By 11:30 Dad and Mom bid us a goodnight and were off to their bedroom. The rest of us showered in sessions, and I douched thoroughly. We put on our robes and all piled onto André's and my bed. Outside, the rain was coming down in buckets. The split unit of the air conditioner above the closed window was humming and pumped warm air into the room. I set it to a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. The room was warm and cosy.

We chatted, lounging around and were taking stock of the day's events. André and I thanked everybody for our presents and for their contributions to make our birthday so special.

"And for us accepting this unholy tryst of debauchery!" Claude piped up. He got a punch in the shoulder from Juan. "Behave yourself! You've been part of this 'debauchery' and I didn't hear you complaining!"

"Ouch! I was only saying ...!"

We discussed the party, Dad's and Mom's acceptance of Juan and the three-way relationship, and just how lucky we were for having such modern parents.

"Yes, my brother is a man of this century. He is very enlightened, and all because of the good influence I have on him!" Pieter joked.

"Yes, and I wonder what he would have said if he knew what was about to go down between the five men on this bed tonight ..." Claude piped up. "Yes gentlemen, I think it's time. Let's shed these robes and let's get this orgy on the road. I don't know about you, but there is a big cock with my ass's name on it," he groped André's cock (lucky guess, I thought: he still didn't know the difference between the two of us).

"For sure. I haven't had sex since the bellhop gave me a blowjob in my hotel room in New York on Sunday night. He was scared out of his wits when he saw this big piece of man meat in my pants. Sissy! I could do with some action," Pieter lied. What about that afternoon? Jackal ...

"Just to be clear, gentlemen," Juan said. "Nothing will happen against the will of anybody - are we clear? I know you all want in on the action with Anton, but I will not allow you to hurt him. If he agrees, I'm OK with it, but if he starts to complain, you will stop immediately. Right? When it comes to fucking Anton, I get to decide. You all WILL use enough lube when you fuck him. Pieter, I've heard you have one mighty big and thick cock. If you wanted to fuck my man, and you hurt him, you'll stop, OK? For the rest of the action, it's an open buffet. Enjoy boys!"

Wow! My man! What could go wrong with him in charge? He pulled me closer and André hugged me from behind. "Thank you Juan ... you're a wonderful man! I love you." André's cock was rubbery already - the perve! - and pushed into my crack. He said: "We'll be gentle, baby bro! I'll sort them out if this oaf can't!" He got a playful slap on the head for the remark.

"OK gentlemen, let's de-robe and get into bed. Claude, do you have enough of that fancy lube of yours?" Juan enquired.

"More than enough. I bought 5 bottles of the stuff in Rome. Fancy stuff, Pieter! You'll love it!"

Claude fetched two tubes of the lube from his bag, and Pieter came back with a small bottle in his hand. Their big cocks were semi hard and were swaying in front of them. Juan, André and I were in bed already, playing with each other's rapidly growing cocks. Claude put a tube of lube on each of the nightstands, and he and Pieter joined us under the duvet in the king size bed.

"What's in the small bottle, Pieter?" André asked.

Pieter put it on the nightstand and said: "It's poppers. Don't you guys know the stuff?"

"No, what is it?"

"You'll see tonight. It drives your libido through the roof. You'll become sex hounds in seconds!" He winked at me.

Wow! I wondered how such a small bottle could contain something so potent.

Pieter and Claude were on the far right-hand side of the bed and before long, they were kissing and moaning. It was obvious Claude loved the huge cock between Pieter's legs. I still felt a pang in my tummy when I thought of him fucking me ... But, I was sure Juan would make sure he didn't hurt me.

Juan pulled me into a tight embrace and kissed me tenderly and deeply. André was spooning me from the back and I felt his substantial cock already leaking precum on my thighs. He ruffled my hair, was stroking my back and kissing my neck.

"I love you baby bro. Thanks for your love and completing my life ... And you too, you oaf! Thanks! You've become a very important part of our lives. Welcome to the family!"

Juan broke the kiss and said: "André, I'm in for the long haul. This is forever. I never want it to end. Having the other two here, makes no difference in how I feel about the two of you. After the sex with them, it's you two who will remain in bed with me, and in my heart. I love you guys," and he leaned towards André and kissed him deeply. It was clear a lot of saliva was exchanged ...!

"Just so YOU know, although there are 3 others lined up to fuck Anton, I'm still numero uno - I'm first," André said to Juan.

"Yes by now we all know that. You've made it q u i t e clear! Just be gentle with him. I don't want him to get hurt."

Next to us, the other two were in a 69 slurping and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Even Claude couldn't manage to deep-throat Pieter's big thick cock. I watched in awe as they sucked each other.

Juan was kissing me again and was playing with my nipples and chest hair. "Hmmmmmm!"

My cock was rock-hard and sopping wet. I put my hand out and took Juan's cock in my hand: it too was rock-hard and lots of cum have already covered the head, and it was dripping onto the sheet. Behind me, André was licking my back and playing with my buttocks.

André took some of the magic lube and started to put it on my hole. I wondered if I would be able to take the pounding these guys had lined up for me. Time would tell ...

I shivered and immediately Juan hugged me tight. "All is going to be fine, trust me. Just relax and enjoy it, my love."

Juan was moving down my tummy and was trailing his wet tongue over my chest and tummy hair, down my body towards my hard and leaking cock. And then his warm moist mouth was on my cock. He gently sucked the head in and swirled his tongue over it. I pulled up my left leg to put it over his shoulder. Just what André wanted: his big index finger slipped into my hole and I gasped. We did have big fingers ...

I looked at the other two and saw that Pieter was on all fours and Claude was putting lube on his cock and on Pieter's hole.

"Come on, give it to me! Put that big cock into me! I want to get fucked!" Pieter urged Claude on.

Claude was done preparing and lined up his cock on Pieter's hole and pushed in.

"Fuck! You don't have to kill me, man! Take it easy!"

"Take it like a man! It's only the head, so be brave. Here is the rest!" and with that, Claude slowly, but with determination, pushed all of his big 25cm cock into Pieter.

Hmmmm! Watching them and feeling André's finger in my hole and Juan's mouth on my cock, I wanted in.

"André, fuck me!" I said.

"Yes! Baby bro is ready!"

I heard André opening the lube and felt the cold stuff as he was putting on his big 23cm throbbing cock. Here it comes ... I thought. And it did. André moved in behind me and I felt the big cockhead lined up on my hole. He pushed and the head slipped in straight away. The lube was doing a fine job, and I realised my hole was definitely stretched a bit after the many times I was fucked with big cocks lately.

André continued to push into me until he was in balls-deep. We played the game of twitch and clench and I felt how my hole was getting looser. André started to fuck me in earnest and soon we were both grunting like boars in heat. Juan was having a feast with my cock in his mouth. He was stroking my hairy tummy. He put his hand on my butt and felt André's cock. He then slipped his index finger in alongside André's cock fucking me. Wow ... that feels great, I thought. Wow!

Next to us Claude was fucking Pieter wholesale. He was grunting and fucked the hole in front of him with long strokes. Claude was starting to pant and then he withdrew his cock. "I'm not cumming. I'm saving it for 'baby bro' - OK?"

"Oh, OK. Yes, let's save it for the birthday boy!"

André was also fast approaching orgasm. Juan had two fingers in my hole with André's cock now ... Fuck, it felt great.

Just before André could shoot his load into my quivering hole, Juan told him to stop and pull out. "You're numero uno, but you'll also be last to fuck Anton and shoot your load. OK?"

"Oh ... OK," André said and started to pull out.

"Claude, you're up next."

Claude pulled me onto my hands and knees, took the lube and put some more on his big throbbing cock and my hole. He aimed his cock and pushed in. With the first push, the big head went in and I felt the girth of this huge cock. It really was a big one. And thick.

Juan was lying underneath me and was playing with his cock and mine. He pulled my head down and kissed me. This was one super boyfriend!

André moved over to Pieter and they were now in a 69 sucking each other. André could still not get more than a third of that huge cock into his mouth.

Claude pulled out again and pushed in deeper. I groaned. I was being filled up to capacity again. Claude's cock was considerably bigger than ours ...

"You still OK, my love?" Juan asked

Claude pulled out completely.

"No! What are you doing Claude?" I complained.

"Not worry while Claude is here!" he said and pushed in again, this time balls-deep. He held it there and twitched it. I clamped down on the huge cock in me. I groaned and Claude's cock swelled in me.

"Don't cum yet, OK Claude?" Juan said.

"OK, but these two have me on the brink of cumming! Fuck!"

"Pull out first and wait right there ..."

Claude slowly pulled out and gave my butt a light smack.

"Come sit on my cock my love," Juan said lovingly. He pulled me up and held my hand while I positioned myself on his big 28cm cock. Fuck, this was one hell of a cock! How I loved getting fucked with it!

Pieter was on his knees now and André was fucking him. They were very noisy fuckers! It was "hmmm" and "ahhh" and "yess" and it was clear they were enjoying it.

I lowered my body onto Juan's cock and once again marvelled at its size and how good it felt inside me. Once again my hole was stretched something awful.

Pieter handed me the small bottle of poppers and instructed: "Close your one nostril and take a big sniff. Careful, it's potent stuff!"

I took the small bottle and gingerly put it under my right nostril. I closed my left nostril with my left thumb and took a sniff. It smelled strange.

"Take a deep whiff!" Pieter instructed.

I did so and bam! My head started to spin. And the most wonderful feeling of euphoria washed over me. Wow!

"OK, Claude ..." Juan said. OK to what?

Then I felt a big hard thing at my hole. I was still wondering when I felt it stretching me and slipped in on top of Juan's cock. I panicked, but the magic lube delivered once again.

Juan pulled me in and said soothingly: "Just relax. You'll be OK. Just relax." And with that he twitched his big cock in my hole.

"Ahhhhh! Juan! Oh my fuck!" I moaned.

"OK Claude, but slowly and gently ... don't rush it!" Juan said. What was this ...?

I realised Claude was entering me with his cock, with Juan already in me! I was getting double-fucked! Fuck! This was impossible!

"I don't know boys! You're both huge! I'll not be able to handle both your co ... AHHHHHH!" Claude's cockhead was pushing in on top of Juan's cock ... I was stretched like I never thought possible! "Oh my fuck! Oh my fuck!"

"Here, take another sniff," Pieter said holding the poppers out.

I took the bottle and sniffed deeply. My head was spinning. Wow!

"Just relax my love! Just relax. Claude, hold still."

Claude stopped pushing into me and just held his throbbing cock in my hole. The head had just cleared the sphincter and stretched me big time.

"How are you Anton? Are you OK? Can I proceed?" Claude asked. I could hear the want in his voice to push his 25cm cock balls-deep into me on top of his brother's 28cm cock already inside me! Oh my fuck!

"Are you OK, my love? Just relax. If it's too much, we can stop."

"Don't you fucking dare! Claude, I'm fine. Let's do it. Push in!" I said and groaned. It felt fantastic!

Pieter and André were both watching us, stroking their big hard cocks. Oh godd! What is happening to me? I thought in a daze. I was getting double-fucked! Not in my wildest dreams have I even imagined something like this!

Claude didn't wait and started to push his cock into me. I held my breath as the huge cock filled me up, and groaned like a piglet. My head was still spinning.

"Are you OK, baby bro?"

"Yessssss! I'm OK ... ahhhhh!"

"Out Claude," Juan instructed.

"NO! Don't take it out please!" I begged, but Claude knew what he was doing and he pulled his big cock out completely. I felt empty.

"Now, clench down on my cock, my love." Juan instructed.

I did so and the horrid feeling of emptiness dissipated.

"OK Claude, again. This time all the way - slowly!" Where did he learn this?

Claude put his cockhead on my hole on top of Juan's cock and he pushed.

"Here, take another sniff," Pieter said. I sniffed and felt how Claude's cock slipped into me. Wow ...

I realised the second penetration was easier and it felt great. The feeling of euphoria was magical!

"Hnnggghhhnnn!" I moaned.

"You still OK" How do you feel?" Juan asked.

"Fucking fantastic! Push it in Claude! FUCK ME!"

Claude pushed his cock balls-deep into me and held still. I felt his and Juan's cocks twitch.

I relaxed and ... then it happened. Fuck, it was sensational! There was no pain and I felt wonderful!

"OK, start fucking him," Juan instructed. "He's OK."

Claude pulled out halfway. I panicked. "No, don't pull out!"

"No, I'm not. Hang in there. I'm going to make you feel good!" Claude answered.

He pushed back in and I groaned.

Out ... In deep ... Out ... In deep ... This was something legends were made of! Fuck!

Soon there was a rhythm: As Claude's cock reached the deepest point, he would hold still and twitch his cock. Juan would twitch his cock, then it would start again: Claude would pull back and push back in, twitch, twitch; out ... in ... twitch, twitch ... out ... in. I was in heaven and felt my hard cock pulsating wildly. I mustn't cum, I thought!

"OK Claude, give André a chance. Come André." Juan instructed.

My brother would be part of this wonderful experience, I thought jubilantly! Yay!

Claude pulled out slowly and when the huge cock slipped out, the empty feeling was back. But, André would fill it soon! Yes!

Claude joined Pieter and immediately had him on all fours and pushed into him. Pieter was squealing with joy.

André lubed up his cock and put some more on top of Juan's cock and aimed.

"Slowly André!" Juan instructed.

"Here my love, take another sniff."

I took the bottle from Juan and took yet another whiff. My head was spinning when I felt André's cock entering me.

"Ahhhhhhh! Fuck, André! This is incredible! Yesss! Push it in."

André pushed in gently but firmly and I felt how his 23cm thick cock stretched my hole and entered me ... my big brother and lover were both deep inside me! Oh my godd! Oh my godd!

"Don't cum, Claude! We need your load here!" Juan instructed.

"Just as well you spoke! I was about to shoot my load!"

"André, take your cock out. Let Claude in again."

Claude pulled out of Pieter and immediately pushed back into me, and pushed his cock balls-deep into me with one long stroke. Oh my godd! What a sensation!

"OK, cum when you're ready, Claude," Juan said.

"I'm on the verge of cumming. Just a few pushes and I'm cumming! Hnnggghhhnnn! Oh my fuck! I'm going to cum ...! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! Take it, boy! I'm cummmmmingggg!" I felt his cock slam deep inside me and felt it twitching violently.

Claude collapsed on my back and slowly fucked me with his cock barely moving. He was delivering one of his signature loads into me.

"Oh my godd! You'll be the death of me yet!" Claude sighed.

"André, you're next! Fuck him and shoot your load."

Claude pulled out slowly and when the head popped free, I felt how my hole closed up around Juan's cock in me. André positioned his cock and pushed in. He also pushed slowly into me on the first stroke and started to fuck me in earnest.

Juan was starting to move his cock in and out of me as well. When André pulled back, Juan would push in. They fell into a rhythm and soon they were grunting like pigs and I knew they were soon going to shoot their big loads into Claude's load already deep inside me.

André's cock started to twitch first and he pushed his cock home, and held still. He was shooting a monumental load into me, adding to Claude's load. While André's cock was still twitching, I felt Juan's cock starting to twitch. He pushed his cock in all the way, 28cm deep, way beyond André's cockhead and he groaned. He pulled me down and hugged me tightly.

"I'm cumming my love! I'm cumming! I'm cummminnnnggg! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

I felt Juan's big cock throb inside me and knew he too was adding to the huge volume of cum inside me. He stopped moaning and fell still. He looked for my mouth and kissed me. His tongue went in between my lips and he groaned into my mouth.

André was totally spent and he started to pull his cock out. Oh my! What an experience! What a way to end a birthday!

When André's cock was out, Juan hugged me and asked me: "You OK, my love? Not too much?"

"I'm fine, thanks Juan! That was amazing!"

Juan started to pull his cock out.

"No all-nighter tonight?" I asked.

Juan looked into my eyes and asked: "Perhaps my love. We'll see. But, one more now ...?'

"What ... Oh no, Uncle Pieter? Oh no! That monster is too big!"

Juan's pulled his long cock back and it slipped out of my hole, and once again my stretched sphincter closed just in time. The three big loads were still deep inside me. Fuck! That was a lot of cum!

Juan's long cock flopped onto his tummy and when he pulled me down onto his body, this huge dong was pressed into my body. It was fantastic to feel it.

"You've just had two cocks in you. You will be able to handle my cock now, and just for calling me 'uncle' again," Pieter said moving closer, 'I'm going to give you the fucking of a lifetime!"

"I don't know, you're fucking impossibly thick! And long! You'll kill me ... Juan?" I pleaded.

"I'll be here to protect you. He'll take it out as soon as it hurts too much, OK? Just sniff some more poppers." Juan said.

"OK? Ready?" Pieter asked while he lubed up his mammoth cock.

"I don't know. But we can try. Oh my godd ... André?"

"That's my boy!" Pieter beamed.

"Hold on, baby bro, maybe you can handle Pieter's huge cock after the fucking we gave you. Just relax." André said.

I fumbled for the poppers and took a big whiff. My godd, this stuff was magic. I relaxed and felt like I could take a battering ram in my hole. Just fuck me Pieter, fuck me with your huge cock!

Pieter stood behind me and put his huge cock on my hole. I shivered to think that thick thing was going to enter me. Do it already! Just do it! My head was still spinning. Then it happened ... Pieter's big cock started its entry. The huge head stretched my sphincter and I gasped. It felt bigger than two cocks. I grabbed the poppers and took another deep whiff. My head spun and my hole must have relaxed enough ... Pieter's huge cock was pushing in!

The big head plopped past my sphincter. Pieter had his hands on my hips and steadied me. He held his magnificent cockhead still, just inside the sphincter. He twitched his cock - NO! It was big enough! Godd! This man was big!

In retrospect I realised that Juan's and Claude's cocks together must have been bigger, but perhaps the rigidity of Pieter's rock-hard cock and its thickness made it feel bigger.

He pulled the whole cock out. "What are you doing?" I almost screamed.

"Not to worry, here it is again," and he pushed the huge cockhead into me again and this time a little deeper. I gasped. Will I survive this, I wondered.

"Clench your hole, Anton! And push out as if you want to take a dump. Do it!" Pieter instructed.

Pieter held onto my hips and, lo and behold, he pulled out again! Was this man crazy? Fuck!

And once again, the enormous cock was shoved into me, deeper this time. He held his cock there and twitched it. My godd! Oh my godd!

He pulled back a little and then pushed it balls-deep into me with one long push and held still. It was twitching in me, and with every twitch, my hole clenched over the mammoth cock in me.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Oh my godd! Oh my godd! Pieter ... Juan ... André!"

"Shhhhhh! It will be fine just now. Just relax baby bro," Juan said and stroked my head. "Or do you want him to stop my love? Just relax. It might start to feel good just now." Juan said.

I relaxed and then once again it happened ... it felt fantastic!

"Oh my godd! Pieter, your cock feels fantastic! Yessss! Yessss! Fuck me!"

"Are you enjoying it now baby bro?"

"Are you OK, my love?"

"Yes, it's fantastic and yes, I'm fine! Pieter, you can fuck me now!"

"Right answer! Good boy! Here it comes!" Pieter growled and started to fuck me with long, slow, deep thrusts. It felt like nothing I've ever felt before. Fuck! What a cock! What a fucking! What a birthday!

Juan was holding me close to his body and was stroking my hair. I relaxed and gave me over to the fucking.

André was standing on his knees next me and was watching the huge cock going in and out of my hole. He was stroking my back.

"All fine, baby bro?"

"Yessss," was all I could say ... I was being fucked into submission and into a huge orgasm. I felt it growing in my loins and Pieter was starting to breath deeper.

"Are you about to cum?" Juan asked.

"Yesssss! Fuck!"

"I'm almost there. Hang in there Boikie," Pieter said. I felt his cock was starting to grow even harder and thicker - how was that even possible?! "I'm about to add one hell of a load to what these fuckers have deposited in you already. Here it comes!" he groaned and started to fuck me really hard.

"I'm going to cummmmmmmm!" I groaned. Juan was holding me tight and I felt the imminent shot building up in my balls.

"Ready Boikie? I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Oh my lord!"

Hnnggghhhnnn, the two of us were groaning in sync.

And then I felt my cum squirting onto Juan's chest, and felt how Pieter shoved his big cock into me with one last thrust and it started to spasm, as if it had a life of its own. I felt how he was squirting wad after wad of his thick creamy cum into me. Oh my godd!

Pieter collapsed on my back, pushing me hard into my own cum on Juan's chest. It made a tremendous mess in our chest hair, but at that moment nobody cared about that.

Pieter was lying on top of us with his full weight and his cock still inside me.

After about 2 minutes, Juan stirred and said: "You're squashing me, Pieter!"

Pieter was still breathing heavily. He got up and started to pull his monumental cock from my cum-filled hole. As it retreated, the dreaded feeling of emptiness set in again.

Then the head alone was in me and he slowed down his retreat. "Ready Boikie?"

"Uh-huh" I answered.

The big cockhead plopped out of my hole and damn! A little of the huge cumload in me escaped and ended on Juan's legs. Pieter got up and plopped down on the bed between Claude and André.

"Fuck! That was intense! Fuck!" Pieter exclaimed.

Juan was stroking my head and back. He pushed my head up a bit and kissed me. "Are you OK, my love?"

"Yes," I whispered. "That was ... amazing!"

"Still up for an all-nighter?" I felt his cock was more than semi-hard.

"If you want to ..." I said.

"Come lie on your side on my left ..."

I rolled off Juan and turned my back towards him.

"Fuck me! What are you doing? Juan? Wasn't the poor thing fucked enough for one night? You're a fucking pervert!" Claude exclaimed.

"Just get under the duvet and go to sleep ..." Juan answered, and I felt his magnificent cockhead entering me ... and I was dead to this world.

= To be continued =



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