During the night I had to go to the toilet. The cum in my hole just became too much. I had to get rid of it. I was afraid I'd lose it and make a mess on the bed. While I was gone, the guys have moved around and the only space left for me when I returned, was between Juan and Johann so I crawled in there.

When I lied down, I moved in close behind Juan and put my arms around him. It felt so nice and warm ... Johann sighed deeply and moved in behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and put his head on my neck, and sighed again. His enormous rubbery cock pushed between my thighs and he humped me lightly in his sleep.

The cock was big and rubbery and wet ... and moving slowly between my legs.

Godd, this was one godly and sexual man. He was insatiable! He fucked me three times the previous night and he was still horny! Plus, he was a nice guy, and one sexy damn man! I couldn't help liking him. I didn't love him but enjoyed his company and the fucking was spectacular.

I felt him stirring behind me. He pushed my right leg up a bit ... what? No! I felt cold stuff on my hole and some more fumbling. He was going to fuck me again! What? The man really was insatiable! And then I felt my own cock push between Juan's legs ... I was hard again! I wanted it! Again ...! My godd, I was a slut!

The huge rubbery head pushed in. I knew the drill and pushed out. My hole was so loose from all the fucking, the head just slipped right in. I gasped silently ... my godd! This felt good again ... I might not have loved that man, but Johann was a sex dogg!

The huge rubbery cock was slowly sliding into me, slowly fucking me back and forth as it entered me. He'd push in and pull back a bit, push in deeper, and pull back ... In no time he was in balls-deep. He held his cock still and made it twitch a bit. It was one humongous cock and once again I marvelled that it didn't hurt me. A-fucking-mazing stuff!

Johann softly kissed my ear and said almost inaudibly: "OK?" He slowly fucked me with his huge cock and it felt wonderful.

I worried about Juan in front of me and André in front of him. They allowed Johann to fuck me alone after we looked at the photos on Johann's camera, but ... again? Oh my godd! Slut!

It felt fantastic and I felt my cock leaking precum on Juan's leg. Oh my ... I loved him so much. What was he going to say if he realised I was being fucked again ...?

Johann was slowly fucking me and with every stroke I felt the orgasm building up in my loins. I can't cum! I just had to hold back. Oh ... oh ... I was slut!

Johann's movement behind me was picking up speed. Could he cum so soon? And so soon again after the previous time? Hound dogg!

His breath started to become deeper and faster ... he was about to cum ... again!

And then it happened. Johann shot one of his huge loads into me, 29cm into my rectum. Oh, oh, oh! My! Godd! The huge cock spasmed and twitched and the cum spurted into me.

I was on the verge of cumming but breathed deeply and willed my cock not to cum ... I'd spray my cum all over Juan ... it just couldn't happen! My cock was twitching wildly and leaked lots of precum ... I hoped Juan would remain asleep ... oh my ... Slut!

Johann pulled out a few centimetres and pushed it back again and made the huge head swell. This was one magnificent cock and a hugely skilled lover! I liked this man, but was scared Juan and André would wake up and see what had happened right under their noses ... Slut!

Johann hugged me and said very softly: "Thanks". He was a nice guy and such a gentleman. I was glad he'd become our friend with benefits. We'd enjoy his company and the odd sexual encounters would be fantastic. But if Juan and André found him inside me, this might have been the end of it.

The cock in me was still large but has lost some of its huge rubbery dimensions. It nestled in my rectum and the last of the cum was oozing into me.

It felt like Johann was preparing to sleep in me with his cock in me ... No! Juan and André would flip if they saw this! I tried to push Johann off, but he didn't understand and pulled me closer.

Oh fuck! I'd just have to hope for the best.

Juan stirred in front of me and pulled my arm closer over his body. I put my hand between his legs and felt his huge cock was very hard and twitching ... another round? Johann's cock was still inside me ... no! Not now. 'Down boy' I wished his cock to go soft, but no ways.

Juan mumbled something and went straight back to sleep! 'Thank you!' I prayed. Johann's breathing was deep and regular ... he was falling asleep. What to do ...?

I was tired and sleepy and felt the sleep creeping up on me ...


" ...ake up! Wake up sleepy head! Anton!" I heard through the mists of a deep sleep. I stretched and yawned. It was André.

Johann! Oh my godd! Johann ... I clenched my hole but felt nothing. Oh good! He'd pulled out before my lovers saw him in me.

"Morning ..."

"Morning sleepy head! Get up! It's 7:45 and we're all in the lounge, about to have some breakfast. You were out stone cold and we let you sleep in ... what with all the shenanigans that went down last night ... wink, wink ... but you need to get up now. Come baby bro! Up! Up! Up!"

André pulled the duvet off me and gave a whistle. "You sex dogg! Would you look at that boner!" He jumped on the bed and grabbed my hard morning wood and I gasped. I tried to get it out of his hands, but my brother was very persistent.

He wrestled me onto my back and pinned my arms next to my head. He was dressed in a robe and sat on my big hard cock. I saw his cock coming alive and lifting up between the folds of his robe.

He looked into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me, gentle and with his tongue on my lips. I gave in and opened my mouth. I really and deeply and truly loved him. We were like the two halves of a set of salt and pepper shakers. We would never be able to live without each other. André's tongue went into my mouth and I sucked it in, gently at first but as the seconds passed, our kissing became more urgent.

He pushed the robe off his shoulders and I saw his identical cock jutting up towards me. He was rock hard and ready to cum real soon. So much sex has gone down lately: we were like sex machines.

"A quicky, baby bro? I'll cum very soon. You?"

"Yes, I'd be quick. Do it!" I moaned.

André let go of me and pushed my legs up. My hole was still fairly slippery from the nocturnal fucking by Johann, and I still had his big load in me. André's cock was leaking precum. He rubbed the precum on my hole and over his cockhead. He was going to fuck me with precum alone, again! Oh my godd!

"You OK baby bro? Shall we try it?"

"Yes, I should be able to take it. Push in."

André put my legs over his arms and pushed forward. My hole was still loose and the head slipped in. "Ahhhh! Oh my godd! Baby bro, it feels good! Fuck!" He leaned in and his cock slid into me on the lube still lingering on my hole.

"You're very wet inside. Must be all the cum we pumped into you last night." He didn't know I got rid of it during the night and that it was fresh cum Johann left in me hours ago while André and Juan were asleep next to me. Slut!

"Just fuck me before the others come looking for us. We have to get it done quickly. Fuck me André!"

André picked up speed and soon his breathing became ragged. I was pumping my cock and felt the orgasm I've suppressed when Johann was fucking me earlier in the night, boiling up. As André started to groan, I felt my first shots hitting my chest, then my chin and neck. André pushed in and held his cock there pumping his load into me.

"Oh fuck! Baby bro, you're phenomenal. I'm not surprised all the men in this house want to fuck you! That was quick, but very nice."

He let go of my legs and leaned in to kiss me. He felt the cum on my face and licked it. He pushed his cum-soaked tongue into my mouth and kissed me deeply. He sat up and slowly pulled his cock from my hole. "Clench, baby bro!" And the head plopped out.

"Not to be a wet blanket, but get your beautiful sexy butt out of this bed and let's go! Chop chop!"

"'Yes Mom'" I chuckled.


I dug out my identical robe, and after a quick trip to the toilet I joined the others in the kitchen. The aroma of coffee hung in the air. "Ahh! There is our sleeping beauty! Come come! Coffee?" Pieter was the perfect host.

I leaned in to kiss Juan. "Good morning my love! Slept well?" he asked.

"Like a baby!" I lied.

I went to look out the large window and marvelled at the beautiful view of Table Mountain visible in the distance across Table Bay. Spectacular view. This was the view that added big bucks to house prices here. Pieter was doing well for himself, so he could afford it.

Pieter had everything lined up to make a scrumptious breakfast: yoghurt, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, tomatoes, croissants, cheese, marula jelly ... all laid out next to the hob and on the island. We all got some coffee and then Claude joined Pieter to help him prepare the breakfast.

We did it picnic style and had a great breakfast.

"The bathroom here is for Juan and his boys, and Johann, if it's OK with you? Claude and I will use the en suite in my bedroom. Come let's go! It is a fantastic day. Dress casually: shorts, golf shirts and slops. But do take a windbreaker. The air is still nippy. We're going for a walk on the beach. You sex-craved animals need to get some fresh air! Come, come! Let's go boys!" Pieter commanded and clapped his hands.

We got our toilet bags and opened the showerhead, and when the water was the right temperature, we got in. Just then Johann entered the bathroom, but he was shy and didn't know if he should actually come in.

"Come in Johann! Come! You're a member of the clan, so we'll put up with you!" Juan opened the shower door for him. Johann dropped his robe and I gasped inwardly ... what a spectacular cock! And that thing was in me FOUR times last night! Oh. My. Godd.

Johann joined us and with André ribbing him about his huge fuck stick scaring people, he was at ease in no time. We joked and horsed around, kissing, groping, hugging and even some sucking. Johann was a spectacular kisser and after he kissed André - Johann might have thought he was kissing me - André gushed: "Oh my godd! Johann! Where did you learn to kiss like that? Guys, you have to taste this man's mouth!"

Juan leaned in for a kiss and I saw his mouth go slack on Johann's mouth. The kiss became more intimate and a lot of tongue and saliva swopping was going on. Both their cocks were rock hard. Juan took Johann's cock in his hand and groaned ... it was a magnificent cock and Juan appreciated the huge rubbery cock in his hand.

They broke free and Juan gushed: "Fuck Johann! You are one good fucking kisser. Your moustache is driving me mad, and with that enormous cock, you're sexy as fuck! Boys, enjoy him but don't fall in love with this hound dogg! I'll do my very best not to become a bottom for him!" We all burst out laughing: Juan a bottom ...? He'd first be an astronaut, but bottom? Hardly!

Johann was holding me from behind and pushed his huge cock between my legs. The head actually appeared at the front between my legs. André saw the cockhead and went on his knees and licked it. Johann pushed it a bit further and I opened my legs. André sucked the huge cockhead into his mouth and Johann groaned. Juan took some soap and lathered my back and between Johann and my bodies. The soapsuds made our bodies slick and slippery. Johann pulled back a bit and his cockhead slipped from André's mouth. Juan was soaping up the magnificent cockhead and shaft and rubbed some more on my hole. Juan pushed my body to bend down and took Johann's big cock, and aimed it at my hole. Juan! Really?

"Fuck him! Put your huge cock in him and fuck him! I want to see your cock stretching him," Juan said.

The head of the big cock slipped in and I gasped. This was the 5th time in 12 hours that this cock was entering me! The cock slipped right into me and filled me up. André was in front of me sucking my cock. Juan took Johann's head in his hands and kissed him hungrily.

"Fuck him! Fuck him deep and hard!" Juan instructed.

Johann did just that. It felt fantastic.

"Cum and then let me in," Juan said.

Soon Johann started to groan and I felt his fifth load being pumped into me. Oh my godd!

"Pull out. I want to fuck him in your cum!" Juan was a horn dogg himself! Johann pulled out his cock and Juan took his place and unceremoniously, he pushed his 28cm cock into me. I groaned. Juan's cock was 1cm shorter and slightly thinner, but when it was hard, it was rock-hard. I groaned when his cock entered me and slid into me balls-deep in one long continuous thrust.

"Oh my fuck! Johann, you left a huge load in him! He is all wet inside! You dogg!" Juan gushed.

"Ahhhh!" I groaned. "Oh my godd! You guys are killing me! Fuck me my love! Yes! Fuck me!"

Johann and Juan were kissing and I got hold of Johann's huge cock dangling between his legs. Again I was amazed at its immense size. And it was in me 5 times already.

Juan was fucking me wholesale and André was sucking my cock. I didn't think there would be more cum left in my body after all the cumming but soon I felt the orgasm boiling in my loins. "I'm cumming!" I shouted.

"I'm cumming too! Take it! Here it comes!" Juan groaned with Johann's mouth over his.

We both shuddered and I received a load from Juan in my hole. Yet another cumload in my rectum.

Juan collapsed onto my back and hugged me. André crawled out from under me and Johann pulled him in for a deep kiss. This man was relentless! He was a master, that much was clear. André groaned as Johann kissed him and jacked his hard, leaking cock. After less than 30 seconds André started to groan and his cumload was shot onto the shower-wall. The white gooey stuff splattered on the wall and ran down in slow thick streams.

Juan stood upright and pulled his cock from my hole and hugged me from behind. "You OK, my love? Oh my godd! We've become sex maniacs like Claude! It was fantastic. Ahhhhh!"

André and Johann joined us and we hugged each other under the warm stream of water. Our cocks were still rubbery and got a few gropes from the others in the shower. At one stage as I was in Johann's arms, he kissed me and pushed his cock against me and I sighed ... This man was a nice guy. I was glad he was going to be one of us, albeit only for friendship and sex. Indeed, he was a nice guy! Little did I know!

We shampooed, we washed each other's bodies with still some more groping and touching. Johann was washing my back, I was holding his cock in my hand. Then it was Juan's turn and some more washing and groping. André got his turn. I was squeaky clean, for sure!

We towelled each other off and took our turns at the dual basins to finger comb our hair and brush our teeth. Our black beards and Johann's dark brown beard looked fantastic. We looked like characters from a mafia movie. Some very good-looking mobsters, that was for sure! I caught myself looking at Juan and Johann when they were at the basins. Two totally different men, with different bodies, different colour hair. Both had big cocks but they were completely different. They were both dashingly attractive and had exquisite hands and big feet. Both spectacular in every way, but different. I loved Juan for who he was, how he loved me, how he treated me, for the way he made love to me. I liked Johann a lot. He was a real hung hunk and a good kisser. And one hell of a fuck! I liked him, but I didn't know if it would ever go beyond friendship and fucking. Time would tell.

And then there the other half of me: my beautiful identical twin brother. What a man. I've always loved him and we completed each other. We'd always be together. The one would die if something would happen to other one. We were deeply in love with each other and nothing would ever change that.

"Stop perving over your lovers and get your mind out of the gutter, baby bro! Come, come! Let's go boys!" André took charge and opened the bathroom door. "Come!"

After dressing casually we waited for Pieter and Claude ... it was obvious they were still 'busy'. Hound dogs!

Johann got his camera out and we looked at the previous night's pictures again. I blushed crimson red. My hole was visible in most of the shots. Either plugged with Johann's cock, Pieter's huge cock stretching me and of course of Pieter's softening cock with Johann's big rubbery cock in me. Juan's cock in me. Juan's and Claude's cocks in me. André's cock with Juan's cock in me. Slut, for sure!

The pics were spectacular. I wondered what Alessandro and Sven - especially Sven! - would say of these pictures.

"Are you going to email them to us?" Juan asked.

"Too big for emailing. They are HD. I'll do one better than that. As soon as I whip out my MacBook Pro, I'll download them and make duplicates that could be emailed and then send you the smaller versions via DropBox. During the week I'll finalise the DVD and and bring it to you in Stellenbosch. I'll call you," Johann said.

"Ahhh! What do we have here? Perving over last night's pics? Anton, you're a fantastic man! You're the man!" Pieter said when he and Claude walked in. The bulges in their pants were obvious. Hmmmm! They've been at it, no less!

Pieter and Claude also had on slops and I marvelled at their beautiful feet. Claude's feet were almost identical to Juan's, but Juan's feet were just that bit more sexy ... sorry Claude! Pieter's feet were again almost carbon copies of Dad's feet, but once again, Dad's feet were just that bit more sexy ... I knew my male feet. I looked at Johann's and André's feet - the latter exact carbon copies of my own - and realised that these were also beautiful and sexy. Not in the same class as Juan's ... ahhh! No feet could ever be more attractive than Juan's feet! Johann's feet were big - at least size 15 - with long toes, perfectly pedicured nails and some black hair on the toes and a dusting on his footbridges.

"Come grab some bottles of water from the fridge and let's get some wet sand between all these gorgeous toes and some wind in our hair. Come! Johann, are you bringing your camera? There are spectacular views you might want to immortalise. Spectacular is not even a word. Come boys!" Pieter gushed.

We got some water and our jackets, and we were off. The six of us looked like the smart men that we were. Dressed in classy casuals. I noticed that every single pair of legs was hairy. Even the hair on Johann's legs was very dark. Juan's strong hairy legs were so sexy. Claude's legs were stupendous and muscular as were Pieter's. André's and my legs were those of young men, still developing and also covered in black hair. Sexy!

The condo was a stone's throw from the beach and soon we stepped onto the sand. There were very few people on the beach. It was about 10:30 but the Atlantic's water is just too cold for a pleasurable dip in the surf ... oh fuck no! Here and there, we saw couples and parents with children, or older people taking a stroll on the hard wet sand.

I couldn't keep my eyes of Table Mountain. The view looked like a postcard. I was sure this view was photographed millions of times ... wow! Johann had his camera at the ready and took many pictures. He also took pictures of us.

Juan was between André and me and we were holding hands ... yes we were in public. Juan was brave enough for the world to see his affection for us. Our Constitution did protect us and no discrimination is allowed, not that that would ever perturb the wayward hooligans. Fortunately there weren't any. I think the size of the guys was a bit daunting. Good!

We clambered onto some rocks and Johann took some more pictures. At one stage Claude took the camera from Johann and instructed him to stand with us and he took pictures of the four of us. We had our arms around each other, around our waists. Claude took photos of André and I, of us with Juan, with Johann and all of us. In most of the pictures of Johann with us, he was standing next to me. He really liked me ...

We joked and horsed around on the beach and Pieter threatened to throw André in the cold water if he didn't stop tickling him. Pieter was very ticklish! Family trait, it seemed. He ended up with André's head in a head clamp and the two fell onto the sand wrestling. When André was down, Pieter leaned in and sucked his lower lip into his mouth. And then he kissed André. It was a soft gentle kiss, which soon became a deep, loving kiss. Pieter really loved us.

Claude approached Pieter from behind without him seeing, and pounced on them. It led to a rough and tumble and sand flying everywhere. Claude was tickling Pieter mercilessly. André joined in and Pieter was reduced to a laughing, writhing mass.

"Had enough? Who's the boss here? Hmmm! Who is the boss, big man! Who is the top here?" Claude demanded with a threatening finger near Pieter's ribs.

"Oh my godd! You're killing me! If I said you're the KING, would you please let me go? And you! You're teaming up with the enemy against me! How could you!" Pieter was ribbing André.

"You're free but only after you pay a fine. Kiss! I want a kiss!" Claude demanded. André rolled free and watched the two men.

Pieter grabbed Claude and pulled him down. His mouth was on Claude's mouth and soon the kiss was urgent. Claude slipped in under Pieter and Pieter pushed down on Claude. Pieter took Claude's head between his hands and kissed him long and deeply. Were they in love? Really? I hoped so.

Johann's camera was clicking away. It looked like the scene was part of a shoot, so nobody really paid attention.

Pieter broke free and looked down at Claude. I saw the mouthing of the words: 'I love you'! Yess! I knew it! They fell for each other! I was so glad! Pieter touched Claude's face lovingly and mouthed the words back: 'I love you'! And there you had it! Pieter got his other half at last!

Juan cheered them on and clapped hands. We joined in and moved closer to the couple. We pulled them to their feet and hugged and kissed them. This was great news.

"So, you've fallen for this rogue sex hound, bro? You not afraid he might top you?" Juan put in.

Claude blushed and we knew! Pieter had fucked Claude! Pieter's huge cock was in the model's ass! Good! Hopefully he'd be kept in check now.

Johann was still clicking away and it was clear that he got some fantastic shots of the two big men. Juan leaned in and kissed his brother gently and deeply. He tousled his windblown hair and said: "Congratulations! And when did this happen?"

"Last weekend already. When we came home on Sunday, Pieter dropped me off at my place and well, one thing led to another and ... he stayed over at my place and ... it happened. It just happened as if it were pre-ordained. We were made for each other. Right big bear?" Claude tousled Pieter's hair.

"Yes, it just happened. The one minute, I was having a nightcap, and the next minute I had his big cock in my mouth! He is such an animal! But, I like!"

"Congratulations Pieter!" André and I put in. "Dad will be very pleased you've found someone. Cheers! On a happy future together!" We raised our bottles of water and toasted the happy couple.

Johann also congratulated them and kissed Claude deeply. "I'm so happy for you ... you are a great man and a fantastic model."

"Thanks! Now we need to find you someone!" If only Johann knew ...!

"Come guys! There is a nice Italian restaurant beyond the rocks over there. It is one of my favourite places. I think there is a bottle of bubbly with our names on it! Come!" Pieter urged us to follow him.

Pieter took Claude's hand in his and they ran off. Juan took André's and my hands and we followed them, with Johann in tow.


Mario, the manager, welcomed us at the door. Pieter apologised for our attire, but Mario waved it away as it was Saturday lunch. Mario was about 45 and his black hair was greying. He was shaved clean but he already had a 5 o'clock shadow. He had a very welcoming smile.

Mario was almost as tall as Pieter. He was very attractive and was a real Italian hunk. I've heard Italian men were virtually all hung hugely. I looked at Mario's hands ... oh my godd! They were enormous! Not as beautiful as Juan's, but the fingers were huge and thick. I looked at his feet. The shoes on his feet must have been at least size 17. He was dressed in a white shirt and black pants. The bulge in his pants was insanely big. Wow! I wondered if he and Pieter ... perhaps?

The restaurant manager was happy to see Pieter and he immediately made arrangements to get us a round table for 6. He gently asked an elderly couple if they would mind moving to another table and in return, they would get a bottle of wine on the house. Waiters scurried around and soon our table was ready.

Mario gave some more orders. He and Pieter were chatting while our table was being prepared. "What? Pieter! No! Really? And this is the man who broke you in? Let me take his hand! Claude, is it? Well my friend, you're in for a hell of a ride with this big bear! He is a bit cuckoo," and made a circular movement next to his head, "but a loveable man nonetheless. Congratulations!" And hugged the new couple. "Chris! 2 JC le Rouxs for table 7! Ice cold please! Come sit down. Let's get you toasted."

When the sparkling wine arrived, Mario opened the bottles and poured the bubbling stuff into the flutes. The second one was still half full and was put in an ice bucket. Mario poured himself a small shot of the stuff in a smaller glass and raised his glass.

"Cheers, my friend. And cheers to the man who has tamed this bear in such a short time. I hope you'd be very, very happy. To Pieter and Claude!"

We all raised our glasses and toasted the happy couple.

"I need to tell you, we're not the only new couple here. My brother's twins, the gorgeous two hunks with the stubbles over there, are in love with Claude's brother Juan over there."

Mario's eyes widened. "You're kidding, right? All three? Really?"

"Really ..."

Johann's camera was clicking away.

"And this is our photographer friend Johann. He is partly the key to Claude's success and will be instrumental in the threesome's success as models."

"Glad to meet you, Johann. Serious camera you got there! Love to see the pictures you've taken."

"Another JC le Roux, Chris!" Mario shouted. He pulled up a chair and looked at us. He couldn't believe what he had heard ... "I want to hear all about the threesome! How did it happen? How? All three? Dio mio!"

Juan and Pieter, and Claude of course, told Mario our story. "Phew ... this is the stuff legends and movies are made of. Well, a toast to you three too! I can't believe my ears and eyes. What a beautiful bunch of people! All happy and in love! Wow!"

Mario turned to us and gushed: "What? And you three are models too?" Mario got the details of the photo-shoot and our prospective modelling careers. "Looking at you, I'm not surprised. If the bubbly runs out, shout! I'm off to get some work done but I'll be back. I want to hear more and see the pictures."

Pieter and Claude were next to each other and then Johann. I sat next to Johann - was that by sheer coincidence? - and Juan on my other side. André sat between Juan and Pieter. We toasted some more - we were a jolly lot. André and Claude were on top form. They had us in stitches. They were relentless. Clowns could take a page from their book!

Mario pulled up a chair again and sat next to Pieter, next to Johann. He wanted to see some of the photos on Johann's camera. He leaned towards Johann. The files were called up on the small screen and when Mario saw the folder with last night's pictures, he put a hand on Johann's arm and said: "Let me see ... per favore?"

"No! Not that!" I put in.

"Don't worry, I'm OK with it. I'm not going to say anything to anybody. Show me! Pronto!"

Johann looked at Juan and Pieter ... they nodded and he opened the file.

"Mama mia! O mio Dio! Is this for real? Really? That is incredible! Show me more!" Mario enthused. His one hand was in his lap and was adjusting his cock in his pants. "This is too much! How I wish ... my godd! Who is the one taking all these cocks? Pene grosso [big cocks]! Mama mia!" He looked up and saw me blushing. "Is it you, mio ragazzo? Davvero?" [Is that you my boy? Really?]

I blushed and averted my eyes and nodded ... Mario man was amazed!

"Dio mio! Ragazzo mio, sei una stella!" [Oh my godd! My boy, you are a star!] Mario was hard, that much was clear. He looked at me and smiled. Oh my godd! I have another suitor! André and Juan were looking at Johann and missed the wink I got from Mario. He made a tiny gesture in the direction of the toilets. He winked again.

"I have to check on the kitchen. Thanks Johann. Bello! Molto bello [Beautiful! Very beautiful]! I'll be back." He winked at me again and got up. The bulge in his pants was enormous. Everybody else at the table was now checking the menu and missed it. We ordered pizzas and while we were waiting, we drank the sparkling wine and chatted about the weekend thus far and the evening ahead of us.

I excused myself to go to the toilet. "OK my love. Hurry back," Juan said and gave me a pat on the back.

As I approached the toilets, Mario saw me from the kitchen and winked. He gave some orders and looked at our table. He was waiting to slip into the toilet without the others seeing him.

As I slipped in the toilet, my heart was pounding. What the fuck were you doing, Mr Le Roux! You're playing with fire!

Mario entered and locked the door. He took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. He was a good kisser, not as good as Juan and Johann, and of course André, but good nonetheless.

His huge bulge pushed against me. He fumbled with his pants and dropped them. He pushed his underwear down and a spectacularly big and thick, and uncut and veiny cock popped out and forward. It was almost completely hard and a large drop of precum dangled at the tip. He was uncut and the cock head was enormous. It was longer than Johann's and thicker than Pieter's cocks. I gasped! I put my hand out and my hand couldn't reach around it, not even close. He groaned and pushed into my hand. The skin slid back and the huge purple cockhead appeared. This was an enormous cock! Fuck!

"Mi scusi per questo [Excuse me]. Abbiamo sol pochi secondi [We have only a few seconds]"

I gripped the huge cock in my hand and gasped. Imagine THIS dong in your hole! Oh my godd! It was a seriously big cock! I thought Pieter, Dad and Juan, and now Johann had big cocks but Mario was an Italian Stallion! Oh my godd!

Mario pulled at my pants and I complied. I quickly pulled my shorts down. He swung me around and bent me over. His huge cock was leaking lots of precum against my hole. He took the huge cock and rubbed the huge amount of the precum over my hole. This man was a freak: he had a huge cock and the amount of precum leaking from him was insanely much. I put my hand to my hole and took the huge cockhead in my hand. It felt like a baseball bat! He leaned forward and the huge head pushed in, stretching my hole. My godd! My hole actually opened and the tip of the head slipped in a bit, sliding on the precum! Oh my godd! This isn't possible! Mario held my hips and pulled me closer and I felt the head popping in my hole! I couldn't believe this! Slut!

Marion pulled out and milked his cock and spread it over the head and shaft and lined it up on my hole again. He pushed and the head slipped in again. He pushed and slowly the huge cock slid into me. I gasped. It was hurting like hell! Only precum as lube and done so quickly ... my godd! Johann's and Juan's cocks never hurt as much, but this was insane. Mario pulled back a bit and spat on his cock shaft, and spread it over the huge shaft and my hole. He pushed in again, right through my internal sphincter, and didn't stop until the whole monster cock was in balls-deep. I grunted and breathed deeply. This man was killing me. He twitched his cock. I thought he was going to split me in two. The cock swelled to gigantic proportions. "Ngggghhhhhnnnn!" I groaned.

"Scusate! Scusate! Sei spettacolare! Bello! [Sorry! Sorry! This is spectacular! Beautiful!]" He held still and I pushed out and clamped down on the huge invasion. And then it happened ... it was wonderful! I was being fucked by a horse-hung Italian stallion in a restaurant toilet, and I was fucking enjoying it! Mario pulled back and started to fuck me in earnest with relatively quick but deep strokes. His breathing was becoming fast and ragged. "Qui si tratta di ragazzo! [Here it comes boy!]"

Mario delivered a couple more jabs and then he came ... "Dio mio! Dio mio! [My godd! My godd]!" and he slammed his cock deep into me and held still. His huge cock spasmed and I felt it shooting its huge load into me ... it was a spectacular load. I felt the huge cockhead swelling up and really stretching my insides. Mario shuddered and I felt his cock still spasming inside me ... I was fucked by a real Italian stallion and filled big time.

"Grazie mille! [Thank you very much] Chiedo scusa [I apologise]!" He touched my hard wet cock and gave it a squeeze. "Non potevo farne a meno! [I just couln't help it] Grazie mille! No time ... no time."

He hugged me and kissed my neck. He pushed his gigantic cock into me again and shuddered. "Ahhhh! Dio mio!"

Mario started to pull his huge cock from my hole. It felt so good to have this enormous cock in me. I wished we had more time. When I felt the head approaching my sphincter, I clamped down and Mario groaned. When the cock slipped out, I felt a bit of his cum spilling out onto the floor. Mario turned me around and kissed me. His mouth was soft and sensual. I closed my eyes and felt his cock pushing low on my balls. It was one gigantic cock and I was just fucked with it! Mario's tongue slipped into my mouth and gave me a very nice kiss.

"I want to see you again, please? You live in Stellenbosch? I live there. Please! I see you again, no?"

"Give Juan your card at the table and we'll see," I whispered.


Mario pulled up his underpants and snaked his huge softening cock down between his legs. He pulled his pants up and zipped up. I pulled up my underpants over my still hard cock and pulled up my shorts, and watched Mario fastening his belt. He took me behind the head and pulled me in for a last kiss. I felt his still big and rubbery cock in his pants. My godd ... slut!

Mario unlocked the door and peered through a gap. The coast was clear and he slipped out. I waited a couple of seconds and slipped out. I went back to our table and slid in next to Juan. Claude and André had them roaring with laughter.

"Everything OK, my love?" Juan asked and touched my leg.

"All OK. Just had to take a quick dump ... sorry." I felt the huge load of Italian cum in my hole ... slut!

Our pizzas arrived and Mario brought us a container with mozzarella, salt and black pepper. He enquired about our sparkling wine and whether we needed anything else. We were happy and dug in. The pizza was out of this world. It had thin crispy crusts and the toppings were piled on. It tasted fantastic.

"This Italian stud knows how to make pizzas!" Claude put in.

"I've seen his restaurant in Stellenbosch, but somehow I never walked in there. I'm going to eat pizza there in future!" Johann declared.

Mario came to sit with us again and had a chit-chat with Pieter. They talked about the bi-elections and business. Mario was very happy with the world-class provincial and local government run by the DA. He could see progress and felt his tax money was put to good use.

When we started to get our things to leave, Pieter produced his card to pay. First Mario wouldn't hear of us paying, but Pieter convinced him to allow us to at least pay for the pizzas. Mario said the JC le Roux sparkling wine was on the house. While Chris was processing the sale on the mobile card machine, Mario brought business cards and gave each one of us a card. He invited us to visit again, and said that on Mondays the restaurant was closed. He put out an open invitation to visit him in his condo in the complex down the road from Pieter.

"I am very impressed with the pictures. I wish I could be so lucky ...!" Jackal!

Mario looked at us three and said there was a branch of his restaurant in Stellenbosch. Juan extended an invitation to visit us once we've moved into the townhouse. "Grazie mille! Grandi cose [Thank you very much! Great stuff]! See you soon!" Mario took his phone out and looked at Juan: "Your number?" Juan gave him his number and we got up to leave.

Mario's huge bulge pushed out obscenely from between his legs. Was he hard again? My godd! What a stallion! He had fucked me and came in less than 3 minutes flat! I clenched my hole and felt the tenderness. The man's cock was huge and he fucked me with only precum and spit! His huge load in me felt incredible.

Mario started hugging everyone and I was last. He whispered in my ear: "Grazie. Prego presto, si [Thanks. Soon again, yes]?" I felt his huge cock push against me. I wonder what Juan and André would say ... oh my godd! Slut!

The walk home was leisurely but the wind had picked up and we had to put on our jackets. We took a brisk walk and at times, we even jogged.

When we arrived at Pieter's condo, we were tired and grimy. And thirsty.

"Heineken all around? Yes?" Pieter enquired.

"Yes! Yes! Thanks! I thought you'd never ask!" were the answers he got.

We sat down and enjoyed the ice-cold beer.

I noticed there was a slight stain on the couch where Johann sat the previous night ... oh my! If these walls could talk!

"Boys, the menu for tonight will be a light one. After Mario's pizza, I think we're all sated, for food, that is! Claude and I still have a lot else to feed each other," he winked and we laughed. "There will be pasta with Bolognese which my housekeeper prepared yesterday. She might not be an Italian, but her Bolognese is to die for. I only have to prepare the pasta. Tagliatelle OK for everybody? That's settled then."

Johann fetched his computer and we our MacBooks Air. I stopped in the toilet to get rid of the copious load the Italian pumped into me ... godd! It was a huge load! The man was a horse!

We all sat down at the dining room table, and Johann connected his camera. We opened our MacBooks Air and waited eagerly.

"I will upload the pictures from the Nikon to my MacBook Pro and then prepare smaller versions to send to you. Pieter, what is your WiFi password, if I may please?"

Pieter gave the password and Johann and us logged on.

Johann started to download and edit the hundreds of photos he took the previous night and that morning. We saw the pictures on his computer screen were breathtaking. Everyone was focussed and needle-sharp. Nikon quality. He cropped some of them and made sure no face showed in any of the nude pictures. Then he copied all of the photographs into a separate folder marked 'Copies of The Fest' and changed the size of the pictures.

"Fortunately Juanita already loaded all your info on our system and it synced via iCloud with my MacBook. So, hold onto your hats, I'm sending the first batch now to your DropBox. Be warned: save them into a folder with a non-descript name, and remember: for your eyes-only. And, rest assured, the folder I've saved them in, is not included to be synced with the system in the office. Your pictures are safe. Here it comes, into your DropBox," Johann said.

Within a seconds, our MacBooks pinged and we had the pictures on our laptops. We opened them eagerly and there they were, as clear as daylight in retina display. Wow!

"Baby bro, your hole took a knock last night, hey? We'll take it easy on you tonight."

I saw Johann looking up ... was it disappointment I saw?

"Yes, tonight it's just sleep and enjoying each other. Let's give the 'baby bro' a breather," Juan put in.

Oh well, Mario did fuck me with his big cock. Perhaps a quiet night was what we all needed ... for a change.

Pieter and Claude stood behind Johann and looked at the pictures. The two had their arms around each other and they drooled over the pics on Johann's MacBook. Juan was standing behind André and me with his hands on our necks. He squeezed with his big hands and when I looked up at his crotch, it was plumped up. Horn dogg!

"Oh my godd! Pieter, these pictures are spectacular! Come see these pictures, boys!" Claude called us.

We moved in behind Johann and couldn't believe the quality and professionalism that sprang from the laptop screen at us. The view of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand was breath-taking. The impromptu photos of us on the beach, on the rocks and in the restaurant were stunning. There were a few with Mario ... the dogg! He looked so Mediterranean and I noticed he actually was a very attractive man. In one photograph he had his arm around my neck and one could see his huge fingers. Hmmmm. His huge cock proved the point!

"Let's send a few to Alessandro and Sven, Anton!"

"Are you sure, André? Are they to be trusted?" Juan enquired.

"Top-notch. And in any case, there are no faces visible in any of the pictures." I answered. Juan squeezed my neck and planted a kiss on my head. If only he knew what a slut I've been at the restaurant ...! That could never come out!

Johann duplicated these pictures as well and sent them to the DropBox on our laptops. We saved them into folders we named: "Weekend at Pieter's". The pictures were priceless. Dad and Mom would be so pleased to receive copies of these pics, I thought.

André and I emailed some select pictures to Alessandro and Sven, including some of the ones taken that morning on the beach and at the restaurant. We gave the names of the people in the pictures so they could know who's who.

We also gave them the good news about the modelling. And told them where we were for the weekend.

Within 15 minutes, there was an answer from Alessandro. They were impressed and didn't know I'd be able to handle a double-fuck. And they were impressed with the huge cocks in the pictures. They were particularly impressed with Juan's and Johann's cocks. And of course Pieter's cock. And Claude's cock. And ours, once again. In short, they were impressed with all the cock pics. They enthused and complimented the photographer.

The other pics of Table Mountain, of us on the beach and in the restaurant were appreciated and they said that it made them long for South Africa and wished their trip back there would go according to plans. If all their plans came to fruition, they'd be back in 14 months' time. That was good news. We'd be 20 by then and would've finished 2 years of studies. And perhaps we'd be famous models, for all we knew?

We lounged around and had some more beer. André and Claude could easily have been stand-up comedians. We were rolling with laughter at their banter and jokes. They ribbed us and each other, and they even ribbed Pieter for having such a huge cock. "That lethal weapon could be used to fight against the Taliban!" André put in. "Or used to scare little children who refused to eat their broccoli!" Claude piped up. "Ah, and don't forget Juan! He could use that thing to siphon off petrol!" André said. He got a cushion thrown against his head. "And Johann has the biggest of all ... my godd! If a donkey sees him, the donkey would start crying! Poor Anton ... my godd, bro! I don't know how you manage to take that huge thing ... Its amazing!" Johann's mouth turned into a shy smile ... and he blushed a bit. Poor man! I was sure this wasn't the first time he got ribbed for having such an enormous cock!

"Did you guys notice Mario's huge cock? The bulge in his pants was obscenely big! I wonder if he's not bigger than you Johann ...?" Claude put in.

"May I let you in on a little secret: Mario has a true Italian salami. It IS huge. He and I have played a few times, but every time we were drunk and he never got round to fuck me. I don't know if there are many guys who could handle that insanely big cock. I couldn't get my hand around it," Pieter said and held his hand up with the fingers curled around an imaginary cock. His fingers didn't touch. "And he shoots even more than I do ... he cums buckets full! I'm sure he'd love to plug Anton ..." All looked at me and I blushed crimson red.

"My love, would you be interested in trying that huge Italian sausage? He'd rip you to pieces! Sounds like a horse to me!"

"Baby bro, I think he IS interested. Did you see the way he looked at you ...? I'm sure he wants in on the action. My godd! I hope you can handle that thing."

The others whistled and I just smiled. I already had first-hand experience of that ...

"When he comes to visit us, would you be willing to try it, my love? I'm curious to see it, but if he would be interested to fuck someone, it would be you he'd top. My godd, boy!" Juan asked with trepidation. If only he knew ...

"I don't know. It sounds impossibly big. André? What do you think?" I derailed the attention to André.

"You say the thing is bigger than Juan's cock? Bigger than Johann's? I know Juan's is about 28cm but I'm not sure how big is Johann's cock. How big Johann?"

"29cm ...," Johann said shyly. "But mine stays rubbery. Usually it doesn't hurt a bottom. Ask Anton ..."

"Anton ...?" Claude asked.

"Yes, it's true. It's big but it never hurt me," I said.

"Well, I can tell you, Mario might be 45, but his cock gets rock-hard and it's big. It's really big. Anton, you'd know it if that man fucked you, Boikie!" Pieter said. "And I've never seen so much precum coming from one cock, ever! It literally runs from his cock. More than Johann," Pieter said. "Every time you pull your hand forward, about 10ml leaks out. I've never seen anything like that! He brags that he doesn't need lube, says he usually fucks his bottoms using only his copious precum. He is a hound dogg, that's for sure!"

We joked some more and had more beers. Because of the beer, soon we had to visit the toilet. When I wanted to go, the toilet was occupied, so I went to use the one in the en suite of the master bedroom. Just as the urine started to flow, Johann appeared and unzipped. He hauled his magnificent rubbery cock from his pants and stood next to me.

"Thanks for last night. You've made my day! It was fantastic. I want to come visit you guys real soon." The urine was flowing, but his big cock was getting hard ...

I pushed the last of the urine from my cock and felt it was growing hard. Fuck! I was a slut! I put my hand out and took Johann's cock from his hand and held it while he finished to pee with difficulty.

When the last urine dribbled out, I dropped to my knees and took the huge cock into my mouth. The urine tasted acrid but the huge cock felt great in my mouth. He took my head in his hands and pushed the huge rubbery cock into my mouth. I opened my throat and et voila! The huge rubbery cock slipped into my throat and Johann gasped. "Oh my godd! Anton, you're phenomenal! Oh goddddd! Ahhhh!" The huge thing started to get bigger and it became too big for my throat. I pulled off it and just sucked on the huge head ...

Johann pulled me off and pulled me up. He kissed me gently and then he pushed his whole tongue deep into my mouth.

"You drive me mad! Anton! I'm mad about you!"

"Ahhhh, not so fast! Remember our agreement! Friendship and occasional sex - nothing more!" I reminded him.

"Yes ... I know! But fuck! It's going to be difficult!"

"Let's go," I said and zipped up. I gave his huge cock one last pat and a squeeze, and left the bathroom.

"You're killing me ...!" Johann said, obviously in painful anticipation.

In the passage I bumped into Pieter who pulled me in for a hug and a kiss. "Anton, right? Thank you very much for allowing us to fuck this fine piece of ass last night. I'm so glad. And for falling in love with Juan. Without him, I'd never have met Claude. Would you believe it? He let me fuck him last night! The union is complete! There are two big cocks and two willing bottoms in our relationship!"

"I'm very glad Pieter. Thanks for having us for the weekend. You're the perfect host. So far it's been a blast."

"Well, without you, half the fun would not have been possible! You're the man this weekend! Juan and André are very lucky to have you!"

Johann came out of the bedroom and when he reached us, Pieter stopped him and asked if he could see the cock without any action going on.

"OK, but it's not completely soft ..." he blushed. He put his hand on his crotch.

"Doesn't matter what you've been doing in there. Let me see," and he pulled Johann's hand away. He groped the huge bulge and whistled. "Open please ...?"

"Oh ... OK," Johann said and unzipped his pants. He hauled the huge cock out and held it for Pieter to see.

Pieter, having a huge cock himself, whistled. "Man, this is almost as big as Mario's! My godd! I didn't realise it last night, but this thing is humongous!" Pieter gushed and put his hand around the big manhood. His big hands would only go around it if he squeezed hard. "And you had this in your hole, together with my big softening cock? Boikie, I'm impressed!"

Johann's cock was at full mast again and Pieter gave it a few jacks. Johann had his hand on Pieter's growing bulge. Pieter fumbled with his other hand and unzipped his pants. Johann reached inside and pulled Pieter's huge thick hard cock out and Pieter gasped. Johann jacked it and soon the precum was flowing. There was a lot of precum leaking from Johann's cock too. I was rock hard looking at the two big cocks and I took them in my hands. I had them in my mouth and in my hole the previous night, and both in my hole at one stage.

I knelt down and took Johann's big leaking cock into my mouth and tasted the precum. Heaven! Pieter's big cock pushed against my cheek and smeared precum all over it. I switched and sucked Pieter's shorter but thicker and harder cock in my mouth. Pieter was jacking Johann's cock and - I couldn't believe it! - Johann started to moan. He was about to cum!

Pieter pulled his cock from my mouth and I turned to Johann. His cock was sopping wet and he was bucking while the orgasm started to rush through him. No sooner was the big cock in my mouth, than he started to cum. My godd! It was spectacular! He literally flooded my mouth! Did he pump this amount of cum in my hole the previous night every time he came? I swallowed and I swallowed. Some of the cum slipped from the corners of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. Pieter bent down and licked the cum from my face. His tongue on my face felt so erotic. Johann's cock was still throbbing and spurting lots of cum into my mouth. It was like a fire hose! Johann pushed his now softening cock through the cum deeper into my mouth. The huge head pushed into my throat ... wow! He was groaning and his body went slack. This man was officially 'done'!

Pieter stood up and pushed his cockhead into my mouth while he jacked the shaft. Within 40 seconds he started to groan and then he shot his load. My godd! It was a huge load too! Not as much as Johann's load, but a huge load all the same. Again I had to swallow for all I was worth. My uncle shot a load of note!

He pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He drew me into a hug and a kiss. "Boikie, you're spectacular! Fuck! That was nice! Last Saturday was just the beginning of much more to come. You're a cocksucker of note. Thanks," and he kissed me.

Johann managed to get his huge cock back into his pants and was regaining composure. "I'm going back ..." and he left.

"Mario told me he is definitely interested to fuck you. Are you interested? Would you be willing to try his cock?"

"Yes, after you guys have double-fucked me, I'm sure I'd be able to handle it," I said.

"His cock is seriously big, I have to warn you. Is it OK if I told him you'd be interested? OK?"

"Yes, I think so. It might be an experience. What do you think?" I asked.

"Go for it! It is one hell of a cock and he's a nice guy. He won't abuse you. And the precum is not a story. He precums as much as Johann's and mine put together. It's mind-boggling! He could as well fuck a guy using his precum alone," Pieter said. If only he knew I've already experienced it ... Slut!

"Ahh! There you are! Come, I've found some red wine from the farm and opened it, if it's OK with you. Come my love! A glass?" Juan asked.

I wondered if he knew how much sex I'm having behind his back, what he'd say ... I'd have to be careful, I thought.


After having coffee, we all retreated to our rooms or to shower. Or to shower, and go to the rooms. Juan, Andre and I opted to have a shower and then take a quick power nap. When we came out of the room to go to the bathroom, Johann was coming down the passage.

"We're having a shower. Want to share again?"

"Yes please, if I may?"

"Come!" Juan said.

Much the same happened that went down that morning. We hugged and kissed and washed each other's backs and crotches. I sat down on the tiles and washed Juan's exquisite feet. I'd just never stop loving his feet. They were spectacular and just so sexy. I massaged his toes, the balls of his feet and held his hairy calved against my face while I massaged his feet. I looked up and saw Johann had Juan's big cock in his mouth, almost balls-deep! I gasped. That cock was 28cm long and it meant that Johann could really deepthroat a man, no question.

André was washing Juan's back and was rubbing his neck.

After I was finished with Juan's feet, he pulled me in for a kiss and pushed his cock into my tummy. We groaned into each other's mouths and I felt Johann's fingers probing my hole. André moved in behind me as well and he and Johann were massaging my buttocks and were pulling them apart. Johann's big soaped finger slipped into my hole and I groaned into Juan's mouth. André put in a finger too and I really groaned.

I felt André moving in behind me and felt his cock entering me. Ahhhh! André! Oh my godd! I have had so many cocks in me the past 2 weeks, but his cock was still a masterpiece in itself. He pulled me close to him as he buried his cock deep into me. He whispered loudly: "I'm going to cum quickly, OK?"

"Uh-huh!" was all I could say with Juan's tongue in my mouth.

I felt Johann's fingers on my buttocks and then felt him pushing a finger in with André's cock! Oh my godd! That was unexpected!

"Fuck guys! You have big hands and big cocks! Careful there!" I called out.

André was fucking me with long deep thrusts and soon he was groaning. He pushed in deep and shuddered as he unloaded his cum in me. He held onto me and put his head on my shoulder. "I love you so much baby bro!"

André's cock was getting softer and he started to pull out. His cock slipped out and I felt some of the cum escaping with his cockhead.

Johann took André's place and I felt the 29cm big rubbery cock pushing at my hole. He turned me away from the water spray and soaped up his cock again. He put some soap on my bum and pushed in again. This time the huge cock slid in and filled me good and solid. He pushed in slowly until his whole big rubbery cock was buried in me. He rested it deep inside me to let me adjust to its size. He whispered in my ear: "Ready?"

"Yes!" I said.

André was on his knees in front of Juan and me and was sucking us in turn. He was one talented cocksucker, my brother.

Johann pulled out a bit and started to fuck me in André's cum. His huge cock had pushed through André's cum when it was being pushed into me. My insides were well lubricated. Johann started to fuck me and soon his breathing was shallow and his strokes were long and deep.

"I'm cumming! Oh my godd! I'm cumming ... Uhnnngghhhnnnn! Oh dear godd! Here it comes! Ahhhhh!" and I felt how the huge cock started to spasm in me. He pushed his cock in as deep as he could and held it there while he was pumping his cum into me. He held still and rested his forehead on the back of my head and was breathing deeply. "Oh. My. Godd! You're phenomenal! Thanks ...!"

Johann was pulling out. I felt the huge cumload he had deposited into me and clenched my hole. The head slipped out and I contained the load just in time.

"My turn," Juan announced and turned me around. He used some of the shower gel and lubed his cock and my hole and pushed in. He too pushed in with one long continuous push until he was in balls-deep. He pulled me close to him and kissed me on the side of my mouth. I turned my head to give him a better kiss. His cock in my hole was twitching and I could feel the big hard cockhead. I clenched on the cock and he rewarded me with some more twitching. What a lover.

Juan started to fuck me and soon he too was grunting and moaning. He fucked me with long deep thrusts and every time his cock was pulled through the internal sphincter, it groaned. And then it was pushed in again, again through the sphincter. Ahhhhh!

Johann was standing next to us and had his one hand on Juan's back and the other on my chest. He was massaging our bodies and was urging us on: "Yes, fuck him! Fuck him! Feeling good Anton?"

André was sucking my cock and I felt my orgasm building in my loins.

"I'm close Juan!"

"Me too! I'm going to fuck and cum in you, OK?"

"Yes, fuck me! Fill me up with your cum!"

I felt how the big cock was picking up speed and felt him pushing in deep with long deep thrusts.

Soon we were both groaning and moaning. We were about to cum! I felt my cum spurting through my cock into André's mouth. And felt Juan plunging in deep and unloading his ball juice in me.

We stood like that for a few seconds while we came down from the plateau of orgasmic bliss. Juan held me close and I felt his cock pulsating in me.

Juan pulled out slowly and held the head in my hole just long enough for me to clench. However, some of the large amount of cum did escape onto the shower floor. It was washed down the drainpipe.

We all hugged and kissed, and we tasted my cum in André's mouth. The 4 cocks were still very rubbery.

"Let's finish and get out of here!" Juan directed.

We towelled dry, finger-combed our stylish hair, brushed our teeth and went to our room.

We dressed casually. André and I put on our Kashmir sweaters and black pants. We put on our very mod and stylish sneakers. We looked like models ... oh, OK, we were about to become models!


Pieter cooked the Tagliatelle al dente. He gently warmed the Bolognese in a casserole. Claude and I prepared a salad. Juan was looking after the wine and other drinks. Johann was clicking away with his camera ... the wizardry of this man's acumen with a camera knew no boundaries.

Dinner was a delightful event with rich Bolognese, which was spectacular, and because it was made the day before, it was delicious. The boys were on top form and after a few glasses of wine, the jokes came hard and fast. We were laughing so hard, my sides were aching. André, where did Dad and Mom find you?

I sat between Juan and André and throughout the meal, Juan had his hand on my thigh and at times leaned in for a kiss. Between his banter and jokes, André hugged me to him and kissed me on the cheek. They were so different, but I loved them both. I caught Johann aiming his camera at me a few times. Because there were only about 7 candles on the table, it wasn't possible to see if he blushed. But he did wink and then looked away. The man was clearly feeling something for me. I'd have to keep it in check. I loved the fucking but I wasn't prepared to risk my relationship with Juan and André. He looked at me again and smiled apologetically. He was so damn adorable and so fucking sexy! Damn!

After dessert consisting of the most delicious Italian ice cream - some fudgy chocolate affair - we retreated to the lounge and Claude and Pieter brewed the coffee. I went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and caught them in a hot embrace. They were kissing each other with lots of moaning. When Pieter saw me, he put his arm out. I stepped closer and was pulled into an embrace with two huge hard cocks pushing at each other. "Feel it ... go on! Touch it!" Pieter urged me on. I put my hands between the two men and felt their hard cocks straining against the cloth of their pants.

They groaned and kissed me. Soon it was a three-way kiss. The two men groped my ass and Pieter even pushed his hand down the back of my pants and played with my hole.

"Oh my godd! To put my cock in this hole is just too good to be true!" Pieter gushed.

"I agree - Anton has an incredible ass. Hmmmm!" Claude put in.

But I really was thirsty and pulled myself from them. "Hmmmm! Very nice, but I came for water. Enjoy boys!"

I went back into the lounge and when I sat down, Juan's hand was in my lap and when he felt my semi, he looked at me quizzically. "Pieter and Claude caught me off-guard. They're not making coffee - they have their tongues down each other's throats! And they pulled me in too. But, here I am, unscathed!"

"You're making the 5 men in this house and the one in the Italian restaurant mad for your ass, baby bro! If we ever run out of money, I'm your pimp! We'll make a fortune!" André piped up. Pervert ... ahhh! What about you, slut! I thought.

"Not as long as I'm here to love you and take care of you two. Yes, we could have fun, but only if I'm in agreement, and if the guy is nice ..."

"Like me, I hope ...?" Johann put in shyly.

"Yes, of course! But remember, friendship and sex - no more. I have my hands full with the twins as it is - you have no idea!"

"I'd be happy to help ..." Johann put in hopefully.

"Thanks, but I'll manage. They're a handful, literally, especially this one!" and he playfully gave André a jab against the chin.

"Ow! How must I feel? I also have feelings ...! Sob! Sob! I'm telling Dad you don't love me anymore! I'm taking my baby bro back, out of your clutches, you heartless beast! Sob!" André said jokingly.

"Watch it, I have big hands, or have you forgotten?"

"Child abuse!" André squealed.

"Child, my ass!" Juan quipped and pulled André in for a soft warm kiss. "Come here you delinquent! I love you so much! You're the salt in this relationship. I never want to be without you again. Sob! Sob!" Juan mimicked André, "I'd miss you too much, man!" André got a playful slap on the head.

"I love you too, you big oaf!" André took Juan's huge hand and kissed it.

"What are the sleeping arrangements for tonight?" Johann asked. "May I please sleep with you again ...?" His big puppy eyes in that sexy attractive face were adorable!

"Boys, do you think we could survive another night with this ugly  ogre? What do you say?" Juan joked.

"OK with me, as long as he behaves!" André put in.

"Yes, me too," I said flatly. They didn't know I he fucked me during the night and that I gave him a blowjob in the passage earlier ...

"OK then. Where the hell is that coffee? Let me go check on those perverts in the kitchen," Juan said and got up.

"Careful! They might have their way with you!" I quipped.

Just as Juan was on his feet, Pieter and Juan walked in with the coffee, and a bowl with exquisite Italian wafer biscuits.

"Hold your horses! Here is the coffee!"

I noticed the huge bulges in their pants. Testosterone overload!

After the coffee we used the bathroom, brushed our teeth and were off to bed. We were pooped and sated. Lots of food, lots to drink, lots of laughter, lots of excitement with the photos, lots of exercise that morning and sex in the bathroom and in the passage for me and at the restaurant for me too ... slut!

We welcomed Johann in our bedroom again. The other two wanted to spend the night alone. So it was down to the 4 of us again. The king size bed was big enough and soon we settled in. I was between Juan and Johann. Everybody - except Johann and I - thought there would have been only sleeping ... aha! Not as long as Johann had an overflow of testosterone and my hole was available!

I drifted off to sleep behind Juan's back, holding him. I was a happy man.

And then I woke up and felt Johann's hard rubbery cock on my buttocks, and his mouth on my neck. "Please?" he whispered. I was a bit tired myself, but a fuck with this spectacular cock was an experience.

"Careful" I said almost inaudible. I put my hand back and put my hand over the gigantic rubbery cock against my back. It has been almost 36 hours, and he has fucked me at least 6 times with that thing, but I still marvelled at its size.

Johann had squirted some lube in his hand, which was warm now. I lifted my right leg and he spread the lube between my buttocks. He inserted one finger and then two and then three ... oh my godd! This man knew how to prepare a hole for fucking!

He withdrew his fingers and I felt the magnificent cockhead on my hole. I stiffened and felt it entering me. He held the big head in me for a while and made it twitch. I clamped on it and felt his chest heave as he gasped soundlessly.

He started the long journey into me. The head pushed deeper and the girth of the cock stretched me and I gasped. I moved a bit further from Juan not to disturb him. I also made sure my hard-on didn't touch Juan ... that would be telling!

Johann was in about halfway. He stopped when the reached the internal sphincter. He made his cock swell and that pushed the head through the sphincter muscle. He pushed the rest of the cock home. He held it still and we played the dance of twitch and clamp. He was actually getting harder. I could feel Johann's cock was definitely harder than the other times he fucked me. Maybe my hole was just tender after all the fucking.

I just gave myself over and enjoyed the spectacular cock in my hole. Johann was a nice guy, and if it weren't for André and Juan, he'd be an easy second choice. He was fucking sexy, talented, had a huge cock, knew how to fuck, cums by the bucket load and was a good kisser. I loved his moustache and his nice hands and feet. He was a nice guy, full stop.

Johann was slowly fucking me and was playing with my nipples and chest hair.

I was actually content and happy and the easy fucking made me sleepy. I drifted off and only remembered I was being fucked when I fell asleep.

= To be continued =



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