We got on the Underground and as we pulled into Knightsbridge, my iPhone binged. It was Giovanni. They were still at Kamran’s shop and they wanted us to join them. He enquired if he should meet us in front of Harrods or if we’d be able to find the shop by ourselves.

‘Rather meet us please. We’ve just arrived at Knightsbridge. We’ll wait’

“Giovanni. They’re still at Kamran’s. It’s now … 10 to 5. Time for a drink. Do you want us to join them?” I asked André.

“Yes, why not. He is a handsome man and he does have a cock to die for … for you – not for me! I think Giovanni said his wife won’t be there?”

“Yes, it’s only Kamran,” I said as we got up onto street level.

Harrods was still open and there was a throng of people. The sidewalks were busy … and it was cold! I pulled my scarf up and got my beanie out. I just hoped Giovanni wasn’t doing the same. We did look like aliens and totally unrecognisable.

We stood in front of Harrods’ windows and were looking at all the passers-by. They were mostly salt-of-the-earth ordinary and most of them were dressed the way we were, not showing anything interesting.

“I thought I recognised the two most beautiful men on the street! Hi there boys!” Giovanni said next to us.

“Hi Gio! Wow! It’s so damn cold and we were worried you won’t be able to recognise us,” I said and hugged this tall beautiful half-bred. He was just so fucking sexy.

“Ahhh-nnn! No kiss? Why? Nobody would care!” Giovanni said and kissed me. Hmmm! This man knew how to kiss. “Come here Antonio!” he said to André and let go of me.

“You just had the angelic man in your arms you buffoon! But, let it not be said I didn’t want to kiss the half-bred!” André said and hugged Giovanni, and gave him a kiss of note.

“Erm … ahh … I’m … erm … Damn! You’re not playing fair dressing up the same! Well, now I’ve kissed you as if you were an actual human being …” was all Giovanni could get in before André punched him in the arm. “Ow! It’s true! You’re only classified as a human being because you make the same foot imprint as Antonio when you’re wearing shoes … Ow! Hehehe! Do you agree Antonio?” Giovanni said laughing hard.

“You’re a deviant and heartless half-bred. How my baby bro could even love you one bit, is beyond me!” André put in and grabbed Giovanni in a head clamp.

“Antonio! Help me! The uncivilised hulk is attacking me!”

I just laughed and started walking in the direction I remembered Kamran’s shop was. I looked back and saw the two men had their arms around each other’s waist. Big buddies, despite the superficial banter. My brother liked the beautiful half-bred as much as the rest of us! What’s not to like? After all, the tall man was a TV star and D & G model!

They caught up with me and separated to ensconce me between them. Hmmm!

“Come, Kamran can’t wait to see you … you do know what he has in mind, don’t you mio caro? The poor man! Fell for you hook, line and sinker! But you have to agree: he is a damn nice man! Since I’ve met him, I’ve liked him on the spot and the few times we’ve had a mutual wank, were memorable. He does know how to kiss!” Giovanni said and hugged me.

“Yes, and I’m not identical to my baby bro?”

“André, you know what he means!"

“How was your afternoon? Did your friends fuck you mercilessly?” Giovanni asked.

“You should’ve seen it! All three fucked my brother and two of the bastards double-fucked me! The bloody bastards!” André put in.

“What? You got double-fucked? Really?” Giovanni said and stopped dead in his tracks, mouth agape.

“Yes, you buffoon! Now keep quiet!” André said and waived his finger at Giovanni.

“It was a nice experience and we enjoyed it, including my brother! He LOVED it but he doesn’t want the others to know he has had his first double AND ENJOYED IT!” I put in before André took a swipe at my head. “You yourself blurted it out to Gio!”

“Fuck yes, but it hurt like hell at first. Hmmm! When the pain subsided, it was amazing. The Canadian is a sex machine – he came three times!”

“How was your afternoon?” I asked to deflect the attention from our visit to our three friends.

“It was a nice afternoon. We went to Hyde Park and walked along a stretch of the Serpentine. We ended up at the Four Fountains and then southwards towards the Albert Memorial. We stopped at a nice few shops and some guys still had some shopping to do for family. We’ve only arrived at Kamran’s about 20 minutes ago. He wanted to know everything we’ve done since he saw us. And he kept on watching the door … he is so keen to see you Antonio! I think he’s built up a load for you!” Giovanni said.

My hole was still tender after the triple fuck I had, but I could never say ‘no’ to this beautiful older and sexy man with his big cock.


“Ahhh! Here they are! Oh damn … they look the same! Who is who? Hey guys?” Kamran said and stopped dead in his tracks.

“I’m Antonio, Kamran,” I said and stepped forward. Kamran was dressed like a real English gentleman, with tweeds and scarf and all. I noticed his beautiful big hands again when he pulled me closer to kiss me. His hands were so nice. When he squeezed my hand, it was soft and warm. Hmmmm!

I smelled the Hugo Boss The Scent when Kamran pulled me close to him. “You smell so nice Kamran,” I said and felt his strong body against mine.

“Thanks Antonio. Come, take off your jackets and scarves. I got us some nice drinks and a few snacks. I won’t be able to visit you in the hotel tonight … family responsibilities!”

We took off our jackets and scarves and Kamran hung them on a few coat hooks.

“Please come help yourselves. I have the stuff here behind the counter. That way the front part of the shop stays clean. You know where the toilets are right through that opening in the back room.” Kamran said while he was hanging our stuff on the coat hooks.

“Come here you ugly thing! How are you?” Juan said and pulled André into a hug.

“I’m glad to see you too, you ogre!” André said and put his head on Juan’s shoulder. Aww!

Ciao a tutti il mio tesoro! Come è stato (Hallo there my darling! How was it)?” Luigi said and pulled me into an embrace. Pierre was right there, and so was Clive. They huddled around me and there were hands all over me. And soft gentle kisses. Luigi giggled and pulled all the guys in for a group hug. “You’re such a bunch of softies! He was away 2 hours and look at you!”

“Yes, and look at you! Same goes for you! But I have to say, I was jealous and I didn’t like to see my boy go away like that … Fuck, Ant! I love you!” Pierre said and hugged me. He turned my face to him and kissed me.

“If those bastards have hurt you, I’m killing them!” Clive said and turned my face to him and kissed me. He had his one hand behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair. He gave me the best kiss of them all!

“May I join this orgy-in-the-making? Or have your forgotten about me?” Giovanni said and pushed in next to us. I got a lopsided kiss and hug from this gorgeous man.


We moved towards the table behind the counter at the back of the shop and saw the assortment of drinks. There wasn’t a vast selection, but there were beers, ciders, sherry, gin, tonic, Coke, orange juice, mango juice and bottled water.

I settled for a glass of sherry and while I was pouring it, Kamran came to stand next to me.


“Yes. How are you my friend?”

“I’m fine thanks and you? I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again and here you are! The other night was amazing! But you’ve spoiled me! I haven’t touched my wife since then … All I can think of is you and … fucking you!” Kamran said and stepped up right behind me, his head popped to one side to see me. He was 5cm shorter than I was and his crotch was right below my butt. He wasn’t completely soft … no surprise there!

“It was an experience and I loved it. You have an amazing cock. It’s not just big – it’s beautiful and sexy too. And your multiple loads … wow! You can fill up a guy real good!”

“I know that’s not why you’re here, but … may I fuck you? Please?” Kamran said and held my upper arms with his big beautiful hands. I turned my head and kissed him on the head.

“Yes, I think everybody knows what’s going on in your mind and in your pants! If it’s OK with the others, it’s OK with me. I’ve just been fucked 45 minutes ago but I can never say ‘no’ to you and your incredible cock!”

“Do you want him to fuck you mio caro? Wow! But Kamran is a nice guy who deserves some TLC. Up for it?” Luigi said, moving in from my right. He had a bottle of water in his other hand.

“Really? Would you do that for me? Antonio? Luigi? Oh wow!” Kamran said and touched Luigi’s arm.

“Yes, but only for you. You’re a darling man and I know mio caro likes you and enjoyed your cock. Right Antonio?” Luigi said and kissed me. “I’m OK if you wanted it.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t mind experiencing the Prince of Arabia again!” I said.

“’Prince’ yes, but ‘Arabia’? No! Persia yes! But let’s not dwell on semantics. Thanks guys!” Kamran said.

“Guys, get yourselves drinks and let them get in the back room of the store. Kamran and Antonio are requiring some privacy. OK?” Luigi said.

“What? What about us?” Pierre said with astonishment on his face.

“Yes! This is a bit odd! Yes, what about us?” Clive said, indignation on his face.

“Kamran, buddy! You’re spoiled with our boy, aren’t you?” Giovanni said and gave Kamran’s arm a playful punch.

“Yes, what can I say? He is special!” Kamran said.

“This isn’t my brother! Sheez! Ek gaan vir Pa sê (I’m telling Dad)!” André said as Kamran and I left the shop section to go into back room. I felt like the village whore …

We were alone in the back and Kamran and I looked at each other awkwardly.

“I’m keen for you to do it! You’re a great guy!” I said and stepped closer to where Kamran stood. He looked at me with his attractive stubble face and big brown eyes under his thick eyebrows. I took his big sexy hand in mine and leaned in to kiss him.

Kamran opened his arms and pulled me into an embrace, his hands behind my head and lower back. I felt his big bulge pushing against my thigh …

“Yes please! You have no idea what a special moment this is for me! I'm not regretting marrying my beautiful wife, giving me beautiful children, but sex with a man is just that much more rewarding and exhilarating. And you’re the ultimate!” Kamran said and kissed me tenderly.


We were in each other’s arms, undressing each other and soon we were standing in just our shoes and pants, tenting tremendously with our hard cocks.

Our hands were all over each other. His luxurious black body hair felt like silk and when I lightly pinched his nipples, the man growled and put his head on my shoulder. I sank to my knees and trailed my tongue over his hairy tummy down to his bellybutton. I pushed my tongue into the bellybutton and sucked on the long hair around it.

His big bulge was pushing against the underside of my chin. It was wet – sopping wet, through his underpants. I pushed his underpants down and the big cock pointing to his left sprang out.

I looked at the big cock in amazement once again. It was 29cm, dark in colour. It was very thick, very veiny and had a huge head. It was wonderfully uncut, had a long skin, and it was curving to his left. It was a big cock.

The thin skin covered the glans and the tip was bathed in precum. Ahh!

I took the big wet cockhead in my mouth and tasted Kamran’s sweet precum. Divine. This Persian guy was just so nice, sexy, kind, hairy and hung …

The big cock in my hands felt warm and its thickness wouldn’t allow me to get my fingers around the shaft. I pulled the skin back and looked at the big head and the big piss slit. The skin was caramel and the glans was more of a pink colour. The precum covered the head and Kamran groaned when I pulled the skin forward again. A big amount of precum streamed from the piss-slit and I caught it with my tongue, just in time.

“Please suck me! Oh my darling boy! Please suck my cock! Ahhh! Oh yes! Yes!” Kamran pushed his big cock deep into my mouth but the head was too big. I couldn’t get it in my throat. I did the best I could and enjoyed the feeling of the big cock on my tongue, filling my mouth, leaking lots of precum.

Kamran was groaning and had his hands in my hair, holding my head.

He pulled me up and kissed me. His hairy body was a sight to behold. It really gave new meaning to the word ‘hairy’ but also to ‘sexy’! I pushed his pants down to his knees and to his feet. He still had his shoes on. I knelt next to him and unfastened his stylish shoes. I took one off and then the sock … ahhh! The aroma was intoxicating. This man smelt good, head to toe! His feet had a nice manly smell and I looked at the perfect shape, the long second toe, the hair on his toes and bridge … perfect, and BIG!

I removed the other shoe and sock and worshipped his foot.

“You really like my feet, don’t you? More than you like my cock and me?” Kamran joked.

“No, never! But Kamran, you do have exquisitely beautiful and sexy feet. And they’re huge for a guy your length. Go figure!” I said and gave his big cock a little tap.

“Yes, it’s true but we don’t have a lot of time. Let’s get my pants off so I could undress you too,” Kamran said.

I pulled his pants’ legs off one by one, and he was completely naked. I looked at his hairy feet, his hairy legs, big calves, his strong thighs, his big scrotum with the big balls and his huge cock. Perfection in every way, except he wasn’t as tall as any of the tall guys I love so much.

I kissed his feet and licked the hairy bridges. I massaged his toes and put one foot in my lap on my hard cock still trapped in my pants.

“Come here my beautiful boy!” Kamran said and pulled me up. My hands trailed over his hairy thighs, his big cock and hairy body. When my mouth approached his lips, Kamran leaned forwards and kissed me. His soft lips felt divine and his saliva tasted like nectar. This man was incredible!

Kamran was unbuttoning my shirt while I opened my pants to get it all off. Soon I was naked too and Kamran’s hands were all over my body, my face, my neck, my tummy, my legs, my cock … he stopped at my cock and squeezed it, jacking it a little while he kissed me.

“You are incredible Antonio. I’ve waited my whole life for a man like you and here I am, married and stuck in London, you engaged and living in South Africa. I want to travel the world with you next to me, loving you, making love to you every day, pumping my cum into you while I kiss you, swim in Lake Como, having drinks with you in Gstaad overlooking the snow-covered slopes … I have enough money to last a lifetime with you … How I wish … And …”

“And I’m involved with Luigi, Pierre, Giovanni and Clive, and the others to some extent. You could be ADDED to the group, but nobody is leaving our group. I love them too much. I know I could love you too, but I’m never available to become an exclusive lover …”

“Since the other day that I’ve met you, I’ve been thinking a lot … maybe not right now or the next couple of months, but I’m working on a plan … I can’t say too much now … but there might be a surprise soon. I’ll keep you informed. Ahhhh!” Kamran said as he kissed me again, pulling me close to him.

The huge cock pushed under my balls and made a monumental mess between my legs. Oh godd! What a stallion of a man!

He had his hands on my butt, pulling the cheeks apart and playing over my butt hole with his fingers. It was crystal clear where he wanted his cock …

“Shall we try our precum only or do you have some lube?” Kamran asked.

“I do have two sachets of KY. But let’s try your precum and mine first and see how it goes,” I said hugging this princely man to me.

“Can … can we do that …? Are you sure? I’m damn big …” Kamran asked and pushed his fingers on my hole.

“Yes, let me turn around and you can rub your cockhead over my hole. And you can push in a bit to get the precum all over my hole and some in it,” I said and started to turn around. “If it doesn’t work, I’ll have the lube ready.”

I turned around and bent my knees slightly to give the shorter man better access to my hole. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip over my hole.

I milked some precum from my own cock and pushed my hand between my legs to add it on my hole.

“Thanks! Wow! Between the two of us we produce a lot of precum!”

I smiled inwardly, thinking of what André said about us collecting our precum and selling it in little bottles! With Kamran on our side, we’d build up a roaring trade!

Kamran put his hands on my butt and pushed me down a bit. It was clear he was aligning his cock on my hole and pushed forward gently. I knew this man would never hurt me intentionally, and that he was a very attentive lover. I pushed back to assist the penetration.

The huge head pushed in a bit and Kamran pulled back … in a bit, out … in a bit, out. The fourth time the head slipped in a bit, he held still, made it twitch and held still.

“Oh fuck! Kamran, you have one hell of a big cock! Ahhh!”

“I know … sorry my darling!” ‘My darling’? Another one? This can’t be true, I thought!

Kamran pushed in deeper and stopped. I groaned. I gasped. It was one hell of an invasion …

“Are you still OK my darling? OK if I push in deeper?”

“Ahhh! Yes … OK! Yes, let’s do it!” I said and pushed back to impale myself on the huge cock in my hole. It slipped in on the precum until it was about 10cm in me.

I milked my cock again and gave the precum to Kamran on my finger. He took it and smeared it over his cockshaft. He pulled out a bit and took some more precum from me to lube up his cock. I felt him moving behind me and then he spat on my hole! It was an accurate aim and he covered my hole and his cock with his spit.

“Push it in! Push in Kamran! Oh godd! Yess! Please push it in!” I groaned and felt the big cock sliding into me. My hole was still relaxed after the pounding I had in Wimbledon – a triple penetration – and was filled to the gills with the boys’ cum.

“Oh yes! You’re such a wonderful sex partner! I really wish we could elope … I’d make you the happiest man alive! But, I’d want to fuck you at least three times a day! Damn!” Kamran said as his cock pushed through my inner sphincter … ahhh!

“Kamran, I know you’d be the perfect husband and lover, but we’re both spoken for! If you were to relocate to Cape Town, it would be a different story! Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your big cock is really stretching me!”

“We’ll see what the New Year brings, but nothing would make me happier than to be with you! Ahhhh!” Kamran said as he pushed the last few centimetres of his big cock into me. He leaned forward and hugged me close to him. He kissed me between my shoulder blades and his cock twitched in me.

“Ahh! You’re in! Oh fuck! You have an enormous but wonderful cock. It’s unbelievable … ahhh! Yes, if you could come … to South Africa perhaps … I’d be very happy! Oh damn! Yess! Yess!” I said as Kamran pushed his cock deeper into me and made it to twitch. He held me tight to him.

“I’m not promising anything but … we’ll see. Time will tell. Ahhh! Yess! My darling, you’re the best! Yes! Yes!” Kamran said and started fucking me.

The huge cock in me felt fantastic. Pierre and Clive had longer cocks and George had one hell of a cock, and Rafael and Santiago’s cocks were masterpieces, and Larry’s cock was huge, but there was just something different about Kamran’s cock. Perhaps it was because the man was such a darling, such a spectacular guy, had such incredible hands and feet, hairy body … delightful mouth? I don’t know. Kamran was just in a class of his own. And I enjoyed his fucking a lot.


After about 3 minutes of fucking and Kamran jacking my rock-hard wet cock, him kissing me on my back, he started to groan and his huge cock became even bigger and harder. It was obvious he was about to shoot his first load. This princely man was capable of many huge cumloads. He was going to pump an unholy lot of cum into me again! I so wished I could taste it …

“I’m going to cum my darling boy! Ahhh! Oh dear! Yes! Yes! Here it comes! Yes!” Kamran said as he fucked me with short, deep thrusts. He pushed into me with one last thrust and exhaled … his cock was twitching as it pumped a huge load into me. Oh damn!

“Kamran, that feels wonderful! Ahhh! Oh hell! Please let go of my cock … I don’t want to cum yet! I know you want to cum another round …” I said and pushed Kamran’s hand from my hard leaking cock.

Kamran’s cock was still spasming in me and I knew he was spewing one hell of a load into me … the first of a few …

“Erm … sorry guys … I have to go to the toilet … oh … wow! This is better than the best porn ever! I want to take pictures please? But I have to pee first!” Giovanni said. When I looked at the beautiful man, I saw the raw lust on his face when he looked at Kamran’s huge cock in my hole. Kamran bent me forward and hugged me from behind.

“It’s … OK .. ahhh! Is it OK … with you too … Antonio …?” Kamran asked between spasms.

“Yes, of course!” I said and clenched my hole over Kamran’s big cock.

I heard a thick stream of pee thundering into the toilet bowl and smiled. Giovanni’s 29cm cock was healthy and capable and big and delicious … What if …? My mind raced and I dismissed my thoughts on the spot. No, that won’t happen!

The last spurts of pee splashed into the toilet and Kamran was caressing my hairy chest, his head against my back.

The toilet wasn’t flushed and … I heard no zip being pulled up … What if …?

Giovanni reappeared and when I looked at him, his big cock was sticking out his pants’ fly .. and it wasn’t soft anymore!

“Erm … I was wondering … erm … may I … please, may I join in?” Giovanni said and palmed his hardening cock.

“I’m OK with it but what about you Antonio?” Kamran said and his cock twitched in me.

“Yes of course! Come here you half-bred!” I said and took the sexy man in my arms. The very tall sexy hunk of a man took me in his arms and gave me a kiss of note … His cock was pushing against me.

I started to unbutton his shirt and felt him fumbling with his belt … He was naked in a jiffy and I marvelled at his muscled hairy body and his wonderfully sexy lips on mine.

Giovanni’s hand were on my back and went down to touch Kamran’s huge cock in my hole … He squeezed my butt and … he pushed his one finger into me on top of Kamran’s insanely thick cock … oh my godd! He wanted in!

I broke the kiss with Giovanni and looked at him. He looked at me with some guilt written all over his face.

“Ant … sorry …”

“Do you want in?” I asked bluntly.

“Yes, please! If I may … Kamran?”

“If Antonio can handle us both … OK Antonio?”

“Yes, let’s try!” I said and wondered if I was stupid or brave.

“Walk to your left over there behind the filing cabinets … there is a small stretcher where I rest when I work late hours. Slowly … I don’t want to slip out …” Kamran said and pushed me gently in the direction of the filing cabinets.

“Where is your lube, Ant?” Giovanni asked and I pointed to my pants. He bent down and retrieved the two sachets of KY.

Walking with a cock in me was a new and very strange sensation: to actually walk with a huge cock lodged in one’s hole … wow! I had to walk with bent legs but still, Kamran’s cock did slip out a bit.

“This is going to make me cum in seconds! What a sensation!” Kamran said and I felt his cock twitching in me. After only 5 paces he pulled me tight to him, stood on his toes and pushed his cock deep into me and shot his next load into me! Just like that!

“Sorry about that but this is unbelievably sensual!” Kamran said and leaned his head against my back.

Giovanni was standing next to us and hugged us to him. His huge cock was pushed between us and the tall sexy man kissed us in turn.

“Come let’s get to the stretcher … careful there! I don’t want you to lose the load. I want it to serve as lube …”

I crouched forward and took the last few steps around the cabinets to the stretcher. Kamran and I turned around while he was holding me tight to him. He leaned backwards and I followed. The 29cm cock pulled out a little again but I managed to lie down on top of Kamran.

Kamran pushed deep into me again and clung to me, murmuring against my back and neck.

“It would be best if you turned around Ant. You’re too tall to lie on top of Kamran. Here, let me lube up Kamran’s shaft and then you could swing around 180º, OK?” Giovanni said and touched the inside of my thigh.

“Pull out a little Kamran, buddy,” Giovanni said.

I lifted my one leg up and Giovanni applied the slippery stuff on Kamran’s cock. He touched his friend’s cock lovingly. The cock was out far enough for Giovanni to get his whole hand around the thick shaft in me.

“OK Ant, lift your torso and turn around to face Kamran. Here, let me help you,” Giovanni said. I put my arm around his neck and he sort of spun me on the huge spindle in me. I was teetering on the point of no return. The huge cock in me rubbed over my prostate as I turned around.

Kamran’s cock spasmed in me. That was so erotic!

“Want to suck me a bit?” Giovanni asked and stood closer to me.

“Yes please!” I said and took the equally big cock in my hands, and admired this beautiful cock, great in its own right. It too was 29cm, it was uncut, thick, veiny, had a big head, and curved slightly downwards. It had a big piss-slit, he produced an enormous amount of precum, and he too shot multiple huge loads.

The precum tasted fantastic. It was a lot and it would be enough to fuck me but he insisted to use KY to limit the chances of hurting me. He had his one hand in my hair and his other hand was caressing my face.

I looked up with the huge cock in my mouth and saw something remarkable. This incredibly beautiful sexy man, was looking at me with so much love in his eyes, on his face, it was unreal. He caressed my face and gently pulled his cock from my mouth.

The big cockhead pointing slightly down slipped out my mouth. There were saliva and precum dangling from it. There was a smearing of it on my chin.

Giovanni bent down, held my face in his hands and looked me in the eyes. This man loved me …!

“Ant, a week ago I was alone and was preparing to visit my parents and then … oh damn! Ant, I love you so much!” Giovanni said softly. His soft lips touched mine. It was the most gentle and nicest, soft kiss ever.

“I love you too my man!” I said and touched his face, his Dolce & Gabbana face, black stubble, beautiful nose, sexy blue eyes and soft mouth.

“You really love each other …!” Kamran said and touched my face. “Not that I can’t see why!”

“We love you too buddy!” Giovanni said and touched Kamran’s face. “We don’t have much time. I'm supposed to be ‘in the can taking a dump’. Please lean forward Ant, and relax,” Giovanni said and moved in behind me, still touching my face. He ripped open the last sachet of KY and prepared his big cock.

Giovanni put his one hand on my back and aimed his cock on my hole, already occupied by Kamran’s big cock. The big head started to pierce my hole but the big one slipped over my hole. Giovanni tried again and the head started to enter me. Ahhh! It was a tight fit and the initial pain was a bitch!

“Relax my darling! I don’t want to hurt you …!” Giovanni said. He let his cockhead slip in completely and held still.

“Ahhh! Gio, you two have huge cocks! Slowly!” I said and breathed in.

“Relax and breathe!” Kamran said and kissed my cheek. “Please go easy! Be gentle Giovanni! Antonio, I like you so much …!”

“I like you too! Ahhh! Fuck! Your cock is big Gio!” I said and felt the huge cock slipping in deeper on top of the underside of Kamran’s cock.

“Push out and relax my darling! I’m so sorry but I just had to have a round with my buddy! You OK Ant?” Giovanni said.

“Yes … ahhh! Oh damn it! Just push your huge cock in! Just push it in! Ahhh!” I said and took Kamran’s face in my hands and kissed the man with the beautiful 5 o’clock shadow and bushy eyebrows. He was beautiful. “Ahhhhh! Yes! Oh hell yes! Fuck me Gio!”

Giovanni did exactly that and while he was fucking me, he had his hands on my hips, on my back, on my butt, on my neck … He was making love to me in his very special way. What a stud!

“Your curved cock on mine is really doing the thing! It fits snugly over my upturned cock! I’m about to cum again! What about you?” Kamran asked Giovanni.

“Just about buddy. Shall we cum together? You OK Ant, my darling?” Giovanni asked.

"Yes, I’m fine. Perhaps we should get this done … the others will start asking a lot of questions …” I said and thought about my brother and the others …

“Then, let’s do it! OK Ant? If I hurt you, please tell me. I’m going to fuck you now and cum. Will you cum with me Kamran?” Giovanni said.

“Yes, I’m about to cum! Just continue and I’ll cum with you!” Kamran said and I felt the two cocks in me twitching with Giovanni’s big balls slapping against my butt. Oh my!

“Please don’t cum now Kamran! Please hold back so you could cum in my mouth – please?” I said and touched the beautiful man’s face.

“Oh, OK! I’ll hold back. Giovanni, let fly and cum! I’m going to cum in Antonio’s mouth! Wow!” Kamran said and pulled me down to kiss me.

“OK, here it comes … ahhh! Kamran, I’m going to cum! Oh damn! Yes! Yes!” Giovanni said as he fucked me with faster and shallower thrusts. His big curved cock spasmed as it rubbed over Kamran’s cock and it was clear the Persian had a battle not to cum.

Giovanni started to shoot his load into me, bathing Kamran’s cockhead with his load, adding more cum to the big load I still had in me. He pushed deep into me and held still. He leaned down and put his hands on my shoulders, kissing my neck.

“You, Mr le Roux, will be the end of me yet! You’re the reason I’d arrive in Dublin looking like a dried out prune! You’re dehydrating me!” Giovanni said.

“I’m so sorry Mr O’Connell, but I love getting your load!” I said and squeezed his hand on my hip.

“I think I better pull out before I shoot my load again. Giovanni, stay in Antonio. Antonio, lift up slightly so I can pull out, OK?” Kamran said.

I moved my knees closer to his body and lifted off Kamran’s cock. Giovanni pushed in as deep as he could and held onto my hips.

Kamran’s cockhead was approaching my sphincter and I clenched involuntarily. There was a big load in me!

The cockhead scraped over Giovanni’s thick cock and slipped out. A little cum spilled out on top of Kamran’s legs.

“A 69, OK?” Kamran said and started to turn around so he could have my cock in his mouth and I his.

“Very good idea, buddy!” Giovanni said. I felt the huge cock in me was still very hard.

Kamran took my hard and leaking cock in his mouth and I took his sopping wet and hard cock in mine. It was covered in cum! What a taste and what an experience to take the cock into my mouth that was in me seconds earlier. Incredible! Most people would be grossed out, but I was squeaky clean before I went to Wimbledon.

I felt Kamran was fondling Giovanni’s big balls hanging against my scrotum. Ahhhh! He put his hand on the short piece of cock between Giovanni’s pelvis and my hole. Giovanni pulled out a bit to allow Kamran access to his cock in me.

Then Kamran surprised me! He put his index and middle fingers in my hole and he moved his fingers in my hole.

“Ahhh! Hmmmm!” Kamran groaned around my cock. His cock slipped deeper into my mouth and I could feel he was close to an orgasm.

“You’re going to make me cum again! Oh yes! Yes!” Giovanni said and indeed: his cock was spasming and I was sure he was going to cum again.

My own orgasm was just … just under the surface and … oh damn it! I was going to cum! Oh hell!

The cock in my mouth was starting to spasm wildly and then I tasted the first volley being shot from the big cock. My own orgasm exploded in Kamran’s mouth … it really was a big load!

“Hmmmm!” we both murmured. Kamran’s third load was still big and it tasted like no cum I’ve ever tasted before. Totally different. Once again: Diet? Genetics? I didn’t know and I didn’t care – Kamran’s cum tasted wonderful.

Giovanni had started to fuck me again and Kamran pulled his fingers out.

“I'm going to cum! OK Ant? Another load in you?” Giovanni said and fucked me faster and deeper. Damn! What a sensation to have my cock in Kamran’s mouth, his cock in my mouth and Giovanni cumming in my hole. Damn it!

Giovanni’s cock twitched and he pushed deep into me. He was pumping another load into me. He held still and caught his breath … “Ahhh! Fuck! You’re sensational! Fabulous!”

My half-bred lover leaned forward and rolled over me on top of Kamran, our cocks still in each other’s mouths. We let go of each other’s cocks and enjoyed the moment.

“Not too heavy for you buddy?” Giovanni asked, ever so mindful and caring.

“I'm OK for now but we’ll have to disentangle and get dressed,” Kamran said.

“Baby bro, where are you guys? Come on! We have to get going! Clive’s dad has texted already to enquire … oh my godd! Giovanni! You snake!” André said as he rounded the corner made by the filing cabinets.

“Keep it down! It’s not necessary that everybody knows about this!” I said.

“How do you manage all this sex? Did they double-fuck you? Wow! I wish I could see that! They have big cocks!” André said and stood next to us. I noticed his cock was way beyond semi … given more time … “But we have to go! Come on!”

“I think that’s our cue. I’m pulling out Ant. OK? You still OK Kamran?” Giovanni said and started to pull out.

“It doesn’t matter how many times I see this, it will always be one of the marvels of my life to see a huge cock penetrating my brother! Half-bred! You’re half a donkey! And you’re the same, Persian! Wow …! Hey! What do you think you’re do – i – n – g … ahhh! Oh my godd! Giovanni, I’ll fuck you right here, right now! Watch it!” André said as Giovanni touched his growing bulge.

“Forget it my boy! My hole is not open for business! You like my cock, don’t you? Want to lick it clean?” Giovanni said as his cock slipped out and he stood up.

“Erm … no … I don’t think so. This is my baby bro’s speciality. Right Anton?” André said and stepped back.

We disentangled and then we were in each other’s arms, hugging and kissing. Kamran might have been older, he might have been married and he had children … but he was sexy as fuck and he knew how to kiss and fuck.

Giovanni joined us, hugging us and kissing us in turn. André just mumbled. “Baby bro! Let go of these ugly men and come! Where are your clothes? Hey! Let go of my brother! You sex perverts!” André ranted on.

We laughed at André’s antics but we did let go of each other and stood up, still touching each other, groping each other’s cocks, sneaking in another kiss or two.


“And where have you been so long? Sheez! André came back all beady-eyed and bewildered. What did he see? Where is Giovanni?” Johann said and looked at Kamran and me.

“Well, you know what we’ve been doing!” I said.

We heard the toilet being flushed. Giovanni came in the shop.

“Here I am! Tummy … sorry!”

“And …? Did the Persian give you a good pounding? I was so damn jealous! Jerry, tonight it’s our turn, right Anton? Right?” Johann continued.

“Behave you guys! He’s still my fiancé. Are you OK Antonio? Come here mio caro!” Luigi said and pulled me closer.


The bantering continued and we each had one last drink ‘for the road’ and to take on the cold.

“Thanks Kamran … come to think of it: you need to thank Luigi for allowing you to take advantage of our boy!” Giovanni said very bravely! Snake!

“Oh, I am. Thanks Luigi, thanks Antonio … I owe you one. Here, I have a small memento for each of you,” Kamran said and opened a drawer. He pulled out a rolled up linen pouch, untied the cloth strap and unfurled it on the counter. There were the most beautiful small silver spoons with golden detail on the handles. “These are straight from Persia and they are used to serve chopped up dry figs or ginger preserve. Each one of you may have a spoon. Please!”

“Wow! This is exquisite! Kamran! But it is too much! They must cost a fortune! It looks like pure silver!” I said and took one of the spoons out of its pouch. It was a masterpiece.

“Buddy, this is too much! We can’t accept this … wow! Just lóók at them! How much are they? I’d love to buy my Mom one!” Giovanni said and took one of the spoons in his hands.

“No, they’re for free to you guys! You’ve shown me so much love and affection … it’s a small gift to say ‘thank you’! Please, take it! It’s a gift!” Kamran said.

“Are you sure? They look very expensive …” Johann said, giving one to Gunther to take a look.

“Yes, I’m sure. And because … erm … you know … Antonio gets 2 spoons: one for his Mom and one for him. Please! I can afford to give away 10 spoons! Please take a spoon!” Kamran said and hugged André. Poor man. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was hugging my brother. But André was quick to point in my direction with his head. “Oh, sorry! Antonio! You are so identical! Please take a spoon for your Mom too. You’ve been so kind to me – it’s a small gesture to say ‘thanks’!”

“Kamran, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, spend time with you and … the … *sex* … with you, was out of this world. If you were available and lived in Cape Town, we’d welcome you into our group at the drop of a hat! Thanks my man!” I said and leaned in to kiss him.

“Were the shenanigans just now not enough? Sheez baby bro! I’m calling Dad!” André quipped but he was just being himself: heckling everyone around him. “Mom would LOVE to have a spoon like this! Thanks Persian man with the big …”

“André!” Juan and I said simultaneously.

“What? I’m just saying! We all know he’s got a huge …” André tried again.

“Stop it you delinquent! Yes, we know, but not now!” Juan said and pulled André into a hug and kissed him. The kiss occupied his mouth long enough to give us a chance to get into a discussion with Kamran on the origin of the spoons.

He told us they were hand-made to a large extent. Only the basic form is stamped with a punching machine and then the artisans take over with their tiny hammers and sharp instruments to carve and shape the edges.

Lastly some gold-leaf is added in some places, which is then heat-treated to fuse it with the silver spoon. Families do it as a hobby  to earn some extra income, and the trait is passed on from parents to children. The spoons Kamran was giving us were from Tabriz in the north of Iran, close to the border with Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“Well, thank you very much my friend. I’m sure the guys love the spoons and it will definitely remind them of my very good-looking friend with the … André, help?” Giovanni said and looked at André with a sparkle in his eyes.

“The very big dick! There! I’ve said it! Did anybody die when I said it?” André said while Juan hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

“You're incorrigible! What am I to dó with you? I’m going to send you to Tabriz to make spoons! Kamran, do you think the folks in Tabriz would have a job for this …” Juan got in.

“What? Is that how much you love me? Shocking, to say the least! One small word that … slipped out … and now you want to sell me to the LOWEST bidder? I’m calling my Dad! Now!” André ranted on and we killed ourselves laughing. Even Kamran was having a good laugh.

“Well, after the drinks – thanks Kamran – and the … erm … André, help me please?” Giovanni started.

“The fucking!” André piped up, to loud cheering and lots of laughter.

“Well yes, that! Thanks Kamran. The spoons are a very special gift and we really appreciate it. For that, I think the boys are going to pester you until you move to Cape Town, not so boys?” Giovanni put in.

“We’ll have to see about that one. Remember, Farah is still there, as are the children! I do not wish them away but I wish I could move to Cape Town. We’ll see what happens …” Kamran said looking at me. My godd! This man had fallen in love with me! I didn’t want to be the reason for him breaking up with his wife! I looked at him with big eyes, questioning what he said.

“Don’t worry, there might be a way around this. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, thanks for your visit and … Antonio, you’re a very special guy! Thanks for that too. You’ve rekindled feelings in me I had to hide away for a long time. Since I’ve met Giovanni a few years ago and had some innocent fun with him, the last time I had anything to do with another man, was when I was 18, not knowing which way I was heading. My parents have already arranged my marriage with Farah. The very few boys I’ve had some fun with, were equally scared, so I only really had a very few real experiences. What I’ve experienced with Antonio, is exactly what I’d have hoped for, given a choice. I’m at some crossroads and will look into what’s best for all of us … enough! I’ll let you know what happens Giovanni!” Kamran said and hugged and kissed Giovanni.

We all said thanks once again and hugged the beautiful Persian man with the big dick. When it was my turn, he first asked: “Is it you Antonio?” When I confirmed, he took me into his arms, hugged me very tightly to him, his big cock pushing against me and he whispered in my ear: “*You’ve come to me at the right time in my life! Thanks! I’ll let you know what is happening, my darling boy! Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip! I think I love you … ahhhh*!”


Out in the cold of the late afternoon of a frigid London, we buttoned up, put our scarves around our necks and faces, and started the walk to our hotel.

My iPhone binged. It was a text from Santiago. Omar and he had a big fight and he was thinking of splitting up with his troublesome Moroccan boyfriend. “I’m coming to the hotel earlier. OK?”

“Yes, please come!” I texted back.

At the hotel, there was another bellhop at reception. John had gone and it was strange not to see him there.

“Guys, let’s all go to Luigi and Antonio’s suite so we could look into our plans for tonight. Come!” Clive said and led the way.


The 9 of us filed into our suite, took off our jackets and scarves and plopped down on the couches and chairs.

“Look, there are some drinks, coffee, tea, biscuits and some fruit! Come help yourselves guys!” Clive said.

We got ourselves some hot chocolate and a few biscuits, and sat down. I had Luigi on one side and Pierre on the other side. He got wind of what went down at Kamran’s and he was re-asserting his position, and in no uncertain terms.

“*So then, how was it with the Persian? Did Gio join in?* Pierre asked next to my ear.

“*It was fine and yes, he did, but shhh! Gio doesn’t want everybody to know!*” I said and put my hand on his thigh.

“*Snake!*” Pierre hissed.

“OK guys, this is our last night together … fuck! How I hate to say goodbye! My Dad said he’d be here by 7 o’clock, just to say goodbye. Diego is no longer with us, Kamran has responsibilities with the wife and family. Anybody else coming? Antonio?” Clive said.

“Is Alexander only coming to say goodbye? Is he tired of my baby bro?” André put in.

“No, of course not! But Dad has a date with friends. They’re having dinner and then they’re going to the movies. I can tell you, he'd rather spend the evening with us … in Ant … if he could! Anyone else?”

“Erm … Rafael is still coming. Could we invite Santiago? It seems like there are some problems with his boyfriend. He’s not sure what’s happening right now. Johann, if the bubble bursts, we’d have to talk to Claire about a job for Santiago …” I said. “Santiago said he and Omar were thinking of splitting up.”

“Yes, invite him! What do you guys say?” Johann said.

The others were in agreement and I sent an iMessage to this beautiful hung Spaniard to confirm the invitation. Hmmmm! His huge cock would be a welcome addition to the mix!

“The guys have invited you. Come! I’m lusting after the big one!” I texted.

“Lust no more! I’m coming! 9 o’clock?” he answered.

“Perfect! Settled then. 11 of us and my Dad just here for a quick visit. Let’s go have some of the hotel’s good food and then get ready for some hot fun. What time is Rafael coming?” Clive said.

“He said he'd be here by 9 o’clock. I've asked Santiago to come around that time too. It will give us enough time for dinner and to get ready …”

“My baby bro, the lover of big ones! Those two guys are even bigger than our very own horse-cock boys Clive and Pierre! You’re in for a hot ride with some huge ones baby bro!”

“Yes, I think both of them are hot and hung! Up for it Ant? Will you still love my love and me tomorrow after those two have fucked you? Hmm?” Pierre said, pawing his big bulge.

“Of course my man! How could I stop loving you two?” I said and put my hand on his thigh. Yes, indeed. I loved him and Clive very much, and it wasn’t just because of their insanely big cocks – they were darlings in every other way. Just being with them was wonderful.

“Just checking! We were the alpha males here, you know! And now we’re going to be dethroned by two upstarts … My love! You and I will have to pull out all the stops to ensure our boy stays in love with us after these two hunky hung men have fucked him!” Pierre said and pulled Clive close to him.

Little did he know both of them have fucked me already! Only André knew about Santiago fucking me downstairs. Nobody knew about Rafael fucking me at the club. My cock stirred. Fuck! What an experience it was in both cases. Both were very good-looking – perhaps Rafael had the edge there – and hung insanely big. At 34cm their cocks were in the mega league.

“You have my full support and cooperation my love!” Clive said and kissed Pierre. What a strange love tryst existed between the new lovers: no bottom there, yet they loved each other dearly. That much was clear.


I excused myself to ‘get ready’. When I sat down on the commode, André walked in and merely said: “You never know with these randy bastards. After you …”

After taking a dump, I thoroughly flushed out anything that was left behind. I douched a couple of times and then it was André’s turn.

I smiled at him feeling awkward. After everything we’ve been through? And him, being André? Really? And after having his first double-fuck that afternoon? I just smiled.

When we’ve done, the rest entered the bathroom and we shared soaps and shampoos and lotions.

“*Ant, thanks for this afternoon. It was an experience to fuck you with Kamran. The last time when he and Pierre fucked you, I was green with envy. You’re phenomenal my Ant! And you allowed me in today. Grazi mille (Thanks a lot)*” Giovanni whispered in my ear while the others were horsing around, getting ready to get into the shower.


After the shower, we dressed nicely and André and I dressed identical again – no surprise!

Luigi pulled me close to him and said: “Did you enjoy the Persian this afternoon? It’s a big one and hopefully he hasn’t spoiled you now … did he?”

“Yes, mio caro, it is very thick but not longer than yours. I have told you many times: no other guy will ever take your place. You’re still the love of my life and Pierre and Clive and Giovanni … Never doubt my feelings for you,” I said and kissed the exquisite mouth of this Italian hunk. “What is going to happen when Piero is added to the mix?”

“He IS going to love you to bits and I know you’re going to love him too. As long as you don’t love him more than you love me, it’s OK. And I told you, he is going to fuck you non-stop, OK?” Luigi said and I felt his cock stirring in his pants. “He is very sexual and I’m afraid he might be addicted to sex. But he is a nice boy and very attractive, as you already know. What is going to happen to Kamran …?”

“I know Piero is very sexual but so am I … or have you forgotten? I think I already love Piero … a bit! I’m a bit worried about Kamran but he’s a big boy … no pun intended … and I’m sure he’ll do the right thing. And to top all of this mio caro, ti amo come nessun altro (I love you like no other)!” I said and stood on my toes to kiss this extremely sexy hung Italian Stallion. My heart melted when his mouth was on mine. I put my arms around his neck and felt his curly hair under my fingers. He responded by hugging me tight to him. He kissed me like nobody else could ever kiss me. It was beyond perfect … but … I still haven’t met Piero …

“Oh puh-lease! Get a room! We’re about to have dinner and we have to look at … at that … argh!” André, who else.

“Come here bro,” I said and grabbed his arm. He feigned to beat a hasty retreat but actually fell into our arms. I put my left arm around his neck and hugged him close to our bodies. He ‘struggled’ to get out but in fact he was wriggling into our embrace and his arms were tight around our bodies.

“If you tell Dad I’ve succumbed to your sick ministrations, I'm having you neutered! You make me sick!” André ranted on and kissed me. He was all bravado but had a very small heart.

“Yes, and cut off the best supply of USEFUL baby batter to father your parents’ never-to-be-realised offspring? Hmmm? You know he is the better-looking one of the two of you!” Pierre said pushing in between André and me.

“What? Since when, you horse-cock man? I hate you! You’re too good-looking for your own good and with a cock like yours … you’re too confident! I hate you!” André said and actually had his head on Pierre’s shoulder. What a deviant brother I had!

“Now, now! Play nice! Or I’ll be the one wielding Dad’s knife to neuter some of you!” Juan said and pushed in behind André.

“Yes, and this is what true love looks like gentlemen! Boo-hoo! I’m calling Dad!” André, André!

“Before the balls start flying around the room, let’s get to the dining room. I have a number on a prime steak tonight … present company excluded!” Clive said and gave me a pat on the butt.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him into our embrace. “This fine Pommie is one of my darlings, Luigi. I can’t help it but this man has stolen a small part of my heart … Clive, you becoming a part of our lives … I’m looking forward to it …” I said.

“Yeah, and what about me? I’m just the half-bred but I too have feelings …!” Giovanni said and pushed in behind me. Ahhh! That nice cock felt wonderful when he and Kamran fucked me earlier. I started to get a hard-on …

“Ah, mio fratello (my brother)! Comportarsi e non sarai mai messo da parte! Ti amiamo troppo (Behave and you'll never be pushed aside! We love you too much!)!” Luigi said and put his hand behind Giovanni’s head.

“OK, we know there is a group of men, and then there is us! Come on you ugly men! I’m hungry!” Johann said holding Gunther in his arms.

“Yeah, the pot calling the kettle black?” Pierre retorted and aimed a swipe at Johann’s head.

We all laughed and started to head out. Luigi sneaked in a cop of my crotch. He groaned when he felt I had a semi.

“*Hmmm! Lusting after some of the boys?*”

My man!


Dinner was a grand affair in capital letters. This was Saturday night and The Berkley pulled out all the stops. We dined in style and had a wonderful dinner.

We started off with some South African sherry – it wasn’t clear how that ended up at The Berkley, but it was nice.

The food was spectacular. There was a carvery and there was a set menu. I decided on an Italian dish on the set menu Luigi pointed out to me: Chicken Parmesan. It consisted of chicken breasts flattened with a meat mallet, covered in flour, fried in a tomato and onion mix, olives and then served with spaghetti and a side salad. It came with roasted Ciabatta bread with olive oil, sundried tomatoes and Italian herbs. De-fucking-licious! We had some white wine with the meal.

Just before we decided on our dessert Alexander arrived. He looked dashing as always. There was another younger guy with him. He was about as tall as Clive but blonde like a Nordic soldier! Wow! He was clean-shaven, wore a nice dark-grey jacket with a nice grey scarf. He had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. Many of us, including Gunther, had blue eyes, but this man looked like he had shards of ice in his eyes. He had an incredibly beautiful mouth, and he smiled shyly as he walked just behind Alexander. Was this …? I looked at Clive and his face lit up. Did he know who this blonde man was?

“Good evening guys! How was your day? Did you enjoy your stay in London? Are you so fed-up with us now that you’re going to quit? Twins, I don’t want to hear it!” Alexander said and winked at us.

“Hi Alexander!” we said in a choir. We liked this man a lot. And I had another reason for liking him … he had a big cock! At 30cm it was one of the biggest out there. But who was this blonde man?

Alexander walked to where Clive was sitting and bent down to kiss his son. I saw Clive’s eyes were all over this tall man next to his dad and his dad saying something, pulling the man closer. Clive’s eyes were big but he was smiling. He leaned in to kiss his dad and saw he was saying something to his dad. Clive shook the hand of the stranger and then looked around for seating for them.

The waitrons brought two chairs closer and we moved up to make space for Alexander and the blonde man.

 “Don’t bother. We’re not staying. We have plans …” Alexander said and put his arm around the man’s waist.

“Everybody, may I please introduce you to Olav Christensen. He is from Oslo and he has been one of our best models in Scandinavia. We’ve known each other for more than a year, and now he is here for a few days. He is staying with me,” Alexander said nonchalantly, but it was clear this man was much more than one of Alexander’s models!

“Guut if-enning ewerywan! Sorry, my Engleesh is not guut! Alexander is teaching me! Hi ewerie-boddie”. Poor soul. He'd have a hard time in London without Alexander by his side.

“Hi Olav!” We said. I looked at Clive and saw he actually liked this man. Good! If his dad could get a real lover, I thought his son would’ve rejoiced, especially now. Soon he was going to be alone when Clive moved to Cape Town.

Alexander took Olav around the table and introduced him to us. He had totally hairless hands but they were big. I sneaked a look at his slip-ons … HUGE! When he took my hand in his, my big hands felt like a small boy’s – they were big.

“Vait … dhere are twoo of you?” Olav said and looked at André.

“Yes, just don’t get too close to one of them …” Alexander said.

“I heard that! I thought you loved me!” André put in and we all laughed.

“There you go! That’s the wild one! His name is André and this darling boy is Antonio,” Alexander said.

Olav looked at me again and I knew: another time, another place … even though he was very white, had very blonde hair and was completely hairless. Yikes. I saw the bulge in his pants and gasped. It was huge! Was he fucking Alexander? No! Alexander was as much of a top as a cork on the water.

“*This boy is exceptional … but he is only interested to … receive …*” Alexander whispered to Olav.

“Oh, I vud geeve him all of itt!” Olav said and squeezed my hand.

I imagined the anaconda in his pants and my cock was hard … slut!

“OK, OK! Not now! Perhaps another time. When I go to Cape Town in March, you could come with me. But now, meet the rest and then we can have some dessert before we go. Pierre, this is Olav Christensen. Olav, this is the squash champion I told you about …”


Olav was seated directly across from me and I caught him looking at me a few times. Oh fuck! Alexander’s boyfriend in the making …!

Then I felt a foot on my thigh. I looked up and Olav winked at me. Wow! I moved lower in my chair and felt the huge foot on my crotch. Fuck! I was rock-hard and wished this man was in bed with me plugging me while Alexander was fucking him! Down boy! Slut!

“Alexander, I vant to go to toilet please?” Olaf said. “Can you show me please Antonio?”

“Yes, please Antonio. I have to discuss a few things with Clive. Don’t stay away too long!” Alexander said and winked at me. He was one to say that to anybody, after fucking me in the toilet less than a week ago!

Olav took his foot from my crotch and stood up, pulling his jacket tight over his body. Obviously!

 “Excuse me. Let me show our guest where the bathroom is,” I said. I pushed my cock in the upright position and stood up. “This way Olav.”

I felt the eyes of many on the back of my head as we walked out of the dining room. I headed to the bathroom and glanced at the blonde man next to me.

“I vant you!” he said unashamed. “You are very sexy!”

“In here,” I said and led the way into the bathroom. The second Olav was in the bathroom, he grabbed me and kissed me, pushing his tall muscular body against me. His cock was huge and rock-hard.

Olav pushed me into one of the stalls while he was kissing me and with one hand he was opening his pants.

“Please … in your mouth?” I dropped to my knees and hauled an enormous white cock from his pants. It was easily as big as Larry’s cock! Huge! At least 35cm, thick and uncut. It was sopping wet. He pushed forward and the big cock filled my mouth. How I wished I could take this enormous cock down my throat, and even to have it in my hole! Fuck!

“I have … how you say … loob? Can I fuck you please?”

“Are you not bottom?” I said.

“Yes, but for you, I am top!” Olav said and took a tube of lube from his jacket pocket. “Please, I shoot soon. Please?” He already turned me around and I felt the cold gel on my hole. Oh fuck! It was Jonathan all over again!

“I’m not sure … you’re big!” I said feebly, knowing I was dying to feel it in me! And fortunately I was squeaky clean!

“Alexander is also big. Please?”

Olav pushed forward and the huge head pierced my well-used hole. Only 2 hours before Kamran and Giovanni were double-fucking me …

The enormous cock sank deeper into me and I gasped. This was highly inappropriately but fuck! When would I have this giant man again? Slut!

Olav’s cock grazed over my prostate and I felt my own orgasm building up rapidly. He pushed in deeper with a steady pace and when he encountered my inner sphincter, he knew exactly what to do! He was a seasoned top!

“Ahh! Yes! Please! Yes!” Olav said the monosyllables as he drove his cock home. I was filled to the brim! Oh dear lord!

“I fuck and orgasm now. Quickly, OK?”

“Yes, we have to get back. Fuck and cum please,” I said and pushed back.

Olav fucked me with the fervour of a man in his early twenties and I felt his sweet breath on my neck.

“Now I cum, OK?”

“Yes, cum please!” I said and felt the man’s huge cock swell even bigger and then he pushed in all the way and gasped. He fucked me with fast deep thrusts and then it exploded in me. Oh hell! The first load for the evening and it was clear it was a lot!

“Ahhh! Yes! I shoot big lot, OK?”

The huge cock was twitching in me as it pumped its huge load into me.

“Yes, I can feel it. Thank you. Now, pull out please!” I said and started to stand upright.

“This is hot, yes?” Olav said, as his cock was still spasming. He started to pull out and when the head slipped out, I turned around and dropped onto one knee and sucked his cock.

“This is first time! Wow! Yes! Thank you!” Olav said with his hands in my hair. The last of his huge load dribbled into my mouth. It tasted different … diet, I thought. I looked at my watch and saw we have been at it for 90 seconds! Over and done with.

“And you?” Olav asked.

“No, not me. I’m OK,” I said and stood up to kiss the man. Wonders of wonders, he bent down and kissed me, despite the fact I’ve just had his cock in me and then in my mouth. The kiss was wonderful. What a sex maniac … like me!

“I have to pee now,” Olav said and aimed his softening cock at the porcelain bowl. He pulled the skin back and waited. It took a few seconds but when the urine started to flow, it was an enormous stream! Wow! At that rate, his bladder would empty in 10 seconds flat!

“Wow! You piss like a horse!”

“But I have penis like horse!” he quipped and smiled at me as he shook the last of his pee off. He wrestled his huge cock into his pants and kissed me again. “Say nothing please?”

“Of course not. Come!” I said and fastened my belt.

When we entered the foyer again, I decided to create a reason for the time it took to go to the bathroom.

“Come with me,” I said and went to reception.

The girl behind the counter was friendly and when I mentioned my name and suite number, she smiled a knowing smile … John, did you blab?

“Yes, Mr le Roux, what can I do for you? You know John is not here right now?” she said.

“Yes, I know. I wanted to order some coffee and freshly baked croissants for 7:30 tomorrow please? 10 people.”

“That’s settled then. Coffee and croissants. Is there anything else? Towels? Toiletries?” she said.

“No, nothing else, thank you,” I said and said goodnight. “Come Olav. You tell Alexander you went to the toilet and I was at the reception, OK?”

“Yes, of course!” Olav said.

Back in the dining room, I sat down next to Luigi and told him I’ve ordered coffee and croissants for the following morning.

 “So thoughtful mio caro! Grazie!” Luigi said and kissed me on the cheek.

Olav sat down next to Alexander and when I looked around, nobody was in the least perturbed. I managed to get the Norwegian hung hunk in record time. And he was only the first for the night.


We looked at the desserts on offer on the menu and decided we’d have Tiramisu. A perfect end to the delightful food the Berkley was serving all week long. Wow!

After dessert, we settled for some liqueurs and I had a Frangelica nut liqueur. Luigi looked into my eyes and just said: “Io ti amo mio caro (I love you my darling)!”

Ti amo troppo il mio tesoro (I love you too my darling)!” I said and kissed him. Just lips but a long lingering kiss.

“OK, OK! Let’s move this freak show to the suite on the third floor! Come you horny bastards! Our guests will be here soon!” Clive said and ruffled my hair.

“Yes, Juan are you going to neuter him too now? Hmmm! You see, others notice it too! It’s sickening the way you carry on …” André put in before Juan put his hand over my brother’s mouth.

We cracked up laughing as we walked Alexander and Olav to the front door.

“When I come to Cape Town in April and visit your parents on the farm, would it be OK if I brought Olav with me”? Alexander said and hugged and kissed me.

“No problem. He’d be as welcome as you are!” I said and then Olav kissed me, whereas he shook hands with everybody else! Wow …!

The two new lovers left and we stood waiting for the elevators, with André and Johann on top form.

The shenanigans continued in the elevators up to the third floor.


We lounged around in the suite and enjoyed each other’s company, kissing, touching, loving that was evidently thick between all of us. I could seriously say that I loved them all – differently, but I loved them nonetheless.

There was a knock on the door at half past 8 and Clive opened.

“Ahhh! Santiago! Welcome! Come in please! Are you OK …? We heard from Antonio …”

“Hallo Clive. Thanks. Yes, it’s not nice at home right now … I don’t know what to tell you ... Omar is … Ahhh! There are my two stars! Hi guys!” Santiago said and walked towards us. André was busy stroking my back while I had my feet in Luigi’s lap. “Hard at work I see! Hallo boys!” Santiago bent down and kissed me and then he ruffled André’s hair. No kiss?

“Oh, you kiss my brother? How did you know it wasn’t me?” André retorted.

“And there, I’ve made my point! Hallo André! Come here!” Santiago said and kissed my brother too.

Santiago went around the room and greeted everybody. He was such a nice guy that most guys kissed him.

“Come sit with us, Santiago!” Clive said and lifted my feet to make space for the tall man. Santiago took my socked feet and put them in his lap.

“Everything OK with you? Santiago?” Clive asked. “Omar …?”

“No, not really, but this isn’t really a surprise. Things have been going south for a long time. I think it’s the end … But how we are going to resolve this, I don’t know,” Santiago said, looking like someone on death row. My heart gave a pang.

“Hey there! I'm sure between Claire and myself we could organise something for you in Cape Town if you were interested?” Johann said.

Gunther added: “Yes please my love! This man deserves our support. You could come stay with us?”

“Thanks. I’ve got the twins’ details. I’ll let you know how things develop but I’m sure this is it. But you’re going to Berlin tomorrow and then Florence? Perhaps I should talk to Alexander to put me in touch with Claire in the mean time. I can’t see Omar and I reconciling. Damn it!” Santiago said and rubbed my feet. “This is a total fuckup!”

“Then you’ve come to the right place! We will help you make a plan. We could even give you accommodation in the interim. Juan? Would you mind if Santiago stayed with us until he found other accommodation?” Johann said.

“Oh of course! You could come stay with us too. If André has your details, just let us know. We’ll be back home in 2 weeks’ time. If you get anything organised between Johann and Claire, come stay with us,” Juan said.

“Antonio in particular would like to have you around … erm … I think he has a number on you and … well, we can see there is a big one. Antonio, did you see that?” André said all so innocently.

“Just remember nobody here has exclusive rights on our boy! He is the one calling the shots and if you get to … erm … fuck him, it’s OK. But he isn’t exclusive, except Luigi. But our Ita doesn’t mind sharing. So Santiago, if Antonio agrees, you’re in!” Pierre said. “But we are very protective of our boy! You hurt him, you’re out! Understand?”

“I’ll never dream of hurting this fine man! Thanks a lot! I knew this day would come but never thought I’d get help from strangers from another land. Wow …”

My feet were in Santiago’s lap and I felt the ample semi-hard cock in his pants. Fuck! To think I’ve had it in me already! Wow! And if things worked out, he’d be moving to Cape Town and I’d have him on a regular basis. Wow! Staying with Juan and André or Johann and Gunther would be perfect.

“If we can manage something for you, you could travel with me to the Waterfront if you were to stay with us. Pucker up big man! Things will work out just fine! It’s just a bad time of the year right now. But I promise I’ll call Claire tomorrow and hear from her. Until such time, you could assist me at my studio. It’s not a big studio but I did have plans to extend. There is a shop right next to me that is being vacated at the end of this month. The agency is still looking for tenants and I’ve put my name down tentatively. Perhaps you’d be the catalyst for me to expand? After seeing your work, I’d hire you at the drop of a hat!” Johann said and I could see Santiago’s mood change. He was more relaxed and one could see a weight was off his shoulders.

“Thanks Johann! You’re a lifesaver!” Santiago took his wallet out. “Here is my business card with all my details. Do you have a card please?” Santiago said and took a business card from his wallet, and gave it to Johann. The latter did the same and gave Santiago his card.

“All set then! Sort out your stuff and get your papers in order. Stay in touch and update me with new developments. Soon we’ll have you set up in Cape Town!” Johann said and put his wallet away.


The conversation was light but at one point Santiago did mention our photo shoot and the decisions made by the New York office. It was apparent they were over the moon with the photos Santiago took. Our bank balances would grow exponentially … and I would still have the vine grafting on the side too! Wow!

There was a knock on the door. I looked at my watch and saw it was 9 pm. It could’ve been Andrea or Rafael. André got up and opened the door.

“Ita! Welcome!” André said and for his enthusiasm, Andrea hugged him close and got a kiss. “Easy does it … easy! The real one you want to hug and kiss is over there!” André said, pointing at me, still with my feet in Santiago’s lap.

Andrea came in and headed for the group. When he saw Santiago, he stiffened a bit. But, he was the perfect gentleman and greeted everybody friendly.

When he got to me, Andrea bent down and gave me a kiss. I realised this man was a real hunk. His scarf was loose and one could see the pitch-black chest hair. He had his hand on my shoulder and he squeezed. His perfume – most definitely Italian – was very nice.

“Hi Andrea! How are you? Welcome here!”

“I’m fine thanks! There are so many guys here!” Andrea said, all big eyes.

“Don’t let it bother you. Relax and enjoy it!” I said and squeezed his hand.

“Something to drink? Come, let me help you,” Gunther said.

After Andrea got his drink, he sat down next to Gunther and they struck up a conversation about Europe, the Italian economy, Germany’s help and that kind of thing.

“Santiago, nobody here is a stranger to some hanky panky and nobody here has a small dick, but you look like you’re in the mega league … is it?” Johann said without batting an eyelid.

“My darling!” Gunther said and put his hand on Johann’s thigh.

“What? He is here to showcase his goods and prowess to our boy and us! I want to know! So then, is it as big as I suspect?”

I wanted to shout ‘yes’, but of course I kept quiet.

“Yes, it’s above average … erm … Antonio did mention there might be some fun and games … erm … It’s not fully hard yet …”

“Well, show us!” Johann said and André piped up too.

“Really? I’m a bit embarrassed … wow! If my boyfriend … my ex-boyfriend … knew about this, he’d definitely throw a fit! Oh well, let me show you. Pardon, Antonio! Let me get up please?” Santiago said and got up. His huge bulge was evident as he zipped down.

“Wow! It looks huge …!” Clive said and put his hand on his own bulge. He had competition!

“Yes, it looks like it’s big. You and I have someone blowing in our necks my love!” Pierre said, looking at Santiago’s bulge.

Then Santiago hauled the enormous cock from his pants. The head was still trapped in his underpants when he pulled the middle section out. It was a sight to behold. Wow! I knew it was big, but this show was insane! My own cock was rock hard in seconds!

“My godd! Just look at that schlong! Well, if Omar doesn’t want you, I’m sure we’d find a place for you in our group!” Johann said as he watched in awe what the Spaniard was pulling out of his pants. When the head plopped free, Gunther and Juan gasped. It was big … very big!

“See, I told you we had competition,” Pierre said as he gawked at the enormous cock in Santiago’s hand.

“Antonio, this man is going to rip you apart! It’s huge! Even bigger than the Terrible Twins!” Johann said. ‘Terrible Twins’? Pierre and Clive? Really?

“Let him touch it,” Johann urged Santiago on to let me touch his cock.

I looked on in astonishment, remembering the huge cock in my mouth and fucking me. It is one hell of a cock.

Santiago moved over to me and I put my hand out. Once again, it felt really big in my hand. It was big, but at the same time, it was beautiful. It was cock perfection if there ever was something like that.

When I touched his cock, Santiago groaned and pushed his pelvis forward. The foreskin pushed back and revealed the enormous head. He put his hand into his pants again and took his balls out. They were as big as I remembered. Enormous.

I couldn’t help to think whether the size of this man’s cock wasn’t the problem between Santiago and Omar. Not all men like big cocks, like my brother and I: he doesn’t like them as big as I do. The fucking Santiago gave me was so different on many levels that I was looking forward to experience it again, but Omar might have lost interest in the big schlong.

“How big is that anaconda Santiago? It looks bigger than Clive and me. We have 33cm. You?” Pierre put in.

“Then I’m sorry to say, but yes: mine is bigger. It is 34cm. Scared Antonio?” Santiago said, holding his cock for me to admire. We both played along. And André didn’t say a word either.

“Erm … I can  handle Pierre and Clive, so I should be able to handle yours. May I suck it?” I said. I was such a smooth pretender …

“Yes! Yes! Suck him!” Pierre said. My man! I thought he'd be jealous but here he was urging me on.

“Yes, let’s hear what it's like and what it tastes like!” Clive said, palming his huge bulge.

I moved forward on the couch and opened my mouth. The glorious cockhead slipped between my lips and I groaned inwardly. It really was a magnificent cock.

The memories of having him earlier the week in the small function room downstairs were vivid and my own hard-on strained against my pants.

I looked up and saw Andrea’s eyes glued to Santiago’s cock and remembered he was versatile. I wondered …

There was a knock on the door and I felt Santiago stiffen. “Oh hell! What do I do now?”

Andrea was like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. He didn’t know where to go, what to do.

 “Don’t go anywhere! You too Andrea! I think it’s our next guest,” Pierre said and kept on staring at the enormous cock in my mouth.

Clive got up, pushed his cock to his hip and kept on staring at Santiago’s huge cock while he walked to the door. He bumped into one of the side tables and swore. He got to the door and looked through the peephole.

“Guys, it’s that guy from the club! OK if I let him in now?” Clive whispered loudly with his hand on the doorknob.

“Yes, I’m sure Santiago won’t mind. Santiago, this guy is from Brazil. OK? You could speak Spanish to each other …? Oh no, they speak Portuguese there, not so? Can I open now?” Clive said as there was another knock.

“Yes! Open!” André said and craned his neck to see if it really was Rafael. The door opened and the tall sexy man walked in. Yes, it was Rafael, the model businessman.

“Good evening! I remember you from the club. Kevin? Kelvin? Claude?” Rafael said and put his hand out.

“It’s Clive and do come in please.”

Then he saw Santiago with his cock in my mouth. “Wow!”

“As you can see, we’re measuring cocks. How about yours?” Clive said very bluntly and boldly.

“Oh, I’m in! I’m not shy and I have nothing to be ashamed of!” Rafael said and walked towards us.

“This is Santiago, Rafael. Come meet the others again. The introductions at the club the other night were very quick and in semi-darkness,” Clive said and went around the room with this tall hunky man. I looked at his bulge as he was turning towards us: it really was big and it was clear it wasn’t soft anymore!

“My man, I’ve always thought I was one of a kind, and now just look at you! Also about 34cm?” Rafael said.

“Yes, it’s 34cm. Yours too?” Santiago said. “Let’s see?”

“For sure! I’m not ashamed. Is anybody opposed to me showing my cock?”

“For fucking sure not! Show us the willies!” André piped up.

“Sure thing! Mind if I stood next to you … Santiago, right?”

“Yes of course.” Santiago said.

I let go of Santiago’s immense cock and stared in amazement at Rafael while he opened his pants and zipped down. He pushed his pants down halfway to his knees and then hooked his underpants under his balls … my godd! I couldn’t believe I was seeing both the immense cocks right in front of me, and at the same time! And I’ve had both of them in me during the week …

“Want to feel it? Perhaps a suck?” Pierre said and pushed Rafael closer to me.

I put my hand out and took his huge cock in my hand. I pulled Santiago closer again and took his cock in my other hand. Wow! Both were big, but different. Santiago’s foreskin was thin and in the erect state the piss-slit was visible. Rafael’s foreskin was looser and longer and covered the whole glans. But Rafael was already leaking a lot of precum! Wow! I pulled him closer and licked the big head. Damn! It tasted nice.

“This is utter bullshit! Let’s get out of these clothes and have some fun!” Johann said and started to take his clothes off. The rest of us followed suit.

When Andrea took his pants off, I was pleasantly surprised to see the big cock. It had a big head and the shaft tapered down towards the back: it had a smaller girth at the back than right behind the head. Hmm! Interesting.


The rest of the evening was filled with lots of activity amongst the 12 guys.

The first to fuck me that night was André, the first-born that has rights. Of course nobody knew about Olav … slut! Alexander’s new boyfriend’s cock deposited a big load in me earlier that evening … and it was a big cock!

Juan took the opportunity and plugged my brother as soon as his cockhead was in me.

“You beast! You ogre! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh hell man, oh man! Push it in me you horse!” André swore and pushed back to get Juan’s cock in him. His cock was twitching wildly in me and I groaned. He was preparing me big time for the imminent onslaught by the others … the huge ones …

“Oh, just take it like a man will you, you delinquent! As if you don’t like me plugging you! Sheez!” Juan retorted.


“Andrea, why don’t you have some fun with Santiago in the meantime before you fuck Antonio?” André said. It was obvious he wanted Andrea to be occupied, rather than lust after him!

Santiago went over to Andrea and took him by the arm. He led them to the couch and I just saw out of the corner of my eye how Andrea sank to his knees to suck Santiago’s immensely big cock. Fortunately Santiago was a multiple cummer, so even if he plugged Andrea, there would still be some cum left for me.


Soon André was moaning and his breath became laboured. Both he and Juan were approaching orgasms. I felt my brother’s cock swell to become very hard and big proportions.

André flung his head back and Juan kissed him on the cheek. “Oh hell ogre! You’re too much! Yes! Oh yes!”

“My beautiful sexy boy! How I love you and how I love fucking you!” Juan said and fucked my brother with faster thrusts.

“I’m cumming baby bro! Oh fu-u-u-u-ck! Juan my darling! Cum with me … ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Push it in me! Cum!” André said and then I felt him shooting his load into me.

“Ahhhh! You’re too much! I’m cumming!” Juan said and from the cock swelling in me, I knew Juan was cumming with my brother.

“Wow! All this talk and seeing all the big cocks have made me so horny! OK baby bro? I’m pulling out now,” André announced and he pulled out.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Juan was still inside my brother. They both moved back in sync, managing to keep Juan’s cock in my brother. They moved to the other bed and Juan pushed my brother forward and ended up on top of André.

“I want to stay in you while the others fuck your ‘baby bro’, OK?” Juan said as he rolled to his left side, clinging to André.

“Yes, but don’t get used to it, you big ugly ogre! Only because I love you … oh shit! Don’t you tell anybody I’ve said that! Sheez!” My brother loved Juan, despite his bravado.


I looked over at Santiago and Andrea and saw the latter was on his knees on the couch with Santiago behind him, huge cock in his hand.

“Oh fuck! I don’t know man! It’s big … I don’t know! Ahhhh! Oh hell no! It’s too big! Sorry Santiago but I can’t!”

“Oh OK. Not everybody can handle this. This is the main reason my lover has kicked me out! Do you want to fuck somebody instead?” Santiago said.

“Yes, I’d love to fuck Antonio or his brother … please?”

“André, are you up for it?” Santiago called to André. “Andrea wants to fuck you!”

“What? Whose daft idea was that? No man! I’ve seen that anaconda! I don’t think so! But I’ll suck both of you! How’s that?” André said. Santiago and Andre got up to join the two hunky hung men on the bed.


“What if the Jerry and I were next?” my darling man Johann said and moved forward. “We could open you up nicely for the huge cocks waiting to fuck you. Anton? What do you say Jerry man?”

“It doesn’t matter, but please give me a ‘Johann Special’, OK?"

“Of course my beautiful boy! OK Gunther?” Johann said and stepped closer, the big German following.

I looked at the others and saw Clive and Pierre were kissing each other, palming each other’s big cocks. Pierre was groaning in Clive’s mouth. He was clearly enjoying our big Pommie’s cock.

By then Santiago and Rafael were playing with each other’s huge cocks and I was surprised how different the two cocks looked. The colour difference was evident. Santiago’s precum was a lot and Rafael was in his element with this big wet cock in his hands.

“Man, you could be dehydrating yourself with all the precum you produce! Hmmm! And it tastes nice,” Rafael said as he put some in his mouth and hummed.

My darling Italian men were staring at us, arms around each other, cocks pointing at the ceiling. Just when I thought it was a waste of hard-ons, Giovanni dropped to his knees and sucked Luigi’s cock. Ahhh! I was glad all the sex didn’t centre around me, plus the two men were comfortable in each other’s company.

Luigi flung his head back and growled as Giovanni took his cock into his mouth, right down to his balls.

“Ahh! Che si sente grande voi l'uomo sexy (That feels great you sexy man)!” Luigi said as he took Giovanni’s head in his hands.

Both Johann and Gunther took me in their arms and kissed me in turn. My darling Jerry man groaned when his mouth moulded over my lips and I sucked his tongue into my mouth. Wow!

I had both their big cocks in my hands and I felt the difference in hardness. Johann’s perpetually rubbery cock in one hand, and Gunther’s rock-hard cock in my other hand.

Johann pushed his mouth onto our lips locked in a kiss and it became a three-way kiss. Ahhh! These two guys were firm favourites. Johann’s moustache added a new dimension to the kiss. I loved it!

Johann’s hand was on my butt and kneaded the fleshy globes. Guther’s hand was around my neck and hugged me tight to his hairy chest.


Gunther lied down and pulled me on top of him. Johann penetrated me first while I was on top of Gunther. The big rubbery cock in me was stretching me just enough to prepare me for the Jerry man to push in too. He fucked me while he was kissing my neck.

Gunther held me in his arms and his hard cock was pushed against me. The kiss was perfect, as always.

Ich liebe dich so viel, mein Schatz! (I love you so much, my darling)!” Gunther said and kissed me on the cheek.


After a minute of fucking, Johann pulled me up onto my knees and told Gunther to lube up his cock so I could sit on it.

Johann kept his cock in me and as soon as Gunther’s cock was lubed up, he held it upright and moved in between my legs. This was going to be tricky I thought.

But we were seasoned fuckers and knew what to do to make it work. Soon Gunther’s big cock was starting to slide in below Johann’s cock.

“Wow! I wish I could do a double but my cock is so damn big!” Rafael said. He and Santiago were standing right next to the bed, palming their huge cocks.

“Same here! As I’ve said, my cock size is the reason why Omar isn’t interested in me anymore. But I’d give anything to experience this … fuck! It’s not easy to have such a huge cock!” Santiago said as he was slowly jacking his cock.

“Ditto!” Rafael said. He put his hand out and touched Gunther and Johann’s cocks in my hole and squeezed them. “This feels amazing! Feel it Santi!” Rafael said.

Santiago put his huge hands on the two cocks in me and groaned. “How I wish … damn!”

Johann and Gunther pushed deeper into me and started to fuck me with deep alternating thrusts.

I groaned and kissed Gunther with fervour. I loved this man and his big cock in me felt wonderful.

Johann’s rubbery cock was doing its magic and very soon both Johann and Gunther were grunting and groaning. They were about to add their loads to Olav and André’s loads in me. From experience, I knew the loads they were about to pump into me, would be big.

“Here it comes … oh dear! A Johann special coming up!” Johann said and pulled out after the first spurt of cum. He grunted and aimed his big cock at my hole with Gunther’s cock still in me, starting to spasm.

Johann shot the biggest part of his load on my hole, and then just as the spurting started to taper off, he pushed back into me, pushing most of his cum into my hole. He hugged me from behind.

In the meantime Gunther’s cock was pumping its load into me and when Johann pushed his cock back in, Gunther’s cock swelled and twitched wildly. The two were really pumping a whole lot of ‘useful’ baby batter into me.

“My darling boy, That. Was. Out. Of. This. World! Thanks! Wow! You done Jerry? Did you shoot your signature big load into our boy? I’m spent! Sheez!” Johann said and kissed my neck.

“Yes, I’m done and yes, it was a lot! Our boy is filled big time!” Gunther said and sought my mouth to kiss me. Hmmmm! My Jerry man! How I loved him and Johann. A double with them was always pleasurable.

Johann started to pull out. His big cockhead slipped out and some cum ran out of me. He bent forward and licked it off Gunther’s cock still in me.

“Ahhh! Mein gott (My godd)! You know just what to do to make me squirm with joy! Donnerwetter (Fuck)!”

“Hmmmm! Nice mix you have in you! Come Jerry! There are others who want to add their loads to the mix!”

I lifted off Gunther and clenched. His big cockhead slipped free and I managed to keep the considerable load in me.

Gunther took my face in his hands and kissed me. “Antonio, I honestly and truly love you! Danke schön mein Schatz (Thanks my darling)!”

“Ditto my darling boy! Come Jerry, my darling man!” Johann said and got off the bed.

“Now the Italians will show all you wannabes how it’s done, right Luigi? Vieni sul mio amico! Mostriamo loro come fare l'amore con un altro uomo (Come on my friend! Let's show them how to make love to another man)!” Giovanni said and got on the bed. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Fuck! He was a good kisser! “Andrea, where are you? Come boy!”

Luigi and Andrea joined us and kissed both of us. I took their big cocks in my hands and felt they were super wet. Ahhh! Enough lube to fuck me on top of Johann’s nice present he left on my hole.

And as if on cue, Luigi and Giovanni had their hands on my butt and started to pull the cheeks apart to reveal my hole. They pushed their index fingers and middle fingers into me and I groaned into their mouths.

Andrea was kneeling on the bed above me, his cock ready to be sucked.

“Hmmm! Hmm!” I mumbled and broke free of the two other Italian’s kisses.

“If you continue that, I’m going to cum on the spot! Rather fuck me please!” I groaned

“OK, hai sentito quello che l'uomo ha detto. Prendiamo i nostri cazzi in lui e lo cazzo bene (You've heard what the man said. Let's get our dicks in him and fuck him good)” Luigi said and moved in behind me.

I was in for a good pummelling with the Italians! And there was a third one too. Bring it on!

Giovanni lied down and pushed his feet between my legs, between Luigi’s legs, his head between Andrea’s knees.

“Antonio, per favore mi faccia e sedersi sul mio cazzo. Voglio che mentire su di me (Antonio, please face me and sit on my dick. I want you to lie on top of me).” Giovanni said.

I turned and positioned myself over Giovanni’s cock. When I looked up, I gasped. Andrea’s cock was really a very nice one: it had a big head and was thick behind the head but tapered to a smaller circumference towards the back.

Andrea’s balls were big on Giovanni’s forehead. Some precum was dripping down the shaft and Andrea was rubbing it over the head that had a large piss-slit. This cock was going to be a pleasure to experience!

My hole was on Giovanni’s cock and I felt his wet head was pushing in already.

Mio caro, please don’t get hurt. If my precum isn’t enough, let’s get some more … I see Andrea has a lot! And so does Luigi. Or we get lube. Slowly my darling!” ‘My darling’! Wow!

I sat down gingerly and felt the big 29cm cock pushing into me. I groaned and bent forward to take Andrea’s nice cockhead into my mouth. Giovanni was too quick and pulled me down to kiss him. Hmmmm!

Andrea’s sopping wet cock pushed in my hair and made a big mess. Oh well …

“I love you so much my beautiful boy! You’re such a darling!” Giovanni said and hugged me close to him. His cock was now halfway in me.

“OK if I push in too mio caro?” Luigi asked and I felt his cockhead on my hole. It was sopping wet.

“Hmmm!” I murmured with Andrea’s cock in my mouth. He took it as ‘yes’ and pushed forward. Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Yes mio caro! Fuck me! The big cock of my true love pushed in and I groaned with Andrea’s big cockhead in my mouth. Oh fuck! I wasn’t a virgin, not by a long shot but every time my boys fucked me, I knew there were big cocks being pushed into me.

The big cockhead in my mouth was leaking lots of precum, which tasted good. The big glans fitted nicely in my mouth but there was no possibility to get it in my throat.

Luigi’s cock pushed through my inner sphincter and I groaned. He was almost there!

I let go of Andrea’s cock and kissed Giovanni. Fuck! He was such a good kisser and his stubble was so sexy against my nose, against my lips, under my hands … I was so glad he was going to work for Mario in Stellenbosch!

My hands were on Giovanni’s hairy chest and the thick mat of hair was just something else.

When I looked up, Andrea has moved and was kissing Giovanni. My, my! He was really at ease with us!

Giovanni groaned and then his hand snaked up around the gentle giant’s neck and he pulled him down, to lie next to us. His big cock was pushing against my leg, leaking more of his wonderful precum.

I joined in the kiss and was astonished at the adeptness of this Italian boy! Wow! If he wanted to join the group …? Slut! But, there was going to be Starbucks in Cape Town, so he could relocate – why not?

Luigi had his hands on my shoulders and was fucking me with long deep thrusts.

The three-way kiss was broken and we gasped for air. Wow! That was intense! I turned my head and kissed Andrea again. Indeed! He was a very good kisser!

“Ahhh! Antonio, sei un ottimo baciatore (you are a very good kisser)! Hmmm!” Andrea said and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth.

“How about Andrea pushes in too? His head is big but further to the back it’s not too thick. Antonio? You up for it?” Giovanni said. “Perfect fit!”

“Erm … I don’t know! It’s still a big one … Do you think …? But hell yes, it looks like it would be a nice experience! Let’s try it. But, with lube please?” I said feeling Andrea’s sopping wet cock next to my leg. “Or perhaps we could try with Andrea’s precum first?”

“That’s my boy! Yes! Come Andrea! Come push in too!” Luigi said. My man was becoming the sexual instigator! Oh godd!

Will Andrea’s cock fit in with the other two? I thought of Alessandro, Sven and Jean-Pierre who triple fucked me earlier that afternoon. Oh fuck! Bring it on!

“Just … slowly Andrea! Please!” I said and held my breath. This was really going to be a tight fit: Andrea’s cockhead was big! I inhaled with trepidation.

Luigi lifted up and bent down on my back. This meant Andrea would be required to manoeuvre himself below Luigi and push in his cock between the two cocks already in me. Fortunately they were all 29cm long – long enough to allow for some movement.

I felt Andrea’s cock on my hole and held my breath again. Andrea pushed in and his big cockhead stretched my hole BIG time! Wow!

By then Rafael and Santiago, as well as the Terrible Twins were right there next to us, each playing with their cocks, all sopping wet.

“Come on guys! Some donations of precum please?” Luigi said and looked at the wet cocks of the four men watching our every move. They obliged and milked their cocks to add their precum on their fingers to Andrea’s cockhead and shaft.

“Oh fuck! I never thought I’d be involved in such a wonderful orgy! I can’t wait for us to plug our boy!” Santiago said. He took Rafael’s cock in his hand and groaned. “Fuck I have a big one too, but it’s nice to hold another one in my hand!”

“Your cock also feels great!” Rafael said as he took Santiago’s cock in his hand.

“My love, it would appear our guests are in for a treat! How about I double up with Santiago and you with Rafael?” Pierre said, squeezing Clive’s big cock.

“Sounds like a plan! Rafael, come here my man!” Clive said.

Andrea’s cockhead plopped into my hole and I forgot about the 4 men around the bed lusting after my hole. Oh fuck! It hurt like a bitch! The cockhead was BIG and it stretched me big time!

Luigi realised I wasn’t breathing and he touched my neck and shoulder.

“Relax mio caro! Breathe! Push out! Relax! You can do it!”

“All OK? I don’t want to hurt Antonio. Must I pull out?” Andrea asked and pulled out without waiting for an answer.

“No!” I screamed. “No! You were not supposed to pull out! No!”

“Here, here is more precum. Come on guys! Give him more precum to enter our boy! Here’s mine!” Clive said as he put some more precum on Andrea’s cock.

Andrea put his cock on my hole again and pushed forward … ahhh! Oh fuck! Here we go again, I thought. The head stretched my hole as Andrea pushed in … and it slipped in again.

“Now hold still so Antonio could get used to it,” Luigi said, holding me tight to him. “Relax mio caro! Breathe! Push out!”

I saw out of the corner of my eye Pierre stepping closer and felt Andrea’s cock advancing into me. Pierre gave him a nudge to push in and he did …

“Ahhhhhhh! Hhhnnnngggghhhh! Fu-u-u-u-uck! Oh fuck!” I groaned as the third cock slid into me. But, as the cock advanced deeper into me, it felt better: the smaller girth at the back did make a difference.

And then he bottomed out – Andrea was in all the way. His knees next to my thighs squeezed in and I marvelled at the fact that I had three Italian cocks in me and … I loved it!

“It’s your job to fuck our boy and make us cum. Do it!” Luigi said and caressed my back.

It was clear Andrea was a seasoned fucker! He started to pull back slowly and I groaned … the bigger girth was evident. He pushed back and picked up speed. I growled again but it was from pure bliss! I have always considered a triple fuck to be outlandish and impossible and here the young Italian with the big cock was proving me wrong! It was wonderful! I felt my insides filled to the brim but enjoyed it nonetheless.

“My godd! Is that even possible? My love? Do you see what I’m seeing? Our boy has 3 cocks in him and … he’s enjoying it! Oh fuck! I want in! Oh fuck! You guys better finish soon! I can’t hold out much longer!” Pierre said and pushed Santiago’s hand from his cock. “No Santiago! Don’t touch my cock! You’ll make me cum right now! Wait please!” Pierre said and growled.

“Oh, I see it! Our boy! Wow! Rafael, you and I too? I hope our cocks can fit …” Clive said.

“My cock is so hard right now! I hope I can fuck Antonio for longer than a minute!” Rafael said.

Behind Luigi and me Andrea was fucking me good. He found a rhythm at the awkward angle and soon he was starting to hyperventilate.

“Oh hell! This is too much! I’m going to pump my big load into you Antonio! I cum a very big load! Oh hell! Yes! Yes! Yessss! Oh hell! Yes! Here it … cu-u-u-ums! Ahhhh! Ahh! Ahh!” Andrea gasped and I felt his cock being pumped in and out of me faster and faster … and then he held still.

There was a brief moment that nothing happened and then the big head started to spasm and I felt it depositing a huge load into me. The cock just spasmed and twitched as it was pumping spurt after spurt of cum into me. I tried to count but with two other cocks in me, it was difficult to count the spurts, but it could easily have been 13 or more spurts.

And then Giovanni growled. I felt his cock starting to spurt its first load into me! Spontaneously!

“Oh hell! Yes! Yes! Ahhhh!” Giovanni said and sought my mouth to kiss me and suck my tongue into his mouth.

My man wasn’t left behind! Luigi too started to growl and his cock spasmed. He was shooting his first load as well! Wow! His cock spasmed and he pushed his face into the crook of my neck, clinging to me.

“Ahh mio Dio (my godd)! Mio caro! You’ll kill me il mio ragazzo (my boy)! Ahhh! This is insane! Yes! Hmmmm! Yess!”

“This is amazing to feel the two other cocks pumping their loads into our boy! Wow! And it feels like you’re cumming big loads!” Andrea said, holding on to Luigi.

The two big cocks were still twitching in me, and then the surprise: “I want to cum another round please,” Giovanni said and I felt his cock twitching in me. “Andrea, you’re still hard enough to stimulate my cock. Please fuck our boy some more?”

“Sure!” Andrea said and fucked me with his softening cock. It had the right impact! Even Luigi started to groan again. He was going to cum again too!

“Here it comes mio caro! Luigi, orgasmo con me (cum with me)!” Giovanni said and I felt that indeed, he was about to cum again.

Proprio dietro di te (Right behind you)!” Luigi said and I felt his cock starting to spasm again.

“Here it comes! Ahhh! Andrea, can you cum again? Come with us!” Giovanni said.

Questa sarà una prima volta per me! Sto spruzzando troppo (This will be a first for me! I'm squirting too)!” Andrea said and I felt the three cocks twitching in me, pumping their big loads into me. Ahhhh!

“You doggs! Two rounds … just like that! Come on! Play fair! Pull out so we can have a chance! Come on you guys! I’ve had enough of all this Italian and watching you has made me super hot and hard! Out, please?” Pierre said.

I looked at Pierre next to Santiago. He had the Spaniard’s huge cock in his hand while Santiago was playing with his cock. It was clear the two men were very hot. I looked at Clive and Rafael … same story. Hot as hell and randy as goats!

The three cocks in me were still spasming a little as the last of their second loads dribbled into me. I was filled to the gills!

“Out, I say! Come on guys! It’s time! Out!” Pierre repeated his desire for the three men in me to stop and let them in.

Andrea was the first to pull out.

“Ahhh! Oh godd that head is big! Yow! Wow!” I said as the big head approached my sphincter. I was stretched good again and then the head was out.

Next up was Luigi who pulled his cock from my well-fucked and very relaxed hole.

“Clench, mio caro! There is a very big load in you now!”

A little cum did slip out and Pierre was quick to put his mouth on my hole to lick it up. “Hmmmm! I have to admit, your cum tastes good!”

Clive leaned in to kiss Pierre and he too started to hum.

“Hmmmm! That tastes wonderful! But, it’s time to add our own! Come Rafael! OK if we go first my love?” Clive said and kissed Pierre again.

“My man, for you? Anything! Go for it! Rafael, come! It’s your time to shine!” Pierre said. He took hold of Santiago’s cock and said to him: “OK if we wait a little longer? That way we could really seal the deal with our boy!”

“Yes, but I have to tell you, I'm horny out of my skull! With nothing happening at home and now to be a part of this … my godd my man! I’m going to cum a litre in our boy!” Santiago said and took Pierre’s big cock in his hand. “Fuck, this is a nice and beautiful cock!”

“So is yours, AND bigger! Wow! You’re going to fuck our boy a new hole!”

Rafael was so keen to fuck me he got on the bed behind me and already put his huge cock on my hole.

“Not so fast! Antonio, push some cum out so he could use it as lube. Push!” Clive said and moved in in front of me. His huge cock was right in front of me and I took the head in my mouth. I pushed and I could feel some of the vast amount of cum in me leaking out.

Rafael rubbed it on my hole and some on his cockhead, already slimy with all the precum. He put his cock on my hole and pushed forward. My loose hole gave and the big head slipped in – just like that. I groaned nonetheless. The man’s cock was big! The fuck I had in the toilets at the club was still fresh in my mind and I knew the ultimate pleasure that was in store for me with this huge cock in me.

I sucked Clive’s equally big cock – only 1cm shorter and more or less the same girth – slipped into my mouth and I just loved the precum and the feeling of the big cock in my mouth. Clive had his hands in my hair and growled.

“Are you not going to try a double?” André, of all people! Sheez! Was that his way of getting back at me for urging Sven and Alessandro on to double-fuck him?

I’ve had Clive and Pierre in me earlier that week … so, bring it on!

“If our darling boy can handle it …? Could we try Antonio? Rafael, do you want to try a double with me? But, we’re not to hurt our boy, you hear? Easy does it!” Clive said and moved out of the way.

“I’ve never done a double …” Rafael said. “I’ve seen it in movies though and right now …”

“Lie on your back so Antonio can sit on you. I’ll come from the back. You sure, Antonio?” Clive said, touching my face and neck.

“Yes, I think so … just … take it slow, OK?” I said and kissed the beautiful hand touching my face. Fuck, Clive was a statuesque man with every feature of him like that of a god.

Rafael pulled out and held his big wet cock in his hand.

“Lube please? André? Please?” Clive said while Rafael got on his back. Fuck, this cock was big! And to think I’ve already had it inside me … wow! And now Clive was going to enter me too … I wondered.

Clive put a liberal amount of lube on Rafael’s cock and some on my hole. I watched how he ‘made love’ to the huge cock in his hand while he spread the lube. He was a cock hound like all of us! Pommie, my man!

“Now sit down Antonio … easy does it … it’s a big one … Fuck! It’s so erotic to see it happening in front of my eyes! Guys, this is incredible! Look how the big head stretches Antonio’s hole … wow!” Clive said and I felt his hands on my butt, around Rafael’s cockshaft. Clive was really making love to the huge cock in me.

Clive’s hand was around the thick shaft and I felt how it slipped deeper into me. It scraped over my prostate and I almost came. The head was big and after all the fucking, I was charged big time!

“Push in! Yes! He wants it all in him! Ahhh! It looks fantastic!” Clive said. I put my hand to the back and took his huge cock in my hand – it was throbbing and hard and wet. My man!

Rafael’s cock pushed through the inner sphincter without too much problem – I was opened up by three Italian cocks just earlier! The huge cock was balls-deep in me … and it felt fantastic!

I lifted up a bit and Rafael took it as his cue to start fucking me … it was like a piece of heaven! He held my by the hips and looked straight into my eyes. His big brown eyes sparkled and it was clear he was enjoying it too. I looked at his highly kissable mouth and bent down to kiss him.

Rafael’s arms slipped around my body and he pulled me tight to him.

Then I felt it: another cock on my hole! Wow! Clive?

“Sorry my man, but I want in too! OK? I’ll be gentle and careful. OK?”

I broke the kiss with Rafael and just said ‘Yes’ and kissed Rafael again. Oh godd!

It was clear Clive had lubed up his cock big time: I felt the cold gel on my hole as he lined up his big cockhead to push in on top of Rafael’s huge cock.

I braced myself … I held my breath … My muscles tensed …

The big head started to stretch my loose hole … and slipped out, over my crack towards my spine. Ahhh! I exhaled and took a deep breath again …

Clive pushed his cock onto Rafael’s cock in me and then it slipped in with a ‘bang’! The whole head was in before I knew it and before Clive could put on the brakes. Owww!

I groaned and exhaled. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!

“You OK my darling boy? Must I pull out?” Clive asked leaning over me, touching my neck.

“Ahhh! Give me a minute … sheez! I’ve been fucked good and solid tonight, but the two of you are just … oh fuck! It feels incredible! Oh damn! Just hold still …” I said and took another big breath.

“Relax my beautiful man! Push out! And exhale! Breathe! Come on! You can do it! Relax!” Clive said.

Rafael’s mouth was on my cheek and he kissed me. I turned my head towards his mouth and kissed him hungrily. His arms were still tight around my chest and his furry chest felt wonderful against my body.

“This is a dream come true! I’ve always wanted a double and here we are! Thanks Antonio! You’re my hero!” Rafael said next to my ear. “I’m coming to visit you in Cape Town!”

“Oh you’re welcome! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! This is incredible! Ahhhh!” I said when Clive’s cock twitched and stretched me even more. “Ahhhh!”

“Sorry Antonio, but I can’t help it! Sorry! But you have to relax my man!” Clive said and pushed his cock deeper into me.

I growled and held my breath … fuck!

I pushed out and relaxed as best I could. This was a tight fit!

Clive’s cock twitched again … I clenched my hole over the two cocks in me … and then the magic happened! The pain dissipated almost immediately! The huge cocks in me filled me up good and stretched me something awful, but … it felt wonderful! Fuck! This is what I was made to experience! To be FUCKED!

Clive got into a fucking rhythm and made me feel good. I loved it. His big cock pushed the right buttons and it left me gasping and elated. This man was a fuck machine! A fuck machine studying to become a doctor!

Rafael’s hands were on my face, in my hair, around my neck and he too pushed his cock in deeper as best he could. He kissed me, he stroked my hairy chest, he lifted his knees up to ensconce me while Clive was fucking me.

“This is just so good! I’m going to cum Ant! OK? Rafael, can you hold out a bit? I want my buddy to fuck our boy with you. Pierre, get ready! I’m about to shoot my load … ahhh!” Clive said and hugged me from behind while his cock was pistoning in and out of my hole.

I was teetering on the abyss of no return … but I knew there were still Santiago and Pierre to add their loads, and of course Rafael below me. I willed my orgasm back …

Clive’s big cock started to swell and he fucked me deeper and with longer thrusts … ahhh!

“Oh damn! This is so good! It’s so good! Ahhh! Oh damn! Here it comes! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING! Ahhh! Yess! Yess! Ahhh! Hnnnngghhhnnn!” Pierre said and I felt his cock twitch as he pushed it deep into me and held still. The big cock twitched as he pumped his huge load into me … I counted 14 spurts … my, my!

“Come my love! Your turn! Be careful not to hurt our boy! Remember you have the other cock of death!” Clive said.

“Yes, the Cocks of Death of the Terrible Twins!” André piped up from where he was in Juan’s arms.

I looked over at him and saw his cock was rock-hard again … Did he want another round? I hoped not …

Clive pulled out slowly. I heard the cap of the lube container and knew my darling Pierre was putting some on his huge cock … ahhhh! Another 33cm cock! A big, beautiful cock! If not the man – who I loved to bits – the cock was something special.

“Clench Ant! I’m pulling … O-U-U- - - T … ahhh! Yes! Oh damn! This was wonderful! Are you still OK Ant?” Clive asked and touched my hole where Rafael’s big cock was in me.

“I’m fine. Pierre, come on! Fuck me!” I said. I loved getting his cock in me but I had a plan … I thought after Pierre has shot his load, Santiago should push in on top of Rafael’s huge cock … I’ve had Jonathan and his brother Christopher in me in Stellenbosch, albeit for a short while. Yes, I wanted to feel that, I thought just as Pierre stood on his knees behind me.

He pushed his big cockhead on my hole and being really loose, the head slipped in … ahhh!

“Oh fuck! Ant, are you OK my darling boy? I'm sorry man! The head just slipped in! You OK?” Pierre said, sincere concern in his voice.

“Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Hell! Yes, that was a bit unexpected … but I’m fine! Just hold a few seconds … ahhh!” I said and clenched my hole over the big invasion. Pierre’s cock responded and swelled big time.

“Sorry Ant … oh fuck man! I don’t want to hurt you!” Pierre said and tried to control his cock.

“OK Pierre, you can push in now …” I said and waited for the big cock to slide into me … After Clive had fucked me, I was loose and Pierre’s cockhead slipped straight in. He did have the decency to hold still and wait for me to get accustomed to it.

Pierre was a gentleman par excellence and waited until I said ‘yes’ before he pushed in deeper.

“I don’t want to hurt you Ant! My darling man! My man! My darling!” My, my! Even though he has fallen in love with the sexy hunky hung hunk that was Clive, I wasn’t forgotten. He still loved me too.

What a tangled mess! But a nice mess! Lots of cock, kissing, groping, sucking, fucking … yes, lots of the latter! And of course lots of cum!

I turned my head slightly and just said: “Yes, please Pierre?”

Pierre pushed in deeper but did so with finesse and with constraint. He slid into me slowly … filled me up big time … made me feel wonderful with his big cock on top of Rafael’s.

“My darling, this is just too good to be true! Wow! I’m on Cloud Nine! You Portuguese hunk, your cock feels wonderful against mine …! Ahhhh!” Clive said and made his cock twitch as it slipped the last few centimetres into me. “You still OK my darling?”

“Yes … I’m fine … fuck me please … oh fuck! I’m so close to cumming … fuck me please!” I said softly, concentrating not to cum.

“I’m about to cum, I’m so hot and worked up! So is it OK with you if I fuck and cum?” Pierre said, his head on my back, kissing my back, his hands on my sides, just beyond the ticklish parts.

“Yes, please! I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to control my own orgasm … fuck! Your cock feels good in me! How are you doing Rafael?” I said and kissed the big beautiful man on his soft lips.

“I’m fine and just amazed at what you can achieve! But I’m in the same boat as you! I am very close to cumming! However, I’m having the time of my life! This is the best sex I’ve had in all my life!”

“That’s good … ahhh!” I said and felt Pierre fucking me with long and deep thrusts. Oh hell! I wanted to just let go and cum myself when I saw Santiago stepping closer to the bed, huge cock in his hand. It was sopping wet and big and shiny and looked delicious! Fuck!

I turned my head towards Santiago and he leaned forward so I could such his cock. It. Tasted. Divine! Wow!

“I’m going to cum now! Santiago, you’re next! Get ready … ahhhh! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Yess! Ahhhhh!” Pierre said and pushed his cock in deep and held still.

His whole body started to shudder as he was pumping his big load into me, into the big pool of cum in me already …

“Wow! That looks delicious! Hmmm! Antonio, OK if I fuck you after Pierre? Would you be able to manage my cock with Rafael’s still in you?? Santiago said. I still had his big cockhead in my mouth and his balls in my left hand.

“Yes, let’s try it but fuck, I’m so close to cumming! Just don’t touch my cock! Pierre, you OK? Have you finished?” I asked Pierre.

“Oh hell yes! And it was fantastic, as always!” Pierre said and leaned forward to kiss me from behind – a lopsided kiss, while I was still holding on to Santiago’s cock. “I’m pulling out now, OK? You still OK my darling?”

“Yes, I’m fine thanks! Santiago, you’re on. Just take it slow! You do have an enormous cock and I still have another enormous cock in me … but, let’s do it!” I said and felt Pierre’s cock vacating my hole … ahhh!

Then Pierre’s cockhead slipped out and quite an amount of cum leaked out, covering my hole and Rafael’s cock still in me.

“There! He’s loose and lubed up big time! Come Santiago! Come fuck our boy! You’re last! But, be careful not to hurt him! We won’t have any of that!” Pierre said and stroked my back. My man!

“I have no intention of hurting our boy here! But yes, I do have a big cock. I’ll be careful. Antonio, are you sure? I’d be satisfied with a blowjob too?” Santiago put in.

“No, you’ve waited so long and I’m sure you’d be careful not to hurt me. Just take it slow. Will you cum quickly? How about you Rafael?” I asked.

“I’ll be careful!” Santiago said and took Pierre’s place on the bed behind me.

“May I please cum in your mouth after Santiago has cum?” Rafael said.

“Yes, of course! That would be nice!” I said and wondered how much this man was going to pump into my mouth … but fuck! I was horny!

Santiago’s huge cock started to stretch me … and slipped past my hole … He tried again and then the head pierced my hole … it slipped into my hole and I groaned. My godd! It was big!

He held still and caressed me over my back, my butt and while I was relaxing, he pushed in deeper … ever so slowly, ever so gently. Before I knew it, the whole big 34cm cock was balls-deep in me, on top of Rafael’s huge cock. My. Godd!

I fought against my own orgasm and felt Santiago’s cock twitch in me. He started to fuck me … again, so slowly and gently … How on earth could Omar not appreciate this man and his love-making?

“This is incredible! Wow! You’re making my day and not having anything at home for days, I’m going to shoot a big load, and soon! OK, Antonio?” Santiago said while he was slowly fucking me … His big balls would nestle on my butt and then the big cock would pull back … all the time while he was hugging me, caressing my back, my butt … This man was one of a kind! I was really hoping Johann and Claire would be able to organise something for him in Cape Town … Slut! But I liked him – not just for his huge cock and him fucking me!

Johann came to stand next to us and touched my back. Hmmm! My beautiful moustached man!

“I’m going to cum! Oh hell no! I didn’t want to cum so soon … ahhh! Oh no! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhh!” Santiago groaned and then he fucked me with more urgency … and he shot his load. It was at least 13 spurts and it felt like a huge load.

My own orgasm was micro millimetres under the surface …

I noticed Johann’s big rubbery cock hanging down. It was such a beautiful cock! And big balls … a masterpiece.

Santiago held still and let the last of his cumload drain into me … I was filled to the gills with all the cum the guys have pumped into me!

“I’m pulling out now, OK? Rafael, he’s all yours! But be gentle!” Santiago said and I wondered how Rafael would be hurting me if he were the only one in me at the time! Yes, it was a big one, but I was loose and there was enough cum in me to lube up an army!

“Anton, I have a proposition for you. You’ve been there for all of us and we all fucked you and used you for our pleasure. I want to do something special for you … because I love you but also because I’m curious. I want you to fuck me …” Johann said and touched my back.

I couldn’t believe my ears!

Santiago was pulling out and looked at Johann in amazement. After Johann and Gunther have fucked me earlier, he assumed Johann was a top, as did I!

“Are you serious? Johann? You want me to fuck you? But you’re a top!” I said looking at the sexy man with big eyes.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Well, I’ve never thought about it but … yes, if you wanted to, I could! What about Rafael?” I said.

“I want Rafael to change places with me and for him to fuck you from behind while you fuck me. OK Rafael?”

“Yes, fine by me! But I want to see that!” Rafael said.

“OK then. Anton, lift off Rafael and sit on your knees while I lie down. Rafael, pull out and fuck him from behind, OK?”

This was a whole new twist in the evening’s events!

I lifted off Rafael and he moved in behind me. Before he could push into me again, Johann lied down on the bed, his knees pulled up to reveal his well-lubed hole. It looked inviting … even though I was a staunch bottom.

“One last twist in the tail: I’m going to push my own cock into my hole and then I want you to double fuck me with my cock still in me. OK?” Johann said.

“What?” Did you guys hear this? Are you sure Johann?” I said.

The other guys were already gathered around the bed and André had his iPhone ready to take pictures.

“I’ve never told anybody about this before, but when I was still at school, I fucked myself many times. But then I started to fuck other boys and haven’t done this in a long time,” Johann said. I looked at his big cock and realised what he must’ve felt when he fucked himself.

“Do you want to tell me you’ve taken your own cock in your hole? Stand back guys! I have to see this!” André said. He crawled onto the bed and sat on his knees right next to us. “Need any help?”

“Please help me to get my cock into my hole. Before it’s completely hard. I need a hand please,” Johann said. I took his big cock in my hand and bent it down. André lent a helping hand and we managed! Wow!

When his cockhead was in, Johann put all four of his fingers on the shaft and pushed it deeper into his hole. Fuck! That was awesome!

Johann kept his hand on his cock and said: “Gunther my love, please put some lube on Anton’s cock. It’s going to be a tight fit!” Johann said and pushed his cock deeper into his hole. Being 29cm long, and rubbery, between Johann and my efforts we pushed his big cockhead into his hole. He growled and breathed quicker.

“My darling man! Are you sure about this? Will you be able to take Antonio’s cock too?” Gunther asked with concern for his lover.

“We need to spoil him for a change and I’m the only one who can … do … this …! Oh damn! Are you lubed up, Anton? Push in!” Johann said.

I moved closer to Johann with my cock in my hand and looked at his big cock in his hole and realised this was the most special thing anybody has ever done for me! Johann … he never ceased to amaze me!

“Once you’re in me … and I survive … hehehe! … Rafael must push into you. I hope you’re not going to shoot your load immediately! I want this to last more than 3 seconds!” Johann said and lifted his head to smile at me, and wink at me.

“Oh OK. Rafael, did you hear? Please push into me again once I’m in Johann, OK?” I said and looked over my shoulder at the big man behind me. His huge cock was pointing at the ceiling. Fuck! It was big! And it was in with me with 3 other guys, one after the other. Wow!

I put my wet cock on Johann’s hole under his own cock in his hole, and pushed forward. The sensation was hot and nice … It made me remember fucking my brother … But this was different! I was going to double-fuck one of my darling men, with his own cock in his hole!

My cockhead pushed in while Johann kept his hand on his cock. My cock grazed over his finger tips. The sensation was indescribable. My cockhead pushed under Johann’s cock and I almost lost it. It was tight and it was hot and it was sensual and it was sensational … and a few other sensations I didn’t have a name for!

“Ahhh! Oh fuck! Yess! Push it in! It feels great! Yes! Give it to me! Anton, your cock feels great under mine!” Johann said and flung his head back and groaned. “Deeper!”

I pushed deeper into Johann and felt my cock rubbing against his cock and soon I was in all the way. My balls were on his butt … and then Rafael pushed into me!

My hole was loose and the huge cock slipped in easily. Rafael pushed in deeper and deeper. When his big cockhead scraped over my prostate, my cock twitched in Johann’s hole and his big rubbery cock responded.

“Ahhhh! Oh yes! Fuck me my darling boy!” Johann said and pumped his own cock in and out of his hole while I fucked him, Rafael 34cm deep in me. It was hot and fantastic.

I pushed my cock a few times in and out of Johann when he started to breathe deeply and his big rubbery cock twitched against mine.

“Anton, this is fucking fantastic but I’m about to cum! Please cum with me! Rafael, could you cum now? Cum with us!” Johann said and pumped his cock faster in and out of his hole and I fucked him with new vigour. I was going to cum … and I could see and feel Johann too. And Rafael fucking me … him too!

My orgasm boiled up in my groin and with the double stimulation and feeling Johann’s cock against mine, I started to cum. And did I cum! I felt Johann’s’ cock spasm against mine and Rafael started to cum in me …

Our cocks spasmed and I felt Johann’s cock and I pumped a really big load into his hole, and Rafael was pumping his signature load he pumped into me at the club, into me again. Oh fuck! This was as hot as it could be! I’ve never felt it deeper and more intense.

Johann pushed his cock deeper into his hole and held it in place as he pumped his load into his hole.

Rafael’s cock twitched in my hole and I felt it pumping his cum into me. He collapsed on my back and clung to me.

“This was the best sex I’ve ever had! Thanks … wow!” Rafael said and kissed me in the neck. The other guys were either astonished or just gaped at us. The rest was cheering and clapping hands. It was a show, for sure!

Johann was still holding his cock deep inside his hole and my 24,5cm cock was nestled nicely next to his big rubbery cock in his hole. My cum and his cum were mixed and I could feel the slipperiness of the loads in him.

“I could do this again and again with you my darling boy! I never knew I’d be able to do it, but there you have it! But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to fuck you again Anton! Far from it! This was just a special gesture to you. Perhaps we could do it again some time!” Johann said and took my cock in his hand while his own cock slowly started to slip out.

I put my hand on his big rubbery cock and kept it in him for a while longer … this was a magic moment and I wanted to prolong it a bit.

Johann’s knees next to my body squeezed me and his hole twitched around our cocks.

“Thanks my darling boy! That was spectacular! It was an experience to remember!” Johann said as his cock slipped out and brought quite a bit of our cum with it. I pushed my cock deep into him again and felt the loads in him. Ahhh!

There were numerous hands on my back, on my chest, on Johann’s chest and cock and I could feel somebody was squeezing Rafael’s cock still in me. He was slowly pulling out.

I clenched as I had a big load of cum in me. I didn’t want to spill it on the sheets as we were about to get into bed. I felt some hands below my hole as Rafael’s cock slipped out. Al little cum did leak out and ended up in the cupped hand under my hole.

"Please let my have that?” Santiago! My hell! The man was surprising me more and more!

“Well, after a very successful evening, I think it’s time to hit the shower. Everyone into the bathroom. We could take turns. Come!” Clive said and led the way. “Ant, you OK? Did we hurt you? And …” he pulled me off the bed and put his mouth next to my ear … ”*How was it to double-fuck Johann with his own cock? It was so hot to see it*!”

“Yes, it was fantastic! Thanks for everything! You guys really made it special!” I said and put my head on Clive’s shoulder.


After showering in stages, we all bundled into the two king-size beds: 6 in the one bed and 5 in the other. Andrea didn’t stay. He had to be in Starbucks by 8 am the next morning. I looked at my iPhone and saw it was just after midnight.

In our bed it was Luigi and I, Pierre and Clive and of course Giovanni. Santiago looked at me with his big puppy eyes and I pulled him into bed with us.

Juan, André, Johann, Gunther and Rafael were in the other bed.

After the multiple fuckings earlier, we were all sated and settled in for a good night’s rest in the arms of the men who loved each other. Being new to the circle, much to the chagrin of Pierre and Clive (they were jealous!), Santiago was allowed to sleep behind me.

Needless to say, he pushed his big cock between my legs and somewhere during the night the inevitable happened … oh well! I wasn’t mad at him in the least! But the sheer size of the ‘thing’ woke me up and I was pushed to Cloud Nine once again!


At half past 6 some of the guys were in the bathroom peeing when the bellhop surprised us with coffee and muffins.

When he knocked on the door, Pierre went to open. He looked through the peeping hole and when he saw it was a male bellhop, he opened the door – stark naked. His 33cm cock was hanging at a very heavy 23cm – much bigger than most men hard.

It was a young boy, fresh out of school. His name was Tom and he was a skinny guy with auburn hair. The poor guy had a white-as-milk skin and was covered in freckles.

Tom entered the room and saw the enormous cock dangling in front of him but averted his eyes and stammered when he greeted Pierre. Poor soul.

He pushed the trolley in and then he saw the 6 of us in bed … he almost tripped. And he saw the other 5 in the other bed. The man blushed cherry red!

“Erm … OK … good morning Sirs! My name is Tom and I’m here to serve you coffee. John has left clear instructions. He said there would be at least 10 of you … Sorry …” Tom said and looked at the coffee pots, checking the contents as long as he didn’t have to look at us.

“And now there are 11 of us!” Clive said and leaned over to hug me from behind Santiago.

“You can pour for us, please” Pierre said and got into bed next to Clive again.

“Erm … OK. Coffee, milk, sugar? Muffin? We have Choc Chip, Blueberry, Fibre Rich, Lemon and Poppy Seed. Sir?” Tom said and looked at Pierre.

“Yes, please. Coffee, milk, no sugar and a Blueberry please. Thanks.”

We all gave our orders and sat up against the pillows and to receive our orders from Tom.

André came back in the room and retorted: “Starting without us, I see? Juan, these people think they’re the bee’s knees! They need to be taught a lesson in humility! Erm … your name please?” André said, as he shifted his attention to Tom.

“It’s Tom, Sir.”

“Tom, we could have your head for this! These people are NOT the royalty they pretend to be! Look at me! I’m the brother to one of them – the B R O T H E R! And we’re treated like this? Without us, they’re nothing! N O T H I N G!”

“Yes, I concur. I think we’ll give him a shower … what do you say André? Yes?” Johann put in for good measure.

“Yes, shower him!” André said and approached Tom, pretending to grab him.

“Please no! Please don’t do that! My boyfriend will be very angry and I would not be able to explain to him! Please sir!” Tom said with big eyes.

“Ahh! The man has a boyfriend? What’s his name? Is he nice? Is he hairy? Is he H U N G?” André said. My brother was relentless.

“Yes sir! His name is Bernhard. He is German. Yes, he is very nice and he has a big one …”

“Oh good! As big as ours …” André got in before Juan stopped him.

“Let the boy be! Tom, I’d like a coffee with lots of hot milk, no sugar and a Poppy Seed muffin please! Thanks. Good morning my darling boy! Did these guys abuse you too much last night? Just tell me and I’ll neuter them – every one of them!” Juan said and sat on the foot end of the bed, touching my feet under the duvet.

“Coming up Sir,” Tom said.

We all got some coffee and muffins and Tom was replenishing coffee where required.

“So then, tell us about ‘Bernhard’. Big you say? How big?” Johann said.

“My darling! Let it go! Leave the poor boy,” Gunther said and put a hand on Johann’s leg.

“No, tell us Tom!” André piped up. “Can you take it?”

“Yes, it’s big. It’s about 22cm and thick. I can only take about 75% of it for a short while …” Tom got in, eyes averted, blushing cherry red.

“Really? Here amongst us, that isn’t even a size! Pierre, show him yours!” André was relentless.

“No, you’ll do no such thing Pierre! My darling is just naughty. No! Relax Tom. No more harassing,” Clive said.

“Thank you kind Sir! I love Bernhard very much … it’s just … it’s just … when he enters me, he gets stuck at one point and it won’t go in any deeper. He is very frustrated but it hurts me … Sorry Sir! I shouldn’t say this …” Tom said and blushed again.

“Let me tell you: it can go deeper. The secret is: relax, push out as if you want to take a dump and clench for 30 seconds. It will work wonders. Guaranteed. OK boys! Enough with the chit-chat! You need to get going. Thanks Tom! We’ll have our breakfast in half an hour’s time. You can take the mugs and side plates now. Come guys! Let’s get cracking!” Clive said and threw the duvet off us, revealing our big cocks in various stages of arousal.

Tom looked at us in amazement and looked at André and back at us. “I see what you mean Sir! They are big! Bernhard would be envious!” Tom said as he was stacking the used crockery on the trolley.

“Thanks Tom,” Clive said as he got up out of bed, his big club of a cock swinging between his legs. It was about semi hard, and about 25cm long.

“That’s … big … wow! That would kill me!” Tom gushed and stared.

“Another place, another time, and I’d plug you just for fun to prove to you it won’t kill you. Thanks Tom! Have a nice day! Take care!” Clive said as he helped Tom to push the trolley to the door. He opened the door and just then a young couple walked past our door. The girl shrieked and the guy gasped.

“Did you see that? I’m glad you’re not so malformed. Good grief!” the girl commented. “Freak!”

“And he stands at the door looking like that? I'm going to call management!” the guy said as they walked down the passage.

Of course nothing would come of it.


“How are you feeling this morning mio caro? And you Johann? All OK?” Luigi asked as we got out of bed.

“I’m fine thanks, but I still can’t believe what Johann did last night!” I said and looked at Johann.

“I’ll survive! A bit tender, but otherwise I’m fine!” Johann said. “But, don’t expect me to do it again too soon!”

We all ended up in the bathroom, except for André and Juan. They were having a quick look at their luggage.

“This shouldn’t be too difficult … “ I heard Juan saying.

Then André entered a minute later: “Oh puh-lease! This early lovey-dovey ritual every morning is nauseating! Sheez baby bro! What has happened to you? Have they fucked your brains out?” André, of course.

Giovanni, standing close to the door, grabbed André’s semi-hard cock and gave it a squeeze. “Behave you delinquent! You’re just jealous!”

“Hey, hey, hey! Watch what you’re doing to the Le Roux Family Jewels! I’ll have you know, this is my father’s only hope of ever producing an heir … surrogacy, of course! So watch it you half-bred Ita!”

“And where will you find a girl who would be prepared to bear your monster offspring?”

“Baby bro! Did you hear that? He’s calling us monsters now!” André said and gave Giovanni’s head a playful swipe.

Giovanni grabbed him and he ended on top of André. He tickled my brother who was fighting against it shrieking and with flailing arms.

“Who is the boss! Hmmm! W H O is the B O S S?” Giovanni demanded.

“My Dad is … yowl! Baby bro, help me please! The half-bred … hehehe … is killing me!”

“You’ve made your bed – now sleep in it … or under it as the case may be!” Luigi put in and hugged me tighter.

An iPhone binged. Pierre ran back into the suite and checked the phones on the nightstand and it was Clive’s. “Here my love! It’s yours,” Pierre said as he ran back and handed Clive his iPhone.

“Thanks my love! It’s from my dad. Let’s see,” Clive said, opening his phone.

It was clear the two men were in love – big time.

“Hey you guys! After the ruckus this delinquent has caused, I’m sure you all are wide awake. Dad says the bus would take us to the airport at 09:45. Your flight to Berlin is at 1 o’clock. Come on boys! You have to finalise your packing and shower and have breakfast … all of that in … 3 hours tops. Half-bred, get off the delinquent. Come on André! We have to get going. It’s 7 o’clock. Come on guys!” Clive said and hugged me. “And I love you to bits my darling! I’m going to miss you so, so, so very much! Oh fuck! If my dad hears me now, he’d wash my mouth out with soap! Come guys! Chop chop!” Mom would be so proud of this new addition!

Giovanni had André in his arms, facing him and he kissed my brother. At first André pretended to be offended, but nobody could resist this half-bred’s charm. He was just too adorable. André kissed him back and even pushed an imaginary hair off his forehead … and kissed him again.

“Fuck half-bred! You’re such a bad influence on my brother and me – just look at me all mushy and loving! Sheez man! But fuck, you’re just so sexy, mán!” André said and kissed Giovanni again, and jumped up. “On my way Your Majesty! Your wish is my command! Baby bro, I know they’ve abused you … agáin … who was it? Let me sort them our right now! I’m fighting fit! So, who was it? Hmm? Hmm? Speak, or forever hold your peace! Aha! Too scared to speak? Thought so. OK, just leave my brother, you hear! He is a human being and he does have feelings … rotten, I have to add by the looks of the bed-mates he has …” He side-stepped Pierre’s long arm and ran out of the bathroom. “Catch me if you can!” and he was out.

“What a delinquent, but what a beautiful one at that. Sheez! I’d like to buy a roll of duct tape to quiet him … for just an hour or so …” Pierre said.


Fortunately we kept our luggage fairly simple and organised, so the packing was done in a jiffy.

After our shower, we went for our last breakfast and had a feast. The chef knew it was going to be our last, so he pulled out all the stops. We had a hearty and very filling meal.

Back in our rooms, we finalised packing our luggage. The stuff Boss was going to send straight to Cape Town, was packed into the suitcases Boss bought us. It was to be collected within the hour to be taken to Boss first to be packed into a small container, which was to be sent to Claire.

“I'm coming to the airport with you, but I want to … *say good bye now*” Clive said and his lower lip started to quiver. “*I've fallen in love with you guys, all of you, but more so Pierre, my love, and Ant, my darling, and the rest of you. I’m going to miss you so very much …!*” He took Pierre in his arms and hugged him tight.

The tears were streaming from Clive’s eyes and he started sobbing. Pierre started to cry too and the two big men were clinging to each other like drowning men. My heart gave a pang and I felt the tears coming to my eyes too.

I hugged Clive from behind and felt his body shaking with sobs.

Giovanni was there too who was flying to Dublin later on. He too was teary and joined in the hug. Soon all of us were in the big hug and all of us were crying – some more than others.

In just a week, Clive and Giovanni have become an integral part of our lives. We loved them and didn’t want to leave them behind.

“You have our details and you know we’re going to Firenze in a week’s time. If you can organise it, join us in Italy? My family has lots of sleeping space and they’d love to meet you. Clive, can you finalise your papers this coming week?” Luigi said and touched Clive’s beautiful face.

Just then my iPhone binged: it was Diego, asking how we were, thanking us again for the wonderful time and wishing us a bon voyage. He said Cape Town has responded that they’ve received Diego’s application and were processing it.

I responded and wished him well and thanked him for everything. It was a treat to have the Latino man with us for some of the time.

The previous morning it was Diego who had to say goodbye. It too was a tearful event:

Beautiful sexy Diego was a bit despondent and … heart-broken! I saw him looking out the window, staring at nothing. I walked up to him and when he saw me approaching him, he quickly wiped his eyes and smiled endearingly at me.

“What’s up, beautiful man?” Diego asked and opened his arms to welcome me into his embrace. I gladly accepted. This man was such a nice and pleasant guy.

“We’ve neglected you … sorry Diego. But there is a lot going on right now. We didn’t mean to side-line you or anything. Are you OK?”

“No, don’t worry. I’m just sad thinking this wonderful week has come to an end. And I have to be back at the shop at 10 o’clock. Open for business as usual! Thanks for the good time I’ve spent with you. You are a darling! I think I’ve fallen in love with you … sorry!” Diego said and hugged me closer.

“If your application for the shop in Cape Town comes through, there is no reason to be sad! Then you’d be close to us in no time! In two weeks’ time we’re back and hopefully you’d soon be there too. Thanks to you too! You’re such a nice, sexy and pleasant guy. We enjoyed having you around – me a bit more than the others! Your cock is phenomenal and I loved you making love to me!” I said and kissed him.

Diego hugged me and kissed me back. I felt the stirring in his pants … given time … hmmm! But hopefully he’d be able to relocate.

“If it could be organised, I hope I could be there by the end of January. It will give my boss enough time to find another barrister and give me time to organise my life. I’ve asked my landlord if I could give him short notice, and he agreed. He has a waiting list of at least 25 people, so the next person could move in at a moment’s notice. But … I really love you Antonio!” Diego said and hugged me tight. I felt his wet cheek against mine.

“No, no, no! No tears! Think of the excitement to move to Cape Town! And being close to us! I’ll ask Clive and Pieter to start looking for a place to stay. Come to think of it, you could rent a room in Johann’s house! Johann! Please come here!” I called Johann.

“Ahhh! A threesome! You know me so well!” Johann said jokingly as he joined us and hugged us both. “What’s with the tears Latino man?”

“He’s just sad to see us go. But hey, if he lands the job at the V&A Waterfront, could he stay with you for a while? And travel with you?” I asked my darling man.

“Yes, of course! I have to travel in any case and it’s in the exact same spot where my studio is. If you’d be prepared to share with me and sometimes with Gunther, you’re welcome. There! No more tears! But, you have to play nice and you have to accept that this gorgeous boy can not become yours only, OK?” Johann said and put his hand on Diego’s bulge. “My, my, my! Did you feel what’s going on in his pants? Sheez Diego! That thing is close to being illegal! Too bad I’m not a bottom … damn! It’s one of the most beautiful cocks there is – mine included! You’re a star in my book!”

“Ohh! You're too kind Johann! But, thanks! Yes, I gladly accept! I’m going to push the paperwork and perhaps I could have an answer by the end of this week. It’s just a lousy time right now. But, it would be great to share with you. I’m very neat, just in case you wondered. And it would be an honour to share a house with you! Thanks!” Diego said, beaming now.

The tears when we said goodbye to our friends/lovers were an indication of how deeply in love we were with them. It also proved that the feelings weren’t just sexual. We really liked the men we’ve met in London.


All 10 of us bundled into the bathroom and started our ablutions. Most of the guys’ stuff was still there and where there was something missing, we borrowed. Just not toothbrushes.

Clive, Pierre and Giovanni made it a point to be close to me. I was sad to leave Clive and Giovanni behind. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives in such a short space of time. But, all’s well that ends well. It was only Diego’s move that still hung in the balance. Clive’s papers were almost finalised and Giovanni already had a job with Mario.

The trio washed me head to toe, just too glad to be close to me, touching me, pleasing me. Yes, of course we touched each other’s cocks and yes, they got hard – what did you think? But, apart from the odd tip being pushed into me, and lots of kissing, nothing else happened.

But eventually Pierre and Clive were all over each other. They were so in love and now Clive was going to remain behind. I looked at Pierre and saw his big blue eyes were sad. My poor man. I moved in behind Pierre, holding him in a tight embrace.

“All will be OK my darling! You’ll see him again in no time! I’m also sorry to leave him behind, but I know we’ll see him again soon,” I said in his neck.

“Thanks my darling! I’m really going to miss this tall white hung hunk of a man! Pommie, we love you, my love!” Pierre said.

“And I love you too, my hairy hunky hung bhoorkie! And of course our darling man! But, if all works out fine, I’d be with you in 2 weeks’ time. My Dad has pulled quite a few strings! Only a few minor details still to iron out. Ant, please look after my love while you’re in Germany and Italy? OK?” Clive said.


The bus arrived on time at 09:45. At 09:30 the Boss panel van took away the suitcases to be sent to Claire.

We convinced Giovanni to go on the bus with us to Boss where we were to have a quick stop just to say goodbye to the staff, and of course to Alexander.

Santiago was still with us and wanted to go and talk to Alexander about moving to Cape Town. He spoke to Omar earlier and it would appear there wasn’t war in paradise – there was no paradise anymore. It would appear Omar wants Santiago to fetch his stuff and just go, especially when he didn’t come home the previous night.

“Not a problem, Santi. I’ll come with you and we’ll get your stuff. You’re going home with me. What about big stuff like furniture?” Clive said and sat down next to Santiago.

“I’ll organise to put it in storage …” Santiago said.

“No need to. Dad’s place has 3 garages and he has only one car, and I have none. There is ample space there to keep your stuff until you’ve worked out what to do. Pucker up man! You’re amongst friends now! And seeing you perform last night … we could learn a thing or two from you!” Clive said, squeezing Santiago’s thigh. “Go sort out your stuff tomorrow and come ‘home’ to stay with us! Tonight you’re staying with us. And for as long as it takes.”

It was a short drive to Boss. We bundled out of the bus and when we entered the building, the security showed us to the elevators, and we went up to Alexander’s office.

When the elevators opened, we saw that there was only a skeleton-staff on duty. But they had banners up to say ‘Bon Voyage’ and ‘Good Luck’. There were 3 girls and one guy. They cheered when they saw us. It was clear they knew exactly who we were and it was also clear they knew we were Alexander’s favourite models!

“Dad! The hordes have arrived! Here we are!” Clive said and grabbed his dad and kissed him in front of everybody. It was clear they loved each other and a demonstration of their love for each other wasn’t taboo.

Gareth came to greet us and I could see he was tired. Alexander must’ve worked him to the bone the past week!

Olav sat on a barstool to one side and watched us. He smiled at me and my cock twitched. The big white hulk fucked me good the day before!

“Hi there! My, my! You guys look ready for Germany! I’m sad to see you go! It was a hectic week but we’ve enjoyed having you here! I hope you’ll enjoy Germany and Italy! Come with me,” Alexander said and put his arm around André’s shoulder – did he think it was me? It didn’t matter, really.

We went into the boardroom and there was a small pile of goodie-bags on the table.

“Guys, to say I’ve enjoyed this week, would be the understatement of this year and the next! It was a hell of a big job but we’ve pulled it off and we’ve enjoyed it, and your presence. Thanks to Gareth who worked his butt off, the photographers, including Santiago over there, the staff and of course Clive, the light of my life!

“Olav, you’re not forgotten! Perhaps it’s a good thing to announce here that Olav and I have officially become a couple since last night! He is the other light of my life. Guys, thanks for your incredible talent, the way you fitted in, worked with the photographers, the make-up people – in short: the staff at Boss is impressed with you all.

“May I please make an exception here? The twins … wow! New York is over the moon with you two! And so am I. Thanks guys, thanks Santiago! You’ve made an impact and are ready to follow in the footsteps of the Karl Lagerfelds of this world. Congratulations to all. The rest of you, thanks a lot. The money and time we’ve spent on you this week was worth every penny. Money well spent and it’s an investment that will pay off handsomely,” Alexander said and pulled Olav closer. If only he knew the great fuck I had the previous day … but, it would remain a secret. Until we get another chance when Alexander would visit Cape Town … my cock twitched again.

“Alexander,” Juan said and stepped forward. “As the alpha male here, attached to the loudest mouth here … not a word André! … I want to say a few words. Alexander, if it weren’t for the twins, my mother-in-law, Johann, Claire, you, Gareth, the whole staff at Boss, this week wouldn’t have happened. It was one of the best experiences ever and we’re leaving you as friends. The hospitality of Boss is unequalled. We’re grateful like you can’t believe. Thanks to the management of Boss, the staff and of course to Clive who has become a lov … erm .. friend of the group. We love you very much you tall white man! We’re glad to take you home with us and now Alexander will have Olav to keep him company!

“To the twins: you're not just unbelievably sexy and beautiful, you’re talented and if we could get André to keep quiet for a few minutes, you’ll make it to the front pages of GQ and every other major magazine. Not a word, André!

“And just so everybody knows, we’re taking home another wonderful man in the person of Giovanni. You half-bred, we love you and we’re looking forward to have you in our lives together with Clive. Plus, we’ve added a Latino to the mix in the person of Diego who is not here today. The poor man has to work. Again, thank you very much Alexander!”

“You’re most welcome Juan! We’re the winners here! You guys have made a mark and the world will sit up when they see the pictures in the new year. Gareth, about that raise … I think you’ve deserved it!” Alexander said and we clapped hands. Gareth has really outdone himself and made a huge impact.

“He might think he’s the bees’ knees, but I’m the first born and the apple of my Dad’s eye! I want to say something too!” André said and we all burst out laughing. “Yes, laugh! Laugh! We’ll hear you again when my brother and I buy a flat overlooking Central Park in New York! Yes! Yes we’re going to be famous AND rich! But, why am I stating the obvious?” The guys clapped hands and there was more laughter. “Alexander, thanks for everything. My brother and I are grateful for what you’ve done. When you come to South Africa in April, you and Olav would be most welcome on the farm. My Mom is a very good cook and Anton and I barbecue the best steaks ever! And our wines are to die for! But, please don’t die when you drink it, please!” More laughter. “The clothes we got from you will be worn with pride and gratitude. Clive, you’re a damn ultra-white Pommie, but we love you nonetheless. We’re going to enjoy you … IT! … when you come live with us. Alexander, I’ll take good care of the big whitie!”

We had a good laugh.

“Guys, you have to get to the airport. I’ve thrown together some last going-away presents for you to use on your trip to Germany and Italy. Gareth, please help me?” Alexander said and stood closer to the goodie-bags.

He handed a bag to each of us, including one for Santiago. When I looked in the bag, I was blown away. There were a pouch ‘Matts’ in grained leather, and a wool-blend scarf ‘Allen’ in dark blue and black. Wow! The pouch was like a shoulder bag, just big enough to put the stuff that would make one’s pants bulge in there, like a wallet, a cell phone, perhaps some chewing gum, and yes, a small bottle of perfume! I opened the bag and by Jove! There was a small 50ml bottle of Hugo Boss The Scent in there! The scarf was extremely soft and would tone in with most of the clothes we got from Boss. Wow!

I went up to Alexander and when he looked at me and then at André, I realised he didn’t know who was who, so I silently said ‘Antonio’ and he smiled.

“Ahh, the man! Come here!” Alexander said and pulled me into a big hug. “It was a privilege to get to know you and … ahem … it was phenomenal. Thanks a lot! These gifts are from Boss but I’m sure the bosses know they’re in the pound seats with you guys!”

“Thanks Alexander. You’ve been so kind to us. And … that was also nice! I enjoyed it!” I said and looked into his eyes, and he surprised me: he kissed me! A soft, gentle kiss. He hugged me again and I realised just how lucky we were to have had this man on our team.

“Guys, say your thanks and goodbyes to my Dad and Gareth, but we have to go. We have only one hour to get to Heathrow and you have to be there at least 90 minutes prior to departure, preferably 2 hours. Dad, Santiago and I will see you later. I’ll explain when we get home. Come on guys!” Clive said.

The guys all came to thank Alexander and Gareth and I took my chance to give Olav a hug. He surprised me by kissing me. Then he whispered: “*I’ve never had anything like yesterday! Again when we are in Cape Town, please?*”

“*We’ll see. It was hot, yes!*” I said and stepped away from the man before my cock grew too hard. Wowee!


At Heathrow, the bus driver (not Luke), Santiago, Giovanni and Clive helped us to get our baggage on trolleys. We rushed to get indoors as it was freezing cold.

Inside the building, the dreaded moment approached … we had to say goodbye to Clive, Giovanni and Santiago … oh fuck! My eyes were already burning and teary when I hugged and kissed Santiago.

“Hold thumbs! I want to come to Cape Town now that it’s over between Omar and me. I’m going to miss you my darling boy!” Santiago said and kissed me. He hugged me so tight against him I could feel his warmth, his heartbeat and then I felt the moistness on his cheek. He was crying! And then I started to bawl too! My godd! I’ve known him since Wednesday and look at us now!

“I’m going to miss you too! Yes, please pull out all the stops and ask Alexander to help you. You’d be very welcome in our circle! I think I love you a little!” I said tears streaming down my face.

“Me too!” Santiago said and wouldn’t let go.

“Come on Spaniard! Give me a chance with our boy! Come here Ant! Ahh!” Giovanni said and pulled me from Santiago’s arms. “Oh fuck! It’s going to be a long two weeks! I feel like death to see you go! I love you so much, you have no idea!” he said and hugged me to him. His body was shaking slightly … he too was crying a bit! I’ve known him since our first day in London and yes, I loved him too!

“Please look after yourself and enjoy Dublin! One day we’ll go there together so I can meet your parents!” I said and by then, I was crying like a boy!

Clive walked up to us and hugged us both. He was sobbing … he couldn’t get a word out. He just hugged us and kissed my cheek, his one arm around my neck. After about a minute he said through the sobs: “I … fucking … love … you! You hear? Oh fuck! I’m … going … to miss … you … so much! Please … don’t … forget me …!”

By then I was sobbing too. My godd! Who could blame me? “Of course not! How … could I … ever … forget … you? I love you … you big … white Pommie! Please get … your arse … over to us … asap!” Little did I know about the big surprise that awaited me …

Clive took me out of Giovanni’s arms and in his arms. He held me tight to him and had his head on my shoulder. His insanely big cock was pushing against me but under the circumstances, it was just rubbery. Its master was too heartbroken. He lifted my face and kissed me with his soft lips. The tears were streaming down his face and I cried too.

Giovanni joined in again and kissed me while the tears ran down his face as well. “Mio caro, ti amo moltissimo (My darling, I love you very much)!” He Gently pushed Clive away a bit so he could hug me and kiss me too.

Ti amo molitissimo anche (I love you very much too)! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again! Si prega di fare presto (Please make it soon)!” I said and clung to the half-bred sexy man. He was beautiful …

“OK … I know we’re all heartbroken, but the bus is waiting for them and we have to get our baggage in the system and through passport control. Come here you big Pommie!” Johann said and pulled Clive into a hug.

Pierre stepped up, tears streaming down his face. He just pushed in against Clive and let his head rest on Clive’s shoulder.

Clive let go of Johann and took Pierre in his arms. “I’m going to miss you terribly! Get your damn ass over to us as soon as possible, you hear! I don’t want to be without you, you terrible Pommie! I hate you!”

“Yes, and I hate you more for leaving me here! Of course I’m coming soon! Just don’t forget me! You hear? I’ll ask André to look out for you …” Clive said.

“What? The delinquent? Why not Ant? That delinquent would sell me on the black market to perform in a freak circus!” Pierre said.

That lightened the mood somewhat.

We all hugged and kissed the three men and most of the other guys were teary too.

Luigi surprised me when he said goodbye to Giovanni: the tears literally rolled over his cheeks. Well, well. “Caro fratello, si prega di prendersi cura di se stessi e si rivolgono a noi presto (Dear brother, please look after yourself and come to us soon)! Ti amiamo molto (We love you very much)!”

My man really loved the half-bred! Then he took Clive in his arms and literally sobbed when he looked into the tall white man’s eyes, tears streaming down his face. “Thanks for everything you beautiful man! Your room will be ready when you arrive! Now go before I cry my heart out!”

The three literally hunky hung men broke free from the small group of 7 men and walked away, looking over their shoulders every second step. They waved at us and then they walked out through the automatic doors. I felt like dying. I never thought I’d like people so quickly and would cry so much when they said goodbye.

I looked at my brother and saw his face was wet … ahh! He does have a heart after all!

“Now, compose yourselves and let’s get going. Come on guys! Chop chop!” Pierre said and pushed one of the trolleys towards the weigh-in counters.

Our visit to London was an exceptional experience, it was a resounding success and we have met the most wonderful guys. From Giovanni, to Diego, Clive, Santiago, Alexander, Gareth, Rafael, Andrea and of course Kamran … Another sob escaped my mouth and Luigi pushed his trolley closer to me and pushed his shoulder against mine.

“Come on mio caro! We’ll see them soon again. You really love them, don’t you? But so do I!” he said as we approached the opening in the enclosure to the counters.

= To be continued =



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