Piero couldn’t keep his hands off me in the Kombi. Pierre didn’t say much about it but he was up for a challenge and he too had his hands on me all the time. I didn’t want them to get into a fight but I enjoyed the attention to some extent.

When we arrived back home with the d’Antonios and Morettis, we walked into a wonderfully warm lounge with a gas fire burning.

I excused myself to go to the toilet first. My cock was sopping wet after all the stimulation I got from Piero and Pierre in the Kombi. I wanted to go have a pee and to wipe my cock.

As I was going up the stairs, I heard someone behind me. It was Giancarlo. The ensuing discussion was in Italian.

“Wait for me! I also need to get to the toilet.”

As we reached the landing on the top floor, he said:

“I was hard most of the day. You are such a sexy man! Thanks for this morning! You have no idea what that has meant to me!”

“You’re welcome. I have to say: it was a surprise, but a nice surprise. You’re a very good lover and your big cock was very nice to experience. It has a really big head!”

“Yes, it’s big, I know too well! The first time Mirabel saw it, she freaked out. We almost didn’t get married. I had to teach her to relax completely … but that’s not what I want to talk to you about! I want to know when can I fuck you again!” Giancarlo said and squeezed my butt.

“I don’t know. The others are also there with Piero leading the pack …”

“Yes, I was very surprised at the size of his cock and he cums a really big load! I also cum lots, but I don’t cum half of what he shoots. It’s insane! But did you enjoy my cock this morning?”

“What’s not to like? I really felt it in me and I could feel you pumped a lot of cum into me! And I have to compliment you: you are a very good kisser!”

“Why, thank you very much! I appreciate the compliments! But you are a very sexy boy and even though I love Mirabel and my son Ernesto very much, I’d give it up for a man like you! At last you're the one who has awoken the bisexual man in me. I’ve always loved to watch men but have done nothing since my days at university, fooling around with a few guys. Just look at this bulge! I’m rock hard again!” Giancarlo said and groped his big package.

“I’m also hard again and it’s your fault! I wanted to pee … how will I get that done now?”

“You could suck me while you sit on the toilet!” Giancarlo said and pushed his middle finger into my crack.

“Giancarlo, you’re a jackal! We don’t have time even though I’d bend for you in a heartbeat!”

“Then suck me quickly! Please!”

I opened the door to our bedroom and went into the bathroom with Giancarlo following me. At the toilet I unzipped and waited for my cock to deflate a bit. Then the urine started to flow. It was a thick strong stream of urine that thundered into the water in the bowl.

Giancarlo stood next to me and when he fished his cock from his pants, he produced his big hard cock and held it in his hand. Wow! He really was horny and hard and … extremely wet!

“Please sit down and suck me!” Giancarlo said as he stood right next to me, his big hard cock in his hand and his other hand around my shoulders.

Almost half of my bladder contents were in the bowl already. I stopped pushing and squeezed my cock to stop the flow of urine. I sat down and let go of my cock once it was behind the rim of the bowl. Giancarlo’s big hard and wet cock was right in front of my face.

I looked at the cock: the big head was impressive and the precum dripped from it. It was a lot.

I instinctively opened my mouth and took the big wet cock in my mouth. The taste of the precum was unbelievable and I loved it. The big head filled my mouth.

Giancarlo groaned like a wounded animal. He was ecstatic.

I heard the bedroom door opening … oh fuck! Here I am on the toilet, sucking a married man’s cock, I thought. Shit!

Mio caro, dove sei? Voglio chiedervi ... Cosa? Giancarlo! No! Lui non è tuo! Come hai potuto? Antonio, si prega di smettere di succhiare il mio zio! No! No! No! Io sto dicendo Luigi su questo! Come hai potuto fare questo, Giancarlo? (Mio caro, where are you? I want to ask you … What? Giancarlo! No! He is not yours! How could you? Antonio, please stop sucking my uncle! No! No! No! I’m telling Luigi about this! How could you do this, Giancarlo?)” Piero said and walked up to his uncle, clearly upset.

I let go of the big cock in my mouth and realised I had to do something to appease Piero. I had to prevent him from telling Luigi and causing unnecessary ruckus amongst the group. I knew that Pierre and Clive, and to some extent, also Giovanni would be pissed off. Not to mention my twin brother, Juan, Johann and Gunther. In short, the whole lot would be pissed off.

Mio caro uomo! Sono io. Dopo che ho succhiato Giancarlo questa mattina, ho voluto farlo di nuovo, così gli ho chiesto. Si prega di non dire a Luigi o uno qualsiasi degli altri? Per favore? (My darling man! It’s me. After I’ve sucked Giancarlo this morning, I wanted to do it again, so I asked him. Please don’t tell Luigi or any of the others? Please?)” I lied smoothly.

I hate lies but the truth had to be hidden away. The consequences of it getting out beyond the walls of that bathroom were too hideous for words. Luigi might accept it, but not Pierre and Clive. And we didn’t need that during the last week of our trip.

Antonio, ti piace il cazzo così tanto che si voleva di nuovo? Veramente? Non ti piace più il mio cazzo? Il mio cazzo è più grande e io cum molto altro ancora! Bah! Ha una grande testa cazzo, ma questo è tutto! Giancarlo, sei un serpente! (Antonio, do you like his cock that much that you wanted it again? Really? Don't you like my cock anymore? My cock is bigger and I cum much more! Bah! He has a big cock head, but that’s it! Giancarlo, you’re a snake!)” Piero said.

I still had Giancarlo’s cock in my hand and felt he wasn’t far from cumming. It was pulsating and the precum running from his piss-slit was unbelievable.

Piero, ti dispiace se ho subito lo succhiano? Lui è sul punto di ejaculare e mi piacerebbe assaggiare di nuovo il suo sperma. Si prega di mio grande uomo? (Piero, do you mind if I quickly suck him off? He is on the verge of cumming and I’d like to taste his cum again. Please my big man?)” I said and jacked Giancarlo’s cock ever so slightly.

Vuoi davvero a lui succhiare a compimento? Che dire di me? Se si arriva a essere risucchiata fuori, voglio che tu fai schifo anche a me! Giancarlo, si rimane un serpente! (Do you really want to suck him to completion? What about me? If he gets to be sucked off, I want you to suck me too! Giancarlo, you remain a snake!)” Piero said and when I looked at his crotch, it was clear he was sporting a big boner. He was palming his cock through his pants and I could see it reached up to his hip. It was hard and big.

Sì, voglio accontentare. E sì, io lo succhio anche voi! Mi piacerebbe prendere il carico enorme in bocca! Tutto questa volta! (Yes, I want to please. And yes, I’ll suck you too! I’d love to take your huge load in my mouth! All of it this time!)” I said and took Giancarlo’s big cockhead back in my mouth. It was sopping wet and the precum tasted very nice.

Giancarlo pushed his cock into my mouth as deep as it would go, but the big head prevented it from going into my throat. Too bad, I thought and sucked the big cock. I was also more relaxed now that Piero was somewhat calmed down. Giancarlo pushed back into my mouth and miracles of miracles! The huge head slipped into my throat! The head pushed in and the whole head filled my throat like a rubber stopper! Fuck! It was big.

Mio caro! Come si fa a farlo? Quel grande pene è profondo in gola ora! Tu sei un maestro! (Mio caro! How do you do that? That big cock is deep in your throat now! You are a master!)” Piero said and stepped closer to see how his uncle’s big cock was sliding deeper into my mouth.

Giancarlo was pushing his big cock deeper into my throat and I was stunned to realise I could actually do it!

Piero unzipped his pants and hauled his impressive manhood out. It was covered in precum and it was very hard. He stood right next to us, gently playing with his cock, rubbing the precum over the head, pulling the skin back, fondling his big balls. Once again, I noticed what exquisitely beautiful hands he had.

At one stage Piero put his hand around his cock and I saw the middle finger and thumb only just met around the shaft. It was a big cock and I had it in me for most of the previous night. Hmmm! What an experience!

Giancarlo’s cock slipped out my throat and I took a deep breath. He pushed back into my mouth and the head slipped back into my throat.

Io vado a cum! Ahhhh! Oh, caro Signore! Sto eiaculazione! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnng hhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Sto eiaculazione! (I’m going to cum! Ahhhh! Oh dear lord! I’m cumming! Ugh! Ugh! Hnnngghhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! I'm cumming!)” Giancarlo groaned and I pulled the cockhead back into my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum.

The big cock started to pulsate and the cum started to fill my mouth! Wow! It really was a lot and it had a strange taste to it. Was it something he ate? Garlic? It wasn’t as nice as the other cum I’ve tasted but it still was nice and it was a lot! It was easily as much as a single of Luigi’s loads.

Giancarlo shuddered and put his hands on my face to pull out.

Sensibile! Sensibile! Io non sono abituato a questo! Mirabel quasi mai mi fa schifo. Lei odia e la mia pre eiaculazione la fa venire la nausea. Ahhh! Grazie, ma mi permetta di tirare fuori ... ahhh! (Sensitive! Sensitive! I'm not used to this! Mirabel almost never sucks me. She hates it and my precum makes her nauseous. Ahhh! Thanks but let me pull out … ahhh!)” Giancarlo said and pulled his cock from my mouth.

I swallowed the cum and yes, it was a lot. My mouth was flooded with the stuff.

Giancarlo put his hand out and touched Piero’s big wet cock.

È veramente un capolavoro lì, Piero! E i carichi sono spettacolari! (You really have a masterpiece there, Piero! And your loads are spectacular!)” Giancarlo said and squeezed Piero’s cock.

Grazie Giancarlo. Il vostro non è molto più piccolo! Antonio, ti ha nutrire un grande carico? (Thanks Giancarlo. Yours isn’t much smaller! Antonio, did he feed you a big load?)” Piero said and squeezed his uncle’s cock. “Davvero un grande!  (Really a big one!)”

Giancarlo walked towards the basin to wash his cock and Piero moved over to me with his cock in his hand. I looked at the long thick shaft with the veins on it, and the big head – bigger than Giancarlo and with a big head. It was sopping wet and the precum dripped from the tip of his cock. He put his hand in his pants and pulled his big balls out as well.

Fuck! Pierre and Clive’s cocks were bigger but there was something about Piero’s cock that made it spectacular! Perhaps the many veins, the shape of the cock in its entirety, the feel of it in my hands, the skin over the big head, the big piss-slit … I didn’t know exactly, but there it was: a big and exquisite Italian cock in front of me, in my hands, about to enter my mouth.

Perhaps it was the whole package of the cock and the extremely sexy and attractive boy? His persona? His lovemaking? His kisses? His hands? His feet? Oh fuck yes, the feet! His feet were just perfect and super sexy. But, it must’ve been the sexy boy in his entirety.

I really was in deep shit! This man was getting to me in a big way, taking over my heart, my body, my human being … it was senseless to fight it. Piero was going to become a very important and wonderful part of my life.

Mom … oh fuck! Mom … she was going to flip! And Piero wasn’t the only one to be added to the mix, but he was going to feature very prominently. I could hear her already … I hoped Dad would come to the rescue.

I stuck my tongue out and licked the wet tip. It really tasted wonderful.

Giancarlo came to stand next to Piero with his cock still out of his pants. It was in that glorious rubbery state. I put my hand on it and Giancarlo groaned.

State attenti là! Sono molto tentato di andare per un altro giro! (Be careful there! I’m very tempted to go for another round!)” Giancarlo said and pushed forward.

Non ci sarà nulla di simile! Hai rubato la tua occasione! Farsi da parte Giancarlo! E 'il mio turno ora! (There will be no such thing! You’ve stolen your chance! Step aside Giancarlo! It’s my turn now!)” Piero said and gently pushed his uncle away.

I let go of the big rubbery cock and focused on Piero’s big wet cock in my hand. He pushed it into my mouth and after I’ve deep-throated Giancarlo’s cock, Piero’s big cock slipped deeper and only on the second attempt, the head pierced into my throat. Fuck! What a sensation!

Above me Piero was groaning and had his hands in my hair, murmuring sweet nothings in Italian, but it was clear I've put him on the proverbial Cloud Nine: he was ecstatic with desire.

Wow! Questo è così caldo da vedere! Piero, sei un uomo molto fortunato ad avere incontrato quel bel giovanotto! Grazie Antonio. Vi lascio due a allora. Prendo le bevande pronte (Wow! This is so hot to see! Piero, you’re a very lucky man to have met this fine young man! Thanks Antonio. I’ll leave you two to it then. I’ll get the drinks ready),” Giancarlo said. “Potrei prega di avere un rapido pipì prima di andare? (Could I please have a quick pee before I go?)”

I got up from the toilet and stood on my one knee on the floor with Piero’s big cock in my mouth, slipping in and out of my throat. The big cock felt great in my hands and in my mouth.

I saw Giancarlo stepping up to the toilet and aimed his big cock at the bowl … it took a few seconds before the thick stream of urine started to flow – a THICK stream! It thundered into the water and I marvelled at the sight of the big cock pissing. It was a sight to behold.

When the last drops of urine were squeezed out, Giancarlo took a piece of toilet paper and wiped the tip of his cock. It was clear it was getting hard again. Snake, indeed! I looked up into his eyes and saw the raw lust in his eyes, even though he had just shot a load into my mouth. This man has tasted the forbidden fruit and he wasn’t going to stop – not any time soon in any case!

Giancarlo winked at me and started wrestling his big cock – not so soft anymore – back into his pants. It made an insanely big bulge in his pants. He pulled his sweater over it to conceal it. He ruffled my hair and said “Grazie”, and he was gone.

Ora è solo voi e me. Mio caro, oggi è stato doloroso per essere così vicino a voi e non toccare tanto quanto avrei voluto. Non avete idea! (Now it’s just you and me. Mio caro, today was painful to be so close to you and not touch you as much as I wanted. You have no idea!)” Piero said and pulled me up from his cock and kissed me.

His hands were all over my back, my neck, my hair, my face, my arms and his tongue was deep in my mouth. He hummed into my mouth – that wonderfully deep baritone voice. Fuck! This was a god in the body of a very beautiful tall hairy boy!

His lips were soft on mine and his tongue tasted fantastic. He bent down to me and of course the inevitable happened: his saliva ran into my mouth. I was elated and hungrily slurped it up. Fuck! I know I was a slut par excellence but this was great.

His cock in my hand felt wonderful and big and hard and wet. He pushed forward and my hand moved back on the shaft, pulling the skin with it, revealing the big head and piss-slit from whence the huge amount of precum was pouring.

Piero groaned and kissed me with renewed fervour. He was horny as fuck and he was enjoying this interlude a lot, but so was I.

My hand slipped down and I took his huge balls in my other hand – they were big and solid. He groaned again and his hand on my back pulled me closer to him.

Voglio scoparti prima! Si prega di Antonio! Sarò ancora sperma in bocca ma voglio scoparti per favore? Si prega di dire di sì? (I want to fuck you first! Please Antonio! I’ll still cum in your mouth but I want to fuck you please? Please say yes?)” Piero said with his mouth next to my ear. “Per favore? (Please?)”

Non so Piero. Non abbiamo molto tempo. Vorrei solo succhiare. Non ho preparato per farsi scopare. Basta succhiare ora, OK? (I don’t know Piero. We don’t have much time. Let me just suck you. I haven’t prepared for getting fucked. Just sucking now, OK?)” I said and kissed him again.

Ahhh! Mi stai uccidendo! Sono così pronto a spingere il mio grande cazzo in profondità dentro di te! Ma OK, si prega di succhiare me! Ho caldo e voglio venire! Hmmmm! Antonio, ti amo così tanto! Non avete idea! (Ahhh! You’re killing me! I’m so ready to push my big cock deep into you! But OK, please suck me! I’m hot and want to cum! Hmmmm! Antonio, I love you so much! You have no idea!)” Piero said and pushed his body tight to mine. I put my cheek on his chest and I could hear and feel his heart beating! Wow! He had his arms tightly around me and hugged me close to him.

We stood like that for a few seconds and enjoyed each other’s closeness, feeling our breathing bodies against each other, my head high on his chest and our cocks pushing tightly against the other cock.

Antonio, è stato solo 24 ore, ma già so che ho davvero, davvero ti amo. Sei esattamente quello che stavo aspettando, per un lungo periodo di tempo. Avendo tra le mie braccia e toccare te, sentire il tuo corpo contro il mio, baci ... Sei il mio sogno! Ti amo, mio caro! (Antonio, it’s only been 24 hours but already I know that I really, really love you. You’re exactly what I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Having you in my arms and touching you, feeling your body against mine, kissing you … you’re my dream come true! I love you, mio caro!)” Piero said and literally clung to me, stroking my back, kissing me on the head.

Sono d'accordo: questo è molto speciale e siamo stati chiacchierando da mesi. Ma ora che ti ho incontrato, so che questo è valsa la pena di aspettare. Sei stato semplicemente fantastico nelle ultime 24 ore e sì, ora che ti ho incontrato, so che sarò anche ti amo, Piero! (I have to agree: this is very special and we’ve been chatting for months now. But now that I’ve met you, I know this was worth waiting for. You’ve been just amazing the past 24 hours and yes, now that I’ve met you, I know I’ll also love you, Piero!)” I said softly against his chest and hugged this god-like creature to me.

Piero let go of me and took me by the arms and held me at arm’s length. He looked into my eyes with his big beautiful chocolate brown eyes. The look in his eyes, his facial expression, his grip on my arms, his lower body pushing forward towards me, his mouth and the gorgeous smile he gave me … it all spelt one thing: this man was really in love with me.

Ti amo Antonio! Faccio e io non vedo l'ora di vivere con te, ti amo, fare l'amore con voi e godetevi la vostra azienda! (I love you Antonio! I do and I can’t wait to live with you, love you, making love to you and enjoy your company!)”. His big hands holding onto my upper arms squeezed lightly. He bent down and rubbed his nose over mine and then he kissed me on the tip of my nose. “Ora si prega di succhiare me prima di Nonna manda una squadra di ricerca per noi! (Now please suck me before Nonna sends out a search party for us!).”

I stood on my toes and kissed Piero, rubbing his chest. His nipples were hard and he groaned. He took my wrists and squeezed. He gently pushed me down and I got it: I had a cock that needed to be sucked, so my man could spew his big load into my mouth. Ahh! I wondered if I'd be able to handle the vast volume? I was more than willing to try.

I sat down on the toilet again and took the big cock in my mouth. By now it was literally slimy and sopping wet. The precum tasted great and the big head slipped right up to my throat’s opening. He pushed gently and when my throat opened, the head slipped in and down my throat. The long cock slid deeper into my mouth and I felt how it stretched my gullet to go in. I was in cock heaven!

Piero pulled back and just as the head was about to slip out of my throat, he pushed back … and again, but by then I needed a breath of air. I pulled off the cock until the head was in my mouth, took a deep breath of air and pushed the cock into my throat again. If he wasn’t getting to fuck me, at least the blowjob needed to be extra special.

Un altro motivo per me di amo! Stai facendo le cose per me nessuno ha mai potuto fare prima! (Another reason for me to be in love with you! You’re doing things to me nobody has ever been able to do before!)” Piero said and groaned with his rich voice.

The big cock went down my throat a couple of times, me gulping air in between and then Piero announcing he was about to cum.

Solo un avvertimento giusto mio caro! Ho intenzione di eiaculare! Ricordate che è un sacco! Una volta che comincia, non riesco a smettere. Siete pronti? (Just a fair warning mio caro! I’m going to cum! Remember it is a lot! Once it starts, I can’t stop. Are you ready?)” Piero said and took my head between his hands. The big fingers were soft and tender on my cheeks.

“Uhmm uhmm,” I groaned my acknowledgement that I was ready.

Ahhh! Ahhh! Sì! Oh si! Sì! Ecco che arriva! Siete pronti? Sto eiaculazione! Dio mio! Ahhh! Ahhh! (Ahhh! Ahhh! Yes! Oh yes! Yes! Here it comes! Are you ready? I’m cumming! Oh my god! Ahhh! Ahhh!)” Piero said loudly and then the most amazing thing happened. The huge load I’ve witnessed twice now and the little I’ve had in my mouth was spectacular but now I was going to have the full load in my mouth. Hmmm!

The first squirt into my mouth was ample but not too much. I swallowed it greedily as I knew more was to come. It was nice again and then the second, much larger volley of cum shot into my mouth. It filled my mouth to capacity and I swallowed for all I was worth. It tasted even better. The third very voluminous squirt filled my mouth and I managed to swallow it just in time before the equally big fourth one squirted into my mouth, filling my entire mouth.

Fuck! This was an experience to behold! The fifth load was pumped into my mouth and by then I knew how to handle the vast volume of cum and swallowed quickly to make room for the sixth volley of cum.

The next 3 shots were big but it started to taper off. I was really pumped full of cum. How was that for a hors d’oeuvres! I loved it and sucked the still twitching cock in my mouth.

Above me Piero was like a dog knotted to his bitch. He pushed his cock deeper into me and when my throat opened, the head slipped in on the lube of his cum. It was wonderful to have tasted his huge load and now to have the big cock deep in my throat.

My hands were on Piero’s thighs and I felt how the muscles were taught and how they spasmed while he was cumming. We have been out all day and waling a lot, but this man was still smelling fresh and like a million bucks. I could smell the Tom Ford Noir and it totally agreed with him: it smelled divine on his skin.

The big cock in my mouth was now becoming rubbery and Piero pushed it even deeper down my throat. It felt incredible! Wow! His big balls rested on my chin and his black bush was pushed under my nose.

Piero was caressing my cheeks, my hair, stroked over my ears and hugged my head to him while his cock was deep in my mouth.

I pulled back to get a breath of fresh air and he let go of my head. When the big head slipped into my mouth, I took a deep breath and pushed the big cockhead down my throat again. This was such a wonderful experience and I didn’t know when this were to happen again. I wanted it to last for as long as we could.

The bedroom door opened and I heard my brother. Oh no! The comments and banter and snide remarks were bound to haunt us for weeks to come!

“Baby bro, where are you? I was sanctioned to come looking for you. Where are you? We’re about to start drinking … oh! Oh! I see you’ve already started! You dogg! Piero, you’re a sex maniac! You’ll fit in fine with us! But just look at it! Baby bro, how deep is that thing in your throat? Wow!”

“André, we’re busy … ahem … Antonio and I wanted some time alone …” Piero tried to explain.

“Oh puh-lease! You've had my brother all of last night! I saw how you lusted after him all day long! Did you … did he … Baby bro, did he pump that litre of cum into your mouth? Did he?” André said and stood right next to us when I pulled off the big and marvellous rubbery cock. It was sopping wet and shiny. It was about 40% hard and when I looked down at it, I realised just how beautiful it really was.

“Good godd! What a cock! Ita, I have to say: this is one hell of a big and beautiful cock! Wow!” André said and gingerly touched Piero’s big cock.

I fucking love this man’s cock!

“Yes, he did André. He pumped his whole big load into my mouth and it’s all in my stomach. So there. Yes, we did want some time alone. We both needed this …” I managed to get in.

“And you? Did you cum? Piero, did you suck him too?” André asked and when I looked at his crotch, I saw he was getting a hard-on. Hmmm! New developments!

“No we had Giancarlo interrupting us, so I did not suck your brother. I was about to do that when you came in. Mio caro, would you like me to suck you?” Piero said.

“Yes, I would! Very much please!” I said.

Piero put his hands under my armpits and pulled me up. He kissed me with so much passion that I almost shot my load in my pants.

“May I have a go at your cock before the Ita takes over? I’ll leave the cumload for him, OK?” André said and took a step closer.

André opened my pants and took my achingly hard cock from my underpants. Of course it was slimy and wet and hard.

“Just look at it! Baby bro, you’ll dehydrate the way you precum! Juan would be pleased to know it’s not just me who precums a lot!” André said and squeezed my hard cock. I put my hand on his crotch – rock-hard of course! I opened the button and unzipped his pants, and reached for his identical cock. It was almost hard and even though it was exactly the same as mine, it felt good to have it in my hand.

Piero looked at our cocks and whistled. “Your cocks are identical, like you are! I have never seen gay twins before and you are the same everywhere! Can I feel them?”

He took our cocks in his hands and whistled again. By then André was rock-hard and Piero slowly jacked our cocks. It felt erotic to stand next to my gay twin brother and have my new lover jacking us both.

Before we knew what happened, Piero was on his knees and took both our cocks in his mouth. Wow! That was a first for both of us. André and I stood closer to each other to get our cocks as close to each other as we could. We had our arms around each other and our other hands were stroking Piero’s head, playing with his beautiful hair.

“I can understand why you’re falling for this guy, baby bro! He is gorgeous and he’s as horny as we are! Plus, he is a good lover … his sucking is going to make me cum soon!” André said and pushed his cock deeper into Piero’s mouth.

“Do you want to pump your sperm in my mouth?” Piero said and jacked our cocks.

“Yes, would you like to taste both our cum? Yes! What do you say bay bro? Both of us creaming his mouth?” André said enthusiastically.

“Yes, it would be great Piero! Thanks! But we’re going to drown you! You’ll get two loads and even if our loads are nowhere nearly as big as yours, it’s not small either. Be prepared to drink a lot of Le Roux baby batter!” André quipped.

I had to translate some of it to Piero and then André kissed me.

“Baby bro, you’re so clever! I really am impressed that you can speak Italian so well already! Piero, you and Luigi have to treat my brother well, you hear? He is super special and if you hurt him, I’ll neuter you! I have a very nice sharp knife, fresh from London!” André said and ruffled Piero’s hair.

I had to translate again and when I got to the ‘neuter’ bit, Piero gasped in mock astonishment.

“No! What would happen to mio caro without this d’Antonio boy feeding him protein every day? You cannot do that!”

“No, I won’t, but you can never hurt my baby bro! Not his heart and not his asshole! You will love him and treat him with respect!” André said and kissed me to emphasise how sincere his instructions were.

“No intention to hurt mio caro. I’ve loved him from the minute I saw his photograph. And when I met him yesterday, and after last night, I’ve already fallen in love with him for real. He ticks all the boxes for me! Antonio, I really love you and I will never hurt you! You’re my super special man and we’ll be together for the rest of our lives!” Of course he said some of it in Italian and I translated the parts meant for André to understand.

“Good for you! I will have to find another use for my new knife! Blast!” André was relentless, even though his cock was in another man’s hands and mouth!

Piero took André’s cock in his mouth again and just jacked mine. André was transferred to another level of pleasure. He was murmuring, his eyes were closed and he was humming with pleasure. It was clear Piero was doing a very good job of sucking André’s cock.

“Ita! Ita! Wait! Suck my brother first! I don’t want to cum right now! Let my brother feel your sucking skills first! Sheez, baby bro! You have a real vacuum cleaner here! Wow!” André said and pulled his cock from Piero’s mouth.

I stepped closer and my cock disappeared into Piero’s mouth. Yes, oh my godd! It was superb! This man was an ace cocksucker! André took me in his arms from my right and kissed me, with tongue and spit and all. I sucked on his tongue and lo and behold, I got some saliva from him too! My men needed a wake-up call with the spit-thing. Now they all knew I love it and here I was getting the full treatment from my brother as well! Wow!

Soon I was also teetering on the verge of cumming. Piero was that good!

Mio caro, I'm about to cum myself! Do you want mine now or André first?”

Mio caro’ – I ask you! Here I was calling Piero that too! I was a basket case!

“Let me suck André off first and then you,” Piero said and let go of my cock. He took Andre’s cock in his mouth and within a minute André was starting to groan and breathing deeper and then he started swearing and groaning some more. He was about to shoot his load into our man’s mouth in front of us.

“Ahhh! Piero, you’re good! Here it comes! Take it! Take it! Fuck! Yes! Ahhh! Ugh! Ugh! Wow! Hnnnnggghhhh!” It was clear André was enjoying that very much.

“Wow André! That was much sperm! You are almost hyperspermic, but this Italian still has number one … how do you say? I am number one?” Piero said and took my cock to suck me off too.

“You’re number one, Antonio! Numero uno!” I said and ruffled his hair.

André took his own big cock in his hand and looked at it in amazement. “I've shot one hell of a load baby bro! This man is a sex machine! He is very good! Thanks Ita!”

“Hmm-hmm” Piero mumbled with my cock in his mouth. I felt him sucking my cock deep into his mouth and when he opened his throat, my cockhead disappeared into the opening and I wanted to cum on the spot. Fuck! This Italian Stallion was a super cocksucker!

Within a minute it was my turn to shoot my load into Piero’s mouth. I warned him timeously so he could pull off my cock enough to get the load in his mouth. I started to cum and I could feel it was a big load. Wow!

“Piero, you’re not just a good lover, but you’re an ace cocksucker too! Thanks! That was wonderful … ahhh! Let go please! Ahhh! Sensitive! Please let go now!” I said and stroked his head.

He let go of my cock and stood up to kiss me, and I was surprised once more. He opened his mouth and I got a mouthful of my cum! Wow! He was a good lover and knew instinctively what to do. I was impressed to no end.

I sucked the cum from his mouth and sucked his tongue into my mouth. After I’ve swallowed my cum, I kissed this man like there was no tomorrow. I knew then that it was a foregone conclusion: this man was destined to become a very important man in my life, if not the most important one … Oh fuck! I was in real deep shit!

“Let me feel that big thing … wow! Ita, you’re hung huge man! Feel this thing baby bro … oh, I’ve forgotten! You’ve had it in your hands, your mouth and deep inside you last night! Spoilt you are!” André said, mimicking Yoda from Star Wars.

Piero pulled him closer and kissed him too. It became a three-way kiss with lots of tongue and spit. We touched each other’s cocks, big and rubbery and wet. Hmmmm! It felt great to have the two big cocks in my hands. Wow!

“OK, show’s over! Come on! The people downstairs will send another search party soon. Come! They are on their second drinks already and here you are sucking face! Sis man! He has just had you cum in his mouth and now you suck his tongue! Pfftt! Pfftt! What a disgrace you are to the House of Le Roux! Ek bel nou vir Pa! (I’m calling Dad now!)” André said in mock disgrace. He faux wiped his tongue on his hand. Clown! He had his hand on my back and was gently stroking me. Yes André, you’re ‘disgusted’ when your own cock was in Piero’s mouth a few minutes earlier!

“Yes, I think we better get to the family. We’ve been away a long time now. Come mio caro! Dio mio! I love you so much! That was the best present I've had in a long time! And yours too, André! You both ejaculate very much sperm!”

“Yes, thanks for the blowjob Ita! It was very nice and you know how to suck cock! But … pfftt! Then I kissed you … pfftt! … I’m not a pervert, I’ll let you know …” André got in before I gave his head a playful smack.

“You played along with it. Quit trying to be as white as the driven snow! You enjoyed it! Thanks Piero. That was very nice. Let’s get dressed and get down to the others. I love you too Piero … I know it is very soon, but yes, I love you too!” I said and kissed him again.

Piero hugged me to him and said in my ear: “*I love you … too much!*”

We wrestled our big cocks into our pants – Piero more than André and I – and zipped up. I looked at my watch: we have been upstairs for around 20 minutes. The others will most definitely start to wonder …


When we entered the lounge, the sons-in-law – Fabrizio and Gregorio – were having some coffee and chatting to Luigi. Johann and Gunther were watching ice-skating and Juan was chatting to Pierre, Clive and Giovanni. When we entered, the members of the clan immediately knew something had happened, but the 2 sons-in-law didn’t show any indication they knew what happened.

The coffee smelled wonderful and we saw why: Gregorio had a pot of filter coffee on the hotplate of the barista machine. I was dying for a cup of the magic black stuff and was prepared to have a cup of filter coffee first.

Vuoi un po 'di cappuccino? Che dire di una tazza di caffè filtro prima? (Do you want some cappuccino? What about a cup of filter coffee first?)” Gregorio asked. Luigi and I translated for the others and we all agreed.

“I think filter coffee please,” I said and looked at the others in the room.

I asked Gregorio which coffee he used. It was a Lavazza blend they got from the suppliers who installed the Lavazza barista machine. He opened the container with the ground coffee and held it for me to sniff the contents. Ahh! Heaven! The smell of freshly ground coffee was magic.

The coffee tasted wonderful but I was sad to wash the cum taste from my mouth … slut! We sat down with Gregorio and Fabrizio. They were in the office during the day and wanted to know about our day out in the city. They came home earlier in order to spend some time with Luigi and his friends.

We filled them in on the day we’ve had and what we’ve seen. They weren’t surprised to hear the David statue was the highlight, with the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio next. A lively discussion ensued and they told us about the politics behind the lack of care for some of the buildings: money and politics don’t mix well, and in Italy, politics were a dicey business at best. However, the revenue the tourist sites generated was put to good use to uphold those sites to a large extent. They mentioned the Ponte Vecchio as a case in point. It needed urgent attention but with unions and politicians going head to head, the simplest of tasks take forever to complete, and then during the proceedings, there would be an anomaly or an outrage about something. Italians are known for their heated and long discussions.

Fabrizio cracked a joke about what happened when a politician, a unionist and an Italian priest had to fix the pedestal of a statue. Some of it was in Italian but Luigi and Piero were quick to translate. We laughed heartily at Fabrizio’s antics and the way he told the joke made us laugh even more. He was a funny man.

I noticed he had very thick eyebrows and a really big beautiful Roman nose. I looked at his hands: huge. I looked at his feet: also big. He had a sweater on that covered his crotch, so I couldn’t see if he had a big bulge, but I was sure he was hung.

I noticed Giancarlo was standing by the gas fire, having coffee. He was standing by himself and smiled very nicely when he saw us entering the lounge. He was a real wolf in sheep’s clothes! But I had to concur, the man was sexy and he had a nice cock and it was nice sucking him.

Vuoi del caffè? Ragazzi? Cappuccino? Filtro? (Do you want some coffee? Boys? Cappuccino? Filter?)” Gregorio asked and went over to the barista machine. “Vuoi ottenere per i gemelli e per voi stessi, Piero? Hmm, mio sexy nipotino? (Do you want to get it for the twins and for yourself, Piero? Hmm, my sexy nephew?)”

'Sexy'? Gregorio, sto parlato di come da ieri. Questo bel giovane è ora il mio interesse amoroso. Ma grazie per il complimento ... ma ... no! *Che dire Perlita?* (’Sexy’? Gregorio, I’m spoken for as from yesterday. This fine young man is now my love interest. But thanks for the compliment … but … no! *What about Perlita?*)” Piero said with a twinkle in the eye, and whispered the last part.

Piero, sai che mi piace il tuo zia molto, ma anch'io ho amato voi come un vero e proprio zio italiano si suppone! Vieni, aiutare se stessi. Sei troppo intelligente per la sua età, e non rompere la macchina barista! (Piero, you know that I love your aunt very much, but I also love you like a real Italian uncle is supposed to! Come help yourself. You’re too clever for your age, and don’t break the barista machine!)” Gregorio joked and gave Piero’s butt a slap.

Ragazzi, cappuccino? Non prestare attenzione a Gregorio. Lui è solo un vecchio frustrato e confuso! (Guys, cappuccino? Don't pay any attention to Gregorio. He is just a frustrated and confused old man!)” Piero said jokingly, and out loud, and deliberately in Italian.

“Enough of the Italian, you Italian Stallion! My delicate ears! Cappuccino please? Can you drive this machine, Piero? Don’t you need a license or something? And don’t you poison me!” André said and I slapped him on the arm. “What? I’m not so sure this *hung* hunk won’t poison me to get me out of the way! I'm going nowhere, Ita!”

“André, I have a good mind in calling Dad! You’re impossible …” I got in.

“Here, use my phone! Call him! And tell him what? That I’m looking after the prime sperm in the family to spawn some offspring to inherit the farm?” André was relentless.

We got our cappuccinos and joined the rest on the couches and chairs again. I went to sit with Luigi. Of course Piero tagged along and came to sit on my other side, much to the chagrin of Pierre, Clive and Giovanni.

“So, what have you been up to upstairs? Did you enjoy it? Come on! I can smell it! Remember I’m an urologist! *I know what cum smells like!*” Luigi said and squeezed my thigh.

“Yes, your nephew is a very sexually charged young man! And yes, it was nice! I’ll tell you about it later. Piero, you do know how to ‘drive’ the barista machine! The cappuccino is good, isn’t it André?” I said and saw André was having a tense quiet discussion with Juan. Aw-aw … was he spilling the beans? I hoped not. When Juan looked at me with astonishment in his eyes, I knew my brother was splitting on us. Jackal! I winked at Juan and smiled at him very endearingly … I could only hope.

“What has happened this afternoon? Later we want to hear all about it! *Giancarlo was away a long time!* Pierre said and made big eyes at me.

“*Not now, Pee-AIR! Later!*” I hissed.

“And there you have your answer, Pommie! Ita man! *And to think these things happened right under our noses, or right above us to be precise! Ant, you’re really too much! But, that just means you're ours for the rest of tonight! Piero has had his share!* Pierre said. Talk about relentless!

“What is that all about?” Fabrizio asked.

“No, nothing zio Fabrizio! They're talking about today and how good the food smells!” Piero said quickly and sniffed the air. It really did smell good and he saved the day. “Come let’s see what Nonna and the aunts are doing.”

Nonna Marena and her four daughters were busy in the kitchen preparing the pizza dough and toppings. They even cooked the tomato paste layer for the pizza from scratch! Some of them were busy with the dough, others were busy pitting the olives or dicing the prosciutto and other meat cuts. Nonna Marena was grating the mozzarella.

There was a nice fire going in the pizza oven in the one corner. One of the uncles – not Giancarlo, of course! – must have made the wood fire in the oven. It was halfway ready.

“For the sake of our guests, this is in English. I'm not sure if you like music, but after pizza, we are having a singing and music evening, yes? We make music, we sing, we drink wine!” Nonna said and hugged Piero and me to her with an arm around each of us. “Who is this? Antonio?”

Sì Nonna!” I said and got a kiss on the cheek.

“Ahh, my new son-in-law! Do you also like him, Piero? I’m so glad Luigi found such a fine man!” Nonna said and kissed me again.

Sì Nonna! Of course I like him! He is a fine young man! Luigi chose well!” Piero said. Snake!

“Is there anything we can do to help? André, do you want to help the ladies?” I said and got a big hug from Nonna.

“Thank you my boy, but no. We’re almost ready to build the pizzas. Do you want to please ask everybody what he or she like so we can put the toppings on? Piero, come help me to finish grating the cheese so I could see what the dough is like,” Nonna said and gave the big chunk of white cheese to Piero. She took a slate from the wall and a piece of chalk and gave it to me. “Write on here please?”

I went into the lounge and got everybody’s preference. It was more or less the same except for a few differences here and there. Pierre wanted some pineapple on his pizza and Giovanni asked for a chicken pizza. Clive was happy with whatever came his way.


Soon the pizzas were built and in the oven. Gabriella took over and manned the oven, which could take only 3 pizzas at a time. They baked a variety of pizzas to cover most of the preferences so we could share it while it was hot.

We got the other ladies some coffee and Nonna asked for some coffee liqueur to go with it. Not to leave Gabriella all by herself, most of us (excluding Gregorio and Fabrizio, who were checking up on stock prices in the newspaper) sat around the fairly big table enjoying our coffee. Some just stood around. The jokes came thick and fast and when it was in Italian, there was someone to translate.

We had a whale of a time with the Italians, all in the kitchen with the pizzas going in the oven.

“This calls for some of our sparkling wine, don’t you think Nonna?” Armando asked.

“Yes, of course! Please get some from the cold room. This is a nice occasion. We have to toast Luigi and Antonio. I hope we’ll be invited to the wedding?” Nonna said and kissed her son on the cheek.

“Hear, hear!” the rest said. Piero and Giancarlo went to fetch the flutes.

When the sparkling wine – real Italian sparkling wine, not Champagne from France – was opened, the men poured the slightly golden stuff.

We all got a flute and then Armando, being the oldest of the men, stood up and said in fairly good English: “I’ve known Luigi since he was 11. He was a tall boy and very clever. It was not too long after papa Matteo passed away and I became his stand-in father. I saw this fine young boy grow into a very attractive young man. He did very well at school and when he told us he wanted to become a doctor, we gave him all the support we could. And look at him now. He is happier than ever, thanks to Antonio. Antonio, thank you for making our ‘boy’ a happy man. I'm sure we’ll all be invited to the wedding, Nonna! If not, we’ll just arrive there! To my wonderful brother-in-law, who is like my own brother and son! I love you very much Luigi! And I’m sure you’ll be very happy with Antonio who looks like a fine young man … which one is which? André, where are you?”

There was a lot of laughter, as the d’Antonios, Morettis and the others already knew what a character my brother could be.

“Ahh! Here is the right twin! Please come here Antonio. Luigi, si prega di venire anche qui (please come here as well),” Armando said. “Come stand next to me. Nonna, you’ve raised a fine young man and he has chosen well. Antonio, welcome to the Moretti’s and d’Antonios and the rest of the in-laws. We love Luigi very much and we know we’ll love you just as much. Saluti!

I felt so self-conscious, but Armando was genuine and a gentle soul. He had his arm around my shoulder and hugged me to him. On his other side it was Luigi who had his one arm around his brother-in-law’s shoulder, touching my upper arm. He squeezed my arm … my darling man!

We raised our glasses and took a sip.

“Not to forget the other guests. Welcome to Pierre, Clive, Giovanni – half-Italian of course! – and then Johann and Gunther, Juan and André. We’re impressed with the group of friends Luigi brought with him. And last but not least, to Nonna Marena. Nonna, in English: we love you very much. You’re the glue that holds this family together. You’re one of the kindest and most able businesswoman I’ve ever seen. The business’s success is due to your fine management and leadership. Then to my beautiful wife Gabriella. Sei il migliore (You’re the best)! I’m a very lucky man to have married into such a wonderful family. I love you all. I don’t say it all the time but my sisters-in-law, their husbands – saluti! Vi amo tutti molto. Tu non sei solo in-leggi, sei vera famiglia! (I love you all very much. You’re not just in-laws, you are real family!)”

Nonna Marena stood up and waited for us to quiet down a bit. Her eyes were moist but she kept her composure. She looked at Luigi and me, still on either side of Armando and she smiled. It was a genuine smile like only a mother could give her only son, and now with his male lover.

“For the sake of the others, I’ll speak in English. È che bene con la famiglia? (Is that OK with the family?) Luigi, you’re the only son of the family, apart from my four sons-in-law who are all like my own. Your father would’ve been proud of you with what you’ve made of your life and with your choices. We’re living in the 21st century and I respect the fact that you chose an alternative lifestyle. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Right? And after only 24 hours I can see why you have chosen the beautiful young man. It still is extremely difficult to know which one is which. I hope you know!” Lots of laughter of course!

“I’m the kind one, the quiet one!” André piped up. Lots of laughter again! They all have seen my brother’s ‘boisterous’ nature!

“Erm … I’m not sure I can fully agree, but you’re a fine young man too, André! Antonio, I hope you’re happy with my son. Give him lots of love and he’ll love you to no end. All my children are lovable, but my son holds a special place in my heart, and it would be easy to find space for you too! Again: welcome at the Morettis and the rest. We’re a very tight-knit family and we love each other very much. This is the one Italian family where you will never hear or see us shouting or fighting. I’m sure I’m the happiest mother and grandmother in Italy. Saluti!”



Cheers, tjorts en amen!” – André, of course!

It was a magical moment and I looked at my darling man’s mom. She was the epitome of style, of finesse and of kindness. Not a single bone of malice in her. She saw I was looking at her and she gave a gentle nod and winked at me. I winked back and smiled. There wasn’t going to be a monster mother-in-law!

“The first pizzas are ready. Armando, please remove them from the oven. Come and get a slice please!” Gabriella said.

“Do we eat here in the kitchen, Nonna?” Piero asked. “It is nice here by the pizza oven, yes Papa?”

“Yes, here in the kitchen, please!” Giancarlo said.

“As I’ve said, we love music and we are having decided an evening of music as soon as we’ve had our pizzas,” Nonna Marena said.

“That sounds wonderful Nonna!” Pierre said. I know my other darling man is besotted with Italian music and the classics of Verdi and the other masters.

“Well then, enjoy the pizza. As you can see there is more to come. Wine, please Fabrizio?” Nonna said and he got up to get us some wine. The sparkling wine was wonderful but a glass of red wine would be nice with the pizza, I thought.


The pizzas were even better than the best we’ve ever had, including Mario’s. These were homemade and one could taste the effort that went into it.

“Nonna, I wonder if zio Mario knows that he has competition! Your pizzas are magic! I’ve forgotten how good your pizzas taste. Thanks Gabriella and everybody else. This is better than any restaurant!” Luigi said and gave his mom a big hug. He was just one of the most beautiful men and so kind. I loved him even more.

“We’re going to miss this Nonna! Luigi, you and Antonio will have to take lessons from Nonna and my Mom! I can’t live without pizza until we’re back here!” Piero said. I looked at him and, apart from the sensational sex he was an exquisite young man. He wasn't even 19, but he had the appearance of a very mature man with good looks that would put him on the front page of GQ in a flash! I wondered what Alexander would’ve said if he could’ve seen this fine specimen!

“I know you’re studying medicine, but my Dad could organise you a spot with Boss Models if you wanted to join Luigi and the twins, as well as the others. Come to think of it: if you agree, I might say ‘yes’ to my Dad too to do some modelling. Come on! What do you say?” Clive said and took the words right out of my mouth. Piero would’ve been a very good model. His good and dark brooding looks, his hairiness, his mouth – everything. He was beautiful.

“I don't not know about modelling … really? I’ve had some of my friends saying things like that, but I don’t have much time between classes, some visits to the gym and my family. Modelling? I don't know. But if it is with you and Antonio, I could give it a try. But let me get my studies and English under control … erm … under way … erm … you know what I mean! Then I will try it. What do you say Mama?” Piero said and looked at Gabriella.

“Studies first mio figlio (my son)! If there were time, one day at a time would be right to do it. Yes, Armando?” Gabriella said.

“Yes, you need to give attention to your studies, my beautiful son!” Armando said and hugged his tall beautiful son. It was clear they were very close and loved each other very much.

“Yes, always Papa! You know that!” Piero said and kissed his dad on the cheek.


After the wonderful pizza, wine and nice company, and the endless jokes – Johann and André had the people in stitches – we all helped to clear the kitchen and get the dishwasher going.

“Fabrizio, Gregorio, Piero – please bring some more wine to the lounge. Let’s get our music going!” Nonna said. “Come with me!” she said to the rest of us. We followed her to the lounge.

The men helped Nonna Marena to move the grand piano in the corner slightly forward. Piero took the cloth cover off the piano.

Then some of the others came back with instrument cases: violins, viola and double bass cases. Wow! We were about to be entertained big time!

Giancarlo brought out a microphone with a long lead to a Mac. He hung the microphone from a stand. He was going to record the little concert! Yay!

Nonna was doing some warming up exercises for the singers: Lorenza, Perlita, Gabriella, Giancarlo, Piero, Luigi and Armando were singing some scales to warm their voices. The sound was incredible … warm, dead on the note, pure and beautiful. I got goose bumps.

Then the violins, viola and double bass were tuned with the help of notes Nonna played on the piano.

Fiorella took a sheaf of papers from the piano and gave each of us a programme! What a lovely girl! And so thoughtful! They have planned this evening properly. I was impressed.

The programme Fiorella typed for the evening:


Marena – pianoforte/piano

Lorenza – soprano

Perlita – mezzosoprano

Gabriella – contralto/alto

Giancarlo – tenore/tenor

Piero – baritone/baritone

Luigi – baritone/baritone

Armando – basso/bass

Fiorella – violino/violin

Mirabel – violino/violin

Fabrizio – viola

Gregorio – contrabasso/double bass



The Entertainer (Nonna)

‘O solo mio

Torna a surriento

Funiculì, Funiculà

La Danza

Raindrop Prelude (Nonna)


Al di Là

Per te

Liebestraum (Nonna)

E piu’ it Penso

Addio mia bella Napoli

Panis Angelicus

We all got a place to sit and then Nonna enthralled us with The Entertainer. She was a distinguished pianist! The notes she played on the Steinway reverberated in the room and we were silent – even Johann and André!

When the last notes died away, I instinctively jumped to my feet and cheered loudly. The other guests all jumped up and joined me. Nonna wasn’t good – she was excellent! Not a fault!

She got up and bowed slightly. What a lady!

Then the whole ‘Von Trapp’ family got up and went to the piano. Fiorella, Mirabel, Fabrizio and Gregorio took up their instruments and got ready.

What followed gave me the shivers: it was pure pleasure, and gave me a tear in the eye. This was an exceptional family. They weren’t just beautiful, they were talented and knew how to play their instruments – even Fiorella was good – and sing! Wow.

When Luigi and Piero sang together in some parts of some of the songs, my heart wanted to burst from my chest with love and pride. Their voices sounded like molten chocolate. I looked at them in awe and admiration, and of course love. They were that good.

When the last angelic sounds of Panis Angelicus died away, we all jumped to our feet and gave a standing ovation. This was exquisite in the extreme. I loved every song, every note and my heart was throbbing with pride and joy. This family only adds value to our group and our own family, I thought. Dad and Mom would just love them.

Then the surprise of the evening: Luigi took Nonna’s place at the piano and entertained us on three beautiful piano pieces: “Clair de lune” by Claude Debussy, “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven and “Rondo alla Turca” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He played all of it from memory – no sheet music whatsoever! I thought we had to get a piano!

Luigi was without doubt one of the most talented men in the room and he was my husband! I wanted to hug and kiss him on the spot, but I didn’t … But I really wanted to!

“My multi-talented son!” Nonna said and one could see she was very proud of Luigi.

The next surprise was when Piero brought his clarinet and played three pieces for the clarinet and the piano. Nonna accompanied him. It was well-known pieces transcribed for clarinet and piano: “La Danza” by Gioachino Rossini, “Il Bacio” by L Arditi and the very beautiful “Barcarolle” by Jacques Offenbach. Wow again! My men were really talented and this Italian family rose in my estimation a hundred fold!

“And bravo to my very talented Mom and son!” Gabriella said and we all gave the two of them a loud applause. Piero smiled angelically and ever so slightly winked at me. Jackal!

The evening was a roaring success and we had lots of fun. The music wasn't common and wasn't second class – it was superb and these people could easily win ‘Italy’s Got Talent’ or any other show. Wow, again!

 “This calls for a drink! I think a cognac or something similar. Perhaps sherry for some of the ladies?” Armando said and glowed with pride when he looked at Gabriella, Piero and Fiorella. I particularly liked Armando’s deep bass voice, giving solid body to the songs.

Armando hugged his tall beautiful son and kissed him on the cheek. It was clear he loved his talented son very much.

We got our drinks and then there were very lively discussions about the little wonderful impromptu concert. Our voices, André’s and mine, were almost baritone, but sheez! These guys were way better than us! I really enjoyed it, and I could tell Pierre and Clive were impressed too. Of course Giovanni, being half Italian, was just as impressed. I watched Johann and Gunther, and Juan and André. Everybody was all smiles.

“Coffee everybody? I have decaffeinated. Yes?” Gregorio asked. All, except Fiorella, asked for coffee. Fiorella got some fruit juice from the kitchen.

It was the perfect ending to a super and perfect day. I was very happy and content. The visit to my husband’s family turned out to be much more than I expected. It was perfect!

After coffee and liqueur, we said goodnight to everybody. I looked at these Italians with new eyes, and Luigi and Piero were my heroes. Their voices melded together so nicely. I was looking forward to the recording of the night’s little concert so I could listen to it again: music by my two special lovers and their families. Giancarlo wasn’t just a lover of note, and a tenor with an angelic voice, he was also adept with a camera and computers. What a family.

When we went up the staircase, Piero and Luigi were on either side of me, their arms around me and I had my arms around their waists.

“Bravo again, my dear lovers! You were spectacular! I’m going to listen to the recording again and again. I’m so impressed! Bravo!” I said and hugged them.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a nice evening and one I’ll also remember. It has been a long time since we’ve had such an evening. Piero, you’re a master at the clarinet! I hope you bring it along on Sunday. I’m not so good at accompaniment as Nonna, but you and I could play some music in Stellenbosch. And if we have time, we could join the university’s music department at their monthly musical evening. Well done nipote!” Luigi said and ruffled Piero’s hair.

“You’re not so bad yourself! Nonna has taught you well. I believe she started teaching you when you were only 4 years old, no? You could’ve made it your career!” Piero said, obviously proud of his uncle.

“Nah! I’m happy being a doctor. It’s not always easy, but I think musicians have a harder time. Pierre, Clive, Giovanni – are you OK? You're very quiet!” Luigi said and turned his head around to look at the three gorgeous men behind us, also arms around each other.

“We’re good. We’re just in awe of you guys. You rocked this place tonight! I’m really hooked! First Berlin – now Florence! You’ll make an aficionado of me yet! I loved the music tonight! You're not just good lovers – you're good at singing, the piano and clarinet!” Pierre said and it was clear he was very impressed.

“You should actually hear this one on a piano too! It’s not just the clarinet. He is just as good on the piano. Piero has it all in buckets!” Luigi said and he too was clearly very proud of his nephew.

When we reached our rooms, we stopped in front of our door and we didn’t know what the arrangements would be for the night. We were a bit tired after a very long day and André and I, and Piero have had some fun before dinner. We decided to make it a simple night. We would all sleep in our own rooms. However, Piero and Giovanni insisted to sleep with us on the two double beds pushed together. Pierre and Clive didn’t even say a word – they just assumed they were going to sleep with us and walked in. Just like that.

We said goodnight to Juan and André, and Gunther and Johann. We went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and to brush our teeth.

In our room it was Luigi and Piero, Giovanni, Pierre and Clive and I. We undressed each other and would you believe: Piero had the hots for me … again! He really was insatiable!

“Listen Ita, we have the biggest cocks here, and you’ve had our boy all of last night. You’ll wait your turn. André has a very sharp knife … so behave!” Pierre said and pulled me to him. Clive was right next to him and so was Giovanni. Oh-oh! Piero was being brought down a notch!

Luigi stepped in and brought the other 3 down a notch too: “Let’s not spoil a wonderful evening. How about I have my husband for myself for a change? Or have you forgotten he’s actually mine? Hmm?” Luigi said and took me in his arms. Oh damn! I loved this man but I also loved the other 4 men! I looked at them and saw they were not happy but there was no malice in their eyes. The only exception was Piero. He was clearly frustrated to be so close to me and still not have me. Poor man!

We got in the shower and while we were soaping up, the men all found an excuse to be close to me and touch me. Luigi allowed it, as he wasn’t a vindictive man. Plus, he loved the others too – not the way I loved them, but he loved them nonetheless.

While we were brushing our teeth, Pierre stood right next to me, his big cock semi-hard and he looked at me in the mirror. He put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me to him. I could see the pure unadulterated love he had for me. Clive stood closer and he too was looking at me with so much love in his eyes. Then Giovanni and Piero approached us and they too were all puppy eyed. Piero was the only one that was a bit pissed off, but he was in the pound seats – so to speak – the previous night. The others didn’t even know of the interlude we’ve had before dinner, so he couldn’t complain too much.

Back in the bedroom, we pushed the two double beds together and got into bed. On the one bed it was Luigi, then me and next to me it was Pierre. On the other bed next to Pierre it was Clive with Giovanni and Piero on the far side. I heard Piero swearing softly under his breath in Italian. Well, he’ll just have to learn to share, I thought.

Luigi took me in his arms and kissed me. He rubbed his nose over mine and looked me in the eye. “Ti amo moltissimo, mio caro (I love you very much, my darling)!” His big cock was semi-hard and it pushed against me. I put my one hand on his chest and with the other one I took hold of his gorgeous beautiful cock. It felt so good in my hand. I looked into his eyes and told him I loved him, without saying a word. He blinked to let me know he understood.

“You are such a talented man! Not just beautiful and sexy, but also clever! And a tenor of note! Plus you play the piano very well. I think we need a piano, don’t you think?” I said and squeezed his cock and rubbed my finger over his nipple.

“I've thought about it but considered it would be a waste as I won't get much time to play, what with you in my life now! Plus a busy practice. But, perhaps we could shop around and see if there are perhaps good second hand pianos. I saw Musikhaus W. Heuer in Stellenbosch. Perhaps we could go and have a look. They might have just the thing we need that is not too expensive. OK? I’d love to play some of the nice music I’ve encountered and of course our beautiful selection of Italian music to you, and if you enjoyed tonight, perhaps sing to you? Piero and I?” Luigi said.

Che cos 'era questo? Ho sentito il mio nome? Ma vedendo che sto spinto di lato, non so quello che hai parlato! (What was that? I heard my name? But seeing that I’m pushed to the side, I don’t know what you’ve been talking about!)” Piero said, obviously still a bit hurt, but he sounded OK.

Tu e io canterò per Antonio! Posso sempre prendere la parte di tenore e il baritono. Potremmo cantare per il nostro uomo cara! (You and I will sing to Antonio! I can always take the tenor part and you the baritone. We could sing to our darling man!)” Luigi said.

“What are you gossiping about? I just hear you're talking about Antonio and tenors and baritones. Argh! All this Italian … sheez!” Pierre piped up.

“Listen, you are actually IN Italy, you know! Let them speak their language. I’m sure if it was something we needed to hear, they’ll translate. Right Luigi? Gio?” Clive said, much to the chagrin of Pierre and to the delight of the Italians (the half-bred too, of course!).

“Yes, we’re just talking about Piero and me singing for our man. Of course, you’d be part of the audience too! Unless tonight was too much for you …” Luigi said and ruffled Pierre’s hair.

“No! Tonight was super! I didn’t know the Italians have so many beautiful pieces of music! Wow! And you guys were a class act. I was really impressed. Don’t you think so too Clive? Weren’t they superb?” Pierre said and hugged his man tight. “Sheez, it’s cold! Come on Pommie, get me warm!”

“I wouldn’t have missed tonight’s little concert for anything. You guys were so pure, so on the note and you guys know how to sing and play the piano and all the violins and things. Really good. What do you say half-bred? It was nice, right?” Clive said and pumped Giovanni in the ribs.

“Ow! I’m ticklish you oaf! Yes, they were superb, but never underestimate the Italians! We’re a force to be reckoned with. I was itching to join you in the singing …” Giovanni said.

“Then why didn’t you sing with us? We could have had another tenor! You buffoon! You should have just joined us! It wasn’t a pure Moretti or d’Antonio affair! No man! I’m disappointed now! Listen to me! I’m just like Johann now! Ma in realtà, Giovanni. Si potrebbe avere aderito Giancarlo. Sono sicuro che sa molto delle parole delle canzoni che cantavamo stasera? (But really, Giovanni. You could have joined Giancarlo. I’m sure you know many of the words of the songs we sang tonight?)” Luigi said and leaned over to ruffle Giovanni’s hair.

“Yes, most of it. Next time, OK?” Giovanni said and squeezed Luigi’s hand. “Thanks for a wonderful evening my good friend! You guys are super people!”

Grazie, amico mio (Thanks, my friend). We enjoy having people here. The family works hard during the year with little time for this. We also enjoyed it. It is always nice to do it with the family. And others if they were not so … erm … shy like you were!” Piero said and hugged the beautiful man. What a beautiful pair of men they were. Perhaps they could get married if I could convince Piero that Luigi was my future husband?

We switched off the light and settled in for a good night’s sleep. It was a long day and the conclusion was like nothing I’ve ever expected. Luigi pushed the hair from my forehead, ran his thumb over my eyebrow and kissed me on the nose. His big cock, still in my hand, twitched. He put his forehead on mine and said very softly: “*I love you so very much! Tonight I sang for you. You make me so proud and to know you’re there for me, makes my heart swell with pride and … you know I love you!*”

“*Luigi, I love you too. Tonight convinced me you’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, plus you’re a multi-talented man. We’re going to grow old together,*” I whispered. I kissed him on the mouth and then I put my head on his hairy chest. I could hear his heart beating and the up-and-down movement of his chest was soothing … My left hand was wrapped over his chest. I’ve let go of his cock but I could feel it against my leg … hard and … yes, it was wet! I wondered how the night would pan out …

Behind me, Pierre pushed his insanely big cock between my legs. I could feel the precum and pushed my butt back ever so slightly. I knew he was going to fuck me, and I was keen that he did. Slut!

With that thought, I must have dozed off …


I woke up during the night with my face turned up to Luigi. His stubble was tickling or rather scratching my nose. I put my arm around his neck and hugged him to me. Oh fuck! This was bliss. My darling man … oh fuck yes! I was expecting it, but yes, Pierre’s huge cock was deep in me! Hmmm! He wasn’t fucking me, but it was twitching and stretching me big time.

He must’ve pushed in me during the night. I was so tired I never felt anything.

Pierre had his left arm over my waist and was gently fondling my cock. Pierre, you’re just like the rest of us: sex-crazed. We couldn’t get enough of sex or each other. And Pierre’s 33cm cock was one of the biggest. He and Clive were the champions amongst the direct members of the group.

I clenched my hole around the huge invasion in me and he groaned. He kissed my neck and pushed his cock deeper into me. Oh fuck! What a way to wake up in the early hours of the morning. But Pierre was a wonderful man and I loved him dearly. He was understandably a bit disturbed about Piero’s presence and him staking off his claim with me too.

“*Ek is lief vir jou my lieflingman! (I love you my darling man!)*,” Pierre said next to my ear. His huge cock was rock-hard and he pushed it even deeper into me. Oh fuck! Since the first day, this man’s cock amazed me, but even more so the man. What’s not to like or love? He was tall, dark and fucking handsome, and hung like a horse.

But Piero … oh fuck! Piero! We were going to have a serious discussion soon I thought. We couldn’t afford that this become ugly. I loved them all, with Luigi at the front of the line, followed by Pierre, Piero, Clive and Giovanni … and Johann and Gunther, and my darling Juan … and my brother! And Dad … But the immediate problem was between Pierre and Piero … shit!

I put my hand on Luigi’s chest and felt his nipple was hard … hmmm! I lowered my hand and yes, his cock was rock-hard and sopping wet.

“*Pierre in you?*” he whispered.

“*Yes …*” I said.

“*I thought so. Well, I’m next please. Too many men standing in line now!*” Luigi said and kissed me on the forehead. I lifted my face to him and he kissed me on the mouth. Ahhh! Still one of the best kissers. And him knowing what I want and like … he was just super … and then I tasted his saliva! He caught on fast! It wasn’t like he spat into my mouth, but he let the saliva flow into my mouth. Fuck!

And his right foot started to caress my feet and shins. I felt Pierre had the same idea and the two men’s feet stroked my shins and feet. I was in foot heaven! I knew what these exquisite feet looked like and I was just groaning with pleasure.

Pierre was pushing his insanely big cock deep into me and made it twitch in me. Oh damn! It was one of the most wonderful things about man-on-man sex: the feeling of a big cock taking possession of one’s rectum, and in Pierre’s case, part of the descending colon, it was that big and long.

After a few twitches, he pulled back slowly, twitching as it retreated from my colon into the rectum … oh fuck! He hugged me close to him, his left hand rubbing over my chest and tummy.

Luigi had my cock in his hand and was kissing me: soft but sensual kisses. His wonderful soft lips enclosed mine and his stubble on mine was fabulous!

“*Ti amo, mio caro!*” Luigi said and let go of my cock. He put his hand behind my neck and his fingers caressed my neck, pulling gently at my hair.

I love you too my big doctor man! You’re so sexy and nice to me. Hmmm!” I said and kissed him again. I got his tongue and some of his spit in return. Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Pierre’s huge cock advanced slowly into me again. I groaned into Luigi’s mouth and grabbed his muscular upper arm and squeezed.

“*Is he hurting you?*” Luigi asked, concern in his whispering voice.

“*No, but it is big! Wow!*” I gasped and groaned.

“*Am I hurting you my darling man? So sorry man! I can’t help this damn thing is so big!” Pierre hissed.

He started to slowly fuck me. Soon it was utter bliss to have his enormous cock in me and I groaned into Luigi’s mouth.

Luigi fumbled in the dark and I heard him retrieving something from the nightstand.

“*Mio caro, I’m going in with Pierre, please! I’ve got some of that fancy lube. Please?*”

“*Yes, of course. Would you be able to get in from this side?*” I asked but knew instinctively he would be able to manage. All Pierre and I had to do was for him to push in, and me to lift my left leg as high as possible. The lube would make Luigi’s cock slick and easy for him to enter me.

Luigi lifted up and sat on his knees in front of me, still on my side. He had lubed up his cock and when he moved forward, I knew beforehand what the sensation would be when the second cock penetrated me … oh fuck!

I lifted my left leg high and Luigi took hold of it, straddling my right leg. I took his cock and aimed it at my hole with Pierre’s enormous cock in there already. Oh damn! I really was a cock hound and a slut!

Luigi pushed forward and the big head pierced my already occupied but stretched hole … I groaned. My godd, this was painful but at the same time, once again, it was phenomenal! The cockhead slipped in and as a cock is slightly flattened from the topside to its underside, I could feel that Pierre’s cock in me forcing Luigi’s cock to be twisted on its axis to fit in underneath Pierre’s cock.

“*Are you OK mio caro? Ahh! This is too wonderful for words! You’re the best lover I’ve ever had!*” Luigi whispered and groaned as his big cock slid in against Pierre’s cock. I was filled to capacity and loved it.

Once his cock was in me, Luigi lowered his body to lie in front of me. I moved my right knee up to give him access to my hole. He pushed deeper into me and then lowered his torso into my waiting arms.

I kissed him hungrily and felt his big cock pushing deeper into me. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! How could something so painful be so wonderful and so pleasurable at the same time? I sucked my husband’s tongue deep into my mouth while I was holding his face in my hands. His lips on mine were so erotic and only made me even hornier!

His big cock slid deeper until his pubic bone pushed against my balls.

Pierre was slowly fucking me and the friction between the two cocks must have been wonderful as both were groaning like men in pain.

“*What is going on here? You’re having sex with our boy right under our noses!*” Clive said, whispering rather loudly and sat up in bed, causing Giovanni to wake up too. Well, we were busy with a double fucking – it could be expected that the other occupants in the bed would wake up!

Piero appeared to be still asleep.

“*What? Really Pierre? You’re in on it now? Giovanni, I think we need to get our own room! This room is fast becoming the room of ill repute! Boertjie, you’re a sex addict! I want to be next with Luigi fucking Antonio! I want to feel his big cock against mine!*” Clive said without missing a beat. The mere thought of the other 33cm cock entering me on top of Luigi’s 29cm, made me twitch and yearn for it to happen.

But Pierre was still in me and I loved my darling man fucking me with Luigi. My boertjie man fucked me with his huge cock and I groaned into Luigi’s mouth. What a way to start the day.

Clive moved up to us and leaned down to kiss Pierre. It was one of those kisses one reads about: lots of lip, lots of tongue and spit. Actually, they were sucking on each other’s lips and tongues, almost devouring each other. One thing was clear, they loved each other big time.

Boertjie, I love you. I can’t imagine being without you ever again. But I want to fuck our boy please! How far are you from cumming? When you pull out, please let me suck you?” Clive said and kissed Pierre again. He had his hand on Pierre’s cheek. The back of his head was pushing against my head and when I turned my head, Clive let go of Pierre’s mouth and kissed me, the same devouring kiss. My, my! They’ve learnt fast after what I told them about Piero’s kissing!

Of course with all the shenanigans, Piero woke up and when he stretched out, he realised what was going on.

“No! No! What are you doing to my boy?!” Piero said clearly agitated.

“Making love to him – what did you think?” Pierre said, a bit annoyed. “Ha! ‘My boy’! Excuse me young man!”

Tutto bene, mio caro? Ti stanno male? (Are you OK, mio caro? Are they hurting you?)” Piero asked and reached over Clive to touch my back.

Non essere così. Non lo sono male! Suona come egli è nel dolore? Hai avuto la tua occasione! (Don’t be like this. They are not hurting him! Does it sound like he is in pain? You’ve had your chance!)” Giovanni said and stretched out. “Boys, do I get a chance as well?”

“Of course, but it’s my turn after this donkey Boertjie has done. Luigi, could Giovanni take your place?” Clive said and kissed Pierre again. He really loved his man. “You and I together!”

“No please! Let Giovanni and I do it together. , mio caro?” Piero interjected.

“OK, then let me get in after Pierre. Come on my man! How far are you?” Clive said and squeezed Pierre’s shoulder.

“All of you, just listen! This is my man and you’re behaving like a pack of street dogs fighting over a bone. Please, take it into consideration that Antonio is the one who has the final say. Mio caro, do you want them all to fuck you?” Luigi said.

“I was only saying …” Clive said, feeling embarrassed. My poor Pommie man. He was such a nice guy. It was clear he was embarrassed and sorry …

“Yes, I want them all to fuck me and pump all their cum into me! Yes, let them all fuck me please!” I said.

“OK then, mio caro. Pierre, you’ve been busy with our boy a while now. How far are you from cumming?” Luigi said, taking charge of the situation.

“I’m on the verge of cumming. Clive wants to fuck our boy in my cum together with you. I’m going to fuck and cum, OK Ant?” Pierre said and put his words into action. He fucked me and I could feel his huge cock was about to erupt and pump his signature load into me. “Pommie, are you ready? My godd! That cock looks angry and ready to pump a huge load into our boy!”

“Yes, I’m ready, if you could just get your act together and vacate my prime spot …” Clive joked.

“All this bickering is making me hornier by the minute. I think I’ll just masturbate or start singing! ‘§O sole mio§’!” Giovanni started with the Neapolitan song. His beautiful sonorous voice was just what we needed to break the tension.

“You’re still my favourite half-bred friend!” Luigi said. “Doesn't he have a beautiful voice? ‘§O sole mio§!”

“Ahhh! That’s just what I needed … ugh! Yes! Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming! Ant, here it comes! Ahhh! Ngghhhnnn!” Pierre said and pushed his cock balls-deep into me, and held still. The shaft swelled rock-hard and then I felt it pulsating while it pumped a huge load into me, coating Luigi’s cockhead in the process.

“Pierre, that feels like a big load!” Luigi said and I could feel his cock was rock-hard too. “Ready for my first load mio caro?” His cock started to twitch and then I could feel he too was pumping an enormous load into me. I was really getting the royal treatment as far as big loads were concerned. The two cocks in me were pulsating and twitching.

Clive moved up next to Pierre and put his hand between Pierre’s groin and my butt.

“Fuck, this feels so erotic! Boertjie, this huge cock is really giving our boy his money’s worth! Hmmm!” Clive’s hand was stroking my butt and was squeezing Pierre and Luigi’s big cocks in me. “And feel the Ita! Wow! Unbelievable that our boy can take this! Ant, are you OK my man?”

“Yes, I’m fine … uhmmm. It feels fantastic but you’re pushing me closer to the point of no return! Slowly!” I said and willed my orgasm away. The two cocks in me felt wonderful and the pulsations were really pushing my buttons.

“Done Boertjie? Please let me in? I’m on the verge of cumming myself! Come on! Pull out! I want to feel my cock in Ant with your cum coating my cock!” Clive said and I heard him kissing Pierre.

If there were ever two guys who fell head over heels in love with each other, it was Pierre and Clive. And the strangest part was: they didn’t fuck each other. Sex between them was limited to kissing, hugging, jacking each other off and sucking. No fucking. But, they loved each other like few other people I’ve seen, other than Luigi and myself and perhaps Dad and Mom.

“Yes, Pommie! Give me time to get off Cloud Nine first, man! Ahhh! I wish I could stay in our boy for hours … this feels wonderful!” Pierre said and kissed my back.

“You do not have hours Boertie! Come on! Let me in please? Or I'm fucking you! Your choice!” Clive said and I felt him moving on the bed towards Pierre’s back.

“If you do that, this love affair is over before it really took off! Don’t you dare! Hold on to your horses, horse-cock man! I’m pulling out. Ant, are you OK? Not too much?” Pierre said and stroked my back.

Clive pushed his hand between Pierre’s groin and my butt and he was caressing the cocks in me, and my butt. Fuck! I wanted to cream on Luigi’s tummy!

“I'm pulling out now, Ant. Before the Pommie really tries to fuck me, and fucking up our love affair! OK?”

“‘§O sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te!§” Piero sang, very pissed off that he had to wait to fuck me, what with a rock-hard cock that reached way beyond his belly button, sopping wet and being horny the way only an 18 year old could be.

“What a morning! Double fucks and an Italian singer to serenade the lovemaking! Way to go Ita!” Clive said. “Come on Boertjie! Let me in please man!” Clive was really horny and really wanted to fuck me.

“Keep your shirt on, so to speak! I’ll vacate our prime spot in a minute! Not your prime spot, I’ll have you know!” Pierre said. “Are you ready Ant? My cockhead is about to pop out … ahhh!” Pierre said as his cock plopped out of my hole. Some of the vast cumload slipped out but there wasn’t much I could do to avoid it. It ended up on Luigi’s balls. My poor man.

Pierre moved out of the way and within seconds I felt Clive’s equally big, and perhaps a tad thicker cock, slipping into me. The magnificent head stretched my hole and when it plopped past the sphincter, both Clive and I groaned.

Luigi kissed me and hugged me to him. He put his mouth next to my ear and said: “*Are you still OK mio caro? Not too much?*”

“*No, I’m OK, thanks! Push in Clive!*” I said and felt the enormous 33cm cock sliding into me, taking Pierre’s place and pushing into the puddle of cum his lover and Luigi pumped into me.

“Ahhh! Boertjie, you and Luigi have really pumped our boy full of cum! I can feel it!” Clive said as he pushed his big cockhead past the inner sphincter into the huge load of cum in me.

“I’ve told you before, Pommie! I’m a boer and we don’t do things half-measure, especially when it comes to certain things like making love. Fucking is definitely one of them and when we cum, we do it properly! We go big or we go home! Learn something today my man! I’m ‘da man’ here!” Pierre said and gave Clive’s butt a playful smack.

“Ow! Is that how you show your love? Hmm Boertjie? By assaulting your sexy man, while I'm making love to our boy? Really?” Clive said with quasi disgust. He loved our tall dark hairy man very much and all of this banter was just in jest.

“Leave the semantics and show us your sexual prowess. I need a mouth to suck my cock. Come on Pommie, fuck and cum. There are two others who are waiting in the wings. Right Ita boys?” Pierre said and settled in at the far end of the bed, watching the sexcapades in front of him. Pierre was multi-orgasmic and I knew he’d give Clive a mouth full of cum if Clive were to suck him.

“Why didn’t you say that in the first place before you assaulted me? Sorry Ant, my man has spoken. I have to finish this and go suck my master’s cock! Ahhh! Yes! Oh yes! Boertjie, your cum is making my cock so hard and I want to shoot my load into Ant! I’m almost there! Hnnngggnnnn! Yes! This is insane!” Clive said as he was pushing deep into me with short deep thrusts.

Giovanni, è quasi il nostro turno! Vuoi che a succhiare un po 'prima scopiamo Antonio? (Giovanni, it’s almost our turn! Do you want me to suck you a bit before we fuck Antonio?” Piero said and I saw out of the corner of my eye how he took Giovanni’s big cock in his hand. “Questo è un bel cazzo, Giovanni! E 'intenzione di essere molto bello scopare Antonio con voi! (This is a very nice cock, Giovanni! It is going to be very nice to fuck Antonio with you!)” Piero said and I saw him starting to jack Giovanni’s nice cock.

Piero, il tuo cazzo è ancora più grande! Ma sì, sarà una bella esperienza a scopare il nostro ragazzo insieme! (Piero, your dick is even bigger! But yes, it is going to be a nice experience to fuck our boy together!)” Giovanni said and took Piero’s rock-hard cock in his hand. “E guardate tutto il precum! Hmmm! Molto bella! (And look at all the precum! Hmmmm! Very nice!)”

Luigi and Clive were fucking me in tandem. Luigi’s second round was about to be shot into me. Clive too was on the verge of cumming. He was a very randy man and I loved his cock in me. Together with Luigi’s cock, it made for a fucking of note. I didn’t know what the Italian boys had in store for me!

“I'm going to cum Ant! Just remember, my cock is going to swell considerably. Together with Luigi’s, it’s going to be a lot! Luigi, are you ready?” Clive said as he fucked me faster. And indeed, his cock was very big! Fuck! How did I manage all the cock in me?

“Yes, I'm also going to cum. I think my nephew and our half-bred are keen to have a turn with our boy. Mio caro, I’m also going to cum. Ahhh! Yes! Here it comes! Clive, cum with me!” Luigi said and pulled me down to kiss me.

When his tongue entered my mouth, I felt his cock starting to twitch in me. Wow … my man was pumping his big load of love juice into me while he was kissing me, holding my face between his hands.

Clive’s huge cock was starting to twitch as well. He shot his signature load into me while he clung to my buttocks. He was howling like a dog in heat. “Ahhhh! Ahh! Hmmmm! Nggghhhhnnnn! Yess! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Yes!”

The two cocks inside me were adding some 50ml or more of wonderful cum into me. Clive’s body was shuddering while his cock was very deep inside me. This was developing into a morning to remember!

I could feel the two men were pumping spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum into me and I had my work cut out for me not to cum with them. I was charged big time, but I wanted to cum with Piero … Oh fuck! I was falling big time for this tall beautiful Italian boy!

“Wow! Phew! This was worth the wait! Thanks Ant! Thanks Luigi! It was an honour to fuck our boy with you! Are you OK Ant? Didn’t we hurt you?” Clive was the perpetual carer of other people. He was such a darling!

“I’m fine thanks! You two have pumped an unholy lot of cum into me! Thanks!” I said and turned my head towards Clive who gladly kissed me. In doing so, his huge cock, starting to go rubbery, pushed deeper into me. Oh fuck! I loved the feeling of this man’s cock in me!

The last two moved closer to take Luigi and Pierre’s places. I could see Piero was as randy as a horse smelling a mare!

Clive sensed it was time to pull out. He gave me one last peck on the lips and squeezed my butt. He started to pull out. That was always the worst part for me: the penetration was the most wonderful part, albeit painful at times. But I hated it when my lovers pulled out. I just didn’t like it at all.

“Are you going to keep the cum inside?” Pierre said as he crawled towards us. He put his hand on my back. “I’ll lick it up if some leaked out!”

Pierre put his one hand on my back and I could feel he had his left hand around Clive’s magnificent cock in me. He was on the ready to lick up whatever was spilled, but it was also an opportunity for him to manhandle his man’s big cock in me.

“Luigi, you do have one fine cock here! Wow! And it was nice to fuck Ant with you! You’re a lover of note!” Pierre said as his hand went down between Luigi’s legs as he was caressing my husband’s cock and balls.

“Why thank you Pierre! It was nice with both of you! Mio caro, are you sure you’re OK?” Luigi asked and touched my cheek.

“Yes, I’m fine thanks mio caro!”

Clive was slowly pulling out and I felt Pierre’s mouth on my butt, licking Clive’s thick cock as it was leaving my hole. In fact, he stuck his tongue out and licked Clive’s cock. He was doing his best to lick and suck the two cocks and my hole.

“Are you ready Boertjie? I’m almost out … ahhh! Oh fuck! Ant, you’re amazing! Ahhhh!” Clive said as his cockhead was about to slip out. Pierre’s mouth was firmly on my hole and the second Clive’s cockhead slipped out, Pierre’s mouth was right there to lick up the cum that flowed out. I was filled to the rafters with cum and it was just logical that some was going to leak out.

I could feel Pierre’s mouth and tongue doing a wonderful job at sucking up all the cum that did leak out. At least my men were not squeamish when it came to cum, even if it were another guy’s cum that leaked from my hole.

Mio caro, I’m pulling out as well. Pierre, do you want to taste some more cum?” Luigi said as his cock was retreating. I lifted off his cock to assist the process. And, true to his word, Pierre’s mouth was at the ready to prevent any spillages of the wonderful stuff that is cum.

And yes, some cum did leak out when Luigi’s cockhead slipped out. The cum ended up right in Pierre’s mouth. He put his mouth over my hole and sucked. Yes, he actually sucked to get some more cum! I relaxed the sphincter and felt how his lips over my hole received the cum flowing out of me. My man!

“Give me some please?” Clive said. Pierre let go of my hole and kissed Clive. It wasn’t just a peck. No, it was a full-blown kiss with tongue and all, and of course cum that was shared between the two of them. Wow!

“Now, let the other two Italians show you wannabes how it’s done! Come! Out of the way ‘boys’! Let Piero and I show you how it’s supposed to be done!” Giovanni said and knelt next to me. He had his left hand on my back and his right hand on my face. Talk about a sensitive and lovable man! This was one of them!

Then Giovanni lied down next to Luigi and I moved over to him, looking at his magnificent cock on his tummy. It stretched way beyond his bellybutton and it was very wet. The veins on the thick shaft made it look beautiful, which it was. Our half-bred had a cock to die for, and it was apt to have such a beautiful cock as he was such a beautiful man.

I bent down and licked the cockshaft. The cock twitched on his tummy and I tasted the wonderful precum leaking from the piss-slit. It literally dripped from him.

While I was on my knees, Piero moved in behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my crack. As always – since I’ve actually met this god-like creature in real life that is my husband’s nephew – he was as randy as a goat. He’d have plugged me on the spot, given half a chance.

However, Piero was first caressing my back, my butt and pushed his cock between my legs, rubbing against my balls and the underside of my cock. His big cock easily pushed beyond the base of my cock. And, of course, it was rock-hard and sopping wet.

I took Giovanni’s big cock in my hand and lifted it off his tummy. It felt wonderful to touch this great cock and feel its girth. The precum dripped from it and when I rubbed the it over the head, it twitched and Giovanni squeezed my hand.

“Please suck me Ant! Oh fuck!” Giovanni said and stroked my face. What a fantastic man this was.

I took his cock in my mouth and tasted the wonderfully sweet juices leaking from it. The big head rested against my palate and on my tongue … it was a big, thick one. The tip of my tongue went into the huge piss-slit and my man groaned. He loved a good blow-job and I loved sucking this beautiful man’s wonderful cock. It curved slightly downwards and yes, it was thick …

I was thinking of it fucking me soon and depositing its huge multiple loads into me … Fuck!

My other hand stroked his incredibly beautiful and hairy body. It felt like soft luxurious silk under my fingers. I gently pinched his nipples and he groaned. I looked up into his extremely beautiful blue eyes, framed by his pitch-black lashes. He was such a hunk!

He had his hands in my hair and pushed his big cock deeper into my mouth. I pretended to yawn and the big head slipped into my throat! Oh fuck! No matter how many times I did that with a man, I loved the feeling of a big cock sliding through my throat opening down into my gullet.

Hey, penso che Giovanni ha ricevuto sufficiente attenzione ora! Mio caro, per favore, succhiare il mio pene troppo! (Hey, I think Giovanni has received enough attention now! Mio caro, please, suck my cock too!)” Piero said but pushed his cockhead into me.

Oh fuck! That was unexpected! I groaned with Giovanni’s cock deep in my mouth.

Sto tirando fuori di nuovo. Ti prego, voglio che tu fai schifo anche a me? (I’m pulling out again. Please, I want you to suck me too?)” Piero said and made his big cock twitch in me. He groaned with pleasure and I hummed with Giovanni’s cock in my mouth and the head down my throat.

Without real intent, I pushed back and Piero’s big cock slipped deeper into me. Oh fuck! Yes, please Piero, I thought. Piero was overtaken with lust and he pushed forward. The huge amount of precum he produced which he spread over my hole made the entry easier but it still was a damn big and thick cock! The big cock sank deeper into me …

I pulled off Giovanni’s big cock and said: “If you want me to suck you, you’d better pull out and let me do it. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Your cock feels wonderful in me! No, push in please! Push deeper please!”

“Ahhh! Yess! Cazzo (Fuck)!” Piero said and put his hands on my lower back as he pushed deeper into me. He had one of the most beautiful cocks and it was big and thick. It was very veiny and the skin could cover the head almost totally when it was hard.

And the huge amount of precum this man produced … wow!

“Yes, please fuck me and cum. I can suck you after that and get your next load in my mouth. Did you understand this my Italian Stallion?” I said and put my one hand back and touched his balls hanging between my legs. They were damn big! I couldn’t enclose them both in one hand.

“Yes, I understand that. My English is not so poor! OK, I fuck you and cum. But I want Giovanni with me. In you. OK?” Piero said as the last of his 30cm cock slipped into me. I groaned. Oh fuck! I loved this man and his big cock!

I took Giovanni’s cock in my hand and looked at it. It really was the perfect beautiful cock. It too was thick and the thought of it in me together with Piero’s thick cock made me gasp inwardly. I really was a cock hound and a slut of note! But, in my defence, I loved them both and they were wonderful guys.

I moved towards Giovanni’s face and traced my tongue over his hairy tummy, over his bellybutton up to his muscular chest. Piero pushed forward. He was in all the way.

Giovanni slipped down on the pillow, sliding in underneath me, presenting his face to kiss him. Ahhh! My half-bred man. There was no doubt in my mind that I loved this man dearly. Our chance meeting on the Underground in London was no mistake. He was meant to come into our lives … into my life!

Giovanni’s beautiful lips touched mine and I sucked his tongue into my mouth. He took my head between his hands and kissed me with gusto.

He let go of me and looked deep into my eyes with his beautiful eyes. “I love you, you know! I love you!”

“Yes, I know! And I love you too! You’re one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever met! Thanks for coming to Italy to be with me … with us!” I said and kissed Giovanni again.

“You got it! I wouldn’t miss this for all the money in the world!” Giovanni said and kissed me once again.

Piero started to fuck me and the big cock pushed all the right buttons. He pulled the big head through the inner sphincter and pushed back into me all the way. This was a first! He pulled out about 10cm of his big cock and then he pushed back into me. Wow! At the rate this man was giving me a fucking, I wasn't going to last long! But neither was he!

“Antonio, I want to cum. OK?” Piero said and made his cock swell and twitch in me. He held on to my hips and pulled his cock back. It slipped back through the internal sphincter and he held the glans just beyond the opening and pushed back through the hindrance again. The big head stretched my inner ring muscle and slipped deep into me again.

Giovanni kissed me and hugged me to him. Our cocks rubbed against each other and our precum made an immense mess on his hairy tummy. His huge amount of precum and my contribution – also not a little, I’ll have you know – matted his silky tummy hair.

I was in cock heaven. One of the most beautiful men was under me and the other beautiful one was fucking me with his huge cock.

“I fucking love you Ant!” Giovanni said with his nose pressed against mine, his beautiful blue eyes looking into mine.

Piero was fast approaching his first orgasm as he was firmly but gently pushing his cock into me and pulling back. He was picking up speed and soon he was groaning and grunting and his hands on my lower back moved to my hips as he pushed his fingers slightly into my flesh.

Sto andando a raggiungere l'orgasmo Antonio! Oh si! Sì! Sto pompaggio mio sperma in voi! Ahhhh! Hmmmmnnnnggghhh! Ahhhhhh! Dio mio! Sì! (I’m going to cum Antonio! Oh yes! Yes! I am pumping my cum into you! Ahhhh! Hmmmmnnnnggghhh! Ahhhhhhh! Oh my god! Yes!)” Piero said and pushed his cock deep into me. He leaned forward and put his hands around my shoulders, clinging to me. He kissed me in the neck and said: “Ti amo così tanto mio caro! (I love you so very much mio caro!)”

We stayed like that for a minute or two: Piero on top of me and me lying on top of Giovanni’s hairy and muscular body. He put his hands on Piero’s shoulders and hugged him to us. “Ho dannatamente bene ti amo anche voi sexy ragazzo italiano! (I damn well love you too you sexy Italian boy!)”

Well, we all loved this spectacularly looking Italian boy! He was one of a kind! I was thinking he was still young but he will get there and will learn to love me and share me with the others.

“OK, now for the fireworks! Gentlemen and Gentlemen! Let Piero and I show how it’s done!” Giovanni said and said to Piero: “Estrarre lentamente e mi lascia in prima. Poi si spinge in. Capisci? (Pull out slowly and let me in first. Then you push in. OK?)” Giovanni said and took his cock to push it in the upright.

Piero slowly pulled out and when the big head approached my sphincter, I wondered if some of the loads in me would spill out … and some did. I didn't worry about it too much … and then Piero did what I suspected he’d do: he put his mouth over my hole and licked the cum leaking out. A cum hound like me! He kissed my hole again and at the same time he lubed me up for Giovanni’s cock.

Next to us Luigi and Pierre were watching us, playing with their not-so-soft cocks. I noticed Luigi had his hand on Pierre’s thigh. He was going to give my beautiful man a handjob! I was sure Pierre was going to reciprocate and even give Luigi a blowjob. That would be nice, I thought.

I positioned my hole over Giovanni’s big cock pointing up. It was sopping wet with precum. I felt Piero’s hand taking Giovanni’s cock to aim it at my hole. The Italian Stallion was very adept at this. One would swear he had done that a hundred times before.

I sat down on the big cockhead and groaned … Fuck, it was a damn big and thick cock! And to think Piero’s huge thick cock was going to enter me as well!

Giovanni’s cockhead slipped into me and I stopped the descent on his cock. I felt Piero’s hands on my butt and touching my hole with Giovanni’s cockhead in me. He pushed a finger in and I gasped. Damn! He had big fingers, but his cock was much bigger and was going to follow soon.

And no sooner was I thinking it than I felt movement behind me, and Piero’s finger exiting my hole. Ahhhh! Here it comes!

Piero always produces an excessive amount of precum, much more than enough to penetrate me. He put his cockhead on my hole while Giovanni’s cock was passing over my prostate. He pushed forward and the huge cockhead stretched me something awful … I groaned.

I pushed out and immediately the huge cockhead plopped into me and I groaned even louder.

Piero, lentamente! (Piero, slowly!)” Luigi said and Piero held still. I pushed out again and felt the pain subsiding … I’ve been fucked by many men, some of whom had damn big dicks, but Giovanni and Piero’s big, thick cocks were a different story. They were big and I was sure that together they were surely a record of sorts.

“Pee-AIR, let’s add our precum to Piero’s shaft. Come!” Luigi said and got onto his knees next to us.

“Yes, let’s do that!” Pierre said and moved to our other side. I felt their hands on my butt and their cocks against my hole as they deposited their precum on Piero’s cock to ease his cock’s entry into my hole.

Piero pulled his cock back a bit and then into me again. This time he pushed in deeper until he reached the inner sphincter. He hesitated but because Giovanni’s cock had passed through the obstacle already, he just pushed in and then I felt his huge balls on my butt. He literally was balls-deep in me.


I heard some kissing and some groaning and when I looked at Pierre still on his knees next to me, I saw that he and Luigi were kissing each other! Well, well! That was an interesting development!

I noticed Clive was also on his knees next to us. He leaned forward and I heard him kissing Piero. What a tangled web we weaved!

Piero and Giovanni came through on their promise and gave me a fucking of note. Not only did their big cocks give me a proper fucking, they were attentive and loving.

All four men were kneeling behind me and next to us, had their hands on each other as well as on me, caressing my body. Giovanni was kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

I noticed the four men were jacking each other … wow!

I was charged big time and just when I thought I could hold out no longer, Giovanni started growling and I felt his big cock getting harder. He fucked me with some urgency and with deeper thrusts.

Piero followed suit and within a minute the two were starting to cum. My men were fucking me good. The big cocks in me were twitching and the two men were groaning and Giovanni even put in a few unfamiliar swearwords. Irish perhaps?

When Giovanni and Piero shot their loads, it pushed me over the edge and I shot my load all over Giovanni’s hairy body. I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Without touching myself, I just sprayed my cum onto the gorgeous half-bred’s tummy and chest.

I heard the other men groaning too and then I felt them moving closer. Next thing, I felt them right next to us. Luigi moved to Giovanni’s head and held his cock for me to suck. I gladly accepted it and then my man rewarded me with a huge load of cum, squirted into my mouth.

The other two were jacking their cocks and then one after the other squirted their loads on Giovanni’s body – lots of it! Pierre was swearing like a banshee and Clive started to laugh. He found the swearword ‘fok’ – the Afrikaans version of ‘fuck’ – very funny.

Fok! This is insane! Jy sal nog my dood veroorsaak, Ant (You’ll be the death of me still, Ant!)” Pierre said and ruffled my hair.

I put my hands out and got lots of cum all over them. It was like trying to stop the water from a tap with a sieve. I took Clive and Pierre’s big 33cm cocks and squeezed them.

Luigi still held his cock in my mouth while Giovanni sucked his balls.

Again, what a tangled web we weaved!

We remained like that for about a bit. I heard Pierre and Clive kissing each other. I let go of Luigi’s cock and raised my body to kiss my man. Luigi was elated when I offered him some of his cum and he greedily sucked it from my mouth.

Just then the door opened and André walked in, followed by Juan. When my brother saw what was happening on the bed, he gasped audibly, and in mock shock, he said: “Baby bro! Didn’t your Dad teach you to share with your brother! Your elder brother, I might add! Wow! What an entanglement! Look at all the cum on Giovanni! Wow!”

“Yeah, you're just jealous! Juan, you need to take some pointers here and keep your man busy during the night!” Pierre said.

“There is nothing wrong with our love life! It’s you we’re worried about. Sheez Donkey Dick man, how do you stay awake during the day? And now I know why you drink so much water and fruit juice, otherwise you’d have been dehydrated by now! Baby bro, sheez man!” André said and next thing he was on the bed next to Clive with his hand on Giovanni’s cum-drenched tummy. Just another cum hound! My brother!

Before I could say anything, he kissed me. And, it wasn’t a brotherly kiss. No, it was a full-blown kiss, tongue and all. Fuck! We did weave an entangled web!

“Now, now! Come on, this is all very happy and I know my darling boy is a happy chappy, but we’re here to see if you’re awake so we could go down for coffee, but we have our answer. Come on André, let’s go and let them finish and get ready. We’ve already showered and … erm … you know … Come on André!” Juan said.

Just then Johann and Gunther arrived and Johann gasped.

“No, you didn’t! Our boy! Anton, are you OK? Just look at that! Look at the size of the two dicks in our boy! Wow! Now don't you get any ideas Jerry! Yours is plenty, thank you very much!”

Mein Gott! Mein Schatz, bist du OK? (My godd! My darling, are you OK?)” Gunther managed to say as he was looking at Giovanni and Piero’s big rubbery cocks in me. Piero was pulling out his cock slowly. Argh! I hated that but that was part of a fuck. It has to end some time or another.

“Come on Jerry! Before we get drawn into something we can’t finish! Sheez! Just feel my cock! Harder than usual! Come, I’m dying for that coffee! Wait up Juan!” Johann said and groped his crotch. It was clear he sported a boner.

The door closed behind the 4 men and a moment’s silence hung over the 6 of us.

“Well, I guess we have to get showered and get ready. My sisters and Mom have organised a long day in the country for us. Mio caro, are you OK?” Luigi asked and touched my cheek.

“Yes, with two such huge cocks in him, I hope he’s OK. Are you, Ant?” Pierre asked. He was one to speak! He and Clive have double-fucked me a couple of times already and he was never worried about my well being then!

“I’m sure he is OK. Did you enjoy this Ant? It was quite the orgy this morning!” Clive put in his 5 cents’ worth of wisdom.

“You should know he’s OK! It was the Italians who really made love to him! We’re no yobbas or tramps. We know how to make love, not so Piero? Hmmm! What a pleasure it was to feel you thick cock against mine inside our boy! I could jack you off any time!” Giovanni said and pulled me down to kiss him again.

“I want a kiss too and I’m sure the Pommie too, right Clive?” Pierre said and kissed his beau.

“Of course I want to kiss this darling boy. No, not you Piero but you may get a kiss if you wanted …? Yes?” Clive put in and ruffled Piero’s hair.


The banter continued while we were still in bed. Eventually Giovanni pulled his cock out of me too and I knew I really was filled to the brim with cum. I excused myself to get to the toilet before they came in to shower.

I sat down on the toilet and squirted at least 100 ml or more cum into the water. What a waste but there was no chance in hell I could’ve walked around with all that cum in me all day.

Then we all got into the shower and there were hands and cocks everywhere. Kisses, gropes, hugs, caresses … It wasn’t long before we were all hard again! But Luigi cracked the whip and we behaved. The only one who really tried his luck to plug me again, was Piero, but by then we knew this man had a libido to match his IQ!

We brushed teeth, brushed our hair, applied creams and skin products standing next to each other in front of the huge mirror.

“Thanks guys! You've made this a memorable affair. I love you all, some more than others … yes, Piero, of course I love you too!” I said and ruffled his hair.

He pulled me close to him, looked into my eyes with his incredibly beautiful big brown eyes. He gently kissed me with one hand behind my head and the other on the small of my back. Of course his big rubbery cock pushed between my legs under my balls. That was Piero for you.

Ti amo molto mio caro. Non solo il sesso, ma ho davvero innamorato di te. Grazie per avermi fatto nella tua vita! Io non vi deluderà. (I love you very much mio caro. Not just the sex, but I have really fallen in love with you. Thank you for letting me into your life! I will never disappoint you.)” Piero said and rubbed his nose over mine.

Fuck, what was not to love about this gorgeous god-like creature?

“I love you too Piero. It is going to be marvellous to have you living with us,” I said and caressed his hairy muscular chest.

“Lovebirds, you’ve had your time in bed! Come on, I’m dying for coffee. Let’s get dressed and go down. I’m sure Nonna and the ladies are all busy with our breakfast by now and here we have to listen to non-stop declarations of love! We all love you Piero but let go of Ant for a change! Come, it’s cold and we still have to make the beds,” Pierre said and hugged Piero from behind, his insanely big cock pushing between Piero’s butt cheeks.

“Thanks Pierre, but don’t get any ideas. That anaconda is not going into me!” Piero said and turned to include Pierre into the embrace.

Clive stepped up, with Giovanni as well and it became a 5-way hugging and kissing. I looked up and saw Luigi standing there with a towel over his shoulder, smiling at us. I winked him closer but he just smiled. He was a patient man and knew he’d get his hug and kiss.

Which he did. While the others went into the bedroom to fix the beds, my beautiful man with the beautiful face, sexy body and wonderful feet took me in his arms and said next to my ear: “Happy mio caro? Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes it was wonderful, thanks. Thanks for letting it happen. You know that I love you most of all,” I said and kissed him.

“Yes, I know. If I wasn’t sure, I’d never have allowed them to fuck you. Oh and I have to compliment you on your Italian. You’re fast becoming a worthy Italiano! I’m very proud of you and I think you know Nonna and my sisters as well as the husbands love you already?” Luigi said. I felt his big cock pushing against me. “And just feel what you’re doing to me … again!” He laughed and kissed me.


Breakfast was very nice with Italian breads, Parma ham, and different jams and cheeses. Oh, and there was yoghurt and of course Gregorio’s wonderful coffee.

Gabriella gave us a few pages with the day’s programme. It was going to be a day in the countryside of Tuscany. We were on our way to Pisa and Bologna, and then on to Milan. Wow!

= To be continued =



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