When I had finished in the bathroom and entered the bedroom, André was spooning Dad from behind. He had his right arm over Dad's middle and Dad's cock was hard! But, they were both fast asleep.

Perfect! As if I haven't had enough fucking for one day - and one night! - I had a plan! I took the tube of lube and put some on my hole. I took some and warmed it in my hands and gingerly put it on Dad's cock. I slowly crawled in next to Dad, not to wake him or André. I manoeuvred my buttocks so Dad's curved cock was right on my hole. I took it and put it on my hole, and pushed back gently. Ahhh! Dad's big cock slipped into me and he groaned. Oh fuck! I didn't want him to wake up! I held still and clenched my hole inadvertently - oh fuck! Dad groaned again and put his arm over my chest and pushed his cock into me in one go! Ow! Even though I was fucked with an enormous cock not half an hour earlier, Dad's cock was not small by any measure!

As his big curved cock pushed into me, I pushed my buttocks back and got the very last of his big cock into me. I groaned and Dad's cock twitched. He actually gave a few light thrusts.

I held still and took Dad's hand in my left hand, and intertwined our fingers. Oh Dad! I love you so much! And this, what we have, is super special, I thought.

I took stock of the day and came to the conclusion that I really was a super cum slut! First Juan, then Luigi, then Dad and André, then Christopher, then Dad and André again, and then Maurice! And now Dad again! Oh fuck! To hell with it! I wasn't going to feel guilty about something others wanted from me, and what I wanted to give to them! I loved it, so sue me!

Dad's cock in me went soft and it was only rubbery, but still very big. I sighed and soon I drifted off to sleep ...


I groaned when I woke up. The room was still dimly-lit. I guessed it must have been around 6 o'clock. Then I felt it and it all came back to me: Dad's big cock was in me! I put it there and fell asleep after being fucked by Christopher and then Dad and André and then Maurice. Cum slut!

Dad's big cock in me was rock-hard ...

And Dad was awake, and when he realised I was awake too, he twitched his cock and said softly: "I have no idea how this happened, but I'm happy if you are!"

"I love it! What a way to wake up! Morning Dad!"

"Morning my beautiful boy! Did you sleep well? At one stage I could have sworn you weren't in bed ..."

"Perhaps it was when I was in the bathroom. You and André had pumped a huge lot of cum into me ..."

"Sorry, but that's just the way it is: I cum a lot! And if you wanted, I could pump another big load into you, right here, right now! So, what would it be? Are you game?" Dad said and his cock twitched in me.

"Oh fuck, yes! A thousand times: YES! I'd never say 'no' to you, ever! You know that! I love it too much!"

"Good boy! For that, you'll get a golden star in the form of quite a few millilitres of my baby batter squirted into you! Ready?"

"Hi! What about me? I am the twin brother after all! I do have rights, you know! Dad, I want in too! OK with you baby bro?"

For a person who had just woken up, he was quite bossy! And to put value to his claims to having rights, he climbed over us and took hold of my cock.

"Roll onto your back Dad, and take baby bro with you."

Dad held me tight and rolled onto his back. I ended up on my back on top of Dad with his hard cock buried 27,5 cm in my hole. André had the lube in his hand and was putting some on his cock. He moved in and put my legs over his shoulders and aimed his big cock on my hole.

André put his cock on my hole and pushed in. I yowled. My hole was a bit tender after being fucked so many times the previous day and night. But, I was loving it!

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! André, my hole is still raw after yesterday's fucking - please take it easy!"

"OK baby bro, but I have a big lot of leftover cum I want to give to you! You have a need for it! OK? I'll refuel you nicely for the day ahead!"

"Yes, give it to me!"

André's big cock slipped into me and I groaned. It was an almighty combination with Dad's big cock in me, but I endured it. It was nice for them, but eventually it was going to be nice for me too.

"Dad, I want you to rather cum in my mouth, OK? Fuck me together with André, but when you're close, I want you to please pull out and lie with me in a 69. I want us to suck each other and I want you to cum in my mouth, please?" I said.

"Oh, OK. Yes, I'd love to taste your cum again. Is that it? You're lusting after my cum? Or to suck me?"

"Actually, both. I'm dying to show you what I've achieved with Juan yesterday, but I wanted to taste your cum too. Your cum tastes very nice," I said.

André was now fucking me good and solid and had my legs over his shoulders. His big balls were slapping against my buttocks.

Dad was fucking me as best he could and it felt fantastic. My brother and my Dad were fucking me long before breakfast! The combined size of their cocks was so nice. I loved it. I realised once again I was a cum slut and wanted to be fucked by men, many men and they have to have big cocks! I loved the feeling of a cock or two in me, fucking me and pumping me full of thick creamy cum!

I could feel his cock was rock-hard and he was moaning already. "I'm getting close my boy! André, please pull out so I could pull out too," Dad said.

André stopped fucking me and pulled out. Dad and I rolled onto our left side and Dad pulled out slowly. "Ahhh! Oh fuck Anton! I've never been more randy than with you guys! You make me so hot!"

Dad and I manoeuvred ourselves so that we were in a 69 and André moved in behind me, but he lied down with his head towards my feet! He put his cock on my hole and started pushing in. "André, what are you doing?" His hard cock was pointing upwards towards my feet and he was pushing it into me - totally against my internal anatomy ... "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Your cock is real-L-Y-Y-Y ...! Ahh ...! R-E-A-A-L-L-Y-Y stimulating my prost-A-A-te ...! Oh fuck! You're going to make me cum v-E-R-y quickly ... ahhhhh!"

André's cock was now halfway in me and I felt like cumming already! I've never thought of being penetrated at this angle. I was gasping as Dad put his cock into my gaping mouth. Ahhhh! Hmmmmm!

Dad took my cock into his mouth and sucked the head straight into his throat. I took Dad's cock in my mouth and once again marvelled at the size, the thickness, the smell, the big head ... oh fuck! I loved my Dad's cock! He was sopping wet and the precum leaking into my mouth tasted divine. I opened my mouth as big as I could and swallowed Dad's cock. No, not yet. The head didn't go into my throat. Again. No, still not open wide enough. I tried again and really pushed my head onto Dad's cock ... ahhhh! Success! Dad's big cockhead slipped into my throat!

"Wowww! Anton! How did you manage that? I've been wishing you would be able to do that, and now you've managed! Great show! It feels great! Fantastic!"

"What? What happened? What is feeling great? Dad?" André was asking.

"Anton has managed to deep throat me! Look!"

André lifted onto his elbow and looked to see Dad's big cock balls-deep in my mouth.

"Baby bro, I want lessons! I want to be able to do that too!"

I pulled off Dad's cock and said: "I managed yesterday morning with Juan's cock, and his cock is a bit bigger than yours. It's just in the technique. Open wide, pretend you yawn and relax the throat muscles. Plus, this angle makes it easier. Just try André, it's not that difficult! But, not with Herman! He's just too big!"

"My boy, I'm impressed! This feels fantastic!" Dad said and his cock pulsed in my hand.

I put Dad's cock back in my mouth and the head slipped straight back into my throat. The muscles were nice and loose. Dad groaned over my cock and faux fucked my mouth. My own cockhead was deep in Dad's throat and I groaned. With André fucking me in that position, I wasn't going to last long!

Soon all three of us were groaning, me loudest of everybody! I was stimulated in three different places and I was about to shoot a huge load into Dad's mouth. I felt his cock was hardening and his one hand was in my hair, stroking me. Behind me, André was holding on to my feet and was fucking me at the awkward angle. I was on the verge of cumming and ... then it happened.

I was first to shoot my load into Dad's mouth. Oh fuck! André, you are killing me, I wanted to scream, but my mouth was filled with Dad's big cock. "Hmmmphhhhh! Hnnnngggnnnggnnggg! Hmmmmm!" My cum shot out of me like I haven't cum in a long time. Dad had pulled back and my cockhead was in his mouth. I flooded Dad's mouth.

Dad was next: he pushed his big cock deep into my throat and let loose. I felt the big head swell to gigantic proportions as it pulsed and shot his load into my throat. I pulled back after the second spurt and got a taste of the stuff that made me ... oh fuck! That was so good! My mouth was filled with Dad's cum and I had to swallow for all I was worth. I'll have to save some of it for André, I thought. I stopped swallowing and just waited for the rest of the huge load of cum to be shot into my mouth.

I felt André slamming his cock deep into me and spasmed with each spurt of cum being shot into me. And with every spasm of his cock against my prostate I groaned and wanted to scream he should stop, but I had Dad's big cock in my mouth. Oh fuck! I felt his cock spasmed and I knew he was filling me up again.

We quieted down a bit and were just holding a cock in our mouths with no sucking, or in a hole - mine, of course! - and marvelled at the three-way orgasm we had. We were sighing and held on to each other. I could feel André had pumped a big load into me again. The rest of Dad's cum in my mouth was also a lot.

André pulled out of me and said: "Clench bro! I've shot a big load into you!" I clenched and felt his big cockhead slip out. When his cock head scraped over my prostate at the strange angle, I groaned. I was in stimulation overdrive!

Dad and I let go of each other's cocks and immediately turned our mouths towards each other! Dad! You jackal! He knew all the tricks! We were kissing and swopped our cum.

"Yes, and what about me? Or do you want me to suck my cum from your hole?"

I pulled André towards us and Dad and I kissed him with our cum-filled mouths. He hungrily sucked some of the cum into his mouth and swallowed. "Hmmmm! Your cum tastes nice, Dad! And yours too baby bro! All I need now is coffee and Mom's rusks!"

"Yes Dad, your cum tastes very nice. And you shot a big load again! Hmmmm!" I added.

"And your cum tastes good too, my boy! I'm glad we could have this! You drive me nuts! And you deep-throating me was fantastic! I'm glad you managed. André, your brother has to show you how!" Dad said and gave André's cock a squeeze.

"I'm a willing pupil, especially if I could practise on your nice big cock Dad!" André quipped. He took Dad's big cock in his hand and jacked it a few times. He leaned down and gave Dad's cock a lick.

"Ahhhh! I'd love to be your guinea pig with Anton as your coach! Soon, I hope! This was quite a nice way to start the morning! Thanks guys!"

"Yes, it was special once more! Thanks Dad! Thanks André! Where the hell did you get the idea to penetrate me at such an angle? Do you have any idea just how much your cock stimulated my prostate at that angle? Jeepers!" I said and ruffled André's hair.

"I'm not just a pretty face and budding model! I do have other qualities ... as I've just demonstrated!" He could be so obtuse!

"But back to business boys! Let's get showered and then some breakfast. My conference starts at 08:30 and your classes start at 8 o'clock, not so? Mom will be here for lunch. Tonight we have our gala dinner and you have a night with the boys? Lucky you! But, let me say this: I've enjoyed yesterday, last night and this morning with you boys - very much. You are everything I've always dreamed of, and much more. You're devastatingly attractive: real tall dark and handsome hung hunks! To spend time with you is an adventure. And now with what we have between the three of us, it's even better. Thanks guys!"

"Yes, this was a dream come true for us! You have no idea how we've fucked after Anton had seen your hard-on in the holiday flat, and gave it a small suck. He was horny for days, and he had me lusting after you ever since! The weekend on the farm and the sucking there was just phenomenal. Thanks Dad!" André gushed and kissed Dad.

"Dad, no boy could ever ask for a better Dad than you. You are the tall dark and handsome hung hunk! We know you love us and we know it's not just because of ... this. The cars ... the house ... our education ... giving us a family home ... a fantastic upbringing ... You rock, Dad! And we love you very much. I could never say 'no' to the other guys and I really love them, but you are something else. You're so, so special to us! We'd always want this with you! I really wish this could happen soon and regularly!" I put in.

"Me too, but we have to keep it between us. Does Juan know?"

"Yes, he knows. I think the others suspect something but we'd also like to keep the details of what happened between us between us four: you, Juan and us. It's better that way. One never knows when the wrong thing is said towards a stranger, not that I distrust the other guys," André said.

"OK then. Mom and I should be at La Rochelle at around 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Mom said she has ordered some food for the 8 of us. I'll bring some JC le Roux. What's your stock on beer, cider and cool drinks? Perhaps you guys could get the ingredients for salad for tomorrow night - OK Anton? And make sure you have ingredients for a real Le Roux breakfast for Saturday! Settled then? OK? Come, let's get showered." Dad looked at his iPhone and said: "It's almost 7 o'clock. Come!" and playfully slapped each of us on the buttocks.

"Ow! First you fuck us and now you abuse us! Shame on you! You don't love us anymore! Sob! Sob!" André didn't spare anybody!

"In the shower! Now! Or do you want another smack? Hmmm!" Dad asked with his hand poised in the air.

André grabbed Dad's hand and was pulled into Dad's embrace. They ended up standing close to each other, cocks against each other and noses touching each other. Hmmmm!

"Do you have any idea how much I love you? Hmmmm? My big strong boy who keeps us laughing and who is such a divine creature! I love you my boy! Very, very much!" Dad said and kissed André gently.

André put his one hand on Dad's big rubbery cock and the other one behind Dad's neck and said: "We honestly couldn't have asked for a better dad than you. We love you too and having sex with you is the cherry on top! We want you to know that you're a very special man and that you are our great dad! We have it all and it is all thanks to you. Thanks Dad!"

"OK, I thought we were going to shower?" I said and joined them in a three-way hug.

"Yes, let's get in the shower. How sad I am that this has to come to an end! If I could, I'd easily have locked the door and spent the day in bed with you two! But, alas - we have other commitments! Just as well! You'd wear me out!" Dad said and led the way into the bathroom.

In the shower the usual scene played itself out: groping, kissing, hugging, sucking ... we stopped short of fucking, although at one stage Dad had his soaped up cockhead in my hole and was about to push in when he decided against it. Time wasn't on our side.


We found Christopher in the dining room, and he stood up like a true gentleman when we walked to our table and insisted we joined him. He was dressed smart but casual. He wore his classy sandals again.

"Good morning! How are you this morning? Slept well?" Christopher was a charming gentleman!

We greeted him and again he insisted we joined him. We accepted and sat down. There was some chitchat and he told us that he was going to take a trip to Paarl, Franschhoek and some vineyards in the area. He was going on an organised tour. He said the receptionist by the name of Maurice organised it for him, and that he would drive him in the hotel's air-conditioned mini-bus. He was going to be the only guest on the tour, unless some other guests indicated their intention to join.

Oh my godd! Two huge-cocked guys who've fucked me last night on a day trip! I wondered how that would pan out! But, both were tops, so at most there could be some blowjobs and jacking off. Good luck to them.

Soon after we sat down, his foot was in my lap again. Dogg! I played with his foot and when I looked at him, the lust was written all over his face. I wish we had time, but after last night and this morning, my stamina was waning a bit, even for the likes of Christopher and his huge cock!

Dad and André got up to get some fruit juice, cereal and yoghurt. Christopher pushed his foot into my crotch to keep me in my chair. I looked up and he winked. "Wait", he mouthed.

As soon as Dad and André were out of earshot, he leaned over and said: "Oh fuck! You were phenomenal last night! I've never had sex the way I had with you! I wish I could take you back to NY with me! My brother - his name is Jonathan - would freak out when he meets you! If he knew about your existence, he'd have come with me! Oh fuck! And you'll love his cock! It's about 1 inch longer than mine and as thick as mine, but he's uncut. He cums one hell of a lot - even more than me - and would pump you full of his nice gooey stuff! It tastes great. Unfortunately, I'm not a bottom, otherwise he'd have fucked me wholesale! Even in the US, he hasn't met many guys who can handle him, so he's dying to meet you. Yes, I've spoken to him last night and he told me to give you his number and email address. He wants to 'meet' you now already, even only in cyber space. OK? I'll send his details to you. And a picture of him and one of his huge cock. I'd love us to have a threesome. You'll love it! Lots of cock and lots and lots of fucking and cum!"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love to meet him and it would be great to have a threesome with you. But, I won't be alone in London! There would be 6 of us and even more. My life is very complicated right now. However, I'd love to meet Jonathan and have sex with him. I can't even imagine anybody cumming more than you! Wow!"

"He's also a very good-looking guy and is an extremely nice kisser. He wears size 18 shoes and hands that make mine fade in comparison. You'll love him! He is such a nice guy and a very kind man. You remind me of him. You're a very nice man, Anton! But Jonathan will also fuck you very good! You'll love it! Even though his cock is 14 inches, he is very gentle. I could fuck you first and then him. The amount of cum we'd pump in you ... almost a cup full! I hope we'd be able to arrange something in London. Please say 'yes'? Please?"

"Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I'd be interested to meet Jonathan and have sex with him, but ... it's complicated. Let's see how it pans out. Let's play it by ear. Yes, give me Jonathan's details. I'll contact him. OK? Here is Dad and André ... OK, now it's our turn to get some sustenance. Come, I'm famished!" I said and got up. My semi-hard was concealed behind my shirt hanging over my pants. When I looked up, Christopher's big cock was very obvious in his pants, but Dad and André didn't notice as they immediately started to eat.


After breakfast, Christopher asked that I come to his room as he wanted to give me a souvenir from NY. I knew it was a lie but I had very little choice. "It's OK - we'll see you in the room, but hurry up. It's time for you to leave for classes," Dad said.

When we got to Christopher's room, he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me deeply with his beautiful and sensual mouth. His huge cock pushed against my tummy. I put my hand in his shirt and felt his curly chest hair - albeit not as much as Luigi - under my fingers. His big nipples felt great. I put my other hand on his huge cock and squeezed.

"Please please please suck me? I'd cum in less than a minute! I've been hot for you since breakfast started. Please?" Christopher said with his big brown eyes like a doe's looking at me, pleading.

"OK, but it really has to be quick. Our professor locks us out if we're late," I said and dropped to my knees. Christopher had his cock out in seconds, jacking it off. There was a huge amount of precum at the tip and I licked it up while he was jacking. His big cockhead was in my mouth and the big head filled my mouth.

"Oh fuck! You're one sexy fucker and I'd fuck you on the spot if I could! Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Oh my godd! I'm about to cum ... oh fuck! I'm going to cum ... I'm cumming! Ahhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhhh! Nnnngghhhnnnnn! Ahhhhhh!" Christopher groaned. He shot a huge spurt of cum into my mouth. I swallowed for all I was worth, as I knew the second spurt would even be bigger. And when the second spurt exploded into my mouth, I groaned as it really flooded my mouth. I swallowed and only a few drops slipped out the corner of my mouth. The third spurt was just as voluminous and I swallowed. I was given a liquid protein breakfast after my early cum with Dad and André, and a real breakfast.

The fourth spurt was slightly less and I managed to swallow - no problem. The fifth spurt was big again and a few drops spilled out. Christopher was still groaning and held his huge cock in my mouth while he had the other hand on my head.

I stopped counting the spurts but it could have been 9 or 10 spurts. It only tapered off by the seventh spurt. The last spurt was less but still substantial. I was fed truly and thoroughly!

Christopher pushed his big cock deep into my mouth. It was not yet rubbery or manageable, so the huge head stopped at the entrance to my throat. I merely sucked it and slurped around the head. He held my head between his hands. The huge cock was softer now and I tried again ... success! The huge cockhead slipped into my throat! Yay! I've managed to take Christopher's huge cock balls-deep into my throat. Yes OK, it wasn't hard but still ...

"You managed to get it into your throat! Wow!"

I let go of the enormous cock and stood up. Christopher pulled me in for another kiss and I held his cock in my hand, and squeezed it. An unbelievable cock.

He pulled me tight to him and hugged me. He had his head in the crook of my neck and kissed me there. His big wet cock in my hand still felt wonderful. He let go of me and took something from the bed.

"Here, I brought some "I love NY" baseball caps with me to give away as mementos. Take two for you and your brother, and here is a nice pen with the same message on it for your dad."

"Thanks! That's very kind of you! Wow! We'll have to get you something when you come with us to the farm in 3 weeks' time!"

"My pleasure, and the pleasure you've given me, warrants much more than a measly baseball cap! I wish you were mine ... oh fuck! I could fall in love with you in a heartbeat!"

"Yes, but it is not going to happen - as you know. But thanks nonetheless. I have to run. Thanks for it all. See you in 3 weeks' time. Stay in contact and let us know how your visit pans out. Bye! I have to run!"

I kissed him one last time and he hugged me close to him. I put my hand on his cock and pointed it away from me to prevent cum to get onto my pants. My own cock was achingly hard in my pants. Ah well ... there would be lots of fucking later on with all the guys together.


"Look what Christopher has given us: baseball caps for André and me, and a pen for you, Dad! He is very kind!" I gushed as I ran into our room.

"Slow down my boy! You're not late ... yet! But you have to get going. Thanks! Please give Christopher my thanks when you SMS him. Mom and I will see you tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for last night and ... well, I've enjoyed it tremendously. I love you so very much! I hope this would never become an issue between us ... I am your Dad after all!"

"No chance for that! We'd demand this from you regularly from now on! If anything, we'd love you even more and you'd become a real lover AND our Dad. We enjoyed it, not so baby bro? No chance that this would become an issue. Right?" André put in.

"Never. We love you too much Dad. You're not just our big tall beautiful hunky hung Dad, but now you're also our lover. Don't worry. This is what we want!" I said and hugged and kissed Dad. André joined and we ended up in a three-way hugging and kissing.

"Thank you very much. I feel the same. Now you're off and you're leaving me here with a raging boner! Damn! You're just too much! Go before I rip your clothes off you and fuck you right here and now! I love you boys! Enjoy the day and tonight ... ah ... lucky you!"

"Bye Dad. Thanks for everything. We'll see you tomorrow afternoon at La Rochelle," I said and André and I took our bags, and opened the door.

"Bye Dad. I love you!" André said and we were out the room and on our way to class.


Classes were fine and we got the results of our Tuesday test. We both aced it: 91% for me and 90% for André. "I officially hate you, you know baby bro! What did you do to deserve 1% more than me? Sheez!" André lamented and gave my head a playful swipe.

By 11 o'clock we were in the 'kaf' and having custard slices and coffee. Johan and Herman joined us. They glowed. What was different?

"We're officially in love! I might not be able to bottom for Herman - not yet, in any case! - but yes, it's official: we're in love!" Johan announced. "We're a couple!"

"Congrats! My godd! You LOOK happy, Captain Malherbe! About time! And you Herman, how do you feel about this?" I said.

"I never thought this would happen, especially after I've met you, Anton. I will always love you, but yes, we're in love. I actually care about another human being now. I think you'll agree with me: Johan is a much nicer guy than we thought him to be. He has been very nice to me," Herman put in. He was actually beaming. I wondered if we'd still be able to see each other again ... Ah well, there was enough cock for me to go around ... I was the cum slut after all! But Herman's huge cock was a prized cock and the fucking was out of this world. We'll just have to wait and see, I thought.

I saw that Johan actually had his one hand on Herman's thigh! The jackal! Very brazen but I was happy for them. Both of them deserved happiness.

"For now I'm moving in with Johan on a temporary basis so we could see if we could live together. As soon as we see it works out, I'll move in permanently. Wish us luck!" Herman gushed.

"Of course! We hope you'd be very happy. Will you be able to manage to bottom for the Gentle Giant, Johan?" André asked bluntly.

"Fuck! I don't know. We'll have to see. I'd love to but perhaps my anatomy wouldn't allow it, I don't know. In the meantime, if he wants to fuck someone, would you be available Anton? I would not mind sharing him with you," Johan came out with the whole story.

"If it's OK with you and my other guys, yes. We could still have the odd fuck session. Juan and André have concurred. For now we'd keep it from the other three - Luigi, Johann and Gunther don't need to know. Plus, it's not going to happen every day ..." I started.

"Oh fuck! I'd fuck you right now if I could! You're one hell of a sexy guy and fucking you is epic! Johan knows I love to fuck and he doesn't mind if I fucked you, but only you. Nobody else, unless André wanted to bottom for me too ..." Herman put in.

"No fucking way! You're Donkey Kong! No, if there is bottoming to be done for you, it would be baby bro only. Not me! Thanks, but no thanks!"

The banter continued until our next class. We left the 'kaf' and when we sat down in our class, André said: "Can you believe that? I'm so glad for them! Herman needs a nice good-looking guy who loves him, and Johan turned out to be that nice guy. He would look after Herman very well, and if it works out, I think they might even get married!"

"Whoa! Let's see how it works out first, but I have to admit, they make a beautiful couple and they're perfect for each other. It's just Herman's huge cock that might mess up things. Herman would not be able to stay faithful if he couldn't fuck ... he's just too sexual to be satisfied with blowjobs and jack offs. He needs to fuck. I'd bottom for him, but I'm not sure how long Johan would tolerate that. Unless we give him pointers on how to bottom for a huge one like Herman's," I put in and was wondering what would happen to the two of them. I was also concerned about my liaisons with Luigi, and if Herman and Johan could consummate their relationship, it would mean a weight off my shoulders - time I would rather spend with Luigi. Not that time spent with Herman was wasted or unpleasant, but ...

We were whispering until a classmate leaned in and whispered: "How is your hunky coach? Hmmm?"

"Why, he's just marvellous, Tertius. What else do you want to know? When you and I were going to get involved? Or why do you ask? Think you stand a chance with Coach? Hmmm? His standards are rather high, as you can clearly see!" André put the obnoxious delinquent in his place - if ever there were a delinquent, Tertius was that guy; sheez, he was nosey! And so full of himself! And, a homophobe to top it all.

"No of course not. Just wondering ... sorry!" Suits you right, you damn idiot! And that was the last of his questions.


For lunch we had chicken wraps in the 'kaf'. Johan and Herman didn't join us. Perhaps they went home for something else ... You go boys!

The last of our classes dragged on and it was hot. I wanted to go home. By half past three I was famished and was glad we could get into my ECO 25.2 - WC and go home. We haven't seen Juan since the day before at breakfast. I actually missed him! My beautiful first love after André. And Luigi. And Johann, And Gunther! And Dad! Fuck! I was a cum slut de luxe!

We got home and immediately got out of our clothes and into hockey shorts and T-shirts. And slip-slops. Sheez! It was hot for that time of year already. We each had an ice-cold cider and started with dinner. We were going to have a good old South African braai with steaks, boerewors (sausage), potato salad and toasted sandwiches, the latter with tomato, onion and a small smearing of fruit chutney, and a slice of cheese.

I boiled the potatoes in the skin so it could cool off to make the salad. The steaks were out of the freezer and were defrosting in a bowl on the counter. André was laying the table. Yes, we were civilized after all! He also ensured there was enough white wine, and enough beer and ciders in the fridge in the garage.

We took a break and sat on the couch, arms around each other. I loved my brother a great deal. We would never ever live without each other, whatever the future might hold. We're too attached to each other. That's why we still prefer to dress identical. I loved André with every fibre in my body. Yes, I loved Dad too, and Juan, and Johann, and Gunther and ... oh fuck! Of course I loved Luigi too! But, it was different with André. We were too close not to be in love.

The word 'incest' didn't exist in our vocabulary. We were both 19 and we knew what we wanted and enjoyed. Plus, we were brothers first, then we were super good and best friends and then we were lovers. If anybody could understand that what we had was what we wanted. We were mad about each other.

My iPhone beeped. It was a message from an unknown number with the suffix +1. I opened it and read the message: "Got your number from Christopher. I'm his brother Jonathan in Toronto. I hope this is OK? He is smitten! I want to meet you in London! I'll email you some pics if you want?"

"Baby bro! What's this? What's going on?" André demanded. I could never lie to him. I spilled the beans and his eyes grew large. "My godd Anton!" He seldom called me 'Anton'. "What were you thinking? A total stranger! Wow! You amaze me! And that after Dad and I fucked you solid! I can't believe it!"

"Listen, it just happened," I said and preferred to keep quiet about Maurice. One shock at a time. Perhaps I'd never see him again, so rather keep that away from André. "Actually, now that you've met him, you know he is a nice guy. You've chatted to him, you've seen him. And he has an enormous cock. As big as Herman's cock. I've never seen a guy who cums as much as he does!"

"Yes, but just like that? Right under our noses? Sheez baby bro ...? I'm a little hurt here! I thought we were enough for you? What about all of us? Baby bro ...? Sheez bro!"

"I still love you all and yes, you are enough for me. YOU are enough for me. All of you are more than enough and even if I did have sex with Christopher, I don't love you less, or want sex with you less. Don't feel hurt, please! Please! I'm sorry, but it just happened! I'm guilty, but I can't help it! It just happened!" The tears welled up in my eyes and I did feel shitty. I started to cry and soon André had my face in the crook of his neck. He was stroking my hair, and was hugging me.

"Shhhh, baby bro! Please don't cry! I still love you, don't worry! But for now, this remains between us. Not a word to the others. It will cause a lot of unnecessary friction and lots of trouble. Not worth it for a guy living on the other side of the Atlantic. Shhhh!"

I sniffled and hugged my beautiful brother. He was my carbon copy to a T, and I loved him very much. It pained me to hurt him, but it ... well, it just happened! I was a true cum slut! Fuck!

"And this man, Jonathan, is it? He wants to meet you in London and fuck you as well? And his cock is even bigger than Christopher? That must be an enormous cock then, if Christopher has such a big cock. I don't know how you do it! And even though we're identical, you're the one who gets all the attention! Sheez! How is that even possible!"

"I don't know my darling brother! I don't know! It just happens! With you - yes, you! With Juan, with Mario, with Gunther, with Johann, with Luigi ... I don't know! And now Christopher and his brother I haven't even met! Fuck! I love sex and I love to be fucked! I can't help it! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"You'll have to dial it down a notch baby bro! This cannot happen with every guy who gives you the eye or has a huge cock! Remember there are 6 of us, and there are no more openings. We can't accommodate all the men who have the hots for you! The 5 of us have the hots for you already and that should be enough! Please! You have to put a stop to this! I'm not saying 'never', but it's getting out of hand!"

"You have to agree: Christopher is an incredibly sexy and beautiful Latino man! You have to see his cock ... oh fuck! It's huge and beautiful! He says Jonathan's is even bigger and more beautiful, and uncut. He says Jonathan shoots cum like a fountain! We have to experience that when we're in London! Come on darling bro! It's a chance of a lifetime to have sex with two hung Latino brothers, both cumming like fountains!"

"OK then. But we'll have to plan it carefully. We'll have to create a deviation from the others. Perhaps if they went to a show and then you and I and the two brothers spend time together? Yes, if you're going to have sex with the two Latino brothers, so am I. I'm going to be your ticket to an encounter with them. I'm going to be a part of it. It would be the only way it's going to happen. Luigi has connections in London after his studies there, Johann wants to see his contact with regard to his cameras and Gunther and Juan could easily go see Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera or Cats. We could say we wanted to spend an evening with the Williams brothers in connection with modelling or something like that. OK? Now, dry your eyes and let's go make that potato salad," my brother said and kissed me. It quickly developed into a fully blown kiss with tongue and spit and hugs and everything. Fuck! What a brother, what a man! I really and truly loved him. Nobody would ever be able to replace him.

He put his hand on my cock and when he felt it was almost hard, he kissed me deeper and with urgency. "You sex dogg! I'll give you all the sex you ever wanted! And don't tell my cock isn't big enough, as you know at 23cm, it is actually big! Do you want me to fuck you? Right here, right now? Yes? Yes? Come on! Say yes! Please say yes! I haven't had you to myself in such a long time! Come on baby bro! Let me fuck you! Please! Please!"

Oh fuck! Even my brother was under my spell! And he was such a nice guy! How could I say 'no' to him? And, no surprise, I was horny after the hugging and kissing. And talking about the Williams brothers got my really hot!

"Yes, I want you to fuck me, but in bed. I want it done properly and with love. OK? Let's go. We have 45 minutes before Juan is here. He'd want in but I think this is our session, just ours. Come darling bro! Come make love to me ..." I led the way. We walked down the passage with our arms around each other.


The lovemaking between André and me was out of this world. It was tender and intense. He did all the right things and more.

We undressed each other and got on the bed on our knees, facing each other, our hairy chests pressed against each other, our thighs against each other, our hands entangled, our noses against each other, looking into each other's eyes.

Oh fuck! How does one even begin to explain how much I loved my brother? Who would anyone even begin to understand that this forbidden love was so sacred to me? That I loved him with all my heart? That we shared one soul? That our lovemaking was just that: making love. It wasn't just sex. It was an expression of our love for each other.

We were blood brothers, we were identical twins to the last detail, we were soul mates, we were lovers, we were like one person with two bodies. We loved each other and that's all there was to it. If such intense love was wrong, then so be it. I loved my brother. I loved being with him. I loved sleeping with him. I loved attending class with him. I loved to play hockey with him. I loved to eat with him. I loved to dress the same as him. I loved the way he ribbed me and others around him. I loved his intelligence. I loved him! Full stop!

Our cocks were rock-hard and were pushed against each other. We took each other's cocks in our hands and while we were looking into each other's eyes, we kissed. It was a soft lip-touching kiss. Then the tongues came out and played lightly on each other's lips. He looked into my eyes and smiled.

"I fucking love you so very, very much baby bro! You're more than I've ever wanted for myself! You're my life, my world, my universe. Without you, I might as well die. I could never survive without you. Sometimes the time you're away from me, is intolerable. I miss you when you're away with Luigi, with Herman and I put it out of my mind that when you're with them, they fucking you. I know you like it, but so do I having sex with you. I'm not telling you to be exclusive with me, but remember that I love you intensely and with all my heart. You're the best brother and lover I could ever wish for."

"And so do I my darling bro! You're all of that to me too. Yes, I know I love having sex with Luigi and perhaps again with Herman, but it doesn't mean I'm forsaking you. Never! You're also my universe. We developed together from inception, in Mom's uterus and were born together, we grew up together, we started loving each other as toddlers, young boys and later in a sexual way when we got older, and I've loved you ever since. Even Luigi could never replace you. I love him too, but it's different. I can't explain it to you, but it is."

"Yes, I feel the same. But, now I want to fuck you baby bro!" André said.

"Let me prepare first please, OK," I said and went into the en suite to douche.

When I got back in the bedroom, André got up from the bed and took me in his arms. I kissed André and put my other hand around his neck and our bodies melted together. His big cock in my hand twitched and he groaned. I groaned when he squeezed my big cock. We held each other tight and the kiss became more passionate. Our cocks were sopping wet and we pushed them between our legs.

André pushed me backwards and he stood over me with his hands on either side of my chest. He lowered his body on top of me and lied down on me with his full weight. My godd! My brother knew this and I've never said anything to him! He kissed me and my mouth opened. His saliva ran out of his mouth into mine and I swallowed. It was like we've always done it but we haven't done it like that! And once again, I've never said anything to him about that either! He stuck his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it deep into my mouth. André put his hands on my face and looked into my eyes.

"I'm going to make love to you like you've never experienced it - not even with Luigi or Christopher. I want you to remember today forever. I want to fuck you so you remember it when the other guys make eyes at you! I want you to feel wanted, loved and I want you to feel good."

His big cock was pressed against mine and was leaking lots of precum on my tummy. He pushed it hard against my body. André kissed my nose, my chin, my neck and down to my nipples. He was an excellent lover and did all the right things. He lightly sucked on my nipples. He moved down to my belly button. He pushed his tongue in there and sucked it. I groaned. He went down my body to my balls. He gently fondled and sucked them. I was groaning and felt the precum running from my piss-slit. Oh fuck! I've been having sex with so many guys the last 24 hours, but this was super special.

André kissed my thighs, massaged my tummy, and licked my knees. He put his big strong hands on my calves and gently squeezed them. Then he took my feet in his hands and massaged them. He licked my hairy bridge and sucked on my big toes.

"I know we're identical, but I have to say: your feet are so fucking sexy! I just love them! Yes, the look like mine, but I still love them."

André moved up my legs back to my balls. He licked them and then sucked on them again. He let go and licked the underside of my cock, which was throbbing on my tummy. The head was just beyond the belly button. I wondered if we shouldn't measure our cocks again? I was sure we've gained some length. Perhaps they were 24cm?

When André reached my cockhead, he licked the precum running onto my tummy and sucked the precum from the hair on my stomach. My cock pushed against the stubble on his chin and I shuddered with pleasure. He opened his mouth and sucked my cockhead into his warm and moist mouth. I groaned and bucked. Oh fuck! This was quickly becoming very memorable.

André's mouth was warm and moist and he lovingly kissed my cockhead, licked the piss-slit and ran his tongue over the frenulum. He sucked my cockhead into his mouth and really sucked it with gusto. His lips and his teeth scraped lightly over the ridge of the head. I groaned as this action was very erotic and was like nothing I've ever felt before. Where did you learn this darling bro? He really went to town sucking my cockhead. At the same time one hand was on my nipples and the other on my tummy and then on my balls. André was giving me a treat.

He pushed my big cockhead into his mouth and my cock slipped into his throat. "Ahhh! André! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh my godd!"

André licked my balls and then he pushed my legs in the air and sucked my balls into his mouth. They were too big to both fit into his mouth, so he alternated between the two balls. Then he let go of my balls and sucked on my perineum. I groaned. Oh fuck! He rolled me up even higher and then started sucking my hole. He put his mouth over my hole and kissed and sucked my hole. I squirmed with pleasure under my brother's ministrations of love and sexual prowess. He was a master and could hold his own against anybody else!

He pushed his tongue tip into my hole and I gasped. He pulled my buttocks apart and got in deep. Then he put his thumbs on my hole and pushed both into my hole. We had big thumbs and he stretched me big time. I groaned but it felt great. He spat on my hole and worked the spit into my hole.

My cock was leaking lots of precum, which dripped onto my chin. I scooped it up and put it in my mouth. Hmmm!

André let go of my buttocks and positioned his cock on my hole. "Ready baby bro? Can I fuck you now?"

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me please! Push your cock into me and fuck me! Oh godd! Fuck me!" I groaned.

André aimed his wet cockhead at my hole and moved it around so the precum was spread over my hole. At the same time his whole cockhead was covered in precum. He aimed his cockhead at the centre of my hole and pushed in the tip. I groaned. He let go and pushed again. Ahhhh! The big cockhead was slowly advancing into me. André pushed in deeper and I groaned. His cock is the smallest of the cocks that have been fucking me lately, but it was my darling bro's cock, and I loved it. He always fucked me with so much love and endearment. He was a super lover since he started fucking me some years ago.

I clenched my hole over the invasion into me and felt the big head advancing into me. It moved over my prostate and I groaned ... oh fuck! The cockhead was pushing lots of precum from my cock. He pulled back and pushed his cockhead over my prostate again ... he pulled back and pushed in again! "Stop that darling bro! You'll make me cum on the spot!"

André chuckled and held on to my thighs. He squeezed my legs and pushed in deeper. With around 20cm in me, the big cockhead stopped at the inner sphincter. André twitched his cock and as the head swelled, he pushed in deeper and the head broke through the sphincter. He pushed in and pushed home. He was in. He waited a few seconds and then he started fucking me. Long, deep thrusts. He pulled out altogether and reinserted immediately. He pushed home and then pulled out again. He started fucking me in earnest.

"This is so special darling bro! You're the man! You know exactly how to make it memorable and enjoyable. Thanks ..." I pulled André's head towards me and kissed him. His soft lips felt so good on mine. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I sucked it. Oh fuck! This carbon copy of me fucking me was one of a kind. He was kissing me and nibbled my lips.

"André, darling bro, if I ever had to choose between all the men in my life and had to take only one, it would be you! I love you with all my heart and sex with you is super special," I said and pulled his head closer.

"I love you too baby bro. And fucking you is still the most special there is. It's like my cock and your hole were made for each other. It fits perfectly. But, I'm afraid we'll not be able to linger around in bed too much longer," André said and kissed me again.

"Yes, Juan will be home soon and then our guests and fuck buddies will arrive, one after the other. I think Gunther is coming with Juan. Johann said he'd be here by 6 and Luigi would be here by 7. So, let's get this done so we could build up our strength for tonight's shenanigans! Fuck me darling bro!"

André picked up speed and soon his balls were slapping against my buttocks and he slammed his big cock 23cm deep into me. I was teetering on the verge of cumming. "Ahhh! Oh godd! I'm going to cum André! Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me!"

He did just that and soon we were both groaning and with one last thrust André slammed his cock into me and we both shot our loads: he deep into me, and I on my chest, into my face, under André's chin, onto my tummy ... it was as if I haven't cummed in days.

"Oh fuck! I've pumped an almighty big load into you baby bro! Can you feel it? Wow! Oh fuck! You keep on amazing me! I've always loved you and loved fucking you, but I didn't realise just how much I still loved to do it, until now. Thanks baby bro! This was epic ..." He leaned down and licked my cum from my face and kissed me.

"Thanks darling bro! Yes, I'd never get enough from you. You are just the most wonderful brother and lover! I love you so very much!"

"Yes, but I think it's almost 5 o'clock. Juan and Gunther will be here soon. Let's get out of here. We'll have to straighten out the bed and make sure your cum didn't mess up the bedding. I'm pulling out now, OK? Clench!"

André pulled out of me, and yes, he did shoot a big load into me. I loved it! I wasn't going to push it out in the toilet bowl, and I wanted to keep in me ... ahhh!

I swiped my hand over the sheets and felt one gob of cum. I cleaned it quickly with my underpants while André and I straightened out the bed.

"Air freshener!" André retrieved the bottle from the en suite and spritzed a little in the bedroom. We dressed again and went into the lounge with our MacBook Airs. We had a lot to tell Alessandro and Sven!

We had emails from them and then I saw I had one from Jonathan. I checked if André was looking but he was looking at pictures Alessandro has emailed. They were of the three of them in Scotland and Wales. They were fucking their way through the British Isles, that was for sure!

I opened the email form Jonathan and almost gasped audibly. There were photos of his face, of him in Speedos. He was a really beautiful man, even more beautiful than Christopher! He had pitch-black stubble, full lips, dark brown eyes and his hair made him look like someone from a period movie. It was long but not overly so. It was neatly cut and immaculate. The bulge in his Speedos was inhuman! It was like nothing I've ever seen before.

And then there were photos of his cock soft, in a semi-hard state and rock-hard. He held a Heineken beer bottle next to it for comparison ... the bottle was dwarfed by his cock! Good godd! And he wanted to fuck me with that! Oh fuck! And knowing myself, I'd let him!

It was a beautiful cock: it was bigger than Christopher's and it was uncut. In one photo he had the skin pulled back: the head was big and of a lighter colour than the foreskin. It was exquisite.

"Now you know why I'm not interested in modelling: My cock is too big - it forms a huge bulge in my pants and in Speedos it's just too big! And being gay, the women's attention is too much! They all want me to fuck them and I'm not interested! The boys are interested, but when they see how big my cock is, they run away. Now that you were able to handle Christopher, I have to meet you please! He says you are a very beautiful boy. May I please see pictures?

"I hope we could meet in London over Christmas. You have my mobile number. May I please have yours? I know your country code is +27, right? May I call you sometime? Christopher suggested I come to SA in 3 weeks' time, but I'm not sure. Unless you invite me to come, of course! Would you like me to come?"

"André, I have an email from Jonathan ... have a look."

"Holy shit! Bro! He's sexy! Fuck! Whoa ... ! Is that his cock? Holy shit to the power 2! It's huge! It looks bigger than Herman's cock! Oh fuck!"

"He wants to come visit Christopher while he is here. He wants to know if we'd want him to come visit us too? What do you say?"

"Oh fuck baby bro! This is epic! It's an enormous cock! Is Christopher's cock as big as this?"

"No, Christopher's cock is 2cm smaller ..."

"Yeah right! '2cm' shorter! It's still massive! And he fucked you with it? Sheez bro! Would you really want Jonathan to come visit and actually fuck you? Baby bro?"

"Only if it's OK with you, and Juan. Herman is more or less out of our lives and you were OK with him fucking me. He's just replaced with another huge cock and it will be very temporary. So, what do you say? Say 'yes', please? I'd love to meet this man and if he wants to fuck me, I'd say yes! Look at his cock!"

"Fuck baby bro! He'd kill you with that humongous cock! Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Please say 'yes'. Once you've said 'yes', Juan will concur. Please? He sounds like a nice guy ..."

"My godd baby bro, he'd really kill you with his cock! And yes, I have to admit: he is very sexy. OK, but if he kills you, I'll kill him! Fuck! I never thought a guy's cock could be so big until I've seen Herman's cock. If he wanted to fly all the way from Canada to come fuck you, who am I to stand in his way! Fuck! You've become an international cum-hungry slut baby bro!"

"Oh good! I'll reply and let him know he could come in 3 weeks' time. He could come to the farm with Christopher. It might be lots of fun!"

"Let me see that again ...? Oh fuck bro! This thing will definitely kill you! But fuck! He really is a sexy hunk! He should've been the model! But he'd not be able to model what we do: his cock is way too big. Is Christopher's cock big when it's soft? I also can't see him modelling if his cock is that big."

"I haven't seen it soft ... only hard. But he might be one of the guys whose cock shrinks way down when it's soft. Otherwise I also can't see how Christopher could be modelling. With Jonathan, it's clear his cock is huge even when soft. But, I'd love him to come visit. He sounds like a nice guy. Let's hear what Dad says. Juan wouldn't mind. He'd be visiting on the farm after all. OK?"

"OK. Looking at his pictures, I'm sure he's a nice guy. Let's say 'yes'. Let him know. Fuck baby bro! It seems like everybody wants to fuck you!"

He didn't know about Maurice and what happened the previous night ... fuck!

I clicked on 'Reply' and typed a short message. I attached pictures of us and of course a few of Johann's photos he took. One of the pictures was of Johann and Gunther double-fucking me. Just to show him I'd be able to handle him! Little did I know ... oh fuck!

Just as I hit 'Send', we heard Juan's car pulling into the garage next to André's Auris Hybrid. My Auris was parked in Johann's second garage around the corner.

"Let's leave telling Juan about Christopher and his brother for a later stage. Don't say anything to Juan now. OK?" André put in.


"Hallo-o-o-o! Where are my darlings? Where are you ... oh, there you are! How I've missed you! I haven't seen you in hours! Come here! Come say hi to your hunky hung live-in lover! And, to our sexy Jerry!"

Juan hugged us close and kissed us both. "Ahh! You're so delicious! I love you so much!" He kissed us again. I felt his big cock pressing against my hip. Fuck! It was big!

"Steak, wors and salads? Braaibroodjies? All set? We'll wait until Johann and Luigi are here before I light the fire. Thanks for the preparations boys!" Juan kissed us and hugged us again.

"Hallo boys! I haven't seen you in so many days! Which one is which? O mein Gott! You just look so alike!" Gunther pulled us into his arms and kissed us. "Anton?" he asked.

"Oh fuck! Nobody loves me! There is your Schatz!" André said and pushed me into Gunther's arms. "Drink for you, Jerry? Cider?"

"Jawohl! Danke," Gunther said and pulled me into a tight embrace. "I've missed you so very much mein Liebling [darling]! Ahhh!" He kissed me as if his life depended on it. I felt his huge 29,5cm thick cock throbbing against my lower tummy. "How are you? I hope well! I want to fuck you so badly! I wish I could take you to bed now! Ahhh!"

"Me too, but we'll have to wait! Johann will be here shortly and then Luigi. We'll have a super evening. You'll be able to fuck me ..."

"How about now ... please? I haven't had an orgasm since Sunday! I've dreamt about you and was hard most of the time when I was thinking about you, but I behaved. I'd cum in less than 5 minutes. Bitte mein Schatz [Please my darling]? Very quickly? I know Luigi would like to fuck you too, but please let me have this?"

"We'll see. Let's have a drink first. Come, tell me about the new experiments? All according to plan?"

"Ahhh! Fuck! I love you so much mein Schatz! OK, but please let's go before Luigi arrives!"

"Come on Jerry! You'll get your chance with baby bro later on! His ass isn't going anywhere! Come sit and tell us about your work with the big oaf!"

"Watch it you delinquent! Tomorrow I'll have Dad neuter you!"

"Too late! Dad loves me as much as he loves baby bro now ..." André stopped short of telling Gunther Dad fucked him. André!

We sat down and enjoyed the cider. Gunther came to sit next to me. He pulled my hand into his lap and had his hand around my neck, playing with his fingers on my skin.

Juan and Gunther told us about the experiments and the new protocols. It seemed like the experiments went well.

They told us the exercise regimen for the hockey players was finalised and that we'd be starting the following week. The PR people have come up with a tentative travelling schedule for April. We'd be going to France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. They were awaiting confirmation from the hockey clubs. They have already booked the air tickets and hotels. We were to bring our passports in February so the Schengen visas could be arranged.

André and I were very excited. It was going to be a wonderful experience to play against some of the biggest and strongest clubs in Europe. At the same time, the PR people were working with the local travelling agency to organise a tour spiced with all the highlights of the different countries, to be visited and viewed between practices and matches. We'd be flying with Emirates and on our way back, we'd be stopping over for 4 days to enjoy Dubai! Wow! 25 days filled with bliss and fun and hockey and ... sex of course! We'd be sleeping with Juan of course. And Herman and Johan would be there too if we wanted to drag them into it.

I wondered about the other players. Now everybody on the team knew about Juan's liaison with us, so some of the others might also crawl out of the woodwork like Herman and Johan did. Time would tell. Little did we know! Orgy, thy name is ... ahhh!

"Yes, yes, yes! And how are my favourite men? Hallo boys! Missed me much?" Johann said walking in the door with arms stretched out, like Dad does! It had the right effect: André and I jumped up and ran into his arms. Fuck! It was just so nice to see him again! He hugged and kissed us and even copped a feel of our crotches! Dogg! "Oh fuck! I've missed you beautiful boys so much! This all work and no play and not seeing you is nonsense! I hate not seeing you! How are you? Godd, how I love you! Hmmmm!" Johann gushed and kissed us again. His wonderful rubbery cock pushed against us ... ahhhh! Later on that cock was going to fuck us! And pump lots of gooey baby batter into us! Hmmmm! "I'm parched! Long day in the sun and Lukas wasn't there to look after me! Cider please my darling?" Johann squeezed André's buttocks and kissed him on the cheek.

"It's André here, but I'll still get you a cider! There is the baby bro! Sheez! Nobody loves me around here!"

"Oh, OK! Sorry my darling! I'll never be able to know who is who. I love him too, but fuck!" He whispered: "*I love you so much! I can't wait to fuck you!*"

"*Gunther wanted to drag me to bed already!*" I whispered back.

"What?! The fucking randy Jerry! But, I wouldn't mind if he joined us if you'd be interested? I haven't cum since Sunday, so I'm filled to the brim with lots of cum to give you a nice big old 'Johann Special'! So, what do you say? Gunther on his back, you sitting on him and me fucking you from behind? And when I cum, I'd give you the 'Special'? What do you say? Before Luigi is here. Please? Oh fuck, please?"

"André fucked me this afternoon when we got home. I'd say yes, but what about Juan and André?"

"Ahhh! But by now you should know how well I do convincing people! Juan will be putty in my hands! Watch this!" Johann said.

"Here's your cider Johann!" André said and handed Johann a bottle. I stood watching in the dining room section of the lounge. Johann at his best!

"Hallo there my beautiful guys! Fuck! You are sexier every time I see you! How do you do it Juan? Sleeping with the boys does have its benefits I see! And you Gunther! Fuck! You're just as sexy and good enough to eat right here!" Johann said. I knew he was buttering up Juan, but I also knew he was sincere. He'd not say something like that without a shred of truth about it. He did love them very much.

"Ahhh! Our smooth-talking diplomat just knowing what to say at the right time! Yes, if he's interested, you may take my darling to bed. And if Gunther wants to join you, it would be OK. André and I will conclude the preparations for the braai. Go! I know your balls are bursting with cum! Go fuck our darling! Sheez! If Dad saw us now, he'd call in the Feds! Go before I change my mind! You too Gunther, go! You have around 45 minutes before Luigi is here!" Juan said and groped Gunther's obviously hard cock. "Sheez! Rock-hard already! And you Johann? Also hard? Obviously!"

"Oh yes! Since we drove into La Rochelle! Yes, let's go Johann! Anton, come!" Gunther said and got up. His big cock was tenting his pants something awful! As they approached me, I met them in the middle of the floor and was engulfed between the two nice guys, one on each side.

I felt like a queen and a slut! My darling Luigi was going to want sex too, but I haven't seen these two guys since Sunday, and at least I've seen Luigi on Wednesday morning. So, he wasn't deprived of too much. Now it was time for Johann and Gunther to have their share of my ass. That morning Dad and André had their share, and an hour earlier, it was André alone. So, Johann and Gunther deserved some time alone with me.

As we walked down the passage, I heard André and Juan talking and I heard my name. Just as we approached the bedroom, I heard Juan saying rather loudly that the two of them have had ample time with me and that the guys deserved some lone time with me.

"Come my darling! There is half a litre of cum in my balls with your ass's name on it! I want to fuck you so badly! And you Gunther? I'm sure you also have a lot of cum you want to pump into our darling, right?"

"Jawohl! A lot! It's been 4 days since I've had an orgasm and that is nonsense! I want to see and fuck Anton more regularly than that! I'm sure you feel the same?"

"For sure! But, let's get this show on the road," Johann said and closed the bedroom door. Oh fuck! They had plans for me!

Johann started to unbutton my hockey shirt and pulled them up over my head. Gunther untied the string tie of my hockey shorts and pushed them down.

I first unbuttoned Gunther's shirt and unbuckled his belt. His cock was one big bulge in his underpants. Before I could undress Johann, I was standing buck-naked in front of them.

Within seconds Johann had his shirt off and was unbuckling his belt. He pushed his pants down and my mouth watered for his huge rubbery cock in his underpants.

Johann and Gunther both pushed their underpants down and stepped out of them. They pushed me between them with their hard sopping wet cocks pressed against me. My own cock was hard again! Unbelievable! Fortunately my hole was still clean, albeit filled with André's cum. Oh fuck! I hope I could pull it off without them realising I was filled with cum already.

I dropped to my knees and sucked Gunther's huge thick uncut 29,5cm into my mouth and peeled back the skin. His huge cockhead felt great in my mouth. I had Johann's big uncut 29cm cock in my other hand and felt the precum leaking from the piss-slit. Gunther's precum leaking into my mouth tasted so good! Ahhh!

A whole four days since we've fucked, but since Sunday I've been fucked by Juan, André, Dad, Luigi, Christopher and Maurice! Slut! I put the thoughts out of my head and sucked Johann's big rubbery cock into my mouth. I put my new knowledge to deep throat to good use and the big head slipped into my throat! Yay!

"My godd, my darling! You've done it! I've been hoping and wishing you'd be able to do that! Gunther, look!" Johann was so excited and pushed his big cock deep into my throat.

"Mein Gott! Mein Schatz! Auch mit mir bitte! [My godd! My darling! With me too please!]"

I had to come up for air and pulled off Johann's big cock. Gunther's cock was only 0,5cm longer, but it was thicker and the head was bigger. Plus, it didn't have the rubbery feeling Johann's cock had. I had my work cut out for me.

I put Gunther's cock into my mouth and opened my throat. The tip of his cockhead started to go into my throat but it was too thick. I pulled back and tried again, this time with more force. I opened my throat as wide as I could and pretended to yawn ... it worked! Gunther's huge cockhead slipped into my throat!

"Wirklich [Really]! You've done it! Wow! This is wunderbar [wonderful]! Ahhhh!" Gunther groaned.

The huge cockhead plugged my throat good and I pushed it in deep. The sheer girth of the thick cock made my throat expand like never before ... but it felt wonderful to have his cock so deep in my throat. I felt like I've won ... something ... What about 'Slut of the Year'?

His huge balls rested on my chin and his pubic hair was under my nose. Gunther's hands were in my hair. Johann was palming his big cock and was lusting after it to have his cock back in my throat.

I had to come up for air again and switched cocks. I swallowed Johann's big cock and sucked him with his balls on my chin.

Once more I switched between their cocks and Gunther's huge cock slipped into my throat. He was precumming like a faucet! The liquid lubricated my throat and the big head slid into my throat. Gunther was as randy as a dog in heat!

"Come, let's get onto the bed, my darling. Come," Johann said and pulled me towards him. Gunther took my other hand and the three of us got onto the bed.

"May we each fuck you separately first and then a double? OK my darling?" Johann was so attentive!

"Yes, of course! Johann, you first? OK, Gunther? I'll suck you some more," I said.

Johann stood on his knees in front of me while I sucked his big cock till it was sopping wet. I deep throated him one last time and when I let go of his cock, Johann was sopping wet. Just for good measure, Gunther took some of the lube on the nightstand and lubed my hole. He was playing with my cock and had two of his big fingers in my hole. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Why was it so wonderful to be fucked by another man? Big hands and fingers and big cocks!

I turned around and Johann pushed the big rubbery cockhead into me. I took Gunther's huge cock in my mouth and soon it was deep in my throat again. As Gunther's cock slid into my throat, Johann's cock slid into my hole. He started fucking me and I groaned around Gunther's big cock in my mouth.

His big rubbery cock was an instrument of pleasure. Although it was really big and thick, its rubbery nature made it the perfect cock for fucking. In the two months he has been fucking me, he never hurt me once. Not by himself. When he double fucked me, it was a different story.

I sucked Gunther's cock until he put a hand on my head and pulled me off his cock. "Ich werde abspritzen, mein Schatz [I'm going to cum, my darling]! Aufhalten bitte [Stop please]!"

I'm also very close, my darling! I'm pulling out, OK?" Johann said and started to pull out. "Switch Gunther!"

Gunther lied down and I moved over to him. I positioned myself over his cock and while he held it up, I sat down on the huge cock.

Ahhh! Oh godd! After André fucked me earlier, I thought my hole would be stretched, but this thick and big 29,5cm cock was stretching my hole big time! The huge head slipped through my sphincter and I groaned. I sat down on it deliberately. I wanted to have it in me! As it reached the inner sphincter, I had to slow down. Gunther felt the obstruction and swelled his big cock and pushed into me. The big cockhead slipped through and I sat down with vigour. The whole big cock was in me!

I lifted slightly and Gunther started to fuck me in earnest. It was clear he and Johann were very horny and none of them had cum since Sunday! They were not going to last very long! I was sad on one side, but on the other side, if they did cum quickly, I could have more time to regain my strength before Luigi arrived. Perhaps I shouldn't cum, I thought. If that were even possible, was an open question! I was about to be double fucked by two of my darlings! And both had big cocks!

Gunther fucked me with long deep thrusts and his big cock was making me feel very good. Godd! I loved this big German man and his cock! He knew how to fuck me and make me feel good. Oh fuck!

Behind me Johann took some of the lube and put it on my hole while Gunther was fucking me. Here it comes, I thought. Then I felt Johann putting his big cockhead on my hole. It was slick with lube and he pushed in slowly. His big cockhead was rubbery and when it pierced my hole already invaded by Gunther's cock, it stretched me a lot but it didn't hurt me. Johann was the perfect lover and knew how to make me feel good without hurting me.

Johann pulled back and pushed back in. He continued this until the cockhead slipped in. Oh my godd! Oh fuck! He held still and then after a few seconds, he pushed in deeper. I could feel how the big cock was stretching me even though it wasn't rock-hard. He pushed in deeper and I felt his pubic hair on my buttocks. He was in! Oh my godd! My darling man was in all the way on top of Gunther's cock! Fuck! It felt good!

"You OK my darling? How do you feel?"

"I'm fine! You can fuck me! I'm OK!"

"OK! Hold on to the Jerry! I'm going to fuck you now. Gunther, I'll tell you when I'm about to cum. Fuck our darling boy while I fuck him so you could cum with me, OK?"

"Jawohl [Sure]," Gunther said and started fucking me.

He and Johann fucked me in tandem: one in, the other one out. The two big cocks rubbed against each other, so there was even that friction apart from the friction in my hole.

"Oh fuck! This feels so good! My darling, you're the best! I've been waiting this the whole week I didn't see you! I'm going to cum a hell of a lot!"

"Ja, me too! I've missed mein Schatz [my darling] so very much! I too will shoot a big load of cum in you!"

"I'm going to cum! Oh fuck my darling! You're too much! I'm cumming! Gunther, you have to cum, NOW! Cum!"

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Yes, I'm cumming! Johann, you must cum! I'm ... ahhhh! ... I'm cumming!"

I felt the huge cocks in me swell and they slammed into me. Above Gunther I felt Johann's cock swell and felt the first spurts of his cumming being pumped into me. He pulled out just as Gunther's cock exploded deep in me. I felt Johann's cock squirt a huge wad of cum onto my hole. He pushed into me through the cum and spasmed deep inside me.

Gunther's cock was still spasming in me, and he pumped an unholy lot of cum into me. Johann pulled out again and shot more cum on my hole. He pushed through the cum into me again. He collapsed on my back while his spasming cock slid back into me. He groaned and gasped. "Oh my godd! You'll cause me to have a heart attack my darling! This is unbelievable! I love you so very much my boy! Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. How are you Gunther?" I asked.

"Once again, this was absolutely fantastic! And to have it with my beautiful friend Johann makes it even more special. I love you mein Schatz [my darling], but I also love you Johann, mein guter Freund [my good friend]! Ich liebe die Beide so viel [I love both so much]!" He held me tight around my neck and his other hand was on Johann's face. It was clear the two men loved each other more than just friends. My darlings!

"What about you? Who do you want to make you cum, my darling?" Johann asked in my ear.

"I'm fine, thanks. André and I had sex an hour ago, so perhaps I could sit this one out, OK?"

"But you're as hard as a rock and sopping wet! Don't you want to cum?" Gunther asked.

"I'd love to cum but Luigi will be here later and then all of us could have sex again, and then I'll cum. I'm OK for now - really!"

"I feel shitty that you didn't cum, but if you came an hour ago, perhaps we should give you a break. OK Gunther?"

"Yes, perhaps he deserves a break. At least we shot our loads and I think he's filled to the top! I shot a very big load! And you my darling friend?"

Johann twitched his cock in my hole and hugged me from behind. "I've also shot a magnificent load in him. Anton, I've pushed almost all the cum I shot on your hole into you. However, your hole is very wet now. I'd love you to keep it in you if you could. But it is a lot of cum. It could easily be around 25ml from me. About the same for you Gunther?"

"Oh yes, easily 25ml, if not more! Mein Schatz [my darling] is pumped full of our cum! The four days without cumming was worth the wait! Danke schön mein Schatz [Thank you my darling]! That was phenomenal! I love you so much and after such a session, I love you even more! Oh fuck! And feeling your nice big cock against mine is so nice Johann! I love you too!"

"Oh fuck! And I love both of you so very much! Having you in me, fucking me and then pumping me full of your wonderful cum, is still one of the most wonderful experiences ever! I love having sex with you, and with the two of you - it is so very special!"

"Oh my darling! When I saw you at my studio that first day, I knew you were special, but I never thought I'd fall in love with you! And yes, I am in love with you! Yes, there are 6 of us and even Herman at times, and Mario, and Pieter and Claude, and Lukas and Werner, but they're not a threat. I know you love me too, that you love all of us. You are the real glue that holds all of us together. We all love you and want to make love to you. Even though André also bottoms for us now, it's you I want to fuck morning, noon and night! It's you I love with all of my heart! It's your wonderful persona I've fallen in love with. It's your hole I want to feel my big cock in, and pump my thick creamy cum into. I fucking love you, my darling!"

"Ja, me too. That first day when you opened the door of the flat, I knew you were a nice guy. When you allowed me to fuck you with my insanely over-sized cock, I knew I was right. You are very special and a very kind boy! Ich liebe dich so, so viel [I love you so, so very much]! Mein Schatz [my darling]!"

"I love both of you very much too. You've made me believe humankind is kind! That one could trust some people. You make me feel good about myself. You make love to me like you mean it, like I deserve to be loved and made love to. Your cum in me is like a gift. To have something of the men I love in me is special and I hate it when it becomes too much that I have to discard it in the toilet. That's why it's so great that you guys suck it out of me and give it to me to swallow. I hate to waste it! It feels like I have your love inside me now!"

"Oh fuck! He loves us too! But, I knew you loved us since the day we made love to you on the farm and here at the party. And if you want it, we could suck our cum out and feed it to you now. Should we? Gunther?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd rather feed it to him than see him flushing it down the toilet! Do you want us to to feed our cum to you?" Gunther asked.

"It does feel like a lot. Perhaps it would be a good idea to suck it out of me. I'd love to taste your cum mix again!"

"I hate to do it, but I think we'd better pull out and put an end to this for now. OK? OK! I'm pulling out. Try to keep it in you. Gunther, I'm pulling out now," Johann said and started pulling out. Just as his big rubbery cockhead was about to vacate my hole, he lightly touched my buttocks. I clenched. Then I started to lift off Gunther. His big thick cock was still fairly hard and when the cockhead approached my sphincter, I really had to clench to prevent the cum from spilling out on the bed. I failed miserably! Quite an amount of the huge load spilled onto Gunther's balls and legs.

"Oh fuck! I'm so sorry Gunther!" I said.

"Not to worry! I'll lick him clean! Gives me an excuse to lick his balls and perhaps suck his cock!" Johann joked. I moved to the side and Johann bent down to lick up the cum on Gunther's crotch. Johann's very adept tongue licked it all up and he swallowed it. He leaned forward and took Gunther's big cock in his mouth.

My godd! Without batting an eyelid, the whole cock disappeared in his mouth! He was deep throating Gunther with no effort at all! The dogg! I never knew he was such and expert at giving head! Hmmm! Perhaps they did have some action with each other on the side! Good for them!

Johann gave Gunther's cock one last lick and let it go. He leaned forward and kissed Gunther. It was a deep loving kiss and they were obviously sucking each other's tongues. Sweet!

Johann turned to me and I put my buttocks out. He put his soft full mouth on my hole and sucked. I let go and felt how Johann sucked the cum out of me. He groaned and I clenched. Johann turned me around and kissed me. I opened my mouth and the cum ran into my mouth. Oh godd! It was a lot! And it tasted so good! While I was kissing Johann, Gunther was behind me and put his mouth on my asshole. He pushed his tongue into my hole and sucked. My hole opened and he sucked another mouthful of cum from my hole.

Johann let go of me and I turned towards Gunther. He kissed me and pushed the big cumload into my mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! It tasted good! The big German man was a hung hunk who knew how to kiss but also knew how to love a man. The fact that he fucked me and was now sucking his and Johann's (and André's!) cum from me, and feeding it to me, shows on what level this man was. He was one hell of a guy and lover and friend. I loved him very much.

Johann joined us and it developed into a three-way kiss. We hugged each other and the kisses were soft and gentle and all over each other's face; mouths, cheeks, eyes, foreheads, chins ... we really and truly loved each other.

"Gerry, I love you very much my friend! You're a very special person and my life has become so great since I've met you! My darling Anton, without you, I'd never have met such a wonderful guy like this big blonde sex bomb!"

"My friend, I also love you very much. You're a big part of my life now. You'd be one of the reasons for me to stay if I decided to stay in South Africa. I might even marry you if you wanted me! I know we'd be very happy and I know we'd still have mein Schatz to make our lives complete!"

"Gunther, are you proposing to me? Are you serious? Do you want us to get married?"

"I'm just saying. I love all of you guys very much, but I could marry only one of you. And if I couldn't get Anton, it would be you. If you wanted me, I'm available. Just saying ..."

"Fuck! I love you too you big beautiful Jerry! But I'm not sure about getting married. I'll have to think about it. Remember we're both tops. But, if Anton is there to have sessions like this, then we might think about it. Let's not make any decision right here, right now. Let's give it some time, OK? Fuck! I'm not saying 'no', but ... it's a bit quick! And yes I fucking love you, you big beautiful man! Marriage? It sounds great, but let's not rush into things. OK?" Johann leaned forward and kissed Gunther. Again it was a deep and loving kiss. I was so glad for them. I just hoped that if they do go through with it, it wouldn't change anything between us. I was actually sure it wouldn't. As long as I was there for their sexual desires, things could only get better.

"May I say something please?" I said. "You both know I love you to bits. You're both very special, each one of you in your own special way. I could never choose between you. And I'd be very sad if we could never have this again. The sex with you guys is great. I'd never want it to stop. If you decided to get married, I'd support you all the way, but - yes, it's very selfish, I know - not if this would come to an end. I never want it to stop."

"Whoa! Stop right there! Hold your horses, young man! The Gerry proposed but it doesn't mean it will happen tomorrow! Give it some time! And if - and I say IF - it happens, nothing between us would change! Never! If anything, you'd be part of the honeymoon! Right Gunther?"

"Yes, it's only an idea. And if we do decide to get married, you'd be an integral part of it. I'd never be able to offer anal sex the way you do, and neither would Johann. We'd still want to fuck you, just like now. So, nothing between us would change. Only one thing that would be different, and that would be that we'd be Mr and Mr Blignaut-Müller. Nothing else would change. Even the flat would be mine for the foreseeable future. It's just easier to tend to experiments: it's much closer. Nothing would change, except that my darling friend and I would be married and that our ID documents would indicate we're husband and husband. OK?"

"Well put, Herr Müller! Well said!"

"OK. Of course I'd support you all the way, but I sincerely don't want our friendship, our love or our sexual encounters to change or end. Hmmm! This is new to me," I said.

"Nothing to fear or worry about. We'll not push you aside, not at all. But, first things first. Let's straighten the bed and get back to the lounge. We've been here almost 45 minutes. Come, let's get going," Johann said.

We straightened the bed and got dressed. When we walked in the living room, I wanted to tell André and Juan about the proposal but I kept my mouth shut.

We went into the en suite to wash our hands, do something about our hair and I handed them my bottle of Hugo Boss Bottled to freshen up a bit.

When we walked past the built-in braai, the fire was already going. Soon Juan would braai [barbecue] the wors and then the steak.

"There is something you want to tell me, I can see it! What is it? My darling? What is it?" Juan was no fool. He patted the couch next to him and made me sit down next to him.

"What is going on? Baby bro? What happened? Did the big Jerry hurt you? How dare you, you big cocked man! How dare you hurt my baby bro? Where is my knife?"

"Behave André! Nothing has happened! Don't worry! All is fine!"

"Gunther! Johann? What's going on? I can see something happened! What is going on? Come on! Spill the beans! It's just the 5 of us! I want to know now! Tell me!" Juan wasn't going to let up!

"I've asked Johann to marry me ..." Gunther got in.

"What? What? Really? Fuck! Really? Johann! Gunther! That's fantastic news! Did you say yes, you beautiful man? Did you?" Juan was so excited!

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Yes, he did ask me but no, I haven't said 'yes' yet, or 'no'. I'm thinking about it. It does make sense, but it's a bit quick," Johann said.

"What is going to happen to us when you get married? Another Herman saga being pulled on us?" André, you really could be so blunt!

Johann and Gunther both pulled André into an embrace and said to all of us: "If we do get married, it would change nothing between us. We love you all too much. We'd continue as we do now. We don't want it to end! Never! Sexually Gunther and I could never be fully satisfied just by ourselves. Yes, we suck each other, jack each other, kiss - a lot! - but I doubt if one of us would bottom for the other. And we don't want to allow just anybody into our bed. It would be you guys - especially André and Anton - who would fill our sexual void. But, it's early days! The Gerry asked me as we were feeding Anton our cum! So, once the taste has gone, he might change his mind!"

"You should know me better than that by now! Yes, it was a bit quick, but my proposal is still there. And I agree, it would never be without all of you, most particularly the twins. You're very special to us and we'd never want to have it any other way," Gunther said.

"Ding-dong!" The front door bell rang.

"It's Luigi. Let's keep this between us for now. He's still very new to this all. Let's just have a nice evening together, OK?" Juan suggested. "Anton, please ..."

I got up and went to open the door for Luigi. What if ... no fuck! We couldn't! Luigi and I? That would mean the end to the group and André and Juan ... No, I had to put the idea out of my mind. How could it ever work? Getting married to the Italian Stallion ...?

"Ahhhh! Mio caro [My darling]! Ciao [Hallo]! Hmmm! Come here! How are you? Oh fuck! You look so good!" Luigi gushed and he took me in his arms. He kissed me and held me tight to him. "Here, I've brought some real Italian ice cream I got from the deli in the mall. Let's go to the kitchen so you could put it in the freezer."

"Hi Ita!" André, who else!

"Hallo Luigi! How are you?" the others greeted in a choir. We walked into the lounge with Luigi's hand around my shoulders. Luigi walked up to the other 4 guys and hugged and kissed them.

We went to the kitchen and after I've put the ice cream in the freezer, he turned to me and said: "Did you miss me? Hmmm! I missed you every second you were away from me. I love you so very much ... oh fuck! How is it possible that I could have fallen in love with you so quickly?" His big cock was way beyond semi and pushed into my tummy. He held me tight to him. His Tom Ford Noir made him smell like a model. His stubble felt so good on my skin. I looked down and saw his big bulge in his pants, and his nice manly feet in his exquisite Italian sandals. His chino Italian shorts reached almost to his knees. His hairy legs and feet were just exquisite and beautiful. His very mod shirt was hanging over his shorts. He looked like a million dollars.

"I always miss you when I'm away from you. You're one spectacular man and I love you very much."

"How was your evening with your father?"

"It was very nice. Dad and Mom are at the conference Gala Dinner tonight. You'll meet them tomorrow night. How was your day yesterday and today?"

"My day was good after seeing you but today I've missed you again. You know I love you very much and that I think of you all the time. But, here I am and I have you in my arms. O mio dio [my godd], I love you so much la mia belezza [my beauty]!" Luigi said and kissed me again.

Oh fuck! I loved the other guys, but when I was with Luigi and was in his arms, they all faded into the background. There was just ... just that something about him that made him extra special. Yes, he looked like a model, he was tall, dark and fucking handsome, and hung like a horse, and he knew how to fuck, and he was capable of multiple orgasms, but apart from all of that, this hunk of a man was a soft, caring and loving man. I knew he loved me to bits and given half a chance, he'd marry me and spirited me away to a remote location! Wow! What a man!

"Come my darling. Let's get to the others in the lounge. Come. White or red wine? Beer? Cider? Soda water? What would you like?"

"What are you having? You smell like cider. Perhaps I'd also have a cider, thank you. Will you please come sit with me? Per favore [please]?" Luigi has staked off his territory! He was in charge and wanted me to himself. I thought the others would accept that to a certain point.

I accompanied Luigi to the lounge where he hugged and kissed me. The other 4 guys knew how serious Luigi was about me, so when he sat down on the second couch, they knew it was to have me sit with him.

Fortunately, none of the guys was jealous or vindictive, so they let it be. First I went into the garage to retrieve a cider from the drinks fridge. I knew Luigi liked his cider from a glass - he just liked it better that way - so I got him a glass from the kitchen. I opened the cider and brought it in the glass to Luigi. Before I sat down, I asked if everybody else was OK with drinks. Only Gunther wanted a bottled water.

When I came back to the lounge, the guys were listening to a story Luigi had to tell about a patient he saw the day before who had the biggest growth in one of his balls he has ever seen. The operation was done that morning and the tumour was sent away for analysis. The man was a farmer from outside Stellenbosch. He said the man's son - his wife has left him more than 10 years ago and he was raising his son by himself - was at his dad's bedside as long as he was allowed. Then the truth about them: the patient was a man in his early forties and the boy was about 20, and both were stupendously attractive, albeit sunburnt. They were constantly touching each other and holding hands. It was obvious they loved each other very much and were very close. Luigi came to the door leading into the room the day before and thought he saw the boy's hand under the covers on his dad's crotch. He turned around and pretended to call to a nurse to alert them he was approaching the door. When he approached the door again, the boy was holding his dad's hand, but the patient obviously had an erection. He nonchalantly mentioned to the patient and his son that by that time the next day, this big bulge would be considerably smaller. To emphasize his intent of removing the growth, he touched the guy's crotch and yes, it was rock-hard. He pretended he didn't realise his cock was hard.

"And, was it a big one? Does he have a big cock?" André ... who else?

"To be honest, it is about 19cm soft, so it should be around 28cm when hard. Under the covers when I came in the room and let my hand rest on his crotch, it did feel very big," Luigi said.

"You think the two of them have something going?" André again.

"They live all by themselves, just the two of them. Both are devastatingly handsome. They're both tall, have dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, huge hands and feet, and both are very hairy. It won't surprise me if they had a sexual relationship. It's more common than most people think. I've known of quite a few cases and obviously I've kept quiet. It's not my place to split on people who do no harm to others, and if the boy is of age and does it willingly, who am I to judge? So, my patient and his son might well be having a sexual relationship. Looking at the boy, it's obvious his huge bulge contains a very big cock, even bigger than his dad's cock. The possibility of intimacy between them is not uncommon," Luigi concluded and took a sip of his cider.

"So, how did the operation go? All under control? Will the dad be able to get an erection? Will he be OK?" André asked what we all thought.

"The growth I've removed was about 2,5cm in diameter. If it's benign, he'd be good to go in a couple of days. There is nothing that would prevent him from having sex by Monday. He actually asked me after the operation how long he had to abstain before he could have sex again. I immediately thought of his son, and just then the boy walked in, and when I answered, he was all ears. He smiled from ear-to-ear and squeezed his dad's hand. He even kissed him on the mouth right there. It wasn't a normal greeting kiss - it was lingering and filled with love and compassion. No, there surely is something going on."

"I wonder if he's not the farmer Dad mentioned who was interested in buying some Cabernet Rouge vines from us, and that he couldn't attend the conference due to a medical reason. It must be him!" André said. He told us that Dad told him about the guy while I was away to fetch our drinks (when I ran to have sex with Christopher - slut!). André told us Dad said the guy was raising his son by himself and that the two of them were producing a small amount of a very good quality wine. The boy was attending afternoon and night winery classes at the agricultural college. He was finishing his studies the following year. Dad said they met at a previous get-together for vintners, and the man - Gideon, and his son's name was Simon - was very interested in the research we've done at the farm. He mentioned that he was going to invite the man and his son to come see the research when he heard at the conference that Gideon was about to be operated on due to a testicular growth.

"Is that the man, Luigi?" André asked.

"Perhaps. You know I can't say anything like the names of my patients ... sorry. He is discharged tomorrow morning. Your dad might have his number and could phone him ... sorry, I can't concur or deny anything. Sorry."

"It's OK. Baby bro, your vines are fast becoming a hit and a selling point, even at conferences! I'm sure Dad will tell you there is a big order for Cabernet Rouge vines! You have your work cut out for you!"

"You know you'll have to help me! But it's not the time to do grafts now. It'll have to wait for next year. We still have some young plants in the nursery, but only about 250 are left. If they buy it, we'd have enough pocket money for our trip to London and Europe over Christmas! Dad has to contact Gideon ..." I put in.

"You're one behind! Dad has already sold the last of the plants to Gideon! Simon was going to fetch them from Le Plaisir next week. Thanks to your hard work and my very significant role in it all ... ahem ... we've got a bundle, which is not going to go into our portfolios Claude is handling. We're going to Europe!" André enthused. "I wish we could actually meet the pair of hung hunks ... what? Why are you hitting me?" André said rubbing his head. I've given him a playful swipe. "Actually, Dad has invited them to have a braai with us sometime, when we're home too. So, we ARE going to meet them. Next weekend is our shoot and the weekend thereafter we're going to the farm. So, perhaps they'd be there then. If Gideon's wounds have healed enough. Luigi?"

"It wasn't such invasive surgery. It will leave him with a small scar on his scrotum. He'll heal enough to have sex by next Monday and he'll be good to travel by himself this weekend already. He'd be able to travel to your farm in 2 weeks' time. No harm," Luigi put in. "And by saying that, I'm not admitting my patient's name is Gideon ..."

"Oh puh-lease! You've already given it away! Not to worry! We're not going to ask him to show us his operation scar, although, if he's as hung as you say he is, I'd love to see it and ... well, he'll just have to show us!" André, André! But, actually he was voicing what we all were thinking. "And of course, I'd love to take off Simon's pants to see if his testes are still fine. Of course I might have an accident with my mouth examining his big cock ... Ow! What's wrong with you? You keep on hitting me when I'm merely wording what we're all thinking! Sheez! I'm telling Dad how you're abusing me! Ouch!"

"Sissy! That was not hurting at all, and yeah right! Dad would really listen to you squealing like a little girl! He'd give you an even harder swipe!" Juan put in.

"'Sissy', eh? Next time you come knocking to push your huge old ogre cock into me, remember I'm a 'sissy'!" André was relentless.

"Sissy!" Juan said and we all cracked up.

I tickled André and he lifted his arms up. He wasn't the ticklish one, and it was a mistake on my part. He retaliated and started to tickle me. I fell over Luigi's lap and was trying to avoid André's hands. In the process, my arm and hand were pushing into Luigi's crotch. He was beyond semi ... oh my godd!

"OK, enough of this horsing around. André, come help me please. I think we need to get the steaks on the coals. My darling, will you see to it that the two lovebirds and Luigi have enough to drink? Is everything else in the kitchen ready?" Juan asked.

"Yes, all is ready. Anybody else who needs another drink? Gunther, red wine? Johann?"

"I'll get it thanks. I also want some red wine. You sit still. I'll get it," Johann said and got up. Gunther followed him into the kitchen to open a bottle of Dad's red wines. Gunther had his hand around Johann's shoulder. It was clear to everybody that he really loved Johann.

"Ahh! Alone at last! Come here mio caro [my darling]!" Luigi said and pulled me into his arms. I had my head in his lap, on top of his hard cock. His beautiful mouth was on mine, kissing me. "Ahhh! How I miss you when I'm not with you! How I wish I could marry you! Yes, I know, I know! You're involved with 4 other guys, but I may dream!"

He kissed me and his saliva ran into my mouth. I hungrily sucked the saliva as if it were my lifeblood and if my life depended on it. Oh fuck! I really did love this man! If I could, I'd marry him on the spot, but ... I had my one hand around his neck and the other was on his muscular hairy chest. His big hard cock under me caused me to get hard too ... oh my godd! How I lusted after this man and his body and his big cock and his multiple orgasms! He smelled so good! Tom Ford Noir really suited him.

"What would you say to it if I asked you to marry me? Would you consider it? Just consider it?" Luigi asked. He looked at me and his big brown eyes were smiling into mine. "Would you?"

"Luigi, you know how much I love you. And you know the answer to your question. And you know my situation. Of course I'd marry you without even thinking about it but my situation is more complicated. What would happen to my brother? To my darling Juan? Johann and Gunther? I love them all, although not the same way I love you, but I never want to give them up ..."

"Mio caro, mio caro [my darling, my darling], I know and I fully understand your situation and know how you feel about them. If you were to marry me, your encounters with them would not stop. It would merely mean you'd be really mine! And I'd not try to stop you from seeing them or having sex with them. It's only hard for me not to have you with me, not because I'm jealous. I know you have sex with them, and it was a problem for me at first, but now I'm OK with that. You've shown me that you love me even though you sleep with them too. No, it would only mean I'm married to you legally and that I'd become your first priority ..."

"And that's where the problem comes in. I cannot promise you exclusivity ..."

"No, I don't mean 'exclusivity', no, I mean that you'd legally be my husband and that I didn't have to sneak in the odd sleeping over with you. The status quo would persist to a large extent. So, would you consider it ...?"

"Yes, I would consider it, but remember, I'm only 19! It's a bit young to get married! I love you enough to be with you without a piece of paper saying I'm your husband. Let's wait with that before we do something like this. I promise you, the other 4 do not have a problem with you being my lover, and that I sometimes sleep with you exclusively. They're happy with it because you've proven to us all that you're a man of substance, and that you're a wonderful, loving man. We all love you very much. Just remember, if we continue like this, you'd be with the others too, and could have double fucks fucking me with the others. Our studies and hockey are also important. If I were older and settled a bit more, we could talk about it again. I have no intention of leaving you or stopping to love you. In fact, since I've met you, I've come to love you more and more every time I see you. You're a wonderful, beautiful man who loves me, who makes wonderful love to me and I know you'd never stop loving me. That, to me, is enough for now. But, thank you for asking. It means a lot. Do you understand my predicament and the pickle I'm in?"

"Yes, mio caro [my darling], I do understand, just too well. Yes, I want to marry you but I don't want to change anything in your life that is near and dear to you. OK, it was only a sincere thought, but I'm going to ask the same question in the future - OK? I'm not going anywhere. I'm here for the long haul. I'm also enjoying the company of the others, and as long as they know you and I have a special bond, I'm OK with the status quo, for now. OK?"

"Yes, OK!"

Luigi pulled me tight to him and kissed my face. My forehead, my eyes, my nose, my lips, my chin and back to my mouth. His saliva ran into my mouth and his lips were full and soft on my mouth. Oh fuck! What a man! Under my head, his cock was now super hard and the 29cm was straining against his pants. I'd jump his bones right there and then, but we were about to have dinner. I put my hand on his cheek and looked into his beautiful brown eyes ... I melted when he looked at me with those eyes filled with love, and perhaps just a good smattering of lust! Lust was good! It didn't bother me in the least. I pushed my head into his crotch and he groaned.

"Oh fuck! Mio caro, don't do that! You'd make me tear off your clothes and fuck you right here on the couch! Oh fuck!" Luigi groaned and threw his head back. He had his hands on my face and stroked my cheeks. "I love you so very much mio caro!"

"I love you too my darling man! You're the best thing that has happened after André and Juan. You're a wonderful man and I'm very happy when I'm with you. Thanks for loving me. I'm the lucky one," I said and touched the beautiful face above me.

"Oh fuck, get a room! It's like seeing Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins in The Blue Lagoon every time I walk in the room! Sheez!" Oh André! "Juan says you should come join us at the braai [barbecue]. Come, put your hard cocks away and come. Red wine for you? Sheez baby bro! Your cock is rock-hard! Wow!"

"Yes, red wine thanks! We'll be there just now. OK? Thanks." Luigi was such a kind and gentle soul. He didn't give André the flack he deserved, therefore I also kept quiet and let it slide, until André gave my crotch a squeeze.

"Ow! Watch it darling brother! You're one to talk! Just look at your bulge! Horned up after seeing my Italian Stallion and me? Want in?" I ribbed him.

"Really? Could we? Right now? Wow! You're too kind! Come, let's go!" André feigned excitement.

"Behave! Of course not! Not now. But perhaps later would be OK? OK?" I said.

"Come! The master of the house has spoken! Come you big Italian Stallion! Let go of my baby bro! You're just putting all sorts of sexual thoughts in his head ..."

"No, it's not true. Luigi asked me to marry him ... but ..."

"What? What? What did you say? Over my dead body! We love you Ita, but he's my brother and he's too young. You may fuck him and lure him off to your house, but marry? No fucking way! Dad would not allow it! He'll ..."

"Calm down, André! It was only a suggestion! He asked, but of course I said it would be 'no' for now! OK? OK?"

"Damn right! You're far too young to get married, even to a big beautiful hung hunk like the Ita. Sheez! Why do you want to give me a heart attack? Come here! I'm supposed to be your big brother, your first love, remember? You may love the Ita, but he does NOT have exclusive rights to you. You hear Ita? You may love my baby bro, and you may fuck him, but he's still part of this group and he's going nowhere!" André ranted on.

"Calm down, André! I was only saying out loud what I was thinking. I do understand! Believe me! And I would never do anything to hurt the group, or cause anyone pain. Antonio and I have discussed it and for now, the status quo would remain. I still love him more than life, but I understand the situation. So, calm down! Come mio caro! Let's go have some wine with the others." He stood up and when he readjusted his huge cock in his pants, André stepped closer and groped his crotch.

"How my baby bro could even handle your huge cock is beyond me! Sheez! It's big, my godd! And he loves it. You're sex doggs!"

"André, behave! When we go to bed later on, you can touch it and suck it if you wanted to, but now let go of Luigi's cock!"

"Sheez! The typical jealous wife! You're a lost cause! You're lost ... tsk! tsk! Come, let me rescue you baby bro!" André was ribbing me. "Do you really want to marry this big ugly yeti? Really? What do you see in him? His huge cock?"

"André, behave! We're not getting married! We merely talked about it, but it's not going to happen - not now. I love you too much, and Juan. I don't want to give you all up, not now," I said as André hugged me to him. My hard cock pushed into his crotch. He put his hand on my cock and gave it a squeeze. "Ahhhh! Yes, he makes me horny, but so do you and Juan and Johann and Gunther! So sue me!"

"Mio caro, I'm sorry! I wasn't meaning to cause a problem. I love you too much for that. Come here! May I please have your 'baby bro' in my arms too?"

"Yes, of course Ita! But behave! I'm watching you! I'm looking out for my little baby bro!" 'Little'? We were carbon copies of each other, at least 1,82m tall!

Luigi pulled me into his arms and pushed his rock-hard cock into my tummy. He was a tall man and at 1,95m, his cock was much higher than my crotch. Oh fuck! How I wished things could have been different. Not that I'd ever wish the other 4 away, but Luigi was everything I've ever wanted in a man, and more. He took my face between his hands and turned my face to his, and kissed me softly and with so much endearment, my heart melted. Oh fuck! This man really was the man of my dreams. He kissed me in my neck and hugged me close to him.

"Oh please! Please! Enough of it! Where are my sunglasses! And a vomit bag! I'm getting nauseated. Hey, you two! The wine is waiting! Ita, let go of my baby bro! Come bro! That Ita will rape you here if I don't intervene! Come, now!" André, André! Where did Dad and Mom get you?


I noticed Johann and Gunther were touching each other continuously. Johann was thawing towards the big German man, big time. One was blond and the other darker. They made the perfect couple. A few times the two were laughing at something one of them said and they hugged each other. Johann even copped a feeling of Gunther's big cock! And of course they kissed each other a couple of times. They kept on looking deep into each other's eyes and they were all smiles.

I also noticed Juan and André constantly touching each other. Aha! The kissing and hugging and even the sex between them were not by accident! They loved each other much more than they led on. Between tending to the meat on the fire, Juan would hug and kiss my brother, and André even groped Juan's big cock! Jackal!

I looked at the feet of the hunk of a man standing next to me. They were just perfect. The hairy legs sticking out below the pants were muscular and so manly. We both hated the strange fad of guys - guys! - shaving their legs, even though they're not cyclists. I looked at his hand holding the wineglass. Even though he was a doctor whose hands should be immaculate, these hands were more than perfect. I looked up into his face and when he looked back, I saw nothing but love for me. His big brown eyes framed by his black hair were twinkling and when he smiled, very small creases formed at the corners of his eyes. His beautiful long nose was perfect, like the nose of nobility. Fuck, I loved him with everything in me. I leaned into him and he hugged me close. He kissed me on the head and whispered: "Tonight I'm abducting you to the spare bedroom. I want to make love to you all night long! Do you have a test tomorrow?"

"No, no test. Let's just play it by ear and see what happens after dinner. I'd love a night with you, you know that," I said.

"OK, mio caro. Thank you for being you, for loving me, for being there for me, for making me the happiest man alive."

"You know I love you very much, and I would do anything for you. Thank you for your love and the way you make me feel. You're a phenomenon on so many levels. I love you Luigi!"

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. His long tongue was on my lips and I sucked it deep into my mouth.

"Sheez! Would you look at the two of them? Hey! Get a room! We're working with food here! Baby bro, behave! That Ita only wants to fuck you, can't you see that? Sheez, Ita! What's wrong with you two? I'm so ashamed ..."

"André, let them be! You know they love each other, but you and I love each other too. Come here and give me a proper kiss, you wayward delinquent!" Juan put in and pulled André into a hug, and he kissed André into silence. Aha!

"I for one, am happy with the Ita in our lives and loving our other sexy twin brother. We couldn't have wished for a better man for Anton. Luigi is a catch - no pun, Luigi. Look, we're all happy together. And we're still going to fuck each other! But what's wrong if we have a special one in the group? Anton and Luigi, Juan and André, and Gunther and I. Perfect setting, except that in our case, there is no bottom. We'll still rely on 'baby bro' or André to bottom for us! So André, don't get too comfortable! Your number is up for tonight's shenanigans! We have large loads that need to be deposited somewhere! What do you say Jerry?" Johann put in.

"Oh yes! I'd never want to be without you other guys, but I do love this dark blonde bomb a lot! He is the one I've grown to love. And that doesn't mean I love you one bit less, mein Schatz! But, you've got the Ita! And he is smitten with you! I'd still want to sleep with you and fuck you. And so does Johann, and I know Juan and Andre feel the same," Gunther said.

"Yes, fuck! We're a strange group of guys who like to fuck and we love each other. I love all of you, but even though Anton is dear to me on a different level, I can see Luigi makes him very happy, and that makes me very happy. So, I'm stuck with this wayward delinquent! Come hell or high water, I'd just have to be content with him ... poor me! Ouch! You heartless boy! That hurts! Tonight I'm fucking you without lube!" Juan said when André gave him a playful swipe on the head.

"How do you think it makes me feel? Just because there is nobody else left for you, you scrape the bottom of the barrel and end up with me ...? Sob! Sob! I'm so hurt ...!" André feigned indignity. But he grabbed Juan and hugged him. The kiss that followed was no ordinary kiss. There were lots of tongue and spit.

"OK, the freak show is over. Food is ready," Juan said after kissing André. He readjusted his cock in his pants. He was hard, the dogg! "Look what you've done to me! Delinquent! Come, let's eat. Let's get to the table. Drinks for everybody please André, Anton?"

Juan, Johann and Gunther carried the food to the dining room and André and I went to fetch some more wine for dinner.


The steaks, the wors [sausage] and other food were as tasty as just Juan (and Dad and us, but it was Juan's turn, so he was the hero of the moment!) could do it. We joked a lot and André had us holding our tummies with his stories and quips and jokes. He was a tonic. 

Johann was no slouch in the jokes department and he too had lots of stories and jokes. Soon, the mood was light and we had a great time.

After the meal, we retired to the lounge with liquors. We all opted for Frangelica and Gunther sang the praises of the fragrant, tasty Italian liquor.

"I'm going to say this once, and only once, so listen carefully. After you've heard it, the message will self-destruct in 30 seconds' time,'" Johann was quoting lines from the TV series "'Alo! 'Alo!' and the movie 'Mission Impossible'. "Ahem. I want to put it on the table that Gunther and I are thinking of getting married ... Wait! Wait! As I've told you earlier, it's only an idea at this stage. But looking at all of you around the barbecue, I've realised, we have three perfect couples here. Wait André! Keep quiet for just one minute! Wait! Hear me out. I know the twins are still too young. Gunther and I are 29, and Luigi and Juan are 27. If we wanted to get married, nothing could stop us, but - and it's a big 'but' - I don't want us to do anything that would upset this arrangement. We all love each other and we have sex with each other. I don't want that to stop. I love the Jerry very much, but I also love Juan and André and Anton and I kind of already love the Ita too. If we do do the marriage thing, I think it should be a three-way affair. But the age and the studies of the twins are the determining factors. You have at least 2 to 3 years of studies left. Gunther will be here at least another 5 years. Luigi has opened a practice and I know he'd not jump ship anytime soon. So, I'm willing to wait. Gunther and I have talked earlier on and we both agree that if this holds out, we should shock them all and have a three-way wedding when the time is right. On one day! Luigi? How do you feel? André, give him a chance please?"

"I love mio caro [my darling] more than life itself. And no, I have no intention of leaving South Africa anytime soon. I've made a decision and I am not known as someone who gives up easily. If mio caro is willing to wait another 2 or 3 years, so would I. But, how about us getting engaged? I know it's not the done thing among gays, but I want to if it's OK with you all ..." Luigi trailed off.

"It's an excellent idea, Luigi! But if we do get engaged, it's not necessary to be with diamond rings and all of that, but how about a golden pendant for each other with the initials each couple engraved on it? I could get a good price at the jeweller we've modelled the goods for. He's smitten with you guys," Johann said.

"That sounds great!" Juan put in.

"I know, isn't it? Oh, by the way Luigi, your name is up for an appointment with Claire when you have a chance. She said on Monday there was a client in her office for some other shoot when he saw pictures of you on her desk. When he saw your hands and feet, he insisted she had to get hold of you and sign you up. So, I gave Claire your number. She'll call you early next week. Oh, and she insisted you join us for the shoot next weekend. She even bullied me to participate in front of the camera as well. So, your fame and fortune, or in this case your devastating good looks and charm, have preceded you, Ita!"

"Oh hell! I've never thought of giving it a try! In Rome there was a photographer who insisted I become a model but I was a student doing medicine - there was no time for that. But now with mio caro in my life, there is so much more calm, and if I could do it with him, I'm willing to give it a try."

"Oh shit, I've forgotten. The jeweller is giving me watches and rings tomorrow. Luigi, he wants me to photograph you modelling the merchandise. We could do it on Sunday. OK? You OK with that, Ita?"

"Yes, it would be fine. I'd have mio caro next to me! May I ask that he joins me in the modelling of the jewellery, please?"

"Yes, of course. OK Anton? But, back to the pendants and chains. Would you like me to find out what the jeweller offers us? It doesn't have to be an A4 size pendant. It could be 1cm by 2 cm 9ct gold and a medium sized chain. It might not cost that much. I know he has a connection with an Italian company that supplies him with chains and he often has special offers. He has an engraver in the shop. We could have the merchandise by next weekend. We would have something major to celebrate! Let me find out tomorrow. I have to deliver some photos to him and Claire. I'll let you know tomorrow. What time do Dad and Mom arrive?"

"They will be here by 4 o'clock. Yes, it's a good idea. Hear what the jeweller says. And, seeing that Luigi is the only one without a ring, we need to get him a ring. Luigi, we've gotten rings for ourselves before we met you. Can we have a ring made for you, please? It would make you a definite part of the group and we'd like that very much," Juan said.

"Yes, I was admiring Anton's ring and the rings of you guys. Yes, I'd love that. Juan, I think your hands are about the same size as mine. May I try on your ring please?" Luigi said.

Juan took his ring off and gave it to Luigi who tried it on. It was just a little too small. It got to his second knuckle.

"Gunther, yours?" Gunther handed Johann his ring, but it too was just not big enough for Luigi's finger.

"Sheet of paper, pen and scissors please Anton. Let's take his measurements now," Johann said. I let go of Luigi's hand and got up to fetch the stuff from the study. Oh fuck! At last our lives were getting some order. Oh, Luigi ... Luigi!

Johann cut a strip from the sheet of paper and sat on his knees in front of Luigi to measure his ring finger. It was a long strip of paper, at least about 5cm long. Johann whistled and then retrieved his wallet from his pocket to put it away safely.

"The ring should also be ready by next Friday. What shape, Luigi? Round? Broad?" Johann asked.

"I was thinking it should be a rounded square with grooves next to the edges, please?" Luigi said.

"OK, that sounds nice. Now, about the pendants. Would you trust my taste and the good advice of the jeweller when we choose them? I suggest they should all be identical. Rectangle? About 1cm by 2cm. Or would you prefer circular?" Juan asked.

"Rectangle!" "Rectangle!" "Rectangle!" André of course!

"It's settled then. 9ct rectangle pendants. Only our initials? An A and L for Anton and Luigi, an A and J for André and Juan and for myself and my Jerry, a G and a J. Then we would wear the initials of the other guy in the liaison with our own. Or, what do you think?"

"I'm in agreement. I'd not mind wearing a J to indicate this big oaf is fucking me!" André could be so blunt! "At least I'd have an A to give the pendant some style!"

"Behave, or else you'll sleep outside with ..." Juan began.

" ... 'with the stray cats and mosquitoes'. Yes, it's old news! We know that by now. Yeah, yeah! I'm just an honest young hung hunk!"

"I'd love to wear a G with a J to indicate that this sexy blonde bomb of a Jerry belongs to me, well, to a certain extent. Of course he could fuck the twins, but he'd still be mine! And with that, I'd still want to fuck you too, especially my special loving boy ... Oh fuck! It slipped out ... Sorry, Luigi! But, you know how I feel about Anton! And yes, I'd never stop loving him and would never stop wanting to fuck him, even after he has married you one day. OK?"

"Of course! We've spoken about it now. I'd not mind you guys fucking mio caro at times, even regularly. As long as it's known he is actually mine. Right mio caro? OK with you?"

"Yes, I'm fine with it. But I don't want us to get into a brawl over who gets to fuck us, or who is actually whose partner. I don't want our group to break up because of that. I think everybody knows how much I love you my big man, but I also love them, enough to sleep with them and let them fuck me. If you're OK with that, I concur. OK?" I said.

"Yes mio caro! I've made up my mind. I'd rather share you with them as I know that is what everybody else wants, than risk losing you. OK with you guys?" Luigi said. What a man!

"We're all in agreement. This happened all naturally and I don't think anybody is unhappy with his so-called 'partner', are you? I didn't think so. Just open your mouth, boy, and it's you and the stray cats and the mosquitoes! Watch it!" Juan ribbed André.

"And here I'm holding the hand of the man who wants to throw me to the stray cats! Stray cats, I ask you! I do have inner feelings and I do have rights! I am the only brother my baby bro has, and I was first and I ..."

"'... have rights'! We know! Watch it! You'll get your turn with him when I say so! Now, quiet boy!" Juan interrupted and ribbed him again. He grabbed André and tried to tickle him, but it was useless. He resorted to hugging and kissing my darling bro.

Johann had his hand on Gunther's thigh with Gunther's hand on top. They looked at each other and kissed. "I'm happy with it. I don't want to miss out on that fine ass, and André's ass too. Bring it on! We're always willing and ready! Right here, right now! Want to join us in the bedroom, hmmm? André? Afraid we'd double-fuck you? Thought so! You have your work cut out with that one, Juan!" Johann put in.

Juan hugged André and said: "Coffee everybody? Or some bottled water and sex? Hmmmm! Difficult choice ... hmmm!"

"Douche for the boys, shower, bottled water and sex! Lots of sex! I want to introduce that delinquent to a double fuck ..." Johann started.

"Oh fuck you! If you want to double fuck someone, my baby bro is enough! I've been tricked into bottoming, no thanks to Juan and Anton, but double? Forget that! No fucking way! Not now, not ever!" André was adamant.

"Chairman with the big dick and hairy chest, I vote for the last proposal. Let's get this show on the road. I have quite a load in me waiting to be deposited into our 'baby bro'. And I'm sure at least 3 others too. Luigi? You too? Yes? Right! Boys, off you go to get ready. We'll have some more Frangelica," Johann took charge.

Luigi gave me a hug and kissed me when I looked into his eyes. At least all of this was out in the open now, and the sex promised to be earth shattering and open. He hugged me and winked. I got up and André and I went into our en suite to douche.

"Baby bro, are you OK with the new developments? Would you really marry the Ita if you could?"

"Yes, I would. I love him very much. But, our liaison will not be influenced. As we said, the status quo would prevail. Luigi understands and he is not going to cause a ruckus. How do you feel about you and Juan? Your big oaf?"

"Oh, I'm happy of course! I love the big thing very much and - if you tell him this, you're no longer my brother, you hear? - I love him very much. When he fucks me, I wish it would last longer. It is just out of this world wonderful! I love it! And when Johann fucks me, it's something else altogether. Gunther ... hmmmm! Too big and too hard and too thick. I prefer you, Juan and Johann. I'm not sure I'd love Luigi to fuck me. Just too big. I have no idea how you endure them, and even two at a time, AND like it! Beyond me! Are you ready? Let's call them and get showered. I know I've fucked you this afternoon, but I want to fuck you again my beautiful baby bro! Ahhh! And even though the big oaf is now officially 'mine' and the Ita is 'yours', I'll never stop loving you. You know that, don't you? And I would never stop wanting to fuck you, you sexy man!" André gave me a hug and kissed me gently. "I'm calling the others. Get in the shower. I'll join you just now."

André shouted from the bedroom door to the others that it's time for our shower. "The water is running!" he added.


The sex was like nothing the six of us have had with each other before. It was as if we've matured into the most intense and most pleasurable sex possible.

Johann and Gunther were hugging and kissing, and were sucking each other's big cocks. I caught a glimpse of Gunther's big cock disappearing into Johann's throat. Gunther groaned and his back arched. It was clear he was enjoying it very much.

I was the centre of attention of Juan, André and Luigi. André had my hard cock in his mouth and I felt the head in his throat.

Luigi and Juan were on either side of me and kissed each other, and then kissed me in turn. I had their hard big cocks in my hands. They were both sopping wet. The feeling of the big cocks in my hands was exquisite. I had two huge cocks in my hands, one 28cm and the other marginally bigger at 29cm, both thick - Luigi's slightly thicker - and both uncut. Luigi's cockhead was also a little bit bigger. His precum was also more copious. But, I loved them both.

Juan was my second love after I fell in love with my brother, but Luigi was the ultimate lover and an exquisitely sexy and attractive man. There is nothing to fault Juan, but facts are facts.

André was pushing my legs up and started to lick my balls and then my perineum. He aimed for my asshole, and then his tongue was on my hole. He licked my hole and was massaging my thighs. He lifted off my hole and he sat on his knees facing me. I heard the lube open and then felt the cold gel on my hole. André was determined to claim my hole as being 'the brother' and that he 'has rights'. I love him and love him fucking me. Too bad he'd be spent and then would have no more action ... or so I thought.

My brother put his big cock on my hole and pushed in. Both Johann and Gunther fucked me earlier on - about 4 hours ago - and André fucked me too - about 6 hours ago ... but an asshole has the amazing ability to bounce back, even after being fucked by two cocks. André held still and then pushed in deeper. I groaned in Juan's mouth.

"You OK my darling?" Juan asked.

"Yes, I'm OK. His cock is not really small!"

"Yes, you guys have bigger cocks than what is the norm of 15cm. But, I want in with André ... OK? Will you be OK with that?" Juan asked.

"After André, may I be next? I want to give him my first orgasm, then you could take my place. OK mio caro? Would you be OK with me and André in you?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, it's OK. Let André fuck me a bit first ... ahhh! Oh fuck! My darling bro is horny!"

André was fucking me wholesale! It felt like he was going to cum soon.

"No ways, André! I want to fuck you first! Please? Come on, let me fuck you! Please don't cum! I'm getting in, OK?" Juan was lusting after André's hole! He got in behind André, lubed up and slowly pushed in while Andre held still in me.

"Ahhhh! You fucking big oaf! Oh fuck! Your cock is so fucking huge! Hhnnnggghhhnnn! Slowly, you damn oaf! Slowly! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh my godd! You're so fucking big!" André complained but it was all just hot air. He loved it!

André resumed fucking me when Juan was starting to fuck him. Both of them were grunting and groaning. I wasn't sure they were going to last long.

Luigi was kissing me and I played with his hard cock. Soon that big dong was going to be inside me again. I was groaning in the big hunky Italian's mouth. André's cock was giving me a good pounding.

Luigi moved over me and sat lightly on my chest. His long big wet cock was pointing at my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked the big head in. It tasted so good. Ahhh! Oh fuck! What a man, what a cock! I was so lucky to have met this hung hunk. He was adorable and such a kind, gentleman.

Johann and Gunther moved in next to me, one on either side. They started to kiss me and lick Luigi's cock in my mouth. I took their big cocks in my hands and squeezed. Oh fuck! I loved all these men! And I wanted them all to fuck me! And soon all of them would!

André's orgasm was imminent. All the men and all the sex talks over-stimulated my brother, and after our encounter earlier on, his big cock was recharged. My own cock was very close to shoot its load, but I had to endure, and I willed my orgasm down.

Juan and André were groaning and when Juan started to groan louder, I knew he was about to shoot his load into André. "Here it comes André! I'm cumming! I'm going to shoot my load! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Here it comes!" I felt the bed shudder as Juan shot his big cumload into André.

That triggered André's orgasm and he started to groan too. "Baby bro, here are the first shots! Here it comes! Oh fuck! This big oaf's cock in me is too much! I'm going to cum too ... ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Hnnnggghhhhhhh!" I felt André's cock swell and twitch, and he started to pump his cumload into me. His big cock swelled and twitched. He collapsed on Luigi's back with Juan on top of him. André's cock was still twitching and my hole clenched around the big cock in me. It was the first of at least 3 more loads to be fired into me, and Luigi's multiple shots ... hmmm! Something to look forward to!

Juan pulled out of André and André pulled out of me. The two of them moved to the side of the bed and lied down in each other's arms. Juan kissed André and said: "You are a fucking loose cannon, but I love you so much. I'd never want to be without you, ever again. I love our 'baby bro' very much but I'd love to get married to you! You'd always keep me on my toes! You're such a wayward delinquent! I love you, you nonsense!"

"Oh fuck! And so the yapping begins! You're just a piece of rubbish! We're not even married yet, and I'm verbally abused already! Of course you love me! How could you not love me? I'm the epitome of love, of sexiness, of beauty, of sexiness, of sexual prowess, of ..."

"Would you just shut up and kiss me? Is that too much to ask? Sheez!" Juan quipped. Never a dull moment in THAT relationship! "And don't bite me! Just kiss ... ahhhhh! Hmmmm!"

I was still lightly sucking Luigi's huge cock and tasted the precum. It was so nice.

On either side of me I had Gunther's huge cock in one hand and Johann's almost equally big cock in the other hand. They were now groaning and faux fucking my hands.

Luigi pulled his cock from my mouth and moved with his face over me. He was leaning on his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

"Mio caro? I need to pump my first batch of creamy cum into you please? OK?" Luigi said.

"Yes, of course my darling! Hmmm! Give it to me!" I gushed. "Precum only?"

"Precum only, right! Oh mio caro! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in all my life! I love you so much!"

"I love you too my big Italian Stallion man!"

Luigi moved down to my crotch. I pulled my feet up and spread my legs to form a 'V'. Luigi started to suck my balls, then my tummy and then my cock. My big 23cm cock disappeared into his mouth. He sucked me and fondled my balls. I groaned. Fuck! This man was a master at everything he did!

He let go of my cock and moved over my balls to my perineum ... ahhh! What an experience it was when he sucked me there! He aimed for my hole, which was inseminated by André a few minutes ago. It was a big load he pumped into me once again. He licked my hole and stuck his tongue into me. Oh fuck! He was going to suck André's cum out of my hole! Oh fuck! His mouth closed over my hole and he lightly sucked. Ahhhh! Oh godd! I felt how some of André's cum was sucked from my hole, but then the surprise: Luigi released it on my hole and spread it over my hole. He was going to use it as lube! Oh my godd! The ingenuity of this man knew no end!

Luigi took some of the precum from his cock and spread it on his big cockhead. He milked his cock to get some more precum for the big shaft. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I was shivering with anticipation. He aimed his big cock on my hole and pushed in slowly. Having just been fucked by my brother, my hole was still loose and the big head slipped in. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! What an exquisite feeling. The big thick cock was sliding into me and was filling me up.

The head slipped through the sphincter and I groaned. Ahhhh! He held still and took my cock from Gunther's hand and gave it a few squeezes. He pushed in deeper. By now I knew he was going to encounter the inner sphincter, and the gentleman that he was, he'd wait and let the head slip through with only making it swell. He did just that and then he was in all the way.

"Luigi, may I please join you? I know you have multiple orgasms, and I want to be in there with you when you cum please? After I've cummed, I know Gunther would want to join you. Please? What do you say? Anton?" Johann asked.

"I'm OK if you're OK with it my darling - Luigi?" I said.

"Oh, OK. That would be nice! Mio caro, I'm pulling out and then you have to sit on Johann. I'll enter again from behind. I'm pulling out now, OK?" Luigi said.

He pulled out and I moved over Johann. He had the lube at the ready and put some on his cock. My hole was still very wet. I lowered my buttocks over Johann's big rubbery cock and the head pierced my hole. Ahhh! The long big head slipped in and filled me. It was one of the longest cockheads I've seen. Dad's cockhead, Gunther's cockhead and Luigi's cockhead were also big and long, but Johann's cockhead was at least 5cm long or even more. Only Gunther's cockhead was fatter but not longer.

When Johann's cock was in halfway, Luigi positioned his cock on my hole and pushed in. His big cockhead slipped in on top of Johann's cock and both were sliding into me. Ahhh! Oh my fuck! Oh fuck! I've had Gunther and Johann in me earlier but they were not going into me at the same time!

Johann's big rubbery cock made the difference. On it's own, it was the most wonderful cock to fuck me: it never hurt me, not once. It gets hard but always retains some rubbery feel to it. Luigi's cock was big and thick and hard, very hard! But, he was the perfect gentleman and must have had some bad experiences with guys who couldn't take his huge cock, or who just ran away when they saw it. He never just pushed it into me without any concern for my comfort.

Johann's fantastic rubbery cock was in all the way and then Luigi's hard big cock slid home. Both held still.

"You OK 'baby bro'? Not too much for you?" Johann asked, touching my cheek. He was such a wonderful lover. If there were no Juan or André or Luigi or Gunther, Johann would've been on obvious choice. He was sexy, he was tall, he was hung and he knew how to fuck. He pulled my head down and kissed me before I could answer.

"Si, mio caro [Yes, my darling], are you OK? Are we not hurting you?" Luigi asked and I inadvertently clenched on the two cocks in me. Luigi's cock responded with a mighty twitch. Ahhhh! Oh fuck ...!

I gasped but managed to say: "No, I'm fine! Just give me ... a ... minute! Oh fuck! Your cocks are so big! Oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

Johann's cock swelled harder, but not much bigger, then Luigi's cock would twitch and I would clench my hole over them. Johann, Luigi, me. It went on like that for a few seconds and then Luigi started to fuck me. I lifted up a little to give Johann room to fuck me. My two lovers fucked me in tandem: Johann would push in when Luigi was pulling out, Johann out, Luigi in. Once again it was a memorable experience. Luigi's cock would twitch a few times and made me groan.

Soon Luigi was breathing faster and was groaning. "I'm going to cum, mio caro! Oh mio Dio [my godd], I'm going to start cumming! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Hmmm! Ah! Ah! Oh fu-u-u-c-c-k-k! Ahhhhhhh!" I felt his big cock twitch as the first of his multiple orgasms shot into me. His cock twitched and it shot a spurt into me. It continued and it must have pumpted around 9 spurts into me. Johann kept on fucking me and was groaning.

Luigi continued to fuck me and within 20 seconds he was groaning loud again. "Here is the next round! Ahhh! Oh fuck!" His cock spasmed and he shot another load into me. I didn't count the number of spurts, but it was a lot of cum he was pumping into me.

Just as Luigi was preparing to shoot his third volley of cum into me, Johann was groaning and slammed his cock into me. He was cumming. His cock spasmed and Luigi's cock twitched as both were cumming in me. Oh my godd! It felt phenomenal! Two big cocks cumming in me at the same time!

"Luigi, please stop fucking Anton. I want to pull out so Gunther could take my place. Please cum with him so he could feel it too! OK?" Johann asked. "Oh fuck! That was epic! I've never experienced anything like this before! Gunther, you have to feel this! It's fantastic! 'Baby bro', lift up a little."

Johann started to pull out of me. Luigi held his big cock deep in me while Johann's cock slowly slid out of me. He crawled out from under me. "Get in there, Jerry! This will blow your mind away! Oh fuck! That was fantastic!"

Gunther slid in under me. Johann took the lube and lubed up Gunther's big cock. He held it upright and aimed it at my hole already occupied by Luigi's big cock. "Lower your buttocks, 'baby bro'. I have Gunther's cock aimed at your hole. Just lower your buttocks slowly. Slowly! Ahhh! OK! There you go!"

I felt Gunther's big cockhead touching my hole and then felt it piercing my hole. With a jump it slipped in under Luigi's big cock. I held still. Fuck! These two big cocks were big! Fucking big!

"You OK, mein Schatz [my darling]?" Gunther asked and held still. He twitched his cock and I groaned. Oh fuck! I was stretched beyond belief!

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Your cocks are ginormous! Ugh!" I lowered my body further and Gunther's big cock slid in deeper. Soon the whole big cock was in me and I groaned. Oh fuck! They were huge!

"Still OK, mio caro? Please tell me when you're OK," Luigi said and stroked my neck and back. Both he and Gunther held still. I clenched my hole and pushed out to get used to the enormous invasion in me.

Luigi was still very horny and started to fuck me slowly. His huge cock was sliding over Gunther's equally impressive cock. Wow! It felt so good! I lifted off Gunther and he started to fuck me. Once again my two lovers were fucking me in tandem.

And soon Luigi was groaning again. "Mio caro, I'm going to cum again! OK! Here it cu-u-m-m-s-s-s! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhh! Hnnnggghhhnnnnn!" His cock twitched in me and I felt the first of his fourth volley of spurts being fired into me. He shot around 7 spurts into me. Gunther held still and was merely groaning. He kissed me and twitched his cock in me while Luigi was cumming. Oh fuck!

Gunther started to fuck me in tandem with Luigi. After about 45 seconds of an incredible fucking Gunther started to groan. At the same time Luigi started to groan too and when Gunther shot his huge load into me, Luigi was pumping his fifth load into me. My godd! This man was a phenomenon!

With all the fucking going on and with the big cocks in me pumping me full of cum, my own cock erupted onto Gunther's chest, on his chin, his tummy ... oh godd!

The two cocks in me were spasming while they pumped lots of thick creamy cum into me. Luigi's last load wasn't as copious but Gunther's load was immense. His cock was still spasming and pumping cum into me when Luigi collapsed on my back, hugging me. He kissed my back. Gunther was hungrily kissing my mouth and I sucked his tongue. I tasted my own cum on his lips and groaned.

I collapsed in Gunther's arms with Luigi on top of me. I was sandwiched between two fantastic lovers. Luigi was now unofficially 'mine', but Gunther would always be mine too. We loved each other too much and the sex between us was out of this world. His big thick uncut cock was a cock to behold. But so was Luigi's cock. And the fucking of both was phenomenal. Oh fuck! I loved both so much.

We were catching our breaths when Johann pushed his face in between us and licked the cum on Gunther's shoulder. He kissed me and I sucked the cum from his tongue. "I fucking love you 'baby bro'! You're the best ever!" Johann gushed with his lips hovering over mine.

"I agree. Mein Schatz [my darling] is one of a kind. I love him so very much. And mein Gott! Luigi, it was an experience to feel your hard cock against mine and cum inside mein Schatz together with you. It was a memorable experience! I think we've pumped the 'baby bro' full of cum! Mein Gott! Are you OK, mein Schatz?"

Juan and André joined us from the other side. Juan was kissing Luigi and André was underneath, kissing me. Oh fuck! I love these men, I thought. Fuck! The only one's cum not in me was Juan. I'd so love him to cum in me too ...

"I'm ready again my darling. Would you mind if I added my cum to the mix ... please? If it's too much, I'd understand." Juan! He must have read my mind!

"Oh fuck, yes! Please fuck me! Fuck me!"

Juan lubed his hard cock and pushed Luigi backward onto the bed. He pushed his cock into me on top of Luigi's big softening cock. Gunther's cock was not so hard anymore. Oh fuck! Three cocks again! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I groaned but knew I'd be able to handle it. My hole was loosened by all the fucking and when Juan's big cockhead slipped in, I groaned but pushed out. Juan's cock slipped in and he slowly pushed in. Damn! The three cocks in me were a lot but it also was a moment to remember. Luigi's cock was also slightly softer now and Juan's cock pushed in all the way. He held onto me and started to fuck me. Oh my godd! Oh fuck! There was a lot of cock in me.

"How are you doing baby bro? Not too much? Can you handle it? Must I push the big oaf and the Jerry and the Ita out? Just say the word! Bro?" André!

"No, I'm fine ... ahhh! Oh fuck!"

Juan started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. Oh fuck! It was much, but also very nice! I actually loved it! The two other cocks were both very rubbery but Juan's cock was rock-hard! Some of the huge amount of cum in me trickled out onto Gunther's legs.

Juan was fucking me and then I felt Gunther's cock sliding out. Oops! It was out. Juan fucked me with deep thrusts, and then I felt a miracle! Luigi's cock was getting hard again! My godd! The man was insatiable! Within half a minute Luigi was rock-hard again due to the rubbing of Juan's cock on it.

Juan pulled out.

"Rotate on Luigi's cock so you face him. I'll push in again. Turn my darling! Here is a pillow Ita," Juan instructed.

My godd! This was a night to remember for many reasons, and the continued fucking by every single man in the group was memorable! Fuck!

I sat on Luigi's cock and turned on it to face him. Juan followed and as soon as I was facing Luigi, he pushed in again and immediately started to fuck me. Oh fuck! Luigi fucked me too. They too were fucking me in tandem - one in, the other one out, in, out.

Soon Luigi was groaning. "Mio caro, I'm cumming! Juan, hold on if you can and let me start cumming before you cum."

Luigi fucked me with more vigour and soon his cock was spasming, pumping the first of his sixth volley of cum into me! His cock spasmed and the first of about 8 spurts shot into me.

"Cum Juan! Cum with me!" Luigi groaned and kept on fucking me.

Juan was groaning behind me. "I'm cumming my darling! Oh fuck! I'm also cumming again! Ahhhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ah! Ah! Hnghhnnn! Here it comes!"

The two guys fucked me and when Juan shot his second load of the evening into me, Luigi was shooting his seventh volley of cum into me.

Juan collapsed on top of me and pushed me on top of Luigi. I was sandwiched between the two guys and their cocks in me were still twitching occasionally. Oh! My! Fuck! Oh! My! Godd! If this is what married life would be like, I'm in! Oh fuck! I'm in all the way! If these 5 guys could fuck me like this on a regular basis, I'm in for the long haul!

"Happy, mio caro? Wasn't it too much? Are you OK?"

"I'm more than fine Luigi! Oh fuck! This was a wonderful experience. And you signore, are a phenomenon! You're the champion! Fuck! You're a real Italian Stallion! I love you so much!"

"Thank you my darling! You make a lot of men happy and this was wonderful for me too. And I love you so much. Yes delinquent, I do love you but I also love the 'baby bro', OK? OK! Tonight you'll get your all-nighter you've been wanting for so long. OK?" André on the receiving end of an all-nighter? When did this happen? André? Really?

"Oh shut up! You weren't supposed to tell everybody! Sheez! What will the guys think of me now? You're such an oaf!"

"May I have an all-nighter with you Anton? Please? I haven't had an all-nighter for so long! Please my darling?" Johann asked. I thought Luigi wanted an all-nighter ...? "Luigi, may I please?"

"It's up to mio caro. Mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy], would you be OK if Johann had an all-nighter? You could sleep in my arms and I could kiss you and hold you tight to my heart. Is it OK if Johann had his big cock in you?"

"Yes, Johann's cock never hurts me. It's OK. Yes Johann, you may have an all-nighter."

"Now, all of you, out of my baby bro! Out you big oaf! Out Ita! I am the big bro here and I have to look out for my baby bro's interests. Out!" André!

"Let them stay in me a while longer, darling bro! I'm OK! Their cocks are soft now, so it's OK. Thanks bro!"

"OK, but as soon as you want them to get out, just shout! I'll drag them off of you! It's around 11 o'clock. Anybody for some bottled water? Coke? Anything else? Ita, I'm sure you're dehydrated! I've never seen one guy cum so many times and I'm sure you've pumped my baby bro full of cum, on top of all the other loads in him. If we're going to suck it out, I'm first! But first some refreshments. I'll bring the merchandise here and you could choose. No coffee - it's too late for that. No beer - tomorrow is Friday: you have jobs and we have classes. Behave while I'm gone! Gunther, make sure they behave! Watch it! The Jerry will sort you out!" André, where DID Dad and Mom get you? Are you even my own flesh and blood?

"Just go and get the drinks! We don't need the Jerry to look after us. Our darling is doing fine, right Anton?" Juan answered André. The two of them would make one hell of a couple!

"Water for me please! Gunther, same for you? Yes? Thanks André!" Johann said.

"Water for me too, per favore André," Luigi said and hugged me close and kissed me. Oh fuck! How I loved this man!

"Coke for me please. My darling? Coke for you too? Yes, Coke for him too, you nonsense! Thanks, nonsense!" Juan said and ducked to avoid the swipe André aimed at his head. "Watch it! I'll fuck you dry and deep! Watch it!"

We all cracked up laughing. Never a dull moment with these two around. And to top it all, they loved each other to death.

Luigi and Juan pulled out of me and we all lied down on the pillows, awaiting the refreshments.

After the Coke and water, André came to sit on my legs and groped my soft cock. "Even soft, it looks good enough to eat, but when I compare it to the others, you and I fade into nothing! Just look at the Jerry's big cock! My godd! I'm surprised that thing isn't licensed! And Johann! Huge, even when soft. The Ita - my godd! What a cock! And to think it can shoot multiple loads! Astonishing! And then there is the big oaf! Ah! The oaf and his cock! I have to admit: the damn man does have a great cock! Soft it's almost as big as ours hard ... OK, not quite, but just look at that thing he pushes into us! Sheez! No mercy! No ladies and gentlemen! I give you ... the oaf!" He ducked when Juan aimed a swipe at him. Never a dull moment! "Lift your legs baby bro! My thirst is quenched, but my taste for cum will never wane. Lift! I want to suck all that cum from you! Now!" Bossy!

I lifted my legs and André put his mouth on my hole and massaged it with his tongue. I was filled with lots of cum and soon my sphincter relaxed and André sucked a lot of the cum from me. He leaned over to me and kissed me. I opened my mouth and got a good taste of the cumload that was inside me. André leaned to Juan and kissed him and gave him the other half of the cum. Juan put his hand behind André's head and the kiss developed into a deep and sensual kiss. Wow!

André broke the kiss and lightly bit Juan's lower lip. "Ow! You rubbish! You bit me! Are you a vampire now?"

André just laughed and put his mouth on my hole again and soon he had the next load of cum in his mouth. He leaned towards Gunther and gave him half the cum. Gunther was kissing André with lots of tongue and hungrily swallowed the cum André fed him.

The other half of cum went to Johann. He too kissed André with lots of feeling and tongue.

André put his mouth on my hole one last time and sucked the last of the cum from my hole. Luigi was sitting on his knees next to him. André pulled Luigi closer and kissed him. Luigi pulled André close and sucked the cum from André's mouth. He swallowed it all and sucked André's mouth. He wanted more! My godd! The lot of them were hungry for each other's cum!

"There! Done! My baby bro is good to go ... Ah! Ah! Don't get any ideas you big oaf! Your cock has my asshole written all over it!" André gave my buttocks a playful slap and dropped on top of Juan and kissed him, lying on top of him.

"You're such a loose cannon! Fuck! Where did your parents get two equally beautiful boys that differ so much?! You're such a rubbish! Ahhhh! But I love you, my boy! I really love you! Be careful where you push your knee! Hnnngghhhhnnn! You'll damage your object of attraction! Careful there!" Ribbing and banter and joking! I loved them so much!

Johann and Gunther who knew us longer, were cracking up laughing at the antics of my big man and my brother. Luigi just smiled and lied down between Juan and me, facing me. Johann moved in behind me and hugged me from behind. Behind Johann, Gunther settled in with André behind him. Juan formed the last rear-guard behind André. Luigi was on the extreme right of the bed and Juan on the extreme left with all of us in-between.

Juan gave Johann one of the bottles of lube and kept another on our side of the bed on the nightstand. We settled in and had to squeeze in close to fit on the king-size bed. We chatted some more and of course there were some jokes and banter with Johann and André. André was trying to tickle Johann by reaching over Gunther, but Gunther cut it short by groping André's crotch.

"Ow! Jerry! Whose side are you on? Careful there! It might get hard and slip into your big hole! Watch it! Don't forget I'm versatile now! Careful!"

André was first to lean right over everybody - stretching over us all - and kissed Luigi goodnight. Then me, then Johann, Gunther and then he turned around and took Juan's beautiful face between his hands and rubbed his nose on Juan's nose.

"Oh fuck! I might be certified next week, but I love you so much you big oaf! I have to be close to demented but who the fuck cares? I love you! Good night and thank you for ... well, for being you, for fucking us ... hmmmphf!" His verbal outpour was drowned by Juan's kiss.

"Just shut up and be quiet. You've had your show, now little eyes closed and sleepies! Yes, I too will be certified next week. Nobody would believe me that I could even LIKE you, let alone LOVE you! Sleep well, my boy!"

We all kissed each other goodnight. We were 6 happy and sated men. Sexy beyond words and the emphasis was still on the first three letters of the word 'sexy'!


Before we drifted off to sleep, Johann had his big rubbery cock lubed up and pushed into me ... our all-nighter started in earnest. I heard the other bottle of lube being opened on the other side of the bed and then André groaned as Juan pushed into him. That should teach him a lesson ... or would it? Would ANYTHING ever make him shut up? Hardly!

= To be continued =



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