Chapter 18


We put our presents aside and quickly helped Mom to clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Dad excused himself and said he needed to go check on the sprayers in the new vineyards where we planted our new vines. We couldn't afford to lose any of them. When they were mature in 3 years' time, they were going to produce a grape that would put the wine industry in this country on its head.

Mom asked us to check on the second spare room for Uncle Pieter. He'd arrive between 11 and 12 o'clock that day.

"Go put your presents away and get ready. I'll give you an hour. There is still much to do before tonight. Juan, would you please help me with the tablecloths. Go ahead boys - chop chop!"

Why would Mom want Juan to help her with the tablecloths? She had that sorted out more than 2 weeks ago! Oh my godd ...! I hope she was not going to give him some flack ... Oh my ...!

We went to our rooms to put our stuff away and check on Uncle Pieter's room. Claude was just ahead of us. André was ribbing him about his fine ass. I had to admit, even though I was a total bottom, I could understand why someone would lust after such a body and ass. The genes in the Du Toit family were top-notch, that was for sure.

When we were out of earshot, Claude turned around and grabbed us around the neck. "Why do you think your mom wants to discuss 'tablecloths' with my brother? I smell a rat!" he said and kissed me. It was meant to be a teasing kiss, but he pulled me in and soon his tongue was invading my mouth. My cock - still wet from the hard-on Dad caused - sprang back to life.

"Thanks for our beautiful presents, Claude. Those are massive - we appreciate the gesture. They will be worn with affection."

"Awwww! So damn cute! Thanks for our presents too. I've always wanted an iPod that is small enough to cart around. Juan is obviously taken aback with his jacket. He'll have to be careful - I'm going to steal it if he's not careful. Your choice, André?" and he looked at me.

"No, it's Anton. There is André."

"How on earth do people know you from one other? Do you yourself know who is who every day?"

"Never mind. Just call and the right brother will answer." André put in and tweaked Claude's nipple.

"Owww! That hurts, worse than your big cock in me this morning! But, thanks. Your presents were very thoughtful and useful. Small wonder Juan has fallen so hard for you guys!" He pulled me in close and kissed me again. His tongue started to slip into my mouth and my cock was rock-hard. What was it with the Du Toit brothers and the effect their kisses had on me?

"Hey, no hanky panky without the big brothers. I'm here to look after Juan's interests. And no sex here in the passage either. Besides, Mom has a list of chores longer than the Ten Commandments for us to tend to. Come on baby bro, let's put our stuff away and get the grime of our sexcapades of last night off us. Especially you, you tramp!" He jabbed Claude in the ribs.

"'Tramp'? I'll let you know the Du Toit genes are top of the range and we only know class! It's our middle name!" Claude said and tweaked André's nipple.

"Yowl! You good-for-fucking-only nobody! Whatever! What about our genes? The Le Rouxs are a fine breed of the best there is! Just look at us!" André commented.

He put his arm around my neck and pulled my head to his. "When you allow riffraff under your roof ...! Yes, you, Claude! Yow! My nipple! Baby bro, this man needs to be taught a lesson in humility and to know his place! Help me!"

We all laughed and ended up in a group hug. The 'riffraff' and the rest were kissing each other, groping each other's cocks. We were a jolly lot together.

"Baby bro, an all-nighter, again? You impress me, you sex dog! Juan is a lucky man. You're driving him mad, what with you handling his mega cock the way you do it, and an all-nighter once again! Man, you're one son-of-a-gun!" André hugged me to him and kissed me on the cheek.

"What? This has happened before?" Claude asked big-eyed. "When?"

André gave him some details of the weekend 2 weeks before and Claude was all "Oooo!" and "Awww!" and "Ahhhh!' and "Shit, that's hot!" He was duly impressed. "My big brother has found his match at last! No guy could really handle him before. Either they ran away screaming, or they moaned and screamed all the way. He usually ended up getting a lousy hand job. I myself can take that dong up to a point, but not all of it, and most definitely not for as long as you can. Fuck no - Juan has a monster cock! I don't know any other guy who has a cock like that! I'm glad he found you, André!"

"Anton, Claude! It's ANTON who is the bottom! André is the top that fucked you this morning, again. Pay attention!" André ribbed Claude and tweaked his nipple again.

"Owww! That hurts, you sadist! Watch it - the day has only just begun! I'll get you for that!"


Before we knew it the morning has gone. We had lots of last-minute stuff to do and had to answer lots of calls and we received many SMSs.

The surprise of the morning was a Face Time call from Alessandro and Sven! André and I moved into the study to have some quiet and privacy. They congratulated us and asked questions about what was happening in our lives. André blurted out: "We're in love!"

They wanted to know everything and they wanted pictures. Any naughty pictures? André and I looked at each other - the thought never crossed our minds! We didn't even know if Juan would be interested in that! We realised we didn't have any picture of his huge cock!

When we told them the size of Juan's cock, Sven insisted on getting a picture - this was one cock he wanted to see. He always thought Alessandro was one of the select few and wanted to see one that was 4cm longer than Alessandro's.

I made a mental note to ask Juan ... Maybe he'd be offended?

Alessandro asked the big question: would we still have some fun if they came to visit, and whether we'd still come to visit them in London?

Of course that was still on the cards ... or not? I didn't know. With Juan in our lives, I had no idea where our lives were heading. We told them we'd keep them in the loop.

We asked them about the black French Canadian guy Jean-Pierre. How was it working out? Alessandro said it was great and the sex was great. Alessandro and Jean-Pierre have managed to double-fuck Sven and this was now a regular thing. Sven couldn't get enough of it. They promised to send some pics.


We had to drive into town to fetch some stuff for Mom and one of the new cars was inaugurated! What an experience! We fell in love with our cars on the spot. They were so quiet!


At around 11 o'clock, Uncle Pieter arrived. His flight was early and his PA already took care of the issues in the office on Friday, so he drove straight from the airport.

"Come here, you hunks!" he called when we went outside. We have heard him arriving in his noisy Mustang.

"And who are the lucky guys who received the new cars? ECO 25.1 - WC, and ECO 25.2 - WC nogal? Hmmm! Many happy returns of the day, boys! You're fast becoming dashing men! 19 today?"

['nogal' = Afrikaans word that could be translated as 'rather' but here it's used to show something is unbelievable]

We ran into his arms. We loved him so much! He was almost a carbon copy of Dad, just younger and a tad shorter. His pitch-black chest hair billowed out of the top of his shirt. Nestled amongst the hair was a gold chain ...! I smiled.

"Yes, 19. Thanks Uncle Pieter!" I said.

When he pulled us tight against him, I immediately noticed the big bulge in his pants pushing against my hip. Instead of snaking towards his left hip like Dad, his was down in his underwear. I realised he was a bit hard ... Wow! I started to get hard too! My godd! This man was so fucking sexy!

He kissed us and whispered loudly in our ears: "Having some real twin man-fun, boys?" I blushed crimson red!

"It's all right boys! Millions of twins do it. In fact, many ordinary brothers do it ... as you know!"

I imagined Dad fucking this man ... wow! His cock felt enormous. I wonder how big it was.

"Let me take a good look at you! All grown up, and all in the right places, I see! You're almost as tall as us. Look at you, and those big feet! Huge hands. Hmmm - I can see why your dad said you've become big men!" I saw he was looking at my growing bulge. Fuck! I blushed a deeper shade of crimson!

He took my hand in his. He spread the fingers on the palm of his hand and admired my long fingers.

"Hmmmm! Long ring fingers!" He put his hand up and put it against his own to measure the difference in size. "Hmmm! It's Anton, right?" He still didn't know the difference!

He measured André's fingers against his, and saw our hands were exactly the same. "You know what this means, boys?" and he pointed to our ring fingers. "You're as blessed as your dad and me. Big hands, big guns! By looking at your long fingers, I guess at least 22cm. Right?"

"Try 23cm and a bit!" André blurted out.

"Good godd! Boys, you're the proverbial hung hunks! True Le Rouxs!"

"As are you!" I gushed. I was officially rock-hard. I noticed the bulge in André's pants and when I looked at Uncle Pieter's crotch, it has grown considerably.

"I need to pee! Would you mind to put my stuff in my room - the one next to you or the one opposite yours?"

"Opposite ours." I said.

"But I first need to get to the toilet. I hope I CAN pee! You boys have grown so fucking sexy!"

We took his bags and followed him into the house.

"There are some presents for you in my bags. Let me get this first," he pointed to his bulge, "and I'll come give it to you."

We were alone in the house: everybody else was running around doing the stuff on Mom's lists. We were supposed to get the stuff in town for Mom and then make sure Uncle Pieter was taken care of when he arrived.

Uncle Pieter went into the bathroom and we took his bags to the spare bedroom and waited for him.

"How about that! Fuck, he is sexier every time I see him!"

"Anton, did you see that huge bulge?"

We heard him in the passage and when he walked in the door, he closed the door and said: "I have to see for myself right now! Come here!"

He pulled us into his arms and kissed us. He took our crotches in his hands and whistled. "Boys, you're my brother's sons all right! 'Big' is an understatement!"

I put my hand on his crotch and felt a huge thick tube getting bigger and bigger in my hand.

"Hmmmmm! That feels good!"

"Uncle Pieter, that is a huge cock! Wow!" I gushed. It felt as big as Dad's cock, maybe even bigger.

"Want to see? I definitely want to see yours! Come, whip them out and let me see!"

André and I quickly unzipped and pulled our growing cocks from our pants, while Uncle Pieter did the same.

We were standing gawking at the enormous thick cock that was twitching in Uncle Pieter's hand. It was big, that's for sure. It looked shorter than Dad's but thicker, MUCH thicker.

Uncle Pieter let go of his cock and reached for ours. We did the same and reached for his huge cock. It was so heavy, it didn't point up. It was not even pointing forward, even though it was hard by now. It hung towards the floor at an angle of about 45 degrees. It was amazing.

When I took it in my hand, my hand couldn't wrap around it. My middle finger and thumb didn't touch each other, not even close. The head was huge and it too was uncut. It was bigger than Alessandro's cock but not as long as Juan's. It must have been about the same as Claude, but much thicker.

"Uncle Pieter, are there people who can suck you? Can that even go into any mouth? And into a man's hole?" André asked in astonishment.

"Fortunately I'm versatile. And yes, it's a jawbreaker alright, and there are actually a few guys who can handle it. Want to try?"

"Yes, I'd love to try," I said and bent down to take this huge thing into my mouth. It was huge. I wondered what it must feel like in one's hole ...

André was on his knees next to me and gawked at this wonder in front of us.

There was a huge lot of precum at the tip and was dripping to the floor. "Sorry, it makes a mess sometimes!"

I peeled the skin back and the whole huge purple head glistened with precum. I watched in awe as the precum dripped from the huge cock. I've never seen anything like that.

"Wow Uncle Pieter, you precum like a leaking tap!" André said in amazement.

I licked the precum and was astounded at how good it tasted. "André, try this!"

André leaned in and licked. "That is awesome! Hmmm!"

I opened my mouth. Uncle Pieter pushed forward and the head entered my mouth ... and that was it. I tried to get some more into my mouth, but it was just too thick. The precum tasted fantastic.

I pulled off and André directed the huge cock into his mouth. The huge cockhead moved in and the same result: not much more than the head would go in.

Uncle Pieter groaned and tried to push more of his cock into André's mouth. No such luck, not then in any case.

I stood up and moved in for a kiss. Uncle Pieter's beard was more than a day old and looked so sexy. It was extremely hard, even more than Dad's, and it felt fantastic against my skin. He took hold of my cock and rubbed the precum over the head.

"Really big boys, and lots of precum. A real family trait, but I'm the king!"

"You're also the king in the thickness department! Dad is not as thick as you!"

"What? Have you seen my brother's cock hard?"

"Yes, a few times. It's big, but not as thick as yours."

"What I'd give to be in bed with you two and my brother ... but, we'd hurt you two beautiful boys. And I don't know if Adriaan would involve his boys ..."

We said nothing about the little fun we've had with Dad ...

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me again. The first kiss was just a normal kiss earlier, but that one turned hotter as the seconds ticked by. His tongue entered my mouth and it tasted wonderful. His tough beard scraped against my face.

I looked down and saw André has managed to get about a third of the magnificent cock into his mouth! André was the man!

We changed places and I took the huge cock in my hands and marvelled at its sheer size again. André was in Uncle Pieter's arms and was kissing this extremely beautiful sexy man.

"You can't have all the fun! Let me suck your cocks!"

He pulled me up and dropped to his knees. He took both our cocks into his hands and commented: "Even the cocks are identical. No difference in the least. They look the same, feel the same, same colour, same thickness, same length, same skin - fucking perfect. And lots of precum like your dad, but not as much as me. Hmmm!" He put our cocks together, moved the heads over each other, which spread the precum over the heads. He licked the heads and commented: "Sweet and nice! You are a great package deal!"

Uncle Pieter put my cock into his mouth and the head went straight down his throat! This man was a cocksucker of note! I gasped when my cockhead slipped into his throat. It felt fantastic! He slowly pulled off my cock and I felt how the head slid from his throat and over his tongue. It popped free and I gasped again. This man was a master!

He inserted André's cock into his mouth and the same reaction, except that André said 'fuck' a couple of times. He was as horny as I was, and as horny as Uncle Pieter.

Uncle Pieter pulled off André and stood up. We each had another cock in our hands, a real circle jerk.

"I haven't cum in more than a week and these balls are chock-a-block full of thick creamy cum. I want to cum, and I want to cum now, please! In your mouths? And yours in my mouth? Who is game?"

"Both of us," I said and jacked the huge cock. Fuck, it felt immense in my hand! André's hand closed over the magnificent cock and we both jacked it. Uncle Pieter had our cocks in his hands and was jacking us. I felt the orgasm gathering in my groin. After the previous night and that morning, I didn't think I'd be so horny so soon. But that was an experience we didn't expect, and would never turn down either, even with Juan in our lives.

"Just so you're forewarned, I shoot big, and with that, I mean I shoot BIG! It's a lot. Be warned."

I thought of Juan's load and thought I'd be ready to handle Uncle Pieter's load ...

Juan. I felt a bit guilty, but reasoned we haven't discussed exclusivity yet. I was enjoying the encounter with Uncle Pieter and intended to end up with a big load of his cum in my mouth. I'll worry about the consequences later, I thought.

"You cum first, OK?" Uncle Pieter said.

"OK," I said. "André?"

"Yes, fine."

"OK, but one at a time, OK?" and Uncle Pieter dropped to his knees again and started jacking and sucking us. I was getting close quickly and heard André's breath becoming shallower and louder. We both started to moan. We were going to cream Uncle Pieter's mouth, big time!

"I'm cumming! Hnnnggghhh! I'm going to shoot!" André groaned.

"Me too ...!" I put in.

And then it happened. In short succession of each other, André and I were shooting our loads into this hunk's mouth. He swallowed every drop. Our loads were big, but not as big as usual. There wasn't time to build up a load yet and after the previous night and that morning, who could blame us?

Uncle Pieter rose and smiled. "You boys are really getting big boys with big cocks and big cumloads! I love it! Very sweet - like your dad's ... hmmm! Now me!"

André and I dropped to our knees and tackled the monster in front of us. André, who was more successful earlier, took it into his mouth and licked and sucked it. Uncle Pieter was groaning heavily. He held André's head in his hands and pushed his huge cock into André's mouth as deep as it would go. André pushed the cock back and tried again. He managed about a third again and gave up.

I tried and eventually also managed about a third in my mouth. Taking it all was just impossible. That thing in a guy's hole could wreak havoc! I involuntarily clenched my hole and thought of this thing in me ... ouch!

"Boys, get ready. I'm going to cum! Who is first?"

André was going to take the first shots ... little did we know!

Uncle Pieter was now moaning loudly.

And then it happened. It was like  a scene from a sci-fi movie: the first 5 huge shots squirted into André's mouth and he swallowed as best he could and as fast he could. The stuff just kept coming.

Then Uncle Pieter pointed the huge hose at me in between shots - I missed half of the sixth shot meant to end up in my mouth, and got sprayed in my face. It covered my cheek and side of my nose before he managed to get the huge head into my mouth. And he kept on cumming. At least another 7 or 8 squirts were pumped into my mouth.

André leaned in and started to lick my face clean. I swallowed the cum as good as I could, but some escaped out of my mouth. André saw that and licked my mouth clean around the cock. Wow!

André was gushing and the word 'fuck' was heard a few times. He stayed on his knees next to me to see up-close what was happening. "Fuck baby bro, you're the man! Just look at how you handle this huge hose and all the cum! Juan would be proud of you!"

Juan ... Fuck! I felt lousy. I didn't want to hear his name - not now, I thought! And with a huge cock spurting cum into my mouth, I could be forgiven to put other thoughts out of my mind.

The last cum dribbled out of Uncle Pieter's cock and I swallowed it.

"Stop, please. You've drained me! What a pair of suckers! Ow! Sensitive!"

We got to our feet and looked down at the three spent cocks, now softer and rubbery. Our cocks are big, but they looked like spaghetti next to Uncle Pieter's macaroni! Even in its softer state, it was huge!

What a sexy picture. I wish we could whip out our iPhones and take some pictures.

"I want a picture of this," Uncle Pieter said and fished his iPhone from his pants' pocket. "I hope you don't mind, but this was especially hot for me." He took a couple of pictures of our cocks: some of single cocks, of André's cock and mine together, and of the three cocks in one frame.

"Not a word to anyone and no posting it anywhere, please?" I asked.

"Of course not! I'll email it to you later, OK?"

We started to put the big cocks away and zip up.

"I don't know what your dad has told you about me, but I'm versatile. Fortunately, otherwise I'd never have sex, not with this huge cock!" He groped his bulge and gave it a squeeze. "Not many guys can handle my cock, not sucking it and fewer can take it in their asses. It's just too thick. How I wish for someone who can take me to the balls!"

"Anton would be able to," Anton put in.

"André! How could you?" I asked annoyed. I blushed crimson red.

"Really? Would you be willing to try? That would be awesome!"

"You should see him take our boyfriend's big cock!"

"'Our boyfriend'? Both of you? One boyfriend? Wow! Threesomes! I love that! Is he the Juan you mentioned earlier?"

"That's the one! You'll meet him today. He used to be our Science teacher and hockey coach, and now he is our coach at university. A tall hung hunk!" André splattered our personal lives out in the open.

"André! Perhaps Uncle Pieter didn't want to hear all of that?"

"No, I want to hear it all. But, after sucking each other, this 'uncle' business is bullshit. It's Pieter, and that's it - OK? No more 'uncle'!"

"That's not going to be easy ..." I said.

"Well, it is not an option! But, tell me about this Juan ..."

"We'll fill you in in the car. Let's get to the barn and help Mom to finish with the preparations for the party. Suffice to say, Juan may never know what happened today, please?" I pleaded. I felt lousy, but it was a great experience. Feeling that cock in my hole ... my hole twitched ... fuck!

"Your birthday presents! I almost forgot! Let me get them."

Pieter (fuck, it wasn't going to be easy to get used not to say 'Uncle'!) opened his one bag and pulled out two fairly big parcels. They were wrapped in Hugo Boss paper ... Hugo Boss again? What WAS it with this family and Hugo Boss this year, I thought?

"Here, you go. I got it from the Hugo Boss store on Fifth Ave in New York. I hope you like it."

We opened the presents: they were Hugo Boss Bottled gift sets. It consisted of a 200ml bottle of eau de cologne, face balm and under-arm deodorant. This too, must have cost a fortune!

We hugged Pieter and kissed him. He moaned and said: "Better stop now. I'm so horned up now, I'd pull your pants off in seconds and fuck you," he said. It was obvious he didn't know who was who, but it didn't matter.

"Let's put our presents in our room, and then we have to get going," I said.


André and I parked the new cars in the shed close to the house and got in the Mustang with Pieter (it would really take some time to get used to 'Pieter'!) and drove to the vintner barn. Everything seemed in order and in place but Mom was still ordering people around, and Dad and Claude were busy at the bar with glasses and ice. Juan was helping Mom checking on the tables, candles and settings. A few ladies from the Agricultural Committee were busy with the food in the kitchen, making quite a noise.

When Juan saw us, his face lit up and he smiled. He and Mom were working side-by-side but when we reached them, he turned to us and took us both into his arms, and kissed us on the head, hugging us. I felt his big cock pushing against my leg and my heart skipped a beat ... I've just had sex with Pieter ... I've cheated on you ...!

"Hallo there! How are you boys? Is Uncle Pieter settled in? Did you put your cars in the shed? It's going to rain later," Mom rambled on.

"Yes, everything has been taken care of, Mom. Pieter brought us big Hugo Boss gift packs from New York!" André gushed.

"That's nice, boys! Oh, no more 'uncle'? Says who?"

"Says he. He insists. It's still strange to us too."

"Well, it's his decision. As long as you two toe the line! I see he is helping Dad and Claude at the bar. Care to see if they need any help?"

"Yes Mom."

Juan let go of us and before we could head for the bar, Mom pulled us into a hug. She kissed us on the cheeks in turn, and then whispered in our ears: "It's still new to me, but I accept it. However, keep it in check in front of other people. Not everybody will approve." She pulled away slightly and kissed us on the mouths and winked. "OK boys?"

"Yes Mom. Thanks Mom!" I blushed ... she knew, but accepted it, albeit it with concerns. We kissed her again. What a Mom! Wow.

We asked if there were anything she needed any help with, but she said everything was in place. She put an arm around Juan's waist and hugged him: "Juan has been a fantastic help! Thanks Juan!" and she kissed him on the cheek. She really likes him, I thought. Wonderful, thanks Mom! "Now go help Dad!"

We found Dad, Claude and Pieter fiddling at the bar, getting ice ready, checking on glasses, lemons, knives, twizzle sticks, cherries, the liquor, the openers ... it was a big hullabaloo.

When we arrived at the counter, Pieter was there busy polishing some Martini glasses. He squeezed my arm, pulled me in for a hug and whispered in my ear: "Thanks! That was very nice. We have to do it again. How about tonight? I'd love to fuck your 'baby bro'!"

He obviously still couldn't tell the difference, but all the same. "It's me you want to fuck - there is André."

"OK, then again: I definitely want to fuck you!" and he hugged me tight. "I promise I'll be gentle and you will love it. Guaranteed. I have a plan ..."

I pulled away, as Dad was getting suspicious. He looked at us big-eyed with a question mark on his face.

"Anything I can help you with Dad?" I asked. Pieter turned away from the bar and fiddled with his substantial bulge. He had a semi! Horn dog!

"You could help Claude with the condiments and the beer glasses, Anton. Thanks my boy!" and he winked at me.

André and Claude were stocking the fridges with beer and other ready-mixed drinks, and Dad was unpacking the wine.

Claude and André had us in stitches with all their quirks. What a nice bunch of people, I thought.


The party was a roaring success. When we arrived back at the vintner barn after showers and dressing up, soft soothing music was playing and the place was aglow with the many candles Mom put everywhere.

The atmosphere amongst the huge vats was magic. On a table next to the main table, there was a pile of gifts. We were so thankful and wondered what those could be.

André and I were the guests of honour of course. After everybody settled down, Dad gave a speech, and became a bit emotional. He and Mom were so truly thankful for their beautiful boys, and were so proud of us in everything we did. He told the guests some anecdotes of us growing up, of our school years, of our studies at the university, how helpful we were helping on the farm, the success we had with the cuttings and graftings ... He mentioned to his fellow vintners that a new wine is about to be bottled in 3 years' time and that it would be labelled André & Anton. The new vines we have just planted were named Sauvignon Rouge and its grapes would be used to produce the new wine. There were cheers and whistles, and applause.

He asked everybody to raise his or her glass and he toasted us. The guests cheered and started to sing "Happy Birthday."

"Speech! Speech! Speech!" the guests urged us on.

Dad called us to the microphone and hugged us. He said to us: "I'm so damn proud of you! We love you very much!"

His eyes were wet but he had a big smile on his face. Dad remained standing next to me when I took the microphone to say something. I gave some background on the development of the new grape, some info on the processes to select the varieties; I explained in general how the grafting was done, and now the vines were in the ground. I thanked Dad for his support and for the honour to have the wine named after us. "Thanks Dad ..." and stopped ... I was tearing up when I looked into his eyes. What a man, what a dad, what love, what support, what a DAD! My heart was full of love for this big man.

Under loud cheers, I gave the microphone to André and went to stand next to Dad with my arm around his waist, and his arm around my shoulder.

André was telling the guests of all the love we got from our Dad and Mom, the support, accepting us warts and all (I pondered about that ...). He also added Pieter as part of the family and the love we got from him.

I thought of what happened earlier, and what Pieter had in mind for us for tonight, and hugged Dad closer. I was getting so much love and now it seems I started to have sex with all the men I meet. Was I becoming a slut? I shivered and Dad pulled me closer. "You OK, my boy?"

André reminded the guests that the party was not only for us, the twins, but also for Juan who had his birthday the next day, and his brother Claude who had his birthday on Monday. He asked everybody to raise their glasses to toast them. The guest spontaneously started to sing "Happy Birthday to you ..." It was a jolly lot.

André concluded thanking everybody for their attendance, for the gifts and bragged about our Toyota Auris hybrid cars. There were a few hoots and cheers.

He thanked Dad and Mom for the party and gave some house rules regarding the evening, the dinner and the drinks.

The food was exquisite, and combined with our award-winning wines, the evening was just wonderful. I sat between Juan and André. A few times Juan would put his hand on my knee under the tablecloth, and looked deep into my eyes. André too was very loveable and was brazen enough to put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. It was obvious, these two men loved me very much.

At one stage, Pieter and Claude moved their chairs to sit on the other side of the table opposite us. We joked a lot and the conversation was light. André and Claude made us squeal with laughter, and lo and behold, Pieter was no slouch in the joke and banter department. He made us laugh so much, my sides were aching.

Too soon it was all over and the guests were filing out. It was raining, so we escorted some people under umbrellas to their cars. By 10:30 the only ones left were us.

We switched the lights on and blew all the candles out. We helped straighten out the barn a bit and put all the dirty dishes and glasses into plastic containers to be washed at the hotel in town tomorrow.

Outside it was raining heavily. Dad locked the barn and we scrambled to our cars.

Back home Dad enquired about a nightcap for everybody. We all accepted and we settled on the chairs and couches in the living room. Dad put on some nice light classical music. André, Juan and I were taking orders and poured the drinks.

When we sat down, it was as if everybody knew the space on the one vacant couch was reserved for André, Juan and me. Hmmmm. We sat down and both the men pushed their legs against mine. I watched Dad and Mom and when they saw I was looking at them, Mom smiled and Dad winked.

"It might be early days, but I think we have something else to celebrate tonight," Dad said and cleared his throat. "Alma and I have not discussed this with the boys yet, and although it is also new to us, we thought it appropriate to say it here amongst friends and family. We know the people here and the ones who involved, would approve." My heart skipped a beat ...

"We've known Juan since he was the twin's teacher and hockey coach at school. Now he is their hockey coach in Stellenbosch and over the past few months we came to know him as a solid and upstanding member of society, and very successful in what he does." Oh fuck, Dad - what are you doing? I heard Juan draw in his breath ... What the fuck was this?

"Juan, we grew to love you and you've become like a third son to us. We know the boys love you very much, and so do we. Juan, André, Anton - we know you're in love with one another." Oh fuck! Dad! What are you doing? "We want you to know we approve and will support you. Juan, the boys love you to bits. But, just so you know, the only and main conditions are: you'll never hurt them, you will love them unconditionally and you will make them happy. No 'ifs' or 'buts' - we accept you in our hearts and home with love. Welcome to our family!"

Mom added: "Juan, I trust the boys for choosing you. Yes, you're a man too, and there are three of you. But this is the 21st century, and if this is what they want, if it's what you want, and if this is what will make them happy, I'm happy. Welcome, Juan!"

A shocked silence hung over everybody. Claude and Pieter were first to pull us to our feet and hugged (and kissed!) us. Hugging and kissing us, Claude even slipped me some tongue, the jackal!

Juan turned to Dad and Mom, and said: "Adriaan ... Dad! ... and Alma ... Mom! ... you have no idea what this means to me. I am a very happy man tonight." He got a bit teary but pulled himself together and continued: "Yes, this is strange, this is new to you, but it's new to us too. The fact there are 3 of us in this relationship must've come as a shock to you. Believe me, it's not something we deliberately chose. It just happened. I've known the twins for 5 years now and I know they are the people I want to spend the rest of my life with. I really and truly love them both - equally, but differently, just as I'm sure you too. The 3 of us are very happy and we appreciate your openness, and thanks for accepting this, and for welcoming me into your home, your hearts and your family ..." Juan's voice started to tremble and he just managed to add: "Thanks .."

We sat down and André cleared his throat. "Dad, Mom - I know you might have had other plans for our lives, but I assure you, this is really what Anton and I want. You know we've never been interested in girls. This big oaf," and he gave Juan's head a jab, "is really the real deal. He is the one we love. We're very happy. Anton ...?"

I was teared up a bit, but I forged forward: "Dad, Mom, yes it's true. We love Juan, and this way there will never be any grandchildren. You might have to endure a lot of gossip, but thanks for accepting our decision, for accepting Juan as our partner, and for welcoming him into your lives too, your home and hearts. I promise you, he'll only bring love and joy to this family. And yes, we love him very much. Contrary to what André is saying, he is no oaf! He is a gentleman and a wonderful person." I turned to Juan and, holding his and Andre's hands in mine, I said: "I love you two very much. Juan, I never want to be without you again. André, I never want to ever to  be without you in my life either. Both of you complete me. Thanks Dad, thanks Mom ..."

And then the tears came. André and Juan hugged me from either side and put their heads on my shoulders. Andre was sniffling and whispered: "I love you baby bro. And you too, you big oaf!" lightly punching Juan in the head. Juan said: "You're more than everything in my life, my love! And you too, big bro!" and playfully slapped André's head.

"Awwww! Just look at them!" Claude piped up. "What a lovely couple they make. Come on! It's time for a celebration - no tears! What do you say Pieter? Adriaan? Alma? Just so YOU know, I approve too! However, I quite agree, my brother is kind of an oaf ...? Don't you agree?"

Everybody laughed and Juan pointed a finger at Claude, giving him the evil eye.

Pieter said: "Like always, you two break the mould. And yes, I approve of Juan and I doubt you could've made a better choice. Fortunately he is big enough to love both of you. Just so YOU know, Juan: Adriaan and I will come down on you like a ton of bricks if you dare breaking their hearts. I might not be their dad, but they're like my own. So, watch it!" he quipped.

"OK everybody, settle down. Let's toast the happy couple. Juan, André, Anton - I sincerely wish you lots of love and many years of happiness together. And ... then there were three! Alma and I have always spoken about adopting another child, and now the twins have adopted a new son for us. Cheers, boys!" and he lifted his glass in a toast.

"Hear hear!" Claude and Pieter said. We all raised our glasses and drank to our love and happiness. I wondered what I've done to have everything in life in such abundance ... I squeezed André's hand and put my head on Juan's shoulder and sighed. I'm one very lucky son of a bitch!

The future looked bright. We were obviously blissfully unaware of all the changes waiting for us in the wings ...

= To be continued =

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