We retrieved some toiletries and lube - and poppers! - and joined the guys in the cottage.

The throng of men included us, the sextuplets, Herman and Johan, Pieter and Claude, Werner and Lukas, Mario and Chris, and Morné - 15 strong! My godd! I'd be fucked into next week if I were to get fucked by all 14 of them! But, bring it on, I thought! If Luigi was game, I was game! When would I be getting engaged again, and when would I have 14 guys lined up who wanted to fuck me?

I thought of Herman's huge cock, Mario's impressive cock, Morné's and Chris's huge ones and then the biggies of Gunther, Luigi, Juan, Johann, Pieter and Claude and the big ones of Werner and Lukas. My godd! Put together, there was 360cm of cock amongst the 14 of them! Ouch! But, as a baby I was strong and healthy, so bring it on!

In the cottage, the prospective bottoms - André and I, Johan, Lukas and Chris went into the bathroom and prepared. We took turns and went into the separate toilet to take a dump, and then douched in the en suite bathroom. Before long, I was squeaky clean. I stood up and took some of the lube and pushed it into my hole to get myself slicked up.

I was enthralled with Chris's cock - I couldn't keep my eyes off it. It was at least 23cm long and was definitely no longer completely soft! It was thick, uncut and he had big balls! His body was covered in dark blonde hair.

Chris noticed I was staring at his cock while I was pushing some lube into my hole. I was crouched down with my eyes at the level of his big dangling cock. I salivated at this beauty and wished I could suck it right there.

"Suck him baby bro! It's a nice big one!" André suggested. Chris stepped towards me and held his big cock for me to suck. I took the rubbery cock into my mouth and swallowed the huge head. It was fast becoming hard and it filled my mouth and throat ... ahhh! It tasted so good.

Soon he was rock-hard and I pulled back so the head was in my mouth. Hmmm! The precum tasted good! Wow!

"Do you want to fuck my baby bro while we wait for the others to douche?" André asked bluntly and squeezed Chris's arm.

"May I? I mean, would it be OK? I'd love to! Mario wouldn't allow me to fuck him and I miss it. He fucks me but I love to fuck too. Oh fuck, yes! Yes! Please!" Chris gushed.

"Baby bro, bend over so Chris could fuck you. Come on - don't be a wuss! Here Chris, let me put some of the lube on your cock! My godd! It's big! Why the hell does everybody always have to have a bigger cock than me? Sheez! How big is this garlic polony?" André asked.

"It's just over 30cm ... will you be able to handle it ... Anton, is it?" Chris asked.

"Yes, it's Anton and yes, I'd be able to handle it. Push in ... please?"

Lukas was on the toilet busy to douche, and was sucking Johan's big cock.

I bent over and took André's cock in my mouth. Chris aimed his cock at my hole and pushed in. He didn't wait for the head to slip in - he just pushed in! The man was out of practice!

"Slowly, please! You do have a big one, you know! Slowly please!" I exclaimed.

"Oh fuck! Sorry! I've forgotten to take it slow - sorry man!" Chris stopped advancing into me and held still.

"And what the hell is going in here? Chris, you jackal! Were you that randy? Come, pull out! We can continue in the bedroom! Come!" Juan cracked the whip. He was the alpha male after all!

Chris held onto my hips and pushed in until he was in balls-deep. "Just a second please? I'll pull out now ... just a second please?" Chris pleaded.

"OK, but once you're done, get your butts in the bedroom - there are 10 big cocks that want to fuck you! Come my darling! Luigi wants to be first. And then me ..." Juan put in.

"Excuse me! What happened to the rights of the first-born brother? I am the elder brother here and I ..."

"Oh puh-lease! Yes, you 'have rights'! We know! But tonight I'm the master and you listen! OK? OK!" Juan said and took a light swipe at André's head. He caught Juan's hand and the two got entangled in an embrace.

Chris pulled out a bit and fucked me a few thrusts and groaned. "I don't want to pull out now already! Fuck! It feels too good! Ahhh!"

"Come on Chris! Enough! Pull out and come!" Juan said and gave Chris's buttocks a friendly smack.

Chris groaned again and started to pull out of me. I also enjoyed the big cock but Juan was right.

By then everybody has douched and we piled into the bedroom.

Most of the guys were standing around with hard-ons, jacking off either by themselves or with another guy or two.

Morné was standing by the window, still with his underpants on. I walked up to him and gave him a hug - I didn't kiss him: I didn't know what Luigi would've made of that - and palmed his way-beyond semi. It was in that glorious state of being big but rubbery. The tip was wet already. I put my hand in his underpants and squeezed the huge cock. He groaned and put his head on my shoulder, hugging me. He pushed his crotch into me ... oh fuck!

Luigi came to join us.

"You still strange and bashful? Don't be. We're used to this and you will enjoy it. Mio caro, give him a blowjob. Yes, do it. I'd love you to enjoy it, ... erm ... Morné isn't it? Yes, the 'baby bro' will make you feel good soon."

My darling man didn't know that's exactly what I've already done in the gym! Slut!

"Phew! That's a big one! I think it's bigger than mine! Let's compare!  Mio caro, check if it is bigger," Luigi said as he put his hard, wet cock next to Morné's cock.

"Yes, mio caro - it is about a centimetre longer than yours and perhaps a bit thicker too. The head is fatter and his piss-slit is immensely big. Yes, he beats you my love!"

"I should kill you for that! You'll make my darling want your cock more than mine ... poor me!" Luigi joked.

I held the two big cocks next to each other and marvelled at the two huge cocks next together. The two together were enormous! The precum running out of them made a mess in each other's crotches. Morné put his hand out and held on to Luigi's shoulder. Luigi pulled him in and gave him a big hug. Morné kissed Luigi on his cheek, but Luigi turned his head and kissed him on the mouth. Hmmmm? Yes?

"Welcome and enjoy the ride! My darling is a delight! You'll love fucking him! But, I'm first. I have multiple orgasms and you may be second as you're a new guest. OK mio caro?"

Luigi moved in behind me and put his hard cock in the crack of my buttocks. Ahhh! He faux fucked between my buttocks and smeared the precum over my hole and crack.

I bent down to lick the precum off Morné's big cockhead. It tasted good. I opened my mouth and let the big head in my mouth ... again ... it felt good again.

With Morné's big cockhead in my mouth, I felt Luigi's cockhead slowly entering me ... ahhh! It was such a big and nice cock! I pushed back a little and the cockhead slid deeper into me. Ahhhh!

I had Morné's cock deep in my mouth. He had his hands on my head and was groaning big time.

Behind me Luigi's cock was now halfway in me. I clamped down and he twitched his cock. Ahhh! It felt so good.

Morné's cock tasted good and it leaked lots of precum in my mouth.

I heard the groans of others in the room but couldn't see what they were doing.

Luigi's cock was now balls-deep in me ... oh fuck! He started fucking me slowly. I was in heaven!

"Morné, do you want to put your cock in him for a minute?" Luigi asked.

"Fuck! Yes! Please! Yes?" Morné gushed. He pulled his cock from my mouth and Luigi pulled out slowly. They spun me around and Luigi stepped up to Morné to give him some of his immense load of precum leaking from his piss-slit.

Morné put his cock on my hole that was still wet. He stepped aside and I felt Luigi adding his cock to give more precum for Morné to enter me. Luigi had his cock in his hand and was pushing the head slightly into me, lubing me up with his precum again. He stepped aside and let Morné put his cock on my hole. I was very wet now and felt the huge cockhead pushing in, stretching me and sliding in. Luigi kept his cock on the side of Morné's cock and added precum while the other big cock was sliding into me.

I gasped. The big cock was an experience, again! It slid into me and stretched me big time.

I felt a finger probing my hole with Morné's cock in me. It was Luigi! My godd! What did he have in mind?

Luigi had obviously put some of his huge amount of precum on his finger and pushed his finger in my hole on top of Morné's big cock! I gasped! Oh fuck!

"OK, mio caro? I want to loosen you up big time. I want to fuck you with Morné! OK? Think you can handle us both? Hmmm?"

"Oh fuck! You're both very big, mio caro! I don't know ... but we could try ... Ahhh!" A second finger was entering me ... fuck! It was a lot but it was nice too!

"Morné, pull out please. Let's get on the bed. Come sit on my cock mio caro. Then you push in too. There is more lube on the nightstand. Come," Luigi said and led the way to the bed.

Mario was already fucking Chris while Werner's big cock was in Lukas's ass. Next to the bed Pieter had his cock in Claude and Juan was plugging André. Gunther, Johann, Herman and Johan were playing with each other's cocks. Herman had a 'bedonnerde' look on his face. He was pissed off that Morné was allowed to fuck me and he was pushed aside. I hope Luigi would thaw towards the Gentle Giant.

['Bedonnerde' = Afrikaans word, considered by some as swearing, but most see it as a slightly derogatory expression, meaning the person is pissed off big time, perturbed in a bad way]

Luigi lied down on his back and I positioned myself over his cock. I took the lube and put some on his cock and my hole. I handed the lube to Morné who was sitting behind me between Luigi's legs.

I sat down and felt Luigi's 29cm cock sliding slowly into me. It felt good once again. The cock was in me halfway when I felt Morné putting his cock on my hole and pushed in ...

Oh fuck! This was going to be epic ... fuck!

The second cock in me was starting to stretch me and the head slipped out, over the top of my crack. Morné put his cock on my hole again and pushed it down with his fingers. He pushed in and ahhh! Oh fuck! Yes, it went in ... it was an enormous cock and my hole was stretched tremendously!

Morné held his cock still and twitched his cock. Ahhh! My godd! It was immense! He pulled out again totally and gave me a second to regroup. He put his cock on my hole again and pushed in. The huge head slipped in and he held still ... fuck!

I felt the big cock stretching me and then he pushed his cock into me. It slid in slowly and I groaned. This was huge ... fuck! These two cocks were enormous and both were in me!

Then the second cock was deep in me on top of Luigi's cock.

"Morné, I will cum quickly but I don't want you to cum now. Let me cum first and while we're fucking Anton, I want you to fuck him too and cum with me the second round. OK?" Luigi informed Morné of the fuck plan.

Luigi started to fuck me and with the extra stimulation of the other cock rubbing against his cock, he soon started to gasp. His breathing was deep and fast. He was about to shoot his first load into me ... oh fuck! The first of many cumloads this evening, I thought.

Luigi's cock started to spasm and twitch in me as he pumped his big 9-spurt load into me. Morné was gasping when he felt the other cock spasming on his own cock. He was on the verge of cumming. Remembering the previous time he shot his load in me, I was hoping it would be a 13-spurt load again. He came a lot!

Luigi and Morné were now fucking me in tandem. Their cocks were pistoning in and out me and I groaned. This was incredible. Luigi's cock was scraping over my prostate and it caused some precum and cum to leak from my cock on top of Luigi's hairy tummy. Oh fuck! What an experience!

"I can't hold out longer! I'm going to shoot my load! I'm going to cu-u-u-u-ummm! Oh fuck yeah! Here it comes! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Hnnnggghhhnnn!" Morné gasped and groaned and his big cock started to swell and twitch as it shot its big load into me. It could easily have been 13 or more spurts.

Soon after Morné was starting to cum, Luigi shot his second load into me. It was around 8 spurts. His cock was spasming against Morné's cock as the two cocks swelled and twitched in my hole. Ahhhh! Oh fuck!

Morné collapsed on my back and clung on for dear life. "I'm spent! My godd! This was incredible! Thanks boys! Oh fuck! I could do this every day!"

"If you're ready later, we could do it again tonight!" Luigi said! Mio caro! What are you saying?

"Morné, please pull out now if you don't mind? OK? Thanks!"

Morné lifted off me and started to pull his huge cock from my hole. When the big head slipped out, some of the copious loads the two shot in me slipped out. My hole was sopping wet.

"I want to try something, OK mio caro? If it doesn't work, we stop immediately. OK? Trust me, per favore?"

"Yes, OK. I trust you."

"Herman, would you like to join us please?" Luigi said. My eyes popped! What?! Luigi? What?

"What do you want to do? A double with Herman? No! It's impossible! I can't take him with any other cock! It's too big!" I protested.

"You can, you'll see. Just relax and enjoy the ride, mio caro! Herman, come please?"

"What's it Luigi?" Herman asked with a clouded face as he moved closer to us.

"Do you want to fuck the 'baby bro'?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, of course! Why now?" Herman asked.

"Because I'm asking you to. Anton will like it and I want him to experience it. Lube up thoroughly and push in. Use enough lube and be careful. OK mio caro? You OK with it?" Luigi said.

"Oh fuck! I don't know my darling! Herman's cock is huge! I'm scared ... But OK, let's try it. If some guys can take a fist, I'm sure I can take your two cocks. Just slowly please!"

I looked at Herman's huge cock and my eyes bulged. Both of them in me? I doubt it would even be possible. Then I remembered the one time Juan was the third who pushed his cock into me ... albeit for only a few seconds, I could manage it and it was actually a personal best and it was memorable. Herman's cock was rock-hard and when he put the lube on his cock, I gasped. I realised that big dong too was going to be pushed into me. What was Luigi thinking? My godd!

Some of the others gathered around us to see this spectacle. Nobody believed it would be possible for me to handle both the huge cocks in me. I took a deep breath ...

Herman sat on his knees between Luigi's legs and moved forward pointing his thick 33cm cock at my hole. When it touched my hole, I cringed ... oh fuck! Oh my godd! I'm going to be ripped to pieces, I thought.

Herman leaned forward and said behind my head: "Don't worry 'baby bro', I'll be gentle and caring. I don't want to hurt you. Just relax and enjoy the ride. OK?"

"Yes, OK. But slowly and push in, pull out, push in, pull out - many times to get my hole used to your huge cock. Oh fuck!" I said and worried ...

"Don't worry, I will. You've already had Morné's cock with Luigi in you just now, so you should be OK. I'm not that much bigger. Just relax, OK?" Herman said and put his left hand on my butt. He leaned forward again and pushed his huge cockhead on my hole ... he maintained the pressure and the head entered me. I gasped! Oh fuck! Herman pulled out and I clamped down.

"Slowly, Herman! Don't hurt mio caro!" Luigi gave instructions.

Herman pushed in again, and his cockhead pushed in a little deeper. I groaned. Herman pulled out again. He pushed in and this time the whole huge cockhead slipped in! I gasped! My fuck! Oh my fuck! Herman pulled out again and pushed his cock back in immediately. He held the big cockhead still inside me and I clamped down on the huge invasion. Ahhh! I pushed out and clamped down. It was feeling better.

But then Herman made his cock twitch and swell! Oh my godd! "Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck! Hnnngghhhhnnn!" I moaned. Herman held still and I clamped down on the two cocks in me. When I relaxed and pushed out, Herman pushed in deeper and all of a sudden it was OK!

"Ahhhh! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Oh godd! Fuck me!" I enthused.

Herman pushed in at a steady speed and as the huge cock entered me, he had his hands on my back, on my buttocks. Soon I felt his hairy legs pushing against the back of my legs. His huge balls hung on mine ... he was in!

"How are you doing mio caro? You OK? Not too much? Must he pull out?" Luigi asked and stroked my cheek.

"No, it's fine! It's just a hell of a big! But I'm OK. You can fuck me now!" I said and leaned down for a kiss. Luigi's mouth was on me and gave me a hungry kiss. It was as if he was consumed with love and lust. He lightly bit my lip and sucked my tongue deep into his mouth.

"Your saliva tastes so good! I want to drink in all of you!" Luigi gushed.

"I love you so much my Italian Stallion! Oh godd! Fuck me!" I said.

"Herman, we don't have all night. How randy are you? I'm going to start fucking Anton and will cum soon. Could you cum with me please? Are you OK with that?" Luigi asked.

"Yes," Herman and I answered. I suppose the question was for Herman.

Herman picked up speed and I groaned. His huge cock on top of Luigi's big cock was filling me to capacity, and it felt good. Luigi's cock was pushed against my prostate and I gasped. Oh fuck!

"Herman, I'm getting close! How far are you? You close to cumming?" Luigi asked gasping.

"I'm very close ... hmmm! Ahhhh! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yeaaahh! Oh godd! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! Yes! Hhhnnnnngghhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!" Herman groaned and I felt his huge cock in me twitch and pulse as it shot its huge load into me.

Luigi too was cumming and shot his third round for the night into me.

"Herman keep your cock in Anton. I want to cum another round ... ahhhh!" Luigi said and fucked me. Within 20 seconds he groaned again and shot his fourth volley of cum into me. His cock was pulsating in me and made Herman groan. His cock was still very rubbery and twitched some more. Herman was collapsed on my back and was kissing my neck.

"Oh mio caro! That was awesome! Herman, satisfied? You OK now?" Luigi asked, touching Herman's face.

"Oh fuck yes! Thanks Luigi! But, are you OK, Anton? Didn't we hurt you?"

"No, I'm fine! Thanks guys!" I said. My cock was rock-hard and leaking lots of precum. I was so close to cumming, but there were many others who might still want to fuck me!

Herman pulled out and when the huge cockhead slipped out, so did a fair amount of cum which ended on Luigi's balls.

"Enough of these shenanigans without me! I'm the brother ..." André complained and stepped closer.

"Yes, we know! Well then, come and push in André! You still OK mio caro? I have one more load for you if it's OK with you?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, it would be perfect! I'd love to have another round with André! Come bro! Give it to me!" I said and pushed back for André to get in. Oh fuck! This was really becoming an orgy of note! Only Dad was missing! How I wished Dad could fuck me with Luigi again, but it was out of the question.

André put his lubed cock on my hole and pushed in on top of Luigi's cock.

"Baby bro, I'm super charged after that big ogre sucked my cock like he's never sucked cock before, and fucked me! I'm going to cum quickly! Sheez! There is a lot of cum in you! Some is running out of you! Lekker!" André said as he pushed his hard cock into me. Ahhh! My darling lover and my darling brother! Could it get any better than this? Hmmmm! I was in for a surprise ...

André was true to his word and within 2 minutes - I don't know - he was growling and groaning and he shot his load, while Luigi was shooting his fifth load for the evening. My man!

"Oh my godd! Baby bro! You'll kill me! Oh fuck! Ita, it feels fantastic to have my cock on your huge Italian salami! Sheez, man! It was great! Ahhhh!" André gushed.

"To use André's now infamous slogan, 'I'm the alpha male, and I have rights!' Out, you delinquent! My turn! Luigi, you still good to go for another round?" Juan put in.

"No! Oh damn no! I need a breather! Mio caro, are you still OK? Could you take more?" Luigi asked.

"I'm fine thanks my darling. I'll say when it is too much," I said and felt André's cock being pulled from me. My godd! I was full of cum! With Luigi's 5 loads, Morné's one big shot, Herman's one huge shot and André's signature big load, I must have had at least 120ml of cum in me already! Ahhh!

"I'm pulling out for now, OK? But later on I want some more please mio caro?" Luigi pulled out and I lifted off his magnificent cock. Once again I managed to keep the almighty load of cum in my hole. "Clench, mio caro! There is a lot of cum in you! It's almost out! Clench!" and the big cock was out.

Juan was lying on his back next to Luigi and I moved over to him. Pieter moved into Luigi's space and was on his back. Claude moved in over Pieter and they were kissing like mad.

Juan took me in his arms and kissed me. When he came up for air, he whispered in my ear: "My darling, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me and the glue that holds us all together! I have another 30ml to pump into you! Want it?" Juan said.

"Yes, I love you too and yes, I want it please!"

I lifted myself over Juan's cock and lowered my buttocks so the huge cockhead was under my hole. Lukas was holding Juan's cock in the upright and soon the big head was entering me. Ahhh!

"Fuck, you're so slick inside! It feels wonderful. Ahhh!" Juan gushed as I lowered myself on his cock. Like every time with Juan, it was wonderful and his cock was a delight.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that delinquent had me on the verge of cumming just now. So, I'm sorry but I'm going to cum soon, OK?" Juan said and as his cock slid into me, he was fucking me with short strokes. Oh fuck! He was a master!

When his cock was in me all the way, Juan immediately let fly and fucked me. He groaned like a wounded animal.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum my darling! Ahhhh! Here it cummmssss! Oh fuck! Hnnggghhhhnnnnnngggg! Oh dear godd! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Juan exclaimed as he shot his plentiful load into me.

While his cock was spasming in me, Lukas pushed his 22cm cock into me and started to fuck me with fervour. He didn't ask - he just jumped in! My man! Cocky and assertive! It was clear Johann was his boss!

Lukas also didn't last long. He groaned, as it was a new experience to feel his cock in somebody with another cock there already. Soon he was moaning and his cock started to pulse and twitch. He was shooting his copious load - he was bragging about that all along! - into me. He collapsed on me and I felt his cock going soft and slipping out. It wasn't in the same category as the 28cm of Juan and the big cocks of the others but still nice!

Lukas pulled out and more cum slipped out, onto Juan's balls! Shit!

"My darling, I think your hole is filled to capacity. I think it's time to vacuum your asshole! Want to taste some of the cum?" Juan said, hugging me to him. His cock was now very rubbery and felt magnificent. To think I was scared shitless of it at first.

"Yes, I'm filled big time! It would be nice to taste some of it!" I said. I was looking forward to it!

Juan pulled out and left me on all fours.

"Anybody who wants to join in sucking the cum from Anton? Anybody?" Juan asked.

Immediately Johann and Gunther stepped closer. My guys!

Johann put his moustached mouth on my hole and sucked. His lips covered my hole and I relaxed. He sucked a mouthful of cum from me and leaned over to feed it to me. Ahhh! It tasted fantastic! Of course with so many contributors, there was no way of telling whose cum gave it the distinct flavour. It was damn nice. The cum-feeding became a full-blown kiss. This was also one of my favourite men!

When Johann leaned away from my hole, Gunther took his place and put his mouth with its full lips on my hole and sucked. Ahhhh! Gunther added his tongue and pushed it into my hole. I relaxed and felt how he sucked another mouthful of cum from me. He leaned towards Johann and me and when he kissed me, I got an even bigger mouthful of cum from him. Godd! It tasted nice, and being fed by such a nice guy ... heaven! The beautiful German man started to kiss me and slipped in under me.

Johann moved in behind me and pushed his sopping wet cock into my loose, wet hole. I groaned into Gunther's mouth! My other favourite man! I loved this Jerry to bits!

Johann pushed his cock deep into me with one long continuous thrust and as he approached the deepest point with his 29cm, he started to groan and growl. "Ahhhhhhhh! Oh fu-u-u-u-u-ck! Oh godd! O donner! This is great!"

['O donner' = 'oh thunder' but it actually is similar to 'oh fuck']

Gunther moved below me with his legs between my legs. He took his cock with one hand and pushed it against my balls. He was sopping wet too. He lifted his body up so his cock pushed against my perineum (piece between the balls and asshole).

"Ich auch bitte [Me too please]!" He manoeuvred his body and cock that his cockhead was pushing under Johann's big cock and on my asshole. My fuck! Another double-fuck!

"Yes, of course," I said and kissed this beautiful blonde man.

Gunther pushed up and I lowered my buttocks to give him access to my hole. The tip slipped in and I growled! Oh fuck! These guys are fucking me royally tonight, I thought. My godd!

Gunther's cock slid in and as it passed over my prostate, I almost shot my load. I took a deep breath and willed my orgasm away! I still wanted 5 others to fuck me!

As Gunther's huge cock - the biggest of the sextuplets: 29,5cm, thick and uncut with a huge head - slipped into me, I once again marvelled at the skills of these two men who I loved dearly, fucked me. Every time they fucked me, it was spectacular and nice.

I sat down on Gunther and Johann fucked me with a determination: he was going to cum soon!

"Gunther, how far are you? I'm about to cum! Cum with me, baby! Oh fuck!"

Johann's big rubbery cock was really pumping now and Gunther was pumping too, as best he could, being on the bottom.

"Ahhhh! Oh fuck! My darling, I'm going to cum! I'm cumming! Gunther, cum with me! Oh godd! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Johann slammed his cock deep into me and held still.

Gunther's cock was starting to spasm and he groaned: "Ahhhh! Oh mein Gott [Oh my godd]! Donnerwetter [Fuck]! Ich spritze ab [I'm coming]! Ahhhhhh!"

The two cocks in me started to pump their loads into me. It felt spectacular to have two cocks cumming in me, twitching, pulsating while the loads were pumped into me.

Johann collapsed on my back and caught his breath. He kissed me on my back and leaned forward to kiss Gunther.

"I shot a huge load my darling! And I think the Jerry has also shot a big one! You're filled again! Want us to suck it out or do you want some more to be pumped into you first?" Johann said.

"First some others please!" I said.

I looked at the others in the room. Mario's huge cock was in Chris's mouth and Pieter was fucking Claude standing up. Johan was sucking Claude's cock.

Johann pulled out and I managed to contain the cum in me. It was a lot!

When Mario saw that the fucking on the bed was over, he pulled out of Chris's mouth and pulled him to the bed. "Come boy! We have some fucking to do!"

Mario lied down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. I lied on top of him and when our cocks touched, it was like it was like an electrical shock. Mario's huge 30cm cock was wet with spit and precum. He pulled me down and kissed me. "Ahhh! It's been too long! I've missed you so much! I heard from Luigi things are going well with you two? Sí? I'm glad. He deserves all the love in the world, and so do you! You two will be very happy - I know!" He kissed me again and hugged me.

Behind me, Chris was already pushing his 30,5cm cock on my hole. Jackal! The tip of his huge cock slipped in and I gasped. It was a big head. He pushed in slowly until he was in balls-deep. Oh fuck! It felt good! It was one of the biggest cock there. He fucked me for a few seconds, groaning and his hands on my buttocks.

"Chris, let me fuck him and cum first. Our cocks are too big to go in both. Pull out first please. Lube please, André?" Mario asked for lube. André handed the lube to Werner who took Mario's big cock and lubed it up, and held it in the upright. I lifted up and put my hole on the huge cockhead. Ahhhh! Oh godd! Every time this man fucks me, it's like a new fucking. His cock was very thick and it reminded me of Jonathan's huge cock: big, thick and uncut with a big head.

I sat down on the huge cock underneath me. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I've already been double-fucked and my hole was already a bit tender. I grit my teeth and sat down ... the huge cock slid into me, and when it moved past my prostate I almost shot my load! I was so charged! The precum and a bit of cum ran from my piss-slit. When the whole huge cock was in me, I sat down on his groin and lied down on Mario. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Brave boy! You're spectacular, Antonio! We all love you very much! It feels so good to be in you again! Ahhhh!"

Chris moved in behind me and I felt his huge lubed cock on my hole ... I held my breath. Another two huge cocks in me! Oh my godd! Would I be able to handle them both? The big head prodded my hole and my loose hole let it in ... ahhh! The head plopped in and I gasped. Oh fuck! The cock was in and I groaned.

"Chris! What are you doing? Antonio? Are you OK? Would you be able to handle us both?"

"Yes, it is big but I can manage. Push in Chris," I said.

Next to me Luigi was stroking my back. "You OK mio caro? Just relax and push out. Just relax mio bel ragazzo [my beautiful boy]! You can do it!" He held my hand and kissed it.

Chris pulled out a bit and the head slipped out. I groaned! No! He pushed in again and when the cockhead slipped in, he held still again. He made his cock swell and I groaned again! Fuck! What an incredible feeling! Chris pushed in deeper while he was stroking my buttocks. I pushed out and felt the huge cock sliding deep into me.

"Zio Mario [Uncle Mario], you can't fuck him too long, sí? Oh-kaay? Chris, you must fuck and cum soon, yes?" Luigi said.

"We're very close mio ragazzo! We'll not hurt Antonio, don't worry! Chris my boy, are you ready to cum?" Mario asked.

"Yes my big man! I'm very close! Let's fuck and cum!" Chris answered. He put action to his words and started to fuck me with his huge cock. Ahhhh! Luigi squeezed my hand and held it on his hairy chest. I felt his heart beating ... oh fuck!

Next to us, Pieter bent Claude over and pushed his 27,5cm cock into his lover. It was obvious they were too horny to await their turn to fuck me. Claude was groaning as the big cock slid into him. "Oh yes! Yes my big boy! Fuck me! Fuck me!" And that's what Pieter did - he fucked Claude deep and hard.

Herman was kissing Johan and Werner was in Lukas's arms. There was a lot of love lost between those guys.

"Why don't you fuck Johan?" Lukas asked Werner. "I think he'd love it!"

"OK - Johan, may I fuck you?" Werner asked.

"Yes, let him fuck you!" Herman urged on his lover to bend for Werner. Werner's cock was almost 9cm shorter than Herman's humongous cock - it was a cock Johan would be able to handle with ease.

"Yes, you may! Ahhh yes! Fuck me!" Johan gushed and took Werner's sopping wet hard cock in his hand. "It's the perfect cock for fucking! Lube please Herman?"

Soon Werner was fucking Johan standing on his knees on the edge of the bed. It was clear Johan was enjoying it! He was gasping and moaning, and when Herman stood next to him, he took the huge cock in his mouth and sucked it with fervour.

Chris was starting to groan and so was Mario. Their cocks in me were big and hard, and they were about to cum.

"Oh mio Dio! Mio ragazzo [my god! My boy]! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Mario was gushing and then it happened: he shot his huge load into me. Chris's cock swelled and spasmed. He also shot his load.

The two men fucking me stopped and their cocks continued to spasm and twitch.

"Am I in time for some action, boys?" Dad! Oh godd! Yess! Yess! Yess! Dad! "My lord! What a bunch of big cocks! Wow! Unbelievable!"

"Adriaan! You're just in time for some action brother! Who would you like to plug?" Pieter asked as he was fucking Claude.

"Anton please? Anton, You up for it?" Dad asked as he stepped closer to the bed. He touched my cheek and I saw the love and raw lust in his eyes.

"Oh yes Dad! Yess! Fuck me!"

Chris pulled out and some of the big lot of cum in me ran out on Mario's balls. Chris was still rock-hard. He gasped as his cock slipped out of me.

"Wow! That's a big one!" Dad gushed.

Mario's cock was big but rubbery. He also pulled out and I got up, right into my Dad's arms. He grabbed me and hugged me.

"Oh my beautiful boy!" Dad gushed and I felt his big cock pushing against me. Dad was wearing some shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops. "Mom is out stone cold. She took a sleeping pill after the long day on her feet. So, here I am to get some action with you! OK?"

"Yes, of course Dad! What about all the others?" I whispered in his ear. "They don't all know about ... this!"

"I don't care. If they didn't know, they will now!" Dad was kissing me and when his lips met mine, I melted into his arms. This was so totally wrong, but I didn't care. I loved my Dad and I loved him fucking me!

Pieter was just about to shoot his load into Claude and Werner was also groaning behind Johan. There was going to be a double orgasm between the four of them. And it happened just as Dad hugged me close to him: Pieter and Werner were cumming and slammed their cocks into Claude and Johan, filling them up with cum.

Luigi joined Dad and me and we had a three-way kiss. Dad held our two cocks and when I put my hand on Luigi's cock, it was rock-hard again. Oh fuck! Another double-fuck with my Dad and lover!

"Come, I don't have all night! Come sit on my cock and then you could enter him from behind if you wanted to, Luigi? OK?"

"Oh yes! This morning was wonderful! I enjoyed it with you two! My boy? May we fuck you again? I'll be on the bottom this time, OK?" Dad asked.

We did just that: Dad was on his back on the bed and I sat on his cock. When his cock slid into me, he exclaimed: "My word! You're filled with cum! You're very wet! How many of them shot their loads into you? No, rather not tell me! But I can feel it's a lot!"

When Dad was in me all the way, Luigi put his big 29cm cock on my hole and pushed in too. Ahhh! Oh fuck! It was the ultimate to be fucked by the two men I loved so much! Dad! Luigi!

André came and stood over Dad and held his cock for me to suck. He too was rock-hard again. And wet. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it hungrily. My brother's cock in my mouth and Dad and my lover fucking me! What more could I wish for?

Luigi was fucking me again like only he could. "I'm going to cum soon! OK? Dad, wait before you cum! Let me cum at least once and when I cum again, you should cum. OK mio caro?"

"Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me my mio caro! And shoot more cum in me!" I said and took André's cock in my mouth again. He wasn't going to last long! He was already groaning.

Luigi fucked me and when he was about to cum, he touched my neck and said: "I'm cumming mio caro! Here it comes! Dad, within 40 seconds I'm cumming again and then you have to cum with me, OK?"

"Yes, OK!" Dad said. "Cum!"

Luigi's cock twitched and swelled, and his sixth load of the evening into me and Dad was groaning. The stimulation of the twitching cock on his own cock was too much. He groaned and started to fuck me in earnest from below. This spurred Luigi on and just as Dad shot his load into me, Luigi shot his next load. My man had shot seven loads into me tonight, I thought! He was the champion that was for sure! He collapsed on my back and kissed my neck.

André was groaning and shot his load into my mouth. It wasn't as much as always, but it tasted good. He pulled out and stepped off the bed.

Luigi pulled out of me and moved in next to Dad. As he lowered his body, he leaned over to Dad and kissed him. It wasn't so much of a spit and tongue kiss, but there was a lot of tenderness locked up in that kiss. He then surprised me by taking my rock-hard cock in his mouth. Oh my godd! I was so close to cumming that when my cock entered his mouth I started to groan. Luigi took my cock deep into his mouth, right down his throat. It was too much and I started cumming. He pulled off a bit and I shot the rest of my cum in his mouth. Oh my godd! It was a lot.

I held Luigi's head in my hands. My cock was still spasming and was very sensitive. Luigi let go of my cock and kissed me. He opened his mouth and pushed my cum into my mouth. Oh fuck! What a perfect ending to a wonderful evening!

My hole spasmed over Dad's cock still in me and I felt it responding. It was also twitching. Dad was ready for another round, but I've had enough for one evening! I lifted off Dad's cock and when it slipped out, some of the huge load in me dribbled out onto Dad's big balls.

Johann and Gunther stepped up behind me and when I lifted off Dad's cock, Johann put his mouth on my hole and sucked. I relaxed and felt the cum being sucked from my hole. It was a huge, huge load! When Johann let go of me, Gunther took his place and sucked the rest of the cum from me. Johann leaned over and kissed me. He pushed some of the cum into my mouth and then bent down to give the rest to Luigi. A lot of the cum in me was Luigi's, so he deserved it.

Gunther sucked another mouthful of cum from me, and bent down to give it to Dad! Wow! Dad arrived late but was rewarded amply! He got a mouthful of the cum mix! Dad kissed the beautiful man and swallowed the cum.

I leaned down and kissed Dad. I tasted the cum in his mouth. When I was on his chest, Dad hugged me. His cock under me was rubbery now. I sighed and smiled. My Dad! I put my hand on Luigi's face next to Dad and he smiled at me. André pushed in and hugged Dad and me.

"I'm the brother and I've got ..." he started.

" ... you've got rights! Yes, we know!" quite a few of the guys finished his sentence!

I enjoyed lying on Dad and feeling his big rubbery cock against me. He had his arms over me and I had one hand around his neck. My other hand was on Luigi's hairy chest, playing with one of his nipples. He had a hand on my back, stroking it. Luigi was on his side facing us. I lowered my hand and took his big rubbery cock in my hand ... it was a big cock and I loved holding it in my hand - my big hand could just fit around it. Luigi groaned and pushed against my hand.

"Boys, I don't want to be the one to break up a party of this magnitude, but I have to get back. Alma might notice I'm not there and then there would be hell to pay. My beautiful boy, please move over on Luigi. I have to go," Dad said and when I lifted my head from his neck, he kissed me. "Thanks my boy! This was a wonderful experience. Thank you guys for letting me in on this ... party!"

"I'm also not one to break up a party, but I think we've had enough for one night ... for one day! Come guys, let's get back in the house. André, lift your bum off the bed and let's go. My darling, Luigi - let's go," Juan said and looked for his clothes.

All the men who slept in the house got our clothes and soon we were out in the warm night air. The stars were bright and there was not a breeze. Luigi put his arm around my neck and held me close to him.

"Grazie, mio caro [Thanks, my darling]! I hope you're OK? Satisfied? Also that I've allowed Herman ...?"

"I'm OK and yes, I'm pleased. I hope you and he could become friends now. He is actually a very sweet guy. I'm looking forward to sleep in your arms tonight, my big Italian Stallion!"


Johann was awake first the next morning. He opened the curtains and walked to the bed. André was on the edge of the bed, facing the window. Johann took his big rubbery morning wood gave André's cheek a few slaps. "Wake up you delinquent!"

"Ow! Ahh! What ... hey! What the fuck! You big rubbish! Ow! Stop that! That big thing is hurting me and not in a nice way! Owww!" André grabbed the big cock and pulled Johann on top of him. The big blonde moustached man fell forwards and landed on top of André, Juan, Luigi and me. Gunther was sitting on the edge of the bed and was just shaking his head and laughing at the early-morning antics.

André opened his mouth and took Johann's big cock in his mouth and gave it a light bite.

"Ow! You don't have to be mean! Ow man!" Johann complained and pulled his cock from André. He lifted his face and kissed me. "Good morning you beautiful man! How did you sleep? How is you asshole? Fuck, I'm sorry we abused you like that last night, but it was super! Thanks."

"I'm fine and would you believe? Even though my hole is tender I'm OK. Good to go ... erm ... not right now though!" I said with trepidation. Sheez! I've had oodles and many centimetres of cock in me and lots of cum. My cock was way beyond semi but I willed it down, hiding it under the sheet.

"I could fuck him myself right now, but let's give mio caro a fighting chance. Off, Johann! You might be fucking dashing with your stubble and moustache and all, but off!" Luigi put his hand under the sheet and gave my cock a squeeze. "And what do we have here? I hope that is because of me ...? Hmmm?" Luigi whispered, looking into my eyes, winking.

"Yes, of course! And I'd love to have you in me again, but yes, I'd like to take a break please?"

"And what the fuck is going on here? The sun is shining, the birds are fucking and the coffee is being brewed! Why are you still in bed? Exchanging recipes or what?" Claude, of course! "Come, come you sex perverts! Up! Up!"

Johann jumped up from the bed and grabbed Claude. It ended up in a scuffle and they fell on top of us. Johann was tickling Claude and, although he wasn't as ticklish as I was, he squealed and laughed.

Just then Dad walked in - wearing shorts showcasing his big bulge, and a T-shirt and sandals. He stood next to Pieter in the doorway. "Do you think a bucket of water would do the trick?"

"No! Dad, you wouldn't be so heartless and rude and mean! Dad! No!" André exclaimed.

"Well then, you sex perverts, as Claude has so aptly called you, get up! The coffee is ready and there is a whole farm to see and some jobs for the twins. And I've got some small tasks for everybody else today. Come! Or I'm getting a bucket of water!"

André jumped up and tackled Dad. Dad being the bigger of the two, easily resisted the onslaught and soon he had André in a head-clamp. "Who's the Dad here? Who is the boss? Who is the strongest? Who has the bigger cock? Speak up boy! I can't hear you!" Dad grabbed André's cock with his free hand and squeezed.

"Ow Dad! You're hurting me! Love is not supposed to hurt! Sob! Sob! Baby bro, help me! Juan?"

"You've made your bed - sleep in it! That's right Dad - give him what he deserves. No sympathy from me!" Juan put in, laughing. "But Dad's right. Let's get out of here. I'm dying for a coffee. Hockey shorts and T-shirts OK, Dad?"

"Yes, that's fine. Herman! Johan! Come boys!"

We heard some groans from the neighbouring bedroom. Dad walked to the door and saw Herman behind Johan. He pulled the duvet off them and gasped. "I think you guys better come see this for yourselves!" We rushed to their room and gasped. Herman's big cock was deep in Johan! At last! Johan was blushing cherry red and didn't know what to say.

"So! First time Johan? How is it?" André asked.

"Yes, first time! After last night both of us were very hot when we came to bed and well ... one thing led to another and ... well ... it happened. Happy my big man?" Johan asked Herman.

Herman hugged Johan close to him and pushed his big cock deeper into Johan. "Yes, I'm very happy! I'm ecstatic, my beautiful man!"

"Well then, let's give them some space! Come guys! Get dressed and come!" Dad commanded. He pulled the door closed and I noticed his cock was rock-hard. He saw that I've seen it and winked. I already had a T-shirt on and had my hockey shorts in my hand. He saw that my cock was way beyond semi and winked again. I knew. I quickly put on my shorts and followed Dad barefoot. The others still scrambled to find clothes. When we reached the small study at the end of the hallway which Mom sometimes uses, Dad pulled me in there and into his arms.

"Thanks for last night! You have no idea how much it meant to me. I could fuck you right here and right now if we had time!" He pushed his big cock into me and groaned.

"How about us going to the lab again?" I suggested.

"Yes, I thought of that. Mom wants some stuff to be retrieved from the vintners' barn. I'm going to suggest you help me with the sprayers and André could assist the others in the barn. But it would have to be a quick one again. Ahhh! Oh my word! You drive me mad my boy! I'll have to let my shirt out to cover this big bulge!" Dad hugged me again and our cocks pushed against each other. He kissed me and when I sucked his tongue into my mouth, it tasted of spearmint toothpaste. "I have a big load to pump into you again! Come!"


After breakfast - a jubilant affair like only Mom could muster - we showered and dressed casually. After all, Dad and Mom did have some small jobs for us all. André was put in charge of the troop sent to the barn and Dad and I had to check on the sprayers, check on the well-being of the young grapes and see if there was any fungal growth. Then we were supposed to go check on the neighbouring farm too. But, first Dad had other plans for me - hmmm!

When we drove to the lab, Dad put my hand on his cock and I squeezed it. It was rock-hard and I could feel it was wet already.

"We'll have to do it standing up again, OK?"

"Yes, it's fine Dad! As long as you fuck me!"

As soon as the door was closed and locked behind us, Dad pulled me into his arms and kissed me. His soft mouth on my mine was wonderful. His tongue in my mouth just made me feel so good.

I felt his big hard cock pushing into me. I had my one hand behind Dad's head and the other on his huge 27,5cm cock. He pushed against me and groaned. He fumbled with his pants to get them off. I put my hand on his cock still encapsulated in the underpants. The tip was sopping wet. His cock spasmed under my hand. I put my hand in the underpants and took his cock in my hand - ahh! It was big and thick and it was hard and wet!

Dad opened my shorts and pushed them down. He put his hands on my butt and touched my still tender hole. "You OK Anton? Would you be OK if I ... if I fucked you now?"

"Yes Dad! Oh yes! I want you to fuck me!"

Dad took my hard cock in his hand and squeezed it. "You really have a very nice cock. I want to suck it first, OK?"

Dad sank to his knee and took my cock in his mouth. Ahhh! Oh fuck! Who could ask for anything better? My cock disappeared into Dad's mouth. His tongue swirled under my cock and I groaned. Oh godd! If he kept that up, I wouldn't be able to last much longer!

Dad had his one hand on my balls and was lightly squeezing them while his other hand was on my hairy chest, playing with my nipples.

"My turn Dad," I said and tried to pull my cock from Dad's mouth. He sucked harder to keep my cock in his mouth and he grunted: "Uh-uh". He wanted to suck me more, but I was getting too close. "Dad, I'm getting close! You have to stop now - please!"

Dad let go but it was clear he wanted more ... He took me in his arms again and kissed me. It was soft, genuine and lingering, with his tongue playing with mine. As Dad was slightly taller, his saliva ran into my mouth and I swallowed it hungrily. It tasted of spearmint and my precum.

Our hard cocks pushed against each other and when I took Dad's curved cock in my right hand, he groaned and pushed his cock deeper into my grasp. It was sopping wet.

I broke the kiss and once again Dad was reluctant to let me go - he wanted more. But I wanted to suck him before he fucked me, and before we had to rush things. We didn't have all the time in the world. We actually did have to take care of the sprayers and check on the vines.

I sank down Dad's torso and sucked on his nipples. His big cock was pushing between my legs and as I sank lower, my body bent his cock down. The precum leaking from the head made a monumental mess on my right thigh and ballsac.

When I reached Dad's bellybutton, I pushed my tongue in there and sucked the flesh into my mouth. Dad groaned and had his hands in my hair.

I went down lower and felt the big cockhead under the right-hand side of my chin, smearing precum all over me. I went lower and sucked in one of Dad's big balls. He gasped and had his hands in my hair, holding my head tight. I sucked in the other ball and gently sucked. Above me, the big cock was leaking lots of precum onto my right cheekbone and eyebrow. Dad's copious precum was 'whitewashing' my face big time!

I lifted up and took the curved cock into my mouth and .... Ahhh! The precum tasted divine! It was unbelievable that it could be so good, even after I've done it before and after tasting so many other guys' precum. The big head slipped in on top of my tongue. I held the huge shaft and pushed the skin back over the head with my lips. I let my teeth scrape lightly over the big cockhead. Dad groaned again.

"Keep on doing that, and I'm creaming in your mouth! Ahhhh! O damn!" Dad gasped.

I pushed the thick cock deep into my mouth and felt the big head stopping at my throat. The head was big but I've had it in my throat before, so I relaxed my throat and pushed. My throat tissues were stretched and ... the head popped in! Ahhh! My Dad's cock was in my throat! I pushed the rest of his cock into my mouth until his balls were on my chin. I worked my throat muscles and felt Dad's cock twitch and swell.

"Again: Keep on doing that, and I'm creaming in your throat now! Ahhh! My darling boy! Stop it please! I want to fuck you! I don't want to cum in your mouth!" Dad pulled his cock out of my mouth and I let it go, very reluctantly. It was so damn good! But, if I wanted him to fuck me, I just had to stop.

Dad pulled me up and kissed me again. "Only precum? Or did you bring lube?"

"It will have to be precum and spit - I didn't bring along any lube. But both of us are super wet. There is enough precum for you to fuck me," I said and touched my cockhead. It wás super wet: the precum was actually dangling from the tip. I touched Dad's cock and milked it for a few strokes. The precum was literally running from the piss-slit. I collected my precum from my cock, lifted my leg and put it on my hole. I rubbed Dad's precum over his cockhead and milked some more precum from the big cock.

"You ready? Is there enough precum so I don't hurt you?"

"I think you need to push in a bit and then pull out, milk some more precum and put it over the shaft and put in again. It should work. Let me put some more of my precum on my hole," I said and put action to my words. I took more precum from my cock and put it on my hole.

"OK, Anton - bend over please?"

When I bent forward, Dad stepped up close behind me and aimed his big cockhead at my hole. My hole was very slippery and wet, and when Dad put his cock on my hole I gasped and shivered ... I was about to get this magnificent manhood in me again! My Dad's cock! What a cock!

Dad pushed forward gently and the head stretched my hole and started to go in. The head pushed in and then it slipped in! Ahhh! I gasped.

"Are you OK my boy? Must I pull out?"

"Yes, pull out and put some more precum on please?"

Dad pulled out and milked some more precum from his cock and spread it over his cockshaft. He pushed back in and when the cockhead broke through again, I gasped again. It wasn't the biggest of the cocks that I get to fuck me, but it was a big one nonetheless! Dad held still and let me get used to his cock, made it swell and twitch ... ahhh! "OK? Can I push in deeper now?"

"Yes ... ugh! OK Dad!"

Dad pushed in deeper and his curved cock slid into me ... following my internal anatomy ... the big shaft filled my rectum curving to the left inside my body. The big head scraped over my prostate and I felt as if I could cum on the spot! I felt how a little cum was pushed out of my cock!

When Dad was halfway into me, he pulled back again until only the head was in me, held still, made his cock swell ... ahhh! I groaned. Dad pushed deeper again and when the encountered my internal sphincter, he stopped and applied just enough pressure to make the sphincter relax. The big cockhead slipped through and Dad pushed his cock home ... oh fuck!

This was not a new experience anymore, but fuck! It was special! And I loved it! Dad's cock in me felt absolutely magnificent! When Dad hit bottom, he held still and pulled my in an upright position, his arms around my chest. He made his cock swell and twitch ... oh fuck! My hole clenched over his cockshaft.

Dad hugged me close to me, his one arm around my chest and the other on my cock. He was kissing me in the neck ... oh fuck! This was just so magical!

Dad started to fuck me with short deep thrusts. "I love you so much my boy! You have no idea how much this means to me! I could do this every day! Luigi doesn't know how lucky he is ... oh damn!"

I was nearing orgasm as the moment was so special and the stimulation was getting too much. Dad's big cock in me was stimulating my prostate big time and his hand on my chest playing with my nipples, and the other hand jacking my cock ... too much! Just too much!

"Dad, I'm about to cum! Oh damn! How far are you?"

"I'm almost there! Oh damn my boy! This is too much! Ahhh!" Dad picked up speed and fucked me with long deep thrusts, groaning and panting.

"Here it comes my boy! Ahhh! Here it comes! I'm cumming! Oh damn it! I'm cumming! Cummmmiiinnnggg! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhh!" I felt Dad's cock swell and starting to twitch as it started to pump its huge load into me.

My cock started to spasm too. I felt the orgasm boiling up in my loins and the wave of euphoria washing over me ... ahhhh! When my cock erupted and I shot my first wad on the wall in front of me, I felt Dad's cum being shot deep into me. His cock was twitching as it pumped the nice gooey stuff into me ... oh fuck! Baby batter from my Dad's cock pumped into me! What a way to start the day! After not having had any sex that morning, it was wonderful to feel Dad in me ... and pumping a nice big load into me again. The previous night was special, and so was this!

Dad's cock was spasming and as the last spurts were pumped into me, he pushed his cock deep into me and held still. He had me in a tight embrace and was kissing my neck. I craned my neck back and we managed a lopsided kiss.

"I love both of you so very much, but I can't help it - I love you just a little bit more! And this is ... this is so special and makes me love you even more. I never want this to end. And now that Luigi knows, soon the two of us will fuck you when I'm in Stellenbosch. I can't wait!"

"I know Dad! I love you too! And I'm also looking forward to you visiting us in Stellenbosch and fucking me! It's like a dream come true!" I clenched my hole over the big cock in me and Dad hugged me closer.

"I wish I could do this every day my boy! But ... well, I'll just have to make do with what I can get. You need to make sure the other guys don't speak out. If this reaches Mom's ears, there would be hell to pay!"

"None would say a word. Not everyone is part of the sextuplets, but everybody else has something to lose if this should ever get out. But I'll talk to the guys to watch what they say.

"Please do ..."

"Ahhh! Your cock feels so good in me, Dad! I also wish this could've happened every day, even if there are 5 others who want to fuck me on a daily basis! But I'd still wanted to fit you in as well if I could!"

"Yes, but now we have to get out of here before someone comes looking for us if they see the bakkie in front of the lab. I'm pulling out, OK? You OK my boy? I've shot a big load into you again. Clench so you don't make a mess on your shorts."

"I'm OK Dad. You can pull out now ... ahhh! Oh damn! Yes, it feels like a big load!" As Dad pulled his big cock from me, I felt the huge load in me and clenched. I'd rather clench a few hours and keep it in me than loose it.

I immediately sank to my knee and took Dad's big rubbery cock in my mouth to clean it off. Having taken a douche before I showered, my rectum was clean and it was not a problem to suck Dad's cock. I licked it clean and pushed the whole cock deep into my mouth. My tongue swirled under the shaft and head ... hmmm! It tasted good!

"Keep that up and I'll be hard in no time again! Ahhh! Anton, we have to go my boy! Please go get paper towels so we could clean up here. Ahhh!" Dad groaned and pulled his cock from my mouth.

I pulled my pants up with one hand and went to fetch some paper towels to wipe up my cum on the wall and floor. After cleaning up, I went into the toilet to clean up my hole that was sopping wet. I flushed away all the evidence and got dressed. I put my now rubbery cock that measured about 19cm into my underpants and put on my shorts. I deliberately left my shirt out to hide my big bulge. When I came back in the lab, Dad was just zipping up his shorts. His insanely big bulge on his left hip was very evident!

"Hmmm! If you didn't fuck me just now, I'd be all over you again right now! You're a spectacularly sexy man with a huge bulge, and such sexy feet! Dad! You're a true hung hunk!" I gushed.

"Now now! You're betrothed and I'm a married man! Down boy! You know I love you, so go slow on the honey! Come here my beautiful boy!" Dad held his arm out and took me into an embrace again. "Ahhh! You smell so good! Is it Italian perfume?"

"No, it's Tom Ford Noir that Luigi bought me. It's nice, isn't it?"

"Yes, my Hugo Boss Bottled can't keep up with that exquisite fragrance! But it suits both you and Luigi! Anton, I'm so happy you've met Luigi! He is a smashingly good-looking man and he loves you very much. You have to do your utmost to keep him happy. You won't find another one like him again! Plus, he has a big cock, so you won't be required to find another man - he has it all! He is a fine man! And he would be a worthy son-in-law!"

"Yes, I know Dad. And I love him very much. This ... what happened here ... doesn't mean I don't love him with my whole heart. He is a very special man with the most beautiful personality, hairy body, face, hands, feet and ... erm ... cock! Yes, he has it all! And he is a tall Italian! I couldn't ask for more! I love him dearly ..." I gushed and pushed my cheek against Dad's face.

"You feel so good in my arms, my boy! But come on, we have to go!" He kissed me while looking in my eyes. There was only love ... this big man who was my Dad also loved me very much.


By 12 o'clock we have done with the chores Dad and Mom dished out. The sprayers were fixed and replaced and the others under the leadership of André, finished in the barn and in the nursery. Yes, the guests on this farm had to earn their keep!

Everybody plopped down on the couches and chairs in the lounge. André and I brought some more chairs from the study and stoep. There were 17 of us and space was at a premium. Mom was still busy in the kitchen with the final preparations for the braai [barbecue]. She prepared potato salad, a mixed salad, three-bean salad, and sandwiches for braaiing. She had the wors [sausage], chops and steak in three casseroles, ready to be braaied.

Before André and I could sit down, we first took orders for drinks. Most of the guys were at home and came to the bar to help them. Once we had our drinks, I sat down next to Luigi who had his iPhone in his hands, and his ear pods in his ears.

"Do you know who Mario Frangoulis is mio caro?" Luigi asked as he pulled the pods from his ears.

"No, but I'm sure he is an Italian!" I ribbed Luigi.

"Yes, mio caro, he is but not just anybody! He is one of the up and coming singers. Here, listen to this song: "Vincero, perdero - here, take the ear pods. Listen," Luigi said and handed me his iPhone and ear pods.

The voice was mellow, masculine and the song was hauntingly beautiful. "What does it mean Luigi?"

"It means: 'I win, I will lose'. It's like life: you always win some, lose some. I lost living in Italy but I won a new country. I lost my family, but now I have a new family. And, I've won the best of all: you! Ti amo, mio caro [I love you my darling]!"

"Let's hear the song, Luigi? Please?" Juan said. "From the pods, it sounds like a nice song."

Luigi took the iPhone from me and pulled the ear pod plug from the phone. The warm sounds of "Buongiorno Principessa" was now playing on the tiny loudspeakers of the iPhone but it was good enough to hear that it was a great artist singing beautiful songs.

"I want to download that from iTunes! Dad, do you mind if we used your WiFi please?"

"No of course not! André, help Juan and get him on the WiFi please! Go ahead," Dad said.

"Once you're on the WiFi, give me your iPhone so I could find it on iTunes for you," Luigi offered.

"Thanks, Ita! You're not just a fuc ... erm ... very good-looking man, but you have taste my man!" Juan gushed and averted swearing in the nick of time.

"While Juan's iPhone was downloading the album "Sometimes I Dream" of Mario Frangouilis, we were having fun, joking. And there were three clowns amongst us: André, Johann and Claude. They were just too much and nobody was spared. The jokes came thick and fast.

At one stage Mom appeared in the door and while she was wiping tears from her eyes - she could hear the banter and was laughing with us - she cracked the whip. "André, Anton and Juan, you're in charge of the braaiing [barbecuing]. Please get the fire going. Dad has off today. Pieter, Claude and Johann, please come let me show you where the crockery and cutlery are so you could get that out please. There is not enough shadow outside so we have to eat with our plates in our laps. For the few of you not able to do it, I have some trays. Come boys! Werner, Lukas and Herman, make sure everybody has drinks. Chop chop!" Mom has spoken!


By 4 o'clock we have eaten and were very lazy. The Capetonians indicated they wanted to leave at half past 4, but Dad convinced everybody to have coffee first. André and I switched on the coffee machine and helped Mom loading the dirty crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher. All the guys pitched in to carry the stuff into the kitchen. Soon the kitchen was spic and span with 17 coffee mugs and two milk tarts set out on a few trays.

After coffee, we all decided to rather hit the road other than taking a nap. We got our luggage from the bedrooms and cottage and brought the cars to the front.

"Boys, once again, congratulations to the six men. Thanks for the visit - it was a pleasure to have you here," Dad said standing next to Mom. When I looked at Dad, all I could see was this exquisite human being that happened to be my Dad and now also my lover ... oh fuck! My cock stirred in my pants.

"As the oldest and the alpha male of the six men - André keep quiet! - it's my privilege to thank you and Mom for the occasion. You're the best! We love you very much. Three cheers for Dad and Mom!"

We all cheered and then we all were hugged and kissed Dad and Mom. Mom kissed the whole lot and so did Dad. When he hugged and kissed me, he pushed his big rubbery cock into me and I groaned. Oh fuck Dad!

We bundled into the Prius, Ravs and other cars and we were off. I travelled with Luigi in his Prius and marvelled at the smooth and quiet ride in his hybrid. Luigi played the rest of the Mario Frangoulis album on the JBL sound system and turned up the volume. He took my hand in his and squeezed as we listened to the beautiful music.

While I was touching the pendant around my neck, I stole some glances at this exquisite man next to me. His dark curly hair was longish and framed one of the most beautiful faces I knew. His full mouth was delicious and his stubble enough to make my mouth water. His hairy arms and his hairy hands on the steering wheel were sculpted pieces of beauty. I looked at his crotch and groaned inwardly - to think in there was a magnificent piece of manhood that could cum again and again! I looked at his feet in his beautiful Italian leather sandals and fell in love with them all over again. Still the most beautiful feet I've ever seen. I squeezed his hand again and he looked at me.

"Why are you watching me mio caro? Hmmm! You know all of this is yours, for ever and ever!"

"I know my beautiful Italian Stallion! I just can't believe my luck to have met you! You're just so fucking beautiful and such a nice man! I love you Luigi ..." I said and put my head on his shoulder.

After 40 minutes the album was through just as we approached Stellenbosch.

"I want to sleep with you tonight, just you and I, please mio caro? Let's go get your stuff from La Rochelle and then to my place, OK?" Luigi said.

"Yes, just you and I for a change. Let's go to La Rochelle and have a sun-downer with the lot. Just us six," I said and put my hand on Luigi's thigh. He took my hand and put it on his crotch. The huge bulge in his pants was rubbery. I knew the big cock was going to fuck me for hours again that night, but I was looking forward to it very much.


After the sun-downers we lounged around a little more and held an autopsy of the weekend.

"Has anybody thought of a venue for the weddings?" André put in.

"It's not for another 3 years, my boy! Why are you asking?" Juan said.

"No, just thinking. By the look of things over the weekend, Dad and Mom's facilities would not be ample enough to accommodate all the people who would be attending our weddings. We ARE still getting married together, are we not? What with everybody's family and friends, we're talking 500 people, easily. Plus, the farm is a bit out of the way. I was thinking of having it at the conference facilities at the university. And you being staff, you and Gunther could get it at a reduced price. Throw in Dad's and Jacques's wines, and we're good to go!" André was on a roll.

"Slow down, Mr Delinquent! I'd love to marry my darling Gunther tomorrow, but it's like the saying: 'trou is nie perdekoop nie' [to marry is not like buying a horse]. No rush and let's give it some time. Living together as much as we can and see how it's working out. The Jerry might not like me farting in bed ... Ow! Gunther! That hurts! As if he doesn't fart after having 'Sauerkraut'! Ow! I still love you though!" Johann put in.

"I agree, we've just won Mom over. Let's give her time to get used to the idea. But yes, it is a good idea to have at the university. What would the old stuffy proffies say! We'd cause quite a stir, let me tell you! We'd be the talk of the town for weeks!" Juan said chuckling.

"Did anybody think of where we'd be going for our honeymoon? All together of course!" Gunther said.

"I was thinking: December weddings and then a ski holiday in the Italian Alps. And off to Germany for some Christmas with the Jerries: Glühwein and Stollen! We'll make lots of money with the modelling so we'd be able to afford it," Luigi said. Everybody liked the idea.

"Yes, and by the looks of things, you're bound to become a star amongst us, coining lots of dough, Ita!" Johann gushed and gave Luigi a friendly slap on the back.

"Wait! We still have to see about that!"

"I'm telling you my man! I've seen many models, but none like you! You're going to make us proud and you're going to make tons of money!" Johann said.

After some more jokes and daydreaming, and another shot, we decided to call it a day. André and I haven't done a stich of work the whole weekend and we have a big test coming on Tuesday. André and I dug out our notes and compared our work so we could start later on. Luigi has a very long operation list the next day, so he also had to do some preparation.

Once André and I have sorted out our work, we all set off on our separate ways: Johann and Gunther to his house around the corner and Luigi and I to Luigi's house in town. Juan and André were left behind. When we said goodbye, André hugged me so tight to him, I though he was going to break me!

"Oh fuck baby bro! You're such a phenomenal man! I love you so fucking much! I know you and the Ita are happy, but fuck I miss you when you're not here! Enjoy and never forget about me ..." he started to sniffle. "Oh fuck!"

"André, how can you even think I'd ever forget about you? Yes, I'm happy with Luigi, but it doesn't mean I'd ever forget you other guys, especially not you! Come here!" I said and kissed him on the eyes, hugging him.


At Luigi's house we put our stuff away, hugged and kissed and got hard, but we wanted to save it for later. It was around 8 o'clock and we could put in at least 2 hours of study and preparations for the test and operations.

After an hour Luigi brought me a fruit juice and stood behind the chair hugging me. His big bulge was pushing against my neck ... oh fuck! "All OK here? Making any headway?"

"Yes, I'm fine thanks. I'm on top of it. A good thing I've listened in class and understand the work. It's an important test, but I'll ace it. How are you doing my sexy Italian hung man?"

"Hmmm! Hung, eh? Are you trying to tell me something, mio caro? Hmmm! I'm doing fine thanks. Just one procedure to go through and I'm set for tomorrow. I have a bowl of gnocchi and a bowl of Bolognese in the fridge Uncle Mario sent me on Thursday. Want some a little later? With Parmesan cheese and basil on top? Sounds good, no?" Luigi said kissing my head.

"Yes, please! I love gnocchi! And Mario's food is always a delight! I have three more chapters' notes I want to go through before I'll call it a night. Thanks my beautiful man!" I put my hands on Luigi's hands around my neck and kissed his hairy arms. Oh fuck, how much I loved this hung hunk of a man!


At a quarter to ten, I was satisfied I've done a good job and took a dump, and douched. I knew what was coming later, so I prepared timeously for the big fuck later on.

When I entered the kitchen, the smell of Bolognese and basil filled the air. Ahhh! It was a wonderful combination. Knowing Mario, the food was going to be super. Bolognese is even better after a few days. The gnocchi that was kept in the fridge was now boiling away in a pot of hot water.

"Ahh! Mio caro! Did you do well? My homework is done and I'm ready for my operations tomorrow. How are you doing for your test on Tuesday? Isn't it almost time for exams for you guys?"

"I'm good and it went well, thanks. Yes, we're starting to write examinations in just over a week's time. Our marks are good and we should do well in the exams." I said as I wrapped my arms around Luigi standing in front of the stove. I put my head on his back and hugged him.

"Hmmmm! Careful there! I don't want my cock to be burnt on the stove! What would you do my dear boy? Call in Dad's help, hmm? Fuck, he is a nice man! I never thought I'd be OK with a father fucking his son, but Dad is one of a kind and I thoroughly enjoyed having sex with him and you. The feeling of his cock against mine while we were fucking you was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I can't wait for him to come here ... we're going to fuck you mercilessly! You'll beg for mercy," Luigi joked and chuckled. "No of course not: we will only make love to you!"

"Yes, Dad is a special guy and I'm glad it worked out with him and you. And with you and Herman. That fucking was one I never thought would ever happen. He does have an incredibly big cock and with both of you in me ... I never thought it could even be possible. Does it mean you and Herman have struck a truce now?" I asked.

"Yes, I think so. As long as Herman doesn't think he is going to fuck you every other day! Only on special occasions and when I'm there," Luigi said. Uh-oh! So our secret fucking is off the cards! "The fucking with Dad was awesome. It felt like he cums a lot?"

"Yes, he cums a lot, but of course not as much as you do! Nobody cums as much as you do my beautiful man!" I said and hugged him again. My cock pushed in between his thighs.

"You're an evil young man! I'm busy with hot food and look at what you're doing! Put your hand on my cock and feel what you're doing to me! Evil!" Luigi said laughing softly.

I put my hand on his crotch - it was almost completely hard!

"Feels promising ... hmmm! Any idea what it could be used for? Perhaps some kind of transfusion? Thick creamy life-saving liquid transferred via a huge tube? Lots of movement and groaning? Hmmm?" I said and gave his cock a squeeze.

"Evil! I rest my case Your Honour! An evil young man! Just listen to his testimony Your Honour! Evil personified!" Luigi joked. He switched off the stove under the gnocchi and Bolognese, and put the lid on the Bolognese. He turned around in my arms. "Oh fuck young man! Do you actually know how much I love you? Do you? And do you realise I'm going to be your husband in the not too distant future? And that I want to make love to you every day for the rest of our lives? Hmmmm!" He lifted my head and kissed me, pushing his hard cock into my tummy.

"Yes, I do know and the feeling is mutual. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love Dad and André, and Juan and Johann and Gunther, but you're just the best there is. Luigi, do YOU know how much I love YOU? And that it's not just about your devilishly good looks or your huge cock or your lovemaking or your multiple orgasms, but," I touched his chest, "what's in here. A real human being with a kind heart, a beautiful persona and lots of love to give. Ti amo, mio caro [I love you, my darling]! Molto [A lot]!"

"A match made in heaven, I say! Eight years age difference, and I don't feel or see it. You're mature, kind and an angel in bed, my beautiful devil! Small wonder everybody else is lusting after you, but you're mine! Mine!" Luigi gushed and kissed me. His soft lips felt exquisite and good and sexy ... I loved this man to death!

"Now tell me, when are the exams over? Would you progress to the second year? You're fucked from Monday to Sunday - when do you ever get time to study?" Luigi said and smiled at me, rubbing his nose on mine.

"I'll pass, don't you worry! Our exams are all done with in the third week in November. Then André and I will have to go to the farm and work until we leave for the London trip. There is a lot of work we have to help with. Dad relies on us and we don't mind helping. It helps to pay our way and for the trip," I put in.

"Johann said Boss Models have paid you for your previous shoot. Did you get the money?"

"I remember seeing a message stating an amount was paid into my account, but it was during a class and Professor Kritzinger would've thrown me out if I dared check on my phone. When I checked the next day, I couldn't believe it! It was more than enough to pay for most of our trip, and buying you a present in London!" I said.

"No, Antonio - NO! You're not buying me any more presents! I have everything I need! Please don't waste your money! If there is anything we see we both like, we could decide, and then buy it, but I know you and André want to have the same, so it would be a three-way affair. No, no gifts, unless we both agree - OK? If there is any buying, it would be for our home. And the odd personal gifts, but you will not buy me any gifts without asking me! I have everything I need. I'd rather us invest your money."

"Yes, it's OK, for now! But what if I see something I want to buy for you? I have money now!"

"Yes, I know and you'll save it for some other stuff, and not wasting it on me! Come, the gnocchi and Bolognese are ready. Want me to dish up for you?"

Luigi drained the gnocchi and dished up.


The gnocchi was superb! I loved Italian food and gnocchi with different sauces was a favourite. We sat with the food on trays in our laps and with glasses of red wine. La Traviata was playing on the stereo system. Our hairy legs were intertwined and we discussed the weekend, the party, our gifts from Dad and Mom, and I kissed Luigi again for the bracelet.

"You're welcome my darling boy! You deserve it. The gifts Dad and Mom gave us were extravagant! Sheez! The loudspeaker was a clever idea! You're such a clever man! Where do you think we should hang our photos? Any ideas? How about against that wall over there? They would compliment the painting you bought me - dead against my wishes, of course! But thanks nonetheless. What do you say?" Luigi asked.

"Yes, over there would be great. Want me to bring a hammer and nails?"

"I have my own, I'll have you know! I'm not just a doctor with a pretty face! I'll do it tomorrow after work," Luigi said and kissed me. "My beautiful boy!"

I put my empty bowl in my tray on the coffee table and took Luigi's beautiful big feet in my hands. I started to massage his feet - he was groaning. His big number 15 feet were just exquisitely beautiful. They were formed perfectly with the second toe considerably longer that the beautiful big toe. The hair on the toes and bridge was so sexy I wanted to kiss his feet!

"Mio caro, you're so kind to me! How did I ever survive without you? Taking care of me, loving me, sharing my house and my bed, and allowing me to fuck you as many times as I like. You're like an angel to me! Most guys either ran away when they saw my big cock, and others were freaked out when I continued to fuck them after my first round of cumming. You on the other hand, love it! And for that, I love you even more! You're a dream come true in every sense of the word. I doubt it if there is another couple so perfectly suited for each other like we are."

"I feel the same Luigi. You're everything I've ever dreamed of having in a lover, and more. I love you with every fibre in my body. You're it!"

I massaged Luigi's feet and felt them getting warm. Luigi lied back on the couch and gave himself over to my ministrations. I absolutely loved touching these beautiful feet, belonging to the man I loved so deeply.

"Just so we're on the same page, mio caro: I've allowed Herman to fuck you too, and it may happen again, but not without me present. I want to be there when he fucks you with his huge cock! It was an incredible experience, but I don't want you to do it without me. The same applies to me: we have enough lovers in our group - we don't need to add more lovers and fuckers to the mix. I know Christian and Jonathan are lusting after you. Let's see what happens in London. Perhaps we could have an experience with them. I suspect they have huge cocks too. So then, in the mean time, you're mine and mine and mine! I love you so much mio caro!"

"Yes, understood. After the weekend and all the fucking, I've come to realise that I love the fucking very much, but the fucking I enjoyed most, was yours. Luigi, there is something to be said for fucking when one loves somebody. It was nice to be fucked by others, but none was as spectacular as when you fucked me," I said and kissed his feet.

"I didn't say anything and I'm not condemning you, but how did it come that Dad fucks you? It was a super experience, and to double fuck you with him, was out of this world. But, how did it happen?"

I gave Luigi a quick rundown on how it all developed and halfway through my rendition, Luigi was palming his big cock in his pants. It was obvious he was getting hard listening to the tale of a dad and his twin sons!

The last notes of the La Traviata highlights faded away. "Come, we have to go to bed now mio caro. I have a load with your name on it. Want it? Hmmm? I didn't hear? Say what?" Luigi ribbed me and pulled me into an embrace touching my sides. I squealed and tried to get out of his grasp, but he was too big and strong. "Ahhh mio ragazzo [my boy]! You're already a man but still not too old to enjoy my joking with you and my playing with you! You're my beautiful big boy! Come! Let's get to bed. Have you douched?"

"Yes, I have. Let's go. I want to suck you and feel your big cock in me pumping a big load into me and then sleep with you inside me ... hmmm! Come, il mio grande bella uomo [my big beautiful man]! See, I've learnt some Italian already! Vengono andiamo [Come let's go]!"


In bed Luigi and I had some of the hottest sex ever. I think it could have been because of my story about Dad and us, but Luigi was a hot sex animal! He didn't need a story get him pumped up!

We were kissing while we were undressing each other and ourselves. Being the neat guys we were, we actually didn't leave a trail of discarded clothes, but we did fling it in a heap on the bedroom floor. Fuck! We were too horny to worry about folding clothes! Fuck that!

We were all over each other. Our hard wet cocks made a monumental mess leaking lots of precum over each other and on the bed ... Ah well, it was Monday the next day. Luigi would start the washing machine the next morning and the cleaning lady would take care of the rest.

It was like Luigi's big 29cm cock had a mind of its own and it influenced Luigi's thinking! He was sexually charged as if he didn't have sex for days! He pushed me on the bed and fell on top of me. He kissed me while that ... that big thing pushed between my thighs, smearing precum as it was pumping in and out underneath my ballsac. His hands were on my face, on my shoulders, on my chest, on my arms and he kissed me all over.

"Oh fuck mio caro! I love you so much! You are the most beautiful man alive and you're mine! You're mine! Ahhh! Oh fuck!" Luigi gushed.

"Correction! YOU'RE the most beautiful man, and the contract Jacques offered you is proof of it! You're the proverbial tall dark and handsome hung hunk - full stop! And you're mine! Just mine! 'Oh fuck'!"

We laughed and hugged each other. "I love you, you tall beautiful man! Thank you for loving me, and that you want to marry me. I fucking love you! Now, what happened to that threat of fucking me? Hmmm? How is Mr Big doing? Tired after a weekend filled with fucking? Hmmm! Is it really fully loaded? How about me giving it mouth-to-mouth doctor?"

"You'll feel Mr Big soon, Mr Sexy Boy! How about a 69 for a change? I'd love to suck you and have your nice cock deep in my throat."

We repositioned ourselves and when I took Luigi's huge cock in my mouth, I marvelled once again at how big it was, how thick, how nice he smelled, and how good his precum tasted. I sucked the big head and pulled the skin back. I pushed my tongue into the big piss-slit - the precum just streamed out of it.

Luigi took my hard cock in his mouth and nibbled on the big uncut head. I groaned. My man knew how to make me feel good! Ahhh! I was leaking lots of precum in his mouth. With little effort my cockhead slipped into Luigi's throat. Oh fuck!

Luigi's huge cock was throbbing in my mouth and it was filled with precum - it literally ran from his cock. He pushed lightly and the head slipped into my throat! My latest big achievement: to deep-throat a big cock! I wished there were a way to keep it in my throat without the need to breathe. But, I had to come up for air, so the big head slipped in and out my throat several times.

"Ahhhh! This is making me going to cum too soon! Stop please Antonio! I want to fuck you and cum in you, please!"

Luigi's cock slipped from my mouth and he was already turning 180º to lie on top of me again. He pushed my legs apart and the big cock pushed under my balls. His hands were on my cock and belly. My back arched backwards to invite the man to push home and get it over with! Fuck! I wanted him to fuck me!

"Precum only, OK? Please say 'yes'? Per favore mio caro [Please my darling]?"

"Yes, of course! Only precum! Just put it into me, please my Italian Stallion! Fuck me!"

And he did just that!

He pushed my butt upwards and he started to suck my perineum. Then he went down to my hole. He put his mouth over my hole and sucked. His tongue darted out and entered my hole. I groaned. My fuck! He was just the master!

"Oh fuck Luigi! You're going to make me cum! Please fuck me! Oh godd! Just fuck me! Please!"

Luigi spat as much spit on my hole and lowered my legs. He took my cock and milked as much precum from it as he could and put it on my hole. Then he took his sopping wet cock and put it on my hole. "Ready mio caro? Oh fuck! I'm so horny! I don't know how long I will last, but here goes!"

Luigi pushed his big cock into me and after so much fucking over the weekend my hole was ready and loose enough to accommodate the girth of his big cock. I did groan as it still was a big cock, but it slid into me and he didn't stop until the whole 29cm cock was balls-deep in me. When his balls rested against mine, he made his cock swell and twitch. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

He bent down and kissed me hungrily. It was as if his life depended on it. Well, I was too willing to give him 'the kiss of life'! His tongue entered my mouth and when I tasted his saliva, I groaned. I loved his saliva, his tongue, his lips ... fuck! I realised there was absolutely nothing about Luigi I didn't like! Just absolutely nothing! During the months I've seen him, slept with him, spent time with Luigi, I have just enjoyed every second of it! His company, his persona, his body, his face, his hands and feet (oh fuck!), his cock, the love-making, the kisses, his lips, his saliva ... yes, I loved his saliva! I know many people would find it revolting, but French kissing does involve saliva! Get over it!

"Mio caro, you OK? I'm so hot for you tonight and I still want to stay inside you! You make a sex pig out of me! All your fault! I just can't help it! Shucks! You are just perfect mio caro!"

He started to fuck me and lo and behold: when he thrust into me for the fifth time, he started to groan big time! "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cummm! Ahh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck! Ahhhhhh!" He pumped his cock into me with short deep thrusts and held still - it twitched and pulsed as it pumped the first load into me. There were at least 9 spurts, and I knew from experience that he had pumped at least 20ml or more into me.

He leaned down and kissed me. "Ready for the next one?"

"Oh yes, my darling! How many am I going to have?"

"I guess at least 4 rounds. Do you want to cum with me the last one? Yes?"

"Yes, please!"

"Here goes then! Hold onto your hat, Signore Antonio le Roux-Moretti!" Luigi said and started fucking me again. Within half a minute his cock was spasming again, pumping its next load deep into me - at least 8 spurts. "Still OK, mio caro?"

"Yes, Luigi! Keep on fucking me and pumping me full of your wonderful creamy cum!" I gushed.

"You got it! My third load is on its way!" He picked up speed again, and again within half a minute, his cock pumped the next load into me. I didn't count the spurts as I had to concentrate on not cumming myself. But I was grunting and groaning and when Luigi started fucking me again, I gasped and hoped I would last until the fourth load was pumped into me! Oh fuck!

"Oh fuck! Your hole is clamping so much on my cock I am going to cum again right away! Oh damn! Ahhh! Cum with me! Cum with me! Oh godd! Here it comes!" When Luigi slammed his cock into me one last time, I lost it! I shot my load on my face, on the headboard and in my hair! Oh fuck! It was a lot! And Luigi was pumping his fourth load into me! We groaned and grunted like pigs! Luigi collapsed on top of me and in my cum. He clung to me while his cock was still spasming in me, and mine was still twitching between us. His mouth found mine covered in cum and he kissed me. We devoured each other's mouths. We kissed as the orgasms wracking through our bodies subsided. Oh fuck!

"Mio caro! You'll kill me yet! My godd! This was intense! You're a phenomenal man! And fuck, I love you! You're just too wonderful! I've never had better orgasms! You're a master mio caro!"

"And you! I can feel you've pumped a huge lot of cum into me again!"

Luigi's big cock was rubbery now and he lied on top of me with his full weight, breathing deeply. I had my arms around him and kissed him in the neck.

"Just don't give me a hickey, mio caro!"

"No, I won't!"


After around fifteen minutes, Luigi stirred and started to pull his big cock out of me. "Clench Antonio! I'm pulling out. We need to have a shower. You've sprayed us big time! Here it comes ... ahhh!" His cockhead slipped out and I managed to keep the cum in me. Luigi leaned down and kissed me again. "Come mio caro! Let's shower and then get some sleep. But ... please! I want to push into you again before we fall asleep, OK? OK?"

"Yes, of course my darling!"


We had a shower where things got into hands so to speak! We washed each other, kissed each other and groped each other. In no time we were hard again. Luigi soaped up and spun me around and just pushed in! We were insatiable!

"I'm going to cum again mio caro! Oh fuck! You see? You're turning me into a sex pig! Look at me! Ahhh!"

In no time Luigi was pumping his fifth load of the night into me ... I groaned and clenched. I really was filled to the brim!

Luigi held me tight to him with his head on my shoulder. He sighed and groaned. His cock was still spasming in me. My own cock was rock-hard again and I was hovering on the verge of cumming ...

"Please cum for me? Mio caro! Please! Blast it against the shower wall!" He took my cock in his hand and pumped me with urgency. Luigi's cock was big and rubbery in me and I was still on a high. After a couple of pumps I shot my load. It splattered against the shower wall. I flung my head back and touched Luigi's hands - one was still on my cock and the other around my waist. Oh fuck!

I lifted my head and saw how my cum was running down the glass wall. It was covering a substantial area! My godd! I couldn't believe it myself. I shot a load of note - again!

"Let's get out of here! Let's rinse all the cum and soap off us. I have a long day tomorrow! I'm pulling out mio caro. Clench! I want to suck it out of you!" Luigi pulled out slowly while the cascading water rinsed all the soap and cum off us. Luigi bent down and pushed my body over. He put his mouth on my hole and sucked. Ahhh! I relaxed and felt the cum being sucked from me. He stood up and spun me around. He kissed me and gave me half of his cum. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! He bent down again and sucked another mouthful of his cum from me. He stood up and swallowed it right in front of me! Dogg! He kissed me and I could feel his mouth was twitched in a smile!

I broke the kiss and gave him a small slap on his chest. "You dogg! How dare you!"

"Ahhh! Antonio, just because I can!" he quipped and laughed heartily. Dogg! "Ahh! Come on, let's get out. Come mio caro!"


In bed we were snogging and within a minute Luigi was hard again. "It's late Antonio. Let's get my cock in you and get some shut eye."

He took some lube and prepared us. He pushed in. Soon he nestled behind me with his right arm over my chest and his left arm under my head. Luigi kissed my neck and sighed. "Ti amo [I love you]!" We drifted off to sleep.

= To be continued =



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