At one stage Clive cornered me and while he had his exquisitely beautiful hands on my shoulders, he put his chin on my nose, kissed my forehead and sighed.

The others were sitting or standing in the lounge area and sitting on the edge of the beds, enjoying liqueurs and the last of the champagne. The jokes came thick and fast. The guys were glued to Alexander's lips. He was a good storyteller and had a real inexhaustible supply of jokes.

Clive sighed again and said: "I've never met anybody like you Antonio. I'm willing to uproot my whole life and leave my old man here to go to Cape Town. But before I do, I need to see you again please. I need to make sure it would be the right thing to do. I fucking like you more than I should ... sheez! When can I see you again?"

"I like you very much too and I promise you that your coming to Cape Town will not leave you out in the cold. I'm sure we could work out something. The other guys like you lots and I ... well ... fuck it man! I like you too much too! Let's see if we could work something out for Wednesday night. I'd love to see you again. Just you and I and perhaps Pierre or Luigi or perhaps Giovanni ...?"

"No, I want it to be only you and I please! Feel my cock! I'm hard and ready right now to fuck you again! Oh damn! Please Antonio? You could come to my place. I'll come fetch you here from the hotel. Please? Please say yes?"

"I'll have to discuss it with Luigi first ..."

"Oh no ... oh damn!" Clive said, his face right in front of me. "Why do I have to meet such a wonderful man like you and then be thwarted in my love for him ... oh damn! Yes, I know I've only met you this afternoon but yes, I've already fallen in love with you. The minute my cock entered you in the toilet at Boss, I fell in love with you! You have no idea how much I wish I had an ordinary sized cock! Most guys hate my cock and are not interested in sex beyond gawking at my cock, touching it and feeble attempts at blowjobs. Virtually no penetration. I'm almost a virgin in that department and here you come along and allow me to fuck you with only my precum as lube - twice in one day! And even with Johann and your brother. You're a fantastic bottom. I'd love to fuck you with Pierre or with Giovanni or with Luigi. You've made my day!"

"I told you that I have also fallen for you. You're the most beautiful man with the most beautiful hands and feet and a cock to die for. And you fucking me was spectacular. Please investigate the possibilities to relocate to Cape Town. Luigi's nephew Piero is also relocating to study medicine in January. You could come stay with us and then you and Piero could commute to the university. Yes, I liked you from the minute I saw you. I really want you to come to South Africa. Just remember, you can never claim sole rights to me or my body. There are others in the group and as long as you understand that, your place in our beds is secured. The guys like you and I fucking love you! There, I've said it! I love you!"

"And I love you! I just hope my big cock will not become too much for you ..."

"How could it? I love it and your precum is just fucking amazing! I'd love to suck you and taste your cum ..."

"Yes, it's very sweet but it is a lot - my load is really about half a cup full. I'd be able to let you taste it right now if you wanted it ..."

"I wish ... but let's not push it. I'll talk to Luigi about Wednesday night and I can taste it then. But no jacking off until then, OK? I really want to have that half a cup in my mouth or in my hole ..."

"Whether I jack off or not, I'll shoot a huge load. With you there, it's actually guaranteed to be a lot! How about you and I sneak away for a couple of minutes now? How about you showing me some stuff in one of the other rooms and then you could suck me off? Please? Feel my cock!"

I put my hand on his crotch: his cock was rock hard again! "Clive, you're a wolf in sheep's clothes! Oh fuck yes! But let's not jeopardise our chances for Wednesday night, OK? I'm also hard - feel my cock. And it's all your fault!"

Clive threw caution to the wind and pulled me into a full embrace, pushing his huge bulge into my lower tummy. I groaned and when he lifted my face to kiss me, I gave myself over to this statuesque tall man.

"Hey! Hey! Heeeyyy! What do you think you are doing with my baby bro? He's not yours, Pommie! You might be a donkey in disguise and a fucking dashing man, but he's spoken for! Let go of my brother! Hey!" André, who else.

"Come and join us!" Clive was too quick for my brother. He put his one arm out and gestured for him to come to us.

André surprised me by doing just that! He stepped closer and walked into the tall sexy man's arms. I put my other arm around his waist.

"Fuck Pommie, you're a damn sexy man and you have a cock to die for. But you can't have my brother! You may 'use' him with us, but don't try to lure him away. My godd! You're hard again! Sheez! Baby bro, did you see the bulge in his pants?

"Yes I did bro. Feel it: it's insanely big! How about Clive fucks you here and now?" I joked.

"What?! Fuck no! Never ever! I hardly allow Juan with his 28cm! No ways, baby bro! I'd rather fuck you with Clive again! So, how about it? Let's go to my suite and let's fuck you!"

"Really? Would you like that? Antonio? I'd just love that!" Clive was as randy as a goat!

Alexander came up to us and put his hand on Clive's shoulder, and said: "Luigi said it's OK if you wanted to stay the night. Do you? You could get a toothbrush from reception. I can't as I have an early meeting in Westminster tomorrow which is ..." He looked at his watch. "... in less than 7 hours. You on the other hand may sleep in, even if it's here. Do you want to stay?"

"Oh fuck yes! Yes, of course please! Do I get to sleep with you Antonio? Yes! Oh fuck yes!"

"Watch your language young man! I know you're exited but ..." Alexander said and ruffled Clive's hair.

"Sorry Dad! But yes, I'm very exited! I'd love to sleep here tonight!" Clive pulled André and me tight into his body and we both felt his huge cock. Alexander stepped closer and hugged me from behind. He pushed his bulge in my crack: hard of course! Jackal!

"I'd be able to fuck you right here, right now - time permitting. But, I'm a working man and I have responsibilities. Clive, I'll send you a change of clothes with a driver tomorrow morning. You could join the boys on their trip to Kensington. You could come by the office tomorrow afternoon to either go home with me or pick up the keys. OK? I'll ask one of our drivers to pick up the bag early tomorrow morning. The sites only open from 10 o'clock, so you guys can sleep in a bit ... or have some more action ... hmmm! Lucky you!"

"Yes, thanks Dad! But rather send me some more clothes than just one change please. You decide what your boy should wear. I'd love to go with the boys and then I could have some fun with them in this horrible weather. I'll text you. Thanks Dad! You're one in a million!" Clive said and leaned forward to kiss his dad. I got squashed between the two: a huge 33cm cock pushing in my tummy and another big 30cm in my crack. I wondered what it would have been to have sex with father and son ... Slut!

"Good night my beautiful boy! Good night boys," Alexander said and hugged and kissed my brother and me.

Gareth was as giddy as a clam and dawdled around a bit before he left, on the premise that he had a lot to do for the next day. I think apart from really having some work to do, he didn't want to overstay his welcome. And with Clive there, I think he felt a bit out of place. He too said his goodbyes and told us that breakfast would be at 9 o'clock in the dining room, and that the bus would be there at 9:45 to take us to Kensington.

After Alexander and Gareth had gone, we strategized as to who would stay in our suite in the two beds.

Diego got up and came to me all Spaniel puppy eyes and all. His huge bulge looked so inviting.

"Antonio, my I please stay until around 5 o'clock? I'll get a toothbrush from reception. I could get up early and could be in Kew on time for the shop opening at 8 o'clock. The Underground only opens at half past 5. But may I please stay the night? Please?"

My godd! How could I deny this hung hunk of a nice Latino? Of course I said 'yes'!

"Let me call reception for 2 toothbrushes," Gunther said.

Jonathan cleared his throat and said: "I know I'll regret it tomorrow, but I'm going to sleep in my own bed if it's OK with you? Giovanni, you can stay with them but I'm pooped. Last night in the other hotel was not very peaceful with the traffic and some locals making a noise. So, I'm out for this round. Tomorrow night perhaps, Anton? Don't miss Old Big One too much, OK?" He got up, hugged and kissed most of the guys and he was out the door.

The ones left in the room - Luigi, Pierre, Giovanni, Clive, Diego, Juan and my brother André, Johann and Gunther - were left to stay in the suite and share the two king size beds.

We decided who would share beds and it came down to Luigi, Pierre, Giovanni, Clive, Diego and I in one bed with Juan, André, Johann and Gunther in the other. That meant our bed was going to be a bit overcrowded but in the fucking cold London, at least we would be warming each other nicely.

Gunther wasn't very happy to sleep in the other bed without me, but if things should start to develop again, he'd only be a metre away.

There was a knock on the door and a bellhop brought two toothbrushes, two dressing gowns and towels. He was a pale tall skinny guy with big hands and feet. I wondered ... slut! He had one hell of a big bulge in his pants ... hmmm! His name tag said 'John Doyle'.

"Thanks John! Much obliged. Bye now!" André said and I saw the raw lust in John's eyes. It was obvious he knew exactly what was going down in the suite ... Another time, another place and we could've invited him in. But as it were, our beds were full and there were enough guys to fuck me - again!

"Shower time boys! Let's get ready. It's already past midnight and I'd love to get some proper beauty sleep after all the shenanigans. Anton and your team, you go first. We'll clear up the lounge a bit and put the stuff in the passage. Gunther, would you be so kind as to call John to bring a trolley to collect the dirty glasses and empties? Anton, Luigi - go get showered guys!" Johann took charge.

The 6 of us stripped and got into the bathroom. I marvelled at the big cocks of the guys and got an immediate erection. Oh fuck!

"Lusting after our big meat again, Antonio?" Pierre joked and pulled me into an embrace, pushing his big rubbery cock into my tummy. Clive stepped up behind me with his equally huge cock and pushed in between my legs. He leaned over my shoulder and kissed Pierre.

"Fuck, you're a fine specimen, Clive! I wish you lived in Cape Town! Seeing you fucking our 'baby bro' was sensational! I love your big cock 'Boikie'!" Pierre said as he stroked Clive's head.

"I might just be joining you soon! I'm going to look into the possibilities to relocate to Cape Town as soon as I can. This wonderful man between us has cast a spell on me! I want to be there with you guys!"

"Hey guys, get in the shower! Come on! Leave the shenanigans until we're in bed! Come on!" Luigi! Wow! He could be assertive if he wanted to.

By then Pierre, Clive and I were rock hard and I felt Clive's precum dripping down my thighs.

"Clive, I can feel your precum leaking from your huge cock again. Fuck, I wish you could've fucked me straight away! Pierre, I want you two to double-fuck me please?"

"Ant, are you sure? You're driving us mad! Yes, of course! I'd love to feel Clive's cock rubbing against mine inside you! But will you manage both of us? Oh godd! I love you so fucking much Ant! And I can see Clive has already fallen for you, right Pommie?" Pierre hugged me close to me and I felt his huge cock pushing up under my balls, pushing against Clive's cock, which was pushed between my legs from behind.

"I love you guys a lot! Clive, perhaps you've just not met your match or somebody who could appreciate your fantastic cock. I love it and I'd be honoured to have you as one of my live-in lovers. You'll fit in wonderfully with the rest of the guys. We'll have a house full of beautiful hung hunks! The house has only 3 bedrooms and a study. We'll have to strategize to find a place for everybody," I said and kissed Pierre.

My godd, this man was a seriously good kisser and while his tongue was in my mouth he pushed his cock deeper between my legs. Clive hugged me from behind and pushed his equally big cock between my legs, pushing against Pierre's cock, smearing precum all over it.

"Come on guys! We have to get showered so the other guys could get a chance! Come on, you sex perverts!" Luigi of all people!

The ménage à trois of sorts let go of each other and we entered the big shower. I noticed Luigi, Giovanni and Diego were all rock hard and had their hands on each other while they hugged and kissed and groped each other. Which pot is calling the kettle black?

We ended up hugging and kissing each other while we were soaping each other, rubbing hands over each other's backs, chests, cocks, balls, thighs, faces ... we were all over each other.

Each one took a turn to hug me from behind and everyone pushed his cock between my legs. Diego was so overcome with lust that he pushed the tip of his cock into me. When I gasped, Pierre realised what was happening and he told Diego to pull out and wait until we were in bed. Next was Giovanni who tried the same. I gasped again but before Pierre could reprimand the half-bred, he pulled out as Luigi started to turn the water off. We were washed and rinsed squeaky clean.

"Mio caro, come my dearest boy! Come let's get out of here and into bed before you're fucked right here. I want to sleep behind you for a change, OK? Clive or Diego in front of you, OK? Come, let me dry you off," my darling man said and pulled my wet body against his equally wet body and hugged me. His cock was almost rock-hard. He looked into my eyes and gave me a soft kiss ...

We all towelled each other dry and soon we were hugging and kissing some more. I realised that Diego was a kisser of note! He had the softest, fullest lips of all the men there and he just knew how to kiss! All the others were good kissers, but Diego was just one step ahead of them.

Diego's big cock was pushed tightly against me and I marvelled at the big thick beautiful cock of the Latino boy.

Clive and Pierre's cocks were sopping wet with precum and held their huge cocks for me to lick off the precum, which I gladly did. It tasted divine.

"Come on guys, let's see what else needs to be done in the suite before we get into bed. Brr! It's rather cold now, don't you think? I want to be in the bed with you guys sooner than later!" Pierre said and led the pack back into the suite.

Juan and the other 3 guys have cleaned up almost everything and we were only left with putting the collected stuff out into the passage. We donned our gowns and got to work. Juan and the other guys went into the bathroom to shower. Soon everything was cleared and the laden trolley pushed into the passage.

Pierre was first to open the bed and disrobe. His huge cock was still very rubbery.

"Come lie with me for a few minutes, please Ant? Please?" Pierre could be like a little boy nagging for a sweet!

"OK, but only 5 minutes, you hear horse-cocked man? He's in my arms tonight," Luigi said while he put some lotion on his lithe body and his exquisitely beautiful hands and feet.

We all disrobed and I got in the bed and lied down in Pierre's arms with my back towards him. Fuck, he was a hairy sexy devil! He held his one arm out and pulled me down in front of him. His big cock was hard and wet and when I touched it between my legs, he groaned and said: "*It wants to be in you again! Oh fuck please?*"

"*Yes, we'll see how it pans out. I think Luigi wants an all-nighter ...*"

"*Fuck no! He gets all the privileges and I'm dying for an all-nighter Ant!*"

"*You're not forgotten! The night is long and there is always a next time ...*"

"*I'm fucking horny now!*"

"OK Pee-AIR! Your 5 minutes are up. Come mio caro, in my arms per favore?"

"You play mean Ita! I love our boy so much ..."

"You only want to push your horse-cock into him again! He's mine for tonight. Move!" Luigi could be the boss if he wanted to.

Luigi got in next to me and hugged and kissed me while Pierre was hugging me from behind.

"What about me? And Diego? And Giovanni? Isn't it the habit to allow the newest member some privileges?" Clive put in, his huge cock rock-hard and dripping with precum.

"As a matter of fact, we do allow the newest member the privilege of an all-nighter if you're interested ..." Luigi put in.

"Oh damn! Yes! Yess! Diego, Giovanni - I'll open him up nicely for you guys! Thanks guys! This is my lucky day! Are you up for some more of this big bad boy? Hmmm?" Clive was elated out of his skull.

He moved in behind me, effectively pushing Pierre back, and lied down behind me. His hands were all over me. I couldn't help but like this hung man just one bit more. My own cock was rock-hard and already leaking precum when Clive settled in.

"Luigi, I know he's your fiancé, but please, I've fallen heads over heels in love with this white hunk from Africa!" Clive said as he kissed me on my cheek.

"Yes, we know that by now! Please! We're tired and it has been a long day! We need our beauty sleep - some more than others, right ogre? You're making a damn noise!" André piped up from the other bed. "Ouch! You are an ogre! How dare you hit me? Sies man! I'm calling my Dad!"

['Sies man' = 'sis man']

"Yes, and please tell Dad what a delinquent you are, depriving ALL of us of our beauty sleep! Behave boy, or Johann and I will double-fuck you on the spot! Yes! Johann, how about a double? Let's teach this delinquent a lesson!" Juan put in.

"Yes, let's stretch his hole with our big cocks! Come André, open up nicely! Gunther, you hold him down and Juan and I will fuck him till he behaves like a civilized human being! Come Gunther!" Johann said jokingly. Of course it would never happen, but it did scare the shits out of my brother.

"Never! You'll never be so mean to me! Me? Of all people ... hah! Baby bro, help me! They're going to rape me! No!"

"Behave and you'll be spared for now! Shuss! And not a word out of you until tomorrow!" Juan said and pulled André into a hug, kissing my rebellious brother, who succumbed to Juan's wonderful mouth, and he was quiet.

Pierre and Giovanni each settled in behind Luigi and Clive, and as if in a choir, both Luigi and Clive said: "Watch where you put that big cock!" Diego moved in behind Giovanni.

The other two hung hunks chuckled and just for show, they pushed their huge cocks between the two other men's legs.

"Watch it Giovanni! My cock is bigger than yours! Keep it away from my hole or I'll respond with mine ... deep inside you! Watch it!" Clive joked.

"Just once please?" Giovanni joked back in a little boy's voice.

"Never Ita boy! Await your turn with Antonio! Basta farlo ragazzo (Just do it boy)! My hole is not available!" Luigi said but I felt him pushing his buttocks back so Giovanni's cock slipped in between his (Clive's) legs.

"Hmmmm! Feel my precum? You're a damn sexy Pommie!" Giovanni said and I felt his hands on Clive's chest behind me.

"I like you a lot Ita but I'm not going to bottom for you - ever! But, I have to say your big cock feels kind of sexy between my legs ... hmmm! Antonio, can you feel how hard my cock is?" Clive said and pushed his cock between my legs.

Clive's hands were over my chest and his mouth on my neck, caressing my chest, my nipples and kissing me. His huge cock was between my legs, all slimy and wet - the precum literally running from this man's cock.

"I still can't believe my luck! In one day my life has changed forever, and for the better! Thanks guys, thanks Luigi, and thanks Antonio! You've given new meaning to my lonely life with this insanely big cock! Ahhh! I'm looking forward to a life with you guys!" Clive said and hugged me.

"We also like you a lot Clive. And I know mio caro already loves you. So yes, we're also looking forward to having you in our lives. We hope you'd be able to transplant your studies to UCT," Luigi said and leaned forward to kiss Clive. The kiss became sloppy and raucous immediately with lots of tongue, right there on my cheek.

I turned my head and joined in the kiss. Diego behind Clive, and Giovanni behind Luigi got in on the action and we all kissed each other. They all tasted divine and I knew that they all were going to each pump yet another big load of their wonderful cum into me before the next morning. Little did I know just how much!

"Sheez! Calm down over there! There is a couple of handsome hunks over here that wants to get some rest! Behave or I'll get André to call his Dad!" Juan said. He got a pillow thrown at him - Pierre.

Soon the cold of winter was driven away with the 6 of us bundled together under one duvet. Clive's body was warm and sexy with the nice chest hair, and of course Luigi was like my very own personal heater! I basked in the warmth of the two men on either side of me.

The 5 cocks eager to fuck me were all over the place and each one was wet with precum - some more than others. The kissing was divine and Luigi was happy to share me with the hung hunks.

"OK boys, let's see if we could get some shut-eye before the sun is up. Buona notte mio caro (Goodnight my darling)! Buona notte Giovanni! Goodnight Clive, goodnight Pee-AIR, Diego! And goodnight you guys," Luigi called towards the other bed. "Good luck calling Dad!"

Everyone said goodnight and Clive settled in behind me, his huge wet cock between my legs. I knew it was going to be inside me before we fell asleep ... but didn't know he was going to push it into me immediately!

Clive's cock was sopping wet and he pulled back a bit to aim his cock at my hole. I took the thick shaft in my hand and guided it to my hole. If he wanted an all-nighter, that's what he was going to get.

I sought Luigi's beautiful full mouth and kissed him hungrily as Clive's big cockhead slipped into me ... oh fuck! It was big and it felt fantastic!

I took Luigi's 29cm cock in my hand and squeezed. It was rock hard and sopping wet too. Pierre had his hand over Luigi's body and squeezed my cock. I too was sopping wet and rock-hard.

When Clive's big cockhead was in me, Clive held still and kissed me in the nape of my neck. "Oh fuck! I've never thought I'd fall in love so quickly and so totally! Antonio, I fucking love you!"

My mouth was occupied so I squeezed Clive's hand on my chest. The immensely big cock throbbed in my hole and stretched my loose hole - after the fucking earlier on, my hole was very relaxed. Most of the cum the guys shot in me earlier was sucked out of me but I was still wet inside. Clive's huge cock slid in deeper on its own precum leaking from it and I groaned into Luigi's mouth. Oh fuck!

Luigi let go of my mouth and kissed Clive.

"Are you inside my darling boy already? You dogg!" Luigi said and put his hand around my hip to feel Clive's huge cock entering me. "Fuck! It really is a big one! Mio caro, are you OK?"

"I'm fine thanks. Hmmmm! Yes, push in Clive! Oh fuck yes! Yes!" I groaned and pushed back. The big cock advanced deeper into me.

"Somewhere during the night I want in as well please? With Clive, please Ant?" Pierre said.

"Later Pee-AIR. Let's get some sleep first. It was a long day and tomorrow is going to be equally long. Enjoy the all-nighter Clive!" Luigi said and ruffled Clive's hair.

"It's so unfair! I wanted in too ...!" Pierre said in a small boy's voice.

"You'll get your turn again! Antonio has only one hole! Now let's get some sleep," Luigi said and that was the end of that.

I groaned as the rest of the huge cock slid into me and when I felt Clive's chest hair against my back, I pushed back and just loved the feeling of the big cock in me and the hairy body pressed against me.

I was tired and sleepy but with the huge cock in me, I wanted Clive to fuck me and cum! Cum slut!

But the day's toll was too much and soon I drifted off to sleep, feeling Clive fucking me slowly. He was a sex machine! The last I remembered was him kissing me on my cheek and pushing his huge cock balls-deep into me.

I dreamt of a whole room full of hung hunks who all wanted to fuck me. The men were all more than 1,8m tall, hairy, sexy and hung like horses. They each fucked me in turn and shot huge loads of cum into me. Some managed to double-fuck me ... The dream wasn't much different from what was happening to me in real life.


I woke up and immediately I was aware of the cosy warmth, as well as an immensely big rubbery cock in me. Clive! His hairy body was pressed tightly against me and his big cock was deep in me. Clive however, was out for a six: he was lightly snoring and his right leg on top of mine made slight movements.

In front of me, Giovanni was in a deep sleep too and must have been dreaming about something sexy. His cock was rock-hard and pushed in between my legs right up to Clive's cock in me. My own cock was hard too and was trapped between our bodies.

I did nothing to wake up either of them but took stock of the whole situation while I was enjoying the warmth and the hairy bodies against me.

I realised that I was one lucky son of a bitch: I had at least 27 men lusting after me and who all loved me to some extent (Alexander perhaps just plain raw lust). Dad ... oh fuck! Dad! How I missed him! My Dad was the most fantastic man I knew and if he weren't my Dad, I'd be in a relationship with my hunky hung Dad in a heartbeat! The sex with him was on a completely different level than with anybody else. Dad's cock wasn't the biggest (Jonathan can't be beaten in that department!) but he was a sweet, caring and loving man who knew how to make a bottom feel good. He also didn't cum the most (first place in that department would seem to belong to new-comer Clive) but he did cum lots and his cum tasted wonderful. It still intrigued me that I loved the man from whence I came, that I loved the cum that made me and that I loved him making love to me.

I was still thinking about Mario and Chris, Jacques and Gerhard, Simon, George, Pieter and Claude ... when I drifted off to sleep again.


When I woke up again, Clive was slowly fucking me and his breathing was already fast and deep.

Diego or someone must have opened the curtains. There was a feint light in the room but enough to discern my surroundings.

Clive was almost on the verge of cumming when I felt someone moving in over Luigi, over me, rolling me on top of Clive. I opened my eyes and looked into Pierre's handsome face.

"Sorry Luigi! But I want in please! Please Ant! I need to fuck you with Clive! Now, please!"

"You sex pervert! Wow! Ouch! Your knees are hurting my legs!" Luigi was complaining.

"Sorry my man!" Pierre rolled me towards his right so I ended up on top of Clive. Pierre sat on his knees between Clive's legs and lifted my legs.

His hard cock was sopping wet with precum, which he rubbed all over my hole.

"Oh fuck! Pierre, do you want to fuck Antonio too? Wow! Antonio, will you be able to handle us both?" Clive put in next to my ear.

"I'd be fine ... I think. Just take it slowly ... please!" I said and wondered what the two cocks in me would feel like.

"So, may I please fuck you Ant?" He leaned down and kissed me with so much tenderness but also with so much passion that my heart melted.

"Yes, of course, but make sure there is enough lube. Your cock is fucking huge!" I said and felt the big cockhead already knocking on my hole's door. With another huge 33cm cock in me, I was going to be fucked big time, that was for sure! Two huge 33cm cocks, almost equal in thickness ... wow!

Pierre took my hard throbbing cock in his hands ...

"Hey you guys! The other lot is fucking again! Wake up you ogre! Look! Pierre is going to double-fuck our baby bro with Clive! Sheez! They've got big cocks!" André, of course.

Next to Clive, Giovanni was in on the action too and moved over Clive's head and offered me his huge down-ward curving cock to suck. Just as the big cock disappeared into my mouth, Pierre's huge cock pierced my hole ... oh my godd! Oh fuck!

"Hmmmm! Hnnnnngghhhhggnnn! Mmmmm!" I moaned as the second cockhead started to slide into me. The big head stretched my hole and when the flanges of the head slipped in, I groaned and let go of Giovanni's cock in my mouth.

"Oh fuck! Oh godd! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh godd!" I cried. It was an almost impossible feat to take such huge cocks in me at the same time.

"You're hurting my baby bro! Pierre! Take it out! Out! Pierre!" André was now right next to us, and although his own cock was rock hard, he wanted Pierre to pull his cock out.

"I'm sorry Ant! Am I hurting you?" Pierre said, holding still.

"Oh fuck! Yes, it is huge but just hold still a bit ... I'd be fine, André. Thanks though. Ahhhh! Oh godd! You guys really have huge cocks!" I said and took Giovanni's 29cm cock dangling above me into my mouth again. It was sopping wet and the big cock in my mouth and the precum on my tongue took my mind off things happening to my poor lucky hole.

Pierre's huge cockhead was twitching and with every twitch, it stretched me and I moaned. My godd! I had three big cocks in me the night before but these two cocks were in a league of their own!

Pierre pulled out again and milked some more precum on my hole and he rubbed it on the head and shaft, and pushed back into me. Oh my godd! It felt better but it was still damn big ...

My right hand searched for Luigi's hand but I got hold of his cock instead. It was hard and wet. My man was also charged seeing the two men fucking me.

Gunther and Johann were at the foot of the bed - both hard of course and Juan stood next to André, staring at the spectacle of two huge cocks fucking me. Juan moved in behind André and started fondling his cock. Obviously, his big hard 28cm cock was in André's crack and from what I could see from my angle of view, it seemed like André was OK with it. I thought Juan was going to be very happy if he could fuck André ...

Pierre's huge cock was now about 10cm in me and I groaned with Giovanni's huge cock in my mouth. I felt movement next to me and my right hand touched a hard cock - Diego's. It too was rock hard and sopping wet. My godd! I was surrounded by hot hunky hung men as horny as I was! They all were sexually charged seeing the two men fucking me.

I was lying on top of hunky Clive and he had my cock in his hand, still just playing with it. I felt like cumming already. The two cocks in me filled me to capacity. Somehow, it felt bigger than the three cocks I had in me the night before. Perhaps that didn't feel so big after the others fucked me the previous night. Anyhow, the two 33cm cocks in me right then felt enormous.

Pierre's cock was now two thirds in me and he held still. It twitched and I groaned. My godd! These two hung hunks were really filling my hole with their huge cocks. Jonathan's cock is big, but the two cocks in me were big!

Pierre leaned forward and kissed my chin under Giovanni's cock in my mouth. He moved forward and started licking the base of Giovanni's cock. Giovanni took Pierre's head in his hands and pulled the sexy man up to kiss him.

Diego was now lying on his side and fucked my hand while he kissed my right shoulder and played with my nipples under Pierre's hairy chest.

Luigi was also on his side on my left hand side and was kissing my face and Pierre's arm. It really was a ménage a whatever number.

I heard André groaning. It sounded like Juan was entering him. I thought André was getting it from Juan as the spectacle in front of them must have been very arousing and André himself - despite his attempts to break up the double-fucking - was as horny as could be.

"Ahhh! Yess! Yes my darling ogre! Yes! Push your huge cock into me! Fuck me!" André shouted and I knew Juan's deliciously big and beautiful cock was sliding into my brother. Lucky he, I thought.

I heard Johann and Gunther talking but couldn't hear what they were saying as Pierre's enormous cock was balls-deep in me, twitching on Clive's equally big cock in me.

Pierre let go of Giovanni's mouth and lowered his face to mine. "Are you OK, Ant? I'll hold still so you could get used to my big cock in you, OK?"

I looked into the sexy man's eyes and saw love and lust and concern and beauty - he was a keeper. I realised how much I loved him and how much I wanted him to be in me.

"I'm fine. Just take it slowly please. The two of you do have huge cocks, you know! Slowly and give me a good dousing of your man juice!" I kissed the delectable mouth in front of me.

Giovanni's big cock was centimetres from my face and when Pierre lifted his face from mine, the big curved cock entered Pierre's mouth. "Ahhh! That feels good! Thanks Pierre!" Giovanni said.

The two cocks in my hands on either side of me were hard and wet. It felt like both of them were enjoying fucking my hands. I wondered if there was going to be more fucking after Pierre and Clive had cum. The way I felt at that moment, I could take on an army of horny hung men! 'Bring it on!' I thought.

Pierre started to fuck me slowly and gently while Clive did the same from below me. Between the two of them, my hole got a good pounding.

They continued to fuck me for about 2 minutes when Pierre announced: "Ant, I'm about to shoot my first load. Ready? Clive, how far are you?"

"I could cum any second my man! Just speak the word and I'd cream our man's insides big time with my huge load. But you cum first and I'll cum with you with your second volley, OK?" Clive said and continued to fuck me gently.

"Yes, oh fuck yes! I'm going to pump my first load into our boy and continue fucking. I'll give you an indication when I'm about to cum again ... hmmm ... ahhh ... oh fuck ... oh yes! I'm cumming Ant! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes!"

Pierre's huge cock swelled to enormous proportions and I felt it starting to spasm violently inside me as it spewed its first volley of cum into me, bathing Clive's cockhead and my insides with his huge cumload.

"Ahhh! That feels fantastic Pierre! Wow! I actually felt your cock twitching when you came! That felt wonderful!" Clive gushed. He started to fuck me a bit faster in preparation to cum with Pierre on his second round.

Pierre started to fuck me again and within 20 seconds he started to groan again. "Clive, get ready! I'm going to cum agaiiinnnn ... oh fuck! Yes! Here it comes! Clive shoot your load with me! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Ant! I fucking love you man! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhh!"

Clive started to moan behind me and I could feel his heart beating against my back, as he was fast approaching climax. And then, seconds after Pierre's climax, Clive shot his enormous load into me. "Oh dear Lord! Oh hell! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Hnnnnggghhhnnn! I'm pumping your sweet hole full of my hot creamy cum! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

All the action playing off in front of him caused Giovanni to shoot his huge load into my mouth. It was a lot and it tasted wonderful. Above me, he was kissing Pierre. His huge cock in my mouth was still twitching and was pumping lots of cum into me.

Pierre held still as his cock twitched in me and pumped his huge load into me. Below me, Clive's cock was also twitching in me and he hugged me tight to him. Pierre pulled my legs tight around his waist and kissed my chin again.

Giovanni pulled his cock from my mouth and held it for Pierre to suck, which he did. Giovanni immediately started to fuck Pierre's mouth and within a few seconds shot his next round of cum into my tall handsome hunky hung man's mouth.

"Mio dio! Yes! Oh fuck yes! This is phenomenal! Two blowjobs in succession! Wow!" Giovanni said, breathing fast and deep.

André was moaning and it was clear Juan was fucking him good.

Pierre let go of Giovanni's big cock and sat on his knees. His cock started to vacate my hole and I dreaded the exit, as I knew there was an enormous amount of cum in me. When the head slipped out, I felt a bit of cum leaking out, but Clive was still fucking me slowly and the cum was rubbed into my skin and acted as extra lube on the enormous cock still in me.

"Erm ... Anton, would you mind if Gunther and I fucked you now? Please?" Johann.

"Yes, of course. Clive, would you mind pulling out now please?" I said.

"No, of course not. You lift up a bit and I'll pull out. Ahhh! Oh fuck! This was the best waking up ever! Thanks Ant!" Clive said and kissed the side of my face. Giovanni had already gotten up and stepped over Diego to get off the bed.

Clive and Pierre moved to the edge of the bed and I noticed they had their arms around each other's shoulders. It was clear they were fast becoming thick friends. Good, I thought. I saw out of the corner of my eye Pierre kissing Clive ... sex pervert!

Giovanni had moved towards Luigi and they were in a 69 sucking each other. What a sexy sight to see: my 'official' lover sucking another 29cm cock and Giovanni sucking Luigi. I was sure there one hell of a lot of cum was going to flow soon.

"Gunther, please lie down so our boy could sit on you. OK?" Johann said.

I moved over Luigi and gave way so Gunther could lie down. His 29,5cm - he was very adamant about the '0,5cm' of his cock's length - was rock hard and sopping wet. The curve to his right made it special and I loved it. Gunther was one hell of a nice man with the most wonderful natural attitude and personality: a real favourite with everybody who knew him.

I turned around to face Gunther and positioned myself, sitting down on his hard cock, feeling the huge organ of pleasure under me.

"Mein Schatz, bist du OK (My darling, are you OK)? Sorry, but we want to fuck you too, OK?" Gunther said and kissed me.

I felt Johann getting on the bed and positioning himself behind me. He put his cock between my legs, pushing in on top of Gunther's cock. It was rock hard and sopping wet. He was my wonderful sexy dark blonde man, with the wonderful 29cm cock that never became rock-hard. I loved this man to bits and the combination of him and Gunther was a winner, and them fucking me was memorable.

Johann put his arms around my body and hugged me, kissing the nape of my neck.

"I fucking love you, my beautiful boy! Are you OK that we want in on the action?"

"I love you too, you know that! Yes, I'm OK. Just take it easy, OK?"

"You've got it! We'll be your perfect couple of fucks! Promise!" Johann said and I felt his big rubbery cock pushing against my hole. "Lift up and sit on Gunther's cock please my boy?"

The precum that leaked from Johann's cock covered my hole and I was ready to take Gunther's cock. Both of them milked some more precum from their cocks that they rubbed on my hole.

I lifted my butt up and felt Gunther's fantastic cock under me, pushing up. The big head pushed into my loose hole and slipped straight in. I had an enormous load of cum in me, which also acted like a good lube to welcome my lover's cock into me. Still, I groaned with pleasure and Gunther bucked, pushing his cock deeper into me.

"Alles in Ordnung, mein Schatz (Everything in order, my darling)? Ahhh! Sheiß (Shit)! This feels fantastic! Oh fuck! I will never get enough of this! Johann, please push in with me my darling? Ahhhh!" Gunther groaned.

"Yes! You OK my boy? I'm pushing in too, OK? Here is my cock - going in ... ahhh!" Johann said and pushed his long cockhead into me. The tip of his cock was trailing Gunther's big cockhead as they proceeded into me. Oh fuck! The penetration was less invasive than when Pierre and Clive fucked me, but it was still an invasion of note. And I wasn't complaining. It was one hell of an experience and I knew the pleasure would follow soon. So, I leaned down and kissed the beautiful blonde German underneath me.

Johann leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head and got a nice wet kiss from this kind, nice man who was pushing his big cock into me. It was already more than halfway into me.

The kiss became a three-way kiss with lots of spit, lots of tongue and loaded with lots of passion, and of course raw unadulterated love. Yes, I loved them too. They were two kind, gentle souls who just happened to have big cocks who loved to fuck me. My life without them would've been rather bleak and empty, despite the presence of the other guys.

Johann broke the kiss and growled a deep guttural moan. His cock was balls-deep in me. It twitched on top of Gunther's cock. Gunther's cock responded and I groaned: the big cock really swelled to big proportions when he made it twitch. Oh fuck! How lucky could a gay man be?

By then André was squealing like a pig. He shouted obscenities and grunted and groaned as Juan pounded his hole. The scene playing off in front of them spurred them on and I was sure Juan wasn't far from spraying my brother's insides.

I looked towards my brother and Juan and saw Diego kneeling in front of André, sucking his cock! My godd! Diego fitted in so well with the rest of us!

"My darling boy, I don't know about the Jerry, but I'm going to cum in a jiffy. Want me to give you a 'Johann Special'? Jerry, how far are you from cumming?" Johann said.

"Oh damn! With everything I've seen this morning, I'm also on the verge of cumming. Shall we cum together, Johann? Give it to our darling boy good?"

"Yes, let's! I'm bursting with cum and will add one hell of a load to the mix. Ready 'baby bro'? Ahh! Oh fuck! This feels so great! Hhnnnnggghhh!" Johann was a horny as a goat and from experience, I knew he was going to pump at least 50ml hot creamy cum into me. Hmmm!

The two men fucked me in perfect tandem. Both were gasping and groaning and within a minute or so, they started to increase the pace and I knew I was going to get one hell of a load in me, being pumped into me by two fantastic cocks.

Next to the bed André shouted, announcing his imminent orgasm and Juan joined him in telling the world they were going to cum! Diego was in for a surprise: my brother shot big loads when he was fucked and that morning was going to be more, as it has been some time since Juan has fucked him.

My own orgasm was now very close and I let go of the urge to suppress it. What the hell, I thought - I was sure Johann and Gunther were going to shoot their loads soon, so when I felt the cum boiling in my loins, I started to groan.

My groaning spurred the two men on and I felt how they fucked me with new vigour.

Within seconds of each other, the three of us shot our loads. Johann shot his huge signature load into me and Gunther added his ample load to the mix. Johann pulled out seconds after he started cumming and sprayed some of his cum on my hole before pushing back into me. A 'Johann Special'.

My own load sprayed the dark-blonde hair on Gunther's chest and I clenched my hole over the two cocks in me. Oh fuck! I've died and gone to heaven! This was more than perfect!

I heard Giovanni and Luigi groaning and knew they too shot their loads into each other's mouths. Oh my! What an early-morning orgy it has become and what a way to start the day!

An eerie silence fell on the room and its occupants ... we were sated and we slowly descended from our sexual highs ... oh fuck! I kissed Gunther and sucked his big tongue into my mouth. Johann collapsed on my back and kissed my cheek. My ample load on Gunther's chest was gluing us together and I knew pulling apart was going to be rather painful with all the chest hair being glued together by the sticky cum.

"Oh fuck! You ogre! Your huge cock feels fantastic! And if you ever repeat this to anybody, I'll personally neuter you! Oh fuck! It was wonderful. Thanks you ugly beast. But I think you have to pull that monster cock from me now ... please. Move. Now please! Oh fuck! I need some coffee. Pull out ogre! Now! Latino man, please let go of my cock! Sensitive!" André. Even after Juan fucked him with so much love, he was just ... André.

The word 'coffee' jolted all of us back to the present and we all stirred and started to wind down from the shenanigans we were involved in.

Johann kissed me again and said: "Sorry for this early morning intrusion, OK? But I love you so much!" He started to pull his magnificent cock with the long big head from me and being loose and fucked good, I knew I was going to leak some cum. Johann most definitely shot one hell of a load into me. And so it was ... but Johann was quick to lick it all up and kiss my hole with Gunther's cock still in me.

Gunther had his arms around me and I had my hands on his hair, on his face, kissing this darling man.

"I do love you very much, you hear? You're one hell of a man and I never want you to ever leave. I love you Jerry man!" I kissed Gunther to stress the fact that I loved him very much.

"Ja, ich liebe dich auch mein Schatz (Yes, I also love you my darling)! And I have no intention of ever leaving you! I love you too much!" Gunther said and rubbed his nose over mine. I looked into his blue eyes, which were filled with so much love, even in the dusky room.

"Oh puh-lease! Get over yourselves! Yes, we know this is all about love ... blah, blah, blah! It is nothing else but raw sex. Get out of my brother and let's get some coffee. Diego, when do you have to leave?"

Trust my brother to kill the mood ... sheez!

Diego jumped up from the edge of the bed and grabbed an iPhone on the nightstand. "Oh Dios mio! I have 45 minutes to get to the Underground! Oh fuck! May I please use your shower first?"

"Yes, of course! Go ahead, Latino man! Go!" Pierre said and tousled his hair. I noticed Diego was rock-hard again. I wished I could suck him off before he left ... Diego ran into the bathroom.

"Time to pull out. Ready for the chest hair pulling?" Gunther said and gently pushed me upwards. "Ouch! Love really does hurt!" Our chest hair was glued together good. Gunther slowly pulled his big cock from me and I clenched to keep as much cum in me as possible. But, some did leak out when the big cockhead slipped out. Once again Johann was at the ready to lick it all up.

"Ouch! Yes, love does hurt, but I don't mind as I really love you my beautiful blonde hung hunk!" I said and kissed Gunther. Our chests were disentangled and I got up. I had to get to a toilet. My rectum was filled to capacity and I needed to pee. "I need to get to the toilet, OK?"

I got up and went into the bathroom. Diego had just finished peeing and the last drops of pee hung from his cock. When he saw me, his eyes lit up.

"Joining me? Hmmm?"

"No, but I wouldn't mind. However, I need to use the toilet. Oh fuck!" I swore and stepped forward to sit on the commode. Diego's big cock dangled right in front of me, getting harder by the second. Oh fuck!

"Please suck me? Please?" Diego begged me. Of course I obliged! I opened my mouth and the almost hard cock slipped straight in. I could hear André in the bedroom calling the kitchen for some coffee. I had a minute to suck the Latino.

Diego took my head between his hands and pushed his big cock deep into my throat. Oh fuck! What a nice cock!

I sucked and slurped on the cock and within 30 seconds he announced his orgasm. "Oh my godd! You're so good! I'm going to cum! Oh yes! Suck me!"

"What's going on in the bathroom? I can't hear any water flowing. Diego?" Pierre called from the bedroom.

"Just finishing peeing with Antonio!" Diego lied flawlessly. His cock was deep in my throat and I knew this sexy Latino was about to shoot a big load into my mouth.

"Antonio, here it comes! Oh hell! What a morning! What a night! Cumming!"

I pulled the cockhead from my throat and the first shot of cum flooded my mouth. It tasted just as good as it tasted at Starbucks. Hmmm! It was a big load and it was clear he was enjoying it.

Diego shot one hell of a load into my mouth. It filled every nook and cranny of my mouth and it tasted different. It was nice but different. I savoured the cum and enjoyed the creamy liquid in my mouth. The big softening head pushed back into my throat and pushed some of the cum in my mouth down my gullet.

"Let go please! Sensitive! Ahhh! Oh yes! What an experience! Ugh!" Diego said and slowly pulled his cock from my mouth.

The huge load in my mouth was fantastic and I held it there to savour the taste. The big cockhead rested on my tongue.

My own cock was rock-hard but I had to pee. The huge cumload in my hole was running out of me as my cock deflated enough to allow me to pee. My pee was flowing from me like the Niagara. And the large amount of cum in my rectum literally ran from me.

"I have to get into the shower. But I'm most definitely coming to see you again and I'm serious that I want to come to South Africa. Ahhh! Thanks Antonio! Let go now please?"

I let go of the cock and stood up. I kissed Diego and when my cum-filled mouth touched his lips, he caught on. "Yes, give me some of my load! Yes!"

We kissed and Diego sucked half his cum from my mouth and swallowed. I swallowed my half and sucked the big Latino tongue into my mouth. What a nice addition this guy was to our group.

"I have to go." Kiss. "I want to see you again." Kiss. "I think I love you." Kiss. "You drive me mad!" Kiss.

"Yes!" Kiss. "I love you too!" Kiss. "Yes, please come see me again." Kiss. "Please come live in Cape Town." Kiss.

"How coy! Jackal! Get in the shower Latino boy and let go of the baby bro!" Pierre said behind me and gave Diego's head a playful swipe.

"Yes, of course! Immediately! Yes!" Diego said and got into the shower. He turned on the water and tested the temperature with an outstretched hand.

"You OK, Ant? All fine?" Pierre said, taking me into his arms.

"Yes, I'm fine. Diego just told me he's definitely going to relocate to Cape Town as soon as the first Starbucks opens up there. Thanks for everything, my darling man! You and Clive sure know how to fuck! Wow!" I said and kissed this tall beautiful man in my arms. "I love you, you know!"

"You're the reason we behave like sex deviants. We can't resist you. And yes, I do love you too!" Pierre said and kissed me. "Come, I think the coffee might be here soon. I think we still have half an hour before we need to get into the shower. But first I have to pee."

I went into the bedroom and got into the one bed. The others all queued up in the bathroom to pee. Knowing them, they would occupy the toilet bowl three at a time to pee.

The boys filed back into the bedroom one by one. Juan and André put on dressing gowns and sat in the lounge area, chatting to Luigi and Giovanni. Clive and Giovanni were to join me in the one bed, while Johann and Gunther were in the other. Johann got on the telephone checking on the kitchen for the coffee. "In 10 minutes' time," he said.

"Ah, the man of the hour!" Luigi said as he lifted the duvet to get into bed with me. Giovanni got in on the other side. As they got in, I saw Giovanni had a semi again.

Pierre got in next to Luigi and put his left hand over Luigi to touch me. I put my hand out and our fingers entwined. I loved this man a lot.

"Happy mio caro? Enough cocks? Enough fucking? Enough cum? Hmm?" Luigi asked as he pulled me into his arms.

"Yes, but it doesn't mean I love you any less ..." I said and kissed my man.

"Of course not! What's not to like? Just look at me! Perfezione (Perfection)! Haha! Mio caro, by now I know you too well and I know you love me, but I also know you love to get fucked. So, you're forgiven. Come lie in my arm. Giovanni, don't get ideas behind my boy!" Luigi said and faux punched Giovanni's jaw.

"Ahh-hhh! I wanted to fuck himmm! Yes! Please! Haha! Yes, of course Luigi!" Giovanni said but when I put my right hand on his cock, it was rock-hard! Snake! But, I knew I wouldn't say no if he did push his big beautiful cock into me. I was still wet.

Diego returned from the bathroom. His huge cock was still very plumped up and I marvelled at the big beautiful cock I've had earlier. He walked up to our bed towelling his hair dry. Pierre put his hand out and played with the big cock on this dashing Latino boy. It was hard in seconds. And wet. Pierre took it in his mouth and licked off the precum.

"Sheez! Just look at that huge Latino cock! Boys! Do you think we should tell Home Affairs that this horse cock wants to come live in Cape Town?" I heard André joking.

"If you didn't have to go now, I would've loved to suck you off, but time is not on our side. You do have a big beautiful cock, man! Now go before I lose my self-control and have my way with you! Get away from me you devil! Sheez! What a sexy bastard with a cock to die for!" Pierre joked and showed a cross sign.

Diego chuckled and went to get his clothes. He started to dress.

"You like him, don't you? It would be nice if he could move to Cape Town. He'd be an asset to this establishment of hunks and would be a drawing card for Starbucks there, and if it works out, it would be nice to have him in our group. What do you guys say?" Pierre said. He was stating the obvious: we all liked Diego and he would be welcomed open-arms into the group.

"I have to go, much against my will, but thanks guys. You guys are immensely nice and I loved the time spent with you and the sex with Antonio ... out of this world! I'm starting investigating the possibilities to move to Cape Town today. Antonio, still OK with you?" Diego said and bent down to kiss me.

"Diego, any time! Just get your butt to Cape Town! And soon! Thanks for the fantastic sex. I love your cock and the precum and the cum ... you are a fine specimen! Now go before we undress you and have our way with you again! You have my number. Please stay in touch. We're here until Sunday morning. Wednesday we're going to 'Heaven' gay club and on Saturday night we're going to 'G.A.Y.'. If you're free any other time, just send me a text. We'd love to see you again. Now go sexy Latino boy! Go!" I said and kissed him deeply. I put my hand on his bulge - rock-hard of course!

Diego kissed all the guys and then he was gone.

"He is a fine young man and I can see why you like him so much. His cock aside: he is a nice guy and someone I could see becoming a part of our group," Johann said.

We discussed the Latino boy and all agreed that he was a fine young man.

There was a knock on the door and Pierre jumped up, buck naked, and went to the door, his cock dangling at least 22cm from his body. "Who is it?"

We heard a deep male voice saying "It's John with the coffee and a parcel for a Mr Clive Cooper!" Big mistake. Pierre remembered the huge bulge in the bellhop's pants!

Pierre opened the door and stepped aside for John to push the trolley with coffee and hot croissants into the suite. John was holding a travel bag for Clive in his hands on the trolley handle. Alexander must have had it delivered to the hotel earlier.

"Oh ... oh sorry. Sorry sir ... oh dear. Sorry ...!" John said and averted his eyes, pushing the trolley in. Pierre closed the door behind John.

"So then John, would you do the honours and pour the coffee for us please?" Pierre said and stepped closer.

John's eyes caught sight of the huge cock dangling in front of him and he was gulping. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

"If you're a good boy, you get to play with it ... interested?" Pierre could be such a tease!

"Oh fuck! Really? Yes please! Really?" John stuttered. I noticed the huge bulge in his pants had become very pronounced, pushing to his left. His pants were really tenting. I bet he was hard even when he knocked on the door.

"Yes, really. Coffee everybody?" Pierre called out.

"Yes! Yes!" We all wanted a cup of coffee.

Pierre helped - deliberately, I was sure - pouring the coffee and I saw Pierre leaning forward so his plumped up cock would be touching John's hip.

"Oh dear lord sir! This is almost too much. Ahhh! Oh fuck! May I at least ... touch it ... please?" John stammered.

"Of course, go ahead. Just don't get frightened when it gets very hard and very big, very quickly, OK?"

"Thanks sir!" John said and gingerly put his hand out to touch the immensely big cock. His fingers couldn't wrap around the big thick shaft. It was almost hard.

Pierre put his hand out and touched John's bulge. "Ahhh! A nice big one too! Boys, you should feel this! This man is packing a big one! Ant, he is in the league of men you like! Wow, John!"

"Oh godd, I've died and gone to heaven! Fuck me!" John said, moving Pierre's cockskin up and down the shaft. When he felt the precum, he gasped and took it on his fingers to put it in his mouth.

"Fuck you? That could be arranged boy! But perhaps not today," Pierre said and started to open John's pants. "Boys, this is a really big Pommie cock! Ant, Gio, come help me here with the coffee please?"

André and I got up and joined Pierre and John. Pierre's cock was rock-hard by then and it was leaking lots of precum. John had forgotten about the coffee ... the cock in his hands was too much.

Pierre managed to open John's pants and pushed the elastic of the underpants down. He put his hand in and gasped.

"Boys, this is a whopper! I'm afraid Clive and I might have found our rival! Wow!" He pulled the cock out and those of us who could see it, gave a collective gasp: it really was a big one! Almost as big as Clive's cock but thicker. It had a huge uncut head. Oh fuck! My hole twitched ... wow!

I pushed the trolley with coffee to the lounge area and simply said: "Self-service," and turned back towards Pierre and John. Pierre had the immense cock in his hand and pushed the skin back to reveal a purple head, glistening with precum.

"Oh fuck, sir! I could lose my job for this! Oh dear lord! You have a fantastic cock!" John said and jacked Pierre's cock. I stood next to Pierre, and my rock-hard cock - at least 8cm shorter than John's - was bobbing up and down.

Pierre took it in his other hand and said: "Ant, how about John fucking you quickly?"

"Say what? Really? You want me to fuck your friend? I have never been able to fuck a guy before. They all run away when they see my cock. Really? It is very thick. I'm afraid I'd hurt you!"

"Let Ant worry about that. Do you fancy an early morning shag? Offloading your old juices and making our boy happy? Ant, suck him a bit!" Pierre was in charge.

I went down on my knees and took the immense cock in my hand. My middle finger couldn't touch my thumb around the shaft. The head was the biggest I've ever seen and the precum was dripping on the carpet. It was very white and veiny and curved slightly to his left. Oh fuck, it was going to be a tight fit!

I took the big cock in my mouth and tasted the precum. It was a lot and tasted sweet and nice. The huge head filled my mouth and there was no possibility of deep-throating this monster cock. I managed only a few more centimetres in my mouth and took hold of his huge balls. They were big, and I mean BIG! I imagined them against my buttocks when the huge shaft was in me ... hmmm! Yes, oh fuck yes! I've just been fucked, but this cock was not to be missed! I milked some precum from my cock and took some more from Pierre's cock and put it on my hole. I pushed my finger in to lube up my chute for the huge cock in my mouth.

"Enough foreplay! Ant, bend over so John could push in. OK?"

I let go of the enormous cock in my mouth and turned around.

"Oh dear lord! This is too good to be true! Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes!" John stammered. Pierre took his huge cock and aimed it at my hole. John pushed forward and I felt the immense head pushing against my hole. I felt Pierre milking it some more to get more precum and I could actually feel the lube being rubbed on my hole.

The huge head stretched me big time but my hole was still fairly loose from the fuck earlier, so the head plopped in without too much effort. I groaned. It was a huge cock and it really did stretch my hole.

"Ahhh! I can't believe this! This is amazing! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck! Am I not hurting you?" John asked.

"No, you're not hurting him, but just be gentle and take it slowly. When was the last time you've jacked off?" Pierre asked.

"Saturday night ... why?"

"Then I suppose you're going to cum quickly? Do you cum lots?" Pierre said.

"Oh fuck, I'd be cumming very quickly and yes, I do cum a lot. I have only a few minutes, so it will have to be quick," John said and pushed forward. His immense cock slid in deeper and I gasped. On its own, this cock was one of the biggest invasions I've ever experienced. It was a big cock!

"Push in, but slowly, OK? Ant, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine, but godd knows, this is one hell of a cock! The biggest head ever!" I gasped and pushed out to take the huge cock in me. The immense head scraped over my prostate and I almost came right there and then. It was big!

It reached my inner sphincter and John stopped pushing. He thought he had bottomed out.

"Just make your cock twitch and push gently. It will slip in deeper," Pierre gave directions.

"Really? Will he be able to handle it all? Oh dear lord!" John said and I felt the immense cock twitch and swell to gigantic proportions. Gunther had found his match!

All of a sudden my inner sphincter gave way and the huge head slipped in deeper. He continued to push in and then I felt the huge balls on my butt. My dream came true: the huge cock was in me and the big balls were on my butt!

"Oh fuck! Oh dear fuck! Hnnnhhhggghhh! Ahhhhhhh! I can't believe this is happening to me! Oh fuck!" John was elated and I could tell he was on the verge of cumming.

"Now start fucking him and cum, John!" Pierre said.

"Yes sir! Thank you sir! Are you OK ... Ant?"

"Yes, I'm fine. You can fuck me now. Go for it!" I pulled Pierre closer and started sucking his immense cock. Still one of my favourite cocks, ever!

"Oh OK," John said and started fucking me. The big head was pushing all the right buttons and I felt my own orgasm starting to build up again. Oh fuck! Cum slut!

The fucking continued while I was sucking Pierre. The precum running from my man's cock tasted so nice. He too was about to bust a nut again, as was I. And it was clear John wasn't going to last either.

"Oh dear! Oh dear! I'm about to cum! OK? May I cum now?" John apologised.

"We don't want you to lose your job, so fuck Ant and cum. I'm also about to cum and I'm sure Ant is about to cum too. Giovanni, would you like to suck Ant?"

"Of course!" Giovanni said and sat on the floor in front of me, sucking my cock.

Then it all happened in a blur: John was hyperventilating as he started to shout "I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Ahhhh!" He pushed his huge cock deep into me and held still. The big head and shaft swelled and filled me up as he was unloading his huge load in me. Pierre's huge cock in my mouth swelled to maximum proportions as it started to pump its huge load into my mouth. My own orgasm made me buck and I pumped my load into Giovanni's mouth. I shuddered and greedily slurped on Pierre's cock. His cum tasted divine.

"Sheez man! I didn't know you'd be able to cum so much again, Ant! Wow! That was hot!" Giovanni said and let go of my cock.

"I want to suck you off too. John, don't pull out yet, please? Come Gio, let me suck you off!" I said and let go of Pierre's cock to take Giovanni's smaller cock (but it wasn't 'small' by a long shot: it was 29cm long, 4cm shorter than Pierre's) in my mouth. It too was sopping wet and I knew he was going to shoot his load quickly.

John's big cock was still throbbing inside me and his long slender hands on my back were slowly stroking me. Giovanni's cock tasted good and soon he was approaching orgasm.

"I'm going to cum Ant! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Here it comes ...! Oh fuck! Ahhh!" Giovanni groaned and he shot his load into my mouth. It was a lot and fuck, it too tasted wonderful. It filled my mouth and I swallowed it hungrily. This man was going to be a welcome addition to our group. He was such a nice and sexy man. Mario was going to have a fine young man on his staff that was going to draw clients like moths to a flame.

"OK, let's break up this entanglement. My coffee is getting cold. John, pull out but do it slowly. You don't want some of your big load on your black pants. Did you enjoy that?" Pierre said and gave John's head a ruffle.

"Sir, this was the best ever! I've never experienced anything like this before. I've hated my huge cock so much as it has caused me only heartache. Thanks Ant! You're a trooper for taking it on. Wow! Ahhhh!" John said as he pulled his cock from my hole. When the immense head plopped free, a small amount leaked from my loose hole. I moved away from John to prevent the cum from getting onto his pants. I turned around and took the huge cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. "Oh fuck! Thanks! This is five star treatment! Thanks Ant!"

The huge cock in my mouth was still fairly hard and wet. I milked it and some more cum ran from the opening into my mouth. Fuck! It tasted so nice! Very sweet and I wished I could suck the man again to get a mouthful of his cum! I gave it one last lick and stood up. I leaned forward and gave John a kiss.

"Oh fuck! Really? You're kissing the help now? This is a first on so many levels! Thanks Ant! You guys are awesome! May I please be your personal bellhop until you leave? Your wish would be my command, any time, day or night. I'll leave my mobile number with you. Thank you sir!" John gushed. He took out a pen and notepad. He wrote his mobile number on the pad and gave the slip of paper to Pierre.

"There is a small microwave oven in the cupboard over there to warm up your coffee sir," John said as he put his huge rubbery cock into his underpants and wrestled the zipper up. It made an insanely big bulge in his pants. Fuck! It was a very big cock and I've just had it in me ... damn! I could feel he pumped one hell of a big load into me. Fuel for the day, I thought and smiled to myself.

"Thanks John. You've been a great help and a nice bellhop. I think Ant is the lucky one here, but he is our lover boy! We'll keep your number and we'll call you if we need anything. For now, we need to get some coffee and some of the croissants in our tummies. Take care John," Pierre said as he opened the door so John could leave. His cock was still very big and rubbery so he hid behind the door when John walked out into the passage.

"OK then. That was quite the show. Let's get the coffee warmed up. I'm dying for a cup and some of those croissants," Juan said. I noticed his cock was hard behind the fabric of the dressing gown. I looked at the crotches of the others and all of them had hard-ons! But there were to be no more shenanigans. We were out of time and we wanted some coffee.


After we've had some warmed up coffee and croissants with butter and strawberry jam, we all bundled into the bathroom. The shower wasn't big enough to take us all at once, so we took turns at the toilet, at the washbasin and in the shower. I ended up in the shower with Luigi (of course!), Pierre (of course!), Giovanni (who else?) and Clive (no surprise there!). We hugged, kissed, groped and I even got a cocktip or two in me but Luigi wouldn't have any of it, so we just showered, washed each other's backs and made way for the others.

Soon we were ready to go to breakfast. André and I decided to dress identical again. We had so much fun with the others and other people when we did. "We'll have them guessing again, won't we baby bro!" André put in and hugged me. "You're such a sexy fucker, baby bro! I wish I could've been as handsome as you!" Slugger! Of course he was as handsome as me! We were identical to the last spot and detail.

When we entered the foyer, John stood by the reception counter and took a double take when he saw André and me. His eyes were big and he smiled shyly. He winked at us, not knowing who was who. I smiled at him and winked at him. Fuck! This skinny man had one monumental cock in his pants! I wouldn't mind having him in our bed some time again. Hmmm.

Gareth was waiting for us in the dining room and winked at André, thinking it was me. We sat down and André deliberately sat next to Gareth. Poor man!

"How are you this morning sexy man?" Gareth asked André just as I sat down next to André. "Erm ... I ... No! This is unfair! Who's who? Who did I talk to? André, is it you? Snake!" Gareth said and punched André's biceps.

"Oww! No more fun and games for you, right baby bro? Just look how he's assaulting me! Me? The most timid guy at this table! Me, of all people!" André ranted on.

"Enough André! You're mean to Gareth! Stop it now. Sorry Gareth. Here I am. Sorry about that," I said.

The others joined us at the long table. Luigi sat down next to me. Jonathan, Morné and Johan, Herman and Pieter and Claude came in and sat with us.

Jonathan went up to Gareth and spoke to him. "OK, no problems. Will you be joining us later then? No? OK. Do you know your way around London? Do you have an Underground map? OK." Jonathan came to Juan and said he had to meet up with a friend who was going to take him to some suppliers for his interior decorating business. He said that he might not meet up with us at all, depending on how his day went with his friend, a long-standing fuck buddy. He winked at André and mouthed: "I love you". André played along and mouthed back something.

"What did you say to him?" I asked André.

"I said he must enjoy the fucking! Jackal! One wouldn't say he had the fucking of a lifetime last night! Again: jackal!"

We let it slide and looked at the laden counters with a vast variety of food. We were hungry, despite the early-morning croissants.

Breakfast was a monumental affair and there was everything and anything to eat and drink. The Berkley Hotel had it all covered. We ate like kings. After breakfast we went to our rooms to brush our teeth, get our jackets and scarves and other belongings to take with us for the day.

Luigi and I finished first and while we were waiting for the others to finish up, he took me into his arms and kissed me on the forehead. "I really and truly love you mio caro. Never forget that. I allow all these shenanigans, not because I've lost interest in you, but it gives me pleasure to see how much you enjoy the other guys' cocks. The only proviso is: I have to like them too and you're not to love anybody more than you love me. Plus, no one could be riff-raff. None of them is, so it's fine."

"Luigi, I love the other guys and I enjoy having sex with them, but none is my Luigi. My darling man, you're the one I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Yes, I enjoy the sex with the others, but it will never change the way I feel about you. You are mine and I'm yours. Yes, Pierre and Giovanni and Clive are there too. And now Diego too with all the others, but it's you I love to bits. You're the mirror of my soul and I feel your love when I'm with you. The others respect that, and having them in our lives would never compromise our love and what you and I have. Thanks for understanding and allowing the others to make love to me. I love you even more for that. Grazie mio caro (Thanks my darling)!" I said and kissed Luigi. I felt his ample cock stir against my crotch ... Jackal!

"Ahh! Just look at the two love birds! Ita, we know he's yours, but we don't want to be excluded ever, you hear? We love him too much! OK?" Pierre put in and the others confirmed they felt the same.

"Don't worry. You're not going to be side-lined ever. Antonio loves me but he also loves you guys and yes, it sounds strange that I'm OK with it, but yes, you may fuck him when the opportunity arises. However, he's my husband-to-be, even though my cock is not the biggest here! Pierre and Clive, you're the top dogs and Antonio loves feeling you in him. You guys really made his day when you two double-fucked him last night. I have to say, it was extremely erotic and I loved watching it. Antonio loved it and I'd love to see that again some time. So, there," Luigi said and hugged me close to him.


We wore our jackets which Gareth gave us on Sunday and André and I had identical scarves around our necks. We were going to have some fun!

Being Tuesday, and after the shoots on Sunday and Monday, Boss Models gave us the day free. The plan was to start with Kensington not too far away. Giovanni had to go home first to get fresh supplies and we arranged for him to meet us at the Royal Albert Hall at 11 o'clock.

The bus was waiting outside and we all bundled in. Gareth stood next to the bus driver and said on the address system: "Good morning to you guys once again. I trust you've had a healthy breakfast. After two days of shooting, you're getting today off. The bus driver will take you to the venues. You'll meet up with your guide for the day, courtesy of Boss Models UK. His name is Kevin. He is a very tall mature man, happily married and a grandfather of two grandsons. So, no shenanigans, OK?" He winked. "He'll meet you in the entrance ticket foyer of the Kensington Palace with a South African flag on a stick. You can't miss him. He used to be a model in New York but his wife, being English, insisted they move here so she could take care of her frail mother. He's been living here for more than 10 years and he will tell you all the nice titbits you need to know. So then, off you go. I have a pile of work on my desk and Alexander has been on my case since early this morning. Not a word to your dad, Clive! I don't mean anything bad, but duty calls. Clive, would you please assist Kevin? OK? Thanks. Take care and enjoy the day. Please stay warm and come back safely. I'll meet you back here at the hotel at 6 o'clock. We're having dinner in a restaurant in Soho and then off to see Les Misérables. Afterwards if you fancy that, you could go to the Heaven Gay Club for some dancing and some nightlife. Take it away Luke! Goodbye boys and enjoy! Don't pick up any more strays Anton!" Gareth said winking at André. Poor man - our second casualty for the day! Gareth got off the bus and the door closed.

Outside the snow was falling and everywhere people were sweeping snow away from entrances. The streets must have been very slippery. Luke, the bus driver, took it easy and drove down the street slowly.

Down the street close to Knightsbridge, Giovanni kissed me and ruffled my hair. He got off the bus and ran across the street to the Underground.

We were off to some of the most wonderful tourist sites in London. Ahh! I nestled in Luigi's arm and felt the warmth of his body. I loved my life and the men in my life. It couldn't get any better.

Little did I know how much better it was going to be once I've met Piero ...


The bus stopped in the parking lot outside the Kensington Palace where Princess Diana used to live. We got out of the bus and walked towards the Palace, in awe and keen to see the place where the Princess of Hearts, lived.

The gold-painted gates looked stunning. We stopped briefly in the falling snow and took some pictures. Behind the south gates was a statue of William III in regalia of the time. It looked funny to us, but it was worth a picture or two.

We rounded the corner and entered the foyer on the eastern side. And lo and behold, there was Kevin waiting for us with a South African flag on a stick - a retractable stick, almost like a portable radio aerial. When we entered, he raised the flag and we bundled into the building. It was fucking cold outside.

"Good morning gentlemen and gentlemen! Welcome to London and to Kensington Palace! I believe Mr Clive Cooper is here to assist me? Mr Alexander Cooper's son? That has to be you, Sir?" Kevin said looking at Luigi.

"No, my name is Luigi. That's Clive, the other tall man over there. Good morning Kevin!"

"Apologies! I just heard Clive is a tall guy and I assumed it would be you. Well, who is who? It's a group of 14 men, yes? You all look responsible so I wouldn't have to worry about you getting lost, right? Not 14 yet?"

Juan told him about Giovanni who would meet us at the Royal Albert Hall at 11 o'clock.

We all laughed and introduced ourselves to Kevin. He repeated everyone's name as he was introduced to us. André slipped behind the guys and popped up next to me. He was up to his old tricks again. Poor Kevin! Third casualty for the day!

When Kevin got to us, he looked and looked again. "No! I've seen many twins in my life but this borders on the ridiculous! Man oh man! You're totally identical! I have a set of twins myself but I have no trouble distinguishing between my boys. Wow! Let me have a look again. No ... it's just not possible! You're completely identical! *Down to the last bit, I presume?*" Kevin whispered and winked.

"Oh yes, and it's a well-known fact: we're totally identical, except for one being a top and the other a bottom. For the rest, no difference," André said. "Plus, I'm the quiet one!"

The group roared with laughter. André 'the quiet one'? Yeah, right!

"Well, I'm stumped. My wife isn't going to believe this," Kevin said and shook our hands.

He was introduced to the other guys and then gave us a short history of the palace. Kevin kept it brief as he handed us each a pamphlet and some information in a flyer he and his wife prepared from information gleaned from Wikipedia™ and other sources.

[This excerpt is taken mostly unchanged from Wikipedia, but abbreviated in some instances. It's for the guys interested in this kind of thing. If not, just skip it and read about the visit to the Royal Albert Hall.]

Kensington Palace has been a royal residence set in Kensington Gardens. It has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century, and is the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Today, the State Rooms are open to tourists and are managed by the independent charity Historic Royal Palaces, a non-profit organization that does not receive public funds. The offices and private accommodation areas of the Palace remain the responsibility of the Royal Household and are maintained by the Royal Household Property Section.

Kensington Palace began as a simple two-story mansion built by Sir George Coppin in 1605 in the village of Kensington. In 1619 the mansion was purchased by Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham and was then known as Nottingham House.

Kensington Palace was severely damaged during The Blitz Krieg of 1940 when an incendiary (fire-causing) bomb exploded on the north side of Clock Court, it damaged many of the surrounding buildings including the State Apartments, particularly the Queen's Apartments. The headquarters of personnel section occupied apartment 34, and as a result the garden was overrun with anti-aircraft guns, sandbags and trenches. Repairs to the palace were not completed for several years, but after the war, Prince Philip stayed there with his grandmother in the lead-up to his 1947 marriage with Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen Elizabeth II.

With the bombing damage and the deaths of Princess Louise and Princess Beatrice, the palace entered a period of neglect. During the 1950s, residents of the palace included Master of the Horse, Henry Somerset, 10th Duke of Beaufort who had married Lady Victoria Cambridge (a niece of Queen Mary as the daughter of the 1st Marquess of Cambridge), Sir Alan Lascelles, Queen Elizabeth's private secretary and Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone who lived in the palace until her death in 1981.

In 1955, the widowed Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent moved into Apartment 1, with her children, which had been vacant since Princess Louise's death in 1939. It was at this time that the apartment was divided and Apartment 1A being created. The stylish Duchess of Kent continued to live in the apartment until her death at Kensington Palace of a brain tumour in 1968.

Following their wedding on 6 May 1960, Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, and Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon moved into Apartment 10, that Princess Margaret termed "the doll's house," which had been vacated by the recent death of Alexander Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Carisbrooke, eldest son of Princess Beatrice, Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, while they set about transforming the much larger Apartment 1A to new designs.

In 1960, Kensington Palace was under the auspices of the Department of the Environment, and the renovation had to be carried out under the strictest of budgets, with the eventual costs coming in at £85,000 (approximately £1.5 million today). By 1962, the whole interior had been gutted and all the floors, except the attic floor, had been removed to deal with rising damp. The resulting modern apartment consisted of the main reception rooms, three principal bedrooms and dressing rooms, three principal bathrooms, the nursery accommodation, nine staff bedrooms, four staff bathrooms, two staff kitchens and two staff sitting rooms. Twenty ancillary rooms included a linen store, a luggage room, a drying room, a glass pantry and a photographic dark room for Lord Snowdon. The house in 18th century style and had a modern colour palette with the bold use of colours including Margaret's favourites of pink and kingfisher blue. Snowdon and Princess Margaret largely designed the house with the assistance of the theatre designer Carl Toms, one-time assistant to Oliver Messel, Lord Snowdon's uncle, and a close friend of the royal couple. The royal couple moved into Apartment 1A on 4 March 1963, prior to the birth of their daughter, Lady Sarah, who was born at the palace the following year.

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester moved into Apartment 1, the 21-room house previously occupied by Princess Marina after their marriage in 1972, and where they subsequently raised their three children. In 1994, after the Gloucesters had to give up their country home, Barnwell Manor, for financial reasons, they moved the Duke's aged mother Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester from Barnwell to Kensington Palace where she died in her sleep on 29 October 2004 at age 102. She holds the record as the oldest person in the history of the British Royal Family.

The Queen gave the keys to the five-bedroom, five-reception grace-and-favour Apartment 10 to Prince and Princess Michael of Kent at the occasion of their marriage in 1978. In 2008, there was controversy when it was claimed that the couple paid a rent of only £70 per week, though they fulfilled no official duties on behalf of the Queen. A committee of British MPs looking for "value for the money" demanded they be evicted. The British Monarchy Media Centre denied these reports and stated that "The Queen is paying the rent for Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's apartment at a commercial rate of £120,000 annually from her own private funds... This rent payment by The Queen is in recognition of the Royal engagements and work for various charities which Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have undertaken at their own expense, and without any public funding." It was announced that from 2010, that Prince and Princess Michael would begin paying rent of £120,000 a year out of their own funds to continue living in the apartment. In 1996, Prince Michael's older brother, the Duke of Kent and his wife moved into Wren House on the Kensington Palace estate.

In 1981, in the part of the palace that George I had built for the Duchess of Kendal, Apartments 8 and 9 were combined to create the London residence of the newly married Prince of Wales and his wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, and it remained the official residence of the Princess after their divorce until her death. Her sons, Princes William and Harry were raised in Kensington Palace and went to local nursery and pre-preparatory schools in Notting Hill, which is a short drive away. According to Andrew Morton, the palace was a "children's paradise" with its long passageways, a helicopter pad, and many outdoor gardens, including one on the roof where the family spent many hours.

Upon Diana's death on 31 August 1997, the gold gates at Kensington Palace became the focus of public mourning with over one million bouquets, reaching 5 feet (1.5 m) deep in places, placed as tribute before them stretching out into Kensington Gardens. The Princess's coffin spent its last night in London at Kensington Palace. On the morning of 6 September 1997, a tenor bell was sounded to signal the departure of the funeral cortege, carrying the coffin from the palace on a gun carriage, to Westminster Abbey where the ceremony was conducted. Diana, Princess of Wales's residence was stripped bare and lay vacant for 10 years after her death until they were split back into two apartments, with Apartment 8 being used by four of Charles's charities and Apartment 9 becoming home to the Chief of Defence Staff.

In the 21st Century there were new residents in the Kensington Palace. On 6 November 2011, it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would move from their temporary residence of Nottingham Cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds, to the four-story, 20-room Apartment 1A, formerly the residence of Princess Margaret. Renovations took 18 months at a cost of £4.5 million ($7.6 million). The buildings costs included new heating, electrics, plastering, removal of asbestos that required nearly everything to be stripped out internally, as well as a new roof. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept many of the home's original details, including crown mouldings, but used a subtle colour palette of beiges, creams and earth tones. The royal couple moved into the apartment with their infant son, Prince George of Cambridge in October 2013. On 28 March 2012, it was announced that Prince Harry had moved his residence from Clarence House to a one-bedroom apartment at Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace is one of many tourist attractions in London. By the end of the 19th century, the State Rooms were severely neglected. The brickwork was decaying and the woodwork was infested with dry rot. Calls were made for the palace to be demolished, but Queen Victoria declared that, "while she lived, the palace in which she was born should not be destroyed." In 1897, Parliament was persuaded to pay for the restoration, which was completed two years later. The State Rooms were opened to the public on the Queen's birthday, 24 May 1899.

This began the palace's dual role as a private home to royalty and a public museum. Queen Mary was instrumental in opening the State Apartments as a temporary location for the London Museum (now known as the Museum of London) from 1911 to 1914. The State Apartments were filled with showcases, some containing hundreds of objects including 18th century costumes and dresses worn by Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary. The museum returned from 1950 to 1976 before it moved to its permanent home at the Barbican Centre.

The Kensington Palace State Rooms underwent a two-year, £12 million ($19 million) renovation, underwritten with contributions from the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as other public and private sources. The re-opening of the palace occurred in time for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. Now visitors can choose four different routes throughout the palace that offer exhibits incorporating cutting-edge digital presentations, interactive experiences, and even audio sequences that bring to life the gatherings of gowns, antique furniture, and other memorabilia of notable residents of the palace including William and Mary in the Queen's State Apartments, the court of George I and II in the King's State Apartments and the life of Queen Victoria in the rooms most associated with her. The fourth exhibit displays selections of Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe in the 1950s, Princess Margaret from the 1960 and 70s and Diana, Princess of Wales in the 1980s during their fashion heyday.

The grounds of the palace were also renovated with enhancements including eliminating railings, fences, and shrubs that had undermined royal gardener Charles Bridgeman's original landscaping. Two new public gardens to the south and east of the palace were installed that connect the property to Kensington Gardens.

"Please remember, no pictures inside the Palace. There are security cameras all over the place, so please don't sneak in a picture or two. All that is noteworthy is in the literature I've given you. The pictures in our brochure and flyer are printed professionally in HD, so the quality is good. You'd be able to scan those for your albums. You may take pictures here in the foyer, but none beyond those doors. OK?"

We set up groups and took pictures on the spot. Kevin took some group photos with our iPhones and the odd digital camera.

Then Kevin led the way through the sections that were open to the public. We gawked at the beauty of the interior and loved the presentations. The displays of the garments, which belonged to kings and queens, and of course Princess Diana, were stunning. The interactive displays and the audio presentations were fantastic and we walked around with big eyes and whispered to each other.

When we got to the displays of Princess Diana's dresses, even we recognised a few of them from photographs we saw in magazines. Not that any of us were fashion aficionados, but we did take notice.

"Come guys, next stop Royal Albert Hall, not too far from here. Your friend might be there already. Did you enjoy the tour of the Palace? If we've had time and if it were summer, we could've done the magnificent gardens too, but that in itself is deserving of a whole morning, ended off with tea and scones. Another time when you come back on your own. Come, let's go," Kevin said and led the way out. "Where is the bus? Juan? Please lead the way? Thanks."

The driver saw us coming and started the engine, and switched on the heater full blast. Sheez! It was cold!

The drive to the Royal Albert Hall was brief. The Palace was less than a kilometre from the Hall.

The driver stopped and we bundled out. Luke and Kevin discussed a time for the driver to pick us up again. The time given was just over 3 hours hours in front of the Natural History Museum.

"Come guys! It's freezing outside! Come!"

In front of us stood a huge 3-story oval domed building, largely built with red bricks (like many of the surrounding buildings) with an impressive façade. Right in front of the Hall was a statue of Prince Albert on a high pedestal. Impressive! What a fresh breeze of air that first world citizens cherished their heritage and are not hell-bent on destroying heritage as was the case in South Africa ...

We took some pictures of each other in front of the statue of Prince Albert and on the steps. My lips were turning blue and I was shivering. The jacket was warm, but not warm enough! I needed the warmth of a man's body! Fuck! Slut! I snuggled into Luigi's arms and when Pierre and Clive saw I was cold, they sandwiched me between them and Luigi. My godd! How I loved these men!

"Ahem ... no time for that now boys! Come, it's warm inside," Kevin said and ruffled Pierre's short black hair. "Come big boy!"

When we entered the foyer through the impressive doors, Giovanni was standing there already, and he beamed when he saw us. He literally ran to us and grabbed André in a hug and kissed him. Poor man! He had a long learning curve ahead of him! Fourth casualty for the day!

"Wrong guy, but thanks! I needed that after the cold and snow outside! Glad to see you too, half-bred!" André said.

Giovanni looked at me and when I smiled, he gave me a shy apologetic smile. He was adorable! He opened his arms and pulled me into a tight embrace.

"The few hours since I've left the hotel were horrible without you! You've become like a cancer! Fuck! I know it's stupid, but I already love you! I honestly love you! Ahhh! You smell so good and you look good enough to eat! I did see you earlier this morning, but why did you guys dress so identical? I almost made a big faux pas there! Sheez!" Giovanni said and ruffled my hair. He looked into my eyes and kissed me - it was a soft and warm kiss, no tongue but lots of love.

"I love you too half-bred, and I've missed you too. I'm glad to see you. We dress identical as we've done it for most of our lives, plus it is a joke we play on our friends and strangers. Did you get your stuff? Have you been waiting long? Pity you've missed Kensington Palace, but I suppose you've been there?" I rambled on.

"That's mean! I even kissed André ... not that I mind, but I thought I was kissing you! Yes, I got my stuff. I left it with reception. I can't take it inside and at the same time it's off my hands for now. No, I wasn't waiting too long. In any case, waiting for you was worth it. Yes, I've visited Kensington Palace before ..."

"Guys, guys! Listen up. The tour is starting in a few minutes' time. Here are your tickets and some information on the Royal Albert Hall. Once again, my wife and I have produced some flyers for you. Here is a brief rundown on the Hall. Queen Victoria's German husband, Prince Albert was big on culture and the arts, and he started to plan the hall. He was the main honcho to gather funding for this magnificent building. However, he died before the Hall was completed," Kevin said as an introduction.

[Once again, this excerpt is taken mostly unchanged from Wikipedia, and I've abbreviated it in some instances. It's for the guys interested in Prince Albert and the history of him and Queen Victoria. If not, just skip it and read about the visit to the Science Museum.]

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London. It's best known for holding the Proms concerts annually each summer since 1941. It has a capacity (depending on configuration of the event) of up to 5 272 seats. The Hall is a registered charity held in trust for the nation and receives no public or government funding.

Since Queen Victoria opened it in 1871, the world's leading artists from several performance genres have appeared on its stage and it has become one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings. Each year it hosts more than 350 events including classical concerts, rock and pop, ballet and opera, sports, award ceremonies, school and community events, charity performances and banquets.

The Hall was originally supposed to have been called the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences, but the name was changed to the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences as a tribute to Queen Victoria's deceased consort, Prince Albert. It forms the practical part of a national memorial to the Prince Consort - the decorative part is the Albert Memorial directly to the north in Kensington Gardens, now separated from the Hall by the road Kensington Gore.

In 1851, the Great Exhibition (for which the Crystal Palace was built) was held in Hyde Park, London. The exhibition was a great success and led Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, to propose the creation of a permanent series of facilities for the enlightenment of the public in the area, which came to be known as 'Albertopolis'. The Exhibition's Royal Commission bought Gore House and its grounds (on which the Hall now stands) on the advice of the Prince. Progress on the scheme was slow and in 1861 Prince Albert died, without having seen his ideas come to fruition. However, a memorial was proposed for Hyde Park, with a Great Hall opposite.

The proposal was approved and the site was purchased with some of the profits from the Exhibition. Once the remaining funds had been raised, in April 1867 Queen Victoria signed the Royal Charter of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences, which was to operate the Hall, and on 20 May she laid the foundation stone. The Hall was designed by civil engineers Captain Francis Fowke and Major-General Henry YD Scott of the Royal Engineers and built by Lucas Brothers. The designers were heavily influenced by ancient amphitheatres, but had also been exposed to the ideas of Gottfried Semper while he was working at the South Kensington Museum. The recently opened Cirque d'Hiver in Paris was seen in the contemporary press as the design to outdo.

Gibbs and Canning Limited of Tamworth constructed the Hall mainly of Fareham red brick, with terra cotta block decoration made. The dome (designed by Rowland Mason Ordish) on top was made of wrought iron and glazed. There was a trial assembly made of the iron framework of the dome in Manchester. Then it was taken apart again and transported to London via horse and cart. When the time came for the supporting structure to be removed from the dome after re-assembly in situ, only volunteers remained on site in case the structure dropped. It did drop - but only by five-sixteenths of an inch. The Hall was scheduled to be completed by Christmas Day 1870 and the Queen visited a few weeks beforehand to inspect it.

The official opening ceremony of the Hall was on 29 March 1871. Edward, the Prince of Wales, gave a welcoming speech. Queen Victoria was too overcome to speak. At some point, the Queen remarked that the Hall reminded her of the British constitution.

A concert followed, when the Hall's acoustic problems became apparent immediately. Engineers first attempted to solve the strong echo by suspending a canvas awning below the dome. This helped and also sheltered concertgoers from the sun, but the problem was not solved: it used to be jokingly said that the Hall was "the only place where a British composer could be sure of hearing his work twice".

Initially lit by gas, the Hall contained a special system where its thousands of gas jets were lit within ten seconds. Though it was demonstrated as early as 1873 in the Hall, full electric lighting was not installed until 1888. During an early trial when a partial installation was made, one disgruntled patron wrote to The Times newspaper declaring it to be "a very ghastly and unpleasant innovation".

In 1936, the Hall was the scene of a giant rally celebrating the British Empire, the occasion being the centenary of Joseph Chamberlain's birth. In October 1942, the Hall suffered minor damage during World War II bombing but was left mostly untouched as German pilots used the distinctive structure as a landmark.

In 1949 the canvas awning was removed and replaced with fluted aluminium panels below the glass roof, in a new attempt to solve the echo; but the acoustics were not properly tackled until 1969 when a series of large fibreglass acoustic diffusing discs (commonly referred to as the "mushrooms" or "flying saucers") was installed below the ceiling.

Renovation and redevelopment


During this period the Hall underwent a programme of renovation and development supported by a £20 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable it to meet the demands of the next century of events and performances. Thirty "discrete projects" were designed and supervised by architecture and engineering firm BDP without disrupting events. These projects included improving ventilation to the auditorium, more bars and restaurants, new improved seating, better technical facilities and more modern backstage areas. The largest project was the building of a new south porch - door 12, accommodating a restaurant, new box office and below a new delivery area. Although the exterior of the building was largely unchanged, the south steps leading down to Prince Consort Road were demolished to allow construction of an underground vehicle access and accommodation for 3 HGVs carrying all the equipment brought by shows. The steps were then reconstructed around a new south porch, named The Meitar Foyer. The porch was built in a similar scale and style to the three pre-existing porches at Door 3, 6 and 9. The original steps featured in early scenes of 1965 film The Ipcress File. On 4 June 2004, the project received the Europa Nostra Award for remarkable achievement. The East (Door 3) and West (Door 9) porches were glazed and new bars opened along with ramps to improve disabled access.

Internally the Circle was rebuilt in four weeks in June 1996 providing more legroom, better access and improved sight lines. The Stalls were rebuilt in a four-week period in 2000 using steel supports allowing more space underneath for two new bars. 1 534 unique pivoting seats were laid - with an addition of 180 prime seats. The Choirs were rebuilt at the same time. The whole building was redecorated in a style that reinforces its Victorian identity. New carpets were laid in the corridors - specially woven with a border that follows the elliptic curve of the building in the largest single woven design in the world.

The works included a major rebuilding of the great organ, built by "Father" Henry Willis in 1871 and rebuilt by Harrison & Harrison in 1924 and 1933. Mander Organs performed the current work between 2002 and 2004 and the organ is now again the second largest pipe organ in the British Isles with 9 997 pipes in 147 stops. The largest is the Grand Organ in Liverpool Cathedral which has 10 268 pipes.


During the first half of 2011, changes were made to the backstage areas to relocate and increase the size of crew catering areas under the South Steps away from the stage and create additional dressing rooms nearer to the stage.


During the summer of 2012 the staff canteen and some changing areas were expanded and refurbished.


From January to May the Box Office area at Door 12 underwent further modernisation to include a new Café Bar on the ground floor, a new Box Office with shop counters and additional toilets. Upon opening it was renamed 'The Zvi and Ofra Meitar Porch and Foyer.' owing to a large donation from the couple.

In Autumn 2013, work began on replacing the Victorian steam heating system over three years and improving the cooling across the building. This work followed the summer Proms season during which temperatures were particularly high.


From January the Cafe Consort on the Grand Tier was closed permanently in preparation for a new restaurant at a cost of £1 million. The refurbishment was the first in around 10 years. The Verdi, an Italian kitchen, was officially opened on 15 April with a lunch or dinner menu of 'stone baked pizzas, pasta and classic desserts'.

One of the official guides of the Royal Albert Hall, Ms Moira Flannigan, came up to Kevin and introduced herself, and said 'hi' to us. She was dressed in a light coat and scarf. Her hair was a dark blonde and she wore glasses.

"Gentlemen, welcome to the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences. Your guide Kevin's brochure is spot-on. Here are some official ones we give out here at the Hall. It contains many pictures of the interior and of the special rooms. Please note that you're not allowed to take any pictures inside the hall or the rooms. If you wanted group pictures or individual pictures, now is the time to do so. Kevin and I will assist if you wanted. I also have an iPhone, so I'm au fait with it to take pictures. So then, picture time. We have 5 more minutes before the tour starts officially."

Moira was a pleasant lady in her forties and she made us all stand in front of a big poster of the interior of the Hall. She took our iPhones or cameras (only 1 or 2 still used a camera) and took group photos of us.

I insisted to have a picture of Luigi and I, André and I, Juan and I, Pierre and I, Giovanni and I ... eventually, I had photos with all of 'my men'. We also had some smaller group photos taken.

"OK then gentlemen. Let's start the tour. Come along!" Moira said in her typical Oxford English accent and led the way up a staircase to the top floor. We entered a walkway that ran all around the inner arena, above the boxes below. The decorations were breathtakingly beautiful. The atmosphere was awesome and of course the smells were that of a theatre of note: wood, leather, paint, carpets. Below the dome there hung quite a number of umbrella-like structures, or as they're commonly referred to, 'the flying saucers', which had to improve the acoustics of the building.

Moira was telling us about the building itself, the designs which have changed over the years, the electrification and lighting, the air conditioning, the carpets, the seats, the access for wheelchairs, the stage, the orchestra 'pit' (which wasn't really a pit), the organ and everything else.

We went down the staircase again and Moira opened a door and curtains, and we walked in between the seats towards the arena (where we weren't allowed to go). We sat down in some of the seats and, albeit almost 150 years old, the renovations to the seats were evident. However, legroom was at a premium for some of the tall ones amongst us: Luigi, Pierre, Giovanni, Herman and Clive.

We followed Moira back to the walkway and through a door towards the outer perimeter of the building. We were in a foyer-like part with a staircase than led to the upper floor or balcony with the Royal and private boxes. She mentioned that the height of the balustrade of the staircase had to be increased, as modern man was quite taller on average than our forebears of 150 years ago. Well, I never. One could clearly see the additional metal railing that was added on top of the original balustrades.

I remembered reading somewhere that someone came to the conclusion that we are increasing in length, and more so in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Many people there, and in particular men, are 2m tall and more. The other interesting fact is that our feet are getting bigger, so are our heads and ... our cocks! Apparently the average cock of 150 years ago was (although there are no real records to go by) just around 12 to 13cm (around 5") long. Today, especially in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, the reference on websites like to the size of guys' cocks, very often stated "Extra Large", with pictures to prove it. Some of these guys claim their cocks to be in the order of 25cm (10") and more.

Back to the present. Moira led us into a set of rooms, which turned out to be the Royal resting rooms. André sat down on one of the comfort chairs but Moira quickly told him to get off the chairs, as nobody is allowed to sit where the Royalty sits. Oh dang! At least my brother's backside sat on Royal velvet!

Moira told us that the Hall was being prepared for a concert by Andrea Bocelli and that the backstage was off-limits. She did mention that The Royal Albert Hall has seven dining spaces and a variety of bars across all levels.

She told us there was also the Verdi, an Italian Kitchen and Café Bar, which was open all day to everyone. Other restaurants and bars open to event ticket holders two hours before concerts in the main auditorium.

She led us back to the main entrance where we entered from the east and gave directions to Door 12 to get to the Verdi.

We thanked Moira and she left. Kevin and Clive spoke to each other, and then Kevin clapped his hands.

"Everybody up for something hot and something Italian, signori? I believe we have at least one Italian and one Italian mixed with some Irish amongst us? Some 'Affogato and/or Tiramisù? Or even some Italian Gelato? Or if the still growing ones amongst you feel like a pizza or pasta, the Verdi is the place for you! Come along boys!" Kevin was as cheerful as a lark and such a nice gentleman.

We all bundled out towards Door 12 on the south end. It was bitterly cold and it was snowing. Luigi and Giovanni took me between them and we walked very briskly towards the Verdi. Pierre was in the front chatting to Kevin. The rest followed and soon we were inside the restaurant with its high ceilings. The tiled floors were cream with small black tiles in the corners. There was a whole row of upholstered seats along the one wall with tables and chairs in front of them and some more tables and chairs. Around the corner there were booth-like seats but we wanted to sit together, so we opted for three tables pushed together along the side with the upholstered seats against the wall.

Clive led the way and we sat at the far end. Pierre moved in first and wanted me to move in next, but the half-bred had other plans: Giovanni moved in next and pulled me with him. Next Luigi moved in and then Clive. The 5 Musketeers!

The menu was beautiful and had anything from all the favourites to specialities and main dishes consisting of a whole meal for anything from £7 to £19. For a Pommie, this was fairly cheap, but having Rands in our bank accounts at an exchange rate of R22 for a Pound, it was expensive.

"Mio caro, don't read the prices in Rands. Don't convert it from Pounds to Rands. Dad gave you some money to spend and this is the time to spend it on something worthwhile. Only when we're back here on our honeymoon, could we experience this again ..." Luigi said but he was interrupted.

Clive stood up and hit his glass with a fork. "Boys and boys! Listen up! My dad has just sent me a text to say that each one of us could order something up to the value of £20 - Boss Models will pay the account up to a maximum of £300. Dad has already spoken to the owner and Kevin will sign on my dad's behalf. If you wanted anything more than £20, it will be for your own account. Thus, dig in boys!"

"Yay! Three hurrahs for Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss!" André piped up and said the word 'Boss' by stretching the 's'-part so it became a hissing sound instead of a loud noise. We all joined in and hissed the name of our company. Wow! They did look after us well.

"We'll have to do something special for Alexander and for Boss Models before we leave on Sunday, mio caro. I think we need to buy him a big box of Belgian chocolates and a nice bottle of South African wine. I know just the place close to Harrods where we could go get the stuff. I think if everybody pitches in and gives me £5, I could whip up a nice present for Alexander and his staff. What do you say, Antonio?" Luigi asked holding my hand.

"Oh yes, for damn sure! Juan, listen to the suggestion Luigi has made ... Luigi?" I said.

Luigi repeated the suggestion to Juan and he agreed on the spot. He stood up and told the guys of the plan, and everybody immediately got out their wallets and pased a £5 coin to Luigi.

"Thanks guys! Let me get all these heavy coins converted to notes. I'll be back in a jiffy. Please order a Quattro Stagioni (artichokes, olives, mushrooms, ham, tomato and mozzarella) for us to share. I'm not that hungry, but I'd love to try their 'stone-baked pizza' and then some Tiramisù and coffee. OK? Are you willing to share a pizza? Ask Clive, Pierre and Giovanni if they want in on the deal. Then perhaps get a Picante (spicy sausage, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, chilli, tomato and mozzarella) too. Chat to the boys. I'll be back shortly," Luigi said and kissed me. He took the two hands full of coins to the value of £75 to the till to exchange it for notes.

I discussed our idea about sharing pizzas with Clive, Pierre and Giovanni and they agreed to the plan. I overheard some of the others also had the same idea to stretch their £20 a bit further and to taste some more great food at a great venue.

Before we could order anything, Luigi was back. He sat down next to me and put his hand on mine. When he felt another hand on top of mine, he looked past me and made a faux face at Giovanni on my other side. "Fratello (brother), don't take liberties now! Hmmm! I have to say: your hands are damn nice and warm. Thanks for keeping mio caro warm."

Three waiters arrived at our tables and took our orders. When André ordered Appletiser (a true South African fizzy apple drink), all the South Africans said 'ahh - I didn't see it' and the others all wanted to know what it was. When we told them, they all wanted to taste it. So, there was an order for 15 Appletisers (Kevin included).

We ordered our 2 pizzas and the others ordered theirs. Herman opted for pasta: Tagliatelle alla Bolognese. Gunther and Johann opted for Burrata con Prosciutto di Parma: unsmoked, lightly spiced Parma ham and rocket. Some others - Morné, Pieter and Claude - wanted to try some fish dishes. All looked so nice but we've had a scrumptious breakfast not too long ago. The lunch was mostly to savour some of the food on offer.

The silence didn't last long with Claude and André around. Soon we were giggling like teenagers. Claude mimicked Moira's Oxford accent to a 'T'. Kevin was laughing so loud, he had to put his hand over his mouth.

"Guys, let me catch my breath. You boys are too much! We have roughly an hour before we depart for the Science Museum for which you'll have an hour, and then around the corner to the Natural History Museum - another hour. We're leaving for the Berkley at around 5 o'clock, smack bang in the traffic, but it's not far and we're not going on any main road or busy highway. Mr Cooper has arranged with me to pick up the tab here at the Verdi on Boss's behalf. Enjoy guys - the food here is superb and the three main chefs and the chief-in-charge are Italians from Tuscany and surrounds," Kevin said just as the Appletisers arrived.

"Ah, men from my homeland!" Luigi beamed.

The familiar dark green Appletiser bottles with the green and silver stickers were a welcome sight so far away from home. When I poured my drink, Giovanni groaned: "That smells delicious! And it's made from apples? Wow!" He poured his Appletiser and took a sip. "Delizioso (delicious)! It's as good as any champagne! Wow! I could drink this every day! Another reason for me to go work for zio Mario in Stillin ... erm ... Stellenbosch!" He got it right!

The others who were not familiar with one of the prize exports from South Africa also voiced their appreciation. Although it was cold outside, the drink was very refreshing and tasted divine.

I felt a pang - I missed my Dad! I wondered how he and Mom were doing. I had to call them, I decided. "André, we need to call home tonight! OK?"

"Ahhh! Is the baby bro missing Dad, eh? But yes, I think we owe it to them," André said from the other side of the table.

The chatter picked up and soon Claude and André had the guys in stitches again with their jokes. I was always amazed at the constant stream of jokes that flowed from the mouths of these two men. Unbelievable. I realised that despite my brother's constant remarks and threats that he'll 'call my Dad', he was well-loved amongst the guys in the group. And, conceited as it might sound, he was devilishly sexy, handsome and down-right attractive. Small wonder some of the guys wanted to fuck him too!

When the food arrived, the wonderful aromas of mozzarella, olives and oreganum (oregano) filled the air. The waiters gave us each a plate and placed the cut pizzas in the middle of the table. The pizzas were big and I was glad we didn't decide on each one having his own pizza.

My first bite into a slice of the Quattro Stagioni tasted like an Italian restaurant exploded on my tongue. Mario's pizzas are delicious and unbeatable, but this pizza was first class, for sure. That, together with the Appletiser? Prima!

We dug in and soon the plates were empty. The Picante pizza tasted just as good.

All the time I had one of the guys' hand on my leg, either Giovanni or Luigi, or Clive's or Pierre's hands on my shoulder - I was in constant touch with my lovers. Such is life, without a wife, but lots of lovers! Yay!

Next were the Tiramisù (mascarpone, coffee soaked sponge, cocoa and coffee liqueur) and Lavazza coffee. The Tiramisù was out of this world. I might have been from French origin, but it would appear that my heart was in Italy!

Giovanni leaned towards me and pulled me close to him. "You're just the most wonderful man in the world, even better than Luigi and Pierre and Clive ... ouch! Luigi! I thought you loved me! You know what I mean! La nostra caro (Our darling) is one special man and we all love him, ? !" He kissed me and looked deep into my eyes. "I'd never forget that first look you gave me on the Underground. I immediately knew you were special. And just look at us now! Snug as a bug in the Royal Albert, you in my arms and ... ouch! Luigi! I'm not stealing him away, but I wanted to tell him I love him, e voglio dirgli ora (and I want to tell him now)! But, I love you too! And Pierre! And Clive. But Antonio ... ahh! Meraviglioso (Wonderful)!"

"Oh fuck! The 5 Musketeers are at it again! My eyes! Oh fuck no! Stop it! We're in public! People don't want to see that! Sheez! Baby bro, do you want me to rescue you? Just speak the word!" André, of course!

"Now, now! André, is it? Your brother is just the centre of attention for now. But, I think it's time to get going. I'm settling the account and then we're off to the Science Museum. It's not far from here. We're walking there - it's literally just around the corner. The bus is waiting in the parking lot close to the Natural History Museum, which again, is just around the corner from the Science Museum. Come, button up and scarves around your necks. It's freezing outside!" Kevin said jovially and led the pack. He signed the invoice and produced the Boss company credit card.

Outside the sky was a dark grey and it was still snowing. One thing was for sure: the Brits were getting a very white Christmas! The paving in front of the Hall and the sidewalks were slippery. We held on to each other - not that I minded that one bit - in order to stay upright. We were all puffing hot air like plumes of steam in front of our mouths. It was cold!

"I'd like to come back here in summer! This cold is nobody's business!" I said and clung to Luigi. "For our honeymoon, please?"

"Di sicuro il mio tesoro (For sure my darling)!" Luigi said and kissed me on the cheek.

As we rounded the corner to the north-east of the Hall, a chilly eastern wind hit us. Fuck! It was cold and the snow caused our noses and earlobes to become tomato red. I had a hand each in Luigi's and in Pierre's pockets. He just pushed in next to me to get closer to me. He considered himself to be the other alpha male, after Luigi. Giovanni took it in his stride. He'd be getting his chance later on. Clive was keen to join in, but was wary not to be too pushy.

The first entrance into the Science Museum - open to the public for free - had one landing gear of a Boeing 747 standing in the foyer. It was much bigger than I thought it would be.

We bundled in through the glass doors and breathed in the warm air. My ears and nose stung. Sheez!

[And once again: an excerpt from Wikipedia on this monumental museum. If this is not your thing, just skip it - there are lots to come ... and cum ... you know what is coming!]

The Science Museum is a major museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London. It was founded in 1857 and today it's one of the city's major tourist attractions, attracting 3,3 million visitors annually.

Entrance has been free since 1 December 2001. Like other publicly funded national museums in the United Kingdom, the Science Museum does not charge visitors for admission. Temporary exhibitions, however, may incur an admission fee. It is part of the Science Museum Group, having merged with the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester in 2012.

A museum was founded in 1857 under Bennet Woodcroft from the collection of the Royal Society of Arts and surplus items from the Great Exhibition as part of the South Kensington Museum, together with what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum. It included a collection of machinery, which became the Museum of Patents in 1858, and the Patent Office Museum in 1863. This collection contained many of the most famous exhibits of what is now the Science Museum. In 1883, the contents of the Patent Office Museum were transferred to the South Kensington Museum. In 1885, the Science Collections were renamed the Science Museum and in 1893 a separate director was appointed. The Art Collections were renamed the Art Museum, which eventually became the Victoria and Albert Museum.

When Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone for the new building for the Art Museum, she stipulated that the museum be renamed after herself and her late husband. This was initially applied to the whole museum, but when that new building finally opened ten years later, the title was confined to the Art Collections. The Science Collections had to be divorced from it. On 26 June 1909 the Science Museum, as an independent entity, came into existence.

The Science Museum's present quarters, designed by Sir Richard Allison, were opened to the public in stages over the period 1919-28. This building was known as the East Block, construction which was began in 1913 and temporarily halted by World War I. As the name suggests it was intended to be the first building of a much larger project, which was never realized. However, the Museum buildings were expanded over the following years; a pioneering Children's Gallery with interactive exhibits opened in 1931, the Centre Block was completed in 1961-3, the infill of the East Block and the construction of the Lower & Upper Wellcome Galleries in 1980, and the construction of the Wellcome Wing in 2000 result in the Museum now extending to Queensgate.


Stephenson's Rocket.

The Science Museum now holds a collection of over 300,000 items, including such famous items as Stephenson's Rocket, Puffing Billy (the oldest surviving steam locomotive), the first jet engine, a reconstruction of Francis Crick and James Watson's model of DNA, some of the earliest remaining steam engines, a working example of Charles Babbage's Difference engine, the first prototype of the 10 000-year Clock of the Long Now, and documentation of the first typewriter. It also contains hundreds of interactive exhibits. A recent addition is the IMAX 3D Cinema showing science and nature documentaries, most of them in 3D, and the Wellcome Wing, which focuses on digital technology.

The museum houses some of the many objects collected by Henry Wellcome around a medical theme. The fourth floor exhibit is called "Glimpses of Medical History", with reconstructions and dioramas of the history of practised medicine. The fifth floor gallery is called "Science and the Art of Medicine", with exhibits of medical instruments and practices from ancient days and from many countries. The collection is strong in clinical medicine, biosciences and public health. The museum is a member of the London Museums of Health & Medicine.

The Science Museum's medical collections have a global scope and coverage. Strengths include Clinical Medicine, Biosciences and Public Health. The new Wellcome Wing, with its focus on Bioscience, makes the Museum a leading world centre for the presentation of contemporary science to the public.

The Science Museum has a dedicated library, and until the 1960s was Britain's National Library for Science, Medicine and Technology. It holds runs of periodicals, early books and manuscripts, and is used by scholars worldwide. It was, for a number of years, run in conjunction with the Library of Imperial College, but in 2007 the Library was divided over two sites. Histories of science and biographies of scientists were kept at the Imperial College Library in London until February 2014 when the arrangement was terminated, the shelves were cleared and the books and journals shipped out, joining the rest of the collection, which includes original scientific works and archives, in Wroughton, Wiltshire. The Imperial College library catalogue search system now informs searchers that volumes formerly held there are "Available at Science Museum Library Swindon. Currently unavailable". A new Research Centre with library facilities is promised for late 2015 but is unlikely to have book stacks nearby.

Some 170,000 items, which are not on current display, are stored at Blythe House in West Kensington. Blythe House also houses facilities including a conservation laboratory, a photographic studio, and a quarantine area where newly arrived items are examined.

The Dana Centre

In November 2003, the Science Museum opened the Dana Centre. The centre is an urban bar and café annexed to the museum. It was designed by MJP Architects.

Informal Learning

Around 450 000 young people visit the Science Museum on educational trips or benefit from its outreach programmes each year, more than any other UK museum.

Science Night

The Science Museum also organises "Science Night", "all night extravaganza with a scientific twist". Up to 380 children aged between 8 and 11, accompanied by adults, are invited to spend an evening performing fun "science based" activities and then spend the night sleeping in the museum galleries amongst the exhibits. In the morning, they're woken to breakfast and more science, watching an IMAX film before the end of the event.


On the evening of the last Wednesday of every month (except December) the museum organises an adults-only evening with up to 30 events, from lectures to silent discos. Previous Lates have seen conversations with the actress activist Lily Cole and Biorevolutions with the Francis Crick Institute which attracted around 7000 people, mostly under the age of 35.

Power: The East Hall

The East Hall is the first area that most visitors see as they enter the building, stretching up through three floors. On the ground, the area is mostly filled with iconic steam engines of various sorts, including the oldest surviving James Watt beam engine, which together tell the story of the British industrial revolution. Up in the air, suspended from the ceiling is a giant metallic ring, the inside of which is covered in white LEDs which form patterns and display messages typed into kiosks by visitors in the Energy gallery.

Also on display is a recreation of James Watt's garret workshop from his home, Heathfield Hall; the room was sealed after his death in 1819. Over 8,300 objects were removed from the room when the hall was demolished in 1927.

Exploring Space

Exploring Space is a historical gallery, filled with rockets and exhibits that tell the story of human space exploration and the benefits that space exploration has brought us (particularly in the world of telecommunications).

Making the Modern World is a relatively new gallery, in which some of the museum's most iconic objects, including Stephenson's Rocket, Watson and Crick's double helix and an Apollo spacecraft, are imaginatively displayed along a timeline chronicling man's technological achievements.


Flight is another longstanding gallery, up towards the western end of the third floor. Contained in the gallery are several full sized aeroplanes and helicopters, including Alcock and Brown's transatlantic Vickers Vimy (1919), Spitfire and Hurricane fighters, as well as numerous aero-engines and a cross-section of a Boeing 747.


One of the most popular galleries in the museum is the interactive Launchpad gallery. Redesigned and reopened in November 2007, the new look gallery houses over 50 interactive exhibits illustrating many different concepts in physical science. Explainers who are available to demonstrate how exhibits work, conduct live experiments and perform shows to schools and the visiting public staff the gallery.

Media Space

This gallery is a collaboration between the Science Museum and the National Media Museum in Bradford, home of the National Photography Collection of more than three million images.

Information Age

The landmark gallery, opened in 2014, explores the six networks that have transformed global communications. The gallery was opened by the queen, Elizabeth II, and witnessed her first tweet.

Engineer your Future

A gallery which opened in December 2014 that aims to inspire school children to go into careers in engineering, developed with a consortium of companies and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

We took it all in: there were exhibits of spacecraft, aeroplanes, cars, TVs, radios, computers ... even shoes made of layered paper and all sorts of scientific gadgets. Being engineering students, André and I, and Herman and Johan were in our element! The four of us just walked in a direction and gawked at all the exhibits. Some were interactive and we had lots of fun trying to use gloves in a glass partition to place objects in a box. A model of the lunar landing module was much smaller than we thought. The space suit on display was awesome.

Then we went upstairs and gawked at all the gizmos and gadgets. THIS was a place I could spend a whole day, and I knew André would've wanted the same! We'll just have to come back, finish en klaar, I thought!

After 50 minutes of gawking, Kevin came to us and told us we needed to see the shop before we left to go to the Natural History Museum. The shop was right next to the entrance, which we actually saw when we entered, but we were gawking at the spacecraft and other stuff. The gadgets in the shop were phenomenal, but they were gadgets and overpriced. André and I hankered to buy some stuff then decided against it, as we were at the start of our trip and we didn't know how long the gadgets were going to be useful. So, it was a 'no' from both of us.

I looked around for Luigi and saw he was watching me with a smile on his beautiful face. He winked at me and used his index finger in a curling mode in an upside down position to lure me to him. When I reached him, he opened his arms and hugged me to his warm body.

"You and André and the other two were like whores let loose in an army camp! Wow! It is very interesting, but it's clear you guys are engineers in the making! Did you see anything you wanted to buy here ...?"

"No, Luigi. It's too expensive and it's mostly toys. Plus, I don't want to lug around something I might not even use up to Rome and then back home with me. No, I'd rather buy something in Italy like a pair of leather gloves. But, this is one place I want to return to when we're back in London! Sheez Luigi! Did you see the space suit? The planes? The phones? The gadgets? Wow! We're coming back here, right?" I put in.

"Yes, of course! I'd also love to see more. This is an amazing place. An hour is way too short to see it all. The guys - Kevin and Alexander - are really only whetting our appetites. Come, we have to go. Ah, here is the rest of the 5-man strong army. Come Pierre, Clive! Vieni (come) Giovanni! We have to go! The rest is at the door already. As for something from Italy, how about a pair of gloves from Firenze like the ones I gave Mom? Family ties will make it affordable!"

"Yes, I was thinking about that but I don't want to be too forward ..."

"You're my husband-to-be! And with Piero getting in on the deal, the family might even GIVE you a pair! So, hold on to your pounds!" Luigi said and nudged me towards the door.

We met up with the others at the door to take on the cold, snow and slippery sidewalks. We turned right and took a brisk walk to the next corner and turned right again. The big old building that housed the Natural History Museum loomed on the right. It was impressive and beautiful. Ahh! The heritage in this 'town' was just unbelievable. There were double towers above the impressive main entrance in Cromwell Road and the terracotta tiles on the exterior made for an impressive façade of note.

We ran through the front gates and up the steps to escape the cold weather and snow. Once inside, we gasped at the vast interior. It was big! There was a full cast of the skeleton of a diplodocus dinosaur in the atrium, which had a high arched roof with lots of glass on the high sides. Since the cast of the dinosaur arrived in London in 1905, the dinosaur has enthralled generations of schoolchildren and appeared in many films. The casts of 292 bones packed into 36 crates came as a gift - by virtual royal command - from the American millionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

On the far side there was a flight of stairs. It was impressive beyond words. Just beyond the entrance there was an arch with flights of steps leading up on either side.

"Boys, here are your tickets and some pamphlets the missus and I prepared. This museum was started out of need for space. The British Museum became too small and in the 19th century this vast building was erected to house the animal and plant specimens, and geographical samples. Here are some official flyers too," Kevin said and handed out the flyers and pamphlets.

[Boys, here is some more abbreviated information taken from Wikipedia. If it's not your thing, just skip it to read the rest. The boys are heading for Soho ...!]

The Natural History Museum in London is a museum exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. It is one of three major museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the others being the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Like other publicly funded national museums in the United Kingdom, the Natural History Museum does not charge an admission fee. The museum is an exempt charity and a non-departmental public body. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a patron of the museum. There are approximately 850 staff at the Museum.

The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, palaeontology and zoology. The museum is a world-renowned centre of research, specialising in taxonomy, identification and conservation.

Given the age of the institution, many of the collections have great historical as well as scientific value, such as specimens collected by Charles Darwin. The museum is particularly famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons and ornate architecture - sometimes dubbed a cathedral of nature - both exemplified by the large Diplodocus cast, which dominates the vaulted central hall.

The Natural History Museum Library contains extensive books, journals, manuscripts, and artwork collections linked to the work and research of the scientific departments. Access to the library is by appointment only.

The museum is recognised as the pre-eminent centre of natural history and research of related fields in the world.

Although commonly referred to as the Natural History Museum, it was actually officially known as the British Museum (Natural History) until 1992, despite legal separation from the British Museum itself in 1963. Originating from collections within the British Museum, the landmark Alfred Waterhouse building was built and opened in 1881, and later incorporated the Geological Museum. The Darwin Centre is a more recent addition, partly designed as a modern facility for storing the valuable collections.

Work to build the museum began in 1873 and it was completed in 1880. The new museum opened in 1881, although the move from the old museum was not fully completed until 1883.

Both the interiors and exteriors of the Waterhouse building make extensive use of terracotta tiles to resist the sooty climate of Victorian London. The tiles and bricks feature many relief sculptures of flora and fauna, with living and extinct species featured within the west and east wings respectively. This explicit separation was at the request of Owen, and has been seen as a statement of his contemporary rebuttal of Darwin's attempt to link present species with past through the theory of natural selection.

The foundation of the collection was that of the Ulster doctor Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753), who allowed his significant collections to be purchased by the British Government at a price well below their market value at the time. This purchase was funded by a lottery.

Most of the Sloane collection had disappeared by the early decades of the nineteenth century. Dr George Shaw (Keeper of Natural History 1806-13) sold many specimens to the Royal College of Surgeons and had periodic cremations of material in the grounds of the museum. His successors also applied to the trustees for permission to destroy decayed specimens. In 1833 the Annual Report states that, of the 5,500 insects listed in the Sloane catalogue, none remained. The inability of the natural history departments to conserve its specimens became notorious: the Treasury refused to entrust it with specimens collected at the government's expense. Appointments of staff were bedevilled by gentlemanly favouritism: in 1862 a nephew of the mistress of a Trustee was appointed Entomological Assistant despite not knowing the difference between a butterfly and a moth.

JE Gray (Keeper of Zoology 1840-74) complained of the incidence of mental illness amongst staff: George Shaw threatened to put his foot on any shell not in the 12th edition of Linnaeus' Systema Naturae. Another had removed all the labels and registration numbers from entomological cases arranged by a rival. The huge collection of the conchologist Hugh Cuming was acquired by the museum, and Gray's own wife had carried the open trays across the courtyard in a gale: all the labels blew away. That collection is said never to have recovered.

The principal librarian at the time was Antonio Panizzi. His contempt for the natural history departments and for science in general was total. The general public was not encouraged to visit the Museum's natural history exhibits. In 1835 Sir Henry Ellis said to a Select Committee of Parliament, this policy was fully approved by the Principal Librarian and his senior colleagues.

The palaeontologist Richard Owen, appointed superintendent of the natural history departments of the British Museum in 1856, corrected many of these faults. His changes led Bill Bryson to write that, "by making the Natural History Museum an institution for everyone, Owen transformed our expectations of what museums are for".

We gawked at the dinosaur in the vaulted entrance, took pictures and then wandered off to the botanical and zoological sections.

The exhibits were beautifully preserved and the information at each was concise but to the point. I particularly liked the dinosaur section with animatronic life-size models of dinosaurs, fossils and specimens from coral reefs.

There was a separate section devoted to all sorts of dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus and their cousins. It was unbelievable and I realised that this was another museum I'd love to see again.

There were just too many exhibits to take in in one hour. I looked at the brochure and saw there were quite a number of main exhibitions: Dinosaurs, Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles, Human Biology, Images of Nature, Mammals, Mammals and blue whale, Marine Invertebrates and the Jerwood Gallery. The latter is a temporary exhibition space, which was occupied by a photographic display of marine coral life. I loved it. The huge pictures were stunningly crisp and beautiful.

When we reached the human anatomical section, we were amazed at the sections on the development of the foetus, on sex, sexuality and more. It was very informative and it was clear why this museum was one of the best of its kind in the world. It was just mind-blowing.

I was getting cold and couldn't keep my hands off Luigi or Pierre or Giovanni or Clive. I just wanted them to cuddle me and hug me and kiss me until I was warm again. Being a museum housing such precious exhibits, the temperature inside wasn't a balmy 20ºC but much lower. I have enjoyed seeing all the stuff and remembered some of the stuff I learned in Biology at school, and I appreciated the vast displays and specimens, but when a man is cold and dying for a drink, he is cold and thirsty - finish en klaar. I wanted to go to the hotel!

Just then Kevin started rounding us up to go to the bus.

"Boys, come. We have to leave. The museum closes soon and I need to get home to the wife. Our elder son and his boyfriend are coming for dinner tonight. Have you at least seen some of the main attractions? The Human Biology is a firm favourite with many people. Come, I'm sure you're dying of thirst. I've spoken to the hotel and they said John the bellhop would be bringing drinks to the suites in half an hour's time. Come!"

The bus was parked right outside the entrance and we bundled in, and Luke, the driver, closed the door behind Kevin. The heaters were on and it felt much better than in the museum.


Most business and offices in London have flexitime for their staff, and being so close to Christmas, most Londoners have left their offices earlier or were on leave. But, being London and the time of the year, there were many tourists, so the traffic was thick and heavy, even on the streets leading from Kensington to Knightsbridge.

After around 35 minutes in traffic and me getting sandwiched between Pierre and Luigi, we arrived at the Berkley. Pierre deliberately pushed in next to me pushing Clive and Giovanni to the sideline. No hard feelings though.

We thanked Luke and rushed into the hotel. It was nice and cosy in the hotel and we rubbed our hands and faces. A huge artificial (gas, I presumed) fireplace was going in the lounge.

Kevin stood in the waiting area and said: "Gentlemen, thanks for the privilege to be the guide for such a select group of guys from Africa. I'm humbled in your presence, as you're really fine young men. You're not just devastatingly handsome, but you're kind and have impeccable manners. Only two are a bit wild and boisterous, but we'll forgive you for that, right André and Claude? I'm sure the other guys still love you! My son and his boyfriend would have loved to meet you. But that's for another day."

Lots of hooting and cheers and backslapping, and André and Claude were ready to retort with remarks. There were lots of laughter and the group really enjoyed the day. André and Claude just added some zest to the group.

"Well, this is where I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Clive. He, and I believe Giovanni ... where is Giovanni? Ah there you are! I believe you two would be taking charge now and take the boys to Soho and dinner? Then on to Les Misérables in the Queen's Theatre? Just remember the Underground does stop at around 12:30 a.m. So, you'll have to call a taxi if you're going to go to a club afterwards. It's not far from here, but I'd not recommend that you walk in this bitter cold. I believe from Mr Cooper you have some shooting tomorrow, so it might be best to call it a day at midnight and come back to the hotel. Just some good advice: I don't want to play 'dad' to you guys! Thanks guys! I hope the rest of your stay and your trip will be wonderful and memorable. Take care!" Kevin said and shook hands with us all. Then he was gone.

Clive spoke up: "OK guys, I've spoken to my dad. The tickets for Les Misérables are at the Queen's Theatre. The second show starts at a quarter past 9 tonight. We have some time to shower and get ready. I think we can't leave here later than 7 o'clock. Boss made reservations for us at a posh restaurant not far from the Queen's Theatre, the Boyd's Brasserie in Northumberland Ave. It's just off Trafalgar Square. We'll take the tube to Charing Cross. After dinner we'll go to the Queen's Theatre, which is a short walk up a few blocks and then after the show it's back towards Trafalgar Square to 'Heaven', the gay club not far from the Boyd's Brasserie. We'll get on the tube again at Charing Cross. Right, we'll meet here again at half past 6, OK? Boss has put a ceiling on the dinner at £20 each again and the tickets to Les Mis have been paid for. However, the covert charge and drinks at 'Heaven' is for your own pocket. Any questions?"

"And does Boss pay for picking up any more stray cats, Clive?" André piped up and we all laughed. That was aimed at me!

"I'll get you for that one, bro!" I said and Johann standing next to André gave his head a playful swipe. The same retort as always...

"Ouch! I'm calling my Dad!" was André's response and we all groaned and burst out laughing. Oh André!

"No more stray cats and no calling your Dad! I'm calling my dad for the final arrangements. Sheez, how do you guys put up with this sexy man! How I wish ... ahem ... but he's too scared of me! André! How about it?" Clive said and winked at André.

"No ways, you horse man! No flipping way!" André said as we waited for the elevators. "Don't you dare touch me! I think Anton is mad to allow you, but not me! No ways!"

As it happened, Clive, André and I were in the same elevator, together with Johann, Gunther, Giovanni, Pierre and Luigi. As the doors closed, Johann grabbed André and said: "Now is your chance Clive! Give it to him!"

André squealed like a pig and held his arms up to defend himself. "No please don't! Tickle my baby bro but my hole is off limits! Only the big ugly ogre is allowed! Please protect me baby bro!" he said in a little boy's voice. "They're raping me!"

"Then behave, boy!" Johann said and ruffled André's hair. I pulled my brother into a hug and rubbed his back.

"Thanks baby bro! These wayward delinquents wanted to rape me! Call Dad!"

"Oh puh-lease! What is Dad going to do to help you?" Johann said and ruffled André's hair again.

Lots of laughter as the doors opened on the third floor.

As we entered our suite, my iPhone started ringing. George! Oh my godd, I've almost forgotten about him!

Luigi and I went into our suite together with Clive, Giovanni and Pierre, and I closed the door.

"Hi there! How are you?"

"I'm fine. How are you enjoying London?" George asked.

I filled him in on some of the sights we've been seeing and what we've been doing.

"It sounds like you're having a great time then. Are we still on for tonight? Actually, right now if possible? I'll pick you up from the hotel and take you to your restaurant afterwards," George said.

"Let me ask Luigi ..." I said. "Mio caro, George wants me to come to him right now. He'll take me to the restaurant afterwards. OK?"

"Erm ... you did have a prior arrangement with him, but how about Giovanni and Pierre went with you? I'd be more at peace if you didn't go alone. OK?"

"George, would it bother you if two other guys joined me? One is Pierre from South Africa and the other is from Dublin ..." I said.

"Oh, I thought we'd be having the time alone ... Don't be afraid, I'll pick you up and take you straight to your restaurant. Which one is it?"

"Boyd's Brasserie, apparently not far from Trafalgar Square ..."

"I know exactly where it is. We'll get off at Charing Cross and I'll walk you there. Come on Antonio! I wanted you to myself ... please?" George pleaded.

"Luigi, he said he'll pick me up right here and take me to the restaurant afterwards ... George, by 8 o'clock?" I said.

"Yes, 8 o'clock at the latest. Please?"

"OK, but ... please give me the phone," Luigi said and took the iPhone from me.

"Hi George! Yes, I'm fine thanks ... Yes, I know but I'm not entirely happy ... OK, I understand ... Yes, we did agree on the A380 ... Yes, I know. Yes ... Well, OK, but George ... OK, I'll be waiting in the foyer with him and I want him to be returned to me at the Boyd's Brasserie no later than 8 o'clock. I have a responsibility towards him and remember, he's my fiancé. I'm only agreeing to this because you're a nice guy and we've promised ... Yes ... OK then. He'll be ready by half past 6 ... Yes ... OK ... OK ... Goodbye then," Luigi said and pressed the red button on the touchscreen. "Here mio caro. Are you one hundred percent sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I feel obliged as I gave him my word. He is going to live in Stellenbosch next year and we'll see him there. I don't want things to be awkward between us - he's too nice a guy. Is it really OK with you?" I said and took Luigi's hand.

"No, are you going to see George?" Pierre put in.

"Who's 'George'? Another guy?" Giovanni asked.

"Antonio, another guy? Sorry for being nosy, but what's this all about?" Clive asked.

"George was our steward on the A380. He is a very nice Greek guy. I'm agreeing because he is a nice guy and we did promise ..." Luigi said.

Pierre filled the other two in to some extent on the shenanigans on the airplane. Giovanni and Clive whistled and looked at me with big eyes.

"Well, I hope you'd not be all fucked out that you won't want to have anything to do with us tonight?" Giovanni put in.

"Not a chance! I like you guys too much for that. Now, will you please excuse me so I could get ready for my encounter with a big Greek man!" I leaned in and kissed all 4 of them. When I kissed them, especially Clive and Pierre, they hugged me close and whispered, "*I love you*!" in my ear. When I kissed Giovanni, he said flatly, "I'm fucking jealous!"

"Relax boys, I'd be back and there would be more An-tónio," I pronounced it in the real Italian way, with the emphasis on the '-tónio', "on the menu. Who is up for an all-nighter tonight?" I said and watched with a smile how they tried to convince the others who should get an all-nighter. "I'll leave it up to you to sort out. I'd be here and I'll take whomever I get. I love you all and I'd enjoy anyone to fuck me. But for now, it's over and out."

"Antonio, two months ago I would've said 'no', but I'm used to have the others fuck you. I hope George really is a nice guy and treats you well. He did seem like a civilized guy on the plane. Yes, go prepare and go and enjoy it. I'll tell the others a cockamamie story about you fetching a book on urology from my friend Peter, as I'm too tired. In fact, he does have one of my books he owes me. I'll call him and ask him to take it to the Green Park tube station. He has an Italian hat I gave him. I'll ask him to wear his sweater with the Italian flag colours. You can bring that back as a decoy. I'll cover for you. But, this is out of the ordinary and as such, I'll allow it. I don't want this to happen every day. I cannot say that I like it. Only because George is obviously a nice guy and you like him, I'll allow it. His cock is very big. I hope he doesn't hurt you with it. Go and take a shower. As soon as you leave, I'll call Peter to organise with him to take the book to Green Park. You 3 guys have to help me covering for Antonio, OK?"

"Yes, of course. But fuck! I'm green with jealousy! I wanted him for myself!" Clive said and the other two concurred.

My eyes shot full of tears for the love Luigi had for me. He was going to allow me to go and see George though he knew I was going to get fucked by the Greek god. Oh fuck! "Mio caro ... what did I do to deserve a man like you? Thank you very much! I appreciate it so much! Sorry for asking this of you ..."

"This is only to prove to you just how much I really love you. I know you'll not fall in love with the man, as I know I'm still Numero Uno and your heart belongs to me. Pierre, Giovanni and Clive are nice additions, but it's me you love, not so?"

"Sì Dottore Moretti! You're my darling man! I truly love you and this is just something on the side. I'll never replace you! Thanks mio caro!"

"Please let me shower with you? Please Ant?" Giovanni said with puppy eyes.

"No, half-bred! You just want to get a chance to fuck our boy on the sly. No, nobody gets to shower with him, because even I would sneak in a fuck if I could! No, you'll shower alone, otherwise we won't get to the restaurant or the Queen's or 'Heaven'! We'd be creating our own heaven here! Now go before I push you onto the bed and have my way with you! Go!" Pierre said and gave me a playful slap on the butt.

"Ahh! And here I was thinking you'd be opening me up nicely for the big Greek cucumber ...!"

"Go Ant! Fuck boy! I'm on the verge of taking advantage of you ... Sheez! Jy weet! Go!" Pierre said and gave me a playful smack on my butt. He palmed his huge crotch.


By a quarter past 6 I was ready: spic and span. I was douched, I was showered, my hair was washed and blow-dried, I had some of my Tom Ford Noir on and I was dressed to the nines. I had my very nice warm jacket on and the black-and-white Boss scarf I got from Alexander around my neck. I looked like a million bucks, even though I had to say so myself.

While I was finishing dressing, Luigi was in the shower getting ready to go to the foyer with me. He was ready to go a few minutes before it was time to go down to the foyer.

When we arrived in the foyer, George was waiting in one of the comfortable chairs. He looked like a model! Fuck! His black hair was shiny, his stubble looked stunning and he was dressed in white, grey and black, top to toe. He had a white shirt on, and a grey, black and white scarf around his neck. He wore an unbuttoned black jacket with the collar turned up and black pants and boots. He got up when he saw us and it was clear he was sporting a semi hard-on already. My godd! I was in for a treat!

"Good evening George! How are you doing?" Luigi said and shook the man's hand.

"I'm fine and even better now that I've seen Antonio! How are you? Don't worry. I promise I'll look after him and have him at the Boyd's at 8 o'clock! Hallo Antonio ... I hope you're not nervous? OK?" George said and hugged me. I felt his immense cock pushing against me. He pulled me back at arm's length and looked me up and down. "Spectacular, just as I remembered! Most magnificent specimen of a man!"

"Hi George! Thank you very much, but so are you! You look very handsome in black! Yes, I'm a bit nervous ... This isn't the normal way we do things ... Please be understanding?" I said and kissed him on the cheek.

George hugged me closer and kissed me on the cheek too.

"Luigi, don't worry. I'll look after him very well and I assure you, he'd be returned to you unharmed ..."

"Yes, and with that lethal weapon you're carrying around in your pants? Unharmed?" Luigi said, smiling.

"That ... yes, but I promise to be careful. You've seen me on the A380. I'm a loving and caring lover. Not so Antonio?"

"Yes, it was memorable. Mio caro, don't worry. I'll take care of myself, and if this Greek god doesn't behave, I'll cut off his huge cock and bring it to you in a jar!" I put in. It lightened the mood immediately and we all laughed at my crude humour.

"Enjoy it mio caro and come back safely to me. Io ti amo (I love you)!" Luigi said and hugged me. "Take care and I'm seeing you in 90 minutes' time. Remember to look out for Peter at Green Park station. Enjoy!"

"Grazie mio caro (Thanks my darling)! Yes, I will look out for him. Tall, dark blonde, Italian hat and dressed in an Italian sweater. Io ti amo molto (I love you very much)!"

"Come, our time is limited. I'll take care of Antonio and have him back safe and sound. Button up, Antonio! It's cold outside," George said and buttoned up his own jacket and put his scarf tighter around his neck. He shook Luigi's hand and we left the hotel.

Outside, the temperature has dropped to close to -3ºC, but it had stopped snowing. George put his arm around my shoulders and led me down the road to Knightsbridge Underground.

I felt like a criminal to walk away with another man, with the intention to get fucked, while Luigi and the others, all keen to fuck me, even two or three at a time, were left behind. But, promises are promises, I reminded myself and when I looked up at the man next to me, my cock swelled. He was frightfully sexy and very attractive. The fact that he had a hugely thick and uncut 31cm cock in his pants, just made it worse. My cock was hard in no time. I was going to get fucked good before long.


We got on the Blue eastbound line at around twenty to seven. George put his arm around me and I put my hand on his thigh under his long jacket. With his other hand he pushed my hand up to his crotch - he was rock-hard.

"I wish I could fuck you right here in front of everybody! You drive me fucking nuts!" he said in my ear. "Thanks for tonight ... I owe you!"

"You owe me a fuck and a big load pumped into me! How long until we're at Piccadilly Circus? I can't wait!"

"Only 7 minutes. We'll be at my place by 7. Have you 'prepared' already? I hope so! I want to enter you as soon as possible!" George said and groaned when I squeezed his huge cock in his pants.

"Yes, I'm ready. I hope you're sopping wet by the time we get to your apartment. I want to feel you in me as soon as we're there!"

"Good boy! I love you even more ... oh oh! There, I've said it! Fuck! I can't help it Antonio! I fucking love you! And I can't wait to move to Stellenbosch next year! Just so you know, I haven't cum since our encounter on the A380, so I have a huge supply of cum for you! But, I want to enter you and stay in you for as long as we could! At least until half past 7! You up for it?"

"Oh fuck yes! How much longer?"

"We're coming up on Hyde Park Corner, then Green Park and then Piccadilly Circus. I'm just one block away from there in Air Street. 5 more minutes. Ahhh! And yes, I'm sopping wet already!"

"Good!" I said as the train slowed down for Hyde Park Corner. George's hand on my shoulder massaged me and with his other hand he stroked my hand on his crotch. Fuck! We were both super hot and randy!

Soon the train departed. We were a short ride away from Green Park. As soon as the train slowed down again, I let go of George's huge bulge and turned towards the window to look out for Peter in his Italian regalia.

When we pulled into the station, I immediately saw the tall man with an Italian hat standing amongst the passengers on the platform, holding a paperback book in his hand. As we came to a stop, I got up and waited for the doors to open. I waved at Peter and he saw me immediately. He walked briskly towards me holding the book up. I immediately noticed his enormous hairy white hands. Fuck! They were big and beautiful! I looked at his face and almost fainted. He was gorgeous! I wondered about him and Luigi ... I looked at his bulge and the big thick tube of flesh was clearly visible in his pants. He must have been hung like Pierre and Clive! Fuck!

"Hi, I'm Peter! You must be Antonio? Buona sera (good evening)!" Peter said with outstretched hand.

"Buona sera Peter!"

"Here is Luigi's book I've borrowed from him for more than a year! Tell him I'll make it up to him! I'm coming to visit him in South Africa next year. I believe you're his fiancé? Hmmm! He has good taste. You have very nice hands ..."

"You too! I'm looking forward to you visiting us! We'll have a good time together!" Little did I know ... I looked at his crotch again and I could've sworn it grew bigger.

"Yes, I'm hung big - more than Luigi, and yes, I'm hard right now! Luigi didn't exaggerate: you're phenomenal and I'm envious! Fuck yes! I can only wish!"

"We're in the Berkley Hotel in Knightsbridge. Why don't you come visit us tomorrow night?"

"I didn't want to intrude but if it's OK with Luigi, I'll check my diary. It would be an honour to visit you ... Fuck! You're insanely sexy! But you'd better get back onto the train! Bye now!"

"Bye! I hope we see you tomorrow night!" I said and got back on the train. The doors closed right behind me. I looked back and Peter had his hand on his bulge and was waving with his other hand.

"That man has the hots for you! Did you see his huge bulge? Wow!" George said as I sat down next to him.

"Yes, I saw that. It looks like it's a huge one!"

"What's the book about? 'Urology - A study of the Male Anatomy'. Hmmm! I wonder what is the biggest cock they've used for their drawings? I'd easily model for them! No, I'm joking! I'd rather have fun with you!"

I opened the book and paged through ... and the book fell open on a drawing of an erect penis. My godd! It looked as if the book had been opened on that page many times. I looked at the drawing and decided it looked like Pierre's cock.

"Put the book away. We're coming up on Piccadilly Circus. Not much longer now! Oh fuck! Thanks for agreeing to this!"

"No problem! I enjoyed joining the Mile High Club with you and I'm sure tonight's fucking is going to be even better!"

"Oh for sure! In a bed, soft pillows, soft music, lots of hugging and kissing, lots of fucking and let me tell you, the load I'm going to pump into you, is going to be as much as 125ml or more! I'm super randy and after two days of not cumming, it's going to be a huge load! Ahh! Here we are!"

The train slowed down and my heart started to race. Fuck! It was a matter of minutes before this tall hunky hung man was going to fill me up with his big Greek cock and pump a monumental load into me! Yes! Oh fuck! What a cum slut I've become!


The walk from the Underground to George's apartment was quick. When we entered the foyer, the man on night watch greeted George with a tip of the hat and he smiled warmly. I wondered what he knew.

"Vlad" George said and nodded his head towards the night watchman.

We got into the elevator and George took me in his arms after punching in a code and pressing the button for 'Penthouse'. He smelled divine. He kissed me softly and lovingly. His tongue played on my lips and when I opened my mouth, it pushed in and I sucked it hungrily into my mouth. It tasted like spearmint. And it was huge. Just like his cock. I put my hand on his crotch and gasped a little. It really was a huge cock - perhaps thicker than the others I've had recently.

"Just kissing allowed in the elevator. There are CCTV cameras everywhere. Hang on sexy man! We'll be in my apartment shortly!" George said and kissed me again, this time sucking my lower lip between his lips, and nibbled lightly on my lip. "Oh godd! You're so fucking sexy!"

The elevator slowed down and when it stopped, the elevator opened into his apartment. It actually stopped right IN his apartment!

"Welcome to my abode! Come beautiful man! Let the fun begin!" George said and waited for me to walk into the apartment.

As soon as we entered, numerous LED spots lit up automatically and bathed the room in soft white light.

I gasped. It was clear this man had no shortage of money or taste. Everything was exquisite and tasteful. It was all in black, different shades of white, dark red, stainless steel and dark wood. He picked up a remote control and soft Greek music filled the air.

"I found a bottle of wine from South Africa today. Red wine. It's called KWV Roodeberg, I think. Familiar?" George asked as he removed his scarf and unbuttoned his jacket.

"Oh yes! It's one of the flagships of KWV. Do you intend opening it?"

"Oh fuck yes! Just as I intend opening up your hole with my big tool! Come, the bottle is open already. Let me pour you some and let's go into the bedroom."

George poured us wine and then he kissed me, removing my scarf and jacket. He kissed my cheek, rubbing his stubble on my lips and chin. I groaned and pushed closer to him as my jacket slipped off.

We walked towards the bedroom with our wine glasses in our hands and the other hand around each other's waist. As we entered the bedroom, the lights came on automatically and once again I gasped. The bed was enormous. The linen - I was sure it was Egyptian linen - was pure white with big pillows and a dark red throw on the lower part of the bed. The bathroom was en suite, but it wasn't hidden away. The shower with numerous showerheads was behind a glass wall with only the toilet hidden away behind a low wall. There was a huge mirror against one wall. Again, just white, grey and black with here and there a red focus point, like a painting of blood-red poppies against one wall.

One whole wall had cupboards with mirrors for doors. It all was exquisite but minimalistic. It was beautiful.

George took a sip of wine and put his mouth on mine. I opened my mouth and a rivulet of wine flowed into my mouth. I drank the offering and sucked on his tongue. He let go of my mouth and took another sip and fed me the wine. Oh my godd! The man was a romantic!

We put our wine glasses down on a dressing table and undressed each other. I battled with the button on his trousers as the huge cock inside was tenting the fabric something awful. He pulled his tummy in and the button gave way. I unzipped the trousers and put my hand in his underpants ... I was in for a shock once again. Even though I've seen this huge cock on the A380, sucked it and felt it in my hole, feeling it there in the relaxed atmosphere of his apartment was a real treat and a shock. It was enormous and extremely thick. The very big head was still sheathed in its foreskin, but he must've been hard since he saw me at the Berkley Hotel - it was sopping, sopping wet. I took the huge shaft in my hand and gave it a squeeze. It responded by giving a twitch - it swelled to gigantic proportions and a huge amount of precum oozed out.

"You still OK to have it in you? Not afraid?"

"Oh fuck no! Just the opposite! I can't wait to have you in me!" I said. I licked the head and tasted the wonderful precum and automatically opened my mouth to take the enormous head in my mouth. As the bulbous head entered my mouth, the skin moved back over the head and the stream of precum smeared onto my tongue and soft palate. Fuck! What a cock! Not as big as the biggest in our group (Pierre and Clive at 33cm), but the 31cm of this man was big and it was thick, with a really big head. The piss-slit was enormous and the amount of precum it produced ... heaven!

I let go of George's cock and licked my lips. Fuck! It tasted good! I unbuttoned my shirt and pants. I undressed as quickly and as messy as I've done it the first time I visited Luigi. George removed his shirt and stepped out of his pants, removing his shoes.

"Please let me take off your socks," I said as I sank down on my one knee. I lifted his one foot onto my knee and peeled off the sock. When I saw his huge number 17 foot, I sighed ... he really had exquisite feet. He put his one hand on my chin and I kissed it. I looked at his hand and realised just how beautiful his hands were.

I bent down and kissed his foot. He groaned. "You really do like my feet, don't you?"

"What's not to like? I love them! They're beautiful! Other foot please?" I said and removed the sock from the other foot. I kissed it too and sucked the huge big toe in my mouth. It smelled so manly and fresh. The hair on the toes and bridge were pitch black and very, very sexy.

"Come Antonio! I'm more interested in other anatomical parts! Come, let's get into bed!"

I saw on the radio clock on the nightstand that it was 19:02. We had about half an hour before we had to leave to go on the Brown Line to Charing Cross to join the others at Boyd's Brasserie.

George pulled me down on the big white bed and moved to lie on top of me. Oh fuck! Without me saying a word about it, he did exactly what I loved: for my man to lie directly on top of me so I could feel his manly weight.

His huge thick cock pushed into my tummy and smeared lots and lots of precum in my tummy hair. Oh fuck! There won't be any chance to shower, so I'll be sitting in the restaurant, in the theatre and in 'Heaven' with a body covered in precum streaks! Oh well! It will be worth it, I thought.

George put his hands on either side of my face and looked into my eyes with his beautiful dark eyes. He pressed his nose on mine and just looked at me. I was mesmerised. This big man with his godlike body and heavenly cock was mine for the moment. Having done this before, the guilt I usually felt towards Luigi wasn't so bad. This time it was with his knowledge and blessing, plus George was moving to Stellenbosch the following year and would become a member of the group. Thus, tonight was all above board and I intended to enjoy it to the fullest.

"I fucking love you 'bhoorkie'! If anything, I'm sure of that. I've never fallen quicker and harder for another man. You tick all the boxes - you're 'it'! The man! The one I want to love and make love to. Hmmm!" he said and kissed me gently. First his lips on mine, then his tongue on my lips and when I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, the saliva ran from his mouth into mine ... oh my godd! I gasped with pleasure and pushed my body up into his. I felt our cocks pushing against each other, rubbing over each other.

['bhoorkie' = the way the word 'boertjie', meaning 'young farmer' or 'young white man', is twisted and mispronounced by people who don't know the Afrikaans pronunciation]

He kissed me again and this time he pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily. Everything about this man was big and beautiful and nice and Greek and ... fuck! I liked him a lot! He could easily become a close member of the group.

George faux fucked me rubbing his upwardly curved cock on my tummy and smearing lots of precum on my tummy hair. I groaned as I wanted more, and soon! He moved up my body dragging his huge cock over my sternum up to my chin. I strained my neck to get it in my mouth, but George held it just out of reach. He rubbed his huge wet cock over my chin and growled. "Your stubble on my frenulum feels ... it feels different! Ahhh! Please open your mouth Antonio! Open big!"

I obliged and stuck my tongue out, licking the tip approaching my mouth. Oh fuck! What a big beautiful cock! And the precum running out of it ... divine! The head entered my mouth and he continued to push his big cock until the head stopped at the back of my mouth. The head was simply too big to enter my throat - it was enormous. I opened my mouth as if I was yawning, but no go. The head was too big. I pushed the tip of my tongue into the huge piss-slit. It was huge! And the constant stream of precum running from it covered my tongue and the inside of my mouth. It tasted fantastic.

With the enormous cock in my one hand and my one hand on his hairy chest, I tried again to get the huge head in my throat, but I failed miserably. I'd just have to let him fuck me.

George sensed my hesitation and gently pulled his cock from my mouth. "It's 19:08 now. Let's get down to the real business! Sit on me or doggy style? What do you prefer?"

"First sitting on you and then for the last few rounds on my knees. Oh fuck!" I swore as George moved back over my body, trailing his huge wet cock over my chest hair again. He lied down on me and kissed me again. His stubble, his hands, his cock, his silky hairy body on mine, his fantastically attractive face above me ... this man was perfection, top to bottom!

George took me by the shoulders and rolled over on his side taking me with him. He continued to roll over onto his back, again taking me with him while his mouth was still glued to mine. Oh fuck! This was a night to remember! I didn't know what was to come ...

He gave me one last kiss and pushed me up to sit on his crotch. "Enough precum to enter you? I'd love to try but if it's not enough, there is super lube in the nightstand. I don't want to hurt you, not in the least."

I took the huge cock and pushed it between my legs behind my balls. It was sopping wet and when I milked it, a huge amount of precum ran from the big piss-slit. I rubbed my hole over the cock and took some of my own precum and rubbed over the huge cock behind me.

"Sit on me please! Oh fuck! Yes! Please Antonio! Now please? I can't wait any longer! You're driving me mad!" George said, pushing his enormous beautiful hands on my chest. I lifted up over the huge cock and took the shaft in one hand aiming at my hole. I pushed the big wet tip on my hole and milked some more precum from the piss-slit. I felt my hole was sopping wet.

I clenched my hole shut as hard as I could and held it until I couldn't clench anymore. My hole relaxed and I started to sit down cautiously. I felt the huge head stretching my hole. Fortunately I've had this huge cock in me on the A380 and after the numerous fuckings on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, my hole was fairly relaxed and half the head pushed in with fair ease. But, from experience I knew that the first entry would be hurtful, so I pulled off the cock and sat down again. I groaned as the big head slipped right in. I growled and George touched my face.

"Are you OK Antonio? Am I hurting you?"

"No, I'm fine, but you have to agree: you do have one enormous cock! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhh!" I clenched my hole over the huge cock in me and pushed out. The head slipped in deeper ... I groaned and threw my head back. Oh dear godd! This was painful ... but the first throes of pleasure started to wash over me. Oh fuck! This was going to be a fucking to remember!

I bent down and kissed George. He took my face in his big hairy hands and kissed me with abandon. "Hmmmm! Hmmmm! Hmmmm!" George murmured with his tongue deep in my mouth.

The huge cock slid in deeper and I gasped. Oh fuck! I couldn't believe I've had that huge dong in me twice on the A380! Godd! How did I manage? I clenched again and pushed down. The huge cock slid deeper and I started to feel pleasure in the extreme. Oh fuck! It wasn't the longest cock but it was thick. The upward curvature pushed on the right spots and my prostate throbbed against the big invasion.

Soon the enormous head was at my inner sphincter and I held still. George realised where his cock was and made it swell.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Do it again please! Yes! Please!" I growled.

George made his cock swell again and I pushed down. The huge head slipped into my inner depths and filled me to capacity. Oh dear godd! I felt George's pubic hair on my balls and knew it was completely in me - all 31 thick centimetres! I held still and took a deep breath.

"You OK Antonio? Am I hurting you? Oh fuck! This feels wonderful!" George said and touched my cheek. I turned my head and sucked his huge fingers into my mouth. His long index and middle fingers slipped into my mouth and I sucked on them. George groaned and his cock twitched in me.

"Dear godd! Antonio, you'll give me a heart attack! This is fantastic on every level! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!" George said and pulled me down to kiss me again. My hairy chest pushed against his hairy chest and I groaned with delight. His huge cock in me was making me feel like a million bucks.

George started to fuck me with slow deep thrusts. It felt wonderful! I broke the kiss and sat on the huge cock in me and felt it pushing balls-deep into me! I groaned and flung my head back again. Oh dear godd! It wasn't the first time I was fucked, and it wasn't the biggest cock I've ever had in me, but for some reason this was spectacular and extremely pleasurable. I loved it!

George fucked me holding onto my hips. I rubbed my hands over the silky black chest hair and played with his big nipples surrounded by his big dark areolae. The nipples became rock-hard under my fingers. George took my one hand and pushed it into his mouth. He sucked on my fingers and groaned. His tongue flicked over my knuckles and my palm pushed onto his stubbly chin. I looked down onto the beautiful face of this Greek man. He was the epitome of a Greek god. He was a statuesque creature, beautiful in every respect. I pulled my hand from his mouth and touched his big beautiful nose, his eyes, his eyebrows, his cheeks, his ears, his hair ... my godd! This man was just perfect in every way!

"Antonio, do you have any idea how much I like you? How completely at ease I feel being with you? How much I enjoy being inside you? Touching you? Kissing you? Making love to you? Oh fuck!"

"I feel the same way George! You're a spectacular man and I'm really enjoying being with you. Your cock makes me feel alive; it is huge and is exactly where I want it! I can't wait for you to move to Stellenbosch next year! I need to have this as many times as possible! Oh fuck! I think I've fallen in love with you!"

"Yes, I feel the same. But I know you could never be mine alone, and I won't attempt to break you up. I'd be too happy just to be part of the group and have you to myself from time to time, and with the other guys of course. I fucking love you Antonio! You're a phenomenal young man!"

I glanced at the clock and saw it was 19:18. "We're running out of time! Oh fuck!"

"I'm going to pump you full of cum and I have at least 5 rounds to unload into you. I'm going to fuck you and cum, OK? And then continue to fuck you until I've shot 5 loads into you. Just remember it's going to be an enormous amount of cum! Ready?" George asked and started to fuck me in earnest.

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me and pump all your wonderful cum into me! Next time I want you to cum in my mouth please! I want to taste you too!"

"Done! Next time I'd cum two rounds in you and then in your mouth! Oh fuck yes!" George and started to groan loudly. "I'm about to cum! You ready? Ahhh!"

"Yes! Give it to me! Fuck me and pump your huge load into me! Yes! Yes!"

George fucked me faster and I felt he was about to cum. He pulled me down and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He was breathing heavily and fast. His orgasm was imminent and then it happened: George groaned into my mouth and I felt him slamming his cock into me while he was starting to cum. He continued to fuck me as the cum spurted into me.

He let go of my mouth and uttered something in Greek. He clung to my arms and fucked me. He started to groan louder and I felt him shooting his next round into me, his cock still pistoning in and out my hole.

"Quickly! Lift off my cock and stand on your knees! Quickly!"

I lifted off George's cock and felt I already had a lot of cum in me. I flipped over and stood on my knees, pushing my butt out. George positioned himself behind me and without touching his cock, he aimed it at my hole and pushed into me with one long continuous thrust. Oh dear godd! The feeling of the huge curved cock sliding into me was precious! It felt like when Luigi fucked me, like when Dad fucked me, when Pierre fucked me, when Giovanni fucked me, when Clive fucked me ... when the rest of them fucked me, even when André fucked me. Oh fuck! I was a slut and I wasn't ashamed to acknowledge it! But there was just something special about George ... he was classy, he was sexy, he was beautiful, he was hairy, he had an huge cock, he kissed like a pro, he knew how to fuck ... he was the real deal, and would be a wonderful addition to the group. Yes, please!

I glanced at the clock - it was 19: 22. Oh fuck! We had so little time!

"Here comes round number 3! Ahh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" George fucked me deep and fast but gently. He wasn't jack-hammering his huge cock in and out of me. It was just right. The cock swelled and number 3 was pumped into me. He held onto my hips and continued to fuck me.

"Here comes number 4! Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Hnnnnghhhhnnnn! Oh godd!" His cock twitched as it pumped more cum into me.

George lowered his body onto my back and put his huge hands on my shoulders. He pushed his cock deep into me and held still. I felt his huge balls resting on mine. His breathing was deep and laboured.

"Oh fuck! This is insane! How do you manage to take it all? You haven't complained once! I'm in heaven! Would you like me to shoot my fifth load into your mouth?"

"Oh fuck yes! Please! I'm dying to taste your cum! Yes, shoot it into my mouth!"

George started to pull his huge cock out of me. He held the huge head just inside my sphincter and touched my butt.

"Clench Antonio! There is one hell of a big load in you. I don't think I've ever cum so much, ever! Clench!" George said and started to pull his cockhead out.

I clenched, and just in time. The huge cockhead slipped out and if felt my insides were drenched in his cum. It really was a lot!

George got off the bed and stood on the floor next to the bed and jacked his huge cock.

I swung around and put my feet on the floor in front of George. I took his huge cock in my mouth and started jacking him off. The cum-covered cock in my mouth tasted funky but nice. There was less precum but it was clear it was on the verge of shooting another load, this time into my mouth.

The huge cock felt fantastic. George groaned and said: "I'm going to cum Antonio! Get ready! I'm going to cum! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck! Hhhnnnnggghh! I'm cumming! I'm cummmiiinnnggg!"

The big cock in my mouth swelled to gigantic proportions, like Gunther's cock, and it overflowed my mouth with creamy cum. I tried to hold it in my mouth and just managed. My mouth was already filled with an enormous cockhead, so there was little space for cum. I savoured the cum and realised the taste was exquisite. It was no cum I've ever tasted before. The closest to it was Luigi's cum, but George's cum tasted differently. And I loved it! I could suck him and take all 5 rounds of cum in my mouth! That's how good it was!

I held the cock in my mouth still and enjoyed the moment. George had his hands in my hair and was stroking my head. My one hand was on his hip and the other one was rubbing his hairy tummy. Oh fuck! What an experience.

The huge load of 4 rounds of cum in me was a lot and I realised if I wanted to keep it in me, I had to be careful and clench. And I wanted to keep it in me, at all cost.

"Sensitive Antonio, please! Oh fuck! I wish I could have another round and fuck you again, but it's half past 7. Let go please and lie down on the bed," George said and pushed me back on the bed.

My cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. I wondered what was to happen to me ... George kneeled on the floor and leaned forward. He put my legs over his shoulders and took my cock into his mouth. He continued to push my 24,5cm cock into his mouth and it just continued deeper! I felt my cockhead disappearing into George's throat ... oh fuck! What a wonderful experience!

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!" I groaned.

George pulled off my cock until the head was on his tongue and pushed it back into his throat. He repeated this a couple of times and I felt my orgasm starting to boil up in my groin. I was going to cream his mouth soon!

"I'm about to cum George! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I shouted and then I felt how my cum spewed out my piss-slit into George's mouth. It felt like a big load, despite all the shenanigans with the other guys. George groaned with approval. It was clear he enjoyed taking my load into his mouth. He swallowed my cum and pushed my cockhead back into his throat. Ahhh! Oh fuck! My back arched on the bed and I pushed my knees against George's face. Oh godd!

George held still and just moved his hands on my tummy. I interlocked my fingers with his and squeezed his hands. He responded and squeezed my hands too. George pulled off my cock and when the head was on his tongue, he pushed it back into his throat.

"George, you're a master at everything! I'm absolutely stunned! This was far better than I ever thought it would be! Thanks!" I said.

George pulled off my cock again and held my cockhead behind his lips and lightly nibbled on the glans.

"Sensitive George! Oh fuck! You're too much!"

I glanced at the clock - 19:35. Oh fuck!

"We're out of time George! We have to go!"

George let go of my cock and crawled on top of me. His big rubbery cock pressed against my cock and he lied down. He put one hand on my forehead, pushing my hair back and the other hand on my chest.

"Antonio, I love you so, so, SO very much! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you coming here tonight! I just wish we had more time! I'd give anything to have you to myself for a whole night! But, next year! OK?" He pushed his groin into me and he kissed me. His saliva ran into my mouth and I sucked it greedily from his tongue. I tasted my cum in his saliva ...

George let go of me and rose up. He pulled me with him and continued backwards until his feet were on the floor. He pulled me up and I stood in front of him. His hairy body against mine felt so nice and masculine and hairy. I smelled his perfume again and asked him what it was.

"It's 'Bleu de Chanel'. I take it you like it? You're wearing ... I guess Tom Ford? Right?"

"Right! Noir. The Chanel smells great on you," I said and kissed the hung hunk. "We have to go! I hate it but I have made a promise to Luigi."

I sat down on the bed and gave the huge cock one last lick and sucked the rubbery shaft into my mouth. I took a deep breath and kept on sucking it into my mouth and ... the big rubbery head disappeared into my throat! I massaged it with my throat muscles and felt it growing ... oh fuck! The enormous head swelled up and pushed against the walls of my throat. Dear godd! This was one of the most fantastic experiences ever!

Above me George was groaning like an animal in pain. "Oh fuck! You've done it! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Ahhh!"

I had to come up for air as we had to get going, so I reluctantly let the huge head slip out of my throat into my mouth. I let go of the hard head and licked it as it slipped out of my mouth.

"Fuck! That was the best experience I've ever had! Oh fuck! I wish I could bend over and let you fuck me again, but," I glanced at the clock - 19:40, "we have to go! Next time!"

"Antonio, you'd be the end of me yet! You're too much! Just look at this huge cock of mine! Hard and ready for another round! Ahhh! Let's get dressed before I throw caution to the wind and fuck you again!" George said and stepped away from me, retrieving his clothes.

I looked at his feet again ... my godd! Perfection, just like Luigi's and Pierre's feet. I loved them!

We got dressed as fast as we could and when we had our jackets on, we took our scarves in our hands. We'd put them on when we were in the elevator.

"Come Antonio, we have to go! I hope the tube is on time! Come! We didn't have time to drink much of our wine! Ahh, but we did get a creamy substitute! More wine next time! Come! Don't forget Luigi's book!" George said as we waited for the elevator. I grabbed the urology book and joined George at the elevator door.

The doors whooshed open and we got in. George punched in his code and "G". The doors closed and George took me in his arms. He had one hand behind my head and the other on my back. I had both my arms around his chest, book clenched in my right hand. His big bulge pushed against me and I groaned. Oh fuck! What a man!

"Fuck! Tonight will go down as a turning point in my life. This was unbe-fucking-lievable! I've never experienced anything like this before!" George said and hugged me tight to his big muscular body.

"Yes, it was an experience to remember. I really enjoyed it. Thanks! At least we both have something in our tummies: something of each other, and I have some in my rectum too! You have to come to South Africa soon, please!"

We let go of each other and put our scarves around our necks. The elevator stopped at the ground floor and we stepped out. The night watchman smiled and tipped his hat.

"Vlad", George said and nodded his head. He took me by the shoulders as we walked out the door. We walked briskly towards Piccadilly Circus Underground and entered down the staircase. I clenched my hole ... the cumload in me was vast!

We took the southbound Brown line to Charing Cross, only one stop away. The tube was busy and we got only standing space. George pulled me tight to him with all the other people around us. Nobody even looked at us.

The train stopped at Charing Cross and we got out. We ran up the stairs and took them two-by-two. Once again I could feel the immense load of cum in me ... I had to clench!

"The restaurant is just up the street in Northumberland Avenue. Come," George said and looked at his wristwatch. "It's one minute before 8! We're going to make it! Come!"

We walked in a southeastern direction and soon I saw the red signage indicating the location of the restaurant. George opened the front door, and let me enter first. I stepped into the beautiful place in brown, black and red. It was exquisite.

The maître d' approached us and George told him we were meeting Dr Luigi Moretti and company.

"Hmmm. Nobody by that name here. Perhaps another name? Is it a group?" the maître d' asked.

"Yes, a large group of men. The name could have been Clive Cooper perhaps? Boss Models?" I said.

"Ah yes! We do have a fairly large group under the name of Boss Models UK and they're expecting an ... erm ... Antonio le Roux?"

"Yes, that's me. Would you have a place for my friend too, please?" I asked.

"Yes of course. I'll ask one of the waiters to bring another chair. This way please," the maître d' said and led the way. When we rounded a corner, I immediately noticed the group. What a bunch of sexy men they were! Fuck!

Pierre saw us first and jumped to his feet. "There he is! Ant! Here!" He walked towards us with stretched-out arms and the maître d' stepped out of the way. Pierre grabbed me in his arms and kissed me on the side of my head. "Fuck! I've missed you! Oh fuck! Come, sit with Luigi, Clive and Giovanni. Come George. Ah, I see they've brought another chair."

"Thanks ... Pierre, is it? I'll sit for a few minutes but I have an early morning tomorrow. I'm going to have a bite to eat with a colleague. He lives around the corner," George said and greeted the guys. Some looked at him with some animosity, or so it appeared. "Here is your boy, Luigi! Safe and sound as promised."

George was the perfect gentleman and shook all the guys' hands. He was introduced to Giovanni and Clive. The latter two were not very impressed as they knew what went down between George and me. George didn't let it phase him and his gorgeous smile was infectious. The guys smiled back and made way for him to sit next to Pierre.

"Buona sera mio caro! Oh, you got my book! Grazie!" Luigi said as I sat down between him and Pierre, handing him the book.

"Peter sends his regards and apologises for keeping the book for so long. He said he'll come visit us tomorrow night ..." I said.

"The jackal! He's seen you and now he wants in ... typically Peter! Yes, he called me earlier and said he gave you the book. He is smitten with you, but who isn't? You're such a hit mio caro!" Luigi said and hugged me close to him.

Pierre sat close to me and had his hand on my thigh.

"How are you doing George? *Did you enjoy it?*" Pierre whispered to George, punching him lightly on the arm.

"*Oh fuck yes! It was rushed but still the best ever ...! I loved it!*"

There was some more chit-chat and after 10 minutes George's iPhone rang. He apologised and got up to take the call. He walked towards the entrance and I heard him saying 'Yes, I'd be there in 5 minutes'. He returned and said: "I have to leave. Pedro is meeting me at another restaurant just up the road for a bite. It was nice to see you all. Enjoy the evening and Les Mis. I'll see you in a couple of weeks! Flight from Roma to Johannesburg? Goodbye! Thanks Antonio!" He winked at me and leaned over Pierre to squeeze my shoulder. "Email me some pictures!"

Once again he shook everybody's hand and then he was off. My heart gave a pang ... I liked the damn Greek! He was a nice man, he was sexy and he was a good lover! I was looking forward to see him in Stellenbosch in a couple of weeks.

George was still at the door when André stood up and came to stand in front of our table across from me and demanded: "Spill the beans baby bro! What's going on? What cockamamie story is this about a book you had to fetch for Luigi? How does George fit into these plans? Did he ... you know ... did he? Baby bro, I want to know, and so would 14 other guys too! Luigi, did you know about this? Of course you did! You came up with that cockamamie story! I'm calling my Dad! Sheez bro! Alone on the tube in London!"

"Sit down please. We'll discuss it later. Yes, the book was just a red herring. George asked on the A380 and Anton wanted to see him. I agreed and Pierre agreed too. George fetched him from the hotel ..." Luigi said.

"What? He FETCHED you nogal! I don't believe this! Are we not enough for you baby bro? *Does he have a huge anaconda?* Is that it? Jy weet! Unbelievable! And to think you two were OK with this!" André ranted on and looked at Clive and Pierre with disappointment.

['nogal' = 'rather', although that's not really what it means - usually it is used in disbelief; 'jy weet' = 'you know']

"André, you forget I'm the fiancé and Antonio is no child. He and I came to an agreement and Pierre concurred ..."

"And you allowed it? *My brother gets fucked by every Tom, Dick and Harry, and you're OK with it?* Are we not enough?"

"Silencio (Silence), André! That's enough! Your brother and I do not need your permission or approval. You get your turn to fuck him too, so just zip it, OK? Let's not ruin the evening. Please, sit down and let it be. Antonio is a big boy and he is back safely with us. George is no hooligan or riff-raff. He did exactly what he promised to do, and he had your brother back with us right on time, as agreed. Please let it be!" Antonio said softly but urgently and stared at André. The tone in his voice was rather harsh and menacing. I've never heard Luigi like that. "I love your brother more than I've ever loved anything else in my life before and giving him some leeway doesn't mean I love him less or that he loves me less. Now, please sit down and ... just enjoy the evening."

I looked at André and saw his ashen face harden. He was not a happy chappy. "May I have a word with my brother ... in private, please? Anton?"

"It's OK, Luigi. Let's get this sorted out straight away. Please order me a glass of Coke Zero and a glass of red wine. Thanks," I said and got up.

André and I walked towards the toilets and once inside, he swung around and looked at me with eyes that could kill.

"I'm disappointed Anton! How could you? What are you becoming? A whore? Are the guys in this big group of men not enough? Why are you doing this?"

"André, the guys are enough but George is a kind and special man. Remember he is moving to South Africa in January and to Stellenbosch of all places. He is going to become a member of the group, whether you like it or not. He is a great guy and a perfect lover. Allowing him in, so to speak, doesn't change the way I feel about Luigi or you, or Pierre. Once you get to know George, you'll understand and agree. Please, let it go and lighten up. I will never stop loving Luigi or you or Pierre or Dad and all the others. It's just me, the way I am! I love sex and love big cocks and I love meeting new guys. Luigi understands and is happy for me. Please do the same? Remember Sunday night? You sleeping with me? Does that not count for anything?"

"You amaze me. How many guys will be enough? What do you think Dad would say when he hears about this?"

"Have you forgotten the orgies in the guesthouse? Or the group fucks we've had with the other guys AND Dad? You've joined in the action and I've never neglected you!"

"No I haven't forgotten about it and no you haven't neglected me, but tonight looks as if you've become a whore!"

I wanted to slap my brother, but held back.

"André, I put up with your antics and so does the rest of the boys. Now it's your turn to accept my independence and my desire to get laid. George is a wonderful guy and he is a stylish man with taste you and I could only dream of. Yes, I did go to him with only one purpose: to get fucked, but it's not for you to decide. Please André. I love you and I love Luigi. In fact, because Luigi allowed me to see George, it made me love him even more. And Pierre. Be a big boy and be happy for me? Here I am, safe and sound, still loving you too! Please ...?"

"Oh fuck! OK! But I'm still pissed off big time. You didn't even tell me, let alone consult me! I am the elder brother ..."

" ... 'and you have rights'! Yes, I know! If I've hurt you by not letting you in on the whole deal, I apologise. I do. I love you and I didn't want to make a big thing out of it. Please, let's kiss and make up? I love you so much my beautiful sexy brother!"

"You conceited bastard! We are identical!"

"Yes, bro! I know, but you know what I mean! I really do love you. I will never ever stop loving you and even if a hundred men fucked me, I'll still never stop loving you or desert you. How could I? You're my other half! You know that! I'm sorry if I've hurt you. Please forgive me...? Please?"

"You're such a damn bastard and you know just which buttons to push! OK, apology accepted. But, you don't do this again! Never again, you hear? Never! Come here your utter rubbish! Oh fuck! How I love you!"

André pulled me closer and hugged me tight to him. He clasped his hands behind my back and pulled me towards him. His big bulge pushed against me.

"I could fuck you right here and now. I suppose you're filled to the gills with Greek baby batter? Hmmm! Imagine some more in you ... hmmm!"

"André, don't get ideas! Let's get back to the table. I'm rather thirsty. The cum didn't quench my thirst ..."

André pushed me back and held me at arm's length. "You dogg! He pumped you full of cum and he came in your mouth? You sex deviant! Sies man! But was it nice?"

"Yes, he did and yes, it was nice. He came 5 times ..."

"You're joking! Really? Was it a lot?"

"He cums by the bucket-load! I'm literally filled to the gills! And his cum is the best ever ..."

"No! Better than mine? Better than Luigi's? Pierre's?"

"I'm afraid, the answer is 'yes'! It's incredible! I loved it! But, having said that, I still love you guys very much. Don't worry. George is a hung hunk who knows how to kiss and fuck and he shoots huge loads, but he could never replace anybody in the group, least of all you and Luigi and Pierre and now Giovanni and Clive ... OK, all of you!"

"Sex pig!"

"You too!"

"Come here you rubbish!"

André pulled me closer and kissed me. Not just a peck on the lips, but a full-blown kiss, tongue and spit and all. Oh fuck! We both got hard and groaned in each other's mouth. Yes, time and place permitting, I'd have bent over for him on the spot!

We broke free and looked at each other, both realising what the other one was thinking.

"No, not now, but fuck I wish we could!"

"Ditto! Come, let's get back!"


Back at the table Claude had the guys in stitches. He was telling them about funny encounters he had with guys during his modelling days. The encounters he had during his time in Milan were memorable. One guy wanted him to wear a French maid's uniform. Instead, Claude handcuffed the guy to his bed, put the key on the table and took off. They roared with laughter.

Luigi and Pierre looked at André and me with amazement. We walked towards them, arms around each other.

"You two look happy! You didn't ...! Did you?" Pierre commented and flicked his index finger from the one to the other. "No! Did you?"

"Yes, we did it. On the floor, on the washbasins, in the stalls, under the hand-drier ..." Andre said and burst out with laughter. "What do you think, donkey man? Of course not! But, I have to say, at one stage it was touch and go! My baby bro really drives us all bonkers! Right baby bro?"

He punched me in the arm. I hugged him to me and kissed him on the cheek. I could feel the cum in me - oh fuck! George! What a Greek stud!

The others commented and Pieter encompassed the mood when he said: "I wouldn't have been surprised if you did! Come sit down and let's have a toast. This is our last night with you guys."

"No! Really? What happened?" André and I said at the same time.

"Claude has to go to Birmingham and I have some business to take care of here in London. We're moving in with friends of Claude's in North London tomorrow. We've already informed the Berkley. Claude hasn't seen his friends in some time, plus we need to get down and get our business done. It's nice to be with you guys, but you're busy too. So, cheers to you all. We really enjoyed the time with you. We wish you all the luck in the world with Boss," Pieter said, standing up. He raised his glass and said 'cheers' again.

I took the glass of red wine Luigi had ordered for me and took a sip.

"OK, my turn. Look guys, Boss will take care of you big time. They are not one of the biggest in the business for nothing. Listen to Alexander and Gareth, and Bob's your uncle. I'll miss the ... ahem ... shenanigans with you, but we'll catch up with you in the good old R of SA again. Enjoy your time here in London and the rest of your trip. One last tip: don't start buying stuff now, unless it's a special British item, but keep it small. You'll find all you want and need in Italy before you go home. Thanks for everything and a special word of thanks to our two beautiful boys to whom we owe all of this. If it weren't for them and their Mom who realised their potential as models, and of course my divine intervention ... ahem ... nobody would've been here right now. Cheers André and Anton. And I think we all know why, but another one for Anton. You're a fantastic guy and well-loved by all. I love you to bits boy!" Claude looked at me and winked. He blew a kiss and said: "Cheers boys!"

The banter and chatting carried on and soon the waiter brought the menu; we were booked for a set 2-course menu (the second course on the menu was not for us):

First Course

Choose any two of the following

Seafood bisque

Chicken liver parfait

Boyds crayfish cocktail

Salmon cake on samphire

Venison faggot, onion gravy

Crispy potato gnocchi with Cornish brie (v)

Beetroot and goats cheese salad (v)

Baked Scallop, Cornish Yarg cream and walnuts

Third Course

Sticky toffee pudding with clotted Cornish cream

Raspberry and oatmeal Cranachan

Trio of British Cheese, Celery, Grapes & Biscuits (1 supplement)

The second course was omitted because of the budget of £20 per head (2 courses were priced at £19), as well as our limited time. It was a quarter past 8 and we had to be seated in the Queen's by 9. We were a couple of blocks away from the theatre: about 10 minutes' walk.

I asked Luigi to help me choose. He suggested that I took the crispy gnocchi. I also thought it would be a fine choice. He chose the salmon and Pierre the venison. Clive went for the crayfish and Giovanni the seafood bisque.

We ordered our first courses and the food was delivered in 5 minutes' time flat. The gnocchi was superb. "That looks even better than my mom's gnocchi! May I please try one?" Luigi asked. He took the crispy morsel with his fork from my plate and groaned when he tasted it. "Oh yes! My mom's is different, but this is wonderful. Don't you dare tell her I said that! One more please?" Luigi took another one and oohed and ahhed again.

For dessert most of us went for the sticky toffee pudding. It was a great choice and the helpings were generous.

At 20 to 9 Clive clanked his knife against his glass and said: "Time to go gentlemen. I'll sort out the bill. Get your jackets and put your scarves around your necks. Wait inside the door - don't go wait outside. It's too cold. I'll see you at the door," Clive said and went to pay the account.

Sheez! Boss was spoiling us!


The walk to the Queen's Theatre was cold but not too bad. It wasn't very far and with Claude and André amidst us, we were laughing so much that we were at the theatre's doorstep before we knew it.

I was very aware of the immense load of cum George deposited in me. I had to clench to prevent it from leaking from my hole and I wanted to keep it in me for as long as I could.

Once again, perfect organisation by Boss and the staff: the tickets were placed neatly in an envelope at the ticket window, together with 15 big glossy programmes.

We went inside and when the usherette showed us to our seats, we were blown away: right in the middle, 'dress circle, second price', just high enough not to look up at the actors, but slightly down. The seats were perfect. I took a look at the ticket and took a double take: the tickets were £52 each! I gasped and showed it to Luigi.

"I'm sure Boss gets discount. Clive, did Boss pay £52 for these tickets?" he asked Clive.

"No, of course not! These were complimentary tickets! My dad is a patron and tonight's second show bookings were slow, and because dad brings many people here, the theatre does give complimentary tickets from time to time. You're the lucky winners of such an event. So, just enjoy it. The early show started at half past seven, but due to an unprecedented demand for tickets before Christmas, they do have this extra show tonight, which is uncommon. You're lucky, as the main cast is performing for this show. The ancillary cast was on for the half-past 7 show. I've seen it before, but it still blows my mind away. You'll enjoy it!" Clive said and leaned over to ruffle my hair. "*I love you!*" he mouthed.

"*Yes, me too!*" I mouthed back.


The show was everything I expected and much more. The cast knew their stuff and the décor was breath taking and amazing. The songs were wonderful and the familiar ones brought tears to my eyes.

All through the show Pierre had my hand in his and Luigi had his hand on my thigh. I had my hand on Luigi's thigh with his hand on mine. I was a happy man: I was surrounded by men who loved me and I had my two main darlings on either side, watching a world-wide phenomenon which broke all records. Les Misérables topped all my expectation. I loved it.

When the curtains came down in the end, the audience got to their feet and gave an ovation of note. It was just a fantastic show.

After the last cheer and clap of hands, the whole cast came into the auditorium as an unprecedented gesture to give autographs and sign programmes.

The actors mingled with the audience and after 20 minutes they started to leave. That was one hell of a gesture. An early Christmas present to all of us? It was their last performance before Christmas. The show wasn't on until Saturday, the day after Christmas, to give the actors some time with their loved ones.

The lead man, Peter Lockyer as Jean Valjean, was one sexy man! Wow! I was chuffed when he signed my programme. He was sexy as fuck!

"Don't get any ideas, you hear! He is not available!" Pierre said and squeezed my arm. "And besides, I won't allow him to take you away from us! So, behave!"

"Tsk! What do you think of me? I don't go around picking up every man I meet ..."

"Yeah, right! Behave! Or 'I'm calling Dad'!" Pierre quipped.

"Yeah right! I think ONE André is enough, thank you!" I said and put my head on Pierre's shoulder. "You know that I love you, don't you?"

"Ant, to others this might be a totally fucked-up situation but I think there is mutual love between all of us, just more between some. I for one love you with all my heart. I have no doubt about Luigi. Giovanni is fast falling for you, and so is Clive. Juan? No doubt. Johann? Same. Gunther? Oh my godd! That man worships the ground you walk on! The others love you too, but perhaps not the same way as we do. I'm just pulling your leg. I know you love us too," Pierre said and put his hand around my shoulder and pulled me tight to him.

Clive moved to the middle of the group. He put his hands in the air and clapped. "Guys! Guys! It's almost midnight and it's freezing cold outside. The initial plan was to go to 'Heaven' gay club, just around the corner from Boyd's. However, after a long day out, I suggest we go back to the hotel and rather have some drinks before we go to bed. I'll organise something for tomorrow night. We could be at the club by 10 o'clock. What do you say? My dad could organise the bus to take us back to the hotel when the tube is closed. Right now I'd rather go to the hotel and go to the club tomorrow night. OK? In any case, Wednesday nights are also a better night to go there. Luigi? Pierre? Giovanni? Guys?"

"Since we've had a long day out, seeing fantastic stuff, and with us having just seen Les Misérables, I think we'll do the high we're on right now a big injustice if we went to the club now. I support the suggestion to go back to the hotel now. I'm pooped and I want nothing more than to crawl into bed with my darling boy and the rest who wants to join us. Antonio? Juan? Gunther? Pierre? André? What do you guys say? We could paint this town pink tomorrow night! Right?" Luigi said and put his arm around my shoulder, and hugged me to him.

"Yes, I support the suggestion. Come let's go. I'm thirsty and I'm sure our mini-bar has some kind of drink with my name on it. What do you say ogre? Want to inseminate me? Hmm?" André! What a delinquent.

The others roared with laughter but the general consensus was that we go back to the hotel. The only one that was a bit disappointed was Morné. I'm sure he was looking forward to pick up a nice boy to put his huge cock into. He'll just have to be satisfied with Johan or perhaps even André? Yes, he and Juan could double up with André as the bottom. Perhaps André had forgiven Morné for Sunday night.

We all left the theatre and buttoned up and zipped up and put our scarves around our necks and up around the lower parts of your faces. We walked out into the cold. Fuck! It was freezing after the balmy warmth in the theatre.

When we turned the corner, a whole group of the actors exited from the stage door. Amongst them were some of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen, my current company excluded. When they saw us, some of them looked again. We were a sexy bunch of men together.

We hurried down Wardour Street and soon we saw the Piccadilly Circus Underground ahead of us. We clambered down the stairs and waited on the western-bound Blue Line towards Green Park, Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. We all got seats and I was sandwiched between Clive and Pierre. Luigi let it slide as his place behind me in bed was booked. Clive and Pierre had their arms around my shoulders and I had a hand on their thighs, but they both pushed my hands under their jackets right to their crotches. Fuck! Both were hard! Jackals!

The train pulled out of the station and the rocking motion made me very aware of the cum I still had in me. Oh fuck! I was sure more was going to be pumped into me later. The only thing I wasn't sure of was who it would be and how many of them would fuck me and pump more cum into me. I was determined to keep George's cum in me to serve as natural lube, if it could even be possible.

Passengers got off, others got on. At Green Park quite a number of passengers got on and Giovanni gave up his seat to an elderly gentleman. He came to stand right in front of me. He held on to the handles above him and his crotch was right in front of my face. Oh fuck! I looked up and saw he was looking at me. He winked and licked his lips. He pushed his big bulge towards me. I could suck him on the spot!

Pierre saw what was happening and flicked his leg against mine. "Behave or I'm not fucking you tonight! Talk about a jackal!"

"I'm just ..." I started.

"You're not 'just anything'! Wait for later Ant! I've got such a huge load for you! Do you want it? Hmm? Delivered through quite a substantial tube of man steak?" Pierre said against my ear.

Clive had his head close to the other side of my face and overheard what Pierre was saying. "Me too! Two deliveries up for grabs! Interested?"

"Of course guys! How could I ever say 'no' to anyone of you? Big eh? You said they're big? Really? Just how big? I hate small paper straws!" I joked.

"Yes, of course you don't know about what you're feeling against your hands, right? Shall we surprise him Clive?" Pierre said and pushed my hand tighter against his hard crotch.

"Looks like we'll have to train him all over again, not so Pierre?" Clive continued to joke.

"How about a double lesson? Hmm? What do you say, Ant?" Pierre asked.

"Yes please Sirs! Yes!" I said and squeezed their hard-ons. Both groaned in my ears and I turned to kiss each one on their cheeks in turn.

"How much longer? Ahh! Here is Hyde Park Corner! One more stop and we're home free. Shall we abduct him for the night? Hmmm? What do you say Clive?" Pierre said and kissed me on the cheek.

"My exact thoughts! Keep him to ourselves for the rest of the night! Yes! We'll teach him the ways of true men who know what they want! Right Ant?" Clive added to the banter.

"What about me? I want in too, please?" Giovanni said and moved his crotch closer to my face. I could touch his bulge if I moved my face forward and stuck out my tongue. Yes! Please!

"Behave and you might be in!" Pierre quipped.

The rest of the ride continued with lots of jokes and me groping the men and lusting after Giovanni's bulge in front of me. Halfway between Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge, Luigi came to stand next to Giovanni and struck up a conversation with him in Italian. They were talking about the gay life in Rome and the gay clubs there. It sounded very promising.

The train stopped at Knightsbridge and we all got out. We went through the turnstiles and walked the short distance to the Berkley. It was freezing! Brrr!

The doorman opened the door for us and greeted us friendly. We entered the foyer and when we came around a pillar, we saw a familiar face. John was at the counter. He smiled when he saw us. He approached us and asked Clive what he could do for us.

"We'd love some coffee and some liqueurs please! It's for Boss's tab. When do you go off duty?" Clive asked, and I was all ears. I wouldn't mind to have his 32cm thick cock in me again, I thought! Perhaps a double with Giovanni?

"I'm officially off duty. I was waiting for you, hoping I could be of service to you. I'll get the coffee right away. Same suite as this morning? Coffee for everybody? How many of you?" John asked. I looked at his bulge ... huge and quite pronounced. Fuck! If I were lucky, I was going to have it in me again ... Soon I hoped!

"Coffee enough for 15 people please? Which liqueurs, guys? A few popular ones? Yes?" Clive asked.

We all concurred and left John to get the coffee. We got into the elevators and went up to the third floor. We all went into our suite and as we entered, I excused myself to go to the toilet. George's huge load in me had to be released - it was too much! Plus, I wanted to prepare for the imminent onslaught ... hmmm!

The others got comfortable and André called up some music on his iPhone. The tiny speakers didn't do justice to the music, but it was better than nothing. I wished we had one of our Jawbones there, but it was too late for tears. We never thought of bringing one of the loudspeakers Dad gave us.

I pushed the huge load out - it was a lot! I was surprised I was able to keep it in me for more than 5 hours. I took my rubber bulb and douched properly. I dressed again and went back into the suite.

"I need to take a dump too. Perhaps I should douche too. *I think Juan has the hots for me*," André said as he walked past me.

Luigi and Giovanni moved to either side on the one couch to make room for me.

"Feeling better mio caro? Was it a huge load? Ready for more?"

"Fuck yes! It was a lot. He is a real stallion. And yes, I'm ready for more! Do you think John ...?" I said.

"Yes, of course! If you wanted it. Do you?" Luigi said.

"Oh fuck yes! He is a nice guy and he has a nice big one! I'd love him to open me up and perhaps try a double with Giovanni. It would be rather nice," I said.

"Gio, did you hear that? Would you like to double with John?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, of course! But John has a thick cock. Would we be able to do it?" Giovanni asked and touched my thigh.

"First only John and then only you and then we could try a double. I'm sure I'd be able to handle it," I said and put my hand on Giovanni's hand on my thigh.

"Oh fuck! I'm hard already! You're a devious sexy young man! I'd be dehydrated before the week's out!" Giovanni said and put his head on my shoulder.

"Would that be a bad thing? Just think, Antonio could revive you with his mouth!" Luigi joked.

There was a knock on the door and André went to open.

"Ahh! John! Please come in! What's in your pocket? A gun? Or are you just happy to see me?" André quipped.

"Erm ... there is nothing in my pants! It's ... ahhh! Joker! But you're not Antonio, right?" John said.

"Right there my man! There is your target! Baby bro, this man is already lusting after you! Jackal!"

John pushed the trolley into the room and the aroma of strong black coffee filled the room. Andre closed the door and locked it.

"After the smell of sex and cum, this is the most wonderful aroma there is. Thanks John! You'll be amply rewarded, right Antonio?" Pierre said and ruffled John's hair.

John poured the coffee and served each one of us. Then he took orders for liqueurs and brought each of us a small glass with the sweet liquid. Most of us wanted Frangelico. Some wanted Kahlua and some Drambuie, and only Giovanni wanted some Cointreau.

"Please get yourself some coffee and liqueur too and come sit with us John. André, did you lock the door?" Pierre said.

"Yes, it's closed and bolted. Come sit here with me and feel what you're missing!" André said and patted the armrest of his chair. Poor John!

John got himself some coffee and liqueur and went to sit on the wide armrest next to Andre. As he walked past me, I noticed his huge bulge again. Fuck! The man packed a big cock!

The group was chatting and we took stock of the day in Kensington and of course dinner and Les Misérables. We were tired but happy. But not too tired for a quick roll in the hay! John was the lucky one to open me up, not that I needed opening up, especially not after George fucked me a few hours earlier.

"Listen guys, Pieter and I have an early morning tomorrow. We have some business to take care of. We can see you guys have some shenanigans lined up, what with the hung bellhop here! We're going to love and leave you to it. Come Pieter my love! Let's get out of here! Good night everyone and thanks for a lovely evening. Thanks for the coffee and liqueurs John!" Claude said.

Pieter got up and said good night. They left and André was quick to take charge.

"So then, let's get down to business. How about you show us that huge cock of yours, John? Just how big is it?" André said and put his hand on John's bulge.

"Yes, show us all so we could see. This morning we saw it from a distance before it disappeared into Antonio's hole. Come Pommie! Show us!" Pierre said.

"Oh fuck! I've never done this before, but you guys are so nice and kind. It's ... sorry ... erm ... it's 32cm ...! Would you do it with me, please Antonio?" John said as he got up. His bulge was insanely big and tented his pants towards his left hip.

32cm! My godd! Then I knew why the fucking was so memorable that morning! The man was hung seriously big!

"Yes, Ant! Join him! I want to see him fucking you again!" Pierre said and palmed his own bulge.

Luigi squeezed my leg and just said 'Sì'.

My own erection was complete and I felt the precum leaking out already. I got up and walked over to John who was standing next to the chair André was sitting in. He smiled nervously and licked his lips. He was nervous, as if he hadn't had a performance that morning. I stepped up to him and kissed him.

He gasped into my mouth, clearly surprised to get kissed again. He was a novice, that much was clear. I continued kissing him and felt his lips relaxing. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and he squirmed against me. He put his arms around my neck and kissed me with a newfound passion. His bulge pushed against mine. Oh fuck!

I put my hand on his cock in his pants and squeezed the huge tube of flesh. He responded by palming my own smaller bulge.

"Take off your fucking clothes!" André said and the others confirmed they wanted to see us naked. My godd! We've become like a vaudeville sideshow! It made me very conscious and a bit embarrassed. But, everybody knew my love for cocks, especially big ones. Plus, most saw the spectacle that morning when John fucked me.

I started to undress John and was astonished at the little body hair on his chest. There was some, but much less than anyone else in the group. Even Clive and Gunther had much more. But, the man had a cock, a BIG one!

John followed suit and was undressing me too.

Soon we were fumbling with each other's pants and when John's pants came off, his underpants tented forward under strain from its huge contents. My own cock poked out above the elastic waistband. My godd! I was worked up.

I felt someone's hands on my shoulders and a mouth in my neck. I smelled Clive's distinct fragrance and relaxed. His pants were open and his enormous cock was pushing into my crack. Oh my godd! A double?

Another body appeared to my left. I saw out of the corner of my eye it was Giovanni. He too had his pants open and I felt his big cock against my leg. It was hard and sopping wet.

Then another body appeared on my right: Pierre. My godd, the guys were as randy as cats in heat. His hand and very wet cock pushed against me. Were they going to take turns to double fuck me with John? Whatever the case might have been, I knew I was about to be fucked big time!

André was kneeling at our feet and was untying our shoelaces. He gently lifted one foot at a time to remove our shoes and socks. When it was done, I pushed my underpants down and did the same with John's underwear. André pushed them down completely and removed it altogether. I felt the huge cock pushing against me - sopping wet. John groaned into my mouth. He was as hot as could be. His hands were on either side of my face, two fingers behind my ears and two fingers in front of my ears. He was a gentle soul.

I felt how the other 3 men were getting rid of their clothes while John and I stepped out of our pants. André removed their shoes and socks as well.

I broke free from John's kiss and looked down. The view was spectacular. Our hard cocks were pushing against each other and when I looked at John, I saw John had very big feet. Totally hairless, but the second toe was spectacularly long: much longer than the second toe of anybody else in the group. To a large extent, they were nice. I looked to my right and saw Pierre's hairy feet - only one bit less beautiful than Luigi's feet. Giovanni's feet on my left were very good-looking too.

A head pushed between us and a hand took hold of my cock. When I looked down, I saw a naked André was on his knees and was about to suck our cocks. He took John's huge cock into his mouth. John gasped.

Clive's cock behind me was twitching between my butt cheeks. He was rubbing it up and down my crack. He had his arms around me and was playing with my nipples.

John let go of my face and put one hand on my tummy and the other took hold of my hard cock. He squeezed it and slowly started jacking me.

Pierre and Giovanni were kissing the sides of my face. "*I fucking love you Ant! You're just a phenomenal guy*!" Pierre said softly. Giovanni gently sucked on my cheek and murmured: "*You're the best thing that has ever happened to me*!"

"*I love you guys too!*" I said.

I looked up and saw John was looking at me. I realised his green eyes were actually very nice and that his dark stubble against his milky-white skin actually made him look very sexy. He had a fairly big nose ('big nose, big hose'), but it was a nice nose. His eyebrows were fairly hairy and he was smiling shyly.

"Thanks for the best Christmas present ever! You have no idea what this means to me!"

"You're welcome! I love your cock!"

"It's yours!"

"Then let me have it!"

By then André was sucking my cock and I groaned. My brother has mastered the art of deep-throating and my cock disappeared into his throat. I gasped and let my forehead rest on John's nose. He responded by kissing my nose.

Clive's cock was still rubbing up and down my crack and by then it had leaked lots and lots of precum on my hole.

André let go of my cock and asked Claude to get the poppers and the special lube from my toilet bag. "There is going to be some serious fucking going down tonight! Right baby bro? Tonight I also get to double fuck you, OK?"

"Yes, we could try," I said and knew: if André was that randy, I was in for a fucking of note.

"I'll get it. Where is your toilet bag, Anton?" Johan asked. My godd! He too?

"In the bathroom. It's a black roll-up bag that hangs from the hook closest to the washbasin."

"I haven't been this randy in a long time! Baby bro, I want to open you up, OK? Then a double with John, right?"

I didn't need any 'opening up', not after George fucked me earlier, but my brother was 'the elder brother, and he had rights', so I let him be.

Johan returned with the lube and poppers and André stood up, taking it from Johan.

"Clive, please ...? Are you ready baby bro? I want in please!"

I took the poppers and took a whiff. My godd! I haven't used it for some time and my head swam through a daze of sounds and lights. I could've taken on a monster cock!

Another body appeared next to us: Herman! My godd! It would appear the whole lot was oversexed and ready for action! Herman too? Ahhh! The third one with 33cm to fuck me! Imagine all three fucking me in turn ... Little did I know!

"Booboo, I want to see you fucking Anton before you fuck me, OK?" Johan said to Herman.

"Yes, please!" Herman said and hauled his enormous cock from his pants. Fuck! I've forgotten how big and beautiful his cock was! And what pleasure that cock brought me in the past. "OK Anton?"

"Yes, of course!" I said through a daze of poppers.

André was behind me now and put his lubed-up cock in my crack, and rubbed it up and down. He put the tip on my hole and pushed forward. The tip slipped in and I groaned. John hugged me close to him and kissed me in the neck.

Johan and Herman were kissing each other and playing with each other's cocks. Next to me Pierre and Giovanni were standing close to me. Giovanni had moved to my right and Clive was standing on my left. He had his huge cock pushed between John and me. The big thick wet cock faux fucking our tummies felt fantastic.

André's cock slipped in deeper and he groaned. "Oh fuck baby bro! This will just never get old! I could fuck you morning, noon and night and a few times in-between too!" His hard 24,5cm cock slipped in deeper and soon he was balls-deep in me. I groaned and squeezed John's big hard cock. Clive and Pierre kissed me and pushed their cocks against me. André started to fuck me with slow and deep thrusts.

I saw movement and saw Johan and Herman moving in behind me. Already? There was no possibility to have a double-fucking while we were standing up like that.

"Ahh! That feels good! Yes! Lick that hole!" André said. Someone was licking his hole. Johan? Herman?

"Yes, get him ready," Herman said. What? Was Herman planning on fucking André? He'd never allow that. André said nothing, so I wasn't sure if he didn't hear it, or if it didn't bother him ... What?

"I'm going to fuck you, André. OK?" Johan said. Jackal! My brother was horned up out of his skull and now Johan was striking the iron while it was hot. Oh well, perhaps my brother will like it, I thought.

"Lube please Booboo?" Johan asked Herman.

"Just be fucking careful and don't rush it, OK?" André said. What? What happened to my brother? Where is my brother? Who is this behind me? I was amazed. There was more to come! Much more!

"Yes, of course! My tiny cock is not going to hurt you!" Johan said. Ha! 24cm 'tiny'? Not even close!

André stopped fucking me. "Ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Slowly please!" André moaned. His cock was twitching in me and he started to fuck me again, just much slower. It was obvious he was impaled on Johan's cock. "Yes, push it in! Oh fuck yes! Yes!"

After about 3 minutes of fucking, André said: "No, why are you pulling out? Please put it back!"

"May I please try? I'll be very gentle," Herman said. Herman! Fucking my brother? That wasn't going to happen!

"Oh fuck! I knew that this was going to happen some day! 'Some day' has arrived now it seems! Yes, oh fuck yes! But if you hurt me, I'm cutting your balls off! Slowly! Oh godd! Baby bro, I'm going to be torn apart! O fuck!" André said keeping his cock still.

"Just relax and push out. Just relax André!" I said and clenched my hole over André's cock and pushed out. "Like that."

"Oh fuck ... oh fu-u-u-u-c-c-k-k! Oh fuck! It's happening ... that huge cock is stretching my poor asshole! Oh fuck!" André protested and his cock twitched in my hole. He put his head on the back of my neck and his arms held on to my biceps. "Ahhh!"

"Just relax, OK? I won't hurt you. You can take it," Herman said soothingly.

"Ahh! Oh godd no! Pull out again ... let me catch my breath and then let's try again. Out first please?" André said.

"OK, but relax. You're very tense. Johan, push in him again and get him loosened up a bit more," Herman said.

Johan took Herman's place and must have pushed back into André.

"Yes, that's more my size! Yes! It feels fantastic! Yes, fuck me Johan!" André said and he started fucking me again.

Within a minute or so Johan groaned that he was going to cum. "OK André? I want to lube you up good so Herman's cock could slip in easier!"

"Yes, pump your cumload into me! Fuck me!" André said and fucked me. "Why are you pulling out so soon? Is that horse cock going to fuck me again? Oh godd! Oh fuck! Just take it slow you rubbish! I'm not Anton!"

Johan cleared the way for Herman who moved in behind André. It was clear Herman was pushing in again as André was groaning and his cock twitched wildly in me.

"Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Just push it in already! But slowly! Slowly you rubbish!"

Another minute and Herman was growling and I felt in the movement in André's body that he was fucking André good and well. "I'm going to cum André! OK? I have been waiting for this day a long time! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ahhhh!"

"Yes, pump your big load into me you horse cock man! Baby bro, I'm also cumming! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Hnnngggnnnnhhh!" André moaned and I felt his cock starting to spasm in me. He was pumping one hell of a lot of cum into me. He collapsed on my back and I felt another pair of hands on my shoulders. Herman's. He squeezed my shoulders as he shuddered when the last of his load spurted into André.

"If anybody told me this was going to happen, I would have slapped that person. Ahh! But it felt good! Just, don't get any ideas! This is not going to happen every day, you hear you rubbish? Now pull out please. I need a drink. Pull out!" André, back in normal mode again.

When André pulled out, I heard movement and felt a huge pair of hands on my back. He kissed me gently in the neck and said: "Remember me, my darling boy?" Juan! Oh fuck yes!

"My darling man! Of course! Please make love to me!"

"Yes, but I want us to go to bed. OK?"

"Yes, of course! John, let's get on the bed. Come!" I said and turned around. Juan was completely naked. He took me in his arms and kissed me softly and sensually. Ahhh! I don't kiss this man enough, I thought. What a nice, gentle man! I put my hand on his cock: rock-hard and sopping wet. The sex with this man was never boring or unpleasant.

"And this is our cue to take our leave. Thanks for a wonderful day and for the evening. We're going to bed as I'm cold to the bone and I want to have my big man to myself. Good night everyone!" Johan said. Herman also said goodnight. They put on their pants and left our suite to go to theirs next to ours.

After they were gone, we all moved to the bed and Pierre told John to lie on his back. "Ant, just sit on him while Juan fucks you. Perhaps you could do a double?"

John was eager to please and he was horny out of his skull. The precum dripped from his cock. I leaned down and licked it off. Hmmm! I sat on his crotch and Juan took place on the bed next to us. He took me in his arms and kissed me with love, passion and gentleness. Oh fuck! If there were no Luigi or Pierre or Giovanni or Luke, or Gunther or Dad or André, this man could easily have been my Numero Uno! But, he is not a second prize, not by a long shot. He was his own man and a nice one at that, someone I loved very much.

I took his big 28cm cock in my hands and remembered the first time I saw it, how much I loved it and how scared I was when he fucked me when we went away for the weekend. And that every time this man has fucked me, it was special and memorable. Even though his cock wasn't enormous like Pierre's cock, it was big and it made you realise a real man was fucking you.

"I love you so much my darling boy! I know you're very happy with Luigi but I wish it could've been just you and I and André and Gunther and Johann ... oh fuck! I love them all! So, the status quo will not change. I love you!" he said and kissed me. His lips lingered on mine, his big tongue licked my lips and pushed into my mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I was leaking copious amounts of precum onto John's tummy. Fortunately he was hairless!

"Can I fuck you? I think there is a lot who have the same idea. OK?"

"Yes, of course my darling man! I love you too, you know that?" I said and touched his cheek.

"Yes, I know! And I love you more!"

He moved to position himself behind me. My hole was still loose after the pummelling I got from André. I felt the beautiful cockhead on my hole and I pushed back.

John's hands were on my hairy tummy and were playing with my hard cock.

"Ahhh! Eager I see! Yes! I'm going to fuck you good my darling boy! Ready for it?" Juan said.

"Yes, please! Fuck me Juan!"

The big cockhead pushed into me and I groaned. Fuck! It felt good! It was a good choice of cocks after André fucked me. Juan's cock was perfect and it was hard.

The head slipped in and he paused. "OK my boy?"

"Yes! Push it in!" I said and kissed John. He was totally mesmerised by the shenanigans and the big cock on his tummy was leaking lots of precum.

Next to me on the bed were Luigi, Pierre, Giovanni and Clive on one side, touching each other, kissing and sucking, and on the other side there were Gunther and Johann, doing the same. Morné was casually lounging around, waiting for his turn. It was clear he was adamant to get his juices pumped into me - not that I objected. He was a fucking sexy well-built man with a fantastic cock.

Juan was fucking me with slow deep thrusts, his arms around my body holding me tight to him.

"How I fucking love you - you have no idea. This feels great. How I've missed you!" Juan said against my ear.

I turned my head and got a deliciously gentle kiss from him. Small wonder he was Mom's favourite son-in-law. She liked him since we were in his Science class in Grade 9.

Juan was fucking me while I had John's big cock in my hands. His tummy was very wet with precum. I took some of it with my finger and put it in my mouth. It tasted fantastic.

"I'm going to cum my darling boy! I'm enjoying it so much but I can't hold it back any longer. I'm cumming! Ahhh! Oh yes! Oh yess!" Juan's cock swelled and he fucked me faster. He growled again and then I felt his cock spasming in me as he pumped his big load into me. Oh fuck! What a wonderful man!

Juan clung to me with his head on my shoulder. He made little sounds and lightly kissed my neck. His arms were still around my chest.

"You're just phenomenal! Sheez! What a man!" Juan said and started to pull out. "Let John in. He is our guest and now he gets to be number 5! Sorry John!"

When Juan's big beautiful cock slipped out, I felt my hole was very wet. No need for extra lube: John's cock would slip in easily. I lifted my butt and positioned it over John's cock. The huge head was still covered with the foreskin and it was sopping wet. I sat down on it and the head just slipped in. But it was a thick cock and after the fucking I had with it that morning, I knew it would be a tight fit.

I waited a few seconds to get used to the big invasion and then I clenched around the shaft and let go, sitting down at the same time. The shaft entered me and scraped over my prostate. I almost shot my load.

John's hands were still playing over my tummy and cock. He bucked up and the huge cock slipped right in with one fell swoop. I groaned. It was quick!

"Sorry! Did I hurt you?"

"No, I'm fine. But you're forgetting you don't actually have a small cock! It's big my man!" I said and squeezed his hand.

I felt someone behind me and then I felt two strong hands on my shoulders. He put his mouth on my neck and rested his big cock on my hole. I put my hand back and enclosed the cock in my hand. It was a big one. Then he spoke and said: "OK if we tried a double please?" Morné. Jackal!

"Yes, OK but slowly! John's cock is big! And so is yours! Put on some extra lube."

"Sure thing! Where is the ... oh, thanks André. Do you want some poppers Anton?" Morné asked.

"Yes, I think I'll need it. André, poppers please?" I said and took the small bottle from him.

I felt the hard big cock pushing on my hole and I took a deep whiff of the potent liquid in the small bottle. My head was spinning and my breathing was fast and deep. I felt Morné's cock pushing into me and I took another whiff. My godd! If the man was going to double-fuck me with John, I needed some help.

When the effects of the poppers waned, I felt Morné was balls-deep in me. He clung to me and took the small bottle from me. "I want some too!" He took a whiff and I felt the big cock in me swell to huge proportions.

"Please let me try that!" John said and took the poppers from Morné. He took a big whiff and I felt his cock twitching in me. Both cocks were now rock-hard and they started to fuck me.

"Wow! This stuff is potent! I'm about to cum! Wow!" John said as he was fucking me as best he could from below.

"Me too! I'm about to shoot my load too! Let's cum together John!" Morné said while his cock was pistoning in and out of me.

"Yes, let's pump our big loads into our man!" John said and no sooner had he said that, than both were groaning and pumping their cumloads into me. Oh fuck! The feeling of the two big cocks in me was unbelievable!

Morné was first to pull out and when he was out, I lifted off John's big rubbery cock. My godd! It was a big and beautiful cock on a very white almost hairless skinny guy. He was a nice guy but I liked my men hairy and not so milky white.

John got up from under me and stood on his knees in front of me. "Antonio, that was the best day of my life. Twice in one day! It was worth it to wait for you guys! Thanks!" he said and kissed me. I kissed back and sucked his tongue into my mouth. He was actually a good kisser.

"I think I'll go sleep with Johan and Herman. Thanks for everything guys. Thanks Anton. You're a phenomenon. Thanks for a nice day and evening. Cheers guys. I'll see you all in the morning," Morné said and collected his clothes. He just put on his underpants and ran down the passage to Johan and Herman's suite.

"Mein Schatz, jetz ich bitte (My darling, now me please)?" Gunther said next to me, and moved his beautiful hairy body in under me.

"I could loose my job for this but this was phenomenal. I think I'd better be going. Anything you want from the bar or the kitchen?" John asked as he was collecting his clothes.

"No, were fine thanks. Thanks for your 'inputs' so to speak! And for the coffee and liqueurs." André said as John was dressing himself. André helped John to collect the cups and put them on the trolley. Then he retrieved the liqueur bottles.

"I'm off now. Take care! Thanks you for being such nice guests. And a special thanks to Antonio! I'm hooked! I hope I find someone like you who is not afraid my wee penis!" John said at the door and he was gone with the trolley. That would give him a valid alibi for being with us, should anybody ask: he was serving us. Yes, I could vouch for that, I chuckled.

"Take care now. We'll see you tomorrow!" André said and locked the door behind John.

I lied down on Gunther and kissed the beautiful blonde German man: hunk, sweet lover and nice guy. His 29,5cm cock (and he was adamant to specify its exact size!) was hard and curved to his right. Gunther was left-handed and put his cock in his pants to his left, thus the curve. It was perfect for fucking when I sat on him, facing him.

My hands were on his hairy chest. Gunther pushed his hand between us and moved the tip of his cock to between my butt cheeks. I could feel the big wet cock pushing up behind my balls towards my asshole. He faux fucked me and hugged me close to him. I loved this man like he was my only lover. He was a wonderful man.

"I'm still here my man! Have you forgotten about me? Hmmm! He might be spectacularly beautiful, but poor old me is still here and I love you too ..." Johann pretended to be heartbroken.

Johann moved in and when I put my hand out, his wonderfully rubbery cock was leaking lost of precum. When I took the nice cock in my hand and squeezed it, it twitched and Johann groaned. "That's better! Want to taste it first?"

"Yes, give it to me! Let me taste your juices!" I said and both Gunther and I moved down the pillows a bit. Johann positioned himself with his knees one either side of Gunther's head and aimed his big 29cm cock at my mouth. The precum dangled from the tip. I opened my mouth and the big head slipped in. One thing I loved about Johann's cock - apart from it never getting rock-hard - was the lots of tasty precum. It was a lot and it tasted like nectar and I loved the thick shaft, the long head, it being uncut and that he shot one hell of a big load.

The big head moved into my mouth and down my throat in one long continuous thrust. I groaned and enjoyed this man's cock like few others.

Gunther had enough of the faux fucking and pushed me up to get hold of his cock. I realised what he wanted and lent a hand. I took the magnificent male organ and put the sopping wet head on my hole and sat down. The big head on this very thick, uncut cock curving to his right that shoots big loads, pushed in. I groaned with Johann's cock in my mouth. Gunther's cockhead in my hole twitched and I groaned again. Oh fuck, this man had a cock to die for. I sat down a bit more and felt the thick shaft sliding deeper into me, scraping over my prostate. I was charged big time and a bit of cum leaked from my piss-slit.

Johann fucked my mouth and groaned like someone in pain. He wasn't going to last if this went on.

"I'm pulling out now. As much as I want to cum in your mouth, I'd rather fuck you please. Jerry, are you in deep already?"

"No, about halfway. Want to join me?

"Yes, oh fuck yes! May I please 'baby bro'?"

"Yes, of course!" I said as the big rubbery cock slipped out of my mouth.

"Yes! Oh fuck yesss!" Johann said and moved in behind me. He took some of his precum on his fingers and put it on Gunther's thick cock sliding into me and massaged it. He slipped his wet finger in with Gunther's cock and I groaned. Fingers are hard objects, unlike cocks that become hard, but never as hard as a finger.

Johann pulled his finger out and licked it. He put it back into me, withdrew and then he pushed two fingers in. I groaned but endured it, as I knew it was the perfect way to prepare my hole for his cock, together with Gunther's in me. Oh fuck, what a lucky bastard I was to have had all these gorgeous men fucking me!

Gunther's cock was now past the inner sphincter and almost in all the way. Johann pulled his fingers from my hole and I felt his cockhead on my hole. I felt in the movement that Johann was jacking and milking it to get some more precum. He took the tube of lube lying on the bed and put some of the cold stuff on Gunther's cock and on my hole. He pushed his cockhead into me and held still.

"Ahhhh!" I groaned. Even though this beautiful man's cock never gets rock-hard, it was still a challenge when it was together with another cock, especially a big one like my Jerry man.

Johann made his cock twitch in me and pushed in deeper. My godd! I've already been fucked wholesale but this was one to remember. Johann had his hands on my back, stroking it and pushing deeper into me.

Soon Gunther was in all the way and Johann's cock, only 0,5cm shorter than Gunther's, was following a centimetre or two behind it. They filled my chute big time.

I bent down and kissed Gunther. He was on Cloud Nine whenever he could get his huge cock into my hole. He kissed me hungrily and I sucked his long tongue deep into my mouth. He put his hands behind my head and held me close to him. My own cock was achingly hard and the precum was making one monumental mess in the hair on Gunther's tummy.

"A kiss for me please?" Johann asked and rubbed my back. I broke my kiss with Gunther and turned my head towards Johann. He pushed his cock deep into me and kissed me. I turned my torso to get the kiss of a man I loved dearly.

The two wonderful men were fucking me in tandem and Johann exclaimed: "Gunther, I can feel your big cockhead rubbing against my cock! Your cock is insanely big and hard!"

Soon their breaths were fast and Johann's fucking was faster. He was about to come and knowing him, I knew I was up for a "Johann Special"! And so it was: he started cumming but after the first squirt, he pulled out and came on my hole, and then pushed in again with one long deep thrust, shooting cum into me all the way in. He collapsed on my back as Gunther started to pump his load into me. Oh fuck! The two men were just wonderful and sex with them was never dull and never boring. I loved them very much and I kissed Gunther, my beautiful German lover.

"I think Luigi and the other three want in. Are you still up for it Anton? This was once again a fuck to remember. I love you so much my man! And feeling your big cock in there with mine was wonderful Gunther! You're a sex dogg!" Johann said as he leaned over my shoulder and kissed Gunther. "I fucking love you my Jerry man!"

"Ich liebe dich auch, mein moustached Mann (I love you my moustached man)! Und mein Schatz, natürlich (And my darling, of course)!"

I kissed Gunther and felt how Johann was slowly pulling his cock out of me. "Clench 'baby bro'. You're filled to the gills now!"

Gunther kissed me again and pushed his cock deep into me one last time, held still and then he rolled me on my back, still kissing me. Then he slowly pulled out and when his cock slipped out, we both said 'ahhh' in unison. Wow!

"Oh OK now! Now for the real fireworks and the real show! Move you guys, and let the real men in! Come Johann, out of the way please! Come you sexy German man, it's our turn now! At last! Come Luigi, you and Giovanni first. Clive and I will supply precum as required!" Pierre said and gave Johann's backside a playful slap. Johann retorted and a playful scuffle ensued. Johann surrendered when Pierre threatened to fuck him on the spot. Johann was no bottom! I know he and Gunther have mutual jacking off sessions, but they waited to be with me when they wanted to fuck someone. So then, Johann beat a hasty retreat and joined Gunther on one of the couches.

"That's better! Now that all the riff-raff is out of the way ..." He ducked out of the way to avoid a cushion Johann flung at him, "... we could get down to business. First of all: how are you doing Ant? Are you up for us 4 real men? Men with real cocks and really big loads? How are you?" His voice was playful, but he was concerned too.

"I'm fine my darling," I said and was amazed at how easily the word 'darling' rolled off my tongue when I spoke to Pierre. Fuck yes! I do love you, I thought and kissed this tall hung hunk. I put my hand on his huge cock and once again, I was amazed at the sheer size of the 'thing'! It was big!

Giovanni appeared next to us and he joined in for a three-way kiss. I held his cock in my hand and the same: I was amazed at the enormous size of the cock in my hand. It was the same length as Luigi's cock - 29cm - and almost the same thickness. Giovanni's cockhead was much bigger though. Both were sopping wet.

"I think it's best you fuck Ant first, Giovanni. OK Ant? Lie on your back Gio and let Ant sit on you. You want to suck me first please Ant?" Pierre, the sergeant major in action!

Giovanni moved in below me and lied down. He pushed his legs between mine as he settled in. His enormous cock was reaching way beyond his bellybutton and was leaking lots of precum. This half-bred's cock was something to behold: it was uncut, thick, veiny, had a big head, was curving slightly downwards (the only one in the group curving down), it had a big piss-slit, produced an enormous amount of precum, and shot multiple huge loads.

I looked at it and couldn't believe that I've actually had that monster in me a couple of times already. It was big! I touched it and took it in my hand. I marvelled at the sensation of feeling the girth and warmth of the immense cock in my hand.

Pierre had moved in front of me and knelt on his knees on either side of Giovanni's head. He held his huge cock for me to suck. It was always a real pleasure to have sex with Pierre. His huge cock, uncut, very thick, veiny, with a very big head was something to behold. It curved upwards, produced enormous amounts of precum and shot multiple HUGE cumloads in quick succession. I took the immense head into my mouth and groaned when I tasted the precum from the rather big piss-slit. I remembered the first time in the toilet at his dad's shop. I was very scared as we had no lube, but his precum was enough for him to fuck me.

Below me Giovanni was licking Pierre's big balls dangling over his face. My chest was on Giovanni's chest and his cock was trapped between our bodies. Both were sopping wet. Giovanni had one hand around one of Pierre's thighs and the other one on my back. I lifted my butt and pushed Giovanni's huge cock down so it was sliding up and down my crack. I wanted it to be in me. He started to faux fuck me and by doing that, his precum was really lubing me up.

Pierre's big cock was deep in my mouth and the precum tasted like just Pierre's could: delicious. The huge head pushed against my throat and I tried all I could to get it into my throat. The head was too big but it didn't stop me from trying. I opened my mouth wide and pretended to yawn: the head slipped into my throat! My godd! Then I'd be able to take Clive's huge cock too! I was pleased and enjoyed the thrill of having Pierre's cock down my throat.

"Ant! You're an ace! Wow! That feels great! Ahhh!" Pierre gushed and pushed some more of the thick shaft down my throat. I had to come up for air and pulled off the cock. Pierre groaned as his huge cock moved out. I let it slide out completely. Pierre bent down and took my face in his hands. "I fucking love you, you hear? You do things to me I've never thought possible! Thanks Ant!"

"I love you too Pierre my man! You're easy to love and I love that big horse cock of yours! Let me suck it some more!" I said.

"Sure thing!" He rose up and pushed his cock back into my mouth again. Soon it was down my throat again and his balls on my chin. Hmmm!

Giovanni was keen to get his thick cock into my hole and moved his body so his cock was at an angle to my hole. I put a hand back and guided the head to my hole. The slick head started to slip into my loose hole and I groaned with Pierre's huge cock in my mouth. We've had a wonderful day and this was the ultimate ending.

The huge cock bending down slightly, slipped deeper and the head plopped in. Ahhh! I clenched and felt the huge head was throbbing in me. I pushed down - I wanted him balls-deep in me.

Pierre's huge cockhead slipped into my throat again as Giovanni's big cockhead scraped over my prostate. A little more cum was pushed out of my piss-slit.

Giovanni was at the inner sphincter and by now he knew he had to swell his cock and push gently. I groaned and felt the immense cockhead slipping past the obstruction. Oh fuck! It was sliding deeper into me and I sat down with intent to get all of his cock in me. I let go of Pierre's cock to come up for air. Pierre got up from above Giovanni's head and Giovanni kissed me. It was gentle but urgent. We were hot and randy. I put my hands on Giovanni's face and caressed it. He was just so fucking sexy! And hung! He stuck his tongue beyond my lips and I sucked it deep into my mouth. I had my hands on his pitch-black slightly curly hair and realised how quickly this half-bred had become a darling and a lover of note.

I fucking loved him to bits! He was a truly tall dark and hung man. And a kind soul.

Pierre moved to my buttocks and put his fingers around Giovanni's big shaft in me. He massaged Giovanni's cock and balls. Then he put his hands on my buttocks and squeezed lightly. Then, using some of his own precum he massaged my hole. He slipped one of his big fingers into my hole and I groaned in Giovanni's mouth. Oh fuck! What was it with the guys and their fingers in my hole tonight, I thought?

"I'm pushing in now Ant. OK?" Pierre said and moved into position behind me. I felt his huge cockhead bending upwards pushing at my hole. "Poppers, Ant?" Pierre said and gave me the little bottle. He fumbled for the tube of lube on the bed and put some of the cold stuff on my hole. "Just for in case ..." I was sopping wet and so was Pierre's cock.

I took a whiff of the potent volatile stuff and my head swam. I felt Pierre pushing in but didn't feel a thing. It was in halfway before I regained my senses.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Push it in! Yes Pierre! Fuck me!" I said with my head turned slightly away from Giovanni's face. "Yes!"

The huge 33cm cock slipped in deeper and in no time it was balls-deep in me. Pierre held still and made his cock swell. Oh fuck! His cockhead was in deeper than Giovanni's cockhead and the two together were of an immense circumference. I groaned and prepared for a fucking of note.

Pierre was a gentle fucker: he made love to me and did it splendidly, with no intentional hurt. His immense cock made it mandatory to be careful. I knew Pierre loved me with all his heart and would never hurt me on purpose. So, he was fucking me gently with slow deep thrusts. He was holding onto my buttocks and kissed me in the nape of my neck. "I fucking love you Ant! You have no idea!"

"And so do I Ant! You're a dream come true, even though I have to share you with the other guys! I love you!" Giovanni said and kissed me deeply.

Next to me Luigi was moving in and touched my shoulder. "You OK mio caro? Clive and I want some too, OK?"

"I'm OK my love! Yes, you and Clive have to fuck me too, please?"

"Thanks Antonio! I can't wait to pump my big load into you again!" Clive said and kissed me on the cheek. Oh fuck! What a guy! Tall hung and handsome, and a darling too.

"We're about to cum Clive! Ahh! Ant, we're going to cum, right Gio? Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!" Pierre said and fucked me with faster thrusts.

"Yes, I'm also going to cum ... n fact, I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggg ... ahhh! Oh mio Dio! Yes! I'm cumming!" Giovanni said and fucked me, rubbing his huge cockhead over Pierre's cockhead, 33cm deep in me.

"Gio, that big cockhead rubbing over mine is making me cum! Oh yes! Ahhh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming too! Yes! Hnnnnggghhh! Here it comes! I'm cumming!" Pierre said and I felt his cock swelling. His thrusts were short and deep and his breathing was laboured.

The two cocks squirted their big loads into me and I groaned at the double pleasure they were giving me.

Pierre collapsed on top of me and hugged me tightly from behind.

"I fucking love you so much Ant! I love you very much my darling!" He reached for my head and I turned my head towards him. He kissed me deeply at the awkward angle and his cock in me twitched.

Giovanni put his hands on my face and stroked my cheek. "And I have already fallen head over heels in love with you. You're the best thing that has happened to me in a long time."

I broke the kiss with Pierre and kissed the half-bred. He was a darling man and one of the most attractive Italian half-breds I've ever seen.

"OK that's it! Please give us a chance now. Please pull out and leave the declarations of love until after we've had our chance. Out Pierre! Out Giovanni!" Luigi could be assertive, given half a chance. I looked at him and saw his big cock was dripping with precum and it was rock-hard. He held it in his hand and slowly rubbed his fingers over the head.

"Yes, Luigi is right. He and Clive have been waiting a long time. Let's give them a chance. Thanks guys, but pull out please?" I said and reached for Luigi's cock. My darling Italian Stallion!

Giovanni got out from below me and I moved down his legs.

Clive moved in from the other side and put a hand on my back. I turned towards this statuesque creature and kissed him. I put my hand on his very big cock, dripping with precum. My hand couldn't go around the thick shaft. Clive groaned into my mouth when I squeezed his huge cock.

"Antonio, you have no idea what you're doing to me. And yes, I too love you very much. May I please lie down below you? Sit on me, OK?" Clive said and touched my cheek.

"Yes, of course," I said and waited for Clive to get into position. Luigi moved in behind me and put his big thumb on my hole, now wet and loose. He pushed his thumb into me and I groaned. He added the other thumb and pushed both into me. Oh fuck! Luigi pulled my hole open and some of the vast amount of cum in me ran out. "Careful there! There is a lot of cum in me!"

"So I see, but I'm about to add at least three rounds of cum into you. And Clive too, right Mr Ken?" Luigi said, comparing Clive to Barbie's man. He wás kind of perfect. I looked at him and he smiled at me. The smile changed his super sexy face into something that begged to be painted. He was gorgeous.

Luigi removed his thumbs and bent down to lick the cum from my hole. "The guys' cum tastes good! Want some mio caro?"

"Yes, please!" I said and turned my head back in anticipation of the nice cum Luigi was going to feed me. I pushed out and some more cum ran out, right onto Luigi's waiting tongue. He slurped it up and leaned forward to feed the cum to me. Oh fuck! It tasted good! I sucked Luigi's tongue into my mouth and swallowed hungrily.

"Now let Clive in. I think he's about to explode, right Mr Ken?" I thought that this nickname was so apt and that it might just stick.

I looked down at the hunk below me and kissed him. The kiss was tender and loving. This man had been in our lives only two days, but he was a darling - on every level! And I knew I've fallen in love with him already. I was a goner. I had a plethora of men who were in love with me and I loved them all.

"Here is the lube, Clive. You can't fuck my darling boy without lube. You'll just hurt him with that donkey cock of yours! Here, I'll put some on!" Luigi said and opened the lube to put on my hole.

Soon the lube was on and Pierre handed me the poppers. "Best you take a whiff. That man has an insanely big cock!"

"Yes, and you don't exactly have a toothpick! Give it please. Clive, hold your cock ready and push in when I've sniffed the poppers," I said and put the small bottle to my nose. I took a whiff and felt my head starting to spin. Clive's cock was right at my hole and I just felt it entering me, but there was no pain - just sheer bliss. I was on Cloud Nine, and I knew that the sex with these two hung hunks was going to be epic. Not that the sex with the others wasn't as good, but there was something about sex with Clive and Luigi. Perhaps it was because I loved Luigi so much?

When the nebulae of the poppers wore off a bit, the huge cock was in past the inner sphincter. My godd! I exhaled and breathed in deeply. I bent down and kissed Clive. Fuck! He was a good kisser on top of it all.

"I'm also pushing in mio caro! ?" Luigi said and I felt the lubed-up cock pushing at my hole and I braced myself. The head pushed in and I groaned. My darling man had a big cock, but the head wasn't as big as some of the others, therefore it slipped in easier. He held still and the twitching cock stretched my hole plenty. I clenched down on the two cocks in me and held the clenching until I had to let go. I pushed out and pushed back to get Luigi's cock in me. I took the poppers and took another whiff. When the nebulae took over, Luigi pushed in deeper and within seconds he was balls-deep in me, right on top of Clive's enormous cock in there already.

Clive bucked, he pushed up and started fucking me. Luigi held still and hugged me from behind. "I truly and deeply love you. You're the most wonderful man I know. My heart belongs to you!"

I broke the kiss with Clive and said: "I love you too my darling Ita! You're incredibly loving and caring and you making love to me is just wonderful. I love you Luigi!"

"And I love you too, remember?" Clive said and touched my cheek.

"I know, and yes, I love you too. I'm the lucky one here: I have so many men loving me and making love to me! Thanks guys!" I said and felt the two cocks fucking me were making my loose hole feel like they were the first ones in me that day. It felt wonderful. And the most amazing thing was, it didn't hurt at all.

Luigi and Clive were fucking me with loving care. They were careful not to hurt me and just wanted me to feel good, and it did. I've been fucked a hell of a lot by many guys recently, but when it came to Luigi, Pierre and now Giovanni and Clive, and some of the others such as Gunther, Johann, André and of course Juan, the fucking was not just fucking: it was making love and they all paid attention to my well-being and ensured that I enjoyed it.

The kissing and stroking and hugging went on and soon both Luigi and Clive groaned as they shot their first loads into me. The two cocks were spasming in me and they pumped a huge amount of cum into me.

I kissed Clive and waited for them to cum the second round. They continued fucking me and within 20 seconds both were gasping and they both pumped their next loads into me. I was in heaven and I felt that my own orgasm was teetering on the abyss of no return.

"Ahhh! This is fantastic and feeling Clive's huge cock in you with mine is just fantastic! I'm ready to cum again! Clive? You?" Luigi asked.

"Oh fuck yes, me too! Ahhh! Oh yes! I'm cumming again! Oh dear lord!" Clive said and I felt his cock starting to throb again. He pumped his third round of cum into me.

"Me too! Here it comes! Mio caro, here is my third load!" Luigi said and fucked me.

The cocks in me twitched as they pumped their third loads for the evening into me. Oh fuck! This was fantastic. All my men fucked me, and now the crème de la crème: two hung hunks, fucking me and pumping load upon load into me. Fuck!

"They're really giving it to you baby bro! How the hell you take it is beyond me! Hmmm! I'm hard again just watching you take on those big cocks!" André put in and came to sit on his knees next to me. His cock was hard again. I touched it and he groaned. "Don't start something you can't finish!"

"I could fuck you another round but I think you've had enough for one night," Luigi said. His big cock was still twitching and he stroked my back. "Clive, let's pull out, OK?"

"Yes, I think we need to get some rest. Knowing my dad, you're bound to have a full day again tomorrow. Let's get out of poor Antonio and let's get into bed. Thanks Antonio! Thanks Luigi! You're just the best there is! And the rest of you too. You too, rubbish!" he said and gave André's cock a playful swipe.

"Ouch! Careful there! It's part of the Le Plaisir family jewels! Yes, get out of my baby bro. I think he has had enough for one night!" André put in and gave Clive's arm a playful jab.

Luigi lifted off me and pulled out. Some of the huge load in me leaked out. Oh fuck! I clenched and lifted off Clive's cock. Some more cum leaked from my poor hole. I needed to get to the toilet, pronto!

"I want to suck you off please, Ant?" Clive said and took my cock in his mouth. My 24,5cm cock slipped right into his throat and I groaned. This man was talented on so many levels.

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum Clive! Watch it! I'm going to cu ... I'm cumming!" I said and took the hunk's head in my hands and pushed my cock in as deep as it would go. The major part of my load was squirted right down Clive's throat. He pulled off a bit and took the rest of my cum in his mouth. I felt his mouth was overflowed. After all the fucking, I shot a big load. "Thanks Clive! That was the perfect ending to a perfect evening! Phew!"

"Welcome Ant! It was a nice big load and it tasted fantastic! Now I have something of you in me!" Clive said and kissed me.

We got off the bed. Luigi and Clive put their arms around my shoulders and walked to the bathroom with me. I felt a thin stream of cum leaking from my hole. After so many cocks in me in just over an hour, I wasn't surprised.

"Happy mio caro? It wasn't too much, was it? Did Clive and I hurt you?"

"Yes, I'm happy my love! And no, you didn't hurt me. It was an experience, once again. Clive, you're a true hung hunk and a valuable addition to the group. We love you already. And that lethal weapon between your legs is a winner! Wow ...!"

"I'm the one privileged to be allowed into the folds of this group, and to get to sleep with you ... just fantastic. Thanks guys!" Clive said and hugged me.

I was first to use the toilet and sat down. I let the copious amount of cum in me run into the toilet bowl. What a waste. But it was too much.

The other guys, all gawking at me and who were watching the spectacle on the bed, came in and took a turn at the toilet to pee and at the washbasin to brush their teeth.

With André in the vicinity, there was bound to be some shenanigans. He and Clive got into a playful tizz and wrestled a bit. But Clive was too big and strong and soon André begged for mercy.

"Enough of all of this. Come on, we have to get to bed. There is only enough sleeping space for at most 10 of us in the two king size beds," Pierre said. "In the one bed it's Luigi, Ant, Giovanni, Clive and me. In the other bed it's Juan, André, Johann and Gunther. OK? Come, straight into bed, chop chop!" Mom reincarnated! She'd have been very proud of this particular son-in-law!

We crawled into bed and before I lied down in Pierre's arms, I checked the time on my iPhone: it was about 5 to 1. My fuck! Fortunately we only had to be in the dining room by 9 o'clock and the bus were to pick us up at a quarter to 10. I remembered vaguely British Museum, London Museum, Hyde Park and Harrod's ... Harrod's! Ahh!

Luigi crawled in behind me.

"Do you remember we're going to Harrod's tomorrow? Anything you wanted me to buy you? I do have a £100 note Dad gave me ...!" I said to Luigi.

"Don't you dare! Antonio, I'm serious! The place is a tourist trap. You don't buy a pin there. One only goes to look at the stuff. No! Nothing, thank you very much. If you wanted to buy me anything, perhaps in Firenze or Roma. Not Harrod's." Luigi said and pushed his big rubbery cock between my legs. "I'm not trying to push in, OK? I just want to feel it between your legs ..."

"Fuck! Ita! You're worse than a rabbit! Leave my baby bro alone for a change! Baby bro, if he abuses you, come sleep with me. I'll protect you. This is the bed for civilised people! Sheez! Jy weet!" André put in from the other bed.

"Delinquent, just keep quiet in the peanut gallery over there! We don't need your inputs here. Close your eyes and go to sleep! Night-night!" Pierre said and pulled me into his arms. Behind him it was Giovanni and behind Luigi, it was Clive. The temperature under the duvet was balmy and I felt nurtured. My own team of men and lovers.

"Goodnight everybody! Sleep tight and clench your assholes. There are a few deviants amongst us ..." Johann got in before André tackled him and ended up in a mini wrestle match.

The last thing I remembered was Pierre's huge rubbery cock in my hand, his lips close to mine, and Luigi's rubbery cock between my legs and his lips on my shoulder blade. I felt more hands on me, surely Giovanni and Clive ...

I slept like a baby.

= To be continued =



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