Our evening together was memorable. We've had wonderful sex all round and there were some spectacular revelations! Gunther proposed to Johann - no surprise there! Luigi mentioned he'd love to marry me. No surprise either. Which left Juan and André ... fuck! My brother was such a loose cannon but my darling man loved my twin brother nonetheless. But, there would be no wedding any time soon, as we've decided it would be a six-way affair of all of us getting married at the same time. And my brother and I were too young for such permanent commitments. We all agreed to postpone the weddings for at least another 2 to 3 years. In the meantime, we'd get engaged with 9ct gold pendants on gold chains, which Johann would organise from the jeweller at the V&A Waterfront. We'd officially get engaged at the photo-shoot the next weekend. Something to look forward to.

Ahhh! A pendant with a large decorative "A" and "L" around my neck! Luigi! Oh my godd! I loved this man to bits. He was just perfect in every way. He agreed to the postponement with no fuss, and to the interim engagement. Nothing would change between the six of us and the sex between us would be the same. The living arrangements would also stay the same for the time being.

Or so we thought ...

I slept like a baby in Luigi's arms, my head on his hairy chest, my right hand next to his body and my left hand on his tummy. His huge uncut cock pushed onto my arm and at times I took it in my hand. What a magnificent manhood it was on this statue of a man! He had his left arm around my neck and was groaning with content. We were as happy as larks.

Behind me, Johann had his long rubbery cock in my hole, the jackal! But, I didn't mind at all. Johann was such a darling and such a good lover. His cock never hurt me one bit. It was nice to feel his cock in me. He had his left arm over my middle and his face on my neck. Gunther was hugging Johann from behind. I was sure his huge cock - the biggest in the group - was between Johann's legs.

Juan and André were behind Gunther, but they were in each other's arms like Luigi and I. However I was sure André had Juan's big cock in his hand! Talk about a jackal! Juan really loved my wayward brother, warts and all. He had André in his right arm and his head on André's head. What an entangled lot we were. Lying on our sides, we just fitted in on the king-size bed.

During the night I woke up with Johann fucking me slowly with deep thrusts. When I groaned, he softly said in my ear: "*Fuck! I can't help it but it just happened! I woke up and my cock was hard! Sorry!*"

"*Uhmm. No problem.*"

My cock was hard in no time and pushed into Luigi's side. Soon his huge cock was hard too ... my darling man was just human!

The three of us had some sexual shenanigans of note and eventually Gunther joined in by sucking Luigi and me in turn. The four way orgasms caused Juan and André to wake up and soon Juan was fucking André. Sheez! We were a sexual lot!


André's iPhone woke us up at a quarter past 6. Johann's cock was still in my hole! What a JACKAL! But once again, I didn't mind in the least.

"Wake up you sex perverts! Wake up! Sheez! Johann - are all three your brain cells occupied with sex? This show is over now! Come on! Chop, chop! Pull that big cock from my baby bro you sex dogg! Wake up!" André was like a sergeant major!

I yawned and stretched. Luigi hugged me closer to him and kissed my forehead and said: "Buongiorno [Good morning]! Did you sleep well mio caro [my darling]? Ti amo il mio tesoro [I love you my darling]! Ahhh! You have no idea!" he said and hugged me tighter. "Johann, time to take out your cock! You've heard the sergeant-major!"

Johann pushed his rubbery cock in deep again and hugged me. "Thanks my darling! I love you too and once again it was an experience! Thanks!" He slowly pulled out and I had to clamp down to keep the cum in me.

Juan and André were out of bed first and André took his pillow and hit the rest of us with it. "Out! Rise and shine! Coffee and muffins are served in 10 minutes on the stoep [verandah]! Move! Move!" What a bossy man he's become!

Luigi grabbed the pillow André hit him with and pulled André into an embrace with his right arm. "Come here and rather kiss us good-morning than bossing us around! You're such a beautiful man, but you could be a bit much at times! Come here!" Luigi's charm was too much for my darling bro!

André melted into Luigi's arms and kissed us both. He gave Luigi's hard morning wood a squeeze and said: "Fuck! Ita, you have such a huge cock! I'm glad it's my baby bro who has to take that thing in him on a regular basis, and not me! It's huge!"

"Juan's cock is only 1cm smaller ..." I began.

"Yes Members of the Executive, let it be noted: ONE centimetre SMALLER! Big difference in the asshole! And his cock is not so insanely thick! Sheez! You're like a human donkey, Ita!" André! You ARE a damn delinquent! I thought Luigi should fuck my darling bro next time so he could experience his multiple orgasms and huge amounts of cum. Perhaps he'd behave! Fat chance, I thought.

Luigi let go of André and we got out of bed. Luigi's morning wood looked spectacular. The huge 29cm cock was thick and the uncut head was just beautiful. I marvelled at the huge cock that has been such a great source of pleasure to me! I fell in love with him again on the spot. He put his hand out and pulled me into his arms. Our morning wood pushed against each other and his hairy chest felt divine.

The last in bed were Johann and Gunther. They stretched and hugged each other. The kiss they exchanged was loving and lingering. My darling man and my wonderful Jerry were in love and I loved them both so much!

I opened the curtains and saw it was a beautiful early summer morning. The birds in the tree in front of the window were chirping. The sun was just starting to show on the horizon. I stretched with my hands above my head. Luigi stepped in behind me and hugged me with his chin on my shoulder. His morning wood pushed into the small of my back. Oh fuck! How I wished ... no! Fuck, NO! Behave, Le Roux, behave! I thought.

Johann and Gunther were out of bed and their morning wood also looked yummy. Gunther's spectacular cock was thick and the skin over the head was pushed back halfway. Johann took Gunther's cock and led him into the en suite. Jackal! But it was quaint at the same time.

Juan entered the bedroom and announced: "The coffee machine is on and André is warming the muffins in the microwave. There is black cherry, cheese and chives, blueberry and choc chip. They're very small and it would be appetizers. I have yoghurt, eggs, bacon, some left-over wors [sausage], grilled tomatoes, grated cheese and toast for breakfast. As soon as we've had our first coffee and muffins, we'll start the breakfast. Come, let's go you sex perverts! Get some hockey shorts on. Some of this morning wood could knock over three coffee beakers with one swing. Cover them up! There are some shorts you could borrow in the drawer in the corner, as well as T-shirts. Come! Come! Let's go!" He sounded like André!


We enjoyed the coffee and muffins sitting on the stoep. We had our hands on each other, thighs, heads on shoulders, hands in crotches - André and Juan, who else! Welcoming the new day in this way was so wonderful.

The sun was now sitting on the horizon, the finches were making one hell of a ruckus in the newly constructed nests which the females had to inspect. It caused a lot of chirping and fluttering of wings. Some other small birds and pigeons sat on the branches and watched the spectacle of the finches.

"Some day soon we'd all be living together like this, being married! Watching the sun coming up with you my Jerry man. I'm looking forward to be married to this big beautiful Jerry! I love you so much Gunther! You're such a great guy!" Johann said.

"Ich liebe dich auch [I love you too]! Yes, it would be great to be married to you, but this fantastic group can never change! I want it to get even better!" We all hoped for that.

Ahhh, but the changes we were to experience were definitely going to be vast ... we didn't know about them ... not yet.

"Ahh! Is it time to declare my love for mio caro in front of everybody? Hmmm? Is there anybody here who doesn't know how much I love this beautiful man? Hmmm?" Luigi asked.

"Excuse me! If my baby bro is considered to be 'beautiful', surely it suggests that I'm a beautiful man too, hey Ita? And watch what you're saying! I have this big ugly oaf here to protect my honour! Not so, my beautiful big oaf?" Oh André!

"Never mind, the rest might despise you, but I love you, OK?" Juan ribbed André.

"Yes, and this is what they call 'love'! Sheez! I'm not in love with you any less, you oaf! Hmmm! I mean, I'm not in love with you any more! Oh fuck! Just come here and kiss me already!"

Never a dull moment!


After breakfast we cleared the table and counter. The dishwasher was whirring as the whole bunch of men bundled into the big shower in the en suite. Soap suds and shampoo were flying everywhere and hands and cocks and sponges and mouths and heads were everywhere ... it was a flurry of activity and soon we were shampooed and washed and clean and ready.

"I have some bad news for you guys," Johann said. "The client decided to stick to the original plan: you guys have to shave! Sorry guys! They want clean-shaven guys for the shoot. I tried, but they're adamant. So, out with the razors! The only one who may have a stubble is Luigi as he wasn't in the original plan. For the rest of us, it's going to be clean-shaven for the shoot. Come, I'll help you guys."

"Oh no mio caro! I love your stubble!" Luigi touched my face and kissed me on the nose.

We positioned ourselves in front of the twin basins and soon the stubble came off. It felt strange and once it was done, we looked younger and super sexy. I could understand why the client wanted it that way. We were going to be posing as highly successful businessmen. Fortunately we could grow the stubble again from Sunday again if we wanted.

Once done, Juan, Johann, Gunther, André and I were spic and span and looked like new-borns!

We finished our toilette and when we were to spritz some cologne on ourselves, Luigi insisted I used Tom Ford Noir. "May I give some to André too? Please?"

"Yes, of course! Actually, I've bought you a bottle. It's at home. But sure, go ahead!" Luigi said.

"For me? Really? You're spoiling me my darling! Thanks!" I gushed and kissed the big Italian hunk.

We dressed and were out of the house. It was just after half past seven. I accompanied Luigi to his car and we hugged and kissed for the world to see. He was mine!

Gunther and Johann hugged and kissed and Johan walked to his house around the corner. Juan and Gunther got into Juan's car and were off. They had a meeting with the dean. André and I locked up the house and were off in his ECO 25.1 - WC.

As we drove off, I put my hand on my brother's thigh and squeezed.

"Keep that up and I'm stopping the car next to that lane of eucalyptus trees and will fuck your brains out! Sheez! You're driving me fucking nuts! If last night was any indication of how things are going to be between us, I'm in! Fuck!"

"If you wanted to fuck me this early, you'd just have to let me jack you off! Professor Kritzinger would skin us alive if we were late. Now go!"

"You could be So. Fucking. Mean! But, fuck baby bro, can you believe we were proposed to? The big oaf wants to marry me! Me? Fuck! Who'd believe that! I thought he loved you to bits, but it seems Luigi has the privilege to wed you! How do you feel? And, and ...! Johann and Gunther! My godd! I wonder if Johann would ever bottom for that huge Jerry cock?"

"André, just shut up! My godd! You sound like a wind-up doll!" I protested, but obviously in vain!

"Yes, it happened but can you believe we're getting engaged! My godd! I know we're not going to tie the knot any time soon. But yes, the 'big oaf' does love me," (Heaven knows why, I thought!) "and your big Ita loves you. I wasn't surprised when Johann and Gunther declared their love. You know that I love you? Do you? Baby bro? What's wrong?"

"You're so noisy so early! Give it a rest boy!"

"You look so handsome with a shaven face! Geez! You're a fucking good-looking man! I could actually fall in love with you ...!" André ranted on. I tuned out.


The classes were fine and Professor Kritzinger was his usual boring self. Argh! By 11 o'clock I was dying for a cup of coffee. We stumbled into the 'kaf', and ordered cappuccinos and custard slices - an old favourite.

As we sat down, the Gentle Giant and Johan walked in. They saw us and waved. After getting their coffee, they joined us.

"Ahh! The hunky twins! And no stubble! You look good enough to eat!" Johan gushed as he sat down.

"We're engaged!" André blurted out.

"What? But you're brothers!" Herman said astonished and whistled.

"Not to each other, silly! The rest of us!" As if that explained anything!

"What he meant to say was: Johann and Gunther, Juan and André, and Luigi and I - but it's not official yet. We're just talking about it. We're getting engaged next weekend at the photo-shoot. We're going to take some liquid refreshments with us so we could have one hell of a party!"

"That's fantastic news! What did your parents say?" Herman asked.

"They don't know yet. They'll be at La Rochelle at 4 o'clock. We'll first wine them a bit and then when the boys are all there, we'll spring it on them. When are you coming out to the house?" I asked.

"I hope your mom would be OK with it. Your dad won't mind. He is a cool guy! Johan, when are we leaving for La Rochelle?" Herman asked Johan.

"Let's give them a chance. When will Johann be home?" Johan asked.

"He said he'd be home by 6. If you could come at 7 it would give us enough time to tell the parents. Oh fuck! You're right! Mom is going to freak out! We're only 19! But we've decided to wait until our studies are completed before we actually get married, so that might convince Mom," I said with trepidation.

"How about getting her a present to sooth her and woo her. What is her favourite perfume? I'm buying. See it as an engagement present!" Johan said.

"She's an Yves Saint Laurent Opium girl! But, we'll get it. Great idea. Thanks for the offer, but it's our pickle. And boy, can she be difficult when it comes to her boys! Sheez! You have no idea! André, we could get it from Red Square just before we drive to La Rochelle. Dad transferred the money for the Cabernet Rouge vines into my account this morning," I said and sighed. Mom!

"So, when did this happen? Last night? I'm so happy for you! You've been so kind and generous to me! I wish you all the best," Herman said. "Actually, Johan and I have some news too. Johan?"

"Yes, I've spoken to my dad about Herman. Would you believe, he's OK with it? I was flabbergasted! He told me he knew all along I wasn't straight! Apparently he often saw me masturbating looking at guys' pics. And that I've often watched guys when I thought nobody noticed. Well, to cut a long story short, he wanted to know everything about Herman. After I've told him, he immediately made and EFT and instructed me to buy Herman a new car! The old man does have a heart after all! Herman has decided to get an SUV. We're shopping for a car tomorrow!" Johan said and squeezed Herman's arm.

"I don't want it, but Johan's dad talked to me on the phone and insisted. He said he has more than enough and if I'm the man who makes his boy happy, he doesn't mind giving me a small present. 'Small'? It's far from small! He's transferred R500 000 (US$38 300) into Johan's account! Sheez! It's a lot of money! What if Johan stops loving me? What if ..." Herman put in but André cut him short.

"Yeah, and 'what if the sky falls'? Sheez! Lighten up man! The man wants to buy you a car and he can afford it. Take it and I'm sure our hung captain is not going to fall out of love with you! Remember, you've got the biggest cock amongst cocks! I'm sure Johan isn't going to let that slip through his hands! Johan?" André said with gusto.

"Oh fuck! Definitely not! My dad can afford it, that's for sure and seeing that he's not going to get a daughter-in-law, he might as well splurge on my love. And, he's also agreed to pay for both of us for our hockey tour next year. So, we have some celebrations too!" Johan gushed.

"What are you thinking to buy? How about a Toyota Rav? It's not too big and you'll fit in there perfectly. The other SUVs are either too big or too expensive or too fuddy duddy or just don't have enough oomph! Go and have a look. I'm sure you'll love it. And it will fall within your price range," I said with authority. Yes, apart from a wizard in the vineyard and lab (and in bed, I chuckled!), I'm a car aficionado. I love cars!

"Good idea, baby bro! A Rav will suit you Herman! Very nippy and very stylish. You go, Gentle Giant! Congratulations in the meantime! When are you getting married?" André! My godd! You could be so blunt!

"We haven't decided yet, but we first want to live together like you guys before we make a decision. I'm sure Herman is the man I want ... Herman?" Johan looked at the big man with lots of love in his eyes.

"Oh fuck yes! Apart from not fucking him, Johan has been the perfect man for me. He gives me so much love and I feel so much at home at his place. And yes, I love him ... so sue me! It happened so damn fast, but ... I just know he's the man for me. And, before anybody gets any ideas, I'm not in love with him for his money! It's a bonus, but we really love each other," Herman said and kissed Johan right there in the 'kaf'!

"Hey! We talked about it! I don't mind it, but some people get a fit when they see two men kiss. They're like dinosaurs, but let's keep it under wraps for now. The news is out already that I'm no longer available to the girls and you should see the poisonous SMSs I've received from that blonde bomb I dated earlier this year! She's such a bitch! Just because my 24cm doesn't have the name of her vagina on it, now I'm the scum of the earth! Bitch!" Johan said and he said the word 'bitch' with so much disdain, one could actually believe he hated the woman's guts. "By the way, Herman insisted to measure my cock last night. He came to the astonishing conclusion my cock is actually a full 24,5cm! And he wants to measure your cocks too! He said your cocks are definitely bigger than 23cm. So, the engineer wants to do some verification!"

We cracked up laughing and Herman looked so embarrassed. "Yes, but it's true! Your cocks look bigger than 23cm. With my 33cm, and being involved with measurements in my studies, I'm sure your cocks are no longer 23cm."

"Actually, I've thought the same thing but with 4 other guys wanting to fuck us around the clock I've just not gotten around to measuring it," I put in.

"I've got my ruler in my bag! Let's go! Now! I want to measure your cocks! Let's go!" Herman adjusted his big bulge in his pants and was getting up when Johan put his hand on his arm.

"I have a better idea: our proffie isn't here - some family crisis or funeral - so our last period was cancelled. How about yours?" Johan asked.

"Actually, I think it's not a 'family crisis' but it's an ex-lecturer who passed away. Most of the lecturers are attending the funeral. Our last class was also cancelled. What do you have in mind, you filthy minded rich boy?" André, who else?

"I thought we could go to my place for some beers. On our way we could pick up brochures for the Toyota Rav so my big man could have a look and get your knowledgeable opinion Anton. And of course, I know he'd love to plug you! If you're up for it ... if you wanted? Come on! I'd love to have you guys over again before we go out to La Rochelle. OK? Please say yes? Please? Anton? André? Let's have some fun! Herman is dying to fuck you ..." Johan was ranting on.

"Yes, OK! It would be nice and yes, I'm also up for a fucking with that seriously big cock. I'd love to assist with the choice of the Rav. André? You OK?" I asked.

"Fuck yes! Just to see that huge cock plugging you is enough for me to get rock-hard! And yes, if there's anybody who could give you sound advice on the SUV, it's my baby bro! He might be the super bottom, but he also knows his cars! Ahhhh!" André put in and adjusted his bulge. He was hard too! Jackal!

"Would you look at that? That big thing is already hard! Perhaps we should go check in the toilet now and again at my place ... just to make sure ...?" Johan winked and gave André' crotch a grope. Talk about a jackal!

"I say yes! Yes? Yes! Let's go! I'm sure we're bigger already ..." André started.

"What is bigger?" Juan asked behind André. "What's going on here? Toilet games again? Hmmm?"

"Erm ... Herman ... erm ... Johan wanted ..." André stammered.

"No! No more of those shenanigans here on the campus! You ... *we could get into serious trouble. Keep your cocks in your pants until you're at home!*" Juan said rather sternly.

"It was only an idea ... sorry Coach!" André lost it when he was almost caught red-handed! Poor thing! But to see him in his place for a change was priceless! And he called Juan 'coach'!

"'Coach'? Sheez! You're guiltier than I thought! Behave, my beautiful boy!" He gave André's head a hug. "Are you going home with Herman and Johan? Hmmm? It's OK. I'm sure Herman has a number on you my darling. My last class was also cancelled due to the funeral but I'm going to get our drinks and some JC le Roux for tonight, and then I'm going home. You know that Dad and Mom would be there around 4 o'clock, right? Don't prolong the shenanigans at Johan's. What did I hear about 'bigger'? Yours Herman? I hope for your and my darling's sake that that isn't true!"

"They think our cocks have grown and that we could be 24cm and Herman wants to measure us. That's all!" André said.

"Liar! That's not all, and you know it! If you get your pants off, Herman is going to plug Anton, and you know it! But, it's OK. Just don't be late. What time are you coming Herman, Johan?"

"At about 7 o'clock. It will give you enough time ..." Johan started, blushing cherry red.

"We've told them about us my darling. Actually, André blurted it out. OK?" I saved the moment.

"André! Dad and Mom don't even know yet ..." Juan put in before André regained his presence of mind.

"But Herman and Johan are almost family! I thought ..." André got in.

"You didn't think, you delinquent! Come here!" Juan said and pulled André into an embrace. Most of the students have left due to the classes being cancelled. But by then most people knew about Juan and us ... not the details, but they knew. "You should appreciate that I love you, you damn loose cannon!"

"Coach, you and André ...? I'd thought it would've been Anton ...? Really?" Herman put in blushing when he realised what he said.

"Complicated Herman. There is also Luigi ... or have you forgotten about the big Italian doctor? But we'll have a chat tonight. Gunther and I have an emergency meeting with the dean in 10 minutes. See you guys at home. My darling, would you mind getting us some biltong [South African version of 'beef jerky'] and droëwors [dried sausage] on your way back home? For snacks and sundowners. OK? I'll take care of the drinks. How many JC le Roux do you think? About 4 bottles? Pink? Vin doux? There is gin and tonic. Oh, get lemons please. André? Please help your brother to remember ... oh I see you're putting it on your iPhone. My clever delinquent boy! Enjoy the shenanigans at Johan's. With Dad and Mom there ... maybe nothing of the sort will happen tonight. Sheez! It's going to be a long night! Anton, come here!" Juan said and hugged me against him. I felt his big cock pushing against my hand. "*I'd jump your bones right here, right now if I could! Oh fuck! Feel what you're doing to me ... ughnnn! Oh fuck!*" Juan groaned against my ear and pushed his big bulge against me.

"Hey! This is not even the toilets and look at you! You're such a big oaf! What about me? Or is this what's being married to you will be like? Having your cake and eat it and I have to look on? Sob! Sob!" André going on again, ribbing us.

"Watch it! I'm still the boss! I speak, you listen!" Juan said and gave me another hug.

"Yeah, right! Look at the bulge in your pants! Sheez! And in public 'nogal'!"

['Nogal' = closest translation is 'rather', but in this sentence it's used as an interjection showing some disbelief]

"It's ... the ... my ... erm ... damn it André! Behave! My darling and I have a fine moment here and then you have to spoil it! Sheez! Jealous much? Hmmm? Come here!" Juan pulled André into his arms and kissed him on the head and pushed his bulge into André's crotch. "There, happy? It's not just Anton, you wayward delinquent! It's you too, of course! How could you be excluded, my beautiful boy? I love you so much! Have you forgotten that I've asked you to marry me? Hmmm?"

"Yes, my baby bro has that influence on other men - lucky bastard! No, of course I haven't forgotten! Just remember, I'm not the one with a big elephant trunk, but my memory is very good! You'd be reminded from time to time to make sure YOU don't forget! You big ugly oaf! Ow! Why do you have to hit me when you're supposed to love me? Ow!" André feigned pain when Juan gave him a playful jab in tummy and pinched his nipple. "Ow! I'm telling Dad you're treating me badly! He's going to throw you out so YOU could sleep with the stray cats! You ogre!"

And so it continued! Never a dull moment!

"I have to go," Juan said and kissed André. Both managed to get the other's lip between his teeth and bit lightly.

"Ahhhhhh! Uh uh!" André yowled. "You bit me! He bit me! Did you see that, baby bro! He bit me!"

"You bit me first! You're such a baby! I have to go. Goodbye my darling," Juan said and kissed me. No biting but I did get the tip of his tongue! Fuck! I loved Luigi like I've never loved anyone before, but Juan was in a class of his own! He was so beautiful, so attentive, so loving, tall, dark hair, blue eyes, big cock ... the tutti! He was perfect, but Luigi ... oh fuck! Luigi! He outstrips them all! But I still loved this beautiful tall man who shared a house, a bed, a life with André and me. Ahhh! His big bulge pushed into my lower tummy and I groaned. I'd never be able to say 'no' to this man! He was my first love after André and I'd always remember our first fuck that weekend ... what a lover! What a man!

"Goodbye boys. We'll see you at 7 then Johan?"

"Yes, what can we bring? Some Italian gelato? Or is that Luigi's speciality? Could we bring some Belgian chocolates? OK?" Johan said.

"Chocolates sound like a good idea, thanks. Remember overnight bags. You're staying the night. Goodbye all!" Juan said.

"Goodbye my darling. We'll see you around 4 o'clock, OK? Hope the dean isn't mean!" I quipped and Juan was gone.

"Well, seeing that the campus will be vacant soon, we might as well depart for my pad. I've got some cold cuts and gherkins, and olives and an assortment of savoury biscuits and cheeses. And lots of booze. And some fancy lube I've ordered online. Strawberry flavour nogal! Come, let's do the disappearing trick! I've got 24cm that want to crawl into some twins' asses! Ow! André! Why do you have to be so mean? You know you want the captain's cock in your ass! Why so mean then? A dry fuck for you then!" Johan put in.

We got our bags and were off to our cars. André and I went to pick up the biltong and droëwors as well as the lemons. Oh, and the Opium for Mom ... oh fuck! Mom! She's going to freak out when she hears what we had to say to her! Oh damn!

Johan and Herman were to go by the Toyota agency to pick up brochures for the Rav. For good measure, they were to stop at the VW and the BMW for brochures on SUVs just so we could compare models.


When we arrived at Johan's place, he and Herman were sitting on the couch looking at the brochures.

"You're a wizard 'baby bro'! Look at this! The Rav is exactly what I wanted! Plus, look at the possibilities! The others are too expensive and it doesn't have the good name that comes with Toyota and its reliability! Super choice! I've made up my mind!" Herman gushed.

We looked at the brochures and I was pleasantly surprised to see the different models and choice of engines and trim available for the Rav.

"In the long run, perhaps a 2 litre diesel with some fancy trimmings would be the answer? Look at these options," I pointed out to Herman. "What colour? White? Silver?"

"Your silver cars look so spiffy and classy. Would you mind if I also took a silver," Herman put in.

"No, of course not!"

"How does such a sexy beautiful man like you know all these things? I'm also studying engineering and I don't know all of this! You're a clever cookie! Come here!" Herman put in and pulled me into a big hug. My hand pushed into his crotch. He was semi hard and he groaned. "Oh fuck! You drive me fucking nuts! I could fuck you every day and have sex with Johan in between! You're so damn sexy and clever and ... I love you! There! I've said it! I love you too! You're so blinking unbelievably sexy! And fucking you ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

"Yes, yes, yes! We all know that everybody loves my baby bro! Old news! What are we going to do about it? Sit around and watch you clinging to each other instead of fucking? Johan? Where is your fancy lube? Let's get going. If these two want to sit here all afternoon, I want you to fuck me. Oh, and we want to measure our cocks. Baby bro, are you two coming? Baby bro! I'm talking to you! Let go of the big giant! Are you guys coming?"

"André, keep your shirt on! Sheez! Herman and I'm having a moment here! Go, we'll catch up with you! Go measure your cock!" I said and put my hand on Herman's huge cock. Fuck! Except for Christian, this was the biggest cock ever! And feeling it in me in itself was something to behold! Luigi's 29cm was thick and uncut and the man was an Adonis, but the thick 33cm of Herman ... oh fuck! Sometime Luigi will have to be told about our shenanigans with Herman.

"Get out of your clothes, now! Oh fuck! I have to suck you now! Herman! Oh fuck!" Where did that come from? Cum slut!

Herman immediately pulled his golf shirt over his head and unfastened his belt. His huge cock was bulging his crotch like there was a puppy stuffed in there! I pulled my shirt over my head and opened my pants. I pulled my pants down and had my hands on Herman's zipper. Oh fuck! I had to have that cock in my hands and mouth! Now!

When Herman's pants were off and the huge cock was in front of me, still trapped in his underpants, I shuddered with anticipation. I pulled his underpants off and the huge cock jumped out and forward. One of the marvellous characteristics of this huge cock was that despite its huge size, it was straight as an arrow. How he managed to walk around and sit down with his huge cock between his legs, was a mystery. Perhaps when it was soft, it was of normal size? I've never seen it completely soft. What an immense piece of manmeat!

I put my hand on it and ... of course, my hand wouldn't go around it. The huge head was covered with the foreskin and the huge balls were hanging below the mammoth cock. Oh fuck! Under other circumstances, I'd marry this man in a heartbeat and bottom for him 3 times a day!

He leaned down and kissed me. How much he has changed, I thought. It was a soft lingering kiss with enough tongue to drive me mad! I sucked the tongue into my mouth and pushed towards him. Herman put his one hand behind my head and the other on the small of my back and hugged me close. My arm was around his waist and the other hand on his huge cock. I jacked the cock a little and he groaned.

"Come, let's join the party in the bedroom ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Anton! Oh my godd! Yes! Yes! Ahhhh!" Herman groaned when I knelt down and took his huge cockhead in my mouth. I peeled the skin back and put my tongue in his big piss-slit. It tasted musty and very manly. The huge cock was stretching my mouth ... and this mammoth cock was going to fuck me soon!

"Oh fuck! Watch it! I'll fuck you here without lube! Let's go join the other two!" Herman said and pulled me up.

In the bedroom Johan and André were in a 69 sucking each other. They were groaning and in both cases the whole cock was deep in the throat of the sucker. My fuck! That looked so hot!

The air conditioner was running and it was nice and cool in the bedroom.

Herman pushed me onto the bed. He lied down on top of me - his full body weight on top of me. He learnt fast! I loved it! His huge cock was pushed against my big cock and I felt the two cocks leaking precum onto my tummy. Oh fuck! I kissed the man on top of me and he faux fucked me with his big cock on my tummy.

"I want to fuck you! Now! Oh fuck!"

"Yes, do it! Oh fuck! Yes, just do it!"

"Wait, you sex hounds! Let me measure your cocks first! And I wanted to fuck him first! May I be first please? Get off him Herman! Let me measure first!"

"Did you measure André's cock?" I asked. "And?"

"Let me measure yours first!" Johan said. Herman got off me and Johan brought his ruler. He lifted my cock up so it was perpendicular to my pubic bone. "Phew! Identical! Did you know your cocks are actually 24,5cm? It's the same as mine! Mine is no longer bigger than yours! Sob! Sob!"

"Really? Then I was right! Our cocks did grow a bit!" I gushed.

"'A bit'? It's 1,5cm more! They're damn big! Herman, now yours. Hold still you giant!" Johan said and pushed Herman's cock down. Herman was sitting on his knees. "Still 33cm, my man! Still the super giant of us all! Super duper!"

"And the other three of us 24,5cm?" I asked.

"Fuck! At 24,5cm, that is HUGE in anybody's book! The fact that it's smaller than Herman's, doesn't mean it's small! Baby bro will still feel you! I promise you!" André put in.

I leaned down and took Herman's cock in my mouth. I licked the precum off and sucked the big head into my mouth. André had his hand on Johan's cock and was jacking him a little.

"Oh fuck! I want to fuck you man!" André said and got in behind Johan. "OK? Then you could fuck my brother while he sucks Herman's cock. Ahh! Oh fuck! Do you want me to lube up your cock? Baby bro, you have to experience this lube. It's unbelievable! It's silicone-based and smells like strawberries! Ahhh!" André said as he pushed his cock into Johan. He had his lubed hand on Johan's cock, jacking him while he was lubing it.

I pushed my buttocks towards Johan's big cock. André's ministrations were pushing Johan forward and I was pushing backward. Johan took his cock and aimed it at my hole. When I felt the head on my hole, I pushed back and felt the big cockhead sliding into me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! To think this huge cock was so small when it was soft! It wasn't small now, I thought!

Herman positioned him so his big cock was right in front of me. I took the immense head in my mouth and sucked. He had his hands in my hair and was groaning. I sucked as much of the cock into my mouth that I could manage. I've managed to deep throat Dad, Juan, Johann and Gunther, and Luigi, but Herman? Oh fuck no! That was not going to happen anytime soon, if ever! It was just too big and thick. The precum running from this giant's cock tasted heavenly. He groaned and pushed his cock up, into my mouth.

Johan's big cock was in me all the way and it twitched. The big head filled me and I clenched over the thick shaft in me. André was fucking Johan wholesale. Johan just held still and allowed André to fuck him. My darling bro was hot as hell and soon he was groaning and was breathing with shallow breaths. He was about to cum!

Johan was just twitching his cock in me and I was clenching my hole over the shaft in me. I was waiting for André to finish. But my brother had other plans. He pulled out of Johan and lied down on the pillows next to Herman. "Baby bro, come sit on my cock. I want to double fuck you with Johan. Johan, pull out and let me in first. Come!"

No 'do you want to' or 'OK?' or 'please' or nothing! The sergeant major was in charge and in bed with us!

Johan pulled out and I sat astride André's crotch. His big cock was entering me when Johan moved in behind me and put his cock on my hole and pushed in, just as André's cock was in my hole. The man was keen to get in there with André!

The two cocks going into me were big ... oh fuck! I groaned and leaned down to kiss André. He hungrily pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it. Oh fuck! Darling bro! How I loved you, and the sex with you was always special!

Johan clung to my back and pushed the last few centimetres into me and held still. He was so worked up, he was close to cumming! He started to fuck me without waiting for André. André held still a minute and waited for Johan to get his grip on things. Then André started to fuck me as well.

I had Herman's huge dripping cock in my hand. He sat on his knees next to us and kissed André and me in turn. This man was not just a huge hung hunk! He was fast becoming a wonderful lover too! He was adorable. Too bad we lost him - he was an asset to the group, but ... I got Luigi. Slut! And look where you are now, I thought. You slut!

Johan was groaning big time and it was clear he was close to cumming. André's cock was twitching and responded to Johan's cock rubbing against it. It was clear he was also getting close.

Without warning Johan slammed his cock into me one last time and groaned like a bear. He was cumming. Underneath me, André was fucking me fast and furious and he too was groaning and groaning ... and then he slammed home and was cumming. He and Johan were pumping their loads into me and they made me shudder with pleasure. Every single time I experienced a double fuck was spectacular, and with two big cocks like Johan and André in me, it was memorable. It felt like they've pumped big loads into me.

Johan was lying on my back and pushed me onto André. My brother put his arms around us and hugged us. "Baby bro, you're just phenomenal! To take us like a trooper ... fuck! You're just amazing! Hmmmm!"

I lifted my face towards his and kissed my brother. Apart from being a good fucker, he was a good kisser too. Johan leaned over my shoulder and kissed André. It wasn't a good position for a good kiss, but they kissed nonetheless.

"Please pull out and let me in, please?" Herman said and touched Johan's shoulder. "Have you finished cumming my darling? I want in so I could give him a big load, OK?"

"OK, give me a minute. My cock is very sensitive right now. Just give me a minute. André, are you OK? I can feel your cock is still spasming. Still pumping your load into the 'baby bro'?" Johan asked André. He too was so adorable and cute. Much different from the man we got to know on the hockey field.

"Give me a minute too. It feels so good to be inside my baby bro. Ahhh! Oh fuck! You're such a sexy fucker! And I love you so much bro!" André crumbled into a submissive loving brother! Sex was his nemesis after all!

"I'm pulling out now, OK Anton? André? OK? Ahhhh! Fuck! This is fantastic! I could do this every day! This just has to happen often please! Please? OK?" Johan put in.

"Oh fuck yes! The four top hockey players fucking each other's brains out! I wonder what the rest would say if they knew and that Coach is in on the action at times. My godd! A few of them would piss themselves!" André quipped. Yes, I wondered how many of the two top teams' players were 'batting' for our side? Only time will tell, and next year's trip would also out a lot of them, I thought.

When Johan's cock slipped out, I lifted off André's cock and clenched to keep their cum in me.

"Want it doggy-style? OK? Oh damn! You look delicious enough to eat! No offence, my darling Johan! I love you but you have to agree, this man has the most delicious butt! Lube please?" Herman said. He took the tube from Johan and I heard him slather some of the stuff on his huge cock. He put some on my hole for good measure and leaned forward. His huge cockhead pushed in and being double fucked by my brother and Johan, my hole was loose and the head slipped in. I groaned and felt the huge cock sliding into me. It pushed over my prostate and I almost came. Fuck! At the internal sphincter, he paused and when the sphincter relaxed, he pushed home in one long steady thrust. Oh fuck!

The huge 33cm cock was in me all the way, once again! Even though he's fucked me several times already, every time was like I was fucked for the first time. His cock was huge! He held onto my hips and started to fuck me with long slow thrusts which made me wanting to cum with each thrust. Oh godd! I wasn't going to last long! Not with this humongous cock in me! I was leaking lots of precum onto the bed and felt some cum flowing from me every time the huge cock scraped over my prostate. Oh fuck!

"My man, I'm going to cum! Sorry, but I can't hold it back any longer! Here it comes ... oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnnggnnnhhhhn! Oh fuck! I'm cumming 'baby bro'! I'm cumming!" He slammed his cock into me one last time and it started to swell and twitch and I literally felt the huge head swelling to large proportions as it pumped it's load into me. It felt like a huge load. I wondered how long it was since he shot a load. I was sure he and Johan must have had sex the previous evening.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! What a mess! I've cummed on your bed ... sorry Johan! I'm so sorry! But when Herman started to cum I just came! Sorry man!" I said.

"Not to worry. We'll clean it up and it would be dry in no time. Not to worry! It's not as if it's dirty! I'll lick it all up if it wouldn't gross you out! May I?" Johan asked.

"Up to you my man, but it is a lot!" I said.

Johan moved in below me and licked my cum from the duvet cover. It was a big load. Fuck! I was a cum slut in every way!

"Fuck, for a hockey wing you cum a lot! Fuck! And it tastes so good! Fuck! I might not wash this linen! Joking! I'd wipe them off with a wet cloth and by the time we're back from La Rochelle, it will be dry," Johan said and took my cock in his mouth to suck the last of my cum out of it. It felt wonderful and this man was fast becoming a force to reckon with when it came to sex!

Then he kissed me. I tasted my cum on his lips. Hmmm.

"OK. Time for a quick coffee or drink? What time is it André? I'm parched. Coke for everybody? Water? Cider?" Johan asked. "I'll get the snacks out as well."

"Coke I think, thanks!" I put in. "Do you need help with the biscuits and cheeses?"

"Yes, please!"


When André and I arrived at La Rochelle, Juan was home. He had glasses, crockery and cutlery out. He has brought the folding table from the garage and had it covered with a tablecloth.

"Ahh, the sex perverts! Let me smell! Ahhh! Hmmmm! I think you two better have a quick shower before Dad and Mom arrive! They're going to smell you've had sex! You stink, but it's a nice stink! Come here my darlings! Oh fuck! I missed you!" He hugged and kissed us. Even though we've just had sex with Johan and Herman, it felt good to be held by this big man. Both of us loved him very much. The past couple of months that we've been living together, have been good and it improved every day. Juan was a keeper, a man of substance and a wonderful man. Even though he was going to marry André eventually, I'd always consider him 'mine' too. He would always be mine to some extent. We'd always be one big happy family.

"Thanks for the biltong and droëwors. The lemons? Oh there they are. And this? 'Opium'? I hope this isn't for me! Boys? Whose perfume is this ... Mom's? What's going on? Is it her birthday?" Juan asked.

"No, it's not her birthday. Her birthday is in February. No, we got it to appease here. She's going to be livid when she hears of our wedding plans. She's just gotten used to you and some of the others. Wedding bells? Not a sound she's likely to appreciate! I know! She's one tough cookie when it comes to her boys. You've experienced it here, right in this house after she caught Johann with us in the flat," I said.

"Oh fuck! Yes, you're right! I've forgotten about a peace offering. Dad would be OK, I think? You think so too? Alma is going to eat us alive! Oh well, the weddings are not going to happen next Saturday, but she'll have to get used to the idea of us getting married sooner or later. Now, off you go! Shower!" Juan said.

Juan slapped us on the buttocks and pushed us in the direction of the passage. "Go, clean yourselves. Go wash the glorious stench of sex off your beautiful bodies! I've already showered. Put on some of the modelling clothes so you could look smart when 'da parents' arrive. I've missed Dad! But you've had him on Wednesday, you lucky bastards! Now go!"


After we've showered and dressed, we joined Juan and helped with the last of the preparations. Just then the doorbell rang. When I answered, there were 3 men with large platters and containers containing snacks and food. It was the food Mom ordered for the party. There was food enough for an army! Typically Mom! More food than necessary! We were going to be 10 people only, but there was enough for at least 15 or more. Oh well.

"Time for a drink to calm our nerves, I say! Oaf! What would you like you ogre? Baby bro, beautiful boy, what would you like ... hmmm?" André put in and kissed me on the cheek. "Ow! You ugly man! What did I do now? I'm asking you if you wanted a drink and you hit me! What's wrong with you? Is this the kind of treatment that awaits me on the other side of the pulpit? Hmmm! Baby bro, I'm moving in with you and the Ita! This ogre doesn't love me! Sob! Sob!"

"Oh fuck! Always so melodramatic! Ask nicely and you'll not get a smack. Ask again, please?" Juan said and held a hand ready to pinch André's nipple.

"You wouldn't ... Juan, no! NO! Oh fuck! Ow! You damn oaf! You don't love me! You only love to fuck me! I'm telling my Dad! You will sleep with the stray cats!" André retorted when Juan actually did give his nipple a light twitch. But, I knew it was just a little pinch and André was overreacting for show. The wayward delinquent!

Juan pulled him in for a hug and put his big hands on André's back. "I fucking love you, don't you get it? Behave and I'll not hurt you! But you keep on and on and on and sometimes you need to be put in your place. Give me a proper kiss and then I want a G&T please?" Juan pulled André in for a kiss and soon they were slobbering and moaning.

"Ahem! Is this the kind of welcome we're going to encounter from now on? Hallo boys!" Dad! Oh fuck!

"Hallo André! Anton! Juan ..." Mom added coolly. Oh fuck! She's already pissed off. I wonder if something happened in town.

"Oh hallo Dad! Mom ... How are you?" I put in and got a kiss on the cheek from Mom. Dad pulled me into a big embrace and kissed me squarely on the lips. I smelled cider on his breath. Oh fuck! I felt his big cock on his hip and wished it were Wednesday again ... Dad hugged me tight and pulled André into the embrace too.

"*She's pissed off ... watch it ...*" Dad whispered.

Oh fuck! And we were going to piss her off even more!

"Juan. Going well it would seem?" Mom said icily to Juan and he too got a cool peck on the cheek. I discreetly took the Opium and hid it behind an ornament. I decided, that wasn't the time to give her the expensive gift. If anything, she'd bitch about the price if not about our plans to get engaged. Oh fuck!

"We were about to get drinks. G&T for you Mom?"

"No, only a soda water with ice and a slice of lemon, thank you. I see the food has arrived. Let me see to it first," Mom said and ignored Juan and us altogether. Wow! I wondered who pissed on her batteries!

"*What's the matter? What's wrong?*" André whispered.

"*Mom had to wait for me. Some of us went out to see Gideon, our friend who has had an operation yesterday to remove a growth, and after we saw him, we had a few drinks. One drink became two, two became three and Mom waited in her car. She wanted me to come to the Mall with her, but ... you know her! She's not happy if things are not going according to her rigid schedule and plans. Just be nice. She'll thaw ...* Ahh my wife! Everything OK? Need some help? André, where are the drinks? Come boy!" Dad said smoothly and walked over to Mom to take a tray with cold appetizers from her.


We were having drinks and after a while André had us all in stitches. When I looked at Mom, she tried to fight the urge to laugh. André noticed it too and it urged him on to turn on the charm and increase his level of humour. Soon even Mom was laughing and the ice was broken. Dad had his hand in Mom's lap and it appeared she was her old self.


First to arrive was Gunther. The Jerry was dressed to kill. Fuck! He looked dashing and good to eat! He wore some very nice - obviously European - pants that emphasized his huge crotch. Fuck! Mom, don't look at his bulge! What were you thinking beautiful man? Fortunately his plain white shirt with lots of detail and pockets and buttons hung over his bulge. Only when he moved or had a hand in a pocket, his huge bulge showed. When he came in the room, I got up and went to greet him. Without batting an eyelid, he hugged me and kissed me. Oh well! Mom would have to get used to it sooner or later, I thought.

I took his overnight bag and put it in the master bedroom.

André hugged and kissed Gunther and the same when Juan greeted him. Although they see each other every day in the lab, this was different. They hugged and kissed each other too.

Dad got up and before he could stop Gunther, he hugged Dad and kissed him on the cheek. Fortunately not on the mouth!

Gunther bent down like a true gentleman, which he was - even in bed - and took Mom's hand and kissed it. "Mom! How are you? Before you wonder, the flat is fine and everything is still standing!"

"Hallo Gunther! A gentleman as always! I'm not worried about the flat. I know you'll take good care of it. How are you my boy?"

'Boy'? This tall hung hunk is a 'boy'? I giggled to myself.

"Drink, Jerry?" André asked. "Some snacks? Help yourself to the latter. There on the table."

"A glass of dry white please? Thanks darling boy!" Gunther! Watch what you're saying! But, it seemed like Mom had cooled off. Gunther went to sit next to Mom and started to ask her about what she had been up to, what she's doing, about her day in the 'city' of Stellenbosch. He knew how to charm the socks off her! Soon she was chatting away and asked André to bring her another G&T. I joined André in the kitchen and I cut the slice of lemon for Mom's drink.

"She seems to have lightened up. Let's hope it holds. There are two more to arrive and soon we'll have to tell her. We need to do it before Johan and Herman arrives. Oh fuck! But, it has to be done. Come! Let's get back in there," André said.

Juan and Gunther told Dad and Mom about their work in the lab and the new experiments Novo Nordisk wanted them to do. They were very excited and said the results exceeded their expectations by far.

They told Dad and Mom about the hockey tour to Europe next year. When they mentioned the countries we were going to tour, namely France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, Mom sat at the edge of her seat.

"Yes, Dad mentioned it to me. Adriaan! How about the two of us doing the same tour? We could attend the matches and at the same time see the wonderful scenery and take in the Le Roux's French heritage! What do you say? Juan, would the PR section allow us to join you? We'd not be in your way or get involved in the tour. We'd be out and doing our own thing. And when we're in Germany, we could meet your parents. Come on Adriaan! What do you say? Pieter could come stay in the house while we're gone. Oh! I'm so excited! I hope they would allow us!" Mom was her old self again.

"Mom, it's not the usual thing, but we could ask them. Otherwise we could give you our itinerary and you could organise your tour through the same agent. We could arrange that you get the same discounted price, as you'd practically be on the tour with us. Best if you didn't get involved at all. The PR people are not keen on interference of any kind. We'll ask them on Monday. OK Gunther?"

"We'll see Alma. Let's hear what the PR people say, and what Pieter says. I can't leave the farm deserted for 3 weeks. And I don't want the boys to feel we're babysitting them," Dad said. My heart swelled. This man was one hell of a guy, and he was our Dad!

"No, no! Adriaan! I'd never want to babysit them! I just think it's the golden opportunity for us to go and to enjoy something of Europe with our boys! And Juan! And Herman ... is it? What happened to the boy? Where is he?" Mom derailed her own line of talk.

"He's fine. He'll be here by 7 o'clock," I said.

"Hallo there all my favourite men in one spot ... ahhh!" Johann said loudly as he walked in the room with some shopping bags in his hands. "And my favourite lady after my own mom! Hallo Mom!" Johann said. The same procedure: he hugged and kissed everybody and before Dad knew what hit him, he got a kiss right on the mouth! Mom pretended she didn't see it. He hugged and kissed Gunther right there and it was clear it wasn't just a 'hallo' kiss!

Johann went to Mom, but he knelt down on one knee and kissed Mom on the mouth! Johann! You old jackal! Mom was putty in his charming hands! Good! That's what we wanted!

André got Johann a beer and offered him some snacks. When he sat down, he kicked his sandals off. "Forgive me Mom, but I've had one hell of a day with a client. The PR guys and make-up people were rubbish! They gave me so much flack! I'll never take photos for them again! Sheez! They're a bunch of Neanderthals! I have to put up my feet. Sorry!" Johann said and put his bare feet on the coffee table. Gunther got up and put a cushion under his heels. In the process he lovingly touched the big beautiful feet. Oh fuck! All the men in my life had big beautiful feet. Johann's feet were not the biggest but they were sexy and hairy and good to kiss!

'Feet on the coffee table' ... a dead no-no in Mom's book, but that wasn't her home to tell Johann to take his feet off, so she swallowed her remarks and took a sip of her G&T.

"No problem. Where did you do the shoot?" Mom asked ignoring the feet on the table.

"On Table Mountain, I'll let you know! But what a damn prima donna! The idiot knows nothing about photography, composition and the make-up people were a bunch of beginners! I had to redo some of the models' makeup and when Mr Prima Donna saw that, he flipped! A real drama queen! No, never! During a break I called the office and heard from my PA that this idiot wrangled his way in through a contact at Boss. I called Claire and she's livid. On Monday some heads will roll! In the meantime, it's Friday and now I'm surrounded by the people I love! Thank godd! When is Luigi coming?" Johann asked.

"Who is Luigi?" Mom asked.

Oh! My! Godd! Mom hasn't met him and doesn't know of his existence. Dad knew but he also hasn't met my darling man. Oh fuck!

"He is the nephew of the Italian owner of the pizzeria in the Mall. Pieter knows Mario. Luigi is an urologist. He came to South Africa a few months ago. We met him through Mario. He's a nice guy. You'll lov ... like him very much, Mom!" I put in.

"Alma, he is the doctor who operated on Gideon yesterday. He saved Gideon's life," Dad said.

Mom didn't say anything further and she changed the discussion to our modelling the next weekend. She wanted to know from Johann if it was not going to be the same as what he experienced that morning.

"No Mom! No! The client is well-known and Claire has selected the best make-up artists and my own crew, including Lukas, will be there. There is also going to be a Latino guy from New York, a guy by the name of Christian Williams. He's here already. I heard from Claire today that his brother, who is an interior decorator in Toronto Canada, would be joining us too." Oh fuck! He was coming here! Oh fuck! Jonathan was coming to South Africa!

"They're both very tall and good-looking. Claire sent me photos of them to my cell phone. Jonathan is a real hunk. Christopher asked Claire to contact the Boss Models agency in Toronto to try and convince Jonathan to fly here. He's coming to see his brother, to see some of the country with him, and while he's here, he'll join us for the shoot next weekend. He's arriving next Thursday morning. So, there would be at least 10 of us plus some extras and a few ladies. It is going to be a memorable shoot."

Just then my iPhone beeped. I took it out my pocket and it was an SMS from ... Jonathan! "See you next Thursday or Friday! Will send details in email. Looking forward much!"

"Another round of drinks? Mom? Another G&T? Dad, red wine? Juan my darl ... erm ... Juan? Johann, another beer? Gunther, more dry white?" I asked. "André, please help me," I said. André and I fetched the drinks and once in the garage, and out of earshot, he asked: "SMS from Jonathan? Jackal! So he's coming here to fuck you? Sheez! Baby bro, your hole is going to be fucked into a mush! What do you make of Mom and her questions about Luigi? I hope she's not going to flip her top when she meets him. She's so temperamental these days. But, she's outnumbered and with Dad on our side, we're good to go. Come, let's get back to them."

We dished out the drinks and just as I looked at my watch, I heard someone at the door. It was Luigi! I went to invite him in, but I pulled him out onto the porch. "Oh my darling man! I've missed you so much today! No SMS? Don't you love me anymore? Hmmm?" I ribbed him and hugged and kissed him. The tall hunk pulled me tight to him and kissed me with lots of tongue and groaning. Oh fuck! What a sensual beautiful man! He had a small flat gift-wrapped box in his hand.

"I was just too busy mio caro! I din't even have lunch! The farmer - Gideon - was discharged and when Simon, his son, came to fetch his dad, he was in tears. I had to calm him down. He was sure his dad was going to die. I took him to the hospital cafeteria for coffee. Then it was patients and patients and more patients. All of that, and after 3 operations this morning, I'm pooped mio caro! Sheez, as you would say! Ahh! But, I still love you! You know that, don't you? Don't you?" he asked and hugged me again. "Why are we standing on the porch?"

"No, I need to hear it every day! Say it my darling! Do you still love me?" I ribbed him. His big bulge was pressing into my pelvic area.

"Ti amo molto [I love you very much], mio caro! And it's not going to go away! You're my love, my life, my soul." He hugged me and kissed me. "Why are we outside?"

"My Mom ... Just play it cool. Charm her like only you can do it. Come, meet my parents. The others are all here."

"Just one more kiss, please? Per favore [please]?" He pulled me into him and kissed me. His big tongue was deep in my mouth and I felt his big cock getting harder, pushing into my lower body. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

"Come! You're making me hard too! Oh fuck, my darling man! Let's go in!"

When we walked in, I didn't realise Luigi was holding my hand. When I saw Mom's face, it was too late. Oh fuck! Not a good start!

"Mom, Dad, this is Dr Luigi Moretti from Florence. He is the new urologist at the private hospital in Stellenbosch. Luigi, this is my Mom, Alma and my Dad, Adriaan," I said.

The elegant man that he was, Luigi bowed in front of Mom, took her hand in his and kissed the top of her hand. "Signora! Pleased to meet you! You have two wonderfully talented twins. I can see where they get their good looks. No offence, Signore! But your wife ... ahhh! What an exquisitely beautiful lady!" He bowed once more and lowered his eyes as if he was addressing royalty. My darling man! I think you've melted her to the core!

Mom gushed and just held her hand up. "Pleased to meet you too. I'm surprised the boys have never mentioned you to me ... to us. Adriaan ...? But, welcome in our midst. I hope you'll enjoy the evening with us." Ahhh! Mom! She could be so sweet, but ... what was going to happen when she found out she was talking to her future son-in-law?

Luigi stood up with eyes still averted and turned to Dad. "Ah, Signore le Roux! The pleasure is mine! A vintner! Very highly regarded in Tuscany! My family would treat you like a king! One of my patients mentioned you to me! He said he bought some vines from you, no? He was discharged this morning. Gideon du Toit? He holds you in very high regard! Pleased to make your acquaintance Signore le Roux!"

"Pleased to meet you too, Luigi! Gideon holds YOU in very high esteem! You've saved his life! Welcome here. Boys, get the man a drink please! Anton? Please get this fine gentleman something to drink. Come sit down, please! Tell us about your move here. Is it temporary or more permanent? Family in Italy?" Dad was his charming self. "Come get some of the snacks."

I went to the kitchen and poured Luigi a glass of red wine. I also got him a bottle of spring water and a glass with ice and a slice of lemon. When I gave him his refreshments, Luigi touched my hand and looked into my eyes with so much love. I blushed. Oh fuck!

After he had the spring water, Luigi took the gift-wrapped box and knelt in front of Mom. "Signora, here is a small token from Florence. It's something I hope you'll enjoy and one day when you're in Florence, you could complete the ensemble! Enjoy!"

"Dr Moretti! What's this? You didn't have to bring me a present! That's so kind of you! What is it?"

"Please open it and tell me what you think," Luigi said.

Mom put her G&T down and opened the present. It was dark brown leather gloves made from the finest soft leather. They were finely stitched and really elegant. Wow! I hoped that was going to do it! I got up and fetched the Opium from behind the ornament.

"Another present from André and me, for all the food, for the house, the linen, the curtains and ... well, you know we love you! Your favourite!" I gave her the box and she looked into my eyes to see if I were hiding something from her.

"And Dad? Didn't he get something? Adriaan?"

"We're still thinking - no luck yet! It's so difficult to buy a gift for a man, as you know! He has everything! We'll have to come for pointers from you Mom! Now open!" André urged Mom on.

When she saw the Opium, she gasped. "My boy, but this is too expensive! Why? No! My Opium is almost finished, but I didn't expect you to buy me this! Adriaan, did you buy this?"

"No Alma, give them some credit! They've done this without my knowledge, and you forget: they've worked hard with the grafts. I've paid the money for the last 250 vines Gideon bought into Anton's account, where it belongs. So, I had nothing to do with it. Well done, Anton, André. Mom seems pleased!" We hoped it would last.

"Now, out with it! The real reason. What's going on? I can sense the tension amongst you all, despite André's dapper attempts to lighten the mood. Anton, what's going on? Juan?" Mom was not fooled.

"Dad, Mom. You've known about André, Anton and me. But there is no easy way to spill the beans. Please keep an open mind and realise this wasn't something we've decided on at breakfast this morning. What happened just developed. You've known about Johann who became part of our inner circle. Gunther joined us and then through Mario, Luigi was added to the mix," Juan started.

Mom gasped audibly. She opened her mouth but before she could say anything, André said: "Dad, Mom. It's not what you think," he lied into her face, but she didn't have to know the details, "but we each have someone we'd like to marry eventually ..."

"What? Marry? Over my dead body! You're too young! And marrying another man? No, no, no! No my boy, think again! And don't think buttering me up with gifts will make me change my mind! The answer is no! No!" Mom exploded. Exactly what we expected.

"Alma, give them a chance to explain, please? Sorry boys, continue," Dad said.

"What's to explain?! Men marrying men? Even if the Constitution and the new court ruling upholds this ... this ... I don't even have a word for it! No! The answer is NO!" Mom was livid.

"Mom, it's not something that happened overnight. Luigi and I love each other very much. Johann and Gunther fell in love with each other and well ... believe it or not, but Juan and André are unofficially a couple! All new to us, but yes. We're in love and we'd like to get married ..." I put in.

"Did you hear nothing I've said? Over my dead body! What must I tell my friends? The answer is still no!"

"Mom, we're not going to get married straight away. Our studies come first. But, we're getting engaged next weekend. All of us. We'd like you to give us your blessing, but it's your choice. May I remind you what went down when you discovered Johann at our flat a few weeks ago? It's your choice whether you're going to accept it and gain a big happy family, or be left without your sons and their spouses-to-be. Plus Johann and Gunther who are like family to us. The ball is in your court, Mom. We love you but we will do this without you if need be," André said firmly.

"I'm ashamed! My boys who I've raised with love and true family values ... now this! Humph!" Mom snorted.

"Alma, once again I'm siding with the boys. You can't prescribe to them whom to love. If these fine men are their choice of partners, then so be it. Luigi looks like a fine man to me, a specialist no less. You know the other men in this room and you know none is riff-raff. Boys, you have my blessings. Come here! Congratulations! Anton, I hope you and Luigi are going to be very happy. Anton and Juan ... yes, that is a strange combination, but I'm sure he wouldn't be half so bad once you've tamed him, Juan! Good luck with that! And Johann and Gunther! I've grown to love you like family. Congratulations and all the best to you too. Come here! Ahh! My boys!" Dad hugged and kissed us all right in front of Mom. She harrumphed a few times but didn't say a word. She was scowling at her G&T and turned the glass in her hand, swirling the liquid, ice and lemon slice around and around. I thought she could stew in her own juices for a while, and we let her simmer. We ignored her and we enjoyed the drinks. And soon André had us in stitched again. He tried once or twice to include Mom, but she was immovable. Oh well. Dad will have to work his magic on her again, I thought.

"Ding-dong". It was Johan and Herman. André let them in and when they came in, Herman froze when he saw Mom's face. He understood and stepped away from Johan, temporarily. "Hallo ... Mom! May I still call you that? How are you?" He leaned down and kissed Mom on the cheek.

"I'm fine thanks, under the circumstances! Humph!" Mom! Snap out of it!

"Hallo Dad! Nice to see you again! How are you?" Herman hugged Dad and got a kiss. He bent down to kiss Dad as he was slightly taller than Dad.

"Mom, Dad. Please meet my friend Johan Malherbe. He is our hockey captain. Johan, these are the twins' Dad Adriaan and their Mom Alma. Dad, Mom - Johan," Herman said.

The elegant man that Johan was after all, took Mom's hand and kissed it like Luigi had done earlier. "Pleased to meet you Mrs le Roux! The twins are fine hockey players and I can see where they got their charm!" He turned to Dad and looked him squarely in the eye and said: "Pleased to meet you, Mr le Roux! You have two fine boys! Very good hockey players I might add! We've become very good friends. Perhaps you'd remember me from the hockey? I remember seeing you a couple of times next to the field. My parents live too far and they're not really interested in my extramural activities. But, it's a long story. The twins are fortunate to have such loving parents ..." he trailed off.

"Here we don't stand on formalities. We're not Mr and Mrs le Roux. Either you call us 'Dad' and 'Mom like the rest does, or it's Adriaan and Alma. OK?"

"Sheez! Really? Wow! My dad would never allow that! But thanks! I heard Herman saying 'Dad' and 'Mom', so I'll fall in with the rest," Johan said. "Hallo Dad, Mom!"

André had their ciders at the ready and they accepted it with gratitude. They sat down and the discussions were around the tour to Europe, the shoot the following weekend, Herman's Rav ...

Mom was left to simmer on her own.

Eventually Johan asked her about her activities with the ladies in her group of farmers' wives. He said his dad owned a small farm near George where his mom was involved in the community too, and that she was actually going to attend the annual conference early the following year. He said she was a master baker and prepared the nicest jams from a variety of fruit from the area. She is also an ace when it came to knitting and crocheting.

"I'm on the committee to organise next year's event. You must give me your mother's details. It would be good to have a contact in that area to help mobilise the ladies to attend. Now tell me, what are you studying? Engineering like the boys?" She was slowly melting ... Dad's work just got lighter. Thanks Johan - you're actually the star of the evening. You and Luigi ...

Luigi caught on fast and soon he was sitting on the coffee table in front of Mom and told her the history of leather goods from Florence and his family's part in the industry. "Many gloves and jackets paid for my studies, apart from the financial help of other family members. My family own one of the factories where these gloves are made. I brought a few pairs with me so I could give them to some special ladies! Please put them on?" Mom took the gloves out of the packet and put them on. They looked spectacular! "Ahh! Spettaculare [spectacular]! Signora, you look like royalty! Compliments!" The man knew how to charm a woman! And Mom was no easy cookie!

"What are your intentions with my son, Luigi? Are you not going to go back to Italy and leave him here heartbroken? Do you love him?"

"Signora, I have no intention to leave mio caro ... oh, it means 'my darling' ... here! I'm 27 and for the very first time in my life, I know I've found my other half! No, I'm going nowhere. And, we're not getting married before they've finished their studies. So, no worries there. And yes, I love him with all my heart. He makes me very happy. You've raised a fine young man! You could be very proud of him ... of both of them. Antonio, please come here?" Luigi said. When I reached him, I sat next to him on the coffee table and he took my hand in his, and looked Mom in the eyes. "Signora, I would like to ask you and Signore le Roux for the hand of this fine young man in marriage! I love him very much and will do everything in my power to make him happy."

"Are you sure? How long have you known him? Isn't it too soon?" Mom asked.

"About 6 weeks, but I know it's for real. He is an upstanding young man whom I love very much. I knew within days that he's the one. You, mio caro? How do you feel?" Luigi asked.

"Dad, Mom. This incredibly attractive and intelligent man has proven to me without a doubt that he loves me. He is a super human being, one with integrity and lots of compassion. He is not a doctor to milk his patients dry. He cares about everyone of them and is also involved in charity. Yes, I love him and want to marry him. But, not now. First we're going to get engaged and no, it's not going to be a regular engagement with rings and all!"

"No, it's going to be with small golden pendants. We wanted something, but not rings. We already have rings - Luigi is getting his group ring next weekend," André put in from behind Luigi and me.

He was standing with his arm around Juan's waist. My godd darling bro! Why tempt fate? Mom saw it but after getting to know Juan, she was OK with it. She had nothing to say about Johann and Gunther, and she seemed to have thawed towards Luigi ... who wouldn't? He was so charming on top of his incredibly good looks.

"It's quite obvious Dad and I will have no say in the matter. You've already planned the engagements and the venue without discussing it with us first. That hurts, boys. We've embraced your lifestyle and to allow Juan into our lives was fairly easy. The fact that there are now 6 of you in one big relationship, it seems, is a bit much to comprehend. I'm flabbergasted. No, I'm hurt. Your obvious disregard for normal human behaviour and now this ... it's too much ... sorry!" Mom trailed off.

"Alma, just listen to yourself! Please, let the boys be! Just look at the other four men! None is riff-raff! Juan, an upstanding citizen with lots of integrity. We've known him for more than 5 years since he was the twins' teacher in Grade 9 and their hockey coach. Johann, an intelligent and talented photographer whose work we admire. Gunther, a highly intelligent scientist working on his doctorate and making headways in the research on human hormones. Luigi, obviously a highly intelligent and very capable man at his job. But, just look at them all! They're all extremely attractive, so much so, they're all going to be on the photo-shoot next weekend. And they're happy! Just look at them! During the little time I've spent with the ones other than Juan, they have only impressed me. About their lifestyle. Alma, it's the 21st century. André and Anton are our sons, for Pete's sakes! We have to love them and respect their decisions! Ah! Ah! Let me finish please.

"We might not always like their choices, but if they're happy, why be so stickly? No Alma, just as what happens in our bedroom is our business, what happens between the boys and their friends is their business. They're happy, and that's all there is to it. Again, just look at them! Have you ever seen our boys happier? Look at the other four men. Do they look miserable to you? Let's give them our full support on this and we'll be rewarded with love and attention. If they're happy, we'll see them as often as they could make it happen. But if we were to push them away, we'll lose them, together with their friends. Boys, and that includes all of you, I love my boys very much - they know it and I'm not shy to show my intense love for them - and I've gotten to know Juan, Johann and Gunther, and I'm not ashamed to say that I've grown to love you like my own too. You calling me 'Dad' makes me feel very proud. Luigi, you're the newcomer but I'm sure I'll grow to love you too. If you make my darling boy happy, then I'm happy. Just remember, we're not used to bad blood between anybody, and failed relationships. Before you marry my son, and this goes for you too Juan, and some good advice for Johann and Gunther too: make sure it is the one you want to spend your life with. Breaking up is painful and sometimes messy. Don't jump in if you're not sure.

"Enjoy your relationships and give it your all - nothing that is worth it just falls into your lap without some effort or sacrifice on your part. In this it's love and dedication and commitment. If you're sure, go for it and make the other person happy!"

Dad looked at all of us. Luigi and I were still sitting on the coffee table in front of Mom. When I glanced at her, it was clear she was feeling the pressure and it wasn't going to be long before she'd cave in ... Dad, you're the man!

"André, Anton! Please get the JC le Roux I saw in the fridge! This calls for a celebration! And when you're on the farm in 2 weeks' time, we'll celebrate the engagements in style. Alma, are two weeks enough time for to put together some kind of celebration? Hmmm?" Dad said.

Dad! Oh fuck! I loved him so much! He was such a gentleman! Just listening to him made my heart swell with pride. I looked at Mom and her anger and disappointment were finally defused. What with the beautiful Luigi and the gloves, and his sympathetic ear and interesting, intelligent discourse ... Mom was a goner! She didn't stand a chance!

"Yes, OK Adriaan! You win. Yes, it's enough time. *Sigh!* What are you guys thinking of? School friends? Classmates? Other friends? Family? I need you all to SMS me the names of the people you want to invite and confirm that with me by Monday a week. I was thinking it should be simple but manly: how about a braai [barbecue] with steak, mutton chops, wors [sausage], sosaties [kebabs], some braaibroodjies [toasted sandwiches], salads and a nice cold dessert, perhaps fruit salad and ice cream. If you want to add or change anything, please tell me before Monday a week so I could adapt the menu. Dad and André will look after the drinks. Anton and Luigi - if you want, Luigi - could help me in the kitchen. We could have it in the barn where we had your birthdays in August. How does that sound? Of course all of you will be there. Let me know how many - I propose everyone could bring his parents and perhaps 4 friends? If they're common friends amongst you six guys, like your teammates, those names will be on the twins' list. But, I need to know by Monday a week. Now ... "

Mom continued but was smothered by us all. We all descended on her and hugged and kissed her. So, she accepted the boys! Good for you, Mom!

"My hair! Boys!"

"Thanks Mom! You're the best! Thanks Dad! You're the man!" André's comment personified the common feeling amongst the guys.

"Now, these engagements, what is it going to be like? The pendants you want to give each other next weekend, shouldn't they be given at the party on the farm? I'm interested in the pendants. What do they look like? From the same jeweller at the V&A Waterfront? Gold? Engraved?" Mom was a goner! She'd never ask these questions if she wasn't interested!

We filled her in and soon Juan and she were talking about the party.

André rounded up a few of us to help bring the food from the kitchen. Some was in the oven and low oven, some in the fridge, some was on platters on the counter. We brought the opened red wine, some pitchers with juice (not that many of us were going to give that a go!) and ice. Let the festivities begin!


Soon the mood was light and there were lots of laughter. André and Johann had us rolling with laughter and I watched Mom: she was standing next to Luigi and I saw her touching his arm a couple of times. She was smitten. She laughed at the jokes and for the moment she was part of us.

"To my boys and the fine men they've chosen as life partners. To the other boys here. To love and prosperity. To my lovely wife. To love! To happiness!" Dad said and we raised our glasses. The evening panned out the way we wished it would. Mom was won over by Dad and the tall dark and devastatingly handsome Italian doctor!

Just after 11 o'clock, Dad and Mom indicated they wanted to go to bed. We all decided it would then be a good idea to move the party to Johann's place around the corner.

Everybody pitched in and in no time the tables and counters were cleared. We put the leftovers in the fridges and started the dishwasher.

Dad and Mom hugged and kissed everybody, even Johan and Luigi. Luigi's eyes were big when Dad pulled him into a hug and he got a kiss. Johan fitted in like he has been a part of the group all along. We gave Dad a set of keys to the house. Dad and Mom were off to bed in the spare bedroom.

We took some of our JC le Roux and other drinks, we closed the stoep doors and locked the front door. We walked around the corner to Johann's place.

Once in the house, we hugged and kissed each other. The mood was light and jubilant.

"Drinks! Let's drink another toast to this joyous day! Johan, Herman? We hear you're also a couple now! Officially? Yeah?" Johann asked.

"Yes, it's official! But we're not getting engaged, not yet. We'll first see how it goes. But, my ... our! ... congratulations on your engagements. We're very happy for you!" Johan said and toasted our upcoming engagements.

Luigi had his arm around my shoulder and I had my arm around his waist. Juan had André in an embrace and my godd, André's arms were around Juan's neck! Gunther was helping Johann to get glasses, ice and other snacks for the continuation of our celebrations. Johan was standing close to Herman, his arm around the Gentle Giant.

After the first round of drinks, the guys were getting ready for some action. Johan, André and I excused us to douche. When Johan pulled his pants down and I saw his semi-hard cock, it couldn't help but step up to him and took it into my hand. It was a damn fine cock! Before he sat down on the toilet, I sank down on my knee and sucked the big uncut cock in my mouth. He groaned. Fuck! It tasted good and the man smelled so good! He had his hands on my head and was groaning. André stepped up and kissed Johan. Soon they were slobbering and groaning. André and Johan were both good kissers.

"Let me sit and do what I have to do! You're making me too randy man!" Johan said and pulled his cock from my mouth.

André pulled me into his arms and hugged me. He looked me in the eye and rubbed his nose on mine. "Baby bro, this engagement and marriage thing is not going to change anything between us, right? I still love you to bits and seeing that I'm the elder of the two brothers and I do have rights, Juan and Luigi will just have to accept it that at times, you're mine and mine alone! Let there be no doubts about it: I'll sleep with you at times, even when they're there. You're my flesh and blood and I love you more than I've ever loved anybody else, not even Dad. Baby bro, you're the best brother ever! I love you!"

He kissed me deeply and with so much passion, one would've sworn we were actually 'the lovers' of each other. But yes, I felt the same about him. No huge cock or beautiful sexy man will ever change that. My darling bro was my darling bro, and that was that.

"Fuck! You two are the sexiest brothers I've ever seen! And you loving each other and kissing each other like that, gives me a fucking hard-on! Just look at it!" Johan said and pushed his hard big cock up for us to see.

"You sex dogg! Yeah, we have that influence on men and some women! Ahh! Baby bro! Just look at that deliciously big cock! I'd suck you off this very instance if I could ... fuck! Come Captain! Have you finished? Baby bro and I want to get into the bed with the other boys! You too, sexy man! Come! I want a piece of your ass and baby bro wants to feel your big cock! Come on now!" André was relentless.

"Almost done. Who's next? Anton? Want to suck me while you sit here?" Johan stood up and I sat down on the seat. It was still warm ... hmmmm! I opened my mouth and Johan pushed his big cock into me. I opened my throat and the whole cock slipped in balls-deep. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! How I love it when you suck me! You're a master! I still need some practice, but look at the man with that humongous cock I'm stuck with! No ways I could do this with Herman!"

His big cock tasted divine and once again, the perfume this man used, was intoxicating and divine. I needed to ask him what it was. He could afford any perfume on the market, even if it was made of a eunuch's removed testes!

He pushed his cock deep into my mouth and when the big head slipped into my throat, he yowled with pleasure. "Ahhhh! Oh godd! You're phenomenal! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Yeeesssss!"

"Come on Captain! Get your cock out of my brother's mouth and let him finish there. Come here, I'll suck you. Come!" André put in. He sank to his knees and opened his mouth. With one thrust, Johan's big cock was into his throat. Darling bro was a pro now! My bro!

Once I've finished my toilette to get ready for the shenanigans in the adjoining bedroom, André douched and we were all ready.

"Come, let's go make the other 5 men happy. Ready?" André was in charge.

When we walked in the room, the five were lined up on the bed, each playing with his own big cock, watching a blue movie! My godd!

"I've received a hot, hot, hot DVD from my contact in Spain. It's incredibly hot! I've seen some snatches of it ... It's amazing! I thought we could watch it while you were in there. Come, let's make room for them. Gunther, come lie between my legs. André, between Juan's legs and Johan, between Herman's legs. Just a little more, OK?" Johann said.

We got on the bed and the scene on the big LED screen was of a group of well-hung men fucking the hell out of a hairy man. They all got a chance to fuck him, and in most cases they were double-fucking the man. It was obvious that he was in heaven being fucked by the men. There was one black guy with a long big cock fucking the man mercilessly.

But, looking around me and feeling Luigi's cock behind me, I thought the cocks in the movie were impressive at best, but not even close as spectacular as the ones on the bed with us.

I was bored in no time. I was more interested in the cock pushing into my back. It was hard and wet.

I yawned and realised I was actually sleepy! My godd! I had the most beautiful man in the world behind me and I was about to fall asleep. I looked at the others ... would you believe it? They were all either asleep or nodding off! I smiled and turned around to lie on top of Luigi. He put his arms around me and pulled me on top of him. I settled with my head on his shoulder and sighed. Oh fuck! I was so happy and content.

Next to us, the other 6 guys were also settling in, being sleepy. Everyone, including Johann, has lost interest in the movie. Boring.

"*Hmmmm! Ti amo il mio caro! Come here! Oh fuck! You're the love of my life,*" Luigi whispered in my ear. His big cock under me was still big but rubbery now. Mine has gone soft too and our cocks were pushing against each other between us. His hairy chest felt great under my hands and cheek. I loved this man to death.

On our one side Juan and André were nestling on their sides with Juan behind André.

On our other side, Herman had Johan in a tight embrace. Johan was holding Herman around his hips with his head on Herman's tummy, the huge cock just under his chin. How Herman wanted to be able to fuck Johan! I thought I'd have to give Johan some pointers so he could take Herman's giant cock up his hole. When I wasn't around, I thought!

On the other side of Herman, Johann and Gunther were spooning with ... Gunther at the back! I wondered ... but I was drifting off to lala-land. Hmmm!


During the night I woke up with a big piss hard-on. I had to get to the toilet. I was lost in the dark and didn't know where I was at first. I felt Luigi's big rubbery cock against me and I remembered ... It felt wonderful to feel the big cock and the hairy body but I had to get to the toilet. I crawled out and got to the toilet just in time. I sat down leaning forward to hook my hard cock behind the brim. Ahhh! All the drinks ...

I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I scooped some water with my hand and sipped it. When I got back in the bedroom, my eyes were used to the darkness. Only Luigi and Juan and André were on the bed. I thought I heard something and walked into the passage, only to hear the grunting of the three tops and one bottom sucking each other in the spare bedroom! I wondered who would get to fuck Johan!

I went back into the master bedroom and crawled into bed next to Luigi. When he felt me in his arms, he hugged me and pushed his body tight against me. He was mumbling in his sleep. He pushed his face against mine and I felt his wonderful stubble against my face.

In front of me Juan was hugging André to him. They were face-to-face and André had his head on Juan's chest with his one arm around Juan's waist.

I was fairly awake and was thinking of the previous night. What a night it has been. But at last everything was out in the open and Dad and Mom knew what their twin sons were up to: we were getting engaged and eventually getting married to the men we loved. Best Mom didn't know the true nature of the sexual lives we lived with all of these men!

Behind me Luigi was breathing deeply and was snoring a little! My darling was a light snorer! I pulled his hand closer to my chest and soon I was drifting off to lala-land again.


I woke up with Luigi lying on his side looking down into my face. "Ahhh! At last! Buongiorno [Good morning] il mio caro [my darling]! Did you sleep well? Do you know how beautiful you are when you are asleep? My very own sleeping beauty! Mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]! Ahhh!" Luigi said and kissed me on the forehead, my eyes, on my nose, my mouth, my chin. He took my morning wood in his hand and gave it a squeeze. "Happy to see me? Hmmm?"

"Good morning my stupendously beautiful Italian Stallion! Thanks for the compliment, but I could never be as beautiful as you, even if I tried. You're one spectacular specimen my love! I love you so very much! Did you sleep well?" I asked.

"As long as I'm with you, I'm happy. Yes, I slept well with you in my arms. I wanted to make love to you, but ... sorry mio caro, but I was too tired! I had a very busy day and then all the excitement and the drinks ... but I'll make it up to you! OK? Am I forgiven?" Luigi was making excuses.

"Luigi, you could never do anything you have to apologise for! Of course it is OK. I love getting fucked by you, but it's also not the only reason I love you. Yes, it would be great later on, but it was nice to have a night with you in my arms, just sleeping and being with you. It means, I still love you even though we didn't make love last night. But, where are the others?" I asked.

Luigi kissed me again: a long lingering kiss with our noses pushed next to each other. His eyes were closed and his body was pushed tight against me. His big cock pushed between my legs. Oh fuck!

"Juan and André are on the stoep drinking coffee. Johann and Gunther are there with them. Johan and Herman are still in bed in the spare bedroom. What would you like to do? Some early morning sex or should we leave it for later at my place? I'd love to take you home for some 'us-time', OK? Come, let's get some coffee too," Luigi said. He rolled onto his back and his huge cock flopped onto his hairy tummy. Fuck! It was one spectacular cock, even though it was not completely hard. The head reached beyond his bellybutton, even in a semi-hard state. It was a spectacularly beautiful and perfect cock!

I propped myself up on one elbow and touched his face. I looked at this living Italian sculpture of the most spectacular and perfect human being next to me. I still couldn't believe this man was 'mine'. He was just so ... perfect.

"Luigi, I'm happy if we went to your place later on. I'd love it if it were just the two of us for a change. I don't mind the others, but I know next week is going to be a busy one for both of us and when will we be together again if we didn't go to your place today? Yes, coffee sounds good. But first I want orange juice! I'm parched!" I answered Luigi and got out of bed.

"Naked, huh? OK, if you're that brave, so am I!" Luigi said and followed me down the passage to the kitchen. When we passed the spare bedroom, Johan was sucking Herman's huge cock madly like the new lovers that they were. "Ahem! Coffee any time soon?"

"Yes, please! We'll join you short-t-t-l-y-y-y-y! Ahhh! Johan, you drive me nuts! I'm about to cum! Ahhh!" We left them to get the 'cream' before the coffee!

As we entered the kitchen, we saw and heard the other four guys on the stoep, laughing heartily at Johann's and André's jokes and anecdotes. They too were stark naked! Brave! What if Dad or Mom came here? On the horizon the sun was just about to rise over the eastern tops of the mountains. What a spectacular sight.

Luigi poured two glasses of orange juice and I poured two mugs of coffee from the machine. We both liked our coffee with some creamer and lots of milk but no sugar. We each exchanged the second glass and mug between us and went out onto the stoep to join the others.

"Ahhh! And here is my baby bro and his incredible handsome Italian lover and husband-to-be! My bro! And naked nogal! I see we've set the example! Come, sit down! Baby bro, come sit here next to me! Ita, grab a chair over there and sit with us. Fuck, what a bunch of big-dicked men assembled on your stoep, Johann! Spectacular is the word that comes to mind! Just look at the Ita's big cock! And Gunther's cock! And Johann's cock! And Juan ... the fucking lot looks like models from a porn advertisement! I'm ashamed that none of us had any sex last night! Are we getting old, or what? Juan, do you still love me?"

"André, just shut up and enjoy the beautiful dawn. Drink your coffee and be quiet! Sheez. Of course he loves you! Now, let us be ... ahhh! This is life! Just look at the sun over the mountains," Johann said and squeezed Gunther's hand in his lap brushing his big cock.

Luigi was sitting very close to me with my hand in his lap. His huge cock still was semi-hard and wet! Oh fuck! I'd just have to wait for later to enjoy that big cock! I looked out over the mountains and marvelled at the beautiful scene in front of us, and the sun peeking over the horizon. I looked to the left and saw the back of our house ... oh fuck! No! There was Mom standing at the sliding door with a mug in her hands, looking at the horizon!

"Guys, shhh! There is Mom! She's going to see us! Leopard crawl back into the house! Now!" I hissed.

We all slid off our chairs and made a beeline back into the house!

"That would teach us a lesson to be so brazen and appear naked in public! Fuck! I'm glad you spotted her, little 'baby bro'! Imagine the explanation if she saw us ... unless she did see us ...? No! Oh fuck!" Johann said. He went back to the sliding door and peeked from behind the curtains. "Yes, Mom is still standing there but she's still looking at the sun rising. We could only hope ...!"

In the spare bedroom Herman was yowling with pleasure as he shot his monumental load into Johan's mouth. We all smiled. We knew what a spectacular event that was ... lots and lots of cum! Johan had his work cut out to swallow all that cum. I saw that most of the cocks in the living room were beyond semi ... oh fuck!


"Who the fuck could this be this early?" Johann said and grabbed a cushion to cover his crotch and opened the front door a crack.

"Morning Johann! Sorry to bother you so ... oh damn! Did I interrupt something? I'm so sorry! Sorry! I can come back later!" It was Dad!

"No, Dad! Come in! We are having coffee and just haven't showered or gotten dressed yet. Come on. Coffee?" Johann opened the door and let Dad in. We all had a cushion in front of our crotches. I wondered how many were going to be soiled with precum ... at least the one I was holding and the one Luigi was holding!

"It's OK boys! I've seen it all and I've seen most of you - just not Luigi's co ... Oh my lord! Luigi! That is a spectacular manhood you have there! Wow! I'm impressed! It's a big one!" Dad gushed when Luigi took the cushion away from his crotch.

Dad was fidgeting with his crotch and I knew he was almost rock-hard. Poor man! He was dying to get out of his clothes and have some early morning fun with us, but there was another reason he was there.

"Ahm ... Johann ... Mom wants to make us a special breakfast. I think it is in some way an apology for last night. There are only 6 eggs in your fridge boys! Did you forget about the breakfast? Anton? I didn't take you for someone who would forget something like that. Could we have at least another 6 eggs please? And orange juice if you had some to spare?" Dad couldn't keep his eyes off Luigi. He readjusted his big cock on his left hip and swallowed hard.

"Yes, of course. I bought a dozen yesterday. I thought of making pancakes, but yes, you can have them. And there is a 2 litre OJ in the second fridge in the dining room. Come, let me get you the stuff. There are also some fresh buns as well as a ciabatta you can have. We're just going to have a quick shower and will be there in 15 minutes' time. OK? Here are the eggs and juice. We'll bring the breads. Are you OK, Dad?" Johann asked.

"Erm yes, I'm fine. Thank you Johann. We'll see you in 15 minutes' time, OK? See you guys later," Dad said. He gave Luigi's cock one last look and left through the back door. He was so embarrassed about his hard-on after seeing Luigi's big cock! And his spectacularly beautiful body. Poor Dad.

"Dad was very impressed with you Ita! You're home-free now!" André quipped.

"Shower, now! Everybody in the en suite, now! I can hear the lovebirds are in the other bathroom. Come!" Johann took charge and we all piled into the en suite. When we passed the lovebirds' room, it was a smooching and kissing of note.

"Come boys! We're invited to a breakfast! Mom's making breakfast! Johan, let go of Herman's schlong and come!" Juan said as we passed their bedroom. I saw Herman's huge cock and my heart skipped a beat. What an incredibly big and beautiful cock! Wow ...!


After we've showered and rinsed our mouths with toothpaste - our toothbrushes were at our house - we dressed and walked to our house around the corner. At least we were clean.

At our house we dropped the breads on the counter, said good morning to Mom and went into the bedrooms to put on fresh clothes from our cupboards or bags. When I walked past the spare bedroom, I smelled Johan's exquisite perfume and popped in to investigate.

"What on earth are you using that smells so heavenly? Johan, what is it?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm glad you like it. It's Égoïste by Chanel. My mom bought in in Paris when they were there in July. It's nice, isn't it? Want to use some?" Johan asked. As I didn't used some Hugo Boss or some of the Tom Ford Luigi bought me, I was keen to smell it on me. I put my hand out to take the bottle, but Johan pushed my hand away and pulled me closer. "Allow me please, Monsieur le Roux!" He unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it to the side ... He brushed his hand over my hairy chest and rubbed his thumb over my nipples. Oh fuck! What are you doing Johan, I thought!

"Anton, I think you know how I feel about you ... erm ... you both, but fuck! I can't help it! I love you too! Yes, I love the beautiful Gentle Giant, but you ... oh fuck! I'd marry you on the spot if I could. Sorry! I just had to get it off my chest! Here, let me get you some Égoïste on your beautiful hairy body." Johan lifted the bottle and spritzed some of the expensive perfume on my chest, on my neck, behind my ears. He took my hands and spritzed some on my wrists. It smelled heavenly.

"Thanks Johan. Yes, I love you too, but as a wonderful friend and a good fuck partner, but I'm engaged to Luigi and you're with Herman. OK?" I said.

"Yes, I know, but I had to get it off my chest! Now you know! When I fuck you, I'm on another planet and when you suck me, I feel like I'm floating over the Jonkershoek Mountains! You're spectacular!" Johan said and kissed me. It was a soft, gentle kiss, lingering but no tongue. I felt his big cock was way beyond semi-hard and was pushed against my own growing hard-on. Oh fuck! This had to stop - NOW!

"Having a little fun on the side, are we? Ahem! André? Anton? Who is it?" Johann said from the doorway. "Come! Mom is about to bake the eggs. Let go of the boy and put your cocks back in their nesting positions! Sheez! You're like high school boys! Hmmm! What smells so good? Yours, Johan?"

"Sorry man! It just happened. You know how it is when Anton is around ... he drives us all mad with desire ... I can't help it. Oh, the perfume ... it's Égoïste by Chanel. Want some?" Johan apologised and offered the expensive perfume to Johann.

"Yes, please! It smells great. And, let's keep this under wraps. Let's not cause some unnecessary ruckus amongst the boys. I know it was innocent, but rather not. OK?" Johann said as he spritzed some of the Chanel on his neck and down the inside of his shirt. "Fuck! It smells divine! Now, put your shirts over your hard cocks and come! Come!"


Breakfast was an affair like only Mom could pull of. Breakfasts were her forte. The bacon was crisp, the eggs were perfect, the sausage was juicy ... Mom was a great cook.

"I wanted to say you look spiffy without the stubble, but we ... well, the stubble was great, but you look like brand-new coins! After the shoot, liaise with Claire about the stubble for future shoots. I like the stubble," Dad said when we were having some more coffee out on the stoep. The sun was up and it was going to be stupendous day. It was a day for friendship, love, sex and just lazing around. But ... argh! André and I had some work to do for a test on Monday.

After we've cleared the table and the dishwasher was whirring away, Dad and Mom got their belongings and walked to their respective cars. "I've been away from the farm since Wednesday. I need to go check on the workers and the sprinklers. It's hot and the vineyards can't be without water for too long. Thanks for everything boys! Best of luck with the shoot next weekend. Keep us up to date, OK? Good-bye boys!" Dad said and hugged and kissed us all. Mom followed suit - even Luigi! She was like soft putty in his beautiful hands! The got into their cars and they were off.


As soon as the parents were gone, Luigi pulled me into his arms and said: "My beautiful husband-to-be, I love you with all my heart and I'd like to stay here with you. However, I have patients I have to attend to. You have some studies to catch up on. I'm going to love and leave you and will see you at 4 o'clock at my place, OK? Would that be OK? Enough time to do your 'homework', mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]? Bring your MacBook with you so we could exchange some pictures ... yes, 'those' too, André! ... and I want to show you some pictures of la mia famiglia [my family]. Boys, would it be OK if my boy could sleep over at my place tonight? Juan? André? Si? Well then, I'll see you at 4. Oh, here is the key I've promised you. If I'm not there by 4 o'clock, please make yourself at home. The alarm code is *2525#. It's my birthday in November, remember? And yours is on 25 August, no? Therefore, *2525#. Thank you for everything Juan, André and everybody else. I have to run. I have to discharge 2 patients this morning and then I have some admin to catch up on: reports, preparations for next week and the like. Good-bye mio caro - I'll see you at 4?" He kissed me and held me tight. I felt his huge cock pushing into my pubic bone and I groaned. Oh fuck! "Do you love me as much as I love you, my love?"

"Yes, very much. I want to be your lover, your friend, your husband, your companion - I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to marry you, mio caro!" I said and put my head on his shoulder. He put one of his big exquisite hands on my head and hugged me with the other hand on my back. He lifted my face to his and kissed me.

"Oh fuck! Get a room! This Ita makes me sick! Yuck! And this early on a Saturday morning, so soon after breakfast! I'm calling my Dad!" André, you delinquent!

"Oh, just shut up! Just kiss your husband-to-be and leave us alone! Anton, I love you! Mwah!" Luigi said and kissed me again.

"Yuck! You perverts!" André ... who else.

I took a swipe at his head but he ducked behind Juan and tainted me over Juan's shoulder: "I'm the elder brother and I have rights. Touch me and I'm calling Dad!"

"For someone boasting that he's the elder of the twins, you're relying heavily on Dad for support ... not so? Dad gave his blessing if I remember correctly. So, what is it you were going to tell him?" For once, André was silent. The brainiac doctor had him gobsmacked. Good for you, Luigi!

"Before you go Luigi, could I steal you away for just half an hour so I could quickly take the pictures of your hands and the rings, the watches and then some of your obviously big and beautiful feet? It won't take long. I've got everything at the ready. Please come with me - yes, you too Anton - and let's do it quickly," Johann said.


Johann, being the knowledgeable photographer that he was, had the photos taken in just over half an hour. He knew exactly what to do, what angles, what kind of light, the poses - in short, I stood there in awe of the man's talent. But, I was also in awe to see my man's beautiful hands and feet being immortalised for some advertisements or posters. If anything, this will most definitely be the start of something very big for Luigi. He is just so fucking dashingly sexy and attractive. The luscious pot plants in Johan's house, his artwork on the walls, his Persian carpets and furniture, as well as the view from his stoep, made for the perfect backdrops for the pictures.

"That's it. All done. I think you're going to be a hit, Ita! Anton, I have to concur: This man has the most amazingly beautiful hands and feet. And his face is ... well, he is fucking dashing! The women - and quite a few men - at Boss Models and at the jeweller, are going to flip! Luigi, you're the most beautiful doctor and man I've seen in a long time. There you have it! I've said it. I'm in love with my Gunther and he too is dashing, but you ... my godd! You give new meaning to the term 'tall, dark - hung! - and handsome'!"

"You make me blush, Johann! I'm thankful for my genes, but yes, I'm embarrassed. I'm just me. Thanks for this. It would be interesting to know what the jeweller and ... Claire, is it? ... will say about the pictures. But now, I have to go. The patients' family are already waiting for them to be discharged. Thanks Johann! You impress me with your skills with a camera and setting up a shoot. You're truly professional." He hugged and kissed Johann and we went back to our house.

Johann stayed at his house to finish editing the photos he took of Luigi.

Luigi got his overnight bag and hugged and kissed everybody. I accompanied him to his car. He put his bag in the car and stood legs apart against the car door and pulled me into his arms. His huge cock pushed against me and I was hard in seconds.

"Ahhhh! Mio caro! Oh fuck! I love you so very much! You're the man of my dreams! Hmmm! But, as wonderful as this is - I could fuck you on the spot! - I really have to go. I hate it that my patients have to wait. So then, I'll see you at my place at 4? You've got the key and you remember the alarm code? Right? I'm off. I love you mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]! Arrivederci [Good-bye]!" He kissed me one last time and he was off.

I stood there watching him driving around the corner. Phew! What an incredible event! We've had Dad and Mom there and we spilled the beans, and got their blessings to get engaged in two weeks, and to be married when we graduated. And even though we slept together and didn't have sex, it was a wonderful experience to sleep with this man. But, at 4 o'clock I knew there would be fireworks at Luigi's place! Bring it on! I'm ready! But now, I had to do some studying I thought.


After my tall dark and fucking dashing darling Italian doctor left, Johan and Herman also set off to go and look at the Toyota Rav. Gunther had to go and check on the progress of some experiments and Juan had to join him to take the readings. Johann was still at his house, editing the pictures he took of Luigi. So, it was just André and I.

After saying good-bye to the lot they were off. André and I settled in at our desks and did some hard studying and finalised an assignment for Prof Kritzinger.

By half past 12 we heard Juan's car. When it stopped in the garage, we heard him and Gunther chatting. It was our cue to take a break.

"Hallo boys! Ahhh! I see our straight-A students have done some work! Good for you! Now, how about a light snack? Look what Gunther and I brought from the Italian deli? Nice prosciutto, Parma ham, salami, salads, rolls, other cold meats and cheese. Come, take a break and have some lunch with us," Juan said and hugged us from behind.

André and I were - as usual - dressed identical. Juan wasn't sure of who was who, so he gave us both a kiss. Until André opened his mouth and his remarks tipped Juan off. My brother! As straight-talking as they come!

"My darling boy, what would I do without you here to remind me there is actually a nice one of the two too! André! I'm going to have you neutered when we're back on the farm in 2 weeks! Sheez! You're just too much! I think it's because you have too much testosterone! Why I love you, is beyond me! Come here you rubbish and give me a proper hug and a kiss!" Juan was ribbing André and pulled him in for a hug.

Johann joined us and brought his MacBook Pro with him. "You've got to see this! Luigi is a natural! The photos are fucking spectacular! You just have to see it! I'll show you after lunch."


After the wonderful lunch we lazed around for another 15 minutes and gawked and gasped at the fantastic photos Johann took of Luigi ... it was unbelievable. Johann - against Boss Models' rules - placed some of the best of the photos in my Drop Box so I could show Luigi. Fuck! What a beautiful man!

Soon we were off to our desks again. Juan and Gunther settled in to go over their stats and readings, and to prepare a report for Novo Nordisk and Johann finalised some correspondence.

By half past 3 I have finished my preparations for Monday's test to a large extent. I would still do some work the following day, but at that point, I was done.

"Off to the Ita doctor now, hmm? Getting fucked with that horse cock, no less! Baby bro, I have to say: the man is a real hung hunk, and a nice guy too. You've been very lucky to meet such a wonderful man who loves you so much. I like him and I'm very happy that you two are now officially a couple. I've never seen you happier. You do love him very much, I can see that."

"Yes, I love him very much. Did you see the pictures Johann took this morning? He is a natural in front of a camera. All so relaxed and of course the fact that he is devastatingly beautiful, doesn't hurt either! Even Johann had a semi when he took the pictures of Luigi's feet and hands. What I've seen, has blown me away. And yes, I love him very much. He is a very kind man and he really loves me. The sex is epic, but it's not sex for the sake of sex. He makes love to me in the true sense of the word. He is a magical man and lover. Yes I'm off to see my hunky Italian man now! Behave and stay out of trouble!"

"What? Why would you say that to me? I'm the proverbial 'good boy'! Ask Juan!" Yes, André! We know, I thought.

I got my overnight bag and packed a change of clothes, my toilet bag and remembered I didn't take the Tom Ford Noir Luigi bought me last time I was at his place. I made a note to take it the next day when I came home.

"Ahh! My beautiful darling boy! Off to see the hunky Italian doctor, are we? Hmmm! Don't do what I wouldn't do, hey! Enjoy my boy! And my regards to the beautiful man! Mwah!" Juan said and kissed me. He gave me a tight hug and I felt his big cock pushing against me. Oh fuck! I was glad we still would be able to have sex with each other, as Juan's cock was a beautiful and big one - one that I've loved from the first time I saw it on the farm.

"Yes, I'm off to the hunky dark and hairy man. We'll be back at La Rochelle after his hospital rounds tomorrow. Expect us by half past 12. There is enough food in the deep freeze, but let me know what I should bring. I could go get it while Luigi is at the hospital tomorrow. Bye my darling man! Remember, I still love you! And that will never change!" I hugged and kissed the tall man.

"Yeah right! He's mine now so behave when you have him in your arms! Don't get too fresh, you hear?" André ... sigh! He emphasised the 'fresh' that I had to smile.

"André, be happy for your brother! If Juan doesn't neuter you, I will! Sheez! Darling boy, go and enjoy it and give my love to the hunky man! He's going to be a huge hit with Claire and the jeweller! Go, enjoy it!" Johann said and hugged and kissed me.

"Don't mind your brother! We know he doesn't know how to utter the words 'I love you', and then garbage comes out of his mouth! Go, and enjoy it mein Schatz [my darling]! Ich liebe dich so viel [I love you very much]! But, I understand your feelings for Luigi. He is a looker and a kind man. Tschüß [Bye]!" Gunther hugged and kissed me and his big semi pushed against me. He too was a kind and beautiful man, albeit blonde. But everything about him was nice and at 29,5cm, his thick uncut cock was the biggest in our group. It still was an experience to have him fuck me. And when Luigi or Johann or Juan joined him with a double fuck ... ahhh! Heaven!

"Bye baby bro! Enjoy the Ita and his huge salami! Sheez! I'm sure there is a law against such huge things! I'm checking on the Internet this afternoon. He is illegal ..." André started.

"Oh please! Anton, just keep quiet and be happy for you brother! Sheez! Jy weet [You know]! Don't mind him! His dog tablets are fresh out of stock! So, we'll have to live with it until the vet gets new supplies! Go and enjoy it my darling!" Juan put in.

"Oh, am I now a dog ...?" André managed to get in before the other 3 grabbed him. Never a dull moment!

I was off in my ECO 25.2 - WC and when I arrived at Luigi's place, I first rang the doorbell. When I didn't hear anything, I unlocked the door and quickly punched in the alarm code. I took my bag to the bedroom and ahhh! Oh fuck! The whole place smelled of Luigi! So nice and manly! I saw the black box with my Tom Ford Noir was on the bedside table. I had to remember to take it.

I went into the kitchen and checked the fridge for a Coke or fruit juice. There was a variety of juices but I settled for a bottle of spring water. In the lounge I found there was a CD in the player of highlights of Verdi operas. I switched it on and the warm sounds of La Traviata filled the room. Heaven! Although I loved modern music, this music was everlasting. I looked at the jewel case and saw there were highlights from Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, Nabucco, Un Ballo in Maschera, Aïda and Don Carlos. Wow! This music calls for a glass of red wine, I thought.

First I took my rubber bulb and went into the en suite bathroom to douche. Rather now than later, I thought. The music was rather loud so I could hear it throughout the house. To douche to the sound of a tenor belting out an aria from Rigoletto ... priceless!

Afterwards I sat down on the couch in the lounge and flipped through some magazines and books. All in Italian ... I just looked at the pictures. There was one book on Florence that had large pictures of all the best tourist attractions. It was spectacular. Although I didn't understand what was printed, the pictures spoke for themselves. The Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, the Florence Cathedral, Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo, the David statue (2 different ones plus the original), Boboli Gardens, Bargello, Piazza de Duomo, San Marco, Piazza della Repubblica, Fountain of Neptune ... too many to mention. The photos were breathtakingly beautiful. I could understand why Luigi was so proud to be an Italian from Florence or 'Firenze' as the Italians call Florence. There were numerous beautiful buildings and bridges and gardens and piazzas - it would take a week and then there would still be some that would be left unseen.

I was getting excited to visit this beautiful city, the birthplace of so many famous people, including Leonardo da Vinci (not in Florence itself, but close by), Durante Danté (real surname Alighieri), and of course the start of the greatest period of development in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance which lasted into the Modern Times.

The city of Florence was also home to the banking family, the Medici who ruled the city and area during the 14th and 15th centuries. Four Popes came from the Medici. Banking under the Medici developed and became the largest bank in Europe in the 15th century.

The architecture in Florence, including the Duomo, the Florence Cathedral, the Ponte Vecchio to a lesser extent ... there are just too many. An architect would spend a year in Florence and would not have covered all of the buildings and objects.

But, due to my relationship with Luigi, I was about to see some of it myself! Wow! And with him as my ... our ... guide, we were guaranteed a ringside seat! I wondered about the weather in winter ... it might be very cold which meant we wouldn't go out too early and would be back at his family home not too late. Ahh! Then being warm and cozy with my love next to me, under a warm duvet, warm drinks, toasted nuts, pasta, Parma ham ... hmmm!

I put my glass on a coaster and closed my eyes, and drank in the beautiful music. The music system played Va Pensiero from Nabucco ... wow! The choir was superb. I looked at the CD case: it was a recording by Deutsche Grammophon by an Italian orchestra, cast and chorus. Ahh!

The music filled me with so much peace. As the last notes drifted over me, Luigi bent over me and kissed me on the eyes. I didn't hear him come in.

"Ah! Another reason to love you! You love Italian opera, and Verdi at that! That is not my favourite CD but it has many nice arias. Well done mio caro!" Luigi leaned over the back of the couch and kissed me: first a soft tender kiss, lots of soft lips and then some tongue. I opened my mouth and his saliva ran into my mouth. Heaven! He pushed his tongue into my mouth. I put my hand behind his head as I sucked his tongue hungrily into my mouth. Oh fuck! This man was a dream come true!

Luigi slid over the back of the couch and right on top of me. Another reason I loved this man. And his Tom Ford Noir was exquisite. And he knew instinctively I loved him on top of me. He pushed his groin into me and I felt his huge cock was way beyond semi hard. He stroked my face and looked into my eyes. "Hallo mio caro! Did you miss me much? Are you OK? Hmmm?"

"Hallo my darling! Yes, I've missed you. Did you manage to do some work? Are your patients OK? How is Gideon doing? Did you hear from him?" I gushed.

"Slowly! Slowly mio caro! So many questions! Yes, I managed to do most of what I intended to do and yes, my patients are fine. One small complication with a prostate resection patient but he'll be fine. And I actually phoned Gideon - he is doing fine. It seems like Simon is spoiling his dad rotten. He wouldn't hear of anything: he bundled his dad into bed, brought him refreshments and magazines, gave him the TV remote control and promised his dad there would be hell to pay if he came back from the vineyards and his dad wasn't still in bed! It seems like Simon took charge! Good. At least I know the recovery will be swift with little to no complications. And, I spoke to Simon and told him not to allow any activities of any sort, to which he answered: 'Absolutely nothing at all?' and I said: 'Not even jacking off!' Simon just gasped a bit and said: 'We'll be very careful!' I told him not even a blowjob, to which Simon answered: 'I'll do my very best ... erm ... no activities, doctor! I'll see to that!' I just hope he could keep his hands off his dad for a few days. Any strain or exertion could cause some bleeding. I just hope the two of them would hold out for a few days before ... you know!"

"I'd love to meet these two guys. They sound sexy and hot! What do they look like?" I asked, playing with Luigi's dark curls next to his ears.

"Oh, I'm not enough for you, hmmm? You want to meet the hunky ... erm ... the farmer and his son, is it?" Luigi ribbed me!

"No my darling! You're more than enough for me and you know I love you more than anything in the world. But these people have bought 250 of my vines and from what I've heard, they're spectacularly attractive and sexy. And I'm sure these boere [Afrikaner farmers] will also be hung like horses! And if they are having fun together, they need special friends who will understand and will not condemn them. Dad said he has invited them to come to the farm in 2 weeks' time," I said.

"And when you meet them, would you want to go to bed with them, mio caro? Hmm?"

"You've met them and I can hear you like them! Come on! Admit it! You like them! Luigi?"

"Ahh mio caro! You know me too well! Yes! I like them and yes, they're very attractive and very sexy ..."

"And Gideon has a big cock? Does he? Luigi!"

"You're a devious, beautiful and sneaky man, mio caro! Yes, he has a big one! Perhaps bigger than yours but I didn't look at it that closely! I'm his doctor! But yes, it's big. And Simon has a big bulge in his pants. He has very big hands and very big feet too. Simon is almost as tall as I am. They both have dark brown hair. Gideon has a hairy body but I don't know about Simon. There is hair showing above his shirt but ... Now look what you made me do! I'm not supposed to tell you this! No! No more! For your punishment, I will fuck you only 3 times tonight and not the usual 5 times, you naughty boy!" Luigi said and nuzzled his nose in my neck! I yowled, as it was ticklish!

"You smell differently. What is it?"

"It's Égoïste by Chanel. Johan is using it. I wanted to smell it. Nice, eh? Do you like it?"

"Yes, it smells very good. A good alternative for your Hugo Boss or my Tom Ford. Want me to get you some, mio caro?"

"My darling man, no! It's too expensive! You've already bought me the Tom Ford Noir! No! You're spoiling me! It's fantastic, but I don't want to be a financial burden to you! Oh Luigi ...!"

"You're not a burden in the least. If you like it, I'll get you some. OK? OK. It's settled then."

Then he put his fingers millimetres from my sides and I screamed! Just the mere thought of being tickled made me giggle and my arms snapped shut tight against my sides to avert any finger ... but I was helpless against this big man! He pretended to give up, kissed me while looking into my eyes ... the little devils danced in his sparkling brown eyes ... and too late I knew he was going to tickle me! I yowled and giggled and tried to fight him off and all of a sudden he stopped ... oh godd!

I still giggled and looked into his beautiful smiling face. "Ti amo mio caro!" He lowered his face over mine and rubbed his sexy nose on mine. He made big eyes at me and then he kissed me. His beautiful full mouth was on mine, his soft lips enveloped my mouth, his eyes closed and he kissed me with such love, I melted under him. His big cock pushed into my crotch and he ground it against me. Oh godd! This man was like no other.

Luigi searched for my hands with his and then he interlocked his fingers with mine. He pulled my arms up above my head and lied down on me, his face directly above mine. "Do you know Signore le Roux, that you make me the happiest man in the world? Do you know that I think of you all day long? I have to force myself not to think about you when I'm operating. You are a very, very bad influence on me, mio caro! You are a very bad boy! You'll have to be punished, but there is nothing I want to do to you that you don't like! So, it's useless! I'm just a lost soul loving the most beautiful, loving boy in the world. Oh fuck Antonio you make me so happy! Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I want to spend my life with you. Ahhh!" Luigi gushed and kissed me again.

He wriggled on top of me and then I heard his first shoe fall on the floor, and then the other. "Sorry, my feet are tired and I had to get my shoes off. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not! Luigi, you're the guy every girl and gay man dreams of. You're just everything I've always wanted in a lover. Actually I never knew such men existed, until I met you! You're more than what I've bargained for! I love my brother and that will never change. I love Juan as he is a special man who played a big role in my life for more than 5 years. But you, Luigi, have swept me off my feet in 2 months' time. You've shown me a love and passion I never knew existed. You are a dream come true. Yes, I want to share the rest of my life with you. And now that we have the parents on our side, we're good to go! Ahh! You're perfect!"

"Mio caro, I know we've had some celebrations last night, but I'm fetching a bottle of bubbly now and then I'm dragging you off to bed. I need to make love to you. And this time I want it to be slow and passionate and deep and ..."

I lifted my face and kissed him, smothering his jibber-jabber. I wanted him to fuck me. More action, less talk!

Luigi got up from me and when he stood on the floor, his huge cock made an insanely big bulge in his pants! My godd! To think that big cock was going to be pushed into me soon ... and I was going to like it! My own hard-on in my pants was pushing up under my underpants' elastic. I readjusted it and Luigi laughed.

"Would you look at that? My man has a hard-on! A nice big one too! Don't touch it! You wait just there! I'll be back in a second! Wait, don't move!"

Luigi briskly walked into the kitchen and I heard him getting the JC le Roux from the fridge and flutes from the cupboard. He returned, put the flutes on the coffee table and stood next to me unwinding the wire over the cork. His big bulge was right in front of me and ... I couldn't resist, so sue me! I put my hand on his big bulge and squeezed.

"Keep that up and I'm raping you right here and right now! Ahhh! Oh damn, mio caro! You drive me fucking nuts!" He held the bottle in one hand and put his other hand over my hand and squeezed. "You'd be the reason I'd go off my rocker! You're too much!"

Luigi gently popped the cork and a white wisp of carbon dioxide escaped from the bottle opening. Like a true sommelier he held the bottle with his thumb in the indentation in the bottom and rested the side of the bottle on his fingers, and poured the sparkling wine. He handed me the flute and poured a flute for himself. I moved my legs out of the way and Luigi sat down next to me. He looked at me and smiled. "To you and to us, mio caro! I'm the happiest man in the world! Cin-cin! Cheers! Gesundheit! Prost! Santé! On happiness forever! Ti amo mio caro!"

"Gesondheid [Cheers]! I love you very much my darling and yes, on love forever!"

We drank the bubbly and held each other's hands. Luigi looked into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me. "Want me to drag you off to bed? Hmmm? Come Boikie! I have a huge load of cum I want to pump into you!" Luigi pulled me from the couch and into his arms. He kissed me with his lips tasting of sparkling wine. He put his one hand behind my head and played with his fingers in my hair. His tongue played over my lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and he pushed it even deeper into my mouth.

Luigi took the neck of the bottle of sparkling wine with his ring and little finger of the hand that held the glass, and took my hand in his other hand. "Come, bedroom, now! Antonio, I need to be inside you! Oh damn! Come mio caro!"

In the bedroom we put the flutes on the bedside table, and Luigi put the bottle on the floor. Our hands were on each other and we unbuttoned each other's shirts. Our groins were pushed tight against each other. And we were kissing at the same time. The kissing was urgent and passionate. Fuck! I wanted this man to make love to me!

Our shirts fell to the floor and my hands were in the luxurious mat of chest hair of the godly statuesque man in front of me. I put my face on his chest and felt the hair on my skin. My one arm was around his neck and the other around his chest. Oh fuck! How I loved this godly creature! He was just the best ... With his one hand he held my head tight to his chest. With his other hand, he was stroking my back.

Luigi put his hand under my chin and when I looked up into his face, he smiled at me. "Happy mio caro? Do you love me as much as I love you?" He leaned down and kissed me once again. I melted into his arms and when my head was on his chest I heard his heart beating. He had his one arm wrapped around my neck and the other around my back. I clung to the hunk of a man and sighed. How could I have been so, so lucky to have this incredible man in my arms, in my life, in my heart, in my ... his ... our bed?

He pulled away and I started to unbuckle his belt but of course, the Italian design still baffled me! Luigi gave it one twist and the belt opened. He reached for my belt and my pants were open. We unzipped each other's pants and groped the hard cocks in the underpants underneath. Luigi's huge cock was rock, rock hard and the tip was sopping wet ensconced in the underpants material. I groaned when Luigi pulled my underpants down and squeezed my cock. We pushed each other's underpants down and our hard wet cocks pushed into the groin of the other, Luigi's a little above my cock.

I pushed my pants and underpants down with my free hand and then did the 'climbing' act: I lifted my one leg and stepped onto the pants I pushed down. Then the other leg, until the pants were trampled to the floor. Luigi followed suit and we stood there naked in each other's arms, holding each other's cock.

Luigi kissed me and pushed me back onto the bed. I lost my balance and fell backwards. He fell with me, on top of me. Luigi kissed me and then he trailed his tongue over my chin, over my throat and down my hairy chest to my right nipple. It was hard and he licked it. He put his whole mouth over my nipple and sucked with gusto. I groaned and bucked. My hard cock was leaking precum that ran down the head onto my tummy above my belly button. Luigi's huge cock was grazing over my cock and tummy hair. It was sopping wet. His hands were on my chest, on my arms, on my solar plexus and down my sides - it was ticklish, but I endured it - to my thighs. He moved his hands to my tummy when he realised his hands were tickling me. He raised his head and moved his mouth into the crook of my neck. He licked the skin and took my earlobe in his mouth. He groaned in my ear and pushed his big hard cock into my tummy, faux fucking against my body.

My arms were around Luigi's neck, my hands in his curly black hair, on his back. Oh my godd! How I loved this man!

The hunk of a man went down my body to my solar plexus and sucked on my hard muscles. He trailed down my tummy hair to my bellybutton, his chin pushing against my cockhead. His stubble rubbed against my cockhead and I bucked. It was a mixed sensation between pleasure and slight pain. Luigi moved along the side of my cock to my balls, licking it along the way. He sucked one of my balls into his mouth and I groaned when I felt his tongue on the skin of my scrotum. He pushed my legs open and I opened up. He pushed my legs higher to my chest so my asshole was exposed. Luigi licked my perineum, then sucked it and reached my hole with his tongue. He licked it and pushed his tongue in. Ahhh! I groaned and pushed out. He put his lips over my hole and sucked. This man was an absolute master at making love.

My knees were on my chest and I was groaning big time. I wanted Luigi in me ... badly!

Luigi trailed his mouth up my body again, on the other side of my cock. When he reached my cockhead, he blew hot air over the head and when it reared off my body, he slipped his mouth over it without touching it with his hand. The hunk of a man sucked my hard cock deep into his mouth.

I put my legs around his body and bucked. My cock slid deep into his mouth and the head slipped into his throat. I had my hands in his hair and groaned. Although he was a super stud and a definite top, he knew how to do his bit to make his bottom feel appreciated, loved and satisfied. I felt it all. My Italian Stallion pressed all the right buttons.

The stimulation was so intense that I had to pull him off my cock. I was about to cum and that would have been no good.

"Enjoying it mio caro? Hmmm? You taste so good and feeling and tasting your nice cock in my mouth is heaven! You are one hell of a man, Antonio!"

"Oh fuck yes! You're driving me nuts! You really know how to suck a cock! I was about to cum!"

Luigi raised his body and put his hands on the bed next to my shoulders and then lowered his body on top of me. I felt his huge wet cock leaking precum onto my tummy. My tummy hair was a mess! And my cock added more precum to the mix. He lied down on top of me and kissed me. He opened his mouth and his saliva ran into my mouth. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I slurped it into my mouth and sucked on his wonderfully talented tongue. He pushed it deep into my mouth and we both groaned. He pushed his big cock into my pubic area and faux fucked in my tummy hair.

Whilst kissing me and pushing his body tight to mine, he lied down on top of me with his full body weight. He stroked my hair and looked me in the eye. His beautiful brown eyes were filled with love and endearment. This man was truly my other half.

He held me tight and rolled onto one side and I ended up on top of Luigi. It was my turn to make him feel good. I stroked his face, traced my finger over his closed eyes, over his high cheekbones, over his beautiful full lips, his dimpled chin, the stubble on his cheeks, his ears ... My tongue followed and when my tongue travelled over his lips, he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. I licked around his tongue and over his lips and then sucked his tongue into my mouth. He put his hands over my head, my body and hugged me close to him.

I broke the kiss and gave his mouth a few light kisses and licks, and went past his dimpled chin to his Adam's apple, his throat, and his luxurious black slightly curly hair on his chest to his big nipples. I lightly tweaked one of his nipples whilst sucking the other one.

He groaned and bucked. His groin was pushed higher and his huge cock slipped under my chest, wetting everything it touched. It was leaking a lot of precum.

My hands massaged his pectoral muscles. His silky black chest hair felt like a luxurious coat. The Tom Ford Noir on his skin smelled intoxicating. His strong hands were on my head and he was groaning like a wounded animal.

His big cock was pushing against my jawbone and I felt the precum on the tip. I lowered my head and licked Luigi's tummy hair as I moved down. His huge cock was pushing up against my cheek and the precum was making a huge mess on my face. I turned slightly and licked the wet head and shaft as I moved lower to his huge balls hanging low in his big scrotum. I had one hand on his tummy, massaging the hard muscles under my fingers and with my other hand I was massaging one of his big balls while the other one was in my mouth.

I marvelled at the size of the balls but also the odour coming from his genitals: it was manly and oh so clean. It smelled of expensive soap. It tasted slightly sweaty. I sucked the huge ball in my mouth and played over it with my tongue. Luigi was going mad above me ...

"Oh fuck mio caro! You're driving me insane! Oh my godd! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!"

I switched balls and was now sucking the other one and was stroking his muscular thigh covered in the same silky black hair on his body. The hair wasn't too much or too long - it was just right. It made him look manly and oh so fucking sexy!

He opened his legs and squeezed his knees in, gripping me between his sexy legs.

I licked and massaged my way down his legs, past his knees to his muscular calves ... they felt like big balls of muscle covered in the black hair. I lifted one leg up and massaged his calf and thigh. He rested his heel on my shoulder. I nudged the big foot next to my face with my cheek and felt the hairy bridge and his long toes on my ear and in my hair. I smelled his masculine odour, even on his beautiful feet. Ahhh! Fuck! This man wasn't just an Adonis in looks, he WAS the epitome of masculinity, of sexiness, of male beauty.

I moved his foot onto my chest and gently massaged the calf and Achilles tendon. I lifted the foot so I could have access to his toes and the ball of his foot. The skin was soft and hairy.

I sucked his big toe into my mouth and he groaned.

"Ahhhh! Mio caro! You're fucking driving me mad! Oh fuck! You're too much! I'm so close to cumming with all the special treatment I'm getting! Mio Dio! [my godd]!"

I sucked all the toes in, one at a time and felt the hairy tops on my upper lip. He smelled so good and tasted so good and manly.

I put his foot in my lap and took his other foot in my hands. His first foot was pushing into my groin and his toes were stimulating my cock.

Luigi's foot in my hands felt masculine, wás masculine and hairy. I stroked the hairy bridge, the long beautiful toes and rubbed my now hairless cheek against the hairy shin and bridge. I massaged the ball of the foot and once again Luigi was in heaven.

"Oh fuck mio caro! Oh fuck! You're too much! Please come sit on my cock! I want to be in you now! Per favore [please]? Please mia bella amante [my beautiful lover]! I have to be in you now! Please!"

I let go of his exquisitely beautiful foot and crawled up his body to his cock. It was throbbing on his tummy with the head close to his solar plexus. I admired this masterpiece of a cock: it was perfect in every way. It was long (29cm), it was thick (I couldn't get my hand around it) and it was uncut. The head was at least 7cm long. It had a huge piss-slit and the skin was slightly darker than his lightly olive skin.

There was a lot of precum on his tummy. I scooped it up with my finger and put it on my hole - no need to waste such good lube! I milked the huge cock a few strokes and I scooped up the precum that ran out onto my finger and put it on my hole as well.

I licked the underside of his cock and when I reached the head, I bent my head forward to take the still sopping wet cock in my mouth. It tasted sweet and the big head filled my mouth ... ahhh! What an experience to have this big beautiful cock in my mouth again. The sheer girth of it was immense! It was BIG!

I pulled off the big cock and licked the shaft right down to his balls. I literally let my spit run out of my mouth onto the big shaft so I could lube it up for my mouth ... I wanted it down my throat again!

I pushed the cock into my mouth as deep as it would go, but the big head got stuck in the back of my mouth. The big head wouldn't go in. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and opened my throat ... the tip of the big head slipped through! It was in my throat!

"Oh fuck! Mio caro! Mio caro! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!" Luigi pushed his huge cock deep into me and it spasmed in my throat. My mouth and throat were filled to capacity. I had to come up for air. I pulled off Luigi's cock and took a deep breath. The huge cockhead pushed through the opening of my throat and down my pharynx. Fuck! It was big and it pushed the walls of my throat outwards.

"Mio caro! Please stop! Per favore! I'll cum in seconds if you continue doing that! Oh fuck no! Come here and lie on top of me for a minute! Come, please!"

The cock in my mouth tasted good and the size was immense but I let go and the huge cock plopped back onto his tummy. It was sopping wet. It throbbed on his tummy and the precum ran from the piss-slit.

I crawled over him and put my head on his shoulder. He took me in his arms and kissed me on my cheek. I was lying on top of him and felt our cocks twitching against each other. Mine was also leaking lots of precum on top of Luigi into his tummy hair. I faux fucked against Luigi's body and rubbed my cock along his huge cock. He bucked and did the same.

"Per favore, mio caro! Sit on my cock! Please! I want to fuck you! Now! Please! Or else I'm going to cum all over you! Please! Only precum, if you want?"

"Only precum please! I have a lot too," I said and lifted onto my hands and knees, my knees on either side of Luigi's body. My hole was still wet with his precum. I jacked my cock and took the precum on my finger. I reached behind me and put it on my hole. I took Luigi's huge cock and jacked it. A lot, a LOT of precum ran from his cock onto his tummy. I scooped it up and rubbed it all over the huge cockhead and shaft.

"Ahhhh! Sit on it per favore! Oh fuck mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]! Oh godd! I'm going to pump you so full of cum! Sit on me per favore!"

I positioned myself above the huge cock and held it perpendicular to his body. I lowered my buttocks and felt the big wet head touching my buttocks. I moved so the head was touching my hole. I gingerly sat down a little and felt the head starting to slide into me. It stretched my hole and I groaned.

Oh fuck! After how many times now, it still was a challenge to get this huge cock in me ... I lifted up and sat down again. The head pushed in deeper and stretched me mightily. The precum as lube was doing a fine job. Luigi pushed up and the big head slipped in through the sphincter.

I groaned and let my head hang on my chest. Oh fuck! It was big! The pain of the cock going into me was also more than with proper lube, but I knew once the head was in, the pain would dissipate quickly. I clenched my hole and pushed out. Again. The pain subsided and the bliss rolled over me. Ahhhh! I had my wonderful Italian lover in me again! His huge cock was filling me up and it was starting to slide deeper into me.

Soon the huge head stopped at my inner sphincter. He felt it and waited for it to relax. He twitched his cock and as the head swelled, he pushed up and it slipped through. Ahhhh!

Luigi put his hands on my buttocks and kneaded them. He looked into my face with love, and ... yes, lust too! But, I wanted to see lust in his eyes, as I was consumed with lust for this big beautiful hung hunk of a hairy man and his huge cock!

The huge cock was advancing into me and I clenched and pushed out as it slid into me. I lifted up a few times and pulled the cock out slightly. Then I sat down on it again and let it slide in deeper. After a few ups and downs on the big shaft, it was in me to the balls.

Luigi twitched his cock and it swelled inside me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I clenched over the huge cock and pushed out. It felt fantastic. I sat down in Luigi's lap and felt my balls on his pubic hair.

"Please come here mio caro! I want to kiss you while I make love to you!"

I leaned down on his big hairy and muscular body. Luigi had to lift his head slightly to reach my mouth with his. This time round he sucked my tongue into his mouth and I thought I'd die! The man's mouth was big and talented! He tasted so good.

As I leaned down, Luigi pushed his cock deep into me and started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. The feeling of his big cock in my hole was wonderful and once again, this man proved to be the master of fucking that he was! He was fucking me while he was stroking my face, my hair, my neck, my chest, my arms.

"Ahhhh! Mio caro! Ti amo cosi tanto [I love you so very much]! You're fast becoming the love of my life, my darling, my everything! Already I can't imagine a life without you ever again! Ti amo, mio caro [I love you, my darling]! Hnnnggghhnnn!" Luigi was in seventh heaven.

The huge cock in me twitched and by then he was fucking me with gusto.

"Mio caro, I want to cum per favore! Please my darling! I have to shoot my first load! Plea-a-a-s-s-s-e-e! Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnnnggghhnnn! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmiiiinnnnnggg! Here it co-o-o-o-m-e-s! Ahhhh!"

Luigi pushed his big cock into me one last time and I felt it spasming and shooting his first volley of cum into me. One, two, three .... I think I counted THIRTEEN spurts! Fuck! That was a lot! He held still and was catching his breath. Within 10 seconds he started fucking me again and within a minute he was groaning and the next round of cum was shot into me ... many spurts!

"Don't cum yet mio caro! One more please ... oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhhhh!" Luigi was fucking me again and within 30 seconds his third volley of cum was pumped into me. It was at least 7 spurts. My Italian Stallion was pumping me full of cum - big time!

"Now please cum with me mio caro! Give me a minute and then cum with me. I'll warn you," Luigi gasped as he continued to fuck me. His huge cock was touching the right places and was really making me feel good. This exceptional lover knew it all!

I leaned back a bit and started jacking off my cock. I was very close to cumming but held back. I was waiting for Luigi to give me the sign that he was about to cum again. My cock was so hard and I was so hot and randy! Oh fuck! If this was what heaven was about, I wanted to die on the spot! The sex with Luigi was just incredible.

"Here it comes mio caro! I'm about to cum! You? Hnnnnggghhhnnn! Ahhh! Oh godd! Fuck! Fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I'mmmmm cummmmiiiinnnggg! Oh yes! Here it issss .... Ahhhhhh!" His cock twitched as he pushed it deep into me and it started to spasm as he squirted his fourth volley of cum 29cm deep into me.

I started to gasp and my breathing was shallow and fast as I jacked my hard wet cock. "I'm cumming my darling! Here it cummmmssss! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh!" I shot a load of note. The first squirt was merely a small few drops of cum, but the second was much bigger and was shot right up to Luigi's throat. The third squirt was even more and hit Luigi in the face under his eye. The fourth squirt ended on his chin. The fifth squirt was on his chest. The six and seventh squirts were on his solar plexus. The eighth squirt was on his belly button and the last one was on his tummy. I was spent. I gasped and clung to Luigi's right arm.

"Come here mio caro! Lie on my chest per favore [please]!" I leaned forward and licked my cum off Luigi's chin and cheek. "Give it to me!"

I lifted myself up a bit and kissed Luigi. He sucked my tongue hungrily to get my cum in his mouth. "Oh fuck! Your cum tastes like you: sweet and delightful! Ahhh! Mio caro, Ti amo cosi tanto [I love you so much]!" He put his arms around my shoulders and hugged me to him. My cum on his chest and tummy made a monumental mess in our tummy and chest hair. Nothing a shower couldn't fix!

"Ahhhh! If I had a choice, this was the kind of reception I would've liked to have when I came home every day. You're a phenomenal man Antonio! Very few boys your age are as mature or as sexy or as attractive as you are." He kissed me on the head and stroked my hair. He kissed my forehead and twitched his big cock in me. It had to be swimming in cum after he shot a load of note into me!

After a couple of minutes of sheer blissful silence, Luigi stirred. "Some more sparkling wine mio caro? I'm parched! Would you be able to reach the bottle on the floor? Per favore? Please pour some for us?"

Luigi lifted his head and chest and I propped some of the other pillows behind him. Then I reached for the bottle and felt the huge cock in me slipping out a bit, but it was still damn big and the chances of it slipping completely out of me were very slim! I poured some more of the golden liquid into our glasses and passed Luigi's glass to him. We raised our glasses and drank to our love and happiness.

I took a sip and leaned down to feed it to Luigi. He immediately saw what was coming and eagerly leaned forward to get the cold liquid from me. He sucked it from my mouth and swallowed.

"The most wonderful JC le Roux I've ever had! Grazie mio caro [Thanks my darling]! You amaze me every time I see you and even more when I have sex with you! You're such a special guy! Here, have some of mine," Luigi said and took a sip from his glass. I leaned forward and sucked the liquid from his luscious mouth. I could get used to this, I thought!

I sat up and had another sip of my JC le Roux and looked at this spectacular hunk of a man under me with his huge cock still inside me. What have I done to deserve him in my life? To love me? To make love to me? To be mine? To be so smart? To be so fucking dashingly sexy? Hairy? Tall? Dark? Handsome? Hung? What a package!

Luigi took my free hand and played with my ring. "One day when I marry you, I'm buying you a very special ring. Platinum? I'm looking forward to become your fiancé in the meantime."

"You're getting your friendship ring next Friday. I think your idea for a ring is going to be beautiful. You're such a multi-faceted, talented man with such good taste! I'm looking forward to become Mr Antonio le Roux-Moretti. I haven't been happier in all my life!" I gushed.

"Same here mio caro. Uncle Mario will never know exactly what a favour he has done me to have given my number to you. Just look at us! Happy and in love ... Ti amo cosi tanto [I love you so very much]!"

After some touching, some more drinking, some more kissing, I put my empty flute on the nightstand and took my watch to check the time. It was just after 6 o'clock.

"It's just after 6. Any idea what you want us to do tonight ... yes, more sex would be on the menu, I know, but other than that?" I asked.

"I've actually made us a tentative booking at Uncle Mario's pizzeria. Fancy some pasta or pizza perhaps? Steak? Or what would you like for dinner?" Luigi asked.

"Italian sounds right, thanks! I always knew I was going to marry an Italian! I just love Italian food so much!" I said and kissed the man I loved.

"Please pass me my iPhone on the nightstand? Ahhh! Thanks. Let me call and confirm our booking. It's for 8 o'clock. OK?" Luigi asked. I handed him his iPhone and he called Mario. They spoke in Italian but I gathered from what I heard that they asked each other how the other was, and then the restaurant booking was discussed, I suppose. A lot of 'si' and 'per favore' and 'grazie' were heard. I fleetingly thought of enrolling for Italian lessons if I could fit it into my schedule. By then it was classes, hockey, soon it would be gym and training, studying, keeping my man happy ... where would I fit in Italian classes, I thought.

"All set for 8 then. Uncle Mario is very keen to see you! You're definitely his favourite ... and I was his favourite until you appeared on the scene! Not that I can blame him! It is fantastic to make love to you!" Then, as if he knew what I was thinking about the Italian lessons, he said: "Would you be interested in learning to speak Italian mio caro?"

"Yes, I would, if I could fit it in. Why?"

"Because when I'm taking you to Italy with me sometime, it would be great if you could speak and understand the language. Most of my family can speak English, but it's not the lingua franca in Italy - not by a long shot! I know of an Italian teacher whose husband is working on one of the wine farms. She runs Italian classes at their home and she guarantees a workable knowledge of the language in 3 months' time. You'll need to go at least twice or three times per week for an hour. Their house isn't too far from here. You're a clever guy - you'd be able to speak it within three months' time! Plus, you'll have me to check on your homework and I could be your guinea pig, so to speak! What do you say? It would be my present to you! Want me to call her on Monday?" Luigi asked.

"OK then. Let's see how it goes. Thanks! I've paged through your Italian books and magazines before you arrived and I'd love to understand what I've seen. Yes, I'm interested! Thank you my sexy hung hunk!" I said and kissed him.

I pulled off Luigi and we had a long sensual shower together. We stopped short of another round of sex right there in the shower! But the showering was with lots of hugging and kissing and groping ... we were insatiable for each other.


We dressed casually in denims and short-sleeved shirts. We sat in the lounge and Luigi played another CD with beautiful Neapolitan music. We had some ciders and sat close to each other. By a quarter to eight, we drove to Mario's restaurant.

"Ah, mio bel ragazzo!" Mario was delighted to see me! He hugged and kissed us and after a few words in Italian, he led the way to 'our' table. It was a table for 6 but then it was for only the two of us, and Mario at times.

"How are you two doing? By the look of things, you're madly in love, no? Ahh! It is wonderful! Si?

"Uncle Mario, we have some wonderful news to share with you. Please don't tell the family yet, but we're getting engaged in two weeks' time!"

"Mio Dio [my godd]! Really Luigi? Antonio? Really? Ahhh! Oh, I'm so very happy for you! Come here!" Mario grabbed me into an embrace and kissed me on both cheeks. His huge cock was way beyond semi and it was pushed hard against my pubic area. "*I hope I can still fuck you!*" he whispered in my ear.

"*Perphaps. We'll see,*" I whispered back.

"Complimenti [Congratulations]! I miei bel ragazzi [My beautiful boys]! I hope you will be very happy!" He looked me in the eye and pushed his big cock against me and kissed me. Mario! You jackal!

He spoke to Luigi in Italian and hugged and kissed him too. I was sure it was along the lines what he told me.

"Celebrations! Chris! Come here per favore [please]!" The waiter came to our table. It was the same one who worked at the other restaurant near Pieter's house. "Do you remember Antonio ... erm ... Anton here? He came to eat at my other restaurant two months ago?"

"Yes, I do remember him! He has a twin brother who is just as beautiful ... erm ... attractive as he is!" He blushed crimson red.

"Well, true! He is a beautiful boy, true. This here, is my nephew Luigi who is a specialist at the private hospital. They are getting engaged and I want you to go find one of the Moët & Chandon in the fridge, please. We have to have the best for my nephew and his sexy husband-to-be. And some crystal flutes please? Chop-chop my boy! Thanks Chris! Ahhhh! Mio Dio [My godd]! It's worked out better than I expected when I gave your number to Antonio! Congratulations! I'm so happy! When are you getting married?" Mario gushed and had his hand on my thigh, touching my bulge. Jackal!

"Not before they've graduated. No weddings for at least another 2 or 3 years. But, the boys are having a photo-shoot next weekend and they've dragged me into it ..." Luigi started.

"Johann, no doubt!" Mario quipped. "He is a good photographer! You have to see his work ... astonishingly good!"

"Yes, I know - I've seen some of it and also the other stuff ... amazing! Nevertheless, we're going to the farm the weekend thereafter and the parents are having an engagement party for all of us ..."

"What do you mean: 'all of us'?"

"Juan and André are also getting engaged, and Johann and Gunther too ..." Luigi got in.

"What? All of you at the same time? Really? Wow!"

"Yes, zio Mario. It is a team effort. We're all getting engaged together. We're getting golden pendants as engagement 'rings' which Johann is organising for us this coming week. As I said, getting married? We're all waiting for the twins to finish their studies first and then it might be a whole affair again of all of us getting married at the same time. Time will tell."

"Ahhh! I'm so happy for you! Thanks Chris! Here is the Moët & Chandon. It's OK, Chris. I'll open it, thanks." Mario took the expensive champagne and removed the foil from the cork. He unwound the wire and gently pushed the cock from the bottle. It made a little popping sound and a little white cloud appeared at the top of the bottle. Like the experienced restaurateur that he was, he poured the bubbly in the exquisite crystal flutes. He handed me the first glass and then one for Luigi and lastly one for himself.

"Cin cin! Congratulations! May you be very happy! All the love in the world to you two. I'm so very glad! What a beautiful couple you two make! I'm so excited!"

"Thank you Uncle Mario! Yes, we're very happy and we love each other very much! Mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy] is everything I've ever wanted, and more! He is one of a kind ... Ti amo molto il mio tesoro [I love you very much my darling]!" Luigi said and pulled me closer, and kissed me with so much love and tenderness.

"Mario, I'll always be thankful to you for 'introducing' me to this incredible man. Yes, he is devastatingly sexy and attractive, and he is ... hung ... ahem ... but he is my soul mate. It feels like we belong together. I love him very much. Yes, you know the sex we have is earth shatteringly wonderful, but we really love each other very much. Luigi is mio caro [my darling]! Thanks to you!" I said and kissed Luigi again. "And I'm starting to learn Italian soon!"

"To you two, and to love!" Mario said and raised his flute. Luigi and I raised our flutes and said 'cheers' and 'cin cin'. The Moët & Chandon was ice cold and tasted like a R450 bottle of bubbly should!

"So then, where are the others tonight? At home?" Mario enquired.

"We're having an evening to ourselves after the night with the parents and getting permission from them ..."

"You've actually asked them? I'm impressed! Did they accept it easily?"

"Oh fuck no! The twin's mom was difficult ... but the dad was easy and understanding. Eventually the Luigi charm and a pair of Firenzian leather gloves did the trick. We're good to go. My darling and I will be engaged in 2 weeks' time! Mio caro!" Luigi put in and clinked my glass, and drank another sip of the expensive liquor.

"Ahhh! Good for you! I'm so proud of you! You've worked hard and you're a good man. Not because you're my sister's son, but you're one of the finest men I've ever known. Antonio, you're getting a jewel of a man. He is not just fascinatingly beautiful ... *and hung like a horse, and cums like a horse!*" Mario whispered, "but he has a heart of gold, filled with love. I'm not an expert, but he is like an Italian god with the most beautiful hands and feet and body and face and hair ... this man is a keeper! I hope you'll love him as much as he deserves to be loved," Mario said and clinked our glasses.

"Zio Mario, in 27 years I've never met someone like mio caro. He is everything I've always wanted. He loves me and ... *he endures my continued lovemaking*" Luigi whispered. "He loves it as much I've always wanted a man to enjoy it. My lovemaking isn't too much for him. He loves every ... erm ... *centimetre and millilitre of it all* ... ahem ... he is my dream come true. Zio Mario, please don't tell the family, not yet. You know what us Italians are like! Here I am in another country and getting involved with a non-Italian, and getting engaged to be married! We're going to Firenze during the Festive Season. I'll break the news to them in person. Antonio! You're the man of the moment! Ti amo, mio caro! Cin cin!"

Luigi pulled me closer and kissed me. He looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Luigi Moretti, I truly and dearly love you! You're MY dream come true! I've never even thought a person like you could exist. You're everything I could have wished for. A life with you would be filled with love and ... erm ... lovemaking ... lots of it! You're the most beautiful man I've ever met. Nothing that has happened since I've met you was wrong. The only thing is I can't be with you every day ... yet," I said and kissed him again.

"Ahhh! So sweet! You're really in love! I like that! You see Luigi, coming to darkest Africa has paid off! You've met the man of your dreams! Cin cin!" Mario said. He took the bottle of Moët & Chandon and filled our flutes again. "To my beautiful nephew and his fiancé! Cin cin!"

It was a special evening with lots of holding hands, kissing, and wonderful food. Luigi personally oversaw the preparation of every morsel of food brought out to us and sat with us for long periods of time. By the end of the evening we have eaten some of the most fantastic Italian cuisine, drank some of the best champagne and have had a wonderful time with each other, and with Mario.

We went home and en route to Luigi's house, the groping and touching and kissing started ... By the time the front door closed behind us, we were rock-hard and in different stages of being undressed!

"Let me go prepare myself first please?" I asked.

"Of course mio caro! What would you like to drink? Fruit juice? Water? Coffee? Wine? Coke? Or me ...?" Luigi asked, holding me at arm's length, smiling at me.

My cock was tenting my pants big time and his even more. I touched his big bulge and said: "I'd actually wanted some Coke and then lots of you, please? Lots of the latter please? Many centimetres and millilitres please? OK?"

"Oh sure! That goes without saying! That could be arranged!" He playfully slapped me on the butt and said: "Off you go! I'll see you in the bedroom, naked and hard on the bed! Go, mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]!"


The sex we've had that night was epic. It was like we were possessed. We couldn't get enough of each other. We sucked each other and came in each other's mouths - Luigi almost drowned me with his first volley of cum! It was a lot! And 'fresh' from his cock, it tasted like nothing I've tasted before. His cum was sweetish, creamy and a lot, of course!

He immediately lubed up his cock and gave the tube of lube to me to put some on my hole. He turned me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed in slowly but with purpose: he wanted to be in as soon as possible so he could shoot his second volley of cum into me. He pushed in with one long continuous thrust. As soon as he was in balls-deep, he just looked at me quizzically and when I nodded, he started fucking me.

Within 45 seconds he started to cum again. Oh fuck! This man was a phenomenon in so many ways! His fucking and cumming were unforgettable ...

After he shot his third load into me - over and above the first load he shot into my mouth - he leaned forwards and ended up on top of me, kissing me softly, tenderly, lovingly, continuously for minutes, murmuring, twitching his cock in me ... I was in heaven.

He looked into my eyes and smiled. "You don't have any idea of how much I really love you mio caro. What I have with you, what I'm doing to you, with you, what you allow me to do, the way you love me ... it's just perfect. I never wanted it any other way. I'm happy, I'm in love. Mio caro, you make me happy. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being you, for being the sweet boy ... erm ... man that you are. I'm so much in love with you. Yes, the sex I have with you is fantastic, but I truly and deeply love you," Luigi said and kissed me.

"Ditto my beautiful man!" I said and touched his beautiful face.

I had my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck.

Luigi lied down on top of me and I let my legs down next to his body. We were settling in to sleep.

Soon I drifted off to sleep with Luigi on top of me, his huge rubbery cock still in me.


On Sunday morning I woke up alone in bed. I heard soft Italian music coming from the lounge and a man's voice from the kitchen. Luigi?

I stretched and looked at my watch on the nightstand: half past seven. I smelled coffee and bacon ... oh fuck! Coffee! Bacon! Luigi! I dug my hockey shorts from my bag and walked barefoot to the kitchen. It was Luigi singing! My godd! He can sing too? Really? He had a pure and warm baritone voice and he was singing along with the music playing on the sound system. It was Torna a Surriento [Come back to Sorrento] and Luigi was singing along. It was beautiful!

I stood in the archway between the living area and kitchen area and drank in the scene: Luigi was busy with bacon and scrambled eggs, toasted ciabatta with tomatoes, cheese and Italian herbs. The coffee in the machine smelled divine.

Luigi was stark naked with only an apron covering the juicy bits in front - his buttocks were bare!

All of this, while he was singing along with the music coming from the lounge.

As he turned to look into the cooking of the scrambled eggs, he saw me.

"Ahhh! Mio caro  [My darling]! Buongiorno [Good morning]! Just in time! But I wanted to bring it to you in bed! But, come! Come! It's all ready! Come help yourself! Per favore [Please]! La colazione è servita [Breakfast is served]!"

"Good morning my love. Luigi, you have a beautiful voice! Wow! A beautiful baritone voice ..."

I walked to Luigi and was in his arms in no time. He hugged me and kissed me. I felt his huge cock pushing against me ... oh fuck! We have to eat first!

"Ahhh! You know it's baritone? Really? You're a clever boy! Thank you! Yes, Italians make love and we sing! We all sing!"

"But your voice is pure, it's warm, it's beautiful! I love you even more! Wow!"

"Grazie mio caro [Thank you my darling]! But, I'm no singer! I just enjoy singing in the privacy of my home ...!"

"No, I want you to sing at our engagement party ... please? Please say yes! Please sing Torna a Surriento! Per favore? Please say yes? Please? You have to sing it ... please?"

"My darling, I'm a doctor, not a singer!"

"Yes, and a good doctor, but you have a heavenly voice too! Please mio caro?"

"You drive a hard bargain! How could I say no to you? OK, but what if the guests don't like it?"

"I'll shoot everyone who doesn't like it! They just have to like it! Finish en klaar ['and finish' - 'and that's that']! Thanks my darling! Thank you!"

"Now, come and help yourself," he said and started to sing along with Funiculi Funicula. His voice was like liquid chocolate!

Breakfast was amazing. We sat close together, our legs touching, our hips against each other, our shoulders against each other and hands on each other's thighs. The apron was a big hindrance, hiding away the ample piece of flesh I lusted after!

After a second cup of coffee, Luigi pulled me into his arms and said: "Shower! Let's just clear the kitchen and get the dishes in the dishwasher. Come!"


Showering was done with lots of groping, kissing, hugging, sucking and even one round of fucking: Luigi's cock had a mind of its own and I wanted it in me. He apologised when he used some of the organic soap to push into me. I groaned and pushed back to welcome him inside me. Oh fuck! How could I ever get enough of this man and his big cock! He fucked me standing up and shot three volleys of cum into me. It was spectacular once again.

After the third volley of cum, he hugged me from behind with his cock still in me and kissed me on the cheek. "Mio caro, I'm sorry! I am so sorry I behave the way I do. But it's your fault! I can't help it! You drive me mad with lust and desire. I'd walk around the house with my cock in you if I could. I can't get enough of you! Just look at me: my cock deep inside you and still I want more! Oh fuck!"

"Luigi, never apologise for loving me and making love to me. I love it and I love you. I'd never get tired of it and you may fuck me as many times as you want, as often as you like. Never apologise again. If I didn't want it, I'd tell you, but I don't see that happening anytime soon! I love you my darling! It's OK and I want it as much as you do!"

"That's why I love you Antonio! You're exactly what I wanted and what I needed. You're the perfect fit for me: physically as well as mentally, as well as sexually. Oh fuck! I love you so very much!"

We finished showering and I felt I was filled to the brim with Luigi's huge load again. I didn't want to lose it so I tried to keep it inside me. We towelled each other dry and after shaving - Luigi still sported his stubble; I had to shave as I didn't want to be tempted to grow a stubble before our shoot in a week's time - we sat down in the lounge smelling like a million bucks with our Tom Ford Noir. Luigi took his MacBook Pro and opened iPhoto.

He had some pictures of Florence and his family he wanted to show me. His three sisters, their husbands, their children - there was one boy of about 18 who was almost as beautiful as Luigi - his aunts, Mario's other brother and photos of his cousins: 2 girls and 3 boys. The boys were all beautiful and looked like different variations of Luigi and Mario, but none as beautiful as Luigi. They were either involved with leather goods or marble, or in the food business like Mario.

"Your sister's eldest son ... the beautiful one ... what's his name?"

"Ahhh! I wondered if you'd notice him! Yes, he is Piero D'Antonio. He is 18 and a medical student in Rome. And yes, he is gay! He made some moves on me last time I was there but he is my sister's son. He also has a big one but no, we didn't have sex. It could never work, because he's a top too. I'm sure he'd go mad if he saw you! I was wondering what you'd say if you saw him in person. I know he'd be interested in you! Last time I was there with them, we slept in the same room and I woke up during the night, and realised he has the same 'talent' as I do: multiple orgasms! After his second volley of cum, the cloth he had was drenched and was groping for something else, so I passed him a T-shirt without saying a word. He just said 'grazie' and continued jacking off and shot two more loads. The next morning, I saw the T-shirt was literally drenched: he cums as much as I do, perhaps even more. I had to sneak the T-shirt into the washing machine. He'd fuck you on the spot if you'd allow him."

"Luigi, you're more than enough for me. I was just interested because he is so beautiful."

"It's OK. I'm going to send him your name and email. Perhaps you guys could become friends in the meantime before you meet him in Italy," Luigi said and opened his Mail app. He pulled up Piero's email address and typed a short message to him in Italian. He added a picture of me and sent it off. "I included your mobile number. It's Sunday so he should respond soon. If you and he would like to ... you know ... I'd be fine with it. He is a beautiful man and like a younger brother to me. I wouldn't mind if he fucked you ..."

"Let's see how it develops towards the end of the year, but really, I'm happy with you," I put in.

"Yes, but you still sleep with the other 4 guys. If we're in Rome or Firenze - depending on where Piero is - I wouldn't mind if you and Piero slept together, or the three of us slept together. You know that I love you very much, but I wouldn't mind to share you with Piero. He is a lovely soft-spoken young man. He has a very nice bass voice. You'll love it! Perhaps he might even call you on your cell!"

"OK, let's see how it works out. How about some more coffee?"

Coffee mugs in hand, I opened my MacBook Air and showed Luigi the photos Johann's took of him the day before.

"Johann could make any tramp look good! But I have to admit: the pictures look good. Thanks. Mind to put in in my Drop Box please?"


By half past nine Luigi had to go to the hospital to do his ward rounds. We said goodbye and I drove off to La Rochelle. Luigi would join us for lunch once he has done at the hospital.

En route back home, my iPhone beeped. It was an iMessage from a number starting with +39. "This is Piero D'Antonio, Luigi's nephew. Luigi sent me your picture. You're very sexy. Here is my picture. When are you coming to Italy? I want to meet you!"

I stopped next to the road and typed an answer. Oh fuck! My cock was rock-hard! Piero was interested! Wow! Firenze was going to be epic! I took a brazen decision and attached 3 more pictures: one of me on the first photo-shoot, of André fucking me and of my cock. I pressed 'Send'. My heart was thumping!

I waited and lo and behold! My iPhone beeped again. "Ahh! Molto bello! I like it very much! I want it too! Here is mine. You sleep with me when you come to Italy?"

I opened the pictures he sent ... and gasped. His cock was huge. It looked bigger than Luigi's and as thick as Mario's cock. Also uncut with a huge head and massive piss-slit. In one picture the precum was dripping from his cock! In another he was jacking off. In one more, his huge cock was on his tummy and reached way beyond his belly button, lying in a huge puddle of cum that was running down the sides of his hairy body. His body was well-developed and hairy, but not as muscled or as hairy as Luigi - not yet. He was 18!

"Very nice! Yes, I want to sleep with you when we come to Italy. Luigi says it's OK. He wants to join us. OK?" I added some more pictures of me: one more of me in a Speedo, another of me getting fucked by André and one of me cumming.

Soon my iPhone beeped again: "Ahh! You have me very hard now! And wet! Yes, I want to fuck you. Luigi wants to join? Good! He has a big one! He fucks you?" He had attached more pictures of his huge cock: one of the head up close, another of it soft - it still was huge - and one of his hard cock as seen from above. This man was going to fuck the shit out of me!

"Good, we have a date. It is going to be after Christmas. I love your big cock. Looks very much like Luigi's cock. You also cum lots. I love that. Take care. Ciao!"

Another iMessage arrived: "Yes! I look forward to that! Sleep with me a whole night? You will? I have multiple orgasms and will cum lots in you. OK?"

"Yes, it's OK and I want that. Good! We'll chat. Good luck with your studies."

My iPhone beeped again: "I want to phone you. May I phone you now?"

I sent one word: "Si"

I waited and within seconds, my iPhone started ringing. "Anton le Roux," I said.

"Oh sorry, wrong number: I wanted to speak to Antonio ..."

"Yes, it's me. Is it Piero?"

"Si! It's me! But you said 'Anton'! Sorry! Antonio! My grandmother's brother he gives you name Antonio, no? Zio Mario?"

I laughed. "Yes, it was Mario, and now Luigi also says 'Antonio'!"

The man had a deep, warm voice like an opera singer. The man made me quiver with anticipation.

"You have very nice big cock! Who is fucking you in the photos?"

"It's my twin brother ..."

"You have a twin brother?! And he fucks you? Really?"

"Yes, I have a twin brother and yes, he fucks me. Luigi knows," I said.

"Luigi fucks you together with your brother?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Me too, please! You and Luigi and me! Si?"

"Yes! I love your big cock and the lots of cum. You have to fuck me!"

"Oh yes! Piero will fuck you very much and orgasm many times! Five times too much? I ... cum? ... very much. Too much. You like?"

"Yes, I like very much!"

"I call again. Now I must go. You are a nice man! Greetings to Luigi. Ciao!"

"Ciao! Thanks for the call Piero! I love your big cock and your beautiful voice! Very nice! Ciao!"

As I drove back home, I took stock of my life with my brother, Juan, Luigi, Johann, Gunther and now perhaps Piero ... oh fuck! I was a sex addict! And that's that! But, of them all, I really loved Luigi. But, what's not to like or to love? The young man Piero was phenomenal!

My life was perfect and I was experiencing lots of love and sex and big cocks! Fuck! And Christopher and Jonathan were arriving Thursday ... oh my godd!

= To be continued =



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