I woke up with Juan still in me. The man has become such a sex hound! But, I loved him to bits and I didn't mind it one bit. When I stirred, Juan put his arm on my face, pushed my hair to one side and kissed me on my cheek.

"Good morning my darling! Did you sleep well? Oh fuck! It feels fantastic being inside you! You drive me fucking nuts! Too much? OK?"

"Of course it's OK! I'd never say 'no' to you my darling! You and André are the air that I breathe. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Twitch your cock again? Ahhhh! Hnnngghh! You drive me fucking nuts! After all the fucking last night and throughout the night - you dogg! - I'm still fine with it!" I gushed. And, I was. I'd never ever say 'no' to him!

Juan pulled his hard cock out halfway and pushed back into me. I groaned and he gasped. It was as if it were the first time for both of us. We were really insatiable for each other.

Juan held me tight against his hairy chest and pulled out again and slowly fucked me. I was rock-hard and the precum was literally running from my piss-slit.

The movement and talking woke André. He put his hand on my chest, touching Juan's hand and groaned. "What a scene to wake up to! You guys are like dogs in heat! But I want my share. I'm still an integral part of this group! I have rights! I am the older twin brother!"

I put my hand on his almost hard cock and squeezed it. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Your hand feels so good. I want you to suck me please." André got up and sat on the pillow next to me. He held his cock in his hand and aimed it at my mouth. I opened and greedily sucked the big head in my mouth. His cock was in the final stages of becoming rigid. I sucked it deeper and André pushed his cockhead deep into my throat. Oh fuck! I loved it! To wake up with Juan's cock in me and now with André's cock in my mouth. Heaven!

André put his hands in my hair and gently stroked it. Juan's hand was caressing my nipples and hairy chest. His big cock was fucking me gently and deep. At 28cm, it was a big cock in anybody's book. And thick!

André leaned sideways with his right hand and took hold of my cock, which was sopping wet and rock-hard. I was stimulated in almost every way possible. I was fucked with Juan's big cock, I was sucking my brother's great cock and he was playing with my own cock. André's cock in my mouth was very hard now and I pulled it out of my throat into my mouth. I pulled the skin back and then forward. The first of his precum leaked into my mouth. It was a fantastic sensation to feel his big balls on my chin. André put his hand on Juan's face and caressed it.

If ever there were three guys who really loved each other, this was it. We could never get enough of each other, ever. I've never had sex with them that I felt sick and tired of it. And the love between us was tangible. We really and truly loved each other. There was one hell of a strong bond between us and it stretched way beyond sex. We were soul mates, we were sex mates, we were lovers, we shared our lives, we shared a house, we shared a bed and we shared each other's cum - as often as we could. And never was it too much or were we tired of each other. André seemed like a loose cannon, but inherent he was a kind and soft man with a heart filled with love for his fellow man and us. His jokes and banter appeared out of place at times and a bit much, but they were just that: jokes.

Juan lifted his head and kissed me on my cheek. He put his tongue out and licked André's big cock in my mouth. We were insatiable - full stop.

André pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed it into Juan's mouth. Juan sucked it right down into his throat and both of them groaned. I licked André's big balls and sucked one of them into my mouth. I put some saliva on my fingers and put my hand between his legs. I rubbed his asshole. He spread his legs wider and I pushed my wet finger in his hole. He groaned.

"Do you want me to cum in your mouth or do you want to fuck me? Baby bro?"

"I'd love you to cum in my mouth please. But I'm willing to share with Juan. You can shoot your first shots into his mouth and the rest into mine. OK my darling? Do you want André to cum in your mouth?"

"Uhm!" Juan groaned with André's cock in his mouth. He put his hand out on André's buttocks and pulled him closer and deeper into his mouth. André was groaning and was fucking Juan's mouth. Juan's cock in me was now pumping away and it was very hard. André was pumping my cock and I felt the orgasm boiling up in my groin. André was groaning and breathing faster and shallower. Juan was groaning and I was groaning ... there was a three-way orgasm coming on!

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! Juan, I'm cumming! Oh godd! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh! Oh fuuuuucckkk! Oh fuck! I'm cummmmmiiinnnnnnggggg!" André groaned and I felt his balls pulling up and his body starting to quiver.

Juan's cock in me was now drilling me big time and he too was groaning around André's mouth. It was clear he too was on the verge of cumming.

André was jerking my cock faster and then it happened. I shot a huge wad of cum on André's right leg above my cock. Juan shoved his big cock in as deep as possible and it started to twitch. André was cumming in Juan's mouth already. Oh fuck! This was absolutely crazy and wonderful. A three-way cumming!

My cum was now flying all over André's leg, my chest, my tummy, the bed, my chin ... what a mess. Juan was murmuring over my face with André's cock in his mouth. I was sure André was cumming a big load in Juan's mouth. Juan's cock was still spasming in me - he was pumping an even bigger load into me, on top of all the cum of the previous night ... oh fuck!

I put my hand on André's hand still on my cock - my cock was too sensitive. André put his hand on Juan's face and stroked it. His cock was sensitive too and he pulled it back, out of Juan's mouth. Juan's cock in me was still twitching slightly but he held still. I clenched my hole over the big cock in me. He made his cock swell and I clenched again.

André leaned forward and kissed Juan. Of course we knew that there would be cum-swopping! André was getting his cum pushed into his mouth. He took it and swallowed. They were kissing some more and then André pulled free, put his nose on Juan's nose and said: "You are still the nicest, biggest, most horrific oaf there is, and fuck! I love you so much! This was awesome and memorable! Thanks man!" He kissed Juan again with his hand behind Juan's head.

"And you might be the world's biggest delinquent, but I fucking love you too! A life without you is just inconceivable. You're the other big half of my life - you and Anton are my family now! Oh fuck! You're just such a handsome sexy bastard! I love you André!"

"Yeah, yeah! I know I'm the most beautiful man in this bed, but don't forget your place, OK? Oh, and just so you know: I fucking love you more! You have no idea how much I love you, but perhaps you shouldn't even know I love you! You might get ideas!" André was ribbing Juan again.

Juan gave André a playful swipe and said: "Oh I know how much you love me! You shouldn't get any ideas either! And just so you know: I love you more and that's that! Now shut up!" He leaned forward and kissed André again. It developed into a spit-swopping event again!

"What about me? No kisses for the baby bro'?" I feigned pain and indignation.

"Oh fuck! Baby bro! How could you even begin to imagine that we don't love you? You stupid boy! Of course we love you," André said and bent down to kiss me. I too got a spit-swopping kiss. I tasted his cum on his tongue ... fuck! What a family we were!

"And what about me? Don't I get a kiss from my 'baby bro', my darling?" Juan ribbed me and leaned over to kiss me on the side of my mouth. I bent me neck and moved my torso in order to get a better kiss. We managed a lop-sided kiss and again I tasted André's cum.

André was now leaning down and started licking my cum from my chest, my tummy and my chin. He leaned towards Juan's and my mouths and kissed us from the side. He pushed his tongue out and we tasted my cum. We all groaned and it was clear everybody was happy.

"OK, you sex perverts! I think we'd better get going. We have classes at 8 o'clock and I'm starving. Come on you big oaf! Get your huge cock out of my baby bro and let's get this show on the road! Chop chop!" André could be so blunt!

"Yes, sergeant-major! We're getting up! Yes sir!" Juan ribbed him back. "I'm pulling out now my darling, OK? Clench, OK? You've made a big mess on the sheets already - don't lose some of the cum in you! You must have a huge volume of cum in you! It's coming out, OK? Clench!"

I felt Juan's big cock vacating my rectum and I clenched. He stopped just as the big head was about to leave my hole and touched my arm. I clenched again and the head slipped out. I could feel Juan actually did leave a huge load on top of all the other cum was still in me. I realised I had to get to the toilet - soon!

André retrieved his iPhone from the nightstand and pressed the home button. "Guys, it's a quarter to seven. Come, come! Move! Let's get out of bed! Come people! I'm switching on the coffee machine. Come!"

"OK, OK! We're coming, you delinquent! Keep your shirt on! Sheez! What a horrible creature you become after I kissed you and having sex with you! You become such a beautiful sexy but horrible Witch of Endor!" Juan took another playful swipe at André's head.

"Yeah, yeah! All your compliments are not going to make the clock run slower. Come!" André put in and jumped out of the way to evade another swipe at his head. He could be so tiring at times, but we loved him nonetheless.

I crawled out of bed and went straight into the en suite bathroom to empty the huge amount of cum in me ... I barely reached the toilet. When I sat down, the cum just ran from my asshole. It was a lot! Juan's cock in me all night long kept it at bay, but it was a lot. I calculated the guys must have pumped close to 100 ml into me. That's almost a third of a cup of cum. Fuck! What a waste!

Juan walked in and stood in front of me with his big rubbery cock right in front of me, saying nothing. I opened my mouth and without a word I sucked the big cock into my mouth. Oh fuck! It tasted so nice and I could still taste his cum he pumped into me a few minutes ago. He put his hands in my hair and fucked my mouth with his big rubbery cock. Given time, we'd end up with him fucking me again! Fuck!

Juan's cock was almost rock-hard again but he restrained himself and pulled out slowly. When the big head was pulled out, I had my lips tightly around it and it made a popping sound when it plopped free. Oh fuck! How I loved this man, his cock, his body, his sexual drive, his love ... he was my man!

He knelt in front of me and hugged my head against his shoulder with both his arms around my neck and behind my head. He kissed me on the head and whispered: "Anton, I love you more than life itself. You're the most important human being in my life. I fucking love you! You make me happy to no end. Thanks for your love, your wonderful personality, the sex we have and for being you. You're one of a kind. I love André too, but you ... oh fuck! You're extra special!" He released my head and pulled my chin up. He kissed me with his soft full lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into my mouth. Oh fuck! How I wished we had time for him to fuck me again! I could bend over for him again, right there, right then!

"Juan, of all the men in my life, including André, Dad, Luigi, Gunther and Johann, it's you who is the lifeblood of my being. It's you I love, bar none. I've never loved anybody the way I love you. You're my life, my darling, my man, the man I want to sleep with every night, share my life with, one of the most beautiful men with a body to die for, hands like a model - which you are! - and feet like a god. I love you my darling!"

He kissed me again and we groaned in each other's mouths. He held my face between his hands and looked into my eyes. I had my arms around his neck and held tight. Oh fuck! Even sitting on a toilet, the moment was special and one to remember.

He stood up again and pushed his now rock-hard cock into my mouth. I sucked it and opened my throat to see if I couldn't get it into my throat ... and it went in! My godd! I've managed it! Perhaps it was the angle, perhaps my throat could open wider, but I had my darling's big cockhead in my throat! Oh fuck! I could shout for joy! At last!

"Oh fuck! Anton! You've managed it! Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Oh my godd! You have managed something I've been hoping for and ... oh fuck! Wow! Can I cum please? Please? I'd cum in under a minute! Please?"

He was fucking my mouth and soon his huge cock was spasming and he shot his load into my throat. I pulled the head from my throat and the rest of his cum ended up in my mouth. Oh damn! I really was a cum slut! His softening cock in my mouth felt so fantastic! My tongue played on the underside of the head and Juan groaned.

"Oh my darling! Oh fuck! Oh godd! Oh fuck! Another reason why I love you so fucking much! Thanks my darling! But let's get out. André would just rant and bitch if he walks in now ..."

"Yes, what about me ... oh my godd! You really are like a dog in heat! My baby bro on the toilet and you had to push your big old cock into his mouth! My godd! I'm telling Dad about your child abuse! Sheez! You're rock hard and ... don't tell me you've shot a load into baby bro's mouth? Where the fuck do you store all that cum? You're a freak!" André was going on but his cock was now close to hard itself!

I let go of Juan's big rubbery cock and pulled André closer. I love cum so much, and I love my brother, so what the hell! I opened my mouth and pushed his big 23cm cock deep into my throat. He groaned and put his hands on my head and started fucking my mouth ... My bro was just as horny as a dog in heat! The big head slipped in and out of my throat and soon he was growling like a wolf and he pushed his cockhead home one last time. He shot his load. Oh fuck! He pulled his cockhead back into my mouth and pumped the cum into my mouth. Ahhhh! It tasted so nice once again.

Above me, André and Juan were kissing each other with slobbering sounds. Fuck! Imagine the scene!

"Don't swallow please? I want to have some please?" Juan, you dogg!

André stroked my face and slowly pulled his cock out.

Juan went down on his knees and kissed me. He sucked André's cum from my mouth and swallowed. Oh fuck! We've had large amounts of cum for breakfast! What a way to start the day!

"OK, enough of this continued sex, boys! The coffee is ready. Eggs, bacon and toast? I'm making. Get off that toilet seat baby bro, or this big oaf will have his way with you once more! Sheez! Want to come and help me please? Get out of the clutches of this delusional sex fiend! Come, let your big bro protect you! Come!" He actually held his hand out, but I said: "Just let me finish and I'll join you in the kitchen. One minute please?"

I cleaned myself and washed my hands and face. Juan stood behind me with his big rubbery cock between my legs and his arms around my chest, his head on my shoulder. He looked at me in the mirror. "Oh fuck! I love you my darling! I really, really love you, so very much!"

"And I love you too. You complete me in so many ways. Thanks for the early morning cream in my hole and in my mouth! I could get addicted to this!" I ribbed him.

I dried my hands and we padded buck naked to the kitchen, where André took Juan in his arms and kissed him like a true lover! My godd! They've just been ribbing each other in bed and in the bathroom, and here they were kissing each other like some long-lost lovers! I looked down and saw they had each other's cocks in their hands and they were well past semi ... again! Talk about insatiable.

"I fucking love you so much you big oaf - you have no idea! You're making our lives worth living. I love you man!"

"And I you," Juan said and kissed André again. He hugged him close to his body and then he looked at me. "Ahhh! My darling! Come here! I love you too - very much! You two are the most important people in my life." He pulled me into the embrace and the two of them kissed me simultaneously. There were tongues and lips and spit everywhere. Then I had Juan's tongue in my mouth and then I had André's tongue in my mouth. We were all beyond semi ... again!

"No fuck, no! We have to get something to eat! Break up these shenanigans! Now! Come baby bro! You're on the bacon. Juan you're doing the eggs. I'll do the coffee and toast. There are still some bread rolls left. Any takers? Come people! I'm starving! Chop chop!" The man was such a loveable delinquent!

We broke free of each other and got to work, cocks sticking out! What a bunch of sex fiends we were! Eventually there was some breakfast on the table.


After breakfast we bundled into the bathroom. "I think we need to trim our beards one last time before they come off for the shoot next weekend. Come, I'll trim yours. André, you first?" Juan took charge and started to trim André's beard back into a stubble. Fuck! He was a handsome man! And his longer hair looked like a dark version of one of the characters in the Asterix comics. His blue eyes, combined with the black hair and black stubble, were devastatingly sexy and attractive. Yes, I know! I'm his identical twin brother, I know ... but he was just that sexy and attractive, so sue me!

Next it was my turn and soon my beard was trimmed back to a stubble. Juan pulled me in and kissed my nose and my chin and my forehead and my mouth!

"Come you big oaf! Let me trim your beard so the university could allow you amongst other human beings again. You look like a Yeti! Sheez!" André at peak again!

When Juan's beard was trimmed, I fell in love with him all over again. Fuck! He was sexy and attractive! His square chin, his beautiful nose, his full lips, his thick eyebrows, his dark blue eyes, his dark brown slightly curly hair - also longer now - were absolutely sexy and beautiful. He was the proverbial tall dark and handsome hung hunk - literally.

"OK, Yeti! You're allowed in the shower with us! Come! We need to get going! I don't want Professor Kritzinger on my case again! I got a measly 73% in our last test and he's been on my case ever since. I WILL get 90% in our next test! I'll show him! Come! In the shower, you sex doggs! Come!" André led the way and turned on the water.

We washed each other's hair, backs and even each other's crotches. Oh fuck! If time were on our side, we'd be fucking again right there and then!

We finished showering and towelled each other dry and ended up kissing and hugging again. Fuck!

We got our night bags and toilet bags for our night with Dad. I still had my little bag with lube and rubber bulb in my ECO 25.2 - WC, so I insisted that we go in my car. Juan went in his own car as he and Gunther had dinner with the dean that night.


The classes went well and Professor Kritzinger was in a good mood. He even cracked a joke or two. We enjoyed the class and soon it was half past ten. We had our next class by 11 o'clock and just as we sat down in the 'kaf', my iPhone binged. It was Luigi! Ah ... Luigi! How I've missed my Italian man! Oh fuck!

"I have an hour free. Come see me at home PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Antonio! I'm going mad without you! Please mio caro [my darling]! Per favore [please]? Oh fuck! I'm going to fuck a goat soon! Please come!?"

"André, it's Luigi ..."

"And he wants you to go see him! I knew he'd not last until tomorrow night! The fox! Yes, go baby bro! Just be back in time! Doctor Van Der Lingen is handing back our tests and he'd bar you from class if you were late. Now go!"

"Thanks bro! I'll be back before 11!" I said and ruffled his hair. Just as I got up, Herman and Johan walked in the 'kaf' and came towards us.

"Where are you going? We last saw you last night!" Johan joked.

"Just something I have to do. Come sit with André. I'll be back soon. See you," I said and rushed to my Auris. I drove my almost silent car out the campus and to Luigi's home. When I parked, I saw his car parked right in front of his front door. I took my little bag from under my seat and I approached the door. When I put my hand out to press the bell button, the door opened and he pulled me into his arms. Oh fuck! He looked divine!

Luigi's curly pitch-black hair, his pitch-black stubble, his chocolate brown eyes and the chest hair billowing from his shirt were incredibly sexy. His tall 1,95m muscular body was just like that of an Adonis. He had already taken his shoes off ... ahhh! His feet were just the most exquisite and beautiful and big and fucking sexy feet you've ever seen!

Luigi pushed the door shut and locked it.

He pulled me close to him and kissed my neck, my cheeks, my eyes and then my mouth. His full soft lips on mine were enough to make me swoon. I had my one hand behind his head and the other around his body. His one hand was also behind my head and the other on my lower back, pulling his groin into my tummy. His cock was hard ... oh fuck! There were 29cm of big thick uncut flesh, which was going to fuck me in minutes! Ahhh! Fuck! His Tom Ford Noir perfume was like an elixir! He smelled so damn good!

"Ciao mio caro [Hallo my darling]! Oh fuck Antonio! I've missed you so much! Two whole days without you ... that's too much! No, this will never do! No, no, no! Oh fuck no! Let me look at you! How is it possible that you could grow even more beautiful since Sunday? Ahhh! The beard is trimmed! Oh fuck! You look good enough to eat! Ahhh! Mio caro, ti amo [my darling, I love you]! Oh fuck! How are you my darling boy? Oh damn! I've missed you so much! And just to tell you, I've been very good since Sunday! I've resisted jacking off! So, this big old cock and balls are filled to capacity! I'm going to pump an inhumanly amount of cum into you! Oh fuck! You're just too beautiful!" Luigi gushed and kissed me again. His big cock pushed against my tummy as he was 13cm taller than myself. He put his head on my head and I put my head on his chest. We just held each other and enjoyed the closeness for a minute.

"So then, how have you been? Are you OK mio caro?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks. But how did you know I was free now? Lucky guess?"

"Yes, lucky guess! I was holding thumbs and praying and et voila! Oh fuck! How will I ever learn to live without you again? We'll have to work out a plan that I can see you more often. I'd never be able to survive without you ever again. Oh fuck, no! Mio caro! I love you so very much! Ahhhhh!" Luigi hugged me and kissed me on the ear. He was just one fucking attractive tall dark and handsome hung hunk!

"Some fruit juice? I'd love a glass of wine, but I have patients at 11 and you have a class to attend. Mixed berry juice? OK? Come! Let's get some juice and get out of these clothes. Oh fuck! I'm so glad to see you!" His huge cock made and insanely big bulge in his pants! He hugged me again and pulled me towards the kitchen. He got out a litre brick-pack juice from the fridge and two fancy tumblers. We took the juice with us and headed for the bedroom.

We took sips of the juice and kissed each other. And once again, we fed each other the drink in our mouths! We just knew how to please each other! What a man!

We undressed each other slowly but with some urgency. When I opened Luigi's shirt, my hand stroked over the muscular hairy chest and groaned. This man was very hairy but it was super sexy. It was like soft silk. His big nipples and huge areolae felt good under my fingertips. Fuck!

Luigi had my shirt open and pushed it back over my shoulders. He leaned forward and kissed me on the shoulder and stroked his big beautiful hands over my chest.

Once again I fumbled with the intricate design of the Italian leather belt. He took over and while he was loosening the belt, I unzipped his pants. His huge 29cm cock was tenting his pants something awful. When the belt was loosened, I pushed the pants open and down. I put my hand on his bulge and felt his underpants were already moist under his huge cock.

Oh fuck! This man was the most beautiful man and he was something else. I sighed. I just couldn't help loving him. He was one hell of a man. He was kind, he was intelligent, he was beautiful, he was sexy, he was tall, he was dark, he was hung like a horse and he knew how to make a man feel wanted and loved, and how to make love to a man so he just wanted more and more.

Luigi opened my pants and pushed them over my buttocks down my legs. I kicked off my slip-on shoes and stepped out of my pants. Luigi put his hands in my underpants and hauled my rock-hard wet cock out. He squeezed my cock and fondled my balls while he was kissing me. I had his big cock in my one hand now and my other hand was on his hairy tummy.

"Let me go prepare myself first please?" I whispered.

"Ah yes, mio caro. I'll wait," Luigi said and sat down on the bed.

I went into the en suite and douched. After the early-morning shenanigans that went down at La Rochelle, I was still fairly clean. It took only a few rubber bulbs of water to clean out my rectum. But, I'd rather prepare than being dirty down there.

I returned to the bedroom and Luigi got up from the bed. I noticed again how hairy he was. His legs were covered in black hair and so were his arms. I just adored looking at him. I stepped into his arms and he hugged me closely to him. He turned my back towards the bed and gently pushed me backwards. I slowly fell backwards and he followed. He stopped his fall with his hands on either side of my body and landed softly on top of me. He kept his body over me at arms' length and looked into my eyes. He mouthed the words - in English: 'I love you'!"

His mouth was mouthing the words and he leaned down. When his lips touched mine, they were wet with saliva. As he kissed me, his saliva ran from his mouth into mine and I hungrily sucked it from his mouth. His soft mouth was covering mine and his big hard cock was being pushed between my legs. Luigi lowered his body on top of mine and put his nose on mine while he looked into my blue eyes with his big brown eyes.

"I still can't believe how lucky I was to have come to Stellenbosch to meet you here. You're just one amazing man and I really love you. This can never end. It's OK that there are 4 other guys I have to share you with, but I need these times alone with you, just to myself. I could never go without you ever again. La mia bellezza [my beautiful]!"

Luigi bent down and kissed me with his beautiful soft lips. I sucked his long tongue into my mouth and groaned. I pushed my hard cock into his tummy and groaned again. Oh fuck! I wanted this man's cock in me! I've been fucked royally since I don't even remember when it started, but nobody felt the same as Luigi. I loved the others and loved them fucking me, but ... fuck! Oh fuck! There was just that something special about Luigi. He was a phenomenon I didn't understand. I could never give up André or Juan, or even Johann and Gunther, but oh fuck! Luigi was just that little bit more above the rest of them! Oh fuck!

Luigi crawled down on my body and kissed my chest, my nipples. His tongue trailed past my bellybutton along my treasure trail to my crotch. He pulled the elastic down and pulled my underpants down. I lifted my buttocks from the bed so he could get me fully naked. My cock jumped back and slapped against the hairy skin on my tummy. Luigi licked my frenulum and licked the precum running out the piss slit into my bellybutton. My cock was long enough to reach up to my bellybutton.

Luigi lifted my cock and pushed the big uncut head into his mouth. He held his mouth over my mouth, opened big and blew hot air over my cockhead. I growled and put my hands in his curly black hair. I lifted my knees and formed a Y-shaped cradle for Luigi's body between my legs. He went down my cock and licked my balls. He pushed my buttocks in the air and he sucked my perineum [part between the anus and balls] into his mouth. I groaned and pulled my legs even wider apart. Luigi lowered his mouth and sucked my asshole. Fortunately that I've douched - I was completely clean. He pushed his tongue into me and I groaned even more. This man was doing things to me that none of the others have ever done to me. He was driving me mad with desire.

He let go of my legs and sucked my balls into his mouth. His mouth was big enough to accommodate both my balls. He gently sucked them and stroked my legs and tummy.

Then he licked down my one leg, past my knee to my feet. I do have nice feet, but not even close as beautiful as Luigi's. My feet were fairly hairy and my second toe was almost 1cm longer than the big toe. André and I regularly give each other a pedicure. Dad taught us early on to take good care of our feet and hands. He despised dirty and long unclipped nails.

Luigi sucked my big toe into his mouth and played with his tongue over the hairy top. He was massaging the ball of my foot and stroked the hairy bridge with his other hand. He switched feet and gave the other one the same treatment. Then he moved up my leg to my knees. He massaged my thighs and then headed for my cock. This time he sucked my cock into his mouth and all 23cm of it disappeared into his big mouth. I was sopping wet and he sucked the precum out of me.

He sucked me deeply for a while and then he let go of my cock, and moved up my body, licking me all the way. When he got to my chest, he massaged my one breast and sucked on the other nipple. His huge cock was pushing on mine and he was faux fucking on top of my cock, leaking his huge precum load on my cock. Soon it was a slippery mess between our cocks.

Then he switched sides and I groaned with my other nipple in his mouth. It was phenomenal. He let go of my nipple and lied down on top of me, trapping our cocks against each other between our hairy bodies. He was lying on top of me with his beautiful tall hairy body.

He was still faux fucking on top of me. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and bit it lightly. Then he pushed his big tongue into my mouth and I hungrily sucked it. His saliva was running into my mouth and I swallowed it with gusto. I was in heaven.

His saliva tasted like nectar to me.

Luigi closed his mouth over mine and I groaned when his full soft lips engulfed my mouth. He was a superior kisser. His stubble against mine was intoxicating. His long beautiful nose pushed into my face, and above us on the pillows his fingers were entangled with mine. He lied down on top of me and just held me tight. He rolled onto his side pulling me with him. I ended up on top of him. We were still kissing and this time he sucked the saliva out of my mouth. I stroked his beautiful curly hair and kissed his eyes, his cheeks, his nose, his chin, and down his neck, to his Adam's apple, his hairy chest. I went for his nipples and huge areolae. Fuck! This man was an Adonis in the superlative.

I sucked his one nipple and massaged his fragrant body under my fingers. The Tom Ford Noir was a fantastic perfume on his body.

He had his hands in my hair and was groaning when I sucked his nipple. I switched nipples and Luigi pushed his huge cock upwards into my tummy and I felt the precum slicking us up. He was groaning with pleasure.

I licked his tummy hair and went past his big cock - which was way beyond his bellybutton - it almost reached his sternum. I moved down his body, pushed his cock aside and put my tongue into his bellybutton and then sucked it. It was squeaky clean with no lint or muck. His cock was brushing against my cheek and I felt the precum wetting my face.

With my hands on his tummy, I took one of his big balls into my mouth and gently sucked it. Luigi was bucking and groaning like an animal in pain. "Oh fuck mio caro! You're just too much! Oh fuck!" I switched balls and sucked the other one. Then I went down his thighs: one hand on the one thigh, and my mouth and wet tongue on the other. I went down past his knees until I reached his immaculate feet. Oh fuck! In all my life, and with all the men in my life with nice beautiful feet, the feet of this hung hunk of a man, were just superior in every way. Apart from huge - size 15 - they were beautiful and the second toes were at least 1,5cm longer than the big toes. The pitch-black hair on the toes and bridge was sexy as hell. His toenails were square, big and beautifully pedicured. If Claire or the jeweller at the Waterfront saw these feet, they were going to flip!

I sucked his big toes in turn and stroked his feet. He was groaning and sat up to take my head in his hands. He pulled me towards him and put his one hand on the small of my back to pull my groin into his. I lifted my legs over his legs and we sat facing each other with our crotches pushed together and our legs past each other. He kissed me and stroked my hair.

"Mio caro, ti amo [my darling, I love you]! Oh fuck! Antonio, you make me so happy! If I could be with you 24/7, I'd be the happiest man alive! You are such a darling! I love you la mia bellezza [my beautiful]! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Please suck me now! I want to fuck you but please suck my cock first, per favore [please]?"

"Of course! I also want you to fuck me with this huge cock of yours, but yes, first some sucking!" I beamed and moved backwards to take his huge wet cock into my mouth. I looked at it and realised just how big it was. At 29cm, he was in the superior class. The long foreskin covered the huge head completely. I lifted it towards my mouth and smelled its cleanliness, Luigi's Tom Ford Noir perfume on his body and when I licked the cockhead, I tasted the sweet intoxicating precum.

I lifted the big cock up and pushed the exposed cockhead into my mouth. I milked it and tasted the huge amount of precum flowing into my mouth. I pushed more of his cock into my mouth, but of course, it was way too big to deep-throat him. I managed to get the head and a few centimetres of the shaft in my mouth. I tried nonetheless and after managing to get Juan's cock in my throat that morning, I tried with Luigi too. Ahhhh! All of a sudden his huge cockhead slipped into my throat! Oh fuck! I've done it, I thought! The head continued down my throat until his pubic hair was on my nose! His huge balls were on my chin. At last! This was the one thing I've wanted to manage with Luigi, and now I could! I was in heaven! Luigi was groaning and his breathing was shallow. "Ahhh! You'll make me cum mio caro!"

I pulled off his huge cock to take a breath. I swirled my tongue under the big head and thick shaft, which made Luigi groan with pleasure! "Oh fuck, belezza [beautiful], you're driving me mad! Ahhh!" My one hand was around the thick shaft of his cock and the other hand was fondling his balls. Luigi was on his back with his legs pulled up, his heels on the bed below his buttocks and his knees to the sides.

He leaned forward and pulled me off his cock, and on top of him. My cock pushed down on his hard wet cock. He took my head between his hands and kissed me. His hands were around my body as he rolled us onto our sides and then he ended on top of me. He was still kissing me and his hands were on my cheeks. He looked into my eyes and he winked. His full lips on my mouth were like the best I've ever felt. His saliva ran into my mouth and I swallowed. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! His huge cock was pressing down on my cock and balls. "I want to fuck you please! I have a lot of precum and you too. Shall we try without lube? Or are you afraid? Could we at least try? OK? I'll be careful. If I hurt you, we put lube on."

"OK, let's try with the precum," I said. My hole was still fairly loose after the previous night's fucking and the fucking that morning. Slut!

Luigi sat on his knees in front of my crotch. He was milking the precum from his cock - there really was a lot! It was clear he didn't cum since Sunday. He was horny as hell, and even though I shot a load earlier that morning, I was just as horny! But with such a dark tall hairy hunky hung man in bed with me, who would not be interested in sex? He took the precum and put it on my hole. I lifted my legs so my knees were on my chest. Luigi took my cock and milked it to get the precum, which he put on his cock. A first for me! He milked his cock again and put it on my hole. He then put his big cockhead on my hole and pushed in gently. The big head stretched my hole and slipped in a bit. He pulled out again and pushed back in. His cock was really slick with precum and my hole was nice and loose.

With the next push, the big cockhead slipped in and stretched my hole. I gasped and groaned. Even though I was fucked that morning, Luigi's cock was a big one and thick too. I felt how it stretched my sphincter and slid into me. Luigi's hands were on my knees and he was pulling his cock back and made it swell, and pushed back into me. He aimed some saliva from his mouth and dripped it smack-bang onto his cock where the shaft met my hole. He pushed in and the saliva lubricated my hole some more. He dripped another thin stream of saliva onto his cock and pushed in even deeper. I groaned as the big cock entered me.

The big head pushed over my prostate and I felt how a lot of precum and a little cum were forced out of my piss-slit onto my tummy. Ahhhhh!

He stopped at the inner sphincter and made it swell again! Oh fuck! I groaned and clenched my hole around his thick shaft. He pushed in deeper and then he was in all the way. His huge balls rested on my buttocks and he made his cock swell again. He pulled back all the way until just the big head was in me. He made it swell and I clenched my hole. He groaned and pushed back into me with one long thrust.

He pulsed his cock again and I clenched around his cock. He started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. Amongst all his super qualities, this beautiful man was also a superlative lover. He had a huge cock to die for, and a body like a Greek statue that came to life, but his lovemaking was out of this world.

"Oh fuck, belezza [beautiful]! You are the most wonderful man I've ever met or made love to! Nobody ever was so sexy and so perfect! Perfect in every way! I love you so very much, mio caro [my darling]!" He thrust his cock in deep again and I felt his big balls slapping on my buttocks. He was fucking me in earnest now.

Luigi moved slightly and put my legs over his arms and held on to my thighs. He fucked me and I could play with my cock. I was getting very close to an orgasm, so I minimized my playing to fingering and smearing the precum over my cockhead. I didn't dare jack off!

"Mio caro [my darling], please don't cum now, but I have to shoot my first volley of shots now! I think I have 5 shots for you today, so bear with me. I'll tell you when I'm firing the last one and then you must cum with me, OK?"

"Oh yes! Give it to me! Nice! Lots of your wonderful cum! Fuck me!" I gushed.

Luigi picked up speed and soon he was groaning and was breathing faster and shallower. He was about to fire his first big volley of cum into me. His cock was pushing deep into me and was rock-hard. It was thick and grazed over my prostate with every thrust. I had to concentrate not to cum. Oh fuck!

"Mio Dio [my godd]! Here it comes! Mio caro [my darling], I'm going to cum! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh! Hnngggghhhnnnng! O mio dio! Oh fuuuuucccckkkkkk!"

His cock started to spasm in me and I felt him shooting at least 9 spurts of cum 29cm deep into me. He groaned and held his cock deep inside me. Luigi caught his breath for a few seconds and then he started fucking me again. Within 20 seconds he was firing his next volley of cum into me! This man was phenomenal! It was a lot too. I stopped counting at 8 spurts. He held still again and then he started to fuck me again. Within 30 seconds he was shooting his third volley of cum into me. I counted 7 spurts.

He rested a few seconds during which he pulled me up to kiss me. With his lips on mine, he started to fuck me again. Soon he was shooting his fourth volley of cum into me and was groaning. He held still and looked into my eyes and said out of breath with his mouth on my lips: "This is it: my last shot. Please cum with me. Could you please?"

My hands were behind his head in his hair. "Oh fuck yes! I've been teetering on the verge of cumming since your first round of cumming! Yes! Fuck me again so I can cum with you! My darling man! Oh fuck! Oh fuck, I love you so much!"

Luigi let me down onto the bed and started fucking me again while I was jacking my rock-hard and sopping wet cock. I felt my orgasm boiling up in my groin and felt the euphoria flooding my body. Luigi was fucking me hard and deep and just as I was about to shoot my load, he slammed his cock into me again and it started to spasm for the fifth time. He was really pumping a lot of cum into me!

My cum started flying right to my face. It hit me under my chin, on my face, in my hair, in Luigi's face, on my chest and one wad on the pillow ... my godd! I was making a terrible mess! Fortunately most of it was on my body and face ...

Luigi's last volley of cum consisted of about 5 spurts and then he collapsed on top of me, with his hairy chest in my cum that was all over my body. He kissed me and licked the cum from my face and my chin. I licked his face and tasted my cum. Oh fuck! He saw the wad of cum on the pillow and leaned forward to lick it up.

This man was just perfect! I was fucked again by this beautiful hung hunk of a man, I was loved by him, kissed by him, he was lying on top of me and his huge cock was still inside me. His big balls were hanging between my legs on my buttocks. He had his hands in my hair and was kissing me again. He kissed me gently but with so much love and urgency, one would have sworn I had plans to dump him. No such thing: after all, he just shot 5 volleys of cum into me! The man was insatiable! If ever I were to live with this man, he'd be fucking me 24/7! And I'd enjoyed it!

"Happy mio caro [my darling]? Did you enjoy that? Do you love me as much as I love you? You OK?"

"Of course my big beautiful Italian Stallion! I enjoyed every second with you, every centimetre of you in me, every millilitre you've pumped into me, every kiss, every touch, every smell, every taste - you're the perfect man! I love you very, very, very much mio caro! I never want to be without you again! Oh fuck! You know my setup, but I also have to see you more often! I could never be without you and your lovemaking ever again! You're just phenomenal! Oh godd! I love you Luigi!" I took his face between my hands and looked into his eyes. I saw the love he had for me. His big brown eyes were smiling, soft and beautiful. He stroked my forehead and kissed my nose. He was lying on top of me with his full body weight.

"Ahhh! You picked up what 'mio caro' means! I'm impressed! We'll have to work on your Italian! Am I not crushing you, mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]? You OK? I think I've pumped a hell of a lot of cum into you. You sure you're OK?"

"Oh I want to learn to speak Italian! Yes please! Will you teach me? And yes, I'm fine. And I love you on top of me. I have to say: I can feel you've left half a litre of your love juice in me, but it's fine! I love it!"

"Want me to suck some out of you and feed you?"

"Oh fuck yes! Please! Yes, please!"

"Let me check the time. Unfortunately we don't have all day. I have to be back at the surgery by 11 and you have a class." He reached for his iPhone on the nightstand and pressed the home button. "It's now 20 past 10. I want to stay in you a little longer, please? Another 5 minutes? OK?"

"Yes, of course. But we'll have to shower and I'll have to wash my hair! I've made such a mess! There is cum everywhere!" I said.

"Antonio, I truly love you. Not because I can fuck you - no! I love you because of the way you treat me, how you enjoy my company, how you love me, how you enjoy me fucking you. I love you because of your beautiful gentle soul, because you are so beautiful, because you're intelligent, because you love me so very much - did I say that? Ha ha! You even love my hands and feet! You are the man I want to spend the rest of my life with ... and just look at your situation! I want to scream when I think of it, but I'd rather have that, than nothing at all. I cannot imagine being without you ever again! Oh fuck, Antonio! I love you so, so very much, mio caro!" Luigi looked into my eyes and kissed me. It was a soft gentle kiss that lingered and when his saliva ran into my mouth, I greedily sucked it and swallowed it. Oh fuck! I loved this man so very much!

"OK, I think we need to get this done so we could take a shower. I'm pulling out now and then I want to suck my cum out of you - still OK with that?"

"Oh fuck yes! I want to taste your cum my darling!"

Luigi started to pull his big cock out of me and it felt horrible to feel so empty. I loved having him in me! As his cockhead approached my asshole, he squeezed my arm and I clenched. Luigi's cock slipped out and I managed to keep the cum inside me.

He pushed my buttocks higher and my legs onto my chest, so my hole was open and exposed. He leaned in and put his full lips on my asshole and gently sucked. I relaxed when his warm mouth and tongue were on my hole. I felt him sucking the cum from me. It was obviously a big load.

Luigi licked my hole as a sort of indication that he was about to stop, and I clenched my hole. He lifted up and leaned towards my face. I reached for him and kissed him. I opened my mouth under his full lips and felt his cum running into my mouth ... ahhhh! It was a huge load and it tasted wonderful! Oh fuck!

He went down to my hole and sucked another mouthful out of me and fed it to me. I was ecstatic to experience this with the man I loved so much. He was lying on top of me and started kissing me again. It was such a wonderful experience to kiss him with his cum in my mouth. He sucked some of his cum back into his mouth and gave it back to me. He sucked some back into his mouth again and swallowed. I took the cue and swallowed the rest of his cum. His huge cock was still very rubbery on my tummy and was pushed into my body.

Luigi reached for his iPhone and checked the time. "It's now half past 10. Come my beautiful boy! Let's go and have a shower. There is one hell of a mess in our chest hair! Come my darling!"

We got into the shower and hugged and kissed some more. We got virtually rock-hard again, but there was no time for another round! So, we ended up just holding each other under the cascading water and feeling each other's bodies, our hearts beating against our chests, our breathing, the hair on our bodies against each other, our hands all over each other - it was lovemaking on another level.

We shampooed each other's hair (Luigi had to bend down a bit for me to reach his glorious curls!), we washed each other's bodies, and we washed each other's backs, our feet, and our arms. It was so wonderful to do this to such a wonderful and beautiful man.

After we finished showering, me towelled each other dry. I took a towel and rubbed my hair as dry as I could. "Don't worry, there is a hairdryer in the bedroom. You could use it if you like," Luigi said.

We hugged each other again and I heard Luigi's heartbeat when I put my head on his chest. Oh fuck! How would I ever be able to live without him, ever again?

I used his hairdryer and he cleaned up my cum from the bedding as good as he could. He straightened the bed linen and started to dress me. I was complete putty in this man's hands and I allowed him to fasten the buttons on my shirt. He held my underpants and I stepped into them. Then he held my pants and I stepped into them. He pulled them up and even adjusted my crotch! Dogg! Of course he groped me in the process, but I didn't mind. He was a wonderful man and an excellent lover.

He made me sit on the bed and he put on my slip-on shoes! What a guy!

I stood up and hugged this wonderful human being. His chest hair was still damp and I put my head on his chest. I returned 'the favour' and groped his big cock, now sort of semi hard. He groaned and said into my hair: "Don't! Please! We do not have time for this! I'd love to, but we have to stop! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your hand feels so wonderful on my cock! O mio Dio!"

I picked up his shirt and dressed him. Then the underpants and pants. The belt still baffled me a bit and I left it to him to close it, but I zipped up his pants and in the process I copped another feel of his majestic cock. Oh fuck, this man could make me forget my manners!

Then Luigi sat down to put on his shoes but I took charge of that. I lightly slapped him on the hand and took the socks from him. I could never let an opportunity slide that I could look at and handle his spectacular big beautiful feet! First I caressed his feet, massaged the bridge and balls and then I put on the socks. I took his number 15 shoes and slipped them on. They were exquisite Italian leather shoes and made him look so distinguished! I'd easily haul my peepee out for such an urologist to look at it!

"Come here my beautiful boy! Ahhh! Thanks for this! You have no idea how much I enjoyed it. Sex with you isn't just sex - it's an adventure in sensual exploration. You just do it for me! And I love you, if you haven't heard it by now!" He leaned down and kissed me - first on the head, then the forehead, the nose and then my mouth. Again, he lingered with his full mouth on mine and sucked my tongue into his mouth. His big cock started to stir in his pants and he broke free. "Mio Dio, no! I have to stop it this instant! I'll rip your clothes off if we stay another minute! Come mio caro! Come, we have to go. Look, it's a quarter to 11. We have to go. Here, do you want some of my Tom Ford Noir? I think it will suit you spectacularly," Luigi said and took his cologne from his cupboard and spritzed some on my neck and some on my chest. It smelled divine. He spritzed some of it on him too. He took my hand and led me to the front door.

He took me in his arms and looked into my eyes. His eyes were so big and beautiful, framed by his black curly hair and set in his beautiful face. "I want you to know this: you would be welcome here any time, day or night. I'm going to give you a key to my place so you could come and go as you please. What's mine, is yours from now on. So is my heart and my body. It's yours. It's up to you how you will treat this gift. I hope you'd appreciate it and pay me back in kind. I love you very much my beautiful boy!" He hugged me tightly and rubbed his hands over my back and buttocks.

I hugged him back and put my head on his chest. This man was one of a kind! I knew I'd never find another man like this in my life! I loved the other 4 men dearly, and I liked Johan and Herman, and Pieter and Claude, and Werner and Lukas (I hoped I could keep the details of all the others hidden away from Luigi), but Luigi was one hell of a man and a wonderful person. I couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with him. I wondered if André could ever feel the same about him? What if André could become a part of this situation? But, I wasn't going to push it. André could have his share with Luigi when all 6 of us were together. My time with Luigi would - for now - be our time alone.

I was on Cloud Nine with this man in my arms ... not knowing of another Italian that would become a part of my life, make me feel like some special human being. I didn't know about Piero ... yet!

"Thank you very much for coming. I really enjoyed seeing you again. I'd love us to spend some quality time together: reading, listening to music, watching a movie, going away for a weekend, spend a whole day in bed, having sex but also to get to know each other better. I want to know everything about you, your life, your school days, how you decided to study engineering - I want to get to know Antonio, my love, the man I love! I hope that soon Juan and André would allow us to go away for a weekend. But, I'm not going to be pushy. If it happens, it happens. I love you too much to put strain on you and the others. I knew from day one that you are involved with other guys, so it's not my place to complain now. However, I'd still love to have you to myself over a weekend away in Cape Town or Franschhoek or ... Llandudno I think zio Mario said ... or wherever we want to go. And I want you to meet my family in Italy. You mentioned that you might be going to London in December? Then how about I join you and we take a detour to my family in Florence? I know Gunther wants you to go to Germany too, but we could really make a trip out of it: London, Berlin and Florence. We'll talk about it."

"Thank you for today. I really love you very much Luigi. I wish things could have been different, but I am involved with the other 4 guys whom I love and I can't discard them. I love them too much. Yes, I love you more than life itself, but I just can't leave my other guys, especially not André and Juan, but also Gunther and Johann. I'm sure we could work something out for us to go away for a weekend or a Saturday night at least. We'll see. My Dad is coming today and André and I are having dinner with him tonight. Tomorrow Mom is coming and tomorrow night we all will have a big feast at La Rochelle, and Friday with my parents too. Of course you're invited. I'm dying to introduce you to Dad and Mom. They will be smitten with you. But for now, let's play it by ear. OK?"

Luigi hugged and kissed me. "Thanks mio caro! I'd love to meet them too but now we have to go! Come my darling!" He kissed me one last time and opened the door.


Back at campus, André was waiting for me at the entrance to the lecture room. "Anton, it looks like the Ita was insatiable as always! Not to mention you! Come! We're going to be late! How was it? Did you enjoy it? Hmm! You smell like him! Dogg!"

"Fuck, André! It was the best ever - no reflection on you and the others, but my godd! Luigi is on another level altogether. He is the proverbial true hung hunk! He came FIVE times in about 2 minutes' time! And then he sucked it out of me and fed it to me! Bro, he loves me very much! And I love him very much! He wants us to go away for a weekend ..."

"Whoa! Whoa! Just hold it right there! Hold your horses Mr le Roux! And what exactly do you think Mr du Toit, and Messieurs Blignaut and Müller would say to that? I for one am not happy with that! My godd! You guys can't have these daylight romance and interludes as well as weekends away! What about us? No, he could come visit us for a whole weekend, or we all go away for a weekend. We could start with a weekend on the farm. But no - Luigi doesn't get a weekend away with you alone. No, no, no! I say no!" André was adamant and I couldn't blame him.

"Let's hear what the others say, but Luigi and I were not going to insist on it. André, it's just that ... oh fuck! I don't know how it all happened, but I love him very much. It's not just the fantastic sex but he is a great man. And he really loves me. He admitted that you guys might not approve and I know he'd be happy with a weekend away with all of us ..." I said as we entered the lecture hall. "We'll talk later. Did Dad call? My iPhone was off and I haven't switched it on again."

"Yes, you slut! He did call. He asked where you were and I said you had to go make photocopies in the library. So, remember that. He said he'd be here by 4 o'clock and would like to meet us for drinks. I accepted. Our last class ends at half past 3, which is perfect. OK?" André was lying for me. My bro!

The lesson was boring. It covered stuff we've covered in another class and the lecturer was a substitute, and as old as Methuselah. I switched my iPhone on and put it on silent. There were 3 missed calls from Dad, one voice mail and 2 text messages. I opened the first text message. It was from Dad: "Miss you my boy! Can't wait to see you tonight! André said he is going to join us. OK with me. And with you? Would you mind if he were with us? I'll see you at 4". Oh fuck Dad! If you knew André was now also bottoming, what were you going to do? Will you want to fuck both of us?

The other message was from Luigi: "Mio caro! How I love you! You are the light of my life. Grazie! It was wonderful. Have a good time with your papa. I need to see you more often, per favore!"

I quickly typed a message to Dad: "Yes, 4 is OK. André knows. He wants to join us. See you later."

I typed another one for Luigi: "I love you too my darling! You were spectacular. I loved every second of it. I would love to see you more often. Let's see how it works out. Sleep well and dream of me. <3"

By 3 o'clock I wished the lesson would end. The students were asking questions and I knew the answers to it all. It was boring and my mind was somewhere else. I had to pull myself together. I couldn't afford to let my studies slide because of my insatiable lust for sex with all the men in my life, especially Luigi ... and tonight my own Dad! Oh fuck! I've become a real cum slut! But I loved every second of it all and every centimetre and every millilitre of it all!

"*Pssst! Watch it! Prof is on your case ... chips!*" André hissed. I quickly switched my iPhone screen off and pretended I was getting something from my satchel. I looked up and showed a knowing face. I actually did know what was going on in class and when the professor asked me a question, he expected me to fumble, but I could give him the answer and explanation straight away. "*Good save, baby bro! You're a clever boikie after all!*"


By half past 3 our classes for the day were over and we got into my car. I drove to the Dorpshuis Hotel. After parking the car we got our stuff from the boot and went in. Dad was waiting for us in the foyer. Oh Dad!

"Hallo there! My boys! Come here! How I've missed you! Come here!" Dad stood up and held his arms out. Like small boys, we almost ran into his embrace. He pulled us into a tight embrace - I was the lucky one on his left: I got to feel his huge cock on his hip ... ahhhh! Dad pushed us away and looked at us. "Oh my word! How handsome you are! Your stubble is so nice and sexy! It's a pity it has to go for the photo shoot next weekend! If I were you, I'd ask Johann if he could convince the client that you keep your stubble. I like it!" He kissed us on the mouth right there in the foyer and we didn't mind. We loved him too much. "Come, let's put your stuff in the room and then we could come have a nice beer or a drink. OK? Come!"

When we entered the hotel room, we put our bags on the floor and Dad pulled us in for more intimate kisses. I felt his semi-hard cock on his hip and pushed my body into his body. He groaned and tousled my hair.

"My beautiful boys! You both have become such beautiful men! I'm so proud of you! It's so good to see you. I'm looking forward to tonight. It's been a long time since the three of us had spent some quality time together. What do have in mind? Anton ...?" Dad asked.

"Erm ... Dad. Now that André knows what happened on the farm, he's interested in getting in on it too. It's a long story, but I've ... erm ... topped him and now he likes it too. Since then Juan tops him regularly. Juan's cock is a bit longer than yours and André could handle it ... " I spilled the beans.

"André, Anton told me he told you what happened between him and me the weekend you were on the farm. Are you OK with that? Don't you mind that?"

"Yes, he told me and I don't mind. In fact, I want in. I want to experience it too please. He loved it very much and I want to feel you in me too!" André said, shooting straight from the hip. "Juan and Anton have tricked me into bottoming for them, but I'm still topping Anton too. He would never say 'no' to his big bro!" André really was on top form!

"Oh my word! Both my sons! How lucky could I be! Yes, I'd love that very much! You know I love you both very much and this would just make me love both of you even more! Yes! If you're OK with it, I'm happy. It makes for double pleasure with my sons! You have no idea how lucky I am, and to have you both for ... well, some fun! My boys!" Dad said and pulled us into a tight embrace. He kissed us, and when his mouth was on mine, I sucked his big tongue deep into my mouth. Dad's hand was on my crotch too and he squeezed my cock. "Oh my word! Hard already! Hot for your Dad? It's so nice to have this with you two! I'm glad you both are OK with it!"

I felt his cock was close to hard now and he pushed his cock against me. I was rock-hard and the precum already started to flow from my piss slit ... fuck! Soon there would be a wet spot on my denim!

It was clear Dad was as lustful as we were! I wished we could have gone to bed straight away! Dad kissed André and soon the two were groaning and a lot of spit was exchanged between them. I saw Dad palming André's crotch ... fuck! Dad was just as randy as us!

"Oh yes! We love you very much and we want this!" I said and put my hand on Dad's cock. By then he was rock-hard! I wondered when last he came. I thought of the huge cumloads I've had on the farm and what would be waiting for us in his big balls.

"I have a plan. Let's have some fun now and one of you could have my load now and tonight after dinner, we could have some more fun and the other one could have it ... OK? What do you say?" Dad asked.

"I'd say 'yes' to that! What do you say baby bro? You OK?"

"Oh fu ... erm ... oh yes! I'd love that too! Why waste valuable time? Let's do it already!" I gushed.

We hugged and kissed and were undressing each other and ourselves. It was one big tangled mess with hands everywhere, unbuttoning shirts, opening pants, groping, kissing and groaning. All three of us were rock-hard and when our underpants came off, I felt we were all sopping wet with lots of precum at the tips of our cocks. We might get away with only using precum if we were lucky, I thought.

I put my hands on Dad's muscular hairy chest and marvelled at the silky hair under my fingers. His nice nipples set in his really big areolae felt good. I inhaled his Hugo Boss Green we bought him for his birthday. He hugged me close to him and put his hands on my hairy chest.

"You've become such beautiful young men! Your hairiness is a big turn-on for me. Come here André," Dad said as André finished taking off his pants and shoes. He was on his knees taking off Dad's shoes and socks. I looked down and just loved Dad's feet. They were big - size 14 and hairy. Very well shaped and manicured. Of the men in my life, Luigi's feet were number one, then Juan's, then Dad's feet and then André's feet. Johann's and Gunther's feet were also very nice, but differently. Dad's feet were special, perhaps because he was our Dad.

I dropped to my knees and pulled Dad's 27,5cm thick uncut cock into my mouth and tasted his delicious precum. Ahhh! Oh fuck! The man who made me was a hung hunk, a nice guy and a stunningly attractive man. And he had already fucked me 3 times and today he was going to fuck me again, I thought. I pushed the long, big head into my mouth and peeled the skin back to expose the head on my tongue. Dad tasted fantastic! The copious amount of precum was flowing onto my tongue and it tasted wonderful. I pushed his cock into my mouth as deep as it would go, but the head was too big to fit into my throat. However, the big cock in my mouth felt wonderful and it was a beautiful cock! One of the nicest ones ... every cock of the guys I've had sex since we've met Juan was a masterpiece in its own right ... Luigi ... oh fuck! My number one! Mario! Wow! Herman! Oh my godd! Pieter ... wow! Claude ... my word! Gunther ... oh fuck, what a masterpiece! Johann ... his rubbery cock was spectacular. Juan ... ahhh! What a nice gentleman and what a cock! I loved him so much! But I loved the whole lot ... but I loved Luigi just a bit more! Now with Dad's cock in my mouth, I loved it too, I thought. It was a big thick uncut cock and he had big balls, he produced lots and lots of precum and came like a fire hose! And he knew how to fuck! My mind was preoccupied with my Dad's big cock in my hands and in my mouth - it was divine! I sucked the big cock in my mouth and fondled his huge balls. I loved this man so much - he was my sexy nice Dad, friend, helper, lover ... oh fuck! What a man!

I switched to André's cock. At 23cm and slightly less thick, it was more manageable and I was able to deep throat him. His cock was super hard and a delight to suck. I kept my one hand on Dad's cock. I heard the two of them kissing each other. Dad's one hand was behind my head. André's cock in my mouth was super hard and he leaked lots of precum into my mouth. He was groaning into Dad's mouth.

André pulled his cock from my mouth and dropped to his knees. He took Dad's cock in his mouth and sucked. He managed a bit more in his mouth and I marvelled at the sight of my brother sucking Dad's big cock. All three of us were super horny!

I stood up and Dad pulled me into his arms again. "I love you so very much my boy! I'm sure I have to thank you for getting André to join us!" He kissed me and I sucked his big tongue into my mouth. His saliva tasted different to Luigi's, but it was nice nonetheless. I slurped it into my mouth.

"What you're about to give us, and do to us would be 'thanks' enough! We love you very much Dad! And this makes you a super Dad and our hero. Nobody could ask for a better Dad than you!" I kissed Dad again and he hugged me close to him.

André took my cock in his mouth and he too managed to get all of my 23cm into his mouth. It felt so good. I groaned into Dad's mouth. If André were to continue the way he did, I was sure to cum on the spot. I put my hand on his head and pushed him lightly and pulled lightly. He got the message and switched to Dad's big hard and wet cock.

Dad was also very randy and it was clear Dad had a big load saved up for us. I was sure he hadn't cum in a couple of days.

"Are you going to give us a big load?" I asked.

"Oh yeah! I haven't cum in more than a week. And I deliberately saved it for tonight! I wanted you to have a super night and now I have to satisfy both of you, so just as well I didn't cum! I'm going to cum like a faucet!"

André stood up and joined us in a three-way kiss again. Our cocks pushed against each other and made a big mess. Our cocks were sopping wet. I took Dad's cock in my hand and he faux fucked it.

"It's just after 4 o'clock and I think we should have some action now in order for us to have a reprise later on. OK? Let's get on the bed," Dad said.

We clambered on the bed and Dad was on his back between us. André and I crawled to Dad's cock and put our mouths on either side of his magnificent tool. We kept our mouths on Dad's cock and he faux fucked between our lips. The head would smear lots of precum on our lips. It tasted so good and Dad's big veiny cock between our lips felt fantastic. The foreskin slipped back on Dad's big cock.

"OK, this is getting to feel too good! Anton, come sit on it please! Otherwise I'm going to shoot my big load into the air!"

"We first need to go into the bathroom to prepare, Dad. Come André!" I said. I grabbed my little bag from our luggage and led the way to the bathroom.

"Don't take too long ... ahhh! I'm so horny!" Dad said as we walked to the bathroom. His big cock reached beyond his bellybutton and he was gently fingering the head. What a sight to behold!

While I was taking a dump, André was looking at himself in the mirror, pushing hair here and there. He even picked at an imaginary pimple! He had an unblemished skin! I flushed the toilet and douched thoroughly. André came and stood in front of me, and pushed his big cock into my mouth. I sucked on it while I was flushing my rectum. After the 7th flush, I was squeaky clean. For good measure, I took some of the lube in my small bag and put some on my hole.

"All yours," I said. I got up from the toilet and gave André a hug and a kiss. I went back to Dad.

Dad had his huge cock in his one hand and was putting some lube on it with his other hand. Dad, you jackal! So he came prepared!

"Come sit on me my boy! Ahhh! I still can't believe how lucky I am to have boys like you, and now I have both of you! Oh my word!" Dad gushed. I crawled between Dad's legs and lied down on top of him with his huge cock between my legs, pushing against my balls. I put my head on his chest. He put his arms around my body and hugged me. I heard his heart beating and felt his chest moving when he breathed. Oh fuck! I was going to have Dad's big cock in me again! I was shivering in anticipation ...

"Not to worry my boy! You should know I'm not going to hurt you!"

"No, I'm just excited! I want to feel you in me! Oh damn! I want you to fu ... give it to me!" I lifted my head and kissed Dad on the mouth. The 'F' word wasn't part of our Dad's vocabulary ... He manoeuvred me so that my body was above his, with my asshole above his big hard cock. He kissed me and looked into my eyes.

"You are an exquisite young man and you make me immensely proud - both of you. *But I have to admit, I do have a special place in my heart for you ... I can't help it, but you just are my darling boy! I love André immensely, but you are 'my boy'!*" Dad whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek.

"I love you too! You're the best Dad I could've wished for. You're very special and this sets you apart from everybody else. I love André and Juan and the others, but I love you more than you'd ever know!"

I lifted up and took Dad's lubed cock in my hand and aimed it at my hole. I leaned back and sat on Dad's big cock. The head pushed into the sphincter and it started to enter me. The big head stretched my hole and slid into me. Dad held still - I was in charge and controlled the speed of penetration. I wanted his cock in me, but I didn't want to rush it. It was not as big as Herman's cock, but it was still big and I didn't want to spoil it for myself. I felt the big head entering me. Dad's cock was slowly moving into me ... slowly ... I felt the big head scraping over my prostate and I gasped. Oh fuck! What an experience with my beautiful sexy Dad!

"Started without me? Hmmm!" André got onto the bed and sat between Dad's legs behind me. I felt him putting his hard wet cock on Dad's cockshaft.

"No, not yet bro. If you want in too, just give me chance to get used to Dad's cock. OK?" I said and put my hand on André's throbbing cock.

"I'm just adding my lube to Dad's cock entering you, OK?"

"What? You want to fuck Anton at the same time with me? Anton? Surely that is not possible! I've heard of double fucking but I've never done it! We'll rip you apart! André doesn't exactly have a small cock!" Dad said with surprise.

"It's OK if André wants in as well. He and Juan have double fucked me a couple of times already. And after Herman's huge cock, I'm ready to accommodate you both!" I said.

André lied down next to Dad. He put his hand on my cock and his head on Dad's chest. Dad had his right arm around André's neck and hugged him. He kissed him on the head and said: "You boys amaze me! After we've had 'the talk' when you started to sport morning wood, I've never said anything to you! How did you learn to be so clued up?"

"We're clever boys! We're taking after you, of course!" André was a smart-ass!

"Google!," I said.

I lowered my body further on Dad's cock and gasped at the big thing entering me. Dad's cock was thick and stretched me big time. It was a damn big cock! And then I was willing to take on André's cock as well! Oh fuck!

I continued to take Dad's cock into my hole and soon all 27,5cm was in me. I sat down on Dad's groin and leaned back. Dad took my cock from André's hand and jacked me. I was in heaven. But I had to stop Dad - I was getting too close to cumming and I wanted it to last much longer.

I lifted my body a bit and Dad started to fuck me slowly. He had his hands on my tummy and was stroking me. I had my hands on Dad's hands and eventually our hands and fingers were intertwined. He squeezed my hands and smiled. "My boy! Are you OK? No discomfort? You OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks. And it feels fantastic! I love your big cock in me!" I gushed.

Dad put his right hand around André's cock and squeezed it. André had his right hand on Dad's arm and had his head on Dad's shoulder. "Are you OK? Do you want in? Anton? Are you OK? Or do you want André to fuck you first?"

"Yes, but I think I want to have his cock in me first. André, lube up so you could fuck me. Dad, I'm going to stand on all fours so you could fuck André from behind. OK?" I said.

"Oh yes! Are you up for it André?" Dad asked.

"Just take it slow please. I've been a bottom for less than 2 weeks. Juan's cock is bigger but not thicker but I'm not as used to it as baby bro is. Just slowly please!" André put in.

I pulled off Dad's cock. André got off the pillows next to Dad and I took up the position with my buttocks in the air. André positioned himself behind me and put his cock on my hole. Even though I've had Dad's big cock in me a few seconds ago, it was still a big cock! André pushed in slowly and I groaned. I'd never tire of my bro's nice big cock in me!

Just as André was in halfway, I felt him stiffen. It was clear Dad had his big cock on André's hole. "You ready André? Can I push in?" Dad asked.

"Yes, but just take it slowly please! Slowly ... oh fu ... oh my word! Dad your cock is huge. Take it easy please!"

"Of course my boy! Just relax!" Dad said soothingly.

André held still in me and braced himself for Dad's cock. André groaned and grabbed me by the hips. His own cock was super hard and he pushed it a bit deeper into me as Dad's cock was entering him.

"Oh my ... oh damn! Dad, your cock is so big! Ahhhh! Oh hell!" It was clear Dad's cock was now in André's hole. "Oh! Oh! Oh! I've always admired yo-U-R C-O-O-O-C-C-K-K! Oh damn! You're killing me! Hnnnngghhhh! Oh fuck! Sorry Dad! But your cock is huge! Oh! Pull out first please!"

"OK André. I don't want to hurt you." Dad pulled out and said soothingly: "Just relax and push out. I want you to enjoy it. OK? I'm putting it back in. Relax and push out."

André held still and waited for Dad's big cock to enter him again. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahh! Hnnnggh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! OK! Yes! Push it in ... ahhhhh! Oh fuck! It's big! Ah! Oh yes!"

"Just relax and push out! I'm halfway in. Just relax!" Dad put in.

André's cock was in all the way in my hole and as Dad pushed the last half of his cock into André, the cock in me swelled to its maximum. André was rearing back into Dad's arms and put his head on Dad's chest.

"There, there ... it's OK. How do you feel? All still OK? Must I pull out again?" I knew Dad was twitching his cock in André's hole and André's cock in me was responding: it also twitched.

"Oh fuck Dad! Sorry for the swearing, but there is no other way to describe the feeling! I've never thought it would even be possible that I'd ever have your big cock in me and now it has happened! Your huge cock in me ... it feels fantastic! You're a master! Oh damn! Dad, I love you!" André? You amaze me! You'd only been a bottom 2 weeks and now Dad was fucking you? Lucky bastard!

"OK? Can I fuck you now? You all right?" Dad asked. It seemed the 'F' word was allowed after all! But I was sure it would not be allowed when Mom was present.

"Yes, I'm fine. Fuck me Dad! Fuck me with your big cock! Ahhhh!" André said and started fucking me. This was almost as best as it could get ... or so I thought!

"Nobody cums! OK? This is not going to be over in 5 minutes' time! I've waited too long for this to end so quickly. If you're getting close, tell me so we could slow down. How are you doing Anton?" Dad asked.

"I'm fine Dad. Yes, please let's not cum too quickly! I want more of this!" I put in.

I held still and I suspected Dad held still too. André was fucking me: when he would push forward, he would pull off Dad's cock and when he pulled back out of me, he was pushing Dad's cock into his asshole.

But it was too much. Within a few minutes Dad called it off and started to pull out of André. "Pull out of Anton and position yourself on top of him. Anton, put your knees out as far as you can. André is going to position himself on top of you. I want to fuck you both in turn. OK?"

André pulled out and we got onto our knees. André got on top of me, his hard cock pushing into my back. I lowered my body and pushed my knees out as far as they would go. André was resting part of his body on me.

Dad stood behind us and with his big cock in his hand, he bent his knees to get his cock aimed at my hole. I groaned when his big cock entered me. Once again it felt so good. He pushed in all the way and fucked me a couple of thrusts. Then he pulled out and was twitching his cock all the way out. He raised higher and put his cock into André's hole and gave him the same treatment. However, André was more vocal about it and kept on saying: "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Dad, your cock is so big!"

Dad pulled out of André and pushed into me again. This time he pushed in all the way in one long thrust. I groaned as his big cock reached 27,5cm deep in me. I pushed back as much as I could - I wanted every millimetre of Dad's cock in me! Dad fucked me a few thrusts and switched to André's hole again.

This went on for a a minute or two, and then I said: "Dad, please let me sit on your cock so André could get in as well. I want you to double fuck me, please?"

"I still can't believe you want us to do that! OK, it would be a first for me!" Dad said and pulled out. Dad lied down. Dad put some more lube on his big cock and I held my hand out for some to put on my hole. I gave the lube to André to lube up his cock.

I positioned myself over Dad's cock and sat down slowly. I groaned as the big cock slid into me and stretched me. Even though I had 5 different lovers, plus Johan and Herman at times, and perhaps Pieter and Claude at times, and even Mario, and Lukas and Werner, our Dad's cock was a masterpiece and the way it felt in me was fucking A-1. Perhaps it had something to do with him being our Dad, but it was very nice.

I leaned forward and kissed Dad. He put his one hand behind my head and pulled my face down to his. He smiled and rubbed his nose on mine. His mouth opened and I sucked on his big moist tongue. He tasted so nice! I sucked the saliva from his mouth and swallowed it.

I pushed out and clenched my hole on Dad's cock and let it slide deep into me. Dad was slowly fucking me as I sat down on his cock. Behind me André was standing on his knees with his hard cock in his hand, just waiting for me to give him the sign to push in.

After a few of Dad's thrusts, I leaned forward and kissed Dad again. When my asshole was open for André to push in, he did just that. He put his big cockhead on my hole and pushed gently. I felt the pressure building up as the big cock started to push in. My sphincter was stretched and then the head started to slip in. I felt a tinge of pain as the second cock entered me. Together the two of them were very big! André was clever enough to know to pull out again. He pushed in again and held the head still just inside the sphincter. He pulled out again and when he pushed in the third time, I groaned and pulled away from Dad's mouth. "Yes, fuck me André! Push it in and fuck me! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! Yess! Oh Dad! You are fucking me a new hole! You two have such big cocks! You're making me feel so wonderful! Ahhhh!"

"You OK baby bro? Is it not too much?" After all the other times he and Juan and Johann and even Gunther have double fucked me, now he was concerned?! Jackal! Just to impress Dad!

"I'm fine bro. You can fuck me now!" And he did!

"Can we cum now? Dad? How far are you?" André asked.

"I'm very close! I could cum any time I wanted. But let's cum together. You OK Anton? Would you like to cum in my mouth afterwards? OK?"

"Yess! Oh fuck yes, please Dad! Fuck me and pump me full of your nice creamy cum!"

"Would you like us to suck it out of your hole and feed you or do you want to keep it in your hole?" Dad asked.

"I think you should suck it out and let's share it. I could keep tonight's cum in my hole. André, I want Dad to have an all-nighter please? Then your big cock could keep the cum in me, Dad. OK André?"

"Yes, it's OK. Now let's fuck him and pump our big loads into him Dad! Here we go!" André enthused and started to fuck me in earnest.

Dad was fucking me too and the two cocks in me made me feel so horny and sexy and wanted and good! I had to concentrate not to cum ... but with TWO big cocks in me, it wasn't easy. I dared not touch my cock.

Dad and André were fucking me with deep and long thrusts. Their breathing became shallower and faster. I felt their cocks becoming super rock hard in me. They were about to shoot their loads. Oh my godd! Two big cocks were about to fire both their loads into me ... what a nice experience with my twin brother and our sexy Dad!

"I'm going to cum André! How far are you? I'm really going to cum now! Oh fuck! Boys, I've never had this before!" Dad swore and held me by the arms.

"I'm also cumming Dad! Hnnnggghhhh! Here it is!" André slammed his cock into me and held still. I felt his cock spasm and swell in me and I knew he was pumping one hell of a lot of cum into me. Dad followed suit and soon his cock was spasming under André's spasming cock. He was shooting his signature big load into me. I guessed that between the two of them, they were pumping no less than 45ml or more of hot creamy cum into me. Oh my godd! The two spasming cocks were pushed deep into me - Dad's as deep as 27,5cm and André's cock 23cm - and were pumping the nice creamy gooey stuff into me. Heaven!

André collapsed on my back and hugged me from behind. "Baby bro, if I die early, it would be your fault! You drive me nuts! My heart is beating as if I've run a marathon! Fuck bro! Ahhhh! Oh Dad, it feels fantastic to have your big cock throbbing against mine! Oh fuck! Sorry for the swearing Dad ... sorry!"

"Under these circumstances, swearing is allowed! Yes, fuck André! It felt fantastic to feel your cock pumping its cumload into Anton's hole, throbbing against my cock. It was phenomenal! Fuck!" Dad wasn't a curser, but today the experience had him over the top!

"How are you doing baby bro? You OK? Do you want us to pull out? No?" André asked.

"No, stay in me till you've pumped all your cum into me. It feels wonderful to feel you and Dad in me, pulsating your cocks while you're cumming. Stay a little while longer please. OK Dad?" I asked.

"Ahh yes! I'd also love to stay in you a bit longer ... it feels so good with André's cock against mine!" Dad hugged me and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth and I sucked on it, still randy and still on a high.

After a minute André started moving and he squeezed my buttocks. "I'm pulling out now baby bro. OK?" His cock gave one last twitch and I felt the big cock being pulled out of me. I clamped down and when the head was just inside the sphincter, I clenched again. André hesitated for a second and then his cock head slipped out. I managed to contain the cum in me.

André sat on his knees behind me and watched Dad pulling out of me too. His much longer cock took a bit longer to vacate my rectum. When his huge head was just inside my sphincter, I knew that was the sign to really clench my hole. I didn't want a single drop of the cum to be wasted. I held still and waited for Dad's big cock to leave my hole ... ahhhh! I clenched and only a few drops spilled out onto his legs.

André moved in from behind and licked the cum on Dad's legs and swallowed it. He put his mouth over my loosened hole and licked it. I groaned. He started to suck the cum out of me and I gasped. It was so erotic and nice to feel the huge amount of cum in me being sucked out!

With a big mouthful of cum, André moved to Dad and me and offered the cum to us. He gave Dad half of it and then it was my turn. I tasted the wonderful cum of my Dad and my brother. Oh fuck! I could get addicted to the stuff! Dad was groaning too. He indicated to kiss him. I did, and we passed the cum between our mouths.

André was back behind me and sucked the next mouthful of cum out of me while Dad and I were kissing each other. I swallowed a bit of the cum and pushed the rest into Dad's mouth. André approached us again and offered the second mouthful of cum to Dad. This time he pushed the whole load into Dad's mouth. I was wondering why I was left out, but André was already behind me again and sucked a third and last mouthful of cum from my hole.

André put his hand on my neck and kissed me deeply. He pushed the cum into my mouth and I sucked his tongue into my mouth, together with the cum. It was heaven! I swallowed half of it and André received half of it back in his mouth. He swallowed it. He then leaned over Dad and kissed him. It was clear that Dad gave him half the cum to swallow and André was sucking Dad's big tongue into his mouth.

"There might still be some cum in your hole, but I'll leave it in there for you as a souvenir of this wonderful afternoon. Now, who is going to suck André till he cums? Dad? Do you want to?" André asked.

"Yes! Oh fuck yes! I want to please! May I please? Oh yes! Yes!" Dad gushed. "Come sit on my chest Anton! Push your cock in my mouth and cum!"

I moved up on Dad's body and sat astride Dad's chest. He put his hands on my thighs and I pushed my cock into his mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I looked down and saw how my cock disappeared into Dad's mouth until only my pubic hair was visible under Dad's nose. Dad's tongue played under my cockshaft and my big cockhead was right down Dad's throat ... oh fuck! I was so randy! I wasn't going to last long! Dad had his hands on the small of my back and I fucked his mouth slowly and both of us groaned.

Next to us André was playing with his cock. At one stage I looked at him and saw he was rock-hard again! "Fuck me André! Please fuck me again!" Where did that come from? Really? Oh my godd! I've become the super sex slut!

"Really baby bro? Do you want me to fuck you again? Wow!"

"Yess! Put your cock in me! Please! Fuck me!"

André moved in behind me and also sat astride Dad's body, right on top of Dad's semi-hard cock. André had the lube open and put some lube on his cock. Then he pushed his cock into me with one long continuous thrust ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh my godd! I wás a cum slut!

"Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me André!"

I felt Dad's hands on André's cock and tummy. He put his hand on André's cock as it was going in and out of my hole. Dad's hands were on my buttocks pulling them apart as André's big cock slammed into me.

André was fucking my loose hole and soon both of us were groaning. My cock in Dad's mouth was rock hard and was leaking lots of precum. Dad's mouth was so warm and soft and his tongue was doing wonderful things to it.

"Oh fuck! I can't believe it! I'm going to cum again Anton! I'm going to cum again! Oh fuck! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm cuummmiiiinnnnnngggg! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!" André screamed and slammed his cock deep into me.

My own orgasm was pushed over the edge and I started to cum in Dad's throat. When he felt me cumming, he pulled my cock out of his throat so the head was in his mouth. I continued to shoot spurt after spurt into Dad's mouth. His tongue was driving me mad! It was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had!

I shot such a huge load into Dad's mouth, he had to swallow some of it. There was no way he could keep both my cum and my cock in his mouth.

Behind me André collapsed against my back and was stroking my chest. Dad's hands were between André and me and were stroking us both.

My cock was very sensitive and I spasmed. Dad got the message and stopped massaging my cock with his tongue. He stopped sucking and just held my cock swimming in the rest of my cumload in Dad's mouth.

André put his hands on my face and touched my brows, my nose, my lips, my chin ... I felt Dad's hands joining André's on my face. The hands moved down on my neck, my chest, my nipples ... oh fuck! What did I do to deserve such special treatment?

Dad mumbled with my cock in his mouth and I realised he wanted me to take my cock out of his mouth. André and I moved back in tandem and my cock slipped out of Dad's mouth with a slurping pop. Oh godd! What a sensation. I pushed back more and felt Dad's big cock, now much more than semi-hard under my balls. Oh fuck! Another round? What?

André slowly pulled his cock out of me and collapsed on the bed next to us. I leaned forward and kissed Dad. He opened his mouth and pushed my cum into my mouth. Oh fuck! What a way to spend an afternoon!

Under me Dad's cock was now way beyond semi-hard and he was bucking upwards and was groaning. Yes! Dad wanted seconds too! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

I reached for the tube of lube and lifted my body to push Dad's cock behind me. André saw what was happening and took over. He took the lube and put some of it on Dad's big cock which was rock-hard now. I lifted my body as André held Dad's cock upward and sat down on the spectacular cock. I groaned when the big head stretched me, but I was nice and loose. The cock slipped in me with no problem. I sat down on Dad's cock and sat on his pubic bone with his cock buried inside me. He groaned and started to fuck me with urgency. It was clear Dad had his second wind and was going to fuck me and cum within minutes, if not seconds.

I leaned down again and kissed Dad. I felt his hairy chest under my own hairy chest. I put my one hand on his nipple and the other on Dad's face. He put his one hand behind my head and the other hand on my cheek. He kissed me deeply and gently. His big tongue still tasted of my cum and I sucked it deep into my mouth. Oh fuck! This was a wonderful experience! Oh Dad! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

Dad was fucking me with long deep thrusts and soon he was groaning in my mouth. He was on the verge of cumming again. Oh fuck! Was this even possible? I thought of Luigi who could cum 5 times in less than 3 minutes, so perhaps Dad falls in a similar category. Plus, he did say he hadn't cum in days, so he had a huge load built up in his loins!

André was stroking my back and Dad's thighs. His rubbery cock was pushing against my own thigh and I felt it still wet with his cum he just deposited in me.

Then Dad groaned deeply and broke his mouth free from my kiss. He was literally groaning like a wounded animal. "Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! My boy! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum again! I'm cumming! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhh! Oh fuck! Hnnnnngggghhhhh!" Dad's cock swelled and twitched in my hole and I felt him pumping another monumental load of his baby batter in my hole.

My own cock was way beyond semi but I didn't want to cum again. I wanted to save it for later. Dad reached for my cock and jerked it a bit, but I lied down on top of his hand and just kissed Dad again. He got the message and pulled his hand from between our bodies and put it on my back.

Dad's cock was still spasming a little as the last of his cum was pumped into me. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

Dad pulled André into his embrace and we had a three-way kiss again. "I love you boys so very much! You're just spectacular and beautiful and sexy and you're my boys! My very own beautiful sexy boys! This is way beyond special to me. Thanks guys!"

"Thank you very much Dad! You're the best Dad we could've wished for. This is something we've been dreaming about since the holiday 10 months ago. This is a dream come true for us! Not so Anton?"

I was lying on Dad's left chest my upper body and André had crawled up onto Dad's right chest. We had our arms around each other. I was so happy. I had Dad's cock in me and was in an embrace with him and my brother. I felt Dad's breathing and heard his heart beating. André had his hand behind my head and was playing with my hair. I actually started to feel sleepy ...

I woke up with a start ... my fuck! Where was I? Ahhhh! I felt Dad's big rubbery cock in my hole and heard his deep breathing. When I opened my eyes, André was watching us and mouthed: "I love you". He put his hand on my cheek and smiled at me.

"Dad's asleep," I whispered almost inaudibly.

"Yes, I know. Let's let him sleep a while. There is no rush."

I put my hand on André's face, on his head, on his shoulder. Oh fuck! I had the most wonderful brother in the world! He lifted his face and kissed me tenderly ... I opened my mouth and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sucked it hungrily and kissed him with the love he deserved.

Dad stirred in his sleep and hugged me closer. "I love you so much," he mumbled. André and I looked at each other and smiled. Our Dad even dreamed about us!

After about 15 minutes of lying on Dad after he fell asleep, Dad woke up, totally disorientated. His rubbery cock was now about 20cm long and stayed in me with ease. "What happened ...? Uhm ... Oh fuck! Oh yes! I remember now! Are you OK my boy? Is this not too much? I've been dreaming of you two boys. You make me a very happy man! I'd never cheat on Mom, but this is different. I have always loved you and this is only an extension of my love for you." Dad hugged us close to him and kissed us on the heads. "I don't know about you, but I'm parched. I could drink a litre of Coke right now! What time is it André?"

André retrieved his iPhone from the nightstand and pressed the home button. "It's almost 5 o'clock. I'm sure the Boeing has landed somewhere - it's time for a drink I think!" My brother, the man of the house!

"Yes, I agree! Let's have a shower and then go and have a drink. Anton, are you OK my boy? We've fucked you wholesale ... I'm sorry if we've abused you ... too much?" Dad asked, concerned for me.

"I'm fine Dad! Don't worry, I'm fine. I agree: it's time for a nice drink. I'm thinking along the lines of a G&T or one of the new flavoured beers."

"OK, let's get into the shower before I start fucking you again!" Dad put in and tousled my hair. I lifted off Dad's big cock, which actually did grow since he woke up! Oh fuck! It was so nice, I'd let him fuck me again on the spot! Sex slut!

In the shower we hugged and kissed under the water-spray. We shampooed each other, washed backs, chests, crotches, thighs ... it was one big soapy orgy! All three of us were rock-hard again, long before we finished showering. "No, no, no! Not again - not now. Let's get out of here! You're a bunch of perverts! I'll have to talk to your Mom about your behaviour," Dad ribbed us and turned the water off and bundled us out of the shower. We grabbed towels and rubbed each other dry. It was great to dry Dad's hairy chest, his hairy thighs, his nice big feet and of course, both André and I aimed for his cock. We took turns in drying his big cock. By the time we had his cock dry, he had a roaring hard-on, again! I sank to my knees and took the big cock in my mouth. It was an experience to feel the big cock on my tongue and feel his big balls in my hands ... again! André joined me and soon Dad was fucking his cock between our lips. Dad had his hands on our heads and was groaning ...

"Oh fuck! What are you two doing to me? Oh fuck! No! Let's save it for later! Come on boyyyysssss ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! You're driving me nuts! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yess! Yesss! I'm going to cum if you don't stop now! I'm going to cum! No, boys! Let's save it for later ... ahhhh! Oh yes! Yes! But ... no! Let's rather stop this now! We could have lots of fun later on again. No, come on guys! Be fair ... ahhhh! Oh fuck! Who is this? André, is it you who keeps on driving meeeee ... nuttttssss! Oh fuck! No! No! Stop now ... oh fuck! Oh godd! Oh my fucking godd! Ahhhhh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Here it is! I'm cummiiiinnnnggggg! Hnnnnggggghhhhhnnnn!"

André had Dad's cock in his mouth and when Dad's orgasm erupted in his mouth I had my mouth right next to his mouth. After the third spurt, André quickly pulled off Dad's cock and I took his place. The rest of Dad's cum was shot into my mouth. It tasted so divine! His cum tasted so good! André was already on his feet and was kissing Dad, feeding him his own cum. Dad's hand was on André's hard cock and was jacking him. I swallowed Dad's cum very selfishly and took André's cock in my mouth. Oh fuck! What a sex-crazed lot we've become!

I let go of André's cock and stood up too.

"I'm ready for that drink now! Let's get out of here before we end up on the bed again!" I said and kissed Dad and André.

"You're right! I've wanted to go a few minutes ago, but you've witnessed your brother's poor behaviour! Sex pervert! I've cummed no less than 3 times the past 90 minutes! It's as if I were a teenager again! Come, let's get dressed and charm the hell out of the sexy guys in the bar!" Dad, you sex dogg!


As we entered the restaurant, we asked the maître d' for a table. He wrote down Dad's name. He curtly requested us to wait at the bar and have a drink while we waited for a table.

As we sat down at the bar, we saw a big muscular dark guy. Actually his skin tone was like a dark Latino. It was like a deep caramel colour. He had wavy black hair, cut in a modern style but slightly longer. He was dressed to the nines with a very fancy white shirt and designer denims. I noticed he was wearing expensive leather sandals, and had big beautiful pedicured feet. Oh my godd! I looked up and saw a huge bulge down the one leg of his denims!

I looked at his smiling face and noticed his full mouth, and his exquisite facial features. He had high cheekbones and had a very big but beautiful straight nose, big brown eyes with thick pitch-black eyebrows. I looked at his hands holding a glass. They were HUGE and beautiful, with huge fingernails, manicured immaculately. He appeared to been at least 2 metres tall.

We sat down at the bar and ordered our drinks. I wanted a G&T, and Dad and André each had a light beer. The tall stranger was looking at us. He smiled when he saw I was looking at him. He winked! I looked at Dad and André, and saw they were not looking. I winked back. The stranger winked again! I blushed and smiled and winked again.

He got up from his barstool and came over to us.

"Are you perhaps the Le Roux twins of Boss Models?"

"Yes we are! Who wants to know?" André said, looking at the strange, very attractive darker man.

"My name is Christopher Williams from Illinois, but now I'm living in New York. I flew in from NY today and was at Boss Models this morning in connection with a shoot I have next weekend. Claire told me you'd be joining me for the shoot at the winery. I saw your pictures and I was impressed. Unbelievable! Two of you! In the ad I'm going to be the American businessman who visits the wine farm to make an investment. You're going to be the agents at the winery to assist me with my wine selection to be sent to NY."

He was eyeing André and me with lust. I winked again. He smiled.

"But that's wonderful Christopher! Pleasure to meet you. I'm Adriaan le Roux, the boys' Dad, and this is André and this is Anton. They still like to dress identical so it's difficult to distinguish who's who. André is the louder one and if you get to know them, you'd quickly determine who is who, believe me!"

"Dad! I'm hurt! Shame on you! I'm not loud - I'm boisterous!" André feigned hurt. The dogg! 'Loud' and 'boisterous' now had different meanings!

I put my hand in Christopher's hand and my big hand was dwarfed in his huge hand. I looked down and saw his immaculate hands ... they were really very good-looking. They were as beautiful as Luigi's hands, but different. Perhaps they were as beautiful as Dad's hands, but still - different.

Dad invited him to sit with us while we waited for our table and we started chatting. He sat next to me and at one stage he was standing, talking to Dad on my other side. I felt his big bulge pressing against my thigh ... oh my godd! Here we go again, I thought! His huge hand was on my shoulder and he squeezed me lightly. I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me. He had perfect white straight teeth and a mouth begging to be kissed.

The maître d' called us, and Dad asked Christopher to join us at our table. Christopher accepted and sat opposite me. The waiter arrived and introduced himself as François. He waited for our orders for more drinks. Dad looked at the wine list and asked us if we'd love some sparkling wine. We agreed and Dad asked François for a bottle of JC le Roux demi-sec.

While Dad and André were talking to François, I looked at Christopher. He was smiling at me and winked again. My godd! The man was flirting with me.

Dad asked Christopher about his job. He told us that a photographer who worked freelance for Boss Models discovered him. He was only 17 years old and in his final school year in Illinois. He looked more mature than his age and Boss models signed him up. It meant leaving school to go to NY, but he finished his schooling a year later while he was working in NY.

He had been to Paris, London, Toronto, Milan and even Moscow. This was his first trip to South Africa. He was well-read and knew our history and understood the problems we were facing. He said that the USA also had its own problems and no country in the world was perfect. He had experienced racial discrimination in countries like the UK, Germany and even in Holland. Fortunately he was a tall man and not many guys tried to mess around with him.

"I have a brother 2 years older than me who lives in Toronto. Boss Models wanted to sign him up too, but he is too shy to pose in front of a camera. He would have been a hit! He is 5cm taller than me and very good-looking. He is an interior decorator working for an international company. He often has to travel all over the world. My brother's manager told him that he was required to come to Cape Town early next year. Now I'm here before him and his younger brother would give him some pointers on South Africa!" Christopher said.

"Well, we could add to your knowledge of the country if you wanted!" Dad put in.

I often caught Christopher looking at me and smiled. I winked and he smiled.

The small talk continued and our sparkling wine arrived.

"Please allow me," Christopher asked, palming the bottle of wine.

"Sure," Dad said.

I watched Christopher removing the foil and untying the wire holding the cork down. His huge hands on the bottle mesmerised me. His hands were spectacularly big and beautiful. He thumbed the top of the cork and just as the cork was going to be shot out, he deftly held it back and it made only a small 'popping' sound. He held the bottle with his huge thumb in the indented bottom and the side of the bottle was balanced on his spread fingers. He held the glasses at an angle and poured the sparkling wine. I was impressed and looked at him. He looked up and smiled. "Yes, even some Americans know how to open and pour sparkling wine properly!"

"Well, I'm impressed!" Dad said and took his glass of bubbly from Christopher.

We held our glasses up and Dad said: "On my beautiful boys and next weekend's shoot. Also cheers on your trip to South Africa Christopher. I hope your stay here would be memorable!"

I looked at Christopher and when Dad and André were clinking their glasses, he winked at me and I felt his barefoot on my crotch! I was hard in seconds of course. Oh my godd! I put my hand under the tablecloth on his foot ... fuck! It was big and he had long toes! He kneaded my cock with his toes and I felt the precum bubbling out my piss slit ... oh my godd! Another possible lover?

After we finished the first bottle, Dad called François and ordered another bottle.

"I need to go to the toilet. Would you be so kind to show me where it is please Anton?" Christopher said.

We got up and I led the way to the toilets around the corner, which were adjacent to the restaurant and foyer. As soon as we were out of sight, he put his hand on my buttocks and squeezed. "I want to fuck you! Do you think you could handle my big cock?"

"Oh fuck yes! I'd love you to fuck me! I can handle any size cock! How big is yours?"

"Very big! Not many guys can manage it."

"Yes, big is relative. How big?"

"It's at least 13 inches and it's very thick. It has a very big mushroom head and I have HUGE balls. I produce lots of precum and shoot lots and lots of cum. Still interested?"

Same size as Herman's cock, I thought, but it could be much thicker. Oh my godd!

"Oh fuck yes!"

We entered the bathroom and once inside, he stood against the door and pulled me into his embrace. I had to stand on my toes to reach his mouth. He kissed me gently but with urgency. I put my hand on his crotch and was shocked to feel the huge cock trapped inside. There was a wet spot on the tip of the bulge.

He smelled divine. I had no idea what perfume he used, but it must have been expensive!

"Still interested?"

"Oh fuck yes!" I said and started to undo his belt. He took it from my hands and opened his pants. When he opened the fly, his huge cock popped out. He was going commando! My godd! It was an enormous dark cock! It was as thick as my wrist! The huge cockhead was the biggest I've ever seen - bigger than Herman's. The cock was curving upwards. It was cut - the first I've had. Lots of precum was dripping out of it and onto the floor.

"Please suck me!"

I dropped to my knees and took the immensely big cock in my mouth and sucked the huge head into my mouth. It was so big I could manage to take only the head in my mouth. It was as long as Herman's cock but it was much thicker with a very big head. I put my hands on his balls ... they were enormous!

Lots of precum leaked into my mouth. It tasted nice but different to the other precum I've tasted. Perhaps it was due to a different diet than ours? But it was nice and there was lots of it.

Christopher's hands were on my head and he was groaning.

"Into a stall - now," Christopher said and pulled me off his cock. He put the waste paper basket in front of the door so it would make a noise when someone would enter.

We entered the toilet at the far end, furthest from the door.

He locked the door of the toilet. He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply and hungrily. His lips were soft and full. He pushed his big tongue into my mouth and because he had to bend down to kiss me, his saliva flowed into my mouth.

I opened my pants. He took my cock in his huge hands and rubbed my precum over the head. Then he sank to his knees and sucked my whole cock into his mouth. My cockhead disappeared into his throat. He was a spectacular cocksucker! He was fondling my balls and my perineum. His huge fingers were on my asshole and one of them was prodding my hole. I lifted my leg to give him better access to my hole.

With his one hand he scooped up some of his huge supply of precum and smeared over my hole. He pushed a finger - it felt like his middle finger - into my hole. Ah! It was a big finger!

Then he got up and kissed me again.

"I was tested negative for HIV a week ago. But I do have a condom and lube. Do you prefer a condom or without? Lube or only precum? I prefer bareback as nothing beats the feeling of skin on skin. How about you? Are you safe?" Christopher asked.

"I'm also negative. I'd prefer no condom if you're 100% safe. You and I have enough precum for you to fuck me. But we don't have a lot of time. It will have to be quick."

"Then it's agreed: BB and precum only. Yes, I make lots of precum, enough to fuck you. And I haven't shot a load in a week since I jerked off after the sexy doctor drew my blood for the HIV test. Today I could cum in under a minute. Still interested?

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck me please!"

I sank to my knees and sucked his huge cock again. A huge amount of precum leaked into my mouth. The huge, huge head filled my mouth.

He pulled me up and turned me around. He bent over and licked my asshole and pushed his tongue into me. His big mouth was wet and very adept to moisten me to get me ready for a fucking.

Christopher stood up and was rubbing his large supply of precum over his cockhead and shaft. He produced an immense amount of precum!

I milked my cock and collected the precum on my fingers. The volume of my precum faded in comparison to the precum coming out of the giant! I leaned forward and put my precum on my hole.

Christopher put his huge cockhead on my hole and started to push in. I was still loose from my earlier fucking. The huge head popped in and I gasped. He held still and twitched his cock. It swelled to gigantic proportions. I groaned: it was a huge cock! He pushed in deeper. He put his hands on my hips. His cock was slowly entering me. When his huge cockhead scraped over my prostate, I almost came on the spot!

He pulled out completely and milked his cock to get more precum. He pushed back in and I groaned. Oh fuck! This was an experience to remember!

When his huge cock reached my inner sphincter, he held still. He twitched his cock, and pushed slightly. The huge head slipped through my inner sphincter. I groaned. He pushed in deeper and it felt as if his cock was pushing into my rectum right up to my diaphragm.

I felt his curly black pubic hair on my buttocks and his huge balls against mine.

"You OK? We have to make it quick - sorry! OK if I fuck and cum? Some hanky panky next weekend if we could fit it in, but now it's just fuck and cum, OK?"

"Yes, it's OK, Fuck me," I said.

Christopher started to fuck me. I was so glad I have had sex with Dad and André earlier on. I was still loose and his huge cock fitted nicely in me.

I could actually feel the huge head in me, pushing and twitching. The girth was something like Juan's and Johann's cocks double fucking me. I groaned.

Christopher was picking up speed and fucked me in earnest. He fucked me wholesale. Within 60 seconds he started to groan. His cock swelled to gigantic proportions. He groaned and his breathing was shallow and fast.

"I'm cumming, OK? Be prepared. It's a huge load!"

I still had a lot of cum of André and Dad in me! Oh fuck! Another load!

Christopher fucked me faster and deeply. His big balls slapped on mine. He pushed in with one last thrust and his cock started to spasm. I felt it starting to pump his huge load into my hole. He was clutching my hips. His huge cock was spasming and he shuddered. His cum was shot deep into me. He held still and groaned.

After 30 seconds he started fucking me again. "I have to cum again please! It will be quick! OK?"

"Yes, of course!"

He fucked me again and within half a minute he shot a next load into me! He was shuddering and lightly bit my neck. His cock was swelling in me and he pushed it into me as deep as it would go.

Oh fuck! This was heaven!

Christopher's cock was spasming and he was pumping more cum into me.

"We have to stop now, but I wanted this to last at least for an hour or more! I can cum 7 times in a row with only a minute in between. I cum a huge amount. Can you feel it?" Christopher asked.

"Oh fuck yes! I love it! I can feel the big load in me. Fuck me and cum one more time please!" Cum slut!

"OK, but we're running out of time," Christopher said.

"Fuck me please! We'll think up an excuse. Fuck me!"

Christopher picked up speed again and soon his huge cock was twitching and spasming again, shooting its third round of cum into me. If I could have it, I wanted it to continue, but we had to stop - unfortunately.

"I'm pulling out now, otherwise I will continue to fuck you for another hour!" Christopher said and pulled out slowly. I clenched. As the huge head popped out, I couldn't contain it all and a some of the huge load of cum dropped into my underpants around my ankles.

I turned around and sank to my knees. I sucked the huge cockhead into my mouth and cleaned it.

"You're a natural! I love it. Want me to cum in your mouth?"

"Fuck yes! Could you? Would you? Please! How quick?" I gushed.

"Within 30 seconds. Here it comes!"

He jacked his huge cockshaft and groaned. The big head was in my mouth. Lots of precum was still leaking into my mouth.

And lo and behold, within half a minute he was groaning again. He pushed his big cockhead into my mouth up to my throat.

"Here it comes! I'm cumming! Oh fuck I'm cumming!"

Christopher shot a huge load into my mouth. It tasted sweet and nice. It was thick and creamy. It filled my mouth to capacity and I had to swallow. He had his other hand on my head.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled me up. I still had some cum in my mouth. He kissed me and forced his tongue into my mouth and he sucked. He took his cum into his mouth. He pushed some back and swallowed the rest.

"Want me to suck my cum from your hole and feed you?"

"Oh fuck yes! Yes!" I gushed.

He turned me around and put his mouth on my hole and pushed his tongue in me to relax my hole. He sucked. I felt the cum being sucked into his mouth.

He let go and got up. I turned around and he kissed me. He pushed the cum he sucked from my hole into my mouth. I swallowed it hungrily.

He broke the kiss and said: "There is still a huge lot in you - souvenir from me. But we have to go. I'll go first and join your dad and brother. I'll say you said you were going to the hotel room first. What would you do there? Get your cell phone? OK?"

"Yes, tell them I went to fetch my cell phone," I said.

Christopher bundled his huge cock into his pants and pushed the thick shaft down his left leg. I noticed it was very visible but his shirt covered most of it. I looked at the huge feet. They were really nice. It was the first time I've looked at non-white feet so intently. They were as nice as Dad's feet.

He pulled me in his arms and kissed me. He pushed his big tongue into my mouth. His huge bulge pushed against my tummy.

"Sorry there is no time to make you cum, or do you want me to?"

"No, it's fine! It's not necessary for me to cum now. I came this afternoon with my brother!"

"Ahh! Your brother! I'd love to have you both then! Next weekend, I hope!"

Christopher unlocked the toilet door and left. I pulled my underpants up and felt the moisture of the cum that spilled from my hole into my underpants. I finished dressing and went to the basin. I washed my hands and rinsed my mouth - it was against my will, but I had to do it to eliminate the odour. Dad and André would smell the cum on my breath. I fished a Tic-Tac from my pocket and popped it into my mouth. I dawdled a bit and then left the toilet through the door leading to the foyer. I re-entered the restaurant from the foyer.

"Ah, there is my boy! We thought you've deserted us! Got your phone?" Dad asked.

"Yes, I've left it on the nightstand and I had to go to our own bathroom ... ahem ... you know." Dad and Andre knew. I had a big load in me when we left the room. They didn't know Christopher had pumped an even bigger load into me!

I sat down and soon Christopher's foot was on my crotch again. I put my hands in my lap under the tablecloth and massaged his big foot. They were easily size 17! The second toe was considerably longer than the huge big toe. There were some curly hair on the bridge and toes. Big square nails. Very nice feet, I thought. My cock was still achingly hard but I held out.

Dad called François and ordered us some nice red wine and a glass of dry white for Christopher. He still wanted to learn to appreciate red wine. We offered to help of course!

I wondered if Dad read the signs correctly. I was sure André knew this man was making the moves on us! Well, he had already fucked me, so the moves were on, big time!

"Your Dad said you're wine farmers. I'd love to visit if I may. And it's not too far from here?" Christopher said.

"Yes, it's not too far. And you're welcome. How long are you going to be in South Africa? Do you have a number where we could contact you?" Dad asked.

"I'd be here for at least a month. I got a South African SIM for my iPhone this morning. Here's the number ..." Christopher took our numbers and stored it on his iPhone and we put his number in our phones. I took a picture of him for my Address Book. He looked so smart and attractive! My godd! I wish I could have had a picture of his enormous brown cock!

He continued: "I'm doing a whole series of shoots for Boss Models. I'm here for a shoot at Cape Point on Sunday and Monday, a shoot on Table Mountain on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday we have a shoot in Simons Town. Friday and Saturday on the winery where you're going to be. Sunday I have the day off. Next Monday I fly to Durban and then on to the Drakensberg for a shoot in various locations for a few days. I'm back here in the wine lands in two weeks' time. Claire has organised some shoots at Clifton, with a guy by the name of Johann Blignaut - I'm not sure of the pronunciation. So, I'm here again in just under 3 weeks' time."

"Oh good! We could make it a weekend on the farm and you're invited. You could travel with us. As long as you get to Stellenbosch by that Friday, we could pick you up in the afternoon and we could have some of Dad's super steaks a few hours later. Oh, and Johann is a friend of ours! He lives in the same complex where our house is. He is a very good photographer - you'd appreciate his work," I said and thought: and a fucking good lover too!

"That weekend that I'm free, I'd love to come visit you then. I haven't been on a real winery farm before. It would be a first for me!"

"We'd show you the research we do and the setup. You'll be pleasantly surprised," André put in. "My brother is not just an ace at engineering, he was the driving force behind a new cultivar, Sauvignon Rouge, for a completely new wine which will be named after us: André & Anton."

"Oh really? A multi-talented man!" Christopher said and winked at me. Jackal! He asked very intelligent questions about the wine industry. We told him about my work with the grafts and the new cultivar. He was excited to see that and see the farm. We made a date with him to come visit us on the farm in 3 weeks' time. He'd make sure he was in Stellenbosch so he could come with us. He said he could arrange that.

Christopher's foot was still in my lap and my pants were sopping wet with precum! He was a sex dogg!

We told Christopher about our modelling and how it started. We told him about the possible trip to London, then to Berlin and then to Florence came about. We didn't give details about Gunther or Luigi, or Johann.

Christopher said: "By the end of the month I'm heading off to NY again. But yes, Claire said you're going to London over Christmas - so am I! Boss Models have invited quite a few of their best models from around the world, so you could feel mighty proud you were selected! And after that, I'm in Italy for a week and then Germany, or France ... I think. We have to make a plan to meet in London!"

"Yes, the plans on the table have it that we'd be in London over Christmas, then off to Germany and then Italy on our own. We have friends here who want us to visit Berlin and Florence with them. If you could change your plans a bit, why don't you join us and come to Germany first and then Italy?" André said.

"That could be arranged. It's not often I meet such nice people like you, and even two of you! I'm a lucky man! But, I don't have my programme here with me. I know for a fact I'm in London over Christmas but I'm not sure of the weeks directly after that," Christopher said.

François came to take our orders. We all ordered steaks and salads.

Dad poured us more red wine and asked for another glass to teach Christopher how to drink red wine. We had lots of fun telling him how to hold the wine in his mouth, to breathe over the wine, exhale through his nose and then to swallow. He did that and his face turned into one of pleasure. He enjoyed it.

There was lots of small talk. Christopher told us he was 25 years old. He told us more about his white French dad and his Puerto Rican mom. He talked some more about his brother who was 27 and was even taller than him. "He is much bigger than me! Apart from the difference in size," he winked," we are virtually the same in every respect," and winked at me again. Fuck! A bigger cock? Fuck! And more multiple orgasms! And lots and lots of cum! I wondered what it would be to be fucked by them both.

"Is he going to join you when you go to London?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Yes, in fact, he is! My big brother wants to check out the business prospects in London, Berlin and Milan. Yes, he's coming with me!" Oh fuck! Here it comes, I thought! Plus Alessandro, Sven and Jean-Pierre. And André. And Gunther! And Johann! And Luigi! Oh fuck! What a sex orgy this trip was going to be! Oh fuck! And all the cum! Heaven, here I come!

"That would be great to meet your brother. We also have friends living in London. One is from Canada - Jean-Pierre who we haven't met yet - and there is Sven from Norway and Alessandro from Italy. We met them here in South Africa at the end of last year. Johann, the photographer is going too, as well as our German friend who is doing research at the university here in town, and an Italian doctor working here in town - he is an urologist. They are all going with us. So, we will be painting London red!" André said. More like 'pink' I thought!

We told Christopher about our studies and our hockey. We stopped short of telling him about Juan ... our hockey coach, our housemate, our lover, our new 'blood brother' ... more like our 'cum brother' I thought!

Christopher's replaced his foot in my lap with the other foot. My boner was so hard! And wet. I wished we could go to our room and fuck again!

There was more talk about South Africa, the problems in the country after apartheid ended and other stuff. We didn't want the atmosphere to become tainted, so we steered clear of it after just a few comments. Christopher was a highly intelligent hung hunk and he saw things for what they were.

"I'm here until tomorrow - I'm going to Cape Town on Saturday morning for some studio work for Boss. Some jewellery and swimwear shoot. I'm not sure who the photographer is, but if I remember correctly, it could be the same Johann Blig ... Blignaut? You say he is good? I love working with professional photographers." I wondered what would transpire between Johann and Christopher ...

"We have classes on a Friday until 1 o'clock but we could meet you for coffee or a light lunch tomorrow?" André said. He leaned over to me and said in Afrikaans that we can't invite him to La Rochelle, not yet. "Our date with the other guys for dinner?" I agreed.

"We're just talking about our classes tomorrow. We have an hour or so free after 1 to show you around if you wanted. We have an appointment with our housemate at 5. Anything in particular you wanted to see? It will have to be in town or at one of the wineries close to town."

Dad leaned over to me and said in Afrikaans: "Ahh! I wish I could've joined you but Mom is here tomorrow night!" He added in English: "Sorry, just a small matter about tomorrow."

"I've heard about the wineries around town? Stellenbosch itself? Jonkershoek?"

"We'll play it by ear. We'll pick you up after 1 and we'll show you around a bit," André said. He touched my hand and winked. I winked back. André knew.

"OK, thanks. You have my cell phone number. My room number is 25. Looking forward seeing you tomorrow," Christopher said and pushed his foot into my groin. Oh fuck! Can't we just go to his room and fuck like rabbits already?

Our steaks arrived. They were classic and tasted superb - as good as Dad's steaks. When he started on his steak, Christopher took his foot away. I missed it in my lap. Damn it!

"This is very good ... hmmmm!" Christopher said as he savoured another piece of his steak. "Any time as good as American steaks!"

We had dessert and then went to sit at the bar for a nightcap. Christopher was standing next to me and pushed his big cock against my body as he laughed at André's jokes. He had his huge hand on my shoulder and was squeezing me a few times. I was hot and randy. I wanted this man to fuck me again!

It was just before 10 when we said our good-byes and were off to our rooms.

In our room we went about our toilet to get ready for bed. André took the rubber bulb to douche. I made an excuse to go and find us some drinks and ice for the night. Dad told me to have it put on his account.

I literally ran to the reception and placed the order for tinned Coke, white wine, a few beers and an ice bucket. I told them I'd be back for it in 10 minutes. They do not need to take it to the room.

I ran to room number 25.

I knocked and Christopher opened.

"I knew you'd come! Come here!"

He was dressed in only his denims, his big bulge showing in the leg of his pants.

His big muscular chest, and huge nipples with huge areolae with some hair around them looked spectacular. His areolae were dark brown and at least 3cm in diameter.

He pulled me into the room and immediately hugged and kissed me. I melted into his arms and gave me over to his kisses.

I opened his pants and let them fall to the floor. He was opening my pants and I was unbuttoning my shirt. I was naked in less than 10 seconds. My hard cock pushed in between his legs. His huge hard cock curved upwards and pushed against my tummy. It was sopping wet.

"This is what you've been doing to me while my foot was in your crotch. I've been lusting after you the whole evening. I want to fuck you again! Oh Anton! I've always wanted to meet someone who is sexy and who loves my big cock, and can handle my cock. You're all of it and more! I love it that you're as horny as I am!"

"Yes, but we have less than 10 minutes ... 9 minutes now! We'll have to do it immediately. I have to get back to my Dad and brother!"

I dropped to my knees and took the huge wet cockhead into my mouth and battled to get the head further than beyond my teeth. It was an immense cockhead. The precum tasted fantastic. His huge balls in my hands felt like nothing I've ever felt before. He was really hung like a horse!

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! You're so good! But, come, bend over! If we don't have much time, let's get my cock in you as soon as possible. I want to cum as many times as possible. You know that once I'm cumming, I can cum at least five times in 10 minutes or less. Come! Please!"

Christopher put some lube on his huge cock and gave me the tube to put some on my hole. I bent over and he positioned himself behind me. He put his enormous cockhead on my hole and started to push in. My hole was still loose from the earlier fucking and his cockhead slipped right in. I groaned - it was an experience once again. He waited a bit and twitched his huge cock. I groaned - the girth of his cock was just immense. As the cock swelled, he pushed in deeper. When the cockhead grazed over my prostate it pushed precum and some cum out of my cock. His hands were on my buttocks and he pulled me towards him as he pushed into me. Once again the huge cockhead stopped at the inner sphincter and he made it swell. It pushed through the sphincter and he pushed the huge cock home. He was in me up to his balls. The balls hung against my balls - they were enormous.

"I'm going to start fucking you in order to cum, OK? You still OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine! OK, fuck me! Fuck me!" I gushed between my teeth. The enormous cock in me was big and was filling me up big time!

He started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. His balls slapped against mine. Within a minute of fucking his breathing became shallower and faster. He started to groan. "I haven't cum for so long and now I had this beautiful white boy taking my big cock twice within hours! I'm going to cum again now. Oh fuck! Oh godd! Oh my godd! Oh fuck! Here it comes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!"

He pushed his huge cock deep into me and it started to pulsate. He shuddered as his first volley of cum spurted into me. I counted nine spurts being fired into my rectum. He gasped and started to fuck me again. He picked up speed again and soon he groaned and pushed his cock deep into the cum inside me. His cock spasmed again as it started to shoot the next round of cum into me. It was number two! I didn't count but it could have been 8 spurts or more of his cum that he squirted into me.

My hole was stretched to the limit and I was on cloud nine. Only Luigi fucked me better but his cock wasn't as big as Christopher's!

He held still and caught his breath. He started fucking me again and again he started to cum - number 3. He spurted around 7 shots into me. He slowly fucked me in his cum and started fucking me again with new vigour. Within less than 30 seconds he started to spurt round 4 into me. He held still as his huge cock was spurting his cum into me. He held still and kissed me on the back of my head.

"I can continue but I'd need a little rest, preferably with my cock in you, but we don't have time. I'm going to pull out. Do you want me to suck my cum out of you or do you want to take it home with you?"

"No, don't pull out! Please cum one more time!" Cum slut!

"Oh fuck! You're as insatiable as I am! OK, here goes. I hope I cum quickly again."

Christopher fucked me again and within 45 seconds, he started to groan again. His huge cock swelled to gigantic proportions again and then he started to shoot his fifth volley of cum into me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I've been fucked royally by this tall sexy and dark hung hunk of a man! He collapsed on my back and slowly fucked me with slow shallow thrusts.

"Oh fuck! Oh my godd! Fuck! You'd be the death of me still! I've never experienced a guy who could handle me like you do! You're just as mad about fucking as I am! Oh fuck! Thank you!" Christopher kissed me on my cheek. I turned my head and got a lopsided kiss on my mouth. "Do you want me to suck the cum out of you now and feed it to you?"

"Oh fuck yes! Please! Suck it out please! Quickly!"

He pulled out and I clenched to keep his cum in me. The huge head slipped out and I managed to keep most of his cumload in me. Some of it ended up in my underpants again. He sank to his knees behind me and put his big mouth with its full lips on my hole and started to suck the cum out of me. My hole opened and I felt how the huge load was sucked into Christopher's mouth. He stopped sucking and traced my hole with his tongue just before he let go. I clenched.

Christopher pulled me up and turned me around. He kissed me and pushed a huge amount of his very tasty cum into my mouth. It was a lot. This man was a cum factory all by himself!

"There is more. Do you want it or do you want to take some home with you?"

"I'm tempted to take the second choice, but I have a brother waiting for me. Rather suck the rest out of me and feed it to me. I don't want to flush it into the toilet. Please suck it out and give it to me."

He let go of me and spun me around. I pushed my buttocks out and he put his mouth onto my hole. He started sucking my hole again and he sucked the rest of his cum into his mouth. He sucked a bit more to ensure it was all in his mouth. Christopher stood up and spun me around. He kissed me and pushed his cum into my mouth. Once again, it was a tremendous load. It tasted fucking divine! His cum tasted different from the cum of my other lovers. I ascribed it to a different diet, the kind of liquid he consumed and perhaps it was an ethnic thing? I didn't know.

Christopher kissed me and I sucked on his huge tongue as I put my hand out to find my shirt on the edge of the bed. I found it and started putting it on while the big man was kissing me.

"I suppose I'll have to let you go. How I wish you could've stayed the night. You are phenomenal! I'd love to fuck you all night long! I'd pump an almighty load of cum into you! I can last a whole night long. I could easily pump more than half a cup of cum into you during the course of one night. I wish you could've stayed. But I hope next weekend I'd be able to fuck you again?" Christopher said.

"We'll see. But I have to go now. Thanks but I'm running late as it is," I said as I was putting on my pants. I slipped on my slip-ons and kissed Christopher one more time. I took his huge rubbery cock in my hand and gave it a last squeeze. It was spectacular.

"Go! Go, before I undress you again and fuck you again! Go!"

I turned around and ran down the passage to reception. The tray with my order was waiting for me.

"Oh, there you are. I was just about to call your room. The order was just delivered a minute ago," the receptionist said. He smiled and I wondered about him. His name tag said his name was Maurice. He was a tall guy with longer blonde hair that was beautifully styled. His eyes were a very special kind of blue: lighter than our eyes but darker than Gunther's eyes. There was a naughty sparkle in them.

He sported a 3-day stubble that was darker than his hair. It reminded me of Johann. He also had beautifully manicured hands. When I looked at him, he winked at me and put his hand on his big bulging crotch. When he took his hand away, the outline of his big cock was clearly visible in his pants. I looked him in the eyes and he winked again. "Enjoy, Mr le Roux! I'm here until midnight. I live here in the hotel if you needed anything - ANYthing! My room is at the end of the passage, number 69 - very sexy number, don't you think? Ask if you need assistance! We're here to ensure your stay here is memorable! All you need to do is ask! I won't mind, even if I'm off-duty!"

My godd! The man was flirting openly and when I looked at his crotch again, it had grown considerably! Oh my fuck! Another one?! He was super sexy and I was sure he'd fuck me good! "Thanks, Maurice! If I do need assistance, I'll come to your room? Is that allowed?"

"No, it is not, but after midnight the lights in the passages are dimmed and nobody will notice. I never go to sleep immediately. I usually first take a shower and then lie on my bed naked to watch some TV. If you can't sleep, you're welcome to join me ...? Hmmm!" He said and palmed his huge bulge again. "*This is yours if you wanted it. All 30cm of it ... think you could handle it?*" He whispered and his very beautiful blue eyes twinkled.

"Oh yes, I could handle it! I'd love to handle it! I'll see what I can do. If I can get away, I'll be in your room by half past twelve. Oh fuck! I'd love to feel you!"

"And so do I! It's going to be a long 2 hours till then ... I'll make it worth it if you can come ... I'd fuck you hard and deep and pump lots of cum into you ... Still interested?"

"Oh fuck yes! Is it thick too!"

"As thick as my wrist ... I hope you would be able to handle it! Most guys can't ... sadly!"

"I'll see what I can do. Number 69!"

"Yes, see you later, I hope." Maurice said and winked again. "Bye for now!"

Oh fuck! Will every man I meet want to fuck me? Yet another one? Fuck! Cum slut!

I walked to our room as fast as I could. Dad and André were naked on the bed, watching TV and their hands on each other.

"Where have you been? It's been more than 10 minutes. What happened? I'm glad you got the drinks."

"The receptionist and I were chatting while the bar prepared the tray with drinks and we were still chatting. Sorry!" I put in and smiled at them.

"Go into the bathroom and get ready. We have almost started without you! André has already sucked me a little! I had to fight him off my cock! Hurry up!" Dad joked.

I went into the bathroom and douched. Surprisingly, I was still clean. I was glad because Christopher had sucked his cum out of me twice tonight.

I brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. I looked at my stubble face in the mirror and wondered what it was that was such a magnet for other men. My black hair? My blue eyes? My full mouth? My dark stubble? A combination of it all? Oh well, as long as it works, I thought.

"Ahhh! There is my man of the moment!" Dad gushed when I entered the room again.

The three of us were kissing each other, we played with each other's cocks and sucked each other. In the end, André fucked me while I was sucking Dad. André shot his load into me. Then they traded places and when Dad was about to cum, he did a 'Johann Special'! How did he know? Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and shot his load on my hole, and pushed it into me with his big cockhead. Oh fuck!

André was beneath me sucking my cock and soon after Dad shot his load, I groaned and shot my load into André's mouth. It was a huge load! I've been fucked twice with a huge cock since our shenanigans late that afternoon, without cumming. I shot a big load of cum!

Dad was still in me and I lifted my torso up and pushed back against Dad's hairy chest. Oh fuck! There was nothing about this man I didn't like! I loved him so very much!

André sat up and kissed me. I got half my cum - it was a big load - in my mouth and swallowed. My cum tasted totally different than Christopher's cum. I was sure it was because of our diets.

I looked at my iPhone screen and saw it was just after 11. We had some drinks - I opted for a tin of Coke. Dad had a glass of wine and André settled for a beer. I knew what the liquor was going to do to them and I smiled ... I'd be able to leave them without them knowing I was gone.

The TV was on with the volume very low. I was flipping through the channels and watched some BBC and some CNN, then some Discovery. Nothing interesting, especially when one was eager that the time would pass.

Dad was lying between us and had an arm around our shoulders. I had my head on Dad's left chest and Andre was on Dad's right. Dad's big rubbery cock was pointing at my hip and I'd touch it occasionally and gave it a few squeezes. It was in a semi state of erection when I realised Dad had nodded off. He was asleep. I looked at André and he too was asleep.

I waited a few minutes and then gingerly lifted Dad's arm over my head. As I put his arm on the bed, Dad rolled onto his right side and he hugged André close to him. Perfect!

I got out of bed and slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I stepped into my flip-flops and took my card key. I left the room and closed the door quietly.


When I reached room 69, I was rock-hard and sopping wet again. Oh my godd! I had Dad's and André's loads in me and if all went according to plan, Maurice was going to add another load in my hole!

The door was slightly ajar and I heard the TV was on. I knocked very lightly and pushed the door open. Maurice was on the bed, buck-naked, his huge thick cock in his hand! His chest was immensely developed and his pectoral muscles developed like that of a body builder! His huge feet were apart and his big balls hung right onto the bed. They were huge! His cock was almost hard and he was rubbing the precum leaking out of it over the big cock head.

I closed and locked the door, and stepped closer. Maurice said: "I hope we'd have some time before you have to go back. At least half an hour? Please? Please get out of your clothes and come here!"

I stripped and stepped out of my flip-flops. When Maurice saw my big hard cock, he gasped. "My godd! You have a big cock too! Wow! I'm impressed! Is your brother's cock also big?"

"Identical in every way."

Maurice let go of his big cock and pulled me into an embrace. I smelled his clean minty breath, the very nice fragrance of his shampoo. The cologne he used was unknown, but it was spicy and citrusy and woody. He didn't have much chest hair. There was a little around his areolae, which were about as big as Dad's areolae but not as dark. His cock was very big, curved to his left, but much more than Dad's cock.

It looked about the same size as Luigi's or Johann's cocks. But it was thicker and it had a very long big head, with much more skin left in front of the piss slit. He was rock-hard and still the foreskin was making a narrow-looking spout in front of the head. The precum was streaming out of his cock! It was dripping onto his tummy where he was rubbing it with his other hand into his skin.

I put my head on his chest and he kissed me on the head.

"I'm glad you've come. It is going to be very nice, I promise." He pulled me on top of him and I felt his huge cock between us, pushing into my right thigh. I leaned down and kissed Maurice. Although his lips were not as full as Christopher's lips, Maurice's kiss was very nice. His mouth was very moist and I loved the taste of his saliva. He had a very long tongue, which he pushed deep into my mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I was going to get fucked good ...

I opened my eyes and looked into his blue eyes. "Hi there again. Seeing anything you like? Hmm?"

"Oh fuck yes! You're a very sexy man with a beautiful sculpted body, a beautiful face, beautiful hands and feet and a huge cock! How big is it?" I asked.

"Ahh! How about we get a ruler to verify my claims? It's really 30cm and as you can see, it's very thick and the foreskin is very long. I could dock with you if you're interested. I also make enough precum to fuck you with it. I have to warn you though - it's something some guys can't handle - my cock is very thick and because it's curved, I can only fuck you from behind. The curve follows the natural curve of the rectum. If I fuck you from the front, it could cause a lot of discomfort. And, I have to add: I cum a really big load. I mean it! Because of the huge amount of cum, I can't use a condom. But, I'm safe. I get tested every 3 months and at the beginning of September I was negative. Plus, if you wanted, I could fuck you and cum, and if the volume of cum isn't too much for you, I could stay in you and fuck you again. Still interested?" Maurice said and kissed my nose. "I sincerely hope you'd be able to handle my cock as most boys can't."

"Oh fuck yes! I love cum! The more the better! But I want to suck you first. I want to taste your precum and feel your big cock in my mouth!"

"Have you docked with another guy before?" I shook my head. "How about we try that first? I'd love to dock with you! Stand on your knees facing me."

I got onto my knees and waited for him to 'dock' with me.

Maurice took my cock in his one hand and peeled the skin back. With his other hand he pushed his own skin back. He positioned the tip of my cock on the tip of his cock and pulled my skin forward again. It covered the tip of his cock. He pushed his foreskin back to the front and it went over my cockhead and covered my whole cockhead! Wow! Our precum was mixing under the foreskins. Maurice squeezed our cocks and pulled his skin even more over my cockhead. This was a first!

Maurice held our docked cocks' heads together and jacked us carefully. It felt great! But the big amount of precum made it very slippery.

We kissed and then he pulled his cock free from the docking. Maurice moved backwards and lied down. I moved down his muscular body and marvelled at his spectacular pectoral muscles. They were rock-hard. I sucked on one nipple while my hand was on his huge cock. It was twitching in my hand and I felt the huge amount of precum leaking out of the long foreskin. The nipple in my mouth was big and rock hard. His skin tasted good. It was like coconut and honey, or whatever. It smelled good too.

I moved to his bellybutton and pushed my tongue in the slightly hairy indentation. He squirmed and groaned. I moved down on his right-hand side, past his huge cock. I aimed for his enormous balls. They hung right down to the bed and when I put my hand on them, I gasped. Christopher's big balls were a revelation, but Maurice's balls were bigger! I never thought this could've been possible! And to think I've always thought Dad's balls were big ...

I took his balls in my hand and gently massaged them. He groaned and bucked his pelvis upwards. I sucked one ball into my mouth - it was immense in size. I sucked and Maurice groaned some more. He had his hands in my hair.

I let go of the ball and sucked the other one in my mouth. It was an experience!

I moved down Maurice's almost hairless but very muscular legs to his feet. Ahhh! Although there was very little hair on the toes - none on the bridge - they were nicely shaped. His feet were about size 16. The big toes were very big and the second toes were of the same length, perhaps a small bit longer. The nails were big and cut square. His feet were so well looked after. Again, his feet had nothing on Luigi's or Juan's or Dad's feet, but nice nonetheless.

I sucked one of the big toes into my mouth and Maurice groaned again. "Oh fuck! You're driving me mad! Oh fuck!"

I sucked the other big toe and moved up to my ultimate goal: the hugely curved big cock. I moved up his legs and when I took the huge cock in my hands, there was puddle of precum that ran down his side onto the bed. I scooped up the precum with my fingers and put it on my hole. It was a lot! I took the precum that had formed on my cock tip and put it on my hole too.

I lifted the huge cock up and had to turn my head to get the huge head into my mouth. I pushed it into my mouth without pulling the long skin back. The enormous head filled my mouth to capacity. It really was a big cock. While it was in my mouth, the precum leaked out onto my tongue tasted so good! He must have drank some pineapple or apple juice, and/or lots of water. I was sure his cum was going to taste good too.

I pulled the foreskin back to reveal the huge head. I sucked it and my sucking made a slurping sound. I pulled the cockhead out and looked at it. I gasped: the piss-slit was the biggest I've ever seen. It was almost 2cm long and stretched from above the tip right down to the frenulum. It was a huge opening!

I pushed the big cockhead back into my mouth but it was futile to try and get it into my throat. It was too big. I managed first with Juan's and then Luigi's cock that morning, but Maurice's cock was way too thick. Maurice had his hands on my head and was groaning and he bucked his pelvis up in the air.

"If we don't have too much time, I think you should stand on all fours so I could fuck you, please," Maurice said.

Maurice took a tube of lube to put some on my hole. "Precum or lube?" he asked.

"Let's try with precum first. You produce lots of precum. I should be able to handle it. Milk some more out of your cock," I said.

Maurice milked his huge cock and smeared the precum over the huge head and the bent shaft. He got on his knees and was rubbing his precum over the huge head. He had the skin pulled back and when the head was slick, he pulled the skin forward and was milking his cock to get more precum for the shaft. The curve to his left was very pronounced. I thought of my Biology class at school and tried to remember the position of the rectum. I just remembered that the descending part of the colon that transformed into the rectum was in the abdomen on one's left. So, Maurice was right: if his cock were curved so much, it would have been best that the tip of his cock went the same direction as my rectum. Thus: on all fours, not that I minded! I loved doggie style!

"Anton, if I hurt you or if you're uncomfortable, please tell me. I'll enter you slowly and I will do my level best not to hurt you. But, my experience has shown that even the most experienced guys have trouble to manage my big cock in them. Ready? OK, here it comes. I'm going to push only the head in and wait for you to get used to it. I'm going to make it twitch and please don't be frightened, but my cock becomes a lot thicker when I do that. So, just relax and let me in, OK?" Maurice said. He was very attentive and sounded like a very good lover.

He put his left knee next to my left thigh and positioned himself behind me at an angle. He put his enormous curved cock on my hole and pushed in slowly. Oh my godd! I was fucked wholesale that afternoon and evening, but this cock wás big! Oh fuck! The big head took a long time to enter me. My sphincter was stretched something awful and I groaned. Before the big head was in, Maurice pulled out again and immediately pushed in again. His huge cockhead slipped in and he held still. "First twitch - ready?"


Maurice twitched his cock and he didn't exaggerate - his cock was humongous and the twitching made it very thick! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

"Squeeze your hole over my cock," Maurice said. Ah, the twitch and clench dance! I waited for the next twitch and when he let go, I clenched my hole over the big cock in my hole.

Maurice pulled his cock out again and pushed it back into me immediately. He twitched his cock before the head was in my hole and I clenched my hole over this cock. Then his cockhead was in me and he was twitching. It started to feel good! He started to push his curved cock into me. Amazingly, it fitted snugly in my rectum. It was as if the curve of the cock and my rectum were made for each other! The enormous cockhead advanced deeper and I felt no more discomfort than with the other cocks I've had in me. In fact, the curve of the huge cock made it feel more comfortable! I was ecstatic! This muscular hung hunk knew how to fuck, that was for sure.

The enormous cockhead scraped over my prostate and we both groaned. Oh my godd! I wasn't going to last long!

Maurice pushed in deeper and soon the big head was pushing against the inner sphincter. He made it twitch again and the head pushed against the sphincter. I relaxed and pushed out. The head slipped through the constriction and was in. He pushed in deeper and the curved cock was in all the way. His huge balls were hanging against my body and rested on my balls. They were big!

Maurice twitched his cock in me and the whole huge cock swelled to an amazing girth, a size that was unimaginable! I understood why guys ran away when they saw and experienced this gigantic cock! It was not as long as Herman's cock or Christopher's cock, but the girth set it aside! It was in a different class altogether. And the curve was something I never thought possible. I thought Dad's cock was curved a lot!

"You OK, Anton? Not too much? Did I hurt you?"

"I'm fine, although this is an experience I've never had before. Your huge cock feels amazing and you're right, the curve of your cock fits perfectly in my rectum! I love it!"

"OK, good! I'm going to fuck you. It would take me about 3 minutes to cum and once I've done cumming, you have to tell me if you're OK. It will be a huge volume of cum. OK?"

"Yes, OK!"

"OK, here we go! Prepare for an experience to remember!"

Maurice put his hands on my hips and pulled his cock back and pushed back in. My insides were filled to capacity. It was one hell of a cock!

He started to fuck me with slow, long, deep thrusts. It was as if I had Gunther and Johann in me together! But this was only one cock and it was curved like I've never seen before. I felt so good! I leaned down and rested on my elbows. My ass was pushed up in the air and Maurice fucked me good.

His big balls swung against mine as he fucked me. My cock was rock-hard and my precum was dripping from the piss-slit. It made a big mess on the bed.

Maurice leaned over my back and kissed my cheek. "Oh fuck! I can't believe I've found you! I've never had anybody who could handle me the way you do! I hope the cum isn't going to be too much!"

"I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. Fuck me!"

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! You're phenomenal! I wish I've met you years ago! I've lived here for 3 years and I haven't seen you here before. Ahhh! Oh my godd! Oh fuck!"

Maurice was fucking me with short quick thrusts and his breathing was becoming quick. He groaned and he growled. "Oh fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhh! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Take my big load! I'm cummiiinnnnggggg!"

He pushed his huge cock deep into me, through the inner sphincter and held still. For a second nothing happened and then it felt like he was peeing inside me. He was pumping one hell of a load through his huge piss-slit into me. It was sensational!

Maurice was still groaning and growling. His huge cock was pulsing in my rectum and Maurice had his hands all over my back and sides.

He kissed me on my cheek and said: "You deserve to have the best sex ever! I hope this was worth it! Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, oh fuck! I loved it! It was tremendous!"

"I've shot a huge load into you. I haven't cum since Sunday. Are you OK? Not too much in you?"

"I can feel it's a huge amount, but I'm still OK. Do you want to stay in me for the second round? Or do you want to feed me some of your cum?"

"I'd love to stay in you a little longer and then you could suck me. If the cum in your asshole is too much, we could make a plan, but let's see if you can cope with it."

Maurice held my body with his big hands and rolled onto his left side, taking me with him. His huge cock was still inside me and the curve fitted nicely in me.

"Please tell me about yourself. What do you do? Where do you come from? I'd love to know whom I'm fucking!" Maurice said and kissed me on the ear.

I gave him a short version of where I came from, our studies, some of the experiences my twin brother and I have had. He was very interested in the farm and the winery. He was in his final year of studying hotel management and a knowledge of wines was an important part of his curriculum.

"You could come visit some time and see what we do. There is going to be a new wine out in 3 years' time, called André & Anton." I told him of the grafting and new grape Sauvignon Rouge we would be using for it. "I'll give you my cell number so you could tell me when you're free and I could tell you when we'd be on the farm. Let's see how it pans out."

"A question or two: are you and your brother identical in every way?"

"Yes, our cocks are also identical. We're two peas in a pod."

"Have you ever had sex with each other?"

"Oh fuck! We're madly in love with each other and fuck each other all the time!"

"Your dad is very sexy and handsome too."

"Yes he is, and we love him to bits."

"The room you're in has only a king size bed. Do you all sleep together?"

"Yes, we do."

"And no action between the three of you?"

"No, we're careful about that." I wasn't going to tell him what we don't even tell Luigi, Gunther or Johann.

"Any other action? I work such long irregular hours that I don't get out too often, and I haven't had the luck of meeting anybody like you ever before! And no guy had ever been able to handle my cock the way you do! How I wish I could've met you a long time ago! I want to see you again if it's possible, please?"

"My life is very complicated. Let's get to know each other first and then you'd understand. André and I are not exclusive and we share a house with a lecturer. Oh, it's just too complicated. I'd love to see you again, but when I give you my cell number, you have to promise to be careful. Things in my life have been very complex lately and things are just now settling down a little, so I don't want it to be upset again. Oh fuck! I wish I could've met you under different circumstances! I'd fall in love with you on the spot! You're perfect, but I'm not alone ... oh fuck! Man oh man!" I gushed. He was perfect but his lack of body hair counted against him. For the rest he was perfect. He was beautiful and had a cock to die for. Fuck! And a big cum load too ... hmmm! Nice feet, but little hair ... and he wasn't dark-haired.

"I'm so used to wait for something like this, I'm prepared to wait for you. Having such a huge cock is not always a benefit and shooting such huge loads is usually embarrassing. I make such a mess when I jack off, I have to do it in the shower and then I spend 2 minutes cleaning the class enclosure. And guys usually start running when they see my big curved cock and realise what I wanted to do with it. Oh fuck! I wish I had a cock like yours! And that I could've met you under different circumstances. I'd also fall in love with you easily. You're perfect! Oh fuck! What rotten luck!" Maurice complained.

"I'll let you know when we have a chance to entertain you and perhaps my housemates will agree to invite you, or to go to the farm with us. But I can't promise anything."

"Good enough for me. Thanks. And, thanks for this! You've made my year! This was phenomenal!" Maurice was happy about the fucking. "I'm going to pull out now, OK? I want you to have the next load in your mouth. Up for it? The next load will be a bit smaller but you need to know it is still a lot! Are you up for it?"

He pulled out and I felt the huge head approaching my asshole. The huge cumload behind it flowed with it towards my asshole. "Clench! I'm pulling out the head now." I clenched and when the huge head slipped out, I felt the immense load inside me. Quite a few drops slipped out. Oh my godd! He wasn't joking about the huge loads he shot.

Maurice rolled onto his back and his huge cock flopped onto his left hip. I took it in my hand and felt it was still way beyond semi. It was one hell of a big cock! It was still wet with the cum he pumped into me.

"I'll be hard in no time. If you wanted, you could suck it until it's hard again, OK?"

I leaned towards him and took the big rubbery cock in my mouth. It tasted nice and it felt like the huge cock in my mouth was invigorated immediately. It was hard in seconds. I took it out my mouth again and marvelled at the size and the huge piss-slit. It was just unbelievable! And the long foreskin ... the longest I've ever seen.

I put his big cock in my mouth again and was jacking the big shaft still outside my mouth. The long foreskin still was over the head and I could jack the shaft without disturbing the skin: it stayed over the head.

Maurice had his one hand on my head and urged me on to suck him. "Oh fuck! You're a good sucker and a good fuck! My godd! You're one hell of a guy! Suck me! Oh fuck please suck me!"

The huge cock in my mouth tasted good and it had grown to its former huge size again. The precum was flowing out of it again. I sucked it and swallowed. It was tasting great.

I played with his huge balls and rubbed his almost hairless tummy. What a pity he didn't have body hair. But his huge balls were in another class! They were immense and were real low-hangers.

I put a hand on his huge pectorals and played with his big nipples. He was a damn sexy man. Too bad I had so many men in my life, and now there was Christopher added to the mix too! Oh fuck! What an entangled life I had!

I lifted onto my knees and sucked the huge cock with gusto. I loved the precum and the big piss-slit and the big head and the girth and the feeling of the huge cockhead in my mouth. Oh fuck! As I bent down, I had to clench to keep the cum in my hole inside!

Soon Maurice was groaning and he said, growling: "Are you ready for it? I'm going to cum! Oh fuck! I'm going to cummmmmm! Here it comes! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuuccckkkk!" He pushed his big cockhead into my mouth as deep as it would go. And then the most spectacular thing happened: he started to cum ... he shot a short spurt into my mouth and before I could recover, the next HUGE spurt shot into my mouth! It was immense! I swallowed and the third spurt shot into my mouth. It was even bigger! I swallowed but I battled to swallow it all. The fourth big spurt exploded into my mouth and I swallowed like a man drowning ... which was exactly what was happening! I was being drowned in cum! I refused to give up and very dapper I forged on and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Oh my godd! This was much more than I thought it would be! The spurting continued and there could have been as many as 11 spurts. Only a very few drops of the second and third spurts leaked from my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it.

"Oh fuck! You ARE phenomenal! Nobody before you could ever manage what you have just achieved! Fuck! Will you marry me? Oh fuck!"

The last of the huge cumload dribbled into my mouth and I swallowed it. The taste in my mouth was awesome. The man was beautiful, he was built like Superman, he had a cock bigger than the Man of Steel and he shot a load like 3 other men couldn't muster. His cock was now fairly rubbery and I managed to suck a few more centimetres into my mouth. I held his immense balls and Maurice moaned and groaned. "Please ... oh fuck please, please stop! You're killing me ... it is fantastic but ... SENNNN-SI-TIVVVEEEEE! Oh fuck! You're too much! Oh fuck!"

I reluctantly let go of the huge cock and huge balls and savoured the taste of his cum still lingering in my mouth. I leaned towards his face and kissed him. He pulled me on top of him and his kiss was long and deep and sensual. He was a nice guy, despite his enormous attributes! And he was sexy despite his lack of body hair! I liked him nonetheless. How would this fit into the already messed up and mixed up world of Anton le Roux?

"You're such an amazing guy! Given half a chance, I'd fall in love with you - easily! You're a great guy and I like you. I'd really like to see you again. From now on my cumloads have your name on them! Please say yes? Please? Please?" he gushed. "This just can't be the first and last time this has happened. I just have to see you again. But first, let me suck you off! You've done such a great job of making me cum twice, the least I could do as reciprocate. Lie on your back and put your legs on my shoulders. Come!"

I rolled off him onto my back and he positioned himself between my legs. He took my legs and put them over his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed me. My cock was trapped between our bodies and his huge rubbery cock pushed into my right side. It was an experience to remember ...

He let go of me and pulled my crotch up to his face and put my cock into his mouth. My cock disappeared into his mouth, head and shaft, the whole caboodle! He was deep throating me like it was the easiest thing to do! My big cockhead was in his throat. He did the most wonderful things to my cock with his tongue. He was massaging my balls on his chin. I groaned and squealed and gurgled. This man was an ace at sucking cock! I was already teetering on the verge of cumming. The familiar tingling in my groin was getting more intense by the second and my body started to tremble. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I was going to cum a substantial load, even though I came an hour ago with Dad and André. Maurice just was that good and sexy and ... oh fuck, did I say he was good?

My cum squirted from my piss slit and it went straight down his throat. He pulled back a bit and the rest of my cum was spurted into his mouth. He was groaning, as he obviously liked the taste of it. My cock spasmed and the cum just kept on coming. By the seventh spurt my cock was too sensitive. I gently put my hand on Maurice's head. He got the message and slowly let my cock slip out of his mouth. When my cockhead slipped from his mouth, I shuddered. This was one of the most memorable orgasms I've ever had. OK, Luigi was up there with Dad and Juan and Gunther and Johann ... oh fuck! I was a cum slut de luxe!

Maurice leaned over me and kissed me ... cum swopping! Oh godd! He knew how to make a man feel good! I sucked my cum from his mouth and swallowed. It was quite a copious load after cumming earlier with Dad and André.

"Do you want to keep my cum in your hole or do you want me to suck some out of you? It's going to leak out after a while and cause an embarrassment in your bed. Let me suck out some, OK?"

This guy was concerned for having an accident when he wasn't even there!

He lifted my legs up and rolled me in two with my knees on my chest. He put his mouth on my asshole and his tongue was licking my hole. I pushed out and he sucked. The cum flowed into his mouth until his mouth was filled to capacity. He gave my hole a kiss and let go of me. He let my legs go and leaned in to kiss me with his cum in his mouth.

I opened my mouth and the huge volume of cum ran into my mouth. Godd! The man did cum like a faucet! I drank the liquid and kissed him.

"OK, all done. I think you're good to go - what do you say? Did you enjoy it? I did, and I want it again if possible. Now, your cell number please?"

I gave him my number and he was tapping it into his phone. "I'll send you an SMS tomorrow so you could have my number. I see it's almost 1 o'clock. Perhaps you should go and join your family before they miss you. Thanks Anton! This was a night to remember. I loved it very much! Please consider seeing me again, please?"

"I promise I'll do my best. Just be patient, OK? Thanks for tonight - it was memorable on many different levels. I'd love to see you again. But yes, I have to go. Let me get back before they miss me."

I kissed Maurice and pulled my T-shirt and shorts on. I stepped into my flip-flops and I was out of his room. I ran down the passage to our room. I unlocked the door and it opened silently. I saw Dad and André were literally entangled in an embrace of note. Their arms were around each other and their legs were intertwined. André was sleeping with his head on Dad's chest. Their cocks were resting against their bodies. Oh fuck! I loved them!

= To be continued =



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