Gunther was as insatiable as Johann. His huge cock in me stretched my hole big time. He was rock-hard and his cock twitched in my hole. He was fucking me slowly and deeply ... it felt fantastic. Oh my godd! A fifth member of the group? I could only hope ...

Gunther was a true Aryan beauty. He was tall, he was blonde, he had blue eyes, he was hairy, he was intelligent, he was a good kisser, he had an enormous uncut cock, he precummed like a leaking tap and he was ... nice. A true gentleman. And we all liked him. Enough to allow him into the circle? Was it even possible to allow another one in ...? Oh my godd! I really hoped it would be possible. I really liked this man with his huge cock in me. I just had to have this again! Oh dear godd! I've become a slut, a true slut, pining for huge cocks in me, and even two in me.

But, all of them were nice guys. Sexy guys. Big cocks. Good fuckers. All uncut. All precummed like leaking faucets. All shot huge loads. They all wanted to fuck me ... I really have become a slut! And I had Juan and André to love me, but now Johann was allowed in ... and I wanted Gunther in too! Three men in a relationship are already a handful - more than a handful! - and Johann was already added as the fourth member ... a friend with benefits. And now I wanted another in the circle ... Oh my godd!

Gunther was picking up speed and fucked me with long deep thrusts and his huge cock was twitching, and he was growling softly.

"Hmmmm!" Gunther had his hand on my chest and hugged me to him. He pushed his cock into me one last time and shuddered. His breath was fast and he groaned very softly. He was shooting his huge cumload into me where his load of earlier already was. I clenched my hole and the huge cock spasmed while it pumped his cum into me. It felt fantastic.

My own cock was rock-hard and leaking lots of precum on the sheets. But I didn't dare touch it as I'd cum on the spot. And I'd shoot my load right onto Juan's back ... I just had to sit this one out. Perhaps later I could go to the toilet and jack off ... What to do?

Gunther was relaxed now and his cock twitched occasionally. "Danke schön! Wunderbar!" he whispered in my ear. "Stay in you one bit longer? Bitte?"

My godd! Another insatiable hung hunk! Johann's equal in most respects!

"Uh-huh" I groaned softly. Another all-nighter ...


I woke up and felt the huge cock still in me ... wow! Gunther was a real sex dogg! He had his arm draped over me and his body was tight against mine. I clenched my hole and the big cock responded! Gunther was awake ...

In front of me Juan and André were whispering. They had their hands on each other's faces, chests. They exchanged soft kisses. My heart swelled. They really loved each other.

"You're the proverbial hung hunk, you big oaf! Just look at you!" André said in Afrikaans.

"Thanks, but you guys are extremely sexy too! Partly why I love you so much," Juan said and touched André's cheek. "My life has meaning now ... I never want to be without you guys ever again. I love you ..."

"We love you too, even me. Very much. Is Johann going to complicate matters?" André put in.

"No, I don't think so. He is too much of a nice guy. He'll fit in nicely. Besides, he has his own house, and his job keeps him busy. He won't be sleeping over every night."

"Ja, and what about Gunther ...? He is very interested, and I think he still has his huge cock in my baby bro right now ..."

"Yes, I know. But, it's OK. It's the same with Gunther. He is a very nice guy and I like him. He looks like the Aryan race Hitler wanted to breed. He is spectacularly attractive, and my godd ...! He has a huge cock! And Anton loves it. As long as you and I are not side-lined, I'm OK. You?" Juan asked.

"Yes, I'm fine with it. It's a fait accompli that he is mad about a big cock. Your big cock is here for him, for us. But baby bro is enjoying it. As long as he doesn't leave us or loves the guy better because of his huge cock, I'm fine with it," André said.

"I knew Gunther would fuck Anton if he stayed over, but I'm fine with it. You?"

"Yes, I'm fine. As long as Anton can manage the fucking - the man does have a mammoth dong!"

"Yes, he does! My godd! But, I'm dying for coffee. Be a darling and start the machine please?" Juan asked and kissed André. "Never forget I really love you. Fucking Anton is different, but I love you all the same. Hmmmm? OK?"

"Yes, you big oaf! I know! And horror of horrors: I love you too!" and he gave Juan a long lingering kiss. "Mwah! There you go!" André said as he kissed Juan. He rolled off the bed and walked to the kitchen buck-naked.

Juan rolled to me and kissed my nose. "You awake my love?" Juan asked in Afrikaans. He took my hard wet cock in his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Hmmmmm! Yes, I'm awake. I'm glad you guys love each other ... I love you too!" I groaned.

"How are you? How is your hole after an all-nighter with Gunther's huge schlong in you?" Juan asked.

"A bit tender, but I'm OK."

Juan put his hand on Gunther's arm and squeezed. "Good morning Gunther," Juan said in English. "Are you awake?"

"Hmmmm! Yes, I'm awake. Sorry ... I could not help. Sorry ..." Gunther said.

"No problem. As long as Anton can handle it. We get our fair share. While you're here, you're welcome for as long as Anton can manage. I hope his hole is OK ... My love? How do you feel?" Juan asked.

"Fine, but it is a bit tender. Gunther does have a big, hard cock ..." I said.

"I'm going to get some coffee. Should I bring you some or are you coming with me? Or do you need 10 more minutes with Gunther?" Juan asked. My godd! What did I deserve to have a husband like Juan!

"Erm ... I don't know. Gunther? You want 10 minutes or coffee?" I asked.

"Hmmmm! Mein Gott! Wirklich? [My godd! Really?] 10 minutes please? OK Anton? Juan?"

"Yes, it's OK. Anton? OK my love?" Juan asked and tousled my hair.

I couldn't believe it ... here I get to finish this all-nighter and Juan is in agreement! Oh my godd!

"OK then. 10 minutes? We'll be in the kitchen," Juan said, gave my cock another squeeze and left.

"OK? Again please? Ahhhh! Dis is so gut! Ahhhh!"

"Yes, let's do it. You ready? I want to cum! Your cock is so hard!" I gushed.

Gunther took my cock in his hand and started to jack me. He was slowly fucking me with long and deep thrusts. My hole clamped around the thick cock in me and I marvelled that it felt so good. It was huge, but it made me feel wonderful.

I groaned and Gunther pulled his cock out until just the head was in me. I felt the huge load in me ... I cannot loose this load, I thought. I'd flood the sheets! Gunther pushed in deep again and held still. My cock twitched and my hole clenched. Gunther's cock swelled in me and he groaned.

He repeated it a few times and I felt both of us were approaching orgasms. Oh my godd! I was going to make a huge mess on this bed!

I felt Gunther pushing in deep and the huge head throbbed and spasmed in me. He was pumping another huge load into me. I was teetering on the brink of orgasm. Gunther held me tight and rolled me on top of him and continued to jack my big rock-hard cock. I started to groan and then I let fly. My cum flew over my tummy into my face. The second shot hit me in my dark hair. The third shot hit the headboard. The rest shot onto my chest and tummy. Gunther had fucked one monumental load out of me! My godd! What a stud!

Gunther let go of my cock and put his hand on my cum-drenched tummy and chest. My body hair was soaked. Gunther slowly rubbed his hand in the cum and over my body.

I sighed. The huge cock in me was still spasming. Gunther pushed his rubbery cock into me and shuddered. He took my cock in his hand and squeezed. My tummy and chest were a mess.

"Glücklich, mein Junge? [Happy, my boy?] Hmmm?" Gunther asked and hugged me tightly. "One more minute, bitte?"

"Ja, I'm fine. Hmmmm!" and clenched my hole over the huge invasion. "Yes, a bit more but I think we have to get up now, OK?"

"Ach ja! OK. This vas wunderbar, again! Danke! Again some other time, ja?" Gunther was such a gentleman!

"Ja, we'll see. Juan and André said it is fine. But, let's see. Now, let's get up and get some coffee. OK?" I said.

"Ja, OK. We do it again soon, ja? Aber jetz [but now], coffee please!" Gunter put in.


"Ahh! Here are the sex perverts of Stellenbosch, led by the alpha sex dogg! Well done, baby bro! How was it? Did he not wear you out? Did he hurt you? Huh? Huh? Talk to big bro! Was he an animal? Gunther, did you mistreat my baby bro? Talk ..." André ranted on. "Just look at that huge cock! Phew! Baby bro! You're the man!"

"Relax, André! I'm fine and Gunther was the perfect gentleman! I'm not hurt!"

"How was it then? Did you enjoy it? Was it anything like Johann? Did you enjoy his huge cock?" André continued.

"I'm fine, André! Give it a rest! Gunther was the perfect gentleman. He is a master and knows how to treat a bottom to enjoy his huge cock, without hurting him," I responded.

"Yes, it was wunderbar! Danke! I like it very much! You are very nice men!" Gunther put in. He went to Juan and André and shook their hands! But Juan and André wouldn't have any of that shit! They pulled him in and kissed him. He was flabbergasted and just smiled and lightly hugged them back. Of course both Juan and André grabbed Gunther's big rubbery cock dangling between his legs ... Animals!

"Kaffee, mein Herr [Coffee, dear Sir]?" Juan asked.

"Ja, bitte schön [Yes, please]!" Gunther said. He sat down on one of the barstools at the breakfast nook. His huge cock rested on the edge and looked spectacular.

"That is one seriously big cock, Gunther! My godd!" Juan said as he handed Gunther his mug of coffee.

"Your cock is also very big. Come, compare," Gunther said and stood up, holding his cock level. Juan stepped closer with his rubbery cock in his hand and held it next to Gunther's cock.

They put their coffee mugs on the counter.

André stepped up close with his iPhone and started clicking. Sex dogg!

I leaned in to see this up close. It was spectacular! Two huge cocks next to each other! The only real difference was that Gunther's cockhead was more bulbous and longer. Other than that, in a flaccid state, Gunther's was marginally thicker and a tiny bit longer. They let go of their cocks and took the other one's cock in their hands.

Oh my godd! Juan and Gunther started squeezing the other one's cock and were pulling the skins back to reveal the big purple cockheads. The huge cocks started to grow bigger! My godd! What a sight to behold!

André's iPhone was clicking ... oh my!

"Ahhhhh! O mein Gott! Dis feels gut! Ahhhhhh!" Gunther gasped and squeezed Juan's growing cock.

Juan was also squeezing Gunther's cock and when he pushed the skin back, he revealed the huge fat, long cockhead, quickly getting harder and bigger.

Click! Click!

"Oh my godd! What a wonderful sensation! Gunther you have an incredible cock! Fuck!" Juan gasped and was now jacking Gunther's cock.

Within a minute both cocks were rock-hard and were throbbing in the other one's hand.

"Hold them next to each other again, let's see! Anton, get us a ruler!" André gasped. He clicked more pics with his iPhone.

Juan and Gunther pushed the cocks down and held them next to each other again. Gunther's cock was bigger, no doubt. It was thicker, the head was considerably bigger and it was a bit longer. Juan took both cocks in his hand and squeezed. Juan then lifted Gunther's cock up and looked at the big piss slit. He pushed the sides of the slit apart with his thumb and index finger. "Phew! What a cock!" he gushed.

"My love, this is one combination that would never fit in you! The two together are insanely thick!"

Juan took both cocks in his big hands, one in each hand and it was clear: Gunther's cock was thicker. Juan's long middle finger and thumb touched around his own cock, but not around Gunther's cock. Wow!"

"Measure our cocks, Anton!"

I put the ruler on Gunther's cock: 29,5cm as he stated on Wednesday. I put the ruler on Juan's cock: 28cm as he claimed on the farm. I looked at the two spectacular cocks and realised there wasn't much to choose between the two cocks. But, Gunther had the edge with the bigger cock head and huge piss slit. And he did cum a whole lot more than Juan ... he and Johann were in the same league: mega hung and mega loads and mega insatiable! Hmmmm!

I dropped to my knees and took Gunther's huge cock in my mouth and give it a quick suck. I let go and took Juan's cock in my mouth. Different, but also very nice. My husband's cock! Hmmmm!

"If Claude could see us now, our WHORE HOUSE sign would be ordered in flashing red neon! Sheez, baby bro! Talk about insatiable! The man has just fucked you ... wow!" André ranted on.

But he was right. Enough is enough. I gave Gunther's cock a last lick and tasted the precum. I squeezed his cock and fuck yes! He was already leaking precum again! I put it back into my mouth and sucked hard. Gunther growled and took my head in his hands.

"Sheez, baby bro! You ARE a sex dogg! Wow!" André put in.

"OK, let's not get carried away. OK, enough my love! OK?" Juan said and gently pulled me off Gunther's cock. The cock made a plopping sound when it pulled out of my mouth. I let go and stood up, blushing cherry red. Fuck! I AM insatiable! Fuck!

"Sorry, Juan! Sorry!" Gunther apologised. "My fault! Sorry!"

"Nonsense! It's my boy who can't get enough of your magnificent cock! I can now see why he likes it so much. And, I can see why he loves it inside him. As long as he doesn't push André and me aside, all is fine. Not to worry," Juan said and gave Gunther's hard cock a squeeze. "Get your coffee and come sit."

We took our coffee and sat down in the lounge. Juan was next to me and André, and Gunther in one of the single chairs. His now big rubbery cock was pushed between his thighs and he tried for all he was worth to conceal it. Juan's rubbery cock was now lying on his thigh and he did nothing to hide it. My cock and André's were still fairly hard, and at 23cm, not easily missed!

"This Johann you talk about? Who is he?" Gunther asked.

"Oh, you'll meet him. He is the photographer - the photos we showed you last night? He is what we call, a 'friend with benefits'. Which means, we sleep with him too and he fucks Anton," Juan said.

"He sleeps with you too?" Gunther asked incredulous. "Really?"

"Yes, he is part of our circle. His cock is almost as big as yours. Anton loves Johann to fuck him. He has a fantastic cock. And he is a very nice and attractive guy. You will like him," Juan fills Gunther in.

"Oh ... OK! This is strange ... Wow!" Gunther said, big-eyed.

"Don't worry, we all agreed. And if you want, you are welcome too. Anton obviously loves your big cock and what you do with it. I also like it and it was nice to suck it. So, if you want, last night and this morning could happen again. OK?" Juan offered.

"Ach, ja - I vant again! Very much! But will we do it with Johann? All of us?" Gunther said with some trepidation in his voice.

"Not necessarily. We'll see. Just so you know, you're officially invited to join us, anytime you want," Juan said. "And when we invite you, it could mean we want you to stay over and have fun. OK? We want it to be out there and clear so there is no doubt. If you feel like it, and if we are available, we would like to do it again. OK? I would love to see your big cock again, suck it and see how you fuck Anton ... it was fantastic! Hmmm!"

"Oh, OK. It will be nice. I also vant it again. Danke ... I never had this sex before. Very good!" Gunther said softly. His cock was almost hard again. My godd!

"OK, time for shower. Gunther, I'll lend you a pair of briefs. I guess we wear the same size? And then breakfast. OK, let's go boys! We'll shower in quick succession. Wet yourself, move over, start soaping up while the next one wets himself - wetting with water, that is! And, behave! I think there has been enough sex in this house for one day!" Juan got up and clapped his hands. "Gunther, you start please."

Juan's big cock was bobbing up and down. What a wonderful source of the most intimate bodily connection this was. Fuck!

Gunther got up and his cock too was plumped up again. He gave me his coffee mug and went into the bathroom. We washed the mugs and went into the bedroom to make the bed, and Juan was looking for a pair of briefs he could lend Gunther.

André and I entered the bathroom just as Gunther was busy rinsing the soapsuds off his great sculpted hairy body. His huge cock was nicely plumped up and was hanging out at an angle. We got in the shower just as he opened his eyes. For a second he was bewildered and then stepped aside to make way for us. I put my hand out and touched his cock. Oh my godd! This was a seriously big and very nice cock! Gunther jerked forward and fell into my arms.

"Sorry! O mein Gott! You are too much! André? Anton?" Gunther gasped.

"Anton. I hope you enjoyed your stay with us and that we'll see you again soon. Please?" I said blatantly with lust in my voice.

"Juan said no hanky panky! Behave, baby bro!" André put in and grabbed Gunther's huge cock. "Oh! My! Godd! This is an enormous cock! Fuck! Baby bro, how the hell can you handle this dong? Wow!"

"You are beautiful boys. Thanks for dis and friends and sex. I vant to come again, soon, ja?" Gunther said.

"Yes, please! Anton will be ready! Come whenever you want. Now, shower!" André said.


After we've showered, we bundled into Juan's car and drove to the farm stall for a hearty country-style breakfast. The discussions were light. With André's banter and jibes, Gunther soon thawed and was laughing at my brother's jokes.

I caught myself looking and listening ... three of the men in my life ... yes, I was sure Gunther was going to be a permanent fixture in our lives. Little did I know ...

I looked at Juan and Gunther, and felt only love in my heart for Juan. I felt admiration and a warm feeling for Gunther. I was sure the feeling would soon turn into love.

I looked at André and laughed at his antics. We were identical in appearance but we were two different men. But, I'd never change my twin brother. I loved him just the way he was. He was unique and he loved me. Sex with him had a special touch to it ... it was deep, filled with love, feelings, pleasure ... It was never just sex for the sake of sex. We loved each other. The fact that there were two others in our lives, and now this tall attractive German, changed nothing. I loved them all too, but it wasn't the same.

Then there was Pieter, Dad's brother, Claude, Juan's brother - the weekend with all of them was an experience, but that was just sex. There was no love-making per se. With Johann, and now Gunther, it was different. It was almost the same as what it was with Juan and André, but also on another level. But, that much I knew: it was nice and I enjoyed sex with them, and their company. The fact that both Johann and Gunther were stunningly attractive with big beautiful hands, feet and huge cocks, helped of course. But their personalities were soft and gentle. They were gentlemen.

"Penny for your thoughts, my love?" Juan asked. He snapped his fingers in front of me.

"Ahhhhhhmmmm. No, just thinking. Thinking of us and how things have changed since July," I said melancholically.

"Oh please! Don't get soppy on us! We've just had breakfast! I don't want to lose it! Get a grip, baby bro! Yes, we love you! We fuck you! You never sleep alone. Juan and I allow Johann and Gunther to fuck you with their huge cocks. So, what more do you want? Snap out of it!" André was his old brusque self and snapped his finger in front of my face.

"André, behave! Or you'll hitch-hike back home! Let him be! Forgive André, Gunther. Sometimes this is what happens when his medicine wears off!"

"Oh, he is ill? Sorry!" Gunther said.

"No, no! It's only a joke! There is nothing wrong with him, except that he doesn't spare anybody. Hang in there, the longer you stay with us, the sooner he'll get to you! Just you wait. He is relentless."

I wondered if Gunther understood it all, but I'm sure he understood the gist of it. Yes, give André a week, and poor Gunther will be the centre of the jibes and jokes. Poor man.

"Now, about the move. Now that the furniture stays in the flat, we only have to move our clothes and personal stuff. Mom said the stuff in the kitchen has to stay too. She insists that you have it all to make your stay pleasurable," Juan said. I kind of liked it that he started to call my parents 'Dad' and 'Mom'. "Yes, the twins' mom is another one. You'll love her, and Dad. Two very special people. So, you get to keep the microwave, the coffee machine, the crockery, the cutlery - the whole flat as it is."

"This is a true sign of civilisation, and kindness. You people are so nice to me ... I don't know what to say ..." Gunther said and looked at his exquisite hands.

"Oh please, Mr Müller, as long as you visit regularly and let us see that huge schlong, and seeing you fuck my baby bro, it's OK. Just remember, my baby bro has two other cocks, plus Johann lined up to fuck him too. So, don't get too cosy, OK? Your cock might be the biggest, now confirmed by a budding engineer, but his ass is ours first. OK? OK!" André was relentless, my godd!

"Gunther, don't listen to too much what André is saying. He is a wayward delinquent and we're thinking of neutering him. He is a handful, but every family has one. So, just stick with us. Anton and I will make you feel at home."

"Oh, you big old oaf! Now you want to neuter me? Just goes to show! You are a two-faced oaf! This morning you told me you love me ... I hate you!" André ranted on jokingly. He got a swipe on the head for his effort.

Juan and I were giggling and Gunther was smiling, not knowing how to interpret all of that.

"Gunther, the fact that you're taking the flat as is, is a huge solution for us. I had a fully furnished house in Clanwilliam before I moved to Stellenbosch. Most of that is in storage and now I could put it all in our new house. So, problem solved. And, I'm glad it is you. I'm one hundred percent sure you'll look after the flat and its contents. And if all works out, you'd be with us most of the time in any case ... we hope! Right boys?" Juan asked.

"Yes, let the fun begin! Anton had a head start last night and this morning. As long as you know, we're good upstanding citizens and we share! Don't think my bro's ass is yours only, OK? You have to share!" André ribbed poor Gunther.

"Yes ... of course!" Gunther stammered. He was still new to André and his antics.

André got another swipe on the head. He ducked and then grabbed Juan around he neck. "Tell us who is the boss here? Come, let's hear!" André said holding Juan's head in a tight grip. By now, Juan knew how to handle André and just sat and let him be. He turned his head and when André's mouth was close to his, he pushed forward and kissed him on the mouth.

André let go and used both hands to wipe his mouth, in an overly gesture of mock disgust. "You perve! I don't even like you! Argh! Ag sies man [Oh sis man]!" We laughed at my twin's antics. He was ... oh well, he was just André!

Gunther was just watching all of this with big blue eyes. He would get the hang of it. I put my hand on his leg and squeezed. "Don't pay too much attention. He is just a big boy in a man's body! But, we love him," I said. Gunther put his hand on mine and squeezed. He pulled my hand to his hip where the huge cock nestled. Fuck! I could jump his bones right there!

"It is OK. I'm glad you are ... how do say ... milder?" Gunther said.

"Yes, I'm the calm and sexy one, can't you tell?" I said and winked at him.

André heard the remark and retorted. He got up and waved at himself and gave a million-dollar smile, showing his perfect white teeth, all of it of course a carbon copy of me. "Excuse me! Is that sexier than this? My dear man, I'll let you know, this is the body of a budding model! This face and body will launch a thousand ships!"

"André, sit down and behave, or I'll get my knife and neuter you right here! Sheez! We all know how dashing you are, but so is your brother! Now, behave ... please sexy boy? Kind boy?" Juan said, mocking André, but it had the right effect. André sat down, smiled and winked at Gunther. There was no end to my brother!

"About the move. We should be finished early Friday afternoon. You could bring your stuff then - which I'm sure is not too much? Seeing that we are not moving everything from the flat, we'd be OK. I have two very strong boys. If we do need help, we'll ask. Mom is coming on Thursday to hang the curtains and on Friday Dad is coming to oversee the move of my stuff from the storage facility. On a Friday our classes end at around 10 o'clock. Is there anything you want to know or is there anything you need us to help you with? We'll show you how to load the pre-paid electricity meter. It's easy. If you could be at the flat at around 1 o'clock, we could give you the keys. OK, Gunther?" Juan was the alpha male here! Taking charge, my beautiful hung hunk of a husband.

"You could bring us pizzas if you like?" André piped up.

"André! He is a poor student! Gunther, pizza will be nice, but I'll give you money for that, OK? That is if you agree. Would you, please?" Juan asked.

"Jawohl [Yes]! Of course! I know nice pizza place in Mall. 'Mario's'. Very gut pizza. I bring 2 extra large, ja?" Gunther asked.

Oh my godd! Mario! Oh ... and he is coming to see us at 4 o'clock! My godd!

"Yes, that would be nice, thanks. Bring what you like, as long as there are no green peppers on any - we hate green peppers!"

"Me too! How you say? It is ... disgusting? Ja, I also don't like that!" Gunther said.

"Then you're in good company! None in this family and circle eats green peppers! You've just earned yourself some extra brownie points!" Juan said.

Gunther surely didn't understand that, but he did understand about the green peppers.

"Then that is settled. And, of course the house-warming on Saturday. One of the boys could come pick you up. There will be too many cars there, and you're going to stay the night, so no need for you to drive there. Save fuel, save kilometres. Anton, would you come to fetch Gunther Saturday at lunch? Gunther, is lunch OK? Dad and Mom will be there and Mom will bring some kind of dish from the farm. You're now part of the family, so you might as well get to know the whole lot. OK? Anton? André?"

"Yes, of course. I could also come fetch the ice from the liquor store. OK Gunther? I said."

"Yes, that vud be nice! If my friends and colleagues told me in July I vud meet so many gut und nice people in Stellenbosch, I vud not have believed it! Danke schön! This is very nice! I don't know how I will pay you for everything," Gunther gushed.

"No need to repay us, your friendship and our special relationship would be enough," Juan said.

"Yes, and as long as you keep baby bro happy with your big schlong, all would be fine!" André, of course!

"Vy do you call your brother 'baby bro'?" Gunther asked.

Before I could open my mouth, André piped up: "Because I am the elder twin! I am 2 minutes older than him! He is the baby bro!"

"And with the biggest mouth and loudest and the less civilized and ..." Juan said before André took a swipe at his head.

We had a good laugh and I noticed Gunther was thawing to André's antics.

"OK then, one last coffee, and then we're going back home. The boys have tests this week and if I don't stand behind them with a stick, it would be sex and sex only. I am the responsible one here!" and ducked when André aimed a swipe at his head. "Coffee all around? Cappuccino?"


We drove home all laughing at André's jokes and rendition of the song that was playing on the iPod Touch. My bro did have a good voice though. A nice dark baritone - both of us could actually sing well.

At the flat Gunther got his keys and was off to the guesthouse. He still had a lot to do for the experiments, which would be set up the next day and rest of the week.

We settled in at our desks and studied hard. Applied Mathematics was not difficult, but a good pass was a non-negotiable for Dr Viljoen. He always urged us on and told us how important it was to make a good impression with good results. He put our names up for merit bursaries for next year.

Juan was busy with lectures and had papers all over the dining room table.

At 12:30 I warmed the left-overs of the curry and bobotie for a light lunch.

We quickly checked our MacBooks for emails. There was one from Johann. He was thrilled with the photos and predicted all our free time would be taken up by shoots. He apologised for not bringing the disk with the photos of the previous weekend at Pieter's, but promised to bring it during the week. He proposed Wednesday. He thanked us again for Friday night ... and he declared his love for us! "I have never felt this way in my life before, so I don't know if it is love, but it is nice! You guys are special! Thanks for letting me in! You make me feel special!" Johann was one hell of a nice guy. Despite his huge cock and sexual appetite to match, he was a spectacularly attractive man and a very skilled photographer. And he was the 4th member of our clan.

I immediately wondered what he would say to Gunther's 'admission' into the group. Would he even like Gunther? Oh well, time will tell, I thought and closed my laptop. Still 2 more chapters to work through.

We worked hard and by 15:45, we called it a day.

"What do you have for coffee when Mario comes, my love?" Juan asked.

"I have some of Mom's fruit cake. Would that do? I could put some more brandy on ...?" I said.

"Yes, let's get the man drunk before he whips out his huge cock to fuck my baby bro!" André, André - where did Mom get you?

"Sounds fine. OK, he should be here shortly. If all goes according to what Pieter said he is interested in, you'd better prepare my love!" Juan said, winking. He came to me and hugged me tight. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to. But Pieter said he is a nice guy and that, although he has a big cock, he is a gentleman. Pieter said the precum is spectacular."

"Let's see how it pans out. If it happens, it's OK. After Gunther and Johann and you, I'm sure I'd be able to handle it," I said and hugged Juan.

"Yes, after Gunther I'm sure you'd be able to handle the Italian!" Juan said and groped my buttocks. He pushed his big bulge into me and kissed me. "I'm not passing you off, but I'm mesmerised at the sex we're having with the other guys. I think it's because of André in this relationship too. It opened the possibilities. OK, my love?"

I went into the bathroom and prepared myself. If Juan only knew I've had the huge Italian sausage in me the previous Saturday in the restaurant's toilet ... slut!

When I was squeaky clean, I lubed up and made sure there was a lot of lube deep in my rectum. I was up for a big fucking again ... sheez!

Just after 4 o'clock, the doorbell rang: 'Ding-dong'. Not the precision of the German, but not too bad.

I opened the door and in front of me stood the sexy older Italian man.

"Sorry ... problems at restaurant. André? Anton?"

"It's Anton ... the one you ... you know ..." I stammered.

"Oh good ... we do, OK? Juan he says it is OK?"

"Yes, he said yes."

Mario was dressed very casually in nice linen slacks and a loose shirt that hung over his pants. He wore open Italian sandals. He had huge feet. Nice, but not nearly as nice as Gunther's and Juan's ... but, nice nonetheless. I looked at his bulge and saw most of it was concealed behind the shirt. He saw that I looked at it and pulled the shirt out of the way ... ahhhh! The huge bulge was there all right! He winked and took my hand and put it on his cock. My godd! It was almost completely hard! Fuck! It was an insanely big cock!

Mario pulled me in and hugged me. I felt his huge cock push against me, and my cock sprang to life. Mario put his hands on my buttocks and pulled me closer. Then he kissed me ... his soft lips were wonderful and he kissed me like a champion. He was a nice guy!

"Come in, please," I said and took his hand. I stopped and lifted his hand to take a close look. Boy oh boy! They were huge! His pinkie was bigger than my middle finger! And they were thick! He pulled my buttocks into his bulge and pushed hard against me.

"Mama mia! I want to fuck you! Per favore! Si? [Please! Yes]" Mario said in my ear.

"Yes, but coffee first. Come," I said.

"Ah, Mario! Welcome il mio amico [my friend]! How are you?" Juan said and took Mario into his arms. "Hmmmm! My godd! You have an insanely big bulge in your pants! Did you put a potato in there?"

Mario took his huge bulge in his hand and said: "No patata! Vero cazza [No potato! Real cock]! Big strong Italian man! You like?"

"Oh fuck yes! I like! It feels very big, Mario! How big?" Juan gushed! Sex hound after all!

"I'm not sure. I think 30cm? No? Too big? You not like?" Mario said, not sure what reaction he'd get.

"Oh my godd! I don't know. Anton, did you hear that? 30 fucking centimetres! That is huge! Do you think you'd be able to handle it?" Juan was stumped.

"Let's see, perhaps he is exaggerating," I said.

"Did you look at the size of his hands and feet, baby bro? That dong could even be bigger than 30cm! I want to see that thing, and him fucking you with it!" André piped up.

"Per favore, slowly. You say it is OK if I and he ... we ... I fottore [fuck]? Davvero [really]? Mama mia! Mio dio [my godd]!

"Si, il mio amico [Yes, my friend], but, be gentle! I don't want you to hurt him, OK?"

"No, solo dolce amore [No, only gentle love]!"

"I want to feel too, Mario. May I?" André asked and put his hand out to touch the big cock in the Italian's pants.

"Si, si! Come, feel," Mario said and lifted his shirt.

André put his hand on the bulge and shrieked. "My godd! This is going to split you in two! Did you feel it? Come feel it! It's huge! Come feel it!"

I played along and touched the huge bulge in Mario's pants. "Fuck yes, it's huge! I hope I can handle it.

"OK, coffee and fruit cake, Mario?" Juan asked.

"Si! Thanks. Ahhhh! This is my lucky day! Juan, you are good man. Anton, I no hurt, OK?" Mario said. Jackal! You've had me in the toilet already and then it was a 'wham-bam-thanks-ma'am' affair! But, it was spectacular, nonetheless!

I brought the coffee and cake and Marion loved it. He asked about the cake and who baked it. He loved it and had 2 pieces.

Juan and Mario discussed the restaurant and the problems with labour. Juan was postponing the obvious, but at least we were civil!

"OK, I think you've waited long enough, Mario! I know Anton is very curious to see if you really have a 30cm cock, and so do André and I. So, let's go!" Juan got up and we followed him to the bedroom. He took off his shirt and kicked off his sandals. He started to open his pants.

Mario stopped next to the bed and also kicked off his sandals. He really had big and nice feet. At least number 17, I guessed. He took off his shirt and I stepped up to him and took the belt and opened it. Mario put his hands out and opened my pants. He put his hands in the back of my pants and groped my buttocks. I managed to open Mario's pants and put my hand in his underpants ... oh my godd! I've had this dong in me a week ago, but there was no time to appreciate the full size of this dong. It was HUGE! My fuck! How did I manage to take it in me? With only precum?

I pushed the underpants down and unfurled the huge python from its confines. The huge head was sopping wet. When I pulled the cock towards me, a large drop of precum dripped from it on the floor. I pushed the skin back and the huge purple-red cockhead was exposed.

Next to me, André drew in his breath. "Oh! My! Godd! Anton, this is still the biggest ever! It's enormous! Wow! Juan, come see this! It's really big!"

Juan moved in to my other side and took the huge cock from my hands. "Fuck! It IS enormous! Are you sure it's only 30cm? It is huge and thick! Look at the precum ... my godd! It is what Pieter spoke about! You make lots and lots of precum!" Juan pushed the skin back and pulled it forward again. He jacked it a couple of times and whistled softly. "A true Italian Stallion!" He stood up and leaned in to kissed Mario. Juan's hand was covered in precum.

I bent down and took the huge head in my mouth. The long string of precum dribbled over my chin and onto my chest. I pushed the skin back and sucked the huge head into my mouth. It tasted a bit musty after Mario's day tending to restaurant issues. But, it tasted great, and the precum was sweet and there was a lot!

I pushed the underpants to Mario's knees and cupped his huge balls with my hand. I remembered they were big hanging over my balls, but after our quick encounter in the toilet, I realised I didn't have the time to feel them in my hands. They were enormous! Almost as big as a small chicken egg ... my godd! That's why they felt so good against me when he fucked me! They were big ... and small wonder he pumped such a monumental load into me!

André was on his knees next to me and took the cock from me and sucked the huge head into his mouth. He slurped and hummed. Like me, André loved precum, and if it's from a big cock, even better!

I put my two hands over the big cock and André put his two hands over the rest ... we just covered the huge cock with our hands! This was one seriously big cock! My godd!

André handed the huge cock to me and I looked at the spectacular head. It must have been bigger than Gunther's cock head! It was definitely longer and would you believe it? The piss slit was huge too! I looked at it and saw how the precum just flowed out ... incredible! My godd!

I pushed the huge cock into my mouth but very little more than the head could fit. The thing was just too big! I cupped the balls again and heard Mario groan in Juan's mouth. This was as pleasurable for him as it was for us.

André took the huge shaft and jacked it while the head was in my mouth. This was stimulation overdrive for us!

I pushed Mario's pants right down to his feet and he stepped out of them. I put my hands on Mario's legs and felt the hairiness on his calves. My godd! Another fine hairy specimen! André took the humongous cock in his mouth and I looked at the big feet of this man. They were HUGE! The big toes were enormous and the second toe was considerably longer. Every toe had pitch-black hair on them, and in abundance! The bridge of his feet were far more hairier than Juan's feet! Wow! I touched the hair and realised it was fairly long! I caressed the toes and Mario groaned.

I got up from the floor and put my hands on the nice muscular hairy chest. He had huge nipples, bigger than I have ever seen before. His areolae were not as big as Johann's and Gunther's, but nice nonetheless. I sucked in one of the nipples and was amazed at the size. They felt like pencil erasers in my mouth. Above me, Mario was groaning.

Juan let go of the man's mouth and took the other nipple in his mouth. I thought Mario was going to die! He groaned and put his hands in our hair. I let go of the nipple and put my mouth on this big man's mouth and he hungrily pulled me in for a kiss of note. His tongue went straight into my mouth and I sucked it deep into my mouth. His lips were so soft and full on mine. His day-old stubble was scratchy against my hands, but having a two-week old beard myself, I didn't feel it on my face. I kissed the man's nose, he kissed my eyes, I kissed his eyebrows, he kissed my forehead. Fuck! Thus far this was one good lover.

"On the bed, come!" Juan said and kicked off his pants. André and I followed suit and we all got on the bed.

Mario was still the centre of attention and André took the humongous cock in his hands and jacked it. The precum was everywhere: over André's hand, over the cock, on Mario's tummy, on his balls, on the bed ... it was unbelievable! Juan leaned in and kissed Mario, and I took hold of one of the huge nipples again.

Mario was groaning and had Juan's head in his hands.

I moved down the hairy tummy and felt the precum on Mario's tummy. I licked it and tasted the sweet intoxication of this wonderful liquid! I took the huge cock in André's hand in my mouth and sucked it. André's jacking made the skin slip back and forth and the huge amount of precum just flowed into my mouth. It was just fucking fantastic.

Mario pulled up and pushed me down. "Anton, si?"

"Yes, Anton," I said.

"Perfetto [Perfect]! Lie there!" Mario moved in between my legs and took my cock in his hands. "Bello! Bello! [Beautiful! Beautiful!]" He lowered his mouth over my cock and it just disappeared in his mouth! I gasped. My godd! This was an experienced cocksucker!

André moved in on my one side and sucked my nipple. Juan leaned in from the other side and took Mario's cock in his mouth. Juan got the head in his mouth and a bit more. Even my big man was unsuccessful. This cock was seriously big!

And it was about to be pushed into me ... again!

Mario pushed his one hand in under me and pushed my legs up. I lifted my legs and opened my hole. Mario rubbed over my hole with his big fingers.

Juan let go of the huge cock and moved in to kiss me. Hmmm! My love! Oh I love you so!

I felt Mario put his huge wet cockhead on my hole and rubbed the enormous load of precum that flowed out over my hole. He removed his cock and put a thick wet finger on my hole and pushed the finger into me. I groaned in Juan's mouth. "Shhhhh!" he shushed me and put his hand on my cheek, and kissed me deeply.

Mario pulled his finger out and I felt he big cockhead against my hole again, leaking more precum on me. He must've put some more of his precum on his fingers and he pushed two of his huge fingers in me. I groaned and Juan said against my ear: "Just relax my love! You can do it!"

Then Mario pulled the fingers out and rubbed some more of the precum over my hole with the huge source of the precum. The big cockhead was rubbed up and down my hole.

Mario pushed one finger in me, pulled out slightly and added a second, pulled out and added a THIRD big finger in my hole! I groaned and Juan said: "It's OK - he is loosening you up. Relax!" and kissed me.

I felt the fingers going in knuckle-deep and then he opened the fingers! Oh my godd! The huge fingers stretched me mightily! Mario pulled out and pushed back in. I put my hand out to touch his cock and felt Mario move to let me touch it. It was sopping wet! And big! And thick! And hard! The whole cock I took in my hand was sopping wet! And when I pulled my hand back, I felt my hand was wet of the precum that leaked out onto my hand.

Oh my godd! I realised he was going to fuck me with precum only ... again! I shuddered and wondered how it would be. To answer my thoughts, Mario moved in between my legs and positioned his huge cockhead on my hole.

"Relax my love! And push out! Relax!" Juan said. He had my head in his hands and kissed my forehead. Andre was kissing me on the cheek and added: "Relax baby bro! I'm sure you can do this! Relax!"

Mario pushed his huge cockhead on my hole and the sphincter muscle gave way. The tip of the big cockhead pushed in and stretched me wide open. The enormous head slipped in and I groaned.

"Relax my love ... shhhhh! Just relax!"

"Ahhhhhh! Oh my godd! It's huge! Oh my fuck! Oh godd!" I moaned.

I felt Mario pulling his cockhead out again. "No! What are you doing! It's OK! Put it back in, please?" I begged.

Mario was milking his cock and spread some more precum on my hole and over his cock. He was taking no chances. He aimed at my hole again and pushed in. I relaxed and pushed out. The head popped back in me and Mario twitched his cock!

"Oh my godd! Fuck! This is one hell of a huge cock! Oh fuck!" I moaned.

I felt my hole relax and the huge cock moved deeper into me. Mario pushed just hard enough to let the cock slide in. He stopped and took some of my precum and put it on his cockshaft.

"Here, take some of mine!" Juan offered. He got up and leaned in with his cock towards the gigantic cock in me already, and smeared his precum on the shaft. "André, do the same!" Juan instructed. André got up and pushed his big wet cock onto the cockshaft in me and rubbed his precum off on the shaft.

Mario's cock twitched and he said: "Grazie mille! Perfetto! [Thank you very much! Perfect!]," and pushed his cock deeper into me, also on Juan's and André's precum. I groaned. I was being filled to capacity.

When the huge cockhead reached my inner sphincter, Mario stopped and once again he just applied enough pressure to keep his cock in position. The sphincter relaxed and the cockhead slipped through. Ahhh!

Mario pulled out a bit and Juan and André added their precum again. This was something new! Mario pushed back in and I felt his huge balls resting on my buttocks. Oh! My! Godd! He really was in balls-deep! Mario leaned in and pushed my legs high up on my chest. He put his big soft lips on mine and kissed me softly. He gently pushed his tongue into my mouth. And then he pulled his big cock out a bit and pushed it back in. I groaned. Juan was next to me and kissed me on my cheek.

I felt a hand on my buttocks and realised it was André. I craned my neck and saw him right next to me, looking at the huge cock in my hole. He had his hand on my buttocks and was touching Mario's cock in my hole. I saw him milking his cock to add more precum to Mario's cock. My big bro!

Juan had his hand on my chest and one hand behind my head, cradling me. "You OK, my love?"

"Yes, it's fantastic! I can't believe it! And now it feels great! All you and the other guys' fucking has prepared me for this! It is a great feeling!"

"I'm glad! It looks fantastic to see that huge cock in you! And to feel my cockhead against it while he fucks you! It is a spectacular sight! We need Johann to join us to take pictures of this. You will not believe how fucking fantastic it looks!" André said and touched Mario's cock again.

"Yes, we must ask Johann. Can André not take some with his iPhone? Please? André, where is your iPhone? In your pants? Yes? Please come take some pictures of this nice fucking."

André got off the bed and fumbled for his iPhone in his pants and opened the App.

"Mario, pull back a bit again please? Ahh! Perfect! Juan, put your cock against the shaft again and I'll take some photos."

I heard the camera App click and the flash lit up. Ahhh! This spectacular moment was immortalised! And I would see it afterwards. Hmmmm!

While there, Juan and André added some more precum on Mario's cockshaft.

"Grazie mille!" Mario gushed and pushed his cock deep into me again. André was still taking pictures. Hmmm!

Mario put my legs over his shoulders and started to fuck me hard and deep. I groaned and kissed the big Italian man fucking me. He said: "You OK? No pain? OK?"

"It's OK, thanks. No, no pain. Just very nice. Thanks a lot. I am really enjoying this," as the huge cock was being pushed into me and pulled out, and pushed in, and pulled out. Fuck! This was an experience!

"I am glad. I want you to enjoy. And I want to do again, please? OK?" Mario said against my mouth.

"Oh yes, please! I want it again! Yes! Yes! Yes! I want it again!" I growled and clamped my cock over the big cock in my hole. I was rewarded with a twitching in my hole that stretched me big time. I groaned.

"Yes, do it again!" Mario twitched his cock and I clamped my hole over it. Ahhhh! My cock was now sopping wet and I was about to shoot a load.

"I'm going to cum! Oh my godd! Juan, I'm going to cum!" I said.

Mario let my legs go and they fell to my sides.

"In my mouth my love!" Juan said and bent down to take my cock in his mouth. André was scurrying in between Juan's legs and took Juan's big cock in his mouth. "Ahhhh! Your mouth feels so good, André! Yess! Suck me!"

"André, you have to cum in my mouth please, OK?" I pleaded.

"Uh-huh," was the response I got.

Mario's cock was rock hard and his breath started to become laboured. "I cum now! OK?" He picked up speed and pushed his cock deep into me. It was stretching my hole wholesale. It was rock-hard.

"I'm cumming! Mio dio! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Mario groaned.

"Mario, we want to see you cum! Pull out and cum on his hole and push back in! Please! Do it! André, iPhone!" Juan said. "My love, hold on!"

"OK, I do that!" Mario started to groan and pumped his huge cock into me. All of a sudden he pulled it out and held the tip on my hole. Mario gave a loud groan and I felt his first shot on my hole. The iPhone clicked. Another shot of cum my hole! It was a huge lot of cum! It dribbled down my buttocks. The iPhone clicked. Mario pushed his cock deep into me and shot a load in there. He pulled out again and shot another load on my hole and pushed into me again. Oh my godd! An even better performance than Johann! The amount of cum shot from this huge cock was phenomenal! It went on for about a minute and then he pushed into me and collapsed on top of me with his full weight.

"Ahhhh! Mama mia! Perfetto! Grazie mille! [Perfect! Thank you very much!]" He just lied there and breathed heavily. I put my hands behind his neck and body, and hugged him. This was once again a wonderful guy, and a gentleman. The horned-up man in the toilet was gone, and this big hugely hung man had just made super love to me. Oh my godd! I'm fast falling in love with every man with a huge cock who fucked me!

"You OK my love?" Juan asked next to me.

"Yes, I'm fine. It was fantastic! Oh my godd! I hope André got some nice pics," I said. My hole and buttocks were drenched. Mario shot a huge amount of cum on me and in me. Fantastico!

"I'm sure the pics will give you an idea. It won't be the same as Johann's pics, but they will have to do for now," Juan said.

Mario sat up and just held his cock in me. He put his hand out and started to stroke my cock.

"In my mouth, please Mario," Juan said. He bent over me and took my cockhead in his mouth while Mario jacked me. I was fast approaching orgasm and it was going to be one hell of a load.

André was back between Juan's legs and was sucking Juan's big cock. Juan was groaning too. He too was going to cum soon.

"I'm cumming! Oh my god, I'm cumming!" I groaned and felt the cum starting to shoot through my urethra. I was cumming in Juan's mouth! Oh fuck! I clamped down on Mario's cock in my hole and groaned.

Juan was groaning too and when I shot my load, I was sure he was shooting his load into André's mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh! Oh fuck! This was wonderful! André, you OK!?" I asked. André got up from between Juan's legs and leaned in to kiss me. Ahhhh! My bro was sharing our lover's cum! I opened my mouth and the thick sweet liquid ran into my mouth. I swallowed hungrily. André kissed me deeply and lovingly. I sucked his nice tongue into my mouth. I have the best brother in the world!

André broke free and stood with his cock pointing at my face. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. After a few pushes, André started to moan and then he held still and his cock started to twitch. He shot his big load into my mouth. My godd, bro - where the fuck did all this cum come from? I swallowed and added it to Juan's cum in my tummy. Oh fuck! I just had the most wonderful sex with three fantastic guys and I had a belly full of cum from my two husbands!

Juan moved in to lick André's cock and kiss me, all in one go. Juan pushed his head into the crook of my neck and whispered: "Happy my love? This was fantastic, wasn't it?"

André put his head on my other shoulder and sighed: "I'm glad the whole fucking world's men want to fuck you! This was spec-fucking-tacular! That huge cock in you was stupendous! I don't know how you do it, but it looked unbelievably sexy. You horn dogg!"

Mario leaned forward and kissed me again. "I have to get to the restaurant. I have to go. I'm sorry ... OK? We do this again some time? Si?"

"Oh fuck yes! Anytime! I want you to fuck me again! Please Mario! Again, soon!"

"Did we invite you to our housewarming party next Saturday?" Juan asked.

"No, I don't think so. You invite me? Yes?" Mario said.

"Fuck yes! Please come! I'll send you directions to put into your satnav. It's easy, but I'll SMS you the details. Any time from 2 o'clock on Saturday. Please come!" Juan enthused. My fuck! If Dad and Mom were going to be there, we'd have to behave! If they were not there, the party could well have developed into the biggest sex orgy ever! My godd!

"I pull out now! Si?" Mario said. Ahhhhh! What a pity this had to end! The cock in me still felt spectacular. I couldn't wait for it to happen again!

Mario pulled out and quite a bit of the huge load in me leaked out onto the bed. Oh godd! I wasn't so lucky this time, I thought. Oh well!

We all got up and started to put our clothes back on. I was mesmerised by this Italian man. He was what I'd think of when I heard the phrase "Italian Stallion" after that! This man was the epitome of masculinity and sex appeal. He was perfect!

Mario battled to get his huge cock back into his underpants and when he pulled his slacks up, it formed an obscenely big and sexy bulge. He slipped on his sandals and I marvelled at his big feet. Really giant feet. The hair on his toes and bridge was super sexy. He put a hand out and pulled me close to him. He put his arm around me and hugged me. Mario put his hand under my chin and lifted my face and kissed me. Not just a kiss, but a gentle kiss. The tip of his tongue just pushed in gently and I sucked it into my mouth. Oh godd! This was a fine specimen of a man!

Juan and André joined us. We hugged and kissed each other until Mario broke free and announced his imminent departure. He assured us he'd be at the party the following weekend.

We accompanied Mario to his car and we were all sad to see him go.

Back in the flat André brought his iPhone and pulled up the pictures he took. Oh! My! Godd! They were spectacular! For a phone camera, the photos were great! The pictures of Juan's and André's cocks pushed against Mario's huge shaft in my hole were sexually charged like no sex pics I've ever seen.

"My godd my love! You were a trouper! I am amazed at how you handled that! Even more than the double-fucks I've seen! Today you've earned my love, my respect and adoration. You really are the man! I'm in awe!" Juan gushed.

"I really hope this could happen again soon!" André put in.

"Yes, it will, but we have to play it by ear. And, we can't push Johann and Gunther aside either. They are great guys and don't deserve to be deserted. How do you guys feel?" Juan asked.

"Oh yes, I really like Johann and Gunther. I want them in the inner circle, please? We won't have Mario too often due to his tight schedule, but Johann and Gunther are nice and they would be more available. What do you say?" I said.

"I agree. I like them too and we can't just discard them now that we've experience this man of a man! I say we keep the other two and love and enjoy them! Oh come on! I know you love them! Well, I do love them. They are fantastic guys and at 29cm and 29,5cm they still are super champions. And they are nice guys. I like them ... OK! I love them! Fuck! What's wrong with you? For once, agree with me when I'm right, you retards!" André ranted on. He got a swipe on his head for his last remark. "Owww! So, this is what I get for being honest and showing my feelings? I'm getting a sharp knife for Christmas. You'll wake up neutered, you big oaf!"

"My love will protect me, plus, you're more a loud bark than a small bite. And in any case, you love me too much to hurt me ... Come here!" Juan said and grabbed André.

"Help me, baby bro! He's assaulting meeeeee ...!" André moaned as Juan's mouth closed over his. Juan knew how to to silence my bro! He was helpless against Juan's kisses.

"And yes, I love you too! Now you ... say it!" Juan demanded with his fingers at the ready to tickle André. "Say it!"

"Oh fuck! You'll burn in hell for being so mean to me! Fuck yes! I love you! You happy now? I fucking love you! Godd knows why, but yes: I LOVE YOU! You're just an oaf and you have my love! I love you! Now let me go! I'm calling Dad! He needs to know how I'm abused in this house ... Sob! Sob! Now you! Say it, you big oaf!" André teased Juan.

"OK, let me state the obvious ... I LOVE YOU ANDRÉ LE ROUX! I fucking love you as much as I love your brother. Now, if you ever ask me this again, I will neuter YOU! You are such a damn bastard, but I still love you! Come here!" Juan pulled André in for another kiss. André melted in his embrace and was soon moaning and groaning. Juan put his hand on André's crotch and squeezed. It was obvious my bro had a hard-on! What a horn dogg!

"Fuck, I'm just putty in your hands! I hate you so fucking much, you oaf!" and leaned in for another kiss. My bro! Just a lot of hot air!

"I don't know about you, but I feel like a nice hamburger. Let's go get a quick bite. It's just after 7. We could be back by 8. Then study until 10, OK? And no arguments and no diddle daddle, you hear? I am still the alpha male here! Come, let's go!"

= To be continued =



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