We had coffee in the lounge and were sitting there buck-naked. I went to each one of them and gave their cocks a quick lick and sucked the heads into my mouth, just to prevent precum leaking on the furniture ... OK, it was leather ... but it was a nice excuse to suck such big cocks! I was a sex dogg and loved the three big cocks!

"Ahhh! My godd! Stop it! I'm going to fuck you right here on the furniture if you don't stop! Johann, you've turned my love into a seriously hot sex hound! Ahhhh! My love!" Juan exclaimed and pushed his rubbery cock deep into my mouth.

I pulled off and reached for Johann's cock ... oh my godd! It was almost hard again! And lo and behold, the precum was already leaking out the piss slit ... again! I took the rubbery dong in my hand and lifted its considerable weight off the seat and sucked the huge head into my mouth. Fuck! That was a spectacular cock! And what a gorgeous man! My third love ... Oh my godd! What a tangled love circle this had become! I wondered what Dad and Mom would say when they meet him next Saturday ...! My thoughts were all over the place.

Johann's copious precum tasted super spectacular and I sucked it out of him, milking his huge rubbery cock. He put one of his big hands behind my head and pushed his big cock into my mouth. "Ahhhhh! Oh my godd! You're too much!"

I pulled off this magnificent cock and reached for André's cock. He had it in his hand and I licked the head. His precum also tasted very nice. I pushed his cockhead into my mouth and sucked it a bit.

"Baby bro, I'm amazed! You've become the alpha sex hound here! This oaf might the alpha dog, but you're the alpha sex hound! For sure!" He pulled me up and took my leaking cock into his mouth. "Ahhhh! You taste better and better every day! Sex hound!" and gave me a playful slap on the butt.

"Guys, it's 30 minutes to midnight. I don't want to piss on your parades, but if you have to be in Clifton at 7 o'clock, we'll have to be up by 5, right? It's about an hour to Clifton and we still have to shower and have something to eat and ..." Juan said and looked at Johann quizzically.

"Yes, 5 o'clock sounds about right, but don't worry about breakfast. The client will have a big buffet in a caravan at the site. I also think we'd better get some shut-eye. I need to get my overnight bag and camera case out the car - just in case. I don't know how secure your neighbourhood is. Juan I'm borrowing a pair of shorts, OK?"

"Yes, OK," Juan said. Johann went into the bedroom to retrieve a pair of hockey shorts and padded out to his car barefoot. Fuck! He was sexy and hairy and tall ... and his feet were amazing. Oh. My. Godd!

"Happy now my love? You do like him a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, I like him ... but you guys also like him, right?"

"Yes we do, and it might be a bit much right now, but I'm sure we'll get used to it. Imagine: first there were two ... you two, then there were three, including me, and now there are four of us! My godd! But yes, he is nice guy, fucking sexy and fuck! What a cock! It felt spectacular against mine! I could do it right here again!" Juan enthused.

"Hang on to your horses, you big oaf! Next time it's MY turn I'll have you know! Fuck, I'm the twin brother! I have rights!" He took a swipe at Juan's head, who pulled away and grabbed André's arm. He pulled him into his lap and hugged him. André landed with his bum right on Juan's rubbery cock.

"Oh no! Not that shit again! You're demented! My asshole is not on the menu! Oaf!" And tweaked one of Juan's nipples.

"Owww! You are a rubbish, you know that! Come here!" Juan squealed and pulled André's head in for a deep kiss. Soon André's hand snaked around Juan's head and the kiss became passionate in no time. Andre was actually groaning into Juan's mouth.

Just then Johann walked in the front door ...

"What did I miss? Oh my godd! Anton? André? Who do I have to have fun with? Anton?" Johann said when he entered and put his stuff on the floor. "Seconds? I thought we were supposed to get some sleep!" He grabbed me and kissed me. "Hmmmm!"

"Stop it right there! The Sex Police Officer, which is me, the Alpha Dog, says: 'Enough is enough'! If we start again, we'd be 4 very sexy zombies tomorrow! No more! Juan, let go of my cock, you sexy retard! Johann, let go of Anton - we're going to bed. Just a quick shower, but - ONLY showering! NO hanky panky! We really need to get some sleep. Come boys! Chop chop!"

André could be such a drama queen!

"Yes, 'Mom'! Right 'Mom'!" We ribbed André and stood up. He was right: we did have to get some proper sleep for tomorrow's photo shoot. It would have been no good if we arrived there all bleary eyed, and yawning all day long.

"André and I will shower first, OK?" I put in.

"Yes, be quick! 5 minutes, OK?" Juan commanded.

"Yes, Sir! Yes, Sergeant Major!" André quipped and got a playful slap on the butt.

"Johann and I would quickly wash the cups and get the kitchen sorted. We're not savages. Get going boys!" Juan said. "Johann and I want the shower in 5 minutes flat. Go!"


The four of us slept like babies, all curled up with arms and legs everywhere, and cocks all over the show. Nobody knew whose hand was on which cock, but we didn't dare starting anything. Juan might have been our loving big bear, but he could also be ruthless. We knew that first-handed from hockey. So the groping and playful squeezing soon faded and we were off to Lala-land.


"Come on my love! Wake up! It's past 5 o'clock! We have to get going! Come, come!" Juan was touching my cheek with so much love when I woke up. I took his huge hand and squeezed it. Hmmmm! He had such big hands and his fingers were so sexy! I kissed his hand and groaned ...

"Anton, no time for that now. Come my love! Get up! I want to straighten the bed. André is in the kitchen and Johann is in the bathroom. Come ..." Juan said and sat down on the bed. He pulled me up and hugged me against his big chest. "I love you so much my beautiful boy!" He lifted my mouth and kissed me gently. "Now come, my boy! Let's go."

My morning wood was tenting under the duvet and Juan felt it against his elbow. "Ahhhh! Glad to see me? That is great, but no time for that either! Come my boy! Come!"

I pushed the duvet off my body and revealed my hard 23cm cock jutting up to my bellybutton. Juan gave it a squeeze and gave it a quick lick. "Hmmmm! Tasty, but ... get up my love!"

I got off the bed and walked into Juan's arms. He was already dressed and had a nice pair of denims on, and wore his nice sandals that showcased his beautiful feet. He wore a golf shirt and his chest hair billowed out of it. His long dark stubble made him look so handsome!

"Ahhhh! My love! I love you so very much! Never forget that!" He hugged me and I felt his huge cock pushing against me. "Now you see what you've done! Get away from me! You're the devil reincarnated!" and gave me another kiss, but pulled his groin far away from my morning wood. He gave me a playful slap on the bum and said: "Now go ... please! Oh my godd! You'll be the death of me yet! Go!"

I laughed and walked to the bathroom. Johann was under the shower and was busy shampooing his beautiful blonde hair. I opened the shower door and got in with him. I took his big rubbery cock in my hand and pushed my body against his side.

"Ahhhhh! I hope you know we don't have time for this ... Not that I don't want to, but ... oh my godd! You're killing me!" Johann rinsed the shampoo from his hair and pulled me into his arms. He bent down a bit and kissed me, gently and lovingly. His ample cock pushed against me and my cock twitched on his tummy.

"Ahhhh! Oh my godd! What have I done to deserve this? May I say it ...? Anton le Roux, I love you! I fucking love you! Fuck! And you're killing me! We have to finish and get going! Down boy! Down!" I wasn't sure he was telling me or his huge cock to go down! I gave his big cock another squeeze and reached for the shampoo.

After the shower, we were standing in front of the mirror brushing our teeth when Juan and André entered to shower. "It's just after half past five. We'll be quick. We could be on the road in 15 minutes' time, OK Johann?"

"Uh-huh!" Johann mumbled, his mouth full of toothpaste.

At ten to six we locked the flat and were on our way for our first shoot! We clambered into the car armed with hats and sunblock. I looked at Juan and André ... my, my! I have beautiful lovers, I thought! I looked at Johann ... my heart skipped a beat. This fantastic man was my ... our lover now too. He was so sexy and kind and nice and HUNG! Slut! I reprimanded myself!

"Fuck, I'm hungry! Shouldn't we stop at the UltraCity and get a muffin or something? My tummy is rumbling!" André complained.

"Hang in there Anto ... erm ... André! There will be lots to eat. We'll be there in no time. Hold out a bit longer, OK?" Johann said.


The setting at Clifton was spectacular. The place was buzzing with lots of people putting up tripods, flashes, iMacs ... A generator was humming in the background.

The client had the clothes we were to model on a rail and a girl was steaming them.

We ducked into the food caravan and grabbed some very nice whole-wheat seeded sandwiches with bacon, tomato and egg on, and some coffee. André consumed at least two.

"Ahh! This was nice! At least your client cares enough about me to prevent me from dying of starvation!" André, who else?

The make-up artists pulled us into the make-up caravan and started on our faces. That was something new and I looked at André in the big mirrors. He was pulling a face when the girl rubbed some skin-coloured base on our faces. I was amazed they had it in our specific skin colour. André was clenching his jaw and I could see he didn't like that one bit, but soon it was over. Our hair got a smidgeon of gel, was brushed into submission and we were good to go.


The shoot went well, and Johann took hundreds of photos. We had to stand like this, and then like that. We had to look at the camera and away over the sea. We were put in sitting positions and standing positions ...

Eventually we had to put on the swimwear. And they gave us Speedos to put on! All three of us! Oh! My! Godd! We looked at each other and we looked at Johann for help.

Johann came to us and said softly: "Just keep your hands off each other and put your cocks down your pants between your legs. Not to worry, these people have seen it all before. Just don't think about any erotic stuff, and don't look at each other! Soon you'll be in the cold water which would help ...!" He winked. "Put your hockey shorts on over the Speedos when you come out. You could ditch the shorts just before I start shooting. OK? Now go boys!"

We gawked at each other and went into the change-room caravan. We undressed and looked at the small garments we had to put on and conceal our huge cocks, Juan more than us! At 28cm hard, his cock was at least 18 or 19cm soft ... a huge cock. Ours were about 15cm soft. And we had to get those into Speedos without showing too much. Juan had huge balls too ... where would it all fit? Oh my godd!

We put the Speedos on and pushed and pulled and willed our cocks to remain soft ... but we did plump up a bit. The special nylon-lycra-spandex material was stretched to its limits and Juan managed to fit his huge cock, now at least 20cm long, in the suit. We also managed, and it felt weird. We were used to baggy swimsuits ... but what the fuck! If it shows, it shows!

We pulled on our hockey shorts and went outside. Johann grinned and took us to the spot where he wanted us to do our stint.

"Could you manage to tame those anacondas? Hmmm!"

"Shut up, you perve! Next time you are home, I'm forcing you into one! Retard!" André ranted on and got a quick jab on the chin.

"If that's what an invitation looks like, I'm in! Now come on boys, first the headshots. Keep the shorts on for now."

We pranced and we looked at each other and at the camera ... same story.

"OK boys, pants off!" Johann said.

We gingerly pulled the shorts off and waited for some quirks from the staff ... none, except for a few gasps ... One girl turned around and walked away. A young guy was openly staring and I saw his cock was starting to tent his shorts. Wow!

Johann then pointed us at the sea and we waded into the cold Atlantic! Fuck! Our cocks shrunk immediately! It was cold!

Johann waded in with the assistant who got the hard-on, holding a big shade-thing and another one held a reflective thing and Johann clicked away. Johann's pants were sopping wet and I noticed his big cock was obscenely visible ... hmmm! My man! Oh ... OK! Yes, he was one of my men by then! He went on unperturbed, unaware he was creating a bulge in my Speedo! Fortunately I was waist-deep in the cold water.


By lunch-time we got some gourmet hamburgers with all the trimmings and Coke. We sat down under one of the big umbrellas and enjoyed the view. Another photographer was busy with 5 girls who wore bikinis and other had on normal swimsuits. They were shrieking and complaining and bitching about the cold water. What a bunch of drama queens!

"OK boys, the last stretch. The wardrobe girls have your eveningwear ready. I saw they have brought real Italian shoes! My godd! You're so lucky to get such wonderful clothes on your first shoot! I'll see you in 15 minutes. The make-up girls want to freshen up your make-up a bit. Don't look so glum, chum! André! You're getting a wardrobe of clothes and a lot of money! Come, let's go!" Johann was a professional.


By 3 o'clock the shoot was over. Johann congratulated us and thanked the crew.

We went into the caravan to change into our own clothes and handed the fine eveningwear and shoes to the girls at the door.

When we came out, the wardrobe girls had all the clothes in big flat boxes, ready to go. We were required to sign forms to receive the clothes. The bulging crewmember came to help us put the boxes in Johann's car. The boxes nearly didn't fit in the car's boot.

"You were spectacular! Wow!" the bulge boy gushed. "My name is Lukas! I'm your newest fan! I've never seen anything like this before! You were stunning! Wow! I hope I can work with you again soon!"

Johann approached us and gave Lukas a hug. "Thanks Lukas! Attentive as always! You're a great crewmember. Coffee next week? OK?" he said and kissed Lukas on the head. Lukas grabbed Johann around the waist and hugged him. "Yes, thanks! You're a great boss to work for!" He turned to us and stuck out his hand. "Congratulations. I hope you'll be very successful! I'd love to work on your next shoot!"

"Tell you what. We have a house-warming party next weekend. We're moving into La Rochelle between Stellenbosch and Strand. Want to come?" Juan said.

"Yes, oh my godd! Yes! Thanks! Do you live together?"

"Yes, long story. We'll tell you some time."

"I live in Strand! What time? What must I bring? May I have your number Mr Du Toit?"

"Nothing of this 'Mr business'! It's Juan, and this one is André, and the nice one is Anton ..." André gave him a swipe on the head. "Ouch! You see who is the nice one? My number is ..." and Lukas punched it into his phone.

"Oh my godd! I can't believe I'm invited to models' home! Thanks!" Lukas gushed all doe-eyed staring at Juan. I saw his gaze lowered to Juan's ample bulge ... if only the boy knew!

"OK, we have to go. I have a lot of editing to do. Thanks again Lukas. Come guys, let's get going," Johann said and tousled Lukas' curly brown hair. I looked at him and noticed he had rosy cheeks, thick eyebrows and even though he was about 1,75m, he had a nice muscular body under his T-shirt. When he pushed at his bulge, I wondered ... short men ... big cocks! Hmmm!

In the car Johann said that Lukas has had a crush on him for months. He was following Johann around like a puppy. He wasn't an insipid kid, but was hard-working and he just happened to like his boss - a lot. Johann said the boy was 18 and was keen to learn the tricks of the trade. He said he once walked in on Lukas jacking off in the toilet at the studio. He said Lukas had a big one for such a short guy. Johann said he guessed it could be 20cm. He said Lukas couldn't look him in the eyes for 2 days, until Johann cornered him and told him to forget about it. He told Lukas that the majority of men do it, and that he noticed Lukas was blessed ... Johann became Lukas' hero on the spot!


Back in Stellenbosch, Johann dropped us off at the flat and helped us with the boxes. He excused himself and said he just had to do the editing and wouldn't be able to do it without his iMac and equipment at home. Juan invited him to coffee and a light Sunday evening dinner. Johann accepted and was off.

We unpacked the clothes and marvelled at the beautiful items we got. For the first time ever, we had clothes that were not identical. Up to that point, we always wore identical clothes, same design, same colour, but now the client selected the same garments, but in different colours. We thought about getting matching items from the chain store, but if we really wanted to, we would have to wait because the clothes were not in the stores yet. Ah well, no big rush.

"Have you forgotten about Gunther, boys?" Juan asked.

"Oh my godd! Yes, it slipped my mind! What time is it? When is he coming?" I asked.

"It's almost 5 o'clock. He'll be here by 6. Have you something in the deepfreeze we could serve? Something Mom made?" Juan asked.

"Yes, there is a bobotie. I'll get it out now. I'll cook some yellow raisin rice and make a salad. OK?" I said.

[Bobotie is a true South African dish, consisting of a mild curry mince mixed with a slice of bread soaked in milk, and with custard made of milk and beaten egg on top. It's baked in the oven for about 30 minutes. It is an all-round favourite. Check the Internet for a recipe!]

"Hmmmm! Bobotie! If it tastes anything like Mom's other food, this must be very nice! Yes, it sounds great. Do we have enough of everything for a salad?"

"Yes there is enough, thanks. I think we have to get into the shower. Come André!"

I took the bobotie from the deepfreeze and put it in the microwave on defrost for 30 minutes. Enough time to have a shower and get ready.


We were sitting in the lounge checking our emails. We were looking forward to see the beautiful German again. He was nice and a fucking gorgeous tall blonde man with a gigantic cock! I wondered if Juan would be keen on us having fun with him ... I crossed my fingers. The fucking on Wednesday was spectacular!

There were emails from Claire and Johann. Claire had received samples of the shoot and was ecstatic. She was swooning and enthused at how beautiful we looked and how good the photos were. She mentioned that she'd be in touch. She said that Nederburg Estate was looking for good-looking people for their latest wine promotion. Now, that would be interesting! I wondered what Dad would say about that! Claire said she had a meeting with the PR and publicist of Nederburg on Tuesday and that the photos of today would clinch the deal. She'd be in touch.

Johann included a few of the photos marked FYEO - please, he asked, do not distribute these, not even to the parents. It's Boss' property. Claire would announce when we could give the photos to Dad and Mom. He thanked us again for the previous night and congratulated us on a spectacular shoot. He was looking forward to see us the next evening.

We opened the photos of the shoot and were swooning ourselves. The photos were spectacular! Apart from the fact that the models were dashing ... ahem! ... but Johann was a true professional.


Just then my MacBook announced "It is 18 hours". I looked at the clock on my MacBook and saw it was precisely 6 o'clock! My godd! Typical German! It must be Gunther, I thought!

Juan went to open the door and we heard them greeting and we even heard them hugging: their voices became muffled with their mouths on each other's shoulders.

"Please come in! The boys are in the lounge," Juan said and entered with Gunther behind him. I still had my MacBook on my lap and looked up. Oh my godd! The man was even more beautiful today, I thought! Freshly showered no less, medium-long blond hair neatly brushed, his 5 o'clock shadow sexy as fuck and his ice-blue eyes sparkled when he saw us. I looked down and saw he wore his nice slip-ons again. He wore a loose pale blue knitted sweater and very nice denims. The huge bulge in his pants made my mouth water! My godd! This man was beautiful!

"Guten Abend, Jungen! [Good evening, boys!] How are you?" Gunther said. André got up and gave the tall man a hug and kiss on the cheek. I put the open MacBook on the coffee table and gave Gunther a hug. His huge cock pushed against my tummy and I groaned when I kissed him on the cheek.

"Hmmmm!" Gunther sighed in my ear.

"Come, sit please!" Juan said and pointed at a chair.

"Vait! Vot is dat? De photos? Are dey of you? Mein Gott! Let me see please?" Gunther gushed. He sat down next to me and retrieved the MacBook from the coffee table, and looked at the picture on the screen. "Are there more?"

I took the MacBook and turned it to Gunther to show him the pictures Johann sent us.

"Dis is beautiful! You are models now, ja?" Gunther said.

"Yes, they are of today's shoot. There are more, but these are only samples the photographer emailed us," Juan said. "Do you like them?"

"Mein Gott! Und in Speedos ... Unglaublich! [Unbelievable] Dat is so gut! Hmmmm! Und de other pictures. You are very good-looking men! Mein Gott!" Gunther exclaimed.

"Thank you very much. We'll see how it develops. The boys have their studies first and then work on the farm on their off weekends, and hockey. Plus, there is me!" Juan said and smiled at Gunther.

"Ja, studies are very important. You must vork very hard. Good future. Dey said engineering. Good choice."

"A glass of our finest wine for you, Gunther?" André asked. "It's from our farm. It is Cabernet Sauvignon. Or do you prefer dry white?"

"No, red wine vud be nice, danke!"

André went to the kitchen to open the wine. I put the MacBook on the coffee table again and followed to get the glasses and some salty snacks.

"Did you see that huge bulge again?" André said in Afrikaans. No reason for Gunther to understand what we were saying.

"Yes, it's insane!"

"Are you up for it again, baby bro?"

"Yes, I am. I hope Juan will be OK with it."

"Yes, I would! Now play nice, boys!" Juan answered from the door in Afrikaans. "Behave and let me take the lead, OK? It is obvious he has the hots for you guys and I'm very curious to see that huge German sausage myself. Would you like that, my love?"

"Yes, of course! I'd love to! It was fantastic!" I answered.

"Now, let me take the glasses and you check on the bobotie and rice. Smells good in here!" Juan said, and gave me a playful slap on the bum. "Come André, let's woo this man out of his pants with Dad's wine!"

The bobotie was almost ready and I switched off the oven. The yellow rice was cooked to perfection. The salad was made and sat in the fridge.

When I walked in the lounge again, everybody had a glass of the red wine and Gunther had the MacBook in his lap. Oh my! My laptop was resting on that enormous cock! Wow!

"A toast! First of all, a toast to our guest. We hope you will become a good friend. We were off on a rocky start after Wednesday ... but I'm sure that's in the past now. Cheers, Gunther! On friendship and more!"

We lifted our glasses and wondered about the 'and more' ... I could only wish!

"Cheers! Salut! Prost!

"And next, cheers to your stay in the flat! May your stay be wonderful!"


"Und may I add a ... toast? Yes, toast. To friendship and to the modelling. Prost!" Gunther toasted us.

I looked at Gunther and marveled at this tall hung giant - he was a very attractive man. His mouth was kissable, his hair so neat, his huge fingers were absolutely beautiful. His ice-blue eyes looked right into one's soul. And the huge cock in his pants ... oh my godd!

We drank some wine and chatted about Gunther's home city of Berlin. He was an only child and the fact that he was gay, turned his dad against him. It meant that there would never be grandchildren and that his dad's engineering company would never be run by a Müller. His mom was unhappy about the whole issue, but she respected her husband's decisions. 

Gunther was only interested in Microbiology - no engineering - and that gave his dad another reason to turn against him. He said he and his mom were in constant contact and that she worked on a reconciliation with his dad.

Gunther told us he played hockey for his university's first team and of course, the discussion became heated and showed the enthusiasm we all had for the sport.

"Would you be interested in becoming my assistant coach? My assistant got married and his new wife insisted they moved to Cape Town."

"Yes! As long as my work is not influenced. Yes, dat vud be gut, ja?"

"Then that's settled. I'll talk to the sports bureau and get the ball going. Welcome!" Juan said and lifted his glass.

Gunther touched the touchpad on the MacBook and the screen lit up. He looked at the photos again. When he got to the Speedo photos, he lingered and I saw him adjusting his cock in his pants.

"I love the photographs. If I may, I vant them please, ja?" Gunther asked.

We explained that we were not allowed to distribute them yet, but as soon as we could, we'd email them to him. I leaned to him and took the MacBook from his lap, and in the process, I touched his cock. It was rock-hard! I looked down and saw that there was even a wet spot at the tip of the huge bulge!

"We have your cell number in our Address Books. What is your email address?" I asked and made the entry so it could be synced to our iPhones through the cloud. "As soon as Claire - she is the manager at Boss Models - gives us the go-ahead, I'll email the pictures to you, OK?"

Gunther thanked me and looked deep into my eyes with his beautiful blue eyes. Was that raw lust in his eyes?

"You are André? Anton? Sorry, I don't know the difference yet," Gunther said.

"Don't worry! As long as you don't want to fuck me with your huge cock! Yes, that's Anton ... he is the one you want to fuck! Your cock is way too big for me!" André could be so blunt! He was standing behind Gunther, nursing a glass of wine.

"André! I told you I'd take the lead!" Juan said in Afrikaans. "You know ...!"

Gunther pushed at his bulge again and cleared his throat. "Juan, you also have big ... penis ... ja? You two boys have really big penises!" Gunther said.

"You should see Juan! His is almost as big as yours!" André quipped. André, my godd!

"About Wednesday, Gunther. After I came back from you, the boys and I had a chat ... a talk. Anton," Juan said, and squeezed my thigh, "and André over there, loved the experience with you. We agreed that you are a very nice guy. And a very sexy man too!

"You and I would be working together if everything works out, and you'd become my assistant coach. You're going to rent the flat from Dad and you are here now. I have to admit, I am in agreement with the boys: I also like you very much. I will not hold it against you or the boys for what happened on Wednesday. It happened, and the boys want it to happen again."

"Really? We could do it again? And you?"

"If it happens, it will be them and me joining them, OK? I'd prefer that it happens when I'm present. Would you be OK with that?" Juan asked.

"Yes, of course! It vud be nice! De boys say you are also big like me?"

"Yes, you have seen the boys. Mine is bigger than theirs but they say yours is bigger ... Yes?" Juan said, pushing at his crotch! My love, you are the alpha dogg!

"Ja, mein penis is big ... too big. Many boys dey run avay ven dey see it. Sorry! Sorry for Wednesday ..." Gunther trailed off.

"We talked about it, Gunther. It's OK. No problem. Kein Problem. The boys enjoyed it and they said that they would like to do it again. If you're OK that I'm with them, we could do it again, if you want. OK?" Juan said and pushed his semi in position.

"O mein Gott! Wirklich? [Really?]" Gunther couldn't believe his ears. He stretched his legs out and pushed at his erection. "Mein Gott! Verzeihung, bitte! [My godd! Forgive me please!]."

"Ahhh! It looks as if the boys were right! A very big one!" Juan said and leaned over and put his hand on Gunther's cock.

"Ahhhh! O mein Gott! Ja! Ja!" Gunther was flabbergasted.

He put his hand over Juan's hand and pushed his cock into the palm of Juan's hand.

"And it is wet ... Hmmm! Boys, this man is ready for us!" Juan said and gave Gunther's hard cock another squeeze.

André and I looked on in amazement. Juan was the alpha dogg after all! Our cocks were rock-hard and we had to push them to the side. And the evening had just begun!

Juan leaned into Gunther and kissed him on the mouth. A soft friendly kiss.

"Hmmmm! He has a nice soft mouth! But first, we eat. Anton, if you could tear yourself away, please check on the food, my love?" Juan said.

I pushed my cock in position and got up. Gunther put his hand out and put it on my erection. I gasped. The big beautiful hand on my cock felt good. André got up and bent down and touched Gunther's hard cock.

"My godd, this really seriously big cock is ready! Baby bro, you're in for a high jump again, for sure!" André quipped.

"Food now, please! Come on boys! Chop chop!" Juan said and clapped his hands.

We tore ourselves away from Gunther and went into the kitchen to get the food. I put my hand on André's crotch and he put his on mine. We held each other and kissed. "You ready for this again baby bro? This man has the hots for you!"

"Yes, I'd love to do it again, but not without you guys. We'll see how it pans out. But godd! The man has a huge cock!"

"Yes, it's big all right. But, Juan and I want to fuck you too! OK?"

"Of course! You guys are never replaced!"

I put the bobotie and rice on a wooden board and the salad with the salad dressing on the counter. I put 4 plates and cutlery next to the food and called Juan and Gunther. We were going to dish up and eat on trays in our laps. André had opened another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and put it next to the food.

When Juan and Gunther entered the kitchen, their big bulges were very obvious. Gunther sniffed the air and said: "Dis smells very good. Hmmm! Vot is it called?"

"Bobotie," I said. "Bho-bho-tee" I repeated, emphasizing the pronunciation. He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me. I felt his huge cock against me and couldn't help but put my hand on it. My godd! It was a big cock! "Danke, it smells gut!"

"Come, dish up please. Gunther?" Juan said and put a hand on my shoulder. He added in Afrikaans: "Slow there tiger! Let's eat first, OK? Are you sure you're up for it? Three hungry cocks again ..." he trailed off.

"Danke schön! Dat vud be nice, ja?" Gunther said and let go of me. He took the plate André held out to him, and André stood aside so the guest could get some food.

We all dished up and went back into the lounge, our plates on trays.

André refilled our glasses and we toasted Gunther's visit. "Welcome Gunther! We're enjoying your company and we are looking forward in getting to know you better. We hope this will be the first of many more!" André put in. What a wayward loose cannon he was! And little did we know just how entwined this man would become in our lives ...

"Ja, I hope so too! You are very gut people. I like you very much!" Gunther said with a big smile. He pushed at his cock and his eye caught mine. He winked and gave me a lop-sided smile.

"Now, dig in ... erm ... let's eat! I hope you like it," Juan said.

"Hmmm-hmm! This tastes very good! I vant to have this again! You are a very good cook, ja?" Gunther loved the bobotie, but then again, very few people didn't. It really is a great dish.

"Mom made it. I just had to defrost it and cook the rice, and make the salad. But thank you Gunther. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Do you want some more?" I said.

Gunther loved it so much, he did go to get seconds.

"Baby bro, you're the man of the moment, even though you've only defrosted Mom's bobotie! You'll get the benefits shortly! Ahem!" My brother! But I still loved him!

After some vanilla ice cream and cranberry sauce, we all declined coffee until later.

"OK, shall we go into the bedroom? Please relax Gunther! We're not going to rape you! Just relax and enjoy the attention. Anton and André are masters, as you already know! Come!" Juan said and led the way.

I made my excuses to douche first. I was about to have that huge cock in me again, and Juan's and André's cocks are not small either. Since our first encounter on the farm months ago, Juan's 28cm had been a source of much pleasure for us, and when he fucked me, the love I felt for him was overwhelming!

After I was squeaky clean, I went into the bedroom. They were all still clothed, although Juan had Gunther in a tight embrace and was kissing him deeply. My man knew how to kiss. It was clear he liked Gunther's soft full lips. André had his shirt off and had his pants unbuttoned. Go figure! He was fumbling with the huge bulges in Juan's and Gunther's pants.

I took my shirt off and sat on the bed at Gunther's feet. His slip-ons were off and I touched his feet. My godd! After Juan's feet, these feet were really sensational. They were perfect. I ran my hand over the toes, the bridge and up his ankles. I looked up and saw he broke the kiss with Juan and was looking at me. I put his big toe in my mouth and felt the hair on my lips. Fuck!

"Big, ja? Size 47 ... I don't know in UK size. 13, I think?" Gunther said. "I love vot you do! Danke!"

I reached for Juan's bare feet and gave him some foot attention too. I compared the feet. Juan's feet were just a little bigger and definitely prettier. Hard to choose.

André pushed Juan onto his back and loosened his belt. "Off with your pants, you sexy oaf! Off!"

André pulled Juan's pants off and crawled between his legs and took his cock into his mouth. Juan groaned ... hmmm! My man! My brother!

Gunther caught on and lied down and I opened his pants. He lifted his bum and pushed his pants down. I took the legs and pulled his pants off. The bulge in his briefs was insanely big. My godd! I snaked up to the huge bulge pointing to his right hip, and put my hand on it. It twitched and I felt that indeed it was sopping wet. I lowered my mouth to it and put the wet bulge into my mouth.

"Ahhh! O mein Gott! Ahhh!"

I pulled the elastic band of Gunther's briefs down and the huge cock sprang out and twitched over his right hip. The precum was literally dripping from the cockhead. I pulled on his briefs and he lifted his bum so I could pull them off. I threw the briefs on the floor and crawled between the legs of the man in front of me.

I took the huge cock in my hand and lifted the big head. The precum formed a long shiny thread to his hip. I put my tongue out and licked it. It was as nice as I remembered it from Wednesday.

"Ahhhhh! Very gut! Ahhhh!" Gunther groaned.

Juan leaned over and took Gunther's huge cock from my hand and marvelled at the huge size of it. He jacked it a few times and lots of precum leaked out of the piss slit.

Juan pulled the piss slit open and rubbed the precum over the head. He said: "This really is a huge cock! I'm put to shame today!"

I took Gunther's huge cock and opened my mouth and pushed the huge cock into my mouth. The huge uncut head filled my mouth and the precum tasted exquisite. My fuck! This was fantastic. I pulled the skin back and tasted the nice cockhead. Musty, but clean and nice. Gunther pushed his cock into my mouth and groaned again. He took my head in his hands and tried to push his huge cock deeper, but it was too big. I sucked as best I could and tasted the wonderful precum. I took his huge balls in my hand and gently fondled them. They were really big! He groaned and I felt his cock twitch.

Next to me, André had about a third of Juan's big cock in his mouth. Juan was stroking André's head and moaned. "Ahhhh! Yes, suck me! André, I think you must fuck Anton, OK? I'm getting too close! Get the lube in the nightstand drawer."

André got the lube and moved in behind me. "I'm going to fuck you, baby bro - OK?" He pulled me onto all fours.

"Uhmmm" I moaned over Gunther's cock.

André lubed up my hole and I felt him putting two fingers in. No single finger today, I thought! Soon there were three fingers in my hole and he opened them inside me, stretching my hole.

"Are you ready baby bro?" André asked.


André got in between my legs and I felt his big cock on my hole. He pushed and the head plopped in. He pushed gently and his cock slowly entered me. "Ahhhh! This is great every time I do it! Baby bro ...!"

André's cock slid into me scraping over my prostate, and when he reached my internal sphincter, he paused and when the sphincter relaxed, he pushed it in balls-deep. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Baby bro! Your ass feels fantastic!"

In my mouth Gunther's cock was now super hard and sopping wet. I pulled the big piss slit open and pushed my tongue in. "O mein Gott! You make me mad!"

André started to fuck me. Juan moved in and was playing with my cock. He pushed his head under me and sucked my cock. After a while I had to stop him ... I was getting too close. I couldn't cum, not now! Juan reverted to playing with my balls, with my hairy chest and nipples. He was such a nice guy.

Gunther's hands were in my hair and held my face tight with his immaculate fingers.

André was fucking me and was starting to groan. "I'm going to cum baby bro! I can't hold it back any longer! I'm sorry! Ahhhh! I'm going to cum! Oh my godd! I'm cumming. I'm cumming! Here it comes! Ahhhh!"

Like with Johann, André pulled out and sprayed his first wad onto my hole and he pushed straight back in. He pulled out again and shot his load on my hole and pushed in, and then he lost it. He just spasmed in me and pumped the rest of his cum into me. "Oh my godd! Ahhhh! This is too much! You'll be the end of me! Oh fuck!"

André collapsed on my back and Juan crawled from under me. He put his hand on André's back and kissed him on the head. "You OK bro? Too much? You OK?"

"Yes, fuck! I'm finished! I don't know how Johann can do seconds! I'm fucked!" André groaned. He started to pull out and when his cockhead was about to exit my hole, I clenched. My hole was sopping wet because of the two shots André fired on my hole.

André plopped down on the bed next to us where Juan was a minute ago. He put his one arm over his eyes and fingered his now rubbery wet cock.

Gunther pulled me up on top of him. He kissed me and moaned when he tasted his precum on my tongue. His huge cock was now pushing against my tummy, reaching up to my chest.

Juan pushed my lower parts gently off Gunther, to Gunther's other side and pulled the huge cock out from between us.

"Oh my godd! This is an anaconda, for sure! It's huge and a real beauty. Gunther, it really is a sensationally big and beautiful cock! I'm impressed!" Juan gushed. "It's way beyond your bellybutton ... navel! It's a big cock, for sure!"

Gunther put his hand out and felt where Juan's cock was. When he took Juan's cock in his hand, he said: "Not big difference. Your cock is big also. Hmmm! And wet! Hmmm!"

"OK, who's next? Gunther do you want to fuck him next? I'd love to see that huge cock going into him!"

"Ach, ja! I vant to, please?" Gunther said.

Juan retrieved the lube from the nightstand and lubed up my hole. Next he lifted the huge cock from Gunther's tummy and put some lube on the magnificent cock. He pulled the skin back and marvelled at the huge head and big piss slit. Juan's cock was nothing to sniff at, but Gunther's cock was something else. The huge cockhead and big piss slit were setting this cock apart from many others, including Juan's and Pieter's and Dad's ...!

"OK, my love - are you ready? Want to sit on it?" Juan asked. I nodded and lifted myself over the magnificent cock. Juan held the cock upright and I lowered my buttocks over the huge cock. When the head touched my hole, Juan let go of the cock and put his hand on my back. "OK?"

"Yes, it's OK."

"Just relax, OK? Push out and enjoy my love! Poppers?"

"Oh yes! Give me the poppers please!"

André passed me the poppers and I opened the bottle and took a whiff. My head was spinning and I felt the euphoria taking over. I pushed down and felt the huge head piercing my hole. It was as spectacular as Wednesday, except this time we were using lube. Even though it was a huge cock, the lube prevented any major pain. The head plopped through and I groaned.

"Poppers for me, please?" Gunther asked.

I handed him the stuff and when he took a whiff, Gunther's cock swelled a lot!

"Oh my godd! I wish you could see this! This is spectacular! Wow! Your hole is stretched awfully! Are you OK?" Juan asked.

"Ughnnnnnhg! Yes, it's fantastic, but it is fucking big! I can't believe I had this in me on Wednesday! Ahhh!" I put in.

"More poppers?" André asked.

"Yess! Oh fuck! Yes!" I groaned.

"Too big, ja? We stop?" Gunther asked, concerned.

"NO! It's OK! Just give me a minute!" I said.

"Push out, Anton!" Juan said.

I pushed out and immediately the head slipped in deeper! Wow! I pushed out again and the huge cock slipped in even deeper. Oh my godd! Juan was not just a hockey coach ...!

Gunther put his hand on my cock and rubbed the precum leaking from my piss slit over the head. "Very nice! Hmmm!"

I touched his hand and he squeezed my hand. I looked at the hand and fell in love with them on the spot ... again! They were so beautiful.

Gunther twitched his cock and it stretched my hole big time. The big cockhead reached my inner sphincter and I paused my downward descent.

"OK my love?"

"Yes, it's OK. I'm fine."

André put his hand out and played with Juan's cock. He was leaking lots of precum on the duvet. André rubbed the precum over Juan's cockhead.

I pushed down and felt the big cockhead slip through the sphincter and I inched down until I was balls-deep in me. The big German cock was 29,5cm deep in me ... fuck!

"How are you my love?"

"Ahhhh! Fuck! This is one seriously big cock!" I leaned forward and kissed Gunther. He pulled my head down and soon the kiss was deep and his tongue was in my mouth. I sucked on it and felt the huge cock in me twitch. Ahhhh! My godd! This really was a big cock, I thought!

I pulled away and looked at the beautiful face in front of me. My godd! He was gorgeous! Totally the opposite of Juan, but it was one hell of a hung hunk, blonde and hairy. What a guy! And nice too. And intelligent. And my guys liked him! I wondered about Johann ... Would he like Gunther?

"I fuck you now, ja? You OK?" Gunther asked.

"I'm OK. Go ahead, fuck me," I said. I opened the poppers and took a deep whiff. Wow!


I lifted myself a few centimetres off Gunther's cock and felt it pulling out. Gunther pushed me higher and I realised he wanted to pull his cock out completely. I felt the huge cock slipping out of me. I clenched my hole to contain André's cum. Gunther pulled me onto him, kissed me and asked me to kneel in front of him. He wanted to do it doggy-style. Hmmm! My favourite position!

I positioned myself next to André on my knees and pushed my ass out. Juan took Gunther's huge cock in his hand and jacked it a bit. "My godd! This feels fantastic! You have a phenomenal cock, my friend!" Juan gushed.

"Danke!" Gunther said. "Here it is again. OK?"

"Yes, put it in," I said.

Juan was on his knees next to me and watched as Gunther positioned himself behind me. André was playing with Juan's hard leaking cock and also watched as Gunther prepared to enter me again. He put some more lube on my hole and on his huge cock.

Gunther's hard cock was pushing on my hole and I felt it starting to stretch me. I took another whiff of the poppers and felt how the huge cock slid into me ... Ahhh! Oh fuck!

When I came to again, Gunther's huge cock was balls-deep inside me. He held still and made it swell inside me. I was in sex heaven! It felt fantastic!

Next to me André had Juan's cock in his mouth and was slurping on the precum leaking from our man's cock.

"Slow there, tiger! I'm about to cum!"

André pulled off Juan's cock and asked: "Please cum in my mouth? It hasn't happened for a long time. Please?"

"Really? You want me to cum in your mouth? I thought I'd fuck Anton ...?" Juan put in.

"Yes, I know, but just this once, please cum in my mouth? For me please?"

"Ahhhhh! My sweet boy! Of course! Of course! Go ahead and suck the cum out of your man!" Juan said.

I was looking forward to Juan fucking me, but I was glad André would get some well-deserved attention. He'd like it! And after this huge cock in me, my hole would do well with a bit of a rest!

Gunther was fucking me deep with long strokes. The huge cock was scraping over my prostate and I was quickly approaching orgasm.

"I'm going to cum!"

"Let me have it please my love!" Juan said and moved in under me on his back. André repositioned himself between Juan's legs and took the big cock in his mouth again. My cock pushed into Juan's mouth and the warm wet opening was spectacular. The huge cock in me was pushing large amounts of precum out of me.

"Ich spritze ab! [I'm cumming!] O mein Gott! Here it comes!" Gunther groaned.

I felt how my cum was boiling in my loins and felt I was approaching orgasm fast.

Juan was groaning with my cock in his mouth. "Uhhhnnnngfff!" It was clear he was also going to cum.

And it happened. The three of us groaned and all of a sudden it sounded like we were having heart attacks. I felt the huge cock in me spasm and Gunther pushed his big cock deep into me and held it there. He was cumming.

My own cum squirted out into Juan's mouth and I groaned. Fuck! This felt good! I had a huge cock in my hole and my cock in my man's mouth! It couldn't get any better ... or so I thought.

Juan was moaning around me cock and it was clear he was shooting a huge load into André's mouth. "Hmmmmm! Ngghhnnnn! Hmmm!" André moaned.

"You OK, mein Freund? [my friend]?"

"Yes, better than OK. This was very nice. Danke!" I gushed. "Did you like it?"

"Ja, it vas very nice, again!" Gunther said, and tousled my hair.

"You OK my love? Juan asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Did Juan cum? André?"

"Oh fuck yes, he came! My godd! The oaf almost drowned me! Fucker!" He was rewarded with a playful swipe on the head. "Owww! And this, no ladies, and gentlemen, this is what I get for sucking his cock and almost getting drowned! He came a lot! My godd!"

"I also shoot big lot. Hmmm!" Gunther said. I felt it, I thought!

Gunther pushed in deep and pushed us onto our sides. He was still deep inside me. Juan came to lie in front of me and kissed me. I tasted my cum on his tongue. Hmmmm! He put his hand on my cheek and looked deep into my blue eyes. His eyes were so beautiful ... my big beautiful man!

André leaned over Juan and kissed me. "How was it baby bro? That huge cock stretched you big time! And you Gunther? How are you?"

"I am OK, thanks. Your brother is wunderbar [wonderul]!" he said.

We lied like that for a while. André was behind Juan and played with his nipples and rubbed his hairy chest. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you loved me, you delinquent!" Juan ribbed André.

"Yes, I know. Since you fucked me on Sunday, I've lost it. A damn babbling idiot. Just look at me making you feeling good! Nothing a real farm boy would do ... Owww! My poor head!" André ranted on until he got another swipe!

"Is everything OK ...? Are they fighting?" Gunther asked concerned.

"No, they're not fighting! They are just ribbing each other ... making jokes! Don't worry!" I said.

"Now listen Gunther. Just so we're clear. This was a wonderful experience. It's clear my boy loves your huge cock, especially where it is right now. He is part of my life and I love him very much. And I love this one behind me too. We are deeply in love."

"Yes, I can see that. I like that. You are lucky," Gunther said.

"He only loves us for the sex, the big oaf!" André put in. He got another swipe. "Owww!"

"Gunther, we like you very much. You are one hell of a guy and you're intelligent, you're smart and I have to say, you're very attractive too. Your cock is spectacular, my godd! We'd love if this could happen again, if you want!" Juan said.

"Ja, please, I vant again!" Gunther enthused. I felt his cock twitch in me!

"Well, you're invited to visit us again whenever you want to. This coming week will be busy for us. However, you're still invited to our housewarming on Saturday. We want you to meet our families and friends. After that, feel free to visit us. We'll give you directions," Juan said.

"Yeah, yeah! Enough already! The man knows he is a hung hunk and we want him to come again to cum again! I want coffee! Do you want coffee, Gunther?" André said as he got up. Juan missed the swipe he aimed at Andre' s back.

"Yes, I vant coffee, please? You are OK, ja?" Gunther asked and patted my chest. "OK if I pull out now?"

"Yes, I'm OK. Yes, you can pull out now," I said and clenched my hole over the huge cock in me.

"Ahhhh! You are too much!" Gunther groaned.

"OK, let's get out of here. Come guys! I'm also up for some coffee now," Juan said and touched my face lovingly.

Gunther started to pull his huge cock from my hole. It was clear there was a huge load in me. Gunther the horse has made his mark again! I was filled big time! I clenched when I felt the big head at my hole. I just managed to contain the load.

"Here are some hockey shorts, Gunther. Let's go get some coffee. Anton, I suppose you want to go to the toilet first? I'll drop a pair of shorts at the door for you, OK? Come here!" Juan said and pulled me into his arms.

"Ahhhh! You guys look so good together! I love that!" Gunther said while he put on the shorts.


After we had some coffee and the last of the koeksisters (Gunther wanted to know what they were and even wanted to have the name on paper, and the address of the shop - he was hooked!), we were lounging around and chatted about academics, hockey, the European problems with the Euro, Gunther's studies and last but not least, the upcoming move and party.

"You guys are so cool ... right word? Ja? You make my stay in South Africa very nice. You will be good friends."

"Yes, and when we go to the farm in two weeks' time, you should come with us. You will like our parents and life on the farm," I said.

"Yes, I think the experiments will be going OK. Thank you. But now I have to go home. I really enjoyed the evening. You bring me the key Friday? You want me to help you in the house? Moving?" Gunther said.

"Thanks, we'll call you. Thanks for the offer. You're a nice guy too. As soon as we have moved in, you're welcome to stay over. If you wanted to stay tonight, you're welcome ... boys?" Juan asked.

I knew that if he stayed, I was going to get fucked again ... godd! Yess! Please! What a cock!

"It was going to be OK, but I have stayed too long!" Gunther said.

"You're welcome to stay. The bed is big enough for all four of us ..." I put in.

"Yes, please stay. For breakfast we could go for a drive to Jonkershoek. There is a nice farm stall where we can have breakfast. Stay - please?" Juan said. He knew what would happen, but he was OK with it.

"OK, but I pay for breakfast, OK?" Gunther said.

"I have a new toothbrush for you too. It would be nice if you could stay," I said. My cock twitched ... slut!


We all showered and brushed our teeth. Before I went to the toilet, I quickly got some of the lube and ran back. When I was done, I put the lube on my hole and pushed some inside me. Hmmmm!

In the bedroom, Juan had the bed straightened out a bit and we all bundled in. Gunther, then me, then Juan and André in the front. When I put my hand out and touched Gunther's cock, it was almost hard again. I looked in his eyes and he pleaded with me ... It was going to be a long night again.

We settled in and after goodnight kisses and hugs and playful swipes and remarks, and even some cock groping, we were ready for the night. I was behind Juan, hugging my body to his. Behind me, Gunther moved in and put his huge semi-hard cock between my legs ... 'Johann' all over again, I thought! Gunther put his hand on my hip and played with my skin.

Soon, I could hear Juan was asleep, and André mumbled in his sleep. I put my hand out and touched Gunther. He put his hand on my cock and pulled me back a bit.

I pulled the lube from under my pillow where I hid it and opened it. Gunther took if from me and put some on his cock. I took his cock and pointed the big head at my hole. Gunther pushed forward and I pushed back. Slut!

The cock slowly entered my hole and once again I marvelled at the sensation of being filled to capacity with such a great cock! Gunther continued to push in and soon it was balls-deep in me ... Ahhhh!

Gunther hugged me and made his cock twitch in me. Oh my godd! I was going to have this huge cock in me all night ... Wow! I just hoped Juan and André would not wake up and find Gunther in me ...



Preheat oven: 220°C

1 onion, finely chopped

25ml oil

1 thick slice of bread (white or whole-wheat)

200ml milk

750g beef mince

25ml apricot jam

60g seedless raisins

30g almond splinters

20ml medium strength curry powder (more if you prefer it hot)

10ml turmeric powder

salt and pepper to taste

50ml lemon juice

2 eggs

6 bay leaves


Soak bread in milk. Leave aside. Do not discard milk.

Fry chopped onion in oil. Keep aside.

Squeeze extra milk from bread before adding bread to a mixing bowl. Keep the excess milk aside. Thoroughly mix all other ingredients (except eggs, milk from bread and bay leaves) with soaked bread using a fork. Do not compact mixture.

Spray an oven dish with non-stick spray. Put mince mix in dish and flatten lightly with fork.

Make simple custard by beating eggs in milk (used to soak bread) and pour over mince mix.

Put bay leaves on top of custard in a star pattern.

Bake in 220°C oven for 30 minutes or until custard is cooked.

Serve with yellow raisin rice (cook rice the usual way: add 5ml turmeric and 30g of raisons to one cup rice) and a tomato sambal.

= To be continued =



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