved to get a cummy kiss!

He put his mouth on mine, he kissed me and I opened my mouth to let him taste his cum. I pushed it into his mouth and he groaned. Oh fuck! I could have another round of sex on the spot, but it was late and we haven’t packed a single pair of socks!

I turned around and said to Albert: “Yes, of course! I’d be delighted to suck you off!” Slut!

After Pierre pulled out of me, I excused myself to go to the bathroom … the amount of cum in me was just unbelievable and I reached the porcelain bowl in the nick of time! When I sat down, I squirted far more than 100ml out of me … What a waste, I thought!

I dug out the jar of Vaseline and put a generous amount on my finger and pushed it deep into my hole. Fuck! Albert’s cock was thick and all three of them fucked me!


Sleeping arrangements threw custom to the wind: Albert did not get to sleep behind me to have an all-nighter. Pierre just moved in behind me after I returned from the bathroom and took me in his arms. Albert was behind Pierre …

“Mr Big Cock, don’t get any ideas after I’ve fucked you! My hole is not open for business! You’re welcome to push it between my legs, but that’s that! Not even with your bucket load of precum! Your cock is too thick and you’d kill me! How are you doing after all three of us fucked you, Ant? Are you OK? Did you put some Vaseline in there my darling? This Albanian is big!” Pierre said and touched my face. He was so loving and attentive.

“Yes, I did. I’m OK thanks. Albert, how are you doing after Pierre plugged you? Do you want some Vaseline?” I said and turned to touch the sexy man behind Pierre.

“No, I’m fine thanks. You won’t believe it, but tonight was only the third time for me … I’m more of a top, but it was an experience to remember. Are you sure that I can’t return the favour …?” Albert joked.

“Try it and you’ll leave here with a soprano voice!” Pierre said and tickled Albert, who was ticklish as I was! The two had some fun but then Pierre turned back to me and hugged me from behind. “Ita, are you OK?”

“Sì! I'm fine. I hope you don’t need to cut the hung Albanian stallion’s balls off! He is a fine specimen!” Luigi joked as well.

“As long as he keeps his cock out of my hole, he’d be fine. Now, sleepies! I’m tired and we haven’t packed a thing! We’ll have to get up by half past 7 in order to sort out our stuff, shower and have breakfast. Our flight is at half past 12, not so? That means we have to be at the airport by half past 10. Now, sleepies! Goodnight Ita! Sleep tight you super sexy man! And remember, I love you very much! Not enough to fuck you or allow you to fuck me, but … you know what I mean,” Pierre said as he touched Luigi’s face. I knew he was sincere, as he’s always been with everybody else.

“Pierre, at first I thought I'd hate you when you appeared on the scene, but I could never hate you. You’re a fine young man, in every respect. I have the biggest respect for you and yes, I also love you very much. It’s going to be a privilege to have you living with us. Goodnight to you too. And to you mio caro! Dormi bene e il sogno di me mio caro. Ti amo molto il mio bel ragazzo!(Sleep tight and dream of me mio caro. I love you very much my beautiful boy!). Sleep well, Albert! It was nice to meet you and I’m sure mio caro enjoyed your big cock! As an urologist, I can say for certain that it is one of the biggest and most beautiful penises I’ve ever seen. Well done!”

“Thanks Luigi! Same to you! If I may, could I come visit you in South Africa some time? I do have leave I have to take this year or else forfeit it. My company is doing very well and I can afford to travel. It’s your summer now … that means in April you’ll have your autumn? What’s it like then?” Albert asked.

“It’s very nice then. But, before you buy tickets, we’ve got a few people already coming to us in April, including Gunther’s parents. Yes, you’re invited of course, but let’s work out the details when we’re home in just over a week, OK?” I said and squeezed Albert’s hand on Pierre’s hip.

“Good! I’d love to see something of the Cape? I believe it’s the only province where the government is doing a good job …?” Albert said. It was clear he wasn’t just watching TV – he read about things happening in the world.

“Kiss the man and say goodnight! Sleepies, please! I’m tired! We can’t start with politics now! Come on Ant, please my darling man?” Pierre said.

At last we’ve kissed each other, we’ve wished each other a good night’s rest and we settled in for the night. It was cold outside but the double-glazing in the windows and the central heating, and the warm bodies kept us warm. Nonetheless, it was nice in Luigi’s arms, Pierre behind me and … yes, Albert’s hand on my hip!


We woke up at the crack of dawn when Albert came back from the bathroom. He got back into bed and put his hand on Pierre’s chest.

“Please let me lie behind Antonio … please Pierre?” Albert said. “Not to fuck him but to be close to him, and I want him to suck me please?”

“Ant, did you hear that? Would you like to suck that big white sausage? Hmm?” Pierre said and put his hand on my cock. Rock-hard of course!

“Erm … yes, I would. If he cums that much, I’d like to taste it please?” I said and kissed Luigi before I turned around to face Pierre. His cock was hard too and wet, of course!

“OK then. Albert, let me get out. Perhaps I should go to the toilet. Here, but you don’t abuse our boy!” Pierre said fatherly as he made way for Albert to move in next to me.

I put my hand out and the thick cock was sopping wet and of course it was rock-hard! I couldn't believe I had that enormous cock in me the previous night!

“I’ve been awake a while and have been playing with my cock a bit. I’m very randy, so I’d cum quickly. OK? But remember please! It’s a lot and after I’ve had some time to recharge, so to speak, the barrels are full again! If you want to swallow it, you’ll need to swallow very quickly, otherwise we need to get a T-shirt or underpants to catch the rest. It really is a lot!” Albert said as I took his immense cock in my hand.

It really was a very big cock. I couldn’t get my hand around the shaft and started to jack it a bit. The precum covered my fingers. It was a lot!

“Please suck me! I want to cum! I’m so randy my man!” Albert said.

I rotated into a 69 and took the big cock in my mouth. The long big head filled my mouth and the precum was very sweet. I didn't even try to get it into my throat – it was too big.

Albert surprised me when he took my much smaller cock in his mouth and it disappeared into his mouth with the second attempt. He was adept at sucking cock – that much was clear!

Before long, the big cock in my mouth started to swell and twitch … Albert was about to cum!

“Almost there!” Albert said when he let go of my cock to warn me.

I pulled the cock a bit out so that only the tip was in my mouth and not a second too soon! Albert started to growl and gasp and then it happened! He started to cum.

The first spurt was small and tasted slightly bitter. The next shot was huge and it was like a fire hose that was opened! It literally flooded my mouth and I swallowed for all I was worth. The next spurt was even bigger and once again, I swallowed as best I could and just managed.

The following 5 or 6 spurts were smaller but still big, as I really had to swallow quickly. I didn’t have a chance to really taste the cum but I was sure it tasted good. When the last of the 14 spurts shot into my mouth, I kept it on my tongue and savoured it. Yes, it did taste good! It was creamy, it was thick, and it was like André or Luigi’s or Juan’s cum, just much more. Wow!

“Don't swallow it all! Please give me some?” Albert said. I rotated my body to face him. He kissed me and when I opened my mouth, he sucked his cum into his mouth and groaned. His tongue was all over mine, inside my mouth and I sucked on it. Some of the cum came back into my mouth but I let him have it again. He swallowed and then he gave me a kiss of note. It was a gentle kiss, full of compassion, sexy, lovable and very nice.

“Please let me suck you off now! I want to taste your cum too!” Albert said and moved down my body to my cock and took it deep into his throat. I was as randy as a goat and within the first 30 seconds, I felt my orgasm boiling up in my loins. I wasn’t hyperspermic but I was going to whitewash the mouth of this tall white guy!

And so it was. I shot a big load and Albert was groaning to confirm his appreciation. He was flitting gently over my cockhead with his tongue … it was utter bliss. I touched his head to indicate that my cock was very sensitive and he held still.

When the last of my load disappeared down his throat, he moved up to my face and kissed me. When he opened his mouth, some of my cum ran into my mouth! Wow! What a pleasant return of kindness! I sucked my cum hungrily from Albert’s mouth and swallowed. Then the kiss was just that: a kiss with lots of tongue, soft gentle lips and his hands on my face. This man was no riff-raff either! We were very lucky to have met such wonderful guys, I thought.

I still haven’t met Piero …

“OK you lovebirds! Let’s get a cloth over this parrot’s cage so it can go to sleep! Come here Ant! The last 10 minutes in my arms. Albert, you can lie behind him. Come Ita, group hug! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I love you guys so much! And if you lived with us, I'm sure I’d be able to love you too, Albert! You're a nice guy!” Pierre said as we settled in for a nice cuddle.


We must have dozed off, as the next thing I was aware of was André and Johann’s cocks in our faces! Bastards!

Ag nee sies man! Vat weg jou verdompe piel uit my gesig! Ek bel nou jou Pa! (Oh no sis man! Take your damn cock out of my face! I’m calling your Dad now!)”  Pierre said and gave André’s cock a slap.

There was no end to these two terribly naughty men! The things they came up with - unbelievable! But it did have the required results: we were wide awake.

“Where are your bags? Have you packed your stuff? Albert, what happened here that they are all so lethargic? Speak up man!” Johann was ranting on, putting his big rubbery cock back into his pants. “Come on you guys! It’s almost time to go for breakfast and just look at you … LOOK at you! All lovey-dovey and I’m sure Pierre has his cock up Anton’s ass! Do you, you HCM?”

“The day will come when my love and patience with you two will run out and then … then …” Pierre said as he threw the duvet off us.

“Aha! You’re in him! You dogg!” André said but Pierre’s big cock was merely between my legs – hard of course.

Pierre jumped out of bed and got both the delinquents in head-clamps. They fought against him, tickling him, groping him but Pierre was too strong for them. While having their heads pinned to him, Pierre used his stubble and scraped it over their faces.

“Ow! You’re a demon! Ouch man! No please! Please Pierre! I promise I’ll never put my cock in your face again! Please don’t hurt me!” André pleaded, well-knowing that would never happen!

“And you, Mr Rubber Cock! How do you plead? What’s that? I can’t hear you! Speak up!” Pierre said as he rubbed his stubble over Johann’s face again.

“Oh please Pierre! You’re hurting me! I was only putting my very rubbery cock on your face! It didn’t hurt you! Please Pierre! I’ll not harass you again! Please!” Johann pleaded.

“I have witnesses! Behave in future!” Pierre said and lifted them up and kissed them. “I fucking love you two so much – why, I don’t know! Now, let us get our stuff sorted out. Sit in the chairs and keep quiet!”

We were giggling like Gr 8 girls to see my brother and Johann reduced to well-behaved boys! Serves them right!

We all got out of bed, all of us with morning glories, of course, and started packing. Because Frau Müller had our clothes washed, most of our clean, folded clothes were merely returned to the suitcases and the few dirty items just added. Now only the toiletries.

“Have you showered already? Where is Juan? And Gunther?” Pierre asked.

“They’re packing their stuff but yes, we’ve showered. You should get your arses in gear! You’re late, as always! And with this huge Albanian here … fuck man! Do you steal petrol with that thing? Or scare little children? It’s fucking huge! May I touch it, please?” Johann said and got up …

Albert walked over to him, his big cock semi-hard. “Yes, you may touch it. Go ahead,” Albert said.

André was next to Johann in a heart-beat and also gawked at the big cock.

They both whistled through their teeth and admired the big cock, holding it, squeezing it and then they felt the precum …

“I thought I’ve seen lots of precum, but this is ridiculous! Just look at it!” Johann said and took some of the precum on his hand, looked at it and then licked it off his fingers. “You have to come visit us in South Africa! This is incredible! Wow!” Johann dropped to his knees and took the big cock in his mouth and groaned when he tasted the precum and felt the huge cock on his tongue, filling his mouth.

“Slowly there tiger! We don’t have time and I’ve shot a load half an hour ago! Yes, I’ll come visit you in South Africa! But let me also go get showered! I stink of sex and sex and more sex!” Albert said and gently pulled his big cock from Johann’s mouth. “I’d love you to suck me … and more!”

“I’m not so sure about the ‘more’ but come visit us!” Johann said and stood up. “André, you have to taste that precum! It’s amazing!”

“Yes, I did get some on my fingers. Unbelievable! It was unfair that he slept here and they had all the fun … sheez man!” André put in and licked the last of the precum off his fingers.


We showered in batches and soon we were brushing hair, trimming a stray hair here and there, putting on facial cream, spritzing our Tom Ford and got dressed.

When I saw what André was wearing, I got my similar clothes out and dressed. As always, we’d be dressed identically.

We were ready in no time and went down for breakfast. When we arrived in the dining room, the aroma of coffee hung in the air as well as the smell of bacon and sausages and fried tomatoes … Frau and Herr Müller were busy with the breakfast and my mouth watered.

After our wholesome breakfast, fruit juice, yoghurt and coffee, we went upstairs to brush our teeth and bring our baggage down.

Albert was still with us and when I was zipping up my bag, he came to stand right behind me with his hands on my butt, his big bulge in my crack.

“Thank you very much for last night and this morning. Antonio, you're one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. Too bad you live in South Africa and are involved. I could work anywhere in the world and would easily fall in love with you … ahhh! For starters, I’m going to come visit you. Please give me your iPhone so I can give you my details. Here is mine to do the same please?”

I stood up, exchanged phones and punched my details into Albert’s phone. When he got his phone back, he took a photo of me and saved my details in his Address Book. I did the same.

“Please send me some nice pictures … please? I’ll do the same!” Albert said. “I like you a lot!” He took me in his arms and gave me a wonderfully sensual kiss. “Ahhh!”

We took our baggage and went down to be taken to the airport.

Downstairs, Herr and Frau Müller were waiting for us in the solarium. They got up when we entered and the goodbyes started … Well, if I didn’t see it myself, I'd not have believed it if someone told me what happened.

Frau Müller took Gunther in her arms and hugged and kissed him. Herr Müller did the same with Johann. He had our photographer friend in his arms, his mouth next to Johann’s ear, whispering. Then he let go of Johann and kissed him on the cheek, right next to his mouth.

“Please look after our beautiful son! He’s all we have, and now we have you too! We love you too, Johann!” Herr Müller said.

The parents switched between the two men and when Frau Müller had Johann in her arms, she also said something in his ear. She too kissed him, but full on the mouth. I saw the tears starting … she was so thankful that Gunther came home and fully approved of this man in his life.

Then it was our turn. Both the parents hugged and kissed us.

“We’re not going to the airport with you. I’ve arranged a Mercedes Benz minibus to pick you up. With your baggage and 7 of you … and we’d be too emotional … so, please forgive us for not going with you!” Herr Müller said.

“We got a small present for each of you to remember Berlin and us. We bought you each a Barn Brew Box 
Berlin. The Barn Brew Box is filled with a Porlex Hand Grinder (ceramic burrs), the V60 Ceramic Drip, a set of matching filter paper, a BARN Mug and – of course – a bag of filter coffee roasted on their premises in Mitte. Here, they’re all the same,” Frau Müller said and pointed at the small carry bags on the table by the door. “We’ve got each an extra packet of filters … we hope you enjoy it. We saw you love coffee very much and thought this would be perfect for when you’re back home alone with your partners!”

Danke schön, Mutti, Vati! We will enjoy it for sure! And thanks for everything. Your hospitality and spoiling us the way you did. It was wonderful to see you and spend some time with you … and for accepting Johann and me … Wunderbar! (Wonderful)! We’re looking forward to you visiting us in South Africa!” Gunther said and kissed his parents once more.

The doorbell chimed. It was our lift. I looked at my watch: German precision again! It was 10 o’clock on the dot! We took our bags and went to the MB minibus. The parents followed us and when we’ve done packing, we got another round of hugs and kisses before we were off.


The trip to the airport was short and traffic was light. At the airport we took our baggage and went to the weigh-in counters for our short flight to Rome. Once the baggage was off our hands, we went through passport control and into the ‘duty-free’ section. It was a farce and we knew some items at the airport were even more expensive than in shops in town. So, we merely looked at the stuff and didn’t buy a thing.

Our flight was at half past 12 and by 11 o’clock the coffee buddies were feeling like a cup of nice German coffee. The aroma filled the air at one of the coffee shops and we sat down.

I wanted a cappuccino and once the orders were in, I opened my parcel I got from the Müllers. It was the cutest coffee mug with a removable filter that sits on top of the mug. One would grind your spoon of beans, pour boiling water over the ground coffee in the filter and it would run straight into the cup! Now we could have a single cup of coffee according to our own desires. A very clever gift. And yes, there was an extra packet of 100 filters in the bag. I was sure one of the shops at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town would carry these filters.


Our flight was announced and we went to the gate. I asked the attendant at the gate and she responded the flight to Rome is only 2 hours 5 minutes long. We should be with the Italians by 3 o’clock … hmmm! Piero … after all these months! I couldn’t wait!

= To be continued =



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