By 3 o'clock we were packed and ready to go. We all pitched in to help Johann get the photographic stuff into his red Rav.

When I went back into our guesthouse to check that we took everything, Jacques came in and closed the door.

"Anton, please - I have to see you again!" Jacques pulled me into his arms and moved us over to the window so we could see who was coming. He hugged me to him and I felt his huge cock pushing against my body. I groaned thinking of taking that enormously thick cock in me the night before.

"We'll see. I have to be careful. Let me know when you're in Stellenbosch again," I said.

Jacques was trembling with anticipation and his cock was way beyond semi - it was pushed against my growing cock. I was amazed that this man who was shorter than me had such an immensely big cock. He lifted his face to me and kissed me. His mouth was remarkably soft and full.

I put my hand on his cock and he groaned.

"Oh lord! Oh my word! I could fuck you right here, right now! I have your number and I'll let you know when we're coming into town again. Oh dear! I can't wait!"

Jacques fumbled with his zip and hauled the big 34cm cock out. It was now rock-hard and sopping wet.

"Just one little suck, please? Please Anton?" Jacques pleaded and pushed me down.

I obliged and took the enormous head of the thick cock into my mouth. His precum tasted so good ...

"Here comes Gerhard!" Jacques said and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.

The door opened and Gerhard closed it immediately when he saw me sucking his dad's cock.

"Me too please! I told the foreman to take everybody to the vintner's barn. Luigi is on his phone to the hospital. I offered to come look for you. And just look what I've found! Come on Dad, me too! Quickly!"

Gerhard hauled his equally impressive 28,5cm cock out and held it for me to suck. He wasn't wet but past semi-hard already. I opened my mouth and felt the big thick cock sliding into my mouth.

"Watch out! Luigi is coming! Put your cock back Gerhard! Anton, into the bathroom!" Jacques commanded. Gerhard tucked his cock back into his pants, and walked over to the door while zipping up. I caught a glimpse of Jacques facing away from the door battling his huge cock back into his pants as I slipped into the bathroom.

Fuck! No! This is too much! I can't do this! It's nice and all, but is it worth it, I thought? No!

I opened the shower door and listened for Luigi to come in the front door. When I heard him enter, I noisily closed the shower door and came back in the bedroom. Jacques was pretending to check the bar fridge and Gerhard was on his iPhone pretending to wait for someone to answer.

I hugged Luigi and kissed him. He hugged back and whispered: "OK here in front of them?"

"Yes, I think they're OK," I whispered and kissed Luigi to emphasise the point.

"You're a fine couple! Both are very attractive and with your tallness, you could easily become a well-paid model," Jacques said.

"Thanks, Jacques! That's very kind of you to say!" Luigi said and hugged me closer.

"I've already sent Claire an email requesting the rights for you to become 'the face' of our vineyard. If it's OK with you ... please Luigi?" Jacques said and surprised us both.

"What? No Jacques! I'm not a professional model! I can't do that!" Luigi said.

"Yes, you can! And I want you to consider the offer, the benefits and contract before you decline. You'll have free wine for the rest of your life, for starters! Plus, this guesthouse is yours to use anytime you want to bring Anton for a weekend away - free, gratis and no charge. Mariana, Gerhard and I have discussed it this morning while you were in front of the camera and we're in agreement: it's you we want to personify our wines. And you Anton. Luigi would be 'the face' and you'd be the companion in photos of Luigi being photographed for our wines," Jacques put in.

"I don't know ... remember I'm a doctor! I don't have time for this!" Luigi said.

"We're not going to drag you here every week! We'd use you every 3 or 4 months over a weekend, and we want only Johann to take the pictures and will use only Claire and Boss Models. We're on the verge of a major breakthrough to make our mark on the market. I'm willing to spend some money to become one of the leaders in the market. And, you're the face for it, Luigi! Your face, your hair, your stubble, your tallness, your hands ... it's all perfect. Your hand holding a glass of wine, you in the vintner's barn next to the barrels of wine, you in the vineyard ... plus, we want Anton to be the wingman. What do you say? Please say yes? The money you make could pay for a trip to Italy. We're actually thinking of visiting France sometime soon and would love to see the Italian vineyards too. Please?"

"I don't know ... mio caro? What do you say? Can I pull this off?"

"My darling, if there is anybody who could pull this off, it's you! Say yes! We could get away for a weekend, now that this is available! Plus, your face would be all over the magazines, wine lists and these good wines would have a true ambassador to promote them. Say yes! I'm right behind you and I'm sure Johann and the others would agree. Yes?" I asked with puppy eyes.

"Dad and I would really make it worth your while. Apart from your fee, we really would give you free access to our cellars. You'd be allowed to come here anytime and take as much wine as you want. We have a KWV quota and an agreement with the likes of Nederburgh, Spier and Delheim. We have a good private selection form various cellars and you'd have free access to it too. And when you're here over a weekend, the restaurant would be your kitchen. Please say yes?" Gerhard added to the plea.

"I'm saying 'yes' but it is tentatively. Let us talk about it first and let me talk to Claire and Johann. It sounds very nice and tempting ... but I'm not a model, Jacques! I'm a doctor!"

"Good! Anton, you've got your work cut out for you! Make it happen, please? Luigi would really boost our wine to inconceivable heights. Mariana is even prepared to redecorate this guesthouse to suit your preferences! We want you for our wines, please Luigi!" Jacques thought of everything!

"OK, but I will only be available when I can fit it into my schedule, not the other way round. And only if Anton, and Johann and Gunther - yes, they're a couple - can come with me. And if Juan and André wanted to come too, would you allow them to come? You might as well know: we're very close and like to do things together. Mio caro? Anything else?"

"When we get married, I want to come here for our wedding night, OK?" I said and hugged my man.

"You're getting married? Really? Wow! That is wonderful! When? Of course! You could come and stay here for your honeymoon or part of it! It's a deal!" Jacques said and hugged us and kissed us on the cheeks.

André walked in and saw us hugging Jacques. "What the hell ... We're waiting for you at the cars and here you are seducing the wine master! Sheez! Come on! Gunther and Juan are going to show us the laboratory and their experiments. Are you two perverts coming? Jacques, my sincerest apologies - sometimes my brother gets like this. We're thinking of neutering him, but Dad is still hoping for offspring ..."

"André, behave! Sheez! We've just struck a deal here and you come in here and make all sorts of accusations! We're coming! Jacques, Gerhard - I'm saying 'yes' and I will make sure this big beautiful Italian hunk signs on the dotted line! Come, let's go," I said and shot a bewildered André a look. I too could be feisty!

At the cars, the other 5 were chatting, leaning against the cars, discussing the shoot and the rest of the weekend.

"Ahh! At last! Come on boys! Say goodbye and let's go!" Johann said.

Just then the Williams brothers walked up to their rented car and Christopher said: "Guys, thanks a lot! It was a pleasure but we have to go. Maurice of the hotel has organised a dinner for us at ... where again, Jonathan? Speer? Sphier? Where?"

"It's on my iPhone - here: it's 'Spier'. I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right. Maurice is taking us out for the evening and then off to Cape Town to a club. Take care guys! When you're in London, we have to paint that town red!"

"Yes, let's stay in touch! We've got your emails. We'll send you some pictures of our tour of the Western Cape and the Kruger. Thanks for everything and take care," Christopher said.

Both Jonathan and Christopher hugged and kissed all of us - including Jacques and Gerhard! - on the cheek, but when they got to me, they kissed me full on the mouth without batting an eyelid. Jackals!

They drove off and Johann took charge. "Jacques, where is Mariana? We have to get going."

"She's in the kitchen whipping up some food for a dinner we have for our friends tonight. I'll tell her you said goodbye. Thanks guys! You were spectacular. The photos I've seen on Johann's MacBook are great! Luigi and Anton will fill you in about what we've discussed. We hope to see you again soon," Jacques said and he had to stand on his toes to hug the likes of Herman and Luigi! Gerhard was a bit taller but also had to reach up to hug us.

"Anton will come with me in the Prius, OK? We'll follow you in your Ravs."

"Yes, and we want to hear everything. We're family! We have a right to know! We need to hear it all!" André, who else?


The experiments were fascinating and we congratulated Juan and Gunther on their achievements. It was clear our boys knew what they were doing and were highly successful in their endeavours.

While we were there, the two of them took some readings and made some adjustments to the equipment and experiments.

"I'm thirsty, how about you? Jerry, is there beer in your ... our flat? Hmmm! Come on guys! This lab smells funny. I want to drink. Come!" André, where did Mom get you?

"Yes, there is beer and ciders, but not 8 of everything. Do you have more in your place Johan?" Gunther asked.

"I have a small liquor shop! Come to my place please. Herman will lead the way in his Rav."


After an evening of pizza ordered from Mario's place, beer, cider, wine and even some Moët & Chandon (after all, the man's dad was a rich old toppie!), the six members of the sextuplets drove out to La Rochelle.

[Toppie = Afrikaans word meaning 'old man', in a slightly derogatory way]

Johann went to his house and Gunther accompanied him. They wanted to sleep in his house but were going to have a nightcap with us.

We unpacked our cars and plopped onto the couches, having a well-deserved nightcap.

"Guys, congratulations! You're like real models and thanks for not pulling a prima donna on me. If there's something I can't stand, it's a grown man throwing his toys from the cot! You guys were great," Johann said. "Now please tell us what you've agreed to with Jacques, Luigi? Something exciting?"

"Yes, he and his family want me to become the face of their cellar ..." Luigi started.

All the guys jumped up and jumped on Luigi ... and on me!

"Ita! You rock, boy! Congratulations! You're the man! And I have to concur: you'll make a fantastic ambassador for Jacques' wines!" André squealed as he hugged and kissed Luigi.

They all hugged and kissed Luigi. They were standing around us and demanded more.

"It was out of the blue. I went to fetch mio caro and there was Jacques, offering me to become the face of his wines. And Gerhard urged his dad on. They're offering me limitless wines and the use of the guesthouse whenever I wanted," Luigi put in, feeling awkward to be the centre of attention.

"But that is wonderful! He did mention he wanted a face for the cellar and wanted me to be the photographer, but he didn't say who! Congratulations, Luigi! He chose well!" Johann gushed.

"Yes, but don't you guys feel pushed aside? It's your country and your wines - I feel embarrassed ..."

"No way, Luigi! You're a spectacularly attractive and very tall man with the most beautiful hands to hold a bottle of wine. No, Jacques chose well!" Juan said and squeezed Luigi's shoulder.

"They also offered that you guys could come with us when we were there on a shoot. Sort of for a family weekend. He already emailed Claire. O mio Dio [my godd]! I'm a doctor, not a model! Jacques agreed that my schedule would determine the time I'd spend on his advertising campaigns. The money would come in handy for our trip to London and Europe. Are you guys really OK with this?" Luigi asked.

Gunther cleared his throat and said: "Yes, of course, mein lieber Freund [my dear friend]! You have it all in excess to be the face of their wines! I say 'yes'!"

"I'll first talk to Claire on Monday. This is something I've never contemplated. Here I was just filling in with you guys on a shoot ... now this! I'm a bit flabbergasted!" Luigi said.

"Not to worry! Claire will take care of you. And I agree: you are a super guy to represent Jacques' wines! And if I'm the photographer, I'll make sure you're taken care of, but I trust Claire. My man! You've made quite the impression!" Johann said and ruffled Luigi's hair.

"Boys, bring the JC le Roux! It's 11 o'clock, but tomorrow is Sunday. Come, we have something to toast! We're so proud of you, Ita!" Juan ordered us. André and I retrieved a bottle of JC le Roux from the fridge in the garage and some flutes from the kitchen. I took the bottle of wine and gave it to Luigi to open. It's his achievement and I felt he deserved the honour.

After toasting and each having a flute of sparkling wine, Juan cracked the whip.

"I don't know about you, but I'm pooped. This was quite a day. You're going to your house, Johann? The rest of us in the master bedroom then? If you want to change your minds, you know you'd be welcome ... the bed is big enough and we have slept together before. It would be nice to spend the night together as the sextuplets. By the way, where are the chains and pendants, Johann?"

"They're safe in my house. Want me to go get them? Gunther, let's get our toothbrushes and come spend the night with the boys, OK? OK Juan, you win. We'll come sleep with you guys," Johann said. He and Gunther got up to fetch the pendants and their toothbrushes.

When they returned with the merchandise, we were as excited as kids before Christmas! These were our engagement pendants! Wow!

Johann handed out the boxes and when I opened mine, I gasped and put my hand on Luigi's leg. The big curly 'L' was exquisitely beautiful. The chain - they were all the same - was of a medium weight and the pendant on it looked perfect.

I looked at the pendant in Luigi's hand and the 'A' was equally spectacular. My initial next to my love's heart!

"I want to see them all! Jerry, I want to see it!" André voiced everybody's desire to see the other pendants. They were all beautiful. The jeweller knew his story with rings, watches and now this.

"All hand back! You don't get to wear them, not yet. I'll keep them until next Saturday. We'll get engaged in style and properly! Here, give it back gentlemen! And then I want to take a shower and get into bed with the boys and my Jerry. Come André! You'll get it next Saturday!"

"It's so long to wait! Ahhh!" André complained but gave the box with the pendant back to Johann.

"Shower time boys! Johann, please take care of the pendants, or I could keep them in the cupboard in the master bedroom. We have a small safe in there. OK? Shower time, boys!"


We got showered and washed and soaped and hugged and kissed and we got hard ... the night ahead promised to be good!

All six of us got onto the king-size bed and hands were all over each other. I was amazed that Luigi got used to these shenanigans. He had Gunther's huge cock in his hand while he was kissing the beautiful German man, and I was sucking Luigi's cock.

Johann and Juan were making out while André was sucking Juan's cock.

I switched to Gunther's big cock - just bigger than Luigi's 29cm - and marvelled at the big uncut cock in my mouth, leaking lots of precum into my mouth. Luigi was already playing with my hole, which was still tender. It took a beating with all the cocks fucking me the past few days, and the Williams brothers as well as the Du Plessis clan, that didn't spare me.

But Luigi was a lover of note and even though his cock is one of the biggest here, he always ensured I was comfortable and ready before he fucked me.

The three of us moved around so Luigi and Gunther were facing each other and I was between them, sucking their cocks in turn. Both of them played with my hole and put spit on their fingers to play over the opening. In between, the two were kissing each other: nice deep kisses with lots of tongue and spit.

Luigi pushed a finger into me and as it slid into me, Gunther added a finger ... my godd! These men didn't have ordinary fingers - they were fucking huge! They fucked me with their fingers for a few strokes and then they pulled out. I heard the lube being opened and then I felt the cold gel on my hole. Each one of them added a second finger and pushed the four fingers into me. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! They had big fingers ... fuck!

"I want to fuck you, mio caro - please come sit on my cock?"

Luigi and Gunther pulled their fingers out. Gunther put some lube on Luigi's cock. I lifted myself over Luigi's groin and lowered my buttocks. Gunther was holding Luigi's cock in the upright. I lowered my butt and felt the big cockhead piercing my hole. Ahhh! Oh fuck! I lifted up and pulled off the cock. I lowered my buttocks again and the cock slipped in deeper. I clenched and pushed out, clenched and pushed out ... it was starting to feel better.

The big cockhead scraped over my prostate and I groaned. This man was more than a fuck-machine - he was a lover and I realised just how much I loved him. I looked into his eyes and saw the sheer love he had for me.

"Mio caro, are you OK? Ti amo, molto [I love you, very much]! Ahhhh! It feels so good!"

Behind me I could feel Gunther sitting on his knees between Luigi's legs. He had his hard and wet cock pushing between my legs, brushing against Luigi's cock in my hole. Jackal! Is he trying to tell me something, I thought! Maybe he wants in ...!

"Let Luigi cum his first round and then you can push in too, OK my beautiful Jerry?" I said.

"Ahhh! Ja, bitte [yes, please]!"

Luigi's cock was now inside me and he held still. He twitched his cock and pushed in deeper ... deeper ... ahhh!

I looked over at André and the other two ... I smiled. André was sucking both of them at the same time. He managed to get the two big cockheads into his mouth. Both guys had their hands on André's buttocks and each had a finger inside him ... 'Hier kom 'n ding' [Here is something coming]! André was actually pushing back on the two fingers and he was enjoying it!

André let go of Juan's cock and Johann was squirting some lube on Juan's cock.

"Come sit on me my boy! Come! I want to be in you! Please!" Juan said and pulled André on top of him. I saw Johann was lubing up his big rubbery cock ... yes! André was going to get double-fucked! At last!

When Luigi encountered my inner sphincter, he made his cock swell and pushed in gently. Luigi was in balls-deep now. He held still again.

Juan's cock was now fast approaching the 28cm mark. Behind André Johann was adding the precum from his cock ... André felt the cock.

"No ways, you donkey cock man! No fucking ways! You're not pushing in too ... ahhh! Oh godd! Juan, you feel too good inside me! Ahhhh! Fuck me! Just fucking fuck me! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" André was enjoying Juan's big cock in him. Johann sat on his knees behind André, playing with his big rubbery cock.

Gunther was on the bed next to us, kissing us, while Luigi was fucking me. Gunther really liked the Italian stud - who didn't?

"I'm getting closer now. Ready for the first round mio caro? Hmmm! Gunther, get ready to push in!"

I felt Luigi's cock getting harder and his fucking was faster. He pulled me in for a deep kiss while Gunther moved back behind me.

"Hnnnnghhhh! Hnnnnngggghhhh!" Luigi groaned and broke the kiss. "I'm going to cum! Oh fuck yes! Here it cummssss! Ahhhhhh!" His cock twitched and he pushed it into me, and held still. The big head and shaft got harder and twitched and the first of about 9 spurts shot into me.

While he was cumming, I felt Gunther lubing up his cock and then being pushed on my hole. He gently pushed and the big head slipped in on top of Luigi's spasming, cumming cock. Gunther held still and I groaned ... oh fuck! To take two such big cocks in me simultaneously was a feat to behold! When the 4th spurt shot into me, Gunther pushed his cock home. The big cock was in and Gunther held still on top of Luigi's big spasming cock.

"This feels fantastic! It's the first time I've felt this! Ahhhh!" Gunther groaned and held me tight.

"Same here! I've never felt another cock against mine while I was cumming inside a bottom ... oh fuck! It feels fantastic! I'm starting to fuck again now, OK?" Luigi said and started to fuck with Gunther's cock on top of his 29cm deep in me.

Next to us Juan was picking up speed and was spurred on because of Luigi cumming his first round. André was groaning with pleasure. He loved Juan's cock in him.

Johann lubed up his cock again and put some on André's hole too. He was going in!

When Johann put his cock on André's hole, André groaned again: "If you hurt me, I'll donner [hit] you! Yes, OK, try it ... but slowly you hurtful bastard! Slowly!"

['donner' - slightly derogatory Afrikaans for 'hit', more like fighting]

Johann's cock was never rock-hard, so there was a possibility that he could put his cock in with Juan's cock and not really hurt André ... As soon as the head started to pierce André's hole, he started to wail ... but in pleasure! "Oh fuck yes! Yess! Push it in! Please push it in!"

Well, well! My bro was taking a double-fucking!

Luigi was approaching his second round of cumming and Gunther was fucking me too.

"My second round ... ahhhh! Yess! Here it comes! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhhhh!" His cock spasmed and twitched and he shot his second round of cum into me. He spurted about another 6 spurts into me while Gunther held still. Gunther's cock was big and hard and was twitching on top of Luigi's cock that was pumping his cum into me.

The two of them started to fuck me again and I knew the next round would be a double cumming ... oh fuck!

Next to me André was wailing, and groaning, and squealing with pleasure as Johann's big rubbery cock was fucking him on top of Juan's big cock. André was kissing Juan with abandon and was squeezing his arms and shoulders. Johann's big rubbery cock was fucking André into a moaning mess. André enjoyed it tremendously.

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck! This is too much! I'm going to cum you big oaf! Ahhhh!" André was moaning.

"Me too!" Juan said and fucked André with fast deep thrusts.

"And me!" Johann was fucking André's hole on top of Juan's cock.

All three of them were moaning and groaning. André was uttering some more obscenities and then almost simultaneously, they shot their loads. André's load splattered into Juan's chest hair, in his face, on the pillow behind Juan, and on the headboard ... my bro was whitewashing Juan and the bed linen!

At the same time Johann and Juan were groaning like wounded animals and shot their loads deep into André.

"Oh fuck! That was intense! You delinquent, I've always wanted to double-fuck you and now I have! Thanks! How was that?" Johann said lying on top of André's back.

"Ahh! Oh fuck! Now I can understand why my baby bro loves it so much! That was awesome! I loved it! Yes! I loved it!"

"Good for you! I'm glad you liked it. It was a great experience!" Juan groaned. "Just look at the mess you've made, you rubbish! Ahhh! Come here!" He pulled André flat on top of him with the two cocks still inside André's hole. The cum on Juan literally glued them together ... I thought that was very appropriate!

Underneath me Luigi was approaching his third round of cumming and Gunther too was about to cum. Gunther fucked me real good and the friction of his cock on top of Luigi's cock made them both very randy and before we knew it, they were cumming. Gunther's cock was twitching and it pumped its load into me - at least 8 spurts, while Luigi's cock shot its third volley of cum - at least another 7 spurts - deep into me.

Gunther held still and his cock was still spasming when Luigi started to fuck me again. I was on the verge of cumming myself and was groaning when I felt his big cock fucking me, rubbing against Gunther's still big cock in me.

"Mio caro, I'm going to cum! Want to cum with me?" He pulled me down and kissed me. I could only moan and when I touched my cockhead sticking out between our bodies, I knew I was close to cumming.

When Luigi's cock scraped back and forth over my prostate, and being pushed tight against it by Gunther's cock in me, I felt the imminent orgasm building in me ... and when Luigi's cock shot its fourth round of cum into me, I let fly and shot a load of note in Luigi's chest hair. It too was a huge load. Luigi's cock spasmed about 6 times and shot the last of his huge load into me. Some of my cum ended on Luigi's cheeks, his lips and chin. He licked it greedily and groaned with pleasure.

I collapsed on top of Luigi and felt my cum between us. We too were glued to each other - also very appropriate! Behind me Gunther was on top of me and had his one hand on Johann's body, still lying on top of André's back.

"What a bunch of sex perverts you all are! Just look at it all! Two cocks in both of the poor brothers' holes, cum shot all over the bed ... I'm calling my Dad! You're not fit to live without proper supervision! Perverts, the lot of you!" Right guess: André!

"Oh just shut your trap, you delinquent! You loved it more than anybody here!" Juan put in.

"You once again tricked me into this! The fact that I liked it - more than anything! Fuck! - doesn't make it right! You're a bunch of perverts!"

"Oh puh-lease! We could still have Luigi fuck you too and Gunther could double-up to give you a good pounding ... or are you going to shut up and just enjoy it?" Johann said and pushed his cock deep into André again.

"Ahhhhhh! Watch it! I've just been double-fucked! Careful there! I do have feelings! You rubbish!"

André would never change. We just cracked up laughing and relished in the afterglow of coitus. My two lovers' cocks were now very rubbery and I felt a little of the immense load in me leaking out. But, the bedding was a mess anyway. I put my arm out and touched Andre's face.

"I still love you very much, baby bro! But this brutal assault is all your fault! You've spoilt them and now they want to do it to me too! I'm calling Dad!"

"Yeah, right! Just shut up and clench your hole! I'm pulling out. All for Coke? Spring water for you Ita?" Johann said and slowly pulled out of André. "Clench! There is a lot of cum in you delinquent!"

Just as Johann's big rubbery cock slipped out, André groaned and curved his back while he was obviously clenching.

"Let me come and help you my darling. Mein Schatz [my darling], clench. I'm pulling out. There is an almighty big load in you. Some has already leaked out. Clench!" Gunther pulled out and when the head plopped out, I felt some more cum escaping.

I had my hand over André's neck and he put his hand out, and touched my cheek. "Oh fuck! This was an experience! Fuck! When Johann's cock slipped in, I wanted to scream, but it felt so good! I loved it!"

"Yes, and for making you feel good, we get shouted at? Hmmm, my love?" Juan said and ruffled André's hair.

"Yes, but you two are cheats! You're not playing fair!" André retorted but Juan lifted his face and kissed André.

"Just shut up and enjoy the afterglow with my cock still in you. This was phenomenal. I'm glad you've enjoyed it. The perfect cherry on top for a great weekend so far. Happy my beautiful delinquent? Hmmm?" Juan said and hugged André tight.

"Yes, of course! It was wonderful but ..." André started.

"Uh! Uh! No 'buts'! You enjoyed it, and you know it. Just keep quiet and enjoy the time in my arms. OK? OK? OK!" Juan knew how to handle my bro!

"Yes, OK. But ..." André tried again.

"Just shut the fuck up and relax! You're in my arms! What more do you want? I love you! I've just made love to you! My baby batter is 28cm deep in you! Your cum is literally gluing us together! And I fucking love you! So, just shut up and enjoy it! Not a word out of you!" Juan said and kissed André again.

"I love you, you fucking big oaf! Thanks ..." André said in a small voice and nestled his head on Juan's chest with the big strong arms around his shoulders.

"Ahhh! Just look at them! The other two couples in each other's arms and ... yes! Would you believe it? The big cocks still in the twins! You ARE a bunch of sex perverts! Here is the Coke. How do you suppose you're going to drink it in these positions? Hmmm? Ita, here is your spring water - on the nightstand, OK? Come twins! Lift your asses off the cocks and let's have our Coke. And then back in the shower! You four are drenched in cum! Sheez! A good thing I love cum, otherwise I'd leave you right here and went home to sleep in a clean bed!" Johann ranted on.

"Blah-blah-blah! Just keep quiet! When we have the one big mouth shut, you walk in and take over where he left off! But yes, twins, lift off our cocks so we could enjoy our Coke. Off!" Juan said and pushed André upwards. "Ouch! Our chest hair is glued together! Ouch!"

I lifted off Luigi and the same thing: our chest hair was stuck with all the cum I've squirted on top of Luigi. "This just means you're mine, you're truly mine, mio caro! Ahhhh! Ouch! Love really hurts! Hehehe!" My man found it funny that our hair was entangled and was stuck with my cum.

I lied down next to Luigi in the crook of his arm, my head on his shoulder where there was no cum.

"I suggest we have our refreshments and get into the shower. It's just after half past 12. Although it's Sunday, I'd still like to get some shuteye. OK guys?" Juan was the master of the house after all.

After the Coke Juan brought a damp towel and cleared the cum from the headboard and pillows. In the early summer heat the pillowcases would dry quickly.

Then we all bundled into the big shower in the en suite and showered again. Although there was still some groping and some hugging and kissing, we made it without anyone getting plugged.

Back in the bed, we kissed each other goodnight and some more groping took place - it was like we were in a high school hostel! I was between Luigi, who was on the far side, and Gunther in front of me. Behind Gunther Johann found a place to lie down. Behind Johann it was André and then Juan.

The lights were switched off and within seconds Luigi's cock was between my legs, way past semi. My godd! In front of me Gunther took my cock in his hand and squeezed. I put my hand on his cock ... it was semi too! This was going to be a lo-o-o-o-ng night!


During the night the inevitable happened and I wasn't surprised: Luigi slipped into me and fucked me slowly and deeply. He came three times in a row and remained in me. While he was fucking me, Gunther came awake and pushed his body close to mine. His huge cock was pushed between my legs and touched Luigi's balls as the latter fucked me from behind. Gunther was fucking between my legs and kissed me. His hands on my nipples and chest and tummy drove me mad with lust and desire, and with Luigi in me ... oh fuck! I was a mess and when Luigi's third volley of cum shot into me, Gunther orgasmed and shot his load on Luigi's balls and some of it on Luigi's cockshaft fucking me. It was too much and I shot my load between Gunther and myself. Once again, a huge mess.

The other three were fast asleep, or it sounded like it.

Gunther kissed me and hugged me close, my cum caking our chest hair. His cumload deposited on Luigi's balls was also a mess, but we were sleepy and fell asleep in the entangled mass and cum everywhere. The heat of our bodies and the summer night would dry it out. Luigi's 29cm cock was still inside me ...


When I woke up, Gunther was still fast asleep, his rubbery cock still between my legs and his face right in front of mine. Behind me Luigi was holding me and his head was on my neck, and yes, his cock was still inside me ...!

My balls felt sticky and so did my chest. I leaned forward and kissed Gunther on the nose.

"Hhhhnnnnggghhnnn! Hmmmm! Ahhh! Uff! Uhmmm! This is the way to wake up! In the arms of a beautiful man with my cock between his legs!" Gunther said and hugged me close to him, ignoring the stickiness between us.

Behind Gunther Johann was coming awake and put a hand over Gunther's chest. "My godd! What a mess! What have you two been up to? Right here under our noses! Sheez! Jerry! You amaze me, not to mention you my darling! Wow! When did this happen?"

"Ahhh! I don't know? Sometime during the night - it was dark," I said and pinched Johann's nose.

"Oh fuck! I want in! Come on Jerry, give me some space here. My darling, OK if I deposit my morning worth of cum, please?"

Gunther chuckled and rolled over to make room for Johann. His cock was hard and ready for fucking.

I noticed Juan and André were not in bed. Then I heard them in the kitchen. Making coffee and warming muffins, I supposed.

"Roll on top of the Ita and let me in please? Luigi, roll over and hold Anton on top of you. Ita, are you awake? Yes, please? I want to fuck our darling!"

"You OK with this mio caro? Want me to pull out?"

"No! I want to fuck him with your cock still in him. Are you hard?"

"I am now!" Luigi said and I felt his cock twitch in me.

Johann took some lube and put it on my hole and his cock. He positioned himself between our legs and leaned forward, aiming his big cockhead on my hole. The big head pierced my sphincter and one again I marvelled at the big cock that never hurt me, not once. It entered me and it was sheer bliss and pleasure. I loved Johann fucking me.

"Oh godd! For this, I'd sleep over here every night! My darling you are phenomenal! Ita, are you OK, my man?" Johann gushed.

"Si, signore! Fuck our darling. I'll catch up with you and cum with you. Will it take long?"

"No, I'll cum soon. Want me to wait for you so we could cum together?"

"No need. I'm going to cum soon and then with my second round, you can cum with me. For my third load, I want you to stay inside Anton so I could feel your cock against mine. OK?" Luigi was charged, big time.

This beautiful man fitted right in with us and the sex with the other guys was no longer a bone of contention. I was glad and it also opened some doors for sex in London and in Firenze ... we were going to have so much sex and fun ...!

Luigi was fucking me from below and Johann from above, their cocks rubbing against each other. Next to us, Gunther was playing with his huge cock and rubbing his precum over his cockhead. The 29,5cm monster was ready to cum again soon.

"I'm cumming mio caro! First round! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Mio Dio [My godd]! Cumming! I'm cumming!" His cock twitched and he shot 6 spurts of cum into me, mixing with the cum of the previous evening and the previous night.

"OK Johann, let's fuck our darling and cum together. I'm almost cumming again. Fuck him!"

Johann did just that and soon he was groaning and his big rubbery cock was rubbing against my sphincter.

Gunther moved over my head with his cock pointing at my mouth. He leaned forward and took my hard cock in his mouth. Ahhhh! Oh fuck!

Gunther's huge hard cock in my mouth tasted funky but nice. He was sopping wet and rock-hard. It was clear he too was close to cumming.

And then it happened. All four of us came within fractions of a second apart. A double load of cum was pumped into me and Gunther's big load was squirted into my mouth. My own load was pumped into Gunther's mouth. It was an orgasm of note.

Luigi didn't wait and continued to fuck me. Within around 30 seconds he shot his third round of cum into me. We were all exhausted.

I smelled coffee in the afterglow of sex when everything smelled stronger.

"Wow! What a show! Why didn't you wait for us? We caught only the last - the best! - part of this early-morning shenanigans! You guys are truly - but I'm happy - sex perverts! What an entanglement! Wow!" Juan gushed.

I looked at him and saw his big cock was rock-hard and precum was dripping from the tip. Next to him, André's cock was equally hard and also dripping precum.

"You're loose and ready. Let us in baby bro! Let's have our share of this morning 'cake'! Come Ita, Johann - out please and let us in. OK baby bro?"

"Yes, it's OK."

Johann pulled out slowly and a bit of cum slipped out. I rolled off Luigi and he pulled out slowly. Some more cum slipped out. I was truly wet and prepared for another round!

"Come sit on me, my darling and then André could fuck you from behind. Come," Juan said as he lied down, holding his huge cock in the upright position. I lowered my hole over it and with all the cum in me and leaking from me, I was perfectly ready for another fucking. As I lowered myself over the big cock, André positioned himself between Juan's legs and aimed his cock at my hole. He scooped some of the cum from my legs and put it on his cock. He leaned forward and when Juan's cock was almost completely in, André pushed his cock in. Ahhhh! Fuck! I've just been double-fucked and by then my hole was tender!

Luigi, Johann and Gunther were on their backs and sides on the bed watching us.

Soon my two men were fucking me and were groaning. It was clear they were already on the verge of cumming.

"Cum with me, my boy? Let's fill up our darling here. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! I'm going to cummmmm! I'm cumming! Cum! André, cum!"

"Yes, I'm cumming! Oh fuck! Here it comes! Fuck! Hnnnngggghhhhhnnnn! Ugh! Ugh! Ah! Oh fuck! F-U-U-U-U-C-K!"

Both the cocks spasmed and they shot their loads into me. I really was filled to capacity! It would have been a miracle if I'd be able to reach the toilet and not make a mess!

André collapsed on top of me, his cock still spasming in me, on top of Juan's cock that was also still twitching. Now I was really filled with lots and lots of cum!

André leaned backwards and lied down on his back on Juan's legs. His big cock pushed into my rectum towards the back - it was a strange sensation.

"What a way to start a nice lazy Sunday. I hope we're going to have some more of this before the end of this glorious day. Shit! Baby bro, you'll be end of me! You're just too much. I can feel lots and lots of cum inside you. Litres and litres of the yummy stuff! Fuck!" André gushed.

I could feel André's cock was softening, lessening the pressure on my rectum. Ahhh! Juan was stroking my hair and kissed me.

"You do know that even though there is an André and a Luigi, I still love you to bits, right? Right? I never want you not to be close to me ... ever. I love you my darling!"

"I'll also love you forever, even though my heart belongs to Luigi now. You're one of a kind, and one of the nicest guys I know. You have been in my heart since I was 14, remember?" I said and kissed Juan again. This big beautiful man was one of a kind!

"We'll have to get out of this bed now. It's covered in cum. You'll have to change the linen, mate! And I don't know about you, but I'm dying for coffee. We'll have to reheat it and the muffins in the microwave oven. Are you three coming? Come Luigi, Gunther. Let's take the coffee and muffins back to the kitchen. Come," Johann said and got up out of bed. He took the tray with the coffee and headed for the kitchen. The other two followed him, bringing the basket with the muffins.

"How are you feeling my darling? You OK? You've been fucked a lot over the past few days. We've really abused you a lot and I was one. Just look at where my cock is right now. So, forgive us, but you're so fucking sexy and sex with you is like pudding, like a warm bath, like a cold beer on a hot day - you're just phenomenal. Don't you agree, André?"

"Oh fuck yes! From the very first time I've fucked my baby bro, I loved it, and every time I fuck him, it's like an adventure, a nice slice of lemon meringue, a cup of hot chocolate - my baby bro is the best," André gushed and twitched his rubbery cock in me. "I'm pulling out now. Try not to spill all our cum on Juan's legs and balls! I'm pulling out ..."

André pulled his cock out and when the head slipped out, some of the 'litres and litres' of cum did slip out on Juan's balls and legs. Oh well ...

"I love you so very much Juan. You're such a kind man, such a nice guy. If it weren't for Luigi, I'd fight André for your heart! I never didn't like you - ever. You make me laugh, you brighten my day, you're nice to look at, you're a delight in bed, you're a good kisser, a good fucker and after Luigi, you still have the most beautiful hands and feet! Honestly! Let's get out of here. I'm also dying for a mug of coffee," I said and kissed Juan. His soft lips were covering mine. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I sucked it into my mouth. Oh fuck! I could have sex with him right there, right then ... again!

"Oh fuck! Baby bro, how soppy could you be! Come on! You have the Ita. This hung hunk is mine, so get your ass off his cock and let's get going. Come, you perverts! Sheez! I'm calling Dad!" André gave my buttocks a playful smack and jumped out of the way, just in time to avoid Juan's hand trying to grab his wrist.

I lifted off Juan's now rubbery cock and some more cum slipped out ... fuck! I did try though ...

"Don't worry about the cum. It's us who pumped you full of the stuff. We'll change the sheets after breakfast. Go empty your rectum. I'll wait for you, my darling. Oh fuck! You are just the best thing since sliced bread ... I love you so much ...!" Juan said and tousled my hair.

When I walked into the en suite, I barely made it to the toilet. When I sat down, the loads of cum in me just ran out of me. It was a lot.

I washed my face and hands, and looked at myself in the mirror. Even that early and after so much sex, I still looked good. Not as spectacular as Luigi - who could ever compete with that? But I didn't look too worse for wear, and with blue eyes and almost black hair, my features were striking.


In the kitchen there was a lot of banter and jokes flying around. Johann and André had them in stitches. André was telling them some jokes he read in a magazine the other day.

"So, what's for breakfast boys? I have eggs, bacon, wors [sausage] and some flat bread, which I could go and fetch. What have you got?" Johann asked.

"We have yoghurt, some strawberries, cheese, tomatoes and some Danish pasties. Yes, please bring your stuff so we could get these sex perverts fed," Juan said, standing at the open fridge.

"Just remember to put on some clothes! If old Mrs Schoombee sees you naked, she'll be at the ophthalmologist tomorrow to have her eyes checked out. She just wouldn't believe cocks could be this big!" André, who else?


After a scrumptious breakfast - we all pitched in (I realised that there wasn't a single one in the group who was a lazy bum) - we jumped in and cleared the kitchen. When the dishwasher was whirring away, we tackled the bedroom and in no time we've changed the linen and had the washing machine running.

We all bundled into the big shower in the en suite and washed and shampooed and scrubbed - once again it was an experience to have 5 other men in the shower washing one's hair, one's back, hugging, kissing, groping, getting hard ... again! ... It continued unabated until Juan said: "Enough guys! Let's get out of here. The hot water is just about finished. Nobody shaves today. Let's get out of here. Gunther and I have to go check on some of our cultures around 11 o'clock. You guys could come with us and then we could go for some pasta at Mario's, OK?"

We agreed and got out of the shower. We dried each other off. I marvelled at the 4 very big cocks in our group, not that André's cock and mine were small. The other 4 cocks were just spectacular and I loved getting fucked with them.

We got dressed. My iPhone rang. It was Dad. I answered and before I put it on speaker, he gushed how much he loved me and how he missed the time spent with André and me the previous week. He said he was looking forward to some of the same the next weekend when we'd be on the farm.

"Dad, I'm putting the phone on speaker so the others could hear, OK?" I said and switched to speaker phone.

"Hallo boys!"

"Hallo Dad!"

"So, how are you doing? How was the shoot?"

"Let Johann tell you. Johann?"

Johann filled Dad in and gushed about the time spent on the Du Plessis farm. He told Dad it went so well that they're about to sign Luigi up to become the face of their wines, and the fringe benefits of staying there over weekends.

"I hope that is not going to mean you'd be going there instead of coming home! Anton, my boy?"

"No Dad, of course not. It would only happen when Luigi would actually be 'working' and sometimes ... you know ... when we really wanted a break. Luigi is working very hard and when he's here in Stellenbosch, he's never really off. Of course us, the group, will visit as often as possible," I said. Luigi hugged me and pushed his big bulge into my crack. Jackal!

We told Dad of the Ravs - he was impressed with the boys' choice and was very happy I could give them good advice. Dad added info on some extra characteristics I've overlooked.

"Here's Mom now. Alma, please fill the boys in about the party and your arrangements. Just to be clear, then I'm putting Mom on, the wine and spirits have been taken care of. Pieter and Claude will be the barmen and we've arranged with the new hockey coach at the high school to give us a couple of boys to be waiters for the evening. Here's Mom," Dad said.

"Hallo boys! How have you been?"

"Hallo Mom. We're fine and you?"

"I'm fine thanks," Mom said and then she went into some details with regard to the party, the food, the table settings, candles, music, the guests and the help she acquired from the local Women's Agricultural Society who would help with the food, and other arrangements. "Don't forget to SMS me your list of guests and friends you want to invite. You're doing the invitations yourselves, but I need their names so I could prepare the place cards and allocate guest to specific tables. Dad will be the master of ceremonies. If there are any dietary requirements, I need to know in time, as well as if there is a particular drink you want. I cannot find that out only when you arrive here Friday. I've arranged that Pieter and Claude, you six, and Herman and Johan stay here in your wing. For some of the others, up to 8, will stay in the cottage. We will have to decide who will be in the cottage and who needs to have accommodation in town. There is accommodation on five neighbouring farms. As soon as I get the info from you, I'll allocate them to specific homes. You need to indicate who are together so I could place them in one spot. Then last but not least, Dad and I have decided the party would be our gifts to you, but we also want to give you each something tangible to take away with you. Anton, I'm relying on you - and I want you to keep quiet about it - to give me an indication of what we could get for each of you as small gifts. Let me know not later than Wednesday. I'm going to Cape Town on Thursday and could get the gifts for you there," Mom concluded. Gifts? What could I suggest to Mom? We have everything we needed, but one cannot look a gift horse in the mouth, especially not if Mom was giving the horse!

I immediately thought of three ideas I'd email to Mom: First Aid kits for our cars, or each a Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth loudspeaker for our iThings and framed pictures of the couples and for each couple a photo of all six; I was thinking of the photos taken by Johann on the wine farm. I'd have to coax some of the photos out of him. Shit! I couldn't even talk to André or Luigi or Juan about this! But, I've learnt never to cross Mom, not if necessary! So, it was up to me.

We said goodbye to the parents and were off to the university so the scientists amongst us could take their readings and make their adjustments. We whiled away the time on our iPhones and I sent Mom a message about the gifts. She immediately replied and said she and Dad would discuss it. She asked for the photos as soon as possible as she'd have to have them printed and framed if they decided on that. So, I asked Johann about some photos of the shoot. He agreed and hauled out his iPad from his shoulder bag, and placed them in my DropBox. I made a selection and put them in Dad's DropBox.


Lunch with Mario was divine. We asked him why he was in Stellenbosch all the time and he chuckled. It was Chris, his waiter, who he was seeing on the side. Wow! It appeared Chris was an insatiable bottom and loved Mario's huge cock. Well, I had my doubts about Chris from the start! Good for them.

We filled Mario in on the photo-shoot and Luigi's good fortune - Mario beamed! - and about the engagement party. He enquired if he could bring Chris, and of course we agreed.

"A little secret that Anton - which one is which? - would appreciate. Chris is almost as big as I am! Yes, the man packs a huge salami! Almost as big as yours, mio bambino, Luigi! And there is no end to his sex drive! I think I've found my match! The time spent with him is great! Chris, come here please!" Mario called his maître d'.

"Chris, you remember my nephew and his friends? They're getting engaged next weekend and we're invited to the party on the farm. Do you remember who's who? Luigi and his lover Anton, Juan and André, Johann and Gunther. And gentlemen, this is my new lover, Chris."

We said 'hi' to the man and for the first time I noticed his strong features, his hairy arms, his almost black eyes, his big hands. He was not very tall but he was strongly built. I imagined him on all fours with Mario's big cock in his butt ... wow!

"So, the old man is now also paired off. But, not a word to la famiglia, Luigi. I'll rather take Chris with me there and show them. He is already starting to learn Italian and is making progress. Are you not going to start with Italian lessons, Anton?" He looked at André who just looked at me, indicating he wasn't me.

"Yes, that was the idea, but we're starting hockey practice in the gym this week. We'll see how it works out," I said. Luigi has made the necessary arrangements and got me the beginners' textbook to learn Italian. It came with a CD that I could use in the car too. He also located an Italian lady on one of the small holdings who is prepared to tutor me.

After some liqueurs, we said our goodbyes. We were off to Luigi's place. He invited us for some coffee and for the others to see where he lived.


By 6 o'clock we departed from Luigi - he absolutely clung to me. It was difficult to let go of him. He hugged and kissed me and held me tight. "Mio caro, I wish you could stay, but I have to be at the hospital early and you have classes. Oh, mio Dio [my godd]! I'm missing you already! Thanks for the weekend. It was absolutely fantastico! My week ahead will be jam-packed. I have to put in extra work to make next weekend possible. Take care and remember I love you!" He kissed me and I felt his big cock way past semi, pushing against me.

"I know, and I love you too. The weekend was wonderful. Just think, by next week this time, we'd be engaged mio caro! All the best for the week. Grazie, mio caro [Thanks my darling]. Love you!" I hugged him and got in the car with Juan and André.

We dropped Gunther off; the goodbyes there were less traumatic, but it was clear Johann and Gunther were also in love, even if their physical relationship involved me ...

I got in the car with Johann and we drove home.

"You're the most wonderful creature on the face of the earth. Every time I see you, make love to you - yes, I'm making love to you: it's not just sex - I'm surprised and impressed. Luigi is a great guy and very lucky to have you. I'm not jealous, as I don't think I'd have much more time for making love to you if we were a couple. But, he is a lucky man. And I'm so impressed with him as a human being, as a model - who knew! Jacques is so impressed with him, and I don't blame him. Luigi is one hell of an attractive man. Claire is going to flip when she sees the photos!" Johann rambled on.

I drank in his praises for the man I loved and when I put my hand on his thigh, he took my hand in his hand, lifted it to his mouth and kissed it. "I also love you, my darling! Never forget that!" He put my hand back on his thigh, but higher, much higher. His big cock was semi-hard! Jackal!


Back home, we said goodbye to Johann and we sorted out the washing in the washing machine, the dishes in the dishwasher and took a shower. At last we were in bed, André and I on either side of Juan, in his arms.

"Thanks boys. You make me proud. It's a privilege to live with you and this weekend with you proved why I love you."

"We love you too, you big oaf! You're one of a kind and a wonderful lover and friend. The double-fuck you and Johann pulled on me will not be forgotten easily, but yes, it was an experience. Thanks my very own big oaf!"

"Yes, thank you my darling man. You're still a great man and human being. I love you very much. It is so easy to live with you, love you and to be with you. Sleep tight and all the best for you and Gunther. You're going to be so successful. I'm proud of you," I ended the praises and thanks. We were off to lala-land.


The rest of the week went well. We started the regimen in the gym in preparation for the hockey season. The instructor took us through our paces and explained all the exercises. Most of it was to build stamina and stronger muscles. On a question with regard to some iron pumping, he said we were welcome to stay another hour after the hockey training was done to develop our bodies.

André and I immediately signed up. We've been talking about it to do some bodybuilding and now we had the opportunity. Nothing too much - we didn't want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Our bodies were trim and we did have some development due to our hockey training, but this would bulk us up and give us some muscular definition, perfect for Boss Models.

After the hockey programme, I went to the toilet and took a dump. Hmmm! I smiled when I thought of being ready, not douched, but ready for a fucking. Bring it on!

The trainer, Morné, was a very friendly and helpful guy. He was very well-built, but not like a freak show. His muscles were well-developed, toned and he had all his body hair - even his arms and legs! - shaved off. Yuk! But other than that, he was a very attractive guy, about our height (1,84m), dark brown slightly curly hair - like Luigi's hair, but not as dark, and much shorter. He had very big feet and big muscular hands. He was like a David statue, but it was obvious he had a much bigger cock too.

Morné couldn't keep his eyes off us, to a point that I started to feel embarrassed.

"Sorry boys, but I've never worked with twins, and then identical like you! I can't see any difference at all! Are you 100% identical?" he asked.

"Yeah, right up to the size of our cocks!" André answered bluntly.

"Really? Wow!"

"We could show you if you didn't believe us!"

"No, that's not necessary, but sheez! You're like carbon copies of each other! Amazing! How do people tell the difference? You also don't play fair by dressing the same!"

"You'll know the difference when we speak: André is blunt and forward. I on the other hand, have some finesse. My Mom still thinks he is a freak of nature ... Ow! André!"

"Keep your filthy mouth shut! I'm calling Dad! You're hurting my deepest inner feelings!"

"And there you have it. Just wait until he opens his mouth, and you'll know the difference!"

Morné cracked up laughing and gave us a pamphlet with a set of beginners' and mid-advanced exercises to follow for at least 2 to 4 weeks. Then he asked us into his office to take our measurements for future reference and comparisons. André and I looked at each other ... we knew.

"Strip down to your underpants please," Morné said.

Oh fuck, I thought! My cock was semi-hard ... at almost 19cm in the semi-hard state, it was going to be difficult to hide my cock in my tight underpants. I looked at André and when he palmed his crotch, I knew he had the same problem.

In Morné's office, he closed the blinds in front of the windows looking out into the gym, and closed and locked the door. "Just in case," he said.

When I pulled off my hockey shorts and stood up, Morné's eyes were big. He was staring at our crotches and gulped. He was mesmerised.

"Oh fuck! Erm ... sorry ... erm ... fuck! You've got fantastic bodies already, and hairy! Wow!" he stuttered but he was looking at our cocks!

André deliberately adjusted his cock that was making an obscenely huge bulge in his underpants.

Without thinking, Morné adjusted his crotch too. It was obvious his cock was rock-hard as there was an insanely big bulge in his pants snaking to his right hip. He, like Gunther, was left-handed, which was later confirmed when he was writing down our statistics.


"Erm ... ahem ... erm ... lets start with your height. Here against the wall. Uhm ... 1,84m. Who are you now?"

"Anton," I said. Morné entered it into a column on the sheet of paper on the clipboard.

"You next. Uhm ... 1,84m. Identical. André?"

"Yes, of course!" André quipped. "Who else would it be?"

Measurements of our chests, our biceps, our shoulders were taken and written down. Morné bent down on one knee and put the tape measure around my thigh ... and touched my almost hard cock. Oh fuck! My cock twitched and when I looked down, I saw the dark spot at the tip and knew I was leaking precum!

"Wow!" Morné said and licked his lips.

He moved down and measured my calves.

"Just as a matter of interest, what size shoes do you wear? Size 12?"

"No, it's 13 now. We've grown since matric," André put in.

When it was André's turn to be measured, Morné pretended to scratch his nose and brushed his hand over André's crotch.

"Uhmmmm! Ahhh! Sorry ... oh fuck! I'm so ... sorry! But you guys are just so freaking sexy! I'm sorry! Please don't tell - I could lose my job! Sorry!" Morné apologised.

"Not to worry Morné! We're both hard and it looks like you are too!" André said.

"Yes, I know and that's what makes this even harder ... erm ... no pun intended!"

"The door is locked, not so?" André asked.

"Yes, it is - why?" Morné asked, wide-eyed.

"Let's stop this ridiculous song and dance and just haul the big ones out so we could at least see each other's cocks. Baby bro, do you agree?"

"Yes, I'd love to see your cock Morné. It looks very big ...?"

"Oh fuck, yes! It's too big! I wish it were smaller ... but I'm stuck with this monster cock ... sorry ...!"

"Then show us! We'll show you ours. Come on!" André said urging the poor man on to take his cock from his pants. It was obvious it was rock-hard. It was pulsating in his pants.

"Oh fuck! I could lose my job for this ... oh fuck!"

"Don't worry! We're not going to split on you!"

"Oh, OK then," Morné said and pulled his gym shorts down. The bulge in his underpants was insanely big. It stretched right past his right hip. The grey fabric of the underpants had a dark stain at the tip of the bulge - he was leaking lots of precum! Hmmm!

André put his hand out and touched the bulge.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes!" Morné moaned.

"My godd! You're right! It IS a big one! Can I take it out?" André asked, and put his hand in the tented underpants. He hauled the huge cock from it and it sprang towards André's hand. "Good godd! It's a huge one! Look here baby bro! Just look at it!" André gushed as he put his hand around the thick cockshaft: it was so thick his hand wouldn't go around it. "I can't get my hand around it! Wow!"

I looked at this wondrous cock in André's hand and put my finger on the tip. It was sopping, sopping wet! The precum was about to drip on the floor but I rubbed it over the head. It was a beautiful thick uncut cock, easily as thick as Mario's cock and easily as long too.

"How big is this donkey dong? Where is the tape measure?" André asked. He took the measure from the desk and measured Morné's cock. It was 30cm! And almost 20cm in circumference. My godd!

"Now let me see yours too?" Morné said and put both his hands out to touch our cocks. "Hmmm! Also very nice. It's more like what I'd have wished for myself. Far more acceptable. Mine is so fucking big ...! Everybody runs away when they see it! I'm still a virgin ... meaning, I've had sex, but only hand jobs and blowjobs. Nothing more. Oh fuck! Your hand on my cock feels so good and both your cocks - identical I can see! - feel good in my hands. Oh fuck!"

"Would you like to fuck my baby bro? Bro, would you be able to take him now? Are you ready? It's almost 1 o'clock. It gives us about 10 minutes tops. We could do it in less, right bro? Let's suck this bad boy and get it super wet. But before you do, let's get that precum on your hole. Bend over Anton so he could rub the precum directly on your hole," André took charge. I was going to be fucked there and then!

"Really? Would you allow me to fuck you? Oh my godd! Oh fuck! This can't be happening to me! Really? Oh fuck!"

"Yes, and you're going to love it!" André gushed.

I bent over the desk and Morné stood behind me, pushing his huge uncut cock on my hole, transferring the plentiful precum on it.

"Push in a bit to lube his hole," André said, milking his cock to get more precum. "Here's more," and leaned in to add his precum on Morné's cock. "Baby bro, milk your cock and pass the precum to me."

I took the precum from my cock and transferred it to André's finger and added my precum on my hole.

"Pull out and let me suck you," André said and went down onto his knees.

I looked at Morné and saw that he was aiming to kiss me but didn't know what to do, so I leaned in and kissed him. He immediately put his one hand behind my head and kissed me passionately. His beautiful mouth opened on mine and I felt his tongue on my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked the big tongue in. Ahhh! He tasted good!

"Hnnnngghhhhh! Hmmmmm!" Morné groaned and I knew André was doing a good job of sucking the huge cock.

Morné's other hand was on my bum, reaching for my asshole. I turned my body so he could touch my asshole, but it was clear this was a newbie! He didn't know squat of how things worked!

I broke free of the kiss and knelt down to suck the big cock. Wow! It looked even bigger up close! André let go and said: "Fucking big and the precum tastes wonderful! Hmmm-hmm!"

I took the big cock in my hand and aimed the huge head at my mouth. I saw he too had a big piss-slit like Maurice. Wow! And the precum was literally streaming from it. I smelled his cock and it smelled clean and nice. It was a darker colour than Morné's body and he had fairly large balls. The hair in the crotch area was trimmed back considerably, showcasing the huge cock. It was spectacular.

Morné put his one hand on my head and pushed his cock into my open mouth. Ahhhh! It tasted so nice and it was wet with André's saliva. The precum tasted very nice.

Above me I could hear André and Morné slobbering, kissing each other. Morné was literally groaning.

"Time, gentlemen! Let's get this big boy in you baby bro so we could get out of here! I'm starving!"

I stood up and bent over the desk. Morné positioned himself behind me. André and I both milked the precum out of our cocks and put it on Morné's cock. He milked his cock and spread it over his cockhead and shaft. He put the cock on my wet hole and pushed in a little.

"Am I not going to hurt you? My cock is plenty big! Everybody before you was too scared! You're going to make my day!"

He pushed his cock in and held still.

"Now push in a bit and pull out. Milk some more precum out and smear it over your cockshaft. Yes, like that. Yes. Now push back in. Here's more precum," André said and put the tip of his cock on the big shaft entering my hole.

I was fucked royally with many and big cocks over the weekend and I've had double-fucks, but it was an experience to take a huge cock like Morné's in me again.

With André's coaxing and direction - he could be such a sergeant major! - the huge cock was advancing into my hole and Morné was gasping. I was gasping inwardly as the huge cock was filling me up.

"Pull out again and let's add some more precum and some spit too," André said and when the big cock was out, the necessary lubricating liquids were added and the penetration started again.

Soon the big cock was halfway in me, and Morné started to fuck me.

"Push in all the way! He's OK! You OK baby bro? Yes? See? Now push in all the way man!"

Morné pushed in and when the whole 30cm was in me, I gasped. It was a huge cock! Yes, not as big as Herman or Jacques or Jonathan or Christopher, but here was just precum as lube and we didn't have time.

I relaxed and pushed out. Ahhh! It felt better immediately. I pushed back and Morné caught on. He started to fuck me, groaning like a pig.

"Keep it down man! We don't want somebody to come in here!"

"Nobody will come in ... ahh! ... they know I'm busy ... ahhh! Oh fuck! This feels better than I thought! Fuck!"

In no time Morné was on the point of no return.

"I'm going to cum! Where must I cum? Quick! I'm about to cummmmmm ... ahhh! Oh fuck! Too late!" he groaned and I felt the huge cock in me spasming and twitching. He slammed into me and continued fucking me while he was unloading his cum into me. He spurted about 13 times before he collapsed on my back, breathing hard. I felt his heart beating on my back and his chest heaving with heavy breathing.

"Oh fuck! This was incredible! Fuck! Thanks, André ...!" Morné said.

"No, 'thanks Anton' - I'll not bend over for you, not easily! You've fucked Anton!"

"Well, thank you in any case. What about you two? I'd love to suck you off! It's a favourite one for me! May I please?"

Morné's cock was still very big but rubbery. He started to pull out and I clenched. I didn't want to spill cum on the carpet!

"Ahhh! Oh fuck! This was wonderful! You're going to be my favourite athletes! And I hope we could do this again, OK?" Morné gushed as his cock slipped out. Just a small amount of cum slipped out and ran down my leg.

"Yes, we'll see, but yes, we'd love to see you again too. Baby bro, let him suck me first and you can catch your breath, but jack off so you could cum as soon as I'm done. OK?"

I turned around and started jacking my cock while Morné was sucking André. He switched between our cocks and lo and behold! He could deep-throat! My godd! This was a talented man!

Soon I was teetering on the verge of cumming. "I'm getting close. You bro?"

"Me too. Do you want us to cum in your mouth? Or in a paper towel or something?" André asked.

"No, in my mouth please! I love the taste of cum, and looking at you, I'm sure your cum would taste good," Morné said and sucked André again.

"OK then, I'm about to cum, man! Ahhhh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck! Oh yes! Here it comes! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmmmiiinnnnggg!! Oh fuck!" André groaned and took Morné's head in his hands and pushed his whole cock deep into the man's throat. He shuddered as he started to shoot his load into Morné's gullet. It went straight down his oesophagus. André was still pumping and shuddering when Morné pulled back to catch his breath. The last of his load was pumped into Morné's mouth. It was clear it was a lot.

"Now your turn baby bro! Enjoy!" André said as he pulled his cock from Morné's mouth. Morné moved over to me and took my rock-hard, sopping wet cock and sucked it into his mouth. "Hmmmmm!" Morné loved the taste.

I was very close to cumming. Morné sucked my cock deep into his throat and I almost also shot my load right there. But Morné sucked me for a few counts and when he felt my cock swelling and getting ready to shoot, he pulled back and swirled his tongue under my cockhead. Fuck! That felt good, I thought as the first of my 9 spurts shot out into his mouth.

"Hmmmmm! Hmmm!" Morné groaned.

As the last of my cum was pumped into Morné's mouth, I pulled out ... sensitive!

"Oh fuck! You two guys have exceeded my expectations and have made a dream come true, on many levels! Wow! This was an experience! I know what I'd be jacking off to for the next couple of days! Fuck!"

"We're glad you liked it. Now, let's get dressed before somebody does come looking for you!" André said as he pulled his underpants up, and then his hockey shorts. I did the same and felt how wet my cock still was as I pushed it to one side in my underpants.

"So then, do I get to see you again like this? Perhaps at my flat? Please guys? You cannot give a child sweets and then take it away again! Please?"

"We'll see. But, just so you know, we're engaged - OK, we're getting engaged on Saturday - to be married sometime soon ..." I started.

"What? But you're brothers!"

"No, we're getting engaged to other guys! The engagement is on Saturday on my Dad's farm. Come to think of it, André, how about we include Morné on the guest list? Would you like to come? We live close to Clanwilliam. We'll give you directions. Would you be interested?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes! Please! It would be great to get out of here for a day! Yes, thanks!"

"OK, it's settled then. It's going to be a buffet - my Mom is organising the whole district! If you want to sleep over, you need to tell us. You have our cell numbers. Let us know by Thursday. OK? Now we have to go. I'm starving!" André said. He leaned in and kissed Morné. "I have to say, of the men I've kissed, you're one of the best kissers! Don't you agree, baby bro?"

I kissed Morné and had to concur: the man really was a good kisser. Not a Luigi, nor a Juan, or a Johann, or a Gunther, but anytime as good as Herman I guessed. "Yes, he is a good kisser."

"Why do you keep on calling your brother 'baby bro'? He doesn't look small to me! You are identical!"

"Because I'm the first born child, that's why! I'll have you know I am at least 2 minutes older than my 'baby bro'! I'm the elder of the two! And I have rights! So there!"

"Forgive him! His dog tablets are finished. We've ordered a new supply from the vet!"

"Forgive him! He can't handle it that I'm the big brother here! Morné, it was a pleasure! I'm looking forward to develop a body like yours, but I'm not shaving my chest hair! Fuck that! Come baby bro! I'm starving!"

"Thanks Morné. It was an experience and I'm glad I could take your virginity! A first for me too! It was nice, but yes, it is a fucking big cock! Wow! And I can feel you've shot a big load into me!"

"Yes, I do cum a lot ..."

"It feels like a lot ..."

"Come Anton! Sheez! Are you going to swop recipes now? Come on!" André said as he unlocked the door.


The exercises in the gym were taking its toll: by Tuesday night our muscles were sore. André and I massaged each other with Arnica oil. It was tough, but we were determined to make it happen. We wanted to build some muscles, pronto!


On Wednesday Luigi cracked the whip and insisted I spent the night with him. "I'm the lover - I have rights" he mimicked André. It was a night to remember: a wonderful Italian dinner he prepared with me by his side, beating, mixing and me passing on things. It was a wonder we could finally have the dish in the oven as there was a considerable amount of kissing, hugging, groping and at one stage I hauled Luigi's big cock from his slacks and I gave it a little suck. Eventually when dinner was served, it was wonderful.

While the dishwasher was purring, we sat down in the lounge with Frangelico and some of the Italian books. Luigi showed me the beauty of Tuscany, Firenze (Florence) and explained the captions. I also got my first informal Italian lesson. It sounded very complicated to me, but Luigi assured me it was a fairly straightforward language. He mentioned the tutor wanted to start my lessons soon.

The night in his arms and his cock in me most of the time, was memorable. His multiple orgasms rocked me, once again. Fuck! This man was a true Italian Stallion who knew how to make love! At one stage while he was pumping his huge cumload into me, I gasped shooting my own load, and then looked at the exquisitely beautiful man in my arms. He was almost too good to be true. I've never felt happier and more at home - not even in my parent's home. This was fast becoming 'my' home, with 'my' man, in 'our' bed!


The rest of the week comprised of classes, practicals, gym sessions (two every day - one for hockey and the other for bodybuilding with Morné), going home, cooking, studying, sex and sleeping. By Friday I was gatvol [fed-up]. I wanted to see my Dad, and Mom! I was longing to be on the farm!

['Gatvol' = fed-up, but in Afrikaans - and in most other languages in South Africa - it has become the stock phrase to depict one is really, really fed-up. It literally means your hole is stuffed full!]

We remembered to send the names of our guests to Mom, and after meeting Morné, I sent his name as well.

Dad confirmed he received the pictures and that he and Mom were deciding on which gifts to get for us. I wondered which of the gifts they would decide on for us. The cheapest option would have been the First Aid kits, but with Dad, one never knew.

Luigi had a terrible week - he had circumcisions (he always refused to do it unless it was absolutely the last option), prostate resections, cancerous testes, urinary infections, erectile dysfunction, a guy with a cock he thought was too big (it was 'only' 28cm!), a few who wanted to be referred to have penis enlargements ... and the list continued. When he insisted that I spend the night with him on Wednesday, the man was pooped. Poor thing. But Thursday morning when he departed for work, he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Three guesses why ...?

On Friday morning I got itchy and wanted to get out of class to leave town. Professor Kritzinger was extra boring and at times I wondered if the man was losing his mind. He has always been boring, but that day he was super boring. Or perhaps I was on edge to get out of there.

During our break in the 'kaf' I suggested we skip the last class and just leave, just to be met with a stern 'no' from André, Johan and Herman.

"What is this? The 'A' student wanting to abscond? Forget it. Not on my watch, baby bro! And in any case, Dr Joubert is going to give us our tests back and tell us about our scope for our final examinations. You're going nowhere! I'm calling Dad ..."

"What's the real reason, Anton? You and the Ita having some secret meeting or something?" Johan couldn't believe his ears.

"No, 'baby bro', NO! We're all leaving just after 2 o'clock. Juan would kill you if he found out. NO!" Herman put in.

"OK! OK! I was just wishing. By the way, we've invited Morné du Preez to come tomorrow. OK with you guys?"

"Really? He is very well built. How is your body building coming along? I was thinking of joining you, if we may?" Johan put in.

"No, of course not! Now it's still tough but Morné said that it would all start to feel good in 4 weeks' time. In any case, we only have about 4 weeks until the end of the year. Morné suggested we get a few dumbbells. He is going to give us a programme for the holidays and suggested we do some kilometres on our bicycles. Come, join us. It would be a lot of fun." André kicked me under the table. I ignored him as I was sure that if it came to it, Morné would be impressed to see Herman's cock ... the more the merrier!


By 2 o'clock I was feeling as if I could explode. I wanted to get out of there and be with my man and my Dad.

Dr Joubert's class wasn't too bad but I wanted out. The scope for the exams wasn't news, but it had to be done. Fortunately our predicates and credits were high. No problems there.

We - Juan, André and I - were going to drive with Gunther in his Rav. My Auris was going to be left at our flat where Gunther lived. Luigi had to travel by himself, as he still had to do his hospital rounds at 4 o'clock before he could leave. Johann was on a shoot in Camps Bay and would be back in Stellenbosch by half past 4 and would come with Luigi. He was going to leave his Rav at Luigi's. Johan was traveling with Herman in the Rav - the Audi TT was parked for the time being!

"Some toasted sandwiched from the shop next to the Mall? And some Vitamin water? The gym sessions are making me hungry and thirsty and fucking randy! So, watch it boys! Anton is in the house!" I joked.

I phoned ahead and ordered our food and when Gunther stopped there, the food was almost ready. We got our food and drove off. When we were driving out of town, the song 'I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman', whistled by Whistling Jack Smith was playing from Gunther's iPod on the sound system. It was an oldie but we knew it from Dad's music and we all joined in and whistled like real troopers on a road trip. It put me in a great mood immediately. André put his arm around my neck and hugged me while his lips were pouted to whistle along with the song. Juan whooped like a youngster. He also knew the song and the tune was infectious.


We were the first to arrive with Johan and Herman right behind us. When Gunther stopped the Rav, I was out first and like a 10 year old boy, I ran into Dad's outstretched arms. Fuck! I loved my Dad! He grabbed me and lifted me up, and gave a few turns.

"Ahhh! My beautiful boy! I've missed you so much! It's so good to see you! Hallo my darling boy!" Dad gushed and kissed me.

André joined in and was pulled into the embrace. Dad kissed him and asked how we were doing.

"All the better now that we are here. Baby bro here had us on edge since early this morning. He is an impossible and stubborn boy when he wants to be. You better talk to your son, Dad!"

"Andre, just shut up! I'm glad to be with my Dad! Are you not?" I retorted.

Juan and Gunther joined us and as always, Dad hugged and kissed them too. Then Herman and Johan came up to Dad and yes, Dad hugged and kissed them too!

"Welcome boys! I hope you will have a super weekend with us. Welcome! When are Luigi and Johann coming?" Dad asked.

"Johan had a shoot in Camps Bay and Luigi still had to do his rounds. They should be here at around half past 4 or so," Juan said and gave Dad another hug.

"Well, we can't wait for them - we'd be desiccated mummies if we didn't get a drink now! Come!" Dad led the way.

Just then Mom walked towards us and she lightly hugged and kissed all of us, including Johan. When she hugged and greeted André and me, the hugs and kisses were more heartily and warmer. She still had some reservations about the bunch of men entering her house. Mom! Get with the programme!

"André, please take the orders. I'll come and help you. Alma, G&T for you or white wine?" Dad asked.

"A gin sounds nice, thanks Adriaan. Anton, please help me bring some snacks?"


The conversations were light and relaxed. Mom filled us in about the last arrangements for the party and expected us to be in the barn by no later than 9 o'clock to lend a hand. We were to have breakfast by half past 7 - no excuses.

Dad informed us that more orders for our Cabernet Rouge vines came in. We had our work cut out for us during the next season. But, it meant good money and I had the procedure of slips and grafting down to a fine art. With André helping me, I could easily do a hundred or more per day. The crucial part was timing, temperature and working as sterile as possible, plus a very sharp knife. And of course, good rootstocks.

"So, how are the plans coming along for the trip to London? Any news from Claire?" Mom asked.

"No, we just had confirmation it's going ahead but no details yet. We were hoping Johann would be giving us good news today. Dad, please remember to give us our passports when we leave on Sunday. We'll need to hand them in for visas," I said.

"Hallo everybody! Oh, started without us, have you?" Johann said as he walked in the door. We didn't hear the Prius. "Ita, we're way behind with the drinking! André, G&T for your mate here please! Ita, for you? Spring water and a glass of dry red?"

I jumped up and ran to greet Luigi. He also put his arms out and hugged me tight and kissed me.

"I've missed you, mio caro! Oh mio Dio [my godd]! Are you OK?"

"No hug and kiss for me, my darling boy?" Johann ribbed me and joined the hugging with Luigi.

"Of course, silly man! I always miss you!" I kissed Johann and got a big hug from him.

The two latecomers greeted Dad and Mom, and ... Mom hugged and kissed both of them! Both of them were the centre of her wrath in the past. I just hoped Mom was sincere, as this was one war she wasn't going to win! There were 6 of us and we had Dad on our side!

André brought their drinks and hugged and kissed Johann and Luigi. It should've been clear to Mom how sincere we were and how much we loved each other.

"Now that everybody is here, let's toast the weekend and the engagements! To your health, love and happiness, boys! Cheers!" Dad said and lifted his glass.

We drank and we chatted. The jokes came hard and fast. Even Mom joined in. We were a happy bunch.

"Adriaan, I think we should give them the stuff ... the gifts ... now. OK? It's in the study. André, Anton, please help Dad?" Mom said.

We got up and fetched a few bags with gifts in the study. There were a couple of big flat gifts brown-paper, obviously the photos. But there were more! Dad! Mom! There were at least four bags with gift-wrapped parcels.

"OK, we've asked Anton to give us some ideas. He has done a great job and we are pleased to give you something you'd enjoy and admire, and use. So then, Alma come help me please?"

"Dad, why so many presents?" I asked.

"You'll see my boy, you'll see!" Dad said and winked. "First one please, Alma? This one is for Juan, who is almost like our older son. I hope you'll enjoy Mom's gift to you. Please don't open until we've given all the gifts she's giving. Like a true Mom - you'll see! Next is Johann who is as close to our hearts as Juan. Johann, here you are! Next is Gunther, our new son who is living in our flat in town. Then Luigi, the big Italian son we've come to love so much. And lastly, for our fantastic twin boys. Without them none of this would have been possible. They're the glue that keeps this group together. And because you're such close friends Johan and Herman, we've decided to also give each one of you one of these; here you go. Now, open please," Dad said.

We ripped the paper wrappings: First Aid kits from the AA for our cars! Very useful.

"Thanks Mom!" We all got up and hugged and kissed her for the gifts.

"Next, something for your iThings. These are for the six getting engaged. Juan, Gunther, Johann, Luigi and my boys - here you go," Dad said and handed us a fairly small but heavy parcel to each of us. "Now, open!"

We opened and there we had Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth loudspeakers! Wow! The parents really went for these? They were around R2 500 (more than US$200) each! I made suggestions and thought they would stop at one gift each, and with all of us having new cars, I thought the First Aid kits would've been the gift of choice!

"Thanks Dad! Wow! We're going to have a party of note when we have all of them on at the same time! Anton, you're the man to suggest such thoughtful gifts!" André gushed. Dad got hugs and kisses from us all.

"Now, what are these big gifts, Dad?" Johann asked. "Are these also for us?"

"Yes, we've extorted it from you via Anton. We hope it's OK, Johann? We're not making money out of it, but thought it appropriate with the event taking place here tomorrow," Dad said. "First of all, a gift to Juan and André, then one for Luigi and Anton and then one for Johann and Gunther. Here you go. And then, we decided to give each one of you a personal one. These are for your homes. Now, open!"

"It is obvious these would be pictures ... right?" Juan said as we ripped the brown paper off. Yes, it was the photos I got from Johann. They were enlarged to A1 size and boxed. Wow! It looked very nice. There were photos of the couples and then individual photos. Each one was a masterpiece and showed us relaxed and happy on Jacques' farm under the trees and in the vineyards. These would look so good in our houses!

"Thanks Dad, Mom! Anton, you really have a knack for this kind of thing! Johann, is it OK Dad and Mom had these photos enlarged?" Juan asked.

"Yes, sure. As long as they were not going to be used to generate income, or be sold. I'm honoured that my pictures are going to liven up the rooms of my family! No problem," Johann said. "I have to admit: the photos I've taken last weekend are fantastic. And not to take away anything or to belittle anybody, but the star was Luigi. He is the true star amongst us! Just look at him and our darling boy! We're so proud of you!"

Luigi blushed and squeezed my hand. "Grazie [thanks], but you're the best photographer, Johann!"

We thanked the parents once more.


The evening was cheerful. We enjoyed Dad's anecdotes. Johann and André had us in stiches with their jokes. Mom was laughing so much, at one stage I saw her slapping her hand on Luigi's leg. Mom, you old softie!

Mom's lasagne was excellent and my darling Italian man had a second helping. "Mom, you would be welcomed in the folds of the Morettis in a heartbeat! Your lasagne is superb!"

"Why thank you Luigi! I'd love to have some real Italian recipes from your mom if I may please?"

"Of course! I have a whole selection at home. I'll have them typed and sent to you. There is a tutor who teaches Italian lessons - Anton will be getting some lessons from her soon - who could translate them. Just give me some time. But your lasagne proves you're on the right track. We believe in simplicity. Too many ingredients spoil the dish. Only the basics will do. Next year when we go to Italy, Mama will teach you!" The ice was broken! The war was won! When food was on the cards, Mom was a goner! She's going to love her son-in-law and his family!

After a nightcap, we said goodnight and we went up to our quarters.

"Right, all in the shower and then into bed. Mom wants us up at the crack of dawn, so to speak," Juan said.

"Yes, and baby bro and I, Juan and Luigi sleep in the boys' bedroom, and the other four in the spare bedroom. It doesn't mean the main bedroom is off limits though!" André put in.

"Hmmm! I feel like having some fun before we are engaged. Tomorrow night might be a bit difficult with all the people here and having had lots to eat and drink. So then, let's get showered first," Johann gave his opinion.

We all agreed and before long we have finished with our douche and got showered. We all bundled onto our big king-size bed and took inventory of the day and of the way our lives have changed since July when Juan, André and I got involved, and then the others.

"I've never had more sex in my life than since I've become a part of these 'sex perverts' as André would put it," Johann said. "Even though my cock is not the biggest here - our good friend Herman here is the champion - usually I had the boys running away when they saw my cock. I can only imagine what it must have been for you Herman! I never thought I'd fall in love so quickly and that I'd be part of a six-way relationship. The engagements and weddings are academic. Even though I love my Jerry and will marry him, I never want to be without Juan, the twins or Luigi."

"Same here. Mom had a big problem as you all know, but I think all worked out for the best in the end. Mom was like putty in Luigi's hands tonight. Ita, you're the man, my man! I think we're good to go!" Juan said.

I was lying in Luigi's arm when André broke the atmosphere when he bluntly interjected: "Are we going to deliver some sermons or drag the cat's guts out, or are we going to fuck? I know Herman has a huge tube steak he wants to feed someone ... baby bro?"

I felt Luigi stiffen ... uh-oh! The two didn't like each other! No, it was going to ruin the situation.

"Erm ... not tonight, OK Herman? I'd like to sleep with Luigi tonight, OK? No offence though?" I could have his cock in me some afternoon, but with Luigi present? No ways! The two of them utterly disliked each other. Exactly what the problem was, wasn't clear. I knew Luigi was the reason why Herman left the group and Herman was the reason why Luigi wasn't keen on sharing me with the other guys.

"So what you're saying is that we're not welcome here tonight? Really?" Herman said, clearly hurt. "And the other guys will all get a chance to fuck you, but not I?"

"No, of course not but we'd like to keep it between the 6 of us for tonight please? Please understand: you're no longer part of the group. You'll always be our special friend, but tonight is for us only. Please, Herman? Please understand? No hard feelings and no bad blood. We care for you but we want this one for us alone please?"

"Whatever. Come Johan, let's sleep in another bedroom. We're not welcome here. Sheez!" Herman wasn't impressed.

"Let me have a talk with him," Juan said and followed Herman.

We heard them talking in the next bedroom, and at times it was fairly loud. My name, Luigi's name and the word 'friend' were heard.

Luigi held on to me and kissed my hair. I had my hands on his arms and felt his big cock coming alive despite the circumstances.

Johann and Gunther had their arms around each other with André sitting on the edge of the bed poised to go join Juan if need be. I hated it that such a wondrous occasion was subjected to such tension. But, I've suspected that it had to come to a head sooner or later, as it was clear Luigi didn't like the attention I got from Herman, and was never going to succumb to Herman being in the inner circle. Oh fuck! Herman fucking me in future ...? Who knew?

The voices in the next bedroom quieted down. Juan entered our bedroom and sighed. "Herman is not a happy chappy. He feels pushed aside and hurt. Johan isn't happy either. I can understand that, but we've made a conscious decision that it would be the six of us, and only to allow someone else in under special occasions. Is this one of the special occasions? I said it is for us and that we wanted to be by ourselves - just the six of us. Any objections?"

"I think you know how I feel. I say only the six of us," Luigi said with a stern voice. He wasn't going to budge.

"To me it's comme ci comme ça [neither here nor there]. It's nice to have sex with them but it is a rather special occasion for us. I'm cool if it's only the 6 of us," Johann said.

"Gunther?" Juan asked.

"I'm with Johann. Herman is a king in the cock department and a giant, but yes, this is a special moment for us, and they're not getting engaged. So, I'm happy if it's only us," Gunther said.

"Anton, André - you?" Juan asked.

"It's always great to see Herman's huge cock and when he fucks the baby bro, and no offense, but I'm with you guys. It was Herman's choice to exit the group. Baby bro?"

"It doesn't really matter. I enjoy Herman's company and he does have a cock of note, but I have to side with you guys. This is rather a special night for us. So, just the 6 of us," I said.

"Then it's settled," Juan said.

"I'll go and tell them," I said.

When I entered the other bedroom, Herman was still fuming, with Johan comforting him.

"Herman, please - no offense, I promise - it is rather a special night for us. So please just cool it for tonight. We love you guys and you're part of the circle of friends, but you're not part of the inner circle. We prefer it to be only us for tonight, OK?"

"Yes, and how do you think it makes us feel? Pushed aside and given the cold shoulder ... it hurts! And what is going to happen in future? No more sex with you or André?"

"I don't know Herman. Luigi will flip if he knew about that, and I'm not prepared to take that chance - he is just too important to me, you know that. I love him very, very much. I love you too, but it could never be the same as with Luigi. Plus, you have Johan now ..." I said but was cut short.

"Yes, I have him and I love him, but I can't fuck him! You know that! I can only fuck you! What am I going to do now?" Herman complained.

"We'll work on a plan. Just cool it for tonight, please?" I pleaded.

Herman's huge cock was semi-hard and in that state, it was already bigger than my cock hard and I lusted after it ... fuck! To get fucked with it was an experience!

"I'd love to have you fucking me again, but if it's going to happen, it would have to be on my terms and in utter secrecy. Luigi is never to know it, please. Otherwise, the deal is off. But for tonight, it's just the 6 of us, OK? OK, Herman? I love you man, but I do have Luigi and he'd be super hurt if he found out, so please. Let's cool it. OK? OK, Johan?"

"Yes, I understand. I'll give Herman a super blowjob and hand job, and I'll try with some of the new lube we bought to see if I can take his cock. I don't know if I will manage, but I can only try, OK baby?" Johan said turning to Herman.

'Baby'? Things have progressed!

"OK then. Enjoy and have fun," I said and kissed each of them. Herman pulled me on top of him and I felt his huge cock almost hard now, pushing against mine.

"Oh fuck! What I'd give to fuck you right here, right now! Oh fuck!" Herman said and I felt his cock twitch under me.

"Another time ... let's see. I'd love to feel you in me again, but ... Luigi will not approve. So, let's cool it for now," I said and kissed him again. He hugged me and pushed his cock hard against me. Oh fuck! How I wished I could have him in me! But ... Luigi. I choose Luigi, I thought. I broke the kiss and embrace and got up, off Herman. I hugged and kissed Johan whose cock was rock-hard and already dripping with precum.

"I'd also love to have you in bed with us, but I understand. Enjoy. I'll do my best to satisfy our Gentle Giant. For all we know, I'll manage - I'll let you all know!"


Our night together was a night to remember. We hugged and kissed our lovers and soon we were moaning. The precum flowed freely.

"I'm the brother ..."

"Oh sheez! Not that again! You rubbish! Await your turn!" Juan said and hugged André closer. "I'll let you know, I'm the lover and I'm the first to fuck you! So, what do you say about sucking my big old cock before I plug you? Hmmm?"

"Pulling rank on me now, are you? You dirty ugly big old oaf! Then I want the best blowjob ever! OK? OK!" André said bravely!

We cracked up laughing at their antics. Just never a dull moment! My bro was just too much!

Next to us Johann had Gunther's huge cock in his hand and was jacking it. The precum made the head glisten and Gunther was groaning.

Luigi rolled me onto my back and sat on my chest, pointing his 29cm cock at my mouth. It was sopping wet and smelled divine. It was musky and the precum looked delicious ... I put my tongue out and licked the tip. Ahhh! My darling's love juice ... oh fuck! How I loved this man! Luigi leaned forward and pushed his big cockhead into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and the head slipped deep into my gullet. Oh fuck! To deep throat this man was out of this world. He was a lover of note.

Luigi leaned backwards and was fingering my hard wet cock. This was going to be a night to remember!

"Is it OK with everybody if I fuck our 'baby bro' first? Seeing that I am the lover and I have rights, to quote André, I want to fuck him first!" Luigi said.

We cracked up laughing and of course André tried to give him a swipe. Luigi was too quick and André ended up on his back with Luigi on top of him.

"Give up, or I'll call Dad!" Luigi said, mimicking André's mantra.

André's face was one of extreme amazement and for once he didn't know what to say!

We laughed like a bunch of schoolgirls.

"You damn Ita! Just get off of me! You're worse than that big oaf! Sheez! Go have your way with my baby bro! You horrid creature!" André said, his dignity a bit tarnished.

Luigi let go of André and crawled into my arms. His cock was a bit softer and when he lied on top of me, it pushed against my cock. The full weight of the man on top of me was exquisite. His hairy body on mine felt divine. His stubble on my clean-shaven face was like masculine heaven. His full lips on mine was just damn nice and wonderful. I looked into his big brown eyes, filled with love and passion.

"Ti amo, mio caro! [I love you my darling]. I'm the happiest man alive to have you in my life, under me, loving me. You're a spectacular man. I want to make beautiful hot love to you tonight. After the others, I want to be in you for the rest of the night. OK?"

"Of course my beautiful man! I'm just as happy and pleased. Yes, let's do it!" I gushed and kissed my man. His cock stirred on top of mine.


After Luigi made spectacular love to me - the others were busy with their own shenanigans: Juan was fucking André but they didn't cum, and Johann and Gunther were in a 69 - and after Luigi's third volley of cum, he pulled out and André pushed in. He was so randy after being fucked my Juan, he shot his load in me in no time.

Juan pushed in and fucked me while I was sucking Gunther. When Gunther came close to cumming, he pulled his cock from my mouth and declared his load had to be saved for my hole.

After Juan shot his load, Gunther pulled me on top of him. I sat on his cock and leaned down to kiss this beautiful blonde man. When I bent forward, Johann pushed his lubed up cock in as well. I was having a double-fuck with two of my favourite men.

Soon the two guys fucking me shot their loads in me and pulled out.

"OK guys, now that you all have had your way with my man, he's mine for the rest of the night. Got it André? No more for you guys," Luigi said.

"Yes, we've heard you, Ita! You've made it very clear earlier! Perhaps if you'd forgotten, we still have feelings, deep, inner feelings! We're not homeless rubbish! I'm so hurt ..."

"André, just shut up and come here! Let them have some time to themselves! You've had your share! Just come here!" Juan said and pulled André into his arms.

"Mio caro, come here per favore [please], I want my cock in you again. You OK? Not too much cum in you?"

"No, I'm fine thanks.


The rest of the night went by in a blur of being fucked, being held by Luigi, being kissed, lots of cum being pumped into me. At one stage Johann rolled me on top of Luigi and put his cock in as well. He fucked me and after he shot his load into me, he pulled out and sucked Gunther's cock. Juan and André were fast asleep.


"Good morning boys ...! Oh ... sorry! Still at it, I see! Luigi, my boy! Wow! And look at all the morning wood here! Boys, you're putting me to shame! Sheez!"

Dad entered the bedroom and was literally drooling when he saw 6 naked bodies, 5 hard-ons and the sixth one obviously in me. Dad's bulge grew considerably. He was pushing his cock into position on his left hip. Dad would've jumped in on the spot ... if he could! Poor man! What I'd give to have a double fuck with him and Luigi! I wondered if it could even be possible some time ... perhaps when Dad came to Stellenbosch again? I'd run it by Luigi I thought ...

"Herman and Johan are outside. They have taken a walk to the dam. You guys have to get up too!" Dad said, palming his cock.

"Good morning Dad! What's that in your pants snaking to your hip? Hmmm? Some kind of trouser trout or what?" André said and put his hand out, touching Dad's bulging pants.

"Ahhh! What I'd give to join you guys ... on damn! I'm rock-hard here! Hmmmm! Luigi, you're still inside Anton? Wow! Gunther, you really have the biggest one here! Even I have to bow at your superiority in the pants department!"

"You're drooling over our morning wood - how about you showing us yours? Come on Dad! We've all seen it! Show us please!" André insisted. Would Dad show us? Oh fuck! My cock got even harder! The precum leaked from my piss-slit.

"I haven't seen it! It looks big Dad," Luigi said and his cock twitched in my hole. Oh fuck! To have them both in me! Ahhh!

"Well then, show Luigi the big cock that made your two beautiful boys! Come on Dad!" André urged Dad on to show us his cock.

"You wouldn't mind, Luigi?" Dad asked as he had his fingers on his zipper, ready to unzip.

"I see peepees every day! No, show me please!" Luigi said and his cock twitched in me again.

"OK, but this is only for our own eyes, OK?" Dad said as he unzipped. He put his hand in his pants and hauled his 27,5cm cock out. It was rock-hard and sopping wet. Oh fuck!

"It is a real biggie! Wow!" Luigi said.

"Dad, why don't you fuck baby bro right now, right here? Baby bro, would you like that? Come on! Let's have some early morning fun. Luigi? You OK?" André ... sigh! But, I'd let it happen in a heartbeat!

"Erm ... I don't know! Would that be acceptable? Luigi? You other guys? Do you want me to do that? Really?"

"I say let fly! Dad, fuck the 'baby bro'! He deserves some special treatment! Go for it Dad!" Johann put in and was slowly jacking his big rubbery cock.

"Here is some lube Dad! Come, fuck baby bro!" André said and handed Dad the fancy lube. "But I want to suck you first, OK?"

André got on his knees on the bed and put his hand on Dad's big cock. He leaned forward and sucked Dad's big cockhead into his mouth. "Ahhh!" He loved sucking Dad's cock. He fondled Dad's big balls and Dad groaned.

Gunther got up and closed the door, and locked it. Rather safe than sorry. His huge cock swayed from side to side, precum dripping. Fuck!

André let go of Dad's cock and put some lube on the head and shaft. Dad kicked off his shorts and sandals and got onto the bed between my legs - I was now lying on my back on top of Luigi.

André put some of the lube on my hole and guided Dad's big cock to my hole. Dad took my ankles in his hands and pushed my legs up in the air. André held Dad's cock at my asshole and Dad pushed forward. His big cockhead stretched my hole and slipped in. I gasped. Oh fuck! My Dad and my lover in me - they're both big! Luigi's cock was longer but not thicker than Dad's cock. Dad's glans was big and rubbery and slipped in. Ahhh!

"You OK my boy? Are we hurting you? Hmm?" Dad said.

"I'm fine thanks ... Dad ... ahhhh! Just hold still for a second ... ahhh! You have big cocks! Ahh!" I said, groaning.

Dad maintained the pressure and his cock was slowly sliding into me, filling me up and stretching my hole.

"Mio caro? You OK? Dad's cock is big! I hope we're not hurting you? OK?" Luigi asked. "I've heard of this and I'm sure Gideon and Simon might be doing this, but it's the first time for me! Wow! Dad, you're a sex god!"

"Ahhh!" Dad groaned as the last few millimetres slipped in. He held still. His cock twitched and his big balls were resting on my buttocks and on Luigi's balls. "I'm not as close to a sex god as you, Luigi! I'm an average farmer who happens to have two fantastic sons who have incredible boyfriends! Do you enjoy it though, Luigi? Anton?"

"I'm not convinced that you're not a god, because this is an experience!" Luigi said as he started to fuck me from below.

"I'm fine Dad. You and Luigi can let fly - I'm OK," I said and touched Dad's face.

Dad picked up speed and soon he was fucking me with long deep thrusts. He wasn't going to last long!

Next to us Johann and Gunther were sucking each other and André was lowering his hole over Juan's cock - both boys getting fucked!

Dad's big cock on top of Luigi's bigger cock was making me feel so good. Dad's big balls slapping against my buttocks felt great.

"Oh damn! Oh damn! This is wonderful! Thanks boys! Oh damn!" Dad gushed as he was fucking me on top of Luigi's cock.

"I'm going to cum now Dad. Don't cum yet. I have multiple orgasms and would like to shoot my first load. We could cum together with my next volley of cum, OK?"

"You have multiple orgasms? Wow! OK, I'll hold back. Let fly Luigi!" Dad said and held still.

Luigi was now fucking me fast and soon his breathing was deep and fast. He was about to shoot one of his signature loads into me.

"I'm cumming! Here it comes! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Mio Dio [my godd]! Hnnnnggggghhnnn! Ahhhhhhh!" Luigi groaned and I felt his cock twitch in me and shoot the first spurt of cum into me. He squirted at least 9 spurts into me. His cock was hard and twitching under Dad's cock.

"Dad, I'm going to fuck the 'baby bro' again now. I'm cumming in 30 seconds again. You OK? Can you do it? Cum with me?"

"Oh hell yes!" Dad said and started to fuck me again with fast deep thrusts. He was groaning already. His breathing was deep and ragged. He was about to cum!

Below me Luigi was fucking me and he too was breathing deep. He was about to shoot his second volley of cum into me.

"Dad, I'm cumming again. Cum with me! Cum!" Luigi said.

The two of them were fucking me and their cocks were pistoning in and out of me.

"Here it comes my boy! I'm going to cum! Oh damn! I'm cumming! Oh dear! Here it is! Cumming! Oh damn! ... Oh damn! ... Oh fuck!" Dad swore and I felt his cock swelling and shooting his load into me.

Luigi too was groaning. He too was cumming.

They both shoved their cocks deep into me and held still. Their cocks spasmed and twitched as they shot their big loads into me.

The shenanigans were too much and I shot my cumload too. It hit me on my chin, in my face, on Luigi's face next to mine, on my chest, on my tummy ... I made a big mess!

Dad leaned closer to me and kissed me. His mouth tasted of spearmint toothpaste. And he smelled of Hugo Boss Bottled. I put my hands around his neck and hugged my Dad.

"Hmmmm! Your cum tastes good!" Dad said and licked my cum from my chin.

Next to us Juan was growling and shot his load into André and Johann and Gunther also groaned as they shot their loads into each other's mouths.

Dad stirred first and started to pull out. His big cock curving left was wet with cum.

"Let me suck it clean Dad!" I said. Dad moved over to the side of the bed and leaned in so his cock was entering my mouth. I sucked his cock and tasted his and Luigi's cum, as well as all the cum of the previous night.

When his cock was clean, Dad said: "Thanks ... Wow! Come, we have to get going. Get your sweats and T-shirts, and come down for coffee!" Dad put his underpants on and tucked his huge cock to his left hip. He put on his shorts and zipped up. "Come boys! Let's go! Thanks my darling boy! Thanks Luigi! What a way to start a wonderful day!"

Dad unlocked the door and when he opened it, Johan and Herman came down the passage and greeted him. Just in time ...


The final preparations for the party went well. Mom was her old self, ordering everybody around and making sure everything was in order and ready.

By 12 o'clock one of her friends arrived with some cooler boxes with food. There was curry and rice, hamburgers and hotdogs to choose from. Dad brought another cooler box from the house with ciders, spirit coolers and beer. And, spring water for Luigi!

At one stage I saw Luigi and Dad talking to each other. When I approached them, Luigi held his arm out and pulled me into an embrace. "Ahhh! Mio caro! We were just talking about you! I told Dad how much I love you and how happy you make me. I think you know how much Dad loves you too! Ahhh!"

"Yes, I do love you very much my darling boy! You're such a special person!" Dad gushed.

"You guys make me blush! But you should know I love you too!" I said, stepping into Luigi's embrace, and my other arm around Dad's middle.

"This morning was unexpected and new to me! But it was nice! We could do it again if you wanted to. It would be a great repeat to a wonderful experience! I actually would love to suck Dad some time! He does have a nice big cock! Almost as big as Piero, I'm sure!" Luigi said and hugged me.

"And who is Piero?" Dad asked.

"My nephew in Italy. He is 18 and a student studying medicine. He is almost as tall as I am and has a big one too," Luigi said.

"Oh, I'd be glad if we could do it again! I'd love to have Dad join us again! Now you know!" I said.

"I'll let you know when I'm in Stellenbosch again. There is a sale on at the co-op in two weeks' time and I was thinking of sleeping over to be there when the shop opens. Perhaps then?" Dad asked.

"Yes, and you could stay over at my place. And we could have some fun!" Luigi said.

"It's settled then! I can't wait! Thanks!" Dad gushed and I saw his cock bulging on his hip ... ahh!


The first guests started to arrive at half past 6. There were school friends, teachers, neighbours, hockey teammates, family and other friends. We were dressed to the nines and looked like we were on a photo-shoot!

Pieter and Claude arrived, Mario and Chris were there, Lukas and Werner, Claire and her life partner, and some others. And of course Herman and Johan. Herman had calmed down but it was clear he was hurt ... I'd have to do something about it, I thought.

When Pieter and Claude hugged and kissed us, and when they were introduced to Luigi, Pieter's and Claude's eyes were big. "Really? 'Baby bro'? This is the man who has won your heart? Phew! Sheez! Man oh man! What a looker! Luigi, I'm sure you hear it many times, but fuck brother, you're a specimen of note! Wow!"

"Pleased to meet you gentlemen. Mio caro - it means 'my darling' - has told me about you. You are a very attractive man too Claude. A model, no? And you Pieter, I can see you and Dad - yes I call him 'Dad' too! - are brothers. Very attractive and big! Big men! Big hands!" Luigi gushed.

Morné arrived alone and looked a bit forlorn. Poor man. I greeted him and took him to the others to introduce him to the ones he didn't know. When I introduced him to Luigi, his eyes bulged. He couldn't keep his eyes off my man. He gulped and blushed. When I looked down I saw his huge cock was bulging on his right hip. Jackal! The man is taken, Morné! Jackal! After introductions, Morné joined André, Herman and Johan.

When everybody had settled in at the tables and has had a drink or two, Dad started the proceedings.

"Could everybody get a glass of sparkling wine or any other drink you prefer, and let's toast the 6 great men at the main table.

"André and Anton need no introduction, but would you care to stand up please? They're the most identical twins I've ever seen. There is literally no physical difference between them. It's only when they start to speak, that you'll notice the difference! But, we still love you André!" Dad said under loud cheering.

"When Alma and I got married, we had visions of having at least 4 children but she developed major problems and the boys had to be brought into this world by means of an emergency Caesar section, 4 weeks prematurely. After a week in the incubator and another week in the hospital, we could bring them home. And as you can see, they're none the worse for wear: both 1,84m tall, very intelligent, ace hockey players and the apple of our eyes.

"Unfortunately there were to be no more siblings. But, the two of them give us no problems and we're proud of them to no end. And we love our boys very much.

"Please raise your glasses in a toast to our boys. André and Anton!"

The guests drank to our health and a few shouted: "Hear! Hear!"

"When the twins were in Gr 9, a new teacher started at the school, teaching Natural Sciences, and he was also the new hockey coach. The boys liked hockey and were good players already. But when they met this new teacher, their love for hockey turned into a fanatic love for the sport and adoration for their teacher and coach.

"That teacher was Juan du Toit. Juan, please stand up?"

A few wolves' whistles were heard.

"We got to know Juan through the school events and hockey matches and when the boys were in Gr 12, they didn't know which university to choose, but when they heard that Juan was appointed at the Microbiology Department at the Stellenbosch University, and that he'd be the main hockey coach, their minds were made up.

"Through the hockey they became close friends and before we knew it, there was love in the air. It was a close toss up between André and Anton but in the end André was Juan's choice for a partner.

"Cheers to Juan and André! Juan, we're proud to have you in our lives!"

The teachers and hockey players went wild. Juan was a very popular guy. A few girls lost their smiles as they had secret crushes on our man!

"Next is Luigi. Luigi, please stand up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dr Luigi Moretti from Florence Italy. He is an urologist at the private hospital in Stellenbosch, philanthropist, academic and the one who was Anton's choice for a partner. In the short time we've known Luigi, he has won our hearts over. He and Anton were made for each other: the same personalities, kind, loveable and they have the strongest relationship I've seen in my life. To Luigi and Anton!"

Not many of the guests knew Luigi but there were a few gasps amongst the women. I looked at Luigi and realised just lucky I was. He was an extremely attractive man and when he looked at me, he smiled. His beautiful mouth was kissable and sexy. He was holding my hand on his thigh under the table.

"Then there are Johann and Gunther who have become like our own sons. Johann Blignaut is a photographer of note, working for the likes of Boss Models and many other big houses and companies. Johann is a professional photographer with oodles of talent. He is kind, friendly and a really good friend. He stays in a townhouse just around the corner from where the twins and Juan live.

"Johann brought some photos of the boys and we had a few enlarged to highlight tonight's events - Pieter, would you mind removing the cloths from the photos please?"

Pieter took off the cloths covering the stand against one wall. Mom had the stands covered in black cloth and there was a variety of pictures of us she had enlarged and some that Johann brought from his studio. Mom must have requested him to bring the photos.

"That ladies and gentlemen, is the quality of Johann's work. Spectacular to say the least! Cheers Johann!"

People were craning their necks to see the photos and I had to concur, the photos looked spectacular.

"Last but by no means least: Gunther, please stand up. When the boys and Juan decided to move into our townhouse in Stellenbosch, the flat the twins stayed in became vacant. Gunther Müller is a doctorate student from Germany who is now renting the flat. He and Johann met through the boys after the first photo shoot and as they say, the rest is history. Gunther and Juan are working together on research for Novo Nordisk and are working on their doctorates.

"Gunther is also someone we love very much. He's kind, intelligent and as you can see, no slouch in the looks department! To Gunther!"

The guests raised their glasses and quite a few girls couldn't hide their disappointment when they saw the tall blonde man who was about to betroth his love to another man.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and let's drink to the love and future of these fine men. Boys, would you like to exchange your pendants? Yes friends and family, the boys are getting engaged but they're doing so with pendants and not rings. Boys?"

André was put in charge of the pendants and he had small stickers on each box. He had them all in a gift carry bag. He handed the boxes out and when we each had the pendant of our lovers, we opened the boxes and put the pendants around our men's necks. The chains were long enough to go over our heads without being opened.

Luigi pulled me into him and hugged me. "I love you so very much, mio caro! You're making me the happiest man alive tonight!" he said and then he kissed me in full view of everybody. There were a few gasps, but I thought: "Fuck you all! It's the 21st century and if you haven't seen two men kissing, it's about fucking time you did!"

On either side of us Juan and André did the same and Juan and Gunther too. More gasps. Fuck you, kind people!

"And then to Alma and her team who put all of this together. Thanks for it all and I'm sure it's going to taste wonderful! To Alma and the ladies!" Dad said and raised his glass.

Dad declared the buffet open and the six of us and Dad and Mom were the first to help ourselves to the selection of dishes: chicken, beef, mutton, pork, vegetables, rice, gravy, salads, bread rolls, and Malva pudding - an all-time South African favourite.

By 8 o'clock the party was in full swing. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was haunting and the music was soft and wonderful. People started to mingle and pulled chairs to other tables. Quite a few men and women were at the bar having some drinks. André and Johann had them in stitches. It was clear on face value, nobody was having any negative feelings to the six of us.

Luigi pulled me into a corner and whispered: "I've bought you something. And, no reciprocation! You hear? It's my privilege and I want to do it. Here you go!"

"No Luigi! I didn't get you anything! No!"

"You bought me a shirt and that's enough. And your love is enough for me. This is something extra that would suit you and what I'd love you to have. Come on, open up!" Luigi said and gave me another jewellery box. What could it be?

I opened it and in there, in sparkling 9ct gold, was a bracelet! It had an insignia plate with the letters A and L in curved italics on it. The letters were intertwined. My godd!

"Come, let me put it on for you! Ahh! There you go! Just look how spiffy you look! Mio caro!" Luigi pulled me tight and kissed me. "I'm not sure you really know just how much I love you. In a short stretch of time you've won my heart, my soul, my body, *my cock and my cum* (he whispered) and my home. You're it! I never want to be without you ever again, mio caro! If for whatever reason I had to go back to Italy, you will come back with me, per favore! There would be a job for you. And you're going to learn to speak Italian, so you would be good to go!"

"Luigi, we're staying here for the time being, please? And if we move, it could never be without André and Juan. Johann and Gunther might want to join us too, but not without my brother, please!"

"I was only thinking aloud! I've bought the practice and house, so for the immediate future I have no plans to relocate back to Italy. And yes, the rest must come with us if need be! Ahhh! Oh mio Dio [my godd], how I love you! Just feel that!" Luigi said and pushed his semi-hard bulge against me. Jackal!

"And what do we have here? Hmmm! Sneaking off to have a 'moment'? Hmmm? What's that?" André said as he pushed against us, with his hands on our necks. "Baby bro! Have you engaged the Ita twice? Wow! Let me see that!"

André took my right arm and whistled between his teeth when he saw the bracelet. "Baby bro, this is spectacular! I want one too, if I may? Please say yes, Luigi? May I ask the big oaf to buy me one too? Please?"

"Of course, you rubbish!"

"Juan! Come here! Come see this! Here, you big oaf! Here!"

When Juan walked up to us, André lifted my wrist up and towards Juan. "Just look how it's done, you ogre! Just look!" André gushed.

"Wow! Yes, that is beautiful! Luigi, where did you buy it? Would you mind if I got one for André too? Phew! Beautiful!" Juan gushed.

"Of course not! It would be cool if the twins could each have a bracelet. It's at the Italian jeweller in the Mall. Uncle Mario knows him well and he gave me a big discount. I could get it for you at the same price. I'll give him a call on Monday. Go see him on Monday. There were 3 more of the same bracelet. He does the engraving right there in the shop. Happy André?" Luigi said and took André's head in a head clamp. Of course there was retaliation and without him knowing Luigi's weak spot, André put his fingers in Luigi's sides - the man squealed! He was ticklish, like me! I've never noticed, but then again, me being ticklish, I'd never tickle another person for fear of retaliation.

"Please André! Please! Oh no! Mio caro! Please help me! No! NOOOO! Oh fuck! André stop please!"

I pushed in between them and of course, I was tickled!

"Stop you guys! You've caused quite enough of a ruckus! Come here you wayward delinquent! Let them be! Do you want the exact same bracelet? With the letters A and J engraved? Same as the 'baby bro's'? Hmmm!" Juan said pulling André into an embrace.

"Yes please my big oaf! It looks so spiffy! I'd love to have one too!"


A little later Herman and Johan came to congratulate us and admire our pendants. Herman was still a bit hurt, but he has worked through his huge disappointment of the previous night. I was sure the honour was Johan's. He was a kind soul after all.

The hockey team members came and ribbed Juan and us to no end. "Coach, you're a jackal, you know! There is a throng of girls here tonight who would scratch out the twins' eyes, never mind which one! I'm sure you will be the reason if some of the guys on the team came out of the closet - mark my words," the goalie said. He hugged Juan and then he hugged us too. "You guys rock! We wish you lots of love and happiness. We'd like to come visit you some time, OK?"

"Thanks, and yes, of course! Come for drinks. But don't forget it's gym practice and no exception, OK? OK! Morné was given strict instructions and the one who misses gym practice, will have to deal with me! Morné, you have my full permission to chase them around the athletics track if need be!" Juan said, and feigned a big frown at the hockey team members.

"Yes, Coach - if they don't cooperate, I'd have them for breakfast!" Morné said and then, realising what he said, he stumbled and stuttered: "Erm ... ahh ... you know what I mean! I mean ..."

"Yeah, Muscles from Brussels, we know. But we're not going to get killed in that stuffy gym! You'll treat us with dignity and with the utmost respect, you hear?" one of the more brazen team members put in and slapped Morné on the back.

The teachers of the local school where we attended school and where Juan was a teacher until a year ago, came to congratulate Juan and they too ribbed the poor man! One female teacher - she was the Accounting teacher - said brazenly she had a big crush on Juan and he never paid any attention to her, and now she could understand why. What a bitch!

"No Margaret, there was nothing between us while I was teaching. Our relationship only developed since this year's hockey season. Right boys?" We nodded and the teacher blushed crimson red. She stuttered a few words and went to the bar to get another glass of wine. Poor thing!

Most of the other guests came to congratulate us. Others were gawking at the pictures on the stand.

At one stage we went to have a look at the pictures. My godd! They looked like photos from a fashion catalogue!

"Yes, that's you! And soon, you will adorn the front pages of international magazines. Claire, tell them about GQ!" Johann said and pulled Claire and John, her partner, into the circle.

"Yes, that's true. GQ is very interested and no offence boys, but they are gaga about Luigi! They want to see all of you in London, but Luigi would be the centre of their attention."

"Luigi! Ita! Wow! You're the man!" André worded our thoughts.

"I'm getting the details of the trip to London on Monday. You need to let me have your passports for visas please. Not Luigi and Gunther of course, but I still need to have them to book your tickets. Congratulations boys! I'm proud to be able to say I know you! All the happiness and love in the world. But now I have to go. We're staying with friends of John in Stellenbosch. Thanks a lot and take care. You'll hear from me on Monday." Claire hugged and kissed us all on the cheeks.

By half past 10 most of the guests started to say goodbye. Some elderly people, but also some young girls - the latter surely because they were denied access to some of the most eligible men present! - were kind of iffy when they greeted us. I remembered some of them also didn't come to our table to wish us well. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. So be it. I can't live my life to please other people I thought.

When the last of the guests have left, we all sat down at the main table. The others pulled up chairs and we had one last drink. Herman made sure he sat next to me. Luigi was surely not pleased but didn't let on. He was too much of a gentleman.

"Alma, Mom to most of you, thanks for a wonderful evening! You're a woman of substance and you've proven your worth once again tonight! This was one hell of a party and nobody who was here tonight can say they didn't have good food and were made to feel unwelcome. Some were pissed off - sorry Alma! - but stuff them! If they can't accept something like this in the 21st century, then to hell with them. You can't live your lives to please others," Dad said and raised his glass.

"Dad, Mom - thank you very much. As the alpha male here - yes, André, I am! - it's my privilege to thank you for tonight. This was totally unexpected but it made us proud and made our engagements special. Thanks! Danke! Grazie! Danke! Cheers!" Juan put in. "My parents would have loved to be here but they're not doing too well travelling these days. So, you're my family for tonight.

"Congratulations again my boys and the other 4! We love you and you're now part of this family. Herman, Johan - you're also very dear to us. We never knew what happened why you're no longer part of the group, but it's none of our business. And to my brother Pieter and his partner Claude, you're also part of this extended family. Mario, it was a privilege to meet you! I never knew who was the owner of the restaurant, but when we're in Stellenbosch again, we'd surely come see you. Chris, look after him! He has a heart of gold and he is the reason our son is so in love with his nephew! Cheers!" Dad concluded his praises.

"Dad, Mom, Luigi, André, Juan, Johann, Gunther - if someone told me last year in matric that I'd be so happy and so in love now, I'd laughed at him! But, here we are: one big happy family and me with the most beautiful and kind man at my side. I couldn't have asked for a better, more wonderful man to love. As all of you have seen and experienced, Luigi is one of a kind. I know I'll be extremely happy. He is my soul mate and sometime soon, my husband. To my man, Luigi and all the other wonderful people in my life. I love you very much," I said and raised my glass.

"Yeah, yeah! And all that jazz! My turn! Sit baby bro, sit! Dad, Mom! Thanks! You're the best. Baby bro, I love you and thanks to you too. Juan, my very own ogre, thanks you oaf! I never thought I'd get someone and yes - repeat this and you're a dead man you oaf! - I love you! So there! To my other 3 brothers, Luigi, Johann and Gunther, cheers and welcome to this big happy family! Cheers!" André said.

"All I want to say is: I love your son with all my heart. It happened quickly but I'm sure of how I feel about him. He IS my soul mate and the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for everything and for tonight. You know how to make a person feel welcome. Cin cin, mio caro!"

"Dad, Mom - even though you're no blood relatives, we love you and we're proud to be involved with you," Johann said. "My parents could also not make it for tonight, but they did call earlier to congratulate us. We're going to visit them just before we fly off to London. Thanks for the evening and for the party. We're grateful for the trouble. Cheers!"

"I'm the one from afar, like Luigi, and I have grown to love these people like my own," Gunther said. "I'm not used to this kind of friendliness, to call two total strangers 'Dad' and 'Mom', but it is a privilege, believe me. Your flat has played a major role in all of this, and your boys are two wonderful young men. We love them very much! Prost!"

"Yes, we know Jerry, we know! It's actually my baby bro you're all root..." André started.

Juan pulled him down and hissed: "Shut up!"

"Ahem ... Living room in five minutes. Come! We're just extinguishing the candles and switching off the lights. Mom's helpers will be here at 9 o'clock tomorrow to clear up. Let's go people!" Dad said and stood up.


After each one got a nightcap, we did some post-mortem of the party. André regained his composure and he and Johann, and Pieter and Claude, were cracking jokes. We laughed so much my sides ached.

"Dad, look at what Luigi got for baby bro! Bro, show Dad!"

I held my right arm up so Dad and Mom, as well as the others, could see my new bracelet.

"The big oaf promised me one too!"

"That is beautiful! Wow! Andriaan, take tips! The Italians have always been so romantic! Come here Anton! Let me see!" Mom was impressed and it was a fait accompli - Mom was conquered!

"It's late and I'm tired boys! And I'm sure Mom too. So, if you wanted to continue, be my guest. Pieter and Claude, Mario and Chris, and Lukas and Werner and Morné you're in the cottage. If there is anything you need, just ask the twins. Goodnight boys!" Dad said and hugged and kissed us all, except for Mario and Chris, and Lukas and Werner, and Morné. Mom followed suit and they were gone.

"I say we all go to the cottage and have a fuck fest! What do you say! Come! I'd love to have some serious fun with all of you! Every single one of you! Baby bro, we could breed you till the cum runs from your hole! Ita, you OK with that? Come on guys! What do you say! Claude, do you have some of that fancy lube and poppers? Yes? Yes! Yes! Come on guys! Don't be a wuss! Let's go!" André, who else?

"You OK, mio caro? Would you like that?'

"Yes, I think so, but only if you're OK with it. I'd be happy to go to bed with only you."

"No, let's join the party and see what it brings. If it's too much, we could always come back, OK?"

"Yes, baby bro? Ita? Come guys! I want to see Herman and Mario fuck my baby bro again! Chris, we hear you have a big one too! I want to see that! What are we waiting for? There are drinks in the fridge and ice. And towels, but I know most of the cum would end up inside the baby bro! Oh fuck! I can't wait!"

= To be continued =



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