My brother André and I (my name is Anton) are identical twin brothers. We're both 1,8m tall, very muscular (we go to the gym regularly and we work on our father's wine farm just outside town) and have hairy bodies.

Because we're not into body building competitions, we both agreed not to shave our body hair. Therefore, our chests and tummies are covered in silken black hair. Also our arms and legs are hairy. We kind of dislike the new fad of shaving arms, legs and bodies. As André says: "I'm a man and proud of it - I'm hairy and that's that."

We both have longer pitch-black hair (almost like D'Artagnan in The Musketeers, but not quite as long). We're getting compliments on our hair (and bodies!) regularly, therefore our hair stylist merely trims and cleans up every 2 weeks. Usually we sport a 2 to 3 days of beard growth that gives us a slightly rugged look, and which the girls like very much. Of course they don't know we're lovers and not interested in them!

Our hands are fairly big and they are a bit rugged due to the farm work - cutting, pruning, planting, tractors, fixing farm implements, fences, vineyards and the like take its toll. But I make sure André moisturises his hands every morning before we head off to do our chores, and after we've showered at night. Thus, our hands most definitely don't look like those of an office worker, but they also don't look too bad for wear.

I think André and I have very nice feet. They're rather big and we cut each other's toenails - nothing to get the juices flowing when your twin brother's foot is in your lap when you give him a pedicure! But really, our feet are beautifully shaped with the second toes slightly longer than the big toes. There is a fair amount of pitch-black hair on our toes and on the bridge of our feet. It looks kind of sexy, and a few people have given us compliments.

Yes, we do have very big feet ... And yes, it is true about men with big feet! We wear size 11½ shoes ... do the math! Our cocks are 23cm long that clearly proves that (at least in our case), the shoe size doubled is your dick size in centimetres. Our cocks have big heads, big piss slits and are uncut with enough foreskin to cover our cock heads even when erect.

Our cocks are also darker in colour than the rest of our bodies. We don't usually lie in the sun to tan (one of our grandmothers - maternal -  died of skin cancer, so sun tanning is out in our family) and therefore our bodies just have light tans from when we work with our shirts off and when we go swimming.

We were born just less than 18 years ago - first André and 2 minutes later I - and are in our final year at school. During most of our school vacations we had to work on the farm - partly because it's the done thing to help our dad, but we also like doing it. It's our inheritance we're taking care of. We also have to work most weekends and we're in charge when dad and mom have to tend to family business, visiting our paternal grandparents in the retirement village or when they want to take a break.

As is the case with most twins, we slept together, we showered together, we ate together, we wore identical clothes, our hair was cut the same and combed the same way.

Until the age of 8, we had to say good-night to our parents by 8 o'clock at night, brush our teeth and get into bed. Dad usually came to read to us and tucked us in. He would kiss us both and would leave the door slightly open when he left.

André and I would kiss each other good-night and usually he would spoon with me from behind. He would hold me close to him and we would talk about the day and what happened during the day, about the next day's test or what we were going to do over the weekend. I was addicted to André's embracing. It was so soothing and I would be far away in dreamland before long.

We never fought - ever. André is the more aggressive one of us (more assertive than aggressive though) and I am the quieter and less aggressive one. André always takes the lead in most instances and I'm just too glad to follow and do what he wants us to do.

Earlier in our lives, one day before dinner, we were showering together like we usually do, and André got a raging hard-on. By then, our cocks have already started to grow and they were about 18cm long when hard. I know, because after I noticed that my cock would get hard at the drop of a hat, I secretly measured my cock and was very surprised at the figure on the ruler. I've seen the guys in the change room at school, and I'm pretty sure not many of them had cocks as big as ours.

In the shower I realised that - of course! - André was going through the same development and that his cock was as big as mine. André chuckled with some embarrassment and asked if I had the same "problem". Seeing André's cock harden, mine automatically started to grow hard as well, and being so big, there was no way to hide it from André. In fact, when André saw my growing hard-on, he was very bold and insisted we compare our cocks. When André touched my cock, it felt fantastic and when I took his cock in my hand, even though it was identical to mine, it felt right. It felt like this was meant to be. I loved it. His cock was twitching in my hand and he was squeezing my cock while faux fucking my hand.

"This is very nice, Anton! Don't you think?" I could only groan my agreement and was now also faux fucking André's hand. Soon we were both starting to breath heavily and a strange sensation was starting in my groin and spread through my body. It was a fantastic feeling - it was a feeling like none I've ever felt before.

André was making deep noises and pulled me closer to him. Before I knew it, he was kissing me. But his tongue was entering my mouth! It was weird but I was so caught up in the moment, I kissed him back.

He pulled away and started to really growl and said as quietly as he could, that something is starting to happen to him. I said the same thing is happening to me. Without warning, some watery liquid squirted from André's cock onto mine. The bit that hit my hand that was playing with him, was hot and sticky. The showerhead was spraying on my back at that stage.

Almost immediately the same happened to me: it felt like I was peeing but with a fantastic sensation that took hold of my whole body. I collapsed in André's arms and we held on to each other, and our cocks in each other's hands. Our cocks were still jerking violently and the strange but nice feeling was starting to subside slowly.

"What was that?!"

"I don't know, André, but whatever it was, it was wonderful!"

"Did you feel the liquid that came out of our dicks? It was weird! Is that not the "cum" that the other guys referred to the other day?"

The rest of our classmates were not as developed as we were. Most of them pretended to know it all, but I'm sure that most of them were also still learning about their bodies.

"Yes, you're right! That must be it. But why is it so watery? I thought they said it's white and thick ...?"

"Was this the first time you have squirted this liquid, Anton?"

"Yes, and you?"

"Yes, the same here. I'm sure it will get thicker as we grow older, like when we're older. I'm sure ours will be thick and white too."

Dad knocked on the bathroom door and asked why we were taking so long to finish showering. André called to Dad that we were almost done.

"Was it nice for you too?", I whispered. "For me it was absolutely fantastic! And it was nice to hold your cock when it happened, André!"

"Oh yes, it was wonderful! If it will always be like this, I want to do this every day! And I want us to do it together."

"Is it not gay to do it together, André? I heard that gays 'play with each other'. This must be it ...", I trailed off.

"I don't care, Anton. You're my brother and I'm not going to do it with any of the other boys in our class. And besides, I know I can trust you and I know you'll be with me every day so we could do it together! What do you say?"

"André, if it's OK with you, it's OK with me too. I would love this to happen again, and very much with you ..."

"OK then. Let's finish showering first."

That night when we went to bed, I looked at André with different eyes. By now, Dad would not read to us any more. We would read an Asterix or some other comic book, or checked our messages on our cell phones. There was this girl who was sending us both the weirdest messages that we just laughed at. We would show the latest messages from her and would kill ourselves laughing.

When it was time to turn off the light by 10 o'clock - Dad was adamant that we have to get a proper night's sleep and that the lights had to be out by then - André leaned to me and kissed me lightly on the lips. But he lingered as if to wait for me to open my mouth. When my mouth opened, his tongue slipped in deep and wrestled with my tongue. He moved on top of me, holding my face in his hands.

I immediately felt his hard-on through his boxers and groaned with excitement. WOW! We have just had our "first 'sex'" a few hours ago, and here we were hard again! André's mouth was locked over mine and his tongue was very agile inside my mouth. He pushed his hard-on into mine and I felt the excitement bubbling through my body.

André's one hand slipped between us and started to squeeze my cock through my boxers. I responded by doing the same to his cock. He sat up on my thighs and pulled off my boxers to have access to my cock. At the same time he pulled his off and flung it to one side.

André took both our cocks in his hands and started to rub them up and down. The most wonderful sensation coursed through my body and it felt fantastic. I never wanted it to end!

"Anton, I really like doing this man!"

"Yes, it is wonderful! I like it very much! Let me have a go please?"

André let go of our cocks and I took them in my hand. It felt amazing to have TWO big cocks together in one's hand! I loved the feeling!

I noticed that there was some liquid leaking out our cocks.

"Do you feel the liquid coming out our cocks, André? Did you cum already?"

"Yes, I feel it. No, you will know when I cum! I have not cum yet. I suppose this is what they call precum ...? I didn't know we would be making that now already!"

"I've noticed the other day when I was peeing, that there was a long sticky drop hanging from the tip of my cock. Perhaps our bodies have already started to produce it and we didn't notice, André?"

"Yes, I've noticed it too the other day. But enough of the biology and let's get this show on the road!"

He pulled my cock from my hand holding them both, and he started jerking me off. I did the same to him.

André leaned forward and kissed me again ... It was so nice to have your twin brother sitting on your thighs, jerking you off and kissing you. I was in teenage heaven!

We started to jerk each other off and before long, our breaths became laboured and shallow. The fantastic feeling of earlier in the shower returned - it made my head spin. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

André leaned down again and kissed me while we were feverishly jacking each other off. Soon we were reaching the point when the watery liquid was squirting out of both our cocks, and splattered on my chin, chest and tummy.

It felt amazing. André collapsed on me and nuzzled my neck. His face was also covered with the watery cum and some of it ended up on his lip. He gingerly wiped it off but some did enter his mouth.

"This stuff tastes strange but also cool. Come on, taste it." And with that he scraped some of our cum onto my lips. I pulled a face, but realised he was right: I licked it from my lips and yes, it did have a funny, strange taste, but I reckoned it won't kill us - it's stuff from our bodies, and we were clever enough to realise it's not a waste product.

André was still lying on top of me with his head in the crook of my neck, his face against the side of my face. He was lightly rubbing his thumb all over the side of my face, my ear, my hair ... I held him tight to me and realised that my brother was the most important person in my life.

"I LOVE HIM", I realised all of a sudden! What?! Love? He's my brother! I can't love him! Not in this way ...! I couldn't really understand what it was I was feeling, but I'm sure that it must be love or some kind of special feeling that I was I was feeling, with my brother on top of me, us holding each other tight.

"Where is your dirty T-shirt, Anton? I want to wipe the last of this sticky stuff off so we could get some sleep." He lifted himself off me and landed on his back onto his half of the single beds we have pushed together. I reached for the T-shirt on the floor and wiped off the remainder of the spunk from my body and face, and leaned over to André to wipe him clean too.

When I reached his cock, it was still in a rubbery state of arousal and he squirmed a bit when I pulled the skin back and wiped the head.

"Careful there, Anton! It's rather sensitive and your T-shirt is making it worse!"

Once clean, I crawled into bed and almost immediately, André crawled in with me and took his place behind my back. He draped his right arm over me and pulled my closer against his body. His rubbery cock was pushing between my buttocks.

"Thanks, Anton. That was amazing! I really liked it."

"Thank you too, André. Yes, it wás amazing! I liked it very much."

I turned my head slightly and he leaned forward, and kissed me on the mouth.

"I love you very much, André. I hope it's OK to say that ...?"

"Yes, of course it's OK! Look at what we're doing together! And I never want to do it with anybody else! Of course I love you too! You're a very special person and you're my beautiful twin brother!"

"You're kind of beautiful too, André! Not as sexy as I am, but you're OK ...!"

With that, I got a jab in my side and he started to tickle me.

"Take that back this very minute, you pervert!"

"Only if you promise to love me and hold me and sleep with me and to be a nice brother who loves me too ..."

André was on top of me again, tickling me and pinning my arms on the pillow. He leaned down and started to lightly bite my chin and earlobes until I felt like I was about to start yelling that he stopped.

"I promise I'll love you, 'baby bro'; I'll always tickle you and sleep on top of you and I'll do my very best to love an ugly turd like you!"

I was fighting against his arms, but being tickled and with his 75kg on top of me, I was helpless, but actually I didn't care. The most important person was on top of me, horsing around with me and we have just had a little sex. What could be better? Little did I know ...!

André leaned down and kissed me again. First just brushing my lips with his, and then his tongue was pushing between my lips. I opened my mouth and he gave me a long, soft, sensual kiss. I could taste his saliva running into my mouth and it was so nice ...

I could feel his rubbery cock pressed into mine - both were not that rubbery anymore!

André broke free and rolled off me and exhaled.

"Fuck, Anton! You make this so wonderful, I want to do it all the time, but tomorrow is a big day. We just have to win those other palookas!"

He was right. We were playing a very important hockey match against our archenemies, and we needed to sleep to be ready for them.

André spooned me from behind and pushed his still rubbery cock between my legs, and hugged me from behind.

"Sleep well baby bro. Big bro will look after you! No ghost or alien will attack you while I have your back!"

I pumped him in the ribs playfully.

"'Baby bro'? Really? Just because you were born 2 minutes before me, doesn't really make you the 'big bro', bro! Look at us: we're both big and have the exact same bodies and cocks. We wear the same number 9 shoes. So, where is the 'baby' in all of that?"

"Shhh! Just sleep, baby bro! Big bro has your back." He pulled me tight against his chest and rested his head on the pillow behind me. He let go a big sigh and said, "I think I love you baby bro. Hmmmm!" And with that, he hugged me tightly and pushed his still half-hard dick between my legs. I sighed and wrapped my right hand over his hand over my chest and pushed my right leg backwards over André's legs.

We soon fell asleep entwined like lovers ... Yes, we have officially become lovers! But still, I didn't know what was still to come!


The next weekend we were busy on the farm since early the Saturday morning and had a lot of chores helping dad and the workers. We were preparing the vineyards for the spring and much had to be done.

By 10 o'clock I was tired and thirsty. I called to André who was on one of the tractors which sprayed the vines. He didn't hear me but saw me waving my arms and mimicking drinking from a glass. He gave me the "OK" sign and headed to the shed where the fungicide in the tanks had to be replenished.

He came jogging to me and as he approached me, he called out that he's challenging me to see who's back home first. We're both the same in everything, and we're also equally fast at running, but I accepted the challenge.

We ran back home teasing each other and trying to push the other out of the way which caused us to make a loud noise as we reached the back door.

André grabbed me from behind and starting tickling me. I squealed with delight and he slipped past me into the scullery and shouted triumphantly, "I've won, baby bro!"

I rushed at him and tackled him around his waist but Mom would have none of this horseplay in the house and scolded us for making such a ruckus in the house.

"Go wash up first. Would you like something to drink? Cool drinks or coffee and some milk tart?"

"Both please Mom!", we called out enthusiastically. We were very thirsty and loved to have a Coke, but we could never give up an opportunity to have some of Mom's award-winning milk tart.

"Coming up. Anton, please get me the milk tart from the fridge. André you get the Coke from the fridge in the pantry. I'll start to brew some fresh coffee. But first go wash up."

We started to race to the bathroom, but Mom put a quick end to that, so we walked to the bathroom, elbowing each other and André tickling me again, and ruffling my hair.

He grabbed me around the waist as we approached the bathroom and hugged me tight.

"I was serious last night Anton. I do love you ..."

"I love you too "big bro'! I want to be with you forever."

We entered the bathroom, closed the door and first head for the toilet bowl. We unzipped and pulled out our big soft cocks and started to urinate. Then when our cocks were soft, they were about 12cm long, thick and uncut.

We looked at each other's cock and soon they started to grow. We pushed the urine out as we knew it would be very difficult to aim the streams of urine into the bowl once our cocks were hard. Nonetheless, our cocks continued to grow and before long, as the last urine dribbled out, we had each other's cock in our hands.

André pulled me closer and kissed me while hugging me close to him. I hugged back with my one arm and held on to his dick.

"You'd better let go of my cock, Anton! We can't start something we can't finish now! And how we're going to get our cocks back into our pants without Mom noticing, I don't know!"

He kissed me again and whispered in my ear, "I love you baby bro. You're the best brother I could have wished for."

"I love you too André. You're very special and it's nice to be your brother."

With that we parted and each battled to get his 18cm hard cock into his pants.

"I wonder if these things are going to get even bigger than they are? They're pretty damn big already!" André said. Little did he - or me! - know exactly HOW big they were going to become!

We managed to get them back into our pants, we zipped up and closed our light jackets in front so as to conceal the considerable bulges in our pants.

"Let's wait for tonight before we try anything. We can't afford to let anybody see this and know about us."

"Of course, Poepies! Of course I know that!" I said.

"'Poepies'? Is that what I'm to you now? 'Poepies'? I'll make you pay for that!"

"Well, you call me 'baby bro', so ..."

"Yes I know, but 'Poepies'? Hell no Anton!"

"OK, no more 'Poepies'. You're too much of a big macho man! The man of the hour! The man of the house! My big sexy brother!"

"Yes, keep it up and the whole farm will know we're more than just twin brothers, 'baby bro'!"

I smothered the words with my lips and André pulled me in for a proper hug and a kiss. We were slowly falling in love with each other ...


We went back to the kitchen. With glasses of ice-cold Coke in hand, we sat around the kitchen table and waited for the coffee machine to finish a fresh brew.

She came back from the pantry with side plates and cake forks.

"Each a large slice?"

"Yes please!" we said in sync. Mom's milk tart is to die for.

Mom cut the tart, dished them into the side plates and sat down with us.

"Why were you two so noisy last night? I was on the verge of asking Dad to look into you two. Were you fighting?"

"Why do you think that, Mom?" André asked. We looked wide-eyed at each other. I hoped they didn't hear the details ... No, they knew nothing, otherwise Mom would've asked straight what we were doing and she didn't.

André started to come with some cockamamie story of me kicking him and that he only defended himself.

I kicked André under the table and told Mom that there was nothing of the sort. It's just that sharing one single bed is getting cramped.

"Do you still want to sleep together? Are you two big bulls not starting to get too old for sleeping together?"

"No, we love sleeping together, especially in winter. When it's raining it's nice to share a warm bed with each other" I piped up.

"How about getting us a double bed Mom?" André asked out of the blue.

"Are you two sure? A new bed is expensive and we don't want to buy a new bed and then a week later you're no longer happy with the setup. Is that what you want too, Anton?" Mom asked.

"Yes, please. If it's what André wants, I want it too."

"OK, I'll talk to Dad about it and we could get you a double bed by next week. I'll call the shop right now and order one. Would a normal double bed be big enough for the two of you? You're getting real big men now and will fill up a double bed with ease. What about a king size bed? André?"

"Yes, a king size sounds about right! Thanks Mom! You're the best mom ever! I think I saw an advertisement in yesterday's paper of a sale that's on at the furniture shop. Why don't you call them right now? I'm sure Dad will be OK with it. What do you say Anton?"

He kicked me under the table and winked at me. I knew what he was thinking and my own cock twitched at the idea of having our own king size bed where we could have all the fun in the world with each other.

"OK, I'll call them just now. Just keep down your antics at night. You were very noisy last night. Even though you are on the other side of the house, sound carries at night and you know I'm a light sleeper. André, I'm sure you started all of it last night! Am I right or am I right?"

"Yes of course, Mom!" I said. "I'll make sure he doesn't make such a noise again like last night."

André kicked me under the table and pretended to be upset with me.

"I hope the new bed will not encourage more noise. And, no jumping on the bed, you hear?" Mom said sternly, looking at us from one to the other.

"No, no jumping, we promise!"

Again André kicked me under the table and winked at me ... Damn, I couldn't wait for this new bed to arrive! It's going to be a lot of fun! Hmmmm!

The coffee was ready and Mom poured some in our own cups marked "André" and "Anton" we got for our 12th birthday. We pulled the side plates with milk tart closer and dug in ... hmmm! It tasted good!

Mom picked up her mobile phone and called the local furniture shop in town and enquired about a king size bed.

"You have a special on king size beds? Yes, I'd like to have one please. Monday? OK, Monday morning then. Please email me your banking details and I'll do an EFT straight away. Do you also have bedding for a king size bed? Duvet and cover? Some new pillows? 4 should do. And 2 new continental pillows. The duvet cover should be not too floral or girly. Yes, some stripes in browns or blues or other subdued colours and patterns. Two sets of everything please? Will you email me a statement with the amount and your banking details and I'll do the EFT? Thank you very much. By 10 o'clock on Monday. Yes, it's only 7 kilometres out of town on the N7. The delivery guys will know how to find us. Good bye now."

"Thanks Mom!" we said in unison and my fertile mind was already working at lightning speed. Best of all, we'll be sleeping together still with our parents' permission and knowledge. They don't have to know all the details - we'd just have to be more careful.

"Consider that a birthday present from me for your birthday next month. 18? My word, how time has flown! You were only toddlers the other day! Please promise me you'll never stop being the good brothers to each other and wonderful boys to us."

"Yes, of course Mom! Thanks Mom" we said.

After the coffee and milk tart, we thanked Mom and went up to her and kissed her on both cheeks. "Thanks Mom. We love you very much!" We went to the bathroom again to wash our hands before heading back to the shed.

Once in the bathroom André yelped silently and jumped up and down. He grabbed me and we did the dance of joy. We're going to have a whole king size bed all to ourselves! And Mom and Dad will know we're sleeping together! The possibilities were wonderful and imagined all the space we'd have to ourselves! But, we'd have to keep it down. We didn't want Mom and Dad to end this wonderful experience we have just started and which we both enjoyed so much.

= To be continued =



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