The rest of the two weeks up to our birthdays (ours and Juan's) flew by in a haze. We had tests and before we knew it, it was almost the weekend of our party. Mom was organising everything. She asked her lady friends from the Agricultural Committee she was a member of to assist her. Those ladies knew how to cook, that's for sure!

Dad organised to have the vintner barn cleaned where the ageing vats are kept. We were going to have the party right there. There is more than enough space for at least 50 people, and even 60. Dad has a bar counter in there for wine-tasting which he and his fellow vintners use regularly. There is a kitchen with the necessary equipment where Mom and the ladies could keep the food warm and serve it to the guests.

The Thursday 10 days before the party Juan arrived unannounced at our flat with a huge smile on his face. Before we could greet him properly, he scooped us into an embrace and announced loudly: "Guess what!? Claude arrives back home next week Thursday! Isn't that fantastic news? The agency cancelled a trip to the Middle East due to the unrest there, and he gets to come home. I'm so exited! My own real baby bro is coming home!"

We hugged and kissed him and were just as pleased to hear the news. Through Juan, we've come to actually know Claude and it would be an easy step to make him a friend too. We already know he's as tall as Juan, and hung big, and that he's versatile, and a dashing model! We could hardly contain our excitement, what with Juan brimming all over with excitement. I couldn't wait to meet the other Du Toit Adonis ... and whatever else ... hmmm!

"Come, let's call your Mom!"

When Mom answered the phone, Juan blurted out: "Alma! Guess what?! Claude is coming home next week!"

He held the phone a few centimetres from his ear and we held our ears close. Mom gushed: "That's wonderful news! When?"

"Next Thursday!"

Mom said: "You must be very happy! How long has it been? About 4 months now that he was away? And you've last seen him briefly at the airport?"

"Yes, I'm very exited! I'm picking him up from the airport Thursday. He's on a flight via Johannesburg and will be here by 2 o'clock. He said he is bringing me a big present for my birthday. What on earth do I buy a guy who has everything and has no space for anything else in his flat? What do I buy these two buffoons here with me," he joked, winking at us. "Yes, they're here, listening in to our conversation."

"I'll think about what presents and then I'll call you," Mom said.

Yes, what will we get for our birthday? And what do we get Juan? And Claude? I thought of an App on our iPhones we could use to search for gifts.

"Why don't you bring Claude straight here from the airport, Juan?" Mom said. "The boys are coming home Thursday - their classes for Friday have been cancelled due to some ceremony which most of their lecturers have to attend."

"Are you sure Alma? Would that not be an imposition? Actually it is kind of cramped in my flat. Thanks ...!"

"Nonsense! The twins could keep him company and the spare bedroom next to theirs is ready. No problem."

André and I looked wide-eyed at each other ... Claude there, with us, alone? Wow!

"Then it's settled. Adriaan will organise some steaks for Thursday night and you're invited of course. By the way, the party arrangements are all in place and everything is in hand. No worries. The invitations are out and 46 people will attend. Now remember, the party is our present to you and Claude. This one is on us!"

"Thanks Alma! You guys have really become like family! I think Claude will fall in love with you two too, I'm sure!"


The rest of the week, we perved over pictures of Claude that Juan emailed to us. They were the latest pictures, unaltered pictures of a shoot of Claude on a yacht in the Mediterranean with some blonde bomb on his arm. In some pictures, he was wearing Speedos in which his huge cock was very obvious! No airbrushing on the photos we received. Wow!

And of course, our own antics in the bedroom knew no boundaries. After the weekend away with Juan and our fun with his enormous dong, we had the most intense sex to date. We tried to get Juan to visit us after the weekend, but it just never panned out. Either we were busy or studying for a test, or he was away on some meeting or course.

The following weekend his parents came to visit him from George, and he invited us to coffee at his flat to introduce us. They were lovely folks. And therefore, no fun and games after the weekend we were away - yet!

We were in constant contact via our iPhones and emails, and we've been gushing over the weekend and what happened, over and over. It was definitely not due a lack of desire - there just seemed to be too many other things that got in the way.

After seeing Claude's pictures, we were charged as ever and had wild hot sex. André fucked me mercilessly and I urged him on, imagining Claude fucking me while I was sucking André, almost like the weekend away with Juan.


On Thursday, we were very exited. I woke up with André looking at me.


"I'm just looking at my beautiful baby bro, and wonder what Mr Big Model will say when he sees us today. Will he like us?"

"Of course he will! Look at us: the hung hunks of the Western Cape!"

André started to tickle me but I cut it short as I had to pee.

While I was urinating, André entered and joined me at the toilet bowl. Seeing his semi-hard cock always gave me a hard-on. We have very nice beautiful cocks. I couldn't help to wonder what Claude would think of us, of our cocks and what his cock looked like. I didn't even know if anything would happen between us.

"Would you sleep with Claude if he is interested, baby bro?"

"I don't know André. It's the two of us, and now Juan. I love you both very much. What about us? I have to be honest, I'm curious but I don't know. I don't want to do anything Juan and you're not OK with. I love you too much. You're the most important people in my life."

"Let's play it by ear and meet him first. If he's anything Juan says he is, we might stand a chance with him. Would you mind if I joined in?"

"Of course not! I'd prefer if you'd be a part of it, if anything does happen."

"Then it's settled. We'll see tonight."


Right after our last class, we drove to the farm and settled in. Dad and Mom were very happy to see us. Mom was busy with the arrangements for the evening's braai and Dad called us into his study to hear how our weekend with Juan was.

We looked at each other and wondered if we'd let Dad in on the secret so soon.

"Dad, I think there is something you have to know" André blurted.

"I think I know what it is, but tell me?"

"I hope you're not going to disinherit us, but Anton and I are in love, with each other."

"I'm not surprised! After our December holiday and our little encounters, I thought as much. No, I accept you the way you are. Remember what I told you about Uncle Pieter and I? I'm not in a position to point fingers."

"There's more Dad" I said. "Juan and us are in a three-way relationship now. I know, it sounds gross and unacceptable, but yes, we're in love and we are in a relationship and we ..."

"I'm not judging you! If you guys are happy, I'm happy. I've liked Juan all along and thought he'd steal your heart Anton. But both? Well, I'd be damned! How do you feel about it André? Do you love him too?"

"I'm fine with it Dad, more than fine. He is a great guy, and he makes Anton very happy. And when Anton's happy, I'm happy. But yes, I love him too. I think it could work."

"Why do you say he makes Anton 'very happy'! Anton?"

"Dad, to be blunt, he has an enormous cock, bigger than yours, and he fucks Anton, and he loves it."

"I thought you fucked Anton? Are you not jealous?"

"No, we take turns to fuck Anton. I don't feel pushed aside. I'm part of the action all the way."

"OK. Oh, he has a cock bigger than mine? How much?"

"28cm" André blurted it out.

"Almost 2cm more than mine ... And here I was hoping that one day I'd be the first to give you the fucking of your life, Anton! So, what about you, André? How do you stay in on the action?"

"I get to fuck Anton first, getting him open and ready for Juan's monster cock. And there's still a lot of kissing and sucking. No, I'm happy. It has just added a new dimension to our love."

"I see. But, one day I want to fuck you too Anton. What do you say?"

"I'd love nothing better!"

"What about you André?"

"I'd join in but I get to fuck him first!"

"Agreed!" Dad said. "Soon, I hope! I have to attend that Agricultural seminar in Stellenbosch in October. Let's see what we can arrange. André? OK?"

"Yes, of course. Damn! I never thought I'd hear those words!"

"Come here you! I'm so damn proud of you two and love you very much." We were in Dad's arms, he hugged us and kissed us. I felt his cock harden in his pants.

"Feel the anticipation in my pants? It's going to be a wonderful experience! Now, before Mom comes looking for us, let's go."


When Juan's Toyota pulled up outside the house, we went out to greet them. We didn't want to look geeky or over-anxious, but this man had to know he was welcome.

When Claude got out the passenger side, I gasped. He was much more attractive than in the modelling pictures! Now his hair was natural with no gel, and fairly long like ours, and as curly as Juan's hair. His skin was like marble. The man was like the statue of a Greek that came to life! He was as tall as Juan and his feet in the casual shoes he wore, were huge. At least a size 14, I vaguely remember from what Juan said.

"You must be André and Anton? Wow, there is no telling the difference! Hallo, my name is Claude."

He shook our hands and I noticed his immaculately manicured nails. The fingers and nails were perfect and beautiful, and BIG! He had a firm and warm grip. He used his left hand to cover my right hand when he took my hand in his right hand. So continental! And he looked me in the eyes. I noticed the sparkle! This was a really nice guy from the get go!

He wore loose slacks but the bulge in his pants was evident! The looseness of his pants did little to conceal his package. It was obvious he was hung too.

"Come inside. Bring your bag, I'll show you to your room. Come, I'm sure you want to freshen up a bit" André put in after greeting and welcoming the guest.

In the house Mom greeted Claude and he got a hug from Mom and she assured him he was very welcome and that he had to make himself at home.

"Boys, please show Claude to his room and give him some space to settle in. Tea and scones in 15 minutes, Claude?"

"Thank you very much ma'am!"

"No, there is no madam here - my name is Alma!" Mom corrected him.

André and I took Claude's luggage and led the way. Juan remained behind with Mom.

I pushed the guest room door open and put Claude's luggage down. Claude was right behind me and André was in tow.

"Thanks guys! Now who's who? How do your parents or my brother know the difference?"

"My hair is slightly different and Dad and Mom just know. They say our voices are slightly different. Your brother doesn't know either! He gave up!"

"You're lying, Juan knows!"


"Something I've always wanted to know about identical twins: are you identical in every way? If you know what I mean ...!" He winked at us. We were clever enough to catch on!

"Yes, we're identical to the last detail" André said. "We could show you if you wanted to see for yourself?"

We already knew Claude was gay and since the weekend with Juan we were very curious about this man, so André jumped right in!

"Hmmm! Interesting welcome! Very nice! Yes, I'd love to see for myself if I may?"

"I never offer something I'm not prepared to do!" André said and stepped closer to Claude.

Claude put his hand out and cupped André's bulge.

"Wow! You have a semi there, and quite big for an almost 19 year old boy! How about you?" He looked at me and I stepped closer. Claude cupped my bulge with his other hand and whistled softly. "Two birds in the hand ...! You guys know how to make a guy feel at home!"

I took the first step and touched his bulge and got a shock! It was rock hard and BIG! When I touched it, Claude pushed his hips forward and groaned.

"André, you have to feel this!"

By now André and I were rock hard too and Claude's big hands felt wonderful on our cocks.

Claude stepped back slightly and started to fumble with our belts. It was obvious he wanted to actually see our cocks!

We assisted him and opened our pants. At the same time he opened his pants and hauled a cock out that made us gasp. It was huge and beautiful. Juan's cock was definitely bigger, but this cock in front of us was nothing to sneeze at!

"So, what do you think boys? Is mine big enough? I know about your 'connection' with Juan and your weekend away, so relax. I just hope mine is not too small for you ... Anton?"

I blushed and said, "It's definitely ample, not to worry."

"Your cocks are really big, considering you're only 19 on Saturday! Let me feel them!"

He stepped closer and took our cocks out of our hands and his warm big hands enclosed our cocks. André and I reached for Claude's cock. It felt as good and wonderful as Juan's cock, even though it's slightly smaller - shorter by about 3cm and a little less thick. But, all in all, it was a magnificent cock!

I rubbed my finger over its head and yes! Already there was a large amount of precum at the opening. I rubbed over the big uncut head. Just like his brother, the skin was enough to cover the head even when it was hard.

Claude groaned with pleasure. "You have great cocks guys! I love them! I'd love to suck you if I may ...?" He looked at us quizzically.

"Yes, if we may suck yours too" I said.

Claude was on his knees in front of us immediately and sucked my cock into his mouth. It was obvious he was an expert! My cock disappeared balls-deep into his mouth on the first attempt! It felt fantastic! I gasped and held on to André for support! André's eyes were wide with amazement. This man was experienced and talented, that was for sure.

"You next!" Claude said to André and took his cock in his mouth. Mine was hot, wet and slippery. André's cock also disappeared into Claude's mouth on the first attempt. André gasped and took Claude's head in his hands. He faux fucked the mouth engulfing his big cock.

"Wow! You guys taste good! Who wants to taste my cock? You first?" He was looking at me.

"Yes, go Anton," André said.

I dropped to my knees. That huge cock was right in front of my face, centimetres from my mouth. I could smell his cologne and manliness. It was a little musky after the long flight but not off-putting.

I took Claude's cock in my hand and cupped his immense balls in the other. His balls were bigger than Juan's. I opened my mouth and inserted the head in my mouth. The precum was intoxicating. It tasted as good as Juan's precum! Claude was playing with André's cock and started to push his cock deeper into my mouth. The sheer girth of the big cock was immense! It filled my mouth to capacity. The head hit the back of my throat and stopped there. It was too thick! I couldn't get it in my throat!

"Relax and open your throat!"

I pulled off the huge cock and took a deep breath. I forced myself to relax, though it was difficult with this huge cock in my mouth!

I tried again. This time the tip of the head actually went into my throat, but I had to abandon again.

I tried a third time and this time the whole head slipped into my throat. It filled my mouth and throat like never before. Claude pushed his cock gently, but I had to abandon again. I had to breathe!

I took a deep breath and took the big cock into my mouth again. By now it was slippery with saliva and precum and after I managed to get the head into my throat, Claude put his one hand behind my head and pushed his cock forward gently. It actually worked! The whole cock slipped down my throat and I didn't gag! Claude's pubic hair tickled my nostrils and I felt his immense balls on my chin. It was amazing!

But once again, I had to breathe and pulled off again.

"Come here champ! I'm impressed!" Claude said and pulled me up. He hugged me tightly and turned his head to kiss me. "You're the first guy to manage this, other than Juan!" He hugged me again and I felt his huge cock pushing against mine.

"Do you want to try too?" Claude looked at André.

"Yes, of course!" André said and dropped to his knees.

Claude's cock was still wet and slippery from my sucking. André managed to get Claude's cock in all the way on the third attempt. He too got a big hug and kiss from the beautiful hung man.

"As much as I want to continue this right now, I think there is a cup of tea waiting with my name on it. Plus, I think we'll have to get back to the living room before they send a search party. Juan will be able to keep your mom occupied, but ..." Claude trailed off. "My problem is now how do I get this monster tamed ...?"

I suggested peeing like his brother did after our first encounter in our bedroom, without stating the details of the encounter with his brother.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd have sworn you were Biology teachers!" He winked at us. "Let me get my toilet bag and head for the bathroom. Where is it?"

Claude got his toilet bag from his luggage and followed our directions to the bathroom. André and I were left to wrestle our still hard cocks back into our pants.

"I think we'll have to get jackets from our room!" I said, and quickly snuck out to our room next door to get our long jackets.

We waited in our room for Claude and when we heard him come back to his room, we went to escort him to Mom's delightful culinary skills and a well-deserved cup of tea.

"Juan told me about the weekend but don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. However, I have to tell you, Juan wasn't exaggerating: you guys are hot as hell! I understand very well that he has fallen so hard for you two. What a jumbo lucky packet! Talk about a Double Delight! Please keep it to yourself what just happened. Juan knows everything I do, but let's keep it between us for now - OK?"

"OK, our lips are sealed" we said.

"What about the sleeping arrangements tonight? How far is your parents' bedroom?"

"Their room is on the opposite side of the house. You could come to our room if you want to. We have a king size bed. Let's see what happens, but I'm game" André said. "What about your baby bro?"

"It's fine by me. It could be a lot of fun. You're turning 25 on Monday, not so?" I asked.

"Hell yeah! Don't even mention that number! And look what I've just done with two 18 years old!"

"We're almost 19 but don't worry, we won't say a word" André said.

"Then it's settled. I'm looking forward to tonight, boys!" Claude said as we walked through the door into the living room where Mom and Juan were already seated with a tray with cups and freshly baked scones awaiting us.

"Settled in? Freshened up? All OK, Claude?" Mom enquired.

"Yes, thank you. And thanks for your hospitably and for having me! Much appreciated".

"You're most welcome. Juan is like family and now you too. Please make yourself at home. Those two over there will be your personal butlers while you're here! Just ask." Mom announced.

If only she knew ...!

= To be continued =



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