“*Merry Christmas Ant! Hi there … You still sleeping? Ant*?” Pierre whispered next to my ear.

I groaned and stretched my right arm up … Pierre’s cock was still in me! Jackal! Snake! Then I remembered he did push in during the night while I had my raunchy sex dreams. And I felt content and at home with my darling’s cock in me.

“*Ahhh! Hmmmm! Zzzzhhhhh! Ahhh! You’re a snake Pierre! You’re still in me! Ahhh!*” I whispered back and in the process my hole clenched over the huge invasion.

“*Yes! Oh yes! Do that again!* Pierre said and his cock spasmed in me. He was like a boy with a new toy – he could never get enough. “*Please do that again! I’m very close … I want to fuel you up for the day. How’s that? Ahhhh! Yess my darling!*

Pierre’s huge cock was twitching while he was slowly fucking me in order not to wake the others. I felt in the girth of the schlong in me he was close: it was thick and hard.

“*Yes, cum please! You’re going to wake up the rest!* I whispered and continued clenching my hole. Pierre’s huge cock responded to the clenching by twitching and swelling. Ahhh! What a way to wake up! Pierre was just … Pierre!

“*Thanks my darling! I’m going to cumm … oh fuck! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhh! Hmmmm! Here is my love juice …!*” Pierre said and I felt his cock spasmed as it pumped his big load into me. Since the first fucking in their shop’s toilet with only precum as lube, I’ve fallen in love with him – every day just a little bit more. Pierre was a keeper.

“*You’re welcome my darling! But keep it down! I don’t want the rest to know! OK? It’s Christmas morning! And yes, Merry Christmas to you too!*” I whispered and put my hand on his hip behind me. His big cock was still twitching and pumping his substantial load into me.

Pierre had his hand on the right of my chest and hugged me to him.

“*Thanks my darling! This was our Christmas Morning presents to each other. Feel my cock! Madly in love with you!*” Pierre whispered. I hoped nobody woke up.

I groaned and felt my hard cock was pushing against Luigi’s tummy. His arm wasn’t around my waist anymore, but on the pillow between our heads. I touched his tummy and felt his morning glory. Oh my darling. I looked at his face in the semi-darkness. His longish black hair was unruly and was strewn all over the pillow. His stubbly face was adorable and his mouth so kissable. I leaned forward and kissed him gently. He stirred in his sleep, put his hand out and touched my face.

“Hmmmm … Mio caro … Buongiorno amore mio (Good morning my love). È Pierre vi cazzo di nuovo (Is Pierre fucking you again)?” Luigi said and his hand slipped down my body to my butt. He pushed his hand between Pierre’s lower tummy and my buttocks. “Pierre, you dogg! Give our boy a rest! Per favore (Please)? Are you OK mio caro?”

“Erm … OK!” Pierre said but didn’t move. He touched my leg and squeezed while he pulled out a bit. I understood I had to clench.

“Out Pierre. No more fucking this morning. It’s Christmas and you’ve had more than enough of your share last night. Pull out!” Luigi said and pushed on Pierre’s tummy.

“OK, OK! I'm pulling out …” Pierre said and started pulling out slowly.

“Ahhh! You’ve shot a load in my boy again, you snake!” Luigi said and gave Pierre’s head a small swipe. “You're worse than my nephew!” Piero? What? Is this what awaits me in Firenze and when he moves to Stellenbosch? Between Pierre and him, I’d be fucked on a constant basis! Wow …

As Pierre’s cockhead approached my hole, he squeezed my leg again and I clenched. The head slipped out and nothing leaked out. Ahhh!

Luigi raised his head and called to Giovanni: “Fratello sei sveglio (Brother are you awake)? Hey, Gio! Svegliare (Wake up)! Dove sei (Where are you)?”

“I’m fine Luigi. I slept well … hnnnnnggghhhhnnn! Ahhhh! How is our boy?”

“Other horse-cock man, are you awake,” Pierre called as he rolled onto his back. Clive was in the other bed with Giovanni and Diego.

“Over here! Have you forgotten we’ve been relegated to ‘the other bed’? I’m here with Giovanni and Diego! Hey, watch where you push that enormous Latino cock of yours Diego!” Clive said from the other bed.

“Fuck him Diego! Perhaps he’ll behave then!” Pierre put in.

“If he fucks me, I’m fucking you!” Clive retorted.

“I’m still here!” Giovanni called from the other bed. Awake and horny with two enormous cocks with me but nobody to fuck!”

“Yes, isn’t it sad that I have to wake up on Christmas Day with two men in my bed and nobody to fuck?” Diego put in.

The calling and banter went on for a while. Luigi just took me into his arms, pushed his body – hard cock and all – against me and kissed me. Ti amo molto mio caro (I love you very much my darling). Let them have their cock fights. I have you here with me. Ahhh! To wake up with you in my arms, feeling your hard cock against mine … hmmm! You're sopping wet! Pee-AIR’s fucking?”

“I love you too mio caro. Yes, it’s Pierre’s fucking. But it doesn’t mean I’m not hot for you too!” I said and kissed this incredibly sexy man, holding his face in my hands.


There was a knock on the door and the ‘hordes’ entered: the 4 other guys who slept in the other suite had their hotel dressing gowns and slops on. They came in and of course there was a rough and tumble, what with André and Johann amongst them!

The telephone rang and when Clive answered – after shushing the boys – and it was clear from what we heard, that our ‘breakfast in bed’ was on its way! Yay! Alexander was spoiling us big time.

“We are going to have breakfast in bed, served by the students. André, try and behave and keep your dressing gown closed! Our breakfast is on its way.” Clive said and got a cushion flung at him for his remark.

The 10 guys in our suite rubbed their hands with glee and André feigned starvation by pretending to faint and deliberately fell on top of Clive. There was a tickling match, which Clive won hands-down.

There was another knock on the door. Pierre opened the door and 4 students pushed in trolleys laden with food. The students had their latest creations and all the all-time favourites on platters and under stainless steel domes.

There were champagne and fruit juice, and coffee. Larry was on duty at the coffee machine. Lust was written all over him. No shenanigans – too many other staff there, including the chef.

We queued for coffee. When André and I waited for ours, Larry said: “I was working my butt off last night. Those Emirati are too much. This one wants this, the other one wants that. I wasn’t a barrister only – I was a bellhop, a servant, a concierge – name it!” Larry said and winked at André. Us being dressed the same took its first toll for the day.

John came to hear what he could organise for us, or do, or arrange. “Clean bed linen?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. He rubbed over the big bulge on his hip … snake!

“No, the linen is fine, thanks. Where were you last night?” I asked.

“I was tied up with two functions. I ran around like a rabbit in heat!” he said and rolled his eyes. “I suppose you’ve had a great evening? I’m so sorry I’ve missed it!”

“I’ve missed you BIG time, BIG boy!” I said and winked at the pale skinny hung bellhop.

“And your time with us is running out. Damn! *I could do you right now!*”


Alexander arrived with a handful of Boss bags. In the bags was a selection of Hugo Boss swimming trunks and printed T-shirts. He already knew our sizes, so he gave each one of us a bag with a pair of trunks and a matching T-shirt. He had extras of different styles and colours so we could exchange if we wanted. Mine was an aquamarine striped pair of trunks and a matching printed T-shirt. I was satisfied with his choice, and so were most of the other guys. The only one who exchanged his Speedo-like swimwear for a pair of trunks, was Pierre … no surprise there! Imagine him displaying that monster in such a tight-fitting garment at the pool with Mom and tannie Esther there! No, only trunks please sir!

Of course, with André and Johann there, my darling Pierre had to endure all sorts of remarks like ‘*yes, it’s like an elephant trunk*’, ‘*no, like a baby’s arm sticking out*’, ‘*you could steal petrol with that thing*’! Poor man, but he just smiled and took it in his stride. After the third remark, he took a playful swipe at the two men.

“Leave my buddy alone! I’m in the same boat and remember, we’re doing it for your sakes too! We’re not the kind to embarrass you in public! We’re decent, men we are!” Clive said. Sounds like Eliza Doolittle, I thought.

“Anton … oh hell, who is who? Say something so I can tell which one has the foul mouth!” Alexander said.

“Mr Cooper, I’m calling my Dad! I do not have a foul mouth, I’ll let you know!” André said and Alexander had his answer who was who.

“Anton, please come with me to the suite next door. I need to talk to you please. André, I’ll call you in a minute, OK?” Alexander said and led the way.

As we entered the passage, he said: “Luke is waiting in the suite. Clive told me what has happened. Luke needs to answer a few questions about yesterday. First of all: does he know anything about what happened between you and I? I can’t do a thing if he knows about us. Does he?”

“No, he doesn’t know anything. What are you going to do? Are you going to fire him?” I said.

“Good. Yes, I have a very good mind in firing him, but let’s see first,” Alexander said and opened the suite door. Luke jumped up from his chair. His eyes were big when he saw me.

“Luke, this is Mr le Roux who you took advantage of yesterday. First of all, he is off-limits for you forever. You’re not to speak to him or make any advances to him ever again. Secondly, I know exactly what happened. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’ve taken advantage of the situation and abused my client. Thirdly, you’re going to apologise to Mr le Roux, and MEAN it. What you’ve done is inappropriate and unacceptable, but HOW you’ve done it and mistreated my client here, is even more inexcusable. Fourthly, depending on the outcome here today, you’ll either still have a job tomorrow or you’d be looking for a new job in the New Year. I’m bitterly disappointed. I'm not interested in any explanations. I know what happened. This is not a blame game – what’s done is done. I want you to apologise to Mr le Roux,” Alexander said with a stern face. I almost didn’t recognise him.

“Mr Cooper, yes I was out of line. I took advantage of a young man and I treated him badly. I’m sorry. I’ve belittled him and I’ve been horrible to him. Mr le Roux, my sincerest apologies. I’m truly sorry. You didn’t deserve it. I hope you can forgive me …” Luke said with big eyes and a quivering chin.

“Anton, do you accept the apology or do you suggest I fire him?” Alexander said and looked at me.

“No, please don’t fire him. I could’ve said ‘no’ to him but I didn’t. I wanted it as much as he did. It was just the way he treated me that was unacceptable. But please don’t fire him. He has a wife and children. I don’t want to be the reason for him to be out on the street. Luke, I accept your apology unconditionally. If not for the bad treatment, it could’ve been something to remember and I'm just as guilty for letting it happen. Alexander, I’m OK – really. It’s already forgiven. Not forgotten, but yes – Luke, I have no hard feelings and hold no grudges. OK?” I said and put my hand out to shake Luke’s.

Luke stared at my hand in disbelief. “Really? You forgive me? Thank you so much! You’re a remarkable young man with so much maturity. Thanks!” Luke said and looked me in the eye with his blue eyes. When he took my hand, I realised this hung man had big hands. Slut!

“Then you don’t want me to fire him? You’re OK to go in the bus with him again today?”

“Yes, it’s fine,” I said and next thing, Luke hugged me, tears streaming down his face.

“Thank you so much! I owe you my life! I’ll do anything – just say the word!” Luke said and hugged me to him.

“Now, now! Don’t get ahead of yourself. Then, so be it. Luke, this can’t happen again. If you have the urge for this kind of thing, there are many clubs and other ways of meeting young men. Boss Models is not the place to do so and my clients are off-limits. Please refrain from this kind of behaviour in the future. OK then. Here is a voucher for breakfast. Go to the dining room and get yourself something to eat,” Alexander said and handed Luke a card. “The boys will be out in 45 minutes’ time. Please wait for them in the bus at the front door.”

“Thank you Mr Cooper! Thank you so much. Yes, I will. Thanks Mr le Roux. Sorry …” Luke said and left.

“Hmmm! You’re a kind and very mature young man! No grudges? Even after he mistreated you the way he did? I’m impressed. You are a fine specimen and I’m glad to have you on board,” Alexander said.

“Thanks, but holding grudges and causing a guy to loose his job, achieve nothing. No, and in any case, it really WAS memorable, I have to say …” I said.

“Really? I suppose it’s a big one then? Bigger than mine? Did you at least enjoy it?” Alexander said and pulled me into his arms.

“It doesn’t matter. It was big and I enjoyed it up to a point. You are a far better lover and I love your big cock! Too bad you couldn’t join us last night!” I said.

“I know, but I was tired and I knew you’d be taken good care of. Clive isn’t my son for nothing. But, back to business. Please call André. I need to talk to you two about your new responsibilities. Would you please?” Alexander said and gave me a hug.


I called André and the two of us sat down to listen to Alexander. He went through the whole contract, explained everything to us in some detail and told us what Boss Models would expect from us. He said Boss was going to invest heavily in the project and in us. He told us we had to keep up with the bodybuilding and to eat well. We weren’t allowed to gain more than 5kg. He emphasised that he didn’t want us to get any tattoos, just like Claire said and added that he’d prefer us to be as natural as possible. He asked us if we had any plans on getting any piercings and André and I answered together as one: “No!” That made Alexander very happy. He repeated that he was after a natural look, including our chest hair. He told us that the stubbles could stay, but for the summer look for the next year, we’d be required to be clean-shaven, but the details for that would come later.

“Now, your studies. I know, I know – you’re doing Electrical and Electronic engineering which takes a lot of your time, I know you’re good hockey players, taking more time and I’ve heard you’re learning Italian Antonio? And that’s for Luigi? You must love him very much! But, I never want to hear of you giving up on your studies, ever! We’ll ploy our programme and any shoots or work around your schedule. This means you’d have to be in constant contact with Claire and me, and for that, Boss is subsidising each of your cell phone contracts with £75 per month. We’re not going to ask you to explain all your calls, but we’d need copies of your itemised billings each month – auditors’ request. All the clothes you’re going to model will be yours to keep. But, you’re not allowed to give anything to anybody else, or to sell it, as we might want you to use some of it again. Any questions?”

“Jeepers Alexander! This is a mouthful! Are we allowed to fart?” André, of course!

“André! Sheez! Ek bel nóú vir Pa (I’m calling Dad nów)!” I said and gave him a slap on the arm.

“Ouch! I’m just saying …”

“Like I've said André, Boss is pumping a lot into you and they have to be assured their investment would pay off. It sounds worse than it is. Just … stay as natural and as honest and as wholesome as you are. Keep to the few stipulations, and you’ll soon be having a lot of zeros added to your bank accounts! Last thing: please don’t get married, not now in any case. If you could, please postpone that for at least 2 years? You're not prevented from getting married, but I’d prefer you to be single … for now. When we book you into a venue for a weekend shoot, your loved ones would be booked in too. And if the other guys wanted to join, which I know many would want to, we’d arrange a big discount for them. So you see? Not so bad, hey? Congratulations once more. I’m thrilled with your work and I’ve never seen two more natural guys and more wholesome attractiveness in all my years with Boss. You’re already made men! Come, let’s have a glass of champagne before you get ready for the city. Come here!” Clive said and hugged us. He led the way back to the other suite where the drinks and breakfast were.

“Baby bro, can you believe this? Yay! But of course it’s common knowledge that it’s all because of my good genes, my dashing good looks and of course my positive influence on you. Ahem!” André said and pretended to put his nose in the air. What a clown!

“And Dad’s genes? What happened to them? And Mom’s? And my good influence on you for that matter? You’re so out of it! I think Juan will have to teach you a lesson in humility. What do you say Alexander?” I asked as we opened the suite door.

“Agreed!” Alexander said. “Come, there should be some Moët left.”


“So then? What did my Dad say? Bored you with all the details? See why I’m not interested in all of this?” Clive said and kissed me.

“Hey, hey! Don’t be so comfy and cheeky with our boy, and on Christmas, nogal (= rather, or more correctly it could be something like ‘of all days’ in this case, but it doesn’t mean the same – very difficult to translate this one)!” Pierre said and put his arms around Clive and me.

“Yes, and what about me? I might be a ‘half-bred’ in your opinion, but my feelings for our boy are genuine!” Giovanni said and joined us.

“Ahem … and what about the husband-to-be? Are you three pushing me to the side-line?” Luigi said and tickled Giovanni. Lots of squeals and laughter. Giovanni retaliated of course.

“I love you all and nobody is side-lining anybody. And, I’m still marrying my darling man, although by Boss decree, not in the next 24 months!” I said and kissed Luigi.

“That’s OK, We wanted to wait until you’ve graduated in any case,” Luigi said. “To my beautiful sexy man! Antonio! Saluti (Cheers)! And to the delinquent! You’re almost as beautiful as my man. Just a few more nights of beauty sleep and you could be a worthy second choice!” Luigi! What a clown! Who thought!

“Sob! Sob! I'm the elder son and I'm the most attractive who got the best genes and I’m calling my Dad! Next time we’re on the farm, you’ll sleep in the barn!” André said and pretended to wipe the tears from his eyes. My, my! 

“Fortunately, it’s not for you to decide where I’d be sleeping!”

“How do you guys survive with this clown amongst you? Fortunately there is an unbroken version of him in the person of Antonio! Jokes aside, I have to go. Clive, uncle Michael and aunt Elize are coming for lunch and I still have to go buy the stuff for lunch. She’s bringing the dessert but I have to go get some food to put on the table. So, I love and leave you all. Enjoy the day. Once more: Merry Christmas. Take care,” Alexander said and hugged and kissed Clive.

On his way out Alexander hugged and kissed us too. I saw Larry salivating. Too bad – no shenanigans this morning, big boy!

“OK guys, shower time. We have 20 minutes to get ready. Luke is waiting in the bus downstairs. Chef, thanks for a scrumptious breakfast. You guys know your stuff, not so guys?” Clive said and clapped his hands.

We all joined in and clapped hands and cheered. The food really was good.

“Chef, would you and your students be so kind as to take the stuff out while we’re in the shower? Guys, 6 of us shower in here and the other 4 in the neighbouring suite. Come, we have to get going. Thanks Chef!” Clive was in control.


As there was no public transport on Christmas Day, Alexander organised the company’s bus again to take us around. Luke drove us to Piccadilly Circus and dropped us on the world-famous square. Our first stop was a visit to Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Piccadilly. We arranged with him to pick us up by 12:30 in front of Ripley’s. 

We walked the short distance – it was just around the corner from Piccadilly – and bought our group tickets: £29,95 each and one free for the leader, Clive. The tickets included a short cruise on the Thames:

Ripley's River Cruise Package

Enjoy a scenic journey through the heart of London aboard one of City Cruises riverboats. This package includes entry into Ripley’s followed by a one way river cruise from either Westminster Pier to the Tower of London Pier or vice versa.

We opted for these tickets as we wanted to take a cruise afterwards.

The Ripley’s museum is home to more than 700 authentic artefacts and interactive exhibits (over six floors). Essentially, this museum celebrates the strange and wonderful things in the world. When we entered, we were told to prepare to see a life-sized knitted Ferrari and an 8ft transformer and mirror maze!

The 7 sections included:

  • Amazing Art
  • Curious Cultures
  • Remarkable People
  • Incredible Nature
  • History Re-discovered
  • Weird but Wonderful
  • The Wonderland Gallery

We saw ancient beer from a pharaoh’s tomb, the last supper depicted on a grain of rice, a lock of Napoleon’s hair and much, much more. The visit was worth it and we had lots of fun. We spent at least 2 hours in the museum but to see it all, one needs more time.

When we left Ripley’s, Luke was waiting for us to take us to the Westminster Pier. Luke was very courteous and friendly – a different man to the one he was the day before!

The drive to the Westminster Pier took us towards Big Ben and surrounds. Luke dropped us off and Clice arranged with him to wait for us at the Tower of London Pier.

We boarded the boat and found us some nice seats right in the front on the inside. It was damn cold so we were happy to be inside, to be warm and still seeing the vistas.

“Something warm to drink? Some hot chocolate mio caro?” Luigi asked before the boat left the pier. “And a nice freshly-made sandwich?”

“Yes please, but let’s share the sandwich, OK? Thanks my darling!” I was even calling Luigi ‘my darling’, in English! I was a lost case! But, a happy lost case!

Luigi went to get the drinks and sandwich. Pierre made sure he was sitting next to me. Clive was sitting on his other side – a natural combination: both were fucking sexy, very tall and hung like horses. Giovanni was on Luigi’s other side but while he was away, Giovanni moved to sit next to me.

“Oh fuck! I can’t wait to actually live with you guys, and most of all, with you! Hmmm!” Giovanni said and kissed me on the cheek.

“Watch it you half-bred! We’re in public and his mine too!” Pierre said and flicked Giovanni’s head. “Clive, let’s see what the sandwich is like and then we could go get some too. I have to say, I’d love to have a hot chocolate right now! What do you say horse-cock man?”

“Yes, listen to the pot calling the kettle black! The sandwiches should be good. A sandwich sold on such a vessel or in any shop here will never be bad. It just wouldn’t be tolerated. But, if you want, we could share one?” Clive said.

“Sounds like a plan. You know, I actually like you! You’re not too bad!” Pierre said and put his arm around Clive’s shoulder and hugged him.

“You’re not so bad yourself, horse-cock!” Clive said and kissed Pierre on the cheek.

“OK, then I’ll get my own sandwich and we could share the second slice between us? Come, let’s go get our refreshments gentlemen!” Giovanni said and got up.

They all returned as I ‘kept the fort’, keeping our seats. The hot chocolate was piping hot and the sandwich – a BLT: bacon, lettuce & tomato – was delicious, even though we’ve had a scrumptious breakfast.


The rest of the trip was wonderful and the buildings and bridges on the banks were beautiful. When we disembarked at the Tower, we took the opportunity to take some nice pictures with Tower Bridge in the background. The pictures were stunning.

Clive led the way to where the bus was parked. Luke was very friendly and sat waiting for us with a cup of coffee from his Thermos.

“To Knightsbridge please. We want to go and have a last look at Harrods and its Christmas decorations. Then please take us to a nice pub in the area for a drink. Is there one you would recommend?” Clive was very friendly towards Luke. It was clear Luke has learnt his lesson.

“I know just the place Mr Cooper! It’s called The Hourglass Pub, a few blocks south of Harrods. You’ll love it there! They’re gay-friendly … erm … sorry sir! I didn’t mean … oh fuck! Sorry!” Luke said and stammered when he mentioned the word ‘gay’.

“No problem Luke. Please take us. Thanks,” Clive said and came to sit with Pierre. The two Italians have made themselves at home on either side of me.


The drive back westwards towards Knightsbridge took almost an hour. Luke took us past ‘The Gherkin’, St Paul’s Cathedral and eventually past Piccadilly Circus until we saw Hyde Park and knew we were close to our hotel, The Berkley. Harrods was just a few blocks away and Luke dropped us off close to the main entrance. He arranged with Clive to pick us up in an hour’s time again.

We walked into Harrods, and although we’ve been there earlier that week, they have literally pulled out all the stops. There were bands playing Christmas songs, there were choirs singing carols, there was a quartet singing light operetta arias, and the decorations were spectacular.

Once again, we looked and marvelled at the opulence and quality, but the prices were exorbitant if one pays with the struggling South African Rand (R22 to £1!). We just looked. Luigi even threatened me he’d confiscate my wallet if I thought of buying anything.

At the one cosmetics counter, a tall skinny young guy with a nice haircut was helping customers. When he looked up and saw me looking at him, he smiled at me. It was clear he was either Lebanese or Persian or even Spanish. I pretended to look at all the stuff on display, and as I was getting closer to him, the nice man stepped up to me.

Although his English was close to perfect, his accent belied his origins. “Good afternoon Sir. I hope you’re having a good Christmas Sir! How can I help you?”

I looked up in the friendly face, fairly thick eyebrows, a slightly curved nose, the most adorable dimples in his cheeks and an incredibly nice kissable mouth. I looked down and saw his enormous feet … oh my godd! I looked at his hands he was holding in front of his body: huge! I looked him in the eye again and saw his eyes were almost black.

“Erm … I’m just looking … not my kind of department …!” I stuttered and looked at his name badge: Blake Shah. Yep! Persian! “Are you from Iran … Persia?”

“No, I’m from Beirut but my grandfather was from Persia. Oh, you know about Persia! My name is Blake Shah,” the young man said and put his hand out. I noticed the big fingernails, the big nails, the long fingers and that they were completely hairless. Disappointment.

“Antonio le Roux. I’m from South Africa, here on a working holiday. Sheez Blake, you have huge hands,” I looked down at his feet again, “and equally big feet! Number 12 shoes?”

“Actually, number 14 – big problem to find shoes. Yes, I have big hands, but so do my brother and father. We’re big men, all over … ahem!” Blake said and squeezed my hand.

“Wow! I’m impressed! That means … you know … it means …”

“It means I have a huge one. Yes, I do. It’s at least 25cm and sometimes a bit more. Your hands and feet are big too. Same category?” Blake said without batting an eyelid.

“Oh, only 24,5cm … not quite in your league!”

“Bah! 0,5cm difference? You’re in my league! I wish I could see yours! You're Aahfrikhaans?”

“I’d love to see yours too … fuck! I’m already hard! Yes, I’m Afrikaans.”

“There are cameras all over the store. I wish we could’ve gone somewhere so we could each have a look. I’m also getting hard here! Damn it! There is a hotel not too far from here … we could go there?”

“I wish I could but my fiancé and many other guys are here with me. Perhaps another place, another time? As it is, there is a number of men in my life already … all of them over there …” I said and pointed out Luigi and Giovanni looking at some products for men, Clive and Pierre trying some men’s perfumes and the others browsing down the aisle.

“What? They’re all your … lovers? Really?” Blake gasped. “Wow!”

“Yes, it’s complicated and we’ve decided: no more new ones. And living in South Africa isn’t going to help us much …” I said.

“Too bad. Damn! *I’d love to fuck you!* But my brother and I are planning to come visit your country in the New Year. What is a good time to come see the Cape Town?” Blake asked.

“You mean ‘Cape Town’ in 'THE Western Cape'?”

“Oh yes, sorry. I’m not too clued up with the names. Yes, Cape Town and the wine farms and Table Mountain!”

“The best time is April, but we’d be in Europe for a hockey tour then. The other time to come is in September or October. Winter there – when you have your summer here – is fairly miserable for most people, but if you were used to English weather, the Cape would be fine for you in winter! June then?” I said.

“I’ll talk to my brother. I need your contact details please?” Blake said and whipped out his Samsung … ahhh! I groaned inwardly.

“Sorry, this is only a temporary phone. My iPhone fell in the sink at home when I answered a call while washing the dishes. Stupid me. I’m getting a new one in January. Your name again please?”

I gave him my details, including my cell number, my email address and then he took a photo of me. I did the same.

“Don’t tell me … another one? Baby bro! You’re insatiable! Hallo … Blake Shah! How are you? Fuck! You have big hands! Bro, you really know how to choose them! When are you coming to visit us?” André was like a bull rushing into a china shop. “Big one, huh?”


“Yes, as a matter of fact, it is 25cm, thick, uncut and I shoot an unholy amount of goo. Interested? I’m a dedicated top and know how to please my bottom. My brother loves my big one,” Blake said without batting an eyelid! Wow! His brother is in on the deal?

“You’re on. Come visit us in South Africa and we’ll drain all your old oil for you!” André said and nonchalantly stroked over his bulge.

“It never gets old, I can assure you! Fortunately my brother is very keen on draining me … Damn! You’re not making it easy for me!” Blake said and tried to push his hard-on out of the way without anybody seeing it. In order for him to do that, André and I moved closer to shield him from security cameras and other eyes.

“Thanks guys! I needed that! I hope you’re still interested in it when you see it next year! Sorry, I have to go! There are some clients and I don’t want my boss on my case! Nice to meet you. Stay in touch and send pictures!” Blake said. He shook our hands and turned around to help an elderly lady, clearly filthy rich.

“Come, I think our time here is up. Let’s go find our men and get going. I’m dying for that drink Luke spoke about. What’s with you? Also have a hard-on? My baby bro! You’re so adorable when you blush like that!” André said and hugged me, pushing my cock out of the way to my left, like he knows where I want it. Ahhh! That felt better!

“André, you’re a god-sent! Yes, that’s better - thanks. Come!” My cock was out of the way so to speak. I looked back at Blake and he was looking at us. He winked at me. Shit, Mr le Roux! You’re incorrigible!


Luke dropped us off in front of The Hour Glass Pub in Brompton Road, a few blocks from Harrods. Clive invited him to join us after he has parked the bus just around the corner in a small parking lot. It felt right to let him join us on Christmas day when he was away from his family.

The pub was just off a corner and there were very conspicuous green awnings above all the windows. It looked inviting.

We entered and … WOW! It was just wood and beautiful lamps, tables, upholstered couches with high backs! Beautiful! The bar itself was solid wood with rows of glasses over the counter. It was a real place for a good kuier!

[’n kuier ('khuy-jhir') = a visit, but in Afrikaans it encompasses much more: it’s like the whole act of visiting each other, drinking together, eating together. It’s like ‘visit’, but to us ‘kuier’ means much more]

“This is one nice place! Kudos for Luke! Where is he? Ahh! Thanks Luke!” André said to Luke as he entered. And to me he said: “You should’ve let him fuck you on the first day already! Look how nice he was today and now this! Phew!” André at his best. He got a swipe on the head for his remark.

"Ow! You're hurting me baby bro!"

“Gentlemen, this is a typical high end pub. There are less spectacular ones, but this one is one of the best and most beautiful I've seen. It’s my first time in here and I’m impressed!” Clive said and led the way to the counter. It was still early and there was enough space for at least 5 of us right next to the counter. The other 5 stood behind us. Yes, I was one of the group that got a stool with Pierre (who else?) standing right behind me. Luigi was standing next to him, on my other side.

The barman gave us a couple of menus and asked what we wanted to drink. They had apple cider draught and I chose that. Most of the others chose the cider too. A few like Clive, Pierre and Diego, chose Guinness beer draught.

We looked at the menu and I decided to try the ‘Rare breed Cumberland Scotch egg’, and some others also chose it. The other items on the menu included:

  • Beer sticks                                                                                           £2,00
  • Paprika & garlic olives                                                                       £3,50
  • Smoked almonds                                                                               £3,50
  • Rare breed herb &   pancetta sausage roll                                    £4,50
  • Bray’s Cottage pork pie                                                                     £4,50
  • Triple cooked beef dripping   chips, garlic mayo                           £4,50
  • Whipped cod’s roe, sourdough,   raw fennel                                 £4,50
  • Rare breed Cumberland Scotch   egg                                             £4,50
  • Montgomery cheddar Welsh   rarebit                                             £4,50
  • Cannon & Cannon British   salami sticks                                        £4,50
  • Homemade pork scratchings   & wild crab apple sauce              £4,50
  • British charcuterie to share                                                              £12,50

“Greg, come and have a look at this! Have you seen twins so identical in your life before? Blow me down Iris! This is incredible! Let me have a look? Yes, identical! Poor mother to raise you two!” the barman with the nametag Paul said.

"We were little angels! Ask my Mom!" Andre said and pushed his chest out, bragging.

When the others have placed their orders, the barman started handing us our drinks. I took a sip and was blown away. This was by far the best cider I’ve ever tasted! The cider we had in South Africa paled in comparison to the stuff I was drinking in The Hour Glass!

Paul brought us a few beer sticks, on the house, because “of the grand twins in the house”! Well, well.

There was a lively chatter and of course, Johann and André were at the top of their games: lots of jokes – some at the expense of the other 8 of us – and lots of laughter. I noticed that Diego was unfazed by the hits he had to take. Good for you, I thought.

The food arrived and once again, I was blown away. The medium-boiled eggs were covered by a ‘cladding’ of mincemeat and were fried crispy. It tasted divine, and together with the the cider – heaven! It was the perfect appetizer and drink on this cold Christmas day, surrounded by the men I loved!

By 6 o’clock we decided to leave. We all gave Clive some money so he could settle the account. Clive and Luke had some discussion and Luke was nodding a few times, and I overheard ‘yes Mr Cooper’.

Clive came to us and said that there was an Egyptian restaurant, Aladino’s, in Church Street just off Hyde Park on the western side. The food was excellent and although around £20 per head for a main course, it was well worth it. All the guests Luke had taken there were happy and very satisfied. He warned against buying a bottle of wine, as liquor was very expensive.

“So, how about some Egyptian food for a change? And if we stick to fruit juice, Coke or bottled water, we could get away with around £60 per couple. What do you say? Luke said he’d wait for us until 9 o’clock. He knows of a pub in the area where he’d get something to eat and then he’d pick us up at around 9 pm. I’ll give him £20. What do you say? Every couple pays for themselves? Right?” Clive said and looked at each of us. “Diego, you and Giovanni could be a ‘couple’ for tonight. Do you have enough money, Diego? If not, we’ll all donate £3 to help you. I know a barrister doesn’t earn a salary to afford such lavishness. OK guys?” Luigi said, without waiting for an answer from Diego. We all agreed on the spot and each gave Clive a £2 and a £1 coin.

“Thanks guys! You’ve made my day … I’ll repay you …” Diego said.

“Oh, that’s no problem! As long as you keep my baby bro happy, it’s fine!” André, who else?


Luke drove us up to the restaurant. The outside was black and fairly non-descript, and it was squeezed in between other businesses. Not very inviting from the outside we thought.

“Don’t worry about the exterior – Luke says the interior is beautiful!” Luke said. We stood in front of the restaurant and what we saw through the windows, was indeed very inviting. The lights and interior were indeed beautiful.

When we entered the establishment, it became clear why it was a successful restaurant: it was posh in the extreme!

We were shown to a table and another table was pushed closer to accommodate all 10 of us. Our waitron was a good-looking young man in his mid-twenties: medium height with short brown hair. His nametag said his name was Grant.

Grant gave us our menus and mentioned that they had a special for groups of 10 and more: we’d get a 10% discount and a pitcher of the house wine for every 5 people.

We looked at the Christmas menu Grant gave us but the items were fairly expensive:


Traditional Oven-Baked Okra (Bamia)                                           £12

In garlic and coriander sauce, served with pitta bread


Roasted Fillet Of Hake                                                                        £20

White beans, clams, Jerusalem artichoke crisps


Whole Or Half Lobster                                                                        £42 / £21

Thermidor sauce, okra fries


Fillet Of Beef                                                                                          £25

Braised shallot, pomme purée, sprout tops, red wine jus


Slow-Roasted Tender Shank Of Lamb                                           £20

Infused with mild Egyptian spices and served with smooth mashed potatoes


Traditional Oven-Baked Okra (Bamia) With Lamb                      £14

Served with long-grain saffron rice


Confit Leg Of Duck                                                                              £16

Mustard fruits, celeriac rémoulade


We looked at each other and decided the duck could be fine and tasty.

“I could ask the chef to throw in a salad for you fine gentlemen. May I ask: are you film stars? Are you here to make a movie?” Grant said and looked at Luigi, Clive, Gunther, me, André … he took a double take and looked at us again. “No! Twins? You are identical! Wow! Wait! I’ll be back!” Grant said and rushed back to the kitchen.

“What seems to be the problem? He took one look at you two and then he ran off! André, what have you done?” Johann said and cocked his head looking at my brother.

“Nothing you twat! I was just sitting here minding my own business. I didn’t say a word and hardly looked at the waitron. Sheez! Nou gaan ek regtig my Pa bel! Julle behandel my soos gemors (Now I’m really going to call my Dad! You’re treating me like rubbish)!” André feigned hurt and indignation and pretended to sob like a teenage girl. We cracked up laughing.

“There they are! Have you ever seen anything like it? I think they're film stars, Mr Sharif!” Grant gushed when he returned with a distinguished-looking gentleman, clearly of Middle-Eastern origins. Egyptian?

“You’re right! They're identical to the last detail! Gentlemen, pardon us talking about you like this, but we’re honoured to have you here! Are you indeed film stars? Where are you from? And, thank you for honouring us with your presence!” Mr Sharif said.

“I’m from London and Giovanni over there is from Italy and Dublin, Diego there is from South America but lives here, Gunther is from Germany, Luigi originally from Italy and the rest is from South Africa: Johann, Juan, Pierre and the twins André and Antonio. They’re here for a photo shoot for Boss Models. My Dad is in charge of the exercise – he works for Boss,” Clive said and took Mr Sharif’s hand.

“Sadek Sharif! Welcome to my restaurant. I’m privileged to have you here. Grant, please take good care of them. And the twins … I’m one of twins, but my brother and I are not even close as identical as you! You’re amazing! I can see why you're models!” Mr Sharif said and looked at us.

“Thank you Mr Sharif! We’re in love with your restaurant! It’s beautiful and the items on the menu look divine!” Clive said and shook the Egyptian man’s hand.

“Grant, two bottles of wine on the house! Please bring them two bottles of the French wine we got last week. It’s Christmas and when will we have such a fine selection of male models here again! For you, the discount for your order will be 20%! If I can make a suggestion, the duck is delicious and just enough on a day filled with lots of food,” Mr Sharif said. Exactly what we thought too, plus it was more affordable. The 20% discount would be very welcome, taken into account our ridiculously weak currency.

“We also thought so. Thanks Mr Sharif! And thanks for the wine! Much appreciated,” Clive said.

“We’re sending you some salad and some flatbreads too. Enjoy gentlemen! Twins, you’re adorable and very attractive. True models! How old are you?” Mr Sharif asked us.

“We turned 19 in August,” I managed to say before André jumped in and said: “We’re very mature young men, Sir! Our Dad is mighty proud of us! We’ve just finished our first year at university, studying Electrical and Electronic engineering.”

“Impressive! And I’m sure you’ve passed? That calls for a toast then! Grant, where is the wine boy?” Mr Sharif said.


Our evening at Aladino’s in the company of Mr Sharif was exquisite and memorable. The food was delicious. The duck was melt-in-the-mouth good and very tasty.

Mr Sharif was a good host with listening skills and he asked questions without invading our privacy. He was clever enough to deduct that we were gay: 10 dashing men with not a single woman? And he didn’t bat an eyelid when Luigi kissed me. He might originally be from an Arab country, but he was enlightened enough to fit into the 21st century.

At one stage Mr Sharif sat down next to Clive and had a long chat with him about his studies. Mr Sharif’s elder son was about to start his medical studies and wanted to know which medical school he should attend.

He was fascinated that André and I were busy with so many things, including being vintners. When André told him about my graftings, he said with astonishment: “No! You’re so young! And? I take it you’re an accomplished grafter then? Are there any new wines out of this?”

And so it went on. By half past 8 Mr Sharif called Grant and requested 11 desserts, on the house – one for himself. It was called Om Ali, which was crisp filo pastry, baked in a rich cream with a touch of vanilla, topped with baked almond flakes. It sounded delicious. I saw on the menu it was priced at £9 each … wow! That was almost R200 in our Mickey Mouse money! And we were getting it on the house! This man really liked us!

“My son’s name is Ahmed and he is gay. Only his mother and I know. Not even my brother, my sister or my daughter know. We have to be very careful. I’d appreciate it if you could be of assistance to make him make the right friends when he went to university,” Mr Sharif said – just like that.

“Erm … in London it’s not a problem at all. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be careful in order that other Muslim students don’t out him and target him, but once he has established a circle of a few friends, he should be OK. I have a gay friend who is busy with his first year in medicine now. He started in August. Perhaps Jerry could help Ahmed. Please give me your son’s number and I’ll talk to Jerry. Jerry is the typical British boy: straight forward and one would never guess he was gay. Also, he is very attractive. Girls run after him like you can’t believe, not to mention the other gay guys! Do you have a picture of Ahmed I could send to Jerry? For all we know they might hit it off!” Clive said and took out his iPhone.

“Yes, give me your number and I’ll send you a photo of Ahmed and his number,” Mr Sharif said. When the message with the photo and number arrived on Clive’s phone, he stored the number and photo and punched some keys on the touch-screen and the info was sent to Jerry.

“Guys, look at this! Mr Sharif’s son is an extremely sexy boy! Is he a tall guy?” Clive asked Mr Sharif.

I looked at the photo and was astonished at the good-looking features of the boy called Ahmed. He was extremely sexy with pitch-black hair (no surprise there!), dark brooding eyes, long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, a five o’clock shadow and a kissable mouth! Wow! He had a big beautiful nose and I knew: this man was hung too!

“As a matter of fact, Ahmed is over 6 foot tall; 6 foot 2 inches. About 1,83 metres I think? I’m not sure about the metrics. Do you have a photo of Jerry?” Mr Sharif asked.

Clive opened his Photos and showed a photo of him and Jerry having a drink at an autumn party about 2 months earlier. I got a glimpse of Jerry. He was attractive and albeit very manly, it was clear he adored Clive. Perhaps because he knew what Clive carried around in his pants?

Clive’s phone binged: an iMessage from Jerry.

“Mr Sharif, your boy has his first friend! Jerry says: ‘Oh my godd! Where did you get this hunk? What a sexy man! Yes, I’m interested! Big time! Do I wait for him to contact me or do I tell him I’m interested? Wow!’ There you have it! I’ve just played matchmaker! How about you giving Ahmed Jerry’s number and his photo and let him be the hunter?” Clive said and sent another individual photo of Jerry to Mr Sharif’s phone, together with Jerry’s number.

“Good idea. My boy is so miserable at home. All his friends are out with girls and he is stuck at home with his mother and sister. He’d be very happy to meet someone. Thanks. Let’s hear what he says. I'm sending the info and photo now,” Mr Sharif said.

Within half a minute, Mr Sharif’s phone started to ring – it was Ahmed.

“Ahmed! How are you my boy?”

I was surprised they didn’t speak Arabic, but perhaps they’ve westernised too much and perhaps they spoke English at home.

“No, Jerry is not here at the restaurant, but one of his friends, also a medical student, is. Do you like Jerry?”

Mr Sharif listened and although we could hear a voice on his phone, we didn’t hear what he was saying. I was close enough to hear it was a deep, sonorous voice. Nice!

“No, you’re not expected to do anything if you don’t want to, but I think it couldn’t hurt if you contacted Jerry and perhaps meet him. What do you have to loose, hmm?”

More of the deep sonorous voice.

“Would you like to speak to Clive, Jerry’s friend? Just hold on,” Mr Sharif said and handed Clive his phone.

“Hallo Ahmed. Yes, I'm Clive, a friend of Jerry. Yes, he is doing first year medicine. What? Oh yes, he is gay. No, we’ve never slept together. Oh, I just think you’re exactly what he likes and wants. Why don’t you call him? I know for a fact he’s at home with his mom and he is miserable being alone. You two could just hit it off for all you know. Give him a call. He has your photo and he likes what he sees! Yes, he is a nice guy and not a flapping queen. Just a normal boy who happens to be a bottom … erm … I mean, he is gay. *Yes, he is a bottom. Why? Oh, you’re a top? See, that sorts it out then*! Come on! Give him a call and see what happens. Yes, he is smooth as a baby and yes, he has blue eyes! What? I have no idea. We’ve never been in bed together. I wouldn’t know,” Clive said. “OK Ahmed? Your dad is a great guy to look out for you. Cherish him and love him. There are not that many of his calibre! Yes, and you too! Enjoy and call Jerry! He’d be over the moon!”

“Thank you Clive! This would mean so much to my beautiful boy! He is so attractive but very shy. This might just be the opportunity to give him some more confidence. I have to say, Jerry looks and sounds like a nice guy,” Mr Sharif said as he was looking at Jerry’s photo on his phone.

“Mr Sharif, he is. Now you just need to get him into King’s College. If his results are good, they’ll accept him. If he gets in, he’ll be a year behind Jerry, but that would solve a few problems like them accidentally displaying affection in front of the others. How does he do in his A levels?” Clive asked.

“Oh, he is a straight A student! I’m glad you mentioned King’s College as we were looking at others too. But, let the boys meet first and let’s see what happens. I have a good feeling about this!” Mr Sharif was very excited.

The Om Ali dessert arrived and we dug in. It was stupendously delicious and like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Incredible! Perfect and light.

Mr Sharif’s phone rang. It was Ahmed.

“Hallo my boy! What …? Slowly now! Say that again? Really? Ahmed, I’m very glad to hear that! When? Tomorrow already? You know the restaurant is closed tomorrow. Perhaps you could meet him at the London Eye and then go for a drink at a pub? Yes, of course my son! Yes! Oh I’m so glad! Yes! I should be home by 12. I’ll look in on you, OK? What are you doing now? Ahmed! You’re incorrigible! Keep it in your pants for now! Yes, of course! Yes! Yes! Take care! I love you too! I’ll see you later, OK? Yes. Bye! Bye!”

It was clear Ahmed has called Jerry and they both liked what they saw and heard. So then, Clive was a matchmaker of sorts! I wondered why Mr Sharif said Ahmed was incorrigible … perhaps he told his dad he had a hard-on!

“Well, the wine and dessert that are on the house are worth every penny! Thanks Clive! I’m very glad for my boy. I want him to be happy and if he could meet an intelligent boy that isn’t riff raff, I’m happy. Would you please excuse me for a minute? I need to sort out your account with Grant. I’ll be back,” Mr Sharif said and we yanked Clive’s chain a bit. Matchmaker, no less!


We had some coffee with Mr Sharif and some Arabian style biscuits. It was very strong coffee but very flavourful.

After the coffee, I looked at my watch and saw it was 5 to 9. Time to go. Clive also looked at his watch and we started to gather our belongings and got up.

At the pay point, we were pleasantly surprised: Mr Sharif rounded off the total to £120, all-inclusive. Wow! We each shelved out £13 to cover the cost of a delicious meal in the company of a man who deserved to be a dad and a tip for Grant. Mr Sharif’s son Ahmed was a very lucky guy to have him as a dad.

“Goodbye men! Thanks for choosing Aladino’s. It was a privilege to have you here tonight! Thanks for helping to set my boy up. Clive, may I contact you if we run into trouble with the applications for King’s College?”

“Yes, of course, but experience has shown me they're on the ball and you shouldn’t have any problem at all,” Clive said and shook Mr Sharif’s hand. We all thanked Mr Sharif and shook his hand.

Grant stood by the door and opened it for us, bowing slightly as we exited the exquisite restaurant. It was an experience!


We bundled into the bus. Luke had the engine running and the heater was on. It was nice and warm inside.

“Guys, a quick look at the Christmas lights before Luke takes us back to the Berkley. There are many spectacular lights, but Oxford and Regent streets are not too far. The best part about Christmas in London is that the streets get quieter with less pedestrians and traffic. So, off we go! Thanks Luke!” Clive said as he tapped Luke on the shoulder and came to sit in front of us.

I had my iPhone out and saw a quotation on Safari by a certain Norman Vincent Peale: “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” 

Indeed, it was. The lights we saw were breathtakingly beautiful! I marvelled at the magic and to think that just over a hundred and fifty years ago, the powers of electricity were harnessed to become the workhorse of the 20th and 21st centuries. Today almost everything relied on electricity in some way or another.

By half past 10 Luke dropped us off at the hotel. We were sated, elated and we were a happy bunch of men. We all thanked Luke and shook his hands. I still gasped inwardly at the size of the man’s hands. Oh fuck! Even though he was rude, his cock was not! I loved sucking it and feeling it in me! I was a fucking slut and I didn’t deny it. I loved a man’s attention, his cock and his fucking – full stop!

We all gave Luke a £5 coin for the day and we bundled into the hotel. Luke departed to take the bus back and go home. Fortunately he had the next day off.

Public transport would still not be up and running fully, but the major lines would have limited service.

“Do you know what happens tomorrow in London?” Clive asked as we waited for the elevators. We didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Tomorrow the big sales start! Many people return unwanted gifts, which are sold at a fraction of the original prices. There is a plethora of shops in Soho we could visit tomorrow as Soho is on the main lines. But, if we do go, don’t buy just anything just because it’s on sale. However, you could strike a bargain. Plus, you could add your shopping to your Boss clothes that are sent back home. Boss won’t mind,” Clive said and ruffled my hair. He hugged me to him and kissed me on the head.

“Yes, we could hit the shops after breakfast and see what’s on offer. Perhaps there are a few things we could pick up, such as kitchen things for us but also for Mom. What do you say boys?” Pierre said.

“I say, let’s go and have a look. For all we know, the best jacket has my name on it!” André put in. As if we didn’t have enough clothes!

“Ahh, here are the elevators. Come Antonio, I don’t care what Pierre says, tonight you sleep with me … oh, and of course with Luigi … but, step aside horse-cock man! This is my time!” Clive said and punched Pierre in the arm.

“Ow! Know your place Pommie! You’re still very new here! Ant, do you even want this man to sleep next to you? I mean, after you've had  me, the stallion of the south, would you be satisfied with this white excuse of a man?” Pierre retorted.

“Watch it! This white Pommie has a cock of death and would put your excuse of a winkie to shame!” Clive said.

The banter was in good nature and went on while we travelled up to the third floor. At one stage Pierre put his arm around Clive and said: “You know what you damn Englishman? I like you! In fact, in 5 days I think I’ve also grown to love you, even though it might be a small fraction of what I feel for our boy. But, I think I might like you a bit better than this morning!” He planted a kiss on Clive’s mouth.

“Oh, you big oaf of a bhoorkie! Yes, I also like you a bit more than I did at breakfast! In fact, I love you a bit too, and don’t ask me why, I love it to see you fuck our boy with that excuse of a winkie!”

“It’s the same size as yours. Does that mean you consider your own cock to be ‘an excuse of a winkie’? Hmm!” Pierre said and took Clive’s huge bulge in his hand. “How about I suck you tonight and make you cum? Give our boy a rest? And then I make you swallow your cum from my mouth? How about that, Pommie?” Pierre said and put his nose on Clive’s nose. They were almost exactly the same height.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I’ve wondered what your multiple cumloads would taste like!” Clive said and grabbed Pierre’s big bulge. “Aha! A semi! Are you hot for me bhoorkie?”

“Oh fuck yes! If you were a bottom, I’d nail you!”

“Well, not with this horse-cock you don’t! The chances of me bottoming for you are as remote as the South Pole is from the North Pole. Never! But a blowjob? Any day!” Clive said and kissed Pierre. My godd! My men were getting hot for each other!

When the elevator doors opened on the third floor, the two tall men were in each other’s arms and kissing each other rather passionately. My, my!

“How about some liqueurs? I wonder if there were some in the fridge?” Johann put in. “It would appear we’re in for a freak show tonight! Everybody on board! The freaks are in town!”

“Clowns!” André said. “Hmph!”

We all agreed liqueurs would be a good way to end the day.

“Just put up a hand if anyone of you need to be rescued!” Johann said and gave Pierre’s butt a slap.

Pierre and Clive were the last to leave the elevator. “I’ve got a number on that horse-cock of yours! Just you wait!” Clive said and groped Pierre’s bulge again as we walked towards our suite.

“You're on, Pommie! Me too! I want to suck you till you’re bone-dry! Let’s see how you handle that!” Pierre said and kissed Clive on the cheek.

“If you wanted to kiss me, do it damn well properly!” Clive said and stopped dead in his tracks, took Pierre in his arms and kissed him, tongue, spit and all. Wow!

“Fuck, you have me as horny as a cat in Spring! I’m going to make you pay for this!” Pierre said and grabbed Clive and kissed him again.

“Come, come children! Let’s behave out here and wait until we’re home before you start fighting!” Johann said.

It was clear the two tall men were really hot for each other. I wondered where that would leave me?


In the suite, we were surprised and taken aback. There was a basket with fresh fruit, a tin of the most exquisite biscuits. There were containers with Nescafé coffee sachets, tea, herbal tea, and even Rooibos tea (true South African export product). There was a jug with milk and there were cups and saucers, sugar and sweeteners.

On another table there was a selection of all our favourite liqueurs with glasses and in the fridge, lemonade, Coke Zero, orange juice, cranberry juice and apple juice. And, some bottled cider, the same brand that we had earlier in the day.

And there was hot chocolate in Thermos flasks. Yay!

“This could only be my Dad or John or management. Either way, this is what I’d expect from a hotel like the Berkley. Super duper. OK bhoorkie, you can let go of my cock now. Let’s get some refreshments first. Antonio, please call off your dogg so I could have some liqueurs? Sheez! Clingy is not the word!” Clive joked.

“Oh fuck Englishman, I’ll get you for that! Just you wait!” Pierre said and slapped Clive on his butt.

“Ow! If you loved me, this is not the way to show it!”

The two men really liked each other. The banter was just their way of trying to hide how much they actually liked each other.


We had some refreshments and lounged around. I had some hot chocolate and a Frangelico. Clive made it a point to sit next to me and he had his hand on my thigh all the time, brushing his fingers against my crotch. He was a sneaky jackal! And, not to be outsmarted, Pierre sat on my other side – poor Luigi was relegated to another chair, removed from his husband-to-be – and had his hand on my other thigh. Ahh! And where is the so-called interest they had for each other now, I thought.

After we’ve had our share of snacks and drinks, André stood up and said: “Shower time boys! It might have been a cold day outside, but this boy is in need of some water on his back. Come, you ugly ogre! Let me go wash your filthy back before you stink up the bed!” Juan just laughed and we all agreed. If there is one thing a South African man can’t skip, it’s a daily shower and even twice a day, cold weather and hot weather.


The showering was more or less without any major incidents. The two tall men did linger in front of the shower and they were both as hard as a rock, touching each other, groping each other, kissing each other and ahhh! Clive bent over and sucked Pierre’s cock! We were going to have a show tonight, I thought. I wondered if I’d be featuring in the shenanigans?

Soon we were all squeaky clean, teeth brushed and creams and lotions applied where required.

Pierre and Clive couldn’t keep their hands or eyes off each other. My godd! What a beast was unleashed between the two of them?

I took a dump and douched for good measure. A bottom has to be prepared at all times!


The sleeping arrangements were the same as the previous night. In our bed it was Luigi, Pierre, Giovanni, Clive and I. In the other suite it was Juan, André, Johann, Gunther and Diego. Fortunately the beds were big and it was cold. The other 5 said goodnight and went to the neighbouring suite. Diego wasn’t too happy …

Bhoorkie, please sleep behind me? I’m still going to sleep behind our boy. Giovanni, you can sleep behind the Italian hunk. Yes, I do notice your sexiness, Luigi! I’m not ignorant of your attractiveness! Its just a pity the big chunk of a bhoorkie here is so damn ugly!” Clive joked and Pierre grabbed his crotch with one of his huge hands.

“Take it back! Now! Or I’ll break off this big dong you want to fuck our boy with! Take it back!”

“Oh! Oh! OK man! You're king and master and I love you! Fuck! There, I’ve said it! Happy? Fuck you man! You didn’t have to hear that! Sheez!” Clive swore and took Pierre in his arms. “Fuck man, but I do love you. Not the same as I love our boy, but you’re such a fucking smart cookie and such a damn man’s man! I love you a lot!”

“Don’t worry, I love you too and think you’re a damn nice guy. We’re looking forward having you with us next year. Just get your butt over there or I’ll come here and drag you by this big cock over there! Now, how about that promised blowjob? Feel how hard my cock is for you!” Pierre said and kissed Clive.


The two tall hung men went at each other like they were lovers. In fact, if it weren’t for my existence and the fact that they were both tops, they’d have become official lovers.

Between the kisses and hugs Pierre blurted it out: “I want you to marry me! Please say yes! I want to marry you Englishman! Yes? Will you?”

“I thought you’d never ask! Of course you dummy! I love Antonio but it’s you I want to marry! Of course yes! Fuck! What do you think? But first I have to get my stuff sorted out. Did you guys get that? This big beautiful man wants to marry me! Oh godd! Yes! A hundred times yes!” Clive was as happy as ever.

“Ant, come here, please?” Pierre said and pulled me over Clive to lie on top of the two of them. “This proposed marriage changes nothing between you and me – I love this hung hunk next to me and I want to marry him, but I love you unconditionally. Please remember that! I never want to live without you, I never want to sleep without you, I never want to be without you next to me. You hear! Even though I’d love to suck this man some times, it’s you I want to make love to. OK?”

“Ant, the same from me. Even though Pierre and I might, will, could … whatever … get married, I also want you to be there all the time. You and Luigi and now the half-bred too, are an integral part of our lives. We never want to be without you – ever, you hear?”

“I’m very happy for you and yes, I want to be an integral part of your lives. I can’t imagine a life without you Pierre, and after only 5 days, you’ve become a real darling Clive. I love you both very much. And, Luigi and I are going nowhere. Giovanni will be there too! You might want to suck him so you could see the attraction I have for the half-bred!” I joked but at the same time, I was serious and sincere.

The two tall men kissed me, and soon it was a three-way kiss with lots of tongue and spit. My hard cock pushed in between the two hard tummies, leaking lots of precum in their tummy hair.

“How about the two of us fuck you tonight? First Pierre, then me and then both of us? Feel up to it? Luigi, OK with you? Then you could have the all-nighter? Giovanni, do you want to open our boy for us? Luigi, is it OK with you?” Clive said.

“No. Tonight is about you two and finding your groove with each other. No, Antonio and I will sleep in each other’s arms and see what happens,” Luigi said.

“And I could add my half-bred 29cm cock to the mix! Antonio, you OK?” Giovanni said and moved towards us.

“Gio, give it a rest fratello (brother) tonight – I’m a bit tired. Let’s see where the night takes us. OK?” Luigi said and pinched Giovanni’s cheek.

“You’re so cruel dottore (doctor)! But yes, I’m also tired. My cock is only semi-hard looking at the two going at it over there! But if things start to develop during the night, I want in, OK?”

“We’ll see. Mio caro, are you happy? OK with you?”

“Yes Luigi! I’m fine. One night of rest … my hole will thank me tomorrow!” I said and moved into Luigi’s arms. I put my head on his shoulder. He had his arm around my shoulder and kissed me on the head.

Fratello, come lie in my other arm. You’re not forgotten, not after this week. You’re part of the family now. Come,” Luigi said and pulled Giovanni into an embrace. “Sheez, that thing pushing against me is not semi anymore! Behave, OK?”

Behind me I heard Pierre and Clive kissing and touching each other. I was sure the two would find some mutual pleasure and a happy ending. I wonder where all the cum from their multiple orgasms would go … Down their throats? I hoped so, otherwise John would have to have the sheets changed again!

“Thanks for the nice presents mio caro. The paperweight with your photo will be used with pride in my office! And thanks for a nice day. This was one of the best Christmases ever. Only a Christmas with the family in Firenze is better. You’ll see when you meet them. Nonetheless, thanks and sleep well. I might want to have an all-nighter later on – OK? Perhaps Giovanni could join us?”

“Oh yes, please!” Giovanni said. I put my hand on his groin and yes, he was hard! A session with the two Italians? Yes, bring it on!

“Let’s see how it develops. We have the two horse-hung boys going at it … who knew?” I said and felt Clive’s butt against mine.

Next to us the two big boys groaned as they shot their first loads into each other’s mouths. From the grunts and moans, it was clear it was huge volumes that were pumped into each other’s mouths. Hmmm! I know what it was like and was just a bit jealous. But, just once I gave up a session with them in order for them to have some time with each other.

It was clear the two men were cumming one round after the other and both were squealing with delight. They let go of each other’s cocks and turned around to kiss each other. They were going to swop cum, nonetheless. They were really hot for each other.

“Fuck, you sexy hung man! You came like a faucet! What the hell do you eat to cum so much! You literally flooded my mouth!” Clive said as he broke the kiss.

“Same here! You shot one hell of a load! Hmmm! I loved it! And it tasted so good! Come here you sexy beast! Ahhh,” Pierre said and kissed Clive. “Fuck, I never thought I'd ever feel this way about another big hung man! You’ve put something in my drink, haven’t you? I love our boy, but fuck, I love you too! Too bad we’re both tops … hmmm! You know how to kiss!”

The two were kissing each other, stroking each other’s backs, pushing their huge cocks against each other.

“OK if we get some sleep now? Will you please sleep behind me?” Clive said.

“Yes, of course, but be kind to our boy … I know what you have in mind! Jackal” Pierre said.

Clive rolled towards us and settled in behind me, his huge rubbery cock pushing against my butt. I knew he’d be fucking me during the night … Ahhh! I didn’t mind at all!

= To be continued = 




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