It was a peaceful night in our bed with the soft down feather duvet. I remembered seeing a programme on TV showing how these down feather duvets are made and the price mentioned placed them out of reach of most people … not the Müllers!

“Who would’ve thought Johann and Gunther … wow! First André and Juan, then Herman and Johan, becoming a trio with Morné and now Johann and Gunther! But my darling man, you and I with Pierre, Clive and Giovanni … erm … plus Piero … will be the ultimate combination! Yes, Pierre?” Luigi said kissing me on the nose.

“Isn’t it just? Who would’ve thought? As long as I can have my Ant and my Pommie, I’m happy! As soon as it’s appropriate and when you guys are ready, I’m asking my Pommie to marry me! I love the man so much. But neither he nor I will become a bottom – we just love it too much to fuck you Ant! Ahhh! Feel that?” Pierre said and pushed his big hardening cock between my legs.

“I’m not complaining. I love it when you guys fuck me. As long as we could pull it off, I want you two to fuck me! OK mio caro?” I said and kissed my man.

 mio caro! I know you love me and I know our men love you too. One big family! Wait until you meet Piero … You’re going to fall head over heels in love with him! He is a darling. Pierre, let’s give our darling boy a night off! I’m tired after the long day. I’m going to sleep the sleep of the dead! Buona notte mio caro. Spero che si dorme bene (Good night my darling. I hope you sleep well),” Luigi said and kissed me. His big cock was pushing against me … sopping wet! “Good night Pierre! And behave!” He leaned over me, tapped Pierre on the nose with his finger and kissed him.

Needless to say I didn’t make it to daybreak without being fucked … by both of them! And a double too! Jackals! Both of them! But, it was fantastic to wake up with Pierre’s cock in me and to eventually feel Luigi pushing in as well … my godd! I loved feeling them in me. Pierre’s insanely big cock stretched me to capacity but after a few minutes I was loose enough to take Luigi as well …

They fucked me and Luigi kissed me and I clung to this god-like creature of a man. His hairy chest on me was like my own personal piece of Kashmir.

They shot their loads into me and they collapsed …

A first for all three of us: I was on my back on top of Pierre and Luigi on top of me his cock still in me again … all three of us fell asleep! OK, we didn’t sleep like that for the rest of the night, but yes, we did fall asleep! Their cocks were big enough to stay in me but Luigi slipped off me and when he slid off me, his cock pulled free and we woke up.

Pierre merely pushed deeper into me again, hugged me from behind and just said: “I'm not pulling out, OK?” He kissed me on the cheek and almost immediately dozed off again. His big cock was deep in me and big and rubbery.

I woke up at the crack of dawn with Pierre still in me. I was as happy as a fish in the water.


Our peace and quiet was rudely disturbed when André and Johann came in the room at around 7 o’clock, all loud mouthed and boisterous.

They jumped on the bed. Johann got on top of Pierre and me, and André between Luigi and me. What a bunch of delinquents.

“Let me guess! Let me guess! You both got fucked last night and you’re here to brag and spread the news! Right? Right? Of course right! You stink of sex! Pffft!” Pierre said and got Johann in a head clamp and ruffled his bed hair.

“Argh! *H E L P! He’s killing me!* Ugh!” Johann pretended to be suffocated. He and Pierre wrestled a little, and soon Pierre just kissed the moustached man and groped him. “Now he’s molesting me! André, call your Dad!”

“Oh just shut up! You like every second of this ‘molestation’! You’re after my cock! Admit it!” Pierre put in. “If you didn’t notice, I am still making love to our darling boy!”

“You dogg! Do you have no shame? Sheez man! But yes, I was actually thinking of Anton double-fucking me again with my own cock in my hole … hmmmm! Hmmmm!” Johann joked but I knew, given half a chance, it would’ve happened … again. My cock stirred and André noticed it.

“Johann, my brother is ready and interested! Feel his cock!” André could be so blunt at times!

“Aren’t they adorable? The love of my life molesting his own brother and yours on top of the hung hunk! Behave or I’ll call Dad!” Juan said when he and Gunther entered our room. They had tracksuits on that Gunther lent Juan.

The two of them sat down on the bed and I could tell, they’ve fucked their men and that they were very happy.

“Before this sex orgy develops any further, we have to get going. Before you know it, it will be 8 o’clock. Come on boys!” Juan said.

When Johann got off Pierre, he pulled the duvet away and when the other two saw Pierre’s cock was still in me, they weren’t surprised but Gunther did say: “Mein Gott! You really are insatiable! Poor Antonio!”

“He loves it, don’t you Ant?” Pierre defended his sexual addiction.

“Antonio? How do you put up with this constant abuse?” Johann said and ducked when Pierre flung a pillow at him. “Watch it! You’ll pay for the breakages! Frau Müller will have your head if you break any of her fine porcelain! And you’ll sleep in the doghouse! And you’ll have no more sex! And you’ll …”

“I get it! No need to carry on like that! You’re just jealous! Ant, tell them you love it and that you love me! Tell them!” Pierre said and I felt his cock coming back to life inside me … oh fuck! How I wish I could fuck Johann, him lying down in front of me and me on my knees with Pierre’s big cock in me …

“How about a quickie … Before my cock gets too hard … Please? My hole is ready with lots of Gunther’s baby batter in me … Anton?” Johann said and palmed his big rubbery cock.

“Erm … I don’t know … is there time for that? Guys …?” I said and felt my cock was fast getting rock-hard and Pierre’s cock in me was steadily growing to monster proportions …

“I’m in if you’re in! I want to fuck Ant while he fucks you!” Pierre blurted out.

“I thought that was the whole idea!” Johann said and stood closer to the bed, his cock now almost hard. Pierre put his hand out and took Johann’s cock in his hand.

“Damn! It is a special cock you have there my man! Ant, shall we do it?”

Long story short, Pierre and I lifted off the bed to stand on our knees and Johann came to lie down on his back in front of me. Luigi, André, Gunther and Juan supplied extra pre-cum to lube up Johann’s cock. He pushed it down and I helped to get the head into his hole.

By then I was raging hard and Pierre’s cock in me was insanely hard. The previous time it was Rafael’s cock in me when I fucked Johann, but Pierre’s cock was not much smaller than Rafael's.

I saw Johann’s cock sliding into his hole and he groaned. It was clear he was enjoying it to feel his own cock in his hole. I watched in awe as about 24cm of his big cock disappeared into his hole.

“Lube!” I said and the men around us all added their precum to my cock. I was going to fuck Johann with precum only! Admitted, he was loose and there was a lot of precum, plus Gunther’s load was still in him!

When my cockhead started to pierce Johann’s hole he threw his head back, and growled deeply and it became louder as my cock advanced deeper into him. It was a tight fit and I felt how Johann’s big robbery cock twitched as my cock rubbed against it …

I fucked Johann while Pierre’s cock in me was giving me a stimulation like he knew so well how to give.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Juan and Gunther groping each other, kissing and hugging. And André was giving my Ita man a blowjob! ‘No orgy’? Fat chance!

Within 5 minutes it was all over. Johann was swearing like a banshee when he came and I felt his cock pulsating as I was pumping my cum into him.

I held still and Pierre took over. He fucked me with gusto and soon he was pumping another of his signature loads into me. He hugged me from behind and kissed me on the cheek.

I looked at Johann. His eyes were closed and his chest was heaving. He was on Cloud Nine! His cock and hole were still spasming a little. He and I have added quite a volume to Gunther’s load in him.

I leaned down and kissed him. He put his arms out and without opening his eyes, he hugged me to him and both Pierre and I landed on top of him.

“Anton, you’re just amazing! I never thought I’d love you so much! Ita, I’m afraid I’m going to come over for a regular service of the double kind from now on! Wow!” Johann said and opened his eyes. “You know that I love you my beautiful boy. You're the best … after Gunther of course! His big salami in me feels fabulous! He is a master and you’re next! This fucking is on a different level … Thanks Anton!”


We disentangled from each other and made extra sure we didn’t spill any ‘juices’ as we didn’t want to explain any of that to Frau Müller … how would we do it?

Gunther and Johann stayed with us to shower in our en suite and Juan and André went to the bathroom they shared with these guys. All 5 of us went into our bathroom. The shower was small in comparison to the South African showers. Two in there was a squeeze and so we did it one by one, but made it quick.

By 10 to 8 we were busy brushing hair, applying lotions, spritzing Tom Ford and getting dressed. And as always, André came running in – naked of course – enquiring which clothes we were going to wear. Identical, of course!


When we entered the dining room, the table was laid in style, even for a breakfast. Everything in white and the accessories in bright yellow, green and a deep blue.

“Ahhh! Here you are! Good morning gentlemen … and what do we have here? The twins are dressed identical! I find that so adorable! I’m not even going to attempt to identify who is who. Please, sit down, get some orange juice,” Frau Müller said.

“Good morning men! Did you sleep well? Were you warm enough? More pillows? Gunther, have you finalised your plans for today? Denn, U-Bahn bis zum Hauptbahnhof (Underground to the Main Station then)?” Herr Müller said when he came in the dining room.

Vati, we’re doing the Yellow Line Busfahrt (bus trip), ja? Thanks for the tickets Mutti. Was schulde ich Sie (What do I owe you)?” Gunther said.

Nein! Dass ist doch Wahnsinn (No! That is nonsense)! Natürlich schuldest du mich nichts! Macht Spaß (Of course you owe me nothing! Enjoy it)!” Frau Müller said and squeezed his and my arms. She didn’t know it was me, but it didn’t matter. It was clear this staunch German lady has fallen for my … our … charm!

Breakfast was a memorable affair. Frau Müller had bacon, eggs, some German sausages, toast, fried tomatoes, savoury mincemeat, yoghurt, orange juice, fantastic coffee and incredible Danish pasties. We ate like kings.


We went to brush our teeth, put on our jackets, put our scarves around our necks and took the walk from their house to the closest U-Bahn station. The Berliner Pass Frau Müller got us, gave us a discount on the Underground and we sat down for the 10 minute ride to the Main Central Station, der Hauptbahnhof.

The trip could be started at any of the 19 points of interest but Gunther has suggested we start at the Hauptbahnhof as there is a lot to see and do. The building itself was a destination in its own right.

On the train to the Hauptbahnhof, Johann and André were at it again. The jokes came thick and fast, and André didn’t spare Johann for getting double-fucked.

“You’ve been a bottom all along! Admit it! And if the baby bro can *fuck* you, so can I! Next time it’s my turn!” André put in and got his hair ruffled for his remark.

Juan hugged my brother and turned his head towards him. Next thing, he kissed André to keep his mouth shut.

“What will we do with this delinquent? Next thing he’d want to do me!” Luigi said.

“Sell him! Sell him!” Johann put in and the ruckus started all over again.


Our daytrip on the bus started at the Hauptbahnhof, which was one of the points of interest for the day.

We arrived at the Hauptbahnhof and were astounded.

01 Hauptbahnhof, Ausgang Rahel-Hirsch-Straße

Der Hauptbahnhof is the new main railway station in Berlin, Germany. It came into full operation two days after a ceremonial opening on 26 May 2006. It is located on the site of the historic Lehrter Bahnhof, and until it opened as a main line station, it was a stop on the Berlin S-Bahn suburban railway temporarily named Berlin Hauptbahnhof–Lehrter Bahnhof.

“Baby bro, this is mos a real station! Wow! The Jerries have really outdone themselves here!” André said walking close to me.

[Mos = perhaps it could be translated with “of course”, but this is another difficult one]

Without thinking, he took my hand like when we were little boys and we just stared at the size of the building, the cleanliness, the variety of shops and coffee shops. Every now and again he or I would point out something interesting and we would talk to each other like confidants, heads close together.

The others followed us and when we stopped at a toys shop, the others caught up with us. Luigi put his arm around my shoulders and said smiling: “Do you have any idea how adorable you two look when you walk here holding hands? I love you so much mio caro.”

I didn’t realise the others noted us walking hand-in-hand, but trust Johann and even Luigi to see it!

“Don’t let it bother you! This is Berlin and the people here are very relaxed. You saw my parents yesterday,” Gunther said and ruffled our hair.

We just smiled shyly and André snickered. “It must have looked rather foolish, but … he is my other half and I love him!” He planted a kiss on my cheek for good measure.

“Guys, this is one of our landmarks in Berlin. Most train lines – normal and underground – end here or leave from here,” Gunther said and showed us around.

According to the literature his mom gave us, and the pamphlets we got from the Info counter, Gunther was right. The station was completed only recently but it had a long history.

Lehrter Bahnhof (Lehrte Station) opened in 1871 as the terminus of the railway linking Berlin with Lehrte, near Hanover, which later became Germany's most important east-west main line. In 1882, with the completion of the Stadtbahn (City Railway, Berlin's four-track central elevated railway line, which carried both local and main line services), just north of the station, a smaller interchange station called Lehrter Stadtbahnhof was opened to provide connections with the new line. This station later became part of the Berlin S-Bahn. In 1884, after the closure of nearby Hamburger Bahnhof (Hamburg Station), Lehrter Bahnhof became the terminus for trains to and from Hamburg.

Following heavy damage during World War II, limited services to the main station were resumed, but then suspended in 1951. In 1957, with the railways to West Berlin under the control of East Germany, Lehrter Bahnhof was demolished, but Lehrter Stadtbahnhof continued as a stop on the S-Bahn. In 1987, it was extensively renovated to commemorate Berlin's 750th anniversary. After German reunification it was decided to improve Berlin's railway network by constructing a new north-south main line, to supplement the east-west Stadtbahn. Lehrter Stadtbahnhof it was considered to be the logical location for a new central station.

The A&O Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the ideal starting point for all visitors to Berlin. Located between the west of the city (Ku’damm) and the east (Alexanderplatz) and was only a short walk from the government district with the Chancellor’s office, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Unter den Linden. With the new A&O Hotel and Hostel, Berlin Hauptbahnhof in Lehrter Straße are the most modern of all Berlin A&Os.

Inside the building there were shops, coffee shops and curio shops, around 70 in all. We saw we were very close to the places of interest we saw the day before, including the Brandenburg Tor, the TV tower an the buildings a few blocks south on the Potsdamer Platz.

“Baby bro, look, there is the TV Tower! I’m glad we are doing this area again!” André said and squeezed my hand.

We didn’t plan on taking a walk to the nearby attractions as the bus would be passing through there and we have planned the Segway tour for Friday, which included most of the sights.

We browsed around the shops in the Hauptbahnhof until the first bus was about to leave.

“Baby bro, I’d like to buy you something here in Berlin. What would you like?” André said and pulled me into a hug. My brother might have been a delinquent, but he truly loved me.

“Let’s see what comes up. I believe we’re visiting some snazzy shopping centres today. I’ll know when I see it, but even a fridge magnet would do. Remember we still have Firenze, Tuscany and Rome coming. Hold on to your money,” I said and kissed him.

Another gay couple in their thirties standing close to us clapped hands and when they realised we were actually twin brothers, their eyes grew big.

“Twins and lovers?” One of them said.

“Yes, twins but no, not really lovers …” I said and realised I still had André’s hand in mine. “We just love each other very much!”

“Oh, that’s so sweet! My twin brother lives in Montreal and doesn’t even want to see Gustav, my lover, or me. Welcome to Berlin! My name is Stephan,” the guy with the greying temples said.

They enquired where we were from and after a brief discussion explaining to them, they just looked at us with big smiles.

“Gustav, when we have children, I want a set of twins, just like these two!” Stephan said.

We said goodbye and got on the bus, and for some reason, André and I ended up next to other. Luigi and Pierre sat next to each other behind us.

Inside the bus the guide gave us earphones and some flyers covering the bus service, times, the route and some brief information on the places we were going to see. Typical German, it was extensive and available in a plethora of languages.

André was like a wound-up doll. He kept on pointing out things of interest or things we’ve seen already or have seen from the TV Tower.

The tour guide stayed on the bus and made announcements in German, English and French. As soon as the bus departed, we plugged the earphone into the jacks next to the seats and could select any of 12 different languages. Just for the hell of it, I tried Italian, but after a minute or so, I decided to change to English so I didn’t have to concentrate so much on understanding, but rather on the sights.

02 Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee

Johann and Gunther were like boys in a toys shop. Johann was the lucky one to have Gunther right next to him. He explained to Johann all the buildings and places we passed.

Our first stop was to the north of the zoo. The golden "pregnant oyster" of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures) was very visible. The building was built as a congress hall and has been a venue for inter-cultural events since 1989. It was oval with an inverted roof. It was impressive and very conspicuous.

“Wow! That is one interesting building! If the outside is this impressive, I’m sure the inside would be too!” Johann said. As he passed us wanting to get off before us, André gave his butt a squeeze.

“Behave, you delinquent! Ask! Don’t steal!” That was going to become a mantra!

We got off the bus and once again, it struck me how clean the world city that is Berlin, was. The area was spotless. Not a shred of paper or a scrap of plastic lying around. Streets were swept and nowhere a weed or grass out of place to be seen. In summer lawns would be mowed, edges trimmed. Now, the sidewalks around the building were swept with the snow removed. The Germans deserved their position at the top!

Inside the ultra modern building we were amazed at the grandeur of the interior on various levels. We went in the auditorium but the lady on duty at the door cautioned us to be quiet as there was a concert going on. It was Handel’s Wassermusik. I loved that piece of music and listened for a bit but we couldn’t stay. The inside was beautifully fitted out with wooden panels and beautiful light fittings.

After another 20 minutes in the building and appreciating the sculptures and water features outside, we went to the bus stop to wait for the next bus.

03 Schloß Bellevue, Spreeweg

After a very short trip on the bus, we arrived at our next place of interest. It was a big white building.

Bellevue Palace (Schloss Bellevue), is situated in the centre of Berlin and located in Berlin's Tiergarten district. It has been the official residence of the President of Germany since the beginning of 1994. It is situated on the banks of the Spree river, near the Berlin Victory Column, the Bundestag and the Brandenburg Gate, along the northern edge of the Großer Tiergarten park. Its name – the French for "beautiful view" – derives from its scenic prospect over the River Spree's course.

The palace was commissioned by the younger brother of Friedrich II, Ferdinand of Prussia, built and was finished in 1786. His plan included a two-storey, three-winged structure consisting of a long main building and two wings (on the left the “women's wing” and on the right the “Spree wing") designed in the early classical style.

The literature and our guide stated the palace’s interior was repeatedly transformed in the course of many conversions. From the perspective of history, Bellevue palace also had a turbulent past: It was once the summer residence for a Prince and then in the Great War it served as the headquarters of the German Supreme Command and, later on, it was even divided up into residential flats.

Tours are offered only during das Bürgerfest or by advance registration with visitor services (waiting times of up to nine months). Thus, we only saw the outside of this majestic white building and the gardens, and even though it was winter, it was grand and well preserved. Another example of how the Germans embraced their history. This was a palace built for a prince more than 200 years ago, but it is maintained and used for a good purpose. Well done Jerries!

04 Bikini Berlin, Budapester Straße

The trip on the bus to our next stop was brief. The recorded information on the sound system gave us guidelines on the area we passed through towards the Bikini Buildings.

We got off the bus and approached the buildings. On the ground floor there were shops and restaurants upon shops and restaurants. Too much to really appreciate in the short time we had. We had 30 minutes until the next bus, so we browsed around.

Bikini Berlin is one of the few still preserved contemporary witnesses of Berlin’s turbulent history during the post-war period of the 1950s. The “Zentrum am Zoo” ensemble, which was completed in 1957 by architects Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger, is a symbol of Berlin City-West’s cityscape.

The listed group of buildings includes the Bikinihaus opposite the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the Große Hochhaus (large high-rise building) on Hardenbergplatz, the Kino Zoo Palast cinema, the smaller high-rise known as the Kleines Hochhaus with the 24 hours hotel and a car park. The basic concept of Bikini Berlin is a unique combination of shopping, working, cinema, recreation, urban oasis and hotel.

The centrepiece of the group of buildings is the Bikinihaus with a total length of 200 metres. The lower three floors of the Bikinihaus are home to retail and gastronomy offers. The third to sixth upper floors house exclusive office spaces. The highlight of the Bikini Berlin building complex is the 7000 m² freely accessible green rooftop terrace, on a two-storey new build behind the Bikinihaus, facing the Zoological Garden, Germany’s oldest and best known zoo. Below this is a large marketplace, the Bikini Berlin Pool. The focus here is a panoramic window with spectacular views of the monkey enclosure in the Zoological Garden.

The name Bikini Berlin comes from the name Bikinihaus, which is how local Berliners affectionately christened the building in the 1950s. An open-sided storey framed by columns on the second floor once separated the building into one upper and one lower area. For the Berlin locals, the two-tier architecture, which today is fully glazed, reminded them of the daring new swimwear fashion of that time, the bikini.

We looked at the goods in the leather shop. Luigi stood close behind me when I looked at some beautiful leather gloves and he just said: “No mio caro! Firenze, ricorda? Per favore (No my darling. Firenze, remember? Please)?”

Si, ricordo. Sto solo guardando (Yes, I remember. I’m just looking), ” I said and admired the soft leather. The sown-in label said it was made in Spain. Beautiful and soft, but I trusted my man’s discretion to wait for Firenze.

The other shops covered everything from florists to men’s clothes, luggage and bags to electronics. In the electronics shop there were the most wonderful gizmos for iPhones, iPads and other stuff that geeks and other guys would love. We didn’t have time or the space in our baggage to buy anything. In any case, we had all that was required after the gifts Dad gave us for our birthday.

We were in time to catch the next bus.

05 Zoologischer Garten, Hardenbergplatz hinter Taxistand

Obviously we didn’t spend any more time at the zoo and stayed on the bus. The information on the bus system was very interesting and it reiterated what we’ve learnt the previous day.

André was on a mission to harass poor Johann, and the jokes about him getting fucked and pumped full of Gunther’s cum, and then double-fucked with my and his own cock, and get both our loads in him, was too much for even André. He was relentless.

“Carry on! Tonight we’ll see what’s going to happen to you! Carry on!” Johann said and ruffled André’s hair.

Bang gat (‘ass that’s afraid’ – direct translation, refers to a person who is notoriously scared of anything)! Give it your best! I’ll beat you at every turn! And remember, I have my Juan and my brother! Who do you have? Hmmm? Nobody!” André carried on.

“The Jerry, you moron! *His cock is enough to scare you off*, you ‘bang gat’!” Johann retorted.

We killed ourselves laughing. The two of them joined in the laughter and Johann grabbed André into an embrace.

“Admit it! You love me too much to hurt me, right?” Johann said and kissed my brother.

Ag sies man (Oh sis man)! In your dreams! Loving you? What’s to love? *Only a small rubbery weenie and* …” André got in before Juan clamped his hand over André’s mouth.

“’Small’? It’s at least 5cm bigger than yours!” Johann responded.

“5cm? It’s only 4,5cm, you nitwit! Sheez, jy weet (you know)!” André said with disdain. “And I’m not afraid of the Jerry … or you … it’s just that …” (we all wanted to hear this!) “… that my constitution isn’t as earthly … as rugged … or whatever … I can’t stand the idea of an elephant … doing that to me!” André said and of course, Johann mocked him even more. But, it was all in good spirit and Johann kissed André again. He succumbed and was laughing so much at their antics that he and Johann had to sit down.


06 Karstadt am Kurfürstendamm 231

The guide and earphones informed us of the centre not too far down the road. This was another excellent department store in the heart of the city, just south of the zoo.

The Karstadt department store near the Memorial Church offers state-of-the-art shopping in the best department store tradition.

It has a fantastic selection and variety of goods offering everything from the top trends in fashion to the latest lifestyle articles. It had top offers on quality brands, and the café-restaurant on the 6th floor offered a wonderful view over the roofs of Berlin.

We did some sightseeing and window-shopping, but we were after something to drink. So we went to the 6th floor and sat down for a bit. The view from the window was wonderful.

Gunther entertained us with stories from his years as a young gay man in Berlin and the places he went to. He told us of the one guy he met at the restaurant we were in. The guy he met was a Romanian from the Czech Republic, and according to Gunther, the man was super sexy and mega-hung. They went to the guy’s pension but there was nothing more than some sucking. Gunther wasn’t prepared to bottom for him and vice versa. They stayed in contact for some years until the guy met a bottom in Prague who appreciated his huge dong.

“This guy’s forefathers are from Romania and he’s a true gypsy or as they’re called now, Romanii. He could easily have been one of the cast for The Vampire Diaries. He is very good-looking. I wonder what happened to him?” Gunther said as we finished our hot chocolate. "I'll ask his cousin. He has a restaurant in Potsdamer Platz. We could go there later on."

07 KaDeWe, Tauentzienstraße

“Guys, I know you’ve seen lots of shops now, but you have to see the next shop. It’s unbelievable,” Gunther said as we approached the next stop, just towards the east from Karstadt.

The Kaufhaus des Westens (the English is "Department Store of the West"), usually abbreviated to KaDeWe, is a Thai-owned department store in Berlin. With over 60,000 square metres of selling space and more than 380,000 articles available, it is the largest department store in Continental Europe. It attracts 40,000 to 50,000 visitors every day.

The store is located on Tauentzienstraße, a major shopping street, between Wittenbergplatz and Breitscheidplatz, near the centre of the former West Berlin. Technically it is in the extreme northwest of the neighbourhood of Schöneberg. It’s just south east of the zoo.

We got off the bus and walked into the shop that was in the same class as Harrods. Well, like Harrods, this was merely a case of just looking and gawking and admiring. There was everything you wanted and more, but at a price, of course.

We caught the next bus.

08 Lützowplatz, gegenüber Hotel Berlin Berlin

The next stop towards the east was the Lützowplatz in Berlin’s Tiergarten, which was already a big attraction back in the times of Imperial Germany, thanks to its parking facilities and the Hercules Fountain.

In 1894, the construction of a fountain on Lützowplatz was proposed to remodel it as an “ornament square”. In 1896 the sculptor Otto Lessing (1846-1912) was commissioned with the design of the fountain. After extended planning and construction phases the fifteen-meter-high Fountain of Hercules, of which the lowest bowl had a diameter of 5m, was unveiled in 1903. In early 1945, it was destroyed during the bombing campaigns over Berlin’s city centre.

In 1967 Louis Touaillon’s sculpture “Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar” was placed on Lützowplatz in reference to Lessing’s fountain.

In 1873 the architect W. Neumann added a residential house with baroque façade to his backdrop. This house on Lützowplatz was taken over in 1938 by the Association of Berlin Artists, which set up a graphic cabinet, a library as well as an archive here. By the beginning of the 60s, it had established itself as an exhibition house for contemporary art. This concept has been maintained up to today.

Every year six to eight exhibitions of national and international artists are held in the House on Lützowplatz. Each of the exhibitions in the various styles – such as painting, photography, video work, concept art or installation – are complemented by accompanying film screenings, performances and lectures by international celebrities from the fields of science, art, industry and culture. The House on Lützowplatz is thereby not only open for famous names from the art scene, but also promotes young curators and artists.

We only observed the exterior of the house as we were on a tight schedule. We stayed on the bus.

09 Philharmonie, Herbert von Karajan-Straße

Further towards the east we approached the Philharmonie that has been the musical heart of Berlin for more than 50 years.

Still at the periphery of West Berlin when it opened in 1963, it became part of the new urban centre after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Its unusual tent-like shape and distinctive bright yellow colour makes it one of the city’s landmarks. Its unusual architecture and innovative concert hall design initially ignited controversy, but it now serves as a model for concert halls all over the world.

“One person opposite another, arranged in circles in sweeping, suspended arcs around soaring crystal pyramids.” In 1920 the architect Hans Scharoun wrote these words as a vision for the ideal theatre space. Thirty-five years later, he developed the main concert hall of the Philharmonie from this idea, with the concert platform and the musicians forming the central focal point.

Since the opening concert under the direction of Herbert von Karajan, the Berliner Philharmonie have presented many magnificent concerts to its audiences together with great conductors and soloists. The orchestra and its chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the house in October 2013 with three very different concert events that impressively demonstrated the specific acoustic possibilities of the Philharmonie: the St Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach with its double choir in the production by Peter Sellars, the gala concert on 20 October with the theme of “spatial sounds”, and Arnold Schönberg’s Gurrelieder.

We got off and gawked at the spectacular building. It really was beautiful and when we entered the foyer, it was clear this was a magnificent place, worthy to be amongst the top opera houses in the world. The orchestra was busy with rehearsals so we could only get a peek at the auditorium.

It was spectacularly beautiful! The orchestra was positioned almost in the middle of the auditorium with the audience seats in blocks arranged in tiers. All wood of course. It was clear why this spectacular building and its auditorium were amongst the best in the world.

We didn’t stay too long and caught the next bus.

10 Potsdamer Platz, Potsdamer Straße, vor dem Kollhoff-Tower

As we’ve been there the day before, we stayed on the bus. We intended to go there again later on and again on Friday when we were doing the Segway tour.

11 Topografie des Terrors, Martin-Gropius Bau

We were going to visit this former headquarters of the infamous Nazi Gestapo and SS on our Segway tour on Friday.

“Just remember guys, visiting this venue is no fun. It’s terrifying to think that humans did this to other human beings, and in the 20th century! We’ll come and have a look on Friday. OK?” Gunther said.

12 Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstraße, vor dem Mauermuseum

As we approached Checkpoint Charlie, Gunther reminded us that because we’ve been there the day before, and that this would be another point of interest to see again on Friday, we stayed on the bus.

The info system on the bus was very informative. Sad days for poor Berliners.

13 Gendarmenmarkt, gegenüber Taubenstraße

When we approached the next stop, Gunther got up and urged us on to get off. “This is one of the best spots in Berlin. Come!”

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the most stunning squares in the city, located close to Friedrichstraße, Berlin's exclusive shopping street in the central Mitte district. In true German efficiency and cleanliness, this vast place was paved with different bricks and pavers, dividing the surface of the square into smaller squares. And it was super clean. Nothing, but nothing was lying around. The only thing visible was snow.

Three of the most impressive examples of architecture in the capital city are to be found here: the Concert House designed by Schinkel and the German and French Cathedrals (the Deutscher Dom and the Französischer Dom).

We walked amongst the buildings and were taken aback by the beauty. We had a quick peek inside of the three major buildings.

As mentioned, the Konzerthaus Berlin is a concert hall situated on the Gendarmenmarkt square in the central Mitte district of Berlin housing the German orchestra Konzerthausorchester Berlin. Built as a theatre from 1818 to 1821 under the name of the Schauspielhaus Berlin, later also known as the Theater am Gendarmenmarkt and Komödie, its usage changed to a concert hall after the Second World War and its name changed to its present one in 1994.

The severely damaged building due to allied bombing and the Battle of Berlin, the building was rebuilt from 1977 onwards and reopened as the concert hall of the Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester in 1984 with a gala concert.

The exterior, including many of the sculptures of composers by Christian Friedrich Tieck and Balthasar Jacob Rathgeber, is a faithful reconstruction of Schinkel's designs, while the interior was adapted in a Neoclassical style meeting the conditions of the altered use. The great hall is equipped with a notable four-manual pipe organ including 74 stops and 5 811 pipes. In 1994 it was renamed the "Konzerthaus Berlin".

Acoustically, the hall is considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world for music and/or opera.

We were so impressed to think this building was all but destroyed and the Germans could use plans and designs of 150 earlier to rebuild it and restore it to its former glory. And the interior was even better.

It struck us again how the Germans, despite their past and two world wars, have preserved their history and are hell-bent on protecting it. Nowhere, except for the part of the Berlin Wall that survived 1989, and really old buildings in the former East Berlin had graffiti on them. What a nation. Small wonder they are world leaders in virtually everything.

And we were going to attend a concert there on Friday! I went to the counter and asked for a programme of concerts.

“Yay! Hi guys! Guys! Look at what is on here on Friday! Yippee! The Mozart Concerto for Three Pianos and then the Beethoven Symphonie No 5, ‘Fate’! Guys! Can we fast forward to Friday?” I couldn’t believe our luck!

“My Dad would be very pleased to hear this. He is a big music lover and Mozart and Beethoven are two of his favourite composers! I’m letting him know now! Thanks Antonio! Clever thinking!” Gunther said and started texting an iMessage to his dad.

“Talking about ‘dads’, I think we must call Dad tonight. I’m missing him so much! I just want to hear his deep baritone voice …” I said and hugged my brother.

“Yes, I miss him too. When we get back to the Müllers, let’s call him,” André said and hugged me back.

14 Neptunbrunnen, Alexanderplatz, Spandauer Straße

The bus travelled further to the east to the Neptune Fountain. It was on the other side of the River Spree and was built in 1891. Reinhold Begas designed it.

We got off the bus to have a look at this beautiful fountain. The diameter is 18m, and the height is 10m.

The Roman god Neptune is in the centre. The four women around him represent the four main rivers of Prussia at the time the fountain was constructed: the Elbe (with the allegorical figure holding fruits and ears of corn), Rhine (fishnet and grapes), Vistula (wooden blocks, symbols of forestry), and Oder (goats and animal skins). The Vistula is now entirely in Poland, while the Oder forms the border between Germany and Poland.

The fountain was removed from its original location at the Schlossplatz in 1951, when the former Berliner Stadtschloss (Berlin City Palace) there was demolished. Eventually, after being restored, the fountain was moved in 1969 to its present location between the St Mary's Church and the Rotes Rathaus.

As we left the fountain behind, Luigi’s iPhone binged. “I’ve just had a text from Piero. He is almost like a boy waiting for Christmas! He can’t wait for us to arrive on Sunday! He and my sister have organised a big family feast for Sunday.”

Just then my iPhone binged. It was a text from Giovanni all the way from Dublin! “It’s cold and wet and I miss you so much! And the others too, including Luigi and that ugly thing … Pierre, isn’t it? I’ve heard from Clive. He is going to South Africa but I’m sure you know that by now. Enjoy Berlin. Love and regards to Luigi, Gunther and the rest of the bunch, and that ugly thing, Pierre? I love you so much my Antonio! Kisses!”

I read Giovanni’s text out loud and it coaxed some loud cheers from the likes of Johann and André. See, André was human after all! Pierre scoffed and vowed to neuter the half-bred when he sets foot on the farm. Yes André.

15 Aquadom, Museumsinsel, Karl-Liebknechtstr.5, Berliner Dom, Übergang zum Schiff

We chose to walk the short distance back west towards the AquaDom. It consisted of two big buildings conjoined with a Perspex curved roof at the level of the roofs.

The AquaDom is a 25 m tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with a built-in transparent elevator. It is located at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin-Mitte. The DomAquarée complex also contains a hotel, offices, a restaurant, and the aquarium Sea Life Centre.

The AquaDom was opened in 2004. It cost about 12.8 million euros. The acrylic cylinder was produced by the US company International Concept Management, Inc. It is now the main attraction of the Berlin Sea Life Centre.

The outside cylinder was manufactured on-site from twelve sets of panels sent from the factory. The inside cylinder for the elevator was installed as one piece after three sections of 5 panels each were bonded together next to the hotel. The Aquadom is the largest (by volume) acrylic cylindrical aquarium in the world, with a diameter of about 11m, and it is built on a 9m tall foundation. Filled with 1,000,000l  of water, it contains over 1 500 fish of 50 species. 3-4 divers perform the feeding of the fish and the cleaning of the fish tank daily. The fish need 8 kg of fish food per feeding.

We saw the direction boards to the Museum Island (German: Museumsinsel). It is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree River. We have decided to do it on Thursday so we walked past it.

The German Cathedral (Berliner Dom) with its magnificent dome is a remarkable example of late 19th century architecture. Near the Cathedral is also the German Historical Museum. On the side of Berlin’s boulevard Unter den Linden stands the Catholic St. Hedwigs-Cathedral.

We passed the turn-off towards the River Spree if you wanted to board a boat, but there was no time for that. We planned to go on a river cruise on Wednesday.

16 Humboldt-Universität, gegenüber Bebelplatz, Unter den Linden

We walked down the boulevard with the many trees, the Unter den Linden and passed the magnificent buildings of the Humbold Universität. The Germans really are leaders in education, technology and who knows what else. This university and its history was proof of that.

The Humboldt University was founded in Berlin in 1810, and the foundation concept of Wilhelm von Humboldt gave it the title "Mother of all modern universities". This concept envisaged a "Universitas litterarum" which would achieve a unity of teaching and research and provide students with an all-round humanist education. This concept spread throughout the world and gave rise to the foundation of many universities of the same type over the next century and a half.

The concept of the academic and statesman Wilhelm von Humboldt was influenced, among others, by the reform ideas of the philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte, the first vice chancellor of the university, and by the theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher.

From the outset, the university in Berlin had the four classical faculties of Law, Medicine, Philosophy and Theology. Its first academic term began with 256 students and 52 teaching staff. Professors such as Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel (Philosophy), Karl Friedrich von Savigny (Law), August Boeckh (Classical Philology), Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (Medicine) and Albrecht Daniel Thaer (Agriculture), shaped the profile of the individual faculties in accordance with Humboldt's concept. Partly due to the influence of the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt, the university pioneered the introduction of many.

We were humbled when we read this in the information we got from Gunther’s mom. It was one very impressive achievement.

Unter den Linden ("under the linden trees") is a boulevard in the Mitte (middle) district of Berlin. It is named for its linden (basswood in American English, lime in British English) trees that line the grassed pedestrian mall between two carriageways.

Unter den Linden runs the east–west from the site of the Stadtschloss royal palace at the Lustgartenpark, where the demolished Palast der Republik once stood, to Pariser Platz and Brandenburg Tor. Eastward the boulevard crosses the Spree river at Berlin Cathedral and continues as Karl Liebknechtstraße. The western continuation behind Brandenburg Tor is Straße des 17. Juni (Street of the 17th June). Major north–south streets crossing Unter den Linden are Friedrichstraße and Wilhelmstrasse.

Unter den Linden, which sits at the heart of the historic section of Berlin, developed from a bridle path laid out by Elector John George of Brandenburg in the 16th century to reach his hunting grounds in the Tiergarten. It was replaced by a boulevard of linden trees planted in 1647, extending from the city palace to the gates of the city, by order of the "Great Elector" Frederick William. While the western part of the boulevard retained its character, the area around present-day Bebelplatz was integrated into the fortification of Berlin in the aftermath of the Thirty Years' War, visible until today as there are no trees.

We remained on foot as it was also a way to get some exercise after all the rich food we’ve been feasting on for 10 days straight. Gunther was a good guide and pointed the highlights out to us, and led the way westwards down the boulevard.

17 Unter den Linden 36, vor dem ZDF-Hauptstadtstudio

Opposite Unter den Linden, is the radio and TV studio of the capital, situated in Das Bürogebäude that was built in 1910/11. It’s one of the impressive old buildings in Berlin that gives it its charm and beauty. Of course, it’s super clean, well preserved and really stands out.

We didn’t go in the building but took pictures of the exterior. We continued down Unter den Linden.

18 Unter den Linden 74, vor Madame Tussauds Berlin

Also opposite Unter den Linden is the Berlin branch of Madame Tussauds. Another stop we were not able to make. We continued down the boulevard.

19 Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag, Ebertstraße

We continued until we reached the Brandenburg Tor. We took more pictures with the Reichstag in the background and the Unter den Linden on the other side. As we’ve seen it already and will see it again when we do the Segway Tour on Friday, we didn’t stay too long.

When we approached the bus stop, the bus arrived and we got on for the short final trip to the Hauptbahnhof.

“Gunther, I never knew what a beautiful city Berlin is, and how rich in culture it is. This was easily one of the best days I’ve ever had. Danke schön mein Freund!” I said and hugged the beautiful blonde man. He hugged me back and kissed me.

Aber natürlich mein Lieber Schatz (But of course my darling)! You’re so welcome! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. There is plenty more but one needs at least a month to really see Berlin. Who is hungry and thirsty? Let’s get to Potsdamer Platz and get something to eat at my friend's restaurant and something to drink. Mutti’s breakfast is gone now!” Gunther said while he had his arm around my shoulders.

Johann walked up to us and into Gunther’s other arm that he held outstretched for his lover.

“I thought we were never going to eat again! I’m famished and finished! Ugh! Ugh!” André pretended to be dying of thirst and hunger. Clown!

“Ja, ja! We know you’re knocking on the pearly gates or is it the other place? Poor thing! Come here! Let me give you some mouth-to-mouth … my saliva will revive you!” Pierre said and kissed my brother. He pretended to faint and with arms hanging, he ended up in Pierre’s arms, kissing my brother. The hanging arms didn’t stay hanging by his sides for long … soon he had them around Pierre’s chest and the thirst was forgotten for a moment.

The train arrived for the short trip to Potsdamer Platz.

“Come guys! Let’s go! It’s almost 3 o’clock and I’m also feeling the hunger pains!” Gunther said as we got on the train.


The food we got at the Czech restaurant was something like a goulash stew with chopped potatoes and carrots with a creamy base. It was served on a bed of aromatic Basmati rice with a side salad.

For drinks we ordered some German beers. It was a feast and I only realised how hungry I was when I smelled the delicious food on my plate.

“This is the restaurant that belongs to a cousin of that friend of mine with the mega trunk. Ah, here is Viktor! Let me introduce you to my friends. How is Vlado?” Gunther said and got a hug from Viktor, the owner and chef of the establishment.

“Vlado is fine. Why don’t you give him a call some time? He is in town. He has a new number – I’ll give it to you. Ahh! A fine bunch of men! You look like models! No, film stars? No?” Viktor said and I could see he was salivating when he saw Johann. I looked at our photographer lover and realised he was actually very good-looking, and his moustache gave him that extra jene sais quoi. He was damn sexy!

Gunther filled him in about which one is with whom, and when he was giving some detail about Pierre fitting in with Luigi and me, the man inadvertently touched his crotch. I wondered … if Vlado was mega hung, what about Viktor?

“Ahh! And for coming to my restaurant, you may have another helping and the baked pudding is on the house! Gunther and I will come to an arrangement!” Viktor said and I wondered exactly what the agreement would entail.

Viktor brought a slip of paper with Vlado’s name and number on. “Call him!” Viktor said and winked at Gunther.

The food was exquisite and we accepted the second helpings with gratitude. It was good food.

The baked brown pudding had black cherries in and was covered in a syrup made with honey. Delicious!

Mein Schatz, I hope you don’t have an idea to invite Vlado here …?” Johann said once the last plates were removed.

Nein (No)! Perhaps for Thursday he could come visit Viktor and join us at the gay club. I’ll hear what his plans are. But I’m sure Antonio wouldn’t be able to handle him! But …” Gunther said and winked at me.

“I’m not saying I WILL be able to handle him, but I’ve never backed away from any challenge!” was all I said and put my hand on Luigi’s thigh under the table.

Mio caro, would you like to meet this big canon?”

“I don’t know! It could be interesting! Let’s hear what he says,” I said and kissed Luigi on the cheek.

Gunther was punching Vlado’s name and number into his iPhone and sent an iMessage to this mega hung hunk from Prague.

Within 20 seconds Gunther’s iPhone binged: it was Vlado!

“Surprise! I hear from Viktor you are in Berlin! I am too! Can I see you? Bf is gone. It was too much for him. Where are you now? I’m in coffee shop at Radisson Blu Hotel in DomAquarée. I stay in Radisson Blu. Come have coffee with me!”

Gunther read the iMessage to us and asked us what we thought.

“I say let’s go meet this hung man! We haven’t had coffee. Let’s get on the train to the AquaDom and meet him. It’s now … 15:50. He could have his big thing in our boy by half past 4!” Johann put in.

Pierre swore. He said that although he was curious to see this dong, he was concerned about me.

“What about Ant? Doesn’t he have a say in all of this? Ant?” Pierre said.

“I’m also curious to see it, and if I’m not interested, we can have coffee and go to one of the nightclubs in the area. But yes, I’m OK,” I said, knowing I was lying through my teeth! I was DYING to meet this man with his huge cock!

“Antonio, it is big! Bigger than Rafael … he will hurt you!” Gunther said.

“I’ve managed three of you guys at once …” I said and felt my cock was almost hard. Luigi’s hand was on my thigh and he felt my cock getting harder.

Mio caro will decide. Let’s go meet this man!” Luigi said and when I put my hand against his bulge, I felt he too was getting hard! Wow …!

I was in for a surprise … big time!


We paid our bills with Viktor, much against Gunther’s will. But we insisted to pay for it ourselves. Fair was fair. The whole meal per person amounted to only €19 each. The food was worth every cent.

“Vlado said you’re on your way to see him … wow! I wish I could’ve joined you! Every time I see it, I’m jealous! Enjoy!” Viktor said and gave each of us a hug.


On the U-Bahn to the Spandauerstraße U-Bahnhof, Luigi had his hand around my shoulders. “Sei sicuro di questo? Io non voglio che tu ti faccia male il mio tesoro (Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to get hurt)!”

Sono curioso. Vediamo cosa succede. Se è troppo grande, non accadrà (I'm curious. Let's see what happens. If it's too big, it will not happen), OK?


The trip from Potsdamer Platz to Spandauerstraße took 15 minutes. We got off the train and went up to street level. My heart was beating in my throat. Wow. I felt like the village whore being led to the market to be sold to the highest bidder.

Luigi took my hand and squeezed it. “I’m here, so relax. Nothing will happen that will harm you. OK?”

“Thanks mio caro! You’re still the best!” I said and squeezed his hand. But still, I felt like crap! I was addicted to huge cocks and here I was on my way to meet a huge Czech cock. I wondered what he had in mind …

As we entered the Radisson Blu hotel, my heart was really pounding. We saw the coffee shop from the hotel foyer and Gunther led the way. He entered the coffee shop and saw Vlado immediately, who got up and held his arms out to hug Gunther.

I was astonished. The man was in his late twenties, about as tall as Gunther, but he looked like a real member of the cast for The Vampire Academy with Danila Kozlovsky. In fact he looked like a super sexy vampire! He had medium length pitch-black curly hair, pitch-black eyes, the nicest sensual lips to kiss … oh my godd! I was lost! Just KISSING this man would be heaven! His skin was like alabaster: almost translucent, rosy cheeks and thick black eyebrows and insanely long eyelashes. The thick mat of chest hair visible above the white shirt was impressive.

Gunther introduced us to this Romani god-like creature. He was amazed to see there were two of us. He shook hands with all of us, and for some reason I was last.

“Vlado Dalca, pleased to meet you!” he said in his deep voice.

He put out his hand and I gasped. The fingers were long, thick and hairy. I looked down: the veins on his hands and fingers were very visible. The nails were big, slightly longer than what Dad would’ve preferred but they were squeaky clean. His thumbs were big and the nails were huge!

He smiled at me and kissed my hand. A smile that could melt an ice iceberg!

“Ahh! Is this the one brave enough to take on the beast? Hmmm? Viktor says one of the twins is brave enough …” Vlado said with his deep voice, and smiled at me again. I couldn’t help but look at his bulge … it was huge. Nobody, man or woman, could doubt that there would be an incredibly big cock in there! And balls to match. My godd! Oh fuck! Yes, please! Can we go? I thought.

“It’s a quarter past 4 now. How much time do we have? Shall we go to my room? There is a coffee machine. There are also some beers, fruit juice and bottled water. Come, let’s go!” Vlado said. “OK?”

“Yes, let’s go. I know Antonio, and we are very keen to see … it,” Johann said and eyed this beautiful vampire-like man!

“Don’t worry! I’m used to the attention I get and yes, I’m also curious. Antonio, don’t be scared. I’m a gentle man! Ask Gunther! No rush, nothing against your will. Unfortunately very few can handle it! Come!” Vlado said and led the way to the elevators.

I was shivering and knew I was pale with anticipation. Wow!

We entered the elevator and Vlado looked at both of us. “Now who is the brave one again?” he asked.

“I am … erm … I hope I don’t disappoint you …” I stammered.

“Penetration is wonderful but having a big one like mine, I had to accept it that there are other ways to please someone and be pleased. So, relax please!” Vlado said and winked at me, smiling his million-dollar smile. His teeth were perfectly white albeit the lower ones not 100% straight. It gave him a sex appeal of note.

We exited the elevator on the top floor. He was in the penthouse! My godd! What does he do for a living?

As if he could read my mind, Vlado said: “I’m here on business. Telecommunications and computer networks. I have signed a big deal this morning. So, business is good!” Vlado answered my unspoken question!

The suite was spectacular with a view of the city. In the distance I could distinguish the Brandenburg Tor, the TV tower not too far from it and some buildings by Unter den Linden.

“You’ve a very stylish and nice suite, my friend! Business is good!” Gunther said.

“Yes, I’m doing fine. I’m working hard, but perhaps it’s also the luck of the draw. I chose something that is highly sought after and the money is good. Without it, my family back home would’ve been close to destitute. But, I have to congratulate you on your friends, your lover and your achievements! Please sit!” Vlado said.

We all sat down and got a mineral water from Vlado. His beautiful voice was clear, sonorous and nice to listen to. He and Gunther quickly caught up with what happened to each since they’ve met quite a few years ago.

“What happened to the boyfriend?” Gunther said.

“No, he wasn’t made to handle … it. He thought he was, but failed miserably. I was frustrated out of my skull, and he was starting to irritate me with his whining, his excuses and then I found out he was stealing from me. That was it. I kicked him out.”

“And no-one after him?” Gunter said.

“You know, the odd one here and there but it all ended up the same way: frustration. They are all very keen to go to bed with me, but then we end up jacking off each other. Not my idea of sex with a man.”

“I hear you. Well, I’m sure our darling boy will make up for lost time and opportunities. We do enjoy him and he is definitely in a totally different class altogether. He is beautiful, he is classy, he is clever, he is a good sportsman and he is a wizard in bed. I guarantee you, he’ll satisfy you!” Gunther sang my praises.

“I sincerely hope so! I’ve put all my hopes on him after I’ve heard from Viktor. He was very pleased with the twins, and I can see why. Well, gentlemen, please, there are the refreshments. Help yourselves. Let me start the coffee machine for you. If you don’t mind, would you allow Antonio and me some privacy to start off? I don’t mind an audience, but I want to have him to myself for about 10 minutes to get him to relax, to get used to it and once all is going according to plan, you may join us. I’ll call you, OK? Antonio, please …?” Vlado said and moved to the bedroom door. “Gunther, I owe you one! Thanks a lot!”

“Just relax and enjoy, mio caro! I’m just outside!” Luigi said and touched my cheek.

“Yes, he won’t rape you. He is too kind and too much of a gentleman. Go, enjoy it!” Gunther said.

“Baby bro, if he hurts you, just call me!” André said and looked at me wide-eyed.

I entered the bedroom and Vlado closed the door behind me. I was shivering …

“Don’t worry! My people might be accused of being vampires, but I’m not! Please relax and enjoy it. If you were used to a double fucking, you’d be OK. Have you ever been double-fucked before?” Vlado said.

“Yes, I have …”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I did … very much …”

“Then you’re OK!” Vlado said as he took me in his arms, his one hand behind my head and the other on my butt. He pulled me close to him and I could feel his enormous bulge pushing against me.

“Come let me give you a rubber bulb to prepare … please be thorough as it is a big one that will go in deep … OK?” Vlado said and led the way to the en suite bathroom. He gave me a rubber bulb and some fancy lube in a black tube. “In your own time. I’ll wait for you. Please don’t rush. There is no need!”

This man was a phenomenon. He was sexy, tall, hung like a stallion and he was kind!

After I’ve taken a dump and flushed out everything else as deep as I could, I flushed again with three bulbs of water. I wanted to make 100% sure I was squeaky clean.

I put some of the lube on my hole and pushed it deep into me. I clenched and held it for as long as I could. I did that a couple of times and knew I was ready to be impaled on the big cock out there.


When I entered the bedroom again, I’ve just pulled my pants up but the belt was still loose. Vlado was sitting in one of the chairs, paging through a magazine. I could smell he was chewing spearmint chewing gum.

“Ahhh! The man of the moment! Come here! Please put the lube on the nightstand over there.”

Vlado got up from the chair and pulled me close to him. His hands were all over my back, my neck and of course my butt.

I put my one hand on his chest and the other on his bulge. It was … enormous! I gasped.

“Don’t get worried … it’s big but it’s manageable, I'm sure,” Vlado said and kissed me. His lips were soft, sensual and his mouth tasted of spearmint. He smelled of an expensive perfume … perhaps French or Italian.

I put my hand on his face and felt the pitch-black 5 o’clock shadow pushing through. It felt like sandpaper under my fingers.

His tongue was fluttering over my lips and I just opened up to this man. He was an exquisite creature! If he were a vampire, I’d offer my neck for him to bite into any day! Instead, he kissed my cheek, moved down to my neck, licking my skin. He sucked my skin in slightly, but not too much to cause a hickey.

His hands were on my shirt unbuttoning it. I felt his huge bulge against me and I wanted to see it … now! I unbuttoned his shirt and when my fingers glided over his silken chest hair I groaned. My godd! Luigi’s, Kamran's and the other guys’ chest hair was divine, but Vlado’s hair really was soft as silk and felt exquisite under my fingers.

The intoxicating smell of his perfume was exhilarating and so nice. My godd! This man was just short of being a god himself!

I got to his pants and opened his belt, fumbled a bit with the top button of his pants and I zipped down over the immense bulge trapped underneath it … my hand slipped in under the elastic band at the top … oh my godd!

The huge cock trapped in his pants was pointing downwards and the black bush of hair above the cock was thick and luxurious. The cock wasn’t completely hard yet.

The size of the thick semi-hard cock was unbelievable! It was BIG!

I pushed his pants and underpants down a bit and wrangled the immense cock from its confinement … it really was H U G E! And sopping wet!

“I know you want to look at it first! So, go ahead!” Vlado said and smiled at me.

Yes, I wanted to see it!

It was perfect like Luigi’s cock, like Clive’s cock, like Diego’s cock, like George’s cock, like Kamran's cock … but it was much bigger! It was dark in colour, veiny and uncut. There was one big vein running down the centre on top of the shaft with smaller veins branching off.

The big head was visible behind the foreskin covering it and a long thread of precum dangled from the tip. I put my hand around the shaft … I couldn’t get my fingers around it! Wow!

I took the precum on my finger and licked it off. It was like nectar!

The big cock was fast getting hard and much bigger …

I put my other hand over the shaft and enough of it remained for another hand … and Vlado put his hand over the rest to prove the point! It was immense and I was impressed!

“Big eh? Do you like it?”

“It’s enormous! And beautiful! Of course I like it! I love it! I just hope …”

“Don’t worry. If it’s too much, I’ll understand. Just relax and enjoy it. First and foremost, I want you to relax and enjoy it. OK?”

“Yes, I’m already enjoying it! I’ve never seen anything like this, or even thought it to be possible!”

“Please suck me?” Vlado said and I gladly obliged!

I dropped to my knees and looked at this god-like phallus in front of me. It was giant perfection. It was as straight as an arrow, slightly curving down, thick, veiny and the head was enormous. The skin was fairly long and the huge head caused it to be pushed back a bit.

Vlado had his fingers in my hair and when I squeezed his cock, he groaned. He sounded like a bear!

I pushed the foreskin back and revealed the purplish glans, glistening with precum and when I pulled the piss-slit apart I was amazed to see it was bigger than Larry’s huge piss-slit. The precum started to drip from the opening.

I put my tongue out and licked the precum up … it tasted like nectar. This man was most definitely not a smoker and he must drink lots of water and/or orange juice.

I pushed the tip of my tongue into the piss-slit and Vlado groaned his appreciation.

He pushed forward and I opened my mouth … only the glans and nothing more could fit into my mouth! It was huge and even though the glans fitted into my mouth, it was a stretch. I started to doubt if it would fit into my hole …

“Let’s get out of these clothes and into bed, Antonio! Come! Let me help you,” Vlado said and went onto his one knee to loosen my shoelaces. My cock was standing at attention next to his face and of course he took my cock into his mouth. He opened his mouth wide and my whole cock disappeared into his mouth. He groaned with my cock in his mouth. While he was taking off my shoes with one hand, he was fondling my big balls with the other.

“You have the perfect cock for sucking! Hmmm! And nice balls too! And lots of precum!” Vlado said and pushed his hand between my legs towards my hole. Oh fuck! He had big fingers.

“Relax! That super lube will make my fingers super slick. I promise you, I’m not going to hurt you!”

“Oh, OK …” I said and stepped out of my pants. Vlado had removed my shoes and then he pulled off my socks.

“Wow! You have beautiful feet! I just love a man’s feet! You have very nice feet with beautiful toes and they’re hairy too! I could fall in love with you just for your cock and feet!” Vlado said and kissed my feet. Wow!

He helped me out of the rest of my clothes and then I took over to undress him. His very expensive pants were around his ankles with the underpants on top of them. I untied his dark brown shoelaces and pulled them off his feet, one by one. The aroma coming from his exquisite shoes was like something I’d like to bottle! It was like with Luigi! Just divine and intoxicating!

I pulled off his pants and he took it to fold it a bit before he put it on the chair next to the bed. I pulled off his socks and stared at the big feet in amazement … they were huge like Santiago’s but … there was something special about this man’s feet. They were caramel in colour, with lots of silky black hair on the toes and bridge. The second toe was just a bit longer than the big toe but his toes were perfectly shaped. It was like someone had used a sander to finish off his feet so they would fit perfectly into his shoes! They were exquisite. My darling man Luigi has found his match! And Pierre! And Santiago! And George! And Kamran! All beautiful feet but the feet of this vampire man were just … just that little bit more exquisite. Wow …

“You like my feet?”

“Yes, they’re perfect! You’re perfect! I love your feet!” I said and kissed his feet.

“Well, come here and get into bed with me,” Vlado said and folded back the duvet. I got in with him and like Gunther predicted, this man was not going to force him on me. In fact, he was on his back and pulled me into an embrace with my head on his shoulder. He hugged me to him and kissed my forehead as he covered us with the duvet.

The air conditioner in the room was set at a nice 20ºC, so we weren’t feeling cold.

“Please relax and enjoy the moment. I know I am. You’re an exceptional young man and when … it happens … you will enjoy it. I’ll be very gentle, as I know the size of my big cock. Come on, touch it! It’s sopping wet all because of you!” Vlado said and hugged me again.

I put my hand on his cock and realised it stretched to way beyond his bellybutton. It was that big. I put my hand on it and … yes, I couldn’t get my fingers around it!

“How big is it Vlado?”

“Just a bit more than 35cm … please don’t get scared now!”

“No, I’m not scared, just curious. And your feet?”

“That’s a battle, I can tell you. They’re about a Europe 53, a number 18 in the UK. I import my shoes from Italy where I have a contact at a factory in Milan,” Vlado said.

He pulled me to lie on top of him and kissed me. His insanely big cock pushed up to my breastbone and it was rock hard. No ‘Johann’ business here! Not ‘rubbery’ at all!

He held me to his body and rolled over so he ended on top of me. Yes! Exactly what I want!

Vlado’s kiss was sensual, it was gentle, his big tongue only pushed in as deep as I allowed it and his hands were all over my face and neck.

“Ahhh! Another time, another place and I’d marry you! You're exactly what I want!” Vlado said and pushed his cock up to my chest, leaving a soppy wet trail in its wake.

“Wait until you see if …  well, if it will fit …”

“I know it will!”

I kissed him again and held his face between my hands. Yes, another time, another place and I’d fallen hard for this man! He was gorgeous, he was kind, he was gentle … how would he react when he entered me …?

“Like to suck me a bit more please?”

“Yes, most definitely!” I said. Vlado rolled off me onto his back. I went down to suck his nipples surrounded by the silky black hair. He groaned with his hands in my hair. His enormous wet cockhead was now pushing against my chest and as I went down his solar plexus, the big cockhead pushed under my chin and spread a lot of precum on me.

I moved down past his bellybutton, licking his hairy tummy and big cock until I was at his balls. Wow! They were enormous! I always thought Pierre and Dad had big balls, until I met Santiago and George, but Vlado was huge all over. I couldn’t take both his balls in one hand and I could get only one into my mouth, with some luck. I wondered about the volume of his load …

I moved back up the shaft and took the huge head into my mouth. Yep, that was it! The head and nothing more.

The precum tasted wonderful. I pushed the skin to the front, inserted the cock into my mouth and pulled the skin back. It made Vlado groan. I did that a couple of times and I felt how his back arched with pleasure.

I jacked his cock and he was like an animal in pain.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Let me suck you too please!” Vlado said and lifted his body up so we could do a 69. He took my cock in his mouth and it disappeared in there once again. He might have been the alpha male with a cock of death, but he was very attentive and loving, and loved to please me too.

I felt the tingling sensation of being stimulated out of my skull … my godd! This was the best blowjob ever! His hands were all over my legs, my butt and started to move between my butt cheeks. He wanted in …

“Antonio, would it be OK if I used some lube and pushed my finger in you? Please?” Vlado said.

How could I say no to that!

“Yes, of course!”

“Please pass me the lube from the nightstand. Ahhh! Thanks! There is also a bottle of the best poppers I’ve ever come across. It’s in the drawer. Perhaps we’ll need it … OK?”

I found the small bottle in the nightstand drawer and put it on the nightstand. Yes, with such an enormous cock … I’d need all the help I could get!

Vlado lifted my one leg up and put some of the cold gel on my hole. He gently massaged it all over my hole and made the tip of his big thumb slip in a bit, out, then his index finger … He alternated with this thumb, index finger, middle finger, both, middle finger …

So it went on until I was so worked up I wanted him to fuck me and I said so too!

“Vlado, I can’t take it any longer! Please fuck me! Please! Push that huge cock of yours into me! Please!”

“Are you sure? Don’t you enjoy my fingers in you? Do you want to feel my cock?” Vlado said and I was sure he was joking with me!

“Oh fuck yes! Please fuck me! Please! I can’t wait any longer! I want to feel you in me!” I gasped and started to move into a doggie position, ready to be fucked.

“Ahh! My kind of man! Doggie, right? Are you sure? This way I can push it in very deep into you … are you sure?”

“Yes, please! Please fuck me! Just fuck me!”

I heard Vlado open the lube to put some on his enormous cock. He squirted some more of the cold stuff on my hole …

“Sorry! I’ll rub it in just now! Sorry!”

He started to push some of the lube into my hole with his index and middle finger. I looked back and saw his enormous cock in his hand. He was spreading the lube over it.

“Still OK? You’re not scared? We really don’t have to go on with this if you’re not sure …”

“Vlado, please fuck me! Please … just push it in! Oh godd! I can’t wait to feel you in me … ahhh!” I said when he pushed three of his fingers knuckle-deep into me and moved his fingers around inside me. “Yess! Yes! Yes! Please Vlado!”

“Poppers! Take some poppers. You’ll need it to relax totally,” Vlado said. I reached for the small brown bottle and took a whiff. My head was spinning.

Vlado took the poppers from me and took a whiff. He did so twice in each nostril and handed the bottle back to me.

“Haaaaahhhh! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Antonio, I’m going to fuck you now! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Vlado said when the poppers made his head spin.

“Ahhh! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Hnnnngghh! Push it in please! Vlado fuck me please!”

“Just relax and let me push in. I’m doing it very slowly … there is no rush. OK? Just relax and push out as if you want to take a dump. OK? Just relax and keep on breathing …”

I was floating on Cloud Nine and all I knew was that one hell of a guy was on his knees behind me to fuck me into another blood group!

Vlado positioned behind me and I felt the enormous cockhead on my hole, He played over my hole with the big head, his one hand caressing my butt.

“Ready Antonio? Just please relax! I don’t want to hurt you! If I do, please tell me! I want you to enjoy it as much as I will. OK?”

“Yes, OK. Just do it … ahhh!” I said, still in a daze. The poppers were good!

The big head pushed forward and I pushed back … the head started to pierce my hole … oh my godd! It was big!

Vlado pulled back a little and the tip of the head slipped back out. I pushed back and he knew he could push back in again.

“Push it in, please!” I groaned.

The huge cockhead stretched my hole something awful but I relaxed as best I could and … ahhh! The head plopped in!

“Ahhhh! Oh godd! It’s big! Oh fuck!”

“Must I pull out? Are you OK?” Vlado asked and started to pull back.

“NO! Don’t pull out! No! Just wait …”

“You sure?”

“Yes, just give me a minute. Oh yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Push in deeper but slowly!”

“OK, but please tell me if I hurt you, OK?”


He pushed his enormous cock into me and I groaned. This was for sure the biggest cock I’ve ever had in me! OK, I’ve had Christopher and Jonathon in me together after they both fucked me, but Vlado’s cock was the biggest single cock I’ve ever had … ahhh!

He pulled back a bit and pushed in again. I clenched my hole and he responded with a twitch!

“Ahhh! Oh fuck! It’s big! Oh fuck!” I swore.

“Sorry! OK now?”

“Yes, just give it a minute …”

The huge cock was twitching in me and made me want more.

Vlado pulled back and … he pulled out completely!

“No! What are you doing?! Don’t pull out! I’m fine!”

“Yes, I know but I want to enter you again … OK?”

“Oh, OK. Yes, please push back in!” I said and took another whiff of the poppers. My head was spinning ... I just wanted Vlado to F U C K me!

Vlado pushed back into me, and this time he continued pushing in until about 10cm was in me. He pulled back and … out again! Oh, this was a game to get me used to it! Clever man!

He pushed back in and pushed a little bit more into me. He made his cock twitch and I groaned.

“So far, you’ve been the absolute star in my book! By this time almost all others have run away! You sure you’re OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine. You can push in deeper. And please make it twitch again … I like that!”

“Really? Again, most guys hate that! They complain that it’s stretching them too much. Wow! Will you please marry me?”

“I’d love to marry you! You’re such a nice guy!”

“Is that a ‘yes’? Please say yes? Ahhh! Oh godd! Where will I find someone like you again? Please marry me?”

“I wish it were that simple. I have a good man and some others too … all the guys out there fuck me too. If you lived in Cape Town, you could fuck me as often as you like …” I said and hated it that this man wouldn’t be in Cape Town!

“My company is looking to expand and I’ve heard good things about Cape Town! Give me your number and email. I might just surprise you,” Vlado said as his big cockhead scraped over my prostate. It made me cum a little. Oh fuck!

“Sorry Vlado! I’ve messed up your bed …”

“Did I push some cum out of you? No problem! I don’t consider that a problem or dirty. Just relax and enjoy!” Vlado said and pushed deeper into me.


The entry was slow and long … and I enjoyed every second of it! When the huge head reached the inner sphincter, I wondered if it would be able to pass through there.

It was clear he knew a man’s anatomy and he made his cock swell and pushed in gently. After the third attempt my sphincter gave way and the big head slipped through. He was almost completely in!

The mere fact that this enormous beautiful thick cock was so deep in me was an achievement in itself!

I put my hand back and felt there was still quite a bit to go before he bottomed out.

“Am I hurting you? Please tell me if I hurt you Antonio!”

“It’s … big … yes, but … no hurting … none I couldn’t handle … ahhhh!” I said and marvelled at the enormous cock in me and that I actually enjoyed it.

He pushed in ever so gently and then he was in all the way. His cockhead pushed in godd-knows-where and made me groan with pleasure. His huge balls were hanging against mine and the cock in me twitched.

“You sure you’re OK? Antonio, am I not hurting you? Sure?”

“I’m fine! In actual fact, I'm more than fine!”

“Good! Then you have to marry me! May I fuck you now?”

“Yes, please fuck me!”

Vlado started to fuck me slowly and deeply. His huge cock pushed all the right buttons, and although the size was a bit much, it was an experience to behold.

“I’ve last jacked off last week after I tried to fuck a guy in Prague. He was only interested to see it and touch it. When I wanted to fuck him, he just refused and left.”

“So, the barrels are full?”

“If you mean, will I cum a lot, the answer is yes! Well, under normal circumstances I do cum a lot … more than most people I’ve seen but after this … this fucking … I’m going to cum one hell of a lot. I’m going to fill you up. I have what is called hyperspermia: I produce an extraordinary amount of cum. And I will be able to cum again within 15 minutes’ time. OK?”

“Oh yes! More than OK!”

“Really? So you like feet, you like pre-cum, you like big cocks and you love lots of cum! Good! I’m going to pump you full of my cum! It really is a lot! You’ll just have to marry me!”

He continued to fuck me slowly, while his hands were all over my back, my butt, playing with my hard cock … this man was just incredible.

It continued for around 2 minutes.

“OK if I cum now? I feel I’d explode if I didn’t cum now! Please? OK with you?

“Yes, please! Give it to me! Pump it into me!"

“My cock swells to really big proportions when I cum … I hope it doesn’t hurt you …” Vlado said, again very concerned about me.

“That’s OK. I’m fine!”

He started to fuck me with faster and deeper thrusts. His breath became laboured and his hands were holding tight onto my butt.

“Here … it … comes! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! AHHHHH!” Vlado groaned. “Oh FU-U-U-U-CK! Yes! Yes! Hnnnnnnggghhh! Huhhhh! Huhhhh! Huhhhhh!” Vlado was shooting his load into me. I could feel from the contractions and the pulsations of his cock that he was pumping an enormous amount of cum into my hole.

Vlado pushed his cock deep into me and pushed his whole body forward and forced me to lie down on the bed. Ahhh! Just what I liked! He ended on top of me with his enormous cock still deep in me.

He kissed me on my cheek, but I turned my face to him and got a proper kiss. He put his hands on either side of my head and his right hand was tracing my eyebrows, my nose, my cheekbones, my lips, my chin … his hand was making love to my face.

The weight of this gorgeous man on top of me was divine and his enormous cock in me made me a part of him.

“Ahhhh! This is heaven! I could lie on top of you with my cock in you for a long time. You’re so beautiful Antonio!”

“I love to feel you on top of me and in me. I could easily take this until you fuck me a next round!”

“There! I just have to marry you! No arguments! You're just perfect!” Vlado said and gently squeezed my nose. “You really are perfect!”

He moved to his left and pulled us onto our left sides.

“You're making me feel like I’ve never felt before! This is remarkable. The sex I have with the men in my life is fantastic, but this is incredible! Thanks Vlado!” I said and clenched my hole over the insanely big cock in me.

“I have to tell you, this is the best sex ever! Just nobody before you could handle it the way you’re doing. And for that alone, but also because you’re super sexy with beautiful feet, and a good kisser, I could fall madly in love with you. I so wish I could keep you here with me. I have enough money to last us a lifetime and to live in luxury!”

“It would be fantastic to marry you, but I have commitments, studies, and my fiancé. I know I’d be able to fall in love with you too and be happy, but it’s too complicated. I can’t forsake Luigi, Pierre, my brother …”

“Your brother too? He fucks you too? Wow! That’s hot!”

“Yes, him too. There are a couple of guys in our group and they all fuck me, sometimes double and sometimes even triple. Plus, I have a Dad and Mom on a wine farm, my studies, my hockey …”

“Yes, I know! I’m just selfish and want to grab you for myself! I understand. Just remember, whatever happens, I’ll always be there for you. I know I’ll never get someone else who can take my cock and love it … plus such good looks, beautiful hands,” he said taking my hand in his. I noticed his enormous beautiful veined hands with the black hair on the back of his palm and on the fingers. Hís hands were just gorgeous! He intertwined his fingers with mine. His fingers were very long and they were thick!

The enormous cock in me was still rock-hard and it was clear he really could cum another round.

“Vlado, I’ve cleaned myself out properly. When you cum your next round, may I ask that you cum in my mouth please?”

“Really? You’re really a man to my liking! You love my cum in you and you want to taste it too! Just remember, it really is a lot and I will overflow your mouth cavity. You’ll have to swallow quickly!”

“Sounds better by the minute!”

“Shall I call the others? Or do you prefer to be alone with me?”

“To be honest, I’d prefer to be with you alone, but I owe it to them to share. They’re all very cool and won’t make you feel uncomfortable. I know they all wanted to see if I could take it and what your huge cock looks like. Yes, please call them,” I said and turned my head to kiss him again.

“I hate to shout. Let me send a text to Gunther,” Vlado said and stretched for his pants on the chair to get his iPhone.


There was a soft knock on the door and Vlado said: “Come in!” He pushed deeper into me. His cock was still very hard in me. The duvet covered us up to our chests.

The door opened and Gunther came in, followed by the others. They were gawking at the sight in front of them. I was still in front of Vlado with his enormous cock in me. They couldn’t see it and I could see their disappointment.

Once they were all in, I said: “Vlado, pull out and let them see your cock. You could push back in again.”

“Oh, OK. Do you want to see it? Nobody is going to run away?” Vlado joked.

“Yes, show us! I want to see that!” André said and stood closer to the bed, followed by Johann.

Gunther was the only one who has seen it some time ago, but even he stepped closer to see.

Vlado pushed the duvet to our knees.

Juan and Pierre stood on the other side of the bed. Pierre’s cock was hard and made a huge bulge in his pants. I looked at Gunther’s pants – same thing.

“OK, Antonio. Clench! I’m pulling out now!” Vlado said and touched my hip. He pulled out slowly and when the huge head went past my prostate, some more cum was pushed from my cock. Oh fuck!

And then the enormous cock was free. Vlado took it in his hand and turned onto his back, holding it up for the others to see.

“Phew! That really is a ‘meneer’ of a cock!” André said whistling through his teeth, gawking at the big cock. “Would you lóók at that! Wow! It’s almost double my size!”

[‘Meneer’ = mister]

“Can I touch it please?” André said and stood closer.

“Yes, of course! It’s just very wet!” Vlado said.

“I don’t care!” André said and put his hand on the big cock. “Phew! Wow! Baby bro, didn't it hurt you?”

“Yes, of course, but Vlado is a very talented man and lover! It was nice!” I said and wanted that cock back in me!

“If I didn’t see him pulling it out now, I wouldn’t have believed it was in you,” Pierre said and palmed his big cock. He was in the mood to join us! “I want to fuck you too!”

“Slowly now! We’ve decided today is for Vlado and our boy! But it’s up to Antonio. How do you feel about that?” Gunther said.

“No! This is utter bullshit. How can we stand here and look on like this and get nothing!” André said and looked at me with disappointment in his eyes. I felt his hurt but this was a different situation. He let go of Vlado’s cock and licked his fingers.

“I’m OK with whoever wants to join in as soon as Vlado is done. OK?” I said and saw the flickering of hope in André’s and yes … Pierre’s eyes too!

“That sounds better! Now horse cock man, show us what you’ve got!” André said and palmed his own hard-on.

Vlado rolled towards me and held his still wet cock in his hand to penetrate me again.

“OK Antonio? There is still enough lube and my load in you to make this easier. OK?” Vlado said and pushed forward.

“Fuck! This is like the best porn I’ve ever seen!” Pierre said and started to unzip his pants. He was going to take his big cock out on the spot!

When the others saw that, they all started palming their bulges and one after the other they unzipped. When Pierre’s big cock was out, I fell in love with it all over again. It was big and beautiful … Yes, Vlado’s cock was bigger, thicker and it really was the perfect huge cock with all the trimmings, but Pierre’s cock was beautiful too.

Then Luigi hauled his cock out and it was the same! It was smaller but it was beautiful and I loved it!

Of course André didn’t wait to be invited. He unbuckled his pants and zipped down, and pushed his pants down his legs. His cock was rock-hard and it didn’t bother him that his and my cocks were the smallest in the room. Not that 24,5cm is small …

The enormous cock behind me was piercing me but this time Vlado pushed forward slowly and didn’t stop. Only when the big head plopped in, did he stop for a second before he pushed in deeper.

It stretched my hole big time and when it passed my prostate … it pushed some more cum from my cock!

I groaned as once again, it was an experience to feel the enormous cock entering me. I was in cock heaven again and wondered just how I did it, and why it was such utter bliss to feel such a huge cock in me …

Pierre was now openly playing with his 33cm cock, just 2 cm shorter and a bit thinner, but still an incredible cock. Johann joined him and his big rubbery cock was beautiful as always.

Next to them Gunther has shrugged off his bashfulness and hauled his 29,5cm thick cock out and rubbed the precum over the head.

Juan was last to take out his cock. It was the first big cock to fuck me and I was afraid of it. Now look at the monster in me and I was enjoying it!

Vlado’s monster cock was now halfway in and every now and again my hole would clench and his cock would twitch.

“Fuck him Vlado! Open him up for us!” André, of course!

“Ahhh! This is just unbelievable! Oh yes! Yes!” Vlado said and pushed deeper into me. He held on to my hip and pushed deeper until he passed through the inner sphincter. It took a few twitches to open it up but then he was home free. He pushed into me and only stopped when his groin was flush with my butt. “Are you OK Antonio? Am I not hurting you?”

“No, I'm fine thanks! Now fuck me!” I said and put my hand over his hand and squeezed. The big beautiful fingers interlocked with mine. They were big and so soft and warm.

“Are you going to cum anytime soon? I want to shoot a load! Do you want it in your mouth Ant?” Pierre said and I could see he was close to an orgasm.

“Yes, in my mouth please!” I said.

“Baby bro, I'm only asking, but is there any chance I could push in with Vlado …? André said and I could see his horniness was way higher than his IQ! He’d plug me on the spot, given half a chance.

“I don’t know if it’s possible bro. Let Vlado finish and then you’re next? You and Juan could have a double, OK?” I said. I wouldn’t mind my brother fucking me, but for some reason I didn’t want to do anything to spoil it with Vlado and me.

“You hear that Juan? Ogre! He said we are next to fuck him! OK?” André said and stepped closer to Juan to play with his cock.

“Yes you delinquent! Of course I’ve heard. Let’s give Vlado a chance to finish!” Juan said and took André in his arms.

“Then Gunther and I, OK?” Johann said. Looking at this man will never be the same again, not after the two times I’ve fucked him with his own cock in his own hole. It was just that special.

“And last to put the cherry on top, Luigi and I. OK Ant?” Pierre said and took Luigi’s cock in his hand and squeezed.

Vlado was now picking up speed and it was clear he was about to shoot his next load.

“My second load usually is almost as much as the first, so do you still want it in your mouth?” Vlado said as he stopped fucking me for a moment.

“Yes, please! I’d love you to cum in my mouth! Could we get Juan and André going before you cum?” I said and turned my head to Vlado.

“Erm … I don’t know! I’ve never done this before. Listen to me! I’ve never fucked someone the way I’m fucking you now! But, let’s try. As soon as I feel I’m about to cum, I'm pulling out, OK?” Vlado said while he resumed fucking me.

Oh fuck! This monster cock was the ultimate, attached to a beautiful, kind and clever gypsy!

“Are you ready Juan? Vlado is going to pull out …” I started to say.

“Yes, we heard. I’m ready! Do you have some lube Vlado?” André said and saw the lube on the nightstand. “May I use some please?”

“Yes, of course!”

André put some lube on his and on Juan’s cocks.

“Come lie down ogre! Let my baby bro sit on you and then I can push in from behind. Come!” André was in charge and as horny as a goat.

Within a minute I could feel Vlado was close to an orgasm. His huge cock was twitching and was very hard. It felt so good!

“OK, I’m pulling out. Move over and sit on Juan’s cock. I’m going to straddle him so you could suck me. OK? You don’t mind sucking my cock coming straight from your hole?” Vlado said as he started to pull out.

“No, not in the least. I’m clean and I don’t mind your cum on it,” I said.

As soon as the enormous cock was out, I felt so empty! This man’s cock was something else. I moved over Juan and sat down on his cock. At 28cm it wasn’t small, but after Vlado, anything would feel ‘small’! As the cock slipped in, I decided to rush it a bit and sat down in one fell swoop. I immediately regretted it as the big cock still hurt a bit rushing in like that.

“Anton! Don’t hurt yourself, my boy!” Juan said and touched my tummy.

André was right behind me and before Juan’s cock was balls-deep in me, André pushed his cock into my stretched hole.

Vlado stepped up and straddled Juan’s body. He stood on the bed with his big feet on either side of Juan’s torso. His enormous cock was pointing at the ceiling and looking at it in front of me, I couldn’t believe it was in me a minute ago, and that it felt so good! I opened my mouth and took the big head in my mouth.

Like earlier, I couldn’t get more than the head in my mouth. I took the vast wet shaft in my hand and started jacking the huge cock.

I had my other hand under his balls and marvelled at their sheer size again. They were enormous. Godd knows how he got all of that into his underpants! Even soft, I was sure his cock would still be substantial.

André’s cock was now almost all the way in me. He and Juan were stretching me good again. Ahh!

Juan and André fucked me like in a well-choreographed scene from a play. And it was clear both of them were about to cum too!

“I’m going to cum! Ready?” Vlado said as he took my head between his hands. His enormous cock was rock-hard and leaking a lot of precum into my mouth.

Then the most amazing thing happened: all three men shot their loads almost simultaneously. Juan and André’s cocks twitched and both pushed deep into me as they pumped their loads into me to join Vlado’s huge load in me.

And Vlado’s second load of the day splattered into my mouth. It really was a huge load! He was right: I had my work cut out for me to swallow as fast as I could. One thing I remembered afterwards was the taste of Vlado’s cum. It tasted like there was a feint scent of cinnamon in it …? Could it be possible? It was a big load and I loved it.

Vlado let his head hang and he hugged my head to his hairy tummy.

André and Juan were panting as their loads were pumped into me. It felt like heaven …

Juan gave my cock a squeeze but I stopped him. I didn’t want to cum before the last of the guys have shot their loads in me. Juan understood. Vlado’s huge cock slipped from my mouth. He bent down and kissed me.

He sucked my tongue into his mouth and murmured when he tasted his own cum. Heaven again!

“Do you still want to suck me when the next guys fuck you?” Vlado said.

“Yes, please!” I said, hoping he’d cum again … hmmm!

Gunther and Johann moved closer. Gunther lied down next to Juan and I moved over to him. When I sat down on his lubed-up cock, Johann moved in behind me and almost simultaneously entered me with my beautiful blonde Jerry.

Vlado moved in over Gunther’s body and gave me his now softer cock to suck on. It was now easier to get more of the monster cock into my mouth. I opened my throat and … yes! I managed to get the softer head into my throat! Wow!

“Wow! This is most definitely a first for me again! Wow! Antonio, you’re a master!” Vlado said and gently pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, but I had to come up for air. The big cock slipped out and I took a big gulp of air. I pushed the cock back into my throat before it got too hard and too big. I made it. The huge cock was in my throat.

But, I had to come up for air again and pulled off the monster cock. It slid from my throat and out through my mouth, over my tongue … fuck! What an experience!

The huge cock was now in front of me and I just held it in my hand and admired it.

Gunther’s big cock and Johann’s perpetual rubbery cock made me feel really good and they went to town fucking me. After seeing Vlado, and then Juan and André fucking me, both of them were highly charged.

Soon both the men were shooting their loads into me. Wow! Two more loads! I was filled to capacity with lots of cum.

In the meantime, Pierre positioned himself where Juan was a minute ago and held his huge wet cock in the upright. Once again I moved over to the new set of cocks and sat down on Pierre’s big cock. It stretched me big time and when it was 33cm deep in me, I lied down on my man’s hairy chest and exposed my hole to Luigi.

Luigi aimed his big cock at my hole and pushed in as well. Oh hell! This felt so good!

By now Vlado was on his back next to Pierre and was playing with his immense cock. I put my hand out and took the huge cock from his big hand. It was like taking hold of a huge ketchup bottle. It was rock-hard again and very wet. After seeing my men fucking me, this man was ready to shoot another load!

Pierre and Luigi were fucking me really good and within less than 90 seconds, they shot their loads one after the other. First Luigi and then Pierre. They were charged big time.

Luigi pulled out slowly and then I leaned down to kiss Pierre, my darling man. He put his arms around my back and hugged me tight to him.

“Don’t fall in love with this gorgeous man! You’ll forget about me … Don’t …” He kissed me with so much love that I couldn’t believe he had any doubts about how I felt about him.

“Never my darling man! There is only one like you and you know that I love you very much … I love you!” I said and squeezed my hole over his softening cock.

“Keep that up and I’ll fuck you another round … Oh Ant! I don’t want to lose you!”

“And you won’t! I love you too much …” I said and pushed his hair back, trailed my finger over his forehead, over his nose over his incredibly sexy mouth. His stubble looked like a million bucks.

Then I lifted off Pierre’s big cock. I had a big amount of cum in me.

Pierre had his hand on my butt as I lifted off him.

When I lifted off Pierre, Vlado took my hand and pulled me down in front of him. His cock was very hard and it was clear what he had in mind. I didn’t mind in the least! As I positioned myself in front of Vlado, he held his monster cock ready to push into me again.

Pierre leaned to me and kissed me. “I love you Ant …”

“And I love you my darling man!”

Pierre took my hand and squeezed. He got up from the bed.

When Vlado’s big cock entered me again, I almost lost it. 7 guys have fucked me and I had one hell of a load of cum in me. I was ready to blow my own load!

Next thing Johann moved into position in front of me. No! Really?

“Please Anton! Seeing you getting fucked like that, I can’t help it. Please help me to get my cock in my hole and push in as well, please?”

Johann put some of the fancy lube on my cock and on his hole. He lifted his right leg up and I took his big rubbery cock to push the head into his hole. Next my cock was pushing into this sexy man in front of me.

“What? Am I seeing correctly? A double penetration with the guy’s own cock in his own hole? Another first for me!” Vlado said as he pushed deeper into me.

My own cock was now well on its way into Johann. He was getting addicted to this!

I was teetering on the verge of cumming … oh fuck!

“Anton, cum if you want. I’m OK if you do. I might not cum again. Vlado, how about you?” Johann said as he clenched his hole over my cock. My godd! I was about to cum!

“I’m not that close but I can cum again under these circumstances. Antonio, are you OK?” Vlado asked as he started to fuck me with gentle thrusts. Wow! What a man!

I willed my orgasm back and waited for Vlado to orgasm. I knew I’d be able to shoot my load the second Vlado came.

And it happened! It was my day for firsts too! I teetered on the verge of orgasm as I felt Vlado shooting his third load. It was incredible! And then I let fly and shot my load into Johann, with his cock deep in his own hole. I felt his cock twitch and knew he too was cumming! He was groaning and held his breath. He exhaled and swore: “Oh fuck! You’re going to kill me Anton! This was incredible! Wow!”

This was a lot of cum and a huge number of orgasms! Wow!

The three of us were shaking and trembling and shuddering as we came down from Cloud Nine … unbelievable. This day couldn’t get any better!

Vlado’s cock in me was huge, it was still pumping yet another huge cinnamon-like cumload into me and Johann and I were pumping our loads into Johann’s hole.

Mio caro, are you OK? I’m afraid your heart won’t make it!” Luigi said jokingly as he leaned over Johann and kissed me. The day just got better!

Vlado was clinging to me while Johann’s cock and hole were twitching around and against my cock.

This was utter bliss!

After a minute Johann stirred and said: “OK if I pulled off you now?”

“Yes, it’s OK. Are you OK?” I said and touched this beautiful moustached man’s face.

“More than OK! My godd, this is going to be the end of me yet! Anton, you’re going to kill me with your cock in me with mine stretching me from here to eternity! Thanks my man!” Johann said as he pulled off my cock. He turned around and kissed me.

I still wanted Vlado’s monumental cock in me and clenched my hole over the huge cock in me. I put my hand on his hip and pulled him to me.

“Ahh! You know just what to do to make me happy!” Vlado said as he twitched his cock. I could have a night long of this! How I wished I could see this man again! Little did I know …

Vlado was tightly behind me, his cock deep in me. It was now in the glorious rubbery state, filling me but not too much stretching.

The other guys were lounging around. Pierre actually went back into the living room and brought back 8 cool drinks.

“Here, before you dehydrate Ant! Vlado!” Pierre said handing each of us a tin of Coke Zero. Vlado took my tin from me and cracked the top, and handed it back to me. “Here you go!” he said. What a gentleman!

I pulled the duvet over us to have some semblance of privacy … well, I tried.

The others all got dressed again and sat around enjoying their soft drinks. The discussions were around the day’s tour and what we’d do that night, while Vlado’s cock was still buried deep inside me.

Occasionally André or Gunther or Luigi would look at Vlado and me, still stark naked in bed. But, no malice at all. Just curiosity.

Vlado was enjoying being in me big time. He actually started to twitch his cock and I would clench my hole. Soon it was a game of clenching and twitching, and soon he was rock-hard again. Oh my godd! No! This man was insatiable! Could he … again?

“Gunther, Luigi, guys! I’m so indebted to you! This is a dream come true! I’ve never had better sex … no offense Gunther! I don’t know if and when I’d see this wonderful creature in front of me again. Would you mind if he and I have another few minutes alone, please? Please?” Vlado said.

Yes, he was going to fuck me again!

“I don’t know … Luigi? Are you OK? Guys?” Gunther said.

“Fine with me, but how about us going for a drink. How long Vlado?”

“Ten minutes tops, OK?” he said.

“Guys, it’s now half past five. Perfect time for a drink. What do you guys say?” Pierre said.

“I’m parched and I just want a drink now. Not just Coke. Hurry up baby bro! I thought you’d have had enough by now! Is he … yes, would you believe it?” André said as he lifted the duvet off us. “This horse cock man is still in my brother! Pull out a bit please. I want to see it again,” André said and stood closer to the bed. His bulge wasn’t completely soft! Pot calling the kettle black!

Vlado pulled out just enough so André could see the huge cock in me.

“Phew! Baby bro, this is the ultimate! I just hope you’d still be satisfied with our small weenies after this! It’s one hell of a cock, mate!”

“Come, let’s get out. Vlado, we’re raiding your bar, OK?” Pierre said and closed the door behind him as they left the bedroom.

“Ahhh! Alone again! Antonio, before I fuck you again, please tell me you’d be OK with it that I fuck you again when I see you again? Was it good enough to have it again?” Vlado said. He held me tight to him and rolled us onto our backs, and over onto our right sides.

“Oh, for sure Vlado! But, just remember, I’m engaged to Luigi, then there is Pierre, there is Clive, there is Giovanni and the others. You’re sensational, you're sexy, you're super attractive, you have a cock of death and yes, the fucking and cum-eating was out of this world. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Yes!” I said and clenched my cock around the enormous cock in me to stress the point. In response Mr Monster twitched in me …

“Good, then it’s settled. I do have a pending deal with a prospective client in South Africa and now I know I want to clinch that deal! I've also been toying with the idea to buy property in … Sandy Bay … no, it has another name, but Sandy Bay is right there …” Vlado said.

“It’s called Llandudno. Yes, Sandy Bay is right next to it. It’s beautiful but very expensive …” I said.

“Money is not a problem. And now with you in the picture, I’d most definitely invest in South Africa. How is Cape Town?”

“Spectacular! You’ll love it!”

“Settled! Now, for some serious business!” Vlado said and started fucking me again. He leaned forward and kissed me. I turned my head back to give him full access to my longing mouth.

Vlado lifted his body and rotated his cock in me. I remained on my right side as he maneuverered himself so he was straddling my right leg. He pushed my left knee up to my chest and pushed his cock deeper into me … Oh my godd! Yes, he pushed in deeper and I gasped. I thought I’ve had all 35cm inside me, but now I did, for sure! I’ve never heard of this sexual position … another first for me.

“Why did you roll me over onto my right side?” I asked.

“Because of your anatomy my beautiful boy! Your rectum comes from the left hand-side to your anus and my hard cock points upwards. So if I’m inside you in this position, it’s more convenient and comfortable for you, and I can really push my whole cock deep into you. Am I hurting you?” Vlado said.

“No, but this is for sure the deepest anybody has ever been inside me! This is a first for me!” I said

My hole was a bit tender, but the lube was fantastic, and this lover was exceptional.

He put my left leg on his shoulder, looked me in the eyes and slowly fucked me.

He would pull out until only the head was in me and then make it twitch, and then push it back into me in one long thrust, make it twitch deep in me, pull out …

“If given half a chance, I’d fall in love with you in a heartbeat!” Vlado said and leaned forward, and kissed my leg softly and gently.

“Me too, but I’m spoken for, and I love them all very much. But … but, I'd be able to love you too. Just … don’t expect me to forsake them and become your boyfriend as that is not going to happen. I love Luigi with all of my heart, and the mere fact that he allows this, shows me just how much he trusts me and my love for him ….”

“OK, but let’s see where this goes. Before you go, I want your number and email address please, OK?”

“Yes, of course,” I said and groaned as the big cock was pushed deep into me again.

“You're full of cum and it feels fantastic to feel my cock in the pool of cum in you! I'm going to add some more soon!”

The orgasm came sooner than I thought. The huge cock started to spasm and twitch and Vlado pushed it deep into me and held still. He was pumping another huge load into me and I gasped. It was a day to remember!

Vlado put my leg to his right and collapsed on top of me. He buried his face on my shoulder. He kissed my skin and his fingers played with my hair.

“I’m not so sure I'd be able to wait! Damn! How did I survive 29 years without you in my life?”

“Haha! You’ll survive! Get your things in order and come visit us!”

“That I will do but it’s going to be more than a visit. I’m going to surprise you … all of you!” Vlado said. He bent forward, pushed his cock deep into me again and kissed me.

It was one of his signature kisses: soft, gentle, passionate and with just enough tongue for me to want more. He slowly pushed his cock in me and pulled out a bit ... again and again.

When he broke the kiss, he put his nose on mine and looked deep into my eyes with his pitch-black eyes. His thick eyebrows were sexy as fuck.

“Come, I hate to end this, but I think the others have waited long enough. Feel that? That is the affection I feel for you! Big and sincere and … sexy!” Vlado said and sat on his knees with his cock still deep in me. He pulled me closer by taking my thighs in his hands.

He pulled me up and held me close to his body. I was literally sitting in his lap with his enormous cock deep inside me.

“Now then … are you planning on fucking me another round …?” I said with my arms around his neck. I kissed his ear and cheek.

“No, but I wish you’d stay the night … but by tomorrow you’d be in a wheelchair! OK, let’s not piss off the others. I’m pulling out now … slowly … and clench! I want you to leave here with all my cum in you, apart from the load you now have in your tummy! Wow! Today is the best day of my life! Ahhhh! Hmmmmm! Nnnnnn!” Vlado said.

He let me down onto my back again as his cock started to slip out of me.

When the head was about to plop out, I clenched. Vlado had his hands on my thighs, lightly stroking me. Ahh! I managed to keep all of the load in me.

“Want to lick it clean? And then kiss me?”

“Fuck yes!” I said and looked at the huge cock, glistening with cum covering it.

Vlado put his knees on either side of my chest and held his cock for me to lick clean. I had no intention of licking it – I wanted it in my mouth! I sucked the big rubbery cock deep in my mouth and pulled him to me … the head slipped into my throat again.

“No, no, no! You'll make me hard again and we have to stop now! Antonio, please … please let go!”

I let go and he sat on my tummy, my own hard cock underneath him.

“Do you want me to suck you?”

“No, I’m good, thanks. But I think I’m ready for a drink now! Come, I also hate to say it, but let’s get out of bed. I’d love to spend a night with you, but it’s not going to be tonight. Come you absolutely sexy beast!”

“Do you really think I am? Sexy, I mean?”

“Of course! You're sensational! Another time, another place, and I’d marry you on the spot! Come, we have to get going,” I said and took his hand he held out to me.

We got dressed and I saw Vlado’s enormous cock was now very rubbery but still very big. While he put his underpants on, I saw how he pushed his big cock down between his legs.

“Please, let me see that? How do you get all of it in there?” I said and stood closer to see it.

“It’s still big but when it’s completely soft, it’s only about 18cm long, still thick but very soft. My balls are the problem! They don’t shrink!” Vlado said and groped his own crotch. “Come, feel the size of the goods when I’m not yet completely soft. Just don’t play with it! Not now!”

“Phew!” I whistled. It was big and yes, the monster was slightly stirring, so I let go. “What do you do when you get a hard-on during the day?”

“That’s a big problem. I go jack off, wank, masturbate … to get it soft again, and when I can’t, I don’t dare let it out from between my legs. Then I have a problem. That’s why I have to wear underpants that have quite some strength but also some stretch. You’re the first person to ask me such sensible questions!” Vlado said and put his hand under my chin, lifted my face up and kissed me. “You’re just perfect! I was serious: I really want to marry you. I need a man that can handle my cock, can enjoy my hyperspermia, that is good-looking, that is intelligent, and that would fit in with my friends, family and my lifestyle. You’re that person. I’d be very surprised if I were wrong. Am I?”

“No, what you see is what you get. I’m just who you saw today. No hidden agendas, no malice, no hatred, and no grudges. I love sex … no, I’m addicted to sex. I could literally have sex morning, noon and night, plus during the night too. Your hyperspermia would be a big bonus! I love cum! And Mr Dalca, if I ever were to marry you, I’d be so proud to be your husband! You’re sexy as fuck, attractive, kind, loving, a good lover and you know how to make your bottom feel appreciated and loved. If there were no Luigi or the others, I’d marry you tomorrow! Easily! But, then there are also my studies. I’ve just finished my first year and need to do another 3 or 4 years, depending …”

“Wait! Wait! Wait! You’re breaking my heart here! First you tell me how wonderful I am and then you tell me how hopeless the situation is and that I can never have you … Life could be so cruel!” Vlado said and folded me into his embrace, his head on mine, his arms tight around my body. “Do you believe me when I say these thing to you? That I could actually see us getting married?”

“Yes, I do and I feel the same, but it’s not that simple! Vlado, I’m the privileged one here to have met you and have experienced love-making on a totally different level. I’ve experience a number of men and I love many of them, and some have big cocks, but Vlado, you’re just in another league of your own! If I had my way, I'd never be without you ever again, but please understand my situation. I could never just up and go … I’d break so many hearts, hearts of people I truly love. And Luigi is as kind as you, and his cock might not be in the same class as yours, but he’s a truly talented lover, as is Pierre, as is Clive, as is Giovanni, as is George, as is Santiago, as is Diego, as is Kamran … you see? If I forsake them for you, I’ll break their hearts and I can’t do that!”

Cel mic, that’s Little One in Romanian, I understand. That was just my heart talking. I do understand but damn! It feels like I’ve won the jackpot and now they’re taking it away from me! Please, keep your options open? And even though I might not be able to be in South Africa fulltime, I’m definitely coming! I want to love you, even though I’d have to share you with these hordes of men … Fortunately, I know how you feel about my cock and that none of them has one bigger than mine! So then, please tell me you like me enough to fall in love with me … just one bit?” Vlado said as he pushed me away at arm’s length, looked at me and then he kissed me.

“Vlado, you know the answer to that! Of course! I’d be a heartless bitch if I didn’t! I don’t love you yet, but I’m sure it would be the easiest thing in the world to do. Just remember, you and I could never live apart from the others … you may join us, but you may not take me away from them. OK?”

“Yes, I understand. But, you can marry only one man, yes? Then why does it have to be Luigi? If we were to live together, why can’t you marry me instead?”

“You’re confusing me Vlado! I don’t know! Because I love him?”

“Yes, and when you love me, why can’t you marry me and still have Luigi there too?”

“Vlado, I don’t know … please, understand! You’re an incredible man, not just this enormous cock of yours, but YOU! You're an incredible human being, someone I could easily love. One doesn’t always get what one wishes for. For now, I like you lots, and yes, I'd be able to love you and live with you, but with the others, OK?”

Vlado looked at me and smiled. His beautiful mouth was gorgeoius. He stared at me …

“And there, just now, I’ve fallen in love with you. You've got principles, you have integrity and my big cock and my lovemaking didn’t perturb you. You're still in love with Luigi and godd knows how many other guys, and you’ll not forsake them. That is what I call a decent human being! And, I can wait … I can wait! Come here you sexy man!” Vlado said and pulled me into an embrace of note.

Vlado’s insanely big bulge pushed against me and I felt the rubbery thing there, pushing against me. I clung to him with my arounds around his chest. He took my face between his hands and planted a soft, lingering and sensual kiss on my lips. His tongue started to flirt over my lips and once again, he didn’t thrust his tongue down my throat. It was pure love-making on a level very few men have mastered. My men? All of them, with this one with his abilities that was just added to the list of men I’d be able to love!


“Ahh! At last! Baby bro, can you still walk? Sheez! And here I was thinking we’re the sex perverts! Guys, we’ve met our match!” André, naturally.

“OK, I deserved that one. Gunther, Luigi, Pierre and the others … you included André! … thanks a million. This was totally unexpected. Luckily I wrapped up my business early and here I am. Luigi, this man is a piece of gold. Love him, nurture him and appreciate him. I’d have married him by now if I were you!”

“You’re welcome, Vlado. But, don’t lose your heart now. You may join the group if you ever come to South Africa, but you may never take anyone out of the group. OK? So then, Mr Horse Hung Hunk, to use André’s terminology, what is your POA for tonight? Vati und Mutti know we’re going to be back home late, so that’s settled. How about you?” Gunther said and pulled me into his arms. “*Are you OK mein Schatz?*”

“*Yes, I’m more than fine! This was an experience! You really have a wonderful friend, one with his beautiful feet firm on the ground despite his position and money! Thanks!*”

“I had a meeting at 8 o’clock tonight when Viktor and I were to have met with family. Another story with the authorities and us Romanis, or as some people still refer to us as Gypsies. But, I’ve cancelled. I told Viktor to reschedule,” Vlado said and repositioned his huge cock in his pants. I still wondered how he fitted it all into his underpants between his legs! “My plans are fluid and have just been adjusted to accommodate all 7 of you! Shall we paint this town pink? The hotel has a limousine, so how about it? What do you say?” Vlado said and poured himself a drink. “How about you Antonio? G & T?”


The rest of the night went by in a blur. By 7 o’clock we met the chauffeur of the limousine at the entrance. We were going to see Berlin by night.

First stop was a restaurant in a quiet suburb not too far from the River Spree. The drive there was memorable but we couldn’t see much, because the windows were tinted. But the company, the drinks, the music, the banter, the company, the plush interior of the limo … wonderful.

Vlado proved to be a wonderful guy with a nice persona, a sharp wit and even though he said he had as much as fallen in love with me, he didn’t try to claim me for himself.

The dinner consisted of very nice Greek food. We even had ouzo with orange juice. The dessert was baklava and kataifi. Then Vlado took us to a Romanian restaurant where he introduced us to other Romanii who made it big, despite hardships. It was clear they helped each other out.

The coffee was exquisite.

“OK guys, if it’s OK with you, may I please take you home? The poor chauffeur is paid by the hour and he still needs to go clean the car for an early trip tomorrow. It’s just past 11 o’clock. André, here is my iPhone. Please enter your number and email address? Where is yours?” Vlado said. “Please send me a photo I could save in my AddressBook? I’ll do the same.”

We exchanged phones and entered our details on them and swopped again.

“Luigi, I hope it would be OK if I came to visit you in South Africa. How far are you from Cape Town?” Vlado asked.

“About 65km, give or take. Are you really going to visit us?” Luigi asked.

“What do you think? But, I know the score and the rules. Don’t worry, I’ll not try to steal this exquisite young man from you. What is your parents’ address Gunther so the chauffeur could take us please?”


On the way home Vlado sat next to me, with Luigi on the other side of me. Vlado asked if he could hug me to him, and of course my man agreed.

It felt orgasmic to sit so close to this godd-like creature with the big beautiful hands and feet, and the most spectacular cock. He smelled so good, his hairy body under my fingers felt fantastic. Yes, I've pushed his shirt up and had my hand on his tummy. In the process, my arm pushed down on his enormous cock and within seconds we both were hard again.

“Another last favour please Luigi? May I please ask Antonio to suck me? Please?”

“Yes, of course, if Antonio wants to. Mio caro?”


I sucked his cock and once again I marvelled at the sheer size of the enormous cock in my hand, which stretched my mouth and which was deep in me earlier. And I marvelled at the demeanour of this man. He was kind, gentle and knew how to make a lover feel special.

When he came, it was one hell of a load again. The man was most definitely hyperspermic but I wasn’t complaining. It was fantastic and it tasted good.

Vlado pulled me off his cock and kissed me when there was still about a dessertspoon of cum in my mouth, which I wanted to saviour. He sucked it from my mouth and pushed me away, looking at me in the dim light of the passenger cabin. “I have to agree: it does taste good!”

That … then … in that very moment, I lost my heart to this Romani, this gypsy, this vampire. I knew that if I were to see him again, I was going to be in trouble. Oh fuck! I loved Luigi, I loved the others, but Vlado was just … he was just … he was like a god on earth. He hugged me close to him and kissed me on the cheek.


“Goodbye everybody! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon and evening. It was one of the best in my life. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. I’ll be in touch. Gunther, I owe you one!” Vlado said after he kissed all of us. When he kissed me, of course, it was more than just lips … fuck!

We watched the limousine disappear in the night and went into the house.

“Brrr! Anybody for some hot chocolate? Liqueur?” Gunther said. We opted for both. He prepared the hot chocolate while Pierre and Juan poured Frangelica.

“So then? How are you feeling Antonio? You’ve taken a beating this afternoon. Wow! I never thought my friend would be able to fuck you, but he did and you handled it! What’s going to happen now?” Gunther said.

“I’m fine and yes, it was fantastic and you have an exquisite Romani as a friend. But, I’m still in love with my Luigi, with my Pierre, Clive and Giovanni. And of course all of you too. If Vlado should ever reappear, he could be a part of my life, but I told him he could never take me away. So, no worries. He might have an incredible cock, he might be the perfect sexy gentleman, but I love you guys more and I’ve loved you from long ago,” I said and squeezed Luigi’s hand and then Pierre’s on my other side too.

“Good to hear! That man could cause any man to get an inferiority complex. He really is godlike and his cock doesn’t help us either! Sheez!” Pierre said.

“I told you it’s insanely big!” Gunther said.

“But it is mind-boggling that this man has it all: he is tall, his looks, cock, money, position, career – absolutely nothing amiss!” André said.

“You're missing one thing: a boyfriend. He’s alone and before today he’s never experienced real sex. Feeble blowjobs, handjobs and jacking off himself. He was frustrated out of his skull, that’s why he couldn’t get enough, Luigi. Please forgive him!” Gunther said.

“Nothing to forgive. I still have mio caro!” Luigi said. What a man!

“Johann, and you! How come you’ve suppressed … that … your urges … for so long? At Vlado’s was the third time?” Pierre said and ruffled Johann’s short hair.

“Yes, it’s all because of this wonderful creature in our lives! Thanks Anton!” Johann said and blushed crimson red.

“Sleepies! Come on! I’m cold and I’m tired. Breakfast at 8 again?” Pierre said.

= To be continued =



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