My Monday started with a Johann special ... Johann, who else? Oh well, it wasn't the usual 'Johann special', but it was spectacular all the same.

I woke up with his cock in me and soon he was fucking me and Juan was kissing me. I was horny out of my mind, as if I haven't had sex in a month!

The big rubbery cock in me was fucking me good and in front of me, Juan's cock was rock-hard and sopping wet in my hand. He kissed me deeply and his tongue was deep in my mouth. André was leaning over Johann and was playing with my cock.

Juan pushed his cock between my legs and it was clear he wanted in. My godd! A double fuck so early in the morning. Oh well, here we go, I thought.

Johann held me tight to his body and rolled onto his back. Juan got between my legs and put them over his shoulders. André put some lube on Juan's cock and on Johann's big rubbery cock in my hole. Juan pushed forward and with one long continuous thrust, his big thick cock slipped in and he continued to push in until he was in balls-deep. My beautiful man was fast becoming as insatiable as Johann and Gunther! He leaned in and kissed me ... His saliva ran into my mouth and I just loved this man even more. His huge cock in my hole felt great.

After a minute of twitching and clenching, Juan started to fuck me in earnest. Underneath me Johann was also fucking me. My hole was so loose from the weekend's fucking, there was no hurt. I just enjoyed the fucking as my men were going at it.

André's mouth was on my cock and he had it balls-deep in his throat.

Juan let fly and was fucking me with long and deep thrusts. In no time he was groaning plus his cock was rock hard. He was groaning and growling. "I'm going to cum my love! Oh fuck! You make me so horny!" His cock started to spasm and twitch. The first shots were fired into me ... oh my godd!

Johann was picking up speed too and he too started to groan. He kissed my neck pushing on his mouth. His cock also started to spasm and his load was pumped into me.

My cock twitched and my cum squirted into André's mouth.

Juan and Johann still spasmed and pumped the last of their big cumloads into me.

Juan collapsed on me and kissed my cheek. He was floating on cloud 9. He felt Johann's mouth on his ear and lifted his head to kiss him. It was a deep loving kiss. Johann was groaning. The growing love between them was also very evident.

André was jacking off his cock - my poor brother! I opened my mouth and he saw that. He moved in closer and sat legs astride on my chest, and put his big cockhead in my mouth while he jacked. I sucked his cock and tasted the precum. I fondled his big balls and felt them pulling up. He started to groan and pushed his cock deep into my mouth ... and he shot his big early morning load into my mouth. Oh godd! I loved my brother, his cock and his cum. Damn!

And, what a way to start the week!

André pulled his spent cock from my mouth and leaned in to kiss me. He sucked half of his cum from my mouth and we swallowed the wondrous liquid. Hmmmm! Better than early morning coffee!

Juan lifted my legs off his shoulders. His cock was still very big and rubbery and when he pulled out, he gasped. André stood up and sat next to us. He took Juan's big deflating cock in his mouth and sucked it clean. André! You're a sex dogg, I thought!

Johann rolled us on our sides and he still fucked me a little in the cum inside me. "I fucking love you my darling! Fuck! You'd be the death of me still! I just could never get enough of you and sex with you! Oh godd! I wish this could last forever. I love you, you hear? I love you!"

"I love you too, my man. You're one sexy hunky hairy man! Your moustache drives me mad and your cock always feels wonderful in me. You are a very special guy and yes, I love you too. I also wish this could last forever ..."

Johann hugged me tight to him while André and Juan went into the en suite to pee. We heard their combined streams in the bowl. Tow huge streams. Soon there was a scuffle and some howls and laughter ... the two were at it again!

When they came out of the en suite, Juan slapped Johann on the buttocks and said: "Enough is enough, my man! Come, get out of there and let's get some coffee and something to eat. Come! Pull out of there! My darling, are you OK?"

"Lubed up and refuelled for the day, I'd say! Hmmm, baby bro?" André quipped. "Come you sexy hung hunk! You've heard 'the boss'! Let's go!"

Johann twitched his cock one last time and I clenched my hole over it, then he started to pull out. "Clench!"

When Johann's cock slipped out, I felt so empty. I was made to be fucked, that was sure!


After breakfast we all bundled into the shower and after very few distractions - if one ignored the hard-ons and nipple tweaks and butt slapping - we brushed teeth and got dressed. Johann decided to try the stubble fad. He was already so fucking dashing! A dark stubble combined with his moustache would make him just that little bit more sexy!

And then Johann was off to Cape Town, and the three of us to Stellenbosh.


The rest of the week went by without any major event. Johann came back with good news on Monday: the jeweller agreed that everybody would get a 50% discount and that we could get the rings at a 65% discount! Because Dad ordered the 3 watches and Mom's ring, he also gave Dad a 65% discount.

The photos were even better than he expected and he was pleased to no end. He had already ordered a few posters for his shop, and some photos for advertisements in magazines and newspapers. His son was busy organising to get the photos uploaded to the internet website of the shop.

Claire said she'd send emails re the shoot for Nederburg. It would appear word got out that Juan, André and I were gay and that the cellar was reconsidering their quest for us to be used in their advertisement.

It didn't matter that it got out that we were gay, but it was a disappointment. However, Claire had approached one of the other larger wine cellars that was very interested to secure our services after seeing our portfolios Claire made available. When Johann mentioned Dad as a prospective client, she took down Dad's details for future reference. When she heard about the André & Anton wine, she was convinced. She suggested an early-days campaign to whet the appetites of prospective buyers and connoisseurs. When she saw the pictures for the jewellery shop, she was ecstatic. Because Boss Models held our contracts, all work we did had to go through the agency. The jeweller was just too happy to pay Claire the fee. Claire immediately mentioned the Hugo Boss range of watches and other male jewellery such as male bracelets for a future shoot. The photos with Juan's hands were the ones she swooned about most. Juan's hands were just that spectacular.

Monday afternoon my iPhone beeped: it was an SMS from Herman. The man was frustrated out of his skull and included a picture of his huge cock taken while he was jacking off on Sunday afternoon. He was thanking me again for Saturday and repeated he really wanted to see me again, and if possible, even before the weekend, if we could fit it in somehow. I answered that I'd love that, but that it might not be possible. I told him I definitely wanted to see him again and that he'd get his chance to fuck me over the weekend. He replied and begged if it couldn't be possible before the weekend? I promised to keep him posted.

Johann slept over every night and on Wednesday night Gunther joined us. 'Group Five' was complete again. The sex was epic and they pumped tens of millilitres of cum into me.

On Wednesday we confirmed the weekend travelling details with each other. We'd travel in Juan's and Johann's cars. Mario, Lukas and Werner confirmed they were not able to make it. Mario had to tend to the restaurants, Werner had a family matter to attend to and Lukas's brother from Pretoria would been in town for the weekend and the rest of the following week.

André, Gunther and Juan would travel in Juan's car and Johann, Herman and I would go in Johann's car. We expected to leave Stellenbosch around 2 o'clock on Friday.

On Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock I had to go see the dentist. I took my small bag with my douche bulb and lube with me, just in case I could manage to see Herman.

Juan was in the office and André had some chores to take care of for Dad. He drove Juan's car and would pick him up after 4 o'clock.

When I arrived half an hour early, the dentist saw me immediately as there was a cancellation. I had half an hour to spare. I quickly sent an SMS to Herman and asked if he would be available at such short notice. He immediately answered: "FUCK! YES! PLEASE! WHAT TIME? MY FLAT?" I answered: "Yes, in half an hour's time. Be at your flat, hard and wet!"

After the dentist visit I drove to Herman's flat with thumping heart! I was cheating on my four lovers, but I wanted to make this guy's day and felt I was doing him a favour.

When I knocked on the door, the door flew open almost immediately. Herman pulled me into the flat and was kissing me urgently. His huge tongue invaded my mouth and I felt indeed his huge cock was hard already. He must have been waiting for me with a hard-on! Poor guy!

He was wearing only hockey shorts and was barefoot. His huge feet were very hairy and very nicely shaped. Again, not as exquisite as Juan's feet, but then again, I still had to see any feet as beautiful as Juan's feet. Nonetheless, Herman's huge feet were nice and clean. The nails were perfectly clipped and the long hair on the toes and bridge was sexy! Fuck! What was it with feet and me ... fuck!

I excused myself to go and douche. Herman was perplexed but I thought I'd explain later what it was all about. When I was squeaky clean, I didn't put my pants back on and walked out of the bathroom naked from the waist down. Herman was on the single bed, no clothes and his enormous cock hard on his tummy. It reached almost to his chest! It was as thick as my wrist! It was twitching and a huge amount of precum had already accumulated on his tummy!

I took off my shirt and sat on the bed next to Herman. My cock was rock-hard and wet too. I put the tube of lube on his nightstand.

He put his huge hand out and touched my face. He smiled and said: "You're such a beautiful man! Thanks for coming! This is going to be a very special experience for me. Thanks. Erm ... please tell me what to do. I don't know ... sorry!" Herman stuttered.

I put my hand on his chest and played with one of the huge nipples. His areolae were huge, like everything else about this giant! In no time Herman was groaning. I leaned towards him and kissed his nipple. I took it in my mouth and sucked it gently. Herman was shuddering and pulled me off his nipple. "Oh godd! It's too sensitive! Come here!" he said and pulled me on top of him. I leaned forward and kissed him. He held me tight and I felt the humongous cock pushing against my body. It was very wet and the precum was seeping into my tummy hair.

Herman kissed me with urgency and was groaning. "Am I doing it right?" he asked.

"Yes, but don't be too eager. All will be OK. Just relax and enjoy. Kiss me with less tongue and gentler. I want you to enjoy it and last longer than 2 minutes. OK?" I said as gently as I could.

"OK. I'll do whatever you say," Herman said.

I kissed him again and this time he was gentle and his huge tongue was giving me just enough to suck on. Under me his huge cock twitched and the huge puddle of precum was spectacular.

I sat on Herman's legs and lifted the spectacular cock up and pushed the skin back. I gasped when the huge purple head appeared and looked at the big thick shaft in my hand. I pulled the skin back and a huge amount of precum bubbled out of the big piss slit. I opened the piss slit between my thumb and index finger ... it was much larger than Mario's piss slit. It was so big I was sure I'd be able to push my tongue in there. I rubbed the precum over his cockhead. I lowered my head and opened my mouth ... oh fuck! That was a huge cock! I felt the huge head on my tongue and tasted the precum. I pushed my tongue into the piss slit and yes! The tip of my tongue could go in there. Herman groaned.

He bucked and pushed another centimetre or two into my mouth, but the head was just too big to go any further.

I touched his huge balls. They were almost the size of chicken eggs! Fuck! They were enormous! I fondled them and marvelled at their size. He groaned and bucked again.

"Oh fuck! Wow! You're driving me nuts!"

I sucked the cockhead back into my mouth and Herman gasped. He was ecstatic. I moved higher on his body and sat on his cock. I leaned towards Herman's mouth and kissed him again. He was still eager, but he remained a bit reserved. His kisses started to become nice and gentle. Hmmm! A fast learner.

Under me, the anaconda had a life of its own. He pushed the huge cock under my balls and covered them in precum. I leaned back and put his cock upright behind me. I leaned forward and lifted my buttocks to rub them over the huge cock behind me. I felt the precum on my asshole and balls. Oh fuck! Would this huge cock fit in me ... I wondered?

I lifted my buttocks and put the huge cockhead on my hole to get the precum on my asshole. I didn't try to get it in me without proper lube! However, huge cockhead did push in a bit and I groaned.

"I don't want to hurt you, please Anton! Please don't let me hurt you! Please!" Herman pleaded.

I turned around in a 69 and sucked Herman's cock again. He didn't know what to do so I told him to open his mouth and put my cock in his mouth. He was not sure he wanted to do it but when he felt how good it was, he opened his mouth and my 23cm cock slipped in. He groaned when he tasted my precum and felt the size of my cockhead on his tongue. He pulled my cock from his mouth and said: "This is more or less the size I'd prefer for myself ... fuck! Now I have an enormous python!"

"It's fine. You've found somebody who will appreciate your big cock!" I assured Herman.

"I hope you're right!"

We sucked some more and Herman's cock was very wet and as hard as a rock-hard.

I pulled off his cock and pulled my cock from his mouth. I reached for lube and put a generous amount on Herman's cock and some more on my hole. I massaged the lube over Herman's cockhead and straddled the giant man. I lifted the cock up from his tummy and aimed the huge head at my hole ... here goes, I thought! Oh my godd ... would I be successful?

I sat down and felt the huge head starting to pierce my sphincter. It was a big one ... oh fuck! I lifted up again. It slipped out then I sat down again.

"What must I do?" Herman asked.

"Nothing - just relax and let me get your cock in me first," I said.

I felt the huge cock piercing my hole again and the head started to slide in. I pulled off again and then sat down. More of the head slid into me and ... ahhh! The head was in! I was stretched big time!

I pulled off, the head slipped out and sat down again. I pushed out and felt the huge cock sliding into me. When the head popped in, I just held still and pushed out. I felt how the huge shaft started to slide deeper into me.

"Oh fuck! Oh my godd! You've managed it! It feels fantastic! Oh godd! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yess! Oh ... Oh!" Herman gasped. "You feel so warm and smooth!"

I sat down and more than 10cm of the huge cock was in me. Herman put his hands on my buttocks and massaged me with his huge hands. It felt spectacular to have such huge hands on me and such a huge cock in me.

"Can I get in deeper? Will you be able to manage?" Herman asked with trepidation. "Are you OK?"

My new lover might have been a novice, but he was attentive and was a quick learner!

"Yes, I'm fine. Just let me get used to your huge cock in me and then you can fuck me, OK?" I said.

I sat down more and another 10cm slid into me. I gasped ... it was a really enormous cock, my fuck! Wow! I pulled up again and Herman panicked.

"Too much? Are we stopping? Oh fuck! I'm too big! I'm sorry!" Herman wailed.

"No man! Just give me time! You'll be in me all the way shortly - just give me time to get used to you. Hang in there tiger!" I assured him.

I sat back on the huge cock and almost two-thirds of it slid into me. I groaned and pushed out. Another few centimetres slid into me ... Almost there! Herman gasped and groaned. He held his breath as he pushed his head back on the pillow.

I played with his nipples and squeezed my sphincter muscles around the huge shaft invading my hole. Herman's cock responded by twitching and swelling ... It felt amazing.

When I looked at Herman, he was watching me with big eyes. I noticed he had big beautiful green eyes and thick eyebrows. His dark brown hair was neatly cut into a fairly short but nice style - nothing of the latest trend to cut the sides very short and leaving a long mop on top. His sideburns were a bit longer than ours. His chest hair appeared it was in patterns over his chest. It was not as long as ours and Juan's chest hair, but it was silky soft and very nice to the touch. His big areolae were very sexy!

Herman had a prominent square jaw with an adorable dimple in it. His lips were full and soft. With the right coaching, he'd become a stunner and a super lover. It was just the matter of finding someone - other than me - who could handle such a monster cock!

I looked further. Herman's arms were very hairy. The dark brown hair was thick and very sexy. He put his hand on my hard cock and I looked at his hands. They were huge and very neat. I was sure no hands would ever surpass Juan's hands, but Herman's hands came close. The nails were neatly clipped and were huge, and beautifully shaped. His fingers' digits were covered in dark brown hair - lots of it! His little fingers were larger than my middle fingers! They were huge!

I clamped down on the cock in my hole and then pushed out and sat down a little more. Almost there! I pulled up again and pushed out. The huge head pushed through my inner sphincter and when it plopped through, Herman and I both gasped. It remained an achievement that felt spectacular.

I sat down further and felt the hair of Herman's crotch touching my hole. Almost! I pushed down some more and then Herman was in balls-deep. I sighed a sigh of relief! Oh godd! I did it! I clenched around the huge cock and asked him to do the same with his muscles. The huge cock in my twitched and swelled ... oh fuck! That felt spectacular! But, maybe a little later! Not now! I had to get used to the huge cock in me first before we could do the twitch and clamp dance.

I leaned forward and kissed the sexy giant under me, but my mouth only reached to the hollow of his throat under his chin! My godd! This really was a giant! I put my hands on his chest and massaged and stroked the big chest and chest hair. I lifted my hole a bit above Herman's crotch and told him to fuck me slowly and gently.

"Thanks for telling me all of this. I would have fucked you fast and hard. I know nothing about this! Thanks Anton!" Herman gushed and started to fuck me slowly and gently. He moved with slow deep thrusts and had his huge hands on my chest. He move his hands down my tummy and made my 23cm cock almost disappear in his hand! He stroked my legs and back to my face. I sucked his index finger into my mouth and sucked on it. It felt huge in my mouth. He stroked my cheek and my ears and my chin. He really was a quick learner!

Herman continued to fuck me slowly and deeply. His breathing was starting to get deeper and faster. "Oh fuck! I think I'm going to cum! Oh no! I don't want it to end so soon! What do I do?"

"Just stop and breathe slowly and deeply. Relax and don't do anything. I also want to make it last a little longer. OK?" I pacified Herman. I asp didn't want it to end so soon. I still had a trick or two up my sleeve!

I lifted up and the huge cock was slowly being pulled out of my hole.

"No! What are you doing? No! Please don't!" Herman moaned.

"Don't worry! We're going to try another position. I'm going to stand on all fours and you will push into me from behind. It's called 'doggy-style'. You'll like it," I said.

I got off Herman and he sat up. His huge cock pushed almost right up to his sternum. It was an enormous cock!

I positioned myself on the bed with my buttocks pushing out over the edge of the bed. "Stand on the floor and push your cock into me. Just, slowly please? Here, put on some more lube."

Herman took up position behind me and lubed us up again. He put his huge cockhead on my hole and gently pushed in. His big cockhead stretched me and slipped in. He pushed in and when the enormous cockhead scraped over my prostate, I almost lost it. It was spectacular.

"Still OK, Anton? Can I continue?" Herman asked.

"Yes, just take it slowly. Push in slowly and then fuck me, but again: gentle and slowly are the keywords!" I said.

Herman pushed in deeper. The sensation was phenomenal. The big cockhead felt fantastic. He pushed in deeper and soon I felt Herman's huge balls hanging on mine.

"You OK, my man? OK?" Herman asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Start fucking me. Slowly ... slowly!" I said.

"OK. This is wonderful! I'd be in debt forever! This is the best experience of my life!" Herman gushed.

"Yes, it's fantastic and I'm enjoying it myself. I'm glad it's nice for you too. Just, slowly. If after about a minute or two you feel like cumming, please cum. Just warn me so I can pace myself to cum with you, OK?"

"OK. Here is my T-shirt. Cum on it," Herman said giving me his T-shirt. I held it at the ready under me and started jacking.

Herman was fucking me slowly and gently and deeply ... but with every thrust, the huge cock was going in deep and Herman started to pick up speed. "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum ... sorry! But I'm going to cum! OK?"

I jacked and felt the orgasm boiling in my loins.

"I'm going to cum ... oh fuck! I'm going to cum! OK? I'm going to cum! This is too much! Ahhhh! Oh godd!" Herman was now fucking me faster and deeper. It was clear he was going to shoot his load.

I jacked and my cumming was a few strokes away. Herman was growling like a bear and I felt him slam his cock into me. He started to groan and his breathing was laboured. I felt his cock starting to spasm as his humongous cock was spurting its huge load into me. At the same time I was jacking furiously and started to cum. I spurted a big load onto Herman's T-shirt under me.

Herman was spurting one wad of cum after the other into me. He lowered himself onto my back and clung to me. His cock was still twitching.

"Oh my godd! Thank you so much Anton! I owe you big time! This was the best experience of my life - ever! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! How are you? OK?" Herman asked.

"Other than being fucked with a huge telephone pole I'm over the moon! This was spectacular! I loved it!" I enthused and gave the cock in me a clench.

"Ahhhh! Oh godd! You're such a special man! Ahhhh! Thanks! I think I've filled you big time! It felt like a huge load," Herman announced.

"Now slowly pull out. Don't just yank it out ... pull it out slowly. I want to keep your cum in me, OK? I like to have it in me." I told Herman.

"Really? You want to keep a part of me inside you? That sounds so ... sexy! And wonderful!"

He pulled out slowly and just as the head was about to plop out, Herman groaned and I clenched. I managed to keep his huge load of cum in me.

I removed the T-shirt on the bed and turned around. I sat down on the bed and took the huge cock into my mouth.

"Isn't that yucky?" Herman asked.

"No, that is why I douche. When I came out the bathroom, I was squeaky clean. Nothing yucky," I answered. "Even if I kissed you now, it would be OK."

"Oh, OK." Herman said and bent down and kissed me. "Yes, it's not yucky at all. Fuck! I know nothing! You're such a clever boy!"

I stood up and had to stand on my toes to reach Herman's mouth. He picked me up and held me tight to his body. He was on cloud 9. And it was clear this man had fallen for me! Oh fuck! What was I going to do?

"Anton, you've made me the happiest man in the world! Thanks so much! Like I said on Saturday, I like you so much! I think I love you a little! Is that OK? Please say it's OK ... oh fuck! I can't help it! You're such a fantastic guy!" Herman was gushing.

"Just remember, there are more people than just me. It's actually much more complicated than that. You'll see over the weekend. Actually, there are five of us ..." I said.

"FIVE! No! Oh fuck, no! Where will I fit in? I thought it was only you, your brother and coach. The other two? Johann and Gunther?" Herman guessed.

"Yes, that's the other two. We spoke about you and they're fine with you having sex with me and them, but there would be nothing more than that, OK? It's already too complicated as it is. We all like you very much and they are all OK that we have sex with you. You can still fuck me but it would be with the other four present. Perhaps once in a while I could slip away for a session like this. OK?" I explained.

"Oh fuck! And what if I fall in love with you? What if I've already fallen in love with you? Oh godd! What is going to happen to me?" Herman asked.

"I don't know, my friend. The sex with you was phenomenal! I absolutely loved it and I really want it to happen again. I can't promise you anything right now. First, let's see what happens over the weekend. Just play it cool and be the nice guy that you are. Stick around and let's see what happens. The others are very keen to have you in bed with them. They're also very curious about your huge cock and to see you fucking me. Just remember none of them will allow you to fuck them. They'll all suck you and you can suck them too. And kiss them and sleep with us. Perhaps sometime in the future things might change? Just don't become impatient or pushy. It will piss them off and would damage your chances of becoming a 'member' of the circle. If it depended on me, you'd be allowed immediately. Let's play it by ear, OK?"

"OK ... at least there would be a chance. You know I'm a nice guy and I'm not pushy at all. But fuck! After this afternoon, I'm hooked and no jacking off would ever be the same again. And ... sorry ... but I really love you a little ... sorry ..." Herman said softly.

"You may love me a little, it's OK. Just don't try to rush things. Give it time. There are still our parents as well which puts another twist to things ... so, just be patient, OK? I like you lots. For now, you'd be a close friend with benefits. We'll invite you to the house regularly, OK?" I said.

"Oh, OK. At least there is still a chance. Thanks ... you're such a nice guy!" Herman gushed.

"But, I have to get home. Please remember to keep this afternoon a secret. Watch what you say over the weekend. I don't want you to fuck up your chances of getting in. Thanks for the fuck! It was absolutely great and it was a wonderful experience. But, I really have to go. Remember we leave at 2 o'clock tomorrow," I said.

I hugged the man and he kissed me again. His huge cock was now about 25cm long and was dangling between his legs like a mighty fleshy sword. Herman hugged me and kissed me on the head. "Fuck! You're such a great guy!"

I drove home and felt the huge cumload in my hole ... I also felt a lot of guilt but at least I've helped a guy who came out because of us, to experience real sex for the first time in his life. And he was going to spend the weekend with us on the farm. Oh fuck ... this relationship was getting more complicated by the day!


Friday morning we had all our stuff ready for the weekend and drove to the university. Juan went to his lab to meet up with Gunther and André and I went off to our classes.

By 10 o'clock I got an SMS from Herman ... the man was smitten! He gushed about the previous day without going into details. He confirmed the pickup just after 2 o'clock. He was such a gentle giant!

Our classes ended at 1 o'clock and we went to Juan's office. He was ready and we drove to the Mall to get some padkos [Afrikaans for 'roadfood', food taken on a trip; there is no translation to really depict the meaning of this word]. Juan called Johann to confirm we'd get them padkos as well. I sent SMSs to Herman and Gunther to this effect. We were to meet at Herman's flat at 1:50.

We got toasted ham, cheese and tomato on whole-wheat bread and a 500ml Coke for each. By 1:45 we were at Herman's flat and I ran up to fetch him. When I rang the door, he opened and pulled me into the flat. He hugged and kissed me, but far less demanding than the day before, and actually, he was very gentle. His cock was almost hard and pushed into my belly. I put my hand on it and marvelled that the day before that cock was in me ... fucking me! And most probably again that night! Fuck!

"Come, we don't have time. Get your stuff - Johann would be here shortly. You and I travel with Johann, and my brother and Gunther go with Juan ... erm ... Coach. Come, let's go!"

Herman pulled me close again and kissed me. His huge tongue played on my lips and I opened my mouth ... it slipped in and the giant was making love to my mouth. Very nice!

When we got to Juan's car, Johann and Gunther were there too. We got into the cars: André and Gunther with Juan, and Herman and I with Johann.

We each got our packet of padkos and Coke and we were off. The music blared and we sang along, munching away on our toasted sandwiches.

When the food was eaten, Johann started to ask Herman all sorts of questions: where he was from, what he was studying, if he has had a boyfriend before. He was from Malmesbury. He was studying Chemistry and Biochemistry. No, he hasn't had a boyfriend before.

"How tall are you, Herman?"


"Wow! Shoe size?"


"Good fuck! Anton, do you agree, this means only one thing?

"Oh for sure," I said.

"Let me see your hands Herman?" Johann asked.

Herman put his hand up and Johann gasped! "My godd! Anton, would you look at that? He just has to have an enormous cock! Right, Herman? How big?"

"Erm ... it's big ... uhm ..." Herman stuttered.

"How big, Herman? I'm stopping this car now if you don't tell us or show us! How big, Herman?"

"Erm ... I told you, it's big! It's ... it's ... erm ... 33cm long ... oh fuck!" Herman stuttered and was blushing cherry red!

Johann slammed on the breaks. "I have to see that! Right here, right now! Open your pants, Herman! Show us!"

"Erm ... I don't know ... erm ... uhmmm ... Now?"

"Yes, now. I'm not driving one centimetre further before you show us. Open up, boy!" I didn't know Johann could be so demanding! Sex hound!

"Anton ... erm ... I'm scared to take it out ... uhmmm!"

"Herman, just open your goddamn pants and show us. If you don't show us here and now, all 5 of us would pin you down and see for ourselves tonight! Come on, show us," Johann persisted. "Or you sleep alone tonight ... is that what you want?" Johann played his ace.

"No, of course not. Oh OK ..." Herman said and leaned back a bit to unzip his pants. He put his hand into his pants and hauled the huge cock out. It was very rubbery and very close to hard ... the tip was glistening.

Johann took his sunglasses off and turned in his seat. He whistled. "My godd, would you look at that? It is ginormous! Let me feel it!" Johann put his hand out and touched the huge cock. Herman jerked like he got an electric shock when Johann touched his cock. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck!" Herman exclaimed.

Johann put his long fingers around the cock and just managed to get his hand around the thick shaft! "It's bigger than Mario's cock! My godd! Boy, you're the champion, for sure! Feel this Anton! This cock is going to stretch you big time!"

I put my hand over the back of the seat and touched Herman's cock, pretending it was the first time. "Yes, it is a big one, for sure! I'm not so sure I'd be able to handle it. It is very big ...!"

"We'd all have to fuck you first before he could fuck you. You up for it?" Johann asked and pulled away. Juan might notice we were no longer following them and might get worried.

"What? Are you all going to fuck Anton? Do you all fuck him? Really?" Herman asked astounded.

"Yes, we all fuck him, and if you want to, you could fuck him too. It's just that your cock is insanely big," Johann said.

"Wow! Are we all going to fuck Anton? All in the same bed? All at the same time?" Herman ranted on.

"Yes, all in the same bed, but usually one at a time fucks him, and sometimes two at a time," Johann put in and kept quiet about the odd triple fucking.

"Really? Two cocks in him at the same time?"

My phone rang - it was Juan. "Shhh!" I said and touched my phone's green button.

"Where are you guys? I can't see you. Is everything OK?" Juan said.

"Yes, Johann stopped to see Herman's cock ..." I started.

"What? You're joking! Johann of all people?" Juan asked astonished. "So did he show you?"

"Yes, it is huge! Even bigger than Mario ..." I got in.

"Is that for real? Oh my godd! Guys, Herman showed Anton and Johann his huge cock, would you believe what is happening in the other car?" Juan said and told Gunther and André what happened in our car. "How big is it?"

"Huge, at least 33cm and very thick, uncut ..." I started and looked at Herman. He was blushing and looked down, fumbling with his huge hands in his lap. He was embarrassed. Oh fuck! "I have to go! We'll chat on the farm. Bye!"

Herman looked bewildered. This must have been a bit much for him. Poor guy.

"Look, don't let this get to you. We're actually nice and this got a little out of hand. Please forgive us. We didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. Sorry if this was a bit much. Forgive us," I rambled on.

"Yes, sorry mate. This was just out of the blue. You have to realise that your huge frame and huge cock were a bit much ... we're such bitches. Sorry Herman! First drink is on me!" Johann put in. Jackal! We're going to drink Dad's wine! Who's going to pay for any drink!

"It's OK. I've always been very secretive and avoiding. My height and my big hands and feet and big ... erm ... cock ... are always noticed and people make fun of me. I'm not used to people being kind to me ... sorry if I've overreacted. OK, first drink on you!" Herman said and gave Johann's shoulder a slight punch.

"Johann, did you get the merchandise from the jeweller? Juan did effect an EFT on Tuesday. Could they manage with the rings?" I asked.

"Oh fuck, yes! You have to see it! They are spectacular!" Johann gushed.

"I can't wait to see them," I gushed.

"Herman, the five of us have bought rings and the jeweller for whom we modelled the rings and watches, gave us a healthy discount. We'll show you," Johann explained.


"Ahh! My boys! Come here!" Dad stood at the front door with outstretched arms. It was like we were still 5-year-old boys! Dad's love never faltered or changed. He loved us like always. He embraced us and I was the lucky one on his left. His huge bulge pushed into my side. Oh fuck! I couldn't wait to taste it again and to have it in my hole one day!

Dad hugged and kissed us and then pulled Juan in for the same treatment. Dad deliberately pulled Juan in onto his left hip and Juan's eyes got big. He felt it ...

Gunther and Johann stepped closer and before they knew what hit them, they were both in Dad's embrace and were kissed on the cheeks. Give it time ... they'd be kissed properly by Sunday! Gunther was on Dad's left and he too felt the huge bulge on Dad's hip.

"Ah, you're one of the boys on the hockey team, right? I saw you at the party last week. I am Adriaan le Roux. And you are ...?"

"Dad, this is Herman Buys. He is one of my quarterbacks. He is very shy, that's why you didn't meet him last Saturday. He is doing Chemistry and Biochemistry,' Juan introduced Herman.

"Well, pleased to meet you. Welcome at Le Plaisir. I thought I had the biggest hands here, but yours are definitely bigger than mine! But come, bring your stuff. Boys, take the guys to the bedrooms and let them freshen up. Mom has tea and scones. We'll see you in 10 minutes. Welcome boys!" Dad said putting his arms around André's and my shoulders.

We went up to our room and most of the luggage was put in the spare bedroom. "This is our bedroom, and this is where we all sleep. If you're uncomfortable with the arrangement or what will be happening, you're welcome to sleep in one of the other bedrooms," André said. He pulled Herman in for a hug and was pleasantly surprised when Herman bent down and hugged him back. He pulled André in for a tight hug and André's eyes became big when he felt the huge bulge on his tummy. "Good godd! Is this for real? Is it really that big? Herman?"

"Erm ... yes ... it is ..." Herman stuttered.

André put his hand on the huge bulge and squeezed. "My godd! This is huge! Baby bro, this is the one that is going to kill you! And you saw it?"

"Yes, he showed us in the car ..."

"What? I want to see it too, please Herman! Please show us too! Come on, please? You have to show us! We'll all show you ours if you show us yours, right boys?" André was very keen to see the giant's big cock! André ranted on and started to unzip his pants. "Come on guys, we have to see that! Zips down! Let's show Herman ours and let's have a look at his giant cock!"

André hauled his almost hard 23cm cock out and I followed suit. I made eyes at Gunther who succumbed and opened his pants. His huge 29,5cm on his right hip was also almost hard. Johann was next and then it was down to 'coach' to show his cock to his hockey player. Juan hesitated a bit but then he opened his pants and hauled his 28cm cock out. Herman gawked at the 5 big cocks and opened his pants. He hauled his enormous cock out and we all gasped. We stood closer and André's and my cocks looked puny in comparison: at least 10cm smaller. Gunther's 29,5cm was the closest to the giant cock in front of us. André put his hand out and touched Herman's huge cock.

"My fuck! This is enormous. Juan, feel it!" André stepped aside and Juan took the huge cock in his hands. This is really a monster cock! You should be proud of it, not ashamed!" Juan's huge hands could just-just fit around the shaft.

Gunther stepped in and put his big cock next to Herman's cock and the precum from his cock was leaking onto Herman's groin. Herman took Gunther's cock in his hand and squeezed the big cock. "Fuck, this is also very big Gunther!"

Gunther pushed the skin of Herman's cock back and a large drop of precum oozed out. He took it with his finger and put it into his mouth.

Johann stepped up and put his one arm around Gunther's shoulders and the other on Herman's cock. "Huge one, hey?"

Herman took both Johann's big rubbery cock and Gunther's big cock with the big head and squeezed them. "Wow! Your cocks are also very big! And also lots of precum!"

"OK boys, enough of this! Dad could walk in here any minute. Johann, please bring the merchandise and let's get going. I wanted to pee first. Boys? Who else? All? Let's go. Three at a time around the bowl," André commanded.

Johann got the box with the jewellery and watches and we bundled into the bathroom. Juan, Gunther and André stood at the bowl, looking at each other's big cocks and eventually the pee started to flow. Of course André was cracking all sorts of jokes and sword fought with his pee stream.

Herman and I stood waiting for the three to finish around the toilet bowl. I looked at the big cock hanging out of his pants and marvelled at its size and the wonderful fuck I had the day before. He put his hand on my cock and pulled my head onto his shoulder. Fuck, that was a nice guy!

Johann entered the bathroom just as the first three at the bowl finished and the three of us gathered around the bowl. Herman's cock was still fairly hard and ours too, so it took a while before the urine started to flow. Johann's big 29cm cock was always rubbery and he was the first to start peeing. My cock was still fairly hard and my urine and Herman's pee started to flow at the same time. And my godd! It was like a fire hose that was opened! Even Johann gasped. I've never seen any urine stream as big as that! It thundered into the water in the bowl like a mini waterfall! "Fuck! I've never seen anything like that!" I gasped. "Neither have I!" Johann put in. I looked at the giant next to me, and he was smiling and blushing! He was so adorable!

André and Juan looked over our shoulders and they swore under their breaths! It was a huge stream of pee! "My godd! I'm sure his cum would cum in a huge stream too! Does it, Herman? Do you cum a lot?" André was relentless and blunt.

"Yes, I cum a lot ..." Herman blushed.

"And in a big stream like this?"

"Yes, but not so much of course! But, yes I cum a big stream of cum ... about 9 ropes of cum ..." Herman put in. He was cherry red again. Poor guy! He'd have to adapt ... or die!

We finished peeing and battled to zip up.

André got some clean towels from the cupboard and put them on the basin stand.

"Excuse me for a minute please. I need to take a dump quickly," I said. The guys left and closed the bathroom door. I sat down and took a quick dump. I didn't know what to expect, but it proved to be a lucky decision. I took the douche bulb I kept in our bathroom cupboard and douched as it made me feel good to feel clean after taking a dump.

I washed up and joined the guys and our parents in the lounge. They were chit-chatting and when I walked in, Dad beamed.

"Ah! There you are. Tea or coffee? Who would like coffee? Juan, boys and Gunther? Tea for Johann and Herman? OK. Adriaan? Coffee? OK. I'll be back. André, would you help me please?" Mom asked.

Mom put her arm around André's middle and put her head on his shoulder. She loved her boys.

"So, what have you been up to this week boys? Herman, come sit here next to me! Man, I have to say it again, your hands are huge! And huge feet too! I know the address of a shop in Kommetjie where you could buy shoes for your big feet," Dad said. I noticed he saw the huge bulge in Herman's pants and without realising it, Dad adjusted his cock on his hip. "Gunther, do you enjoy staying in the flat? All still in order? Anything you need help with?"

"I'm fine thanks, Adria ... erm ... Dad! I'll get used to this! In Germany we don't call other people 'Dad' and 'Mom'! But yes, all fine thank you. It is very comfortable and the furniture and everything ... you are very kind people!" Gunther gushed.

"That's our pleasure! But tell me, I believe the boys have mentioned your dad is an engineer? How did you end up in Microbiology?"

"Yes, I have only an interest in Microbiology. My research for Novo Nordisk has been very good. We have achieved much success," Gunther said. "My dad is not very happy that I didn't study engineering. We're not really on speaking terms. But I spoke to him on Wednesday. He heard from my mom that I got the flat from you and he phoned me. He is very thankful that you are lending me the furniture for free. He asked about you and the boys. He has a cousin who has winery in the Rheine Valley and is very pleased to hear about Le Plaisir. He mentioned there was a conference in Cape Town in February and was thinking of attending it and come meet you. When he heard about the twins studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he was very interested. When I told him the boys and Juan might be going to London over Christmas, he immediately invited them to Berlin. He wants me to come with them. I haven't seen him in over 3 years. Perhaps it's time to go see him ..." Gunther's voice started to quiver ...

Dad moved in closer and pulled Gunther into an embrace. "Here is another family who cares about you very much. Please tell your dad he and your mom are most welcome to come visit us in February. And you, my dear boy, I'd be so pleased to have you as our son too. You are such a nice man!" Dad said and kissed the big man on his head. He gave him another hug and held on to Gunther's shoulders. He turned to Juan and asked him about his work.

"Well, Gunther and your son-in-law have started the protocol for our research. We're set to be ready soon. The dean said the documents from Denmark are expected next week. Then we're good to go. Just so you know, that big blonde hairy man there next to you is one hell of a clever guy! The work I've seen he has done is spectacular! He is an ace! It would be an honour to work with him!" Juan gushed.

Dad gave Gunther's shoulder a squeeze and Gunther blushed. "Are you not glad you've come to 'Darkest Africa', and to Stellenbosch in particular? Imagine, you ending up in this family? This growing family, I have to add! We're so proud to have you with us!"

Dad looked at Johann and patted the couch on his other side and said: "Come sit here and tell me about your week."

"Dad," Johann said - it was the first time he said 'Dad'! - "it was the same as always, except that I heard from Claire. There is one of the bigger cellars that wants to use the boys, but they actually need 4 guys or more," Johann said. "I was thinking of adding Gunther to the mix, and perhaps Herman too, if you're up for it? I might have to ditch my aversion to be in front of the camera and join them. If the deliberations pan out, we might have a shoot in 2 weeks' time. Enough time to prepare. We'll know by Tuesday. Nederburg retracted their offer when they learnt of our ... relationship. Too bad. There are many other companies who don't mind. So guys, how do you feel about a shoot in another vineyard and in their cellars, drinking wine and eating cheese and olives and having a good time? I'd be there and Lukas would be in charge of the camera, under my direction of course. If it goes ahead, all we need is to come dressed casually with two more changes of clothes and Bobs your uncle! Just a bit of make-up ... ahh! André, don't look so glum, chum! The cellar would provide the food and drinks and of course the wine."

"That sounds good! What do you say to that, my big boy?" Dad said and turned to Gunther. He really took a liking in the big sexy German!

"Ahhh ... I have never thought of doing that. I know nothing about modelling ... I'm a Microbiologist!" Gunther put in.

"Nonsense! You're sexy as fuck ... oh, sorry Dad! But you're as sexy as the boys and Juan! Come on! We could have a ball man! Come on! Say yes!" Johann said enthusiastically.

"Oh, OK. If the boys would be there, I will come too," Gunther gave in.

"And you Herman? What about you? We could do with a giant like you! You're very sexy yourself! It's good money for little work. There is no hockey now or do you have to be in Malmesbury? No ways! You're coming with us! OK? OK!" Johann didn't wait for an answer - he decided on behalf of Herman.

"Erm ... OK, if the twins and Coach can do it, I'll give it a try. OK ..." Herman said and averted his eyes. He was so shy ... poor man! Wait until he gets the short end of the stick from André ... poor soul.

"And you my beautiful boys? What happened to you over the course of the week?"

We told Dad about our classes and what we've done.

"How is the house?" Dad asked.

"Oh Dad ... it is a dream come true! It is so comfortable and well equipped. You've gone to great lengths to make it nice for us. Thanks once again. You've really changed my ... our lives!" Juan gushed. He got up and kissed Dad who still had one arm around Gunther's shoulders and the other around Johann's shoulders. Dad let go of the other two and put his hands on either side of Juan's face and kissed him. "We love you Dad!"

Mom and André came back in the lounge with two trays with the coffee and tea. They put it on the coffee table and André went back to the kitchen to fetch the scones. I got up and served the coffee and Juan served the tea.

After the hot beverages and scones, André and I removed the cups and side plates and took it into the kitchen.

"Dad, here is the merchandise from Cape Town ... erm ... the watches and rings," Johann said.

"'Rings'? We ordered just one ring for Mom ... oh, you guys have ordered rings?" Dad said.

Johann broke the seals on the box and opened it. Inside in Styrofoam chips were 3 Seiko watch boxes and 6 ring boxes. Each of the boxes had a name on it. Juan looked for Mom's ring box and passed it to her. She smiled and it was clear Mom was OK with Johann. Last Thursday was forgotten. We watched as she opened the box and took out the ring. It had a larger diamond flanked by a few smaller diamonds. She put it on her right hand's ring finger and it fitted perfectly. She held out her hand with stretched fingers. She leaned towards Dad and he told her it looked spectacular on her finger. Dad was right: it was beautiful.

"OK, here is Dad's watch. The jeweller had to go on my estimation on the sizes of the straps. I hope I've guessed correctly. Dad, yours was left as is as your arm is the thickest," Johann said and gave Dad his Seiko watch. Dad opened the box and took the watch out. He took his old watch off and slipped the new one on and clicked the strap shut. It was a perfect fit. And the fine design of the hour piece looked fantastic. The mix of gold and silver on the strap was beautiful. Dad looked so distinguished and it suited his hairy arms and huge hands.

Johann passed the other two Seiko boxes to André and me. We opened them and put our identical watches on. They were beautiful. We'd have years of service out of them. "Thanks Dad!" we gushed and went over to hug and kiss him.

"OK boys, here goes. Dad, Mom, we've decided to get similar friendship rings for the five of us. We want you to know that and to show you this is not just a passing phase. Gunther, here is yours. Here is mine. Juan, here is yours. Anton, here is yours. André ... last and deliberately last, here is yours!" He got a cushion thrown at his head for his efforts!

We opened our ring boxes and put our rings on. Perfect fits all round. Johann pulled his Nikon closer and we put out our left hands with spread fingers pointing at each other. Johann took a few pictures. Our rings looked spectacular. I noticed Mom looking at us and there was a small smile on her lips ... I hope that wasn't some smirk ... I hoped this would convince Mom of our undying love for each other and that all 5 of us we're in it for the long-haul. I looked at Dad and was sure I saw lust in his eyes ... my godd! How I wished we could pull him into our shenanigans this weekend! To taste Dad's cum again and ahhh ... oh godd! To feel his big cock in my hole! And together with Juan's cock, or André's cock, or Gunther's cock, or Johann's cock ... oh godd! I stopped short of Herman's cock ... that insanely big cock was never meant to double-fuck anybody! My cock was twitching in my pants.

'How about some group photos? I'd love to have photos of us five, and then with Herman too. And lastly I want photos of Dad and Mom, and of Dad and Mom with all of us. I have a tripod in my case. What do you say?" Johann didn't wait for an answer and went to fetch his tripod, and set up his camera.

Johann arranged Dad and Mom on the couch with André and I next to them, André on Mom's side and me on Dad's side ... hmmm! I was sitting on Dad's left side and I did feel his big bulge against my right hip ... oh my fuck! It'll never stop! I just had to suck my Dad again and have him fucking me! Oh fuck!

Johann was behind me and Herman and Claude in the middle with Gunther behind André. Johann had a remote control and took a couple of pictures. He insisted we kept on doing what we were, but that we had to try and keep on looking at the camera. Then he let us sit and stand where we were and told us the hogwash that the battery was recharging, whereas he was continuing to click away.

Then Johann asked Herman to leave the group. The 3 in the back moved in closer to Juan and Johann clicked away. Then the three at the back moved away and Juan took numerous photos of Dad and Mom and my brother and me.

Johann asked Dad and Mom to get up and Juan sat in the middle and Johann and Gunther stood behind us. Again, he took numerous photos. Lastly, Johann asked Herman to re-join them at the back and the six-strong sex team was photographed. My godd! I couldn't wait to have five guys fucking me again tonight! How I wished we could've had Dad to join us ... oh my godd!

After the photographs, Dad piled us all onto the back of his pick-up truck - excluding Mom - for a guided tour of the farm. We were taken to see the new vineyards. I couldn't believe how much the new vines have grown. Good! We went to the dam and stopped to take some pictures. Dad was too happy to play photographer. After the photos at the dam, Dad asked me to get in the cab with him - he wanted to discuss the new vines and further grafts - and he drove us to the vintner's barn. When the truck's doors closed, Dad came out bluntly: "Anton, I can't help it, but by Jove, I want to fuck you so badly! It's all I could think of this week! I need to fuck you please! We need to make a plan. I'll pretend you to come with me to the other farm and ... my boy, I just have to fuck you! I can't help it and can't wait any longer! I was trying to fight it, but after last weekend, it's all I can think of! Oh my lord! Please?"

"Yes, please Dad! I also want you fuck me! Since our holiday last December, I've been dreaming about it and after last weekend, it was all I could think of. Yes, please Dad! I have to feel you in me! We just need to make sure it's safe. How about you and I go there early tomorrow morning just after breakfast? André could show the rest of the farm to the guys and you and I could go to the other farm. Oh yes!" I gushed and put my hand out to touch Dad's huge bulge on his hip ... it was rock-hard!

"Hnnnnnghhhh! Oh my lord! You'll kill me my boy! Yes! When we're in the barn, I'm going to ask André to show the guys around and then you come with me to the lab. I want you to suck me off please? OK? Please my boy! You're driving me nuts!"

"Yes, please - yess Dad! Let's do it!"

At the barn Dad gave some explanations and then put André in charge, and he and I drove to the lab about 500m from the barn. When we walked in the lab, dad closed and locked the door. He took me in his arms and hugged me tightly. He kissed me hungrily and I sucked on his tongue. His huge cock pushed against me.

I fumbled with Dad's belt and got his pants open. Dad bent down slightly to get my pants open and took my hard cock in his hand. "Ahhhh! Oh lord! You have the most wonderful cock my boy! It is so big and ... wet!"

I took Dad's huge hard cock in my hands and felt the huge wet head. I pushed the skin back and felt the big head being exposed. I rubbed the precum over the head. Dad kissed me again and pushed me against the wall. "Oh damn! Oh my lord! I'm sorry my boy, but you drive me nuts! I love you so much and I want to make love to you! Please suck me!"

I dropped to my knees and took Dad's big cock in my mouth and tasted the precum. The big sheathed head on my tongue tasted divine. I pulled the skin back and felt the big head filling my mouth. I pushed my tongue in the big piss slit and tasted the precum ... oh fuck! I was in sex heaven. Dad pushed his cock deeper in my mouth but I only managed about a third of it. I jacked his cock and Dad was groaning.

"Oh no, I'm not going to wait until tomorrow! To hell with it! I want to fuck you now! Right here and right now! Please Anton! I have to fuck you now! How much precum do you have? Put your precum on your hole. I'm putting my precum on my cock ... OK Anton? Please say yes!"

"Oh damn yes! Please fuck me Dad! Oh yess! Oh yesssss!" I pushed my pants down to my ankles and took my huge supply of precum and rubbed it over my hole. I milked my cock some more and put the slippery liquid on my hole. I watched Dad milking his cock and saw him spreading the precum over his big cockhead. Oh my godd! That was it! It was going to happen ... at last! My Dad was going to fuck me!

Dad pulled me in for a last kiss and his big tongue fucked my mouth. I held his big wet cock and squeezed it. Some more precum ran out of the piss slit and I rubbed it over the head.

Dad broke the kiss and I turned around. Dad moved in behind me and aimed his big cock at my asshole. Here it comes, I thought.

I felt the huge cock on my hole and put my hand to the back to guide it right onto my hole. I pushed back and felt Dad's big cockhead stretching my hole and push in. I gasped. We had only precum as lube, which was a stretch as Dad's thick cock wasn't exactly small, not at 27,5cm! Dad waited a bit and I felt the head slowly pushing in ... my Dad's huge cock was entering me! Dad spat on his hand and rubbed it over the thick shaft of his cock. He kept on pushing and soon I felt the big head plopping through my sphincter.

"Ahhhh! Oh my ... oh!" I gasped.

"You OK my boy? Too much?" Dad asked concerned.

"No, it's fine. Keep on pushing in. Oh damn! This is a dream come true! I've been dreaming about this for so long! Push it in Dad!" I said, and pushed back on his cock.

The cock started to slide deeper into me. Dad pulled out a bit and added more spit and some of my precum to his cockshaft and pushed back in. The big cock was heading to go in balls-deep soon. And then I felt Dad's bush on my buttocks and Dad's big balls on mine.

"You still OK? Anton? Are you OK my boy?" Dad asked.

"Yes, I'm fine! You can fuck me Dad!" I urged Dad on.

Dad put his hands on my shoulders and started to fuck me. His curved cock to the left fitted perfectly into my rectum, which as in every human being, also curves to the left. Dad slowly pulled back out until just the head was in me and pushed back in. I groaned. That was not as painful as when Johann and Juan or Johann and Gunther were fucking me, but it was super special. This was my wonderful Dad with his big 27,5cm cock. I loved him to death and would always allow him to fuck me!

Dad slowly started to fuck me and the big head and shaft scraped over my prostate gland ... I was leaking a lot of precum out of my cock. It was dripping on the floor, barely missing my pants.

Dad pulled me upright and hugged me from behind. "I wish I could have you to myself for a whole night! There wouldn't be any sleep, I can assure you! Oh my boy! This is a dream come true! I've always loved you very much and after our holiday last December, you've become my special boy! Oh my lord!" Dad gushed and pushed his cock deep into me.

"I have always loved you very much. From being a small boy, I enjoyed sitting in your lap and since I was about 12, I've noticed your big cock. And now I have you in me ... a dream come true for me! Thanks for this Dad!" I put in.

Dad picked up speed and I felt his cock growing harder and thicker.

"We don't have too much time. I wish it could last longer, really I do, but we have to get this done soon. Oh my ... this feels so good! Your insides are so hot and soft. And tight ... Soon I want to have you in my bed for a whole night! I want to fuck you and stay in you for as long as you can endure it. Would you too my boy?" Dad asked.

"Oh yes! I'd love to Dad! Soon, I hope!" I assured Dad.

"Hmmmm! I'm very close now. I don't want to, but I think we can't delay this too much longer. I'm going to cum now! Some of my cum squirted into your throat last Saturday but I cum a big load, much to your Mom's annoyance! It is just too much and it soils the sheets. I hope you'd be able to contain it ... Oh damn! I'm going to cum! OK Anton? I'm going to cum! Ahhhhh! Oh my! Oh ... Hnnnngghhnnnnn! I'm cumming! Here it comes ... Anton I'm cumming!"

Dad slammed into me one last time and held still. I felt his huge cock spasming and felt how he was pumping his cum into me. Oh fuck! At last! My Dad had fucked me and his cum was being squirted into my rectum! I couldn't be happier!

"Ahhhh! That was spectacular. It was epic! It was fantastic! I love you so much Anton!" Dad said in my ear and pulled me tight to him and he pushed his big cock deep into me. He took hold of my hard leaking cock and started to jack me off.

"I'm close Dad ... I'm going to cum! Oh damn! Dad! I'm cumming!" My hole was clenching over Dad's cock in me and I felt the first volley of cum squirting out of my cock onto the wall in front of me. It was a huge load. My eyes were closed and I leaned back against Dad. He held me tight against him and his big cock in me still twitched when my hole clamped down over it.

Dad put his face in my neck and kissed me. "Oh damn! This was fantastic! How I wish we could've had this in a bed under more relaxed circumstances! Thanks ... it was epic! I'll always remember this first time with you! Wow!"

Dad's hands were on my hairy chest and tummy ... My cock was now leaking the last of my cumload into my underpants around my ankles. I looked at the wall and saw my huge load was slowly dribbling down. It was a big load! Like father like son, I thought and smiled.

"You OK Anton? I wish I could've stayed in you, but let's not push it. We have to get back to the others. OK? Please keep my load in you for as long as you can ...? I want you to have something of me in you ... OK?" Dad asked.

"Oh me too! I will keep your load in me for as long as possible," I gushed.

"I'm pulling out now ... OK?"

"Yes, OK."

Dad pulled out of me slowly and when the head was about to plop out, I clamped and contained the load when Dad's cockhead slipped out. Ahhh! Dad held me close to him and hugged me. He then swung me around and pulled my face up to kiss me. It was a gentle kiss filled with love. This big 43-year old hairy hunk was my beautiful Dad and he had just fucked me with his big cock! Hmmmm! My rubbery wet cock pushed between Dad's legs and his huge rubbery cock was pushing against my tummy. The last of his cum leaked into my tummy hair.

He kissed me again and gave my cock a tug. I took his cock in my hand and marvelled at the size of the big cock with which Dad had just fucked me. Oh fuck! What an experience!

"Get some paper towel to wipe your cum off the wall. There against the wall," Dad said. I pulled my pants up and got a few sheets of paper towel. I leaned down and sucked Dad's rubbery cock into my mouth to ensure it was clean. "Ahhhh! But I've just fucked you!"

"Not to worry! I've cleaned out just before coffee! I am clean!" I said.

"Clever boy!" Dad said and tousled my hair. I bent down and cleaned my mess on the wall and floor. I checked my pants and was relieved that only a few drops ended up on my pants.

As I was bent over while I was cleaning the wall, Dad stepped up behind me and pushed his cock head back into me ... ahhh! I groaned and pushed back. Dad's big rubbery cock slid slowly into me and when it pushed through my inner sphincter, it was hard again!

"Anton, you're driving me nuts! I could fuck you again right now! But we can't! Damn! I can feel my cum in you ... hmmm! I'm pulling out now, OK?" Dad said as he hugged me tight to him. His big cock was sliding out of me ...

Dad and I put our cocks back in our pants and zipped up. Dad took me in his arms and hugged me close. "My beautiful boy, you have no idea what this has meant to me! Thank you very much! I want it again soon. I think for now, let's keep any activity just between you, André and Juan, OK? You never know how people might react, even though you're 19. Come, let's go!" Dad said and put his arm around my shoulder.

I went to the toilet in the lab to flush away the paper towels.

We got back in the pick-up truck and drove to the barn to pick up André and the other 4 guys. They have just finished their tour of the barn. Gunther was very impressed and congratulated Dad on the setup. "You have a good setup here. I can see why you have such good wines!"

"Mr le Roux, your vats are so big and beautiful! And everything is so clean! I'm impressed!" Herman put in.

"First things first: on this farm there is no 'Mr le Roux'! You either call me 'Adriaan' or you fall in with the rest and call me 'Dad', but most definitely not 'Mr le Roux'! Thanks Gunther, it is a legacy we're carrying on. It is a life's work and we're very proud of it. Did the twins tell you of our new wine we're going to have in 3 years' time? The new vines you saw today are the Sauvignon Rouge vines, and we're going to call the wine the André & Anton red wine. When your parents come to visit next year, there would only be the wines we have now. But, I think your dad would be impressed. Tomorrow we'll show you the factory where the grapes are crushed and the juices fermented."

"I'm sure my dad would be impressed," Gunther said.

"Herman, the vats are old! Some more than a 100 years. French vintners who visited my dad in the 50s did the carvings. To have a vat carved today is just too expensive. We'd rather use the money to market our wines. Come, let's go home. I think the Boeing has landed. Time for a glass of wine! What do you say?"

Dad was as jovial as ever and didn't miss a beat, even though he had just fucked me and pumped a whole lot of Le Roux baby batter into me! I clenched and felt the huge load in my rectum. I wondered how long I'd be able to keep it in me ... I hoped until the night.

"We still want to see your cars, please André, Anton?" Gunther said.

"Yes, hybrids, right?" Herman put in. I looked at him and saw he was looking at me with a shy smile. When I looked at him, he winked and smiled broadly. He was just so adorable!

"Yes, let's go show them our babies. They're going home with us on Sunday. Come, we can't let the barman wait!" André said and jumped on the pick-up truck. This time I joined them on the back and found myself next to Gunther who immediately put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me. He leaned to me and whispered: "Ich liebe dich, mein Schatz [I love you, my darling]!"

Johann saw the shenanigans and stepped up to my other side and put his arm around my shoulders. He leaned in and said loud enough for Gunther to hear: "And I love you too, my darling! But, I have to admit, I like you very much too, you big beautiful Jerry! And fucking this man with you is epic! Tonight again, please?" Johann said and winked at me. I felt him squeezing Gunther's arm behind me and my heart swelled. I loved these two beautiful men with their huge cocks. I was looking forward to them fucking me that night again. I wished there was a way I could retain Dad's cum in me till then ... oh fuck!

Juan stepped up and put his arms over my shoulders and pushed his face to mine and said out loud: "This beautiful man is mine too. Play nice and share. Nobody here has exclusive rights. If anybody, it's André first and then me, but we all play nice and share. Herman, come here!"

Herman came to the group and looked at me nervously. "We've seen your huge cock today and we're all keen to see you fuck Anton. How do you feel about that? We all hope you'd be able to get your big cock in ... fuck! I wish we could do it now! André, would you forfeit your exclusive rights for one night? We all want to see how Herman fucks our 'baby bro' with his huge cock, OK?"

"Oh fuck, yes! But, on one condition: he has to cum in my mouth after fucking Anton. I want to taste his huge load and feel how it squirts into my mouth. OK, Herman?" André said and put his hand on Herman's ample bulge. "Fuck guys! Feel it! It's no longer soft! You sex hound! You're hot for my baby bro, aren't you? Come on, admit!"

"Oh fuck yes, I hope he can handle it. I'll be gentle. I hate to admit it, but I'm still a virgin ... ahhhh! Don't hate me for it! But every possible man I've met ran away when they saw my cock. Anton has seen it and he hasn't run away, so I might be in luck!" Herman said. You could be up for an Oscar for your performance, liar!

"How about asking me if I'd be interested to be fucked with that giant cock?" I put in and was ribbed and tickled and my hair tousled and groped ... nobody believed me for a millisecond!

"The day hell freezes over is the day my baby bro would say no to a challenge like this! I want a front-row seat to see how this beautiful giant fucks my baby bro! But not before we each has sucked Herman, or what do you say guys?" André declared.

"Hear! Hear!" the others chanted.

I playfully punched André in the tummy and he grabbed my arm. He pulled me closer and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you so much my baby bro. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure. But if it's too much, we'll just stop it, OK?"

"It is huge but I think I'd be OK. But this doesn't mean the others are not going to fuck me? Or what?" I said.

"No fucking way! We'll open you up nicely for Herman. I'd love to fuck you first and pump my load into you, OK? That way you'd be well-lubed," André said. If only he knew how much lube I was carrying in me already ... oh fuck!

The fuck I just had from my Dad was spectacular! It was so special and different. And it was from someone I've idolised my whole life, someone I loved to death. My Dad! Fuck! I wanted him to fuck me every day!


Back home, we got our cars' keys from Mom and took our guests to the shed where the Auris hybrids were parked.

"'ECO 25.1 - WC' and ECO 25.2 - WC'! I'm impressed!" Gunther enthused! "Wunderbar! Sehr schön [Wonderful! Very beautiful]! Inside please?"

Gunther walked to ECO 25.2 - WC with me and Herman was to join André in his ECO 25.1 - WC.

I asked Gunther to get in behind the steering wheel and explained the car as best I could from memory. It's been almost 6 weeks since we got the cars and there were a few differences to an ordinary car. "May I drive it please?"

"Yes, of course," I said and explained to Gunther how to start the car and drive it. The car pulled away virtually silent. Because the car was parked for so long, the battery wasn't fully charged, so the engine came on to charge the battery. It was still a very quiet car and Gunther was like a boy in a toys store! He asked about everything and tried everything. He drove to the main road and when he turned onto the road, I told him to accelerate faster so the battery could be charged a bit.

"André and Herman are following us," Gunther said looking in the rear-view mirror. I looked back and saw the other Auris following us. Gunther was gushing and enthusing about the car and its features.

After about 5 kilometres, Gunther pulled off at a picnic spot and stopped the car. He asked more questions and tried the sound system. He leaned in and kissed me. "Congratulations! I hope you're going to have many wonderful kilometres in this wonderful car, mein Schatz [my darling]! I am impressed, very much. What a nice car!" He put his hand behind my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. It was soft and gentle. This was such a nice man! I liked him so much!

Herman appeared next to us and asked if he and Gunther could switch cars. Jackal! He just wanted to be alone with me! Gunther saw straight through him but agreed. He patted my knee and got out. Herman got in and had to adjust the seat to fit in. He was a real giant. He looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Gunther and André turn around towards the farm. Herman leaned back and unzipped his pants.

"What are you doing?"

"Please play with my cock or suck me ... I want to cum, please! I've been hard almost all the time since yesterday and I can't wait for tonight ... please Anton? Please?"

I looked at his huge cock, which was rock-hard and the precum dripping from the head onto the shaft. I put my hand around it and still couldn't believe I've had that huge dong in me the day before. I jacked it slightly and Herman groaned. We were still parked and I nervously looked at the road. Fortunately there was little traffic. I bent down and took the huge cock in my mouth and tasted his precum. My fuck! It tasted so nice! I pushed more of the cock into my mouth but could fit only the huge head and a bit of the shaft into my mouth. It was a huge cock.

Herman pushed his body up and a bit more slid into my mouth. I started to jack him off and kept the big head in my mouth. A lot of precum flowed into my mouth. Ahhhh! What a cock and what a nice gentle giant! One just couldn't help but like that man!

I took his huge balls and played with them. He started to groan. "Oh fuck, I want to cum please! Suck me! Please! Let me cum! Please suck me!"

I sucked the huge cockhead into my mouth and jacked the huge shaft. Soon Herman was squirming and his breath was fast and deep. He groaned and growled and the first volley of cum shot into my mouth. It was a lot and I swallowed. The next volley was shot into my mouth. It was a huge stream of cum. It flooded my mouth. I swallowed as best I could. Herman pushed his big cock deeper into my mouth and the next volley hit my throat. I felt some of the cum leaking out onto Herman's legs. Fuck! Nobody can swallow that fast! I did my best and managed to swallow most of it. It was a huge load and once again, it tasted wonderful. It was thick and creamy and sweet. About 7 volleys of cum were pumped into my mouth before the volume started to subside a bit. The last more or less 5 shots were slower and smaller in volume. I managed to swallow it all.

Herman was groaning and growling, and it was obvious he was on cloud 9. "Ahhhh! Oh fuck! That was fantastic! Thank you my man! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I could get used to this! Oh fuck! Thanks Anton! You're my hero!"

"What about tonight? Would you be able to cum again?" I asked.

"What? I could cum again in an hour's time. No problem! The load would be a little less, but I could cum up to six or seven times a day if I wanted to. I'm not just blessed with a huge cock, but also with a sexual appetite to match. Sometimes during the day I have to go to the toilet to jack off," Herman said.

I let go of the huge cock in my hand and licked the last drop of cum off the head. Herman lifted his body from the seat and wrestled his huge cock back into his pants. I sniffed the car but couldn't really smell anything.

Herman leaned towards me and pulled me in for a kiss. "I really love you a little bit more each day. Thanks for your friendship, for inviting me, for yesterday, for this, for tonight ... for everything. You're sensational! The guys are so lucky to have you!"

"You're welcome Herman and I like you lots, but we have to get back. Please switch on the car and put it in drive. Let's go," I said.

This man was just another of the insatiable men in my life! I wondered what would happen if Dad had more opportunity to fuck me, what would've happened. Not that I'd complain! Damn, the fucking earlier that afternoon was spectacular! I'd do it in a heartbeat again!

Herman drove back to the farm and when we stopped in the barn the other four were waiting for us knowing something had happened. Johann and Gunther were standing close to each other and it was clear they both had hard-ons.

"Want to suck us too, 'baby bro'? Please?" Johann started to unzip his pants and hauled his big cock out and held it for me to suck ... oh fuck!

Gunther, the shy gentle German man, followed suit: he unzipped his pants and took his big cock out. "Mine too. I haven't come for days! Please?"

Juan and André stepped up and unzipped their pants too. "If there is any sucking going down, we're in. What about it baby bro?" André put in. He and Juan held their cocks in their hands, hard and getting wet.

"Guys, what about Dad?"

"What? Do you want to suck him off too?" André asked.

"No, I wouldn't mind that, but that's not what I meant. Is he not waiting for us?" I put in.

"Yes, but we're all so randy! Come on, just a quick suck! We'd all jack off while you suck us! We'd make it really quick. Come, what do you say? Herman had a suck, so it's just fair we had ours!" Johann said jacking his big schlong.

Oh fuck! I was knee-deep in this! I didn't mind sucking them so I might as well do it.

Even Herman had his huge rubbery cock out again. Really? Wow!

I walked to André and bent down. I felt Dad's huge load in me and had to clench not to lose it. I took André's cock in my mouth. His big cockhead in my mouth felt good and the familiarity of it was wonderful. I pushed the cock deep into my throat and tasted his precum. André was jacking his cock when only the head was in my mouth. Soon he was groaning and I knew my twin brother was about to cum. He pushed his cockhead deep in mouth and the first small spurt erupted into my mouth. He groaned and the second bigger load shot into my mouth. I had to swallow big time to contain the huge load being shot into my mouth. I pulled the cock a little more out my mouth and felt the cock spasm and received the cumload with gratitude. My brother was one of the nicest guys and his cum always tasted nice. He groaned and shuddered and pulled his cock free. "Sensitive, baby bro! Please stop!"

I looked up and his face was one of bliss. I looked around and everyone was jacking his cock.

"Whose next? Who is close?" I asked and wasn't surprised to see Johann stepping up to me. I took his big 29cm cock in my mouth and as always, marvelled at the huge uncut head and all the precum he produced. He put his left hand behind my head and with his right hand he guided his huge veiny cock into my mouth, while still jacking it. The cock entered my mouth and I gasped. It was one hell of a cock and the precum tasted divine. Wow! "I'm very close! I'm going to cum ... I'm going to cummmm! Oh godd! I'm cumming! I'm cumminnnnnggg! Oh fuck!" He pushed the huge cockhead deeper into my mouth and the first shot was fired into my mouth. It was a lot and it tasted so good. Oh Johann, I loved you so much! His big rubbery cock in my mouth was equally spectacular when it was in my hole! The cum just kept on cumming and I had to swallow. He fired at least 7 huge squirts into my mouth and stopped jacking. The cumload was spectacular and I loved the taste of this wonderful man's cum. When the cum started to dribble out, he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and bent down to kiss me. Always Mr Gentle and Mr Grand! I still had some of his cum in my mouth and passed it into his mouth. He hungrily sucked it into his mouth and kissed me deeply and gently.

When he pulled free, it was Gunther who stepped up to the plate. His huge veiny thick 29,5cm uncut cock was dripping precum and I could see he was on the verge of cumming. He was already groaning. I opened my mouth and the great German cockhead disappeared in my mouth. He was jacking with his left hand and within 45 seconds he was now really growling. "Ich spritze ab! O mein Gott! Ich werde abspritzen! Hier kommt es! [I'm cumming! Oh my godd! I'm going to cum! Here it comes!] and he did. The huge cockhead pushed deep into my mouth and I felt it spasming. The first shot of cum flew into my mouth and I swallowed. As always, it was so nice and sweet. The volume was another story. This man came almost as much as Herman. The cum filled my mouth and I kept on swallowing. He took my head in his right hand and pushed his big cock in as deep as it would go. It was spasming and the cum was filling my mouth. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth and leaked onto my chin. Gunther groaned and shuddered as the last of his nice load shot into my mouth. He held still and I savoured the huge cock. I took the cock out of his hand and milked the last of his cum into my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and sank to his knees. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. His wonderful tongue played on my lips and I opened my mouth. I've swallowed most of his cum but he could still taste himself on my tongue. He pushed his big tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. Fuck! Another man I desperately loved. He was 'gentleman' personified. There was little to choose between Gunther and Johann and Juan. André was a given. I could never be without my brother, ever.

Gunther let go of me and stood up. He tousled my hair.

Juan was next. His big 28cm cock was literally dripping with precum. It literally dripped onto the barn floor as he stepped over to me. I opened my mouth and took this wonderful cock in my hand. I took over his jacking and guided the grand head into my mouth. The precum tasted so good. The big head filled my mouth and with each pull on his cock, Juan released more precum. Fuck! Another man I loved with all my heart. Juan started to growl and shudder and he put his hands on my head. He pushed as much of his cock into me as he could and started to cum. His wonderful cum tasted as wonderful as ever. The cum filled my mouth and I swallowed. It was a lot and it was clear he was very randy. He groaned and started to pull his cock from my mouth. He too sank to the floor on his knees and pulled me in for a kiss. I still had some cum in my mouth and he sucked it from me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. The kiss changed into a soft gentle loving kiss. He pulled free and put my head on his shoulder and kissed me on the head. "I love you so, so very much, my darling! You are one of a kind! You make me very happy."

He let go of me and stood up. I heard the others gasp and when I looked up to see what it was, Herman stepped up and held his huge cock for me to suck ... again? Really?

"I'm ready to cum again. Want it? Please?" This man was also one of a kind! I've never known such a huge guy, with such a huge cock and such a huge sexual appetite! It was just about half an hour ago that he shot his load into my mouth, and here he was ready to shoot the next load! My godd! What a sex hound! I stayed on my knees and took the huge cock in my mouth. He was already growling and the precum running out of him was unbelievable, considering he has had an orgasm only half an hour ago! I sucked the huge head while Herman jacked his humongous cock. And lo and behold, he came again! This time it was not as much but still more than what another guy would shoot after a week of abstaining. This man was a real sex dogg! Oh my godd! This man would wear me out! I swallowed and the cum just kept on coming. Eventually he put his hands on my face and slowly pulled his cock from my mouth. "Oh fuck, too sensitive! It is too sensitive! Sorry!" He stood back and pulled me up to him. He hugged me and gently kissed me like I told him to do the previous day. He would become a good lover and with a sexual appetite like his, he would be enough for three bottoms! I wondered what would happen later on ...

I thought I heard something at the door and looked up. I saw a shadow disappearing. Oh fuck! I hope it wasn't Mom ... Dad? Why didn't he come in? I'd loved to suck him off again!

We rearranged hard and rubbery and soft cocks and zipped up. I was filled with at least 100ml of cum or even more. It was difficult to really know how much it was, but the men in my life didn't dribble, they shot huge loads!

And I had Dad's huge cumload in my rectum ... about 30ml?

We walked back to the house.


Dad and Mom were in the lounge. Mom was sitting in one of the chairs enjoying what looked like a G&T. Dad was standing at the bar out of Mom's direct line of vision. It was obvious he had a hard-on. By now I knew what his huge cock looked like on his left hip.

Oh my godd! It was Dad who was at the barn. Fuck!

"André, please get the guests drinks. There is the ice in the bucket. Guys, there is wine, a variety of spirits, brandy, whiskey, ciders, fruit juice, water - André will help you. Anton, there is a small problem with the sprayers in the new vineyard. Please come with me so we could see what is the matter. Alma, we'll be back soon. Come Anton."

Juan gave me a knowing look and I knew he knew ... oh fuck! Dad wanted in on the action too! Oh fuck! I've become a real sex addict!

Dad took his bakkie keys and as we walked out, he put his arm around my shoulder and said: "Thanks for this afternoon. It was the best I've had in a very long time. The last time was last year when I fucked Pieter. You've been the best I've had in my life! I saw what was happening in the barn and can't help myself, but I have to have another round with you again. OK? Do you mind? Anton?"

"O fuck no Dad! It was fantastic and I'd do it again with you any time. Yes, please! I want you to fuck me again! Let's go! Let's go! Yes! Oh fuck Dad! Yes, I want you to fuck me again!"

We got in the bakkie and I put my hand on Dad's cock on his hip. It was rock hard! I loosened his belt and opened his pants. He battled to change gears as I was fumbling to get his cock out. I put my hand in his pants and when I touched his cock, Dad groaned and pushed his body up. His cockhead was sopping wet! Oh fuck!

Dad drove back to the lab and stopped right at the door. We rushed to the door. Dad fumbled with the keys and I held his pants up. We went into the lab and dad locked the door. He took me in his arms and kissed me hungrily but still gently. Oh my godd! This man made me, and now he was one of my lovers! And what a lover he was! With his free hand he pushed his pants down and I opened my pants and pushed my pants to my ankles. Dad took some of his precum on his fingers and leaned around me to put it on my hole. I leaned down and took the magnificent 27,5cm thick uncut cock in my mouth and tasted his precum. My head was spinning. This was too good to be true.

Dad spun me around and put his huge cockhead on my hole. The precum leaking out of his cock was a lot. It was running onto my hole and he pushed his cockhead in a bit. He soaked my hole with the liberal precum leaking from his cock and he smeared his cockshaft with it. I took the precum from my cock and leaned back and put it on his cockshaft. Dad groaned and pushed in. I groaned. Dad pulled back and pushed in again. My hole was very wet and the huge head slipped in. I groaned and pushed back. Dad's big cock slid in deeper. His hands were on my hips and he pushed his cock in deeper and deeper. I groaned and pushed back. When the big cockhead grazed over my prostate, I almost creamed! I have been sucking 5 other cocks half an hour ago and I didn't cum.

Dad pulled out again until just the head was in me and I added some of my precum to the shaft. Dad pushed in again and this time he pushed until he was in balls-deep.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Anton, you're driving me nuts! Oh fuck! Oh lord! Ahhhh! Oh I wish this could last forever! Oh my boy, I love you so very much! I can feel you're still very wet inside. All my cum! I'm going to give you some more!" Dad started to fuck me slowly but with urgency. Once again we didn't have a lot of time. Dad pushed in deep and I clamped my hole over the huge shaft in me. Dad groaned and his cock twitched in my hole. Fuck! It felt so good!

Dad started to fuck me again. He put his arms around my body and hugged me tight while he fucked me. His right hand went for my cock and he squeezed it. I put my hand on his and stopped him from jacking me. I was on the verge of cumming.

Dad fucked me with new vigour and it was obvious he was soon going to cum in me again. I still had his earlier cumload in me and he was about to add more to it! Dad was starting to breathe deeply and jaggedly. He was growling and he fucked me deeper and faster and he started to growl harder. He was going to cum!

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Here it is! Hnnnngghhhgnnnn! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Ahhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhh!" I felt Dad's big cock growing bigger and harder and it started to spasm. He slammed it in as deep as it would go and held still. It was pumping another huge load into me.

Without touching myself, my cock started to squirt my load on he floor in front of me. We were standing right by the door. My cum flew from my cock and covered a big area on the floor.

Oh my godd! What a cock! What a man! What a good fucking! What I'd give to spend a whole night with this magnificent man fucking me! I was sure if we were in a bed, the fucking would've been epic! The fucking standing up was out of this world - to do it in a bed when both were relaxed and not rushed ... epic!

Dad clung to me like a drowning man and put his hand on my cock.

"I thought I felt you cumming. Did you? Anton?" Dad asked.

"Oh fuck yes! When you started to cum, I just started to cum! I'm afraid it was all over the floor!" I answered.

"Nothing we can't clean. I wish I could stay in you longer ... stay in you till I'm hard again and to fuck you again. Ahhh! This is heaven. And you are so hot and tight and your hairy body feels so good against me. Oh fuck!" Dad swore. He wasn't a swearer but that day he was!

"Yes, I'd love that very much. I can't think of anything I'd love more than to spend a night with you, fucking me all night. We have to do it soon, please! I'll be thinking of it every day!" I said and clamped my hole around Dad's big rubbery cock. Dad held me tight and slowly fucked me with his rubbery cock.

"I love you so much my boy! Not just for this, but this makes you even more special. I'm not even feeling guilty as I know you wanted it as much as I did. Did you?" Dad asked.

"Oh yes! I've been dreaming about this for a long time, especially after our holiday last year. You have really become my hero. I'm glad you have no regrets because I don't have any and I want it to happen again. Soon and as often as we can! Oh fuck! I love you even more!" I gushed.

"But, we have to get back. To sort out sprayers doesn't take this long. I'm sorry to end this, but I'm going to pull out, OK? You OK? Wasn't this too much?"

"Oh fuck no! Dad, you may and I hope you would fuck me as many times as you want. I still would love you to make love to me all night long. I could never get tired of your cock! It's perfect!" I answered.

"But Juan and Gunther and Johann are all bigger than me - won't you miss them?" Dad asked.

"No, I'd still have them! It is fantastic when they fuck me, but with you it's different, it's special. What I've had today was the best ever!" I said.

"OK then. I'm pulling out now. We have to get back. OK?" Dad asked.

I clenched my hole over Dad's cock and he groaned. His cock twitched and he pulled back. He groaned and pushed back into me. "Oh fuck! I hate to pull out of you! It feels so great!" Dad moaned and started to pull out again. This time he only stopped when just the head was in me. I clenched and the head plopped out. I was full of Dad's cum!

I turned around and Dad kissed me. It was like kissing a lover. His tongue slipped in my mouth and I sucked on it gently. He hugged me and put his one hand on my head and the other on my back. He literally clung to me. My Dad ... oh fuck! What a man! What an experience! What a cock! What a fucking! My godd!

I sank down his body and pushed my hand under his shirt touching his hairy chest and tummy. Dad groaned and as I approached his cock he groaned louder. I opened my mouth and took Dad's rubbery cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. I was still clean so it still wasn't yucky. I fondled Dad's huge balls and he groaned. "I think we better stop now before I fuck you again! Ahhhh! Oh fuck my boy! Stop now!" I pulled off Dad's cock and admired the big veiny cock dangling in front of me. Oh my godd! I'd never be the same after today, I thought!

We hugged once more and kissed each other deeply and tenderly. We pushed and pulled to get our cocks into our pants.

I got paper towels and wiped my cum from the floor, and flushed it away in the toilet. Dad pulled me into a last hug and kissed me on the head. We stood like that for about a minute, just holding each other. I felt Dad's heart beating and his huge cock on his hip. I took one of his big hands and tangled my fingers between his fingers. He squeezed my hand and sighed. "Come, we have to go. We'll work out a plan. But now we have to get back. How do I look? Any tell-tale signs? Let me look at you. You look fine. It's just our rubbery cocks but I hope the others have had enough to drink not to notice. Come!" Dad kissed me again and unlocked the door. He jumped in the bakkie and I got in on the passenger side. Dad started the engine and we drove back to the house.

We've attended to no water sprinklers!


We had drinks and no one of my lovers or Mom gave any indication they suspected anything. I looked at Juan and André and didn't catch them looking at me knowingly. I thought Johann had a certain look about him, but perhaps it was my imagination.

Dinner was pot-roast, savoury rice and roasted vegetables. The wine was wonderful and the banter around the table was light and relaxed. Dad acted normally and I never caught him looking at me differently. I tried my best not to let anybody know what a load of Dad's cum I had in my rectum. Oh godd! How entangled my life had become since our birthday ...


After dinner and after having orgasms in the car and/or in the barn, the guys were sated. Except Johann! Of course! And Gunther, of course!

I tried my level best to keep Dad's cum in me but by 9 o'clock I had to let it go. I felt horrible to let all the wonderful cum drain into the toilet ... oh fuck! It was fantastic the way it was pumped into me! But, I was sure my two insatiable lovers would replace the cum with fresh cum later on.

By 10 o'clock we have showered and were all piled on the king-size bed in our bedroom. Juan and André settled in for the night in each other's arms. The shenanigans would only involve the other three, of which Herman was the keenest. He had already cum twice earlier but he was leading the pack to fuck me.

"Let's move to the bedroom next door. Those two want to sleep. We could come back here," I said and the four of us moved to the next bedroom. Johann had his camera, the lube and poppers with him.

Herman took me in his arms and started to kiss me. His huge thick veiny uncut cock was already almost rock-hard. It was leaking precum again. I took it in my hand and marvelled at the size of it. It was really a fantastic cock.

"Come, I want to see that huge cock in you. Let's get things going. I'm also keen to fuck you but first Herman," Johann urged us on. He bent down and sucked the huge cock. "My godd! This is a huge cock! I hope you can handle it!"

Gunther moved in behind me and I felt his magnificent cock pushing against my hole. "Please let me fuck him first? Please? I want to open him first before Herman puts his huge cock in him. I don't want him to get hurt. OK?"

"OK, let me start then. My cock is not rock-hard and will open him nicely for you and then Herman. You and I might even do a double to get him really open. OK? OK my darling?" Johann conceded. I agreed.

I was on all fours sucking Johann's big rubbery cock. I relished that it was very veiny and that the big head was something that made his cock very special. I sucked it deep into my mouth and tasted his precum. This man was a darling and I loved him a lot.

I then moved to Gunther's cock and Johann moved in behind me and was lubing up. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed in with one long slow continuous thrust until he was in balls-deep. After the two times Dad fucked me that afternoon, my hole was still a bit relaxed. That, plus the rubbery cock, made for good fucking. He fucked me while I sucked Gunther's cock. It was another kind of cock. It was rock-hard, thicker and had a huge head and big piss slit. The precum tasted divine. Herman was next to Gunther and I moved to his majestic cock. It was rock-hard and really wet. It seemed like he hasn't come in a week! Sex hound! I licked the precum and put the huge bulbous head in my mouth.

Johann was leaning over me and kissed Gunther. This really was an entangled relationship!

The camera was clicking while Johann was fucking me. He also took pictures of me sucking Herman's huge cock.

Johann was starting to grunt and growl in Gunther's mouth and I felt he was approaching orgasm. He was fucking me with short quick thrusts and suddenly he pushed in deep and I felt him spasming in me. He was pumping a new load into me. He held still and kept on pumping cum into me. He pulled out and he and Gunther changed places.

My hole was wet with cum and lube and Gunther only had to put a little lube on his big cock. He pushed in and the big head stretched me. He too pushed in in one long continuous thrust until he was in balls-deep. He held still and made his huge cock twitch in me. Ahhhhh! It felt so good. I alternated between Johann's cock and Herman's huge cock. Both of them tasted good and Johann's rubbery cock slipped into my throat easily.

The camera clicked and Gunther was picking up speed. Johann lifted up and kissed me, and then Gunther. I lifted my face and Herman kissed me. Not yet quite perfect and lovingly, but he tried to contain his lust to fuck me. He kissed me and pushed his huge tongue deep into my mouth. "I want to fuck you so badly ... oh fuck!"

Gunther was starting to groan and his thrusts were shorter and deeper and he grunted. He was fucking me faster and faster and then he pushed in deep into Johann's cum in me and started to shoot his load. He was cumming a big load as if he didn't cum just 5 hours ago in the barn.

Johann slid in under me and when Gunther pulled out, Johann immediately pushed back into me and urged Gunther on to push his cock into me as well.

"That I have to see. Give me that camera! I have to see that!" Herman gushed. He gawked at what he was seeing and took a number of photos. Both cocks in me were big but rubbery. Gunther pushed his cock in as deep as it would go and held still. He collapsed on my back and touched Johann's face.

"Are you OK, my darling?" Johann asked.

"Ja, are you all right? Not too much?" Gunther asked.

"I'm fine. If you like you could pull out now and let Herman in. I'd love to feel it. Thanks guys, you've made me loose and ready for that horse cock," I said.

Gunther pulled out and I lifted off Johann's cock. He took the camera from Herman and sat on his knees taking pictures of me sucking Herman and of me holding the huge cock in my hand.

Herman took the lube and put some on his cockhead and some on my hole. I asked for the poppers and took a whiff. We had to explain to Herman what poppers were.

Herman aimed his huge cock at my hole and slowly pushed in. The Nikon was clicking. Both the other guys were whistling and watched in awe as the huge cock was entering me. Herman was as horny as a dogg in heat again but he contained himself not to push in in one long thrust. He took it slowly, not just to make it easier for me, but also to give Johann and Gunther a show! The dogg! But it felt good as the huge cock moved into me.

"If I didn't see it for myself, I would not have believed it! It is spectacular!" Johann said and clicked some more photos.

Soon Herman was in deep, all 33cm of huge thick uncut cock. He held still like I've explained to him and then he slowly started to fuck me. Kudos to you, my man! You're fast becoming a great lover! Just as well I visited you the previous day.

"You are very wet inside, Boikie! It feels great!" Herman pushed and pulled and made it feel so good. He started to fuck me in earnest and Gunther was so turned on, he moved in in front of me and I sucked his almost hard cock again. He groaned and kissed Johann between photos.

Herman was now fast approaching his third orgasm since 4 o'clock. I was suspecting it was going to be a big load nonetheless. He pulled out and pushed in deep, and repeated it a few times. Then he started to groan and growl as he was approaching orgasm. The third load for the night was about to be pumped into me.

Herman held on to my hips and pushed his cock deep into me and I felt the huge cock twitch and swell. He was pumping lots of cum into me. He groaned a last time and collapsed on my back.

"That was fucking spectacular! My darling, you took that cock like a trouper! Wow! What a guy you are! I'm glad I've seen that!" Johann put in. "Now, let's get back in bed and get some sleep. Gunther, I take it you want an all-nighter ... right? You OK with that my darling?"

"Yes, I'm fine and yes, Gunther may have an all-nighter. Let me just get some Coke from the kitchen first. I'll be back in a flash," I said and started to pull off Herman's huge cock. I was filled with so much cum again. But I was thirsty and wanted some Coke. The other three bundled into the bathroom to have a pee while I ran buck-naked to the kitchen to get the Coke.

When I opened the fridge, I realised my mistake. Dad was entering from the other side, also buck-naked. We both had a fright but quickly we were softly giggling like girls. Dad took me in his arms and pushed his big rubbery cock into my tummy. He had his one arm around my neck and the other one around my chest.

"Did you guys have some fun? Does Herman have the big cock I think he has? Hmmm?" Dad whispered.

"Yes, we did have some fun. And yes, Herman's cock is at least 33cm long and very thick. It is a challenge to take it, but I managed. It was nice. But nothing would ever be the same after this afternoon ... thanks! That was so special," I whispered in Dad's ear. My cock came back to life and Dad touched it. His cock was also hardening a bit.

"I wish I could go to bed with you right now. Not just to fuck you, but to have you in my arms, to put my cock in you and just lie there with you ... But, not now. Let's break this up now before there is trouble," Dad whispered in my ear. "Sleep well. I'll see you in the morning."

"Same to you," I whispered and kissed Dad. Hmmmm! What a kisser he was!

I took the Coke and a couple of glassed and trotted back to our bedroom. When I entered, Herman was not there. Juan and André were fast asleep in each other's arms. They looked so adorable.

"Where is Herman?"

"He is too big to fit in here and he opted to sleep in the other bedroom. He asked that after tomorrow night's fun and games, that you sleep with him. OK? He is a nice guy and he deserves some spoiling," Johann said. "Come, lie in my arm so Gunther could get in behind you."

I poured some Coke and we downed the cold liquid. We settled in for the night. I lied down in Johann's arm and Gunther moved in behind me. His cock was very rubbery but after he lubed up, he pushed it into me. He pushed some blood to the tip and held his cock between his thumb and index finger behind the head and pushed the big cockhead into me. I was loose enough for him to get his cock in.

Gunther sighed and kissed me on the cheek and settled in to get some sleep. Johann kissed both Gunther and me. Johann switched off the bedside light and we were off to Lala-land.

= To be continued =



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