I woke up alone in the big bed. It was raining and I pulled the duvet closer to my body. I smelled coffee. Coffee! Yes, please!

My hole felt tender. I could tell I've had a huge cock in there most of the night. I clenched it and realised the tender and attentive way in which first André and then Juan fucked me, counted in my favour. No rough and tumble. And lots of lube. And lots of patience. And lots of love ...

I could feel there was still a large amount of cum in my hole. And there was a fart building up in my intestines! I dared not let that one rip! The bed would be soaked!

After a few minutes, the desire for coffee and the need to go to the toilet, became too much. I rolled out of bed and grabbed some sweat pants and a sweater. I went into the toilet quietly, closed the door, pushed down my sweat pants and sat down. I couldn't believe the amount of liquid that ran out of my rectum! The man is a horse, that's for sure! It felt like it was as much as half a cup of cum! Is that even possible? Well, the man did cum in you twice, I thought. Go figure.

And then the fart echoed off the walls of the bathroom.

"Baby bro! There are other people in this house! How did Mom raise you?" André shouted laughingly from the kitchen. I chuckled and remembered the time I let rip a fart when we were still bathing. We were about 5 years old. It was so loud, André got the fright of his life and started to cry! Of course today he flatly denies it! I haven't lost my touch, though the reaction from André has changed. I was smiling.

I walked barefoot and smiling into the kitchen where André and Juan were sitting around the breakfast nook, each with a mug of steaming hot coffee.

"Good morning Sleeping Farting Beauty!" André called out. "Coffee? My, how you throw away a good family name! I'll have to have a chat to Mom about this!"

"Yes please! Do you want me to tell Juan about the fart in the bath ...?"

"Shut up! I'll kill you baby bro!" André threatened laughingly. "Come here baby bro! Come sit next to me so I could mesmerise you back into my arms. This big ogre has put a spell on you that needs to be broken!" He patted the seat next to him. I gladly sat down next to him and moulded into his arms, and put my head on his shoulder.

"Ahhhh! So damn cute! Where is my iPhone? I need to capture this!" Juan said and reached for his phone on the counter. "Say 'cheese'!"

"And one of you two fuck studs!" André quipped, grabbing the iPhone from Juan and pushed him into my arms. I put my arm around his waist, with his arm on my shoulder. It felt unreal that this big hunk loves me ... us ... and that we've had such wonderful sex with him. We smiled at the clicking camera.

"Breakfast anybody? Bacon? Eggs? Fried tomatoes? Sausage? Toast? Or all of the above?"

"Let us help you," I said.


After breakfast, all three of us bundled into the big shower and horsed around. We got hard quickly and ended up sucking each other until we each shot in a mouth. I think Juan came in my mouth and André came in Juan's mouth. Fact is, we came like we haven't had sex in weeks!

None of us shaved. We looked like sexy scruffy models at a photo shoot. I glanced at us in the mirror and realised that if ever there were a sexy threesome, I was looking at them! Attractive masculine faces, beautifully formed noses, mouths, big beautiful blue eyes (I noticed Juan's eyes were a paler blue than ours), pitch-black longer curly hair, neatly cut and tousled after towelling it dry, tall muscular masculine bodies. Three Adonises, three Greek gods. And best of friends. And lovers. And in love. It was perfect.

It was still raining and it was miserable outside. It was unanimous to stay inside and lounge around the house. Fortunately the braai (barbecue) was built in into a corner in the living room, so we would be able to braai (barbecue) our meat later on.

Juan got a fire going in the fireplace. We fetched our laptops, all MacBooks, to check on emails, browse the Net and perhaps check out some porn. We still had MacBook Air but Juan had a bigger 17" MacBook Pro (go figure ... biggest one!). André and I each received our regular emails from Alessandro and Sven. They were fine and once again updated us on their plans to visit the parents in Norway and Italy, and then South Africa. They told us about their latest projects at university, the party they had for their birthdays and of course, they included some pictures! The one that caught our attention, was the one where Sven was sucking Alessandro's big cock to the balls! He managed to learn the trick! But it was the setting that caught our attention. They were in the London Eye! They've managed to do that and took the picture as the gondola was at the apex of the rotation! Big Ben was clearly visible in the background through the raindrops on the plexi-glass outside. They must have used something to stick the iPhone to the wall and got the App with the self-timer to take the picture! Wow! It was like the mile-high club! Not many of those!

We showed the pictures to Juan and he instantly adjusted his cock in his sweat pants.

"Not that monster again! My baby bro needs his rest and for his hole to heal! Control that beast!' André joked with Juan.

I put my hand out and felt the huge cock was getting hard. It still was in that glorious rubbery state. I squeezed it and Juan groaned. Juan risked going commando ...!

"Please! Get a room! On second thoughts, please stop! I will have to join you to oversee the debauchery, and I'm still faint from lack of sleep. Control yourself!"

I ignored André's faux ranting and leaned in to kiss Juan. He took me into his arms and hugged me tight. He kissed me deeply and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. His huge cock was rock hard in my hand. What a stud!

I turned to André and pulled him into our embrace. He touched Juan's crotch and whistled between his teeth. "If I haven't touched it and seen it myself, I would not have believed the dimensions of this third leg!"

André pushed Juan's sweat pants down and Juan lifted his buttocks off the couch to get the pants off completely. His huge cock stood mightily at attention, pointing at the ceiling.

I took the humongous cock in my hands and squeezed it.

"Do you still love me after last night?" Juan asked me jokingly.

"Yes dear, very much dear!" I quipped.

"Are you going to do something about the matter in hand, so to speak?"

"Yes dear!" and I bent down to claim my stake I missed out on last night. OK, I did get the lion's share of attention and had it in me for hours, but this cock was begging to be sucked!

André pulled at my pants and I stood up so he could push my pants to my ankles. I was hard and starting to leak precum. He sat on the floor in front of Juan and sucked my cock into his mouth. I felt his cock and yes, it was hard too, the two-timing snake!

I bent down again and took Juan's cock in my mouth. It smelled of the exquisite soap and toiletries he used earlier. The first drops of his copious precum were starting to ooze out the piss slit. I eagerly sucked the big head into my mouth. I pushed the head deeper into my mouth and it pushed against the back of my mouth. The sheer size of it just prevented the cock head to enter my throat.

It still was too big. In our bedroom on the farm, we managed to get about 75% of it into our mouths, and it would appear the status quo would persist for now. Damn!

I started licking the thick shaft, spreading the precum over it. I repositioned to get a better angle, upsetting André sucking my cock. "Just a second please, André?"

I tried again to get the huge cock right into my throat. I managed to get the tip of the head to pop through into my throat, but it was unbelievably thick.

"It's OK if you can't get it in your throat. After Claude, nobody has been successful. You're doing fine!"

I retreated and tried again. This time the whole head slipped into my throat, but that was it. Nothing more would go in, even if I tried. Damn!

André was watching from the side. "Give me a try."

I moved to the other side and André gave it his best shot. With the same result: he also managed about 80% of it this time. He pulled off after a while and 'handed' it to me. "I got the first shots on the farm - it's your turn now."

I took the masterpiece in my hand and guided it into my mouth. It was very wet and slippery now.

"Just suck it. Forget to get it into your throats. It's not important. Just suck me please, 'baby bro'?" he said almost pleading with me.

I went to work on the cock and sucked as good as I could. The big stream of precum was intoxicating. This stud was a ... stud!

Juan began to growl and moan, and pushed his cock into my mouth, holding my head between his hands. He was getting ready to cum.

"I'm getting there. Are you ready? Here it comes!"

The first volley hit the back of my mouth. It was a lot. I quickly swallowed, just in time for the next shot. When the second shot was released, I pulled André closer to get ready for his share. A third shot hit the back of my throat and I quickly moved out the way for André to take over. My mouth was filled to capacity with the most wonderful liquid there is.

André quickly slipped the huge cock into his mouth just in time for the next shot. Juan was moaning like someone in pain.

I sat down next to Juan and waited for him to finish cumming. His breathing was shallow and it was clear this was a memorable orgasm, again. He was filling André's mouth big time. I saw how André was swallowing for all he was worth.

When Juan relaxed against the back of the couch, I knew he was spent. André was milking the last of the cum from the great cock. When he was done, he sat on the other side of Juan and motioned for me to go ahead. We knew each other well enough to understand what the other one meant by making gestures.

I leaned in with my mouth full of cum and kissed Juan. He has also caught on and opened his mouth to receive his cum. He moaned and our tongues wrestled the cum back and forth. Juan pushed me onto my back and allowed the cum to run into my mouth and I swallowed. What an experience! Juan pulled away, smiled at me and kissed me lightly on the lips. He mouthed: 'Thank you. I love you'. I mouthed: 'Ditto'.

André was next and delivered the load in his mouth in Juan's mouth. He was treated in the same way and he swallowed the cum load willingly and gladly. Juan said out loud: "Thank you guys! You are two very special men and I'm fortunate to have you in my life."

I was already sucking André's cock. Juan leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, and soon my whole cock disappeared in his mouth. I managed the same with André's cock in my mouth. We were really having a threesome!

When we shot our loads, the same scenario was played out: kissing and cum swopping, except that we included Juan in all of this. We all collapsed onto the couch, touching each other somewhere. I opted to have one hand in Juan's lap and the other behind Juan's shoulder on André's shoulder. We lay still for a minute to catch our breaths.

Juan stirred first. "Boys, at this rate, you're going to dehydrate me! I've never experienced this much cumming so soon in succession, and such huge loads! You really know how to suck the stuff out of me! But once again, thank you. You make it so easy to love you!"

"Thank you too. It's very special for us too," I said and kissed Juan on the cheek. He turned his mouth to me and touched his lips. "No, here please!" I smiled and kissed him on the mouth.

"Yeah thank you, you big old ogre for feeding us this diet of liquid protein! In your defence, I could get used to this!" André was on top form!

"Come here you beautiful boys!" Juan opened his arms and we moved into his embrace. Once again, I marvelled at just how content I was, and how lucky we were to have this big beautiful man in our lives.

"Please stop getting soppy on us and break out the champagne, please!" André put in.

"I'm afraid we're fresh out of champagne Sir. But would you fancy some Du Toit red wine or perhaps a beer?"

"Beer please," I said.

"Same here, thanks," André said.

"Beer it is then. Butler, three beers please," Juan said to an imaginary butler.

"I'll get it," I offered and got the drinks from the fridge.


Outside it was still drizzling. It was cold and miserable, so the rest of the day was spent indoors, lounging around. We surfed the Internet, checked out porn, listened to music, read some magazines. It was a lazy day. And we thoroughly enjoyed spending time together with Juan, and it was obvious he also enjoyed it with us.

Juan added some more wood and got a nice new fire going. We settled in for a day of leisure.

At times André had his head in my lap reading some comics on his iPad. At times André and us sat on either side of Juan reading funny emails, looking at pictures of Claude and his modelling buddies or the weather report. It didn't look like the rain would stop before Monday.

We didn't mind, because we were busy strengthening a tight bond with Juan, who proved to be the solid guy we thought he would be. We've known him for years, but not at this level. He was our Science teacher and hockey coach at school, and because of a wonderful coincidence, he got the job at the university just when we started our studies. And he was our hockey coach again.

The visit to the parents on the farm and the quick encounter in our bedroom, and now this weekend, were epic. We liked Juan more than ever, and we were sure we were both falling in love with him. When we sat together, he'd pull us in close, kiss the top of our heads, ruffle our hair, squeeze a thigh, grope our bulges and push his big bulge out for us to touch, squeeze it and just marvel at the enormous size of the huge cock hidden behind the fabric.

"You should realise I'm starting to fall in love with the two of you," Juan said when we were huddled on either side with our heads on his shoulders. "I've always wondered what the 'guy' would be like when I do fall in love, and look at me now: two carbon copies of the same wonderful man. Yes OK, one is off at a tangent, but I love you too, André!"

We groaned and "ahhh-ed" on his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. "We love you too, Juan. This just has to be the start of a life-long relationship."

Yes it was early days, but nothing ever felt so good and so right. Juan was the one. Plus, having one super guy like Juan for the both of us solved lots of problems: it is easier to spend time together and there wasn't any competition for his attention. We each had a different role to play and last night proved it. Everybody was happy and pleased at how everything panned out.

At one stage, I had my head in Juan's lap and dozed off. He was stroking my face and hair with one hand, and rubbed my tummy and chest with the other. He'd push his hand in my sweat pants - none of us wore any underpants that day - and he lightly played with my semi-hard cock. Through it all I still dozed off, feeling very content and happy. Life couldn't get any better. Here I was with my darling twin brother and now our hero and coach who was destined to become our lover. For all intents and purposes he was our lover now. I sighed in my sleep.

André was sitting next to us on the big couch with my feet in his lap. He was watching a programme on Discovery Channel. He'd massage my feet, lightly tugging at the hair on my toes and legs. He'd take my feet and massage the soles and then each toe separately. At one stage he even sucked on my big toes! He was such a tease! He knew I'd get rock-hard when he did that!

I was awake now and just enjoyed the moment. My face was pushing against the huge bulge in Juan's sweat pants and I could smell the deep aroma of his cock and balls. My cock was semi-hard due to André massaging my feet and feeling Juan's cock so close to my face.

Juan pulled my face up to him, looked me in the eye and said: "I never want this to stop. You guys are precious and I know you'll make me very happy. I think this is it. This is what I want - I feel very comfortable in your company. I want in."

"As far as we're concerned, yes - this is it. We also want in." I said.

"What role is Claude going to play in all of this?" André asked.

"He'll join in, if it's OK with you. He is a great guy. If you like me, I'm certain you'll like him too."

"Because of his big cock?" André was his old forwardly blunt self.

"No, not because of his big cock! He has a very nice personality. He's also a shrewd businessman and has invested most of his income. He is making lots of money. He is managing my portfolio and we've made enough to ensure our mom and dad are taken care of in their retirement village. He has a very kind heart. But, I have to warn you André, he will give you as good as he gets! He is not at a loss for words! He has a sharp wit and is a very intelligent person, despite being a drop-dead gorgeous model."

"Why are you not in a relationship like Anton and I," André asked.

"I think it's because of the 2 years age difference. Growing up as twins is a totally different ball game."

"When did you two start to have sex together?" I asked.

"When I was 17 and he 15. He walked in on me jacking off in bed one winter night. He was cold in his bedroom and wanted to crawl in with me. I was on the verge of shooting my load in the paper towel I had ready when he jumped in next to me. He spooned me and started to rub my hairy chest."

"And he started sucking you off?" André put in.

"André! Give Juan a chance to tell the story! Sheez!"

"No, he heard the crackling sound of the paper towel in my hand and asked what it was for. He was very curious and started to ask lots of questions. Age 17, my cock was about 24cm and rather thick. I already produced lots of precum. He put a hand out and asked if he may feel my cock. I concurred and he touched my cock, holding it in his slightly smaller hand. 'Wow, Juan! It's big!' he said. I felt his own cock growing hard against my thigh. I reached out and took it in my hand. It was big for a 15 year-old, about 20cm. He gasped and pushed his body against me.

"He started to pepper me with all sorts of questions about sizes, jacking off and other boys. It was obvious he wasn't interested in girls, as he also didn't have a girlfriend and always hung out with his buddies, like me. Long story short, we started to jack off and did it on and off from then on. He'd come to my room at night when he was randy - which was often! - and we'd have some fun. It soon included sucking and we both realised the other one is shooting huge loads. We both liked to have it shot in our mouths."

"The fucking? When did you started fucking him?" André was relentless.

"Oh, only at the end of his schooling. He was 18 before he was prepared to try my big cock. I was 20 and my cock had grown to 26cm. Claude's cock was about 22cm then. He tried to fuck a classmate the night of the final farewell matric party, but it was a monumental cock-up: the guy was unable to handle Claude's big cock. I was home for the weekend and late that night he returned home and came into my room, very frustrated, very horny and very ready for some serious sex."

"He was going to fuck you?" Sometimes I think André is deliberately pretending to be dumb.

"No, dummy! Of course not! I'm a top and only a top. Claude is versatile although he didn't know it then, but he was so horny, he'd do anything to get his rocks off. He told me about the botched attempt at fucking his buddy and told me he was hot and horny. Would I mind if we jacked off together. One thing led to another and when he attempted to put a finger in my hole, I stopped him and told him that's not going to happen. Instead, I started to play with his butt, and lo and behold, it opened like a lotus flower! He wanted to be fucked!

"By then I've fucked a few university friends, but none could really handle my big cock. Every time they either bailed out when they saw my cock, or stopped me when I started to enter them. I had a problem and was very frustrated. I wanted to fuck a guy badly, but no success with my fellow-students. I did meet an older guy one day at the hockey club who invited me to his place. He could take it balls-deep! It was awesome. I fucked him a few times, but then he moved to Pretoria and that was the end of that.

"I asked Claude if he'd try to bottom for me and he agreed immediately. He was so horny! We started kissing, and not just brotherly kisses, but real deep kisses with lots of tongue. He was really keen. When I got the lube, he just sighed and rolled onto his tummy and opened his legs. Very unromantic, I know! Again, long story short, I pushed my cock in and he gasped and moaned and made me take it out again, and begged me to put it back in and pull out and so it went on until he was so hot and horny that he pushed back and my whole cock slid in balls-deep. Claude was like an animal in heat. He didn't mind what happened, as long as he had sex. I fucked him good and before I shot my load, he creamed the sheet below him. I finished fucking him and filled his hole with a big load."

"Wow. So there was no tender love-making at all?" I asked.

"No, it was sex for the sake of sex. We cleaned up - Claude shot a load of note on my sheets - and he put on his boxers to fetch us each Cokes from the kitchen. We chatted for a long time, really getting to know each other on a different level. It was clear he was gay too, but he was addicted to sex, and because he too was hung big, most guys he met were scared to bottom for him. That meant he was a fundi at jacking off!

"For a few weeks we had sex every time we could, but soon thereafter he left for Milan on a modelling contract. He started modelling when he was around 16. He looked like a Greek god from a young age already, and at 18 the international fashion houses snatched him up. He met Claire at Boss Models in Cape Town and his career was set. She organised the stint in Milan that led to shoots in Rome, Paris, London, New York, Montreal - he loves the Canadian men! Soon his pictures were on the covers of many fashion magazines. GQ, Men's Health and many others.

"He used the money he made to start his own investment business in Cape Town. He was a straight A-student in Accounting and Economics at school. He knew how to make his money work for him. I bought in and the money we make helps to fill in many gaps. I love to travel and I often go to London to visit our cousin and his lover. And as you know, I have expensive taste for perfume, clothes and gadgets, which call for some extra money that teaching doesn't pay.

"And that is our story in brief," Juan concluded.

"How big is Claude's cock now?" André asked, bluntly as always.

"Now it's 25cm, very thick and he's also uncut. He shoots a massive load like I do. He has calmed down but he is still a very sexual man, and very sexy as you know."

"Does Claude have a lover at present?" André asked. "I'm sure he has the opportunities to fuck any man he wants!"

"I have to be honest. At first Claude would jump into bed with almost every nice man. There are many available in the fashion world. However, after a short tryst with a beautiful guy in Montreal that went sour, he realised there is more to it than a quick roll in the hay. He is ready to settle down. He is 24 now and would like to have a husband in his life. However, his life as an international model leaves very little time for that. He's coming home towards the end of this year and is taking a sabbatical year to look after his business, and to get some rest. The world of a model is much less glamorous than what the general public thinks. It's hectic."

"Does he know about us?"

"I have mentioned that I know a sexy set of twins, but he doesn't know the details as yet. When I mentioned what you look like, he insisted that I speak to Claire, but I decided if you guys were interested at all, it should be best that he takes care of it when he is back home."

"I'd love to give it a try," André blurted out.

"Hold your horses, big guy! You could burn your fingers if you don't have the right connections. Let's hear what Claude says when he sees you, and then he'll take care of the rest."

I was starting to get very good vibes about this mysterious Claude. I was starting to look forward meeting this Adonis. He just might complete the picture!

= To be continued =



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